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Constructing the Holodeck
aka Regurgitation Nation :}
Begun 12/4/2008

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I am not a radical, I am a citizen who knows the truth of the material & spiritual planes
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 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens. What is written here is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

I never thought I'd be talking like this, but the truth is the truth...

The Road To Hell Is Paved By littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Apostates and Politicians

To understand how they've turned your world into hell, littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) click here

It's corruption, then the economy!

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Zbigniew Brzezinski is  Barak Obama's National Security Advisor, hired by the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations to mastermind the downfall of America and the global installation of the New World Order. He will be the Dick Cheney/Henry Kissinger equivalent in an Obama Administration.
It's happening before your eyes.

Note: Unless you're doing extensive research on this site, I don't necessarily recommend this link, which is to the previous journal of this type called bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Footnotes in History although it does provide some unusual context for what's below.

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You really need to read this.
I'm number 226 on the American victims list

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My latest song
The latest latest song..
Even later...
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"Pastors and Leaders – God is saying that you MUST obey and do the “strange” thing He is instructing you to do in this season. Stop doing what you’ve always done just because it has always been done that way. It will not be popular, but do not be concerned with their faces. Do not worry about the finances. Be obedient. Seek the Kingdom. The Father wants you to be FREE in RIGHTEOUSNESS! Seek His Kingdom, and the supply shall never run dry!"

- Prophet Joy Allen

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ITS MOVED TO HERE.. Creating the Holodeck Phase 7... 

1/21/2009 1:44pm - For the record, this will be my last post to this particular weblog, unless I have some finishing notes later. Regardless, when it officially changes, it will be at  this URL  Creating the Holodeck, Phase 7 .

Lots of changes will be happening on this site, and in the world... I think that's good news, probably not so good news for those in the media, ministry and politicians who have worked so diligently to hinder and harm me.

Tell the new Psyops guys, and approach, Leon, that they should talk to the old guys for orientation to the fact that you guys won't break me, we're wll beyond that point, that all you're doing with the people and pets in the household is creating evidence and witnesses, and that everything you do to harm and hinder us will be to your detriment, as per God's word. Ask 'em. It always works out that way. And the material world "judgment day" - in the court of public opinion is coming very soon... I am His vessel, I am the football, we're 1st and goal... and the ball is in the air :}

Eric Holder and Friends.. everytime you guys use economic coercion and legal setups against me, it will be more evidence against you. I already have tons of stuff that prove the consipiarcy... you and me and Roger and Julian will all probably have a laugh or two as time goes on, but be sure that what you do is prudent and doesn't give me a chance to present my evidence.. even if you try to use tax evasion, I'll nail ya'.  It's interesting from my point of view because all this activity around me goes on, and I just watch it.. you guys do what you do, God does what He does.. and the angels, of course... I love talking about angels :} I hope a few of them are who I think they are:} I think I can prove all the emulations, too... what  afun story to read into the record, cause of course, I'll defend myself, but I won't testify :}

John Lennon - Watching the Wheels

One other note... psyops.. one of the things they like to do is get me to say I'm going to do this or that... like articles I need to write that are actually important... part of the psychotronis is to get and keep you off track... The Mind Has No Firewall kind of stuff... I'm going to do a non-Biblical version of the psyhotronics presentation.. anyway.. one more thing.. things I've been kept from writing.. the interview/visit with Billy Preston, a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Dialectic 2000/Election 2000 and Democratic Socialism... the merrting with Rev. Culwell, part II.. lots of stuff... I'll get to it. It just takes a little longer. Which is why you'll end up seeing a lot of chapter titles with "coming soon" on them... sort of my to do list, and some of them won't get done because I'll have covered the issue in another chapter... or because the priorities change.

I'm also becoming more and more aware of why the Bible is non-linear and difficult to Organize. I don't know what I'm going to do  as the "Love" continues.. I don't want to create another book that forces people to do a lot of research in order to under the intent and context.

I've been giving good thought to all the interesting way Jesus truly was and is an example to us all.. in so many ways... it's amazing...

To that pastor.. I know there's more to the story.. I hope you can see why it's not relevant or prescient... actions speak louder than words, and your actions were a hindrance to God. No matter what you think you accomplished.

And yeah, when I get messed with by psyops, I mull over the possible implications of what was done for a while... and communicate it, so perps know I'm not fooled, and that I evidence because of their arrogance and stupidity. I always try to warn people when they're falling into a trap. Maybe someday I'll know what your real trap was in this matter.  The unfortunate truth for you, though, is that you'll still be at the end of the line. The first will be last.

Finally.. the pysops guys are always trying tomake me doubt who I am, and what it means. I see the world changing, the cosmos being altered... I have to admit, if there wasn't so much evidence not related to psyops to prove to me, without a doubt, who I am, I'd have to admit the possibility that my belief in who I am is the result of psyops... but even when I examine and discard anythign that might have happened since 2000, I know the history of my Life and my relationship to God, and there is no doubt in my mind who I am. Anyone who thinks they can change me or my mind about that better have more than Psychotronics, or some set of pre-set notions of uninformed scriptures and opinions.. like I've always said, if I was a false Christ, and someone convinced me there was another, and based on fact and knowledge, I became convinced, I'd say, how can I be of service? But I know about me and the truth about me.

In time, I know that the world will know that the U.S. Government has known, and has harmed me to suppress me most of my life. I wil not defend this government. Not is it any longer - the government of the U.S. - the anointed nation by God. Let's be very clear about that. My physical presence means nothing, and to the world, means nothing. Where I am, so is the church. In my temple and in His. And it is His sanction, not your greed and hunger for power, that determines the ultimate world, and the use of His power.

Let it be known that the United States Government, under the facade of leadership by Barack Obama, IS the leadeship of the anti-Christ, the Biblical "infidels to God" who speak of great things while accomplishing great sins, believing they are above the laws of this nation and humanity and of God, whose time has come to be exposed for the despots they have become, and to whom no claim of God's blessings are true, all the while, God blesses the lives of the citizens of this nation and all nations of beings and souls, who have no guilt for the deceptions and crimes that have been committed against them.

Let the dead bury the dead.

In Christ Jesus's name, Amen and so be it.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Al DiMeola - Land Of The Midnight Sun

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Johnny Mathis - Stranger In Paradise

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Leon Russell - Stranger In A Strange Land

PS: Hi Stivo! Miss ya :} Barack. Are you beginning to understand what real audicity is yet?

1/20/2009 - Happy Birthday to my sister Linda! Hard to believe she turns 55 this year.

Made lots of good progress on the site last night... probably won't do any serious posting for a few days while I tie up loose ends, reconnect key documents to the new pages, etc... PS: Lou, thanks. Sorry to folks for being so cranky, but the DEWS have a way of doing that  to you....

Meanwhile... Barcky... your inaugural speech was lackluster at best, but that's what happens to you politicians who say lots of pretty words that don't actually say or commit to anything. The thing I love the best about your speech was about the part on equality, justice, opportunity.. you know, all the things your henchment have   deprived me of, and lots of other people of, for so many years. It'll make you look as bad as you are when the truth comes out. Elected on stolen words and campaigns... none of which you'll actually deliver. I hope Michelle is proud of America today.  If she's proud of that, then she's nothing more than a symbol of a symptom of what's wrong with America, and what I'm gonna fix.   in the name of the Almighty sovereign God... you know, dad... :}

Anyway.. I'm in a  good mood today. :} Firewood to cut, all sorts of things to do... and the sun's shining... that should make Todd happy :}  Jimmy.. I know it   seems like I'm beating up on you... not sure you don't deserve it... but I'll make it up to you later by letting you continue to play your guitar...  that's the kind of thing the psyops guys tell me all the time.. thought you might enjoy knowing what a pleasure they are...

Let the River Run.. it just occurred to me some of the double and triple entendre of that song... everyone expects a  river flowing thru the holy lands, so do I, and I have some ideas on how to do it... and then there's a guy, a river, standing between the facitons.. sort of like I keep talking about... I read in the Bible last night about that guy talking about cedars all the time:} Or is that seeders?

I'll bring you up to date later with a mini-sermon from last night's reading... God always has me open to the most interesting places.. a little Hebrews 4:32, if I remember correctly.. and then there was  the last chapter of Ecclesiastes, or was it the first part of Song of Solomon that I was supposed to read. I read both... turned out, they were relevant to each other, to me anyway... bet you can't figure out which parts?:} And why:}

Finally, for the moment... I "got it" last night how you guys ar egoing to blow it and  cause your own expulsions... one of you folks is going to get arrogant and try to take some kind of stupid action against me, and you;ll bring down the whole hting yourselves. My job is to keep collecting data, write my reports, and of course, accomplish God's primary objective... and it's not to not interfere. :} Puts even more new meaning on the idea "Vote for God". God can run for president, can't He? :}

Emulations.. oh my Gosh, it's amazing to me how many emulations have been going on... All the way down to claiming influence over things... I wonder if I dare try to explain them.. I actually think it would be easy. But would it be productive?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eric Clapton - Change The World

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael McDonald - I Gotta Try

10:17pm - James - just thought I'd catch up on the headlines... hope you enjoyed your time with Barack on Sunday... at least now I know the truth about you too... you worked on this one a long time. Hope you got your kicks out of it. It'll be turned back around on you. More dead souls than anyone could imagine. Liasrs, apostates and hypocrites.

6:46 pm - When the psyops guys use DEWS and Psychotronics on people in my household, they create the best witnesses ever.

Meanwhile.. I think I'm going to write about these topics tonight Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away    Besides, reading Kings last night was a little intense.

1/19/2009 - 12:31pm - Woke up this mornin g feeling another night of severe psychotronic and directed energy attacks... to the government and to Barack and to Paul Begala and James Carville and Hillary and Bill Clinton.. it won't be long before you are all exposed as the traitors and anti-Christ that you are... you have poitical enemies that go far beyond me, and they will tear you down until it is time for me to put the icing on the cake.. and it won't be long.. Hillary, you can lie to all the world leaders you want, but the citizens know and will know the truth about me... and all the propaganda by the corporate media won't save oyou, in fact it will be your downfall as the Baghdad Bobs of America make it obvious they are liars and tool sof the Council on Foreign Relations. To AL Gore.. just remember,when you abandoned me, when you abandoned God, you subjected me to torture at the hands of you and your friends... WWJD... let me assure you, this is the final judgement, and there will be no mercy for the likes of your kind.  God has shown you all far too much mercy throughout time, and He will do so no more.

Barack, you and your friends think you won... I promise you, your winning will cause your losing... you're a fraud, your public ploicies are frauds, and it will take little time for it to be widely known... because there are so many who see your lies for what they are already... and your New World Order tactics and techologies just won't work. They haven't worked with me.. despite the perversity of your psyops traitors.

You can take all the phony minsters in America like Pastor Melissa Scott and foist them upon people as magnet wars, and ultimately, it wil be to your downfall. And this word of warning to Mark Cerullo.. your piggy back after that one Melissa Scott Broadcast... you were either set up, or decided to get it on the fun of mocking God.. our echange of emails provides adequate proof of contact and occurrance... I'm not putting up with any more of it, andif you are on God's side, you'd better start acting like it. One way or another, you were included int he Melissa Scott psyop, and one way oranother, the truth will come out. Anymore, I am not going to allow apostates to jerk me around like that, and the first sign of such activity will put whoever does it on a special list of apostates I will soon begin pusblishing. And I found your remarks to be quite offensive as well as lies about God. I recommend that you not be a part of anything like that agian, or, like Pastor Melissa Scott, what she does to me will be turned around on her bu God, he's already seen to that, and anyone else who thinks they "got me" will find out the same will be true of them. That is a warning to someone who may or may not be God's friend.

Pastor Melissa Scott - I did not give you permission to use or benefit from my materials.. incorporating them into your own work as your own methods and materials is illegal and will be one more thing that will damn you in the court of public opinion, as it should. Speak Ephesians all you want.. without a two day meeting aor some sort of actual discussion, yuou were given permisssion to do nothing with my materials. Like Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations, you were trying to set me up to make it look like I was plagerizing you... which backfired, because I have rea nothing of Gene Scott's work, and the only materials of yours I saw were on ION TV... and my browser history will prove that. So good luck on that one.

Finally.. I will own Time-Warner, and the sooner it goes bankrupt, the better. It look like I'll also own GE< and people like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow better make their positions very clear soon, because I have no further patience for your games. You all can consider that I view you all as traitors to AMerica, humanity and God. The only chance you have is to prove yourselves worthy to God, because so far, you've proven yoursleves to be propagandist enemies, and I have transcript after transcript after transcript and video to prove it. Pick sides, and quit the games... cause I'm not puting up with them anymore.

Dobbss.. same goes for you an CNN and TIme Warner.. this is your final chance to prove yourselves worthy to God, because the judgment has begun, and God will provide the justice required to put an end to this facade called America, and He will restore the United States, and you all will be in jail, not reform school, for your crimes. That includes those angels out there who think they're cute and getting away with something. I suggest you re-acquaint yourselves with the power of God, and then remind yourselves of why your existnce in His Kingdom will no longer be.

For all of you who think this is a joke,and that I'm a fraud..  just think about how every attempt to incriminate me has failed.. and then understand that that is the ultimate proof of who I am... if you think you're gettingaway with something, just wait til God judges you... I already have, and passed my recommendations on to Him. I'm glad I don't have to deal with your incineration.. that's His job, He doesn't like it either, but my job is to create and cause people and this world to flourish.. I'm good at it.. which is why, my mother said that when I was born, my father said "He finally got the son He wanted". I say we make a pretty good team.

I'm getting pretty good at invocations, and I don't kep track of the results, at least not the ones I do in private. I will tell you this.. Barack Obama and the rest of his traitor friends are damned.. by their own doing..  the way God likes it to happen, just like how Cheney and Bush gave testimony to the world of their guilt.

Barack, I will never call a traitor and criminal like you president. Abe Lincoln's hands were dirty, but never as dirty as yours. Good luck in your adminsitration of the demise of the anti-Christ... it wil come down on you like a ton of bricks all of a sudden and you'll wonder what happened.. maybe 20 years in church will come to your mind once again, and you will realize that despite all of your effors, God wins, always does, and will now. Tell your a*holes in psyops that every time you zap me, their souls are being judged. And yours is being damned, as it should be.

Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - Signed, Sealed, Delivered

And to Melissa Scott. I'l damn anyone I feel like from the pulpit or any other place.. because it's my job to tell the truth of the world I see. Your job now will be to do the predictable thing, bury your crimes and lie to your audiences about your righteousness, so when the magic moment comes, your hypocrisy and service to the anti-Christ will be obvious. Just like your friends.. and I don't think Scientology will like you giving them a bad reputation, either, which is why they'll be on my side... The leaders of Landmark will suffer the same fate as you. The citizens who attended Landmark will be on my side, though, as they always were.

That pretty much sums  it up for now. Enjoy it for as long as it lasts, because when it's gone, you're all gone, and the world will be a better place. That's what the final judgment, and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God is all about.

Randy Travis - Around the Bend - 03 - Every Head Bowed - Randy Travis

Rolling Stones - Play With Fire

PS: You can examine my life from every side you choose,and as I do, I only see one short period of time that I actually have reason to ask forgiveness for, not because I broke laws, but because I ever so slightly violated my own principles, not even a commandment.. soooo.. apostates. bring it on. I dare you to expose all the bad things of your lives, and be able to make the same claim. I know you can't. Not in God's eyes.

Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

People who think they would make me a bad example better understand that they have become the examples I will use of the anti-Christ, and what's wrong with this world. As Dobbs will tell you, I'm as persistent as they come, I will not quit, and the victory has been won. God says so. And I never get lied to by God. And, by the way, He says I'll live til at least 100... long after you jerks are gone.

1/18/2009 0:52 pm - There's chunk o fnew stuff in the Journeys with CHuck area in For the Love of the World, and I posted one of the letters I wrote to Olli Rehn. I think you'll get a few chuckles. In the United Nations area, you'll be seeing some other letters I've sent that I think will surprise all but the media and politicians, who seem to kno weverything I do just as the Bible said they would.. but soon, guys, when you'r ein hiding or in jail, we'll turn the tabbles on all that, too. So much for poses. Do you guys realize how much harder you keep making it on yourselves with these psyops. Apparently, you want to go out of existence. I just feel sorry for the guys who got roped into doing this to me before they knew who I was... can you imagine their surprise, thinking they has a psyops victim, only to find out it was true.. not the psyop, but that the guy was not the result of the psyop, but the target of containment... some o fthem will be the ones who help take you all down soon.

Something for Barack to look forward to, after my MTV Party. Even that will be evidence of your crimes, Barack. It'll be one of the clearest examples of all. Enjoy it... cherish your freedom.. it's not going to last much longer. Thanks to MTV for being available to set up Obama that way. Has he figured out he's surrounded, yet?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Journey - Wheel in the Sky

1/18/2009 1:32pm - I had a feeling the pysops guys would zap me for the letter to Israel, but this is the worst it's been in a long time. 

Last night, I decided I would re-beign my nightly studies, with the idea of being able to present some sort of message the next day, especially Sundays... and I really do do the thing where I randomly open the Bible and let God decide what I should know... and wouldn't you know it, after writing the letter to Israel last night, what I immediately turned to was this

God Bless You in this time of decision, reconciliation, atonement and reformation - the return to the blessings of His plan.

Leviticus 26:3 If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them;

4: Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

40: If they shall confess their iniquity, and the iniquity of their fathers, with their trespass which they trespassed against me, and that they have also walked contrary unto me;

41: And that I also have walked contrary unto them, and have brought them into the land of their enemies; if then their uncircumcised hearts be humbled, and they then accept the punishment of their iniquity:

42: Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaac, and also my covenant with Abraham will I remember; and I will remember the land.

This is the standard, and the Word of God, which must be met in every action and policy you commit. And it is expected  of you.

So, that is God's message for the day, and anyone who believes God did not want me to write to Israel as I have should understand that God is directing and protecting my life and actions... isn't it fun? That's why I don't question it anymore.

My message for he day is, Lou, they're trying to shut me down again. Anything we can do about that? These guys are absolutely insane. BTW, I won't let them shut me down. God's on a roll and all I have to do is just keep plugging away at it.

For some reason, Barack and his friends don't want me to write the rest of the story of my visit to Pastor Culwell.. I admit, it's going to take some work... so I'm thinking I'm going to take the time to write the part about all the people who said "hello" to me along the way on the was really cool, because I want to acknowledge them for standing up.. whether it's for America, or God, whatever their reasons...  All I know is that when I'm getting zapped this hard, what keeps me going is knowing my fellow citizens know that truth exists, and to whatever degree, know that I am standing for truth and God and America on  their behalf, one way or another.. and I'm seriously thankful that more and more people are discovering that truth.. because it was getting pretty lonely there for a while.

I still can't ge Grape Nut Flakes at the local Fred Meyer. They say Fred Meyer doesn't sell it anymore.. except, the store in Tacoma, and Seattle and everywhere else. What do you guys have against Grape Nut Flakes?

Interesting.. I was looking at the Seals and Crofts album Takin it Easy... and it features a white horse.. I wish I could go to Nicaragua and visit them... :} James, anyway we could have the time piece makers arrange that? Soon?  I could be a really good roadie:}

The important stuff said..;. :} It'll be interesting to see what God wants me to say tonight:}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Oliver - Good Morning Starshine

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Godspell - Day By Day

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Aretha Franklin & Elton John - Through The Storm

1/17/2009 - 11:54pm - Hi - There's a letter to the Government of Israel posted to the new "Soon to be United Nations" section... I'll be adding more to that soon. It's showtime, ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it. I'm sure I'll be in a more playful mood in a week or two, but right, it's business. Barack and Hillary - stay out of the way.

Donny Osmond - Soldier Of Love

Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle

1/17/2009  1:40 pm - In answer to a couple of questions. Mark 11:25 By the authority of God ALmighty. It takes work totake care of a dog... one of the nastiest things stated to me by someone supposed to be a servant of God.. thanks for the final drip that you were nothing but a psyop, will be easy to trace back. Drip-drip to you. Notice it didn't work, and that you're the one who'll have to face the coyotes when they attack you... and they will. That turn of the tables should serve as your final proof that I am who I am.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths to which the Council on Foreign Relations, THe Democratic and Republican Parties, and the Corporate media go to to psyop me.  Back when Jack Welch fisrdt told Chris Matthews that "cover-ups don't work" I thought, this is weird, like I'm supposed to believe thy're just going to give up. Then a number of people from MSNBC, as well as an important person from NBC programming, fed me some video that would prove that they were Aesopian and psyopping me, even say once that this one would person would turn state's evidence.  given the FISA Telecom legislation that Obama so readily signed, I held onto that video, wondering where that dialectic would lead... led to the Alternative Media conference I went to tha tturned out to be 991truth and Project censored... which is fine with me.. and meeting an NSA/CIA Consultant.... that fit into the psyop dialectic of the MSNBC vido, and related to the spy sateelite that wen t down around Christmas 2007...

Now I find out that was funded by MSNBC, and wouldn't you know it, the top few issues it's covering are ones I proposed leadership in. I'm not criticizing, because I know liitle about them and other thean the top issues that won. For me, it whows like one more example of the media/politicians taking the isuses I'v epresented, and doing one more thing to make it look like somehting's getting done under someone else's leadership... and they'll find out later that the so called assistance they get wil fail them, they'll get frustrated, and the Protocols dialectic of frustrating anone by suggesting change will work to suppress free speech and activism once again.

To thoso of you who believed that I made some Faustian deal to be a "non-voting member" of this world, forge it. I never made that deal. Like I keep saying, you have to join my church. And there's a number of people who'd better pick a side real soon, and you'd better make the right choice. I have this habit of keeping info and evience quiet until the dialectics play out... and they're all starting to play out right now, and I'm gonna nail you all for them real soon. That includes any of the fallen angels who think they have me fooled.

The blue eyes thing... nice touch. Tells me nothing but that people are playing games. Every game anyone plays on me from now on will turn into evidence against them, and though I have a great deal of compassion an will defend anyone who is innocent or caught in the middle, I will absolutley turn my back on those who are guilty... not so much against me, but against God and humanity. It's just the way it is.

The end days have been going on for 500 years. False Christs have come and gone, and are in your midst right now, disguised as leaders of this nation. I am not one of those false Christs, I am not a prophet... and I will take my place in this world to finally deliver God's promises, and the peace and abundance that is only denied by the anti-Christ.

I said long ago I was willing to visit and answer any and all questions of anyone who was actually willing to listen to learn, and to determine for themselves if I am for real... however, I will tolerate no more set-ups or traps set by so called ministers who are more interesting in making themselves into heroes for harming a servant of God. I give every person every opporunity to show that they are good people, until they prove otherwise. You all have done everything you can to prove I am a liar and a fraud, and every step of the way, all that happens is that you end up looking like fools.

You could be a minister and still be of the body of the anti-Christ, and maybe not think so yourself, but the fact is, if you're not working to empower God, you're working against Him. God is not powerless without people. People are powerless without God. Anyone who diminsishes God will be diminished. So be it.

To the leaders of Israel: Please rad the New Testment, if only as a reference book to inform you that my condemnations of you and the United States Government are what you deserve, and interestingly enough, such calling outs o you and the churches is in that part of the Bible. Another one of those things I just started doing a while back. Please take it seriously, as you are about to harm your own cause very seriously.

Let it be known that God is in control , and will no longer tolerate the abominations being committed in His name, for His cause - in total disobeyance with the 10 commandments.

Surely the Israeli Government believes in those. I know the citizens of israel and the Palestinians do. Perhape the Israelis have forgotten themselves, what it is to suffer torture and oppression. Perhaps the phrase "Never forget" would best be heeded by them than anyone else.

Phil Collins - Hits - 08 - Something Happened on the Way to Heaven

Sade - Paradise

1/16/2009 11:34 pm - It's been a productive day. I wrote a really good letter to Leon Panetta, then decided maybe I should check out the news to see if he got cleared for CIA Director... always something :} Lots of good writing and re-organizing getting done... albums getting recorded... I keep getting this image in my mind of Clive Davis laughing... and then there's this thing about cutting my own album, and I want to do it from scratch..

which reminds me.. Back in the 80's when I got divorced, I remember telling God that I hoped He might as well have me get into some really interesting relationships so I could at least write some good music and at least produce something good out of the situation.. really, I did... but, here's the deal.. the psyops guys only let me write 2 songs per relationship, and it's a drag 'cause you know me, if I fall in love or watch Susan Lucci on All My Children, I can write music all day long... It's kin of frustrating... so can we make a deal for the future that if ya wanna run me through any more "Ralph Nader" plays of having women mysteriously entering my life, could we at least let me write all the music I want? It would make it  a little more fun. Thank you :}

Movin' on... you might think I've gotten a little quiet lately, don't bet on it.. I just realized you guys really won't stop because you don't think you're doing anything Wrong..  btw, I'll be doing  a little writing about how people erroneously got   the impression I've been living my life in some sort of dream world... profiling and studying dialectics, even though you never heard of the word dialectic, is far from daydreaming.... if anything, it's concentric multi-level and parallel time line thinking... or something like that... I'm sure somebody's got a name for that too...

