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Back about 6000 years ago, God made a promise to the Jewish people called the Davidic Covenant. He told them that, in view of the suffering they would undergo as a result of being declared "the chosen people", and the persecution they would suffer, that they would one day be "freed" of their suffering and made rich - not necessarily monetarily, but, in the "end of days", Armageddon would occur that would destroy their country, and then it would be "restored", with the New Jerusalem, having been "elevated" (New York) and it would be more lush and beautiful and bounteous than ever. In essence, they would be rewarded for their forbearance and longsuffering. In addition, at that time, the Kingdom of God would be established there.

It would be very easy for the Israelis, and Jewish people, to simply say that, in the end, God will simply restore it all, make them the ruling society, and so, if they could assert their pre-ordination and cause the world to capitulate, that would be good, but, if they didn't, then, no problem, God would simply restore it all anyway. [O'Jays - Livin' for the Weekend]

It reminds me of a friend I truly care about who drives like a maniac and cavalierly says, frequently, "So what if I have an accident? I'm insured."   [Buckinghams - Don't You Care?]

[The Band - The Weight] However, that would then be putting God in the position of using and allowing force in order to coerce the world, and frankly, He doesn't want to do that.He tends to believe that if we could all agree to peace and the Golden Rule, then it would ultimately be better than having to allow a great deal of suffering in order to make people beg for a better way, or just destroy them and start over. In the long run, for God, winning would be to have all the souls be on earth when the Kingdom of God is established - heaven on earth.

Imagine the display of true honor for God and His wisdom if we actually followed His simple commandments and made the world "work". Imagine if there were no souls remaining to be thrown into the fiery lake. It's like averting war, and saving the lives of millions of patriotic soldiers committed to an unworthy cause by an errant earthly leader, and not having any souls listed as "missing in action".  [John Lennon - Stand By Me]

Interestingly enough, there is also a Palestinian covenant. It is nearly the same promise as made to the Jews, and makes provision for an equally promising future after Armageddon. [Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It]

[Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle]

In many ways, the occurrences in that part of the Middle East has become nearly a reversal of conditions. What I mean by that is that the Jews have long been known as the race and religion that has been persecuted by nations and peoples throughout time. However, in the case of the Israelis and Palestinians, the roles have been turned such that the Palestinian relationship to the Israelis is as if the Palestinians are the persecuted, and the Israelis are like the nations which have persecuted them.

None of this is by accident. It's very much like my anger at the media, and how I took out my anger on them by force, instead of attempting to work with them in a friendly way. The result has been a constant struggle of force versus force, with many attempts to reconcile, but with such deep lingering resentments that when something bad happens, it seems to rekindle the rage and put a halt to the healing process and attempts at reconciliation from both sides.

The Palestinians were put in the position, by God, of needing a homeland, like the Jews/Israelis, and subjected to harsh treatment by Israel primarily to test the Israelis to see if they learned a lesson about how too much power and a tragic past can cause people to become overly aggressive and use force instead of reason in order to reconcile differences - even more, if they had learned to be the leaders in peacemaking.

It was hoped that their experience would cause them to seek non-violent means and "charity" and compassion in order to bring the turmoil to an end. In essence, God wanted to give the Israelis a chance to prove that they had come to a point of maturity so as to provide an example to the world of how to settle such conflicts. [Leon Russell - A Song For You] In essence, it's an opportunity to avoid Armageddon, or prompt it.

The persecution of the Jews is not a test to see if they can endure it. [ZZ Top - I Thank You]

Of course, the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is not solely up to the Israelis. Setting the example, setting the tone for the discourse that leads to resolution, is. No matter how many justifications may be valid, they are are not worthy in the conversation of creating the future, except to have learned the mistakes of the past, and preventing their repetition.

The Bush administration's road map to peace does exactly the opposite. It encourages Israel to use force in order to coerce the Palestinians to come to peace.  As I've said many times over the last couple of years, such a peace is not peace, it is oppression, and only challenges those being oppressed to find ways of overcoming their oppressors.

Like in Iraq, where so-called insurgents have stepped up attacks on American soldiers since the capture of Saddam Hussein, such force merely elicits more rage and use of force. Whether you agree with the removal of Saddam Hussein or not, thousands of civilians have been harmed or killed, and there is a  great deal of resentment.

It is human nature in its simplest, most natural form. The true test of humanity will be its ability to overcome such tendencies through grace. I'll discuss a conversation I had with a soldier in the 1st Cavalry in Iraq while in Georgia - he was returning after a 2 week leave- in a later chapter - but which supports what I have told you.

A month or so ago I sent a pointed memo to the media stating that the only thing that would actually resolve the conflicts in that region was if Israel forgave the world for the persecution and inhumanity it's been shown for thousands of years.

Being the "chosen people" creates a good measure of animosity toward them, and their persecution only deepens the rifts between them and the rest of the world. Continuing to hang onto these reasons to justify the hatred and violence serves no productive purpose, despite how understandable it is. Setting aside the historical divisions is the only way to cause reconciliation. Of course, that's easier said than done. And it must occur on both sides of the negotiating table.

