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Creating the Future 2012
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A Memo to
U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann
July 3, 2010




Creating the Future 2012
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"Give me liberty, or give me death" has been like a personal statement of my love for what the United States stands for, and what I believed it was all about.

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Dear Representative Bachmann;

Tomorrow's the 4th of July, and normally I would be celebrating and feeling proud of my country. Unfortunately, you and I share some issues that are incredibly important, for our reasons. The greatestof which is expressed so perfectly by Patrick Henry, including the part most often left out, where he follows that remark with another statement: "I smell a rat".

When I first heard Keith Olbermann call you a crazy person and worse for speaking out against certain Democrats making un-American remarks, talking about re-education camps and death panels... it gave me hope, to know that someone particpating in the covert destruction of the lives of U.S. citizens on behalf of the government and the Council on Foreign Relations would go so far out of his way to demean you so noone would listen. I know the feeling. He does it to me all the time. Covertly. It's called Aesopian Languaging. What George Bush called "terrorists talking in code".

It's not just the Democrats, Michelle, it's the Republicans too.

Like Patrick Henry was talking about, what I've been saying for years, is that if these people had a good idea, then they should fully present the truth of their plans to the public. The fact that they have chosen to murder U.S. citizens on U.S. soil using military weapons, and informing police and Weed and Seed and other organizations functioning under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security to cooperate with their murder and genocide by covert means is more than proof of their treason.

It's no wonder people took to the streets and malls in the late 50's to protest the Tri-lateral plan, written by future President Jimmy Carter on behalf of the Rockefellers in 1958. Their plan is going well, with a few minor hitches, and one of them is me.

It's no wonder Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Leahy were not interested in my testimony to the judiciary commitee when I wrote to them requesting to testify in hearings on un-American activities regarding such egregious crimes against citizens. I wanted to believe there was still justice in this nation. Of course, I was ignored despite a similar letter to the same judiciary comittee by an attorney seeking relief for us people being killed by the "death panels", which have been in operation for a long time. It was in the same time period I wrote to Barack Obama and Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The New World Order, if you understand the history, is nothing less than the vision of Hitler and the Illuminati in what they believe is their final installment of their plan to rule the world by military domination. And if you ask Chris Matthews, he can tell you that it all comes from the ancient times when certain Druids took over Judaism in Israel at the time when Jesus was crucified.

They were called the ancients of Israel, otherwise known as the "Learned Elders of Zion", as in "the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", something I'd never heard of until it was continuously reported about by CNN during the runup to the Iraq war of lies.

Tell Jeremiah Wright it's the Druids, not the Jews. People who say they are Jews but are not. People who say they are Christians but are not.

And if you were to ask Sen John Glenn, he would tell you the United States is guilty of crimes, against citizens of this and foreign nations, crimes worse than those ever imagined by the Nazis.

Ask Brian Baird for a description of the efficacy of his pride and joy, the Weed and Seed program, aka Neighborhood Initiatives and Community watch. And then ask him about me, one of his favorite targets, as well as Lynn McMullen, who you really ought to Google, while asking yourself, "What could she have possibly done that would have her marked for death by the U.S. Government?"

And then ask her long time friend and Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, her mentor on projects in South Africa, or Ingrid Monroe of Sweden, and various other leaders in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria...  Or maybe Alex Counts and Stephen Rockefeller of the Grameen Foundation, USA. She was a founding board member, orgiinally having promoted Yunus in the U.S. before anyone heard of him. Or Sam Daley Harris of Results in Washington DC, a poverty lobby she's worked with and directed since the 80's. And then, ask Daniel Inouye why he and Landmark Education are related to this story. Pelosi could tell you too. She got it.

Lynn is credited with saving the lives of more than 20 million people around the world in her career, and now she, and I, are suffering at the hands of the U.S. Government, medically deprived and seriously harmed, purposely harmed, bankrupt, on the verge of homelessness, physically unable to make a living, and becoming aware of my own inability to even draw disability because of changes in the law.

