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Who does the United States Government
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I said in the preface that I've lived an unusual life. I don't want this to be a discussion of religion and my personal beliefs or commitments, but at the same time, I have to acknowledge that part of my experiences in the last several years is related to my faith and Christianity.

I've always been a big believer in the idea that "there's a time to every purpose", and with every strange thing that's happened in my life, often without reasonable explanation, I did my best to overcome my circumstances and accepted the idea that one way or another, it was something God wanted me to learn about in preparation for the purpose of my "purpose driven life".

You could easily say that me writing this book is part of the purpose He had in mind for me at this time in the history of the world and the United States.

No one is more surprised than me at the story I have to tell. I make a few jokes about it, like, "I wish I was just delusional, it would be a whole lot easier to explain", or "If I hadn't lived it, I probably wouldn't believe it myself."

But, I want to assure you that, despite a great number of unanswered questions, the story of my life and most particularly, my suppression, what I have to tell you about is true. I wish it wasn't. And I wish it wasn't happening to other people, as well.

There are things I've researched that I didn't want to believe for years out of sheer denial.

For many reasons, I wish I wasn't in the position to have to be the one to break the news to you. News that, as years of research revealed, is not only things I wish weren't true, things that have done a great deal of damage to my life, but things that are being done and done to you covertly that you aren't even aware of.

I'm not talking about divisive politics, per se. I'm talking about what ends up amounting to militant political regimes willing to do anything to win, with an "ends justifies the means" mentality rivaled only by the most infamous leaders and governments in history.

Again, I wish it wasn't true, but I don't have to make this stuff up.

Enough lamentations.

Here's the story of what I've experienced, as have many other people in the United States and around the world.

Once again, I feel the need to preface all of this by saying that I am no radical, I'm not an extremist, I've never belonged to any political activism organizations other than the lobbying firm in Washington D.C. that lobbied Congress on behalf of the poor. I've never participated in a demonstration or a rally. I even laugh because at times, I've written some things that I thought were inflammatory in nature, and then reviewed them while editing, and realized that what I wrote was actually quite moderate.

In short, in most ways, I'm just a citizen who's been observing this nation, this world, with open eyes, and when I saw something going wrong in this nation after Election 2000, I decided it was time to honor my pledge of allegiance to this nation by becoming an involved citizen.

What I'm going to briefly describe to you are things I can prove have occurred, have been done to me and the people in my household, and it's happening to a large number of other people who are willing to stand up as witnesses to the crimes committed against them by the United States Government and the Military/Corporate Industrial Complex.

The reason it's so important to point this out is because it is nothing less than using military weapons to suppress people on U.S. Soil... by the United States Government. Just like George W. Bush accused Saddam Hussein of doing.

In my case, it includes everything from illegal surveillance and psychological operations against me, using the authority of the U.S. Government to prevent me from receiving appropriate medical and dental care as well as using Federal funds to have citizens harass me, under the guise of programs like Community Watch and Weed and Seed.

Charges against those responsible for my harassment, and the harassment of many other people, will include violations of international human rights, civil rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and much more, including attempted murder and actual "thought crimes" against me.

Because of events since 2000, I'm sure you'll assume that it was the policies of the administration of George W. Bush that began such illegal activities. I did. After years of research and experiencing what can only be described as torture for years, I came to realize that in my case, I can trace back such government harassment to 1975, and unfortunately, even before. Investigation would show that it intensified during the Clinton Administration.

It goes far beyond the use of AT&T and the NSA to tap your phones.

But, for the sake of this conversation, I will proceed as if it did not begin until 2000.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam - Father & Son

Unfortunately, it appears it actually dates back to tricks and traps used against me and my family related to my father's involvement with classified military research AND his relationship with Richard Nixon and very important political and corporate leaders in the 1950's and even before.

People who, among other things, were the movers and shakers in Hollywood, and now, the multi-national conglomerates of the national media, particularly the broadcast media. And it all seems to center around his involvement in the founding and the activities and inventions of AMPEX Electronics.

Because of other affiliations and occurrences, I also have to assume he betrayed the Skull & Bones.

This relates, among other things, to something that appears to be called "Operation Sundown", a government operation against people like myself, something that must have been re-classified because I can not find documentation on it, although there was another Operation Sundown after World War II having to do the smuggling of priceless artworks from nations that were beaten in the war. That does not appear to be the Operation Sundown I first heard about when I used to play Gordon Lightfoot's song "Sundown" on the radio when I was a DJ.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits - 11 - Sundown

In a way, you could say it's a folk version of the song "Helter Skelter" by the Beatles, which is a song that describes what people endure when being subjected to psychological operations and psychotronics.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Helter Skelter

Other musicians have purportedly written songs about what it's like to be subjected to this treatment, including the Talking Heads, Curt Cobain, Concrete Blonde, and most notably, Todd Rundgren, and his song "Tiny Demons".

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 11 - Tiny Demons

One of the most interesting songs about this "treatment" is the song by Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine Jackson called "Somebody's Watching Me".

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me

That song is part of what makes me believe that they knew of Psychotronics, and like many other artists, they've been trying to covertly inform people of what's going on. Frankly, I believe that, whether it was the direct cause of death or not, Michael Jackson was a victim of Psychotronics.

Like this song from the Alan Parsons Project.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky

I didn't provide those songs for entertainment purposes. I present them to you under the auspices of Fair Use to inform you, and to cause you to realize that many people know about these technologies and the psychological operations against them, and it's one of the best kept secrets in the United States, at least to the citizens.

However, it is not secret to a large number of people in Congress who have authorized these attacks on U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil, but it is a well known fact that members of the national media are aware of it as well, and as Carl Bernstein said in his article The Media and the CIA. These days, some news anchors actually participate in psychological operations against U.S. Citizens.

