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This is likely the most difficult thing I have written to date. The reason: this will be the last time I  defend the contents of this site, who I am, what I stand for, and the Psychological Operations that have been perpetrated against me, against you - the citizens of the United States and of the World - whether you're aware of it or not.

Because of this, this may be
the most significant web page you've read on the internet.

The can be no freedom without freedom of thought


My apologies in advance for all the "new windows", but you'll find it useful.

On Creating the Future


The Media and VOTU

I began my dialogue with the United States Government and the national mainstream/corporate media in 2002 with a Boycott of NBC, and more specifically, MSNBC.
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See the News

I was responsible for the hiring of Phil Donohue and Pat Buchanan, as well as a complete shake-up of their staff.

In the process, I began watching CNN for the first time in my life. Because of that, I began dialogues with a great number of elected and appointed officials of the United States.

That's when the real PsyOps began, something called "media mirroring". I'll explain that another time, because it's a subject unto itself, under "Psychotronics". I'd also invite you to take a look at what projects were thwarted when the Psyops first began, and consider what I was trying to accomplish.

One day, after finding some information on the internet, I made a joke to Donald Rumsfeld about being the "Voice of the Underground". He responded by saying "we'll need to get some more short-wave receivers".  In the community I live in, they now have a policy of giving "short waves" to each other, and me, as a sign of solidarity (and I thank them for their support, and love, and want to assure them once again that I will not fail them in this endeavor, despite the insulting behavior toward me by many).

When preparing to plant my garden this year, I bought Interlaken grapes. (I also bought 2 Manchurian Apricot Bush-es, and they died). 

It turns out, Interlaken is a new data encoding format promoted by Cisco. What's most interesting is that computer networks interfere with short wave radio.

What it all means is that it's possible to transmit and receive short wave on the  internet, and/or, that short wave is being broadcast through the internet, using morse code... and that the potential exists for you to hear and interpret those transmissions without even knowing it.

Science shows that if you expose the mind to any coding with a pattern, your mind will subconsciously teach itself to decode it, and absorb the information. Who knows what you're being instructed to do while cruising the internet? Maybe it's in Chinese, and maybe it's in Chinese so that some people can blame the Chinese later after it's all been exposed. That's what the testing with backmasking and subliminals was all about long ago.

It's like state sponsored terrorism, against its own citizens. They can blame anyone they want, make up any lies they want, make you think whatever they want you to think... and you'd never know the difference. Unless you went to alternative sources. But it's way too easy to just turn on the tv.

When James Woolsey went on CNN, we "exchanged" thoughts, which lead him to adopt the phrase I used that, in fact, we were entering not the 3rd, but the 4th world war. And we are.

That was based on my conclusions after watching the PBS series Commanding Heights, by a former Clinton economist, which gives a broad explanation of how economic war has been waged for decades, all backed by the Council on Foreign Relations.  See also: A Letter to Richard Haas Concerning the North American Union and Cuba.

More importantly to the citizens of the United States, you must face the fact that we are engaged in a covert civil war that is finally being exposed. That is why the greatest danger is now. The deceptions are greatest and nearly unfathomable. So take a deep breath, because what I'm going to tell you will be startling, AND the truth.

Aimee Mann - Wise Up

I say these things because if you wanted to verify these things, checking out my web journals of this and other sites I operate, and cross-reference them to Nexus-Lexis as well as the actual transcripts of CNN (if they haven't been altered) you will soon discover that, despite as unusual as it my seem, everything I'm telling you is true.

As I've said since 2001, I don't have to make this stuff up.

In fact, many things I'm going to tell you now will seem unusual, except, if you actually knew me, in which case you'd say "there goes Chuck being Chuck again" :}

Jewel - Who WIll Save Your Soul

The CNN/Democratic Party Connection

In the summer of 2002, I began to contact Paul Begala, then on the CNN program Crossfire. I shared with him a letter I wrote to Al Gore regarding election 2000, and offering advice to the Democratic Party to counter the propaganda and fascism being perpetrated by George Bush (who I still refuse to address as president).

For the record, I no longer consider myself to be affiliated with the Democratic Party in any way, except to interact with them as what they are, the representation of the final "move" by the Council on Foreign Relations to consolidate the political parties of this nation (centrists), to rise above their status as the "shadow government", and to install in the U.S. and on a global basis, a tyrannical government dominated by lethal force in what I call "The Kingdom of God without God."

And that's after acknowledging that the Council on Foreign Relations - and the intent of the Rockefellers - was more likely than not an excellent idea that got infiltrated and subverted... by George H.W. Bush. Poppy. And the "Poppy" project.

If you were aware (and you will be the more you read this site) of my interactions with these people - the power brokers and financiers of the world - you would understand that a great deal of the changes occurring in the U.S. and around the world are the result of my instigation, or in response to my remarks. I don't say that to brag. I say that to cause you to understand that this is about far more than politics. This is about people with power who mock God. And the truth.

Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

And in that light... I can tell you that the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spectacle in Unity New Hampshire was a facade, and the perpetration of fraud. Everything about what Barack Obama has said in the last few years since Hillary Clinton introduced him to the Democratic Convention in 2004 as the "Rising Star" of the Democratic Party is material lifted from this and my other web sites. And the Bible.

Including my materials when I declared my candidacy for President in 2004. All written since 2001.