Back when Dobbs made the "there are no such things as coincidences" remark, his guest had been talking about "writing a new Bible". I'm going to treat For the Love of the World as that... more reverse psychology than a guy might guess...    meanwhile, I'm still hoping my media rep turns out to be a good guy, cause he sure has me down in every way, shape and form...

Guess that's about it for now. Just wanted to keep in touch.. We'll probably be hearing a  bunch of the Eagles next week... maybe a mix tomorrow... ya just never know...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tom Petty - The Last DJ - 03 - Dreamville

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jefferson Starship - Miracles

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Visions

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Three Dog Night - Show Must Go On

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 09 - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Philip Bailey - Chinese Wall - Children of the Ghetto

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Loggins - I Believe In Love

There's your mix. I hope you enjoy it. God Bless you all! I gotta get me one of those Agape fish things for my car :}

1/15/2009 - 4:59 pm - There are a few new bitte pills and incites for you today... I'll let you figure out which ones they are.


James Taylor & the Original Fl - Smile A Little Smile For Me  James... did anyone ever tell you your backup vocals on this song... probly.. :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - Dad Loves His Work - 04 - I Will Follow

Bitter pills.. the true sign of a minister serving God is their willingness to speak truth to anyone... not always a fun position to be in, but oh, the rippling effect, right brother?

11:57 pm - I'm turning in early tonight, though I've made a good start of writing about my visit with Rev. Culwell. It cracks me up a little because I think it was an incredibly useful discussion for me, despite the fact that it doesn't necessarily speak well of my "case"... :} I love that part of it all... how God turns it all around... of course there's always the final chapter of this year's psyop journey, which is all the people I encountered, blessed and gave special blessings to... along the way... to and from Southern California, it was wonderful. I like blessing people, just because I can. How's that little twist for ya, Willie?

How's this one John Kerry- I was for the Democrats before I was against them... :} Or should I say, before they turned against me...

Leon Panetta.. I sure have a great letter of introduction for you on my mind.. I want to bring you up to speed on my case (as if I need to ) and share a few bits of wisdom Donny shared with me - you know, Rumsfeld, he's still at the Pentagon, isn't he? No one will answer that question. The part I love about Clear and Present Danger is when James Earl Jones  reminds Harrison Ford, Jack Ryan, that his actual oath was always first to serve the American people. Just a short reminder from one of those angels...  :} Talk about footnotes in history.. you guys are gonna hate yourselves before long, cause everybody's gonna know.... everybody... and ya'll were too stupid to surrender.  And now you and Julian are really gonna have fun when I write the stuff I'm gonna be writing soon.. like I said, I'll read it into the record for ya, so long as I don't have to testify. Personally, I'm looking forward to the competency hearing. You probably don't understand that at all, but it has somehting to do with a guy named Caypheus or something like that. Meanwhile, soon I'm going to go down the road and check out the new church in town called Gethsemane Ministeries. Maybe there's a place for me there. :}

God does work in mysterious ways. No wonder He liked Hitchcock. The fun part is, there's the movie director and tv show that actually has given me some great clues and advice as to what's going on, who, by the way, lived in Scotts Valley when I wsas a kid and wsa part of "Little Orange County".... and then there's this Bible called Hitchcocks from 1865 that I'm going to dig into.. meanwhile checking out the Jehovah's witnesses in Olympia this Sunday if I can get there...

Soon, I'm going to write about what it means when the Bible speaks of the "Alien"... dedodedo.. Don't worry Leon, you'll get used to it...

Let's see...

Same Bat time, same bat channel, tomorrow.. whenever that is :}

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Earth, Wind & Fire - See the Light

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sly & the Family Stone - Family Affair

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jim Croce - I Got A Name

1/14/2009 - 3:19 pm - As I prepare to continue my writing, keep in mind that I'll be doing a great deal of reorganizing. THe sites may go off line at some point for a few days while I prepare advanced functionality....  I've decide from now on the site will be directed through the Kingdom of God gateway pages, with a web log like this one communicating with you and informing you of the specific document changes and updates and additions as they occur.  Most all writings from this point on will be part of the book "For the Love of the World", which will likely have no formal publication date because it will simply go on and on and on, even after the despotic U.S. Government as it exists... the corrupt elected officials are who I am talking about... are expelled, and the New World Order is defeated in the name of God, for whom the New World will be established as the Kingdom of God, as originally intended, and then, and only then, will the United States be able to claim, if ever, that they are a nation under God.

As I've said for years, all things are possible once Democracy is restored. And it will be. That is God's will, and it shall be done.

To the ancients and their descendants: you can't beat God, God keeps His promises, and He always provides. Reconcile yourselves to Him, or accept the results as your own works.

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tom Petty - The Last DJ - 02 - Money Becomes King

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Everybody I Love You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sly & the Family Stone - Stand

My thanks and blessings to the angels who have remained faithful as I learned what I needed to learn, and must have been looking on with anticpation and hope.. that will be rewarded with His blessings and thanks as we lead the world to the promised land... please spread the word, let the world know, and let's begin anew with a greater sense of purpose and urgency caused by the anti-Christ and the deceptive emulations which even had me fooled for a time, but that time is passed, a world of beings and spirits cries out for truth and justice and equality and the abundance already available through His divine works...

A special thanks to Bob Dylan...  Ya Gotta Serve Somebody.. I was too young to understand the message you delivered to the world when you first became known... I understand much more now, and interestingly, because of your collaborations with Johnny Cash, who I wrote to when  I was about 10...  your music has been a great deal of comfort to me, knowing there are those who understand, and who understand what the future holds. God Bless You for that and more. You can call me Chuck... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You


1/14/2009 - 12:35 am - New Memo to Barack  Obama 

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life - 401 - I Am Singing

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Youngbloods - Sunlight

1/13/2009 8:46pm - Here's today's edition of the Chuck gazette. More to come. This one's The Lamentations of Chuck Part I... A Letter to, you know who, Ryan, James Taylor...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Doobie Brothers - The Very Best Of (CD 2) - 17 - Ordinary Man

1/13/2009 12:49 am - Programming note for Julian. You're gonna love this... I can see you drooling :} What it means to me... have you seen the poems there too, by the way.. you do like poetry, don't you Julian? Tell Leon this one plays right into his hands:} Or, does it? :}

Tomorrow, I catch up on the news, as if it's really changed all that much.   Someone keeps telling me to stop condemning Israel, and I think, that's fair, but there's this stuff in the Bible....

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Isley Brothers - Fight the Power

G'Night, God Bless...

A Message to the Angels

1/11/2009 7:54 pm - Chucky's back. And I'm grinning, while at the same time realizing why God would have me linger with hands outstretched so long, allowing the faithful to be faithful, the innocent remain innocent, and the evil remain evil so that I would not, in the future, be tempted to grant mergcy where no mercy is warranted, and so that I would not defend those who did not deserve defense.

The trip to Southern California wa quite informative, and like so many other of these excursions designed to discredit, bankrupt, make me homeless and silence me, it turned into an inadvertant trip to incover a fraud, as well as make  a dent in criminalizing weed and seed and other illegal activities sponsored by the U.S. Government.

Let it be known to the servants and leaders of the anti-Christ that God ALWAYS turns the tables on you, He can not be defeated, not will He allow you to deter me with impunity any longer. The days of the final judgment are upon you, the judgment will be His, and I need not report more to Him of what I see and what I can defend toward that final judgment by God Almighty,  nor will I waste my time sekeing to defend those whose action can not be defended in any way. You have mocked God for the last time with impunity. May your soulsd be damned. Understand that each time you impede me, God erases your name from the book of life,. That is my recommendation to Him for impeding Him. And I will not retract my recommendations to Him.

To Leon Panetta - let's just agree to say that your last attempt to psyop me into oblivion hastened your appointment to the head of the CIA, which I will use to prove your criminality throughout the Clinton Administration, the leadership of the Defense Language Institute and your commitment ot global tyrannny as head of the CIA and clandestine operative toward the implementation of the satanic New World Order on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations. You'll be receiving regular letters from me in the mail, documented in your own section of this web site, and expected to be there with all of your and your operatives unfounded and paranoid remarks about the guy who's gonna bust your ass and the a****of all the other jackasses in the Democratic and Republican parties. A little play on your donkey mascot there, words ya know. Bleep as you will, traitor. You're a living example of the Peter Principle, and you'll play it well... all the way to the Hague. Welcome aboard. It'll be good to take down yet one more person I used to respect. And wait til all the ministers in America complain about using the image of a minister to psyop God.

In the next week, this web sit ewill change a great deal, and a new web log will be created to implement the final phase of the end of the reign of the anti-Christ, and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God. I'll let you know where to link to when that happens.

Let me warn you all now: anyone who purposely gets in my way will be punished by law. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Local weed and seeders, I have no arguement with you, but if you persist, I will gather evidence and criminalize you. If you think that's a fun challenge, consider spending the rest of your life in jail, or being hung by the neck at the Hague. Those are the actual fates that await you if you persist to break the laws against civil and human rights. And I have mountains of evidence already. Want to see your picture on my web site? Just keep it up.

As for legal authorities... you should kno wby now I need no further evidence. Legislators on the federal level.. I have hard proof of your co-cosnspiracy to deprive Americans of their rights, and that you particpate in their torture on AMerican Soil.

Barack, I will now proceed to document the case that your policies are no different than those of George Bush. It will be an easy case to make. And then your traitorism will defeat you and your kind. And your kind are the evil doers described in the Bible.

The designation "Son of Man' was one that Christ Himself chose to show Himself as a representative of citizens, as an equal. While that representation persists and will forever, let it be known that the "Son of Man" is no more, and that Christ has arisen, and will reclaim the world on behalf of God and the Kingdom He promised that is desired by so many. It will be done.

I would like to briefly thank all of the thousands of people who greeted me along the way to Southern California and back... it was very comforting to know that so many people are faithful and still do believe in God, and His promises, and the Spirit of Truth. Whether you look to me as a man with good ideas representing the liberty of the promise and constitution of AMerica, or as the man of God who seeks to restore justice and liberty to a land originally sanctioned by God to be the leader of the world in establishing His Kingdom of justice and Democracy, or as the Son of God seeking to fully establish His Kingdom in the Universe, which is who I am, let it be known that I will not fail you, as God will not fail me in this endeavor, as God ALWAYS provides. ALWAYS. FOREVER and EVER. That it is His ultimate promise, and God keeps His promises. Every Time.

God Bless You All.  Much more tomorrow.

PS As for the "Pastor" Melissa Scott... I don't know who employed her to set me up, but no matter the circumstances or her reasons, she is no servant of God, and is nothing more than one more example of how Satan uses people to betray and discredit God. She should be ashamed of herself, if nothing else, for proving how the Word of God and His Church have been overrun by ministers seeking fame and fortune by selling God as a product, and selling out to corrupt and evil despotic politicians... and why God constantly says in the Bible "Is there no one I can trust?"...

I say that to myself constantly, but am reminded there are many I can trust to be faithful to God... they are the citizens, and the remnant to lead the future.... when the low are made high, the world will be a much better place. Unfortunately, many of the high who must be made low are the very ones who represent themselves to be servants of God, but are not... when the truth is known. Let this be a warning to other apostate ministers who are not.


1/4/2009 6:16am - Letter to "Pastor" Melissa Scott. I keep wondering what Mark 11:25's significance can be... by what authority... God... or, what date does it represent... I guess I'll never know the inference... that's aesopian for ya... I'm leaving the Gold Key tomorrow at 11am... hard to tell where I'll end up...

To John Travolta and Family... my sincere condolences and empathy for your loss...   God bless you all.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Yusef Islam - The Wind

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why

1:09 pm - Mr Herrzog of Israel... it must be nice to have a U.S. Government that will support your one-sided propagandist lies. Let the Israeli government know that they can fool the world with propaganda (although they don't) but they don't fool God, and God's had just about enough of Israel's  brutality. There are two sides to every story, being Israeli does not make you right. Being Christ makes ME right.

Anyone want to prove me delusional... go for it... I dare you.

6:02 pm - Hemmer and FOx - I've been impressed by your coverage of events in Israel and Palestine all day... until now. Stop promoting Hamas and the Palestinians as the problem. The crimes you report on their parts don't even come close to theose of Israel and the United States... I don't care if you're reasd or not, what you're doing is promoting global war, I will ensure you are credited with that if it continues. Just, like my father. Remember, Bill, I had expected you to become the mainstay anchor at CNN before you moved. Don't fail yourself now.

5:27 pm - I thought I"d make a couple comments before ordering some pizza...

To the government of Israel: THe actions you ar etkaing agaisnt the Palestinians are condemned by God, and God doesn't care what the United Nations says. There are 2 covenants to observe, the Davididc and the Palestinian Covenants. When you learn torespect them both, there will be peace in your lands. Until then, your actions perpetuated will bring about your righteous destruction.

5:52 pm - The rationalizations you are using to justify your actions exclude the fact that your own actions generated the violence you claim you are securing yourself against, therefore, you are playing out a deceptive dialectic and you don't fool God. I do not let other factions off the hook, but I refuse to honor a government that believes killing and oppression will lead to peace. Stop listening to the United States, stop acting like Zionists/Illuminists and return to the love and promises of God as outlined in the Torah, or suffer global persecution along with the United States because of your own actions. Otherwise, I will personally ensure that your public image is appropriately diminished, and we'll apply dispensationalism again. Only just for the leaders, not the Israeli citizens. What you're doing is punishable at the Hague. Any questions? I certainly hope not. End the fornication now.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - Egypt, Israel and America  Egypt: Now is the time to firmly speak out against Israel while calling for peace amongst the Palestinians and Muslim Nations so that things do not escalate to the point of disaster, and I know you know what I'm talking about regarding the protocols.

Rod baby... what's gotten into you? What are you thinking, trying to put fomer prosecuting attorneys into the Senate. Don't you know the Russell Turst guys don't like that idea? :} Oh yeah, I guess it's obvious they don't :} Keep up the good work. I'll try to locate the info on just what it is they are trying to impeach you for... and what exactly you were arrested for... :} Can't wit ot see how this one turns out.

Stivo - Happy Birthday... about that woman I always see when I joke about reading your mind :} The mighty Kreskin returns... :} Stay on the air, ok, I'll want to watch you again one day when I get my own tv. :} Telll Richard Haas his answers were predictable, and I have a few more issues to bring up with him too :} Unfortunately for him, it'll probably lead to his incarceration.

10:09 am -Rod - One right back at ya, dude :} I love what you're doing, maybe one day I'll find out what that is, exactly, and then encourage you to repeat after me, as God is my witness... :} I love Roland, too, and I know nothing about him either :} But he's got my vote. You know what I always say about those traitor politicians, bleep 'em :} Anytime you want my testimony, just ask Dobbs to give you my location, fly me there, and I'm prepared for anything :} And you know I'm serious about that. That's my favorite part of it all :}

Barack... good to be talking at ya again... ya need some sleep look like you've been driving for three days and homeless for 2... I know the feeling... but you and your psyops friends have successfully made me homeless, maybe even really did kill two very important birds with one stone...except, this stone is still quite alive and now, because of the latest trap set for me, I am even more determined and convinced that you and your traitorous friends are made low...  I don't blame anyone for wanting to believe in you as the symbol and icon of real change for America, electing the first black president and being proud of our nation because of it... I was going to vote for you too... til you betrayed God. There are, however, at least 2 things I'm glad were caused by this latest setup.... becoming re-commited to the idea of the urgency of the moment   in regard to taking people like you down legally, and making my absolute commitment to the full establishment of the Kingdom even clearer and stronger with the knowledge that the time is now, and the reasons and people involved are obvious, and it will come to an end.That IS an invocation, Baracky and M.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Earth, Wind & Fire - In the Stone

For anyone interested in rare and old collectible records (LP's...) Maybe a turntable and amp... these babies are in very good condition and highly collectible, so don't miss out...I'm at the Golden Key Room 207 til tomorrow. Bring untraceable cash :} Right Barack? Otherwise, I'm cashing 'em in and heaing for Mexico.... Never really been there but I guess I got to go now :} A JT thing... One of the few of his I didn't really care for, strangely enough, like ana aversion... I sing along, but I was more into the St. Tropez thing from Honey Don't Leave L.A.... another long story to tell some day if I ever have a friend.

Motown:Toni, Berry, Smokey... got a message from God saying that when this is over and I take over Time-Warner, I'm supposed to work for you guys by buying you back and freeing you, and then coupling you up with the old EMI artists who got axed... under the umbrella of the Kingdom of God. My dad liked you guys :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Leon Russell - Leon Russel - Prince Of Peace

Maybe soon you guys  can tell me more about Billy's Gospel Music... I know it was important to him... I'm thinking about stopping by on Monday with a few tunes, hopings omeone will pass the word on to you... and you'll buy a few tunes in the menatime.I know it's irregular and all, but I always liked working with your group in L.A., and you just never know... do you still have that weird foyer on Wilshire? Prepare to be buzzed... warn the A/R deprtment, and have a producer ready.... to listen while I play a few tunes... I only need to sell afew for cheap, so long as I retain the copyright and rights to play perform and record it myself,on your label, later...  after getting you out of the GE Universal loop :} You know me these days... I'll try anything legal and peaceful... so tell the security people they don't need to worry :} Besides, I always liked the Ira Gershwin Story :} I'll be bringing the big binder and the blue guitar :} ANd I promise not to write any letters about you, unless you want me to... I still have the story about Billy, Toni, Syreeta and Reggie to do... whatever happened to the album he was supposed to do after Late At Night? And about that 4th verse of "You Are So Beautiful"... where can I get a copy of that?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - (Don't) Blame It On The Sun

To the Palestinians.. what if they had a war and nobody came.  Ceasefire immediately, that's your best option, speak peace and the Kingdom of God... I know you understand what I mean. Let the world view Israel as the aggressor and oppressor they have become. The government, that is, not the citizens.

January 3th 2009  8:53am -

Destructive Distractions, Deception upon deception upon deception

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - Gorilla - 07 - I Was A Fool To Care

I almost forgot... I keep thinking about finishing writing about the Ten Commandments... remembering how I came to believe that if you violate them, they are considered mortal sins and how you'd be damned to hell for committing them.. and you might... but, menawhile... mortal sins are things that mortal people do that really annoy God... and not to diminsih their importance, but maybe it means it's not really all that important, except to notice that people can go off track and commit them, and that all God really cares about is that we know that doing these things causes you to have a lesser life than you could have, by our own doing, but if you realize you're off track and take the action necessary to remind yourself not to do it anymore, He's happy with you. And he deosn't have enmity, but uses His judgment, in dealing with those who refuse to amend their ways.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)Dan Fogelberg - Longer

My personal, not serious but interesting take on a vengeful God, is that God is full up to His forehead of the vengeance that has been inflicted upon Him by those who claim their righteousness in the public view....

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

Dear M -

A long while back I promised not to put your name on this site, wanting to give you a choice of whether to be associated with my work and to have me refer back to yuo for more information and inspiration through God's Word an God's trueth, and even to travel the world with me and independently as a fellow equal minister as His Kingdom would have been fully established through us both, as willing vessels and servants.... everything I see about you and your work maintains my wish that that had come true.

I kept my word, to you, and to everyone actually concerned inevery way. As I sit in a motel room in Glendale, wondering if I should bother going to the church services on Broadway tomorrow, or if attending (I have a ticket) tomorrow would lead to my arrest for harasment, based onthe treatment I received by your "people" when I showed up at the church almost exactly at 4pm on New Year's Eve, which then became my first night of homelessness. I left there, as I said I would, to find the Wescott center, which has changed its name, I now know... I wandered around Glendale, about to give up when I actually accidentally came across the Center across from Forrest Lawn... I was the guy who slept on the street next door to the Kingdom House place where  people do your phone work. I wouldn't be surprised that when I called to get the ticket for Sunday that I was redirected to a bogus line. On your broadcast, you said you don't take personal info, you give people numbers for privacy.... they took all my personal info... anyway...

I then spent a day unloading and repacking the truck to get to parts and equipment I'll need to repair my car so I can make it out of the country. I was a little amused by the "guard" I was given by your security people at the back gate, watching and wondering what I ws up to. But I have to sya, it's a very nice neighborhood, the street was quiet and peaceful, and I was able to get some good seat inthe front seat of my car while wondering what to do next.

And then, unfortunately, this guy pulls up in a van and gives  me 10 minutes to leave... flustered me so much that I didn't finsih packing correctly... meanwhile, I videotaped and digitally recorded this guy harassing  and threatening me, and I have to assume that another unwanted byproduct of all this is that I've busted the Weed and Seed  or Community Watch program in Glendale, which is a shame, because I like it here. :} What can I say. It's a nice town, the people are friendly... and they fed me welll at the Eatwell Restaurant, which I recommend to everyone:} except your people, who are rude and crasse. I wish it wasn't true...

I hope you like the painting though... back at Christmas time, I wondered, what could I give you that would be special... not like I have anything of real value anymore.... had a few other things I was going to give you as a joke... a bunch of watches that don't work, an m&m figurine...a key from a gas station restroom I forgot to give back in Cloverdale...(sorry guys)  (You know, key to you stuff :})... and 30-40 year old single of For the Love of You by the Isley Brothers that I've saved forever, that got broken when that guy harassed me... a couple more things, like songs...

I'm writing all this because I just wanted to complete a couple of things... like reiterating that when I first contacted you after you contacted me, I was totally impressed with your messages on behalf of God, and beleived we would have been a perfect match in His work. And then I noticed more about you... a deep seated feeling...and it wasn't at all all just because of the psychotronics that played on my emotions and vulnerabilities... I actually fell in love with you and didn't know why...didn't care... I just wanted to do God's work, and let whatever else happen as it would, if it did at all... because I never regret loving anyone, including the people who have done me so much harm throughout my life. But the truth is, I feel a huge sense of loss personally, and as God's servant... as His Son, leading an army in the war of hearts and minds (an army that doesn't exist, I have to assume) and being a human after all...

I did a little more research this morning... and all I really have to say is that you and your friends psyoped me into homelessness and have, at least for now, effectively blocked the timely establishment of the Kingdom of God, and put yourself in the position of being a RICCO criminal... this is the hardest stuff I've ever written, but my  job is to report what I saw, see, and foresee...

So, I'm gonna have to put you on the .list, M, and write a report on you and post the truth. I hate it. But it's my job and it's not personal. I've given you my  cell number, I'm in a motel in Glendale, and I don't think I can go to the service because I really was hoping we'd be able to work things out and resolve any miscommunications due to tampering and puggybacks... but knowing what I know now, I know you particpated in the efforts to thwat me, and I don't understand why you did it, but now you're one of "them", and it really hurts, whcih is good news for you because it means I will write about you in a minimalistic way because this is the last thing I ever wanted to have happen with you.... and thus, if anyone ever wonders again, is why I have no faith in the people and ministries in America, because everytime I trust one of you all, I get burned. As a citizen, and as Christ, and as God.

The psyops guys keep saying you'll use your lawyers to shut down my site over what I write... I hope you won't be foolish enough to do that. Because, like I always say about my arms and hands being outstretched, always willing to accept the truth about anything and everyone without enmity, the truth is the truth, and in these times and this specific time in history,  that's what God is interested in, and is the most important thing in the world.

I'll only say one more thing before getting to the rest of what I must write... regardless of how it was received or perceived, I really did mean every word I said to you in the weblogs...  with or without psychotronics... and despite the fact that your particpation can only be interpretd as psyops, none of that has changed. I wish I could dislike you, but  I don't. Ultimately, you've become one more of many people I've encountered in this process who I love in many ways, who has betrayed me in the worst ways... and betrayed God like the prophecies say... and I'm very sad about it... but you did what you did... and all it does is leave me with the question of my life... I wonder what could have been, on behalf of God, and as a human and as a man... I hope your involvement with V2k does not influence me anymore, because I'm not doc, don't want to be, I'm not an apostate, and I have no interest in dealing with plagiarism, fraud and racketeering charges against you... which may come about because of the psyops you have particpated in. And like I've wondered about so many other fine people who've done stupid things, I'm left with the unanswerable question... why? Because I honestly believed you would  be the courageous Christian you claim to be and be the one to announce and present me to the world... and I beleived that wroking together, we would achive the establushment of His Kingdom once and for all... but now, I know, I am on my own. Which is not how it was meant to be.. and the result will not be pretty... despite my desire to bring it into existence with peace and joy... a way and future I don't see anymore. 

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Neil Diamond - Solitary Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Orleans - Still The One - Ending Of A Song

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Olivia Newton John - I Honestly Love You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Earl Klugh - For the Love of You

12/29/2008 8:17am - Things are getting interesting...strange weather everywhere... not much to say really, got up around 4:30 or so... just about ready to seal up the old vehicle... getting out of Dodge in a Chevy... sort of ironic... Got a couple of emails I'm not really ok with... what was that about DNA? But I did learn how to retrieve voice mail on my phone, so things are looking up :}

Beyond that... I think things  are on schedule...

