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Memos To
Barack Obama

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I'm sorry to be so presumptuous as to leave messages for you here, in public, but, you took down your link for Media on your website, and as someone may have told you, I don't like to spam people.

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Stealing all of my ideas and materials is against the law. littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) You're guilty.

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1/14/2009 12:12 am - Baracky baby.. it's been a while since one of my memos, I thought it was about time.

I gotta hand it to your friends in the intel groups and the Council on Foreign Relations... the last psyop was a doozy, but by now, you are aware that God turned that one around on you as well. And He will, and He will, and He will. I won't say that I necessarily agree with the plan the "angels" put together, although I'm begiinning to understand it more, as well as why they didn't have as much confidence or faith in me as I would have expected, but I believe that's changed now... for the most part, and will continue to improve, thank God... and I mean that, as I cling to my religion.

I wanted to reminf you a little of the heritage and prgoress you are betraying by your actions. And to those who don't understand what that menas yet, please trust that one day you will, and when that day comes, you'll undersand why I say Barack Obama, and his Clintonian Administration, are all traitors and frauds.

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Interesting how that's from the album the Today Show used to demonstrate how rhythms and frequencies are able to manipulate the heart and breathign rates, as well as moods and physical strength... just like psychotronics does... and they demonstrated that way back in 1977.

It'll be fun to create a nifty little dossier on Leon Panetta... and the Defense Language Institute.. almost as interesting as the one I'll make for the School of the Americas... so while you're out there continuing the same foreign and domestic policies of the Busdh Administration as dictated by George H.W. Bush and the Council on Foreign Relations, me and the angels are setting you up to prove that the Democrats and Republicans have merged, that Democracy no longer exists in America, that the Council on Foreign Relations is nothing but a front for a conspiracy to overthrow this nation, and that by no means does the government of the United States have the right or priviliege to declare itself the anointed nation of God... and every time you or one of your friends calls on the name of God to show your righteousness or prove your faithfulness to His cause, liberty and justice and peace and abundance for all, let it be known that in God's eyes, you will be committing blasphemy and bringing dishonor to His name and His creation.

Certainly the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in 20 years, was able to educate you on what the body of the anti-Christ is, and then most certainly you must know that you are now the leader of that body of the anti-Christ. And while you and your friends make a mockery of God's Word and Kingdom, never forget that God knows the truth, and the judgment you so arrogantly touted will be shown to be the expressions of a fool - any fool can emulate the Son of God, and you are not it. Maybe you and your friends have abandoned that dialectic because I would not back down. But if you have not, I look forward to the day I show you to be the false Christ people like Bill Moyers are making you out to be.

You and your Council on Foreign Relations Friends will fail. That's a promise from God, and He keeps His promise. Especially these promises, in the days of the final judgment, and in the face of evil spirits such as yours who will not stop what they are doing because they don't believe what they are doing is wrong. .. that's from the Bible, Barack.

I tried to give you every opportunity to step away from those eho set up your so called victory derived from theft and torture. The days of the reign of the anti-Christ are over, and His Kingdom will be established. Watch, as the world will now change once again.

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And as you being to further bankrupt this nation, and escalate wars, and ignore the needs of the citizens of this country and the world for theprofits and power granted by your corporate sponsors... remember that all the media coverage of the crimes of the Bush Administration will only set the stage for  informed citizens to make the comparisons an see for themselves that you are no different than the war-mongering representative of the military industrial complex that Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about long ago... he was no hippie, and neither am I. I am a citizen who knows the truth... about a great number of things... all of which will prove that you are a criminal.

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11/17/2008 - Hi Barak - Nice election you bought there. I'm going to have to try that "untraceable credit card charge" prepaid stuff. Seems to work well. Your psyop guys are good Barak, but it won't work. I got a story that'll handle this too.

By the way, for those of us wh know how to do math... $150 billion for 5 million jobs over 10 years is not what you'd call a good investment... nor is bribing the automakers to change technologies... which we all know would just be spent building factories in China anyway, right? Come on, admit it... May 2009, Barak, don't forget it. Enjoy it while you can. Impeachment won't be necessary, it'll be way too obvious to everyone. I hear H.W. has a rail all picked out :}

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9/26 - For someone who says they want to lead a new era, you should spout the old line well. Sure, you phrase it differently, but you lie when you don't acknowledge that the United States, as usual, caused the Georgian invasion.

Just because Bush proposes a bailout, why do you believe there needs to be one. You just go along, feeding the financiers... the biggest joke, of course, the idea of any sort of bailout of JP Morgan. If anything, they should give us a refund.

You're a hypocrite when you talk about "not talking to people"... how come your attorney doesn't return my emails about your plagiarism? Is it like U.S. war crimes? You don't address anything that you did yourself and avoid public exposure? Why isn't a constitutional law professor talking about civil and human rights? And isn't it appropriate that people spew hatred toward people like you and McCain who perpetuate the lies and schemes of the financiers an dpower brokers. You won't lead a new era... you'll lead another regime of hateful socipaths. That isn't hateful spewing it's the truth. Something you and your friends know nothing about. You're a sick man Obama.  And having your security peoplephysical attack me, do psyops against me and ruin my life doesn't make you powerful, it makes you a criminal...  and I will make sure the world knows.

Mr. Jon Wilson, Attorney at Law  cc: Kendall Burman
- How Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee used my materials/intellectual properties to get Barack Obama elected


Hi Barack -

I've given a great deal of thought to the situation America and the world is in... every morning I'm forced to re-examine the "status" of that and my life, and I have to say that in the holographic sense, many things make sense that didn't before.

Such as the "shield" of God provided by anointed status... so misinterpreted and politically used that those who understood its meaning, and still refused to acknowledge the difference between right and wrong because they were so taken with their own self-enrichment and promotion, they were no longer able to make that distinction even just to be honest with themselves. We all want things in this world - with a desire that goes beyond simple wanting - there is certainly a test for each of us in that domain at least once in our lives, if not every moment of our lives.

Back in 2001, given my standards for what a politician should be, their values and considerations and wisdom and orientation to the concept of freedom and liberty and democracy... I decided to put the United States ahead of my own interests... like everyone else, I thought it was just the Republicans doing the bulk of the bad things in our government... So, I started contacting Begala and others, all but begging to give you and the DNC every good idea and observation I had...

When it was clear to me that the "elections" of 2002 were obvious throwaways to the Republicans, it also became clear to me that Nader's remarks that there was no difference between the agendas of the Republican and Democratic parties... I decided to run for president. I realize for most people, that was unusual. But look at you... and lots of other people... And I did everything I could to tell the Democratic party and Begala and everyone else to stop using my materials, because I was going to use them... I have to assume that's where you guys and your psychological operations and psychotronic attacks against me bcame most amusing to you... not only had you spent years setting me up to look like a bad citizen and person, but now, you got to taunt me and play with me while stealing everything I was purposd in this world by God to deliver... not as just a messenger, but as a principal. For principles.

And now I find out out even your books have a thread of everything I've written, all the concepts and ideas I presented... and I want you to really understand, when Ted Kennedy endorsed you, ( For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life A Letter to Ted Kennedy   April 10, 2008  For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life A Letter to Russell  Feingold  April 22, 2008  For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life A Letter to Patrick Leahy   March 31, 2008I) I actually cried. Not for myself, not for you, but for the concept and dream of what America represented tothe world... though fraudulently. America, the empire, has gone the way of every empire in history... God was holding out for one nation - even just one leader of this nation - to be true to their speaking, to their ideals, to the concept of Democracy, to the concepts and realities and possibilities of true liberty.

Few in the history of the world could come close to living the phrase to thine own self be true. Being true to yourself is being true to God... in all of history, I see few examples of success in this, at least in positions of leadership. And I have to admit, it would be possible to be personally morally bankrupt and still uphold the concepts of freedom and the Kingdom of God. I spend and manage my own money much differently than that of other people and organizations.

Knowing what I know now... I can only conclude that you and your friends are worse than plagiarists, and you are that. I have to assume that you and your friends will continue to harass and suppress me, probably kill me in the end, because I won't shut up. You and your friends have destroyed my life in order to steal all of my ideas, writings, plans and so forth... so I have nothing left to live for except the peace of knowing that those few things in my life that I am embarrassed about were things brought about by you and your friends to ensure that I was discredited. But, more importantly, more sadly, to betray God.

God's plan is so simple. All it requires is basic integrity. And that's why America's politicians have failed, and that is whythe United is failing as I write this.

