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I am not a radical, I am a citizen who knows the truth of the material & spiritual planes
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Inspired by Lindsay Graham
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(You might say this is where I log my thoughts before actually doing anything, and that what is expressed here is my thought, not necessarily what I think, or what I have concluded about anything :})

The Corporate News & Media
are hiding the most important news in the
 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) history of this nation & the world.
Your freedom is in jeopardy. This is not an exaggeration.
The financial crisis in America is not by accident.

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens. What is written here is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

I never thought I'd be talking like this, but the truth is the truth...

The Road To Hell Is Paved By littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Apostates and Politicians

To understand how they've turned your world into hell, littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) click here

It's corruption, then the economy!

And the Democrats Just Proved It

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Zbigniew Brzezinski is a sociopathic pervert, and he's Barack Obama's National Security Advisor, hired by the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations to mastermind the downfall of America and the global installation of the New World Order. He will be the Dick Cheney/Henry Kissinger equivalent in an Obama Administration.
It's happening before your eyes.

ZBIGNIEW - Good luck when the American people find out just what a sicko you really are... and all your traitor friends. I look forward to the outcome. Your weapons systems aren't ready yet.

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You really need to read this.
I'm number 226 on the American victims list

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My latest song

The latest latest song..

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More History of harassment and setups

"Pastors and Leaders – God is saying that you MUST obey and do the “strange” thing He is instructing you to do in this season. Stop doing what you’ve always done just because it has always been done that way. It will not be popular, but do not be concerned with their faces. Do not worry about the finances. Be obedient. Seek the Kingdom. The Father wants you to be FREE in RIGHTEOUSNESS! Seek His Kingdom, and the supply shall never run dry!"

- Prophet Joy Allen

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Let there be peace. God Bless the World Amen and Amen


12/4/2008 - 12:38pm - Howdy. I'm feeling much better now... like I said... no matter what I say... Disneyand ... hmmm Matterhorn... my mom made me go on it... Ma ATT (Ma Bell) ER Horn (my mom's maiden name) (or air horn) or... wait, this one's personal ... maybe some day I'll explain that one... use your imagination. It just gets weirder and weirder... :}

So, like I said, no matter what... rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) I'll Be There. Morticia. More TI CIA.  or Middle of the road TI Sees Intelligence Artificial... or intel agent... I'm gonna like this new word game. Anyway... Sorry for the language, misunderstandings and pressure that may have occurred. Everything's gonna be alright...

So reset button hit, vger about to move, memory no where near full. Chopper guys of the Starfleet.. thanks... it's fun... don't worry I'll let you know... so save the fuel for now... what do the stars look like from Jupiter?

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1:46pm - To Kentucky and the DHS... separation of church and state is an imperative in the Kingdom of God, and the atheists of this country and the world deserve to belive what they believe. The fact that you require people to accept God is a clear example of the dangers of misguided evangelism and ideology. Change the law without a fight, and DHS- stop hitting them with psychotronics... to the Atheist group...if this legislation is not altered, and even if it is, if your people are suffering or experiencing unusual health disorders, find a way to let me know and I'll bring my ministry to your state and locale to interview your friends for signs of Psychotronic Abuse to  complete your law suit.  I'm on your side, without condition. Let it be, and God bless and keep you.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sly & the Family Stone - Thank U 4 Lettin Me B Mice Elf

PS:  Here's one for you: Donny (as in Rumsfeld, or is it McClurken or both?) Do On New York (Y or Why) Interesting... My dad does love crossword puzzles :}

Barack: Please don't make too many plans while in the White House. It'll be a short stay, we need to talk. Where have I heard that before? :} MTV - Come back to me... I trust  you like the Lincoln bedroom... (and they say  I'm vindictive :}) 2, 4 6, 8... sumpin like that...

Here's one for ya... York Peppermint Patty... (Charlie Brown, etc) Mint    Me In New Testament  or M in New Testament ... there's something to this about Tennessee... won't print it. Don't know.

9:34pm - I was just thinking I was going to write something that would be the one to get me institutionalized when I looked at the above entries for today (except a couple) and realized that it's too late to worry about that now :}

The psyops guys and I were talking about this new word game we've been working on  called Kryptomania... kinda want to reserve this idea and name if it's not already taken... we think it'll be a reat way to get people to study the Bible AND use the Bible as the Living Word for their lives.... with interesting translations and conversions from many languages. It should be an interesting project, sort of a genome project for the Word of God...  on one hand, it's a great way to sudy.. on the other, it could be quite addicting. It'll be fun.

I'll be reincorporating the GDCU Global Democratic Citizens Union name and derivative names, so please do not use them in your sites unless linking to them.

AND... this will be the last entry in Footnotes in History... WHEW :} Time for regurgitation nation, as promised. I like to keep my promises, but I'm gonna break one. Because I can, and I like building a few shrines every once in a while. And I want to cuz I'm crazy, remember :} This non-linear stuff though :} It's a 6 second delay, not a lifetime :}


12/4/2008 - 1:33am Tonight, we give new meaning to the words special rendition as God changes the timeline... speeds it up... where have I heard this before? Psyops guys ar egiving me particular trouble because they started exercisin gmy mind with skip searches, and I found a great deal that apparently they'd never heard of before. Thanks to a certain linguist, I was able to access a number of interesting things that the clowns think gives them the answer to a lot of questions.. like the latest lClive Davis, fake angel and other ploys that are upcoming that are to be blown to bits by changes in the timeline.. and I don't mean on the material plane... but apparrently you a*holes think you've Found the key to me, only it's an emulation... It won't work... ask your favorite psyops guy why... and M... still working out some details MURDER  m u r the ER... interesting huh... wanna play scrabble.. it'll take hours per word, days per sentence.. the most interesting part of this is that  they block my stream of consciousness, which is the key to future prophecy and some interesting stuff that seems to be about you... skip searches requiring my memory to complete, returning a binary code... much of which was enunciated by Dobbs when the weblogs indicate he said binary in a way or sentence that, of course, led me back to a class on binary numbers and conversion, as well as metrics and believe it  or not, Dick Tracy wrist watch transceivers... "book" be object oriented k.... so it looks like these guys were setting me up with a linguist to cross over my memory to a word list to see what my intangible memories would provide... particluarly in French, interestingly enough. Emulate a li with a lee... all kinds of groovy stuff to get me down there and finish picking my brain... except like synthetic vitamins,  in order to get the benefit, you have to deplete the real/depleted vitamin for the new one to replace it and become active. Ain't gonna happen. Gaia's not going to happen. God's pulling the plug. Won't this make a fun deposition... so anywya.. M.. you'r eeither the other one in this equation, or an emulation... I always give people the benefit of the doubt, but it's your move, I'm outta here because I'm not going anywhere on behalf of these people to solve anything only to let them succeed.. they won't let me use my brain freely cause I'm tapping into things they don't want out adn they're playing games to get me to go down there.. to do what it appears would be "tap" me... an accidental use of a word meaning write an album for someone to get the songs.. and it can' tbe the money cause these jokers don't need it, so it's one more game for this toy boy.. and they're not going to get what they want. Meanwhile, it's up to you, my skewed rea on things menas they got you, and metanoia means they really have figured out a couple things but they're just not close, and the reflection is now about half tilt instead of 100% like before, which is accurate based on the things we do differ on these days...  I think you're getting distracted and pulled off course more than I... the interesting thing is it would appear they got on your case in the 80's... so you gotta make some choices, and I can't tell you what to do cuz I have one of the key links in the other room, and then there's you... and this looks like it goes one way or another by January 11, 2009.. soo my insticts tell me to go somewhere completely different cuz I'm not going to be their pawn. You need to get out of their path... we won't be on the same page without meeting  and talking, and it looks like they have 2 more setups on me until they're done with you, and the contract runs out.   

It's hard to tell at the moment what is and isn't so because of the interference... but it looks like I'm solo, cuz your biz is your biz, and despite my best professional efforts and attempts we were prevented from working together... so... hope you're okay... as  usual, I don't know what to say. We were supposed to free each other's minds and tap the DNA... but I guess you knew that... and the key they wanted was just mine... except it was supposed to take 2.Good work Dobbs... almost worked.

It was going to be purified by the fire of the word.. thanks to your friends, it looks like it will be by war. I have nothing to do with it, right Barack.


On personal and national dispensationalism

12/3/2008 - The psyops guys told me I had to write something today or nobody would come back. I'm not sure that would be a bad thing, since even Nanci Pelosi doesn't seem to read or hear anyhting that she understands. That's a nice way to put it. THe psyops guys also said I couldn't say f*** anymore, but I'll show them... Swear with flair, me and Don Imus... don't worry Don, I told you I wouldn't play it or emulate it, besides we have you, who needs an imitator...

It's only words.. let's talk about about testator... so.. fun and games with directed energy and psyops.. isn't it fun to watch a minister.. a female minister on tv talking about prophets, testators having to die to have their work seem true (even though the Bible doesn't say  that) so I start doing word games, like asteroid... a steroid... I got those... and I get  to testator.. and isn't it interesting that when you pick that word apart it's like testicles or someone who does something to testicles... and all that started just about the time I was joking with Abrams about the painful directed energy attacks I was getting to my testicles just about the time Jesse Jackson said he'd like to take O'bama's balls off because he wa talking down to black people... which he has consistently done... interesting, it was a remark off the record on Fox news, where supposedly Rupert Murdoch is trying to get rid of Bill O'Reilly because  he did an incredible expository report on Fox about Barack Obama that shows he's a really good schmoozer but never actually answers any questions about the Council on Foreign Relations plan to complete the overthrow of the United States Government, and because Bill has blue eyes, which means he's a blue angel, and explains why I always think he's so darned cute (a little concession I made to the swear word censors)...   I wonder what color eyes Rush has?

So then we get to a couple more words in the Bible.. the thing about Paul is.. he was   pretty single minded, but it appears his opinions about Biblical Prophecy and timing and urgency, which in its own way ... the rest of this is a godd example of how the governement and Time-Warner psyops people mess with my writing, and why I think a whole bunch of people should getover themselves and say... let's see if John McCain ... that's the psyops guys makin gcrap out of what I write to protect the name of the pastor they hired to psyop me apparently... that's all the pysops people tryin gto tell me what to write and how to act and that the ministers don' tli,ke me for whatever self centered for doing soo.. is what they say true? I don't know. Looks like it  to me. Anything else psyops guys.. they say, no, not until the next sentence when I try to write something about Biblical stuff like Paul that I undersand but have a few issues with... and that typing it in verbatim from the psyops guys, who apparently seem to have an agenda for what I should write and when, and what kind of torture they put me through daily  to amke it look as though the things they were putting me through aren't torture at all... all these psyops are simply to kill me to show you that what these new world order guys are in control and to make sure I don' t contact anyone important to God's woork... all to make it appear that I or she or Obama or all of us are setup for plagiarism so Obama and the democrats can stay in office, or to discredit people doing God's work... if they actually are.... which it doesn' tappear they are doing being they don't understand God or Ecclesiastes... and that ain't my problem... JOhn McCain... tell people what it's like to be torturred for 6 or more years 25/7/365... and I mena non-stop 24 hours a day... and tell me how you'd dfeel as a soldier and a citizen if you found out your whole lfe has been screwed by people like you so you can pad your pockets andmake sure that Christianity and God Himself is never heard of again...l not to mention making me out to anything thatn wha tI am... a good guy. A real good guy.

Apparently this really is why Armageddon whill happen. It's just amazing...

Niw I'll talk cuz I''m reall ytirerdf ot eh psyoop guys AND people on tv posing as ministers... psyops guys did that... what would you ministers like the psyops guys to write to you about next... they're already editing my web site at will,  and I've got two littell tiny testicles that are swelling up and causing me increasing pain do to directed energy attacks, and I"m unable to do anything productive because of psychotronic attacks... isn' tlife fun when you're a target, and people are monitoring you saying "We don't think we like this guy because he talks so nasty even though he's right about damned near everything despite the edits and problems caused by the epopel who want me to loiok like a complete a*hole... gee sorry, where are you goin gto live in a week or so...

I was planning to go see Miss America anyway cuz psyops have all of my communication shut down and I only get and receive what they allow me to as part of the psyops.. like trying to call Misss America to make an appointment like a business professional and having my  calls cut off or misdirected... must be reall yfun to screw aaround with someone's head when you claim to have gone to proisons and visit convicts, makin git seem like you understand how incarcerated people feel when they're locked up... especially when they didn't do anything wrong to be incarcerated for... More psyops...

So, the psyops guys have been torturing me with laughter .. making it look like I'm having agood time like I'm stoned or somehting, when the fact is that, like love or anger or foul mouthed engrams, they do the silly button... ha ha ha.. so I laugh at everything for 12-18 hours a day at things I don't find silly at, in fact, I'm bored out of my skull, and I"m wondering why the minister who talked about things in my back yard... which I can't prove because the last thing I considered doing, and refuse to bother to do, is to collect evidence on ministers of all things, given who I actually really am, much to my surprise too... anyway, I get these piggybacked feeds tha must have been spliced and edited specifically to annoy me...

Oh year, words... metanoia... the same sermon over and over, talking about the prophet (Hillary likes to think of me as Elijah so Barack can be called Jesus or something).. or someone will be foisted upon you...

Metanoia ... me to annoy ya... she to me of course... how about ... me to know ya...   or let's see... met a new IA...hmm , psyops girl... Scientology is  a part of this... I wonder if Wescott Center even exists anymore? I guess I''' find  out when I go homeless and knock on the door of a building open to the public just to see what happens...

Now the fun part is, if she's legit... all this was the psyops guys way of showing you that these are the kinds of things I think about when considereing my safety when visiting someone who may or wmay not be involved with Time-Warner's efforts to thwart God's promise... using someone giving a moving testimony of their undying love to America and how they were commissioned to "save or rescue America"..  apparently by luring me to L.A. under the guise of rescuing me while leaving the door open to habing me arrested should I dare complain to her, if I actually saw her and she exists, that I didn't appreciate being lured and trapped into homelessness..  my thoughts.. the truth is, I have no idea the truth of the matter, adn will stop in to see if psyops prevented us from connecting. Now believe it or not all you sex fiends with dirty minds, my interest was professional becuase if she is legit, what she's  doing would actually be the true perfect complement to what I need to present to... excuse me... save the world like God, the Father, said I would, cuz I know how... what an amzing thing that God would provide such a gift while all the ministers or someone watches and jjudges me while in captivity being tortured... using foul words I don't normally use, especially on a web site. I f you went through what I'v ebeen through, and am still being subjected, you'd be lucky to be alive unless you knew EVERYTHING I know and more that's listed on my resume...

I have  alot of positive thoughts about everything I'd love to share that will make  ahuge difference to people no matter who I am, but I don' tknow what to say anymore.. something about  aglass house, indifference to ther people's suffering and people who have no faith in GOd... I get stuck in hell for things I didn't do or got set up for, and you still think I"m the bad guy...

Wonderful world. No wonder there's Armageddon...over and over again... with God still saying... "Is there no one I can trust?. And the answer is still "NO".

See ya in disneyland... I'll have my recorder and camera ready. Please don't  be offended under the circumstances. I just need to know for myself if someone who seems to be so intelligent, and right for God's work to establish the KIngdom of God is real, or if I have to tell people tha tif you see ministers on TV you're being conned... and that even ministeres have so much pride and ego in themselves and so little regard for God, that they wouldn't know the profile of the Son of Man or the significance of that person in this time and the context of greater spritual knowledge.. let alone judge God and leave Him wondering if there's any point at all of writing another word.. which is exactly what the New World Order people want... ain't it great... choice.. the Kingdom of God, tyranny and the oppression of evil for 1000 years.. guess you've all chosen, or you're waiting for me to prove something... and if that's the case, I'll flip you off.

I use humor like anyone to make things easier to digest when delivering different info than you'r eused to. If you don't want to believe the facts, then things in this country really have gone too far, thanks toyour government, and America's lost.. which is why it's a pragmatic choice to go south to have thousands of doors to knock on of people I know who know me... all not long ago acquired by Time Warner and  GE/Universal/NBC..  who I refuse to do business with but will clal on to force verification of my identity. I have a ton of songs that aren't on this site too.. and I can write 'em all day long when I'm motivated... $1000 a pop only to those companies I presnt them to... which is probably noone since the distribution of the albums are done by... GE/NBC/TIme-Warner who are really the same big company , like with FOx and others, if you look at the stock purchases and asset echanges... and understand the truth tha tthis idiot keeps writing about for no good reason to deaf hears that don't want to hear anything but that which supprts their own self-serving opinions and makes sure that no one, including God, would dare do anything to suggest that they could improve themselves or reduce their stature with the people who think they're everything to the world and whodse opinions of themselves is such that they would turn their backs on God and let Him die, because He keeps saying it's all about choice, and he'd rather die than break His promise to you, and choice was a big part of that, and apparently you choose to let God die.

That's all my thoughts based on the facts that I have available to me... whcih is none... and I can' tgfigure out why no one cares about GOd when so many people are making such lucrative living as apparent apostates selling God's name to glorify themselves... Can' tfigur eit out... except.. since I'll be in L.A... when I finally accept that these peopl edon't even have the courage to stand up for GOd, I"ll have thousands of miles of border to find a way out of this citizen forsaken God place. Used to be anyway. I guess I'll get married elsewhere. Go ahead Barack, lock em down, they apparently need to suffer more before being willing to give a damn.Works for me. I'll be okay. Don't forget to pay Jimmy Carter the rest of his share.

Meanwhile, I was going to read the Bible, but it's covered with things next to the couch, and what the heck, why should I read it more. I'm saved.


11/30/2008 - 12:57 pm - Hi there. What a weekend. I got stuff to do, as well as some healdin trend viewing later... so I'm going to keep this short.. but I need to communicate with what's here name... I'd put up a private chat room, but who knows what interesting stuff people would post there. So, M,m, this is one of those "no matter I say moments"... I'm not really going to Disneyland... bu I would hope we can figure out a way for me to know what number to call when I get down there and knock on your center door so I don't get arreested.. I'm joikng... but I'm gonna head down there, and I just will be prepared for whatever happens cause I really know we're working together on this and God just had to get me to the point of threatening to push me off the limb so I'd learn to fly... ANywya, I'll have backup plans, so if I get down there, I want you to know if you say no, that everything will be okay, and I know you're my partner in hiHis work anyway.,.. I wrote you a big old long letter yesterday was part of what I call a psyop flip-flop weekend resulting in about a 12 hour conversation between, between me, FOrrest, Beaver and the Sarge - Gary SInise ya know in the Gump movie where he's at the top of the mast yelling "COme on GOd, is that the worst you can throw at me"... when I finally came to the realization that you really are the courageous person I was screaming for. I'm not going muhc further on this, and one day I'll have you read what I wrote afterwatd, because it's like somehting I want you to be able to look at later if you ever doubt my intentions of showing up at your door, and maybe other people - I have no idea what your life is like in any wya - but if I 've disrupted any personal relatinships or anything, I want you to know that I'm more than willing to sit dwon with anyone to clean things up to make sure youhave good communications and relationships, with tem knowing that I have no intention of disruing anything between them and you. I wish this part of it could be more private, ut for now, once again, I now somehow you know what I"m saying.

So I'll keep you posted... though I'll take down the stuff in the other seciton.. cuz it's superfluous at the moment, but it'll be around... That's all I'm gonna sya.. it'll take 2-3 days when I hit the road, and Iif I break down, I'll rent a car or hitchhike... abd then the world will change in some really good ways. I look forward to your friendship and partnership.. and sharing God with you in  a way that  I just know is going too be wonderfullly progfound. . and maybe I'll learn to type better.:} But I'm leaving it like this... and just know that you have the right to say no, and it would  be fine, and I really mean that. SO I guess I'd better find a tune for this and get on with it... thank you so much for being courageous,and I know other people are too...   but, you'll always be my minister, and even if we never meet... you'd still be my partner in this becuase I know that  it's what God wants, and I couldn't be happier about His choice... and here we go..

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale

And if I encounter the police along the way, and they ask what I'm doing I'll just say.. ever heard of Mystery Science Theater TV Evangelist?... and see what happens, course I'll have my little recorder on...

Lots more I want to say, but for my, my thanks for getting me on the road.  And tha'll be something to talk about sometime... be good, take care, I'll look for the plans...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Loggins - This Is It

And then maybe we could go to Venice beach and laugh after people throw quarters into my guitar case... and see who shows up. I wonder how you say Ciao in French....


7:00 pm - What a wonderful day for pysops and harassment... thanks for making it another day in hell. Psyop note: interesting timeing for L to change services on the phone and losing the new password so I can't retrieve phone messages. Let's see.. no phone messages, filtered email, can't call anyone important to call, called the 800, the service was so poor it wouldn't be hard to imagine poor response so it was probably a redirected call.. missing bio info on web pages that should show qualifications of trade that are incredible, if true, and a key link to pretty much everyone involved in setting me up over the years, cientology, Landmark Eductation, Inouye, Minn, Morerro (Miss NAACP), Black Friday on MSNBC, and really intense psychotronics... how lovely. And let's not forget the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer movie that started just as I sat down and ate a thanksgiving dinner (belated) sort of. It goes on and on. Nice touch, guys. I have to admit the "guy gets the girl" ending. Almost like a 50's movie. And not to mention, one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. What a bunch of sick pathetic fools  you are. I guess it's NBC and MSNBC's turn to play with me. Have fun in jail. Loved the parade. Not like I'v ewatched it in 2-30 years. But the psyops continue. What happened to you people to make you so sick?

No wonder I'm getting so much harassment. And no wonder every woman  volunteering to be with me wanting to have my baby - from the beginning - always acted as if I would be wealthy one day. Barack, when they take you to the Hague, it'll be fun to do a commercial about you.

Like these people did about a novelty item about you, and then learned the truth, and realized they'd better dump the product as soon as possible so they didn't lose their money on -75 days, gone forever (I'll amen that)   $29.95 marked down to 9.95...  truly a novelty item... remnants we'll see thrown all over the streets of AMerica soon... treated like an annoyance... as it should be. I win. :}



11/28/2008 - 8am... Is that a good number? I need a good number. Good old Steely Dan, the prophets... I guess I better shave and take a shower :

Steely Dan - Black Friday

Steely Dan - Bodhisattva

James Taylor - October Road - Carry Me On My Way

James Taylor - October Road - My Traveling Star

Richard Harris - Mac Arthur Park

James Taylor - Gorilla - Wandering

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

Charles Rehn - In the End

Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket

Eddie Money - Super Hits - Walk on Water

Everyone is worthy, as we are all sinners. I always liked my Dad's idea.. if you make a mistake, fess up before it makes everything work. If you can be counted on to do that, to tell on yourself, for the sake of doing the right thing, you're usually a person who cna be trusted.. unless you do it just to suck up... Profound, eh? Something about certian people not feeling worthy. Of what, I don't know. like I told Barack, it's the cover up that sends people to jail... and usually ruins relationships too. It'd be funny to see how many people think I'm talking about them with that remark... I can think of  a few who apparently think doing the right thing is too difficult :} Stumble, in, stumble out. The Fed, CFR, can't wait for the reviews..changing America, reversing the roles of Russia and the United States...

CYA and Psyops info  other harassment  personal log  Dental Story and NBC  mDialectic

There's the perfect setup... someone edits my website, Itake down links, I talk about rreconciliation and psyop links and hten have to re-link a page I didn't take down myself and wouldn't have because it all does become cya and conspiracy documentation even if the person implicated was setup in a similar way,. then contacting me in a requested manner only to go to work somewhere where the people will now be mad at me and turn me away supposedly because I betrayed them by re-posting something they thought I'd taken down, meanwhile coercing them into something they wouldn't have otherwise done. and around and around as the same dialectic is done to me and her and many people with CointelPro style harassment coupled with psychotronics, directed energy attacks and psychotronic hypnosis. And to make it even more fun, I had set up my TIVO to record her semons long ago, and they never recorded, meaning it didn't really play, it was a phony piggyback broadcast before, and maybe the setup was a real show in exchange for doing the psyop in the first place... who knows the turht?  or that they setup the software on my recorder not to record it anyway. Last night, like magic, it recorded. I have no idea why, unless someone else did it. ANd, writing this cya entry again makes it appear as if someone els,e the key to another side of the weird conspiracy, mad at me and throw me out again... just in time for the setup letter to arrive. And the psyops people told me they would manipulate me into stopping at a church along the way, like the mamas and papas song,  and end up staying somewhere while California Dreaming and end up contained through economic coercion and entrapment by a female decoy... or to be made to look like I was stalking her.   Meanwhile, played a beautiful complete melody and had some really great lyrics going but it was a little too easy, although sme songs come like that,  definitely my style, something I think I've played before, with chords and changes  adnn keys I've had as a basis for my music for years... and it went something like I love the mon and the satrlight in your eyes.. and I thought here we go again, wasting the rest of my day on another m dialectic combined with a dozen others for the perfect flow charted human response and stimulation based dialectic.. and I'm thinking, maybe they're using psychotronics to dictate these lyrics to me and have me write this now because even if someone else was trying to prove that this could be done by sending me the message and writing it down themselves.... as proof... here i am writing it on the web so they can pick it up from here as if someone else could say the "dictator" of the lyric copied it from this site..., theoretically, and provide plausible deniability for the fact that they wrote the song and I stole it from them or that I stole it from them and tried to claim it here... or that we were trying to set someone else up to make it look like they had designed a dialectic against us because we decided to team up and turn the   tables on the bad guys who set us both up...

Wait I need to give my fingers a rest and breathe... whew

There are some people in this world who have too much money and time on their hands, who are very sick and demented, who I wish would go to Paraguay really soon so we can spray chemtrails on them, rot their lungs and make it rain on their parade like they do to us. Andd then the psyops guys say.. do you believe I'm "who I say I am", name left blank to protect the innocent... and of course, like I write sometimes, joking about things Jesus said to people who claimed they knew and ackowledged Him IamthatIam and don't you know me.. and the Mary in the wilderness thing and moma miss america and and Mark Cuban and his nsider trading bust after being outspoken like a government sting...

Someone must have worked on this dialectic for months. And let's not forget the Truman sndrome, supposedly... about people who think other people ar ewatching them on tv through CSN (was it) Cat's eyes in 49 bye byes... oh this is a good dialectic and a total waste of time.. like always.. and why I'm so unproductive these  days...  and why I'd like to go somewhere safe so I can be around people who aren't hostile to me and interested in doing the good work that needs to be done int hte world to etablish The Kingdom so all the people who have harmed me so much over the course of my life can live a long full happy life while I die young due to the injuries sustained that appear to have begun since I was a child... including the appearance of what seems to be leading to blindness. Just like in the Turman movie of the guy who goes up on stage at the Capitol Mall with the dog, blind of course, as the first ending of the movie. Jim Carey movies are known in the targeted individual movies as the best ones used for psyops that there are... personally, I'v ebeen put thru Truman, Bruce Almight, The Number 23 (my numbers are 4, 40, and 44).. and oh yeah, the woman involved in this dialectic appears to be 40. Barack is number 44, and 4 is me... and maybe implies bad luck... even though, frankly, life was pretty easy for to succeed in until about 1975... even though I was told I had a syncopation disorder that theoretically could ead to passing out, which is nothing more than the thing of locking your knees and blocking blood flow, which is also a isign of directed energy attacks, and I specifically recall getting them first when I was about 11 at Harvey West park in Santa Cruz california... my mother was very protective of me at that time, always worried that I would inexplicably fall down while running, something I loved to do... and falling down... as a result of directed energy attacks.. she knew about... and was concerned about... around 1966...  Lyndon Johnson... who said, if they want a damned war I'll give them one... which I've thought a few times, referring to a war of hearts and minds as the "Son of Man" would supposedly do, not create military war as revisions of the Bible would suggest... coming on a white horse with wings - a plane  in a bubble - like Pope John Paul rode in, being shot and then revived, like the second horn? the first, I'll have to look that up..   - distorted and reversed by the book Behold a Pale Horse to amke it look like the evil Emperor instead of "Christ"... name inspecific?  and the return of God to the Kingdom as the "Christ" ruled the world with an iron (age?) rule... or golden rule? trhe very sort sof things the person I wanted to be partnered with knows off the top of here head, and to which I can add additional value and expansion of the intent of the paradigms and operating principles/methods of the Kingdom which could be described as the operating principles, which would make it sound like something stolen from Landmark Education, the likes of which they are supposedly upset with Werner Ehrhardt who founded EST and WEA/Ehrhardt Associates which became Landmark afte I took the FOrum, was pulle dout of the crowd of new graduates as someone to work for Werner on his boat in Sausalito, which never happened because his daughter accused him of incest, a charge she later recanted due to false memory and beign fed massive amounts of cocaine, supposeldy by Scientologists, and who got (Werener) to successfully leave the country for fearof arrest, and the damage done to his repurtaion despite his innocence.


Further, one line I used in my "We have a voice" speech that never got given " you don't get what you want out of life, you get what you tolerate" was by him, that I didn't originally credit but did later in another mention, as well as quoting and I think crediting him for the use of his aphorism "People ask, what would God have me be doing, and what people don't relaize is that they wouldn't be doing what they were doing if God didn't want them to be doing it"... close to it... which is excellent wisdom in the Kingdom of God, in a way, except in a world of psychotronics the will an wisdom and planning of God becomes disrupted, and things don't go well... just like the world we have now. Look around. Are you going bankrupt too? :}

And all of this is an incredibly long dialectic that's true, and since I can't contact the other person who I would have thought that she would have contacted me by now, given the circumstances... even to tell me to buzz off, which I respect her right to do, knowing down the road we may, because of our commitments, end up working together in one way or another anyway..

And it would seem like I just came to the conclusion that I've just discovered clues that would lead me to believe I should go there anyway, except that my experience is that these agents lead you to discover excellent information in order to make youtrust them, like CNN and MSNBC have, so that you'll take "advice", aesopian or psychotronic,   and then you get entrapped i  the same ways John DeLorean, Marion Berry, Elliott Sptizer, John Edwards, Ralph Nader and so many other poeple have over the years... and let's not forget the probability of Raython's involvement in the death of Paul Wellstone, a company I have a few stories about including sexual coercion of my pacifist brother, working at a defense plant,  for refusing to sign off for payments on project work that had not bbeen completed....  and an internet ISP in Angels Camp California, where I thought looked a nice place to live before I called for this job a tthe ISP... by a supposed former Ratheon employee... just after Lori Herrick and her "future" husband, my boss set me up to look as if I was harassing here, although I didn't at all,, and there's more to that  but I'm so bored of this.. but it always leads back to the U.S. Government, intel agencies, military Landmark Education, Wang Laboraties, Intuit, Microsoft, apparently scientology, the Lutheran and Catholic Churches... and oh my God... this Son of Man who has God in Him and is God as we all are, though the actual true God, in us all is my father AND your father.. and it just keeps getting better and better.. and even that is reversed in true Orwellian Fashion.. :}  

Breath... Don't cry for me Venezuela, you have equipment there to free me..  :} Hi Vladimir & Hugo and Mr Medvedev.... soon... :} Saw sime nuce reak estat in Russia, perfect for a church :}

Steve Winwood - Higher Love

and Still, in a completely different matter,  Todd Rundgren - One More Day

Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout a Revolution

Sarah McLachlan - Rarities - I Will Remember You

Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

Average White Band -  Person To Person

Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

Beatles - White Album - 304 - Everybody's Got Something to Hide

Jim Croce -  I Got A Name


Media Companies & CFR and Government - Stop Editing my website. NOW. Leave my friends alone, and stop instigating false flag terror attacks against the U.S. and other nations.  No more nuclear power plants. Period. Anywhere. New energy sources are on the way, and faster and cleaner to build. Prepare to convert to DC current.

Obama, help is on the way and you're not it. I've had about enough of this. Thanks Bill. I've heard tha thelp is on the way thing..oh, 4 years ago or so... hope is a product to you snakes. What do you do when your pupils contract... there's an example of a phrase that can be contextually interpreted.

and Thanks

m- I'm going to Disneyland. Wanna join me? Didn't know about the books.. looks great. I'm impressed and proud of you. I need an answer.. gotta be movin on. Were you talking the Biblical Paul and in what context... Brandeis and Harvard... that's where we can turn the tables. Didn't know about any of this before, I swear. Otherwise, on to New York. Milton, Kingodm's Hall Olympia. His wife knows me... tell her to come with Susan again. Everybody knows him. Call any Kingdom Hall... ASAP India's too much to ignore or delay any further.

Jeffrey Osborne - Let Me Know One way or another. It's time. 1 way trip.

I need to know what to do with Jesse. Here there or anywhere:}

PS In this case God relieves you of the debt... by whatever  name I am. There is  a question, do you really believe. either way is fine. I'm obviously not receiving your most recent material.. here' s something you'll find interesting in the abstract.. actually, in truth, now that I've actually written it. Again, that for challenging me. Let's see if you feel as thankful afterward. :} Maybe someday I'll see you in person, ann you can tell me just how direct you like ti so I can provide it that way. :} There's alwyas that bird sanctuary n Florida... I can play with hurricanes there :} Sure  feels good to be back in the groove agin. Thanks. This my other message of the day.. surprises me too, but it works for me :} I Have Become, and God is Present and In Control There's this thing called email that doesn't always work inbound, but there's cool thing developed at Stanford  called Yahoo, and I'm there too,and my name is chuckrehn. Maybe you don't want to be in contact. You could tell me that too. It'd be okay. But I kinda figure you contacted me first, and I'm at a bit of a disadvantage. Whatever's quick and communicates

PS to someone and their family, nice to meet you:}: Brotherhood forever and deeply.

11/26/2008 - 7:27 - Hi. I'm feeling much better now:}

Just wanted to say God Bless you all on Thanksgiving. I'll be sayin' a couple of special prayers tomorrow myself. I want everyone to know that despite the appearance at times, my heart and my passion are never reflecting hate, but the love I feel for every one of you. I know my expectations are high, but my desire for the Kingdom to be established in His name and in honor of Christ Jesus means so much to the world and to me and to those in particular whose hopes for the "Brand New Day" we've all been waiting for has seemed like eternity, the eternity to come will be beautiful, full of love and will be the source of the knowledge of God and His wishes for us all, who is source.

Let's all pray for the people of India tonight and the next few days .. as peace is restored and the damage is acknowledged and healed, such that people who feel the need for such acts will understand that there truly is a better way, through reconciliation, and through the love deep inside them that is the real motivation for the frustration and anguish that leads them to such acts.

God Bless You All. Amen and Amen. With all my heart.


Tomorrow, I'll look up invocation.. to be sure I'm fully aware of the power and the intent of God, and then we will begin again.

Thank you all, and let our thanks be the beginning of the New World that we are celebrating.

Prince - I Wish U Heaven (To and from)

Nassiri - Love Sees No Color - Love Sees No Color

Paula Abdul - Promise Of A New Day

Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - Dawning of a New Day

Donald Fagen - IGY

Nat King Cole - Christmas Song


rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Ry Cooder & John Hiatt - Inside Job

Hiya .. amazing what you can find on the Interenet.. thanks to Sam Nunn and Jimmy Carter. Jimmy,when are we going to have our  little talk.. it would be really useful, and I'd like to know a little about the uses of the nuclear reactor  at Emory... before I ask the old engineer who used to run it before he got psyopped out of his job.

Funny what you'll find when looking for a guitar teacher.

PS To John Fogerty Can't  find my  old guitar, but he told me something years ago that makes me believe I should call fantasy when the time came... I'll check to make sure of your label, but could you leave a message at the main desk to direct me to the right person??? He's Sam Straub... ring any bells...??? Hope So... :}

11/26/2008 - Harassment today is extreme. Thanks for nothing, Dobbs. Someone tried to call me today, probably a bill collector... noise was so bad that it couldn't be heard. The noise was on this end, which is consistent with the phone disruptions we deal with.. As for updates and coorrections on this site, the media can take a flying leap. It' smy website, there will be ccorrections made to cuments,, like the one on sex in the original Conversations... that were manipulations of the Council on Foreign Relations an Time Warner and CNN, the Council on Foreign Relations propaganda channel..  GE/NBC as well. And if you guys don't like being named here, start acting like Americans. I owe none of you taunters and manipulators any apologies.

Your economic coercion of this household is working well, Obama. You'r enothing but hype. Don't forget to say goodbye to your children beofreyou and Michgelle go to prison. Maybe the Bush''s and Kennedy's will send them down to Florida so Jeb Bush and his friends can train them and use them in the HW pedophilia  ring. That's what you people call justice, isn't it? Satanic ritual abuse works really well for you guys when you feel like playing with children's genitals.

Meanwhile.. at least now we know why BUsh wants Paraguay and South America.. HW and JT, the former cocaine dealer who was set free by the French after George and Laura were busted for carrying a briefcase full of cocaine as smugglers.... now they want to take over the largest marijuana crop producers in South AMerica.. ain't it fun.. the entire history of the BUsh / Barbara BUsh aka Pierce aka Piercy family, who escaped england after attempting to overthrow the government by blowing up the building during a full session of Parliament, and then fled to America to take over the New World, which they did.. their entire fortune is due to the sales and trafficking of drugs and sex slaves....  and now, thye've teamed up with the Bristish to retake America..Right Tony Blair. Only it ain't gonna happen.

Thanks to Vladimir Putin for protecting South America and the Carribean... I recommend taking an aerial tanker and very carefully and selectively spraying an organic fertilizer on Bush's property in Paraguay starting now. Ovferfertilize it, kill everything, and the fertilizer will dissipate and help things in 2-3 years.. meanwhile it will make their overthrow of South AMerica moot. Put a check on Brazil and assist FARC. Pleas do the same thing to any and all property owned by these cabalists so long as it insn'[t a U.S. territory or a natin I can be accused of compicty for. It's your chooice anyway, and I don't even know if you or anyone else is capable of reading this. Good luck, we'll get things settled after they're gone.

China... you'l  get your money.We'll sort things out and make everything right  Personally I'd suggest securing the border from the Mexico side to prevent escape... except mine. If I need to, I'll be going thru San Diego.

Obama - thanks for nationalizing all the large manufacturers.. it'll be easier to break them all up and give it to honest citizens afterward, make it easier to write off the loans and national debt because of them, and whne we cancel all debt to the Federal Reserve, that wil be the end of the problem. If you're invested in the federal reserve, I recommend you withdraw your investment now, cause you don't have long before you go bankrupt.. right June Lockhart and Miles O'Brien... just call me Timmy. And Lassie's gonna have you for lunch.

M - regardless of how anything looks, I'm on your side. That's irrevocable. What you do is up to you, and fine with me. The  past is the past. You do great work, that's all I care about, and as long as honesty rules the day and nothign is hidden, I can work  miracles. What you do is up to you.  But it sure looks alot like the profile of my history... can you handle that? I can.

Stevie Wonder - Superwoman

But I really enjoy Jesus Saves signs.. they have one in Tacoma.. long ago when I had a bank account, I saved too :} I wanna know the name of Jesus too, but I can't get any audio :} Great colleges, not so happy about the affiliations, but that means we can take 'em down.... cause I have the same connections on my end.. and you don't know how glad certain people were that we were "disconnect". I need a get out of jail free card...

Got that left drift folks? I get harrassed about not "doing what I'm supposed to".. I'm only one citizen.. what are all you powerful "smart guys" doing?

BTW Thanks for zapping the batteries on my video camera so I couldn't video all the coppers last night, but it was a fun show.. Tonight, can you do some formations that look like the positiono of the stars at the beginning of creation according to Enoch. I'm  a little bored looking at the big dipper and Orion's belt.... and the moon coming up in the east. Ya almost had me believing there was a UFO.. butthe lights form your aircraft have a slight metallic blue tint to them unlike stars, and when they move too fast, it gives it away.. the star formations, that is... they must be what Ft Lewis and MCChord call the "Star Fleet".. who makes this stuff up for you guys? ANd you call me nuts.


Ya know, this Alice thing.. I'm only a little offended. When ALice in Wonderland was on long ago, the only thing I actually cared about was seeing Billy Preston as the Cheshire cat:} after that, it was kind of complex for a little kid :} I've already told that story of the turkey appearing out of nowhere on thanksgiving.. and I mean a live turkey. Like the time I was sitting in the living room, and I saw a cloud of smoke drifting thu the backyeard like smoke from a cigarette.. of course no one was in the backyard when I immediately went to look. It would have been easy to hide or get away.

11/24/2008 - Really funny. Everytime I leave my little office I get totally bombarded. Olbermann I'm not going to tell any funny stories about you and CNN's psyops of me on behalf od the COuncil on Foreign Relations, and you will go to jail. Good luck. Nor will I tell anymore psyops stories or psychotronics that diminish the hell you put people through, Further, if you don't like my vitriol, who cares? So take your WKRP turkey story, and tell people how funny it is to constantly realize there are people stalking you in your back yard.. continuously.. and then see how fun they think that is. I can't wait  to hear the reactions to people finding out there are pervert intel ops watching them have sex. and raping them. And you're covering it up, along with all the rest of your colleagues in crime. You and your friends are all sex offenders, and I'm going to put you r names on the pages and identify you as such. Got that Rahm.. that'll include Obama, Clinton, and everyone else you people put on your staffs. I'm taking M off the list, because what I'm clearest about is that everytime I start to make contact with someone I should be in contact with, you guys do somehting to make me thinkthey're an enemy. You'r ethe only enemies.. and let's be clear I gave MSNBC and NBC the benefit of the doubt.. no longer.  ANd you can act like you don't read this, but i"ll know, an i'm not going to have other people dealing with the psyhotronic anger you people generate to continue to alienate me from people.. And the day will come that you all will go down hard, and you'll deserve it. Got that Dobbs?  You think you won because you suppresed me... like I said long ago, someone threatens my life or sticks a gun in my face, I don't get intimidated, I get mad, and I take 'em down. Feel free to continue to motivate me. I'm going to dig up the truth about every member of your staffs as time goes on... and it'll be easy to show you're all perverts and criminals. Easy. Extremely easy. And I don't care what people know about me. An dI can make the case against psychotronics, unlike Einhorn, who will go free.

Obama... don't think for one minute that you and the entire rest of the Democratic Party and Congress and the Supreme Court are off the hook.. sinc ethe Secret Service is already involved in my psyops, feel free to send them over to claim I'm threatening you. I got a thing or two I'd love to say to THEIR faces... at least I have the guts to face them. You'r e coward and criminal, and the world will know it. ANd they'll know about your wife remaining silent about the torture and rape of millions of people around the world and in the United States on AMerican soil, American citizens standing up for Democracy while people like you sell them a pack of lies under the guise of a plan from someone who would have done more than harm a citizen to steal a winning campaign so you'd have a good set of lies to tell about your intention.

Hiring people from the Federal Reserve is your first mistake. People hate Summers.. it gets easier and easier.. coming soon... the Vince Foster Case... and those special women coming in the back door for ya..

And of course, I know all thse things because I realized today that when I worked at CIVS in Rockville above the NIH, where I couldn'tconcentrate at all, where I shared an office with someone whose husband was the IMF  accountant for China,   reviewing the stories people told me about various things, that business was a front to house people like me who you all wanted to torture and harass with psychotronics and DEWS.. explains why I couldn't get the doctor in that building to help me get my arm repaired in the accident that Allstate used intimidation tactics on me for in order to stop me from suing them.. but I will down the road.. RICCO... and some of those people were the business owner, who will be very interested in my reports, who got the business stolen from her for worthless stock, anda former White House aid. Not to mention my friend, who might be NSA who nearly got setup for pedophilia that he didn't do when he took in a homeless mother and his child into his house and let them stay there until she could get her life together. Won't that be a fun one? And then there's that former FOx producer wholikes me so much, who used to have me give her slogans like TB has no borders, and edit all her materials to present  before Congress and the public. My materials, without my name on it, are in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and many more. All over the country. And Results is going down with Gates, Heririck, Zucker and Clark Broadcasting. Sherrod, ya wanna tell your own story, or shall I get it from the employees' boss? And then tell Nader about the collusion?

Wanna piss me off some more?

2:29 -  So I studied sacred math again this morning, saw a bunch of interesting stuff about Masons and Freemasonry, and a synopsis of one Pope's denunciation of Free Masonry... interesting, but more, it pointed out this "relevance" issue once again... I'm not being arrogant but almost everyday, I see moreof what my purpose is at first, an it is to bring down this government by causing people to see how even the best of ministers - no critcism inteneded - miss the truly central errors in the administration of churches and government and justice... the free masonry part in particular... as I keep saying about everything I see, there are lots of good things in every study and practice and faith, but a few too many basic concepts have been lost to extremism and politics.. and the emulations I see going on are incredibly accurate facades of demented lies and schemes, it's actually interesting, if you didn't know it meant people being killed, starved, and enslaved. As the Clinton White House was installed for the speak deliverer Obama,who doesn't even do that  well. All hail psychotronics and media propaganda...  I don't want to do Moses, with fear. I don't wknowhow what I need to inform people of can do anything but induce fear, and it's easy to see the setup of having me denounce the tactic all this time... The journey of the Fool is complete. It is done. That IS where I'm a about things... and I will never give in to this government or the media or any of the corporations who have been part of the conspiracy against this nation, the world, God and myself.

I  don't know if  I'm going to continue writing this "book" in this column, but I am breaking ut to different sections so that good people don't have to deal with the language evoked by psyops and psychotronics. I reserve the right to address politicians and media with whatever language seems appropriate, and I mkae no apologies for that. I asure you though, when addressing other nations and foreign churches, I will absultely appropriate.. and if violence does break out smewhere, you sickos will be responsible for it.

With that, I'm going to set up a message for the clergy section.. pleae don't do Aesopian wiht me anymore if you're in the clergy, because I will write you off my list of people I choose to deal with if you do. I get enough harassment from the media.

Here's another thing I don't expect.. if you have something to sy to me, communicate with me...via normal modes... and if it gets blocked and I don't respond, find another way, because I'm here, and if it bothers you at all that the government is illegally detaining me, do something about it. I've gotten real clear that if I wrote one piece that was accurate, it's that God's not welcome. I'm not asking for anyone's permission. Those that hear will hear, and per my instructions, I will turn my back on those who do not. Until and unless they do.

I hope you never have to experience psychotronics as a form of psyops, although I know you're being affected an manipulated by it whether you know it or not. I actually  assist people with it in many ways, except when they don't allow me to. At which time, I can't waste my time on people who do not want assistance.

Sorry if I'm a little too direct.. I'm getting piounded with psychotronics, I only had a few bad hours of sleep last night, and I'm incredibly tired of being jerked around. When the time comes and you're asking for mercy, media, you'd better be appreciative of the fact that I'm more objective than probably anyone you've ever encountered. That doesn't mean I'll like you. That's up to you.

And get  out of my way, I'm leaving this country one way or another.. you'll get your wish that way, and I'm not making any stops except the U.N. When it all falls, look to the country I go to for an example of how a good place works.

And remember, even at the worst moments of dealing with you traitors,   I kept giving opportunities for you all to display at least a little common decency. So don't blame me if I turn my back on you, just like you all did with Ira Einhorn.

Time Warner - You're going out of business. As is GE.


11/24/2008 -  11:44 am - Those of you who would judge me.. the anger and frustration I express.  Every have someone who just talked for hours and hours doing nothing but talking in negative about everything, criticizing everything you do and say... it makes you want to scream doen't it.. try living with that for 6+ years, 24 hours a day, and see how happy youare. See how much love you express.

See how much fun it is to have the government bankrupt you, instruct a city to harm you at every possible moment, make it impossible for you to eat properly, work, cut of fyour phones, re-direct your interenet access so you cna't even make a plane reservation to leave the country.. because all they really want is to torture you and have the fun of watching you painfuly die from the torture. That's yuou government ladies and gentlemen, that's Barack Obama... and that's you, for allowing it to happen.

Millions of people tortured, and all you do is watch and make fun of them. I'm not the person who needs to be contained. You are. And you'll hate me for my outbursts and anger... tur your backs because you don't believe or just don't care about anyone but yourselves.. adn when your world falls apart you'll blame God, because you Americans have been well trained to blame God for your own evil, because you don't even read the Bible, and you don't understand it when you do, and the ministers of today don't have the gumption to even stand up against murder and torture oftheir fellow citizens, proving they have forgotten their role as servants in God's Kingdom. So go ahead, portray me as the evil in your world... and just remember, when it crashes I tried to warn you and I gave my life to inform you and protect you and bring the torture of all of you to an end.

And then turn your backs again because I didn't meet your expectations for some guy who'll smile when people harm him for 53 years. I don't care if you believe. The story is on this site, and it's true. You don't want to believe it anymore than you actually believe in God. And that' sthe true bototm line. And that's not my fault. And if you have the guts to face yourselves, particularly those claiming to be against humanistics, an I'm not referring to one person...  you can't give up your pride and self-serving ministries to assist someone you claim to be devoted to.

See how much fun it is to know somebody won an election with years of your own work that they claim to be their own... but try finding out that those same people destroyed your life, systematically year by year... taunting you.. for things you didn't do.  And then criticize me for caring about you  Becasue if I was ever stupid, it was to do that.

The biggest mistakes I made in my life were trusting people... people I didn't even know were purposely setting me up... people you should be able to believe you can trust, polticians, media., ministers... set up by a minister to be caused to become homeless or branded as a stalker or sex offender... and then wonder why I now really do believe that America is a Godless nation... not because my father made a mistake or even that I made some mistakes.. you chose it... don't forget 53 years... try living that and see how much love you have left in you.

Unfortunately, I have a world of love in me... that's the greatest weapon your perverted leaders and media use against me... and you all just go along with it. It says nothing about me, because even as one more citizen, I have more love and productivity to give... I just can't even imagine how you people justify yourselves. All I have to say is God knows the truth about you all... of course, the only people I have contact with are those who harm me and people who have been part of the plan to convince me I am no one and nothing... that I am worthless, and that God is a myth.

God is a myth in America because Americans made Him that.. but he's not a myth in other places. And because of the actions of the United States Governement and the ignorance and evil of the American people, YOU will bring the wrath of the world, not God, upon yourselves, just like the Bible says. And you will deserve it. 

Don't blame God. Blame apostate ministers who sold out years ago... blame apostates who stand and claim devotion and faithfulness to God and then act on behalf of the Devil.

Blame your almighty leaders who have you worshipping them...

And then when you suffer, blame God, the myth, because the last thing any of you want to do is be accountable for your own actions.

I wish I never decided to be a patriot, not becuse it's wrong or Idid the wrong things, but because it was a waste of time. And I wish my father wasn't God, and that I wasn't His son, because I can't believe that God would give me a life like this for people so morally bankrupt. But I am. And that's why I'm going tobring it all down, just like I was supposed to.

And then hate me for doing the right thing. The rest of the world will thank me. nd I'll still do it legally, and you'll lose, because God really is on my side, and I can't imagine Him wanting to stop you from destorying yourselves. And when you blame me for it, when you blame God for allowing evil people like yourselves to destroy yourselves, remember God will be saying, I'm glad we finally got rid of the evil ones. Now we can actually have a world that's worth living in

Pastors who declare that people like meare evil are only covering their own evil. And I got proof... funny how that always works out.. don't forget it.. harm me, and for some reason you get harmed. I don't like it anymore than you. But that just appears to be what happens. You figure it out.At this point I'm glad it happens. There you go - another reason  to hate me for something I have nothing to do with, nor does God. You're welcome to it.

Moon Martin - I've Got A Reason

Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - By a Friend

When I nominate Dobbs for an emmy that he won, I ws angry at him, but like I told him when I sennt him the email telling him he was nominated, I pointed out that I wsa angry at him, but that at leastI had the integrity to know the difference between right and wrong, and despite my treatment, I felt he should be honored for reporting some things that no one else would.. that I now know he did as part of the psyops that... as Olbermann said last April.. to suck me in... to finishing the job of  ****ing me up... they haven't ****ed me up.. but they sure did it to all of you. Enjoy your lives.

This next part got inverted with another day because the psyops guys didn't want you to see this stuff about the NAACP.

I'll be breaking this up so the politicalstuff doesn't get buried anymore. Good psyops, stupid politicians. A typical combo...

4:32 pm - Tell AT&T to stop blocking my internet access. Exemption laws are unconstitutional. I think it's time for  a whole bunch of anti-trust suits... remember that dance? Tell your second drip drip she doesn't get her bonus because I'm going to New York. I give noone the benefit of the doubt anymore.

You know, I didn't want to believe it, given the support and concern I've had for minorities and  the NAACP.. but the NAACP just provided me with a link that proves what I didn't want to know... and that is that they've been involved in this   for years. All the way back to Atlanta. The United States truly is a Godless nation. NAACP.. traitors to America. It just gets weirder and weirder. Clearly you guys are out to cause riots.   I'm not backing down. You even have the NAACP covering your butts. How many good people are you going to take down with you, Obama? It won't work. You're damned.

Yes indeed, just like the Nazi's did it.. and Obama's their  leader, who will cause race wars in America if this particular dialectic pans out. I can't believe it.. me agains tthe NAACP :} Unreal. What was that movie, Kung Fu something..  Lou what was the name of that movie. You guys are so stupid... non-intel agencies... this is the stuff that's gonna make you lose, while I laugh at your idiocy. I still can't believe Greenspan siad "I don't know"... and if you think your idiocy is going to make anything better, you're wrong. The line really has been drawn. I rarely turn back.

But it's official, America is no longer an anointed nation... and there don't appear to be any faithful to me. I believe in miracles, but not magical thinking of that nature.

James Taylor don't sing any more music about God and Christianity. You've done enough damage, and it will be used as evidence of your deception and hypocrisy. Like you said, you can run but you can not hide... glad you got yours. Now you're gonna get yers.

That miniister who talked about making Christianity relevant really knew what he was talking about...  personally, I'm very sorry to say, I just keep getting more and more disgusted.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere


We have an opportunity to begin a dialogue with the NAACP about bringing our issues before Congress.  The discussion tonight will center around how to make the most of this.  More details at the conference:
CALL-IN NUMBER:  1-724-444-7444

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jan Hammer & Neal Schon - No More Lies

My favorite aesopian moment.. was when my future press secretary, if they don't go to jail, delivered a news story while talking, but changing the pitch of his voice to the tune of Amazing Grace :} I'm sure somebody could prove that, but I don't care too.. then there's the mysterious appearing turkey thing... :}

11/22/2008 - 11:26am.. One day, probably my older sister took the whole bag of chocolote chips from the night stand at the head of my parents bed, where my Father would eat them at night while he read books. Nobody would 'fess up, so he lined us all up and said, if the person who did it doesn't step forward, you'll  all be punished

So we were. It didn't last long, 'cuz he just wanted someone to step forward. :} Noone did. So we all suffered.. a lttle... how can you have any pudding if you won't eat your dinner, right Pink?

That's how the world works, when a government like that of the United States which has become the source of evil in the world, the real great whore spoken of in the Bible in this time. The financiers and money changers make the most money from death and desruction of war, while everyone else, the citizens wh pay for their sick fun, do the suffering. History repeats itself. God did not forsake anyone. It is He who has been forsaken. Don't blame God.

So, I really am tired of all this bull. So, let it be know to all the jokers out there that from now on, I will post your pictures, your names, anything I can get to identify you and post it to the web site. The doctors will be featured as well, and so will the ministers who think it's fun to taunt me, steal the product of God's work, and laugh at me , as if I'M the fool.

Even if you thought I was the worst person in the world, God you will not forgive you for your conduct toward "the least of them". In your eyes, apparently that is what I am. And that's just fine with me.

Meanwhile... America truly is a Godless Nation. And I still can't believe that ministers would interact with anyone in the ways they do. Please, all of  you, stop telling people you serve God, because you don't, you serve yourselves. God has nothing to prove to you.

I'm really sad about the conclusions I feel I'm being forced to come to today, but it's about time... and I'm not going to let America destroy the world so a few sick people can enslave you. For God's sake..

Jimmy Carter - you're the most pathetic example of an apostate politician there ever was. God is alive, and He will remember you. Tell Mary and Scott hello for me, and that when the time comes, they'll serve their time. I thought they were my friends. What a friend we have in Jimmy.... body and soul baby.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - Edge of A Dream

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Melanie - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)

MSC Notes: It'll take me a couple weeks to clear out, but I'll get it down, via New York. It'll be interesting. I just thought I'd put  afew things out there, despite the obvious affiliations they have with traitors...Spitzer, Edwards, wanna save the world? Here's your chance. Of course I don't expect anything, but it's just my way of offering you an opportunity to act like Americans.

Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

Telling the truth is not hateful, though it may be painful to tell and painful to hear. They committed the crimes, not me. You all commit them with your silence and inaction. That's your choice. I accept it. Told you I would.

If people realy believe the great flood was such a mercy, does that mean people think the best thing for God to do is allow it all to be destroyed so people don't have to face the truths about their nations and themselves? The bear went over the mountain.... He didn't like what He saw...

A pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God. Guess I'm gonna have to make a new one.

There will be no more empires. Only the Kingdom of God. Period.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you're witnessing is dispensationalism.. only, God didn't break His promise, all of you did. Don't blame God or me.

