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Jackson Browne and other people have sued the United States Government for using their music for the purpose of destroying people's minds during torture and psyops. They do it to people in their homes in the United States, too. One day, I'll be a victim of torture who will be their witness.

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As usual, not complete due to US Govt cover-ups and psyops. Begun 9/8/2011

Music & Musicians

Sting and the Police on IRS Records &  Tapes. Years ago, when the Police came out on A&M records, I was invited to a press conference as a media critic, and 15 minutes before leaving my office to go to the conference, I received a phone call from A&M records saying I was no longer invited, but they would send me an audio tape of the conference so I could use it for the magazine I worked for in Southern California, called Off Duty Magazine, an international publication independently owned and distributed at PX's.  It turns out that Stewart Copeland's father was a member of the OSS, the organization that existed in World War II that became the CIA. 

Something OSS, CIA and intel types do when they want someone to remember something important that doesn't seem important at the time is to "burn it into someone's mind"  by doing something odd, like canceling a music critic's opportunity to talk to or interview a great band so they'd remember them.  Apparently, what A&M records and the Police wanted me to do was remember this great band, so that one day, I'd hear this song, and know what the government had planned for me even way back then. And it's the kind of thing only  an intel type would have known, and a method an intel type would have used. Thanks to them for saving my life. 

Sting and the Police on IRS Records & Tapes was the plot against me, and this is the song I laugh at that explains it and me, and why I always wanted to go to Stanford University to study Constitutional law.

Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

PS to Sting: Interesting, knowing little about you but knowing of your and your comrades artistry, I always wanted a life sort of like the one you've lived, painting and all. I'm aware of the arm injury you dealt with in England that cancelled your tour. GW Bush and others knew this story, and people like you took hits because you have "knowledge". (I have the same injury) I'll find a way to make it up to you. And it probably is you.... Something about Pres. Sarkozy, Joseph Campbell and Charlemagne - I joke around about returning to Israel, Germany & France - I've never been to any of them.

The interesting part is, I don't have that 1st album anymore, I had to sell it to eat. Back then, was it Message in  A Bottle or I'll Be Watching You? And when did you give up IRS Records & Tapes? Outlandos d' Amour from 1979 is only on A&M. However, some of the best advice I ever got was Englishman in New York. (Camel said, I Can See Your House From Here... lots of people tried to get me to listen to short wave radio... nobody told me why, and I bought a Yaesu... I'm afraid to listen to it. Something about Motorola and the Uridium System) Shall I assume there are 10  Summoners who know? Back around 1970, my sister gave me a book called "In the footsteps of Jesus". On reflection, I  created a sort of mantra for myself that goes something like this: I am not perfect, but with every breath and every step I take, I try to be. Was it you guys or God trying to tell me something? Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot... See also: Auschwitz in America

James Taylor October Road Whenever You're ready   Carry Me On My Way Baby Buffalo and frankly James, the entire album. Saw you at Nissan Pavilion in Manassas - the day after I was in a car accident that almost caused me to miss it, but let me know Belfast to Boston was written long before, after your returned from Ireland, Otherwise I'd have believed every song on this album was about me and my web site, especially this song, which your video version's timing was way off :} On The 4th Of July Do you or don't you know the story of that? This album was used to almost destroy me after I "drew the line" Perps: CNN, Clive Davis, Lou Dobbs, Time Warner, Universal, Wesley Clark... See also: From the Beginning of Time. I think this is the version from For the Love of the World. Reference, Cindy McCain, 2008 RNC Convention. We share something James, "I forgot what to ask for..."

James Taylor The Secret O' Life This song was the beginning of psyops against me in 2002, as I called it my agreement with you on what life is really about.

James Taylor You've Got A Friend This is one of the first songs I ever learned to play completely, just like you. Part of the "almost destroyed me part." (PS Don't ever call her a bitch again. For years I thought, their music is so similar, and it sounds like they believe in the same things. I thought you'd make a good couple. Til you called her a bitch, I didn't know you were.) PSS: The Golden Rainbows will never end..... 

James Taylor Secret Agent Man Informed me I wouldn't be killed after calling the secret service regarding possible threats to John Kerry via CNN - Secret Service, DNC, FBI, Wa. State.  See also: Pastor Melissa Scott psyop.