All it took all along was one leader to stand up for what's right. But, everytime, people like you speak all the pretty words and fulfill the image people have of something to hope for, something to believe in, and then after the fixed elections are over, everything goes back to business as usual, and the steady raping of America's financial systems, governmental bodies and the citizens themselves move forward, as planned, to fill the pockets of your wealthy sponsors who make you famous and write fraudulent history books to cover your crimes.. and let's be honest, what you're doing is a crime, no matter how you justify it... soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Jeffrey Osborne - Is It Right

It appears there ar emany playing both sides of the street on this one.. making sure to be able to take credit if I break through, and disclaim their guilt as well. .  it won't fly with me. Or God. One day you and your friends will understand that. It's like when I talk of dead souls, letting the dead bury the dead... the reason the meek will inherit the earth is because when your friends are through destroying each other, the "meek"... the people who are actually the strongest tribe in the history of humanity... will retake the Kingdom and establish a world that does not include people like you. It's in the Bible, Barack. And I am not you r"Elijah", nor will you and Hillary and your friends suppress me to keep me in that "role" (that you would prefer I take on so you can be rich and famous, while the person who unwillingly handed you your life could be destroyed by your doing).

You have the power to do the right thing. You choose to do the wrong thing, and so you are a criminal. And it's about much more than mere plagiarism.. much more.

Personally, I don't think you're going to get elected, given that the elections are all fixed, but either way it doesn't matter to me. You''d better keep in mind, God is running my life.. so you and your friends better keep the planes handy and fueled... you're going to need them.. because I know things are going ot change soon. The world will know you and your friends for what you are, thieves, murderers, traitors and traitors to God.

And it isn't about me. It's about th efuture of humanity, which isn't looking too good right now. And that's not because of failures by God or me or anyone else. It's because of people like you. People who can't resist the temptations of power.

I feel sorry for you. You have to live with your actions for the rest of your life. You haveto live witht he results of all the frauds you and your friends have perpetrated agains me and God. How will YOU explain that, in the end? From here on out, I only know you as an enemy of God. You are that. And that's how you will be known to Him.

You really are sick, Barack. Tell me, is Michelle still as proud as she was? If she is, then she too, is another symptom of a government gone completely bad. Do any of you even have a conscience left.

By the way... the day after saddleback, CNN showed me me how the media was able to alter the contrast and gammas of the picture to make it look like you were being hit with psychotronics. I no longer believe that happened, no do I believe that people like you are acting out of coercion. Nice try, though.. just like the mdeia showed me how you all are using chroma keying to change people's attire, and the colors they see on tv... one day people will know that the Ameican political system, that you ar ein agreement with, is nothing more than a mass psychological operation over people you claim to care about. That fraud will be exposed.

Finally, when you ar efinally arrested and you and your friends are thrown in jail, don't ask for anyone's mercy. I assure you, it will only make matters worse. The record will show that you offered noone mercy for the suffering they have endured....

How many people's lives will be destroyed for the shallow ambitions of people like you? I don't know. Ask Jeremiah Wright. Maybe, for once, you will actually listen the the word of God and the message of Jesus. For once. Maybe. But I doubt it.

This is a message for King Henry II, the final Holy Roman Emperor, whose name means 'Help from God'.

What's REALLY Happening In the World Today

A Pilgrim Is Someone In Search of a Country
In Which God Would Not Be Ashamed To Be Called God

See ya in Venezuela

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PS: I really do have the hurricane email.. when the time comes, you will see it, as if you haven't already. Even though your psyops people have done everything they can to destroy it. It's not that important in the grand scheme of things anyway.

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9/17/2008 -

Barack - look at what your friends did to Billy Preston. Don't laugh. It's true.

To see the powerful and hard-hitting pleadings filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court to preserve the legacy of Billy Preston, Please Click Here

CORRECTIONS (from various news reports.)
Billy Preston's correct date of birth was September 2, 1946, not the 9th as is constantly reported.

He did not go into the coma due to kidney failure or a failed transplant. He was not properly treated for pericarditas while in the Los Angeles area and suffered respiratory arrest holding Joyce Moore's hand for dear life itself, in the ICU unit of a local LA hospital on November 21, 2005, from which he never fully recovered.

Got that channel 4?

Barack, I actually wrote an email to Dobbs saying "Can we get Billy in on the action"... and very soon after, he started touring with Clapton. Got to Atlanta, went on CNN with Kyra Phillips,  collapsed in Atlanta. Not long after he died. People being targeted die of stuff like this, like Bernie Mac.  Still think it's non-lethal weapons?

9/15/2008 - Barack -

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Like every morning, I woke up today having to fight off the effects of the psychotronics that allow me very few hours to sleep each night... I end up shaking that off after about an hour... and then, particularly anymore, I end up with the same, persistent set of conclusions no matter how I try to look at the scenarios and timelines... and I understand more and more why this all has worked out this way, how it really was th eifnal test, to see if God could create a nation - with its understandable problems in getting started - and then have people in ther wisdom actually have a conversation that creates a Constitution that atually comprises the plan of God ... nearly perfectly. Leaving slavery in was a big mistake, but it was the same kind of mistake that Peter made in forming the Church. The mistake of not really being willing to take a stand for what he believed, swore an oath to, and standing firm... not out of rejection of other people and beliefs, but as a matter of principle of holding to his own principles.

I have to say this just to make sure it's in  your consciousness because it's an important context for why I'm telling you this.

For the moment, let's just set aside the fact that my whole life has been sabotaged by a bunch of sick people in the government. I mean, when I tried to contact Begala and Dobbs and the thing with MSNBC, I really believed I was "doing my duty to God and my country".. and I have to admit, at that time, it was more for my country, believing that the teachings of the Bible would have me do all I can in every way to help everyone I could.

I didn't have any personal political ambitions. I had accepted that I had failed in my life to the extent that I would be an unacceptable political candidate... not because I couldn't serve the people with integrity, but because I did some things thinking "I'm never going to be a public person". So, I looked for the way I could contribute the best that I had in the most effective way possible. You can call it Machiavellian if you choose to put a label on my "being" in order to diminish and minimize it.. but I don't work like that... I look at what needs to be done, take in as much as possible and then find a scalable way to deal with the problem, no matter difficult it is.

I've always been a big picture thinker... always.. always... but what I want you to get from me saying that is that that phrase "often imitated, never duplicated"... came from a radio station I applied solely because I heard this program director was forcing his secretary to give him blow jobs before leaving work at night, and I wanted to bust him. It was always easy for me to get jobs, so I didn't worry about that part. It was just something I could do, and believed that God gave me the skills and whatever to accomplish such things.

And since I believed I was in this world for a purpose - and I don't wish to seem arrogant or anything, but I knew it was a big purpose, not like I was special as  an identity, but as being who was to serve God in some way... and that a great deal of that purpose included include a test of my integrity... let's just say I put myself into positions that had me do what  agood Christian, a good citizen who actually believes and lives what we say our values and responsibilities are... like my father said, "Do the right thing, even if it isn't the best thing for yourself."

And so I did, time after time, not to be a martyr or hero, but just to do the right thing, to be true to myself, and to know that the God I truly believe in would know that I truly do know and honor the idea that we are truly inter-connected, and that the efforts and rippling effects of one person can make a difference in the lives of people. And sometimes it was a good thing for my standing in my peer groups, sometimes it caused me grief. I never did it to put on a show except to set an example... and most the time, even though I felt alone in my own concern for acceptance, even when it worked out badly for me... I always felt a deep satisfaction knowing that I did the right thing. It wasn't to impress God. It just made sense. For me, for the people who were affected, for my country and to hopefully set an example for those witnessing my wilingness to stand up for what's right..  to see that it's worth it to stand up for what you believe in.. and that it would empower them to do the same... and hopefully, would cause people to see that it made sense and they would see the benefit and they would follow the example.

It's just who I am. It's who my father, with very little instruction and an incredible opportunity to sample a whole universe of concepts and ideas that were possible just by observing.

I sit here and wonder why I bother writing this, because I know that I am speaking to deaf ears and eyes that refuse to read the actual literal words that I say. And I realize that this will be the culminization of all there really is left to say. And it's really sad for me. It's sad for God. It's really sad for the citizens of the world because even they know that you or John McCain or the Clintons and all you other people really think you're doing somehting good.. in some twisted way... and you think you can overcome the obstacles because you were able to steal my materials, and trick me into giving you everything you ever wanted for free.. I have to admit, I hoped tha tmy efforts in all of this would generate a world where I could go back to being a contractor and small business person in a country of freedom that would allow me to work for the opportunity to make a living.

And then I see the Protocols a few years ago, thanks to CNN. Knowing that the Clintons and all the people who surround you are part of it. Michelle says she's proud of America, and in the context of the "reality" being presented, I shared that pride with her. You know I actually did... until I didn't... until I found out some truth.. I wonder now, if off camera, if she's still as proud. Just a s I always wonder if the wives of these murderous scoundrels - presidents, congressman, etc... if their wives can actually look their husbands in the eye anymore... and if they can, I pity them Because they too are dead souls. That's not a condemnation, it's a fact.