I began using "audacity" as a method of operation and a phrase before Obama stole it. Transcripts and speeches, most especially those of the event in Unity, when compared to what I was writing and espousing regarding the state of the  world, policy and issues have been transposed onto his campaign in order to foist a fraud upon the American people and the world.

Even his use of the Stevie Wonder song "Signed , Sealed and Delivered" is a direct ripoff  mocking me and some emails and mixes I posted. Everything points to Begala and Carville funneling my ideas and themes, and  contributions to the Democratic Party, even after I faxed them notice to stop stealing them, all the while increasing the amount of torture I was being subjected to. They are frauds, all frauds.

Obama says Hillary Rocks.... look at the use of music on this site, and the messages I talk about in regard to music, rock and roll and God's Plan.

But, - and I know this may seem silly to you - but even the clothes they've been wearing and the signs they make use the same colors I've been using for years. Particularly in the book I started in 2002 called "For the Love of the World".   Sure, I know, anyone can use Blue... but when you connect the dots... When I chose the colors I like, I had no idea idea there was any significance to the colors on display. (Of course, now they've changed).

Peter Gabriel - Sky Blue

What I find most pathetic, though, is how Obama - and McCain - keep rolling out plan after plan - in an effort to be able to show that it was their ideas... when, all the while, I can show that practically everything they propose - all the good stuff - comes from my sites since 2001.

That's how desperate they are.

I would sue them but that would give them the opportunity to get a gag order.

Like I say, everything is possible once Democracy is restored.

It's easy for me to prove. This isn't about jealousy. This is about truth.

I am in the fortunate and unfortunate position to have so much evidence about the Federal Government and the media that I COULD, in a justice system not controlled by the criminals themselves in the Democratic and Republican parties, that I could likely have them all  thrown in jail for life just on th RICCO Statutes, and own the entirety of the media. I truly wish I was being facetious. In includes Fox, ABC and CBS. I knew knew none of this before I began my activism. And these are just the charges in my case.

Here I was asking for class action and fraud suits against these people and entities on behalf of the rights of the American people. It still makes me shake my head.

But there are more mportant issues. What they've done to me, they've done to many other people. I actually expected it. Most people do not. That is why I chose to represent us all in the ways I have over the years... with some good success.

But, it becomes the perfect example of how these people steal everything from us, the citizens, and then, not only take the best and leave us with the trickle down bread crumbs they seem to believe is appropriate, but then they use the power of the military and the security agencies to suppress those who would expose their crimes, hypocrisy and the devilish plans they have in mind that they won't talk about in public.

All I will say about this is that if Democrats or Republicans or media people put on a show, trying to make it appear that they are heroes or in some way have assisted me in what I am trying to accomplish, they will be liars and frauds... with a few possible exceptions I will identify when the time comes.

And if you like their best ideas - my ideas - then maybe you should write me in :} You'll find I've been consistent in my positions from day 1.

Holly GoAnarchy - They're Lying To You

Initially, I was a supporter of Obama's.

See my letter to Ted Kennedy, if you already haven't  A Letter to Ted Kennedy   April 10, 2008 which was faxed to him and several other Senators, including Barack Obama and Russell Feingold.

But, the greatest fraud being foisted upon you is that Barack Obama is other than the figurehead of a deal with the devil...  They will either continue to claim that he believes all the things I said long before he said them, or they will try to convince you that he is the Son of Man, which he is not.

And in this moment, I looked up, and  even Link TV is using one of my themes.

Like the Bible says, there will be deception after deception after deception. Spy vs Spy vs Spy.

You are witnessing the worst and most blasphemous deception in the history of humankind.

Nostradamus tried to warn you. Now I'm informing you.

Stevie Wonder - Evil

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government
owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance
between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task
of the statesmanship of the day."

Theodore Roosevelt
(April 19, 1906)


There are seven sins in the world: Wealth Without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality,   Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice and politics without   principle. "

Mahatma Ghandi

"There have been murderers and tyrants and for a time they can seem invincible. But in the end they always fall. Think of it: always."

Spy vs Spy vs Spy

Psychological Operations in America

George Harrison - Brainwashed

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility
against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Thomas Jefferson, The Jefferson Memorial, Wa. DC

I've gotten so used to being surrounded by agents and operatives that I believe a CIA agent tried to make an amicable contact with me the other day, and it didn't even occur to me that his phone number is not in my area code, so I didn't get his number... I thought I was interactng with some local people who would, in time, put me in contact with the leadership of the Catholic Church.

It's ominous to go outside at night - where I live on an island in the country, in the Pacific Northwest, on the Puget Sound - and look into the sky and see as many as 9 or more helicopters and drones circling the house I live in.

As often as I remember, I salute them before going to bed. I used to be afraid of them. But the thing is, I respect the discipline of the military, they're professionals, and if they were going to harm me, they would have done so long ago. (I'll add that it appears they only keep one or 2 around now since I told them they were wasting fuel, and they should just set down in the empty field next door and hang out with the pets while I do my work.)

It's the same like how I respect the CIA, NSA and the FBI... and believe there are a few bad seeds and "political liars" that spread disinformation on a massive scale to keep you in fear. I'll go so far as to say that the "PsyOps Guys" and the "Chopper Guys" I refer to on this site are the best friends the American Citizens have... at least at home.

