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There are a number of "books" or "chapters" in what I have written that appear to be unfinished. God works in mysterious ways. He makes that clear to me everytime He inspires me to write.  Today is no different.

To fully understand the reasons for what I have to say today, you'd probably want to read a couple other chapters after reading this, and then read this again for it to actually make sense.

Those chapters are:

A Special Message: I Refuse: Why I will not continue work on this book, and informing you that  a prophet was amongst you. Written 6/10/2009


The Final Judgment The time has come. Choose. Written 6/18/2009

Like I said, read those after reading this. It will make a difference.

Tricks and traps, deception upon deception upon deception, beware of emulations... the Bible really does tell us what we need to know, even though it's been edited so much it isn't at all the book , nor the words and will of God Almighty as was inspired and intended. Still, for those seeking the truth and not simply accepting the "generally accepted" myths of the will of Almighty God and His ways that have been twisted and perverted by the Orwellian designs of philologists in order to cause us to accept erroneous explanations of scriptures and world events based on the supposedly anointed interpretations of a universal church that never actually existed, the truth is there.

Interpret that as you will, full well knowing that what I write and speak does not need to be interpreted, it merely requires that you seek the actual meaning of the actual words I speak, and if you project your own guilt and denial into finding fault with what I say, then you will simply be fulfilling the prophecy you believe you deserve, eternal death and self-damnation for the wilingness to have this beautiful planet destroyed and your  children murdered instead of simply confessing your sins to Almighty God in an expression of integrity, honesty, and the knowledge that a better world is possible when we all accept and conduct ourselves with the spirit of truth, so that we all know we can trust each other as we endeavor to create and sustain the world God promised.

God keeps His promises to those who keep theirs, as stated over and over again in the Bible. Just as it also says that apparently, there is no one God can trust. I've learned a lot about what it's like to be God in the last 7 or so years, or maybe since the day I was born into this world, which is actually more accurate. I feel for the guy. Imagine being a parent who provided everything necessary for an entire world of children, only to find out that when it was most important to do the right thing, not one person had the courage to actually stand up and acknowledge the existence of God.

That's a tricky thing to talk about all by itself. The Living God. The Living Word. It's funny to me... I've been "informed"  that one of the greatest objections to people accepting me as Christ is that I don't know the Bible inside out like a good Christian should. The Living God. Even I used to beleive, and still do in a more complex way, that God has been alive, inhabiting or possessing  a body in mind and spirit on earth since the first moment of creation, wanting this place to be His greatest masterpiece of living art, where free will did not induce perverted thoughts and actions, but provided the opportunity to use the dreams and imagination people have, and express it in ways that share love and cause others to share love in a perfect world.

I was comforted and saddened the other night when I began reading Hebrews, like it was the first time, because I really have only read the Bible all the way through once.  Everytime I read random passages I learn more and more and more, and, up until now, I've been most willing to share everything I've learned.

Most the time, because of the manipulations of the anti-Christ, which impede and thwart my work electronically and otherwise, I open my Bible at bed time, throw it up in the air a little, and whatever page it lands on, I read, and it's clear to me that giving my total faith to God in every moment is why it always opens to exactly what God would want me to know and share with others. The other night, I opened the Bible randomly, and it landed on 1st Samuel. I didn't feel like reading it, just having a little fun. So I flipped the page like a playful child, and it landed on 2nd Samuel. I'd have to read it again to tell you what I learned, but it was profound. Most the time, I think God Almighty is my only true friend, and this is just one of the ways we play with each other.

Anyway, I read Hebrews, which, interestingly enough was something the anti-Christ guys wanted me to read. Anyone who uses such means to communicate with me, I figure, couldn't possibly be doing the work of God in such secrecy, as the Bible says anyone who does could not be doing the work of God.

