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For the Love of the World

How Things Are Done in the Kingdom of God

Part I: When the material and spiritual worlds collide


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Styx - Welcome to the The Grand Illusion

The material and spiritual worlds collide every time a child is born.

Will it be a boy? Will it be a girl? Will it have 10 perfect little toes and fingers, eyes like their mother and the smile of uncle Larry?

That little body is conceived with a design to last up to 120 years, depending on how it's cared for and the bumps and bruises it experiences each moment it's alive.

At the moment of conception a spirit is waiting to occupy - to literally possess that vessel, that body growing in the womb. A spirit that experiences the world through the experiences of the mother and the sounds and "vibrations" that surround its development. It's very similar to what I talk about in bluediam.gif (123 bytes) "From the Beginning of Time".

That spirit could be good or evil, of God or of Satan, an angel or a demon. That spirit, combined with the experiences of the life it has in its body, creates a being influenced by spirits - its own, God's, Satan's and other "workers" and "servants" occupying our world in one form or another. Some forms never materialize. They never take physical form and mass.  I have many more thoughts on how this happens.

Whether physical and material or simply spiritual, our spiritual parts interact with other spirits on what is currently a mostly sub-conscious level whether we know it or not. Sometimes we call it gut feeling, sometimes we think of it as a little voice in our minds, conscience, God, "the devil made me do it"... or maybe a commercial, something you saw somebody famous wear or a minister talking about right and wrong.

You go through a constant process of evaluating, making decisions, choosing and observing every moment. The conclusions you come to are the combinations of past experiences and influences, and material and spiritual influences, of the moment.

All that may seem obvious, but it's important to point out because I want you to be consciously aware of the actual processes you go through mentally. For example, the next time you get dressed, think about all of the reasons you choose  the clothes you do. Just choose what you choose, and then stop and consider why you made that   choice. And, then, notice that thinking about it so much makes it harder to choose, and if you didn't think about it, you'd have simply instinctually grabbed some things and put them on. Or would you?

Instinctually? What does that mean? What created that instinct? Your tastes and preferences?  Work attire? Styles? Who decided what the styles are, and why? Are you wearing what you want to wear because it's what you want to wear, or because you're supposed to, do you want to fit in or stand out?

People make jokes because when I don't go out, you can pretty much find me in blue jeans and a sweater. But back in the 70's, I used to wear all the latest Kennington shirts and designs, woven and silk screened with some beautiful art work. I call those part of my GQ days. None of it was all that expensive, and it was off the rack, but it wasn't typical, though it was tasteful and well within accepted business casual dress codes. And, being slim, I always had my clothes tailored to fit just right.

I didn't do it to impress people, but I'll bet some people thought I did. It's like when I bought a Camaro, and people kept staring at it while I drove down the street, so I'd pull over and see if I was dragging a muffler or something. After a while, I realized people thought it was as pretty as I did - the reason I bought it - and that's why they were looking at it.  It never occurred to me that this muscle car with muscle mags, t-tops, a bra, louvered rear windows and extra wide tires would attract anyone else's attention but mine. Did I mention it was bright red?

The point it, is was just me having what I actually wanted. Having my external self express the spirit within me. That feeling - if I could have or do anything I wanted to do in the material world, what would that be? and then just doing it. Appropriately and legally of course. But unafraid to "try". And doing it because I believe it is worth doing, for whatever reasons I have, and reflecting my values.

It wasn't competitive or exhibitionist, it was, to me, being led to do the things I needed to do, and giving myself permission to have and do a few things that gave me some enjoyment - the benefits and rewards of hard work and good intent.

Call it karma, a spiritual and material manifestation of the law of equal and opposite reaction, laws of attraction, divine guidance, intelligent design, the work of the Great Architect of the Universe.. whatever you call that mysterious, "the universe just aligns" sensibility that you have when things "just work out", or the "it wasn't meant to be" sensibility when things go awry, it's important to understand in times like these why things happen the way they do, and why it's important that you be aware of it so you can avoid the traps being set for us all.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Rarities - 01 - Dear God

Otherwise, when you look at your life, when you look at the world the way it really is, you'll simply be left wondering why God would allow such suffering and injustice to occur. Once you understand how things work, you won't wonder that anymore, although it's a difficult habit to break.

Carl Jung presented the world with an interesting study into synchronicity, which included a couple of key concepts that relate to the way the material and spiritual worlds collide - or work in concert.

