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Whether a carpenter, a teacher, a child or a nation,
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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Anka - Times of Your Life

I was reflecting on what its been like to compare the knowledge I have now and the person I've become since some people back in 2002 prompted me to read the Bible and hear the "wake up call" they were trying to give me to figure out who I am and take action. It's been interesting.

It's part of why I decided to suggest a couple of word games linked from my dictionary, because every time I look things up in the dictionary, I find out that there are things I do and that I'm interested in that have names and descriptions, and suddenly, I know that I have an interest in, let's say, quantum physics, and before, I thought I was just having the kinds of thoughts and daydreams people aren't normally encouraged to talk about.

I once had a conversation with a friend, who I really like and is a very nice person, who was telling me the reasons why he liked being a mortician. I didn't know what to say then or now. Somebody's got to do it. It's an important job. And in terms of craftsmanship, I'd rather have someone doing an important job who cares about doing it than someone doing it just because it's their job.

I have a nephew who does tile work in homes, a  great deal of it the normal kinds of construction bathrooms and kitchens and such. But, you should hear him start to talk when he describes the fancier work he gets to do.

Whatever we do is all art, and our love for seeing our works and creation fulfilled - like building a  house and knowing that it stands, it will stand, and that you were part of building it and keeping it sturdy and sound.... you can see the results of that work. When it's done well or serves its purpose, you feel rightfully proud of the work.

But, you don't just wake up one day, instantly a master of anything. Or are you? You may be, but just don't know it yet. How will you find out, short of a supernatural or spiritual experience?

For the most part, it's actually true that we live our lives, learn and experience what we learn, are attracted to doing things we enjoy and then become something. We might become a lawyer, a road worker, farmer, carpenter.. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

We become those things from years of work or learning and, at least in my case, I'd say, guided and instructed by God, until at some point, our lives and our beings, or maybe the work of His angels as I talked about in the previous chapter, have guided you into some position so that you may be of service to God.

And then there's this service to God stuff. When someone says something like that to me what comes to mind is slavery. I don't mind doing things I agree with, that make sense to me, but are you telling me that God has these angels going around manipulating my life to force me to work for God?

No. Everyone always has choice. God finds ways to help you make choices at times when you call on Him or He sees you getting into trouble, just like a parent would do for a child. And this "service" - it may be that for your life, all God wants you to do to serve Him would be to just be a good person, raise your family and follow the   Golden Rule. The world needs lots of people enjoying their lives like that.

Then, there are people like me who, because of spiritual experiences and just a gut feeling most of my life in one way or another - sort of like Jonah and the whale - who God simply won't leave alone when He says it's time to do what I agreed to do long ago, even though I didn't know what I was agreeing to. God can be tricky like that sometimes:} And that's not a complaint.

Back in the late 70's when I had the privilege of interviewing and writing about some of my favorite musicians, there were 3 things I discovered about the musicians and other people in the music and entertainment industries in the Hollywood area that made a huge impression on me.

1) When you get away from the tinsel of the strips, the people you think of in Hollywood, the stars and musicians and all are just like you and me, many small town people who live their lives and are lucky enough to work in something they really love. But, they're just people after all, and they know it, and they actually appreciate being treated that way... instead of like an icon or idol.

2) I've known few musicians who, when you talk to them away from the crowds, doesn't give thanks to God for their gifts and the blessing to  be allowed to make a living making music and art

3) There are no such things as overnight sensations. Every once in a while someone does get lucky. But the musicians I talked to - and when you look at the actual histories of musicians and bands and such throughout time - I'm not aware of too many overnight sensations coming out of nowhere to be stars who haven't put in 7-10 years of hard work becoming masters at their craft or at least what they do themselves. I respect every one of them. Pro or not.

A fourth thing I was pleased to hear: a number of them telling me that the music they wrote was like God or someone or something on the spiritual plane broadcasting a song to them, or songs to them, and their job was to write it down. I'd always believed something like that but was afraid to admit it because before I started hanging out in Hollywood, I'd never heard anyone say anything like that before..

I always wondered what it would be like to be an Indian long ago, living off the land, migrating with the seasons and the foods that were growing in nature.. and the spiritual aspects as well.

