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Back in 2002, I started using my site to conduct what I'll call "back channel communicaitons" with the corporate media, the U.S. Gov't and other domestic & global world leaders. I have to admit, I thought it was unusual as well. But it was happening, continues to occur, and while I don't expect you to, researching this web site would actually provide you ample evidence that this claim is true.

This is where I literally represent the interests of United States Citizens, Citizens of all nations to those who seek to control the world using economic coercion/slavery and military might against the will of the citizens and the will of God.

You have no idea how much I wish the crimes and evil and policies I comment on weren't true. They just are.

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A Conversation With America & the World
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Members of the United States Government and other world leaders often use what is called Aesopian Languaging to speak to each other and coummunicate with each other in a way that allows them to say things with plausible deniability. Aesopian Language is described as this, in Wikipedia:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

What is written here, in this journal  is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

For those who understand, this is page 9. The previous page is at: 20100214thru20101008creatingtheholodeckphase7.htm This page andf others contain graphic materials included for the sole purpose of provifding documentation regarding the egregious crimes committed against me and others by the United States Government, Weed & Seed, Neighborhood Initiatives, Faith Based Charities that have become psyop fronts, & Community Watch groups used to to damage and violate national and internation civil and human rights laws. These are recorded for the purposes of later prosecution of the corrupt government.

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Plagiarism, & the attempted overthrow of America & the Kingdom of God

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This is one of those pages you won't want to believe now, but will find out is true later.




Oreos menas: Orwellian Newspeak or spin

Reptilians means people who are of the snake that makes its way around the world, of the Council on Foreign Relations kind.


All Glory to Almighty God the Creator

A Note From The Desk Of Chuck Rehn

"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"
---- Barack Obama


10/9/2010 8:03am Awakened around 5am or so.. of course, more firewood was missing, and the car doesn't run. I want to recommend that people read the explanation above, and when you start torealize what I'm telling you, read the previous page and know that the sick stuff written there is the result of government crimes.

Last night, I was thinking about someone I met while working at Borland, a key customer working for a large corporation, who had been in a cultish kind of group that claims religious standing... she had chronic fatigue... and theonly thing that helped her was chelation therapy... and that meant filtering all of her blood for months to remove the heavy metals... I remember findoing out that Jews were most likely to get Ries/Barre Syndrome?... and even more now, it makes me believe there is a genune holocaust occurring - genocide against the Jews around the world to provide the rising of the "remnant"... and even the actions of Israel suggest they are using it as bait to start a larger war and destroy themselves... the nuclear waste dumped into the Gulf of Aiden to kill Somalia and a few other Muslim Nations WILL end up killing Israel by nuclear radiation whether Armageddon happens publicly or covertly.

Also being mass murdered by the United States, using nuclear waste as dirty bombs, in Arab nations by using nuclear waste to make bombs and bullets.. leaving a trail of genocidal nuclear war... to kill Muslims, because if you read the Koran, you'd know Muhammad really was actually attempting to assist Christians.. as well as provide advice to Christ in the Second Coming, as well as other Christian prophets... anyone who say Muslims are horrible people because of the Koran either aren't really Chrisitans or just haven't read it. And there are questions I have regarding a few things it says, but its happening, just like Revelations, and in the same ways.

About depleted uranium - ask an Iraq Veteran if they ever stayed away when tanks were hit with RPG because they were afraid of the radiation.. and then figure out why the government said that returning vets are potential homegrown terrorists. Anything to diminish their credibility. And they it's all PTSD, instead of radiation poisoning, psychotronics and actually murder of our soldiers who are witnesses to the crimes of our government.

And the psychotronics psyops people claim pride in walking over the top of our soldiers blood for their cause. Psyops people employed by the U.S. Government.

I wondered for along time why the government would want to kill me and the people in this household, and it becomes more clear all the time... especially Lynn, and her work with the government and Landmark Education/EST. For me, I can see lots of reasons that actually don't make sense but exist... I wrote a thing called Auschwitz in America a while back, a time when I thought I might die from the attacks.. I'm about 6'3" then.. 119 pounds. I'm down to 106. And after writing that, I found out something I'd figured was true for some time, I'm Jewish. Among other things. And I suffer torture every day.

Unfortunately, I also realized along thew way, these last 10 years, that the United States Government actually has been overthrown and we, the people have been deceived and brutalized by th esame people who financed the Nazis in World War II. The previous pages of creating the Holodeck document the discussions I've had with the government and media, and the crimes committed against us, this nation, the world, and this household ,, which includes a Quaker credited with saving 20 million lives in her career before she was attacked with electronic weapons and suffered a stroke.... for a description of her work, see www.thePeaceAlliance.org or ask Dot Maver and Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis, this is one of our favorite songs..Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Peace Train

The world needs a Healer Dennis... Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 01 - Healer Universal Church of the Kingdom of God instead of this Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 11 - Tiny Demons

With that, Dennis, and my knowledge of your knowledge of the Space Preservation Act of 2001... the previous page is truly an example of the work of the United States Government killing its own citizens because of sick plans from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, Satanists... and Dennis.. I'm so disgusted with you. And all the rest of you Centrists... remember, I sent word to California about my intentions, which are legal and peaceful, and if the government attacks me there, I will press charges in every jurisdiction after the report goes to the Hague. And anything I've said to people about testifying on their behalf should consider that a Holy Promise.

Regarding Holy Promises: this is what the United States and the World is up against, with a few notes of my own in response to the Satanists. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Banned in the 50's by the same people who didn't want you to know what they're doing. It was even taken out of the Bible. See: Lutherans, 1957. The only and last Bible I ever found reference to the Elders of Zion, as described in Ezekiel as the Ancients of Israel.

With that, read What is Psychotronics... and by the Barack, as I now return to regular programming, I WILL continue to claim that you are the instrumental person to complete the task of forcibly overthrowing the government of the United States and whatever name you want to use, including what Boehnert says is Socialist Democrats, otherwise known as Democratic Socialists, which is the same thing the German Nazis call themselves.

Being German and Jewish, a Christian, I take great offense. And the previous pages of creating the holodeck describe the incredible perversity of the Nazis. Tell Napolitano, Gates, Panetta and Carville hi for me, and tell Hillary the attacks on enamel dental appliances will be the end of them in the United States.

To all the pervrt U.S. Contractors who use the same perversity with psychotronics... I see no difference between you and the worst perverted se perverts and criminals in theworld. Folks, when reading this, remember I'll have hundreds of victims ready to testify against you. With 1 phone call. All over the United States and the world. Anywhere I go.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 16 - Outrageous - Paul Simon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Rough Boy

I'm getting harrassed to say something something perverse by the DHS Weed and Seed psychotronics guys... they love being mentioned.. that's the problem with abusive people.. like certain police in Thurston County who assist in setting people up to seem like mentally ill and violent people.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A02 - Without You

10/11/2010 12:10 Dateline: Unity New Hampshire: Magic Internet Pages: I was checking out an internet scam today on 419legal.org, and happened upon the name of an attorney named Jack Reese... same name as the press secretary in New Hampshire, apparently for John Edwards but working with Mindy.... for Obama .. the Clintons... and... so I accidentally ended up on a site looking up attoreny names, things and I'm awaiting an answer on the Sokolove maneuver... accidentally foun him while looking for it on Facebook, I think, never did... nice to know attorneys like that are out there... great biomedical and technology background.. target rich environment.... the accident was finding the same name as Baracks press secretary for that great Unity event... does he rock Barack?

Somehow, while surfing, I saw the media Matters article about Byron Williams and his anger at the government, exascerbated by Glenn Beck, he says... I understand the confusion when half truths are placed in news about bad situations... like the thing about Jews and Druids way back when when we knew the difference in terms of the supposed "great Jewish Conspiracy"... a fact that is not as relevant today except in terms of the paradigms and dialectics used by the "elder" who led people astray... 

Interesting, he's from a place I used to love living, especially before I recently realized how I'd been psyopped there, and hit with psychotronics... in fact, last time I was there, the house I'd been living in had a red front door, and that color clashed with the house color. Sounds familiar.

Last time I went to live there, a woman was murdered... and it's weird because the San Jose police officer I made friends with there gave a chest type freezer.. and this woman who got murdered had been killed and put into a chest type freezer for a while... and that officer I'm certain was part of the psyops.. and this guy Byron Williams sounds like the profile of someone being psyopped.. like Weed and Seed...   I use that term loosely, but another way to say legitimate groups that become fronts for covert and illegal activities by people with other "duties" that many may not know about who are also involved. I'm speaking about the fronts for someone of these deathsquads Sarah Palin didn't tell you are already in operation....

Caught a few headlines today.. things are going about the way I expected....

Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B05 - Kite Dreams

Last night's question from the BFMAN for the magic Bible verses was "Why is there air?"  I read for a while from his selected book, Kabala as a verb, by David A Cooper, and I read for a while, being kidded about how it didn't give me a dirct answer.. and I chuckled and said so what as I read and read about people who should practice speaking without gossiping, and concluded that it must be because we waste so much time talking hot air about  other people... I remember Landmark talking about gossipping.... all the time and harm done by it.. about how we criticize people for what we don't like about ourselves... and waste 50% of our time talking about other people. I don't. I also remember Priscilla talking about "we're killing our leaders".... the real ones.. when speaking most of Martin Luther King... Dirisive propaganda, divisionism, racism, bigotry, suppression, oppression, assassination.. humiliation and extermination...

One of the best parts I read in it was about a guy, a rabbi, who was respected that people would gather for him to appear and speak to them, knowing he would always be late, sometimes hours, because talong the way, he always found someone to help, and that was more important to him than being in a hurry to get somewhere, especially to preach to the choir.

Last night I read about Schnookers, and this one man who was going to give money to a schnooker, a beggar, while praying, and asked the beggar if he could make change for a fifty, and the beggar pulled out a bankroll and gave him $40 change... and then commented that it would appear to most people that this beggar actually had more than he needed, but the man also knew this man begged for a number of families/people... another story about a man who walked around begging, happy, getting lots of charity, and another, crippled, getting very little, and the man who was happy shared his gifts with the man less fortunate.

And he was talking about what a gift from God it is for the opportunity to give... as opposed to believing that if you make your bed, lie in it.. like, too bad for the lazy poor beggars who aren't worthy of anything but a kick in the butt and ridicule. For a moment, I thought of myself, and that story of the cowboy in Crescent City, and being glad God put me there to feed him a meal and make sure he got a ride... and then always the feeling I wish I had more to give, feeling guilty and selfish, knowing I always could have given more..

Why is there air? I couldn't decide if God had decided not to answer a stupid question , or if it meant for some people to have enough air to do all their gossipping with.. which for some people, would take alot...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leo Sayer - Endless Flight - B45 - I Hear the Laughter

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Monkees - Daydream Believer

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - I Am I Said

There are people who want you to know they're not Nazis, but the idea it's just a job what you do is not really a good idea... or ethical, legal or even loyal to the nation...

10/12/2010 5:29am People who quote Leviticus, and air people quoting Leviticus, need to remember there's a New testament.. for those who don't acknowledge it, Leviticus works well... and it rarely speaks well of those who forget the Golden Rule, especially when it comes to gay people, and thinking it's funny to wear Nazi uniforms... but at least it takes the edge off the idea of Nazis in this country... of course the Nazis would want to make sure that happens.

Last night, BFMAN told me that I wasn't allowed to read the Bible unless they asked me a question and proved that God does  magic Bible verses to keep me connectwed despite the U.S. Government torture and psyops... and they were harrassing about life after death, a what happens next, and how Irefuse to tell people exactly what's going to happen, heaven and hell and all, as I take instruction from the Bible not to talk about the "here after" or, after here... and I just quote the Bible usually, about double back adnd so forth. And when they told me what they would do to me, torturing me by jamming my tooth into my jaw, I said, you're creating hell, and probably what'll happen is that you'll come back to the material world, wherever hell is,in a  new body, and you'll remember who you were in your previous life, and you'll try to tell people, and they'll laugh and call you crazy. They'll treat you like you're   aworthless mentally ill person who nobody cares about, just like the U.S. Government does after setting people up for blue line/redline eradication.

He decided to criticize the answer to why is there air? ANd I said, as far as I'm concerned, it answered it, but God decided not to answer stupid questions of people whoare bigots and immoral. So Iopened the Bible just at that moment and read:

Leviticus 26:18 And if ye will not yet for all this harken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.

It goes on and tells the story of the United States' decline in ethics nad morality, and what the penalities will be.

And then, of course, I looked above where I began, Leviticus 26:14... and then 16.. and if Chrisitians understood this passage, they'd realize that Christians were "put" in the United States to guard against evil and to help shape a nation and keep it on the moral high ground... not to be the honored, at least at first, but the workers of God, with a mission... and they attempted the mission, and have not succeeded, and forunately God foresees these things, as He did throughout the Bible, and still promised the Abrahamic covenant.. despite the Israelite failures... Israelite meaning those of the 12 tribes.. the real chosen people and their descendants... and they're not just in the United States or Israel...

People would likely think that the covenant He promised no matter what was for the nation of Israel... but it was foor the chosen people...  those sealed unto God, and the covenant will be kept with them... Remember too, it refers to iron and brass. Iron is me, China is Bronze.. is India brass?

So, you really should read that part of Leviticus, see that it's actually happening in the world, remember that Revelations and the supposed wrath of God are mostly the doing of Satan with God warning us of it, hoping we'd listen and heed the requirement to remain true to His word, and not get memo 46'd, like we've done...  anyway.. if you want to understand wht's happening in the United States and around the world as many armageddons and taking shape... read this chapter of Leviticus.

The only qualifier I have is exemplified in the new peace accords by tho Obama Administration, and the continued roadmap to peace in Israel/Gaza/WestBank... which is war, destruction of land and property, and humiliation and extermination of the remnant and other races to purify it like Hitler wanted to do... and I would have ended up in Auschwitz with the Jews and those with birth defects.. and worse..  but since CLinton and the world failed at settling the Israeli issue in 48 years, all covenants are off. And time was changed in the time of Constantine, just as the "wobble" is changing it now. Just as an airplane and a few jets and choppers have laid down chemtrails and more to show me the current orbit of the earth on its current axis... apparently the location of north is changing, if I read the signs right...

So then, BFMAN gave me a hard tim eabout this reading, and I was being harrassed for a while and decided to read somewhere else in the Bible, remembering I told Him no more questions, I was just going to let God tell me what He wants me to know today.. and BFMAN once again did not get the answer he wanted.. like people who wear tuxedos... and whil ehe was harrassing me I opened up the Bible to:

Ezekiel 25:1  The word of the Lod came again unto me, saying,

2 Son of man, set thy faace against the Ammonites, and prophesy against them

3 And say unto the Ammonites, Hear the word of the Lord God; thus saith the Lord God;Because thou saidst, Aha, against my sanctuary, when it was profaned; and against the land of Israel, when it was desolate; and against the house of Judah, when they went into captivity

It goes on.. there's a linethat makes t seem like God is always saying things like, "I will destroy you for not obeying".. and then "Then you will know that I am the Lord" as if saying, told ya so..

Instead of the wrath of God inthose kinds of words, understand, God tries to warn us, Himself and through prophets,and He always hoped that by forewarning us of what our actions would cause, our destruction, that people would realize that He wasn't boasting, He was hoping that people realize they could trust Him to give them the wisdom they needed when they needed it, when free will began to go awry... and instead of taking His words as warnings, the could only hear His wisdom as threats, and wrote it as such, and it could only be because they knew THEY were so guilty. So they just blame it on God, and claim God never keeps HIS promises...

Again, for those people in the ministry who rather dwell in political apostasy, in League with the Council on Foreign Relations, endorsing this government and its truly evil policies as well as the genocide they commit against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.... those who have long since stopped seeking or being willing to listen to truth, who made a promise to God and broke it.... this passage in Leviticus and in Ezekiel kind of tells the story of the world today, and why the rippling effects create the wages of sin.

The other day, Lynn mildly overworked  amuscle in her back, it was a little  sore.. she went tothe bank, rubbed the base of her back with her hand, and the teller asked her if she was having back problems, told Lynn hang on, she called a chiropractor, and Lynn wwas fit in for an appointment. She's been suffering greatly since. And has not had any sort of back problems for years... but they did a good job of attempting plausible deniability on this one... problem is, when I left Landmark in DC an couldn't get there the last day to take care of Lynn with with a backache.. she hasn't had anty actual back problems for over 10 years... and this simple sore muscle did not require putting her back out of alignment to emulate sciatica by this chiropractor. Which reminds me, she's been unable to get  apresciption for her blood pressure... leaving her vulnerable to stroke... especially given the psychotronic attacks she's been subjected to to kill her. Talk about humiliate and exterminate... I can't wait to explain it to her friends. I have called the police, I've contacted theState Attrorney General and many more to remedy this... some would say we should give up. I say, read Leviticus.

Weed and Seed, Neighborhood Inititiatives.. Community clubs.. who needs friends like that. But, at least I have a tie tac, thanks to Rotary. I'd go foor french cuff links, but Idon't think Lynn could withstand any more torture in order for me to get worthless junk like that as the town attempts to destroy us on behalf of....

Note to gay people: I"m going to make these homophobes wish they were gay. And what I mean by that is, they should only hope to be such decent people.

God puts people in bodies by spirit. Every person, everything has a spirit, and is valued by God, and anyone who condemns another person for reasons they don't care to understand, will get double back.. and according to Leviticus, 7 times. Because the abomination is the hatred and bigotry toward God's creations, and the pollution of the world and His word.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 07 - Back to the Middle

God's always on point.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - Sweet Liberty

The Native Americans say that us white people never found the freedom we intended to find. Just listened to Sweet Liberty.. kinda say sit all.. but just in case, for Time Warner and GE, and the faithful

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - Share The Land

I decided that  was a good foolow up song to Sweet Liberty.. just as this started playing...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jim Croce - I Got A Name

Is Jim Dela Croce Jim Croce's son, and would Linda approve? And would HIS father Do the Right Thing? even if it's not the best thing for his client?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - The Wind

I have to go a way.. God's way.. I hope the remnant will follow.

Barack, by special request from you rrepresentative in torture, the BFMAN...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Something Anything - Black Maria

and, for the fun of it...Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Something Anything - Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me

Soemthing about audacity, Barack, Anything but what you have

Tom, Jane, Barbara, Bryant.. remember whenn you explained to the poeople on the Today Show what this symbol means? I used to draw it all the time after you told people about that and Sir Duke.










It's never exactly perfect, but, at the end of the day, peace is peace.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Wrestle A Live Nude Girl

I think God's being a little defiant today, and telling certain people things I doubt they'd want to hear, and it isn't about sex. So, about...

6:51am I was sitting here listening to psychotronics, and someone smade a joke about magic Bible verrses, and I said, askl any question and whtever I turn to, it WILL be the right answer. I don't know if theyasked anything or not. But the answer was...

Psalms 109:30 and I read through 110:7  See if that answers any questions for you.

Ricky Nelson - Garden Party

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Something about Iraq and the Garden of Eden.....

10/13/2010 7:32am  Part of last night's interrogation including questioning about Lynn and the Rothschilds... she was in Germany leading an event, and someone offered her, and others, in a typical plausible deniability way, and it was the Exec Dir of CNVC who turned it down. The funny part is, the way Lynn explained it, she said, she was thinking maybe if it was at the Rothschild Palace, she could get $250 per person for a dinner fundraiser.. I was sitting there thinking 10,000,   100,000    a mil... :}:}:} I'll bet it's pretty. But the timing and all was perfect, and I still say it was an attempted memo 46

Corinthians.. ended up there last night.. I did some research :} Cheerful in Greek means hilarious. I still say it means more like willing and happy to be so... in today's language, without any further explanation, it would be someone ridiculing someone else to call them a hilarious giver, like you'd be laughing at them... unless you believed the person who thought you were hilarious appreciated your open heart and intent and sense of humor.. it must have been somewhere else in the Bible too, because I don't recall seeing a footnote on that one before, in this case, it did... the Greek synonym, that is..

Psychotronics lately has been as if it was like I'm supposed to throw my book into the Sound as I leave, asif the paradigms in the Bible are to be emulated, as opposed to being guidance about how certain paradigms work out, and why at tipping points, a different path is taken to avoid the failed part of the result of a paradigm... I won't be throwing anything in the Sound, unless I don't sell the rototiller for $450 before I leave. I'll make sure it's clean, it could create a coral reef like they do in Florida... Besides, I rarely throw anything away...

Social Security.. I was filling out some papers yesterday, and looked at what people on disability and Social Security have togo through... and the thing is, i you disagree with what the admin says you deserve, the only real recourse you have is to simply request they look at the same info again and ask them to make a new decision.. but the forms you fill out for things  make it clear tha tit's unlikely you'll get   a different decision.. and then you can have a non-opadid friend in a hearing, if they allow one, and then if you want an attorney, and want to pay them, the SS Admin has the right to decide whether you can pay them or not, and then they withhold it from your benefit check. Meaning, they decide whether you can have a paid attorney to represent you.. and if they won't allow you to pay an attorney, what attorney would help? And it means, they already know they're going to turn you down, or like any insurance company, they're looking for a way to discourage you.

To me, it's fraud by the government on an insurance policy paid for for decades on a policy you're required to pay for with terms and benefits you have no choice about, and can be reduced or denied arbitrarily. In this case, it's clear the government changed thelaws long ago for the people who would get a rude awakening when it was their legitimate time to collect the benefits...

Democracy Now.. check this out... I accidentally came across some reports on the Social Security weebsite that shows all sorts of interesting things.. democgraphics, ages of fertility rates since around 1900... fertility rates meaning how many children th eaverage woman has when she has them.. was about 3.4 around 1900, now I think the projected rate is 2.2  ,... in1997 the Clinton Administration created a projection of fertility rates beyond 2030...

Interesting points: Increasing birth rates timed about the right time to increase troop level s when the country is preparing for war:  of course, birth booms after war to replenish supplies of troops... and in the "scheme" thoughts of reducin gpopulation while provoking what is at the moment covert global warfare with fewer troops, t means the u.s. is vulnerable and declining in population based on projections: retired like I was telling Dobbs in 2002.

Disturbing trend: downward fertility rates, with rates reduced in the "wealthy sectors", a slight decrease then a cinstent population line in the middle class, with impoversihed citizens greatly climbing around 2030... furhter, if you check the projections, it's odd that during the Clinton years the numbers started showng that from then and beyond, the rate of teenage and young people pregnancy increases extremely. Consider that with the idea that we claim that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, and th eidea that the U.N. should be able totake children away from bad parents, and the idea that Chrisitians have been memo 46'd on right to life to allow the government to gain custody of a whole lot of children put up in foster and adoptive care, or simply in government custody.. an theproblem with that is, Bush signed legislation saying anyone in government custody, as a minor, would be subject to medical experimentation or whatever the government wants to use them for. Like lab rats... or kids hearing voices thru psychotronics, mind to mind communications, thinking it's normal like robots taking orders from their voices.. taking orders tobust their parents so the government can own them.

The Bible says things about  the young people basically having to wake up the older people,in a sort of a Jimmy Neutron scenario, and I hate to use this word again like this.. but the Nazis emulated such a thing with the Youth Corps and getting oundg people and churches to help the same way, but for the wrong, evil reasons. Jimy Neutron because the older people take medicine and cost the government money on entitlements deserved and legislatively and life expectancy wise are being covertly taken away. Even more, the older people have the knowledge and history.... that should have been passed down to the children, which would have included how government get out of control, turn evil, and must be corrected. That history is part of what goverments  going to war get rid of in countries, like Iraq, to get rid of leaders, like clerics, ministers, politicians,historians, teachers and honest legal people... anyone who could be an able danger against the aggressors.

People like me are going to do what George Bush called revisionist history. They revised it long ago into lies, we'll revise it by having the truth be known. And if it causes problems between the citizens and the government, it's the government's fault for deception upon deception upon deception.

Final note: I'm all for right to life, and choice. But beside the birth control/abortion issue, I'm actually in favor of intelligent family planning.. having nothing to do with contraception, but enseuring that a child has a solid place to live and the parents having resources to raise a child and give them the education and al they need.. as a choice.. not an accident.. despite my parents saying, if you wait to have a child til you can afford it, you'll never have one. That was along time ago, when money went further, and this was  still the land of opportunity..

The idea of population control and reduction is a valid governmental issue, not to decide and covertly do it by ways like introducing soy beans as a food staple as a healthier choice... and I'm not criticizing soy, although it appears there might be better choices...

At the same time, I still say that given proper administration and the willingness to provide equality, there's more than enough open land, water and food for my goal: Global Peace and Abundance For All. And lots more people and their spirits...

Nuff for now.. bureaucracy calls.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - I've Got The Melody (Deep In My Heart)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Todd Rundgren - Healing - 01 - Healer

10/14/2010 5:17am Awakened at 3am today. The U.S. Government uses sleep deprivation as on eof its primary tools to get people to do stupid things. I'm kind of used to it.....

Woke up thinking about all the weird setups I've been subjected to (as BFMAN tries to silence me with perverted language that gets really old). I've given thought to when I recognize weird things that happened, the first time it might have happened to me, things that couldn't really be explained by normal explanations, though cover stories or white lies got other people off the hook... Unfortunately, I can easily see these weird things happening to me, and my family, since the time I was in elementary school...  things that made it appear like I was involved with things I wasn't... being used, I think, to catch people doing things that also made me look like I was involved in their crimes that I didn't even know they were committing...

Of course it's an interesting ploy to have all those things happen, and then, when it matters, to use it to say I was a bad person, and then to also say I was insane for believing so many things in my life were other people's fault... and then to relate all those things to the activities of these people in the last 10 years, and realizing it was an interesting dialectic to have it result that if and when I should attempt to make myself into a politician or public figure.. skull and bones would have me.

It's pretty obvious I'm being put through the PMS scenario again, without the "bimbo" portion  of the show... just the course to homelessnness, and like before, using dews and psychotronics to make it impossible to make proper preparations, increasing the likelihood of sheer homelessness for myself and Lynn. And all I know is that getting out of here will put an end to it all, no matter what. And the efforts to stop me will simply make the entire case irrefutable and unignorable.

Thank you to the United States Government for showing me why Patrick Henry refused to participate with evil.

If there's anything I can pinpoint, at least for my own involvement, is that my problems began the day Nixon came to our house in East Palo Alto... and it was clear to me that my dad was burning in his association with Prescott Bush, the Skull and Bones/Mason/Free Mason groups, and probably the CIA. And it's veryu cleeaqr that the allegories of certain things of animals in our family that were vaguely described as "lab rats" or rare species that my dad didn't want experimented on, but just disappeared anyway. And the thing is, the connecting dot on a bunch of them was Stanford University. Hoover Institute I presume, MK-Ultra/Monarch, Ampex, the CIA, Time Inc. , GE..............

I think about the times people - it appears - wanted me to listen to short wave.. the psychotronics guys want me to believe my brain transmits on short wave... commander solo can do lots of things.. I don't buy it.. wouldn't want to.. and who in the worl dwould believe it's an appropriate thing to do to anyone.. let alone convince others it was the mind of a crazy person, when the only craziness is the part the sickos in the government force me to hear.

I always wanted to go to Stanford to study Constitutional law, to be a lawyer... maybe the deal is I'm supposed to get a lawyer from Stanford... but, I think a lawyer from another country who has no political ties to this government would be better. And somethign tells me people in other countries would actually be interested in God's word.

I was printing out some documents yesterday... looked over and saw a book by Granny D on the floor at the foot of the bookcase.. I looked inside, of course she had signed it and wrote a quick note to Lynn, when I noticed the foreward was written by Bill Moyers.

I keep wondering how to say to the people of the United States that the United States Government has been  violently overthrown by the United States Government...  if they could only realize that our economic problems, and those of the world right now caused by the global economic collapse requiring $700 bil payoffs to supposedly avert economic disaster, global war.. only to finance it.. and take the U.S.   and other countries down just like we, the great moral high ground policemen of the world, took ourselves down the same way we supposedly triumphantly took down the Soviet Union... for the Illuminati, the anti-Christ. No wonder my mom and dad knew that the anti-Christ was in the world, and it would come to an end in this generation.

I said a while back that my respect for my father was greater the more I realized about him. I respect him even more today.

And I'm glad God trusted me.

Holly Near - Edge - 11 - Didn't You Mean To Say

Jose Feliciano - Rain

Helen Reddy - Peaceful

We gotta get God some new songs in the rotation. I saw Helen Reddy come up and I thought, God, don't tell me I'm now supposed to sspeak out against women in the ministry... supposed to be emnity between woman and Satan, and I think the inside story is more like emnity between God and a few people.. and I get stuck reconciling it. Fortunately, I turned down the job twith the description all of the responsibility with none of the authority.

And be sure to tell Barack and the Council and the ministers of America that it's reprehensible, and I will make sure to returnn the favor of using ministers and God to kill people. Religion is not the opiate of the massess. Apostasy is. And God says apostasy comes in the form of ministers, politicians traitors and worse. We got em all, and all you have to do is turn on the tv...

I think we ought to make acquiescence an unforgiveable sin. And the Good Samaritan story should always have a better ending.

No good deed goes unpunished.. one more bit of wisdom Dobbs shared with the world one day... I was thinking alot last night about roots.. getting back to basics... how I was gonna grow my own potatoes and peanuts and asparagus and all sorts of things I always wanted to try growing, see what the plants looked like and how good they would taste, fresh from a healthy garden... I love to watch plants grow, through all their beautiful stages.. I put my hand close to an orchid yesterday, and I'm not sure, and they did it slowly, but I think they sort of were attracted to my hand as their flower petals seemed to bend toward me...  I thought I saw one do it when Lynn was watering it, so I thought I'd try it.... and I was thinking about what hard work it is to grow things in the ground, dig them up with hard labor and do it in a way that didn't damage the food.. potatoes or whatever.. but how all that work was worth it... because the result couldn't possibly be better..

Of course, then I wondered if it was the Russians or the Germans (immigrants) who survived Oregon winters with potatoes.... :} something about old Uncle Ulysses and me wanting to get to live in Oregon, and never quite making it due to the need to be president or something instead, you know fiight wars, hold off the Illuminati, and keeping the Gold Standard, the thing that would kept us all free if more Presidents had been honest and had more guts and integrity.. but then, there's a reason they were allowed to be elected...

Jimmy Carter.. if any policitican other than Ted Kennedy has ever disappointed me, it's you. Don't forget, I always said you were the most underrated president we ever had.. currently, I say unnderrated regarding the level of deception and perversity you brought to this world, and I know people will dislike me for saying that.. until they know the truth, and when I find out why some intel guy visited me when your watch began when I worked at Sears in Eureka, wanting to know what I knew of my father's work. I hope the Rockefellers paid you well. Something about the eye of a needle.

And to the DNC chair of Washington State in Spokane I wrote to years ago.. thanks for letting me know I'd humiliate myself by running for president.. I'm gonna return that favor too.

It's weird how I ended up opening the Bible last night, as Idid thinking, here's a spot in the Bible that doesn't look like Ie turned to it before.. and I read, and it led me back to a story.. this time the long version, a part of Ezekiel. I get Ezekiel alot lately... I just looked down and saw this: Ezekiel 16:59 I wonder what happened in 1659? anyway...

Ezekiel 16:59 For thus saith the Lord God; I will even deal with thee as thou hast done, which hast despised the oath in breaking the covenant.

God talks to me 24 hours a day.. I wish He'd stop sometimes, everywhere I look He makes me listen to wisdom, and gets old.. I think He must be lonely, and really wanting to be here with us. But I'm glad to kow it's actually impossible to break the connection with God.

You'd have thought the CIA would have learned that by now.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pointer Sisters - He's So Shy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steely Dan - Gaslighting Abbie

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 07 - Don't Know When

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Silver & Gold

Start reading at Ezekiel 15

Of course, I decided to listen to some music to life my spirits, got to Jacksn Browne, the Pretender, but I decide d the next song on the list would be better, one of my favorite tunes from early on in the themes of the DemocraticFundamentalism site.. where it all began ....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

It's called choice. One of my other theme songs was this

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

Vestal710002.jpg (9475 bytes)

This song dedicated to CNN

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nassiri - Love Sees No Color - 101 - Love Sees No Color

Something about "The Mystery of Jesus"

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bruce Springsteen - The Rising - 04 - Nothing Man

God bless the citizens of the world.

10/15/2010 9:04am Up around 3:30 or 4am.. not by choice.. I figure I've had about 20 hours sleep in the last 5 days or so... sleep deprivation.. the first step in a psyop to take people down... like 40+% of the U.S. Public.

Lynn had to go to a doctor's appointment this morning t check for diabetes.. woke up, and realized she couldn't take her medications for pain without milk for her stomach... normally I'd have driven her, but the need to protect the property and premises keeps me from doing that... speaking of which,. The trailer tires were low, not by accident, filled em up yesterday, someone cam ein the yard and let the air out again.. these guys will do anything to make sure that I break down on the road and lose the evidence, let alone my life... car still isn't running, but should be minor if clunker oil hasn't been added or kerosene isn't in th efue, as has been threatened and is a legitimate threat.. most of the vandalism occurs early at night, dark enough for cover but early enough so I hear it just before they run away before I can catch them... the tires, I presume were deflated this morning when the guy ame y to wake me up with psychotronics... as the firewood slowly still disappears... our primary source of heat is a wood fire...

This morning, I woke up to a "gentle touch" of psychotronic harassment, someone interrogating me to determine my intentions regarding filing charges and so forth, running for president, which I will as a  resident of California, and it was clear I was delaing with someone who wanted to get a psychological profile, apparently the next person who thinks they're hot psyops perps with impunity.. another one who likes to get written about here becuaae they think they'll never get caught, and like the FBI will tell you, they love to flaunt their crimes like a challenge and a game.. and provides prove of their criminal insanity that is with malice and forethought... like serial killers... that they are.

The tooth torture is extremely painful, and Lynn gets hit with dews and psychotronics whenever she takes pain medications.. to make her dread taking the medicine that would give her relief, aversion therapy, and the pain is caused by the U.S. Government military weapons. When the U.S. Government tells you to get involved and be a responsible good samaritan sentence, just remember that Lynn is credited with saving 20 million lives, and this is the way the United States Government reqards good citizens.

Speaking of which, someone she introduced to the United States and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus was on the Simpsons not long ago.. and of course, now, he's received the Congressional Medal of Honor so that congress can memo 46 him... that effort spearheaded by Sam Daley Harris and Results, memo 46'd by Bill Gates... Gotta get the whole gang in there to take away the credit Lynn deserves for the International success of the Grameen Foundation....   apparently Lynn sought grants from Gates long ago for Yunus, and was turned down, but now, Gates is a big tme donor to Results... Love life, Bill. Of course, despite Yunus saying Lynn was on the Grameen board as a founding member for life, she was pushed out after asking Stephen Rockefeller how it felt to be involved in so many humanitarian efforts knowing that the money it came from was from evil, ill-gotten gains...

OReilly.. caught the first few minutes of the show last night. Muslims did not bomb the twin towers, unless Bush and his childhood friend Osama are Muslims. If I'd been Whoopee, I'd have not come back, and maybe had security guards remove Barabara. After all Barbara, what's  wrong with Whoopee and others demanding that the truth be told? Maybe had her arrested for perpetrating a public hoax on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations, the real reason she got all those great interviews over the years... they could trust her to not ask the difficult questions....

It's one thing to have and promote discussions.. it's another to require that their baseline perpetuate lies to cover for dirty politicians.

Speaking of politics.. watched Ancient Aliens on the History Channel last night (I think of it as the revisionist history channel, along with Discovery and a few others) and I was sitting there, and noticed a discussion of FDR, Franklin Roosevelt, and it looked just like John Kerry. More proof of the ogliarchy of theSkull and Bones/Illuminati taking over the United States Government... He's supposedly related to Stephen Forbes as well, which is scary. John Forbes Kerry, right Judy Woodruff (CNN source of info) Killer isnstict, right.. btw, ask Bono why he was so happy to join you, Judy, to discuss the Bush faux AIDS funding program... I sayfunding, because abstinence does not protect unprotected sex when the people receiving U.S Government condoms are told the condoms have a lubricant they're told is the AIDS virus. Explains why Granny D was impressed when I spoke on that conference call describing how 32 million South Africans were such a burden to bury, they merely dumped them in abandoned mine shafts and wells...

For 5 million dollars, I believe the lives of about a million people or so could be saved in less than 2 years. Give them jobs, self-respect, and a new cultrure of hope in a land where you ask people what their dreams are for their future, and all you get is a blank stare. That's what certain Rhodes scholars have done for South Africa.

The same will be said and be true of the United States if the current government treason continues.

ANd the only good thing I can say about some of the people involved in this is at least people who are knighted by the Queen of England are not allowed to run for office in the United States, which is why Giuliani and Kennedy, and Byrd, I think, were given honorary Knighthood to the British Empire. Templar Knights get that kind of recognition from the Queen. I hope we don't get rid of that law, like the one that says you have to have been born inthe United States to be eligible to run for president, for good reasons, like John McCain, at least, wasn't. And like the RUssian and SOuth AMerican say, who have witnessed governments being overthrown and tyranny and death squads... South American ones trained and armed and suppported by the United States Gvioernemnt, primarily on behalf of our coporations, primarily the ones who helped finance the Nazis in World War II... it's not a trivial matter.

The same South Americans Jimmy Carter signed an executive order to empower to patrol and enforce the law in case of Martial Law, trained at the School of the Americas in Georgia.

The death squads Palin talks of and covers for ARE in operation now, and have been for years... and are the same people attacking Lynn and I. I wonder if Michelle Bachmann got my letter.

Ended up onm a footnote of Matthew 8:20 last night after reading somewhere else.. Luke I think... got to 9:5 For whether it is easier to sa, Thy sins be forgiven theee; or to say, Arise, and walk....

Rreminds me of the time someone asked, by what authority do you come? The Chaldeans would have had Jesus say, from the heavens, Jesus said, I'm not telling ya, you figure it out, and why it matters. I think Jesus was a smart alec. Me, I like to be direct. I say, by the authority of God, and if you don't like that answer, I like Jesus answer to the Chaldeans, saying He respected their need for two witnesses, Him and God...   and if you don't like that answer, sue me.. the psychologist this morning will tell you how crazy I'm not.

Besides, if you say I'm from heaven, you'll think I must be able to fly, and if you think I'm just a man, you won't care what I say. Either way, you won't care what I say, so why fight it? Actually Jesus sort of said that, but I CAN tell you, for the moment, I can't fly.

I keep wondering how all those musicians are gonna feel when they read the chapter trying to get them to realize they're angels... But I'll tell you this much, I'll bet Jackson Browne knows, and I''m still hoping the James Taylor album was a psyop he didn't know about.

I got humg up a while back when it said the Second COming would be preceeded by thgathering of the saints.. of coure, the Catholic CHurch names people as saints, which I had a problem with, becaus ea saint supposedly would be someone so pure and good and a servant of God that it could be presumed that they went to heaven. Given apostas and all the deceptions of the world, there's no way a human being could judge someone like that. That's God's domain.

So, the gathering of the saints is about gathering the faithful who are living... whoever they are, whatev3er spirit they carry... regardless of whether they know it. And unfortunately, many of those will be found to be "sinners", some of the worst ones, because of the use of psyops to make them do thing sthey had not planned or thought of doing before.... that way, Christians and God himself would be diminished in importance, stature and by self-recrimination... and causing them to not serve God as they otherwise would.

For those who think that justifies them, re-read the verse Matthew 9:5 For whether it is easier to say, Thy sins be forgiven theee; or to say, Arise, and walk....

It's another way to say, if you want to know wht to do if you're really committed to God's ways, act like an adult, don't be too hung up on the past, but don't forget it, and don't make light of it. WHat matters is joining what's right, and continuing the work in GOD"s ways.. I cvould sit here and "judge people" all day long, and it wouldn't do any good, and the last thing I need is a bunch of people walking around actng guilty or silly to cover their embarrassement. WHat there is to do is the work that needs to be done. So we could condemne people and shmame them like Nazis, through humiliation, or get on with the work and rebuildtrust like I say I can do with the whole world... You can occupy yourself with the forgiveness of sin, or judge yourselves and atone and arise and walk again... which would you rather do, because in this world, with what I'm faced with, legalistics is the peaceful way to stop the Nazi movement. And if people don't stand up despite the embarrassment purposely  colllected and caused by the government,  the results will be their own.

If you read the Bible and come across a word with AI in it, the probability is you should suspect that in that story and situation, there were dirty dealings going on.It's just a pattern.

I was reading somewhere last night that one day, people in this nation will walk around, confounded and confused, sick to their stomachs and regurgitating.. given the circumstances, how it fits the current times, I figure it must be the day the people of the United States read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

When they do that, it will be time for the citizens to have the loyal of the military and intel services declare martial law, and expel the traitors as I have said and in the manner I stated years ago. With justice, if the criminals allow it without force. Not likely. But worth hoping for.

I wonder what the weather's like in France?

Someone just was giving me a justification and rationalization as I looked down and saw Matthew 9:16. Good advice. To all the DHS and FBI guys who laugh at the idea that God talks to people, in His own ways... here's your magic Bible verse of the day....

Jeremiah 49:22 Behold,  he shall come up and fly as the eagle and spread his wings over Bozrah: and at that day shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom be as the heart of a woman in her pangs.

Anyone who doesn't believe in Magic Bible verses,  should check out magic dictionary references. I was reading about Medici, halos, all sorts of things, including dogs.. which led to Daga, the God of . the middle east? Iraq? of course it all points  to Orion, Chaco Canyon, Sirius, and South America if you understand the parallels between the stars and the physical world of earth.  that last part was part of the History Channel program last night... and like Dobbs said, the answers are all in the stars... I thought he meant musicians and tv stars.

And then there was this thing I heard about Solomon's temple being in Yemen. Was it? and then that part of the idea that the church was wherever the father and son were, in their temples.. and I sit here, year after year, with what I thought was a Muslim prayer mat, that I think is actually of Solomon's Temple. Given to me by my mother.

And I think about how I wanted to have the farm on 500 acres, and then deciding to add 100 more.. I think to accomodate the healing pond of Bethesda inside the walls of the Temple area... of course, if the church is wherever the father and son are, it could be anywhere... cause the Bible says the Temple will be rebuilt.. new wine for an old bottle... and the father and son won't be there. Which supports the idea that like the United States, the government of Israel is not representative of its citizens, regardless of the reason, and I can easily prove it.

Netanyahu... go to Bavaria.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner - Highly Illogical


Oh yeah.. speaking of Sirius and Orion, and Lexus and United Artists... there was a mention of the Hopi being pointed to by Orion... they're in the 4 corners, aren't they...

Only a few things have changed.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - #9 Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - The Wings That Fly Us Home

Interesting, I randomly chose and ended up between these two songs. Reminds, me, I've been wanting to re-write Exodus for years. Never too late.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Tosh - Equal Rights _ live

11:19am Jeremiah Chapter 50, starting with verse 4. Read "the way to find Zion" as the way to know the ways of God. It's not a place. It's ontology.

10/17/2010 9:22am Yesterday was a particularly difficult day. Got 5-1/2 hours sleep, followed by some 16 hourse of extremely painful torture.. Lynn was ill, and the weird formation in her gum, after visiting a cetain dentist in Olympia, the same one I got the same formation from after weird stitching after tooth removal.. it seems it collapsed, and is infected.. weird.. she felt alot of jaw pain right after the stroke...

More firewood was stolen.

Last night, the psychtoronics guy said we have a question for the Bible tonight, so when I went to bed, I looked for  a BIble, accidentally got the Mormon Bible off the shelf, read a little..

Earlier in the day I had been talking about how Jackson Browne probably actually knows he's an angel, and that the "ether" he speaks about is conceptual and real, because there's like a ring around the earth called the ether, andsome believe it IS the akashic record and more... in some ways...

So the question they asked me, given the situation and circumstances of all this, the question was, what would you do if you were us.

So, I opened the Mormon Bible just like I do any book when looking for "magic" wisdom, and I turned to Ether.... I think maybe I'm wroong about having turned to Ether, though it is very familiar,the parts I had looked at last night.

I think what I actually turned to was Mosiah 2:31. But, frankly, I was just looking at Ether to find out where I was reading and lost the place, I think everyone should read something, and understand why the U.S. Government and TIme Warner, with Angels Among Us, and puolygamy and more would want people to ignore Mormons the same way they would want us to ignore Jehovah's witnesses, Christians and Muslims and Israelites.. and anyone else who knew the truth and could pass the heritage to their children.

Okay, so the important other part to read IS in Ether... Chapter 13 about how New Jeruasalem would come to America.. what I now call the United States, as "America", the way I define it, relates to the eliteists of the sycophants of the Council on Foreign Relations.... oh yeah, and how it would be destroyed... the nation it was in, that is.. and there I was, creating the GDCU.... and the paradigm was the Vatican... I realized it afterward, the closest thing to a government within a government, without breaking the law.

This, for the record, is from theMormon Bible, and it's weird, it sounds like what I've been saying, what Ezekiel was saying, what Revelations was saying.. and it sure makes for  a good example of what Christians do to their prophets in the Revelations God gives them in the apocalypse.. Revelations means Apocalypse, the timely revelation or revealing.. apocalypse means revealing, not destruction.

Guess I'm gonna read Ether in the Mormon Bible. Which reminds me, the guy who gave me that Bible worked for the guy who employed me in Walnut Creek, my boss there had worked for DG, and I think he's the same guy I worked for under contract in Bellevue, from a guy who had worked for and or with DG equipment, and was the guy who got me wearing sweaters with my sleeves cuffed...  which is also the same time period I worked with Mary Ritter, and people with the RNC and Southern Baptist Church, leading to Brenda/Dina, and the story goes on.

10:05am I was just reading Ether, it was a pretty grim story about a prophet and what God informed him of in isolation, and when he went out into the world, everything God told Him had come true.

I related to the last verse of Ether 15:34  Now the last words which are written by Ether are these; Whether the Lord will that I be translated, or that I suffer the will of the Lord in the flesh, it mattereth not, if it so be that I am saved in the Kingdom of God. Amen.

And then I related to what came next, the opening of the book of Moroni.

Moroni 1:1 Now I, Moroni, after having made an end of abridging the account of the people of Jared, I had supposed not to have written more, but I have not as yet perished; and I make not myself known to the Lamanites lest they should destroy me.

I saw  a special on BYUTV about Joseph Smith, and I told the Mormons I had lots of experiences like Joseph Smith...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance _ live

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Malo - Suavecito


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

10/18/2010 10:49am Last night, I was being hit so hard by microwave tat I fell asleep around 7:30, and woke up 2 hours later to Lynn screaming in extreme pain. This morning, she says she finally noticed the pattern that everytime she goes into a meeting or gets around me at a time when we would enjoy ourselves, they dews her and cause her extreme pain... and laugh about it. Of course, they want me to write about this so the serial murderers working for the United States Government  can enjoy the thrill of torturing people to death... so I keep this log to give to the Hague, and they get their thrills by making snuff films. That's the United States Government and National Media, the CIA and other propagandists, doing what Nazis do.

When I woke up last night at 7:30 I'd been hit so hard with microwave to the brain that my brain felt like a throbbing spnge... just like it has for years when I was under heavy attack...

The sickos asked me what the future is last night.. as in, what will happen to them. Can't remember what I read, but it basically said that they would be ignored and die, and that God would have His day of justice.

The overriding theme for a long time, though, has been that when I leave the country, it will be because I'm forced and will get through the cracks because of the impending chaos and finally... likely martial law...  weird I first heard that in a Jethro Tull Song, and then read it in 2 different Bibles/faiths. It's  a heck of   a thing to live your whole life loving what I thought was the greatest nation in the world.. only to find out that the United States actually is a Godless nation, by choice.. just like the Bible said it would become if it did not follow the ways of God. What I  don't really understand is why people don't believe the ways of God make things so easy.. and it isn't about rules and personal habits...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eddie Arnold - Cattle Call

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - I Love Every Little Thing About You

Obviously, this music is for someone else who must read all this.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - Blame It On The Sun

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ambrosia - Somewhere I've Never Traveled - Harvey

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Sample - Sunrise

11:14am I listened to Syreeta, and then Lynn Ahrens, Schoolhouse Rock, from Sesame Street came on.. all about how the nervous sytem works... for kids... Telegraph Line... between that and the movie The Secret, about psychic abilities and the methods to read them and interpret them electronically, and I think that anyone will understand how the United States Government covertly murders its ctitizens.

Followed by...Animals - House of the Rising Sun There'll be a lot of media people and politicians singing this song soon... and Amazing Grace won't help them.

7:03pm I was just sitting on my bed, when I heard a noise that sounded like the wind coming up, and then it went away, and I thought,  I wonder if there's going to be a storm tonight... a while later, I'm sitting there, and I  hear the same kind of noise, and then it got louder, and I went to the window, and saw a jet flying at a low altitude likely just above stall speed, and it was so big, it must have been at least a 707. I thought, what a ridiculous government this is,shook my head, and said, one more thing. Targeted people experience and get evidence of harassment by military choppers and aircraft all the time.. as well as those black NSA choppers Begala mentioned... the same kind my nephew David now runs from when they fly over their house... they told me they had choppers flying over their house a few months back...

Personal note: Axe and firewood. Neighbor walking by. Cookies. Also, nicks in front of fireplace, like someone marking notches in their belt when illegally entering the house. I accidentally hit it once. Of course, I'll have video documentation.

I remember when construction began, and I knew people were doing things Lynn was in denial aboout, and I thought about using Hughes satellite to do 24 hour site surveilance via real time satellite... so I could monitor it from Olympia... And, I always wanted drapes on the windows, for some  reason, (Psychotronics) Lynn didn't, until one of the times she kicked me out... I have a feeling I know what kind of pictures were taken of her in the bathroom with the picture window just above the tub... from the same location the coyote and dog noises came from in the bushes....

These days the neighbors go by to let me know who they are, to taunt me, and they always go by just before a psychotronic trick is played on me. They really believe that I don't know enough about psychotronics, and that they can not be prosecuted.

The torture is very painful... been going on since about 6am... and I'm sure that makes the perverts of the U.S. Government very happy, as they play with people as if they are toys.... and laugh about the suffering they cause.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeff Lorber Fusion - Step By Step

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Glen Campbell - By the Time I Get To Phoenix - A06 - Back In the Race

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Weird Al Yankovic - What If God Smoked Canibis

Whatever, God.

10/19/2010 9:06am Magic Bible erses.. last night I was reading... all this time, I've said the Iraq war and the militaristicc times we're in were a copy of what happened in the day sof Jeremiah... and unfortunately, it's still true.. and I wonder if it's because the CFR wanted people to think we weren't in Revelations yet when all this was through, especially if people became aware of me.

So, I was reading last night, and I'm always intrigued because I never assume how things will end.. in reading or in life... and I'm reading through, and look at the top of the page, startled, because I was reading from Jeremiah... toward the end... and about the German Bee Sting Torte....  suddenly it talked about how all the "king's houses" would be destroyed... and I was startled, and even the ending is a little backwards in this current timeline... but to me that says God tells me that when this is done, all the psyop places for phony ministers to delvier their victims to will be closed, and they will no longer be used by the United States Government to kill Christians... and then we'll also answer the question about descendants of Israeli bloodlines getting chronic fatigue syndrome, which is primarily heavy metal poisoning of the blood, as stated in the Protocols, to kill them. Nanotech. And maybe a few questions about why pasteurized milk has the same effect as sickle cell anemia...  most noted a problem among black people.

To those who keep their promises, remember, I keep mine,and all I really actually care about is revealing the truth about things, so the citizens can have their countries back, and the world can live the common vision of global peace in the Kingdom of God... and from now on, when speaking and writing of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom will be capitalized.

Talk about triple entendres.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Glen Campbell - Dreams of the Everyday Housewives

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That

I think God's trying to get me in trouble with feminists... that Glen Campbell song was part of the reason I didn't want  a life on the road, as a dj, musician.. but I wanted to settle down and have a family... and that song sort of says why... not wanting my friend and partner for life having to "give up the good life for me"....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 09 - Spirit Voices - Paul Simon

9:23am I was listening to music, and the psychotronics gys actually did tooth torture to force me to write down the part of Jeremiah I read... if anyone thinks these "voices" children hear are good things, and tht they are your friends, just remember, they're here to destroy things, and I have witnesses that will release those who were being held hostage when a psychotic said that to some very nice people. And I will report that crime in that light.

Start with Jeremiah 51. It'll do.

10/21/2010 10:02am  Went to bed, being harrassed, and the psychotronics guys mocked the idea that God could guide me through Magic Bible verses, and the idea that I could any book and gain info and wisdom relevant to the world today and what I need to know to understand HIS plan.

Last night, I accidentally picked up Machiavelli's The Prince... circa 1580... I think it was 50 cents at Barnes and Noble, in the bin for books nobody wants to buy...  I read that or the Art of War or something long ago, and understood the basic ways people manipulate things, and of course, I joked about it and the kind that I was being made to look like.. and enjoyed... separate from the lethal attacks...

I said long ago tha tI was agianst the rights of kings, ogliarchy, and even now regret that I am of the bloodline of the Ogliarchy destroying this nation. The only good news is I know at least one of the reasons I was excluded from the ogliarchy.. and that's the fact that the people with knowledge knew I would never go along.

In some ways, when I read things, always thinking as a citizen, what it would mean to me if I was a leader leading a nation or group of people, and because of the bloodlines and all, before and without considering divinity, I read this book as "a prince" of sorts.. but certainly not like I think I'm better than anyone else... but liek someone who would, if able, lead people to a true republic with a democratic selection of government that understood the benefit of the living document of our constitution...

Last night, Machiavelli wrote of how a true republic is a fair and just governance, and the "democracies" described in his day were "democratic, and contolled by the Ogliarchy... owned by it covertly and overtly... and that ultimately, even the best of Princes, kings and leaders must always wage war to prove their authority and power, and use their own military as wedge between the citizens and the government, and use tyranny to maintain control as truth is exposed. And I reject that idea, that force and tyranny are the way to do things, let alone the ways of God.

I was very moved by some writing in the back of the book... the afterword about Prophets Armed and Unarmed, from 1998 by Georg Tietjan ....a sort of summary of Machiavelli's writing, its history, and some observations that truly apply to this time...

But the part I thought was best.. the most compelling, was the final chapter... by Machiavelli... that supports the thoughts and teachings of Jesus, Muhammad, me.. other people , propehets who were ignored until after death and the warnings of trouble came true...

Chapter 26 An Exhortation To Liberate Italy From the Barbarians.....

It's interesting if you read this, the parallels between the times of Italy when this was written, and the apparent acceptance that the Second Coming would be of a man from Italy, when allegorically, the United States is Italy, Babylon, Libya, Israel, and many nother nations with the combined knowledge, power, wisdom and evil of the ogliarchy that has tried to rule this world for centuries...

This is the part that impressed me:

But though, heretofore glimmerings may have been discerned in this man or that, whence it might be conjectured that he was ordained by God for her redemption,   nevertheless it has afterwards been seen in the further course of his actions that Fortune has disowned him; so that our country, left almost without life, still waits to know who it is that is to heal her bruises, to put an end to the devastation and plunder of Lombardy, to the exactions and imposts of Naples and Tuscany, and to stanch those wounds of hers which long neglect has changed into running sores.

We see how she prays to God to send some one to rescue her from these barbarous cruelties and oppressions. We see too how ready she is  to follow any standard were there only some to raise it.

Barack said in his campaign that he was "selling hope"... who's he selling the psychotronics to.. what country, what group.... for what purpose.... 

Yesterday, I documented further damage done to my car overnight to prevent me from traveling... and more... and lots of good harrassment video on the road... don't forget I was purposely trying to avoid exposing criminality on the part of  locals in the private  sector, as well as governmental agencies. All I ever wanted was equal opportunity, the rights of citizenship, and access to the justice system as the constitution allows as part of the checks and balances of a real democratic system of   a republic.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - Wall Street Shuffle

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - JT - 09 - Looking For Love On Broadway

The lamb lies down on Broadway.. Genesis... I think there's a broadway in nearly every town I've been to.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said

When I was checking out the accuracy of I Ching, it would say, see the Great Man.. For me that meant  read the Bible, and see what God wants you to know now. And it was always right about that.

10:41am So I'm sittin here listening to Touch Me in the Morning, and the next song that come sup on my music player was.. Olivia Newton John and the Electric Light Orchestra - Xanadu... not online.. this'll work... now I have to listen to that to see what it says.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Electric Light Orchestra - Calling America

10/22/2010 9:39am Lynn was heading out to a doctor's appointment this morning, an an extended drive and visit that would require stopovers for resting... and I happened to notice that 2 lug nuts had been stolen from the front right wheel of the car... Lynn knows alot about the government and EST and Landmark... and crimes committed against her, and she doesn't even realize it because of psychotronics, and her denial that people could be so perverse.

The psychos of the U.S. Government death squads, serial murderers who love to see their conquests written about , will love to hear that this will go down as attempted murder. Personal note: See daily video for documentation of other crimes.

If there's any pattern to the crimes committed against me over the years, it's been in professional or social contact with people who reoccur in my life 10 or 20 years later.. most often, I write about  these people as people I admire, and then, find out that their previous contact was a basic thing done in con games to get the victim to trust them. Or to make it appear I had some grudge or bad feeling about them or their organization...

10:19am In your heart, you know he's right... I was not in a good mood after recording the above, but then I listened to some music, and couldn't ignore the music mix that happened... reminds me of alot of faux tv news people from the past, Lou, Keith, Aaron, Hillary... Unity New Hampshire..

Started listening to the first song, and thought, Maybe Goldwater wasn't a good guy after all .. but I continued listening, and the only thing I could think of   was making a chart of what Barry's boy's were talking about then, ad what Barry Obama and his cabal are tlaking about now... and I'm gonna share as much of the music as I have online...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chad Mitchell Trio - Barry's Boys

Remember, George W. Bush talked about bombing Afghanistan back into the stone ages.. with HAARP and EMP, and politicians talking about doing things to other nations to cover that they're doing it to us...

Goldwater Obama
This song goes back to 1910 economics and politics.. just before WIlson sold out to the Federal Reserve, JP Morgan, Rothchild, Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations organizers- a time when your word meant something, credit was a local coop invested in growing a community, and was not easy to get.. I remember myself how our school used to   encourage kids to save and only spend as they could afford... around 1962 or so... at County Bank of Santa Cruz... back in a time when every dollar was backed by gold... the gold standard.. and when credit was for major purchases and investments, not a way of life. Listen to the concepts and names mentioned in the song. It says alot when the truth is known. And while they seem to be making fun of Barry Goldwater, you'll understand why they said, in your heart, you know he's right... to stop the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve and worse... Barney Frankjs and Chris Dodd can tell you about how they engineeered the economic collapse so Bush would take all the blame... not to mention blaming the civil rights abuse of Bush only to be made worse by Obama, while the country and th eworld go bankrupt, homelessness and poverty get worse, and war seems the answer because, as politicians have said for decades, when the economy's bad, start a war.

Last night, I was reading Revelations...

Tri-laterlal Commission, Volcker, Carter, Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Fabian Society, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Templar Knights, eliteists of the ogliarchy... Bush, and the British Empire...


And then these songs came up...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Animals - San Franciscan Nights

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mike Oldfield - Tubar Bells _ Single

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alanis Morissette - Front Row

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sbongile Khimilo - Mayihlome

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Angelique Kidjo - Bahia

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jacskson Browne - here Come Those Tears again from the album The Pretender

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herbie Hancock - Rockit

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 12 - Business As Usual

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 14 - Melody Cool

Ray Oarker & Raydio - Jack and Jill.. I was gonna end it there but the psychotronics guys insisted, and then it's strangely relevant.. and then...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - 09 - Giggling Again For No Reason - Alanis Morissette

And I might end it there for now.. it may seem weird or superfluous to list this playlist, but in a weird way, it sort of sums up and tells a very strange story.. if you knew the truth.

Bonus track for Jango..  Foreigner - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight... ain't about death...

Actaully, this is the last track.. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Walking Man

11:00 am Holly Near Edge - Uh Huh

And then

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Carly Simon - Let the River Run

10/23/2010 10:49am I was awakened at 4 am, and immediately tortured. These idiots like to make fun of the Hague, and they inspired me to write a cover letter that won't be published that sums up the case very nicely. Despite the torture and attempts to make me minimize and ignore things that are of egregious crimes and obvious implications. Particularly when explaining why I stand behind my claims these people are Nazis, and explain that I do not say that lightly or without documentation.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Winston - Summer - 09 - Hummingbird

Went outside yesterday and started realizing that all these birds and squitrrels were encircling me, and I encouraged them to talk to me, and though I didn't understand, I told them to go ahead and use me to talk to the people of the world... and the sounds and songs and squirrels got louder and louder... I never know what to think of things like that when they happen...  even saw a hummingbird.. and I invited a Peregrine Falcon to fly over to another tree to a place across the sky at the top of a tree, and he didn't but a little Nut Hatch did the flight instead... To amuse the psychotronics sickos.. I talk to the bees, and they seem to listen to me.. dedicated to Clint Eastwood.

Prince - Positivity

Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 101 - Reasons

I picked that one, the mouse landed between two songs... so I looked at the titles of both, and they were copies of the same song. God must want us to hear it.

Listened to it.. last night's Bible reading was all about places to gather the saints and those in need of reconciliation.. surrounding Solomon's Temple and all sorts of maps... noticing all sort sof things I couldn't possibly explain in this.. these dyas, I read one place in the Bible, get tired of the violence, and then flip to another page, and the story continues, and then another and read a few more verses.. I think I read lots of Kings last night... Jehosophat and Hezekiah and.. that was the best part... He and Job, 15 extra years.. I said it would take 16... but that's close enough...

This just started playing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joni Mitchell - Turbulent Indigo - 10 - The Sire Of Sorrow (Job's Sad...)

If Joni Mitchell ever asks, tell ehr my answer and shared faith with her is

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joni Mitchell - Shine - 10 - If

11:38am The psychotronics guys have been torturing me since the last entry.. and then when they want to prove their power while I listen to music, they have me click thru so there's no "magic songs".. so I go along to amuse them...and this song came up, and as I explained to them during the CNN psyops when they told me I would have to expose all my "sins" if I wanted to survive the media attacks of the Skull and Bones, I played this song...  my answer then, and God's this time...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 06 - Willing And Able

which led to this...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started

and leads me to this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Ocean - Tear Down These Walls - 04 - The Colour of Love

Something about when you dye your hair, your hair's that color... and gray hair and being far away...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 04 - God Is God

3:55pm The tooth torture has been going on all day since 4am... the psychotronics guys asked me to include in this weblog the fact that they love serving the Nazis, and that they enjoy destorying my teeth, using psychotronics and dews to slowly extract over and 8 year period of time, with two teeth being destoryed at this time, others being affected, after spending nearly $16000 to have the DHS desdtroy them... with dentists.. and now torture. They told me to tell you tha tthey enjoy doin gthis because this way, since I'm "going to sue the dentists", their words, the people of Shelton might as well get their money's worth in extracting my teeth by torture so they'll at least get something for their crimes, assuring me all the while that they are above the law and laughing at me.

Shelton, Christmas Town USA...  what country do you pledge allegiance to?

10/24/2010 6:36am Awakened around 3:30 am.. obviously the U.S. Government is using sleep deprivation and full-time torture to disrupt me further. It's not bad enough they bankrupted us and have attempted to kill us many times. The tooth torture started nearly immediately.

Meanwhile, they don't like the report I'm writing for the Hague. I don't blame them. Too bad. I was recalling when former CIA agent, MSNBC analyst and opinion on everything you can imagine, Rick Cain, was on MSNBC talking about "protecting their assets". At first I thought that mean protect Olbermann and MSNBC, given that my torture increased and I was extremely harassed by psychotronics to successfully make it impossible for me totake in the news, whether because of torture or because of sick poersonal aesopian remarks made by announcers to purposely scare and harm me. Then I thought they would be protectuing their phony minister and sex trap artist Pastor Melissa Scott, who appears to be in selected markets across the country where cities and states use lists on the web to identify people designated for death squads to put hits on through the Weed and Seed program/Neighborhood Initiatives/Faith Based Charities. And let's not forget, I have video on more than a couple phony U.S> Government ministers soliciting money from Christians who are being targeted.

Now that I've been thwarted in contacting Atty General Jerry Brown regarding civil and rights violations in Claifornia, I am now being tortured to not write the report ot the Hague. And I'm assuming the assets the government wants to save are the states and cities where they manipulate certain people into communities that systematically kill them on behalf of the Nazis in the U.S. Government. I can prove that in our case easily, Rochester, Chehalis, Eatonville, Olympia, Shelton....

I'll also be asking the hague to consider Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oglalla/Wounded Knee and the case of Cheryl Welsh.. mindjustice and CNN in 1985 as background for my case. It will also include former CIA intern Anderson Cooper (CNN) denying the existence of psychotronics regarding the case of Arlen Specter and Ira Einhorn. France will appreciate my input. Also to be included is charges against the federal government regarding the cover up called the Church Commitee, and the money the government would have paid me if the program had actually been ended.

And then I'll let the Hague investigate my father an AMPEX. And then there's Jack Welch and Space Holdings....  GE/Universal and Collusion with Time Warner..... vis a vis Ted Turner. Ted, it would have been cheaper to let Hale give me a writer's contract at Capitol.

I'm glad I grew up learnign to drive on the worst road conditions possible. When those people take the "rollover" position on the highway, I hope they know if they blow it and actually try it, their vehicle and their body will still be there as evidence of their attempted murder...  I got tons of video tape, and the clock on obstruction keeps ticking....

I might add, nice try, DHS on the response to Chuck Baldwin.. notice how when people are the real deal, they give out good advice even in the worst situation. Tell Janet and Gates that the psychiatrists they used at GITMO must have been crazy to accept the job, and the proof they were quacks and perverts is that they took the job.. and tht should tell the public that the U.S. Government employs perverts and quacks to do its most damaging psyops against its own citizens.. as the covert genocide continues. I think the pasrt they dislike most in the letter to the Hague is when I accuse them of covert genocide agaisnt Jews with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, heavy metal blood poisoning, nanotech and psychotronics just like the Protocols say...

Long time ago, I used to collect remnants.

And there is no mystery to me why the United States Government does not want me to attend churches and talk to other people about God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows

I saw McCartney come up on the screen, and thought, Oh no.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 101 - Reasons

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Instant Karma

Just like the Iching.. cycling thru and event or pattern. weird.. I was worried about another bimbo event, but it seems tobe subsiding. I was just saying to the psychotronics guy that if you act like a bimbo, you get called a bimbo.. sort of like calling people Nazis. ANd since the government wanted me to saythat Nazi stuff, call it   all a conspiracy, the United States Government better learn finally tha tmy audacity is that when yu back me into a corner and force me to take the hard line, I say, okay, and I will never retreat on that position. Never. Never Never. So, DHS, what other facts do you want you psychotronics guys to press me on in order to get me to have you all taken to the Hague. Careful what you ask for.

../../../networkshare/audiom3u/Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 12 - Conversation.mp3.m3u

PS. I got to the computer this morning, looked down while waiting for it to boot, and read this.. reminds of that Trotsky stuff. Trotsky or Machiavelli, like the Clintons and Bushes love... doesn't seem to matter.. the message is the same... it's just the spin put on it to terrorize people with stereotypes and lies... and to think the Council on Foreign Relations affiliates had Trotsky write it.. paid him to do it.. and if you mention Trotsky, you get in trouble.. you must be a Marxist, unless you're quoting Machiavelli, and then you're a smart American (not U.S. Citizen) Now, Norah, about Cindy Sheehan and the idea that Hugo Chavez is a dictator... kind of says something about the U.S. Presidency, doesn't it?

BE IT KNOWN, then, that there are two ways of contending, one in accordance with the laws, the other by force.

The first of which is proper to men, the second to beasts. But since the first method is often ineffectual, it becomes necessary to resort to the second.

A Prince should, therefore, understand how to use well both the man and the beast. And this lesson has been covertly taught by the ancient writers, who relate how Achilles and many others of these old Princes were given over to be brought up and trained by Chiron the Centaur; since the only meaning of their having for instructor one who was half man and half beast is, that is necessary for a Prince to know how to use both natures, and that the one without the other has no stability.