I read Hebrews. My Bible describes it as providing the ultimate overview of the history of humanity as well as describing the real events and attitudes at the time of the Second Coming of Christ.. I laughed. I cried. I came to new realizations that caused me to understand that God ackowledged me for keeping my promise to Him, beginning with the vision I had as a child, to the deal I made to learn however He lead me, to living His ways without even knowing it, despite all the tricks and traps that the Bible warned everyone not to do to me. And I kept my promise to serve Him, no matter what, and to acknowledge and speak of His ways, words and existence. I am the living word. He is the living God, and He is in me and I am in Him, and we are all in all of us.

Everybody seems to have opinions and self-serving interpretations of what God's laws and rules are about, a tedious waste of time that could not possibly serve God. If Marvin Gaye and Elton John can get it right, why can't more people?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 10 - God Is Love (The B-Sides - Bonus Track)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection - Love Song

The actual reason I'm writing this is to provide a simple explanation as to why certain chapters seem to be left unfinished. They are, and I acknowledge that, but, with what appears to be some 400-600 pages of writing already written, and doing no good at all, I figure why should I waste time writing things people should already know anyway, and writing a book I wasn't supposed to write in the first place, and worrying about quoting scripture everybody's tired of hearing over and over to the point that they are apparently meaningless.

Everybody likes projecting their own interpretations into what I say and what the Bible says anyway, so let's just consider those chapters to be your chance to play more games about the meaning of things while people die and lies are told by the people who call themselves patriots but are not.

But you'll get to have it  your way, which is what the final judgment is about in one of hundreds of respects, all of the others put on hold while you all make the final judgment  and choose whether you want to live in  a world ruled by evil, or if you have enough faith in the Living God as well as the Almighty God to believe that the promised land is possible. As far as I'm concerned, it's been too late for a long time, and it won't be too late until the final destruction of the surface of this planet is destroyed by war and pollution, and people who will not stand up to tyranny.

There's more than one way to interpret the idea that the meek shall inherit the earth. One is to believe that those who know His ways, His real ways, will do their jobs and be anointed as the leaders for re-establishing the foundations of this world. Another is to acknowledge that those who promised to worship (serve) God failed to do so, and thus will inherit being left on this earth to be literally in hell, while the heaven promised will be located elesewhere.

It could be either way. He went to prepare a place. Either way, I've kept my promise to Him. And I thank Him for acknowledging that to me the other night. It's part of my way of knowing that I stand before Him, spotless, perfect, with a clear conscience regarding my life and faithfulness.

So, without further digression, because if anyone welcomed me into their churches or organizations to speak, I could talk about practically anything, as was intended...

There is plenty that is provided in these pages, inspired by and sometimes even, God Almighty speaking through me, and those things that seem complete... think of them like  a pop quiz, asking the question, if I was approaching everything based on the Golden Rule, the teachings and examples of Jesus, being led by the grace of God and not the explanations of men and people who would benefit by their profundity and the pleasures and perks of the power of leadership, how would I could complete this chapter?

At least, what is written might challenge you to take on why it's true that Christianity is not, unto itself, a religion, but is to some. And the minute it became religious, it was no longer about being Christ-like. Another paradox good for you to ponder by yourselves.

Frankly, it appears to me that all of you have chosen to live in hell rather than take the chance that the kingdom of God is possible, meaning your faith in God has diminished just as the Bible said. Except, strangely enough, there are a  great number of people who will be part of the New World who all the righteous people would claim to be the worst sinners. The poor, the sick, the disabled, the hungry, the derelicts we would rather sweep off the streets and forget about, because we're better than them. The cup is broken, and the vessel of the blood he offers can not be contained.

The veil of the facade of righteousness, and the phrase, often imitated but never duplicated. Reminds me of Michael Jackson, and how so many know that when the role is called up yonder, he'll be there. I always wanted to go play with him in Neverland. Maybe I will. :}

Instead of rambling on,  I guess I'll let you get on with reading and believing whatever you choose to believe, as do I.

Ciao. God bless. Choose what you really want.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 11 - Sad Tomorrows (The B-Sides - Bonus Track)


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