I've thought, at times, at great length about what it would be like to be a person who never saw TV or heard radio or anything broadcast, whose life was shaped by his parents and family and the community he was in. I have to admit, I've thought I would have done very well.

There are some people who would have us all be uneducated and ignorant about anything except our lives in our immediate living environs, and they have a point. If you wanted to see a presentation of all the temptations Satan would offer the world in order to persuade us all to abandon the simpler, more peaceful ways of family values and a society of integrity, all you have to do is watch TV.

Don't get me wrong. I love TV. I grew up watching good guy bad guy shows where the bad guys always lost - shows like "The Untouchables", "The FBI", "Mannix", "Daniel Boone", "Combat", "The Defenders", lots of Jimmy Stewart Movies... these days, like lots of other people, some of my favorite movies are the ones where the criminals are the heroes.

I was writing a letter to then Sen. Joe Biden one night, and I was listening to music on my computer. I have nearly 8000 tunes scanned in by from my favorite artists.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

I experience a great deal of "synchronicity" with music. It amazes me how just how often the perfect song will play that either matches the message of what I'm writing or talking about, or makes me think of something I should think about, maybe write about or write music about.

So there I was, writing bluediam.gif (123 bytes) this letter to Joe Biden about Waco (8/23/2008) bluediam.gif (123 bytes) and other things, and this song is playing and suddenly I'm listening to a lyric saying "why are your heroes criminals?"

I'm not using this to call Joe Biden a criminal, I'm saying I was writing to him regarding what was actually a criminal act of the government against its own citizens, and writing to someone I did and do respect, about criminal acts of the government that seem to have been covered up in Senate Hearings chaired by Sen. Biden and Sen. Orrin Hatch.

If you watch the videos at bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.waco93.org (now .com) it's pretty obvious that Federal agents instigated the violence there, used Psychotronics to disorient and confuse the members of the Branch Davidians, and then systematically incinerated and killed them with cyanide.

There are truths like that all around us and we ignore them because we don't want to know things like that, we don't want to have to spend our time reading about things like that, and then, finally, what are we supposed to do about it anyway?

And that's how corrupt people with power get away with it, and cause us, in the future, to take the attitude that we have to allow it because we can't do anything about it anyway.

Unless we become someone in the world committed to living a much better life, being one of those people standing for such a world, and responding to the call within us to demand it instead of suppressing it and dealing with the negative results in the world we live in.

Who that person would be, in the face of propaganda and the influences of advertising and deceptive leaders and all would be someone who allowed themselves to set aside and to recognize the differences between the things you think and do, and what you really believe you'd think and do in a perfect world.

It's not a futile exercise, it's an inquiry that will allow you to realize that the world you live in, complain about and cope with is not the way it should be, you have a right to expect it to be the way it should be, and it will allow you to discover who you really are deep inside - the dream or calling to yourself of who and what you always wanted to be - superimposed upon the context of the world as it is today.

I looked up a few words in the dictionary one day, and found out that some of the things I was delving into were cosmology and philology. I was able to put words to the things I thought were daydreams, and then realized the things I thought about may have value with other people.

At one point in Los Angeles, I thought I couldn't find a good job working with computers. It was 2 or 3 years later that I realized there were plenty of jobs I could have had in the range of today's equivalent of $150,000 per year or more, I just didn't know I had been working on an IBM mainframe for which programmers were in high demand.

I looked up the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Church Committee on Wiki-pedia one day to research CoIntelPro and MK-Ultra, and accidentally came across the explanation of a word - bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Aesopian - that defined and proved that the "code" language that I was using with certain people in the media and politics was a documented fact and practice, so it vindicated me from worrying me that I could be accurately presented as someone making it up entirely, like I invented it or something, or just imagining it.

I don't know what your story of "becoming" who you believe you were "destined" to be would sound like, one way or another however you view that, but you could say this chapter is part of my story, sort of a "here's where I am about it all now" "reality check" of sorts.

Back in 2002, when some people in the media prodded me to read a few Bible verses, and I became curious about what I perceived were differences between my beliefs and born-again Christians, I decide to read the New Testament in a way that would have me understand what Jesus taught the disciples and Apostles to do to teach the word of God and spread His ministry. I thought, given the current political climate, I'd use it to teach me some things about how to lead a movement in a moral and ethical way, as well as being able to bridge the gaps between factions of citizens, gaps that I really didn't believe existed, or were as large as media representations would have us believe.