James Taylor - Lookin' for Love on Broadway (In Los Angeles) Pastor Melissa Scott psyop.

James Taylor - Stand and Fight - I took this song as a personal challenge, and I  challenge him. As my FBI psyop person would say, James, right back at ya.

Stevie Wonder - For the fun of it, I subscribed to Astrology.com from AOL as I was researching oracles, and then subscribed to the same service on Yahoo, and compared it one day, and one said one thing, the other basically said that - what I wanted was Signed Sealed Delivered, I'mYours. Psyop by  AOL/Time Warner, DNC, Barack Obama. I also used to joke about that phrase with Lou Dobbs when I thought he was helping me. My phone would ring every morning at 10 am, when the bell rang (a NYSE commercial that played every day at that time... sometimes I'd email him and say "I'm workin' massa") I finally figured out the phone rang every day at that time because of a Qwest repairman who rang all three lines in the house at once one day. Even my modem. I thought it was a CNN employee, and I'd have a joke ready even though they never said a word. I figured they wanted to be sure I was awake, as I'd work til 2 to 3 am every day and they didn't want me to miss any news that would inform me, and later realized, would make me seem like an extremist because I know more than most people want to believe is true. Because of them.

Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can - Psyop by Barack Obama, DNC. this was one of the first theme songs of my site Democraticfundamentalism.org when I was trying to rally people to communicate and restore democracy in 2002.

Michael McDonald and the Doobie Bros -  Takin' It To the Streets. I was upset when Michael sang the National Anthem at the DNC Convention in 2008. I  didn't blame him, I knew the DNC was taunting me with all my favorite artists, and people I'd interviewed and people I had written about in Off Duty Magazine years before. Thee have been so many attempts to make me homeless and destitute, I can't even remember them all. Maybe i just don't want to. Another song that was a theme on my websites in 2002. 

Mannfred Mann - Resurrection. This song cracked me up, and was used to make it seem like I disliked Catholics. Psyops by ??? and the city of Shelton, Wa. Christmas town USA, and the Bread of the Presence Catholic Book Shop. Please tell Rick Warren that I want to him to show him that those old hippies knew alot of what they were talking about..... we will not sell socks, and I don't want to sue the Pope. (You can run but you cannot hide.....) PS to Mannfred Mann.. I  understand what broken down in Iowa means. I wrote to your member on the BBC. No reply. I'm sure the U.S. Govt blocked it. I was working in L.A. as a record reviewer and artist interviewer at the time. too bad Warner Bros didn't include me on the interviewer list.. not really a surprise. Angel Station. What is Quinn the Eskimo REALLY about? Is it about JT''s Frozen Man?

Congressman John Hall, formerly of the Band Orleans, who I bought 7 copies of an album in a cutout bin in order to promote by giving it away. 1 of those is still in the plastic shrink wrap, barely. Plutonium is Forever, John, and I say you're doing Business As Usual. With what I know about you, it's time to Let There Be Music. God says so. Still the One, John. Psyops by John McCain and David Shuster.

Three Dog Night - Back in about 1971, I used to ride in a GMC Step Van to school everyday from the Big Bend Ranch in Humboldt County California (Across the river from Bridgeville). That trip took almost 2 hours. We'd play Joy to the World and other songs on the guitar as we went. Back then, I'd make wine for a hobby, my bus driver was an original player with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young til he went to Thailand to avoid the Viet Nam War. He introduced me to the music of George Harrison. A few years back, when studying theology and eschatology, I listened to Shambala, looked it up in the dictionary.. I used to play it on the radio at KAHS, Arcata, the high school station, and wondered what that great song meant. It ended up leading me to read a little about Buddhism, and then, ultimately, thanks to Martin Savage of NBC & CNN, to the Koran. It also gave me an appreciation for Curt Cobain and Nirvana. Most people who think you're one of  those old "hippie groups" don't know you were a gospel band that had to re-arrange your first album to make it rock and roll or the company wouldn't release it. All I  have to say to you guys, other than loving your music, is Sure As I'm Sittin' Here. Strangely enough, a woman from Germany told me my name meant "Son of Man", and at the time, I didn't know what that meant, and when I found out, it didn't impress me that much because lots of people have that name. But I found it amusing before I realized it was informative. I consider you guys part of the Family of Man. Psyops by CNN, the Thurston County Sheriff's Dept., the Mason County Sheriff's Dept., the United States Government, and the Bread of the Presence Catholic Book Shop. In fact, I just realized that a cop named Van Dyke is the reason some people wanted me to write this, and they think it would humiliate me. I'm being tortured for saying that. PS Saw one of you guys as the warm up artist for Todd Rundgren one day. Loved it.

