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For the Love of the World

Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran




Dear President Ahmadinejad;

Thank you very much for your patience and prudence in this time.

I've been following some of your public remarks as well as those of other U.S. leaders for the last few months, and because of that, wanted to acknowledge that the conduit I used to communicate with you was successful, and that I will continue to use it in order to maintain appropriate protocols and prevent misunderstandings that may arise in the future.

I thank you for your comments in the U.K. at Christmas time, as well as accept them as acknowledgement that you are apprised of the contents of my site, intentions, as well as presence and work in the world. I trust you understand that my work is greater than working with Christians, but includes reconciliation that will need to occur in the faiths and sects of Islam. I trust you know that when that time comes, I will be fully respectful of your beliefs.

It's a tenuous time. I'm certain you have great intel available to you, but my sources inform me of the dangers of "war, and rumours of war" as foretold in the Bible, and the level of arrogance and aggression by those who would oppose God's will is high. Their recent election victories and manipulations of the global economy bring us ever closer to the moment when the faithful must stand up to those who perpetrate evil in this world or accept its domination.

I applaud you for your restraint to this moment, and urge you to continue a prudent and passive response to pressures. I again assure you that we all have the right defend ourselves. Aggression by any party would have global significance in this period. I am counting on you and your allies to keep this in mind and call on God for the patience and foresight that will be required.

Finally, I offer my amused apology for the words of former President Jimmy Carter, calling on you and your country to talk with respect, all the while calling you the "biggest blabbermouth in the world". The New World Order guys are getting nervous, because they know they're going to fail. God's on all our sides except theirs, and they know it.

With faith in God and the love, mysteries and  miracles of His ways,


Chuck Rehn



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