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End the Oppression
October 2002

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This is the text of an email I sent to at least 20-30 or more members of Congress, and posted to the web.  I welcome your opinions. :}

End the Oppression Now
October 2002


[Slightly edited 11/26/2011]

(Note: I wrote this letter to many members of Congress last fall. I stand behind it.)

A Message to Congress  The discussion surrounding the suspension of the Posse Comitatus is the last straw! 

The letter I wrote:

Dear Elected (or soon to be un-elected) officials:

I am writing to you because, frankly, I have lost faith in the ability of this government to uphold the intent of the Constitution of the United States. The discussion surrounding the suspension of the Posse Comitatus is the last straw! 

This is not about corporate greed and  corruption.  This is about lying propagandists who apparently have decided to install a new form of government on our people, behind our backs, and without our permission.  Enough is enough. End the oppression now.

The actions and policies and reactionary legislation being passed and proposed display neither wisdom nor statesmanship.

There are many of us who never believed that George Bush won the election of 2000, and you will never hear me speak the word president before his name.  He has not brought honor to this government. There is no honor among thieves.

And America is suffering the results... provocative business practices with government support generate hatred around the world  and cause attacks upon our nation. It is no secret.  But we are humiliated and oppressed, and the truth is held hostage to denial.

It was not the duty of Al Gore to ensure that Democracy was upheld, or that laws were enforced. It was not his election to concede.  It was an election by the people, a voice that has clearly been denied. And the government failed to take appropriate action, and thus, Democracy was suspended. 

Shame on you. Shame on you all.

Global warming overtakes our planet, and yet we are subjected to the policies and propaganda of  people who claim that Global Warming is nothing but hype.  I can only assume they wish to hasten the apocalypse to facilitate their transcendence.

I too am a Christian, and the Southern Baptist Church I joined taught us, despite occurrences of the planet and the trends of a culture, to live your life as if the world would never end, so that you would live life to the fulfillment of the promise of your creation.

These people are preaching hatred and division, and killing my planet. And they have no right to do so, especially by illegal means.  And they should not benefit from my taxation. They do not represent me.

The separation of church and state was a fundamental distinction in the formation of this Democratic system.  And you have betrayed it. You acquiesce.

The recitation of the pledge of allegiance in honor of September 11, 2001, as well as for the troops and people supporting them - that recitation was a moment deserving of respect - for those who respected the lives that were lost and would be lost. Because of your foreknowledge of the events and the thirst for oil that drives you, it was a mockery I would never like to see again.     Because it was un-American because of your mockery, and Congress, I know you know what I mean. And it set a bad example for all of America and this  government, to believe that such crimes and hypocrisy and even some treason can be forgotten with a simple pledge and a war not for honor or Democracy or freedom, but the opposite. It showed contempt for the Constitution,  contempt for the idea that all people should be respected, that they have a right to their beliefs without coercion and persecution. And that their lives are more than political headlines and bumper stickers.

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Shame on you.

It was an action that could only  incite the people of this nation to take action and opinions that can only divide and cause us to fail as a society, fail as a people, and fail as a symbol of freedom and justice to the world.

Shame on you.

People are being arrested and subjected to outrageous fines and imprisonment, even as they attempt to protest or speak out in the least obtrusive ways.  They are criticized, ridiculed and publicly humiliated. If this is not oppression, then tell how the word has been re-defined.  If this is not cruel and unusual punishment, then define compassion and tolerance.  If this is not persecution, then I am not a man. I am a slave. But I refuse to serve your corruption.

We are propagandized to believe that those who speak against the will of the government are traitors, when exactly  the opposite is true. And those who disagree are threatened, intimidated, hacked  and harmed.. all for doing what the Constitution calls on every citizen to do in response to a corrupt government.

Shame on you. Shame on you all.  How dare you?

My cause and call to action upon my fellow citizens is a peaceful one.  But apparently you are not aware.

There are citizens across this country, millions of citizens, communicating with each other endorsing the violent overthrow of this government, and you are probably not even aware.  That is not my cause.  I am trying to lead some people in a legal movement and executing  Constitutional Rights and privileges.

But if the people of America rise up against their government, that will be your fault, not mine. It will be your fault, not the people who are so outraged they cannot contain their anger any longer.

You did that. Not me. And still your actions are as if such contempt for your acquiescence does not exist.

And while all of our assets and all of our dreams are being dissolved by corruption that will never be punished, you continue to acquiesce.

Shame on you.

I am not a perfect man by any means. I have had my moments of indiscretion and irresponsibility as each and every one of us has.

But I have never in my life purposefully perpetrated a crime against a fellow citizen, nor have I purposefully misled someone knowing my lies would do harm. Nor  have I sat idly by when injustice was presented to me to witness. 

Yet I am told that my government will manufacture some reason, seek vengeance upon me for speaking the convictions of my heart, and ridicule me for the zeal of my love for Democracy. 

Democracy was part of the heritage my father passed onto me.  He was a patriot in every way.   You will see that in your classified files.  But you would have me betray his righteous teachings in order to comply with the mandates of corruption. But I will not.

And you know what I'm talking about. To say otherwise would make you a liar. To say otherwise would be declaring that your mother never taught you the difference between right from wrong.

The acts and policies of this administration are eerily reflected in the complaints of our founding fathers, expressed in the Declaration of Independence, rejecting the tyranny of King George.  This is not an exaggeration.  Read it for yourself. It's on your web site.  Then I dare you to call me a liar.

Enough is enough.  End the oppression now.  You can lie to the people, and fool the uninformed, but those of us who know the difference will never forgive you and never forget.  For that is our responsibility as citizens, as it is yours, unless your allegiance has faltered.

You do little or nothing about it, you belittle me when I communicate with your offices, and you ignore the message of my communications.

Now let me make this clear.  I speak for Democracy. And I request that you join us, the people,  as partners, as New Patriots, and re-commit yourself to the Constitution that we have claimed has been this nation's strength and inspiration. I demand that you hear us, and respond to our concerns.

To fail to do this would be the greatest and most final act of divisive policy that most surely will destroy this nation, and allow it to become a fascist state. And to deny that fact would make you a liar, because you know what I am saying.  You know I speak the truth.

I have nothing but contempt for you all.  That is what you deserve in response to the betrayal of the ominous faith bestowed upon you by the American people.

Be a New Patriot.  Do it for America. Do it for yourself.  Do it for the world we say we've always wanted.

And relieve me of the burden of your forsaken responsibilities. You were elected because you were judged to be a person who could rise above the ruckus of the day, and make sound decisions and policy, removed  from hysteria, deception and self-interest.

You have done nothing to display your valor. 

You have done nothing to earn my respect.

Shame on you. Shame on you all.

I will pray in a vigil that you see the error of your ways before this nation has been destroyed.  But if it is destroyed, it will be you who have done that, not me, and it will be your burden to bear in the annals of history for all time.

Be certain of your actions in these troubled times we share.  For they will be the proof of your convictions, upon which you shall be judged. By God, by the world, and every citizen of this nation.



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