United Methodist Church, Olympia A Commercial "God is calling...."  CNN, Ted Turner The minister I talked to started to give me career counseling. I  said, I have a job, Global Peace and Abundance for All. Tell Jimmy Carter health care isn't enough, but comes with it.

Jackson Browne Casino Nation A truth the U.S Govt doesn't want you to know

Jackson Browne Rock Me On the Water, Don't You Wanna Be There

Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson & Rockwell.  One of the subjects related to his MJs murder Somebody's Watching Me AEG and Universal. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.   (KXGO)

Prince Purple Rain, I would Die 4 U, Baby I'm A Star Wa. State

Prince What If God Was One of Us

Weird Al Yankovic What If God Smoked Cannabis

Prince The full song: Controversy from the album Controversy Used to cause me to trust Jehovah's Witnesses, leading to the infiltration of Kingdom Halls in Olympia and Shelton, Wa. as well  as a cover up scheme at San Jose, Ca. airport. I have lost no respect for Prince (but I will have a talk with him about doing away with sexual double entendre :}) Dedicated to Tipper Gore, who basically quoted my advice to Al after election 2000 on CNN. Larry King, thanks for informing me on this one.

Prince Face Down To be discussed personally with Prince only.

Holly Go Anarchy - Why Am I Not A Lesbian? - They're Lying to You. Strangely enough, she gave this album to Lynn McMullen at the Dept. of Peace Conference in Washington DC not long after I wrote something explaining why I like lesbian and gay people , having to do with the fact that they have to really examine themselves and their beliefs in order to be strong in this world. And I respect how it makes them very real and deep feeling people who are typically well adjusted and compassionate people often willing to serve others. Rick Santorum, don't you dare call me out on this one. Somewhere on this site is a letter addressing Ellen Degeneres that explains it.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean A concern I have based on a report on CNN regarding DNA derived sperm

Michael Jackson/ Jackson 5

I'll Be There

Something about Barbie Dolls

A song used by God to convict the heart of a woman who He will judge as she sees herself: a minister, though it's unlikely she is. Pastor Melissa Scott psyop. If that psyop had not occurred, at Forrest Lawn, I say it's likely Michael Jackson would be alive. What Boehner and others called: A destructive distraction. See also: Rockwell Psyop by the media, CFR, DNC on behalf of Barack Obama to silence me at a critical time. Did Elvis REALLY  leave the room? Elvis is the Secret Service name for Bill Clinton. And declaring that is required when a president leaves, to make sure security is alert to protect them. Something about a  dog..... it's programmable, and it's in front of me now. Relates to the psyops in Maryland, and 2-4 or more sex traps at Landmark Education in Washington DC. And the Biblical story of Jezebel, folklore of coyotes, and the State of Washington, specifically, Shelton. Mason County and Kyra Phillips, CNN

Paul McCartney White Album Divorce after I faxed MPL in New York to let him know the Sun King woke up.

Paul McCartney Memory Almost Full - Only Mama Knows CNN, MSNBC, Fox, FBI, Pastor Melissa Scott, Forrest Lawn. Paul was a Bluebird, I'm a Monarch I think. GW was a Manchurian. Dedicated to the Biblical translation of Baca: Valley of Sorrows in Swahili. 

Paul McCartney Memory Almost Full - Mr Bellamy Keith Olbermann, Barack Obama. I don't need your help getting down, Barack. Have 'em stop threatening Abbey or Al will be in more trouble. Keith: Something about a bear and a trampoline.