One of those is the idea that people and trees and "the world" we know exists on a material plane, and another part of that includes the idea that there are other worlds occurring in the same place and time at the same time. In addition, that the world and universe is constantly aligning so that things work out in a certain way.   Some might call that manifest destiny, providence, others might call it coincidence. What if there was no such things as coincidences?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Linda Ronstadt - Desperado

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

One day, I walked into a restaurant I frequented in Crescent  City, California, sat down and ordered an early supper. I looked around, and saw a man in his 50's with a cowboy hat on, and had an extremely weathered face. He was slumped over his cup of coffee like a man so tired he could barely hold his head up. I asked the waitress if he'd had anything more than coffee and she said no.

I asked him if he was okay, and he said he was. I asked him if he'd eaten anything recently, and he said it had been a day or so. I didn't have any money, I didn't even have to pay for my own meals there because it was part of my pay at the radio station I worked at, a small budget for meals at one of our sponsors.

So, I told him I was going to treat him to dinner, and told the waitress to put it  on my tab, anything he wanted. I think he had steak and eggs, hashed browns and maybe even pancakes. It was good to see him get a good meal.

While he was eating, I asked where he was from and where he was going. I was worried because it was winter, and while it's not all that cold in Del Norte County, it is damp and rainy on days like it was, and it was getting late in the day.

I asked him about this background. He told me all these years, he'd been a cowboy in Montana, riding the ranges and working cattle fixing fences - the kind of things you'd imagine a real cowboy doing. And, that he'd finally had enough. He said it was good life, but a hard life at times. So he decided to hitchhike west and go home.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 202 - The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder

He began to tell me this story of how years ago when he was younger, he knew this woman he dearly loved and had a relationship with, and how circumstances never quite worked out that they were able to have the relationship he had always dreamed of, that he always believed they could have.

He told me the last time he heard, she lived in their hometown of Fortuna, California, about 100 miles south, and he was hoping to get there that night, and he was out of money and didn't know what he'd do if she wasn't still there, single and wanting to know him still after all these years.

I asked him, "When's the last time you talked to her?"

"30 years", he said.

I knew he was going to be in trouble if  he stood out in the rain hitchhiking south at this time of the day. Of course, I doubted the reality of his thinking that he'd find her there, and especially not the way he imagined it would be.

So I told him that when he was through eating, to go over to a certain corner across the street from the radio station where I worked, located on the edge of the highway, where he could be seen from the control room. I went to the station, talked to my friend on the air, and told him that when the guy with the cowboy hat got to the corner, to make an announcement to tell the people in town to pick him up if they were going south. I was told he was on his way within minutes of standing on that corner.

I wonder from time to time what might have happened when he got to where he was going. I was keeping my fingers crossed for him.

I suppose you could say that's a good Samaritan story. But what it also is is an example of synchronicity. Here's this cowboy hitchhiking all the way from Montana in search of a long lost love, and I walk in, discover him, feed him with someone else's money, get to hear a cool unrequited love story with a mystery ending, and then got to help him down the road because of my job at the station.

That's synchronicity. At least, on that day, someone was looking out for that man, and arranged for all those things to happen in order to provide this good, hard-working man a good meal and a ride. In my mind, that's God providing. In this case, providing this man what he needed, nothing more, nothing less, exactly when he needed it, even gave him a powerful radio station to hail a ride. And me, I got the satisfaction of helping someone out.

Some people would call that coincidence. I say, that's the way God planned it to happen. This man made whatever choices he made to take a chance to make this long, seemingly frivolous journey in the name of love, good or bad right or wrong, but God caused what needed to be done to get him through.

It could have turned out differently. He could have had his cup of coffee, and I could have listened to that other voice in my head saying, "well, ya know, it's not really my business. Maybe he's just thinking about things and having coffee. I should just mind my own business..." thoughts like that. I'd have never known his story, and I certainly would not have helped him.

It may be that God was counting on me to listen to Him and help this man. If I hadn't, maybe God would have "whispered in someone else's ears" to be curious enough to be of assistance. And then, you have to wonder, what if God was counting on me and me alone?

I say, because of the way I was attracted to wonder about this man, God put it before me to help him. I had the choice and free will not to. And Satan was "whispering in my ears " trying to convince me not to.

That's sort of how it goes. God gives you choices to make in life, you make your choices, good or bad, and then God takes you to the next step Or, if you made the wrong choice, He takes a look at what Satan tricked you into doing, and sets up a modified plan to get you to move in the "right" direction or to cause the right outcome.

It's what you might call dialectical thinking. Dialectics are basically plans set up to cause people, cultures, financial systems and other aspects of life to alter their course, much the way the so called "sub-prime" and global economic crisis will cause most people to become poorer while the rich get richer, and the global government of the New World Order comes fully into power.