This entire website, as well a great deal more evidence and journals I have kept since 2000, represents evidence in what will be, if there is any justice left in the United States, the most expansive and sweeping investigation and RICCO cases against the United States Government, the National Media, in particular, Time-Warner and General Electric, which will also include members of the Skull & Bones and the Council on Foreign Relations. RICCO, by the way, is a set of laws that deal directly with the prosecution of Civil Rights violations.

I have 10 mountains of evidence and more than 900 witnesses, victims, with additional evidence and anecdotal testimony to provide corroboration for my claims.

I would like to warn local stations in my area who have, from time to time, engaged in participating with their efforts, to cease doing so or face the likelihood that they, too, as individuals, not corporations, will cause themselves to be included in Federal Crime prosecution as well as additional civil litigation. That will include conspiracy charges involving and relating to my political aspirations and activities, before and in the future.

I request that you consult an attorney before becoming involved, as your corporate employers are setting you up to take the fall for them, and I have no desire to have to implicate individuals working for certain corrupt corporations for which I have video proving their involvement.

Evidence I believe I will be forced to place online for public review, as I have no faith in the justice department, given that Barack Obama and the Attorney General Eric Holder are directly involved and will be named as respondents and defendants. It will, unfortunately, be an easy case to make.

I think it's important to note, for those who will choose to claim I am against Barack Obama for a variety of reasons: the only political party I have ever been a member of  is the Democratic Party. I now consider myself to be an independent. I was in favor of Barack Obama's election until I realized the extent of his involvement in the crimes against me.

I could spend hours telling you the story of what my life has been like since I began researching the United States Government and global geo-political trends and policies. But, I've done that in the book gem_red.gif (110 bytes) "For the Love of the World", which is very religiously oriented, and is true, and ultimately the message and discoveries in that book are very much a part of the reason I have been "tricked and trapped" since a very young age, and most intensely, since 2000.

A great deal of the psychological operations against me were not only to set me up to be publicly discredited using women to unsuccessfully make it appear I was having illicit affairs and acting in inappropriate ways, as well as causing my writing to be negatively impacted - and I want you to fully take this in - writing I've been doing that in service to the ministry of God... in other words, these people purposely wanted to cause my writing as part of my ministry to appear delusional and the result of mental instability. I'll have to admit, the message I had to deliver on behalf of God regarding the times we're living in is hard enough to believe without people purposely going out of their way to make me seem insane.

That's why I say, I wish I was just delusional, it would be easier to explain.

Nonetheless, here's the crux of what their purposes were, other than to cause me to withdraw and quit my efforts of telling the truth of the covert work of the United States Government.

Things my father told me about as a child - in the late 1950's and early 1960's - that I didn't know would be absolutely relevant to the crimes of the United States Government right now. At the time, I just thought it was interesting stuff my dad worked on.

If it wasn't for Donald Rumsfeld, I would have never realized I was holding key information to the apocalypse - which means to reveal - of this information, crimes against U.S. Citizens and foreign nations that are going on as you read this.

For the sake of brevity, here's the way the politics of the United States Government REALLY works. I'm certain many will say this is conspiracy theory, however, everyone who researches the history of the United States and the World including people like Ron Paul, will tell you this is the truth.

Keep in mind what I said in the preface, that in actuality, politics IS about religion, if only because politics, especially in a Democracy, is about representing the values of the citizens in each and every law and policy it adopts.

It goes back a long ways before the United States ever existed. In fact, it goes back to the times after the exile of the 12 Tribes of Israel when God showed Ezekiel a vision of the current leaders of Israel in their "secret quarters". The Bible often refers to them as the Ancients, the Elders of Israel, or, as in the Bible my mother gave me, the Elders of Zion.

The vision Ezekiel was shown was of the supposed moral leaders of the people, speaking all the right moral and ethical messages to the people in public, but in private, they were incredibly immoral and continually working on dialectics - well thought out plans - to manipulate people into spending their money and time on things the Elders wanted everyone else to do in order to justify their own immoral activities. Particularly illicit sex and profiteering. And, of course, to retain power and control of their own and all other nations.

These Elders of Zion were very intelligent people, and while the Tribes of Israel were in exile, the Druids they were living amongst innocently became a part of their community. Except that some of them were not so innocently involved. In effect, they infiltrated and high-jacked Judaism, convinced everyone that the people of  Judaism should be called "Jewish" instead (as in, like Judaism or like Jews) in about 70 AD, thus inspiring the Biblical description: "Those who say they are Jews but are not".

It's been a battle of good and evil ever since, with the faux Jews (who have successfully convinced many that it is a Jewish Conspiracy, in order to be able to label their opponents as anti-Semitic) waging wars against Muslims and other nations, basing their righteousness and just reasons for war on the protection of the victimized Jews, originally the 12 Tribes of Israel, the chosen people, on behalf of God and, covertly, toward a global empire based on economics and economic control and slavery, as well as the rule of law, which, just like in the United States, can easily be manipulated by passing laws to give advantage to the royal families and the wealthy.

You should find it interesting to know that nearly all of the political candidates "allowed" to run and or stand a chance of winning a presidential typically relies on at least one of three qualifiers:  Membership in the Skull & Bones or Membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, and being a blood relative of the British Royalty.

In fact, typically, the presidential candidate with the most and closest blood relation to British Royalty wins.

Are the elections fixed? Yes, in more ways than one, according to gem_red.gif (110 bytes) www.blackboxvoting.org , including the use of set-ups and coercion and extortion to silence anyone who stands up to the powers that be. (One day, I expect we'll hear the REAL stories of John Edwards and Elliott Spitzer).

In the last 2 Presidential elections, people related to each other, the Royal Family of the United States, included Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dick Cheney, John Kerry, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush (whose wife, Barbara actually provides the blood relation to the Queen of England), John McCain and others.

I was a declared Presidential candidate in 2002, and I did my best to make an effort in 2008 despite the fact that I was suffering from extreme psyops and electronic attacks by the U.S. Government. The reason these people wanted me neutralized then was because the campaign Barack Obama won the Democratic Presidential Nomination with was written by me, and, as you noticed, as soon as he got the nomination, he abandoned it. You bet I can prove it. It's much more than mere plagiarism.

