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My Feelings About September 11, 2001


I was living on the West Coast when the attacks occurred. I woke up to the phone ringing, and the voice of someone telling me to turn on CNN.

So I did, just in time to see the second plane hit the towers. That's when I realized we were actually under attack.  This could be no accident.

I watched and prayed, hoping that people would be able to get out. Wondering how many people were actually in the buildings. Wondering how many people could have possibly survived it. And of course, there was the plane in Pennsylvania, and the plane that slammed into the Pentagon.

It truly was a day that changed everything. It was the first time that a sizeable foreign attack was carried out on our homeland. I spent hours thinking what I might need to be prepared for and do, keep my eyes open to, ways that I could be of service to my community if terrorism came to my town.

I thought of how sad it is that people become so angry and calloused that all they can think to do is kill one another. And, I was angry that people would cause so much harm to people, and so much destruction to New York City and the Pentagon.

I don't want to promote the re-living of that day or the emotions that re-open the scars of those people directly affected by the destruction. It only serves to cause greater fear and bring out the worst of us in our rage. I'd prefer to call upon our better instincts to make a better world where people do not choose such evil actions.

But, on September 10, 2002, I wrote this song that accurately describes my feelings.   I often find that writing songs helps me to capture feelings better than any other way. I think this one says it all for me.

"A Prayer in Song"

Oh, Lord, I can see their smilin' faces like the day before
My God, we shared so many dreams
Oh, friends, there must have been a reason to believe
That they died for more than someone's evil schemes.

Some days, I wish that I was Hercules
To hold the walls above them as they fled
Oh Lord, their love is in my memories
As I wonder why it happened, why these thoughts go through my head.

I may never know the reasons, I may never understand
How the hatred of some people can be sown by just one man
How the ones who chose to join them chose such evil games to play
But, I'll see their smiling faces once again on judgement day.

Oh, Lord, these sleepless nights are waning
My God, I thank you with each breath
My friends, the truth may hurt us all one day
But the truth is what we need and nothing less.


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