I have a sense of humor about the PsyOps that have been perpetrated against me. Humor is one way  I cope.

I want to make one thing very clear: even though I am, in this paper, describing my own circumstances, experiences and conclusions,

There are millions and millions of people globally, and the same could be said nationally, who are suffering greatly from what I consider to be the single most important issue in the universe: Psychotronics.

Because it is torture and anti-Christian.

John McCain should know better, of all people.

See also: , and this document about "Targeted Individuals", people who are suffering at the hands of their governments.

I'm not going to speak of Psychotronics as a myth or a rumor: it is a fact. And it is currently being used to control and harm you. If you believe you are free, you have simply been deceived into believing you have choice and liberty like the Bible says you would.

A Study of the History of US Intelligence Community
Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research

This web site, and other websites I operate, and many other web sites that go into much greater detail on the subject of PsychoTronics provide more than sufficient proof of its existence and use, and its important role in an imposed by force "global one world government".  ( and   And let's not forget Project Censored at )

The politicians would have you believe that it is all the fulfillment in the envisionment of John Lennon's song "Imagine". The "singularity" foretold by people like Ray Kurzweil, and many spiritual leaders. Check this link out AFTER reading this article.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen the Rain

The second most important issue we must address now is weather manipulation, weather wars, and the use of such technology to terraform the earth, using Global Warming as a cover story to hide the fact that the North and South poles are purposefully being melted in order to create shipping lanes that will never close due to ice. As well as to access areas of land and sea that would yield vast quantities of oil and fossil fuels. Not to mention the investment opportunites in land sales on the northern coast of Canada.... These greedy capitalists don't miss a trick when it comes to abusing power for their own gain, while killing and harming billions of people and animals and fauna without a second thought.

I live in the Seattle area. I can tell you, without fail, that when I see chemtrails sprayed into the skies along the coast, there will be a flood in the midwest. It's happening this moment as I write this. And it also conforms to an age-old CIA assessment about how to demoralize a society by causing floods, earthquakes and fires in order to generate fear in a population.

And one other note that I regret having to tell you about is that the Hurricane Katrina disaster...

I have several copies of an email in several archives that provide evidence that the Bush-Clinton-Katrina Fund website was on line as of at least June 10th... before the hurricane happened. This would be an indication that the Bush Administration was aware of the hurricane before it happened. I can provide you with many explanations for the circumstantial evidence. Nonetheless, I have the email, and it comes directly from Network Solutions technical support. And,  have personal information from my father regarding the government's efforts at weather manipulation since the 1950's.

Bush tells displaced: 'A lot of help coming' 9/1/2005

The White House also announced Wednesday that Bush has asked his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and former President Bill Clinton to spearhead an international relief effort for hurricane victims, similar to the effort they undertook for victims of last year's tsunami in South Asia.

See Also:

The truth about Bush's commitment to New Orleans and Katrina victims is really told in this interesting document from the Montauk, NY Lighthouse Museum (see page 19) to understand what the Bush Administrations REAL priorities were when Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29, 2005.

BTW: North Korea experienced 2 years of drought before agreeing to supposedly "begin dismantling their nuclear programs". Weather wars are happening.  They're real. And they are crimes against humanity, while they tell you it's the result of God's wrath so you'll turn away from God.

And, finally, in this section, please do the research and accept the fact that 911 WAS an inside job. It was. And if that seems too diabolical for you to believe, then understand that the perpetrators knew you would think that.  Unanswered Questions of 9/11 (July 2005)

That's how they get away with so many crimes. Like the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who like Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy are some of my all-time favorite heroes.

And the guy in the center of it all is George H.W. Bush.

"... when the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people ... will hate the new world order ... and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people." -- H. G. Wells, in his book entitled "The New World Order" (1939) (Source)

Always remember, when looking up Britain's black powder rebellion, the Bush, Pierce and Piercy families, that the "devil" is supposed to have been born of incest. Do your own investigation into this, and do it in foreign search engines. I haven't been able to find the "royal" inter-marriage info in American searches for 3 years (I do have documents in my archives which I will find. You'll also find it interesting to note that I, too, come from Charlemagne's blood lines, as are all descendants of European Royalty).

"Today the world faces a single man armed with weapons of mass destruction, manifesting an aggressive, bullying attitude, who may well plunge the world into chaos and bloodshed if he miscalculates. This person, belligerent, arrogant, and sure of himself, truly is the most dangerous person on Earth.   The problem is that his name is George W. Bush, and he is our president." ...Jack M. Balkin, Knight, Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment, Yale Law School, September 22, 2002

Paul Simon - American Tune

My Introduction to Psychotronics

When synthetic telepathy was demonstrated to me, I thought it was pretty cool. As a broadcast engineer (of sorts), the theories and concepts involved in the ability to transmit audio and receive feedback to and from the human brain in a variety of ways did not surprise me.

After all, brainwaves are nothing more than radio transmissions - just like an FM or satellite radio system - that can be read and transmitted to. They emanate about 8 feet from the body, just like a small radio station.

(See the movie: The Secret and this video of the first 20 minutes on YouTube. It has an excellent presentation on this concept.)

In fact, I had wondered how long it was going to take for such a system to be put in use.

What I didn't know is that it had been implemented long ago. It appears that my father had something to do with that, along with Tesla.