Part of the problem, and part of why I have been harmed all these years, is because my father refused to "go along" with the plans of the "Royal Family", as do I. Primarily because their plans are to "fundamentally change America" and the world, and it isn't through peaceful or humane means. When they say fundamentally change it, they mean it, and that includes the Constitution.

One day, I was amused when I came to the conclusion and wrote in my weblogs to these people "You all seem to really hate me. You must have really hated my father". We've been carrying on Aesopian or "backchannel communications" since around mid 2002, something they believed would give them plausible deniability - the ability to say they never heard of me - however, I have more than enough evidence to prove it's true.

Long, long ago the people we've heard of called the "Illuminati" had a falling out with the Catholic Church regarding science and technology, and Galileo ended up spending the last years of his life in captivity for his work against the wishes of the church, which must have believed that delving into the science of existence was a violation of God's will that no one seek to describe what is in heaven or below the earth, among other things.

Further, as with the current debates over stem cell research and more, the church saw it as a challenge not only to reliance on faith in God, but a challenge to the church's authority.

That began something of a war between scientists and the elites and intellectuals with the church, which was, over time, infiltrated and altered to incorporate pagan tradition as well as forcing further cooperation between the church and the ruling empires or nations and politicians of the world in order to retain power and voice in world affairs, a means of remaining relevant that was warned about time and time again in the Bible regarding "fornicators and whores", and the basis for  a number of instructions to the "Son of Man" regarding the calling out of churches for the Second Coming.

I wasn't joking when I said politics is rooted in religion. I hope you're beginning to see the big picture of how that came about.

If there's one thing that's been true over time, something that these particular evil Druids knew (and I want to make it clear that I do not see all Druids as evil), is that anytime you can cause two disparate groups of people to argue over their differences instead of discussing them rationally, all you'll get is a stalemate, and the result will be increasing hostility of the citizens that will distract them while the leaders pass laws and continue their corrupt ways without anyone noticing, because they're too busy arguing with each other or being so frustrated, they give up, saying things like "I don't want to know anymore" and "You can't  fight city hall".

Sound familiar? It's a ploy that's been used for decades in the United States. Like the way the current debate over health insurance is being conducted, arguments and disruptions of town hall meetings that are just opportunities to sell a bad program in the first place, and keep the media focused on the conduct of citizens instead of the actual issues at hand. The result will be that the citizens will have to simply deal with whatever Congress wants to hand them... as usual... instead of listening to their voices and obeying the will of the people.

Even more, it has the media telling citizens how they should act. Like Parents. Ultimately, the likely social effect will be that as more issues are presented that U.S. Citizens are afraid of or don't trust government with, with good reason, and citizens join in protests and speak out, they'll be labeled as lunatics, wing-nuts, fringers, grassy knoll club members, conspiracy theorists, anything but citizens with legitimate complaints against an unresponsive government... in order to make sure the only opinions you take seriously are those of the government and the pundits on TV.

Just like they set me up so that if you ever hear of me, they'll claim I'm crazy, when everything I write about is not only true, but provable in a court of law. Like the way GM set up Ralph Nader years ago.

Original URL: gem_red.gif (110 bytes) http://archive.salon.com/opinion/feature/2004/10/22/nader/index.html from Salon 10/22/2004

For years it was Ralph Nader against General Motors, which went so far as to hire private detectives to discredit him. It even sent a prostitute to try to seduce him at a food counter at Safeway's, but he turned her away. So the gumshoes tried to prove he was homosexual, but were caught as they tried to follow him into Congress. The scandal made Nader into a hero overnight. The car makers were ultimately forced to introduce air bags. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) More...

Setting people up to publicly humiliate and discredit them is standard way of operating for some corporations and politicians.

Here's what the FBI did to discredit and criminalize the organizers of bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Earth First. Whether you agree with Earth First's positions or not, the governmental operations gains them was illegal.

That's what they did with Viet Nam war protestors, Iraq war protestors, bailout protestors... remember the WTO protests in Seattle?

The media claims those opposed to the World Trade Organization are anarchists.

Let's just say they are anarchists. If you know what the word means, if you are a Christian living in this "one nation under God", you would actually know that anarchy is  a good thing. George Bush went around talking about "personal responsibility". What do you think anarchy means?

Interestingly, people who seek anarchy understand the ways of God, whether they know it or not. Because anarchy means a world where laws are not necessary. That doesn't mean people going around doing whatever they want regardless of the impact on other people. It doesn't mean rebellious people who defy authority. The opposite is true.

The Bible says that a world of anarchy is one where laws are not required because people already respect the issues that people would normally pass laws to control. In that context, the Bible says that the presence of the "laws of man" are proof of the knowledge of sin, meaning in usual terms, we only pass laws because we know that without the threat and fear of force or enforcement, people would do things that are wrong, also known as sin.

I point all this out not to preach about God or defend WTO Protesters, but to point out that this is a perfect example of the Orwellian tactics used by political and media types to redefine words so that something described with a word that should have a good connotation ends up with a negative connotation.

In a nation under God, you would think that someone calling themselves a Christian would be a good thing. The media doesn't depict them that way, they generally depict Christians as part of extremist groups. We rarely hear news reports about the good work that Christians do, or presenting Christians who express reasonable opinions or assertions in a way that causes you to respect them, anymore than we hear positive reports about Islamists.

The claims of Christians that God is being cleansed from the moral fiber of the government of the United States is absolutely true. This is a related conversation that is different than the one I'm presenting, vast in its own right. But it was important, to once again, acknowledge the relationship of politics to religion, and how the rhetorical recitation of the idea of separation of church and state is used to cover the fact that the United States because of the people who actually control it, the Illuminati, have a grudge against Christianity.

