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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Do You Want To Know a Secret

The Final Preface

I hope you have a sense of humor and an open mind, and are a seeker of truth, because you're going to need those qualities and a lot more when you read this book.

I call this The Final Preface because, since beginning to write this book in 2002, I've written several other prefaces that could probably be compiled into a book of their own, trying to explain as well as to understand the world, myself, my life and things going on that simply didn't make sense.

In that time period, I was provided some information that to me is like waking up one day at the age of 47 and being told that I was adopted. Not like I had any complaints about the people I was told were my parents, but I just wanted to know the truth. The truth I discovered about so many things was startling.

I wasn't adopted, but the truth is, it was more like being the lead character in the movie "Paycheck", being left in possession of a few items that had all the clues and tools necessary to reveal the truth of your life, as if having amnesia, but not knowing what they meant or what they were needed for until the moment that circumstances made their purpose obvious.

The greatest surprise is that the above paragraph not only describes events and conditions of my life, thousands of dots that needed to be collected and connected, but also the clues, tools and purposes of my life itself.

Clues that, you need to understand as I do, that are not about me so much as they are about certain things going on that citizens and authorities of one sort or another have brought to my attention since I was a child. Essential things, specific technologies and conditions that would be most important when it was my time to "volunteer for service".

This book really is my expression of my love for the world. I want you to know that because it really was out of my love for the world that I began writing it, my love for America and the people I've met traveling cross-country several times, people I've seen in other countries, some affluent, some-poverty stricken, some dying.

I want you to know that because this book is really about a number of things: how the mind works, how we process and store information and images in our minds in a way that shapes our beings, how our spirits within us interact with God or Source as well as our beings, and the individual and collective roles we play, in concert with everything that exists, acknowledging the causes and effects of everything that has ever happened in this world, in this creation that has led humanity to the current evolution of its cosmos, and the urgency and necessity to come to terms with what is required of us, the human race, to actually take the next step in the cosmotic evolution of humanity in order to survive.

At times, you will experience my writing as food for thought. At other times, it may seem and actually be true that I am admonishing people, maybe even you, but I ask you to please consider what I have to say until you truly understand what actually makes this moment in time so important.

Hebrews 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth.
12:7 If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as sons [and daughters]; for what son [or daughter] is he whom the father chasteneth not?

Words in [] were added  by me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - 203 - I Just Wanna Get Inside Your Head

There are many truths I'm going to tell you that I didn't want to know. So many, that I actually took years to consider and research whatever I've written about because the last thing I would ever want to do, especially in matters this important, is misinform anyone. I assert many things about people who are your heroes, people who used to be my heroes, and I'm not happy to have to point my finger.

But, a great deal of some of the worst things I have to tell came about as what appears to be a concentrated effort on the part of my father to apprise me of work he was involved in or exposed to in his work as a consultant to the U.S. Navy at the Naval Shipyard in San Francisco. I never knew quite what he did there, but his work was highly classified and is apparently related to some activities of the United States Government that would be considered crimes against its own citizens, crimes against other nations, and activities that could easily be classified as destructive use of technologies against its own nation, including covert warfare.

These technologies included weather manipulation, the hovercraft, and others. This was way back in the late 1950's. And it appears, based on some U.S. Patent Office searches that provide little information on classified projects, he may well have worked with Tesla on a device called the "Thought Camera".

The "Thought Camera" literally allows scientists to tap into your mind, and I've documented how they can actually use these core technologies in latest advances to actually "see through someone's eyes".  These photos were taken through a cat's eyes in 1973. Read more about it from this bluediam.gif (123 bytes) BBC Report from October, 1999.

cat1.jpg (8521 bytes)  cat2.jpg (9006 bytes)

cat3.jpg (9258 bytes)

It's also very much of the kind of core technologies behind something called Psychotronics, and is the "weapon" Ira Einhorn was trying to warn people about in the 70's. It was true.

Einhorn, one of the founders of the Earth Day movement and referred to by those who knew of him as "The Unicorn", spoke of a CIA weapon called Psychotronics that would allow operatives to influence the mind. Einhorn, as I intend to prove at a later time, was a victim of Psychotronics, and I assert that Psychotronics and Psyops were used to cause the death of Holly Maddux, his then former girlfriend.

Einhorn is now serving a life term for her murder, a questionable conviction aggressively pursued by the Clinton Administration after extradition by France where he fled to avoid prosecution. More to this story is found in further exploration of the career of his original attorney, Sen. Arlen Specter, interestingly, also on the Warren Commission reporting on the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy.

Read more on wikipedia about him. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ira_Einhorn

After more than 30 years, the Bush administration reeled him in when an unconstitutional law was passed in Pennsylvania.

"As a consequence of this refusal (of France to extradite Einhorn to the U.S.), in order to secure the extradition of Ira Einhorn, the Pennsylvania legislature passed in 1998 a bill (nicknamed the "Einhorn Law") allowing defendants convicted in absentia to request another trial. The bill was, however, criticized as being unconstitutional (as it was argued that the legislature cannot overrule a final judgment handed down by a court), and Einhorn's attorneys tried to use this to get French courts to deny the extradition again, on the grounds that the law would be inapplicable. However, the French court ruled itself incompetent to evaluate the constitutionality of foreign laws"

I assert they wanted to be certain, after all this time, that he would not be in a position to speak to anyone about Psychotronics again. Your hatred of France during the Iraq war build up was likely one more facet of a way to diminished their credibility should the French Government speak out against them, particularly about the use of Psychotronics. In time, you'll see how the media is frequently used to accomplish this for political reasons.

Despite CNN's demonstrated knowledge of Psychotronics and mind control because of a 1985 report by Chuck DeCaro  on Yale University's Jose del Gado, Anderson Cooper, former CIA "intern" reported around the time of Einhorn's arrest,  speaking as if Einhorn's claim of something called Psychotronics was one of those crazy conspiracy theories. Despite CNN's institutional history  of  the knowledge of the well documented technology in the public domain.

Published: from CNN's Special Assignment 1985 by Chuck DeCaro
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.democraticfundamentalism.org/2005/psychotronics/government/1985cnndecaro.htm

My website bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org is a good example. So is my section on this site called bluediam.gif (123 bytes) "What is Psychotronics?"

Psychotronics is a very big part of what this book needs to tell you about, because it is devastating to those who are "targeted individuals", and without responsible use, it makes for a perfect crime, because it's all electronic and leaves behind no clues that forensics currently acknowledge.

I implore you, on behalf of the 900 people in the United States being attacked and tortured who have been located as victims, whose affidavits and statements I can make available in  a moment's notice, please take the time to understand it's real.

Free will itself is at stake.

They are military weapons first used in the Gulf War against Iraq in 1991, and are in use in Iraq and Afghanistan as military weapons and in Commander Solo operations. It's important to know that these weapons are being used by governments and corporations around the world to control citizens and dissidents who are considered a "nuisance" to them, or who threaten possible legal action against them for one reason or another.

A few of the things Commander Solo operations do in Iraq AND in the United States against citizens.

Capabilities include:

  • Reception, analysis, and transmission of various electronic signals to exploit electromagnetic spectrum for maximum battlefield advantage
  • Secondary capabilities include jamming, deception, and manipulation techniques
  • Unrefueled range 2800 NM
  • Broadcasts in frequency spectrums including AM/FM radio, short-wave, television, and military command, control and communications channels

Source: The Federation of American Scientists
bluediam.gif (123 bytes)http://www.fas.org/programs/ssp/man/uswpns/air/special/ec130.html

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me

If you have trouble understanding just how insidious the torture and Psyops are to the people who are aware of what is happening to them, consider this, from the woman who convinced the European Union to ban these weapons.

A doubly cruel sentence is being imposed on people who are the victims of the most appalling abuse by scientific-military experiments, and a totally uncomprehending society is indifferent to their evidence.

For the development of a new class of weaponry now has the capability of entering the brain and mind and body of another person by technological means.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology
Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho Social Studies 2003

This is a quote from the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) "The Church Committee", co-chaired by Ted Kennedy, which was supposed to have stopped this "war on Americans" back in 1976. This is also detailed in "What is Psychotronics?".

Unsavory and vicious tactics have been employed -- including anonymous attempts to break up marriages, disrupt meetings, ostracize persons from their professions, and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths.

Intelligence agencies have served the political and personal objectives of presidents and other high officials. While the agencies often committed excesses in response to pressure from high officials in the Executive branch and Congress, they also occasionally initiated improper activities and then concealed them from officials whom they had a duty to inform.

Governmental officials -- including those whose principal duty is to enforce the law --have violated or ignored the law over long periods of time and have advocated and defended their right to break the law.

These kinds of crimes and much worse are the types I attempt to describe as Psyops.

Psyops, according to the Department of Defense, means:

"PSYOP should focus on support to military endeavors (exercises, deployments and operations) in non-permissive or semi-permissive environments (i.e. when adversaries are part of the equation).  (U) However, PSYOP forces and capabilities may be employed to support U.S. public diplomacy as part of approved theatre security cooperation guideline. In this case PSYOP personnel and equipment are not conducting a PSYOP mission, but rather are providing military support to public diplomacy."