Chapter by chapter, verse by verse, I began to realize that I was already doing everything Jesus instructed, I was saying everything Jesus was saying, and there were only a few things about how to go about leading such a movement that I wasn't already doing. It was uncanny. I got to Luke. Yep, doing that. Write about what I saw, see now and see in the future, yep, doing that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - Back Stabbers

I remember coming to the conclusion, I don't who this Son of Man guy is exactly, but it appears that if we were being good Christians following in the footsteps of Christ, we'd all actually be given instruction in those chapters about living as "a son of man"... as well as an incredible amount of wisdom that would then relate to decoding the patterns and trends of those Biblical paradigms in relation to the current world, and how to see that the end of days was actually unfolding, how simple it can be to identify those working for the anti-Christ, perpetrator, knowingly or not... and then, being able to understand the true story of the coming of the Son of Man, Christ before becoming and the Second Coming, and being able to know the difference between the true Christ, the false Christ and the False prophet.

After reading all that in the Bible, my real reaction to it all, even though noticing the story of the life of the Son of Man and his mother and all sure seemed an awful lot like a description of my own life, despite my vision when I was a child, and my deal with God, I just thought, good, I'm doing things just like the way Jesus taught people, and I was glad that I could feel good about my conduct, like "a Son of Man", as I worked on my political issues and activism.

I say, if you are reading this, you have actually experienced all 3 in this world, and probably are not aware of it. I'm the good guy :} I wonder if the "bad guys" know about the spirits in them?

One day, while reading my Bible, I accidentally came across a section in the footnotes for ministers of a particular religion and it used a word: triunary.   That word vindicated me, at least to myself, the same way finding the word Aesopian did.

It described something that I didn't know there was a word for that proved that something I've been experiencing for quite some time has been considered amongst religious scholars, and whether they fully understand it or not, they know that there would be experiences of someone, Christ, that would be of a triunary nature.

For me it was a true revelation, not just for the discovery of the word and the relief of the vindication, but because of the additional things it caused me to consider, and the things that became clear to me, things I am sure God wanted me to know for what are obvious reasons to me now.

The reason the discovery  of that word was so important to me is because I know there are certain people working "tricks and traps" against me, just like the Bible said there would be. I've tried with, in my opinion, not well, to describe the realizations I was coming to in regard to the duality of the worlds I was seeing as separate and yet interacting in conflicting ways... worlds I need to interface with passively and actively, by "speaking" and through invocation and the counsel of God.

The two worlds being those of the spiritual and material worlds. The state of the spiritual and conscious cosmos of this material cosmos and the universe. And the experience of being in relation to the knowledge of God speaking and being in me and working through me.

And the further danger of knowing that between the psychological operations and Psychotronics and directed energy weapons used against me to write and say and do things that would make me seem irrational while I learned to differentiate Psychotronics from the influence of God. The same thing, the same kind of manipulation and harm that had me stop writing completely until April 2008.

The knowledge that without understanding more about the spiritual world, and the ways of God as distinct methods and ways and just inherent nature,  and just a little more knowledge of certain accepted religious concepts I didn't even know existed, that my attempts to describe the spiritual nature of my relationship to God could be twisted into some perverted proof that I was just suffering a mental illness such as multiple personality disorder.

I've collected so much evidence and all to be able to defend all that that I just don't worry about it anymore. Like any craftsman learning a trade and becoming an expert, you could say that I've become, in my own way, a journeyman of my art. That doesn't mean I know everything or know how to do everything.

If that were true, I, and you, would eventually become simply predictable tools. Think about that for a while. And if there wasn't anything left to know, it wouldn't be much fun or much of a challenge would it?

I have to admit that when I quickly read the meaning of this word triunary in my Bible, I got so excited that religious scholars considered the concept, that I lost track of the page, didn't really read the whole explanation, but it sort of matched what I was experiencing spiritually, and then before I lost the page, I saw something about how the physical body is possessed by a spirit, and in the case of Christ, possessed not only of the Spirit of Christ but also of God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bee Gees - Children of the World

Here's a couple of things for you to consider. First, I'm going to describe to you what I'll say is my explanation of a triunary being and how it manifests itself in my life, and then I'm going to show you how you are too, and I'm also going to provide you with a discussion that's kind of a favorite of mine, one you could say is picking up the discussion where Jesus left off.