Prince Morning Papers Pastor Melissa Scott, US National Broadcast News Media threat at large. Ya never know what they'll report

Prince Dear Mr Man Kyra Phillips - CNN - Live from after they played Cinnamon Girl, which ended up sounding like I was ok with terrorism afterward

Peter Gabriel Up Ted Turner via Larry King

Jermaine Jackson KIQQ Los Angeles, Strauss, Wa. State. JTTF

Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16tons Dennis Kucinich

Bon Jovi

Alanis Morrisette Front Row, with popcorn CNN, Lou Dobbs, Hillary Clinton, Mikulski, Biden, Unity New Hampshire Tax evasion scheme, Maryland

An Inconvenient Truth  Al Gore. We must save the frogs. And the US govt thinks I'll be embarrassed. Al forgot to mention the greatest cause of pollution is war for oil, which is not included in global statistics to save the government and corporations from embarrassment. Iraq alone accounted for 60% of carbon emissions when that movie was made. Britain was polluted with radioactivity from the bullets and bombs in our nuclear war against the middle east nations that they don't want to admit. Depleted uranium. Who needs Yucca Mountain when you can turn nuclear waste into bullets. Dirty bombs. Suppliers: US, Israel, Canada. The US order 40 billion plus bullets from Canada after Lou Dobbs reported that US citizens bought 10 billion bullets. Get a Geiger counter folks. Your ammunition may be killing you. Got that NRA?

See also: Unity New Hampshire: Even our pets know how important this election is. Since then, 2 of my pets have died by directed energy weapon attacks.

Alanis Morrisette Flavors of Entanglement, an essential album for my 2008 presidential campaign. Wa. State

Alanis Morrisette Sex stings and other entrapments, Groveland, California. San Jose Police Dept. Coldwell Banker, landlord, house with the owl on the wind direction, US Park Service. Also 92Q, Lori Herrick, Sonora, Clark Broadcasting. Also, a setup regarding demeaning of Long Beach, Ca. Police. See also, MSNBC, AOL/Time Warner. See also: Raytheon, Johnson Controls. Angel's Camp.

Alanis Morisette related to above, Pete Wilson, Exxon, OSPR, Justus Riek, FBI, JTTF, CHP and Sonora Police (no foul by them) Groveland Sheriff Support Unit.

Alanis Morrisette Minister. On Maher. No foul by Maher. Time Warner. "Everyone is owned by  Time Warner at some point". Another Maher remark, insulting but informative, "If we didn't have you to hate, who would we have to take our frustrations out on?"

Trisha Yearwood I was fed song by her to set me up for plagiarism, This is what can happen.... Also, music by Buddy Holy. Story: Channeling George Harrison. 

Glen Campbell Capitol Records, Ted Turner, Hale Milgrem, CNN/Larry King. Shortly thereafter arrested for DUI and assaulting police officer, now reportedly has Alzheimer's. I doubt it. Psychotronics. Lifelong goal since 8th grade, write a song for him. 

Aaron Tippin, Frank Rich DRT Accounting, IBM and N. Carolina Biotech

Donny  McClurkin When He Returns CNN, Kyra Phillips. Golden visions parts 1 thru 6. Introduced by Andre Crouch at the Roxy for the premiere of Billy Preston & Late at Night.

Loverboy Lovin' Every Minute of it CNN, Lou Dobbs, Burger King, Wa. State

Billy Preston & Syreeta Wright Late At Night

Billy Preston Events leading to his death CNN, Kyra Phillips, UCLA Medical Center

Todd Rundgren

Tiny Demons

AMPEX, Landark Education, Eve Marie McGrath Bernstein and Howard Perlmutter. Eve: Holly Near look alike. Claimed she was going to JFK University, San Francisco as a sex therapist. Tried to convince me I fathered a  child... wrong. Sex trap.

Todd Rundgren Shine, Healer. DNC Convention, 2004  Dennis Kucinich - The World Needs A Healer. I wrote to him 3 times regarding attacks against Lynn McMullen, all ignored.

Todd Rundgren, We Gotta Get You A Woman My brother got married shortly thereafter. Reference Raytheon. SOP of CIA/FBI Psyops. See also: Johnson Controls. Scotts Valley and Sonora, California. Also: Raytheon, Angels Camp., a near replica of Paul Masson winery features. See also: Pete Wilson, OSPR, Exxon.

