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Now That I've Gotten All That Off My Chest


If everyone in America could write a book like this, we'd all feel better and a whole lot more would get done.

It's not simply cathartic - forcing other people to listen to you spew your ideas, opinions, frustrations, disappointments and rebukes - it gets you in touch with what you really believe to be important.

It causes you to take a little time to reflect on who you are as a person, what you believe in, what you're willing to fight for and, yes, even what material things you really want, or distinguish what you really need.

It also causes you to acknowledge things you really don't want to think about, and make you wonder what it would be like if things were more like "the way they were supposed to be", and what you can do to make the world a little more like that.

Personally, I feel a little better. Some people tell me they disagree with things I've written, and I actually have a good time getting them to fully expose their points of view in order to understand. Other times, people tell me it's good to know there are people who think the way they do. Everything is everything.

That said, I believe that I've at least been honest with you about my feelings. I hope you understand that my campaign is not against George Bush. My campaign is about Democracy - what social agreements have we made that are in danger - what social agreements do we need need to discuss - what decisions must we make in order to move forward as a nation united?

My campaign - my presidency - will be about taking an objective look at this nation, encouraging dialogue that unites and resolves instead of dividing for political purposes.

I'm not trying to condemn politics or politicians. I'm really not. I just believe it's time to hit the reset button on some things, remember that life - and family values - are about living a life of integrity more than anything else.

I'm speaking of much more than just working and being honest. It's about being true to yourself, your principles, and even the accomplishment of your goals and dreams.

We've all felt the brunt of some pretty harsh blows in the last few years. It's time for us to take every step to protect ourselves from enemies and dangers. It's time for us to prove that Americans do unite to protect our borders, build our infrastructure and rise above all challenges.

We are that America - we really are - and it's time for us to prove that terrorism will not be allowed to succeed by forcing us to turn our backs on civil liberties, to turn our backs on American values at home and abroad, and to turn our backs on our responsibilities as partners to each other and the other nations of the world.

What I'm looking forward to is truly creating the future, daring to declare - with people in the United States and around the world - that it's time for us to use the inexhaustible ingenuity of America to make the world the way we want it to be.

The question is, what would that look like?

In "Creating the Future: Embracing Possibility" I'll propose a great number of ideas.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, what's important is that we have an honest dialogue in this country again. And, more importantly, that we make choices that put America first in a way that ensures our national safety, encourages free trade, and restricts the burden of undue taxation. I think we can do it all. That's been at the foundation of the character of this nation since its inception, and I refuse to allow it to be stripped away by purposeful divisiveness.

I really do believe that my ideas, and my objective position in regard to the issues is what this country, and the world, is in need.of. 

I'm willing to allow you to decide for yourself. I can't imagine being any more candid than I've been. I trust you will find that of value. I hope it will remind you that it's what's at the core of a functional Democracy.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to talking to you.

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