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For the Love of the World

How things are done in the Kingdom of God:



The media has done a good job of teaching you to treat people with knowledge of technologies and government crimes as people who are paranoid and delusional. And still, you know that there must be something you don't know. Where there's smoke, there's fire...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kinks - Around The Dial

It's important that I preface this part by pointing out that my background includes announcing, advertising copywriting, magazine entertainment writing, broadcast engineering, journalism, hypnosis, some metaphysics and spiritual traveling - now considered a form of "Remote Viewing" or Tele-kinetics as named by the CIA, formerly referred to as ESP, and what seems to be an inherent and intuitive sense for what appears to be Jungian psychology.

It's important because, although I would not consider myself to be an expert in any one of these subjects, I believe I possess more than enough experience and knowledge in each such that I could easily participate in a highly abstract and analytical conversation of high level in each of them.

One of the reasons I decided long ago to use a more subtle approach to presenting materials - as opposed to a slicker, catchier  presentation - is because I wanted to be sure I could honestly say that I didn't use any tricks of the trade - i.e., my abilities to produce effective commercials and productions utilizing psychological techniques known to work time and again - things that are not quite subliminal, at least in the eyes of the FCC - and to make sure the information I provided in this was seen as a presentation without spin - otherwise actually lying, if the truth be told.

That said...

One of my all time favorite TV shows, after the Addams Family, was Night Court, starring Harry Anderson and featuring John Astin as a sort of.. well, his favorite line was "but I'm feeling much better now..."

There was this one character - I can't remember his name - but every once in a while, he'd be on. Of course, if he was outdoors in the day time, he was wrapped in aluminum foil to block the microwave radiation. And in his apartment, he had an aluminum tube, and he slept there,  worried that he would otherwise be slowly cooked to death by all the emissions from the radio stations, TV stations, microwave dishes, satellites and more.

I'd laugh at him, but the broadcast engineer part of me actually knew that the point he was making was accurate and true. Radio waves, on contact with any object, have a heating effect. If you have many signals or radio waves hitting you, the heating effect is increased. It might be minimal - you may not even notice it.

But it is the same reason some people report hot spots on their head after using a cell phone for a long period of time. Victims of Directed Energy Weapons attacks frequently report a dizziness, sometimes even vertigo, accompanied by a warm spot on their head, with no explanation why that particular spot would be warmer than the rest of their head.

The truth is, this heating effect actually is slowly cooking us all - like the frogs Al Gore talked about in "An Inconvenient Truth" that sit in a pot of water that is slowly brought to a boil, and they don't notice, and then it heats them up and kills them without them knowing its happening.

I don't want to overemphasize or cause panic regarding that particular aspect of the issue. But it is interesting to know that Russia allows as much as 100 times less radio wave radiation than the United States for health reasons.

Of course, you've been trained by the media to call people who talk about things like this as part of the Tinfoil Hat Club. Isn't it interesting that the companies who employe these newscasters and people in the media who say things like that happen to own, maintain and operate most of the technology and equipment that makes it possible? It's not much different than when you found out that the media companies also own large parts of the pharmaceutical industries, and most of your favorite publications. You might begin to think you're a captive audience.

Ya know the jokes about people who receive radio stations on their teeth? It's rare, but it happens. It's a simple matter of a radio wave hitting an object in just the right way that it vibrates, stimulates the surrounding nerves and somehow, by strange accident, is just the right vibration to make the audio nerves, in your ears, perceive sound.

Stereo speakers do exactly the same thing, but we use wires to transmit the sound to the speaker that reproduces the sound audibly.

But, what if you could direct sound in a radio wave toward a single person   in a way that the intended person heard full CD quality stereo sound, and someone next to them would be unable to hear it?

It is being done at this very moment. In fact, there's a video and story about that below about the Holosonic Spotlight.

That sort of thing can be done in a number of ways. The technology behind much of the more advanced forms of accomplishing such things is truly a medical miracle. The bad news is, it can also be used for a number of bad things.

In fact, it's become weaponized. Weaponized and turned into a torture device that destroys the lives, often the minds of its victims using psychological torture techniques developed with billions of dollars and decades of research.

The story I'm going to tell you is actually quite fascinating. It's about many discoveries, including the invention of something called "The Thought Camera" I came across while doing a patent office search for Tesla and Rehn. I found it, as well as a device that was invented immediately before it that was used to measure radio signals. Given my knowledge of my father's work and age, it would not surprise me that he was the Rehn named in the classified patent info that included no details, and for which Los Alamos would provide me no additional information.

In about 1973, a scientist decided to reproduce the approximate results of related devices - to disprove denials of the government that more advanced technology existed, such as the Thought Camera - by implanting sensors into the visual cortex of a cat. He had little funding and the equipment was not very sophisticated, but the below are the pictures that were reproduced directly from the cat's eyes. It's important to stress what this means:

Anything the cat saw could be transmitted to a device that could record and display those images, just like a TV camera.

cat1.jpg (8521 bytes)


cat2.jpg (9006 bytes)      cat3.jpg (9258 bytes)

The pictures are fuzzy, but it does demonstrate the ability to pick up the signals and display them.

It's part of a very intriguing story, particularly if you're curious about the supernatural and ESP.

This story actually begins back in about 1945 when a Russian soldier standing in front of a microwave radar dish heard a clicking noise in his ears that couldn't be heard by anyone else. After studying the phenomenon, it became known as thermo-acoustic expansion, but what it actually was was the heating of brain cells in such a way and speed that it caused sound vibrations to stimulate the nerves in the ear to cause "hearing" of sound, even though no one else could hear it.

Many years, experiments, phenomenon, induced terminal illnesses and more later, work began in earnest on another area of "inaudible communications" you might say. In the early '70's, Stanford University and the Hoover Institute, under the auspices of the CIA, undertook testing utilizing something called a magnetometer, and theirs was the most sensitive one invented to date.

Why did they do this?

Think of the brain as a computer. Consider that occurrences of thought, synapses, are little radio broadcasts that send data from one part of the brain to another. Then, consider the fact that these radio wave broadcasts, brainwaves, emanate outward from your brain approximately 6 feet. They actually do that.

Theoretically, that means that anyone with a "brainwave receiver" could receive all the broadcasts from your brain just like you listen to music on an FM Radio Station... if you could translate the signals into something intelligible.

Project Stargate at Stanford University utilized this magnetometer to record brainwaves for the purpose of the beginning of the study of decoding the brain which I believe became most closely represented in language and storage construction by UCSD Pascal in the early days of PC's.

But for now, consider that the United States Government - the CIA and other Intel and military related agencies including DARPA have spent incalculable funds and years developing the kind of technology I'm describing here... and the possibilities you might imagine....

One focus of their work was to study the brainwave patterns of people who displayed psychic abilities.

The outcome of that work was the development of what has long been known as Psychotronics, and is also referred to by some as Synthetic Telepathy. Synthetic telepathy, in essence, allows remote operators to use radio transmissions to send and receive "brainwave" signals (simplification) to individuals or groups of people.

Maybe that sounds strange to you, but given my background... the truth is, when I first realized that Psychotronics was being used on me, I didn't quite know what was going on or how it was being done, but the technology itself didn't surprise me. I actually had wondered when this kind of technology would be developed, and I believed some people were actually treating me to a "look" at some cool new technology.

Then they began to demonstrate to me the truly psychotic and perverse ways they use this technology and what it's capable of as a weapon.

Just as I can't begin to tell you how sad I think it is, because the government is only now allowing a trickle of this technology in its infant forms to people who could take it in its actual current state of development and perform medical miracles with it.

