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Bitter Pills - Revelations 10:7

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This is one of those pages you won't want to believe now, but will find out is true later.




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This page begins and ends with this song, because it's a good way to manage your feelings when being faced with bitter pills about the truth of things you'll be glad you know and wish weren't true.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 09 - Uh Huh

I understood long ago that the government had a lot to do with job creation, as well as making sure that enough people were attracted to certain professions to make sure work got done.  It didn't occur to me that the government was practicing classism. 

When Ronald Reagan talked about allowing corporations to run certain government functions, such as operating prisons, I thought it would be a good thing,  professionals working with criminals to reduce repeat offenders and help these people to resolve whatever drove them to crime. It did not occur to me that the government would pass law laws that would make it easier for corporate prisons to make a profit.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Wild Places - 06 - Blind to the Truth

I remember hearing the radio reports of the siege at Waco, wondering what in the world did the United States Government need tanks to go after its own citizens for? Especially Christians? I watched a movie called Waco: The Rules of Engagement, and anyone who sees it will know why it really was murder by the government, as no one could possibly justify what actually happened there.

I remember reading about a woman who wrote to the government complaining her life was in danger and she was angry at the government for harassing them, written up in government files as paranoid and having a persecution complex. Not long after that, she was shot dead by Federal Agents on the front step of her Ruby Ridge house with her very young baby in her arms. 

I remember the same thing about tanks and Wounded Knee... seeing those tanks while watching the Today Show, wondering what could be that dangerous?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

I find it interesting that people generally tend to think "the bad guys" are the Republicans, and the Bush family. Ron Paul has, of course, made the Council on Foreign Relations more public, and just about the time that the Federal Reserve goes away, they will have already handed over their practices and illegal ties to the federal treasury to the IMF, International Monetary Fund. Just a few more of the deceptions and misinformation believed by so many for so long.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 12 - Code PINK

During the 70's, Cat Stevens song "Where Will the Children Play?" was the standard for asking the question of older people when also asking, what are you leaving for the next generation. A proud tradition of the lives of U.S. citizens has always been to know their children had at least a little bit better lives than their own.

A few years back, I was talking to some people while they were working, and one guy said "I know we're really messing things up, but I'll leave it to my kinds to fix it up later:" I thought, why bother having kids? Not long ago, I saw  a map of all the nuclear reactors in the world and thought, if someone was diabolical, their placement could easily be used as strategically located atomic bombs. The recent nuclear plant disasters in Japan suggest that sort of possible thinking. A greater explanation of that could take hours, going back to before World War II. The reaction by the  U.S. Nuclear Industry in the United States to the disasters in Japan was to ask for permits for more than 400 additional reactors in the Untied States before public reaction could cause rejections of applications in the future.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

When we think of Native Americans - Indians - we tend to forget that when we arrived here as pilgrims, this nation, this country was theirs. While we often demonize other nations for their treatment of native tribes, the United States Government has rarely kept its promises to our own Native Americans. It's interesting, given how so many people put so much effort and care into preserving their own ethnic and religious cultures these days without separating them from society as a whole.

I find it even more interesting to consider proposed sales of lands -  a 50 mile strip of land in Massachusetts, and  600,000 acres of oil land in Texas - to China. Since our government has gone so far to give the economic power of the next industrial revolution  to China, as well as advanced military technology, it outs China and other nations in the position of owning large controlling shares of  this nation, and would also put us in the position of being considered Native Americans to the people they migrate to the United States to run corporations and exercise "oil leases to foreign countries" say, to China, in Texas.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Paul Revere & the Raiders - Indian Reservation

I remember when John Kyl and John McCain of Arizona promoted the idea and adoption of the practice of mortgaging their state owned buildings against the winnings of their state lottery. I thought, what gives them the right to mortgage and risk the possessions of the people of the state?

If there's anything I've learned by being around the media and writing and producing radio commercials is how easy it is for politicians and media people to suggest something as something to discuss, even things we might have before considered unthinkable, and get us to use our normal minds to consider abnormal things. For myself, that includes me never really believing in the death penalty, but "allowing it " in my own mind because it was law, and the media made me believe most people were in favor of it, so I allowed the majority to rule.