The financial crisis makes us dependent upon the government, who will ask us to do things that aren't in our best interests in the name of expediency in a time of need. It's a covert way of holding a gun to your head to get you to do something you wouldn't ordinarily do without asking too many questions.

This is the kind of strategy endorsed by Hillary Clinton during her 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination campaign... she said she agrees with economic coercion to force cultural and political change. It's happening in America, right before your eyes. Look at the harm it does to citizens while giving governments and corporations more power.

That's economic coercion AND slavery. Just like it says in the Bible.

What's actually most important to understand about all that is that God believes in freedom and liberty based in a community of people understanding and sourcing their beings from love, whereas Satan believes in a system of forcing people to do things through threat of force and by waging military wars. He causes people to want to do these kinds of things with the temptations of power, fame and wealth. It really is that simple when you get right down to it.

God uses spiritual warfare to appeal to and speak to hearts and minds. He looks for ways to inform you and cause you to look and learn and understand yourself, and then make a choice, your, choice, free will.

And though it's not actually or completely true, the idea of God and Satan whispering in your ear constantly to try to convince you to do things is very close to it and demonstrates the simplicity of the concept of how the "battle of good and evil" is waged in the spiritual and material worlds.

In the Matrix of God, there are millions of spirits and beings with individual stories but inter-connecting lives, whether you see that as meaning spiritual and supernatural occurrences of religious significance or the simple fact that the bakery down the street makes enough bread each day. Some of it is human experience and wisdom to be sure, because it's not like you're always being hounded, like a slave or servant, to do God's work, like a minister or evangelical follower.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alabama - Angels Among Us

Some people may think they are, typically people with spirits and beings who pledged to provide work and service they may not typically want to do or even have thought appropriate before, so God tugs at their hearts to keep their word.

There are angels and saints and prophets and leaders and ministers... and .. well, you get the picture. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) There are angels all around us.   Some of them in spiritual form who few may recognize as working in their lives, and those who are in the beings and bodies of people in the world, blessed with certain gifts and talents, positioned, over time, to be those who empower God's plans when they are called, with God having faith in them to be faithful and heed the call when it is heard.

When they do, things work out well. When they don't, bad things may happen, and God has to make a new plan not only to achieve the original goals, but to make up for the damage done when His plan was thwarted.

How does it become thwarted? Simple. Satan provides you with bad choices and temptation. I know that initially, to think of things as simplistically as this may seem naive. I used to think so. But now I see that it really actually is that simple.

Satan has a similar contingent of angels and followers in the material and spiritual worlds. They work in many of the same ways, except they work against God's servants and those receiving and being guided through His grace. And they have plans of their own. Plans so diabolical that the Bible says they will fool even the faithful with false-Christs, as they have for years.

They have a few advantages. The first and most important of which has to do with guile.

Guile means people who are deceitful, treacherous, cunning, duplicitous and crafty. In other words, people who set traps for innocent people, and deceive them into things that aren't good for them.

People, for example, who proclaim the end of torture but reserve the right to disappear people to countries that do torture. It's deceitful. It makes you think an ethical code of conduct was restored when it wasn't. Barack Obama did that recently, just as George Bush lied to convince us to accept war in Iraq.

People with guile are the kind of people who judge other people based on wealth, material possessions and political power. They are classist and biased and covetous of every penny, and believe the fact that the tricks they play on other people, the laws they break and the populations they harm, are proof of their superior intellect. They get that giddy feeling you get when you "get away with something", and they enjoy it without remorse.

They're the ones who'll tell you you're naive to believe the world should be fair. Because, if the world was fair, they'd be in jail So the examples they set and the values they try to get you to accept are solely to satisfy their need to have you allow them to steal from you and lie to you while you take no recourse against them.

Of course they'd have you believe you can't fight city hall. As long as you don't, it's true.

These people with guile, because of their overwhelming desire for possessions and power, have slowly purchased and controlled the media the governments and the weather itself  in order to control your lives, to force you to go along with their self-serving policies that in effect would make them appear to be dictatorial gods of their own making and in their own minds.

These people would have you believe that people without guile are fools, naive and stupid, common and beneath them, in what would be yet another twist in the language, making words we publicly use mean the opposite of their true definition.

The Bible says that fools are the deceitful and those with guile.

Whether these people know it or not, whether they intended to be servants of the Devil or not, they do.

In their minds, they might just be going along, or know it's wrong but believe it's their only chance to get ahead in this world.