Just as I was sad when I heard John Kerry say in his Democratic Presidential Nomination Speech in 2004 that he agreed with the development of this "new class of weapons".

Carole Smith, noted U.K. and Australian psycho-analyst who convinced the European Union to ban the use of these weapons and devices, asked the United States observers at the meetings in the back of the room, including an agent in the CIA,  if they had any concerns of problems in the United States that would occur because the European Union banned them.

The short  answer to what they told her was simply "No, it doesn't bother us. The people in the United States don't know about it."

Now they do.

I've written an entire section about Psychotronics, I call it my Biblical version, and it contains a great deal of more technical information that describes the technologies in use and some of the "spiritual" and "supernatural" emulations they can produce, or at the least the illusions of them. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) I'd recommend reading What is Psychotronics? after reading this, because you'll learn more about Psychotronics and directed energy weapons, as well as why it's the paramount threat to humanity and the Kingdom of God at this time, and why I am writing this chapter.

For now, what I'm going to do is paraphrase the way Psychotronics and directed energy weapons are being used against your fellow citizens - the government and their surrogates - the truly cynical and sociopathic ways they are used, and the psychological means by which people's lives and minds are destroyed. The torture that is actually done to these people is so unimaginable unless you experience it. Because of it, I say

There can be no freedom without freedom of thought.

Ultimately, you'll understand that that is at the very heart of the use of Psychotronics toward citizens like you and me. It has to do with an emulation of what the Bible refers to as "instant judgment" in the Kingdom of God, as the anti-Christ would have you go along with their version of the Kingdom of God without God.

Once again, please understand that what I am going to tell you is the very short version of what I have learned, corroborated and experienced since 2002. Never forget, I speak not just for myself and what I have endured.

I speak for the hundreds and thousands of other people - likely billions by the time we get to the bottom of the way and totality of the use of this technology - people who are suffering unbearable psychological torture 24 hours a day, seven days per week, for years and years and years until they typically either surrender themselves to their label of mental illness or commit suicide or die young from the stress of their ordeal.

At the end of this chapter, I'll give you additional information regarding symptoms to look for, what to do if you believe you are a victim, the traps and "set-ups" you face as a "targeted individual" and contact info for other people who can assist you in dealing with its effects until we have relieved ourselves of this criminal "affliction" made possible by rogue corporate "security firms", most often under contract to the United States Government.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Holosonic Sound’s inventor loves to freak out library users with his mind control toy.
Please wait for the video below to load.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) The Holosonic Spotlight. Now you hear it, now you don't.
Simply step inside the invisible circle of sound it projects.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kraftwerk - Radioactivity

Consider the following excerpts, and you'll begin to fully understand the real-time implications of this technology called Psychotronics.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) John Norseen, Martin-Marrietta: Reading your mind and injecting smart thoughts. "If this research pans out, says Norseen, "you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it."   "The ethics don't concern me," he says, "but they should concern someone else."    Original url: bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.usnews.com/usnews/issue/000103/norseen.htm    January 3, 2000 U.S.News & World Report by Douglas Pasternak

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Libet Part 1 - The Time Lag
Now, it isn't surprising that there should be some delay between an event, and our becoming aware of it.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Case Closed for Free Will? Studies now show that the conscious mind becomes aware of unconscious decisions as much as 10 seconds later. By Elsa Youngsteadt Science NOW Daily News 14 April 2008

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) "The Mind Has No Firewall" excerpt from an Army article on psychotronic weapons. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92: bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Read the full article here... by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.)
Orig url: bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/98spring/thomas.htm

"An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body's psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium."

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) from CNN's Special Assignment 1985 by Chuck DeCaro
That's the technology that can beam radio frequencies to destroy missile and aircraft components, scramble radar screens, and even alter human mind functions...    ...Imagine the implications of a weapon with no visible trace -- a weapon that could knock out tanks, ships, and planes as fast as the speed of light. The same technology, with modifications, could disorient and even tranquilize military personnel, rendering them virtually helpless in the battle zone. These are the new weapons of war...

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Military Use of Mind Control Weapons
PSY-OPS WEAPONRY USED IN THE PERSIAN GULF WAR Nexus Magazine Oct./Nov. 1998 Issue by Judy Wall, Editor and Publisher of Resonance, the Newsletter of the Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group
For years, rumours have persisted that the United States Department of Defense has been engaged in research and development of ultra-sophisticated mind- altering technology. Confirmation of this came to me recently in the form of two ITV News Bureau Ltd (London) wire service bulletins.

The March 23, 1991 newsbrief, bluediam.gif (123 bytes) "High-Tech Psychological Warfare Arrives in the Middle East", describes a US Psychological Operations (PsyOps) tactic directed against Iraqi troops in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. The maneuvre consisted of a system in which subliminal mind-altering technology was carried on standard radiofrequency broadcasts [such as AM & FM Radio]

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Guided By Voices
“What we do know is that you can make people hallucinate using either lights or microwave or electromagnetic energy. You can also make them pass out; you can cause them to behave strangely, put them into shock, make them hear voices or even kill them.”

Now, I'm going to connect the dots for you and tell you what those articles and - literally hundreds more I've reviewed - end up meaning.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nylons - Happy Together

But first, I want to impress upon you the fact that governments suppress the release of what it would call "classified information" all the time, and when appropriate, I'd say there's nothing wrong with that. There are legitimate reasons of national security that warrant secrecy.

Advances in technology considered sensitive to national security are often suppressed, militarized and then slowly released to research institutions as the technology becomes known by other countries. The concepts of how the internet works were based on designs for a "cellular" or "nodal" network of computers capable of maintaining the network stability without a central controller, particularly in the case of catastrophic or nuclear events.

Another example is the fact that the United States has had Space Shuttles far superior to the shuttles we use now since 1958. The F20-A and F22 Aircraft travel so fast that, in my calculations, they would be invisible to the naked eye when they are flying through the skies.

The United States military has been experimenting with weather modification as a weapon since at least the late 1950's. I know this because my father demonstrated how it was done in a fish tank in my bedroom one day when he was employed at the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco.

I have evidence that shows that the United States Government was aware of the destruction that was going to occur as the result of Hurricane Katrina, an email from Network Solutions technical support showing that the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Bush-Clinton-Katrina Fund website for victim relief was online 6 weeks before the hurricane struck. Even further investigation would show that the United States Government was fully aware of the inability of the levees in New Orleans to withstand the kinds of storms possible in that region, as reported by CNN at least 2 years before.

My point is, when it comes to technology, particularly technology that can be weaponized, there are a great number of things that have been developed that we simply wouldn't believe unless we saw it  ourselves or had witnesses. I have first hand experience as well as witnesses, and a mountain of technical documentation from mainstream media AND U.S. Government publications.

Psychotronics, and "synthetic telepathy, by "broadcasting" to the nervous system - the audio and visual cortices of the brain -  can:

  • Cause perception of sound no one else can hear, or can be broadcast to a group, crowd or geographic region

  • That sound can be made to appear as if it is the mind or in another close by physical location, in fact, in thin air

  • In advanced forms, conduct real-time "mental" conversations with remote operators with and without the aid of implants and "sensor caps", to and from practically anywhere in the world

  • Leaves no physical trace or evidence

We actually hear of this technology frequently when the History Channel and others report about advanced technologies that allow a brain to computer link for jet fighter pilots so that their thoughts can be converted into commands the aircraft will respond to.