Back when I first got involved in radio, there were rules in broadcasting against subliminal techniques that could get people to buy soda or candy or other products. A while  back, an entire town was convinced by subliminals on tv to buy pizza. These days, they don't call it subliminals so  much, they call it left-brain programming, or using subliminals to program behaviors and thoughts into your left-brain or subconscious. It's all very scientific.

Back in the 60's, it was sort of a fad for some rock musicians to put messages recorded backwards on their songs. I was never aware of any that were harmful, though people should understand those kinds of techniques do work, and the CIA even determined that people's minds can be trained to respond best to subliminal messages implanted by playing the message 14 times normal speed in reverse.

I worked as a TV salesman at Sears in Eureka, California in the mid-70's. The man I worked with told me that back in the 50's, people used to pay more just for sets they said had one more circuit or one more tube or one more transistor in them. A couple of years back, I  read how the CIA used to be able to pick up TV signals from people TV's in their living rooms from 25 miles away. That was since the 50's. 

One day, I'll have a technician tell me the true capabilities of the V-Chip. 

Scientific Atlanta used to put out a cable receiver box that also had a microphone in it so that technicians somewhere could "monitor your responses to TV programs".

Of course, TIVO keeps track of everything you watch. For marketing reasons.

My father let us know of an IBM computer based system that monitored phone calls, and if you said certain words, you were put on a list of people under suspicion. That was before 1962.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  George Harrison - Brainwashed - 12 - Brainwashed

There seems to have been a long-term concerted effort to suppress certain people, families, races from becoming too successful. Gordon Lightfoot is one of those people. I have to believe it's because of what he tells us in his music. This song tells the story of his annoyance, and the harassment of millions of  people working with certain parts of the government to continue segregation, class warfare and even lead to pre-mature death of their targets. Christians and Jews and people of faith, and a variety of people who I'm certain have been provided with unjustifiable excuses. Some might consider Sundown the original CoIntelPro before the Viet Nam War. And it was seems to be aimed at more than families of military involved in secret projects. It's racial and religious. Eugenist and poltical.

Gordon Lightfoot's song came out  a year before the U.S. Government and the Church Committee formally, publicly admitted the U.S. Government was doing these things. The U.S. Government claimed it stopped these practices and medical experimentations. It did not.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits - 11 - Sundown

When politicians only tell you what you want to hear, what only makes you feel good.... I remember during he presidency of Ronald Reagan, young teenagers were asked what their because fear of the future was, and they responded: Nuclear War.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Chance - 101 - Lies (Through the 80's)

George H.W. Bush announced the 90's would be the era of the mind. That's when mental slavery began to increase. It begins when a child is born, and is implanted with a tracking device in its heal... that you think is a blood test.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 13 - Redemption Song

Mental slavery takes on many forms. Most people in the United States don't know it, but officials in the rest of the world do. Something called "synthetic telepathy" was developed many years ago, the concept first invented by Tesla in 1922.

Military White Papers say it is used to mentally incapacitate people, often times making them appear to be mentally ill, especially when they talk of their knowledge of the technologies being used to attack them.

Ray Kurzweil has written a great deal about this topic, an how the U.S.  Government in particular uses it and intends to use it. He calls it "the electronic singularity", and electronic means of controlling human thought and behavior via remote controls.

His books, "The Age of Intelligent Machines" and "The Age of Spiritual Machines" explain, for example, how ministers and religious leaders of all kinds are targets for manipulation of their thoughts and beliefs in order to control what people think and do regarding their religions. My own writing has been greatly hampered by government people wanting me to write things I refuse to write or defend, resulting in what appears to be unfinished work, and is, but is also evidence that the U.S. Government interferes directly with freedom of religion.

The U.N. would be able to show you complaints from people and corporations in other nations that their employees were "read" by electronic means, and their ideas were stolen.

Thought crimes are no longer simply  people being attacked or suppressed for speaking out. The government can actually read your mind, and according to one of the developers working for Lockheed-Marrietta, they can insert thoughts and words into your mind and mouth "even before the subject can tell it's being done". Interesting, the Bible says the son of man would return, and the anti-Christ would know everything he was going to do before he did it.