M.. just for the record... I have no idea what I'm getting into here, except I'm prepared no matter what...  I still figure on anytime Wednesday afternoon... and   even though it's been nearly 30 years (hard to believe it's been that long) I'm familiar with the area...  and I know what a morning paper is... :} I look forward to meeting you for real... and getting on with the work that has been (probably to most people) set aside for a short time... it was worth it... and it will be worth it... 

Just in case...  I guess I'll either be logging in again in a week or less... but Barack.. just remember... if I end up traveling around... it'll be worse... all of you will celebrate, and then, suddenly...

With that, God Bless you all, all my love, I'm goin g home (wherever that is:})

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Little River Band -  Long Way There (long Version)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - I Love You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - What Am I To You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Canned Heat - On The Road Again

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Band - The Weight

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - October Road - Carry Me On My Way

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - Love Is the Answer (Utopia)


Passive Sub-text

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Greatest Romance Ever Sold

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bette Midler - Wind Beneath My Wings

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Beatles - Revolver - Got To Get You Into My Life

Something tells me that'll hold ya'll over til the next time. Love ya. Soon. Me.

12/28/2008 5:49pm - I am amazed by the message of Pres. Ahmadinejad... If I didn't know better, I'd say he's read the site... I hope you all read it and watch the video... interesting that it would be the alternative Christmas message... Sir, thank you very much for stating what you did, it's beautiful to see and hear, and I'm so glad you understand and affirm our partnership, even if you only find out after this that what you say is true and happening, and will be delivered as He promised, as I promise.

God truly does provide.

I knoew I keep saying stuff like this, but it really does look like I'll be out of here no later than midday tomorrow... still gotta buy 6 suitcases though... not sure why :} I thought you had to have less to get through the eye of a needle, but you know me, I'll try anything :} No matter what time I leave, I should be there literally anytime after noon Wednesday... don't I have good timing... if things don't go smoothly.. and I'm not saying they won't, I'll hang out in the 6255 blocks of Sunset for a couple days while making calls and all... always gotta have a fallback... and the cell will be on as of Santa Barbara. Remember, it's all thoughts.  And I'll post once right before the computer goes in the car. It'll be lots of fun...

And now a word from our sponsor, Aleve...:}

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Brown - Living in America

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom

PS: Baracky... did you make a Christmas statement.. I'd like to see yours... it'd be interesting to compare... thanks for lining up the CFR people for me... it'll make everything easier. Ciao dude. And just about the time you think he isn't paying attention... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Styx - Grand Illusion

12/28/2008 -9:27 am - Morning Meditations... maybe that'll be the next weblog name :} I like doing it though...thinking about things, catching the headlines.. this morning, though, it was Washington Journal (CSPAN) and Joseph Ellis, I believe, talking about George Washington... it's interesting how I like to look at the world through the eyes of worldl leaders, and understand their concerns in relation to the concerns of the U.S... I think about being like Uncle Ulysses, and Adams and Eisenhower and Gandhi and Issa and Hussein and many others.. today, after recalling that I once chopped down a cherry tree... George Washington looks like a pretty good example of a leader to me... and his knowlwdge of the importance of separation of church and state without making a government the "Vatican" of a theological ideology, while running  a government for   all people and recognizing that a government can be fair without being religious or justified by God simply by using justice and the Golden Rule in every decision and policy made... including that other nations and religions have the inalienable right to autonomy and freedoms just like in the Constitution whether or not the others had the same constitution or not.

Can't help pointing out Hamilton's preference for England, either....

Looks like New Year's Eve is going to be an interesting night for me one way or another... I sorta wish I was going to be in San Francisco instead, because, you know, Castro Street is kinda fun for these kinds of occasions :} But, uh, I heard MacArthur Park is melting in the dark... :} I know people won't believe this, but I actually am looking forward to throwing some parties for some homeless people and making video of them and all so people can find out that homeless people are people without homes, and not some derelict group of social outcasts who hate people and won't get jobs and all of that.... that's why it's important to me to have a full blown mini production studio even after things break loose... I know it's easy to get images of becoming important and famous and not having the time to remember what it's all about... I look forward to doing the kinds of things that make security people grow old quickly/slowly depending on your point of view... the kinds of things that remind us all that we all really are equal, and that whatever happens to anyone does happen to us all, one of those great things Dr Martin Luther King Jr reminded us all of, and one of those things that should never be forgotten.

I've missed everyboy since the tv's been down... my broadband ends up being limited to that of a modem, so it's not easy to get webcasts.. maybe someday I'll figure out what podcasts do :} And someone thought it was a good idea to put me in an IT career... no wonder I don't trust IQ and aptitude tests... Viva the Brave New World (Peter you're incredible) where people get to act like real people... ! That'll be new :} Course, we'll fix old products instead of having everyone buy them. And monogamy will be popular again...

M... I don't know what to say (pensive looks, Prince song making him giggle... wondering, what if the police get to the weblog first... hmmm :}So about Italy and this Tuscan Sun concept...  can't wait to hear your side of this story...

PS To Julian.. If you think I hate you, it's not true, I actually like you that's why I pick on you... wanna be my attorney.. I meant it when I said you and Roger and the rest of the guys and gals taught me alot, and I appreciate it... I hope we don't have to go up against each other cause it would remind me of this one time I had to pitch to my best friend in a baseball game, and I was throwing junk pitches and we were laughing so hard that I couldn't throw and he couldn't hit, and I think I walked him... then retired his side... he made it to third... something like that...

Oh goodness. I guess I'll just say God bless you all, have a great day, I will...   finishing up the packing, and looking forward to a brand new day... in all sorts of way that make me excited..... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Beatles - Revolver - Good Day Sunshine

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Huey Lewis & the News - Power of Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gladys Knight & the Pips - I've Got To Use My Imagination

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Aretha Franklin & Elton John - Through The Storm

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Planet Earth - Planet Earth

12/27/2008 - 11:10am - Rhonda!!! Good to see you... I was so glad you weren't involved in the stuff going on at the other station... and tell the others who moved it's good to see them all go somewhere where they can do their jobs... everybody looks happier... when I spend my political capital, I hope I can spend some of it with all of you... meanwhile.. someone needs to tell those other people that money doesn't really talk... they're delusional you know, the think money talks... think about that.. the the people on tv who talk to me think money talks... but that's alright, they think I'm Christ, too, crazy people:} And they'll say I'm delusional.... I'll pay you to help me read this into the court record... it's kinda long :} Julian will appreciate it :} Anyway.. glad to see you looking healthy and happy... :} (The psyops guys told me to cut it short cuz I have to pack :})

Meanwhile... Hi M... I  don't know what  to say except I was thinking of you... wondering if you exist :}?? Hope everyone's okay...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Heatwave - Boogie Nights

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jackson Five - I'll Be There

5:16pm Hey Baracky... it's weird, two out of three times I've played   rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight in recent years there's been a major power outage somewhere... last night, I kept looking at it in the collection, wondering if I dare... and then I looked at Vicki Lawrence's The Night the Lights Went out in Gerogia, and of course Journey's When the Lights Go Out In The City, and so I thought the better of it and didn't play it... so I figure this is a free shot... glad it didn't interrupt your workout schedule... speaking of which... it won't be long til we need to work out a schedule, so I hope you're giving it some thought because I'd like this to be as easy as possible.

Speaking of audacity...

To the leaders of Israel.. you can theoretically always make the case for symmetrical response, but there's a history of unnecessary force and all that I hope you will begin to address before I arrive. In addition, I fully expect to engage in open air discussions with the citizens of the Israeli and Palestinian people, and I hope you will cooperate with me at that time in order to fulfill the completion of the promise that was to have been finalized in 1996. It shall be done, and you'll like it for all the right reasons.

M'NALL... Got the boxes on the pickup... 6 suitcases huh.. I'll have to buy some then... or maybe that's a legal term... it's gonna be a fun ride, no room to sleep so I guess I'll get there a little quicker than I thought once I hit the road... (for more good years on your tyres)...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - Our Lives

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Percy Faith - Theme From a Summer Place

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Staple Singers - Touch A Hand Make A Friend

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) George Michael - Faith

Ya know, M, it's interesting how I sit and think about things like the Holy Lands and problems in Nepal and Pakistand and India and Kashmir and all over the world, and I find myself thinking, it would be easy if only.. and then I think of it like it's just gonna be done. Like I just know it. It's a great feeling to think of how the world will be like when it's done, and then suddenly I'll remember something like, oh yeah, 2 changes of clothing and.. what was the rest of that? :} Anyway... and then I think, I was given permission to speak freely, which I thought was weird but I welcomed it... and isn't it incredible to have the opportunity to do these kinds of things... just amazing.

I hear Pres. Ahmadinejad made his announcement on BBC's Channel 4 last night... I don't know if it's true, or what he said... tiny bit of stage fright, hoping he didn't say too much or identify the wrong person.. or...  but there's something else I just  know... people will love this.. but he's going to be a great partner in getting things worked out in this world...  Pervez Musharraf and Daniel Levy and a few other folks I've come to admire... for their honesty and courage... and most often, doing the right things for their countries... the future's going to be interesting and enlightening...  alot of miracles in the works... :} We'll give 'em miracles... get your list ready... :} If I  was "them" I'd be scared :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - Welcome To the Machine

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Phil Collins - Testify - Thru My Eyes

12/26/2008 -  10:02 am - It's an interesting morning for me. I always get up, think about the day ahead, try to sort out the effects of the psychotronics I was inflicted with the night before, as well as like anyone, attempt to sort out my thoughts and feelings, as well as my agenda for the day... I have no one really to talk to so I write a little thing in this log in order to - at least in my mind - say good morning to the people I live with... this is the best I have right now.

Part of what happens with all this psychotronics stuff... and I know it's differenent for me these days than it is for other people being tortured by psycchotronics like I actually have been for years.... part of what happens is that somehow, questions are posed to me by people - probably in the media and government - so I try to answer them in these writings as well.

So I'm going to anwwer a few, and I won't be responsible for what people derive from what I say, nor do I have any desire to hurt anyone's feelings. As usual, what this means, is I'm just going to tell you the facts, including why, after talking so much of leaving here and M and all that, I'm still here, and it doesn't really upset... except...

See... if there actually is anyone somewhere expectting me to arrive and be some kind of happy go lucky all forgiving guru of some sort.. if there are people like that out there, I don't know how you are and and the only evidence I have of anyone acknowledging my existence as a human being, let alone anything else, is taunting, laughing at me, purposely confusing me and making ambiguous remarks, even saying things - whether anyone else picks up the aesopian or not... saying things that would have me believe there is more than an interest in the icon I represenet, which is fine, but I don't even get the impression that they do  more than make fun of tht icon person, and the jokes they laugh at about me are demeaning as you might imagine. So if you're on eo fthe psyops people working this dialectic, I suppose you succeeded in fooling me and making me write and say things like a fool, but you need to understand, I didn't. And if you're real people and offended by this, understand you did to me the very things I said I needed a safe place from. And still I forgive, and hope things work out.

Now let's hit the reset button on what it means when the icon says a safe place, and the  priorities of my life... because right now, it only appears to me that you all think you're successful in turnign me into some lovesick, lonely fool who got sidetracked by his inability to resist women... you need to understand, nothing could be further from the truth.

My prioirities have bever changed, and they're simple, and I haveno qualms about turning my back on my own personal needs and desires to tend to these things, because I'm at war, and that's the way war is.

1) The full establishment of the Kingdom of God  2) Saving America from itself 3) Saving the world from America  4)Working with the faithful of the clergy and the body of Christ, as people present themselves as willing servants and followers, willing to obey in an hour of need and destiny of Biblical Proportions... people who would understand that there is little need to discuss much else other than unhinging the "evil-doers" who threaten this world and the Kingdom of God, just as the Bible says.

But, from my point of view, which doesn't really seem to matter much to anyone, all I get from the 'faithful" are taunts, jokes, ccute little responses and apparent demands that I conform to their standards... which is werid if only because I'm not aware that I''ve made any specific personal requests of amyone, except to say, if you were a faithful follower, and you beleve I am Christ, then what would a faithful follwoer do? And I don't even care what the response has been, except that it's been of no use, a waste of time, and personally, a great disappointment, and I don't believe there is anyone or anything in this country that I can count on, except more of the same.

Conversely, I do believe there are elected leaders in other countries who are aware of my presence, and are waiting for me to to take my next step in order for them to decide for themselves what they're going to do.. because whether Americans want to live in denial or not, the world really is on the bringk of World War and self-annihilation, and these other leaders and their citizens actually know it... one way or another... which is why the Bible and good sense instructs me that if people aren't going to listen and take action appropriate to the threat at hand, to walk away and let them worry about their own plight while I seek others who are faithful and will stand up for good and for God... I'll take an atheist who knows the difference between right and wrong anyday over a Christian who believes that their own righteousness is more important than the fate of the world.

And guess what...  what I've just said is not at all directed at any single person or group of people. It's a totally generic statement that applies to practically everyone and everything I"ve ever encountered.

I've said a lot about love.. just about the time I was going to write some incredbily in-depth things about love, I was psyopped into writing, instead, about a minister who came on tv at a time and a  way that was clearly the result of - at - least insiders providing me with contact with a minister they knew I would like and admire... which is a very good thing... except now, everyone thinks my focus is on meeting this woman, falling in love and living happily ever after or seomething, when in fact, because of the messages and attiudes broadcst o me, I have no reason to believe I was put into contact with someone who takes me seriously, and takes plasure in being cavalier with remarks about   even the value of my life as a himan being, let alone a servant of God. The only reason I don't hate this person and their congregation is because I know how psyops and digital editing works... I'd said before that if things worked out and if they really did want to have anything to do with me, I'd end up down there angry and stuff... and the psychotronics and all I've had since are clearly to have me forget them and distrust them ....

The interesting thing is, if those people even exist, I have no evidence to suggest they exist or that they think I"m anything more than a buffoon... still nothing at all has changed for me in what I've aid or feel... and maybe all that's too complex for people to understand, accept or tak in, but it's just the turht. ANd the only people Ihave animosity for are the government, the media, and now, the only people who appear they may or maynot be serious and authentic Christians, or really good, well paid psyops people. I've seen it all, and whne it comes to people, I have no faith inpeople... especially Americans.. anymore... interesting, poeple have no faith in GOd, and God now has no faith in people.... in a  way, it works, in other ways, it's nothing but sad.

I thought if I could get to LA by the hildiays, then I could be available to anyone who might find it fun to have Christ attend their Christmas services. I didn't make it. Psyops work etc....

Now, the truth is, there is no true urgency for me to do anything anywhere, except as I choose and please, as God instructs me. So I'll still go to LA with all the hopes and dreams I've said I have.. I hope I don't have to give any of them up... but please understand, my attitude is that.. in whatever context, the United States doesn't want me around, and they actually believe I should be humble to them, or that, even better, I should just die... more proof to me of how AMerica has turned its back on God.

Now the more interesting news of the day.. I don't know if it's true or not... but I've just been told that 1 ) The U.N is announcing a 1 year Era of Reconciliation"... clearly another act of plagiearism of sorts, to make sure no one takes me seriously as the Clintons and Obama do everything to cover their crimes.... and then 2nd...

I've been told that Pres. Ahmedinejad is going to announce the Second Coming of Christ this evening... he's known for quite some time, and I've sent some stories to Iranian and Middle Eastern newspapers with the specific intent of letting him know my appreciation for his understanding of Christianity, his knowledge of me, and his honoring of the will and intent of God, not to mention what is obviously his and other people's true desire to have the Kingdom of God established. God bless him as I ask God to bless and keep us safe in what could be a turbulent time if not handled properly.

To Pres. Amedinejad... thank you very much for your acknowledgement and careful consideration of your words in your remarks, as well as taking care not to alienate or insult those who would do you and your fellows harm in retribution for your courage, particularly given tha tthe United States has falsely and consistently accused your nation of being one of the great Satans of the world. People should be told and informed that his acts are incredibly courageous in the face of the circumstances of the world, and if harm or war comes to his or any other Arab Nation in order to silence me or conquer them, that God will, as the Bible says, condemn any act at this time which does not conform tothe rules of the Kingdom of God. Let that be a warning to all who would consider violence to silence that nation or anyone who stands up for the Kingdom of God.

Please, sir, adopt the political and spiritual approach as described in my letters to Mr. Olli Rehn and the United Nations to ensure that no person or religion or nation will perceive me as a threat, but rather, as an empower of anyone who seeks to do good in the world... which means everyone except the infidels who have chosen to do the work of Satan. And we know who they are. Please do not provoke them.

Meanwhile, the bottom line for me is that, as stated and planned, I am preparing myself for homelessness and  travel to another nation that will provide support for the establishment of the Kingdom of God. And I will stop by a church or two on my way through town to see if God has arranged anything else that could be more productive.

I sincerely hope I have not hurt anyone's feelings or plans.. I really mean that for so many reasons. I just wanted to be honest, and tolet people know that if they think I take all of this less than seriously 100% of the time, and if you really believed that I was having fun and happy go lucky and all..such that anyone could do anytthing to do and it was funny and for some reason allowed or even right... you were wrong, and I'm very forgiving, but I have my limits too. So if I do meet people along the way on the way out of this country, don't ever forget that I'm a human being and I have feeelings too, and if anyone bullshits me or tries to make me conform to their expectations, all they'll hear is the word goodbye. And if anyone thinks this is a threat or coercive or manipulative or anything but simply the truth that I'm trying to convey as one last attempt to cummunicate with people I want to believe have the best intentions, that there is nothing silly about the situation of the world, and if you won' ttake what I have  to do seriously enought ot realize your lives are at stake, then I don't have time to waste any further on people who refuse to hear. I just don't. Regardless of any personal feelings or desire I have.

So if what I said causes you to react in pride and ego and anger, then please get your life and hearts in order, and read Ecclesiastes for once and actually understand it. ANd if you don't, then sit on the bench and get out of the way so you don't get the faithful who do take it seriously killed because of your ignorance and or denial. It's that serious, and there just isn't anything funny about it.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Loggins - Enter My Dream

Some people may say that what I have written here is  change or a flip-flop in my positions.. I want you all to finally realize that I really never said anything I didn't mean, always trying to be careful not to misstate myself, always knowing I would never do that perfectly, but always making it clear where I stood, even with a smile.. todya, I have simply restated everything I've always said, I take back nothing, but I have a job to do and don't have the luxury of giving the care to my personal desires that I must give to the world I feel so lucky to have been given the responsibility of empowering... maybe some day there'll be time for me... I hope... I have no idea how all this turns out, I have some hopes, but God always does what He thinks best, and I accept it. Because it alwyas is what's best.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Loggins - This Is It

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Leon Russell - Leon Russel - Prince Of Peace

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Daniel Nahmod - One Power - One Power

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Jackson - Keep The Faith

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gary Wright - Who I Am - Who I Am

12:13 - I just received the following email... frankly, I'd be happy about it if I didn't know the truth... which is that this announcement is from a group of people totally committed to the cause of the Council on Foreign Relations, and unless something s going on that I don't know about, is the reason I have been so delayed in moving on, and is the perfect rebuttal to my existence by people in the centers of power. So, if anyone thinks I'm silly because of the concerns I expressed earlier today, or anything I've written in the past... this will be the first step in your realization of just how wrong and ignorant it was to treat me with such disrepect and cavalier attitudes... I say none of this with plesasure, to hurt anyone or in anyway except to inform you and to express a profound saness that I don't believe anyone else could feel, and most certainly, that no one has  actually attempted to understand... while making fun of me... and mocking God... for what reasons I don't know, but appear to be making themselves clear and known to me.. unless this is all another psyop too... which it could be. Ephesians covers alot of ground.. I have never been amused by any of the disrespect shown me, and since noone has been concerned with my perceptions of all of that so called amusement, I'm not particularly concerned with your perceptions of me... particularly in AMerica. And I am profoundly sad to know that I have been moved to disclose that truth.

This message was sent globally by a person who abused and defrauded the GDCU, and now works for the World Bank.

Many thanks to Dennis Kucinich for displaying his betrayal of God. And if anyone thinks they can make me believe this is any sort of surprise party for me, I'll only have 2 words for you. ANd then you can Interpret that as you will....


Subject: [Global Alliance] Christmas Message: The Star of Peace :)

Kia Ora from New Zealand/Aotearoa


From the Misty Isles, to all our brothers and sisters across the globe, Mary Christ Mass. May the tipping point of Mass intent for Christ consciousness, towards the Light of the Divine Essence, continue to shine, may it end the long dark night of the Soul liberating humanity into the Mary new age of Aquarius now begun! A time of synthesis and unity, harmony and balance, brotherhood and sisterhood, sharing and justice, freedom and creativity of the human Spirit, flowing from the Source of endless Love. May the long-awaited Water-Bearer of Light step forward into a world ready to receive Him - the Prince of Peace - for we yearn for Peace and wise counselling.

Our evocative cry for peace has now unleashed the cosmic energies! Look now for a sign in the heavens - a bright Star! Very soon a large, bright Star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world – night and day.

This star heralds the beginning phase of the total transformation of every aspect of our lives: political, social economic, religious, scientific, cultural, educational and personal.

A Great Teacher for all of humanity is soon to emerge publicly – Maitreya The World Teacher. He is known also in the major world religions as the Imam Mahdi, The Christ, Krishna, The Messiah, and Maitreya Buddha.

Maitreya has not come as a religious leader, or to found a new religion, but as a teacher and guide for people of every religion and those of no religion.

At this time of great political, economic and social crisis Maitreya will inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global cooperation.

He will launch a call to action to save the millions of people who starve to death every year in a world of plenty. Among Maitreya’s recommendations will be a shift in social priorities so that adequate food, housing, clothing, education, and medical care become universal rights.

All of humanity will be called upon to work for the restoration of our planet - each in their own field of endeavour. The World Teacher will only guide and counsel us, according to our freewill. He has written: By human hands, and human feet, must the new world be built!

His message can be summarised in a few words:
“Share and Save the World”

On this special Christmas Season look to the heavens for the Star of Peace :)

May our Ministries and Depts of Peace within our global governments, make tangible the new age of miracles on Earth!

Love and blessings to you all

5:03 pm - I'm afraid to know what the news is today... hard to know what's  true, and I've had just about enough of psyops trying to brek down my sensibilities and affections for everything I love, like God, and ministers and people and trees and the ocean and everything else that's beautiful in our world... just like the politicians and corporations do everyday... take it away from you, that is... frtunately, the psyops guys   decided to put me in a good mood before I wrote more in this weblog in order to use up more time that I could be using to pack. I got the plastic in the back of the truck now, and all I got to do is put the boxes in.. progress... I even cut a couple of pieces of wood...  it just gets weirder and weirder.. and if this M person doesn't really exist, I gotta tell you, what a masterful psyop and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I love your work ethic :} Inside joke. :}

Dear Gaia.. no, let's not go there. I said we weren't gonna do that one Al...

Oh yeah, here's what I really wanted to talk about... see, I've been a real fan and follower of the Kennedy's  my whole life... I mean, a true believer, and I knew about the Kennedy curse, sort of, and I found out about the book that I think was only published in Italy about John, and I came down pretty hard on Ted, and I have no apologies for that... and then I wondered what Caroline and Robert Jr were actually up to with their current political activities, and like usual, I like to know facts before forming any opinions... but I wondered, given the situation we're all in and the fact that I'm not going to let Ted off the hook.... I believe in "The Drea" Do you? Cause I never wanted totarnish anyone's reputations or anything, but I think I have a fair question, wanting to know your true intentions... because America deserves to know... the real ultimate question is, if God asked you today, how would you explain or defend your life to Him. I really ask myself that question all the time in different ways, and it's a difficult one to answer if you're human like me, but at least being and speaking the truth makes me free of guilt and pain... and I have to say that when I saw you endorsing Obama, I could  see the years of stress and anguish in your face, an it made me feel bad that you and your family wouldd be exposed to such pain, and then the loss of John Jr....

I was listening to the song Sweet Caroline today... a few lyrics in my mind, and was astounded at the possible interpretations of a couple of lines... I'm going to listen to it right now to make sure I heard it right... but it's one of those things that, in the context of one's life, could actually mean Neil Diamond was asking you the same sort of thing I was asking when he says....

Interesting, it didn't say what I thought it would or did when I remembered it the way I remembered it... I wonder, if we were to sit down and listen to it in the context of your life, what it would mean to you and your life.. it's still sort of the same question, when you consider it all has to do with the impact things have had in your life and the choices you've had to make to accomodate circumstances.... I want you to know I'm not trying to criticize you in any way, but I'm a big fan of yours for lots of reasons, and I always believed that even though I don't actually know anything about you personally, that we shared a real joy and reverence for certain things that are truly sacred... and I'm not really even talking about God, I mean about wht freedom means, and what it means to lose someone you love, and the things that might have been accomplished or different if circumstances were different... I'm asking the same questions of myself at this moment, which means God is truly  revealing things to us both and us all in this moment. I hope it's  as meaningful for you as it is for me, and that we can both/all pick up from here and do what's in our hearts, and not just  respond to circumstances. And   for everyone's sake, including God, maybe we can do away with this thing called the Kennedy curse, because we all actually know it isn't a curse. It's the manifestation of one more thing done to overthrow the Kingdom of God, of which John was an incredibly admirable representative. One nation under God. I know what Camelot is.