Just imagine all the cool possibilities a tool like that would allow. Particularly if it was used for good purposes. With an imagination... who knows. Synthetic telepathy. You could be the equivalent of psychic, at least in terms of telepathy, without even having to know how. It would be sort of like owning a CB radio. If the people you were using it with were aware of it.

Here's where there's bad news. I always say, any tool can be good or bad, depending on how it's used.

The United States Government, and many others, have actively engaged in work regarding torture, mental conditioning, mind-control, population control, propaganda, all sorts of things I've been aware of  for a long time, but didn't concern myself with most of my life.

I had never heard of things like Mk-Ultra, CoIntelPro, Project Artichoke, Project Mockingbird or the Church Committee - things that were about covert manipulation of public opinions, implanting devices to do illegal testing on humans, government efforts of causing personal bankruptcy, disruption of families and purposeful "gaslighting" to diminish the appearance of mental health of its targets... you always have to figure there's corruption in any government, but still believe that it's rare and "not all that bad".

When you do some research, you begin to realize it's not true. Not only does the government do illegal medical experimentation and suppress free speech and more, it uses military technology on its own citizens for testing, and to silence people who may fit the profile of people who would oppose a massive alteration in the organization of the United States.

I know of an FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, who resigned the FBI when he came upon a plan called Rex-84 developed during the Reagan Administration that included a list of names of people the government would "round-up", place in internment and work camps, all because they were considered true patriots and would resist martial law when it was imposed in order to finally overthrow the government of the United States.

Ted found his own name on that list.

This Rex-84 plan - why DID the government grant Halliburton a no bid contract to build internment camps on American soil?

More intriguing, though, is that I received a message in July, 2006, stating that Ted Gunderson had made contact with the offices of  U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State. That contact resulted in her office requesting that victims of Psychotronic and directed energy weapons in Washington State contact her office so that she would have official "cause" to begin an investigation into these civil and human rights abuses, presumably to put an end to it.

I personally sent her 2 letters, dated 7/26/2006 and 11/22/2006. I never received a reply to either letter.

The last I heard, Ted Gunderson's body was found on a beach.

Donald Rumsfeld, in statements from him and the Pentagon regarding the U.S. intent to impose global "total spectrum dominance" to force compliance with our national agenda, includes statements regarding the use of military technologies and Intel agencies on U.S. Citizens who would oppose  the future military goals of the United States Government, including psychological operations, interruption of electronic communications and a variety of laws including FISA/Telecom immunity from prosecution.

The thing to note here, is that all this has been going on for decades, it's not just the result of the administration of George W. Bush. The Democrats have been participating in the dismantling of the constitution and the passage of unconstitutional laws since at least Johnson, and the Intel agencies have been working on mind control and freedom of speech suppression since the CIA's inception.

After September 11, 2001, when Republicans kept saying Democrats were unpatriotic, Paul Begala, on CNN's Crossfire, proudly proclaimed that Max Cleeland, former Carter Administration official,  was one of the authors of the Patriot Act. And, if something devastating like 911 wasn't anticipated or desired, why is it that the Patriot Act was written long before the attacks of September 11? It's true.

Those things said - and they really are true - then I suggest you understand that the methods employed with the application of Psychotronics that I am going to describe are also true.

All you have to do is remember that you have a silent, untraceable weapon with the ability to speak to and read people's minds, no one knows about it but the victim, and the government sanctions its use for security, political control, punishment for grudges and more...

I'm going to add one more important element to this tool. Since it's possible to broadcast thoughts into people's minds, without them even knowing it, you can hypnotize them without them knowing it. That IS the actual, most powerful tool that Psychotronics provides.

Just note, for now, the concepts behind bio-feedback, the ability to train the mind to consciously control pain, muscles, heart rate, breathing and more. It's simple mind-over matter.

Considering this element of hypnotism that's been added, you now have the ability to tell this person's mind things like: every time you see a bird, think of the thing that happened in your life that hurt you the most emotionally. People will do things, just like you see on stage when a hypnotist causes people to do silly things, that no one who wasn't hypnotized would ever do.

Psychotronic technology in conjunction with hypnosis gives the "remote operator" the ability to interrogate your mind - consciously or unconsciously - in the same ways described in a new process typically in use as the "ultimate lie detector" called "brain-mapping". You may not notice this going on at all, you may find yourself consciously reviewing parts of your life you hadn't thought about for years, especially things you're embarrassed or ashamed about, or things that would embarrass you in public if anyone found out. Things no one had any way of knowing except to know your innermost private thoughts. Or, you may find yourself having interesting dreams or waking up in the morning still tired after tossing or turning all night.

These technicians recording your responses and the facts about you, with the ability to later cause you to remember things in ways that produce emotional responses - love, anger, hatred, silliness, depression - so that they can control your actions and thoughts, and therefore, your life.

Ray Kurzweil, noted futurist and sci-fi writer, describes this as the beginning of what's known as the electronic singularity. An electronic system that would allow communications - conscious or not - and monitoring of thought between individuals.

More importantly, though, it would enable a computerized system - as suggested by the U.S. News and Report article with John Norseen - to monitor the thoughts of humans and IF the computer decided that the behavior or thoughts of that individual were not appropriate, it would automatically insert new thoughts to prevent the individual from choosing the other action. In essence, this system turns us into computer controlled robots, and it's happening right now.

And it's how the anti-Christ attempt to "override" the instant judgment of God that is provided to you when you are trying to make difficult decisions and choices in your life, particularly at times when you might say that you are relying on your faith in God.

The technology is far more advanced than most people could possibly imagine.

DARPA and the NSA claims it has the capability to monitor 6 billion people right now.

That's why the article "Case Closed for Free Will" is so important. And why it's so important that you understand that what I'm telling you is true, and if you continue reading, I'll tell you how to recognize if it's being done to you, and ways you can cope with it.

That's important because I am now certain that the government has absolute intent to fully utilize these systems, and you can not escape it unless the whole system is simply shut down.

Think about that for a moment while I describe the initial processes a psychological operation with these tools puts you through in order to get away with destroying your life.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 11 - Tiny Demons

Meanwhile, think about the lyrics of this song. I used to believe that that musician/produce Todd Rundgren was playing this song to talk about the way we process our thoughts and emotions and work out our idiosyncrasies. This song came out in 1981. One day Todd Rundgren will win an award for writing this song to warn us about what it's like to be attacked with this technology.

Other people will tell you that The Talking Heads, Kurt Cobain and Concrete Blonde were also using their music to tell you about being attacked with it. How about the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Alan Parsons Project "Eye in the Sky"  and the lyric "I can read your mind"....

And do you think this song was just someone's over-active imagination?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine J - Somebody's Watching Me

In time, there are a great number of artists and musicians who I have reason to believe have been coerced and harmed with this technology, as well as a few other high-profile celebrities whose erratic behavior has been displayed in the media. These attacks, however, are by no means limited in any way to celebrities.

Psychological Operations Begin

The first thing you have to do in a psychological operation is to make sure that no one believes the victim.

In the greater public, this means using the media to report stories that inform them that people who think they're being followed, hearing voices and other "behaviors" must be crazy - despite the fact that these same broadcasters in the national media actually know that such things are going on, and that these technologies exist. 

The people in the national media learn about and participate in all sorts of things we never hear about. This happens because reporters are told they can have access to all kinds of inside information, so long as they sign confidentiality agreements. Now, if they tell you about things like Psychotronics and other covert weapons being used against the United States Government, they can be arrested. And they end up having to clear reports with military and government officials.