Get that? If PSYOP forces and equipment are used in support of military endeavors, it is a PSYOP mission. If PSYOP forces and equipment are used in support of public diplomacy, it is public diplomacy.  This includes people opposing government policy.
From Global Research  bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Pentagon's PSYOPs: Information Warfare Using Aggressive Psychological Operations - by Brent Jessop - 2008-01-13

I wanted to be sure that you understand the kinds of covert laws and methods that are being used by the United States government against its own people, the same in use by many, many governments, particularly our allies in the so called "war on terrorism". 

Who are the terrorists? According the the FBI, I am a suspect, because I wear blue jeans, quote the Bible and cite the Constitution of the United States ever since the Clinton Administration. In the Bush Administration, I became guilty of carrying a Farmer's Almanac.

Just for the record, George W. Bush told a Houston reporter that if elected, he'd start a war with Iraq, 2 years before the election for president. Michael Ruppert (fromthewilderness.com) reported that Bush and Tony Blair met in 1996 to discuss the "plans" of  Bush's "foretold" presidency.

Indeed, the war on terror, the war on Iraq, was, in Bush's words, just the tip of the iceberg. The Bible says that remarks like that are called "broadcasting their actions". The Church Committee calls it Aesopian Languaging.

The Patriot Act was written during the Clinton Administration. Ask Max Cleland or Paul Begala. Why do you think certain Republicans called Cleland "unpatriotic" in the election in Georgia in 2004?

I'm not kidding, and it isn't even the tip of the tip of the iceberg. It's a flake of snow. Let's move on for now.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gary Wright - Who I Am - A01 - Who I Am

This book is also very much about Christianity. And particularly for those who don't consider themselves religious, I am confident that you'll find my approach to it at least intellectually honest.

You see, I ground my belief in God and belief in and following of the teachings of Jesus Christ as being the study of the ways of God and the being of Christ. I say Christianity itself is not a religion, but is to some. Belonging to a Christian church does not make you a Christian, although many Christians go to church.

Further, that the example of Jesus Christ to humanity, when truly understood, is truly for all of humanity and all religions and faiths, inclusive of all, exclusive of none, that all faiths are part of the knowledge and wisdom of God presented in the cultures and contexts of the various parts of the world, to be shared amongst us all so that the truth is not only out there, but available to all who seek it in this vast and diverse community we call the world.

And, when truly understood, I believe you'll realize how the examples Jesus Christ provided gave us a foundation for universal commonality that truly transcends the differences we believe separate us.

That Jesus as a spiritual leader gave us a way of being that connects us to the power and wisdom of God, whatever name He has in your life.

As a political leader, He taught of the organization, justice, compassion and intent of God in the order of this planet and the cosmos of the universe, its governance and Golden Rules to guide us, the precedent or basis for all further implementations of justice and equality. And, as a leader He set an example of empowerment and humanity that not only displayed the wisdom of God, but the common interests and pleasures we all love to enjoy in proper measure.

He provided an example of a whole and complete man, human in every way, representative of God and being God in the flesh. In addition, being the Son of God, he truly was of God, and was as God taught Him to be. Jesus, as Christ, was in fact the eyes, ears, mouth and legs of God on earth. And think about this: God is a Christian, He follows the ways of Christ because they are His ways. God is Christ, Christ is God.

The Bible says Christ would return in 2000 years.

Now comes the fun part I have to tell you before you read the rest of the book. The part I can't truly fully explain, the part I embrace and in some ways and am still in denial about in some ways because of the implications of the occurrences in my life.

I have a joke about all this, it goes, I wish I was I was delusional, it would be a whole lot easier to explain. Unfortunately, I'm not actually joking.

Fortunate or not, I'm not delusional, and while I'm sure saying that amuses a number of people who know my story, it actually isn't funny to me at all. In time you'll understand why. You might say, since 2002, I began to be informed of the reasons for all the tricks and traps that have happened in my life, and have intensified since.

For me, you could say it started long ago around 1964 or so when I was sitting in the Scotts Valley Baptist Church on the final day of Vacation Bible School. I was baptized there by the Reverend Glennon Culwell, who was speaking to us in what I'd call our "farewell afternoon conversation".

There I was, listening to him intently as I always did, when I started to notice that things were getting this sort of golden, amber glow around them, and it surrounded him as well. And then I sort of saw this vision of me, much older, standing on a stage that looked like it had amplifiers for a rock band, microphones and all. I stood there in what appeared to be a black coat, not as a performer, but as a speaker, although I'm not certain of that.

Being a little kid, I thought it was pretty weird, I didn't know what to think. I was certain that it was God telling me something about my life, the future He had in mind for me, a purpose, a big purpose. I just knew it.

I remember thinking, maybe I'm supposed to replace Billy Graham. I can't honestly say I recall the sequences and timing of my thoughts, but over the years, it seemed to me it meant I was supposed to be a minister or musician or politician, maybe a teacher.

I've only had that kind of an experience with one other person, Billy Preston, as I talk about in the chapter called "I Talked To An Angel".

Even at that age, I'd already decided to go to Stanford University one day, and I wondered if I would study constitutional law. Let's just say, for a variety of reasons, I always believed I was going to run for president one day. Actually, I always believed I would be president one day. And somehow, in some way, I also knew I would be a minister.

One night, I must have been in the 5th or 6th grade, I was laying in bed lamenting about a girl I was friends with but who didn't seem interested in me, and part of my "grief" was the knowledge that there was something wrong with my body that, later, turned out to be not so bad, but I had a birth defect that caused me to deal with delayed puberty. This girl was older than me, and I knew my lack of physical maturity was part of the problem (and maybe I was just too young).

So I was laying there, asking God why me, and suddenly in my mind I had this thought out of nowhere, and was told something like "You're going to be an example of the next stage of humanity".

I thought that was really weird. I mean, I'd had that vision and all, but that was weird. What did it mean? My body is the next example of humanity? Couldn't be.

I remember wondering what it meant, and then decided it was too strange and decided to put it out of my mind and go to sleep. What would you do?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band

My father was an intelligent man. Most people who spoke of him said he was an off the charts genius. I was told he was in charge of quality control at the shipyard, but he also designed and installed the first ground to air radio communications system for the military on the west coast. I was told that earlier in life, he did things like fly the mail before there were pilots' licenses, and he held the 10th United States pilot's license ever issued. He'd been a stock car driver, a movie stunt driver, and a train conductor too. My sister and I believed that he was very involved, somehow, with the nuclear program and testing going on in the 50's.

One of the most memorable things about him that I was told about was his work in electronics, known for designing and building crystal radio sets since about 1920. He was a ham radio operator for what seems like forever, and had an FCC 1st Class Broadcast Engineering License from the first year they were issued.

He was a politically active guy. I didn't know a lot of what they were talking about, but I'd listen and pick up bits and pieces of what he and his friends and my mother would talk about. One of the big issues of his day, in the late 50's, was about the creation of the Tri-lateral Commission, an organization that called for the world to be divided into three geo-political regions for the purpose of forming a one world government under the auspices of the United Nations, originally located in New York, but to be later moved to Istanbul, Turkey.

The leaders of our government have been talking about it for 100 years.

The steps to cause this to happen are already in progress, and are part of the reason we are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, to secure the oil fields, utilizing NATO as the One World Government's military arm to enforce global rule. It's one of the reasons our media and politicians promote the idea of getting you to dislike the United Nations in order to accept it being moved.

Unfortunately AND fortunately, circumstances have caused they're timeline to be sped up, just like the Bible describes what the anti-Christ would do in the end times, when they became aware that Christ has become in the world and actively confronting them.

It's part of why John Kerry said "The Son is waking up in America" in his 2004 Democratic National Convention  Nomination acceptance speech, at the same time endorsing the "new class of weapon". It will be interesting to see how he explains that remark.

The Tri-lateral plan, and the Tri-lateral Commission, funded by the Rockefellers, was the father organization to the Council on Foreign Relations, funded by the Rockefellers, with the purpose of causing what became known as the New World Order, as announced by President George H.W. Bush in a State of the Union address on September 11, 1990.

See wikipedia for more: bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_world_order This will astound you.

Or, if you're brave, try this Google search later:

The Tri-lateral plan toward implementing the New World Order was written in 1958 by future President Jimmy Carter. Few people know this. I know this because my father bought me an Encyclopedia Britannica - 26 fine print volumes - and I read about the Tri-lateral Commission years later. I always believed he wanted me to research it one day, so I did. It's important for me to note, for other purposes, that my mother laughed about how he read every volume - not to learn - but to verify its accuracy to his satisfaction.

They said he was one of the founders of AMPEX Electronics, but pulled out of the venture early on because supposedly they manufactured recording tape, and he couldn't figure out what future there was in it as a product because the only products that used recording tape were computers. He'd talk about 666 and IBM when things like this came up. I never thought too much about it over the years, but it turns out that this is a key piece of information to many facts about his life and my life.