11/24 - 4:28 am... I know I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, but I keep wondering.. I read Revelations.. I think to myself.. there are things about this book that don' tquite work for me... and I'm sure it's me, sort of... but.... The Israeli Paelstinian conflict was supposed to end in 1996... Clinton didn't pull it off because 1) they didn't want it to be resolved... Clinton that is... but I can't help wondering if Miss America, who probably hates me by now, thinks that maybe Armageddon actually happened in 1968... only everybody thought it had to be America involved as the prime motivator.. and the reason I'm a little befuddled about it is because so many things in the later parts of Revelations... I mean, I'm already past the 7th vile... that's beyond Armageddon, unless sleep deprivation is causing me to forget something... Now, I was only 13 at the time... that put me somewhere between Scotts Valley and Central Point Oregon  Middle School and McLaughlin Middle School in interesting period of my life... oblivious to everything but the Boston Celtics and the Lakers... here we go, I hear this pastor on tv talking about God is a man... and he was serious.. course, it was a piggyback :} All these piggy backs and disinformation... I wonder why people don't understand why I get so wacky... and of course, I came to the revelation of Judith a while back, but I was concerned about dealing with the Son of Man name and understanding... and then there's the neighor down the road (who says stuff that tells me he knows my future) who asked me a long time ago, Do you believe n God? I said, yeah, but probably not the same way you do... he was puzzled and amused... and he said it just like my boss at Borland who told me to find Jesus... so, people are expecting Jesus, except for that thing about the white stone, and receivng it and all... only the guy who has it and the people who believe it will know it's him.. that was easy to understand. Do other people understand? do ministers understand?  Do these minsiters tell anyone. Now   personally, I think we're actually closer to the part of Jesus sent His angel... and then staying in a waiting pattern for a while... caus eit doesn' tseem like he has one...but the timelines are skewed and sort of out of order, like this blog. I'll research it more, but it's an interesting inquiry for me. And I still need a witness. Guess the Grand Funk didn't go over too good. :} If anyone wants to volunteer to be a witness, feel free to email me....

So here's the deal, how about I go around telling people I'm God.. and I can make the case if they'll talk to me... but let's just say I do that.. If I'm no longer the Son of Man, but have become to the understanding of God, can we stop hurting people if  they are nice to me? I would really appreciate it. Then I wouldn't have to write this weblog anymore. That's  a pretty good deal isn't it? I'm sure Barack would like that, and I'd still hold my position no matter what the conditions.. but I'm pretty bored, and want to write some good stuff that I don't want ripped off and distorted....

Then you could  really make it sound like I was crazy, and everybody else would be safe.. til the Armageddon in America.. just around the corner.. I still say my Israeli solution is the best one (though ya'll probably don't think I offered one but if I did, some politician would use it as a front) .... still.. I have to admit, I'm still surprised that ministers haven't been more welcoming, especially some know who I am... and it seems like a bunch of people in Africa knew me...

I have to write the media off, basically, as just being used to stall me and I'm tired of being played with. Weed and seed needs to let people know that if I get hasseld anymore, I will take pictures and start posting faces on the web... from your parking lots. And if the Dems and Repubs don't  tell you to stop, you and the psyops, then maybe I'll start psyopping you. I can do what you do to me.. hang out in the bushes and make noises... all perfectly legal on public land, as opposed to how you guys trespass.. enter the home... glue tires to wheels.. spray poison, kill plants...  you name it... and when the police come, I'll just give them your pictures, file assault and conspiracy charges, etc... I don't know what's wrong with the people in Mason County... but you make it clear I'm not welcome here... the next person who follows me in  a car will likely be cahrgesd with stalking.. because I'm tired of all of it. I'd be more than happy to leave, but you a*holes have this government that's fascist, and bama's no different, and they've already destroyed my life... I'm not stupid like many of you are... I won' tbreak the law. But I'll get you all busted. ANd what you'r efdoing is illegal.

11:20 am - I'm wondering this morning which group of people I've put my ass on the line for my entire life that hasn't done me harm.. not coming up with any.The government and Council on Foreign Relations is doing everything to kill me by putting me out on the streets - and they get particular joy of doing it against the instructions of the Bible..  more evidence of their perversion.. and then they play this game wtth me to get me to leave the country - using AT&T and Quest and Hughes... to mae sure I cna' taccess anything or anyone to getout of the country or begin my ministry.. and they're going to do it to all of you... and then you'll know you're all fools. With no excuse for your betrayals of God.

The protocols state that I could claim ownership of everything.. all I wanted was my quiet corner... you beat me down that far... you just couldn't destroy me and never will. And you will  regret doing this to me.

You want to play the ownership game and courts... cool, let's do that, and I'll make sure every one of you bastards end up penniless and homeless.. like a nuisance.. as it should be.. as you treat everyone else. Just like Dobbs and Kerry said they'd treat me.

Obama - everything you do will provide more proof of your guilt. Everything. It's already begun. Ever been to the Hague. Stting up the NAACP to cover your ass and supposedly free them will be one more commissiion - a cover up... and it won't work because the people you'd have to free know who I am... I'm clear about that, and they have from the beginning when I didn't understand all the advanced stuff they were trying to get me to understand... except now I do. Like the closed circuit tv network covering every moment of life... and apparently putting it on display.. especially the sick parts that would have been explained if you showed the whole thing... I'm going to show the whole thing and that's what's going to **** you. And if you don't like my languge,bear in mind I think it's bad, but light years above your moral standards, so it should sound like children laughing to you. Like I told CNN long ago, attempting to come up with the most despicale thing I could say to describe CNN and Time Warner: a bunch of sick ****s, and the Council onFroeign Relations channel and their friends all need to go to jail. Soon.

Turn off the psychotronics and the 6 second delay.. that alone will be the proof needed to hang you all. If you want to die that way, fine with me.

I never thought much about owning a tv station.. guess I'm gonna own a lot of them... and then get honest people to staff them. And then give them away. And yeah, Sheppard, you do have a beautiful voice...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Lou Christie - Lightnin' Strikes

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Thunder

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - Thieves In The Temple

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - Real Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - Initiation - Eastern Intrigue

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jim Croce - I Got A Name

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gary Wright - Who I Am - A01 - Who I Am

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - One Planet, One People Please

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Nilsson - Me And My Arrow

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Billy Preston - You Are So Beautiful
Actually, my all time favorite Billy Preston Song... can't wait to hear the 4th verse. Anyone taking care of his  memorabilia yet? If not, and it goes away, I'm gonna be REALLY pissed.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bourgeois Tagg - Waiting For The Worm To Turn

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) David Crosby - Oh Yes I can - My Country 'tis Of Thee

I'm getting this image of Donnie on the 101 channel.. debuting a new video single, and as he goes along, these angels rise up from nowhere, joining the chorus... or maybe on Miss America's show.. I'd watch it again :}

1:42 pm -  Psyops guys are telling me they're going to sue me for plagiarism for Time Waner, Clive Davis and James Taylor. Good luck. I  dare you. And after I find the tune that has my song in the background.. puppy dog tails... and a whole bunch of others including Wyclef Jean and all you'll do is make us all rich and put yourselves behind bars. I don't care what laws you passed, they're unconstitutional. Maybe the corrupt courts will give a the decision, but the public won't.  How much CNG do we have available? Start the barbecue. I'll bet Lionel Richie and Patty Harrison and a whole bunch of others would have something to say about it... including me. Europe's been complaining for years that the U.S. and its corporations have been stealing from them using psychotronics... the U.N. before the Iraq war claims it was being bugged.. by psychotronics, how much you wanna bet.. And now, even Australia is fessin' up.

The United States Government is surrounded, and willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. Time to pull the plug. I don't hang out with people who wait for someone else to bake the pie...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Toni Braxton - You Mean the World To Me

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eddie Money - Super Hits - Walk on Water

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) All 4 One - I Can Love You Like That
Not only did I not realize I had this song, I didn't know I'd uploaded it. Love it! Love the name of the group!:}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Dan Fogelberg - Holy Road

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Dan Fogelberg - Wild Places - The Spirit Trail

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Blind Faith - Presence Of The Lord

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - Light of Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

I love mixing music :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tom Petty - The Last DJ - The Last DJ

When 10cc's rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) I'm Not in Love came out, I thought, nah, Paul's just messin' with us cuz it sounded just like him. Today, I hear this, and wonder, is this 10 cc... but no...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation in the Back - 11 - Promise to You Girl
I think I'm gonna bundle up some quarters and buy the Memory Almost  Full album. Can't wait to hear what's gonna happen next:} And, oh, btw, I'd love to tell aviv, but I don't know who he is :}

And the final request...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Richie Havens - I Don't Wanna Know

Accidentally mixed two mixes together. Darn. :}

Don Imus - Rent A Car Phone Call

My dad was a big fan of the Road Runner, A.J. Foyt :}

6:46 pm - Here's a psychotronics story you'll find interesting to tell you just how welll psychotronic hypnosis works... when I first hooked up with Dobbs, I started gnashing my teeth.. ha ha ha emulation, just like the Bible says. Never heard of psychotronics then. Never heard of Ira Einhorn till at least 2002, 2003, thanks to CNN. But, I'd be watching MSNBC, bored with the news but watching the trends, looking at their announcers, and I'm not criticizing their skills, just watching.. thinking thoughts.. and I kept wondering, why do so many of their best people speak out of the sides of their mouths, and have crooked faces... lisps, and why don't they get their teeth fixed so their presentations are more professional.. and of course, the Bible says these people   speak form the sides of their mouths etc...  I just thought, if they're professional and they care about their craft, then they have dental insurance, and they should be watching their own broadcasts to see if their presentaion could be approved... I bascially told Huckabee he should get invisalign, not directly, just thought it, and he did... Dobbs started wearing a suit...  soon after, I started developing this habit of pressing my tongue up against the tooth that's falling out. I got the inheritance.. which got consumed by cash flow management for building the house I advised against building because of the expense.. and I was clear about the future crash in the housing market.. and it's her money and house, so she went ahead against my advice, as usual... so for 8 months, I had a loose tooth and no money... then, the house was done, I had to demand my money back, and there's more to that story, and all I asked for was money to get my teeth fixed.

Dental and MSNBC/CNN Connection

Anyone suspecting psychotronics owes it to themselves to read Kurzweil on singularity... electronic singularity, not spiritual singularity... it'll spook ya, scare ya... you'll see instances in your life that, after w while, will clearly present that someone is interrupting the matrix, the timeline, the synchronicity of the matrix of God. And that's where Ft Dietrich and the Bible Codes comes in. WIth a big enough computer, a complete dictionary of words and a system capable of doing zillions of word matches in every direction imageinable, you could probably knowevery word someone will ever utter so long as the timeline/matrix is preserved... the cool thing is, if someone interrupts the matrix, the matrix changes like magic as if the old stuff that was supposed to happen never did, and the new stuff fill sin. Many times, the old stuff has a computer entry, as if God was notating it as waived.. or , not done, or that scenario instruction aborted.Where it goes form there, I don';t know, I can imagine, but this is likely what they're going to use to claim God is dead, and that the synchronicity of the world is now actually being generated by this machine they call the beast.  My understanding is - and I don't know if this is true - but they convinced Jimmy Carter that God really is dead. Jimmy's wrong. Can' twait to hear that story, and I'd better.

Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd are Templar Knights... charged with the integrity of the matrix... looks like they abused it. Rockefellers, according to interesting documentation, supposedly had a deal to bring abou the New World and me.. dismal failure... until now.... and  it appears that maybe I ws supposed to have been elected President by now. They promoted Barack instead, after assuming they had me so set up that I couldn't possibly get elected.. except I'm the Son of Man, they knew it all along, and did they really think I'd sell out.. apparently they did. Or hoped I would.

Boy, were they wrong, AND they knew that too... they tried to deter me with the music career carrot that wasn't true either.. for some reason theywant me homeless in Los Angeles...  not like I'd mind being  a musician to a degree, who wouldn't really... but I always planned on running for the Senate and President... And now they think I'm at a disadvantage... instead, I've got all I need  to bring this whole overthrow of the United States into the ground. And after all the abuse I've taken, all this ttime I invested, with a new lease on life and my purpose and my mind clearly set to do what God had me to do, ain't no way I'm backing down unless they kill me. ANd they've tried many times and failed.. and will continue to do so as they have all these years... until God pulls the plug... there must be a couple more pieces of information I need for that to happen. Big ones... likely about Clintons and the Bushes... won't this be fun... and Barack. For the record, it's not fun at all.

Tell Baird his order of succession project that he claims takes so much of his time won't help. Nice try though. And weed and seed will be going down with him. Better be careful, though, Brian.. the guys you and the Clintons gave the equipment to will probably use it on you to shut you up. You won't like it? BTW, what's   amentalhealth professional doing buying into the idea  of using psychological torture aaganst your own constituents? How about I make a list of victims in your district. I got 'em. How many ya want. PS Tell the guys at Fort Lewis their names are on record, and if they keep doing what they're doing, they will go down for human rights violations as well. ALl they have to do is turn in their commanders, and I'llbe happy.. and anyone of their friends who actually thinks its fun.. they need psychological help, and may not be real criminals. They were told to do it.. it affects you.I hear there's a high suicide rate amongst the equipment operators... depression, and rf related maladies.. That's all I know. But Eleanor has the scoop on all that stuff. Peter has a huge amount of knowledge... may be a counter psyops guy, he's that good.

FFCHS has ALL the records on the Levesque case against Time Inc and the CIA. And the guy in charge of that org is former NSA... Julianne is formerly Army Intel. I've heard of a coupleother people whose fathers were involved with the hovercraft... now the anti-grav program for emulating UFO's... and alien attack frauds.. that started with Lockheed in the 50's, when my Father was working on them. I haven't heard of anyone else with direct knowledge of weather modification, but I bet I could. I have  a number of people who'll talk about media mirroring, often emanating from contact with CNN. Including a man who was the operator of a nuclear reactor at Emory university, who got psyopped out of his job.. after he made contact with me.... that'll be an interesting one, because the way he treated me, I thought he was  a perp... but, people who are nice to me have to be mean too apparently... he actually repeated conversations from my living room in the internet chat rooms one day, with another guy, to shut me out of  a conversation. Long  story. I have the emails.

Another person started getting attacked after her sister went to work at ABC. All of these can easily be revealed in a conference call. These people say things, and they don't even realize how significant they are. They're looking for smoking guns, I was looking for patterns and clues. Without triangulating signal equipment, there ar eno smoking guns,and that equipment costs $75,000 to $200,000 But since the psyop guys know everything you're doing, all they have to do is turn it off when the folks with the detectors come in to try to help. It's that simple.  But I'll bet ya I have an interesting device on the property nex t door that a radar tech would find very interesting.. and I could be wrong about that, but it's the direction where the main DEWS signals come from, other than the Directv satellite direction, which may be the same as Iridium or Westar or Echostar... but it's always that direction, whereever i go. In San Fancisco, I used my hands, checked the antennas... the direction of direct tv. Every time.And I admit it could be an illusion, but Idon't think so.I've detected energy with my hands since at least 1970.... definitely better at it now. I can probably go through a house and tell you where all the wiring runs...:} But don't tell anyone :} It's not like I've spent anytime trying to develop it. Imagine what would happen if I did :} Still, I can't wait to do healing.It'll be fun to see how that develops. Of course, ya gotta be around people to do that. It's all about knowing, not trying, and as your confidence builds.. :}

Of course then, theres always... when he gets up and speaks, he really works miracles with a crowd. I'm not saying I do that, but that's one way to think of how miracles are performed... not quite as glamorous, but accurate.

The first will come last and the last will come first... the first born son...  son of man will come first... and the first, God, will come last....ain't that interesting.? Who knows.. but it's true. :}

The high will be made low one, though, that doesn't change :}


11/23/2008 - 12:22am Barack forgets that it's the cover up that gets you in trouble... Here's the latest fun thing.. so now I'm getting appeals form someone here... wouldn't you like to just settle down in the country and live in a peaceful place and spend your life somewhere like that? Thought I was doing that,. No. Thank you, pysops guys, knock it off and stop affecting people in my house. The videos of my dog's wounds will make a decent case of that. I'm number 226 on the list... and proud of it.

Meanwhile... got a new song... the psyops guys do know how to push my buttons, gotta  give em that. and about 10 years to life. Just for the offenses against me.

You guys are not going to reel me in. I'll burn you all first.

Looks like I can make it to Israel.. and I know I can get accomodations there. Won't that be fun. ANd let's be clear about one more thing. I'm not going to just calm down and let this go.

11/21/2008 - 11am - Pat Robertson What's on my mind this morning is about this traitor's list..

See the Letter to Pat Robertson, sorta

Thought of the moment: The true sign of a good boss is when they can transformationally empower someone who has low self-esteem to be the best being they actually are in any given moment, just as the sign of a good employee is to contribute to the work and outcome they have agreed to empower which includes trusting the supervisor to give you work, not obstacles, toward that outcome, that are not beyond your gifts but most certainly will generate your being toward your spiritual and capable perfection to the degree in which you are willing to be His Ecclesiastical example of the promise to us all inside the ways of being He desires us to consider and realize as beneficial and existent. Knowing that all that is given for you to do is designed to be the fulfillment of your dream of what you always thought life should be like, but surrendered to the way you have come to believe the world is by those who benefit from your suffering.

That is the true nature and essence of the partnership desired by God with all beings, and the way of Jesus the Christ who continues to bear your transgressions as His representative on your behalf to those who would defy and betray God's plan for His Kingdom that we live in, to His joy.


To say one thing clearly.. the traitor's board is not intended to be coercion... it is simply the place where I place the names of those I know for  fact - per my observations as well as evidence - are involved in actions that are detrimental to the interests of Democracy, the Nation and citizens of America, and most certainly is not about any anger I have about anything... because if I find out with certainty that I am wrong about any of those people, I will be the first to be willing to exhonorate them, admitting no error,  because for whatever reason, these people have placed themselves in the psoition of reasonable suspicion, and they deserve and should be required to answer those questions willingly or face the consequences of their acquiescence... to a plethora of causes greater than themselves that they say they believe in.

And, I will gladly welcome anyone who, like Paul, saw truth and acted upon it, so long as we have an agreement that I will never be betrayed again. Betrayal, being much different than fudging on character issues every once in a while. We all mess up sometimes. Even me, as hard as that is to believe :} Why do you think God chews me out? :} I like it. Anyway... the thing is, the things I am asking people to believe is hard stuff to take in because it is really is so bad. It's one thing to disagree with me or to think I am incorrect, regardless of the depth of knowledge about anything... but when actions are taken that actually impede God's plan, that's the betrayal I'm concerned with, that objective and or defiant betrayal, particularly at this time, among adults who presumably gave an objective and considered promise to God, truly are expected to be on the watch tower and to be willing to listen to truth and to know how to seek it and find it...

I am willing to be proven wrong in order to ensure that I speak the truth. I am willing to have my entire life be on display, proving what an imperfect person I am in order to present God's case to the world, as well as to prove His love and grace and the miracles that can be manifested by the rebirth of the spirit and the willingness to provide an example to all that God does not require perfection, but that most importantly, now that we know, what will we do from now on. And I know that culture shock is a heavy load.. I really did become physically ill when I read the Protocols... and I really didn't think it had anything to do with me, I simply saw it as a presentation of functional paradigms of dialectics that are being used in the world... right before our eyes. 

See, the necessity of speaking and directly interacting is that, the bottom line is, if people don't understand the fundamental things I'M speaking of, that's my fault, unless I'm not allowed to do my work and calling, which I'm not being allowed to do. And I am not responsible for the encumbrance. I said from the beginning I had no desire to criminalize anyone, and asked that we draw a line and start doing what was appropriate... as an equal citizen... and instead, I was attacked and harmed. I was on a path toward reconciliation, just like Arafat and Sharon. Look what happened to them. And I have other undocumented reasons to believe they were listening... by whatever means they received His message.

Just as I know this communication channel exists between myself and the government.. I know other people access and use this info by whatever means.. and I have no interest in gathering additional proof that this is true. I do not have contacts with anyone except the government, the media and maybe a couple of ministers who may or may not be faithful servants of God... and if anyone wants to continue to play "when in Rome" with me, understand I'll beat you every time. And that IS God's doing. Certainty with God has nothing to do with certainty amongst my fellow citizens and declared faithful. I have no way to know if anything is being done, except the evidence that nothing is actually being accomplished. Why waste my time attempting to give assistance or information to air... if a tree falls in the forest....

In time, God will get His groupies back, and a really great life will proceed on... that's all I really want to say on this anymore. Anything else is just dealing with rationalizations and justifications. Reconcile your self and get back to me. The sooner the better. And the me in that phrase is Him. And understand, the same reason I wanted to have my life in order first before and if I ever seriously approached music as a career, is because I wanted a partner in life who shared wholesome values, and who would have me want to be the best I can be, and even be a reminder that people's image and admiration of an icon such as a musician relaly is about the music from God, and not me.. just as I want to be clear I am well grounded in His word and the teachings of all faiths as best as I can, being humble always to the knowledge that it is not about me, it is about His plan, and the true privilege it is to be trusted by Him to be the one to provide it to the world in His way... just as I feel privileged to know there are citizens relying on me to succeed in their representation for common goals... and without partnership and fellowship and the mutual spiritual support and experience of the golden rule, I too am subject to the human temptations that I call crimes by those who I am calling upon to return to God's Kingdom, and reconcile themselves with their selfs and the world they created, and the God they willingly betrayed and defied.

I truly never want anyone to be of the impression or opinion, particularly by evidence by my own actions, that I think that my serivce to God is to glorify myself, because I know and take great joy in knowing that it is His plan and His Kingdom, and it's such a pleasure to work for someone who makes sense to me and believes I am capable of such incredible  things toward his Kingdom, sourced and guided by His power and wisdom, the wonders and blessings of which will surely benefit us all.

My true reward is and will be the blessings He has in mind that make mine a fulfilling life, as He has for each of ours. I declare and accept my responsibilites and authority as granted to me in His Kingdom, with the knowledge and respect of His authority and love, and the responsibilities of service to all, and the acceptance that I too, am human, all by design for the purpose of the deliverance of His revelations to us all such that you will understand and ultimately experience His wonders and love.

God is perfected in us as we are in Him, as I am with all of you, as we are with each other.

His message is spiritual and not of law. His means at this time is respectful of righteous laws of men, but contemptuous of laws that go against laws of greater jurisdiction and authority which were agreed to be the operating principles of this nation and toward the future of this world. Those who live by the sword of lies and deception shall die by the sword of truth, equality and justice. That is related to spiritual death in mortal and immortal life, self inflicted and enjoyed by the deluded, as well as being relevant to the book of life.

God does not currently recognize the authority or integrity of the system of justice in the United States of America.

That is His message.

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Cranked up the music.. here's what randomly played. I swear I didn't pick it.:}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney - Beautiful Night
And then this came up

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Alanis Morissette - MTV Unplugged - I Was Hoping

And then I decided to cap off a good day...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jeffrey Osborne - On The Wings Of Love cuz I think Jeffrey Osborne and LTD are great.

PS Bill, ya never know, I may actually watch you tonight if you're on:} I look forward to having  a real discussion with you. I mean that.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Don Imus - 1200 Hamburgers To Go  Couldn't resist. This cut changed my life.

11/21/2008 10:32 pm - What a day. I love it when God speaks through me. It's wonderful. We'll all do that more and share it. Ain't that cool? :} Oh, man... just a reminder, for whatever reasons you read this, these really are my thoughts and inquiries... as opposed to my conclusions and the means of actions I will actually take. I am reminde of this because my biggest psyops vulnerability is the isolation its caused me, an yet I still want to believe that people will do the right thing without coercion and always by choice... and I get impatient and I would hope it is understood by now why I would be so concerned at what is occurring in the world as well as to the reasons for my need for certainty in the whatever I do next. Just as in my considerations I had to acknowledge that I've been patient and willing with a certain group of people for over 6 years now, even when I believed my rights and opinions as an equal citizen were of equal weight... I have to admit that I have been more impatient with the ministry because I really am anxious to work with all to establish a new foundation of workability and understanding, as well as a channel for learning from each other, at least to the extent of being able to acknowledge that we all share facets of understanding and wisdom of value to each other.  I apologize for that. At the same, there is no reciprocation of such considerations, and whatever is, is.

In the meantime, I want to make it clear to politicians and their patrons that it is not pleasant for me to have to stand firm to what I beleive is the appropriate legal course to pursue in light if circumstances and events. I will not insult you by pretending I need to explain that, and I hope that you will show me equal respect by appreciating it is at least in your best interest that I have no vindictiveness regarding this matter other than the knowlede of the necessity to clean it up and move forward.

Barack, can't  wait to hear the inaugural speech... if you give one.

I'm in the mood for a mix. Don't anybody read anything into whatever I end up playing. It's a mix that I believe will communicate whatever God chooses, which I just happen to know are some of my favorite tunes from when I first started in radio in high school. KAHS, Arcata... talk about good times... here goes.. :}

Just gotta start with one of my all time favorite songs.. makes me feel alot like how I feel when talking to God... every time ;}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Spinners - Could It Be I'm Fallin' In Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bette Midler - Do You Want To Dance Somethin truly special about you... :} Filled alot of hours and gave me lots of dreams. Cried at the Carson farewell. Loved ya on Larry King. It's that thing of wondering if ya know what you mean to people when you're the wind beneath my wings... :}

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bee Gees - Run To Me

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Barbara Streisand - Way We Were

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Laura Nyro - Eli's Coming

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Blood, Sweat & Tears - And When I Die

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Yusef Islam - Father & Son

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Joni Mitchell - Twisted

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Beatles - White Album - I Will

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Leon Russell - Leon Russell - Prince Of Peace

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Yusef Islam - Morning Has Broken

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - Through the Eyes of the Eagle

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - By a Friend

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) PS: Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters

Consider that the Sunday Sermon. Love ya'll.

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11/20/2008 - 10:10 am - Another interesting night.. and more stories   of CNN, holographic paradigms, setups and psychotronics...

Can't remember the dates. it's all in the weblogs somewhere... It goes back, I beleive when I made this mix for Tony Blair to listen to when he visited George W. in Crawford before the Iraq war - of course, few people know they had a similar Iraq war in Crawford (maybe Dallas) in 1996 to plan the dialectic to cause it all... so I made this mix... I knew I had their intention, and, like Bill Clinton, I thoughtTony Blair was a good guy (isn't it interesting that he began a personal effort to end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict right after I re-released my info about Arafat and Sharon, and the Davidic and Palestinian covenants)... anyway...

So I did this mix... it might have been some other issue... but afterward, I realized I had been purposely misinformed of some things, and commented - relating to that issue only, which was a bit of an emabrassment, that when all was said and done, I'd claim I had been gaslighted... on that single issue and scenario... at one point when I realized CNN was harming me and not helping me as I believed originally, I was getting hammered by psychotronics... I wrote to the Christian Science Monitor, and probably on my website, that maybe God's purpose for my life was to take down CNN.. the female reporter I wrote to then became a CNN Analyst. Another time, I believe I was talking about how the radio business works sometimes, where they bring in this part-timer who's really a consultant, and then suddenly one day, you find out that this part-timer is now the new boss, and he fires just about everybody because of their attitudes and incompetence, and deception of the boss. Interesting analogy, isn't it? So I said, wouldn't it be funny if I suddenly became rich and ended up owning CNN... and I said "stranger things have happened"...

All I can say is that, in my mind, and I'm sure in a real court of law not biased by the political entities who had CNN do the psyops against me, I'd win this case hands down. So, guys, why don't you do yourselves a favor and tell Kitty Pilgrim to step forward with the truth... and let's get this over with. I'll deal with the parent company and the Council on Foreign Relations later...Meanwhile, when I traveled to CNN in Atlanta to "check things out", they made me sign a bogus form and told me if I ever went there again, I'd be arrested. I was given an Aesopian Message to the effect they did that to me "just in case"... and I can only assume it meant that if I ever found out what they did to me, they wanted to make sure they could claim I was an obsessed viewer, and that this would give them the means to prevent me from going there and I  suppose doing acts of violence against them...

Not longer after, I was trying to work and the psyops guys convinced me to go to New York, and that Dobbs would pick me up or send  a limo.  Cat in the Hat Part II. So, I booked the flight, went to New York. Of course, noone to pick me up, and like the trip to Atlanta, it was clear that I wasn't supposed to come back home afterward... kicked out/left. There I was, Christmas Eve, homeless in New York, 19 degrees outside... so I arranged  a flight home anyway, and waited all night, mad as hell, there was CNN in the airport... a convenient little twist that taunted me more...and I stayed awake all night because I had all my possessions with me, and I couldn't check in until morning... and then they had Darrin Kagan run a report about how they could track the locationof any cell phone... and I knew they did that to intimidate me because I was thinking about walking around New York a little..I have to assume thy figured I would go to Time-Warner and do violence...If my psychic skills had been developed, Dobbs would have been dead. (That, by the way, became the premise of all my thoughts about killling Dobbs... psychotronics would have me think about killing all sorts of peole, and I'd say, tell you what, I'll make up all kinds of stuff to kill people like a sniper, but I'm always going to turn the thoughts onto my nemesis, Dobbs. And I did. - this, by the way, is what they do to people like Cho at Virgina Tech until they make 'em pop and commit a heinous act in order to get America to buy the idea of gun control. They did the same thing with Timothy McVeigh who kept saying he had an implant in his butt that allowed people to talk to him since the first war against Iraq.... convenient that they had him cremated, wasn't it?)

The question still remains: Is Dobbs my enemy, or did they try to use me to get rid of him because he's my  friend? It's like the day  I tuned him in, after not watching him for a long time, and as soon as I tuned in, he asked some expert "What compels people to do drugs?"...  I got scared and turned the channel, because I knew what it meant. ANd sure enough,my marijuana intake nearly tripled, quickly whittling away at the only money I had, a small inheritance from my uncle who had died. All sorts of things went on to separate me  from that money... and I finally had to get very adamant about the one thing I wanted to accomplish with the money that was left... something I wanted to do since I was a child... I wanted to get my teeth fixed, because I always wanted to see what I would look like with a full set of teeth... I always had one front tooth missing since I was very little. It may sound stupid, but it was a cherished dreamof mine to see myself with a real smile before I died. My teeth were the reason I never got into video broadcasting. 4-6 dentists later.. depending how you look at it, my teeth are all probably going to have to be pulled if they ever get fixed at all.   After more than $10,000 spent to fix them.

Then there were all the wrong hormones and dosages, Zyprexa that I didn't need, requests for small amounts of sleeping pills that the doctor said he didn't believe in them, but wrote in his chart that he prescribed... he gave me the Zyprexa and said "This will rewire your brain".... that was a good warning cause I was clear that I thought my brain was fine like it was... it was clearly an overdose from the beginning, turning me into a zombie for a few weeks, while I let my mind and body rest to get over the stress of the fatigue and psychotronics.... and then I realized I was being sedated, gaining weight incredibly quickly, the doctor telling me I wsa getting diabetes (despite the fact that I tend to be more on the hypo-glycemic side).. and of course, in the initial visit, he didn't take any blood tests that likely would have shown that my electrolyte levels were way off... an indicator of stress, nor-epinephren and adrenalin imbalances that could lead to death and psychosis... caused by psychotronics...  But I'd take the Zyprexa in little tiny bits - just enough to make me drowsy so I'd sleep at night. I still have a huge bottle of those pills just so if they are ever successful at harming me like that again, I can be sure to have a way to get to sleep. I haven't taken any for 2 or 3 years. They gave me anti-depressants that I didn't need either.. took a couple of them.. I asked him once if there was something else I could take so he gave me seroquel... recommended a huge dose... I took that once. Made me so unconsicous, anyone could have done anything to me and I'd never have known. The next night, I took a little tiny bit, and it was worse. I went back to the doctor, returned the samples he gave me (except for the card I used a couple pills from ) told him what happened, and he just sort of laughed under his breath about how it was a counterintuitive drug. I asked him for sleeping pills, he refused again.

On the hormones, I had been told that Delatestryl was no longer available, his reason for prescribing Depo-testosterone instead. Then I started developing breasts. When I realized it wasn't just the weight gain, I did research and found out the Delatestryl was still available... I went to the doctor, demanding that he prescribe it.. politiely like a patient would.   I even went online to show him that even the web site he used to get info and prescribe drugs from listed it... he just said we shouldn't use the computer because he didn't have any anti-virus software... but he gave me a presciption for the delatestryl... checked it out with the pharmacy, they said they could get it. Then, they couldn't, and I was given Testosterone Cypionate... and I haven't researched it, but my impression is that it is a growth or fertility hormone, because when I take it as prescribed, let's just say certain secondary sex characteristics are developing. I can't help but wonder if it was the testosterone that I should have been given when I went to the doctor and they put me through puberty. I have other reasons to believe it may be a fertility drug, though I don't claim to know. Of course , a growth hormone would cause weight loss as well.

The weight... all my life, I've average between 135 pounds to 145 pounds... when I was in Maryland, I got up to 160 because my friend (who may or may not be an NSA contractor) insisited on  going out to lunch everyday.... so the Zyprexa, I went from 140 pounds to 219 punds in about 6 months. I stopped taking the Zyprex, and my weight immediately went back down to about 140. Then I made a comment in remarks to the Senate about how giving people Zyprexa was like telling the Jews in Germany to go into the shower and then gassing them. That was April 2008. I got down to approx 120 pounds very quickly afterward, and look like one of those pictures of people rescued in concentration camps, malnourished and near collapse. Because of my work on this house I currently live in, I was maybe in the best physical condition of my life... and that's saying something.

And then, there's the issue of my pets, as Al Gore was so nice to point out the night he endorsed Barack Obama... even our pets know how important this election is.... my dog really needs some care, if I could get it, but I can't afford it now. I made some comments in my weblog about it, and I wrote the article about Robbie Robertson's sister itching all the time... and suddenly, my dog started itching and scratched and bit himself to the point of raw, open sores on his back and body, which I took viedo of. It only took about a half hour for him to do this to himself. And I had to sit there and watch it because there's nothing you can do to stop the psychotronics.

I can supply hundreds of people who can describe similar tortures upon them,  family members, spouses, children, or anyone treating  a victim with compassion.... ... being attacked by psychotronics and directed enregy weapons.... and all you can do is watch it happen. Imagine seeing your pet or child being harmed like this, knowing if you call the police or seek medical assistance, you will either be arrested or institutionalized, accused of child or pet abuse, and basically put on a list of "known crazies" that authorities then claim is their legitimate reason for ignoring your claims and pleas for help in order to save your life.

Like Maria Cantwell did, when Ted Gunderson thought he'd found a senator who would listen, only to come to the conclusion that she was using him to gather names of victims to ignore or abuse more. And now, according to my sources, they found his body on a beach. Ted Gunderson is a former FBI agent who discovered not only the REX-84 plan to declare martial law and incarcerate people en masse, but determined that it was a plot to do away with anyone identified as those who would actually oppose the overthrow of the United States. I wonder if he'd have cared so much if he hadn't discovered that his name was on the list of people to be disposed of.

There's so many other things I could tell you.. but how much is enough... except that now that they've contained me, I'm out of money, looking for a way to continue His work, trying to get out of the country... ever since a particular person handed me a book by Campbell or Jung on Heroes, one central theme of my psyops has been to get me to just walk away.... and I'm a little intimidated at the idea that somewhere along the line, I received a message saying that the U.S. would be ready to start a global war when a bomb went of at the U.N.... so I've been worried to travel to the U.N.   and present myself because I thought of that as meaning I was the metaphorical bomb tha twould go off, exposing the conspiracy of the U.S. Government and others... but the fact  is, that bomb went off at the U.S. 2 or 3 years ago... a real bomb...I have nothing to do with any of it of course... So if I had been operating on that premise, I  would skip the U.N. and simply go to another country.

Of course, I have no idea who knows about me.... that I am in fact who I say I am... whoever that is... :} .. whoever you think I am.. all that stuff... I know the United States Govrenement does.. and a few other people.. seems like lots of people do... I have no way of knowing.. perfect psyops, isolation, alienation... etc... sensory and emotinal deprivation... good thing I learned how to be alone at a young age...

So even if I went to the U.N., what would it accomplish? Has everyone really been instructed to ignore me and do tricks to me and steal my money one way or another... to take all of my ideas and use them and make millions while I am kept from that knowledge and no one is willing to assist me in any way.. I've tried to call lawyers...  they won't help. A couple months ago  I went  to JT's web site, it said his wife's name was Kim. Now it says Caroline. Goien th ethemes and all, and what I'm writing right now, it's clear that someone wants to make it appear that I am so disoriented that the facts aren't straight... the facts on this site are straight...

Even people in the victim groups won't interact with me like they do everyone else. And why did the 911 people "trick me" into going to their conference, at which I was surrounded by people buffering me from useful participation? I needed the vacation though,  so it was good, and it was good to see my old home town of Santa Cruz... I just wish they'd have paid the expenses, instead of ripping me off for their cause, and treating me like an outsider.

And it looks to me like the powerful angel who cast me into the sea was probably Ted Kennedy, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Russell Trust/Skull and Bones, and the United States Government, aka the Russell Trust... which has an office less than 50 miles away from where I live, and they are also very close to the weed and seed headquarters in Tacoma, also very near the technical college where a supposed NSA/CIA consultant  works, and is partners with a partners with a particular company associated with MSNBC. On the flight to the media conference, I had two women sitting next to me... one with a digital recorder like I carry now, and the other identifying herself as a recruiter for Microsoft, telling me I could make a lot of money if I worked there. I told her I had my chance to work there long ago, but didn't want to for ethical reasons. She got a little hot under the collar, then started talking about all the CIA agents in her family and stuff like that... I can't wait to see if they have the guts to present those tapes, and if they've ben edited... Just like the guy on the way back was trying to get me to say something like I was in support of the militias in Idaho, and believed they would save this country... something I wasn't about to get involved in, and don't really believe in, although I do believe they will be purposely aggravated and infiltrated in order to start the makings of a civil war... once again giving  the government reason for gun control or marital law.

Now Newt Gingrich is trying to rile up gays and seculars, based on bogus religious ideology that has penetrated the churches... anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-birth control... etc... all the while the government allows hormones and drugs and all sorts of chemicals into our food and water supplies that actually cause pre-pubescence, ageing, cancer, sexual stimulation, infertility, bacterial infections....even the abortion issue isn't about abortion to politicians.. it's an ace up there sleeve to manipulate Christians into siding with anti-Christ figures like... George W. Bush... who posed as a messianic candidate for 2 reasons... to make it appear as if Barack Obama was the "savior" after him, and to nullify me as the "second" little horn...  or an apostate...deception and emulation one after another... and then, they had the psyops guys reveal things to me perfectly timed for the conventions and elections to demoralize me and make me angry so I'd write all kinds of filthy, angry stuff...   knowing the only real communication I have is what I write on this web site... not fully knowing who reads it... I actually still believe I'm not on line, and the only people who read it are the politicians and media.

And the only  2 reasons I can figure they didn't just kill me in the first place is because they thought God would take revenge, or they had a way to use me being presented to the public as a way to incite violence... or they wanted to see if the Raelian clone in Israel - maybe from my DNA - worked out well for them... hard to tell with these guys.

Or maybe they just wanted me to claim that my DNA had been stolen for cloning to make me sound paranoid and crazy. To me, it's  just more data to be sorted out later if and when I'm told the truth about a few key events that will make everything make sense.

Do the Right Thing.. interesting timing for former minister Mike Huckabee to release a book with that name, published by Penguin Books, who at least used to be owned by Time Warner when I attempted to contact an agent seeking assistance in getting published back in 2003 I think.... Of course he became governor of Arkansas after Clinton, who helped th CIA bring drugs in the U.S. through the Mena airport... which likely means they have Huckabee with the threat of exposing him for the same crime Clinton was guilty of.

And interestingly, all this stuff about Bill being a problem for Hillary as Secretary of State... do you really believe for one minute that Hillary didn't know all the dirty crimes Bill was involved in? As the Clinton regime is being cozily filed into the protection of non-existent executive privilege of the Obama White House.

Is Osama Bin Laden.. friend of the Bush Family and trained by the CIA, really even alive? And why did Zawahiri (I believe a CIA hologram or fictitious character) issue a statement containing racial slurs about Obama...I kepe wondering if when I did that joke letter instructing Osama to emulate U.S. comedians, if maybe they listened to the black comedians and hop-hop musicians and... emulated them :} That would be funny. And then I wonder if the report of his statement was only on  my tv... one of those sick jokes they do to make me belive they're part of the angels described in Ephesians, keeping me amused until the reign of the Anti-Christ comes to an end... emulations...

I swear I have no connection to anyone, not anyone.  That I know of. So I ramble on. And now I wonder, if I got to New York and the United Nations, wouldthey kill Dobbs and use holographic imagery to make it look like I did it. If I go to Los Angeles, am I being set up for homelessness and/or another apparent incident of being setup to look like some crazed sex fiend harrassing a woman?

Lord have mercy on the frozen man.  They even got me to say some really weird stuff about that song. Got me to believe they could bring zombies back to life, like in the Bible when the Skeletons Stevie Wonder - Skeletons rise up from the dead... that I now realize is more to do with crimes being exposed than carnal and mortal and spiritual resurrection... thank God. That would have been gross.:} And of course, there are all those things too, but it starts with exposing the crimes -  not necessarily about me, but about this government and its allies and fellow conspirators....

And the only real thing to do is expel these evil people. Or live with what they do to you. That's why I had been joking around about re-writing Exodus. In a way, I was supposed to, but it's too late for that. And re-writing Revelations... in a way... to stop the plot that has the potential to destroy the world.. I've been writing and writing and writing... :} Oh well.

Thats' enough for now, I many crimes can you expose in one morning while wasting time when I should be contacting other nations and citizens.. but that's okay... everything is everything, after all. And I'm glad to say, it looks like Nixon was a good guy after all. Maybe.

Maybe later today I'll do some research on the Vince Foster case... and thanks to St.Matthews... I always get a little spooked when I get your letters, but it always seems to be true, and does my spiritual growth some good... and causes epiphanies... maybe not my own... :}

Bless ya...

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4:08 PM - I wonder if that means something? :} When somebody else started wanting to do tarot readings on me all the time, I played with it a little..always came up with conclusions like Horus, the Magi.. stuff like that... sorta know a little  about what that means... The other day, a Melissa on TV, not Miss America,  changed her spelling to Milissa... I really like her too.. represents my logos well :} Anyway.... at least on my tv :} That's actually sort of the topic here.

I've had times wehre I've watched tv shows and recorded them, then played them nback to see if I caught "the evidence"... and it was an entirely different show.. so  that's called piggybacking....  and with TIVO, and two satellite channels for each receiver, they could do fun stuff like that all day long to people... even record stuff you don't want to control... that colorization I was talking about could be done quickly and easily right on your DVR... you're hooked to a phone line 24/7.. .and they can change the software on your DVR anytime they want... let alone downloading it directly via the normal channel receiver... or without you even knowing it... Part of the reason I haven't recorded some of the most interesting and potentially damning or exculpatory evidence I saw in real time, not the show, may have been on my screen while it was recording something totally different... and there's a big part of me that doesn't really want to know that :}

Speaking of which... what if you were an unwitting target of psyops, and when your wife, who you suddenly started having trouble with, when she wasn't around, you started getting the x-rated versions instead of the milder stuff... and you started thinking about women and then, for some reason, your tv system kept selecting progressively more sexual movies and programs, and you kept thinking, it would sure be great to marry one of these perfect air-brushed models on the screen... so you start noticing women... and then one day you meet someone, and you're intrigued, and you say something flirtatious one night at a bar, only to find out a few years later they were somebody being setup to be a witness against you.

When my wife started bringing home X-Rated movies, I'd watch 'em with her and think, that's pretty boring. I had this VCR, told her we could have more fun than that. I'm sure we did a little, but I don't really recalll watching the home made movies. The fun was in the making. Interpret that as you will. I also though  it was weird when she asked me to do light bondage  on her.. so I told her, tie yourself up to the head of the bed... and that's all there was to that. Nothing changed. And she wasn't even tied up in any way. Really.  That's when the guy living behind us, the Baptist guy, started harassing me. His life got better. He got married again, had a child, became more active in his chuurch... And the guy across the street.

I'm beginning to remember what this was about.... so imagine you're thinking about reading your Bible, and deciding to watch tv, looking to see what's going on in the world of televangelism because, if nothing else, I want to hear some Word, and I've been thinking for quite some time of doing it myself, but in spiritual context as well as "psychological".

And amaxzingly, I come across someone spekaing about things sort of the same way I do. And I'm getting hit by pschotronics, And isn't it weird that she's describing events going on in my back yard, like the other tv people who psyop me.. so I figure, this is a minister though, maybe they talked some sense into someone who let them "breakl into my world" offer a little sanity... of course, it happened right after I read in the Bible that I would be compassed by a woman. In  the Bible, you can be compassed in a good way or a bad way... I was thinking I'd worked my way through the Bible such that this would be the good way. So I took the bait. And then I'd write stuff, and a sermon would come on that verified the bnasis of what I had written, not the sme perspective, and frankly, some of mine beyond her perview, just as she knew more about the history... perfecto. Possible teammate.  And then I keep hearing about Elijah and all about testators having to die  to prove they were true prophets and such... which has been a centreal theme I was delivered in many ways, including  areally good BBC Special about a guy sent back to tell humanity from God what they need to know and then kills himself. And the Campbell book  on heroes, edited/written prefaced by Bill Moyers, given to me by L as usual at just the perfect time...where it stressed how so many "heroes" walked away because it all seemed so absurd to them... and their minds either transcended the circumstances of the material plane or they were fooled into thinking they should walk away like a surrender (as opposed to a fallback position)...  

Then there was the one where she talked about the same things I'd written about... the elders who claimed to be Jews but were not... and then proceeded to conclude the broadcast by saying... if anyone tells you bad things about this particular group of people, run... and I thought, out of her ignorance of the facts of these times, not a criticism, she had been scared or or didn't believe the things I'd written and claimed.. and I can't blame people for THAT.

Then I realized, she was telling her congregation that if I criticized her, to run from me... apparently to protect herself. And then she talked about how they'd try to tell me that when they attempted to do things at the office, things didn't go well, unnatural things happened to prevent their completion... and I wrote a weblog entry saying I'd like to spend  acouple days checking things out... and on tv she said, you can' tjust come for  acouple of days... and I had been worrying that if I went there, someone would set fire to the place like someone did to Universal Studios just a few weeks before... and she did a thing in her sermon about how their building wsa strong and lasted thru earthquakes and all sorts of things...

And then I started to get nervous I was in a setup... and that's when she did the Elders thing. And I wsas getting zapped with psychotronics and "love engrams", that I was doing my best to put iton display as what psychotronics can do and at the same time maintain the fact that my  impression and interest in her was professional and nothing more... toward the work of God.... And the truth is, I still believe her commitment was/is real... still...

The problem is, I'd watch her and get from another minister who I then emailed for fun...  even told him I'd just watched her show when he came on, it displayed his website name and then the program quickly just ended... I thought, okay so these guys are trying to hook me up with people to assist me, they seem to be communicating that they know who I am... an someone got some dirt on somebody...

And  then I'd get these messages about the Apostle  Paul, which I understood... and then said, prove it. And nothing. And that's the proof. So you're going up on the traitor board, but I have no evidence, proveable or not, of anything but another psyop to make me look like a sex fiend, which I am not. And if you reall want to play Paul, then be Paul... but for now, you go up on the traitor board, and you'll just have to explain it yourself later. And like anyone, I'll be glad to to take it down when I have proof. Otherwise, you're one more participant in the dragnet.

And if your people come after me, the tables always turn.. and all that would be a real shame because you're so talented. And I'm not breaking my promise about fully naming you in that context. In this context, in the way I tried to discretely contact you, I was trying to protect a friend.


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11/19/2008 - 11:07 am...  I keep thinking, who else has God put in the position of stepping forward or being exposed? And the list goes on... I keep seeing all the many reasons it was best that I didn't know things before I did, though I have great concern over the people on both sides of this invisible spiritual war. Funny how, in a way, we were all forced to this point. All in the belly of the whale. And soon, in this context, we will indeed have a regurgitation nation, within and without.

I think about the music on this site... I don't really care if people make money as an indirect result of my efforts... And particularly hope the artists end up being rewarded.  If I was not being deterred so much, I'd be spending lots of time gathering independent artists and/or those who've been dropped by labels, or those starting their own. It would be great to get the latest of everything, just like a radio station... and all I gotta say, with no expectations, is that I'd love to replace old product with new... forgive me for saying it that way... that's no complaint about what I have, either. I fell back in love with my brother again last night.. it was sure great.

Love found, or revealed... Revelations and epiphanies... I hear they're going around. Again. I was remembering how I almost dyed my hair, after all the tv people dyed their hair... and then I got a coupon in the mail for a free sample of that men's stuff that Dobbs uses that washes out after 3 days.  I've aged since then too. I think I'm about 14 now. :} Now I wonder how much of those color changes are from real time coloraization as demonstrated on the video I caught of the Democratic National Convention. You should review that, in case my copy is damaged. Check out the shot that goes from Hillary Clinton to Michelle Obama... you can only see it happening for a moment....

I had a friend who worked for Turner in Los Angeles restoring movies using digital coloriztion when he started one of my favorite channels, TCM... and he taught how to notice if a movie was colorized or restored with this echnique because you can actually see, in the old, hand done restorations, the brush strokes on the screen... they come in from one side or another, just like the strokes of a paint brush.

This all speaks to the issue of how, if I like blue, and you like green, I could be watching a tv show on my tv, and the color scheme would be based on blues, and on yours, it would be green... because all programming can be keyed to your specific receiver, and the content of the programming changed instantaneously in real time... besides, they can have pre-set chemes for all people who like blue or green. For a while, almost every tv show I watched, particularly live ones, were in these pretty sky blue and bark blue schemes that I really loved, until it got weird.

And then there's the thing about subliminals and such that are based on Yellow Green Blue instead of Red Green Blue... all of which is why I've very concerned about digital broadcasting and mind control... and how you can be turned into a robot through digital behavioral modification.. I'll just let you think about that more...

What was that Al Pacino movie about the virtual movie star? Simone, which is interestingly listed as S1m0ne That really spooked me, when I realized the implications of  how animation and real people will not be discernible in a digital format.   Holograms. And apparently, the woman you saw on screen in that movie was, in fact, animated holograms. Had me fooled.

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All this stream of consciousness stuff is caused by me reflecting on all the weird, strange phrases and cliches I've been fed and were burned into my brain... like Olli Olli oxen free... then there's the one about the cannibal who passed his friend in the forest... which I didn't get for years...  I think I'll have to write 'em down an see what they were trying to tell me.

Let's talk about hell. When I was writing about it before, I was pretty upset and not fully explain or dwelling into certain things... I'm not about to tell people that somehting exists when it doesn't. Before I talked about how on a personal level, we die spiritually  and put ourselves through hell.

On a Biblical holographic level, when your carnal body dies, your spirit is freed and - if you will - waits for the next opportunity to join those in the book of life...  on earth.. in heaven on earth.. and I described that hell on earth is jail. I stand by that. But what I'll extend is that if your spirit and being leaves your body and you haven't reconciled yourself to God and have not repented, you end up in  a hell of your own making.. the old littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) "hell is whatever you think it is"... imagine a being having to live with the idea of "not being able to go out and play" with the other kids on earth because they just  won't stop being evil, and God isn't going to let them harm everyone else anymore.

  So, they live in the hell and torment of their own guilt for "1000" years and sets them loose again for a while to see if they mend their ways and if they learned anything, or if they're going to continue the evil.. like Bill Clinton says... "because I can".  It's not about right or wrong, he does it because he can. That's what he said on CNN. So do alot of his friends.

Unfortunately, God really does get to the point of banishing them...

The thing is everyone spends so much time worrying about what will happen when they die... how they will be judged... instead of paying attention to their mortal lives...

And now you're being told that there actually is no hell in which God purposely tortures anyone, they torture themselves with their own guilt... so then, the question is, for us all, will you do the right things, or the wrong things, just because you can, and if you don't reconcile your self with your self and what you actually believe in, do you take the earthly attitude that in relative  terms, God will forgive you because everyone else did it? Or do you understand that the concept of the 144,000 excludes you from life in the future so it doesn't matter?

Or, more importantly, do you live your life in a moral, ethical fashion just because you can? Because life on earth matters, and you understand that your activities affect every person you come in contact with?

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And when you involve yourself with other people's unethical or illegal activities, do you become a criminal because you don't stop it or blow the whistle, or do you think you're innocent because you didn't actually do it yourself. and if that's true, doesn't it cause you to feel a little heavier, like a burden that runs through your mind sometimes and causes you to feel guilty, or maybe causes you to think less of yourself because you know what the Right Thing TO DO is, and you're failing your own ethical standards because you don't do it. The old tangled web.

And then there's the paradox of  the current day.. examining laws and attempting to obey them... despite.. well, my Father always said it was a matter of whether a law made something illegal, or whether that law was an ill eagle - meaning it was a bad law for good or bad reasons that do not reflect the intent of the constitution or even the intent of the people who passed a law that is being used with manipulated languaging for another, illegal or immoral or unethical purpose. Just like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion said, the people described in the Bible as those who claim they are Jews but are not... who are what we call Zionists and Druids...

The people who are now, through my captivity and their propaganda and your faith in their truthfulness, hijacking a religion, and hijacking a nation, forsaking the will of the people...

I don't think it could be any more obvious that this is exactly what is happening in the United States, and around the world...  as the nations of the world pay these people ransoms in response to their threats of global military and economic war. Just like Hitler did. And when he got their money to finance the regime, he made war with it against them. Just like the United States has done for over 100 years... as the Royal American Family has done through Empire after Empire for generations. And why God says it must end now. Because it's not the "royal American Family" really.. it is the people whose spirits and allegiances are not of God, whose knowledge and heritage and methods are passed down not only through instruction and history but knowledge passed through your DNA... part of how scientists say your prefences and personality traits are "pre-wired"... which is true.. until these evil people teach you that it means something altogether differenct by changing what words mean. And using chemical weapons and drugs to actually de-evolve and alter your DNA in order to make you docile and stupid, perfect slaves, work robots who will not complain or object.

More importantly, to alter your children, and cause the future of tyranny these people have in mind.

Manipulated language to mislead you: One of the best examples I know of this is the way the word ANARCHY is bantered around, and has come to mean chaos, a symbol of immoral radicals who cause riots and  oppose the New World Order...

It's very important to notice they are being wrongly accused by those who support the New World Order... the Council on Foreign Relations and George HW Bush and his family... who own the U.S. Government and the Corporate Media... and get you to give up your tax dollars and lives to benefit the financiers who promise them anything to get their cooperation, and kill them or set them up for public ridicule and silence - even death -  if they dare to oppose these slavemasters.

2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

3:9 Behold, I will make of them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

Will people run from me, or from them? The answer comes from answering the question: will the truth be told?

Or maybe the questions is, is anyone willing to hear it and present it? For a cause greater than themselves....

Or maybe the questions are, do you really believe in God, and do you really believe the Bible?

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The promise: Global Peace And Abundance For All. Everlasting Life. Anarchy

A world of anarchy, which means all agree to the golden rule, when law is no longer required because of real personal responsibility, and all who live in the Kingdom of God receive His blessings forever. And a wonderful world generated by love for all instead of desire for one's self interests, which are fulfilled through sharing and the mysteries of the ways God works..

A Whole, New World

And all you have to do is want it.

Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

Joe Sample - Chain Reaction

John Lennon - Imagine

Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace - Pipes of Peace

George Harrison - 33 & One Third - 205 - Learning How To Love You

Ringo Starr - It Don't Come Easy

Beatles - Abbey Road - Come Together

Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

Charles Rehn - In the End


PS:  Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon - 09 - Something So Right

7:48pm - What a strange day. The psyops guys tell me I hasve to be older than 14 to be pressident.. okay..15.:} And 48, and 99 and 1234 and... at any given moment... ya'll know what that means... maybe.. strange... everytime I go to write the word "means" I end up typing mena instead.  There are no coincidences, right Mike Huckabee. Have to start using last names a times cause, cause otherwise, I have to figure out later who the remark is to... more lookin stuff up... Nexis... I suppose now I'm going tohave to start interpreting my typos.

For the record, the reason I don't do hypnosis unless requested is because if used irresponsibly, such as is being done with psychotronics by the U.S.Government, it actually can be very harmful to people. Particularly when they don't know it's being done to them. In the song Tiny Demons by Todd Rundgren, he talks about the little demons that make you smell and taste things that aren't there... that sort of thing is easy to do with hypnosis... because the hypnotist simply tells  you that you smell it, and your mind calls upon the memory to remember what that smell smells like, and your mind registers   that smell as being real and currently present... as if smelling a rose.  They can tell you to think of things at certain times.

For example, I recently attempted to destroy my favorite Monet painting... apparently I didn't even scratch it.. but the reason is because I believe that through psychotronics, I was given a post hypnotic suggestion -called a trigger - that everytime I look at that picture, I would think of a certain woman I disaffectionaly refer to as drip-drip. I don't remember the name of the painting... consider what I've said about always wanting to have a raise a child with the woman of my dreams... a normal thing people would aspire to... and that picture of a woman and a child was, in most ways, a painting that in most ways is my vision of life with a woman.

When I said I fell in love with my brother's music again last night... same thing... everytime I'd listen to his music, it would just hurt. They knew JT's music was some of the greatest comfort in my life when I was feeling low. So they took it away from me with triggers... one with paradoxical questions like.. did he really write that song... with at least parts of it being about... observing my web site? Why did I always always have this nagging feeling that I'd be working with certain  musicians and others someday? And I know it takes time to write and record and distribute albums... so everytime I'd listen to his music, all I'd feel is the pain of a period of life and what I was doing - activism - where other people took hold of something - something I really love - and used it against me... like guys or girls in high school spreading rumors about someone else so they can, say, get their girlfriend or somehting. Making it appear as though he was directly involved in efforts to harm me... triggers.