In 1976, The Church Committee, lead by Senators Frank Church and Ted Kennedy, the United States Government admitted doing what Ira Einhorn claimed they were continuing, and warning people about. Einhorn is now in prison, under suspicious circumstances.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tom Yohe - The Best of Schoolhouse Rock - 16 - Tyrannosaurus Debt

What did that song really tell you about national debt?

Long ago I read an article about Sigmund Freud, and how his theories caused people to approach everything, sociologically and culturally, as if it was true: that people are primarily motivated by sex in some way or another. I also heard that Carl Jung ejected that, and though I don't know alot about Jung's work, I agree with him.

I was in a  group of people, once, who claimed that people think about sex every 7 seconds. I considered it, and then thought the truth is, I may think about sexuality. I may remind myself consciously or subconsciously about whether I was talking to a man or a woman or a child, and have that effect the things I say and the reasons I say them. Still, if you examine history, you'll find that psychology behind a great number of things we'd normally think are social change, but are actually manipulations of what we believe based on false supplied information presented as fact.

I think about that, and how many people go to web sites where they exchange personal information and impersonate people they wish they were... I think about the time Lou Dobbs reported on CNN that Time-Warner made $318 million one year for the sales of pornography - of course, we'd never question the integrity or morals of an executive - someone who's supposed to be important  - as anything but a success.

Sex is a weapon in this world, in this culture, a weapon to divide men and women, to cause men and women to have difference priorities: women are more in favor of war to prevent or stop terrorism than men. I remember seeing the beginning of a sex enhancement "supplement" where a  beautiful woman was on camera saying "Men, no matter what size you are, your woman is lying to you if she says you're big enough".

There was a minister featured on CNN who called for members of his church to have sex every night in order to develop closer intimate relationships. I remember my parents talking about whether or not to sleep in separate beds, as part of their honest Bible study, having nothing to do with sex, they would talk about not sleeping in the same bed because it would tend to be an interruption of their prayers to God, and doing that would prevent them from fully serving Him.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chad Mitchell Trio - Ballad of Sigmund Freud

That reminds me: Kinsey, the famous sex researcher's of the 50's and 60's, came out with something called "The Kinsey Report". It told us everything nobody had the courage to talk about or reveal about our sex habits before. One morning, the were supposed to appear on CBS to discuss their report that was the basis of people believing Gay people could be "cured".  The producer of that morning TV show on CBS, a woman co-anchoring  Free Speech TV news talk program for gay people, reported that she had also lined up for that interview segment a psychologist to refute the claim that gay people could be cured. She said, Kinsey cancelled the interview, and the report never existed at all.

I couldn't decide whether to play this next person's song or not. She has other songs I relate to more But she obviously shows the frustration of plenty of people these days realizing that for whatever reason, her government isn't their government. She's singing about the government, the  national and some local media, and other leaders not telling you what they think you would not believe. Meaning, they're not really leaders or trustworthy.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly GoAnarchy - Why Am I Not A Lesbian - 03 - They're Lying To You

There's something about that song that's so true I can't not play it. 

The issues of people and of God don't really change from year to year, decade to decade, but the progress resulting from so called leaders proves they have lead nothing but gone along with their leaders while pretending to represent our interests. I'm like people around the wrold asking us to think about things without believing whatever  our leaders tell us is the truth, especially "official stories". I find most "Acts of Congress" are emulations - acting like they've done something well, and that commissions are  actually commissions of cover-ups but because of wording, they laugh under their breath and continue to commit the cover up. The Warren Commission, The Patriot Act, The 911 Commission...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 11 - Didn't You Mean To Say

And I wonder what people really want, a world of activists having to demand that you be allowed to live when it's your turn to deal with the government for whatever the government decided to choose you for. It's the difference between a world of love - God's ways - giving and caring and making sure everyone is alright. And what's happening now. Would you want to be in that kind of friendly world, or a world where war feels like the safest option, like the government has led us to now?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 09 - Don't You Want to Be There

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 09 - Uh Huh

This song is like a prayer.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 02 - God Of Wonders



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