That leads to state controlled media, and is certainly not freedom of the press.

In some cases, the national media participates in what they seem to think of as a funny game called "media mirroring".

Psyops agents give them words and phrases to say in their broadcasts that relate to the things you think about and talk about and after a while, you begin to notice that the announcer on TV is always talking about exactly what you're thinking about... things the Psyops agent has made you think about with  Psychotronics so that when you start telling friends how weird it is that this announcer keeps saying things using the exact words you were thinking, they start thinking you think the TV is talking to you.

Fortunately for me, at this time, I have video recorded that will prove this practice is occurring, as well as a number of people who can testify to experiencing the same sort of psychological operation or harassment. It's the same kind of thing that prompted me to write this letter to bluediam.gif (123 bytes)Judge Daniel Sanchez of New Mexico when Colleen Nestler claimed that David Letterman was talking in code to her.

If the transcripts of his program have not been altered, I will be able to prove I've had 1 incident with David Letterman that is similar to the one she described when she filed her complaint against him. I'd like to add, for the record, that up until that time, I'd been a huge fan of Lettermen since his first TV show in the 70's, not to mention the politician who engaged in this activity with him. I have no grudges with the man.

I'll add, the good news is, I have reason to believe that at least one local TV station has actually purposely fed me video to prove the existence of some of these practices. Unfortunately, coincidentally, that local channel is not on my satellite TV system right now because they're having a contract dispute with DISH TV.

Other networks have fed me info, but I have every reason to believe they were just trying to make me believe they were trying to assist me, which is a typcial psyop ploy to get the "target" to trust them so they can drop a bombshell on you later, having set you up in circumstances or causing you to report incorrect information in order to make you look uninformed, like a liar and to be able to generate materials and statements that could be used against me later to publicly humiliate me in the media.

It's the same kind of disinformation campaign the CIA has been engaged in for years on the internet.

Media mirroring is not the most typical thing that is done to people, but it is becoming more and more common. I'll explain why soon.

The most common things that people experience at first are:

The experience that they are being watched or followed... and it's true. The people following them actually go out of their way to let the targeted individual know they are being followed to make them paranoid, and to tell their friends, so their friends think they're paranoid. The stalkers make certain to remain "invisible" if other people are around the "targeted individual" so that there are no witnesses.

Helicopters hovering over their house or following them. As strange as it sounds, its true, and again, the purpose is to cause paranoia and to get you to tell your friends, who don't believe it of course. I have witnesses in my household, and hundreds of other people, who have witnessed the helicopters over my house 24/7/365. At least one. And they follow me everywhere I go. I can't help it that it sounds strange. It's supposed to.

Are you getting the picture? I have video of these choppers. As Paul Begala said one day on Crossfire when it began to happen to me "Who would be afraid of a black helicopter hovering overhead?" Personally, I was just wondering why he, off all people, would say something like that. It was out of context.

I have to admit, it made me very uncomfortable for a while, but they're military guys, I respect the military guys, so I salute them when I think of it when I'm outside, because I know they're doing their job, whatever it is. Once I finally realized that they weren't going to kill me, I relaxed a lot and make jokes about it.

But there are other elements that are going on that I haven't told you about yet, and when you combine them all, it's an absolutely terrorizing experience, with no one to corroborate your claims. At least at first.

If you never realize what's being done to you - enabling you to learn to deal with it, and realize these people go far out of their way to leave no physical evidence - you'll never have any peace. That's part of the purpose, perpetual aggravation.

Other things that commonly happens includes how I began receiving 2,000-3,000 spam emails per day, many of them with subject lines relating to the names of people or subjects I had been talking about at home the night before.

I subscribed to an online astrology service. It was a service offered on an independent astrology site, with the same service and text emailed to you daily with your "forecast". And then, one day, they stopped being the same, and one of these email feeds was very "context sensitive" to my life from then on, including one related to some complaints I have regarding Barack Obama, The Democratic Party and the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the U.S. Government that may sound familiar to you.

This is the weblog entry I made about this happening, and the text in red is the text copied from that email astrological forecast...

My Astrology.com horoscope for 11-6-2002 The ones off AOL.com/Yahoo. Hmm, signed, sealed....

There are no rules out on the cutting edge. You're strong enough for anything, and positive that it will all turn out for the best. Your every desire is signed, sealed and delivered.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Barak

The ones directly from Astrology.com from Yahoo all of a sudden started saying other things for the same horoscope. Hmm... Psyops via astrological forecasts... the same service as on AOL... Time-Warner.. I think there's a pattern here.

I remember one that ominously said "Don't throw your life away. The people you are up against have very long memories"... I documented this in my weblogs as well, and have kept all emails since approximately December 2001 that proves a great deal about the psychological operations against me.

At this point, you're probably asking the same questions every targeted individual asks:

1) Why would anyone want to go through all the time, trouble and expense to do this to anyone?

2) Why would they do it to me?

3) What kind of people would do this sort of thing to other people? It's unimaginable.

I'm going to tell you why it's unimaginable. It includes another military weapon in use called Directed Energy Weapons, previously referred to as EMF or EMP / Electro-Magnetic-Force or Pulse weapons. I could give you some very technical explanations, and do in What is Psychotronics?, but  for now, suffice it to say that the U.S. Government's use of Directed Energy Weapons is far beyond what they want you to know about.

Tasers are children's toys compared to the actual weapons that are available in our arsenal. But, directed energy weapons are, conveniently and deceptively, considered non-lethal weapons in most legislative descriptions.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner - Highly Illogical

Directed Energy Weapons are, in many ways, the equivalent of the kind of electronic Phasers and Photon Weapons in movies like Star Trek and Star Wars. These weapons are deployed from helicopters, satellite systems, ground based and portable systems and more.  You can find "amateur versions" of this kind of weapon available for sale on the internet for about $500. There are many variations in the way it's done, the most devastating of which is known as the MASER, the Microwave Laser. It actually has a much longer, more technical name.

If you doubt the existence of such systems, I urge you to view this legislation introduced into the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) United States House of Representatives by Dennis Kucinich in 2001, called the Space Preservation Act, HR 2977 IH  107th CONGRESS  1st Session, which called for the United States to join in the call with other nations to prevent the militarization of space, something that has been going on for a very long time to a degree you have only imagined would occur decades from now in a galaxy far, far and away.

The Space Preservation Act includes language banning these directed energy weapons AND Psychotronics.

The bill, of course, was altered in its final version and ultimately rejected, but sets a firm marker in place to provide proof of its existence, and the United States' Government's intent to deploy such weaponry.

The Department of Defense launched satellites with GPS locator capabilities over the last 10 years that enable these systems to work via computer automation in conjunction with things like your cell phone and GPS car map systems. Remote operators have the ability to monitor your personal conversations on your cell phones - even if you're not making a call at the time. It gets better and better, and it's not paranoia, it's real and it's happening.

Let's review this a moment. You have technology that allows you to talk to a person's subconscious or conscious, with or without their knowledge, and the ability to shoot them with an electronic ray gun that can cause a number of effects that they will think means they are seriously ill..

And, with the same technologies, you have the ability to alter the person's heart and breathing rates as well as other typically autonomic and unconscious physical  and mental habits and functions.

And, unless you actually burn the targeted individual with the Directed Energy  Weapon, called DEWS, there is no evidence that anything ever happened. Perfect weapons for perfect crimes.

The general theory behind how all this is used and works is the same thing that has stores place subliminal messages underneath the music they play in the store. The most classic example of that usage would be to place the message "Don't steal" at a volume just below that of the music so it couldn't be heard consciously, but is still heard, recorded and responded to sub-consciously.