I said my life since 2002 was like the movie "Paycheck". The clues I was left with, in many cases, were things that were actually inconsistencies. For example, in the case of AMPEX, they were into things much more advanced than recording tape, such as pioneering video tape recording, processes that allowed for technologies used in television, sound processing, the invention of Dolby, and later, the ownership of the record company of one of my favorite musicians  and consummate producer, Todd Rundgren, distributed by Warner Brothers Records. They had huge technological influence over the broadcast industry as a whole, every network, nearly every movie lab and corporation, and so the idea that they were a company limited to recording tape was about as big of a inconsistency as there could.

What I've also learned is that when discovering these inconsistencies, it means I need to follow up and research them to discover the truth about his life and my life. And, that the details of one inconsistency would lead me down a trail to discover other facts or inconsistencies related to other information gathered randomly over the years. The details I had to uncover were quite a tangled web. It seems that everything I learn about him leads to crimes of the  American government.

Between Ampex Electronics, his political activities, which appears to have included at least monitoring the John Birch Society, although, because he received the American Opinion Magazine, I think it meant he was a member.

He was a Mason, being an associate of Richard Nixon's and much more, it was clear to me then and now that he was mingling with some very important people in politics and the entertainment industry. I'm certain the Bush family would be part of his circle, going back to the days of Prescott Bush. Because of his  "Hollywood ties" - some very famous people - and AMPEX, I have to believe it also included the Kennedy Family, 20th Century Fox, General Electric, CBS, ABC.... You could say that without AMPEX, TV as we know it itself would not be possible. Not to mention audiophile sound.

My brother says that when my father was talking politics, he had a habit of making people angry, to put it politely. He must have disagreed with these people about the use of some of the technologies he was involved with, the same things he sort of told me about, what I call "burning it into my brain", so that one day I'd remember.

For example: one day in the late 50's, he brought home a tiny piece of radium from the shipyard, placed it in an empty  fish tank, put in a little water, fanned it just a little, and suddenly there was a hurricane or cyclone blowing in the fish tank, and it rumbled and vibrated so much I thought it would burst so I ran away. I just thought it was like a science kit experiment, one more thing my dad showed us and I didn't think much of.

It also caused me to decide never to buy a glow in the dark watch. Back then, what made them glow in the dark was radium, and I'd heard radium was radio-active. And if it could make a hurricane...

These days, I hear about the problems in San Francisco Bay being polluted with radiation caused by the use of radium, supposedly because of mooring nuclear vessels there, a convenient cover story for the fact that they must have been doing weather manipulation experimentation.

Worse implications are that a good deal of Morton Salt was mined from that body of water when the worst of it was going on. They called it Iodized Salt back then, a poor substitute for the iodate required, like after nuclear attacks to prevent the thyroid from being destroyed by radiation. I wonder how many people have had problems with their thyroids, let alone leukemia and more since that secret was kept.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion say "they will die of blood poisoning..."

Interestingly enough, after we moved to Santa Cruz a few years later, my father built a telephone switchboard for me to play with. A red switchboard. Like "the red phone".  He'd take me out by the garden at just about sundown, and tell me to pretend to call President John F. Kennedy.

I'd say hello and ask how he was doing and then run out of things to say. So I'd ask  him what I should talk to President Kennedy about, and he'd say, talk to him about the weather. He had me do that a few times, just to burn it into my brain. You might want to look up Operation Sundown if you're curious, or listen to Gordon Lightfoot's song Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sundown about being psyopped, for how that relates to a number of things. More messages in the music.

This is my own story about that.  bluediam.gif (123 bytes) My Talks with John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I have to believe my father was trying to tell me to do something about weather manipulation, which was being turned into a military weapon, and now actually is.

Washington's New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change
World renowned scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell confirms that "US military scientists ... are working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include the enhancing of storms and the diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth's atmosphere to produce targeted droughts or floods." (2) Already in the 1970s, former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski (advisor to Barack Obama & the Council on Foreign Relations)  had foreseen in his book "Between Two Ages" that:

"Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised... [T]echniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."

Marc Filterman, a former French military officer, outlines several types of "unconventional weapons" using radio frequencies. He refers to "weather war," indicating that the U.S. and the Soviet Union had already "mastered the know-how needed to unleash sudden climate changes (hurricanes, drought) in the early 1980s."

I read a few years back, before I started "inadvertently collecting evidence", that the Clinton Administration experimented with having aircraft circle around doing figure 8's to see how the vortexes of aircraft could be used to manipulate the weather, causing tornadoes and floods.

I have documentation that shows that the Bush-Clinton-Katrina Fund website was online 6 weeks before hurricane Katrina struck.

See:  bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Web Site was online BEFORE the Hurricane Happened

AND bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Is Galveston Worth Saving? A letter to Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas   Galveston, Texas  10/9/2008

The point of all of that was to tell you that parts of what I have to tell you are based on things of this nature, things I've experienced throughout my life, people I've met who are in the news today, people my father had associations with, meaning that sometimes,  I have to tell  more than one story or they won't make sense. It's like playing  a movie with sequels all at once or you won't understand any of them.

It's as if people having been telling me things and giving me clues about crimes and social concerns and more my whole life, as if they thought I knew something, except I didn't know. Until 2002. A good example of this is given in a letter I wrote to bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Barry Manilow, in this book, regarding an experience I had with a woman in New York who was a psychic with the Psychic Friends Network. You will want to read that.

And then you'll begin to understand that I've had a very unusual life. And these days, I can attribute a great deal of it to a deal I made with God. Like I now say, Careful what ya ask for :}

When I graduated from high school, I realized I wasn't going to be able to afford to go to Stanford University as I had planned. Among other things, I thought I was in the college prep program, and apparently wasn't. I was no honor student, but I was always active in school politics, enjoyed theater arts, being in speech and debate, as well as being an announcer and program director of the high school radio station, KAHS, at Arcata High School in Arcata, California, in Humboldt County.

I'd never forgotten about that vision I had as a young child. I never doubted that God had a purpose for my life, and even though I didn't know what it was, I had always had my eyes and ears open, soaking up the info and experiences I could as I could, believing I had something important to do some day. I even had a little mantra for myself -

I'm not perfect and I will never be, but with every breath and every step, I will try to be.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - I'll Be Watching You

I'm not trying to tell you I'm perfect at all. But I was a pretty good kid. Here's the point.

I talked to God about how I couldn't get to college... how I felt capable and resourceful enough to make it on the merit of my skills. I was a hard worker and had things I knew I could do and wanted to do. I had a little organization I later called The Family of Artists and Musicians that I wanted to start, as a dream or vision or something, to create a major publishing and multi-media company that served the artists, not corporate profits, as well as a community.

So I asked God to teach me whatever it was I needed to know to do whatever it was He wanted me to do when the time came. And so the journey began.

When the election results came in in 2000, and the Supreme Court made its ruling, I became very upset. It wasn't, to me, as much about who won, it was about the process. The more you know about Election 2000, the more you know that the process didn't work. I was most concerned with the way the media covered it. It was pure propaganda, and I smelled a rat.

I spent hours and hours online in chat rooms, I put up signs all over Washington D.C., especially in front of the offices of MSNBC, the channel I watched. When the Supreme Court made its decision, I actually cried.

I had been telling people "Don't worry, the Supreme Court will do the right thing even if they have to count the votes themselves".

Among other things, I had some pride in that court not just because I believed that all in all, over the years, they had come to some very just decisions regarding very difficult issues. Some research showed that Justice Rehnquist was a likely distant relative. So I had faith in the court.

I've always been in love with America. I grew up as a little kid reading biographies of the founding fathers. Patrick Henry was my favorite. I still remembering eagerly reading the little green book about him in my bedroom, before lights out.

I'd yell "Give me liberty or give me death" and my dad would laugh and repeat it while he'd give me a Dutch rub on the head. I didn't like that part, but it burned it into my brain. Later, I found out, Patrick Henry also included in that statement "I smell a rat". Another inconsistency I researched later.

There was a website online I found called bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.ismellarat.com that came online after I posted a link to a university's posting of that speech with that "I smell a   rat" line included, that, 2 years later, had been removed.

So after election 2000, I researched and researched.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, I built a web site to post articles to for the purpose of presenting a comprehensive news source that included a database of sorts that tracked, issue by issue, what politicians were saying in public, how the media reported it, and then checked multiple other news sources and quickly discovered that the bulk of what we were being told was going on in the country and the world was not the truth. It's just that simple.

Tom Brokaw announced the installation of the New World Order on October 14, 2001. George Bush announced the establishment of a shadow government. How would he know that? It's no coincidence that when he "retired" from NBC, he became an Executive Board Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Colin Powell did the same thing after leaving the Bush Administration, having served in the Clinton Administration prior to that.