And it's actually all about everyone really becoming who we truly are.

In essence, a human body is born and a "spirit" possesses it. We typically think of spirit possession as demonic, but the truth is, every body has a spirit. That person of that body, the being  who is the innocence or inherent inclinations and intents of the spirit possessing the body, and the worldly experiences and lessons of the conscious human. In one way, the spirit would be like the voice in your head saying "Do the right thing" when you're thinking things over on any given issue or concern.

God's work in this world, while honoring free will and the laws of the material and physical world, has been to allow us, like children, to "become" as His children growing into adults, spirits that would become strong enough to enjoy the pleasures of the material world while honoring the spiritual world and having the Golden Rule "become" - become an inherent and incorruptible part of them -  in them and their outward being.

In a world of spirits AND beings whose outward expression matched their inner truths, you would realize the Kingdom of God where no rules are actually needed because instant judgment, good judgment, not determination of fault or punishment, judgment that is the same as being filled and guided by the grace of God, and your personal relationship or connection to Him made ever stronger by your faith in Him which strengthens His faith in you.

There are times I feel like I've been forced into a position I wish I hadn't have been forced into so I didn't have to act a certain way in order to defend my own interests. Deep inside, in my heart, knowing the truth of the perpetual intent of my spirit, I knew that even though it seems I had done the right thing for those purposes, what I did was wrong by my own standards.

My spiritual being and my worldly/material being did not match when that happens. We need to recognize when that happens, and refuse to do what we believe in our hearts is wrong.

Jesus spoke of how God was in Him, that He was God, that God is in all of us and that we all had the power of God. It's all true. The question is, how?

In one way, being who I am, a triunary being bearing the spirits of God and Jesus and the Holy spirit, inside this vessel, the body of Chuck with the being which is the product of my earthly experiences and conscious thinking, combined with the spiritual beings of Christ and God Almighty Himself. And yet, that does not mean I am God Almighty.

God, and the spirit of God Almighty is truly omnipotent, everywhere at all times in many ways and in every being. I fear that God's presence is being recognized less and less because we are distracted with issues of survival that have been manufactured as diversion.

Nonetheless, I am blessed that God, the Father, my Father, has faith in me to do His work as His partner.

I'm hoping that you can read the last few paragraphs and put yourself into the idea of the scenes and thinking described and consider that the same things actually really do apply to you as well.

As His son, as Christ, He speaks to and through me, causes me to take actions, gives me ideas, and I can tell he's doing it because - it's like when I'm writing, and I've always been a writer and, I think, with at least slightly better than average skills - and suddenly, something comes out that is incredibly profound and concise and straight to the point.

It'll come out, and I'll think, where did that come from, and it would be something consistent with my belief and thought but so perfectly stated and so perfectly logical and just plain right. Sometimes I think of printing paragraphs and pinning them to the wall, and then think, that would sure seem arrogant, so impressed with himself that he puts his own writing on the wall.

But, you see, I don't see those things as coming from me, they're coming through me and I know it, and I know whatever those things are, it's important to Him for you to know it His way, and it's also usually something He wants me to learn - like yesterday.

And it's not Psychotronics or Psyops, I really do know the difference. Like when I stop writing the book because I believe I'm being influenced to write things I realize I don't really believe.

I can feel His spirit when it's happening. And, like Paul, I can tell when I'm being harassed or influenced inappropriately.

After my father died when I was a child, my mother, aunts and uncles kept saying to me "You know, you're just like your father. You walk like him, you talk like him, you look like him..." It was so burned into my brain that I took his driver's license and said, well, if I'm just like him, I'm going to learn to sign my name just like him. So I did.

To this day, it's very, very similar.

The thing is, I know when God is talking to me and through me because I can feel it, and, it always sounds just like my father. Direct. Not intended to be offensive. Honest and to the point. Always logical, and it always rings true.

I call it concision. The ability to communicate a concept fully and completely with as few words as possible. When it happens, I get the same feeling I get when I write poetry or music. Or when I feel like I'm in the right place at the right time to do something nice for someone.

