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For the Love of the World

Atty. General Eric Holder:
America DOES torture Americans on American Soil, innocent people whose  lives are destroyed for the pleasure and political benefit of the Congress of the United States. And Barack Obama is not above the law.

This letter online at: http://www.charlesrehn.com/thekingdomofgod/lettersto/newletterstoleaders/20090303ericholder.htm

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Charles Rehn

Atty. General Eric Holder

I am writing to you today to give you an opportunity to make a choice: whether to be an Attorney General who is actually willing to enforce the laws of this country and to apply the Constitution as it was intended, or whether you will prove yourself to be an Attorney General protecting your political interests and the leaders of your regime.

I want you to understand up front that when what I am reporting to you became obvious to me, I was a big supporter of the Democratic Party, just as I wanted to be a supporter of Barack Obama. Unfortunately, as of April 2008, I became aware not only of Obama’s awareness of my situation, but his involvement for reasons that would benefit him politically.

Barack Obama says no man is above the law. That includes him. You’re going to provide the truth as to whether he was lying or not. And he is. And I have hours of digital video recordings to prove it. Your response to this complaint will either prove to me that you are truly interested in upholding the law, or whether you will be named in international and domestic complaints for RICCO involving human and rights violations perpetrated by the United States Government with an incredible level of involvement by the Bush, Clinton and Bush Administrations, and now the Obama Administration, to suppress and harm. I have evidence that this effort was spearheaded by Paul Begala and James Carville, in concert with MSNBC, Time Warner, Jack Welch, Lou Dobbs, Keith Olbermann and many others.

I have evidence of crimes being committed against me for the last 7 years… some of it sketchy, some of it obvious, some of it incomplete because who in the world would suspect that the politicians you are assisting to write Howard Dean’s and Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns would be involved in a conspiracy against you.. except to shut you up so people wouldn’t find out who was supplying the ideas and themes. I can prove that.

I can prove that nearly the entirety of the Democratic Leadership of the House and Senate participated in harassing me via Aesopian communications. I believe they thought they would be exempted from prosecution because of the Telecom/FISA laws… however, when they did what they did that proves their involvement, they were acting as private citizens without such protections, and without exemptions from prosecution. And I can provide proof that the taunting I received from them extends to prominent members of the Republican Party. (BTW: If you don’t know what Aesopian means, look up Church Committee, MK-Ultra on Wikipedia, or , look it up in the dictionary)

I want to make something really clear: I am no extremist, I have never belonged to any organizations let alone extremist organizations. I am a 53 year old American Citizen who was being psyoped by his government, and in the course of investigating that, because I couldn’t believe they would do such horrible things to me,  I uncovered a great deal of truth about such crimes committed by the government… including, now, the ability to provide over 700 witnesses with the click of a mouse button to the same kinds of crimes I have been subjected to. Thousands more world wide.

My background includes over a decade of broadcasting, including investigative reporting, and I consider myself a journalist, and can prove that through past employment records and examples of my work since 2000. Further, my college training was in broadcast engineering and journalism. And, for the last nearly 30 years, I have been  primarily a systems analyst and computer programmer.

But here’s the part that will be fun for you: just check out the intel files on me. In 2004, I called the Secret Service in Seattle and talked to a man who identified himself as Rick Castrari. I heard him type in some things on a keyboard, and he knew all about me.  Even asked some questions to see if I had figured out what was happening to me.

Why did I call the Secret Service? Because I formally announced my intent to run for the Presidency in 2003. You may not take that seriously (to your detriment) but it was real, and I wanted to see what the Secret Service had to say about the protection the Secret Service is supposed to give candidates, regardless of whether they are of the 2 parties. Particularly when they are calling the Secret Service to complain of harassment, surveillance, physical damage to property, harm done to me physically, and clearly covert operations that have now left me bankrupt and nearly homeless. I found it interesting that in that conversation, he appeared to be defending CNN, who I can prove participated, and still do participate, in psyops against me.

I mentioned my college training because it took me time to figure out how the things that were happening to me could be done. I finally discovered and researched psychotronics. I’m sure you’ll disclaim psychotronics, since it’s one of the best kept secrets since the Federal Government railroaded Ira Einhorn into crime back in the 70’s when he attempted to expose psychotronics.  I know for a fact that my testimony would cause him to be set free.

As a broadcast engineer, I can tell you that the concept of psychotronics is simple. And no matter how much you deny its existence and its widespread use by federal and local law enforcement, I assure you that I can prove you to be lying… simply by the legislation passed by Mexico and the European Union… and the testimony of the experts who convinced them to outlaw it.

Further, I am subjected to directed energy attacks 24/7, and at times, it is totally debilitating. My life is in danger because of politicians. I’m tired of it.

