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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Anne Murray - A Love Song

Many years ago, I got the idea that one day I would write a book - a love story - and the real challenge and fun of it for me was to write this book, and write songs that went with each and every chapter.  I often feel that I can communicate ideas and messages in a much more concise and accessible way by writing about one moment, one thought, one emotion at a time.

And so, that's exactly what I'm going to do here.  I think it's kind of funny how it worked out.  With any luck, my singing and playing will get better as time goes on. :}

And I want to explain something  about myself too.  I take what I'm doing very seriously.   Each time I sit down to write, I learn something new.  I process myself.  

Addition. 10/14/2002 2:30am pt

It's important to me that you understand I am not writing this to burden you with my processing.  What I want to do is share the process with you.

“For the Love of the World” is an expression of my desire to share something with everyone that we already share.  As if we've forgotten we share it, and my job, for some strange reason, is to remind everyone. And, because of my age and my interest in world events, I also see the possibility of helping to bridge the gaps between 3 distinct, if not 4, generations of people who make up the population of at least the United States.  It’s a little like being a negotiator.

I have lived my life, and I have observed my life. The difference between the two is as distinct as when I tell you that people who really know me say I am the most rational, emotional, honest and difficult to understand person they've ever known. And I definitely laugh at that.  I understand their frustration. :}

I take what I do, say and empower very seriously as the "live-r of my life".    Whatever I do, I do with passion and love and a severely analytical approach that would loosely translate into the world as something like a boss or a supervisor who is firm but fair. 

But more than that, I take it on as part of my discipline to appreciate every person I come in contact with, and to learn what I can learn from them, and give them what I can give to them.  Spiritually, intellectually, emotionally.  I love doing that with people more than anything else in life. And, as uncomfortable as it can make people feel, I love every person, even when I'm feeling angry or frustrated. People find themselves uncomfortable to be around that, because we've all become conditioned to ignore things that effect us on a personal level.

Our daily existence has, in many ways, become a constant barrage of reminders that the population has grown to such an extent, that its impersonal, that it can't be trusted, that the only person you can trust is yourself... like a self-fulfilling prophecy..

We've been forced to believe we must conform to a pattern of behavior that is rewarded by financial gain, that we've lost our individuality and creativity, we have hope but no faith, we have love but no trust, we have pain and no relief.

We have created a pattern of life built not on free self-expression and compassion, but on defensive actions and protective measure.  We have, little by little, continued to believe in our moral principles, but we have allowed ourselves to hold them as separate from the realities of what must be done in order to survive in the world we live in.

We place a dollar value on everything created, everything used, and even standard payment amounts for what someone should receive should they be subjected to any particular physical or emotional trauma.  Just standard amounts. Justice becomes measured in damages paid, not justice served.

I know people who actually feel guilty if they don't spend $300 for each gift they give to someone.  It doesn't matter who it is, that's the magic number. I don't understand it.  I may understand that person's motivation and sentiment, but a great deal of it has to do with what people would think if they found out they spent less on their gift... instead of being concerned about what gift they really had to offer.. or what that person might need.

In this book, I am writing the stories of the "live-r of my life", but the stories and things I say will be intended to be narrated by the "observer". And, as the observer, I will be laughing about it as I write it.  I encourage you to laugh along with me.  I have a feeling that if you do, it will all make a great deal more sense.

As the observer, and being as candid with you about my thought as I intend to be throughout this book, I can say that it's embarrassing to write this and think that anyone could read all of this and think it wasn't written in an expression of arrogance. I've considered it.

As the observer of my life, I look back over my actions and thoughts constantly and laugh and laugh and laugh.  It's like being in the Albert Brooks movie "Defending Your Life" where they sit you in a room and show you movies of yourself of all the times you've ever acted stupid. And worst of all, you have to justify your behavior.  Now, that's funny.  Talk about your "Candid Camera".    But, that's the way I observe my life.  It's the way I observe the world    I learn the lessons, but laugh at the absurdity of it all.  You might say, I hope I'll cause you to get the joke, too.

added 10/14/2002 10:30 am pt

The truly funny part, though, is when you think about how the only real question and answer in a situation like that goes like this:  "Why did you act like that?"  The only actual answer is "Because that's the way I acted".

