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For the Love of the World

Memos and Letters to
Barack Obama

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The REAL Obama Administration

2/6/2009 2:24 pm

Dear Barack -

"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"

I thought today was  a good day to begin this column.

Let's get right to it. I am beside myself, thinking about your statements claiming "I inherited this crisis, I inherited this defiticit".

Give me a break. You inherited it when you were elected Senate, and you did nothing about it.

The House and Senate were in control of the Democrats, with responsibility for oversight of the mess that was perpetrated by the Bush regime and the Democrats, all part of the plan of the Council on Foreign Relations.

You were in the Senate, and yet, the most significant thing you did there was vote to pass the FISA/Telecom immunity legislation that perpetuated the stripping of citizens' rights according to the Constitution. One day soon, people will know part of the reason a constitutional lawyer like you and Biden voted for such legislation is because you and your friends, having the delusion that passing unconstitutional laws makes you above the law, believed that legislation would ultimately protect you from prosecution for the crimes you have committed against me - in collusion with your friends - and relieve you of the burden of guilt you have for RICCO conspiracies against me, as well as every other United States citizen.

You had 300 advisors in your campaign, the entire Democratic Party and the Congress. And what you did was allow the economy to collapse so that you and your Council on Foreign Relations friends (an organiazation you are a member of) at Exxon and TIme Warner and General Electric, and Chase and JP Morgan and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae - and lots of others... so that you can complete your plan to install corporate socialism. Tyranny. Just like the Bible says. Privations.

I'm not fooled, and more people will soon be able to claim the same.

The biggest facade: Naming Paul Volcker to head the economic recovery team. The same man who led the Carter administration to an economy of rampant inflation, unemployment, bankruptcy and worse... Volcker: the man it the helm of the Tri-lateral Commission, funded by Rockefeller to engineer the economic and resource sources of the world to implement Jimmy Carter's 1958 plan to install a New World Order to rule the planet on behalf of Rockefeller and the financiers.

People will know all of this soon. And when they realize this, they'll realize - unfortunately, as it was to me when I realized it - that yuo are a fraud, and nothing more than a front man for the financiers and power mongers, just like George Bush. You may "change te subject" by taking the force of war to Afghanistan, but we all know it's just aploy to make it seem like we're rooting out evil, when all we're doing is conquering their nations for profit and control, because it's all about oil, and event he BIble makes it clear what that that's about.

And then there's this oil, the oil people don't know is available to them. That's the one they're going to hold against you most, Barack.

Audactiy, Barack, is not really about boldness. It's about integrity and grit in the face of deception and duress.. Grace... sourced by God on behalf of His children. It's about taking real action, not just pacifying the public with a propaganda campaign that's about as sincere as constitutioanl lawyer and instructor voting against the constitution.

In the futue, when you're in reform school, what you'll want to reflect upon, the good Christian you aren't but claim to be by 20 years at a church where you apparently didn't know what your Pastor was saying... is that the rule of equal and opposite reaction occurs and continues in the mortal and spiritual worlds, where the continuity and timeline of life never ends.

I don't know what you believe in Barack, but I know what you've already done, and I know the direction you're heading, and I understand the tactics you're using, and I have a lot of friends briefing me when I need to be briefed most. And I'm no the naive, idealistic believer in the words of deceivers and criminals.

Like that song said, when I was writing the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) letter to Biden, why are your heroes criminals?

Don't ever forget, if you had any sign of integrity when we were exhanging remarks, I would have been your biggest supporter for innumerable reasons. Don't ever forget that, when the truth is known, and you and your friends are arrested. And don't forget, I have video, and the telecom legislation is unconstitutional.

Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower's Farewell Address

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