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Back in 2002, I started using my site to conduct what I'll call "back channel communicaitons" with the corporate media, the U.S. Gov't and other domestic & global world leaders. I have to admit, I thought it was unusual as well. But it was happening, continues to occur, and while I don't expect you to, researching this web site would actually provide you ample evidence that this claim is true.

This is where I literally represent the interests of United States Citizens, Citizens of all nations to those who seek to control the world using economic coercion/slavery and military might against the will of the citizens and the will of God.

You have no idea how much I wish the crimes and evil and policies I comment on weren't true. They just are.

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Members of the United States Government and other world leaders often use what is called Aesopian Languaging to speak to each other and coummunicate with each other in a way that allows them to say things with plausible deniability. Aesopian Language is described as this, in Wikipedia:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

What is written here, in this journal  is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

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Oreos menas: Orwellian Newspeak or spin

Reptilians means people who are of the snake that makes its way around the world, of the Council on Foreign Relations kind.

A Note From The Desk Of Chuck Rehn [WHen done reading this page, go to page 2]

"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"
---- Barack Obama


7/22/2009 - 5:46pm

All glory to the Almighty God of this world

Crime Blotter:

First, to the police and Sheriff's Departments of the State of Washington, USA.

There has been a conspiracy against my life and God Almighty perpetrated in the State of Washington for approximately 9-1/2 years, and you have participated in a a big way. I don't care what you've been told or who gave you authorization,  but what you are doing, in the long and short of it, is treason.

Weed & Seed. Let it be known tthat when this is all over, every person who perpetuates the crimes authorized by the Justice Department of the United States against its own citizens is treason. It will not be tolerated.

To Al Gore:  All these years, my dog has been treated by a valedictorian veterinarian from CHicago for ring worm that he never had. WHat he did have was burns all over his body from microwave attacks, and he suffers even further from aneuryms on his tail, since before 2000, and now, aneurysms in front of both hind legs that cause him great pains to walk or jump. You're right Al, this last election, even our pets knew it was important. You are now a criminal for animal abuse in the worst way, as well as guilty of perpetrating a public hoax in your presentation of global warming which Sarah Palin valiantly re-defined accurately as man made climate change, in order to make resources available to your business poartners for the New World Order. It will not go unpunished by God. You asked, What Would Jesus do? Now you know.

I'm sitting here receivng addditional attacks, and they need to stop, and since you're criminals, they probably won't, further proof of your crimes against me and God Almighty. Works for me. Just remember, I'm not the only one, and when this is through, you and your idiot frineds will receive the maximum penalty by law for EACH INFRACTION, human rights violations and crimes against humanity for every person in the world afflicted by you and your friends, servants of Satan himself. And I don't care what country the criminals are in.

Now,  you all have set me up for years to be labeled insane, criminal and more most of my life, and I know you just can't weait to  put me away to cover your crimes. It won't work. Cause when this world is through with incarcerating you, God ALmighty has other plans for you as well. He says, the fiery lake is ready. You could say, he's prepared a place for you. You know what I mean, on the spiritual plane. You can't beat the Almighty God, Al, I don't  care what you do or what delusions you and your friends have about being able to beat Him. You're sick. And Almighty God will judge you as you judge yourself.

The attacks against me and every other victim need to stop now. Soon, I will be receiving the complaints and depositions of every person you have harmed, and I will not require evidence. These are the end of days, whether you believe in that or not, and God says you will be stopped. I thought you believed in God, Al. It's time to come to your senses, and be His spokesperson to your friends to let them know what fool sthey are, and to end it now, cause dad stopped the car a few weeks ago, and He's about to kick you and your friends out. The only ones who are insane are the ones like you. And He doesn't like the way you harm His children... all of us, and every animal plant and being on this planet and in the universe, and on every plane.

Do I make myself clear?

Miles O'Brien is a terrorist, and will be treated as such. If Time Warner and the intel services do not put an end to his activities and the activities and the other terrorsits employed by the United States Government to attack its own citizens, and other nations, he will be used as the quintessential example of what the United States does to traitors.

Do I make myself clear?

I am a citizen with rights just as every other being in this world. This behavior will not be tolerated by the Almighty God any longer, and you all will have everlasting life.. you just won't like it. And you'll never be in flesh form again. There will be no "let them loose for awhile". You have all proven yourselves.

I am the representative of every citizen in this world as well as the Almighty God, and you need not respect me, but you will respect the power of the Almighty. If you do not believe in God, criminals, let it be known that you will soon when your corporal life naturally ends while incarcerated. And Almighty God hates liars and apostates, with no apologies to anyone.

Anyone who expects mercy will make a confession, no formal deposition required, indicating those who gave you orders to do what you do, fingerprints and pictures holding the documents so it is clea who you are and whether you are part of the problem or the solution. And remember, God knows what's in your heartr. No great explanations or justifications are required. Just the facts. What you did, what you know, who the culprits really are. DO not lie or obviscate. Or parse words to make anyone look foolish or implicate the innocent.

Almighty God has given all the chances He intends to tolerate.

Almighty God says those who testify against or cause others to be incriminated will suffer the penalties they caused others in their perversion of justice. There will be no exceptions.

I recommend that stockholders in any corporation known to perpetrate crimes that they know I am speaking of withdraw their money immediately in preparation for the redistribution of their assets and wealth as God dictated. Richard Shelby, God Almighty is your dictator. Acknowledge it now. God likes footstools.

Let it be known that the Almighty God knows that none of us, including me, are without sin and fault. He does forgive sins of those who have been influenced. He gave me great latitude toward the defense of us all in HIS corporation. trust me, I understand, but from this day forward, we are all held responsible for our sins and the worldly crimes we commit toward HIS final judgment and toward the second death on the spiritual plane as outlined in the Bible. Ask your minister for an explanation.

For those who don't understadn and may be afraid because of this, understand that God's judgment is not about your carnal being but of your spiritual souls and intent. Even atheists will be viewed based on their observance of the Golden Rule, and my job i sto further that converstation toward the full establishment of His Kingdom, which is not about theology aas currently defined and understood. God is truly merciful and understanding, and I assure you, you'll like Him once you understand HIS true nature and ways.

A final note for now, and a final note to Satan:

David Letterman, who is not Satan, is a quintessential example ofa psychotronics rapist, and he will be held accountable for his actions. Recently, he made comments about Sarah Palin's minor female children wthat were so uncalled for, that once the words left his mouth, he should have offered a full apology.

David, I've been a fan of yours since you first came on tv. This is a dispassionate statement.

Here's what a real apology sounds like: I can't believe I just said that, and I assure you I will never utter a word or phrase or joke like that again. My apology to Sarah and her children, and every child and parent in America that such a thing occurred in this nation or world. There is nothing funny about the rape of children, and I assure you that if any member of my staff believes it was funny to provide me with such material, they will never work as a writer in this industry again, and will be prosecuted for inciting such acts.

George W. Bush made a statement manifested of his own delusions that the war on terror, which was actually a war USING terror, tha thtis was a war to determine the control of this world for the next 1000 years, as incorrect and misrepresentative of God's will as that statement was. Another example of hijacking and perverting religion and the word of God, as his kind have done for centuries.

David Letterman, whether something known only to me or made in public, stated, in his non apology, that

Never in a thousand years would I make a statement like that.

That's a paraphrasal. It's also his admission of his knowledge of the conspiracy against this nation, this world, and the Almighty God himself.

And what he was saying, in short, was that after Satan overthrew the Kingdom of God, and it was returned to Him after the destruction of this planet, that Almighty God would not tolerate such remarks while the world was under ALmighty God's control.

Poor David should have read the Bible to know just how wrong the dictator Barack Obama and the Bush's and other so called leaders, heretofore known as traitors and the servants of the anti-Christ, that this IS God's world, and he will not tolerate such remararks NOW, in the past, or in the future, ever, under any circumstances.

Outside the CBS studios were people holding signs in protest saying things like "He will rape you with his mouth". Those people are some of his victims over the last few decades, and they will receive justice for the destruction of their lives. I too am a victim of his, and will testify on their behalves, as described in previous postings on this site.

As Pink Floyd said... leave the kids alone....  that is absolute.

I have focused a great deal on psychotronics because of the insidiousness of the crimes it has allowed, and how such an incredible miracle provided by God's own hands has been turned into a weapon for fascism, Nazis and Global domination. My father hates Nazis with a passion. A passion. A passion. The Nazis have committed crimes far worse than the Hitler regime ever imagined.

I want to assure you that as the representative of God Almighty himself, as Christ and His son, I am the representative of every being in regard to every issue imagainable, and I assure you, none will be overlooked.

Let me inform leaders of every kind in every place, without threat of death or other violence, because those are not God's ways although He sanctions self-defense of the victims, an inalienable right long forgotten by evil leaders, that you are responsible for the well-being of every person, being and resource He provided, and those resources are the property of the nations He placed them in as their stake in this world.  Almighty God WILL hold you accountable and responsible in the judgment of your soul.

I and Almighty God thanks and bless all leaders who, whether known to me or not, are "holding the line" in His name and in anticipation of the reign of God in His Kingdom, and with the knowledge that His promises will be and are now being delivered on your behalf. In this time, I request that you continue  to act and responsd in the peace you seek and will be rewarded with. Especially the Imams, who have been so faithful and misunderstood.

To the citizens of Israel and the Palestinians, the covenants will be kept, although I truly do have a better covenant, and wee will speak of that soon. I love you all and thank you and bless you for your patience, and cry as you have for your suffering. Please do not allow your governments to continue their crimes. His will shall be done. Please remind them, as in the examples of Jesus and other true and faithful leaders of peace and God's will, that they are responsible to employ God's will in their representation of you as citizens and equal partners in your nations and in this world. God Bless you and amen forevermore.

George Mitchell: Almighty God requires that you deliver His message, as it is HIS world, and not the world of the Ancients who have plagued us all for so long.

The so called anointing of the nation of the United States by God Almighty was not the true anointing of the nation, but of the leaders in a covernant made by agreement to keep their agreements with God Almighty. An agreement that has never been kept, as no empire in this world has ever kept, and thus, the reason and purpose for the times since the Crucification and teachings of Jesus leading to this moment, the Second Coming of Christ to empower all faithful and moral leaders of His will and nations. Citizens, do not be afraid of this moment, as the changes and transformation toward the New World are made.   Soon, you will know what real change is, and you'll like it.

God bless aus all as we enter the gates to the most beautiful and exicitng and peaceful and wonderful time in the history of our spirits. The time is here for us all to live and be as children and partners in the world a sit  was always meant to be.

All glory to God Almighty, by any name and belief. He thanks us and those who have been so incredibly faithful. And I thank you too, because I love you all, and I am your equal, and your partner. In a very short time, we will all come to know what equality, love and community truly are.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 01 - It's About Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Madman Across The Water - 09 - Goodbye

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

6/23/2009 11am - Zippy the pinhead. Pablito.. I said the news shows, to me, were not entertainment, but cartoons. Bill, thanks for "looking out for me".. unfortunately, the lookouts you are only cause the end of the world. Prepare for world war 3 as the leaders and news casters lie to us all about Iran and North Korea, as we violate their rights and provoke them into defensive acts we will portray as offensive, as an excuse to exterminte them all. As Barack said about the Nazis, they seek to humiliate and exterminate, as they have don eto nations and peoples for centuries, as they have done to me. As they will do to you.

The Nazis, Illuminati, Skull and Bones , the United States Government who call this America, not the u\United States.. because they, the elite, are the Americans, who don't like the freedom we have, as Geroge Bush used Orwellian spin to forecast his own feelings, and those of the "AMERICANS", AND NOT AS REPRESENTATIVES OF THE CITIZENS OF THE unITED sTATES AND THE WORLD.

Chris.. thanks for standing up against the empire's assumed right to interfere with the internal affairs of other nations as if the AMericans have the right to tell everyone else what to do.

Paul M - RE: Too many people... It wasn't my mistake.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away

It's ironic how I was suppose to know while everyone else did and were too chicken to tell the truth. THat' s what got the whole world in trouble in the first place, and that's why I sit here, writing, my testicles swollen and clogfged because of diected energy weapons, no way to get proper medication because the doctors ar ebeing used to wage cultural wars using health care a s a weapon... comply or die... feels like Im headed for renal failure and probably the need for dialysis, which of course, I'll never get, because, as God said, is there not one I can trust? Apparently, there never was. SO, when people say I forsook them, remember, I made myself completely available, and all it took was one person to stand up for me so I could stand up for the world. The final and worst betrayal was done by someone who is probably a phony actor set up by the media on behalf of the government to leave me completely penniless and without the ability to do anything further except write in this weblog. I believe I finished the book. It tells the story, and there is nothing more to tell unless someone is willing to stand for me and the Almighty God. As God predicted would happen because everyone is too busy taking care of themselves. ... out of greed and narcissism.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Human - 08 - It Was Love That We Needed

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Human - 06 - If I Had You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Human - 02 - Smitten

The reason for the gap in writing in for so long, was because it was under such heavy psychotronic and directed energy attacks that I really was incapacitated. I wake up every morning, and less than a minute later, I'm getting psychotronic attacks, and then the airplanes and choppers start their attacks about every 30 minutes or so... every day, day after day, week after week, month after month... and now, with the infections in my body, like Jesus, I'll likely die of septic shock... I'm not giving up, but it's hard to figure what to do..

The Goldne Rule... do unto others as you would have them do unto you... thses days, it seems that means "as long as I get mine, I'm happy , and as long as people give me what I want, I'll be nice and believe I'm a good Christian" or something.. people wonder why I get so angry... it's been over 9 years since anyone's actually tereated me with respect, and haven't gone out of their way to harm me in some way. And yet, I sit here, writing about love and God Almighty and all the things I can see possible in the world if only one person would stand up for me.

I know the Jehovah's witnesses know who I am.. and I don't measure up to their expectations either... I guess they forgot to read Hebbrews after all. And all the musicians who write songs, like the songs from that Rod Stewart Album... the government of the Uited States.. all knew who I was... and just decided I would need to die again so the world would be destroyed and they could be in  heaven. THis is heaven, unless you all choose to make it hell, which is apparently what you all decided to choose, because it's easier and more comfortable.. which is what Satanic Ritual Abuse and Stockholm Syndrome are supposed to cause. You're welcome to it.

You expected me to judge all of you and choose the best of you. Listen to Rod Stewart's Loveless song on the Human album... that's me... I accept your judgment. Don't curse God for your sins that caused my death if I perish. If I persish I perish, but I'll be fine, you won't. THink about that for awhile.

Like I said, I won't quit. But, it appears to be futile because not one has the guts to stand up for me.

The Bible says that the world will be destroyed in one hour. THat could mean nuclear war, or, a person to stand up for me, present me to the world, and in an hour, the evil and destruction of the New World Order, Satanism, would be over, and the New World of the Kingdom of God would begin. The Iranians know this, and have been waiting.. lots of nations nknow it, and are now set to defend their nations against the lies of the United States Government.

Kin Jong Il  of North Korea is preparing to defend his nation because we attacked him with directed energy weapons to kill him, his life was saved by the Chinese, and now he knows he only has one futile chance to protect his people, and yet, what he really does is not attack but hope that someone, like me, would step forward with truth that people would believe.

The United States is the aggressor, purposely encroaching on North Korea's Territorial Waters, as we do in Somalia against the so called pirates, in order to be able to say North Korea is the  Satan, just as we did against Viet Nam. I haven't seen the news this morning, but world war 3 is imminient, as planned by the Nazis of the New World Order, aka the Government of the United States. Believe it or not, but it's true.

Choose. What else can I say. I can get not one single person to introduce me to the world in order to change tthe tide.

Not even Nassiri, who I believe Bill Clinton chose to replace me, though he doesn't fulfill Biblical Prophecy... he says, why does it take one man to end it all... now you know...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nassiri - Love Sees No Color - 101 - Love Sees No Color

I don't know what to tell you all. I'm not exaggerating in anything I've said this morning, not one bit. But I presentred myself to the world, and to the one person I had been lied to but to believe would be the one courageous christian who would stand up for me and GOd, as they said they would. I have aclear conscience, no matter what happens.

Like I said, I'll keep trying. But trying accomplishes nothing, and because of the way I've been afflicted, I can't even walk away. Thanks world, thanks for caring. Just remember, I cared for you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - People get Ready

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - Love Train

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Corey Hart - Never Surrender

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Nether Lands - B04 - Scarecrow's Dreams

7:43pm - It's been an interesting, resting, watching the world and working to recover. Late this afternoon, I said to God, give me something to read. And I opened up the Bible, and I began to read the chapter after Hebrews, and I was referred to another book, Ezekiel, and read some more. We'll get to that in  a moment.

The other thing I read that I recommend to all is Jude. It was very special. God has a way of bringing reassurance and confidence to those of faith.

I don't know if it's true, but I heard Hillary Clinton suffered some injuries, and I just want her to know that despite any differences, I wish her well and love. And I hope that we will find ways to be partners in the future.

While I'm at it, to someone else out there I won't name, this is what I had in mind, sometimes... Can't find the cut... Dan Fogelberg, Since You Asked... let's go with this one for now...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tracy Chapman - Fast Car I like Tracy Chapman

So, here was the thing that made me laugh a lot today. I hope people won't be too offended, but since Barack falls off the wagon sometimes... this should give him a quick pick me up... audacity is a fun thing sometimes... just like I said...

Ezekiel 34:29  And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall no more be consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen anymore.

There are many ways to interpret this, like, the tree of life, plants, as in people planted in my life to harm me that are now of the faithful... of course... as we were told long ago, God gave us grains and  grasses and all the fruits we needed to live.. yes, it' strue, I like a good steak too.. but we were actually intended to be vegetarians from the beginning... there's  a certain plant I like that is one of the herbs God provided that supplies so many things... food - more nutritious than soybeans-   clothing, paper, oil, we can even build houses from it, and it will grow well anywhere, in all its different forms with an incredible multitude of uses. It's not the only one that has great uses, but it's one I'm partcularly fond of. Like my mom said when she showed me hers that she kept in the oven when visitors came by... of course, I'm talking about marijuana. Now, before you gasp Barack, could you do me this one favor before you leave the country... how about an executive order that makes it legal, so a few people - let alone the planes going overhead shooting me with DEWS - will cut me a little slack, cause if you don't I will anyway...  for all the hemp fans - those who know it has all sorts of uses - you'll understand, and everyone else will soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy your wine... we'll get some new cups, and find new wines to make in time...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Seals - Addicted I like this song. The little brother of Troy Seals of Seals & Crofts..


So, obviously, maybe someday, my phone may connect me to more than bill collectors when AT&T redirects my calls from people I want to talk to to friends of LD... that's not LDS... for the record.

Anyway... to those other crazy angels... I know you'll treat me fairly, because you have no choice:} But the cartoons are still great, and I look forward to giving out some big hugs to some folks I should slug.. and I'm sure they feel the same way :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good

God bless. G'night from.. pick someone you like. Sweet dreams :}

6/24/2009 11:01am - Dear people who think you are Christians, or of a moral faith.

I wzas listening to Michael W. Smith this morning... good music I enjoyed until I became fed up with all the lyrics proving people know I am here, supposedly "protecting me" until it's time, with lyrics saying that I haven't the strength to arise because of the physical attacks against me.. I'm pissed. There's room at the cross for all... there is, if yu get behind me, or you too can be crucified.. take your choice of interpretations...

