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The Internet: Spam & Content


This morning, I only had 663 pieces of spam in my inbox. Daily, it can range up to 1200 per day. Guess how many of them I read. :} Fortunately, I get my real email from another account.

I believe the bulk of the anti-spam legislation being proposed is fair and reasonable. The idea that people should be forced to endure the work and frustration of dealing with countless advertisements is ludicrous.

The only particular addition I would make, however, is that advertisers and promoters should be required to use email addresses from opt-in lists only, and not email at will unless otherwise notified. Otherwise, the heart of the problem will not be addressed.


Orrin Hatch says Trash illegal downloaders' PCs 
During a discussion of methods to frustrate computer users who illegally exchange music and movie files over the Internet, Hatch asked technology executives about ways to damage computers involved in such file trading. Legal experts have said any such attack would violate federal anti-hacking laws.

Anti-Spam Bill Gains In Senate Big Internet Firms Endorse Measure   groups argue that consumers should be free of commercial e-mail unless they specifically request it. Under most of the bills pending in Congress, including the Can Spam Act, marketers can send e-mail until consumers "opt out" by asking to be removed from marketing lists

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