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For the Love of the World

The Secret Service of the United States

"Let's Get On With It"

From: Charles Rehn


The United States Secret Service

Cc:      Attorney General Eric Holder
            Dir of CIA Leon Panetta
            Dir Of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
            Pres. Barack Obama

I am writing to you today as a follow up to previous reports I have made to the Secret Service regarding the situation being presented herein.

I originally contact an agent identifying themselves as Rick Castrari, in the Seattle Office of the Secret Service on July 29, 2004, to report what even I considered to be a likely unworthy concern regarding an attempted assassination against John Kerry, as well as to report certain activities being employed against me that I did not fully understand at that time.

In addition, I reported my concerns that, as a publicly announced candidate for the Democratic Presidential Nomination since 2003, and since having been harassed and more since then, that I was unable to receive assistance in getting to the bottom of a great number of things that had happened. Frankly, I backed down on that because, like a rational person, I know you have important things to do. Still, I was a declared candidate, I was in harm’s way because of it, as I am today.

I’ll add that I also have made two (maybe 3) reports to the FBI regarding the harassment I have endured since 2002, including inferences to the involvement of CNN, which I stand by  even more firmly today.

Those things said, and after a great deal of research regarding what I have discovered about the actions being employed against me at this very moment, I am once again requesting assistance in resolving this situation, as a citizen and as a declared candidate who was attacked and deserved protection, as a person with the intent to run for political office in the near future…

I am going to refer to technologies and methods that few people are aware of, and I’m going to show you the respect of discussing them with you directly without reserve or any premise that the reality of such methods and practices is in question, particularly since it appears that my father may have assisted in the development of what is now known as Psychotronics, which likely has more to do with my harassment and attempts at destroying my life than politics.

This story is actually chronicled in its own way on my web sites at   www.democraticfundamentalism.org  and  www.charlesrehn.com and www.fortheloveoftheworld.com  I will assure you that my story is likely one of the most unusual there is. I have no doubts of that.

I say this because I am told that the Psyop used against me is based on the “Wizard of Oz” scenario, with a touch of a “religion” psyop generally thrown in to assist in pacification.  One might say that my religious writings are the result of Psyops.  My religious orientation was certainly taken advantage of.

However, regardless of whatever you might think of all that, the fact is that I have hundreds of hours of videos, transcripts, speeches and journals that will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that very detrimental Psyops have been used against me to literally destroy my life and those closest to me.

I could, like most victims of this sort of treatment, go on for hours about the ethical, moral, constitutional and issues of inhumanity – but you already know all that. As does our government as a whole, despite the fact that they employ such tactics.

I will , over the next several weeks, be attempting to compile information needed at this time in order to file  a complete brief for RICCO and other Federal, state and local crimes committed against me, as well as civil actions. This process is made very difficult because of the ongoing Psychotronic and Directed Energy attacks against me. It’s because of this that I have not been able to take legal action regarding this matter before. Despite the fact that Psyops have bankrupted me.

And, given the reports that I have made, given that I deserved protection, given that despite the fact that I inadvertently began collecting evidence of the operations against me only since 2002… if you were to check my full background, I believe you’d find that I’ve at least been surveiled since at least 1974, and likely, since 1958, again, primarily due to the classified nature of my father’s work at the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, as well as his political associations with people like Richard Nixon back in the 1950’s, leaving a long trail of fellow associates I believe will be proven directly involved in this matter, including family names like Bush, Kennedy and more… all converging on activities related to the founding of AMPEX Electronics.

His Social Security Number was: xxx-xx-xxxx   Mine is: xxx-xx-xxxx  I’m sure you’ll find this all very interesting reading, if you’re allowed access to it. I’ll bet you won’t be allowed access. At least 3 Presidents, including Barack Obama, will be implicated if you did.

Frankly, there are a number of probable explanations for the actions taken against me by the United States Government, none of them make sense to me unless viewed objectively from the point of view of other persons and corporate interests, as well as understanding a great deal of ideological and corporate history of conduct that includes such types of actions against people like me.