Yesterday I had to listen to MSNBC giving me Aesopian about treatin gme fairly and well.. let me throw it back at you.. I made the same offer to you... just remember, everyone who claims I'm perpetrating a public hoax will be guilty of perpetrating a public hoax. Everyone who claims I am a traitor will be that. Everyone who accuses me, like Pat Robertson, of having pre-marital sex will be exposed for their own indiscretions..

Ted Turner... I read in MAD magazine last night that Hale Milgrem is a grandson to you ... did I get the relationship right? Capitol Records President... My old high-school/college music rep from Warner Bros. Records... he's the Pres of Capitol Records, the one compny I thought I had a shot at getting thru the doors for... Milgrem's father, I believe it was, worked for the CIA in mind control, like Cameron, who was sued, as well as prevaiing in many other law suits in Canada for mind control crimes and more against the CIA and its front group, Time Inc. now called Time-Warner. AOL by the way, is inWarrenton, VA, and is monitored by intel as a magnet war site.. anyone who goes there is tagged for harm.

Back in the 80's, I went to a doctor because the whole left side of my face got so swollen, it was gross. The doctor said I had an aneurysm, possibly a brain aneurysm, that I still drain to this day, except it' s under control because I drain it and need to take antibiotics every 6 months to control.

I was kept awake til 3 am this morning being harrassed about Pastor Melissa Scott. You gotta understand, I don't care about her one bit. But I get harrassed about her incessantly, and I'm tired of being harrassed about someone who is  a fraud apostate. This morning, I got word that a person in this house is doing  apress conference with Congressman Bobby Scott. ANd the word I get is that Gene Scott and she have been involved in setting up people, including Jimmy Swaggart, for sex scandals to diminish their public images. THanks to MAD magazine, circa, 1988. Is it true. Everything says it is. Can you believe it. Mad magazine has more truth than any news station on tv for decades.

You media guys know what I read... right Barack?

This morning, I am receiving incessant attacks via air from airplanes and choppers, and if nothing else, they are covers for the use of Direct TV and DISH TV satellite microwave and millimeter wave attack sagainst me.. to my crotch and the left side of my face.  And you need to know, their satellites are cover for worse systems placed in the same areas of the sky in order to provide more cover for the government, becaus ethey don't mind having the corporations, who are their co-conspirators, taking the hit to cover the crimes of the U.S. and other governments. France and Germany are their main partners. The entire rest of the world knows it, and it's kept from the U.S. citizens because they need us to keep paying for weapons development, as well as soldiers to send to the endless wars toward global domination on behalf of the dictator, aka the king of the world, Barack Obama, the king of what will be the abomination of desolation.. which he is.. right Richard Shelby?

You people have some funny ideas about what God will forgive. Do you really believe the Almighty God will forgive my death? Do you really think that standing behind me means watching me die while you all think youre safe because I'm going to do it all for you? Are you so deluded that you think you're above reproach? Because all I get in response to my requests is, we don't know what to do. If that's true, then the Golden Rule, under the rule of Satan will most most certainly be Don't do unto others wht you don't want done to you. God says that anything done to me will be repaid double to you. Anyone got the guts to show some integrity? I doubt it. God will most certainly see you in the image you have of yourself, and you will be judged accoriding to the judgment of yourself. And you know the truth of yourself.

I'm now getting harrassed with the idea that saying all this is the right thing to do. I disagree. You people need to know and accept the truth, because, the Bibloe says if you do it to them, you do it to me. Now I'm saying, if you do this to me, they'll do it to you. Are you getting the picture yet.

It's about time your father chewed your butts out for what you do, before they get kicked by Satan. I hear these Christian songs about the absolute love of God and Christ that is real... any good father who loves His children loves them despite their transgressionsof God's law, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a reaming for their acts, or incarceration for their crimes in this world. Anyone who sits back and allows me to continue to suffer will receive the same upon my death by the hands of the anti-Christ you empower.

BTW Greg Palast, you'd better stop promoting Barack OBama. He's a magnet war site, someone who caused you to believe he was a hero in your eyes, and now tells you Barack is the man you always wanted. Palast, wake up, or admit your guilt in the conspiracy, like all the other people who know the truth and sit back and watch and particpate in crimes against each other, knowing full well if they don't particpate in these crimes against each other that the same crimes will be committed against them.

You'd rather die than be saved from your own crimes. Is that insane, or what? And you think I'm crazy for trying to tell you the truth.

If you think I"m just saying this in some kind of fit of rage, you're wrong. It's truth, pure truth, and if you say you don't have the courage to face me, watch what happens when you have to face Almighty God after allowing yourself and your children to die in order to save your selves. I have a clear conscience, do you?

Every apostate minister on tv will be charged with perpetrating a public hoax if you don't change your ways now. YOuknow I'm here. Act like it. You want to do it yourself, then by all means deliver your flocks to Satan. ANd then see what rewards God provides you in heaven, either here on this planet before its destruction, or elsewhere when heaven is established elesewhere, because if this planet's ecosystems are destroyed, I'm not going to sit around here and restore it for you so you can all feel like the perverted and altered prophecy has been fullfilled so you can all feel justified and vindicated in your so called faith. God said He was going to prepare a place for me... the way things are going, I assure you, it won't be on earth as it was intended, and I refuse to restore this planet of waste and evil souls so it can continue forever.

You wanted to do it yourselves, you got it, and look what you've done with it.  That is the reason for the second coming. Accept it or reject it, empower me or empower Satan. The rest of the world, those faithful in other countries know, and they're patiently  waiting as the United States Government and the media lie to you that the other nations are the great Satans... the infidels as described in the Bible... the U.S. Government and the media ar e the infidels.

When the Bible says that if you get behind me and I will protect you, it doesn't nmean stay at home and watch me ddo it single handedly.. it means stand with me and empower me with a show of public support, in the ways of the world, in an election... elections I was prevented from running in by attacking me with state of the art weaponry while you all loooked on and called me crazy.

You wanna be save? Then empower me so I can empower you. Otherwise, face the consequences of your own choices. God gave you free will.  That is absolute. What do you choose. Because I wash my hands of you unless you empower me. The Bible says I will "go a way", and I did, I went His way. When will you?

Any of you who don't like me pointing you out, stop doing what youre doing an dempower me or face the consequences. Anyone think I don't have proof of what crimes have been committed against me? Wait til I tell the CIA to hook me up to   apsychotronics viewer. I have more replays than a lifetime could view, and I don't care what it reveals about me, because whatever it shows, it will only be revealing about you.

Choose. Karen Armstrong, Chooose. Moyers, DObbs, Olbermann, all the   Browns, every one of you. ANd if I have to go to a foreign nation to get the video out of my brain to prove it, the whole world will convict this nation, and it will be   a  righteous conviction. That's why I was heading to Venezuela. That's why the phony minister was used to stop me, along with electronic attacks to kill me, and disable my car.. as yet another plane flies over with another electronic attack.

Are you people finally getting the message, or are you really willing to die for Satan?

There is nothing more that need sto be said in the bpok I was writing, becaus eall it does is make you all feel warm and fuzzy, and that's the last thing you deserve. You want a comforter, get a blanket. If you wanna be saved, employ the Golden Rule. I did, and I'm called a fool. THe BIble says you're the fools.

THe Almighty God has spoken through me. Make your choice.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - That's That

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Melissa Etheridge - Angels Would Fall

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Melanie -  Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 09 - Enemy Within


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - The End


7/29/2009 8:06pm Since my last posting and the posting to KCAA, if it exists, and my letter to Brian Oxman, I have been attacked in an extremely intense matter, and I suppose the psops people ot Fort Lewis and McChord had a good time, but I assumed they were going to kill me, but I held out, and my body is very sore and who knows if I'll survive the attacks to my kindnets, liver and spleen.. but.. I have the people at GE and TIme Warner and the Council on Foreign Relations are enjoying it, because this party's over, and God Almighty is making His final list of those to be erased in judgment, and you're all on the list. I hope you enjoyed listening to the pain inflicted last night, and please tell the Chaplains at Ft. Lewis and other military bases that they must not be of any use to anyone.... so continue your work, and know that God will reward you for your work in kind.


TO Keith and Lou, Rachel and all the rest... you all are truly sick people, and take your Barbuie Doll and have fun with her. I have no expectations that MIchael Jackson's attorney has any interest in the truth of this case, but that's alright, apparently I'll be joining Michael soon, and he and I will have a great time enjoyin gthe New World. THey do have a hell of  aband up there, and we'll make some good music for the rest of the remnant that are joining us there.


Too bad about you all, I had faith that at least one of you would have th ecourage to act like decent human beings. Apparently God really did know there was no one left on earth who actually would stand for God. I accept you rjudgment, and will do my best to remove myself from this continent so you can have it your  way. Good luck. You have chosen to live in hell, you will have everlasting life on this planet, enjoy the swill of your own pollution.




AS the psychotronic and DEW attacks continue, who knows, maybe my fingernails will carmelize just like Michaels. I'll still have the last laugh. I kept my promise, God will reward me as promised, I just hope all you so called Christians will love yourselves for your betrayals of God.


7/1/2009 8:18 am Well, I have to hand it to NBC and Time-Warner for shoving it in my face again... God's really going to enjoy this one. I have to admit it was interesting at first to catch the Melissa Scott show on CNN   this morning.. she's probably a fraud there too... but at least the direct tie to CNN and GE is clear.. nice touch going from brown to red hair with Turner's colorization. Of course, they kept me up all night again last night for another 24+ hours of sleep deprivation telling me they were going to kill me while shooting my spleen and crotch some more... but it was quite a show seeing the vast array of choppers shooting flares across the Menke timberlands.. what would life be without star fleet showing me theri $10,000 per night display..  at least they got the coordinates of the big dipper right this time. The other Melissa Scott must be getting  abig kick out of her CNN MSNBC payoff check. At least the sources showed their faces while the tiny demons had a few guts.. as I always say, why does it always take women to do the hard stuff while the guys get all the laughs objectifying women on these news networks, we'll call it whores for dollars. No wonder women's lib never actually happened. Who needs porn when they can hire female news reader.


Meanwhile, the psyops guys told me the chppoer guys were yup above last night because the Harstine Isalnd people took a vote at the community club and voted to have the weed and seed people shoot me with dews all night because they decided, with their kind hearts, that I could live here if I quit smoking. Gotta love psychotronics gyuys. They are getting more creative, though I did state I would not back down.

Grammatically speaking, I actually did take one piece of the fraud Melissa Scott's advice to check grammer... I changed the idea of  "It's a whole new world" to "It's a whole, New World", which sounded right for healing the planet, except what became cler to me over the last few days is that the plan is now that it will be, indeed, a whole new world...so Satan and the news networks won this planet and will create a true hell for you all, while I'll head down the Cresh trail to Mexico, with no expectation of making it, but enjoy the fresh air and hike to go hom eto God... for my reward, a whole new world. It'll be fun, and a perfect way... it'll be great to see real stars again....


Meanwhile.. who knows when I'll get sleep again, as yu guys love to see me do stupid things due to sleep deprivation.


I thought it would be good to put an end to psychotronics by exposing it via the Michael Jackson case, and don't get me wrong, I shed some tears at his death and really feel badly for the family, and I send them my love.. but since I was provided a bogus attorney's name to write to, courtesy of NBC and GE, and it's clear I'm being made homeless again, for the last time, I'll leave enough evidence relative to the case behind in case anyone ends up caring, and the as GE and TIme Warner, the council on foreign relations wanted, noone will ever hear from me again, unless I do make it to Mexico, but I won't be back in the U.S. Us truth tellers like Venezuels, and I hope I get there so they can hook me yup to psychotronics so the rest of the world will know the full truth about the Nazi Americans who are killing their own United States Citizens and starting World War IIII. It ought to make for good viewing, better than the Protocols of the LEarned ELders of Zion. It will provide them great insight on the dialectics being used to wage world war III, and the way the rug is going to be pulled out from under the stupid politicians in the U.S. who got set up by the Illuminati just like the U.K. did at Waterloo... wait til the foreign HAARPS play on the U.S. and the leaders when they're done. You know those Illuminati... everyone is expendable to them. Read Revelations for the surprise twist in the Biblical interpretations on "all the tunnels (in Washington DC and elsewhere) will be exploded and the records will be ruined.. all the evidence of the complete betrayal of the United States by it's treasonous leaders.


I was told you all wanted to know what the future was, and I told the psyops guys llast night, so they can write it up and send it to the news guys who got such a kick out of mocking me and playin gwith me like   atoy. Wait til you see what happens to you. You'lll get the surprise ending the psychotronics guys told me would happen, but the joke will be on you. He truly must be laughing somewhere.


There will be  many more books Tamron... just not the ones you were trying to get out of me for laughs.


Good luck in hell ya'll. You  did it to yourselves.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 06 - Do What You Want, Be What You Are


7/4/2009 2:40 pm It's been quite a difficult few days... I was "let up" for a while, thinking of running   apresidential campaign as well as hoping I was making progress toward getting people's attention and understanding... when my dog was zapped, oalong the spine, a strip going from about 2/3 away back, and extening at least5 inches. I have pictures. By Zapped", I mean cut clean, like with lasers or the active denial system which heats the skin to 360 degrees instantly. I got zapped so much one night that I have / had dots of burns all over my back. I have video. Just like Michael Jackson had on his left hand on a shot of him on msnbc, I'll bet the "tracks" he has on his arms were actually the sme kinds of "burns" from directed energy weapons. I wish I could get through to their attorney so I could provide information and evidence of everything includig my medical records. There are lots of people who would benefit from a rational approach to a civil suit on behalf of his estate who are being attacked in the same ways.


I was looking through an old phone book last, night, and was amazed to realize that I had the names and numbers of more Melissa's than any other name... never thought of that. And it didn't even include the lates one's name or number. That makes at least 5 or 6. One more case of eternal wonder :}


The chopper guys and I had quite   astandoff the other night.. me gettting zapped by directed energy weapons and psyops, and me, standing on the back deck like giving a speech on freedom and rights... they shot off a couple of really cool flares that I jokingly claimed as fireworks just for me... I'm not sure what that message was.... except psychotronics telling me they were going to burn down the house.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 07 - Stuck Inside a Cloud

Meanwhile.. I wish I could say the other ti's also get to have as much fun as the pysops guys and get frustrated because I refuse to back down. George Harrison apparently knew all about that subject. That's what that song is about above.

I was going to write a short essay about the Fourth of July and this country... I remember back when I was a state fianlist in their "Voice of Democracy" contest, with a speech of "What America  Means To Me." That's teh time I didn't shake Kingdom of God Communications Reagan's hand, then Governor of California in solidarity with the rest of them who thought it was the right thing to do.. and I actually agreed... :} Wait, there's this, Kingdom of God Communications "What America Means To Me" from back in 2003 or 2003. Thanks to the psyops guys for sort of reminding me after a brief struggle.

I plan to enjoy the 4th of July, both of us :}... hard to know what you guys are really up to, but I'm gonna modify something I've said for a while... I used to say I can win without winning. I retract that statement altogether.

God bless you all.

7/5/2009  11:46 am - Just  afew notes on observances and occurances.

6/30 Fake Pastor Melissa Scott is on CNN as a news presenter. I have video. Proof that CNN and NBC were in on the setup with Melissa Scott.

Also, Lynn got lost in the woods for no apparent reason, just like someone who had Alzheimer's. A joke on the Leon Russell song "I'm lost in the woods"...

I posted the folowing letter to the supposed attorney for the Michael Jackson Family, as shown on MSNBC... for someone called Brian Oxman, who is supposedly also doing a radio program on KCAA Los Angeles, and is supposedly an instructor at UC Irvine. My email to Irvine bounced back. Supposedly I posted the letter to the attorney on their yahoo group, I have full documentation on the posting in print for later use.

Someone please get this letter to the attorneys for the Jackson family regarding the murder of Michael Jackson by the U.S. Government, NBC and CNN and others.

7/6/2009  1:11pm - Are those good numbers? :}


So, today's entertainment is brought to you by the psyop guys and something I needed to do for the sake of integrity and truth. Twasn't fun at all. but lots of things aren't. So... talk about the never ending story... MSNBC's drip-drip remark was yet again amusing but not appreciated.... but of course, the one never ending story and favorite topic of the pschotronics guys....


Pastor Melissa Scott, the Dialectic... at least she'll be off the hook, sort of. The Psyops guys said they'd protect her, one way or another. And CNN's just true to form. ABC and Time-Warner... instruments of the Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order....


Interesting stuff on the History Channel about the Free-Masons and the resons Patrick Henry said "I smell a rat". It's true, the "FREE MASONS" are sickos, and in control of this country, with World War III being the last thing they'd do to be able to fully conquer the world to serve the ogliarchy like gods.


I found it interesting that Jim Marrs, the Illuminati "expert", didn't even know that Jimmy Carter wrote the Tri-Lateral plan in 1958 with the future defense secretary George Brown at Martha's Vineyard. Check out the 1960 or 1961 Edition of the 26 volume Encyclopedia Brittanica under "Tri-Lateral Commission"...  and as we all know in Aesopian, a Commission is either the commission of a crime or a cover up in the American Language, which is not the same as the language of the citizens of the United States.


The government of the United States is under the final phases of being overthrown by the "Americans", the citizens who claim to be patriots but are not, the ogliarchy of the British Empire who choose monarchy over democracy who were overthrown long ago by the Illuminati, specifically, the Rothchild Family.. It's not too late to refuse to participate with evil, or to refuse to cooperate with evil, as Gandhi said, and Jesus taught, and God requires of all faithful servants at this time.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Charles Rehn - Do It For America (New Patriot Song)


7/7/2009 11:04am With all the laughter and sick Aesopian being thrown at me lately, particularly by Olbermann and Dobbs, I'm clear tha tthe anti-Christ actually believe they have prevaile over me and thus, God, becuase they believe that my physical death will mean that Go dis dead. THat is their first biggest delusion. I said long ago God only provides me with the info He believes is necessary, and I believe it more than ever now.


I used to watch Cosmos and think, it really is arrogant of us to believe this is the only planet God made that has people and souls and beings, and I know it for a fact now. The ultimate "turning of the tables" is in the recent revelation that this could be a world of the kingdom of God, but if not, there are other places God has for faithful servants and, based upon my judgment and reports to Him of this world, He woud be the only one to decide the outcome. The psychotronics guys have told me for  along time that things would not happen the way I expected, an God's revelations to me prove that, but neither will it turn out the way the anti-Christ designed. They wanted to harm me until I surrendered to their ways, which I still refuse to do, nor will I be used to  defend their sick assess to the world.  They deserve all the punishment they deserve by their own laws, and when it it done, they will know that they did it to themselves. Because they did.


Meanwhile, part of my jib was to defned humanity to God, and there are certainly those who have been faithful, even if unknown to me an dthey will be with me and Him and us in te heaven that no one has seen before, whether some miracle happens and it will be saved, or whether some miracle happens that will allow those in this world to have their choice an dfree will, as the meek inherit the earth, hell, for being without the courage to stand up to evil... passive aggressive resistance is not about laying down and taking the abuse, believing that God will simply override free will and choice and tyrannically bring an end to the anti-Christ. You have to want it and do something about it. There will be many be condemn as anarchists and atheists who will be in this heaven of God's, and many Christians and spiritual people who will not, becuase those who stood against evil, and lived the ways of God unbeknownst to themselves, are more faithful than any self-righteous Christian ever dreamed of being. More truth that none of you want to hear becuase it does not justify your willingness to let your children die at the hands of Satan.