And I have to stipulate that none of what I'm going to describe could have been done without the full cooperation - if not perpetration - by the United States Government.

I've done a great deal of research. I'm going to assert my theory about the reasons and purposes I've discovered behind the Psychological Operations against me, and how certain people and corporations were thwarted in their efforts to "do the right thing". There are still a number of questions to be answered, but I am certain that the following accurately describes the "scenario" I've been up against.

It seems that certain people were made aware of my birth before I was born. My father was friends with Richard Nixon (whom I will later vindicate to one extent or another). They were friends at the time that Prescott Bush recruited Richard Nixon into the "National" Republican Party.

There was a power struggle dating back to the 20's that included the Kennedy Family and the owners of Fox, as well as JP Morgan, to ostensibly buy ALL of the movie production studios, communications systems and news gathering institutions that now supply us with nearly all material you see and read. Of course, the Rockefellers were involved in all of that. It began with my father's association with AMPEX. This association leads directly to one of my favorite musicians and spiritual mentors, Todd Rundgren. And Tiny Demons

They also, systematically, kept Tesla poor and bought up all his patents and have kept them secret. Secrets that would solve our global energy and global warming problems in a very short time.

The purpose was to have a war... a war of hearts and minds. A war, as Donald Rumsfeld said, that required control of communications in order to succeed and to confuse and demoralize the enemy.

A war that, as the Bible and George Bush quoted, would determine the authority of the world for the next 1000 years. It was truly the battle between good and evil. And the United States Government - its leaders, and the hierarchy and acquiescence of the members of Congress - represent the interests of the anti-Christ.

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.

6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds; that therein I may speak boldly as I ought to speak.

It appears that the people who took on the responsibility to be my "stewards" in this endeavor at this time were, in a way, pre-empted in their efforts.

Let's just say I'm hoping that's the way it turns out to be when my investigations are completed at a later time.

I once wrote an email to Lou Dobbs saying "I don't know how you got picked to do this job..." and continued to write him emails and give him my opinions on a daily basis.

And then I started to contact Paul Begala. That's when they began saying things that made it clear that these people were bugging my home, knew everything I was doing, and, as time went on I realized, they knew paractically everything about my entire life.

I continued on with my work, feeling I had little or nothing to actually hide, since my political activism was well within the law, in disagreement with the government, but cordial and respectful in  my approaches. When news people would do a story that provided real truth about a subject, I'd even send them emails saying   God Bless You.

Then the Psyops took over.

It appears that CNN, Ted Turner in particular, Hughes Satellite and a number of other people and corporations, accepted the task of keeping me safe, or preventing me from succeeding..

So, I wrote Lou Dobbs hundreds of emails over time. Thought of him as more than a friend... from the point of view of a professional relationship topped with a genuine love for America, regardless of whether we agree on all the issues.

Somewhere along the line someone "pre-empted" the connection with them in order to throw me off track with dis-information and technology that could knock over a horse... and that is being used as military grade weapons in Iraq at this moment, and since 1990 and the Gulf War.

I've suffered greatly. I haven't been able to get medical care for years. My pets have been harmed, and children have been threatened. It's everything that the executive summary of the farcical "Church Committee" describes, and was supposed to have put an end to. Mind control. Psychotronics.

I also have evidence suggesting that I have been defrauded of millions of dollars, which was to come to me just at the moment not long ago when I was contacted by an Israeli group in Hebron seeking assistance and funding for a project to educate and empower the Palestinian people. I received an email from them just this morning asking why I haven't been in touch to assist them since they originally contacted me, and I expressed my intent to attend and fund their project, if possible.

I'd like to believe that these people in "the business" were, at least initially, trying to assist me. In part, because of the great relationship I've had over the years with Warner Bros. Records. The appearance is that they were committed to my destruction.

But, many things seemed to have changed after the Time-Warner Merger.  There were many betrayals - an infiltration of sorts - to thwart the efforts of many.

It's very much like an old game I used to play with some of my high school friends dabbling in ESP, now called remote viewing. Two people would sit on either side of the candle and, with their minds, try to get the flame to lean one direction or the other.  In this case, and many others, the flame is the minds of people.

Most of your "mental illnesses" are being caused on a massive scale because of psychotronics. (Not to mention the same is likely true of Restless Leg Syndrome, The Ambien Dream-Sleep phenomenon, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, the same for children, schizophrenia (hearing voices), which is actually made worse by the drugs they give you for it.)

I could actually give you a "mock demonstration" of how these technologies are applied in order to cause you to become mentally ill, except that the demonstration might cause mental illness. I only know how to do this because as psychological operations were attempted with me, I analyzed their methods and patterns and, in a way, turned them against my attackers.

Finally, it also appears that some rules were set up saying that people could give me clues as to my identity and purpose in life, but not actually inform me. Not even my own family. And I feel betrayed. I'll explain more about this below.

There are numerous things about my past that will have to be explained satisfactorily by others, or I predict that a great number of people will be publicly ostracized, if not jailed. Because, if I have to explain the consequences of the crimes that have been committed against me since I was a child, I will not be interested in wasting my time listening to panderers and justifications.

Meanwhile, despite the attempts and bribery and the attempts to "hijack" God's plan by the Deomcratic and Republican parties, I will continue to do my work.