Brian Williams was a speech writer for Jimmy Carter, and because you don't usually get to host events for the Council on Foreign Relations unless you're  a member of it or a higher order of affiliate, I assume he's a member, something that could be confirmed by contacting the Council on Foreign Relations for a list of their current members. If he's not  a member, I'm sure he's got a confidentiality agreement somewhere. Dana Milbank could probably tell you how that works. He's a member.

I guess it was "Mission accomplished", they had done their "work in the field" for the Council, and it was time for a promotion. Brokaw's been privy to the meetings of the Bilderberg conferences for decades, where the ultra-rich people of the world basically decide what to do with it all.

At the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, loaned money by them to complete and win his 1992 Presidential berth, proclaimed "I've been a foot-soldier for 25 years". A foot-soldier for what?

President George H.W. Bush was not only a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, he had been a previous Executive Director, as had been Jimmy Carter, the first, despite the current  news being reported that Zbigniew Brzezinski was the founding director of the Council, propagandized apparently to shift focus from the leader of their ideological movement, Jimmy Carter, in collaboration with the Rockefellers and others.

Carter said that he believed the best governance was basically modeled in the Chinese system, a fact the rock band Guns 'N Roses calls Chinese Democracy.

In December of 2001, my web site began featuring a weblog that I updated throughout the day as news happened, watching Wolf Blitzer while working. At that point, I was a man on a mission. I had committed myself to a project full-time: informing America, one citizen doing what one citizen could.

You see, one of the things my father talked about regarding the Tri-lateral Commission was the concept that one day, a terrorist attack or some emergency would occur, and the government would declare martial law, our rights would be taken away and a tyrannical government would take over, and proceed to use the military and resources of the United States as the first step toward global domination.

By December 2001, I realized that the conditions he was talking about were happening before my eyes.

So I started writing essays about my father's work and knowledge, what I saw going on in the world, and what I saw it leading to if it didn't stop.

In May 2002, George W. Bush went to Florida to campaign on behalf of his brother Jeb. Given the election of 2000, and the upset in this country, I was quite annoyed at his going there, and in a speech pandering to the Cuban Community, challenged Fidel Castro to listen to the voice of the people in elections and count their votes.

I believed it was a brazen, insensitive act that could not possibly come from a man seeking to cause unity in his own nation.

Because of some complaints I had about the way things were being glossed over in the news, because of the coverage I saw of election 2000 as well as all the research I had done over hundreds of hours and documents, I decided that the enabler of the corruption and the false information being spread was the broadcast media, so I decided to boycott the media.

To be intellectually honest, I set up my site explaining why I was boycotting MSNBC as well as specifically calling on Tom Brokaw, who I trusted for the news since I was a child, to tell the American people the truth. I suggested that other people boycott the stations they watched.

I set up a system so that with the click of one button, you could notify all of their sponsors of the boycott.

I told MSNBC about it in as playful and respectful way I could, doing a Media Matters-like report about Chris Matthews and others, long before blogs and Media Matters existed. I don't know if this makes sense, but I liked Chris and just wanted my favorite channel to do a more professional job.

Kind of like a parent or colleague or boss correcting a peer or an underling. I'd never heard of Chris before, but I liked him. I call him St. Epiphaneus for reasons that may never be apparent. Turns out he was a speech writer for Carter too. (I think his show's a lot better than those speeches). He mentioned something about the Talmud and druids one day  that launched me on a study of ancient religion and religious history that caused me to understand a huge amount of the history of why the world is like it is today. I mentioned something in my reports about having an epiphany. Suddenly, all these people on TV were talking about having epiphanies. I thought that was weird. Must be one of those coincidences Dobbs was talking about.

Another of the Aesopian coincidences, I wonder sometimes, might be found in his naming of the Hardball segment called "Sideshow", with a correlated message to this song:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Blue Magic - Sideshow

Of course, this could be easily explained away thousand ways, and may actually be a coincidence. After a hundred or so of these kinds of things happening, you begin to realize there's a pattern.

On the 4th of July, 2002, we held a national conference call to discuss our boycott plans with people encountered on the internet, as well as friends working in the Washington D.C. non-profit lobbying groups.

Our special guest was Doris Haddock, better known as Granny D, who walked across the United States at the age of 92 to protest a variety of social conditions she had witnessed over her years of life.

By then, MSNBC had made almost all the changes I was demanding, which surprised me a great deal, but, to honor their changes, I backed off on them a little, and had started contacting Lou Dobbs at CNN. I sent him the number for the call, thinking he might enjoy listening in. I had no intention of boycotting CNN or anything. I'd never really watched them before.

I'd never heard of Lou Dobbs. I didn't know he was still an employee of NBC, or that he was business partners with Jack Welch, then the former CEO of General Electric. He's got degrees in economics from Harvard, and there I was asking him if he had heard of Mises economic theory, as opposed to Keynesian or Friedman/von Hayak. He was the former head of the CNN Financial Network. :}

While most of my professional career was in computer software, I also had a background in human potential development, and a good deal of time in broadcasting as an announcer, copywriter and commercial producer, as well as writing for an international magazine as a researcher and entertainment writer. My specialty in computers was systems analysis, databases, and customized client accounting software for CPA's, small businesses as well as phased work in process systems for construction.

If there's one thing I know about broadcasting, when someone like me comes along, you don't change the entire format of a TV station unless someone like me can prove they have the clout and backing to do such a boycott and have an effect. I kept commenting to Dobbs that it was strange how they kept doing whatever I told them to do, as if I was their boss or something.

Meanwhile, I'd struck up another relationship with Paul Begala and James Carville and the people on the Crossfire program on CNN. What I mean by relationship is this: I'd write them an email, and then they'd discuss the topics I brought up. Or, I'd ask a question, and they'd answer it within the framework of the show. I was surprised, except that at that time, I was an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party (though I am no longer). I even wrote on my website that they were very responsive, and that if you wrote to them a couple hours ahead of the show, they'd likely answer questions on the air.

Not directly. But using what's called the Aesopian method. I have an bluediam.gif (123 bytes) archived version of the original democraticfundamentalism website online right now.: The current version of bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org is now mostly dedicated to telling about the medical, civilian and military/law enforcement uses of Psychotronics.

The 1976 U.S. Senate's Church Committee, co-chaired by Ted Kennedy, describes Aesopian communications as:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II).

They speak more in allegorical stories about things that can be applied, in paradigm, to the situation of the person listening who hears a "keyword" or "codeword" that lets you know that what they're saying applies to you or whatever you're doing.

It would be like your mother telling your sister about what happens to little boys when they steal cookies out of the cookie jar in a way that the little boy hears it, and never steals cookies again. [added 8/19/2009]

I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

The people on Crossfire and Lou Dobbs kept speaking to me in Aesopian languaging. It was difficult to figure out, and most the time I thought they were making fun of me. I mostly thought it was media guys just trying to "get rid of a nuisance".

Meanwhile, I had also become aware that I was under surveillance. I started getting 2,000 to 3,000 spam emails per day blocking my ability to receive email on my dial-up connection, and the people on Crossfire started talking in Aesopian about things in my personal life: the clothing I wore, personal habits, bank information... it was very strange. I wrote to Dobbs complaining about it. It just got worse and worse.

When being stalked by government Psyops, they want you to know and feel like you're continually being watched so you'll get paranoid, as well as tell people funny stories that make them question your mental health.

I persisted in communicating with the Crossfire people, actually trying to give them ideas and themes to use for the next election by Democratic Candidates. At a certain point, I decided they - the Democrats - weren't trying to win the elections at all. And it fit the pattern of the way Democratic Socialism was introduced in Germany.

Regardless of how many people think it's crazy for a citizen of the United States to run for president, that's why I formally announced my candidacy for the Presidency in 2003. Could I win? Who cares. It was a way I could inform my fellow citizens.

And you just never know when people will believe  the truth.

Furthermore, I knew that if God performed some miracle that caused me to win, I knew inside I could handle the job. Not even as a servant of God in any way, but as a citizen. To believe that God told me in His way about my future, and that it fit, meant more to me than you can imagine, but as a citizen, I became informed of His ways and understood they were mine. That's part of what I came to understand.

It is the same reason Cynthia McKinney does what she does, and why I have such great respect for her. The willingness to speak truth. The persistence to carry on despite the odds and adversaries.

The Democrats didn't use any of my ideas, really, until after I told them I was going to run for president, and then they gobbled it up. I then informed bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Phil McNamara and Terry McAuliffe of the DNC  in writing, then head of the Democratic National Committee of my intention to run for president and that the ideas I had put forward to Carville and Begala were not theirs to use, as I had told them long before.

You might notice, one of the books in this publication is called "Conversations With America" which I started writing as my campaign theme. Wesley Clarke used "Dialogue With America". Hillary Clinton started her 2008 Campaign bid with the slogan "Let the Conversation Begin".

Howard Dean almost got the Democratic Nomination because of my work. Work for which I was rewarded by increased surveillance, psychological operations against me, incapacitation using military weapons consisting of Psychotronics and Directed Energy Weapons, and it was clear they were either trying to kill me or cause me to be declared insane. It almost succeeded. I wish I was exaggerating.

