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I've realized in the last few years that my father had a way of "burning things" into our brains - of his kids. It was only recently - the last few years -  that I realized that every time I realize I'm remembering one of those things he emphasized to "burn it in" to our psyches, it's turned out to be something incredibly important to what's occurring in the world, and more specifically what's going on in the United States right now.

I remember we'd be watching TV, and he'd all of a sudden sort of say in a loud, uncustomary voice "Propaganda", and then he'd say a little something about it and something else about how it was important to recognize it when you see it.

That's why you owe it to yourself to read the Carl Bernstein article bluediam.gif (123 bytes) The Idiot Culture and take it to heart, not as an insult, but as a warning and a wake up call. It's been a central theme of what I've been doing and writing about since 2001. It's a short article.

Despite some things I've written on this site, some harsh things, this is actually difficult for me to write because of my own affinity and work in broadcasting that I think spanned some 17 years in one form or another.

Still, when I started monitoring and critiquing news, and doing webcasts back in 2001, there was a part of me that felt like I was selling out "fellows in the biz". I certainly never had as illustrious career as the people on the networks and   all. But, the truth is, I know a huge amount about programming radio and TV, subliminality and all sorts of things that I see going on on TV and broadcasting, linguistics and the cultural shifts it causes... 

One of my specialties was advertising copywriting. I enjoyed it. I could make anything sound good. After a while, it was sort of routine and formulaic. But I finally kind of got tired of it when my car broke down once, and I did a really great commercial for the shop that "fixed it" before they even fixed it, and they really did a horrible job.

My job was to write material that would cause you to hear what you wanted to hear about the kind of product I was advertising without actually lying.  Of course, the assumption was that, of course, the company sold a good product with the intent to do honorable and gracious service.

In many ways, news "bureaus", channels, have become press agents for the government and many major corporations. I'm not going to go into dealing whether it's this reporter or that, this anchor or that.

They do what I used to do when writing advertising. If a politician makes a point and gets it wrong, they'll tell you what the politician meant to say. If they're reporting with the instruction or desire with a particular bias, they'll exaggerate the reports and use remarks out of context to enflame the situation  or a racial or social group in order to manipulate what people think of different topics - and to get you to think of certain groups and ideas as weird or extreme when they're not. Or good when they're not.

I keep wondering, when did going to war become a conservative thing to do? There's nothing conservative about war.

I asked my nephew, the 25, why he watched the news channel he watched. He said, because they tell you what to think. You don't have to analyze what the news means and spend your time thinking about it.

What he actually told me was that these people could tell him anything about anything going on in a way that would have people who rely on a  single source of information to think that the world was wonderful 10 seconds after a nuclear war broke out.

Interestingly, if you're a Christian, particularly one who believes these are the "end days", then the obvious becomes difficult to notice that that would also mean we live in the days of deception upon deception upon deception. Therefore, it should now become obvious to you that  you need to confirm the information you've always accepted as true.

It's the same reason I ask you to check out the news on this site, the things that you don't want to believe. Because I want you to find out that I am telling the truth, and I'm willing to be corrected for the sake of the truth. Truth based on fact, not opinion.

See, we citizens think there are political parties as civil organizations. You really need to understand that the core people in political parties are much more like regimes, with similar ultimate goals, a variety of opinions about how to accomplish them, and very powerful people who "back them" who are used to getting their way - and they're not like normal people - they have their own rules, they play rough, innocent people get hurt...

The United States is a nation whose president reserve the right to disappear people. They call it extraordinary rendition. And it applies to U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

I'm no political conspiratory theorist. Based on research and history, I can tell you without hesitation, when the did this government ever pass and maintain a law that encroached privacy and civil rights law if they didn't have some reason to think they may want to use it down the road? When Barack Obama signed GITMO out of existence, he made the American people believe torture was over, and that we had a leader who believes in civil rights. Instead, we have one who voted in the Senate to continue unconstitutional illegal wiretapping and granted immunity to telecom companies who assist the government in illegal spying and psychological operations.

It's called misdirection. It's like a magician. They get you to look the other way while they perform the illusion. What you see, however, is the result of a perfectly scripted and choreographed performance that leaves you thinking you saw something that didn't really happen. Wag the Dog. That's all the news actually is anymore.