And those who go along with the crimes and deceit and literal murder of innocent people are greatly rewarded to keep their loyalty and silence. That is the sort of perversion and corruption that permeates the fabric of societies throughout the world, and most assuredly in the United States at this time.

The guileless, especially in these days, have a more difficult road to walk. But they should take heart and be honored to know that God acknowledges their vigilance and faith in His word and promises. The guileless, the meek, are those of the 12 Tribes of Israel, marked and sealed to God to restore the world to justice and His Kingdom as it comes to full fruition. And, they are the Christians - every one of them - who are sealed in the spirit through the Grace of God.

Know that He revels in the  integrity you show in the conduct of your lives, adhering to your values and doing your best in a walk toward perfection He expects no one to achieve, under circumstances that do not lend themselves to reward your honesty. He knows you are not naive and foolish. He knows that you are wise, patient, and know of the beauty of the world and life itself that will be in the coming days. Your faith will not be in vain.

God knows that the temptations and deceptions you are subjected to make it nearly impossible to know the truth from lies. He knows that through the media and people with guile, you are constantly being misguided down the wrong paths, persuaded to put your faith and trust in "lesser of two evils" leaders, who covertly represent the same political, economic and military agendas, and who do not inform you their real plan because if they did, you would refuse to elect them or follow their leadership.

And they count on the fact that once they've done their deceptive and evil work, all the citizens can do is live with the consequences and cope.

Never forget that when choosing the "lesser of two evils", you still end up with evil.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

AND, Mass Stockholm Syndrome.

It's the same story, over and over again. And then we turn to our leaders to save us, the same leaders who betrayed  us, the same leaders who proclaim they will lead us out our of darkness, but time and time again, lead us to another "economic bubble" or "military crisis" to appeal to our pride and illusory sense of superiority and special "anointment" of God, only to be thrust into yet another crisis which demoralizes us into submission again.

It's the same tactics used in psychological operations to break prisoners of war into talking and causing them to become disoriented. The net effect is to cause them to be unable to tell the difference between the truth and lies. To simply follow instructions, with the inability  to make rational choices or decisions themselves because the information they have is false. 

It would be like using a map of Spain to navigate France.

And that's where the world of people is today because of the lies of the governments, disseminated by the media they and their patrons own and control.

They cause us to fight about issues few know the truth about, trusting the same deceptive leaders year after year to tell the truth and represent our interests, always telling us the last guys were the bad guys, and to give their ideas a chance to work before judging them.

They use up our time and energy to no good end, leaving us frustrated, and often, choosing not to take action any more because it just doesn't do any good.

But their ideas and remedies never work, things always get worse, we're never told the truth, and our children die in wars that profit only the corrupt government patrons like Halliburton, Exxon, Halliburton and General Electric, and leave the nations we pillage polluted and desolated so badly that the food their lands grow is unhealthy, and newborn children are born with two heads and other defects that would repulse you if the government told you the truth about our use of chemical weapons for decades.

Against our military opponents, and our own population.

Talk about inconvenient truths. And I assure you, this government will adamantly deny their own crimes. They own the Justice Department. A Justice Department that dutifully covers their crimes, just as they did at Ruby Ridge, Waco and Wounded Knee.

News reports speak of the catastrophic dangers of potential dirty bombs in America containing depleted uranium, but you hear little or nothing of the nuclear radiation we are spreading throughout the Middle East with bullets, missiles and bombs made with depleted uranium that leave a trace of radiation every time a bullet is fired, meaning we are waging nuclear war, genocide. And the desolation of a region that isn't safe for human existence even now because of it. And might not be for another 7 billion years? Do you think that doesn't affect you?

All the while our media speaks of terrorists who hate America, and apostate theologians claiming this is a battle against Muslims that is a Holy War in the name of God.

Let's be clear about something. Biblically, there are the true Jews, those of the 12 Tribes of Israel, and there are the gentiles, which means, everyone else.

Even Ted Kennedy chooses to remain silent about the lies of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, let alone Robert.  And if you believe those are the remarks of a conspiracy theorist, then I challenge you to read the book "History Will Not Absolve Us". Note the part of Jacqueline Kennedy's testimony that was redacted.

And then look up on the web how George H.W. Bush, known to be Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA ""handler", was in the area of the front entrance of the book depository where the supposed fatal shots were fired, despite his claims that he was nowhere in the area, let alone associated in any way with Oswald. There are pictures of him there that day.

Or watch the documentary called "RFK Must Die". Check it out on bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.documentarychannel.com

Then, finally, try to understand for yourself why Congress refused to hear the testimony of Jack Ruby, Oswald's killer, who pleaded many times to be heard to reveal the truth about the plot to kill Kennedy. Ruby eventually died, unheard, in his jail cell of cancer.