Back when Bush was in office, I carried on numerous Aesopian conversations with a number of  U.S. Officials. And I can prove it…  One of those was Donald Rumsfeld, who basically told me I knew things that  I didn’t know I knew.  It caused me to recall a visit from what I assumed was an FBI agent in Eureka California in I believe December 1976, asking me what I knew about my father’s classified military work at the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard in the 1950’s. I didn’t think I knew anything.

So I started thinking about it.. and came up with a few things, including weather modification which left San Francisco Bay polluted with radiation, the introduction of Iodine in salt to prevent Cancer of the thyroid caused by radiation exposure, a treatment which causes kidney and liver failure, and numerous other cancers that otherwise would not be attributable to the government’s work in San Francisco Bay… he actually demonstrated how tornadoes and hurricanes were generated artificially using Radium.. that was back before 1960. Weather modification HAARP.

I remembered that he worked on the prototype of the Hovercraft, which I wasn’t allowed to play with when he brought the prototype home prior to 1960. The hovercraft was supposedly a derivative of alien technology, which also led to the development of the F20-A and F22 space shuttles in the late 1950’s that make our current space shuttles look like Tonka toys.

There are  a few more things I’ve learned about him and the technology he worked on that is relevant to the current world, but more importantly, the crimes that knowledge would expose.

That said, I want to point out that my case, the harassment I’ve received and the duration of it, is much different that the other 700 victims I network with. I also have a great deal more understanding of the technologies in use, including the methods of psychological operations. I would have to admit that even I would not immediately believe my story if I hadn’t lived it and if I hadn’t collected so much evidence.

So, finally, in the area of dews and psychotronics, I did a little research and determined that it appears my father worked with Tesla on an invention called the “Thought Camera”. It’s an interesting invention that, in its current development, allows a remote operator to see and hear everything I see and hear, as well as insert information as explained by John Norseen of Martin-Marrietta in a U.S. News and World Report article in 2000 in which he says:

Reading your mind and injecting smart thoughts. "If this research pans out, says Norseen, "you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it."   "The ethics don't concern me," he says, "but they should concern someone else."


Original url: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/issue/000103/norseen.htm

  Published: January 3, 2000 U.S.News & World Report by Douglas Pasternak

See also: http://www.anomalymagazine.com/2008/02/01/guided-by-voices/

Holosonic sound technologies project a high pitched directional beam of ultrasound audio to an exact location, usually where the target audience’s head will be. The victim will hear a voice, music, advertisement, or whatever the beams controller would like, inside their head. No-one around them would be able to hear it, unless they could drag someone to that exact spot and hope the beam was still trained on the same location.

What’s even more disturbing is doing some research based on leads provided by covert operators in the intel agencies.. I don’t know who they are, I don’t want to, but they include people in your department and the intel agencies… and coming to the realization that not only have I been monitored most of my life by the U.S. Government, but it appears that this technology of the Thought Camera has been used to harm me and monitor me beginning when I was 3 years old when it appears that implants were put in my body to interface with that Thought Camera… at a Kaiser hospital that was, at the time, working with Stanford University and the Hoover Institute to conduct mind control experimentation and more that I’m sure Americans will love to hear about. That, by the way, would indicated the possibility that I was one of the first if not the first MK-Ultra victim under whatever program name, and that the Church Committee and Ted Kennedy knew it was still going on and covered it up. I used to be Ted Kennedy’s biggest. Now I know him to be a criminal. And I can prove it.

And it’s bad enough this has been going on for so long. It’s another thing to have these members of Congress taunt me…and I can prove they did.  There can simply be no justification for this kind of sociopathy in the United States Government.

The USPTO online said that to receive further information about the patent, to contact Los Alamos. I wrote to the contact person there, and immediately began suffering 3 weeks o f debilitating directed energy and psychotronic attacks. I can show that I am monitored by helicopter 24/7, and have reason to believe the DEW attacks are emanating from these helicopters and from Satellite microwave. Please don’t bother telling me these things don’t exist, for fear of diminishing the appearance of your intelligence.

I want to advise you that any attempts to suppress me further, by your or any other department or operative or contractor, or to remove the evidence I have from my possession, if there any attempts to criminalize or proceed on matters which could provide plausible deniability to your fellow politicians will simply result in my escalation of charges against you and this government,   and the information I need to convict you all of international human rights convictions is in the public domain.

I know you won’t like my final remark, but I’m going to tell it to you as I told the Bush Administration in legal activism, before I knew I was targeted by the U.S. Government… is that if you put my back up against the wall, I’ll be the nastiest son of a b*** you ever wanted to get off your back. Now, here I am, years later, my life all but destroyed, and I’m making the same promise to you and Barack Obama.

And the part that I enjoy the most is knowing that if my harassment and the harassment of many others is not halted immediately and the criminals brought to justice, I will bring you down legally, and enjoy it. It’s about justice. It’s about America living up to its true values and the government obeying its own laws, and I don’t mean laws they illegally and unconstitutionally pass to cover their crimes.