Machiavelli - The Prince

If I had read this or Trotsky at Harvard, I would be a history expert. Since I read it on the web and got it in a 50 cent book, like the officer in Olympia said, I don't believe anything I read on the internet... he must watch NBC Nightly News... but he tried to make me out like I was crazy when I brought up psychotronics and CNN.

Nonetheless... this thing from the Prince is what the Rhodes scholars know.. the governmental types like Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark.

I was looking for a quote, and accidentally came across this:

This is the meeting where Jimmy Carter agreed that citizens were not qualified to make decisions in electing officials.... and thus, Chinese Democracy, Guns and Roses... what if there was a war, and nobody came... (talk about entendres)

"ALL THIS IS TO BE done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. I have no hesitancy about judging its wisdom and the results of its actions.


"It also suggested that it would be helpful to IMPOSE PRIOR RESTRICTIONS ON THE PRESS and to restructure the laws of libel to CHECK THE POWER OF THE PRESS.

"I've suffered as greatly from an abusive press as any man in public life, but I get an itchy, uncomfortable feeling at the base of my spine when someone suggest that government should control the news. 

--- Barry Goldwater 1979

Cyclical or encyclical...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Laura Nyro - And When I Die_live

Daniel Nahmod - Different Me - Very First Day

Don't have it online.. I was just thinking about explaining the pardigm the Bible told me last night, and that song fits the thing perfectly.

Go overseas, get everyone mad at the United States, get them all to the United Nations, have a general assembly, and when they all complain about the U.S., and when they do, I rip em all, and then everyone goes around acting ashamed for awhile.. That's what  reading Ezekiel will do for ya. Funny, isn't it, Barack addressed the General Assembly like I wanted to. I would have declared peace.

And then this song came on. This one's not online either.

Temptations - Ain't Too Proud To Beg

I was telling God a while back we needed to get him some new music to pick from... better make sure the AT&T bill gets paid. Speaking of the Temptations, how bout Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star - Ooh Baby Bay, I'm So Proud. Of course, not online. Anything For You came on. Here's my reply.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways

That one applies to lots of people.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven

I picked the last two.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Godspell - Day By Day

10/25/2010 6:19am Awakened around 4

Los Palo ALtos, The Tall Trees... like John Kerry said in 2004, my mother taught me that the tall trees were cathedrals... I disagree, for reasons o fmy own.. bu John, just cause my dad was in these organizations like Neighbors of WOodcraft.. I think he was keeping an eye on them, just like me, now, as in Jeremiah 16:17

17: For mine eyes are upon all their ways: thyey are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes.

18: And first I will recompense them their iniquity and their sin double; because they have fdefiled my land, they have filled mine inheritance with their carcasses of detestable and abominable things.

I was reading last night, the words of Jesus in Matthew, and decided that for all intents and purposes, I had actually done the job I was asked to do, basically asking the united States on God's behalf who they actually choose as their leader, and the answer God was given as usual in his annointed lands, is hope and men.

I keep thinking baout the scriptures, almost like God being frustrated, saying to His people I'm going to deliver this land to you, and unfortunately, just like the people you've overtaken to secure it, you will become like them, and I will have to do to you what I have done to them. Leave them to destroy themselves. Just as in Jeremiah. Only I don't blame God for forsaking this country... like Jeremiah errantly did, as in his own words, Jeremiah saew it right before his own eyes, and still did not see the evil he was particpating with... like those in the COuncil on Foreign Relations..

I read Chuck Baldwin last night.. about how he stood for civil rights during tthe Clinton Administration, and Christians and conservatives rallied around him. When he criticized Bush for the same things, he was ostracized by his own people.

So I was thinking about what the meaning of the tall trees was for my father, last ight and this morning, thinking about all the things I might have noticed... last night wondering how to explain the"gnashing of the teeth" thing for the Hague, only to turn to scriptures the last 3 days talking about gnashing of teeth... including this morning when attempting to seek guidance for God in the face of the thoughts and conclusions I've come to...

I read last night from around Matthew 13:31 through the 19th chapter...

This morning, thinking about those things, believing that I have done what I was asked to do in this country, I opened the Bible to see what God would have me think about, and turned directly to Jeremiah Chapter 17. My Bible says it's about the sign of the unmarried prophet, concluded)

Verses 15-18 seem to ring most true, for my observations and apparent actions of others, and

15 Behold, they say unto me, Where is the word of the Lord? let it come now.

16 As for me, I have not hastened from being a pastor to follow thee; neither have I desired the woeful day; thou knowest: that which came out of my lips was right before thee (in front of and correct)

17 Be not a terror unto me: thou art my hope in the day of evil.

18 Let them be confounded that persecute me, but let not me be confounded: let them be dismayed: bring upon them the day of evil; and destroy them with double destruction.

When a military misssion is over, it's common for the army leaving the theater of war to destroy the weapons and shelters and all of the defeated people so they cannot easily or quickly respond to retaliate or retake their territory. The Illuminati, the anti-Christ, have done this with nations and empires for thousands of years. They're doing it to the United States and a few other countries now.

Long ago I talked about elected officials who knew they could not stop the corrupt in the government, but believed it was important for them to stay in office, believeing it was better they remain in office, being a good guy, than giving their seats to someone else willing to try. I say the same is true in most leadership in the United States, from politicians and media to law enforcement and ministers... and it's happened because of memo 46, pollution and politicizing of the churches, and people leaving eveything up to everyone else. I could say the same of myself, except, when asked the question, what did you do when it was most important?

I just looked at the Bible to see if I could see something all of a sudden like it happens when God has wisdom for me. This time, of course, it said Jeremiah 18: 2, Arise and go down to the potter's house and there I will cause thee to hear my words.

I already did that. But then, the Potter's lived on Nelson Road in Scotts Valley... on Lockhart Gulch... by the Kaiser sand and gravel pits...

Makes me think there's a greater message for me about the Smother's Brothers vineyards and winery just below and on the hillside in front of Bethany Bible College... Vine Hill Road, up around Idylweiss... St Clare's Retreat and all.... which would lead us to Loma Prieta and home of the

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music

Carville: about the matrix and interrelatedness... still need me to explain?

The old RIAA consultant and his psyop friends have been hassling me about all the nearly 3000 songs I have online... focus group, eh Carville? Distinctions..............

After I file to run for the presidency James, and I leave the coutnry, people will say I gave up. I say, it will mean I won, and that what I just said doesn't mean what you think it means. But tell Landmark I now know what the mean green meaning machine really is... and it ain't a good thing, and it will not be Universal for long. I bet you really loved theAdvanced Course, James, you know, all that talk about national boundaries not being real, just arbitrary lines on a thing we call a map.... another bad Illuminati translation of a prophet.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Imagine

When I used to produce the advanced course, they told me I had to be prepared to lead the course in case something happened to the course leader. I said, okay. I produced the advanced course so many times, I knew when a single distinction was left out or spoken of out of sequence... And in Washington DC, the center manager said I WAS the Advanced Course. Last time/first time I saw Werner was at the New York 20/20 event, sitting next to Harry in a booth...  aiding and abetting.... I only knew what he looked like because of Priscilla's autographed picture in his office. Talk about not letting go of the past :}

I was thinking about that bogus emai/astrological forecast I got from Astrology.com/AOL/Yahoo, the one about not throwing my life away, and that these people have long memories... ain't nothing like the long memories I'll be telling the Hague about. What was that James.. This is it, ss.html   I still have that, ya know... packrats are like that... I keep wondering what my dad left in his tool shed. I bet the NSA knows....

Jeremiah 18:7 At what instant shall I speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it.

8 If that nation against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do to them.

9 And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it.

10 If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them.

I remember the Wachovia commericials. There is wisdom everywhere, just as there are apostates, hypocrites liars and worse in the form of politicians ministers and leaders of all kinds. It's hard to tell thedifference anymore.

I'm glad I read the Bible, to know that I was serving God, and that I was serving a truly loving God. I wish I hadn't because of the sense it made of my life. But at least I accomplished learning what Christians claim to believe in.

Interpret that as you will.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - House At Pooh Corner

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lettermen - When I Fall In Love (62)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - 09 - Humble Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Frampton - I'm In You - A01 - I'm In You

Wherever I go next....

7:15am Needed to hear tsome music.. Earl Klugh - Moonlight dancing, then it was Mike McDonald - Hey Girl, as I turned in the Bible for some more guidance and turned to:

Psalm 137:1 By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Styx - Grand Illusion

11:22am The psychotronics guys just decided to impress upon me how, if I file charges at the Hague, that Hillary Clinton has authorized it to be bombed. I'm assuming two things. First, it's another of what I call a sick Biblical joke, the delusionals working for the United States Governemnt and the Council on Foreign Relations, their death squads, where these sickos set up situations and make threats in person and through psychotronics to emulate the Bible and in this case, that wherever the Son of Man, and whoever helps him, will be harmed or there will be war. The son of man was to come to settle those wars, not be the subject of them or the reason for them. So, again, their delusions betray THEM. Second, these psychotronics guys only make such threats if they already plan to do them, and want the victims to believe they did something wrong to cause it.

I have other work I need to do right now. The Hague should take this threat seriously, and I will file charges, because I take  this seriously, regardless of the lack of intelligence of the people who are contracted to the United States Government.

Psalms 137:1 By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

4:45pm Lynn is in bed today, obviously being zapped into sleep... I've, of course, had continuous torture, and the taunts continue about how these perverts are above the law, and how they're going to destroy my teeth... the good news is, psychotronics and their applications are no mystery, and easily proven.

The case of Victor Cho at Virgina State, NOVA, will make an excellent example of the kinds of things FBI profilers Cliff van Zandt, MSNBC, an other profilers are very good at... setting people up to have a particular criminal or obsessive mental disorder, using pyschotronics and government contractors to harass people wherever they go, and no matter   what they try to do. Tell me I'm lying Cliff.. with a lie detector and psychotronics on you... and then we'll ask the question, how many  people have you and your friends sent to prison or killed with your perversity? You'll be asked that question in a lot of venues. As will be your colleagues. It's why I plan to use a great eal of the GE/Universal assets to aid the innocence project in freeing your innocent victims, and restoring the lives of those you were not able to incarcerate.

I was given a hard time today for suggesting that the United States has been violently overthrown by its own government. My life, and the life of Lynn, and the lives of thousands of people I know of, and millions more who don't know their government is systematically eliminating people who will not go to war for profit, aggression and empire, are examples of  this genocide, mentacide, rape and torture to get people to comply. But even if they did, I assure you, the torture will not stop.

Anyone who particpates with or cooperates with these people will be just like the citizens of Germany, who, after the war, took no blame for what their country did when those being murdered were found.. they just said, it wa sthe government. The problem is, like in the U.S. the government is their own, and their responsibility. When the world views what the United States is doing, they will not separate the citizens from the government. It didn't work for the people of Iraq, or Afghanistam, or Japan, North Korea, Lebanon, Gaza, or anywhere else.

As a Jewish Christian being murdered by my government I say


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - Listen People

10/26/2010 6:39am Awakened a little after 4 am... last night, as usual, the guy who calls himself buttfuckman insisted on proving he could keep me from reading the Bible and break my connection with God. He did not, though it was disruptive and I don't appreciate perverse language and purposeful disruptions to violate my right to freedom of religion. I think I know who this guys is, and he's fairly new on the case because he's reviewing all the files from the beginning, and goin gthru them, and trying to use the same psyops used to debilitate that CNN used to try to harass and intimidate me out of taking legal action against them, and to make it impossible to watch the news without being subjected to psychological operations by the national news media.

The othe part of the ploy here was to use Rachel Maddow's example of some pervert who converted to Christianity and extremism after his conversion, and to make me feel intimidated, like I was going to be made out like the BT Killer Wolf Blitzer reported on, a sick serial killer wanting to be caught, and the snaggle tooth murderer who was sent to prison for 20 years for a crime he didn't commit, and was later found to be innocent. Besides shutting me up and givng me intense pain, it also nmmakes me look poor and indigent, unintelligent and not likely to be taken seriously by police if reporting crime about psychotronics, for which the police have been trained to place people with such reports into an institution for observation.. thus state sponsored terrorism, torture, aand silence while genocide is accomplished. Just like Germany.

The other thing of course is to cause me to write reports here, in this crime log and weblog, to make it appear I'm schizophrenic, manic depressive, obsessive by writing about the same people - the people committing the crimes against me and their accomplices... and to add the BFMAN stuff to make it appear as though I'm perverse...  a standard psyops ploy. And of course, as I stated, to get me towrite about things I can't necessarily prove with forensic evidence, but can with anecdoctal and a history of such crimes tat will not be ignored.. including the ones that are documented, and will make the psychotronic spart of the case easier because the civl and human rights violations are obvious and enforceable, nd will force the discussion of psychotronic swith no harm to the rest of the case.

And of course, the "sex stings" were to further enhance the image of my suppsoed obsessions and sexual perversions...

I'm writing this because I want to give the people here the truth about their crimes.. so tha tif they continue to harass me and threaten my life everytime I go out to run errands, I will have no choice but to file charges against them, and make it stick. New people being elected should not consider themselves as being "shielded"...

Finally, I want to thank the United States Government for being so perverse and so defiant of the idea that the opinions of the rest of the world don't matter, and that the United States is above the law. And like with Hillary, she can't authorize anything but   a verbal attack on the Hague's credibility, just like the Dems argued for and Bush argued against the International Criminal Court because he said it would be used for "political reasons".. and it is.. by politicians preventing people from seeking justice there. But I will, since the Democrats and Clinton signed a treaty giving it authority, unconstitutionally or not, as if this government cares about the constitution, that George W Bush called "a god damned piece of paper."

Cliff. que sera....

I looked down, it's open to the book of Moroni, Chapter 1 verse 2 For behold, their wars are exceedingly fierce among themselves: and because of their hatred they put to death every Nephite that will not deny the Christ.

Chaldeans or U.S. Government? Read the Protocols. The answer is BOTH.

Now, tell the research department in the production department that I'd like to know why the Bible says these things are in the prophecies and writings of certain people I've never heard of, and they're not in the Bible. And how come there isn't a standard Bible that gives the words of God in blue or some other color, so we can see the words of Jesus in Red, and some other color for God so we can recognize the words and ways of God like Jesus was trying to tell us to do all along. The answer is God. He's more important than Jesus. Jesus said so.

Also, send a word to the DHS and their insane Mengele shrinks that their ploys won't work on me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 12 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I expect I will, with the paperwork in

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God LTD - Back In Love Again

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Lucky Star

I know od's trying to tell me soemthing here, sometimes it just looks like someone was planning the next stage of a psyop, one that I recognized long ago, that didn't work.. but I hope that those love songs apply to someone and gives them some inspiration.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crusaders - Chain Reaction

Psalm 137:1 By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

10/27/2010 7:58am Woke up around 4am... Of course, the psychotronic sguys statrted harrassing me about criminal reports, and a few more things they think they'll be able to use as proof of crimes I didn't commit, but will prove major corporations were involved in using pyschotronics against me, as well as people doing psyops while posing as my friends and business associates.

Of course, I worked some on an outline for my report to law enforcement and the Hague, and they wanted me to because  1) They want to try to control what I tell in my reports  2) They like to take whatever I write and commit the crimes I dare to mention and do them to us again and again.. aand that's why they'll be convicted  3) They want to intimidate the State of Washington into silence and continued organized murder schemes.

When I stopped, they immediately started tooth torture, using the one that they loosened 8 years ago and instructed dentists to allow to further loosen, three teeth are now loose, and the $16,000 paid to repair them by 11 dentists was apparently part of their reward for silencing me and assisting in our murder. Keith and Hillary should be very proud of their work to destroy my teeth and make it impossible for me to talk properly or get a job in my chosen professions... among other things... it's very painful, having teeth slowly extracted over the course of 8+years... but like the government psyops people say, as they're telling me now, Keith, they're oproud, they like doing it..

Which reminded me of what they told me last night while torturing me before I tried to read my Bible when they said "The DHS, on behalf of the U.S. Government says "Fuck you God"".

Can't wait to hear what the Bible store and a couple certain churches in Shelton will say to defend what they did in conjuction with a church in Glendale, that obviously checked out Lynn in part of the PMS psyop. At the time I was considering going to Glendale for one of the "special services" with a ticket Lynn had available, Lynn ended up leading a Peace Alliance event in Burbank, a few miles from Glendale, and it appears that event was set up by another EST graduate, on the board of the Peace Alliance... gave the good church the chance to check out their intended victims first hand.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - 04 - Carnival Town

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A04 - Magazine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Philip Bailey - Chinese Wall - 205 - Children of the Ghetto

Ravi Shankar, Lynn's High School and Earth Wind & Fire.. what will the cryptoplogists make of those connections :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Burdon & The Animals - Sky Pilot (Extended)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Henry Mancini - Pink Panther Theme

12/28/2010 5:58am The other night, I was reading Leviticus.. all about how much to value people by for their dollar value... got tired of converting sheckels to dollars.. I get bored reading stuff about money, killing people, destruction of the planet.. gets a little old... if only the U.S. Government felt the same. I sat there wondering why I had to read that part again. And then realized it was God's way of telling me to think about how much it will cost to free the slaves.... alot... which I'm sure it's why the Bible says the government and corporations guilty of this Nazi scheme will go down by way of lawsuits, and how the Nazis wil be defeated by a peaceful movement.

The government has successfully psyopped me, harassed and tortured me into missing this election cycle.. like I said before, I'm sure it's to set me up so Hillary and the other criminals can claim  plagiarism at some point.. the good thing is, it'll be easy to prove the conspiracy. And that they are guilty of much worse things. I'm just sadthat I was forced to miss info that could have saved lives.

I was reading a few nights ago about the sign of when the winds blow from east to west.. can't honestly say I remember if it was in Ezekiel or Revelations... yesterday morning I was sittign in the living room, looking at the clouds to see if it was going to rain, and realized the clouds and wind were blowing to the east.  God gets me to read these things, anymore, in time to witness the signs, now that I know to remember them...   I kept watching the clouds, seeing the look of chemtrails, and noticing what seemed like dirt or smoke in the clouds coming from the northeast...  made video of it all, wondering if there was some hurricane drawing in the air for more power, if a bomb had gone off, or the jetstream was so affected that it dipped so low that the weather pattern completely changed...

The choppers have been flying so low, the house shakes...

The deadly rippling effects of the PMS psyop continue... all you ministers out there better be told to get out of faith based charities and neighborhood inititatives, and kick out the members who are part of what is truly satanic... that includes associating with the Council on Foreign Relations and the media...

By now I would hope certain apostates who have particpated in psyopping me and so many others realize why God hates apostates, and what He promised them. If they had ever read the Bible, they would have known they were particpating with the devil, and if they were to read it now, maybe they would realize why He made that promise.

It's easy to say that you don't pay attention to the news, that you were tricked, all those sorts of things, but when you go out of your way to harm people, it just doesn't get any more basic than that... can't be justified.

The moon looked bizarre yesterday too, as the convergence/conjunction proceeds... all I could think of was Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", and the guy who insisted I listen to the album in discrete quad sound, the guy who was a catholic, unmarried, claiming to be married to a woman named Mary... just like Bob Vestal did.. getting a letter from her every once in awhile... and like Bob, asking Raul if she was in a mental hospital or something that would have them not be together for so many years... the song's not online... I think God's demanding some more uploads... tell Carville and the RIAA I hope they got good lawyers who want a new profession...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 02 - Learning to Fly

People keep signing up to follow me on twitter... wish I had something new to tell them...

MGB for themorning, from the Mormon Bible... Jacob 1:7, but I'll start with

Jacob 1:6 And we also had many revelations , and the spirit of much prophecy; wherefore, we knew of Christ and his Kingdom, which should come.

7  Wherefore we labored diligently among our people, that we might persuade them to come unto Christ, and partake of the goodness of God, that they might enter into His rest, lest by any means he should swear in his wrath they should not enter in, as in the provocation in the days of temptation while the children of Israel were  in the wilderness.

KOKid and his friends should be able to relate to that. And the rippling effects of torturing people.

Since the BFMAN and the DHS are trying to tell me what to write tright now, what I call what they think of the citizens of the United States, I'll just leave it  to them to prove it to you with their criminal activities in the government and in the streets. Sometimes I feel bad to have to bust all these people.. and then I think about what this country used to stand for... I stand for that... and I will never feel guilty or responsible for what Barack and his friends do.. and the legal means for an improbable victory that will prove there's no need to CHANGE the United States, but changing America... just throw em in jail and lose the key.

The other night I swore to God about something, and I meant it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Debbie Boone - You Light Up My Life

I keep doing this typo, called instead of United, I keep typing in untied... back to Leviticus.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jose Feliciano - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Positivity

Evidence for the prosecution. Sesame Street works good sometimes. Maybe this was ABC.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lynn Ahrens - The Best of Schoolhouse Rock - 13 - Telegraph Line

My favorite song by Michael Jackson

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Thriller - 203 - Human Nature

And part of the reason why I liked him so much.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Earth Song


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Find the Cost of Freedom

6:43am I glanced down after closing the weblog, and saw the book of Jaconb on another page expresisng what I really feel this morning about the world, and the actions of the United States. This pretty much says it all.

Jacob 2:6 Yea, it grieveth my soul and causeth me to shrink with shame before the presence of my Maker, that I must testify unto you concerning the wickedness of your hearts.

Something about making the scriptures relevant to the world today.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 04 - Light of Love

7:16am I was just uploading, looked at the directories in my system online, and creation 2012 was removed. Now I understand why they didn't want me watching th enews. Can't wait to find out who stole what I wrote this time. The contest is off for anyone in the national media or Weed and Seed types. And thanks for letting me know the United States Government is defiant of the Hague and other world authorities. There is a log of edits to the site. The psychotronic sguys have been trying to get me to upload the whole site again lately, now I know why. To cover their crimes. Tampering with my web site, again.

I swore to God the other night, swore I'd do something. Consider it done, Nazis.

1:11pm Lynn just went to the store, being tortured just before she leaves. The psychotronics guys do that to her to ge ther upset inattempts to harasss her with other vehicles to cause her to have an accident. Record this as one more attempted murder. And I know who's doing it. The people she finds surveilling her all the time.

I have one other note to make to something very clear: I consider myself and Lynn to be held here against our  will by means of fraud, illegal containment, economic distress, physical attacks by dews and more.. further, as for me, if this was not the case, I would already be living in California, and Washington State does have responsibility for our safety, and since they have refused to respond as the law requires, I consider them accomplices. Further, I do not hold the State of California responsible for the treatment I receive while outside of its borders. Further, that improper actions by the State of Washington in licensing of vehicles has caused me additional financial hardship.

Now, any lawyers out there who want to nitpick, go ahead. It makes no difference. But for those who want to claim I can't run for political office to play a joke on me for asking Barack Obama to provide documents proving residency and citizenship.. a simple legal requirement that should not bother anyone to prove.. it should be a simple thing. And I've been receiving mail in California for months. Anyone involved in these criminal actions against us who file any complaint about me not being eleigible better realize it'll be followed by a RICCO investigation.

The saddest part of all of this is that I'm not a litigious person, and I may dislike having to do it, but since you people are so intent on killing us, at least what I'm doing is legal.  And I'm going to enjoy making sure those people who would not back down get what they requested. So serial psychotics on the road, in the government and on psychotronics... that's part of what I swore to God I'd handle.

10/29/2010 5:40am awoke around 4am  A really bad day yesterday with the torture.

I was reminded this morning of how the goernment claims its psyops will cause even the most stubborn people to not care aboout the activities of the government. Like I told Brokaw, under any and all conditions, and that's me quoting him. BTW Tom, that guy who got arrested for sending you 30,000 emails to clal you a liar.. he was right.. and I'll ebt the same people who took over my email servers and spammed everyone I now of who was on my web site, as well as me.. I'll bet your spammers did that psyopp for yoy.. given you're on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations. That spamming is what had me originally call Patty Murray, the Washington State Attorney General's office, and what had me make my first formal complaint to the FBI in 2002.

I've saved thousands of these spams over the years because I can prove they are context sensitive to my personal private conversations, things I have written on my web site and weblog, and more... and I know I backed up the mcafee log showing an MSNBC client in Jamaica hacking my computer via modem. The one that had MSNBC get an email from me telling them to tell their clients not to get in the middle of it all, as I was doing my best to make sure your advertisers were not harmed.

Keith Olbermann.. the MO is to have me become familiar with people, get a poositive impression, and then later, they zap me. With you, like you siad, you came onm MSNBC in 2003, and I thought, this  is the most honest, objective newscast on tv, I'll put my attention elwsewhere while always enjoying seeing you throw your "copy" into the air... in 2008, when you sucked me in, you might remember it was done because I was getting complaints in the household ofpeople being tired of being psychotronically raped, and not by anyone here. You already demonstrated you have everything on my computer with Tompkins and the Cosmos and Alanis Morrisette and   acertain thing I wrote that I claled crap inmy weblog when someone tried to dictate it to me, and I wanted to seee what thegovernment was trying to influence me to say.. and it was crap.

And that's when I wrote to Barack and Kennedy, took the pictures of hooking into the Senate fax receiver... I wrote to Barack via the media link email, and it was immediately afterward no longer available on the web site in 2008. Anybody who claims my email was tampered with to prevent contact will be proven a liar by the words of the people involved as they spoke them on tv and radio.

Now, I get hasseld to watch the news, and then when the time comes, psychotroncs are used to prevent me from watching, or I'm soharrassed I can'tabsorb the info,. And this is just like when Iwas about to bust CNN, and they told me they were through playing with me, an to go away, and I said I didn't have to, so I was zapped into oblivion...

Just remember, for every thing I can't prove, it doesn't matter, because what I can prove carries so many federal criminal charges this little stuff makes little difference... and like you and Rachel have pointed out to this man in a room with a pew... 20 years for each count of conspiracy... at least you proved you know the laws you people break have penalties...

So when the psychotronics guys tell me how proud they are to be Nazis serving Satan, I believe them,and know they have no excuse for sending death squads to kill us.

Someone tampered with the door on Lynn's trailer, causing it to not close tightly, by removing a rubber gasket from around the door, and the lock is becoming nearly unusable. More days of work to be done, now, becuase of crimes to prevent us from leaving... all supposedly just misdeameanor malivcious mischief.. but Federal crimes nonethelesss, because of the MO pattern... and the results it causes. And Keith,Lynn had a stroke because of directed energy weapons used to kill her. It will be an easy case for a jury todecide.

This guy, Keith, you guys get kicks out of calling the Buttfuckman thinking I won't say it for fear I'll  look bad.. he's caused me a great deal of physical pain, and they torture Lynn to try to force me to do things they want me to do... just like they torture me if I don't write things they want me to write to set me up for criminal and mental illness claims.. it won't work. And I'll have lots of witnesses to claim their children and pets have been harmed, just like Al Gore particpated in killing my dog Jesse...  I can prove it. And look forward to it.

Al, like you Keith, is one of the people I respected and gave my support to, until I found out you were perverse traitors.

Under any and all conditions. Tom tell your CFR religion experts they can't trip me up, and the Bible prophecies will be fuulfilled, and all the money you murderers and thieves have will be useless in the face of the hatred the citizens of the world will have against you  people. And your phony ministers will end up reading the Bible over and over looking for justification, and they will find their justification in their knowledge that their actions betray God, and will be the reason they will go to hell. It's as simple as that. And Madeleine Albright is a perfect person to lead them there.

It's a good thing psychotronics exists, if only to be able to easily prove that everything I just said is true.

So, tell me media people, what do you  have against God. Like Cho said when you all set him up, you have all that money and power, and youstill had torture him into killing those people at Nova.... when did that become funny to you people.. and when did you decide it wasn't your responsibility as citizens to stop it.. unless it's true, you wouldn't be anchors on the news if you weren't loyal to the Council on Foreign Relations. So you people chose to betray the United States long ago. You're traitors. It will be proven. God picked the right person to represent Him at this time of the world.

You ought to try writing, like i am now, with someone causing you with psyhotonics to jam a tooth into your jaw and nervers of other teeth, using the pain to get you to use your tongue toreposition it so it won't huurt... its's called psychotronic torture, and it'sbeen done to me for 8 years, ever since I read a passage in the Bible about gnashing your teeth.. like I told Dobbs and Crossfire...

When Ishow the videos of the death squads on the highways, I'll be able to show they are playing "bullfight".. just like the 1985 Del Gado report on CNN. And the evidence for when these 5 vehicles attempted to box me in and stop my vehicle on the highway a while back, it will be shown as an emulation of videos shown on CNN of how terrorists in the Middle East surround a vehicle in order tokidnap or kill the occupants of the vehicle they stop.

And there are numerous reports of the government, and individuals like Barack Obama, who hired police departments to harass, incarcerate and violate the rights of everyone from people carrying signs, to Amy Goodman, trying to cover the news... special security people to silence their politicla opponents. I'm told the people in charge of killing me and Lynn are with XE/Blackwater. They tell me, and Rachel inferred it.

Lynn was talking about claling Pat Humphries of Emma's Revolution... Pat is truly inspired by Lynn. Based on what I saw, other fundraisers were trying to emulate her... and made fools of their apostate phony minister Hollywood productions. I caught it, she didn't.. I researched it too.

But liek their cohorts say.. some people are more spiritually advanced than others .. especially when referring to Melissa Scott and hilarious givers by another government phony minister, also claiming friendship with  TD Jakes and TBN. Que Sera.

I am being tortured now to not say that this butfuckman, who likes to get his name in the weblog like serial lkillers love, that he jst checked in by torturing me to remind me he's in control. ANd like McCain, the united States doesn't torture anyone under their control. He's a liar, and this guy IS the focus of what I swore to God...

He thinks it's a way toget targeted individuals to make it  apersonal challenge to take them on and get them, as the DHS and government claims you can't prosecute unles you know the specific individuals and technology they use. They're wrong, but this guy wanted me to ask the jury for the death penalty and thinks the united STates Government can get away with it by claiming claiming national security.. this guy is very wrong, and I swore to God that after I was through, I'd make sure he was identified and those people like him would be tracked down and prosecuted. That's what I swore to God, and Imeant it, and by the wya, buttfuckman, it's at the bottom of my list of priorities... because people like you are peaons.

For the record, I wrote all that to appease the sicko the U.S. Government hired to supposedly break me. He claims to be an agent of the DHS. No matter what, all these people are "sanctioned" by the government. And the plug will be pulled onthese people soon, and the antennas on their vehicles will make them easy people to find.. they're in your neighborhoods... locate the antennas that you rarely see elsewhere.. photos to be posted after the reports are sent to the Hague.

Someone said they were going tosave America.. I'm  going to save the U.S. from those trying to save America. Because these particular "Americans" don't think o fthemselves as citizens of the United States...

THe McCarthy hearings weren't really about communism, they were about expelling the traitors of the COuncil on FOreign Relations, quickly turned into a blacklisting show trial to silence those who knew the truth of the Fabian Society, the New WOrld Order, and the perverseness of the peopl ebehind it,.. THe Rockefellers.

BTW.. the Rockefeller FOundation sought out and invited the Peace ALliance to ask for a 25-50 thou grantto help pass the Youth Promise Act.. so they can incarcerate more young black people... a cheap date for the Rockefelelers doing a memo 46 onan organization whose activities will prove the purposeful harm done to Lynn by certain people associated with the Council and Barack.  And wait til Yunus finds out why Lynn is no longer on the board of Grammeen, despite his promise she would always be on it for introductng him to the United States... and training the Executive Director of Grameen USA as an employee of Results under Lynn.

Supposedly, Barabara Sands propositioned a cameraman from CNN after she went to work at Results... and I think that cameraman was in my seminar at Landmark led by Nancy Ross, and she was flirting with him - and on the last day, she said, sex is enrolling, as she lifted her blouse and exposed her breasts to the entire group in the seminar. I think this proposition was to establish she didn't know the guy before. I think that's a lie. And it was the same seminar landmark used to make me look a womanizer because I asked a woman out on a date.. and then was told not to talk to that woman afterward.. she worked at NOVA... disassemble... they tried. Lots of weird stuff happened to me, and Lynn in DC, all centered around Landmark Education... Results, and interactions with the government.

So when I decided to become politically active, Clinton and his friends were already working on us, long before we moved back to Olympia.. The weird part is, these people doing the psychotronic work knew the truth of their crimes, and chose to continue to commit them against innocent people.. and so, their perverse setups and raping people and killing them with medical assaults.. they have no excuses.

One of thebiggest things this guyhired by the media and government wants is to find out if I have the evidence i calim to have.THey know i do, but this guy doesn't.. and that's why I'm waiting to leave this area to compile my reports.. because these people see wht I do as I do it, and I want out of the rangeof these people. And asssitance from police and government whilein this state, Washington, would mean turning it over to people who have their own crimes to cover in the case I have against them. Just remember, people, you're the criminals. You people told me from day 1 that I either prove it was happeneing or I would be tortured til I died, and you were going to kill me.   You're the criminals.

I look forward to the day of justice, and finding out how many Nazis have infiltrated this nation, and at what levels. And the United States will have a presidential candidate who may have to leave the country to find justice.

Barack, your phony ministers were the destructive distraction, and you got off easy with blaming Somalia instead. Even doing what you did to Somalia, you and the Clinton,s will be part of the crimes that will be listed as part of this conspiracy. ANd don't forget, what Somalia does in its own legally recognized waters is legal.. especially when countries like ours dump nuclear waste in to the waters off their shores to kill the fish, and the only source of food to alot of people, as the U.S. uses the U.N. to starve them to death.

Transformation.. no... tranceformation... psychotronics... the Bible says you'll never admit to anything Barack. No wonder.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance _ live

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Frampton - I'm In You - A01 - I'm In You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Purple Rain_single

8:11am Extreme torture continues, and Lynn is having an extremely painful morning.. and this buttfuckman is purposely triyin gto mae this about me being obsessed about him. I said earlier I appeased the DHS sickos with what I wrote... these people have tried to set it up like I'm some danger, violent or something, and the idea that I relate to the psyops that were done to Victor Cho by NBC and the U.S. Government, should mean I'm dangerous.

After 8 years of torture by people in the State of Washington, harassment, damage and more, it can easily be concluded that the only dangerous people in this situation are those working for the government. And to Ed Holm, there's nothing worse than a bad cop and a dirty prosecutor... and to the cops out there who ARE honest, all I have to say is, instead of protecting dirty cops and politicians,  you should take pride in busting them instead. That you don't and protect them under the guise of law enforcement is worse than treason.

DHS, the only personal challenge I had in this whole thing was to inform citizens of truth, and i knew very little back then, and I had no complaints against the state of Washington until you all decided to put pressure on and try to convince me that you believe murdering your fellow citizens is justified for any reason...  and I still say Palin is a front to cover up the death squads while they finish their work, and allow authorities to identify "conservatives" so they can kil them like they've tried with Lynn and I. Magnet wars.

The tooth torture was just accelerated. Tell Rob McKenna thank you. And tell Barack and the Rockefellers that I will not under any circumstances willing make further reports to any authorities in the State of Washington in order to provide a basis for  a cover up for the Nazis. All further attempts to stop us and to torture us wil be documented and used against you. Screw your illegal laws. Since the torture is continuing this moment, I'lll take that as the further arrogance of the U.S. government and the State of Washington. Oregon and California are next, and I already have prosecutable evidence on them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana & Dave Matthews - Love Of My Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - Wall Street Shuffle

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday

Thank your guy for continuing the torture on behalf of all the decent citizens of the United States who will be freed from slavery no matter what the conditions. And Rockefellers, excuse my French, fuck you.

Note on the cowards: Lynn reported a red truck and a red jeep   harassing her yesterday. I know who you are, I have your licenses, there are 3 red jeeps, I know them well, I have video... and I know where the red truck came from.. and the ringleader on the island who lives down the road are their best friends. The guy down the road will have to use the matrixc defense. My claims are against the federal government, they keep giving me more, and it all goes on record against Barack. And they'll spend the rest of their lives in jail as peons. BTW The other CNVC trainer on the island only lasted here 3 years. Between them, Lori and Adrian, and some other folks.. it's an easy case to make. Besides the guy who ran the bulldozer, who tried to warn me about these people, who I later discovered was surveilling me as well. And his boss, who said he got a lot more sleep when he moved his led clock away from the bed. My led clok.. I use it to tell when I'm being attacked by microwave... it buzzes.. and it doesn't even have a speaker, as far as I know... it's just a clock. A cheap one. From Wal-Mart. And if it does have a speaker, all the better. Acoustic sound is acoustic sound, and electrical hums are electrical hums.. the same like I got in Los Angeles, which also made funny ring tone sounds when I accessed the internet. In my motel room.

4:05pm This is how screwed up the sick rapists and muirderers of the United States Government are.. I'm being tortured right now.. to day I started working on Lynn's trailer, adn they decided I should do something else, and tortured me to prove they could make me do what they said their way... and they tortured me all day long, and they're proud of it... they just said so... and I didn't get even 1/4 of the work done that I needed to do today. God damn the United States Government.

6:21pm The U.S Government and the local perverts have successfully broken th elock on Lynn's trailer. One thing I'll be adding to Auschwitz in America is how the government tortures me as I eat, and has for at least a year if not 2 years... and it's not just pain from the teeth, or even just the pain from the tooth torture they purposely give me... so all you serial perverts celebrate... and Barack and all you sicko traitors... you'll get your day in court Barack.. and so will all the living presidents. So challenge yourselves some more, prove what great people you are by using military weapons to covertly kill your own citizens, and then tell the world the United States has the moral highground, and I'll be the one calling you all a bunch of Nazi liars. And I can easily make the case.

John Glenn did it for me. Ted Kennedy did it for me. Jimmy Carter, GW Bush, HW Bush, Reagan... they all decided to torture people covertly for decades.. talk about sick perverts... Why DO you people want sick genocidal criminals for heroes?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Karla Bonoff - New World

God picked those.. I pick this one...Daniel Nahmod - So the World May Hear.. not online.. but this one is...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

PS The psychotronics guys arrogantly tortured me to mention how they got into the front yard and pulled the tarp on my trailer for sole purpose of reminding me they are above the law. They're wrong.

10/30/2010 5:29 am  I was waken up this morning approx 3-3:30 am and painful torture began immeditely, along with psychotronics. When I am through, the Hague will know all the perverse ways the U.S. uses to trap people into mental institutions, prisons, and how their death squads kill people covertly - the U.S. government and its death squads are the most pathtic displays of cowardice ever.

Remember Napolitano and Barack, when I rpeort to the Hague, I'll be telling them all the perverse things you do and say - and all the perverse remarks made about Jesus and God and Muhammad and all the Christs like Abraham and Moses, who were friends of the Muslims who are not the Chaldeans, the people in charge of the United States are the Biblical Chaldeans by blood.. but this only refers to the people of the Rothchilds... a family that thinks it actually deserves to own this world because they claim erroneously to be of the blood line of the descendants of Jesus... and not the 12 tribes of Israel... Zion... Psion, Scion... look it up, it's wha thte bUsh family and all the CFR leaders believe they are more or less. But I want the world to know how perverse these people are, because like DObbs said in his lie about Iraq, they're sick and they need to be destroyed.

DHS, want to arrest me for that? Better arrest Dobbs for perpetration of a public hoax and worse... include Jack Welch, CLive Davis and a bunch more people wo are part of the conspiracy that is reality of the Nazis making moves for their 3rd military war to dominate the world with death squads. Take the psyops perps off the air. All of them, and try them for treason.

When Bush said terrorists would use codewords to talk to terror cells, they aesopian toward people like me, but they also signalled the death squads as the psyops were set up and ready, so their closed circuit viewers could have fun killing people, raping people, and enjoy the snuff films...courtesy the United States National media, and their friends in many of the locals.... wannabees who are just easy pawns to use..

God damn the United States Government. Remember, the Hague knows about psychotronics.

6:42am The psychotronics guys were torturing me, trying to prove they control me 100% with psychotronics and dews and torture, wanted me to read the Bible so they could make more perverse remarks about God and religion. I wasn't in the mood. So in boredom, I picked up my quote book, a TIme Warner publication of course, and turned to a few quotes.. I don't remember the order...

First, To Jimmy Carter, The New World Order, regarding death squads and Chinese Democracy. Remember Jimy, if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow.. Jimmy...

This is what the death squads do.. and why God's pulling the plug...

The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue.

Moa Tse Tung, January, 1930 Selected Military Writings of Mao Tse Tung, from a letter to their Central Commitee on guerilla tactics.

It looks like I'm going to quote these quotes in reverse order.... THese, by the way, are the same kind of quotes, from this book, that I used to trade with Dobbs when he quoted Teddy Roosevelt, one of his favorites.. and this one time, Malcolm X...

Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again;
the eternal years of God are hers;
But Error, wounded, ewrithes in pain,
And dies among hos worshippers.

William Cullen Bryant "The Battlefield"  1883

Hell is truth seen too late - duty neglected in its season.

--- Tryon Edwards 1891

Cleanse the body of this nation
Through the glory of the Lord.

Henry Scott Holland 1958

The first quote i saw was this, I think.

The composition of this book has been for the author a long struggle of escape, and so must the reading of it be for most readers if the author's assault upon them is to be successful, a struggle of escape from habitual modes of thought and expression. The ideas which are here  expressed so laboriously are extremely simple and should be obvious. The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds.

John Maynard Keynes The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money   1936

Interesting. I was tlaking about Keynes years ago, and von Hayek.. and how Keynes was against trickle down economics and von Hayek wrote the Road To Serfdom, and was the basis of Friedman's trickle down economics that Reagan aand Barack agreed to for power. And like Roosevelt and Wilson, actually sold the United States, and didn't bother to tell the people of the United States.. what a new deal...

Gotta play this.. ya'll are...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 12 - Brainwashed

to benefit....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - Wall Street Shuffle

while the media covers up the crimes with

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

and people like Rep John Hall of Orleans do this

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 12 - Business As Usual


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - 01 - Sunrise


7;15am I was getting harassed by a pickup truck one day onthe highway in Olympia, and saw a sticker on it that said beware of fred.

Check this out, just listened to it, from the KAHS days.. Curtis Mayfield- Freddie's Dead. I  can relate to that one. Not online. Never really liked this one though.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Curtis Mayfield - Superfly

The DOD uses them to spy on people. Really, robotic flies with cameras and microphones. I keep wondering about the bees listening to me.




10/31/2010 7:16am Awoke around 3:30am WOndering if someone on the east coast has been assigned to me to cause sleep deprivation, and to harass and troture me for hours as if anything I say while being tortured can be used against me, and these are illegal depositions if that's what they claim.

This morning, it was sort of civil, except for the tooth torture, as someone continually attemoted to talk me into removing materials fro the web site, and based on the edits don eby other people.. and how I log on to post my weblog and it says there are 3-9 users on my ftp login, it tells me someone is monitoring the site, and erororing out pages as people ask for them, s that when I look, they're still there.. or the opposite, to waste my time doing lengthy uploads, and to claim I changed the website... knowing some modifications have been made to my current rev via tempest or promis type of software used by the government.

This morning, like often was about taking off materials and giving a free pass to the apostate in Glendale, even though the one who did the Anna Nicole Smith imitation looks like  the woman Brit showed on CNN, who later appeared on MSNBC, and she could very well be the one in the videos on ION for some of the songs... morphing her face in. Of course, I saw the one in Glendale who also was on te ION broadcasts for   afew times, seeming to also show a member of the choir sitting in the back next to an old man. Hollywood or real? I think Hollywood. I think the reason CNN and MSNBC showed that particular Pastor Melissa Scott, one of them or not, was to get me to write to MSNBC or CNN and to once again try to make it appear I was obsessed with her.  I have pictures of some 5-10 different Pastor Melissa Scotts of Glendale... from video and her website.

Regarding her, please undersand, she's just a small potato in the 10+ years of the U.S. Government destroying my life...  right now, I'm only counting since 2000. THe detailas of her inviolvement are simple and easily proven, if only by the lack of evidence at ION, who did not respond to request for verification of her broadcasts, althought thye acknowledged my request for information I am legally entitled to under the law, without warrant. For any reason I want. Or any reason that anyone may want.

Furthermore, these government idiots spent years destroying my teeth, and now say they'll destroy them if I don't give up the case.. problem is, they think that makes me afraid. It ends up incriminating the government and the dentists and doctors they used to murder me. More evidence that cannot be refuted.

And let's keep in mind, all this time, I've been asking to settle this through communication, and I can prove that the state and federal authorities have monitored this weblog, and done more psyops and harm to me in response. So don't tell me I should give up, don't tell me I'm vindictive.. ask the police how many crimes victims are vindictive. ALl they  want is the crime to stop. And to have their lives back. They think that destroying my front teeth, whch were purposely shaved and made irregular in a way that can easily be shown would cause more pain and suffering, would force me to file law suits in the state of Washington so the crimes could be suppressed and covered up, and the people in charge of these criminals would have the ability to steal the evidence and throw it  out of court.   And force me to become homeless, living in a state that has demonstrated they are particpating in our murders. With weapons they have prosecuted Boeing over that the State proved were lethal.  Military weapons deployed by the military and local citizens...

Weed and Seed, Faith Based Charities, Community watch and Neighborhood initiatives... with your neighbors having those strange antennas that nobody else, except the other tweakers and murderers, that noone else has,and that indicate a tie in to police and government communications systems. I have documented their involvement, as well as the scarcity of these vehicles with this communications equipment. I also have video of the mercenaries hired, their vehicles, faces and equipment.

It's quite a situation, not mine to resolve, but certainly mine to end. Because of government officials who are going to be proven to approve the murder of their own citizens by death squads and covert military weapons.  If I was a professional law enforcement person, even if I was involved and determined there was something wrong going on, I'd be the kind of professional who'd know how to handle it and bring it to an appropriate conclusion. But  now, all I get are threats, disruptions, Lynn being tortured and used via psychotronics to contain me... these idiots want to convince me I'm a traitor for wanting to report all this to the Hague.. I've tried every law enforcement and legal authority since 2002... so these guys  want to play this game of keepin gus here just becaus ethey know we want to leave, not by choice but by force, but to bankrupt us first, they keep us here, damaging our private property,  refusing us our rights, refusing vehicle licensing and then tampering with the vehicles... and they think that to save my life, I'm going to stay here, file charges and malpractice suits that don't begin to cover the harm done, and would probably give them a pieceof paper saying there was no criminal liability. Talk about blackmail and extortion by the government.

And ya'll think, to save your butts, that Lynn and I should just die because you people are better people than us.

I just got more tooth torture for that. I was just told there would be more of that. And that's why I have no problem with the idea of leaving it to higher authorites, and that means God and the world.

And no amount of torture will cause me to fail to do  what I told God I would do, or stop me from bein gloyal to the constituion and the pledge of allegiance.

I'm not a traitor. The government is. I can prove it. And all I need are my teeth, a few scars, and my testiclee destroyed by directed energy weapons. the body of my dead dog and cat... and I was looking in the dictionary last night, and accidentally happened on the word thalamus... as in thalamus stroke.. and it;s a rare stroke, I say hits by the Federal Government usin gdews...and it isn't what her doctors said it was, and the damage to the tissues, that are still sore, that would lead to the part of the brain affected by these weapons/induced  stroke, are inconsistent with a stroke, abut are extremely consistent with purposeful attacks on her brain with military weapons from the U.S,.. miltary choppetrs that often hover around th ehouse, and buzz us all the time to threaten us. As with thousands of other people. And Lynn's supposed to be applying for a program of doctors studying these rare stroeks.. and the medical records she sent them... I couldn't convince her, thanks to psychotroinics, to allow me to copy them before sending them via Fedex (GE) or UPS... how convenient for the government. On eof the records the hospital sent her wa sfor another patient. And the last time we fedexed medical records to a doctor, they never arrived,and Lynn gave them the only other copy of the originals.. from a doctor who I will have to check, but was switched out to an FBI agent using psychotronics to be told what to tell Lnnn... I'm pretty sure the people I  videoed elsewhere included her doing psyops against me. That place, after I told them I was guarding evidence and would take video if I noticed a crime, a conversation because of a perp infiltrating that medical institution, installed lights and a one way security window in the area I also parked. And I have video of it all.

So.. I didn't ask to be in this position, Lynn certainly didn't, and just tremember, Keith, when you decided to suck me back into things for the final setup to silence me,  the reasons I did it, and the way psychotronics was used to supposedly hang me out to dry....

You people blew it completely when you infiltrated the Peace Alliance. Followed by the murder attempt on Lynn with the stroke. I'm not even convinced she actually had a stroke, knowing that her pain level increases everytime she tries to enjoy herself. Just like I'm tortured when I listen to music and try toenjoy anything at all.

Given the pattern of the way these things go, If I write about or note or collect evidence and mention anything in this weblog, these sickos do it more and more to prove to me that if I don't keep quiet, they'll torture us more with the same torture I report.

Keith, I hope you get the same kind of medical care Lnnn has had. I hope you've enjoyed being the MSNBC point man to psyop us to lead our taunted and tortured deaths.

I'm sure, as always, you'll have something to laugh about in all this, because I know all of you Nazis believe you're above the law. You're not.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Horton - Sink the Bismarck

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Instant Karma

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Lucky Star

Like usual, God did  a great job picking the tunes.

PS As for the rapture.. read Thessalonians 4:17  last night. I still disagree... and I never found it in Revelations 4 like the phony apostate said. Psychotronics and dews are not the rapture of God, it's government sponsored terrorism and murder.. the prophet simply interpreted the vision incorrectly.

You ministers out there who think psyops and weed and seed is  a good thing...  wait til they do it to you to shut you up, before thousands of people prosecute you. Read your Bibles, wake up, and Huckabee, do the right thing. The report has room for you too.

What a calamity. And it all appears, according to the Bible, to be calibrated to happen the day I exit the country. PMS was a huge betrayal of God, and any minister should have known that.. no matter what the reasons. She says she was commissiioned to Save  America. In my book, that means paid off to cover the tails of the Council on Foreign Relations. Hope the commission was good.  Synagogue of satan.. if anyone says anything bad about them, run from them.  I'll never forget that one.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alanis Morissette - UR

Going out today to run errands. Cant wait to video some more Nazis. The deal is always going to be on, no matter what, for those who showed they had some respect for the idea that there was more to know in this case. I don't break my promises to those who keep theirs. It's a serious thing, don't ever think I take it lightly. Those people should continue on that course, knowing I'm not taking any more such gestures as anything else but deception. But for those previous people, my promise stands.

Cousteau se finis.. at least for me. And the fake coyote noises don't fool me. BTW Check the Bible. the dogs are you people, not me.

According to the reading last night, we're about into Revelations 22.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Abba - Fernando

Is Ferdie the king of Saudi Arabia yet? Managing  a pizza parlor in the middle of the desert in Riyadh sounds pretty good right now :}

8:15am They just started extereme tooth torutre, and theye threatening to torture Lynn all dayu  to prove they'll keep torturing us as long as we don't remain silent.  And you wonder why I call them Nazis. Tell McKenna he's got a problem to clean up, and it ain't me.

8:17am These people think it's so funny to get me to write this, and their shirinks from GITMO think they can set me up to make it look like a crazy man.. as they tell me my brother will be killed.. when this is done, I'll show that at least 2 attempts on his life have already been made, and the guy he thinks is his best friend is   a perp. Now, U.S. Government,think you can beat me in court? Cowards. Nazis ARE cowards. ANd more tooth torture.. like I said, these people want me to write this, and buttfuckman is on the psychotronics, and Keith, you'd better tell these idiots they don't stand a chance in the court of world opinion.

It's over for all of you Nazis, and the worse it gets, the worse it gets for you. Barack.. thanks for the confession.

7pm The tooth torture has been nbad all day, but it got worse a few minutes ago when the psychotronics guys decided I should write some things I don't want to write. Then, when I didn't give them their way, they gave Lynn extreme pain.

I'm not going to go into what I saw today, when I visited a few churches today and was a cross between disappointed and disgusted... I have to assume the Government wanted me to see this to demoralize me AND to attack and alienate the churches... I'll get to that later or tomorrow. Otherwise they're proud - as they torture me more to suppress what else I'll say - to torture me more now to play a reverse psychology game.

Another situation - Yemen. Always remember that just because something came from another country it doesn't mean the nation sent the bomb. And just like the Zarqawi and Bin Laden announcements in 2004, perfect timing, isn't it, just in time for the elections....

DHS and Obama... this entry is another example of humiliation and extermination... think about it.. and then some day, when the Hague shows the videos I shot today to tell the world why the U.S. is like Nazi Germany before World War II... the people you deceived will understand.

Mary MacGregor - I've Never Been To Me

Truth is my religion. My practice is non-cooperation with evil. Ghandi   Look up the word acquiesce.

The psychotronics guys once again  tempted fate and lost when they wanted me to do an MGB, and all I had in front of me was The Prince. For those who have copies of my library, turn to page 30, paragraph 2, which ends with....

But thinking it beneath him to serve under others, with the countenance of the Vitelleschi and the connivance of certain citizens of Fermo who preferred the slavery to the freedom of their country, he formed the design to seize on that town.


11/1/2010 7:03am Woke up around 4:30 or so...

A few years back, Lynn asked me why I always talked about Dobbs and Matthews and other people, like I was obsessed, and I told her I wasn't obsessed with them, it's was just that they were the people - the media as a whole - enabling government corruption, and also were involved in the crimes against us, so my talking about them and thinking about the way they do things allows me todefend us and at the same time, allows me to continue working to make progress despite the fact that the government has cut off my ability to communicate with people, and I was purposely forced to use the website as a means to communicate, which I later realized was a standard ploy in psyops to giv ethe government and media material to claim someone was one of those crazy people writing a rambling, manic depressive journal.. like other targeted individuals... when they were actually telling truth.. but the examples they give are targeted individuals liek SIrhan Sirhan who were completely taken over by psychotronics and didn't know it.. couldn't understand it themselves, and thus, the appearance of schizophremia. Now called schizophrenia.

Some might think I write all this stuff, like righteous indignation - deserved or not -and think I'm sort of acting up, acting out, even actually believing that just because the Bible "Jesus" or some rophet orwriter should do something, that I do it like a Koresh or someone believeing they should emulate ancient Biblical times or structures, the garb of old Biblical figures like people would imagine...

For me, it's been a mixed blessing to not know I wasChrist all these years, I got to live my lif eand do things and have certain thoughts and beliefs without having to conform to "standardized beliefs"... I  got to speak and write about my political vieews and Democracy without actually having read the Bible, only to read the Bible and realize my political views were nearly 100% consistent with my spiritual views, an becaus eof psychotronics and Norseen's thought insertion, and the ability to block out memories in real time so that I couldn't remember what I'd read in the Bible, I ended up relaizing that all the thign sI was talking about and trying to achieve, some most my life, were consitent and are consistent with Biblical prophecy, my identity and more... and it always surprises me when I read the Bible and think, I've been doing that for years...

I think about things like how tI've found at least 3 places in the Bible where even Jesus says the "Son of Man" would not have the name Jesus...the Second Advent of the Spirtit of Jesus  as "the leader" of the church... So I drive down the highway, see Gethsemane Ministries, doing good work, no criticism intended, with a sign that says "Jesus is the Answer" with a quote from Philemon. Jesus had the answers, and for that reason it's important tha tthere be an identitty difference between Jesus and the spirit in the second coming, to make sure people truly understood what Jesus stood for, to have someone to explain God AND Jesus to people again, to get things back on course, and to provide a means for people to know "Jesus"when he returned, just as Jesus realized noone recognized him because they did not remember the actual ways of God. Just like Moses speaking of Jesus, Jesus spoke of how to know his spirit in the second advent...

And the things Jesus said in Gethsemane would have a person who actually reads the Bible know that even Jesus said the answer is God.... if you think I "pound" on these issues to prove myself or because I'm a zealot, read the Bible and understand why in the second advent, I'd be more popular with sinners than Christians.. and it has to do with open mindedness - non-judgmentalism - and the willingness to not take a position, listen to all sides, and respect the liberty of God.. just as God said Christians would be the Laodocians in the end times becuase the devil would pacify them as if religion was an opiate of the massess.. turn the otehr cheek, but kill off your enemies.. contradictions and hypocrisy... and the ministers who go along with the common line, don't seek the truth and remain objectie become known to God as apostates becuase they faield to kepep their promse to not pollute his word and message by acquiescing to the anti-Christ. Believing you can make a deal with the devil. Like allowing government psyop perps to be in and lead your churches... or refusing to read the Koran and understand people you've been led to believe are your enemies, and actually are not. If you read the Koran, you'd find that Muhammad gives power to everything Jesus ever did and said, and was supportive of everyone including Abraham.

The ask yourself a question, and be willing to tell the truth.. who started the aggressions in other nations and why? We did, oil and power and money. We're not the only ones, but we're the primary aggressors at this time.

Churches, in God's way, were supposed to remind us of our principles and values, not rallying us with our fears into evil acts supposedly as desperate acts to defend us from those we've harmed. An eye for an eye was rejected by Jesus, self-defense was not. Commiting a crime and then claiming defending yourself with other egregious crimes is not self-defense.

God's day of justice is not about revenge, it's about justice.

THe psychotronics guys, in their attempts to persuade t continue to be stupid enough to believe there's a reason tothink I should get a job and try to survive here included - why don't you get involved in the churches here... start here... and I say, I  don't want to create ties to this are a right now for obvious reasons, including being denied health care, and even being harmed by doctors.. on purpose.

I really loved visiting with a man from the Kingdom Hall in Olympia when he'd stop by every Thursday.. so it's no wonder the day I went there to see him and get assistance, the government set it up for thigns to happen so I'd go when the whole church was in Tacoma at a conference... and then I went to the Quaker Church right after... trust me, a jury will believe how that was set up... and I really believed that when things got rolling, the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons would be my best friends.

So yesterday, I needed to run some errands, and the psychotronics guys convinced me to go around and look at the parking lots at the local churches.. something I'd reluctantly thought I'd end up doing before leaving anyway.. and I honestly believe they wanted me to do it that day to demoralize me.. yesterday, that is...

There's a new church on the island I'd been watching being built, actually was waiting for their doors o be open so I could go and speak to their minister, counseling and more... about half of their parking lot was filled with the psyops people.. rapists and murderers with the government death squads... a woman assigned to tail me onmy way off the Island had her children in the car, obviously made late by my time of departure.. I let her pass me, and followed her to that church, her kids in the car.. and me wondering, what is this woman teaching her children on the way to church.

Something about the golden rule... and these people would have me and others believe they have nothing to do with the rape and torture, but they have everything to do with the particpation and operations with the death squads...

So I drove into town, checked out the church I thought Judith was going to introduce me to, now  a homeless shelter and resource center, because that church got   a new church shortly after particpating in the psyop against me...

I went to a few otheres..because it's located in THIS town, I was concerned about a place that supposedly trains future ministers... I went to a few others, and then I went down to the Kingdom Hall in Shelton, the one where I went to get help a couple years back, and to talk to them, get counselign and hopefully get their help in getting medical and dental care, and to talk to the elders of the church.. and got hit by a dew and ended up leaving, believing then, as I believe even more now, that they did a psyop trick on me.. and their parking lot had maybe 25%  psyop vehicles in it.. Milton had told me that JW's don't get involved in politics, and I respected that when he'd visit, and we'd share our Bible studies that week since i'd seen him, and he gave me a disk of photos and things of how the JW's were doing great work in Kenya, like we were doing in Lospkop.. only they did thigns on a bigger scale, and they don't believe in "rice christians".. so I was shocked because I couldn't believe that they would allow people doing such things in their churches... and I can't help but notice that yesterday, there was no security guy outside with  a headset monitoring the entrance... like there was the day I was harrassed... he could have been inside yesterday...

Went by another small church I've bene attracted to for years, ever since the James Taylor song mentioned St Christopher's day... never could find a historical reference about St Christopher, other than a story of a man lifting a child across a river, who was so heavy, it was like he had the weight of the world on his   shoulders...

Psyop vehicles I'd recognized as harrassing me frequently. I can't help but wonder if these people ever considered, if I'm such a bad person, why don't they want tme to go to church? And then of course, I have to think that if these are the kinds of people in the churches these days, I don't want to go to church. And to think, I never went to that church because I was concerned that if I did, the people who went there might be harmed.

So, once again, whether you believe it's me or not, when the son of man returns, it's no wonder that Christians would think he's the anti-Christ.. because like God himself said, I'm going to give you the promised land, and unfortunately, I know that you people will become just like the people I had you prevail over, and I'll have to do to you what I had you do to them.... defensively...  and typically that menat leaving them to destroy themselves because they would not listen and realize they had actually abandoned the ways of God.

If I was a minister in one of these churches, and understood the promise they to God and realized what they and their congregations were involved in, I'd sit down with these people after church and inform them of their apostasy, hypocrisy and evil, and let them know that next week, anyone particpating inthese evil acts was no longer welcome in the church, woudl be identified as evil groups in the next week's sermon, and that civil rights charges would be filed against them and their employers immediately, and that the people they weere surveiling and harrassing in those churches, the reason for the psyops people infiltrating the churches to garner support in the churches while continuing the harassment against their fellow church members covertly....

Freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and then take an inventory of the odd crimes people have experienced, and let them know th tno matter what they tell you, they're not crazy, and someone like me could verify that the bulk of what they're saying is true, or could at least explain the illusion used to detroy their lives. As as your witnes, could provide a layman's explanationto a jury that would be supported by experts far more knowledgeable than me, people who worked with it, developed it, invented and understand its evil application. And the miracle it could have been. Lynn was disabled by it, and could be completely rid of pain by it. Psychotronics.

There's a church in Santa Cruz I was planning to go talk to.. meant to for years for some reason when I lived in Santa Cruz.. I'm assuming one of the reasons I'm being prevented from going there is because I noticed that their victims assistance programming was beginning to be approached by local police to particpate in these things.. and I was going to set them straight.. while seeking victim assistance in reality... and I have no doubt the local affiliated church has already told them about me.. like I'm a bad guy.. the same Catholic Church Judith was associated with in town... and I still plan to set them straight...

There's a certain 7th Day Adventist newspaper owner 'publisher I once did an audio loop of Hail To The Chief for at KLRS who said he owed me a favor for doing it for him.. I think his last name was Regan or Reagan...

I have an interesting relationship with 7th day Adventists.. first, like Jews, they believe in celebrating the sabbath on the 7th day... second, one whose husband became a 7th day adventist church who gave me L Ron Hubbard's book on Dyanetics.. I never read.. her friend in Crescent City, and a woman I knew from the Maple Creek days who was into Edgar Cayce and ESP and things... like Boylan talks about... there are about a dozen more aspectsof that story I don't care to disclose at this time, and I doubt the FBI would want me to, having to do with a guy they busted once that I barely knew.... who took me to Bridgeville one day... saying more might identify a government informant in activities I actually agree with...

Yersterday I compared with Lynn, I wanted to se if I could figure out when psychotronics was used for monitoring, when dews became in use, and when psychotronics became a tool to manipulate people's thoughts... the line of demarcation of thought control happened around 1975 or 1976, from what I can tell, maybe as early as 1973 for me, as a I recognize how the government was setting me up back then to try to control me so I'd be the "compliant Jesus" - peace at all costs - they'd want me to be so the Illuminati could remain in power... whie  I ignorantly played along like some ministers and Popes do...  content to be a famous religious leader, I suppose... Lynn even had a school principal assign her an assistant, because every piece of electrical or electronic equipmernt she used broked down... and in that same time period, Ira Einhorn was convicted of murder after attempting to warn people of the CIA's use of psychotronics... his attorney, Arlen Specter... they tried to use the same psyops on me as they used on him... and noone I knw of has explained why, when they arrested Einhorn, they went straight to the closet where his girlfriend's body was without asking any questions... meaning the CIA was directly involved in his girlfriend's murder, and it appears he was trying to preserve her body as evidence.. just like I buried my dog in a way so his body could be exhumed later, to prove he was murdered by directed energy weapons.... just like if Lynn died and had an autopsy, it would be proof of the lethal attacks on her brain with dews... but since she's under a doctor's care, such an autopsy would not be required by law. Isn't it convenient, they give her  astroke, lie to her about the supposed stroek which is actually a DEW injury to her central nervous system, and becuase they thought I had no executor privileges over her estate and no money to afford the autoppsy I knew would prove it was murder... a perfect crime by the United States Government. She gave me her will in 2007 before a trip to South Africa. 2bad4u guys.

Kryptoman told me one day that the hardest time I'd have is getting Christians to believe I'm Christ. For the same reasons I had concluded previously. Kryptoman died for a while years ago.. long before he was rubbing elbows with the CIA in   Thailand and listening posts in India and crash landing in Saudi Arabia as part of the Air Force.. I thought he told me he was army before.... these intel guys.... His mom was that exec secretary for the Atty General of Washington State. the guy who gives me the good religious books... Kryptoman's the guy with the friend who says he's a government assassin and would kill his grandmother if the government told him to.. though I think he's changed his mind about that in the last few years... something about mountain dew and signs forbidding the government access to his property, strange anti-grav aircraft and... what sounds like an internment camp on the canadian border with Washington State...

Kryptoman died for a while back when he was in high school, and said he hasn't taken this world seriously since, given what he saw, and wouldn't explain.. He's (semi) retired now.

So I guess the bottom line today, for these local churches anyway, is to check with the Hands On Museum and the Dispute Resolution Center.. ask the people who have been on WIC, and people around the world who want her involved just for inspiration.. and then ask your congregation why they are involved in murdering her.  And if they can somehow jstify it, then by all means, file a police report, and understand why, if you allow them to control your church through their particpation, understand why the report to the Hague will include you as proof of Nazi tactics by the U.S. Government.. because it is...  ANd then please read the parts in the Bible describing what an apostate is.. it's not necessarily an evil person, but someone, for example, who allows evil people to influence the church in order to not lose people in the church... a popularity contest.. that does not serve God, and has you not honor your promises as ministers to Him. In other words, you're not serving God, you're serving yourself and Satan through acquiescence. And that makes you a criminal accomplice, knowing of their egregious activies and not putting a stop to it in your own domain.

Knowing of sin vs knowing of capital crimes is quite different.

Given what you all know about psychotronics, I dare you to place blame on Lynn and I. And I dare these people to deny they particpate in murder and rape. And while you scream for constittuional amendments to end abortion, you disregard the 10   commandments.

For the record, I want people to know I was not there yesteday to identify individuals.. I'm recording patterns these days. With little exception, I hope I didn't cause the true Christians alarm, and at the same time, I hope I put a little fear of the law in to the minds of the criminals.

Can't remember right now what I read in the Bible last night... I'll check that out later. Time for a break.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Bond - 1971 Diamonds Are Forever

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sierra - God Is In Control - 11 - I Know You Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - Wall Street Shuffle

God really picks em. I gotta listen to these to hear what they say.

7:21pm Right after writing the above, Lynn woke up complaining of extreme and abnormal pain, and she recovered from that some, and then was immediately hit with a bad psychotronic attack. Meanwhile, I'm having  ahard time understanding, especially a tthis point, understanding what these idiots think they're accomplishing by torturing me with tooth torture, which is destroying my teeth.

Meanwhile, the idiot down the road who's trying to set up the illusion tha tI havesome hostility toward him and need, for some reason, to blame for what I actually know he's done, and he's so unimportant to me in this case but has made himself the focus of things I barely care about... but he constantly sets thing sup with people around here and ends oup being sostupid, his traps trap him.. like today when he came to the house, acting like he was being friendly, and all the while aesopian, like he's done befor, about things the Hague will hang him for, because he implicated himself in the most perverse things said and done in psychotronics... things that are better left for court.. and not in the state of Washington... for reasons previously stated.

Meanwhile.. someone came into the yard and moved the tarp on the roof of my trailer that was protecting it from a leak I need to repair, damaging it further... they did that 3-4 times today, and they get Lynn and I to go to places in the house... actually, mostly, they get Lynn to want to talk to me - ina n area of the house where we can't see the front or back yards while they harass us with dews, psychotronics, and damaging the property. I'm in one of those places they like to have me while they damage things... at the computer...

It'll be a good day when people understand the true perversity of the United States Government. Pedophilia is nothing compared to what they do covertly. Apparently, nobody cares when politicians do it publicly...