Stores that want you to spend money on small, impulsive purchases will play fast music. Stores that want you to buy larger, more expensive items play slower music.

The truth is, practically anyone with the knowledge to amplify an inaudible verbal message through a boom box in a mall could cause some people to do some very interesting things. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to teach people how to do it.

If I was a political candidate, I could, say, create a message saying "Vote for Barack Obama" or "Let's Bomb Iran" and put it on a huge amplifier system and play it in public places and people would just do it, and not know why. They'd think it was just "on their mind" or they were "comfortable with the idea".

A good example of this sort of thing MIGHT be to tell people to stop smoking. A bad use might be to tell people to be afraid of Muslims.

This very sort of thing is actually being done right now in the United States to individuals and groups.

Further, to disrupt proper firing of neurons in the brain,  directed energy can be applied via something called the GWEN Towers Network. Something else Carole Smith is something of an expert on. This article is from 2004

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.democraticfundamentalism.org/2005/psychotronics/government/20040825gwenintro.htm

"Electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. They are silent, and counter measures to them may be difficult to develop."

Body identification gives rise to a host of sociological phenomena, the least of which is the mechanistic view that consciousness is a product of the brain, and secondarily that the mind is centered in the brain. [Yale's] Dr. Jose Delgado was one of the chief proponents of this viewpoint. Delgado was the author of the book "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society".

For Delgado, the mind existed only in the brain; to postulate its existence as an independent entity was to him sheer nonsense. He rejected the concept of free will, and proposed that the mind was a functional entity produced by the electrical operations of the brain, and as such should be manipulated and controlled in order to control the behavior of the population. This was a view that seems to be shared by proponents of the New World Order.

The United States is not the only country with such capabilities. In fact, some would argue that the United States benefited greatly in this area by the breakup  of the Soviet Union. The United States now has at least the same capabilities. Note that the date on the following is from 1983.

"Russian satellites, controlled by advanced computers, can send voices in one's own language interweaving into natural thoughts to the population of choice to form diffused artificial thought. The chemistry and electricity of the human brain can be manipulated by satellite and even suicide can be induced. Through ferocious anti-humanitarian means, the extremist groups are fabricated, the troubles and bloody disturbances are instigated by advanced Tele-means via Russian satellites, in many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America."

Dr Nassim Abd El-Aziz Neweigy, March 21, 1983, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture, Moshtohor Tukh-Kalubia, Egypt, writing in The Sydney Morning Herald

Some scientists estimate that a person wanting to escape the inauduble subliminals currently "in the air" would have to create a cave some 1000 feet in the ground to escape the transmissions of these messages, and it would take at least a month for the effects of the post-hypnotic suggestions to wear off.

Consider this: what happens when people find out they can do something bad and get away with it? What typically happens when people with authority and power find out they can finagle the system and get away with things? How does the phrase "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" apply to all this? I hope I don't need to answer that question for you.

Here's a stark example of what happens when government officials get carried with their own power, believe they are above the law, and get a little perverted by it.

WashTimes1989-1pedophilesm.jpg (28106 bytes)

These are links to the full size images from June 29, 1989, The Washington Times, which was removed from newsstands and circulation by government agents.   bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Image 1   bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Image 2    bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Image 3

I've heard of this intimated in the national/corporate media several times, but, like most other people, I just thought "Oh, one more Washington sex scandal". Like a lot of people, I really don't want to know about these people's sex lives, I want them to run the government well. Do I care that they conduct themselves morally and ethically? Of course I do, but there they are, in office, and once they're elected, what are you going to do? So you put up with it.

Somewhere in my archives I have a credible news story talking about how the President of the United States is accountable to conduct themselves honorably as per the Military Code of Conduct. The story went on to describe how 10 top military officers were en route to Washington DC to arrest Bill Clinton when their jet went down, over Tennessee or Alabama... killing all on board.

I want to make a point. Whether you believe any of these things happened or not, you have to admit that it's pretty shocking. It's not the kind of thing you want to hear, it's not the kind of thing you want to think your leaders do, especially when there are so many important things to deal with these days.

I talk about the media, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Government... I often speak in vague terms because to speak in detail would take years to tell. It's important to remain objective when looking at stories like this that might make it seem as though it's a blanket indictment or accusation about an entire political party or group of people.

When you get to the heart of many of these kinds of stories, you find out that the people involved behind the scenes who are actually responsible for the perpetrations I refer to when I "point my finger" at them are actually a small group of people who, one way or another, cause other people to go along.

Do I think everyone in the Council on Foreign Relations is bad, no. The government? Of course not. The media? No...  But it is important for us to recognize that there are powerful people and influences at work, there are true believers in particular ideologies and theories on many sides working against each other. And, there is a core group of people who make many decisions about the direction of this planet, and most of those people are in some way connected to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The point I want to make is that the United States, as is many countries and "power centers" of leadership and wealth, is one where we need to stop overlooking the excesses of power.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Wild Places - 06 - Blind to the Truth

We need to stop allowing our hopes to blind us from the truth of the deception of our leaders while they actually are selling the assets and future vital infrastructure and resources to foreign corporations, undermining our manufacturing base and losing record numbers of jobs - whether you think it's the current administration's fault or not - and then are presented with a plan of economic stimulus to supposedly save or create 3.5 million jobs which sounds really good - but which doesn't even begin to account for the millions of people who are nearing poverty and losing their jobs on a weekly basis.

That's why it's so important that you understand why you need to know about Psychotronics, and the kind of people who are using it in ways that are way beyond waterboarding and electrical shock.

We tend to think of thought crimes as being when a government tries to censor the free speech of citizens, to the point of criminalization. What if the government could actually monitor your thoughts, and do a "pre-emptive strike" on your brain with Psychotronics or shoot you with directed energy weapons and incapacitate you for years at a time...

The remote operators, called perps or perpetrators, also use sleep deprivation to cause chemical imbalances of electrolytes, saratonin and more, and actually can induce psychotic breaks in people, particularly when they don't know what's happening to them, or when they know but don't understand the psychological techniques being used to break them in order to defend their minds and bodies to survive. I feel very lucky that my background allowed me to withstand the attacks.

Still, there were at least 2 occasions when these devices were used to keep me awake almost continuously for 10 days at a time, with  only 3 hours of sleep per night. Just enough to stay alive. I really believed I was going to die from it. After you endure these things for a while, research it and realize what's being done to you, you say to yourself, if this government hates me so much, why don't they at least just kill me instead of torturing me for years? They could at least show that much compassion.

Later on, I'll detail some of the horrific things they do to your body and mind.

First, why would the government or a corporation do this to someone? It's a great question.

There seems to be a basic set of reasons for these activities. They range from what's called "non-consensual" testing on random or arbitrarily picked individuals by corporations working on such technology. It appears that some individuals are considered "whistleblower types", many new victims over the last 8 years were doing political activism, many had parents involved in classified military work in the late 50's through the  late 60's, people who witnessed police or federal authorities in corruption or negligence, and then others who can clearly link their harassment to making someone rich or powerful angry for one reason or another.

It's generally accepted amongst victims that once you are targeted by these things, you will be targeted for the rest of your life. It is rare to hear of anyone who has successfully "shaken" this kind of harassment.

As for me, for now, I'll only say that what I have been subjected to is very much like these other victims, however, the reasons and circumstances are much different.  But I can most assuredly express to you how it feels to be violated and harmed by these weapons.