It's weird.. I thought it was saying did Camelot ever actually exist?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Dan Fogelberg - Heart Hotels

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Steve Vai And Ry Cooder - The Duel From Crossroads

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Joe Cocker - Many Rivers to Cross

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Peter Gabriel - No Way Out

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - Couldn't I Just Tell You

6:25pm ... One other thing I've been thinking about is the Ten Commandments... one of these days I'm going to write those things down... anyway... I was thinking about the idea of mortal sin, because I'd  been told if you did these particular things, you would be  guilty of mortal sims that would have you be damned, tormented and imprisoned in hell forever.,.. misconception? I'm not sure.. but I was thinking about all the mortal sins I've committed over my lifetime... and I thought, it's true, mortals do these things, I certainly do... I'm mortal... my spirit isn't but my but my body is... everlasting life means my spirit lives forever, just like everyone else's uinless you're one of the few who won't make the cut this time...  the point is... I can't help but wonder what other people think of what they've been taught or teach on this topic... even more, what their congregations and other people think it means... or if this way of looking at it is different than others or if it represents anything new.... maybe if it means I have value to people... maybe other people would find out tha tthye have value to other people... ripples are fun... one of my favorite potatoe chips with avocado dip and stuff. I wonder if they still make 'em... I can't get grape nut flakes again :} Hi Stivo :} How's the ministry goin'? :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Dan Fogelberg - Hard To Say


12/25/2008 - 10:08 am - Merry Christmas and bless you all.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Judds - Grampa Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days

I keep trying to figure out why my computer wants to start playing Simon Says when I start up my music player. I know that to most sane people, that probably sounds weird, but then, you're reading this not me:} I think the pysops guys are drunk today, yesterday, however, was a difficult day. I keep thinking, maybe I'll get lucky and all those important, intimate questions they constantly ask me all the time are actually being heard by anyone and doing some good in the morning. At least then it seems like it isn't a total waste of time while they grill me about a woman that I've never met and have no proof exists.. :} Now they keep asking me questions - talk about non-existence - about grand kids, and I'm thinking, even if I ever had kids, which is doubtful, I don't want to have grandchildren.. that would make me feel old... (as Que Sera plays on the stereo)... Oh God, Part IV, and I don't even want to know what would happen if I raced a bunch of littlekids to get on the train at Neverland... :} but I wanna find out....

So... Christmas.. hope yours is good.. it started out to be a beautiful, sunshiny day, but, like me, it's starting to get a little cloudy and hazy, and a little dark... (and you don't wanna know what's on the stereo now)... (Prince 7.. someone did  want to know...) My life is like working at an all request radio station, only there are no phones and no means of communications... except... :} Although I hear that if you leave a message for me  on the White House Switchboard, the message will be delivered...

City  of Angels is one of my favorite movies... George...  and why shouldn't I mention you here? Do you really think I'm a terrorist George, or do you just think it's funny for you and your friends  to refer to me as one? (I can hear people going, is he really talking to George, or is he just messin' with us)... Pres Ahmadinejad seems to know more about what Jesus would do than than you and your Council on Foreign Relations ministers.. He said Jesus would fight terrorists, bullying nations... something like that.. I haven't found any writings vy  Shahs yet, but I will get those bases covered, George, and I'm not talking diplomatic relations... so how many troops ya got in Paraguay to fight the Argentinans, George?  Are they really that much competition for your marijuana business down there?

So, all that said.. I've been asked by some pysops guys ( I think they're drinking or just in a good mood or something.. that's the thing about the psyops guys, they're always there to talk to, they're consistent in their inquiries and actions and... wait a minute, they try to drive me nuts by acting like they're friends when they're really not and not even being nice to me.. but at least they're people to share the day with... and so far, it's been kind of fun... and no, they're not my friends, and they're not fun, but it's better than looking at a particular Monet or a cat with the same name as M, who's pretty cute and kind of skiddish and can't wait to be pet as she runs awy a few feet, flops on her nback on the floor and curls up in a ball or attacks my finger when I touch her.. that's EWmma the Calico Manx kitty for ya.. yes a real cat... I'm talking about a cat.. :} You know, meow, one of those.. :}

So, off to the garage to actually pack (While Aha plays Summer Moves ON... check that out, Squirrel Nut Zippsers...)

Enough silliness.. it was fun to talk to you, and check with my weather forecaster..   Guess I won't make it to the Church on time, but then, it appears nobody actually wants me to, so it works out... or will anyway, cause I've heard Jesus saves, and I believe it...

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jerry Jeff Walker - LA Freeway

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Rod Stewart - Have I Told You Lately
A Van Morrison song that is a prayer to God)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Phil Collins - Testify - Testify

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Olivia Newton John - I Honestly Love You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Various - We Are the World

12/24/2008 8:18 am - Given the intense psyops I underwent yesterday that tired my brain to the point of exhaustion, and the attitudes they were trying to instill in me that are false, I decided I'd take the time to state my positions, as well as to advise certain individuals, particularly in other countries, what my intentions and plans so so that preparations and cover can be set up in advnce at their convenience, hopefully without any reason to intervene or be known to me along the way.

First of all, I will be traveling down the coast to L.A. I don't expect to be there for more than 3 dyas, and when I afind a way out of the U.S. - which may not be easy for me since I am a prisoner here - I'll head to Mexico City to seek assistance to make other arrangements. Just be sure to understand that because of the surveillance of me, I am at the current time a security risk to any nation if only because if I am exposed to any classified material, it will be viewed and recorded by U.S. Intelligence agencies. From Mexico City, I intend to seek asylum briefly in Venezuela, and hope I'll get a ride to the Middle East via a really big ship... and I'll obey every instruction as to where to stay away from on that vessel in the interest of thanking and honoring you for assisting in the work of God. And if you can do something about my monitoring, and since I have never actually been granted the rights of citizenship in the United States, whatever's mine is yours. Interpret that any way you want.

As for the citizens of the United States, I have a few things to say, and I want to make it clear that I've always seen the United States as my nation of citizzenship, as an examplle of th epossibilkity of a nation that could be the primary leader in establishing the Kingdom of God in this world on this spiritual plane. Unfortunately,the United States... at least its leaders... have betrayed God in a profound way by using His anointing and blessings of this country tofulfill their own greed and power lusts, and in the process, have betrayed God to the point where the United States, because of its evil and satanic government, has become the greatest danger this world has ever known.   And for God, it's the last time he's going to trust people and the empowerment of empire's to establish and manage the Kingdom, because anybody who knows anything about history at all knows that empires don't work. That's why God said if things got this bad, he'd handle it himself...

To those who express the idea that God is powerless without people must not have a clue about God at all. Anyone who thinks it's appropriate to harm me - well, Jesus kept saying, if youhate me you must have hated my father - I say the same things for the same reasons... and my justification fr saying such things is the fact that I can't honestly think of a single person in the nation who has ever proven to me that I can trust them as a friend... something a mentally illl person might sya if they were mal-adjusted, but I'm not that... I've been psyopped and harmed by people.. including those I've lived with, even my own family, since I was very young. I'm not particularly angry about living amongst such self-righteous hypocrites, I simply never understood why I was always being dumped on and tricked when all I ever to do was to treat people with equal respect.

We're abut to enter the period that Revelations talks about where everyone blames and hates God for all the bad things happening in the world and in this country especially... partly because it appears tha tthe moment Ileave this country, other nations will no longer respect the protected status of this country, which has only been granted as a courtesy to God as if saying, as long as you fdon't give up on the United States, we won't.. and we won't do it actual harm unles we have to... after all, every nation and person has the right to self-defense. So I don't know what will happen after I cross the border on my way out of the country.. just know tha tI'm not giving up on the U.S. at all... I'm clear the U.S., including its citizens, minsiters and members of government, sold me down the tubes long ago... the fact that I had faith in God and believed there is a time to every purpose, knowing that God would call on me one day to do what He had in mind.. and now knowing the requirements of His purpose for my life which I am more than willing to be and provide... my judgment is the only way I can carry out His plans for me will be to leave the countyr so that the United States can be "checked" by other countries of the world, so I can survive to deliver on His promises to us all, and to establish the Kingdom wherever it would be welcomed to begin.

I don't know what more to say on that subject except that once I step out of the United States, the people who know what I'm talking about will have my sanction to appropriately defend those who need defending against whatever offending forces are at work.

People have this funny idea that God only exists in a spiritual, unknown being or   as a force... it's true in one wya, but God actually exists in the flesh on earth.. and yet.. and this will surprise many people who just accept the propaganda of the anti-Christ regarding how to think of God....they'd have you actuall deny the existence of God.. and have you think of Him as someone living in some far off place in the sky and not actually present and existing with you.. God's always been here, in the flesh, His spirit being in a vessel called a body just like yours.. as well as existing in a greater sphere, realm and domain far beyond our comprehension. The very idea that you're being taught that God actually sets up bad things to happen to you, and that He is vindictive and would harm His own creation to take out His anger on anyone or thing is ludicrous.. and if spirritiual leaders would actually think about who and what God is, based on teh Bible, and not the propaganda that's been passed down since the beginning of time, these spiritual leaders would know not to cast God in a bad or stingy light to the world... we sing "What A Friend We Have In Jesus"... from my personal experience, I'd have to say that most people who would sing that song are right, except they'd have to be incredibly deluded to think that Jesus would want to be their friend, given the treatment He received, and the rejection and harm I receive by the very people who claim to be His faithful followers. And tha isn't directed at any single person. And still, His hands are outstretched, either because He loves everyone and everything that much, or because He's really stupid. Feel free to have it your way, whichever way you go on it, knowing that if you don't act like it, then all you're singing is empty words that make you look like a good guy, when all you are is one more apostate or hypocrite, or at the very least, someone who has been sorely miselead. And all it is to me is sad.

Thre are a couple of things on this web site that I'm not certain of.. and I say that in regard to the information I've provided about the Council on Foreign Relations, Barack Obama, The Democrats, the Republicans and basically how Americans are being killed by its own government in the same ways the United States Government is being used to impose tyranny on the world as well as attempt to overthrow the Kingdom of God. Believe it or remain in denial as you will.  You decision on that will likely meant the difference between life or death, or at the very least, the quality of your life.

For those who have been party to all the psyops and believe this statement represents your victory.... this is the final statement that proves you lose... and in the long run, people will refer to this as the place where someone tried to warn everybody, and at least people will know that a prophet was here, alot of good that does, and you will supposedly be able to dismiss me as someone who was a false prophet, powerless or anynumber of erroneous labels you'll put on me in order to justify your own guilt and hatred for God, blaming Him for betraying you when, in fact, got put His earthly body on the line for you once again to save your lives.. and like usual, His offer was expected in return for being abused. And God said even that isn't going to be allowed ever again.

M... I don't really know what to say. Somehow you''re in the middle of soemthing that doesn't look like it bodes well for you.. and if I wasn't so objective, I'd do the smart thing and just write you off. Buit I'm a dreamer, I always plan for the worst and hope ofr the best, and when it comes  to you, I always hoped for the best, for all the reasons... every reason.. that  I said.. including my estimation that you'd be able to separate the psyop from the reality of teh situatioon, as well as knowing that I couldn't say those things, and they couldn't be used to make me seem hopelessly in love in with someone if there wasn't some sort of reality to it, even if it was only my love for you in the community of God's Kingdom, where everyone is dearly loved.  And beyond that, I can only say that you represented much more to me, and that's why I wouldn't take ANY of it back,  and why I was willing to share with you.. as partners in His work, no requirement, but most certainly an  ardent desire, and personally... alot of hopes, and still, as an adult professional the willingness to answer anyone's questions and empower your life and the lives of anyone you're involved with in any way... should I be... and under ordinary circumstances, what I have been.. .which is inappropriate in what I've expressed, except as an earnest demonstration of how psyops are used to deatroy people's lives, the perceptions of God and Christianity... to keep people apart who were chosen by God to establish His Kingdom once and for all... and who knows what else... and maybe all God used you for was to make me finally realize that I could escape the prison I've been in all my life.

Frankly, everything I witnessed  was hurtful to me. I could care less what I can prove. I know what I know. That's all I need to know. And I still give you the benefit of the doubt that your particpation wasn't voluntary, and that you may or not even exist... so that's why, always giving people the benefit of the doubt, I'll stop by and if it's important to you ar anyone else, there'll at least be instructions for me at the two facilities your supposed website and broadcast suggest exist. Even I could produce a broadcast quality tv program to fake being a minister in order to become the focus of a magnet war on behalf of the deception of the forces of Satan... if I wanted to do something like that... just like numerous CIA agents are doing while posing as the defenders of Democracy, supposedly hosting the most popular weblogs on the web, promoted by the government controlled propagandist media... which should be everyone's first clue that you're being guided  to places to deceive you.... you just want to understand that if I was being psyopped to watch you, as I was, and I was being psyopped to make a fool of myself over you, which I was was and agreed to do to provide evidence of psyops, and I was even psyopped intensely to get me to say things to alienate myself from true believers, which probably happened...

I just don't know how I could have been more fully expressive of the reality of my sitaution, whether anyone believes it or not.. I have no apologies for my life... and I'm a servant of the Almighty God, and I certainly make no apologies for that.... so if any of what I've said or done has hurt you or harmed you or caused an irreparable divide in our ability to work together or caused harm in your personal life, I truly am sorry. You have no idea how sorry that would cause me to feel. But I have a mission to accomplish, and there's too much at stake to allow my personal feeligns to get in the way... and I shed a tear every time I feel a need to say something like that.

Now, at this point, I have no reason to believe that anyone in this nation is willing to stand up for God, because if they were willing to do so, I wouldn't be writing this now. And I hope you, especially, understand that I have no vindictiveness or ill will in mind when I say these things.. nor would I accept assistance from anyone who believed they were coerced or were required to develop any kind of relationship with me because they thought they had to in any way. And isn't it interesting that that's the fundamental promise God makes to every being in His vast universe that far exceeds the size and scope of the one I've  been given responsibility for...

I honor what I heard as your expression of your commitment to God, as I honor all people who do what they believe they are called to do.. and by golly, nobody's perfect and I certainly expect noone to be... God can count on me to be His most willign and grateful servant, and I know He is mine, and I place my faith in God. Everytime. And for the moment, exclusively, because He's the only who's ever proved to me over time that they can be trusted. It's not personal. Knowing what I know now, I actuallly know it's the truth. And I've got to be honest, no one could possibly be more surprised to find that out. And that is why it's all so sad to. me. Because I know the citizens of the world are good people who choose to do the right things even when it isn't the best things for themselves... and in particular, the betrayal of the United States, the nation leading on the lie as being the representative nation of God... of His Kingdom... they're the ones   causing all the damage, and they refuse to stop just like the Bible says... and I won't, as a citizen, allow that to continue, and as a servant of God,  I won't, knowing that God is in control, and that the time I've wasted interacting with a psyop must have accomplished something, or God wouldn't have had me do it.

And so, all I can do is take on songs like this  rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Yusef Islam - The Wind

in order to give me courage and the mental fortitutde to continue on His behalf under any and all conditions... including loving another woman for reasons I don't understand, for reasons and facts I was never given answers to, and for which I will live my life wondering... knowing there must be some sort of lesson for  me to understand, lemons into lemondae all all that... and I don't say taht to play mental games or anything else... I just want you to know ultimately, that as my pastor, you did your job with me, and I love you for it, and always willl... just as I'll innocnently, like any normal human being, what might have been.. whatever might have been, like this sng says... as   Satan provided obstacles to something that may not even exist... to prevent me from what  I said I'd do on behalf of God as His willing servant... I don't know what else to say, except all it means, is that you were loved... and that can mean anything you want it to mean.

And with that, I'd hope I've been psyopped into oblivion and that it was worth it, hoping you understand that what I've just communicated  is what was necessary to be sure you understand that I have to have  mindset that allows me to continue this work no matter what, and I want to do it because it's so worthwhile... and that  deep inside, I really hope with all my heart, to meet you when I get to L.A. and be part of a community that looks to me like it could be pretty cool.. if it exists... and if I'm received as a worthwhile person... and if I'm not, then I'll just assume God wants me to see South America, cause I've never been there, and I'm curious, so it works out... cause I trust God.

And I love you... my love never ends no matter what, and I hope you understand that concept and live it in your own life, because that kind of thinking will serve you and every person you minister to, because it is the Golden Rule... Agape, if you feel a need   to put it in righteous Biblical terms... regardless of whether or not anyone understands or lives it.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Fiona Apple - Across The Universe There's those Apple guys again.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Carole King - Only Love Is Real

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eric Clapton - Unplugged - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - No Lookin' Back

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eurythmics - Missionary Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Yusef Islam - Father & Son

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Chick Corea with Flora Purim - Return to Forever - What Game Shall We Play Today

12/23/2008 - 6:22am - I think that's close to the right date and time. I wish I was joking. The computer doesn't keep the date and time properly, I have no real tv to compare dates and times with (they may be wrong due to piggybacks anyway) and... it goes on and on but I think it's Tuesday :} Works for me. Not like the days of the week and dates and all are all that relveant to my life right now.

So just to be sure, whatever I say next is not  areflewction on anyone else... it's just sort of a journal entry of where my mind is at today regarding what's on the agenda today, the near future and my past experiences that wouldd have me write such a thing...

Apparently, it all started at a 5,000 watt radio station in Fresno, California... someday maybe someone will tell me the rest of that story... :} Todd Walker and Ted Turner, feel free to chime in... Wonderful KYNO :}

So I'm sitting here thinking about wht I'm about to do... load the El Camino... I'm going to put a number 1 on the front of a car, and I broke the plastic Jesus for the dash, but I still have the wind-up glow in the dark angel that flaps its wings and affixes to any surface with a little patch of glue tape on the base of its... do plastic angels have feet? :}

So I'm thinking, I can spray down the car with the pre-thawed hose to get the 18 inches or so off the car so I can load it... and I guess I could spray down an area of the driveway so that when I hit the gas for launch I'll hit the pile of snow and ice... the driveway... with some speed, and then, as my car bottoms out... then what.. it's about 200 feet to the "road"... and this is all dirt road that I put gravel on... so at least the base is good... so let's say I get it out to "the road" then I have about a 1/4 mile to the real road... more dirt road with gravel and snow 12-18 inches high.. I ain't digging it out... and no snow plow comes down these roads... so let's say I get it out the real road and the mailboxes... no one had plowed it the last time I was out there... :} But let's just say I get it there...

This is good, thinking out what needs to be done... gives me plenty of permission to make lots of hot chocolate while I laugh at the predicament... the obstacles that Satan has placed before me to prevent me from doing God's work.. my whole life :} And now, when it's most important, the time when He was preparing me for all this time.. including how to drive on bad road conditions...

I think about how the last time I took a leap of faith and ended up in Brooklyn courtesy of an independent affiliate of the Psychic Friends Network.. didn't work out well at all... got to see a bit of New York though, though I'd been looking forward to seeing it at Christmas time...and I think about how I somehow think my real next mission is in New York, although going there would be dangerous for everyone I want to help, and would leave me no fallback position at all.. which couldn't be right, cause Dad said always pack your own parachute...

Once I get to the road... if I do.. probably Thursday morning about this time... for those who might think it weird that 'd set off on Christmas day, it is sort of weird, but there won't be much traffic, and it should be a pristine day of some sort given the weather conditions, and when considering the past and the possibilities of the future, it's kind of like being born again again and truly a gift one way or another... a new life... not knowing what's ahead, not knowing if what's ahead will have me remain in this country I love or if I'll have to leave or even if I'll have the resources to do anyhting on His behalf if all I've been one more tim eis a fool... falling into the deceptive traps of this world, and having a little too much faith for the times we live in... still believing His will shall be done, and that He will work through me.. my faith in God does not waiver...

I've been told I'm sitting in the worst storm in Washington State history since... the last time I lived here... which was the worst storm then... some 18 years ago... heading to an area of earthquake activities and fire zones where there was predicted to be horrendous earthquakes predicted about the time I turned 18... and then 35... hard to know if anyone understand those implications... all I gotta say is it's not God causng or allowing that, it's the Devil's workers using technology to trigger climactic and tectonic events... El Nino and El Nina... I'm usually around when El Nino takes effect... started when I was a kid and El Nino first started happening when we moved to Santa Cruz...

So I'm headed for LA, wondering which route to take, feeling an urgency to get there amidst a backdrop of not really going anywhere in particular with no schedule to keep... an unwillingness to work with certain corporations who have it in their power to make mine a pretty easy, luxurious life.. seeking simple things as always while appreciating all the gifts God has given me to keep me happy and the tools to do His work... even Ephesians :} Feeling all the time like Im being unfairly and without cuase - tested by people who believe I need tomeet their standards in terms of being and lifestyle and approach... not like their opinions don't matter, but I've just had enough of people judging me in the face of the world we live in and the few requests and expectations I have on His behalf... that I wish I didn't have to make in the first place.. knowing there are manywho would be most happy if I simply disappeared from the face of the earth... who have set me up to travel like this in a pervasive effort to cause me to be homeless to shut me up, even long before I knew I was Christ, but acting as a citizen who believed he was free and equal and equally cared and provided for by a government designed to be the beginning of the full establishment of the Kingdom of God... which it has never truly been, but like so many,   believed it was because of deception upon deception upon deception. Third time's a charm, or bad news comes in 3's... which one would I be presumed to believe... and which is real... if either are.

So I think about what a beautiful trip it's going to be.. taking in the mountains and the snow, the trees and the ocean, the people and the wildlife still in the coutnry not having migrated.. and lots of little things I don't thinks many people see like I do.. it'll be a wonderful time... and then some reality will set in one way or another... and strangely enough, most predominately, I see the probability of meeting Vicente Fox and Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin... meeting them under the most unlikely of circumstances that I can't quite make out in my mind... except that it will likely be the final step before the capitualtion of the racketeers who have overtrown the government of the   Unitedf States... and I don't see myself doing that alone, but I do have  a problem geting a feel for what there would be to come back to...

So, again, I'll say this isn't to anyone or a lament or complaint to anyone, just my thoughts this morning as I prepare to take the next step, depending only on God. Because I have nothing else to depend on, and these days, particularly in this moment, I wouldn't have it any other way. Because I don't have it any other way. But at least I have my popcorn maker :}

I'll prbably make another entry tonight before packing away the hard drives for safe keeping... I'll be in LA either Friday or Saturday... I have no numbers to call, but I'll start at the northern most possible contact point and work my way to an old rugged cross or something... and I'll leave notes about when I return, because I can't rely on a cell phone anyway...  The best news is, though, I'm the best equipped homeless person in America... for anything... and for that I'm thankful... and lots of other things I'm thankful for that I doubt most people will understnad, when I declare once again that God will prevail, and I'll trust Him to keep His promises to us all, and to me... because I always have, and always will... and one way or another, I'm going to have a great time...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder On the Turning Away

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In The Sky

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - By a Friend

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Carole King - You've Got A Friend

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - October Road - Carry Me On My Way

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - National Anthem

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits -  If You Could Read My Mind

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Chaka Khan - Have A Little Faith

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) India Arie - Acoustic Soul - Ready for Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Charles Rehn - In the End

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - Time Is Endless

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - God Is Love (The B-Sides - Bonus Track)

PS to Barack and the Council on Foreign Relations... don't ever count me out.

PSS to Amy: I love what yer doing... including having Jerry Natler on to present his version of "forecasting their actions" in presenting a pima facia case against the Bush Administration... as well as documenting the fraud and conspiracy contained in your innoculation of Barack as being the hero in the face of what's left behind from the Bush Admisnistration.. meanwhile, Rick Warren, pressing the Council on Foreign Relations' case, and even the Pope is making a fool of himself like Interentional Criminials do when they're busted and still trying to use force of one kind or another to perpetuate a tyrannical rule.... the propehecies are all coming true... it's fun to watch criminals pass laws that will convict themselves.... oneless thing... Jerry... rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - When You Gonna Wake Up how will defend your life? To God?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - Bookends

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Simon & Garfunkel - For Emily, Wherever I May Find

From 2001-2002

Democracy is a Conversation
A Conversation with a Friend

 I recently spent most of a day and most of a night talking to one of my best friends about current world events.   

 He’s 14 years younger than me.  I grew up, first in East Palo Alto, California (until the age of 6) and then in the mountains of Santa Cruz (until 16) and the hills of Eureka, Ca. (until 19).  He's from Los Altos, and still lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

 I grew up in the political and cultural climates of John F. Kennedy’s Camelot, in the middle of the Vietnam War protests, civil rights marches, parents involved with Richard Nixon's campaign for the Governorship of California, and was taught from a young age to fiercely respect and defend Democracy.  I witnessed the assassinations, one after another, of the country’s brightest and most visionary leaders of the century.

 I was a true believer in American Democracy, but became disillusioned with American leadership at the age of 13 because of the proven lies spread by the government in order to cause the American people to rally around their causes and go along with corrupt governmental policies and actions.