I've spent a good deal of time, mostly alone, contemplating a great number of things, including my personal truths, my religious beliefs and national loyalties...

There's a part of it that's been lonely, and another part I'm thankful for that's enabled me to have sort of a control environment to test if what I write and believe and "see" rings true, both in terms of accepted religious beliefs and in terms of consistency in what I know to be God's ways, without educating myself first, and then usually finding out I'm in line with most orthodox thinking.

Through conception, DNA being exchanged and mixed together through parents, the concept of universal knowledge passed through this DNA that has gathered more and more knowledge and inherent knowledge through generations of "cosmic" evolution - much in the same way the Bible instructs elders and older generations to teach and pass down the wisdom of their cultures and of the ages to the young people of their tribes and nations.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 04 - Looking for my Life

One of my favorite things to do, in the semi-isolation I live in right now, is to completely strip away my opinions and sort of look at things in one way: what's something in the world the way it is that I wish wasn't that way. Maybe it's about an injustice, maybe it's about parking, whatever that's about...

And then think of what it is that made you decide that you would just allow it to be that way. Then, think of what the answer would be to resolve that issue. Not based on the paradigm of this world. Based on the idea of what it would be in the perfect world.

If your complaint was the need for more parking spaces, be careful what you ask for, the answer may actually be mass transit, and you may not like that. Are you seeking an answer or are you seeking affirmation and approval?

God provides us with many answers to questions and prayers, but we decide to believe He doesn't answer all prayers and He doesn't do miracles because He doesn't give us the answers we wanted or expected and we don't view the miracles He constantly provides as miracles.

Other times, the miracles He provides are hidden from most people by those who are saving them for themselves or for a time when they can maximize their profits.

That's a sin.

The thing is, when you strip away the worldly influences, the temptations and opinions, the peer pressure and your fears, and just listen to that part of you that always actually knows the difference between right and wrong, you truly begin to fully understand God's ways, not religion, God's ways of doing things, and then it becomes easy to see when and how things are being manipulated by the most unexpected people in the most unexpected ways and that that is how the deceptions upon deceptions occur and are allowed.

Personally, I was shocked when people told me I was the Son of Man, I thought I was being tricked. I didn't know I was being that, I was just being it. Recently, someone asked how I could be the Son of Man all my life and not know it, let alone not know that I was Jesus not to mention not having a full command of the scriptures.

I didn't actually mind her skepticism. It just occurred to me, though, when I responded, that I had never actually read the Bible, I'd never heard of the Son of Man like that and that it was over 30 years since I'd read the Bible at all, so I really didn't know there was anyone called the Son of Man to be, let alone being told I was being just like him, and that I was just being it, that other people saw it in me, and had they not told me, I may not have ever come to the realization.

Maybe because of the vision as a child, recognizing it was the TIME God wanted me to act, and inquiring into what God would have me do... maybe all of that would have caused me to come to more spiritual realizations allowing me to "become".

I don't know if Jesus figured it out himself or not, maybe John the Baptist said some things that made sense to him that caused his becoming.... historically, as I recall, otherwise He was just being that person, and then came to realizations. Including His special connection to God and being the vessel of God's spirit in this world at that time.

I didn't know that Jesus was very political and that He wasn't just a spiritual leader and healer.

So just for a moment, just for fun, think about your life, the things that make you happiest, the things you always wished for for yourself, things you always wished you could do and provide to other people...

Accept that God works in mysterious ways, trust me, it's true. :}

When things are really important, He looks around and sort of identifies certain people who, if they would listen to His whispers and to the Angels he sends around to remind us and give us clues as to who we really are or were supposed to be when the time came that they were supposed to do that special thing that God would want you to do, things would work out really well.

I like talking about angels anymore. Angels are everywhere. A lot of angels don't have a clue they're angels. I didn't realize that  until recently. I kept getting annoyed that these people my mother's Bible said were God's angels weren't acting like they wanted to have anything to do with me, and I listened to their music, and it sure seems like they must know more than me about all this stuff.

Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Then I think of myself, and acknowledge that even with my religious experiences early on, I didn't know anything about any sort of supposed divinity or what God would have me do in the long run, I just knew it would be something.  I was 47 years old when it appears some people said, "we're just going to have to whack him over the head and wake him up because he's clueless".