Meanwhile, the media, owned by the same corporate web of affiliates owned by the financiers and power brokers cause curious politicians and reporters into confidentiality agreements and memberships in organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations. Even if these people saw something traitorous go on, they have a written agreement with some of the most powerful people in the world.

So they do their jobs, shedding what light on what they can. And even some of them are being harmed because their employers or an "agency" is trying to "keep them in line". There's a very dangerous "game" going on, and I use the word game very loosely.  People are getting hurt, physically, financially and professionally.

If the people who are manipulating events and policies "in the background" had their way right now, in what appeared as the worst case scenario of the dialectic, they would have me and others discredit the national media so that you would take  the word of the government as the truth. It's an age old dialectic want to alter the form of a government at the time of the final stages of the plan to do so.

Some people are concerned about this because of things like Halliburton's contract to build "concentration camps" across the United States... for what? For the martial law so easily declared under certain executive orders and provisions of the Patriot Acts?

Are you aware that some utility workers have received government training and instruction regarding their authorization to use lethal force to defend the infrastructure in case of martial law? They're not talking about defending the utilities against terrorists? Did you know that if you drilled a well, the government knows where it is, and has the right to put a lock on it, deprive you of its use, and even charge you to pump water from it in the future?

Did you know that internationally, the pharmaceutical companies are working to pass something called the "Codex" that would ban many herbs and vitamin type supplements from sale, forcing you to buy synthetics and derivatives of the same sort of things from them. And did you know that taking synthetic, not natural, vitamins most often requires your body to discharge the natural vitamins first? A vitamin supplement could actually reduce your level of certain vitamins in your body.

Did you know that eating Soy reduces fertility? Not to mention is very hard on soil, and is one of the main crops being planted in the rainforests that are being destroyed, thousands of acres at a time in the Amazon?

Did you know that the ammunition we use in Iraq leaves bullet and bomb fragments made of depleted uranium that, bullet by bullet, bomb by bomb, leaves the equivalent of a blanket of radioactive dirty bombs throughout the middle east that will last millions of years and could easily be described as an attempt at genocide... radioactivity that has been measured in the atmosphere in England.

And you don't hear these things on the news because the government and its controllers don't want you to know the crimes being committed in the name of you, a citizen of the United States, with a moral superiority and high ground they claim, with a special sanction of God Himself.

It's a difficult situation, when the news you get is not the real news. When the real news can be demoralizing. And when it can cause you to feel violated, like someone who has been tricked out of their last penny, with nowhere to go.

Like the sub-prime crisis that was under the authority and oversight of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate when it all happened, before they claimed it was the fault of irresponsible citizens, horrible business people (who are somehow getting hundreds of billions more citizens money after being robbed already) and racism is currently being used as  a public issue to take people's attention off the theft that just occurred, and the bail out package that is so insufficient and ideologically corrupt that it can hardly be taken seriously by a citizen who believe their government cares, and that this Obama'/Clinton administration will provide anything more than politics as usual.

And that includes media manipulation as usual too.

In time, you'll realize how what I just told you could save you a great deal of difficulty in your life. But, do keep it in mind when watching the news. And always remember, when ideological politics and propaganda is going on, there are two sides of the story, and then there is the truth.

It's a shame to come to such realizations and to feel it's necessary to advise you this way.  But it's time we realize, as citizens, that our government does not serve the citizens - Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, and until you realize that, you'll simply find ways to cope with the messes our government gets us into, while they say "give us a chance", and they consistently fail.

Think about it objectively, and tell me that I'm wrong.

I'm optimistic that you'll realize the truth and refuse to allow the deceptions to continue.

And that's my message for citizens on this subject for now.


Notes: To anyone who considers themselves part of the media, please understand that the above comments really are aimed at the national news media and Federal Government.

To the "National" people - in whatever profession.

I have great faith that many issues are going to be dealt with soon that have been swept under the rug for a long time. I want to state again that my intent when I became politically active was to alter the conversation, not criminalize or compromise anyone in any way.

I want to assure you  that the promises I made regarding my personal conclusions about everything that's gone on - on every level of what's been going on, and I'm not just talking about with me - I'll never go back on that,  despite how it may seem at times. I didn't know I was caught in the middle of things. I believe when this is over, a great many people will feel free for the first time in a long time... that'll be a great day, won't it?



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