From 2004 thru April 2008, I was nearly incapacitated continuously, functional, but just enough to do what I needed to do, trying my best to physically and mentally survive the attacks I was enduring. It is torture, absolute torture. This song gives you a tiny taste of what it's like, which is enough for now.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 11 - Tiny Demons

This accounts for the great gaps in dates between the beginning and concluding dates of writing this book. This book is, in fact, a part of a huge body of evidence I have against the United States Government, CNN and Time-Warner, General Electric and NBC, and many others involved in psychological operations against me.

It would take another book to fully explain all of the harm that has been done to me in sufficient detail that you would understand. I will simply say that I didn't want to believe it was happening then or now, as it continues to this moment.

Sometimes, I think if I hadn't been living it and if I didn't have witnesses, I wouldn't believe it myself.

I thought originally all this was going on because I was speaking out against the media, as well as the Bush Administration. Given the events of 911, I even considered it reasonable that the FBI would check me out, although I never expected any sort of harassment, let alone life-threatening attacks.

I've been bankrupted, purposely given improper medications and denied proper dental care that has resulted in my being unable to properly enunciate while talking, and makes it difficult to eat. The chapter called "Auschwitz in America" describes all of this in much greater detail.

Please remember, I'm not the only person in America, or in the world, being subjected to this "Weed and Seed" treatment for speaking out. While Barack Obama claims he's against torture, I can prove he is aware of this torture against U.S. Citizens, and has done nothing about it. More truth I didn't want to know either.

Something else happened in 2002 when I started to write to Lou Dobbs. I'd tell him things I thought were going on in the world, and he'd start reporting on them. Economics, war, you name it, and we had our share of Aesopian communications as well. I wasn't collecting evidence back then. I had no reason to think I needed to. I looked at Dobbs as sort of a guy I gave ideas and thoughts to, and he did what he wanted with them, and often, we agreed. I understand quite a few reporters have guys like me who give them useful tips.

I told him, for some reason, all sorts of things about myself, things I'd never told anyone before, wondering afterward why I did that, including the story of my vision and deal with God. And how everything going on seemed to line up with all of my knowledge and experience, as if I was made for this moment. And I just had this gut feeling that what was going on had everything to do with the purpose God had for my life.

One day, Lou quoted a Bible verse on the air, which surprised me, from Matthew 24 about false profits (a twist on false prophets), during the time when we were going through the SEC Scandal, and Harvey Pitt "retired".

When I read the whole thing in the Bible, I was stunned. Wars and rumors of war, earthquakes in diverse places. On my web site, democraticfundamentalism.org, I had stated it wasn't about religion, it was about the fundamentals of Democracy. I took that off the site and started doing what I called an apocalypse report. Which I only did a few of, but the fact was, it appeared to me that the Bible prophecy was coming true.

I remember one day writing that I had noticed these things going on, and said it looked like the Bush Administration was employing emulations of Biblical events to scare Christians, all the way down to the fact that the Iraq war is, in many ways, a replication of the book of Jeremiah. Then I wrote, maybe it's not emulations, what if it was actually coming true? And it was and is.

Now remember, I have to tell multiple stories for any of them to have a context that makes sense and make the dots connectable.

There were so many things going on, including the controversy with Judge Roy Moore in Alabama placing a statue with the 10 Commandments on it in the court house. Bill Maher was still being politically incorrect.

I posted a list of my favorite movies on my website, and bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Direct TV played almost all of them. I have a whole chapter about that situation. I was spooked. This page is something I wrote to Congress on a private url in order to communicate to them directly after I verified I had their attention after writing to bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Senators Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy.

I thought they - Time-Warner - were signaling me they were "friendlies". I couldn't figure out why they didn't just call me on the phone, unless it was to not create any formal, documented affiliation or contact with a radical dissident like me promoting Democracy on the internet. :}

But I was also curious. It had been over 30 years since I'd read any part of the Bible. I read some of it back in about 1970 when a friend started talking about the end of days or something like that, and I read a good deal of Revelations. I didn't understand much of it, but enough to make me think that the end days would happen in 1973, when I would turn 18. In 1973, the world didn't come to an end, but the Symbionese Liberation Army captured Patty Hearst soon thereafter, and their symbol was a seven headed snake.

I read the Bible a little more. I got really scared. I read about this emperor guy, the false Christ and false prophet. I was worried about the emperor, I wanted to keep my eye out for him. I also had a slight concern that with my feeling I would be president one day, that I needed to be sure I wasn't this emperor guy. I remembered hearing my mother and father talk about how the anti-Christ was in the world in the late 1950's. As in Satan, not the more generic description of the body of the anti-Christ.

They'd have these little discussions at times in places that now seem to have been set up for me to overhear, things that they wanted to "burn into my brain", things that are relevant to the world and the U.S. today.

When the Judge Roy Moore controversy happened, I had been noticing that Christians, in general, were generally depicted as fanatics and extreme in their "social demands", not necessarily in what they were asking for but in what the media showed as sort of emotional and hysterical appeals and actions.

I'd been emailing Dobbs about how much I was enjoying Psalms, and suddenly my vision started getting very blurry, and I had to start wearing glasses to read the Bible. I didn't need glasses when I began, and I always had extremely good vision, though I had mild reading glasses that I got when I went to an optometrist because I'd never had an eye checkup or insurance years before. I rarely used them. I found out a few years later that sudden vision problems like that are typical first symptoms of directed energy attacks with microwaves.

Nonetheless, I continued reading the Bible, and decided to do it in a certain way. First, although I was never much for going to church since I was a child, I wanted to read it to see what the "born again Christians" might know and were complaining about when talking about God and Christianity being minimized in this country, a fact told in that the number of people who say they believe in God in the U.S. has declined 15% since 1991. I also remember my pastor, years ago, talking about persecution of Christians in the end times.

I considered myself a Christian. In fact, as a child, I loved the story of the Good Samaritan so much, you could say I shaped my life around being that kind of person.

Still, I've always believed in maintaining the very fine lines and nuances of separation of church and state, all the while enjoying being part of a nation claiming to be "under God".

So, I decided to read the Bible in a few ways.

As a user's guide, what I was just talking about, like any other person reading it in a linear fashion without a concordance but with some familiarity with the generally accepted "important" Bible stories, as they were told to me and I understood them, which included a great number of supernatural acts and events in the end times, beasts from the sea and the likes.

As the operator's guide, something ministers or prophets or teachers would view and use, particularly as compared to what I perceived to be the "generally accepted" stories and interpretations of the Bible and parables to be, and the things they would do and how they would conduct themselves as leaders of "flocks", and intercessors...

And, finally, as the owner's guide, the programmer's manual. What was God thinking when He said all these things?

In computer software and technical support, I found it incredibly useful to understand the way the programmer was thinking to fully appreciate and understand the way the software was intended to be used in order to maximize its usefulness.

James Carville made a comment one day. He said "How's he going to explain the Matrix?" The movie was really popular at the time. I didn't fall for the bait. Making it seem like everything in the movie the Matrix was an allegorical example for what's going on in the world today", even though it's true. Not long after,  such comparisons were reported as  being the result of a mental disorder.

I could spend hours talking about the parallels of some underlying messages in The Matrix relating to today's technologies and the dialectics in use in global politics.

But I'd been reading about the Templar Knights being originally responsible for preserving "the Matrix of God", and supposedly, Sen. Robert Byrd and Sen. Ted Kennedy are Templar Knights. The Kennedy family, as a whole, seems to be known for their affiliations with Opus Dei.

The Matrix of God. It's why I believe that everything in the Bible, even the edits from centuries ago and all the versions since, as flawed or altered as their translations or interpretations may be, serve some purpose, even if only to, say, 2000 years later, discover errors or inconsistencies in certain texts that give clues to amazing discoveries that could only be comprehended by being in exactly the right place and the right time, being the right person with the experience, knowledge and intuitive senses to understand it and interpret it as it was intended.

The Living Word has meant different things to different people that only made sense in their times, but it's the paradigm of the events recorded and the dialectics employed that you need to be aware of. The ways the anti-Christ has dominated world society through deception. It's another way to read the Bible. It's like a long version of Machiavelli in a way.

Remember, at the same time all this was going on, I was on the internet every night, giving a 30-45 minute news cast of my own, watching the news every moment of the day while working and studying the Bible. In that same period of time, I easily read a more books than I had read in my entire life before. On everything from religion to ancient history and the way Rome fell, which is nearly exactly the same as what is happening in America today.

The book "In the Wake of the Plague" by Norman F. Cantor provides an excellent explanation of this. A book that I coincidentally found on my night stand one night exactly when I needed to understand what happened. The paradigm it presented that we're following all over the world.