To all the people who are being coerced or forced to accept national security letters, regardles sof a supposed threat to national security, remember the biggest threat to national security is your faith and hope in the corrupt people destroying this nation... the government... and it's perverts it hires to murder people.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - Pass It Around

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 09 - Run Like the River Runs

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Soul Mate

Barack.. when your friends cut corners and hire keystone cops to cover your crimes, the result you'll get should be obvious to even the stupidest Nazi.

11/2/2010 Went to post the above, the website had been changed and the areas for the government letters, showing I made complaints o appropriate officials was gone, including the directory for this weblog... given what I wrote it's easy to see what the death squads and government psyops people would want to cover up

10/31/2010 NEWS!!! the note above, where the website was damaged and i was unable toplace things online - directories missing, mostly the stuff about the letters to the government... psyops guys playing a game like it matters that those complaints to official s being online matters.

I was told yesteday I wouldn't be allowed to do any more Magic Bible verses.. of course, they use torture to distract me and tire me.. but I was readin gin Psalms this morning, where I left of fyesterday, and interestingly enough, sick Biblical jokem, like covering up the website so the government can feel proud to commit more human rights violations and stop a person with military weapons..

Psalms 140:9 As for the head of those tha compass me about, let the mischief of their own lips cover them (as in, bury them, as in, let the dead bury the dead).

Media guys, I  know you read this whether it's posted or not, and have since 2002... the Bruce Almighty scenario... I won't quit, and I won't spare making sure that all you suspects are included. But at least you all gotto laugh at the destruction of my skills as an announcer by having my teeth destroyed. And if you think I'm demoralized by your treason, understand, I'm empowered more and more with every crime you an your Nazi bosses commit. (see weblog, 2002 re answering questions before posting, Dobbs email. Keeps making me wonder,when that guy got busted cause the corporate email was on their server, was he tellign emto stop writing or keep writing?)

I'll never back off from calling you  and the CFR Nazis. The evidence proves you all are, and are proud of it. Good luck laughing at all your phony ministers, helping you to kill Christians.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Way You Make Me Feel

Sports, the San Francisco Giants...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Ian - At Seventeen

KMBY - The psyops guys were telling me last night KMBY had an opening... wat did th ebuilding finally rot and have a wall cave in.? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Joplin - Pearl - 08 - Mercedes Benz

And of course, to round out the broadcast memorabilia portion of this program, we do Bob March, Capt. Satellite, Dialing for DOllars and KWAV... You're Wired.. oh yeah, and KFRC. GOtta do one more to see what God comes up with next... what memories what memories.. and guess who's involved in a few of them..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeff Lorber Fusion - TBD - 100 - Step By Step

Talk about multiple entendres.. I was just telling the psyops guy God was focusing on the phony ministers before, now it's time for phony sports announcers... Something about distributing a certain person's materials.... there's a rule in the Bible about that.. better tell MTV. :}

MGB Interpret this a syou will (that's a Lou DObbs line, BTW) Ezekiel 48:35 It was round about eighteen thousand measures. and the name of the city from that say shall be The Lord Is There.

So where is the New Jerusalem? Anybody wanna guess

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jesus Christ Superstar - I Don't Know How to Love Him

6:34am Long ago, when I wrote my letter to Glen Campbell, I wrote about Genesis, and sort of light-heartedly reframed the idea of the first parts of Genesis... jokingly saying, I rewrote Genesis.

Around the same time, I felt like I should "re-write" Exodus.. and I wasn't joking.. of course, relating it to modern times. And then, ultimately, believing the biggest mistake I made in all this was not leaving the country. I really wasn't joking about Venezuela.

So, Chrisitan,s minorities.. one day you'll relaize why I won't back down on calling these people Nazis. Mind you, I actually wasn't going to do that, the psyops guys pushed me to it, and just like the day Iwas writing and actually chewed myself out in my writing that I posted for beating around the Bush about callng all this a conspiracy... and ten refusing to back down from claling it that.

What I have to say is this: I should have rewritten Exodus, just as I was not joking years ago when I wrote Dobbs, concerned about a border lockdown and refugee containment... and David Drier made fun of it on the air.. and since. all sorts of thing shave happened to contain people and refuse people who know the truth free access into and out of the country.. just to harasss them.. and hopefully, find ways to file criminal charges agaisnt them.That's the kind of thing that caused Ruppert to leave the country.   It's the same reason Cynthia McKinney has so much trouble.

So, the truth is, I haven't given up, and I hope I enc up staying in the coutnry, and I refuse to live my life lie a sick Biblical joke or emulation of anything... but here we are, and the other night I was reading about how the Christians should get out of the country or end up being "left behind"... and I say to Christians, minorities, gays, Muslims... I'd get out of this country to safety if you can, the money problems oare on purpose to contain and control people...

And the main thing I'd say for asylum or refugee status is religious freedom and persecution, my reports will be in appropriate places, and I have   feeling people will know when my reports are filed.. so you can refer to my name in your applications if need be after that time... and like I said, I don't live like an emulation. I see prophecies and thigns in patterns,. and I still ust do things when and if I beieve they make sense, and most the time afterward, I discover a part of the Bible that describesd the pattern of human nature that I was responding to.. only slightly differently, to learn from past mistakes, I usually do them just a bit differently.. and part o fit is by letting the psyops develop to the point of almost ensnaring me, and then recording the evidence and situations as they presented themselves... toward the calamity of God's say of justice...

This is not how I planned to live my life, and I am disgusted that this nation is forcing me and many people in the world to take this position toward them and the future, and to wake up and live their promises to God.

If Chrisitians, in particular, given my "domiain" don't get out of this country, then you'd better make a stand, and I don't mean violence or instigating crime, I mean refuse to particpate with or cooperate or acquiesce to evil.

In these times, it really is the final judgment. I'm not saying anything like God's gonna destroy the world.. He will allow the world paradigm to destroy itself. But, always remember, in His plan, and in what I've been trying to do as a citizen, it could have been different, and that difference requires choice, commitment, keeping promises and sticking to it.. and integrity... and the knowledge that it could have been so different, the transformation, the real one... the final judgment requires allowing the good to be good, the bad to be bad, and unfortunately, mostly, unless they wake up, Christians and those of faith will typically become Laodocians because they believe their character is defined by not taking action.. at a time when the Bible clearly states to do so.. under the guidance of Christ.

It doesn't bother me as much as you might think that people would not think I'm what Christ was expeced to be like.. and I truly don't care if people see me that way. but I still say, as a citizen, I have the right message and appraoch for the times, and as Christ serving God as well. And I'm glad my father helped me understanding the real meaning of separation of church and state when I was a kid. Liberty has some very lines, and leaves some very dark gray areas.. the true gift is knowing how to not have the world run in the gray areas. Thus, why God says, anyone doing God's work will not do so in secret.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Our Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Last Unicorn

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows

Sometimes I think God s playing a game of Roulette with me.. musical roulette... He picks em good.

8:27pm For you people out there monitoring this, jus tbecause the government has shut down the web site doesn't mean I'm not keeping notes, maintaining this web log and more.. and for the record, Lynn's MRI's and CT Scans show the wounds to her brain from DEWS, so her death will not serve any of you. She says the last two days, since the site was destoryed, have been horrible for her. I know the feeling.

Learned a lot this evening... I udnerstand mroe about God's day of justice, not  just defeating the anti-Christ/Illuminati... but defending those margnalized by a system designed to criminalize.. like Jackson Browne says... maintaining a criminal class...  seems a lot of people are in it because of psyops... alot of people into spirituality, extra sensory perception, and knowledge of the fraud of the Federal Reserve... it's also good to notice how things I see as a pattern of conspiracy are seen as unusual occurances, like I used to. And things that look like money for protection scams...

Tell Napolitano and Barack what the transcripts were about for today...   and how shallow the paper tiger threat of the U.S. Government is, and how their destroying the paradgim of the New World Order WILL be defeated by a peaceful movement... it's getting easier and easier.... and let them all know that I'll be sendign lawyers back to assist people. I know the psyops guys wanted me to come down on the ministers and the Christians on Sunday.. I hope the ministers and congregations know I really am on their side, and how, and why...

Always remember, though, regtardless of the things provoked by psychotronics, all I really care about these circumstances and situations is that the truth come out, that those attempting to deceive be exposed, and those who have been victimized be relieved.

At some point, though, people are going tohave to make a real choice... what kind of gfuture are you willing to have, and what ar you putting up with? Knowing you don't really have to put up with any of it, and that the burden of refusing to go along is less than the burden of the oppression that will occur otherwise. And refusing to go along includes refusing toallow this government to provoke people into violence to give the government the pretext for additional loss of civil rights.

MGB: Interestingly enough, it shouldbe the whole of Job 14... more interesting, the concept of man born of woman, shadows, flwoers, a whole bunch of things are mentioned that include the topics I've talke to Lynn, the psyops guys and friend about today....

This sounds like a commentary about what I wrote earlier today... think of it more as a commentary on the government more than churches and Christians and those of faith.... Heard this after today's earlier entry...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 12 - I Ain't Afraid

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Youngbloods - Darkness, Darkness

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance

11/3/2010 7:52am I can always tell when DHS puts someone new on me when I wake up in the morning, and the psyops sound civil... so I go ahead and think about things.. and then.. like this morning, they wanted me to do magic Bible verses, and lost again because like usual, I find answers that I need, and they never get me to write the perversity they want. SO when I decided to write these thoguhts today, extreme tooth torture began becaus ethis hot shot they put on me didn't like what I decided needed to be said.

First, a few observations... if anything's been consistent in the psyops against, it's the idea of making sur ehte things I love the most become painful to listen, hear or experience. James Taylor music is the best example. Isn't it weird, they don't want me to stop listening to Todd Rundgren?

Then of course, they throw a phony minister at me with all sorts of aesopian thing sto makes sure that when I read the Bible, I have to put up with setting aside the pserversion of those people in order to hear God's messages without the negativity.. such as my cat Emma, ny dog Jesse.. queen bees, the works.. and of course, someone claiming in psyop articles I suppose that they are experts in the teachings of "Paul"... and that will be the downfall of this psyop.

And isn't it interesting that by creating these aversions, particularly with music and the scriptures, it makes it appear that I'm obsessed with certain people.. and I would agree, except that they are criminals who have purposely set up psyops to cause me to have to re-think about things they did to me, while using th etools and materials they used to try to kill me.

Read a bunch of things this morning.. from Revelations to what I ended up reading, which is absolutely relevant to my instruction to the churches.....

First, I'll say again, polluters of the church are different than sinners.. polluters are those, like phony ministers and politicians who like to look good by claiming church affiliation - apostates - people like Barack, Clintons, Huckabee... news people who tell lies for news... an calim religious highground, like Anne Coulter... William Bennett, Ronald Reagan, George W Bush...

Polluters are those who come into the church and alter its course to suit their political goals or justify their righteousness, like getting people to believe that doing evil to do good is Christian.

So, sinners are different than polluters.. sinners sin and reconcile and atone. Polluters destroy Christianity and all moral faiths. So people like Pat Robertson, believing they are doing good, are preaching hate...and refusing to do any research beyond what the government would have us know when claiming he speaks on behalf of God. And thus, leading Christians to support an evil, anti-Christian government out of blind faith.

I often say that Paul truly great, and that he's wrong about somethings, and it goes all the way back to the garden of Eden, and interpretations of God's actions toward Adam and Eve that had people believe that female domination was the natural order, instead of realizing tha men and women have different gifts according to their gender, and that in partnership with a man, would allow them to flourish..  not economicially.. but from a sociological point of view. Adn thus,  the necessity and enjoyment Jesus spoke of that had the nun on EWTN say that Jesus was a woman's best friend.. and she meant all women, not just a particular individual.

I'm being tortured right now because apparently, the perps at MSNBC don't like the conclusions I came to about Keith's girlfriend. PS Someone  pulled the tarp of fthe corner of my trailer last night.. I'm fairly certain people are staying in it and Lynn's at night so it's easier to harass us and attack Lynn's thalamus region with DEWS. Go ahead perps, torture me some more... and then tell your friends why the Hague will label you as U.S. Terrorists...

The part they don't want me to say  is in I Corinthians...

5:9I wtrote to you in an epistle not to company with fornicators...

A Fornicator is typically someone who m, let's say, uses their Christian ministry, and gets dso "pugffed up" tthey think that doing dirty deeeds for politicians is alright, and that no matter what, God will forgive them, because they forgot the Golden Rule, and replaced it with "the ends justify the means". That's a fornicator.. people who believe the constitution can be overriddden for their personal prefences, causing the very tyranny that Jesus and God detests. And then God says, he'll take 'em down with their crimes... in their same ways.. meaning, allowing them to destroy themselves while he plays rope a dope.

That Chapter goes on to  talk about not eating with fornicators, and it isn't talking about food, it's talking about eating of the word of God... and it isn't talking about shunning sinners, it's about those who enjoy doing evil and practicing Satan's ways, and enjoying the pain of others.. including, setting people up to make it appear  they are committing crimes. And, in regard to Christiam familiality, a brethren who turns their back on another Christians' suffering when they have knowledge of such suffering. Let  alone any other human being.

It's a very important chapter.

I want to say a couple more things about human nature.

First, I don't support the idea of abortion. And, I don't think it's criminal.And, I especially detest abortions for convenience. However, animalistics, humanistics, sensuality, all those things are part of human nature, and animal nature, the very things God would have our consciousness evolve to responsibly handle in order to be whole people. In the part of Pasalms I was reading and noted the other night.. often times I relate human nature to animal nature because survival insticts are basically the same in humans and animals, and, let's not, humans are animals.

When I was a kid, we had rabbits, and I was taught to make sure not to scare themwhen they were pregnant, because if you did, the rabbit might kill the young when they're born in order to spare them the suffering their mother believes they would be subjected to if they were to survive.

The Bible says, especially in the end times, woe be to those with children, basically, in these times, especially girls. And yet, some Christians back around 5-6 years ago called for Christians to have more chidren.. an old preface to a war trick of infiltrating a country before overthrowing it... And this I denounced then for the same reasons, God's way DOES work, and the reason certain Christian leaders declared it did not work is becuase they do not use God's ways in the first place.

So, check the scriptures, in Psalms wehre I noted above, and you'll see a part that says basically, blessed are those who'll kill their children.. for the same reasons...

I certainly don't condone or recommend that. But it's important to not that in Biblical days, even King David took the animalistics of us all into consideration. And understood that in those days, without real justice, it was the same as a teen mother getting an abortion, knowing they could not provide for a child, knowing the government would abuse their privileges (such as current law that allows the governmenn to take custody of children and basically do anything they want to them, especially test drugs and psychological conditioning, and pedophilia....) so they would take the lives of   their onwn children to ensure they did not live  alife of suffering.

My father was clear about his position on abortion, and I agree with it. What I dislike most, though, is  a society and culture that looks down on unwed mothers for having children, and shuns them for having an abortion or hiding it, and then sentences the mother and child to poverty and an inability to enjoy the equality and opportunity others have, all the while the ministers and Christians and people of faith who have money and social position don't even think twice about it, and laugh at those who criticize THEM. nd thn we have to hear Christian leaders saying these people made their own bed... and then, that the resulting poverty is because of their evil, lack of intelligence and laziness.

And then I wonder, how many ministers out there claiming righteousness and preaching abstinance, had sex before you were married, had children before you were married, or had affairs, raped children and congregations.. only to have it glossed over because of your supposed righteousness. I wrote that list of "offenses" based on personal knowledge of important people you all admire. And of course, that includes politicians and THOTH.

Any minister who doesn't expel the evil government infiltrators and harassers is allowing the pollution of the church. They are not sinners, they are evil, and they are there in your pews harassing people in your congregation who are probably too afraid to speak out, because it appears you agree with the practices of the evil people. And that, if it is true of you, will grant you the reward God promised: damnation in hell as apostates.

Like Krytpoman said, Christians will have the most difficult time accepting me, and it's the same reason the Lutheran Bible I have says that the son of   man would appear to be more like the anti-Christ when He came around.. because self-righteous and guilty people never like to hear the truth... about themselves. They always look to set up a way to blame other people.

For those few people out there who actually know who I am and sit back, sayign someone else will do it.. they'll just wait for God to snap his fingers.. understand it deosn't work that way, your inaction is  betrayal of God, the results are obvious and disastrous... God said, is there noone I  can trust? I say the same thing these days. And like God, at least in this nation, the answer appears to be noone.

Courageous Christians, I know they're out there... but given Christian tradition and idiocy, I doubt they'll step forward in this country... as Jesus said, a prophet is not respected in their own home or country... I ain't dying for ya though. It's time for Christians to give up that lie about the proof of a prophet.

Of course, that's why it was so poignant this morning reading about the need for the faithful to leave this nation, and follow Christ. Or be left behind, given that this nation is lead by the anti-Christ.

Here's the interesting part: last night, Lynn was in pain, and I asked her to choose a "Magic Hafiz Poem" for me, hoping it would lift herspirits.

She turned to "No More Leaving", as translated by her friend Daniel Ladinsky, who she was talking about calling to get her children's books published... unfortunately, he's contracted to Time-Warner...

I just accidentally turned to the poem "Don't Die Again"...

Some point
Your relationship
With God
Become Like THis:

Next time you meet Him in the forest
Or on a crowded city street

There won't be anymore


That is,

God will climb into
Your pocket.

You will simply just take



Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - The Wind

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

Some people will understand how perverse the old joke my parents used to tell actually is, about the cannibal who passed his friend in the forest.....once I got the joke, nobody though it was funny anymore... I'm being blocked by psychotonics because they don't want me to say what I was going to say next.. the appropriate will get the message. But like they said, Jezebel is a woman and a city.. and to the guys doing fake coyote noises yesterday...

Accidentally looked up TI in the dictionary today.. turns out it also means Titanium, which, accidentally, is what I'm coating the roof of my trailer with today.

And God said:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Eagle Dances With The Wind - 08 - Standing By The Water I always thought I'd try to get a job playing guitar on a cruise ship, a way to see the world

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Mathis - Chances Are

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana & Dave Matthews - Love Of My Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime.mp3.m3u

Good thing I'm married.. to a world... the consummation is about to begin... and I still have a dream of being in a courtyard, watching people passing to the marketplace by the fountain.

Some people on a magical mystery tour should now understand how sick the joke was.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

6:27pm Note to Wolf Blitzer.. long ago, you did a story on the BTK killer, and how guys like him acted like they wanted to be caught. The people here on Harstine Island and in Washington State are like that. They loved the story about the snaggle tooth killer, too, and say tht's why they're pulling out my teeth... my jaw aches right now from tooth torture all day. And these guys your friends hired think it's funny... the fuinniest part is, they think their messing up my website and changing materials got them anonymity... and they want me to beleive they have the right to murder us on the order of the U.S. Government. You're a Jew, aren't you Wolf? Did you forget?

Talked about Lynn's thalamus stroke..and of course the psyops guys wanted me to include info on her MRI's and stuff, and the lies told about her condition... to me, more proof they monitor our mail, and I never get anything important. She got an ad from the Neptune Society regarding free cremation services today...

Another example of how these people commit civil rights crimes to harass and intimidate an dthreaten people's lives by doing stupid things that if a pattern over years wasn't there, would sound rediculous. Today, someone came into the yard and put a screw into a water faucet outlet to hold it steady. They'd want me to believe the BS that it's a kind gesture. All it proves is that people are sneaking around the house and purposely doing this, including ruining door locks, to prove our lives are in danger.

With all the evidence I have, I can't believe these people are this perverse and defiant of law and any moral ethics... such is the United States Government.

I know the United States people don't like the truth, so go listen to Barack or your favorite news person.. they'll be glad to lie to you. And you'll like it.

Keith, you might want to have a talk with the terrorists you pass messages to for your Council on Foreign relations friends. They actually believe that by ripping my teeth out and preventing me from getting to California, that it'll be a victory for them.. They think the Hague is a joke, Keith, and that getting me to call them and you and your friends Nazis is a bad reflection on me, and that they can prevent me from running for President from California by illegally detaining me. They're also stupid enough to still believe that psychotronics cannot be proven, prosecuted against or sued for civl damages, or provable to authorities in the rest of the world.. despite public documentation and millions of victims.

The laws say these weapons are legal for federal and local law enforcement. Imagine the implications...

Can't wait to see the probable cause on this case...

Had a good day today.. I'm getting so used to the pain and distraction of   torture, I actually got a bout a half day's work in today.. only a few attempts to kill me by knocking me off the ladder and car while working using "RC" Human controls... and  I lost my balance and broke the vent on top of the trailer.. more expense.. more damage.. more water damage... likely...

What a wonderful government we have. Can't wait to send letters to the newly elected. A form letter will do. And like I always do anymore, I'll take video of me putting them in the mailbox. I'll be sure to let them know that my website was tampered with by the United States Government, but if they wish, I'd be glad to deliver them a copy at their expense, in person.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - One Man Band - 04 - Mean Old Man reminds me of an idiot. They say the church was founded on James, you know. Don't it make your brown eyes blue?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance for Jimmy Carter

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me And then there was Gayle Roberts, interviewing me to see if I was qualified to interview Lionel Richie. Who set me up with the interview with Billy Preston before that..

BFMAN waned anotehr chance to prove he could torture me out of being connected with God. he's obviously an amateur. A perfect anti-Christ representative of the United States Government.

So I turned, looked down, and the Bible was in 1 Corinthians.. start at 7:19 My favorite part was verse 23:

Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.

Paul experts would understand that one.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Soul Mate

I'd play Joy in Repetition by Prince, but the psyops guys have been saying it all day...  only it was about repetitions of tooth torture. Until I removed certain materials about certain people from my website. One person, actually.

BFMAN doesn't want me to play anymore music right now because he's afraid of what I'll say next... here's the last one for the moment.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Love's Line, Angles And Rhymes

I think BFMAN is gonna believe in God, and Tipper's gonna like Prince before I get done.

10/4/2010 6:26am Woke up around 4am I know I'm being put through sleep deprivation, as I went to bed late and woke up to more torture... the sickos wanted me to write something, so I did.

It's always fun to wake up to rapists and murderers, telling you how much they love being perverts for the U.S. Government... I hope they enjpy it when their kids are robots.

Of course, I got up, heard a noise in the front room, thought it was Lynn.. she told me she hadn't been up...  yesterday, these sickos hid in the bushes and harrassed me all day when  was trying to work.. like kids trying to sneak up on you... I guess that picture I have of someone in a tree in full camouflage was real... I'm going to enjoy finishing the report to the Hague, when I'm out of the reaches of these locals who have done everything they can to cause dangerous situations in order to prevent us from getting help.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

PS Keith Despite yur psyops to make me hate reading the Bible like you people have done to cause aversions from everything I love, even making the psychotronics guys make it impossible for me to pray, I keep reading the Bible and getting great advice from God, and everytime I hit a part where your girlfriend forecast your psyops through Biblical scruipture, I just note it as more evidence agains tthe Godless perverts of the U.S. Government and media. And it gives me what I become more sure of all the time: the quintessential example of an apostate... and quintessential examples of Nazi propagandists.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hank Williams - Hey Good Lookin'

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - One On One

All I can do inr response to those tunes is a takeoff of Shelly Berman... Oh, God, God, God, the alka seltzer won't fizz. Oh hell with it, I'll just drink it dry. Something about boring, popcorn, burgers without brie, wine and broken glasses...   repetition, ya need some new psyop scripts.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God KC & the Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight and then there was KMBY, playing this song every hour on the hour for weeks.............

Tell Jeremiah Wright there's no need to say God damn America...   America's done it to itself.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doors - People are Strange

7:14pm Barack Obama

Barack - Lynn got a call from a governmental agency today basically informing her that they are breaking their own rules and basically bankrupting her. My example of Humiliation and Extermination is of Lynn McMullen.. it  will be easy to prove, and I look very much forward to repaying many favors to Landmark Education....

Barack, I have 3 more names and a couple more agencies to add to the RICCO list. Tell the gangsters you and you rfriends hired that they'r edoing a great job of gettin gyou all conviceted of treason and terrorism.. and the funny part is Barack, we're just trying to live our lives, while the government uses what appears to be hundreds of people to harass people, murder people, attack people with illegally provided weapons, and so many constitutioanl violations.. I'm a little amused at the idea how easy it's going to be to get world leaders to know how perverse you and the Rockefellers... they know about psychotronics... and when I tell them about Arafat and Sharon.... and when you try to say I'm a national security risk, remember, you're the criminals. What nation are you risking Barack? You're killing this one.

And tell Brian Baird, he may not be a rep anymore, but his pride and joy - Weed & Seed, Neighborhood Initiatives, Community Watch..  tell Baird he and the murdering rapists who he's so proud of will not stand the test of executive power or congressional exemption.

Begala.. last night, I read in Ezekiel.. remember Ezekiel, Paul... that God will choose the delusions to take down the anti-Christ.  That doesn't mean he'll cause them, he'll just use the ones you guys use to let you make fools of yourselves, like Cheney and Bush and Obama and Pelosi and .....  Rope a dope.

Mason County Sheriff.. you should know that your friendly federal psychotronics guys are still trying to get me to file  a Ricco suit on YOU guys to kick things off.  They say they have you Skull and Bonesed. Not as long  as I'm alive. I hope the guys in Lakewood asked some more questions... I know these guys have a lot of targets in this area... and they're desperate. I won't let these sickos and feds scapegoat anyone.

ABout a 50% day today... torture all day long... RCA loser.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 09 - Run Like the River Runs

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Ian - At Seventeen

This is getting more like Iching all the time.

One day, when people die, they'll find out that God is real, that the new heavens and earth may or may not be here, why they are not getting to go to the fun place instead of hell.. whatever you think that means...and that everlasting life is going to be very fun, very pleasant and free of evil. That's absolute, and people like the Illuminati and their murderers will not be allowed.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

Dobbs said they're training kids to be warriors and perverts on video games...

11/5/2010 7:33am 4:40am seeems to be the time I look at the clock in the mornings after giving up going back to sleep...

I keep reviewing when things got weird for me... everybody has things that go right and wrong, but I have to conclude that it was after the FBI or Intel guy came to Sears in Eureka and asked me what I knew about my father's work that that was when all the strange things started happening...  and that was right when the MK-Ultra hearings were either started or underway.. I'm going to have to check specific dates... such as when Chromalloy, a subsidiary of Exxon that was supposedly in the metal extrusion business, started sending a baby photographer to the store regularly...

Last night I made note of reading from Isaiah 61... was probably what I was referring to most immediately above when I said Ezekiel, although I think it's in Ezekiel as well.

Lynn told me God loves the number 2... which is funny given my coach's command to release out jock straps after the class en todo was told to prove we had them on... he's the same coach that wanted me to eMCee a wrestling match as if I was broadcasting live on tv or something to the people sitting there in the audience... I finally convinced the coach it was pointless, given it wa a small audience and amplification wasn't even required to announce things.  And I have to admit I laughed   alittle when they GW was a cheerleader, gien thwe fact that one night at Scotts Valley Elementary, there was a basketball game, and the cheerleaders weren't leading cheers, so I did. I'm aware of at least 3 teachers having nervous breakdowns after I left inthe same time frame... and then when I started the websites... that tiger that attacked a child during the assembly at SV elementary..  and all the fires that happened in city names and places I had been or lived...  and the day I played Magnolia by   JJ Cale, and the next day, a woman in Alabama died when a Magnolia tree fell on her and her car in her driveway when she went to go out in the morning....

There's so many strange stories I could tell .. all that unfortunately lead to the idea that either some people really hated my father, or that people were playing Biblical sick jokes that weren't jokes too lead people to the conclusion, including me, that all the weird weather, earthquakes, deaths, disease and all were being caused by God and the destruction because of the presence of the Son of Man.. and I wondered too, especially when Mt St Helens threatened to erupt twice when I was readying to leave Washington State... and I didn't know about the capabilities of HAARP, knew I was under psychotronic attack and being mocked by the media, primarily CNN, and passing "messages" to me and probably many others on a similar psyop path... and I keep thinking about the 7th day Adventists I worked for in Goldendale... that was around 71 or 72, a hail storm out of nowhere on the way to Couer D'Alaine in Idaho..  and two or 3 other weather incidents like that for me in the exact same area of road... they had family in Arlington, Washington too, that I visited.. she was very psychic, and talked to me about all sorts of things... few of which were new "concepts".

It was Pat Duffy, in the drama group at Soquel High, who lived just down the road from Bethany Bible College, who suggested something about the end of days - must have been 69.... when I read the Bible and thought in my own mind that the "world would end"... the end of days would suddenly happen - in 1973

Tell Rumsfeld I still don't know what I supposedly don't know unless it's what he knew I didn't know tht he knew all along. And tell your sicko friends that I called you Donny out of respect and affection for my fellow citizen, and to let you know I was not trying to be hostile, and you knew it, so get em off my ass, Donny. You're one of the easiest people in Nixon's government to nail.

For the record, I haven't posted since discovering the site was messed up because I am going to have to spend money to download the site as evidence... and then re-upload the entire thing after checking it all to ensure my computer copies haven't been tampered with... and my internet access is limited anyway, and thanks to the U.S. Government unlikely to continue... and of course, the sychotronics idiots thought I'd be afraid of all this without the internet. Like I said, when they put the BFMAN on my case, it was the greatest gift the DHS ever handed me... arrogant hubris, people who believe they're intelligent an above the law... serial criminals of the worst kind, employed by the government in one way or another, because they are so perverse. I'm going to have a lot of testimony on that subject, from myself and others.

I 'm told I'm going to be hit with massive defamation and other lawsuits... and I laugh...

Like I said, the weirdness all started when THe Church/Kennedy hearings were set, and it looks like they were trying to find out who knew, in order to "save a few frivolous lawsuits"... which GW said about Bin Laden, but was aimed at targeted individuals like me, that the government knew were targets, and didn't want to compensate as they were supposed to pay and release from targeting in 1975/76. That same period my wife became my psyop operator...

Bee Sting Torte... Queen Victoria's idea I presume.. ultimately.. explaining thebrooch my mother left me, that was only clear after watching the Ken Klein movie... and no, I have no complaints about him at this time. I hope to meet him one day. Besides, he looks like the guy at KAHS who taught cinematography at Arcata High School, and led to the ballon movie captured by Colbert about that girl in high school, with the vision problem, whose foot I tripped over.

Yaesu.. I've been harassesd with the word Yaesu, harassing me about how psyops keep me from using it... I was reading the other night in the Bible, in the footnotes, and in the dictionary.. about the names of God and Christ... and Yaesu is pronounced yaysu, like Jesu, like Jesus, and then there was thing thing in the dictionary, printed in 1957, about how "Jerusalem is located in the nation of Palestine:... accidentally turned to Jerusalem in the dictionary while look something else up.. oh yeah, the zone in Siberia, the safe zone for Jews...

It gets kind of weird when I start looking things up in the dictionary.. like finding out that - We think of January as the first month, my Bible says the first month is April, and then I look in the dictionary, and it says the Jewish calendar has only 360 days or so, depending on the moon, like the Muslims, and that most months have either 29 or 30 days.. and I gave up trying fully understand the Jewish words and their meanings and relate them to the calendar, to try to figure out which month and day and year this really is....

I saw this footnote in my Bible that stated that Jesus invented Christianity... and I have a problem with that, God did, and it began long before Jesus, and has been greatly ignored ever since Jesus...

The government psychotronics guys, in their endless endeavor to ensure that anything I want to do, need to do or enjoy gets sabotaged, have told me I would be relegated to only religious matters so the government can continue to maintain power. Whether they maintain power or not, I will not be relegated by this corrupt government and/or Satan, and the churches are supposed to be the refuge of the oppressed, not the sanctuary of oppressors, and that WAS the original way churches functioned when organized religion began for Christians on a greater level - including through the great work of Paul... as well as protected and empowered by Muhammad.. it's just a fact...

The people "freed" by the Church Commitee were given $330,000 each for their suffering and in a deal for their silence.. many have been harmed anyway, still. One of my frivolous law suits - frivolous for the government to defend - will be for that $330,000, plus interest and additional pain and suffering.. and more... and I expect Lynn will eventually be entitled to that and more...  And given that I know the U.S. Governemtn is monitoring this every moment, I demand that money, and as far as I'm concerned, if that demand is not honored, and of course, I don't expect these sickos to respond, then I will make the case of even more egregious crimes in those hearings and the harm to my and others' lives, covering up so Carter could fully implement the psychotronics programs, as if the corruption and torture had been stopped. And that like Barack, such a civil rights and "progressive" president was the good guy after the bad guys were supposedly ousted.... And yes, I am quite aware that what I type into this computer is known to the government, posted or not, and apparently has been since at least 2002.....

And then there's the $185,000 that I was defrauded from...

The psychotronics guys are telling me to go out and look at the property damage they did last night that they're so proud of.. I find things everyday.. they actually tell me about them.. to harass me and to make sure I know they're messing with things while we sit in the house... as well as to try to claim later they were actually trying to help me.

Doing evil to do good is not acceptable. And one day,  all these people who for some reason they should play the do a good thing, do a bad thing game to supposedly avoid "harm from the presence of the son of man".. please remember, you government people are the delusionals, not me, and that's incredibly simple to prove.

And please reminf the airplanes that the FAA tracks all air traffic, and that Hughes/Dish provides satellite surveillance 24 hours a day. And tome, that'sillegal surveillance of us, using what should have been released as military imaging only, for legal and constitutional purposes... and when the federal government puts weapons in the hands of civilians, weapons that only federal and police authporities are allowed, those federal government people are responsible for the actions of contractors and operatives, as well as so called "pervert" lists...I've been told the State of Washington has me listed on a website as someone for people to call and use psychotronics against.. like I'm a sex pervert your people are trying to kill in order to protect your communities from perverts.. which all of you are... I operate like it's not the truth, but given the way I've been treated throughout this state, and my knowledge of certain things in Colorado and other states... it might be true, and it's incredibly illegal, fascist, and the tactics of Nazis, just like in Germany. And that's just the truth.

Like I said of  Rep John Lewis and others.. they've become everything they claimed to stand against.. Just like God told His people, in frustration, that one day I'll have to do to you what I did to "them".. because He knew people, and that when things are too good, they become corrupt.. like the U.S. Government...

Ask Michael Moore.. why IS it true that this country has so much gun violence? And remember, he's an NRA member.

Why is it that the number one cause of death of young black people is murder of each other?

And why is it black people from Detroit can drive into Canada to get away from all the predjudice?

And Canada is not the answer. The United States Government is the problem, with its sycophants in the media.

Wouldn't it be interesting to ask the Networks to tell us how many of their employees, staff, or people working with them are contracted to the U.S. Government in some way, or are retired or active intel agents?

Carl Bernstein was a hero in helping to expose Watergate. Then he became not so popular when he wrote about the CIA and the Media. His partner in that went on to be the editor of the Reverend Moon's paper, the Washington Post. Woodward. Reverend Moon, accepted by Congress as the Messiah. As reported on CNN.

Is my office ready yet Lou? And, Lou, we need to argue about the Heritage Foundation. And gumdrops. They're in the kitchen. And remind your friends, Lou, of what I said andwhat we all know is true when you cut of fthe communications of people who are being tracked.. it gets worse and worse for the government... remember government, I wasn't looking to become a hero, and it'll make me very angry if you force me into the position of bneing like that.

I'm a citizen with rights and privileges, I demand them, and I will run for President whenther the Rockefellers like it or not. That's a not a challenge to anyone. It's a responsibility of citizenship that I take seriously, and have for years.

But Barack, remember, when I wrote the DNC head in Washington State in Spokane, her response - I believe it was a woman - was that I would humiliate myself. Tell Brian Baird we're in the extermination phase, but it is going to backfire... Hannity made sure we all knew about the New Freedom Initiative portion of the health bill that you liked so much.. like an over the line military psychologist would... remember the Hague doesn't recognize Executive Privilege, but they'll love all your emails bragging about your love of the Weed and Seed....

Now, finally, if anyone think's I AM THREATENING THEM, remember, I'm a citizen with rights. And the only thing I'm doing is legally responding to the threats of insane governments. For 51 years. If only I'd known about psychotronics in 1969.

Buttfuckman, the serial murderer the government loves the most, who loves to see me writing about him, knows there's a wod I found in the dictionary the other night to describe him and the U.S. Government. I'm not going to print it, as he tells me that the government's attacks are going to get worse... and anyone who thinks this buttfuckman part of the psyop is going to get me labeled as crazy better realize he really is the greatest gift the DHS gave me...as their representative, and my testimony to the perversity of the U.S. Government.

And anyone who addresses me via psychotronics, as far as I'm concerned, is just one more perverse rapist and murder of the worst kind... Anyone. And anyone who says this isn't perverse Nazi torture better hand me a boc and volunterr for  acouple of hours of me torturing them.. if they really want their doubts confirmed..

I guarantee, you, in that short time, you will be disgusted by the U.S. Government torture of its own citizens simply by me reading to you a list of the things said to me over the years.. let alone done.. and bfman thinks this will set up some kind of rambling sick journal that people Cliff van Zandt of MSNBC drool over... an FBI Profiler who I believe directs a great deal of their torture psyops... I guarantee you sickos,  10,000 emails with the same reports from people all over the United States will simply prove the insanity of the government that hires sociopaths on purpose...

Ted Kennedy said this government does not require a purge...one of those odd statements from out of nowhere Ibelieved he was saying to me, as I was writing about such things then,... and I disagreed, but went along because it was Ted Kennedy, so I paused, and took another look, and finally now, know he was covering up everything including his own MK Ultra crimes, and assiting in the cover up of the assassinatons of his brother, let alone John Kennedy Jr.

BFMAN is now tooth torutring me. He loves to brag to his friends. We'll see how much he brags in court. I am not a beginner or the fool you people played me for.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana & Dave Matthews - Love Of My Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Men At Work - It's A Mistake Like I said, the bimbo psyop is done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 07 - (I Hang) On Your Every Word I'm sure some people realize that my idea of putting the game hangman on the site for fun coincides with an alternative interpretation the sickos and government should think when I write my weblog... every word I write hangs them. That's what happens when arrogant fools convict themselves, and the final outcome of rope a dope. Dedicated to Keith.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Liz Story - The Gift - 14 - Salve Regina-O Holy Night

I actually picked Liz Story instead of L&M, which was under it, but they both say the right things.

11:17am After writing that, I looked outside, and the wind was blowing East to West... Weather.com said it would blow 4mph SE I hear La Nina has moved to the Pacific Northwest...

5:32pm BFMAN was just boasting at how much work I got done today.. let's see, in over 13 hours of torture since awaking, I've worked maybe 2 hours, and when I didn't work and was dealing witht he pain of tooth torture... they told me they were tired of me complaining about not gettting anything done... so they were going to torutre me if I take a break.. and then then they tortured me to prevent me from working, and said I was taking a break. Like right now. When I did work, if I did it too fast or some wy they didn't want, they tortured me and tried to get me to make mistakes to waste materials. And they still think I can't convince a jury about psychotronics. Good.

Meanwhile... the SS Administration has illegally stopped Lynn's benefits after having said she had $10,000 coming to her, her verifying the correctness of the SS's judgment and deposit to her bank account, she spent most of it on things she needed and then they called and said they were taking it back. And now they claim that the review of the process - which could only possibly increase her benefits nad payouts - will be withheld until further notice. Humiliate and exterminate.. attack her with dews, give her a stroke, bankrupt an dtorture me so I can't reliably work... that's Barack Obama, the ROckefellers the New World ORder and the Illuminati for ya.. LIke I said Barack, thanks for the confession.

Meanwhile.. I see they have a new James Tayolor video on the NEW channel.. I refuse to watch anyone who's paid  by the government to psyop people.. I wrote to William Morris, his agency integrally involved with One Man Band as well - as well as Concord Music - about the situation, requesting an explanation from him  regarding his involvement in the 2002 psyops.. and of course, no response... a reasonable request from the appropriate people... another one of Clive's special projects I suppose...    like I said, Clive betrayed God by helping to capture the angels.... Thanksgiving and Brotherhood GE.. thanks for the Memories... And October Road... the one I was his "publicist for" - was reported to be his fastest and biggest selling album ever. 30 million copies sold.

For more information on the perversity of the United States Government, look up "Thanks For The Memories" and read the story by a former CIA agent who rescued Taylor Brice (or is it Brice Taylor, a pseudonyn or aka) when he couldn't stand seeing her used as an MK  Ultra prostitute for the government and celebrities.. and the title of that book is no coincidence. Something about the Fabian Society and the New World Order. Free Masons and the Illuminati, and the....

Imagine what they'd accuse me of if I still played the violin :}

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By request, regarding an expensive kissoff...  not online.. check our Gauchp by Steely Dan.

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10/6/2010 9:18am I find it interesting.. how the guy down the road and his friends and fellow perverts want me to focus my energy on petty issues like them.

That's called a cover up...  Jack Welch told Chris Matthews, a cover up won't work...

Found out lots of thing sthis morning as the pervert got Lynn to talk about all the weird things she's seen an heard from them.. things I didn't know before.. CointelPro is meant to cause couples to not talk to each other and break up, and with psychotronics, it's easy to force two people together for COintelPro when the government wants both eliminated through bankryupty, divorce, constant disruption,s deatruction of ther property and even stranger things. One day, I made myself a pot of coffee, and Lynn argued withme that when she made coffee, she had the right to control the flavor. But I made the coffee for myself, and she rarely drank more than 2 cups a day at that time. Coffee is used to get people moving fast and talk more.. like giving them some kind of speed or other drug... and then it affects their nervous system... and of course, the idiot down the road would have you believe the sleep deprivation caused by psychotronics and witnessed directed energy attacks are caused by coffee.

This mornin gin particular, BFMAN didn't want me (Thurston) to remember the Bible verses I read last night that are incredibly relevan ttothe events of the day.. mostly from Isaiah.. like the songs on the site, Iget into these patterns of randoly selecting certian partsd of the Bible as described before... lawst night, they told me they would not allow me to do any more magic Bible verses... these guys like to set up arbitrary challenges, so if you report things, it makes it appear you are obsessive, and psychologically, it's supposed make you hate certain people and things... and as Canada and the CIA have proven, it actually doesn't work. So it simply becomes distraction by torture. And the perverts, serial murderers and rapists, love to get their victims ina state of mind to have them feel like it's a battle of wills with them.. and not the torture and conspiracy of the government to kill people it does not want around. Death squads...

In 2008, I wrote a ducment Isaid was probably the most important document you ever could read on the internet, that got buried when the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop happened, because I thought I had an ally... soI moved forward and oriented the site to prepare for a possible partnership with Christians... which was nothing more than a scheme to prevent me from getting $185,000  to fully break up Lynn and I and/or to make me more financially bankrupt, probably homeless and jailed, and how easy they thought it was going to be when my car broke down.. and how unfortunate it is for them I'm a pretty good mechanic.

Note the brown honda in the picture when CNN was covering the Michael Jackson funeral... at Forrest Lawn.. if it actually happened :} It was parked outside the "King's House", around the corner from where it was parked the day I accidentally arrived there.

I might add, we were planning to move from this area months ago.. and all the attacks, property damage and more have prevented us from leaving, and isn't it great that these people made sure my trailer tags are running out.. I had a very small amount of money I thought might get me through a month when I left that will likely be gone. The good news is, I'll have plenty of time document to Human Rights Violations and report it to all appropriate authorities. And I know God will take care of the rest.

(and PS I made 3 failed attempts to contact the Mason County Sheriff to speak to them and resolve these problems.)

Wait til thejury sees the video of why, as well as the story of how they used psychotronics and nearly murdered me by getting me hit by  a car. I called the police that day, if I rememebr correctly. And the psychotroncis was being used that day to get Lynn to go to the guy's house down the road to complain about me and get his help. This si the same guy who (probably lied when ) he told me he had been a drug dealer in Berkeley, and his father emancipated him when he was 16 to get rid of him. Lynn told me  abunch of stuff he told her too.. and that led to what appears to be a store in town that sells computers left for service (where they could not recover her hard drive) and she couldn't afford to ay for the computer repair, so they kept it. Not long after, the guy down the road said he bought his son (who I've never met and leads to a story about  Victor) a new computer to play games with. Psychotronics games, I presume.

What I was reading last night in the Bible was much of the same material, I think, and it makes even more sense now.

I looked down jus tnow, read "the Burden of Tyre", in this case, my sister said, I hope we don't get  aflat Tyre, and my dad said "don't say that" as the tire blew... and then she said "I hope the jack didn't go sour" and it did... welching on warranties is not a good thing. fbut for $80 million, we can take careof the jack. As I told Dobbs long ago. Only I thought it meant saying, good for him for getting that parachute... cause I was taught to be a capitalist... I was just holding the space for something a little more heavenly.

The psyhcotrornics guys are actually hitting the silly to get me to write thigns that aren't important, and tomake it look like I'mspecifically making defamatory remarks, like they did when they harrassed me about the NAACP AND it was their idea - the NAABP - national association for the advancement of British Petroleum...  which also just happens to be Exxon. Or as Dobbs would say, binary. XON XOFF.. being a computer guy, I guess they thought I cared about sprites and graphics and computers for that matter.

I'm looking fo rthe Bible passage now.. similar to how I talked about the "fowls of the air" as the National News Media... Meanwhile, while looking soething up in the dictionary last night, I realized I'm not just a philologist, I'm an axiologist too. Don't ask me, I can't remember what it means. (Note: Something just popped on my computer...)

9:4 For thou hast broken the yoke of his burden, and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor , as in the day of Midian. , Jack  The psychotronic guys keep trying to convince me MSNBC is no longer on the air, and Keith was fired. Tell Buchanan hi for me.

9:1 Bible synopsis : A divine child is Israel's only hope. The Raelians supposedly cloned a child and placed bim in Israel, for later use, as the Illuminati guys said they needed to "produce the second coming" as if it was a movie. I have that documented somewhere. And then they said California would get the big earthquake, recently, in 30 years or so, which is what they said when I was around 5 or 10 years old...

23:8 Right number for the circle :} WHo hath taken this counsel against Tyre, the crowning city, whose merchants are princes, whose trafickers are the honourable of the earth. (See, CIA, Crack, Mena Arkansas, Bill Clinton, Mike Huckabee, and other noted honourable of the earth) (See also: Bush, CIA, Manuel Noriega, Florida, Pfizer, Time warner, GE..... :} Or the Kennedy family, that made its fortune from rum-running during prohibition.  WHat a convenient memo 46 that was, and then they kept the Christians going by making sure marijuana was kept from those crazy black and Mexican people who like jazz. The war on drugs.. based on drugs. like the war on terror, that uses terror, not fight it.  The East India Company of the Bush and British Royalty who have sold and shipped illegal drugs to make their fortune for centuries, (as in, sanction everyone else so that you don't have any competition when you buy 100,000 acres of prime marijuana property in Paraguay, or against Iran, soonly Halliburton and Exxon can steal their oil and traffic sex slaves unnoticed.. except by aHillary and GW and their friends who seem to tell their friends about new shipments when they claim their disgust of sex slavery in public... How do you separate religion from politics? Can't really, except in crreating an even playing fieldm, and people following God's ways, not the false idols in office.

I'm getting zapped by directed energy weapons right now.. it said "Go to the Media", which might have been a typo for Medea... but it said Media. I'll get back to it.  I can';t find it right now. I was looking in Zephaniah 3 regarding the lad of Canaan and the single pure language (as proposed by Bahai and interfered with by the United States) Pure language would be a sam elanguage for all, and because evil will no longer exist, evil language and rumours and gossiping wll not occur.

Couldn't fin the one I wanted, for now, I leave this:

Zephania 3:5 The just Lord is in the midst thereof; he will not do iniquity: every morning doth he bring his judgment to light, he faileth not. But the unjust knoweth no shame.

Read that part of Isaiahs though... been too busy to see if the idiots repaired my website. I doubt it. It may appear so, but I'm sure there have been unwanted and cursed by God changes.

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PS I wrote this weblog after waking up around 4:30, to constant torture and psychotronic badgering ever since. Sorry for the rambling.

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About coincidences :}...

12:49pm I just got home, only to find out that indeed, Barack and the Nazis have basically depleted the money... we'll get out of here, but I will not back down, and the display of threats and harassment today on a 15 minute drive was everything my fatehr was against in terms of what seem sto be developing on this island, restricted communities and vigilantes going far beyond legal boundaries of murder and fraud for profit.

Any surveillance or other monitoring is neither welcome, acknowledged or legal for all these years as the government and the locals have used psychotronics and organized stalking and conspiracy to essentially kill us, driving us to bankruptcy so we can supposedly do nothing about it. Heavy on the supposedly...  can't wait to see the results of the local elections.

The angel that visitied George Washington was right, and the message brought to Him by God was accurate, as it is in the Bible... God will alow this nation to destroy itself, don't ever say he didn't bless this nation, and don't ever say he never sent an angel... get that, he sent an angel to George Washington to warn him... that if we did the same things the mother country, England did, we would fail. I'm glad I saw the truth of this nation and its sick, Nazi fascist leaders.... and at the moment, as Lynn cries in pain, I'm glad I didn't get involved in the churches.. who seem to be participating with the evil doers.. of the United States Government.

Merry Christmas, Keith and Lou. Everytime I am tortured into writing about GE and Time Warner, it seems a plan is in the works for them to tell  me, in some way, to stick it. Today is no different.

Tell your friends, point man, you really did mess with the wrong people. Wait til you see the twinkling in my eye, and in God's... the day of justice will be a very pleasant day, just as the Bible describes.

And I will file to run for president, as they hammer Lynn more.

I haven't posted since the quill above. They keep torturing Lynn if I write what they don't want to hear, and think I'm to blame... that's the U.S. Government for ya.  Welcome to Nazi America ladies and gentlemen. Like the old saying goes, wait til it happens to you when the government decides to silence the locals who did their dirty work.

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Rainbow Bridge.

5:15pm Checked Lynn's trailer... 2 places I repaired that were leaking, and then did not leak thelast times it rained... are now leaking again, an the sealant I put on the window in the front has been tampered with, and leaks even worse. The other leak that no longer leaked was on the vent on top of her trailer, not mine...

Tell Bidge that doing evil to do good is still evil, and God calls ministers who participate with it are apostate. There's a difference between allowing sinners in the church, and empowering murderers and rapists and thieves who claim to love their jobs. Visit them in prison, give them their money back, and if you're taking money from the government, pput something on your prtetty sign that says, we serve the government and our egos, not God. At least that would be honest. An dif they say they don't do that, other people they work with or for do, then they are still criminals.

11/7/2010 8:32am Made plans last night to attend services and deliver information and requests for assistance at the Kingdom Hall in Olympia this morning... last night, I was tortured and kept awake until affter midnight. Went outside thismorning, someone pulled the tarp back on the traielr, presumably to cause mor edamage... and they took my ladder. A few minutes later, after climbing on top of the car to correct it, I was in the house, heard a noise, and the ladder had been returned. Lynn's trailer.. I had fixed the leaks. It leaks again, and the sealant was obviously damaged.

Doesn't look like I'll make it to church, again, thanks to the sickos of the U.S. Governemnt who love to have me report it, so they can make fun of being rapists, murders, thieves and Nazis.

And Bridge.. you're a safe haven for evil people. It's your problem. And you'd better read the Bible about apostates, becaus eyou're doing evil to do good, and all you're doing is generating more evil by empowering these sickos on the island.

The psychotronics sickos are now telling me it's going to get worse and worse for us.. More evidence is fine with me at this point. The harm you people are doing to Lynn will prove you people are Satanic.

I'm thinking of  anew section for the website once I repair it... Synagogues of Satan. You people have a right to do what you want, but organized crime is organized crime, and you people are sick.

And the payments for your sanctions and commmissions - U.S. Government killers - will be what convicts you.

Last night, Buttfuckman didn't want me to read the Bible, so I reached for it anyway, as usual, being used to being harrassed while reading, and picked up a book from Bread of the Presence called "Where the Bible Came From"... and turned immediately to a page that explained what I've said before, that something in the patterns of history tolmd me something bad happened to religion, Christianity, around 1400. Now I know why the Catholics in town dislike me... too bad they don't think or read their own Bible. Wycliff had a bunch of things right, like saying that techncally, once you claim to be a Christian, no sins are forgiven. COnceptually that's true,and the Bible as we have it says that too... forgiveness comes with correcting your ways, stopping your evil, and adhering to God's ways as much as possible. Wycliff technically had it right. But if people just think declaring themselves as CHristians will have them go to heaven, remember, God says it's what's in your heart, and He knows what you think and what you've done. And that you people long ago failed to understand the ways of God,  just a sJesus said, and why s few "Christians" will actually be seen by God as that.

Christianity is more than just believing in God and Jesus. It's a religion with a purpose that's lng been forgotten, gone extreme, and caused the very people it was to serve to be pushed away, replaced by evil, and every bit explains why so few will make it to heaven from this point.. unless true atonement is made.

I could  say tons about the few pages I read last night... but Lynn's already under attack, and I have things to do to get us out of here safely. I'm gladd   the sickos think they're above the law.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Partridge Family - Summer Days

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aimee Mann - Wise Up to the people of the United States

Thurston, I know you love being mentioned.. you'll get your wish later Thurston, and God promises he'll turn it all around on you, and you'll regret loving being a rapist and murderer. That goes for DHS and the Government as well.

11/8/2010 7:11am About "coincidences" and Keith's and Alfred Hitchcock's "portable plots"...  let me just start by reminding you of the dialectics, the psyops and their results for individuals and whole cultures.. how I've talked about the appearance of obsession with certain people, and why I end up talkking about them for years as part of the rippling effects of their psyops and how what their part was continues to be a factor. ANd how the truth is, I'd really rather forget these people existed... with that, I'll just remind you of the name "Melissa Scott", and how for years I've enjoyed the Jehovah's witnesses, and a particular man who used to visit my house in Olympia.

I finally made it to the Kingdom Hall in Olympia, harrassed as usual on my way, and wehn  I got there, I chekced out the parking lot, and there WERE numerous vehicles on the surveillance/harassment teams, so I realized this church had been infiltrated, at least a little. I got to the dorr, there were a couple guys outside, and I told them who I was looking for and they said, okay, and then led me to a small room in the back of the church wehre he and his wife were listening to the service by themselves, away from the rest of the congregation, and I wondered why. I sat through the dicussion they were having, giggling at times at my pleasure of the way they approached things, what they were committed to doing in the world for God, and how the bulk of the topics they discussed were the same topics I've randomly opened the Bible and other books to lately.. for years... even reading a concordance reference that had me decide I should read Micah soon, which came up in their service...

I had to laugh a little too, knowing there were people on the harassment teams there, knowign the dothings to discourage you and intimidate by setting up to look like these infiltrators have you in the position to reach out, only to find your enemies have established themselves in the places you'd go to particpate so you'll go somewhere else. As in, people who spread lies about you being in good standing with organizations and churches so if you speak out, they can discredit you publicly and in private meetings with the people you're talking to.

So, I 'm sitting there, listening to peole share, and theyu kept claling on this one woman "Sister Scott". I heard that and tried to get a look at her, couldn't at first from the little I was in with Milton and his wife. I got up to get a beter view, still couldn't see her. And she was very good at sharing and being on point. Including on how much fun it was to help another member clear some trees that could have been done by 1 or 2 people, but wasn't it fun to do it with 10 and get it done quickly and with other members of their "community".... Fianlly got a look at her, cause I was curious, and guess who she looked like? And I could only conclude that someone settting up the PMS psyop included having me, if I ever went to  contact that church, to find out that woman was there only to make me believe this church would be against me in advance. ANd no, I had no inclination to meet her, and yes yes was definitely a good Christian person speaking about everything, in the service, about unification at this time, and how governments control religion, as I was addressing the other night regarding Wycliff in the 1400's... so I'm just laughing about that at this point...

So, after theservice, I shook Milton's hand, aware there were psyops people there, and I asked, did you know I was coming here today? And he said, no we're in this room because my wife gets headaches sometimes because of the flourescent lights.. which is a symptom of directed energy attacks, and of course, it kept them separated from the rest of the congregation. Meanwhile, it slowly kills her, and as these "portable plots" go, after a while, would lead to a stroke, and then of course, Milton would have to curtail his activities to care for her.

So I shook his hand, and asked if he remembered me, even though back then I didn'thave a beard and I didn't have long hair, which I dislike. And he remembered, and even remembered the name of the street you turned off on to get to my house,which surprised me, because I can never remember it. I actually got lost later on trying to find it. And i was glad he was happy to see me, as well as knowing my being there was for him proof that his work for God was not in vain.

I told him and shared with him a little about the situation, medical and dental problems, purveillance3 and psyops, and that I could porove there were infiltrators in his church. I asked him if the church itself was part of Weed and See type activities, and as I expected, he said no, we don't get involved in political things, and I was amused a bit by the fact that it's hard to separate "religion" from politics, and how they were talking about governments controlling religion in their service.

Remember how I've been saying I'd like to talk to 1000 people at once to answer questions they'd have about me, and to talk to the them about working together and understanding that, like in Biblical times, churches had to come together to keep out infiltrators so they could continue to speak freely about God, and continue good work in the world.

I mentioned that the last time I tried to go there, and I'm certain now it was no coincidence I tried to contact Milton on the day they were all at the Tacoma Dome... it's a much longer story... and I only mentioned it to let him  know I'd tried to be there once before, and then he said, well, if you decide to come back for services, I'm always here, but keep in mind if you decide to drop in that on January 1st, they were having a group meeting in another city, in a room that would probably have about 1,000 Jehovah's Witnesses there...   so they wouldn't be there that day, in case I might happen to think of attending services then. I just chuckled. Of course, workign to get out of this state for our safety's sake, I don't intend to be here then, andsuggested maybe they could help us in gettng thigs done to speed our moving. I didn't saymuch about psyops or weapons, I didn't want to alarm or cause him more  danger.... I figured long ago when he was visiting me, before I was aware of Weed and Seed, that being around me would have  him be monitored...

I also need to mention that the locals' intel is not as good as they think, realizing I was wrong about what I thought his wife looked like, and thus, the impostors who came to my door as Susan from Seattle and what I thought was his wife.. who I gasve the letter to Milton to to deliver to him, and they probably thought they had an earlier version where I openly questioned things about my life and it's relationship to "evidence"  of my being Christ... which I'm more than happy to discuss anyway, and intend to bring up because it's an example of how the government sets things up to destroy people's lives... and in this case, Im referring to my wife in Woodinville... I'm more convinced than ever she was a CFR setup to hamper any thing I attempted... as well as the fact that psychotronics was not particularly as functional back then, but dews were in use. And that the couseling certain eople got, psychologists, and then coming back and wanting to make it seem like their psychological issues were about figuring me out.. it seems they were getting coaching, directl or subliminally, that would have caused me doubt and loss of self esteem I suppose, if I had been interested in knowing all about what they discussed in their sessions - supposedly about me - that I guess I would have been cornered into having to accept that a psychologist said certain things.. but the only thign I allowed them to tell me, at their demand, was that therir psychologists said I was very well balanced and psychologically "advanced" whatever that meant. And then I'd say, your sessions are for you, and between you and your counselor, and I don't want to get involved or know unless it's really iportant to share with me about YOUR issues and resolving them. And then, silence.

So I gave Milton the letter explaining a few things, and that I'm Christ, andthat I'd like to meet with their elders.. I just left it with him so he could read and absorb it, and let him look up the scrioptures I referred to... like Rev 2:17...

When I left the building and was about in my car, I noticed three or 4 cars starting up all at once, as happens when you're being surv3eiled, and I caught them all on video before I got to the street... Most the people were still in the church. And so I started to leave, and then they mobilized, andI pulled over and got their id's... but this one guy.. an older guy... a member of the church, nodded his head over and over the way perps do when theywant you to feel intimidate by the fact they were brazen enough to let you know they were on you.

I'm assuiming this is a guy who's been part of their church for a while.. the PMS psyop still is a factor in this psyop, and this guy was probaly part of the process of setting things up, knowing I would want to talk to Milton, and making sure the person on the TV video not only looked like the person in this church, and like a person I dreamed about when I was 20 or so, working with me globally on global abundance and peace... it was clear to me even then, that was what the dream was about... and now, it appears we were watching people in Solomon's Temple... near a fountain... and of course, the name Scott, and I have no idea what the woman at the church's first name is...   but it appears this long running psyop with the tv minister and the supposed chilling effect at this church with one of the few people locally I had a chance to get to know, and he to get to know me... was to eventually cause me to not want to go back there...

That's the way government psyops and infiltration goes, and part of the way governments control religion. I left it up to Milton to decide what to do with the info I gave him, and realized there would be people in the church positioned to work against me at that church. It'll be interesting.

The letter I gave to Milton is not quite the same as the one I gave to the impostors, and does mention psyops and impostors, infiltrators and government interference without many details... and also documents how long I've been trying to contact him, and when I first wrote the letter, and confirmed that when I first delivered it to the church mailbox long ago, that Milton never received it.  I also told him that my websites had been tampered with, and that if his church wanted a real copy, I could provide it on disk.

Tell the infiltrators he will only receive what I decide is relevant, and not the whole contents, as these psyops  people and government would like to have everything becauseof certain things I've written for my own review purposes, and will never be for public discussion, because they are about things that are nobody's business, nothing illegal, and would only give them more reason to claim that the info they would extort me about was all on my website, which is the reason I was told in the beginning I had to divulge all these things myself, that gave them a cover up for their psyops, claiming they obtained no info illegally or through psychotronics.. and I think they've lost track of what I've thought about and written about, and what I've actually published. And keep in mind, the few things I've written that are private are nothing I'm particularly worried about, and would actually only prove psyops had been used against me for decades. Mostly, by Time Warner and GE.

Keep in mind, my father was predisposed against Time, but since Betty White's sister gave me a funny look one day in speech therapy class/toastmaster training... at Scotts Valley Elementary when I mentioned that Look magazine was run by communist sympathizers, I decided to make up my own mind about things..  she was the therapist and the Toastmaster insturctor, and they never did Toasstmasters again after that day.. unless they decided not to have me in it any more... and didn't tell me. And I don't know for sure if it was Betty's sister, but they looked almost exactly alike, and then I wonder about my Aunt Margaret whose married name was "White"... Margaret and Bill..

and let's not forget, when I contacted Lou, I was trying to make an informal gentleman's agreement that if AOL gave me bandwidth, I'd set up the farm and give Time-Warner the first chance at every "best talent" I found as I came across them when people sent me material for publication, and musicians...

I wanted to work for Warner Brothers as a  staff music writer since High School... to me, that simply meant them giving me the name of the person to send my music to who would know that I wasn't gonna spend alot of time producing the songs for play, but I'd give them everything I wrote to give to producers and artists so I didn't have to spend time marketing it, song by song.  No money unless a song sold and got legitimate royalties. Like James Taylor, "Woke up this morning and wrote down this song, I just can't remember who to send it to..."

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Fire And Rain I believe the album was One Man Dog, and it was just about the time my sister was in a similar circumstance... with a name mentioned in the song...

(BTW, benefit of the doubt is not the best subject to bring up with me these days. Too much harm has been done. Whatever the truth is, it is)

9:41 am James Taylor's School Song is now playing. I don't remember it. It was a piano instrumental ?:} Followed by McCartney - Bluebird.. which strangely also is the name of a U.S. Government psyop operation... back in the Beatles days.... when the CIA and British Intel thought they could break up the culure alternative thinkers - people who had caught on to the government dialectics to deceive people - you know, those crazy hippie types - probably being hit by DEWS..... like I was though unaware... could break their movement and dissemination of information by using the Beatles to promote anarchy as meanin extremist, radical, and used drugs and sex to throw them off track, and give them a negative public image.. like the media does now with people they are controlling... but mainly, making them and their relationships dysfunctional.. as with CoIntelpro.

At this moment, I think of things like the fun back masking in the Beatles music sometimes, which I figured they just did like a joke or marketing ploy... and I wonder if they were trying to get people to realize subliminals were being added to music to influence them - that's psyops, primitive psychotronics... or if they were trying to send other messages themselves.. just like I hear morse code in quite  afew songs by some very popular artists I would now say are likely angels who just feel compelled to communicate somehow...

I really do have to say again: these people particpating in psyops, and claiming to be parts of Christian Churches, are there either deceiving themselves or the people they are with, and regardless of why they signed up to do what they do, evil is evil, especially the sorts of things these people do... and at this time, given that churches are supposed to be a place of refuge in times of persection, we really are at a point where people need to decide whether they will keep their word to God  that tehy promised when they declared themslelves Christians, people who maybe don't know they signed up to serve God over other considerations, knowing God has reasons for doing things His way, and He does not purposely subject people to harm, He exposes the harm being done to them, harm that's already being done, whether they know it or not, and would have been done anyway. And if not exposed, eventually, this government and the New World Order would want to humiliate and exterminate them anyway.

I will not be their excuse or justification for the crimes of the government and their operatives.

I will be the person who sends the cavalry back to save their lives.

Sarah McLachlan - Black and White is Playing. It's about someone deciding who they really are... she's an angel, by the way, and not always doing well...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Rarities - 01 - Dear God

God kept His promise. Will all of you?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody And I thought he "sold out"

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You If he did, so did I.

When the truth is known and it gets to the bottom line, I know other people will too.

Joan Jet came on, I Love Rock and Roll.

Not online, so I'll play this. Not what what I would have picked, but I don't question God in these matters anymore.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation

Here's a song I love from an album I've always loved, by a guy who's an angel who was set up for statutory rape and did some time, a true example of these horrible angels some people talk about from the hippie era. It came on a while ago, and seemed like a better placement would arise...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 01 - A House of Gold

and then of course, this came on...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don McLean - American Pie (full)

Gotta go patch some leaks...

Next song that came up after closing this down - Enya - Angeles - check it out.

7:22pm Lynn's trailer was purposely damaged again.. this time, they're making sure to make the front window leak by damaging it and ruing the seal so it will cause water damage, and doing so much damage to the door that the whole lock assembly will likely need    to be replaced.. and of course, everythign I report that they do, they keep doing, and still think I'm not going to continue to keep this log, and still think just because I haven't posted that I am isolated, and I know they're just convicting themselves...

Tooth torture.. seems like multiple people on me today, lots of pain, lots of damage to my teeth, and given how thing sgo, it clearly was set up by the infilttrants at the Jehovah Witness Church in Olympia to make me do something I said I wouldn't do,, talk beofre people without teeth, and make a fool of God.. as they would wish. Good thing I got lots of video of the people who are the criminals in their church.

I'm glad they think I'm stupid. I will never go along with their crimes. And they will be driven from the churches because evil has no place in a church. ANd the politicians they work for will regrwet the policies of torturing U.S. Citizens... and think they can play games like I'm some toy doing whatever they want. I don't care how bad they torture me. These people are sick and delusional, and need to be locked up.

I'm, being tortured as I write this, I've accomplished littel or nmothing today.. and I'm sure the sickos infiltrating the churches think they're winning..   and they're so wrong... despite the pain and aggravation, I'm still laughing at their delusional sense of power...

Caught a fwew minutes of Rachel tonight. Sounds liek another fixed election for the COuncil on Foreign Relations, and Sarah Palin, New Morning, and John Kerry's Sunrise and all... I  may not be quotying it right because of the torture, but rachel , the speed talking.. is that YOUR idea today?

Keith.. ain't it funny how God turns things around? WHiule your sick friends do this to me and Lynn, just remember ther ewill be no mercy for evil.. like teh Boble syas... and I hope you enjoy being credited for your work with the rest of your pervert friends.

Nothing's changed but a re-commitment to God's will.

Michael McDonald - Our Love

Jackson Five - State Of Shock

Not me. But I bet some perverts are Not to menntion some people with a letter at the JW Kingdom Hall

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky

Redbone - Come and Get Your Love

11/8/2010 8:56am Up around 7am. The last few days, becaus eof my complaints, instead of doing sleep deprivation by waking meup at 4am, they just changed the hours. I figure they had someone on the East Coast in DHS working me and like usual, they didn't get what they wanted. But thanks for the gift, DHS.