That brings us back to the Illuminati and the Skull and Bones, and how they, under the auspices of the Council on Foreign Relations, have for all intents and purposes overthrown the government of the United States, and that is the reason Barack Obama and Joe Biden talked so much about changing America, as Barack says, fundamental changes.

The CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, has long dared anyone to call what they are up to a conspiracy. Ron Paul, in the debates leading to the 2008 Presidential Primaries, said "I don't know about conspiracy, but the Council on Foreign Relations exists, and they're doing what they're doing"....

I say, straight out, no equivocations, the Council on Foreign Relations in conjunction with a number of other front organizations ARE engaged in a conspiracy against the citizens of the United States. They will say they are a public organization doing things in a lawful way. I say, they are committing, at the very least fraud and perpetrating a public hoax in collusion with the national broadcast media, as well as other components of the print and internet information companies.

The reason I have no hesitation in calling it a conspiracy is simple: the citizens of the United States are constantly being required to go along with laws and policies that are not in our best interests. Politicians like Barack Obama campaign, make all sorts of promises, and then, once elected, run a completely different agenda, having it reported that a campaign issue is being worked on, making it appear there is a result that - although it never actually resolves the issues, they supposedly make progress - all the while, step by step, implementing programs that are part of a bigger plan that are not the parts of the plans focused upon by the national media, thereby providing cover for the parts of laws lawmakers don't want us to know about.

I say, if these people are not involved in a conspiracy, then why are they not out campaigning and being candid about their actual agenda, which just happens to require legislation that is unconstitutional. Much of it already in place, unbeknownst to most, until the time comes for it to be used.

An example of the planning going into the plans of the U.S. Government, and the way it operates behind your back, is bluediam.gif (123 bytes) exemplified in this quote from the Department of Defense, in what they call the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Information Roadmap:

"DoD's "Defense in Depth" strategy should operate on the premise that the Department will "fight the net" as it would a weapons system."

As far as the Pentagon is concerned the internet is not all bad, after all, it was the Department of Defense through DARPA that gave us the internet in the first place. The internet is useful not only as a business tool but also is excellent for monitoring and tracking users, acclimatizing people to a virtual world, and developing detailed psychological profiles of every user, among many other Pentagon positives. But, one problem with the current internet is the potential for the dissemination of ideas and information not consistent with US government themes and messages, commonly known as free speech. Naturally, since the plan was to completely dominate the "infosphere," the internet would have to be adjusted or replaced with an upgraded and even more Pentagon friendly successor.

In 2002, the CIA employed more than 3,000 agents with the sole purpose of planting false stories on the internet. That should tell you what this government really thinks of freedom and free speech. And why politicians herald the internet as the pinnacle of free speech... as long as what you talk about is what they'd like you to believe. It's called deception. And bluediam.gif (123 bytes) the Obama administration has already gone to court to fight for the unconstitutional surveillance policies installed by the Bush and Clinton Administrations.

Barack Obama says he'll close GITMO, and that torture has ended. And, a faux argument has erupted suggesting that citizens are afraid to house these supposed terrorists (and few of them are terrorists, although, prior to this, they would have been) in prisons in the United States CONUS (Continental United States).

Jeremy Scahill, meanwhile, reports to us on Bill Moyers' Journal that the Obama Administration is, instead, building  a special prison for them in Basra, Iraq.

I assert their new prison is being built in order to make sure we contain them in a way that makes certain that the rest of the world never finds out the extent to which they were victims of much worse things than waterboarding.

I've asserted a great deal, and called the Council on Foreign Relations bluediam.gif (123 bytes) a subversive group involved in a conspiracy.

Excerpts from "A Chronological History of the Council on Foreign Relations" by Dennis Cuddy

Even talk show host Rush Limbaugh, an outspoken critic of anyone claiming a push for global government, said on his February 7, 1995 program:

"You see, if you amount to anything in Washington these days, it is because you have been plucked or handpicked from an Ivy League school -- Harvard, Yale, Kennedy School of Government -- you've shown an aptitude to be a good Ivy League type, and so you're plucked so-to-speak, and you are assigned success. You are assigned a certain role in government somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the pluckers and the handpickers can put you."

On May 4, 1993, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) president Leslie Gelb said on The Charlie Rose Show that:

"...you [Charlie Rose] had me on [before] to talk about the New World Order! I talk about it all the time. It's one world now. The Council [CFR] can find, nurture, and begin to put people in the kinds of jobs this country needs. And that's going to be one of the major enterprises of the Council under me."

Previous CFR chairman, John J. McCloy (1953-70), actually said they have been doing this since the 1940s (and before).

Let me tell you how they've nearly finished their plans to overthrow the U.S. Government and more.

The story goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, but let's pick it up back in the times of Napoleon and Waterloo, when the Rothchild Family of Bavaria virtually bought the important stocks of the United Kingdom for pennies on the dollar. As the Rothchilds, the Illuminati, Druids, always say, as long as they control the economy, they can (and do) control the nation and the world.

The Illuminati were the ones who initially inspired and backed   Hitler and the Nazi regime, and put forward the phrase New World Order. Hitler wasn't the first to call it that, but it was a theme perpetuated in the First and Second World Wars. Of course, Woodrow Wilson used that phrase in oratory as well, which is actually no coincidence.

You might find it interesting to think about why I say Germany lost World War II, but the Nazi's didn't.

In effect, the Nazis, as they always have, simply depleted the military and economic forces that Germany had available, and when the war was over, as they always have, they moved to the next country where they would use their wealth to make that nation an empire, take over the major corporations and seize control of the government through the equivalent of bribes and "campaign contributions", and then use that nation to wage wars against other nations for their natural resources, as well as to weaken emerging nations that might become military or economic adversaries.

Now, let's take a little impact off the word Nazi. When I use it, I'm referring to people who use plans, dialectics, methods and policies that are generally thought of as "Nazi tactics". Like the Hitler Regime used.

