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 Perception is Reality
But I Wouldn't Want People To Think...


This is possibly the simplest story I'm going to tell you in this entire "book". It may also be the most important in terms of who we are as citizens of this nation, and the essence of what we need to address before we can progress.

Make of it what you will. I think the lesson will be obvious.

I was involved with an organization that was participating in a "retreat".    The purpose was to encourage better communications, clear the air on organizational issues, and give the employees a new feeling of being a part of something together, instead of feeling isolated and compartmentalized.

At one point, the facilitator made an announcement. She said "There have been a number of reports of things being missing in the office, so, be sure to not leave money laying around, or valuables or jewelry that you would not want to lose."

A few people became upset that the facilitator would make such an announcement, because it made it seem like they were working in a place where they couldn't trust the people they work with, and they didn't want to work somewhere like that. After all, the humanitarian work they wore doing was to try to create a world where people didn't need to do things that harmed other people.

When that person was done complaining about the announcement, they immediately proceeded to additionally report that an antique lamp from their office, brought from home, had been missing from the office for about two weeks. They had searched everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. It was very upsetting, because it had belonged to their mother.



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