 Lies that impacted American foreign policy, military policy, cultural values and beliefs, and allowed for the subversion of the intent of our forefathers, and the Constitution they provided us that was a viable foundation for a land of people who truly believed in and faithfully disciplined themselves to behavior that made freedom and justice for all possible.  If only because it was the right thing to do.

 I explained to my friend that my disagreement with the Election of 2000 was not who won.  My exasperation came from watching the reports from Florida, minute by minute, all the time reassuring friends and business associates “Don’t worry… when all is said and done, this will all go to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court will do the right thing and uphold the Constitution, and there will be a full accounting of the votes, and whoever actually won will be President.”

 The Constitution has provisions that manage this specific kind of election dilemma.  Had the Constitution been followed, the truth would have been found and the country would have continued with a validated election result and a demonstration for the world about how American Democracy, object of our national pride and envy of the world, really does work.

 In the end, citizens were shocked at the lack of honor by a man, and a court appointed by his party, that would so brazenly disregard the law, with an even more brazen response to those who would challenge it… coming in the form of such immature playground remarks as “You lost, get over it”, and “What are you going to do about it?”

 I will never get over what was lost that day.  There was no higher court in which to plea for justice. We did not lose an election.  We lost Democracy, and the right to expect our votes to be counted, and the will of the people to affect their governance, and the right to justice for all.

The man who would bring honor to the White House broke the back of Democracy.  I am constantly reminded that there is no honor among thieves, and it is proven by the actions of this government, and the lies (propaganda) they tell and evidence they suppress in order to cover what they actually are doing.

My friend’s response was, “all it means is that the rules have changed”.

I said, “If the rules have changed, then show me the Constitutional Amendments that changed it”.

I said “How do you feel about a certain Washington State software company that has a monopoly on a market and still continues to sue and steal their competitors out of existence.”

He said “If that’s what you have to do these days to win the game, then that’s what you have to do.”

I said “Okay, for the sake of argument, I can accept that, but then tell me, what does that have to do with obeying and enforcing the law, what does it have to do with justice, and ultimately, how in the world can you say that these changes in the rules still preserve the game called Democracy?”

He said “Democracy has changed.   People have agreed that this is the new way to operate in the world.  The fact that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is just the way it is, and the only way to really have freedom is to have money, so you gotta get it any way you can.”

I said, “Democracy hasn’t changed.  Democracy has safeguards to prevent that sort of thing.  What has changed is that people have abandoned Democracy, there is no longer agreement that American Democracy will work because the leaders set the example by ignoring the rules and subverting justice, and so the followers of these leaders naturally assume that this is the appropriate way to conduct oneself because cheating will give you the edge over those nave law abiding people who blindly trust their government and aren’t “with it””.

I said “You say you agree that a lot of what goes on seems wrong, at least on the surface.  Don’t you ever think about how all of these things impact you personally”.

His response was the one that startles me most, the one I hear the most, and the one that must make the special-interest, anti-democracy propagandists extremely pleased.

He said “It’s really easy not to think about it.  I don’t want to know.  It just depresses me.  I just want to go to work, make a lot of money, spend time with my wife and eat good food.  I don’t want to have to waste my time on things I can’t do anything about.”

I said, “Exactly. They gotcha.   But all I want to know is, if we’re not going to play Democracy anymore, is it too much to ask the people who made that decision to inform us of the rules to the new game?”

He said “Ha!  There are no rules, except to do whatever you can to get an advantage, and making it look like you’re doing one thing while doing another so you can get away with it.  Besides, if they told everyone the rules, then other people could compete, and the people in power might lose a lot of money and the power to make up the rules that give them the advantage.”

I said “Exactly. And that has nothing to do with Democracy.  That’s called racketeering.”

He said “Exactly.”

12/22/2008 - Don't know what time it is cuz the power went out and my computer battery is out and the cmos keeps resetting...  and if you think that's bad... I'm thinking, ok, so I get the car loaded, then, how do I get out of the driveway. Good thing I bought the winch :} Funny, I haven't been able to get on line to post anything since adding the CFR New World Order quotes... hmm.. must be on eof those coincidences Dobbs was talking about.. Lou, call Ted, handle it please :}

Meanwhile.. I'm about to bust... anitcipation is the worst part... some may say, oh, it's a destructive distraction, but I say I'm still quite focused... on what, we may never know, and I'm sure Baracky would love that.. meanwhile my stereo plays the most incredible context sensitive random music I'v eever heard. Now, remember back in the days when I said I was crazy,and that I'd make the case myself.. that's we're gonna own Time Warner... it'll be fun :} They put it on the table, and as a matter of principle, I want it. It'll be called.. what was that name.... The Kingdom of God COmmunications.. right..

Meanwhile... speaking of Gethsemane.... took a drive the other day, and there's a new church in town.. Gethsemane Ministries. Hi guys! Love ya'll }

I'm gonna go watch the news now, unless I've made Mike mad too.. :} Hope not, I like him, despite certain affilaitions... so after I watch, ya never know, I may have something new to say... meanwhile... busy busy busy....

a_gift_dance_2.gif (3544 bytes)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - That Girl

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tower Of Power - Bump City - Of The Earth

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - God Is Love (The B-Sides - Bonus Track)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Association - Never My Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Association - Along Comes Mary

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jud Strunk - Daisy a Day

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney - Wingspan (History CD 2) - Tug Of War _ Paul McCartney

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - My Sweet Lord

Time: Don't know, haven't reset the clock since the ice storm took out the power :} It just flickered. :} So...

To Pat Robertson... watched you on TBN just a few minutes ago, an was actually impressed with what you had to say about marriage. See, I actually believe that marriage is something in the perview of churches and spiritual leaders... and if one church ascribes to a particular walk in their faith and another doesn't, for whatever their reasons, it's fine, and gay and lesbians couples can go there and be part of that community. In time, though, I know we'll agree that, ultimately, with the Golden Rule prevailing over the rule of law and the evolution of the cosmos of people and beings, that we'll find common ground in the realization we are all equal and God's creations. Makes everything easier when you view the world from that light.  And, I might add, is one of those issues that will be thoroughly discussed once Democracy has been restored, and Go'd New World, the Kingdom of God, is restored in the spirit of America. I know we cna agree on that.  I still love you Pat, always did, and I'm glad to be reminded of your continuing faith and service.

12/21/2008 - 7am - Good morning. It's Sunday... I asked God to crack the sky last night, and it stopped snowing. We'll see how long it lasts... you know how invocations go, though, you gotta be specific.. it could last just a little while.. unlike other things I've asked for... Anticipation really is the hardest part..

Meanwhile.. :}  I'll be catching up on the new later in the day, Barack, so don't get your hopes up. You may have noticed, I am really quite persistent. Just wanted to remind you. Tell Zbigniew and Volcker I haven't forgotten them either... Are you learning anything about audacity, Barack? This one's especially for you Barack...

ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - Citizen Of The Planet - Alanis Morissette
I particularly like the part about reformatories.... :}

PS Alanis... I'm not afraid of YOU. :} I'm not the guy who's gonna leave... And tll the folks over at Maverick that I look forward to hearing more of their stuff... really. I wish I had some Donnie McClurken music, I only have this one song, in my mind I hear, but it hasn't quite come to me yet... :}

So I'm gonna get busy now.. gotta figure out how to burden as many people as possible and inconvenience them as much as I possibly can... One of God's little tests, I'm sure... I'm not quite sure who he's testing but I look forward to seeing the results as always...

I just had to razz Barack a little. Wouldn't want him to become complacent. :}

I wish I could say the suspense is killing me, sorta, but the truth is, it's bringing me to life. Interpret that as you will. Tons of music welling up here, on all sorts of subjects... tell  Clive to get his story together... otherwise... at least God bestowed equality, it's a start. :} Does he have a sense of humor at all? :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Doobie Brothers - The Very Best Of  - Ordinary Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Doobie Brothers - The Very Best Of  - Wynken, Blynken And Nod

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Babys - Every Time I Think Of You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tuck & Patti - Tears of Joy - Takes My Breath Away


There are a million stories in the naked city. Fortunately, I'm not going there... interpret that as you will as well... busy busy busy...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Name Of Love - Keep It Real

7:18pm - What a day. So much for the crack in the sky. Probably up to 12 or more inches. Sorry Shelton.

Got a song coming up by request by the KOKid for a song by the beloved Rutles that was quite a surprise... it just gets weirder and weirder, M, something about vocabulary...  or audactiy or something :} What a surprise :} I thought it would be funny... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Rutles - I Love You

So, anyway... everytime I turn around, I find something that's sort of like another clue to my life.. Like the pencils my mom gave to me with her name on them, and the wax stamp with my initials on it that my sister Alma gave me... and some spoons with some symbols on them from the Masons or Free Masonry... Anyway, did you know McCartney has a song called "Anyway?" Weirder and weirder... :}

That reminds me: A note to Charlie's Angels... some of you who I listen to frequently seem to have taken the view that the most logical outcome of all this was that I'd not succeed... I love to do things that people say aren't possible just to prove it is.. :} Just for fun :} Here it is, Christmas... and I had to go and play White Christmas :} It's beautiful though... and the birds are back... haven't seen the chopper guys for   a couple of days though. Oh well, all I can say is Merry Christmas, and I bet I come up with some tunes...:}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Liz Story - The Gift - Salve Regina-O Holy Night

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Neil Diamond - Holly Holy

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder On the Turning Away

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren & Utopia - The Very Best - Love Is the Answer
(I inserted that link and then it started playing on my computer... de do de do:})

PS: Silver Bells  rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - What Am I To You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - Let Us Dream

PSS: Julian: Are you gonna read this into the record, or will Roger? I'll read it in myself, so long as I don't have to testify :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Camel -  Lunar Sea

PSSS: Being an Angel doesn't mean being perfect, it's just what you are :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Manfred Mann - You Angel You

I'm havin' fun. I hope all of you are having fun too :} It's the Sunday mix :}

9:51 pm - By request... from an index page from long ago... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Creedence Clearwater Revival -  Long As I Can See The Light

It's All the Same

Seek and ye shall find
Give and it will be returned in kind
Hope, it may come true some day
Feel, your heart will show the way.

Truth changes all the time
Thoughts confused by modern rhyme
Dreams that move you in the night
Eyes refuse to see the sight

Care enough to know
Hide to protect the whole
Reach when you're afraid
Rising or falling, it's all the same.

One final thought for the night, sort of, is this page of my favorite quotations..... from some interesting people in history

And then there are these regarding the Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order. It's always interesting to me how some of these ideas are actually good ones... often delivered by people using such lofty words as deceptions to cover the evil they perpetrate... and sometimes, because they actually believe in what they're saying... like Nelson Mandela, Shaker of Trees... and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.  And my opinioon of Richard Nixon continues to rise...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) George Michael - You Have Been Loved

As for Ronnie, though :} star.gif (3848 bytes)

12/20/2008 8:35am - Things continue to just get weirder and weirder... pardon my French... THis is one of those... I don't know who sees this stuff.. but it looks like Tancredo and all the Coferheads are getting their way on this dialectic to get me homeless, and it looks like a probable success.. cutting off  my head and hands so to speak... so, I guess I'll be leaving for L.A. whenever I  can, given that the weather is going to get worse, and who knows what'll happen next.

I may not be able to post anything again for a variety of reasons... M.. I always said it was a matter of choice... maybe I'll see you soon.. I hope so. Til then it's just a wing and a prayer thing... :} Time for me to get busy... No matter what, even it's it's just another thing of the past in my bizarre life, I send alot of love, and hopes and prayers for your continued success.

a_bells.gif (2973 bytes)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Cat Stevens - The Wind

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - Don't You Want to Be There

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - One Planet, One People Please

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eric Clapton - Change The World

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Isley Brothers - For the Love of You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - God Is Love

venezuela-clear.gif (9946 bytes)  vatican_city-clear.gif (8856 bytes) israel-clear.gif (9318 bytes) ireland-clear.gif (7257 bytes)  usa-clear.gif (10636 bytes)....

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Allman Brothers Band

1:45 pm - The ski report for Shelton, Mason County and neighboring communities is really good, fine powder, and due for 12-18 inches of snow, not thawing until January 2nd.... but Chuck, undaunted, has a plan... Coferheads are really sensitive people, aren't they? As the next DEW attack hits me. So... I knew I was in for trouble this morning when the chemtrails were present in the sky in the form of an X... just south of the island and blowing my way. A man describing himself as a former DEA agent was "helping" to build my deck at first, and one day, showed up with a big bottle of bubble blowing solution (the soap variety) which showed me the air currents above and into the yard.   He also left a short wave radio which I discarded because I thought it might be a "bug" or DEW emitter. I kind of decided to brush him off bcause of his racist remarks to some really cool mexican workers who did a great job on the painting and kitchen cabinets. I thought they were really sweet guys.

Today.. down at the cell phone tower... I saw a big confederate flag... never saw it before... looked at some property on the idalnd before landing here, and were discouraged by a guy who lived at the head of the road with a sign saying "no tacos here"... and a few other racist things.. he was in a 20-30 rv.. that was soon gone when someone else bought the property...

All in all, regardless of who I am, it looks like the perfect example of what a weed and seed operation looks like... getting people to move to a certain area where people are trained to sell real estate and assets to "bad people", and then systematically driving them bankrupt and causing them to lose everything so they can buy it all up at pennies on the dollar.

Which is the same exact paradigm and dialectic in play across America and around the world as the financiers literally are robbing world governments like charging ransom in exchange for not beginning a nuclear or neutron war. As they know their time in power is growing very, very short. The thing I can't figure out is where ya'll think you're gonna run. I mean, I know all about F-22's and the F20A and all... but is Mars really ready for you guys? Or is it the other "Earth" - Europa, isn't it - that you didn't want people to know about? Talk to Miles... you guys are nuttier than he is... I was endeavor, by the way...  I checked that baby out from dozens of angles when it was on the surface. And my solar batteries never run out :}

Meanwhile... Baracky... I just discovered one of the cleverest infiltrations of the Department of Peace... and now I'm certain of 2 or 3 board members, an employee.. and psychotronics being used on numerous people including Marianne Williamson... it'll make a perfect example of how the Council on Foreign Relations infiltrates nearly every organization and corporation on the board and advisory commitees... in order to control the corporate and Stalinist agenda in the Untied States, of which you are its figurehead.   I'll bet Dennis Kucinich will have some interesting things to tell us, as well as others he's been in touch with toward the same goals.

So... M.. I'm still working on getting out of here somehow, and the phone works again... so here's to a brighter day.. funny, that's one of those that just drops out of my mouth and goes a dozen different ways... Happy New Year... and my car'll go great with all that perfectly distributed weight... :} I love taunting these guys... they always do more crimes and make it easier to get 'em to come out with their hands up :} That's politics M... God's way when in Rome, sorta ... Trust me, I won't forget the turntable.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Heart - These Dreams

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Styx -  Too Much Time On My Hands

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Steely Dan - Bodhisattva

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Rutles - Back In '64

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Winds of Change -  Joy - Paradise Road

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) O'Jays - Love Train

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Oliver - Good Morning Starshine

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong - What Child Is This (Greensleeves)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Visions

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy's Christmas

PS to Rod - Love yer stuff :} Nuff said :}

12/19/2008 - 5:58am - HRC - Hope you got the message. I meant every word.

I'd just like to say to folks that along the way I've said somethings out of anger, hurt and psychotronics that I won't say I didn't mean in one way or another, but I never intended to be hurtful. Guess that's part of  being human too. I'm looking forward to having some good productive and healing conversations with a number of people.

Meanwhile... Bill... how low would you like oil prices to go? And thanks for defending Christmas...

I've been zapped pretty hard the last few days... most of the packing's done, and apparently there's about 7 inches of snow on the ground... so...

It's good to see people on BTV talking about a cash economy, it's good news for everyone, and I encourage everyone to continue that conversation...

Just wanted to touch base, let eeveryon eknow I love them, and look forward to the next phase of the trip.. not the couch trip, but the trip... although the couch trip was pretty funny. Dragnet's next. :}

Hi Lou.. love ya too.

And then to the folks in LA and other places... hard to know exxactly what to say.. but I  listened to The Morning Papers and I loved it... Now there's this Rufus Wainwright song that really crascks me... just wanted to keep the saga going.. you know those guys in the media.. they just love to have a good story with a happy ending, and with their knowledge of me, an unusual beginning.. Lou always said that the beginning makes all the difference.... so this ought to be really interesting...

Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection - Where To Now Saint Peter

Rutles - TBD - Cheese And Onions

ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago

ZZ Top - I Thank You

Rod Stewart - Human - If I Had You

Fifth Dimension - Save The Country

Nassiri - Love Sees No Color - Love Sees No Color

Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This

Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong - I'll Be Home For Christmas

PS  - The White Horse on Enya's album looks just like the one I had in mind... It'll be great to hear the album.. I think It's Called The Winter Has Come...

7:01 pm - It's been an interesting day... taking some hits and dealing with a  fever... no, psyops guy, it's not about what's her name... learning how to use a cellphone and... Some great info from LINK-TV regarding hurricane Katrina, Barack... heard about that? Plan to do anything about that situation down there, or does it matter that the hurricane was used to displace so many black citizens, let alone those requiring public assistance? And then there's Burma/Myanmar... you've heard of Unocal haven't you?

Meanwhile... looks like I won't be out of here til Tuesday, maybe Monday, but I'm still pretty weak from the sleep deprivation and infection from the last few days... great timing, huh? anyway.. that puts me in the LA area on Christmas day... so go the dialectics..  lucky I have a popcorn maker...:} Anyway... looks like the psyops guys are cutting off email just in time to leve thousands of messages piling up in my inboxes online... and phone service seems to be off... communication is a wonderful thing in the modern era, ain't it... nothing new though... I was supposed to be gone by now, so there's no real tv channels... :} So much for Doc Hollywood... everything's reversed :} FTR, haven't gotten any email since 12/10... but Mark 11:25 was interesting. I even knew where it was :}

All this is a common dialectic to make sure any plans are disrupted and that no plans for anything can really be made.. all for the purpose of making sure old Baracky baby can get inaugurated before anyone finds out what a fraud he and his friends are... wait il the world hears that a homeless person wrote the campaign he plagiarized to get elected... right Hillary, you were the one who provided the innoculation against claims of plagiarism, weren't you?

St Matthews... You're an expert too. Can't wait to cite Dan Burton on the Vince Foster case...

Anyway... did you hear the one about the Morning Papers... when I hit the road, figure I'll be traveling 14-16 hours a day (nothing better to do:}) and then it's a new rendition of "Get Me To The Church On Time" - kudos to Mitch Miller for that one.. :} except I'll have some new lyrics.. :} We should do a special viewing of Religilous and have Maher come over and talk about it.. :} CS Lewis was interesting today on the BYU Channel... every time the tv service goes off, I get  a really interesting selection of viewing, and I'm actually serious about that... Someday, I hope they have a show describing Avatars and universes.. that would be fun... I wonder if the psyops guys will give me a view of another channel tonight :}

What a strange microcosm I live in. Can't believe I actually laugh at it, but what's a Christ to do? New distinctions I hope to have one day, pastor, minister, parson, priest and I'll bet there's a bunch more... someone already told me what apostle means.. I don't mean to be irreverent, but it's a hard habit to break... but I will, I promise...

Speaking of promises, I'd like to say a very fond hello to the people of Israel and the Palestinian territories...

I've been thinking of what I could actually say to people regarding Christmas, this year...

When I was a child, this time of the year was truly special to me.. being with friends and family, and sharing the graciousness of so many people in my communities... and it was easy then to feel the power and spirit of God, and the love for His son that made it all possible... listening to the choir at church and then, with my family, singing Christmas carols while my sisters played the ukelele, visiting my grand parents on Christamas Eve... and waking up in the morning on Christmas day to give and share gifts... of course, Dad didn't want to be awakened before 6am, so us kids would make the orange juice and vanilla milk and patiently wait til the time came to wake up our parents and the celebration of the day would begin...

It's hard to express - now - the meaning of Christmas for me... for me, I think of the suffering and gift of Jesus, the incredible gifts and promises of God, and the incredibly beautiful world provided to us all. All not so incredible after all. And even though I may be on the road for the special day this year, I will be very close to all the people I know who I love, and the people I haven't met who I love.. and the mysteries of God that are being revealed before our hearts and our eyes and our souls... and with that, an emptiness I've felt for years is filled and renewed with such anticipation and hope and a vision of a world where noone is left empty or unfulfilled... the promise and joy of the love I've received, the love He provides, filling my spirit with a love so big that I hope to share with the world... His gift to us all, and the gift I look forward to sharing with the world each day as time goes on forever... 

The gift I hope you'll all share with me together.... forevermore...

God Bless You, and if I can't be with you on this special day of rememberance this year, know that I am with you in spirit. As it should and will be and is... because I truly do love you... something I hope will never be forgotten.

Music of the Angels... prophets that they are... amazing ain't it...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians - Now

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Joni Mitchell - You Turn Me On I'm A Radio

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Herman's Hermits - Kind of Hush

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Jones - Magical Child - Prayer

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny G - White Christmas

Soon, and the world  will change again, some more. Thank God, and God bless you all..

M.. lots of things I want to talk to you about and say to you.. and all the cool people who laugh at the weird things... :} lots... and lots... big EH... and more... .. ... ... Maybe you can explain to me how to do text messaging. No, I'm not joking. :}

Prince - Symbol Album - The Morning Papers

12/16/2008 - 9:31am - Hey Barack... one thing Rod and I have in common... no direct contact.. and the walls came tumbling down :} I like that songs almost as much as I liked Tennessee Ernie Ford's rendition of "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands".. I thinkhis show was on right after Romper Room.... The cool thing about Romper Room was that they gave you this plastic thing to put over the tv screen so you could use crayons and color in the pictures they put on the screen...  hmm... :} I particularly liked it when they played musical chairs, although I never had anyone to play it with to beat to the seat... now I do... it's more fun now...

Could you ask George to turn up the heat for the next few days.. oh yeah, tell him to stop lying about everything too, that would be good...

Now, back to Rod... interesting how you Dodge questions in Dodge... anymore, I just can't resist noticing synchronicity... read Ephesians lately Barack? Good thing you're going on vacation, you need some time to think... wish I was going there with you... check out Todd's wife, Michelle's bed and breakfast.. she makes really good cookies (if in fact her name is Michelle and she has a bed and breakfast)...

So... I suppose I should save my comments for after we tour small appliances today... you should keep an eye on this, Barack, how people will live if you and your friends contiinue what you're doing... I can only carry so many medical supplies and beds.. so, how bout you shoot hoops with someone your own size.. like me... from half court, right handed hook over the shoulder.... that's basketball  talk, ya know. I'm sure your advisors can brief you on that.

Bali Hi is calling...

French is not weird... :} And  I love French Fries...

Caroline... whose side are you on? I'm on yours... and Robert Jr...  Why isn't your family and my family friends?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Cher - Believe - Dov' L'amore

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tom Clay - TBD - 100 - What the World Needs Now

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Ted Kennedy- Truth & Tolerance

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eurythmics - Missionary Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stanley Clark & George Duke - Never Judge A Cover By Its Boo
PS: MSNBC Joe Scarborough boo
(Hey Barack, don't boo, just vote...)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Thompson Twins - In The Name Of Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gino Vannelli - I Just Want To Stop

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Richie Havens - Simple Dreams - I Don't Wanna Know

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - Walking Man

PS. You know.

6:14 pm - Hear ye, hear ye... it's been a somewhat fun and also arduous day of questioning... let's see, we reviewed more boxes of evidence, a  brief tour of the small appliance department, checked on the status of the potatoes and peanuts I didn't plant in my garden this year (they're doing well, thanks, the potatoes are growing but need more light) and if anyone wants a huge assortment of herb seeds and sweet corn and stuff, I have a bunch of unopened packages... including lots of echinacea and good stuff that would replace pharmaceuticals...

Otherwise.. the great rolling garage sale is going  well...

Meanwhile.. many thnaks to Dick Cheney (never thought I'd say that)... Dick, did you notice how God turned it around on ya.. Dick. Dick, He does that ya know... now that you've onvicted yourself, how about turning the psychotronics off of George so he'll quite lying. And, George... I know you're getting zapped, it's pretty obvious... so if you're really a Christian, send the chopper guys down,  fly me to the moon, let's make an annuncemnet and get all this craziness over with. America needs a new pastor, and I know who it's gonna be. You know I can handle what comes after that. Let's leave you with a legacy worth remembering. but if you're not for real... no problem, Dick convicted you today too... so, who do you owe allegiance to? And how's that working out? And Jeb's a criminal. And there better not be any quakes in California, soon... got it? Got it Barack? Let's not give Kentucky Fried a new meaning....

Barack, baby... How's Rahm doing... 21 calls... must be something to it.. and remember the bleeps weren't bleep words. And Barack, before telling kids to scoop poop, you ought to try it once or twice... or for the life of a dog.. any fool can have a dog.... spin that one... put a little twist on it.

