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To many people, what's written on this page may seem unusual. Some things are written to one person, most are written to all. Many people read this journal, from people like us, to politicians and news people. I sometimes use this page to communicate with them. It's like tv or radio: when you turn it on, it's there. I have no real idea who reads it.

Much of it is a journal of thoughts and personal inquiries I undergo throughout my days. These "thoughts" are not necessarily representative of my opinions, but may well reveal what I consider when contemplating a variety of issues. Or just some of those odd thoughts you might have but don't normally say... 

Please read this page with a sense of humor... sometimes.

Reporters: Feel free to comment all you want regarding this page, but as far as I'm considered, who I'm "speaking" to is off the record... as is the context of the remarks. Call it the "morning man" in me... just a way to stay in touch, and have a little fun.

7/10 - PM The thing is, there's a cycle that must be broken. When one side is in power, the other always finds the reasons to settle for something to avoid the latest and greatest thing to be afraid of. In the end, the needs of the people are rarely met. It becomes about control, not service. By not involving the citizens all these years, control hangs by a thread at any given moment, instead of beng a trust bestowed by citizens to their trusted representatives. A concensus is never allowed to exist.

It's not that every word must be said a certain way or that credit must be given... it's about hearing that candidates actually reflect their understanding of the things that people actually need and want... not the menu they've been given. It's always easy to claim the economy and health care and such... how about a goal, a vision for the country. That's what people aren't getting the flavor of. And the skepticism grows. I see a lot of mediocre proposals... (though the Edwards medical plan seems to have the right idea with a weak application) renewable resources could be a national project that would assist the environment and make us energy independent... and stimulate the economy.  It's about health and having clean neighborhoods, water, streams for fishing and boating and... use imagination.  22% they say... I say better... but, more quickly. Citizens know it needs to be done. Why won't the politicians do it? I know. Let's inform the world about Tesla.

7/10 - What's the best way to revitalize the Green Party? For the Dems to nominate Joe Lieberman. If the DLC believes he's representative of the Democratic Party, then they should announce that they're not the same party, and publish something saying what they stand for.

You probably think I just didn't succeed at this campaign... which is not true... I said in the book that I wouldn't generate a consensus unless I was clear I could follow through... there were a number of tests along the way, and the date of the announcement was a moment of truth. Considerations are mainly about the commitment and willingness of family, and what they would be subjected to. That doesn't mean I'm through. I take the responsibility of starting a movement seriously... I know how to do it, and I will, but I just want to make sure I start the right movement. There were some questions I needed to have answered about politics, the parties, the issues and the policies of the country... and I'm not pleased at what I've learned... and I simply can't stand by and watch it without standing against it. I wish I could. But I can't.

The next step for me is to do something that, in time, could put me back into an attempt at it, though likely as an independent. Regardless, I will take a more independent position on the opinions and reports I prepare.

PS" Great tie. :}


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