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It has always been that each family is a church unto  itself, with the responsibility to pass the heritage of their beliefs and the history of their worlds and nations to the younger generations so that they remember and learn from the mistakes and successes of the past so that every generation of humanity lived a better life spiritually and as a whole. 

These are songs of people who have "fought the good fight" God's way for generations, singing the truth of the situations, and telling the stories of those involved in the issues that affect us all at the foundations... so we never forget... and we honor the principles and values we claim.

One day while watching CNN Crossfire, James Carville asked "I wonder how he'll explain the matrix?" At the time, I knew how I'd explain the movie to have people understand certain things. But later that night, I  was looking up the Templar Knights and read that part of their purpose was to maintain the matrix of God, which I believed meant not let anything get in the way of God's ability to speak to people the way psychotronics interferes with it. Some might say that the matrix of God, as found in my mother's old Bible, was God's real "synchronicity". 

This song is like God reaching out to get your attention, to tell you there might be things more important than the same old issues the politicians have told you are important.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Atlanta Rhythm Section - A Rock N Roll Alternative - Don't Miss the Message

I first heard this song in the 1970's, and wondered what it was about for Cat Stevens, now know as Yusef Islam. As I grew older, and as events occurred in the world, this song came to mean a great deal to me about finally understanding things my father taught me - wisdom - that I had no way of understanding until the time those things would be needed.

I wonder what wisdom your parents or grand-parents my have told you that you didn't take to heart or think were important that would be important now if you remembered what they told you? 

What does this song mean to you?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

I was working at KWAV, in Monterey, California when I first played  this song, and it made me think back and realize that the world wasn't quite the way it seemed on the surface.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Ambrosia - Somewhere I've Never Traveled - Harvey

The thing about heritage is know where we've come from, where we're going, understanding what others endure or encounter because of circumstances, and it seems they can only be understood when you hear it  from good people subjected to difficult times, and you appreciate the things we take for granted a little more.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Beth Lodge-Rigal - Dreamtable - 11 - All I Need

When I was very young and Bob Dylan became famous, I didn't know what he was singing about and why people thought he was ahead of his time. He used to say, "Don't trust anyone over 30". I didn't know he was talking about Free Masons. In the late  70's, worked as a music critic and received the album Slow Train Coming, and thought, he's sold out, and never realized the truth was, like a lot of older artists people thought were alternative or subversive or hippie, they really were telling us  a great deal about the real world we live in. Not the one we choose to hope for.

I like to remind people about how God is love, not a tyrannical, demanding God and how He never intended for His followers to suffer, but knew they would for a time because of those who do evil. So, there is some evil to endure and what seem like hardships because of it, and this is often what it can seem like for an ethical person to endure in a world of people struggling to survive, consciously or instinctively.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You

It's why I like to remind people of what we've experienced, witnessed, what it causes and how it can be overcome when people are allowed to be like people, not threatened by fears generated by lies, people who know that their love for their families is no different than the love other people have for theirs.

 It's important to acknowledge that God doesn't just work through people who go to church or carry a Bible, He works through their spirits and their hearts and expresses the love He expresses through their compassion. And they express it in their joy in giving, and working and caring for others and their world. 

People who understand that expressing the ways of God is love, because God only truly expresses Himself out of and with love.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Elton John - Love Song

When you understand that, ask yourself, have I played you songs about feelings, or played songs that express God's messages by people who have at least a sense that God uses them to deliver them for Him. Messages like this:

The other night, I was listening to a song I can't remember, but the lyric was talking about a black man living in a ghetto, and he was approached by someone and he showed his gun to warn him, and the man who approached him said, why do you need a gun, and he said because without a gun, nobody shows you any respect. And that's the same thing Willie Nelson wrote about  when Elvis Presley made this a hit.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Elvis Presley - 30 No1 Hits - 26 - In The Ghetto

