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Someone offered to interview me a little before I had actually intended to go public with my Presidential intentions, before the site was anywhere near finished.  I went into his modest record studio to do the interview, but he wanted to talk for a few minutes first.

Ultimately, I left without doing an interview because his real concern was that his sponsor is sensitive to people who speak out against the Bush Administration. I don't actually remember being asked my opinion about anything.

It's pretty well known that a strategy being used by some people is to call the sponsors of any broadcaster or media outlet that airs people with dissenting views to cause sponsors to threaten withdrawal of sponsorship if they air more programs that dissent.  That had just happened to him. And he only had one sponsor.

That's an example of one reason why I'm running. Interestingly enough, I had been asked to comment on MoveOn.org's promotion of the continued regulation of media outlet ownership, which he is in favor of, as am I.

Of course, that issue is all about preventing one company from owning so many tv, radio and newspapers in any given area in order to prevent bias in the media. I hope you can see the irony in that.

However, the first words out of his mouth when we sat down to talk were "You know, when a guy from the local community comes in and says he's running for president, a little bell goes off in my head that says he might be crazy."

To be honest, I thought that was pretty funny.  Even more, I expect people to ask me over and over again why I think a guy who appears like an average type guy should think he's qualified to be president, let alone be taken seriously as a candidate.

It's a reasonable question. And, I intend to answer it. I understand the cynicism, the money issues, the chance to get to speak in the midst of a crowded field, let alone being "allowed" to participate by the DNC.

This gets to the essence of of what I believe is the biggest issue of this election. Democracy itself is up for election in 2004.

And, after asking me if I think I'm crazy for thinking I should run the office of the Presidency of the United States, I would simply ask you to take a moment to think about when you decided it was crazy to think that a "normal" citizen could possibly win.

You'll say to yourself  "Yeah, sure in theory, but not in reality".

But, why not? As a society, we are told things are done in a certain way. We cling to technologies and methodologies that are not in our best interest and threaten the health of our children, but we cling to them not because the people choose them, but because to alter them would be to alter the economics of corporations.

For political reasons, lines get drawn in the sand and we are deluged with rhetoric forcing us to take one side or the other, "you're either with us or against us", until we get to the point today  where there is little or no room for compromise that makes it work in the best interest of all.

It pits us against each other, and destroys our national unity. It needs to end.

And, I say, in theory or in reality, the perception that a "normal" citizen can not win is at the heart of the reason that one must win. Please think about that.

My campaign will not succeed because of money or party support. It will succeed because, whether or not you agree with my opinions, I believe we share the same concerns.

I believe the ideas I'm bringing to the table can resolve a number of issues that affect us all, in ways that truly serve us as citizens, while causing our businesses to flourish, while honoring our international commitments.

I don't believe the "big picture" of leading a nation requires a cavalier attitude toward those affected by changes in policy or economic strategies. It does not show much regard for what it means to work for a living, or to be at the effect of someone else's actions.

I'm doing what I'm doing most of all because I'm kind of corny about America and Democracy - and I make no apologies for that. And I believe that we've lost touch with the values that we cherish most. I believe we've lost faith in Democracy.

But, more than anything, I'm concerned about the welfare of the American people. I'm concerned about our national security, people finding jobs without having to lower their standard of living, that health care, good education and energy management seems to be going by the wayside for the sake of gloabl economic expansion. It's as if the people have all become second class citizens.

It's wrong. And it harms people and their lives, in this country, and around the world.

I believe that it will require a strong leader to return the balance and wisdom of American Heritage and Democratic Justice and to reconcile the divisions caused by divisive politics, the fear of terrorism and even persecution.

I believe I am the right person at the right time.

Keeping America secure. Making sure that people's needs are met and their rights are respected, and that all sides are considered in every decision. Setting an example to the world that makes us a true leader living up to the standards we agree would make this world a safer, better place.

All I ask is that you consider my ideas. And, even if  you believe that it's not possible for me to win, ask yourself if the kinds of things I propose are the kinds of things you'd prefer. Then ask yourself why you believe it's not possible.

Then, take a stand, and do something. That's Democracy. I believe in Democracy.

Before I continue, I think it's important to point out that I have a sense of humor, too. I like to laugh at myself, and have fun. I'm one of those people who can find humor in nearly any adverse situation, even when I get angry if only to laugh at myself for getting angry.

That said, I've said many times before, regarding my sanity,  that I'm so objective I could make the case that I'm crazy myself. But, I know that everyone in the world could make the case that we all have our crazy sides, idiosyncracies and prefereneces.  It's what makes us human.

When you have the ability to step back and observe your life, it enables you to learn something from nearly everything you do and see and hear.  After a while, what you see is patterns. 

It's kind of like in the movie the Matrix, where the character looks at a screen full of data, and understands that the patterns in the data represent people doing things, acting in certain ways and responding in fairly predictable ways to a variety of circumstances. I'm a big fan of those movies. Some people tease me by calling me Neo. Go figure.

I'm not particularly materialistic and I never worried much about job titles.   I've always been driven by curiosity and finding the  perfect balance between human nature and systems.