The United States Government and the U.S. News media have done a fine job of keeping you from the truth of God's word, and you have chosen to persecute me as the evil in the world. God knows the truth in the hearts of every being.


I am His servant, and will do an go wherever He chooses to send me to speak and teach His ways. Apparently, there are none who want to hear it., I accept it. He accepts. It IS finished, and whatever happens from now on is or is not His will, except the granting of free will, wihich will, one way or another, allow you to judge yourselves by your own actions and hypocrisy.


THere are those who sought to waste my time even more by saying I had to finsih the book in order to be worthy of being acknowledged in this world as His representative. I say, if you want to known, then welcome me as His spokesman. Otherwise, accept that the only thing that is incomplete is your faith in Him, which is the reason why what I have written is more than sufficient to have delivered the most important messages He wanted delivered, and if that mesasge was not delivered through His inspired words and in my life, then there is simply no point in saying more. So, for all the parts that are not finished in words in the book, do what the evil-doers and the Catholic Church have done since the death of Christ... make it up, write it anyway you like that suits you and justifies your selves, and then take your chances with God later. You all think He will forgive everything because you made it up that He would . You're wrong. You, as always, disregarded what you didn't want to hear. Welcome to hell. You chose it. Enjoy.


Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky


For Michael Jackson - it's good to know he knows of my love for him, an excellent example of the love God provided to the world, filling the world with hope and someone to identify with who did not surrender the spark of God within him no matter the circumstances or false charges made against him. He knows that if faithful servants had been faithful, I woul hvae been watching, reverently, the private ceremonies of the family and his dear friends, sitting across the street, praying and expressing my love, in front of a fountain facing Forrest Lawn, where I spent a few days of homelessness in Glendale California. THe building said it was "the King's House", as purported by Pastor Melissa Scott. Michael Jackson is dead becaus eof the failures of the self-righteous. God will never forget Michael Jackson, who received his rewards on earth, and will receive even greater rewards in heaven, with everlasting life, and the arms of God around him for being such a perfect example of a man serving God, by any name, in any faithful, moral spiritual walk, for which I commend him forever.


God Bless Michael Jackson. May we all come to know we are better and have been blessed by his life.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 03 - Testify

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Eagle Dances With The Wind - 02 - New Spirit


7/8/2009 1:57pm Incompletions that are not, with no pun or criticism of Dr Bob intended. I used to listen to him everyday on the radio. Some good advice. Wells Fargo days :}


So much for "you can't take it with you" :} talk to Olbermann for an explanation, I'm sure he'll have one. Why should I shut up about the piggybacks of hardball? Or worry about the stuff erased off my digital recorder in order to obstruct justice and destroy evidence of egregious wrongdoing... to cover the Pastor Melissa Scott fraud  by CNN.


What? Me Worry? God says he'll turn it all around, one way or another. I believe Him. At least I can believe someone.



7/9/2009 8:40pm - WHat  afun couple of days, trying to figure out why fortheloveoftheworld.com was redirected to someother site with an old front cover that made it hard to get to the book... and my isp doesn't return my emails and explain why I can't transfer my sites to another webhost, whilst possibly being tested on my knowledge of IP DNS methods... :}


Meanwhile, I've been playing on sodahead and twitter, and though I have no idea where my messages go, someday when I really care I'll read some instructions somewhere... I can't help but notice that without solicitation of any sort, a few people whose locations look like phony minister promotion sites... hmm... psyops guys or entrapment for telling the truth dressed up like defamation... everything's backwards :} And it's not amazing, it's disgusting.


I was thinking I could write  abunch of stuff... you know, CSN, Anything  At All, but, since God's turning things around in a sort of ultimate way, I figure if ya wanna know something, you know where I am and what a deposition is... and that applies to zillions of people, far as I can tell. Personally, I think the pop quiz idea was great....  isn't it crazy how my favorite little kitty is Abby, with a crooked tail, whatever that means, and the other cute little gun shy daughter of Abby is Emma Lee... the outdoor cat... the one who still thinks that when I scratch her neck, she's to assume the position of a nursing kitten. Of course, she purrs, as long as I don't move too fast, or talk, or breathe or try to give her more food... and then there's peaches... eat a peach...  Allman Brothers. John. Arcata High School. Sigh...wait, Elton John, Rotten Peaches, peach blight in Georgia just as lethal peanuts begin to occur... oh when will it ever end, oh when will it ever end?


I saw an interesting website today... for days, the psyops guys have been trying to get me to read Hosea, so I didn't. Today, I came across this sight of a commited Jehovah's Witness taking it upon himself to watch for... the 2nd Coming and the end of days... and he quoted this great verse,


Isaiah 56:10


I thought, this is the perfect guy to send to my web site, if it's actually online :} And he emailed me back (or not) basically saying thanks for the link, and indeed, the day of Jehovah was coming. Here I thought I was telling him it's already here :} Foolish me :} I love doing the Oh God thing on twitter.... one way to twitter away the day... 


So for the record... I heard it through the grapevine that I quit.. I never said that... I said, if that's what you want to say it's fine with me... alot of stuff I'm forced to think about that is passe...


Speaking of moots points... I remember one day my dad went way out of his way, even bought me/us ice cream cones, to put the car out in front of the moose lodge in Scotts Valley, and said something like they were like a social club, getting together and drinking  and having fun, and that was just before I was left outside the Mason lodge in Santa Cruz when he took my sisters to their meetings, and he did whatever he did. One of those famous "burn in moments" of his, I presume. More research...


Please pass a message to the wizard.. I think I know more than I need to know to qualify. The question is, have you learned enough to qualify ? :} dedodedo....


I'm following the LA Lakers and Shaq... now, other than the 30 minutes of moonlight at midnight that I'll swear I never mentioned (I don't actually ever close my eyes)  I think it would be fun to share an essay or two with them if I'm allowed and can figure out how it works.... :} I'm kind of glad I've lost touch with cutting edge technology... and still know  what to do to make it work if I have to... :} The truth is, everything about how computers work is all based on the same paradigms, and essentially, it all works the same when you understand how the programmer thinks. I think I've heard that somewhere before.


I've been ignoring the chopper guys lately, so now I get low flying Cessna's and more going by, decelerating and taking a slight descent in order to really make the noise loud as they go over the house, meanwhile, the psychotronics guys are always there in every waking moment, and really doing some interesting things while I sleep that I wake up to as they work to subdue my spirit that just can't be, since I have nothing better to do than serve God and His constituents... who needs the governement. Like I said, as pres, I wouldn't need congress to empower the people to do what they already know to do and want to do anyway. Why raise taxes when people want to give and share what they have anyway amongst themselves?


A really good big government would be one of people big enough to realize they are expendable and so self serving that they should just go do that while the citizens of the United States do it themselves, as they like to and do well, without a bunch of self-righteous ogliarchy serving leaches screwing up the lives of real citizens instead of just screwing up their own, which we hope they'll go away and do to set an example of how truly incompetant they actually are. Right Barack? Losing the luster in those canned speeches lately, dude...


C Street... Skull and Bones, isn't it? free association... something about footstools... you guys know of any good footstools? I had a friend once who had a Jack Russell Tarrier, had to have surgery. Yeah, I know I misspelled it.


To the crazy angels, who must like Hafiz an awful lot ot put up with the stuff that goes through my mind as I dseek peace of mind, remember this one from the Motown 25th anniversay special.... I was actually thinking   of Someday, We'll Be Together

This'll do...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Diana Ross & the Supremes - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I really love this song...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning


Just like I really love this album

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Carole King - Thoroughbred - 204 - I'm Still Here Thinkin' of You


For Campbell Brown Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Winds of Change - CD2 - 04 - Chico - Papa Stop the War


"His watchmen are blind. None of them have taken note. All of them are speechless dogs; they are unable to bark, panting, lying down, loving to slumber."  (Isaiah 56:10)  


7/10/2009 9:37 am - Retrospect... I always love to think about the day before and the day ahead when I wake up in the morning, and spend my time listening to music and allowing God to influence my thoughts and ways... to some, I suppose I could say we've come  a long way, to others, I suppose you could say it's been an exercise in your own fultility, to try to fight God and His ways in this world...

Barack, by now you've figured out how the spirit of Satan has overtaken you, that you have unfortunately been used as a token black to emulate a historic event in this nation and the world, and that nothing you say or do hasn't been peerfetly choreographed by the evil of your associates who look at you as the ultimate way to cause upheaval and the further discreditation of minorities in this and other countries as the Skull and Bones and Council on Foreign Relations "masters" actually believe tha tminorities are beneath the white race somehow. True fools, and they made you one of them. I feel sorry for you and every heart and hope tha twill be broken by the downfall designed for you, the false prophet so caught up in his own glory that he forgot the Golden Rule. Think about that when Cap and Trade, Climate Change and every other farce is foisted upon the world as your green energy plans reduce employment even further... The truth may hurt at first, but it will also cure the woes of the world. Right now,   you're one of them. Are you incurable too?

TO all the politicians, even the ones I like, who have gone out of their ways to emulate God's word and intent, it will be held against you, and I recommend that you end the facade now. If, indeed, you do it to honor God, then honor God with truth, not more deception and emulation. It's really not important that you offend me. It's best to realize that you offend God in every vile way depicted in the Bible regarding the end times.

As for those who have unsuccessfully choreographed my demise... you know so much and yet so little about commuication that you would sacrifice your lives and careers and families to prove to God that you are smarter than He. It's part of what God wanted to learn through me. And every other thing you to do to thwart and demean me, even in my solitary confinement, He notes and will turn around. I have no fear not because I am a fool, but because I know the truth really does set you free, and I am freer than any one of my captors could ever claim.

Confidence and arrogance... I have confidence in God, and through Him myself. WHat may seem as arrogance to you is simply the willingness to speak truth toanyone, passionately and compassionately, as well as the willingness to be His spokesman on behalf of the citizens and beings of this world.

And to the ministers and pastors of the world... I challenge you to the greatest debate ever. All of your studying, teaching and preaching, I challenge you to put me in a room with at least 100 of you in order that you may test me with questions and discussions... and whether you believe I am Christ or the anti-Christ, I say that after about 6 hours, if you can spare the time for God in your busy schedules and egos, that you will have your answer... even though your answers may not bring you personal satisfaction. The real question is, ye of faith with no faith, do you actually believe in God, the prophecies, and the purposes of prophecy?

I say, it is perfect, according to Hebrews, that I do not know the Bible like those of the Christian Religion, as it is the true proof you should desire...   and if the choreograohers f satanic dialectics had allowed me freedom years ago, the same proof would have led to Revelations that I would have shared with you in real time as we learned and grew together. Understand, I do not feel superior in any way. I am simply His Son and servant in every way that can be interpreted, and I know it, and I have no fear of the judgment of this world... because I AM a citizen as is everyone else.... and when I say I choose to serve Him and the citizens, an not myself, I mean it. Do you? Are you up to the challenge? Or will you cling to your righteous indignation in response to the word of God that you cling to as your self-validation and vindication for your divisive and anti-Christian ways. ANd what would a father be to a child if that father is not willing to chastise? And what child of GOd would not revel in His correction and empowerment?

I was reading more of David C. Pack's writing about the Second Coming, and I'd sure love to talk to him because, as limited as my controlled exposure is (thanks to psyops) of leaders in the Christian Religion,  he really is close to telling the true story of the seconfd coming, And he's wrong. And with little correction, his work as prophet could easily be corrected with a greater overview of God's world and intent. But even his righteousness and expertise in the field of CHristian Religion betrays him for the same reasons he claims accuracy. If you believe this is criticism of him, it is not. If I have any purpose in this world, it is to set the record straight, to erase the graven images of God, and if necessary, to remove the flocks from under the control of apostates, whether they intend to be or not. ANd their response to my challenge will be the proof of that.

I have been rejected, harmed and contained by my government and its minions, but the time for such containment is over and I will tolerate it no longer, nor will I remain where I am not welcome, as I am not the fool I've been made out to be. Nor am I as unknown as many would like me to believe in order to diminish my spirit and the cause of God in this world. And to anyone who actually reads the Bible and has observed me in one way or another, you know that I have accidentally fulfilled every prophecy expected of me, accidentally because of my ignorance of the Bible and prophecy, meaning, ultimately, I just be myself, an who I am.. I'll leave that up to you to opine and expert-ise until and unless you surrender to God's will, and not your own.

It's interesting, my cat Abby just brought me a rat from outsie. She did her job, and even though she really  wants me to feed her, she brought me food as a gift to exchange. Sounds like the Golden Rule to me. Funny, too, I'm not really a cat person, or maybe  am. Maybe I just rejected having to take on one more label that would stereotype me in a way I  dislike.... maybe I just love cats and animals, and such definition and divisive requirements to take sides on a question of absolutes on a subject that rewquires no definition, but just the expression and sharing of love, is all that's important.

God just worked in mysterious ways again.  I think He's getting tired of being thought of as mysterious, too, given that His ways are so simple....

Good luck.. it's what everyone wants to hear when they have no further hope or faith... the way things are going, most of us will need luck... personally, I'll stick with faith. It works.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - Back Stabbers

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

For Lionel Richie... love yer stuff...Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Still Commodores too, ok?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bloodstone - Natural High and the (psyop) hits just keep coming :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation (Didn't want anyone to think I've gotten soft or given in on anything I don't need to give in to. :})

7/11/2009 12:15pm I left a message at GodLeftAMessage.com the other day :} I hope they'll forgive me later for laughing about that one... :}

Arrogance v confidence... if anyone thinks I take myself too seriously, believe me, I laugh at it and myself all the time, and then, face the somber truths of what's going on in the world, and hope that not too much damage is done before I'm able to "appear" :} I'm thinking maybe it is time to do a real blog, and hope I'm allowed to move my web sites to the new host I have that is prepaid for a year... it's been blocked up til now... I think the isp is affiliated with GE.

I've got some radios here I'm going to put power supplies on... nice units, I think it's marine band, but of a commercial commuications band, and maybe set up hours for broadcasts to talk about dialectics and things... maybe some ham operators could repeat and relay it... in honor of Bill O'Reilly, I'm gonna do it live..

In terms of writig.. I really do want to write the things about Billy Preston, Bill, predjudice and brainwashing and Syreeta and more, just because I think it's an important story and supports what I say about a real discussion of racism and equality, that ties directly to the story of the Valley CLub, well presented by CNN, about children being turned away from a swimming pool just like the pool in Atlanta was closed for cleansing after a black couple and their friends threw a pool party, which they were allowed to do... Like the big guy says, there are no such things as coincidences.

As far as writing more... though, or even finishing what is there to be completed, I tink not. I thik it's good for people to consider what I would have said, and maybe, someone would actually like to challenge me someday so they could know the truth...  in person.

What's interesting about that is reading what people might call the "minor prophets" of the Old Testament... books I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to when I read the Bible front to cover a few years back. And this also includes the reason why I decided to write what I wrote "in a void" to prove to myself that what I was saying and what God has spoken through me was legitimate divine inspiration, and not the result of psyops. What I've gotten most out of what I've done since 2000 up until the moment I decided to not finish the chapters I placed online, is that I really have just done all this stuff without knwing it was predicted... I was just doing it. There's supposedly 2 people out there documenting what's been going on, and I hope it's true because they would know that what I have written and spoken of, without knowledge of prophecy, is just who I am and the way I be and have been throughout my life... It's not all that important to me, per se, because I know the truth of myself. But I know it would be important to other people who would want to rightfully wonder if I was the real thing, or just an emulation. I don't blame anyone for wanting to answer that question, the same as I did while trying to disprove it to myself. But it really is time for people to either choose the current course of history which will be World War III, or to give me the opportunity to speak to people face to face about the world and what could be, the world the way  "it's supposed to be".. because we all know what that really means, and it is possible, but choices must be made. And they are not my choices to make.

It's a gorgeous day in the Seattle Area... I'm on twitter } I think :} @charlesrehn  I can't wait to fin d out what Ted Kennedy's letter to the Pope says... I was thwarted in sending my letter to the Pope.. I think it's time to get that one done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B02 - Eastern Intrigue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - See the Light

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout a Revolution

7/13/2009 7:33pm Lucky you, I'm in  a good mood. I'v ebeen having so much fun twittering, I forgot to write something here.  Signed up for Lou Dobbs News, but I guess he doesn't want to follow me. Must be an omen. Wanna lay odds Lou isn't on tomorrow night? Tradition. I'm thinking about doing quotes again. I'm gonna quote God. Do more Catholic stuff :} Have the history Channel do something on Augustine. How's my office comin'?

I took MSNBC off my recommended news list... I decided not to recommend main stream news, except for a few that show the trends and curves. But that doesn't let any of you off the hook :} Weird, the CFR website is brown.

Finally got democratic fundamentalism.org transferred. you can tell by the b by the headline of the report for the DOP... got some more stuff to add there.   I'm still enjoying the godleftamessage.com message. No one can say, at least, that I was hiding.

Speaking of which...

It's odd and gratifying and humbling, like I've gotten the final proof myself.. as if I wasn't sure before... but... reading the Bible lately, all the prophets toward the end of the Old Testament.. realizing all the same events of humanity that shaped the Coming of Jesus, the spirit and the name of a man, of deity and the divine in the flesh,

Anyway... without knowing it, the best part of all my recent discoveries, is the consistency of my actions and words and deeds if not just my intent, to do everything that is in prophecy. As well as to experience a vast array of archetypes... and rememeber, I always said I had plenty of good times too.  Anyway.. it's odd, and yet, like so many things, getting what I needed to know when I needed to know it, knowing that it was time to take things to the next level. Feeling humbled to God, mindful of the world we're in and the responsibilities of leadership, what's at stake and more.... I feel confident in the possibility of making things work, but I'm not going to back down to anything because I know that what's needed most is truth, whatever that is about everything, each of us and the future we would choose rather than accept.

It's going to get interesting, and I still don't know how this will all happen, I just know that it can work out.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 03 - Sure As I'm Sitting Here

Sometimes I think when the Bible talks of burning incense He's talking about people who are angry and incensed, who burn from the hatred it causes in them... just  a thought...

Oh yeah, Rachel, please stop calling the C street people Christians. Do you hate Christianity, Rachel?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 103 - The Boxer

Interesting. Matthew starts at 4 BC... a good year... a few years back... ya can't beat me, even when ya cheat.

Obama. What product DID you use to dye  your hair during the campaign? Must be better than the one David Gregory uses now. :} Gnight... proof of life delivered :}

7/15/2009  12:03 pm 1st Corinthians 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are.

An interesting dialectic going on, and I know where it leads. Keithie, despite my enunciation problems, I'm still recording things, and I still tell the truth better than you and your traitorous friends tell lies... I say we're less than a few weeks away from the truth of you traitors becoming public... whether it does or not, your arrogance still betrays you, so be ready for a surprise.. because God isn't going to allow you and your friends to succeed. Better get used to it. Or get used to the whole new world option... and all of you who think God will forgive everything will be stammering at the idea that God keeps His word to the faithful in disallowing the wicked into His kingdom.

Paul the apostle was truly a fine servant of God, and still, I have issues with his teachings and the way he lead the church, compromised by those who preceeded him, and reconciling all that he would ehile still not understanding the true timeliness of the message of God, in his time and for the future, still, delivering the messages for his time.... but without the greater perspective of truly knowing his role and the deeper ways of God.