These are remarks from Senator John Glenn (also our first astronaut in space). This is from the Congressional Record, during the Clinton Administration. Remember, people were put to death at Nuremberg for doing these sorts of things.

Jan 22, 1997

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The bill will be received and appropriately referred.

Mr. GLENN. Madam President, if I approached any Senator here and I said,

‘‘You did not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment that they were not even told about. They were given medicine, they were given pills, they were given radiation, they were given something and were not even told about this, were not even informed about it, yet they are under some experimental research that might possibly do them harm—maybe some good will come out of it, but maybe it will do them harm also—but they do not know about it,’’ people would laugh at that and say that is ridiculous.

That cannot possibly happen in this country. Yet, that very situation is what this piece of legislation is supposed to address. I have been in public life and have served this country for many years.

Frankly, I do not think too many things that I see surprise me anymore about our laws and about Government. Three years ago, though, I began to learn about a gap in our legal system that does truly concern me. In 1993 the Governmental Affairs Committee began to investigate the cold war radiation experiments. These experiments are one of the unfortunate legacies of the cold war, when our Government sponsored experiments involving radiation on our own citizens without their consent. They did not even know the experiments were being run on them. It was without their consent.

One of the most infamous of these experiments took place in my own State of Ohio, when scores of patients at the University of Cincinnati were subjected to large doses of radiation during experimental treatments, without their consent, without their informed consent. During the course of this investigation, I began to ask the question, what protections are in place to prevent such abuses from happening again? What law prohibits experimenting on people without their informed consent?

What I found, when I looked into it, is there is no law on the books requiring that informed consent be obtained. More important, I believe there is a need for such a law, as there continue to be cases where this basic right—I do view it as a basic right—is abused. As I started out, I would like to put this on a personal level for everyone of my colleagues. You just think about your own family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they go to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about. I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that.

The Rockefellers received an initial investment from the Rothchilds in order to buy/create Standard Oil, Chevron, and we know them best, these days, for Exxon/Mobil.  The Rockefellers had Jimmy Carter write up what's known as the "Tri-laterlal Plan" back in 1958 to design a method for setting up a global government that would utilize three primary geo-economic regions for the purpose of managing the distribution of resources, natural and manufactured, throughout the world.

My father was, like many people back then, against the plan not because it didn't make basic reasonable sense, but because he said it relied on people, who are not perfect, and it would give them absolute power, and as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Many years after my father's death, I gave a cursory review to the plan, and independently came to the same conclusion. Although, being  a fan of Jimmy Carter's, I had hope.

Like I say, anything, any tool or law, can be a good or bad thing, depending on how it's used.

In the 1970's, I have come to learn, Carter made statements to the effect that citizens were not qualified to make decisions, such as cast informed votes in elections.  He didn't bother to point  out that the reason was because of the lies of politicians and the propaganda by leading members of the media who were CFR and CFR-like supporters.

For a review of how that worked for the government back then, you should do a little research on "Operation Mockingbird", a governmental program set up to pay and recruit journalists to argue on behalf of policies you would otherwise likely oppose, if not for their propaganda. A modern example of such activities was the use of Armstrong Williams to to promote the Bush Administration's faux "No Child Left Behind" program. It's worthy to note that that theme, No Child Left Behind, was stolen from the Children's Defense Fund.

He also said that in his estimation, a government structure more to the paradigm of China is the best model of government.

Interestingly, the band Guns and Roses has put out an album called "Chinese Democracy" to sort of familiarize you with the concept.

The Council on Foreign Relations used to boast on its web site that it has been successful in placing executives in the United States Government, as well as influencing its domestic and foreign policy since 1929.

Yet, officially, they incorporated in1973 under the leadership of Jimmy Carter, a  fact that has recently been "changed" to say it was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is part of the Obama Administration, formerly of the Carter and Reagan and Nixon and John Kennedy Administrations, and author of some interesting books that literally lay out the CFR's plan to use the United States to cause a global Empire built on the threat of military force and economic coercion. Just like Rome did in days of old.

The most important of these books is:

The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives

gem_red.gif (110 bytes) http://www.perseusbooksgroup.com/perseus/book_detail.jsp?isbn=0465027261

gem_red.gif (110 bytes) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grand_Chessboard:_American_Primacy_and_Its_Geostrategic_Imperatives

[Collected 8/15/2009]

The most interesting thing to notice about Brzezinski is his involvement in foreign policy and the National Security Council since the early 1960's. For every president. You might consider that to be a part of continuity of policy, and in a way, it is, but when I tell you about how dialectics are employed to destabilize governments and cause war, you'll understand why it's so important.

In addition, in 1973, another Rockefeller funded organization incorporated called "the "Tri-lateral Commission." Now, remember, Carter drew up their plans in 1958. The CEO of the gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Tri-Lateral Commission is Paul Volcker, former CHairman of the Federal Reserve board under Carter and Reagan.  He is now chairman of the newly formed gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Economic Recovery Advisory Board under President Barack Obama. It's also interesting to note his association with the Chase Manhattan Bank just prior to the incorporation and his leadership of the Tri-Lateral Commission/G30 (much like Timothy Geithner of the Fed, CFR, Bilderberg and Tri-Lateral G30, and GW Bush's Treasury Secretary Paulson's association with Goldman Sachs)

Let's take another look at the Council on Foreign Relations. Let's start with some of the past, present and current members that I can think of off the top of my head.

Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, John Kerry, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Walter Mondale, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Barack Obama...

Democrats AND Republicans. It's very important that you notice that. It's been that way for a very long time.

Two of my favorite people to note who are members include Colin Powell, who left government service in the Bush Administration, after serving under Clinton and who "retired" to become an executive board member of the Council on Foreign Relations after lending his credibility to the cause of successfully convincing us all to go to war against Iraq. And, then, giving his endorsement to Barack Obama's campaign.