There are plenty of explanations you could lend to the perceived and accepted causes, but it still doesn't make up for the fact that you did what you did. "Because I did".   And, what's startling to discover is that it was a choice, not a response. The only thing to do then is to learn from it, maybe laugh at yourself like I do, accept that the impulse will never go away, and move on to whatever is next. We'll definitely talk about that a great deal.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 01 - It's About Time

end added 10/14/2002 10:30 am pt

What I know, though, is that somewhere, somehow, someone has to assist the people in the world to get back to what it is we all have in common, because it really is so simple when you get to the root of it. I may or not be the person with the message people will choose as an inquiry to the way people will proceed into the future of our existence. That will be for you to decide.

Personally, this is a project I look forward to, and wish I could ignore.  It is everything I believe I was born and raised and trained to do and be.  And it is painful to consider bearing my life as an example of how humans think and live and feel joy and pain.

I do it so that maybe you could see yourself in it, even just a little, and that maybe, just maybe, I could cause something in the world that would have us all live in abundance and the joy we should be living on this beautiful planet we have. This planet was intended to be, and is, heaven on earth.  It's up to us to keep it that way, and make it that way.

As the observer, the one telling you the truth of all my thoughts, as opposed to just telling you what I'd want you to know, the stuff that would just make me sound wise and cool, I want you to know that I love you, and that I am writing this to each person who reads it as if I was talking only to you.  That I have lived a great many experiences and lived a number of places and have had my share of joy and pain.  I'm sure there will be cynics who will analyze this and me and claim I am mentally ill or some such thing to discredit me.

But I can tell you this. I believe that if I am anything, I am someone willing to be what Susan B. Anthony said about people who consider themselves to be true reformers. She said "You must be willing to be everything or nothing in the eyes of the world".   I would suggest that you believe that her statement explains why I am writing this book.

And, more than anything, it is simply what I feel compelled to do. 

I sincerely believe in the possibility of Global Peace and Abundance for All. And I will do all that I possibly can to cause it, and I will be humbled to all those who join me and understand that we truly must only want it to cause it. 

To those who would actually seek to understand that what I am sharing is from my heart without any other desire than to show and share my love for the world, without malice or desire or lust, then I thank you for understanding and receiving my love.  That understanding, that kind of understanding that I want us all to have with each other, is the most precious gift. It is at the heart of what is possible. And I will trust you to empower that possibility in everything and every way you can.

Ultimately, do I believe I offer a better way? Yes. But I base this work on that presumption, and a phrase that has guided my life: "To thine own self be true". And with that, you could say this work is "my truth".  And I hope you will see some of "your truth" in it as well.

After that, we can share that truth as common ground in order to make this world the place we all keep saying we want it to be.  Not the promise of heaven on earth. But truly, the heaven on earth that it is.

end of Addition. 10/14/2002 2:30am pt

I am not trying to do this to convince you that I am right or have all the answers. 


In a way, I'm asking for the answers. I believe that the answers are in all of us.   And, collectively, if we are informed and involved, with all of our separate interests and goals and compulsions and areas of expertise, in each moment of the day, the answers to all of our questions and problems are available if we understand how to listen for them.

And I love to learn and expand my horizons by seeking to understand as many concepts as I possibly can, sort of like a database, so that if and when the occasion arises, I can remember what things are about and what they address and then use the resources available to implement those things.  I call it concentric design thinking, some people might think of it more as multi-level thinking.  I believe it goes a little beyond that, though.

I actually believe that it's possible to look at any situation, and find a way to resolve things in a way that addresses every issue to serve every need.  I really do believe that.  And the magic of that thinking allows for the concept that everything is possible.  Try imagining that.  Really.   Imagine it.  It will be good for you.

It allows for expansion, re-alignment, growth and shrinkage.. whatever is required... the ability to create and respond to cultural and social and human and planetary needs as quickly as they need to be done by using a purely modular approach.  It's very efficient and effective.  But it does require thinking "out of the box".


It requires something of us as human beings... the willingness to embrace all the good things and bad things and habits and little bits of information we receive and assimilate into our thinking that eventually add to up to defining who we are as beings on this planet.   All the things that shape our opinions and attitudes as individuals and cultures. 