I look forward to the coming month. God will be known as a living God by the end of that time. I look forward to meeting friends, and am saddened by the apostasy of others to whom I have been forced to turn my back.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Linda Ronstadt - Willing

7/17/2009 10:43pm It's been  fun couple of days, beautiful weather, lawn mowing, recording, editing... gee, you guys, someone should have told me to shut up and use  a more direct approach a long time ago... course, I have to admit, it's very clear to me now...  I'v eben moving the site... don't know if the count is just html or total number of objects, but charlesrehn.com had 6700+ pages/objects to move. Yikes...

Tonight, it's Moyers with Robert Wright, Evolution of God writer.. wow.. sounds like a man of faith, having given up and seeking humanistic answers for the "God particle"... no criticism intended. I will say, God's natural selection is that all provide for  one another, one way or another, and it isn't about survival of the fittest. As for the evolution of God....  God is constant, and if anything is displayed in the Bible, it's that. It is true tha tthe perceptions of God changed over the ages, I believe primarily due to "graven images" or depictions of God's nature for the sake of political control, one way or another, is true. As well as bad or false translations and revisions that served the dominating paradigm or empire, as with King James. It is, however, about the evolution of the consciousness of the cosmos, the nature of humanity.

Again, no criticism intended, but I am consistently finding people who address various aspects of spirituality vs humanism, both of which are valid to apply to humanity, aer very close to the truth of their own discoveries, but it is actually the lack of faith, the endurance spoken of in the Bible, that leads them to conclusions other than the truth of the Almighty  God and the  true nature of His ways, and not the ways as depicted by those seeking control and conformance. The only other thing I'd say is, it's not just about the Arahamic faiths, it's about every spiritual discipline which offers multiple of ways of seeking the whole truth availed by God in terms of the spiritual plane. "The rest of God" is not just about God resting, but  is  about having the rest of the knowledge of God. The rest of the truth about the nature of God's ways. I sure hope someone gets this to Robert, who I hope to talk to some time.

Moyers... do you put these people on to get under my skin? :} I know you guys think you can poke and prod me to get me to write stuff.. good thing I was in a good mood this week :} I can't wait to find out what you all really want to know..:}

Baracky baby... some kind of health care reform by the end of the year..  can't wait. Did you tell everyone the one about how the reason single payer in other countries featured in ads against single payer is because those countries instituted programs to pay doctors to refuse treatment of certain "undesireable" patients or "expensive illnesses"? Put the insurance companies on notice regarding my commitment to go to single payer that even the opponents will like. That's a promise. And you know what God says, oh false prophet, don't make promises that you don't guarantee you will keep.

Now here's something a little more interesting. Where shall we put the new capitol of the United States. I mean, with global warming or whatever you want to call it, the rising oceans will cause DC to be flooded or swampy... and the old buildings are outdated, let alone plagued with listening devices and more... and where will the UN  go?

I  predict that I'd be able to deliver the programs and policies that all Americnas can agree on, from health care to education to lots more... including high tech energy generation, medical advances and more.. and lower the operating budget substantially the first year. In fact, I'll bet by  the beginning of the second year, income taxes will be reduced or equalized, manufacturing will return to the U.S., and our surrounding nations will be empowered to equalize their own economies by strengthening their own use of resources and labor unfettered by covert U.S. profiteering. And the conflicts in the Middle East, from Iran to Israel and the Palestinians will be settled within 18 months.

Those are promises you can take to the bank...

Enjoying every minute of proving that there can be absolute separation of  church and state in governance, but still wanting to do a weekly sermon/call-in show.. :}

Back to recording.... I've numbered 127 sections, not all that I want to record... and that doesn't even include the ten commandments...

I was thinking, what if we moved the Capitol to the 4 corners up on the  continental divide? I wonder if there's enough water there.

With that, Fiddler on the Roof is on , and I typed that in and it sang - God has made a wall fall down..  wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles...God has given you to me.. :}

I  remember when that was first on TV.

Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket

I told you, God has favorites :} I wanted to be on Maverick :}

Oh yeah.. here's the Aesopian deal... CEO, whatever the current guy makes, an hour on tv per day if I feel like it, kinda like the big guy has... :} And then as CEO, I'd get some practice in on reform and executive orders. I think I'll put Tom Petty in charge of the music publishing wing. I'll be really busy come the mid of 2010. And  then I'll be really busy after that.  Joshua fit the battle of Jericho... the funny thing is, he fit because he was the right guy for the job, and the walls came tumbling down after the faithul persistently "banged the drums", or spread the word of the truth of the day and of God's ways, until the walls of opposition tumbled down... as in making the high low, and the low, high... Interesting how that works, when you understand the ways of God.

And tell Robert, there is only one God, the others just got too big for their britches and in their own deluded minds, and elevated themselves as being gods.

Some cool changes coming to the site... in the next few days.

7/20/2009 1:14 pm  I haven't mentioned psychotronics and dews much lately, but the truth is, they continue, they've been more in what I call "silent mode", making it all the more important to be cautious about what you do... being productive and all.

I hate it the most when, on days like today, I know I went to bed last night feeling very good about the progress I'd made on the site, editing and all, recording, and then wake up feeling like I"m being forced to accept the futility of the work I do, meaning, as usual, they want me to feel that way because what I'm doing isn't futile at all.  At the same time, it appears my incoming personal email is mostly cut off, or from impostors, and even my twitter account appears to have been cut off from receiving lots of stuff and people I was supposedly following... ever since I signed up to follow loudobbsnews  ... coincidence? Setup on dobbs? Who knows.. who cares..

All I'll say is this:

You guys in the medi aand politics and all who continue to taunt me or actually believe I really am just a product of psyops and a fun toy to play with.. you all know I have evidence to bust you all, and you really think I won't, and that's what I don't understand most.   And someohow, maybe you think I'm such a nice guy that you think when all is said and done, I'm just going to exhonorate everyone, like  a whole lot of Sunday Christians do... or just go away. I'm really not as stupid or soft as you think.

I have a nuclear option.. the one I've been talking about, the "nuclear family", real community, real family values, actual leadership on behalf of citizens.. I was thinking last night about "leadership you can believe in" in my creation 2012 campaign.Anyone who plagiarizes that will be sorry...  Please note the copyright notice at the bottom of the page. Interesting that Obama meets with the Pope, and then the Pope declares the need for global governance and a global economy, right on cue...

And I have a feeling I'm going to be filing the longest, most detailed brief and body of evidence ever presented against the Federal Government and mucho corporations... that will provide me with all the attorneys I need to handle the civil cases on my behalf and all the other victims of psychotronics and psyops... and more...

So, as for creation 2012.. I can't help thining about how easy it would be to actually do the right thing on behalf of citizens and beings IF there actually was a leader who was actually a leader.. and I keep asking myself, are yous sure? And I think about it, and how I told Begala that laws used to seek advantage over people can and will be used against you... and I  think of how easy it would be to force Congress to represent its citizens by use of executive orders tha twould, at first, make people uneasy, and that's  a good thing, because the  scrutiny would be welcome and invited in order to set the tone for  government accountability and responsibility in the future, all with sunset clauses requiring Congress to pass legislation that more fully embraces the foundation laid by executive order.

The thing you guys prove as time goes on is that   you DO think it's  agame, and that you DO think you'll have some fancy stories to lie and suppress things.. and I just don't buy it  any more, because it's gone on for too long... and given that ultimately, given the positon I was placed in without my knoweldge.. all you've really proven is that you'r eperfectly happy doing evil unles syou get caught, in which case you'll go for plausible deniability, lies, which don't mean a hoot to God who you apparently don't believe in anyway.

When I made the post to the supposed KCAA yahoo group, which I have printout s of, which featured the faces and broadcasts of most of the news media people I talk about in my weblogs and more, I knew it was  asetup.... an nteresting one... I will give the psyops guys what they want.. which of course is to make it appear I am submitting a false police report in the Michael Jackson case..  but I assure you, it will go on record as a submission in the case handled quite well, and will eventually have the desired result.

For the guy who said causing yourself to be surrounded isn't a good strategy.. for  a guy like me, it's  a great strategy. Lots of mistakes have been made, leaving lots of nervous people.. once a "single shot" is fired, it'll turn into a melee, and all I have to do is duck. And then rise above it... which I already actually have...

I see a few interesting dialectics coming down.. but I will fear no evil "} God is in control.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me

7/21/2009 1:12 pm Dick Morris: glad to hear you got paid to have your material "stolen"... me, I get attacked with military weapons and bankrupted. For me, the real issue isn't plagiarism, it's RICCO by  anyone who plays games with me. An ongoing series of illegal crimes by the government against me... so when I warn people , once again, to stop ripping me off and playing games, and they continue, they should understand that all they're doing is causing themselves to be named as criminials in a larger RICCO. Meanwhile, anyhting anyone grabs will be used against them, because I WILL continue to use the phrases and can easily make the case that their theft is an act of suppression. In other words, I will  shove it in their faces. And I don't care if you all think I'm completely contained.. I know I'm not . And I have no idea is hearing what I have to say, but I can see through world events that people are.

People who control the past control the future.. I disagree.. I say, they become exposed for the liars they are... in the news media, in politics and in religion and intel agencies. You all rely on the idea that I think I have to know everything about everything. Don't want to. Lots of other people know what I know. That's what makes this all so fascinating... as always.. so why is it so important to keep me quiet?

Has Ron Paul told his followers about psychotronics? If not, why not?

7/22/2009 11:10 am Forgot to mention, for all those who like to keep up on the destructive uses of DEWS... back a few weeks ago, when I was attacked for days and burned and all, it appears the use of an active denial type attack on my legs resulted in what appears to be permanent nerve damage to my right leg just below the knee on the right side of the leg, and extendiing downward into the foot. The good news is, it appears to be skin deep, which is why it must have been either active denial or a direct hit on a nerve.

I feel a little urge to write up how to do health care and more without raising taxes. It begins with resetting national priorities, the end of the Fed as we know it, reduction of speculation markets and forcing rules that require consideration of legislation per bill, without pork riders, and certainly, after all other budgets are handled, the special projects can be considered in an ombudsman bill manner. I can guarantee you one thig, under my leadership, we'll find out real quick who's actually there to represent a politicla agenda, and who's there to serve the citizens.

I'd write up the plan, but, it would likely be used to pervert and distort the issue, as all other proposals are. My real question is, are there any people in office actually committed to serving the citizens, or have you all sold out or been held in silence one way or another?

I'm moving the site to the new ISP today, give it 24hrs for the DNS to take hold.. lots of interesting and important changes in Forthelove of the world.. probably some of the recordings by the end of the week.. it's been interesting, editing it all... a  bunch of sanctimony and a bunch not... a bunch of repetition but is also a bunch of stand alone chapters/sermons.

I love the Scientology ads :}

Here's the really funy question I have for the politicians and media.. ya did your best to make it difficult for me to talk, eat, to make it look like I was insane and all sorts of things... do you have the guts to pull back the blocking of communications to let me do my thing, or are you still so afraid that I'll make my case anyway? Once I file the RICCO, it's over ya  know. I give you about a month. I ha eve to play lawyer and look at the RICCO Statutes and precedence, but after that, it'll be easy to file an actionable brief, at which time, I expect Eric Holder will be included on the list, because I will submit it directly to him first. I'm feeling like taking a break, and after I get the paperwork ready, I think a trip to DC will be in order..  maybe I'll find out where my sister really lives...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Petula Clark - A Sign Of The Times

I'm still kinda partial to a whole new world. :} I wonder how you'll figure out which chapters have changed :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

1:32pm Looks like the new site took over faster than I thought. Some 22 or 26 chapters of FTLOTW were modified.. :} Also.. I looked at the stats before moving everything.. I was shocked how many people have been coming to the site. As the psyops guys always say, you have no idea, do you? :} I actually had no idea. I do find, however, a few pages not getting any hits that I find  a little curious...   A lot of seeds getting planted out there:}

5:52pm What works. Where have I heard that previously lately :}

7/25/2009 8:19pm What a beautiful day. Spent it gardening.

I was once again surprised how so many stories in A Conversation With America are the same as those in For the Love of the World, but with a different approach.  I hop ei tmakes a difference.

I had a good laugh the other night while embedding music into web pages... Anne Murray used ro go around Canada, and she was so popular that you'd hear stories of here attracting crowds and leading them to the beach, singing, They had to close down a road to the beach one day to accomodate the crowd.

I came across this song.  :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Anne Murray - A Love Song

God bless ya all.. :}

7/26/2009 4:09 pm Sometimes I just can't resist. The Errors of the Christs.... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Randy Travis - Forever And Ever, Amen

7/28/2009 12:23 pm Watched a couple of minutes of a televangelist last night, just to see which one they were, as if I've actually ever seen the real one :} On tv, anyway.

Always brings me back to the same thing every targeted individual says to themselves and others when trying to reconcile that so many people in respected positions, even the ministry, participate in and  actually enjoy harming people like me. People, like other ti's, who haven't done anything to deserve incarceration, let alone inhumane treatment. Let alone by so called leaers of a Christian church.

The endless psychotronics is effective, only, as the CIA literature says, it can't really break someone into becoming a "being" by design. Sure, it can cause suffering, but it doesn't actually alter the being and the spirit of an individual.

I really don't understand how these people can rationalize what they do. But  I have to admit, I am looking forward to the day when God works His miracle and turns this thing around in an ultimate kind of way. It's going to take a miracle. I don't know what to do :} Except just be who I am, and let God worry about it.

Diprivan... sounds like a little sleep deprivation going on...

The errors of the Christs... when I think about stuff like that, I wonder if other people, ministers and such, think about that... because it sure seems it was always used as the basis for the example of "how to be"... some would say it is a conflict between Jews and Christianity. But in truth, if we say we are of Judeo-Christians, then there actually is no conflict between Judaism, the 12 tribes of Israel and Christianity, as in the example of Jesus. There does remain the contingent in conflict with Christianity, the group of Druids who infiltrated Judaism, leading to the use of the word Jewish instead of Judaism, because it was the pagans and the people in power, the government and churches, who turned against Jesus, and who coopted the Universal Church by granting political acceptance and ordination rather than the church remaining true to God's ways without compromise.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 05 - Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You

7/30/2009 6:24 am - It's amazing what goes thru your mind when passing the night because of sleep deprivation... of course there's the ever present "resistance is futile" psychotronics going on ....

I was amused by GB yesterday... talk to your ministers... as if that will help.. as if the ministers know what to do... I suppose it would be fun to play catch with Fox, but if there's one realization I've come to in dealing with MSNBC and CNN, it's that the media is entrenched, worse than I imagined back in 2000.... there's either  alack of conscience or simply people who won't stop because they don't think what they're oing is wong.. it' funny how people like that will go on and on with their crimes, and when the time comes, they'll claim their innocence for some reason or another.

I'm a little tired of the games.. and I know that because of the issues I bring up, I'll never make it to national news without first winning a few law suits.

I have to admit, I wonder if I've figured out what my father knew or did to probably the BUsh's and GE way back when to make you all so mad at him.. let alone me... you have no idea what it's like to wonder, like all ti's, why you are chosen to endure such hardship.. psychotronics and dews.. even more, as time goes on, realizing all the people with the power to end it who ignore it or make fun of it... my story really is different than any others I've heard... I still have trouble believing real ministers would take part in my situation... and if so many things didn't make sense, I really would simply conclude I was psyopped and move on... but my psyops clearly started long before 2000... and the things that happeened were obvious attempts at entrapment... must have been frustrating for a lot of people...

The only thing I really have to say about it is, in the new world, this kind of stuff won't be tolerated... personally, I don't care if the new world is here or elsewhere... but I'm as much a realist as a pragmatist...I'm not looking forward to what I see happening soon, and I'm not really interested in starting a new world just before my body gives  out... makes me wonder what my life was really about... preparing me for... my next life, or the completion of this one... hard to tell...

I've resigned myself to being here another winter.. wouldn't if I had my druthers... I'm going to clean p FTLOTW, tighten up conversations, and then put everything I learned from Gingrich to use.. and if it doesn't fly, then I will go elsewhere and - even though I'll have to put up with psychotronics and all still, I think I can find a place where people will treat me like a human being. That would    be a nice change.

Too bad about you media guys.. I had still been holding out thinking a few of you were going to turn out to be good guys, but if you were, you would have been long ago. Right big guy? It's one thing to lose faith in God, but it's   another thing to lose all sense of common decency. But then, that's what you New World order guys are all about.

Later, the links to the recording\s of some 16 chapters will be linked in. Enjoy.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 06 - Willing And Able

1:40 pm Bud buddies.. I don't think beer was the bud the Bible had in mind :}

7/31/2009 11:16 am Michael Steele.. ya know, I' dlike to help you out with the leadership problem with the Republicans.. but as you know, I'm not a Democratic Or Republcan, conservative, liberal or centrist or progressive... and though I like the original ideologies of the Republican party.. the level of corruption in the government as a whole is such... let's jsut say, you guys went a long way in calling the Obama/DNC/CFR agenda as that of socialism and democratic socialism.. which it is, more or less... the unfortunate truth about it all, as I said years ago,is people are so entrenched in status quo politics and "the way things are done" that the only thing that will really pull the U.S. and the world out of the abyss it's falling into is to tell the truth, have real discussions and what we call real bi-partisanship. I know both the Repubs and Dems know I'm the real deal... and there's really good people in both parties.. and outside of them.. somehwhere down the road, all of you will be given the choice to join with me for a real America and a world based on the pplan of God, which is separation of church and state and honest global relationships...

So, I am going to run for president again.. I may be in a precarious position, but it's workable and can be powerful. I know you guys and te media hold all the cards, but I'm not worried about that. Nor am I concerned about the psychotronics and dews,   because whatever continues to happen to me will be announced to the public. Now, unless you guys get behind me, a whole lot of people will be implicated as traitors.

One of the reasons I'm telling you this now is because I am going to post materials.. and just like Obama using my cash for clunkers idea.. a good example of why Idon't present an economic and energy plan now, that would end up being used as an idea and theme but perverted in its applications.. so anyone grabbing themes and programs.. I will just continue using it and declare absolute plagiarism, suppression, violation of my civil, human and religious rights, as well as freedom of the press. I will be made an example of the extreme corruption of the U.S. Government.. like Brian Baird introducing legislation to legalize mind control and more, as an extension of his fascist weed and seedprogram he loves so much...

The other reason I'm saying it is because whoever developed these dialectics long ago set it up for me to be positioned against the media.. I'm not against the media, they're against me for some reason.. like the citizens of this country, I was defending freedom of the press... the national media made a choice to go along with the corruption.. and in the end, I will force the media and others to explain it all.. cause Im not going towaste any more time explaining things...

Now, whoever believes I'll be dewed and psychotronicized into oblivion.. it will work against you, I guarantee it.. just as all the medical and dental malpractice will also work against you.

I'm gonna win, and a whole lot of peple used toplaying the extremes and applying remarks out of contet... I want you to come after me with full force.. case in the long run, you'll prove my points, and I'll show you what real leadership is... and it isn't about changing you.. it's about cchanging the demeanor or discussion in AMerica... you'll end up being my supporters.. I already know some of you are.

I know this is not going to be comfortable.. I'll have to take a lot of hits in order to rise  above it. But I will. ANyone who perpetuates the RICCO against me will have to face the truth of their involvement. Don't say I didn't warn you. Like Dobbs quoted  one day years ago, first they laugh at you.. etc...

Note: Regardless of the direct reasons for Michael Jackson's death may be whatever the media reports, but I still believe he was a victim of DEWS and Psychotronics..

The final note: In the next few years, I will re-unite America, and set a new course for the world that we can all agree on. Does that appeal to anyone? And the royal family will no longer be royal.