Why don't I watch a pastor I say I respect so much. Same thing. I was orginally excited to have located someone who seemed to share some pretty basic spiritual truths, and it was very intellectually stimulating... you ought to try to go 6 years without having a real conversation with someone, particularly when you'r uncovering all sorts of truths about the world and God and the universe and quantum physics and the harm done to your family and father and mother and about how you've spent a lifetime as some sort of captive in a land you thought was essentially based upon freedom, and really was God's anointed nation.... and on top of that, imagine coming to the realization that I was essentially I wsa being treated like the Devil in one way or another.. at least that's how the psyops are intended to m,ake me believe, and the way I've bene treated and all, I actually realize it's true... all the while, living my life knowing that God had a truly special and large purpose for my life... and watching as it was taken away.. until at least now and in the near future... that not only did He want me to accomplish something, but that I actually am His son, the Christ.. and then imagine coming to the full realization of what  I read in the footnotes of the book of Judith... and actually understanding its truth.. that that makes me God. On the precipice of "the change" to the New World as promised. An noone to share it with, let alone the vision, and the possibilities. Still, having faith in God to deliver the promise He promised us all.

Having faith in God... as separate from myself... is the thing that's sort of difficult to explain, and sort of not. If you accept that actual knowledge is passed thru your DNA... "He is in me"... if the spirit of Christ, the son, is in me, if the spirit of God and the Holy ghost are in me... and I'm Chuck too... 4 in 1...  and this is the part I chuckle at that got Jesus in trouble for too... the full realization and recall of what that means and what it bestows upon you as gifts and capabilities by God... I used to say of my father that He was whatever and whoever He needed to be - to His family - as was necessary.  And, like the idea of excessive force, you don't do and be what is necessary.. until we come to a time liek this where it is easy to "divide the  people" from the wheat and tares/chaff... such tht the beings of people have clearly shown their intent and proclivities that are in violation of the laws and codes of humanity, let alone the rule of the Kingdom of God.

So, like the porter at the airport, like in the Beatles song "Dig it"... it'sto to Be the King... because it's time, and people have waited long enough, and it's time to out things into order, the New World, by choice, not by gun point and economic slavery.

As I've said, call me what you like, simply listen to my words and the things that I see for humanity, and recognize that we really can have the Kingdom.. I won' let go of it... and that book the Bible is almost complete in its prophecies in Revelations, whether you know it or not. I have no way of knowing what any of you know, think or believe. And there's nothing I want to know more. Not about me, but about what you believe and think about what the Kingdom of God should and could be.

And like anyone who has purposely been isolated and alienated by its government into silence... let's just say, the Bible says "more will come to me as I "be it" in the world", ministering to people... the purpose of my being at this time was to provide the "Revelations of God" to you, to me, about the real plan of God, how it's been subverted, how God has been made to seem as some angry, cold and scary God who rules people by force and fear... when the only thing that's happened is that the language has changed, technology being reported on by ancient prophets were not known and thus needed to be reidentified based upon the descriptins of their visins in rela time...

And franlkly, because God really does want to hang out with people, do things with people, and be known as a friend and service... I mean , think about it.. if you were really God, and you had a policy that no matter what, you'd never do anything to harm people, and in fact only wanted to be of assistance... would you really  wan tto be separate from people, barking out orders and harming anyone who disobeyed you?

That's why in some ways, it's not about me at all, it's about the choices people make about what kind of life they want. I'm not quitting no matter what, and the job will get done. How soon is up to other people who are called to assist me. That includes anyone reading this. That's not an order or request, it's just what's so. And, there's nothing that says the true faithful live in the United States. A numbe rof people have been called, and I have no idea if they're taking positive action or not. That means the only person I can rely on is myself. Nothing new. It's just what's so.

Am I God, am I the Son of Man, Elijah, Daniel.. whoever.. the great prophets and all were the same guy over and over again... the same spirits in and speaking to and through the bloodlines of a family, passing knowledge, heritage and being from one generation to the next... like a legacy of a book called the Bible.

So no wonder I understand what they went through, and really didn't need to be put though all of this. The triggers on myself are those to provide appropriate revelation as humanity... the cosmos of all beings and creatures... is ready to hear it and put it to use in its inteded ways, guided by the golden rule... cuz "God doesn't want to have to be supervising the kids in the back seat".. most people I know   are tired of it... are you? And do you really trust God, cuz, if you do, why I am sitting here instead of being empowered?

Why do you see the information I have provided on many fronts... just about the current government, and ask yourself why you don't want to believe it? Why are you afraid of God? Who told you God was someone to be afraid of? And who would benefit by all of those things?

My father is in me, he's a part of me, and He speaks to me and through me. In a way, I'm the boss's kid. It's my favorite way to think of myself... cause I like the boss. Enough of that for now. It's not the most important thing, and that's part of why more revelations are not in order..because it would be really fun to sit around  and pine and imagine the kingdom of God and love and more... but there's more urgent business, and it's not time for all the cool stuff, it's time  for the hard part...  being who you say you are in the world... not the image or facade, or anything else.

Reach inside yourself and be true to the self you are.. not the one who conforms to what manipulators would have you believe what would serve them.

I write these things, I post them and have no real idea if anyone who reads is is a friend, or someone faithful to God who would take action... except for those who I know are committed to continuing my captivity and bubble life.

And still I am confident that no matter what I do, moving or whatever, this battle is actually over... it simply needs to be completed. And it will be done. Or the purification by the fire of the truth will be, by the doing of people, be escalated to the fires of war.

With the laws that have been enacted, some of which are being instituted by the Bush Administration right now, the dialectic is clear that these people,  the government of the United States. Intend to aggravate the citizens to the point of civil unrest and attempted violent overthrow in order to justify martial law. If that dialectic plays out, and if I am able to break loose... except that they don't accept that I will not allow myself to be used to be a cuase to the unrest in any way.

Meanwhile, those who I would otherwise believe ar my supporters think I need some other skills and information in order to address the world in a responsible way, and before it goes too far. Use your own imagination about what that means.

All I can say is, if there are people reading this judging my fitness and finding me wanting, then you most certainly  have my permission to do it your way.

And the world will continue to go on your way. Doesn't look to me like it's working too well.

And I will assume that the only people monitoring this are my enemies... who are that by their choice, not mine. And who will be held accountable for their own "truth" toward the Kingdom of God, and by God.

There is no point to further questions or answers except one.

Will you or will you not answer the calling of God as so many said they would?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Elton John - Love Song

Time's up. And if you really believe this has anything to do with money, you really don't get it at all, and I requeest that you don't come back to this site until you understand what a false idol is, and that your worship of politicians and celebrities is exactly that. I'm just trying to save you from wasting your time.

... a song that only the faithful can learn...  I've been singing it, maybe not  well, but clearly as I can under the circumstances, and with all the love and commitment I have, which is far from exhausted, but requiring ears that hear. And it doesn' tappear there are any. Like I said, I accept it. And there are other places in the world. And this way, Brzezinski gets hisperverted kicks by getting the real thing out of his hair, out of the country,  and the U.S. will go down just like the Bible says.

Someone wanted my resume. Here it is. Mind you, as I've stated before, being a consultant a great deal of the time. I didn't really keep records on when I was employed by who...I'm sure someone wants me to post this so they can say I lied... good luck. The best of my memory says that my resume is highly understated, cause nobody believes I've done all the stuff I've done... unless it's something they want to criticize or take advantage of. Which I'm sure is the reason folks would like to see it. What I find interesting is looking at it and recalling all the dirty tricks pulled on me at nearly every place, and the threads of people and companies intertwined... particularly since 1975.. I keep taking this year lower and lower... heck, I can see the patterns since the 2nd grade... including my speech therapy teacher, Mrs. White. How much you want to bet her first name was Mary :} Is this the woman my mother had me call from Los Angeles? I wonder if I have that number in my little book. Like in Sonora.. my bosses were part of the setup that was done on me at Results... this is what's gonna actually make my case.

Enjoy. I'm sure the Clintonites will love to parse this one... That's what they do best. When the Clintons do theirs, do they include their porn sites with Murdoch ?:}

Melissa: If you are being hit by psychotronics, contact there's a victim's group in L.A. an San Diego.

gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Revelations 10-14... Revelations 20:9 thru 22:16    Updated 11/19/2008 Where I consider myself to be in my work and in the timeline of prophecy. Where are you? Who's on the watch tower at your church? Are they seeing what they want to see, or are they seeing what's actually occurring?

This is the moment. What choices will be made, and who can I depend on? Or am I right to walk away from this nation? Is there really noone? Where's Moses when you need him.

11/18/2008 - 9:46am - I'm going to do this about as dispassionately as I can. I'm going to refer to myself as Chuck, since I'm clearly being treated as an object and a symbol of whatever, and I want it to be clear that these are not "closing arguments", but my observations.

First to Tom Brokaw: I'm going to stand firm on my position no what the conditions, because just like all the soldiers who die in battle everyday because they believe the lies you and your friends tell them about the worthiness of the causes they are deceived into believing. You may not lie  outright, but the omissions and silence and acquiescence are the most damaging part of the deception. I undersand you'd just love it if it could all be swept under the rug.. then same as how you people believed you could destroy me and get me to beg for a job or a morsel of bread... you people nearly killed me more than once, and you damaged my reprutation, harmed me physically and more and more and more... and still, you would have me just sweep it under the rug so you and your friends can get awy with the murder of millions of people for power and gold... becaus eyou'r eused to being treated special, and now you think everyon eshould just forgive you because you'r egood deep down inside after all. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't . Tell it to Cho. Tell it to McVeigh. Tell it to Kozinski, tell it to Manson, Einhorn, Brittany.. all the others... Tell it all Tommy, Boy... got any truth in ya? Yeah sue me. I want to read this one.. :}

BTW, TFN, STIVO. You're my new pastor. Keep talkin' about Catholics, I want to understand.

Oh yeah, 3rd person narrative stuff..

So, apparently this Chuck guy was rejected from the very beginning, and supposedly didn't have a chance except that this other guy named God made a bunch of deals with various people to make sure there was backup despite attrition and betrayal in the ranks. Thank God. Sometimes I wish they'd all just shoot it out and leave the world alone. But that's what this Chuck guy was trying to avoid all his life, and he didn't even know it. So these crazy evil people set it up, just like the Bible told us it would, that things would get out of hand, and Chuck would get his ass kicked... and on and on... except what God was trying to tell people all along, in the prophecies, was to deliver a warning that if these continued, then the rest of the chapters in the Bible would come true.

Meanwhile, nobody quite got it that the reason  for the prophecy was to allow people to see it happening, make a right choice, and do somehting to stop it before it went too far and the world was destroyed. And in fact, I assert that these evil people convinced everyone that it was required to happen in order for the second coming and the Kingdom of God to come about.

Miss America, who I still respect, was commissioned and began delivering her excellent work just about time the time I was nearly dead and driven nearly insane... June 2004- just about the time I called the Secret Service and watched the Democratic Convention... warned CNN that I was worried about attacks on reporters at the convention...  Then one announcer says.. we know what to  do with people who are upset with the media.. and they took me down... and the just before election 2004, announcer said something about "We've got something special planned after the election"... and I knew what it meant...and sure enough, they tried to take me out.. sleep deprivation to the point of collapse, it was horrible. they almost succeeded in getting me admitted for observation... more than once... but I always had enough composure   to convince the doctors that what I needed most was sleep, and that was true. Cause I knew I couldn't tell them what was really happening. Someone else started to, but I shut them up. The Dr wanted to know if I was associated with Jean Knight's organizaion , which I knew existed, but didn't know anything about.

And the reason they didn't succeed was my understanding of biofeedback, psychology, behavioral modification psychology and the shock trauma effects of psychological conditioning... and self-generativeness that I've had since I was a child... pain management... you name it. I knew what they were doing to me procedurally, and began to record the cause and effects of their methods... to the point where now it's a waste of my time, it's just more data, but mostly, keeps me unable to produce work that's cohesive and useful, and as intended, allows them to infiltrate whatever areas they want by whatever means to subvert the plan and will of God. And I'm unwilling to have them set the agenda and insert thoughts into my mind in order to get me to write about what they want me to write about when they want it, and do what they want me to do whenever they want.. and it's all about the same economic slavery that Jesus spoke of... I still don't understand why they didn't just kill me. And I have no apologies for being God's son.

I have been as generous as I could possibly be with my attackers. To the point of even offering to stand up and make announcements that people understand the situation with information and compassion... and all they did was harm me more because they saw that as a sign of weakness. Yet, I stand firm in my position regardless of the conditions. You could say I'm stubborn, and I am, but mostly, I made a commitment to this nation and to myself and to God.. I meant it with every commitment I made... and leaving America doesn't mean abandoning America... America abandoned me, and abandoned God... working legally outside the united States to force the U.S. Government to conform to human rights laws and to ascribe to moral and ethical means is not me attacking the United States.. whether I was elected President or just a minister or whatever, I've been doing this same thing in one way or another my entire life. The fact that my right to free speech, freedom, health.. I have no rights in this country, apparently I never have... so why should I fight that. It's like  a love relationship, if the other person doesn't want you, sure, you could manipulate them into getting married, but there's still never a true love or intimacy... interestingly, For the Love of the World, if this nation continues to do what it's doing it will only lead to its own destruction at the hands of other nations.

Now, not that I care about your opinion of me and my actions, wouldn't you rather have someone like me putting the United States back into its britches, rather than, say, a nuke or a catastrophic event caused by another nation's equivalent of HAARP? It's just the way it goes, it's what people and nations do... just like in World War II... why did the Japanese attack us? Because the United States, covertly, installed a steel and oil embargo against them. They were defending themselves. Why did we nuke them? They had been trying to surrender for months. We nuked them as the ultimate act of terrorism, to let world know we were crazy enough to destroy the entire world - to retain power at all costs, even if it meant scorched earth.

We're sold food that kills us, medicine that harms us, products that kill us... they call it actuarial reality and population control, depending on whether they're talking to us or each other. They feed us soy beans that  destroy farmlands and reduces fertility rates. They spray chemicals in the air that harm us like posion in our lungs, among other things, like bacterial warfare.... and weather war. And we call it the wrath of God.

I don't know what to say... except empower me to empower you, or I go somewhere else where I can at least see new things... not a threat, a request, or anything else. It's just what's so. I hold no one accountable or blameness. I just have nothing better to do, and I refuse to be a toy for you people anyomore.  That's a choice I make out of integrity, even if I'm prevented from succeeding.

Armageddon is a portable plot as well. Right now, Biblically, depending on the contexts things are read in, the United Stats is sometimes Egypt, Rome, Italy, Libya... and you could probably have the same kind of analogies no matter what country you're in... and every nation, community family and individual is living out its own part of the Bible, the paradigms, and we're not in sync. There must be at least 10 or a zillion different ways we all have to become one.

Somehow, I doubt God wanted everyonme to sit around and watch me be destroyed in order to fulfill a plan of having me bring peace to the world. Just doesn't make sense to me. And so, if the U.S. wants to be like this.. what would you really do if you were in my shoes..

And you know what, the fun part is, I know this is all a dialectic to get me homeless. And that's another why I figure if they're going to get away with this one too, then I might as well have fun doing it. What are you going to do? I'm clear none of this is about me.  And I'm not as stupid as people would have you believe.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Neil Young - Heart of Gold

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Christmas Greatest Hits - 05 - Peggy Lee - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

12:47 New Format: So... one of my favorite memories of interaction wth CNN was when I wrote to them and said something like "I'm tired, why don't you just send me stories like a teleprompter, and I'll read 'em". About 30 minutes later, I get an email with the subject line "teleprompter".. okay. So I look at it, and it's the story of George Bush flying into Iraq, as Wolf Blitzer said "Like a Thief in the Night"... and he gave a :32 minute speech, according to CNN, and here's the interesting part... Bush said all that stuff about "I was expecting a warm meal and a place to sleep" and all that stuff... well.  early on in my interactions with Dobbs, I was so jazzed that there was an honest newsman, I got all excited about having a sort of unspoken "partnership" or "comradeship" with him. I did some research... found an application for a grant from time warner, and that's when I was showing them about planetary mix, and how I wanted to do what J Records actually did, open the door to anyone, promote those who were ready and help develop those who weren't... it's a market share thing that was part of the basic sales portion of the paradigm for the Family of Artists and Musicians... and what I told them was that if I could get a grant, even just to supply bandwidth, that I'd take all the good folks who were ready and hand them over to Warner first, if they wanted. em... the FARM wouldn't get a thing... except of course, building a sort of integruous empire in music and publishing that artists could trust...

I had asked for this application for a grant, and received no response, so I wrote to Dobbs and asked if he could maybe prompt them a little. 15 minutes later, the application comes. So I wrote to him and sort of apologized, telling him I really didn't mean to be asking him for anything at all...

Next thing I know, I'm having another weird arguement with the person I live with, I believe it was the first in a series of requests to move out... so I wrote to him and asked if he could maybe give me a place in his garage with a bed and some food, and maybe even work at CNN as a janitor or something just to make enough money to continue my work... That was long before George W. Bush made his trip to Iraq for Thanksgiving.

I don't recall, but I do have the email files.. I'm sure I apologized for doing that as well, something like npt  putting him on the spot.

And then there was this thing from the beginning.. he'd been talking about the presidential/federal assets that were being sold off.. like the Presidential Yacht.. don't know if it sold... and then this picture for a few days... I kept wondering if he was trying to tell me there was a bug in this certain picture Marianne Williamson gave to L... I couldn' t find anything... I  couldn't find anything anywhere else. There was this one place I thought about checking all the time, but couldn't quite gather the will myself to do it. The ceiling fan above my computer.

And then he put up these pictures of the Texas Rangers club house... and the R was hanging crooked... it's one of those things where the simplest answer is prbably the right one. So I was looking for some kind of exotic meaning to why they kept playing this, and he'd always sort of get this look in his eye when he was telling me something, and of course with psychotronics, they can make you notice anything and make you think it's about you... it was only a couple of months ago I finally realized the message was   "Texas Angers"... I had no clue. And then he started claiming he was from Texas, which is sort of true, but he's actually from Idaho.  And yeah, that was long before the Iraq trip by George W.

Of course, I wasn't collecting evidence against Uncle Lou.... he was my buddy... and who knows if the video and transcripts are intact, although it's all mentioned in my weblogs.

The closest I actually came to going over the line was when I wrote to the people at the World Economic Forum (I think it's called) and told them that Lou Dobbs knew about me, and to check with him. I would have done any job appropriately and respectfully just so I could listen. Other than that, the only thing I really did was sing his praises, chew him out every once in a while, try to give him the best suggestions and analysis I had, and emulate his "journalistic standards and ethics" in the work that I did. I think it was about then I realized tricks were being played... So I made sure to try to steer clear of thinking I should believe in taking actions based on Aesopian... Other than those things, and nominating him for an emmy as a member of the press, I don't think I ever did anything that could be interpreted as trying use someone else's name to get "through a back door".... somebody'll probably come up with something... I'm referring to the period since 2002. Other than setting up a communication channel with Begala in a way that I would not be associated with the Democratic party. Isn't that interesting.

The reason I can' t make heads or tails of whether Dobbs is one of my good guys or bad guys is because I think a lot of people were told lies about me, and even thought they shouldn't have particpated in this sort of thing anyway, they did... and then they were caught in the middle, just like the likely weed and seed people locally did.... and then I became an amusement to them.. and then somehow, it got around who I really was... and it's been totally bizarre ever since.

Now, here' the interesting thing... I've always liked NBC.  I started the threatened, and would have been" boycott of MSNBC because I was trying to be intellectually honest, and only complain to the station I watched and had knowledge of. I was trying to set an example for other people on how to deal with the issue of news inside of the paradigm then of using economic coercion. It would have worked, and probably did just because I tested it once or twice... the ability to write one complaint letter to ALL of their sponsors, paricularly the investor relations departments... all with the click of one button. It's simple to do.

Psychotronics began almost immediately in May 2002 when I wrote in my Democraticfundamentalism journal about Bush going to Florida...and calling on Castro to hold free elections, count the votes and honor the will of the people. That was the last straw for me on Bush. Brazen, cold, purely electioneering for Jeb. It's just like when he said he would be the president of all the people... there was no pretty oratory to it, it's simply the law. That's what they do... state what's so, and everybody thinks they're going to do something about it.

It's a sales technique that works every time, but causes your downfall sooner or later if you don't deliver the goods, or when people find out you haven't even the intent to actually do it.

That's the point the U.S. Corporate Media and government are at today. They know it. It's not just me, it's millions of people who know the truth and they can't suppress it much longer....and not only will they face the wrath of the citizens over the crimes they've committed... then people will find out what they did to me and that will make it even worse... me as the symbol, not personally... I've been trying to avoid that situation for a long time...   they've been trying to use me to cause that situation for a long time.. and part of the reason they would do such a thing is because anyone, like Gandhi or Dr Martin Luther King knows that when you lead a non-violent movement, what usually happens that causes the citizens to win is when the citizens are harmed by the government, and the citizens see just how sick the government is, and the regime collapses. Given that I have acknowledged that truth before, they would say I instigated it.

Further, as a part of a dialectic, I could in some way be charged with being part of a terror ring under the bizarre laws instituted in the last 8 years with full Democratic participation and support...   or they could use the violence they cause with their infiltrators to declare martial law and then use it as an example of how brutal they're willling to be in order to suppress people... which could  easily be a great deal of the point of why I'm doing what I'm doing... I don't know for sure how all of this is being used.

When I realized I was being surveilled to an extreme degree, I broke off trying to get assistance from volunteers who were volunteering... because I didn't want anyone else to get hurt, and I knew I could at least give people ideas about how to take peaceful, legal action before things went too far... I assumed that if I came to a point of having evidence, or if I could hang on long enough to silently "work with people" and develop networks without having to lead them, I could shape the future, noone would know, and when it was over, I'd just resume my life.

I though it was, indeed, what God wanted me to do after beginning to realize the shape things were in. . Including announcing running for the Presidency in 2003. And declaring the Kingdom of God on my site... a decision I still fully believe was His request of me... and you just have to understand, even the psyops guys get things turned around on them all the time. Sometimes, media people would run stories they wouldn't otherwise run just to suck me in and make me think they were friendlies, before they'd run their real agenda when an issue, like the Iraq war, came to a head. Just like certain people tried to make me believe they'd " reveal me" long before this election.... part of the so called terrorism Joe Lieberman was talking about that I refused to be used for....  Good old Uncle Joe... :}

The quickest way to get me to distrust anyone is to do 1 single Aesopian "you can trust me to help you" game that doesn't check out... and they never do. Because that's what the up and down game is all about... getting you to feel good and hopeful and then suddenly causing you to lose all hope and be demoralized... If God said to me, I'll be there in half an hour, I'd say, lemme know if you make it.. cause God wouldn't tell me that, he'd just do it. Anyway...  Donny (Rumsfeld) always said, from the beginning, you gotta buiold 'em up to break 'em down... but like they say in the Postman.. a  little morale goes a long way, and I do know how to keep myself psyched up...

That's really all I have to say about this.. I don't even know why I'm saying it. More music on KCRJ....

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 13 - The Very Last Time (Utopia) Of course, they'll do something just to prove this wrong, but it's the thought that counts :}

Hi Barak. :} Hard to believe, I haven't spent a single moment checking out your background. It's kinda weird, isn't it? Hmmm... what could it mean?

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6:24pm - Pixie's back! Hi Pixie :} Uncle Joe.. good to know you're foloowing the soap opera, but here's the deal... John's line was Country First, mine was America First... til you guys gave it to Miss America. Talk about two birds with one stone, Mark Cuban AND Miss America all in one song... actually Uncle Joe, wouldn't it be funny if you really turned out to be my uncle? I know tha clip was during the campaign, but I think I had become disgusted by then and tuned out further input. You know how it goes. You tuned out to anything but fear mongering and the Skull and Bones long ago...

By the way... I have lots of solutions... all of which you guys listen to briefly, think you know what you're doing, and then proceed to subvert it into dysfunction or covert profiteering... right Warren? I bet you've never actually examined me fullly thinking anything through... and if you have you know that what I've been waiting for is proof that anyone is trustworthy... and it obviously isn't there. Once again, that's not my fault.

So this thing you guys decided to convince people of, about anyone who sees God will not continue living.. it's the same stuff that I was writing about the other nights about Dying Crying and Carrying On... that got erased... dying, or "not continuing to live", is about the self... one thing I picked up in a good man's sermon the another night was about praying... can't remember exactly how he said it... but it was about praying in the dark (holographically, both literally and without preconceived notions about what the prayer should contain, allowing His grace to be receivd through you), setting yourself aside to be with God.. it was excellent... but the self that needs to be set aside, the part that dies and is transformed through the grace of God, is the "being reborn"... literally. Without sin or influence, uncorrupted as created. Therefore, in His grace and in the surrender of prayer, putting the self, the identity and pride and desire aside, that part of the self this is not of grace dies, and is reborn pure and clean and whole again. And that is possible with every prayer when you surrender to God.

So, people need to know there is no rule of God that people be harmed by being seen by Him... that's something that the evil-doers are doing, if and when they do it. And they do use psychotronics on people, but that is not of God. And, to enhance the illusional part of that, they'll get me to think about people they know are in ill health and things like that.. and then I write about them. Otherwise, I'd keep a list of those people I suspect are affected on the site... but I won't know the truth about that for some time.

The truth is, the psyops people and those working against me don't want you to know me. Think about that. And why? Because you'd know I was speaking truth, that I'm sincere, that I have no desire to mislead anyone for any reason, and that I really do love people as much as I say...  but even more, that I am a person, if not the person, who can deliver God's promise on His behalf... cuz He's my partner, and I trust Him and love Him, and if you could only trust Him, again, then I think you'd trust me, finally.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sade - Diamond Life - I Will Be Your Friend

PS. It doesn't look like this thing about not writing is working out too well :} God Bless, Red Skelton. :} Pardham - Clinton was it? Can we have some graphics on that. I'm finally beginning to understand your intelligence. I'm still wondering if that'll ever happen with Anne Coulter. Hiya :} Something about FedEx-ing Jews, wasn't it? :} I can hear 'em in court, do you really think you were talking to these people? Uh, I don't know, what do you think? I have no idea. Can't hurt to try... that's still legal, right? There's this guy at a weblog called bradblog who apparently cusses out the New York Times all the time, and then he says he calls them, and they know who he is... he's made quite a name out of it... I can't get to his site.... for some reason... so I've never read it myself. Observed him putting the make on a convention guest at the  alternative media conference put on with It was interesting to watch, til he noticed me watching, and then he became much more business like. :}

Someday, we'll have a little talk about "Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters" Another little story I can't  wait to hear myself. 3 birds with one stone, the economist, the representative and.... the key that unlocks the stone. 4 at a time.

Believe it or not, just as Chuck, not a symbol or anything but a fellow being, I really do love you all.

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7:02 - I really am bored. Must be a sensory deprivation thing... there you go, Greg, I'm trying to hand you everything I can :} It's funny, when you read it from the bottom up it almost makes sense.  Nice letter to Olli,eh? Ya never know. I figure the Bible says someone'll do it, so I guess they will. Whenever. Whatever. Whoever.   Something about anyone doing God's real work is my friend... close enough. :} I was so relieved to read that thing about how Abraham didn't like being called the Daughter of Pharoahs... after the Son of Man name thing :} I'm not alone after all.. sorta... :}

So it looks like I'll end up doing the New York thing and then a one way to anywhere.. should be fun.. I'd take a cruise.. they have good food don't they... but since ya''ll want me looking like a vagrant... hmmm... how are you all going to explain this when it breaks? I know you have all sorts of things in mind, but even as a citizen, nothing else, how can you justify this kind of stuff? That's what's going to be really interesting. And you know someone will do the right thing sooner or later... Even the dentists stuff is ricco. So how do you figure making my life worse will help you? And what about all those other people.. and I'm just talking about being targeted by psychotronics.. what about all the rest?

So, we've had some fun exposing my life one more time, and the thing you really need to get is that when I said I'd tell all, I meant it... and when I do, you'll be convicted.... for a million different reasons in God's mysterious ways... and I'm not standing still...

And don't forget something: I really am a Christian, have been my whole life, made my mistakes, found myself in the world in His Kingdom, and I'm not walking away from it, not because of position, but because, like I felt about my country, His Kingdom really is a cause greater than myself, and I understand it and love it and it will be. And I really have been born again in so many ways, and I'm really thankful, as tough as its been, but I'm never going back, and you really can't get me to do things I don't believe are right... psychotronics or not, my conscience really is clear, my heart's in great shape and I'm just fine. I don't like the way you harass me with the psychotronics and directed energy, but I'm fine. And everyday, I see more and more evidence that God is in control. Praise God.

Even the rocks won't protect them... because the rocks will be the ones under suspicion... do you even have a clue what I'm telling you? I'll still take the flying horse, though :} Yeah, yeah, Texaco/Exxon...

It's really fun looking at the words in the Bible an getting different interpretatiions of the same phrases and how they apply almost as if in parallel timelines, particularly when observing historical patterns and details that really do recur in modern day, the holgraphic projection of paradigms and all... I think I'm getting closer to being able to explain it. It actually is quite close to string theory and fractals, with accelerations and alterations generated by choice, always returning to balance through equal and opposite reaction. And I think what I find most interesting right now is how the end of days and all really did start a long time ago, and how these evil spirits nearly took the Kingdom of God... just like the Bible says, right before the plug was pulled... And wouldn't it be interesting if, instead of an asteroid, it was an astor-oid, who wouldn't go along for the ride. Thus, Wormwood has been avoided. We shall see, won't we? Pray that this one isn' t accelerated or altered.

My father also talked frequently about Time, Look, Esquire, and He was concerned in the same ways about Martin Luther King at first, until King "went to the mountatintop" and understood the deceptions to come. And that was another interesting demarcation point in my father's political orientations... when Dr. King no longer "went along" and renewed his understanding and commitment to a cause greater than himself. Sorry John it's your phrase but it just fits. Just as my father, an ultra-conservastive as far as I could tell, was a big fan of John F. Kennedy, and was greatly disappointed at the outcome of the Clay Shaw trial, such that he became a Libertarian before it was even an actual political party. And now I understand about WEA...

I suppose I need to read up a little about Lincoln, but my understanding is he really didn't live up to the reputation and myth... and I'm going to re-find the visions of Washington with the Angel... And then look up the 4th president, I think I know who he was... 4,40,44... sure makes more sense now in yet another context... Skull & Bones, East India Company and the British Empire... and Barak. Just like Buckminster Fuller talked about. 

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Whaddya think... will Olli like the site? :} God Bless...


rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue

Much later... so... Barak should start checking his mailbox again... psyops guys say you think you're going to get me to give you plausible deniability... good luck on that one :} This is gonna be fun, and I have a pretty nice direct-drive turntable :} No matter how it plays, you lose.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) George Harrison - Brainwashed - Pisces Fish

11/17/2008 - around 5am... Woke up around 4 or so... It just gets weirder and weirder.. I already know what I'm going to write to Queen Elizabeth... she's my aunt, isn't she? Anyway... so I'm thinking what do I write to Olli? Not like it's  a secret I'm going to... So I start thinkin' Olli Olli oxen free, free, free, it you don't come out, you're IT, like , information technology. Dudes, I didn't make that choice, and I'm out. So let's get on with it.

I keep thinking how weirds this will sound in court... and how fun it will be to hear Julian or what's his name Craig reading it into the record. :} Cause I won' testify, but   I will act as my own attorney with the aid of a public defender or something, who will likely be laughing his her lesbian a** off... :} That's right, closing arguments. :} We won't go into that. Have you noticed I like to say things just to mess with your head? Couldn't pass up the clothing comment either:}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Huey Lewis & the News - I Want A New Drug

Now I know why certain people wanted me to up my intake of truth serum, I wasn't going to write this morning. I could do without the the chemical weapons being used against   Americans, though, would sure help the cough. Paraquat kills you know.

I named one cat Abbey.. was relevant to a siginificant person in all of I have a kitten named Emmalee.. I call that person M.. so in what context should I interpret Lee or Li? More data. The memory won't get full, Paul... Waived:}

So, Warren... I've been wondering what to tell you. My take is if you broke off the parent company from the media company, and gave me a desk and a tv  show, we'd have something to talk about, but I dont' know what to tell you. You guys know what I have in mind and what needs to be done, but noone wants to do it, and I understand why, but it's gotta happen, and the kids haven't stopped fighting in the back seat for thousands of years, and enough is enough. Otherwise... I'd love to chat, but not this way.

I'm really mad about not replacing Billy Graham.  That's the part I thought was for sure.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - TBD - 100 - Sometimes I Don't Know What to

Watched a MASH marathon last night.. wondering which or all of those characters I was.. do you do that? Thinkin' about the vcr and camera I won from A&M for an in-store point of purchase display that never existed... I had nearly every MASH recorded before she took it. and what we used it for, while listening to the following song.. and the Exxon connnection.. and how they could use my home videos against me, except it would completely expose the entire conspiarcy. Bring on the video! :} It would be fun to review... all the way to the Hague. See how God turns it all around? I love that part. :} I really will tell everything you guys, I'm more willing every day...  One more thing :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - Insatiable

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11/16 - I think :} soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who

It's been interesting ... hadn't planned to write this morning... I've come to a few conclusions.. the question is, is it emulation or is it my own conclusion. It's actually both, not that I expect anyone to understand what that means.

It' svery disheartening to know that ministers would participate in cruelty toward anyone.. I always believe in the idea that when people find out that they're doing wrong, and why it's wrong, they'd want to change whether they did or not. It was all about permission and acceptance of peers.

Woke up this morning thinking about how I'm so focused on politicians and government, and like the Bible instructed, didn't concern myself with "the faithful" because they'd know what was going on and would support me with their efforts. So that' swhat I did.

I was thinking that I guess I have to now start looking at ministers at putting them on the list of apostates... you expect apostates who act like apostates, whether they know it or not.. that Ron Carpenter guy is a good example... he's misguided, I'm clear he means well, but if I"m so diminished and noone will listen to me, other to take what I write and misrepresent it, all I can do is make a list of people to be suspicious of and avoid them. And I know that's what it sounds like was done to me, but it wasn't, because I never did anything wrong, I didn't lie, and I presented fact. And I certainly didn't set an entire community against a person for political purposes, with lies and distortions.

So anyway... I guess I need to make these lists... and of course, they'll all be of other people who need to provide explanations for their actions... at least I give them the chance to explain.. 6 years with the media and government. Now, ministers... it'll be funny to encounter those who say, who are you to call me this?  And I'll say who are you to deny the facts?

Long and short of it is, anyone who thinks it's funny to make contact with me and then jerk me around will go on the list.. which I'm sure will be scoffed at by all those who think they've beaten God. It'll likely be a long list, unfortunately, because everyone thinks I"m just a toy to jerk around. And then, after the "talents" fall, and things are a mess, it'll matter. It's not a threat. It's all just about observation. And recording what I see.

This is not directed at any one person... but now I have to deal with apostates who tell the truth in order to suck you in -in the same dialectic to diminish and destroy the respect of God. It's like a trojan horse. Captue the market share, and once they have the audience, they can tell them anything they want, and if they're being blackmailed in order to mislead, then they can destroy anyone who betrays the apostate Council on Foreign Relations cause. It's the same thing I talk about about the news media.. one way or another, telling you what you want to hear, and when crunch time comes, you'll believe anything they say. That's the purpose what's her name was set up for... or, she's one of them in the first place. Or she got setup. How would I know? All I know is what happened.   That's why the list will stand. And the government believes noone will have the guts to stand up to them.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

To the locals: I know you guys run people off an then have fun taking the possessions left behind... I'll make sure everything I leave behind is worthless, especially the cars, which are worth a lot with just a little investment, like I told my neighbor. Think about the day when you weed and seeders, and DNC idiots, and church people, are discovered for what you are, and the very people youve harmed so much decide to get even... how much good will you have done yourselves and your families in order to further the fascist goals of your leaders? And do you think they'll care what happens to you? Do you REALLY believe Sen. Larry Craig did something to validate his arrest? Did you see anyone defend him, or questin the validity of the charges against him? No, they abandoned him, or spoke weak arguements that did not speak to the facts, which is, someone may have not liked what he was doing, but there was no crime... period.

A perfect example of a man knowing he was set up, and rather than have the courage to say what was actually going on in order to put an end to it. One more coward... The crimes continue.

Unfortunately all this list making is fully analagous to the Revelatons of the book of life and all that... guess it is kinda that way... I'm not going to spend a lot of time on it, it's an easy thing, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of volunteers for the list by people who think it means nothing and will taunt me...  good luck with that.

I may be leaving the country, I'm still in the world, and if you read the Bible, after the next stuff happens, you'll be begging for one of your leaders to save you, and they'll step forwar, and then you'll start seeing what I was talking about, and realize that the ploitican who steps forward will also be the one who caused you harm... as the actual perp, or representative of the perps. I'm not sure how to read the stuff after the white horse with wings.. I'm afraid to.. cause I have htis other source that syas an asteroid is headed this way.. and a number of years ago, CNN did a poll asking people, if such a catastrophic event occurred, would you want to be told that something like an asteroid devastating earth was coming, people responded by saying no... supposedly.. if you can trust the poll results.... I don't have any firm info on this other than the one source, who so far, has not mislead me. Biblically, and holographically, there are many ways to read the passages. It could just be that someone introduces me.. and creates a huge outcry that shakes the earth... but the way it works is, someone doesn't do the right thing.. not just on this but in all history... if someone doesn't do the right thing, then the actions become progressively worse and more universal. Not caused by God, as people would think, But by the actions of people and like how lies lead to bigger lies that lead to harming people that leads to harming nations.... and on and on... So, I don't want to cause panic or anything, but I'd sure hope someone will look into this asteroid, which has been tracked for quite some time...  and provide some documentation as to its facts.

As for people who may be apostates.. I give lots of chance... so don't think I'm out hoping to find them. I'd prefer to never know, but it's my job. And it's up to you all to prove yourselves, because I'm only allowed to have so much access to the world, and whatever I see, I see, and I didn't reach out to ministers and purposely do harm to any of them.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Ronnie Montrose - Rock The Nation

Now, anyone who wants to play the "you told us to do it game"... good luck. You'll just prove what idiots you are.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eurythmics - Missionary Man

The Kingdom of God's a great place. I hope you get to go there.

11/15 - Came in to mess around... this song was on... it was a nice reminder that I do still have a couple of heroes left. Other my dad... I still think about  how I would think there was something he was supposed to teach me :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tom Clay - What the World Needs Now

I keep wishing I had a copy of that song "He Was A Friend of Mine". Anyway...

I'm gonna tell ya something  a little weird that may answer a few questions.. give people a few tangibles to make things easier to understand. This Kallman's syndrome birth defect I have... It was the malady the Nazi's used to justify eugenics. I didn't know anything about that until a couple years ago. Nor did I ever consider that I would be used for hormone testing, especially without my knowledge. Even more, I didn't think the U.S. Gov't would so such things. As a test subject, however, I can actually see why I would be a good subject.

With this "birth defect" of the petuitary, my body, in its natural state, doesn't produce enough hormones to technically be a man or a woman. Some might say that it effected my development on a number of levels, and I agree. It kept me from having sex in high school, prevented me from having a child, a nmber of things like that. It also made me an objective onbserver of behavior, not like a geek, but just not particpating in these I'm actually glad I wasn't involved in, because   of the hurt caused by people not ready for such intimacy without commitment. And how girls were used and emotionally abused. I tend to observe things, maybe hear a word, and profile all the possible things about it just to give my mind something to do. And to answer why and what if....

So anyway.. since my body gives them a baseline control subject, they can get really accurate response data from playing with my hormones.. including causing me to begin to develop breasts, because I had always wondered what it was like to be a woman with breasts, the weight, effects on the back, walking and running, all of those kinds of things. These people are truly perverse. Explains a lot of things to me too. When they gave me hormones at 18, I figured out they were giving me ten times the normal amount of hormones a teenager going thru puberty would have in their peak of development in their teens. Explains a lot of things to me. Things I handled responsibly, though he did give me some bad advice.

I don't personally think the syndrome is responisible for too much, except when the wrong or wrong amount of hormones is used, and then I become aggressive and all. I'm purposely not taking shots regularly because I think they've given me a growth hormone that I don't need, but fulfills  the hormone requirement when I actually need a shot. Meanwhile, it speeds up my metabolism so I burn more calories (aiding the weight loss) and making me more aggressive because it's not the right medicine. Close, though, for a while. They have patches to provide a more consistent flow, but they're like 4-5 times more. And the little surge I get after 10 days from a shot is little different than taking viagra.

What I do actually believe about me, other than me being whoever I am just because I am that way, is that I grew up with 4 sisters, and mostly loved it... and frankly, always had wanted to start  a musical touring group with them... I know Sound of Music but it's true. But even more, I heard my mom say some really cool things about love and expectations and the reality of people living life and not punishing them for mistakes that aren't crimes with intent, one way of looking at things she said. And they make sense, and they're not tangibles, they're all about judgment and balance, not judgmentalism and punitive coercement or shaming. And interestingly enough, every one of those special conversations I accidentally overheard relate to the laws and divisive turmoil this nation and the world face today.

I know some people think I'm a little effeminate.. that's a part of me I really like. The senistive part that lets me really understand where people are coming from, because I can put myself in their shoes... it's like hermits... which I'm really not... do you REALLY believe they want to be alone? It's not being feminine, it's simply that I grew up where that sort of free expression was allowed... I'm definitely a guy. But let's face it, women and dark-skinned people get to wear the coolest color clothes and styles.

And I still say the way to learn how to solve world crisis and end war is to go to Woolworths and listen to a bunch of women with young children talk about the things they go through and how they deal with the kids... not to mention what it's like to be a woman in the post-modern paradgim.. or something like that. Of course, these days, propaganda has people so afraid of each other, if you did that and they noticed, you'd probably be arrested for stalking.

But I'm an artist. I really do see everything as a work of art.  And frankly, the weirdest part is... the pyshcotronics and all sure give me the freedom to say I don't care what you think of me, cause I didn't ask you in, and I'm not changing for you. . with the full knowledge that in public, I'll still be the same old Chuck I've always been, cause I like me. I hope you can say you like your selfs too.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Christmas Greatest Hits - Wayne Newton - Silver Bells

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 03 - Sure As I'm Sitting Here

Found out where Shambala is: can't wait to go.
rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - Shambala

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Herman's Hermits - Kind of Hush

Yes folks, always a special surprise for ya here :}



The Universal Church, by whatever name :}... is gonna be fun. Someday. I hope soon. (I'm looking forward to my first sermon somewhere... what a kick:}) We need it.  I think you guys read too much into the music. That's communication for ya. The song I wrote yesterday.. I meant every word.

Oh, yeah, about my showing up places without an invitation.. I think I only did that once in my life. Off Duty. (actually I went on a radio station tour when I was younger and did that, no apologies, and once at a radio station in Anaheim. But I didn't push myself on anyone. I was 19) It's not appropriate, you know. Business. A simple concept. How could you think someone who's been in charge of support services for years and years wouldn't know how to conduct themselves appropriately.. ever notice how people almost have a good experience with me, except when they're being a*holes to me?

Saying a*hole is an accurate description. Being one is vulgar. If people keep treating me this way, we'll end up seeing how many neighbors go to jail. They deserve it. Meanwhile, while they're acting like idiots and covering their asses, I could care less about their uncosnitiutional activities that have no statute of limitations, because I don't consider them the source of the problem. I have lots of pictures, though, and I bet I could match them up to some cars in certain organizational parking lots. If that's what ya'll want to do, folks, I'm fine with it. Nothing changes for me. It will for you. Go seed your own go along with something as perverse as what you do is about as anti-Christian as it gets. And pathetic.  

And I have nothing against Catholic people.. I do have problems with the Church, but if you'd prefer to base your whole lives on a fraud instead of God, you' re welcome to it. That's your choice. The fact that none of you have a sense of humor about anything is the proof of your guilty conscience. I didn't do that, you did.

Damn, it feels good to have  a clear conscience.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Phil Collins - Testify - 10 - Can't Stop Loving You with thanks to CNN and Lexus :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Phil Collins - Testify - 03 - Testify

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tom Petty - Refugee

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Roberta Flack - Look Out Here It Comes

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Pretenders - Human

PS: Don't use compact flourescent light bulbs. They are very bad for your health. You'll get dizziness, depression, anxiety attacks... is that enough? 120cps or Hz... bad frequency for your eyes and mind... and the color doesn't help. Ever notice your eyes getting dry and sore and your forehead going a little numb or tingly while watching tv? Restless leg syndrome is a complete fraud. It's the same tingly, muscular and nerve stimulation as what I describe as all over my body, numb head, all sorts of stuff that also fits the description of  a crazy person... but then, you read about the YALE study showing the Zyprexa CAUSES mental disorders in healthy PEOPLE, and the fact that it's  a primary drug of choice in Bush's "New Freedom Initiative", and you realize that all they're doing is killing people slowly, and taking their money away from them before they die. Just like cancer. We've had the cure for what - 70 years? Maybe more. AIDS..CIA Made it. Anyone who reads anything about 911, other than the mainstream cover up, has to objectively conclude it was an inside job with the aid of the media... follow the money, the chemicals, the so called terrorists who died in the crash who are alive and well in the middle east, yatayayaytyayr goes on and on. Unmistakelable. I didn't want to believe it either. But, I also knew, given election/dialectic 2000, that such an attack is exactly what would be used to install the final phase of the New World Order tyranny.

My political ambitions, such as they were, had nothing to do with  being against anything. It was always just about something in me that me I knew how to do Democracy right. I don't know how to describe it. And I know and love Democracy inside and out... it's just part of who I am and be, in a way. My whole life, people have always come to me with their problems wanting to know how to resolve the properly, legal or personal, and often times, knowing they weren't as good as I was with interfacing with superiors or authorities, I'd represent them, and usually find a way to make things work.

I told the people in Hebron that the only thing I'd change about their agenda would be to lead a section on what equality means, because I don't think people really know what it means anymore. And then, there's a whole list of words like freedom, integrity, love, hate, prejudice... word by word... that's right.. it's  a  big part of what I intended to  present on my first site... the real meaning of words like revolution and violence and such.. it's not what people think it means. Do you really believe Thomas Jefferson thought we should undergo a civil war every 10 years? No, a revolution and renewal of our thinking, kind of like going to church, so that we don't forget and fail to appreciate the gift we have, the world that's possible and what it means to be a citizenof what should be the beautiful example to the World that it's still possible to be... the window is not large...  but then, the resulting inquiry of all that would be the responsibilites of service... what real transparency is, and how politicians should be punished and or banished for commiting crimes against their own citizens, Barak.

Pass this onto him: Without those discussions, with that kind of lie  of omission standing, that would truly be conspiratorial, impeachable and prosecutable. You knew what you were doing Barak.  I gave everyone all sorts of opportunities to just stop hurting me. Wouldn't even do that. Wouldn't even write a letter on behalf of all the victims to start a formal inquiry, wouldn't even stand up against the telecoms regarding the FISA legislation with wording that doesn' texempt your wives, aides or selves outside the parameters of official business. And then, whether anyone else caught it or not, promoting jobs as the true purpose of life... while diminishing the dignity of those who would cherish their relationships with God, especially in troubled times, wanting them to "believe in you"... all of which fits perfectly with the plans of the Council on Foreign Relations to do away with spiritual faith, except those you could manipulate.. one thing after another, Both Obama and McCain are reps and members of the Council, just like all the others who are allowed to be in the public view, like Brokaw and Moyers and everyone else who has a lot of explaining to do....guilty or not.... 

Which is why McCain did everything he could to throw the election to Obama. I actually think Sarah Palin finally caught on to the scam. I wonder if she plays pinochle. I could learn again. I'm really good at 3-handed cut-throat :}

Hmm.. something about the U.S. and Pinochet... maybe tomorrow. See, they got me to write stuff :} Oh well. Could be worse :}

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soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Prince - Musicology - Dear Mr Man

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

Since you guys are going to have so much free time soon, I really thought I'd recommend Hafiz. Check this out... It' s a penguin book.. you guys even bought the books... I'll bet it's in the post office  downstairs:} Even your ownership is a pattern of conspiracy once the big picture is laid out:}  Holographic, you know :} Amazing. When the setup's too perfect...

The Only Material

What a skilled man can do with a hammer

The advanced pilgrim can do with Thought.

One builds their own seat in this world

Using God

The only material that is everywhere.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Sting - Englishman in New York

At least now I really understand why the Dalai Lama laughs at everything.

The M Dialectic.   Other Stuff

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years

3:44 pm... Got  tired of watching Wolf Blitzer... I like to think of him as the best propagandist in town... wanted him to be my press secretary when I became President. Now the psyops guys say Keith Olbermann wants the job :} Really, it just gets weirder and weirder.. and I keep thinking, if only I'd known, this would have all been over years ago because this dialectic stuff is atually so easy, it bores the hell out of me. I guess that's literal too. PS I have really good trees, lots of branches, they're healthy happy and probably gonna end up in Lebanon. Free cedars. Really, I got tons of em everywhere... so..

I said long ago that if I felt I was being manipulated I would stop writing. I'm keeping my word. It's calle dintegrity, and refusing to write more articles without a clear mind. And the reason is because I'm not going to hand people God's word so they can pervert it and use it to destroy it. They use everything I write. That's all there is to that. Ask all the questions you want, and see how long you can take profane language.... ask Marsha Islam how good I am at it, a true psychic, who actually put on an "evil-eye" pendulum when I blocked her from reading my mind by repeating unpleasant, but not profane, phrases to leave me alone. I can do all that  stuff... and build a camper.

Of course, the psyops know that, so that's why I take little or no responsibility for   certain things, and expect others to understand the influences upon me, knowing I'm doing everything I can  to deliver truth and refuse to pervert it, even if it seems like it would be best to other people.. good old Michelle knew that some day people would actually trust me and things would work...  actually the only person in my life who acknowledged that about me. 1 or a few other people knew I was really a musician at heart. Others think of me as a politician, and others know that my true natural insturment is the piano, and unfortunately, I already wrote about how I'd know the right woman because she'd buy me flowers. Darn. I'll never know :}

The long and short of it.. what I am going to do is take all the cool buried stuff in this and other journals, and prominently display them as independent pages in main menus. At least that's productive. And create a couple more journals that separate the dirt the psyops guys keep getting me to bury about polliticians and the media with silliness about women, love, and other stuff they can use to make me look foolish, all to bury the truth about how clearly and easily I see what's going on, that will confuse chronologers or whatever and stand as a truly indecipherable record of something that happened to a guy named... wally or somehting... I'm gonna do one on "favorite sanctimonious essays"... I might just rename this and add to it. I got a ton of it, it's my favorite stuff. 

That'll take a couple days.. what ya got coming up, oh psyop masters of the wizard of oz? I really would just give up if this was about politics. Stupid is as stupid is made   to appear.

Oh yeah, about prophecy and dialectics.. I see lots of stuff... a leader in France says something, I know how it fits and plays a dozen ways... like Chirac's global call for a tax (attacks) to assist the poor (meaning, assist in the effort to fully impoverish and enslaver the poor, which is what is going on in AMerica tight now, as well) That's a perfect example of Aesopian - they forecast their actions - that if examined, would actually prove to have come true.

I can play the Aesopian game and have detailed descriptions... or I can do like I did before by seeing the general trends, yawning, and watching Mary Poppins. I had a nicer life then. How many of these clowns does it take to play me in this movie? Too bad they don't have just 1 that gets it done... hmmm

Anyway... I don' tneed to know anymore about what they're doing. You could show me 10-15 minutes a day of news headlines, and I could tell you exactly what's happening because it's all happened before, and just like I always said I need a mass communications network to do the Family of Artists and musicians,  they own it. Still, they're surrounded and should surrender. Europe's seen it all, and America is in a trap. THey know all about dialectics. Why do you think Russia sent a battleship to Venezuela? It wasn't about me. Interesting timing, of course, psyops guys.  Like writing the Mariah Carey story and finishing 10 minutes before it was reported that she was breaking up with her husband. The content of what I wrote is true,and silly, cause of the psyops done, but that's how it was supposed to appear. Still, if people had an inkling of understanding about my background, it wouldn't be silly, it would be fun.

There's a dialectic for you. And who controls my access to the world and public opinion? The people who designed the dialectic to make sure noone ever knew I existed, except as a joke.  Who owns the record labels upon which all the music I base my musical communications on.. Mostly Time Warner,. a bunch of GE/Universal and Motown, A&M, and dang near everything else in some way everywhere. They published the Hafiz book I quote from. They even set it up so that if I did become known, they'd make a ton of money off of albums and publishing... their right to do so.. and it wasn't just to affect me, it messes up a lot of things for  alot of people. Including controlling the careers  and finances of God's Angels... the artists and musicians... whose careers can be destroyed at a moment's notice if the aritst deosn't produce "product"... just like they did Brittany Spears. I used to wonder why Michael Jackson slept in a hyperbaric chamber... now I wish I had one.. the metal casing must have given him great relief from the directed energy, as well as the psychotronics effects from hypersonic v2k and ELF waves.

And, as a dialectic, one more time, they're getting you, the victims of their crimes to pay them all your money to  finance the perpetuation of the crimes against you. They acquired everything you like most, and sell it to you like candy, and present what they do in the mainstream and in effect, control all knowledge and information... just like the protocols say they will.

Magnet wars. Huffington post is another Democratic Party front org... right Hillary? :} All these good people I thought were simply caught up in the fray turned out to be causing the fray.  Everything's so backward's even the damsel in distress dialectic is backward :} What would Engelbert and Rumpelstitskin say about that? :} And I wonder if anyone gets that?

So I project what I say, knowing these folks have alternative plans for everything... as well as a dialectic to get me to think certain things that could actually be possible... when they know all along they haven't yet revealed what they're actually going to do. Once again, if I didn't have a clue how thes work, I would have stopped because itsometimes makes me look silly and predicting things that don't come true.

Still, I look back, like to 2002, and everything I said would happen is happening, and the facts I presented bore themsolves out, and I knew very little fact then, what I saw was trends, and all these dialectics and the idea of wasting time laying it out for four more years, hopin gupon hope that someone will listen to God and get this all over with. Wanna waste my time.. lots of ther things I can do rather than amuse people with facts they choose not to hear.

History's really cool.. but provides nothing without context that they are the paradigms for the same games played by the elders for centuries... if people don't hear that from a significant source, with realtime examples, they'll never be free. And nothing will be accomplished except leaving behind more stuff for people to be fascinated with... as in, God isn't really real, he's just in these cool books. I don't say that critically, it's just how it goes. I understand the relevance issue more and more everyday... sadly, gladly, with a great deal of frustration...

One of my favorite CPA's advised me once to cover my ... CYA... I  didn't mean to, but I did. And I don't know if other people did things to assist, or to clear themselves later. I don't really care about all of that. Even that's a distraction.  I still love everyone of them, and if I have to see any one of them being ppunished, I'll be sad, but they did what they did, and in one way or another, I have some say as to whether I'd say someone was guilty of other than "innocent" acquiescence.

As a citizen with knowledge most people didn't have, because of what I was exposed to early in life, I could make the case that I was guilty of acquiescence as well... regardless of what was done to me. Cause I saw it all happening. I knew where it was leading. I just didn't understand what "hijacking a religion" meant... now I do. And it's pervasive. Whether by intent, purposefulness and with malice, or by not noticing with otherwise complete innocence. Unless people are volunteering to do things that does actual harm. - if their participation is by coercion - it's like sending Patty Hearst to prison.. You gotta end the trail somewhere.. people surviving - Like Patty Hearst- are not culpable. The root of the evil is really all that's important to me. I'm sure they'll like me saying that. Good people always love being given permission to be good people again.

That's why I wanted to have a review of all imprisonment cases. Even survival has been used as a tool to capture the victims, and blame them for the crimes committed against them, making a profit off it all with corporate prisons. That then sell the prsioner's time to make money with low wage workers for their other corporate interests.

What part of that scenario - dialectic - isn't slavery?

Hillary as Sec of State... economic coercion and.. what a great way to cover Obama's tail.

10:30 pm Clock on computer set to wrong time. Took a shower around 9:30... apparently some pervert decided to do a "drip-drip" joke on me... while I was in the shower, somebody was out in the woods making coyote noises. If they'r elucky, maybe they got some pictures to selll of me naked. I don't have curtains in the bathroom, given I live in the woods and anyone who would see in would have to be trespassing at the least... got a witness for that, course, that's not the kind I need. Ha ha ha more wasted time and tries, but documented nonetheless. What great people I live around.White horse with wings... an airplane, just like I thought. It'd be cooler to have a white horse with wings.

I just remembered: the first time the house was stalked in Olympia, I had just finished emailing the leaders of the Democratic Party around the state, and then around 2 am, I heard a cell phone ring outside the bedroom window...

Back to the media and the government. Nice distraction guys. She'll destroy herself through her inaction, and you guys will take another one down. Good work. When she start messing up by covering her tracks, you'll know she's about to lose it, and then I win. Mexico. Or Ireland... anywhere but this nation of liars. I love the idea of America.Someday it will exist in reality. And the bad guys will be erased. Couldn't be a better example of how it happens that the dead bury the dead. I'm sure it will be.   And even though God DOES contunue to love all, and forgives the past.. there is this other part of the Bible that contains the phrase "I don't know you". Both sides if this story are true. Only the names have been changed to fit the paradgim of this ever-successsful portable plot. If I was an opportunist I would have been rich and famous long ago. If I was not who I am I would not be doing what I am doing now. The proof of my integrity, like all those other times, is that I still refuse to cross boundaries inappropriately, just as this site let me say what needed to be said and people read it by choice.