John McCain... I know you have some issues about certain things having to do with emergency calls, but they're not going to be resolved by hiding. State's evidence goes a long way when seeking forgiveness, redemption and such. And you know where I'll stand about people caught in the middle. I have a deep respect for you, no matter what, and I do consider you a patriot... how 'bout we get this stuff reconciled and move on...    you know that's how I want it...

M... So look... a little birdy or 5 or so keep pounding me about you.. who knows who it is and what they really want to know... when I get down there, find me a secure place to park my vehicle and I'll spend a couple days. By now, I have to assume you wither know that I mean what I say, or you don't really believe who I am, which is fine, it really is, and I intend no coercion of any sort, no emotional blackmail, nothing like that. I simply need to know who I can actually count on. And then I have to decide what's best for God's Kingdom. That's as simple as that. I hate to seem like someone willing to walk away or turn my back on people and places and things I care about, but I have a huge responsibility that I embrace with love and joy, and I won't sacrifice what's at stake... I'm sorry if that seem soffensive, brazen or cold to anyone.

A meanwhile, I have to make sure I am always able to respond with whatever reliable means I have as things occur. I wish it was just about His work, I wish I could just write music and all sorts of other things... and what I have to do isn't just about America or me or you, it's about the whole world... every person and being...  McCain says Country First.. he's completely right.. but I can't give those who are corrupt the opportunity to complete the overthrow of the Kingdom or of the World as we know it... regardless of any personal feelings I have about anything. I want to rescue America from itself and it's corrupt leaders... I know how to do it, and I do want to be President for every reason I've ever said.. and I'd be a good one... all I need to know is that I have food, a place to sleep, plug my computer in and a little medical care... I know it sounds like a lot, I can cover some/little of it... I know it's a tough position to put anyone in... I'm sorry about that... but that's the world as it is today... it's also exactly what Satan would impose to succeed... and I simply won't allow that to happen no matter what. I just won't.

A lot of people think aversion therapy is a good thing.. I know I'm a little different and all, and my responsibilities and id are unusual... I can handle anything thrown at me... or throne at me... like you know who  said, don't you know who I am, and don't you know what that menas and that you can trust me? And after all the water under the bridge... who cares... all that's missing here is real communication... so just be patient, tell folks to wait and see for themselves... and as long as I have a place to secure... and I do mean secure... my belongings everything else gets easier...

Now... for the fun of it, as proof... watch the world change... read the news tomorrow morning... I have no idea, but wait til you hear... as the psyops guys say, NADA, but God'll come up with something... and won't that be fun. I wonder what it'll be? I wonder what trade organization NADA stands for? Seems I have tha tin a notebook somehwre.. btw... think about the parallels of the Story of John Graham and a beautiful mind...

My hands ARE always outstretched in many ways for many resonons, for which there are no true requirements, but the sharing of love and that little coffee shop in anta Cruz where the Twin Lakes Baptist Church used to be.. right down from the Carmelite nunnery on the Beach.... you used to be able to go down there in a storm and pick up opals and all sorts of cool stuff of the beach... and harvest crab from the yacht harbor rocks... they even have showers there and.. I don't know where this is going, except to say I can have fun anywhere... but there's this place called Venice, and if I can't get to one I'll get to another... cause I really am a determined son of a gun... I never fail when I'm committed to something (even if I cant't spell commitment anymore (or even when I can ))... so.. ya like records? I got lots of em all different kinds... it'd be a shame to use em to start campfires... Any other questions? Other than, who is this guy really? And I suppose that's the point of all of this... wish I had my dad's bugle... the one from the Spanish American War that my grandfather apparently blew.... that lead to the Presidency of U.S. Grant...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Super Woman

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Louise Goffin - This is the Place - Bridge of Sighs

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Head East - Never Been Any Reason

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Leon Russell - Stranger In A Strange Land

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Leon Russell - Leon Russel - Prince Of Peace

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jefferson Starship - Miracles

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - Just Like At Nuremberg

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bruce Springsteen - The Rising - My City Of Ruins

8:11pm - Psyops have gotten intense since the last post, I'll assume certain people understand what that means and what it may mean to my schedule... that's the way it goes... and I'm getting pretty disgusted in every way...  anyone who questions my sincerity, please stay out of the way because you're either uninformed or cowards. Either way, you'll be in the way.

Like this song says... except I'm not wrong...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - Initiation - Fair Warning

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Musicology - Dear Mr Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - Earth Roll On


12/15/2008 - 10:10 am - Captain's Log, Stardate... Last time I did Gethsemane I ended up walking home in the rain and nearly collapsing from hypothermia.... on Christmas Eve, thinking, if I wasn't so cold, maybe I could fly. Talk about tests of faith... in God. What else is new? :} Cold... like the hermit who stays away from people because he loves them so much he can't stand to see the pain...   and now looks at a number of futures, including the one in which he joins them... to what end. As I prepare all the most important papers and proofs of my existence to place in the back of a truck, I wonder, is this  for the purpose a making history with truth, or finally being sucked into the oblivion that so many have worked so hard to place me nto... the only certainty I have is of the latter... been there, done that, and now, one more time. Good thing I grew up in the country. At least it'll be warmer.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) GeraldVeasley - Signs(1995,GeraldVeasley)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) John Sebastian - I Had A Dream

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Jackson - Earth Song

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - October Road - On The 4th Of July

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - Gorilla - Wandering

6:33 pm - How many watches do you need to own to know what time it is? I don't know. Between Dave & Buster's and Dave and.. I have so many watches... it's like being in Back to the Future only none of mine have batteries.. unlike the movie, Batteries Included which is a whole 'nother story... I don't know what that story is, but I'm sure someone must be planning to tell me soon or it wouldn't have come up... :}

Speaking of psyops and v2k....

About being... people be just because they do. And they be that way partly out of faith and grace and discipline and spirituality... and then there are influences. People who are often accused of being "bad people" for one reason or another aren't really bad people at all, they're just different than you or I, or have different preferences and cultural ways and values.... when approaching war or tensions between nations, we generally only hear of the things the "other side" did that offends our nation, even when it's our nation that provoked a fight.  Ever notice how with lots of kids, a bully might pick on someone incessantly and it's the kid who finally gets tired of it and hauls off and hits the bully that gets in trouble, at least at first?

I say we've all been encouraged to dislike anyone whose prefences are different than ours, and we've  all been trained to believe it's right to do so. It's called fascism. Please look it up in the dictionary if you think that's the remark of an extremist. It's just a word with real meaning... it's not a political buzz word or piece of spin to mislead you.

Now the bottom line on this conversation: I know there are people who will have cause to criticize me for certain things that I may or may not freely acknowledge, based upon their expectations of what I should be like or be, and I understand that, and I honor people for their concerns.. about me and public image and all... but I'm a human being just like you, having lived my experiences, I have my own preferences and opinions.. I live in crrent times with current technology and different means of communications.. and I actually believe it's by design that there are revelations to come when God deems it necessary for us all to know, when I am ready to receive it and when it is the right time to use myself as an example of how experiences lead us all to things and opinions - even - vices - and then to work on the same issues as other people having to  deal with difficult parts of themselves they'd given up working on because it was just too hard... so I actually think that the things some would call my shortcomings actually give me a big opportunity to relate  to other people on things like cigarette addiction, medical care, inaccurate information information regarding dugs and the use of lies in politics to do everything from makeing sure you pay top dollar for pharmaceuticals you don't need and are bad for you, as well as overthrowing the Kingdom of God... (and why it could never work, Barack).

All that said,  I hope that closes certain discussions for the moment that I'm sure will not be as significant as they seem now very soon... and I'm still afraid to listen to Morning Papers... and I'm really going to enjoy the ride.. thanks for the snow! I hear it Never Rains in... No really, I hear it... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Albert Hammond - It Never Rains In Southern Cal

Programming note: I won't be turning left in San Francisco... and I'm not a centrist either :}... but there's this beach... I keep wondering who I'll meet there. Probably  Penn and Teller... who knows if that's an inside joke or not, but I'll bet I'll be listening to KMEL on my way through town... hmm... what could that mean?

That said... I got some more packing to do... something about Seeds of Change.. I highly recommend them, worth googling... And then there's that last verse of puppy dog tails I like to think about these days... "When the judgment day comes and my Lord takes me to heaven"... kids do have imaginations, don't they?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Joe South - Walk A Mile In My Shoes

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - About My Imagination

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- Whirlpool

8:56 - M - Imagine going on Bill O'Reilly's show and explaining to him that if you checked things out with Enoch, Lou Dobbs,, CNN, the MSNBC Website, and a whole bunch of other religious sites that know what's up, and they do, they'd interestingly tell you that the birth of Christ happened somewhere between March 21 and April 10th... interesting, ain't it? All this real and emulated synchronicity.... and then explain to him why that may or may not be significant to you. and then look at the currency of that time period... Aries... and this thing about certain people in my past, and  their birthdates, and all the emulations and then this little toy given to me by someone close at hand a cute little blue M&M in a beach chair that looked like a flower with the letter M on its chest... you don't have to tell him all that actually... :} Oh well... I always thought it was cool to be born on the first day of creation...

The psyops guys are sort of trying to convince me today that you don't exist :} I guess they think that would discourage me :} Shows they don't know me at all... or that they do, and I'll be singing Away In a Manger alone again on Christmas Eve... which I realized wasn't until next Thursday... :} Or is that Wednesday :} But I think I'll be there by Saturday Evening... talk about camping out :} I'm just wondering, though, how's the soundtrack of your life goin'... I can't wait to hear what you've found out was in the music for you.. ya gotta admit, this is all pretty unusual... I look forward to it and I just keep thinking of that song.. a ton of songs fit, including the one I've worked on a bit... like I said, I can't wait to hear your parts... and I hope I will soon... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael McDonald - Our Love

Angels make beautiful music, don't ya think? :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Karla Bonoff - Personally

11:03 pm - Meta axios moonwalk... one day, it look forward to knowing if I influenced you at all, and to tell you in what ways you influenced me, but it sounds like we agree on alot, including the cultivation thing, and that, my friend, is really gonna be fun..  And this one in particular is a conversation I' like to talk over with ya, cause it really is an essential conversation, in the context in which you placed it... Ephesians 4-6... and I really like Ephesians too... It'll be interesting to know how this info gets around too... then I'll understand a little more about how many people might be expecting apologies..  :} Only sort of a joke :} Anyway.. I'm also interested in how long you've been "resuing America" and what it means to you... looks like it's been a while, and you deserve a lot of credit from many points of view.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - Walking Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Walking A central theme the last few years :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Dan Fogelberg - Holy Road

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - Duality - Nadir (Synchronicity)

To other folks and leaders - I know this seems like a one-sided thing going on here, but I promise, I haven't forgotten anyway.. just a liitle busy. tomorrow we're going over tools and portable appliances, and the wonders of duct tape...

But mostly, I'm looking forward to most, other than meeting some people I know I'm going to like... is getting back to talking about God and the Kingdom and Barack and all that same stuff in sort of a more dignified "axios" and in ways that I hope will open up many hearts and doors and possibilities in this world than anyone ever imagined...  not  a thing I can think of that's more fun than talking about it, other than doing it...

And, I hope you've all noticed, I've stopped the bleeping stuff, a pleasant change for me too.. but as for the government... don't try my patience. I'm still on duty... and I'm not letting down my guard.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Camel - Lunar Sea

12:01 am 12/16/2008 - One other thing, speaking of synchronicity.... back in around 1999 when I was coaching some people in a course,  thought it was strange that they gave me this birthday card... I've packed it or I'd quote it... from Marcel and Paul...  but it basically said something like imagine living until you're 70 (didn't have a limit) like something to "live into".... and it had a cute little picture of a house with a small dock on a small stream... sort of like I'd always imagined... Imagine a little cabin in the setting of  "A River Runs Through It", or maybe the cabin where - you know, the McGyver guy (like I've been called for years)   - on Stargate SG-1 used to fish where there were no fish... except in my image, there are fish :} 

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (jazz version)

PS to someone else out there saying hi... My Heart is Filled With Love, too.. thanks. :}

PSS: May God bless and protect Sarah Palin.... and her friends. Sarah, please give them my love, and assurances that the divisions and misunderstandings will soon come to  an end. Love ya.

12/14/2008 - 10:30 PM... I was thinking today about what I could prepare as sort of a Christmas message.. I really do look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone as I take the next step in my own journey, in hopes of making everyone's journey a much better one than we all expected.. I was going through my things today, preparing to load them up and go... I was really surprised to find things that I didn't even know I had, or that even existed... things about my family and all... for a while I thought about my family Christmases, how simple but fun they were, not much to spend on gifts and a lot of tradition about who got what, like I always got my sister Alma a couple of Heath candy bars, my grandma always gave my brother handkerchiefs and a carton of cigarettes... we had a tree we cut from our own property at Los Palo Altos in the hills above Scotts Valley... it became my job to cut down the Christmas trees after a while... I love decorating them... And I couldn't help but thinking about how it was all so simple, and how these little traditions, even us kids giving each other the same kinds of gifts each year, weren't just repititious or lack of imagination, but  a consistent knowledge and caring to be sure that we always gave our family members what they really loved... really what we were giving each other, despite our differences and rivalries and all, was love. Unconditional love. Like the gift of Jesus, and the promises of God. And what family and heritage and the richness and beauty of life really is.

It snowed this morning.. it was fun to see.. Emma Lee the kitten is really cute and innocent.... (I'm still afraid to listen to "The Morning Papers") Al should be glad that worked out so far :} Interesting stuff going on in Illinois.. I'm amused :} It'll be interesting won't it?

Thanks for all the great reporting and Ephesiatic playfulness going on out there... speaking of which, I was looking at some of my old comedy material... subscription joke services I bought while being a DJ, and came across a comedy service that gave you birthdays of celebrities for every day of the year as well as news headlines in history plus little jokes to tell about them... it was during the time I was in Crescent City and it snowed in June... the comedy service was called The Book of Days... those folks up there were really trying to tell me things... I wish I'd known... even still...

The poetry and songs I came across from my "early days" were really surprising...I have to admit, even prophetic at times, wiritng poems and lyrics straight from my heart, that most certainly relate to the events in my life at this very moment.   I'm actually amazed. It's satisfying and exciting at the same time...

With that I'll just say, I look forward to the wonderful future we'll all share, as always, soon, and forever.

M... I have a little more than 6 suitcases, but it'll be worthwhile... I could take the hinges off the gate :}EH

I've had a strange life, but I have to say, like I've said before, I've really had a lot of wonderful times. And to JT and Carly, sorry about that article. I'm so embarrassed :} Journalistic pressure, you know.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Christmas Greatest Hits - Roger Wagner Chorale - Oh Tannenbaum

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Barry White - Love's Theme

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 59th Street Bridge Song

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon - Something So Right - Paul Simon

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Van Morrison - Moondance - Moondance

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Carpenters - Bless the Beast and Children

Goodnight, and bless everyone. :}

12/13/2008 - 4:38pm - What an interesting weekend... I'm not really sure I know what to say except that it seems like things are going to work out fine... better than expected ... it's one of those things I just know... here's something fun. To M, AM I Wise? M M Wise. :}

So, that done... I guess we'll look ahead for what we'll find, and I'm pretty happen, and looking forward to a drive.. can't wait to see Coos Bay... it's beautiful.

So guy's here's toast to a brand new future.. don't ever forget I love you all... I really do... but it's time for the real work to begin, and the Kingdom to be realized, as it is, on earth... as Earth Is, in heaven, after all. :} Somehow, I just knew that too :}

a_fireworks.gif (1322 bytes)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tracy Chapman - Promise

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eric Clapton - Change The World

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - JT - Secret O' Life

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - Silly Love Songs

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - One Planet, One People Please

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits - If You Could Read My Mind

a_snowman.gif (2602 bytes)

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Wynton Marsalis - Peanuts Theme

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) David Benoit - Linus & Lucy

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - October Road - Have Yourself A Merry Little C

12/12/2008 - 1:55pm - Hi. Dear John... I don't like that bleeping stuff either.. butya gotta admit, it's better than the other typical alternatives that occur when you find out your life is being destroyed by the government and country you love with all your heart, by the very people you admire most. So, I still  don't have any apologies for addressing you and others with the language I used, nor do I think that delivering the pysop information to me the way and time it was done was appropriate, necessary or legal. When I think of all the people who have been harmed, let alone what's been done to me, all I can say is that the suffering inflicted.. if you haven't really experienced it, you couldn't possibly understand how tortuous and evil it really is. I don't need too many explanations, because there are many more important issues for  me personally and on behalf of God... but this kind of stuff is something all of you need to explain to God, individually, because there's no possible way for me to defend it, though I actually condemn noone.. my first job was to observe and report my findings, and that's what I've done and am doing... as objectively as I possily can, setting aside my own personal feelings and anger... as a citizen, all I ever wanted was for America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.. and like any true patriot, I believed it was worth taking the wrath and anger of my government and fellow citizens who did not understand the situation or me because, as a majority of one, you know you're fighting the odds, but at least, when addressing the power centers of the world, you know you're complaining to the right people, and looking for constructive ways constructive ways to resolve and constructively improve things... and slowly but surely, I knew people would understand me, my motives, the information, and just how much better it is to live with the vision and reality of God's Kingdom, cause it's gonna be beautiful, just as America the Beautiful was supposed to be the empire to establish it on His behalf in service to us all... based on rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) the example of Christ...

Psyops guys: the headaches and migraines of individuals in this househole due to psychotronics and directed energy attacks are not appreciated. And leave the family alone.. the whole family.. everyone in the universe... cause people know who the bad guys are.

Meanwhile.. rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Theme - Green Acres Hmm.. So, M... Did you catch the reports from last night and  this morning? I think you'd find them interesting. Nonetheless, I just wanted to assure you that I never took back a word about our possible partnership or my thoughts.. and you'd better keep doing what you're doing as a minister no matter what, because you're important to God and His plan, and if anyone on your end of this connection have questions, I'm more than willing to take whatever time it takes to make sure they understand what I stand for in the matter of service to God and the Kingdom... as well as any personal issues anyone might have with my presence in their domains... on any level or situation just like I said... you can always count on that, personally and professionally.. Cuz I am that I am who I am, Chuck, your friend forever no matter what... and I hope you really do understand that now.. so we can giggle and blush and wonder what to say, when I (hope to) see you when I get to "Disneyland".... I am here to serve and empower, not take in anyway, but like anyone, I like to receive... hugs... See ya soon.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jeff Lorber Fusion - Step By Step

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Shocking Blue - Venus

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - Through the Eyes of the Eagle

12/11/2008 - 1:03 pm - What an interesting night of introspection,and reviewing the facts, dots that are connectable and silly people who think they have something to gain by testing me and trying to get me to look at all of my options so they'd know what to do to counter whatever I do... well guess what, gang, I'm in no mood for further tests, and anyone who plays games  with me.. ANYONE.. will go up on the traitors' list, and will be appropriately and legally dealt with when everything comes to a head... and it will, because as you've noticed and will see, I mean what I say, I know what I'm doing, and God is my pilot.

I have nothing whatesoever to do with what appears to be a covert war going on around me, both in support of and against me, I can only conclude it's sourced by the U.S. Government itself in one way or another. Nonetheless, apparently it's one of the weird ways God's real servants are dealing with Satan.

That said, let it be know that what I am interested in is assembling God's team of self-proclained willing servants, and, unfortunately, at this point, I'm not particularly encourage by the responses and interactions I've had with the clergy, let alone members of the public and government and media. Therefore, I can only conclude that the Bible is going to be played out to the end despite the will of God but consistent with how He viewed the conditions and nature of humanity on this planet. Emulations or not. So it's important to say that I will be making stops as I travel out of the country, I have no expectations to receive a better reception than I've received, and as much as I love America, as a patriot, and as a servant of God, I take my responsibilities seriously and will act to fulfill my duty to my country, as well as to fulfill the promises I made to God ever since I was 9 or 10 years old... to serve Him regardless of what He asks me to do. Regardless of what anyone things, and under any and all circumstances. This little sight seeing tour of mine will be the final test of faithfulnes to God for this nation of leaders who enslave its population and deride God.

Santa Claus is coming to town, and whtever gifts He has will be laid at the feet of those who prove their faith, and there is nothing that says His blessings go to America unless He says so. And He tells me, pack your own parachute, and do what is necessary to serve God... and the Revelations in the Bible are not necessarily valid anymore because of the predicted deceptions and emulations by those who would "speed their work" in order to pre-empt "the Son of Man"... God.... from restoring the Kingdom... God said He would shorten the dyas of tribulations... that's what I'm doing. And being who I am, I say how it ends, not some phony leaders and apostate ministers.

Interpret that as you will, but there is nothing to interpret about my usual, literal speaking. You may think it's humorous and you may make fun of it, but that's just because I wanted to make it easier for everyone to latch onto the idea that this really IS the final act of a play that's coming to an end... if you want to diminish and deflect in order for all of you to not have to take responsibility for your egregious crimes against humanity.

I'm still getting harassed continually,, I'm not sleep deprived, I'm not angry, I'm just saying what's so, and that's all. If anyone's guilt leads them to any other conclusion about what I said, then read the parts on reconciliation and atonement or.. as the saying goes.. lead, follow or get out of the way. I need to know who I can count on, and if they aren't willing to be who they say they are, works for me... (and if they think it's funny to taunt me about that,it's your life). like George Bush said when he attempted to hijack Christianity... you're either with me or against me.. and that's straight out o f the Bible... and what's on the line is the next 1000 years.. and God's got all the time in the world... except He made a promise, and He keeps His promises for those who keep theirs.. or He takes His blessings to other people and places and works with those who will be faithful to Him, the example of Jesus and to follow the Christ HE provides, without requirement of explanation to anyone.

What's going on is not a game, billions of people's lives are in danger... and if anyone isn't up to the task, please step aside and undeclare yourselves so that God doesn't have to destroy the RELIGION of Christianity... in order to have it rise again as a true moral spiritual walk and discipline.

These statements only apply to anyone who needs to get realigned with their own stated principles and values. ANYONE. And your own guilt is the proof of YOUR problem with doing the right things. I didn't cause it, you did, and now you're in Hell. The steps off the bench are few and not steep at all. Feel free to read the Bible for guidance. Politicians, leaders and ministers. Now is the time. Choose. And I am getting things done today on God's time and HIS turntable. Proving yourself through public works is nothing but vanity. Proving your faith by serving with the grace of God which convicts your heart to do God's will at His request will prove your self to God. Whichever one matters most to you is the final proof of your actions.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - Gotta Serve Somebody

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Rod Stewart - Human -Human

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Elton John - Honky Chateau - Salvation

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Elton John - Love Song

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - When He Returns

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Time Warner - You wanted to make it out that I was out to set up CNN.. in order to take it over.. you got your wish. I want Time-Warner.. feel free to make all the assertions you want. Your ass is fried, and your attorneys won't be able to deny the evidence against you in your co-conspiracy with the Council on Foreign Relations to overthrow this country.. and when that's exposed, guess what else gets exposed? God never loses.

Interesting.. this looks like the 4 minute timer someone gave me for Christmas or my birthday, or one of those other holdisays I've lost track of since becoming  a victim of governament directed energy weaposns attacks and psychotronics... now anyone got any questions on what I'm focused on? I even forget that Christmas is coming up, becuuse I have work to do, and I eat with dirty hands... I have multiple changes of clothing... and God is in control.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Doobie Brothers - The Very Best Of (CD 2) - South Of The Border

12/11/2008 - 12:05am An interesting day yesterday... more sleep deprivation followed by non-stop v2k and directed energy harassment... all aimed at getting me completely angry with my pastor.. The only thing I was really convinced of today is that the sick people are every bit as sick as I was afraid of, that it's likely there are extenuatiing circumstances... and I don't know what the truth is about yet another situation manipulated    by psyops.. hard to tell.

The sermon I asaw tonight started out with the group, featuring a guy in the band who looked like me, singing "Gotta Serve Somebody". It was great. So then, it cut straight into a lecture about giving hilariously, and not giving to your work like it was a charity.. except if you're actually a church, and you're a minister, and you're a non-profit, then you are a charity. And, given the fact that the web site I get that's supposed to be yours has  apictue that has never matched your appearance on the shows I've seen.. with some pretty mean jokes and an audience laughing at inside jokes that wouldn't be funny to anyone without the context of our so called interactions thru this web site,, the only true means of comunication I have to anyone.. done to set me up to have to communicate and be tricked into thinking I was explaining facts to people   who may not even exist... at least not in the capacities they claim.. the differences in hair and makeup and apepearances and all sorts of things indicate to me that I've been totally manipulated once again.. and at the same time, I stayed true to my principals and values... including giving everything I actually have to give - which isn't much - excep tthe gift of God that He gave me so that when the time came, I could empower the establishment of His Kingdom... whether you call it America or the Kingdom or whatever, it's all the same thing and represents the same vision... so excuse me that there were people purposely setting me up... I'm not afraid of them... I got the goods, and I wouldn't be alive right now if they weren't afraid of the wrath of God, which means in this case, a thousand points of light staring right back at them as they bring on their own destruction, by the same means they use to destroy everyone else.

