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For the Love of the World

Memos to Leon Panetta, CIA Director



Hi Leo -

Ya know, I was thinking about all sorts of things I could say to you about the things going on - like how I've been catching up on you gys since dialectic 2000, you know the fixed election against the American Citizens... and, I say American, because as we all know, when you guys say America, it's part of your Aesopian code talking to each other about all of the Americas, and not the United States. You all think you're really funny that way, bu tthe jig is up.

One thing we have in common is our love for California, particularly the Monterey Bay Area.. as you lnow, I grew up in the Santa Cruz area in my younger years, and I worked at KWAV and KTOM and KLRS... at the same time for a short period, actually, and worked under the great PD Frank Colburn at KMBY down on Cannery Row, back in the days when Scotty Johnson was the morning man... we were playing Get Down Tonight so often I couldn't stand to hear it anymore, though I really like the song a lot.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God KC & the Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight

Good times, lots of fun and met a lot of good people. Drove through there recently on my trip to and from L.A. Sure is beautiful around Big Sur. Of course, that's another story, after the one about the visit with Rev. Culwell.

Here's what this is really about, and understand, this page is going to be a menu page for memo after memo. And here's why.

The problem with people like you is that, for years, I've respected you a great deal for what you did for California, as well as with the Clinton Administration. And now, it's obvious to me tha tthe Clinton Administration was a corrupt goernment, as was George Bush and now, the latest incarnation of the Clinton Administration, using a naive and power hungry politician using a dialectic that's certain to end by doing a great deal of harm to the citizens and nation of the United States...

And I just have to assume you're one of those deluded Council on Foreign Relations people who think tha controlling people and killing people with psychotronics and directed energy weapons in some way serves the best interests of... well, the lie is, to protect humanity in God's name, when we all know that it's actuall a real conspiracy to dominate the world through tyranny and economic enslavement.

Call me crazy or a liar and I can easily prove that the liar is you. Easily. On both issues.

I'm known  to have a sense of humor, but I'm also known for not mincing words. I told Begala years ago, sort of in jest, that when I took over, I'd take guys tlike you, say, from this point on, no more corruption, then I'd tell you all to fornicate off, and then proceed with the business at hand. Consider yourself told, and with consideration to the bleeping requests of Patrick Fitzgerald and Rod Blagojevich.

You say you people are going to put an end to torture. Good news. Now, the question is, are you going to stop torturing Americans and citizens of the world using Psychotronics and Directed Energy Weapons? What are you going to do to assist the victims of your sick friends to rebuild and restart their lives after so many years of destructive work by the CIA, NSA FBI and Faith Based Charities? Are you going to uphold your oath to the United States Citizens, who are much more important than any of you sickos, or are you yet another pawn who believes the ends justify the means.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nilsson - The Point - Me And My Arrow

I'm putting you and the United States government on notice that what you are doing is treason, murder, civil and human rights violations, I'm asserting that you are aware of it and that you should all be sent to the Hague to be put on trial.

The conduct of this government, and people like you, will become common knowledge soon, and I really don't care what happens to you dead souls, because tha twill be God's problem. But I'll tell you, you'd better start thinking about how you'll explain yourself to God, because I won't defend you. He knows my recommendations.

And don't you dare twist that into some violent threat or anything stupid like your intel agents do to people before they kill them, like at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Your people know quite well who I am, the evidence I have and am against you, as a citizen, and my goals in peacefully representing the citizens of this nation and the world.

I'll say it to you directly, you can't beat God, I am His vessel and representative in this world, and you all know it and have known it my entire life. And I'm not allowing this universe and the cosmos to suffer any longer by the likes of you. And let's not forget for one moment that the inensified psyops against me began during the Clinton Administration. Don't bother with the plausible deniability gambit. I'll even tie Biden to this actual conspiracy.

You people don't seem to take the power of God and the necessity of the full establishment of His Kingdom seriously. Good. That will ensure your lawful and righteous downfall. And my rise to lead this world in love, peace, health, faith and more... as the Bible syas, and God Promised....

And let's not also forget that the Boble instructs the differences in the Holy Land to have been resolved by 1996... during the Clinton Adminsitration... and remember, every time you invoke the name of God in any of your speeches, or claim your faith in the face of your work, which can at the very least be properly characterized ervil and Satanic... God has His book, and a mark will be placed on your names every time.. and that particular book is not the Book of Life. It's the erasure list of spirits that need to be banished.

And finally, it's best that you understand that being written to on this web site is not a good thing for your soul. Consider it a warning from God that despite what happens on this plaanet, despite what heroes you make yourselves out to be, God knows the truth, and ultimately, the truth He lends to His judgment on your souls is the only one that really counts to me.

Consider that a message from God. As for me, I have more important things to do than continue to tell you what you already know. I just wanted to put it on record.


---- Chuck


PS: Don't forget, any tricks and traps you set for me will be turned against... that's another of God's promises. And tell Hillary the catharsis theory won't work. Because I will not quit or stop under any conditions. I have nothing better to do. Consider that a message from God, as well, from His faithful and true servant. Now if I could only find a white horse with wings, which ws supposed to be Rockefeller... unfortunately, they're a loss as well.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - Hotel California


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