Their actions and continued defiance of God is the proof of their souls at this time. And that's God message for today.

All of which appears to be a waste of time, for no one hears except to justify themselves.

Any questions, apostates of all professions?

M. Do you understand how you were used to kill 2 birds with one stone? From things you've said, I'd say they've been hitting you with psychotronics for years, and you didn't know it, and that's how it works. Or, you're lying. I call, btw, and no one answers. Figures.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - They Won't Go When I Go

I pray that one day people will know truth as a friend

Not an affront to their senses but a pleasure to obtain

A surprise as a gift that would otherwise go unnoticed.

I pray that one day people will truly know love

In all its passion and intimacy, warmth and wholeness

A place and a person to be in, a dance in which to celebrate each moment.

I pray that one day people will understand that dreams

Are the beginning of creation, joy and fulfillment

Manifesting themselves in actions propelled by the feeling

Of hope in God's love and blessings He provides,

Daily, hourly, moment by moment

With every heartbeat and smile and tear

Cleansed by the wind of the love of a friend

That none have yet to find or hold like a fresh picked flower.

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When God speaks of condemnation, people condemn God. They condemned Him long ago.

11/14/2008 - It's interesting how the emulations have fooled everyone.. we've been in  humanistic, apostate, gaia and... era for sdo long, and no one noticed... still the apostasy is ever-increasing by people on all sides who see the turth without the context. I'm afraid to look at Revelations and see where we're at today.. I'd mentioned that even people can have a personal Armageddon.. and I know I'v been played with and my responses have been tested in a wide variety of circumstances.. I guess people trying to figure what  I'd do and others thinking it's up to them to test me beyond the prophecy of the Bible to fill their own needs instead of looking to fulfill the needs of God, as requested of His servants who promised to serve as He asks, not as their opinions inform them. Someone was actually to have revealed me long ago.. people think not because they don't recognize the context of my life, their lives, Biblical time and the constant search for supernatural acts to convince them of miracles and deity...    someone who would cause calamity and the very destruction and harm they would seek to escape and be rescued from.

Unfortunately, if and when it ever happens, it appears it will occur like that because, while others believe that my faith in God is being tested, and that I must act foolishly and impetuously by acting hastily, I know I am actually serving His plan by allowing those who choose to disobey God to destroy themselves with their own lack of integrity. I only wish I'd picked a different paradigm other than the good samaritan. I'd have been a wealthy man, and I could just buy servants... that's the way the world works, after all.

Just as the failures in  God's world are because of people's failure to do what God requests. What a mobius.

So, apparently,  people have decided what God's role should be in the world. God rejects it. I reject it. Things are going to happen that will finally prove to people that they really do not have Biblical interepretation in context, or that they do not see that they have joined the ranks of the anti-Christ through their lack of information or because they choose to go along, view their own sense of self in their anointings that they believe their role is more important than His plan... personally, I view myself as the servant and deliverer of His plan, suppressed by all who were to assist me, blamed for the crimes committed against me, saddened by the catastrophe caused by people not wanting to believe truth over false hope and obvious deception...

"If I couldn't speak, I would write..." easy to say, except that when you know that what you write is scooped up and used by people who deceive others to believe it is their words and message, those who would purposefully, once again, hijack a religion... those who see it and now choose to save themselves... understandable,   but not faithful servants, and maybe not really even Christians. Because a Christian would take certain action to fulfill His plan. I believe I did, the prophecies have been and are being fulfilled... faster and faster... and will proceed to their natural conclusion without intervention.

Because people apparently think I just came out of nowhere, they believe that the times and my life have to conform to their interpretations, their perceptions of time and its relationship... wanting to see if my life fulfilled what they believe, adn I'm certain that without a witness of knowledge they would not ever believe... because noone has told them to continue to view from the watchtower, and even those on the watchtower have fallen asleep and refuse to see the man they say they suffer on behalf of. Apparently, it is the suffering they enjoy, the reason to be victims, more than their belief or willingness to have their prize and reward, because having it would mean needing to seek new purpose, new identity... and the righteousness that veils their misdoings. Over and over again.

The veil of the facade of righteousness... I should probably copyright that. As if it matters.

I think of how little I wanted out of life.. materially.. figured it would come one day just by doing good work and being true to my values learned from His word.... not denying at all that I appreciate things that money buys...  but the one thing that has mattered most to me, my whole, was being true to the values I received from my Father, He is source, and so all wisdom and spiritual guidance  is of Him and through me and others who are connected to Him in their times. The connection is being broken for so many, I'm surprised, without knowledge of my life, of just how far it has gone. And I realize that the rejection of the Son of Man really actually is contained in those words "if you hate me, you hated my father"...  One day people will fully realize that my Father's love was never conditional, always to be given, and that the choice He granted was ultimately an opportunity to show Him that we did not require His gudiance, fostering the "I'd rather do it myself" attiutudes of a world that would prefer to conform to a world that does not provide what a world of love would provide... because people know that world, they're comfortable in their suffering, they know how to cope and respond.

How would you respond to a world, a man, a God, who would love you no matter what? History shows, that we constantly choose to serve ourselves.. to claim beliefs and faiths and truths that we only believe in a fantasy... saving that will not really occur but keeps us hopeful as we are tortured by evil people... the hope those evil people need to keep us ensalved. To keep you enslaved.

You might think my refusal to get a pitiful job beneath my skills is laziness.. I assure you, it is discipline. My time is worth something, even just as a man... my life s worth something, but I refuse to surrender  it any longer to people who know who I am, or don't , but still believe that I have a price to pay, a lesson to learn or standard of theirs to measure... since the only values I really have are wrapped in the values of His word and teaching, with full appreciation of Jesus the Christ, I will stand firm in His plan and His choices for my life. And He is asking the world to choose, before more damage is done, or until it is understood why the totality of prophecy must be allowed.

Some say that giving to a servant shoud only be done if there is value received. I must assume I have delivered none, but amusement and a measure upon which indiviudals can measure their own righteousness and superiority. I give tothose who provide value, and because I choose to perpetuate acts of faith beyond my own abilities and opportunities.  Whatever reeadon I give, that anyone gives, it should be honored as part of God's plan. But when that giving satisfies that you have given your share, while the job is not done, and say "someone else will do it. I've done my part"...  Then you know that people have no real undertanding of or commitment to His plan, but merely to their own salvation in the eyes of other people, who sin with each judgments.

We are all guilty of our own  transgressions. The truth of our transgressons can harm us, or bear witness to His love, devotion, forgiveness and empowerment.

Some would say that God's presence in the world is simply a spiritual matter, a presence or expression and display of His wisdom occurring in the world. Not really a person with feelings or form, but  a manifestation in the world. A result of His servants. And not to criticize His servants in this respect, but look at the world.

And still, you would have me believe that there is something to prove to you all, when I proven myslf to God, and He asked to have faith in His wisdom. I do. Do you? Really?

PS: When the Bible says all these things, like the New Jerusalem, will come from the sky, heavens, etc... where do you think we all and everything comes from? D o you really believe tha God will snap His fingers, and a brand new israel will simply fall out of the sky. Do you really believe there's some mythical cloud in the sky where God sits? And when musical chairs ends and everyone thinks they've jockeyed for and deserve their seat, who will decide that? Their opinions of themselves and their perceptions, or God?

There's an interesting one for ya.

Back to building a camper. And if anyone thinks this is all directed at one person, you'd be really wrong.

It was a fun psyop. But then, my whole life has been a psyop, and I thought my dreams were real. There is no reality, and I suppose I am a fool to believe in God, but I always did, always will, and I will love Him desptie the depravity I have witnessed in His name. I pray He will free me from this world.  And I'm not Elijah, despite a world that would like to comfort and reward itself with its false wisdom and knowledge.

In the end, all I will be viewed as is one more of millions of victims of their government that everyone turns their heads away from, washes their hands of, and allows to perish saying.. oh it was just their lot in life, and I'm glad it wasn't me... God does not create obstacles, the Devil and people do. Who ar you of? Ain't it ironic that I will be one of the millions forgotten, just like God. There are no coincidences.

The good news for all of you is that I've just handed you everything you need to call me an apostate and justify yourselves. Can't wait to see who they install next. And if truth ever occurs in this world again.

11/13/2008 - 11:45am... Such a night, such a night. sweet something under the moonlight... and all that. I feel free. Amazing ain't it. Don't know that I have anything useful to say. I just realized I'm not editing  the page I wanted to edit... actually I am, I just forgot there was only one thing I wanted to do, and am so used to rambling on that I thought it was requisite. Welcome to my world. Again. If you dare :}

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We're  now on Revelations 16:17.  Faithful servants are not stepping stones. And God does not ask of those who do not ask for the privilege of service. He keeps His promises to those who keep theirs. All is vanity.

Got  a poem for you instead.. you'll recognize it...

Men mock and taunt and jeer thee
Thou noble countenance
Though mighty worlds shall fear
Thee and Flee before thy glance
How art thou pale with anguish
With sore abuse & scorn
How doth thy visage languish
That once was bright as morn.

My burden in they passion, Lord
Thou hast borne for me
For it was my transgression
Which brought this woe on thee
I cast me down before thee
Wrath were my rightful lot
Have mercy I implore thee
Redeemer spurn me not
Seal it for thy courts above

I am a poor wayfaring stranger...

This is a message for King Henry II, the final Holy Roman Emperor,
whose name means 'Help from God'.

Hey Dobbs and Olbermann... nice work.. tell Jack Welch to give you really big raises.

The guys at Langley dictated this sample letter to send to terrorists: (as we call them)

Dear Osama (or do they still call you Tim?)

When I made contact with the government  and policticians and all, my work became primarily about speaking to them.I knew most people wouldn't understand what was going on, and it would make me look weird. But, then, I thought I'd blown my chance at visible public service, and I was willing, as one guy in millions and billions, to take on the embarassment, being humble but never humiliated, knowing I was doing the right thing, and knowing I had to play their game a bit to get on the same field, and then, I studied everything they did, and when I realized they were the bad guys, whoever the bad guys are from the list of players/traitors I've posted,  I used their tactics on them. When in Rome. I'd never heard of Machiavelli before.. Dobbs told me. He was King Louis the 14th and I was Charles the 8th or something.. the story was that I was too gentle, and so he won the kingdom and was too harsh... that was the blend I was working on with him. I even told him once that I'd listen to him, and then think about how I could say things in a different way, and often disagree in approaches, adn I think the Machiavelli allegory fit our relationship. But together, it would be  agreat blend. That's why for a while I jokingly calle dPeter and told Him if he was president, I could jutst play music. I was playing around all the time.

It is true though, and it's why I pursued th emedia and government the way I did, is tht if you want to affect power centers, you have to go to the power centers. These guys have the ability to change and right everyhting overnight. And, it would be a big upheaval, and possibly disastrous without intent to act hastily or without great consideration. I'm not willing to hasten disaster. And I know that it all can be done. People trust honest people. People do know the difference when they know there's one to look at. Particularly when you know the history.

It's important to uinderstand, too, in terms of how things unfolded... I wondered for a while why the son of man would be so angry and spewing vulgarity... it didn't makes sense. It's the result of psychotronics, as well as  systematic efforts to either drive me insane and discredit me, or cause me to take violent action in self defense. I won't allow it simply because I know that would mean it would give you the ammo to pure me away, and I simply won't give you that satisfaction.  Becasue I'm that stubborn for the right reasons, when they exist. They exist. But if they want to force an emulation that God turns around on them and works against them, works for me.

Meanwhile.. they got me fatigued when I stayed up some 54 hours straight during a hurricane... I think it was Isabel... and I've never fully rcovered.. that's probably just microwave and sleep deprivation.

The thing you have to remember is that one of the most effective and devastating parts of a psyop is inflicting psychological trauma through demoralization, the same things tht's being done to America en masse, and it is purely and simply from the manuals on satanic ritual abuse. And... the tactic is to gain your confidence, maybe by being helpful or useful, even in a backhanded or Aesopian way, and then they lower the boom, and you become emotionally devastated and for most people, eventually, that would be a stopper. When the parameteres of the challenge I'm up against, I just bear down and say, okay, this is what you do about that. I cry and release, sure, and I carry on. Always do, always will. 

When this got going and they told me the only way it would stop is if I proved it, I was also clear that they were telling me they basically knew that I'd get my way in the long run... but they were going to mess me up first with Psyops, I presumed that it means they wanted a little extra time to get out of Dodge and disappear before I was mentally or physically capable of succeeding, and that meant doing what they're doing financially, restoring infrastructure and selling it then using the economy to pocket it.

I got a cryptic message one night that basically said they were looking for ways to generate untraceable cash... the players are the most unlikely people and charities. So, weather and disaster events are used to harvest donations, and they skim off the top on lots of cash and other untraceable funds.


11/5 -10:36 - Well, hope the election worked out well for everyone...I still don't know who won.. I'm gonna see how long I can go without finding out. I just closed my eyes again...

So how is Spain these days.. might be  agood idea.. maybe I can get an eta on that :} Just joking, CIA:}

PS: I'm givin' what I have to give.:} Hilariously :} You don't really believe, do ya?

4:17 Captain's log, stardate...:}Sometimes I look at this stuff and say, did I really just write that. Oh well... so went to post the article on Mike, and the phones are dead (it was working again a little while ago) the internet connection is dead... I've had 2 low level flyovers... was it the stuff to Mike, the part about Wesstar which lead to the story of my favorite CIA consultant, or is it the part about Raytheon and E-systems, including a little vignette about how they tried to lure my brother with women. All of which would have lead me to talk about Stew Webb, andother psychotronics victim,  and his brother, who supposedly commit suicide by shooting himself in the head - twice. Sounds like time for a poker game to me :} Or maybe there's a phone message they don't want me to get, or an email... ya never know.

11/3 - Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

So while Iattempt to get out of this Godless nation, get out of my way. You don't want me here. I don't want to be here anymore. I am not the devil, I am not Elijah... I don't care that I'm the son of man.. I'm a human being who cares deeply about people, and I'm not going to sit around to watch a bunch of perverts destroy millions of trusting, unwitting people so you guys can be rich and famous.

So by all means you all do it all yourselves, and then you can say, see he wasn't any good, we were right. You'll make yourselves right. And I'll be laughing at your insanity, and crying for the waste of humanity. That's choice for you, babies. You have the right to choice and so do I. You people made your choice about me before I could talk, and you've harmed me every day I've lived. So excuse me for saying **** you all. I don't need you.

And if you don't like this, stop attacking me with military weapons. And stop lying about being a country that loves and respects God, cause the last thing you people do is respect God.

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9:48pm - Now I know when All Saints Day is.. :} Now all I gotta do is figure out when St Christopher's Day is.. I looked for that one for days... Danged musicians :}

Discovery of the day :}

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11/2/2008  9:22am -

OKAY... Reality... Barack... ever been to jail. How bout the wife. Really think I'm gonna drop this? Is that air you're breathing?

BTW: I get more angry at people for getting me angry more than the issues of concern. John knew that. Karl's good at details. 

So, Mike, I'm going to post it.. it appears that I have volunteers, but, what I wrote to you is what I want to say.. so I'm gonna.. it's not like it's all that bad. Just do me a favor, keep doing what you're doing, cause it's really good stuff..

I think I'll have Nader testify about the women used to lure him.. it'll be fun to compare notes:} I've got a newscaster and a minister to talk about:}

Soft as smoke and tough as nails.. I like that, think I'll put it in a song... it was an excellent album, for a guy with a funny hat. Ya know, I went to the barber one day, and she said, you'll never have to worry about losing your hair.. and then I started losing my hair.. that's microwave for ya...

The thing I love most about demanding the government surrender is that people reading this will think it's crazy, but the government knows I'm serious... what was that about a dirty little secret?

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I like the idea of this kind of rapture better..

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Anita Baker - Caught Up In The Rapture

See I can''t play love songs without suspicion.. that's what  they did before with drip-drip.

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Carville asked: How will he explain the matrix. Uh, I don't know, something about the Sunday paper and his crossword puzzle that he loved.

Speaking of dead people, were you aware that when I posted Kurzweil as a title of the article I wrote to the government when I first told them to surrender that he died within about  a week? One more person who knew too much. When does it end? How does it end? Do you think those are YOUR thoughts you're thinking? What is psychotronics?

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11/1/2008 -

Unconditional love... lots of people think they know what it means.. and they don't have a clue. They're the dangerous ones. My personal rule is, a friend is someone who will not take advantage of you, even if they have the chance. I live by it. The same way it appears I walked away from lots of opportunites to get into the biz, and other things, if I was willing to abuse my position and be an opportunist. Just like I have no desire to abuse the privilege of being the "boss", or expecting more than people want to give. This is an urgent moment, whether people want to believe it or not.. but if they don't want to see the truth, that's their choice. I can respect it without giving it support or undermining it... Freedom, choice, love. Absolutes in my world. And it's kind of like something I told Begala... I can be a follower particularly when I believe in the leader, and they don't use their "authority given by permission" to display superiority or diminish me for the sake of holding power and proving power... I think I've only had one boss like that, the guy who told me to "find Jesus in myself" :} (He said he always wanted to be a minister. I said, if that's what you always wanted to do, then be that :} What's stopping you?)

What I told Begala was, I don't hold it against rich people for being rich or having more money than me, but apparently, they hold it against me. That was during my Galatians period :} I used me in the example, but in context, I was clearly showing the superior attitude of powerful and rich people...When I have money, I share it.. when I'm managing my own finances, I share it and I'm very responsible.... it's not that I don't care about money, I don't need it to be happy. I need people to be happy, but I've learned to live without them. regretfully.. and yet,as a psyop tool, for me, that's probably the most powerful thing that could be used against me.

I wrote to Dobbs once, when it appeared to me he was my mentor in this situarion, and I told him I was ready, that I trusted myself.. and what I was talking about was coming from poor roots, knowing that one of the areas where I'd failed in younger years was with petty theft a couple times for stupid things, and noticing how politics goes and not wanting to be involved in all of that without knowing for certain that no matter what, I wouldn't give into the abuses of power and authority.. both in terms of how I could empower people as well as being strong enough to not give into that temptation and then betray the public trust by not being able to resist the temptation.

That's why I say, if I was pres, if the only thing I did was tell the truth about things, the world would be a better place. After I told him that, I really started getting hammerd by psychotronics.

I don't like doing Aesopian because . the Bible says not to work in secrecy.. it's not just about transparency, in this case. It's actually, I believe, kept me from getting arrested for stating things cryptically that could be considered vaguery to cover criminality. Another God works in mysterious ways moment.. I did it to follow the word, He said it to protect me (in that personal context, not like it's all about me). That's why I know this thing about people being harmed, and the existence of psychotronic abuse, is only perpetuated by silence and secrecy. If it was out in the open, it would be over. And yeah, I know, noone believe s what I say about Obama and the Democrats and all... but it's true.. and the only reason they get away with it is becaus ethey're rich, and they can pay people to destroy people like me who can't afford lawyers.. let alone filing fees.. it would cost millions to carry through on my case, but it would net trillions. That's the real reason why they're doing this to me. And still, all it would take is a simple suit, but done properly so its not thrown out for procedure.. these guys own the justice system, they're no different than the Republicans, who only work the other side of the propaganda street to keep people divided an riled up, they wrote the laws and have shown they will write laws to cover their crimes.

So anyway.. like the song says... for me.. I'd rather be alone until I'm taken by a friend.. and all that. People say  stuff like that.. most folks don't understand that I say stuff like that, I actually mean it. I'm very literal...

Well, Barack, you've proven that it's the money that counts. Good luck with that in the future... Oh, Ireland...

Steely Dan - Katy Lied - 204 - Any World

For the record, Michelle.. I didn't get a scholoarship mainly because I thought I was in a college prep program... long and short of it.. when I went to my counselor, I said, what do you do for other people to assist them, just do that, and all he did was stare at me with a mean look, until I just left. I never did  really understand that. I thought he'd hand me a form.

Now, given the way people comment on things in my future.... speaking of Borland... I take it there are those out there who don't like my delivery. Oh well. Not like content matters.

11/1/2008 - My favorite weblog entries For those who haven't followed all of this, these are some of my favorite vignettes, some from 2002, including further communiques with Sharon and Arafat... and other interesting things like... signed, sealed, delivered.

I don't care about continuity.. It's my site.

10/30 - 1:57pm Joe That's funny... decrying the profits of Exxon, all the while being a prophet of Exxon. You Democrats aren't as subtle as the Republicans, but you're getting better. If that's moving up then... I'm moving out...  uploads later...

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10/29 - To James Taylor.. I don't know why you and Todd and others did what you did, what you think it accomplishes... or what you think of me All I can tell you betrayed God in a big way, and I so hope you have to suffer what you have done to me and many others. As a strategy, I have to admit thier using you, James, to deliver that blow was certainly a master stroke. I hope your master rewards you well. You can run but you can not hide.. and you won't... (update: well you've been topped. Still doesn't let you off the hook)

In one way, I'm ashamed of America, not as a personal affront, cause I've clearly never actually been a citizen. That's not my doing. As someoone who has always believed that people were intrinsically good, that God's creation of us all and this planet would have such good attributes... perverted from the beginning.

All I've got to say is that if any of your mothers knew what you all really do, would you still be so proud? And if you don't even care what she thinks, then you cetainly have all lost any semblance of sanity, morality or conscience. But, then, you all think morality is funny and beneath you.

So America will godown as all of you have planned. You will do great destruction in the world. And when Hillary claims her great revelation at finding Elijah, there will be many who know she is a liar and a whore to the world... and God will know..  I will be satisfied to know that I completed my job, and that it wasn't my fault.

I hope you destroy yourselves quickly. That would truly be mercy to the world.

I actually hope, at his point, that no one ever recognizes or acknowledges me, because I never want to be put in the position of trusting and caring and hurting my heart again. God is my friend... works for me. Always did before.

God bless the American Citizens. God damn the United States Government.

Obama, you're a sick man... the world will know. Thanks for the 30 minute piece of evidence. The world will find out Barack, and then you'll be the object of their hatred... for your theft, murder and hypocrisy. Maybe you actually are the Devil. Given who I am, it stands to reason, and while some ministers may think I'm obesessed with the evil doe-ers, alll I have to say is, it's my job... all that understanding doesn't do any good if you stand by and allow the world to overtake you waiting to be saved...and I'm walking away to allow this a*hole to destroy himself.. and he will.. and then America will discover just how Godless they really are.. right Dobbs.. keep laughing Dobbs... remember what come next. Or do you remember the quote? Boom. 2 hours. It'll be done. Thank God.

As for me. I think I"ve more than paid my dues.. I didn't want your money in the first place...I think it's laughable that all you care about is your money and power... and it's just inexplicable to me that you you  all betray God. Like He really doesn't exist. You're nuts. Tell me when the smoke clears.

That's one thing you people trained me to do was walk away... and yet you impede me from leaving.. proving your sickness again.

Santana - Shaman - 07 - Victory Is Won

Karl: You know, the actual only strategy I had in this whole time was knowing that if I did the media matters kind of thing, these guys have such big egos that they wouldn't be able to resist seeing what I was writing about htem... especially when it was flattering. They loves apostates, don't they? :} The Postman movie really fits... do I have to? Anyway, did you really do that stuff Karl, cause we could have some fun laughing at these guys. I can do strategy when someone says they need one :} I don't really wanna do that piece on Mike.. I like him too much.. and I hope that's not a problem with George.. but I need to do that sermon n someone... not like it'll make any difference. Am I the only curious person left?

Yeah, Keith it's ok calm down, the world will know you're a traitor soon enough. I don't feel like I'm in that big a hurry anymore...  I figure just about the time I die, the world will be desperate enough and I'll just die and say.. gee sorry, tried.. thanks for askin'... What else can I do? But feel free to sue me Keith. Eveybody loves being fooled by you... Especially your angels... glad they're someone's... I'm gonna have God make me some new ones...


10/28/2008 10pm - Must be my day. So I hope what's her name will call you know who so we can get you know what on the road :} If ya know what I mean. :} I still don't know what the knobs on the guitar do :} I'll have to get a manual :} So, what instrument has 10 strings?

So all I gotta say is if someone does Aesopian on me, I may get it, but I'll discard it, because it's that old assume thing... .. left drift... let it drift. The world is about to change.

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)Peter Gabriel - Up - 05 - I Grieve

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

Ricky Nelson... what a way to die. Saw him at the Orange County Fair just before he died... PS.. thanks, I appreciate it :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)Harvey and the Moonglows - Ten Commandments of Love

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)John Denver - Annie's Song

10/28 - 10:39am - When all is said and done... when America finds out it's been deceived, when America finds out they've been completed sold out by the media, blame Lou Dobbs and Keith Olbermann first: the biggest frauds in tv news. They draw you in, tell you enough truth to make you trust them, and then they lie to you just when it counts most for the cause of the Council on Foreign Relations. MSNBC and CNN  are clearly used as fronts for psychotronic based electronic psychological perations against the United States. The problem is, they work for the government, and the government will not stop them. Therefore, victims must suffer and die and no one will help them. Meaning the media and the government are colluding tokill Americans... and it's been going on for decades.

At this point, you should assume that whatever you hear on tv news is being shown... good or bad, truth or lie. . to set you up and manipulate you into doing, supporting and working for causes that will betray you.

The United States of America has been overthrown by the Council on Foreign Relations... one day you will know this is true.

This is my final remark to the media: my story WILL come to the surface. When it does, regardless of what happens to me, the politicians will protect themselves and the media will be discarded in the blink of an eye... just like they dispose of each other for expediency. Regardless of where I am, I'll be laughing at you for believing that you can betray and beat God.

Meanwhile... I always find it interesting: people being so committed to God and still being unable to transcend material concerns for the plan and purposes of God. But, then, the setup was put in play ago, and apparently it worked, because even though my life, circumstances.. even my physical appearance correspond to prophecy, even the ministers turn their backs and are cowards, proving they don't really believe in God, the ultimate product they sell and benefit from. They may believe they are doing His work while they remain safe while their nation falls and God is forcibly removed from their world.. and they'll claim the blessings of God for their suffering and persecution, empowered by their own cowardice and acquiescence... and they'll blame God. But because they believe they can claim belief, they believe God will simply forgive them for the betrayals that led to their own hell on earth, and the perpetuation of the reign of the anti-Christ...

And when it's over, will they understand why God demands His planet to be returned, and why he demands to be in  control of a world gone mad by the work of the very people He entrusted with His kingdom.

The faithful will be blessed. And the evil will be forgotten.

Congratulations Lou and Keith and James and all your sick friends... you have presented God to be a stingy God, who has given everything through all time. For that you are damned. In time, no one will misunderstand my words on this matter.

When people ask, why has God forsaken us, let them know, they have forsaken God.

A pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God. God is the eternal pilgrim in this world.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bruce Hornsby & the Range - Scenes From the South Side - Defenders of the Flag

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - 02 - Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Melissa Etheridge - Angels Would Fall

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - Blame It On The Sun

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - By a Friend

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) George Harrison - Give Me Love

An example of a true hypocrite coward: All the words, complaining and demending that someone else risk their lives for them, while they cower in fear, and watch their country and their fellow citizens die. But they sing pretty songs. The ones God gave them, that they think they did completely by themselves. You participated in presenting God this way James. Good luck.

James Taylor - Dad Loves His Work - 06 - Stand and Fight

10:48 - Talk about ironic... most of my life in being and working with people has been to set people free.. so to speak, minds, hearts, spirits... and all anyone seems to want to do is change me.  Kind of odd. I was thinking about my friends who did those 25 miles walks to get their eagle scout badges.. I'd go along just for fun.. and they wouldn't even let me in the boy  scouts... I don't know if that's funny or not.

Must... that's the stuff on top of wine when it's brewing.. or is that the chapeau.. it's been a while..  so tell me, what do people do when Godot gets there? I know we did this one before, but it was a long time ago.

And for those people who don't know it, I just love love music. the chapters I'm looking forward to writing most that I'm being deterred from are those..  and what happened to listening part IV... I think there is a song I could write.. Goodbye America.. I was going to write  I Cry for My Country... but that's probably already taken too.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain I wonder if they got their copy :} I'll be glad when this is over, and you guys are gone. And don't forget, you guys are the ones committing the cimes. I don't know how much more I could have waited for another indication, but now it's clear... and I'll finish my work... and the fact that you're impeding me so much must mean there's some kind of deal to leave me online and at least outgoing email.. It'll be interesting to see the trap you have on this one. And rmember, I won't be used to give you an excuse. I just won't. Cause I actually know a great deal about linguistics.

But, remember.. I said I'd live on my terms.. with my objectives.. and you deter me, but I'll win, just because people do know the difference between right and wrong. And they like the right part most... and I don't mean republicans... even if you destroy the world with your tactics, that will be the thing that will restore it... I hope it doesn't come to that.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing I have to admit that I had a problem with Let's Get It On on Sure Do Love To Ball.. but I understand this one and it ain't really about sex...

One more question to ask. :} I'll never tell.

6:30 pm - You guys are really getting sensitive. I played the George Strait cuz I really love it.. always wanted to sing that song... well my version...

Anyway.. Dobbs... true insanity is being a party to the deaths and harm to millions of people, sticking the money in your pocket and just saying "it's their lot in life"... it isn't... it's depravity. I dont understand people like you... you're worse than the criminals you create. Mad Hatters... your behaviors are predictable, but reprehensible nonetheless. Glad you had your fun with the toiletries. You guys have a thing for that... I was speaking of planting a garden, and working the soil and the fertilizer with my hands in order to make the soil perfect, no clods or rocks or weeds... not like the bs you guys dish out.

Now I understand what "do you smell that smell" is about.. and it's not toiletries :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Melanie - Brand New Key for the Funny Lady, I love roller skates.

What I really can't help wondering is what my father didn't give you that I must know, otherwise you would welcome my leaving the country. Instead, you impede me. Whatever it is, it won't work out for you. Cause I won't stop. I care so much, I just don't care. You'll never have my soul.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jethro Tull - Bungle in the Jungle

3:10pm Gee, it's still Monday? :} I'm gonna play Oh God with Donnie:} if God can do it, so can I.. what are they gonna do, block it? Probably don't get it anyway :} I keep hoping that I have outgoing, but nothing incoming... talk about having to read trends. I don't like this non hands on non interactive stuff.. don't really like video games either.. anyway.. so this blue eyes thing :} That's all I'm gonna say... I don't know if I'm ahead of or behind schedule... Chicago - TBD - 100 - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is    Anyway, you can give him this as evidence if he should decide to sue me. :} I'm gonna stop by his church when I go to New York though, I know tha's what it will take. I like walkin' around New York. Lots of stuff to see. I really like the Grenwich area too. Too bad I never got a chance to play at Coney Island.. it was just a few blocks away.. :} Everytime the train on the L went by, the power would brown out and the computer would crash. :}

That was pretty funny getting to the publishing company of my guys, and they were licensing agents... and ..and.. :} do I or don't I? And I wonder how many of these people actually know of me? And the KL explanation of this is it deosn't make sense, though I noted the story of his father... They're working on me there too. Mexico, huh... I was getting beamed so hard last night... you know what I heard thru my stereo speakers? And tell Stivo I was only joking.But I know he likes the rough stuff :}

I decided I want Kenny Loggins' shirt AND a blue nehru jacket like the one I had as a kid... I really liked it, but I outgrew it. Reminds me of the time my boss told me he liked the way I dressed in sweaters.. business casual and all.. and I laughed and told him I wore the sweaters so I didn't have to iron my shirts... which wasn't REALLY true... but   it kinda worked out that way:}

Paula Abdul - Straight Up

We'll see who's delusional :}

10/27 - 2:49am - I feel sorry for Barack..  I really do... I understand, but where does it end?

I wonder how long it will take to find the one... no criticism or requests intended... it'll be an interesting week... I'm wondering where I'll stick my next weblog area for you guys... I'm sure I'll think of something... I really like this song.. cracked me up... :} I won't go into it :}rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 08 - Ready for Love  This one too :} rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  George Strait - I Cross My Heart  I love the movie... watched it almost as many times as Forrest Gump :} Oprah, Barbra, they were bad jokes, I apologized :}  Look at how many jokes I've told about myself :} I wish I had the Funny Girl Soundtrack.. don't rain on my :}

I wonder what those knobs on my electric guitar do? I never have been able to figure that out :} Really... and no tremolo or fuzztone.. cool wah wah and phasing though... back in the old days, we attached nails to the speakers... :} Tomorrow is voicer day for a short time.. then it's off to the races..

George, don't do Cambodia in Syria.. just don't. You know it won't work out for you, so just stand down. I understand it's a tough situation, but I didn't create it, and I'm not going to allow it. I wish you no personal ill will, never did. This is about America, and the world... And I really am looking forward to getting things done.. because I know the world wants it... and I know I can empower it.

Thanks to the folks surrounding me :} I mean that. rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jose Feliciano - Rain/Reign/Rehn :} What could it mean :}

10/26/2008 - 12:35pm - What a night... I'm really getting zapped.. the thing in Syria is a big problem, as they anti-Christ begin their military moves toward Armageddon. Obama you piss me off. Forget the 667 stuff.   1, that's it, 1, and you're not it. I know every way you could play this, I'm not intimidated by any of them, and you're through. And so are your friends.

Meanwhile.. paradox after paradox.. I would start a new religion and call it Christianity but it's already taken. I would start a new economy and call it capitalism but it's already taken. I would install agreeements for free markets and trade but it's already been perverted. And now they want to ensure the anti-Christian course of America by installing Barack, just like they did George W. Bush, who they setup to  emulate the anti-Christ in order to allow Barack to claim "He Is The ONe".. right Oprah.. or did they fool you too? The one... the guy to follow the anti-Christ based on Christian prophecy. Got ya Barack. Like I told you long ago, play it any way you want.   God is in control. Emulate all you want. You'll only make it worse for yourself and the ones who love you who will be appalled and humiliated because of you.

FOX: I want to repeat that you tell a great deal of truth... and you take things too far sometimes, and that's why I hadn't watched you for years. I'mnot endorsing you.

I want to say, and I"m not defending Barack, because what your report showed was Barack not having the character to defend the contribution people had made to their lives leading to good judgment, if it does that.

Davis grew up in a different time, and it's actually important  to remember that heritage in order to apply judgment, leading in a way to ensure that the same understandable and righteous anger that he had is never allowed to occur again. I found the example you used of his radicalism to be enlightening, and I was glad it was said in public.

As for Ayers.. I really have no idea what the SDS did.. I really don't. The biggest problem I have with it is that he chose, once again, to cover up his relationships and betray and destroy the very people who shaped his life. And someone who does that is not a man of good character. And he does it over and over again... and all I can conclude is that what he derived from his experiences is hatred and anger, just like with his father, and he is on a vendetta with the world, without love and appreciation for what is good in the world. And there's a lot to love.

Anyone is welcome to join my church, what I call for the moment the universal church of free will and being, but God knows what is in your heart. Moment by moment. Not as a spy, but as an assistant.. or if you really choose, a commander... He has no desire to be that. But that is the choice you all must make, ultimately.

And when you join the church, if you join, you can call it anything you want, because no matter what you call it, no matter what faith or spiritual walk you have, whether you know it or not, it's all the same theology, it's all a part of one world and one God, and He will not tolerate the continued abomination of His world.

That was heavy. :}


rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Aretha Franklin - TBD - 100 - Who's Zoomin' Who

And I need to get this domain from "funky" Nassau.. :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Billy Ocean - TBD - 100 - Carribean Queen

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Gerald Veasley - Signs (1995,GeraldVeasley

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Beatles - Abbey Road CD - 101 - Come Together

I'd have bought the sports car anyway :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Elton John - Honky Chateau - 09 - Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Doobie Brothers - The Very Best Of (CD 2) - 06 - Real Love

And returning to the lineup after a brief stint on disabled list. Even he does something right the first time. :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  James Taylor - TBD - 100 - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Brecker Brothers - Back to Back - 204 - What Can A Miracle Do

And that's a mix.

Oh, except for this one, decidicated to Stivo, lest he become complacent or acquiescent.:} He must be one of those people who likes to feel guilty:}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Arthur Browne - TBD - 100 - Fire

Mike - Not only does a misnister of God speak the truth regardless of their "political position", but they do not particpate with people committing immoral, anti-Christian acts. So, if you are minsiter still, and you have to decide that, then I say you're betraying God just like the Bible describes..  and leaders who decieve (therefore, who are not serving God) and do harm to their own citizens ARE traitors.. look it up in the dictionary. Same thing I told Olbermann.  If you've decided to no longer be God's servant, then stop hanging out the shingle in order to use God to validate your righteousness. Otherwise, that's apostasy and using God's name in vain. I know you know that what I just said is true. Your actions will be the proof of your convictions... and commitment to ministry. And I do like your show..  With that.. has the Mena conduit been shut down? Are you aware of weather manipulation? Do you know about HAARP. Did you know the CIA DID develop AIDS? If you do, and you're keeping your mouth, who are you serving? AND, why? Because if more of your fellow Americans die because of your silence, what does that make you? Like th eBible says, my hands are clean, there is no blood on me, regardless of how the governemnt, Council on Foreign Relations and U.S. Government use psyops against me to make me look insane, like a radical, and now, supposedly, like a militant.... and still, you say nothing. Despite the fact you know all about it. What would you say to these people, Rev Mike? And how about this? And all the other stuff on this site? It's all true.

And then there's this letter from a victim to Kucinich... they think he'll help them too, cuase he's suppoosed to be som ekind of civil rights hero... and he remains silent... Ted Kennedy covered up psychotronics during the Church Committee.. and so I call him a traitor, because  he is. His health is irrelevant. Barack Obama and the Council have stolen my ideas, even my written materials which are the divine inspiration and words of God.. that's called hijacking a religion. Pretty soon, these people will fully promote Buddhism over the message of Christ Jesus. Look what they're doing to me, even if you don't believe who I am, even if I am just a guy writing a book.

God wants to know, Mike, where do you stand? And you know this isn't just a difference of opinion? Now, how would you explain your life to God. As for me, he's gonna have to explain mine to me... and He is... All I know is that even before I became politically active, I never perpetrated harming people.. I never schemed or anything like that... and the worse I did were because of other people. I know that sounds like  a cop out, but it isn't, and you know. I guess all I have to say next is that I have no doubt you're using using your former ministry, and it will be used against me.. as if you are an expert... at which time I will point out that you have no qualifications in the area, because you are intimately involved with anti-Christian activities.

Mike... this is how God turns things around on infidels.. and I used that word on purpose, because that's the word the Bible uses... So if someone thinks they'll use people like you to back me down, give it up. I'm more than happy to consider all views, and if I'm wrong or change my mind, I'm gald to say so... But even the few areas where I left things incomplete  or when I had not discovered or before God revealed certain things to me, I was alnmost completely on the mark, even before reading the Bible thoroughly and truly understanding a great deal. That was God speaking through me even then, and I knew it because of my deal with God when I was young.. my deal to learn and to follow Him. And when anybody says I'm just a manchurian because of psyops, I'll laugh in their faces, because that's part of the grand setup and double cross against me, that won't work... If you were to review the materials I wrote before the age of 18, you'd know that almost all I ever talked about in the videos I made for the school was God and country,,, and I'm proud of that, because that's who I"ve always been.. just like spending hours in middle school on the bus home talking to other kids about integrity... on all levels and subjects. I know why my mom left me that particular Bible, and why the psyops people did what they did to aggravate me into doing what I did with it. I regret it. Nonetheless, isn't it interesting that when I contacted the Baptist minister who baptized me, who knew my father, and I reminded him of me and my father... I didn't hear from him anymore... either the gov't is blocking his emails, or he's afraid, or worse. Because he's very old, and it was before I fully accepted that people who are good to me get harmed... by the U.S. Government.. the anti-Christian  Government that has suppressed the  Son of Man for 53 years.

What do you say to that, Mike? Hmmm... really. I want to know how you justify it. God does too. Believe me He does... because that's the question right now for all of His servants,

A letter from a victim to Kucinich. Notice the part about testosterone testing. No wonder that doctor was giving me the wrong medicine. I was a research guinea pig without my knowledge. How do you feel ablout that Mike.

I don't mean to rant like this.. but I really am having a problem with all of the ministers and Sunday Christians who stand by in silence while they watch fellow humans suffer like this. This is my "thought log", and not my conclusions about how to approach a situation... but I think I ask the right questions on the right subjects.

Are you going to assist them in hijacking a religion again?

I guess I have to make a new web page. I hope you won't, but I expect you're going to be one more apostate who condemns me in public, hoping that God will forgive you, and He won't. Even if I was just an "average" person", you know, not one of the special people with the right to defy God... in the eyes of their master... you know his name, Mike. And it ain't God.

Logos.. the way, the truth and the light. remember all that. Wanna join MY church? You will.

Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

PS: Now you know why these people don't want me talking to anyone :}

Mr. Kucinich,

I am writing to you to alert you to significant civil rights violations and criminal misconduct by Defense and NIH personnel and grantees. The Alfred E. Mann Foundation, has been developing implantable device technology under DoD SAP that has been carved from the Defense budget and involves NIH funding. The personnel involved, which includes William Heetderks (NIH), Alfred E.Mann (Alfred Mann Foundation/Quallion LLC), Gerald E. Loeb(Alfred  Mann Institute at USC), William Tang (DARPA), and Philip Troyk (Illinois Institute of Technology), have abused protections afforded them as part of a Special Access Project (SAP), and are committing  crimes that constitute assault, torture, murder, and have allowed sensitive technology developed under the SAP to be distributed to individuals not classified to possess such information. What they have done is unacceptable by any standards.

My main concern is the civil rights abuses and inhumane treatment of research subjects under this SAP. Under DoD Directive, "waived" SAP's such as this are initiated with only 8 members of Congress being notified, and that secrecy has undermined oversight and accountability. It is apparent that this policy is what permitted the criminal misconduct and civil rights violations committed by these individuals. The following outlines the long-term plan to develop this technology and deploy it domestically for Intelligence operations. This has been done under the highest levels of secrecy and the following details the extensive efforts that were made to limit the number of individuals involved,and extraordinary measures were taken to control who had access to the data and who did not. I want to come forward with this evidence and I am requesting your assistance.

1. The SAP personnel under contract and mentioned above have conducted research in a manner that is criminal, and unconstitutional. Research efforts routinely involve involuntary research subjects and the technology is refined to the point that implanted hardware is undetected by clinical medical personnel, and allows long-term investigation as to command, control and capabilities of the hardware and telemetry systems. Documents in my possession detail testosterone delivery via submillimeter sized hardware to "supplement" the effects of electrical stimulation and note increased rage and promiscuity when testosterone levels are elevated 1000 to 5000% above normal levels. This is not medical technology as publicly presented. It is considered a tactical weapon.

2. The controversial and classified nature of this research has DARPA MTO/Mems Program Director William Tang falsifying grant applications to the NIH by failing to disclose his Defense Department appointment in order to become involved in the project. If only 8 members of Congress were notified of this SAP, this would indicate that when the remaining members of Congress approved the NIH budget, they were not informed that hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for the NICHD to develop treatment for Children's Diseases was then taken by the Dept. of Defense to further testosterone studies, behavior modification, and sleep deprivation. This is horrible misappropriation of tax monies and betrays public trust as well as circumvents checks and balances of Government.

5:10 pm... Barack, looks like your wife needs an attorney. The cool thing is, the psyop pattern you guys are using is eactly the same one CNN uses on me... which you fix this case and subvert justice, it will be very obvious. Now, the next question for the exempt congress and media is... have you told your sick little jokes to your spouses and other people? They're  now material witnesses  Just like Barack abandoned and destroyed Jeremiah Wright, these politicians are going to ruin  mor elives... but escape prosecution themselves because of their exemptions, and the fact that they'll harm anyone for greed and power. Michelle, that's nothing to be proud of. Unless you're  a mobster with notches in your gun. Stick with the Clintons. They have lots of them. And all those aides and advisors, speech writers.. you have no exemption. None. After the fact laws, like telecom exemption, is illegal.

Oh, and Joe, the "generated" crisis.. sure it'll happen, all nicely choreographed to make Obama look like he actually did something.. only it'll be a lie. And your speech will be the proof of the conspiracy to defraud the American people and perpetrate a public hoax... thanks so much for the heads up to track this story from another angle.

And yeah, you'll have my part in it to deal with... I'llwin, you and your friends will look like the perverts you are, the world willl see it... and yet another moment of truth will be upon us... will the United States government do the right thing, or cause war? I know you plan war.. at least in this dialectic.


All the email bounces to people saying tha tthey don't exist will look pretty funny in court... I'm assuming this means you're all taking the Rove attitude of what are you going to do about it...just remember, it only makes it worse for you. I guess I'mgoing to own an isp too.. Don't want to.. but you guys are really going to be hated.

Can't wait to see if you announce Obama as the Son of Man.. that would be funny.. anyone who reads their Bible will know it's a lie, in time. Do you guys really have such a self-destructive penchant? I'm not going to let this go. Apparently, this route is God's way of shutting you down.. Do you really think God will fail?

10/25 2:48 am Day 2 of sleep deprivation..  Barack.. it kinda bothered me today tha tyour wife used Aesopian to get a little dig in on me... I was sitting here thinking.. I'll bet the FISA Telecom exemption includes the media, which is why they think it's okay to act like perverts. And then, I thought, here, you said, lay off your wife, and so I did. Haven't even done  agoogle search to see what was there... and then she makes her remarks.. didn't record it, but I will nexttime. Cause I found a chink inyou guys' armor.. I was thinking about how CIndy McCain mentioned From the Beginning in Time and in it, it mentions the ability to use something on mye as a psuyop... showing me simple disrespect.. which all of you, including the democratic leadership in every speech at the convention... like most Republicans.. and I figure Congress has an exemption from their involvement, or they wouldn't be stupid enough to do it (actually, they probably are) but I'llbet your wife isn't. And combined with her quote, her showing of disrespect in the sexual remarks she made, that means I can make the case that she involved herself in psyops against me. As has Michelle. Are your wives exempted too? Because, if I can get them into court.. just  one of them.. You guys will be dragged through it too.. and I have a ton of evidence. Sounds like a fiery lake. You guys really are stupid, in actuality. And don't worry I know you guys will do everything but tell the truth, but that's okay, just all dead souls anyway, and you're getting old.. meanwhile... I'll make my case.... yessiree the nation no longer under God... proving itself once again. Good luck with your war. Meanwhile, do all the crap to me you want... it'll all add up... and people won't care if you're convicted or not.

Obama.. next time your wife does it, consider that there is no statute of limitations on your crimes, and that the word will get out, and everything you and your friends do will be undone, and your co-conspirators will go down with you. That's how it'll work for you. ANd your threats don't worry me a bit.  They tell me how desperate you idiots really are. Grabbing at straws... that's all you have left...

Dobbs.. did you use psychotronics on your kids to get them to nominate you for father of the year, like you did to get me to nominate you for the emmy?

PS I know Julian thinks he can beat me as an individual.. which I doubt.. what are you going to do about the other witnesses.. you know, hundreds of victims, documentation from the U.N., the European Union.. and a whole bunch of scientists who are really tired of getting zapped.. like Moret? And wait till I tie the JPL.

Besides, my bet is that the legislation can't legally cover expost facto and prepost facto human and civil rights violations, which you're all guilty of ... we'll use the wiretaps and surveillance and all the pictures, video and audio to establish all sorts of things... that aren't covered in FISA and Telecom Immunity... all kinds of things...  your move...

Active Denial..a modified microwave oven.. that's the example I'm going to use... it's a good one, exactly the same.. people are doing all kinds of crazy stuff on the internet with modified microwave ovens. I'll bet it's fun. I'll have to try it.

4:12 am - sleep deprivation continues.. went to bed around 11:30 or time I told Rumsfeld that if he kept me awake long enough, I'd just think of all kinds of things... like when I was a kid... knowing what I know know, I think  you guys started zapping me when I was 6 or 7 years old.. nonetheless.. re: your wives.. if you think I'm bad to approach it that way, just remember what you did in my household... then get over it. I just realized, when all those Senators and Reps, particularly at the Democratic Convention psyoped me from the podium... you guys were not in your capacities as Sens and stuff.. you were private citizens at a political rally, which means, any Congressional exemptions you have do not apply. Did you think of that one, Julian. Here's the funnier part.. you used the media to aggravate me for years... if they are covered by the FISA exemptions... then you gave them permission to goad me into sticking with it, and televising your crimes to a national audience. Transcripts are everywhere.. I have video of every speech televised at the convention.. let's John Lewis, Pelosi, Obama, Obama, and then those campaign sppeches in Unity.. of course, Al has no more exemptions, cause he's not in government.. Hillary, and.. gosh I'll have to check the video. Isn't this fun. I knew I should have been a lawyer.. too bad the Kennedy's were funding and guiding Barack and not sabotaging me... Does JFK University in San Francisco really have a program for training sex therapists? Cause, that's what Eve said. She tried to ge tme doing the Hughes idiosyncracies.. you guys really went out of your way to set me up.. are you going to claim that the physical damage done to me by Antles is unrelated, given the   patterns? And the Exxon connections... and Friedly, and Mary Ritter and.. ya know what I'm saying? You guys blew it :} Like I said about Greenspan.. only us uneducated stupid average people... right Barack.. isn't that how you categorize us peasants.. didn't von Hayek have that same opinion? You know, Friedman, the Chicago Boys, Brazil, the model for what you're doing to the U.S. ? The Institute in Chicago... Do you about that economic stuff, Barack. Maybe one of your hundreds of advisors would know...  how much do you pay them? Let's see... 1994.. that's 14 years at whatever they make, plus damages .. each... geez... I already figured I was going to end up owning Washington State too.. you know, Gary Locke, the Congress people and all that... the police are cool here. they do the wave too :}  And they make sure I'm ok. Almost cut my hair. At least you're getting a good demo of sleep deprivation.. which'll be interesting given the didference between this, and what I wrote to the United Nations.. it'll show the thread of what it's like on and off sleep deprivation an psychotronics. Actually,we can go back to at least... 1962... I'm thinking 444,444,444.44 each... that's a good number. McAuliffe can afford it . Course, He and Dean have no exemptions at all. Neither does Phil. and unfortunately, there's Donna.. and Jesse... and oh my gosh.. why don't you guys turn yourselves in and cut a plea deal. That way your aides will get off lighter too. Cause, they'll end up going down on criminal charges. I don't want their money.

The whole Democratic Party.. good thing too, cause it looks like GE's going bankrupt, and I'll bet Icahn would love to cement the deal with Time Warner. :} Oh and Biden too. :} I can' tbelieve this. This is great. I told you I'd do it legally:} I could just file criminal charges :} I was thinking about taking my recorder down to the police station anyway just to see what happened. :} And they know who I am. :} Cause I wave to 'em.. Can you have a majority in the Senate, and still not have a quorum even when in full session? And what will Norm Dix do? That's what you get for keeping me awake. I'll sleep now. :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Brady Bunch Kids - Sunshine Day

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Archies - Sugar Sugar Sugar

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Chicago - Searchin' So Long Part of the idea of the Farm that I discussed with Billy Preston was the recording studios idea.. inspired by always wanting to go to Caribou and record. :} Look away.. that's what the wavers did before waving, but I didn't get it, so that's when they started the other stuff. I was wondering why I'd say hi to people and they'd just look away. I'd think... do I have a milk moustache or something? Ya know, one of you guys could least put up the petty cash to save his memoirs/collection.. I'd do it if I had some money... You owe him that much..  

11:44 :} Koinonia - we had a coffee shop named that in Santa Cruz :} Joint sharing.. I'll have to remember that... I keep wondering if I get any emails from people and the psyops guys block 'em...

Partnership is a pretty cool thing. It's easier :}

I mean, even if the Lutherans said "You're crazy.." it would be more fun... I'll guess I'll get enough of that :}

Stivo - What's the matter don't like love music.. I'm running out of protest songs, and my selection is getting whittled down a little, one by one. Good thing I get a new group soon :} Recycling is good.

I know I complain, and the psychotronics make me cranky, but I do want the "Angels".. in whatever shape they're in.. to know I don't mean to be so critical, and yeah, I do feel very betrayed by a few... but that's showbiz.

I will gather you from afar... what if that means.. I will gather you, while  I'm /he's (confusing isn't it?) far away.. interesting isn't it.. literal interpretations based on old technology... it's true, and yet it's not, and the sentences aren't complete, you have to know the context..

Oh yeah.. for the folks who think the thing about me not liking to get my hands dirty.. I actually don't know why my mom said that, cause it isn't exactly the truth about my conduct.. I mena, how many of you would get on your hands and knees and work 5 burlap sacks of fresh horse maneur into your garden soil.. I wouldn't do it everyday.. :} BUT.. it worked... I think that was my mom's way of clueing me into Howard Hughes. I thought my dad was a big fan of his. At least I have confirmation that somehow, I'm being misrepresented in public. Thought I was. No wonder people think they know about me.. but they really don't.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New I got so tired of playing this song... it is great though... the Cobain doc is cool.. didn't know about the guy..  now I do, and I understand.

I know there are people out there who'd prefer to stick me in a dungeon and just use my ideas and thoughts, and everything else... for free. but you know, sitting here needing medical care and seeing other people steal everything I write and such... if you think you're making points with me, you're not... nor are you actually accomplishing what I would accomplish myself with the same words and  ideas... and therefore, you are harming it. I won't forget that, nor will I remain contained. So if you wondewr why you'r eon a list of people to be shunned later, like you have people doing to me, it won't be because I want to be mean, it will be because I have no respect for you and your crimes, and I don' treally want to have anything to do with people like you. You are the problem people. Like I/John said.. I will make you famous. Even if you already are.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Mountain - Mississippi Queen

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Steely Dan - Bodhisattva

How come so many people thought I would be rich? And a rock star? I don't mean in the songs, I mean by things people said to me over the years...

cnnbc.bmp (289494 bytes) CNNBC, huh? :} Imagine how I feel....

I actually have a request of ION... could we dispense with the erectile dysfunction and enlargement ads in between or immediately following religious programming? I don't appreciate the confluence of ideas... especially under the circumstances. Maybe I'll write a letter of complaint.


Richie Havens - TBD - 100 - Freedom_live_Woodstock

I wonder if even Richie Havens still believes

Yesterday, I was reminded how much I loved the Davey & Goliath show when I was a kid...

10/24/2008 - 11:46 Ok Dobbs, so you have me with 3 hours sleep and you're pounding me with directed energy weapons... looks like you're the fall guy..  and when this all comes down, I'm going to tell the truth, so that when people get their anger.. how did Maher put it.. where would we be without someone to take all our anger out on? - I'm going to make sure they know to hate you first.  And I'll do it by telling the truth. There's no law against the truth, so when the citizens arrest you and throw you in a pit like you and your friends do with so many people you think are disposable.. and threatening because they believe in God, and you don't... and I'm going to laugh at you, just like you laugh at me.

Lou Dobbs the Fall Guy... the #1 traitor on the new list.. and then when you've destroyed America,  I'll be able to say, I tried to tell you, and my hands will be clean. And people will say, Why didn't we listen? And then they'll  really get mad.. Olbermann will be second.. Keith.. I'm not distracted, nice try... people will hate you more than Dobbs.

KevinCork.. a new name for the traitors' list right there with Olbermann, Matthews, Brokaw and the rest... have a nice war.

You know,I heard early on while observing victims' posts, and they kept sayingthat the entertainment industry had lots of people wired up, that they tortured   them for fun, and that it was on a closed circuit tv broadcast.. some people   say Bill Murray 's the sickest of all of you... I didn't believe them.I do now.So I guess the whole entertainment industry's going down.

No wonder these so called angels don't do anything. They're guilty. God will not forgive them. So have at it folks.. finish the job.. you sold out, every oneof   you... but Clive paid you well, didn't he? And that's what's important. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Meanwhile,  I'llbe laughing at you all. And Greenspan says, we weren't smart enough... I guess just uineducated people like me are. Your wife will be on the list with you.

God has no debt or obligation to America, and America threw away its integrity... don't blame God. Cause remember, you can lie to people, you can't lie to God. Not even James Taylor.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

ireland-clear.gif (7257 bytes)

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Michael Franks - Camera Never Lies

10/23/2008 - 10:48am I can't wait to see what my dad promised Bush. Under the circumstancs, it must be a doozy.. Given that anyone who harms me gets harmed... somehow.. I wish I knew how that worked, I'd use it :} Anyway.. must be the Navy... someday I'm going to figure out what the 610KFRC thing was about... other than they've apparently been used to surveil me.. I thought that whois on katrina was June 10th... I'll check other copies when we get to court.. . 4 days off ain't bad though, for a memory. It' still true. And the emails still exist.

Meanwhile, just for the record.. CNN and MSNBC have been the primary focal points of  the psyops and psychotronics against me... and I can prove their involvement, and will... Looks like Rupert and Bush set you guys up very well. And like I say, if you passed any laws saying this is legal, then you're guilty of RICCO, as are the lawmakers who allowed it.