Additionally, the psyop tech being used against me is called “Wizard of Oz”.. and in my case, part of it was to try to convince me I was Jesus. As I’ve said for a long time, I play out all psyops to see where they’ll go. This one has a particular surprise ending… meanwhile Pastor Melissa Scott of Los Angeles, a tv evangelist on the ION Channel, was employed to use Aesopian languaging to do a great deal of harm, to make it appear that I was stalking her like some obsessed pervert, to leave me homeless in Los Angeles with no money, to make it appear I was some delusional guy thinking I was Jesus and if nothing else, to provide a witness that I was a false Christ. But, the real trick was to make me think she was going to assist me out of my situation in a way that made sure my lips were sealed until after Obama was inaugurated. Yet another RICCO conspirator.

I have to say, the psyops people are very creative. So I videoed some proof (who would have thought a minister would cooperate in a psyops scheme), went to Los Angeles, was illegally subjected to intimidations and threats, and proved that Pastor Melissa Scott is, at least to the extent represented to me, a complete fraud. She may have been coerced because of her own tawdry background. And she said some things that made it sound as if Bill Clinton was involved, which is consistent with the fact that Paul Begala spearheaded the psyops when I initially realized they were going on. If you ever actually investigate that, you’ll understand how consistent it is, and it directly relates to Hillary Clinton’s use of the phrase “A Conversation With America” in her Democratic Primary Campaign. Directly relates. Do you have the courage to find out how?

Eric, the bottom line on this one is, you’re either going to do your real job or I will be harmed more. Either way, your boss is a criminal, I can prove it, and if this government continues to harm me as it does, I will seek asylum in any other country who will help me, and invite them to hypnotize me to find out what else I know that I don’t know that I know. If it’s classified info, I have no idea. But it would be an interesting way to find out.

See, among other things, I can show that my body was used for illegal and unauthorized medical testing over the years, to the extent of causing a medical condition that can only be explained through purposeful intent to do harm, at a doctor’s office that falsified my medical records, and employs a woman who I’ve realized was part of the psyops against me in the early 80’s.

Here’s your chance to prove you’re either a traitor like your friends who appointed you, or a true patriotic American who respects the law.

If I haven’t heard back from you within a week, I will assume you are a criminal, and will proceed under that assumption. Ask around. I won’t quit until these criminals are in jail or I’m dead. You’ve already destroyed my life. I was told I would be tortured like this until I proved it or died. I can prove it. The question, is there a member of the justice system who’s actually working for justice, and not a political party. Frankly, I don’t have much faith in the United States Government anymore. You can change that, or face public scrutiny and criminalization like all your friends… and end up like John Mitchell.

That’s what a good citizen would do. Hang in, suffer until the traitors and criminals are in jail for good. And I’m a good citizen. What are you?

As far as I am concerned, I have never been afforded the rights of citizenship in the United States. Unless that it done immediately, I will do everything in my power to make sure you and your political traitor friends hang in the Hague. And, this report will be sent to officials around the world, newspapers around the world, and I have to reason to believe that the papers that will print it are not under your control or the control of the United States Government. And if forced to take that course, understand that I will feel no compulsion to defend the honor of the United States Government, not the country or the citizens, but the government, against international charges of crimes against humanity. In fact, you will be forcing me to expose them to the world utilizing chaos theory.

And I will. Because just like the United States says when it declares war on other countries: I have no complaint against the citizens of the United States, it’s the government that’s the problem, and it’s time for a regime change. And the people committing these crimes against me and many more citizens are traitors. Look it up in the dictionary.

When you conduct lethal operations against your own citizens, that’s treason. And no spin will change that fact.

Charles Rehn

PS: My phone, email and mail are often tampered with, and are unreliable means of communication, thanks to the U.S. Government.  If you send an agent to speak to me, they’d better not try to arrest me or remove my evidence. Such tactics will result in an international incident.  Ask Joe Biden about that. He knows why. Of course, like all politicians, it’s unlikely he’ll admit it. And, if you don’t like my attitude in this letter, then go over to the CIA and have Leon zap you with DEWS and Psychotronics for an hour. You wouldn’t be able to take it. And it’s not non-lethal in any way. It’s called a CIA slow kill, and that means the U.S. government is a serial murderer of its own citizens.

Correction 3/27/2009: I remembered I did join an extremst organization once. In 2002, I gave $25 and became a member of the Democratic Party. I'd never given money to a political candidate before, nor had I ever joined a political party before.  You can be sure I am no longer associated with or in agreement with this extremist organization anymore.


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U.S. Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wa)

This letter marks the fourth time I have contacted your office regarding the following matter. (To this date, I have not received so much as an acknowledgement of the receipt of my materials, which I have verified by contacting your assistants after sending. Ask Pam Brokaw)

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