No one knows better than a victim of these attacks how strange it sounds, and how incredible it is that people would be so truly evil. That's why I'm thankful for this article by Carole Smith, U.K. and Australian Psycho analyst who helped convince the European Union to ban these weapons. It says a great deal.


bluediam.gif (123 bytes) On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology
Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho Social Studies 2003

For someone who felt his mind was going to pieces, to be put into the stressful situation of the psychiatric examination, even when the psychiatrist acquitted himself with kindness, the situation of the assessment procedure itself, can be ‘an effective way to drive someone crazy, or more crazy.’

But if the accounting of bizarre experiences more or less guaranteed you a new label or a trip to the psychiatric ward, there is even more reason for a new group of people to be outraged about how their symptoms are being diagnosed.

A doubly cruel sentence is being imposed on people who are the victims of the most appalling abuse by scientific-military experiments, and a totally uncomprehending society is indifferent to their evidence.

For the development of a new class of weaponry now has the capability of entering the brain and mind and body of another person by technological means.

See also: bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Intrusive Brain Reading Surveillance Technology: Hacking the Mind

It may seem as if I'm skipping around a lot, but there are many dots to connect regarding the effects of the weapons as well as the strategies used to cause people to take actions that seem like they are, but are not in their best interests.

So now, they have an individual whose family is worried about their health and state of mind because they're not sleeping, suffering from sleep deprivation, possible chemical imbalances caused by the stress, hearing voices and complaining of all sorts of strange things. The person may also be depressed because the person speaking to them via Psychotronics and "voice to skull" technology is telling them to think about the saddest moment in their lives, for hours and hours and hours.

I know. It sounds like someone having a nervous breakdown. But, if you've read any CIA interrogation techniques manuals at all, if you've looked into psychological conditioning techniques of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and if you compare notes with other people around the world who understand the technology and techniques, the tactics are quite clear and the results are quite predictable.

Unfortunately, few people know any of this when it begins to happen, and this first stage of "securing a victim" is completed.

Because the people doing this to victims know exactly what symptoms they need to generate in a  victim that would correspond with the symptoms of mental illness in generally accepted psychiatric standards and journals.

The next thing you know, the victim is at  a doctor's office complaining of lack of sleep or hearing voices. So the doctor gives you medications. These days, the favorite seems to be Zyprexa. Yale University issued a report in 2007 saying that Zyprexa causes schizophrenia and psychosis in healthy people. It also causes diabetes.

Most importantly though, your attacker has caused you to have a record of mental illness. And not just minor stuff. Big stuff. The kind of stuff a police officer could have you placed in a mental institution for observation over if you told them. It happens.

A woman in a homeless shelter in Florida reported the attacks on her with DEWS and Psychotronics, and apparently was convincing enough that the social worker called the police for them to take a report. Instead, the homeless woman AND the social worker were committed for observation.

If, somehow, you've become aware of the tactics of these kinds of attacks before this sort of thing occurs, you can navigate your way through to get what you really need: sleeping pills, vitamins and electrolytes.

By the time I was "forced" into seeing my regular doctor, seriously desperate for relief, my body twitching at times due to lack of sleep, I had learned about a great deal of ways that things like this can be done to people, but hadn't quite learned enough about Psychotronics to be able to explain it or know what to do about it. The "Psyops guys", the people using Psychotronics on me, told me the only thing that would stop my suffering by blocking my "telepathy reception - synthetic or not - was to take anti-psychotics.

So I showed the doctor a number of materials about remote viewing and Psychotronics, and that I believed I was being affected by it, and he gave me Zyprexa in doses way beyond what I needed. He also mis-prescribed a hormone medication that I will summarize by saying there could be no excuse for wrongly prescribing that is purely malpractice causing gynecomastia, he falsified my medical records regarding my medications and when he realized I was catching on to his cooperation with "someone", he said he would no longer help me with my problems. I'll only say there is more to the story, and I will back it up with evidence and witnesses in court one day.

What I just described is not atypical of the kind of treatment received by victims of Psychotronics and directed energy weapon attacks.

Remember, I said they use hypnosis to get you to do things.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra

Back when I was in high school, I watched a friend at a party hypnotize this girl - totally voluntarily - and told her there was a bird sitting on her finger. She totally believed it. She stroked it. Talked to it. Then, suddenly, she flicked her hand and you could tell she was brushing the "bird away" and she blurted out "the damn thing s*** on my finger!".

Everybody laughed, she was brought back, the subliminals were cleared from her mind, and she was fine. Of course, a few minutes before that, they'd told her there was a flower growing out of her navel. It was kind of boring watching her peer at the imaginary flower. She got kind of upset when my friend picked it, wanting to know how he could kill such a beautiful thing.

Hypnosis is a very powerful thing, and shouldn't be thought of as a toy or a game or taken lightly. It can be very damaging to someone's psyche when abused or when done improperly. I've hypnotized few other people, always with their consent, and always making absolutely sure that I remove any post-hypnotic suggestions. My favorite time I did it was to allow a friend to remember a friend of hers who had died in a plane crash.

One very strange night in the midst  of some of the worst attacks I endured, my housemate was being attacked and she didn't even know it was being done to her, let alone believe it was possible. Then she decided to take a drive. I knew I'd better drive.

So we drove around until she decided she needed to drive. Mind you, she has a completely different memory of how this evening went. For me, what I experienced was someone driving a little carelessly, swerving like someone who had been drinking, and I figured if we got pulled over, there would no way to explain how she was acting. She might say the same thing about me, I don't know.

She wouldn't go back home, and the motel we tried wouldn't answer the door because it was early in the morning. Meanwhile the Psychotronic attacks were continuing. I decided I had to get us off the streets because it was dangerous, and we weren't getting anywhere. Meanwhile, the Psychotronics were causing me to feel an uneven heartbeat. I'd never had anxiety attacks before, no heart problems. I felt dehydrated. So I told her to take me to the hospital, just to get us off the streets.

When we got there in front of the admitting nurse, the Psyops people had told me I could talk to her, but I could only use each word once. I knew I was hypnotized for sure, and you should have seen the look on the admitting person's face as I pieced together sentences, describing my symptoms (which were mainly made up cause I really was just trying to get us off the road). This limitation included only being able to use the words and, the if but, also... all the words you'd normally use to connect a sentence.

It was a couple of months later that I found out one of the primary symptoms of the onset of mental illness was the inability to form sentences. You always learn these things afterward... how they "gotcha".

Then the Psyops guys told me to tell them I was having a myocardial infarction.  I don't really know what that is. The EKG and other tests all showed that I was actually extremely healthy. The doctor was a very open minded person. He actually was, and wanted to know if I had anything to do with Jean Knight, the channeler. I said no, but that I had been to a party where they were doing hypnosis, and I thought that they hypnotist hadn't cleared the subliminals properly.

I knew I was hypnotized, so I wasn't lying about that. I wasn't about to try to explain what I thought was really going on. He seemed to accept the explanation, and by then, I had returned to normal.

Meanwhile, I had to stop my friend from telling the doctor point blank that the people on the TV station we were watching in the emergency room had something to do with the reason we were there that night. I remember thinking to myself, that's just what we need. Tell them that. That'll guarantee us both a bed in a hospital room for a while.

Even back then, I believed I could prove the Psyops and surveillance. I had no idea how to prove anything else.

The idea of determining that you're mentally ill isn't actually all that bad in one way. I make a joke about how I wish I was just delusional because it would be a whole lot easier to explain. Even I laugh at it, but I actually mean it. You have no idea what it's like to know that your life is being destroyed for no good reason that you can imagine. You know who's doing it. And they're the very people who are supposed to be protecting you from it.