That's not part of a conspiracy theory. It's fact. But the media will do everything it can to convince you that anyone who claims Kennedy was killed because of a greater conspiracy is crazy. It's their job to do that to anyone who dares to tell the truth, to not go along, with the secrets the government keeps from us.

Secrets like how bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Senator John Glenn revealed the U.S. Government's involvement with illegal medical experimentation on you and your children without your permission during the Clinton Administration, and continuing today. 

January 22, 1997 From the Congressional Record:

‘‘You did not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment that they were not even told about. They were given medicine, they were given pills, they were given radiation, they were given something and were not even told about this, were not even informed about it, yet they are under some experimental research that might possibly do them harm—maybe some good will come out of it, but maybe it will do them harm also—but they do not know about it,’’ people would laugh at that and say that is ridiculous.

You just think about your own family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they go to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about. I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that.

It's all truth I'd prefer not to believe, but it is truth nonetheless. And it's in the Congressional Record. And there are plethora of things like this going on, all made lawful by Congress, but unconstitutional and representing crimes against humanity that these people in power get away with because they control the information you hear, and then classify the actual information as secret so that it can not be investigated.

Unless you do the research yourself, and discover the truth.

As for me, I've researched for more than 7 years, I've witnessed this world and nation for 53 years, I've been appalled by and repulsed by the things I've learned, particularly about the actions of the United States Government, claiming the moral high ground and the blessings of God to deceive us all into supporting their truly Satanic acts. When you look at things objectively, three is no other description of the evil they do that encompasses the totality of their actions.

George W. Bush told the truth, as I've said before and I'll say as many times as I need to in order to cause you to understand that, as he said, we are engaged in a battle between good and evil, the outcome of which will determine the control of this planet for the next 1000 years. I point out again that that is an inaccurate interpretation of the scriptures.

Still, take it very seriously. It's in your Bible. But what these false-Christs, false prophets, liars, deceivers and emulators don't want you to know is that God promised not to allow that to happen, and the same power that gives strength to God's workers is the source of life of Satan's and that He will, in essence, pull the plug on these people, shorten the tribulations and truly end the days of the reign of the anti-Christ.

You need to understand, God is not empowering Satan, and those who have chosen to follow his ways. They have free will, made their choices, and have now used up their last chance with God.

These people, these spirits, were trusted with the riches of the Kingdom of God, the power and position and ability to keep their work to do the work of God, to establish the order of the Kingdom, and they have clearly, finally, proven to God that they will not keep their word, so their time is done, their undoing is actually happening before your eyes, and the time of the Kingdom can only be additionally hastened with the partnership and faithfulness of those who believe and who have pledged their lives to Him.

If you say I'm not a Christian or a religious person or whatever you may want to tell yourself to deny the truth of what I have told you, whether because of the truth as you perceive it or because you have bought the line that people who talk like me must be crazy, I say, that's okay with me. Because at this moment, the most important issue is not to convert you into a Christian or into any religion.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A03 - Just the Wine.mp3.m3u

The most important thing is for you to take on, even for just a little while, that maybe you don't know the truth.

That maybe the fact that you rely on the same sources of news and opinions that shape your view of the world makes you uninformed of other points of view and facts that would inform you of the deceptions you are being fooled by.

And the only way you are going to believe that is to take the time to look for yourself. To set your opinions aside and look at the evidence. To stop blindly accepting as truth things that leaders tell you that benefit them. To understand that the reason I challenge you to prove that the atrocities I have been trying to tell you of is not to cause you fear, not to cause you to follow me, not to cause you to even know and trust God, but to cause you to seek the truth that really will set you free, because you will no longer be willing to tolerate the hardships foisted upon you by corrupt leaders and economic enslavement.

To ministers and the faithful who would find it unbelievable that a servant of God claiming such a commitment and anointing as I would say that converting people to Christ and God is a secondary issue at this time must take on that unless people are aware of and provided the truth, they will never know God as God truly is because the deceivers will do everything they know to make sure the true message of God and Christ Jesus is distorted and made unpalatable.. even silly... in a world of strife that would challenge the faith of the most devoted Christians and spiritual people, made that way purposefully by the work of the anti-Christ.

I assure you, just as I said for years that everything can be restored once Democracy is restored, in the Kingdom of God, no one will need to be persuaded to appreciate and love God and the examples and life and contributions Jesus Christ made for us all. It will be obvious to everyone that God truly is alive in this world, in the spirit and in the flesh, that He keeps His promises, and He is someone to love not as an almighty, threatening God demanding your compliance and respect, but as a friend. The kind of friend who wants everyone to be the best they can be, and who will empower them in every way possible.