The other person I like to point out as being a long time member of the CFR as well as being witness to the Bilderberg meetings for a very long time (I'll let you gem_red.gif (110 bytes) look up why Bilderberg is also important to understand globally) is Tom Brokaw, over the years, my favorite newscaster second only to Walter Cronkite.

Brokaw semi-retired from NBC to become... drumroll please... an executive board member of the Council on Foreign Relations. As much as I've liked Tom over the years, I have to say, knowing what I know now, I consider him to be the head propagandist for the regime. And I'd say that under any and all circumstances.

Here's the way the Council on Foreign Relations works.

They attempt to attract politicians before the age of 35, so as to get them to fully align with the policies and operations of the Council on Foreign Relations. Members are required to sign confidentiality agreements regarding the conversations and issued they are exposed to by the CFR, and also agree to present themselves in public taking care to not mention or bring attention to the CFR. This way, the CFR activities as well as their discussions of issues is not apparent, and their influence is not fully appreciated.

When the time comes and it's expedient, they'll take one of these members and make sure they win elections, are promoted in the media as spokespeople who'll express the CFR positions, and generally "use them" for the cause.

In addition, they make certain that CFR members are well positioned on the boards of major corporations and non-profit organizations. It's their way of making sure they have some control as well as the ability to monitor these organizations, particularly when the orgs are beginning to emerge as influential social or political forces.

Sometimes, they create competing organizations and use their ownership of the media and their wealth to create new organizations in order to steal the members of the original organization away from them.

When none of that works, they either use the media to smear the organizations and its leaders, or use their political influence inside the government to cause federal agents to infiltrate and disrupt these organizations.

One of  the tactics the CFR and the Skull and Bones uses to facilitate the "smear jobs" in the media is to collect a dossier on the individuals they deal with, and then, if they step out of line, they extort and coerce them into silence under threat of public humiliation or prosecution.

This is what they have been and are still doing to me. Except, as I told them when they implied the threat of extortion,  I'll tell the whole world every horrible thing I've ever done if that will cause people to believe that I am telling them the truth., because, as John McCain has often said, the United States is a worthy cause greater than myself.

That's why I make many "interesting" confessions in the book gem_red.gif (110 bytes) "For the Love of the World". So that, with little exception, there's not much else they can actually embarrass me with (that I haven't already admitted), and if they can, it would be the proof of their illegal surveillance. There are 1 or two items I've purposely left out in case they get desperate - knowing they know about them - like a dare to get them to try it. Nothing too horrible, though,  I assure you. Definitely things much less worse than what I've admitted. Things I'm sure many of you have done that aren't considered bad unless being propagandized by the media to discredit someone when they don't really have anything on them.

In 1976, the U.S. Government concluded its investigations into the CIA Mind Control Projects of the day, including MK-Ultra and CoIntelPro types of activities, which were set up by the CIA under the authority of Skull and Bones/CFR members. The illegal activities were supposedly abated by the Congressional Investigation, but did not.

What they do to people, even to this moment, is far more tortuous than the Hitler Regime's technology would have aspired to.

As a victim of their torture, I feel well qualified to speak of it as torture.

After World War II, the Hitler Scientists were brought to the United States by the Rockefellers where their work continues at Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia, also the home of the gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Jimmy Carter Center.

Look up gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Operation Paperclip for a full explanation of what actually happened. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip

I want to say, for the record, that I was a big fan of Jimmy Carter's until I began to understand more of what he and his associates with the Council on Foreign Relations and others have led us into in secrecy.

The CFR recruits journalists the same way they recruit politicians and other leaders. They recruit them, have them sign confidentiality agreements, and then times like these come along, and journalists' hands are tied by binding legal agreements and frankly, the threat of public humiliation or even death if they speak out.

A good example of what happens to people who "get out of line" is Dan Rather.

In fairness, I will say that if I had been an up and coming politician or journalist and someone asked me if I wanted to join the Council on Foreign Relations, if I hadn't ever heard of it and had a negative opinion of it, I have no doubts that I would have likely joined, because in politics, affiliations are everything, and that would have appeared to me to have been an indication that I had been accepted into the "big leagues".

So, I won't say that I believe everyone in the Council on Foreign Relations is a bad person or evil or even in agreement with the politics, the overthrow, that is occurring. I will admit, though, that I wish those who don't agree had the courage as patriots to step forward and tell the citizens the truth.

Those who don't will end up answering a lot of questions they had better answer truthfully when the time comes.

The bottom line is this: since 1929, the members of the Council on Foreign Relations have slowly, patiently infiltrated the United States Government and the media to the extent that they actually control them both. Time-Warner and GE, for example, are in their hip pockets, being corporate sponsors of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as employing many members on their staffs. There are other such Corporations, but I am speaking of those with which I have first hand knowledge.

Time Warner and GE have incredible control of the media, and while they're not the only ones, if you don't play along or if they can't find a way to make what you do or say useful, you'll likely never be successful, and if you are, they have the power to make God himself look like a tyrant. In fact, they often do. Such as claiming that hurricanes and disasters are the "wrath of God".

Time Warner and GE are what I call Skull and Bones companies, originally founded by people in Yale's Skull and Bones Fraternity, often people who also are referred to as Rhoades Scholars, which, in essence for future political leaders like Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark, means they are well versed in imperialistic colonialism as pioneered by British leader  Rhoades. Another link to the British Empire's influence on America, and an indication that after buying England, the Rothchilds are now in the process of buying, or at least nullifying, the U.S. economy through the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The economic crisis of  2008-2009 was no accident, as expressed by Republicans in Aesopian manner when they said that regulation caused the crisis.

You have to read between the lines to understand that one.

What they were saying is that the legislation by the Democratic Congress, which had complete control over the passage of legislation before Obama took office, passed legislation that enabled the economic crisis to happen.. they caused it.. and I can explain some other time a number of economic factors of the Bush Administration that set Obama up to perpetuate the plans of the financiers affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Skull and Bones, and still be able to claim that he "inherited the problems".

