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About this Campaign:
A Declaration & Disclaimer

  Party Affiliation

I wanted to take a moment to explain a little to you about my campaign, my party affiliation and, in a way, disclaim my political affiliations in order to make my position clear, as well as to relieve the Democratic Party of the need to honor an implied acknowledgement of my involvement in the political system.

I chuckle a little as I write this, but at the same time, the scope of issues I wish to address do tend to go beyond those typically addresed inside the 2 party system.

I have chosen to declare myself  candidate in the Democratic Party as an independent because I honestly believe in what the Democratic bylaws, its platform and ideologies claim.  the two party system is broken, and I no longer trust the parties we have because of their loyalty to the Council on Foreign Relations.

I could nearly as easily have declared my candidacy as a member of the Green Party or as a Libertarian.  I could also tell you there is much I agree with in the way the Republican Party organizes itself, and I even share some of its basic priorities and concerns, although I do not agree with their methods of implementation and their legislative approach.

I like the idea of  "3rd parties".  I believe it is healthy for Democracy, and is of great benefit to public discourse on issues and ideals.  But, I also believe it is important, given the current political climate, to seek ways to find commonality and to consolidate political power in order to make it possible to address our common concerns: justice, equality, peace, globalization, opening economic markets and encouraging citizen participation in government, among a list of many other issues and concerns.

When I discuss the issues  of the day, I speak my mind. I am encouraged by the responses I receive.  I find people become enlivened and filled with hope for the future. 

And then, the same people slump into a bit of a depression, a resignation, because they do not believe it is possible for a citizen of this country to win an election of this kind. Even more, because they do not believe that the political climate would allow someone like me to win. Someone who wants to return ethics and truth and equality and parity to a system which has become corrupted by the power of wealth.

I understand their resignation. But I also understand the power of the will of the people.

This campaign will not succeed without the will of the people, the belief that if we unite to reclaim the promise of Democracy, that the will of the people can determine the outcome and be fully represented and implemented in the policies of this nation.

President John F. Kennedy said, "United, there is nothing we can not accomplish."  I agree with him.

What I am going to say next is not intended to demean or diminish anyone.

Since June of 2002, I have been engaged in a campaign to encourage people who were afraid, to speak up and exercise their rights to free speech.  I encouraged them to vote.  I prodded and poked at the media, I scolded members of Congress.  And I angered many of them.  At the same, I honestly believe that, as they considered their courses, embraced my ethical challenges and began to stand up for the America they really believe in, that I have caused a great deal of action to be taken by the media and political leaders.

But, because I am a political outsider, I have been shunned by the Democratic Party and the press. I believe they will continue to do so, because to acknowledge my contributions and the actions I have elicited would give credibility to the voice I bring to the political discourse.  I would be lying if I said it did not frustrate and anger me at times to know that the ideas and concepts on this site - and more - were "stolen by other political candidates, something that will become obvious the more you read my materials.

Partly because I honestly believe they think I represent what they want, but do not believe can succeed inside the political system that has evolved.

The paradox of it all is, as soon as a larger group has decided to endorse my candidacy, and I have proven that I represent a group and not just my own opinions, that shunning will come to an end.  That's the importance of taking a stand for the issues, and causing our political system to address them.

Now, I have not lived my life with the intention of protecting my image in order to later project a facade about my character, beliefs and public standing.  It is likely that I will be subjected to numerous personal attacks, typically referred to as politics of personal destruction. I have already witnessed the smearing of other candidates   in order to limit the number of candidates and to control the debate over the issues of this country and the world.  I find it repugnant, but accept that this is the world we live in today.  I am also more than strong enough to stand up to what will certainly occur to me as well.

The current political environment is not one that encourages the exchange of ideas.   It is one of domination, control of the media, dirty tricks and political agendas that exclude the citizen from the process, except to be subjected to pandering and propaganda.

I reject that.

And I promise that if you will believe that the citizens of this nation can and do have the opportunity to make a choice, not the lesser of two evils, but for the best of ideas and leadership, that we can reclaim the process that no longer serves us.

For me, my candidacy is a moral imperative.  I can no longer sit back and watch us become divided by half-truths and opportunism in order to serve political ambitions, or to be on the winning side.  The Constitution, this government, was designed to be a servant of the people.  And I will not rest until it is restored to that assignment once again.

Regardless of what you might hear, regardless of whatever mistakes I may make along the way as I deal with the press and other political leaders, please believe that I am ultimately committed to one thing only: the empowerment of people inside a system of justice and equality for all. And I will not compromise that commitment or my message.

I will continue to speak my mind, express my ideas, and request only that you consider what I actually say, the ideas that I present and then I'll trust you to make your decisions based on that. 

I believe that if I have the opportunity to speak to the issues, instead of the insistence of pundits to defend myself as a person, that you will agree with me on a great number of things.  If you will do that, listen to what I say, and not the propagandists, that I will most easily accept and trust the decision of the citizens of this country.

But, if you do agree, it will be up to you to assist me in succeeding.  I do not want to rely on corporate donations, I will not sell my candidacy to the highest bidder or do things that require me to offer political favors.

I am a citizen who wishes to serve my fellow citizens.  I call myself a New Patriot. And I do it for America, I do it for myself, and I do it for the world, and the opportunity to create the future we have given up to despair, but yearn for nonetheless.

I hope you will join me, and be my partner as I declare myself as yours.

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