The U.S. Government is using psychotronics to control what I write with thought insertion... including wanting me to write another long paragraph on things I've covered many times. And I am currently receiving extreme tooth torture, as these sickos want me to write bad things about the Jehovah's Witnesses, when all they got on Sunday was infiltrators who will be reported to the Hague and Federal and State authorities.

The Bible verses last night were perfect, as usual, for the occasion... because of pain I'm not really feeling like writing much.. but Romans Chapter 6 is the perfect chapter, verse 13 explains why scertain ministers and the Nazis in churches will go to hell

13: Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and  your members as instruments of God.

And God says, never do his work in secrecy or covertly.. and any member of a church working for the Nazis who claims to try to be helping me is a liar and will go to hell. There ARE rules, an God DOES enforce them, and whoever told you doing evil to do good was alright could not possibly have been a Christian or even ethical.

Time to check the damage. Btw, the U.S.Government has already proven how evil they are, and all this evidence - if you think you really have me preoccupied or paranoid of you, always rememebr, I know how all this ends, and that's why despite the pain and torture, I'm still laughing at all you Nazis.

Still haven't posted since the tampering. TOrtuure tends to preoccupy you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

God just said it all.

9:08am Looked down at the Bible, and saw this:

Romans 6 19 I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh: for as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity: even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.


6:16pm This morning, when I woke up, the sicko doing psychotronics told me he was going to prove to me he could force me to hang up my "good clothes"... blue jeans and a sweater... I told him I wouldn't, becaus ethis is how sick and rediculous these people are, always trying to prove they can force tyou to do things with torture, that you'll give in... this afternoon, it was a rainy day, got little done due to a long day of tooth torture, but thought I might as well do some laundry... went through some boxes, set the "good clothes": aside...  And then I came across a couple of books that Kryptoman gave me to read...

I came across a book called "A Minister Service Book" from Mellinger Funeral Home in Tacoma, originally published in 1938 by the Bible Institute. I wa slooking through it, and the psychotronics pervert was giving me a hard time about not being an "ordained" minister, how my life would be easier if I was, and I told him I was ordained by God, and he said, who says so, and I said, I do, and just at that moment, I had opened the page to a hymn that shut him up for a few minutes...

Whate'er my God ordains is right;
Here will I take  my stand,
Though sorrow, need  or death make earth
For me a desert land.
My Father's care is 'round me there,
He holds me that I shall not fall:
And so to him I leave it all.

The hymn is Whate'er My God Ordains is Right   S. Radigast, 1675

With that book I also found another book Kryptoman gave me, called The Truth that Leads To Eternal Life... published by the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1968, revised in 1981, and I turned to some interesting passages in Chapter 12, "Righteous Rule Makes Earth A Paradise" and I thought this paragraph was poignant

Jehovah will soon bring to an end all the present wicked system. If you gain Jehovah''s approval now, you may be privileged to survive into God's new system What will this mean for you?

Of course, it goes on to tlak about this non-political group of Christians' views of how these wicked systems and governments will be brought down. And ya know, they agree with me...

How  A Peaceful Movement Will Bring Down The Nazis. Of course, they just say governments and companies and so forth, I added the Nazi part at the request of the United States Government sickos who thought I'd be intimidated to say it and be embarrassed, but as usual, they were wrong, and it's very simple to prove these sickos are Nazis.

It also talks about how these sickos will likely be the kind God simply erases from the book of life forever.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Glen Campbell - Try A Little Kindness

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Greatest Hits - 10 - Old Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Half Way

I thought I was good at music mixes. I close my eyes and pick from the list with the mouse, and I'm always surprised at what He decides to play. Makes it easy. Speaking of which, who is Brenda Comsia? Seems like I'm always throwing off  the timing of the anti-Christ :}

Time to listen to Dean Martin...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Men At Work - TBD - 100 - It's A Mistake Now is that about Brenda or Dino? And speaking of Dino, is there another recount? Dino, if you have some acorns, I know how to tan hides :}

11/10/2010 6:37am How the United States became a Godless nation... and keep in mind, when speaking of Israel, it's talking about the Unied States too. This is God talking to the self-appointed anointed government of the U.S., and all the people in the churches who are evil, and then the people as a whole. For those who think God is not political, and that I will be erelegated to "merely rligion", this is God's answer.

1 Kings 9

6 But if ye shall turn from following me, ye or your children, and will not keep my commandments and my statutes which I have set before you, but go and serve other gods, and worship them:

7 Then will I cut off Israel out of the land which I have given them; and this house (nation), which I have hallowed (chosen) for my name (for my son, Christ to lead), will I cast out of my sight; and Israel shall be a proverb and a byword among the people. (like a story in mythology of something that was to be, if people followed His ways, but still remains a symbol of hope, worth having, not expected in this lifetime, and only because people gave up, and don't actually truly believe God keeps His promises. But He did.)

8 And at this house (the United States AND Israel) , which is high, every one that passeth by it shall be astonished, and shall hiss; and they shall say , Why hath the Lord done thus unto this land, and to this house? (forgetting they caused it for their own pleasure and wealth)

9 And they shall answer, Because THEY (the government and citizens, and people like Jerry Falwell who said "We all know God's way doesn't work") forsook the Lord their God (by working in secrecy and with tyranny and evil), who brought forth their fathers out of the land of Egypt (Great Britain) and have taken hold of other gods, and have worshipped them, and served them: therefore hath the Lord brought upon them all this evil

... by letting them destroy themselves.

I was looking around this morning, thinking about what things, books, I might take with me. Decided to read Hafiz.. easy to get a good verse from him...

Cucumbers and Prayers

All day long
The earth shouts
"Gee, thanks."

As if God were passing by in a parade encouraging
Rowdy behavior
By looking so beautiful ---
That a whole avalanche of manna swoops in!

I like this idea of throwing things at God,
And especially-- his making us rowdy!

Thus, as soon as Hafiz is out of bed
I start stuffing large sacks
With old shoes, cucumbers,

For the upcoming

And who knows 
What else.

This one's the way I wanted to approach the ministry and the churches, and why I've been so disappointed at how people really aren't willing to believe in God's promises enough to even wonder. Body, of course, in this case, means the body of Christ...

Chain You To My Body


These words

Are just a front.

WHat I would really like to do is

Chain you to my body,

Then sing for days

And days and




Translations from Daniel Ladinsky... the book, The Gift

7:34am The wind is blowing east to west again today.

11/11/2010 4:05pm Crime report: someone messing with the valves on my propane tanks,1 leaks, the nect day, looks like someone loosened them, and then closed them up to make it leak and give the apparent threat of causing leak damage. These guys are perverts, and it's why I'm not worrying about checking out the cgas fittings before leaving the area, except maybe just to tighten them quickly...

Gotten more done, trailers are doing better on the leaks.. mine still has trouble, but it is going well. I keep wondering what to paint on top for the chopper guys... like, Hi it's me..

The psychotronics guys are always trying to get me to worry about things I'm not worried about.. today, for days, they've talked about my disappointment about the Jehovah's Witnesses not contacting me and all.. and I have to admit, if I was them, I'd be wondering.. planting seeds is a  good thing... there's something about cedars.. :}

The psychotronics guys were asking me if I was really going to use the logs outr firewood guy vcut up for me for things.. I was going to get a shopsmith, a planer and make lumber of them for finsihing the house, benches, closets... a long term project, like   the sundial I wanted to make with stones... like they used to make long ago by hand... I was collecting rocks.. shapes and colors to separate them for art and fountains...  and I was really curious about growing artichokes, partlyy for boiling the leaves down afterward to create india blue ink.. and I keep getting told there's something about Indigo Blue... like Joni Mitchell's album, and lots of songs...

And then the other night I was reading about the cedars... I call em seeders...   sometimes I wonder if the web log guys in Lebanon I wrote to track this site.. I have no idea who reads this site, other than the government and the locals...  I hope Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does... :}

Hail to the chopper guys... don't need your help thanks.

Lot of talk about monarch butterflies lately, migrating 5,000 miles.. no more speed racer trips, folks. Games  are over.

The psycho was harrassing me the other night before reading the Bible when I turned to Kings 18:5, and then afteerward, listened toi Him mocking God and marked with my Bahail book of Prayers... For some reason, I marked Nehemiah... Nehemiah Chapter 9. It's weird, isn't it, ia in words in teh Bible usually aer stories of people and more who are either victims of conspiratorial or deceptive plans, are are the perpetrators, all the way to the point of, for some reason, receiving visions from God, and interpreting them incorrectly based upon a bias or preconceived notion of what the truth is... or people later on not understanding the knowledge of the prophet or person they translated. Zepphaniah chapter 3 would make an excellent additional section to read.. I had it marked too, for some reason.

I have to be honest, I'm never much for "pre-writtne prayers" for my own prayers... but I looked at the first one in thisbooklet you can get from Bahai online for free, this for prayer and meditation...

Intone, O my servant, the verses of God that have been received by thee, as intoned by them who have drawn nigh unto Him, tha tthe sweetness of thy melody may kindle thine own soul, and attract the hearts of all  men.

AND this

He is the payer-hearing, prayer-answering God.

The words of  Baha'U'llah   The "founder" of Baha'i

And not for sale to the Council on Foreign Relations or other politicians.. people like them see the real thing, and they end up making the right choices... Hillary.... got an empty cigar box yesterday.. called, Churchill's Rejects....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Flag - 12 - Sleep Come Free Me

The psycho said, what's that song supposed to mean, and then I picked this while explaining sometimes God picks this music for other people and reasons...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Mathis -  It's Not For Me to Say

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - New Position

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 04 - Light of Love

11/12/2010 6:30am Wakened around 3am. As usual, 2-3 hours of torture before I give up trying to go back to sleep... the U.S. Government death squad people insist on torturing me more befoer i wrote because like all psychotic serial rapists and murderers, they like their victims to write about them because they love getting credit for their perversity with their friends... Lynn was awakened around 2am....

God's name is Jesus.. never occurred to me, no wonder I was confused on the part when the Bible said.. Jesus sent an angel... of course, I refuse to listen to Dido anymore.... anyway... so in a fwew parts of the Bible that confused me, it makes more sense. Reminds me of when I was a kid and decided to be called Chuck because my dad was called Charlie, and it was hard when you'd hear someone yell Charles, and wonder who they were calling for... (and I'm not talking about the pervert down the road who loves to do torture who thinks anyone would be confused into thinking he's god.. his words... the pervert down the road who plays psychotronics games thinking he'll be able to sue ME for defamation, what a joke. Of course they use torture to distract people from everything actually important) Anyway,  so when God sent an angel to prepare the way.. the United States government and the Illuminati wanted to be sure their brand of psychosis was the rule of law. ANd for a long long time have altered the Bible and religion, and like the Bible says, they   cursed themselves for doing it...

And in these psyops against me, they cursed themselves by being arrogant, and extending psyops so long that I was even able to folow the trail from Washington DC to LA to Olympia, all to embarass the Jehovah's WItnesses even more, while Council on Foreign Relations apostates and whores mislead people about religion, God's ways and promises on tv. And the books published by the Illuminati's partners in the media... all of whom will enjoy spending time with their favorite traitorous heroes...

Quite the psyop, that convicts the whole damn government, from coast to coast... and in over a hundred countries in the world for years to provoke a global war, where we have waged covert war, leading to this moment.

Something about, those who survive will be saved, and those of God's who have fallen will return. Something about being 25 forever...

I'm gonna try to finalize my thoughts on ministers working with the perverts because they think psychotronics and psycho correction is a good thing... you created your own hell and persecution.

Herman's Hermits - Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely

Michael Franks - Soul Mate

Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery (Acoustic)

Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 08 - Lost In The Parade

And that's how Exodus will work.

6:40pm THe torturers on behalf of the United States Government insisted that I tell you that after 13 hours of torture, they're proud of everything they do including rape and torture becaus ethe New WOrld Order is full of people proud of being perverts and sickos for the fun of it.

And they actually believe I'll have a problem convinceing a jury of their psychotronic torture, attempts to kil people - like when they turned on the gas in my trailer last night and left it on inside to use up the gas and create a fire hazard.

11/13/2010 4:46am Awakened around 3am... Lynnwas awake about a half hour later, I assume, once again waken up by the people doing vandalism outside. I looked into the front yard, and realized someone had removed the cover from my trailer, exposing the areas I patched, and covered to dry, exposed to the dew.. at least it wasn't raining,and fortunately, it appears the patch material was little or undamaged.. so far...

Last night, couldn't find my Bible by my bed, so I grabbed another one that Kryptoman gave me.. printed in 1891...

I opened it up in typical random manner tolet God tell me what He wanted me to know last night... previously, like the night before, I had been reading in 1Kings.. about Tyre, and Cedar, and Solomon and Hiram.. and.. I picked chapter 6... where I'd left off before... in the other Bible... telling the story of how Hiram built the Temple for God under the direction of SOlomon, ad how God said, that's great, but I'll build my own house, thank you.

Talk about sick Biblical jokes... first, like the movie Tuscany, in some ways, it couldbe said that where I live and all is exactly what I always wanted, if it was true... you could also make an ellgory about how this life the Government has subjected us to is like th eStargate Atlantis episode where the "travelers" through the "chevron" required so many angels, that the angels decided to put the travelers into a fake reality, as if they would not know the difference. In this case, it could be easily proven that the setup here was to make fun of the temple Solomon had Hiram build for God... because this house is very much like that temple. I didnt find it funny when I realized it.. and how erverse these Council on Foreign Relations people are.

This of course also leads tme to another thing my mother told me... that Ulysses S Grant was a great, great uncle far removed, with no further detail.. and I'm betting it's true.. even theallegories/parallells to  the story in Kings rings true to the story of Grant...  and the story of Grant includes how his name wasn't actually Ulysses, it was Hiram... and of course, this story of Hiram and Solomon... in this case, Grant help off the Free Masons/Illuminati and the Federal Reserve... and the little of his writings I've seem were like those of the founding fathers, creating a foundation and holding to it.. after 2 terms, he wanted to run again because he'd figured out the games and deceit of the politicans and financiers, and wanted to put an end to it, but the party wouldn't let him run again.. for obvious reasons.

I rememebr reading about how, in some words, the "person" would be "pre-pared" before taking over in order not to be tricked. This whole chapter, and these writings, are like the description of the sickest dialectic against me by the CFR... and I suppose the end they'd like to see, other than my deth, is to have me reject the "house" built by our forefathers, that was built for God and to represent His Kingdom, as I plan and look forward to building a new "house", a temple for God....

Again, I'll say, I haven't turned my back on this nation, this government and its sick death squad operatives have. As if it matters.

For a guy who always wanted tobuy a little property, plant trees and watch them grow for 20 or more years, it's even more strange now to know I've lived  in 37 places...

For the locals... this one's going 11.... dentists of course... sine coming to Washington State to be tooth tortured and impoverished by people I thought were likely of a Chrisitan state.. more than most places in this country...

MGB just for the fun of it...

Ecclesiastes 9 12: For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it faileth suddenly upon them.

God picks 'em  good.

13 This wisdom have I seen also under the sun, and it seemed great unto me:

14 There was a little city, and few men within it: and there came a great king against it, and beseiged it, and built great bulwarks against it

15 Now there was found in it a poor wise man and he by his wisdom delivered the city: yet no man remebered that same poor man.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Glen Campbell - Where's The Playground Susie

16 Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless the  poor man's wisdom is despised and his words are not heard

17 The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the  cry of him that ruleth among fools.

18 Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leo Sayer - Endless Flight - B45 - I Hear the Laughter

God really does pick em.

Oh lord I wish that I was hercules..... guess the great emulators couldn't come up with the diaectic for Hercules, and Jezebel had to suffice.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 07 - A Dream Goes On Forever

After that song, Rick James, Superfreak came on... maybe that was a bad choice of words :}Olbermann, I said NO MORE BIMBOS!!!!

followed by, Peter Cetera (of Chicago) Where There's No Tomorrow... guess I said it all in a letter.... the lyrics

18 Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.

There must have been another bimbo psyop planned.. Huey Lewis - Stuck On You


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 04 - For Taking the Trouble

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney - Ebony & Ivory

For CNN.. what's  in a name.. interpret it as you will...

ELO - Midnight Blue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 05 - Rising Sun

Final Thought.. Roberta Flack... Our Ages or Our Hearts... from me to the United States.

6:30am Looks like I was tricked or someone altered some documents in the files I just copied for 2011kingdom in order to change the internal modification dates of some documents, info I was specifically trying to preserve... properties of documents that would normally have been copied must have been changed to prevent copying and requiring tests to find out why....

11/15/2010 6:37am Didn't write yesterday.. tooth torture all day, very bad.. what's worse is being tortured, and then you go to eat, and they do it worse...

Update on U.S. Rep Bobby Scott, memo 46ing the Peace Alliance... turns out he's on the DHS committees in Congress...

Peace and Prosperity act... good people getting involved.. in thehandoff to Lynn to start things.. her pain levels prevent her from fully participating... but the people she's attracted are excellent, including Rabbi Lerner... I look forward to talking to him... there's been  along history of people like him that the psyops people have associate with Lynn, then drop put of sight, to frustrate me, with these people also being handed my ideas without the knowledge to be able to accomplish them... the same reasons the Bible says those purposely distriibuting my things.. God's message.. without my direct instruction are cursed.

It's been a long time since I watched news on tv.. when CNN's psyops on me failed, and I was a problem for them, they zapped me for months.. I'd have to look it up, it might have been 2 or 3 years... 2003 they made the handoff back to MSNBC... and now, I guess MSNBC blew it so bad, they tried to hand me off to Fox for more media mirroring... and MNSBC made sure I missed the elections and to get me off their backs... 2bad4u.

These days, all I'm really doing is what I can get done, in preparation for legal suits and leaving on asylum... and figuring out how to present the cases, run for president and get a job that allows me to make a living. Meanwhile, the tooth torture continues...

I'm going to say this one more time for now.. in a few weeks, I'll be writing conclusions based on what I know, and what has a happened with the information I have, and I haveto be honest, I won't give anyone but a few locals the benefit of thedoubt, and you acquiescent Nazis can vindicate yourselves, and if you don't, that's your problem. I have lots of reasons to believe the bad guys are good guys and visa versa... and I'm not going to waste my time trying to find reason to defend their positions...

Personal Note: Abby Hoffman Steal This Book. Moynihan. 1989 Suicide. CoIntelPro. Chicago 7.

After some 15 hours of torture, and getting little done yesterday, I was tired last night... read Numbers Chapter 11 and a few beyond... about blowing trumpets.. my dad made sure I knew how to blow a military bugle, Ithink from the Spanish American War... I think my sister, the one with the Mason Bible, has it... they also made sure I knew how to make a slide trombone work... if there's been a consistent clue that was vectored by many people, it had to do with Louisiana, Dixieland Jazz, New Orleans, Hurricanes, oil and radiation...  Elliot Ness, Combat, a few dreams that are coming true... maybe the red phone was more like a Neurophone... and it's been interesting to point out certain corrupt  individuals in government, and then watch them go out of power, as if playing a game of me having to "convict" these people to get rid of them, like a game of the politicians to keep me busy, like I had to solve all the crimes to stop them.. tell Nancy I will prove all the crimes necessary to get the job done... with a tax on treason. Say hi to Bill and Hillary for me... and tell Barack his confession was appreciated.

I always wondered why my second grade teacher, the psychometrist, told me that one day I'd be famous for my work with salt... that could be Morton, psaltery, Strategic Arms Limitations Treaties... all sorts of things I'm actually concerned about... the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeb Bush, Willie Brown, HAARP and El Nino...

The fun part about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann and death squads is that when I report attacks on us by  death squads, they will have provided ample evidence of this government's intent to do these things, and then they'll have to explain how much they actually had about how these death squads have been operating for years... because one way governments get peole used to accepting tyranny is to do it, have "heroes": expose it, and then deny their rights to tell the rest of the public that they simply have to accept it. I won't let that happen this time.

I was told that I was being used as an example... of what happens to U.S. Government targets of death squads if they don't go along with th New World Order. I intend to prove that God CAN do everything, that the Biblical prophecies are coming true, and that the evil of Satan will NOT be powerful enough to overthrow the kingdom of God... and this IS God's final warning to the Nazis.  ANd the COuncil will discover that memo 46ing ministers will be their end.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - Listen People

God never quites. I'd just looked down while the listing for th emusic came up and read

Numbers 11:17 And I will come down and talk with thee there: and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee, and will put it upon them: and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear it not thyself alone.

Alex Costellanos, do you feel stupid yet for that sick Biblical joke about Barack for John McCain?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Imagine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - Listen People

When God picks em, I don't question it anymore... he picks em, my job is to convict them, and defend the victims.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Matthews Southern Comfort - Woodstock

A few other relevant tunes came up...  reminded me of George W Bush and my messages to him including

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Tower Of Power - Bump City - 08 - Skating On Thin Ice

This was the song that came on tha tgot me to include it...

Jethro Tull - Skating Away... thought it was online...

9:48am I was trying to decide on what I'd try to get done today, and the psychotronics guys always end up distractin gme.. and like usual, they had me put on an album, knowing it would keep me busy a while, and like yusual, they'll regret it.. I think of all the dialectics with a single person involved that did not work out... and this is the song they'll regret

Amazing.. not online.. Paul Simon - Diamonds on the SOles of Her SHoes..

Diamonds are supposed to be people who would be successful, and someone with them on their shoes would be someone who walks over the top of them... interesting song and lyrics, like another dialectic that appeared to go wrong that was a taunt.. Only Mama Knows by McCartney...

Strangely enough, I always wondered why Kallman's Syndrome was the "malady" the Nazis used as an excuse for eugenics... killing off inferior and defective people with bad genes... retarded people, birth defects, bad habits... and of course the Bible talks about the angels and the 144,000 as eunichs.. these  days it's not good to be known as a eunich... I suppose that's what I'd be regarded... at the same time, there was an operation or two, and the thing about Stanford and the Calico cat that was fertile, and they wanted to experiment on it, and then it just disappeared.. like the pet lab rat I supposedly had... that disappeared.. after my brother kept joking about taking it to school and dissecting it.... who sold newspapers/programs for Standford Football Games when he went to Ravenswood High School... and was what made me decide I wanted to go to Stanford... cause he made it sound like a great place, and they had law schools and things I was interested in.

So.. a little research found a forum in the U.K. for Kallman's patients.. about 10,000 of them... I believe of the kind of people, and descendants of the tribes of Israel.. or at least suspected of such.. and goes a ways in explaining why the Illuminati/Nazis wanted to do away with Jews and Kallman's syndrome people... wiping out as many as possible potential "chosen"...and thus, holocaust. And I thought it was weird because Thompson's syndrome is nearly the same thing, with the same treatments and fertility treatments... also "discovered" and researched by German scientists also working on Kallman's syndrome...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Thorogood - Who Do You Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Flag - 07 - BSUR  :}:}:}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Tush ???????

As if everybody knew what I was talkin' about.. diamonds on the soles of her shoes :}:}:}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 08 - The Cool, Cool River - Paul Simon

The prophets speak, as he did  in '72 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - American Tune

11/17/2010 4:17pm  Today was wasted with more tooth torture, nothing accomplished. It's painful, but if there's anything I truly believe is that the books my mom gave me were the perfect advice for me when I finally read them.. especially the part about God turning everything around... Thanks to the DHS for all the footstools.

Couple days ago, the pain was so bad from the torture, my mouth hurt too much to eat, so I drank a cup of soup. 

Last might's MGB's started with Romans 13:11 I went back and started at the beginning of Chapter 13.

I always loved to read Psalms, not because of the stories of being persecuted, but of the faith and hope of David... In this case Psalms 40 and 41 seem very relevant to the times.

For those who believe I am not interested in politics, you're very wrong.. and I will do as I believe I should, and evryday I know God is beating Satan.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lettermen - When I Fall In Love (62)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - You And Me Against The World

Two songs came up afterward.. given the music of the last few entries, let the CFR and their whores know this is the response I have for them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Purple Rain_single

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

11/18/2010 11:02am Lynn and I were having a very relaxed and enjoyable time looking at her old photos, that explained some scenes that work into restimulating trauma for Lynn... especially where we lived in Maryland... she gave me some info, went to make an important call, and was immediately zapped, in severe pain, and settled into a spot in the room on the pew and went into "oblivion"...

Personal notes: DOP 3 yrs PMS Psyop  Burbank Terry Mason husband videographer JW Olympia... Sister Scott... 4 surveillors in the church... Milton's wife targeted...  Occidental.. room with a view... verdugo.. superman... press/presidential dinner 2009 McCartney.. Only Mama Knows.. Peter Viles, CNN Los Angeles, Chris Jansing, Brittany Spears, NBC Los Angeles... Leno... Little Creek... hospitalization. Huckleberry, Acai, dogs, pms... Jezebel...  mais.. weirder and weirder

As usual, I was tortured extremely while trying to read the Bible, and Lynn was attacked and audio was made, incorrctly spoken as November 13th, unusual noses, Lynn 1am... purpose of attacks is a footstool sociopath who represents the U.S. Govt and its purposes nature, to supposedly break my connection with God. The sicko loves it when I write about his perversity... as do the politicians and media... easy to prove.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Ian - At Seventeen

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - What A Day For A Daydream

Napolitano and Barack: for the record, I will stand by the claim yuou sickos wanted me to make, and the opening and closing arguments will be based upon your confession at Normandy: Nazis humilate and exterminate.

I don't care what reasons you sickos have for what you do. Any governemnt that systemically manages its nation by systematically murdering people is worthy of the consideration of the preamble.

Isn't it interesting that if there's one common thread between what Lynn and I have  experiences, it comes from a story about our founding fathers, the authors of the federalist papers, the constitution and declaration of independence.. those who calleed for, fought and "won" the revolution.. the sickos have "long memories", as they told me via email... and the founding fathers almost every one died mysterious or murdwerous deaths, or were bankrupted.. and apparently, the American tradition of the British Government contimnuers its satanic dialectics against the citizens of the United States under the leadership of Barack Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations. Oh yeah, Lynn, of the Adams family, had a great uncle who was governeor of Nebraska wayback when.....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leo Sayer - Endless Flight - B45 - I Hear the Laughter

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

I always wanted to learn French. More indication sof prior knoweldge, and a stupid lack of plausible deniability..

This is my pick of the day, and the them of the rest of my life for other people on God's behalf.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Duran Duran - Planet Earth

Footstools are footstools, and God said he'd take 'em down with their own delusions, if they didn't rise and serve God as they promised.

Jil Jennewein - On My Knees

6:52pm Just a few minutes ago, why being tortured while trying to eat dinner ( I wasn't able to eat a meal yesterday due to torture) the U.S. Government psychotronics guys told me that...

Based on my reporting in 2009 regarding the discovery that the U.S. and others celebrate Christian holidays with Pagan rituals, apparently at the wrong times of the year to coincide with pagan holidays,  and in retaliation, I was told they tortured Lynn - about 2 months after her supposed stroke which was a directed energy attack against her  central nervous system,... so in retaliation they tortured her all day, caused her to miss her meeting with her children and grandchildren, which was very traumatic, and had her screaming in pain for God to kill her to relieve her..

And now, they say they're going to do the same thing to her this year for Christmas... you'd better tell Olbermann, his CFR friends and the executives at GE and Time Warner that if this occurs, it will be added to the bill for HER... and remember, I told your perverts that when it comes to Lynn and taking care of her suffering, I will be vindictive on her behalf, as well as they 'd better be glad that I am not personally vindictive. Justice is  a great thing,as is karma in its purest sense. It'll be a great report, Keith. How much are you willing to be responsible for?

Choppers are now flying overhead. 6:57pm

11/19/2010 8:04pm I am being severely tortured right now.. this happens every day when my sleeping hours are disturbed to cause sleep deprivation.. then the psychotronics guys do everything to torture and harrass me in the morning to get me to write some ramblng log of crazy things to set me up to appear mentally ill. This, despite government publications saying they would do this to people, in the United States, Citizens of the United States, anyone opposed to the U.S. Global plan for military domination, per Donny Rumsfeld.

Let me say very clearly: what I write in here is true, with few errors regarding details, I'd gladly have them corrected and that would further convict those involved, as I would do more fact chekcing right now if I wasn't being harrassed, and military technoology of Norseen's thought and word insertion weren't in use to prevent me from telling more details of government sponsored terrorism.

As for their deceptions, that's their crimes.

If anyone wants to say - and this is a typical DHS setup, so I'm going to let the DHS alter my words here... if anyone wants to say - so they're using weapons to blank me out, and that will be.. okay,, the pervert decided to let me speak... now he wants me to forget, and all this s is a demopnstration of how military weapons are being used at this moment to stop me, and make it look like my memory and brain functions are dysfunctional... now I'm being tooth tortured..

If anyone wants to say that Iam anxious or overly upset they'd be wrong, I give these things little thought as I attempt to save Lynn's life and pursue justice through the legal system. I am very confident of thefacts and evidence, and if this weblog shows anything, it's how the U.S Government and Council on Foreign Relations, satanists, set people up for crimes and medical conditions that don't exist for politicial purposes.. and I still say the guy the DHS put onme to make me believe Ihave no case and I'll institutionalized for my wriitings and claims of crimes was a gift... and will be the example of the perverse psyops and attitude toward Christians, Jews and citizens who believe in the U.S. Constitution... at the Hague. ANd thanks to the DHS, instead of keeping it within the U.S.  as a U.S. matter,  they think it's funny, the idea of me being forced to leave the country to file charges that they'll ignore, and supposedly, I'd be silenced.. and the thing is, their plan fulfills Biblical prophecy.

And the other thing is, in order to intimidate me, they want to force me to (as the DHS idiot tortures me again, and thiks it's fun to get mentioned like a true serial murderer and rapist....) when CNN's psyops and psychotronics werre about finding out I had evidence, they had the DHS harm me into a setup to make me appear mentally ill, setup situations with police to  document my reports of their involvement as I if I was mentally ill, and even used the Secret Service to suppress me... as they said, CNN was through playing me.. and don't forget, toward the beginning, Dobbs said, every once ina while one of these pops up... and then he started writing for U.S. News for a short time, which led me to a story of Atlantic Blue Tunas.... and how their entire lives could be tracked electronically.... of course, I knew he was telling me that was about me, and also led to the discovery of the Norseen article.

And that whole sequence was to try to convince me I just had to live tortured until I died, the sooner the better, and that my evidence was of no use. I knew different, as I do now, despite the same pysyops being used to convince me I should remain silent and settle for living a tortured life...

And that's what's been happening since I stopped watching tv news, especially MSNBC as Olbermannn tried to hand me off to Fox... and decided instead to make sure the psyops shut me down.. and when that didn't work, they tampered with my weebsite, tried to murder Lynn, and now, are doing their best to bankrupt us both, and make us homeless. They get away with alot with Lynn because of psychotronics and DEWS, but not with me, and that's why they'll fail, as they already have.

I want to say one more thing, again,about the incident in Glendale. I did not seek out any partnership with any minister. When PMS was onthe air, I thought, maybe the media guys found someone wh they believed would be beneficial to the mission I had as a citizen and servant of God. When I stoppe d indown there, I did it because I said I would, and I still wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, even just to find out if she was a real minister, and if she really was someone I might want to look up to  invite to join my work and God's work if I made it back into the country. And the only thing I expected was to be treated like anyone else who had a ticket from them to attend their services. Instead, the wholse thing was a setup, and I have no reason not to report the severe crimes committed against me, and the rest of the psyops that occurred, and the other people I thought were friendly, and turn out to be a paradeof harrassers...

At a certain point, excuses don't matter. It's been more than 2 years, and great harm has been done, and Lynn is suffering badly, while I get taunted by questions of why I don't want toreport it ot the state and local authorities. I have many times, and I'm in the situation where apparently noone is going to speak out unless they're forced to.. and that makes them criminals.

I will also say, to servants of God, if I had been aware of someone like me in an honest and sincere inquiry and work for God, that no government orders or NSL's or anything else would have caused me to knowingly commit such egregious and potentially lethal criems against anyone. The fact that it's been years since the incident withthese so called courageous christians is proof of their criminality and betrayal of God. They did it. I report it.

When Goerge W Bush said he'd bring honor back to the White House, I said good, resign, and you will. He didn't, Barack did nothing to bring honor to the White House... or this nation... and civil rights, especially for minorities, gets worse and worse in the face of a supposed historic civil rights victory in this nation.

I know you DHS contractors believe you are above the law. Remember that today as I go to get medicine for LYnn, and record you harrassing me, as I prepare to report every single one of you to international authorites as being U.S. Nation sponsored terrorists against your fellow citizens... because you are, this is nothing new, I've said it before, and I mean it. Because you forced me to, so you could laugh at the idea that justice prevails. Just be sure to let the people at the Kingdom Hall they don't have to engage in legalistics, but I will, because their rights have been violated, and so were mine, and I have more than enough standing to claim that they have been attacked since at least 2003. Attacks that prove the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop was in the works for years, and failed on every count.

More than 2 years have passed, I've aid it a million times about depositions, and why I won't accept email, letters or anythign else in this matter, because I need positive ID to publish any mitigating circumstances that are relevant, received nothing, no contact, and I was actually hoping they would show up and id themselves and give me the chance to say they had been set up.. but again, if I have to use the legal system to get truth, I will. And if I have to show up in California to make it more convenient for them, I might accept their explanation, but it does not clear them necessarily... with me or God... and if I have to take them to court, as far as I'm concerned, they're just criminals. If i had been vindictive or unwilling to give benefit of the doubt, I would have filed a report with the police the day I arrived at the theater, as I considered doing. Instead, I lose $185,000 became destitute and dependent on a woman who had a stroke becaue of lethal attacks, and who had to rely on me for minimal care while protecting her from attacks, further deceit and  and more lethal attacks and setups.. especially with the locals on the isalndd., trying to get em to leave the evidence unattended by torutring Lynn, having her wanting to go to the hospital (for symptoms that suddenly disappear when I am able to quickly alleviate her pain by telling the psychotronics guys it won't work.. even when they get her to threaten me)

The attacks on LYnn were multiple reasons, including tying me down, as well as for some reason trying to claim we were matrried, which we are not, and you might remember, because of psychotronics, I was kicked out numerous times... and because of vehicle tampering and other problems, have not been allowed by the government to travel, seek employment or anything else without feear of losing my freedom, being setup for crimes or even to make sure the evidence was unattended. And I resent being pusposefully being put in the position of my neighbor trying to set it up to make it look I'm a gigolo, a user, opportunist, and even too lazy to work to save our lives.. in a town where I can prove most of the people particpate in these crimes... I  have no doubt that after her stroke, psychotronics and the U.S. Government would have either criminalized her, had her put in a mental institution or killed her if they could.. and tried several times... and if I had not been here, they would have succeeded,... but those attacks only came after the PMS psyop failed, and in the same time period, Lynn was planning to inform the Peace ALliance of the attacks against her (leading to her near death) in March 2009.... and prevented from doing so by psychotronics and ecertain infiltrators working on behaldf of Barack Obama, the Council on Foreign Relations and it appears, EST and Landmark education.

I will also contend and prove that psyops have been done to me in this state since at least 1981.

If I ever leave this house, it will always be with the camera and audio, meaning I'll always have more than eneough evidence... and besides you could kill me and incinerate me, and the forensic evidence would still exist proving government crimes. And that also means if the evidence is missing, it will be a clear case of obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence.. all borne by the people who I take video of while on the road or away from the house... and then of course, there's always satellite surveillance, always being taken 24 hours a day by Hughes. And easily subpoenaed..... and hundreds of other victims easily contacted to corroborate my claims...

The purposeful delays in our leaving are crimes, and will be prosecuted. And the first filings will only be the beginning. To cause emergency injunctions to stop Lynn's torture by the U.S. paid for DEATH SQUADS. I dare any of these people, especially the psychotronics guys, to claim their pride for torture and rape in the court room. I dare them. And they say, it's just psyops, we're told to say these things. They say them, they do lethal harm and know it.. and still expect to be exhonorated... The psyops these guys do prove the intent of them and their government... paid assassins are not innocent.

I asked for Secret Service assistance after being psyopepd out of continuing to run for president in 2003 . In 2012, they'll either protect me, take action agaist the attackers.. or prove to the world their initials SS are not a coincidence. I'm expecting the latter. Meanwhile, my reports will go to the Hague first, so the psyops guys can laugh at me and the Hague... so they can prove they can push me out of the country and get away with mass murder and genocide.

God said he'd pull the plug... I'm the guy he chose to do it, and I will. Tell your theologians they'd better be interested in truth or face God as apostates.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 01 - My Family

Wouldn't you know Joan Armatrading would come up.. familial actions.. God gives plenty of chances.. many are called, few answer... God doesn't test people, people test God, and they fail, because God just keeps trying to give them chances to succeed and have the best of everything... and serve as they promised... and I swear I get no fun from prosecuting anyone... this song relates to a number of things, Iincluding wht I was being harrassed about last night.. about how I rolled into Santa Cruz from San Antonio, turned on KLRS, and a guy was onthe air named Mark Donovan, a name I had planned to use ont he air next, and Joan Armatrading was playing.. heard of it. Like the music.

What I was reading last night inthe Bible, despite torture, was all about how Moses and GOd were tlakign about how God provided manna, and blood and flesh.. and then the words of Jesus inthe book of JOhn...

this came on Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - The Times They Are a Changing

Anyone who might want to approach me for any reason should know that the only person I trust right now is God, and Im m not Padilla, I can prove it's prudent apprehension and caution. And any shrink or law enforcement person or lawyer who claims I'm anyhting but well balanced and more will be prosecuted for what will become obvious reasons. AndI'm real tempted to say, excuse my french to anyone who even thinks about setting me up more.

I'd tell you what's playing right now by NSync, but the titles and labels on my music collection were sabotaged... and I have no idea... but it's with 98 degrees, as in 98 Tears, 1000 clowns, Jason Robards, and..... about the clowns, Joni and Wink and Name that Tune...  something about.. I f I could TUrn Back the Hands of TIme.. instead, we're playing  asick, Biblical joke about tooth torture and this song... and a memory of a saying.. you can't change the past, but you can change the future. Thanks to the UN and CNN for that, and the shock it gave me...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Temptations - Ball Of Confusion an eye for an eye, a tooth for a THOTH.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Soul Mate

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Someday You Will

I'll leave it at that, and then on behalf of God, with this song I sang with all my heart for weeks every night, on His behalf, with the same question He always had... is there no one I can trust?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

11am Choppers overhead as I write this. Lynn is now being constantly attacked by psychotronics... alot has been done to prevent her from receiving her medications... I am being tortured, and the psychotronics guys say they're going to fill up my weblog with reports of torture, supposedly to file charges against me for not reporting crimes that I HAVE reported multiple times... and then they'll have to deal with hundreds if not millions of witnesses against them, as the DHS and their sickos try to intimidate me with torture to shut up, go bankrupt and die or make charges they'll use to claim my insanity... and they think I'll be embarrassed by their crimes.

They say they're going to delay me further and get me to write reports, use video to record crimes and use up money and resources... to mock me in the idea of their prosecutions... and if they do that, keep me so busy with taking such reports, I'll prosecute, and claim illegal detention, as well as claiming that the U.S. Government employs people to murder its citizens.

These people may be insane, but they know what they do is criminal, they plan it, and they fail because they're actually not smart at all. They're just perverts paid by the government. Like the stupid shrinks they employ to torture GITMO prisoners, who will be known as Nazis. Nazis are as Nazis do. Insanity defenses are much different than crimes that prove malice, especially for people who get paid to do it and are proud of it. The last sentence was their words.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Peter, Paul & Mary - If I Had a Hammer

Choppers now overhead again.11:08am Imagine the stupidity of a government that delays you by committing more crimes, recorded, and prosecutable globally forever.

One final thought.. America: love the United States or Leave it. If you don't like the United States, it's not yours to buy, sell or overthrow.You can believe in anything you want, but your laws will be used against you... right Begala? And about the moat, Paul... good luck. They're your crimes.

I  will never back down.

More intelligence as my time is wasted.. more choppers: 11:13am

11/20/2010 7:07pm It's been over 12 hours of non-stop tooth torture today.. I've accomplished, nothing, actually, of any importance.

Last night I was thinking about things my father may have mentioned, and events that were related... like about hurricanes, radium, Morton Salt, Iodine and Iodate for radiation poisoning.. and I remember a long time ago, may the early 60's, they'd talk about cloud seeding for rain, paricularly in the Montana and Wyoming areas... and they'd use Iodine...

When you think about how the Chernobyl cloud hit Eureka, then swirled around Oregon and then hit Seattle... and then you think about nuclear tests in the pacific, and in Nevada, and in Japan, and other nuclear tests... and I realized that the implications of what he sowed when using radium to create hurricanes that it made sense that radiation would be spread, and that cloud seeding with Iodine would be like treating the mass population for radiation poisoning while telling them it's good for them... to create rain.

They say that the winds take the pollution from the United States to Africa... and what happens if we hit Pyongyang, or Iran or some other nation has a nuclear accident or war... the radiation goes somewhere...

I'm going to end this tonight with some rading from Proverbs from last night.. I think it was Proverbs.. I'll know when I get my Bible... I have to say, I don't always agree with Solomon, especially when it comes to equality.. but like all leaders, they have to deal with the times as they exist, with goals that resolve issues and create a future that is desireable and is backed by true intent.

Proverbs 20:25 It is a snare to the man who devoureth that which is holy, and after vows to make enquiry.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Strait - I Cross My Heart

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Steve Winwood - Higher Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Kiki Dee Band - I've Got The Music In Me

I think God and I are both laughing at that one... a psyop gone really wrong for Barack...

11/22/2010 4:45am I was awakened around 3 am... it seems pretty   clear someone on the east coast is working me on  the weekdays now... sleep deprivation, followed by hours of torture before dawn always makes for another unproductive day.

I'm surprised at this point at how this government continues nothing but taunt after taunt, and the problem they really have is that when someone like  me comes along, a true believer in the principles and concepts that the United States always claimed to stand for, I simply refuse to allow these people to get their way with me. No matter what.

This stupid Pastor Melissa Scott psyop - in most ways I'm sure under normal circumstances - would be over and failed... of course, the truth is, despite the stupidity of proving to me, arrogantly, that the Jehovah's Witness Church in Olympia, let alone SHelton, had been infiltrated, I'm assured that the woman I saw in Los Ageles was an FBI agent - according to the psychotronics guys who are not to be believed about anything, really, except their intent to murder U.S. citizens. And be proud of it.

My real impression is that it was under the cover of NBC's To Catch A Predator... only it didn't work... sex stings, drug setups... I can't wait to get an analysis of my hair samples from the last 5 years or so to see what the U.S. government has fed me, and what they injected me with in 2002.. on a small needle scar on my left shoulder that still hasn't healed.

This morning, the jerks were trying to tell me they were victorious, as I thought of all the thigns I oculd do and all the things I could write aboout and all the things I could do to spread the word... just as I also knew this was a standard ploy to frustrate me, to get me to write, so these sickos could use military weapons to ruin what I wanted to say. As they laugh at the idea of freedom of speech.

As I recall that the Boston Tea Party was not a tax revolt at all.. it was a diversionary tactic to distract British Troops while Samuel Adams escaped the city... think about that, and what the Tea Party movement is, and how the people backing it are mainstream, run of the mill Council on Foreign Relations sycophants.

I thought about that last night as I read the Bible, talking about how the leaders would fly away.. and the vision I had in early 2002 about how the leaders of this nation would destroy it, leave it defenseless and bankrupt, and then get in its DOD jets and fly away...

I was reading Psalms last night.. reminds me of certain "Executive Management Meetings" I've had with God that I wouldn't want anyone to hear... I think that's why I like Psalms, David talking to God about the pitfalls of being a Christ, and God letting Him know He was a good servant, and would be rewarded. It might be thought that anyone suffering or going through something would like Psalms it's like relating to someone else feeling sorry for themselves. I like them because of the faith it shows, and the relationship to God, like a friend... and understanding God's ways and knowing they work, and that God really does like it when we talk to Him/ I think of this song when I say that...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

I'll always rememebr the day I heard Creflo Dollar preaching, telling the crowd how God says our reward is in heaven, and he said I want mine now. I want my money now... like that, I hope the CFR members are feeling well rewarded... I hope Brzezinski and the other sociopaths like him got a big kick out of this one... and know well that the only victory you'll really get out of this tri-laterlist - triangulation plan, is a Waterloo. Some of us DO remember. Like some of us, whnen we get to Europe, will remember the sicksness of suppsoedly freeing Poland only to enslave making weapons and warships at a cheaper price for the United States and NATO.  Ask RObert Reich about Commanding Heights, then ask Brzezinksi why he hates Poland and is sacrificing it to the New WOrld Order, and then ask his fiananciers and all of them, just what country do you love? We who remember love the United States, the Constitution and the vlaues and principles that this nation of immigrants foudned our government and settlements on... who annihilate its natives like the other nations we condemn, while we claim highground...

I began waht i was doing as a citizen who loved this nation and respeced this government. I still love the nation, but I feel nothingbut contempt and disgust fo rthe people in government, and particularly, the Council on Foreign Relations. And since you pushed me, I will never back down on calling you the Nazis that you are.

You wanted a showdown. You got it. Like I said. Be careful what you ask for.

Barack, like I said, your  confession will be easily proven true.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Horton - Sink the Bismarck

Looks like God's picking this summer.. the book said I'd declare the date. I should be overseas by then.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - 1976

God does pick 'em good. Can't wait to see India.

5:48am I downloaded my email today for the first time in a couple of weeks... it reminded me of the feeling I got when I first read the Protocols... had to cry for a while.. there are lots of things that have been very bizarre in my life.. things I've discovered... like Rumsfeld said, things I didn't know I knew... as time goes on, I find more and more of this is true... so many things I know enough about that I'd know what to do as a leader, but as a victim, you still have to deal with the facts relaed to why I will not back down on calling these sick government perverts.. the CFR Nazis


Case4:09-cv-00037-CW Document1 Filed01/07/09

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Wingspan (History CD 2) - 06 - Bluebird _ Paul McCartney & Wings

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 03 - If It Were Up To Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 12 - I Ain't Afraid

Holly Near.. I thought i was supposed to explain the mystery of God, and then I  get this email, and it explains alot about other  things, and now soemday I'll have to figure out the mystery of Holly Near.. and Eve.. it's almost funny. Like I said long ago, I wish I was delusional, it would be easier to explain.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 07 - Prince Of Peace

This came on? Go figure. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 08 - Joy In Repetition

7:01pm It's been an interesting day.. some months ago, I came across a story from CLG about some attorneys in San Francisco who were working on MK-Ultra Cases... lost track of the email, and I couldn't find the articles on the CLG web site... so I knew there were these attorneys in San Francisco, and that a trip to the Federal Courthouse could help me find out who was familiar with these kinds of cases. THe email I got today was the ones.... and still, the DHS and U.S. Government continues to torture me and harass me, and assuring me they are truly serial criminals.

It's hard to look at documents that prove that the kinds of abuses the government harms people with, including yourself, actually happened and that the U.S. Government knows of its crimes, and doesn't have the decency to stop murdering its own citizens, even when its been caught.. and then taunts and harms its victims more by daring them to sue.... and they will.

I seriously recommend that the people authorizing and paying for these death squads advise their career perverts that this IS serious, it WILL be pursued, and that they have no real defense, and are not anonymous, as if that should matter.

To the politicians and media, and financiers: The truth is that nothing has really changed for me since the time I first writing a website for all this political... stuff... As I always said, I was not out to criminalize anyone, but   just to exercise my rights to free speech as taught since I was a child  by my parents and my schools. These "politics are lcal" perverts are not good investments, and they say truly sick things about lots of people, and the only thing I still care about is the truth. I said long ago, the people over the line will need to be stopped. The guy working me lately is your worst enemy.

As for the capitalists and all: I don't know what you people know about the supposed truth about me. I respect good business people, I love the arts, and like I and lots of other people I don't agree with about everything, I hope you have fun dong what you do honestly, and if you're richer than me, maybe I could ride your jet ski sometime.

Alot of people have had lots of laughs at the expense of lots of people, may who have died or will die younger because of  it. Alot of people have been kicked to the curb and suffered because of Congressional cover-ups that protect the guilty, penalized the victims while telling the nation that a blue ribbon panel investigated and the problem is solved. As always, they say, it'll never happen again. And then it does.

A really bad accountant, former banker and sole reporter  and publisher of a newspaper in Nebraska once.. I was thinking about how incompetent the guy was, I forgot what he told me... and the idiot psychotronic guy is trying to intimidate me by showing how these frauds emulate ephasia, ie, mental problems..  Won't work with me guys.

Anyway... it's not like they'd want me to actually say anything important or useful...

I know alot of people will be upset that I call all this a conspiracy and Naziism... unfortunately, it's the truth, whether they call themselves Nazis or not, it's what they do that defines them, and the term Nazi could easily be simply explained as those peopel who believe in doing the things that Nazis do, that we claim to hate as   a nation, a true abomination to our founding principles, and a true abomination to God.

Like I've said, don't want to be called a Nazi? Stop acting like one and stop participating in their organizations. Ministers, you'd better figure out that polluting the church by seeking to raise the size of your congregations by allowing these surveillance and harassment people in your churches, people who taunt and rape and defraud and steal from other people in your churches, too afraid to speak out about those other people's activities, too devoted to stop going to church... it is not one bit acceptable to God, especially in these end times, and for those who are particpating with the Council on Foreign Relations, I don't care what they tell you or how powerful they are, you aer particpating with the devil himself and giving God's name to their work.

Now, CFR, any questions about where and how I see you fitting into the prophecies that you just can't seem to stop from coming true....

In God we trust... it was in the part of the Bible I read last night... I believe it. I know you guys can't...

Speaking of being in denial, Al Gore, the real inconvenient truth of your Nobel is telling the truth about the causes  of Global Warming... war, and directed energy weapons... and I miss my dog...

Now, if you guys who know the truth think I'm overconfident.. always remember, and isn't it interesting, nothing's actually changed for me... I just wait for God to make me discover more crimes... it's boring. There's so much more neat things we could have fun doing. And like I said long ago, the more I know and understand about my father, the more respect I have for him.  Tell George I said that, and tell his dad that medals of freedom are revocable. And Barack, that Nobel Peace Prize must be honorably earned. GW said he'd bring honor back to the White House, I said he could by resigning. You won the Nobel, and a JD from Notre Dame I would have cherished, and you could bring some honor to both of those institutions by returning them both.

You're just a citizen, Barack, and all you other traitors. Don't ever forget that.

The tranceformation will end, replaced by the transformation God promised.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 11 - I See God in You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - 04 - Carnival Town

God picks great mixes.. gotta listen to the Norah Jones though.

7:36 it's really weird... I was writing materials today, and the music went along with the thing sI was writing. Last night, for  afew weeks, I kept thinking about the song Carousel, then the movie, Carousel, and the Carousel at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, and the family reunion that was a park in Los Gatos the day the old refurbished carousel reopened, and people always saying, go for the brass ring... and I was actually talking to the psychotronics guys about it today...

JJ Cale - Mama Don't  Not online.. it sorta is like this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Planet Earth - 02 - Guitar

From Kryptoman  and the minister's service book...

O thou ever blessed Meidator, who wast dead, but livest forever of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, and who hast knit all thy saints in one co mmunion unto life eternal, in that mystical body of which thou art the glorious and ever-living Head, grant us grace so to follow thy blessed saints, who have gone before us, in the faith and fellowship of thy Holy Church, that we may come to those unspeakable joys, which thou hast prepared for all that love thee, from the foundation of the world. Amen.

Not long ago, I wa s amused when looking at a certain website that they said they were of the same denomomination and church as Jesus. I've felt that way myself... I was gonna create a new religion, and call it Christianity.

We're still gonna call it Christianity, and the church will be called the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. I told the state of Washington I'd implement my plans here first, and didn't expect it to mean what it turned out to be, but in time...

I've wanted to call this a civil war for  along time for what turns out to be all the right reasons, and lead people to a way of doing things that I discovered were God's ways. In God I trust. I hope you do too.

I  just noticed this song came on... kinda fits...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - 03 - Make It This Way

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 05 - Compassion

7:59 I was looking at email, listening to music, when I saw an email with Bible verses that supposedly celerated sin like a good thing... just then Michael W Smith came on with You Be Lifterd high, which starts out "sin and it's ways grow old..."

Just about then, I opened another email that previously had been a source of some info I won't disclose about a purported porn star who.. anyway... it was this

I Know the Way You Can Get

I know the way you can get
When you have not had a drink of Love:

Your face hardens,
Your sweet muscles cramp.
Children become concerned
About a strange look that appears in your eyes
Which even begins to worry your own mirror
And nose.

Squirrels and birds sense your sadness
And call an important conference in a tall tree.
They decide which secret code to chant
To help your mind and soul.

Even angels fear that brand of madness
That arrays itself against the world
And throws sharp stones and spears into
The innocent
And into one's self.

O I know the way you can get
If you have not been drinking Love:

You might rip apart
Every sentence your friends and teachers say,
Looking for hidden clauses.

You might weigh every word on a scale
Like a dead fish.

You might pull out a ruler to measure
From every angle in your darkness
The beautiful dimensions of a heart you once

I know the way you can get
If you have not had a drink from Love's

That is why all the Great Ones speak of
The vital need
To keep remembering God,
So you will come to know and see Him
As being so Playful
And Wanting,
Just Wanting to help.

That is why Hafiz says:
Bring your cup near me.
For all I care about
Is quenching your thirst for freedom!

All a Sane man can ever care about
Is giving Love!


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Frampton - I'm In You - A01 - I'm In You

11/23/2010 5:52am Awakened around 4am... I was thinking about how I open the Bible at night, and these days, look to the page edges that aren't ruffled or dog eared, and pick a section there... as always, the scriptures come up with something relevant to the day, or the day before, or conversations I've had.. again, specific topics and words used. Ended up in Psalms again last night.

The psychotronics guy wanted me to be sure at this point  to mention how he likes to disrupt my writing an dthinking with idiotic stuff like this to prove hel's a proud serial rapist and murderer... his words.. and he still thinks me repeat g his perversity and demonstrating the denial of freedom of speech, the press and religion will go unpunished. Now that the pervert's desire for attention is fulfilled...

Last night, what struck me most was a part in Psalms where it talked about how infiltrators would go into the churches and create disruptions... and of course, in the PMS and Jehovah's Witness situation, they would have me tell them about their infiltration, disrupt the church, and likely, the infiltrators have been there awhile and would make sure I was discredited.. until they realized they're being attacked with directed energy weapons.. and of course the Melissa Scott factor would offend and confuse many...  it will be interesting if  sister Scott's first name is Melissa. But, as always, at the very least, the dialecticians blew it on this one providing evidence of a multi-year, multi--state conspiracy... and I doubt that's the last of that dialectic, because apparently, these guys don't want to lose the power of one of their favorite phony ministers in LA. All this stuff would absolutely terrorize people who aren't aware of the perversity of the United States Government.

Meanwhile, the psyops guys have done a good job of causing lLynn a gret deal of emotional hurt this morning, her sister coming in from town, needing to drive 2 hours to go to a birthday party with her family.. and they'll likely cause her so much pai, she won't go, and as psyops of this type are intended, it will cause her additional crying and pain that she is isolated and alienated from her family, as CoIntelPro is designed to do. I may be a more capable person in terms of deling wth psyops.. but wait til Lynn gets on the stand, her friends testify, and her more notable friends testify... she'll probably have sent more people to jail and made more money from law suits than I'd ever dreamed.... like me, she wouldn't have even wanted to... but the perverts make it so easy, and the correct thing to do. Because it will save the U.S. citizens from the tyranny of fascism and Nazis. The only real reason to take action.

Because of the vandalism and the trailers with broken locks and businesses in town cooperating with the Nazis, I really can't leave the house and evidence unattended. Meaning, I am being illegally detained. And Lynn is harmed by psychological operations. I really hope Kucinich is proud of himself. When he introduced the Space Perservation Act, I'm glad he left a marker in the congressional record that the weapons exist... but since he  doesn't want to talk about it anymore, and he particpated in verbal psyops against me, all I can assume is that Congress put a taunt in the Congressional record that basically said, we're admitting we're torturing you people we decided to murder, but we're gonna keep doing it... too bad. And there he is, acting like a leader on the progressive sides of the parties...deception after deception after deception... And of course, because my movements are restricted, I'm unable to document more of the crimes by the death squads.. obstruction of justice. McKenna better get a brain. Ain't it great I don't need a shield law to protect me?

Interestingly enough... I started on Psalms 73.. the year I graduated high school, turned 18, and ran for the school board :}

73:8 They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily

17 Until I went into the sanctuary of God: the understood I their end.

74:3 Lift up they feet unto the perpetual desolations: even all that the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary.

4 Thine enemies roar in the midst of thy congregations; they set up their ensigns for signs.

5 A man was  famous according as he had lifted up axes upon the thick trees

(Remember Reagan, seen one tree, you've seen them all. Bush, suppsoedly loed to cut firewood and clear brush on the ranch)

7 They have ast fire into thy sanctuary, they have defiled by casting down the dwelling place of thy name to the ground.

14 Thou breakest the heads of leviathan (Keith) in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness. (God likes to turn things around on people. It's not so funny when it happens to you)

21 O let not the oppressed return ashamed: let the poor and needy praise thy name.

Arise, O god, plead thine own cause: remember how the foolish man reproaheth thee daily.

I recalled, this morning, how the Bush Administration convinced some churches to give him the list of the names and emails and so forthof theor congregations. Some 65 million, as I recall. Rick Warren supposedly has a 65 million christian following... via email chains... that's what happens when ministers appease the powerful politicians, and the Council on Foreign Relations... and it's not just him, but God knows he and others would not have wanted to displease their false Christ. Despite the fact they were the very ones who should have known the difference and known better.

King David said his greatst mistake was counting the Jews, making sure they had the names and the number of Jews accounted for... which made it easy for their oppressors to locate and kill them....

Psalms 75:9 But I will declare forever; I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.

10 All of the horns of the wicked also will I cut off ; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.

75:2 When I shall receive the congregation I will judge uprightly.

But kick the satanists out of the churches now. Otherwise, they know they can just sweet talk you.

The psychotronics guys have  razzed me for not staying for the second part of Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth. Maybe it's time you Christians watched it again and woke up. And then tell me why it was so important to watch in the first place. Then ask yourself, why isit this guy says Christians have brought their own persecution upon themselves... not like they wanted it, but they allowed and cause it. That's why God gives us Christs.... I wonder what Jesus Himself would actually say is the reason people don't follow the Christs God give them.. or the false Christs, powerful ministers who've sold out to political apostasy.. and misled so many til they can't, as a group, aas a stereotype, be trusted. Or the infiltrators that the ministers are just too nice to throw the satanists out.. let them have their own church. Stay away from the ones where the ministers allow them to stay. Think about this: Benedict Arnold wasn't actually guilty of treason, he just disagreed and was unpopular for speaking truth... now consider what it is you people consider truth. Deception is always more convenient to believe... and the truth turns things around. God's day of justice is going to be fun.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 09 - Run Like the River Runs

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Nether Lands - B02 - Promises Made

9:51am Lynn's supposed go to her sister's.. of course, the psychotronics guys told me around 8am they were going to try to run her of fthe road... up in King County, where she's going, we'd go to hospitals and pain clinincs last year, and I have recordings of when she was hit with psychotronics and dews to increase her extreme pain en route and on the way home.

Oxycodone: Obviously one more example of a medication being given to cover the effects of directed energy weapon attacks on Lynn's brain as she sleeps. Check vertigo.. extended contraindications of medication. Relate to gabapentin and side effects reducing mental acuity, incresing the appearance of induced ephasia... also relate to mental acuity tests to obstruct justice and claim Lynn is an incompetent witness. Explains the James Earl Jones look alike at the entrance to the hospital, and the psychotronic and psyop guys telling me to bring recording equipment for my last visit to get Lynn's medicine.

GE and Time Warner and Barack and Jay... remember, these are YOUR perverts, and you paid them too much the day you paid them the first penny.

The attorneys will have my appraisal about the similar mo and setup against me in 2002/2003. Patterns tell volumes, don't they? Doctored medical records tell even more... about the long range dialectics dating back some 37 years.

10:26am Lynn started screaming in pain as the U.S. Government locals tortured Lynn while doing tooth torture to me to demand I write this dayy and all the torture being done to us, claiming they'll claim I didn't reprot crimes to the police, and to get even for collecting evidence against me, as well as to keep me from the store so they get get their murdering friends on the road to harass me.

He says he's going to keep me busy recording crimes all day to prove tha tpsychotronics can't be proven and that the law says this is legal.. to torture people.. but mainly, he loves it when his torture is wriotten about. THose were the U.S. Governemtn Death Squads psychotronics people's words. And I'll have hundreds of witnesses to corroborate this kind of torture...

And remember CFR, these are your perverts trying to cover their crimes by implicating all of you.

Not guilt by association, guilt by committing capital crimes.. and why the U.S. Government will be convicted of its crimes... and these guys will not get away with it. Nor will their two bit terrorists.

As usual, nothings changed for me, except the continued defiance of the Constitution by perverts. And torutring me will not get me to back down on anything.

6:49pm Went to the store this morning, came back, a U.S. Govenment vehicle played leapfrog on the road with me to make sure they had my attention. It's what som eof the psyops and psychotronics guys do to taunt you... check video for id and face pictures... also check for ID on Silverado.. related to "I miss my dog" comment above... a line from Silverado the movie.. and more  proof these people are reading what I write here even before it's actually posted online. I still haven't posted since the tampering.

Since the tampering, I disclaim any knowledge of what's on my website... knowing it's  been altered in the past, and manipulations have been done to publicly discredit me. I have posted no new material since I noted the tampering originally above

Lynn, of course, was in no condition to go to her sister's, and a friend of hers was supposed to come here last weekend, and apparently got a bogus weather report saying Shelton had 3 inches of snow. It wasn't even raining.

You government and psyops people: I"m not allowing the feds to scapegoat, and I certainly can't let anyone off the hook. Whatever delusions you have, they're yours, I've spent years waiting for the opportunity to seek relief... I waited you out and will continue to...  and Lynn will be fine, and I will get relief for many people...

Plausible deniability will not work with me, I don't care what this so called justice system does, and I will hold this nation to its constitution or denounce it publicly, legally, an appropriately. AS I deem fit. That's my right.

If there was anything I ever told Dobbs, it was that I always knew I'd be a minister somehow, and that I was ready to do that. I told him I trusted myself now, and that meant that the circumstance sof things were such that no matter, what, absolute integrity and honesty and complete intolerance of corruption was something I could do and trust myself to stay true to. I had no idea, depite thughts when I was younger, that I would actually have the opportunity to serve in elected office, especially as president, though in my heart, I knew I could with the understanding of what the constituion and liberty and freedom were about, and where to draw the lines. I did not expect to find what I discovered when I read the Bible, not about Christian beliefs, about me in any way, other than a romise to God to serve anywhere anyway He lead me, and to rad the Bible to understand Christianity, and to read the Koran as a promise to Muslims to understand their beliefs.. only to find they're actually very much the same....

People torture me and then demand that I give it up, just die and get it over with, then taunt me like now, claiming that what I write about the torture will get me labeled as insane. They say I should just forgive them, as my future plans are purposely taken away from me, tooth by tooth, moment by moment...

Ask Begala who will prevail...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jose Feliciano - And I Love Her

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Men At Work - It's A Mistake

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gloria Estefan - 1234

Remnants of a failed psyop :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who

11/24/2010 7:19am Woke up around 4 am, and the guy who likes to call himself buttfuckman was obviously prodding me with psychotronics, trying to influence my thoughts and it became clear that this pervert was fdoing the usual thing of trying to figure out what I was thinking about, and what Imight want to do today to figure how he might thwart everything I do and frustrate every thought and good intention I have. For those who are offended by the name buttfuckman, I assure you, I am too, and that is whyhe calls himself that, and why he wants me to write his name here.. to offend you, and like any serial murderer or rapist, to get attention for his crimes. Ask Cliff van Zandt about that... since Cliff is likely his advisor.

So I sat there, knowing for years the likelihood of breaking thru in the face a government with hundreds of people and millions of dollars spent to thwart me... and I cried a little, I don't accept the "odds" theory that truth and moral people can't succeed... but I understand the circumstances, and still I believe I amable to speak the truth an d be heard, and until I'm forced to leave, I refuse to surrender that idea that my rights don't count and life is worthless because of 51 years of psyops to make me look like a horrible person.... as if I was a criminal, and not them...

And I think of how many people have had somuch fun particpating in an actual assassination of a presidential candidate, and how they've boasted of torturing Lynn, aand how they plan to for special occasions, and how they keep her from anyy joy.. the same way they do me, but for her, the attacks on her brain cause  her extreme pain...

Buttfuckman wanted me to read a magic Bible verse this morning, because he loves to mock God on behalf of the United States Government... I wanted to read too, but not the Bible, so I picked up a  book of Essays I got when I was going to attend Evergreen State, the class "Writing From Life".... "The Art of The Personal Essay" Writing was the book of the class, and we only read a few...  these people took it seriously when Isaid I was running for president, adnd the program director of KAOS radio, operation chaos, believed it too, and was going to coach me on answering questions for town halls and speeches, and between the two of them, they were going to introduce me to the people incharge of the Green Party on campus.... and I'd have had a radio show on KAOS, doing wht I sort of do in this weblog...

So I randomly opened this book... it reminds me of the show on the History or Discovery channel when the CFR person concluded that the incredibly inciteful and thoughtful writings of John Adams, about himself and the future of this nation, easily made it clear that instead of a brilliant man, he was manic depressive.

That's sort of what this morning's theme with buttfuckman was like.. beign told i would be viewed as crzy and rediculous, both for claimng I was competant to be president, that I was Christ, that God is stupid andthat no other country would receive me no matter what and that, supposedly I had no evidence.... I have so much evidence.

I opened the book, and had turned to the essay, "Of Books" by Michel de Montaigne... and like other times when reading essays of other writers, and not wanting to seem now like I'm boastful or vain, but just comparing myself and my thoughts to others, it reminded me that a majority of one, someone who stands on principle even if no one else acknowledges truth, is a good thing to be, a person of principle, deep thought and judgment. Despite hardships that may arise.

For Keith Olbermann, one of a few people I wish I'd never heard of before, like that phony apostate for the government Melissa Scott, related to the Olbermann psyops, I found the perfect passage to summarize my report to the Hague about him and people like him... written sometime in the 1500's... Interestingly enough Keith, the most pertinent passages for you and your CFR friends is on pages 54 and 55 of that book.... the whole thing would be worth reading, and would give some insight about the real me, Keith.

Here's something reminiscent of Woodrow Wilson, I  believe, about this subject...

"Most of the time, especially in these days, people are selcted for this work from among the common herd for the sole consideration of knowing how to speak well; as if here we were trying to learn grammar! And having been hired only for that and having put on sale only their babble, they are right accordingly to care chiefly only about that part. Thus with many fine words they go and cook up a fine concoction of the rumors  they pick up in the city squares."  -- Michel de Montaigne "Of Books"

If I leave this coutnry, it will be by force, and I expect I will need to leave. So I hope that will not be the case, but put my mind on the land of great masters of thought and democracy, where I have every reason to believe I will be welcome.

And the only true regret or resentment I will have if ithat happens is about all the fine people who will be killed and destroyed by the hypocrites in the government and the media and worse, who will easily be identified as Nazis by the world.. whether I tell them or not...

And I can only conclude that the perverts, sycophants and financial elites of this nation have proven the leadership of this nation, and the ministers who have sold themselves and their congregations to the work of Satan...  they've proven that this is truly a Godless, a nation that has lost sight of the ways of God, that noone is willing to listen, that it's more profitiable to deny and ignore truth.. just like the Bible said could happen...  and that the United States is Godless not because God gave up on this nation, but this nation gave up on God, and even those who did not appear to not truly believe His promises would be fulfilled or they would seek Him in this world, in the flesh, and find Him.

I look forward to His kingdom.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Five - The Love You Save

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 06 - Visionary Mountains

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack And Diane

Jack Welch told Chris Matthews that a cover up wouldn't work. My Panasonic TV finally died from microwave attacsk.. Lynn got a small RCA for her trailer. Wouldn't you know, the setup button on the remote control doesn't work. Just so you know, Panasonic and RCA are the same company. AKA General Electric.