We're coming up on Fiday, and I'm not able to do anything except report on psyops I have no interest in collecting evidence on, because I have more than enough to convict centuries of dirty politicians and financiers. And even my being tired of all this is being used to create headlines I refuse to waste my time trying to prove, and it appears that what I get in return is a bunch of people, including the so called minister who seems different an the same and all over the place with edits and presentation and all.. mocking God.

I'll say it again. I'lm very litereal. If I say I'm thinking of something, you'd better take it seriously. If you think I"m playing love games and that I actually am distracted from what's important, then a whole bunch of people are going to be in for a very rude surprise. I do expect explanations for lots of things, and wnyone who thinks I don't deserve them, can't use the information to drive my point home, or think I"m lying about what I'll stand for and stand up for in the face of extreme circumstances are going to find themselves in the midst of guilt by association becaus ethere are too many important things to do than play games to test me. Because the test isn't mine to pass. My job is to pass and provide judgment as necessary as THE single dircet connection to His spirit and being that exists in these days of darkness. And if you can't see that by now, then I have to move on.

Think waving goodbye while I pass by is something you ike.. wanna play double entendre to test me... then I have one thing to say to anyone who think si have anything left to prove in order to get anyone's approval.. and please notice how consistent I am in my words, and then, in my deeds... God draws the line, I'm God of this world as annointed by God the Fathe rof us all, and He trusts me to take HIS direction, and I know what I'm doing no matter how difficult it is for me to face the possibilities of good Christians who don't actually believe in God as anything more than someone to get to conform to their way of thinking. THe proof of my citizenship relies on the faithfulness of the faithful, I'm tired of the psyops, mixed messages, lack of action and response, and I"m going to the border and on the way I''m doing what I said I'd do. I''m packing what I'm packing because it looks like a psyop to me, and Dad said pack your opwn parachute... The bible says anyone doing the work of God will not do so in secrecy, cause that's how you get implicated in crimes you didn't commit.

Finally, as commander of God's army in the war of  hearts and minds where defensive use of force is used when actually required against the enemies of God, and His will and promise for the full establishment of the Kingdom of God...  I need to know what resources are available to me, and all I get are games and people mocking God. The truth is the truth. Don't like it, tough, then you will be in hell when it hits you that you are economically enslaved and not serving God.

This message is not for my pastor, this message is for the idiots out there who actually think this is a joke and that God is something to be laughed at.  And anyone who thinks they're being put at the head oft the line because they were last and can treat   me like this aand think it's just forgiven.. the Bible says, sure you're forgiven, but you gotta prove yourself by doing works, the grace of God in your being... the only grace that actually counts. And I'v ebeen consitent witht he work of Jesus in every way, my life has been a complete model of the seoconf coming, and I do have th eright to claim the Kingdom on Behalf of God.. and I don't care what the financiers and politicans want,   because thy're clearly the problem, they're what have haed me actually homeless numerous times, bankrupted.. etc.. so I'm leaving this house not worrying about a thing, with a fewew possessions and keepsakes and stacks of evidence and the tools I need to do my owrk in THIS world, not some lost world from ages ago where all there were were donkeys and carts to get around in, where populations were more isolated and yuour could "secure a ctiy", one by one, and consider the work there done... the whole worl is now the city, we're not doing Gaia, God's pulling the plug on the suffering of the tribulations of the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, and I'm the guy assigned with the job to get it done HIS way by the means made available to me.. and my responsibility is the the creation and the Kingdom first.. and there seems to be a whole lot more faithful people elsewhere who actually are, to other religions...

Christianity's a great thing.. I'm one. Who wants to join my church. The train's beeen rolling for a while.  Punch your own ticket. I don't have any more time for this kind of crap. And I"m heading south with a tail end load full of what I need to do to accomplish the job. With or without ANYONE's assistance.. I have no use for anyone's sympathy charity or anything else... you're either serving God or you're not. ANYONE... Everyone gets their chance to tell their story. When they do it matters, God does NOT forgive and forget with people who refuse to forgive themselves, face the consequences of their own behavior, aren't willing to drop their pride and do what is right because it is the right thing to do because they'd have to go through a little incovenience fo the God who gave His life to save your assess already.

I owe noo one anyhting and no one owes me a thing. The benefits of being on the winning side are obvious anyone want to think it's coercion or charity needs to grow's just the way it is... and the other way it  is is that my job is either to eparate the wheat from the chaffe and'/or allow the self-destruction of the anti-Christ, because the great mercy of this is the end of such beings in the Kingdom, which for us, is this planet.... and worrying about anything else but the present dangers is the exact distraction the protocols talk about doing exactly the way they'r ebeing done.. including me being psyopped tothe extent of finding it necessary to restate my position and dismay at this time, to make it absoultely clear to anyone who thinks I'm going to bakc down.. God is in control, Jesus is the example, and my boss is the one true God with omnipotent and omni-present power, and anyone who thinks they're going to stop me from the completion of MY assignment as High Priest and Christ better figure out what God is in control means, and then realize how every betrayal of mocking of me is the mocking of God, and God seems to have set up a system that - just like military Armageddon, takes out everyone on every side who fires a shot just like the Bible says, until the high are made low, and the low are made high... because all that would be left are thep people who didn't participate in the war.. except for those who accepted the anointing and responsibilities God gave them the choice to selct of their own free will... which they have a right to exercise, adn which will serve as the proof of their faithfulness and reliability at the moment GOd needs them to have HIs will completed on earth as it is in heaven... as earth IS in heaven... interpret it as you will the proof is in the pudding... and Stivo... stick it.

I have nothing to prove to anyone. His will be done. Take your psyops elesewhere, whatever is so is so. Amen and Amen. God is in control . Good luck to everyone. Watch the world change.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Heart - Magazine U - I've Got the Music In Me

12/10/2008 - 2:14pm - So.. today's psyops log... sleep deprivation last night to make sure I was easy to manipulate today, only the psyops guys are finally realizing that all they're doing is getting themselves sent to the Hague, and they'll die by their own laws and crimes. And that's the way that goes. What a waste of humanity.

Meanwhile.. M... I figure you're probably getting zapped pretty hard today.. hang in there... don't worry about me.. I'll slowly get things done, and the longer it takes, the worse for them.  If anyone tries to interview you, just identify them as the perpetrators of the worst crimes in history, and then I'll be set to go.. do what you think is best, but I'll be there.. they're just trying to buy more time they know they don't have. I feel sorry for them, but they did it to themselves.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Wynton Marsalis - For All We Know

Creating the Future By Empowering People
With God, everything is possible.


12/9/2008 - 9:41 am - Congratulation to Patrick Fitzgerald and his associates for excellent work in Chicago and the State of Illinois on behalf of AMerica... it's easy to lose sight of people like him, who worked diligently on the Scooter Libby case, for which untold facts remain to be disclosed... that will change the future. Bravo to you sir for your continued diligence on behalf of America. I'm assuming there will be additional disclosure soon.

Barack... this is your proof that the agents and  public servants of America are not the true servants of the politicians... especially when they know that the house of cards is falling, and there will be someone to stand behind them as real patriots. I hope you and Al give that a great deal of thought today.

As for those seeking to end their suffering by pleading guilty to crimes related to 911 - psychotronics can cause people to do things that aren't in their best interests.. these men, although they maybe not innocent of some crimes, were not guilty of 911. That will be my public position... and to the victims.. don't give up... it will come to an end soon.

Again, thanks to those who have protected me and my family, and continue to do so... as I will definitely be your partners in the joy we'll share when we accomplish the goals set forth.

More later... Mr. Fitzgerald, and his associates, are fine public servants who prove themselves time and again. Like I said, it's good to have heroes.

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Manfred Mann - Chicago Institute

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind

12/9 -3:21 M - Don't know about you, but Im getting a familiar v2k harassment by people looking to find ways to cause us to argue or not get along.. to raise personal issues that may or not be of truth.. usual stuff... for me, it's on the lines of why I didn't hear from you... and trying to see what I think and then what you think in oreder to start a conflict...I do have some legitimate questions on that one, but it's noit at all th emost important thing onmy mind, because there could be a hundred good reasons not to... only 1 that make me perturbed, but oh well... at the same time, if there's one thing people don't understand about me is how literal I am, and how I don't complain til there's something really wrong.. sooo.. it'll be a conversation.. but I'm not all that worried about it... but definitely has everything to do with the timing of my jump... looks  to me like the politicians are trying to stretch things out til next summer... which ain't gonna happen. I'll be getting brained later, so hold onto your hats. :}

Meanwhile.. with v2k, playing men and women off each other is the best trick they have. You can tell you're doing the opposite of what they want when the harassment is bad.. particularly if they're getting you to think about all the logical reasons that you should be upset with someone or reject them or get annoyed by misunderstanding them, or feel misunderstood... just like I got when we first made "contact"...  so just be prepared for that, because it's very effective, and you'll think it's you coming up with good reason to defend things that don't matter or didn't really happen in the context you think.. like with Aesopian...  there's a site with a name like z-order from England, former MI-6 who explains how to do this very thing procedurrally using re3motte viewing, in which case it's not eelectronic v2k, but actual remote viewing ... like McMonagle and Ed Dames are teaching people... psuychic wars.. that's what they ultimately want to start to trap people who are psychic, so they can claim them to be a menace to society.. a couple more days, adnd if you choose, we won't have that barrier anymore... what a relief.. meanwhile.. ain't it interestin ghow news people this morning are tlaking about how "ya never know what might be in the morning papers".. which I'd welcome, cause that would be their final trap on themselves. And I take nothing back...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - Still Would Stand All Time

Anyway you want it... a little journey for ya :}

12/10/2008 10:28 - I'm getting zapped... what else is new.. in reponse to my tv (they have me talking to my tv again:})... Funny, none of Charlie's Angels seem to be much like angels anymore... look at me, I'm a walking talking, living (Ithink) example of everything that's gone wrong in the world... and I didn't even know it. You think the Dalai Lamma laughs more than anyone else... it' not that the world is absurd, it's that he says, yeah, right, I'm the Dalai Lama. Look what that gets me... which isn't funny at all. and the only thing you can do is laugh.

So I was thinking, if I was in the right kind of mood and people were treating me like I was welcome, I'd greet you by throwing myself on the floor and say I'm not  worthy while bowing my head in humility to my pastor...(they said they'd teach me humility, but I learned that.. when I learned to pleay (whatever that french ballet word is)  at my sister's classes. Course, Prince's pink tutu is about 2 stories in one... Can't wait to find that edition of Off Duty... :} Anyway.. ok. I figured if he was crazy enough to wear it, I'd print it. :} It was the best photo they had in Burbank, which reminds me of the Halloween I wore... I made it look good. Fishnets and all. Needed a wig though.. :} So... the point is, I won' teven play Morning Papers.. Iwas told if I did, this would be in the morning papers, and that would be their cue to run a story about.. who knows what the crazy angels are up to? I quit trying  to figure it out. Think it's weird for you? So maybe we could go down to Venice beach wth my guitar, and see who shows up... maybe  throw a quarter in the guitar case to get things going... ? I don't know what to tell you. 'Cept God really is like that. And you prove yourself to me everytime I watch.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - Angel

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Wayne Newton - Red Roses For A Blue Lady

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Timothy B Schmidt - Timothy B- Don't Give Up

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jewel - Pieces of You - Amen

12/7/2008 - 1:46 PM - Barack and friends.. I see the emulations, the passage of law, one way or another it's all putting things in play that can only be reversible one way.. and we all know that that's going to be. So, let's just cool the jets and suspend any thoughts of anything but short term perpetuation of systems that must be in place ffor this nation to survive as it should and will under my leadership. Barack, you need to make a number of choices, because good and bad, I never wrote a sword to you that I didn't mean, regardless of how it cuts when the truth is told and the right things are done. The true test of your character is about to receive the test of your life... I want you to come out a winner. How about you?

I see a lot of good people, some I used to question, lining up to do the right things, and I want you to know that God appreciates who you really are, who He always knew you to be.

And just remember, to offset me, I'm figuring my pastor has a long list of invocations for me... cause you know I take request and attempt to include all... I want my MTV Barack.. how dare you steal my party? .. anyway... she's a woman you know, and they like to get things resolved. Drives me nuts sometimes, right Paula?

PS... A while back I left an insturction for someone to grab a backup of the files on the site because I was having the feeling that it was going to be taken offline or something.. I believe I noticed all the files on my computer at home to suddenly say they were edited on 11/10/2008... all of the letters to leader shad been altered. Apparently some of the documents from my "presidential campaign" were edited as well. To make it sound more like God giving commands like it was about me, instead of representing the citizens of America, as well as the world. I'm not spending time looking thru it all, because that would be falling into the trap of wasting time on things I can't do anything about... but it would also let it seem like I was posting the changes to the web myself... so if there are really weird things, like an inappropraite song implying anything like, playing Billy Preston's You Are So Beautiful in relation to children, that I would never make such sexual inuendo regarding children. But that's how sick the psyops people are... not to mention desperate.

And of course, that song is one of my original "Imaginay Lover" Songs... rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Atlanta Rhythm Section - Imaginary Lover   the same way I wrote Brand New Day, knowing it matched the way I was feeling... as well as writing it with a message for what I saw for the world in that moment... call it daydreaming, I call it creating, seeing what it looked like if it was perfect, knowing nothing ever is, but at least knowing the ideal when you see it, and then progress toward it is measurable and real.. And forgiving and understanding... that's all part of the give and take of life, of sharing and growing and becoming the best people can be at any given moment...  and as long as people are honest and caring and willing to see the ways we fall into behavior patterns that have effects in layers and nuances... without the requirement of tiring and energy draining introspection... having the opportunity to live in a world of freedom that encourages creativity and communication... allows for the world you dream of...  it's all about vision, creating in your mind how you'd like things to turn out, understanding God has His own plans and may simply be leading you somewhere... who knows the reasons... maybe just meeting one of those angels who, for a moment, give you the spiritual lift you need at that moment... but without that kind of vision, it would never even be a possible outcome at all, which may be the next step God needs you to take to move on to accomplish thet next thing that needs to be done. And those kinds of realities are just part of the mystery God is revealing now, it is the reality of the situation, and all I really know to do anymore is just to let God lead, cuz he's in control, and I told Him long ago that I'd serve Him. And no matter what, that's what I'm gonna do. And, because it's the right thing to do. And because He promised us all things we've all wanted so long.. and He promised me the happiness I always wanted in my life... and I'm counting on that, because He prommised. And wherever that leads me, wherever He leads me, I just believe I'll be introduced to the people and circumstances that will provide that to me. And the Kingdom will be established. And the world be be changed, soon, for the best... for all of us. And that's worth whatever it takes.. even if it's not comfortable.. so long as noone tries to prevent me doing what God has in mind... it'll work. And that's why I'm the captain, even though I lead by following. Or do I?

God Bless Ya'll.. maybe I can get some work done now. I have to go to church, ya know. :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Cyndi Lauper - True Colors

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Temptations - Just my imagination
(An imaginary lover song)

11:11 - Okay I fudged a little.. Something tells me I was supposed to see tonight's show a while back while I was refusing to watch because of setups and psyops and confusion.. I think I've answered your questions... but let's check a couple. I don't want to change you, but I tend to change people whether they know it or not, and whether I intend to or not. Constant inquiry. I wanna be where God meets Mary and Man... and when I say partner, I mean empower those who are willing to be empowered... God is perfected in us... and you're already perfect, we're already rubbing off, and I wish you wouldn't seem so conflicted and worried... although I understand it because so am I. So I guuess I'll enter the tabernacle from the one door... too.. maybe.. I got a couple of addresess and I want to see the library.. and I'm not trying to add on to Christianity at all... just including all the other great things God has provided the world in terms of spiritual inquiry and knowledge...  and like you said, the part I bring primarily is a resetting of the foundation in simpler terms... so here's the deal... I really do think I can deal with everything going thru your head... and I'm not as conflicted as it may seem... but I'm gonna be down there soon... I don't know whose cross needs to be borne, mine or yours or maybe that you don't want anything to do with it... and then there's number 4, unattractiveness having to do with the bitter pill not the appearance of the man, which has been perverted by certain media people who wanted me to look like some derelict or something... and my remarks about "My message" were not to get you to change anything, but for yourself, like with Ecclesiastes, to re-examine if the message was sourced from a sense of  self - or if it was from the source of God Himself - not even questioning you regarding humanistics, because I never got that impression of you... and my own thing about money is just about the idea that if I am source, at this moment per God, then I need what I do to be readily available, and at the same time we're in a capitalistic world... so I'm hoping what I got tonight was some mixed messages because I didn't know who your audience is... but, the tent is headed your way... and I have a blank board - drive-in theater screen - that I use to create with too. So I decided that all in all, this was a positive session. But otherwise, with the inquiries I've witnessed, not knowing when these were recorded, I sense a great deal of frustration on your end that will be resolved very soon. so... just remember you don't have to impress me in any way, you already do.. and even if we never meet, I'll still consider you my partner in His work. An important one.

So, if you have concerns.. of course you do. The beauty of real communication is that all questions can be answered... And if my speaking and writing has diminished your self esteem in any way, I'm sorry for communicating poorly, and that you got caught in the middle of all this psyops stuff... that was my greatest concern... and still...

I don't want to change people.. I want them to be who they are.. the world is changing because of that, M, and I don't get hung up on past events.. I like to look to the future... right now it looks good in lots of ways in the world... more friends than you can imagine in the establishment of the Kingdom... you and a couple people rescued the spirit of America... which of course was intended to be the living example and home of the Kingdom of God, in the New World.. and all the rest..  I don't believe in coincidences anymore, haven't for a long time before all this craziness started... I hope things didn't get so odd and confusing for you that you didn't decided to step away.. I'm looking forward to shrugging my shoulders, and talking about the things that need to be completed before we begin.. if you're still willing... and  I bet I can crack you up :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) India Arie - Acoustic Soul - Ready for Love

Speaking of not believing in coincidences, the music that comes up when I'm writing... I want to listen to the whole album and answer each song for you... and even that gets confusing without talking.. so all I can say is that I'll respect whatever choices you might make about anything... me liking sky blue may be different, but the sky's the limit... and it's time to get this thing done or fall back to the next position .. for me... cause I'm not gonna fail... I don't know what else to say except, after I shrug my shoulders, and I blush, I hope you'll want to talk.  And I refuse to have it be that I have any assumptions or presumptions about anything... And I think things are going to work out quite well. And the Kingdom will truly exist, the way God had in mind...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Elton John - Madman Across The Water - Goodbye

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Johnson - It Must Be You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Franks - Soul Mate

So maybe, let's start here again... and not worry about anything but where it goes from there. Friends, equals, possible partners... and accomplishing God's plan.. whatever that actually ends up being...

Gary Wright - Who I Am - Who I Am

The road winds and the hills are steep as we walk along on tender feet, We turn our backs on what's behind, and look ahead for what we'll find. Capiche? Did I spell that right, coach?



Milgrem... a person involved in mind-control... it just never ends... anyway... hard to tell if there are links. Moved to another label.. The apple guys.. and then there was the Rod Stewart album in the Dire Straits sleeve... wrong label... question answered. Communique... if you think I'm.. :} They quit giving me interviews :} Jiggers, it's the Police, the Cops, Mary & the Coptics...  the beautiful part of creation is the ability to just create it from a vision... Everything is possible.. where do I keep hearing that :} What was the Beatles first hit? Something about those apple guys :} G'night.

1:06am - If there's anything I believed it's that you're getting zapped... maybe tonight was the proof... batteries go dead wherever I go, at times, and it's always when I need them most, and it's because of directed energy weapons. Obviously, you don't drain me... at all... I've never met you in person as far as I know... I respect you... and we both know there's more to the story... and we both know it's more than symbiosis... otherwise neither of us would be so confused. And you bet, I want more.. but God does work funny magic... and I have many crosses to bear... and one of them is yours... interpret that as many ways as you will... that's the way I want it. I don't care why. I just know. And with that, I guess I should pack quicker, before I get brained :} But I assure you, I'm going as fast as I can... and sure, I'd have like the big time ending... in a song... but, you'll be with me every moment... you give me faith to carry on... :} And I know you know  what Jackson Browne means :} See ya. More than you might imagine.

Tapestry... One of them is me... Carole King - Thoroughbred - I'd Like To Know You Better

1:56am - I don't know what's going on... Purple Rain is a favorite movie of mine... full of symbolism and double entendre... not all of which I fully understand... The Beautiful Ones comes to mind... specially the end... I could play a million tunes that would never express what's going on here.. in me... but, I guess when it comes down to it... You Are So Beautiful most certainly comes to mind.. but I think it has more to do with this... for me... not having to do with God.. and having everything to do with God, and knowing the traps and deceptions set up to prevent me, to prevent you, individually, and together. Women, in particular, often think I'm indecisive... but it's just not true. I believe in choice..but there's this other tune Billy Preston did...   Billy Preston & Syreeta Wright - Late At Night - With You I'm Born Again  Seems like every song on that album would work. I keep my commitments... even if I can't spell it anymore...  :}

Eric Clapton - Change The World

Bonnie Raitt - Something to Talk About And when they ask, I'll say, interpret it as you will. No comment.

Chicago - Happy Man

Carly Simon - Right Thing To Do

Luther Ingram -  If Loving You Is Wrong - A special request from a guy you'll meet when we meet the press, but I turn it around to if loving you is right, I don't want to be wrong...  just cause I can :}

John Denver - Annie's Song

Chicago - Colour my world

Leon Russell - Leon Russell - A Song For You

I can't possibly seem any crazier than I've been... I can't explain a whole lot of things these days.. but that's what happens when God's in control... :} He gets the Kingdom, and... there's this other tune I really love that I don't think is   online called "Whatever We Imagine"... cool tune.. and then there's find 100 ways... and since you know so much about me, that means I get to listen and giggle.. and then do this, I hope.. maybe... with a mustard seed of faith... George Harrison - 33 & One Third - Learning How To Love You

Yeah I'm embarrassed too.. I'm used to it.. it just ends up embarrassing them.. you know, those guys, they, them, the government.. ooh... I'm scared. Cause I got the goods on the Skull and Bones. It was fascination...

So what do you think... wanna help save the world and put God's Kingdom in place  or not? It'll be fun :} A lot of work. You  gotta be tough to hang with me.. sort of .. when necessary... but watch the magic I really can do... You're reading this aren't you? :} And I got this really great media relations representative... who seems to be the one who hooked us up... and he sorta looks like me... it just gets weirder and weirder... KC and the Sunshine Band... Baby Give it up.. you'd be amazed at what's playing on my music box... and Joe keeps rubbing his chin...

Enough for this press conference for this evening, or morning.. hard to tell in my world :} But let's be the guileless fools we are/aren't, and prove Barry to be a prophet, and the Allmans and you know, all them angel people.. and then we'll do some invocations and get the psychotronics knocked down, and then maybe we can all have a little privacy again... and my name is Chuck. I'm a guy... The Archies... Sugar Sugar... weird. It's gotta be Tempest... or vibes.

Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic

I'll let you get out your glow in the dark crayons and color in your own rainbows... told you should try painting :} Bonjour... that's like the soup of the day right?:}

Tune in tomorrow, folks, same bat time, same bat channel... :}Billy Joel - Just The Way You Are

That ought to hold the gigglers on tv for a few days. :}

Oh yeah.. politics, tomorrow, as opposed to the politics of dancing... my press guy'll explain it, whoever that may be :}


12/7/2008 - KLM... I keep thinking, wasn't that the crash in the Bahamas or Jamaica back in the 70's? And then I receognize it's what's between me and the future... Symbolism and holographics...

Speaking of which... A hearty congratulations to David Gregory... and I mean that... no slouching in your chair dude, it'll scare me.  Couldn't have happened to a more competent guy.

Barack..since you won't step up, guess I will. I'll be watching, but your true agenda is clear to me... what's the phrase the psyops guys like to use - NADA... I wonder who will be left in your cabinet...

Car makers... the right plan if your 34 billion figure is actually accurate is $80 bil including the financing programs. Tell Congress I said  so.... Remember, Congress... and this is not a threat...anyone going along to save themselves will get caught up in the dragnet... save yourself, lose yourself... here we go.

Bill and Hillary.. Sweet Georgia Brown..  the core problem will be banished.

I see so many things in the future... but for now, what I feel... I have to say to C.. thanks for anchoring and grounding me all these years... keeping the vision alive... we'll   talk...

Still amazes me all the decptions, and how good they were and worked... I've got   afeeling many people will discover the same sorts of things in their own lives...   no wonder they'd call me the comforter... glad to be that...

How can you miss someone you've never met? I'm finding out... cracks me up to   realize how many people in the audience laughed at the inside jokes... I did, after all, say to call me UBU... and even if I never did, it would still leave me feeling glad to have met you.  Sounds like a new song to me... 2 in the works...

It's raining today.. bummer... not like I go outside much... I suppose if I can't get the camper built, I can always buy a cheap pup tent later..