I'm coming out. Careful what you say. It may be used against you in a  RICCO case.

Oh yeah.. and I'm declaring myself to be a minister, the Church of the Kingdom of Heaven. It's going to be an interesting campaign :} Lets' have some fun with it, as we deal with our first class assignment of "how to tell the truth, again"...

Hope you're enjoying the recordings.. lots of actualities for ya.. :}

I think I have a trip to Humboldt County comin up :} I think they like me there :}

Oh yeah.. I'd run for Congress or something, but there isn't time... you guys have no idea what audacity really is :} Obama surely doesn't.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lou Reed - Take A Walk On The Wild Side

For John Hall - Wake up people, wake up. What happened to you, John?

8/1/2009 11:54 am Nothing like listening to Marvin Gaye's What's Going On album to start the day.

It's a perfect day for working in the garden... lots of dandelions to mow :}

Watching Leave It To Beaver always inspires me :}

What I'm constantly amazed by is the simplicity of the resolution and solutions to the problems and issues that exist in our "reality", a distorted consciousness so based on deceptions that have become the foundation of that reality, where the ability to actually resolve issues in a way that accomplishes goals at this time by the "leaders so entrenched in the perpetuation of the reality", would mean to convict themselves of their own crimes. The actual transparency, truth telling and reasonable accounting for and accountability for the actuality rather than the myth of the reality would be far too revealing for the current collective of elected officials to survive the implications and actualities of their intentions, actions and betrayals of their constituents and the constitution, let alone perpetrations against humanity on ths planet as a whole.

Thanks to Danny Bonaduce for the inquiry into actuality :}

I think it's time for me to look into the GBO  and GAO reports and look at the actualities of budget, debt and global geo-economics. And I'm encouraged at the prospect of laying out the paradigms for the "New World". Speaking of which, I was playing with some clipart, and came up with this :} I'm gonna have a section called my favorite clipart and dedicate it to John McCain.

I decided I'm gonna really be using the line "Whatever (insert name) wants to say about it is fine with me" alot.. What a great line. :} I'll attribute the line later, maybe, ya never know :}

I'm also amazed, and thankful, at how constant inquiry allows for the deepening of thought, understanding and specification for taking action and seeing a real vision fo rthe future that actually makes sense, is relevant to the current status of the world and does not require me to abandon who I am in any way, nor my values or sense of responsibility to this nation, ever mindful of the leadership of the world intended by God Himself, which was not to be as an empire demanding compliance of the world, but partnership in building a sustainable way of life for a planet of people and creatures requiring and reasonably expecting "their share", that always begins with delivering and facilitating justice, the way of being and in every administrative way, that includes but is not focused on justice as a tool of legislative social control and engineering, and punitive rather than rehabilitative incarceration.

It's an interesting thing to notice, as I always have throughout my life, that the only permission you need to have in order to justify being who you are is your own. I know there will be lots of questions, especially about "divinity" and all, again, not that big of a deal to me, but having a different meaning and perception to me than most people..  still, I'm glad that I wrote the Conversation With America stuff in the beginning before really embracing "Christianity", because I really am glad to know that my views, with few exceptions, my views about things haven't really changed, although the research into history and religion and all have certainly broadened the scope and horizons of my understanding and context of what I think of as the "big picture" I have of things.  As well as the ability to get to the root of the "why things are the way they are" in order to make corrections that make sense to everyone.

Definitely time to go work in the garden. :} The deer took down the fence again.. fortunately, they didn't eat anything. Good news, though, there are two pears growing and a few pink japanese plums growing.. :} between the deer and the birds, there isn't much left for us humans :} I'm enjoying watching the asparagus grow, although I don't know wha tto do with it.Not enough for a meal. The question is, should I cut off the tops, or let them grow. They're really pretty.

Which reminds me.. how come I didn't see any roses in the rose garden?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Partridge Family - Summer Days

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Zorba The Greek

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cowsills - The Rain The Park and Other Things

Oh yeah.. dedicated to MSNBC :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald - On My Own

The essence of Christianity: What Christianity REALLY is... comin next... coporate socialism has been delayed because apparently, I need to learn something else before finishing it. That's how that goes.. :}

Meanwhile, moved  the new creation page to here and added this really cool future poster...

jigsawworldslogan.jpg (20309 bytes)


Tell Michael Steele, this is both an example of real audacity AND facing your problems head on :} And still, I'll legitimately claim that I'm not hijacking any religions... hmmm...

holodeckwords.jpg (5299 bytes)

When you parse the song John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith you either come up with Barry Manilow or a zillion one minute songs to post to youtube... or both :}

8/3/2009 1:58pm Another opportunity to wonder if anyone ever talks about these things...

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) The Essence of Christianity

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Out in the Country

7:51pm This is what I'd call a James Carville moment, when he says "I'll be Gxx Damxxxd, he's not going to back down one iota..." As I watch the dialectic turn.. as the so called recession gets "so called" better, by crunching numbers that always say it's "better than expected" and all those other kind of covers... like how the unemployment rate is skewed... how we call deficits just the yearly operating budgets... all that kind of stuff that makes prophecy seem false and makes disasters look like innocent errors... right Pelosi.. status quo, baby :} In the general public, it will make my projections seem false, until it ends up being turned around and proven to be more deception by the media and politicians.

The media and government may work to make the public forget, but I won't... and as I begin the next book, even before the last one is done, I'm gonna be posting the new stuff.. and the only link to it will be from my journal... 

Eventually, I'm thinking there must be a legal way to convert these personal sites into my campaign site.. including all the weblogs and journals missing since 2002-2004 that document the torture leaing up to and after the 2004 DNC Convention.. all the stuff correlating Lou and Howard Dean and Begala, and some really great sermons that.. well.. in the new book, I'll have a section called re-runs.. I'm thinking of another book called leftovers... I keep finding more things I've written that I forgot about.. between the good stuff embedded in the journals, and the stuff I forgot about, it should be more than enough material. Too bad I don't have a publisher :} Or an editor :}

What's really interesting is that I'm finding th enew book's "how it should be" stuff are pretty much the same as the way I'd run a country... and still, it's separation of church and state because I had the very same thoughts BEFORE I read the Bible... including real regionalization, real capitalism that isn't just about making money and replacing democracy, and setting an example for how to be spiritual and still maintain absolute separation of church and state. It's actually not that difficult to balance.

Chris, nice try on getting who in congress suggested cash for clunkers  (after reading my site)... I think I put that one forward in 2003, didn't I? Just not the wasteful way and corporate welfare way they're doing it. As usual. It's a perfect example of taking one of my ideas and perverting it by turning it into something corruptly deceptive.

www.fortheloveoftheworld.com/creatingthefuture Nancy will like this one. :} How come it is that a Catholic person was the first to acknowledge me, and yet Nancy can't? Maybe legislation isn't the only thing she never reads :}

I was just thinking I should have a ghost writer. And then realized I do. The Holy Ghost Writer... :}

I wonder what's going to happen when Bill Moyer's spiritual guests stop agreeing to be on his show because of things I write? I give that one about 9 months :}

I keep thinking, if I timed a trip to Humboldt just right, I could get my school records and find out what lies are on my record about things I supposedly did back then. Makes me wish I had been a rebel or a problem student... I stilll can't think of what my teacher meant when he said "things I did in high school"..  something tells me that situation isn't going to turn out pretty for some other people who I thought were friends. I hope I'm wrong...

A little advice for Barack, and about Barack, the seller of hope and supplier of more of the same old same old...

Biblically, the Bible says hope is a good thing for things that are worth having that may never come, but faith is knowing that good things will occur, in the context of everlasting life and a never ending "timeline", with the grace and patience to trust in the leader, God, to pick the time and reasons, as the evil prove their  souls to each other and God as their final opportunity to choose to follow the God they claim guides this nation and the world quickly approaches.

I hope Nancy and her friends told the Pope the truth about me, even though it appears they merely talked him into going along. He, too, is proving the prophecy of the end times as well as why there must be, as told in the Bible, a reclamation of Christianity, the religion, just as there must be a reclamation of true Christianity, the faith and discipline, and the relief of spiritual suffering of those involved in  all and any organized religion where suffering has become institutionalized as expected normal treatment instead of acknowledging it as being "not the way the world is, but how the ways of the anti-Christ are." That's when the wheat really gets seaprated from the chaffe, as people see that things are being perpetrated against them, and are not just happenstance.

Just thought of something to add to book 1.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show

PS Big guy... I saw the look.. tell your friends I'm not worried about the RIAA or the corporate attorneys.. any action persued against me will resuult in criminal prosecutions against other people, I'll be exhonorated, and the proof of their cases will be the evidence agaisnt them. Meanwhile, I have no intention of dropping any of the RICCO cases against the criminals, nor will I acquit my rights for civil damages. The case is solid, the evidence is compelling, corroborated, witnessed and.. how's my office coming? it DOES have a view of the Statue of Liberty, right? Wouldn' tit be fun to do an activism campaign to buy controling interest in Time Warner, then bankrupt it and turn it into a non-profit organization. That would be one heck of a campaign to rally people around, and make an example of a corporation, wouldn't it? :} I keep hopin you'll turn out to be a good guy, though I doubt it.. I sure hope you don't have to go to jail..


8:43 Ya know what's cool, though, is that I'm at the point where I don't feel the need to read the Bible to see what it says to understand God, or let's say, to vlaidate my understanding of God and His ways.. not that I'm going to stop reading it, because it is useful to be able to quote it for other people... and I actually see how that really is more the job of ministers... if they would align with God's messages I deliver so we couldbe talking about things today instead of providing context and orientation from the past... nor do I feel the need, at least to myself, to have to remind myself of the reasons why I believe the things I believe... despite the psychotronics... despite the fact that I don't really understand why certain people felt it necessary to treat me the way they have, and otheres somehow rationalize that it's okay to join in withsuch cruelty. In a way, I know God doesn't want me to waste my time understanding that anymore. He says it just gives people some insane permission to themselves to do it more. That's what insanity does to people.

8/4/2009 1:02pm An interesting day. First, to those of you who have assisted in what led to today's little set up... there are lots of thing sin the Bible that lead people to interpret it in a way that seems relevant to the traditional interpretations, but holographically, relate to so many things. I am absolutely certain, now, that those who hold information regarding crimes against humanitywill be held responsibility for the crimes they did not report... I assure you, God  isn't all that concerned about downloading, debts owed to banks and creditors who ripped us all off.. things like that... and those who do things like what's been done to me will receive no mercy, and there is no forgiveness for people who do things like this. If people continue their egregious crimes and suddenly "repent" on their death beds, they are just, in essence, trying to save themselves, and all it means to God is that their only remorse is for the future of their own souls. That isn't remorse. Forgiving the sinner but not the sin has nothing to do with the price of the crime. The level of proof God is receiving goes far beyond the simplistic indiscretions I was giving the benefit of the doubt to. KO I know youall sayyou don't need me anymore.. you got the payoffs from the Council on Foreign Relations for your good work on behalf of Obama... like th eBible says, you want your rewards on earth, you got 'em, but theywon't do ya any good where you're going.

I also know that, if I go away again,  and I'm making plans to, the New World will not be in this world. Makes the 144,000 number more understandable all the time. I can hear God saying, in the ultimate turning of the tables, ok, you guys like it like this, you got it, we'll call it the hell you always wanted... and then, when the good souls leave here, they'll go to the New World, where only good souls are allowed. Sounds better to me all the time. I can see a million ways to turn everything around.. but it's like these people who signal me when I'm on the road.. maybe it's a game to you guys, maybe you think you're giving moral support.. but the truth is, all you do is make me wonder what's werong with you.. cause even if it's  asignal of friendship, people who know someone is being harmed by their government and friends and allow it to continue and participate in it are no friends of mine. I'm only lonely when I believe there are people I'd want to be with. If you don't understand that, you're sicker than I thought.

BTW, anyone who thinks what's going on in the world is anything like John Lennon's Imagine" is deceived and deluded. Tyranny is not freedom...

And to the musicians who particpated with Clive Davis over the years on his special projects.. apparently you're fallen angels, what a shame. Take the devil for a country man.. I guess you did, only you picked the wrong one... you picked the devil.. on second thought, it apparently wasn't a mistake on your part. So much for angels. Good thing the Saints God relies on aren't the same as the ones named by apostate people.

SO, all you guys who thought you'd get off because I'm so nice and your intel services are so good.. you're definitely doing time in hell.. let's see how you like jail first. You've already experienced the second death.. next, you'll experience the first death.. God always turns things around. Ain't it great?

In the coming weeks I'll be contacting some people... let me just say this.. anyone who wants to be my friend, or think sof themselves as someone who would be my friend better knock off the games. I'm perfectly fine having no friends who are fair weather friends... cause they're not friends. There's work to do, and I'm not interested in attracting groupies that distract from getting God's work done. At least have the guts to be honest.

Lou, glad to hear the ammo's been bought up. It means the patriots are ready. Where are you going to hide?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout a Revolution

The problem you guys are going to have soon is that the people with the ammo aren't like me... they'll get mad and kill ya... me.. I'm taking names for God. And ordering up medals for those who stand against you... I see lots of ways for all this to end peacefully, I just doubt you government people are smart enough to do it.. in fact, I know you want violence to support your continued terrorism agains tthe U.S. and the world... you'll end up getting it... and then you'll get it. No matter how you CFR people look at it, you're going to lose, and your arrogance will turn to pleas for mercy.. and no one will give you more than you've shown the citizens you've harmed.. which means, you'll get none. And me, I'll be either gone to the New World, or watching for the dust to clear. Either way works for me. Have your victory parties now... or the citizens will use your refreshments instead of you when it's all over, cuz when it's over, you won't be partying. You'll be slithering around like the snakes you are.

Just remember, arrogant sickos,  you guys make plans all the time that never work out the way you say they will. Just like how less than 25% of the nukes in the silos work properly... and then you gotta deal with the actual patriots who'll sabotage you.. and all the military people you've trained who will be the ones to actually overthrow you. Do you really think those vets are going to allow what you people have in mind? You sickos don't stand a chance. Not only that, but you screwed the one person who would have shown you mercy. 2bad4u.

Those calls to the Secret Service are going to end up being the clincher for the RICCO charges against Bush and Obama... refusing to protect a declared presidential candidate reporting crimes against him is criminal, isn't it? I guess the reports to the FBI will be another case.

I'm not gonna write thenew stuff online anymore, but I will be writing and dating everything, and correlating it to remarks of politicians and media people. That wil end up being the proof that psychotronics was used to plagiarize me, as the Europeans have been complaining about American Corps and the government for years.... Imagine, I'll have credible corroboration for stealing "thoughts"... there's even a different twist on thought crimes.. stealing thoughts... not just plagiarism, but institutionalized theft of thought... In a couple of weeks, I think the RICCO laws are going to scare the people who have been laughing at me all this time. And then, these rambling rants will do more than make sense. And lots of people will be vindicated...  and lots of so called leaders and federal law enforcement types will go to jail.

3:22 Matthews.. what you and your friends do is not politics, it's propaganda and fraud. ANd the spin you all foist upon us as news and intelligent conversation is nothing but spin. Just wanted to keep the record straight. Also, you guys set it up long ago for it to appear I had a direct beef with the media.. cool, you want me back on your backs, no problem, but just remind Jack and Lou and Keith and all the others, I will make it stick on you guys, I will drive home the point that the broadcast news industry IS government controlled press, and why democracy is failing.. then the linkage to CFR and the politicians will be made, and whatever happens to me, you get will look like what you are to U.S. Citizens.. high priced liars and propagandists.

Now, personally, I believe in the Bible and I'm not a fraud about that like Jimmy Carter and his minions and sycophants, Chris and Brian... the Bible says your corps will go down and the net will go to the citizens.. works for me.. once the RICCO cases are filed, you guys will be looking for new jobs, or maybe new pillows for your cells. Only, you're gonna have to play on my turf, and I'm going to do everything you guys would claim would be political suicide, unite the citizens of the United States AND the world, by doing what Jesus got called a radical and extremist for doing: representing the people and telling the truth, and demanding the truth. And when you guys say, okay, you want truth, and then slime me for the few things in my past I have to be embarrassed about, we'll have the public ask and demand answers about Obama, Clinton, you, Carter, Brokaw and everyone else. You guys played skull  and bones extortion on me.. God will turn that one around on you too. ANd then all of your facades will be made useless... finally.

I say 20% of the U.S. public is already clear about the corruption of politics and the media... another 13% is mainstream and udecided about most issues... the rest will be overwhelmed with truth and critical mass.  ANd I won't be preaching to the choir. Nor will religion be a negative factor in any way. Nor will it be allowed to be a particularly positive factor, because I refuse to have anyone believe that I'm about hijacking religions.. although I am about promoting family values, the values of the citizens over corporations and lying propagandists, honoring those values, and practicing my faith as an individual... and if it rubs off, fine with me.

Finally, Mike.. I'm glad I DID say something "bad" about you.. although I wasn't tryig to.. just trying to have a civil discussion with one more apostate political sell-out who seems to forget what Christianity is about. People should remember you were a politician AFTER using your ministry to launch your campaign... and that means, you use the name of God in vain.. remember what that means? People will know you for that. Let's see if you have the courage to actually "Do the right thing, even if it isn't the best thing for yourself"...  andI don't mean spread mor elies for the sake of your politics. I mean, show some integrity and tell the truth. Because the interesting thing is, every time someone like you calls ME a liar.. I'll have the Bible to back up my position and spiritual identity by quoting   averse or two about how I'll have liar after liar lined up against me... I know you anti-Christ types will do anything to win.. lie cheat and steal... the reason the Bible syas to let you bad guys do that is because in your haste and arrogance, you'll simply generate more evidence and convict yourselves in the court of public opinion. It's   astart. If I was FOx, I'd get rid of you, becaus eyour arrogance will end up being ther liability. Otherwise, like someone else said, he'll say, I have nothin gon them, because I don't watch. Though I will be watching Beck and the Constitutional Watchdogs, as well as giving O'Reilly his cameo in the Billy Preston Story :} And yeah Bill, I caught your comment :} Bill, is it true that you and Geraldo or Glenn were on the air playing with Barbie Dolls? :}  The differenece between comunicative Aesopian and intentional psyop harm is intent... and that is going to be one of the focuses of the RICCO and civil charges against the other guys. I hope you guys don't cause yourselves to be included in that. If you bait me, I'll know and document the crime. Remember, I wasn't (and actually am not) an adversay of MSNBC , NBC and CNN because I chose to be.. they used their intel an the CFR to generate that... which will be part of the fraud charges that will come up after the first RICCO trial...

To CNN and MSNBC... feel free to keep committing crimes againt me, against my will, and always remeber the psychotronics is embedded in the recordings I have.  And the stuff you fed me to make it look like you were handing me actonable video.. I'll say that it is what it is.. baiting me to get tied up in   court so you can use gag orders, the media to slander me and the justice dept to get it thrown out of court as you have before... That's wha I'll say, because it's the truth. ANd the jury will see through your spin explanations, and plausible deniability will go out the window as the crimes of government and media in collusion are brought to the surface. You guys really have screwedup my life in many ways.. to the extent that the only thing I can do is continue with what I was doing originally on behalf of the citizens of the United States.. which I don't mind doing at all... and I've seen the latest setups - as if you think youre going to pin a Clifford Irving situation on me.. it won't work. ANd as far as I'm concerned, if you work for CNN directly, Time-Warner corporate, NBC, GE, Universal and MSNBC.. you're all criminals, obstructing justice and particpating in ongoing crimes.