I bought a watch.. for the apostates who care.. it cost a buck, and it works.

1:40pm I'm getting all day today. Just a few minutes ago, as the government people were shoving all the crimes they've committed against me to taunt me about being unable to do anything about it, they threatened the people associated with the Dispute Resolution Center in Olympia... where Lynn has done fundraising and had meetings with Baird's Office when the DOP was still the Department of Peace....

Atty Larry King of Olympia, a former judge, says he's heard of these kinds of cases...

8:22pm After 18 hours of tooth torture, I am now bein gtaunted about eating. Last time I weighed myself, I weighed 106. Of course, the taunts are because they know after pulling my teeth all day eating would be incredibly painful.

When and if I try to watch news, I am tortured even more as they hjarass and taunt, tell me they're gonna seize my evidence.... and then they want me to write all sorts of things that will be left to the courtroom, all things supposedly to embarass Lynn, as if what I have to say would be an embarrassment to her... just remember how you sucked me in again DNC and GE. And the mo  used.  And when someone claims I plagiarized them, just remember the videos... and how the portable plots are so alike that no person with a brain would miss them.

Wait til I tell the court how the government taunts people, incites violence by doing it themselves and framing people, kidnaps children for elected officials and other pedophiles.. and then ask me why Jeb Bush should never run for elected office again.... and then I'll provide you with proof there's at least a few CIA people who are loyal to this nation. Including a former special advisor to Bush who is now a target...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frankie Valli & the Four Seaso - My Eyes Adored You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - JT - 06 - Secret O' Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - The Lady Wants To Know

I think God's making some serious jokes about some footstools in Los Angeles and Washington State.

11/25/2010 8:49am I've been tortured  abut 4 hours already this morning, an dit's clearly a case ofTHurston COunty and the State of Washington threatening to set people up for crimes.. friends and family.. if I don't back down. Too bad for the officer involved that I  knwo he is, have witnesses to what he does, and have other people where he lives who identified themselves as people willing to testify, with a umber of police incidents he called other cops in to hanle, but was witnessed as being directly involved with:L starting domestic disputes with violent overtones.. and the threats to my friends... to cover Ed Holm and his brother, Ed's the prosectuig attorney for Thurston County, and given the aggression and civil rights abuses I have documented agains tthese people, all this amounts to is corrupt cops and elected officials committing more crimes to get away with more crimes.. crimes that will put them away for life,  and som ewhich carry the death penalty.. I am being torutred ore right now...

Usuallym these guys don't threaten unless they intend to do it... so, like in LA, if these guys try to entrap me or setup more firends.. here's the club of conspiratotrs they will be joinging... MSNBC, THurston COunty, the State of Washington, King COunty, Pierce County.. you name it folks, assault.. conspiracy, and let's not forget the attacks her 8 year old grand daughter, threats of rape, hubris displays of harrassment agains ther as threats to Lynn... all originally beginning with MSNBC and Rachel Maddow's producer.

Attacks agaoinst our friends, and former supporters of the GDCU, include all sorts of psychtronic attacks leading to family disruption, loss of employment, mastectomies, kidney and other organ problems.. every member of LYnn's family, every member of ine can be show to be under attacks by the U.S. Government and its local terrorist cells, includin gpolice and elected officials who apparently don't believe in the constitution of this nation, and therefore, should leave or be arrested for, at least, treason.

If anyone makes anymore threats about stealing the evidence I've collected, just remember I have plenty of evidence of break ins, not sneak and peaks, into this house, and I'm aware of at least 2 break ins on Renata. And I know about psychotronics, and will use it against you in court.... and all the timese you've raped people and murdered people and set up for crimes will be exposed by t every psychotronics you guys use to lie to people to get them to kill people. That's treason, organize gang stalking, gang rape..... so BFMAN tortures, thinks he's going to torture me into anger to claim I'm mentally ill and violent....

I think my weblogs, and probably a hundred witnesses, videos of hundreds of crimes, infiltration of churches, usingministers to kill people.. all sort sof fraud to frame people... I think I've docuemtned the truth well enough, including the weird parts on this site and in my journals... while under direct attack from psychotronics and dews.. and if this BFMAN wats to persist in this torture, then he can take credit for the attacks on Lynn's life, beginning with documenting attacks on Renata, to which EMT's and fire department, and one of the primary perps responded to... the same one who tailed me in Fred Meyer, and posed as the mailman.... federal crimes. And let's not forget, that landlord there claimed there was a fire because of that incident, Lynn thinking she was having a heart attack, despite the fact her heart is healthy, and was proven so even after the stroke.

And the dews coming from the landlord's house, and the house below, and there wasn't a fire, but an unsafe chimney installation that has now been repaired.. and I have video of the original chimney, and the new.. incidentally, the one problem with that chimney, that I informed her of shortly after moving there, is that instead of going through the roof like a regular chimney, it just went through the wall through a short pipe.. like the one originally installed on this house, and refused by us, that would have led to this house being burned down, and the evidence being lost.

The biggest mistake BFMAN and his friends made was when I contacted the regional weed and seed coordinator for the U.S. Government for the Pacific Northwest and told her I would prove all this unconstitutional... there are no coincidences. And given the direct particpation by the DNC and Republicans too... and the Council, and Brokaw... under any and all circumstances, right Colbert?  And then of course, I called the Mason County Sheriff to talk to him, the Weed and Seed, Community Watch people in charge to stop the torture and harassment, and I was ignored. One day, someone called me back saying they were from the sheriff's office, and made of me me and my spee3ch problems becaus eof my teeth and disclaimed that they knew of Weed and Seed, laughing under his breath while saying Weed and Feed... of course, my recorde shut down 10 seconds before that supposed officer called. I'm pretty sure that's the same day the police told Lyunn they were going to help her set up the circumstances to have me kicked out, and set up for vagrancy and worse, knowing full well I had no money or vehicle. And claiming a domestic dispute.

One of those caused by them will result in attempted murder charges by my neighbors, who some weeks later, to taunt, proved to me they had recorded the incident... and the big becomes why? And when they say I can't prove it, I'll say, wanna bet?

Supposedly, psychotronics was going to be used to prove to people that it could be used to relieve court systems, and to catch criminals that could not defend themselves.... unfortunately for them it wil prove these people have no respect for the law, human life.. and the we'll get to all the people who will testify to being raped by them...

There's a reason why, when David Letterman made jokes about Sarah Palin's daughter, that a woman held up a sign outside CBS saying "He'll rape you with his mouth".

Some of these sickos love Woody Allen's orgasmatron, and the Demolition Man and Sandra Bullocks head cap for mind to mind communications for sex... and the truth about th emovie inception.. Stargate's episode of URGO, about the implant that allows people to talk to people's brains, and the episode of Star Trek wehre Piccard is attacked with psychotronics, despite the fact that they had been banned throughout the universe for obvious reasons. And the Wachowski Bros, the Matrix, explain to people like Carville how the government really is trying to have the Kingdom of God without God by destroying the matrix of God, which can't be done... Now if TIme Warner and others want to say  they released these movies to help inform people of the dangers by analogy, to help people, I'll sya, they released them to find out who knew about the crimes, and to identify them in a magnet war to wipe them out, just as the tea party people are being identified, like the democrats and preeogressives were identified by having complicit candidates posing as representing the voter's interests, while jus tmaking sure they had identified those people the Department of Defense would call enemies and attack.. per Donald Rumsfeld and now, Barack Obama.

Bush defined th etrerm magnet war. What he didn't syay was that it was being done ot the U.S. and when he said terrorists would broadcast messages to terrorist cells via code tlak, he didn't happen to mention it was the media giving those signals to the terrorist in places like Washington State. We were told it would people associated with Osama Bin Laden,... that would mean the CIA. Tim/Osama was trained by the CIA, visitied by the CIA in June in Dubai before the Sept 11, attacks. And that's when Ashcroft and others stopped taking commercial flights.

There are no coincidences.

There are lots of people I don't agree with who are patriots,. There are many others, many in power, who are traitors. I've got a bunch of em on tape.

To the folks who legitimately backed down when I requested through my weblog.. I'll keep my promise. I don't mak epromises I don't intend to keep. Just don't get caught breaking yours, because I'll have to report that. And I can only speak for the experiences of LYnn and myself at this moment in that promise. But take notes, get your depositions ready... it made me angry when the fraud in L.A. was done.. it makes me even more angry to know the government has purposely demeaned and infiltrated the Jehovah's witnesses.

When I say angry, I mean angry, as in, more vigilant than ever in catching every traitor I can... I told you I popped, Cliffy.. that means, I do things legally, while you media FBI covert killers break the law and get caught.

Why is it Cliffy, that the FBI has done so much work to prepare the nation for martial law?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Olivia Newton John & John Travolta Summer Nights

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God England Dan & John Ford Coley - Love Is The Answer a Todd Rundgen song...

for those ministers and law enforcement people and polticians who like to sdell tough love.. I'm gonna give you lots of tough love, legally, just soI can laugh a little later when you claim that everything is someone else's fault....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 104 - 59th Street Bridge Song

PS Lynn called this morning from her sister's in Kirkland, where I've documented lots of attacks... she was in extreme pain.. calling from a phone number I've never heard of that looks like it'sfrom Shelton.. interesting.. who's redirecting her calls?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance _ live

12:22pm Just talked to Lynn. Her pain is getting greater. Olbermann will be glad his perverts are keeping up the tradition of torturing Lynn on another sacred holiday, this one particularly to celebrate freedom... and the wonderful United States... tell your shrinks all the psychological analysis in the world will not work. But tell them she did pick up the pattern that her pain increases whenever she talks to me or tries to have pleasure, much the same as they do to me, and i've noticed for years, in efforts to make sure they can get us apart to suppress evidence.. I'v eknown it, not told Lynn to not upset her, so they told her today themselves, after trying to get me to point it out to her. When the victim knows their government is covertly murdering them, is makes theri suffering worse. Millions of people will soon know that they, too are victims.. and I will not be the cause of violence or civil war.. there already is one...  calling it what it is is not a crime

Meanwhile, I'm still being tortured by perverts destroying my teeth. Glad you think you'll get away with it.

1:14pm I was in the living room being tortured, wehn the idiot torturing looked through my weblog and started taunting me about my weight and lack of ability toeat because of the torture, being down to 106, and then started laughing about what happened to the Jews at Auschwitz, and how since  I characterized my ordeal as Auschwitz in America, that he would do it to me. Let your shrinks know I gladly stand by what I said, and will amend it for the report to the Hague. After initially asking the idiot if he'd want people to know what he said, he said no, and then decided to taunt me about it, still believing that people will not believe in the existence of psychotronics. How many military consultants need to testify? Just name the number. I have them. One is  a close friend of Ira Einhorn. He says he can end the global energy problem in 2 years with technology that's been withheld 100 years... that's not a typo. 100 years. It will also cure cancer. And has since 1929.

4:48pm SInce I didn't eat yesterday, and despite tooth torture all day, I tried to eas a sanwich and cottage cheese, only to be tortured while eating. THis is not just tooth pain, this is purposeful torture.

Meanwhile, the idiot who thinks I won't be able to confirm psychotics and the perverts who do it... the U.S. Government, despite some sick psychiatrists making up a new diagnosis to cover their crimes... like Lynn's doctor giving her 3 prescriptions that cause dizziness and nausea to cover up directed energy attacks to kill her... he says Moses and Abraham were stupid people  who were stupid enough to believe there is something as rediculous as God. That's a direct quote.

The guy down the road thinks I don't have evidence against him and his friends.. I hope he keeps thinking that, like the other guy who's a point man here who offered to assasinate people for me, as I laughed and told him what I needed to to laugh him off... the same guy who sexually harrassed Lynn and Sarah and her granddaughter... since he's one of the people most responsible for the harassment, and thinks it's fun to tell me that now so I'll writie it... I just did, just like I did a few years back when he first did it.

These guys dare me to quote their outragesous remarks, and  really believe their mo will not identifiable to authorities... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Liberace - Kitten on the Keys

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Instant Karma

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God LTD - Back In Love Again

Any of you other folks from thesynagogue of Satan down the road want to say anything eles eoffensicve and rediculous, just let me know.. be careful what you ask for... The CFR's future depends on it.. and so do your jobs on the death squads...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight uh oh.....

5:09pm BFMAN just challenged me to an MGB from my essay book.. and I started, got to the part where it said, (after a part of a long sentence) What a strange being man is! Not content with doing all he can to vex and hurt is fellows here... :} so I looked up a tthe name of the essay, and it's "On the Pleasure of Hating"... by William Hazlitt. Page 191..... one day, I'll show you the graphic of the "hate model" these death squads use as a template for torturing people. Accidentally found it one night...

 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Instant Karma

I think God loves messing with BFMAN. :}

5:28pm I was listening to music, looked down, and saw... A strange cur in the village, an idiot, a crazy woman, and set upon and baited by the whole community....   Had they done us any harm of late? No. but we have always a quantity of superfluous bile upon the stomach, and we wanted an object to let it out on.

Remember that when North Korea is demonized for using the lightwater reactor we gave them under the Clinton Admin, supplied by Rumsfeld and WEstinghouse/CBS... and then remeember Afgahinstan and Iraq.. we supplied the weapons, legal and illegal, to Iran and Iraq, then called them horrible for using them.. that includes the U.S. supplied chemical weapons they used...

Daniel Nahmod - I'll Remember For You... came on as I wrote that... years ago, one of my first web projects was Tickler Systems... we'll remember for you... that was in Maryland, when the psyops began with Lynn and I... what was that, George Washington. Before it was, This Is It.... 2 people have things to explain to me, James and Keith and about AEG..... England seems to be talking about debates, you know, conversations to air public issues.... sounds real familiar... caught about 5 minutes of BBC today. Right after the first episode where Piccard becomes a Borg, to be the spokesman for the Borg to humans.. ain't doing that one, Carville. Tell Begala and Clinton, nice try.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Instant Karma

God really likes that song today.. must mean something.....

11/26/2010 3:37am I was awakened shortly after midnight, and the person intterrogating me was most interested in my intent toward the State of Washington and in particular, Rob McKenna. At about 3:05am, after I was pushed about it, I said, if you guys want to push it,  I suppose Rob will be sued... now you people need to understand I don't even think about these things like this except for the psychos who torture me about it...

All this, by the way, after I ate that sandwich, and was hit by  a puke ray to make me nauseous, thought I was going to lose the only meal I've had in 2 days.. and went to bed around 8pm  ...  for info on the puke ray, see Sharon Weinberger, Washington Post, former DOD weapons consultant,  and writer on Wired.com the danger room.... she also writes about psychotronics and the way the government uses it.

So after saying that, they said to me, The State of Washington doesn't give a sh*t about anybody and we don't care what happens to people like.. first they said, me, then they said, Rob McKenna.

Tells you something about how these local weed and seed people think they're above the law and the state attorney general, even those these sickos have no authority to use these weapons by law, unless they've been deputized, and even then, the way they set people up to seem as criminals with them is criminal.

All this began.. at least in Washington State, because I dared to use my right tofree speech.. otherwise, it looks like it was more one more coverup by the Bush admin to kill people like me so that his father would not have his reputation damaged by being known to use these weapons against people like me.. since the 1950's. Just like Barack gave the Medal of Freedom award to HW Bush, what a sham.. but these criminals like to help each other and boost each others' ego by giving themselves meaningless awards and medals... and covering up crimes.. just like the Project for a New American Century does with people like Rumsfeld, Wolfowicz and others willing to commit egregious crimes for the cause... knowing the COuncil on Foreign Relations protects its members.

Last night I saw a History Channel show while in bed, about Hitler, the Brill/Illuminati who use occult for knowledge and more... an dtheir discovery and use of ancient sanscript that they say proves the eistence of aliens.. and actually might.. but also is an indication of a "generation" of this planet where humanity reached thislevel of technology and destroyed itself, like in Revelations, and those things described as aliens might have been the few remaining bits of technology left over, and becoming obsolete, like vehicles  made in foreign countries that you can't get parts for becaus ethe parts aren't made in the United States, so if war or embargoes happen and your car breaks down.. no parts, no cars. Used to be a big reason to buy American. Of course, now, good luck getting parts if any embargoes or wars happen... I have U.S. vehicles myself, with plenty of parts in the junkyards.  I like foreign cars too,   but, being tall, U.S. cars are more comfortable to me, and frankly, though they might break a little more often or be less efficient, they can be rebuilt and parts are easy to get.. unfortunately, most of our vehicle manufacturing, parts and all, come from outside our borders.

I talked about TOm Bearden and solving the energy crisis globally in 2 years.. and the technology he was talking about using was described in this History Channel show was the same as was used or investigated by Hitler, supposedly from the sanscipts, and from alien technology derived from a space craft crsash.

Interesting. my dad worked onthe U.S. prototype of the same thing... had the same maneuvering problems Rumsfeld and I talked about when discussing antyi-grav, particle beam and vacuum propulsion and no actual fuel needed... and supposedly, the technology was derived from the crash at ROswell. See the pattern of how the Nazis go about their psychosis when applying such technology. Interestingly enough, it described at least thestarted unit of these "engines" for spacecraft as something akin to creating a small hurricane, like with radium, to "start the engine".

And all this time, I thought he only described weather modification techniques. Talk about dual use technologies... interestingly enough, this also describes a situation that Dr Boylan tells that could easily be mine... given my dad's connections, what he was doing and what happeneed to him, it makes me wonder if GW talking about someone trying tokill his father might also have been talking about my father and his father... one more thing that maybe I'll find out the truth to someday... something I've wondered about for years since GW made that remark, and I saw the picture of HW in the doorway of the book depository...

Looked down, the bottom of page 191 :}

It is well tha tthe power of such persons is not co-ordinate with their wills: indeed, it is from the sense of their weakness and inability to control the opinions of others, that they thus "outdo termagant" and endeavor to frighten them into conformity by big words and monstrous denunciations.

The pleasure of hating, like a mpoisonous mineral, eats nto the heart of religion and turns it to rankling spleen and bigotry; it makes patriotism an excse for carrying fire, pestilence and famine into other lands; it leaves to virtue nothing but the spirit of censoriousness, and a narrow, jealous inquisitorial watchfulness over the actions and motives of others.

I'm gonna have to read this essay by William Hazlitt, "On the Pleasure of Hating". you should too. It's everything the Nazis, and I'm talking Hitler Germany Nazis, ever wanted to promote, and do now in the United States, including memo 46ing Christians and religions into criminality.

The essay goes on to say nationalism and religion are turned not into the unity and community of people who care for each other, but is used to generate hatred for everything but themselves, and certianly does not cause us to love one another, even in our own communities...  or even our country... and just gets used to get us to hate and to be willing to kill and go to war.

In 200 years, the United States was involved in over 200 foreign wars. Doesn't sound like a peace loving nation to me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mary Hopkins - Those Were The Days

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 03 - See Your Sunshine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Love's Line, Angles And Rhymes

One of these days these psyops guys will learn not to challenge my connection with God..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 06 - Run with Me

Personally, Iwas never much for rerun season.. it was like they just wanted to save mony on tv shows and maximize "perverse prophets/profits". I alwys dislike the idea of turningmy back and walking away from anything.. but at least it's integruous...

11/26/2010 6:45pm TOday's been non-stop torture.. and just about the time I was thinking abou teating, the torture on my teeth got worse, and I could barely eat the baked potato I had made... if there's anythign that's clear about these perverts who work fo rthe U.S. Government, it's tha tthey really believe no one will care, as they taunt me with the knowledge of all the evidence I have, and how they tell me all the organizations that would prosecute them, and that they'll get away with it.  And the only thing Brokaw's told the truth about for years is that I can take it under any and all conditions...  and I'll take it to every court in the world...

The BFMAN says he thinks he's great for shutting me down. I doubt any jurors will.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lettermen - When I Fall In Love (62)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Rainbow Connection

I keep thinking how great it will be when the New World is actually a reality, and these Nazi pervert illuminati people are out of this world forever. I know when that will happen, how, and how easy it will be.

11/28/2010 7:40pm The One. Honda Accord V6. Looks like we finally lost 'em.... says something about "radiation patterns"... just so  they know, ain't lost me yet, wait til I post again and surprises are discovered :} Sort of reminds me of when I was telling MSNBC  was going to boycott them, and tested the button that sent an email to their advertisers, and their stock investors business email, and the only company that responded, via email anyway, was Nissan, and their response made them heroes for acknowledging the state of the news media... and that they'd continue advertising because of the demographics.. which was the perfect answer.. just acknowledging the problem, and knowing we made every effort to make sure the advertisers had a way of not being the victims of a boycott of a news station. So I put them on the list of "Heroes".... no boycott of them, no loss of advertising revenue, and no formal statements in support of it either way.

That's why I respect Pat Buchanan still, even more for the various reasons he may no longer be as regular on MSNBC. And glad he's still on. While few people will understand these last 2 paragraphs, the ones who need to will. If I watch the news again, I'll watch him.. still claiming I believe his "real world, pragmatic" observations and analysis are valid and important, and still, I don't necessarily have to agree with his solutions he offers.. and knowing that his solutions are based on the current paradigm, and  dealing with a  global and national structure of political corruption.

Picked up the Koran last nght, and was encouraged at the disdain of you know who when it talked about the Kingdom that's about to take over. Read the Bible for a while...

Not really alot to say, right now.. oh yeah, someone cut down the post that used to be for thegate to the garden.. the joke was that the fence and gates to the garden of Eden were destroyed... all these sick jokes will not go unnoticed tin  my criminal reports, and at the same time, the peopel doing it shoudl not I will notbe distracted by locals trying to take the fall and distract me with pettiness... the harder they try, the easier it is to convict the politicians they are trying to protect. They need to realize that in this situation - one I  didn't know existed and one which I was setup to get into and be involved with - even the media guys are peons to me.. in this situation. And that's not saying I'm better than them or anything like that. They're pawns like the rest of us.

When doing the psychotronics, the locals and governemnt should keep in mind that the technology they use to work their death squad works is owned by the very companies they're trying to set up to take the fall for the politicians. That means,they have all the evidence too. Something about the Cascades, and why I laugh at these idiots even when they're torturing me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 101 - Reasons

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sierra - God Is In Control - 11 - I Know You Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 06 - The Obvious Child - Paul Simon

6:32pm About 6 hours of tooth torture, I tried to get some work done, while being tortured, and in 4 hours or so, accomplished less than an hour's worth of work...

Last night, part of what I was reading was from Joshua... Chapte 8. My Bible says it's "The Conquest of AI"

Again, AI comes up, in modern terms, and the battle is against artificial intelligence, the Electronic Singularity that people think is spiritual or ESP or anything but the government's latest failure at being desperate to control people using electronics, propaganda and military weapons.. and people who are crazy enough to carry out sick crimes for a corrupt government.

verse 28: And Joshua burnt AI, and made it an heap for ever, even a desolation unto this day.

I'm kinda in the mood for a little word from God, so... Psalm 1:3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of the water,  that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf aslo shall not wither; and whatesoever he doeth shall prosper.

Of course, then I saw verse 2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate all day.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down That Crazy River

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earl Klugh - Finger Paintings - This Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Human - 06 - If I Had You

I'm certain this is the last bimbo psyop that was foiled :} Interesting, I had just read Psalm 2:He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Michael - You Have Been Loved

11/29/2010 8:35am Awoke around 3am... interrogated, hassled and tortured since.

Last night I thought I should mention tha tif the government hadn't gone so far out of its way to prove to me that they could suppress and murder me, violate freedom of speech and religion and the press... that I thought I should mention that I would have completed the first For the Love of the World, especially the apart sof the 10 commandments... the second book, Creation 2012... and a bunch of new articles on Death Squads, torture bythe U.S. Government, more on the Structure of the United States and the Constitution, and I would have still been running for President since 2003. ANd now, I'm planning to run for president AND lead a true CHrisitan and spiritual revival... Barack did his version of what I said I wanted to do... and I can do it and set and example of what separation of church and state really means, and why it works.. like partners. And I'm gonna love doing it...

Paper tiger threats.. that's what these people do most, threaten and intimidate, persuade you tha tthere is no hope.... I don't rely on hope, never did... these people were so into their own mentality of being above the law and getting away with any joke to humiliate me and millions of other people, they actually did the PMS aapostate setup in Los Angeles that worked with a local setup with the Jehovah's Witness Church, to put me off and disrupt their church.. they accomplished both... but that church will be fully informed, and the person they sed to humiliate and intimidate me, and probably to embarrass her (the person with the same last name and looks very similar to the video apostate), better not turn out to be another member of the death squads... The stupi thing they accomplished for themselves was proving what may appear to be obsessive writing about ndividuals, is actually me reporting on real events a they occur - long enough to find out that this character has been in play for at least 3 years if not 7.  And thus, has been a recurring person in the psyops, not just me thinking about it all the time, as if I was suffering anxiety... but being reminded of the psyop by events continuing to relate to those people.

To any people who may be in Jehovah's Witness congregation who may read or hear of this, just know that I really Jehovah's Witnesses, the people, the way they study and minister, the way they do their services, and their willingness to open themselves to others.

For Catholics and other religions, I intend to talk to all faiths, including other than "Christian", and I fully intend to visit lots of Catholic Churches and talk to nuns and priests and more... so don't believe that I judge all the people in churches by the actions of some perverts hired by the government to kill Christians and people of faith and ethics... I do, however have a great deal of anger for ministers who believe they are saving these people , whether they know they are harrassing others in their churches when they attend, no matter how much money theyu give or how much they kiss up to you... they are evil pepole and need to be expelled... there's a dfference between sin and crime, people who violate the law and real criminals. These people with the antennas are sick, perverted criminals.

And they love it when I wirite about their crimes like sociopaths do, don't realize this is evidentiary, and they actually think they'll get away with it... and it makes me laugh that they hide their faces, use tinted windows, exchange license plates, and actually sometimes pose for me as they harrass me, thinking I'll back down with the illusion they cannot be prosecuted, and their hubris is the proof.... of their perversion.

The Weed and Seed uses psyhotronics to set people up, like Lynn and I, to humiliate them and exterminate them.. I also believe they use psychotronics to   create communites of people sociopathic enough to commit such perverse crimes... appealing their worst sides... stuff normal people think about when reminded of it on tv and  in movies, but would never actually do, especially when they see people suffer from their crimes... 

In the long run, everybody's gonna have to face themselves. My knowledge of psychotroncis and the way people are manipulated at least allows me to know that despite what happens, I'll still be the guy defending these criminals from the Federal Government... who set them up and took advantage of their psychological traumas, frustrations, and peer pressure to conform to things they didn't want to be part of.

Bible reading from last night: It was interesting, reading about how God was from Teman, and the Holy One" was from Paran... and it always leads to the   Sinai... the Wilderness of Paran, becam the Wilderness of Judah.. and ultimately meant the Sianai was part of the Holy Lands.. and I won't say it was Israel's.. apparently it was God's...

It caused me to look again at the area of Solomon's Temple and its buildigs.. the pictures on the internet of the barely reconstructed Solomon's Temple.. and I wonder if this tapestry on my wall could be the AL Aqsa Mosque, but I'm almost certain it's Solomon's Temple... there are some differences, but I am really interested in seeinghow that deream I had years ago turns out, because it will answer numerous questions, because I don't  believe it was at Solomon's Temple... might be... isn't it also interesting he built that house for God, that God didn't want... and instead of calling it God's Temple, they called it SOlomon's Temple.

I have to add. Solomon's proverbs were very good for the times, especially when considering it was like the teaching sof Jesus, including how to survive government oppression... in this day and age, the wisdom applies, but the context is so different and the times are so different, that the way to use them is often the revers advice you'd think it needed to give. Instead of advice, it's a waring of the deceptions tthat will be used by the people who know how you've been instructed to conduct yourselves. And I have to be honest, I really dislike the way his words continue the domination of women as if possessions and pets, instead of partners.

Acts 15: 20 But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.

I've done the familial thing alot, and people are so cynical anymore, they don't even believe what they claim they believe in most. In the government, and in many churches.

Long ago, I wrote about how this nation and the world needed to be reminded of the basics. God says the same of the churches.  I'm gonna do that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A03 - Just the Wine that tile brings up a subject I wasn't going to write about... the Bible says anyone who distributes my weritings without my direct instruction will be curse. That's not me doing it, that's not God doing it, that's people who think I should be silenced because of the crimes committed against me that present the wrong image... regardless of their knowledge and involvement in those crimes... the curse will come from the people who find out the truth and will be very, very angry at those who deceived them about things that are most important to them. That's why I ultimately don't worry about copyrights, though I do, but these people will bring it upon themselves.   And I have some goblets and wne bottles that can't be broken Pewter is like that... mine were purchased from a place called Free Market. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 04 - Light of Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 12 - Conversation

I told these folks in the beginning, if you play hardball with me about something important, you'll lose. Noone ever believes me.... but they will.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Tush there are people in Glendale who know that song pick is funny. But won't laugh.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 08 - Lost In The Parade

And that's what happens to people when  they have to get in the back of the line. I think God's expressing himself quite well today, for people wo understand what the symbolism is...

9:24am BFMAN wanted me to offend you by letting you know that right now, my favorite musician is Pat Humphries of Emma's Revolution, a Jewish Lesbian... for those Chrisitans who believe an absolute o the second coming includes genetic and socal purification, and that gay people are an abomination, remember, God thinks abominations, hated things, are people who place such judgements on other people for things that are not the most important in the world and only hurt you if you believe the lies of people with something to gain by lies to silence good people.... I look forward to that conversation greatly.. like you don't know how much I look forward to it.. I dare you to challenge me on the subject.. I mean please, bring it up, and I'll  get out my dictionary and we'll prove what an abomination really is... and what God thinks should happen to people who preach hate..

Jason Warner - Dive just came on .. a gay guy kicked out of Christian music because he was gay... who also does

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 04 - God Is God

A while back, I said we needed to get God some more music to pick from. I think I'm gonna have to upload some more music soon, I'm getting a little behind on His request line....

11/30/2010 10:56am Awake around seven after going to sleep around 1am.. usual torture, an hour or so of work done yesterday...

I read alot from Daniel last night... nothing too surprising but the continued proof to the psychotronics torturers that they are the anti-Christ... employed by the U.S. Government with government funding... and interfering with my ability to write right now.. as usual, they're proud of it, and still believe they can get away with it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Arrow Through Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Our Love

This is funny. I really think this is God's way of making fun for the failed psyop that'll bring this whole thing down.

12/1/2010 7:34am Woke up around 5am. If there's any pattern to the psychotronics I get when I wake up in the morning, it's that the government and psychotronics guys have an ulterior motive... for quite some time, it's obvious they have wanted me to write conclusions about certain things, I'm sure to be able to prove me wrong with  previous deceptions, as well as to use those conclusions to manipulate the psyop to turn it back around on me... these days, they think they're winning with their psyops because I let them suggest anything they want, so they think it works, and then I still do what I thought was best in the first place... except I know which dialectics are still in play, and the plausible deniabilities they set up, and despite the torture, it's easy for me to know how this all actually turns out.

It must be really difficult fo r the government shrinks to figure out   a guy who's sensitive, but not driven by emotion, and with a great love for fact. I still dare these sick cowards to face me and play their games, and look me straight in the eye when they do it... and I look forward to meeting governmental and certain corporate attorneys who must be wondering if they'll get through the charges afterward of being aware of ongoing crimes by their clients. And I wonder if Pelosi gets it yet.

I think the funniest psyop the psychotronics guys do is to try to set it up to make it look like my whole existence is about struggling with the perverts who like to have theri crimes written about, as if I'm a mental case :} Struggling with the voices in my head... actually, I listen to them destroying the lives of the people who hired them..  not because they wanmt to give me info, but because their arrogance gives them away, as they believe they are above the law.

Because of the way I knwo the Council on Foreign Relations / Illuminti / Skull and Bones works... there will be a number of innocent or used people embarrassed by their involvement and the implications of involvement... and some people's livess will be dredged up and people will be harmed by the acts of the death squads and the events that expose the criminals... all I can say is, I'm not inflicting harm nor intending to do harm to anyone... and I know how to defend those who are and have been harmed and set up..   but the truth needs to be known, and the only way to say it.. given what' shappening and what's at stake and the promises people made to God, is that whatever happens, people are soon going to have to prove they are adults, they'll need to acknowledge that there are more important things than themselves, and they'll have to learn to swallow their pride and do the  right things or be ... lost in the parde..

I was reading in Job last  night.. and John.. but  mostly Job.. what I love most abotu Job and Psalms.. and what makes me laugh when I read them, is how they feel so free in THEIR JOURNALS to tell God everything on their minds, about their sorrow, the betrayals and defiance of God's ways.. and sin of their youth being held against them in their old age... and I just think, I've lived Job... I can relate, as I laugh... it's the part of Hallelujah that I like, and what God must be thinking about us all..  and how the Christs had such a relationship to God that they knew God would listen and answer their prayers.. their thoughts and hopes and desires to serve and live well...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

It also reminds me of how so many think that God harms them to teach them, while the Bible and history proves He does not tempt or test people... He empowers, gives opportunity... I was reading in John last night about how Jesus came, and was rejected by   His people.. and then some people "found him", and realized by what He said and did that He was the one Moses wrote and spoke about.. like the Buddhists seeking out the Dalai LLama after he dies, and them knowng he would return with a different body and name, but with the same likes and ways as the prior physical body/being.... and so they knew his ways.

No matter what you may have read, thought was weird or harsh or offensive in these journals, remember that I intended to have it be communications and relflections without all the vile language and finger pointing.. the crimes committed agains tus and the suppression by the government has caused all that, and I want people to be sure to understand that no matter what you read, I know there are moe good people than evil people.. and the problem is that I have to contend with the government and liekly the most powerful people in the world..

And don't forget, I did not set out  to criminalize anyone, but only to participate in Democracy as all citizens have a right to... just as it was my intent upon leaving Washington DC to live in the State of Washington, and develop an editorial column for print syndication, botht to make a living and to add my voice to the world of Demcoracy and the needs of citizens. And then keep in mind that I didn't have a clue about all this corruption and the death squads, Never heard of the CFR or Illuminati or Skull and Bones... the New World Order speech sounded good... I was as mainstream as they get...

But I always thought I could be a good, honest politician, because it's fun to help and empower people... and there was something in me that told me that one day God would call me to serve for something big, and I didn't know what, but I was willing, and I  figured if nothing else, it meant I would be a minister, and I'd really enjoy it when I figured out what message I could possibly bring that the rest of the world's millions of ministers hadn't before...

Like Donny said, then there's what you don't know that you know.... and I say, some of what you don't know that you might know that doesn't really matter at this point... once the damage is done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 06 - Nature

I'm reminded again o fhow the Bible was often to assist people in surviving under oppression, but my job is to break that cycle of oppression, and to swim against the tide.. I'm a very strong swimmer...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Four Strong Winds _ Bridge School

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana & Dave Matthews - Love Of My Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - Shooting Rubberbands At The St - 01 - What I Am

PS Live by Achums razor, die by it.

7:20pm I was sitting there getting aggressively tortured, when I went into my bedroom, sort of thinking about which books I might take with me, to let other people read from a library of things they should know... and thinking about  a couple Bibles, a book about Jesus and others I need to keep safe as evidence of impostors and frauds... what a life... fingerprints, you know...

And I was looking through my bookcase... Kurzweil, CIA ESP guys, the usual.. and saw this book that I recall as a Kierkegard book.. apparently it's a book of essays by a number of people that Lynn had that I glanced at once...  and BFMAN suggested I do a magic "Bible" verse from it, and  I said, I don't feel like reading that. So I looked through the books and he finally got me to open the book. He always regrets it. Thus, the next entry in the crime log. Evidence. MO.

Personal note: The Search for Being  (C) 1962 Published Noonday Press 1967 LIBN 61:15095 Paperback Twayne publishing. Thread: Intuit, Erhardt, German propagnada, mind control, friend, mickey mouse ears, book, gordon, forum, iflp, morerro, esworthy, mirror, coming from nothing, immediate beginning, transformation, Strategic design, hegellian dialectics, infinite reflection leading to beginnings, (lots of thoughts, conclusions what we think), the louvre, thinker, Kierkegard: Concluding Unscientific Postscript, page 54, A) A Logical System is Possible B) An existentital System is impossible, pg 58, note 6 Trop - The reviewer and the beast... Infinity. PMS. EST  Translation. William Kimmel, Jean T Wilde Preface: M.C. D'Arcy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - Dear John_live

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (jazz version)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Youngbloods - Let's Get Together

PS Dear Donny: Remember the old days, when we were talking about the New Patriot Song, and I said, let's go back to the first verse... this one's for you , Donny, let's take it back to this point, and Donny, about the sound of the dentist's drill...    Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Imus - Son Of Checkers _The Watergate Someone might want to tell Eric Holder to give this a listen.. for a lesson...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout a Revolution

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 01 - My Family

12/2/2010 7:53aam Looked at the clock around 6am. I started thinking about writing about the death squads... how they do it, how long they've been doing it... thought about the Kierkegaard reading last night, knowing only the guilty understand the significance of it... And if there's been one pattern, it's that if I complain about not being able to write or do something, I'm "allowed" to do it, if only to make it seem like I'm making excuses or making it up... I feel like I'm in a holding pattern on other people's plans to kill Lynn and I because I stopped a 7 year dialectic with a minister and church that was to set up what these locals wanted to do, knowing the JW's aren't litigious, and that it would cause me to stay somewhere where the government would control prosecutions and legal actions...

A la Kurzweil - the age of the Spiritual Machine - where the government attempts to us epsyuchotronics to take religious leaders, or make religious leaders - who will write and say whatever the government wants them to, and lots of times, the people being used don't know it's being done to them.. the unfinished chapters of my books prove I fortunately knew the difference. Refusing to write or alter important messages when the government didn't want me to tell truth of all kinds, especially about God.

So, I decided to try to write  a generic piece about the Death Squads.. and the torture immediately began, and psychotronics was used to try to get me to write about anything except anything useful about death squads...

This governemnt may believe they've silenced, those in upper levels with knowledge the idiots in FISA and Judiciary boards who are total traitors to this nation, those who know the truth about me... I understand how you rdialectics work, the infiltrations, all sort sof ways you thwart anything but your amusement and power... but I keep reading Psalms like I did last night.. and there's King David, lamenting over and over about people like you, and yet, was the greatest Christ God had before Jesus. Accomplished the most, made the fewest mistakes... complaining and lamenting his torment at the hands of those he conquered... for the good of all... as I laughed reading it, knowing the feeling, and knowing how this ends.

A long while back, for days, I was urged to read Hosea and Hebrews, and I wanted to believe them so much, I wanted to believe alot of good things were true... I understand why God wants this to be the end of days... why it's these sickos' last chance... how I know their own actions will be their own destruction... andeven though getting me to read those was one more dialectic to supposedly get me to act like some crazy guy thinking he's Jesus, demanding to be heard and all sorts of things associated to myths about how someone would act if they were Christ.. overconfident... flauntng power... going to churches and expecting to be treated like royalty... dealing with decievers who do everything they can to cause emulations or appearances of such things...

Alot right now is going along the script of the PMS psyop, alot of which was supposed to further emotionally harm Lynn, and like 2 years ago, lead to my homelessness and bankruptcy. Including the MO of havingme be "introduced" to someone informally or in passing, only to have them show up as a major player later, as if they had previously gained my trust. And therefore, I would give them even more trust.

I keep wondering who I've met over the years, and I mean I'm going back to my youth, who did I know that could fit the description of someone in a long term dialectic... at least, someone I haven't factored out becaus e I've disrupted the psyops associated with them... and I've already factored out an impostor of my wife who messed up some info on our pet names, among other mistakes made by the female operative trying to dig out more personal info in order to make the bogus case against me, having also "cased" Lynn and I have to assume, an employee of 2 media companies and the Council on Foreign Relations, a landmark discovery on my part, and someone with enough Biblical knowledge o prove my assertions that any minister or Chrisitian associated with the Council on Foreign Relations is guilty of complicity of killing fellow citizens including Christians, ministers Jews and other honorable people of faith. And to that I say, go to hell.

Kuraweil proves that the Rapture is actually mass murder by the United States Government using HAARP and other electronic, covert weapons and the murder is caused b purposelful destruction of lives as well as elctronic failures that will lead to mass death. And be described as the flu, rare diseases and cancers... and then all of a sudden... and they'll say some other country did it.. with the same technology the U.S. Government has been transferring to China, technology stolen from Russia and further developed in the United States and handed to China along with our economy.. settting up the same scenario used to supposedly destroy the British Empire, handing the mantle of global leadership to the United States after World War II, only to do the same to the U.S. and hand the mantle supposedly to China..... I used to admire the Queen for staying with the citiens while London was beign bombed.. she played her part well as she retained the love and admiration o fher people...

While the leaders of the U.S. claim.. what a disaster... poor us.. we'll save you... as the equivalent of slave labor takes hold...

Ya know, Barack, I've faced the possibility that I personally won't survive all this fo ryears, since the sycophants started the overt attacks, with the knowledge all along that what I needed to do was set up strategies that coudl not actually be stopped, including truth telling.  I don't know how you can purposely be part of killing all these people, and enslaving them, even harming black people more than they've ever been harmed... all I gotta say is, I didn't have to go to church for 20 years to understand the Golden Rule or everlasting life... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Positivity

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Soul Mate

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - You Angel You

Somewhere down the road, there's a friend for me to share the "glory of God" with, with the world. Just not someone the government chooses in order to control me. I look forward to finding out when Exxon and Chromalloy decided to get involved with taking baby pictures for Sears.... and why.

PS Looks like I won't be writing government influenced spew today... the death squads.. they'll think this is their victory...

How I began this, how it will end.. God started it, here's how it will end.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam - Peace Train

5:32pm Down goes Frazier. Given all else, I'll take that as another threat on Lynn's family. Olbermann. The ones I CAN prove are enough. Have a good laugh.

12/3/2010 7:51am Personal notes: Lynn came home from her sister's, in good shape, within an hour, she was remarking how her pain had worsened to an extreme, as it is in this house and nowhere else... she went to bed.. came out just at the right moment to turn on the tv to hear Olbermann say Manchuruian Candidate, leading to Down Goes Frazier... meaning the psychotronics tortureres knew his script beforehand... a pattern that has happened often. Got any pizza in a room with a pew, Rachel?

Still haven't posted since the tampering, no time to check  out what was changed on the site by the U.S. Government. FIne with me.

Woke around 6... extreme tooth torture ever since.. psychotronics on the whore in L.A. and defending Olbermann.

Habakkuk12:1  2:3 It's bad enough to read the bIble and see the curren tworld in it.. then t's bad ienough to have the CFR/U.S, Governemnt sickos do a psyop using a minister so that when I read the Bible, I get constant reminders of an apostate harming me... just like giving the apostate the same name as a cat I loved... So I read the Bible, gladly, and read all the inferences that will lead the jury to understand how this apostate used God to kill me, and to make me not want to read th eBible because of the bad memoiries it brig up about her and her pervert frineds in the media... first, I have lots of watches, as I said during her psyop section.. second, Keith, I waited for it, and you screwed me. Never again. By the way Keith, watch a video of yoruself, you're puking like over-confident ego driven announcers get when they care more about their duties killing their psyop victims than their professional skills.

5:32 a perfect example of how psyops and the media have been used to prevent me from keeping up with the high priced Nazi liars and propagandists. As much as you guys don't like being called Nazis... you prove it's true even more. You think you've made me seem like an extremist by calling you people that. When people find out the truth, tha twill be the most polite thing they say about all of you.

Keith, this is how sick your firends are.. last night, trying to read the Bible, I had to listen tothis:  7:02 pm 12/2/2010 They're glad they're Nazis and proud of they're subjecting their own children to a lifetime of medical experimentation as guinea pigs of the U.S. Government.

Kind of say s it allabout  your type, Keith... like the Bible says, they'll eat their own children.. by sending them to war or having them killed with bad drugs made by Pfizer and others... as long as you narcissists have what you want, you don't care about anyone or anything, and it shows, and it will be held against all of you.

Tell your friends that the more they mock God, the more God will return the favor. As this event proves, God will stop you with your own delusions... Now, Keith, wanna talk about Conan? Ain't it nice TBS picked up the contract for another Nazi. Conan, I thought you were funny too.. maybe more than Letterman... but, oh well... Howm much you wanna bet Conan has abrother named Miles. Check out the voices, faces and humor... And then maybe ask Soledad when she and Miles got divorced. Great garage sale, wasn't it?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Gorilla - 04 - Wandering

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 05 - Couldn't I Just Tell You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Jordan - Dancing On The Boardwalk

I think God's trying to tell MSNBC that no matter what, I won't be stopped. And wait til I  call for all the people being psyopped by the media, holding signs "He'll rape you with his mouth".. which of course will be known as the reason I wrote to Obama and Kennedy...

Tell me Keith, when did your girlfriend first do the Forum. Up the Gestalt. He birthed me. Could mean alot of things. Obviously someone in the intel departments made alot of bad assumptions about me and more...  and it explains why you guys wanted me to criticize Scientology, which I still know nothing about, but looking forward to learning about. Remember, I never read dianetics, and when I was a kid, I just enjoyed L. Ron Hubbard's weekly "newscast"...  I  barely rememebr it, much the same as I barely remember seeingthe cover of American Opinion onmy dad's bed.. tell the intel guys I wasn't allowed to read that stuff. It was adult stuff. And my dad liked it when I came to my own conclusions, I think especially when I disagreed with him.. though I understood his position, and he mine. And we only talked seriously  a couple times, the most important of which was understanding this nation is  a Republic, and I was the one who won that discusiion...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 08 - Joy In Repetition

Too bad your psyops didn't work.. the joy in repetition this time will come because the repetition will convict you all. ANd I  don't care who they are or what their relationships might be.. and there's a difference between misunderstandings and criminal acts. And the dog act was the stupidest proof of criminality.. thank God the psyops guys shoved that in my face to taunt me... proof of prior knowledge and intent, that I didn't even pick up until the psyops guys used it to humiliate me. But they humiliated themselves and you instead. My description of that ploy will  not bode well for the actors. And any attemopts to explain it away will only prove greater knowledge and intent. You'd think ministers might read the Bible and get the idea that doing such things is a damnable sin against God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List

When I worked at Golden Egg, one of my favorite clients' phone snumbers was the melody of that song.. keep it simple stupid... that's what I'm gonna do witht he attorneys....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Her

Strange songs for a recurring theme of a psyop gone bad.. I love it :} Talk about shoving it in people's faces.. jsut rememebr, I let God pick the songs anymore. Moses hada stick that turned to a snake, I have a God who wants to be a dj... it'll be a fun show.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God MSNBCjoescarboroughboo

Darned if I know what that's supposed to mean. Scarborough, who are you and Mika psyopping.. bet I find out before long.... Now, how was it again that you stayed in Congress?

11:14am Lynn is in extreme pain and under psychotronic attack, I'm getting extreme tooth torture as Thurston enjoys setting up a situation as if there is  in arguement between Lynn and I. Thurston is simply providing additional anecdoctal and documented evidence of illegal activities on his and their prosecutor's part.  The defense of the people involved in all this will be impossible. These guys love to torture and set people up, particularly in ways they would never do themselves.. that's why this psyop failed a few weeks back, and will easily bcome an international incident amongst people of all faiths when the truth of the U.S. Government's complete use of fascist and nNazi tactics becomes known. They say they will cause Lynn and I to be separated, so they can kill Lynn and thereby cover for politicians and Landmark/EST...

And Barack, again, thank you for your confession.  It will be believed by the world.

1:59pm Today goes dowqn as yet another conspiracy to commit murder against LynnMcMullen as these pU.S. Government perverts use psychotronics and dews to torture her, and me... re: Cat and trailer headboard... someone damaged the screw holes for my headlight reflector... meanwhile while outside working on the reflector, two high powered gunshots were heard from the direction of Mike's house.

Meanwhile, the forsensics on the patterns on the window will clearly show heat through the window with apertures  that go directly  to where Lynn gets the most pain from psychotronics and dews... I made this entry while being tortured and having people who think psychotronics and dews will be disproven, and wanted me to say much more about things - lies - they'd want me to repreat... because they forget all the evidence i have of conspiracy, and civil and human rights violations. And they forget that what they're doing most is piling up the charges against Barack Obama, the media people, the U.S. Government as a whole.. and there will be no world war. The CIA said it would take 1% of the population to control the rest of the population.. Halliburton's detention centers will be plenty big enough... andI have plenty of evidence of attempts against Lynn's life that are covered up by law enforcement, and will be easy for others to understand that psychotronics are being used to make LYnn out to be something other than she is... and that includes from befor eteh stroke, which they want to use to say it caused a change in her personality, and with psychotronics, they are tryin gto make the case that she is mentally incompetent.. and if they try that, they'll just be proving their own guilt.... cause all she really has is the symptoms of psychotronic and dew attacks...

My day has been wasted being tortured, having Lynn to calm down as she is attacked, and it is illegal detention, rights violations, attempted murder and worse... if I leave here without Lynn down the road and safe, the world will know how perverse the U.S. Government is... Barck, your sickos keep doing these things... again, thanks for the confession, tell the DHS I won't and don't have to back down... and the evidence will prove tha tyour attempts to create a profile of me as some paranoid schizophrenic will be countered by all sorts of attempts to get me labeled that way, bad intel and obviously paranoid intel people who make up all sorts of things to cover the crimes of the U.S. Government...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Liberace - Theme From Exodus

Good luck to all those who laugh at the continual threats to make me homeless, and to forcibly exile me. You really aren't anonymous.

7:34pm I asked Lynn not to touch the window showing the apertures of the DEWS that point directly at the places she sits and feels the most pain.. she told me she had been thinking of washing them... then she asked what I meant regarding the technology her son uses at Time Warner for animating the actions and movements of live people, by placing sensors on them, and recording nerve impulses, brain waves etc, and how TW uses that same technology to cause synthetic telepathy, aka, psychotronics, and thus, what the guys in the black truck she ID'd outside the yard were doing... We also talked about how that relates to the severe pain she felt in the convalescent hospital, as well as being raped, with psychotronics and dews I felt myself when I went to her room and put myself between her and the window.

She then related that to the places she sits, and the pain that is more intense since coming home,   and then she was instantly hit with extremely painful attacks, and went to bed. Now, TW, if her somn becomes unemployed or something bad happens, remember that Lynn, after learning what she did, let's just say she'll look forward to testifying. And I happen to know he's already under attack, and I'm fairly certaain he knows it too. And if it wasn't him here last Thanksgiving, 2009, then I have the fingerprints of the guy who was the impostor... and I suspected it when the guy was here.. and he was shorter than her son. Lynn thought he was acting strangely too, but it's possible they were attaking him while he was here, as other people will testify to.. being attacked with psychotronics while visiting the house... in 2003. A personal friend of Werner Erhardts, who has since received info on the attacks on us, and documentation to prove it.

Yesterday, I endured over 14 hours of non-stop tooth torture. Today it began at around 6am...

And wait til the story of how I was sucked into contacting Obama and Kennedy regarding dews and psychotronics.... anybody who wants to call themselves a hero for that better get a good attorney.

GE and Time Warner.. about making sperm from DNA.... and all the rest... thanks to CNN for the intimidation in 2003 about how the FBI manufactures evidence against people to take out political "enemies" og the government. And remember, I was no enemy to the government or the media.. and I dare MSNBC to prove otherwise. And all your coverup specials for MSNBC still won't change the truth.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Winwood - Higher Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jose Feliciano - California Dreamin'

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - The Lady Wants To Know

Here's her answer... I think God's still making fun of apostates and liars, and that footstools are footstools, whether they want to be or not.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 06 - Years to My Life

Like  I've said, I've lived Job.... and I'm not in a very good mood about it right now... something about torture that makes it difficult to eat doesn't go over well at Auschwitz in America.

Aftertunes: Elvis Costello & Paul McCartney, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away...

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Chicago

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash - Chicago

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Prince - Just As Long As We're Together from his 1st album...

12/4/2010 7:39am up before 6am today... last night, the tooth torture was the worst ever as the U.S. Government told me they were going to break my connection with God.. and when the pain was so bad that it stopped me from reading, the perverts laughed about how they broke my connection with God.. as if it depended on reading the Bible.

For people wondering what it looks like when tooth torture is being done,   review Olbermann's show the other night.. after Down goes Frazier, he made a head gesture just like what happens whe psychotronics is used to torture people... especially tooth torture, and injuring people's necks...  and no, Keith, I didn't record it... later, we'll let psychotronics readout prove your criminality for ya... nice to know, though Keith, you still enjoy torturing people... alot of media people like you will regret the fun you have while  committing murder.

OReilly: re Moyers: Whatever it takes. And  Moyers would understand and respect that,. unlike you. Tell Dobbs I look forward to the day.. and it's a short list, but God will honor it. To the weed and seed people... tell your perps to stop trying to convince me that what you do is legal... I'm the proof you won't get away with it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers & the First Editi - Just Dropped In

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Robert Palmer - Bad Case Of Loving You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie Merchant - Jealousy

God's obviously still making fun of the whores and perverts.

5:18pm T. Ripp. Had an interesting experience today.. I'll have to re-check the audio and video, and later, the log of surveillance contacts, appears one of the people surveiling and harassing us called the Mason County Sheriff today and claimed that I was stalking them, because I videoed them stalking me. The officer first said I was beiong pulled over and cited for violating the law, operating a video camera while driving. His story changed 3 times. The timing of the appearance of the officer was preciwely times, and the guy in the red truck was lying in wait, and the logistics of everything that happened was - let's jsut say, last night, I saw Alan Dershwoitz's book on Testilying, and the OJ Simpson trial, and how cops make up things about people to get them convicted. Dershowitz, Harvard Law Professor, counsel to the counsel of O.J. Simpson. The locals think this is funny, and only give more creedence to the idea that the 4 Lakewood cops were killed, point blank, by a victim of the Federal Government psychotronics program. Personal reminder: backup officer in flak gear and what may be body armor, as if expecting/causing a "violent" confrontation, obviously more bad intel about me supposedly being PTSD by a bunch of uneducated idiots who genralize psychology to an extreme fault... and forget I ALWYS run audio if not audio and  video in lots of cases where interactions with these criminals occurs.

Including doctor and dentist offices.

These psyops guys proved to me today that they have no actual authority. Any of you officers, if you ever had the misfortune of being involved in "suicide by cop", check the record of the "victim"... if they claimed hearing voices, psychotronics and such, and you'r enot aware of those technologies supplied by the Federal Government, I might call you a liar, and maybe give you the opportunity to understand the perverse criminality of these people - psychotronics - weed and seed - and a little rest for your  conscience, because I doubt any officer would want to be used for that.

Meanwhile, remind the officers and politicians that I AM a reporter. (I'm being reminded to tell you I don't write to those jerks in the media and politics for nothin'. Oh yeah, and it was the psychotronics guys who said Olbermann wanted me to call him a Nazi. And like I said... stupid is as stupid does.... and I ain't talkin' 'bout me... notice how these guys get me to say stuff that could be taken either way...   that's why I stopped writing the books.. otherwise.. I can do 30-40 pages a night)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steven Curtis Chapman - God Is In Control - 04 - Let Us Pray

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 07 - Back to the Middle

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Karla Bonoff - Personally

Sometimes, even I don't understand what God's saying.. until later...   :}

12/5/2010 8:44am When I went to teh media conference, it took me months of going over small details of things to realize how I had been manipulated, and how certain things happened, and how they fit into a complex dialectic to diminish me publicly. Part of the Humiliate part of humiliation and extermination...

What's clear about yesterday is that it was don eby peopel who believe that one incident defines the full circumstances, and that evidence is evidence, and that committing crimes to cover crimes only causes more prosecutions. And not against me. No ambiguity there. When someone reprots me for stalking them, and then the police run through a number of possible intimidating scenarios to scare me from recording crime sagainst me, thinking some day I would end up thinking these organized gang-stalkers were just innocent people driving down the road... just remember I have video you guys thought would waste my videotape, proving you do it to other people too.

It's a shame you people play these games to preoccupy me with recording evidence, as if you're immune, but you're not... in the long run, decent people will have   a world without you, by your stupidity, having nothing to do with religion. And if you want to talk about the religious side, you'd better be ready to listen for a few hours.

Sometimes I wonder why my father actually wanted me to watch Elliott Ness and the Untouchables, portrayed by one actor - Robert Stack - who I believe had been blacklisted.. there was another guy whose name is similar I might be confusing, from Death Valley Days, before Reagan... I think it was before...  anyway... and Combat, with Vic Morrow, killed in a freak helicopter accident - beheaded by a blade flying off a crashing chopper... Hans Conried, Hitchcock, the Jetsons, games like Kreskins ESP, Life, Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly, Pinochle, Clue... operation... Hula Hoops, anti-grav space pens, Tandy.. it all seems weird, but like a lot of things, over time, they point to things....

My impression was my father didn't disagree with the concept of the McCarthy hearings, except for the way it was a show trial, portrayed in movies that Cone fueled the blacklisting and rumours leading to blacklisting and such... when it was actually Bobby Kennedy, before he started to realize what John was trying to tell people... it seems John was deceived about it all  at first (unlike Barack, 20 years in Jeremiah's church, a CFR member, and groomed for the job...)

I headlined a chapter about how the united States Government has been overthrown by force by the United States Government...

Infiltration works like that, as the CFR used to claim it began in 1929... maybe 1926, on their own website... and slwowly worked its way into the seats of power, it proudly boasted. THis is much different than Democracy. This is systematic polit beaureau government with the facade of free elections, civil and human rights and... GW said himself, democracy can not survive without freedom of the press... and the Protocols clearly show what they would, and did, do to the press.

I say they overthrow the government by force by paying people to use military weeapons that are lethal against their own citizens and other people who would have run and/or won offices who would have opposes their agenda, planned out for nearly 100 years... to brainwash the peopel of the United States, and then deceive them into anything they want them to believe.... including that certain religions are demonic and therefore the enemy of God  just because people refuse to take the time to   learn the truth, and listen to people who attack countries like Iraq for the oil, kill millions of people with the support of their nation because they don't watch the news... that fools people.. but for plausibility, tell the truth at least once so they can play the tape later and prove they didn't mislead anyone.... I'm talking about the U.S. Government,  it's media infiltrants, and the death squads and police who go along with the crimes, for what reason, I'm not sure I care anymore.

As I wrote that, Lynn started screaming in pain, so I had to pause to see if I could help.

I was told yesterday by the psychotronics guys that if I drove thru town, I would be stopped and a new law  would be used to claim it was no longer legal to operate a video camera while driving.. and then they set it up to try to get me to believe it was true with the intimidation tactic... I have the right to record crimes committed against me.

And despite the psyops and death squads, I will continue to operate as a citizen with full rights per the Constitution. And I really only want to befriend people who obey GOD's law. If God's law is not compatible with the law of humans, then the humans have the problem, and I can prove it. Natural law is not about natural man. I defy anyone to  defend torturing their fellow citizens over an 8 year period of time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Live To Tell What I'm gonna do

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Men At Work - Overkill Australia, Rachel Carson, Silent Spring....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - New Position For Barack...

God picks 'em....

12/6/2010 11:25am Was awakened around 2am, harrassed, took a tylenol pm to get back to sleep, up around 9:30  the torture and harassment continues.

Foir Olbermann.. and MGB section on the 4th I read Psalm 62. Laswst night, looking for the passage, read Psalm 61... check it out.. it's for you.

Watched Harry Potter last night.. always interesting allegories.. Order of the Prophet I think... modern day Aesop's fables... as in Aesopian, when people have to use examples and metaphors to fit other contexts...

Last night, I ended up in Jeremiah again, and as always, the Iraq scenario and all, the book fits, including going to the Euphrates to retrieve a girdle that's been soiled and made useless.. God's allegory for evil people whose spirits have gone evil... the sign of the unmarried prophet... I think that Jeremiah 15 through 17 suffices.

I am somewhat quiet about these things today.. because I watched CNN last Night - Losing Lennon: Countdown to Murder... of course, I wrote the letter and article about John Lennon... and wasn't at all his biggest fan, and didn't  really understand his political activities back then...

More proof of long-term psyops... including the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop.. I'd write in my weblog, at that point wanting to preserve her anonymity, and addressing as "M".. until I figured out it was a psyop betrayal.. John David Chapman id'd himself in his calendar as "M" and they even pointed out an entry of him traveling to Atlanta... The address of the builfing he lived in was 444. of COurse, Lennon lived from 1940-1980.. 40 years. 4, 40, 44, 444. Forum. Mark/Chuck

Connections to Playboy magazine, the local down the road and the mysterious picture on the first cover that was later "censored"... Last interview of Lennon by Dave Sholin, RKO... Blue Pen. Of course, I never owned or read, that I recall, Catcher in the Rye, although I think my brother and wife did...  And Lennon said something like - he feared his work would not be finished until after his death. For me, until his last album that I heard cuts from and loved, mostly love songs... I heard Working Class Hero, and what I got from it was not about oppression, but about realizing that freedom means having the ability, or creating the circumstances that allow you to be free.. like beign a consultant instead of a 40 hour a week employee. You work more as a consultant, but it's much more enjoyable, because you get paid for real productivity you can be proud of.

Narrated by John Harwood... didn't know the story of John David Chapman before... knew he went over the edge... I'll have some questions for him. As I will Einhorn.

The Psalm verse I wanted Keith to hear, since I brought it up earlier in the day before I had done my nightly Bible reading was, "I waited for it"...

The idiot who falsely reported my "stalking" of them while videoing them for news and criminal reports gave me a gift I never waned, and wish I hadn't receivd. The sickos knew that I wanted the police departments to come out of this being able to claim they were takeng orders, not faultlessly, but taking orders...   the people who do these stupid things are going to be proven to be way over the line... and I'm not talking about the cops.. and I will ask questions about Lakewood.

When I talk about issues, I try to point out the symptoms of things that need to be corrected, many of them immediately, many of those, it would easily done, and the people put out of work could easily be put back to work restoring this nation intead of harming it for politicians. Bu tthe constant flaunting of the concept of legal vs illegal, let alone the simple decency of knowing right from wrong... it makes it difficult to.. let's just say, I'm really not surprised, but I just wonder how much disgust I can feel for this federal government and yet another example of how they attempt to humiliate in order to exterminate.

Barack, because of this, your cofession will be taken seriously. I know other world leaders understood what you were saying, and it's no surprise the EU is being afflicted with scandal... the people will understand soon, too... You have no idea how much I look forward to experiencing whatever occurs that caused the great calamity. What a show that will be...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Duke Ellington - Limbo Jazz for Colbert, red balloons, jazz, and Jesus  in blue jeans... and the vision that was implanted in my brain.... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Flag - 04 - I Will Not Lie For You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - JT - 06 - Secret O' Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 12 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

This is weird.. I'm still frustrated with the James Taylor situation.. October Road psyop... I was looking at the first two James Taylor tunesd God chose,and didn't know what to think, so I thought, I'll pick another random cut, closed my eyes and picked and up came... Meet Me In St Louis... the Rainbow arch, the fissure in the Gulf of Mexico on the Eugene platform, pagan holidays, dividing the nation into 3 parts.... think about that, and Israel, there's Israel, the West Bank, Gaza.. and ABBAS wanting to resign an authority that has no authority.  A Solomon's Temple that is neither close to completion or a true sign of a "victory" for God's chosen if it was completed, because the Bible says the father and son would not be there, because they didn't ask anyone to build a house for them, where they would be expected to stay, whether they wanted to or not.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 09 - Carry Me On My Way

PS The dog in a Chevy. What else do we need? Maybe a U.S. car industry to replace the Bavarian allies.... :} Anyone else want to talk about how slow the rudder turns?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Seger - Like A Rock aka Like Iraq btw, why was it that GE had the most to gain from attacking Afghanistan? It's been so long since the Ruppert article, I can't remember... :}TW A good will gesture would be a cable channel with full distribution...

This came on as soon as I wrote that: Do Right To Me Baby, his first Christian album when I was in L.A. not online. It was so perfect for the moment. This'll do.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

12/7/2010 8:32am Up around 6am. The psychotronics guys like to make a game of getting me to write after harrassing me awhile, but today, I just didn't have anything to say... torture continues... nothing new...

Then... Lynn came in the room and a conference call was cancelled.. something about Muhammad Yunus being criticized by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Yunus, whose name in English means Jeremiah, declined to become Prime Minister a few years back because they would not agree to run the government without corruption. I don't know whet they're criticizing him for, but it's hard to imagine he could be criticized, given his integrity... except for the attempted memo 46 by Clinton and the World Bank.. and given that Lynn worked hard to get him recognition in the U.S., and she considered him he rmentor...

Considering oneof her biggest donors is having a radical mastectomy today, and other people she knows and were involved in the GDCU and past and present projects who have been harmed... surrounded by people from......

So, she said, instead of the conference call for the Peace, Justice and Prosperity Act.... Sam and Yunus were on the phone with the press.

It's really interesting tonotice tha tthis is happening to Yunus, as I mentioned the scandals in the EU that will ultimately be shown to be political extrotion and coercion, being used agaist people by the people who coerced them... skull and bones style - we got dirt on you so you can't talk.... and when we're done with you, we'll use it against you to shut you up....

And lately, I've been amused by the quick glimpses of DISH TV program menus that show documentary after documentary, telling cover stories for governmental crimes that I have documented - on my websites and in my files against millions of people. The weird part of this is knowing that the government will use them to make their case, and because of that, will be embarrassed into oblivion because the truth is so simple to see and the documentation is freely available.  And for me, that means the attempts to silence me will betray them because I'm know the truth... except, that's not coercion, and I'm not covering up anything about the crimes they cause... criminals hate the truth...

There are 2 things I keep accidentally doing as typos that let me know I'm supposed to keep mentioning them... Mena, Arkansas, and Nancy Pelosi... someday, I'll know why. Course, I know about Mena.

As for being surprised... actually, this sort of thing jut shows the progression of the "silent war" of hearts and minds around the world, knowing it will backfire on the Illuminati.

PS Jay.. I had Lynn get some sunflower seeds specifically for the bluejays.

The psychotronics guys always like to challenge me to a magic Bible verse, and I alwyas accept the challenge, always thinking, what if it doesn't work? But I do it because it always does. ANd I told them, any book, and this time what was in front of me was the Jehovah's Witness book The Truth That Leads TO Eternal Life - a beautiful blue book of course... and it said... Page 102 Righteous Rule Makes Earth A Paradise

What will this mean with regard to human relations? United in pure worship of their Heavenly Father, people of all races and nationalities will live together as one family of brothers and sisters.

With God's Kingdom  by his Prince of Peace ruling over the entire globe, the earth will no longer be divided politically. There will be no proud nationalism to arouse hatred, conflict and bloodshed. Any death dealing weapons of war that remain after Armageddon will soon be destroyed forever. So there will be no more newspaper list sof  war casualties, no more war widows or war orphans, no more homes and cities bombed uinto ruins. What a blessing this will be for mankind!

Global Peace and Abundance for All.

Reading from the JW book just reminded me what I read in Ecclesiastes last night. Fo rthose who want another point of contention, I have some problems Ecclesiastes, but again, only becase it describes a world  of people coping with oppression, as Jesus taught, while God wins the war of hearts and minds...  which takes a long time because He honors and cherishes free will. But the time He promised has come.

Along time ago, I offered my plan for what Armageddon could be.. a peaceful conversation that brings the world to peace....

Ecclesiastes... Chapter 7 verses 24-29

Chapter 3 verses 16-21

18: I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.

I wonder if the JW's know what they believe in is very similar to those who associate with the non-memo-46'd portion of those of the Bahai Faith....

It'll be interesting to see what songs God picks today....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Cetera - World Falling Down - 05 - World Falling Down

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - Younger Generation

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jim Stafford - Spiders & Snakes


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

9:58am Update on Muhammad Yunus. This is a weird one, that also proves the same sort of set up attempted against Lynn and I. Yunus is beign accused of siphoning off money that interestingly enough is the same sort of setup I talked about at the FARM... he owns nothing himself of the Grameen Foundation, U.S. or otherwise, takes his salary, and they're accusing him of siphoning off funds.