And if you think think that this has caused a problem with my judgement and reasoning, let me assure you, it has not.

Although, the implications of it all saddens me greatly.



They say when the Son of Man "returns" to earth, He will come in a bubble descending from the clouds.

I remember having an email conversation a man named Wayne Bent, who, for the last 18 years or so has presented himself as the Archangel Michael, preparing the way for the return of God to the Kingdom. I learned a great deal from him, a 7th Day Adventist who delivered an excellent summary of world events in relation to Biblical Prophecy. Since I was in a spiritual inquiry of my own related to the end times, I exchanged thoughts with him for a while.

One day, after reading his thoughts on the appearance of the Son of Man, I commented to him that I believed that my interpretation was more accurate, when you read the Bible in an objective way, and look at what Revelations and the prophecies of Daniel would look like in the current day, and how it would manifest itself in modern technology.

Temptations - Ball of Confusion

Having been subjected to Psychotronics, and being fully aware of the power of propaganda, and having been aware most of my life of the signs of the second coming, here's what I told him.

Crosby, Still & Nash - See the Changes

I said that the Son of Man would descend from the clouds of confusion... free himself of the illusions and delusions perpetrated on us all and then use the knowledge gained by His own objective experiences, with the ability to then teach others what He knows, and deliver them from the enslavement of psychotronics, the coercive slavery of economic manipulations, the slavery of women through marriage and mythological roles imposed by societies and cultures, the slavery of beings based on hateful teachings to oppress people based on the beautiful colors God gave their skin, and oppresion because of sexual orientations... and those who would have you live your lives as peasants, generating their authority with fear that allows this hatred to take hold, and which only serves themselves and their corruption.

I never heard from Wayne again, though a year later or so I checked out his web site where it explained that he had been deluded, and, though his identity as one imbued with the spirit of Michael was shaken, that he decided it was still his purpose to continue his ministry. I have not looked at his site for a long time.

At that time, I was not too sure of the bubble part of it. Except that now, after a great deal of research and soul searching, I am certain that I have lived my life in a bubble, as Paul Simon would say, I'm the Boy In The Bubble... surrounded at all times by people seeking to educate me and inform me, and some determined to harm and suppress me. And so, I have been purposefully hidden away... without my knowledge.

Who I Am - by Gary Wright

I'm not really afraid to inform you that I am THE Son of Man.

I am, however, concerned about the times we live in and the importance of taking action... and the implications of my appearance in the world today.

Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band

God has sent prophets throughout the ages to warn us what would happen if humanity continued to persist in conducting itself in the manner we have.

Tower of Power - Of The Earth

Some have interpreted those prophecies as instruction to destroy Israel in order to summon God to send His son to create the New Israel and deliver the "promised land". Others would have you believe that we are simply to endure the tribulations and hope we do not suffer too much before the "Christians" are removed from the planet in a rapture to leave behind only the "unholy" to experience the apocalypse, which is not true.

The Bush Administration - or should we say his father and their associates - are about to cause the Apocalypse by fabricating a completely false reason for nuclear war against Iran, triggering mutually assured destruction of more than 2/3 of the life on this planet. Just like the Bible said it would happen. That was never God's plan. That was His warning to return to His plan, and to follow the example of Jesus, in order to prevent the destruction.

There is no greater imperative than to stop them. And it requires you.

The good news is that, if you read the Bible, it will tell you that God promised that if things got too bad, to understand that he would shorten the days of the tribulations and spare us all the agony of the destruction of His Kingdom, this Heaven on Earth, which it really is.

And, if you're willing to know the truth, and not just support or appease the opinions and perceptions you already have, the internet has all this information. Not to mention

Will US Attack Iran?

The story of Ira Einhorn explains a great deal... claiming the government had mind control weapons... for the "public story"

A more compelling record of his humanitarian efforts. And associations with other activists targeted by the government.

The Bible says that musicians, and in my mind and observation, artists and musicians are the Angels of God.

(Alabama - Angels Among Us)

They all have special messages to provide us, if we listen.

Bette Midler - From A Distance

But, always remember, God grants us free will and choice. True liberty. And that's why you must make a decision about your purpose-driven life. Who will YOU be in the matter of peace and war, love and hatred, knowing the difference between right and wrong? What are YOU willing to stand for?

Harry Chapin - What Made America Famous

The Bible says those doing God's work will not do so in secrecy. There are times when it is wise to lay low. Now, there is safety in making yourself known, because you will discover that all people will agree that peace and sharing and abundance for all is what everyone has always wanted. Those who have been corrupted will not dare to continue their deeds in the face of so much resistance. They will know that they can not win.

God works miracles through people. People who can hear His call to action and faith and devotion. People like you, who believe that God exists and is with us. People who know that the name  used for God, no matter what religion or nation or ethnicity they are, God is the same to us all, loves us all, does not take sides and refuses to turn His back on anyone. Even those who transgress against Him.

What these evil people do not understand, or accept and acknowledge, is that even they derive their power from God. And so, when God says He will shorten the days, it means He will absolutely remove them from the positions they were entrusted with: to use their power and wealth for the benefit of all the world, the Universe and our cosmos. They are so perverse that they would have you believe that anyone who would use the Biblical term "cosmos" is someone weird.