One producer said one day he'd turn state's evidencee in a minute.. feel free to do so... I believe tha twas a ploy, and even if you do, I won't let it go.

You guys think I keep cutting you off as if I prefer to isolate myself.. I just refuse to paly "go along to get along", and I don't need any of your testimony to win. You might want to give it, though, to sdsee if you can getparole before you die. I don't need you. What I do need and will get is the thorough understanding of the citizens that you all are hardened criminals in your own genre, and I will urge them to seek justice against you and your political masters in the most harsh interpretation of the laws you passed to suppress honest citizens.

You deserve it. And if the public reacts to the truth of you guys with vioence, you'll have done that yourselves. There's no law against telling the truth about traitors. Now, if anyone thinks I'm still giving benefit of the doubt with politicains and national broadcast media, question answered. If you're innocent, you'll need to prove t, and rightly so, because ALL of the evidence is against all of you. ANd Brian Baird.. you're sick.. you're another pysych type who's over the line, and you need help. Take Zyprexa. That's your drug of choice for Weed and Seed/fascism targets, isn't it?

You guys think calling you Nazis is extreme.. but all of your laws, policies and excesses are EXACTLY that of the Nazis... and I will prove that too. Because you are Nazis, true to the paradigm as well as the mental illness they had... by all means, prove it isn't true. But you can't.

I think weought to weed and seed elected officials who think weed and seed is constitutional. Glenn.. there's an unconstitutional item for ya right there.. straight fro the Clinton Administration, carried over into Bush and perpetuated with Obama. AND, the reason why Nader says there is no actual difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties.. and again, I'd love you to prove me wrong, but you can't.

Democracy does mean freedom of choice, Chris.. is that why MSNBC sued Kucinich to keep him out of debates he had a legitimate right to participate in? To give people choice? The choice of the Council on Foreign Relations, though, no tthe choice of the people. Just like your coverage of election 2000. Let's roll the tape on Patti Davis, Chris, and your refusals to allow anyone to say anything challenging the results of 2000, or the truth about 911, or the truth about Obama's illegal fund-raising, or plagiarism. I'm gonna suck you guys in this time... and all your dialectics and lies will catch up to you and all the musicians and people you paid to psyop me. And I guess DObbs is going to jail.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 03 - Flesh

5:18 pm Looks like we have a new name to add to the list of CFR and DNC members who will be on the RICCO suit list... love them conversations! Rep Chris van Hollen... by all means, fools, plagiarize and convict yourselves... and it WILL stick. Dilute my work and themes all you want.. so people will remember when it all comes to a head... and tehn we'll show the debate video of Hillary and the others talking about plagiarism and call it what it was.. an innoculation so people will discard the dea of plagiarism.. it may hold up in a biased press, but not in a court of public opinion or   a civil case. And Chris, you just handed me what I need to convict you, and track it straight back to Pelosi.

Now, jus tfor the sake of ethics and morality.. you think I actually care if I win.. I do, but I already know what God's gonna do to you folks, and you would think in a nation under God, what God thinks would matter. You don't need me to tell you what God thinks, either. Jus tread the Bible or tlk to your minister, tell the truth about the crimes you're committing, and then see what they say God will tell you about it, and whether it will be coniidered forgiveable or not.. and then explain to the voters why you don't care about God OR the Constitution, let alone human and civil rights I've said all along, I consider the Aesopian and all else harassment. That you don't stop harrassing me is a crime.  Unless you've passed a law saying it's okay for Congress to harrasss and psyop citizens who have done nothing wrong except exercise their rights, which isn this country, according to unconstitutional laws, do not exist. And Chris, today you provided proogf that COngress thinks they are above the law. KO. Thanks for the video.

8/5/2009 12:08 pm Someday, I won't have KO to kick around anymore :} Wanna fight? Missed ya :} THought some nostalgic talk might amuse you while awaiting the second coming :} The crucifix thing was quite an amazing observation, though :} The psychotronics has been truly hellatious.

I'm gonna do some additions to the Essence of Christianity piece.. some really important stuff I forgot to mention...

I keep thinkng about the FTLOTW Creating he Future, and thinking it's weird how I keep looking at how to present the same paradigms in the political and/or material realms without expressing the Kingdom of Heaven as the vision or model to build the foundation for.. and then to acknowledge,at least to my own truth, that what I had in mind in the political realm was always the same as the KOG paradigms...   and once again how essential it was for me to know and then express my thoughts and beliefs in the political sense, A Conversation With America, and only afterward, discover that what I believed in or thought about spiritually actually was the paradigms of the KOG. and the Kingdom of Heaven. And the only thing I'm left wondering, after thinking about all that, is whether there are other people who understand or who have actually viewed things with the spiritual and political with an overview that actually allows for just and effective separation but co-existence and positive symbiosis in the material/political and spiritual realms. Sort of like the relationship betweeen spirituality and science... as it could be...

And I think it comes down to understanding and ability to respect and apply values, whatever their derivation or purpose, without also applying personal or organizational ideology and preference, because government is an administrative function.. despite what our current government wants you to believe. And the only ideology a government should profess is that of the intent of its inception and the teaching and respect of the Constitution.

3:35 Essence altered :} God said a mouthful.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Shaman - 16 - Novus (featuring Placido Domingo)

8/6/2009 12:45pm I'm getting hit with some very intense psychotronics and directed energy attacks. It's never pleasant, but it is worth noting how pathetic the government and CNN and MSNBC are to work together to set up a guy who works hard to do nothing but tell the truth about the world they lie to us about. More proof of their psychosis and criminality. The y need to know I'm laughing at them still. For every moment that I and all the rest of the victims of these kinds of attacks, as well as the other crimes of the U.S. Government and the corporations and CFR that own it, every moment that these things continue, the more anger will be generated amongst the citizens when critical mass occurs. And then no one will feel sorry for you. No one.

1st, China sends a warning, now Russia. My bet is next it will be Egypt and Jordan or India. What lies will you tell the U.S. Citizens to get them to support martial law and more foreign military action? Or will you go covert with HAARP, Psychotronics and economic coercion even more. That WAS the foreign policy of the Clinton Administration, wasn't it? Domestic too, actually.

Barack, the reason I don't have  a problem calling you  a fraud is because you are one, and soon everyone will see through your facade.   A real town hall meeting is not a place to go give a speech ad deceive people into approving of your programs. Town halls should be places to gather information, a real conversation, 2-way... your appearances in the media all the time, even more than GW Bush, are like having the screens of the dictator speaking propaganda 24 hours  a day in those movies, like Kontrol or 1984.

Looks like Michelle Bachmann is vindicated by Brian Baird's legislation and weed and seed and the new freedom initiative and ...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gladys Knight & the Pips - Friendship Train

8/10/2009 11:13 am Getting some good writing done... the 3rd book is going to be pretty easy to put together.

Note for Mike Murdock and David Cerullo.. you guys really are the worst of the worst. Mike, almost everything you say is scripture out of context, blasphemy... knowledge is not wisdom.. the Bible says have no expectations of God. your use of sacred math, instead of faith inGod, pretty much says it all. WHat you preach is money, humanistics, all satanic ways... the kingdom of money.. you may be ordained but you are certainly not doing God's work.. in due time, I'll take personal - pleasure in making sure you either shape up or are excommunicated. You really are the worst I've seen so far... worse than your friend Melissa... peas in a pod... Que Sera... and your God is in Control speech... you obviously don't know and don't care about the way God works, nor do you respect liberty and free will...  graven images of God... if I was in the financial position, I'd file a cease and decist order against ION or any other channel that airs what you do.

Meanwhile... I'm really looking forward to going head to head with you guys.. if you have the guts...frankly, I don't think you do. If your response to that is Why should we... stop the dew and psychotronics attacks, wuit blocking email, mail and internet connections, etc, my response is.. then why haven't you just killed me like you do other people? So, me thinks you all still think you can keep me down... ain't it beautiful... that's what epics are all about.. :} And to think, I   wouldn't have known what an epic is without watching CNN in the Classroom. :}

Big guy.. after all these years, I finally realized some people were doing what my father did... trying to burn things into my brain :} Like I said, I don't get left drift. ANd yes, I do have almost every single related document on CD or Disk or... it always surprises me what I find when I go through my archives. How many thousands of pages did I write?

8/12/2009 11:58 About those puppeteers.. I know about them. I also know the depth of the deceptions, particularly the ones intended to cause me to trust you media types :}

Speaking of puppeteers... I find it interesting that the psychotronics these days is focused onme believing my efforts are futile and I'm not.. anyone but  crazy democrat in his underwear in the dark.. :} I had forgoten the password to my old computer, and the psyops guy says to me.. Tucker :}Which is not what it is :}

And I'm glad to say that I always review the facts, and know the truth. And yeah, things seem futile, but then, I've done lots of things that most people never would have tried... On this one though, I just wish I'd had about 10 more years prior... slick willy had me fooled.. Reagan didn't.. HW did...  Meanwhile, Obama thinks he won, when in ultimate reality, he was set up too.. CFR pushed it all too fast, and win or lose, they know how to use Obama.  I actually feel sorry for him.

Meanwhile.. got the latest on the antarctic, and it doesn't sound good. Wormwood, meteors, etc. it all makes sense when you understand what meteor actually means... now the poll about people wanting to know if the world was going to end on CNN.. and that great report Kyra did on the antarctic a few years back.. if I hadn't seen the disco sucks sign, I might have gone there myself :} If that scenario plays out.. and Im waiting to see the data from the researchers BP sent down there a while back... a Harvard grad who developed some data I'm told she's not supposed to make public, but will, now, apparently... I don't believe it's the end of the planet but people have a right to know and we need to take proactive steps.. do you people in Congress even know what I'm talking about? When are you going to be willing to do the right thing? You're blowing it.

6.5 - Miyagi quake of 2002 wasn't it, when I looked up theMiyagi Prefect and found a beautiful eample of what  awelfare state really is.. where the welfare of the citizens is the first priority of the government. ANd you say they live longer than anyone else? Hmmmm. the thing I like about the Sweden concept lies in the concept of a la carte government social program sof every kind.. on the new book, I'll have people take a test... It' snot going to be a long book, at least the new stuff,but I think it's a winner. A little hard-hitting... but to the point, factual and appropriately indignant. Probably have to get it published overseas.

Dear Secret Service, I demand protection :} Better'n what I wrote to Panetta :} What an FOIA I'm gonna have. Box after box after box.. I'll let Eric Griffin review it all.. he'll enjoy it :} Apostle Eric Griffin :}

I have to say one thing, though, and that's that I'm thankful tha tthe focus of the psychotronics has for the most part veered away from constantly aggravating me to the point of expressing my anger.. since I'm not really like that.. and that at least I'm being allowed to be me, in demeanor, and logic and simpler and more concise expression. It takes some work, but I made the right decision to not write when I'm being heavily harrassed.

I have paperwork to do.. you know how the government likes paperwork... next week should be an active week in the world of writng.. I'm finishing up FTLOTW book 1..   and then pressing forward with the new books AND recording.. found out I must have made a mistake before... my computer's audio card does allow me to multitrack analog.. I've been thinking of an arrangement for Darlin' I love You.. it's amazng how I end up structurig basslines like McCartney... must be why the warnings about not doing the Beatles :} Wait til I get my voice stretched and do a tune in falsetto...

Gotta run. God bless ya... maybe one in the crowd will turn in embarrassment or shame...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 15 - You Make My Dreams

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mark Almond - One Way Sunday

8/15/2009 11:18 am Paperwork done. I've been thinking alot.. lots of "visions"... nothing supernatural, just looking at the so called realities and playing out the timelines.. none of which actually comes to a positive end... sort of impossible... which is about the only thing tha tmakes this long waste of time intriguing, though I'm not really interested... I really do hope tha tsome day I'll understand the real motivations for you all doing this to me.. putting me in this situation... it certainly does preoccupy me, but, no matter how I look at it, it doesn't make sense. And it just causes you all to look like very mentally ill people...  very mentally ill. ANd I still feel sorry for you. Ya reap what you sow... and God says you'll be paid back twice over.

I'd comment on the health care program, but we all know it's another economic shell game... I'd recommend Brian Baird, as a psychologist, to re-evaluate what his appraisal would be of a person like him who believes mind control and fascism is representative of a healthy mind and helathy social behavior and adjustment.

I'd say more, but I'm being zapped.. it tends to suppress, but it does not defeat when you now it's happening.. the wavy fingernails from the microwave attacks have lessened, but the distortion persists. One more story of torture by the United States Government against its own citizens, without any conceivable cause. And Barack Obama is directly involved.

I think Alex Jones and a whole bunch of others are going to love what I file in the RICCO suit..  I'm not backing down... Not as a citizen, not as a politician, and not as God's servant. If I have to spend the rest of my life fighting criminals in theorir own courts, then that' swhat I'll do. Assure Judy that the only regret I'll have is all the time lost to a bunch of depraved sickos she calls her friends.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cream - Best Of - 106 - Tales of Brave Ulysses

Big guy... embracing those news channels can be hazardous to your health.  Haven't you heard? :}

8/16/2009 7:53pm  It's been a productive weekend... even started reclaiming the strawberry patch of the garden... the deer and the slugs made short work of the tomato plants.. the corn's still doing well.. although, the chires corn.. the little miniatures for salads... I was wondering what the stalks would be like.. when the Chernobyl cloud went over in Seatlle, it stunted my corn and produced little tiny ears of corn.. I didn't dare eat due to radiation... these stalks are much larger, so i had to have been the radiation from Chernobyl. No other explanation.

The new book is going very well and quickly... I'm surprised a littl eabout how many things in FTLOTW fit in the Creation 2012 book.. and how difficult it really is to separate belief from politics...  it's actually a good mix when done honestly...  I think about the paradoxes of what I've written over the years and what is expected of a politician.. these days anyway... whatever controversy may ensue will actually be good for the U.S. andthe world..

Someone was telling me about the bardo again... I've made it through all 7 stagtes, and yet, I am still alive in the flesh. More paradox and oxymoronisms... just what I needed :}

The good news is, I believe the new book will be marketable, the FTLOTW books will remain online, and the new FTLOTW book will be marketable. It's weird.. I know people will want to see the FTLOTW book 1, and it's important if only to create the background.. like the Old Testament... it's weird to think   of it like that... I wish it was posisble for people to just know about the stuff from the last 7 ears or so, and just concentrate on the new book, what I'm viewing as the New CVOvenant, or, New Testament.. which will not be followed by the death of the prophet. Tell the psyops ministers out there that in the end times, the story of the prophet and/or son of man does not end like the story of Jesus 2000 years ago... this is the new ending... the  beginning of something new and the perpetuation of the old... the old ways in a new paradigm not of empire and power, but of equality, justice and  more.. and if they don't undestand what I'm talking about, and if they don't see the truth of it, then they're simply not willing to listen... I'm glad I don't need their approval. The fun part will come when other people begin to truly believe, and the old guard conforms to the new way... it's very tempting to want to deconstruct what people sya, and to point out their errors, but then, I see few of the ministry who actually agree, and fewer still who understand, and I've found none who see the whole, big picture. In one way, that of acceptance, tha concerns me, in others, I'm glad, because if I were not who I am, I would have simply taken up the old stories and not have been able to provide any new insight. Given what I rezad on the internet, people's interpretations of the end times and more, it's clear that few really understand the allegories, and not unexpectedly, what would be required of the Christ manifestingat this time in the world.

In the spirit of reachin gout, I'm hoping some local folks are still willing to work with me on some things. My greatest concern is that they might be harmed in some way, and I certainly don't want to have to deal with people playing more tricks on me.I don't understand that part. But, right now, I don't have to.

As I restructure things, some links and menus may get   alittle out of sync, but the new stuff will work normally. I'm also going to put the weblogs in an archive on a different site to remove them from the search engines for charlesrehn.com. This is not to hide anything, it's to keep people from being confused when reading the "real" material. Still, the archive and backchannel communications will be available to those who are curious and or documenting things. And I'll start a new format of backchannels...

One thing that's been on my mind..  a bunch of people have done thing sto me that will be included in my reports and filings... I said before I'd make up for my own errors or misunderstandings.. and I will.. but this psyop stuff has been going on too long, and now I'm saying, like anew covenant, if you particpated in psyops against me, explain it yourself. That doesn't mean I'll turn my back on you, but it does mean that no one in their right mind, penpals or otherwise, would have done such perverted and harmful things to me if their actions were in any way honorable.. it's just all gone on too long...

Certain things could have been useful had certain Aesopian games not also been playing do good/do bad... it nullified any good input that was possible... and therefore, as dialecticins know, makes it harmful.. and a crime. I don't care who put you  up to it or why you went along.

Finally, I addressed the power centers, and will continue to do so, and while it seems that I have been "playing up to" the powers, politicians and the media, I want to stress that it was not because of eliteism in any way, as if taking citizens like myself for granted.. it was really was to see if there was anyone in power with the guts and ethics to stand up.. and  a few have.. but too few, and not in productive ways, and certainly not in ways respective of God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You

Right now, I'm really into the Dylan album, Slow Train Coming. Wish I could update my catalog. But... that song is really good at explaining what my life has been like ever since moving here.

Like they say, no good deed goes unpubished.

That's alright.. in the end, things will work out, we'll have our world back without fascism and more divisive hostility.. one way or another, on earth or elsewhere.. I'll go and make a place for you has multiple meanings too.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Malo - Suavecito

8/17/2009 5:44pm First, a couple Aesopian notes. Don't tread on me.. I think ya got it backwards. Noentheless, looks to me like some folks know I got the goods on them, and like I thought, they'r egoing to let me go just enough to see if I'll quit due to rejection,or, if that fails, to tie me up in court with gag orders. Won't happen. You guys DID make too many mistakes, and the drip-drip stuff is the biggest... weak links

Meanwhile.. it always amazes me, certain synchronicities.. Ever since Emma Lee, the cat, had togo to get fixed, she hasn't been very trusting.. she was always skiddish, and frankly, a little slow onthe uptake... Just the other day, she was coming when I called her name, and flopping herself down of the ground in front of me when she wanted to be pet... and then, strangely enough, she started responding to being called M/

THe sad news is, we're pretty sure she got caught by some coyotes... ironic...

last night, I was reading 4KIngs chapter 9... good thing Judith  gave me the Douay Rhiems - it's all about Jezablel being killed by the dogs of the field... which is what I expect will happen down the road... enjoyed the Jezebel sermon though.

I was reading  afew things online... collecting documents for evidence and such... found some stuff by people who used to work in Glendale... not fans of the female coyote at all.. explained a bunch... the RICCO suit will also name the woman in the parking lot. et all works.

ANyway.. I was reading some really great articles from Jim Bakker's site.. good stuff, people who have a mopre pragmatic approach, and are concerned with the Christian WOrld View... I won't say, like with David Pack, that they have it all correct.. people like black and white, no gray areas, and they don't seem to understand the nuances, the fine lines between the two.. and they don't seem to relate the second coming to anything but the prophecies of revelations... it looks to me like Hosea tells the actual story of how the Christ would "appear" in the world.. AS it is occurring... I was expecting to have a "major event" too... could have too, if certain people had not been self-serving apostates... but then, the Bible says to let people be the way they are... that's the hardest part...

What I'm struck by most, though, is the Christian/spiritual leaders so rejecting gays as human beings... if they really believe gays are so bad, then I wwant to see some prodigal sons stoned to death outside the gates of the city...

