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I'm not trying to be funny when I say this. I can't recall being downright rude when exchanging Aesopian messages with a variety of people in the government and media, maybe with the media, but my point is that I want to assure you that even though I'm sure it will seem at times that I am an "Obama-Hater", I'm not.

I've been following politics closely since 2000. I won't claim to be an expert at too many things but I am very good at detecting patterns, and understanding that certain social and political conditions do not come about without other certain actions precipitating them. I assume that because of my age, as well as the political and social influences of my father,  I am aware of certain ideas and ideologies going back a ways, sort of a sampling of things to be on the lookout for in the future if things went awry. This included certain technologies that could and are being use for immoral and unethical purposes.

Barack Obama is the President right now, so politically, policy wise, I focus on his activities. When George W. Bush was in the White House, I focused on him. During mid-term elections, I focused on both parties, and realized there was a political dialectic being played out.

Politically, I've never actually considered myself to be of any certain party. I heard my father say, once, that you might want to register for the party that is offering the best candidates,  in order to have influence in that choice. Mainly, like most people, I vote for what I think will work best.

When people ask, I have to admit that in some ways, particularly human and civil rights, I am more of a liberal, but fiscally and in many other areas, I am conservative, and I would actually call myself a conservative liberal. I do not, however, consider that at all to be a centrist or a moderate. I'd likely also have to admit that I probably voted more Democratic than Republican.

In 2002, I decided to side with the Democratic Party, and then realized they were playing out this dialectic that emanates from what I think of as Dialectic 2000. Like many people, particularly those concerned with constitutional and civil rights, I believed the Democrats were the good guys and the Republicans were the bad guys.

It was the promotion of Bill Frist to the position of Speaker of the Senate, replacing Trent Lott, that actually lead me to realize there was only one actual political party in our two party system, it's called Centrism, but is actually The Council on Foreign Relations, which I'd never heard of before 2002. That's when I finally understood why Leon Russell sang a song called "Cinderella Rockefeller".

It's also back when CNN ran a story on their news scroll about the Arab States playing something called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". So I looked it up, read it, nearly puked out of shock... and it was over a year after I posted it to my site that I found out that people considered it anti-Semitic. I guarantee you I'm not anti-Semitic, and the real conspiracy isn't the Jews, it's a smaller group, a sect of Druids that are doing all the evil things described in that document, and it's like reading a playbook of how these people are using the tactics and deceptive methods described in this document to trick everyone.

If you read this document, knowing it's not the Jews carrying out a conspiracy, and just look at the tactics it discusses, there is no possible way to not recognize that what it describes is going on all around you today. And you too will likely become ill or disturbed by the truth you realize.

It's like finding out you're trapped, and there's you can do about it. Except there is.

So, when you read or hear my comments, understand that when I'm talking about Barack Obama, I'm actually talking about the Council on Foreign Relations and their affiliated corporations - including all of the National Corporate Media -  as well as the Council on Foreign Relations successful control of the Congress and Presidency for well over 40 years.

If asked, my objective opinion of Barack Obama is that he's just another politician, the current front man for a progression of incremental policies to fundamentally change the foundations of America... by abandoning them. It's an easy case to make.

There is more to this story, and I'm going to be very brief about it. But I'll say that Barack Obama and a great number of political leaders in this country made some mistakes by personally participating in some Psyops against me. I was flabbergasted when it happened. I'm sure they'll rely on plausible deniability and Congressional exemptions and whatever it takes to call me a liar, but I'm not.  I'm sorry to say that a number of these people are people I used to admire... a few, I revered.

I never thought the Aesopian communications used against me were funny or particularly helpful, in fact, were hurtful, constituted an unimaginable invasion of privacy, treatment that is nothing less than actual torture, physical torture, and the likely use of classified materials for illegal purposes having to do with my silencing and public humiliation in order to suppress me.  I will clarify these claims at a later date when filing numerous RICCO complaints and more against Governmental Agencies, corporations and officials who have participated in these civil and human rights violations against me and innumerable other people.

In the meantime... keep in mind that what I talk about is an objective view based upon my knowledge of the way our nation is being manipulated in order to turn it into something you wouldn't approve of.

It has nothing to do with race, any specific political party or personal preferences, it has to do with restoring the foundations of America, which do not need to be changed. What needs to be changed is the leadership which has betrayed us all for far too long.

And that is my only true concern in my commentaries and analysis when I speak of any political leader, affiliate or patron corporations and the deceptions being employed in order to enact policies that are not in the best interests of the citizens of this nation, and all we affect.



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