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This is one of those pages you won't want to believe now, but will find out is true later.

















Our primary goal is to track what is said versus what actually happens in the world of human and political events in the United States and Globally.

We try to use reliable, mainstream sources of information so you do not have to wonder about the credibility of the materials presented.

A great deal of care is taken to ensure we are presenting facts.

In 2001, I began a website called www.democraticfundamentalism.org because I wanted to have a website that tracked, by category, the public announcements and speeches by the Bush Administration and other figures and officials, in chronological order in a way that showed what was announced, and what actually happened.

It did not take long to realize that what was being said in public was pure camouflage for the mischief his administration was up to.

A perfect example of the kinds of deception being done was in calling their environmnetal poplicy the Clear Skies Act... which, when enacted, actually made the air dirtier. One hard and fast rule of politics is clear: when the public wouldn't approve of what you're doing, but it doesn't sound good when the truth is known, tell people about it by lies of omission.

Another example: wait for a national disaster to occur, and then pass the Patriot Act, blame it on the Bush  Administration, even though the Democrats were instrumental in its creation beginning before the Clinton Administration left office.

Russia was far and away beyond us in the development of psychotronic and directed energy weapons, their Woodpecker system is far beyond the capabilities of our HAARP System. People believe the Cold War is over. Another indication that it isn't is the fact that Russia is now ramping up to spend great sums of money researching nano-technology, and the ability to introduce magnetic particles into the body in order to assert electro-magnetic influence.

If you think, oh those horrible Russians, you'd be thinking what the U.S. Government would like you to think of them. But, the fact is, they're only doing it because the United States is already doing that, with the intent of using it as an offensive military weapon. That policy began long before Reagan, and continues into the Obama Administration, as the New World Order's way of causing global governance by force.

When I first began that web site, the truth is, I would have probably seemed more like a Democrat. When I saw what Bush was doing, I decided to support the Democrats to stop Bush.

Then, not long after, I realized the Democrats were playing along with the Republicans. Even the sub-prime crisis, which Democrats are trying to sweep under the rug as happening with the Bush administration, happened while the Democrats held responsibility for oversight and allowed the economic collapse to happen.

And then, I realized something Ralph Nader said was true. He said there was no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.

I did, seriously, do years of research because the implications of that, taken literally, were pretty disturbing.

And it was true. What was most disturbing, though, was realizing that the United States Government is primarily controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, and that the Council on Foreign Relations is controlled by the wealthiest people and corporations on earth... the same people who benefitted from the government economic bailouts.

That's why these days, what I monitor is the trends of politics. The dialectics. If you understand dialectics, you can see and hear what's in the news, and understand what they would covering up with the kind of statements and omissions they make, as well as tell what they are up to by what they accuse other people and nations of doing.

Not every time. But many times.

So, these pages may seem to be biased against Barack Obama... I prefer tothink that they are trcking the accountability of the United States Government, and Barack Obama just happens to be the guy in the White House.

And I"m tracking what he actually does, because he's already proven himsel to be a hypocrite in regard to campaign promises and policies. It's important for America to see for themselves that Obama is merely a front man for the same people and grand agenda they have, just like George Bush was.

It's a shame, because I really was an Obama supporter in my own way until APril 2008, when I discovered some things that really surprised... which will be the subject of other witing and law suits I'm sure... but that's for another time.

It really is time for our government to be responsible towards its citizens. It's time for us to realize that nothing the government says is really for our best interests, and that we are a secondary consideration if not nuisance to their elitest agendas.

I will say again, I am not an extremist, I am a citizen who knows the truth. And I am not pleased at all with finding i tnecessary to make sure this fact is known.

It means our government needs to be cleaned out.

In time, that will be a message of all citizens of the world to their leaders.



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