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Making Real Choices

One of the most interesting philosophical remarks made to me was when a friend quipped "Now, take all your opinions, shimmy up a flag-pole and shout them all out as loud as you can, and see how much difference it makes in the world."

We both laughed because we both fully agreed that when people are reduced to shouting their complaints and using ploys to get attention, that nothing really tends to get done. It all becomes about winning and losing, instead of understanding, listening, being heard and making rational decisions.

After my friend made that remark to me, I actually threw myself a party. The people I invited thought it was just for fun, The truth, for me, was that it was a party to celebrate a personal decision I made about my personal goals and standards and outlook in life. I was 19 years old, and my turbulent family life had left me cynical, a person who focused on the obstacles of the world as did my parents (where I learned the skill).

I was celebrating my choice to acknowledge the obstacles I saw, as that was my nature at the time and typically useful, but having absolute faith that there is always a way to turn it around, overcome or evade the obstacles and rise above them. There are always possibilities.

I've mused at the idea that if every American would write their own book like this - taking the time to write a little something about everything they think about and air their complaints and offer their suggestions we'd have a lot of opinions floating around.

But, even better, we'd all have been able to examine what it is we're really upset about, how we really feel, and separate the turmoil of the world from our principles and values just for a moment, just long enough to notice how we all tend to compromise our principles as we respond to the circumstances of the world as they happen to us.

And then, consider that if the world was more like what we thought it should be, if we had a picture in our minds of what we agreed  it would like when it came true, then that would truly be the essence of a vision for the future.

Then we'd be able to determine what steps would need to be taken to accomplish it, and how we could define the steps associated with measurable results throughout the phases of implementation and transformations.

We've all adopted the idea that the President of the United States is becoming more like the CEO of a corporation and I fully embrace that idea. And with that, I believe it's time that the stockholders in America deserve a full accounting of its assets and inventories. 

We need to know what we have, what we don't have, what we need and where we think we're going. It's the only way we can make the choices and decisions that provide Americans, and the people of the world, the kind of  global society we've talked about for centuries.

So, that's why I'm creating "Creating the Future: Embracing Possibility". To express my vision and do what I feel I can do, as a citizen, to forward the conversation of Democracy, the responsibilities of government and the responsibilities of citizens.

If you find you disagree with my views, you'll find that I welcome your differences.   I won't argue with you, but I am most welcome to hear share points of views and facts so that we can understand what the conditions for satisfaction in resolving differences really is.


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