In one  way,  if I had to choose, I'd become a Republican but between McCain's wifes's incredibly crasse remarks (even though John has never insulted me... one of the few who haven't) and the corruption in the Republican party, I can't endorse either side or even consider there's an election going on, because it's fixed, as usual.  I don't know if the stuff about 911  trading is true or not, itprobably is... I just reached the point where I didn't and don't want to know any more gross details about the U.S. Government. What the Democrats have done is as sick as it gets, andI know the Republicans are in on it because I hav video going back years to Davie Dreier on Dobbs.. so one dya, Dobbs, it'll be interesing to see what lies you tell, caus eyou'r ethe guy in the middle, and  awhole bunchof peole will have to reverse themselves to speak on your behalf. Like Kurtz. How's Jan, Lou, she didn't want anything to do with it, did she? Did Bob Dorman exist? How's Peter's baby doing these days? I hear they don't really like you at CNN, and it has to do with your temper and mean spirit. And after you tell your lies, you'll have to defend your credibility against the lies you've broadcast on natinal tv... fooling hundreds of thousands of people at a time.. then the fraud suit comes,and Lou Dobbs is the centerpiece... sounds pretty good, doesn't it? And what ar eyou going to do about all those producers who though it was so fun to join in.. and the interns and copy writers and,,, and... dominoes...

If I wasn't so sure of who I am and who's guarding my back, I'd have given up long ago. But you know, when you destroy someone's life, they have a  habit of trying to regain it.. personally, after 53 years, I don't really care what happens. You want to play me like  agame, fine. But you'll lose, because I'm just tha persistent. And the truly fun part is knowing you can't get me to pop or break, and that means, you have to deal with the apprehension of your own downfalls. I love it.  So go ahead, zap me real hard.. meanwhile, I'm gong to work ahead on the future, which will assure your arrests.

Have a nice day.

PS: To local tv, radio and print.. none o fthis has to do with yoou, sorry if you get offended.. I assumeyou will if ou participatre in these games witht he government and the media. As for 4, I have the video. You may think it was funny then, but you won't later. I''m not as stupid as all of you think, just as I'm not wasting my time on a lawsuit right now. You can get me to contradict myself all you want with psychotronics, but it won't matter, because I still make snese and make progress. whether people cna understand it on the site or not. When it gets to court, it will be an easy case. And then I'll sue Mason County and the State of Washington.

PS The reason I didn't read the energy report by Pickens is because all of the descriptions seem to include everything I've already written about, including cng, which is not a viable interim step because of tooling and distribution models.. the greater concern would be the regional distribution of energy based on the regional resources, and not so much centralizing the power grid...the internet model of power generation and distribution - object oriented approach - makes more sense... until vacuum energy, zero point, is implemented. In the long run, I'm sure his work and experience would be a positive influence on the overall policy, at least in terms of making informed decisions, as opposed to political decisions.

1:23 pm 725 spams this morning... a slow day :} I seem to be getting spammed by a Russian real estate agent... anyone want the number.. there's this picture of a cute little house that looks like a church.. if only I could read Russian :}

I bet what's her name is saying "Whew, got rid of that guy:" :}

5:21 - My dad always said the best thing to do with poisonous snakes was to cut off their heads with an axe... of course, making sure you cut off the venom sack, and disposing of it all properly to make sure someone doesn't accidentally puncture themselves and get infected/poisoned.... I thought it was good advice. You have to be aggressive with them, cause those guys always try to wriggle away. 

Nice move Keith, start with a big, untrue headline, and then impeach it.. but at least you got the propaganda message in. Did you see this...

Lou... I used to believe you too. Hi Lisa. :} Was he fuming, or just disgusted? they'll hurt you, and dessert you, they'll take your... danged near everything, actually, and then they'll mock you because they're just that sick. You should check on the CNN website for the article on living in a 100 sq ft home... I'll bet all your staff is reading it. Don't expect me to do your shopping for you.

BTW: Yeah, I do like to work at night, actually.. but sleep deprivation is something else. When you work all night, you still need to be able to sleep fully. I don't get quality sleep because I get hit with intense pychotronics and directed enrgy when I go to bed at night, so my body can't fully relax. THe microwave stuff makes your muscles cramp.. which is why I like to east so many bananas.. potassium for cramps... anyway.. it's been about 6 years since I woke up feeling rested... for a while, I would sleep 10 or more hours a day, and still not feel rested.. before I knew what was really going on. Aleve works pretty well, but the body still cramps. So, although I used to sleep 5 or 6 hours  and one sleep in a week til whenever... yeah, Sunday..  and I did well. then factor in the dental problems I have because the dentists messed up my teeth on purpose, easily proven, and I don't get enugh of th eright foods because I can't chew them. This treatment is straight out of the CIA interrogations manuals.. it actually is... disrupt sleep patterns (by changing times and durations)... deprive food at regular intervals.. the whole works... all the way to what Jane Meyer says is the point where people just give up, since noone will help them, and allow themselves to be tortured at will. Lots of victims are like that. I was like that for nearly 2-3 years while I tried to figure out what was being done to me. Of course, Jane Meyer, like the rest of the media, come out with these stories about what the Bush Admin does.. and here I am, having it done by Obama and friends... he knows all about it.. I can prove it.. easily... and they all just give propaganda coverage  for the Dems. Just like they did to Bush.

Remember his primary campaign was written here long before he wrote a book...  and if it wasn't then it's more proof of psychotronics... I know I wrote every word of it.. my writing didn't get weird until after I had completed the 2004 conversation with America... (actually 2003 though)... they zapped me, and then started using my materials. Howard Dean was a test run for my  materials.. would have worked, too.. and I have to just sit here and watch years of workused to elect a fraud to office. Thank you GE/NBC Universal and Time Warner and the Council on Foreign Relations... and the DNC. I'll probably go after the DNC first, because it's easiest to prove, and will drag everyone in, and they're stationery. An easy place to serve papers to.

It'll probably take 2 to 3 weeks to comlplete the materials I'd prefer to have ready before anything happens, if and when it does, but I could do it tomorrow if something happened. I'm patient with taking  acouple weeks becuas ethere are a few things I'd like to get down,particularly aimed at foreign and non-Christian people nd nations, because the perception is I'll bring war.. and I'm not doing that/ That's the proof I'm the second guy... if ya know what I mean... but if things broke first, I know exactly what I'd have to say tho them.. including read Hafiz, because I'm certain it would send them a signal they understand.. and Rumi... I'm still getting through Hafiz.. made me angry to read before.:} Between me and my dad :} I do have to admit the world would be a better palce if I could stop this election. But I just can't do it myself.. so that' sthe fallback I'm having to deal with. The only way I cna be nailed for anything is if they lie and falsify documents. There's alot on the line, what do you think they'll do? Was it Stew Webb's brother who supposedly commit suicide by shooting himself in the head... twice... that's what the official story was... and then there's Vince Foster....

And hundreds of corroborating witnesses about psychotronics... lots of well educated, credentialed experts as well. Colonels, Majors, scientists, NASA people... etc.... that's the thing though.. it's well docuemnted gloablly.... the U.S. media covers it up... tinfoil hat stories, stuff about people being crazy... did you know it' really is possible to pick up a radio station in a filling? Not likely, but it is absolutely possible. Sound is just vibration. RF is nothing but vibration in an inaudible range, sometimes still heard by the ar unconsciously, other times needing  adevice like a receiver... look up transponders, though, if I knew the resonant frequency of your skull, I could puls vibrations into to "emulate" sound.. that is one of the ways they do this.. and why you feel the pressure on your skulll.. I wouldn't doubt there have been cases of hairline skull fractures from it. Let alone swelling of the brain due to the aggravation of the heat caused by the impact of the radio waves. Thermo-elastic expansion is the key to it all, from the radar research in 1945.. Carole Smith does the best job of explaining it, although her anger causes here to become political about it. Nick Begich would be the go to guy, so would Bearden and a couple otheres I can't remember.. Jim Marrs knows all about it too, but he's been taken in by the remote viewers, and I gotta be honest with you, those CIA guys teaching remote viewing are treaching people how to use ESP to manipulate people's thoughts.. that's a perfect example of th ewrong use of this stuff... and it's also why I still think they'r econtractors for the CIA. Gettin gpeople to do remote viewing, as well as any transcendatal faith trains people to accept v2k - voice to skull -instruction, thinking it's their own thoughts or "spiritual guide" voices. It's why the Bible says seers will not see, wtc, not to mention how they'll know everything the son of man would do... the 911 people are being hit hard,   as are others, but they don't talk about it, and alot of people just think they're ill.  Mostly chronic fatigue, headaches, confusion, dizziness... Janet Jackson' sVertigo.. likely microwave... I got vertigo.. and the dentists office I went to knew about it. I receorded conversations with them. They knew everyhting about me and what I'd written from th ebeginning. Yeah, I believe I can prove it...perpetual motion... Tilson.. interesting name, like be Timothy until  Son. Like read Ketcher. Who I'm pretty certain was the first dentist with a wig and some makeup.. could be wrong about that. Tilson had the same receptionist as Hackney.

It's going to be interesting though, Mary Ritter, Scott's wife, being employed by one of the bubble companies I worked for that was a bunch of ROyal Computer/IBM employees... a direct link to Carter. Did they really think I'd forget Mary... nobody forgets Mary.

I know you guys think you're going to cajole me out of this, but you won't this is way too serious, and it's not about me. Millions of people. And this is just one thing... psychotronics.. shall we talk fast food.. I really like tacos... :} I forgot to add the part about salt and iodine and liver and kidney damage...

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Association - Windy

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Ambrosia - Make Us All Aware

8:51 Time Life 168 Cuts... Soundtrack of your life... sounds familiar... rounding out the package of Time-Warner involvement... it may or may not be plagiarism, but it definietely proves a corporate effort. Cool. I always wanted to sell hits albums. Then there's the emails about the TW Non-Profit people... remember that one Lou.. and the World Economic Forum.. yeah... wasn't inappropriate with that one either, was I? So, Lou, when I mention your name on this and get blasted into oblivion by psychotronics, are you ordering that or is that the CNN security service doing that? Or NASA.. you know, Miles? Or are you just that good of friends with Brzezinski... you did mention on your show that you liked him. ANd by the way.. that Indian economist that you said died... did he die,or was that a lie too?

Speaking of which... you know, after you guys were running the series on how to mob a boss to quit in the workplace, I sent you that email saying I'd fire all of your a****for lying? you took 10 dyas off immediately and took down most of the transcripts to that point since I had been watching... did you alter and recut your programs to exclude the material I commented on" Isn't it interesting it got rid of all that interesting stuff right beforethe Irawq war that would've gotten you busted if you checked my weblog and compared it to the transcripts.. you know like the stuff Kitty said because it was removed from the transcript immediately, and my recorder didn't work anymore? Rememberthe good times, Lou? Can't wait to hear your lies. It'll be fun. I can't for the life of me figure out why I get so aggravated with you Lou. How 'bout Lehrer and his book? That was a good one, huh? Like I said, I used to believe you too. Now the fun part,what are you going to do about it? Isn't that what you fake independents/neocons say? And, are the psychotronics on CNN inserted upon transmission, or after the 6 second delay? I have so many recordings, it's certain to be detectable...

Patterns are cool... I've got 53 years of  them.  All emanating from the same sources. Remind them to have the jury not bring bottles and cans to your performance.

BTW... isn't it great how Obama's incorporating the FDR theme? That'll be a good tie to show how you and Begala and Carville colluded since before July 2002.. Another great tie-in..

If I'm being tested, trust me, I remember it all. So do my email files... And it's not like you people ever alter your transcripts, is it? Glenn Beck.. at least one recent example... And just remember, I defended Welch and HIS parachute...  Do you and your people really think I'm that dumb? And just for the record, we'll mention how Anderson Cooper was a CIA intern for 2 years and then suddenly an international reporter.. like Danny Pearl... and you hired him right after the CIA psyops guy was reported working at CNN in Atlanta, wasn't it? And you guys thought you'd do the dirty work on me on behalf of MSNBC...only I just wouldn't go away... so here we are 6 years later... and the harassment continues... how much worse are oyu and your friends going to make it for yourselves..

And yeah, I know it seems silly that a guy stuck in exile with no money or means is sitting   here writing this stuff, but since you and your friends screwed up my life and finances, since law enforcement won't do anyhting and the House and Senate are part of the scheme, the only means I have to help myself is this web site. And when I help myself out of this mess, I will be releasing millions of other people.. which is what I was trying to do in the first place...  I just didn't know about your psychotronics. Never heard of Einhorn before.. what's going to be interesting when the word DOES get out is, how many people are going to recognize the symptoms, and what will they do when they realize it... whoever it is that will come along and do their Biblical thing will do that, and then it's just a matter of days... I'm sure you all have your plans well orchestrated, but God says they'll backfire on you. Good luck with it. I'm actually looking forward to it. And I'm not intimidated.

Ya know, Lou, the cool part that let me know my father was right about lots of things is that everything happening in the world today is what I was trying to tell you in I'll bet the first 2 weeks I started writing to you. Everything. And yeah, I observed a great deal, including that China, not Russia, would be the key... you know, during that period I got zapped and thought I was going to die...  and for the ilitary not to obey the orders for martial law when they happened.. and now, they're changing the military oath to make the troops not loyal to America, but to the President... I knew there'ds be economic moves in South America then, too, but I wasn't expecting bush to buy the land in Paraguay.. did you notice the article about how people in South America are worried because of  the troop buildup in Paraguay.. American troops... for the drug war.. what happened, did the Cartel raise the price of cocaine on the CIA... like Noriega? Of course, there's the Venezuela Russian Connection, the Georgian invasion of Russia and all that, so yeah, you guys have lots of options to "test Obama" and see how good he lies calmly to the American people while the wars for oil and resources go on... of course, if we continue the emulaitons, we'll have 7 years before the world war breaks out... and then, boom, boom, boom, a couple hours later, about 144,000 go.. does he see us? :} Ok it's not funny.. how come you guys trimmed the end of tha tmovie? I watched it last night just to see that part.

BTW - Did you notice the Orion Project and Bearden now how a 10kw water powered generator? And, of ocurse, a car... it will be interesting to find out the effects of both technologies. we don't really want to be cycling and breaking down tha much water, and I have vortex concerns on the vacuum stuff, but that's theoretically containable. I'm not so hot on bio fuels even in the medium range... I think its workable now with existing technologies and facilities... but let's quit the games and just get on with the best that's  available now.. this bubble economy stuff is inhumane, it really is... It's jus tlike when I wanted to digitize the Library of Congress... if I thought I could trust IBM I would have approached them.. Here are these entrepreneurs, and what coporate America always doe sis steal the technology and run the little guy out of business, such that they can't even afford to sue, just like you did to me...  if you acted as partners, the world would be a better place.. just like Tesla and my dad and lots of other   people.. keep 'em bankrupt so you can steal their work... I have to assume in my case, at least, that you really believe some law makes it okay to flaunt what you do.   Good luck with that down the road. Obama the fraud.. Quite the legacy. Truly a low point in humanity. Truly.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Steely Dan - Dirty Work

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Jeff Lorber Fusion - 100 - Step By Step  I like his car:}

7:13pm - I keep identifying dialectics, and I am  amazed... if it wasn't so real and significant, it would be fun. Caught Karls web site address.. I wonder if he'd be my pen pal. I don't know about politics and religion, but otherwise, I think Sarah Palin would be fun to hang out with. Sort of like Lily Tomlinson... this election is surreal... I can't believe people are falling for it... I have to admit 20 years ago, I'd just watch and shake my head as I saw things progressively sliding toward what they are... Clinton had me totally fooled... the Kennedy connection in all of this is the part that really actually shocks me. Guess I learned that lesson. Him and Brokaw... anyway.. it is much different to see from this angle.. I want to know if anybody can actually keep track about the truth about anything anymore? :} Especially with psychotronics going on...

It's weird, thinkiing about things like instructing pastors about how to tell if their ministry is working.. particularly in the context that I don't go to church :} but it  isn't about religion or faith at that point, it's about the logistics of information dissemination systems and communications, vernacular and measuring the result in terms of actual, tangible, motivational and educational results... over  aspectrum of subjects and ideals. :} I love this stuff. Now, it's not like I think I shouldn't go and check things out, but I actually think my lack of "experience" once again provides me the means to design something and the outcome, objectively, and then tweak it later as conditions arise.

Pretty interesting the article showing cancer tumors shrinking with the use of marijuana... what's the real reason for illegal marijuana? It just doesn't make sense.. I rally never expected encouraging anyone to drink smoke weed or anything, but the more I learn, the more it seems like a good thing. Was it in 73 that I did the Davis News thing? How come they call the FCC Uncle Charlie? And why did I get told they were in town every time I'd do that show and the transmitter would go out? :} And I wonder if the AMPEX and Apple guys are cracking up or throwing rocks? :} It's bizarre folks.

I think about how to present materials here, and I go, would I believe it? And actually, I'd keep my eye on it... it's like the old Bible Believer's site.. had some great stuff on it.. that Branham guy was really interesitng... They say before his death, that he was so spiritual - that he would see spirits standing before him and not know if they were spirits or real people in a crowd... interestingly enough, the Bible says that would be the case in the end times... the question is, were his experiences electronic emulations or were they really the planes merging for him? Hillary should read that web site. I don't say that sarcastically. they sor tof went out of business after I faxed them a few years ago. but I think they'r estill their. There's another site with a similar name that's sort of confused about the rpotocols, causing them to be somewhat actually anti-semitic.. if they were informed, they wouldn't be, but they read the protocols literally and ran with it.. so just be careful you don't get the wrong one. I sent Dobbs one of their pages once.. I was surprised, a little fascinated, it was tracking all the people in the secret societies, what tv channels they were appearing on, etc, and they were concentrating on people with "Jewish names"...  but there were a lot of non Jewish names, too:} That's the kind of hysterical stuff I'd look at, where there's smoke,  there's fire, sometimes it would take a year or 2 or 3 for little bits of info to filter through to connec tthe dots.. and the might have the paradigm right, but the details or history wrong... I don't like getting into the thing of blaming groups, but the occurrances in the world do correspond to the historical trends and conventional paradigms... especially when you study the Roman Empire... Biblically, when you meld in the actions of Rome, Italy, Egypt and America, combined with the EU...    the interesting part of all that is that the paradigms being claimed and superficially installed are good ones, but even they are being diluted with the creeping of corruption... it'll be worth watching... that's why I love the Kid Charlemagne... don't you know you are Italian in their eyes.. and they say those old hippies don't know much. :}

I still say that the concept of singularity is a good one, in a "perfect world"... or close to perfect.  But the invasiveness of psychotronics used the way it is utterly cruel. But that singulairity is already within us. All people need to do is know it's there and to be aware of it, and they'd start noticing it.  But  here we go again with "Can people be responsible with it?" Not right now. Look what happens with psychotronics... and it really is unforgiveable... you have no idea...

So anyway.. I think about telling people stuff, and of course I don't want ot jam things down people's throats, but I do want to shock them a little.. I think it will take that. If I was in a position I really would do a syndicated overnight... but.. oh well. Still... it is time to use my voice...   I think it's going to come down to my definition of theocracy.

Which reminds me, Maher... is it that you don't believe in God, or that you don't believe in religion? In a way, I would agree with the latter, but I do believe in community, which is, in fact, what the Bible says the church is supposed to be about. And I strugle with the single idea of what an atheist is in the same way... is it that they "do not ascribe to a theology", or do not believe in God?  My brother used to say that love was nothing more than a chemical reaction... when you get into neurology and quantum physics and curlean energy (?) it's sort of true, but in a very complex way... because it includes a spiritual connection as a trigger... dedodedo..

I keep thinking about that "New  Age Messiah" thing... I never really thought of myself as the new age type. When that saleswoman at KLRS took me to the metaphysics shop and did the thing of pushing energy, she had no idea I had a clue about it. That was funny :}

It's not like I like calling you guys criminals, but I just can't see how else it comes down, if there is any justice in the world, and I have my doubts. Serious doubts. Oh well.. the Rome thing. I just have to believe you didn't think I'd find a way to persist.


4:23 Dobbs, glad you finally definitively tipped your hat to running the CFR agenda. Also tells me the truth about James Taylor, Clive Davis and much more. Where do you plan to spend your time in jail?  You guys are good at the pysops, but you're traitors nonetheless. Sick as they come. I'll be sure to do a better presentation on all that..Guess I'll be reading a lot of song lyrics from warner and associated labels too.. what a shame. that part will wait. I really don't unerstand how you people gave yourselves permission to do this. To me or any of the others you do it to. But then that's criminal psychosis for ya...  you criminals cover crimes with crimes... how does does the Council pay ministers to sell out God? You've got a bunch of them apparently. Tell Kitty she'll have a good time with Mika and Kyra.

10.22.2008 - 9:33am - I'm getting zapped pretty hard this morning.. this is called the "we let him have an up, now we'll have him do a down".... up an down, up and down...

For those of yo who have apparently had a fun time judging me... I challenge you to last 1 day under te influence of psychoronics and DEW atttacks,, try 6 years... try 53 years, and then tell me you'd be sane. I know I am, and I know why.. you know my biggest observeation was after the gas shortages in the 70's.. here' s all these people running aound in the softclothes, pale white tender hands and fancy cars.. with guns.. shoting each other over gasoline.. and they wouldn't have a clue how tosurvive if anything bad really happened.. then then I saw the '89 Loma Prieta Quake.... the only real priority was getting the freeway open so people could work again.. ANd people price gouging and all the rest... And I can be a witness tothe fact that FEMA doesn't really care, because it's actually easy to respond to disasters form a governmental standpoint, and they're still not doing it.. and I wrote the program to do it in 1995. And it was easy.

So Read this: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ADD Caused by EMF from Cell Phone Towers?
This chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by electromagnetic waves according to a study by Ryoichi Ogawa, a physician in Kobe, whose view that "Reduced cerebral blood flow may possibly result from the influence of electromagnetic waves... "About 70% of withdrawn children have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) with reduced blood flow to the brain,"

This article refers ambient rf.. ambuent meaning everywhere form normal operations. I get hit with it directly 24/7/365... I get hit with V2k, I get with massive posthypnotic triggers.,. the Monet I destroyed.. they gave me   atrigeer tothink of a particular whore who's been part of my harassment everytime I think of it or see it.. so you want to judge me... you want to sit there in your comfortable chairs and say that my life and lifestyle are bad... that I'm a bad person.... what a joke. And here I am trying to write  abook about love.. Maybe I am stupid. To save the constitution and people of a country from themselves, and they don't even know they're being slow-killed and mass-mind controlled.  You people would rather vote for hopes that you know are lies than to accept the truth of the lies and murderous acts of your government. No wonder it takes Armageddon. No wonder. No wonder I'm supposed to go around pissing people off to get them to hear even one sentence of truth... And if these other sitees and people actually do think they get instruction from me... then why are they being distracted by moment to moment issues and not the core.. How can Schechter miss the fact that Danny Pearl worked for the CIA.. oh yeah, that's right, he's actually a corporate media person. ABC.. CNN... Council on Foreign Relations.... another infiltrator with selective, strategic truth...  Like Bill Maher.. the ultimate example of a corporate comedian.. another pundit with a laugh track. What about Building 7, Bill? So ya wanna criticize my hygiene.. true or not, it's been pounded into me that I'm being watched when I go to the bathroom, shower, youname.. don't know if it's true, but the people who say these things have all the details, right Tucker? Would you covertly tell the world what my computer password is, or should we just have a contest to see who can guess the password to get on the air on the phone with Wolf Blitzer? Did you take that from the transcript too? I don't care if I can prove it or not. I really don't.  The reason I end up writing at night is not by choice, it's part of the sleep deprivation program.. I"m fatigued all day, and just abou the time I should be going to bed, they szap my heart rate and pump the adrenalin with emotional psychotronics, and themn thry to influence what I write. I went to that church, and right before I thought I lost my glasses, I felt the microwave coming down on me big time.. I would have tried to speak sooner in that meeting, but I knew I wouldn't be able to speak as coherently as I needed to, given I was going to gently challenge their interpretation of something... That's why I don't record things live. And isn't it interesting that this "concentration problem" began happening when I was working in a building in an office directly above the NIH in Rockville... for another company with corporate ties to the people responsible for my harassment... who use a promotional idea I helped to develop... and on and on and on...So I dare you to remain as objective and coherent and responsible and productive as I am under these circumstances.. let alone make sense at all.. I'm not trying to boast.. I'm not. I'm not happy at all with my productivity.. but other than smoking, before the attacks, I lived a healthy, reasonable, rational, responsible life... that you can observe my life under these circumstances and judge me at all is pretty ****ed up.

When I watch and critique the media, I'm watching what they put on tv, not their personal lives... I didn't ask them to be on tv or so-called journalists.. they're liars.. all they care about is covering their lies, because it's criminal. It's crimes against humanity and they know it. Judge them for their crimes, not me for telling the truth about their crimes. And if you can't grow up enough to accept the truth and if you're all too self-important in your little fiefdoms, then by all means, play your violins while the world burns. But like the saying says, who's going to help you when they come for you? I guess that's the part of the Bible you people choose not to read...

And God should grant you what mercy for the virtues you've displayed? How many psychotronic rapes are you keeping silent about? How much crime are you willing to witness and participate in in order to keep your social standing?

That's the difference between me and all of you. And I don't need   astaff of 300 to tell me to tell the American people more cover up lies about the miltary and governmental plans of both parties and the Council on Foreign Relations.

So when I walk away in disgust to find people who may exist who actually want to be sppiritual beings with a conscience and a connection to God.. not a costume and script that says "I'm a Christian".. don't you dare say that  "Oh, he really wasn't the guy".. because remember, the Bible's instructions are to speak to those who will listen...and walk away from the rest...

Put on my walking shoes again, though I don't know where they'll take me, though I know they'll take me far...

You guys really wouldn't have stood a chance without the weapons you use on me... and you make fun of me. A skinny German guy with no money or options... how much money and how many people do you use to contain me?

The joke's on you. Have a nice war. I'm not gonna re-write Exodus. I'm gonna live it.. again apparently :} and again, and again... :}

Like I said you're lucky I have a sense of humor... serves me well...

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Huey Lewis & the News - Heart of Rock & Roll

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Jeffrey Osborne - Only Human
If people could learn to sing this song to each other, we'd stand a chance. This is what love sounds like.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rod Stewart - Human - Human

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Judy Collins - Suzanne

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Jesus Christ Superstar - I Don't Know How to Love Him
So, how's Annie doing, anyway. Haven't heard about her since the interview?

Biden... heard about your aneurysm... it's a shame.. better a million other people die instead of you, right Joe. How you learned to love the New World Order.. now we know. Cowards.

Lou and Clive: Did Aaron Tippin turn that tape of my songs over to you in Atlanta, or did he keep em and record them himself.. what a setup with Touche Ross that was... and internet data compression standards.. how nice for you all. Tell Gates removing himself from Microsoft legally does not relieve them of anything. Right Adam Smith? I wish I had a tape the day MSNBC announced he was no longer involved with them and their propaganda...

No Wonder Weird Al Yankovic - What If God Smoked Canibis  Better than rot gut whiskey.

As for the media wanting me off their backs.. I'm not on your backs.. but you will end up in jail for harassing me. If you want to pay high priced liars like Barnicle and all the rest to write lies and coverups for your conspiracy, and call those real.. continue to incriminate yourselves, by all means. And if you're one of the black members of the council and the media, and you want to call the possible election of Barack Obama a milestone under these circumstances, then all you are is a testament to the fact that Martin Luther King wasted his life on you. If I was him, I'd be ashamed of what his life has been used for, just as I would be ashamed of the democrats and my family if I was JFK...

I wasn't after your money, I don't want your money... I thought I was living in a country that believed in God and justice. That clearly isn't true in any segment as far as I can tell, and I"m sure there are plenty of good people out there..  but when you live a bubble life and the government and media are constantly causing bad things to happen, it's hard to overlook the bad. The prblem is not the citizens, it's government, and yeah, you could rig anything you want to put me away... you could hit a button and kill... that's part of how I know all this is a setup for the grand finale you all have in  mind, and I'm not going to particpate in it because I know that all you'll do is put me in the position of having to go along.. and I won't do it.. I simply won't.I don't any answers for how you people are going to make your exits when you're gfound out, and you will be found out, and people wil hate you with passion and vengeance.

So if you think keeping me down and making jokes at me and electing criminals fraudulently accomplishes something, always remember it takes your futures out of the hands of someone rational, who, as a citizen, asked quietly and then as time went on, more strenuously that the government return to legal means and methods.. and you put your ftures into the hands of angry crowds with lots of guns and good reason to hate you. Good luck with that. And as you know, all your electronic weapons do is make people angry. You've proven it yourselve sin Iraq.

I laugh at Bush talking about GITMO prisoners turning into suicide bombers...  the only people who would not understand that would have to bedead soles or so brainwashed they don't have a heart anymore. That's the media and the government's fault.. exactly the way you want it. Wait til the OAS troops turn on you.

So keep playing your games... I'm still laughing at you. Because in reality, that's all you're really good for, media idols, a laugh... and you're going to be the ones to take the brunt of it... sounds like a typical government dialectic... being set up to take the fall for other people's crimes..

Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes)  Irish Rovers - Unicorn

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - 02 - The Guy Who Leaves

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Quiet Storm

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Loggins & Messina - Peace of Mind

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Todd Rundgren - Initiation - Fair Warning

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Aretha Franklin - Day Dreaming

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Styx - Im Sailing Away

11:39pm - I forgot what I was going to write. :} So I'm sitting here thinking, okay, so here are my choices... I can either live life as a camera for the rest of my life, which doesn't sound like something I want to do and won't, or I can save the world :} Why do I always end up in situations like this :? I'm glad I have a sense of humor. Sometimes. I still wish I knew what you all really want from me.

I thought I already went away?  Meanwhile, Paraguay... figures... I decided Venezuela would be a bad choice because the CFR would have an excuse to attack them.. then I thought, Iran... no... :} they'd probably do it, but.. no :} Ireland.. neutral nation, not part of NATO, EU where psychotronics is technically banned... good broadband...  interesting location.. a little cold.. February 13th, I can be in New York by then... I have a free ticket. Go to hell has new meaning, but it still has meaning. I kind of like the ring o fit.

I wonder what Spitzer's up to these days? I was reading what the was investigating when it all fell down. I just can't believe you people keep your mouths shut about this stuff.... And Barack.. what  a victory.. what a historic event.. the possibility of the first Black president, and it's all a fraud. It just amazes me. Biden's right, there are plenty of scenarios, they have em lined up .. all over the world.. if one doesn't work out, pop, onto the next... one after another until the world is in arms... and I can easily imagine what happens after the elections, one way or the other.... and people don't even relize they're being placed in a battle field of civil war to distract them.. violence or not.... I can sure see why you needed me to be smart enough to use peaceful means. You got lucky on that one. 

Poor Paraguay.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) PAUL SIMON - THE ESSENTIAL PAUL SIMON - 11 - HEARTS AND BONES

12:25 pm - God told me this moring that He made Prescott Bush a promise way back when, and that I should tell H.W. that God's going to make good on that promise, now. I have no idea what that means, but when I started feeling bad about bad things happpening, since I was just trying to get things reconciled from the beginning, He told me to just get my things packed, leave and don't look back because I wouldn't be coming back... and that Dobbs and all the rest will go down with them.... and that it's ok for me to feel good about their destruction. He said you guys would succeed in diminsihing God in America, but that those efforts will turn the world against America, and it will also turn Americans against the government... dominoes... frankly it looks to me like God has already been diminished in AMerica... God has become nothing more than a product to sell... sales will be good.. it just won't accomplish anything positive for people who believe that buying a plastic Jesus will help them. And the word of God will not help people who choose not to hear the truth, and choose only to hear the flattery and flatter themselves in their apostasy.

God usually says what He means, and it stands on its own. So be it.

PS for all... all your cute little games only prove to me what childish, immature people you all are... which is typical of real criminals. Have a good time in jail. Just remember, the media will soon be expendable to the cause.. what do you think they're going to do to you when you become a liability?

He also wanted me to ask George W. if he'd figured out he was  a manchurian on psychotronics yet?

PS to Brzezinski - I know you really enjoy all this,but remember, when you're gone, you're gone. Get your laughs in now, pervert.

Wayne Madsen Reports
Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:08 pm (PDT)

FEMA sources confirm coming martial law By Wayne Madsen

(WMR) -- WMR has learned from knowledgeable Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sources that the Bush administration is putting the final touches on a plan that would see martial law declared in the United States with various scenarios anticipated as triggers.

The triggers include a continuing economic collapse with massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions, and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country. In addition, Army Corps of Engineer sources report that the assignment of the 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) to the Northern Command's U.S. Army North is to augment FEMA and federal law enforcement in the imposition of traffic controls, crowd control, curfews, enhanced border and port security, and neighborhood patrols in the event a national emergency being declared. The BCT was assigned to duties in Iraq before being assigned to the Northern Command.

On April 3, 2008, WMR reported on a highly-classified document regarding the martial law scenario: WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources within the US financial community that an alarming confidential and limited distribution document is circulating among senior members of Congress and their senior staff members that is warning of a bleak future for the United States if it does not quickly get its financial house in order. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among those who have reportedly read the document.

The document is being called the C & R document because it reportedly states that if the United States defaults on loans and debt underwriting from China, Japan, and Russia, all of which are propping up the United States government financially, and the United States unilaterally cancels the debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world. Conflict is the C word in the document. The other scenario is that the federal government will be forced to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American people will react with a popular revolution against the government. Revolution is the document's R word.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report. 2008

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report

putinpalin.bmp (356454 bytes)

Stevie...Wynton was cool.. I'm going t use the video of you guys doing the national anthem :} Too bad about the CSN thing.  You crack me up. My dad had a bugle like that from the Spanish American War.. of course  my brother has it.. he actually taught me how to play it lots of other things I was conveniently exposed it. I wonder what happens if I blow that horn? :}

10/21 - 3:08 am

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Aretha Franklin & Elton John - Through The Storm

Did you catch the guy at the store the other day giggling when he realized my change added up to prime numbers... he started to comment on it.. :}

Anyway.. like I always say, the psyops guys always get me to reverse myself somehow or another, as well as generate situations that alienate people... so I am goingto make one sort of apology that includes a complaint that I will hopefully easily let go of later.. let's say this is to Amanda.. you do a really fine jib and I don't want to disempower that in any way. I really don't. Unfortunately, you'v eparticpated in some way tha tgave you a first hand demonstration of what psychotronics can do.. it's not about simple telepathy or anything like that... and it's very difficult to fend off. I hope you don't have to experience it. I don't need a mother or a teacher. But you did provide me with an invaluable feedback loop that was essential to my own confidence that I was not just spouting my opinions... I look forward to some time in the future when I know we can have some interesting discussions.

Right now, I can tell by what's going on.. and these folks are tricky... they could take what I just wrote and change the dialectics a hundred different ways, including playing it cool and straightening up until people trust them again.. but it doesn't change the crimes they've already committed or their ruthlessness. Frankly, for the sake of my spirit, I hope I don't find out later that you cooperated with them. Like alot of people. The truth is, I have no idea still who keeps up with this, who believes what... it's like the February 13th thing... tpyically, they give me dates like that about things that will happen to me.. they plan things well in advance with psyops. I know that they think the election's in the bag, and that at the least, if they can keep me contained in "religious" circles, they think I'll be satisfied and pacified, and that's just not going to happen. I wouldn't doubt another false flag, or that they intend to persue at that time soemthing  to shut me up or simply distract people or just shut this down... or publicly discredit me.. who knows.. hard totell with these guys, they really are slippery. Just don't trust them. They think I'm really silly and all, but they haven't seen what I can do and I know I haven't seen their best yet.. so it could get interesting.

All in all, I don't know what else to say... except that the Promise can't be delivered without the vigilance and knowledge required to understand the truth of today... it is cool to study the paradigms, archetypes and recurring trends, and understanding the Plan and Will of God.. right now, the most important part is preserving life and liberty and the planet.. in that order... I really hate speaking with this kind of tone and urgency, but it's true. And it does appear I need to get out of Dodge, and my greatest concern there is that it would make my work easier overall, but leave the United States to further and complete deception. So far, these people have stolen everything I am and was to be... except me, myself. They will never have that, and the only guarantees anymore are those of God Himself.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Brothers Johnson - Right On Time - Right On Time

History and infamy often accompany each other. It's a shame it happened to the United States, the modern Italy, Rome and Egypt... but there are better days to come... in the end..

10/20 11:10 pm The differenece between my dissatisfaction about not accomplishing something, and any potential you guys have of the same kind of angst is that you'v ehad decades to do it, and instead, you subverted the will of God... and to this day you continue, to the point that everyday, the United States is guilty of crimes against humanity against its own people, let alone some fictitious enemy. Every day. And still you all think you're so special that you should just be absolved. When kids steal a toy or do something stupid, it's too bad but it does little harm... you guys call yourselves adults, and there's nothing innocuous about the blatant harm you do. You've ha dwarnings for a long time, and merely increased your criminality just like real criminal do, to cover your tracks. How would you have us ordinary people perceive you, as you rob us and kill us? As you train us to stand up for our rights so you can identify and eliminate your enemies? Just like the magnet wars in Iraq and the Middle East. Just like the U.S. uses Israel.

BTW Just for the record.. the current name for the Learned Elders of Zion is the Zionists, and in the U.S. they are most fully represented by the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as the strong influence of the Rockefellers, Bush and Kennedy Families.

Feel free to prove me wrong, but you can't. You've had plenty of time to prove yourselves. No pass.

Here's a song that came up while writing about the Kingdom of God that has a few fun memories attached to it... good old Paul.. I hope he's okay. 

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Paul McCartney - Wingspan (History CD 2) - 16 - Waterfalls Oh, you mean that guy who was in Wings? :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Spice Girls - Wannabe

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) John Cougar Mellencamp - Pink Houses

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Phil Collins - Testify - Testify God bless ya Phil. I know.

The beauty of being a majority of one is that you don't have to have anyone else's permission.

5:19 - America has an economy, but if the characer of AMerica is to be defined as its economy, then that kind of tells that story.

Speaking of which... I keep seeing things about how I shold change my attitude.. tell ya what.. spend 53 years in prison thinking about all the ways you'v ebeen set up to look like  abad person, and then come talk to me about me changing my attitude. I don't have any apologies to give to people that sociopathically callous. I'm still waiting for one person with the guts to tell me the truth. I'm not holding my breath. I have choice too. And there's a reason I'm in the position I'm in, whether you like it or not, and I will prevail.

We call this country America, but it's not America.

He's not in the hills, or deserts or caves or mountains... he's.. on the internet? :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rod Stewart - People get Ready

So now I'm getting bogus bounce back messages on all emails I send topeople.. that's cool, more evidence.. at least I'll have my story backed up with evidence when all of you liars prove your guilt. The thing, I will get out of this country, and when the rest of the world is informed, you politicians will be toast. And your plausible deniability will be worthless.

10/20/2008 - 12:13pm Billo... looks like you're going to be a regular here for a little while anyway... you'll do anything for attention, won't you.. that's what cracks me up about you.. you gonna get Montel in on the act too.. I tried to get on his show :}

Can you believe who the Dems have going after you? I could get audio from her boss tonight if you'd like. We'll call  it an  unnaned source,, hiding in fear for their lives... which is pretty much true.. she was Nader's campaign coordiantor for DC in 2000:}...  just remember, I was for the Democrats before they were against me...  as for the "manufactured" crisis Biden is talking about... it's manufactured alright, and they manufactured it, only its not going to work out the way they want. If the Republican sthink they're going to keep me in this country to obstruct Obama... forget it. Let's not forget Warner, Rockefeller, Shelby, Feingold, and for the fun of it, the hypocrite John Hall.

I'm leaving. After  the remarks I made about going to Ireland, I looked some things up.. they're rated as the single best place in the world to live.

As for Obama having his mettle tested... all we'll find out is that he's a thief, liar and murderer, and a traitor like all of his friends.

Al - What Would Jesus Do? Do you think Jesus would give in to a bunch of cowardly, murderous thieves like you. How's Occidental doing these days, Al?

Barack, why don't you tell people what your name means in Kenya... mr gutless.

Olbermann.. the reason you're the worst kind is because all you do is what the others do, sell hope and lies... and call yourself a patriot... I'm not fooled anymore. And you go back to what was it, 88 or so...  Oh yeah, and the JT Drug use and stuff was what?78 or so... and by the way, I don't want to hear anymore George Harrison songs... I've had enough of the bullshit from cowards who knew what was going on my whole life, and still betray me. Tell your special little friends they're not as special as they think, based on their actions. And hear music and all the rest of that is nothing more than half-hearted attempts by people who'll say the tried. Bullshit. "Yeah, he died a tortuous death, but it's okay, cause we tried".. somehow I don't think that'll get the flying machine off the ground... All they're tring to do is make a buck.. which is fine.. it just won't work because it's bullshit..  If it wan't bullshit, it would be a big hit.

I'm really loving the new site.. I wish I could see people's faces the first time they log onto it :}

Oh yeah.. since this governement has told me in no uncertain terms that I have no rightrs in this country because apparently I'm not a citizen, but   aprisoner.. I won't be voting.. but I will see justice done. That will be my vote.

8:52 What an interesting day... ya just never know what I'll do next, except when you do... I knowyou have me write to people whowon't give me the time  of day to frustrate  me, but it does just the opposite.  This global perspective thing really changes things.. still would've been easier as president.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Kenny Loggins - I Believe In Love

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Kenny Loggins - If You Be Wise

Be nice to Kenny. I really do want his shirt :} BTW Does Mike McDonald know how he was used? I bet he doesn't. Wait til Bruce finds out.. or I find out they sold me out too. :} Doesn't matter anymore really. Really doesn't. What's that song, I've down so very damned long that it looks like up to me? Just remember I'll never capitualte just so I can laugh at you when you feel that moment of impotence that you're in need of.   You know, that moment you realize you've done something really bad and you can't take it back, no matter what. Have you gotten there yet? Does it even occur to you? Are you that deluded? It's be interesting to see Cliffie's notes on when he thought I would give in :}

It's fun to share my thoughts as I figure out where I'll get a new garage   to live in, but never forget that I don't see much gain in this for me, but it will feel good to know that when I'm through, a whole lot of people will be relieved of their suffering. God'll take care of  the rest.

10/19/2008 - 12:43 Billo... I keep thinking about the logistics for getting out of this country so I can talk to people who are actually interested in good thngs in this world... I was thinking that no matter what I do, the most practical logistics include going through New York.. so I figured I'd hit the U.N. with about 100 cd's... apply for asylum in a few places.. and then get on a plane and go... want my El Camino? ANyway. So, I'm thinking just for the fun of it.. the foxing gloves.. I don't have a single thing on you guys, just like I really don't have anything on McCain. Now let's be honest, I'm not a fan of Fox, but your are excellent, and everything else has gotten twisted around... warner was supposed to be the good guys, after all:} so, I have all this music, at least two books and a movie's worth.. The question is, are you just part of it, or are you separate to what's going on? I don't really care. I'm interested in America and the truth. Now, I'm sure your psychologists and linguists could figure out a way to do a two hour exclusive to where I don't have to cover up anything or say a word about anything but MSNBC, GE, Time Warner.. etc... oh yeah, and the Son of Man thing if you want..  I'll even defend your restaurant statement, cause you know I actually back you on that. So, you know what I'm saying. Take out your competition and Obama and the Democrats in one fell swoop.. I know Rupert and the Clintons are good friends, but, are they really? :}

So, all I want is my words to be represented in context... and a little assistance on the other end to get connected with the right people.. and I want to talk to Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam... and you can have the publishing and all that stuff... so long as no affiliates or business partners of the aforementioned companies have no oportunity whatsoever to make a dime. I won't even go on their tv and radio shows...  So you know the rest, I know your security people are on this... how many drones do they own? :}

One way or the other, though, I'm outta here.. if the "ancients" really believe I'm so unworthy, then there should be no reason for them to want to keep me here. Cause if they keep me here, I'll screw em anyway.. it just won't be as pleasant.

I just want to finish by saying I really do love America with all my heart. I really do. But this isn't America.. but I know the idea of America is possible.

That's my final offer folks. I have no expectations on it. Just a passing thought about things I could do on my way out of the country.Otherwise, I guess you'll just have to enoy your perversions without me.

Yeah, Olbermann, you are a traitor, and you know, and you're the worst kind. As are all your so-called journalist propagandist friends. Can't wait to face Abrams in court. That was his assignment wasn't it.. to use the pyshcotronics to get me to make some kind of case for them to counter-sue me... on technicalities.. won't work Danny. You'll still just prove that you're all perverts. Nice try though.

PS: To all the courageous apostates... save it for God. Theonly thing I'll believe anymore is what people actually do. Words are cheap and easy.

8:36pm - Looks like the Ayers and Acorn stories have more to them than the CFR channels say... what  a surprise.

The SBS, for the record, was the Students Against Boredom in school... I have no idea what those two girls cooked up.. they were the vp and pres of the senior class, and they talked about more interesting things than boys and clothing. The student rights issues had to do with things like... what time is curfew, how to act appropriately when dealing with police in order to not cause trouble that didn't exist.. stuff like that. One time, Jeanette put up a flyer for people to mail to to join the SBS.. I was impressed. I asked her where she got the address. She said it was to an empty field on the other side of town. :} And the smoking thing.. I didn't want the school to endorse smoking. I wanted them to treat smokers as decent people who smoked so that they'd come out of hiding, still maybe smoke, but not be caste as bad people for having  a habit. A habit that would not cast them as such as an adult, at least at that time. And, so they could hang out with people who didn't smoke, and maybe give up the habit that was perpetuated by being with the smokers.

At Soquel, they had a cool policy which was at lunchtime, folks could go out on the pe field sand smoke.. and there was an unspoken rule that you had to clean up your own mess from lunch and smoking, AND that if approached by a faculty member, you'd put out the cigarette. It was considered a sign of respect that it was a privilege, and that you respected and appreciated there not making you out to be a bad person. Sometimes I wonder if I smoke just because I find it hard to believe that people would say things like they'd never go out with someone who smokes.. It  tells me something about people, like when you first meet them and they think it's their immediate duty to make an offensive remark to you. People have been trained to act like that, and it's pure fascism. Just as is economic coercion.

I understand the smell isssues and all... I don't want to blow smoke in anyone's face... but to make a judgement on the character and value of a person based on a habit is about as shallow as it gets.. it's the same reason I like to buy big ticket items wearing junky clothes.. I want to know if that salesperson gives good service, and works somewhere where service of anyone who is  a customer - a human being - is part of their product, or if they're just being nice to get my money. I've been a salesperson. I know how many of them think and qualify customers. And then there are people who understand that good service is or can be the biggest product people buy when they purchase loss leader there is.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) George Harrison - Dark Horse (Demo)

3:13pm - Some really cool inquiry today... I've given a lot of thought about where in the world there was still anything that resembles a free nation...I've always wanted to visit Germany and research my "roots" that noone ever bothered to explain to me... and to exceed 220 mph in a Mercedes on the Autobahn.. :}

I always wanted to visit Southern France.. I think I'd like it there.. it sort of reminds me of Santa Cruz.. I actually think I'd like the people.. and the cooking.. I'd gain weight for sure... :}

But, if I had to actually choose a place that would seem like home, where I could feel a degree of freedom... where I think people actually still understand what freedom means and the heart to stand for it.. it would be Ireland... and they like artists... and it's a lot like the parts of Oregon I always thought I'd live in... me and Ulysses actually have a lot in common.. funny isn't it.. aand liek the Bible says, it's a land where the language won't be a barrier, and still can do a pretty good Irish accent from the days in high school studying for the lead in Playboy of the Western World (which I finally decided to turn down because it would basically take away from family time, given that I lived so far away).

Anyway.. so please stay out of my way on this one... I just have a gut feeling about this..

I'e also given thought to those passages in Revelations about calling out the nations.. and realized, not only is it correct, but it's what I've been doing it for years, and was the original and future intent of the Soon to be United Nations.... :} and shows me once again how psychotronics can affect perception.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 17 - Wartime Prayers

Another example that I'm going to re-write is the letter to the Pope. That was clearly psychotronics, and even though I won' t change a number of topics I bring up, nor the purposes.. but just using the more productive approach I'v ebeen advocating for so long. And all that is yet another example of how psychotronics is used to cause people to do things in ways they wouldn't normally do. And how God actually is in control, because almost everything provides me more evidence.   And I will leave the original letter online as well so people can see the contrast.

I think if I could ask for anyone thing to be done right now that would help America, it would be to have Mitt Romney host a very casual program... with Mormons about family night.. and then talk to people of other faiths about the same kinds of customs... in a tight little 1 hour package that isn't  hype, fluff or canned... and then ask people to do that, starting once a month, maybe the first Monday, and on that night, turn off all the media and such, and maybe paly a board game... not have it be about religion, but family.. and then of course, if I had a show and could do some stuff, it would be useful, but oh well.. I think Europe would like me.. I always thought Boston would like me:} Must be the Irish thing. I gotta read more about Matthew Grant. :}


soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Four Tops - Still Waters

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Eric Clapton - Unplugged - Tears In Heaven

10/18/2008 - 12:47 pm - I was going through my morning re-construction from the nightly psychotronics.. God and I had a little talk... He says who you guys treated me was YOUR final test.. to see if you were really as perverted and sick as He thought, or if you had it within yoursleves to do the right thing.I guess He and I are alike like that. It's like me waiting, hoping, til the last moment, that someone in the news media would have the guts to show some integrity... and they don't...I keep wondering what Moyers would say to Joseph Campbell right now... anyway... He says you guys have all fully proven wha toyu really are, and for me to not worry about it, because the media is already doing itself in on behalf of Democratic Socialism, so you'll be useless to everyone including yourselves soon... so you've created your own fiery lake, and you'll get worse and worse in a very short time as people begin to truly hate you, and you guys will use your egos to fully prove your lack of ethics... as opposed to performing an act of integrity.

Meanwhile.. I always said I respected Rove's skills, and I have to admit I'm chuckling a bit.. I think he learned something from me:} Too bad he's on the wrong side of God.

I keep thinking about how I wrote to Obama and told him I didn't want to be used and set up to harm the Democratic party, despite my complaints against them.. it wsa an interesting attempt to set me up again.. but it backfires, because of the documentation I have of the letters I sent, and the video I have of you responding, and the continued attacks against me, and then there's the simple plagiarism... all I gotta say is, if the Republicans call me for an impeachment witness.. I'm there.. and I won't be cooperating with them.. I'll demand explanations from everyone. I don't really care who wins the election, it doesn't matter. Because they both represent the same cause.

And still his hands are extended.. I always and always will continue to hope that people will see themselves and reconcile and atone... but like everything else, there comes a time when you just have to realize that some people won't change, and they're just detriments to everyone, and they harm everyone they can to get what they want, and they really are true criminals.. and that'swhat's happened to the government of the United States.

I have to hand it to whoever constructed the phrase for John about how it's not about spreading wealth, it's about spreading opportunity. I wish John meant it, but it really is the bottom line. That IS a big part of God's plan. I find it interesting that people think Republicans are the devious ones, when thye've always been the blatant ones.. and how it's primarily the Democrats who are the real deceivers.. the Council on Foreign Relations.. the Kingdom will be sealed and rid of you guys.. finally.. if anyone things God is vengeful and wrathful and impatient.. all you have to do is look at the patience He's had with you guys, and people will understand how all THOSE lies just aren't true.

My Dad was a tough guy, and you had to obey His rules, but as long as you did that, He didn't really care what anyone did. He really didn't. And it was simple, just take your share, do the right thing even when it's not the best thing for ou, don't steal or lie, and if you make a mistake, admit it as soon as possible so it doesn't snowball into a bigger problem. Oh yeah, don't disturb him when rading his Sunday paper... and I know he knew I was taking the chocoloate he ate while reading in bed every night.. even then, he didn't say a word unless someone took the last of the bag they were in, leaving him with nothing. Talk about holographic.

I still look forward to knowing my father, the man, one day..  no matter how deep I look and remember, I am constantly further impressed with his character and being.

I remember once, one of those staged discussions wher ei overheard that his real true desire in life was to take that property in the Santa Cruz mountains, and start an orphanage... a good idea, and an obvious cue to look into Boys Town, of course, one of my old time favorite Spencer Tracy - Micke Rooney movies... if only life was actually just a movie being projected.. it's so much more than that. I'll be glad when you guys are gone, and the evil goes with you.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Basia - Time and Tide - New Day for You

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) All 4 One - I Can Love You Like That

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Eric Clapton - Change The World

10/17/2008 - 3:44pm - I have a few pointed things to say...

Obama. Imagine a video that shows all the times you make derrogatory comments, and make fun of people who believe in and have faith in God.

Kinda proves who you are to people who actually read and want to understand the Bible. Kinda shows people hw politicians like you attend church for 20 years for the sole purpose of being able to say you're a (hypocrite) Christian. You're not a Christian, even if you think you are. Not in my church. You'll wish you were Superman before this is over. It's going to be a big lake.

Mika - You can have your father and friends at GE and Time Warner zap me all day if you think it'll make your perverse little ego feel better... it doesn't change anything. And maybe we can get you a cell next to Kyra.. I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about..

Relentless. at telling America everything except what they need to know. Doesn't fool me.

I keep thinking of the interesting implications of leaving the country... America's inside me through an through.. at least the spirit and idea of it... it's a good'll work one day... but as for this country.. I can't balme the citizens, but I don't see why I should  tolerate the abuse I'm subjected to. No one listens to me or actually does what I suggest.. that's fine... and everytime I leave a job, with only a couple of exceptions that can only be attributed to companies assisting in the bubble and psyops against, those companies bellied up.... I don' tconsider myself a citizen of this country, I'm really sad that I wasn't ousted and let go years ago... just as I can't understand why you perverts did what you did to me, given that until now.. I didn't have a clue of the extent of the corruption... and the perverted torture of citizens fo rfun and profit.. it just doesn't get any sicker than that.

I know you can all track me around the world, and I've been zapped everywhere I've gone... so what...  it' s actually flattering and amusing to know you're that worried about me. I had an AWAC and a helicopter gun ship following me today. Amazing. Insane.

I'm realy tired of hearing hyposcrites talk.. people who say they stand for something and then won't lift a finger to stand for it... people who claim courage as Christians and leaders of faith, and then do nothing when the time of the whole point of their supposed calling is at their feet...ministers who are so cold hearted and cynical, that when someone says I'd like to talk to you because I think I may be the Son of Man, and I want to discuss it with a minister... and they don't even bother to ask why you would think such a's incredible.. and it's not like I don't understand why they would be skeptical. As was I. 

But to the perverse govt of the United States and the Council on Foreign Rleations and all you other sicko organizations... I absolutely will renounce my citizenship to this country, because it means nothing. I will go somewhere esle where I can at least have the fun of seeing new things. And I absolutely guarantee you that if you try to anipulate me into serving your purposes, I will screw whatever you attempt to use me for. I am not an enemy of the United States, however, the United States Government has proven they are an anemy to me, seeking to do great harm and use me to perpetrate a hoax against the American people. I refuse.

You could give me 10 zillion dollars and a lifetime contract on tv, and I'd take and then screw you.. just like you people do to everyone you come in contact with. Just like you screwed Joe Plumber.. you people don't care who you use or hurt to get your positions of power, and then you commit crimes in a ll sorts of ways, truly perverse crimes, and then stand before us with your righteous speech of moral highground an dvalues.. and if people knnew of your values.. if they really thought about the things you do... they'd know your values are the values of the real deal.. just like the Bible says... the synagogue of Satan....

Maher.. I don't have a problem with your movie, I have a problem with your lack of knowledge of the Bible.. just like you have opinion sabout all sorts of things you know absolutely nothing about, and then you call it the truth.

You really are welcome to your views, and I actually agree with you about how religion has been used to manipulate people and all.. we actually agree a great deal about your perceptions, many of which also make me a bit apprehensive about interfacing with churches... because o fthe apostasy that has mislead so many people... but just like 911.. unless you're cooperating with the criminals, don't talk so authoritatively about things you know nothing about or don't understand, and at least have the intellectual integrity to seek answers to your questions and have honest discussions about your concerns, instead of using your lack of knowledge and misperceptions to prove that you are right, preying on uninformed people to be your proof.

I'd stand up for your right to be an atheist any day of the week.. atheists pose good questions that Christians would benefit from by answering them for themselves... so understand, your movie is going to empower Christians, so thank you for the effort on my behalf. And for non-Christians who still look for turht, you'll open their eyes and help them see the truth of God. And then there'll be the other people like you who like to spread hatred, division, and earn money to harm your nation. Enjoy it now. And by all means, have a toke  on me and laugh your ass off. Come over with Leno. You can get your interview. :} You and Geraldo :} I like Geraldo, he's funny. :} Pick me up a can of that great Native American Tobacco while you're there at the reservation. $16 bucks, and you get about a months worth of chemical free tobacco. And more papers than you know you know what to do with. Great flash paper for spy notes, though:}

I'd a wrote you a letter but I couldn't spelll Splinfsafjsedjkjsf .. still can't.. a little Grandpa Jones joke.. :}

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky

Olbermann: One of the first thigns the psyops people do is to get the victim to take on that they're responsible fo r causing the crimes against them. You know, like blaming women for causing their own rapes. You and your friend shave been setting me up  for a longtime, so big deal, you set me up, use psychotronics, and I guess it makes you feel powerful to destroy people's lives.. it must be really funny... I expect you allto prove your guilt by dumping on me.. that's the game that was set up from the beginning, for me to tell all the petty little bad things I've done in my life in order to prosecute you traitorus a*holes.. and you didn't think I'd be willing to stand up to you. Like the idea of renouncing my citizenship.. it's not like I've ever had any rights, so it's just paperwork. I have never been afforded hte rights of citizenship, so why wouldn't I want to go somewhere where i'm welcome. And Why wouldn't I want to do productive work for people who treat me well.. That would be consistent with my character... to do good work for people who tret me well.. I just really don't understand why you guys did this to me, except for entertainment value.. and given that Ive been nothing but serious about my commitment ot AMerica.. at least the concept.. I don't know why its funny, unless people ar ethat morally bankrupt and that much against the concept of America.