You could say - in a joking but serious way - that I'm trying to whack you and the whole rest of the world over the head a little in the same way. To wake you up to the truth of what's going on, how we've been trained to allow it despite how reprehensible it really is and we know it.

AND... to wake you up to look deeper into yourself, seek the truth again, and seek the truth about yourself again as if there are things to know about yourself that you don't even know you know.

Like, what kind of shape is your triunary being in? It's  a bigger discussion, but you are one.Think about that.

Meanwhile, I'll tell you about how I experience being a triunary being, and will simply give that I don't know how theologians express this. All I can do is tell you how I experience it and hold it.

It starts with what I said about a body being possessed by a spirit, most commonly perceived as a single spirit, a being of spiritual nature.

For me, that means I am a conscious and material being called Chuck. I have the spirit of "Jesus", more accurately stated as "Christ" in me, as a spirit AND as part of the heritage and knowledge passed down to me as the child of my father and mother, the history of the nation and the world, and the example I used, consciously or otherwise, as the example upon which I would try to conduct my life, actually based upon a simple understanding of the Golden Rule and the importance of the example of the Good Samaritan.

I have the spirit of God in me, some would say I am God in the flesh because, like with Jesus, I am His eyes and ears and legs and mouth and representative on earth. The Christ. The anointed one. His son. Think I don't know how that sounds? :} And yet I know it's true. For spiritual, historic and fact-based reasons. Lineage.

And just so you know, the idea of a triunary being, of being a vessel for multiple spirits in this way is not at all like hearing voices and multiple personalities, or a psychological battle for dominant personalities. It's not like that at all. It's more like an inventor where something "just comes to them", and from one thought, an entire panorama of ideas is opened up to them.

The Bible instructs the Son of Man to go out and speak the word of God, and to not worry about what he would say because God will provide the words and wisdom that comes out of his mouth. It's very much like that for me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens - Father & Son

I read in the Bible the other night how over time, nothing in the ways of God really change, the paradigms remain the same but the conduct of the people changes and the technology with which they live changes, as do the foundations of their cultures and values.

I thought to myself, I hardly knew my father, I was pretty young when he died, and I actually do remember understanding his ways as a child, they actually made sense to me, but as a child. Nothing more. And I thought, so how could I possibly be so much like him?

And, when considering being Christ, what it means and what the actual responsibilities are, it's not like I am intimidated by the enormity of the challenge, I am more concerned with how to openly and publicly begin the work in a way that will cause unity on a global scale.

I remember when I wrote bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Things You Should Know About God. At the time, it was my best understanding of things. There's this one part, though, where I talk about how if you saw it from God's point of view, you'd understand why God's not particularly impressed with being God, it's just what He is, who He is. I remember while recording it, I paused just  a bit because I realized  I felt exactly the same way.

In wondering the ways I was just like my father, I finally realized the importance of the "evolution of the consciousness of the cosmos", how I was like my father, and how I am not. I realized that in many ways I share His logical way of thinking. I'm not much for small talk, and don't tend to give opinions about things I don't know the facts about.

At the same time, I can understand why he'd want a partner in His Kingdom, as well as why it's actually important for me to be a little different. The biggest difference is that He was/is a hands on doer, someone who likes to tinker with technology and invent things. I enjoy technology and like to be familiar with it, but I like to apply technology and ideas more than create technology and ideas.

I liken it to when I was a sales engineer when PC's were first coming on the market. Few people understood how they worked and even fewer knew what they could actually do. I can't say that I actually care all that much about how all that technology ACTUALLY works - I understand the electronic theory and all, and can build computers from components and all that.

What I enjoyed doing was teaching people the basic things they needed to know about computers so that they could, themselves, make decisions about the purchases they were going to make,  understand the short and long-term scalability issues, as well as where the technology was heading. I didn't try to sell them anything. I presented fact in a logical and respectful way that allowed them to make choices instead of decisions from a list of options, like a menu in a restaurant.

I thought about that and realized that between my orientation in this world at this time, and the being I had become in addition to the spirit in me, my spirit, it became logical to me that I was more or less God's spokesman explaining things to the world while He was off creating things and making all the arrangements.

And, that part of what I was supposed to do was explain things in such a way that people understood they could treat Him like a friend instead of some austere authority figure that might strike them dead.