It's interesting that they would spend so much time being judgmental instead of speaking acceptance and understanding, you know, that compassion word I get hassled about...  like I said before, people will say.. he can't be Christ, he doesn't agree with us. I'll say, that's your proof that I am.

And then Hosea will happen.

The thing I want answered one day, directly, is how come some of you knew who I was.. and ten, how does it feel to be one of the ones recruited to do psyops, only to find out who I really am and why this is happening.. and how many of you still believe it's a fun psyop you pulled off, in order to rationalize yourselves and your actions. Especially those of you who think you're Christians. I'll call you Obama Christians. In the end, be sure to know inyour hearts that God will render judgment, and not everybody makes it back.. to the kingdom, anyway... remember, just about the time you think youhave me nailed, you'll get a surprise. ANd like coyote lady will find out, she'll be busted.. in the eyes of the law, the public, and most importantly God.

When I think about what people will say about me... it's a little weird, but then, if it was me vewing me, I'd say, I don't know who he is, but what he says makes sense.  Up to the point he doesn't. So far, in reviewin gmy work, I fidn few regrettable passages that reflect the influence of psyops and apostates... I'll have some making up to do about that, mostly in terms of the tenor of my remarks than the actual info itself.

I think.. if i was just an intellectual doing an objective  read of the Bible, I would certainly come to some of the same conclusions as "mainstream Christians".. and I do.. but just like with gay people... God is in the details.. the complete application of the Golden Rule is missing. And I think where it gets lost, frequently, is when profits give opinions instead of delivering the message.. and smoothing things over to not ruffle mainstream "authorities"... using Biblical detail as proof of their authority, as opposed to knowing the ways of God.

IE, people maythink that Moses was guided and the sea parted independent of other actions... not thinking that God knew when certain events would take olace and, working through people, knowing the future geographical eevents of the earth, guiding Moses to be at exactly the right place and the right time.

I think if people could understand HAARP and the impact it has, among other things, and related that to the Biblical events... they'd understand why it is the end times. Now. But they won't if they decide that I am nothing more than a prophet amongst them. Or a nut, like coyote lady apparently is. The Kenny Loggins song It's About Time kinda tells her story. Someone please tell her that irrespective of her previous insanity, she is zapped, and better wake up soon, along with the rest of the idiots at the house of usher who believe they are doing God's work by working evil and in secrecy. When we get to court, she won't be calling people who like French weird anymore. Talk about perversity.

Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 01 - It's About Time

I'm always amazed at how much evidence I have on allof you...Monica.. have you edited the transcript yet?

Interesting how the mida, particularly MSNBC, turns everything about Obama into a racial issue.. soemthing tells me MSNBC isn't going to be around much longer, in its current form, anyway. Their usefulness will be very good proof of their treason. Not to mention perpetrations of hoaxes...  I don't care how many of your Council on Foreign Relations friends pass unconstitutional laws to protect you.

Keith... how come the anullment of the constitution was important to you under Bush, but not Obama? When did you join CFR?

Interesting, too, how the CFR health plan is working out exactly as they wanted it to.. dialectics.. speaking of which.. Brzezinski will be able to retire like Kissinger... and then... I guess he doesn't believe in God either. It's pretty obvious,. given al the people he set up to die... I didn't even realize it until last night, doing research. He's actually worse than Kissinger and should be locked up with Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush. Of all of them, I wonder who'se responsible for the greater hundred thousands of deaths over their careers. DO you guys get medals for genocide and mass murder? Or is being "in the clique" your ego-maniacal rewards?

I thought, before, using the word pervert was extreme. Given all the dead people, I think it's way too conservative. What could be more perverted than setting up the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people at a time, Keith? I guess the media's guilty  too. And that, of course, is why you don't report the numebr of AMerican troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan while you distract them with bogus health care propaganda.

Why do all these pundits make criminals into heroes?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 01 - A House of Gold

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Winwood - Help Me Angel

4 Kings 9. I win.

8/18/2009 3:45 am... since you all are doing sleep deprivation onme for two nights in a row, let me remind t\yuo that EVERY law tha tgave you authorization or that makes you think you're immune to prosecution is ex-post facto. Every law. Not to mention unconstitutional...

Looks like my buddy James set a precedent.. gettting a court order granted to have his former partner stop hitting him with dews... even John Roberts would have to respect that. Sonya.. she's an Obama CFR sellout...

Synchronicity.. I love it when I start writing about something, or I outline my chapters, and then I rndomly open the Bible sometime later and it provides me exactly the right scripture...  teh psyops guys hate it, especially when I use it to do military analysis.. especially when it accidentally happens to describe a rel scenario... which reminds me.. read up on the black powder rebellion tofind out the source of the next probable false flag terror attack... couldn't run the Republicans out of the sensate, so there's alway someone else to blame... can't wait to hear who Obama blames it on. I'm glasd to read more people ar figuring out that the post 911 laws that Obama hasn't reversed are all to protect the government  from its own citizens... which leads me to this...

Ezekiel 18:24  Ezekiel 18:25   All this came from originally reading Ezekiel Chapter 13 about apostates andwhat's gonna happen to the nations who haven't kept the covenants.... and I believe it will.. except Israel in this case, this time around, is actually the U.S. Unless some better choices are made.. and the U.S> gov't will do it to themselves, as they are already.

Meanwhile.. benefit of the doubt... I'm getting quicker at not giving it.. looks to me like anyone who thinks that the founder of the coyote church shhould read those verses.. and realize that he wasn't audacious or confident.. he was arrogant, and frankly, I doubt God would want him in His Kingdom.. it' all about the thing of doing wrong to supposedly serve God, andthen wondering why God treats them like an apostate... and further.. antyone there who thinks what they did to me is a Godly or Christian thing to do is nuts. I hear they have a superb lawyer. They'll need her. How much you wanna bet GE or CNN is paying for it.. or some other bogus front group.. I look forward to beating her in federal and superior court.

So ask Floyd about your expost facto protection that doesn't exist... same for the Congress people and Obama.

Meanwhile.. John Lewis - read Cynthia McKInney's remarks regarding memo 46, and then you'll know how you were brought into the fold in order to control you. MLK would have known better. Same to Jesse Jackson.. Brzezinski at work again... Like I said John, you've become everything you claimed to be against.. since the U.S. government is too, I guess you fit right in. When you got "arrested" regarding Darfur, did they give you a ride to Congress afterward, or did they just drop you off down the street? Nice show, though...

Speaking of the sicko Brzezinski... I always end up getting apped whenever imention him or Mika.. anyway.. ifwe've killed over a million Iraqis.. few of them soldiers... that brings Brzezinksi's total to over  a million. And still, the media defends these pyschopaths...

Those verses above are the context for that book my mom gave me, Matins and Vespers, describing what I told Begala about anything done to gain advantage would be sused against them.. the laws they pass to entrap citizens will entrap them... turning the tables.. it's in those verses.. did you notice it's happening?

God was talking to me a lot tonight, as I read and then thought about it afterward... you wouldn't like to hear what he had to say about you guys... but I was basically told me to tell you you're screwed. I'll leave it at that. Maybe I'll drink some more sleepy time and see if I can get some sleep now..

Over a million Keithie.. and you helped... you're right Keith, I'm no longer needed... neither are you... that's part of what God said too... nor any of your friends, in the New World. COol. One less thing. I'm glad that's God's domain. I have more fun things to do. Instead of the press crucifying me, they'll crucify themselves.

Ever notice that media matters and the others prove everyday that national tv news lies more than politicians? I hope they start covering GMA and the TOday show... that would actual provide a useful service to people who aren't part of the "choir" of people distracted by the fabrications of the national media.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - Don't Stop Believing

I was just thinking how funny it is that you guys had me fooled on so many things, and you always blew it by taking it one step too far.. like the drip-drip girls... too bad I didn't catch it all on tape.. would have proven the MSNBC CNN collusion.. That's alright.. it'll still be easy to prove.. in the court of public opinion..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - 101 - Untouchable & Free

8/19/2009 11:18 am First, my sincere condolences on the passing of Robert Novak... a wise man who taught me a lot about politics.. and then.. Isaiah and more.. I know it's hard for people to understand why I consider him a colleague.. but I do. and I've missed his influence, and will in the future. May God bless him.

I want to say, I'm hard on certain people not because I didslkie them, but actually, because I do like them. ANd there are certain people who I expect more of, who have demonstrated in the past that their abilities and objective views and reporting were exemplary.. so whhen I se ethem  working agendas, it's very disappointing. It's true force, and harmful not only to the fabric of the U.S. society and culture, but that of the world...

AS for ministers.. that's different story. I said long ago that I believed tha apostates serve the work of God, if only to give people a look at what the difference between an apostate and a true, faithful servant of God can be. I still believe it's true to an extent. But I also now fully understand why God would show apostate ministers no mercy. Becaus ethey should know better. THey should be willing to face truth and reconcile it. ANd when they don't it proves that they are serving themselves and not God, and certainly have no business standing before  acongregation speaking of the virtues of faith... when they've lost it, as proven by their actions and words. If these kind of ministers persist in their apostasy, then it's my job, as a citizen, to remove people from positions of power who are liars and hypocrites. It's part of establishing God's Kingdom.. and any minister who doesn't truly understand that is undermining God's plan, and proving that, as Ezekiel speaks of, vain  visions that put their own interests above GOd's, as if God's plan is wrong, a plan your Bibles say He will not give up.. even if you have.. and that is the lesson of Robert Wright's "Evolution of God".. a faithful man who lost faith and sought to answer the questions already answered in the Bible with humanistic explanations.. and if he and others were actually seeking truth and keeping their open, they would know that prophecy of the revelaions is 99% fulfilled.. and the loss of faith expressed in writings that suggest God is evolving as opposed to an evolution o fthe cosmic consciousness... this is not a criticism. It's an observation of normal human behavior and the natural tendency to take on the burden ourselves when we see no end to corruption or yearn for an end to discord, and in the case of God, when we feel overwhelmed  and seek ways to rationalize the events of a world God told us would be exactly as it is, creating a natural segway to the kingdom Age. Finally.

Don't give up Robert. The best is yet to come. I know your faith will be renewed. And I want you to know I have a great deal of respect for your work. And no, I don't consider you to be an apostate.

My many thanks to the fire depts who just always seem to have a message for me :} yesterday's was great... from a group who know of my contemplations regarding how to proceed in court without compromising my ability to speak truth in public. It's gonna be a process.. and I beleive that process has begun

THe quote from yesterday was "When facing a mountain, waiting will not make it smaller" :} Thanks, you're right, and the time is very near.... and it's not really up to me, it's between God and those who will finally decide that they've had enough of the ways of the world, and want the kingdom God offers and promised. And it doesn't have to be about religion. Hosea. That's the plan, and   the way God wants it for many reasons... and then one day, it will be like an overnight sensation, once th ebase is established. Isn't it interesting that the government fraudulently calls the terrorists AL Qaeda, the base, the database of names of people the government considers a danger to their agenda... because their agenda is wrong and actually evil. You'd likely fidn tha tmost of the names of the people in that database are Christians, people who know the truuth, and those who are most willing to speak out. That's why the U.S. anti-terrorism legislation has always been aimed more at U.S. citizens than foreigners, just as they claim Iraq veterans are likely homegrown terrorists. Because when they accept the truth of how the government uses them, they'll be angry, an they know what to do.. and whyour government woiuld rather they use them up and let them die from the fatal effects of depleted uranium and our own chemical weapons.. sending them to tour of duty after another... to remove the burden of caring for their injuries and returning ttrained military people who could stand against them when this government imposes totalitarian methods.. another truth I wish wasn't true. You need to understand, their names are included in the database. Look up Rex 84 on the web.

Now, about the 4th cavalry..

Oh yeah, 8/18/2009 Pizza - TRMS - hey sharky.. nice to know youre still there :} And yeah, in another context, I would have thought it was funny... still planning to go state's evidence?

SO many things to write about.. but, I'll stick to spell checking and editing today.. something about finsihing one book before writing 2 or 3 more.. Tamron probably will get a laugh at that one..  we'll have to change the phrase from Uncle Charlie to Uncle Chucky :} Johannah would get  a kick out of that :}

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5:21pm Jack, glad you've enjoyed it. Remember, you reap what you sow. But at least you make God's job easier. You judged yourself. One less thing. What kind of offerings do you burn?

5:05 KO We're being held hostage by the isurance companies.. as in LD email and more.. held hostage by corporations

Like I said Keith, I expect more of you. But all of you, continue the occulations against the truth. It'll be what makes people realize you're worthy of their spewing of anger later.. whatever form that takes. Peope who read DO KNOW that the policies being installed are old Nazi policies, just as numerous ca,paigns in Iraq were named after Nazi WOrld War II campaigns. T4 - is that the one where people like me with a minor birth defect are denied health care? Like I have been? Sounds like NAZI purification to me. And after all, I do have the defect used by theNazis to justify eugenics... shows you what a weak argument they had for it.. After you go to jail, you should write a book of apologetics for believing in such practices... then people will at least know the truth of your special comments.

The public option is not universal health care in any way. It is the way to eliminate the poorest of the poor, whop become poorer as their health declines and they die sooner. That IS the real plan, and we all know it. It's called cost reduction.

Meanwhile.. the Sojourners meeting... looks good doesn't it? Will it make a difference? No. Lip service is lip service, and religion is being hijacked by the anti-Christ again. Obama's nothing but  Bush sequel...

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A real universal health plan would put money back in people's pockets... and companies like AIG don't need to make zilllions to give themselves huge bonuses to siphon it off to justify their guaranteed profit margins. Since NBC/GE and TIme Warner have so much to gain by the completion of their corporate owner's plans, having been involved in the Council on Foreign Relations plan since before the 20's, and being heavily invested in pharmaceuticals and health care.. it's no wonder the propagandists are getting desperate as they are being exposed.

Give it your best shot folks. Put the icing on the cake. You know, the one for the party when you all go to jail. And hell.

People aren't being controlled by fear.. they'r ebeing manipulated by hope. Obama's got a gift for that.

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I'll miss  you guys when you're gone. But, you're replaceable, and we don't need you anymore.

8:21 This is going to be interesting... my niece invited me to join facebook.. now I'm getting connected with the long lost family... can't wait to get the final reaction :}  On the other hand, one of my sisters posted this at Easter  

Wishing you all a very blessed Easter. He is risen indeed!

ya just never know :} That'll teach em to invite me :}

8/20/2009 12:15 pm It's gonna get interesting. I get these emails a certain times insuccession supposedly from people I've known over the years, and most the time I think they're impostors because I enage them in an email conversation, and they make certain mistakes on facts and details proving to me they're on fishing expeditions to see what else they can learn about me.. likely for psyops... that's how they do it. THe email I finally responded to came in a series of emails from people who were "women from my past"... not like there were many .. still.. and this guy friend of mine's name could also be a woman's ...

Nonetheless, he's the lead guitarist from the band I was in in elementary school.. supposedly on his way to LA to do session work for an old Santa Cruz favorite doing his 24th album.. someone one of my sisters used to date.. :} And he said some things that very much make it look like he's my old friend, but nothing that hasn't been posted on the web site over the years :} Ya just never know. 

A while back I looked up a friend on the web whose site surprised me when it became apparent it meant he worked for the NSA. My email exchanges with him were fun, but nothing he said in his emails was more than was on the web site. A few years back, I used to Google my own name just to see where I was showing up in the search engines, and I was the only Charles Rehn who existed. Suddenly, one day, I did another search, and found tons of people with the same name. I know that was a psyop, because I actually wanted to assure myself I had low visibility... it's  away of making you feel self-conscious- psyop - and an example of how my access to the web is quite limited by people blocking my internet access.. That was the same day I came across the woman whose husband was an Iraq vet being denied health care, and whose doctor was named Charles Rehn. And how i know we're being fed a pack of lies when we talk about how we honor our patriots.

The truth is, I know I'm being played with in terms of web access regarding some high profile people to keep me from some truths, but if those people don't step forward and fess up, then they are particpants.. but they'll lose because of their lack of integrity. Because what they did is criminal, and is part of an ongoing crime. And every second I'm contained, their crime continues, and there is no statute of limitations. And victims of crimes are not to blame for the crimes agains them. That's why if further truth comes out that proves my judgment about certian people being involved is false, I'm going tomake you explain it  yourself, as I've had to, and then, you still won't ge any sympathy from me. It's a simple matter of integrity, and mine isn't the integrity in question.

I'v ebeen told the Sugalla letter freaked some people out.. actual documentation.. good.. it's about time. I told you, I spent years collecting evidence and documentation. You can't beat me on a level field or a tilted field. I've given people plenty of chances. and I'm just tlaking the legalistics of it right now.

I've met a lot of ego-driven people who thought they had all the answers over the years, and they were always so wrong.. they built relationships that only lasted until people found a way to get rid of them... the same will be true of the politicians, corrupt media people and apostates.

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PS Tell John Mayer I can answer his questions :}

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TShirts, Bumper Stickers.. maybe even socks :} WHy not?   I think I'll send a pair of Jesus socks to Mannfred Mann. THat should get his attention :} I have their agents' address.. maybe I can send mail now, and it'll actually get there.

Tell Sailor Boy I look forward to talking to him one day.. not via aesopian...he's an interesting guy.. maybe we could talk and play poker :}

There's a bunch of stuff I want to write about once I get the spellchecks done on FTLOTW part I.. one of the things I look forward to writing aboutmore is separation of church ad state.. which I still very uch believe in... and it troubles me because, as I've sai beofre but without quite this much contemplation of the fractals and timelines, but it really is hard to separate the intent of the founding of the United States,a nd the magical living word of the COnstitution we have. When you look at thow the Bible and the "image of God" has changed through the ages.. then look at the way the U.S. was established and then how it, too, was perverted in the same ways.. it gives you a pretty good parallel to ponder when contemplating the universe. I hadn't ecven thought of that aspect of it when I started writing about it. I was thinking more about how the U.S. foundation really is the foundation for the premises of the Kingdom of God, and heaven, if the vision was fulfilled... and it will be, cause God says so. Maybe not within the United States, though, That's part of the choice citizens will have to make soon.

Can't wait to hear what reactions I get from the facebook stuff :}

Karla Bonoff - Personally

PSS I stil hope there's tons of people who turne out to be good guys. I just don't have any more benefit of the doubt to giv eyou, and who knows if I'd ever be able to trust you. Who I'm talking to - they all know who I'm talking to.

8/22/2009 11:45 am - Heavy duty psychotronics and dews thelast couple of days. Real bad. Worth every second. It's cuz they (think they) know what I'm gonna write about people like Brzezinski...

Meanwhile.. it's easy to reframe the U.S. GOvernement and its central party, the council on foreign relations, as Nazi-ish.... Nazists.. notsitz... :} as well as to defend the need for a just McCarthy type proceeding... the difference is whether th egovernment is for the government or the people... that's why it's going to have to happen, anyway. Better in court than by tribunal.

Sarah - I actually knew what you meant when you said quitting in ALaska as Gov was the way to allow you to fight harder for them.. now that you recognize that the most important issues right now are federal... my friend Michelle went out of her way to make sure I knew all about the perma frost problems in Alaska.. back int he 80s.. between man made climate change, HAARP, terraforming and the rest, and that 6.5 quake around Anchorage the other day...  we both know we don't agree on everything, but we agree on the spirit of America... so I respect you for your courage and persistence... just do us both a favor and don't do any of the plagiarism stuff.. cause I will break out of this containment, and I don't want to have to point fingers at you too...  PS... hope the kids are okay :}

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2:57 pm Updated a few things on FTLOTW.. the index has yellow dots so I can keep track of which ones I've actually spell checked and stuff... added a tiny bit to one section on the marijuana issue.. one block.. look for Begala, and the section will be easy to find.