That includes the current administration, and I have no doubt that I can prove its knowledge regardless of any claims of plausible deniability unless the evidence I have collected is seized or tampered with. Even if it is, I believe the case would be rebuilt with info from the public domain.

I've told you a couple of things about situations I've been placed it and some of the harm done to me. Some of the harm... living with the knowledge that if you try to take legitimate legal action against the people attacking you that your very freedom will be taken away.

Quite frankly, I have a slightly different attitude about Psychotronics than most victims, particularly because I understand the technological and psychological methods being employed. I count on the day when they will be used for the good they can do.   I also know that, for a variety of possible reasons, I know that these days, even though DEW and Psychotronic attacks slow me down and impair me, I am not being treated as harshly as I was in prior years and months, or as harshly as many thousands of people I am aware of and network with who are victims around the world. Even so, it makes life hell.

What I'm going to tell you about next is for one purpose: I want you to be aware of just how horrible it can be. What I'm going to tell you about may offend you, and I don't want to do that but sometimes I wonder if that might be the only way to cause you to understand just how vile and tortuous and reprehensible and just plain inhumane these operations are against a victim, and the worse part of that thinking is wondering if the only way this is really going to come to an end is for more and more people to become affected by it and suffer and compare notes in order to realize that it's happening and it's real and it's hell. And the number of people discovering they're victims is increasing logarithmically.

Woody Allen is famous for his movie featuring the "Orgasmatron".

The movie "Demolition Man" with Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock features a scene where Stallone and Bullock put on special "caps" in order to have sex. He's taken by surprise, because what happens is that instead of having physical contact, they instead exchange thoughts and visions and "synthesized" sensations that cause them to arouse and then climax.

Frankly, the concept is as simple as watching x-rated movies.

The only problem is, with what is referred to as Psychotronic rape, Psyops people can keep putting that stuff into your brain and disgusting and keeping you sexually aroused for hours and hours. Men and women both are put through this. The reports and methods are consistent no matter what victim you ask, and it's one of the trademark "Psyops" other victims can listen to and come to the conclusion whether the victim is, in fact, a Psychotronics victim or possibly mentally ill. And wouldn't you know it, these "symptoms" of obsessive compulsive sexual urges and all are conveniently typical symptoms of mental illness. Or, maybe these days, conveniently covered up in many people by their obsession with Viagra.

Interestingly enough, in my case, while being put through the bulk of this very distracting kind of attack, the wrong hormones my doctor was giving me meant I actually had a reduced libido. There's a catch to this story. I was told that this was one of the stories I wouldn't have the guts to tell in public, as if it reflected on me and not the perversity of the people attacking me.

The Psyops people had successfully used Psychotronics to cause innumerable arguments and problems between my housemate and I, and we had decided to break up. About 3 weeks went by, and my genitals started to swell. In the story I wrote about becoming homeless, I mentioned that I became sick and decided to check into a motel.

The reason I did that is because just a couple of weeks or so before leaving the Pacific Northwest, and as I recorded in my weblogs, I felt some pains that I described as "crotch shots" which are assumed to be microwave directed energy weapons used to cause a blockage in the tubes to the testes by, essentially, burning them and causing them to become clogged, thus leading to an infection and swelling. I'd given up seeing doctors for medical care for many reasons - a whole nother chapter - but I did have some anti-biotics erroneously given to me for my dog that worked very well. But, that's why going homeless like that could have cost me my life. And, there's unfortunately more to that story.

But, the first time I was psychotronically raped... I had come to the realization, finally, that I could be "persuaded" to do things that weren't my idea. For example, I could be walking through the kitchen on the way to the bedroom, and decide to get a drink of water, then forget I was going to the bedroom, go out to the living room, remember I was going to bed, then pass through the kitchen and get another drink of water, and while drinking it, thinking, "I"ve been tricked into drinking a bunch of water right before going to bed."

Now, think about what I said about how the Kingdom of God works, and the way God "whispers" in your ear, and how Satan "whispers" in your ear, and now, the crazy Psyops people are whispering in your ear, and now I'm going to be awake all night because of all the water I just drank. And, it's one way of causing minor sleep deprivation. Or at least an annoyance. And, until you  learn to notice these things happening, they can get you like this all the time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Warren Zevon - The Wind - 03 - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

One of the favorite tricks these guys liked to annoy me with to interfere with my Bible Studies every night was to get me to read a certain chapter in the Bible right after they'd done a bunch of tricks to me that emulated certain parts of the Bible. Job was particularly unpleasant. It had a great deal to do with why I stopped writing this book for so long: I didn't want them to influence what I was writing.

Anyway... So, I was having these pains in my crotch, and I went to bed, and fell asleep. Before I knew it, I was waking up in the middle of a dream, breathing heavily and about to "climax" and it startled me and I woke up. The Psyops guy told me that a certain female TV announcer thought it would be fun to do that to me. I didn't know what to think. I believe it was also one of the first times I actually heard a distinct, clear voice from the Psychotronics voice to skull technology. And I don't have a history of wet dreams.

My usual practice then was to study the Bible for a while every night before going to bed. Because I didn't want anyone influencing what I read, and because I had been experiencing a number of things that let me know that I had a powerful connection to God - things that I could tell weren't tampered with, like my reading of the Bible and the understanding I began to have of it in the ways I did - I decided that what I would do is just throw the Bible up in the air and whatever it opened up to, I would read it, and let God decide what I would read. It's amazing to me that I still do that frequently, and what I read is right on the mark on things I'd been wondering about.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 02 - Welcome To the Machine

The night after that "Psychotronic rape" thing happened, I tossed the Bible up, it landed on the bed, and I opened it up to read the story of David and Bathsheba.  And the scene described in that portion of the Bible was the scene I was viewing in my dream the night before as I was waking.

I was stunned. How could that happen? It would be one thing to have Psychotronics make me dream something if they could control what I was going to read the next night.  But there's no way they could control the pages I read in the Bible if I threw it up in the air like that.

I still wonder how that happened. About a year later, I wondered if that was one of God's mysterious ways of warning me I was being led into a trap by a woman... which ended up being true shortly thereafter. Sometimes I wondered if this meant they had learned to time travel by folding time like Einstein theorized. Just in this moment, I wondered if maybe they tap into the minds of psychics, clairvoyants, and use their minds to find out the future.

To this day, the only explanation that makes sense to me, logical sense, without any other explanation or knowledge, is that God was trying to warn me, but I hadn't become familiar yet with the ways He was working in my life, and I missed the warning. What a mistake.

To this day, thinking about that incident is like telling me to compute pi.

And yet, because of that, the conclusion I'm asking you to consider is this: here I am, under unusual circumstances with an unusual story, asking you to heed the warning. To miss it would be a big mistake.

I know that the idea of a man being psychotronically raped doesn't have too much impact compared to other things. Like having children and grandchildren attacked to "taunt you", watching them suffer, knowing there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Not to mention your pets. I have video as evidence that I just couldn't bear to show you how my dog has been affected, because it was so gross... open sores. And the people involved in it will end up surprising you.

But, there are a few stories that always come to mind when I think of how horrible the psychological torture is that people suffer and experience, year after.

In the victim's network I am involved with, there's a women in Detroit who lives alone, is a pretty reliable person and has been a victim for many years. She also experiences "media mirroring". A while back, she started waking up in the morning, only to realize she was bleeding from her genitals. She eventually went to a doctor, fearing she had cancer. The doctor told her to stop having rough sex, and wouldn't believe that she wasn't involved in a sexual relationship with anyone.