Check out Obama's prior relationship with the management of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The collusion will be obvious to you.

That way, he could come along and implement programs that aren't good but, as some say, at least he's doing something, and it just happens to be part of the long range plans of the CFR to fulfill what trickle-down economists call the intended "Road To Serfdom", as written by Milton Friedman's economic predecessor von Hayek, put into action by Ronald Reagan to fulfill Jimmy Carter's intent when Carter delivered his famous speech as president informing us that we'd have to lower our economic expectations, per the advice of Volcker, in order to reduce consumerism, and, more importantly, to begin to ratchet  down the U.S. economy in order to equalize it with other economies providing  a lower standard of living in order to begin the process of converting to a global government.

Runaway inflation in his administration nearly bankrupted us. But it's just as important to note that Richard Nixon took steps against financiers during his administration when the economy began runaway to inflation, and he instituted wage and price controls, as well as inflicting windfall profit taxes on oil companies, which halted the CFR's plans to bankrupt Americans.

Bankruptcy is good business for financiers, because they get to collect as much money as possible from buyers of things like houses, and then, when they foreclose, they get the property back AND get to sell it again at full price. Quite a deal set up for the Skull and Bones bankers by its political patrons.

I'll also assert Nixon's unwillingness to go along with the CFR plans was the reason he was set up to be impeached. You' be amazed at the truths Nixon tried to tell Americans that you never hear of because the media only tells you what they want you to know - that he was a crook. Nixon was no angel, and yes, he was a politician, playing the game like everyone else. But he wasn't a crook.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama are going along with the plan. Look at what's happening. And the bottom still hasn't fallen out... it will get worse. It is estimated that more than 48% of house buyers will soon own a house that is worth less than the price they paid for it.

Meanwhile TV anchors report the recession is ending... at least for the corporations. With a reported 9+ per cent unemployment rate at this time, you should think about why the media forgets to tell you that the actual unemployment rate is above 20 percent, and that the discrepancy in the figures is because of the way the federal government has misrepresented the figures for years by only reporting those people a unemployed who are eligible or have applied for unemployment. If your benefits run out, you are statistically no longer considered unemployed. Another example of how the media is used to deceive you.

George Bush was right when he said Democracy can not succeed without a free press. That's why the Council on Foreign Relations and Skull and Bones -  JP Morgan in particular - bought the bulk of the news services in the 1920's.

Think about the long term financial ramifications of that on citizens. And then, on the bankers, for whom it's good business.

It IS diabolical, and it's no accident. I was predicting this economic collapse since 2002. Should I really believe career economists didn't see it coming?

"It is well that people do not understand our banking and monetary system,
for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

-- Henry Ford


21 United States Presidents, so far, have been blood relatives, and there has been no President who was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations since at least Carter. Nixon was recruited for national politics by Prescott Bush, George W.'s grandfather, Skull and Bones, back in the 1950's when my father was friends with Nixon.

I wonder if they knew he was, like my father, a member or participant in the John Birch Society? Nixon was president just prior to the formal incorporation of the CFR. I don't know of my father's actual JBS involvement. All I really know is that they used to read the American Opinion Magazine together. That magazine was one of those things I wasn't supposed to know about, but was conveniently left laying around for me to see the day Richard Nixon came to our house when I answered the door. They met elsewhere after that. Just another one of those clues my father left me, as I've learned he did over the years regarding things he wanted to "burn into my brain" to remember one day... like today.

The gem_red.gif (110 bytes) John Birch Society has been characterized as an extremist organization out to stop Communism. If the truth be known, their true adversary was the infiltration of the government by the Council on Foreign Relations and Skull and Bones, as well as other affiliated groups with the long term goal of "fundamentally changing America" as Joe Biden and Barack Obama have declared, calling for reforms without providing detail that would inform you of their real intentions, far worse than socialism.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that  the JBS is another one of those organizations whose members are made out to be crazy extremists by the media, primarily because the greatest adversary of the Council on Foreign Relations before it was incorporated was... the John Birch Society. I wanted to be sure you understood the direct correlation. Their news center provides a fair collection of objective information. gem_red.gif (110 bytes) http://www.jbs.org/news-center

So of course, they've been made out to be extremists, like Christians, Green Party members, and those who've read the evidence and know that Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated by more than one gunman with the CIA assistance made available by George H.W. Bush.

By those who have read the evidence and know how simple it is to prove that the attacks of September 11, 2001, were the result of acts of terrorism by the United States Government, a Pearl Harbor kind of attack as depicted by Dick Cheney and members of the Project for a New American Century, the Neocons, all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, all to get us to support a war on terrorism against Iraq, which was planned in 1996. gem_red.gif (110 bytes) http://www.newamericancentury.org/

The Patriot Act was, by and large, written during the Clinton Administration, with its roots and ideology dating back to the days of Nixon.

When Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney called for an investigation to "follow the money" trail in the September 11, 2001 attacks, she knew what she was talking about, and later understood why she was driven out of Congress. If that investigation had gone forward, many prominent people, including elected officials, would have been identified as making large profits from the stock market directly relating to the attacks, proving that the government had more than "fore-knowledge" of the attacks. The trail begins with then CIA Director, George Tenet, and his affiliations with Deutsche Bank.

Our war on terrorism is a fraud, there is no Al Qaeda, and the only thing it's about is securing control of the world's oil supply for further coercive purposes. It's economic warfare, pure and simple. The Illuminati originally claimed it would take 3 world wars to fully control the world with a global government. For the first 2, they used Germany.

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ."

Robin Cook
Former British Foreign Secretary

I say we're in the opening stages of the 4th World War, and have been saying that since 2002, when James Woolsey adopted my way of thinking about it, acknowledging that the 3rd world war, still in progress, was economic, as documented in the PBS Documentary "Commanding Heights", created by former members of the Clinton economic team. You should watch it. It's available on PBS.org and through WGBH.

