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A Conversation With America
Questions That Must Be Answered
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Favorite Subversive Writings

"We must embrace a NEW American Revolution, a Global transformation, a social and cultural revolution of ideas, accountability, transparency and responsibility to ensure that our governments serve us. It begins in America..."

There are times when the power of wealth overcomes the checks and balances of Democracy, and the needs of the citizens are ignored.

The United States is facing one of those times, and it's the responsibility of us - the people - to assert our collective power - united to demand that our leaders serve us - the citizens - for whom the country was founded.

Answers to many of the problems and issues we face today are available - but it takes leaders who are actually willing to resolve the issues, free of special interests and personal gain in order to resolve them.

We must make the right choices for people first, and re-instruct our "lesser of two evils" political systems that their mandate and loyalty must remain to the individual citizens of the world. We must demonstrate that the honor and responsibility of their authority is revocable and subject to scrutiny. And, that scrutiny should not be limited to a single political party or ideology.

People complain and talk about how money and politics has betrayed the people of this country, and then wait in hopes that someone will save them. (Note this Barack Obama)

It is that very hope that betrays us, because we believe those people -  who speak empty words to convince us that they will deliver us from our concerns - and who, as a matter of history, consistently fail us.

We joke and say "Oh, it's just politics." That's what people do when they surrender to corruption. What else is there to do?

I say that we, the citizens, must take it upon ourselves to reject settling for what we are offered, and demand that our government serve us and seek ways to secure our nation while passionately defending our rights and liberties. That is not accomplished by diminishing them.

We must regain control of the agenda and legislative powers of this nation and in the world, which are often misused to the detriment of citizens and to the benefit of special interests.

We must agree to unite as a nation once again based on the principles of Democracy,  justice and ethical values that we claim as the foundations of our culture, the liberty and free will as described in the Bible in the book of St. John.

"We must embrace a NEW American Revolution, a Global transformation, a social and cultural revolution of ideas, accountability, transparency and responsibility to ensure that our governments serve us...

It begins in America... as citizens and as peers, to ensure that we are truly empowered to be the people and the nation we envision when we say "I'm  proud to be an American". 

I posted this in 2008 when "negotiating" with certain members of the government. These were remarks to them in that "discussion". Of course, they have nearly complete plausible deniability, except for some speeches by Al Gore, Hillary Clinton Barack Obama which end up proving that they were being informed of this and responding.


This is some of my most subversive stuff that USED to be on the front pages of my site. This is incredibly defiant stuff, and I promise, I hope I get to write more of this because it's so damned defiant and militant. Certain to prove what a horrendous person and terrorist I really am. Oh I admit it it.  This is part of the proof.

By the way, when I write the chapter on how George Bush uses code words to speak to his loyalists while Americans think he's talking to them, you'll understand how I know that the people he calls terrorists most in his speeches are loyal Americans who believe in the "God Damned piece of paper" called the Constitution. I'm not going to read all of Blavatsky, but I'll read enough.

While you're reading this, try to think of which Democratic Candidates repeated this stuff after I wrote it, and then consider that another chapter will prove to you that I wrote the piece that gave the Democrats a viable public position on abortion... "No one likes abortion"...

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