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I have a very high regard for intellectual properties, and every attempt will me made to gain appropriate clearances for any materials presented or referred to on this site.

As of ths date, 6/19/03, we are close to, but not complete in compiling the materials believed to be desired. If you have concerns or objections regarding the use of materials, please do not hesitate to contact us at clearance@charlesrehn.com with specific complaints, instructions for presentation, or references to a url with your requirements. If you wish all references to be removed, you will receive full compliance without complaint.

What I have attempted to do is provide documentation with what would be considered "main stream" news and media (for the most part) regarding the issues I have raised, as well as provide reference to thought provoking materials. Further, to exemplify that the information and opinions on all sides of all issues are available. The truth is out there. :}

For those who have allowed the use and reference to materials, thank you very much.

Disclaimer: Any external links to sites do not in any way reflect an endorsement of my candidacy nor my endorsement of that site. Specific materials are referred to for documentation and/or educational reference only.


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