I have at times been described as intense, authoritative, intelligent and boyish.   I am a passionate person. I love to observe human nature and I've worked in and around the sciences of  human empowerment and ontology. I'm pretty informal, and I love to have intellectually honest conversations with people who disagree with me.

I've been a disk jockey, an advertising copy writer and producer, sometimes a news and public affairs reporter, I've sold syndicated radio programs, I was a music critic for an international publication and had a huge amount of fun and interesting experiences talking to some of the biggest stars and legends of the music business in the early 80's.

Oh yeah, retail store management, disco show promoter, disco club consultant, department store tv and sales person. I did alot of retail... I've always been business oriented.  I was in Junior Achievement in High School... actually, they didn't have a program, so I started it. Michael J. Fox had nothing on me.

One of my favorite hobbies was to get on the phone and investigate how businesses worked, what it cost to build factories and facilities, I'd design buildings and cost out their construction.  I checked out more than 30 businesses, from dairy farming to magazine production and distribution, road construction, waste recycling for energy, hydro-electricity and solar power generation plants, designed windmill generators from available parts.

It's actually a secret desire to design something that is in perepetual motion, something people say can't be done. That's why I want to do it.

I honestly believe everything is possible once you are committed to accomplishing a task.

Everything we need to solve every problem, everything we need to meet every need is available to us all today if we could only agree to use them with the understanding that they were provided by God for us all to benefit from.

Anyway... I wrote my first hand written request for funding of a non-profit organization  to Claire Booth Luce when I was 14 (1969). It was for a small private college using music and arts as a context for the integration of "conflict resolution" methods into our daily lives, to be run as a self-supporting, self-sufficient faciltiy, including food production, power generationa, waste disposal, and outreach like artists in residence at high schools across the country and fully-funded summer camps for kids.. The return letter suggested that it was a good idea, and that I should write again when I was a little older.

(In 1978, I actually had a commitment for $5 million for the project, which would have started it, but there was a stipulation that I only promote reggae music. I like reggae, but I had broader horizons in mind :}

That actually becomes an important factor later, though. It's the genesis of what is behind my vision for the future of this country. You could say I've been modeling it for more than 30 years.

Those are the things I did up until the age of  25.  And a few more things.

In about 1976, I was introduced to and became fascinated with computers. I often joked that if more people learned to program computers, we would need fewer psychiatrists. That, because it teaches you to think on the seminal and quantum levels.

It's like universal law, such as the constitution, that provides structure for all things without necessarily having control. The government which governs best governs least.

Controls are only required in response to, and to prevent or correct, the predictable patterns of human nature and behavior which encroach on individual pursuit of happiness and security.

Further, that it is the responsibility of the government to protect and serve its individual citizens above all other interests.

I mention these things because they absolutley relate to my experiences, particularly in business, after I began working in computers.

In my first vomputer job, I was a data entry operator on some very good accounting software for a company comprised of unassigned pastors that did investment counseling, tax preparation, and sold limited partnerships in some properties they bought in Washington State.

Before long, I began understanding accounting and started wondering why the balance sheets never added up, and what plugging retained earnings meant. I did some studying and realized that they were taking loans from their accounting clients' bank accounts, and overselling partnerships in the land, sometimes 3-5 times their value. They had 3 sets of books and a fraudlent prospectus.

The company was deeply in the red, but because they were ministers, people would take their word for things and give them more and more money, until the company folded. The CEO had built a multimillion dollar house and retired. I reported this, and many more things to authorities, but no one ever followed up. Of course, when I began asking them questions about these things myself, I was laid off.

Then I went to work selling radio programs in Hollywood, for a company whose primary financier, at the time, was called Muhammad Ali Pro Sports, which turned out to be more of a check-kiting scheme than a business.

I did work at a radio station where one of the bosses was paid to be the manager's girl-friend.

I then worked at a company that was highly reputable, but when branching out to micro-computers, they took parts out of the computer to save money and make a greater profit. Things like memory, hard drives... they would sue their clients for refusing to pay for product that never was delivered.

The same company also offered its employees a stock/option program, all the while constantly telling us how they always made sure the company didn't show a profit at the end of the year because they didn't want the other 2 original partners, estranged from the business, to benefit.

They then started using unfounded law suits to wage economic wars against competitors. I got so tired of doing depositions where they actually thought I would testify on their behalf, that I lectured his attorney, on record, to advise his clients to stop all these unfounded law suits because if nothing else, the stress would kill them.  There were no more suits after that.

Yes, that happened in the 80's, when we were taught how to wage economic wars against each other.

I could tell you story after story, including those which would explain how refusing to go along with inappropriate and illegal business and governmental activities caused me to lose most of my material possessions and led to a great deal of indebtedness. Of course, the people committng the acts received no penalty of any kind.

When I actually tell people some of the things that happened, they ask me when the movie is coming out. But it wasn't about me, it was about people doing what people do. For some reason, I was there to witness corruption in a variety of forms.  It wasn't about criminality, in my mind, it was about human nature.

I don't think all people are bad at all.  And, I don't want to leave the impression that I've had nothng but bad experiences. That would not be true in the least.  