And that's why you and your friends ar traitors, Keith, and you know it, and you think you can intimidate me. . but I'm 53 years old, this government destroyed my life from a young age, and I don't have anything in my life that I'm all that embarassed about.. and you want to talk relatively.. you complain every day about the soldiers dead in Iraq... and you're an accomplice to their murder, and you know it. And all you and people like Dobbs do is cover your butts... so you'll look like the good guy.. and you're just sick and twisted, like all the rest, and you know it, and that's what pisses you off most.

Like I keep saying God Bless the Citizens of America, God damn the perverted government. The dead will bury the dead. You'll help do that too. You're one of 'em. Nice show though, good format... Had me fooled too.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jewel - Pieces of You - I'm Sensitive

for Bill & Sidney,  rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Staple Singers - Let's Do it Again ... and the land of Noe:}

I can just see it.. someday, someone will actually contact me, and I'll say Yeah, right... :}

Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 15 - Still Would Stand All Time

Spying on Activists Wrongly classified as "terrorists"  Washington Post   October 12, 2008

Eugene Robinson will be one of those who find out what it's like to be someone who does nothing, and then experiences the news person becoming part of the news instead of acting like a reporter. All the while saying, It's not my responsibility. It's not my fault...

7:33 - KO By all means, throw everything you got at me. Can't wait. I'll be laughing, and the jury will be saying... are these people obsessed with this guy or what? You just keep  proving who ya really are, it's like I say about your other CFR friend, you just inspire me... when it's all done, your telecom immunity might keep you all out of jail briefly, but you won't have a career...  and it'll all be your own faults. I think your biggest problem.. with all of you, is that you have no respect for yourselves. You gave up on yourselves.. and that littl epiece of you that I'm not criticizing, tha tbit of inadequacy that compelled you t be broadcasters... and politicians... is the thing that has you in conflict with the other side... the one tha twanted to do what you do to do good in the world. If the sopranos taught us anyhting, it's that bad guys do nice things too, but they're still bad guys.

I really tried to give leeway in what I was writing.. but when you think of all the people who have died, been maimed, reaped, robbed, suppressed and driven crazy... a few reporters walked away and yeah, they're getting paid less. but they have self-respect, and they really undersand the phrase "A cause greater than themselves". I'd rather hang out with a junkie in the street than a traitor. Because at least the guy in the street still has a heart. I'll bet he treats everyone better than the one person you claim you love, whoever that is... disgusting, just disgusting. I'm so sick of self-righteous people who treat others like disposable toys... no wonder God said this would be the point where He just says screw it, I'll just throw 'em out. They're obviously defective. Unless the good people you've all mislead.

Why do people vote for things not in their own best interests, Chris? Because of depraved freaks like you who think it's funny to lie to people and lead them to their deaths. BTW: Ask Mary Ritter what she's going to say when she's questioned. I can't wait to hear it. I really can't. Talk about your deceptions... She knew Brenda at Friedley's office, too. Just can't wait to hear it. I'll bet Jimmy and his other sick buddies made up some good ones for the trials. Of course, you Skull and Boners took an oath to each other to lie for each other, so that will make it even more amusing. And the proof of that will come from info from the EU, and you know what I'm talking about. Everything you people will claim will look good on the service, but be a complete sham when it comes to fact. And then, the bigger they are, the harder they fall...

Meanwhile.. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Mrs McThing.. and people wonder why I'd think it's psyops.

You're all a bunch of perverts, there just isn't any word more succinct. And I'm talking about the politicians and media.

When this is all done and you realize what you've done, I hope you'll find a way to reconcile this for yourselves, though I can't imagine how you could.And I'm not talking about what you did to me. It's what you're doing to everyone. Narcissism doesn't begin to cover it.  You're accomplices to rape and murder and genocide. Care to tell me how you justify that? That includes you, Link. Relativism doesn't get the job done. Lead, follow or get out of the way. you're all actually in the way.


10/16/2008 - 12:42pm I can just hear it in court.. well we went to his web site.. doesn' that count as going to church? The only thing the debate proved last night was that thieves, liars and murderers have become experts at lying to millions of people at a time.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Isley Brothers - Fight the Power

Tell your psyops guys that every time they try to make it sound as if there's reason to believe any of you are decent people, I'll make sure to correct it. Because there's not a one of you who has reason to claim they're patriots, let alone good citizens. Infact, you're the best examples of the worst. Every one of you. Tell Taylor I'm looking forward to his OBama endorsement.. of course, he probably won't .. that would make it a little too obvious for him.. but, because oyu're all so ****ing sick.. he probably will.. I actually hope he does... show some guts, and at least prove what it's all about for him.  And people like John Hall.

Yu guys have th ebest lawyers and all the money and weapons.. and I guarantee you, none of you will escape prison or total public humiliation.. and when you do it to me.. I'll laugh at you. The beauty of truth is that it doesn't require approval. Looks like I was right about media people after all. Sickos. And I know you odn't care what I say because you all think it's funny.. funny to harm me, funny to harm and rape all those people... and you think you'll get away with it.. you messed with the wrong guy. I'll leave this country that you are destroying, the country that is killing its real patriots so that criminals like you can control the planet... you people will be lucky to get out of the country alive, with all the people you're going to have mad at you. So laugh it up.. that's what criminals usually do right before they get busted. Right Cliffie?

PS Mika.. your dad's gotta be the sickest sociopath of all. Sycophants usually are. It'll get really interesting when people find out what frauds people like Olbermann, Dobbs, Maddow and Air America really are. And they think they're better.

I sort of thought the ION channel programming I get is a Time-Warner set-up... looks like I won't be watching them anymore.  I have to admit, you guys do get to people. Thant's okay, there'll be some honest people one day. Besides, there are lots of cowards in the world who talk the good talk, right Scarborough.

Isn't that interesting.. for days, I've been thinking about Taylor doing concerts for Obama.. let's see if Shuster's MNSBC announcement about it is true. Wouldn't surprise me. Poor little James, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. See ya in jail. But you famous people don't like the truth, do ya. So now, I wawait the announcement of the reformation of Orleans. Plutonium is forever, right John? You might as well make some money off your phony concern. You didn't make a lot as a rock band. I know this is more up and down harassment.. so what.. I like it that you two are finally having the guts to put your arrogant criminality on disply. It'll make it easier to prosecute you later.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream

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rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Todd Rundgren - Healing - Shine

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion


Tivo Steve... the party isn't over.. remember, I win.. don't let the subscription lapse... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World

5:02pm - Why walk into the eye of a hurricane? Because... somebody's gotta, I know what to do, and dad told me to :}And I wanna, cause it would be fun :} Go figure. Anybody got the guts to take me on? :} That's the truly funny part.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Peter Frampton - I'm In You - I'm In You

I was just thinking.. ya know who'd be cool to write with? The black guy from the What's my line show that can write songs off the top of his head like it was nothin'... talk about brilliant.. what's his name?

10/15/2008 12:34 pm - What an interesting epiphany today... it's a good day for epiphanies... whatever :}

So for days, if not weeks I've been looking at how to stop the U.S. Gov't Corruption and manipulation without harming the citizens, and while giving protection and empowerment to other nations who could then empower U.S. Citizens economically in order to undermine the corporate control... all legally and beneficial, actually.. Buth, then, judgment, and inconsistencies... so I think about the double cross of the Bright and morning Star and the Blue Star of the Morning, and I know I got the double cross right, but I didn't relaize the extent of the double cross.

So how, if you're truly a man of peace, do you bring the world to peace... every form of peace... by going around, accusing everyone of betraying God and calling for their destruction? I  mean, it's one thing to be that kind of activist in your own country (which isn't at all what I had in mind when I started my part of this segment)... and here I am, thinking of how to prepare to deliver a message to the world that deapite the propaganda, my presence and work was not to have anyone think anyone was going to be forced to do anhything... except to move toward the Golden Rule as peer pressure, citizen pressure, mounted and required. And I saw a peaceful vision for how it could all occur. Which includes me addressing the Unted Nations, which I know is going to happen... in person..  And it ain't moving to Turkey... Okay go ahead and move it to turkey, I'll just start a new one.

So if the idea of the double cross was to make Jesus out like Satan, and Satan like Jesus in order to fool people into believing Satan was the good guy so he could lead the world to destruction... then it would make sense that the text following that discovery would also likely be swiched to try to trick the son of man into doing the wrong thing, as if it was instruction from God, just as Adam and Eve were fooled, and apparently a whole bunch of other people who thought God, who said thous shalt not kill, instructed them to wage mortal war instead of a war for hearts and minds.

And yet, the United States goes around claiming moral authority over other nations, being blessed by God and the judge of the world, declaring war on anyone who challenges them.. Sounds anti-Christ to me. And that accounts for the difference between the idea of being a prophet and the Son.. because now I wonder if anyone else - except the diabolical ones - figured this out too.. the inconsistencies.. and like I said the other day.. would God really do all this and be satisfied with just having people know that a prophet had been among them? Would God really tell His servants that their afflictions were okay, that they could handle it? All in the context of the absolute, God is and causes good... nothing else. As a way of being and as a promise.

I was sitting there thinking, gee, if I do all this, all I'm going to do is spend my life researching the crimes of all nations and making enemies of everyone unto everyone... that sounds like what the other guys want to have happen...  My own nation, to an extent, to inform people here.. it is my responsibility... for now... just as I charge our clergy to take responsibility in their own's up to the people of other nations to decide what to do there... with guidance and empowerment... they're each on their own "fractals"... and need to be right now... and why national borders are important at this time.

And I've been questioning, am I walking around saying "everybody got it wrong"... and it always comes down to the same thing... it's the leaders, not the citizens.. the leaders declare lies as truth, bad as good and acceptable.. and the people trust them and follow.. and while they have some of the responsibility for their own actions inside of the reality they are forced to submit to, you can not ultimately hold them responsible anymore than Christ Jesus could hold it against people when they obeyed the rules established by the preceeding Christs...

This may change as I study more, but I don't see much that shows the preceeding Christs made any real errors... nothing monumental.. when I think that what is wrong is that the intent of their declarations could have easily been diluted over time. That's where what's her name comes in.. I bet she knows all this...

Let's see.. I sort of re-wrote Genesis, I was thinking about Exodus next since it is a viable possibility.. now I gotta re-do Revelations? Nah... :} I keep forgetting about the book of acts.

I like the Blue Star Thing myself.. add a touch of Jeff Bridges, and it's Blue Star Man. I like that :} Maybe someone'll teach me  how to use Starry Night someday:} I can't help wondering what the star alignment will be on Feb 13. I don't know much about all that stuff... I'll bet Wayne does :} Good old Wayne... and Enoch... :}


7:30 pm - Gotta admit, it'll (the above) make a great business card.. :}

geniussmurfing.jpg (35359 bytes)

9:29pm - It just occurred to me.. despite the harassment and all, I try to keep as positive an outlook as possible, but it takes work... I want to  make sure you all never forget the suffering being caused by psychotronics.. the harm and damage and destruction it causes to people's lives.. the people who experience unimageinable atrocities at the hands of their own government, authorized by the same people who stand everyday as the faithful keepers of liberty and democracy in a  nation that claims to live under the blessing of God... people whose courage should be honored and held up as a true example of individuals facing insurmountable odds and circumstances, and almost each and everyone clings not just to God, but to the same ethical and moral values that led them to their oppression... even those who were doing drugs or other things where psychotronics could have been used to cause a positive outcome instead of the destruction of individuals who deserve more than to be treated like expendable flesh

If there's any one thing I have not lost sight of, nor will I, is that I took on doing what I am doing in order to represent the appropriate interests and needs of citizens, people, souls, beings... and if you think that I'm here clowning around, joking with people, keep in mind, the only things I'm really doing is keeping the communication channel open, and making sure you never forget, I never forget, and people who are actually depending on me, and God, that one way or another, the job will get done.... for all the right reasons. In the right ways. I do have high standards about certain things. One time, I described myself as a fiscal conservative who's absolutely fenatical about the rights and welfare of people... something like that... and I will never let us forget all that... because that's what counts. In the same way that I refuse to lose my awe and wonder of the world and the beauty it offers in every conceiveable way, moment by moment. These people are truly awesome, some of them brilliant.. truly brilliant... Please don't ever forget that. Or the patterns of autism in our "intellectual centers"... or the patterns of supposed mental illness... cancers... .... .... ...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Boston - Can't You Say You Believe In Me

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Badfinger - Baby Blue

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Temptations - Papa was a Rolling Stone


I think it's reallt pretty, personally. But then, I'm a guy :} Anytime ya wanna take over, give it a shot... everyone else does :} Okay so I still do Aesopian, but it's not like I'm going to be impressed or believe anyone on anything of importance... besides, I like Leno... tell him to come over, we'll talk motorcycles.. There's been some of my favorite people at Kamilche... Little Creek.. whatever they call it. okay what was it... Nov 8, 1 night, two shows.. got  a jet? I like jets.. :} I think I heard Dobbs has a jet..  he owes me a couple.. tell him to pick up Mike Farrell along the way, he can referee... I love it.. you guys are still getting me to talk about all the stuff I can't verify.. meanwhile, the real stuff remains in a briefcase.. :} OOOH! Suspense.. :} It's really a pretty day. I like clouds.. and the painting looks like a big popsicle... I've been thinking about "purple mountains majesty lately"... and the big green thing that looks like a poppy. the fun part about abstract is that it's all fractal.. I have no idea what this painting will turn out like. Maybe you do :}

So there you go.. everything you need to claim I'm crazy... except, there's no law against claiming to establish the Kingdom of God, and I love doing stuff they say can't be done.. hmm :} Enough of this... time to work. Or somethin'. I can just see someone out there registering all these names.. just like you did the websites.. but I don't care. I'll continue to use them. I demand what's mine :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me

12:33pm... Obama.. tell your surrogates that every time they lie or aesopianize on tv, they are perpetrating a fraud AND setting themselves up for perjury and abstruction of justice. Of course I expect you all will lie... that's what politicians do. Idiots. I have so much evidence, you'll truly embarass yourselves when you are confronted by your obvious parsing and deception... you'll convict yourselves. It'll be fun to watch.

Like I wrote in the letter.. I don't do Aesopian with people because those who do it have proven themselves to be enemies... people will od whatever they do.. I'm not worried about it.. the right person will come along and do the right thing... and then the magic will begin. You guys think that by suppressing me, winning an election and then using the justice dept to harm me further is  victory... it'll be your downfall, and everyday you persist in what you're doing will create a more damning situation for you, every single time. But, you're criminals, so feel free to continue to rack up the charges...

Isn't the piano pretty? I love to let it vibrate through my body... rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Patrick Moraz - Soon

10/14/2008 - 4:59 am... What , me sleep, I'm having fun.. interesting.. I'm always in the gray areas.. am I doing it for profit or not... still comes down to first amendment and context

Like saying... someday I'll tell you my Randy Travis Story that includes this song...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Randy Travis - Deeper Than The Holler

and this one

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Randy Travis - Forever And Ever, Amen

and this one, just cause I feel like it...rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  George Strait - I Cross My Heart  ... speaking of little white specks..  :} I wonder who gets that one ?

I don't think Karl likes me anymore. :} Sorry Karl... sorta.

I like it that I feel like writing music again... lyrics are hard right now..

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Bruce Hornsby & the Range - Scenes From the South Side - B03 - Defenders of the Flag

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tower Of Power - Bump City - You're Still A Young Man

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Anita Baker - Caught Up In The Rapture

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Average White Band - Person To Person

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Barbra Streisand - Ordinary Miracles

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul Mauriat - Love is Blue

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Tuck & Patti - Tears of Joy

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Roberta Flack & Donnie Hathaway - The Closer I Get To You

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Santana - Shaman - Victory Is Won

Now that's a Sunday mix!

10:20 pm - Look,  I write lots of things in this area that are amplified... because of psychotronics... there are things I put here just so later on, when people realize I'm telling the truth, they'll understand the imperative of this stuff stopping. It's grotesque and incredibly inhumane. Here  I am, earnest attempting to serve God in a way I know for certain is how he intended me to serve, in some way at some time... and those people who had knowledge.. for whatever reason I was left to live a bubble life such as I had... it's just that I can't imagine subjecting anybody to that... or watching  anyone or anything go through it... just like I couldn't get thru the end of Passion of the Christ... just couldn't watch it... even though I truly understood the social importance of people seeing it if  only to push their senses to the point of not being able to tolerate seeing that kind of stimulation anymore... at least Mel can get some solace in that it wasn't the Jews at all.. and he'll be vindicated one day too. Lots of people will be. So for folks who know about me and my life.. and I don't claim I know all of who does, if anyone.. but I know there are those who do.. and I''m sure life will go on, but I just can't imagine forgetting a base sadness that will remain no matter how things turn out, and I guess the only thing there is for me to remember is that this sort of evil -  I hate using that word - evil actually really does exist... and can be prevented. And manipulated.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jose Feliciano - Rain

I always remember in high school how we'd sing all the latest tunes. CSNY and all... so when McCartney came out, I bought the album the minute it came out and learned all but one tune that night and went to school the next day.. and nobody cared.... :} and it was a huge overnight hit... couldn't figure it out... :} I really love the lyrics of Koreen Akore :} Alright, 2 songs. This is a gorgeous little tune..
rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney & Wings - Love In Song

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Prince - Planet Earth - Lion Of Judah

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) David Howard - Spark - Alive In The World

Tell Stevie I'm done listening to music for secret messages now :} And I have too done something, and maybe some day I'll know what :}

6:34pm - Guess the vacation's over. It was a good one though... I'd sure like to be a fly on the wall when these people get emails from me... I hope they get 'em... hard to tell... anyway...

Here's what AWB was known for... funk... lots of good memories from these guys... :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Average White Band - Cut the cake - School Boy Crush You know,  the recurring "too much reverb" theme... after the funk years.. good stuff, but  for new ears, a little harder to hear the distinct personality of the music...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Average White Band - Nothing You Can Do used to to listen them by the hour... Now I'm wndering if the janitor at Sears was the same guy who went back to Berkley... and Bocci Ball... okay psyops guys...  oops wrong song. Yeah I know, Sam.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Average White Band - Lets Go Round Again  Hard to pick one. :} Groovin' the night away... :} Take Love is the bottom line exactly as it is, but add a gospel choir behind it really letting it hang out in the right places... and ya got something...:} you can do that, can't ya? That'll be 1000. Use the choir as a counter-rhythm, not as part of the main melody... let AWB do what it does to the gospel alternative background... no competition... but use it liberally to maintain the feel throughout. 1250. :} And these are available frequencies where? :}

I like the rainbow.. :} I call 'em the way I see 'em too.

I loved KLRS... the jazzz. I was triyng to get 'em to let me record the old lp's of the origianl masters, like Vangelis and Tangerine Dream and more...  so I'm gonna do that, despite the fact they're WEA... :} I like the word fornicator. Reminds me of someone who was almost like a friend to me..  :} He used to say that all the time :} You have a dirty mind.. although he did that alot too :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 03 - Sure As I'm Sitting Here

2:27pm - Joey Joey Joey... you see sanity receding from your grasp... ya know, when I ran for the schooll board, it was a classic political move.. I would have run for class pres, but I got psyched by the guy's best friend and the turht was, it appeared to me he actually was the most popular guy in the school ( though I didn't really know him) so I went for the next highest office... and I will to the death defend my membership (of which there were 3 members) in the SBS... that's not a typo. How would I know that the things they represented as Pres and VP of the senior class were the same as the SDS? I mean, the only one I actually was aware of.. since about 6 months ago... was the one about having a non-voting representative of the student council attending the school board meetings... I still can't figure out why that would be a problem, unless people were discussing and doing things that were deceitful or wrong. Go figure. Kinda like  you guys.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Eurythmics - Missionary Man

10/13/2008 - This is really cool... in less than half an hour, I get speeches from both Pres candidates using my stuff.. :}Recorded of course.. which is funny because the Ultimate Planetary Mix is not going ot be music, it's a video.. me reading directly from my website, with  video from the candidates delivering my lines... and as a bonus, copies of the multiple letters, and testimony from a witness who actually called the DNC at least twice attempting to  talk to is it Phil McNamara about being sure my 2004 campaign was within bounds and strategies of the Democratic Party.... and Mukasey stating that not all wrong doing is crimes... letter to Cuomo, Senators etc... Will it go round in circles... Who knows if this'll happen.

But, ya know, my dad thought Muhammad Ali was the greatest.. and he was particularly impressed the night.. and I remember listening to the round by round on KGO... the night they put something in ALi's eyes and blinded him, and he hung on and then won... that was impressive. The thing about Ali that most people don't realize is that he wasn't THAT strong... he just hung aound alot for the moment when he could land the single shot... and what made his blows effective is that he fully extended, and when he got to that point of hitting his opponents, his hand would twist just a bit and cause a simple twist to the nerves of the neck, and down they'd go... it was beautiful to watch. And these days... alot of the fights he won would have been stopped...and not in his favor :} (reminds me, I need to review the OJ Case... Galanter may be loyal, but apparently he isn't very good. OJ may be guilty and framed.)

I wonder how much I could get if I offered the Russians a chance to hypnotize for say, 3 or 5 months? :}It's not like I'm aware of any national secrets or anything.. Weird.. I wish I could get the text of my dad's cookbook and run it throught that web site that supposedly decodes anything... probably a CIA site.. sor t of like.. we'll help you decode simple stuff that's meaningless so long as we get to keep the good stuff.. That's it,, it's all about my dad's cookbook.. and given that that weird thing came out, and weird that pop out like that always turn out to be significant... hmmm.

Speaking of which: February 13, 2009 will be a significant day, I don't know why yet, and I'm concerned at the multitude of possiblilities... tons of possibilities.. like I could have actually completed bunches of things on my book among them.. and have removed the psyop affected stuff... and set up a history section for all the psyop stuff... people need to know what you all did to me.

Speaking of speaking.. the best part will be after refusing to respond to my numerous inquiries to your attorney, Barack, and then you make the speech this morning... you're going to look like the a*hole you are. Or was that fornicator?

Meanwhile.. the kitties are so cute.. we're keeping one.. I call him or her Mighty Mouse... he's afraid of people. He'll fit right in :}

Leno coming to Shelton... One night... what are you guys doing, coming out to take turns playing with the controls? How's it feel Rachel.. I'll bet it's from Microsoft... and is related to that digital transmission test back in '85 with KUBE that I recorded but which didn't work... theoretically... and then I start thinking about intermediate frequencies.. and I can't for the life of me figure out why we use IF's... why not just a pure signal... and now that tv is going digital, are the broadcast powers being reduced, or re-used.. that's interesting.

I predict that when Active Denial starts being used... there will be a shortage of microwave ovens, car batteries and ac-dc power converters.. and then, at some point, people will figure out the thing of pointing them at the sky...  and then we'll all be able to get some peace and quiet, once the rain from the disruption f the ionosphere is over.. just a possible, predictable scenario...

I keep thinking, I know I told Dobbs that I always thought somehow I'd be working with Todd and Jamess.. but I always thought it would be for something good... so when do I get to have some fun? I think I'm going to write a JT parody album like the Rutles did the Beatles... only I can make it sound EXACTLY like him... even the voice... I'll have him do a cover of Walsh's I Like Big... 

I heard Todd was a drug dealer before he signed with AMPEX, and that James started doing drugs and fooling around when he signed the Columbia deal... when I was in LA... and I can't help but wonder if there's some kind of amnesty deal in the mix, here...

I ddin't realize how much the Psyops guys screwed up "For the Love of the World"... it's going to be a great book, though. I just wish I could keep it private until it was ready. Ya know, if someone was going to sacrifice their son, you'd think they'd  at least tell them about it so you could understand why stuff happpens, so you don't have to take it personally. I hope that, since this body's been put through thte wringer.. that next time around I'll remember all  this so I can at least have some satisfaction in the knowledge that all this wasn' tin vain. It's hard to imagine accomplishing what I know I could have done if I hadn't been so hindered. That's the part that actually bothers me most. And it's not for me, so much, cause I can really adapt and be happy in most any situation.. especially if I have a friend... it's knowing that most people won't know how to deal with poverty or living without things we think of as basic... and I figure I still have enough time to make a difference, but not to complete it all..  I understand the Kingdom of God, and no, nothing is at the snap of the fingers.. I just know I could have done it... and when I see all the emulations, and how ineffective they are,  and how corrupt their presentation is in the face of what really happens after the facade of loyal service is delivered... and my biggest concern, particularly in terms  of wishing I could withhold materials, is knowing that my emergence could easily cause war.. which is why I feel it's so important for me to write things to other leaders before finishing the word of life. Like letting them know that God doesn't want everyone to suddenly become "Christians"... whatever that means anymore...

By the way... if the RIAA and GE and Time-Warner get in my way when I do emerge, however and whenever that happens... just understand that all you'll do is cause a level of hate against you the likes of which you've never seen before... and I won't a lift a finger to cause it or stop it... and when the anger is over, I'll fly overhead, and I'll see everyone... everyone... long as I can...

And then a miracle will happen.... :}

I was just thinking about the time I was in a course, and this one morning we were supposed to talk about our experience so far and who we were being in the moment.. and I got up on the stage and told everyone it was my birthday, and that I always thought it was cool that I was born on the first day of creation... I thought the leader was going to fall out of his chair :}

Oh yeah, on entitlement.. it's not so much like I feel I'm owed a living or anything.. I really was always proud that I earned what I got and even more so now, considering the obstacles placed in my path. But I can't help noticing that the people who are most involved with the events of my life.. their crimes against me... are people who had everything handed to them... and even if they killed me tomorrow, it wouldn't stop God, and they think they can beat God. And that's the part that's I really can't understand, cause they actually know they can't. But then, like I always say, that's the proof of their psychosis. It's why I know Cho is a victim of psychotronics. That, and the FBI response.

Anyway, so yeah, I feel like I have rightful expectation for compensation, but then so do a lot of people. And so, whatever I get, I'lltake what I need and help as many as I can.. given what is becoming clearer to me aboutthe things that were done to me, I think I'm going to be able to help alot of people.

And that will be the example and the path to leadership of people.. because regardless of anything else, they'll know that I'm sincere and that they can trust me... cause I'd be within my legal rights to take everything and walk away... but I won't .. cause I'd still rather live in a modest cabin somewhere with a view than to ever think that all the frills and the gold in the world could ever cause happiness... real happiness.. I think I want a horse, too. An Appaloosa... horses are really loving... anyway... so are cows:}

Entitled.. not really, but in a way.. just in the context that so many claim the faith and belief in God, and even know of His presence and desire for this world, and then the are given all of the gifts, and think they can destroy the creator... and it's idiocy. And that's the only true sense of entitlement.. coming from knowing mre of my purpose, and the efforts to prevent it... and I don't like wastin gmy time on things of this nature that turn out to be unproductive.. and this is in the face of knowing I could have done it by my own efforts long ago... and by the grace of God, the world would be a  much better place... and all you idiots could have continued to be partners with God, instead of being His enemies by YOUR choice... despite all the beseeching and humbling He did to re-establish the partnership. ometimes the judgment required isn't pleasant, but necessary.. and you guys will be toast when this is over... by your doing, not mine. I actually feel sorry for you. I'm mrooting for the real Jews.. you know, us  guileless ones... not the nation...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jeff Beck - Blue Wind

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Billy Preston - Late At Night - With You I'm Born Again

10/12/2008 11:44 am A few notes for people, then you'll probably think I've gone blank for a while.. except for the materials I post to other nations and citizens..

To James Taylor: You familial ties to Simon & Shuster and Time Warner will be used against you and Todd. And don't worry James, I'm very clear that of all the music used to psyop me, yours was the only album purposely including songs for that purpose. Just isn't possible that it's a coincidence. As for John... just another deceitful sell-out... I   was going to sell both of your albums, but for catharsis sake, I am going to burn them and dump all your music. You can stop singing You've Got A Friend, now., especially since you didn't write it in the first place. As for Shower the People... I'm not acting out a part, you are.. even though it was written for me.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Johnson - That's That - That's That

To David Shuster.. all you so called liberal history nowonl proves one thing: you're aprt of the treson and conspircy of the Council on Foreign Relations... like the movie 6th Sense.. I see dead people.

Speaking of which, John Lewis, attempting to start racist riots and all to promote a coandidate (as in you've become everything you claimed to stand against).... interesting that I started a landscape last night that ended up looking exactly like  the fires in L.A.  that I saw this morning...

To the U.S. Government.. you have a lot to answer for in terms of denying my civil rights since birth, but beyond that.. the more important issues.. the issues and the charges I make on this site are not going away... I tried to resolve things within our boarders, but you all have absolutely no integrity or morals.. we all know that if I go to another country and continue my work, the United States will be destroyed... looks like, given the level of corruption, that would probably be for the best. But you can be sure that while I work with other governments to entrap the members of the U.S. Government... the same way the U.S. does to other people and nations... I will aslo be wroking to insulate the American people from the worst.... they don't deserve the hell you all have created.

And I will nail Bill and Hillary Clinton once and for all...

Barack, you're stupid.. if you had actually read the Bible, you would know that you have been set up...  if you win this election, it will all be blamed on you, religion will be harmed, and  Hillary will, at least in her own mind, win in 2012... and there won't be as many black or Hispanic politicians getting votes.. and subsistence slavery wil be viable once again.. you're a treu idiot Barack.. and they bought and sold you... which makes you a slave of the Council on Forreign Relations.. and you've selling an entrie nation into the ranks of your own slavery..

As for the media.. I'm going t redefine you as traitorous representativers of the government, because that's what you are, and you know it. That includes link tv. If you're not willing to tell the truth, then you're obviously participating in the treason. It's that simple.. I don't care if you think you're doing good, you're not... because one or 2 simple truths would change the world, and you don't have the couragte to actually do that.. but it feels good to look good, doesn't it?

You all want to do it yourself? Good. Do it. And when it doesn't work,  fornicate you. We'll call it an application of the golden rule... apparently you all like it when you can screw people and get screwed.. so have  good time .. meanwhile, us faithful, the non-infidels, though few of us there are, will have a good time when it's over. Right John Hall? (PS It won't include you.. but I'm glad you're still having fun.. get it while you can)

God no longer helps fornicators like the government of America.. it's in th Bible. Don't blame me.

Me and my camper are going to get out of the way while the dead bury the dead. It's only smart.. and then, when cleanup time comes.. I still have my evidence. The prediction said I'd die guarding an arsenal of email.. it doesn't say that I won't get a chance to present it.  It's of historical value, and is evidence of felonies... of course it'll be guarded. But you guys set up these things and buy your own lies.. you fool yourselves with your own hope and arrogance that everything will go your way and you'll get away with it..  but you won't. and you will be the ones to learn humility. It also said Charles Rehn will prevail.

Finally, more reading shows me I was right again.. the Bible says that it will not be my efforts that make me  visible to the world... that it will be the act of someone revealing me, thus, coming like a thief in the night... I don't have any faith that will happen, but that's the requirement. I used to think there were people who would be part of my inner circle.. anyone who wants into that club has membership requirements, and if you don't know what they are or can't figure out why I haven't accepted that any of you guys are good guys,then consider your own behavior..

If you have something to say to me, you know where I am. Otherwise, enjoy the time you have left, and when your lifetime is through, you're gone.. for the benefit of all mankind... and the pleasure of God. When God does vengeance, He doesn't waste His time. Like my dad says, don't hesitate. That was my only mistake in this. I'll never make it again. Smear jobs for everyone.. when in Rome...

And don't forget,  I'll never stop. Your psyops leave me with nothing else to do. Told you your arrogance would get you. So does the Bible. Only a few more chapters to go in Revelations... Barack, that's what you're going to make happen. I hope the fiery lake is warm enough for ya.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jefferson Starship - Miracles

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Blood, Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheel

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Carole King - Thoroughbred - So Many Ways

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Nassiri - Love Sees No Color - Love Sees No Color

PS Too bad about GE. Shouldn't have run those caveman ads. But at least now we know whose side Buffet is on. Another guy who'll be returning bunches of money to the national treasury...

Olbermann.. yeah you'll be onthe list of traitors.. and you know why.. you're the worst kind.. the kind like Obama.. the kind with all the right pretty words, and the deception to go with it. It's the old hope thing.. I hoped you and Rachel  had integrity.. instead, you're just a big part of the deception.. and you'll regret it. And that'll be a good thing, but don't ever complain to me. And laugh all you want. Get it out of your system now. I still have hope, as the vision of an ideal, but it will never be accompanied with faith in people ever again.. thanks to traitorous a*holes like you. And you're samrt enough to look in a dictionary and determine that, like your freinds, you are actually traitors... and this will be your theme song..

Can't find Roger Miller's "Dang Me", so this will work. Probably the theme song of all your friends. Personally, it sent chills up my spine back in '75 when I first heard it on KFMI... still does... I bet Clive loves it. Speaking of which, tell all you so called celeb friends, like Patty, to  fornicate off... her ex too... what good does knowledge do if you betray its truth? It makes you useless, pathetic souls of little or no value.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

John D. Rockefeller IV... figures... we'll come up with some good stuff on you and John Warner that ought to make for some fun... I wouldn't want you two to feel left out... I mean, I know the traitors in the media are backing you, but it'll backfire... once people see the trail you two leave and weave.. fiery lake..

To the non-cowardly Christians.. prove it.:}

You gotta understand, it's not about feeling entitled.. it's about wondering if people actually have faith or not, and if they don't, if they're not really willing, if all tehy do is talk about it and marvel at their own knowledge, then what good does it do.. at least they'll know that a prophet was among them... if that's all it's about, it's kind of  a waste of time.. but that's what it's all about.. the ultimate test... not mine though.

The only thing I feel entitled to is justice.

Meanwhile.. you guys are sure working hard to convince people that God and Christ don't exist... getting desperate, huh?

10/11/2008 - Ya know dude, everytime you say Amen Brother on the air it freaks me out :} It really does... what compels people to do drugs? Why do you hate me so much?

So now I understand the importance of my mother's Bible.. even the Hitchcock's only refers to the "Elders" and the "Ancients" (which I find fascinating and confirms some other things I always believed.). I'm sure one day we'll hear what's her name do a sermon on that... I'm talking the Ezekiel stuff, on the vision of the elders worshipping the sun to the east... covering the blue star of the morning and the bright and morning star would be cool too. Somehting in Hebrew would be a nice touch :} Fortunately, I've documented the exact Bible my mom had...  and that info is online.. I remember posting it. Somewhere.. :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary) - 16 - For All Time (unreleased track from original Thriller sessions)

I think my second painting is done.. I really like it... could be lots of things, but I like to think of it as being an owl face barely peeking through a collage of color and texture... the first painting is still a wonder to me because I've never painted anything like that... except that mural when I was in the 5th or 6th grade or something... the one I painted upside down... Anyway... my version of the thinker :} The bird version :} I think the next one is going to be more of a landscape.. lots of browns and earth tones.. it's winter you know..

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 10 - Through the Eyes of the Eagle

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Winds of Change - CD2 - 04 - Chico - Papa Stop the War

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) England Dan & John Ford Coley - Love Is The Answer

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Daryl Hall & John Oates - Livetime - I'm Just A Kid

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Hall & Oates - War Babies - Can't Stop the Music

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick

6:38pm - Mr Mayor, thanks for the basic service in a time of need :} I understand what you mean about beiing rich before getting into politics, but I'm kinda standing on the idea that the money part shouldn't be important. I thought some folks were actually going to turn out to have some integrity or something, but I was wrong... so now I'm thinking I could make a news network in a matter of a few months and then turn it over to other people... or I could just start broadcasting, which would be quite labor intensive, and limited in its audience... so then there's ham radio which I wanna do anyway.. got a radio station you want to play with.. have it do somehting unusual and then take the world by storm... it would be fun :} Remember fun :} Doesn't matter where, syndication will follow... anyway... it's gonna be interesting... I'm thinking my own blog in Lebanon, and planting trees and making little mountains right in the path of Armageddon.. wouldn't that be funny? They'll call me Johnny cedar seed... I like cedars.. got tons of 'em in planters outside.. they just started growing... back to instructions to the clergy...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - 09 - Giggling Again For No Reason - Alanis Morissette

12:27 I have to admit, watching political news keeps me motivated, although it's quite annoying to watch knowing that it all just really amounts to gigantic coverups...and I'm amused, despite the frustration and annoyance of my circumstances, that it takes all of you guys to stop me... and that you must view me as more than just a guy mouthing off, and why you don't kill me is how I know you know who I am.. that and the choppers :} And that's also how I know you know that God's gonna win.. so I really do see what's going on as the final heave before you all walk with your fraudulent earnings and realize your time is done... because it is, one way or the other.

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes)  Foreigner - Head Games

McCain, I'm curious to know.. you said America would get what it wanted before the election... what were you speaking of? Never forget tha tjust because I amuse myself with my imagination, that I never lose track of the facts or the trends, nor do I forget the clear intent and lie by omission that I see and hear everyday. This is not just for John, by the way... There really isn't anything that I'm ashamed of on this site... things I'm not proud of, but people will come to know the story of how this all came about, and they need to... because it's their story too, and yeah, I'll find better ways to present it and all that will stand as to the development of my undersanding and my own version of lamentations, whatever you wanna say.. all I know is that my mind becomes clearer everyday, and my understanding and global grasp and vision becomes clearer everyday... and I think I'm geting to the root of those things tha will provide clear understanding of what is really driving the world... against its own will... and that's why I think, ultimately, my work will be easier than I thought, though not easy, and the key to it  is leaving the United States, where people have not been quite so conditioned, and liek the Bible says so truly so often, a prophet is never welcome in their own land. And the journey begins in the spring, as instructed. And I'll have all my materials ready by then.. And I think Im going to start by planting forests and gardens from one end of Africa to the other... to get the forests restarted, the humus and rainforests doing their jobs.. let's jsut say that when I get a hold of HAARP, I'll use the weather charts to set things straight in no time... Enoch had the right ideas :} I really like Enoch and Timothy.

10/10/2008 - Obama and Biden.. you 're the most 2 faced liars in the world, and I'm going to make sure the world knows it.. you can put all those security people on me, hit me with psychotronics and try to destroy me any way you like, and I still guarantee you that the world will know what cowards and traitors you are... say it to his face.. what a bunch of sick people...  And Obama, always rem,ember, when Jeremiah states his reasons for saying God Damn America... you will forever be an example.. a perfect example.. of why he would say such a thing. One day Jeremiah will call YOU what you are.. a whore, a traitor to AMerica and on who has fully betrayed God... and when he does, and he will, then I'll know that he has saved himself, at least, from being one of the whores. Even if he doesn't he'll be coming back. You guys won't Manfred Mann - TBD - 100 - Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)

Begala and Carville... picked which prison you want to be in yet?

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Steve Miller Band - Joker

Karl - It's a little easier when you don't care :} So here's the deal.. get someone to point out all of my great ideas that Barack abandoned after the primary.. just for the fun of it, ask him why:} it'll prove he betrayed the people who elected him thus far. What a bad guy :} AT the next debate, just have John say I'd like to have a conversation with you about some questions that must be answered and then see who cracks up and who can keep a straight face. It's sort of like having a song played on a radio :}

John.. it's not if you can take Obama's word for it.. it's whether you can take the word of the guy he took the words from.. or something like that :} Go Navy! :}

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 04 - Live and Let Die

10/9/2008 - 6:27 am The good thing about waking up to harassment at 4 am is that I have to spend time collecting my thoughts and regenerating myself... that's when God tells me the really good stuff...

Viles: I don't know what you had in mind about quality control... but when I get over to Israel, no matter what, I won't be used as an information source and I won't go along with what the CFR people want...

Retrospect: What I was talking about regarding emulations, doing things, and then reading about the son of man.. the things I've been thinking about doing... under normal circumstances, any one of them would be enough... but what I've been thinking about doing... we're way beyond chapter 10 of Revelations.. thank God, it's almost over.. looks to me like it's going to go down to the final seconds... the Armageddon scenario is going to happen... possibly within 9 months... while the next president is mired in all the controversy I cause... wag the dog, ya know.. only in the next 6 months, I'm gonna study the Koran, and I'll have everybody convince the U.S. to back down.. and I mean everybody.. and the U.S. people will be really mad for a couple of years while the traitors are tried and the truth is told...  and I think I'm gonna live in Africa... Cracks me up.. I go to Africa, Barack goes to Africa... Barack, wanna go to Venezuela.. I'm still gonna go for that.. I really do want to ride on a Russian battleship, and I always thought I'd end up on a cruise playing my guitar... :} Not quite this way, but Tuscan sun ya know... When I look into Bush's eyes, I see CIA, CIA :}

Interesting to think of... considering.. the time I went for  a weekend in Arkansas, right down from the Alcoa plant... and I drove thru town, and everybody waved like they knew me.. almost like people lined the streets and came out to wave.. I just thought, friendly town, just like George, if they don't know you they wave to welcome you.. I thought it was kind of weird.. kept looking around to see who they were actually waving to... dang I wish I had my propagation chart. Makes me wanna ask donny what HE was referring to when he said short wave receivers.. I thought he meant satellite based receivers for sigint... :} Maybe I should make an appointment with him. That would be funny. He's still at the Pentagon, right? Donny and Jim Bob.. what a meeting..

Barack - just so ya know.. I get all the lies of omission you're delivering about the new world order.. what  a sellout.. I really thought you were smarter... ALl I gotta say is you elite guys ar egoin' down, and Queen Elizabeth gets her country back as promised, so tell the Rothchild's to build a big wall, and they might want to  hire Blackwater, cause I'm seeing what Nostradamus was talking about, and I have this hunch that reading the Koran is going to give me some really useful info... You r new era ain't gonna happen...

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) Chicago - Happy Man  I just really love that song.. :}

Almost 8000 tunes now :} Can you imagine me automating voicers for all of that, preannouce, standard anounce, back announce... it would be fun :} Who is Eric Chase, anyway, and how come I never hear of him anymore :} (probably cause I dont listen to the radio) I think I'll find him and call him again.  That could be funny :} And then there's that time I caught John McFlanagan signing on to a station in the Bay Area saying it was good to be back and I had the impression he was getting over alcoholism.. and then there's the Capt. Satellite incident.. am I wrong, or have the Blue Angels been flying in missing man formation for a long time (they don't exist anymore do they?)

Enough random thoughts for today.. a couple articles to finish, some legal research, I didn't realize a plagiarism suit could include so many constitutional rights.. good to know..

rainb00a.gif (232 bytes) William Shatner - Mr Tambourine Man

I wish I could find the Man Song..   :}


1:24 Won't it be interesting when people find out Tom Brokaw and Lehrer and all the rest are CFR members too.. then they'll figure out why only Cofer people get elected... and how there is no difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties... even Nader's orgs were infiltrated :} Amazing..  The reason to challenge the media is to demonstrate whether the media has integrity integrity as reporters... and everytime, they fail. Shame about that. But that does become the ultimate proof of totalitarianism, and collusion between the government and the media. And the facade of Democracy...

10/8- Satan Walks Among Us... no wonder CNN wanted me to believe there was nothing in a name... you guys got everyone so distractred by Obama's middle name, they overlook his first name.. nice work. The most fundamental thing is not a job, it's an honest government... which America hasn't had for a long time.  His name means Satan Walks Among Us, mine means Son of Man... I wonder what they're trying to cover up...

The most interesting thing I find in everything having to do with media and the CIA... is Time-Warner.. so it'll be easy to make the pattern fit... especially the FBI reports about v2k happening only when DirecTV trucks were around.. before Murdock took over...

All I keep seeing is images of people rioting... and you guys will think you got what you want.. and then you'll fall.

So, Buchanan.. I know you were part of Operation Mockingbird... in my book, you're now the proof that Nixon was set up AND that he was a crook... which means so is John Dean... you guys do cover the bases.. And you and your fellow writers at Human Events are about as anti-Christ as they come. I'm sorry I mentioned you for a job at MSNBC. But then, that was back in the days when you had me fooled.

Tell Abrams the Aesopian feeds aren't getting you guys off the hook. They'll be what gets you all nailed. And if the FISA Telecom immunity applies to you like I think it does, it won't matter. And if you erase it all with microwave or otherwise, I don't care..

Tell Taylor I will be finding his attorney, and I will file racketeering charges against him and Todd Rundgren, and that will bring it all back to AMPEX. And Warner Bros, and Welch, and Kennedy and Bush and all the rest.. dominoes... I hope you all have enough money... like my dad always said, if you're going to commit a crime like you guys, it better be worth enough that when you get out of jail, whatever you got is still of value.  Traitors, thieves murderers and liars... every one of you...

Dobbs, what ARE you going to tell your kids? I can't wait to hear... how many rapes and murders have you participated in.. I watched your show yesterday just to see what you were up to.. purple tie.. Barack's colors.. people think you're independent, all you're doing is pushing them down the "lesser of 2 evils thing" for Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations.. ya don't fool me anymore... Just like Scarborough bragging about what kept him in Congress..

Why did he resign then? Could it be the murder of his secretary... was he having an affair with her or not? And what about true colors, Joe, ya gonna keep your mouth shut.. I know MSNBC is just  a holding pen for CFR members who have been discredited but are being paid off with media jobs...  you're as gutless as they come Scarborough,... just like the so called liberals in the evening shows.. anything but the truth...

The only thing I have to decide on is venue.. and I  don't want   depositions from you, because you'll lie anyway.,..but that's okay... there are too many setups and after a while, it just becomes obvious that it's all a setup... even me claiming to be the son of man.. if people say I'm crazy, it's just more proof of psyops... and for the record, I don't disclaim being the Son of Man. And won't. Don't need to.

It'll be very interesting to find out when Chris and Lori left Sonora, won't it?

And Obama.. nice tries on gertttin gme to believe you were all sort of under siege... nice touch indeed.. just want you to know that I don' tbuy any of it, and you're just a two bit politician after all.

PS If your're not cowardly Christians, why haven't I heard from you, or are your broadcasts a piggyback too?

PS to McCain.. I telegraph my punches because you all know what I'm doing anyway because of the surveillance.. this is part of how I document my intent to do things, and the effects of psychotronics to stop me.. when I was told back in April that I was going to be made an example of... I knew it was going to be to show people that your weapons could stop people.. I'm going to prove what ive been saying all along.. you can slow me down, but you can't stop me, and you can't beat God. The damage people like you do in the meantime is not my fault.. I warne dyou all, you persist, and the only hands with blood on them are yours. and your friends.

What  was that about a cause greater than yourself John? What is that cause? I really want to know.

The complaint stated a cause of action under claim of diversity jurisdiction. 28 U.S.C. 1332. No contention was made that a cause of action was stated under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 1983. I agree we should not reach any issue under the Civil Rights Act, but think we should reach and decide the issue as to Time's liability for the acts of its employees, as agents of the police, in view of Time's reliance on Fourth Amendment cases.

The district court found that an agreement had been entered into between Life magazine, owned by Time, Inc., and the District Attorney's office in Los Angeles, for Life's agents to acquire information which would be used against Dietemann in a criminal prosecution and published by Life. Dietemann v. Time, Inc., 284 F. Supp. 925, 927. It thus appears that the agreement constituted Life and its employees agents of the police. Time in its appellate briefs, disclaimed any contention that its employees were acting for or on behalf of the police and for this reason the majority refused to reach the issue of the liability of Time for the acts of its employees, as agents for the police.

Hmm... precedents... so that means Bush's remarks, conduited by CNN will make that case... won' tthis be fun?

The real proof of the bailout fraud will be if McCain fails to point out that Democrats were in charge of congressional oversight, and that they were eager to pass a package... and by all means, Matthews, let's make sure people aren't aware of the conspiracies of the past when evaluating the criminal candidates foisted upon us by the Council on Foreign Relations. To CFR People: remember, your first loyalty as a citizen is required to be America. Your silence makes you a co-conspirator, and that's why even if you think you're  a good guy, you're  a traitor. Iw ill never defend any of you because you've proven to me you'd rather see me dead than defend America. That's proof enough for me.

12:49 Studying case law is always interesting.. seeing how the law gets twisted and parsed... looks like the only thing you guys will have on me is libel.. which is good, I hope you press it.. and then when I easily establish that you forced the communication channel, you''re cooked. :} See, it'll always turn around on you. I'm gonna nail George for his Aesopian talk too. :} But that'll come after the DNC slam dunk. You may get me procedurally... but you'll be out of government. Tell Kendall Burman he made a big mistake not contacting me, particularly because I have so much evidence to prove m ycase. I'm gonna see what Obama filed for the abortion positiion... cause it wasn't that I was talking about, it was back in 2002 when the Dems adopted my exact position.. that's the one that will force the RICCO cases... and remember, I have an independent witness on contacting the DNC, right McNamara?  Besides, I have all the letters to appropriate officials that went unanswered.

Gee... can't find an abortion position.. what a surprise.. nice job on the lead though. You don't actually answer any questions Obama... complete fraud.

Back to Galveston

Roberta Flack - Look Out Here It Comes

10/7/2008 - What I suppose is going to happen next is that I'm going to use my new found financing to file law suits.. right now, the only question is venue, and unfortunately, the best place looks like DC, where I can rent te press club podium right after filing.. then it'll really be interesting to see what the media does.. particlarly in light of MSNBC handing me all that great footage that vindicates me on the Aesopian language issue.. isn't that interesting... didlectics that clear and clobber the competition.. but I could care less about those games, because I don't see how anyone in the media ends up looking good from this one... once these get filed, and just a tiny bit of evidence is shown, there will have to be ricco filings and investigations.. and of course, teh cover up, forcing it all to be tried in the plagiarism trial and the court of public opinion... and you won't be ablt to shut me up. The Democrats will have successfully stopped me from being a leader, and the CFR and they will think they've won... and they'll have olen wverything I am and believe in... and then I will be known.. the wrong way.. but you even get your way about all that, don't you? The only good news is tht you'll be stopped, and I'll get to live somewhere else where people will treat me like a human being.

So, John, get your stuff together.. I'm not taking down the stuff about Cindy.. and there's a bunch out there on you too so good luck. I'm not on your side either.

All I have to say is that I'd prefer to win honestly in a fair and open debate.. when the RICCO stuff comes up, it'll be fun to see what Nader, Barr, Paul and Kucinich will say when they're called... and if the Supreme Court will provide us with fresh fodder for their impeachment... I think they will.. and anyone the new guys may appoint will be taken off as an act of fraud...  the world is going to change very soon. We'll see if the media saves us, or throws the first dirt on the grave.

Isn't it weird, the very people whose profession symbolizes truth are the greatest deceivers of all. It's a sign of the times, ain't it?

I can't wait to see how proud Michelle Obama is of America when the truth is known.

Melissas.. how many are there? did I catch it right... did one change their last name ?:} I have video with the old one too:}

Anyway.. if it wasn't for a woman named Melissa in Atlanta, I'd never become a fan of Clapton.

Guess I need a press agent... since Im doing everything else myself, why not that?

Aug 24, 1970 Time Magazine,9171,902654,00.html

Ralph Nader, the crusading critic of auto safety standards, has carried his long public feud with General Motors before television cameras, congressional committees and the courts. But last week both sides met quietly—and the young lawyer came away with his most lucrative victory yet. In an out-of-court settlement of his suit against G.M. for invasion of privacy, the company agreed to pay Nader $425,000 in damages.

Nader charged four years ago that once G.M. heard of his investigation of the automobile industry, which he was about to publicize in his book, Unsafe at Any Speed, the company began a snooping operation of its own.

In his suit Nader complained that G.M. had hired a firm of private investigators, whose detectives shadowed him, harassed him with threatening phone calls and interrogated his acquaintances about  his personal life. Attractive girls, Nader said, were used in the hope of luring him into compromising sexual escapades.

Though former G.M. President James Roche apologized publicly for the harassment, he denied that he or other G.M. governing officers knew about it. Last week, G.M. still insisted that the settlement was only a convenience, not an admission of guilt. The settlement, which Nader's lawyer claims to be the largest in the history of invasion-of- privacy litigation, has hardly assuaged Nader's feelings toward G.M. He announced that he would pour the funds into further monitoring of G.M.'s record on safety, pollution and consumer relations. For the time being Nader's check has been deposited in the First National City Bank—which he is currently investigating for discriminatory loan and trust activities.

Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 17 - Wartime Prayers

10:57 pm... Be not conformed... I often wonder if you actually read this :} D don't feel bad for not knowing other languages, that what's other people who do that are for :} Talk about beign a servant :} Be not conformed.. I was writing about that the other day.. . from a different perspective, of course... always do.. but I hope you'll find this useful.. my premise the other day was that, certainly there needs to be an ongoing spiritual renewal, remembering Ecclesiastes and remembering in humbleness and awareness and relaiation who you are in the matter of  the condition and future of the world.. eons, world cosmos, univers, it's all the same in terms of the holgraphic nature of things... how the consistent trend is for people to sort of go along with the times... mores traditions, the works.. even religious beliefs... and we forget to be watchful, to be sure we are making choices and coming to our own conclusions about thing every moment... that includes what we call politics, especially right now... it was the responsibility of the church, the buildings and microcosmic cultures that reside in   the buildings organized around a leader and a faith...  to be sur etha tpeople were watchful of the world of their times... and still provide the example, as provided by Jesus, to resist spiritually, the convenience of going along with the crowd and times, in causing one's being, as well as to be certain that the values of those we elect and the issues and causes they promote are true to God's plan in theory, and that the presentation of those isuses is not deception or simple salesmanship...

Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 04 - Light of Love

There are so many things going on right now that people simply gloss over and overlook... it's just the way things are done, and Romans does express much of that.. that's the bitter pill of awakeing.. the bitter pill of Revelations of the need to face the truth of all things, not just the spiritual in the expectation that a miracle will make it all disappear.. becaus ethe miracle has to occur within the people... otherwise.. we would all just be choiceless robots...

The tax exempt status requirements of the governemnt.. to saty out of politicis (which is different than being part of government) had to be the biggest economic carrot and stick the government ever sold to the curches to keep them quiet... and while we don't want to turn our backs on spiritual truth, we simply cannot be silenced about the government.  To do so would truly be to be conformed... economic coercion, over and over again.. when will it end? How will it end. And are we ready to go to the next level of spirituality, or will we be halted unto destruction by the government deceivers who really do think they're the good guys? Just like the Bible said they would. The miracle that needs to occur is truth about all holographic areas of the  ages and the moment and the merging of understanding of the spiritual and material planes.. without that... without that, it just won't happen. That's God's department, and His message... and the part I have to surrender, cause I don't see it. I just know it.

Annie Lennox - Bare - 11 - Oh God (Prayer)

PS: I'd call your 800 number, but I don't think your operators could handle my message.. what would I say? :} Besides, it's not like my private email is overflowing. Like the CNN guy said, don't show up if you're not invited. I tried to prove I was, but I didn't know the word Aesopian yet.. I require inambiguous invitations for anything anymore. I'm still figuring on South America, though, I can get lost there and still raise hell..

7:23 pm - Apparently, the phrase "smartest person in the room" now means whoever can pull off the most deceitful and immoral act of treason imageinable.. good to know.. very revealing. It'll be good to intereact with honest people again.

10/6/2008 - 10:55 am - I'm getting zapped pretty hard this morning.. and somebody's using psychotronics to question me, either because they'r elooking for answers, just trying to distract me, get me to say something discrediting or they want me  to write stuff to make it appear like all I want ot do is glorify myself.

So this is going to be the last time I  explain this subject. If you have questions, an I will gladly, personally legitimize your need and right to ask me these kind sof questions, becuase it's fair, you'll need to do it face to face cause I don't have time for this.

So, again, all I was doing was acting as a good citizen, I didn't break any laws, I was trying to hide anything, nor was I being nasty to anyone or desirous of harming anyone personally or professionally, and at the same time, I took a firm line because I believed people needed to do that. I set about doing things to set an example because until people really get into trouble, they don' tchoose me as their leader, ut hey often emulate what I do, so things usually head in the direction of the exmaple I set. And then, when things are about to collapse, they'll listen, because they're looking for the root cause of whatever failure has occurred... anyway.. the point is, I wasn't trying to be the leader or superior, just give people ideas on how to respond. I believe I succeeded in my own usual, quiet way.

I didn't know anyhting about psychotronics, nor the extent to which the government attacked its own citizens, for decades. Realizing that, after my own harassment, is very much why I refuse to be stopped, even if I am.. it's that hypocrisy, such basic hypocrisy that's used as a weapon against people.. my boycott began with a media matters style critique of Chris Matthews.. before there was a media matters... and now I watch him just to reminded and motivated by those who are so arrogant and morally bankrupt that there was and is  a valid reason to demand democracy be restored. It does not exist anymore. You may think some form of it does, but if you look at the design and intent of democracy, it doesn't exist anywhere.