It's the greatest blessing and gift available to us, and the greatest confrontation we've ever had to face.  Because it is a confrontation within ourselves, requiring an honest examination and recommitment to those principles and values and ideals that we say define us as people. As the keepers of this planet.

It requires that we acknowledge everything we wouldn't want anyone else to know.   And I'm not talking about public confessions.  What's important is how we allow our consciousness to alter ourselves in such a way that we live our lives true to the ideals that we say comprise who we are.


It's all about something I call MROOT, Massive Re-organization of Thought, a process I discovered, a theory that is constantly evolving, about how the brain manages and mis-manages information based on perceptions and interpretations.

I also love to engage in observation and discussions about the thoughts humans have. We all think that the thoughts we have actually are our opinions.  The truth is, we have thousands of thoughts, and at any given moment, one thought may dominate another, you might change your mind. 

Transformation added 10/16/2002

Most people think that transformation is something that just sort of occurs magically, and you wake up one morning, and suddenly your life is better.

Transformation is a process.  It can be a painful experience with long lasting results and detriments, as well as be allowed, observed and accommodated in such a way that the process becomes meaningless, and the alteration can be appreciated.

By understanding the process and learning to use it instead of being suppressed and confused, it's possible to use it as a tool, and cause it in our own lives, and in others. We   are all capable of facilitating transformation in ourselves, the people around us and the world we live in.

Veil of the Facade of Righteousness

This is my way of describing hypocritical behavior.  The word hypocrite has become diluted as a word as well, and so no longer adequately describes the process that occurs when we hold other people up to standards that we won't hold ourselves to.  It' a veil, because it's like the curtains in the house:  people look in the windows anyway, but they can't really see what's going on.

They only see what walks out the front door every Monday morning, the politician making speeches, and the great performances we use in our daily behavior in order to cover the truth about ourselves... which is, of course, that we are simply humans, each of us flawed.  What we dislike in others are usually the things we dislike most about ourselves.  When we forgive ourselves, and take on empowering those things we can take pride and honor in, as well as forgive those around us and empower then to be their best, too, then we can move forward as a people in empowering the world to be the best it can be.

The facade of righteousness? I'll bet the paragraphs above explained it enough for now.


This is an area of study of special importance to me, because it's an area where I believe we must all take more responsibility for the things we say and the images and symbols we create.   That's why I use the phrase "speaking it into existence" as much as I do.   Because that's what we do every time we speak. 

And when what  we speak is deceptive or not compassionate or it creates a web of lies that is difficult or impossible to unravel.  I say, we shall unravel it.   And when we do it, we know we do it, and we cover it with fancy words and social customs that allow us all to display ourselves in what I call the veil of the facade of righteousness.

It very much includes an examination of how we all say, for example, that we speak English, but the fact is, we all speak our own versions of English, and half the time, when we communicate, the words we use don't really mean what we think they mean, and the words people hear don't at all mean what you intended. 


The simple analogy for this is expressed in remembering the story of the Tower of Babel. The greatest curse on humankind and with the world of animals and other beings is the inability to communicate clearly, with precision and definition of the meaning of words and actions we respond to.

But it was one of those things that was done to counter that inherent drive in human beings to consolidate and accumulate power to the point of personal and cultural corruption, at a time when the inter-mingling of nations and tribes was not as simple as it is today. I rely on the guidance and wisdom of the phrases  Absolute power corrupts absolutely    and Trust in me absolutely, and I will absolutely fail you.


The misperceptions and interpretations of the erroneous use of words is actually what has this world on the brink of global war.  It's gotten to the point where protective use of force, in language and actions, dominates the global discourse on issues and causes the inability to come to responsible and encompassing agreements to positively effect life on this planet.

And it's also about discussing the nature of human beings.  In many ways, people are just animals with built-in responses and defenses - all necessary to survive - but all too often, they are the very things that prevent us from being all that we can be.    In many cases, it actually causes us to personify everything we hate in order to do what we think we must do in order to survive, and to get "get our fair share".  


It's about a number of theories and ideas I have about domination and submission, essential elements in our lives and communities and societies and cultures.  Those elements shape our responses as well.  When used properly as the tools they are, they are also able to cause creation.


And it is about what leads us to the misery and suffering that rules our lives, that causes us such suffering and discontent, that always keeps us searching for that something else that will make everything alright. 

