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Materials presented authored by Charles Rehn, Jr IV
unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved.

Key Documents & Urls

Be A Golden Rule American! We Have A Voice!


A "Speech" posted to many places on the web to give people "permission" to act like Americans again. Particularly Michael Moore's site. It worked.

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life The Glory of War 7/25/2008
Is it really true that to be a "great" President, you have to win a war? 10:44 am

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  Tom Brokaw 6/15/2002
This began my campaign to end propaganda & restore Democracy
See also:

Be A Golden Rule American! Dear Mr. Bush 8/3/2002
It was apparent I had the attention of the administration, so I addressed my remarks directly to George.

Be A Golden Rule American! Letter to Ted Kennedy  4/10/2008
cc: Barack Obama
This letter was a plea to the Sen's to take a stand for human & civil rights regarding Psychotronics.  Also led to a chain of events revealing facts about the gov't & more related to my life dating back to 1957, and my father's work with Tesla & the "Thought Camera". See also "Letters to Leaders". Relates to recent FISA legislation.

Be A Golden Rule American! Psychotronics
What is Psychotronics? Symptoms of Attacks    EMP or Electromagnetic Weapons. Why It's Such a Danger. Methods & Technologies. How It Harms You What You Can Do

Be A Golden Rule American! The Davidic & Palestinian Covenants 6/2/2008
The Era of Reconciliation includes a final peaceful settlement in the Holy Lands.

Seals & Crofts - Egypt, Israel & America

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Brain Dump

Archive of "News in Review" webcasts

Archive of articles and reference materials



In 2001, I looked at the events of the world and made a conscious decision - confronted a moral imperative - to restore Democracy in America.

I believe in what Thoreau referred to as "a majority of one", in persistence, and the ideas involved when Patrick Henry declared "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death". To my core.

Given the history of the treatment of anyone who stands up to governmental corruption in the United States, I knew that:
1) I would be "surveiled", and my internet activities would be watched
2) That my phone conversations would be monitored
3) I realized I'd probably make some enemies in places of power, particularly the media & government.

In order to be able to prove what I had said and advocated (in case disinformation was used to discredit me or there were claims that I had said anything un-American or advocating violence or the breaking of laws) I kept copies of every web page I published, everything I wrote, and documented what I did.

What is presented here is a reference to and an archive of   particular "papers" I wrote along the way, as well as entire archived web sites for you to view.

I used my background in the media to get the attention of key people in government and broadcasting.

I think this is useful because it not only shows what I sincerely set out to do, but it also provides a record of when and how the government and the media began using Psychotronic and Electronic attacks - "media mirroring" and the 6-second delay - to stop me from my work.

I had no idea that the government would torture me in my own home to punish me for exercising my constitutional rights.

That's why the moral imperative of continung this work is more necessary & required than ever.

God Bless Us All!




Essays & Ideas


Date Soul Searching


Anyone who runs for public office or takes on any daunting task will tell you that before you declare yourself and your intentions, you do a great deal of soul searching The NSA and Illegal Spying and Torture Against Americans in America


American Citizens are targeted with military weaponry because they exercised the right to free speech - in disagreement with the Bush Adminsitration's policies - or they have threatened the profit and propaganda potential of multi-national corporationsl. Corruption and Me


When I began my activism, and recognized that I had successfully made "contact" with the media and gov't, I realized some folks would want to check me out a little more to see who I was, what I had to say, and what was motiviating me. After all, in a post 911 world, it would be appropriate to check out someone like me... So I tried to make it a little easier for them. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it would make it easier for them to Psyop me. It's important to mention that this is the original version of this "story". I think. :} End the Oppression Now - Published 10/2002 


Written to 20-30 or more members of Congress.
I am writing to you because, frankly, I have lost faith in the ability of this government to uphold the intent of the Constitution of the United States Let the Revolution Begin


We must embrace a NEW American Revolution, a Global transformation, a social and cultural revolution of ideas, accountability, transparency and responsibility to ensure that our governments serve us. It begins in America... All Created Equal - Shaping the Policies of Globalization


When our founders declared “all men are created equal” with the “inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”  they did not say that these rights were unique to Americans. Capitalism, Free Market Economics & Poker


I've mentioned 7 distinct groups of people playing this great game of poker called capitalism.  There are certainly many factions that would be legitimately added to the list. Democracy Is Not for Sale


Sometimes, it seems like we need to remind representatives that in America, the government is for the protection and benefit of citizens, not corporations Be A New Patriot


Do it for America! Do it for yourself! Why America Won't Get Over It: Election 2000


A letter to Tucker Carlson, then of CNN Crossfire Is America In Danger of Losing Democracy and Freedom?


I would never want to think that I live in a nation where race was a demographic to be sought, instead of people with real needs, feelings, dreams and desires.
Charles Rehn for President 2008 Citizens Declaration of Rights


A Code of Conduct for Government servants. Election reform, Government & Corporate Corruption The California Election/Recall and Democracy


People always think that current circumstances are the result of relatively recent events.. and politicians often take advantage of the short memory of Americans. Freedom of Speech


All ideas are relevant simply because they exist Writing from Life


“Don’t worry about catching the ball, instead, watch and tell us what direction the threads are turning.” Let the Revolution Begin


We must embrace a NEW American Revolution, a Global transformation, a social and cultural revolution of ideas, accountability, transparency and responsibility to ensure that our governments serve us. It begins in America... A look at the Veterans and the Issues


Surrounding American and Allied Veterans of  The Gulf War.  By an unknown wife of a veteran.
Duality: Parallel Existence & Universes


The Dualities and Parallel Existences of My Universe


If you think that sounds strange, try living it:} Soundtrack of My Life Part II


Love Songs on a Sunday Morning My Brother the Pacifist


We all have to make some pretty hard choices soon, before we are not allowed to choose. Great books to Read

Great Material From Other Sources Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People
Where Money Comes From, Where It Goes  Pastor Sheldon Emry

1998 Can Love Really Overcome Violence & Hate?


By Mary Lord, American Friends Service Committee When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History


by Thom Hartmann

From Hitler To Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden


by Michael C. Ruppert
Insider Connections and the Bush Family’s Partnership with Killers of Americans

By the Light of A Burning Bridge


A Permanent Goodbye to the United States by Michael C. Ruppert CIA 2001 World Facts Book: World & Regional Maps

The Sociology & Psychology of Terrorism


Who Becomes A Terrorist & Why. A Report Prepared under an Interagency Agreement by the Federal Research Division,  Library of Congress September 1999

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.
I think we are being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and
I think I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.
That's what's insane about it

-- John Lennon



JULY 7TH: in front of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT BUILDING in Rue du Levant at 9.30 a.m, JULY 8TH: in front of the EUROPEAN COUNCIL BUILDING in Avenue de l'Europe at 10 a.m

Governments of the World: Meet just a few of the victims of Psychotronic and Directed Energy attacks whose lives you have tortured and destroyed, and then explain it to the citizens, and God.

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A Letter to Ted Kennedy   April 10, 2008
A Letter to Russell Feingold  April 22, 2008
A Letter to Patrick Leahy   March 31, 2008

We Have A Voice! Written June 2002
Published to the Michael Moore Site Aug 2002:}
From the Memory of A Child    May 2002
My most subversive writings 2003
The Verdict by Barry Reed


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