Ya know, all this swearing and foul language - it isn't me... it's the psychotronics. I don't hold it back because frankly, I want people to see, after I'm gone, just how vile and evil you people really are.

Everyday, I get to be taunted by watching you all steal everything I do. I am taunted, tortured by the pysops people with every imageinable experience.

Ya know the show the Pretender.. I loved that show because I can do.. always have done.. what Jarrod does on that show.. look at conditions and understand, empathise with the human condition in nearly any situation... it's the same reason I deep down ewanted to work in a think tank... which never would have worked out because I would have always been looking for the right thing to sdo, not strategize on how to dominate, and justify killing, genocide, starving people... I mentioned back in April that forcing Zyprexa on people was like sending the Jews in for a shower and turning on the gas. Since then, I'm down to like 120 lbs. I was at about 135-140 before that, which is my typical real weight, though,without my malady, I should be between 165-200 pounds. Back when I had to find some mental relief from the psychotronics, before I learned to use the Zyprexa at a minimum dose like a sleeping pill (because the doctor wouldn't give me sleeping pills, despite the fact that he falsified my medical records... at the office of the woman who I knew in the 80's under a different name...) Anyway, with that, I got up to 219 pounds... and then decided I had to stop that.

So now, when I look at my body, which was in pretty good shape after doing the labor to build this house... that I'm being kicked out of... I look like a malnourished Jew in a concentration camp, not far from from death. And you know it's happening, and you do nothing but taunt me and harm me and laugh at your expense.

And I wonder how you can stand in front of all those people and cal yourself an honorable, when you know that you are particpating in theft, murder, torture, and a direct betrayal of God.

I spent nearly 2 years trying to prove to myself and accept that I was crazy. I wanted to believe that I was just crazy. But the evidence was there that what I witnessed happened, what I was experiencing was real, and that some pretty sick people were going on tv everyday just flat out lying to and deceiving people. Which of course, for them, justifies why they should kill me for their purposes. Like I'm the bad guy. And then I think, some very important people were given custody of my care by God himself, and tehn decided to subject me to a life of torture just to steal from me.

God understands that if he empowers leaders, and they - supposedly of superior integrity and intelligence - are unable to control the evil in us all as individuals, then you could have all the spiritual citizens of the world living by the plan of God, and the leaders and greedy would still oppress the people, and God's Plan would be rendered useless, until the rich and evil were destroyed by finally infuriating the citizens enough that they rose up and destroyed the leaders, or these leaders would destroy the world and God would just start over. He has the right to allow that and to choose as well.

It's like HAARP. God doesn't inflict wrath on the world, but I know that you evil types are already claiming that these storms are God's wrath... he allows evil - like when a child goes too close to a fire and their finger gets a little burned - you would hope they'd get close enough and feel the heat and withdraw their hand, but sometimes they get burned. And it's not a good thing, except in the long-term view. At least they learn the lesson in a way that doesn't do permanent harm.

But if they have irresponsible parents, those same children may perish in a fire instead of just burning the tip of a finger.

It's kind of like my brother, who my parents tried to scare by having him get registerd as an arsonist when he was a kid.. he liked to set fires, blow things up... ya know, I can't think of any wrong thing I've done that I didn't do because I saw someone else do it, and was led to believe it was okay. I turned the lights off on a house where my sister was babysitting one night - halloween - just for a few moments... and got my butt paddled. The only time I ever remember being spanked or punished... I was what they called a perfect adaptive child... that prank was something my brother did to my sisters all the time, and everyone sat around and laughed about it for years...  practical jokes... so I follow the example of my elders and get punished. How was I to know that the pleasure they were getting was derived from something they considered to be wrong. I never respected that spanking because I didn't believe I did anything wrong. I believe, now, that I undersatnd why it was inappropraite and I've never done anything like that since..

And in this moment, I realize why one woman made some insane comments to me... obviously what you all have shown people is only the bad things I seem to have done... that's pretty sick... because, despite my faults and failings, I honestly believe I've lived a good life, and know, regardless of the spirit of God within me, that I have a lived a good and honorable life. If I had to defend my life tomorrow, the only sin I could not justify was not having the wherewithall to recognize that I should never place hope and faith in leaders, because they lead you astray. And every once in a blue moon, you get one who doesn't, and who has the opportunity to make all the difference in the world.

I keep thinking, here I am going homeless, and I still now that I could beat you if I chose to turn my back on God and particpate in a corrupt legalistic system that no longer offers justice. I could beat you doing a public education campaign. But I have no actual desire to beat anyone. I was seeking ways to reconcile things. So when I saw in my mother's Bible the part of the era of reconciliation... it just made sense, and like I said, no one else is actually doing it, and it's an instruction from God for the right person, apparently me.. and it would be the right thing, regardless...and your psyops guys think it's fun to put me through this, and emulate the Bible story that is fallacious in the way it's being applied... and the Bible warns against the emulations of the infidels... so if you want to understand why I don't just play along and enrich myself by selling out... that's one more reason why.. thesame resaon as not particpating with evil.. and then your psyops guys got me to do a Gandhi thing.. they thought that was funny, as if I had a choice... and then they got me to burn my mother's Bible, and throw all my cd's into the backyard.. and I'm sure you all laughed at that... oh we got him now... except you don't, you won't and you never will. Becasue you all want to use me to make yourselves look good.. and I refuse to allow that anymore. You murdered and tortured the proverbial son of God and once again, like with everything God has given to so many, use it and boast that it is of you. Just like the Bible said the evildoers would.

You supposedly went to a church with a righteous servant of God as your pastor, 20 years.. I'll bet I haven't gone to church for more than a year in my whole life. I say I've read the Bible all the way through, but the truth is, I may have, but there are some pretty boring parts, and I couldn't guarantee it, and yet, why do I know everything and more than my favorite televangelist. Why do I listen to her on the edge of my seat, just witing for the moment to say "she got it wrong"" and she never does... I have a few different perspectives because of who I am... but she never gets it wrong. And now I fear because the woman the Bible said would compass me will likely be harmed for her service. I believe I have detected that she already has. And all the while I sit and watch to hear the message of God, your psyops people taunt me with sex and foul language and so much evil I can't believe that God would allow you to exist. That's why after this life, you won't.

And God will allow you to live in this life to provide an example of what evil is, so that one day, they will be able to make a choice to expel your kind. I don't say that to insult you.

It's not like I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself.. as a humna.. I knew as a citizen when I began what I was doing, I was taking risks that I believed were worthwhile. Putting my life on the line, as a citizen soldier, to oppose the  tyranny and crimes of my government. I accept that I have been destroyed by my govenment, and am satisfied to that extent, that I have been true to my principles. And no matter what happens now, I know that I will be judged as having honored God's purpose for my life.

I'll know that I actually did set the example I was intended to set.

And now, knowing that I've been sabotaged and set up and harmed for 53 years.. my entire life.. by the government that my father empowered to lead the world in righteous and holy causes and that this government so failed God...  you think it was abou ttesting me. That is the ultimate shame, and the cause for His ultimate sadness. And He is clear that it is not His failure, and He refuses to rescind free will, as do I.

As far as I'm concerned, you all have made your choices. God knows them, understands, and hopes you understand the consequences that you have chosen. Don't ever forget that when you lament your lives. Don't ever forget that when the day comes that you beg God for His mercy when you face your mortality and He turns His back on you. You were given warnings, and you chose to turn your back on God. You only have yourselves to blame.

As for me, I simply hope that God removes me from this world soon. Because even if I did what I know I could do, I know there are people like you who will be willing to sabotage God's plan for your own enrichment. If people can't actually understand it, and realize the benefit for themselves, it weould not do any good to "save" anyone.

At the same time, the deceptions that you are putting forward can never come to good. If you have any integrity at all, any virtue at all, you would sit down with Jeremiah as your spiritual leader and asjk him to pra and read with you, and answer the question.. what is the RIGHT thing to do?

As for me, I simply refuse to cooperate with evil in any way. I would rather die than give anything to anyone again, not out of vengeance or spite or even anger... but in my devotion to God. Because I refuse to empower evil. I will not do it. And you can watch my life, and think you're doing somehting good by having people watch me die a horrible dfeath if you wish... you can make me out to be the martyr I refuse to be.. whcih means that you will be responsible for my death by torture, and it will only accompluish you complete and utter destruction and removal from the cosmos, and the universe.

My father always said,never steal anything unless it's enough that after you get out of prison, there would be something worthwhile left of what you stole that it would have been worth the punishment. I wonder how you'll reconcile your crimes to the pusihment, and say that it was worth it. And you and your friends can laugh at me all you want, knowing I'll be laughing at you.Because I'm going to live forever. All of you are, for all intents and purposes, are dead. As it should be. God found out what He wanted to know.