But the funny thing is, that kind of suffering is actually only in our minds, created by the images and impressions presented to us.  Suffering of that kind doesn't actually exist. We create it and think it in our minds.  And even though thought actually does have mass and volume, for all tangible intents and purposes, thoughts are irrelevant unless they eventually produce a result.  That is where the measurement must be made.

It is all about how we live our lives in response to the world and circumstances around us, instead of deciding what we want the world to be like, and imagining it like a vision of the future, and then creating that.

That is not to say that there is not real suffering caused by real oppression, war, violence, psychological and physiological "attacks" of the senses to force change and cause actual pain and injustice. That such atrocities are occurring and allowed and perpetrated should never be taken lightly ot attributed to the way of the world, because it is not the way of the world God provided, it is the way of evil people.

It's important to me that people truly understand that God never intended or desired anyone to experience pain and suffering.  Not one person. Not one soul. And the only times He truly rallied anyone to stand in the way of the anti-Christ was in defense of His children. I'll talk about this a great deal in the chapter "The Way Things Work In the Kingdom of God".

Choice and Decision

These are two more words that have become meaningless over time.  These words are not at all similar.  But they have nearly become synonymous in the way we use them.

There's a great deal to say about these things, and I'm tempted to delve into it now, but it's so basic and key to the future... the futures of each of us as individuals, as citizens of a country, and as citizens of the world and co-equal inhabitants of this planet. So, we'll save it for later, though I intend it to be one of the first chapters to complete.


As seriously as I take it all, I also laugh at myself a great deal.. In many ways, I'm like a little boy with a tool chest given me by my father, something I dearly love, but don't know quite what to do with it yet.  It's what keeps me feeling young and alive.    Always searching and questioning and learning and questioning even more.   The quest and inquiry never ends, but the discoveries are always such a delight.

But I understand that the most difficult part of any project is beginning.

I consider it a privilege as well. The chance to write and sing songs of love for all the people and plants and animals and beings on this planet. It's so beautiful, so vast, so abundant, so precious and delicate... in a way, I see it as the prerogative I have a sort of possessive and willful feeling about this being my personal part of this web site. And there are some promises I'll make about that a little later. :}

And people... people are so cool.  What I love most about people is how they are so creative, so resilient, so willing and able to adapt, so generous and kind... that's part of the true nature of being human.  Human beings are truly forces of nature to be reckoned with, one person, one spirit, one soul at a time. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby Mcgee


To deny freedom to any one means denying true freedom to everyone.     Because for every injustice that occurs in the world, each and every one of us pays a price, bearing responsibility for allowing it to occur unchecked, as well as for empowering the evil in those who would perpetuate the pattern.


I truly believe I have a role to play and a person to be in shaping the future of this planet.   I would hope that what I contribute through this writing and through the "Union" will cause the empowerment of people around the world.  That is the only true goal of my work.  As I once told someone... "funny, all I really ever wanted to do was become a country western singer".

But I honestly believe, and have evidence of sorts, that I have been trained by the heritage passed onto me by my father and through lessons I have learned so far in my life, to be the person required to take a courageous stand in the world for being at cause and creating the world we all constantly say we want it to be.  I take it on in many ways. 

Reluctantly, because I don't believe that people should spend alot of time convincing others to live and think the same ways, simply because we won't... Willingly, because as a person whose life has been fundamentally committed to empowering other people, it represents a true, satisfying opportunity to do good in the world. Cautiously, because I understand the responsibilities of leadership, and the expectations that people have a right to expect of their leaders, and apprehensively, because of my concern of causing people to do things which may, without intent, cause them harm.

I am compelled to believe that the best way for me to explain the ideas I want to put forward is to use my own experiences in life to give you a reference point, something to compare your own experiences to.  I assure you, I am not doing this to impress you, to promote myself, to state that I am a better person or to criticize.

What I love most with other people is the ability to have an intellectually honesty conversation, one where personal interest and prejudice are set aside so that issues can be examined, so that ideas may be forwarded without concern of ridicule and coversion and subversion.  

In other words, talking with me is a safe place, and I want it to be a safe place  for you. And I want to express my opinion that I believe every person has something of value to offer us all.  One of my greatest joys is what I learn from every person I meet, and every conversation I have. I love watching people in airports.