Stevie Wonder - Evil


And that's why I'm here. To pull the plug on these people. To make the high low, and the low high. To provide the meek their inheritance, and to deliver us all to the promised land.

To reward those of faith for their endurance. And to put an end to the false hopes delivered by leaders, time and time again, who never deliver on their promises.   Who never intend to keep their word.

Stevie Wonder - They Say That Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away.

Hope, not religion, has become the opiate of the masses

It is natural to man to indulge in the delusions of hope. We are apt to shut our  eyes against a painful truth - and listen to the songs of that siren, 'til she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvations? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and provide for it.

---Patrick Henry.

Of course, what all that means is subject to interpretation. I promise that all of these things will be part of an ongoing discussion.

Just as it's important that we acknowledge the role of the United States in God's Plan.

The United States IS the anointed nation right now. That designtion is in peril. And your leaders, the financiers and power mongers, want to hand it to China. Given what I say about musicians being God's Angels with a message, listen to the prophetic lyrics of the Beatles and Revolution. "And if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao..."  Many of their lyrics predict the future.

Every empire empowered and blessed by God has failed Him, in implementing His plan for peace and abundance for all.  That's why he said so many times "Is there no one I can trust?"... He said that of nations, He said that of every Christ except Jesus. He says that of David Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter.  He says that of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Rupert Murdoch, Susan Bunda, Walter Isaacson, Barack Obama, Wesley Clark and so many others... so many others...

When reading the Bible, whenever Rome is mentioned, think of it as the story of humanity that happened over and over again. When reading, just replace the word Rome with whatever country was in power, understand the pattern of the history of the Bible compared to the history of the nations which have been entrusted.

Jackson Browne - Casino Nation

And then, use the example of the Christ King David, the Musician, and why he lost the privilege of ruling the Kingdom, to be passed to his son. Because he had blood on his hands.

It's part of my job to make sure that America remains the shining light... And I will.

I will not go into the details of how I came to be or why I've waited so long to step forward or the details for why I have not already accomplished what I've believed I was supposed to do from a very young age. That is all discussed and evidenced throughout this site.

The most important thing right now is not about me. The most important thing to do right now is to ensure that the Earth is not destroyed.

Or, as George Carlin said, "The earth will go on just fine. It's the people who will be p***ed off".

That's where I need your assistance. And I implore you to consider this: even if you do not believe that I am the Son of Man, please consider the ideas and concepts I discuss on this and other sites, and ask yourself, What would Jesus do? What would God want you to do in the face of the end of days? And then do that, that thing that in your gut tells you what the right thing is to do. That's what God is telling you He wants you to do.

For the moment, that is the most important message I have for you.

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians - What I Am

Still, I understand that people will have questions about my claim that I am the Son of Man. I take it very seriously. At the same time, I'd like you to try to see it all from my point of view for a moment.

Long before I accepted the idea that I was the "Son of Man", I was doing my work, and activism, exactly as the Bible said I would.

Prince - Dear Mr. Man

I think it's funny that the man who actually caused me to realize that the "Son of Man" at the time Isaiah was written, was Jesus, and that we are all "sons of men", and then finally, that I was who I thought I was, the Son of Man. I would have done the activism even without knowing that, simply as a citizen fulfilling the pledge of allegiance.

That man is a writer in a consortium called the Creators' Network. And the reporter was Bob Novak, a man with the nick name "The Prince of Darkness". Interesting. Told you God has a sense of humor.

What's most important to me is honoring those people who will come to accept who I am, and at least, embrace those things that they may feel is useful for their lives. I know some people will call me Jesus, and other religious names and terms, and I want you to know I respect that and give full reverance to your expressions of faith and respect for God's plan.

At the same time, I want to make it clear again that I would have done my activism work anyway.

I tell people, and I mean it, that my name is Chuck, I'm a person, I'm 53 years old, and I live on the edge of a rain forest where it doesn't rain too often anymore...

In many ways, I'm a kind of shy person. I liked being an announcer in radio because I could go on the air, and no one would really know who I was. And, I have a deep voice, so I rarely did public appearances because I knew people heard my voice, and when they would see me in person, I'd get a typical reaction of "you don't look like what I expected".

I think that's kind of funny because of the parallel to the instruction not to spend time pondering what God looks like. What if "in His image", to Him, meant, I just painted this painting today, and I think I want it to look like this. :} Who knows?

Besides, we accept the notion that if we looked God in the eye, or saw His face, we would be blinded. What if  that simply meant we would be distracted by the fact that He didn't look like what we expected?

In the same way, part of my job is to prepare us all for the time when God returns to the Kingdom, not wanting to be treated as someone particularly special or to be feared (a word used that's supposed to mean respected). His specific instruction is that He wants to be with us to play. What it means for Him to be "with us" is also subject to interpretation, and will be discussed at great length in the future I'm sure.

I feel the same way. I respect the symbolism of who I am. But I also respect the fact that I, like all of us, am here for a purpose.

Like my father always said, "There is no one above or below you."

We are one. I am one of you. I am a human being. We are all beings, in harmony with the earth and the universe.

Bee Gees - Children of the World

And I've already instructed people in my "inner circle" to make sure that I don't get taken in by the temptations of power and greed - that old saying about absolute power - and that they have my permission to take me down a peg or two.