In the Bible, it also says that in the end days, the use of force and severe methods would bring mutual destruction, because the tactics of the world ruling power - the United States - would ultimately betray them.. This, despite sincere efforts to assist Israel.   [Journey - Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin']

Let's just say it's a matter of style. But, notice, I said, to assist Israel. That mostly one-sided approach - assisting Israel -   is part of the continued Palestinian rage and rage of Arab countries in general.

Always keep in mind when reading the Bible, whenever it mentions Egypt, it is not referring necessarily to Egypt - but most often, the country that is the ruling power of the world. At one Pont, it would have been the Romans. Over a century ago, it was the British, who were later  instrumental in establishing Israel, as well as establishing and overseeing the areas currently assigned to the Palestinians.

Now, it is the United States, and the responsibilities that go with it are formidable. It is far too easy to use weapons and economic coercion. I 've always had a great appreciation for the idea that it takes more courage to make peace than to wage war. I highly recommend the continual review of that statement. Abandoning the methods of coercion, and moving on to more productive means would make a great deal more sense, as opposed to giving in to anger and pride and continuing on a destructive path that simply sows more hatred. [Grand Funk Railroad - We Gotta Get Out of This Place - live]

[Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody] It occurs that I could go on talking about the same theme over and over again - it's so basic and yet so complex. It's so easy to say forgive your enemies, and be sure that they have what they need in order to be sure you have what you need. [Mark Jordan - Dancing on the Boardwalk]

It's like approaching Hamas -and the Black Panthers in the United States way back when. They're both examples of organizations primarily organized to assist people in humanitarian ways. However, because of frustrations incited by outside influences and infiltrators, they generated violent factions. And the good they set out to do was buried by bad publicity and acts that caused them to go against their own beliefs.

Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.

My suggestion would be to meet with Hamas and say "How can we help you to ensure that the welfare of your people is managed to its most effective outcome?" [Melanie - Brand New Key] I know that's contrary to everything - pride and perceived loyalty to the nation of Israel and the Jews as a whole - but, all ANYBODY wants is what they want, and few people really believe that owning the riches of the world is the most important thing - usually it has to do with safety and families and food and a domicile - all the same things Israel says it's protecting itself against too.

I applaud Ariel Sharon for his courage over the years - doing what was necessary   to defend Israel. I also applaud Yasser Arafat for being the same kind of symbol to his people. But it's time to set the pride, the weapons and the saber-rattling aside and do what's right. Furthermore, Mr. Sharon, it's time for you to be that truly courageous leader that I know you are, and take a stand for peace that does not require capitulation. Even more importantly, you know the difference between right and wrong... I respect you for that. Stop relying on other nations to be your spokesmen and arbiters. You know what the right thing really is. Proclaim it. And then, if negotiators can accurately discuss that policy on your behalf, then let them. In the meanwhile, don't allow them to represent you with bankrupt arguments that only serve the political purposes of other nations.

Make the same proclamations to all of the Arab Nations, and to the world. Certainly, Israel can not pay all the costs for the world's humanitarian needs, but I do believe that if Ariel Sharon, the respected leader of Israel and the Chosen People, took leadership in following and implementing the plan of God - surrendering the ways of force and calling for Global Peace and Abundance for All - and doing so in earnest without condition, that the world would respond by assisting  you. You are the Chosen Leader of the Chosen people at this moment. I offer you my prayers and my power to assist you.

And, yes, it is true that making such a proclamation will not bring an end to hostilities. It will cause you and your nation to be tested. You will be tested to see if you are a man and a people of your word - committed to actions that support your proclamations. I implore you to stand firm in the message and deeds of peace, to put an end to the cycle of destruction, and to show that your commitment is an act of spiritual grace, and as unwavering as God's love for your people - for all people and beings.

Last year, while tanks surrounded Yasser Arafat in Ramallah, before I actually embraced who I am, I placed some recordings on my website, and addressed you and Yasser Arafat. It's what Americans do, we speak out. I asked you. In the interest of peace, I was willing to be called a fool.

Mr. Sharon, I asked you to remove the tanks, and I asked Mr. Arafat to inform his people to seek peace. Both things occurred the next day. [Anita Baker - Sweet Love]. Was it coincidence? Maybe so. But, maybe not. But, the messages I've been sending you recently are very much the same. [Monkees - Daydream Believer]. And, your actions are very much in accordance to my requests.

These recordings were made without a script - they are an outcrying of my heart for you both, and for the plan of God and the establishment of His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I implore you to listen to what I speak on these recordings, and act in kind. As I say within them, I am available to you at any time.

These Windows Media recordings were made very early in the morning, 9/28/2002

To Ariel Sharon

To Yasser Arafat

To George W. Bush

As I told someone at the time, sometimes a little audactiy can go a long way.

May the plan of God be fulfilled by a new beginning, a new commitment to the word He provided as guidance and inspiration, in a way that informs the world that God's plan is truly workable, that He is alive, and that He provides, even we believe we have been forsaken. Let us open our eyes again, hear the message, and awaken to the bounty available through love, and the peace it provides.

[Sarah McLachlan - When She Loved Me]

[Sinead O'Connor - Song for Cain]

[Simon and Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair]



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