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"Think not forever of yourselves, O Chiefs, nor of your own generation. Think of continuing generations of our families, think of our grandchildren and of those yet unborn, whose faces are coming from beneath the ground."

  --  T. S. Eliot

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The Privilege & Honor of Serving A Commitment

Resolution of the issues that face us today in creating the future are not resolved or unresolved based on the possibility of their accomplishment, but on the commitment of leaders to empower their resolution.

The next few years will shape the future of this planet. It will require bridging the gaps of generations of people, young and old around the world in order to find common ground and provide answers that work while protecting freedom and well being.

And, I say, it is the challenge of America to keep this planet free and ecologically sound by setting the example for a world that truly works for all people. Not by force or domination, but through communication, understanding and agreement.

The only true path to peace and equality is justice.

That is the American dream that we have vigilantly held in our prayers each day and night, that is the America our forefathers envisioned and died for, that is part of the plan that was intended by God, upon which whose teachings we claim to base the American way of life, as our creator, guide & inspiration.

I would ask only that you join me in reclaiming and causing and being part of a new commitment to creating the future based on meeting the needs of all people, honoring the needs of this planet and the plants and animals and beings that share it equally with us.

The answers we need exist.  I stand for empowering those answers in a way that provides for our current needs, and utilizes methods and technologies to allow for future adaptations, expansions and human and natural circumstances as required without social and economic upheavals.

Certainly, I'm talking about efficiency and effectiveness and administration. But, more importantly, I'm talking about governments truly committed to meeting the needs of the people, truly doing the business of the people, operating transparently without ulterior motive and deception in order to hide inappropriate actions that serve only themselves and collaborating special interests.

Solving the problems that have been neglected, problems we all know exist and have existed for quite some time, have not been neglected due to an inability to resolve them.  They have been neglected due to political expediency and short term corporate gains and expanding markets that only exist on paper if only to hide the negative effects of greed on our economy, our country and our culture.

Capitalism is a good system  Corruption of all kinds, at all levels, is what makes it, or any other system fail. And it is failing... failing to serve as a model for commerce, and failing as a means to faithfully deliver the promise of our Constitution, goods and services to citizens, and as a tool of amicable global integration.

We must return to living with the willingness to live as if everything is possible when one is committed to accomplishment. Answers are born out of that kind of commitment, like an astronaut going to the moon, or an athlete committed to setting a new world's record.

Every true answer is predicated on the principle and commitment to  justice. Justice requires an uncompromising commitment. 

Let's set a new world's record for humanity together by committing to a new era and generation of people responsible for this planet, committed to freedom, human rights,  abundance and justice for all. 

Such a commitment is a privilege and an honor to serve.

Let us begin today.  Let us do it together.


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