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South America


It is roughly the same situation we are in in Colombia with the so-called narco-terrorists, called FARC.  In Columbia, they are engaged in a legitimate civil war, but the Colombian government is being supported by the U.S., economically and now, with U.S. Special Forces, because of the need to protect the interests of U.S. oil companies and their pipelines.

The term narco-terrorists is a convenient label placed on the FARC years ago in order to explain to the people of the United States why we would be engaged in supporting the Colombian government against a revolution. They determined that we citizens would find it unacceptable to find we were propping up yet another unpopular South American regime, so they created this thing called "The War on Drugs", scared the American people into believing Columbia was the source of the drug scourge and a danger to our children, which ostensibly allowed the oil companies to receive U.S. military assistance in order to protect their economic interests.

The people of Colombia, under the name FARC, has worked for 25 years to develop a citizens' army of more than 35,000 troops in order to rid themselves of a government they oppose. And, yes, they do use marijuana and cocaine to help finance their civil war.

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