I want you to know that I consider all of this to be a conversation with a friend. This is all the same way and say things to my friends when sitting on the couch and having a good cup of coffee while having a stimulating discussion.  And I say everything with the idea that I am speaking to you as a friend.

What I want to share with you are the experiences and lessons I've had and learned, what I see is occurring in the world, what I see as possible in a negative way, and what I see as being possible in ways that would truly cause heaven on earth for all people.   Global peace and abundance for all. For me that is what this is about.  When all is said and done, I hope you will understand that this is all that really matters to me in this world. Causing that would give me all the satisfaction I could possibly imagine.

I would also ask that you understand that one of the realities of this world has to do with money. This organization is no different than any other.  It takes money to support it.  We will do everything we can to keep this site uncluttered by ads and so forth.  We are not here to earn a profit.  But we will do what it takes to keep this vision alive.   Just as, if I earn money as a result of my efforts in this cause, I will certainly feel justified in securing my own future and claiming my right to earn a living, although I live and enjoy a very simple life. And, like anyone, there are a few toys I like.   But mostly, I am committed to the success of the concept of this site and the ideas I am presenting.


Just to give you a few insights about me right now, I'll mention these things.  I was born March 21, 1955 in South San Francisco, California, USA.   I'm a tall, skinny guy with an imperfect body, big ears and a love of sports cars.   I'm frequently considered enigmatic, authoritarian, firm but fair, silly, emotional, pragmatic, intense, laid back, logical and eccentric.

One of the funniest, as well as most difficult parts for me to deal with, is interacting with people who are intent on finding a way to classify me, to categorize me, to say that I'm this or that kind of person.. and I can tell you, I just don't fit in the pigeon holes.   I don't believe that most people do.  That is an accidental part of the suppression that grips us. It is probably the greatest challenge for me as a person, and something that, in dealing with, has provided me some of the most useful insights and transformations of thought that I've ever had.

If there was ever a true complaint about me in terms of interacting with other people, it would have to be that a good deal of time I'm sort of off in my own world.  I'm constantly thinking about things and considering the ramifications of implementing processes... examining the rippling effect of those changes. Not like a daydream, but inside of a serious inquiry for causing global peace and abundance for all.  Trying to figure out how to do it.

In other writings, I've said a few things... that I see the world as a movie playing before me, and that I have the opportunity at any time to interject actions or conversations that will effect the outcomes of things... sort of like selecting parallel universes from a menu of a database that contains possible directions and outcomes.  You have the ability to do that too.

I am a lover of the arts.  I consider myself to be an artist more than anything else.   I can write a great deal of music of many styles when I am inspired.   Professionally, I consider myself mainly to be a systems and process analyst.

My favorite artist is Monet. Though there are many I love.   My favorite color is blue.  When I paint, I paint abstracts.  I love all music.  I believe music is, in many ways, the visions of prophets.  I love hip-hop and rap because of the expression it is of the current social climate, and the frustrations and fears and loves and desires of a coming generation. My favorite musicians would be hard to list.. it would take pages to list... but we'll start with James Taylor, Paul McCartney, Billy Preston, Todd Rundgren, Springsteen, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Jimmie Spheeris, Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Bee Gess, The Spinners, Stylistics, The Chi-Lites, War, The Staple Singers, George Harrison, BabyFace, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Earl Klugh, Joe Sample & the Crusaders, Jeff Lorber, Yes, Genesis, Gong, Camel, Passport & Klaus Doldinger, Wakeman (the Wizard), Patrick Moraz, Vangelis, Natalie Cole, Keith Whitley, Ronnie Milsap, Gordon Lightfoot, Michael Tomlinson, Tuck & Patty, Led Zepplin, Who, Nirvana, Bos Seger, Alabama, Reba McEntire... and BJ Thomas, Mike McDonald, Steely Dan... it goes on and on. I hope it always does :}

And, for all the same kinds of reasons, I love classical and country and jazz and rock & roll... it's all special.  And I love hand arts and... well, you get the picture.

Artists are givers and educators and communicators and prophets and doctors of the soul.  And remember, I said everyone is an artist.

And I firmly believe that art for art's sake is the most incredible gift that God gave people... to all people... because it allows us to express things in ways that really don't capture and satisfy us in any other way.  It's very personal, and very different every time.   And best of all, no one can take it away from you. It's up to you to decide whether you'll use it or not.  But when you share it, it's the most beautiful feeling. It frees your spirit and soul.