And if you force me into the public spotlight to serve your purposes, I will make a fool and a courge of myself in fron tof the cameras to prevent you from benefitting in any way. You can not buy your way into heaven, I am not for sale, and if you continue to use me, God will use you to prove your evil to the world. And if you all continue to slow kill me to shut me up, I will still be laughing at you. Because you are killing your last hope for redemption in God's eyes.

That part is not sad. In the long run, that will be a cause for joy, because the world will finally be rid of you all.

So, while the psyops guys block channels and force me to watch Lou Dobbs, to prove that Lou is a good guy... I'll only say that what a good guy would have done is put an end to all this, and not allow the suffering to continue.. and that is why, no matter Lou   Dobbs does, he is not a good guy. That does sadden me. Because what happened when I was forced to watch his show, I was bombarded with intense psychotronics, as the material he presented was superficial and off the maker, a supposed example of proof to me that "He Got It". I was told he put his ass on the line for me. (so long as it was easy and convenient)

Often imitated, never duplicated.

One of the stories I wish had turned out differently was the day the company I worked for hired Peter, a roadie for the Von Trapp Family Singers. I still love "The Sound of Music". and I'll always love Julie Andrews. Really. But there was Peter. I was put in charge of him because I was the director of customer support services, and he was going to be answering the phones after Mary Ritter, Scott's wife, left the employe of the company... the IBM bubble company, Royal computers... The Iris operating system running on a DG Nova.. some people will understand the relevance of that...

Peter, like most people, would hear me talking to people on the phone.. people other people wouldn't even talk to becaus etheywere so rude and crasse and demanding, and I'd get 'em to calm down... Peter, like a lot of people, would emulate what I would do and generate customer complaints left and right. I kept telling him to just be himself, and to stop trying to be like me. He persisted, and much to my chagrin for a number of reasons (including that they told me he was slightly retarded) and I finally had to agree that he should be let go.

Lots of people have stolen my work and attempted to steal my being and failed. As have you all.

My biggest failure in life is your failure, and yet, I have not failed at all.

Bless the citizens and beings of this univers, and God damn the leaders of this nation for the evil they have done and will do, and thank God for allowing them to destroy themselves. Life is everlasting. Evil is not, and will be removed from the planet soon. Do not lose faith, God has not turned His back on the citizens and beings of this world. Nor has He turned his back on me. For I have served my purpose, and look forward to being with Him soon.

You all have done everything including takng away my ability to get a minimum wage job at a radio station playing music. If you call that victory, then I guess I understand why you all treasure presenting images of yourselves as people who kill for the fun of killing, and call it sport.

Guns, Guns and more Guns
Dedicated to Al Gore, who should have the character to return his noble prize for foistung the fraud of global warming upon us.

Al... Now you know what Jesus would do, not what you'd want to beat Him into doing.
If you ever ask "what would Jesus do"  again as if to say you are righteous, it will be held against you. The good news for me  is, God will be the one holding it against you. How are you going to defend YOUR life? I'm sure you'll try. To no avail.

PS To Mary - I always thought you were wonderful! Still do. Give my best to Scott. I hope he got the email I sent to him at CNN, before the psyops guys got to him

ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - 02 - The Guy Who Leaves - Alanis Morissette

JT I'm going to post the video of me burning your and John Hall's music.. I want there to be a monument to cowards and betrayers of God.  I hope I never hear your music again, and please don't view my life again.

Finally, to those who think that anything I've written has been showmanship or anything.. I've preserved what I've written because it will be important some day for people to see the evil that was put upon me. That has been put upon them. If I had not done this, I would not have been leaving the examples of this evil behind... as is the only perceivable reason I can see for my existence so far.  Otherwise, I have to assume that my entire life was a waste of time, thanks to the evil people in my government. And I assure you, God will never trust any of you with His Kingdom again. Enjoy the rain.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Fifth Dimension - TBD - 100 - If I Could Reach You

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Cheryl Wheeler - Half A Book - 03 - I Don't Reach You Anymore

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 201 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

TO Bill Clinton.. go ahead and Rupert have the satellite guys turn my connection to the interenet off now.. I know that's what you were planning to do anyway. Meanwhile, this is my last letter to the cosmos. And you get to delude yourself into thinking you've won now... til it becomes obvious you didn't. Which will be soon.

Can't wait til you guys make hay of me demanding money. Like everything else in the Bible, I'm sure you;ll find a way to pervert that message into your political gains.

You're a thief and a murderer, Barack. You fit right in. Welcome to their machine.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away

Tell the John Birch Society that Jack went more than bad, and they need to do something about him for their own sakes. Remember Jack, I defended you.

I was going to come up with a new theme song, so I figured I'd post it here first so the DNC could steal it for you faster and easier... :}Can't decide between  

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Bob Dylan -Tangled Up In Blue   soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Marc Jordan - I'm A Camera   soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Michael Franks - The Camera Never Lies

But I Honestly Like This One Best
soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Bob Dylan - When He Returns

9/6/2008 - Hi guy! I didn't spend 53 years of my life in prison so your owners could make you president in order to pick the right candidate who will allow their corruption to continue under the guise of peaceful, beneficial change. Every President issues statements afterward about how they've ruined the country with their decision that gave America away to the financiers and military industrial complex.. and they too believed they could overcome the evil... only, look around... you may think you've got a clean record, but I assure you, they'll find something  on you if they haven't already.  If you really had any guts, you'd write your own "corruption and me" and step away from the party. You'd still have the money and support to win.Even more. But you won't even do that, because you too, after all your fancy words, are just another coward. And for that, you are unworthy to be commander in chief.

Cindy McCain's 911 profits are the smoking gun that the United States Government knew 911 was going to happen beforehand.And our leaders benefitted from it greatly. The supposed memo from Uday is clearly a fraud, given that the U.S. made sure Saddam's children were dead so they could not testify, and so they could set up Russia as appearing to be an aggressor, as well as Iraq. And finally, if Russia was involved in a plot against America with terrorists, why did Putin warn the United States before  the attacks?

So, Barack, you know have info that proves the traitorism of John McCain... are you going to ignore that too? For the sake of politics.

What other things, which commandments are you going to break to get elected. At least be honest with us about that so we can judge you with relativism, at least.

You do understand now, don't you, that you were "selected" because you'd go along, and I was dumped and cheated and assaulted and imprisoned   because I wouldn't. They want it to look like it's about me and entitlement and feeling soory for me or making me out to look bad... and no matter what, it all ends up dumping you, because you went along with it. And that's I can't trust you anymore, either. You're surrounded by dirt... when that happens, decomposition begins.

David Icke Reports on "Repeaters"

How Propagandists Shape "Reality"

Thus... let the dead bury the dead. I was once told there was no German word for Bruce. I wonder if there's one for Barack? In Spanish. I remember these words, though... no lo contestre.. I think... Tell Joey to look at what Spiro did, and get it over with.

Meanwhile, I'll be checking your wives' finances too. Sorry. I didn't want to do it...

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Seals & Crofts - We May Never Pass This Way Again

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle With You

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Have A Talk With God

Give the Wonder man a call. ask him what he thinks you should do... for America... don't even make it a conversation about faith and hope. And honoring God. It's not about Him. Its' about you. Tell him the truth. See what he says. See what he sees. Get Syreeta's number. Ask her and Reggie. And don't ever forget, they've already suffered for His plan. Faithful servants. Will they be harmed again for your lack of courage in the face of theirs?

People will say they were harmed, and I let them be harmed because I knew they might be. I say, they are being harmed because of people like you who refuse to speak truth to power. I'm not hurting them, your friends are . And you know it. Talk about violation of free speech. And you accept their campaign contributions.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

8/27/2008 - Hey Barack. How 'bout the letter to Venezuela? Kinda says it all. :} I really like the E Pluribus Unum one though, that was funnier. I really love the sun rise emblem.. I really do.. wish I'd thought of that. It's funny, I told you to email me when you got something original in your platform... I keep getting these emails with your emblem on it.. I guess you've been doing a Tuscan Sun on me... you get what you want, even if you don't realize it. :} What you're getting is celebrity, at the cost of America. And I assure, the American dream is dying with you. And the promise is revoked. Thanks to you.

Isn't it insane.. .all those people dying from cancer because some money-hungry people suppressed electronic technology back around 1900? I don't think people will be too forgiving when they find out....