When we think of ghettos, isn't that the scene we still sort of se in our minds? I remember thinking about that while visiting the slums of Soweto one day. In fact, I'm thinking about  a town in Loskop, South Africa who saw people  come and go, most sincerely attempting to help them save their tribes of people, and at times, even voting some of the white people who came to help "their hope for the future" only to have that person leave as well... And then I think of how my mom's said Musicians are the angels of God.. imagine hearing this message if you were feeling hopeless, and still having faith in God. Knowing people were thinking of  you, and wanting you to have hope. Real hope. And faith for the future.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Philip Bailey - Chinese Wall - 205 - Children of the Ghetto

Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire

Jesus talked a lot about economic slavery, people working for subsistence wages, like black people freed by the civil war. It's long been a strategy of those the pilgrims fled from to purposely generate a minority impoverished class to foot the "hard labor" without worrying about rights or representation. People should understand that while Congress talks about illegal immigration and undocumented workers, the number Mexican and South American people in the United States has exceeded the black population. In no way to I mention this to diminish immigrants seeking opportunity and work like the rest of us.  Also consider that the few benefits provided Mexico via NAFTA have all been handed to China. I think about  when I hear  this song that brings back memories of a time when human civil rights were being publicly required and demanded after centuries of discrimination, for black people, for women, for workers....

Back around 1974 I was in a political science class where I remembered just enough of what my sisters told me about Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers who worked so hard to win and accomplish for people, and what must not be forgotten or lost... just enough to represent it to the class and instructor so they understood how important it was to real people depended upon the delivery of our food supply, and yet considered "invisible".

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Hands - 07 - Cold Cup of Water

Pat Humphries is  one of those kinds of people who continuing helping people, and you may never hear of them, they just do it.

I remember Paul Simon being on Saturday Night Live once, and saying that hell is whatever you think it is. The next scene, he was stuck alone in an elevator with the Muzak version of The Sounds of Silence playing over and over again. 

When times are hard, especially economic times, it used to be said that when the economy is bad, have a war. Not a good reason to have a war. But it tells you a lot about who makes the money, and who really benefits from the hard work of citizens. It's not the government, it's businesses and the military Industrial Complex Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address. People, the global empire, that has made its fortune from war for centuries.

Brazil is supposed to have the 4th largest economy in the world, made that way by basically bankrupting its citizens, making it very profitable for corporations to work there, and being willing to lose  a generation of young people to poverty and self destruction. A group of economists and other "bean counters" determined that to manipulate the economy to make it that way, the people would, as always, simply adjust as they always had to when a government changed the economy or direction of  a nation without informing the citizens..

These accountants, called the Chicago Boys, were economists working under the guidance and education of Milton Friedman, usually acknowledged for advancing the trickle down theory into our everyday life, and can easily credited with the economic upheavals purposely created by our governments to force us to change our cultures, and accept what these "leaders" tell us the way things must be from now on. Regardless of the consequences for its citizens.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Paul Simon - There Goes Rhymin' Simon - American Tune

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower Of Power - Bump City - 09 - Of The Earth

I remember watching CNN one day and hearing report that most people graduating the 12th grade couldn't find the Pacific Ocean on a map. And yet, we say we have a policy called No Child Left Behind, which focuses education on passing tests in order to qualify for funding, more than the actual teaching and learning teachers and educators work to provide as their passion for giving. 

I remember that George W. Bush impressed upon us the need for more tolerance in diversity. I thought, tolerance means "putting up with something". Having to deal with something because you had to. I like to think of sharing in the variety and wisdom of other communities of cultures, learn form them, enjoy their differences like something fun in my life to have seen and learned from. 

Some people think the answer is home schooling and private schools to protect the quality of education and to protect children from a cold or uncaring world of influences. It's a shame there would be a world of those kinds of influences, and that our leaders of all kinds have allowed it to progress. And how God said He never tempts people or purposely puts stumbling blocks in their way.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody

I grew up in the hills... of Santa Cruz, California, a placed called Maple Creek, in Humboldt County California on a 175,00 acre cattle ranch that bordered on the Trinity National Forest. I lived in a place near Yosemite, California, and used to marvel at a place I thought I might like to own, I called it Chuck's Canyon, It turned out its name was the Grand Canyon of Yosemite.