I have to say first and foremost that I believe my inspiration in life and in the creation of this organization, and whatever my path becomes, is based on a profound relationship with God.  The same kind of relationship available to everyone.   You will never find me compromising, diluting, denying or minimizing the importance of this in my life.

In many ways, I could honestly say that I am not a religious person.  Although primarily brought up in the Southern Baptist Church, and loving it, it would be more accurate to say that I have experienced to some degree or another, a variety of religions and methods of worship. And I've loved every one of them.

Churches and religions are great because they establish cultural rules and icons and symbols, all those great Jungian things that remind us to be the people we say we are as followers of God.   They provide examples and role models and leadership of many forms.  And all of those things are essential in the fabric of society

I believe that all moral religions are valid, and that we all ultimately worship the same God.   I believe in creationsim and evolution. And I believe it is time for us all to re-examine our lives, and see where our ideals and actions in life are not equal, and then take the steps to resolve the discrepancy.  I know I keep repeating myself on this point, but I think it is the single most important thing that needs to occur, and the sooner the better.

I call myself a fundamentalist, but I have a different interpretation of the meaning of the word fundamentalist. So, I think it's important that I explain what I mean by it.

I say I have a profound relationship with God.  That is not my religion, that is my belief and an expression of my faith, as well as a commitment to its values. 

There are many times when I sit down to "work" and I have no idea what's going to be written about.

An when I read my Bible or Koran or Tora or other books, I ask God to guide me to the right page, open it up, and, as the Doobie Brothers Sang "Tell Me What You Want and I'll Give You What You Need".  Or the Stones "You don't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you'll get what you need."   I love artists.

For me, religion is the dogma and training and guidance and leadership by people who are committed to other people.  And it has it's place.  I like to meditate.   But even more, I have always taken on that the only law there really need be is the golden rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

corrected 10/14/2002

If everyone did that, we truly be walking in the path of God.  But that is my discipline.   And I am every bit as human as any other person.  I do not claim perfection at all.  I have had my times when I have done things I knew I shouldn't do.  That's just being human.

The discipline is in the learning from the lesson. Not punishing one's self for past mistakes. Atonement is about identifying the lessons, and then making a commitment to use that information to guide you.  It should be seen as a joyous thing of learning and being a better, more loving person.  Unfortunately, in this world, that willingness to be open is often lost because of "pressures"... the suffering that only exists in our minds.

And so, that is part of the discipline as well.  To always get what there is to be gotten, communicate undelivered communications and resolve relationships which may have become damaged, integrate the lessons into your life, forgive yourself, acknowledge yourself for what you learned and accomplished despite the outcome, and appreciate your intent to do well regardless of the outcome, and then be that intent in the future.

I have a personal mantra that I have lived by since I was very young.. the exact wording changes a little, but it goes like this:

I am not perfect, and I will never be, but I try to be. With every breath and every step, I attempt to be more perfect in walking in the path of God.

rewritten 10/14/2002

And I fail. I laugh a little as I write that. Part of what I wanted to do in all of the writing I've been doing is setting an example, living as the kind of person that I would suggest, as a citizen, that others do. And giving people permission to forgive themselves of whatever guilt suppresses them that keeps them from being fully engaged in pursuing whatever it is they feel compelled to do to make a difference in the world.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God War - Best of War - 07 - Spill the Wine

The example I set isn't about being a perfect person.  It's an example of someone choosing to take a path in life, and then all the transformations that have to occur to be the person you need to be to accomplish the goals you've set out to do. And, in the end, only time will tell if writing this book and doing the work I see ahead of will give us a desired, if not happy ending.

end of rewritten 10/14/2002

In addition, I wanted people to know that I acknowledge things I've done that probably won't be the most pleasant things for people to hear about me.  And, I've even been extorted about a couple of things before, and I wanted to be sure that my life was transparent, so that I would not be forced to say or do or avoid anything and compromise the message I believe I have to offer.

I've written a thing called corruption and me that discusses these things. Certainly, it focuses on the bad things that have happened in my life... not to gain sympathy but to give you an idea of the impact corruption has had on my life... all kinds of corruption...