The Tri-lateral plan written by Carter called for the eventual movement of the United Nations to re-locate it in Constantinople (no coincidence named after the Roman Constantine, a hero of Druids), now known as Istanbul, Turkey, where the global government would be established. It's part of the reason that Joe Biden met with European Union Chairman Olli Rehn to convince the Turkish government to pass a resolution calling for the protection of Christian rights in Turkey.

At this time, because their timeline has been speeded up (interestingly enough, just as Bible prophecy said), we have, instead, the largest embassy ever built, called the Green Zone in Iraq, the push is on to consolidate military forces into NATO, and positioning the bulk of military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that the oil fields will be protected, as well as creating the public image we are there to protect the western world from Islamist terrorists, particularly Al Qaeda.

And, we'll claim it's not unilateral action by the U.S., but action by NATO, and,   perpetuate the myth to the American people that their government, supposedly a nation of peace that has been involved in more than 200 foreign conflicts since this nation was founded, still has the moral highground in the world.

Always remember this: when nations go to war, they always say, as George W. Bush said,

"We have no quarrel with the citizens of (insert country name here). Our grievance is with the government.

That, right there, tells you the truth of war since the beginning of time.

Thus, the Orwellian "Perpetual War in Oceania".

Now, I return to my concern with the Council on Foreign relations and Tom Brokaw. And other CFR member journalists. If these people in CFR would want to deceive us into anything, what would they need most?

Time on TV to convince people. Just like Robin Cook said.

Who owns the broadcast networks? Skull and Bones and Council on Foreign Relations members and affiliates.

69% of Americans get their news from the TV. Brokaw was a long time favorite of Americans on TV news since Cronkite.

In Germany, World War II ostensibly began when the German government staged a fraudulent, or false flag, attack on a radio station.

We knew Pearl Harbor was being attacked before any bombs went off, and did nothing to stop it.

The Viet Nam War was escalated when a phony attack on one of our vessels was staged, and the media was fed the details of the attack that led to escalation of the war. Pres. Johnson said later of the attack, "Hell, they (our vessels) could have been firing at dolphins for all I know".

Lie after lie after lie, leading us to war, killing our children and friends, let alone the citizens of other nations, for corporate profits.

Here's what Hitler's regime had to say about it:

How to Generate Public Acceptance & Enthusiasm for War
by Hermann Goering

"Why, of course the people don't want war.  Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is  to come back to his farm in one piece?"

"Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood."

"But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship."

"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy."

"All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.  It works the same in any country."

What I'm writing about is not a direct objection to war. I'm writing about deception after deception after deception. It's an objection to a conspiratorial effort to overthrow the government of the United States using lies and fraud, enabled by the U.S. National Corporate Media.

And... here's the crux... why it's conspiracy...

If you're not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, you'll likely never be president, and maybe never hold any other significant office. Or, you'll never be the anchor of a news broadcast... and if you are, I guarantee you, you'll be bound by confidentiality agreements, and if you break those, you'll be up against the most powerful and wealthiest people in the world. And they have the means and proven willingness to do whatever it takes to get their way.

Finally, about them...

The Council on Foreign Relations was founded on the premise that it would give global leaders as well as domestic leaders a place to discuss issues honestly and openly without the discussions becoming public, having to deal with historical record or the media, let alone the reaction of the public.

First of all, I thought that Congress was the place for our government officials to discuss and work out domestic and foreign policy issues. Why is there a need for secrecy?

Second, isn't it a little strange that in order to succeed in national politics, you have to join this other organization first. Isn't it a little strange that Republicans AND Democrats would be members, and be required to be members to truly succeed?

It's as if our presidential candidates, among others, are required to get the permission of this non-governmental organization in order to be president. I though we had elections for that.

It reminds me of nations like Russia where they have one ruling party that tells the citizens who the candidates are.

It's the reason Ralph Nader says there is no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. Because they're both ultimately controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. The U.S. Politburo.

Oh, that's right. Most of the electronic voting machines are owned or manufactured by politicians and corporations directly associated with he Council on Foreign Relations, and the Skull and Bones....

I remember when John Kennedy was elected, Nixon was advised to back off - he wanted a re-count - for the good of the country because it was found out that operatives had stuffed the ballot boxes in Illinois on his behalf. The people advising him to do that did that because Kennedy did too. In fact, Johnson also made sure the ballot boxes were stuffed in Texas.

Sounds a little like the Florida debacle, doesn't it, when John Kerry, CFR and Skull and Bones, advised Al Gore, Free Mason and CFR,  to give up for the good of the country.

All this corruption has been going on a long time. Do we really want to have a country run by people playing by the rule "He who cheats best wins?"

Are the smartest and brightest leaders of this nation REALLY the ones who can keep a secret while the Constitution is being dismantled? According to who? Apparently, according to themselves, those who are the "elite" when the word "elite" is used to describe certain political factions, often otherwise referred to as "them".

I could go on and on, but I believe I've said more than enough to inform you of the real fundamental dangers to America, as well as telling you who the real terrorists are, and what they're up to.

The defeat of the Bush Administration did not end the tyranny of the Council on Foreign Relations. It made you trust anyone but Bush, and used the occasion of an historic event in U.S. History, the election of a black man to the presidency which I was completely in favor of, if the right candidate came along, in order to get you to overlook the deceptions going on. And why the media always asks if his opponents are racist if they dare question his policies.

One day, you'll even come to fully realize how the Democrats, CFR members, set up the dialectic to cause many to believe that Barack Obama, the false prophet, was "The One". And why I am certain that he is not.

Maybe Alex Costellanos will have the courage to tell you the truth. If he ever comments on this, I'll tell you if he told you the truth or not. As the ad you probably never saw about Obama said on behalf of the McCain Campaign, "They'll tell you he's the one. But is he ready?"

For the record, I'd be glad to take a polygraph or submit to brain mapping and Psychotronic review with complete confidence that the result will be that I am telling you the truth, regardless of any cover-ups that may result. And they always do.


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