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Guns, Guns & More Guns


Guns, Guns and more Guns

I've had a lot of fun with guns in my lifetime - living in the hills, we had our own little shooting range. I was a pretty good shot even back then, and I still handle a weapon pretty well now.

As much fun as I had, I was taught to view a weapon as a tool.  In the hills, it was good to have a weapon, even if it was only a large hunting knife, in order to protect yourself from snakes or wild animals. It was very much about survival.

There was one time when I was out playing in the field in front of our house when I heard gun shots and sounds of things whizzing over my head. The people who lived down the hill from us had their grandkids over, and they decided to shoot at targets other than in the area they were told - heck, we were out in the country, what difference would it make? - I had to get down on my belly and crawl back to the house to tell my parents so they could call and make the shooting stop. Those grand kids, they didn't mean any harm. In fact, they were good friends of mine.

I had a time when my stepfather got angry and drunk and decided he was going to kill us all and himself with a Savage 300 rifle.

I was taught to never point a weapon at anyone unless you were prepared to kill them, and that if you decide that's necessary, don't hesitate, it's the hesitation that will get you killed.

I very much believe in the right of citizens to own weapons, in the government's responsibility to screen purchasers so long as a responsive appeal process is available, and. that I can certainly understand a collector's desire to collect an esoteric weapon, but that assault weapons - any weapon designed to inflict massive damage or display overwhelming force - is unnecessary.

The quick stories I presented above run the gamut of situations that occur with the possession of weapons. Like automobile accidents, people don't give a great deal of thought about the actual damage and suffering caused by the misuse of a vehicle or a gun.

I agree that guns do not commit crimes. That leads us to the bigger issues: the fear that causes the increased perception of the need to possess a weapon, proper use of lethal force (and no gun shot should ever be considered anything less than an intent to kill, even though we frequently think of having a weapon to "stop" someone, not kill them) and manufacturing standards and public education that addresses the instructional necessities regarding the responsibilities and actual damage that can occur as the result of weapon use.

We need to replace the video-game image of weapons with the real image of the abuses and responsible ownership in order to re-presence that weapons are not toys. Further, on a social level, we need to address the examples we are bombarded with day to day that the appropriate way to deal with problems is to take the law into your own hands, and use force - weapons, fighting and any other means.

Americans kill Americans at an ever expanding, alarming rate. I believe the answers to the issues will be resolved in a much more effective manner by partnering with gun organizations, for and against, and coming up with a social agreement as to the role and standards of responsibility for weapon ownership and use, and reduce the significance of divisions created on an issue where the opposing sides are not as far apart as some would have us believe.

I can't imagine anyone who would disagree that we should promote responsible use and possession of weapons. Let's do that.

Note added 9/12/2012 The truth is, I've always been in favor of gun control. Not against guns, just not in favor of everyone having guns in a  culture that views tv that gives us an example that violence is the way to solve things. After election, I remembered some things my father told me about what is now called the Council on Foreign Relations, aka Fabians, aka Skull and Bones, aka Illuminati, aka Nazis.  In 2002, I happened upon something written by a man named Trotsky who was financed by European "Council on Foreign Relations" associates, and given what I saw were economic trends, I wrote What Is Class Warfare?  Given that Jimmy Carter wrote the original plan for the Council on Foreign Relations to cause economic dependence on the government and the requirement to "conquer" oil producing nations as well as use companies like Monsanto to control food, Genetically Modified, to deny food to nations that don't go along with what's called the "New World Order"....

I came across this song that - after 10 years of CFR suppression preventing me from running a complete presidential campaign since 2002... including 2012.... after reading Trotski like Ivy League school history majors do, I don't recommend violence, but I have to agree that there's a reason why some regions of certain states, like Georgia, require people to own guns as a preventative against a government that would otherwise use violent force to take their freedom from them. I have to laugh a little, being prompted on this date by the FBI to show "proof of life", and after harassment and even torture, I remember something my father told me... when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns... meaning, the corrupt government So read Trotsky, understand that on that page, Jews are not trying to take over the world, the Illuminati is, and as a preventative, take the advice below.

Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - Don't Let 'Em Take Your Gun

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.."--
Bill Clinton USA Today--3-11-93, page 2a

"Gun registration is not enough"--Attorney General Janet Reno--12-10-93--Associated Press

"Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms
is the goal"--Janet Reno


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PS To Lou Dobbs: 20/20 Hindsight is good sometimes. 


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