There are a thousand other things I'm realizing as I write this that explain why it was important for me to experience so many strange and hurtful things in my lifetime. To know what oppression and justice feel like, so I would never be guilty of abusing the power that might be available to me as Christ. And to be able to passionately and respectfully represent those considered to be "the least of them".

I remember telling someone special that one day I would run for president.

I think I was about 19. The truth is, I'd always believed that since I was a child. I don't know why.  I also knew I would do an excellent job and with integrity.

The concepts and spirit and liberty of America and Democracy just seem to have always been a part of me to the core. And I always thought it was fun to represent people in their causes, even when it wasn't something I was personally involved with, just as I have always been glad that I am someone people tend to bring issues to when they feel injustice or that they are not being heard by people responsible for or involved in their situation.

I thought telling her about running for the presidency might sound delusional enough all by itself, given how most people don't think big like I do, so I didn't tell her or anyone else until 2002 that I'd had a vision and suspected God might want me to be President of the United States one day.

Mind you, I never tried to fully figure out what He was going to want me to do. Call it destiny or providence, I don't know what to tell you. I still won't say with certainty that being President is what He hoped for me. I don't think anyone should just be handed anything. I think I've worked very hard for a long time. I believe He kept His promise of our deal to teach me what I needed to know.

I tried figuring it out a few times, and decided it was about as useful as trying to figure out what God Almighty looked like. The spirit being. Not the spirit in the flesh of a mortal being, whether we know it or not. It's like trying to answer the question, where did God come from? A pointless waste of time you will never guess until He tells you on a need to know basis.

All I know is, whether you have or not, I've seen a false Christ and a false prophet.. information about the truth of that will come out before long, and it will be as obvious to you as it is to me. As well as shocking and demoralizing to many people.

And that is one small part of how and why I am certain of who I am and what needs to be done God's way.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

I live in a household with someone who says they don' t believe in the concept of a Christ or a Messiah, but they like hanging around me because I make them feel closer to God. In one way, it invalidates the possibility of my personal discoveries and becoming, but in another way, it's good to know they would find me easy to be around, and that I influence them in some way that they think their life is better for it.

She suggests that I imagine what it might be like for a woman to be in a relationship with someone that people would call Christ or God, or God in the Flesh. I actually understand the feeling. And yet, accepting me as a man, possibly in her mind with divine purpose even as a minister of one sort or another, she's comfortable with me even in the context of enhancing her connection to God.

Certain historical documents affirmed what  I began to realize. This is my favorite of those. A Letter from Dorothy of Cambridge to King Henry II,  the final Holy Roman Emperor, who's name means 'Help from God'. That God is and has always been in the world in the flesh, just as has been the "Son of Man"... God in whatever form by whatever name, in a vessel or body in this world.

When Jesus was known in the world, God called upon Him knowing that a change needed to be made in the world. Jesus began to fully realize the purpose in His actions and then His reason for being in His mortal body at that time, His virgin spirit to the material world with the spirit of God to guide Him.

It was, in a way, saying, look world, here's my kid, and I've taught him myself, and he hasn't been harmed and shaped and perverted by this world. I want you to see an example of what a good child of God, free of the history of the knowledge of sin of humanity, would be like even under the worst of circumstances.

With that, when it was done and Jesus prayed to God to forgive them because they knew not what they did.... that was a moment at which God, for the sake of humanity and with the defense of humanity by the judgment of Jesus, humanity was absolved of all sin and evil intent from the beginning of time until that moment of the death of Jesus Christ, His son. God granted Jesus His request of forgiveness of sin.

But then, like in the garden of Eden, God declared the reawakening of humanity once again to the knowledge of sin, and gave humanity, the elders and the ancients, 2000 years to prove that they could alter their ways, the ways that had them crucify His son, the ways that entrap and ensnare citizens as they have in an endless stream of deceptions and thefts and murders described with nationalistic talk of pride and thus accepted as acts in the name of the very citizens it harms.

God said, from this moment on, you will be judged based on your actions in this world. Your judgment will not be based upon your worldly actions or the eloquence of your speech, nor will they be justified under the law unto me.