I've driven across this country 4 times, and flown over it a few more. It's the reason I believe in Global Peace and Abundance For All. We're constantly told food and water and land are scarce, and the world is tense and oil is cut off... each and every one of those things is lies. 

I remember in the first grade, my teacher at Costano Elementary School in Palo Alto, California told us that psychologists or sociologists were doing studies on rats to see what happens to people when force to live in crowded environments. The rats went insane. 

She said one day, people would end up wearing firearms on them like people did in the old west. I noticed an article the other day about some agency seeking to require people to wear guns. 

We're told to resist terrorism by not letting them change our lives so that the terrorists don't win, and then told the way to win is to conform to fascist methods that train people to accept oppression. You may not want to believe this, but there are people being paid to drive badly and harass you on the freeways while the evening news tells you if that makes you angry, you have a character flaw... people are being patted down at airports when the government has devices that can tell what you may be carrying by analyzing the very atoms of what you carry on, making searches and other strange methods obsolete and unnecessary.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Cougar Mellencamp - Pink Houses

The thing is, I don't think people remember what freedom is like. How it felt back in the fifties when the nation was innocent again. It's  citizens, not the government that took advantage of their joy of beginning life again after nearly a generation of  war.  

I wonder if people understand the intent of the founders of this New World, the United States, and the thought and wisdom that went into creating a document to express what really was the will of God to be a possible example of the Kingdom of God.

I've always loved talking to older people to hear what their version of the world is and was, and what they think got lost that made it seem less and less pleasant to be part of it. Over the years, the thing I've heard people always say about younger people is that they tend to respect other things and people less and less. 

Are they complaining about themselves or those children? What do older people want to say that younger people don't tend to want to hear or believe, or believe could still be possible? What have these  older people given up on that you may have wanted yourself if you knew what they believed was possible when they were younger, and still dreamed of the future?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judds - Grampa Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days

There are people who know exactly how much money we have, and fix the prices of nearly everything to absorb what they might deem to be excess disposable income. They call it supply and demand. true capitalism isn't supply and demand. It's fair value. Usury is not fair value, it's the same as loan-sharking, and credit card interest rates and predatory lending practices ensure that in times of scarcity, gone on for a long time in this and other countries, purposely sustained, ensures nothing but economic slavery, being allowed to live in a nation owned by corporations, instead of a country of citizens with a solid economic and business foundation.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 09 - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

One year, I watched the Superbowl just so I could see the commercials. I can't remember who was playing or who won.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tom Petty - The Last DJ - 02 - Money Becomes King

Long ago, it was Joseph Stalin who said the way to defeat the United States was to stretch its military forces around the world so that the homeland could not actually be defended, make its people fat and lazy and dependent upon others to make and do  everything for them, and to ply them with drugs. I never thought the drugs he meant weren't those supposedly fought in the war on drugs: it was pharmaceuticals, and the harmful effects caused by the drugs supposed to cure you of other things. Especially anti-depressants that cause psychosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleeplessness and weight gain, and numerous horrible birth defects.

These are the real issues facing all people of the world. Ignore these or leave to politicians, and you will only get more of the same: nothing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 12 - Never Turning Back

When I  was a child, I overheard my father talking one day, and he said if things go wrong, one day something will happen, a disaster, a terrorist attack or something that the government will use as an excuse to take away your rights, promising they'll return when it's safe, but it's never safe again, and your rights will never be returned.

God and Jesus spoke a lot about free will and liberty. For those who don't understand, the end times or the end of days does not mean the end or destruction of the earth: it's the end of the reign of the anti-Christ, and the end of time allowed that God will provide for it to continue.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Save The Country

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Wingspan (History CD 2) - 20 - Tug Of War

This is a time as in the Roman Empire when the people were left to fend for themselves as the government existed to serve itself and its feudal kingdom's air of royalty. It's a time when we must continue to remember what we truly are, more than our physical bodies, our position sin life and our accolades. What we are is people with spirits. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 01 - Part-Time Angels



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