When we first started building here, my neighbor asked all sorts of questions about how to use a non-profit to get income and evade taxes... a setup and an mo that will be  obvious.. and support the destructiveness of psychotronics... and in court, I'll talk about certain things that on the surface might appear to be odd ways of doing things, but completely legitimate, legal, and actually, if the truth was not completely accepted, the other truth is, whatever money was drawn off  the GDCU by me was less than the amount owed me in board approved salary.. still, it's the same dialectic, to humiliate him in public... and wouldn't you know it was started against Yunus by the Wall Street Journal, whose reporter Danny Pearl was executed because the people holding him claimed he was working with the CIA, a fact proven by Robert Baer, then a CIA "Consltant", broadcasting his truth on MSNBC before transferring to CNN for protection. As did Elliott Spitzer, it appears. Gotta serve somebody. Accidental pun. Dear Mr Man :}

The Wall Street Journal article in Europe had a great headline I'll get in here as it was written later, basically says he's the "bloodsucker of the poor of the world"  What a joke... Clinton endorsed Yunus very highly a while back. Yunus got the Nobel for Economics... the World Bank has sort of tried to get him in the fold.. I figure this'll get him elected Prime Minister without corruption once and for all, but then he'll be scandalized, if he is, to say globally that even someone liek him receiving the Nobel is not uabove corruption, which will propagandistically clear the way for Al Gore to be proven innocent of a hoax for Inconvenient Truth, trying to get us citizens to tak ethe blame for global warming and pollution, when the real cause is our wars, HAARP and microwave, and corporate sludge...

Dialectics.  they're easy to read... and more fun to watch play out as the criminals forecast their actions, and convict themselves.

Can't wait to hear Stephen Rockefeller's comments on the Muhammad Yunus situation. The Beatles song Blue Jay Way is the perfect song for this. Not online. This'll do...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - White Album - 304 - Everybody's Got Something to Hide

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe in Magic for more info on why this is funny to me, please refer to Peter Cetera, World Falling Down... and magic...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Live To Tell

6:02pm Lynn was supposed to go to Seattle for treatment for her pain today... as a chopper goes overhead... so they've been torturing her very badly, telling me if I don't stop gathering and don't destroy the evidence, they'll torture her more. As if I should feel responsible for letting these sickos torture her.. as if it's up to me.   I went to get her medicine today, and was harrassed dfrom the time I left the hosue to the time I got home... and because of her torture, she'll likely not go to the   doctor.. which works out well for the death squads, because then, LLynn can't get the license numbers of the crimnals. Also, where she's going, I've proven on video that infiltrators are harming the patients of Bastyr.. or at least, surveilling and harrassing them. Same at Harborview, Providence and University of Washington. Right KOMO 4?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - Younger Generation

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk

I remember a time when people actually cared about this...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Where Do The Children Play

12/8/2010 5:32am Woke between 3-3:30am  East Coast must be working me again...

It continues to amaze me, how God finds  away to keep me on subject... last night I was reading, and like usual, all random.. sometimes when... let's put it this way.. one time I went to the Nugget in Reno, and I walked around, and when a certain machine stood out for some  reason, I'd play that slot machine and within 3 spins, I won $40 at a time... at one point, I had a group of people following me around carrying the buckets of money for me... and that was all from the $5 coins they gave me as a guest of the hotel... so I read the Bible, and sometimes I'll see a verse reference in the Concordance section, and it stands out to me, so I read it, and almost invariably it turns out to be very important. (For the record, I've been to Reno once and Las Vegas once, and spent less than $400 total)

So anyway... I opened up the Bible last night,and there's one thing I'm sure of, God'sconcerned about the synagogues of Satan. And let's be clear, I'm talking about all religions, churches, not just Jews...

I was reading in Ezekiel again, Chapter 43.. I remembered seeing references to "the Glory of the Lord" as in, rising up in Israel.. could be a nation, could be a person, could be a ghost or "amber brook"... so I looked in themiddle column at the reference from the Concordance, and it referred me to Ezekiel 44:4

How could I possibly refuse THAT number... especially after reading about the wall between God and people because of the defiling of everything good, and all the gifts He's given us.

Ezekiel 44:4 Then brought he me the way of the north gate before the house: and I looked, and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the hosue of the Lord: and I fell upon my face

5 And the Lord said unto me, Son of Man, MARK well, and behold with thine eyes, and hear with thine ears all that I say unto thee concerning all the ordinances of the house of the Lord: and all the laws thereof: and mark well the entering in of the house, with every going forth of the sanctuary..

I'll let ministers read the rest and decide what it all means to them, which will then determine whether they are a house of God or a synagogue of Satan, and there's little or no skinny room on God's law.

Back to Ezekiel 43: 4 And the Glory of the Lord came into the house by the way of the gate whose prospect is toward the east.

For some reason, usually when I'd like to end my reading on a lighter note, I'll turn to somewhere else in the Bible, and I did last night, to Acts 11:16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that He said, John indeed baptized with water; bu tye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost.

And still, I wonder, why DID I tell Dobbs all that stuff? I'd never told anyone about that vision I had when I was a kid, until Dobbs in 2002...  people think you're weird when you say you have religious experiences like that. And then there was my friend Luke, who tried so hard to tell me about the girlfriend he didn't actually have named Amber Brook... and I wonder.. how come noone told me straight out? It relates to Yellow River, sort of, the Yangtze.. the Yellow River in China....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Loving You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Golden Ribbons

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 08 - Lost In The Parade

I think someone monitoring this is having trouble in their love relationship...  the last 2 songs mean something to me I won't go into...

To China: despite the remarks I make at times to the citizens of the United States, understand, I believe the United States government is its own problem, and that at the moment, it appears you're smart enough not to be provoked. I am not your enemy in any way.

Isn't it interesting I used, as a placemark for the verse in Acts, a $4 dollar bill from Cindy Sheehan, at the top, the unfolding State of Awareness, a Conception Dollar, on the back, in big letters, the word HOPE.. and above it, it says, Be the change you want to see.....

Hillary.. about the quadrennial plan. Don't waste your time...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

... He will declare the date......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 03 - On The 4th Of July

I don't care what the guy says, God had him write that one for me... wait til you hear what I tell the court about the RIAA....

12/8/2010 6:05pm Lynn called at 11:30am to tell me she was shaken, and received what she believed was her first death rate toward her on the road, being boxed in by two trucks and another car... just befor egetting to the Tacoma Narrowas Bridge, a place where we've actually been threatened a few times before... I have it on video. Of course, she got up this mornign in terrible pain, worse than usual, and jus tbefore leaving time, after I write my weblog, she suddenly felt better and left.

THere have been at least 2 other incidents that were life threatening with semi-trucks, one in Seatlle aster she went to the doctor for pain relief, and another   a few years back, in a traffic jam, where a semi fishtailed it's back trailer, and had I knot seen it and moved the car, it would have  slammed into our Honda, and I would have been seriously injured, if not Lynn too. The time in Seattle, had I not seen the truck come into our lane making a left hand turn onto a one way 3 lane street in front of us, she likely would have been killed. Where she's staying tonight.. we were ther once, and I videoed several surveillance people casing the neighborhood, parking in the street below, and people letting me know they knew where we were.. all with those antennas...

The psychotronics guys tell me there will be more death threats against Lynn, to scare her, and cause us to go our separate ways un-amicably... 8 years of torture.. Lynn too, though in denial alot that this government would want to kill her.. and she is aware the directed energy attacks are the cause of her stroke, now...

To the national terrorists who enjoy watching the snuff highlights, be sure to remember that these people are pieces of evidence for your convictions, and nothing more to me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earl Klugh - Finger Paintings - This Time

12/9/2010 8:03am The tooth torture was so bad yesterday, I ended up exhausted and going to bed early... woke up for  a short time, all I could eat because of the jaw pain was a bowl of cereal... and the tooth torture is the same this morning.. tell Barack it will be easy to prove Auschwitz in America, especially with his confession at Normandy.. just like Cheney and Bush confessed before being indicted.. no wonder my father didn't want it public that he and his children were Jews.. he knew about the Council on Foreign Relations being Nazis.

If anyone cares, benefit of the doubt is a thing of the past for me. And for those who think they've Padilla'ed me... watch what happens... people who hate people act like the people of the death squads.. they hate themselves even more, and want other people to be perverted tlike they are, so they can keep being perverted. Such is the U.S. Government, and their death squads really are perfect examples of the perversion of the U.S. Government... and you need to understand.. the serial rapists and murderers and torturers love to see their crimes written about...  we'll see how proud they are in 2011...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Live To Tell

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Danny's Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - One Man Band - 06 - Country Road

Funny, I kept hitting things indicating I should upload more music... and the funny thing about that James Taylor song coming up is that the psyops guys were harrassing me about walking down that country road, yesterday... and the things I said to God for making me go to church that made me believe when I was 7 or so, tha tI would never get to heaven...

Only certain people know these  things actually happen.. unortunately, most of them are enemies of mine and enemies of the Citizens of the   United States. But if I was one of the people involved in this,, especially those sickos in L.A., I'd be really worried, cuase God keeps giving you proof that He's gonna bust you, all the while we're being tortured and abused, and I know God is getting you guys to be so obviouse in your crimes, that you will receive no mercy from anyone.. whether I survive or not.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

PS Becauseof torture and psyops, I've still not had time to check for altered documents or to  upload anything... good work U.S. Government.. I rememebr one time a certain football coach showing off for the teachers, and hurting his back by trying to prove he could lift a heavier weight than he could... like the plans of the U.S. Government... which they are not capable of carrying out, but certainly have enough to start problems they cannot overcome... I say I've already beaten the U.S. Government. and their problem is, all I ever did was try to be a partner as a citizen.. and then it doesn't explain what happened in 1958-9. I dare them to explain that away.

12/11/2010 10:30am First, to John Edwards, sorry for the loss, and the problems along the way. I hope the family is well, and appreciates the good she passed along...

It's been tough the last few days... and I've been reading about Christ giving instructions to the disciples... the mos timportant thing though, was making sure they understood the true message, and at times, Jesus' frustration that they didn't fully understand, because they were so caught up in relating everythin gto the current paradigm, and because of that, were unable to fully understand the real depths of what He was speaking of, or to have actual faith in God.

And then also, how every time, God would give a nation special guidance, only to have them decide they knew better, or they only used the parts they liked... and then  God showing over and over that if these nations did not keep their covenants with Him, the deal was off... every nation and leader was told that if  they kept God's ways, He'd keep His forever, and none has kept their promise.

I looked at my sites today, someone obviously tampered with the Creation 2012 site.. and it seems things are missing from menus... it actually looks like someone tried to re-upload things, and got old versions... so.. we'll see...

Tooth torture continues, Lynn's still being hit by dews.. not like I'm not, I just understand it...  another rainy day in the Pacific Northwest, a good day to organize things... and listen to Emma's Revolution...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Styx - Grand Illusion

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jim Stafford - Wildwood Weed

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Flag - 04 - I Will Not Lie For You

I could see where that one was heading... for the record, though, I want to pointout that I do magic Bible verses all the time still.. but I've alwayys actually done it for me, to get guidance from God in a way that guaranteed noone could be causing me to read something for their purposes... like when the psychotronics guys insisted I read Hosea and Hebrews... Helter Skelter...

Most people would say that I am  isolated, ineffective and basically, irrelevant. I look at the news from my email sources, I hear music and people talking, and   I see critical mass happening that will demand a global leader who keeps his word when he declares peace.

The Bible story often turns out to be the attempts of prophets to return people to the ways of God, knowing that these same people already believe they know ways of God... and they almost do... it's the judgmentalism of themselves and others that both causes them to be persecuted, and rejected... and righteousness that gets lost in paradoxes and differences and politics that purposely divide us and force us to take sides on issue swe probably don't even have an interest in...

Long ago, I wrote that I consider a friend to be someone who, when given the opportunity, won't take advantage of you. I've met few people who actually stand that test. I also said, I'd rather have a few close friends than a bunch of acquaintances who can't really be trusted, although I like hanging out with them.. I just wouldn't want to have to depend on them.

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The mobius continues... should have ended years ago.. it's time.

2:11pm Lynn just broke into another psychotronic attack,, CoIntelPro style, to further threaten me and torture me in order to get me to remove information regarding certain media people and networks off the site... as well as additional threats regarding local enforcement. Locals better figure out you people are not the important figures in all of this, neither are the media...  God's day of justice will happen.

12/12/2010 5:47am Awakened around 4. Torture began. I started thinking of a couple thing si needed to say, decided on a note her and then writing the next chapter in the Pastor Melissa Scott dialectic... and how she is part of the death squads operation, along with the media and the locals, demonstrating long-term dialectics. I'm sure this one isn't over, but I'll write lots of chapters.. all of which will prove that the United States Government has infiltrated the churches to disrupt them, uses phony ministers to kill people, with the media's direct involvement and their enjoyment of watchng people being killed covertly.

I wanted to say about brilliance... 6 months or so ago, one day, even though tortured and pre-occupied by it an dpsychotronics, I tuned into the tv news and nearly every reporter was saying "brilliant" about something Obama did... brilliant in my world has come to mean someone who betrays you... like Olbermann and his girlfriend, Pastor Melissa Scott. So, they all were tlaking about brilliance, and then I ot zapped into obliviobn again, and at this point, the only thing I can figure is that the media was trying to suck me in again by having me believe that Obama betrayed them, and that that the media was not caught in the middle between the government and their networks, and likely being harrassed and attacked... that was the last time I would ever think any media person on network tv could be called brilliant without it being an insult... meaning, their brilliance is in their brazen ability to enjoy killing people like it was a video game. ANd you media people better realize that when you get your death squad junkies - the criminals you recruited by bribing - to get me to say you're Nazis and worse, you need to understand, I would not allow myself to be pushed into saying those things if I didn't believe I could prove it and stand behind my accusations.

Of course, given that these people uploaded a great deal of video that would assist me in my case via DISH tv, the fat is, I am constantly being threatened with its removal as a means to try to get me to abandon Lynn and make some stupid move that wouild get me to seek assistance from authorities who are particpating in the death squad crimes. ANd the way you people use psychotronic ssto set people up an frame them fro crimes, with the help of the police and intel profilers.. can't get much sicker than tht unless you're a true Nazi.

The psychotronics guys love it when  I call all of you Nazis, because they think it will make me sound like a crazy extremist.. I think people will later view my use of the word as a moderate statement.

I think that,especially when I tried to get my website back online yesterday, only to be tortured by tooth torture and psychotronics, and prevented from doing it... I'm glad you all continue to operate  like you're above the law, and that I'm just "one more person" you're killing, insignificant and fun to play with like  toy. It's cost you your anonymity and will cost you your lives... because justice does exist, and this government will be expelled by its citizens, whether you succeed in murdering me or not. And if you do, I get some satisfaction from knowing that that will make it even worse fror all of you when the people of the United States and the world decide to force you all to back down. And it will be an easy thing todo to a bunch of stupid idiots whose only weapon is one that is easily disabled and turned against them. And I'm not talking about their lack of intelligence, I'm talking about satellite based weapons. Lots of countries have the ability to knock them out of the sky. Tell Dobbs, they will. too bad. I hope he and Welch lose lots of money.

The message from my Bible reading was very clear last night. I thought it was weird that the psychotronics guys constantly want me to think of all this in terms of how I could pick up an easy $10k off of a single dental malpractice case, and have themoney to flee.. only they keep forgetting I don't do this for money... never did.. and it isn't malpractice, it's assault and more, including civil and human rights abuses... still, they were sasking me if I got money would I take care of my family, and I said yes, imagining the FARM and what it could provide for them and lots of other people who deserved protection and opportuniy... and I opened the Bible to Leviticus, the part of where people are "valued" by their priests.. (priests in this case is not exclusive to Catholics at all - intellectually honest question: how many good Catholics forgave the debts their friends and customers had at the time of Jubilee? My bet is, none. And remember, Jubilee is not just for Catholics, it's for Christians and Jews.)

It's just another reminder to me that when something is on my mind, there are ways God talks to me in ways that these Nazi perverts can't interfere with. Randomly opening the Bible always has me looking at passages that tell me how God wants me to do things.. and it's always right on topic.

I read that, looked at theopening to Numbers, and decided to look at something else...and  then opened the Bible to another place.. Jude. And suddenly, it was obvious God was saying the most important thing right now was to drive the apostates and evil infiltrators out of the churches.

That includes death squad members and apostates.

Jude 18 How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.

19 These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the spirit.

And then I read a concordance entry that caused me to go back to where God apparently wanted me to read.. in Numbers... Numbers 16 The Concordance said it was about the sin of Korah in denying the authority of Moses as God's chosen spokesman, and intrusion into the priest's office (aka infiltration of the churches)

I write about "myself" and who I am, not like a boast or superiority, but because I share my discoveries like the revelations they are to me... and I get tired of it too.. 

Found an old picture of Muhammad Yunus, Hillary Clinton and Sam Daley Harris at a Results conference before she cut her hair.. in a blue dress... can't wait to scan it in, so Hillary and Bill can explain their support of him  - like Rumsfeld said, gotta buiild em up before you can break em down.. how come whenever presidents get involved with people and companies, scandals and bad things happen to people who used to be good citizens. Bill, when you visited Nassiri (you now, after telling people you wished there were more Yunus'), before CNN worked up a forensic model supposedly of Jesus' face, and it looked like Nassiri or Barack, and their expert said the pictures you'd taken a few weeks before of Jesus didn't look like that model at all... whose idea was that joke?... and when I identify that guy from the video, who will his testimony incriminate? My bet is, MO'B or AC. The Mystery of Jesus... it's not just a portable plot, Keith.

One day I will explain how the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop is a perfect example of how when you rely on or anticipate on hope, it will fail you. Faith without works... deception upon deception.. and lots of proof that dialectics eist, and there are good reasons to continue to log in the crimes that are committed, so when the long-term dialectics play out, the insanity finger will be pointed at the criminals, not the victims.

I'm reminded of the story of the girl who kidnapped, held hostage, aped and deceived for years, only to escape, and to have the police dismiss her pleas for help to save herself and her family, and because of their dismissal, other people died, and I believe she was recaptured, only to escape, and live to tell the story...

And then I remember Mazlett. And the constant links between psyops, CNN and MSNBC and... footballs and nice calls.

If you're one of the people I wrote about let's say.. 2-3 years ago, prior to being sucked in in 2008... and I called you brillianmt or praised you... or wrote a nasty letter during the 2008 campaign and expressed confidence in you... especially from the EST people... let's just say the final a chapter on those people will be written after they're convicted.

And to Landmark.. there are lots of good things that can be made of making lemonade... I enjoyed a great deal of my involvement in Landmark. Can't wait to hear what you rename yourselves after this scandal. And about you guys never losing a lawsuit... Orwellian double talk will be greatly enjoyed. And impeached.

Infiltrating  agovernment like the CFR did is not just illegal, it is the overthrow of the United States, and they are doing it by force.. with death squads. I predict they'll kill themselves and eachother to silence each other about their crimes... rapists and murderers are like that.

I opened up to Amos chapter 7  Started with verse 5 verse 17 says it all, and remember,when mentioning Israel, it means also the United States... daughter of Israel...

Therefore thus saith the Lord; Thy wife shall be an harlot in th ecity, and thy sons and thy daughters shall fall by the sword; and thy land shall be divided by line; and thou shalt die in a polluted land: and Israel shall surely go into captivity   forth of his land.

Back in the late 50's the phrase.. I'd rather do it myself" was popular. God's gonna let you do it yourselves. Have fun watching your victims die, U.S. Government.. only don't blame God...

and Remember, Jezebel is  a woman and a city... the words of a government apostate...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Horton - Sink the Bismarck

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Nether Lands - B06 - False Faces

CFR: Tell your apostate ministers that none of them will ever be my "mother"...  whether Elvis is in the room or not. Of course, most people would announce a president leaving.... if they're in the Secret Service or too stupid to be aware of politics.. given that politics is religion applied... and that's why the synagogues of Satan are so easy to prove to be synagogues of Satan. Like certain phony Christian tv networks that feature apostates.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Joplin - Pearl - 08 - Mercedes Benz

Wouldn't you know God would pick that song... I think he's very angry at certain people... very angry. Dialing for dollars is trying to tell me.. I'm wired... KFRC Capt Satellite. I should add that to "From the Memory of a Child" :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mocedades - Eres Tu

8:42am I just added a chapter to FTLOTW book 1, Pastor Melissa Scott and Death Squads - Part III I doubt it will be the last of the complex dialectic she particpated in, and I doubt it's her name. Thanks for torturing me in containment so I could wait it out and find out how stupid these Death Squad people are, so I could bust them... and so I could be able to prove these dialectics do go on a long time, justifying why her name unfortunately keeps coming up.  The psychotronics guys say they'll make me eat my words about her.. I say, if she's not a fraud, it's been over 2 years, almost 3, and then she'd be like the alibis of other people, claiming to be caught in the middle, happy to remain silent so long as they don't get caught. And hopefully, the witnesses and victims will be killed by the CFR/Illuminati U.S. Government perverts.

So much damage has been done that I refuse to simply "get on with my life" and "forget it"... Read Amos... and maybe you ministers and Christians might want to try acting like you actually believe in the Bible and God.

Paul said to mortify the congregations.. I wanted to tlak to you of the New World, where terror and fear is not used as a toll or weapon.. in a world where no one would ever consider doing evil for good. I'm going to prove that the Nazis can be taken down by a peaceful movement, and the way I've conducted my collection of evidence will be all the example people will need to fulfill the prophecy of the Death Squads and Satanist demise.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life

Intro: As much as I like to give benefit of the doubt, the U.S. Government dialectic with the Death Squads, this phony minister, the media and particular politicians and organizations is a perfect example of how dialectics work, and take years to be completed. This one, so far, has included interstate fraud and attempted murder, rape and torture, political assassination and more than 15 crimes over at least 7 years and currently includes the infiltration of the Jehovah's Witness churches in Olympia and Shelton, Washington. If you wonder why God hates apostates and Nazis, this is the story for you.

PS for the people with the headlight jokes... I'll be including an update for you as well.

I accidentally picked this song one day after returning from Glendale...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Five - I'll Be There

I got  a feeling somebody's brother won't think he's such a smooth operator anymore.  And about "My Michelle", she ended up in  a car accident where the airbag didn't work properly, and ended up with a broken back.. and I think one day, she'll find out how SHE was the victim of a much larger dialectic.... everything always goes back to Stanford. And likely, Narragansett.

I keep remembering a time in my weblog when I knew someone was monitoring and trying to influence me... and the question, what was the purpose of the weblog... that goes back some years, probably 2005 or 6... and I believe it's likely that's when these people decide on the ultimate dialectic that failed.. and the phony minister. At the very least, some CFR apostate and psyop people trying to figure out how to get me declared mentally ill or homeless and dead. As has been happening for years.... a ploy that will easily be proven criminal...

12/13/2010 8:30am Got a call a little while ago... said she left to go to the doctor, on time, and pulled out of the driveway, and Charlie was there, sitting in his truck,blocking the road... she said she pulled back into our driveway, to let him pass, an he didn't move.. after waiting a couple of minutes, she finally drove to a place to make it clear she wanted to get through to the main road.. and he wouldn't move, but finally did... she called me to tell me that because she's aware of our neighbors particpating in U.S. Government containment an coverups of crimes by Barack and his friends, and have for some time been doing things to make it appear we are doing things wrong or crazy when we know that they are simply trying to get attention and contain in courts controlled by the people who are committing crimes against us in the State of Washington...  the problem is, everything I have to report is Federal, and I'm reporting it to the Hague first, no matter what.. and anything that gets in the way of that will simply be more Federal crimes... including making false reports to the police to incriminate us.. knowing full well, in court, we'd be exhonorated, and they'd go to prison... but the Council on Foreign Relations would keep control of this country. And they do it by killing, raping and terrorizing citizens of the U.S. into silence. Nazis.

Final note: I happen to know these sociopaths are operating without authority with the illegal use of weapons supplied by the  Federal Government... contractors are not exempt from prosecution, and the U.S. Government IS responsible for their use, abuse and the crimes committed even if it IS a plan of the government. I'm really looking forward to hearing the probable caus eon this one.. for Lynn going back to when she was 16, for me, when I was 3. Meanwhile, I'll settle for 2001 to the present, in court... and then it'll take us back to Yosemite and Washington State and Los Angeles going back to the early 1970's, the 80's in Wa, and a certain amber brook...

Rippling effects.. domination & submission.. the Golden Rule. I was right even back then.

Personal note: See notes regarding last night.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Tush

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Five - State Of Shock

And I wasn't even referring to Glendale yet :}

Great Bible stuff last night while being tortured...

It's weird, the mobius effect.. lots of things seem like the psyops have started over with the same psyops, only they're not covert because it's happened so many times... the same thing.. if only I'd been a womanizer, I could have had lots of fun... at the same time, that would also indicate, I'm moving, and I'm going to make a good chunk of money to restart my finances, and then someone's going to commit another felony and go to jail. Even the dentist part is a rerun of sorts...  tee off.... :}

Steve Miller, Jungle Love came on.. and it fits.. something about Disney, Phil Collins and the Son of Man in the Amazon....

I started reading last night in Ecclesiastes, Chaper 12...  (Squeeze - Pulling Mussels from the Sand)

14:4 through the end.. but the best part was looking at a concordance reference for Job 17:13

17:13 If I wait, the grave is mine house: I have made my bed in the darkness.

14 I have said to corruption, Thou art my father: to the worm, Thou art my mother, and my sister.

15And where is now my hope, who shall see itt?

16 They shall go down to the bars of the pit, when our rest together is in the dust.

Like david, I enjoy hearing how other servants of God go through a great deal, before they succeed, because it's always hard to bring a "body" back to the original ways, instead of the ways caused by opinions, preferences and divisive politics...  remember, Job was rewarded for His faith, and was given more years to his life, a great family and a wonderful life.

I read Chapter 17 through 22 or 23, but i recommend thru Chapter 25...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bourgeois Tagg - Waiting For The Worm To Turn

I'm not your worm :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 02 - New Power Generation

6:10pm Today has been a total waste of time, delaing with the pain of being tortured all day, especially after the post this morning. Lynn is in Thurston County today...

The guy who thinks it's cute to clal himself bfman did the usual MO a few months back... I'd go to a friend's house and try to talk to him, and be hammered by psychotronics.. for years.. before I understood psychotronics.. not long ago, the guy, in usual harassment/.taunt form and method of operation, BFMAN went out of his way to identify himself.. as usual, these perverts love to taunt their victims by making sure they know  who is trying to kill them or set them up for fraudulent criminal charges... so they can claim probable cause... in my case, the probable cause would be being a government eugenics experimentee for most of my life, and the government wanted me silenced...

So this guy goes out of his way to make sure I know he's one of the people purposely harming us, joking about raping everyone including his daughter... and using the most foul language I've ever heard... the importance of this MO speaks to the reason Victor Cho sent his comments to NBC.

In this case, it will be fun because I really don't want to waste my time on this pervert, so when this is all over, we'll have a PI take a look at the domestic dispute an dother such police calls in his area, wherever he's lived, and see what the victims.. the people arrested or those having reports taken on them that give them a police record... we'll see what those people say about what happened. ANd my bet is, like the couple dozen weed and seed death squad members in his current neighborhood with a record of domestic disputes from multiple couples and individuals renting a certain house, and other places in his proximity from where he directs his fellow terrorists... like I told Begala, the laws you use to atake advantage of other people will be used against you as well.. And like God said, these perverts' delusions will be the very things that do away with Satanists. Even the ones who know what St Christopher is...

The Bible says lots of people falsely imprisoned will be set free. I now have the person who will be the quintessential example of a Nazi Satanist committing crimes to give the appearance of crimes against other people... illegal use of psychotronics and illegal torture to gain illegal depositions... taking cues from tv announcers... and being the precedent for freeing many people. His problem is, he's just another piece of evidence, Barack... and I hope he has to wait years for the knock on his door for us to get around to him, even though I know in my heart he'll be in jail long before that.

Years ago,  received a letter validating the existence and illegal and inhumane use of psychotronics from the Vice-President f the American Psychotronics Associaition.. and I didn't publish it because it said "it's even more egregious when the police are  involved." I didn't want to point the finger at  Police. I published it to defend myself against criminals setting me up to be made out to be a mental case. And what I got was the need to publish the letter. It must be providence.

Every wasted day like this will be easily proven, and will be considered illegal detention and torture to silence me regarding crimes that go far beyond what the Nazis were executed for at Nuremburg.

I can't wait to be the one to take all the ministers and so called Christians participating in torture, rape and murder and make sure the world knows who they are. And I can't wait for their explanations.

I already got Barack's confession.

Still haven't posted due to torture.

BFMAN's friends.... you know who you are... try living up to your titles. Or live up to your crimes. That's not a threat. That's a good piece of advice. And don't be stupid enough to try BFMAN's tricks.. you might want to notice that it always backfires.

Loggins & Messina - Angry Eyes _full

Kenny Loggins - Why Do People Lie

Steve Winwood - Higher Love

Steven Curtis Chapman - God Is In Control - 04 - Let Us Pray

12/14/2010 8:14am Up around 6am

Since I first starting seeing dentists to restore my teeth and get braces in 2006, I've complained of the pain in my left foot caused by what I now know has been 8 years of tooth torture... ever since I wrote to Dobbs about reading Psalms... Tom Tancredo made a speech one day saying, incorrectly, that Muhammad in the Koran would litterally cut people's arms and legs off.. which actually just meant those who enabled the evil... I pointed thatout in my weblog... 16,000 dollars later, the tooth torture is causing so much pain in my left foot, it's hard to walk.

Remind Rumsfeld of my promise, and tell him to let his sick pervert friends in the government know it applies to all of them as well. He said, We're not going to kill anyone". He lied then. THousands of U.S.Citizens and millions of people in foreign lands have died so the Rockefellers and the ther oil companies could get wealthy.

The threats against Iran are actually to force Iran to give Exxon the rights to distribute and sell their oil.. they even have to buy it back. Iraq and Afghanistan were about pipelines of oil to China. How many U.S. soldiers died so these sickos could replace the United States with China? How many U.S. citizens are going to die by death squads becaus ethey know the truth? How many first sons will die in Operation Sundown so the Nazis, the United States Government, can be sure that they've killed the remnant of the 12 tribes... just like Hitler did? And how many phony ministers does the CIA have to put on tv to bankrupt and identify Christians and people of faith so they'll knpow who to send the death squads to kill?

Remember what I said I'd do if you killed me Rumsfeld? I meant it, and that was before I read the Bible and discovered some things. Or before I could figure why he would bother talking to me.... And for those who don't know, I told Him I'd plead with God to return to this world immediately so I could haunt him. Remember, Donny, I know you guys are just the ones willing to be the bad guys to keep the Council on Foreign Relations in charge...  tell the ROthchilds they'll never capture the God particle.. and their cult friends will never succeed. Tell them it's a logistics problem, and that I told them "fuck you" when I was in D.C... the proof to me I graduated... They'll know what that means. And tell Inouye whatever you want... the problem with political legacies is the truth destroys them.

In the other Operation Sundown, the one involving government people stealing other nations treasures and artifacts.... I wonder if Brzezinski got the violin? Like I've said before, I wonder what my father would have taught me if he had lived a little longer... fortunately, he taught me more than enough.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - B01 - Here Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 08 - Joy In Repetition

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Squeeze - Tempted


I still say God is reflecting psyops that were foiled, and his hatred for certain apostates. George Winston - Lullaby - came on. This will have to do.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Winston - Summer - 05 - Garden

Then came Sarah McLaughlin - Wintersong..... this'll have to do...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Sarah McLachlan - Rarities - 05 - Full Of Grace

It's weird how these songs come on my computer, bbut they're not online, but perfectly on point.. sort of liek the world, God's messages being sent, and noone available to hear them so they're not available to anyone for any good purpose. Like the story of prophets forever, they're only taken seriously after the worst of their warnings have happened, the death and estruction is over, and people get HOPE as if the proofof a prophet warnign of their destruction.. hearing it after the fact.. is a reason to have hope... Be the Change...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chad Mitchell Trio - I Was Not a Nazi Polka I picked this one.. it's between the psychotronics guys, Keith and I. In remembrance of truth.

Then, this song came on....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Angel Station - You Angel You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angel Station - B04 - Resurrection

Beverly insisted that we play that album... right before we left L.A.

Then Prince - Seque came on.. from the "Symbol" album... it ends.. why don't YOU tell me the truth...

And old song I wrote.. it doesn't even matter if you tell me that we're through, just tell me the truth...

It's a matter of me

And a matter of you

Doin' what we say

And sayin what we do

Just tell me the truth....

Circa 1985

I remember when Peter Jennings was onLarry King right before he died, talking about the teaching of Paul... Read Corinthians last night, and had lots of problems.. kinda like Buchanan.. I like his analyusis, but I have a problem with the conclusions and solutions on how to conduct God's work.

Chapter 6 begins:

1: We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the Grace of God in vain...

I want to say I'm disappointed that the JW's  in Olympia haven't contacted me. I wil assume the infiltrators I documented there successfully disrupted them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God It's A Beautiful Day - White Bird

Hillary.. answer this to yourself.. is it better for your conviction if I stay in the United States or leave? I don't think there's  a good option for your type in either of those, and killing me in the extermination phase will be worse for you... and the attacks on enamel dental appliances will be your conviction. RCA Victor. Ya picked  a real loser. And about his switchboard..... you know, the one operated by the woman who told me her daughter was Wiccan....

This came on - Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Joel - Allentown

And God picked this one tooo..... Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bill Clinton - Barbie Girl Elvis will leave the room.

Go really hates apostates... over and over again, right Keith?

I was thinking about my aunt Dolores the other day, laughing about how before I went to LA, had visions of Forrest Lawn and other things, Played Arms of Orion before going down there that was a cue, and the song I decided not to play, although compelled to do so, was Brick House.... sometimes I wish I wasn't such a gentleman... and that I'd gone to the police that day like I thought to do. Deterred by the gas tank damage done to my car that my neighbor "forecasted" to me months before.... I have to believe the car trouble had them thinking my life was over.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Starbird

11:10am Looked out the window early this morning.. the cover on the car was in place... went out to empty some garbage a few minutes ago, the cover was off, and the passenger side of the car was flooded with water.. even though I knew that when I put the cover on a couple day s ago the window was closed, the cover was on... the window must have been opened by the guy down the road who is a serial death squad person who wants attention for his crimes. Later down the road, he'll get it.. but noone will care when he's sent to prison with his family.

Often times, when I'm being tortured, I'll go outside and see that things have been damaged. I;m very glad these people think they'll get away with it... th epeople on this island will be very sorry for becoming murderers and rapists for Barack and the CFR.

6:37pm Caught a few moments of Olbermann tonight... nice to know he's still of the CFR people wanting to blame everything on Bush. Even taking the Assange side still points the fingers at Bush even more...  meanwhile, Lynn came home, was tired but feeling great, and suddenly, after being harrassed about KO, Lynn suddenly was in extreme pain and screaming for relief. I didn't use the word Nazi lightly, and I don't care if you call yourselves that or not.

I'm a little tired of being subjected to supposed coercion by torture by having Lynn tortured to have me supposedly stop...... so I know it's just sociopathic perversity by the United States Governemnt.. and I'm looking forward to presenting quintessential examples of how Nazis have taken over this nation... as well as how fragile their hold on it is. I'm not fooled by the paper tiger...

I said long ago the game was over, and I was not interested in entertaining the idea that any of this is amusing.  Court  of law, court of global opinion.. you guys chose, I did not challenge you, and I accept your challenge, and I'll win... the lies you tell the citizens of the United States will stop all this.

I challenge the idea that SAT scores are an indication of intelligence. And acquiescence to Nazis is no less than being one... and as you ain the media and government wanted, I'm disgusted with you all, and so will be the world. Don't blame me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Live To Tell

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Five - The Love You Save

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack And Diane

God picked those.. I picked this one

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodBill Cosby - Noah, Me and You Lord

I think I'm gonna give  a laptop to the person Olbermann is psyopping now. Sue me Keith. Tell Bill, the Cosby cut was just after If You Wanna Be My Intern, and Cosby doing Brain Damage...  Bill Clinton that is, and remember Bill, ask Begala and Carville and Dobbs, I was a big fan of yours...

Oh yeah.. fianl call for the warning: Ministers having anythign to do with the Council on Foreign Relations will be harshly publicly ostracized. Sue me. Evil is evil. Read the Bible. Especially Corinthians for those specializing in Paul, and only find one meaning to affirm their phony righteousness. And tell your stupid shrinks GITMO is too   good for them.

12/15/2010 Woke up before 5am.. I've been tooth tortured and told how much these sickos love serving Satan, and how proud  they are to be Nazis. Got up, went to the bathroom, looked out the window, and two choppers signalled me to let me know they were there. Nothing new.

Last night's Bible verses picked up where I left off yesterday regarding ministers and the Council on Foreign Relations... Remember, I just randomly open the Bible and let God tell me what He wants to say...

Number 32:23 But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out. And then of course, readin gon, Chapter 33 ends...

Numbers 33:56 Moreover, it shall come to pass that I shall do unto you as I thought to do unto them...

That was a warning to Chrisitans about the course of human nature and events, people becoming powerful and becoming everything they claim to stand against... The U.S. Government is working a sick psyop against me to force me out of the country, or kill me, to be able to claim the same about me... even their claims are lies. Like Begala confessed for himself and his friends, politicians lie... for a living.

I then randomly opened the bible again.. I always would prefer to end my reading at night not about people destroying themselves, but good news if possible... I turned to the Lamentations of Jeremiah, and once again found myself a little annoyed at how Jeremiah constantly says that he and th epeople did not follow God's instruction, and destroyed themselves, and yet, he stillsays God is punishing them, when all that's happening is that God told them what would happen, in the course of human events, if they did not go by His advice. And like any smart person, when people won't take God's advice, He just says, okay, do it yourself. Just don't blame me.. but everyone always does, like children who get angry when they break their toys, and expect parents to buy more and more and more...

1:18 The Lod is righteous; for I have rebelled against his commandment : hear, I pray you, all people, and behold my sorrow; my virgins and my young men are gone into captivity.

Numbers 33:56 Moreover, it shall come to pass that I shall do unto you as I thought to do unto them...

God walked away in disgust and sorrow.. and the people destroyed themselves. God doesn't need to punish people. They punish themselves. I keep wondering what these chopper guys are going to do when their  parents turn 50, the age GW said would be the age of people who got a "different social security plan"... not a direct quote...  those Soylent Green types, green is universal, right NBC? and when they find out their pride in serving Nazis include killing their own parents.

Like the guy Kryptoman told me about, a relative who said and apparently is an assassin for the government "I'd kill my grandmother if the government told me to"....  that guy by the way now makes jewelry, and has a sign at the front of his property informing the government to stay away...  he's the guy who was bewildered because Kryptoman's security clearance was higher than his own. It was the first time he did a government background check on someone, and came up with nothing.

Isn't it interesting that Kryptoman is moving to the same area I'll be moving to.. only he'll be there first... as a plane buzzes the house..7:17am doppler radar time.... I'm hoping he'll save the books and white organ he was saving for me. All are beautiful antiques.

My final thought...  people objecting to being called Nazis... what you do is worse than what the World War II Nazis did.... but I can't come up with a name to call you people that could be anymore descriptive or vulgar than that.. If I could, I'd call you that... apparently being a Satanist is respected in this nation. Ask the local churches.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 08 - Joy In Repetition

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney - Ebony & Ivory

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

I was thinkinglast night about when I tried to join the NAACP, and they told me to talk to my parents. I thought thye didn't want me in the organizatio, and I tried to tell them that if my parents weren't in favor of what they were doing already, I wouldn't have called... I didn't realize the guy wasn't listening, and just telling me to get my parents to end their predjudice. And I rememebr in that same time period, Pasatiempo was a gated community that didn't allow black people or Jews.. and my dad was upset about it.. and that's when I heard him describe the group he was meeting with one night wzas called Little Orange County... and just a few weeks later, the gate was never closed again....

I have , now, thequintessesntial Nazi propagandist, the quintessential apostate, the quintessential dirty cop, the quintessential lying politicians and deceivers, and quintessesntial politicians claiming to be CHristians, and knowing theyy're not even close, and quintessential Counil on Foreign Relations sellouts... who will all be left behind... I've got a quintessential Nazi terrorist state.... neighborhood... synagogues of Satan that are impossible to call anything else, certain religons that will no longer exist...

It's time for the Universal Church of the Kngdom of God to be claimed and run the way GOD inteended, and not the way people think it should be done, going along to get along.. if Paul had had the guts to expel Apollo, I would hae respectde Paul more, and i'm certain those guts would have ended up keeping the Church pure... thank God, in the New World, none of this will ever happen...

And to those who sold out to the Council and tried to get me to believe all this Nazi death and destruction was neceesary to "prepare the way of the Lord".. as if Revelations was was a mandate instead of a warning.. go to hell describes your fate. That attitude is a betrayal of God in every way. And also denies that he sends Christs and prophets to avoid the disasters.. warnings that could save your lives if you weren't so proud of weapons and fame... and didn't enjoy torturing people so much.

I hope the chopper guys read or watch Soylent Green... so when it happens to them, they can laugh at how much fuin it is to be tortured to death by people claiming to be  their protectors in public, and their murderers in truth.

Emnity...  God has emnity... so do I. Against apostates. Lots of it. And I fully understand why God hates  them. So much for the familial qualities of Chrisitanity in this country and why

Numbers 33:56 Moreover, it shall come to pass that I shall do unto you as I thought to do unto them...

When the day comes that I may be called a traitor or an apostate, remind the ministers and politicians of that verse, and the true translation.....

I read some in the Koran last night.. told the story of Jezebel and also the story of Yusuf, like Moses, hidden until his appointed time, protected by the Muslims (we're talking Joseph the Christians) - apparently he had a different name to the Muslims.. all about the prophet, and the ears of corn, seven years of bounty, 7 years of lean times and famine, and the dream of the King (David I believe) about his dream that needed to be translated...  and Yuseuf, even after servign them all faithfully, was constantly harmed and captured and... only the Muslims protected him.. so tht Christians could hear the word of God. from a man chosen by God, protected by his father, specially trained to know the true meaning of the words of the Gospels and prophets... rememebr, when Moses was born, the governmentwas killing all the male offspring because they knew Moses was sent by God, so he was hidden, and even he didn't know he was a Christ until God surprised him one day...

Moses had a staff that would turn to a snake, aas a means to ipress people.. I was telling a psychotronics guys last night that it was too bad that they stopped me from developing my healing skills.. and he said, if you'd have healed me, I would have believed in you.. I said, if you had believed in me, I could have healed you.. but the gift God gives anyone to heal requires asomeone with faith in God to recceive the healing... I figure God gave me magic Bible verses because God was tired - like I told Begala - parlor tricks to impress people.. anyone can doparlor tricks.. the point of this time, and His purpose for me, was to prove to people the magic of His word through His chosen, and if people could not see that it made sense, then that was their problem.

I figure I'm gonna end up overseas, if I survive, and the word will get back to the United States, and thegovernment will foisdt a false Christ on you that will tell you what you want tohear, and you'll all still claim only the U.S. Government tells the truth... they'll seal this nation off like China did for 70 years, and the whole nation will be a re-eduction campe.. as it's actually been for decades thanks to Nazi propagandists who enjoy trickign people, setting them up, humiliating and then exterminating them. And of course, they'll claim God betrayed them all if their false Christ isn't accepted.

They tried real hard to get me to "go along", and believe in things, interpretations of the Bible, that aren't true and don't make sense. I'm glad I'm sealed unto God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - The Lady Wants To Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Winds of Change - CD1 - 10 - JB Vorster - Fight to the End (from SW. Africa)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner - Highly Illogical

My grandmother, who retired as an operator for AT&T - I never saw Star Trek except on holidays when I got to see it at her house on the first color tv I ever watched.... than God for AGC... a little joke about Fisher and Royalties... I gotta listen to a couple songs because I don't rememebr what they said.. and I always listen to God.. and Hillary, the CIA is not God, and I'm proving it...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Winds of Change - CD2 - 04 - Chico - Papa Stop the War

Clapton - San Francisco Bay Blues came on... this'll have to do... Captain Clapton...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton - Change The World

PS I was asked aboout my emnity... the one it's about probably got what they wanted, but not the result they wanted... setting me up.. my emnity is for the betrayal to God, the destructive distraction, that will likely end up meaning the downfall of this nation, the control of the Nazis of decent people... millions of deaths.. and apostasy beyond compare... never again will I be so understanding toward evil people, no matter what they claim to be.

The end of the line is a long, long way from the front. APostates have no worthy excuse.

12/16/2010 9:30am Woke around 5, it's been torture and interrogation all morning, clearly with th epurpsoe of supposedly convincing me the evidence and circusmtances I have documented are not valid or even evidence... what's more, to suggest that Landmark and other organizations have changed and I don't know what I'm tlaking about, as if their crimes don't count anymore, despite the depravity.. and notice I didn't say they committed crimes... it's like the news.. they pounded me about certain people, as if an announcer is responsible for the decisions to - as a corporation - engage in the murder of citizens... and overthrow a nation.. and still those announcers are responsible for what they do...

I know these criminal shrinkls are trying to set it up to sound like I sit around all day like a mental and a schizophrenic, and the problem is, long ago, they could away with claiming psychotronics doesn't exist, but they can't anymore.. and their problem, they keep doing thigns based on a pardigm that allowed them to get away with it. I'm being set up for defamation, plagiarism, and if all else failes, to claim I'm just a psyop victim and the CIA is guilty.

And then there's the part the government has known all my life...

Please notice that despite the pain and torture and destruction of our lives and finances, I will not back down for the same reasons I believed that I could assert my freedom of sppech as I did originally, nly these criminals have absolutely convinced me that the right thing to do is what I've been saying all along.

Tell your clients that shoving their crimes in my face, and that means all the setups they did to make me out ot be a criminal or something won't work with me.. I won't back down, I am a loyal citizen doing what citizens were told to do when a government is corrupt: freedom of speech.

Please note that in the beginning of this work, I was moderate and amicable. THe crimes against me, and learning the atrocities of this government and the death squads makes me not an extremist, but someone who knows and is willing to tell truth. And your continued threats and harassments will only weaken your cases. And when you claim I've been setting YOU up, remember, you committed the crimes, not me. And to the police, the only person here against you is the perverts of the U.S. Government.. not me... so tell Thurston to find a new job before he gets you all up on charges with the Hague. He's your threat, not me. Ask my SELP leader about the project I was going to do in DC.

Because of torture, I have still not had an opportunity to review the site material and will not update it until m review is complete, and that includes on my own computer, because the PMS psyop proves that someone had illegal access to my computer via something like Tempest. Isn't it interesting that  someone who works fo rthe IMF woudl have that site be hosted by a company in Utah, by  a person who recommend an individual who set that up and finished off the GDCU for Lynn's part... and that the common elements are the IMF, EST, Results, the DNC.. that Muhammad Yunus is now being criticized.. and the same EST/Results person who tried to undermine Lynn when she left Results under pressure of coercion by 4 EST people, one of whom I had encountered before.   And in Sonora, the setup was by an EST person.... whose supposed husband is now on the list of targeted individuals... and I now understand why certain peopel did not want me to take pictures of them for the Results website... one went into the peace corps, others connected to the DNC, it's an interesting web of conspiracies that any jury would believe.

And it all started long before 1990, and I dare any shrink to claim I'm crazy for claiming all these things were other people's fault.. who are they gonna blame when people realize the GITMO detainees they were brainwashing and sent to Yemen to become terrorists.. who are they going to blame for atheri activities, worse than those of Nazis against the hippocratic oath and with their knowledge they were committing crimes against humanity?

The U.S. Government should arrest itself as terrorists, enemy combatants through lethal force and force of word... that they think that what they're doing is alright in any way for any reason is proof of their criminality, and then there's the evidence that they actually are Nazis... ask Project Censored...

It's also why God won't forgive ministers of any kind for being affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations, or for pandering to politicians, or justifying murder and other crimes to help their favorite politician by criminal acts, and using God's name in vain to do it.. let alone, kill one of His.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Tush

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Angry Eyes _full

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 04 - My Soul Remembers

I have to assume that the Tush song comes up to point the finger at the guy with the camera in Glendale, looked like a ZZ Top member, who I gladly flipped off, and would proudly do again to the frowardly, I understand the vernacular of perverted criminals after all these years...   and any GITMO type shrink who wants to say these songs aren't picked by God should also declare they don't believe in God, nor sychronicity or the life work of  Carl Jung... or government depravity, despite their own.

I hope those sickos down there show that picture. I'll put it on my website... and by so doing, they'll prove their guilt. And I'm not ashamed or embarrassed for having accurately communicated my thoughts to apostate criminal perverts whoset up one last taught before I left.. like a gentleman...

I read from Matthew last night, can't actually remember why I considered it so poignant, thanks to the torture.. but I just looked at the page and immediately saw

Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Jesus gave good advice.

And I love Magic Bible verses.. and God.. and I look forward to meeting Him in person.. here on earth, as it is in Heaven, you know :} Charlie loves that line :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers & the First Edition - Just Dropped In

PS What a real fool in Shelton believes is  that she'll get away with street theater...  Another ps - despite all the sorrow I feel for all the people who have been harmed, know that I refuse to take responsibility for the murder of the citizens of the United States and other countries so some perverted ministers and politicians can foist more interpretational lies on humanity. The chapter to read in the Koran is: Surah XII: Yusuf.

It begins, Alif Lam Ra. These are the verses of the Book that makes (things) manifest. The chapter of how the Muslims protected the prophet to King David from the Christians. And how his father protected him, because of a covenant made with God to protect His anointed, despite the rejection of Jews and Christians, and unfortunately, betrayed by the sons of Yusuf's father.... setup for a crime Yusuf did not commit.

All you who think the Koran is diverse reading should read it and realzie the Bible and the teachings currently from it - if they want truth - will be able to see how the Bible was altered and that multiple info sources is important when seeking truth and objective evaluation... no matter what though, despite the fact Christians don't actually understand Christianity.. for the most part... it's the government's and the "errors of the CHrists " like Paul and Peter that turned Christianity into what the Bible calls myths and fables.

PS If the guy from TBN has a problem with that, a little Christian familiality and communication might be better than perverse psyops. Putting Joseph Prince on doesn't prove a thing to me. Other things you've had on do...

Hope you don't have any ministers claiming God doesn't answer every prayer. Remmebr, I had no opinion of you before the LaHaye interview. Just reasonable business concerns.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong - 02 - What Child Is This (Greensleeves)

God picked that one, I picked this one.. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Alabama - Song Of The South

WHy DID JFK take his message to the churches in the South? He found out the truth... and back then at least, they wanted to hear it.,SInce then , propagandists have confused lots of people, and politicians memo 46-d many of the rest. What's left is those who will follow, listen, learn and serve God. They say, when God is dead, the government becomes God, and the false idols take over...

Think about that and the condition of the United States Government.

I look forward to meeting Judge Roy Moore and Ken Klein.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Chicago - Saturday in the Park

Gotta upload some new music :}

12/17/2010 6:25am Awakened around 2:30 am Of course, to tire me, tooth torture is the order of the morning... of course, it's to make sure I can't get as much done - given the weather is clear and it would have enabled me to get some work done outside. Illegal detention.

Let Keith know there are reports I'll be doing for authorities only, the best ones. I'll be trying to get creation 2012 back online today.. we'll see...

Meanwhile, the psychotroncis guys have a thing about Wolf Blitzer today.. you were right about BTK, Wolf, they do want to get caught.. but someone's paid them off, and these locals think they can do something to force legal action in washington State, to detain and distract, but their problem is, I will make it clear from the beginning that their crimes are a distraction from the civil and human crimes of Barack Obama and the U.S> Government, as well as the perverse people of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Interesting, last night, I opeed the Bible randomly and what did I see?

Number 32:23 But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out.

Wolf, they want me to find fault with YOU. Problem is, other than the scroll at the botom of the screen leading me to the Protocols (they want me to say AIPAC had you do that to get me to publish the protocols to get me labeled as anti-semitic.. they failed on that one too.. these guys always succeed at failure, otherwise they'd have real jobs) CIA and NSA guys included. Anyway, I can't think of much, other than the media guys used the joke about Barack and Godot that we did, and that thing about Malveaux spooked me... other than that, thanks for educating me, and I'm glad we went to group health and a couple other places so you guys could have the afternoon off. BTW: I'm getting a little worried again... when DO you take time off, or are you just a hologram too?

You people need to understand, I'm not playing clue anymore.. I know more than enough, and I'm not going to waste my time running down every sick crime this nation has committed, or the leads to the PMS psyop that never ends... I understand why God decided to go live in seclusion rather than be a part of a world that wants everythng from Him and cursing Him for their mistakes... I understand why He just walks away... and I understand why He will tolerate no evil, or give blessings to apostates, and I don't care what their excuses are.

I gues the last thing I want to say is, amongst all you pervert criminals, all of you, including Barack Obama, is a peon to me... the media, politicians in the U.S., the death squads.. even the Rockefellers.. peons...  the Bible says "God will place you".. attrition or surrender.. either way, you guys lose. I'm not so sure that God would be merciful by allowing a hell.. erasure would likeley be more merciful... unfortnately, I undestand His perspective. I also find it amusing that everyone thinks hell is a placeof torture and torment. It will be what you people make of it when you get there, whether it's here or elsewhere... and like the co-creators, since you imagine it as a horrible place, it likely will be, by your own making, just like this planet.

The abomination of desolation.. it's clear to me now that the U.S. Government has been covertly treating the population of the United States for radiation poisoning from about 1940... Barack said that Cancer cure would be found in our lifetime, as if Kennedy saying we were going to the moon. The way Nazis do that is to kill those with cancer genes, kill those whose bodies could prove to be irradiated and killed by government weapons, kill those who know what the government does.. and then there's Jews and Christians and people hwho believe I and study the ways of God...

The psychotronic sguys have gone a long way to show me that anyone around me gets zapped..  what they didn't want me to know is that they were already getting zapped, and they wanted me to give up my life and dreams as if my death would save the other people..  I actually know, now, like with my family, they've been attacked for many years, long before I discovered anything about myself. And they said the son of man would be stopped because the government/perverts would know what he would do befor ehe did it. With psychotronics, tht's true with all people, but focused on people of faith.. and thus the rapture, expected to occur in a moment, has been occurring mostly since Reagan took office.. and it's mass murder, not a miracle of God.

It was fun tothink the media was using Aesopian to help me.. obviously, they were keeping me busy while the locals did the dirty work, and received their Aesopian cues "to the death squads using code talk" like Bush said the terrorists would do, from our favorite trusted news people, who tell us little truth.

The MO of Nazis... the world just needed a clear case to formally make the announcement about the U.S. Government and the Rockefellers... they'll have it. Thanks Barack.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chad Mitchell Trio - Greenland Whale Fisheries

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy Vs The Red Baron (Remember the context of that one, Wolf. I don't. But it's in the weblog :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Human - 08 - It Was Love That We Needed

Remember, it's all in there, but it won't be good news for those who are amused. I've had to draw alot of lines in my lifetime... this is the most important line I've drawn.... I wish it was a good one for me, now, in this life... I'm glad though, that I know there are more important things... like forever. But at least I'm glad I also learned why the kingdom of Heaven is separate from the Kingdom of God, and why God's plan is to have it all be the same... probably in a million years... when hell, or "time-outs" for spoiled rotten kids is a thing that's no longer needed.

Dobbs: about feeling diminished because God calls us children.. He wouldn't call us children if we acted like adults. And I expected that of you, anda few others, and it was not unreasonable to expect...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B05 - Kite Dreams

5:38pm Torture since 2:30am... got maybe 1-1/2 of work done today...   I rememebr the story of the time the FBI placed a bomb in the trunk of a car of people who were against cutting down old growth trees.. and then trying to prosecute them for having a bomb.. it was proven that the FBI did it... who are the real ecoterrorists.. the people trying to save trees peacefully, or the people terrorizing people who like the environment... Some people in Utah, I believe, went camping for a yearly meeting of people who were hippies long ago, and a freak storm happened in the middle of the summer during hot weather that brought hail and snow.... and there are certain cops who think they're experts at torture and proud of it so long as they don't get caught... my reports on that one will come last, as investigation is required, but the guy I'm talking about knows it, and he isn't in Mason County. As a reporter, I'll report more when I have details.. meanwhile, I have plenty to back up my case...

For some reason, the U.S. Government is worried about what will happen if I run for president, as I intend to do, from California. Illegal detention will be the beginning of charges.... when I explain what happened...

These people really do believe they can continue to rape, murder, defraud and torture people with impunity. Fo ral of you nervous about what will happen, blame the perverts. And I don't just mean the psychotronics guys. If they're your friends, understand, they keep doing this in your names and to defend you... and I don't just mean people in Washington State...

Somalia: one more round from the Council on Foreign Relations to tae a country we destroyed and starve them and economiocally coerce them out of existence because they dare to seize foreign vessels overfishing their waters, and they depend on those fish to survive because of induced famine... and they seize vessels for dumping nuclear waste off their shores, while we prevent the U.S. from giving them food. The Somalians aren't pirates. If some ship from Somalia came and dumped nuclear waste off our shores, what would the U.S. do?

Council on Foreign Relations.. some of the sickest, most perverse people in the world... they prove it to me everyday, under the cover of illegal laws by the U.S. Government...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 09 - Uh Huh

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago

BFMAN wanted me to say that the tooth torture and pain in my left foot is very bad - and it is... he wanted to be sure to impress his fellow torturers and rapists.

12/18/2010 8:25am Woke up around 2:30am or so... went back to sleep til around 5.. I had to take two tylenol pm last night too sleep and relieve pain as thetooth torture was extremely severeuntil after 10pm.. this morning, more torture and interrogation after purposeful sleep deprivation.. they keep telling me they want me to go to the JW convention without any teeth so I'll look foolish.. and that without my teeth, I won't be able to get a job,m and no attorney will take me seriously.

It became clear last night the pscyhotronic s guys were trying to convince me they had everything I'd written, all the emails I sent that would prove i was some sort of criminal.. this morning, they proceeded to interrogate me withquestions that proved the locals were detaining us and torturing us until I posted all the evidence against them on the web.. as if I need to... and they want me to cmpose my reports to feeral state and local authorities, as well as international authorities.. ebcause they obviously don't really know what evidence I have. THey also try to convince me they'll get me  to write things that would have the State of Washington, Mason and Thurston Counties have an excuse to seize the evidence by intervening.. and I keep tellng them, if anyone treats me and Lynn as other than victims, whoever intervenes will have criminal charges filed against them, because unfortunately, with their arrogance and huberus, these people have involved the police in the psyops and torture.... every once in a while you hear about corruption this bad, how people get killed and harmed, and then whole cities are cleaned out by federal authorities... just remember, locals, you did it to yourselves.

They also say they'll claim I ddn't get dental care, causing the damage to my teeth. There's the damage purposely done by the dentists, and the torture set up by Victor by harming my teeth at premium prices, and then having the psychotronics guys finish the job.. mainly so I can't speak well enough to talk on the radio as a host.

After 11 dentists total, and medical malpractice by other doctors, I'm not about to go to a dentist or doctor in this state.. and since I'm being illegally detained through torture and worse...

Persoally, I think there's only one dentist office that will come out of this ok, because despite their cooperation, if they hadn't assisted as they did, I would really be in terrible pain from dental problems at this point, and that WAS why I decided to use my inheritance to get my teeth fully restored, so that I could see for the first time in my life what I'd look like with a full set of teeth.. I've never had 2 front teeth... and also, like I told them, to prepare to be as professional as possible in my career as a broadcaster. Tilson will hate himself for this one.

Locals should know that because of torture and psyops, I started taping every visit I could after the media convention. Including at RCA Loser's

Nice sign down at the Bridge Church.. looks alot like the many signs Victor had. as well as other people in this area, after I visted... looks to me like serial criminals getting trophies of their victims, rewards from Weed and Seed....

My stay in Yosemite proved to me that psyops against me have been going on at least since then, and I am certain that it will be apparent since I lived in Woodinville, and geting DEW attacks while working at Intuit.. and I'm not necessarily saying they did it.. I was always sitting by  a window when it happened... happened at Borland too. ANd it explains why some people posed as Jehovah's witnesses at the San Jose Airport, a woman talking to me about her son working there, and a man who looked very familiar with a recorder ad an earphone.. like the one I bought. I figured if the pros were using it, it must be good. Of course, like Landmark, I have a policy that allows for the fact that you could have complaints about any employer, and it still doesn't manke them a bad employer, so I don't go around bad mouthing my former employers, especially when a woman is asking meif  her son works at a good place, and me not wanting say things that would "color" her impression of a company that I actually left because I believed certain things should be done different ways, and it was their business to run it their way. If anyone thinks that's an endorsement of Intuit, it's not. There are other things I've uncovered since.. Gordon. ANd by the way, Gordon, you told me your father was a missionary in the middle east, and that Muslims were basically uneducated, sort of neandrethals who were motivated by pride and emotion.. I disagree Gordon. I think it's the other way around, for people like you. EST. Tell Marty at JPL/Loran that I'd like to know why he and Tierza thought I should work directly under Erhardt...

There are lots of indications now that many people knew long ago who I am. And they tried to set me up in so many compromised situations... and here, I was so glad to hear that Landmark was being allowed to do the Forum with members of Congress.... to teach Congress to communicate.. I didn't know it was about propaganda and mind control.. and the advanced course.. national borders are just imaginary lines drawn on maps that aren't real... the New World Order. I really want to Scientologists about this... goes back to the statement, if this technology is put into use, we'd better have control of it...  sounds like people either wanting to rule the world, or save it... from psychotronics....

Some people think tha twhen I run for president this time, that I'll be embarrassedout of public view. I think it'll be the other way around, especially since I have proof of and am a victim of the death squads.

Humiliate and Exterminate. Barack's perfectly worded confession. And the apostate to save "America", failed, and will hopefully save the United States instead... by her conviction.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 08 - Standard White Jesus

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - Barabajagal The fiery pit.. truth is molten... I wonder what Barabajagal means... a few years back DOnovan was writing incredibly apocalyptic, prophetic stuff.. tried to contact him... there's a song by Prince, poor Goo... I wonder if there's a connection...   was his name now... Revelations 2:17.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash - Blackbird

Maybe Donovan is Mark...

Picked up my Hitchcocks Bible instead of the dictionary.. let's see what God wants to tell us... (Chris Spheeris, Lovers and Friends...)

Angels, GOd and Evil.. Chapter 4 Book 9 1st Peter Verse 8

Be sober, be vigilant; becasue your adversay the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

Something about courageous Christians, cannibals and opportunists... God obviously wants it to begin with a Bee Sting Tort.

Melissa, the name, means Queen Bee....

This jsut came on....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - I Am I Said

Revelations 2:17 and from Hitchcocks....

turned to page 769, Cruden's concordance, to the word.. beseeching.... how about tht Keith...  Amos 7:2 if the torture stopped, there's be something to consider.

(Michael Franks - Barefoot on the Beach... Everytime she whispers...) Someday I hope to know this person....

Love is the weakness that we need to make us strong,  how could a hundred million Frenchmen all be wrong? :} :} :}

Ps This song is about those who think I need to make amends with them...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B06 - Fair Warning

Found an excellent English/French dictionary last night... comprehensive :} :} :}

To the Jew down the road who says he doesn't believe in God... do you believe yet? :}:}:} Now about  Acai berries.....

The Bible says no one would help the son of Man.. Christians were supposed to have been infromed that they were the ones chosen to help him anyway.... when they sing, Stand Up For Jesus, I'm certain they don't know what that really means...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Diana Ross & the Supremes - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

... except yourselves.... I have no further interest in excuses, justifications and rationalizations.. but I have been sorely beaten up...

I decided to listen to one more song before attempting work.. this is what came up...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Guess Who - American Woman :}:}:}

God has a sense of humor AND footstools.

12/20/2010 8:50am Up around 7am ... I've gotten a little more sleep lately, but the tooth torture continues... and they still cause Lynn pain when she takes her pain medication, and she's getting to the point of being afraid to take her medication.

Most of yesterday was nice, cold, but clear, and I got a few things done, but my productive time, hours, is still quite limited. I keep getting told the U.S. Govt has an agenda... including when I leave, when Lynn goes bankrupt... and the locals continue  to do thing sto make it be about them instead of the Federal Government, and all they've done is ensured that their fellow death squad members get busted no matter what...

Bible reading.. it was interesting, it always is, how the psychotronics use whatever you might think about, and then preoccupy you.. like I've said before, pushing thoughts and feeling sthrough you with psychotronics, to make victimes believe they're upset about things they wouldn't even think about if it wasn't for psychotronics.. the Norseen article covers that...

But they brought Bend, Oregon, and how there had been forest fires, and the timber was dead, left standing, charred, and i kept thinking how that wood could be used, even for firewood. And my firewood dropped off a load of firewood, and I thought, what a great bsiness for him to cut up that wood and sell it, while replanting the areas he cleared...  so they used up some time trying toget me to talk to them about that...

Later tha tnight, I opened the Bible..

Joel 1:12 The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languisheth, the pmegranite tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, even all the trees of the field, are withered; because joy is withered away from the sons of men.

I actually found another verse that said the forests would be burned as well...  I was reading in Amos and Joel and Numbers... Paint by Numbers.. another thing in our family our parents encouraged for a short time, like jigsaw puzzles...

I was told yesterday that Lynn's granddaughter was reading Catcher in the Rye... to the locals.. nothing better happen....

Got work to do... thanks to the U.S. Government for convincing me that making my report to the Hague first is the right thing to do.

PS God damn the U.S. Government, and God bless the citizens. The government and its fascist death squads may be of Satan, I know the rest of us aren't.

Joel 1:6 For a nation is come up upon my land, strong, and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion....

1:5 Awake ye drunkards, and weep, and howl, all ye drinkers of wine, because of the new wine; for it is cut off from your mouth.

Always remember, God did not forsake you, the United States Government did.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Imus - Son Of Checkers _The Watergate

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Mathis - Chances Are

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - Bluer Than Blue

God really has a sense of humor.... I wonder about Him sometimes... Imus and Mathis.. same era... and Michael Johnson one of my favorite coutnry former rock band musicians.. and then we get back to his songwriter, ina  penthouse in New York, writing songs...

It'll be fun when GE and Time Warner hand over the keys :}:}:}

Just remember, they threw down the gauntlet, and I  wasn't   given a choice about picking it up...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Leonard Nimoy - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

Gotta be about Space Holdings, and Matthews talking about talking to Spock :} And the setup button that doesn't work :}:}:}

12:49pm For the rrecord: uploaded creation 2012, a new index for charlesrehn.com and the "mylittlecorner" section was completely gone... including this weblog... uploaded those, will check more things later, weblog secion is still incomplete.

6:50pm Since around 4 this afternoon, most of my time has been spent getting tooth torture to supposedly get me to reorganize my web site - like I've wanted to for some time, to complete things nad state things differently when I wasn't being affected by psychotronics - but since the torture continues, I will leave the site as it is, as evidence of  crimes against us, and until the U.S. Government stops harrassing and torturing us, I will continue to present the evidence of death squads. Removing part sof my website, surveiling us to harass and intimidate, preventing our leaving, influencing Lynn, harrassing me so that I can't watch news or enjoy any other tv... and trying to set me up to look like I'm crazy, guilty of crimes and worse.. that I have evidence of.

12/21/2010 8:29am Up around 7am... Barack, it amazes me sometimes what your death squad psychotronics guys say... and how often they mean it.. they were harrassing and torturing me this morning, and I mentioned they apparently didn't understand tha tyou and your friends, the people they kill people to protect, are part of the terrorists who did the attacks  on the Twin Towers, and they proceeded to tell me how proud they were to be a part of that, and to be servants of Satan..

Barack, it may be fun for these people to murder others using military weapons and technology, and by surveilling and harrasssing them to death.. but all it will end up doing  is proving all of you are actually Nazis. I may be in a bad situation, Barack, but I have more than enough resources to file my reports. I just think it's a shame what you and your friends have done to this nation....

Last night's magic Bible vereses.. couldn't have been more accurate.. II Peter.. the whole chapter...