Remember back when Bush and his friends were making fun of Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You? And here I am, writing, and her songs that I always loved end up communicating a really great vision. Like Dobbs says, there are no such things as coincidences. Speaking of which, if you really want to have fun, look at the transcripts of CNN when Bush started saying "and they thought we'd only file a lawsuit" when he was supposedly talking about Bin Laden after the 911 attacks. And then check what I was writing about.. that was back when I said I'd made a deal with someone to "work on America"... and that I thought we'd probably get sued, maybe go bankrupt or end up in jail... knowing the way politics works in this country... and it's all happening to me. And the remark... "to save a few frivolous lawsuits" when talking about tort reform... I'm all for honest tort reform... but... check my transcripts... when George was talking about what was going on in Iraq and referring to "terrorists"? He was talking to his loyalists about the efforts to suppres U.S. activists like me... almost every time... that's why his public remarks never matched the action in the war theater... check it out.. Here's a real winner for you that will probably give someone wet dreams about arresting me for having connections to Al Qaeda, and that I'm a terrorist (what a laugh) is that right before Election 2004, I wrote  a thing on my web site one day calling on Bin Laden to issue a statement before the eelction to the American people, informing them, without violent rhetoric and propaganda, the actual reasons  why Al Qaeda existed and was taking the actions against America that it was taking... and he did... I was shocked. Really shocked. I'd like to think it was just another one of those things that I "picked up"... interesting though that the day after I issued my "global status report".. I can never remember all these things I write :} France received an ambassador from Syria. De do de do.

But the kicker is how those things I said to Yasser Arafat, Ariel Sharon and George Bush back in whenever... the thing about the covenants?  Remember the Bible?. Well, that was another Noah moment for me..  I  was sitting there really tired one night... didn't feel like doing a News In Review.. read a little in the Bible... tandom method.. it said, call on the leaders to stop the bloodshed and corruption. Ok. So I   thought, this is going to be really weird.. But I turned on the recorder and went for it. With good results... til they got zapped.. I was actually going to leave the Soon to be United Nations online, but someone did one of those psyops reports that scared me into thinking I was going to get busted for sedition for doing it... can't remember what it was... so I erased it. I had another recording you would've really liked about it, introducing myself to everyone. I am David, and the stone in my sling is the   truth... and I was actually, at that time, just making fun of George Bush, and reading from the Bible... when I was reading stuff to see how the disciples would follow Jesus' instructions to spread the word... which it turns out was what I was doing.. didn't know.. . and then Al said What Would Jesus Do? So I researched that. And I was doing that. Blew me away.

I  actually have a bunch more Noah moment stories that no one would believe. I hardly do myself. Is it coincidence, or are those choppers that hover around the perimeter of my house and the island  just delusion. I have video and witnesses :} Do you get chopper protection in your detail? :} I do. I just hope they don't follow me to the woods... that would be noisy. Written any letters lately, Barack? My dog would really appreciate it. And I'd like to take my kitty in for post-natal care...she had 4, ya know... really cute... Abby's a good mom, too, great instincts...

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Ted Kennedy  & Barack Obama   April 10, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Russell Feingold  April 22, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Patrick Leahy   March 31, 2008


8/25/2008 - 3:51 am - Hey Barack. I'm uploading stuff so I'd thought I'd drop you a line. My energy guy... he wrote to me (I get email back now sometimes... the psyops guys don't mess with military as much:}) Anway... he says he can do a Manhattan project that will complete the final work on the technology that would end the demand for most energy in 2 years. (Actually, he said it would solve the energy problem in 2 years forever) Pretty good for a high school grad, huh? All based on old technology. It includes electricity, "watergas" that actually uses plain water  for fuel - not the stuff that extracts CO2 and stores it under ground for future disasters like hydrogen cars that still require fossil fuels... this watergas invention.... interestingly enough, it also cures cancer. A twofer. Pretty good one too.

Even more interesting is that the technology that makes it possible was "misrepresented" in textbooks just after it was discovered, and suppressed by J.P Morgan in... get this Barack... 1892. Pretty cool, huh? This guy can also be a witness to get Ira Einhorn out of jail. See how it all works out? And George is going to leave him alone, because this guy knows intel people :}

I bet you don't get that kind of info from your Rockefeller/Exxon/Council on Foreign Relations reports... hmmm.. I wonder why not?

Meanwhile... saw some fun stuff on Fox today... you know I don't necessarily believe anything I see on my tv...  but, it really is important that you resolve your feelings toward you father. It really is. I wasn't going to do this, because I don't like to take sides... and I don't want Tom Cruise and John Travolta to get upset with me... but this is the very sort of thing that the Landmark Education Forum is excellent at assisting people to work out. Your dad didn't leave because he didn't love you. These are the kinds of things I talk about when I mention my stepfather, and how I understood what he did, but couldn't condone it. More importantly, I didn't allow it to cause me to fail to recognize all of his goodness, all the love he really had to give and showed many people, the love he had for me, and the love I had for him.   soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) David Crosby & Graham Nash - Carry Me

One other thing I find going on that I think is pretty weird...

Heer we are in a society that prides itself on capitalism, and people are complaining because John McCain owns a bunch of houses. I thought people would think that was a good thing. And the fact that he doesn't know how many houses he says simply tells me he isn't spending time worrying about money, and concentrating on more important things.

Still, it would be good to know where each of you earned what you have, including your wives... I know of a number of elected officials who have been known to funnel contracts to their spouses and relatives, as well as pad expenses and hide revenues by applying them to the income of another person or entity.

It's kind of like the PAC funds... which to me.. seem a little shady. A way to set up front groups. And pay off political cronies and Hillary wanting to get Barack to pay for her campaign debts... why should he? And yet, money, soft money, is handed around like that all the time.

Anyway, it would be interesting to see an accounting of that. As for me, pretty much I only have my albums and guitars really... thanks to the United States Government.   So, have you written any letters to the judiciary commitee yet?

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Ted Kennedy  & Barack Obama   April 10, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Russell Feingold  April 22, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Patrick Leahy   March 31, 2008

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rockwell with Michael & Jermaine Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me

My dog is getting zapped, and I'm afraid the tumor it caused is going to burst. I'd hate to have to suture it with a needle and thread.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Honeycomb - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show  see Also A letter to Joe Biden 8/23/2008 for more info :} We seem to be having a thing about monkey songs. I have a couple more :}

Excuse me for the following, Barack... I had just realized things like all the setups I've been subjected to, attacks on my family, pets and the likelihood that some of your CFR friends likely had something to do with the death of my father. I was a little upset at the news. How much bluster would you like?

8/20/2008 - soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Dear Barack - Hillary's little puppet. Any fool could... lie, cheat, steal and kill on their way to power.

You're no leader. And to think, John Kennedy died, Martin Luther King died, so you could betray your country. And God. And Ted helped you. What the **** is wrong with you people?

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Ted Kennedy  & Barack Obama   April 10, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Russell Feingold  April 22, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  A Letter to Patrick Leahy   March 31, 2008

The difference between this section and the personal journal is that this is where I'll be saying the bottom line on you from now on. All the stuff below was to see if you were a participant in the betrayal of America, or another person caught in the middle. I think you've proven yourself. For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  I think God will maybe let you come back as a worm or something. Might as well make compost out of what you and your friends leave behind after it's destroyed.

Oh, and  if you ever have an original thought, please send me a text message. I'd be really interested in what the REAL Barack Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations has to say. You guys with thousands of advisors. Me with... me... and you steal it from me.

I was hoping you were different. Kennedy had me fooled at first. But Barack, you're just another 2-bit lying politician.. you're no leader. And you're a traitor to America. I'll be glad to stand up in frontof Merica and tell them why.

And that IS For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  my final conclusion about you . Prince - Dear Mr. Man

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life  Its' bad enough you have to steal all of my material.. but you don't even believe in it.

I really do hope Richardson stays away from you... I wouldn't want him to get that sullied. Tell Hillary she'll be included, with Al, in the plagiarism, assault, assault with attempt to kill charges... etc... oh yeah, RICCO... since you're so good at Constitutional Law, why don't you just surrender yourself to the police now, and show us a little integrity.  Say hi to Julian for me. I look forward to meeting him at the Supreme Court. What's his name Craig, too. Political attorneys are an interesting bunch of parsers.

By the way regarding For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life psychotronics, and what you and Ted and all the rest think is so funny...

I've got lots of  witnesses for that kind of stuff. I have a witness who gets media mirrored by the station in Detroit... she wakes up sometimes with her vagina bleeding.. she goes to the doctor, worried she has cancer, and the Dr. keeps telling her to stop having rough sex. She's single, lives alone, and, like most victims, is a recluse.

There's this other woman in San Diego... had the same problem, constantly waking up in the morning, sore, stiff, the bed messed up... blood from her vagina. That all stopped once the implant was removed from the base of her spine. Don't you dare think I'm exaggerating or making it up. Cause I've just barely scratched the surface on thse gross, sadistic stories. And you'r ehlping to cover it up with For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life your friends the Clintons   - you know the ones who introduced you as the Rising Star of the Democratic Party... saying your name was blessed... and encouraging you to use the Rising Son emblem.  