In my activism I was advocating non-violent, Democratic activism. I thought it would also be interesting to study the Bible to see what Jesus and the Apostles taught about how to be good "fishers of men", thinking the same paradigms would fit good activism practices, and beginning the foundation of what I believed might actually be the time I really was supposed to "replace" Billy Graham. After all, in my activism, I was always talking about the Golden Rule, people knowing the difference between right and wrong, the constitution and values and justice, as well as social responsibilities and community.

So I started reading the New Testament, taking a great deal of time to research the Concordance of this old Bible my mother was sort of adamant to give me. It was a Scofield Reference Bible intended for Lutheran Ministers apparently purchased for Christmas 1957.

Not only did it have her red highliner marking all the teachings of Jesus, but it also had all the instructions to this "Son of Man" guy it kept talking about. I didn't know who that was. The truth is, I'd never read the whole Bible before.

But I'd read through, chapter by chapter, amusing myself by signing my name in emails to Lou Dobbs as Luke and David and Cornelius and others as I went along. I was Neo for a while :}

And the thing is, I'd read through it, and say, yep, I'm doing that. Book after book, chapter after after chapter. And when I was done, I thought, well, at least I'm doing this like a good Christian would, and I'm glad to know I've done a reasonably good job at being a Christian.

I kept reading and reading, understanding more and more, finding things in it that didn't seem to ring true or did ring true, but I seemed to understand there was something more to it, like I actually understood what God had in mind and what He was actually saying. Like there was something more to it.

I had already been writing For the Love of the World, actually doing it to write about how things in this world influence us, the funny ways we adopt and shape our opinions and perceptions, and frankly, to "mess with the heads" of the guys on Crossfire, to teach people to access the memories in their minds in such a way that I could later use that same training to teach people how to use ESP. Did I mention I had a background in ESP and hypnosis as well? :} The CIA renamed ESP to Remote Viewing.

I kept wondering, knowing God had something He wanted me to do, what was going to end up being that job, because I just knew the time had come.

So, here I was, in 2002, and these guys on Crossfire were talking about the Bible all the time too. Paul Begala talking about not mocking God, and removing the plank from your own eye first, praying in a closet instead of in public. Meanwhile, I was giving daily sermons in my weblog on what I had been reading, particularly when I got to Galatians. I was really enjoying it.

I actually delivered my first sermon to George W. Bush in 2002. I didn't mean to. It just sort of came out. The theme was, I am David to your Goliath, and the stone in my sling is the truth. I looked at it afterward and thought, well, there's nothing here I don't agree with, so I went with it. All kinds of things could prove he got the message.

One day, Robert Novak made a comment about certain types of people being "losers". He had gotten in on the "Aesopian game", and I told him I wasn't a loser, I was the victim of multiple crimes. I didn't know how true that actually was at the time.

Then he gave me a gift, whether he knows it or not. He referred me to a verse in Ezekiel or Isaiah.

About how the Son of Man, according to my mother's Bible, would be found, grumbling and complaining and speaking in vulgar language and. I thought it was funny, I thought he was making a joke like I was like this Son of Man guy. We had been doing this Aesopian stuff for quite a while, and I just thought maybe they were becoming fully annoyed with me.

I still hadn't finished studying the Bible. And, although I believed he was making a joke, I read those chapters and read more and more about the Son of Man, and at one point concluded that if we're Christians, we're all technically "Sons of Men" and would conduct ourselves by the example of Jesus.

I don't mean to digress, but here's another little story that becomes sort of important at this point.

A few years earlier, I had someone ask a person from Germany what my name meant in German. I'd been told something like I was a descendant of Dutch-German Royalty, which I thought was interesting but never heard anything more about.

The full name is Charles Von Rehn, Jr. IV which basically meant son of a man, or son of man. I'd heard something like that before, and I wasn't all that impressed. It was just a name. I've also since learned that Charles means MAN, the same as Adam. Other German translations include blue ray, bright star, star of the morning... of course, lots of people have a name that translates to Son of Man, so I thought it was interesting.

And I had that vision and my deal with God.

I read the Bible some more and began to realize that the story of the mother of the son of man sounded an awful lot like the story of my mother's life. And though she wasn't over-protective, I had noticed over the years that she was protective of me, keeping me out of the limelight as much as possible, moving when I'd hang out with kids who were doing things that were on the side of mischief or trouble. All the while, having a difficult life after my father died, as she entered into a relationship with an alcoholic with a violent temper.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!

I read of the tricks and traps that would be played on the Son of Man throughout his life... and the short version of that is that I've had a very bizarre life in some ways, not being to explain why certain things happened that were illogical and didn't make sense no matter how you looked at them. And me, I coped with them all, always remembering my deal with God, believing there was a time to every purpose, and that there must be something God wanted me to learn in every one of these odd situations or I wouldn't be doing them. You could say it was simply a coping mechanism, and in  a way it was. But I really believed in "a time for every purpose unto heaven", even when I disliked what was going on.

The more I read about the son of man, his instructions and life and all, the activism and the messages of my work, the more it seemed like these guys might be trying to tell me I was the Son of Man. And I had my vision and my deal with God. And I thought, yeah, right. Because the son of man, as  I  came to learn, is actually Jesus, before he "becomes" Jesus, and I thought, sure, God has something important for me to do, and I accept that, but it's crazy to think that I, Chuck Rehn, am Jesus Christ in the Second Coming. I mean, imagine someone reading you some Bible verses, and then telling you it means you're Jesus.

At this point, it's important to explain and reiterate some things. I was aware of the surveillance and all, some tricks being used to confuse me and shut me up, I wasn't truly aware of the capabilities of Psychotronics or the methods used in Psyops. So, literally for years, I tried to disprove that idea to myself, because no one knows how crazy it sounds for someone to say they think they're Jesus. And besides, my name isn't Jesus.

So I decided, despite all the strange things going on, that I would fully embrace the inquiry of whether or not I was this "Son of Man", because of my vision and deal, thinking, if I really am the "son of man", or even if I'm being psyopped into thinking I am so no one will believe me about what the DNC has done to me and to get even with me for boycotting MSNBC, I knew that I made a promise to God to do what He told me when the time came, and I thought, if this is truly who I am, if this is truly what God wants me to do and I don't do it, the cost to humanity and the damage to the plan and will of God would be greatly harmed, and I will have failed to keep my lifelong promise to God by not fulfilling my purpose on His behalf.

And I want to point out to you that anyone who doesn't believe in Psychotronics, voice to skull communications and the psychological operations we became aware of during the Bush administration that have actually been going on for what appears to be decades, let me assure you, I fully document it through mainstream media and military publications to the extent that there's simply no way, if you do even just a little reading, for you to deny its existence and its use in military operations, as well as against United States citizens such as myself. They call it an "electronic fence".

One day I wrote to Lou Dobbs, who I knew was aware of all the strange things going on, and I'd already begun writing this book online, still considering him more or less a mentor (I called him Uncle Lou like Keith Olbermann calls Walter Cronkite "Uncle Walter") and constantly sharing my innermost thoughts that I never shared with anyone before... for reasons I didn't know were the effects of Psychotronics.

I had been joking to him about how I was giggling about writing something sort of like a new Bible. But this one, day I wrote to him that all these strange these going on were disorienting, which is the primary intent of psychological operations against you. For me, at the time studying, among other things, synchronicity, I told him it was all "coincidences".

The next day on his program, he had a guest on. I don't remember exactly what they were talking about, probably immigration. And the man said something like "it's as if we're writing a new Bible or something". And Dobbs said, "I don't think I'd go quite that far". The man said something about "coincidences".

And they chuckled and so did I because it was a perfect example of how media people, doing what's called media mirroring of people, talked to me in Aesopian, and made it like they were aware of everything and mocking me, because there was nothing I could do about this incredible invasion of privacy, and deprivation of civil and human rights. And they were laughing at me in ways that, without evidence, I would be placed in a mental institution for observation if I reported it to the police.

I reported it to the FBI AND the Secret Service twice, to no avail.

When Dobbs was through with the interview with this man after labeling certain events as "coincidences", Dobbs turned away from him, turned to the camera and with a glint in his eye, concluded the segment by saying "and we all know, there are no such things as coincidences".

To me, that was his way of telling me that what was happening and what I was experiencing was no accident, it was Psyops, except...

There's something else I really want you to know. From the very beginning when I was led to inquire into my "purpose" in life, I sought to reach out to people for more knowledge of the Bible and philosophy and religion through books and email. The books worked, but I know that much of my email from people and to email is blocked by the government. It appears, for many reasons, that the phones are tampered with, and I have witnesses to that.

In the fall of 2002, a really good example of both Psyops and me reaching out is that CNN started running the ads about the United Methodist Church, a promotion that Ted Turner sponsored for them. The ad said "God is calling..." I thought, God does work in mysterious ways. It can't hurt to check it out.

See, this whole process of reading the Bible and getting back in touch with Christianity, if you will, was a very freeing experience for me, and called upon this sense I always had that one day, part of what God had in mind for me was very much about being a minister in some way. But, because of the implications of the "Son of Man" being interjected in the situation, I welcomed the opportunity to sit down with a minister, with the hopes that I could tell them my story and have them counsel me, through scripture and taking the time to understand my experiences, that they could tell me if it was true or not, or at least refer me to some materials that would deepen my understanding of the Bible and the teachings of Christ.