But first, the truth must be known.

The Bible says people will blame God for their suffering and strife. And on TV, we frequently hear reports describing disasters and catastrophes as the wrath of God, as opposed to the work of Satan or even the natural ways the earth itself cools itself down and cleanses the air in response to pollution and man made climate change or global warming.

So I implore you to take some time, research the things that have gone on especially in the last 10 years, and realize that the America you believe in, the world you believe you know about, is a quite different world than the one that actually exists. You sense it, you feel it, but you just don't want to believe it. And I don't blame you.

There is what I call the veil of the facade of righteousness that has created a cloud of confusion in the minds of most people in this world. People conflicted, knowing in their hearts the difference between right and wrong, yet, doing things they know are wrong, justifying it with their unconscious belief that they must do it to survive and succeed. Until it no longer seems wrong.

How many times do you do that every day? Be honest with yourself.

The people George W. Bush would call the evil doers actually get joy from playing tricks on people. Don't ever doubt the sickness in their souls. It is absolutely astounding how evil they truly are, and it has taken me years to fully appreciate that gruesome fact, to this very moment in 2009.

If nothing else, as a citizen, I feel an absolute moral imperative to inform you of that, as well as truly believing in my heart the words of Patrick Henry when he said "Give me liberty or give me death".

But these people, these evil spirits that have overtaken these people... they truly enjoy the high they get from harming other people and getting away with it. It has become an addiction that spreads to everyone they influence, and they see it as a game, and in that game, you are not people, you are game pieces, pawns in a chess game that does not provide you an opportunity to win, let alone actually choose the course of your life.

You're a poker chip in a game where you are so common and of little value that the players don't even care if they lose you, so long as they win in the end. And as our history of war proves, they're willing to sacrifice millions of lives for their power and wealth.

That is not the work and result of servants or followers of God or Jesus Christ. How could it be?

The United States has engaged in over 200 foreign military excursions since being established as a nation. In almost every case, the wars we fought were for the benefit of bankers and politicians and corporations.  Just as the cabal of evil-doers have said since before 1900 that it would take 3 world wars to achieve global domination.

With that you need to understand that the Germans lost World War II, but the Nazis, the Illuminati, the Rothchilds and their affiliates, did not lose that war, because in their mind, it has been a perpetual war since the beginning of time, and when World War II was over, they imported the technologies and scientists of the Nazi Regime to the United States and continued the work.

Don't take my word for it. Look up Operation Paperclip in Wiki-pedia or practically anywhere online. 

And then notice the people and corporations and governments involved, and connect the dots, including the fact that the bulk of the work in the area of mind control began and continues at Emory University in Atlanta, funded by the Rockefellers, at the home of Jimmy Carter's Foundation... Jimmy Carter having worked for the Rockefellers in establishing the Tri-lateral Commission determined to cause the New World Order, leading to the additional incorporation of the Council on Foreign Relations in order to present a front organization with the appearance of honorable intent, but which actually formed the basis for what is the actual governing force behind the U.S Government.

Their web site used to boast of their influence upon the U.S. Government since 1929.

Similar organizations have been established in other countries, all initially funded in one way or another by the Rothchild Family, aka the Illuminati, under whatever cover name or corporation name they contrived to conceal it.

Remember, the Bible says we will be subjected to deception upon deception upon deception, on top of emulations. Don't believe me, believe the Bible.

If politicians and media members are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, then you should know that they have an agenda that will economically and militarily enslave you just like the Bible says. Open your eyes. It's the truth. It's hard to take, but it's the truth.

Denying it, ignoring, it, will not change the fact. Just as a very little amount of research will prove to you that the global economic crisis is no accident by any means. Just as doing very little research will reveal to you that Global Warming is a name given to a problem to cover up the fact of destructive weather manipulation and warfare.

And why Sarah Palin caused the change in the naming from Global Warming to Climate Change, and claimed it was man made. I'll go so far as to say she did so after reading bluediam.gif (123 bytes) this article on this web site, something she would be unlikely to admit because it would implicate her in crimes committed against me.

But, the truly bad news is, after you do the research and let it soak in, and look at the world with open eyes, you will absolutely begin to realize, to your shock, dismay and denial, that the people you think are conspiracy theorists - the people writing on the internet and in books warning you of global domination and all sorts of things that even I still wish weren't true. They're telling the truth.