In 2009, I wrote something to the Peace Alliance to help Lynn explain the infiltration, psyops, surveillance and disruption of the organization she was Executive Director of, including details of how she was being attacked with psychotronics and directed energy weapons (which are not at all non-lethal, ask Richard Haas). Certain people prevented her from presenting that information to the conference in Washington DC in March 2009. I pointed out some time ago that I have reason to believe that Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon were both victims of massive strokes and more due to directed energy attacks after they broke ranks with Bush's Roadmap to Peace, which wasn't. And Lynn suffered a debilitating stroke, lost all her savings and pensions and job, and I'm certain it was due to directed energy weapon attacks by the U.S. Government. At the age of 60, and years of public service including to the poor of the United States, she is nearing homelessness and death due to the death squads of the United States, just like we did in South America all those years, as we are preparing to do from Columbia.

Ask Paul Begala, why WOULD anyone fear black helicopters hovering over their houses? I have thousands of witnesses who'll tell you why. And plenty of video of them buzzing our house in the country, which is about to be lost.

Death panels work, and have for many years.

I keep remembering Michelle Obama's remarks at how she's proud of America. I wanted to be. But all the while, I knew the truth of the government's plans, of my own persecution, and the harm being done to millions. Covertly.

And I considered how I, too, wanted to see the historical moment in history when an honorable black man or woman would become president, and mark forever the progress we've made toward true civil rights and liberty as God had in mind, in a nation claiming to pride itself on being "the anointed nation of God".

And here I sit today, knowing that I cried for that reason when Sen. Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States. I wanted to believe.

But still, I sit here today, knowing the farce of that achievement, civil rights, under a man who committed egregious crimes to get elected, including particpating in what is intended to result in my death. 

And for now, I'm talking of myself as a citizen, with no other claims to any other special rights or considerations which may arise regarding my divinity. Like all the other "Targeted Individuals" who have suffered for decades. The Church Commitee under Sens. Frank Church and Sen. Kennedy were cover-ups. Ask Peter Fenn. I have no doubt I can prove my own harassment and  destruction since about 1959. And ask them about MK-Ultra and CoIntelPro. They work... to an extent.

My life has been hell for the last 10 years. Lou Dobbs and Jack Welch COULD explain why. I doubt they will.

Black Elk said that the Pilgrims who came to the United States never achieved the freedom they sought, and he and now, I, are not speaking of just religious freedom. It's about the true liberty, fully understood and lived in the Golden Rule, as spoken of in the Bible in John and by Jesus.

And still, I believe in the ideas and intents of what this nation claims to believe in and stand for, despite the Orwellian twists and turns of language, despite the turn to privations, rule of law instead of intent of law, and so many other things that allow this to truly be a nation not of laws, but of loopholes. The same unconstituional and illegal loopholes that allow people like Brian Baird to make their political careers successful, while being a leading proponent of government organized death squads that deliver what the CIA calls a "slow kill", and leads to mass drugging of the population with anti-depressants and other drugs that will kill you, supposedly for your own good, but merely to pacify you and keep you silent as the New World Order takes over....

And still, I believe in the ideas and intents of what this nation claims to believe in and stand for, knowing that even the idea of an anointed nation has been spun and distorted so as to make people believe it is the nation that is anointed, instead of the prophet God provides to lead them to lead the world in His ways, and it is the prophet whose presence and being that is anointed, who, if not allowed to provide God's wisdom, is required to withhold it, as the nation gone awry is left to its own devices, and eventual failure as a nation. Just as George Washington was warned.

And still, I believe in the ideas and intents of what this nation claims to believe in and stand for, and like a soldier returning from duty in Iraq, having put their lives on the line for liberty, their nation and their families, I too seem to be classified as a potential homegrown terrorist because I believe in the Constitution, I believe in God and His ways, and yes, I'm even willing to take video of police committing crimes if I have to. In this country, Michelle, why should anyone have to?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You

The Constitution is not a "god damned piece of paper", nor is God a myth or an opiate. And please tell Mitch McConnell that money is not free speech.

I am not aware of your religious beliefs, but I admire your willingness to stand up against such evil in the United States and the World, despite the fact that I believe your knowledge of what is going on is very limited, and if you knew the extent   of the torture inflicted by "slow kill" methods, you would call for the teabaggers to take up arms. The Council on Foreign Relations wants you to.

But, please understand the dialectic qualities of what is going on. Sarah Palin was used to attract minority and women voters, as John McCain handed the election to Barack, just as I posted an article relating to Cindy McCain's tax returns reportedly indicating profits made in the stock market from the government sponsored terrorism we call September 11, 2001.