I want to point out, I look at that part of my life as over, and as I always view others, I judge them based on what they bring to the table today... and the day after that and the day after that.  I wrote none of it to garner approval, but simply to offer my experiences.  I assure you, I've been privileged to have had some incredibly great and fun experiences in my life.  Have I got some stories for you. And I'm willing to candidly answer questions about any part of my life, so long as I am speaking to people who are actually listening to understand.

Anyway, that comprises a great deal of my religion in my life... my discipline.  A discipline to live by the golden rule, regardless of but in respect of laws of the land, with a belief in dissent as a necessary part of life and government of the people... to me that is a very spiritual thing... to empower other people, to see them excel and flourish, and to do it in such a way that when it's all done and they're doing well, they walk away feeling confident and good about themselves, because they did it themselves.

So, part of the discipline in being satisfied is to be a silent partner, to be a helper that rarely receives credit but can truly get the satisfaction and honor and grace that resides in knowing that you have caused something good in the world. And because of my love of being the silent partner, part of the fun challenges I must deal with is being a public person.

To me, life is alot like growing flowers, and I love growing flowers.  With so little effort, preparing the soil and planting the seeds and watering the seeds... so much beauty grows. And the beauty is worth more than any award could reward.

And that is my religion.


There are times that I'm sure the words good and evil will be used in my text.   Another set of words that have lost their meaning.

To me, good is anything that empowers, provides relief, causes security and peace, provides what is required... everything that would suggest we are living in heaven on earth.

Evil can take on many forms. It's not like I really see everything as black and white.

In many ways, evil can simply be a random act that people can do impulsively sometimes.    Not to justify or condone anything, but it may be just the thing to remind someone not to ever do it again.  Like a book mark in their personal book of discipline.

There's evil in individuals who lead us.  Not necessarily by choice or purpose.   It's like what folks have been saying about TV and media for years.  Every time you push the envelope on what is acceptable, what becomes acceptable becomes more and more distorted and so the fabric of social values that once united us as communities and as nations becomes a dividing point.

I like Schwarzennegger alot in Collateral Damage... but it's not something I'd want to show my kids. See, I just think it's extremes that influence and condition us to do things we don't even agree with.  We're just led to believe that it's the right thing to do, and so we go along.

What I mainly know is that any tool can be used: fire is a very important tool, when used by responsible people with good intent.  When used by people with negative intent, it can be a gruesome weapon.


I'm sure that as time goes on, much of what I say will be controversial, seen as a threat to current political and social structures.  Many will say that I am seeking fame, that I'm being critical, they'll bring up my past to discredit me.  I know all of those things are probable. And that's fine. It will never be pleasant, but I know it's all part of the process of setting the example against the veil of the facade of righteousness.   It will provide a lively and useful international debate about values and the reconciliation of governments as representatives of the people.

What I want to make clear is that, more than anything else, I want to speak these things into existence as one man's vision of what's possible in the world. If you can believe that, and then, maybe sometime, you can start to believe that it really is possible for us all to exist in balance with nature, then it will be possible.

That, ultimately, is all I am really saying.

PART II:  Being in the Physical World


To me, being has nothing to do with mass, that is, an object of some sort that takes up space.   Being is about spiritual existence authentically expressed through words and actions. To be with the world is to be at peace with what is.

Choosing Change or Creation

I have a variety of quotes I enjoy by Albert Einstein that I'll share with you regarding the fact that you can't change your way into creating perfection or solving problems.  As our society grows, the administration of society grows.   What we've seen recently is that organizations, corporations and governments simply become disorganized and ineffective, the bigger they get.  This is not intended to be a criticism.   It's an observation.  We'll talk volumes about this, and why it relates to why Europe is split up into so many little countries, even though uniting through the European Union in order to establish operating practices and standards, and why there have been so many calls to split California into 2 states.

Children: Creators of the Universe

This is one of those areas that will inevitably cause controversy. Why are children the creators of the universe?  I don't want to give too much away, but consider this: when you're expecting a baby, especially the first time, what do you do?

The Law and The Spirit

One of the most disturbing trends that I see in the world has to do with our society's apparent view that people are expendable.  What I mean by that is, either people make it in the world or not, and if they don't too bad for them.   And if they do something wrong, just stick them in a prison or label them as a maverick and ignore them. And if they're treated badly, not a problem, they just have to live with the penalty of their actions.  That's just too bad.  Who said the world was fair, anyway.

