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The Media


There are many who might say I am highly critical of the media. That would be accurate in some ways, false in others.

I am critical of the bias displayed, particularly in news talk. Some would say it's a matter of there being a market for a particular point of view.  I would say that the airwaves is one of those things that actually do belong to the people of a nation, and that all sides deserve to be heard.

It is most certainly a commercial mechanism, but the original intent behind the licensing of broadcast outlets, in particular, was to provide public service, with strict standards for equal time and requirements for  percentage of broadcast time devoted to public service.

This is another area where the government must act as an honest broker. The power of the media is unquestionable. It is part of the foundation of Democracy.

Other than that, the truth is that I have a great deal of respect for almost every talk show person I hear or see. It takes a great deal of work and commitment to rise to the level of proficiency that enables them to do what they do. I even enjoy listening to Rush from time to time.

Now, it certainly would be arguable as to my skills back when I was an announcer and such. I don't claim to have been any great star. I was more into the theories of programming and the dynamics of music and talk. But, like in theater, where I was pretty good at a number of things include make-up; when I view a play or a tv show, it's hard not to notice the makeup with a critical eye.

Just for fun: Some of the announcers, DJ's tv and news people I admired (not at all a complete list)  Ira Blue, KGO, San Francisco, Jim Dunbar, too, Dr. Don Rose of KFRC, John McFlanagan, Marvelous Mark, Eric Chase, John St. John and that irrepressible Don Imus. Let's not forget Lohman and Barkley. In news, it was Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Tom Brokaw, Barbara Walters, Lou Dobbs, Andy Rooney, Dan Rather and Jane Pauley, Judy Woodriff and Peter Jennings (used to watch him when I was a kid). Charles Kurault. What a great way to start a Sunday Morning. And of course, Paul Harvey and  Larry King. And there's always that kooky guy David Letterman. Johnny Carson! Anyway... I could probably think of a hundred more people.

But I like broadcasters and broadcasting. If I'm a critic, it's only because I have different interests, from a different perspective.

And I don't mean just about political opinions... I mean about the power and responsibilities of broadcasters.

[Note: After originally posting this to the web, I was accused of "pandering" to the media. Let me assure you, there's nothing new about my thoughts on the media or the people I've looked up to as good people to emulate in the media. And, I'm sure, if and when the time comes, they'll do their jobs.]

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