George Tenet and Deutsche Bank could provide you with mountains of evidence, if we were to "follow the money" as Cynthia McKinney suggested, given that the terroriists the U.S. identified as the suspects who died in the plane crashes are alive and well in the Middle East. McCain wasn't the only one.

A man named Michael Ruppert, now living in forced exile in Venezuela, a former police officer who investigated the U.S. Government and the activities of the CIA, could provide the details to convict hundreds if not thousands of U.S. citizens/officials who were aware of and actually particpated in the conspiracy.

And we blame the Muslims. I challenge you, on that note, to read the Koran, and realize it's not what we have been trained to believe it is.  And to realize its importance is much greater for Christians, if they listen, asking them to follow the Christ God provides them, instead of rejecting them and creating a heritage of prophets supposedly proving their divine inspiration and divinity by their deaths.

And ignoring the prophecies and advice from God until its too late. People were told to kill Jesus if He claimed to be the son of God. In our society, anyone who claims divinity is automatically considered unusual, different, even extremist, odd or crazy.. unless the government gives its sanction... to those who will remain silent about government crimes. It's no wonder that a "Christ" would need to come to resolve it all and correct the lies that have replaced the truth about many things. Just as Jesus was crucified by those who were guilty and wanted to silence Him.

With that, you should read a memo by Zbigniew Brzezinski during the Carter Administration that Cynthia supplied, called Memo 46. It should explain a great deal about how you and the teabaggers are being used.

It should also explain something to you about how the U.S. is actually perpetuating the myth, like the Nazis in Germany did, that the Jewish people mounted a long time strategy to overtake the world through economic and military coercion. As the United States is doing now. Look up operation Paperclip.... you'll be startled. And study the Bible from the time of about 64AD, where the "double cross" dialectics take hold.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Charlie Daniels Band - Devil Went Down To Georgia

Not too many songs tell the story like that one.

Back in 2003, I filed papers with the FEC to formally run for President of the United States. I'm sure you can understand how, when running for any office, people think you must be a little titched to do so. But I'll bet you'd understand that, like you, I did it because I saw a need in the leadership of this nation, a need to be forthright, to fully inform the citizens, and to correct some problems that I wasn't aware were already so far out of control.

Like many people, I believed HW Bush's New World Order speech marked a turning point that actually would lead this nation to be the leader of God's Kingdom in the end times I knew were coming. I was deceived, as many are.

But like you, Michelle, I had a vision, a gut feeling about  knowing that what this nation claims to be is worth fighting for, and is right and true to God's vision of this world. Just as God knows that absolute power corrupts. And so, I decided to take the hits from people who did not understand their full responsibilities and rights as citizens in order to contribute back to the nation I loved with all my heart since I was a child.

Michelle, I'm going to run for president again in 2012, if I'm still alive and this government hasn't successfully framed me for bogus crimes just as they did Lynden LaRouche, who is not the radical some would have you believe he is. Right now, I actually believe I'll be conducting my campaign from overseas, because the only option I can see to stay alive is to seek political asylum elsewhere to continue to spread the truth, to fight another day.

Not quite the United States I believed in, but worth fighting for. I hope I haven't been deceived by your political speeches and affiliations as well. As I have been by every person in leadership of this nation I ever believed stood for the intent of the Constituion. I wish  I was exaggerating. I'll bet this isn't the United States you believe in, either.

Ask Wolf Blitzer about Commander Solo. I'd have never heard about it without his report, and finding out that the phony ministers on my tv to psyop me are either broadcast from aircraft or simply replacing other programs via my satellite tv receiver.

And then ask the Commanders of NATO why they think it's funny to capture and kill Muslim soldiers by using psychotronics to make them think God is talking to them. Ask Sharon Weinberger, or in fact, Rachel Maddow about that subject, and LRAD's too.

Barack supposedly gave a speech while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize declaring global war, and stating that it wasn't about religion. They've memo 46'd the Chrisitans to take on that cause. And Christians don't realize that technically, they are the gentiles and heathens described in the Bible, too, and that the JEWS mentioned are actually the remnant of the 12 Tribes of Israel and Judaism, and then includes others who adopt the ways of God.

It's important to say that religions have been so confused by politics that, as the Bible and Jesus himself said, they read it, but they don't understand it... because of politics and religious leaders like John Hagee and Pat Robertson, who I'm not calling phonies, just people so entrenched in politics and ego of their own power, that they have forgotten to continue to seek truth. By so doing, they are apostates as described in the Bible.