To me, a great deal of the penal system has been committed not to justice, but to vindictiveness and revenge.  It accomplishes nothing, and causes a great deal of bad in the world. But, the system we have in this world is all about pain and suffering and punitive damages. Not justice and resolution and being at peace.   We have been trained to be a culture of lawyers, seeking ways to argue a case, of testilying, to win and feel satisfied.  The lessons availed by our experiences become clouded in empowering the story of our victimization, instead of the responsibility we have to our disciplines.

Sexuality, Intimacy and Freedom of Expression

Many leaders believe that, in order to retain power, what you must do is suppress those people and ideas that do not agree with you.  But, whatever you resist persists.   Therefore, embracing differences is more productive for everyone.  When all believe their interests will be met, they will work with you instead of against you.   That does not mean they are your friends or allies, though they might be.  It just means that they feel safe in trusting you to consider them.   They will give you the benefit of the doubt more often and support you if they believe in your fundamental fairness and compassion.

How does that relate to sexuality?  In many of the same ways.  To intimacy?   The same ways.  Freedom of expression? Without the ability to express oneself, there can be no intimacy.  Sexuality itself is not about sex, it is about intimacy and freedom of expression.  All of this could probably take volumes and volumes, but it won't.

Sin and the Law

Just about time you think I'm going to start preaching at you, I won't.  Consider that one night on Saturday Night live, they had a program with Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel) that was a comedy sketch about what comprised heaven and hell.  To Paul, hell was being eternally caught in an elevator with a muzak version of the Sounds of Silence playing over and over again.  Think about it, it's easy to understand... at least at that level.

Part III: Promises & Intents


That I will always be as candid as I can be without tedium

That I will not compromise my opinions or beliefs in order to avoid criticism, persecution or prosecution

That I will always remember, and always require those around me to remind me, that it is the people of the planet who live on it, work on it, survive on it who have all the answers, and it is the responsibility of the leaders to faithfully administer to the will of the people.

That I do not actively seek to be a leader, I make a few jokes about it, but in respect of historical patterns, I may at some point be chosen to lead.  If that occurs, I promise to respect the expectations of people upon leaders.  As it should be.

I promise that everything I say in this is intended to forward ideas, and not to criticize or demean. I request that you and all who read it consider it as a suggestion, something to consider and nothing more or less.


Most of all, whether you agree with me and my ideas or not, whether you grow to believe in the same things I believe or reclaim your commitment to these same kinds of commitments, always understand this. 

I am a human being just like you.  And I have some ideas and beliefs that you may or may not agree with. What I request most is that you take on an inquiry and develop your own discipline in your walk or path to God, with the only understanding being that noone has the ability to tell you what that walk should be. Every relationship to God, and every path is different.  The inquiry is an individual process to determine what one needs to do to be the person who is a genuine being in the world, accurately representing the true beliefs held in dreams and ideals of the heart.


My intent is to publish at least one chapter per week.  At least. I would also like to note that this preface will not be complete for another 5-6 days (10/6/2002).   There are  a number of other things I want to outline and organize before proceeding. update 10/14/2002 6:15am PT However, I have no intention of rushing any of this to a conclusion. And it appears likely that this section will change as time goes on anyway.

When I make updates, corrections, change my mind, I will note updates, leave the original text with a line through, followed by the text of the revision.   That way, we can all be up to date on the latest thought I've had.  And I have no problem with receiving more information and understanding, and changing my mind.

In addition, I'll make audio recordings of all chapters when I believe they are fairly firm in their content, and I'll play my songs as I write them.. I won't promise to do any fancy production on them, I'll just sing them from the heart.   And I appreciate your indulgence in letting me put them here to share with you.   It'll be alot of fun for me, if nothing else.  I do love to sing.

Like I said, this particular page will change considerably over the coming weeks. I want to talk about a number of things including mysticism and psychic energy... it should be fun.   It will include a great many other things I can't describe right now.  But I will.

The hardest part of any project is beginning, but I declare this one begun. Let the journey begin as we take this idealistic dream of mine into the world, for Global Peace and Abundance For All.. as we speak it into existence together!

Thanks for being here.

All my love,


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