I think most people have the best intent. But, greed and pressure - just being human - cause people to do harmful things. And they justify it through rationalizations we call loopholes, instead of agreeing to honor the intent of laws and practices. That's about integrity and character.

We learn to do that by the examples set by our parents, our leaders, and the content of our news, entertainment and media programming.

You might think I'm complaining about these other people doing whatever they do. The truth is, what I'm complaining about is the consistent pattern of these people who expect other honest people to give up their principles in order to assist them in continuing unethical, inappropriate or criminal activities.

And they think that because they pay my wages, and believe that my genuine loyalty to the company and desire to make them a bigger and better company is theirs to leverage, that I'll just go along. It seems to be an assumption.

And, in a way, we allow it, because it happens so much that it's simply become a way of life.

People keep saying "it's the economy, stupid."

I say, it's corruption, then it's the economy. 

And, when I say corruption, I don't necessarily mean criminality. I don't merely mean getting away with something because of a loophole.

I'm talking about accountablity and integrity, personal responsibility, and taking on that we are here as a nation united for individual pursuit of happiness, as well as compassionate individuals willing to empower our fellow citizens.

I'm talking about a nation of people who know that "playing by the rules" is the foundation to free markets, equal opportunity, liberty and justice itself.

As insignificant as it might seem, consider that every time we drive and knowingly exceed the speed limit, we break the law. When you're very honest about it, you have to admit we all do things that might be considered out of bounds. Even simple speeding is a corruption of a system to the extent that it means we have individually justified breaking a law.  

The bigger issue is that it's an expression of an attitude that permeates our culture and government.

If they can get away with something, then so can I. What I'm doing isn't so bad compared to what a Congress person or corporate leader did. Or, it's just the way things are done, it's not my fault or my responsibility.

My problem has always been a blessing as well: I'm the type who never gets away with anything, one way or the other :}

It's like having an old car on the verge of breaking down when you don't have the time or money to fix it. You keep hoping and telling yourself it will make it a little longer, and a little longer, and then one day, it stops working. Cultures and economies and international relations work the same way.

One of my father's favorite sayings was "There's never enough time to do it right, but there's always enough time to do it again... except in a Democracy". Another was "Any job worth doing is worth doing well".

That's where I believe we are today.  I do not agree that they way things are being done will deliver long range peace and homeland security, economic prosperity and empowerment of the disadvantaged, or, even justice. We need to address the issues in ways that resolve them, not just give lip service to them for the sake of a positive public perception.

So, when people ask a question about my sanity because I am running for President, I am not shocked by the question. I welcome the chance to answer it.

Here's the bottom line answer.

I am running for president because I truly believe in and love Democracy. I believe the Democracy we know is being challenged, and American citizens have the right to know where the government is leading us.  Further, citizens have a right to have their needs tended to before ulterior motives and grand, unannounced foreign agendas are persued.

I am concerned because I believe that freedom of speech and transparency of government are degrading to the point of national dysfunctionality. I believe it is occurring as the result of manipulation of the media, and statistical research that allows politicians to identify us and our differences and thereby pit us against each other on important issues in order to win elections. Even when they wish it wasn't that way.

I believe the power of wealth has compromised our government. And I am not condemning or blaming anyone, really. It's just one more thing that's gotten out of control and needs to be brought up to date to reflect the realities, dangers, and alternatives available through digital communications.

Free speech is not about motivating groups of people to run a race to get the most media coverage of messages that promote hatred, division, and the use of half truths to deceive people into agreeing with any given position.

Democracy and free speech are about the free exchange of ideas in order to gain information, wisdom and understanding of the issues.

It is about identifying those things which we have in common so that we may take action to preserve and promote the goals of those issues, and to plan the future toward finding a just resolution of those things about which we have opposing views or values.

I am running for president because I believe I have the best ideas and the best approaches toward creating and fulfilling a vision of the future that will lead this country, and the world, to Global Peace and Abundance for all.

Only someone who has no attachments to the "political machine" is truly able to put their foot down and say "enough is enough", and do whatever it takes to make our nation's economic and political environment "safe" again.

I know that every American will choose to pitch in and give their best ideas and efforts when they know they have a leader who represents them, and when they know that their efforts will not be futile or used to make them out to be a fool in the face of partisan demogoguery. I seek to inspire and empower the best in people, not exploit fear and the primal instinct to survive.

I believe in Democracy. I believe in the greatness of America. And I believe in the collective wisdom of our people, and the people of the world. That is the greatness.

A representative who respects and conveys the will of the people above personal preferences and opinions is a true representative.

I don't want you to support my candidacy out of dissent or as a "protest vote". I simply ask that you consider my observations and ideas.

Then, look at the world around you. Think about the way the world would look if things were the way you thought they should be. Just make it up.

We will likely disagree about some things, but I will welcome your ideas, and I will give your concerns equal consideraton in policies and legislation. 

I wish to be your representative, a representative of the citizens of this country, and one who puts Americans first. I believe I can do the job, and that the more you consider what I have to say, the more you'll understand why.

If I win, you win. Democracy wins. That's my promise.

I believe we can all win, with leadership that seeks to empower all people.

That's what I plan to accomplish.

That's why I'm running for president. 

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