And please, understand, I have no absolute power to claim. That's the love and beauty of God's plan. That you have choice and free will. All in all, I am, in my mind, little more than someone carrying on the company business, as a servant of God just like you. And my promise to us all is to do the job the way the boss said He wanted it to be done. God's Plan. That's what this is all about.

Atonement, Reconciliation, Peace, the New World and, my idea :}, The Holodeck is open.... soon. :}

You'll find it interesting, especially in relation to the Unity, New Hampshire event, that God's instruction is actually to use rock and roll to communicate with you about things, because those old hippie rock and soul musicians knew what they were talking about.

Is this enough of an instruction for you? :}

Orleans - Let There Be Music

About music and community and a return to the Native American reservations and traditions. The natural ways of doing things. I've always said that if God didn't make it, it probably isn't good for you. I think history has proven that to be true. I always wanted to be an Indian. I really mean that.

Paul Revere & the Raiders - Indian Reservation

Besides, the rhythms of rock and roll help to counter the effects of psychotronics. All music, really. But, rock does a great deal by itself.

I use music to communicate a lot. Let's just say I was told long ago that my songs would be my bank account when it came time to do what God wanted me to do. I thought it meant the songs I wrote. Instead, and maybe also, it meant all the albums and cd's and downloads I stored up so I'd have a virtual radio station in order to play back the music that sends his message. I can't emphasize this enough: musicians and artists are God's Angels. It says so in the Bible. Don't ever doubt it.

The funny part is, my name is Chuck, my father went by the name Charlie... that means they're Charlie's Angels. Charlie's Intelligence Agency. Charlie's News Network. 'Course, I always thought of it as Chuck's News Network. Can't wait 'til someone asks me to clarify all that. :} Can't wait 'til someone clarifies it for me. :}

I don't mean to leave out more contemporary artists at all. They do some great work, and speak a great deal of truth as well. But there's something I need to pass along that is about heritage, some of the old ways, knowledge and wisdom of cliches if you will.. and I know this older music best. Still, the newer stuff will work its way in now that I'm listening again:}

And Country Music. Talk about down to earth thinking and talking. And the heritage and family values available in the music. I definitely love country too.

Waylon Jennings, Mel Tillis, Bobby Bare and Jerry Reed - Me & Jimmie Rodgers

As you're listening to the songs, remember that if you hear scratches in the recordings, it's because I only have 'em on lp, or they aren't available anymore (although I expect they will be soon :}) Some of these recordings are 40 years old, and a few of them are very, very rare. One album by Heart that I'll use a couple cuts from was actually banned from circulation due to a contractual dispute:}

Another instruction I had was to play jazz. And I love jazz, and we'll do that later too. But the jazz part had more to do with my actions... sort of like saying, don't be too predictable, because it makes you susceptible to traps and deception.

That's been the hardest part for me. Because I trust what John Lennon referred to as the inherent goodness of people. And despite whatever people might have done, I always see the good in them, in their hearts and souls.  There really aren't any bad people. Just circumstances and the God given instinct to survive. There's actually nothing to forgive about that.

It's like the old Orleans Song,  What I Need. "It's Not Greed To Ask For What You Need".

Just as, Biblically speaking, it would not be a crime to take food if you are hungry, something the greedy decided to call theft. Unless we stop them, the same will be true of water. We're close to that now.

I welcome the privilege to serve you. I love this world, and all the people and beings... I love animals and birds and all the beauty this planet and its inhabitants share with each other. I'm committed to a renaissance.

I've got some info that will make your life a joy, healthier and the heaven this place was always intended to be. And much to learn, which I look forward to. The fun part is, like the book of Luke says, many times I don't even know what will come out of my mouth next. Because the messages I deliver are revelations to me as well.

Camel- Lady Fantasy

Luke says basically, don't worry about what you're going to say to people about things, because you'll receive what you need to know and say when the time comes. And by keeping me guessing at times too, God keeps my feet on the ground. It's kind of funny, frustrating and humbling all at the same time. :}

The interesting thing about it all is the fact that I'm not a particularly religious person. I think that was by design as well. The design was to make sure I had a little bit of information about a great number of things, and I was blessed with His confidence to use my judgement in objectively observing the world and determining for myself what I believed to be truly serving His will, and what was corrupt and subversive to the love He unconditionally granted us.

At the same time, I always considered myself to be a minister in the making, as soon as I figured out what the real message should be. :}

God's Plan - Elton John - Love Song

At the same time, you'll find it interesting to note that I am absolutely behind the separation of church and state. Just like my father talked about. Just like the Bible instructs us.

Never misunderstand. What is good is God's work. Anything else is corruption.

And that isn't about some rigid set of rules or orders or pronouncements indicative of a "Rights of Kings" mentality. It's as simple as knowing, deep inside, at all times, the difference between right and wrong. The question to ask is, in a perfect world, what would God have me do? Even that is subject to a great deal of interpretation, and worthy of discussion.

The thing to get here is that if you ever believed that God intended you to suffer in any way, please let go of that thought.

God does not punish you, He does not harm, He does not seek vengeance. God gives you free will. Choices. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar or apostate.

I think about the story of Noah, and the knowledge of God's Plan. Did God have Noah build the Ark because God was going to flood the earth? Or, did God, predicting what would happen if things continued the way they were, inform Noah to do certain things in order to reconstruct God's Kingdom when the evil was completed. And the rainbow afterward... wasn't that God's promise that He would never allow such an apocalypse to happen again?