This is what John Glenn had to say about the position that you and Bill and  Hillary and the Council on Foreign Relations like so much. This would not be possible without the FISA Telecom Immunity you just voted for.

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life From: John Glenn, and the Congressional Record June 22, 1997
‘‘You did not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment that they were not even told about... I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that. "

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life The Glory of War
Is it really true that to be a "great" President, you have to win a war? 10:44 am 7/25/2008

Coming Next: The email from Network Solutions showing that the Bush-Clinton-Katrinafund website to aid Hurricane Katrina Victims was online on the web BEFORE THE HURRICANE. June 10th as a matter of fact.

Barack: I just noticed... soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) 610KFRC. :} Do you get it? (Nylons - Happy Together)


6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.

6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds; that therein I may speak boldly as I ought to speak.


"October 10, 2007
Dear Member of the Legislature and Friends:

This letter is to ask for your help for the many constituents in our country who are being affected unjustly by electronic weapons torture and covert harassment groups. Serious privacy rights violations and physical injuries have been caused by the activities of these groups and their use of so-called non-lethal weapons on men, women, and even children.

I am asking you to play a role in helping these victims and also stopping the massive movement in the use of Verichip and RFID technologies in tracking Americans. . .  . . ."

Representative Jim Guest  EMAIL: ,  

8/7/2008 - Here's the thing Barack. Dialecticians.. Rove types... they're known for ruthlessness. So let's say people were setting things up... you know people do that... and I had all these thoughts and writings I'd been doing for a while, hiding nothing... and then they use psychotronics to "blow stuff in your ear"... if you don't know its' going on, you'd think it was your thoughts. THat's why an introspective person like me can figure it out. Because I know myself. And there's tons I didn't write about psychotronics because I didn't want to give people ideas, I wanted to be sure to be able to isolate symptoms without psychosomatic induction and more... the paradox abou tthis one is tha talot of the stuff that gives me clues about the proof of psyops is that many of the things I wrote whiuch were played upon to "play with me" were things I'd been saying and thinking for years.. had it not been for that, I'd have thought it was just common thought or  even flattering "writing about things I wrote".... but the way it was used was a psyop. I don't want  to sue James Taylor. But it's not about him, it's about a trail. It's about how interesting it is that so many of the artists I would have thought of as the true "Charlie's Angels" have moved over to HearMusic... it's re-assuring.

But I'm tired of playing games. If you're aware of all this going on, then you're wrong, if you weren't aware, then you were tricked just like me. The only way to get to the bottom of it is an investigation, and its far more important than my reputation or your candidacy. There are people suffering, right now, you know it, and all you had to do was be a hero and write a letter. That's the only proof I need. And Ted Kennedy could tell you any day of the week it's true. She Rocks. The cat's having kittens caus e I couldn't trust a vet to spay her, ya da ya da ya da ... it's all fun ain't it? How many thousands of people do I need to line up to get you to understand the anguish and true torture these people are suffering. I was willing to offer all of my ideas and work, free, volunteer, willing to be silent for fear of embarassment because of my past... which isn't all that bad... and I was rewarded with electronic torture, and that's about as pervers as it gets. I never would have known any of all the stuff I know if this had not been done to me. So, given my circumstances, I have to figure that Good Old Dad decided it would be my job to do away with the Thought Camera stuff just in the Nick O' Time... here I am. Still have nothing better to do. To me you end up being just one more person in the deception... one forest, lots of trees. You're a tree.

So look... traitor? You know these people are suffering and do nothing. It is to me. Sorry. Strong words. Lots of people suffering. Do you get it yet? If you don't like the words, prove you're not one.

So that's the bottom line. At least I'm honest. And there are tons of legal ways to inform people. Like my brother said about playing poker with me, "I can't beat you even when I cheat"... everytime I took $100 of him, trying to lose so I wouldn't be taking his money. 

Oh yeah, about McCain being in the hip pocket of big oil... so let's review the Council on Foreign Relations, Standard Oil, Exxon, GE, NBC (you know, Rockefeller Center)... get my drift. And I get the ambiguity of your remarks saying you would consider drilling in a comprehensive package.. which means ultimately you're both allowing for the same policies...  and appeasement of Exxon. So, could you clarify your position, please.. and about the tires and all.. they always say that... just more "make the people think it's their fault to compensate for incompetent governance and greedy corporations".

I had such hopes for you. You have no idea how disappointed I am. At first, I thought I was going to get to quit being an activist. I really did. Wanted to believe. Nothing religious, just a true leader with integrity. And frankly, I was proud of you for being   ablack man finally taking the opportunity to such a high position in America.. I was all for you. But it just looks like merchandising.

So, since you're taking the week off, I hope you or one of your staff reads this and finally gets it. And realizes that the charade has to end. I can defend myself on so many fronts, given a fair hearing. I know that can easily be scuttled... nonetheless, like my dad said, do the right thing, even if it's not the best thing for you. That's integrity. And though I've failed at times, it's what I generally end up doing. I hope you do too. But I have no faith in the false hopes you offer.

And that is my bottom line, because no good faith is ever offered or mercy shown   to these victims... and there are many... and I don't hear any of you talking a stand for civil and human rights that you can defend, given your voting records.

8/2/2008- Last note: God's still watchin gyour back, but you're a suspect now. Just wanted to let you know where you stand with the guy you tell everyone you know. And he'll say, "Do I know you?. Oh yeah, I don't"

7/27/2008 - I finally realized today why it bothers me so much that you brand yourself with the word judgment... given the time we're in, for being such a longstanding Christian with a Pastor like yours who clearly is a seeker, and finder, of truth... so it's hard to believe you don't know the truth about atrocious things, and that - given your current parroting of the same old tired political positions of ambiguity and obfuscation - you must be willing to cover them up as well. A true disappointment.

Nonetheless.. you should recall reading this somewhere along the line:


6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.

6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds; that therein I may speak boldly as I ought to speak.

See, the thing I figured out that bothers me is that you talk of remaking the world, change, values... but like all the other politicians, you make everything be about worldly representations of spiritual concepts, and then invalidate the spiritual. ... People clinging to their religion.... is there something wrong with that? See, that's part of the message of Father and Son if you're willing to hear it... see, you're even asking people to believe in you... in hope... not really taking a stand on anything. And your FISA bill vote tells me more than most people understand. And it tells the story.

Father and Son... if they were right, I'd agree, but it's them they know not me now... and if you've taken the time to understand the context of that song relative to my life, then you'll understand what I'm saying. Think of that phrase being spoken by God, speaking to His son, explaining why it's necessary - out of frustration and love - for him to leave him to experience the world without further insertion of external opinion, aka objectively. And, remember, with the univerality of the message of God in music, this same song could reach millions of people in the same and different ways. Apparently it did. The album sold well. Tea for the Tillerman, I believe, Cat Stevens

Meanwhile... there's no one more curious than me to ask Islam Yusef how and why he wrote that song. It could easily be his own life. And yet it is mine as well. In many ways. And it makes me curious about the balance of powers and archetypes on the spiritual plane... doppleganging and such... anyway... nice logo, sun rise. Think about what you're in the middle of, and if it's what you really believe in. It's going to make a difference. And will all fall on you when the s**t hits the fan. You're the star and the scape goat. Good luck.

The letter I sent to you and Kennedy in April gave you the opportunity to prove that you were a champion of the people. I certainly feel badly about Sen.  Kennedy's health, but at the same time, he has the opportunity to stop this with his signature. He does not, you do not, and that tells me even more about your integrity and credibility.

We talk of things like how many soldiers will die in a pointless war... who will be the last and when will it be...

I posed the question how many more people will suffer at the hands of the government because of psychotronics, a subject on which Sen Kennedy is well versed, and he does nothing, and you  do nothing. How much longer must I and millions more suffer for the sake of your political glory.

I really loved the reassurance I got from the verses because of the confirmation of the battle on the spiritual plane, especially when I accidentally came upon it and it was exactly what I needed to hear. And then I read the "Ambassador in bonds" part... did you read the par tin the Bible about how the son of man would come back at first, and see who was "on his side", and relaize that his spiritual adversaries knew everything he was going to do everytime he decided to do it. So he goes away, and comes back with a new strategy... well, I'm back. You want to really understand that. Me here now is back. And the Psychotronics is how your friends know everything I do. And all I have to say beyond that is that I know the implications of what I just said, in relation to you, and the appearance of my mental health and all of those things... evidence and corroborating witnesses - that's what I've got... and you have access to it all from the government's side.. and you let Americans continue to be tortured in America. And all you had to do was write a letter.

And the victims are just supposed to wait... how much longer... for you or someone else in power to show just the tiniest bit of courage and expose crimes by the government against citizens. And you do nothing.

And I'm supposed to believe you have the audacity, judgment and leadership to remake the world.