Another woman in San Diego had a similar problem. Same basic symptoms, a bit more dire of circumstances but a victim for years. She found a doctor who agreed to take an implant out of the base of her spine. It's hard to find doctors who will get involved with this sort of thing because most who are aware of implants are also aware its basically done by the government. Once the implant was removed, she never woke up bleeding or disheveled again. Shortly after the surgery, she did, however, wake up one night to startle a man half clothed who was surprised that she was conscious.

All appearances are that with that implant, she was being "knocked out" and raped without her knowledge, except she knew it in the morning. Knocking someone out when, whether they have an implant or not, is not all that difficult to do and the technology exists that would make it easy to do to someone, just like medical anesthetic, only this is directed energy weapons and Psychotronics, hypnosis. What does a stereotypical hypnotist tell a subject? Sleep. Go to sleep.

The last story I'll tell you for now is one that made me cry. This happened when I first became reasonably educated about Psychotronics and dews - thanks to her website.

At that time, I believed Cheryl Welsh was one of the longest-term victims of Psychotronic and directed energy torture in America. At one time, she was a law student at UC Davis when her targeting began. I've never met her, but I've read her writing and am aware of her persistence in attempting to rid us of this scourge and assist other victims.

At one time, she was considered one of 6 people recognized as an expert in Psychotronic and directed energy technologies. Even though the United Nations has had many calls to ban these devices, the United States refuses to do so, or even formally acknowledge their existence. Or, at least the criminal ways they're used.

Apparently, back in 1985, CNN heard of her story, and took some electronic measurements to see  if they could verify her claims of being psychotronically attacked. Of course, the tests showed nothing, but the problem with them is that if the operators suspect you might be able to detect the signals, they turn the devices off, so there is no signal to measure.

Originally, I just felt an incredible amount of compassion and empathy for her, all those years of suffering, knowing no one believed her, knowing it feels to be attacked and not knowing enough to be able to tell someone about it even if they did listen.

On her web site, bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.mindjustice.org , along with all the incredibly detailed technical information and links to experts and resources, is a letter she wrote of her own experiences. I highly recommend her site.

What touched me more than anything else, understanding her pain and how it all so affects your relationships, was when I read her letter that ended that her greatest pain in life was knowing her father died believing she was mentally ill.

And she's a brilliant woman with a brilliant mind. It's obvious when you look at her web site.

It's difficult for me to imagine how I could tell you all the incredible ways these devices are used to cause people to suffer. If I was sitting before you, I could probably talk for hours and never explain it all to you in one day.. how it works, how people are affected...  and how it all relates to  the way the Kingdom of God works and the evil being done by people who may not know they are workers of the antiChrist in every way imaginable.

There's  a great deal more I could tell you about all this, and the next chapter will deal with some other issues regarding the technologies and the Kingdom, as well as the errant intent to shape and mold people to exist in the New World Order under Globalization.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Montrose - Town Without Pity

The most insidious part of it all is that its' so covert. I've gone through numerous chat rooms and forums, looking for reports that most would think are unusual, but which I recognize as signs of Psyops and Psychotronics and I am astounded at how many, and the types, that are, as a group, being affected by Psychotronic and directed energy attacks and don't even know it. Sometimes they think they're becoming physically or mentally ill, sometimes they believe they are becoming psychic... there are even Psyops to turn people into Christians and more.

The Psyops guys think of practically everything. What they forget is the power of God... and the truth.

I'm going to link you to some sites for more information - victims stories and such.

I ask you to keep a few things in mind. The people whose stories and cries for help you'll see are real, but they are reports, in many cases, of people who don't fully understand the technologies or tactics, and really truly are terrorized. It's incredibly scary. The reports are also typically from people new to Psychotronics, and they report all sorts of things, things that are actually true in most cases... but the reports may seem hysterical, calling people Nazi's, all sorts of things... things that are normal from people who are enduring great suffering, wondering why their nation allows this to happen, and even understanding why it's so difficult for people to believe because of the secret technologies in use, and the people allowing and ordering that abuse, people they believed in as leaders of this nation.

So, please try to understand when you read what seem inflammatory or histrionic representations of what their lives are like and the bizarre tricks and deceptions played out on them, as well as the harm it does to their health and finances.

Because, even if they don't do a good job of describing what they're going through or the things being done, believe me, what they describe IS happening, IS real, and I could easily connect you to a network of thousands of people. The only mental illness any of them may suffer is Post Traumatic Stress from their perpetual torture by something that was proliferated by the Clinton Administration.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance is one of the best organized victim's groups in the United States, and interfaces to other similar organizations and groups globally. Please donate to their legal fund.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Mind Control Forums - Victim's accounts of their experiences

  • Gloria NaylorGloria Naylor's book 1996 includes Overview article by Cheryl Welsh in the appendix. 1996 Book CoverGloria Naylor won the National Book Award for first fiction in 1983 for The Women of Brewster Place, which was made into a popular television miniseries starring and produced by Oprah Winfrey, who is an ardent fan of the novel and its writer.  The book is now available in paperback through the publisher's website -- Third World Press Inc -- and Amazon, etc. Book reviews by Chicago Sun Times and NPR, National Public Radio.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org My website about Psychotronics

I hope that these things will help you to understand some of the ways that Psyops, Psychotronics and directed energy weapons are being used, and hope that you will never be a victim or under its influence.

Unfortunately, the truth is, most people are already being affected in one way or another. Few people in the United States are actually aware of it.

If you are a  minister or police officer or someone with authority who thinks that maybe such "mind-control" devices and methods might be a good idea, remember the Golden Rule, and that most of the people I've come in contact with seem like good people with families and jobs.  They think they're good people, and they're targets. You think you're good people.

A robot is a robot.

One of my father's favorite sayings was "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". The Bible says there are those who won't stop what they're doing because they don't think what they're doing is wrong.

I say that core members directing and part of the United States Government are wrong in what they're doing. People who do the kinds of things they do are most often sent to jail if justice is served, and in my book, jail is hell.

So, if the road to hell is paved by good intentions, then I say these people should be exposed and realized for what they are and that their road to hell will be paved by the good intentions of good people who are tired of being pushed around and manipulated, and demand a moral society.

And I say that in the spirit of the citizens standing for that society, they will also see the simplicity , logic, comfort and understanding of being a part of the community of the Kingdom of God and the Universal Church of Christ, as partners, friends, and family who love to share. So be it.

There's more to tell about Psychotronics and directed energy weapons, and I will address many of them in the next chapter. You'll be surprised how this modern technology is present in Biblical Prophecy.

For the moment, I simply ask that you consider that if these devices exist and are used the ways I describe, and they do exist and are  used this way, then consider the harm that could be done to the kinds of people that profiteers and power-mongers, anti-Christ and what we would call greedy and mean people could do to the people they want to control and whose money they want to acquire.

In the end, it really is nearly as simple as that. So now imagine what that would mean to the future your children, grandchildren, and the world.

It's kind of scary, and it should be because it is.

That's why you need to do some thinking, some reading and look at the world again through new eyes, and see it for what it is and for what is actually happening, not what you hope is happening and being done by politicians who continually betray you with their words and deeds.

Then, in the next chapter. you'll truly understand why these tools in these times actually are an attempt to "overthrow the Kingdom of God" by emulating the Kingdom of God, why it's so important to stop it, and why the Bible warns us to beware of emulations.



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