I'll admit, some may be on the hysterical side out of their alarm and fear, and some are mislead because they find out certain things that are true that are so alarming that they then begin to believe information purposely planted to mislead them to make them sound not credible, delusional and hysterical so no one will believe them.

The reason I implore you to embrace this truth is because there is something even more important for you to understand in the way this "game" is played because of the technologies now in use that make your life more like a video game with game pieces controlled through theories and means of artificial intelligence.

I'll explain these technologies in greater detail later.

But suffice it to say, for this moment, that there are spirits, seen and unseen, forces seen and unseen, all with the ability and power to influence you in one way or another. And every time you do something or experience something, witness something or something happens to you and the gut feeling you have is that it just isn't right or fair or just or Christian or moral or ethical, but you somehow come to the conclusion that it's just the way it is, that there's nothing you can do about it... keep in mind every single time, that someone or something has convinced you and manipulated you into accepting the harm being inflicted upon you, or participating in harming someone else.

Watching soft porn on free TV causes you to accept hard core sex and pornography as a normal part of your life, and makes money for people who don't really care that it subjects your children to immoral practices, and teaches them to treat sex and intimacy as fulfilling sensual and material expectations instead of two beings sharing and communing with each other as partners and companions in life.

I was astounded one day when someone told me their son's girlfriend actually told her that she wanted to get married as soon as possible because she wanted to buy a Mercedes, and couldn't qualify for a loan on her own salary. Who in the world taught her to think like that? And she is a nice person, too, in every other way I knew her. They broke up not long afterward, because she was pushing him to marriage too quickly for his liking.

These leaders who speak of family values are the same people who tell you that torture is not in the hearts of the American people.. but it's in theirs, or they would not have signed orders and passed legislation that allow it.

Or policies that allow them to contract such work out to other countries in order to be able to tell you America doesn't do it itself.

Barack Obama talks of pulling U.S. troops out  of Iraq. Has he told you how many Blackwater troops, now called XE, will be left after our "official" troops are pulled out, leaving only the contractors who are nothing more than outsourcing of our military functions? Blackwater is becoming more powerful than the armed forces of the military itself, through armament and covert capabilities made possible through the plausible deniability provided by outsourcing so the government can claim they are not doing it... whatever the crimes and atrocities are, no matter how many international treaties are broken, no matter how many war crimes are committed...

Despite the fact that hiring mercenaries is unconstitutional.

Our government claims resistance to submission to the International Criminal Court on the basis it would be used as a political tool. The truth is, our government knows it intends to break international law, and politics has been used to deceive us into thinking that the world is out to get us, that these so-called terrorists hate us for purely religious reasons, and that in order to protect the lives of Americans, we should aggravate the world even more by declaring our empire, all the while claiming to pursue peace through war.

All the while, using terrorism as the excuse to steal the oil resources of the Middle East.

Deception after deception after deception.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren & Utopia - RA - B01 - Hiroshima

The United States Government would have you believe that Harry Truman was a man of truth and grit, and yet, it was he who informed us that the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary to save millions of lives.

The truth of history would  inform us that Japan had attempted to surrender to the United States for months prior to those bombings, and we refused to hear their surrender, because   instead, we chose to perform the greatest single act of terrorism ever recorded in the history of the world in order to inform the world that the United States was now in charge, and that anyone who dared to resist us would be destroyed. That is, by definition, terrorism, whether you like it or not.

I assert that the American people are good people. That most citizens are good people.

But the truth of the evil in the world resides in the proclamation that occurs between governments whenever war is declared or threatened:

We have no complaints with the people of our adversaries, but with their governments.

They say the same about us. That really is the truth of that story. But it is always the citizens who suffer, while the profiteers urge greater escalations of conflicts.

The United States knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was going to happen, and did nothing, they allowed it in order to have a reason to rile the American people to participate in global war.

Just as they did before the attacks on September 11, 2001, just as they did when the Democratic Party ignored their responsibility for oversight in the House and Senate to put a stop to the sub-prime crisis.

Like Warren Buffet said, the sub-prime crisis is an economic 911. Interpret that as you will.

Deception after deception after deception. Everything I just told you is true. It's hard to swallow. Do the research, and then do what I did... cry.. and then take action to put an end to it.

Because, if you're anything like me, I'd rather know the truth and deal with it than be deceived and suffer the consequences, and never have the chance to do something to save me from that suffering because of the lies of my leaders.

Likewise, I can not sit here knowing the truth and remain silent as I see so many of my fellow citizens suffering at the hands of criminals who do not believe and or will not acknowledge that what they are doing is wrong.