Verse 12 But these, as "natural brute" beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and they shall utterly perish in their own corruption.

Barack, tell your apostate in LA this chapter is perfect for her.

Work to do.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Engelbert Humperdinck - Help Me Make It Through The Night

For anyone who calls themselves a Christian, and wonders what special purpose s assigned to those who declare themselves Christians, tthere is sin, and there is evil.. there are those on the watch tower, but what are they looking for, and do they really believe or do they just want to believe in something, like a God who will come and kill and harm those who oppressed THEM.. in revenge...

Verse 21

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - Pass It Around

12/22/2010 5:13pm GOod to see that MSNBC/NBC is protecting the entire Shuster family of the ogliarchy.

I made the psychtoronics guys a promise today Keith.. a gift for all of you by next Christmas... a free trip to the Hague. 2 years in a row Keith.. I hope you laugh real hard.

12/23/2010 8:45am Up around 5:30am... I enjoyed reading Jesus explaining the Ten Commandments the other day... the psychotronics guys, who love to be mentioned and its total proof of their perversion on behalf of the United States Government... especially as they torture my teeth more to get me to mention how painful and difficult it is to breathe, eat or anything else because of  the torture... and when I begin t prepare food, they do itto the extreme, to the extent that even eating a baked potato is difficult because of the pain in my jaw and face muscles. Auschwitz is America is as real as Death Squads... they actually wanted me to say that... they really beleive that they will vindicate themselves with a sick joke about "you did it to yourself"... with the help of 11 dentists... and psychotronics... and they even beleive they will be anonymous... wait til their contractor bosses are asked questions about their employers...

I remember one day, after writing about being against the death penalty, that Kryptoman actually told me he wanted it to remain.

Last night, I did my magic Bible verse reading, and ended up in the concordance, and my finger pointed to Proverbs 31:5... so I opened up to Proverbs, and began reading.... Every word of God is pure; he is a shield unto them that put their trust   in him...

I thought, God made it work again, and i rad on, and it was the psychotronics who finally made me realize I was reading from Proverbs 30:5.... no   coincidences.. I read that AND 31.. and it fit even more...

31:5 Lest they drink and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted.

That would be, trick them into doing the wrong things, or betray them with illegal laws and a corrupt justice system.

The CIA and the FBI psyop/CointelPro psyop manuals talk about how even the toughest of supposed "anti-government" people will give up after 10 years. It's been 10+ years of intensive psyops. Unfortunately for the GITMO shrinks, they're wrong, and especially in my case, since you thought it so funny to make me aware of the psyops and play it like a game, then I'll make sure it ends with me by using my case to set the precedents for everyone. Don't ever think I think this is just about me. And don't ever believe you can shake my faith in God.

Final thought: after proverbs, I read John: beginning at 7:40 Many of th epeople, therefore, when they heard this saying, said, of a truth that is the prophet.

Ya know what I'm going to enjoy most when the news media does the governments dirty work on this.. the videos and pictures of me in dirty clothes, unshaven, horrible teeth and long hair... because I can't wait to tell people why this state caused that. And what the Council on Foreign Relations and Barack Obama had to gain by doing it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Benatar - Hell Is For Children I think this is God's way of mentioning the U.S. policies on medical experimentation on your children without your knowledge, and passing laws to allow the government to experiment on orphans and those in foster care... and if you Weed and Seed types continue what you're doing for Nazis, hell will be left for your children, and you will have done it to them. And the politicians and media people will say... what stupid people to let us fool them this way.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Arrow Through Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doors - Light My Fire

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Carly Simon - Let the River Run that was mentioned in the Bible reading last night.

9:11am This song keep scoming up... Beth Lodge-Rigal - All I Need   goes with Hard Times by Chris LeDoux... and what Jesus, Martin Luther King and Pink Floyd knew...

12/24/2010 6:14am I was awakened around 4am, and have been harrassed and tortured ever since.

Anymore, these Death Squad guys will say and do just about anything, desperately trying to emoralize and harm me and get me to say things they think will make me look crazy... like when they tell me they're proud to rape their own children....

A while back, in my weblog, there was discussion about death squad cars surrounding me and taking a roll position on my vehicle in order to threaten my life by threatening to roll the car at high speeds... I had a couple incidents, when I videoes a WSP car taking roll position on me, and i don't look for trouble, and to make me upset, the psychotronics guys actually had to tell me to notice he had taken roll position on me.. good thing I videoed it all... another time, I  mentioned being arounf Little Creek when a WSP car took roll position.. and then a moment later, I slowed for traffic, the WSP car started pulling up at theri constant speed, and I looke dup and saw a death squad car, obviously using psychotronic RC, and the WSP driver hit his brakes and his responses were like he had been hit with rc to brake and swerve to the left...

Meanwhile, a week or so later, a woman coming off Harstine Island in a car now being driven by my neighbor, madea head motion like being hit by rc, and shoulder movements like, what about that, and it was obvious she was talking about the WSP getting hit, as if they were enemies of the death squads. So, I wrote about that possibility.

This morning, the idiots of the psychotronics guys caused me to rethink that incident, and made me realize that if the death squad guy had not been late getting to the assigned spot for the hit, I would have been hit, and although I rarely respond like these guys want, it's possible I would have braked and turned left directly into the path of the WSP, causing me to roll multiple times, and likely died, and given my weblog entries, and these  idiots thinking they can provoke me to violence, they likely would have said that I attacked the cop. There's a typical U.S. Government setup if there ever was one.

WSP means Washington State Patrol. RC means Remote Control, the ability to use military weaponry to cause people to have thought insertion and reflexive muscle response to electronic signals... all easy to prove with DOD documentation, and technology by Time Warner... gives new meaning to interactive tv....

I want to say, before I go into the next part, that despite what some would have you believe, I hope you all have a great Christmas, and I still hope that people will actually return to knowing what it actually means, and I doubt it's what even most Christians believe. It IS about  the birth of Jesus, but what it actually means to the world is much greater in scope.

It's hard for me to be happy about Christmas and all when the government is torturing me nearly every waking moment. Maybe someday Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann will tell the truth about the death squads.....

A couple days ago, the subject came up about the military choppers and death squad people... I asked them to consider the "symptoms" their parents and grandparents have experienced while aging and, of course, getting nearer to death by their ages.. symptoms like pain, dizziness and more.. all the symptoms they inflict upon people with their military weapons as part of their work in the death squads....

It's no wonder that I ended up readingwhat I read last night in the Bible and then in my book about Kabbalah, by Rabbi David Cooper...

II Kings 23:24 Moreover the workers with familiar spirits, and th ewizards, and the images, and the idols, and all the abominations that were spied in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem, did Josiah put away, that he might perform the words of the law which were wtritten in the book that Hilkiah the priest found in the house of the Lord.

That wole Chapter was great to read, not just because of the encouragement, but because of the affirmation that doing it God's way works every time. Despite temporary hardship. It's also good to read about how Josiah kept God's ways and did as God instructed, and ten his son, and those after, including Nebuchanezzar, all betrayed God's ways.. and more, their father's ways.. and failed by doing great evil.

And the lesson there is not tha tthey failed, but like th eBible   syas, the sons will do what the fathers wouldn't, like with th the Skull and Bones/ogliarchy people and th eCouncil on Foreign Relations.. someone had a good idea, and the following generations didn't actually understand the essence of what the goal was, and their welath and opportunity came too easily and without th eusual work and commitment required to rise to higher levels of leadership and representation.. and because of that, like spoiled brats, their temper tantrums and impatience brought them down. Like Barack said, another confession, taking such shortcuts will be your own problems soon. And Hillary ad Bill and the rest of you traitors... I am absolutely certain now there is no possible way for you to succeed in truth, because your technology isn't ready....

For the chopper and al you phony Christians who aren't Christians, Jews who aren't Jews as per the description in the Bible... those who don't care if even you kill your own children and parents....

God is a verb by Rabbi David Cooper The Chapter is called Dying and Death. Barack will like this story, it's about something I saw on MSNBC the other night, for the few minutes I watched the Shuster who never identified himself.... and I'm not talking about yesterday's bizarre apparent piggyback... The story is about tyranny, holding hostages, people selling others into Stalinstic economic slavery, and terrorism interrupted by the act of God and an angel.

In her day, Feigelda and her family lived in a time when not paying the rent meant the landlord could one dya, without notice, have them arrested, sold into slavery to repay the debt, all their possessions taken and sold, all enforced by the police.

One day, Feigelda came home, and her entire family had been taken away, and when she inquired, she found they  were tkaen to be sold as slaves, husband and children, so she begged the landlord to set them free, and he asked for twice the going rate, 10,000 ruples. She knew she'd be lucky to raise 1000, and she had 3 in her pocket.

As she walked away, she came upon a man known for his holiness, taking alms in exchange for prayers... she gave him one, and asked him to pray for her family... and he was praying that day for people whose families or anyone else had failed to say the kaddish for them after they died.. so she gave him one ruple.. and walked aaway.. an dthen decided to give him all three, and asked him to pray for every person who died and noone noticed, who never had a kaddish said for them to help them ascend to the next llevel...

She sat in a field, and listened to the amn praying all day, touching the woman's heart as she cried and the man prayed in a way that let her know he was praying for each and every one. At the end of the day, tired and penniless, she began to walk home in the dark, when a carriage came down the road and stopped beside her.

A man convinced it was safe to take a ride home from him, and as they traveled, she told him the story of her husband and the landlord, and the 10,000 ruples... and before she got home, he gave her  a check for the entire amount.

The next day, she went to the bank to cash the check, hoping it wasn't a fraud. THe teller acted strangely, and went and got someone else. Then she was taken to the offic eof the bank president, who asked her if she recognized any of the men in the picutures on the wall. And she pointed on eout as the man who wrote te check to her. And the bank president was astonished by the fact that it was his father, who died years before, for whom he never said kaddish.

II Kings 23:21 And the King commanded all the people, saying, Keep the passover unto the Lord  your God, as it is written in the book of the covenant.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cream - I Feel Free

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock

1:38pm I stopped to  write this because I am trying to get work done to stop a leak on the trailer that will cause major damage.. but the tooth torture is so bad along with taunting that I am unable to get anything useful done. More torture, illegal detention and assault with intent to do bodily harm. Pbstruction of justice and civil and human rightgs vilolations as the U.S. Government destroys my teeth and nerves to my left foot. Merry Christmas Olbermann.

6:33pm Today has been mainly a day of torture, very little else done... I find it interesting that the Thurston COunty Prosecutors office had a sheriff use the same MO to identify himself as what will be known as a murdering hitman to cover for the Thurston County Sheriff's department,  their prosecuting attorney and his brother, who was the first dentist who workled on me, and Lynn, and apparently, they know they have something to hide.... and standard IA investigations will easily uncover this guy's mo.

THis day has been spent listening to this guy use psychotronics on me, trying to make me believe that all churches are synagogues of Satan, and that all cops are dirty like him. I don't buy it. BUt this cop will be the example of the quintessential dirty cop... and all you other police out there who support the idea of using psychotronics to goad people into violence, especially against cope, should look into the killing of 4 Lakewood police officers point blank, and I bet you anything it was the work of sick perverts like the BUttFuckMan. Unlike his other victims, I have massive amounts of patience and evidence... and every minute I spend being tortured like this will be depicted in testimony.. and I dare you cops who are dirtty to blanme me, as if I dislike cops, for your crimes.. and you'd better get something straight... psychotronics is no secret, and if you lie about it in court, the law applies to you too.. and psychotronics will be used on those cited to determine the truth.. about enemy combatants, traitors and Nazis.

ALl you people working for contractors are mercenaries, and constitutionally illegal, as are the military being used to kill people with Directed Energy Weapons.

Have a merry Christmas...

12/25/2010 8:40am I finally got out of bed around seven after being harrassed for quite some time.. this morning is the worst tooth torture yet...  and the Thurston County cop apparently now realizes he was put on the case as an expendable thug... I'm going to inform the Weed and Seed victims he's currently setting up so they can collect evidene for his crimes. You sickos need to understand that I will not back down.. and your threats against my family and friends will only make evidence against you when you do things to them, and the consistent poattern is, when you threaten, you do it, and the threat is just a terror tactic to make me feel responsible for for the harm the U.S. Government perpetrates as if it's my fault for surviving. WHne I played the Prince Song "I WOuld DIe FOr You" I meant it, sympbolically and literally, but not for Nazis.. for real citizens of the United States who believe in the constitution, not as a document of laws, but as a commitment to humanity. You guys pushing these crimes on me toptaunt me need to realize that every extreme you push will be held against you, and psychotronics is no secret...

You people have handed me a civil rights' attorneys dream case. THank you for acting like Nazis in order to get yourselves jailed.

Mweanwhile, last night,the pain was so bad I finally was able to eat a bowl of cereal, the only food I had all day, and they torutred me as I ate it. My jaw is extremely sore this morning. I hope Olbermann gets a good laugh out of it... you point men in the media deserve credit.. for your loyalty to Nazis... the proof you're not a good thing is on my dvr, and not the one hooked to DISH. MO Keith...

Bible reading last night.. magic Bible verses... were very poignant... God has a way of keeping a thread going... sort of what I told Dobbs about, God and me playing catch... like I did with my father... I was the pitcher, he was the catcher... tell Murdoch, te Jesus Jr remark will not look good for him, I have his video too.. and others... Watched Hal Lindsay last night.. if he knew about psychotronics, he'd know the rapture was mass murder by the Nazis...

I get tired of preachers who only tell people what they want to hear in order to keep a congregation and the money flowing. Corporate church does not serve God. If you're a minister who honestly can't understand that truth, please find another job.

Soon, I will be identifying synagogues of Satan... with evidence... and I will be demanding those ministers and churches declare public and on their ssigns that they are part of a religion, but they need to stop calling themselves Christians... and if they don't understand that, while talking about the end of days and the second coming of christ, then tell them to read their bibles.. at least once... in their lives...

Here's a part I read last ight they should take notice of:

Isaiah Chpater 63 woul be a good start.. 63.. about the time I had my little vision in church...

4: For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.

Goes with what I said a day or two ago about next Christmas...

6: And I will tread down thepeople inmine anger, an make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.

FROr you stupid shrinks who think I"m threatenting the Government, I have evidence for God's day of justice, and violence won't be needed.. but I'm sure you're two bit peon Nazis will constiue to provoke people while I'm at the Hague ending evil in the world once for all, as a peaceful movement defeats the Nazis once and for all.... got it Barack? Ask Jeremiah....

For all yuo people who think callingme traitor and terrorist for doing this, remember, you're the murderers and rapists of the deathsquads... covering up the crimes of your favorite celebrities and policticians.. tell Brian Baird I have email after email from his office about his pride in the gem of his politicial career... Weed and Seed... and just like the standard mo, when we were going to do a fundraiser for his campaign, Lynn knew his wife more than 20 years ago..... and Baird called a veteran a Nazi....

8: For he said, Surely they are my people, children that will not lie; so he was their saviour.

Tell that one to the sick murdering frauds in LA for me.

9 In all their affliction he was afflicted,and the angel of his presence saved them; in his love and in his pity he redeemed them; and he batre them, and carried them all the days of old.

That one's for Judith of Bread of the Presence Catholic book store...

10 Bu tthey rebelled and vexed his holy Spirit: therefore he was turned to be their enmemy: and he fought agains tthem.

from there, read to the end of the book of Isaiah

For most, this will seem like a strange message for Christmas. For true Christians, it should be an announcement received with joy. And if you ministers don't understand that, then stop calling yourselves Christians, think about it, and tell your congregation you don't actually believe in God, but you hope.. and that's what got you Barack Obama and Nazis.

66:17 They that sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the gardens befhind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord.

16 For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead with all flesh; and the slain of the Lord will be many.

The sword is truth. And the slain are the guilty, and they will be slain with the truth, and subjected to the will of the citizens...

Merry Christmas. May God damn the United States Government, and bless the loyal citizens. That's my gift, and promise, for today.

PS Karl Rove, Robert Mueller and Arnold Schwarzenneger.. their fathers were actual Bavarian German Nazis... the sons will do what their fathers wouldn't... I understand why MY father wouldn't... I understand why he knew I would. And by the way, God hates Nazis and apostates.... got that Time Warner and GE....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manhattans - Kiss and Say Goodbye

Tell Judge ROy Moore thanks for me for standing up and making sure people know that this nation, this government, actually is Godless. He was vey much a part of why I read the Bible, to defend persecuted Christians as  their representative in government, and alot of other groups too that I studied to be sure I accurately represented them as well.. like when I read the Koran, and discovered we'd all been lied to badly about Muslims and Muhammad... a subject I started writingabout in 2002, and was stopped inthe middle of, when I wrote, we have been sorely misled... and then the psyops guys harrassed me.. it was when I was writing about John Denver...... and apparently the apostate from LA had already been hired to interrupt me on behalf of Barack and the Council on Foreign Relations to pervert the word of God and the true meaning of the Bible, everlasting life, Islam and worse.

Israel and Islam mean the same thing: Peace.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Love In Song

The perfect song for that deceiver from the CFR.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Andreas Vollenweider - The Woman and the Stone

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 20081028donniemclurken

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frankie Lane - Jezebel

For the Rockefellers and the Council on ForeignRelations

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Evil _lp

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - If It's Magic

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Memory Lane

This song is dedicated from me to God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Late At Night - 204 - With You I'm Born Again

As the Nazis continue the painfuil torture for Christmas to celebrate the Birth of Jesus on behalf of the United States Government who hates Christians, I read this:

Isaiah 66:24 And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me; for their worm shall not die; neither shall their fires be quenched: and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.

12:37pm I was sitting in the living room, delaing with the pain of constant tooth torture when the psychotronic guy started singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"... and he laughed and suggested I put it in the weblog, as if I'm crazy. So I said, ok.

BTW: I'm here alone because Lynn wanted to be with her children, and she let last night so in the morning, she could recover from the psychotronic torture that gives her so much pain in the mornings... and I'm alone, until she gets here for dinner, because I need to protect the property and make sure the evidence isn't destroyed. Given the tooth torture, it's unlikely I'll be able o eat, and if I do, I'm sure it'll be painful, and they'll torture as I try to eat. They always do, and it's not just pain caused by a loose tooth. And the psychotronics guy is laughing at me now....

12/26/2010 7:17am Up around 5, I was awake quite a  while before that, being hassled as usual... and I've been thinking about lots of things...

Lynn said she ordered the 6 dvd set of National Geographics... all since they began printing.. given it's a Skull and Bones compay, and they checkmated themselves with me, I figure I'll show some pictures that people will be really amazed to see.. the 7 wonders of the world, including the hanging gardens of Iraq, explaining why the Koran describes heaven the way it does... and since it's close to the Garden of Eden...

Watched the History CHannel.. something about lost Bible Books .. I'm still wondering why the writings of Jesus aren't in the Bible... except, maybe, He was teaching other people to  survive tyranny until it was overcome, while He was doing and writing things others might say would be setting a dangerous example, or talking about things that would be judged diverse reading. And then there was the story of Lillith... (producer: Lillith looked alot more like Eve to ME :})

Sarah McLachlan - Rarities - 01 - Dear God

I've thought about specific times wehn I perceived at least 2 if not 3 different people tryign taffect my writing in For the LOve of the World, particularly in the fall of 2008. I appreciate in some ways that last person for identifying the Kingdom of God as existing, and even showing me my whole life of wanting to start the farm was in fact the model of the kingdom of God... at the same time, I extremely resent the interference leading to the incompletion of the books and all, because I would not write what would be popular and present an image of someone people wanted, like a Huckabee or Reagan... and I resent it because it represents to me people who understand the Bible and more, and totally betrayed God by using that knowledge to betray Him.

I often think about how odd it is to read the Bible for one reason, for other people, to be representative of them, and then to look around and notice how the leaders of it all seem to have lost the real messages and meanings, replaced by what the Bible calls myths and fables, the stuff people like to hear and want to be told in order to be happy.... delusions... and as a citizen, I wanted to represent them and at the same time, as a Christian, despite the apppearance that I don't fit the mold of a good Christian, admittedly, I needed to speak up to them as much as I felt a need to speak up to - not against - the government.

And then I read on deal with being attacked and all, and one day, realize I'm Christ, and even understand why I didn't know from the day I was born, and it is alot just like Moses... and the more God leads me to read the more I realize how much I've simply done, as a citizen, what the Bible said the Son of Man, Christ in the Second Coming, would do. And frankly I always kept in mind that I promised God that I would serve in any way when the time came, but I honestly believed it would have been simply as an honest politician leading in moral ways. And I looked at how easy it would be for people, false Christs, speech writers, people who got off track.. how easy it would be to emulate the characteristics a Biblical figure.. like Bush and Obama have.. and others... 

I think alot about probabilities, and what I actually believe is possible... the government psychotroncis guys would have me believe all is lost, and though I've been sequestered, I know that things could work out better, but the problem is, as the Bible demonstrates, once  anation slides down the slippery slope to a certain, it doesn't usually correct itself until it collapses and has to deal with reality.

My impression is that some ministers believe the same thing about individuals, as if causing them to become destitute will cause them to straighten out their lives.. and I see it every time I go places... I was thinking about James Taylor's song.. there's a well on the hill, I just can't kill for Jesus.. and I keep wondering, where did he and peopel like Laura Nyro get the idea that Jesus would ask people to do that? He said, I speak  of peace, and for that you speak of war.... and you forget the words.. I have slain with my tongue...

The United States is being destroyed by its leaders from the Council on Foreign Relations on purpose based on a plan since before Andrew Jackson, and a finalized vision by Jimmy Carter and the Rockefellers in 1958 that required conquest and ultmately, like we do in other countries we're at war with, cutting off communications, attacking killing and exiling leaders of education and history and religions and others... in order to subdue their enemies...

Thus I and millions of others are targets of the death squads. I have to believe that I have been a target since about 1975.. and then because of other factors, since 1958. And I believed this was a moral nation, I believed in it... And I know that few  people would be as patient as I am when tey learn of the betrayal by this government not only against them, but against God and everything this nation has always claimed to be, and what most of its citizens are. Unfortunately, the government makes the decisions for the people, and the various mvement s by tea parties and such, in the background run by the same Council on Foreign Relations running a dialectic maybe not recognized by peopel like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, playing into their hands.. by not revealing the full truth, also known as lies of omission that are allowing people to be murdered by the people in the background supporting their efforts.

That's a dialectic, but I have to believe its real, because its beyond me to believe that they and noone on their staffs have heard of psychotronics or that death squad targets haven't contacted them. I did. Michelle Bachmann's email server form on her state website. When Keith Olbermann first made fun of her.

I'm gonna say this, and this is for people in the Rockefeller family who know the truth, not all of them of course, and the Rothschilds and a few others... Never forget that you pushed me into this position, and just like lots of other people, all anyone had to  do was treat me nice. I could quote Bible verses all day, and for me it's not about preaching the Bible, it's about proof of prophecy that you are what you are. Isn't it interesting the Chaldeans were experts at astrology like the Reagans... that it wasn't the Jews who had Jesus executed, nbut Idumeans who had become part of the leaders of Judaism.. the Elders of Zion.. and that Zion has been changed to actually mean those who believe Armageddon is the way to bring on heaven, and denying that God told these peopel who know it wasn't going to be allowed again.. like children who break their toys and expect to get  a replacement.. never again.. and you knew it and you know it... nothing you do to me or others will ever change that nor will your tantrums of destruction gain you what you want.

The Golden Rule.. Dominance and Submission.. neither are the answer, nor are they necessarily right or worong.. understanding the rippling effects is what is required for God's Kingdom.

Old words like kingdom carry a big linguistic charge... like the word God, or Jesus or.. I  was reading somewhere last night about Jesus saying he had to wash everyone elses's feet and al that... it wasn't modesty, it was teaching equality and at the same tiem respect for leadership...

The History channel reminded me of the thing about how some might say Jesus stood next to the cross laughing while His physical body was being crucified.. the truth is, life is like that. GOd and Jesus and Christs all are in physical human bodies, when they are, and we come here to play and live and enjoy some of everything God made... and those physical can die like anyone else's.. I liked how Jesus said - sometimes the Comforter in one context, and the Son of Man (his spirit) in most... will give people everlasting life, and to me it just sounds like getting people to realize what we really are and that leaving the destruction or restoral of this planet to the children... you are the children...

The few who were able to keep things like this in mind when this is over will have the good fortune of living from a moment where you don't have to live with the "past"... and those who chose evil will be fully cognizant of their pasts wehn they come into their next life, which will seem like hell to them because of their regrets.

Like Ted said.. a  camel through the eye of a needle... or was that a rich man...

Because of your containment of me, I have approached few with wanting to discuss what some would call divinity...and because of propaganda, memo 46's and more, I guess you have people well trained in fables and myths and like the time of Jesus, woudl not know the ways of God if God HImself stood before them... which of course, is what I was destined to point out... wishing I could have been.. let's jsut say, I can't imagine that there are that many people running around attempting to speak to peopel of faith.. who even say they're astonished at my knoweldge... that when someone does come around, even quoting scripture that supports the idea that their interest in discussing it would be useful... that they don't even inquire or take the possibility of the Second Coming seriously enough to want to know or be sure.. with someone willing to answer every question... that's very sad.  And the fulfillment of prophecy. And Rockefellers, about my wife... nice move, didn't work... I'm no emulation, and I refuse emulations.

As you well know and desperately try anyway, no corporate sponsors or sickos will change the outcome. This is God's world, it's about ownership, it's about creation, knowing how the universe works and how people work and what they do, and why they fail. (BTW, my Front Page html editor says it  will take 732 seconds to load this page with a 56k modem)

Magic Bible verses.

I think I started with II CHronicles Chapter 12.. but 12:14 is the actual place I first looked.. And he did evil, because he prepared not his heart to seek the Lord.

I would have thought all ministers would have been wary of falling into the trap of doing evil to do good, and being unable to recognize true evil, being wary of deception and emulation, and knowing the difference... and like me worrying that I might be "the emperor", that they might become someone sdoign everythign they claimed they stood against, people killing prophets in the name of God, ignoring the warnings of Jesus.

I read through chapter 15. And then, liking to end things  on a more positive note, I turned to another spot,and ended up opening to John Chapter 14. I laughed while reading it, at how Jesus knew people wouldn't understand and told stories knowing it would cause them to ask questions, and having the answer ready because he knew what the questions would be knowing, and knowing he would not really understand unless he forced them to ask questions so it would make sense to them.

And again, I wonder why the writings of Jesus were not passed along with the weight of the Bible...

The History Channel program... I took notes, Lou :} It had this verse (excerpted, of course)

Luke 11:29 And when the people were gathered thick together, he began to say, This is an evil generation: they seek a sign; and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.

30 For as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of Man be to this generation.

Now that I read what they quoted  on tv andcompare that to the actual scripture... they left out a lot of History, and changed that verse alot... they said, the only sign would be the coming of the Son of Man... such is the controlling of revisionist history, propaganda, brainwashing, and establishing myths and fables devoid of the whole truth to accomodate the anti-Christ. The History Channel roots are of the Skull and Bones....

They tell you what you want to hear to get you to trust them, then they tell you what they want you to think, betraying your trust.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jethro Tull - A Passion Play - B45 - A Passion Play Edit 10

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bruce Hornsby & the Range - The Way It Is

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Almond - Tears Run Rings

12/27/2010 7:18am Awoke around 4. I was just remembering the time I heard Tom Brokaw say people thought it was inappropriate if Nelson Rockefeller ran for president.. I didn't know the Rockefeller's believed they own this nation.

8:31am Death Squads AKA How To Overthrow A Nation I knew something was up this morning.. since I wrote about the government using people to disrupt my writing, as well as try to get me to write things they think will embarass me... tell the Rockefellers I was told in the beginning that I would be harrassed until I die unless I proved what was being done, and that everything I had ever done would be exposed to publicly humiliate before I was killed. Humiliate and exterminate. My answer then is the same as now: the truth of the Nazi overthrow of this nation is more important thn my personal public image. You people know who I am, and I know what you are. This morning's attempt to SPitzer/Edwards me will not work, and in fact the question that will remain is Why did the Rockefellers want Lynn McMullen dead? ANd your probable claim that I'm adandoning her, which I'm not, will turn into, why did you and your fellow conspirators set us up for destruction, humiliation and extermination? In the course of all of this I WILL  exhonorate Ira Einhorn, Elliott Spitzer and John Edwards... and since you gave me no choice, I will not back down.

Noticed MSNBC's new documetnary, revisionist history, of the Atlanta Olympic bombing story, about Eric Rudolph. The part the government doesn't want you to know is that one of the people I network with informed the FBI of a plot to set off a bomb at that Olympics, and they got the wrong guy, and she informed them of that fact, and her life  has been destroyed to silence her. She was in charge of the research of the LevEsque trials that were delivered to her and the attorney for our cases....  full evidence and transcripts from Canada... $755 million from the CIA and Time Inc.

I wrote this solely to document another example of a time the government attempted to stop me from writing the truth of their crimes. I'm gonna finish this one.... and it's the story of murderous, torturing government, that rapes women to demoralize them, while getting leaders of other nations convicted of human rights and war crimes for the same things.... Nazis. It's the only word that describes them.

4:34pm I was about to write more on today's topic when apparently someone got the word that I really don't consider this a game, and the U.S. Government doesn't like the fact that I'm willing to tell the truth about a multitude of their crimes since the 1950's....  things that would get us citizens arrested and jailed for life for. SO they tooth torture me more, and so badly, it nearly rips my teeth out... and the guy doing it is celebrating that he got me to write about his sociopathy.

Tell the DHS and Barack thank you for fully convincing me what they and their bosses are... and tell Jay the same thing I told Leon Panetta, with the same due respect.

They say when God is dead, the government becomes God. Barack, God is alive and well. Barack, why do you and your friends want to hurt so many people to accomplish a robot world?

Cases of Deliberate Experimentation on Individuals for Military Purposes
 In one study over 100 Washington and Oregon state prisoners (recall the discussion of Phase II drug testing in Chapter 5) between 1963 and 1971 had their testicles dosed with radiation to discover what doses would sterilize them. The project was funded by the Atomic Energy Commission at a cost of $1.5 million.

From Carole Smith, GWEN Towers, Demofund

12/29/1010 8:30am It's clear to me that the psyops by the U.S> and Council on Foreign Relations is proceeding, and these sick locals perverts are proceeding with aplan to murder Lynn. What sound slike a good deal for her for living somewhere is a horrible trap. Every time she and I make plans that assure her safety and my ability to address the legal issues, she suddenlty changes her mind and throws things, wastes money and worse.

THe current plan would have  her move, and stay in Washiongton State, which is not a good idea for her safety, levaing her caught between the people harrassing us now and trying to kill her, and the Thurston County Sheriff who went out of his way to do the standard psyop mo of identifying himself... and he's in charge of all the people - I'll bet at least 100 on Steamboat Island,  many member of St Chrsitopher's Church.... of the people who rape and murder people like us. Someone in THurston COunty better get a brain, and stop this, because if you're a dirty cop, Thurston, no one likes dirty, murdering, rapist cops. And the jury will believe the hundreds of witnesses about psychotronics... then there's the neighbors you'v ebeen harrassing across the street,Thurston, and your service record, 2 other TC Sheriffs and more... tell ED he's not very smart... tell Ed you just tortured my teeth, and I'll remember, and psychotronics will be believed by the jury. Pretty stupid for a county that would otherwise have received little or no mention to the Hague and in criminal reports. But, Thurston, you are a true criminal, like your bosses. More crimes to cover crimes. And then there's the civil and human rights, and sister Scott.. Thurston.. how WILL you idiots explain that? Remember Gig Harbor, Thurston.

Speaking of which, Rockefellers... I was trying to decide yesterday what to say to ministers about why they should denounce the Council on Foreign Relations... I opened up the Bible and turned to the Book of St Jude. I decided that will be the bulk of that chapter. The whole thing.

Ain't it interesting that one of Lynn's friends whose ex husband's wife took over the books, and then a member of that same church used her and ended up owing her over $10,000.. and never paid it back.. and they both work for the IMF now? Sort of like Sabina... right  Jay? Or Annella.... and nearly every one of the psyops includes EST.

Thurston, what do you cops call it when an investigation is wrapping up, and all the dots are being connected, the paperwork is getting done and the criminals keep doing stupid things to distract and get attention? Is there a name for that phase?

Time to get to work.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 105 - Sounds of Silence

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Restless Heart - Bluest Eyes In Texas

Wolf: Remind these people what happened to the BTK killer.....

11:21am Gates: Back in the late 60's and early 70's... 28 was the right size for a class, and there were good reasons for it. While you billionaire Knights of the British Empire (who can't run for President) send your Bilderberg kids to Harvard and Yale, remember that the people who get paid half as much for having the same degrees through public education earned this nation with their hands and sweat, and you don't own it anymore than the Rockefellers or other financiers...

Good to se ethe MK-Ultra attorneys are still being funded by the veterans group. They'll love my testimony and my evidence, and they'll like it more when I tell them what great lengths the government has gone to with local losers to shut me up and delay me from seeking their assistance and offering mine.

I've been compiling a concise report of quintessential documents regarding death squads, how they work, DOD documents that prove their intent, and I just keep coming up with more and more documents that prove this government is controlled by Nazis.. the real thing... and it's also nice to see the courts finally striking down the tactics of the government... and interesting that my father knew about Echelon before 1960... and I read about squids, and  the Gulf War subliminal FM piggybacks, and all sorts of things the government has made public very covertly in order to claim it wasn't hiding a thing... how come I was assigned to the JTTF after the Murrah Bldg bombing?

I'm being told again that local authorities are still looking for ways to legally detain me... I know you think I'm just another TI, and that you have all the power... I think anything you do just makes you more convictable as evidence, psychotronics is easily proven, and as always, like with the locals here, I'm warning you only to stop committing more crimes, because the mo's are simple.. and there are many psyops...  and given the evidence, you'll never be able to make the case that I'm crazy, delusional, or a threat to anyone's safety or well being...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 15 - Still Would Stand All Time

PS To whoever broke into my trailer last night, the third time in a week, I always turn off the pilots on the stove so the gas is completely shut off. Please leave money for the heat in the future.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Benatar - Hell Is For Children

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God MSNBCjoescarboroughboo

I don't know, Joe, ask Ted Turner, something about "God is calling..." :} I don't pick em, I just play 'em.

12/31/2010 7:50am Finally gave up and decided to open my eyes and give up on sleeping around 6am.. extreme tooth torture began immediately...

I can always tell who is part of this and who tehse guys are trying to protect by the questions they ask and then the fultility they try to make me feel by claiming the entire U.S. Government and the citizens are in favor of terrorizing its own citizens, torturing them and murdering and raping them... the President Milosevic is in jail now for having his soldiers rape women in Kosovo.... and the U.S. filed charges against him... supposedly, Iraq soldiers raped children in hospitals in Kuwait.. and we attacked Iraq for invading Kuwait for stealing Iraqi oil after the Bush administration gave Saddam the ok to invade... check with the International Action Center, and you'll hear about the human rights violations of the Bush Administration in the Gulf War.. from former Attorney General Ramsey Clark...  strangely enough, under Carter, and who will have to answer questions in my case as well.

Elliot.. see how fair and dispassionate I am?

Damn MSNBC, always feeding me actionable corroborative evidence when they actually report the news.. that's why I love Matthews.. and why I'll give him a special feed from HIS jail cell... Christine O'Donnell.. speaks to mo.. tie her up in law suits to prevent her from political activities.. by Biden.. WACO cover up... finally got the angle, Joey... never did find the article by Biden called "How I learned to love the New World Order"

Sailor Boy.. the good news is, having them cite the constitutionality of all legislation is excellent.. when you have them read the constituion, make sure they're actually in the room. I watch C-span sometimes, and I think that when I do, once a month or so, I see more than most senators and reps do when they go to give their speeches to empty rooms... :} the problem is with you guys, is everytime I am led to see something, and I think one of you is honest, I find out how brilliant you all are... and that's not usually a good thing..

Did I tell you about the dream I had one night, I'm sure it was psychotronics.. the one where Dobbs was in a judges robe, in a judges chair in court, handing me a little red book, I assumed it was the constituion, and standing  to the right and one step behind me was a destructive distraction... :} I woke up  and laughed for days about that one...

Unfortunately, I had to record the Olbermann year end special too..   More evidence. Ho hum.

Meanwhile, I'm still getting heavily zapped,  Lynn's being zapped, and I still consider it all illegal detention...

The article on the death squads is going well.. as well as What Is Psychotronics did.. and I think I adequately explained why people should disavow the Council on Foreign Relations... ya know, Rockefellers, I never even gave you guys a second thought before I learned of the Council on Foreign Relations...  and I laugh when I think about the millions all of  you and your government friends have spent containing me, all the while telling all these people excuses for doing it all... I don't care what you guys claim, I know you know the truth. And the perverts who harrass me are good representatives of how criminal minds work... as in, the righteous only seek good, and the wicked expect wrath, so  they commit crimes to  cover crimes, and get caught.

The next world I see is one that comes to the realization that this and other governments are not their friends... and I don't mean just wanting to vote for other people.. I mean like shutting one down, arrestiing traitors, and starting it again... uncorruptibly...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ElectromagneticWeaponsProjectCensored

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 06 - Visionary Mountains

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chad Mitchell Trio - I Was Not a Nazi Polka

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 104 - 59th Street Bridge Song

I don't know, Joe, but I think God's tired of playing music games :} The Project Censored article may no tbe online yet... it's part of the death squad article, which may take a few more days....

PS Barack. Hell froze over yesterday.. the paint didn't dry, but at least the green drips on the campaign trailer are better than the red ones... I can't wait to get somewehere warmer to paint it... talk about a  grassroots candidate... I'm thinking I'll get  it painted, then let kids paint it with finger paints and acrylics while I talk to their parents

Mika.. about "talking to your parents" and the NAACP.. I finally realized they didn't reject me... I just wanted to join.. I didn't realize they were asking me to talk to my parents about ending racism. I wanted to join because they DID talk about it.. and I was too young to be that clever... me and Beaver, ya know :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jose Feliciano - Light My Fire

Aesopian from God.. Joe must be laughing.... sounds like the chopppers are coming... 8:19am doppler radar time. They fly around the property lines now so they can claim they're not harrassing us.. might be a light plane this time... can you believe the stupidity of the DHS?

6:21pm Got  few thing sdone today, but the bulk of my day was spent being tortured... I sat down to write this, and the torture was increased.

Here's what I have to say... the U.S. Government perverts using psychotronics tlel me, once again, that since I'm going to file charges against them, they might as well get their retribuition - their word - out on me now.. as they rip one tooth out and work on destroying a molar as well...  all claiming they'l never be prosecuted because the government says they're immune, and they think they're anonymous. I know differently. I also know that the people involved with these psychotronics guys - all of them - are involved in the same conspiracy, and it will primarily revolve around freedom of religion, freedom of speech political assassination as in actual attempts at murder.. and their continued threats, taunts and intimidations wil be recorded. And I dare them to claim anything abou tme using their illegal psychotronics, lethal directed energy weapons and luike CNN, the U.S. Government and the State of Washington will not be able to credibly deny their knowledge of illegal use and their lethality, nor the disastrous effects their gang-stalking and rape and economic destruction...

I always feel encouraged when they say, it's only a psyop.. it is, but one meant to kill, and a psyop is a psyop...  the same kind that happened to me in Washington State back in the 80's... as Lou said, its's binary.. xon.... soon to be xof... it's a  graphic thing, but it fits.

Here's a little excerpt the psychotronic guys like from the write up on death squads.... I'm letting Jay have a look just for the fun of it.. given the torture, Jay, it might take a few extra days.... Happy New Year to you too, Jay...  and about that program at OSPR, Jay...

It was either in 1975 or 1976, I think, when someone came to the Sears store I worked at in Eureka, California and told me he recognized me, and was a friend of my father's when my father worked at the Naval Shipyard at Hunter's Point in San Francisco. He asked me what I knew about my father's work.

I knew my father's work was classified, and I never asked questions, and I thought he never told me anything of importance. I looked at this man, knew he was way too young to have known my father as he described, figured he was an FBI agent just closing the case on my father since my father had died more than 10 years before. And, I told him the truth, my father never told me anything about his work.

In 1975, a man named Ira Einhorn was trying to warn people that the CIA was using a technology called psychotronics as a "mind control" weapon against U.S. citizens. Arlen  Specter was his attorney, after he was arrested for murdering his former girllfriend Holly Maddux. When the CIA showed up at his house and discovered her body - it's important you notice that - the CIA showed up and discovered her body, not the police - they went directly to the closet where her body was stored in a steamer trunk. He was preserving her body, presumably as evidence. Before my work is done, I will prove the CIA had such technology, and used it against Einhorn to silence him.

The crimes against Einhorn and the visit from the FBI were at about the same time. Right before the Church Commitee hearings on MK-Ultra and the CIA, Co-Chaired by Senators Frank Church and Senator Ted Kennedy. Mk-Ultra included early work on psychotronics and mind control.

A couple of years ago, I finally looked up a patent in the U.S. Patent Office website for something called "the Thought Camera", a search recommended to me some 5 years earlier. Because of that, I wrote to Los Alamos for more information regarding what appeared to be work my father did with Tesla, or in further development of Tesla's original work, to implant people with electrodes so their thoughts could be monitored and recorded electronically.

This explains why, one day, when I was 3-4 years old in 1958 or 1959, my father, supposedly one of the founding members of AMPEX, and my mother, took my sister and I to Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco, and before a doctor saw us, he informed us we were the first people in history to have the chicken pox twice. They gave us pills to knock us out, and I guess a  few days later, I complained about not being sick, tired of sleeping, and felt a cut/scab on my ear.

Years later, a woman describing herself as a student at JFK University in San Francisco - studying to be a sex therapist - looked at the back of my ears and said without explanation "I've never seen them do it like that before." I'm assuming she was referring to the scars that I've always wondered about myself, how and why they happened.

Kaiser is well known, especially at that time, to have been involved with the CIA and the Stanford Research Institute, part of the Hoover Institute, on MK-Ultra and other mind control projects.

The Church Hearings were a cover-up to cause people to believe these egregious medical experimentations and life destroying practices had been ended. It's no different than the Warren Commission's cover up of the Pres. John F. Kennedy Assassination, and the government's unwillingness to tell us the truth of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Since 2000, I've come to the conclusion that if the government says it's passing an "Act" or conducting a commission, I assume that they're acting like they're investigating during the commission of a cover-up. That may sound extreme, but if you check the facts, and follow the money, you'll find out what I just said is true.

These are some of the things I've learned since 2002, and since learning I was a target of the U.S. Government Death Squads.

It's important to note that all people who call themselves "targeted individuals" are harrassed and psyopped using the same "mo's", methods of operation, and that because of psychotronics, psychological operations can be conducted covertly and custom tailored to attempt to "break" someone's psyche, the same way psychiatrists were used on GITMO detainees during such experimentation and possible programming. If you're not aware these things are going on, they can destroy you.

In my case, I've been exposed to the typical attacks, but because of other factors and I believe because of knowledge that Donald Rumsfeld characterized as information "I didn't know  that I know" - which was true at the time - I feel certain that some of my experiences have been quite different than some other people would report.

Just the other day, I figured out that the hurricane he created in my fish tank one day with radioactive radium wasn't just about weather modification, it was also about a propulsion system for the hover craft prototype he brought home one day - a system and technology of anti-gravity aircraft supposedly derived from the Roswell crash - and the propulsion system of "alien" craft supposedly discovered by the Nazis, the Brill, as they attempted to apply it to aircraft and missile technology during World War II - also accounts for the pollution of San Francisco Bay with radium, and the reason Morton Salt had been "iodized", as it was harvested from the Bay and required the idoization to treat people en masse for radiation poisoning without their knowledge or causing people to become frightened.

10/28/2010 The next day. Last night, after years of wondering why, when we left Palo Alto to live in Santa Cruz, he named our 5 acre homestead Los Palo Altos. Only last night did I consider that he was telling me the proof was in the tall trees, the eucalyptus or willows down by the bay. A place I was forbidden to go... just down the street from the garage where AMPEX began. And then imagine what truths would be told in the rings of old growth trees about war, pollution, radiation, and....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Karla Bonoff - Personally for Jay, of course, from God.. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 08 - Vintage Clothes - okay, so it's New Year's and Keith spilled lots of great old whiskey all over himself.. when he "leaned forward ":}   PS The trailer roof is about 3/4 light green, like the house...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash - CSN - 105 - Anything At All No comment

That's funny.. the Jew down the road who says he doesn't believe in God wanted me to  do a magic bible song for him...  tell the Sheriff he said something about his parents in Florida.. or was that Michigan?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter, Paul & Mary - Leaving On A Jet Plane

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash - Shadow Captain

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Isley Brothers - Fight the Power

8:06pm Got a couple of things done. Mostly, tortured and harassed...   the tooth torture was particularly bad, and it's hard to imagine a government that would do this to anyone... and condemn others for less.

For the record, yesterday, the pain was so bad I didn't eat anything, today, ended up I ate pizza, but it was painful. There's a part of me that's glad   these people are taunting everyone in the world by their perversity and their defiance of every moral and ethical organization of  justice in the world...

Last night, I was "encouraged" to look out the window, and saw a   strange white beacon type light flashing at interesting intervals.. for the record, it was not the sameas the light waves I saw rippling through the sky, and hopefully got video of, from the field  where the truck and temporary pole were on the other side of the island to the right of hwy 3 going south toward Shelton. Watched and videoed that for weeks, until it was replaced... something about the aperture of a rubber mouth woodpecker.. :} and the God particle "sought" for the completion of a project to protect a tunnel  in a mountain with an electronic force field...  :}

Oh yeah, I was tortured last night while trying to read the Bible, and just about the time the  psychotronics guys claimed they had broken my connection with God, I turned to the story of Samson an Delilah, with the message of that paradigm, bring down the pillars on your way out the door...

Always shuts them up.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Night Version) Remember back when I was joking about reading Colbert's mind?:}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mary MacGregor - I've Never Been To Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A04 - Magazine

Tell Hillary and the gang that I have my own quadrennial plan in mind. People will like mine. PS Back when I labeled certain people on the site as Wise Guys, I didn't know that people called gangsters that... like Uncle Lou said, there are no coincidences. Lou, the psychotronics guys wanna know, about that picture... you know, you and the scroll on book day...:}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

1/3/2011 8:29am THis morning seems to have been about certain cops trying to intimidate me more, and like always, doing thigns to taunt.. including letting me know they are know using psychotronics on Lynns friends, Chris and Kathleen, to position Lynn to complete her murder. This is standard MO for Weed & Seed, and I've already documented the infiltration of the neighborhood, and criems committed by these people under the direction of the quintessential dirty cop, and since it started in the same county as wehn we moved here, it maes sense to me now that Baird and the local authorites would want her dead, us separated, and me disappeared.

Ed, tell you friends, you screwed yourselves.. the Hague Rrport got a little longer this morning, but thanks to the taunts, it will be much easier to prove the case, including the efforts to prevent me from being able to get to the Jehovah's WItness Church to get one final piece of evidence needed to irrefutable prove the PMS psyop as a government murder plot, with the additional catch of disrupting that church with their infiltrators, who I am certain were part of preventing them from contacting me...   Everything you people do, including threats of lies for false reports, always leads to all of your convictions. Ed, I didn't know what your brother did to Lynn and I, but I guess we'll be finding out soon... who'd have guessed I'd find the quintessential dirty cop and prosecutor in one psyop. Sue me Ed. Mason County, I recommend you withdraw your support for weed and seed, just to show good faith.

As always, while being tortured while reading the Bible last night, old bFMAN was happy to have suppsoedly broken my connection to God.. as I read, anything I read that's bad he tries toconvince me is a prophesy of nmmy death.. so I read on because Hezekiah was not doing well, and he laughed at me.. and then I read on, and Hezekiah's fate turned out to be the same as Job....  PSYOPS and shrinkswho help psyop people are proof of sick perverts.. and accurately depict the people on the death squads.

I want to say one last time.. I don't have any predisposition against police.. I've been set up to look like I'm some soert of militant, disliking police, politicians, women.. none of that's true. At the same time, if you're a cop or authority and you use your position to commit crimes and disrespect the constitution, civil and human rights, and you think it's good work to rape and murder people.. then I'm all for a national effort to clear the ranks of professional perverts. Now, if you want to consider that any kind of threat from me in any way, just remember, you're the perverts, and only your guilty conscience and true criminal nature would have you commit more crimes to cover crimes... or to cover for other people... ask the dead cops in Lakewood what happens to honest cops....

Just remember, folks, Barack Obama betrayed and deserted his Minister who married him and supposedly preached to him for 20 years, he's had congress go after Rangel and Conyers, the ACLU reports civil rights are going downhill since he took office, he betrayed a whore in LA, his mother, grandmother, aunt, brother...you think he's going tothink of you as anything other than collateral damage? Nazis are Nazis. If you reject my use of that word, look it up in the history books. And then decide what you are.

For the fun of it, tell Huckabee that I'm going to set an example for what doing the right thing means. And I hope he doesn't bother praying to God anymore.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chicago - Stay The Night

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Lucky Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Matthews Southern Comfort - Woodstock

1/4/2011 6:51am Woke around 3 or 4 finally gave up trying to sleep around 5. Tooth torture continues... it's a great way to satrt the day, being tortured.

This morning, the psychotronics, defying decency, the law, God, every living thing, gave me some great ideas so they could get me to write about their depravity as rapists, pedophiles and murderers. They keep pushing me to write the Hague materials, and just like the Death Squad materials I was writing, torture has stoppe me. THey think they're accomplishing something by proving to me they can stop me from doing anything.. They particularly want me to attempt to write the materials abotu Nazi propagandists, an defiantly, shoving their sick crimes in my face and laughing, they gave me some great ideas about how to make them look exactly as they are, starting with the story of the women who get knocked unconscious so somebody can rape them or sell their unconscious bodies to others for fun and profit, including the woman in Detroit who knows of a guy who shot an anchorman point blank after psyopping them with psychotronics.. and she was knocked unconscious and raped several times herself... a single woman living alone... and of course there are the stories of Letterman and Conan O'Brien and others... and then, how I was sucked in. Why is it tha tNBC defended Letterman from teh woman in NEw Mexico, when he worked for CBS? WHy is it that Cho sent his materials to NBC in the middle of his deadly rampage at NOVA. 32 dead. Ask Cliff van Zandt.. a  pro like him would know, if he was investigating crimes...

Thes stupid locals, BC, keep shoving this stuff in my face, including tryign to convince me my efforts are futile by telling me all the crimes they've committed against me and others, as well as what they plan to do with Lynn if I leave for help... all sorts of things and in so doing, all they've done is caused me to recognize the patterns of the individuals harrassing me, and given me info that will be actionable leads and reasonable cause for criminal investigations...

I'll state again it was the government's crimes and psyops that lead me into gathering evidence, for a justice system that I chose to beleive in, and they've done such a good job at convincing me they are truly unjust, and that they really are Nazis as they tell  of their pride all the time... and they all think the idea of reporting it to international authorities is the biggest joke. but I didn't ask the United States Government with the help of the media to kill me, nor was I seeking, as a citizen, to crimnalize anyone. Now, figuring the probabilities of me surviving the next step of reporting all these crimes, it wil have my full energy, and thanks to the perverted locals, the evidence is easy to produce, and does not even require mentioning psychotronics, although it will be used to prove it...

The biggest sick Bibical joke of all was they wanted to prove to me they could make me hate... and more, to hate the government, cuz the Bible says, don't hate the government. I'll point out again that I don't hate the government of this nation, and for fun, this is the closest thing I've ever come to actually hating the corrupt of the U.S. Government.. and they're way beyond corrupt... and those people, I guarantee you, are God damned, and no amount of torture to me or anyone else will ever change that. Tell Hillary to ask the phony preacher to read the Bible and point that out to her. You can't beat God, Hillary, Jay, and whatever the names of the sick fuck Rothcilds are... every time I get tooth tortured, they tell me, does that tell you anything about what we think about you? and I'm saying the same thing to the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers and the other Nazis who are destroying this world. I say that as a citizen. And I claim my rights.

Magic Bible verses. Last night, as always, the stuff I read is context sensitive to the day I had and clues about the day to come. Last night I read from Isaiah... Chapter 60, verse 17... and remember, these psychotronics guys always try to shame me by claiming Im only doing these things for money.. as if living wasn't a reason to report crimes....

For brass, I will bring gold, and for iron, I will bring silver, and for wood, brass, and for stones, iron; I will also make thy officers peace, and thine exactors righteousness.

Of course, there's the story of when I lived in White City, Oregon, on the corner of Peace and Justice. A police officer lived on Peace, and a minister on Justice.... interpret it as you will............

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Imagine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Olivia Newton John and Cliff R - Suddenly

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Rough Boy

One of the things I'm looking forward to the most is getting to California, and writing what I discover to be the end of the story so the United States Government can make up a bunch of new lies to justify such absolute total perversion. They'll get the hell they alwyas wanted, only they'll be the ones at the back of  the line, and at the bottom of the barrel.

10am Notes: Keep away from Chucky.. one o f the games the psychotronic sand psyops guys like to play... sometimes I go into town, and notice people being affected all of a sudden.. often giggling...  but more, slowed down, like delayed and in slow motion. Some with injuries that I know were caused by psychotronic "RC" - Remote Control.. that allows operators to cause people's muscles and more react in ways that cause accidents and problems... of course it all sounds weird, as designed, so that victims would sound like they were making things up... with Lynn and I, the game they play is to cause Lynn pain when I'm around, or to have her become upset over little things, so that even when we're having hte most relaxing time, something happens to cause Dis-ease and tension between us. That's CoIntelPro work. today was no different, as they purposely used rc to grind my tooth, while she suddenly felt extreme pain, the same way she does immediately after taking her Oxycontin pain medicine... as if to make her dread taking the pain medicine. And they want me to feel guilty about recording our lives - destroyed by the death squads...

Words and the bible: I always get a little bothered by the inference when supposedly God is talking and it always talks like God did all this to make himself look good.. for His Glory... and it never felt right... everyone lieks to feel good about themselves, and be the best or acknowledged and all.. but the idea that God would have us live simply to serve him like some sort of feudal king.. when Jesus told Peter that if Peter washed his feet, he'd have to wash Peter's... if Jesus is just like God.. it just doesn't make sense that God would that vain.. and after reading last night, I'm certain tha when God was talking, His Glory was really his happiness that things were good for people and the world... his glory.. his happiness and excitement that things are good...

The psychotronics guys re bored, adn want me, just like 2 years ago, to appear to be criticizing every minister, especially on tv.. and I'm not gonna lie, I think I hear lots of things I'd like to talk to a few tv ministers about, regarding how they represent God's "messages" and ways. and I'm not even talking about PMS... but I also know that the tv ministers are not truly representative of the people in community churches in this nation, though I believe things do need to be straightened out with them too...  and if I had to recommend any church channels, frankly, I'd go with EWTN and BYU...

Yesterday, I think I got the alternator on the Camaro to work...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows Y a know, I always cringe when I see that McCartney gets picked.. and wouldn't you know... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 05 - Under African Skies - Paul Simon I was thinking this morning, I should have gone to work in Africa...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Adia_live

12:41pm I'v egotten less than an hour's work, if a half hour, today, and the rest of the time has been dealing with tooth torture as they try to rip the tooth out of my mouth... and they are making it worse because they want me to keep mentioning it becaus esome idiot shrink is probably lined up, Like Antles was, to claim I have mental problems... I'll say again, anyone who does that WILL end up in jail.. documentation proves psychtronics.. and your psychiatric manual updated specifically to cover these crimes will not cover the crimes. Sick government paid psychiatrists are criminals. And anyone who wants to talk about public hoaxes should start with CNN and Anderson Cooper. denying the existence of psychotronics, despite CNN's knowledge of them, and being true to his CIA training. He was described as the perfect example of a CIA propagandist: little fact, lots of emotion and opinion. Much like Campbell Brown's hysteria abotu her kids getting vaccinated, and other kids weren't, so the other kids suppsoedly posed a threat to hers... even though they were vaccinated... that's propaganda.. just like her claiming thermisol was proven harmless, and it isn't. According to CNN and the History Channel. Mercury is bad for the nervous system

If you're Jewish and have chronic fatigue syndrome, have your doctor check for heavy metals.. nanotech like that leaves you harmed by psychotronics and directed energy weapons like cell phones transmissions and satellite broadcasts. I'm not joking. I hear chelation therapy helps alot.

5:00pm All day, nothing but tooth torture, the last hour or so incredibly extreme, all the while having to listen to a pervert tell me all the reasons why the united States Government has the right to kill anyone they want.. and then told me the reason they used directed energy weapons to try to kill Lynn was to cover up the Pastor Melissa Scott Psyop, because Lynn said she was starting to understand the Aesopian... 10 dentists, $16,000 now a broken toe and an injured big toe.. the almighty united states government... perverted to the core.. again.. note the reports in the Washington Post regarding pedophile parties during the Reagan Administration... tells you all you need to know about the U.S. Rockefeller CFR dynasty.

5:53pm I have now been told that Thurston County intends to bust me on fraudulent charges in order to get the evidence and destroy it. 100's of other victims will corroborate this sort of threat, as well as incidents that actually happened like this... remember, Thurston County, these are your trusty death squads protecting you from bad guys... if you like em so much, and let you represent you like this... check out MK-Zine sometime... it's all about the victm who helped to track down harrassers of MK-Ultra victims... guess where.....

I'm very clear these death squad perverts are going to try to perpetuate the lie that the U.S. Government and the State of Washington are in compliance with the law, using lethal weapons like toys on people who don't even know they're being attacked... And there's nothing secret about it.. nothing classified.. and apparently. they tell me, the Weed and Seed shrinks and lawyers all kepep telling them don't worry about it, the DHHS and DHS will pick up the tab and take care of it... After some 12 hours of torture today, they're having a good time laughing at destroying my teeth...

One other thing: if anyone ever tries to tell you the thign sthese psychotronics people say, and the psyops do are just "psyops", like they're harmless... wait til I put the lawyers on her case. The attacks on her have left a vital woman demoralized and traumatized... and wondering what she might have done to deserve being murdered... after saving 20 million lives, and working tosuport foundations and organizations in the State of Washington in ways that would have made the best leader in the history of the world proud to have accomplished so much... and now, her state is killing her to cover their crimes of trying to kill her. If she was able to handle it physically, I'd persue her case first. And any reporter that puts the bum rush on her, given the cricumstances and the common knowledge of the attacks to harm her... better have a good lawyer, because keeping her away from you right now is to protect her life and preserve her public dignity, despite all the organized efforts to defame and kill her. And every person, and I mean every person involved in what was done  to her will regret.. legally.. becaus ethat will be the best way to shove it back inthe faces of Nazis who think humiliating and exterminating someone like this is fun, and will be swept under the rug.

There are lots of footstools in the world. God's day of justice will be fun.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jesus Christ Superstar - I Don't Know How to Love Him The apparent truth of  Christians in regard to God

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mocedades - Eres Tu

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sierra - God Is In Control - 11 - I Know You Know

It' sin your jeans.. I guess that was Jezebel's way of telling me her job was to try to attract a Jew/me to kill them... and to let them know way on the genocidal U.S. Government.

Ayny of you legislators or cops who think I'm out of line for my comments, try talking to a cop yourself about your excuses when the weed and seed and you use sychotronics to rape someone next time. And then be tortured for 12 to 14 hours. I doubt you'd have the patience I have to enjoy the idea of what a legal conviction is worth, when proving a peaceful movement will defeat Nazis. Now have a good laugh at that, and think about it seriously, because after 55 years, I'm still alive... after 10 years, I'm still alive.. and your peopel are desperate and making mistakes everyday that they think will vindicate them

Talk about delusional. Rapists and murderers of the death squads thinking people will call them heroes.

Loggins & Messina - Danny's Song

AS the torture is continued...

7pm I've spent at least the last 45 minutes being tortured and questioned regarding incidents with CNN and Kyra Phillips, the appearance of Mike Farrell and the comments made by Lou Dobbs ending the interview, telling "Farrell", you've had your sya, we 'll argue about it later... right befor ethe Iraq War, when Farrell and Dobbs were not arguing about it but discussing it, right beofre Dobbs removed all his transcripts leading up to that moment... the appearance of a presumed phony Melissa Scott on CNN and then later on MSNBC, as well as the tie to THurston COunty and the infiltration of the Jehovah's Witness Church where an aboviously prominent membe rof the church, named Miss Scoot and looking like PMS... and other incideents that involved CNN and the denial of psychotronics and dews by the Thruston County police when seeking info as well as then being "forced" to answer questions I had not intended to discuss about CNN attacking me, when the officer decide to do the standard routine of basically letting me know he was classifying me as crazy.. which is what the polic edo when weed and seed death squad victims seek help.. such will be shown when info is provided by a social worker in FLorida who heard the story of   a homeless victim (homelessness a major result of death squads, so they can get people isolated and kill them without anyone noticing) and called the police to get assistance for relief from the attacks on the victim, and the victim and social worker were placed in a mental institution. A similar story will be told by a former NSA transcriptionist, the wife of a Tennessee judge who met her husband's mistress in the same mentla institution with the same symptoms: psychotronic and dew attacks.

These people say their laws give them the right to murder, rape and torture people at will. I say, their laws will be their confessions.

And I recommend that legislators read the Constituion, right Sailor Boy? I'm warning you sailor boy, everyone I've thought was a good guy turned out to be  a bad guy... and I don't care who gets convicted anymore. Being tortured all these years has that effect on you. Like I said before, if God wanted me to learn anything at all, it's why there is no mercy for the truly evil.

The tooth torture has now begun again. and they're saying, does that tell you (Chuck) what we think of the law? That sort of remark will corroborated by hundreds and thousands of people... and I'll bet that's just in Washington State... when this is all over... At least Washington Satate set the precedent for the lethality of these weapons.. and why they should have known not to give anyone authority to use them

For more info on the known lethality of these weapons, contact Richard Haas of the Council on Froeign Relations.. and ask Ron Paul what his excuse is after nearly 40 years for not telling people about the death squads now operating, and the weapons he knows are being used.

When this case gets to a national ACLU suit, we'll ask Ron Barr what his special counsel advice to the ACLU was.... and then ask the Libertarians to decide if he fits the image of a good Christian leader standing up for the rights of citizens...   like Huckabee... I have this problem, Mike, everytime I use the word "mean" it comes out mena....  Mike what will Christians say when they find out you know about the weapons being used to persecute them in the end of days, and you didn't even tell them? Amd to Sarah and Michelle.. are you telling people the death squads are killing people now, or just preparing them to accept death squads for the future when you lose the election? I'm gonna wanna know, and remember, I don't care who's guilty...

You DHS, DHHS and Weed seed, intel guys... read the constitution, and think about how you'll explain to a jury and the world why you're not traitors and murderers? And if you'r enot one of those, if you don't bust the ones who are, you are aiding and abetting enemy combatants and terrorists.

I  dare you to claim I'm wrong under oath. ANd always remember, you guys came to kill us, we didn't do anything to cause this situation... can't wait to find out who informed the state of washington we were targets after being psyopped and psychotronicized in Washington DC/Maryland... this conspiracy, I thought, would be difficult to explain. Not anymore.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fleetwood Mac - Temporary One_live

PS to the peopelwho uploaded the materials to my dvr.. I have 17 PMS shows, the 18th - with the picture in my office - got erased.. somehow... I have video of the contents of the dvr from before the DNC convention... while your psychotronics guys issue their insane threats of luring me away from home to steal my evidence by giving Lynn another stroke...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Men At Work - Overkill

ANd to the guys who drive up annd sit infront of the tree in front of the house, hiding like the Nazi cowards you are while hitting us with dews and psychotronics.... wait til the world finds out what cowards Nazis really are. Especially the ones who pose as EMT's on calls supposedly to make Lynn seem to have heart problems... to cover the directed energy attacks/stroke. Didn't work out for ya, did it? Didn't kill Kim Jon Il either... but it got Arafat and Sharon. Remember, before Viet Nam, 10 world leaders were assassinated, includin gthe President of Viet Nam. That's part of how you know global war is about to begin.. when they start killing the leaders of nations, teachers, clergy...like Rumsfeld said, anyone who oppoeses the U.S. plan for global military domination..... by China.

You can say I get a few details wrong every once and awhile, but rarely, and even when I do, I get it right... digest that while you work your death squads under the guise of protecting the United States from terrorists... go back to the weblogs and the emails to Dobbs in 2002. What did I get wrong? Oh yeah, and Dreir... haven't heard ya much lately.. did you and your friends close the borders yet? One more  video that's not that high on the list, but fun to keep handy for later.. California here I come...

Sissy football, huh?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Highway - One - 101 - Feels Like It's Slipping Away

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana & Dave Matthews - Love Of My Life Eve liked Dave Matthews...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter, Paul & Mary - Five Hundred Miles Is California that far? Let's see, a 14 hour drive at about... a 14 hour drive from... it's  a pretty drive.. especially in a Camaro.. that I might get working in a couple of days... and is stil better than Dobbs' Escalade... Tell Victor, yes, I am tough.

The last couple hours of torture have been about supposedly establishing a predisposition against police, which doesn't and never existed, and the few interactions I've had, Thurston, tha twere not positive with police were becuase of police doing illegal activities against me while harrassing me on behalf of Pete Wilson and Exxon regarding the Exxon Valdez disaster.. and I won't back off on the multi-year Exxon/Rockefeller CFR Connection to all of this, since I was 3 years old. I consider this night and whole day of torture to be illegal depositions under force without consent and under the diress of torture, and I will stand by that, and look up GITMO shrinks to determine how the current psychotronics death squad members relatre to the torture at GITMO.

Again, the United States Government proves it's Nazis, and Congress, The CIA, Stanford and many more have been forced to admit the activities they brought home from Germany... notice how the government has tortured me into stopping reporting, speaking of religion, and beiong allowed to have any time to do anything but survive. That's what Nazis do. And the laughin gpervert tortures me more... and he is idiot to believe psychotronic swill not be proven against them, and thinks they can use it agains tme. This is how stupid these intimidators are: I read an article the other day about taking statements from people from other countries who are enemy combatants... while tortured... I'm not foreign, I'm not an enemy combatant. ANd I am a jew being tortured by the United STates Government, and I believe it actually is primaruily because I am of Jewish ancestry, and to cover their crime of sabotaging my wentire life. You shrinks who think I'm crazy for blaming everything on other people better look up the CIA, the Church Committee, and what happens to lying, paid off shrinks working for Nazis.. just like Rockefeller and Exxon pay supposed scientists to write false ecological reports so the media can claim there is a doubt, for example, that global warming exists, in order to cover up the fact it only exists because of HAARP and war... otherwise, this planet would still be a clean place. Instead, we have irradiated oceans, people dying from government experimentations of all kinds.. and they would daere call me an extremist for telling the truth... they're the extremists...

I'm beginning to believe the best punishment for these people is to allow any victim to work the controls on their attackers, after convicted... since these perverts think it's so much fun to torture people.

By the way, Thurston, implants for soldiers isn't anything new, and it's psychotronics... ask Jesse Ventura...

And for those who think they can confuse me.. it won't work like when you zapped me to stop watching CNN.. because the only thing you had on me then was that I lacked documentation, otherwise, I had the evidence all the time... and I wasn't confused, I was attacked, as was Lynn and other people we knew... professional people we worked with, and those who were our donors and board members... friends too... psychotronics... when they visited... all I was counting on all along was for you perverts to get so arrogant you'd make mistakes... thank you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List

It's amazing how arrogant murderers and rapists get when they're paid by the U.S. Government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leo Sayer - Endless Flight - B45 - I Hear the Laughter

I'm now being threatened with more torture and sleep deprivation.. classic symptoms of anxiety and so forth... and typical of the way these guys work to deiscredit their victims .. emulations of maladies.. emphysema, heart trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, ambien "sleep" disorder, Lunesta.. all the coutner indications are cover ups for psychotonic and dew attacks...   and if your fingernails are getting wavy and ridged or you suddenly start losing hair.. you're getting hit by directed energy microwave attacks, lethal doses over time, CIA slow kill.. you just think you're tired, dizzy, have headaches or are anemic....

tell Antles I look forward to showing how he altered my medical records... that's the one that will convict you all. And there's no way it was anything but  a setup.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

Millions of people will be helped by the end of the Nazi takeover of the United States... including people being slowly and covertly murdered and death squads... all you perverts in the death squads better know that all you've done is defeat yourselves... no matter what you do to me...

