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Creating the Future by Empowering People
Where the New World Begins!


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A Conversation With America...
& the World
Since 2002




Creating the Future 2012
(The Book)
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A Conversation With America
A book that makes my views clear about a great number of issues that have persisted since 2000 & before.

The New Edition for 2010:
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes)Creating the Future 2012
Governance, the Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens & the New World

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) 2002-2009 Version
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Special 2008 Version

Editorial & Commentary
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) FTR: Comments & Observations
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Essays On America & the World

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Chuck's Vernacular
One day I discovered I was a philologist, and that words didn't necessarily mean what we think they mean.

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The U.S. Constitution

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The Brain Dump
News & Information you probably never noticed that you should.



by Hafiz

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News & Views

Special Reports
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The Constitution in Danger
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) What is Psychotronics?
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Why is Global Warming now referred to as "Man Made Climate Change"?
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Genetically Modified Foods

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For the Love of the World

A book about the world I've witnessed, the world I see & the future, based upon the present course of humanity and/or the intent of the plan of God.
Book 1: Approaching the Kingdom of God. What was HE Thinking?

Book 2: Creating the Future



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