Even more, even if I was psyopped into believing I was Christ just to diminish my credibility about political events in the United States, essentially to shut me up, I wanted to be a minister. But I absolutely refused to be an apostate, a false prophet or a false-Christ, declaring to myself and others that if anyone could, in an objective and honest discussion, after knowing of my life and heritage, give me real reason that made sense to me to believe that I was not the Son of Man, that I'd be most willing to accept that, although I'd still want to be a minister, and I'd still want to know that the messages I was delivering on behalf of God were true and accurate.

So, I made an appointment at the local United Methodist Church to talk to the minister, and attended a service "anonymously" so I'd be familiar with their church's ways, and even told told Dobbs when the appointment was, and for some reason, told him I was keeping the appointment before I left for it.

I have no complaints about the minister. He was very nice. I told him I thought maybe I was the Son of Man. He didn't even blink. I knew I was in an awkward situation, but I thought, he's a minister, he's the right kind of person to talk to.

I told him about my website and a little about me and CNN and Lou Dobbs. I didn't know what to say. I was hoping he'd ask a lot of questions. I told him about how, even before religion came into my political activities, I was calling for global peace and abundance for all.

He turned the conversation around and asked me questions about my career goals, as if to focus me on more "typical things" that ministers counsel people on. I understood. "He said, what do you really want to accomplish with your life?"

I said, "Global Peace and Abundance for all".

He looked at his watch, and suddenly needed to prepare for another appointment. I understood.

But it brought up for me, after reading the Bible and believing what it said about people welcoming the Second Coming, and the fellowship of the ministry and amongst Christians and all, it brought a theme that recurs in this book, sometimes in anger, sometimes understanding, sometimes understanding the Bible prophecy of why no one would help the Son of Man, and why people would be blaming God for everything bad that happens when it's really Satan doing it, and still believing that there were good Christians out there who must certainly be seeking the truth and are willing to take the time to know the truth.

The recurring theme, one I'm still left with, is, why have I not found even one minister willing to have an objective conversation with me to discuss this, whether they agree with me, confirm me, deny me or whatever they want. But I'm left feeling a little empty that not even ministers appear to believe in God and the prophecies of the Bible, to be on the watchtower, to want to investigate whether a person such as me might be, as Leon Russell once wrote, the Prince of Peace returning. This album was used to teach me how to record a song using overdubs and multi-tracking.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 07 - Prince Of Peace

And certainly I can understand how they might encounter people who have mental issues making such claims, and how it might be a waste of their time to spend researching such insanity.

But if they were really willing servants of God, and hadn't given up their faith in exchange for false hope in their own minds, I'd have to believe that someone would want to take the time to check it out, just in case. As far as I know, there is no one willing to do this. And why I understand why the Bible says so many people will lose faith, and why there would be so few who would endure and remain faithful and vigilant, as I was these 45 years since that vision. To be willing.

I understand why the Bible says the evil doers would know everything I do before I do even do it, because of Psychotronics and Psyops. I went away for 4 years, in a way, because I needed to research and gather evidence, not to mention merely surviving the physical attacks of these military weapons for which I could find no relief. And now I'm back.

That last explanation was to let you know that, despite what you may believe about me because of what I have just told you, I can understand your skepticism. I don't mind that. I was very skeptical myself. All I can say is that I've documented everything I can, and I've tried to have discussions and interactions with people I believed had the ability to affirm or deny me. I don't know how much more rationally I could have approached seeking external information and counseling from Christians.

And even though I'm certain that the people who have worked very hard to suppress me all these years will likely tell you that I'm crazy or that the Psyops brainwashed me into a delusional state, I can tell you for a fact that I am the Son of Man, becoming, nearly fully become, and I am Christ, and this is the Second Coming, and that when you have read this book, everything I have asserted and inferred in this introduction will have been explained, including all of the assertions I make regarding the politicians and governments, those who claim to be Christians, but are not.

But, more important to me, truly, is not that you be all that concerned with the idea of my supposed divinity, but to be concerned more with the issues of the world for which God called me into action. Those issues were never about me personally. They were about you.

Those issues were about America, and I, as a citizen who said the pledge of allegiance with conviction, who believes in the Golden Rule and Justice, who understands and loves the premises and foundation of this nation, which is based on the design of God for the Kingdom of God from which He intended us to fulfill His plan as ambassadors to the world, as the anointed nation, and if we had, my becoming aware of my spiritual identity might never had been known in my lifetime, because it would have meant that God shortened the days of tribulation, or that the anointed nation would fulfill and sustain the world on course toward His intent, and that the "Second Coming" as we perceive it, the need for an intercessor, would not have been necessary at this time.

But God said, through prophecy, He could just tell it was going to be necessary in 2000 years. And here I am. There I was, standing up, just like lots of other people. But there I was.

So, this book is about many things I didn't want to know about the world, things you won't want to know about the world, things that, if we don't embrace them, will mean that one of the greatest truths George W. Bush ever told will become a reality before our eyes.

He said, This is the battle of good and evil that will determine the control of this world for the next 1000 years.

That's the most important truth we must all realize as we live in this age of apostasy, this time of deception upon deception, this time when the false Christ and false-Prophet have shown their faces to us in the guises of heroes and patriots, and I doubt few people would even know it if I told them. But I will in this book.

In some ways, this book reflects what I've come to understand is very much like Jungian psychology, modern history and political crimes, Psyops methods, generally accepted Christian principles, causes and values, the world as a global community, concepts of being related to causing one's outward self to be an accurate reflection of the person they are inside their hearts and conscience, and some things I'm sure will surprise you that I'm sure you will understand are fair and just when all things are considered. And documentation for my claims.

I want you to know that my love for America, and the people I've seen here and in other nations, suffering, dying, whose lives are made to seem of no value by expedient political decisions, that love and empathy I have for them will never end no matter what harm the United States causes me to silence me.

I am still very much committed to Democracy, and the all important necessity to have governance without corruption in an absolute way, unswerving and dispassionately.

Even if people I like have to go to jail when what I tell you is made known to all.

When you read "A Conversation with America" I believe you'll understand how sincere I am when I joined Patrick Henry long ago, and just the other day, when I said "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death".

Because I meant it in every way he meant when he said it long ago, including the phrase I smell a rat.

But this book also chronicles my thoughts and processes I've experienced in my becoming, in becoming aware of my spiritual identity, of the responsibilities of being Christ, crying out for assistance, just like Psalms, only a modern day version with a dash of Lamentations, displaying an odd sense of humor at times because...

Because, when you start asking God to tell you what your purpose in life is, and He tells you. And when you ask God, what does it mean to be this "son of man" guy, and then He tells you... and when you get over laughing at yourself, knowing how absurd it may seem, wondering how you're going to explain this on top of all the truth about the world AND God that I have to tell you about... I actually have to tell you because it's part of my job....

And when God provides you with an explanation of the owner's manual and tells you to use it wisely and to apply good judgment to the world.. His world.. to judge the needs of the people, and provide them. To judge the strength of the foundations of the world that have shaped and created our reality as individuals and cultures, and restore, rebuild and strengthen them.. and when He shows you how to be his full partner in the deliverance of the promises He made to us all long ago...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joni Mitchell - Shine - 09 - Shine

I want to share the experiences with you about how I took myself through the process of looking into my own inner truth of what I believed in my heart and based on the foundation briefly laid into my being as a child in church, and compare that to the world we live in and the things I have come to accept as common that actually are absolutely opposed to my values, and the values I believe we all share and which are exemplified in the life and teachings of Christ Jesus, whether you know it or not.

Because I believe if there is any example I can provide is how we must all wake up to the truth of our world, and the truth of the deception upon deception upon deception reality we are subjected to, and realize that what we have become is slaves to the will of those who have hijacked religion after religion after religion to achieve their political goals, gain and retain power and wealth and glory while betraying us.

We all know it happens. We choose to live in denial because even hope has been turned into a product. It's time for reality, in material and spiritual realms.

Like I say, much of what I must tell you are things I took years to believe myself. And I would not tell you if I was not certain of the possibilities as well as dangers of speaking out about such things. I am willing, as I was when I started in 2000, to put myself on the line to deliver the truth, and face the possible consequences from a government who had contained me in a "bubble life" since I was a child. Another truth I had to face.

Lou says there are no such things as coincidences.

Who knows, but I can't help but wonder if, when President Eisenhower signed the legislation that inserted the phrase "under God" in the pledge of Allegiance, was it just a a coincidence that it happened just about the time I was conceived or not? It would be fun to know.

Because I have no doubt that the government has known of my life since I was born, because of my father, as well as the evidence against highly placed government officials who have unwittingly exposed their culpability on national TV, which is evidence of their knowledge and participation in crimes.

