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What IS Corporate Socialism?




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Call it Globalization, the New World Order, Free Markets or Global Governance, economic slavery is economic slavery. Here's how it's being done right before your eyes. That's deception upon deception upon deception for you.

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Years ago, I realized that the way credit worked, and the way we rely on it, that one day, we wouldn't be able to pay our debts, and the banks and credit companies would simply foreclose and claim they actually own the nation we live in. 

I didn't know about the Federal Reserve back then, some 30 or more years ago.

In the late 90's and early 2000's, I worked with a lobbying group in Washington DC that specialized in things like micro-credit, global health concerns, national health care and assistance for mothers and children. They knew all about what happens to nations when the IMF and the World Bank take over their economies and lend them money. Healthcare is available only to those who can afford to pay for it. Education is available only to those who can afford to pay for it. these may sound like good policy, but it certainly isn't the kind of thing a people would call "a nation".

I tried to explain to them, one day, about corporate socialism, bankrupting people with credit and then claiming ownership of everything, and then being in the position to demand conformity or be jobless. Thus, without health care and education and rights.

I told them about the Tri-lateral Commission, and the plan to control the distribution of resources throughout the world, as a means to better serve people as well as to attain global control. It sounds good, it relies on absolute power...

The people there told me there were lots of "tri-lateral' plans and commissions, two or three countries or groups making agreements to do business and so forth. I remember one discussion with a man who was supposed to be a recent college grad and an expert in such things who completely denied knowledge of such a Tri-Lateral Commission, designed by Jimmy Carter, and administered mainly over the years by Paul Volcker.

I remember numerous discussion on CNN's Crossfire program where James Carville stressed how we are all inter-dependent upon each other, as individuals, neighbors and nations.

The way the Tri-Lateral Commission works, partnered with the Council On Foreign Relations (which I didn't know anything about until late 2002) as well as numerous corporations and factions of other nations is like this example.

When we went to war in the Middle East, strategically planning since the 1920's in order to control their oil as well as secure it for ourselves and the British Empire for the short term, Exxon and Unocal and other corporations took over control of the distribution of their oil, even to their own nations (such as Iran, Kuwait, Iraq...), often under threat of military force reported to the U.S. people often as those "Muslims" who are often erroneously depicted as war like and enemies of Christians. One example of this: what they call Jihad we would often call a religious inquiry of atonement.

Consider the idea that U.S. based companies and individuals control all the oil that is not on U.S. land.

Consider that the United States actually does have vast deposits of oil that could be responsibly drilled and used. However, because of purposeful radicalization of those who seek responsible and environmentally safer practices in this country, as are already instituted by the Middle East antions in order to protect their environment an natural resources, we are divided against drilling for political purposes: tomake sure that when the Unied States is running out of oil, there would be an excuse to drill.

Unfortunately, an example of how to force this drilling on the U.S. citizens is what I currently know is an attempt to sell China 600,000 prime oil-land acres in Texas. That would mean the United States would be dependent on China for oil. Meanwhile, U.S. companies would control the oil flow to China.

In addition, it would set an unconstitutional precedent made more difficult by international law and the communist government of China. The problem would be that the oil wells and land would be owned by the government of China, and their security people would be military forces. Thus, without intending any offensive military action against us, they would need to place their military troops/personnel on U.S. soil.

Imagine the headlines if someone breached their security, and the U.S. media reported that China Military forces in Texas killed a U.S. citizen? And not knowing that that citizen was breaking the law, and if it was a U.S. corporation, they simply would have reported a security breech by a crazy person, if they reported anything at all.

That's the problem with Corporate Socialism. Interdependence is one thing. Economic coercion is quite another.


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