Ultimately, God left us the Bible and all sorts of spiritual disciplines and holy writings with which to seek truth, the truth of the material world and the spiritual world and the ways by the example of Christ and those others through time whom He has possessed, with or without their knowledge, and empowerment of their leadership and example have presented the example of Christ, honorably and with integrity as ministers of God and nations, in their own ways. But by the example, the archetype, the teachings of Christ all designed to give us the tools to become individuals who had knowledge of greater purpose and the willingness to be true to the standards that reap the benefits of truth and justice and equality.

The realization and full establishment of the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of true freedom and liberty, the real Camelot that can exist, but which has been touted but never realized or even seriously approached when politicians speak of the days of the legendary Camelot in America under the Presidency of John F. Kennedy.

A Presidency, the Camelot, that was very short and ended before it had a chance to begin... by a bullet... by those of the anti-Christ who would not allow it for fear they would lose their power and wealth.. not the corporations, not manufacturers, but the politicians and financiers, who believe their legacies and ancestry give them the rights of kings justifying their use of any means to control the kingdom by staging endless Biblical emulations and apostasy to perpetuate the schemes they've used successfully for hundreds, even thousands of years to continue their economic control through usury, banned in Biblical teachings, to enslave humanity, using economic slavery and coercion, just as Jesus taught so long ago.

And, now, is the final moment, in God's time, of the reign of the anti-Christ, as their exposure will be swift and sure in the days to come. And the vengeance of God will be known, vengeance exacted God's way, respecting the laws of man and His laws for us. And though I don't know how that will manifest itself or when exactly it will be, I know it's imminent.

The only thing I really, truly wonder about anymore is how it will really look and feel like to know what it is to live in the Kingdom of God as He intended, heaven on earth, global peace and abundance for all....

If there's anything I've learned about the ways of God, it's that things never quite happen the way you think they would have. But, when they do, you understand why, and the reasons and the outcome are almost always better than what you hoped for or imagined was possible.

I am actually truly optimistic about the future, I understand what's to come and I understand what it will bring, but not without work, and not without God's servants realizing who they are in His kingdom even on the material plane.. like musicians thinking about how they are God's angels. And I'm not just talking about the famous ones. Even people who whistle are musicians.

And they're not the only ones.

When you strip away the influences of the world, who are you, what do you find out about yourself, the innocent child still inside you but buried by "the way the world is" and the lessons you've been taught to teach you to bear up and suppress your feelings instead of reaching the point where you scream because the insanity of the injustice and harm being done in this world is actually insane from an objective point of view.

Screaming would be the sane thing to do because it would prove that your soul is still alive, and that you haven't been so lulled and beaten by the circumstances of your life that you've become numb to it all. 

Joseph Campbell wrote that people typically spend the last third of their lives waiting to die.  What conditions would cause that sort of outlook on life, who would think that is a good way for people to exist?

I assure, God would not have you live your life with such an outlook. And neither do I.

God wants you to have a wonderful life that lasts that way as long as that body of yours lasts, and then again and again and again... and such a life is not a dream or idealism or delusion. It's the intent of the Kingdom of God.

If there's anything I've learned about God it's that He ends up getting His way. I'm glad He does.

Think about yourself as a triunary being, think about what that might mean. Not because you need to necessarily see yourself like a servant of God, but interconnected to Him and everyone else as a child of God. God is omnipotent in spirit. So are you.

When you begin to get to the essence of that, you begin to realize that part Jesus was talking about, how in truth we are all God, with our own abilities to create, and that God wants us to realize those powers so long as we are ready and responsible enough to use them in His way, with the same reliable faithful and just way that the example of Jesus would suggest.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Christopher Cross - All Right

Right now, with the anti-Christ so pervasive, just as predicted in the Bible and fulfilled in the world at this time, it will not be done until the anti-Christ are removed. Even in God's time, that moment will be soon, and the Kingdom will be delivered.

Peace will come

When we all realize

That in His eyes

We are His children

Created by love

Nurtured and guided

By a firm hand

And tender heart.

We yearn for the day of the coming,

He patiently awaits the moment we seek Him.

Understanding of the Kingdom fully informing their compass

Beings of love having found the inner peace

Binding and reconciling the material and spiritual planes of existence

Which, as one, become the fulfillment of His promise

Beginning again the New World

Betrayed so long ago.



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