Part of the judgment to be shown in this new era is the judgment to weed out the tares from the wheat... guess you forgot that part.

There seems to be a disconnect between your words and actions.

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life The Glory of War
Is it really true that to be a "great" President, you have to win a war? 10:44 am 7/25/2008

7/25/2008 - Sorry I haven't been in touch. I know how much you look forward to my letters.

So here's the deal... anyone can take millions of dollars from citizens and then buy themselves a roadshow... big deal. This one will come back to haunt you for the reasons I'm stating in "The Glory of War"... by the way.. remake the world? PS The Soviet Union didn't fall because of a victory of  ideas.. it fell because of the economic war we waged against them.. please check your history. It's not as snazzy to tell the truth, but, hey, sacred trust, baby... what's the truth for? You're nothing but a rubber stamp of the Council on Foreign Relations. And all of your advisors are the Clinton Administration... Some of us out here actually have memories.

By the way, now that I know that you're listening, or at least someone in your camp is, tell John Kerry that the Son is, indeed, rising in America. Tell him he'd best not forget that. And stop using my material. Or, keep using it, and be embarrassed more.

All you do is tell people what they want to hear.. the only change in your plan is the words and eloquence withwhich they are delivered. Just remember, I was for you. Now that I know you won't even write  simple letter asking for an official investigation and cessation of the use of Psychotronics against American Citizens by the U.S. Government, I know what your position is, and I will be sure America is aware of it.

By the way, have you noticed that every time someone is mentioned as a vp candidate... have your people who monitor me noticed that there is damning info on each of them. I think it's funny that I contacted Begala the way I did because I didn't want to have direct contact and cause the Dem party embarrassment over my past. I didn't volunteer for John Edwards Campaign this time for the same reasons. Now I'm laughing, because Begala and his friends are the criminals, and I'm sitting here wondering why I should worry about my reputation, given the people you are surrounded by.  It's incredible. Even more, talk about audacity... if I'd known what I know now about the DEM party, the Republicans and the Council on Foreign Relations, I would have put in a full effort on my own campaign instead of wanting to help the DEM Party (for which I was rewarded with intense psychotronic attacks).. and I say I'd be President right now. Think that's audacity, watch what happens next. In all those years of attending church, did you actually ever read the Bible yourself?

7/15/2008 -  You said you wanted to lead a new era, and then you give a speech on Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and tell us that you're going to perpetuate the fraud terror war, continue to destroy Afghanistan for the oil companuies, and perpetuate the global warming fraud by blaming it on oil instead of weather manipulation. More of the same old Council on Foreign Relations fraud. Coal and nuclear power... You're a puppet. And stop stealing my material. Oil.

I have to run to the store, so I'll make this brief.. you know us ordinary people, we have to do things like that... Besides, I want to see if there really is a new Rundgren album, or id the email I supposedly got from his wife is real or not.  Meanwhile...

I keep thinking about how you and Ted Kennedy really had me going... I really thought you were different. But everything you said about the war on terror, shifting focus to Afghanistan and Pakistan.. it's all just a perpetuation of the same fraud to have a perpetual coflict in the Middle East to dominate Arab nations and contol the oil. And the alternative energy solutions  you front are more of the same old garbage.. allowing corporations to dictate the release and application of God's technology, which is light years ahead of anything being announced in public. And you call yoursself a change agent. What a joke. So, as far as I'm concerned, your speech today was your way of showing your hand. I know not many people understand what's underneath all teh carefully chosen ambiguities of the political double speak, but I undersand it. I'm not fooled.. by the stated policies, or you. Good uck. Like I've told lots of people. In the end, I win. And I can win without winning.

You're the perfect example of a good person who acquiesced...

Meanwhile.. I have to say I'm amused that people make a fuss about your non-Muslim affiliations... even if you were a Muslim, I'd be cool with that. But what I think is funniest is I'm probably ore of a Muslim than you... and I'm not a Muslim. :} But I like Muslims... when you understand what they stand for, understand they have a history of peace and violence just like Christians, and I'llsay it again to make it clear that, when studying actual history and the not the glorious war mongering propaganda we tend to mostly hear, the prophet Muhammad appears to have lead one of, if not, the most flourishing cultures and societies ain the history of humanity  that welcomed, made safe and empowered everyone of every faith including Jews. It's worth studying to see what worked and what didn't work, as it is worth examining every nation and culture in the same way.

I want to make one more thing clear, Barack. I'm not saying these things in this web log to defend you, even if it does defend you.

Wouldn't it be fun to have Keith Ellison organize a commitee to expand the teaching about the cultures of all other nations sch that we understand other people, instead of using the fear and terrorism card to perpetuate the lies that cause hatred and allow corporations to use us tofight wars for their profits?  That's audacity. Don't forget it. Because there are plenty of people who would love to take on such a project. They already do... what I will do is empower, clear the path, cut the red tape... you clearly, will pepretuate the current paradigm controlled by fianciers and corporations

Ultimately what I have a problem with on your Iraq policy is that you talk of winning a war that you claim should  not have been waged? What is the prize. Please define winning in this context. Otherwise, it's about pulling out. Winning would mean saying, we made a mistake, how do we return your country to you in as orderly a manner as possible. Oh, and you have my word that we will continue to assist you after we pull out.

if someone illegally and erroneously invaded the U.S. what would you want then to do? It  really is that simple. To say otherwise is just spin.

7/14/2008 - I can't believe you're even ripping off the "bottom up" management part of my materials... you either don't know and have been set up, or you're par to fit. Unbelelievable. Jus tbe sure you take the time to read the fax I've posted that went to Terry McAuliffe, and you'll being to understand how truly serious this is. And then remember my emails to you in the beginning warning you that there was a setup going on... and if you didn't get those, ask your media staff. I know you got them, though. I suppose all you politicals just figured you'd be able to bury and suppress me again.. ain't gonna happen.. but you'd better read these materials yourself, Barack, because if you did write that book yourself, then I assert that they used voice to skull on you too. Think about it long and hard, as you consider your FISA vote, and that John Kerry endorsed the "New Class of Weapons" - Psychotronics - in his acceptance speech in 2004. When he said "The Son is Waking Up In America"... and then Hillary introduces you as the Rising Star and that your name is bless-ed... as opposed to blessed... Think about it, Barack. These people have known who I am my entire life, and now, here we are, I'm telling you these things. Better check it out. Because if these people get their way with this dialectic, they'd destroy us both in the court of public opinion.

That by the way is a memorable day for me, because the Psyops got me going pretty good... for more info, call Rick Castrari at the Seattle office of the Secret Service for more details on the report I made. It started with... I'd rather make a fool of myself than be wrong. Of course, depite the fact that I was a declared Presidential Candidate, I was offered no assistance against the attacks I described and have to believe knew were possible, if not being able to see on the records of my file... which he seemed to have on his computer. The FBI refused to take a report at all.

The Psyops people put me through all kinds of paces and interrogations to try to get me to make all sorts of deals to salvage this situation. I was amenable to everything except lying, fixing the elections and glossing over the facts.Thought we had a couple of deals worked out in order to cause an orderly transition back to justice and democracy. But the psyops guys never followed thru on anything. That's part of the way they "build you up in order to break you down" stufff... that Rumsfeld talked about. That's what they're doing to you too. And they have you surrounded... making it look like you're backing down on all the principles that put you in the position you're in for the moment.

And then here I am with enough info and evidence to bring down the government. What do you think, Barack? Give it a  lot of thought. You can't lead a new era when you're trapped by people who don't really want your new era. All they're doing now is using you to put you in a position to cover their crimes. It's important for you to understand that if someone told you... a psyops guy... or an aid with contact with them... that I agreed to bail you out or assist you in any way, you need to understand, there is no back room deal with me. If you think you're who you're making yourself out to be, or you've been convinced of your "real" identity and role, then you would not be operating n secrecy. You would have declared yourself, understanding the instruction that the situation would require a bit of calamity.... people tell me I should just "hide out", that I really don't want people to know. And I understand what they're saying... I'm a private person who loves being in the solitude and beauty of the country... but then, if that beauty and countryside didn't exist, it would be a great loss to me. Do you understand what I'm saying.. it's that cause greater than yourself stuff. Balanced by a thorough, heartfelt understanding of Ecclesiastes. Without ego, without burden.

As for me... they're doing the "play along or we'll starve you out" routine, and they have more to gain than me in the proposition... and it's uncomfortable, but Iderive a great deal of satisfaction and amusement, I have to admit, by not giving in, and watching them try every trick and ploy they can to get me to flinch. You ought to do that too. That, by the way, is true audacity.

