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For the Love of the World

How things are done in the Kingdom of God Part 3:
A Cosmos In Danger


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Just imagine you're God.

A couple of thousands of years ago, you sent the spirit of Jesus into the being of a man and put into motion a series of events to shape and mold the consciousness of the people, the consciousness of the cosmos, into a world of individuals prepared to handle the realities and the powers of the universe that you promised long ago.

You knew that in about 2,000 years, at the right moment, you'd have to send the kid back into the world as a leader, because you know that people have trouble resisting temptation, and that, as the prophets kept saying, if we kept on the way we were going, we'd end up on the path to self-destruction. Of course, you're not about to let the world end that way, at that point, you know which spirits have decided to remain evil, and those caught in the middle, and the faithful and innocent.

You look around... just like the Bible said, there would be ways to deceive the people into believing the delusions they're presented with.. due to Psychotronics, TV and radio ads, bumper stickers, signs... So you start "waking up" the man with the spirit of Christ in him, whisper in his ear a lot to get him take notice of the world and God...

Meanwhile, you have your angels, whispering in people's ears, assisting them to make good choices in life while Satan's got his angels and all doing the same... and just like the Bible says, the evil-doers have taken over, control the weapons, and like any criminal, they're getting so bold and arrogant, that the very people they had fooled are catching on because they aren't as dumb as the politicians, so-called intellectual elites who have become sociopathic, and the angels have been doing a lot of whispering, and it's paying off.

Meanwhile, it appears the angels on earth in human form got caught up in the delusions and the Psychotronics, and bluediam.gif (123 bytes) most of them don't know they're angels anymore. But they're starting to find out, now that the world is showing it's on the edge of the collapse of the current world order. But, right now, they're following their hearts and doing good things, but just don't know that it's God moving them closer to the things He needs them to do when the time comes.

God does work in mysterious ways, through His angels, through people. Sometimes things get better and people don't know it was God who caused it. When times are good, people think they did it all themselves. When times are bad, they blame God or wonder why He would let such bad things happen. People forget about Satan.

God always keeps His promises. He promised free will, liberty, choice, to respect the laws of nature of the material plane, and more.

As God, you'd have to look at the world, and know that the list of inhumanities and crimes against people, against God, against common decency would be a never ending list of crimes and people who deserve to be acknowledged, apologized to and honored for having endured injustice of all sorts.

So you look for the root problem, and abolish it.

Now, God believes in people. He knows that if people had a choice, they'd want a world where doing good things was the way of the world, the Golden Rule.... where you knew that other people intended to live the Golden Rule, without worrying so much about a world where it seems that cheating or being opportunistic is the only way to get ahead.

God knows that if Satan's workers, the anti-Christ, the people doing bad things for power and wealth didn't have the advantage of wealth, let alone tools and weapons to actually hypnotize you into believing whatever they want you to, He could have people whispering in your ears and other people's ears, and everything would turn out all right.

But God knew all along that  Satan is a liar, and good people are not full of guile, and therefore would be fooled. That's why God does not and will not judge harshly anyone who was actually tricked. That's why He'd have His son, the Son of Man, prior to the Second Coming, observe the world as a citizen so that in the Second Coming and the judgment, Christ would look at the people and defend those who had some kind of defense, and defend them, forgive them, and be certain that God was aware of those Christ would say could not be defended. Those spirits who are truly evil.

Those spirits, those people, using Psychotronics to control you are the biggest danger. They are the way that the anti-Christ will use to pacify and control anyone who opposes them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Anita Baker - Caught Up In The Rapture

The greatest deception of all, in my opinion, is that of the rapture, the idea that the spirits of the faithful will rise into the sky to greet Christ on His return... removed from what would come... and that all Christians will be removed as the earth is  purified with fire, or as wars rage or... whatever interpretation you may have heard about what happens in the Second Coming of Christ.

It's important to understand that the fire God intends to purify the earth with is the flame of truth from the mouth of the Son  of Man, Christ, as is the sharp edged sword. Of course, if people don't listen, it could come to war and destruction.. if God hadn't promised to stop it before it came to that... to at least the sparing of the 144,000, sealed to God of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

I'll say that there are some uses of Psychotronics that could be deemed appropriate, at least in intent.

However, in using Psychotronics to create the Electronic Singularity, as written about by Ray Kurzweil, we find an emulation of the way God and His angels work in the world, with the ability to use electronics to "speak" into people's minds - with or without their knowledge, using things like the Holosonic Spotlight or even TV with ads.

The Electronic Singularity, touted as a way to bring peace and order to the world through brain to computer interfaces that allow computers to control our behavior and supposedly prevent us from crime or bad thoughts.. it's much like the movie Minority Report.

Except, unlike in God's Kingdom, the real Camelot, where people have freedom of choice, where God wants people to learn and grow mentally, you would have a Kingdom of the anti-Christ, where people are controlled and coerced into a single way of thinking and being.

And the way it's going to be stopped is by people waking up to the truth, in the United States and Globally, to the truth of the world we live in and the intolerability of the corruption that is harming the citizens of this world to the point of purposeful suffering and sacrifice to serve the rich and the powerful, who have lost all sense of right and wrong, just as the Bible said they would. So be it.

Your job is to spread the word. At  first, people won't want to hear it. Then, they'll seek it. That's what planting seeds is all about. Little by little, people will find out, they will understand, and they will believe. After a while, you'll realize the spirit of God working in you, even if you don't think of yourself as the religious type.

Before long, you'll discover people who believe in God just like you, but were intimidated to talk about God, and that they too, were seeking the truth of the world, and the truth of God, so muddled by people in leadership who do so much to cause us to doubt Him.