This nation has become so perverse and corrupt that I have been subjected to numerous "ministers" hired by people who could only be described as evil, giving sermons I at first thought were brilliant, only to find out they were purposely misleading me about scriptures, which I did not accept or believe, and setting me up for public humiliation and homelessness and worse... and you need to remember, Michelle, I am one of millions being tortured to death and psyopped to death like this.

I can't help thinking about the TV minister who offered people an insurance package guaranteeing them financial security for $900, the "end times" financial insurance policy, supposedly backed up by God. Or the supposed pastor in Los Angeles used to set me up for a sex scandal like GM did to Ralph Nader..  and how other people have been set up... with psychotronics and DEWS and money.

Ask John Boehner what he REALLY meant when he pointed out a destructive distraction, when the Los Angeles situation happened, and I was being forced into homelessness to shut me up regarding the crimes of both presidential candidates in 2008.

When Barack talked of Nazis in Normandy, he said they humiliate and exterminate. Think about the media, other politiicans, how they treat the news, how they talk about you, and then think about the death panels. That IS humiliation and extermination. And why Boehner was talking about Socialist Democrats, aka, Democratic Socialists, aka Nazis.. and they're not just the Democrats. Salior boy knows, and I respect him for his attempts.

By the way, ask Mike Huckabee what it REALLY means to Do the Right Thing. Stealing one of my central campaign themes and some wisdom my father taught me is not what he's likely to tell you. And then ask him about his agent, Jim Della Croce, about his ties to GE and Time Warner.

I woke up this morning wanting to write something very patriotic and uplifting for the people of the United States, to show my continued passion for what we believe in, despite the criminals in the government and other positions of leadership. Unfortunately, this is what was on my mind. It's a very bittersweet look at what I believe in, versus what is actually so. Things you wouldn't want to believe were true and occurring if you were a decent person. But, true by the DOD's own admissions which can be found in the Rumsfeld Information Roadmap, as well as documenting it on www.democraticfundamentalism.org To eliminate any person opposed to the U.S. agenda for global war.

Because of the work of the Council on Foreign Relations and the U.S . Government, the death squads on the streets, and Time Warner and General Electric in particular, I have a great number of obstacles to overcome which I resent but will prevail over.  For the Love of the World, 1949 and today... all by itself, those words will prove a conspiracy going back to then and long before as the New World Order shaped this nation into accepting tyranny, using the churches and the government and media to deceive us all.

And by the way, don't use compact flourescent bulbs. They can actually cause you serious clinical anxiety and depression. That information provided because you need to know that GE brings very few good things to life, and many things that end it.

But, no matter what happens, understand, I love this nation, I know the citizens are good people, and they have been deceived, and neither I nor God will forgive the leaders for these deceptions.

With that, even continuing to respect the separation of church and state, for those who truly believed that the United States was the "anointed nation", I'll share with you a series of Bible passages and such that I commonly refer to as Magic Bible verses, a way I use to allow God to deliver messages to me through the Bible and other writings, by vaguely asking a question, and then as randomly as possible, selecting a specific Bible verse with my eyes closed to enable God to choose what He wishes to tell me. And it works, and works, with immediate context sensitive scriptures.

The question last night or yesterday was, what message does God have for the United States at this time. I turned to  a blank page. I selected again.. I'll let my weblog entries describe the rest. Michelle, ask Boehner what Aesopian languageing is. There's plenty of it to your favorite newscasters embedded in this weblog. Ask them about the Barbie Action Network. And how the U.S. Government uses phony and apostate ministers to kill Christians, Jews, and witnesses to their crimes.

Happy 4th of July. God damn the corrupt of the U.S. Government, and God bless the citizens.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please


Got a message today from the same guy who tipped me off regarding how the Bush-Clinton Hurricane Katrina web site was online weeks before the hurricane.. in June... directed me to a story about how oil is not the only thing leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.. it's also radioactive. I'll get the story and more posted in news news in the next few days.

Is it emulations, psyops, or just my life? The psychotronics guys like me to write, because whatever I write about, they harass me about, like when I complain   of torture, they torture us more. They love to make fun of my Bible reading and such... and like to get me to write by prodding me to do a magic Bible verse...