Citizens described in the Bible as people in these times who would not stop doing what they were doing because they do not believe that what they are doing is wrong.

I will not sit idly by and watch as the Republicans relinquish control of the religion they hijacked long ago, as they transfer that control to the faux righteousness of the Democratic Party, an effort partially exemplified by the recent trip to the Vatican by Nanci Pelosi and other House leaders to show they now have the religious and moral highground of this nation.

Deception after deception after deception.

Whether you believe what I have just told you or not is actually totally dependent on your willingness to know the truth, because the facts supporting what I have told you are either on this or other of my websites, or all over the internet, and if you choose not to believe me, and if you choose to believe people who make a living by deceiving you instead of looking up the facts yourself, then you will only have yourself to blame when the moment comes and you erroneously blame God for allowing such horrible things to happen.

God has sent prophets and ministers and servants of all kinds to warn humanity throughout the ages, to warn you of the perils that would overtake you if we continued on the course we were on, and now, those prophecies are a reality, and I wonder how many people can see it? And how may will suffer, without knowing why, or who the criminals were who harmed them.

God has sent me to tell you these things now, because God works through people, and He requires His faithful and His willing servants to spread the truth and represent the interests of humanity in the Kingdom of God in this battle of hearts and minds.

The question is, do you want to know the truth and the freedom it will provide you and generations to come, or would you prefer to continue the comfort of your denial?

Because, frankly, there is an influence and factor much worse than these things that I need to tell you about, and if you decide to continue to bury your head in the sand and accept the lies you've been told by your leaders on these subjects that I've already mentioned, then you will never believe the worst part.

And it is the worst not because of the torture it inflicts, but because of the preparations your leaders are making to use certain tools to control you with tortuous methods developed by billions of dollars of research since the end of World War II, technology, it appears, that my father helped to develop.

Technology that could have provided medical miracles to millions and billions of people, but has instead been kept secret in order to use it as an incredibly effective covert weapon instead.

So again, do some intellectually honest research, and then read the next chapter. I do not believe in using fear to persuade people to take action or adopt a point of view, particularly in view of my years long opposition to the government using fear to manipulate the American people, just as other governments do every day.

But there is reason for real fear, not manufactured fear for political purposes and military industrial complex profits, but fear for the loss of liberty, life and the freedom of worship.

Fear for the futures of children forced to comply with the tyranny of the New World Order, economic slavery, corporate socialism, just as Jesus warned us of so long ago when He sacrificed His life to defend us from our worldly possessors, as well as to teach us how to be in relationship with God as His children and friends.

2000 years later, God is informing you that the time has come for His workers and faithful to heed the warnings of the Bible and stand firm for their beliefs in Him.

In faith of those warnings, in faith of God and in God's faith in me and you, I tell you that when I began this work in 2000, I did so as a citizen, and today I still do, but I also do it in the service of God, as prophecy said I would. Just as I will continue until the battle is won, as He promised.

And so I call upon you to return to the watchtower, seek the truth, and know what is actually occurring in your world. This is the time when the wheat is separated from the chaffe, and God wants everyone to be included when all is done.

But we all must make choices, and if we choose not to seek truth, the truth that will overtake us is our own blindness to the evil and bad influences that have caused us to participate in the world,  in the same ways we complain that others are doing.

Then we are the blind leading the blind. Then, we truly are nothing but objects to those who view citizens as beneath them in standing, intelligence and importance. Then, we will have surrendered to the evil, the workers of the anti-Christ and Satan.

I refuse to do that. I request that you join me in informing your fellow citizens and in standing up to these people. They can not use you if you refuse to cooperate with their deceptions by going along.

For people who do not consider themselves Christians or spiritual, just look at the world around you with open eyes, and you'll know that things are not the way God or any moral person would have them be.

If you consider yourself to be a moral person, then act in moral ways, and demand moral leadership. And for now, that means expelling the people who have deceived us for decades and centuries.

Knowing the truth of God's words and ways - and taking them in anew will cause you to realize the truth and urgency of my words.

God wants you to have a wonderful life, an abundant life free of the anxiety and harm caused by deceivers.

If that's a life that appeals to you, renew your relationship to God, heed the warnings of the prophecies He has supplied, and be His partner in the full establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Do that, and it will be like being in Heaven, because that is what it will be, as it was always intended.

May the truth of God's message be heard in the hearts and minds of His faithful, and let the ears of those who are adrift, confused and bewildered be filled with the truth that answers their questions and inspires their spirits and beings to overcome the deceptions of  our times.



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