There's something worth remembering about prophecy and modern times. Prophecies of people from the past use descriptions of things they know of to describe what they see, and then we have to use that "impression" to figure out what it is in current times.

The rapture is a very dangerous idea. I believe it likely accurately describes something that could happen. It fits with a pattern I see going on on the web and with spiritual leaders.

First, I see people who are faithful being affected by Psychotronics. Understand, Psychotronics and directed energy weapons have the ability to kill you almost as easily as pressing a button on a computer. I used to see bumper stickers in the early 60's saying "If your hear a trumpet blast, grab the wheel, cause I'm a Christian". I'd think, you mean their bodies would just disappear too?

Psychotronics can be used to emulate a flu virus leading to death. It can cause heart attacks and strokes. Once people are "coupled" into the system, the Electronic Singularity, anything like that is possible.

Kurzweil and other scientists familiar with the concept of the Electronic Singularity and Psychotronics all believe that there will me a major "malfunction" with the system after it's completely online, leading to massive death. Of course, governments always claim "errors", saying "how could we have possibly known?" Even more, if people don't even know about these weapons, it would be easy to use this technology and holograms to stage a "rapture", or claim an event of Biblical proportion, which it would be, but it wouldn't be of God's doing.

It would, however, be a way to terrorize people into the control of a tyrannical governance.

Please read your Bible, or ask your minister to read this, and then look it up in the Bible. If they can't see how this is true and possible, then they need to talk to me. If they're not willing to take the time to do the research to seek the actual truth, not articles that appease their comfort and opinions, find another minister. I'll add again, the information in the articles describing technology and so forth are based on years of research, credible mainstream and military publications as well as first hand experience.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

In 1939, H.G. Wells wrote that when the New World Order is finally being installed that "a great many people will die protesting the New World Order, tens of thousands of them, most of them appearing to be quite gallant."

We, in the United States, live in a country where the FBI in Arizona actually produced a flyer during the Clinton Administration advising that people most likely to be terrorists are people who are Christians, people who read and quote the Bible, people who read and quote the Constitution, people who wear blue jeans, people with moustaches... are you getting the picture of what I'm telling you. None of what I just said is an exaggeration or over-simplification.

The children who died at Waco did not die of bullet wounds, they didn't burn to death. They were poisoned with cyanide from the canisters fired into the compound by government forces. When you look at the evidence, you'll know that the ATF and FBI instigated that incident.

I'm not happy to tell you that, it's just true, and it's worth thinking about. Furthermore, I've never been able to find any description or writings of what David Koresh had to say, but I do know that whatever he was speaking about about God, there were religious scholars who believed what he spoke about had value, whether you like him or not, no matter what you've heard. It would be interesting to know what he had to say, and why this government, this Babylon, would not want you to hear it.

It's like the una-bomber, Ted Kozinski. I don't agree with sending bombs and hurting people, and I can't honestly say I remember what he wrote in his manifesto, but it was about the dangers of industrialization, and he made a great many valid points.

The same sort of things is true of bluediam.gif (123 bytes) the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. If you read it, you can see clearly that the tactics it describes is what is harming the world today. And yet, there are those who would label me as an anti-Semite, committing a hate crime, for publishing it.

If you understand the hoax that it was made to sound like, that the "Jews" are conspiring against us all, and get beyond that, who cares what group is doing it, at least at first, the important part is to see that it's happening.

One of the biggest tactics used by the anti-Christ is to blame others of what it's doing... no wonder they don't want you to read the Protocols. It's their game plan. I dare you to read it without realizing it's happening right before your very eyes.

As of this writing, as proof of the multitude of deceptions we are enduring, you should know that the Obama Administration has already actually gone to court to defend the Bush Administration's policies in areas of civil rights. While Obama has announced the end of GITMO and the "end of torture", none of the laws, including executive orders and directives allowing for the literal kidnapping of citizens and "special rendition", transporting them to countries where torture is used, has been revoked or denounced. To send someone to a nation using torture on your behalf, supposed plausible deniability or not, is still participating in the use of torture.

And of course, that doesn't even include the torture of Americans using Psychotronics and directed energy weapons, a topic Obama won't even acknowledge exists, except to covertly fund even more of its use through "Faith Based Charities" and Neighborhood Initiatives". Politicians do know how to make things sound good, don't they?

All these things add up to a cosmos in danger, and in need of direction and a leader.

But until people realize the deceptions and the days we are in, people will continue to be deceived and led down the wrong paths.

Until people are actually willing to know the truth and stand for integrity and justice, the cosmos is always in danger of being altered in ways that take us a step backward from the Kingdom of God. Whether it's by liars who take us to unjust wars or video games that teach us to enjoy killing, the cosmos is malleable and requires a strong but gentle hand to retain its balance.

2000 years have gone by, and the time is here that God is satisfied that the spirits in the world have made their choices as to who they will serve, Him or Satan. He knows who the evil-doers are, what's in their hearts, the ones who can't be reached at this time.

And He's calling on you, now, to take a stand, for yourself, your families and for God. Because, this is the moment of judgment in so many ways, and it's not just His judgment, it's yours too.

Judgment day. What kind of judgment will you show?

What if I told you that by reading this, this is, in one way or another, a judgment day for you, because now you have to make a choice and show good judgment by doing whatever you do next.

Who's whispering in your ear, and what are they saying?

If you're conflicted, if part of you wants to research and learn more to be sure, if part of you wants to ignore this as something you don't want to know or is just more conspiracy theory, then you're living an example of how the Kingdom of God works.

The question, in all honesty, if you were to want to know for sure, to know the truth, no matter what it is, what would you do?

That would be an example of God or one of His angels whispering to your heart.

Seems to me, there could only be one intelligent answer.



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