Phil Collins
Testify - Can't Stop Lovin' You  Lexus Commercial, no foul, and then Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started A theme before and thereafter on my sites. He got a divorce, $240 million alimony settlement.
CNN, Lou Dobbs. Love ya Lou :}
Clive Davis

Joni Mitchell Shine Good advice Stephen Colbert

Paul Simon A slap in the face Stephen Colbert

Guns & Roses Chinese Democracy Affirmed my concerns since 2000 Stephen Colbert

Cat Stevens Father & Son, Peace Train Dennis  Kucinich, JP Morgan

Green Day White robes and Blue Jeans :} Insult by Stephen Colbert

Pastor Melissa Scott Body & Soul FBI Sex Trap. CNN, NBC, Phony Jehovah's Witnesses, Wa. State, Mason & Thurston County  government and police

Jefferson Starship Sarah Used to threaten the life of Lynn McMullen's granddaughter NBC/MSNBC, Wa. State

Jefferson Starship We Built This City Overall, a threat not to travel to San Francisco and live in California. Google Groveland, California and Nancy Pelosi

Lionel Richie Gayle Roberts Public Relations. Intro to Lionel, will defend his suit regarding Penny Lover. I stopped writing music when Warner and Universal started feeding me other people's music through psychotronics when I was trying to compose. See also: Billy Preston.

Rolling Stones 40 Licks, tour and album CNN, Paul Begala, Clive Davis

Carlos Santana CNN Presents, Kyra Phillips, Insults. Drug induced haze of the 60's. Carlos. Who else had special projects with Clive Davis? How's ROnnie Montrose these days?

Geroge Harrison - The truth about our Orwellian World.  Brainwashed

John Lennon - Imagine - A song almost everyone loves, and few people actually understand. Someday, I'll explain it to the world. PS for misled Christians, John Lennon WAS NOT the anti-Christ. This song is VERY MUCH what God had in mind after the end times.


John Lennon - A song that got me into some trouble I think, and embarrassed some people when they found I wasn't that big  a fan of John Lennon's. Worth thinking about in this age of conformity and Purpose Driven Life. This song actually changed my life when I heard it on KSJO, San Jose, California  John Lennon - Working Class Hero


In 2002, the citizens of many nations publicly asked the citizens of the United States to turn their backs on the U.S. Government, and think for themselves. Also the subject of a psyop by Campbell Brown, thwarted by Lou Dobbs on CNN, after I embarrassed her regarding her histrionics and misleading comments but the safety of thermisol preservatives in children's vaccines which lead to autism. Listen the voice of reason..  Chico - Winds of Change - 04 - Papa Stop the War

A Song which also related to my original Hughes satellite email address honoring Nelson Mandela whose name translates to: Shaker of Trees. GW Bush said, There are no more Mandelas. He was wrong.


Pacific Gas & Electric  Are You Ready - The whole point of my existence. You probably won't find this song anywhere else.


The best psyop of all, by God Himself  Daniel Nahmod - One Power 
Daniel gave this to Lynn McMullen at a conference for the Department of Peace, now  known as The Peace Alliance



Artists and their agents, with special intent to inform Toni Brown of Motown circa 1979, now Universal, this is my actual fair use policy regarding the use of music on this and other sites:

First, fair use laws apply. Music on this site was used to  assist in conveying messages relative to the topics expressed, and frankly, without their music, my writing and the messages I intended might be incomplete. Further, my mother gave me a Bible long ago - from 1957, before bibles were re-written to exclude certain words and descriptions related to today's world crises, and identifying "The Learned Elders of Zion", often referred to as the ancients of Israel, and the elders of Israel, as described in Ezekiel. Finally, not all of the people or artists named were detrimental until later incorporated into psyops.

Even more, King David's writings in those older versions also referred to musicians as "God's Angels". I agree with that, and so on religious grounds I claim fair use of their music on God's behalf. And as a side note, to the ministers in the world claiming older artists are old hippies trying to mislead people, this web site will prove, using their music, the musicians were right, misunderstood, psyopped, drugged by the government and demeaned by the media.

About certain cuts and musicians






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