So, the son of man thing.. let's face it, it's not like I really care about the title.. I understand and respect the symbolism, and the goal and mandate.. I understand the job, and I don't mean to be dispassionate about it.. but it's  abig job to take on, there are lots of things to consider  and it's very sobering. But when you look at the ultimate intent, the idea of gettingpeople to realize that God isn't some iron-handed a*hole who's going to come to earth and kill anyone who doesn't obey.. it's like I've said, nobody would be left.. if it's my job to judge everything.. which really mostly means apprasise the situation and determine what is necessary to right things.. and yeah, there's a little of - if  some do what they do in defiance and with knowledge of God, then they're the ones God would have me say "no, they really went bad, I have no way to understand why they could do that".. but mainly, God doesn't want there to be that ind of upheaval.. it's about rebuilding and putting things in order.. and having people accept God as the kind of person you'd actually like... which I'm certain is why I was supposed to be a citizen like everyone else.. just like Jesus was..

And beyond that, and this is the part that I know sounds arrogant.. but I knew my whole life that God had something important for me to do.. that's why I didn't tell anyone about all that except one person.. and I even told her I knew it sounded delusional and about delusions of grandeur and all that, but I told I was going to run for president one day.. and I wanted her to be with me... lots of people later on talk about how "they just knew"...  I didn't really know what God had in mind, so I just waited and watched.. and then the pieces finally came together, just like Scott Ritter's wife, Mary, working withher.. I was on the periphery, and being fed bits of info all my life.. and then 200 came, and everything I had learned and observed became important.

Lots of people have the name Charles Rehn, so many could make the same claims because of the meaning of their name.  I think what becomes more important if you understand the way and timing that the clues were given to me about that... and how man people with my name know what it means? And how many people found that part in the Bible when, taken as a whole, it's clear that there was glitch in the translations that could have you decide that Jesus is Satan, and Satan is Jesus, and that everything was switched aound to deceive us all? And I'm not saying that Jesus was Satan. I'm saying the Bible was chnaged to deceive people.

I have never heard anyone even intimate that discovery. The Bible says the son wil come and announce his name to the clergy, his new name, which only he would know becaus eof the way he received it.. I read tha after looking for another verse while finishing an essay to send to the clergy explaining myself and asking for their support and acknowledgement, as in, you exist, not as in receiveing accolades.

I don't know how much more I could say.. it just gets redundant.. but I'm really tired of the psychotronic games.. I may not be able to get you all to stop zapping me, but I will put an end to your careers. Cause that's my job.  I'll just keep plugging at it, whether I live in a house or a shoe.. cause I can.

Meanwhile.. I don't know what to say about the appearance that some people who think they're helping made a decision to betray God when they decided I wasn't fit.. talking about having no faith in God. But that was part of the test, too. It's easy to say you're for something when the going is easy.. loyalty is proven when the times are hard... I gave you all of my loyalty and love until you proved to me that you could not be trusted, and in fact, were helping to destroy me. And then you harm me more because I won't go along, as if I should feel bad about the penalties you'll pay for your sick crimes... and it just proves the psychosis you all have...  the idea that victims should feel guilty... like blaming consumers for predatory loan practices.. again more proof of the psychosis.

And the thing is, I really do love these people, otherwise it wouldn't matter. But how can I view the world, see what they've done, and just say, oh it's okay.. because that would make me just like them. And I'm not. Nor am I anywhere near as stupid as they would have people believe. As people like Obama would wish... criminals in charge of justice... after a while, they'll shoot each other. And that'll be  a good thing.

Is Galveston Worth Rebuilding?

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Ronnie Milsap - Any Day Now

There really is a lot more I COULD say, but will reserve for later. If there's one instruction I have, given that I have to live inside of whatever "reality" occurs for me as things continue to occur... so as odd as my approaches to things are, regardless of how much of my humor you have to endure, to be true to myself and to ensure that the creative forces are never ignored, there's this song..

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Hall & Oates - The Essential 06 - Do What You Want, Be What You Are

7:21pm - So, pm The idea of emulations... I began reading the Bible because I was concerned at the portrayal of Christians as extremists all the time, and I wanted to find out what they were thinking that I didn't understand, particularly given that my major religious influence was fire and brimstone Southern Baptist... and that I liked the messages and the  sermons, but I didn't like some of the things they did... like hang out in front of bars to shame people for drinking... but for the most part, I liked it, and just didn't engage in those activities. I was a little kid.

I'v espent a huge amount of time questioning my perceptions, particularly being aware of the psycops and the power of psychotronics.. that's why if there are any errors on this site, it's the result of me forgetting something, not an intent to mislead... and if I'm wrng about anything on this site, it would likely be the details of my personal story becaue although I'm glad to find out I've been dogged most of my life, just because it's good  to know because a lot of dots got connected that never made sense to me before that do now, whether it can be proven or not...

So tht's why I started reading the Bible. I'd write to Dobbs about how much I was enjoying reading Psalms again... and then he and a couple other peoplesort of read some bible verses on the air, and I did some more reading, and it became more interesting and revealing.. and then I started thinking, I wonder what the disciples would do... and even though I actually said I didn't want what I was doing to become about religion, it was unavaoidable because what I was reading was Biblical in nature, and I believed it was emulations by the Bush people, and that even if it was emulations, it was actually fulfilling the prophesy.. which included that they would speed things up progressively when they believed they were coming to the end of their "power" to control events on earth.

And this is where the spiritual world merges witht he material world...

So I read what the various disciples would have done, and I was doing all that. I thought, cool, then I'm doing it  agood way. But I was really doing all of them. And I looked at what the Christs were talking about and doing, and it made sense, and I was doing most of those things too. Could Psyops have pushed me along? It's possible, but it's all stuff I'd been doing since I was a little kid.

And the most interesting thing is that when others pointed out verses describing the demeanor and circumstances of the son of man.. it was weird, but it fit my description... the story of the woman fleeing to protect her child fit my mom's story... all kinds of stuff seemed to make sense... and then I really read it.. thinking, it's possible, so I need to be sure, because it's consistent wth that vision I had when I was a kid, and I believe that time I was supposed to do something for God had come. It really was like that.  I spent hours and hours reading and cross-referencing, not so much to find myself, but to understand the vernacular, the real meaning of the words. I even did skip searches withmy mind on verses and was surprised at some of the things that would come out... I oculd never truly explain that.. but, then I actually spent years, as I could when the psychotronics wasn't unbearable, to prove to myself that I was not this person, by proving that the technical info and the history that I researched provided real info that  could be explained by unquestionable or accepted sources in terms people could understand. And so, by working to disprove myself, I realized myself. And, like with music, I don't like to write and compose with other influences altering my perceptions... as a test, in this case, the pastor validated the conclusions I had come to and provided me the little bit of feedback to finally, really know, that I was gettin git right, because no matter what, I refused to be an apostate, and I refused to do anything that would have me participate with or be a party to or benefit from the activiites of those who do anti-Christian things.

And I was prevented from beginning the movement I was supposed to lead because certain knew it would be successful. Those who prompted to be a leader, some of thm weret trying to help, some were trying to set me up, and they almost did that but they overdid it an were too arrogant, and I think most of them didn't know who they were dealing with at first. Probably many still don't believe it. I understand that.

The thing I wanted to say, though, relaly, is that the amzing thing for me is that in almost every case, things happened or I'd do things, and then I'd reading in the Bible afterward, and find out that it's exactly what the Bible says the son of man would do. You could say, yeah bu t you studied the Bible... and it's true. But I wasn't reading it as someone who wanted to lead a church. I was trying to actually understand it so I could understand modern Christianity. I used it like a history book, andto identify archetypes and historical patterns.. and it's all there... down to the fact we're kind of in between Revelations chapter 2 and 10..  we really are.. and the question, particularly because of the delays that have been caused, the questio is whether we can intervene in such a way that war is prevented, and these scoundrels ar efully removed from power. The delays have made the potential for war and violence much greater. That's what bugs me most.

Anyway... the  same was true of the Thomas A Kempis book.. I had it in a plastic bag or something since about 1996... thought it was Cathechism books, and that it would be interesting to read one day, but I just thought of it as my mom passing on an heirloom.. and then I read it.. and it really does describe how I've tried to live my life.. and the Vesper's book really did describe, and continues to describe, what is occurring in my life, in one way or another, depending on what you believe, and what I believe and the faith I have.

Beyond that, all I can really say is that I've never tried to sell anyone a product I didn't believe  could live up to its specs. I can understand someone doubting who I am. But I believe on examination, people will find that what I say rings true, and when they get over the sting of the truth, that even I have to deal with, they'll know that at least I'm not some radical trying to lead anyone astray, but someone who speaks the truth in order to bring real order, unity and who really wants to ensure the existence and flourishing of the liberties of democracy and God's plan. No matter what, it's not  a bad thing to do and be, and regardless of who and what you see me as, it is still God's work. And that I have no doubt of that in any way. And then there's this call I had with my sister once, when I called her to ask her what she knew, and I finally said to her "I'm pretty sure I'm the son of man" and she said "If anyone is, it would be you"... which I thought was weird, cause everyone else who would have known treated me very differently. And I think she's been harassed since she was about 18 years old... maybe a little younger...

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Carole King - Jazzman

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Santana Featuring Eric Clapton - The Calling

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

3:57 pm - This Galveston thing is hard to write... so much more to know, so many things to say :}

About this thing and the logo  of the era of reconciliation... like a number of things, it just succinctly communicated what I was saying as a concept... same like Taylor writing the "I forget what to ask for" piece... I added the atonement part because it's the action that goes beyond the temporal that provides desired but unrequired truth of the self-reconcilation... So yeah, if you want to talk about old JT spying on me, we can do that.

Ya know, it's funny, between linguistics and historical verbiage and translations, that it's easy to see why people would think that God is this incredible angry, wrathful person... it's so contrary to the ideas of the example of Jesus and practically everything I cna imagine inside the conversation "What would God be like to make a world of this sort, and why would He do it?"... And the whole idea of being a servant as if it's a burden or enslavement instead a bunch of souls who said "I wanna go play", so they come to earth, and God gives them ideas about things that need to be done, and some of them do it and others don't and  eventually, stuff gets done.. and then like in any buisiness, things need to get shaken up and reorganized every once in a while...  like I said long ago, I don't have to like people to be able to work with people, so I recommend you adopt the same attitude, because you're kinda stuck with me... and I'm kind of beyond caring what you think of me and what you think you can do to me with more crimes. If the Democrats win the Tri-Fecta, watch how little time it takes for riots to break out when people realize they've been deceived.. and it won't take long at all.

10/5/ 10:56am - Now that I've reset the clock on my computer :}  What a weird life. I've about had enough of the games though...

It' funny, I think back on things, and realize a lot of things hapened back when I was around 9 years old.. I keep thinking about looking in the paper for a part-time job (back when I used to sell seeds and plant gardens for 25 cents a day plus food... started that pattern early, didn't I? Anyway.. I'd be looking through the paper, and see ads for assistants for invalid women. I kept thinkin', I wonder what makes them think they're not valid? So all these years, I'd see the word fornicator in the Bible, and wonder why... especially as I got older... why God would vieew the act of procreation and making love to be such a bad thing... no wonder Christians think sex is a more or less bad thing.. anyway.. so then I start thinking about Eric Griffin.. and I think, interestig, I don't see anybody in the Bible saying mother-fornicators :} so I get to the point where I realize He uses fornicators the way we used the word f-er.. so God really does say **** :} You think people will believe this stuff? It's not exactly what they generally think of when they think of God, ya know? :}

So the way I got it figured now, there are some 144,000 out there who receive direct input from the cosmos... interpret that as you will. ya know what's going to be cool about the talk show? It's when people start realizing that I'm doing psychic readings on them.. that'll ensure its success :} John Edwards Cross What? And after that starts working properly, which I figure will take about 10 seconds cause that's a parlor trick, right Begala? Why is it that everytime I jokingly think about reading Colbert's mind, all I get is the image of a naked brunette? Who's idea was that?

So, I'm not protecting anyone anymore... I really think the harm thing is intended to be intmidation, and yeah, you can hurt people, but all I need is one or two brave pastors or something and that'll be your final downfall. And I'm going to teach these people how to do things to avoid the persecution you guys would cause them... and I'm going to emphasize the use of prophecy as a deterrrent, not as will be restored, and you guys will fall hard because you're too stupid to change your ways. And I may live or die, but faith in God and His Kingdom will be restored, and I'll get to come back and enjoy it again... There's a nice ending I can live with. So that's the way it's gonna be.

Meanwhile... it'll be fun to see what the free legal advice yields tomorrow...

It's weird.. sometimes I know "who's watching".. some of 'em I don't mind. And there are still a few people I hope I'm right about, in the end... even if I can't trust them now.

I got a real cool memo to the united nations formulating in  my mind, which will be followed by my instructions to South and Central America.. Mexico's gonna be a real country again, and the people there will prosper.

Sometimes I feel like John Travolta :} Especially when doing new rules.. I get zapped really hard when I do new rules and mention Brzezinksi... it's worth every moment :} And I'm actually looking forward to hitting the road, when the time comes... I'm gonna show movies, make popcorn, play music.. and you know, I bet I can get tons of free food for people by going to factories and asking for the old stuff.. I know people do it, but do they glean popcorn? :} And I still want to see Manson. He deserves a hug.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Madonna - Like a Prayer PS to Madonna.. I hope you know you've been on my mind a lot for quite some time, and I'm proud of you.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Herman's Hermits - Listen People

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) John Sebastian - I Had A Dream

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Chad Mitchell Trio - Last Night I Had the Strangest

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 09 - When He Returns

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Winds of Change - CD2 - 04 - Chico - Papa Stop the War

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rick James - You And I

10/4/2008 -12noon So, cool the living arrangement is handled for 6 months.. I'm really tired of the manipulations.. I know you all think that you delayed me enough tot win an delection and suitably discredit me with this site for future purposes.. and all I have to say is that you're only fooling yourselves.  I am who I am and people will figure that out, and you guys will all be prosecuted... none of you can be trusted in any way to do the right thing when it matters, and I assure you that in the name of God I will be sure that before I am through you will all resign or be rmoved, because despite your arrogance, you are not worthy of further service and you need to walk away while you can... you have proven who you are, and you need to acknowlege it an walk away. Boehner, it's a little late to be praying for guidance now... he's been providing it for years.. do you think He believes you're serious now, except to save your own ass?

I am going to continue to persue leaving this country because this country has clearly proven to me that I have no rights as a citizen, let alone as a human being, and I honestly believe the thing about people being harmed is true to one extent but is primarily an illusion to intimidate me and anyone who might assist my mission.. I also honestly believe that all that will end very quickly after the world is aware that I am here and standing up.

I'm going to file law suits, and I'm going to publicize them globally as quickly as I can after filing them... and then you'll be looking at the beginning of your ends in the spotlight.. finally.. I don't know how much more reasonable I could have been from the beginning of all this.. I didn't know and at this moment don't care about all the thigns that had gone on since I was a child.. all Itried to give was willingly give for the sake of my country, believing that certain people who are truly scum were people who cared and wanted to make a difference.. deception after deception after deception.. and so now I trust none of you as it should be, because mnone of you are trustworthy. And all will be welcome to join my church, and my government, as long as they obey the rules...   you guys don't play by the rules, so as far as I'm concerned, you're out.

I also wil assure you that I will never turn my back on the American citizens... it's not their fault, no matter what they do. I wil always remember it is the leaders.. and I have plans in mind to undo this government legtally without harming the citizens, in fact, while moving forward with my agenda to re-empower citizens, personal effort, small business, and those things that sustain freedom as God intended. And I don't follow blind orders because I'm "told" to do this and that. I understand the plan, it makes sense, it's doable and it's consistent with the Golden Rule. That's it's God's will is good for Him, cause otherwise, I might not approve it  :}That's why HE trusts me. Mostly cause he knows I won't really do anything til I'm clear I understand and can see how to implement a succesful, beneficial method.

I guess all I gotta say from this point on is that when you screw me, you screw yourself. That goes for everyone. I'm tired of it, it won't turn out well for you, and if you harm people working with me, that pattern will quickly emerge and likely lead to mob mentalities that I'll have no control over, nor will I desire to intervene. And if you're stupid enough to go that route, you'd better remember the "live by the sword, die by the sword" quote...

Axelrod, tell Burman to think about his not career NOT as an attorney, tell Barack he's goingto disgrace himself, his family and his cupporters, and McCain will be the final proof of just what phonies we have running out government and media... and when the peole learn of the ogvernment, they will blame it on the mdia.. rightfully so.. and then what are you fools going to do?  even Colbert.. and if I find that American has made special laws, and people think this sort of thing is acceptable, then I'll simply have to conclude that America is truly a wasteland...  and then it's about letting the dead bury the dead.

I'm not going to waste anymore time trying to be objective and give people the benefit of the doubt.. that's  for courts, as that should be.  but being as fair and willling to hear explanations as I've been has truly been a waste of time, except to give me the legal ground on top of the moral ground upon which I've stood since this all began.

So, I'll say again, I'm still standing, I will prevail, I will not tolerate further interference or tricks without making my feelings known, and I will not hesitate to file charges against any of the individuals involved, because they have to tell their stories.. it's not my problem.. and if you want anything to do with me, you'd better join my church and be willing to abide by and stand for my rules.. and they're good rules.. and if you can't do that, I don't want anything to do with you, because all you'll be is a waste of time.

And Clive, the problem with Arista is that everything was overproduced... everything

Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

Pete Wingfield - 18 With A Bullet

Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - Shooting Rubberbands At The St - 01 - What I Am

I had a really good rubber band gun :} Borland, ya know :}

4:19pm Wow Glassman's remarks at the Press club describing Al Qaeda... replace Al Qaeda with The United States Government, and you have  pretty good desceription of why the world hates the United States in many ways... a growing list of enemies, no positive vision, all complaints, what was the rest of that... killing its own true effective movement.. ?

Cause I'm often Aesoped :} into verbiage about terrorists and al quaeda and bin laden.. and always trying to learn from every example or archetype... I was happy to say, upon reflection, that even though I spent time trying to reason with a sick government, I haven't even begun to organize and speak to the citizens, and now I will, and that'll be really fun.  I'm thinking that when the Kingdom of God site is actually released, which will be soon, it will be accompanied by the filing of a   lawsuit...

And the funniest part is, what will give me publicity is some religious group fighting me over the use of the Kingdom of God.. and I'll win :} Isn't that weird... Hopefully, we just averted that one:}

Interesting Bible stuff last night.. and yeah I got the Morton Salt thing backward... another lesson about publishing off the top of my head thinking... but I will correct it, because it's important... the irradiated salet and Iodine fill the thyroid and cause cancer, not prevent it.. I was thinking of Iodate, which you take to prevent the Iodine buildup in the thyroid...still, when you consider the mutations discovered of Moss Landing's power plant, and consider that "natural sea salt... well nothing is really natural anymore... think about the nuclear tests and chemicals and all.. mercury, for that matter... it's really the reason I don't eat fish more... because I can't imagine that they're living in a safe environment that would yield safe food for me... like dumping all the pesticides on corn or whatever.. it all ends up in the water, one way or another...


To Link TV: Here's the thing, and I don't intend to be critical of you in this, just use you as the example of why the "conversation doesn't work". I actually do think LinkTV is a big plus, and I don't want to diminish what it provides or the people and effort they put forth.

I, like a lot of people appreciate knowing that there is a channel that pays attention to bigger discussions about things that otherwise are diminished and treated as "nothing much".. like 1 million people died at the hand of my country - but it's okay because it's over there and it doesn't really affect me.. oh sure the budget and all, but it doesn't affect me. And the leaders are promising tax reductions... while the deficit soars... but it doesn't afffect me... except that my house is going into default.. but then, other than that, my reps are such great people to work so hard on such big issues, and I couldn't possibly expect things to work out well.. while they slowly cause, little by little, step by step, the destruction of what could have been an enduring model of democracy and justice for the world, as intended by God.

And all the good shows, the 20 minute conversations that become boring because there is no interaction.. or personal stisfaction for the viewer.. and in the end, the viewer is likely left with the feeling tha tbecause someone showed such video, tha tprogresss is being made and that something is actually happening as a result of that... like the political shows on tv making people think there is a voice for their concerns...   all becaus ethere is no actual leader who represents the people. Not one. ANd you promite Barack, fully well knowing he ripped me off. and it isn't about me at this point, it's about... without borders.. then why don't you report psychotronics and DEWS? There ar eplenty of expert witnesses, you can still maintain the position of dissing me...

But it  is about you, because in the final analysis, it's  a holographic thing where each individual needs to be empowered.. that's why I was pushing for a talk show long ago.. and I refused to get trapped into a corporate formula or purpose...

Until and unless people can unravel the psychological traps, the mpd's and triggeres embedded by propaganda, there will never be a resolution of the "war" syndrome.. whatever you want to call it.. When I heard the plan for Results was "You may pass some good laws, but you'll never end hunger with that plan". And I was right. And what I advised them on worked, because I get down to the core of an issue, not the symptoms.. And I'm pissed that I'm going to have to do it the hard way myself, cause frankly, I figured I was going to have a quiet little business and semi-retire by now... in my garden... I've wasted a lot of time pleading with people in positions of responsibility ... just like you all do when you tell people to write congress.. because these people don't care, and until actual action is taken that diminishes their authority nothing will happen. And the borders of reporting that don't get to the core issues.. the human nature of each individual that has allowed them to tolerate their abuse... and acquiesce to its tyranny. And every time you don't report stuff like the suicide of someone being harassed and tormented by the United States Government and the media, you prove to me that you can't really be trusted, because you clearly have borders, and my partners need to be willing to be absolutely honest as humans can be without hysteria and the same old emotional pleas that are themselves terrorism. It need to make sense to people, or it makes no difference.  Sense as in logic.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Prince - Musicology - Dear Mr Man

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Garth Brooks - The Thunder Rolls (Long Version)

America: Land of the Free.. that truly is a hoax if there ever was one.

7:26pm Was that the debate or just rerunning the soundbytes from the last 6 weeks? I swear, this election is so shallow I can't believe anyone is buying it... knowing the way things work with the media these days, maybe they really aren't. Wouldn't surprise me.

4:51 - I'm so looking forward to the debate... you have no idea... :} Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah....

Dennis Kucinich - so look, Dennis, I know that you and a few others, including Harvey, introduce stuff all the time that's the closest thing to right that I've heard over the years... okay... you're a good guy and I know it... and I say the next part seriously, and people should understand this is how I see it now.. anytime you want to join my church, we can take the next step in actually getting things done. I don't see any other way, short of war, and trust me, I'm working on avoiding that.. and you know I don't mean them attacking us... we've come full circle, the concept of becoming everything we stood against... THIS IS AMERICA right John Lewis? Only not anymore... apparently... We are Stalinist Russia now, and the Domino theory appears to have been the emergency plan in case America didn't do its job according to God's plan. Isn't that interesting... no wonder Putin knew to play passive resistance until the right moment... I'm going to be standing in the middle. Seriously... I didn't do that 9 page report on Mexico for nothing.

I always loved the Smurfs... :}

On audacity.. I really didn't want to do things this way, but I'm going to because I'm just going to throw it out there and let people deal with it.. it'll be the same old thing, they'll hear, wonder, go away, and come back later. It'll be there. And I'll win :} I just don't have any doubt of it... I just wish it was done, because you guys make so much nonsense...

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - Sure As I'm Sitting Here Where is Shambala? :} I'll probably find out I live there :}And which one IS Pink?

I just got a phone call saying I won $1000 and two rount trip tickets to anywhere in the U.S. Yeah, right :} Oh sure, I'll call em... want me to record it "All you have to do is sit thru 12 hours of video tape with your eyes open of Hillary Clinton reading something about a comunnity backwards in Japanese.. I can do that :}

So... Linguistics and Ecclesiastes.. That's my message. No really, that's my message :} Think about it. You're fantastic, though. Got any hobbies? You should paint and get out more.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Manfred Mann - Spirit in the Night

10/2/2008 - 10:50am  Obviously the pyschotronics are set to try to pacify me and make me drop the case against the Federal government and its traitorous coconspirators and it's not going to work. There is no statute of limitations on what you have all done to me and milllions of others.

I honestly can not imagine how you all justify yourselves and what you are doing. That's the part that baffles me, and the part of abnormal psychology that I never really wanted to understand.,.. because it just doesn't make sense. It's one thing to commit petty little offense sthat have little ot no actual effect onothers.. it's one thing to make a mistake that results in harm to others.. but it's a totally different thing to perpetrate harm against others.. in any way... But just like living where I live, it's amazing what people will do to accomplish an immoral goal. And how they justify and rationalize it.

The biggest problem for me in this whole mess is that I wasnever doing any of this for money or poersonal gain, and now, the only way out of it... at least by normal means... is to have it be about that, and I don't want it ever to be about that. Just as I never wanted to have a job just to make a living. I'm not sure what there is to do about a government, let alone a nation, that has conspired against me since birth, and doesn't even bother to tell me.. and still, teh more that's done to me, the mor evalidated I feel as a huan being, and hte more I am set up to look like a foll, the more I am certain of who I am ... the Son of Man. And even I wish, at times, it wasn't true. Even I wish I was just crazy and deluded, and then I could just get on disability and go off and live alone somewhere with my dog and be happy to myself and with God. I really could. But, then, I'd be lying a big lie, and failing myself, let alone God. And given the state of the world, I see no honor in seeking employment that would, like every job I've had, put me in th eposition of being used by sociopathic traitors... to the U.S. and God.

To serve, to be "the son of man" in the world, is not a mandate, regardless of how you all see things..  Anymore, the only mandate i see for myselves is to **** with you as many ways as I can just for the fun of it until my body gives out, and the next time around, you'll all just be gone, and that will be that. ANd for that, I really do thank God.

I just can't honestly understand, though.. I said the thing about media people, and tried to qualify it with th ethinking that I had just encountered a group of people with less integrity.. now I have to believe they must have had more... than all of you national people... like Olbermann and Dobbs.. to be able to sit there, night after night, claiming valor for your candor, knowing full well the lies you are covering are the ones that would make a difference.. and it would be one thing if it was about money and graft, not good, but different than those that enable wars.. and even more different than the rapes and murders committed for pleasure by you and your friends and co-conspirators... I alwys wonder, how will they justify this all to God?

And then I just have to assume that you all don't really believe in God.. and I suppose thtat's the simplest explanation... relives of a great deal of sadnesss. even when I think of the pastor who obviously pre-recorded remarks prior to me seeing the show... maybe before the events happened.. talk about "is there noone I can trust.."  And the part I don't understand most is that if the positions were reversed, I'd be right there.. Standing up.

But then, a lot of people have spent a great deal o ftime and money setting me up to lok like a fool.. in the long run, I know you'll be the ones proven to be fools.. and in my book, no matter what the circumstances anymore, there are none of you who are innocent... that's going to be your problem to shoulder...  just as the citizens of the United States are going to have to answer individually for their participation... and I'm personally not interested in hearing it.

I'm going to do my best for SOuth AMerica, even if all it means is that theree's the persistent AMerican nut who keeps sending lettere after letter recommending the actual answere to stopping America and its criminal financier conspirators from doing more harm.. and doing so will be in the best interest of AMerica, whether you all think so or not. We'll do to you what you've done to South America all these decades... that's what the domino theory was designed for... the just in case plan...

What I most amusing though, is the fact that you know that the only reason I haven't succeeded is because I have been allowed to talk to people.. because when I talk to people, they listen... if there's been one consistent thread in my life, it's been people preventing me from talking to people. I guess ideas and morality really are dangers to your plots.

I always thought, with my music, that I'd sell a few tunes, hopefully make a little money for fun, and if I was more successful, as a base for more productive social implementations.. maybe the farm... and I always look at art as being the kind of thing you should just do and be satisfied with yourself, and if people like it, they'll buy it and it'll be successful, and then if people wanted me to perform, I'd probably do it, but not as the goal of my life... as one more thing I'm capable of doing. As a vehicel. I know that people like CLive prefer starving people who'll do anything.. that'll never be me, as it never was.

Cause I don't really care about fame or fortune.. if I was to be known for anything, I'd want to be quietly known for having had a positive influence on individuals, who collectively, make a difference in the world at large.

I honestly believe I could stage a campaign to take over popular control of the world if I felt like it.. I relaly do. I think are a few of you who know I'm capable of it.. but what difference would it make if I was to lead a bunch of people who believed, who would even stand, hoping that someone else would just swoop in and save them... what good would it do, when the likes of a thief and murderer like Barack Obama can walk in and convince people of change while speaking the same old bullshit, and doing so with a smile..? nothing would be different.

So, if you'r eone of those people relying on me to do something to save YOU, better forget it now. But I am thinking seriously about South Africa.. becaus ethe people there actually want change, they'r eseeking God, and all they need is a leader who won't sell them out when the fruit is ripe.

And frankly, I can't think of a better service I could provide than to keep Exxon, Gates, ArcherDanielsMidland and Monsanto out of their country.. not just for the harm they do, but for the example they set.. the example that is basic to the factors that define what is truly wrong with the world. Who enable and advance the work of the Devil - evil - itself. I'm sure Gates in his smug self-righteousness believes he has changed his life.. he's wrong.. and I'm sure he doesn't even really care, because he's that far gone. As far as I'm concerned, the people there really are in the promised land... and it's really tempting  to make it that, because the people there would be loyal to leadership that treats them well. I know how to do that, and apparently, somehow, they already know who I am. I feel I let them down when I came back from the trip Obama emulated... Obama.. can't you think of anything to do that's original and serves a good purpose?

And for all of you who believe youve helped me in some way.. you're about as deluded as they come. I just can't even fathom it.

So when you guys and your power strufcture falls, please don't look to me or God for help, cause I won't be there for you.. I owe you nothing, and God doesn't know you either. Who would want to?

Donovan - Sunshine Superman

Looks like I need to do some major re-writes on the musicians and artists are angels section.. we'll just erase it from my Bible, and then I won't have to think about it anymore.

I threw in thephoto above.. given to me by my wife, so you guys   could use the "see he thinks he's a superior genius" ploy on me. Guess what a*holes, I am a genius, and I am superior to you, and it has only to do with character & integrity.


soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Patrick Moraz - Soon

To the SEC and government: Short and long selling should be banned forever. Period. No hedges. Anything having to do with investment in business will not be based on participating in speculation.  However, if you want to create a gambling system based on the stock markets, that would be up to your (bad) discretion. Anything that does not result in producivity of some kind is purely  skimming the cream of the top. It must end.

And still, the answer to the financial crisis globally is the end of the Fed. You know it. I know it.  Delaying it only brings on more potential criminal charges under your laws. Remember, they're your laws. And Bill Clinton, spekaing of which, securing th ejustice Dpet. will not pacify the outrage that will occur when people find out about you... my recommendation is that you ust step aside and stay out of it. Obama will fall too, quite easily. As will McCain. People really should begin considering mass resignation. It would be easier for everyone, especially yourselves. And the really sad thing is, I know you actually know it.


soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Joe South - Walk A Mile In My Shoes

10/1/2008 - Okay, so I guess you guys wanted to do it the hard way all along. You got it, but just remember, when I win, you lose big... and like Georgie said to Saddam, you chose it. It's a shame.

Looks to me like things are going to work out for me.. slowed down by psychotronics, but I have this feeling that will handled... very soon..  and then you really won't be able to stop me.. what's that line when politicians make such declarations.. because I have God on my side.. :}  So I've been looking for some kind of miminalistic heater for my camper.. and today, I get an ad in the mail for  a heater :} I'm glad to know, though, that someday I will have a real friend... maybe for the first time.. and I'll sure enjoy that.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Isley Brothers - For the Love of You

The Zep is great, ain't it?

He won't be in the caves or in the mountains.. isn't it weird, it seems to one extent ot another, I'm in all those places... via the internet, among other things :} Someday, it'll be fun to have  aconversation with someone who knwos all that's going on from the other side who I can compare notes with not only about everything that's been going on, but on whether there was an understanding of the technological implications on prophesy and such... and whther the futures you see are organic or technological.. and if they're technological, what a shame.. another gift misused... and I can see it being possible.

I know I shouldn't say stuff like this, but I think my favorite part of all of this is going to be when all the people who think I'm crazy realize I'm for real :} Can you inagine? :} I wonder if they'll think it's as funny as I do?

Dedicated to Aaron Brown :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Elton John - Madman Across the Water - 08 - All The Nasties

The site of the new church is going to be really pretty. :} Can't wait to do the new government part..

11:35pm - Lindsay, just wanted to let you know that soon, I'm going to stop writing in this column, at which time you will truly be a footnote in history. Thought you'd appreciate that.

I wanted to welcome all the outlets along the network in the Rpeublican Congress.  good to have you aboard and know you're listening. What a show, both ways :}

So I'm gonna see how much fun I can have sellingoff some incredibly rare recordings... in perfect condition... like, the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour EP... with the cute little book, and if you have a turntable that doesn't lift at the end, at the end of each side it loops, over and over  "Turn me over, turn me over".. ought to be worth at least something. And the Charlie Byrd Direct to Disk, 1977, White Vinyl, perfect as it was the first day (only been played 3 or 4 times... make an offer :} And the Heart LP.. I think there were only about 500 of them... :} Tomorrow I look for the Joe Montana Card, it's worth up to $300... Grand Funk, Gold Vinyl, better Dynamics than the black Vinyl... :} Orleans. Dance with who? Danish Pressing... :} Original Numbered White Album... plays, but very scratchy. Complete with Exxon Tiger and #23 Blue Meanie Stickers... :}} Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall, Complete Boxed Set, Perfect Condition, played less then 6 times. I'm really good at flea markets. :} Here's an ironic one: remote control kite, never gotten off the ground :} And those Time-Life Boxed Set Swing Era albums, in perfect condition with books, ought to be worth at least $25 to $50 bucks each. And I figured out a really cool way to interpret "All day long I'm sitting playing songs..." I'll just pull the car up to an outdoor restautant and play mixes at lunch. :} What the heck :}

FTR: the quote:

Not very distant is one
who shares dreams & love.

We Share Forever

I don't know where it came from.. but I'll bet it's a famous quote.. I'll let ya know. Wouldn't want to be accused of plagiarism.

9/30/2008 - I'm getting zapped so hard right now I can barely type. :} It was sure a surprise when she and her husband popped out of the back after the Preston Interview...Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - Signed, Sealed, Delivered  Co-writer you know...

I'm gonna see if I can find  a copy of the Preston "You Are So Beautiful" with the 4th verse... one of my all time favorite songs..  Most people don't know he wrote it...

EU Finance Minsister... direct quote... "the members of the United States Congress have lost their minds".. :} See, it's not just me :}

I've got a humdinger of a plan for South and Central America.. Mexico's gonna get to be a real nation again.. they'll like that...  I'll call Vicente up and say, remember how you actually do love your country, and how you got screwed again? I won't do that to ya.. here's what ya do... Have we stolen their copper yet.. and what do you use bauxite for ?  hmmm... And to think, the only thing I've ever used Spanish usefully for before was selling newspaper coupons for discounts to Santa's Village... this is sort of the same  :}

I have an air bed that makes into a couch, a coffemaker, a soup cooker, an oven, some overhead led lights, a great sleeping bag,  1000 watts of power and battery isolators for charging, a full audio video production studio... and I'm gonna get HAM and CB... and I'm gonna ask Mexico for a clear channel radio station beaming into the United States... won't that be fun? I could always go to that beautiful rest stop above Los Cruces.. :} I'm sure if I really felt like it, I could make my own FM transmitter :}

Shocking Blue - Venus

Joni Mitchell - You Turn Me On I'm A Radio

Ever notice that I never get "down" except when you hit me with psychotronics? That's how I know I'm winning.

Sha Na Na - Blue Moon

I really love this song

Winds of Change - CD2 - Chico - Papa Stop the War

I'm seriously thinking that after I get Hugo started down in SA, I'll head over to Africa, get the old pickup truck and that will give me access to Israel... I hear it's a really great truck, they like me there, and I could accomplish a lot very quickly, AND save them from the next round of apartheid and MSNBC and Bill Gates... mostly the latter... wouldn't that be cool? I bet I'm there within 6 months of leaving the country. I wonder if Vladimir will transport the El Camino on the battles ship.. I'd like a picture of that. Can you imagine, if he really did have people monitoring this, they'd be laughing their tail-ends off ... I know I  would be :}

Wait til I start addressing China and India.. I don't know what about, but something tells me its imminent. You guys are really getting the world ticked off, and lying to America about it a lot. Economic terrorism.

Actually, the cure for the economy and housing market is about 3% inflation. It' s weird, to correct the damage you're doing, in many areas, one would have to use the same kinds of means to effect a correction... one last time... but it would work. The green bubble economy will lead to disaster, btw. Manufacturing, power grid, clean technologies would go farther in the hole. And you think I don't know enough. PS Hillary and Bill, I still have the original email with routing codes and more:} And I'm not done.

Brzezinski.. you make Kissinger look like a kitten... you're as sick as they come. You and Barack. Now I understand why you fit together. See ya at the Hague.

9/29/2008 - 12:13pm - Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 01 - A House of Gold

I remember when my wife observed me writing song after song after song one day, and she said to me "When you become famous, am I going to have to worry about groupies". And I thought that was weird because I was writing the music out of pure love, in a million differrent ways.. and since a young child I knew I was a song writer, and I knew one day I'd sell som esongs, and if lucky, even make a comfortable living from some royalties. Because, just like the reason I got into computers.. it wasn't for a love of the useful tool called computers, it was because it was an opportunity to aassist smalll organizations of people go beyond what they believed was possible for "everyday" people who didn't have the money or educations to compete with major corporations... even back in 1978...

The biggest disappointment I had in doing business was coming to the realization that customers, by and large, didn't want you to care that they did well, they cared that they paid you an amount of money that gave them the right to tell you exactly what to do. A customer does have a right to give specifications. But it's the passion and compassion, and thusly, the integrity of the effort and the craft and art of the process tha tperson uses to deliver on a promise that leads to a quality product.

As integrity in leadership has slipped, so has the feeling of need to excel, as escellence is no longer rewarded by acknowledgement, it is captured and exploited, and those who choose to provide it are dominated into surrender. Until they don't. Or they do. But, inside of economic slavery, particularly to the degree it occurs now.. there is no freedom.

That's not God's fault. The prophesy clearly says that those doing the wrong won't stop because they believe they are doing right. Insane people are like that. Write one book.. apparently it's not true.. at least, not when it is edited by apostates to the extent that it loses its meaning... it's like this song Sukiyaki.. 3-4 times throughout my life I'd go through a phase where this song would be playing and someone would infer it was significant in some way.. I have no idea if it is or not... I heard about it. It's supposed to be important. But, I just don't really know because I don't speak Japanese and so I guess if other people say it means something important, I'll go along with that... just in case, because I wouldn't want to be left behind.

Is Galveston Worth Saving?  Boy do I know that feeling.

Here's the thing for me... I'm going get my stuff together and head out.. I'll do some writing later when I get out of the country and can settle somewhere safer.. I've spent my entire life loving people, despite the snubs, abuse, oppression, violence, assaults and more.. and I can honestly say that - except for the rightful need for justice for so many people who have been harmed, particularly those who are being harmed now by true to dictionary definition traitors who claim the righteousness of God...

I actually know that the citizens of the world want God in their lives and in their world. Thye still know the difference, and God will not fail them, in the end, nor will he revoke freedom of choice because that would be breaking His ultimate and most absolute promise to humanity...

The dead will soon bury the dead, and I simply pray, as my life is a prayer, that few people and beings are harmed... because it will benefit noone in any way. And the wealthy will not be okay because of their wealth.

I have no apologies for anyone, except to myself for allowing my love to allow myself to be so abused and maligned and harmed. And that comes to an end. And if you choose to harm me more, know that it means nothing to me, becuase I don't know you and I won't see you. I simply won't. Because I have no use for the evil you all perpetrate, and I will not be a party to the desturction of yourselves that you seem intent on causing. You want to do it yourself, do it yourself. Just leave me alone.

And for anyone who believes they are true and faithful to the word and Plan of God.. and understand, this is not at all in any way directed at any single individual anywhere..

There ar eenough people in th eworld who know I  am here.. I declared, as a citizen, that I was willing tofight this "war" of words and hearts and minds to the death. But if I am to be relegated to a lonely, miserable existence due to the pettiness and jealousy and greed and self-centeredness of others, then I choose to imprison myself on my own terms in an enviromnet where I can find beauty and love in the world I create with  my solitary heart and mind, which is satisfied to know the beauty of this world..

I am clear, however, that it will be quicker to allow the power structure to destroy itself than to risk the upheavals an dpotential for violence that would be caused by a sudden "rising", and that htose who are currently emulating God's plan to evil ends will ensure their perpetual banning from leadership - which will be good for the World.

And I have to say, I'm still spending my life being me, whether anyone likes me or that or not. If you don't care about me, why should I care about you? And yet I do. And that's I'll walk away to the extent I do.

My final actual judgement about the situation is simple: If anyone wants me, you now I am, apparently. I'm not angry - I am sad - but I have stood up dfor people all of my life. And I wil continue to do so. But on my terms, and to my satisfaction.

It's time for someone to stand up for me. And if noone ever does, I'll be fine. I love this world.

Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

PS Tell McCain it's not a strategy or a tactic.. it's a right I claim to live my life, and to exercise my God given rights... that cannot be taken away, even if you do. God bless the citizens of America. God damn it's perverted leaders.

Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 07 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Michael McDonald & James Ingram - Yah Mo Be There

I can just see the Headlines: Jesus Christ Converts To Islam. He and Ahmedinejad Settle Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Details never in America, because they'd rather depict God's anointed as a terrorist than see peace on earth.

Home of the betrayed because of the depraved.

Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine I thought, is this song about Nixon?

9:44 pm

Emanuel.. Just keep blaming the stupidity, arrogance and crimes of people like you as the acts of God... that's what the goals of you anti-Christ are about anyway, getting people to blame and hate God.. but you and your Nazi friends keep killing God's messengers an Christs, like Jesus, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy.. even Martin Luther paid a heavy price for righting the church..  HAARP is not an act of God. That's the Navy, and you know it.. and you're as guilty as all the others.. there's folks in Alabama who'll attest to the fact that your kind are purposely tring to get rid of faiths, and convince people God is dead.. and it just isn't so..   The problem with the weather is the negative effects of terraforming caused by HAARP, and you know it, and you worms are just trying t get out of taking responsibility for the disasters you've caused over the decades. Don't blame God. What you people do with the gift of technology He provides is your choice and fault, not His. Don't blame God for your own moral bankruptcy. Like I said before, you can beat me, in your mind anyway, but you'll never beat God. That's why I'm leaving the country, knowing I have just enough money to get there... and I'm not worried about.. the only question is, how muchmore damage will you sickos do before you vacate the premises.

How are you going to explain your perverse use of psychotronics?  A true miracle used to torture your own citizens in their own homes, no trials, no recourse.. its pure satanic abuse, by the book... inflict trauma until the victim no longer resists, right Jane Meyer.. that's what your government does not just to people like me who know the truth. But innocent people who have done wrong at all. Ask Naomi Klein, she's getting harrasssed now too, but you don't hear link tv or anyone else reporting it do you?

That means, on those people, it's worked. And that's why it isn't public that psychotronics and corrupt traitor politicians have overthrown this country... And maybe we're not really the home of the brave after all. The media will not save this country. The truth will. And there is no real truth in the broadcast media today. And if you all don't like me saying that, then start telling the truth. And if you persist in what you're doing, you will indeed be damned by God. It's in the Bible. Try reading it instead of Balvatsky and Alice Bailey.

Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

David Dreier - ya know what? I think Lou Dobbs set you up... see, when I first started watching him, before I knew about directed energy weapons and psychotronics, they attacked me one day, and I really believed I had been poisoned.  I made up a little story to cover what happened... there was this sticky stuff on my door knob when I came back from getting the mail... I really thought that was it... anyway, I thought I was going todie, so I sent Dobbs a couple of emails, the first of which they responded to.. I told him to beg the militaary not to respond to orders to implement marital law.. because I knew the plan you guys have in mind is to bankrupt this country, and then crackdown for some reason or another... and I mentioned about the desire to close down the borders to keep people in.. people like me who would leave to continue the fight against you fascists from outside the country, like I'm going to do... like a REAL patriot would... and their staff returned my email, because I thought I was going to die, and I asked them to call the police if they hear back from me by 6pm pt... and they asked me where I was, so I wrote them back and gave them my address.

I made it through.. and Dobbs apparently showed you that email, and you went on the air making fun of it, and I have videotape of it. You didn't by any chance help write that RICCO law did ya? You're going to need to know it inside and out, because you're one of the best Nazi-Style propagandists since Boehner, Hastert and Frist.... oh yeah, would someone care to add some transparency to the bribes Hastert took from Turkey? I think people would like to know about that. Something about accountability.

Why is the government reform commitee wasting its time writing bill affter bill for the purpose of changing post office names and baseball steroids.. Kucinich and Waxman.

Kucinich... you talk a good talk, but you don't accomplish a damned thing.   If you really had any guts, you'd be making speeches about space militarization, psychotronics, and the rest. But like the rest of your colleagues, you don't want to give up abusive psychotronics, because you and others think you can use it to change the world for the better... you're wrong.

The psyops guys keep wanting me to write about the artificial intelligence allegories of psychology... to call humans programmable brains like "Data" on the Star Trek series. You could make that comparison, and it would almost be true except that's the beauty of free will, and why it isn't a valid allegory.l

When I contemplated AI programming when I heard about Rundgren doing it in the Bay Area, it was an interesting concept...  and they tried to make it seem like somethign I would like.. in a way, I would. Like sim city, it's fun to think about cause and effect, and creating a balance between logic and emotion.. that's what cultural evolution was supposed to be about.. part of that evolution was the idea that people would - as my father said - do the right thing, even if it wasn't the best thing for themselves. That's why I'm going to go join Michael Ruppert in Venezuela.. it was encouraging to know they accepted him there.

But you know what Mr... "I don't actually have any integrity either".. I have you cold on plagiarising  my campaign themes too

Yusef Islam: Peace Train

and sure, you may not like it that I told Wolf Blitzer you were running in 2004  before you announced, so he got the scoop.. 

but you know the biggest difference is between people like me and you and the rest of your criminal friends? Even though I'm so angry at you all for so many reasons on so many levels... I still believe in truth and justice.. and as I've done many times, I still reserve final judgement until the facts are in, and if the facts don't come in, then I'll condemn you all in my mind.

You and your phony rep friends play your out your grudges behind veils of righteousness, then use extreme cruelty, torture against American citizens.. but you say just enough to make yourself look like a beacon of truth and valor... 

and you are indeed a hypocrite.. you wouldn't even help the people in the department of peace campaign when I wrote to you on multiple occasions about their harassment and infiltration...

you wouldn't help someone who worked directly with your office to further your politicial career... 

you're no better than all the rest, and people will know that before I'm done. The DOP people finally now know that the leader they hired was an infiltrator and is now gone. You are no more fit, you have no more courage or integrity than your criminal nominee, Barack Obama. If you're so righteous, Kucinich, why aren't you disclosing the Congresspeople who made money on 911, like John McCain.

And people wonder why I have no respect for the elected officials of this government. Like I said, change the pledge to "one nation, no longer under God". Cause that's what it is.  And BTW, you sing the theme songs I chose worse than me, and that's saying something.

Weird Al Yankovich - Christmas at Ground Zero

Biden, you don't have a clue what integrity is. You and Obama are scumbags, and so is the rest of the Democratic and Republican parties, as if they were two separate parties. And McCain made money on 911. Scumbags. Every one of you. Boehner is the worst. The final solution.. you know all about that don't you? you couldn't win anything fair and square.. I can't wait til your children find out that you tout laws against violence against women, and then commission psyops agents to rape them. What a bunch of scumbags.

And Biden, your legislation and al with Ollie Rehn doesn['t impress me... not one bit. I'm beginning to understand why people in this country ar eturning to Islam, if people like you are the icons of a supposed Christian Nation.

You know what Barack means in Kenya? Satan Walks Among Us. After you and your friends finish raping this country, I hope the citizens stick you in a hole. A really deep one.

Elvis Presley - 30 No1 Hits - In The Ghetto

9/28/2008 - Talk about kicking cans down the road... and the United States Citizens are the can.

I am absolutely flabbergasted at the "so what" attitude... Barney Franks disucussion that not everyone can have a home is nothing more than a complete classist attitude... when did Congress decide that the citizens should serve business? If the problem is really defaults, then having given sencond to home buyers would have been the appropriate answer to revive the cash flow..

But the real problem is perfectly expressed by Franks when he says not everyone can have a home...  the middle class.  everyday people... ordinary people... on ordinary people would use words to describe citizens. Every person in this country is a citizen, not a member of a class, and there you people go again using poverty to create low wage, desperate workers, impoverished people...

So Franks, the question was, why don't you insensitive, classist old-time new world order tyrannists resign and allow loyal Americans to fill your seats. It's a great idea. And Dodd, nice slip-in of calling tornadoes acts of God.. ever read the Bible? Probably not, or you wouldn't have given the Skull and Bones free lunch in Connecticut...

Here's the real clincher.. you Democrats say it's all the Bush Administration's fault.. there you are, chairs of finance and banking committees.. I want to know what you think your job is? Is it to allow the administration to destroy the economy until you see a political opportunity to get votes on lies? I knew this was going to happen 6 years ago.. you knew it too.. to stand there and tell American CITIZENS ... every single one... that it just happened and you had no idea is your fault for not doing your job. It really is that simple.

And the arrogance and insensitivity applied to citizens who complain to you is a perfect example of your lack of qualification to represent CITIZENS. Taxpayers or not, they are citizens. Capable of bribing you with money or not, they're citizens.

And the answer to the difficulty of electing non-incumbents.. arrogance.. the system is rigged, and you know it. If you don't do jerrymandering, you rig the votes. And don't tell me you don't . Hagel won 85% in his last election.. an now he's working with the Democrats, for a candidate who is a total fraud... even the trip to Kenya and Africa was an emulation... oh yeah, and does Hagel still own tha voting machine company?

Thank you Democrats for providing the world with the true insight of your lack of wisdom... the citizens of America do not work for you, the financial system or anyone but themselves... they are not your possessions to do with as you please... your airplanes better be in good shape.. Maybe an F22a would be a good thing.... that way you get esacape the atmosphere... you know, that polluted stuff you guys created to create the Global Warming Fraud to cover the use of HAARP. People know. It's about to catch up to you... I just wish I had a propagation chart on me...

If the bill is imperfect, why did you approve it? And who's going to earn the interest on the loans from the Federal Reserve? It's a question, down to the individual, that we deserve an answer to.


Rehn calls Obama a racketeer after psyops by his insiders succeed in violating constitutional rights again...

I never thought I'd be applauding Ton Tancredo, but I do regarding the immigration issue... we have laws. We're either going to uphold them, or not. But creating the BNorth AMerican Union... we're not ready for that, and it's just the Chicago boys causing catastrophic change to force a different order.. and they know it.. and it will cause violence because we're not ready for it. God' plan includes nations as a form of regionalization...

However, Tom, your interpretation of the Koran is incorrect. And we're not fighting Islamic extremists.. any more than I'm a radical. I'm a citizen who knows the truth. They're people who know the history of AMerica's policies in the MIddle East, and they're tired of being killed for oil. That's not a radical or a terrorist, those are people fighting in self-defense... We started it.


Cuttin goff heads and hands.. sure they misunderstand it too because the translation is not supposed to be literal.. and the vernacular back then was more limited.. if you translate the Bible literally just as YOU have translated the Koran, then the Bible gives instructions just as violent and un-Christian... So I invite you to re-examine your one-sided view of the world.. as if the only opinion on world events is the AMerican Opinion.. and realize tha tthe United States will not survive if it contiunues the same kind of linguistic wars and militaristic actions of imperialism that you complain about in the North American Union debate.

National and religious issues require a wholistic approach.. even if they WERE exrtremists.. and even if they did start it (which they didn't, going all the way back to the crusades and Muhammad, originator of what appears the most flourishing society ever created, for all religions who were in his land, ) if we were to be a Christian nation,w e would look to our flaws and foibles first before condemning theirs.. that's the only way to be above reporoach. So while you vindicated by condemning linguistic wars that divide, you perpetuated one with the inaccurate quote, probably by some staff member who doesn't have a clue, that does not accurately represent what the interpretation of those words actually mean.

Cutting off hands and heads.. how about, doing what it takes to stop the brains of people thinking up ways to use their hands to do things like --- economic coercion... we weren't kicked out of Iran because they're bad people, we werre kicked out because we harmed them by propping up the Shaw of Iran. The day you acknowledge that, and your friends acknowledge that, is the day there wil be an opportunity for world peace. Until then, America is the aggressor, and like the Bible says... the BIBLE TOM, the United States is a nation led by infidels. St Pauls Cathedral is not a good example of the peace and the ten commandments of the plan of God. Think about that, and then retract your erroneous statements. Stop mixing truth with lies.. like DObbs says, the best way to tell a lie is between two truths. Stop doing that.

Inslee, Berman and Smith - First of all 7084.. where does the government get off legislating licensing fees? People have a right to charge for tangible product.. but the government has no place legislating. But even more, why should a broadcaster pay for the privilege of promoting someone else's sales? Do the artists want their music promoted or not?  But it isn't about the artists, is it? It's just more legislation by Congress enriching greedy corporations.. right Feinstein? Back around 1992, Warner Bors told me my station would have to pay $75 bucks a year, plus royalties, if I wanted to play their music. $75 doesn't sound like much, but when you add up all the record companies, it's alot of money. I told them that apparently they didn't want their music played in my market... since there were only 3 stations, I guess they changed their minds after I hung up because I got great service... I don't agree with payola, but I think record companies should pay royalties for broadcast time as if it was advertising, if you want to play these legislative games. It is advertising their product, no matter how you look at it.


9/27/2008 - John Conyers - are you f-ing kidding me? Introducing legislation to protect intellectual property right swhen you know damned well the only reason you Democrats got Obama nomonated... I knew you were in the Council on Foreign Relations.. and boy do you play your role well, acting like you care about the rights of Americans. Unbelieveable. Which jail are you planning to live in?

Meanwhile, America, watch how JP Morgan and Lehman and all those rich people and organizations like the Rockefellers and Kennedy's work out a bailout deal that 1) stole you rmoney and homes in the first place  2) will "bail out" the financiers as a payoff for bankrupting and impoverishing America... and 3) will now pay interest BACK to those same financiers who will provide the capital to give themselves loans, which they will default on- meaning now it's a 4-way payoff for them... RICCO RICCO RICCO

And you're going to vote for the criminals Obama and McCain? Boehner.. McConnell - Mr "Money is free speech".. Cantor.. you're all going to jail... if the citizens don't kill you first.

Pelosi and Feinstein and everyone else... what frauds - I'm not going to waste my time itemizing your crimes.. and Dianne... I'm going to start selling all the promo copies I got from the record companies.. they have this little sticker    on them saying that it's prohibited.. but you know what? I never agreed to that. And I sincerely doubt there's a law against it.  Come on, baby, send the dogs.. I'm just going over the border.. and I"m going to be the voice of America, and I won't spare any effort to bring you all down before I take up citizenship elsewhere. I may not be a real citizen of this country, but others think they are.. I'l do them that favor just for the fun of it.. vengeance is mine. I don't feel guilty at all.

And to my penpal... why'd you take the bio info down?

Eddie Money - Eddie Money - Super Hits - Walk on Water  I do .

The only way I've been a fool in this country is believing that this really is a Christian nation, not a religious one... a Christian one.. even the pastor who baptized me won't talk to me. The great patriot religious broadcaster and his friends who knew my father... what a bunch of bullshit. Trust me, he WILL remember.

The citizens of the United States WILL get its money back from all of you. Every one of you.

I've received over 2000 pieces of spam since 6am this morning 2:40pm now. And they're blocking my emails to anyone who would actually use the evidence I've uncovered. These are your tax dollars at work, folks. It's how your government covers its lies. You'll laugh at me now, you'' be crying over your own stupidity later.

9/26 - You can turn of f the rest of the channels now. I wouldn't want anyone claiming they did me any favors. Link.. I got the message loud and clear. Good for you. Save the world. Maybe it's true about Pacifica being CIA You continue to cover up the same important things that mainstream does. If you were as avant garde as you say, you'd be reporting on psychotronics and on the Total Spectrum Domination as reported by knowledge driven revolution. But then, the CFR folks say they put up and control all sides of the arguement... you're clearly no different. It's a shame... deception after deception after deception...

I think my fianl test will be to see if anyone reports this. Let's see if the media saves America.

U.S. Government Commits Weather Wars Against Americans
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Web Site was online BEFORE the Hurricane Happened

PS To Bill Richardson... did you enjoy particpating? So, who exactly are you going to be Judas to? Or are you running psyops on other people too? Must be fun playing with people as if they are video games.


Apparently, even Krugman is part of the scam. O'Jays - Back Stabbers  I sure have a greater appreciation for this song. I think I've also made the right decision to leave this country... if not even one person will do the right thing by me.. on any subject... then I can only conclude that I am not wanted here. Like I said, I just wish I'd known...