So, I'm reading what it says, and it's like the story of my life, is it psyops, did the Bible say it WOULDN"T happen because of psyops, when IA is in a word in the KJV, does it really indicate some kind of evil or deception was in play? It seems so.

So, tonight, I turned to one section, accidentally opened another while turning to Malachi 1:2... the question they asked was, what is the message for the United States this 4th of July. I turned to a blank page. I turned to the concordance, and fingered Malachi 1:2... I read something else accidentally, but can't remember what... about the death of Saul and his sons...

I was thinking earlier today how I really loved Galatians while sparring with Pablito (Paul Begala)... anyway...

It would take too many stories to explain why this is so applicable to the United States this year... the things I've been saying.. the things that have been happening.. the people, and their activities, teachings, preachings, mendacity and more... and the specific people it would be talking to are just gonna have to find themselves in it. I got through Malachi 3:15 before I couldn't bare to read any more...

I was going to use whatever I turned to as the basis for an "essay" for the 4th of July... between MBV's about having a son, and the anger of God at how we have betrayed Him, and we have... I'm a little tired of wanting to speak to people, truly reconcile things, and being taunted and tortured  and feeling like anyone really listens like it matters.. in this country.. and tell Sheppard that I'm not quite as subdued as some would expect... I am patient. The cat was cute, I like mine better, on or off the bed, Bill... something about flummel.

I think of  all the people who know more than I know, have more resources than I could possibly imagine, and the power to make me disappear... and then think of the thing they fear about me most, besides the truth, and that is I really am audacious, persistent, and when my back is in the corner...

Malachi 3:17 And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth Him.

Proves God has favorites, in a way...

10:16pm Oh yeah, for Al Gore... this is one of those things I have to say would embarass me to admit in public, for reasons other than your own, that I used to think of this song as sort of a personal theme song...  tonight, I dedicate it to you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magic Man

Magic quote book quote of the night: 773   "Government is a contrivance of human wisdom to provide for human wants. Men have a right that these wants should be provided for by this wisdom." - Edmund Burke "Reflections on the Revolution In France" 1790

Here's another one I'll agree to:

776... hmm.. The chief duty of government, in so far as they are coercive, is to restrain those who would interfere with the inalienable rights of the individual, among which are the right to life, the right to liberty, the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to worship God according to the dictates of one's conscience. - William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State,  1915 "Bryan's 10 Rules  for the New Voter"

Back when I first started writing to Dobbs, I told him about how Nostradamus said that after the millennium, the greatest hoax ever played on humanity would be exposed. I thought of lots of things that could be considered as that... laughing about  a number of them of course.. like , maybe it was the United States, and maybe we DID exist simply as a thought running through someone's brain... so I've been thinking about how to maybe write a chapter about how the Revolutionary War against England was probably one of the greatest hoaxes the Illuminati/Druids (the bad ones, that is) and their dialecticians ever pulled off... not sure people are ready for that one, but when you understand these guys and their dialectics, and realize the lineage from the British throne to the government of the United States.. and how the British are retaking many of our industries and things.. and how we've use our military to help them... and the way we promote the British Royalty like they're special for us... like our royalty... and all the people who receive knighthoods and honorary knighthoods like Ted Kennedy, Bill Gates, Rudy Giuliani...  and I was looking at this book the other night about Buckminster Fuller talking about how the original US Flag was actually first used in India in the 1600's by the East India Company (what it has to do with the price of tea in China) and the Bush family and the British Royalty and.. and .. and...

I don't think people are ready for that one yet, but King George appears to have been true to his promise to retake the United States for Britain...

I'm gonna do a quick MBV, and call it a night..  Revelations 2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of  iron, as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers; even as I received of my Father.

28 And I will give him the morning star

29 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

There are certain people, based on that one, if I was them, I would be very concerned...  for a complete sermon on that subject, goto PastorMelissaScott.com   Look for "The Potter's House". I have a pdf of it here somewhere. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Quarterflash - Harden My Heart

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy's Christmas (Snoopy vs - the Red Baron)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Have A Talk With God

God picked the music.. Interpret it as you will.

Then this came up Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good

And then I was sitting there, and I looked down, and saw Revelations 2:20 One might think these psyops might cause me to not want to read the Bible because of bad memories caused by psyops... just makes me know I'm on the right track.. after all, it says he would go a way... I'll say it's the right way...



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