Not just against me, but millions and millions of others. So, if you ever think while reading this book that I ever intended it to be about me, never forget that what I stand for in "A Conversation With America" has never changed, nor will it, nor will my love for America. It simply is part of me in every way.

What it's about, now, as well,  is God's promises, the intended purpose of America, and the reasons for "the Second Coming".. and delivering the Kingdom of God in every way, which is possible in every way, because God's given us everything we need. It's a whole, new world and all you have to do is want it.

All you have to do is believe in its possibility and act as if it's real. Because it is.

Sometimes, I think about all the incredible things and the incredible privilege it would be to be allowed to carry out what God has in mind, and to see the good it would cause, just as He promised.

And for people to understand that His plan for this time and my purpose does not include provoking wars over theology or resources and global domination. Just the opposite.

Nor does whether you profess to be a Christian, as we know it, have anything to do with the actual judgment to be applied to what God wants you to know and inquire about in order to understand that He understands the temptations we've been subjected to, and what the results would be, and how to cause us all to realize how much we actually do have in common so we can enjoy the community and love He wants us to know at all times.

Just as He knows that those "who will not stop what they are doing because they don't believe they are doing anything wrong" and their influence must be removed from the world in order for the justice and equality He promised to succeed and allow us to flourish as He originally planned.

Global Peace and Abundance For All.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

God means what He says. God keeps His word, especially to those who keep their promises to be faithful, decent people with the intent to always do good, ministers and other faithful who call themselves servants taking another look at the way they perceive the world and realizing that things aren't what they seem, and that calls on them to be ministers of truth, not opinion and the perpetuation of myth caused by the changes in the Bible since the days of Augustine to more easily allow the churches to be manipulated into cooperating with governments slowly leading its people down immoral paths, from empire to empire to empire. There is more to know than what was realized before.

To anyone who might believe that, "even if I was Christ", that it makes me get all puffed up with power and pride and ego at the idea that my father, that God - I call Him Good Old Dad - would grant me so much faith as to trust me to this task, I want to assure you I laugh at the whole idea about 100 times a day, not because I don't take it seriously, but come on, who'd have believed it, who me? But I do take it very seriously, because I know it's true.

And I've already let people know who I believe will be assisting me in the long term to feel free to - pardon the expression - kick me in the butt if I ever do seem to be losing my head or making bad choices and decisions. As well as to let me know if I'm wrong.

And always know that when I began standing up in 2000, it wasn't about me, it wasn't about you, it was about America, knowing that if America was okay, you'd be okay, I'd be okay and the world would be okay.

Finally, I communicated with someone on the internet who asked me a very good question that threw me for awhile. She said, if you're the Son of Man, why don't you know the Bible better? Why didn't you know it all this time?

It was a great question, one I've asked God hundreds of times, wondering why I was put through all these things, wondering why the Son of Man would be treated in such a way, wondering, why I didn't become a minister or politician earlier in life if I was to complete such work that was so vast and important to His Kingdom....

And realized, first of all, if all these things hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't have learned the things I needed to learn about people and the world, and even more, because of the Matrix of God and the proof that the world would need, my life would needed to have clear parallels to the story of the Son of Man described in prophecy.

I could probably talk for hours about all the amazing things I've experienced, been privileged to have done, and the suffering I've gone through along with other people, what I've witnessed, and what needs to be done.

I think I want to conclude this in a way you'll likely be used to, at least by the time you're through reading the book.

If I had to come up with one sentence to describe what it's like to be me, regardless of what you may believe or think of me and what I'm going to tell you, I'd say I'd have to cite these things.

The theme song from one of my favorite 80's shows, Greatest American Hero, says "believe it or not, it's just me"... :} I say later in the book, don't worry, I wasn't expecting someone like me either"... though I've come to realize why the education God provided and the person I was and am is the combination required for the job, a job I view a as pleasure, not a burden. The kind you want to get to the office early to do.

And like so many other times, I've gotten great inquiries and information from John Travolta movies like "Sword Fish" which explains how governmental "Wag the Dog" scenarios divert your attention from what's really happening, as in Weapons of Mass Distraction.....

I became enamored with the idea from a movie I saw where he played a character named John Long, a man I could identify with, who sort of fell in love with every person he ever met in his life, and even understood and loved the people he cursed for doing wrong.

At the end of the movie, it shows his grave, saying that when he died he wanted his epitaph to say that he was a man with a lover's quarrel with the world.

Everyone's always told me that I'm just like my father. I walk like Him, I talk like Him, I act like him I think like Him.

I guess you could say if we're that much a like, my Father and I, then he sort of thinks of things the same. Only He promises love will win. And I believe Him. Because I really believe in God.

And the only real request I have of you in reading this book is to know that I have done my best to tell you at least the minimum of what you need to prepare you for the future, to understand the choices you have and the state of the world. I ask that you know this is the result of years of research. And that I would not purposely deceive you, and I am most happy to correct any errors I make, for whatever reason they were made, especially if I was purposely provided false information to implicate anyone.

And if anyone gives thought to becoming violent or lashing out because of what you learn from this book, I ask you to understand that the truth WILL set you free, and to be prudent and thoughtful about what you do and participate in, because if you wake up as I did and discover what I realize is true, you'll want to do something. Do something productive, not destructive.

And I am relying on ministers to wake up and follow my lead For the Love of the World, His world, His plan, His Kingdom, Global Peace and Abundance For All. It's time we had a leader with the courage to end corruption and deliver judgment that represents the needs and desires of its citizens.

My father made 2 more things clear to me when I was young.

First, no one is above you or below you.

Second, Always do the right thing, even if it's not the right thing for you.

Ask not what God can give to you, but ask what you can do for God. Because this is the time He asks you to stand up for Him and be counted. As proof of your true intent. As proof of faithful service. As proof of the knowledge of love, and that He knows what's in your heart.

Let it be so.

It should be noted that this book, as well as many other writings since 2002, that they are actually evidentiary in nature and at times, may include entries that seem odd, and I suggest that, until I am in a position give further explanation, that you simply take on, for now, that they are meaningless. And if you, in particular, find or hear of weblog entries that seem questionable in terms of morality or worse, that it has been retained as further evidence of the effects of Psychotronics, as other witnesses will corroborate.

Further, I promise you that the will, the word and the plan of God I speak of as He provides as revelation to me by my faith in Him and the Grace of His direct inspiration, speaking to me and through me, is true to His plan.

I thank Him for His trust and guidance, as I have faith in you to hear His messages for us all at this time.

This IS the time of the deliverance of His promises, and His will shall be done.

With that, I want to point out two verses in the Bible, and supply you with a few answers, such as, if I've been around since 2000, why didn't anybody know?

Many politicians and media people do know, and they are suppressing me, depriving me of civil and human rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, rights to privacy and through containment, illegal detainment.

In many ways, my life is like the siege at Waco, only more covert and high tech. I am not exaggerating.

We, as servants, have all been on the watchtower in one way or another, but what have we been looking for? The ability to identify Satan, or the ability to identify Christ, in a society trained to see the worst in everyone, and then enjoy the rumors, lies and gossip fed to us in the media to keep our appetites whetted for enjoying the public humiliation of others as entertainment.

Revelations 3:3

Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

The Bible doesn't say I will come upon you as a thief, out of nowhere like a rock star overnight sensation, the Bible says if you're not keeping your eyes open, if you're not paying attention and seeking the truth instead of believing rumor and sources who benefit by your deception, you wouldn't know I was here until some major news event or something.

Since the news media is part of the corporate and political machine being used to suppress me, who could possibly know that the "history" of my life, particularly the last 6 years, was the fulfillment of prophecy, except the very people responsible for the harm being done to me. The people you rely on for the news, the "truth" you live your life by that enable the proverbial "evil-doers".

Finally, and I hope you have a sense of humor about this. I was quite concerned myself quite some time back that people would call me Jesus and I certainly wouldn't want to dishonor them for such respect no matter what name people would choose to call me. Despite my humor, I take none of this lightly. But,

I was seriously concerned at the question, why isn't my name Jesus? And, frankly, the title "Son of Man" isn't very modern or catchy these days, and even though I felt some relief to find out that Abraham didn't like being called "daughter of Pharaohs" either. :} which was His official "name" or "title".

Anyway, so, seriously, why isn't my name Jesus, and why isn't my presentation more Biblical? Part of the answer is the rest of this book, part of the answer is revealed in this from Revelations 2:17:

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches; To Him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receive it.

I am the white stone, bearing the revelations of God to us all at this time, the "hidden manna" of messages in Holy Scripture of special significance to this time.

And I have a new name, it's Charles Rehn, I like to be called Chuck, the new name received by me by the will of God, and that will be received by those who accept and believe that name to be the new name of Christ, and those who accept it and believe will be saved.

To them I humble myself in and for their faithfulness to God, and their willingness to their work to determine that what I speak is true, and faithful to the word and will and ways of God.

Let Him be known and understood as the loving Father that He is. For it is in His name that I come to serve you.

God bless you all.

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