The thing about my case, however, that I am both amused and perplexed by is the fact that had the “entities” involved in my containment not put the hard press on after 2000, and had they not left such a clear trail during the Clinton Administration (in retrospect), I’d have been here promoting music and making a living growing organic gourmet seasoning and medicinal herbs over the internet. It’s part of why I have no doubt that the purposes and justifications for my treatment are so ridiculous. And that they go far beyond the implications of a “normal” citizen. I wasn’t even trying to be the leader of anything. :}

So, understand that I speak in very literal terms, and I’m very direct. You don’t have to read between the lines with me. And I don’t threaten. I say what’s so.

I know the difference between things you know and things you can prove. I have a huge collection of both, and the dots are east to connect. I could use assistance because I am still undergoing Psychotronic and directed energy attacks. Furthermore, my time is taken even more these days by the sudden stroke of a person in this household that will inevitably be proven to be, in part, the result of directed energy attacks.

Furthermore, I can easily supply affidavits of more than 900 other people in the United States alone who are aware of the attacks against them, and upon their wide scale publication, people will begin to realize that they, too, are victims. Whether for testing, for dissension or simply perverse subversive actions against citizens, what is being done is an egregious violation of the U.S. Constitution and International violations against humanity.

I don’t know what your security clearance is, or what access you will have to my files and my father’s, but the bottom line on this one is that I was “psyopped’.. over the course of  decades, to be witness to crimes of this government against its citizens, as well as against the world as a whole. I can’t help how that sounds, I tried to deny these possibilities for years. It simply can’t be denied, and regardless s of how much I wish my father or someone had told me what it was about long ago, here we are. And it’s time for the bullshit to end.

When I called the Secret Service in 2004 to report things, as well as what I perceived to be unusual actions against myself in relation to my declared candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, I was brushed off, which I understood to an extent, nonetheless, under the circumstances, I believed I was making a reasonable request for protection when I described my circumstances and explained what I was experiencing to the best of my abilities.

For that reason, and for reason that I fully desire to be a candidate for 2012 if I am “allowed” to function without the impedance of Psychotronic attacks and Directed Energy attacks, I again request, and now demand, action by the Secret Service to protect me and those in my household, and to fully investigate and prosecute those who have engaged in these illegal actions against me.

Further, I assert and will seek relief in regard to RICCO violations against me that will include failure to investigate and provide security, violations of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, illegal detainment and so many more crimes that I can’t imagine that anyone convicted in any of them will ever set foot outside of a prison again in their lives. And that’s just for crimes against me. The list of participants in crimes against me reads like a who’s who in America.

After reviewing my files, you will understand that I did not seek to be in this position, I was placed in it, by various Intel agencies as well as what appears to be the involvement of the U.S. Navy, which is consistent with my father’s background. So let’s get on with it.

Since I reported my situation to the Secret Service, as well as reports to the FBI and plenty of federal agencies, I am sending this to you now because I will consider whatever response I do or don’t receive to be confirmation one way or another as to whether the Secret Service is involved or cooperating in these actions against me. Given the relationship of your agency to the President, and given that 3 Presidents (at least) will be named, I’m assuming your agency will be involved, which is fine, I’m simply once again giving someone the opportunity to prove to me that the United States of America is more than just a hoax after all.

If you decide to approach me regarding this matter, I expect you to respect the fact that I have been psyopped and set up so much that I’m not about to trust you, and will not turn over any original evidence. If it taken from me by force or by court order, I will merely consider it a cover up. Given your profession, I’m sure you’ll understand the success of that part of the Psyops, and that it neither prevents me from seeking justice, nor does it intimidate me, or relieve me of my constitutional rights. I am, however, more than a little disgusted.

Finally, please deliver a message to Barack Obama for me. Plausible deniability or not, he’ll understand the message, and he knows who it’s from. Tell him I can’t find the Thelonius Monk, but I’ll make sure it’s available on the jukebox in prison for him. Tell him, just like the Aesopian with W… he’ll know what that means.


Charles Rehn


PS: If you want to know a good time to call or drop by, just ask the guys in the choppers that circle around. (and yeah, I got proof) I’m sure the DOD, Ft Lewis and McChord can fill you in on my schedule. And if you can get a hold of a guy who said he was David Grant – NSA/CIA/Raytheon, tell him I really enjoyed the flight/contact and hope we meet again soon. Tell him I want a little more info on Goldwater and Kennedy. I know that sounds a little strange, but trust me, the right people will get the message in due time. :}



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