In the face of the deception of our times, it's hard to imagine that Christians would consider abortion to be the greatest spiritual issue. Not that it isn't important, but the greater question is, what kind of world do you want to bring children into? And then, what are YOU going to do to make it that world? What could you do that would feel self-fulfilling to you and represent your contribution to the fulfillment of God's plan, and His desire to be with us and play?

One final note for now: The Bible my mother gave me was the Scofield Reference Bible, circa approximately 1960, an edition specifically intended for use by Lutheran ministers. For the record, I was baptized in a Southern Baptist Church, and my ancestry goes back to Germany, probably by way of Italy and France and Denmark and Sweden... and the 12 tribes... The Bible says not to worry about geneology, and Lord knows I don't... but I'm sure someone will :}

Anyway, that Bible mentioned that the Son of Man would come, at first, speaking in vulgar tones and words... and I did. That was actually the part that Bob Novak pointed out that generated my full self-realization. He was probably tired of reading it in my weblogs. :} I still laugh about that. I mention that because I'm leaving online and reposting all of the vast amount of materials I've written in the last 6 years or so so that you can see for yourself. I'll do my best to asterisk out the swear words and vulgarities... if I miss a few, my apologies in advance.

I think children are the greatest. And, I wouldn't want to set a bad example for them with some of those things I said back then. But, like I wrote recently, I've turned the corner on all that. Thank God :} That kind of language is nothing but violence. But, at least there's that, instead of committing violence against people in physical acts.

Just goes to prove there's good in everything, as we move forward in the evolution of our beings, the cosmos and the perpetuating of God's Creation.

God Bless Us All. He has, and He will. Amen and Amen.

Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music
Neil Young - Heart of Gold
Todd Rundgren - Healer
Peter Gabriel - More Than This
Leon Russell - Prince of Peace
Eric Clapton - Change the World
James Taylor - The Secret O' Life
Ray Stevens - Everything Is Beautiful
One of my mom's favorites

Richie Havens - Shouldn't We All Be Having A Good Time
George Harrison - Give Me Love
James Taylor - 4th of July
Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck - People Get Ready
Pauls Abdul - Promise of a New Day
Ojays - Love Train
Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can

Seals & Crofts - Egypt, America and Israel
Seals & Crofts - One Planet, One People Please

Prince - I Would Die For You
Baby I'm A Star
I Wish You Heaven

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A Message for Henry II. This is a message for King Henry II, the final Holy Roman Emperor, who's name means 'Help from God'. From Dorothy of Cambridge.

Special Dedication to George Harrison
I believe I "channeled" this from him

The Joy It Will Bring
(C) 1/2/2004 Charles Rehn All Rights Reserved

"And he took a child and set him in the midst of them: and when he had taken him in his arms, he said unto them, Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosover shall receive me, receiveth not me, but Him that sent me.

St. Mark 9:36 & 37

Deep in my heart, where I know the truth of my heart
There is a voice saying love is the way it will start
The children of the world will fill your ears with laughter
Informing everyone that what is here is what they're after
And Church bells will ring to welcome the King
And people will sing for the joy it will bring.
Not long ago love was lost to the ways of the world
All that was left was instilled in the young boys and girls
'Cause when our spirits fall we look to them to lead
We feel their innocence and share such simple glee
You know what I mean, it's just like a dream
It's more than it seems - the joy it will bring.

It's all that you need
It's all you've been searching for
It's just like a sailboat losing it's wind
And riding the waves to the shore
The joy it will bring, don't deny it anymore
Just let your heart sing and you'll holler for more
For the joy it will bring, the joy it will bring
So much joy it will bring, All the joy it will bring
So much joy.
Now that I've told you the source of the love that's within
Open your heart so the magic of love can begin
And it will never end once the magic starts
Just like a child at play when you open up you heart
And Church bells will ring to welcome the King
And people will sing for the joy it will bring.

Michael Jackson - Earth Song
(Loved Good King Wenceslaus :})

Brand New Day
for John Ashcroft
(C) 9/28/2002 Charles Rehn All Rights Reserved

Hush now, don't you cry
Tomorrow's gonna be a brighter day
Just close your eyes, relax your mind
And everything will fade away
And when tomorrow comes
You'll be looking at a brand new day
Somewhere deep inside
You know you're gonna find a better way
Of sharing love
Can't give enough
And when you do your blues will fade away
And when the mornin' comes
You'll be looking at a brand new day 

It's hard to believe there's people hurtin' worse than me
All over the world
It's hard to conceive that this could be the way
That God would want it to be
But I know if we all pulled together
Yes I know if we all sing together
I Know we could make it last forever
Just like heaven should be

So just close your eyes and open your heart
We're gonna make a better way
And when the morning comes
You'll be looking at a brand new day.

And I know if we all pulled together
We could change everything
Don't ya know if we all sing together
What a song we could sing
It's something like a dream I had the other day
I dreamed that all the problems of the world went away
Like when the mornin' comes
And you're looking at a brand new day.

And, oh what a sight to see
Happy people smilin', feelin' just like me
Holding hands
In each and every land
We've got to make it happen some way
So when the mornin' comes
You'll be looking at a brand new day.


For the Love of the World

For the Love of the World

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