To those who have used me, harmed me... to those who somehow believe they had the right and responsibility to manipulate me, brutalize me, who have tried to fraudulently present me as a bad person, and I don't care how right you think you are.. the Bible says you would not know the difference between right and wrong.. to those who believed they could alter my being to such an extent that I would ever agree to betray God... you are turly fools, and you are truly damned. To those in churches who believe that I should choose their church as the right church.. that I should conform to THEIR beliefs and mores and traditions.. that I should manage my time and my efforts based on their opinions and judgements as to the time of the returmn to the Church of Christ Jesus... you must truly be damend, because I cannot imagine how will justify yourselves to God, to impede the work of His servant. And I can't, at this time, imagine ever forgiving those people  in particular.. because they know it or not.. they are the worst of the anti-Christ, because they justify their betrayal of God by claiming the inspiration of God. And I can not tolerate that Nor can I wor will I continue to tolerate that betrayal. And you need to know that your betrayals of God and me and actually betrayals of yourself. But you view life so cheaply, and thus, you must see your own lives just as worthless. otherewise, there can be no understanding, let alone justification, for claiming to be His servants while at the same time, being His greatest obstacles.

The hardest thing for me to accept is how sick the leaders of this nation really are.. politicians, ministers, and the rest. They may be successful in portraying me as a fool to the material world, but on the spiritual plane, they do not exist. And therefore, in the bigger view that I have, are of no real consequence to anyone but   themselves.

I actually pity you and the small little world you have of lies and deceit, and that there is no reality in your worlds except what you makeup out of the denial of your own evil.

I want to make it clear tha if you bastardize what I write, and steal my music and make me out the bad guy, it will come back on you 10 fold. And I still regret my own humanity in looking forward to seeing you leaders suffer, as you have caused so many others to suffer. And still, it will bring me no comfort.

Hillary Clinton.. about your community... stay awy from mine. You and your kind will never be welcome. You are the worst of the worst, you've taken  Barack Obama with you, and are destroying this nation. I never believed in burning books, but I believe the world would be well served by the burning of yours, Bills, and every politician who has written a puff piece to skim profits off the tops of the aspirations, dreams and hopes of those who actually believed that this nation was of special service to God. It migh  have been. It stopped being so long ago. And still, you really, actually believe that the frauds you are perpetrating are the right thing. You mock me and you mock God. And you think, upon your death beds, you will find absolution for a confession to God only delivered because you have finally been brought to your knees to face your mortality, and the horrors of your life that God warned you not to do... and you did them anyway, believing that He would save a soul such as yours, devoid of integrity, honesty, and owner of some sort of perverted love that makes you believe that you are more important than the fate of humanity and God's world. You are wrong. You are all wrong. And that is why it is clear that you are all truly socipathic and psychotic. Liars and traitors. I dare you, in the light of day, to prove me wrong. But you can't. So out of your embarassment you mock me. I guess you've realized there's no point in seeking redemption, so you harm me to prove you are right, and all you do is prove you are wrong. None of you get anything, except the love of your own voics speaking lies. So be it.

So Dobbs, I really want to know, how do you get paid for screwing me? It will get out.

Brydge - New Day - Sunrise

Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man

9/26/2008 - The funniest part about the supposed collapse of the banking system is watching Obama and McCain act like they have a clue... the Bush thing... making it look like they're in charge of things they know nothing about.. yeah, I know they'll say the same about me... but,then, why does the world keep doing what I predict? :} PR agents are cool.. as cynical and whimiscal as they are playful.. :} No wonder I got along in Hollyweird :}

I don't do free consulting anymore... so that joke's over.. I've been watching the financial thing.. I'd have chimed in but I wanted to see wht was really happening... quite an act... first it was Bush, then Barney Frank took over... and the Dems, who want this and are making tons of money off it, act like they'r egoing to resolve it.. by continuing to bankrupt American, and national citizens.

The thing people re missing is that this is just another fraud.. a purposefully engineered "collaps" for a transfer of assets, and an additional consolidation of power leading to a central bank,and the ability to theoretically force people like me to bow to the economic powers that will allow me no liberty... even the opportunity ot exist, if I don't acquiexce. Which I will not do. The worse you jerks make it for people, the better it is for me to implement God's plan. People will revolt. And you guys will not win.

The reall ygood news is that when I get my camper built, I'm going to make it an anechoic chamber, and I believe I'll be able to overcome your signals. I may not be able to stop scalars, if they're in use.. but I can stop microwave and the audio. A steel cage wrapped in aluminum and lead shielding. If I can't get the lead paint here, I'll get it in Mexico...

Meanwhile, Rockefellers, I want the homestead back. I don't care what else happens... I want it back, and I won't spend a dime on getting it. Refusing to do so will merely increase your jail time. Just like the Hartt.. tell Mike and Beverly and Steve and Audrey and all the rest that I won't forget them, and the way they set me up on behalf of Exxon... and Sears... and Coldwell banker... Quaker Oats, all the rest.. interesting little pyramid.. ANd it won't be like the protocols... claiming ownership due to creation.. it'll be you guys destroying yourselves with your crimes trying to prevent it.. and once again, God turns it around on you. And I'm so glad that it's okay with GOd that I'm human.. with all the same emotions and feelings and compelling issues.. that is the beauty of it... that way I won't have t feel guity about suing you liars and thieves into oblivion on behalf of the citizens of the world. ANd it will be an easy case to make... I don't care how many lawyers you pay off.

Dig it Baby!

To the media guys.. I guess it really is true that youguys are only there because you've pledged your loyalty to the people seeking to overthrow this country, and rule the world by tyranny. And the only explanation I can see is.. at least you got yours.. like all the artists and muicians who have forgotten their roots and humanity... I have to admit, that's what I'm most disappointed by...

It's like Stevie Wonder.. a lot of pretty songs and words.. but I say, he hasn't done nothing.. except betray himself and those who believed he believed in his own words... so I gues it's fitting that he campaigns for Obama.. birds of a feather

Stevie Wonder - Village Ghetto Land

Who cares about heroes... something tells me there won't be many more musicians left for me to admire soon. Oh well. At least I'm finding out.


9/24 11:55pm - It's been a fun and interesting day... preparing for an extended camping trip with a full kitchen and a complete audio video production and broadcast truck... complete with satellite uplink.. ok... sure is interesting watching the government act like the financial crisis wasn't well calculated with perfect timing for the election, and Bush & Company to get out the door just in time.. it'll take a little while... but I really do believe this is the beginning of the end of the bad guys... us supposedly meek types will do a much better job... and just for the fun of it, just to drive Clive nuts, I think I'll write alums for people, and just give it away as long as I get a copy of the recordings. :}

The other day I was thinking about KXRX in Mexico, you know, Wolfman.. thinkin, I could go down there and get a job on that station...   blast the western U.S. with all kinds of good stuff... then I went to the bakery to get a chocolate eclair, and the total came to $10.90   :}:} That's just too weird

  Nilsson - TBD - 100 - Everybody's Talkin'

9/23/2008 - John McCain, you're such a fraud. Country First... a well engineered hyper-inflation scheme.. like they say, an economic 911...

I'm getting zapped hard, and here's the joke  of the day.. using the IRS to silence and activist... and reporter.. and God's Plan.. the IRS just took my last $60

Country first, huh John.You and Obama will spend a long time in jail.

9/22/2:13 am So I'm thinkin, okay, Kingdom of God universal, I'm making everyone annoyed.. its' working...  :} I have to admit, I look at the front page and go, this really adds to the credibility... :} At least I'll get my sanity hearing :} I am so looking forwatd to talking to groups.. more the Jung thing, but politics too.. although that part will take care of itself.  Something's going to happen soon, and it won't be just me hitting the road.. maybe this will help... soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Heart - Barracuda Personally, I figured they'd come after the unauthorized mushroom records stuff :} So even A&M is Universal now. So much for A&M. Guess I do have to start my own company. That'll be interesting :} But don't, for one minute, think that you'r egoing to lead me ff with psyops, get me distracted or relegate me to being a good, quiet boy, because that's not going to happen. I know you all think that I'm this silly, why pyoped out of his gourd, but I guarantee, I have a lot left in me, I'm a heck of a lot more on the ball than most of you. And I'm really no beginner at all. And I'll remind Barack... I will come back on you for the plagiarism.. all the way down to the Africa trip. It's all thepatterns..  Like how Congress is still running hyperinflation games on America... I hope you guys know that will be your undoing.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Todd Rundgren - Healing - 03 - Flesh

Welcome to the Kingdom of God
The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

2001-2009 Charles Rehn, Jr IV & Kingdom of God Communications ™


You have to admit it's catchy :}

9/21/2008 - 10:48am - It sort of amazes me, as I reflect on my travels and the way people have treated me... I remember that time I went to Arkansas with a friend.. just a couple miles from the ALCOA plant... people in that little town kept waving to me and smiling.. I thought, what's up? These people are awfully friendly, even for a small town. I actually felt like a celebrity in a way. I thought, maybe these people treat all newcomers this way to make them feel welcome... what a nice idea, let me enthusiastically say hi and welcome... South Africa was the same... peopel would call me "mister"... a sign of respect... I was told that's what S. Africans do to people in posititions of authority... but I didn't hear them say it to anyone else... it's like the postcards I'd get addressed to Master Charles Rehn.. I was told that proper english types used that to address young people, but, again I never witnessed anyone else doing the same (though I believe I remember hearing it's a common practice.)

Ultimately, my father left me an ace in the hole.. that ace is the fact that constitutionally, noone, not even my parents,  have the right to give away my inalienable rights. Not tha tthat menas anything, given that the United States is no longer a free nation, and there is no justice.

Amazing that Kyle, Hatch, Leahy, Feisnstein, Specter, Kennedy, Feingold... they're always there at the hearings where Constitutional rights are being swept under the rug... there are no laws, there are recommendations.. we all know they get ignored. And yet they sit there in committees, knowing citizens are being harmed and destroyed.

When I began these activities, I did everything including invite FBI investigation so they'd know I was outspoken, but a citizen wanting to work within the system. I'll still work withing the system. which means I'm screwed because the justice dept definitely has procedures for people like me.... illegal procedures... one more way the government radicalizes anyone who dares to speak the truth.

I will say one more time to McCain and Obama.. you're traitors, you're dirty, and I will not fail in exposing you for what you are before I'm finished. That's the only future I've seen for myself for a long time. Obama, talked to Wright lately, or was your religion just a fraud too? Just a political whore manuevre? That is what's wrong with America. I won't fail in taking you down, even though you've made my life a pure hell, I will not fail in that, because it is a worthy cause. If no one hears a single word of the word of God from me, I will have served my purpose. And a lot of dead souls will no longer plague this planet.

Cuts from an album from the Apartheid Museum in S. Africa....

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Winds of Change -  JB Vorster - Fight to the End  Ever been to Soweto?

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) James Taylor - Dad Loves His Work - Stand and Fight Another song by a guy who  writes pretty words that accomplish nothing, because these guys all speak tough and then wait for someone else to do the dirty work. That IS truly the way of the world. I'll be glad when I've completed my work here so I can really go home. Then I wouldn't have to come back anymore.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Quiet Storm

2:19 pm - Is there even one politician or media person willing to tell the real truth.

Rick Edelman.. you talk a real good line...  How dare you tell  the American people that they are responsible for their victimization by predatory lending practices, government and media collusion...You're blaming a rape victimg for being raped. I have to assume your deceptions are because you make money off of these victims like all the rest of the so called leaders.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Michael Johnson - That's That - 103 - Crying Shame

1:52 pm - Michael Bloomberg.. Please have a talk with Andrew Cuomo. I filed a complaint with his office regarding RICCO and NY State crimes committed against, me and they don't respond. Hmm.. I wonder why.

Meanwhile.. I've always felt you were a cut above, but, it appears you too talk a good game... and the underlying problems are just the lies under which the problems are rationalized to the public. Became a billionaire before becoming  apoliticiain.. there you go promoting aartistocracy and  ogliarchy... We  have a 6.2% unemployment which I'm sure is actually much higher... an economy that's collapsing.. why do you say we need immigrants and outsourcing in order to build our economy? Is it the cheap labor, or is the workers with few right s to give corporations a requirement for fair empolyment practices? Why do we need to outsource? I am not against immigration. I am against purposely bankrupting Americans so corporations can steal from the citizens...

As for 1200 new police per year in New York.. sure you can control people thru force... but what does that say about you, as a leader, that you would promote oppression instead of leading with compasssion.. and using education to show that there is a better way. You're not the worst of em by any menas, but you are adding to the deception in America... I suggest you reconsider your rhetoric and positins, because they're invalid.and just plain wrong. You are not supporting liberty OR Democracy.

If there's one thing that's absolutely clear is that none of you care about God. That is the final truth about all of you.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout a Revolution

The above is a perfect example of why the current "leaders" need to be purged. They could care less about citizens.

12:54 pm - If there's anything I disagree with Ted Kennedy about, it's hisstatement that our government ins not in need of a purge. I understand he said that now, because he's part of the faction that needs to be purged.

Barack and John... God told me this morning that it's okay for me to take out my anger in vengeance against you because telling the truth is not venngeance... like Maher said a while back about me, what would the world do if it didn't haveme to take its hatred out   on? Well, guess what, noone was supposed to take their hatred out on me. So I get to use you guys to get 53 years of injustice out of my system. And I will. And I look forward to it.

Just remember, everytime you think that this is about jealousy or anything like that, remember 53 years... I did nothing wrong... and the only defense you'll have is to continue to lie, cheat, steal and murder... which you have alredy proven you're... you will indeed lead a new era... and apparently you really never have read th eBoble. and you have no clue what the messge of Jesus is.. or your friends would not be the rip off artissts at FMAE/MAC ... th ebigger they are the harder they fall... whoever wins becomes th edemon.. and it's not me, and in the end, I win.

George Bush you're  a master liar. You and Cheney will be known as traitors, just as McCain and all the rest of you will for makin gmoney from the deaths of Americans.. let alone the rest of the world.

Dobbs.. when they "couple" your children, don't blame me. Don't you dare ever feel sorry for yourself or them. And then explain to them how you helped cause their suffering. That's not a ploy to get you to help me. It's just truth. All of you need to face it soon...  We're just  afew months away from the "house of cards" collapsing.. try not to leave too much of a mess. Remmebr, you're harming people, not pieces on a game board.

George.. FARC will be back, for the final battle. And they'll win too.

Interesting how I wrote a 9 page report on the resources of Mexico back in the 4th or 5th grade.

4,40, 44. Among other things, the presidents of the devil... I'll be the 45th. That's a good number

By the way...I wa giving people the benefit of the doubt before.. even fell for the idea that people were under attack and being held with a gun to their heads... I don't believe that any more, nor do I believe there's a one of you who are inncocent... you'll have to prove your innocence. Always remember, it's not an attack on you , it's the truth. If you try to incarcerate or harm me more, it will  most surely work againt you.

Finally... don't fortget, al the money you're giving away will be taken away and given back tothe people. As it should be.

And we're going to treat the government like the nusiance that it is.

Have a good time in jail, ya'll.. I'm free, no matter what you do to me.  Stuff's going to start happening. Have you all coordinated your lies yet? Can't wait to see how easy it will be to counter your spin. You'll all look like the fools you are. :}:}:} Karl. Go home. Talk to your mother.

And about the church... I always wanted to have a church ::}} The church will show ya what separation of church and state looks like. :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Ashford & Simpson - Solid

Tell ya what, you guys can sue me for the use of all music that's not news. I dare ya... like this one I jus tlike it :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Ohio Players - Fire

9/20/2008 3:49 am - Wow, what a night and day... I'm having fun, though. For the record, I hereby declare the Kingdom of God, and the formation of the Universal Church of the Kingdonm of God

What's weirdest is that I never actually considered myself to be a rebellious type, always working outside the box while staying inside the boundaries... but you know, when you actually take on responsibilities of a really big picture...when you realize that there ar ethose who have polluted the cosmos at a critical juncture... how the emulations of these times have so perverted the signs - even to me - that the deceptions upon deception were so diabolical and lethal... and yet, seeing that this is the final attempt of the oppressors of His servants and friends that will bring the Kingdom to the fulfillment of His promise.

I want to turn another corner here, and I want to be plain about it and I want there to be no ambiguity. There has never been a time in my life when I have wantingly chosen to leave a debt unpaid, and that includes taxes. I actually don't mind paying taxes, particularly when there is a responsive, effective government. But, even when there is not, I don't take my responsibilities as a citizen lightly.

I am going to be declaring things and challenging people to think beyond the paradigms and myths that allow them to exercise freedom without breaking the law, and I can assure you that if, as things progress, people will begin tounderstand that the things I speak in the ways that I do will free their minds and cause their spirits to soar. And when the psychotronics are off, and I can verify it, I will, in fact, develop the perfect automated radio station, and you know what that really means. And I'm just one rev away from that... consider the parallels of that little remark... one rev...

I have to be honest, leaders, it's not that I've given up on you as individuals... His hands are always outstretched, but I can' taccount for your crimes, and that's the hardest part. There are a lot of good people out there thrying to do the right thigns... with many good ideas, and all they need is facilitation by a caring, nurtuting, facilitating the angels in performing their tasks in the Kingdom.

I'm not giving up anything. In fact, I'm taking control. I want to warn you, not as a threat, but as a simple heads up, that harming those who come in contact with me, endangering those nations who might cooperate with my efforts... you simply can't win, and you need to do the best thing for yourselves now. It's hard to imagine what things could look like if everyone in Washington DC and in leadership who knew they were not fulfilling their oaths and honoring the intent of the Constitution resigned, it would be be sad and revealing and maybe or maybe not the best thing. All I know is that what I keep seeing in the news I see is simple repackaging of old ideas that never got implemented before, but if they had, we wouldn't be in the position we're in now. If I was someone you wanted to prove your worthiness of leadership to, all you've shown me is your complete willingness and desire to deceive any way you can. So what am I to think. And surely you know that you can't really hold me down, and tha tthe world - the citizens and beings of all kinds - want and deserve the fulfillment of the promise...

Welcome to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

You'll actually like it once you get used to love and happiness and stuff like that.

One thing I like about Prince.. he has a sense of humor.. everybody thinks he's all about sex.. and sometimes he is and that's pretty funny too.. and someitmes, it's just your mind playing dirty tricks on ya... That's why I say I like his marketing.

You guys need a soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) New Position, yeah!

I'm just playing this because I love it. soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Prince & Sheena Easton - Arms Of Orion

This one too :}soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Prince - When 2 R In Love

And this one soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

He's giggling and you know it :}

To James and John.. what can I say.. it's been tough, I still don't know really what to think, and it hurts, and if I've learned anything, at least to this moment, is that, like the Bible syas, I can't really trust anyone. Like I told Lou, I always thought for some reason that I'd work with you and Todd one day.. Billy too.. I don't want to know about any more tricks being played on me.  I want what's mine, in every way, and particularly those related to my personal heritage.. and I want ot be allowed to be, and I want to be a good servant, with pleasure and joy and satisfaction and contentment in knowing that I have friends and partners... I'm not going to do the lonely man in exile bit.. I still believe I would be the best person for all the right reasons to be president of the United States...  right now. Especially now. And if I have to do it alone, then it really isn't time. And to anyone who cares, that's really how I feel,  and I don't believe that's an incorrect judgement. I wish it was. Still, it doesn't mean there isn't work that can be accomplished. For the citizens, turning our backs on the government.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 03 - Make Believe

It's time for people to join me.


soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Melanie C - Northern Star

9:26pm - So I've been sittin' here thinkin' about everything from the GSE based future financial products that really aren't anything new and just suck the people dry financially... all to the benefit of the corporate financiers... and I'm thinking about how I really enjoy talking about love and all, and how fun it would be to talk to groups.. and then I remember I would have done all that long ago... and of course, that's the reason why you all did the pysops on me. And then I think, I want to do all the things I said I want to do in view of the fact that if I had been allowed to be free, none of this oppressive stuff would be going on.. Oh well. You guys are seriously insane.

9/19/2008 - 12:30... Just remember, if nothing else, my websites serve as a testament to the fact that it wasn't God causing all these problems, and that people will either acknowledge and accept their responsibilities for the own choices. Or live in oppression and denial of their betrayal of themselves and God. As for me, I'llwalk away believing I have done what I wa purposed to do, and sad at the choices so many others made. But I say, I will no longer be used. And that's important. As some would say I turned my back on my responsibility. I say, I accepted the responsibility I had to present the truth that needed to be told, to give it everything I could muster under the circumstances of littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) debilitatiing psychotronic attacks, And I am truly as sad as  I am satisfied that I, at least as a person, as one person, judging myself, that I havebeen true to myself, and to God, and all that I beleive in, despite my failures, and because of my willingness to confront them because of my love of seeking to constantly better myself, in  terms of being "in love with all" despite the difficulties of the world I live in.  Had I even known many years ago that I was purposely being "prevented", the world would be a different place today.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Michael McDonald - I Can Let Go Now

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Michael Martin Murphey - Wildfire

9/19 1:48 am... The tv says the account is closed, but I still get cspan... Cool. Hillary.. the HOLC thing is a real nice ruse, but I'll bet the funding still comes from the fed. The problem is, all this stuff is a ruse that inevitably funnels back to the fed...and the same financiers that are making money for nothing.

Let's see: FTR Americans act like Americans again...

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Manfred Mann - Chicago Institute

Oh yeah... you actually representat the citizens of NewYork, and their personal interests are more important than the interests of the businesses... businesses should serve citizens, just as government should serve citizens. Did you know that when the "citizenship" of corporations became the rule of law, the judge actually ruled against it, but before the decision was formally rendered in court, the judge became ill and died, and the court clerk fraudulently altered the judge's opinion - which was to disallow corporations to act as citizens... Did you know that Hillary?

Meanwhile... if the Gov't simply picked up the principal of all home loans on existing loans... all loans, told the fed and the financiers they got all they're going to get and to find something else to do...  and just carry the loans til they're paid, throw away the excess money as it's re-collected in order to raise the value of the dollar... and voilla.. financial crisis over. Tell them that the manipulation of the markets was fraud, at least, and they should be glad they can walk away before congress actually acts like representatives of the people and has them arrested.. which they probably ought to anyway. All of your conference ideas are subterfuge. As for commissions.. if you look through history, the Aesopian interpretation of "commissiions" actually means "commissions on the part of the government of covering up scandals, lies, assassinations and the transfer of wealth to bankers... and the deception of 911.

Don't forget, CIndy McCain's fiances proves that she and John benefitted financially from the attacks on 911. And also proves the government knew.

Jon Kyl - Why are GSE's allowed to give campaign contributions? Isn't that called a kickback. Isn't that illegal. Figures Barack Obama would be associated with the finincier's ripoff of America. By the way, the lessons we've learned are that the people who pay you all to act like you're doing somehting for us when all you do is stuff for the corporations must be paying you well or you wouldn't lie about the hyperinflation schemes.

Transparency and reporting have become buzzwords for "these words sound official to make it sound like new regulations have been installed". Just because you the accounting differently.. and just because the rules require certain reports... it doesn't mean that anything's changed but the rules, which are laxed or full of other loopholes corporatins and investment firms can take advantage of... 

What's going on in the Senate about the financial crisis created by Congress for corporations, let alone HAARPicanes for diversion and business expenditures... you guys are going to set a record for financial ripoffs... and you and your families wil be known as traitors. You'd better consider that, because it is going to happen soon.

Barack.. I haven't heard back from your attorney.. shall I consider that a refusal to remove my intellectual properties?

Tell Brzezinski that a big difference between he and I is that I love people, and the world is my home. And he'll be gone soon.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Pete Wingfield - 18 With A Bullet I was 18 when this was  a hit. I secretly thought.. well. you know.

You guys are just moving from one hyperinflation scheme to another. I'm not fooled. Nice try. WHy just a temporary moratorium.. is this another... let's wait until people forget that we just got through ripping them off.


9/18/2008 - 2:46pm - Can't watch tv, it got turned off... thank you Rupert and DirecTV.  Or should I say Hillary, Bill, Paul and James.... the latter 2 should change their names.... Yeah, this column does replace the personal journal...I wanted to use less foul language here... it may seem like it, but I'm not particularly amused today.

I guess Barack's people didn't like the poetry. I like poetry. :} Very succinct :} Maybe it was the part about theFederal Reserve or energy or JP Morgan or Tesla and Westinghouse... the thing about all these rich guys and whore politicians is that they think they're so smart, and all they do is prove how stupid they are.

So my credit card doesn't work.. I gotta build a camper and wouldn't you know it's starting to rain.. We could do a bunch of rain songs, but when you have HAARP, why do you need music?  Like the salesman said, bad weather is good for business. Right George?

On this thing about dead souls.. ya just gotta remember it's not my anger that has you lose your selves. On Serling last night, the final was something like "wouldn't it be horrible if you only lived your life out of fear of dying"...   that's what it's all about. You can fake it all you want, act like you're a Christian or faithful to whatever spiritual walk you have, but it's just like brown-noses - they'll say and do anything, right Barack, but when it gets right down to it, they actual take 10 times more than they give... right Barack... lwhat is your campiign total, Barack,, 2 billion.... and yet, instead of feeding people and assiting them with house payments, even in deferred loans, we subsidize the thieves who started the crisis. Thieves like you. Speaking of you... since John Edwards got busted through the Enquirer.. isn't it interesting that I noticed a story in there about you a while back having an affair as well.... ? Don't you just love the hypocrisy? Stupid Smart Guys. Hey, feel free to produce a tv show on that theme. I hereby surrender the rights on that one.  I want to see a movie with  Steven Colbert playing God, and Robin Williams playing the Devil... :} Too bad Tiny Tim isn't aroound.. myaybe he is.. he could play Jesus :} Oh yeah,the dead souls thing.. it's just the objective truth. My only judgement is that there are alot of dead souls. And it's  a shame. Not my fault.  I just feel sorry for all the people who are going to be harmed by the government and media...

PS Obama.. how many times do I have to unsubscribe to get off your email list? I have no desire to help you get the conversation back on track. My conversation is on track. You people are worthless.

Just for the fun of it, on my way out of the country, I'm gonna stop by A&M - just for something fun to do.. who knows, maybe I'll take a shower by then :} And I'm gonna offer 'em about 40 or 50 or 60 hits, and all they gotta do is deliver cash to me in Mexico every 3 months :} They probably won't do it.. but that's ok, it'll be fun. I'm gonna do the Landmark thing, just for fun... with my recorder rolling of course. I'm even gonna figure out how to set it's date and time again :} Anyway, I'm sur ethey have music in Venezuela, too. I really am going to head there... I do know I'm getting out of this country. If I have to walk. There's alwas the Cresh trail or crest or something.. goes all the way to Mexico. And I'll take my ovation.

So anyway... when in Rome..

Melissa.. Ephesians 2:7 the timing of that sermon was perfect. It was exactly where I was at, which is not actually comforting.. nonetheless. it doesn't seem tha tanything I do is private, so I'm gonna fudge a little.. you're incredible. I finally distinguished tha tth edifferenc ebetween a sermon and understanding the word of God is the actual study of the word and not the interpretation. People don't get that I love everyone I meet, even people I hate :} maybe more, because I have empathy for what may have caused them to adopt those kinds of ways of being. Anyway.. so I don't know what people know about my private, it seems I have no secrets, but that could be a psyop illusion. If I've caused you any embarassment or difficulty by my enthusiams and   such, I profoundly apologize. I don't even know if you got the letter. I have my doubts.

Anywy... more importantly... finding you on tv was like having the first intelligent discussion I've had with another person for years. Hence, my enthusiasm, which has not waned. I want to assure you that I fully appreciate why someone would learn 20 languages and check out 100 Bibles and all that stuff.  it's very cool. That is what it's about, isn't it, in studying and dwelling on anything to the extent that you reveal the truth and find freedom in it, and actually find it fun to keep peeling the onion and finding out that what you discovered as truth one day remains true but is also superceded by the next revealing and truth provided by deeper understanding and wsdom.. and then, after a while, you get like the Dali Llama, sor tof laughing at the "beingness" of human and living nature and art, as well as being empathetic and compassionate abou tthe reality of the human or being condition. And that's what our government and media figureheads have lost.

So these folks want to basically force me to either remain in the legalistic realms as  further evidence of my supposed greed and vengeance and all that, and they have to figure out at some point tha tif they do that, they're really stupid because I'll beat them easily. Even if I refuse to talk. They'll just claim stuff about me that will prove their guilt. That would be funny to watch. It actually would. It would work too. Anyway.. In the long run, as much as they use psychotronics to mess up my emotions and all, I actually know in the long run that God has already won this battle, and it's just a matter of time.. but unfortunately, the  U.S. and no nation will have any kind of favored nation status... and I a am going to create the universal church, and I don' tcare who likes it what they do to try to stop me. Apparently I have nothing better to do with my time :} Works fo rme. I just hope it works for all the people who are too scarred and depleted to be able to open their hearts again.

I want it to be clear, regardless of the psychotronics used to defile my thoughts at times, that I profound respect for you and your commitment, as a person, not simply because you are such an incredible servant, and yeah, human as we all are. I respect anyone who will give so much time and love to benefit other people.

One of the things people don't seem to understand about me is that I love women, men, dogs you name it.. in much the same way, as unique beings.. creatins... individuals.. you're not supposed to say stuff like that about men, but people these days equate love with sex...  it's  kind of like how I view relationships with people... I believe a solid relationship is more about tender companionship and equality than all the romantic stuff... and I'm a huge romantic too, but none of that romantic stuff is about buying or replacing the expression of love, it is the expression of love. Anyway... that part isn't about you... but it is about the perversion of things like love, love-making, friendship, the whole thing, and so it's no wonder that people are so confused about how to relate to one another.

Anyway.. I just wanted to state that for the record, so there wouldn't be any dounbt amongst those seeking ways to make me seem inappropriate or vile in any way. I don' tthere's anything wrong with getting excited about someone telling the truth!

Finally, here's a song I  hope you'll appreciate.. when I told the Piro's to take ambiguous lyrics that could be translated in the material and spiritual palnes (which is what I think they were trying to clue me into:}) ... this Manilow, that I've always loved, finally sort of fits, not as a love song  per se for me, especially now.. because when I tuned you in I was reading this thing about being compassed by a woman.. and there you were, providing me the affirmation I needed for myself that I was not an apostate.  And that was  huge part of my exceitement as well. Because I refuse to be that. Abyway, bet you never heard this as a Christian song before :}

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Barry Manilow -  Could It Be the Magic

So, for me the important of this song to you is more about the answers about answer, or something like that :} And, I just want you to know how proud I am of you, as if my opinion of you in that way is important.. and I truly, in my heart, pray for your continued safety and God's Blessings. And someone who truly knows He is a friend.

Now that I listen to it, is it a little mushy, but still maybe it is the magic starting for all of us, at last.. hmmm? I think so, despite what these crazy people are doing right now. Let's stick with that interpretation :}

I wonder what Paul McCartney's up to today. :}

I want to call it the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

A little ostentatious, but it communicates :} Billy Sol could be a guest speaker, if he doesn't steal my format. Or maybe Father Guido Sarducci :}

I wonder what uncle Nicholas would think of that :} There's a mystery for ya....

I want to talk alot about this, because this is what's at the core of it.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Babyface - And Our Feelings - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Folks will probably think, once again, this song for me is about romantic relationships... but it's not. I think one of the thigns I've always been fascinated in observing is what comprises people being in love... why I've always loved writing "silly" love songs (and being so embarrassed by the intimacy of those feelings, which people aren't really supposed to show for fear of being labeled weak or emotional), capturing those special moments, and wanting to live the kind of life where all of those qualities are incorporated without burden for the responsibility of caring that much, and being able to trust another to have the same integrity and true love, concern, for you.

In the holographic sense, in terms of God perfecting Himself in us... well, it's no wonder that the world has come to the point of withdrawing even when believing we ar egiving, for the fear and pain that is so often associated with lioving because of modern pressures and temptations that are foisted upon us by those  who seek profits as the result of our purposeful temptation that we would not even desire without their urging. And the result is the somewhat empty, hollow feeling where no one is allowed to go or share... and so we have war, a nation of impoverished because of greed, and a government that has shown it is not interested in the voice of its citizens... and it's no wonder. It's a shame, but no wonder.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tuck & Patty - Tears of Joy

And it's all because we're not allowed to feel, we're not allowed to be human, which is slowly but surely, ever more rapidly tearing away at the  very inalienable God given inherent humanity and being that God granted us the unconditional loving gift of free will to shape and form through discovery and knowledge of the truth of this universe and the cosmos we create. Moment by moment, day by day...   And those who were anointed to facilitate this spiritual freedom chose instead to control it because it did not serve their interests. People need to know and understand that they must stop talking about freedom, and liberty, and how we've fought and died for it, when the price for that freedom was already purchased...

People seem to miss the fact that the example of Christ was certainly, partially, to understand that we have a God who loves us so much that he would sacrifice His own son if that would prove anything to you... as if you would understand what it would mean to give your child for the sake of the whole world... but even more, that what was worth dying for was the opportunity to provide people and beings  a way, a simple way to live in which we could all be served by a concentrix matrix of interests and choices tha tprovided all things required for all people. And that is the matrix of God. Which has been temporarily subverted. And that subversion will soon come to an end, and people and beings will be free to be who and what they are, and lovedby each other for it, the livings works of art that we are.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Steely Dan's "Only A Fool Would Say That"  talking bout a world where all is free.. isn' tjust about money and such.. it's about the freedom to be. It' snot about perfection or austerity. It's about the opportunity to try and fail and try.. becaus ethe fun is always in creating and completing and knowing tha tyou did it yourself. Ultimately, we just need to be sure to know that it' simportant to have the integrity to live by the intect of the rule, because, like the rule of law, there are always ways to rationalize and justify the betrayal of a promise to be part of a kingdom of such simple rules with so many deep and truly trranscending inquiries...

All I gotta say for now is that one of the songs I love the best that illustrates what that means is soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Sting's - If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free. In all ways, in every way you can imagine to empower their freedom and expression and joy, set them free. That is the true inquiry for ourselves, and ourselves toward others. How to set the spirit free, and ahonor the intent of the unique and speical purposes possible that would be a perfection however they are.

And when people are willing to have that discussion, there will be a space more worthy of that discussion. Without that discussion, the door appears to remain closed to the next step in the establishment of the kingdom. And, thus, the greatest currrent challenge.. In taht conversation, how could one expect us all to open our hearts to God when we don't truly open out hearts to each other.

If it's true.. a pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God... how would America, how would anywhere, at this time, provide such a place for God and His son to be present in order to share all of His blessings with each of us. He has sought such a place for a great long time, patiently awaiting the time for His turn to play in the garden. With no place to plant His seeds.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tuck & Patti - Tears of Joy - 10 - Love is the Key

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 10 - Love Is the Answer (Utopia)

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Carole King - Only Love Is Real

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stylistics - Stop, Look, Listen

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Santana - Abraxas - Samba Pa Ti

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Santana - Shaman - 07 - Victory Is Won

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tower Of Power - Bump City - Of The Earth

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Seasons Of Love

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed - Ribbon In The Sky


now 10:37 - Primetime... I love all how all these thoughts and things result in me being up late, wanting to write stuff... once I learn Spanish again, I will :} I keep thinking aboutmy mom's instructions to my sisters... anyway.. always made sense to me. I actually wrote this before a bunch of stuff above :} Number those verses  :}

Enough rambling for one day.. oh yeah, about the fallen angels... his hands our always extended... that's always true.. that's what the  song I wrote for Donnie was about... I just really want people, beings, to know that everyone's welcome.. makes it sound like  a worthiness issue but it's not... it is kind of like joining the boy scouts for me, though. If you're not going to take the pledges and promises seriously with a true intent and actual willingness with discipline to keep the vows, why bothering joining the club? And then of course, all that makes me want to write more essays. As if my thoughts matter. Not that they don't or might not, just like, who am I to say all this stuff.



Barack.. it isn't over. Sorry dude.

9/17/2008 - 10:34 am - Barack -
I'm making a list
checking it twice
Gonna shut down your plagiarist site....
And every single one
That's talkin' 'bout you
Will get a little notice
That tells 'em you're through

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - Mr Eisenhower

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) David Bowie - This is not America

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Manfred Mann - TBD - 100 - Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Melanie - TBD - 100 - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Melissa Etheridge - Angels Would Fall

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale -Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Yea

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Judy Collins - Amazing Grace

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Roberta Flack - First Take - I Told Jesus

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Manfred Mann - Davy's on the Road Again

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Beatles - White Album - 107 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Beatles - Dig It

To Geroge W and HW... There are Mandela's left in the world... I have an email address that proves it.. shaker of trees...

Lindsay Graham.. you and your friends are scum, and the truth will come out about you and your friends... traitors.. the worst kind... snakes...

Just for the record, I want you to know that the Aesopian language has not been fun for me, and I consider it proof of psychological operations against me. And I got lots of proof. Have fun in jail.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Roberta Flack - First Take - 07 - Tryin' Times


littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Please see this quote from Senator John Glenn in Congress during the Clinton Administration... Clinton, who was covertly working for the Council on Foreign Relations, and, among all others in our government for decades, guilty of the littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Nuremburg Codes established based on the crimes of the Nazi regime.... Many of the criminal Nazi scientists were brought to Emory University in Atlanta by the Rockefellers in 1945, so they could continue their work.

Emory University is also the home of Jimmy Carter, author of the Tri-Lateral plan on behalf of the Rockefellers and Rothchild families to take over the world and rule by force.

Special thanks to George H.W. Bush and HIS CIA for overthrowing the United States Government.

9/13/2008 - Dear Hillary - I know you all think this is funny, but I've just about got you where I want you. Everytime you think you have me doing something stupid, it boomerangs on you. I can think of a hundred ways to bankrupt any company you have dealings with. You want to hurt people whoo are nice to me... watch how that one turns around.

I decided today that when this is all over, I'll likely renounce my citizenship.. I'm serious about that. The U.S. hass to get turned aound, and for the good of the world, I'll get that one handled... I have nothing better to do anymore. But I have to be honest, I wish no ill will toward the citizens of the United States, but I think I'm about ready for a life where it doesn't have so many bitter memories. We don't have to like each other to get the job done.

Now, when you laugh at me talking about doing all these things, I think I'm still going to head to Venezuela.. maybe Paraguay... when I'm done in the U.S.  Once the Pope leaves, I'll have a place to live. I'll take the Guantanamo prisoners with me, and let you guys serve them cake. I'll park my camper in the square.

The thing is, I have great contempt and disdain for the position you have put me in. And I will legally bring down the perverts in the United States Government, and any day you want to try to hang anything on me, I guarantee you, that's the day you'd better start thinking about what it's like to wear pink jailhouse suits and steel handcuffs. And if you think you're going to get cutesy, or I'm going to be bullied into taking cash, or just   "being a good boy like Jesus" you'd better give it up. You people are dead souls to me. Whatever happens to you, you deserve.  I don't know you. Do you get THAT? You'd better.

I don't believe in the death penalty, so prepare to rot in jail.. of course, we'll treat you better than the millions and millions of people you've killed and harmed... because we're better than you snakes.

For me.. I'm unfortunately in the position of doing one of those things that I like to do just for the fun of it because people say it can't be done. I said a long time ago that if this government didn't shape up, I would destroy every congressperson's reputation one by  one until you were all gone. That's an easy thing to do these days. I begged you not to make me hurt you. I  begged you. All you had to do was be nice. Instead, my dog has open wounds again. That really pisses me off.

The reasons there will be no more empires, except the Kingdom of God, is because there is no nation that has ever conducted itself responsibly. Not one. So don't complain to me when you don't get your damned media to lie for you, and special foods, healthcare and pension plans that are f-ing rediculous... the credit companies are going to go bankrupt. I'm going to instruct people about how not to allow the credit companies and governement to use economic coercion against us, and instead, to use it against you. And you guys will all be bankrupt very quickly. I don't care how much money you print. It will be worthless the moment you skip the country. And any country who assists you will be embargoed. You just watch. Paraguay will be surrounded.

The American people will go through a bit of a tough time, but much less than you guys are going to do to them to rob them of the fruits of their labors forever... 1 year and they'll say... are you kidding me.. how come they had us doing that stuff. Life is much more fun and easier now. And it will be. And afterward, if I can have Monticello, maybe I'll stay. That would be a farm.

Justice is not vengeance.

I figure if it's okay for Rockefelelr to write a book and declare that working against the best interests of America is something he's proud of, then why can't I?  Except that I'm not. But I will be working against Rockefeller.

Meanwhile, I want to mention the Russell Trust here because I want people to know that they should boycott, and withhold their stock holdings from anything having to do with the Russell Trust. They ARE the Skull and Bones, from Connecticut, owners of the Senate, the Jack Russell Senate Building... heard of that, in Congress, Washington DC? Chris Dodd, Joe Lieberman, George Bushes, my uncle Jesse Root Grant, Yaleies like Howard Dean, Hillary & Bill Clinton via Rhodes and other affiliations, George Tenet, and pretty much anybody allowed to run for president is either Skull and Bones, or controlled by them and the Council on Foreign Relations. And at this moment, as far as I'm concerned, anyone associated with the Council on Foreign Relations is a traitor, murderer, guilty of genocide, theft, rape and whatever other unimageinable crimes Nazi's are known to do.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Please see this quote from Senator John Glenn in Congress during the Clinton Administration... Clinton, who was covertly working for the Council on Foreign Relations, and, among all others in our government for decades, guilty of the littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Nuremburg Codes established based on the crimes of the Nazi regime.... Many of the criminal Nazi scientists were brought to Emory University in Atlanta by the Rockefellers in 1945, so they could continue their work.

Emory University is also the home of Jimmy Carter, author of the Tri-Lateral plan on behalf of the Rockefellers and Rothchild families to take over the world and rule by force.

Special thanks to George H.W. Bush and HIS CIA for overthrowing the United States Government.

I wish I was joking, but I'm not.


9/17/ 9:3o PM  For Starters, Russell Feinh=gole, there is nothing honorable about you You and McCain really fixed campaign financing... $28,000 for a dinner? WHo's kidding who  Oh yeah, let's not forget the hearing on the Rule of Law.. what a joke...

Meanwhile.. the psychotronics continue.. I'm going to leave the country, now there's an aattorney fo rObama on the list of people for prosecution, and if I find out there' ssome law saying it's okay to treat me like shit, I guaarantee, I will fully understand why there would only be 144,000 left when it's all over.. because it sure seems to me there are an awful lot of  people who think they're Christians, and they're not even close. That would include the parade of Senators and Congressmen who think it's funny to taunt me. Do you really believe you can screw my life for 53 years, and I'll just let it go? Or are you people really so perverse that you really do get your jollies off toruting people? That's how it looks to me. Apparently America as a whole agrees with that.

So, just remember, I don't anybody anything. Not one damned thing. And all you self-imporatnat politicians and media people who think you're so damned good.. all I see is dead people that God won't even consider. Why would He.  You people fail the test so badly that it's not even worth my time. All the lies of poiticians... taking on having millions of people's lives destroyed with psychotronics, and you think iut's funny. You harm me and others by playing with their lives like toys... do you really believe God wants souls like your in His Kingdom?

God is forgiving, but the line has been drawn. You're not on his side. At least Muslims actually practice their religion, and actually believe in God... this country insn't in trouble because of its leaders, it's in trouble because the people like living this way.   so be it.

Just remember, anyone who gets in my way or messes with me anymore is a dead soul.. I don't give a damn what you think of me. Like I said before, at least I'll HAVE another life. Obviously, people think it's a given. It's not. And this is the "end of Days", and pretty soon, there won't be anymore of this crap. Cause God doesn't rule by force, and He doesn't any more people who do.

I'm going to spend my day filing a law suit tomorrow, and after it gets filed and registered and all, I'm going to be around long enough to make sure it gets handled even if I starve to death.And when the a*hole politicians and this government are brought to its knees with exposure of its corruption, and the citizens have their country back, I'm going to walk away. And it'll be ten times worse for you if I have to do it from another country, or if I'm homeless.

I'm seriously thinking of joining people like FARC. I respect them. At least they have the guts to stand for something. And they're not narco terrorists. They're people trying to regain their country from another corrupt American propped up dictatorship disguised as a democracy. Anyone who tells you different is a liar.


George W. One more prediction to go. Please do it soon and get it over with.

Interesting.. Eisenhower.. one nation, no longer under God.. guess the atheists don't have to file any more law suits on that one. My final remarks, as in I reject your agenda for the rest of my life, as if you have a right to tell me how I'm going to spend it, is to say hasta la vista... that's my  response.  You broke the laws, you violate rights, you set people up for crimes they didn't commit.. that's why people have the right to tell you how to run the rest of your lives.

You know, you may think it's funny that I get frustrated, but I'm very serious about my intents. Washington was warned, you knew all about it, and you did your damndest to destroy this country, me and destroy God and a whole lot of other people who are true followers just because they would oppose your evil. It's not my fault, it's not their fault. It's your fault. You people are criminals, you're doing what criminals do, you'll be treated like criminals. One day, one way or another. And to think, you're supposed to be the smart ones. The greatest frustration I have is that I understand what you did, how you did it, why, and how every step of the way, it was criminal. And so many people are going to be hurt, because evne now with all this corruption all this time, they continue to lie...

And now we have thieves, liars and murderers running for president... from stealing my work. 

You so called leaders and corporate types really make me sick. I'm sure, to you, I just represent one more person you enjoy squashing for fun like a video game... don't ever forget whose game it is, and why you can't win no matter what you do.

Ya better make sure you swear me in. I'm not going to be a musician, or anything like that. I choose my life, not you. And you people aren't qualified to run anything. Carly Fiorina as a consultant.. what a joke. she took HP and nearly killed it.

It's not the economy, it's corruption, then it's the economy.... so go ahead and laugh at me and people like me, suppress, whatever racketeers like you do.. just know that you need to remove that God part from the pledge. I see no point in wasting my time on any of the media, politicians and corporate comedians... I'm gonna barf the next time someone complains about oil, energy, global warming and the economy.. the people claiming to have solutions purposely did it, and the media lets the off the hook.. promotes Obama despite the fact that they know all about the con...

Dobbs... better get your bonus offshore real quick before they freeze your assets. Yeah, go ahead, make it harder on yourself, Dobbs, lie. It's not like any of you ever tell the truth about anything anyway.

And for those voyeurs out there who can't get enough..  get a hobby. The show is over. You're Sick people.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Allman Brothers Band - TBD - 100 - Midnight Rider

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Michael McDonald - TBD - 100 - Playin By the Rules

Ya know, Olbermann, you're  a fine one to go on the air talking about politicians who don't tell the truth. You may be better than most, but you still don't tell the truth on the most important things. It's sad, because it's an example of someone who would otherwise be considered an outstanding citizen. And yeah, I know, you got ratings. So what?   And then the diffeence between is that I actually care enough about the people in my for me country who are being harmed to actually do something about it.. and then traitors prove to me that the danger to America is unfortunately in the laps of the Baghdad Bobs I first went after and should have boycotted into the ground. I will never make that mistake again. Like I said, I have nothing to prove to any of you. Of course, you probably have some other setup going on. Criminals like you normally do.

Ever heard of Media Matters.  This is my version.

I'm not mentally ill. Like I said, I'm a citizen who knows the truth, and these people are trying to shut me up. It's like the Catholic Church.. their own Bible says they wil be called whores, why would that surprise them.. unless they're trying to have people not notice.

I look forward to seeing Lou Dobbs being taken away in a car with cuffs.. James Taylor, John Hall, Jack Welch and Chris Matthews Shuster, all of them. They sit there knowing they do media mirroring on people who are getting raped. And they say nothing. Bu t the too. They really deserve it. David Dreier... went on Dobbs... that's alright, one day it'll come out, and the U. S. Media will be clearly shown to be traitors with the council on foreign relations and the Bushes. It'll be really obvious when it comes out, and Obama and McCain will go down too, because they are as dirty as they can get. There's a difference between frauds and fallen angels.

Good luck.  You're going to need it. And the next time you think you'll get benefit from harming me or pushing me around, just remember God's promise... I think my dad's little brown cook book says something about bending over and kissing your sweet ass goodbye. That, actually, is from God. It's his book.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg

5:09 - Given your behavior in Bolivia, you can't have Paraguay. Leave 'em alone.They're gonna be so mad at you they'll take you out. And I meant my offer to Blackwater. We're gonna need a rapid reaction force.

I  really want to warn you not to take it lightly, me going elsewhere and doing the "from exile" thing. This nation's government will be useless within 6 months. If I file the suit, this nation's government will be gone in 6 months. Or we can do it the easy way. Tha's what's up. Lost today due to zapping.. so what.. the truth is the truth.... These other governments know who the problem is..  The minute I walk out that door, there's no turning back, one way or the other. And the worse you make it for me, the worse you make it for you. The longer it takes, the worse it is for you. Under the circumstances, I don't how much more reasonable you could expect someone to be. That doesn't give you two weeks, by the way. I assume guilt about you guys now. Not the citizens, though.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Manfred Mann - TBD - 100 - Chicago Institute

9/16/2008 - 11:08am - Primetime...

I have a few things I want to get off my chest this morning. I've been reviewing my life and can honestly say that, before the intense psychotronics, I never yelled at anyone about anything, let alone use filthy language like what ended up on this site. I yelled at myself a few times like that when I made stupid mistakes on my work... Just like I began this whole thing with the media in a very reasonable, courteous way, and I greatly resent that psyops were done that caused me to contradict my own principles day in and day out for years in these otherwise seemingly small ways.

Now that I know it was done to cause me to present myself as a vulgar person, it bothers me more. Further, when I told the story about slamming the cupboard door on my sister's arm at a very young age because hshe wouldn't let her boyfriend play basketball with me, I made a decision to manage my anger... not suppress it, deal with it responsibly. And I did. The same way my mother always had trouble waking me up in the morning until the day I realized I was not being pleasant to her for no good reason, and made a conscious decision that from then on, I would no longer argue with her about waking up, but would take it upon myself to move my flesh and do it so as not to give her grief for my sleepiness. Any further representations made to anyone about these kinds of events should understand that they became witnesses to the setups that have been perpetrated against me, the worst of which came at the hands of the Bill Clinton Administration, and included collusion with the Pete Wilson administration of California.

The way they'd get me to reverse myself is exactly the same as what I'm going to do today... they use psychotronics to put me in an angry mood, state things like - I'm not going to file  a law suit... and the next day, I do. Which I'm going to do. I will say that if my efforts are impeded in any way... in any way... I will take it as a sign that I truly can not trust anyone in the United States, and I will seek refuge elewhere, and I will renounce my legal citizenship to which I have never been allowed my legal rights, and I will create my own empire elsewhere.

Furthermore, Obama, forget inextricably linked except to the extent that we are linked so I can take you down.. and I will... McCain too... and whoever else steps forward for leadership because there's not a one of you who is trustworthy. I said fom the beginning I had no desire to take  over anything, and I certainly can't run the government myself. So all I have to say is, we have come full circle, and you people have to prove yourselves to me. I have nothing to prove and I will not defend who I am as a person... and anyone who forces me to with unreasonable questions or attempts to smear me WILL go to jail as the result of conspiracy.  I always said, I will answer reasonable questions, appropriate questions.. I will spend 24 hours a day every day to repair the damage if that' swhat it takes.

But I won't put up with this harassment any longer.. and every moment it continues means more jail time and trips to the Hague. You'd better get it figured out and handled. Got that Richard Shelby, John Warner, Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd... I'd list every name in Congress but I'd have to go back about 53 years, and will, if forced to...  Biden, Ron Paul, Bob Barr... you're all equally guilty. None of you have any excuses. None. And no matter what stories you come up with, I have a zillion to come at you with. And if you block things in the courts if you force me to file, there will be no looking back.

Obama... all of a sudden we have an economic meltdown.. the one I was trying to warn Dobbs about since 2002. THe one I've been watching being orchestrated since before Jimmy Carter. The one you and Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats have been involved with the largest transfer of wealth in history to Democratic Party interests during the CLinton Administration. Ever heard of Greg Palast...   the New York TImes reporter who was dumped after exposing the fraud of election 2000?

You guys always act like you don't know these things are going on... but it's all in the public domain.. it's been in my memory through time.. it's the same old portable plots.. so you'd better tell Pelosi and Gore and all the rest to hold off on the energy plans becuase they will be rescinded anyway, and any of the back door payoffs will result in criminal prosecution. And for every person who has had cance since 1900, I will prepare and proceed on RICCO charges against Congress and those who withheld the cure. How many charges of attempted murder and murder would you like to have against you?

Obama... what took Nixon down was not the crime, it was the coverup. He wasn't guilty of Watergate. He may have been guilty of other things, but not that. He was setup. I still think there wsa a probability you got set up. But you have no integrity for not having the courage to step away. You're not a leader. Maybe I'll have the chance to teach you how to be one some day. McCain is no leader either. Obama, your economic advisors from Clinton are the ones who set up the bubble economies... wanna talk about sustainable economies.. let's get rid of the acceptance of planned obsolescence. Let's get rid of kiting the economy to steal from the citizens. ANd if you put that in your speeches, I'll know you're just another conspirator. Which I believe you are.

So this is it, folks, get in my way now, I'll go elsewhere and get help extracting all the info I have that you want for the benefit of everyone but the American leaders and corporations... and you know who I mean. I am under no security agreements, and my knowledge is my own as granted by God. If you take me into custody for reasons of national security, I will never cooperate with you and I will work against you or make it impossible for you to use me. Get out and stay out of my way.

Isn't it weird I actually sort of trust Alan Greenspan.. on a leash :} With appropriate instruction :} And just goals :} That covers the qualifications. And he could get a   lot of people indicted. Is that clemency, amnesty or a cabinet position.. depends on whether it's the Clinton or Bush paradigm :}

I like Ike... that's my slogan, I'm like Ike....  and then it'll get compared to hurricane Ike, and that's when I'll nail HAARP.

Here's my campaign theme songs...

Notice this guy's name..  :} soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 10 - Mr Eisenhower

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)

Obama.. this is real bottom up management. Presidents think they'r ethe boss... this man, patriot, is a fine American example of someone who keeps the dream, the promise of God whether he understands that or not. And is, therefore, one of my billiions of leaders.

And, by the way, he does understand the material and spiritual sides of the war that is actually going on.  Dedicated to Sarah Palin, with prayers for her son.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 01 - There's A War On

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 03 - Red, White & Blue

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 07 - In the Year of 911

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Charles Rehn - Prayer in Song

9/15 - 11:15pm... Again, the historical thing came from the media getting me to think of it in terms tha tway... one more way to make it look like a display of arrogance. At one point, the psyops guys had me numbering paragraphs. Anything to make it look weird... that's psychotronics for ya... ANd I'm not trying to entertain people. If I was doing that, you'd be hearing some really slikc production. THis site, other the foul language and weird stuff because of psychotronics, is how I usually tend to talk to people.. not so direct.. but i s generally how I try to communicate.

I have my own version of the parting  of the  Red Sea. First, it was cool that it was possible that Mt. Aetna erupted, and Moses lifted his hands just at the right moment when the tide went out and allowed the people to crosss. God works in mysterious ways.

Then, my version, relevant to today... which is"and still, he extends his hands", and , in separating the wheat from the chaffe... he divides the sea of people between those who are "read" and those who are not, to know who needs to be assisted... just one way of projecting the holographic nature of paradigms...

I guess Donnie doesn't want to do that song.. so I'll probably give it to someone else. He does good music though, I'll give him that.

9/6/2008 3:21 PM The other night, I was listening to Lindsay Graham talk about footnotes in history, and I thought, I have a couple for him. So I wrote the first of   them in my memos to John McCain. I thought it would be only fitting that I begin with footnotes about the man who inspired this web page. I always like to give credit where credit is due. Talk about Aesopian remarks about littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) the Federal Reserve   :}

My original footnotes were: soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Ace - How Long Has This Been Going On?
Lindsay Graham: Foams at mouth and gets excited when preaching hate
Joe Lieberman: Anything for a nuke
Sarah Palin - littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Is she uninformed or complicit? Apparently, complicit.

Since then.. I can only comment that I look forward to the joint appearance of John McCain and Barack Obama at the site of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Attacks. If only they'd really smoke a joint first, maybe we'd hear some truth for a change.

I say that, giggling, because among all the other interesting positive things I've learned about cannabis that I didn't already know, is that the CIA did some research long ago, and determined that among all the hallucinogenic drugs and other methods they used to come up with a truth serum for interrogating prisoners... the best truth serum is marijuana. :}:} They said there's little evidence of the research, except for the stories told to the researcher's friends (guess he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Unfortunately, they said the research was only done on one man, but I am concerned it's related to a great number of atrocities.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) 10 CC - The Wall Street Shuffle

9/7/2008 - 1:24am PT - The current facade of the Bush adminsitration and the Federal Reserve to supposedly bail out Americans by bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a repeat of a bad dream/scheme hatched in 1938 during the depression in order to relieve bankers of debt and supply them with new interest bearing cash, for new loans. In both ways, the bankers, this time with the front-runner being Morgan Stanley, get money to be relieved of debt while lending the money for the buyout to the government at high interest rates... all of which taxpayers pay for as well. This is like the investors in these organizations getting paid 3 times their money, and still retaining the right to foreclose when the economy collapses due to the debt accumulated by the Republican and Democratic Parties over the last ... 8  years... 16 years (when you consider long term debt)   and over 100 years when you consider the scope and duration of the conspiracy to successfully steal unearned money from America... with the aid of our government.

So George and friends... no, no, no.. If you do this, then you'll really be leaving your friends in the lurch. I think they've been paid enough. Guess we will have to change currency. But that's okay, because you've all proven money is easy to print. What I want to know is, how much have you guys made off of turning coal into diamonds at the JPL linear accelerator? Pretty neat trick. Who needs blood diamonds, anyway? Can you say Loral?

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - Untouchable & Free


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