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney - That Would Be Something

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Staple Singers - Come Go With Me

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - Groovin'

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) James Taylor - Dad Loves His Work -  I Will Follow



And that's all I gotta say about that. Tell Biden to stop laughing. :} Anyway.. work to do... talk to ya'll later... and don't forget, I'm not THAT distracted...but if ya gotta be distracted... Funny how I have a way of complicating/simplifying people's lives... I didn't mean to do it :} Love ya'll

PSS: Heard this tune a long time ago, thought, I'd like that :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Musicology - Reflection

snap_large.gif (4020 bytes)

4:20 pm - M... One of the things that's been going on today... and for a while... has been the idea of being able to manipulate me into public displays of affection thru the site... and years before as well... under circumstances that were never of my choosing... You know, JT, Woman's Gotta Have It... anyway...

One of rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince's tunes is The Greatest Romance Ever Sold... I just listened to it...I'll still tell the story in a  minute after I upload it, but I'm embarrassed and blushing. So, I've been "questioned" and prodded an dsuch to make some grandstand plays like when joking around wiht the dripdrip incident.. everything about this set up the same way... except, that regtardless of anything else, I really was contacting you originally because I was impressed with your presentation skills, ability to communicate complex ideas and professional abilities as part of the team to establish the Kingdom of God. I never patronize or flatter or appease that way to cajole anyone into anyhting, and when I said I believe that I think you're brilliant at what you do, I meant it, and I rarely say that about many people. Ask the media :} Maybe ask David Gregory why I like him... professionally, an who knows, if I ever met him, I think I'd probably like him. And I like the quality of his work. Just like Tim Russert. Except different.

This particular scenario I was mention has been run on me a couple of times before, and now, you... except... despite the psychotronic amplification of my thoughts and feelings... and the desire of certain corporations to tur this into a love story being sold instead of the first truth, that it's the sale of God's love that was sold from various entities to others...

I guess I want it to be clear that my first interest in you is professional, and if the psychotronics wasn't happening and I could have private communications and they'd let us talk on the phone as proefessionals, or even get mail, none of this would be happening on this site, nor would I ever express more than business  unless something developed down the road on its own... like I said, the last thing I want to do is to rush into a relationship with anyone let alone the fact that what's most important to me right now is God's work.

I'm don't want to diminish you in any way, nor do I take back a single thing described regarding my personal feelings... that's the part I can't completely explain, nor do I wish to discuss it in public, and it may have never come up at all without psyops and psychotronics.. Alot of the more extreme things I've mentioned I believed were understood, at least by you, that it was being done to a great extent of psychotronics, as an example of how psychotronics was used to get me to CNN in Atlanta. They even used the Prince Musicology album to get me to believe I should do it. In fact, I'd never heard of the Musicology album until Kyra Phillips played  the cut "Cinnamon Girl" on her program... and wouldn't you know it, Cinnamon Girl is sort of an image of someone I"ve used to imagine my "Imaginary Lover" when writing and thinking.. rainb00a.gif (232 bytes). Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl... I haven't played it because of the personal inferences... with you...

So about you, M... just to keep things in perspective.. I don't know what to think. Even that song mentions "Li"... I Ching - Peace, peace child.. look it up, I don't know.. anyway...  I can't at all deny my intrigue watching your sermons..   for how I get so much additional depth in my own thinking and development of thoughts and ideas and interpretations of the Plan of God.. and the fact that you explain words, language, that has no meaning anymore, and is why people can't understand things anymore... and then, your intelligence, and given some of the lines you've thrown out there, and so many others things I simply can't deny that if I met you in person I'd wonder if you were the person I'd been looking for all this time. Whether you ever knew I thought that or not. Like lots of people do about other people. But if it is true that when I meet you I still think the more pesonal things about you, I'd prefer that be allowed to happen by itself, naturally... like people have relationships that grow, get to share discovery, and all the special private things people share with each other, and maybe noone else. Secrets and all the rest...

And I have to tell you, the idea of sharing my life with someone who shares such love and commitment to God excites me, because I"ve been looking for someone to share my whole life with in leadership and the Golden Rule, religion or not, what I now think of as God's plan in its essence... music and art and all sorts of possible things beyond that... I think that sort of says that part.

So, tho the media and psyops people who want this all to look like some grand love affair instead of  two people meeting to share God's work, it appears as God had in His plan.. maybe... just remember that I don't want to be part of your show that lets other people off the hook... and I certainly have no desire to in any way harm her work on behalf of God, or diminish or embarass her in public with your childish psyops... I always believed if I was a very discrete and private person... anyway trying to give another impression is a liar. And you'd damn well better not harm her or her flock, because she's part of my flock on behalf of God. And I assure you, all the tricks you'v eall played on her over the years will come back to haunt you. That's how God does things to the evil-doers, and it's not a joke. Watch the world change now.

M... I think about what it will be like when I meet you... maybe just look at you and shrug my shoulders and blush... I don't even know what you know. But I can sure see why some people would have some questions, and that's why I wanted to come down and talk as professionals, and I want you to know if a scraggle looking hippie like guy walks into your offices at Wescott or elsewhere, I won' thurt anyone.. but I'm no longer welcome here, I'm comiited to God's work, I've got the info I need to turn things around in this world as well as my "own commission from God" and I simply have to believe, believing that you know who I am, I have to believe you'll asssist me as a child of God comitted to His work, I can't believe you'd turn me away.

But if you do, I'll understand for a number of reasons, and then I'll move on. I'm not heading down there with any certainty or real expectation. I just have no where else to go, (a psyop scenario used on me around 1990) really, but lots of doors to knock on in L.A. and I actually know there are people down there who know who I am... 

And this thing inside me that has me writing music... which is rare and unique... Forrest and me are gonna go have a talk now. We know what love is :} I think I'm gonna name a dog Forrest :} Easier to explain :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Leon Russell - Sweet M A Li

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Steve Perry - Foolish Heart

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Shelly Berman - A Conversation with My Father You're only allowed to listen t this if you have a sense of humor, otherwise don't do it. You'll be offended. Be responsible for your own self. I warned you.Now I have to listen to it to remember what it says :} He was one on my Dad's favorites... sort of a reminder of previous generations... I don't know. Seems like something fun to do. :}

Besides, I'm not lookin' for courageous Christians, I'm looking for audacity in action.. hmmm.. :} Words are cheap, right Barack? Oh yeah, and Huckabee. What was that about doing the right thing..would you like to complete that sentence? Double entendre city.  The rest is... Joe... even if it's not the best thing for yourself... right Ted?

The sons and daughters will do what their fathers would not. The tables have turned. And I welcome the partnership.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney - Put It There

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Beatles - Abbey Road Come Together

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Beatles - Abbey Road Because

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Beatles - I Will

Something about the Beatles... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Orleans - Still The One - Dance With Me

8:27 - pm - So the final note on the Greatest Romance thing... so what's her name, Miss America, was trying to talk Aesopian to me for quite some time, but because I was psyoped so much, I took offense at inncoent remarks in her sermons, that, after I realized she was trying to joke with me, made me laugh.. and the other night, she did something wrote UR on the board... from a sermon I saw a few months ago... (all of which I think I saw on tv as piggybacked) andyway, UR is the name of the rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Alanis Morisette Song - UR.. Check out what this says, and how it relates to certain people understanding my condition... You be the judge, is it a message to re-assure me, or a joke, or... here's the fun part... so then I wrote all that stuff about Halal and all.. I recorded the show... for fun, like a souvenir of a fun joke between us for later... and only afterward that if it actually recorded that show, it was evidence of aesopian communication.. as if I needed more :} But at least it's a fun souvenir. The other thing is,bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Alanis Morissette music was used a great deal to set up situations that had me act out commands from psychotronics... before I actually realized how invasive it is, and began to refuse to do things when I believed I was being manipulated in ways that affected my writing... not that I'd say things I didn't believe, but it would be exaggerated, and sometimes, I was misled by making one or two assertions that I didn't actually think through completely.

BTW: I think the song is funny around "friends", but when used to make you believ epeople are watching you, it's not so funny, if it seems to be about you. And if the same thing keeps happening with lots of music that seems to apply to your life, it makes it appear that people have known who you are  your entire life and knew the harm being done to you... and even became hostile toward you... psyop or truth? Not sure.. although I'm sure about a great number of things. Still, the thing I'm concerned about is what's going on in the government of this country and around the world. And for that, I have and see incredible mountains of evidence that prove my  claims of crimes against humanity, from credible sources.

Further, in the meantime, I did come to realize that I was - forgive this phrasing - that I was more than a fellow citizen in the eyes of God, and was charged with even greater responsibility and welcomed it as consistent with the vision I had as a child, and now here I am... bluediam.gif (123 bytes) minnieriperton.htm                               rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - Edge of A Dream  And isn't it funny, the Bush supporters made fun of Minnie Riperton's Loving You ... early on in his administration... and here I am using her music to describe my vision  of the future.

And then you start noticing these musicians have been writing stuff on their albums, especially Prince... When 2 R in Luv.. and stuff like that and now I"m thinking, I'm the only one who doesen't know.. or maybe I do now.. who knows... so..

I'm embarassed.  Anyway... so now it appears there are people who might at least treat me nicely... ya never know... and I have some other thoughts about other things that are no one's business... that are irrelevant to business. Just like people think of as normal. And I'm a musician and write stuff about people, and it's very intimate and personal to me, and I was accused of  using it to attract women years ago, so I quite playing it for people so I couldn't be accused of it. My best tunes have always been for the person I never met yet... except for a few...  Beatles - I Will..

That song always evoked that in me. Since I was a kid.  THe idea of woman for every man chosen by God... and like in the stories of Job's daughter, things go wrong and it doesn't work out because the ifferences and "evil things" in life keep them in part...  oh yeah, and she's a musician, so I assume she understands a little about how people write, and maybe, how to read it, like a poem or honest communication... and she's very intelligent.. and given the way she chooses words and clearly gives such consideration to precision, then maybe she's one of those rare people who understands things like the Golden Rule and how to have it expressed in every moment of your life... and of course, nobody's pperfect... but still, the basic things in a person I'd actually be looking for.. but what was most attractive to me was her love of service to God and her desire to seek truth in language and the Word of God. And she was comitted to rescuing or saving America...

And she has knowledge and skills I don't have, hope some will rub off, and I do stuff she maybe doesn't do, that' s what I don't know, and I don't what she wants to do, or if she wants to actually be involved.. that's what choice is about, and why I wanted to come down to hang out with friendly people, as well as to say,  think you know who I am. Am I wrong? And the answer to that would have been some fellowship with a church at least, or going away and finding another way to to do what I'm supposed to do. ANd I have a great deal of inforrmation that people need and have a right to know, about politics and world events, and the Word of God, and the Kingdom... and life... some f which I hope will rub off on her, but together as team mates in His work, it provides a more balanced message and presentation - a different way of understanding things that I don't see elsewhere.. apparently by God's design, because here we are, I'm heading out no matter what... she still has complete choice in the matter... all the while, I know whatever happens, it's what God wants...

And after all that, since it appears, stress appears, I have no secrets from at least a sizeable number of people in government, the media, apparently ministers, everyone around where I live... hard to tell for sure... but everywhere I go these days, people acknowledge me with signals we've sort of developed... and in time, it's let me know tha tpeople actually support what I'm doing.. and that's part of why I'm so confident it's time to step forward..

And it's the same reason I joke about having so many Noah moments that,   when it's time, I do the things I say I won't do in service to Him because no matter how much I don' twant to face the negative potential consequences of what He asks of me, it always works out. So I just don't fight it. When it's time, the whale spits you out, and you gotta stand up and do the work He asks, and accept the situation he presents, and refuse to allow other people to manipulate you into doing things that serve their purposes and not the plan and will of God. Which is why I believe that there are people out there with a great enough comittment to Him having His way with this servant, who knows what he's doing and saying  and whose only approval he requires is that of God.

Which is why, despite all of my own hopes and dreams for the future that God has promised me, somehow, someway, some person, what's most important now is His work, and ultimately, I will prevail, that nothing can get in the way of His victory.

Me and Forrest are going to sit on the front stoop now.





12/6/2008 - 8:14 am - Good morning ladies and gentlemen;

Just trying to get into the swing of things again :}

First, this morning, my thoughts and prayers are with Ann and Mitt Romney... be well, and know that God's servants are loved and touched by His hand. Also, a special hello and prayer for Helen Thomas, who I understand has been ill for some time. Helen you're  a hero to me.. it's nice to have a few heroes still.

RE: OJ Simpson to Michael Smerconish... U2 are one of those people whose opinions and views range the gamut... and I respect that. I still say the prosecution in 1994 didn't make its case, just as I'd say that we still don't know the truth. However, the recent verdict in Nevada seems like a miscarriage of justice no matter how you approach it... and provides a perfect example of how citizens are pushed to extremes when the federal government, and law enforcement in general, does not provide services to assist someone like him and many other people in protecting their rights and properties.

Quick mention... be sure to  understand that when I address people like Joey and Donny, that despite any comments or circumstances, I do so with love and respect, or I wouldn't have said it that way in the first place.

Speaking of names: Christ Charles... do you have any idea.. :} I mean do you really? Just never know what the kid's gonna say next... I sure don't. I never used to giggle like this.

Meanwhile.. Barack and George.. what's going on in the economy is absolute lack of regard for the welfare of the United States, its citizens let alone the world. Looks to me like a purposeful avoidance of the real issues... to continue the deflation of the global economy, and particularly the U.S. Please keep in mind that the sale of infrastrure assets are, in my book, acts of treason... you have no right ot sell America to the highest bidder. Foreign nations and corporations seeking to continue this practice should be made aware that, while my intent is to honor commitments, any such sale will be voided in the near future... I'd recommend spending your money elsewhere.

To those participating in the Fed.. if they sell you a bill of goods, or you think you're working with their plan, realize that I'm serious about turning the treasury back over to the U.S. Government... I want noone to lose... but the urgency of the moment, Barack, requires insightful and far reaching reform that goes beyond generating fewer jobs and economic stimulus - in the guise of putting people to work and short term headlines - you are no transformer, and as such, should step aside for the good of America. No matter what country you're actually from.

On the other hand.. it's very good to see that some very capable economists are speaking out... I hope it's more than a gesture, Robert, because you're very good at what you do... Between yoou and Jeffrey, we could get things done quickly. Lynden would be good to bring in on this, because with a year or so of economic modeling, his plan would work...  I know that doesn't surprise you. It would also show Lynden the resepct he deserves, finally.

For the moment, I believe that's a wrap... except to say, I don't necessarily understand everything going on in my personal life... don't want to in many ways... wouldn't want to scare anyone as discovery and revelation go on.. love takes many forms, and I love them all. But, the silver surfer is here, and like the old commercials I used to do, I just hope you'll catch the wave and see if we can hang ten and walk the dog and anything other metaphoric phrase of silly and special poetry you can imagine... I scare myself alot... I like it.. but I also like to honor and respect people for who they are, and the friendship they offer, the contribution they are... and I just know I'm gonna love the ministry... of lots of things :} rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - By Heart

Speaking of rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) just knowing... here's a new tune that may not be finished for a long time, though I already know how I'd like it to turn out. Really.  It'll be fun to watch it unfold. And there's no hidden message there. Uninvited... what can I say... always is. So many things to know, so many things to say... Time Will Tell... and any way the melody goes, I know it'll be great. Freedom has no strings.

PS To John Hall.. I'm not mad at you anymore, but I could be:} I expect an autograph :}

PSS: If anyone thinks I'm distracted beyond effectiveness.. I am. Interpret that as you will. :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Nicks With Don Henley - Leather And Lace

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Earl Klugh - Finger Paintings - This Time

7:10pm - Hiya.. getting thru the it true, Abercrombie quartet? Or is it just more to make me feel nervous?: And what's going on in your world :} I keep getting this feeling I'm going to get railroaded into a contract with a company I don't want to deal with without a good explanation.. Until I own them, that is... TW... :} They put it on the table. Meanwhile... cueing up some tunes, it's nice when it flows... Hope they're not scaring you off... I'm in an unstoppable countdown :}Oh my Gosh, the synchronicity of it all.. Todd Rundgren - Arena - I know what this is about.. Norcross Georgia, the Flea Market... :} Is there anything that won't be telling on me? :} Can't wait to hear the moments of other people's lives to compare notes.. :} Can't wait to get on the road... meet new friends, have a new life.... slap the donkeys and elephants :} Health is getting better... kind of tired tonight.. but having a good time...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Carole King - Thoroughbred - I'm Still Here Thinkin' of You

I have to say though, one of the things I'm looking forward to is moving ahead with God's work, and the people I'll be working with, sunshine and whatever God has in mind... gotta give some more thought to what a Chuck sermon would sound like...:} Hope all of you down there are doing well.

Prince... didn't catch the highlights on Musicology... quite a retrospective :} Never caught  it before.

I'd get political, but I don't feel like it. I feel an essay coming on for tomorrow. Til then.. love ya'll. Have a great Sunday!

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Judy Collins - Suzanne

12/5/2008 - 1pm - Good morning... it's been interesting... things to prevent me us all ... I bet the media people are glad to get a break from my sarcasm.. :} Don't hold your breath folks.. :} So it appears to me that I'm just about done with the "Defending Your Life" part of  the program... and of course, here  I am, having a reasonable time despite ongoing psychotronics. Feelin pretty good with a new song to finish that'll be pretty easy... remembering the NC Biotech situation of "she didn't like your hygiene" and the end of the write up for Albert Einstein, God Is Not Welcome... talk about your burned in psych jobs. Never fear... that's the sort of thing that's had me take an hour or so every morning to resort my thoughts and get my mind clear of all the negative and contradictory garbage they put into your mind with psychotronics to discourage you from your objectives, let alone getting anything done. The James Taylor Frozen Man thing... couldn't find it... liked this though Neil Diamond - Play Me Everybody does it :}

So.. time for work... somebody said something about grabbing the bus and getting some firewood... oh God. :} Take care everyone and be careful out there... oh yeah, and thanks to the folks I live around, I know it's been unusual for all. I appreciate you all more than you know. God bless.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - Love Space

3:47 pm - Let's talk Detroit... how Detroit goes, so goes the nation. Here's the thing. The primary objective is to clear standing inventory, retool and trim down product lines that reflect the latest technology, especially in electric and hybrid vehicles in ways that are competitive with foreign manufacturers, provide vehicles that give utility, and, for a few years, drop all SUV and Luxury models and focus on affordable vehicles.. or go bankrupt and come back up in two or three years. Instead, though, let's drive the used vehicle market to utilized the durability of larger vehicles while torque and new tech is incorporated, thus removing the need to dump on other markets.

What is most critical here is also opening up credit programs with money printed by Congress or, at the very least, from the corporate bailout slush funds.Further, it would good to  see numbers on what it would cost to provide interest or near interest free loans for consumers to purchase, with special provisions to allow for late and default payments for the short term so that consumers will not lose their investments, and the stimulus will not be nullified. This way, too, those behind will not have to double and triple a balloon of payments caused by missed payments. Someone could calculate how many months people may be expcted to miss given the trends, likely would come out to 9 payments per year as a normal loan schedule, at the consumer's choice. New funds would be returned or reserved for the treasury or retired based on population trends as loans are   repaid. This funding would also apply to the effficient vehicles, not luxury and unnecessary larger vehicles. Drop tax incentives for vehicles subsidized for military vehicle development via consumer channels. You know which MIC policies I'm talking about.

Execs  will be expected to reduce their salaries, perks are gone, and soon.. Let's be honest on this one gang, because the  integrity  of this resolution will determine a great deal of the way we operate in the future.

Besides, if I had to buy a car today, I'd buy an American car that fits the above descriptions.. so I know we have the products, now it's time to work for the cotizens and the integrity of our infrastructure, which includes efficient economic models and productive and beneficial manufacturing. I know this seems to curtail profits, byut I think you'll also see that it begins to set the pardigm for creating our next economy, which does not rely on bubbles and speculation, but productive venture capitalization instead of the fed... etc.

Joy :} How are you? I keep getting this image of you rubbing your chin, thinking something like, have we calmed him down or are we in for more surprises... darned if I can answer that question.. :} Don't wanna. I don't know about president, but at least Precedent Chuck seems to fit. :}

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - Joy To The World

Psyop note: Not well. Possible kidney stone.

Ted - If the universal health care program is other than true universal health care, it will be rescinded. Please don't waste our time having to undo even more mistakes.

Let it be known tha the faithful of God and Jesus, and all other citizzens are herby granted full protection from the forces of evil at play in the world, and that violations of this proclamation will be vigorously persued, prosecuted and souls will be   judged. So be it, Amen and Amen. Let God's love protect your heart and soul.

12:23am 12/6

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet   Roberta Flack - First Take - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

It's gonna be an interesting day. Be good.

12/4/2008 - 11:17pm - She's beating me up already and I .. :} Halal. The storm is.. :} M. I'm absolutely stunned... A few minutes ago I realized that things have been in the works at least since 1971 to prevent us from meeting... more precisely, to condition me from contacting you. I'm trembly. Talk about massive reorganization of thought. Ronnie Montrose... bluesey.. that's why I giggle when you sing :} Somehow I know I know you... multiple planes and times.... anyway.. more ai events are flashing before my eyes. I'm so embarassed. :} I submit. Oh yeah, in my eyes, you are a super genius of the universe, I have no doubt. No doubt about a lot of things. Like being a perfect match for His work. Perfect. "She's not hot"... won't get burned :} Can you believe it, I'm almost speechless. :} I can. And with some other events, I do know it's all the key because the presentation of distractions and intended confusions is remarkably.

I just want to say for the record and as a certain promise to you... I know it's hard to tell certain things this way... I still don't know how you all do it..:}  I was glad to see a more recent broadcast to know that the sources of light are more in balance than I believed... I got some catchin' up to do.. :" Still, I want to assure you that, though I've neglected some things, and had some things happen that would suggest otherwise, and I'm still a little sensitive with Aesopian, but I really do know how to conduct and present myself in a professional manner. And most certainly as a gentleman. And of course, I'm bringing the turntable. I'm still looking forward to having a mobile audio/video van for remotes:}

I'm a very quick study, and I know that without any further preparation, I could deliver with precise effectivenesss the first time out. And I haven't thrown paper in the corner like that in years :}So, I hope there won't be too much camping out, whichever meaning that has... :} Works for me, cuz you'll always be my pastor with full rights and privileges and protections, cause that's what partnerships are about... and I will always honor that whatever you do is up to you whatever that is and whenever that is, no strings, and I will empower that. God Bless those "God is in your TV" Guys.... :}

When I was first in computer sales, I wasn't really a salesperson. I wasn't, and still am not, a good salesperson, because I give people choice, real choice, and I don' try to get people to buy anything, unless they understand enough themselves to make an intelligent choice. For me the match and the key is that, at least for the moment, you're like the salesperson - not like selling anything but the person laying out the foundation - I'll have to think about that analogy - anyway, and I'm the sales engineer, gently explaining and discussing it all in a way that people see how it relates to them.. you could say anything and I can find a way to provide the differential diagnosis, as my caricature twin House would put it.. I knew I was right about you. I can't wait to meet you, and be amongst friends. 

I wouldn't presume to predict what kind of relationships I  or you might want to develop as my put my life together and all... except I know that whatever  we do, it will work toward establishing the Kingdom, and it will fun to share that with you. And for now, that's the most important thing, but for me, as partners and friends, I know we're gonna do the Alanis thing, only I won't be walking away.. it's absolutely amazing. I'm fascinated by it all. Like I said. I just know. Creating the Future... Painters of life forever... I've been feeling like writing poetry all night.} Can't wait to see your invocations list :} That'll be better than giving you $300 million :} or 4.  Talk about political capital :} Someday I'll tell you the song that came up when I started writing this :}

a_usahat.gif (1865 bytes)
snap_large.gif (4020 bytes)Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - Things Angels Say elf.gif (4020 bytes)

PS: I never get tired of Ephesians, I love the songs and poetry of Psalms, and the media gets it's story, I guess.. all in due time... I guess...  hmmm. Satisfaction and bewilderment... I guess it really is Fascination... which means my first clue to you was back in about 1968 or so... and another back in abut 1958... and on and on... and I was just about to say jokingly that this appears to be what I was going to write, like a preface to a sonnet, when I saw this one, which I giggle at, cuz I was right about something I was laughing about, sonnet... son on net...:}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Blackbyrds - Walking In Rhythm

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince & Sheena Easton - Arms Of Orion

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In The Sky

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Loggins - Enter My Dream

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Holly GoAnarchy - Why Am I Not A Lesbian


Since this is the political section, I thought I'd add this: Hi Barack, how ya doing? :} What are you up to? I had a pretty good day myself... only a few hours of DEWS... how bout you? What's with the news people... they're really acting silly... Don't you just love 'em. I didn't mean  to have a war with the media and they didn't mean to let me win. God always turns things around. I don't understand it either :} Now, about the presidency... where were you born.

I think I'm going to replace Billy Graham soon... I wonder who I'll replace him with :} I reserve the right. Let it be.

JT - You really have been upstaged:} Brotherhood. With all of you. Forever. Bless you, bless us all.


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