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But Opposing the War


I opposed the war on Iraq.  But, I support our troops, for they did not make the decision to make war.

My opposition to the war in Iraq has nothing to do with opposing the liberation of Iraqi citizens, or with the expulsion of Saddam Hussein and his regime, or the fight against terrorism. I am one who believes that war is sometimes appropriate and necessary.

My opposition to the war has everything to do with being unable to trust the leadership of an administration that does not hesitate to lie to the American people in order to manipulate us.

Americans were erroneously caused to believe that Iraq had participated in the attacks on 911, and that Iraq presented an imminent threat to the United States. Both of these premises were false, but the media's polls and, in many cases, clear bias for the Bush Administration agenda repeated and repeated the rhetoric of the Bush Administration until Americans believed the lie.

As Bob Graham and Russell Feingold both have said, there have been no intelligence reports, in public or in secret sessions, which suggest that Iraq had anything to do with the attacks on September 11, 2001.

We were shown supposed evidence that Iraq attempted to acquire nuclear materials in Nigeria.  Our own intelligence agencies said the documents were amateurish forgeries.   But, the Bush administration continued to tell you that the documents proved Iraq's actions displayed an imminent threat.

Americans believed the lie that the Bush Administration had been patient when persuing its policies in the United Nations as well. Those who remember the 1991 Gulf War might recall that it required approximately 6 months to build up the forces necessary to repel Iraq from Kuwait.  The time spent in the U.N. was a media show to incite fear in the American public, using a delay and deceive strategy while they implemented their ulterior motives.

These motives were not a response to 911 or the threat of terrorism.  It was a plan clearly known of and endorsed by key members of the Bush Cabinet, including Paul Wolfowicz and Donald Rumsfeld dating back to 1996.  It's called the Project for a New American Century.  This plan and intent was never mentioned in the Bush Election Campaign in 2002.

Now, as (2) so-called mobile biological weapons facilities have been located in Iraq without bilogical evidence of use to manufacture biological weapons, the administration says it is proof that Iraq has had a biological weapons program. But when? How many years ago?

The video and reports you've heard on certain news channels boast exclusives regarding Dr. Germ's test of biological weapons - in particular, anthrax - but what is only mentioned briefly is that these tests were done before the 1991 Gulf War.

I have a problem with leaders who lie to citizens in order to manipulate them.  Go figure.

It's very similar to the case of Viet Nam.  Back then, they accused anyone who opposed the war as being unpatriotic and obstructive.  They claimed that those opposed to that war disgraced out troops.  In the beginning, I did not oppose that war.

And then, the truth was told.  And I, like many others, became the opponent of a war promoted by the lies of my government. Lies that led to many covert atrocities, including the use of Sarin gas in Southeast Asia.

Viet Nam veterans rightfully claimed that they did not receive deserved honor for their service when they returned to our homeland.  But that was not due to dishonor heaped upon them by citizens like me who came to oppose that war.

It was caused by the government's desire to cause the truth of Viet Nam to fade away from the public conversation, as if to sweep it under the rug so that we citizens would simply forget about our government's deception.

When I finally discovered the truth about the Viet Nam war, I made a promise to myself.   That promise was simple: it was to seek the facts before making up my mind about issues, particularly when so much rhetoric is cast about that causes divisiveness and hostility amongs us for one purpose: to manipulate us into believing political lies.

It's the simple strategy "Divide and Conquer" at work. And those in the government, and certain biased media veterans do it very, very well... for their benefit, but to the detriment of the United States as a whole.

Questioning your government is neither unpatriotic or paranoid, it's a responsibility.  History has provided us example after example of deceptions by our government.  I am not suggesting a purely cynical or untrusting approach to the issues of the day or our leaders.

I am simply suggesting that, as you may have noticed in your day to day life, that you acknoweldge that people who are granted authority sometimes get "a little too big for their own britches".  They do things, they take liberties with the law that they have no right to claim. They believe that the ends justify the means.

There is great wisdom to Lord Acton's words: Power Corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That phrase is applicable to every form of leadership, and the United States government is no exception.  That fact has been proven time and time again.



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