PS: For the fun of it, I thought I'd run the Bible Codes again last night... I don't "beleive in it", but I have come up with some amazing predictions... booted it up... someone had hacked my computer, and dumped my database. So, weeks of work lost. Oh well.  I bet they have a complete database of it in Maryland... is it Ft Dietrich or... Turns out one of my best friends from Maryland... is an NSA consultant there. Of Course, I didn't know that at the time.

BTW: I agree with you about the New Yorker cover... I don't get the humor, first of all... but second, they can call it satire or whatever, and disclaim its meaning, but the fact is, as we both know, it still leaves its impression on the psyche. In that way, it serves as a subliminal that refreshes emotional engrams whenever the topic is raised again. That's a technical foul in my book, unsportsmanlike conduct.

7/9/2008 - Hi Barack..

By the things you're saying and the looks on your face, I fear we're seeing the real Barack... either trapped by advisors who fed you material to set you up and force you to acquiesce to the party line, or you've been a part a part of the fraud from the beginning.

Quite the dialectic... I really wonder if you understand it, and whether you have the integrity to step away, in the end... you say you want to lead a new era... the era you represent right now is nothing new at all... it's a perpetuaton of fraud, conspiracy and treason. But that's your choice. Live with te consequences, or step away. Those are your real choices.

You  either show up as a friend to God, or a betrayer. Choose.

7/5 8:30 pm. I'm gonna try some of this code stuff.

I know you know I'm not as silly as I seem sometimes. But, here I am, so surrendering to God that I get a paint set, make some lines and then turn it upside down and laugh a little, and I tell God to give me something. And it's turning pretty cool. If they were to analyze my brush strokes, they could only describe it as slather. But it sort of looks like the Mad Hatter with a cool hat and a piano on his head. It's a little difficult to see when it's upside down like that, but you can see it if you turn your head just right.

Think about the 3 different meanings that could have, because I just blurted that out, and when I blurt it out, it happens. That's the way my life is. I don't question it anymore.

All I know is that it really is time to make a stand, my uploading's almost done for the day, and then I'm going to eat and sleep with the knowledge that one way or another it works out.  There's thing thing, though,about this phrase I keep getting - "inextricably linked - add to that my thing "Massive Re-Organization of Thought".... I don't know if you see it but I see inextricably linked happening everywhere around me and it's exquisite. It's the 1, the singularity... whatever you want to call it. And it can be fun. The whole thing.

Imagine a world where people truly do, slowly as they feel safer and safer, healthier and healthier... sure it's the Peace Corps and Americor... when not used to pass money to corporations who don't deliver results on the ground... which is never. Check the records and you'll see... That's what you're walking into. But what there is to do is to empower those people who have already chosen to serve in the public and non-profit sectors... the people who do their purpose in that way... and we work with Wlter and empower leaders and key people just like Peggy knows about... and all the way down the line.

We move to more agrarian mindset, thereby feeding the hungry until that's no longer necessary, put up MASH style housing for the homeless and in the same way put up training and communications centers. I'll bet we could all but get the computers donated. Water, food, skills, vocational training based upon market demands and the desire of citizens, not ordinary people, citizens to work in the vocation of their choice without losing their livelihoods.

It's important not to re-distribute wealth, but to empower small business people and small farmers to produce crops that normally would not be reached by large operations. And a return to natural farming methods in order to rebalance nature after the weather wars are declared over.  It won't be that hard, and Iknow how to do it so people will love helping.

Same with the forests. I love trees. And squirrels. And we can't allow more deer and other species to waste away when they're's plenty of room for all. Those little wild critters can sure be friendly, and cute.

Surely you can see that such a wholistic paradigm is scalable to any continent. I know what it could do for Africa... this is the same model I constructed for the Loskop and surrounding areas. It's always about the foundation. Right now, the foundation is the thing in danger.

So I know it may seem like I'm putting on some kind of show by doing this... but I swear, I'm not. I'm speaking from my heart... the song that just came on "I must have faith in my own journey"...

I don't know what else to say. I just know what I know... inextricably linked... with you, and with a lot of other people. Like the Bible says, with just a mustard seed of faith... I'll be having you do audacious things you never imagined :} ANd I'll be laughing really soon because it'll only take you once or twice, once you get the "permission" I like to give out... and I won' thave to say a word. While I plant some corn or something in that new garden I keep talking about. :}  But I know a little something about being hemmed in... these guys won't give you an inch. They say, give 'em an inch, they'll take a mile. My feet are 13" long.

Love ya.

PS: The moment I closed the document, the song that came on immediately was Seals & Crofts, One Planet One People Please.  Just laugh at it. It's all you can do. :} Get this. That's out 7279 cuts in my library... til tomorrow :} Just laugh :}

BTW: I'm not into nationalizing anything, however, corporations need to do their jobs, particularly in the area of public utilities. Speaking of which, suppressed technologies are not public domain, but they should be required to be made available. And PsyChotraonics has to stop, people need to be told and assisted. And noone has enough money to pay people for the damages. That's part of my job.

And as for Iraq, put the soldiers to work rebuilding and, of course, necesary ecurity force, but once we start working WITH them, and respect their resources, they'll work side by side with us just as they always have. It will be good therapy for the soldiers, too. But we need to do somehting about the depleted uranium. As for Afghanistan, same issues. Those people have been used as pawns for so long that it's crazy.

Same paradigm for the Holy Lands... see how easy it really can be? It's that golden rule, do the right thing gut feeling you get every time you brilliantly deliver a party line... thinking you'll be able to changeit once you get it.. just like Uncle Ulysses... and incredibly honest man surrounded by incredibly dishonest people. When he caught on, they didn't want him anymore. And when he was gone, they installed the Federal Reserve... need regulation... on behalf of the citizens. Usery is anti-Christian. I'm a Christian :} Muhammad had it right. But that's another paper on separation of church and state. And I'll handle that discussion myself. Inextricably linked. One way or another.

Lay off Venezuela and talk to Pres. Chavez. He's brilliant. How would it make you feel to say that, and that the war on drugs is nothing but a cover to suppress civil wars in South America? How good would it make you feel to be free to speak the truth? That's what I'm talkin' about.

I just looked up at the tv and saw you were in Montana today... the strange thing is, I've been pndering all day about what to say and present about Chris LeDoux. And I was just thinking of posting a song for you that describes what life was life for me living in the country in Maple Creek... Chris Ledoux - Homegrown Western Saturday Night and then I saw you on tv and decided I had to do it. And then realized I had the B side to that record that also describes my childhood... Chris LeDoux -  Hard Times same time period acually.... this song...   and Glen Campbell's "Couldn't Find It There, So We Moved On"... Is Sting getting this down? :} And Tomlinson's Still Believe.

Ya like music? And here I was thinking about doing a special daily mix with William DeVaughn, Be Thankful For What You Got. Gotta get some sleep :} The thing about those Chris LeDoux Singles. They're very rare. I had the privilege of interviewing him when working in Crescent City... and it was so special, I couldn't figure out how to cutawsy for commercials and breaks. Over an hour. So, no one's ever heard it. I'm going to contact his family (as soon as people are allowed to talk to me) and see what I can do to give them a gift. See, I always felt bad about that because to me, he and his family were living the Farm, the American Dream. I'm 99% sure I have that tape in good shape.


7/4/2008 3:45 pm - I've been sitting here this afternoon contemplating the state of the world. I'm so concerned. What are you going to do NOW about Iran, Barack? NOW. January won't do. See, that' swhat I'm worried about with you, Barack, they have you cornered. I know why, you know why... I know you're a servant, and a good one... and I swear to you   if you had someone send me a cctv broadcast saying to me, personally, how you were going to handle this Faustian deal, I would turn off my tv. I don't do left drift, I'm not waiting any longer, there's too much at stake and there is no greater urgency than now. Right now!

Remember, the Bible says they will speed up their plans in THEIR final days. They won't get away with it. The question is, how much dmaage will you, and I, allow them to do before their time is over.

I said it years ago, I'll say it again. It could happen now, it could happen in a minute, it could happen in an hour... show us, show me who you really are with the grace of your actions. And then be brave and step away... yo uknow how I really feel about you. Empower the American people, trust them, let them finally heave a sigh of relief and let's get on with the work we know we can do.

They said they'd make an example of me.. I want to make an example of you... for all the good, right, Holy reasons.... he's turned it all back on them, He'll tak ecare of you too. He will anyway. But I want ot do more than bump fists with you Barack.

But I have to move on. I know you understand what I'm saying. Either way, we'll work together. Of course, I always have my ideas on how I'd prefer that to be.

Make peace with yourself... and do what you know would be right in a perfect world, the perfect world, the dream we really actually do share.

Don't know what else I can say.

-- Chuck

PS. I really am sorry for doing things this way, but I have this thing for expecting excellence.

The Bible also says: Those who would save themselves will lose themselves. That's about being. Understanding that alone is how I have the guts to put this site (back) on line. Dig deep.


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