10:36pm over 17 hours of tooth torture.. so bad, I can't eat... I tired eating a tuna sandwich earlier, but it was painful.. and they're torturing me even harder now.. they joke about breaking my connection to God, and instead, thanks to Victon in Thurston Coutny, who they'r etrying to cover for for butchering my teeth along with the other 10 dentists... while trying to read the Bible, I'm pretty sure they broke my toe again...

Time Warner and GE better call these people off. Cause I'm calling today attempted murder.. again.. there will be a multitude of attempted murders and death threats, including against the WSP.  17 hours of tortture.. can't wait to file the charges and wipe the smiles off the faces of the peopel of Harstine and Shelton when they look at me and smile like, I know you know we're killling, what are you gonna do about it?   i'mr eally glad to find out who these death squads are, how they operate, and who to have arrested. Even more, to have them convicted so Thruston can have his wish granted to haveme tell the jury, to taunt me at his invulnerability, to tell them he wants the death penalty if he gets caught. I say, they all deserve it, because they keep taunting me to ask for it because I'm against the death penalty... tell Hillary the atacks against enamel dental appliances are going so well that even she won't be able to deny her unity.

1/5/2011 10:49am See notebook re Home Depot.. I can tell the profilers are working hard.. this morning, trying to design a cabinet fo rlYnn's trailer, I got attacked.. woke up around 4.. gave up going back to sleep around 7.. today so  far has been about BFMAN having me write of journal of torture attacks while trying to design the cabinet.. and they still think psychotronics won't be proven. Clar\ealry, they want me to saty away from ZThurston COunty because they know I have 100's of civil rights violations against their death squads, which I have a n abundance of proof of. And the profilers, of course, want it to look like the ramblings of a psychotic... they are desperate, and they think all this torture with my teeth and now my feet, which may be getting gangrene, is fun. What they do't know is the so claled doctiors reports thye have will be proven to be baseless, false and a conspiracy. ANd by th e way, they already have th einfo, they think they can get me to divulge things that aren't about me, they'r eabout the conspiracy.

But, meanwhile, they have prevented me from completing the documentation about the death squads and the genocide of Christians and Jews by the U.S. Government.

1/6/2011 7:59am Dobbs - long ago I wrote joking about Nostradamus and the prediction that after the millennium, the greatest hoax against humanity would be exposed... you also asked on the air once, are all skull and bones people bad... the answer to both is, I think the greatest hoax is that the citizens won the revolutionary war, followed by the next: tha tthe United States defeated the Nazis. And finally.. yeah, apparently they are all very mentlaly ill sociopaths, murderers and worse... I had my douibts about you when yu said on the air that you and Steven Forbes were friends.... and all he ever really talks about is how great it is to be rich and be able to make deals, and the people who were harmed or bankrupted - too bad, that's their problem.

It must be fun... the polliticians make themedia guys feel like big shots, and get them to commit and laugh about their part in murdering people covertly.. and then the media get the locals feeling like big shots while they murder people.. and it seems to go down the line... and I know the media people know that what's being orchestrated is what theNazis did, and the Germans didn't want to admit they were Nazis either... I think the reason so many people come to the onclusion, and the psychotronics perverts like to get people to call you Nazis becaus eit's a very dirty word, and like the big lie, it's true.. and that's what you laugh about most... getting called what you are and then laughing at getting people to laugh at those who are right... like hiring the most perverted rapists and muerers in the world, and calling them homeland security, and arming them and putting htem in things like weed and seed, and making them local heroes, wiping out people, murdering them, having fun doing it knowing full well the people being murdered are the ones who actually believe in Democracy and God... Only a real pervert could enjoy being that deceitful....

It must be fun to "know" that Chrisitians are supposedly pacified because they "know" that their oppressors will be sent to hell... and then to torture them, and even more fun, to cause them to become evil, thinking they are doing good, and even lying tothem about what happens to those you liars send them to attack. Saw another JW on the death squads, yesterday... another BFMAN recruit, it appears. More pieces of evidence.

To NBC and Olbermann and all the rest of you... nothing has actually changed about my intent.. I know you people suppsoedly loaded me up with evidence tha tyou believe "supposedly" would be a taunt knowig I didn't have money, let alone a home, in order to make good use of it... so it's just a taunt... and these psyops guys are doing the CNN bit of trying to make me feel it's all futile, cause I have hundreds of people caught red handed... and it won't be futile, and I don't really care howit turns out for me, byut  assure you the pillars will fall, and the kings houses will be destroyed...  and they'll do it to themselves,. like the locals, stumbling all over themselves to defend themselves against people who don't even know they had crimes committed against them. BTK...  at least Wolf told me the profile of the people I was up against. So bored committing heinous crimes, the only challenges left are to dare peopel to catch them, or die committing their crimes. U.S. Government Death Squad personnel. Where your tax dollars go.

Anymore, it never surprises me who turns out to be a Nazi...

Remind the CIA, Cameronizing doesn't work.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Partridge Family - Summer Days

3:09pm It's been a difficult day for Lynn and myself.. Lynn being hit with dews and making her sleep... feeling pain in her side... and tooth torture for me nonstop..  as the United States Government says it wants to prove something to me by killing me by torture, as if it could ever be justified.  Thanks to the DOD and the DHS and DHHS for proving to the world that OBama is every bit as sick and murderous as every president since .... they have now proven to me, as if I'm impresssed, that they can torture me and break my bones and keep me from writing or even eating, as they did again a couple of nights ago, and th epain in my jaw is so bad today I can barely move it.. and the United States Government death squad pervert is enjoying it.. tell Hackney I   hope he's ready to identify the Asian man who claimed to be your father, and Jackie too...

It's been another wasted day of illegal detention and a true representation of the sickness that has overthrown this country.

Read the words of Jesus from Matthew last night, despite torture to break my toes... people should read the words of Jesus... hopefully, alot of these perverts who aren't actually christians will stop going to churches...  and harrassing the real ones.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers & the First Editi - Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earl Klugh - Finger Paintings - A05 - This Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Swing Out Sister - Breakout

1/7/2011 7:54am Not much to say this morning. Awake since 4. Got new info, Washington Post... at least now I know the direct tie to the states and federal governments, so at least the lawsuits just got that much easier.



I've seen alot of info in the last month or so in the few minutes I've read news... it always stuns you when you find definitive information that explains the treatment we've received, especially when that info supports assertions about activities 20-30 years ago.

WHen the WSP makes its next report on me to the FEDS and  the JTTF's around here, be sure to mention that we're the victims, and they'r ethe criminals. And that what I read this morning proves that the United States is being overthrown by force by the United States Government, fascist and Nazi.. if only these people knew how to read, and actually understood why the constitution says what it says.. but they don't... and so they revert to brutality. Fortunately, it will cause its own destruction.

The psychotronics guys are talking like this means they get away with it. I disagree. Just the opposite. I have the  right to criticize anything I want. And I think the DHS is a bunch of U.S. sycophant cowards and traitors.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leo Sayer - Endless Flight - A45 - How Much Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Greatest Hits - 07 - Southern Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rascals - People Got To Be Free

8:33am Lynn's trailer.. psychotronics guys told me they'd wreck everything I fixed, and it appears they're doing it. Repaired a leak in Lynn's trailer, went through a few storms and ice and suddenly, it leaks again.. had a spot on my trailer that was ok, now leaks again... great neighbors. How disgusting can people get? And how do they imagine it will go unnoticed or unpunished?

1:47pm The U.S. Government has proven to me once again that it is so criminal that it can't stand truth. Nazis are like that. For the record, Lynn wa sjust deleting  afew episodes of torchwood, and suddenly the contents of the entire dvr was gone... and there's no way she could have done that. All you politicians, media people authorites and local Death Squad Perverts.. I stand by everythign I say, and the truth is, I needed very little on that dvr to make my case..  I have it on the other dvr and multiple backups.

These were on a dish tv receiver.. of course, Directv had put an undelete in their software a while back.. so like any computrer hardwdrive, I know it's there, unless the governemnt wants to prove it's fear of the truth more by messing with that.. which will have no other recordings made on it in order to protect evidence.

Tell your psyops guys they need to get a beginner. Meanwhile, the leak in Lynn's trailer may have been condensation after all.. and I don't know about mine...

Note: Peggy Delaney, UN, Lynn, re IMF: Nations working with IMF double their national debt within 5 years. Rockefeller. A recurring theme.

The psychotronics guys want to brag that they've caused me extreme tooth pain today...  I'm glad to know the DHS thinks the evidence was destroyed.

1/8/2011 7:10am I was thinking this morning - woke around 4.. definitely in a sleep deprivation period, about 5 hours a night... the psyops guys wanted me to mention it so it would seem like I'm claiming anxiety so they can say I'm mentally ill :} Sorry Cliffy, you really aren't that good at it, are you.. you need beginners....

Given the way I know governemnt/death squad/media psyops work, Ihad already mentally figured tha tthe videos DISH erased off my dvr yesterdaywouldn't be there.. because all along, the psychotronics guys were telling me Keith said that they would be there as proof Keith isn't a Nazi.. of course, like with othes the psyops guys wanted me to believe in and then get upset about when the big trauma hit, I was supposed to get upset, hostile, vitriolic and worse.. Sort of like when I became  alittle depressed to think James Taylor was involved with the psyops for CLive Davis and GE/Universal and CNN. Cliffy, I popped, years ago, that's why I'm so calm. Just remember, CLiffy, the way I pop is I get serious about what I'm doing, and leave the benefit of the doubt to the jury. So when it comes to the bimbo you're covering for, forget it... or Dylan, or Rachel, or Keith or Chris or Ed.. I do have a voice, ed...  same goes for Kyra, Miles and Lou and Aaron and CIAnderson Cooper. Whatever other evidence I need I'm sure I'll find in MAD Magazine... and whoever the bimbo is.. tell them in the future, wwhen the government sys they'll cover for you, remind yourself that means they'll cover themselves and let you take the rap.

And isn't it interesting I showed up at CNN, ready to show evidence and reason why I was there, and they weren't interested in hearing that... sort of like Dave and Conan's visitors...

I said long ago I wouldn't let the Federal Government scapegoat the locals, and Ithat doesn't mean I let the locals off the hook. So Janet and Barack, good luck, tell Leon hi and tell him the same message Ileft on the CIA webform when he first took over the CIA. :}

Some people may not take seriously my claim of being a journalist. I think you'd find lots of supposed professionals who'd say that, especially given all the attacks, I've done a good job as an investigative reporter, and even though these attacks destroy evidence and obstruct justice, I have more than enough in so many directions and so many witnesses to the parts...

More and more I understand thing sin the Bible, why they would work out the way they would. For example, I'm into prison reform and rehabilitation, but I'm not one who likes the dea of letting prisoners out because of space limitations, I belieeve in law and order.. but now tha tI know how many people have been setup for crimes to fulfill the Stalinistic goals of the Council on Foreign Relations, and how many people were instituitonalized and marginalized with bogus mental illness charges, them fully well knowing they were being attacked from psychotronics...

Let's just say, I fully understand how a peaceful movement could defeat the Nazis/Satan...

About the videos erased.. my real reaction.. thank God I don't have to pour through them and watch them to gather evidence. 130+ hours saved... I still have hundreds of hours...

Now, let's see if DISH puts an undelete function on their dvr like Directv did :}

The harder it gets, the  easier it gets... what fools...

Got in another half hour on the death  squad piece.. Keith you'll love the memories of Christimas 2009, as will your LA co-conspirator... the King's Houses WILL be destroyed. peacefully of course, wherever they are across the United States.

A Majority of One... that has a new twist, doesn't it?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - We All Stand Together

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bill Cosby - Noah _ Me and You Lord

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (God's) Empire Strikes Back - The Clash of Lightsabers

Lou, God's empire is the one that will last.. wait til you see the new synagogues of Satan section... some old Hague Germans will recognize the symptoms... and the fun part abnout psychotroncis is knwoing that my brain is like  a dvr, and before we disable psychotronics..... as for the satellites, Lou, that's up to you guys. Ask China. As for me, I liked living without telephones and electricity.  And about audactiy and the soon to be united nations.... it'll be nice when this is over, but the sufferin g will have been worth every minute when the results are delivered, anepople find out what freedom feels like for the first time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

8am Oh yeah.. got some real good psychotronic broadcasts while walking around Home Depot the other day... including how they confused me so I didn't buy some things I wanted to get... I hope the guy who's proud of his boy scout will find his boy scout proud of him when he explains how the people he works with rape and torture people for the government.

5:47pm The psychotronic sguys wanted me to say that they're proud to be Nazis, and to prove it, they're going to do Auschwitz in America on me to prove they're above the law.

That's typical sociopathic psychotronic talk theat the GITMO shrinks have done to detainees for years... Meanwhile as I've pointed out, the DHS is like NAzis.. tonight on the History Channel, Hitler's Bodyguard, about how Hitler hired street thugs and started the SS.

Meanwhile... tooth torture started early this morning, and of course, as food was prepared, it intensified.. I ate one piece of chicken, and it was extremely painful.. and these guys are laughing... that's the United States Government for you. No matter how you look at it, it's the United States Government, Barack. Tell your rapists and torturers I'm laying the blame on your back.

Meanwhile, Lynn had a very bad day of pain, and she's being hit by directed energy weappons, while the psychotronics guys taunt me by saying they'll claim to the public that I don't care. Meanwhile, the guys doing the tooth torture say they're specialists at tooth torture for the government.

Right now, their favorite things to do are to torture me while eating, reading the Bible, and rebreaking my toes everyday. What a great government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Like a Virgin

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Rough Boy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - Listen People

We don't like people who don't like Nazis because we're supposed to kill people who don't like Nazis. That's the latest piece of sickness by  the psychotroncis guys. Ask CLiffy, the sure sign of a true psychotic like these guys is their competition to get their crimes mentioned... right Cliffy.. and tell Rick Cain he can protect his assets all he wants, but given he's CIA, I'm assuming he means all the people you're pysopping. And I have lots of proof of psychotronics. Lots of it.

6:34pm Earlier, Olbermann, your pervert frinends who think you're off the hook told me the theme of the report of how Naazi propagandists like you have negative effects in the world, all leading up to Christmas 2009, 0f course... and of course, since your frineds at DISH erased the DVR, they' caused Lynn to be moaning in pain and wishing she was dead. That's the result of Nazi propagandists. And again, anyonme who thinks I"ll back down must be insane. Remember, Keith, these are your perverts, defending all of you at GE/Universal and CNN... sue me. Notice the threats and continued violent crimes don't work, and I dare you to face any of this in court.. and of course, I'm not tlaking to Olbermann, I'm talking to Obama, Napolitano, Ge/ Time Warner, the Rockefellers adn any other sickos who believe covertly murdering millions of people is a good way to change a culture.

Thes sickos want me to include all sort of thing stha thave happened that are appropriate for court, and with corroborating witnesses, the atrocities this government commits will be confirmed. And Cliffy and all you other profilers.. good luck making ME out to be the mental case in this situation. And you'd better believe i will assert genocide, which will easily be confirmed or denied by the world health organization.. given the torture, I already know the answer. ANd you rlaws admitting psychotronics and dews is your confession.

Excuse the typos. I'm getting extreme torture right now.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 06 - Nature

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Hardcastle - Living In Oblivion - 007 - 19

1/11/2011 8:32am

Survey: Americans don't know much about religion
By RACHEL ZOLL, AP Religion Writer Rachel Zoll, Ap Religion Writer

Tue Sep 28, 12:02 am ET

A new survey of Americans' knowledge of religion found that atheists, agnostics, Jews and Mormons outperformed Protestants and Roman Catholics in answering questions about major religions, while many respondents could not correctly give the most basic tenets of their own faiths.

Forty-five percent of Roman Catholics who participated in the study didn't know that, according to church teaching, the bread and wine used in Holy Communion is not just a symbol, but becomes the body and blood of Christ.

More than half of Protestants could not identify Martin Luther as the person who inspired the Protestant Reformation. And about four in 10 Jews did not know that Maimonides, one of the greatest rabbis and intellectuals in history, was Jewish.

The survey released Tuesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life aimed to test a broad range of religious knowledge, including understanding of the Bible, core teachings of different faiths and major figures in religious history. The U.S. is one of the most religious countries in the developed world, especially compared to largely secular Western Europe, but faith leaders and educators have long lamented that Americans still know relatively little about religion.

Respondents to the survey were asked 32 questions with a range of difficulty, including whether they could name the Islamic holy book and the first book of the Bible, or say what century the Mormon religion was founded. On average, participants in the survey answered correctly overall for half of the survey questions.

Atheists and agnostics scored highest, with an average of 21 correct answers, while Jews and Mormons followed with about 20 accurate responses. Protestants overall averaged 16 correct answers, while Catholics followed with a score of about 15.

Not surprisingly, those who said they attended worship at least once a week and considered religion important in their lives often performed better on the overall survey. However, level of education was the best predictor of religious knowledge. The top-performing groups on the survey still came out ahead even when controlling for how much schooling they had completed.

On questions about Christianity, Mormons scored the highest, with an average of about eight correct answers out of 12, followed by white evangelicals, with an average of just over seven correct answers. Jews, along with atheists and agnostics, knew the most about other faiths, such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. Less than half of Americans know that the Dalai Lama is Buddhist, and less than four in 10 know that Vishnu and Shiva are part of Hinduism.

The study also found that many Americans don't understand constitutional restrictions on religion in public schools. While a majority know that public school teachers cannot lead classes in prayer, less than a quarter know that the U.S. Supreme Court has clearly stated that teachers can read from the Bible as an example of literature.

"Many Americans think the constitutional restrictions on religion in public schools are tighter than they really are," Pew researchers wrote.

The survey of 3,412 people, conducted between May and June of this year, had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points, while the margins of error for individual religious groups was higher.

1/12/2011 148pm Down goes Frazier.. preliminary diagnosis: breast cancer... charge: conspiracy, forecasting actions.

Tooth torture continues: the psychotronics guys wanted me to mention that, as they really believe the old days are still here, and psychotronic scan' be proven. Standard MO, as Mazlett knows, is that when these death squads strike, police are told to treat victims as mental patients... despite their knowledge and use of the weapons described. Ask Thurston. The MO's are so standard and simple, any 2 year old would connect the dots.

I keep looking for memories of   other people who have introduced themselves, showing me they were involved in the psyops, and then emerging later as an active participant, especially the ones hundreds or thousands of miles away... and how they're used to set up the murder. Or the implications of obsession and obsessive ompulsive behavior.

Almost cut my thumb off yesterday... reminded me of the psyop when my neighbor decided he'd tell me how to build the deck....

Magic Bible verses are always magic, answering the questions of the day, and giving me good advice for the times.

I'm kind of tired from months of continuous torture, and sleep deprivation caused bty psychotronics. Tell the shrinks it won't work, it's a repeat, it wouldn't have worked anyway except to further establish conspiracy by the U.S. Government and the Weed and Seed and the medical people you hire to kill people. Like Ed Shuster said, they're using health care as a weapon... I'm proof.. so is Lynn.. and God damn those who particpate in this sort of mass murder...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hank Williams - Hey Good Lookin'

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 05 - Couldn't I Just Tell You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God JJ Cale - New Orleans



delivered by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on January 6, 1941

The nation takes great satisfaction and much strength from the things which have been done to make its people conscious of their individual stake in the preservation of democratic life in America. Those things have toughened the fiber of our people, have renewed their faith and strengthened their devotion to the institutions we make ready to protect. Certainly this is no time for any of us to stop thinking about the social and economic problems which are the root cause of the social revolution which is today a supreme factor in the world. For there is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy.

The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple. They are :

Equality of opportunity for youth and for others.
Jobs for those who can work.
Security for those who need it.
The ending of special privilege for the few.
The preservation of civil liberties for all.
The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.

These are the simple, the basic things that must never be lost sight of in the turmoil and unbelievable complexity of our modern world. The inner and abiding straight of our economic and political systems is dependent upon the degree to which they fulfill these expectations.

 Many subjects connected with our social economy call for immediate improvement. As examples :

We should bring more citizens under the coverage of old-age pensions and unemployment insurance.
We should widen the opportunities for adequate medical care.
We should plan a better system by which persons deserving or needing gainful employment may obtain it.

I have called for personal sacrifice, and I am assured of the willingness of almost all Americans to respond to that call. A part of the sacrifice means the payment of more money in taxes. In my budget message I will recommend that a greater portion of this great defense program be paid for from taxation than we are paying for today. No person should try, or be allowed to get rich out of the program, and the principle of tax payments in accordance with ability to pay should be constantly before our eyes to guide our legislation.

If the congress maintains these principles the voters, putting patriotism ahead pocketbooks, will give you their applause.

In the future days which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms.

The first is freedom of speech and expression --everywhere in the world.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way-- everywhere in the world.

The third is freedom from want, which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants --everywhere in the world.

The fourth is freedom from fear, which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor --anywhere in the world.

That is no vision of a distant millennium. It is a definite basis for a kind of world attainable in our own time and generation. That kind of world is the very antithesis of the so-called "new order" of tyranny which the dictators seek to create with the crash of a bomb.

To that new order we oppose the greater conception --the moral order. A good society is able to face schemes of world domination and foreign revolutions alike without fear. Since the beginning of our American history we have been engaged in change, in a perpetual, peaceful revolution, a revolution which goes on steadily, quietly, adjusting itself to changing conditions without the concentration camp or the quicklime in the ditch. The world order which we seek is the cooperation of free countries, working together in a friendly, civilized society.

This nation has placed its destiny in the hands, heads and hearts of its millions of free men and women, and its faith in freedom under the guidance of God. Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights and keep them. Our strength is our unity of purpose.

To that high concept there can be no end save victory.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jethro Tull - A Passion Play - A45 - A Passion Play Edit 6

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - House At Pooh Corner

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven

I was just listening to some music.. heard Gordon Lightfoot - Rainy Day People.. my kind of people... I was thinking about how that book Beginner's Guide to the Afterlife described heaven so well ... aexcept for the shunning part. These rainy day people are the reaons why shunning would never happen. And everybody would care   llike this.

1/14/2011 6:15pm The torture continues as the U.S. Government continues to taunt me to prove it can stop me from writing and violate my civil and human rights without anyone's intervention, or concern for wha tthe world thinks of this nation.

Imagine what it's like to have peopel ripping out your teeth while you're trying to eat, after torturing you for and hour or so before dinner so that your jaw muscles become sore and it's difficult to chew or open your mouth. Imagine writing this and having the peopel who do it to you laughing at you while you write it.

Tonight, the psychotronics guys thought they'd intimidate me more by spending time convincing me they were DHS agents, torturing me while I ate, and then laughing and asking "is this enough like Auschwitz for you Chucky?"... and then telling me how much the DHS is  a bunch of Jew haters.

Personal note: check BFMAN's entrance into the weblog psyop setup with the video of him and his people. MO.  If you know what ot look for, even the psyops with all sort s of plausible deniabiliteis work themselves into a corner where no matter what they do or say, they have to convict themselves to defend themselves.

Something about aloha and shalom.

I still read the bible almost every night, despit etorture, and te paradigms lately have all been the same: either, the people have turned their backs on God's ways and destroy themselves, or they do God's work supposedly their own ways and think they did the job but while doing it their way, they destroy themselves, or I walk away and everybody finds out later tha teh government forced me out and got the country labeled anti-christ and Nazi.... and then the rest of Revelations kicks in..

Last night, I found some old archives of early Democratic Fundamenetalism pages... had a  page of quotes from Council on Foreign Relations people...   you'll love these, proves their Nazi ways, also agrees sometime swith my father's opinion that the Tri-Lateral plan theoretically could work, but would likely fail due to corruption and absolute power...  it'll be on Creation 2012 one of these days. Here's the link... of course, as always, Moyers has the quote that still makes him my favorite Council on Foreign Relations Member, and proves that all members and associates are not all bad, unless they front the CFR agenda, and then they're part of them whether they admit it or not.

Gicven how  these people like  to use these weapons fror pleasure while torturing others, knowledge of these crimes at the lvel of national politic shgives no one any excuse for overlooking it. For people with security clearances, I can't believe they require you to commit treason, but in fact, would require you to report it.

Tell Sailor Boy, I'm not beaten, I won't quit, and no matter what they do to me, the reports will be filed...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hank Williams - Hey Good Lookin'

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Quarterflash - Harden My Heart

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cliff Richard - We Don't Talk Anymore

1/15/2011 5:29am I was awakened at around 3am this morning to tooth torture and psychotronics... I gues the pervert down the road couldn't sleep.. the thing is, these people get people like us, targeted by the pervert death squads, to end up writing journals about our torture as if it makes us seem crazy.. the problem these perverts have these days is that the evidence and proof of their perversion on behalf of the U.S. Government is the very laws theysay give them permission...

Isn't it odd I love on Isalnd with Jewish name where racists live and make fun of killing Jews and goes out of their way to prove they've infiltrated the churches. Isn't it interesting how the state government sponsors the murder and rape of a woman who'se devoted her life to helping children, and even her students from 40 years ago contact her from time to time and tell her what an inspiration she still is to their lives.

By theway.. I still have mor ethan enough evidence to convict the politicians... directly involved with torture and psyops... as well as the stupid locals who thought it was so fun to make sure I knew they were committing crimes against us as if it proved they were above the law.

Isn't it interesting the perp who woke me up this morning, nearly my age, didn't know that we didn't beat N Korea back in 1958, we were driven out. And That we lost Viet Nam, as if we had a chance in the first place after France had fought the same war for 30 years and gave up before we got there, and both wars were actually against China.. and the idiot didn't know that... and theya ll think they're so smart.

The United States can not win a war against N Korea without nuclear weapons, and if we go to war against hem, we will be fighting China, and North Korea was sold a reactor for PyongYang by the United States so it couldn't make nuclear weapons, and so we could claim they are a nuclear threat today.

And I guess that they don't even know that, is more reason to beleive these are a bunch of uneducated cowardds who bring people here to murder them because they're too stupid to do honest work. And they don't even care that everything they do is just like they did in Germany before World War II.. and the Germans didn't claim to be Nazis either... as if their murder and genocide would be excused.

I'm glad Barack confessed at Normandy. It will make a perfect example of the deceit of these cowards. And I'm ooking forward to using the evidence I have to convict the media, and the ministers who do evil to do good, and have anything at all to do with these Nazis. And I will easily prove they ARE Nazis. And oh by the way, delusional psyop shrinks... I'm  not the only person who will be giving evidence and testimony... so tell Thurston, all he did was screw his commanders. And thanks.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Horton - Sink the Bismarck

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jose Feliciano - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Last night's Bible reading was the story of David killing Goliath... ready to screw yourself again, Olbermann? Got another bimbo handy? ANd I dare you to look me straight in the eye after the trials... Keith, I'm well aware you're just o ne more pervert point man to kill U.S. citizens and make them out to be fools so the government can discredit those being murdered by the death squads.. but you still do it, and you seem to enjoy it. No mercy for the evil. That goes for your friends, I don't care about your job, but  your bosses will be exposed for what they are. And you'll go down with them, because you're so damned wiling. And that goes for all your friends too. Sycophants, Nazis, and acquiescents... I always said I  didn't like brown noses.. brown shirts.. I hate em... tell Baird he failed.

I'll get caught up on the gossip and rumour news that's actually irrelevant soon. I think I have more important things to tell people that you Nazis are afraid to have known,.. and the beautiful part is, I'll be telling the truth.

8:01am THe latest gem from the U.S. Government psyops perverts "WEe will continue to betray this country because we use psychotronics and no one can detect who we are, so we can get away with it"

It would be easy for someone to say I made that up, and the numerous other obnoxious things I claim the U.S. psychotronics guys say... however, hundreds of witnesses will attest to the same perverse treatment. Years ago, psychotronics was   a big secret. Not anymore. Rope a dope works. And they continue to do it to themselves like true textbook headling exaples of serial rapists.... the specialty in all CIA based psyops. The CIA wrote the book for Weed and Seed.

And for those who think that I write about is "extremist"... the truth is often harsh. But  it's the truth nonetheless.

Personal note: Ambien: Murder of Michael Jackson.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Laura Nyro - And When I Die_live

4:38pm Tortured since 3a.. I got in about a half hour of work this morning, and then I was tortured to the point of getting nothing else done.. meanwhile, a   new guy who calls himself BF jr, a guy obviously a student of THruston's.. and from what I can tell, is the same guy I'll later be charging with assault with his vehicle and 3 other cars while exiting the freeway at Shelton... I have video of him, the others their licenses and vehicles and faces... and it would appear his wife is on the island, having been assigned to harrass me everytime I lef tthe house.. i have multiple videos to verify these things... he also claims to be a member of bridge community church on the island. I'm fairly certain I've videoed other people trading license plates and cars, including commercial vehicles without commercial plates. And the El Camino I bought a long time ago had Weed and Seed plates...  just like the plates given me for the Camaro that the State of Washington refused to renew....

Meanwhile, this new guy is hammering me all day with Thurston and the guy down the road helping, and I go out to the trailer, and it's leaking worse.. Lynn's trailer... and the thing is, the leadk that was happening was very minor, but there was evidence of opin holes and more in the seal that I had repaired and worked over   aweek ago... so that it's leaking more is rediculous, becaus eall I did was put sealant on seams that weren't leaking, except for maybe th epart that was tampoered with, and fortunately, yhe sealant is clear and the pinholes will be visible... someone also had taken off other sealant I put in other places that weren't leaking completely...

They torture me like this, and even get me to writ e in my weblog.. because they think I'll be traumatized by their continued harassment, destruction of private property and psychotronic torture, dew attacks.... and BFJR is proud ofhimself.. I estimate he's about 23-24 years old, insane with the adrenaline rush of crime, and his mentor, his idol THruston, must be lying to these peopel about the legalities of what they do... unfortunately, his mentor trapped himself in too many interwoven dialectics.. and now they'r esaying they';re going to start an arguement between Lynn and I, or send her to the hospital, to make sure we're separated in order to prevent me from gathering evidence. Thurston claims it's his speciality,. A couple of remarks from one of his neighbors makes it clear he is that, and taught the guy down the road too..

More than 13 hours of torture, destruction of private property, mor eillegal detention and absolute proof of Nazi activities. ANd when I check the videos, it'll be interesting to note that THurston was on the scene when I was pushed to claimed they were Nazis, and the attempt was made to make it look like my beef as with the police, not the federal government, and appartently Thurston actually decided to read what I wrote and is now going to realize his intel was way off base. And I can prove psychotronics, and I don't even have to. The thing you can count on from thugs is that their goon squad mentality always has them do more things that make their crimes obvious.. and these guys made it way too easy, and then I'll prvove the psychotronics.. and all their rape victims will be carryting signs outside the coruthouse, just like with Letterman, that say "He'll rape you with his mouth". Another one of Thurston's specialties that he teached his students.

Sue me Thurston. And by the way, thanks for looping the LA dialectic back to Olympia and the infiltration of the churches. Tell the apostate, that'swhat the weblogs were for.. even though at the time, I was just going back and forth with the politicians and media.. while surviving.. waiting for the evidence to present itself enough to prosecute..... and they're still making jokes about the Hague.

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When Jews find out the U.S. has been killing them for decades in the United States, and Muslims find out that the Middle East is  being inundated with radiation to kill them and steal their oil.... and the Hague finds out NBC is producing lies as cover stories for government crimes.....  and then the killings of those Lakewood Police are looked into, and they find out it was a Weed and Seed victim popping....

Read you rBible for how  this turns out... when all the people set up for crimes get out, and the real criminals are incarcerated.

Like they always said, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.... that's why the government wants to usurp the constitution by taking your weapons.. and they'll be the only ones with the guns....  the Grand Funk cut was a random pick...  but, then, I have a right to defend the constitution, and Thurston's a perfect example of why.

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Have you noticed, since  Thurston, BFMAN, how the weblogs are about nothing but torture, covering for the national media and politicians... Sue me... just remember, it'll be recorded as obstruction of justice and conspiracy. Not to mention at least 3 attempts at murdering Lynn and I in your jurisdiction.

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1/16/2011 4:43am Last night's Bible reading had me decide on a sermon for today.. it's no surprise, given the topic, that Thurston - and the guy making noise outside my window right now - nothing new - would want me to not get to it.. sleep deprivation... awakened at 3 am, torttured, and THurston questioning me as usual...   the problem with these dialectics, wehn thye are reperated, is that they leave a pattern. If there's any pattern to any of this, it's Thurston County Sheriff covering for CNN, as pointed to in my original 2002 complaint to the FBI. THurston County now has more things to cover than I can think of right now, wso the idea of putting that Sheriff on me makes sense..and the encounters will prove the pattern of coverups... and the supposed embarrassment I would have will not embarass me for any reason.. Even the Secret Service covered for CNN. Lou, did you tell Klein I'm not the fool your intel reports originally told you I was? And Lou, be sure to tell him that just because I wrote silly lines - mostly induced by psychotronics -  and make complimentary remarks - it doesn't mean that I've absolved anyone of any of the crimes comitted against us. For the Love of the World proves Time Warner interference. And thanks to Brittany and Melissa on CNN, the blasphemy, conspiracy, an conspircy against Christians and religions wil be obvious by the Skull and Bones - Time Warner and GE.... and if there's anyone or anything that you guys have convinced nme of, it's the lack of innocence of the people in LA at the psyop receiving end, and the lack of innocence of the infiiltrators of the locla churches.And Thurston, I truly hope "Sister Scott" and her husband are iin Weed and Seed. And I don't even know what "Sister Scott's" first name is. And there is no public hoax on my part in any way. I hope your infiltrators say differently. Please tell Ed coercion wil now be addedto the list of crimes. And that even though THurston and Jr are being used as last gasp throwaways, I won't let you scapegoat them either, ED. I hate brownnoses, brownshirts, and dirty politicians, especially those who are scapegoated when following orders.

When I first started writing to Dobbs, I told him of "vaccuum events - things people would do that individually, would be isolated minor things, but when it happens a hundred times, it means someone's doing it on purpose. I was talking about corporate office politics.... I knew nothing of psyops...

Barack wa a perfect choice because he's black, and of course,anyone who accuses him of anything is automatically labeled a racist, so he was a perfect choice and perfect timing to be used to silence me and the federal charges gainst him and his co-conspirators. Olbermann is perfect because he has a Jewish last name.

Long ago, I showed DObbs a thing tracking CFR and othe conspircy organizations' members ppearing in the media and in goernment fronting the CFR agenda.... it unfortunately pointed out that many of these people had Jewish last names, so I rejected the idea of publishing that particular study,even though it was about much more tha about people with Jewish last names and the supposed Jewish conspiracy, alot of it very accurate but based on a Jewish conspiracy, and obviously the people didn't know about Druids in 70ad or that the hoax of the Protocols WAS that it was Jews... the conspiracy, not by Jews, was real though. And as for a supposed Jewish last name of Olbermann, plenty of Germans with similar names acquiesced to the Nazis. And not just Germans.

It's a more than 100 year plan for the Skull and Bones tomerge with Russia... that's why they executed Nicholas the Czar long ago, so that Skull and Bones infiltrators could begin to take over on behals of the British Empire, previously overthrown by the ROthchild Illuminati... Waterloo, stock market crash, peenies on the dollar for Britains corporations... just like in the U.S. now...

Gorbachev took Reagan's threats seriously, and also went along with its ancestry. When Bush came along, I think Putin decided to play Bush for a sucker, passive aggressive, to help take the Illuminati down... because he smelled a rat.. and oh by the way Sarah, if you watch the history channel, you' know the Bridge to nowhere was never to nowhere, it was built in anticipation of the merger... just like the dam in the middle of the desert in Africa, built in anticipation of global warming, the final Rhodes takeover of Africa and its development as farmland for the rest of the world, destroyed by poollution and radiation, and apparently Bill Gates wanted tobe the hero there... as a knight of the British Empire.. MSNBC broadcasting there now...  and the only problem with that future outlook for Africa is that scientists have proven that all the pollution from Europe and the United States falls on Africa. England is sinking, and they need a place to move... where will they go, now that England is being polluted by the radiation from our bombs and bullets in Afghanistan.

The illuminati is getting rid of the United States and Britain befor emovig to CHina and making the global governement in Turkey, but for now, the Green Zone in Iraq... if you're a diplomat going there to meet with the New World Order, remember, Iraq is irradiated so badly, that it's rare to have a child without a deformity there anymore.... It's called genocide. Viet Nam knows that story.

It's pretty obvious to me that the U.S> government doesn't actually want me to go to Claifornia or aanywhere else but here because in California, there are people who know who I am, and others with answers to very simple questions that will bring the iIlluminati down gloabally. I'm glad the State of Washington has made it so clear that they are in step with the Nazi agenda. Illegal detention, torture, rape, attempted murder, theft, destruction of property, and violations of every civil right you can imagine... if I  was Thurston, I'd take my accountants' advice.. CYA. Cause Thurston, I think they set you  up to take the fall.

I'd go to a dentist, but after 11 dentists total, I'm very clear and aware of the mo of ruining people's teeth.. by the DHHS... Thurston was talking about - with the guy down the road - about how i said I wouln't go to any more phycisicians in this state.. true to form, these psyops people always try to force you to do things you say won't do for a matter of principle.. that's why they're doing sleep deprivation on me now.. just like in 2002 and 2003 - and it's not anxiety...and they asked me, what would get me to go to a dentist in Washington State.. and I told them there was only 1 dentist I would be willing to go to - Catherine Ketcher  - and the only way I would do that is if she called me to make an appointemnt - which isn't going to happen - but would be the only way and the onlyone.. and then of course, I'd help her get wealthy by suing the government for coercion... I still have the xray shield. ANd when I told her of my situation, babbling on due to sensory deprivation, she gave me the blanket, and said, I hope they don't come after us....

I'll be sending attorneys back to help her too.

ED, ask Thurston why he knows I won't quit. :} And why he should be glad I ddn't seek refuge with that government assassin.. that's not  adeath threat, that was a real thing to let you know if 'd gone to him, the intel would have been interesting, and I think I would have been welcome there for  avery long time... but at least their moonshine allowed me to sleep.. all it took was a whetting of the tongue, and I was asleep.... bttw, some of the evidence destroyed had to do with making "trinkets"... and a perverse prophet made on an attempt to murder both of us. Can't wait to see the vdideo made of the fundraing event in Burbank, now in the possession of the new Executive Director of the Peace Alliance...who I coached... and when they get hasseled more, that case will be solved as well.. I mean the infiltration and memo 46ing of the Peace Alliance... I hope Kucinich has learned to squirm...

Personal note: Ambien: Psychotronics: Dews: The Murder of Michael Jackson: Auschwitz in America. I won't back down on that. ANd all indications are that it will be a reasonable charge and investigation.

Like I said in the beginning, once Democracy is restored, everything is possible. And it's no coincidence, with God, all things are possible. But the United States blesing sof God are on their last legs, because the history is clear: when the people turn their backs on God and make the government God, God doesn't trurn his back,he just walks away and lets the evil destroy themselves.

Last chance  for the United States, and you all hope in the Illuminati - CFR- and politics as usual. Just like U.S. Rep John Hall of Orleans. A oformer favorit group of mine that seems to have forgotten "Plutonium is Forever"... John Hall.. a quintessential example of a fallen angel... like James Taylor....

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PS James: At least Todd had the guts to try...

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Kucinich: Re: Often imitated, never duplicated:

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FRianl PS: S;eep deprivation Psychtoroncis, and someone for the last week letting air out of our car tires... makes sure I don't make it to the Kiingddom's Hall to make friends and go to church, with people I believed would have been my best friends. Infiltration and government psyops are effective, and more effective to someone like me who will not hesitate to file charges globally. At least, this many years down the road of government death squad efforts.

7:24am Just talked to Lynn. I woke around 3am, got up after 4. She says she didn't get to sleep until 3am, and woke around 6:30 or so.. sleep deprivation.. bimbo setups.. infiltration of churches, same exact psyops as in 2002-2003... the locals apparently think keeping me busy writing about this attempted murder on Lynn, a new separate charge, and the other property destruction, including the tire I'll be videoing later... and their problem is, no matter what, it all still adds up to the conviction of the United States Government for illegally hiring mercenaries to act as their death squad murderers.. and Thurston.. I tak eback the part about you being a throw away. anyone who'd take part in torturin gLynn to death must be a complete pervert. Good luck Ed. There are always certain things in common to a conspiracy.. the name Holm is one of them. And Keith Olbermann.. over and over again... and erasing the videos was  the stupid, most incriminating thing DISH TV and Thurston and his local friends ever did.

THruston says they're going to steal all my evidence and then charge me with perpetrating public hoaxes... tell MSNBC the coercion won't work, the truth will, and people aren't as stuipid as this government believes.

Again, Barack, thanks for the confession. Your stupid locals are proving it's true. And blowing it. BTW Barack, when the DOD hires contractors, that's mercenaries and is constitutionally illegal, as is granting citizenship to foreigners.. the backdoor FEMA plan... for military service.

For the reord, if anyone wants to claim they have a political reason for these attacks, first of all, then, the government is required to  protect my rights. At least, Barack, I had the courage to state my position on abortion, which, by the way, the DNC adopted in 2002.. and DOnna Brazille can testify  to that unless she wants to lie too...  given she was Gore's campaign manager, she probably will, and then we'll if CNN loses another video of her... I told the truth about the civil war, and my version of reparations, I started the "conversation", the DNC in Washington State knew of me and my positions when the overt attacks began, and anything I've said about the Catholics and WOrld War II Nazis and more are proven by public fact in the global domain as well as in the Bible, which apparently the locals would want to claim they don't read.... if they're smart. And the book store owner would likely want to change the name of her store because of...

What a fool believes... the oly thing I actually believed was that the media people were actually news journalists and not high priced Nazi propagandists, the politicians were basically honest, and that ministers were to be trusted... no wonder the Bible says their flocks will be taken away.

Gven what's going on.. sleep deprivation and continued destruction of property, as promised by th epsychtoronics guys in order to delay us leaving in order to make us bankrupt, homeless and eventually, dead, I expect there'll be  anumber of entries to waste my time and so Thurston new trainee can prove what a sick criminal he is... because they really believe they'll get away with it.

Meanwhile, like Osama said, one attack (by the U.S. Government) and they'll destroy themselves. That's what Nazis do to nations when they're through using them as slaves and warriors... ask Germany... and don't forget, 5 of 6 of the supposed highjackers at Logan airport are alive and well in the middle east.. and none of them are wanted by the U.S. Government... because it would prove they did not hijack planes or die in the twin towers. And there was no video of them getting on the plane.. per CNN. Look at what they showed of the surveillance video at the gate. Only one man, ATTA. And on the second plane, note the Raytheon remote control under the plane.

Scarborough, tell us about the lady you cut off from the 911 families victim group.. and your secretary who caused you to resign from congress... or declare yourself a traitor and get it over with. And then admit you had the founder of CLG on to talk about how this government has become Nazi back in what, 2003?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

Like I said, I'm glad I found out that the U.S. Governemnt, as JFK said, was a conspiracy to destory the rights of us citizens 10 days before he was assassinated... and that I can say with pride, not in my name. As a citizen.

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1/17/2011 11:16am Got about 5 hours sleep last night. Gottohear Thruston and 2 of his friends and trainees working me over.. and this morning, they wanted me to get upset at the idea that they were murdering us and that I should get desperate over the fact - despite the fact that a dirty cop is sitting there laughing at us, telling me I"d be betraying this nation by turning these perverts over to international authorities becaus eit would mean th econviction of Barack Obama, and what a horrible thing that the first black President - with the worst civil rights record yet for black people - what a shame for such a historic event. Deception upon deception, and obama was the greatest decoy they ever foisteed upon this nation.

THis morning, I got to hear this cop tell nme he hopes this nation is destroyed. THat's a loyal patriot cop for you... and they say, it's a just a psyop, and they'll the juries that.. and then I'llask them to explain why they think murdering and raping people is a good thing. Meanwhile, the Military channel has been running a series that shows how Nazi Germany became Nazi, long before Hitler came from Bavaria..... and how all the thing she said were the same kinds of things Bush and Obam a have said.. including about hope..

More importantly, this cop and his friends continually tell me that I shouldgive up and just allow them to murder us. Weed and Seed causes people to go bankrupt, then they become homeless, unaccounted for and die.. all part of the CIA training for a slow kill... and they think that courts won't convict them of murder, despite the thousands of witnesses who will say the same thing....

ANd it's importnat to say that because today's threat - if I didn't give it up and die - is that the cop says that if and wehn LYnn moves down the street from where he lives amongs a hundred or so of the Nazi weed and seed people he works with in that area - of which I have all of their vehicle licenses and lots of faces and the church they go to....

Lynn has "adopted" a friends daughter as aher surrogate grandchild.... 16, exemplary student, female, and like usual... they got Lynn, through psychotronics, to ask this girl a bunch of questions that are standard mo when the government wants to profile someone for pysops...just like Facevobookl that asks for profiles that are themn used for byullying and psyhcotronic and lethal DEW attacks.

So he tells me, if I don't just give up and allow Lynn and I to be murdered, then he's going to rape this girl over and over..... and I believe he will, becaus ethese people generally keep their threats when terrorizing people to shut them up. These people are already using psychotronics on Lynn's grand daughter, beginning when she was about 8 and her mother worked for the Lacey Police Department.. what a great cover up.. and she's being hit too as they go bankrupt.... and of course, she would never suspect her friends in the police department. Among other things, her husband ias a witness to the condition of the road when we first got here, and out neighborhood implied he'd sue us if we didn't fix the road that was so bad, the real estate agent wouldn't drive on it.

Meanwhile, because of this profileing, they dialected the coversation to then say, after I realized they asked about this girl's favorite music, that they wanted me to give up the idea that James Taylor was involved in psyopping me with Clive Davis - GE/Universal Columbia Records - Michael Jackson's Label -  oly there's a great deal of difference between them using ALanis Morrisette music on me, which they did, or McCartney... a great deal of difference between what happened with those psyops and the ones with James Taylor.

I happen to know James Taylor knows alot about God and Christianity and more.. and my true belief is he went along with the psyop for the promise of great global promotion for October Road in exchange for at least a few specific lines in that album referring tome... meaning, he'd read parts of my web  site before writing a few lines to go with his songs.... that its my belief, and until he provides me with adequate proof, I will continue to believe that, just as I know he knew about the CHurch committee and Ted Kennedy's cover up of psyochotronic torture, and still took par tinKennedy's commemoration at Kennedy Center, as well as the inauguration and some campaigning for Obama...  and I have to admit, the CIA did its work well with that one, because it was the most destructive psyop of all, with the posssible exception of the phony minister who clearly was supposed to help me find a way to go homeless and die, and lose the evidence. It almost worked. I just hope she was satisfied with the look she got at Lynn in Burbank during that psyop. That's the typical mo, identify yourself to the victim, and taunt them. Melissa Scott did that, whoever THEY are... and all of these psyop people will go to hell, because they did not endure, they betrayed God, and they're assisting satanist Nazis...

And what makes it even easier to act like a real, true citizens of this nation and turning into global authorities... is the knowledge and proof that this entire in SHelton is aware of what's being done to us.. a  Weed and Seed City.. and they systematically play tricks and laugh at us while military choppers hit us with microwave to kill us every night.

They said long asgo they'd dsteal or destroy all my evidence.. they destroyed, through dish tv, hundreds of hours of evidence against a dozen or so people, aall of whom I had originally recorded for the purpose of filing a suit agains tthe federal government.. tell Chris Jansing she was right when she said on MSNBC, after returning from her assignment in Burbank, that they've found out that these attacks to suppress and kill people don't work, because it just causes people to become more clever at overcoming it and finding ways to return the favor.. it Detroit, that meant the death of an anchor person by a guy who was psyopped on the local level, just as 2 stations have tried to draw me in, and whom I videoed while videoing us , presumably to do a news report totell people in this state  the progress of our torture and murder. Get that quote and my name right, Herb. Ihope you bringthe letter to court, and an explanation of your inviolvement in rape, torture and murder so that the State of Washington can collect properties of victims instead of charging income tax.

Like CNN, they have a proof of history of knowledge of the lethality of the attacks, and apparently, the people of Washington State enjoy killing people.

THe biggest joke of the mIlitary Channel Nazi proggrams was the Time/Life ad for  Nazis" Warnings From the Past... it would be interesting to know what they left out, like about the U.S. funding o f the Nazis under Hitler. Especially since they were started by Skull and Bones, built much of the systems that do psychotronic sand dews, employees engaged in businesses with GE people on space weapons and construction....

SO the joke is, it would seem like Time Warner is trying to help warn us... the truth is, like Olbermann said, those who control the past, history, control the future.... Time Warner all this footage, and it's easy to see that thye do in order to control the propaganda today so they end uplooking like good guys later...National Gepgraphic even explains that the first thing Nazis do is revisionist history..... and BUsh, wehn he said that, was forecasting his and the Skull and NBones/Illumniat methods... and Time Warner also owns the Zapruder film, that recorded the assassination of JFK.... and reports are, they've edited it.... I'm glad I saw it before Zapruder sold it, and it was played on PBS. Frame 32 is supposedly missing... Up and to the left... Kennedy was shot in the temple.... they said he would be a vegetable if he lived, and he would be blind...

The other part of the sick joke is... this is one of the ways, selling videos of people they want to claim distance from, to sell you things in orer to make money to violently overthrow you... as do apostate ministers on tv selling end times financial insurance... and worse.

Thes idiots want me toassert things all the time I won't because I either don't have evidence, or it isn't of the greatest importance. SO I won't say that I believe a certain Christian channel that spsyopped me is a fake for the council on Foreign Relations.... later on, if I find it's correct, like lots of others, I will expose them.. and I don't  need their confessions, just their video as they lie about God and His ways.... the more I observe things, the less ibelieve ministers read the Bible after they graduate, as if it was meant for them to read too. But how could they miss the part about apostates who do evil to do good, or the inconsistencies of Paul as he continued to tell people they could tell they were living their lives correctly and by the ways of God, by comparing their worldly goods to those of other people.

And if Christians would read the Bible, and if they understood what the end of days was really about, then they would actually want to point things like this out, given Paul was only a man, a bit overzealous by the way God inscripted him... alot of great observations and leadership, but giving worldly advice about spiritual matters. And if anyone, like the psychotronic guy is trying to tell me.. if anyone says I'm wrong about my observations, then I say, tell the government to let me out of prison and be willing to tell the truth.. but all I see is a bunch of perverts killing people, and claiming justifications that would never fly in any jury room, let alone with God. I've given benefit of the doubt to every person who psyopped me.. never again. Especially when they deny their crimes, refuse to correct them, and then threaten other people to shut me and others up. And when a minister particpates in the murder of someone like Lynn McMullen.. I've made my recommendations to God, and I think he'll honor them.

Speaking of which, doing the right thing.. Huckabee.. I'm glad you liked my idea of doing national referendums. Your success will be your failure. Nice emulation.. often imitated, never duplicated... tell Matthews thanks for the forecast.

Michael Franks - Read My Lips That one's obviouly for HW Bush, I'm almost certain he served in the military with my father. "It was like we could read each other's minds". When my father had me talk to Kennedy about the weather, he had a pilot's headgear just like yours, HW....

Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 06 - The Obvious Child - Paul Simon I think God has WH on his mind today.

Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 01 - Joy To The World

I was readig the other night.. about King David.. I always love reading about the "magic tricks" God does to convince his prophets and CHrists that it's real, and that God really does exist.. and I was readng and laughing about how he had to take on the philistines, by himself, and he asked God, sheepishly, like, I don't really want to questions this, but this one time, could I have proof.. and he put a lambskin down and said.. make the ground wet and the sheepskin dry, andthe next mornign, it was so. So he said to God, just to be sure, could you reverse that, and the next moring, it was so.

Bill Cosby - TBD - 100 - Noah _ Me and You Lord

The unfortunate news is, given what is going on in the United STates compared to the development of Nazi Germany by our political leaders, the Skull and Bones/Illuminati/Council on Foreign Relations.... is that the current trend is tha tthe United States as it exists will be destroyed as planned by your own government, and all power will be handed to CHina.. and everybody laughs when I say such things,and then ayear or so later it happens.. I told Dobbs about the China thing in 2002 without any actual knowledge, just analysis of the trends. I know he knew the U.S. Government was selling us out too. Personally, I think he only thought I was an MKUltra the governemnt wanted to destrooy to destory evidence and witnesses, in order to "save a few friivolous law suits".. and then he realized something bigger was at stake.. an empire that last forever.. but I don't think he was talking about God's.

A few quotes from the Military channel Nazi history...

The phrase, never forget... I thought that was the whole phrase, and it was about never forgetting the genocide of Jews... Here's the whole quote, on a statue in Germany

Never, German, forget what blind hate stole from thee. Wait for the hour that avenges the bleeding fruits of crime.

Another one tha tmadse me think of the idiot calling for the burning of the Koran, and to protest and Islamic center near the 911 site. First of all, illiterate apostate, the Koran explains the end times more objectively and clearly than the Bible. It should be required reading of all ministers and Christians. And just for the fun of it, you might want to keep in mind your phony christian president George W Bush declared his pride in being the first (emulated son of man) president to add the Koran to the White House Library. So burn the bush and remember the 10 Commandments. Try God's way.. the quote from the special came from a man - I think his name was henig or something like that -

When people burn books, people will be burned.

He said that 100 years before book burnings in Nazi Germany. His book was one of those burned. Remember the book burnings of the late 60's...

Finally, another great Bushism, about the "control of the planet for the next 1000 years, as well as the Project for  New American Century.. PNAC... and CFR... proves they read the Bible, knew there was an analogy about 1000 years being 100 years to God, which is still someone creating relative times for a God who said He works on His own schedule.... and told us not to judge His time, or expect ANYTHING from Him or of Him.. it's called faith...

Adolph Hitler - FOr the net 1000 years there will be no other revolution in Germany.

Reminds me of when I first  got on Hughes internet by satellite, and had studied Mandela a bit, and used  the email address Shaker of Trees, which is what Nelson Mandela's name means... (did you know he was in jail in S. Africa as a terrorist bomber?) and GW Bush said at one point, as they chased clerics and teachers and historians and those others he said in his groups led by friends to wipe out "intellectuals"... what insurgents do when they overthrow a country... he said "There are no more Nelson Mandela's".. and I think he followed that with "in the world". I took it personally, although as the psychotronics will show, I've never set out to bomb anything or anyone...  I thought we had democracy and rights....

Of course, as Dobbs reported, JohnKerry said we should treat terrorists as annoyances and pests". and Dobbs said.. as it  should be. I'm gonna be the biggest annoyance and pest non-terrorist these Chaldeans ever saw and ever psyopped. Chaldeans... like Reagan.. loved astrology... gemara, sacred math....

And by the way, Barack, since you and your Chaldean friends bankrupted us and tortured us so you could win the election... how will you answer the qquestion about who authorized U.S. Government psyops depicting black people as jigaboos... Like Brazille said, those democrats can be real assholes.. or estholes, as some would call them. Can't wait to hear what the Scientologists have to say when I ask them to tell me about their "clearing process"

Alot of effort was placed in the beginning to make it appear the Scientologists were psyopping me, including  aletter from a guy that outlined the basic mo of psyops.... coincidentally, I got it right after beginning to watch Crossfire on CNN with Carville and Begala. Typical MO. I hear MO is important in criminal investigations... and James, the tax thing won't work, except in Thurston's vacuum brain. On the other hand James, the Matrix of God is  still intact. And the movei's great too. How bout we meet in LA for an ION special from that theater and I'll explain it to you and Elvis... hail to the chief, Santa Cruz................................

Democracy can not survive without freedom of the press. WHo said that?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - If I Could Reach You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Like a Virgin

I think God's telling me these idiots are gonna work another bimbo psyop.. they'll go  to jail..

7:03pm Another day lost due to torture... the last couple of hours spent hearing Thurston tell me all the crimes he's covering for by continuing to use psychotronics and dews to torture Lynn - especially when I try to help her cope with the torture attacks - and to rip my teeth out of my mouth to supposedly cover for all the Weed and Seed dentists under his control. At Waco, the government - as Brian WIlliams - did it as a publicity stunt to get more funding for the ATF and FBI operations when they went to a store, pushed a member of rthe Branch Davidians around, and used that as an excuse to murder 53 people, while the government claimed Koresh was usin gchildren as a shield... the point: Janet Reno and the Justice Department had tank drivers drive acroos the front of the compound drop their pants and moon the Branch Davidians in order to incit them to violence so the ATF had an excuse to murder them.  They never got their excuse. Brian Williams forgot to mention Biden and Hatch claiming no wrong doing during Senate hearings, despite the shock of Texas Rangers and medical coroners who were shocked at how th eFBBI witheheld and destoryed evidence, destroyed the crime scene, and took 1000 bullets fired at the compound and hid them so the Senate could say they did not fire at the Branch Davidians... 1000 rounds.. all suposedly over a weapon that didn't exist... Thurston wants me to expalin this all again thinking it'll avoid having me report what he's saying tonight through psychotronics... and it's very typicla of the way these perverts taunt their victims..

He's telling me - as if I should become paranoid - and to make it seem in this weblog that I'm afradid of everyone and evetrything - and frankly, this is the typical mo used by cops setting people up for murder, to give cops an excuse to shoot them under false pretenses, and then claim the guy was mentally ill. So he's telling me if I travel to Thruston County Washington, the cops there are goign to rough me up and harass me... Thurston already compromised himself and other officers and authorities and he must be desperate... and while he makes fun of me for not filing criminal reports in the state of Washington, he forgets that I did and tried several times with the agencises he has once again compromised. Current efforts and threats include raping people I know, including a 16 year old girl... just down the street from where he lives... surrounded by Weed and Seed...  I hope you people out there are proud of your leader. He compromised you too.

Once agian, to all police who might bne lied to about my disposition about police and other authorities.. I have been illegally detained by the Stateof Washingtoon on behalf of the United States government as a conspiracy to deprive me of my civil rights. If HW Bush can declare a conspiracy for incredibly lesser things, then if you read and  educate yourself about the origins of RICCO, you'll know how rediculous and what a disgrace this particular officer is to the image of police everywhere... please just remember, like many others involved, I only have complaints against a few indivdiuals, but like true serial criminals, these people continue to commit crimes to cover crimes.. and again, I have no pre disposition.. but a good cop would uinderstand, when you have  a cop using psychotronics to claim he rapes his own daughter... liek you plice know, at some point, sick pervert crimes like this catch up to the perps. Anything these idiots throw at me can be proven to be a setup. And I absolutely no reservation in busting a cop that dirty. Any attempt to brand me as mentally ill will simply cause the person forcing such an examination to prove themselves incredibly criminally insane and guilty. And yopur shrinks better know abotu psychotronics, or I'll bust them too.

Fianlly, your laws allowing weed and seed and psychotronics and dews are illegal, unconstitutional, and are a confession to the world.

When I run for president from the Seattle of California in 2012, keep in mind that the criminals - from the local level to to the top levels of the executive branch are guilty of crimes worse than the Nazis, and easier to prove. Against me and millions of people.

One other thing Barack. I'm getting  a little tired of your perverts criticizing our troops as idiots and worse... but the military you're using on the streets, so easily blamed on Bush but continuing with you, and the military aircraft I've docuemnted being used.... you're a traitor Barack, your wartime claims  are as much a fraud as COndoleeza's explanations for justification for going to Iraq and Afghhanistan.. and NATO is a front for U.S. aggression and genocide.. no wonder few countries supply many troops and armaments.

Once again, my books online are proof opf Government interference with freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and the freedom to have safety where I live, and protection from the government that claims to be a moral nation of God. God doesn't like being associated with people like you, and neither do I. Ask Jeremiah why.

BTW: I hope you didn't give any of those chemically tainted vegetables you grew to the kids in DC. They deserve better than getting poisoned more by their government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 06 - Visionary Mountains

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Partridge Family - Summer Days

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - 09 - Humble Me

PS Tell the Secret Service they'd better take it seriously this time, becaus eI intend to make regular reports to the Hague.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Camera Never Lies For Thurston and the truth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl - A02 - Ruby Jean & Billie Lee To the future, and for thsoe perverts who enjoy making fun of the murder of Michael Jackson by singing the world will be a better place" while mocking God. And since they love tha tidea so much, let me remind you all of what God expects from His ministers, even those phonies posing as them....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Five - I'll Be There

and the song that will actually make a difference, on behalf of those who will hear, and believe in everlasting life, and honor their promises to God... no matter what... no excuses.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Honky Chateau - 06 - Salvation

And His message for the times is simple and this, as clearly explained by the Koran...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Love Song

Our traitorous government will fail with this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

And Barack, anyone who thinks I beleive being tortured all these years is funny, better understand that a good sense of humor is often just a winning attitude. Unfortunately, people like you, Barack who take short cuts by committing murder for expedient political victories will fail.. something about the eye of a needle...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - TBD - 100 - Heart of Gold

A pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God.  Makes me glad that Michelle is so proud of America.. because the king of the abomination of desolation, Barack, is you... by design. What a victory.

1/18/2011 11:24am Tooth torture continues, and I have now have 2 broken toes... they say they're going to break them all. THis morning I got to wake up to these psychotronics guys telling me they ARE NAzis, they love being Nazis because it's fun to murder and rape people.

You GITMO shrinks, DOD contractors, all the rest... keep in mind, that all this time you spend murdering us is not going unnoticed. There are more 1200 cases of this torture in the United States alone that are currently under investigaton by the Hague. Mine is one of them. My deposition for them was Auschwitz in America.

To the Hague: be aware that U.S. psychotronics operators informed me that the investigator on this case will be assassinated.

Thurston keeps telling methey're going to arrest me for perpetrating a public hoax, and find an excuse to destroy the evidence...

For the shrinks who want to claim my supposed mental illness, which does not exist please note the following links before particpating in the process of your own arrest and incarceration. And let the doctor who gave me the bad medicine and altered my medical records know I intend to prosecute.

Letter from Lynn Surgalla, former VP of the American Psychotronics Association

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology
Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho Social Studies 2003

For someone who felt his mind was going to pieces, to be put into the stressful situation of the psychiatric examination, even when the psychiatrist acquitted himself with kindness, the situation of the assessment procedure itself, can be ‘an effective way to drive someone crazy, or more crazy.’

But if the accounting of bizarre experiences more or less guaranteed you a new label or a trip to the psychiatric ward, there is even more reason for a new group of people to be outraged about how their symptoms are being diagnosed.

A doubly cruel sentence is being imposed on people who are the victims of the most appalling abuse by scientific-military experiments, and a totally uncomprehending society is indifferent to their evidence.

For the development of a new class of weaponry now has the capability of entering the brain and mind and body of another person by technological means.

See also: littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Intrusive Brain Reading Surveillance Technology: Hacking the Mind

Anyone who claims insanity or hoax about what people would call my divinity will be volunteering to make fools of themselves. You have no idea how much I look forward to that conversation.... Huckabee...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jethro Tull - A Passion Play - A45 - A Passion Play Edit 6

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Rough Boy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Diana Ross & the Supremes - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

It'll be fun to see Europe this summer. Tell CNN to play that commercial again about Dutch Royalty. I got a kick out of that insult.

BTW media guys: the psychotronics guys enjoy reminding me of all the fun and torturous stuff you've done to us, flip flop, right MSNBC? I can explain all that too. And Jansing, I don't care if you tell the truth or not. I expect all of you CFR loyalists to lie. You can't help yourselves anymore. You believe your own lies, and I think you've all lost track of the truth. just like I said in 2003 or2

RE: Al Qaeda Wolf Blitzer and Robin Cook of  England agree: Al Qaeda is no organized movement. AL Qaeda means "the base", as in, the database of names of people the United States wants to kill for all sorts of reasons.

Last night the psychotronics guys wanted me tothink and analyze the current global situation. It's gonna be one hell of a war.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Clovers - Love Potion Number 9

And the answer is: the document title of the first version of For the Love of the World that I sent to a bunch of artists andmusicians.... Keith PLEASE keep reading your psychotronic manuscripts.... and then tell people how and why you got them, why you read them on the air, and then, how bogus they are. Tell Tompkins hi for me.

12:31pm Personal note: Results, Yunus, 1996 Conference, Hillary, Where Credit is Due, Little Rock microfinance, Sam Daley Harris, Gilman, no assistance for the poorest, Zeitz, Accion, Maria, Joanne, Yanovich, Finca, Gates. South Africa. CFR Attacks on the poor... Chirac.  VSS Renton Hague: Investigate Ironwood Communications, Hughes, DirecTV..

Constitutionalists like Barack and Biden should no better than an uneducated guy like me that the psychotronics and death squad tactics are only legal until challenged. Military Channel and Time Life: thanks for making me certain that taking the challenge of calling you Nazis was exactly the right thing to do... and when I say you, I mean all the corporate sponsors of the Illuminati and the people who think their jobs are fun, torturing their negihbors... and don't care how it destroys the nation. Rockefellers.. I know how you psyops guys work, and the FY previously stated was indeed reciprocal and thanks for dictating that one, but please remember when all this comes out, I had no arguements with any of you... I was just standing for freedom of speech and of the press... in a very reasonable way...

I was looking at the video of Edelwiss on the military channel.. must have been shots before they put in the beautiful observation window.. I think Im gonna move to Bavaria.. I hear they have a forcefield there, and a palace that's rarely used.

I keep thinking about what I saw last night.. talk about shock and awe... people will be stunned, they'll see it's of Biblical signs that they never knew were possible, and so destructive in a moment...  Jimmy Carter, Neutron Bombs, HAARP, what DO you teach in Sunday School? Do you know, before 2002, I don't think I'd ever heard of Brezinski...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Benatar - Hell Is For Children

PS HW: If you're who I think you are and the story I was told is true, I hope he beat the hell out of you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God It's A Beautiful Day - White Bird

Something about a rail.. and why are Shuster and Rove following me on Twitter? What are they afraid of?

8:46pm As usual, I got all of about a half hour's work done today - lots to do, torture gets in the way. Olbermann, you'llbe glad to know I say sessions just like you do now.... hope you're happy.. hope you and Hillary celebrate at the great victory of being convicted for conspiracy to torture... Unity New Hampshire.. where the traitors met to forecast their crimes of perversity.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - My Eyes Adored You

Now I'm certain God is telling me, just like the David and Bathsheba story, that the government had another bimbo planned.. and you are bimbos.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Lady

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 101 - Reasons

Keith, tell the pervert bosses the games are over. Period. No more clue, I'm not amused, it's going to be with a great deal of pleasure to rid this world of Nazis. You wanted to be point man, the perverts you people hired locally are about as competant as your phony minister. And their continued arrogance is going to convict everyone they're trying to protect... everyone.

Thurston is trying to get me  to say more negative things about cops. He's a cop. I guess he knows. Those are his words. He's now saying that evertime I mention his crimes, he's going to torture Lynn. What a great cop. I hope  the locals are paying attention to how little help the police will be to   you later. I count 8 murder attempts/attempts at making mental case charges in his jurisdiction. And I know his Decoy mo, that will never fly.

Here's the next thing Thurston asked me to say, as if to prove I'm obsessed with such an idiot... any cop who would talk about raping his daughter and a 16 year old girl down the street to coerce other people  is a disgrace... he now say he's going to rape Lynn tonight.

And these perverts still think it's funny, and they're making me look bad.

Now he says, on behalf of the U.S. Government, the Hague is a sick f-ing joke. The Un is a bunch of perverts who don't give a damn about anything but smoking   dope and killing sick fuc* Jews. Eat shit and die mother f-ing Jews. Jews are the sickest f**ks in the world. Jews are the world's biggest problem. Jews eat sh** in the morning, noon and night. Sick f**k Jews are the worst mother f-ing sons of bitches ever created. Harstine Island Community Club sends its regards to Keith the f-ing Jew Olbermann.

Does anyone wonder why I believe it's a moral imperative to make   sure the world knows how perverted the U.S. government is?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Laura Nyro - And When I Die_live