I'm very much looking forward to  reviewing and adding to the 10 commandments, knowing what I know now... I might to an edit on something I recorded that sort of blurted out, and if it comes up, all I can do is apologize... cause I do... I'll let ya know..

A couple more weeks, and book one will be complete.. just a couple more things I want to add and complete... but I really am looking forward, now, and that's why it's a good time to  designable a desireable and sustainable future.. in a way that they can also realize the difference between that and what is going on now. I think book one says what it needs to say, and I'm glad to make the break and sepaartion between the past and the future we need to embrace, one way or another, because it is an  urgent time, one I regret I was not allowed to address sooner, one I look forward to resolving...

Anyway.. the front page and menu structures will be quite different.. but I think it will make more sense in the context I'd like it all to be seen.

I guess Hosea is gonna be the plan. Whatever works. And then, like the Bible says, it will take 24 hours to destroy the world. I use "destroy" in the context of "undo", and that means, undoing the evil and the unjust. It'll happen.

Questioning one's own confidence often occurs at the tipping point of the situation, but it is the courage to continue without wavering in one's convictions that proves the commitment and allows for success.

Somebody musta said that :}

Like I always said, I never fail when I am committed to something. Just needed something worth fighting for. And  I refuse to win without winning. That luxury doesn't exist this time around.

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Oh yeah.. there's a new pic on the "growing up page" with my niece... And, I asked my sister how my mom and dad met.. and I'm a little embarassed... and I'm supposed to be just like him, eh? :}

8/23/2009 10:58am - Over the years I've logged and journalized some of my experiences, especially some of the most painful when I've been attacked with directed energy weapons, causing physical harm.  I've also watched as Lynn was attacked, having complaints of symptoms over the years consistent with directed energy and psychotronic attacks.

There've been a lot of brain tumors, aneurysms and brain cancer lately...

Lynn' sone o those peole whose been attributed to assisting millions of people around the world in her work in the last 25-30 years.. including being  afonding board member of the Grameen Foundation, as well as being the current executive director of the department of peace campaign...

Lately, I've watched, as I've reported intense DEWS and psychotronics, I've watched as they've taken their physical and mental toll on her, too, all sorts of problems I had when they first started attacking me intensly.

This mornng, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a stroke, numb on her entire left side. A brain tumor.

You sickos in DC and New York and Atlanta know what caused it. I hope you're real happy with the outcome of this slow kill on her. And I hope people will use this as an example of just how sick and perverted you people are. I'll make the case before I'm done.

8/24/2009 10:25 am - Turned out the problem was an aneurysm. Sound familiar?

Got lots to do over the next couple of weeks... just remember you guys.. when the psychologist signs me up for disability because of a delusion that the government is after me, it will all look bad for you.. because I won't quit, God is on the precipice of destroying you.. and frankly, I'm going to enjoy God's day of justice. Don't bother expecting me to care about any of your excuses. Lou and Keith.. still think it's fun? You won't for long. Neither will your accomplices.

Whatever you believe about me, it's been good to come to the knowlege of God's ways, and without that, who knows what might have happened. The people who believed it would tame and deter me were wrong, as they often are about me, cause I'm just not typical, and I don't give up on things worth standing up for. I began as a citizen to keep my vows as a citizen, and I will continue to do so. With honor.

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Barack: at the end of the day, a win's  a win.   Predictable words for a two bit politician, but not a satisfactory attitude for a real leader. You're  a hypocrite and a liar... false prophet... people know it. Soon, they will acknowledge it.

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8/25/2009 10:13am A new slogan.. Chuck for President 2012 - because somebody has to do it.

I'm gonna make Elie Weisel look like an unmotivated slouch. How to track down Nazis... it'll be a long next book.

Keith... Nazis are as Nazis do... I wonder if Baird's assistant, Pam Brokaw, is related to Tom. Wouldn't surprise me, since they were setting her up to run for Congress... Baird's getting what he deserves... Hedrick nailed him... and I'l be the evidence he was right about Baird, 100%

Remark of the day,  atruly remarkable one.. yesterday on Greta, Stephen/John Lewis/Moore.. I can never remember this guy's name, cause he always worries me... he says, if this keeps on we'll be spending more on health care than we do on the military....

What an interesting idea... spending more on saving lives than on killing people... sounds kinda anti-American... when these guys spin it that way, anyway...

When Lynn gets out of rehab, I'll be taking some nail samples and more.. Im not the only one who believes her aneurysm was caused by directed energy weapons... everything fits. Everything. You guys went way over the line... I think God will forgive me for being ever more resolved in my commitment to nail your asses.

Joni Mitchell - Shine - 09 - Shine

Kennedy's gonna make a perfect example of how democracy has been overrun by politicians who change the laws on the fly to retain power and protect them from the responsibilities of their crimes.

Who needs Hunter S Thompson when you can do it yourselves, hey guys?

Meanwhile... I've thought, I could take all this stuff and turn it nto a nice little marketable packeage, drop the Christian stuff and do some audcaious things politically.. but I'm not gonna drop a thing, because I believe in it and it's a whole package, a story that needs to be told, and the fact that it makes you guys think yuo have the upper hand is all that much better. I told you I like to do the impossible just to prove it can be done. It will be done.

8/26/2009 7:45 pm

I''m glad to report that Lynn is better than I feared was possible, although under the normal course of events, she will be  somewhat impaired permanently. The good news is, especially to those who know of her and what she does, her speech is barely impaired and getting better, and she can still work her blackberry with one hand. More than anything, she's afraid. I moved her to a convalescent hospital for therapy today. Took her for a ride around the hills and down to the sound.... I knew she'd appreciate the silence.

You'd think this would change my views on health care. It just reaffirms it. Can I do a chapter that's that simple, called "How to do universal health care"? Is it allowed to be that direct? It's actually pretty simple.. Yes, I still give a great deal of thougt to the worlds, material and spiritual. Syncro moment.. the night before Lynn had her stroke, I was reading in Ezra or Nehemiah, and thought it was God's way of saying it was time to work on healing. Of course it was a random read. I can't help thinking how I could use psychotronics to revive her motor/sensory skills... I'd use hyponosis, but I can't really do that in a public facility. I'm understanding the basis of therapy, repetition and training, and it works, but I can also see how great enhancements could be added.. in sports medicine, they find that athletes who imagine doing their sport experience the same mental and trigger the same basic muscle coordination skills as when they are actually doing it.  It would be interesting to know if anyone is working with hypnosis/psychotronics in this way.

Not much to say right now.  Lots of stuff I'm gonna write.. I'm  gonna have a few very short chapters.

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8/27/2009 10:54 am - I keep thinking to mself, why in the world did these guys set me up to suck me into this political and religious fray when   if they hadn't, I likely would have lived out my life in obscurity, without any particular grievance agianst anyone, other than the usual day to day complaints people have about each other. And I'm especially perplexed at how all these media people would go along with torturing and murdering people.

So I have two new central themes to ad to my campaign: one, What is a Baghdad Bob?  and two, if the people of the United States declared civil war against the government tomorrow, they woul be justified in their defense of their nation... given tha tnearly every member of Congress and the Excecutive Branch could easily be convicted of treason...

I don't know why anyone bothered to tell me about Druids.. except, of course, to make me appear to be a radical.. and all this gray hair is very amusing, bt I'm not impressed or swayed, except to beieve you're even bigger Nazi sickos than I thought.

To anyone not in the national corporate media, understand that the pinnacle you're reaching for, becoming a network anchor or whatever, includes involving yourselves in treason against the citizens and nation of the United States. Anymore, anyone participating in the National Corporate Media is a criminal until proven otherwise... and link tv... I'd like to know why you claim to be independent, an yet, fail to report the most  insidious acts of the U.S. Government... playing a special on the Church COmmittee only makes people think it was over, when it was a cover up of the beginning of full deployment. And I know you know that.

Finally, I'd like to say, that regadless of my "religious" orientation... as a citizen, I refuse to go along or permit this government to continue to kill its own citizens without being confronted. Anyone who claims I am inciting violence will only include themselves in the RICCO cases I will be fillng soon... the more the merrier...

I anticipate day after day, week after week of liars testifying against my case.. and then.. one person will get nervous, screw up the cover story, and then give it all away... and then, the U.S. Gov't and the media will be exposed as the traitors they are.

I'm gonna file for $2 trillion each against NBC/GE and TImeWarner, as well as $2mil per year per person who particpated in the harm against me and my familiy, and that includes all the media tech people, the aides to Congress people who participated, the agents who did the dirty work... and if the locals don't step forward and tell the truth, I'll take them down too.  And with the money I get from the suits, I'll finance rebuilding America AND the other law sauuits of other people whose actions will, in effect, as the Bible says, redistribute the wealth of these criminal corporations to the citizens and to replenish the national treasury. THe law says you can't benefit from crime. All of  our politicans and media benefit from crime. They need tohave it taken away from them, so their victim can rebuild their lives, and the world can be rid of the sociopaths.  

Pelosi - I am so disappointed in you... I actually believed you would make a good representative of women in leadership, so that people would accept women in leadership more easily. Between you and Hillary and Barack, I'm going to have to  teach a lot of people how to manage knowing there's  a difference between bad people, good people, and bad data from bad people that must be remembered, considered, and held as an example of what not to be like. ANd Biden, if you end up taking over, your truth will convict you too. John Corzine is no rising star, but the announcement will make a good example of how the leadership of this country is determined years before the bogus elections are held. I'llbet you all think I'm not paying attention.

Meanwhile, thanks for inspiring 2 new book chapters that will be simple to write.

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8/28/2009 10:35 Someone asked, how do you justify the $2 trillion number... once a jury hears the story, it'll be a slam dunk.. and then, it's pure justice to use that money to sue the other criminal corporations and politicians into oblivion.. God does turn things around... for those of you who are honest business people and politicians... you have nothing to worry about, because I'm more concerned with bailing out innocent people than wholesale dragnets and prosecution. Lucky you. Besides, I don't know what anyone lied to you, but I'm not against business or even a fair exchange value system like capitalism... I am against lying politicians and media people... wait til Michelle Bachmann hears my whole story.. she'll be vindicated a couple million times over. So will alot of people whose lives have been destroyed by you sickos.

You sickos are hurting yourselves....Maritnez and Massachusettes will make an interesting comparison, won't it...

I like Moses more and more. God sent him to exile and had him wait while the corrupt governors died.. and when they did.... I have a different read see to part.... and it starts with psychotronics... Wait til people find out that the initials secret service... SS.. is not just a coincidental abbreviation...

Of course, last night I asked God to show me what He wanted me to know last night... and this is what I opened the Bible to:  Jeremiah 42:3 I'll let you read it yourself, and let you prove to yourselves that you can read more than just empty words off teleprompters...

Here come the choppers....

I think that after my story is told  there will be military people in choppers and planes and more that will be spending many years in the brig for treason.

And.. I also think that, since the United States hates me so much, when I get the lawsuits done, I'm gonna burn down a church in Glendale, and turn a theater into a homeless shelter - oh the joy of ownership - and then I'm going to move to Africa to establish the New World.. and with all that money, fund the lawsuits... and leave those who "don't need me anymore" to themselves to finish destroying themselves.  Justice. Besides, after the citizens of this country find out what you sickos have been doing, they're going to kill you anyway. And God will forgive them.

I find all the storeis.. prophecies.. in the Bible abut God causing famine and pestilence.. I wish I could read the oiginal writing,s because the more logical and consistent interpretation of those prophecies is in God's instructions, and in His covenants with people.. none of whom has kept their promises. When people break the covenants, God considers them void. All He ever really asked was to have us follow a few simple rules... knowing that if we didn't follow our agreements, things would go bad.. just as I can read the "timelines" of the rippling effects.. so when famine and pestilence occurs, it's because people wouldn't read the users guide, and are using the world inappropriately.

So when I say, let them destroy themselves..if Barack and his sicko friends wants to pollute you all to death, and they are, and people won't actually stand up against it.. then they wil die. It's not a wish,   it's not an order, it's a natural occurance. And you will all have done it to yourselves. Maybe you'll get lucky and be sentenced to life in prison.. on the other hand, maybe you should be turned homeless and penniless so you can experience what you do to other people. So you can know what it's like to have everyone in your community treat you like the dirt you are...

That was not me rambling on. That was delivering a message for God. My arms are outstretche to lots of people... good luck to the sickos... no ones going to stick up for you when this is done.
And the part I love about it most is that t will all be done legally, and you will destroy yourselves, and the world will be  a better place.

If Paul Simon thinks hell would be being stuck in an elevator perpetually playing a muzak "SOunds of Silence".. for me it would be having to listen to You've Got  A Friend..  for some people, imagine the hell of forever trying to learn how to thread a needle. That's justice.

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Coming soon: Keith Olbermann-Baghdad Bob of America.. how he sucks you in.. we'll see who makes an example of who, Keithie.. see how God turns things around.. as the erasure list grows larger and larger...

Hi to the Secret Service... hope you were amused. I'm not.

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PS Kyra and all the rest.. I notice you're using MSNBC's FBI profiler now.. the sick one who drools over the idea of absolute gun control... feel free to continue innoculating people against reformed mentally ill Christians... yoou'll just prove to people how sick you are. Will til Big Brothers and Sisters find out.. Can't wait til you all attempt to establish your plausible deniability... particularly in light of the other victims who'll testify against NBC and Time-Warner. ANd then they'll notice the McClurken innoculation.. and then, the coincidence of Billy Preston appearing just before his collapse in Atlanta... people will actually start believing the truth, Kyra... won't that be something new.

I don't needmore evidence, but I am enjoying watching the trends and watching you all make your own cases worse... I figure the individual totals from CNN staff alone will end global poverty...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Ray of Light

Personally, I'mllooking forward to getting statements from all the political prisoners.... tell the Gilmores to enjoy their free time.. what's left of it. ANd let Brian Baird know that Moyers report of all of you being on the take inthe state of Washington willbe put to good use. Meanwhile.. the Microsoft/Gates/Adam Smith connection will be interesting to make... once we get the FAA and TSA involved, we'll talk about the weather. Adam... just who ARE your corporate masters?

FOlks at Fox - isn't it interesting that Carville wanted me to launch a boycott against you all. it's in the weblogs.. they probably took it out of the transcripts... they wanted me to boycott ESPN too, and I think that was supposed to be my ntro to Olbermann. Before he got psyops trianing at CNN not long after... and then moved to MSNBC... after that article in the Sierra Times about psyops training agents seen going nto the Atlanta CNN studios.... you guys thretened them with law suits, so they took down the story, but left the blank page.. meaning.. they stand by their story.. I'm suere they'll enjoy tellign the story of economic coercion and blackmail to force them to give up fair use and the supposed need to divulge sources... you violated their civil rights... and there'll be a million of those.. how the free press is the greatest violator of freedom of speech....

I really love the Cornell Law Library online....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower Of Power - Bump City - 08 - Skating On Thin Ice

Oh yeah.so Fox.. isn't it interesting... they wanted me to launch a boycott against you.. instead, now, MSNBC insights sponsor boycotts against you.. calls you bad guys.. ain't it gonna be fun.. because, despite the fact that I don't agree with everythign you all say... nor would I or anyone agree on everything... how come whenever I watch, it always seems you're basically being fair and balanced, even to those you disagree with... probably not always... funny how that stuff works out.. meanwhile, about Hughes.... Won't Olbermann look stupid when all this comes out.. now mind you, I'm not looking to affiliate with any of you.. it's jst funny how it works out... and then there's the foxing gloves... Ultimately, except for Mike being stupid one day and defending crimes against humanity, I don't have any real complaints about you. FOr my sake, I hope I don't find any... Meanwhile.. tell the Repubs I'll be making my case based on certain patterns, and I won't hesitate to point out what they're doing. Tell them that's my last warning to them before elongating my list of respondents.

Almost as interesting as driving by "Morningside" the other day after sending a certain email, yet another Melissa entering my life (though,thankfully, indirectly) and other things I never used to think of as clues...  like, the Central African Republic must have SOMETHING to do with all this...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon - Watching the Wheels

Dobbs... edit anymore transcripts lately?

5:46 pm To the residents of Harstine Island and Mason Country Washington... this s my last warning to the community watch and weed and seed components of the harassment against me... 1 more time, and I file RICCO charges against you all. No more benefit of the doubt for you people either.

The psychotronics has increased greatly, so I am assuming the appropriate people got my message in the Federal Government. Every time I go to the nursing home, I have visions of all of you rotting in jail.. as you will in hell. You took the directed energy weapons too far, and now you'll have her attempted murder included in the charges. I alsolook forward to becoming the most hated truth teller in America, so everyone can get angry at me, only to find out I was telling the truth all along. Then you can all cry on each other's shoulders... why didn't somebody tell us?  

Isn't it funny, the only thing the Democrats every claim as their acomplishments is being the party of dead Kennedy's... at the convention, without JFK, they would have nothing to talk about.  Read the transcripts. ANd  then, the final act of Ted, messing with the laws to gain political advantage. That IS the story of the United States Government. ANd it's criminal.

The next comments I have to make on this subject will be in  a legla brief. Meanwhile, I'm going to put the local and state law enforcement on notice for RICCO charges too. Couldn't have happened any other way. Now watch the local idiots particpating in psyops make mistakes because they're too stupid to read or obey civil rights laws.

8/29/2009 - I'm thinking I should go to the ADLand report the treatment I've received - given that 'v enow fully estalished my Jewish Heritage... not to mention my defense of Jews and the Protocols...  It wasn't real important to me to find the actual links... my grandother, a Canadian Jew with the last name Edwards.. that probably represents the convergence of the Druid and Judaism families, interestingly enough. Then on the German side of the family.. apparently, my uncle Harvey, during World War II, found the town in Germany where my family was "roa\yalty".. don't really care about that, but I'm convinced my German family is Jewish, if only because of physical characteristics.. and more...

I talk about inconsistencies left as clues.. like my dad saying about AMPEX, that he couldn't figure out what people would do with recording tape... apparently, he's got the same story about being offered a position to fly for the then start-up United Airlines, and supposedly said he couldn't imagine people traveling by plane all the time... interesting.. can't wait to reveal that story...

Meanwhile.. teleportation and moer since the Manhattan Project... more to come on that... explains a lot...

To be honest, I think I'm more audacious than my father, although it sounds like he was a bit more gregarious...  probably the same thing, just used differently.. makes sense to me..

Meanwhile.. I was checking symptoms.. and more.. and it looks like you guys have done a good job of destroyig the lives of a number of my sisters... when the time comes, it wwill be obvious...

When the time comes.. the final hours are always the most difficult... a good thing I have lots of faith. I believe the day of justice is very imminent.. and I will not quit or be dissuaded... yu traitorus leaders.. just remember, don't bother calling on me when the citiens revolt.. cause I won't get in their way under any circumstances... the good news is, you guys aren't ready to handle the discord you have worked so hard to create. As always, it's your arrogance that will defeat you.. and I'm going to enjoy watching it...

You made someone else into a martyr with your arrogance... a witness who will rally international leaders... the attack on her will classified as obstruction of justice, and assault on a federal witness. Like I told the Secret Service...

GB>.. love what you're saying, but every time one of you guys gets up there, now, defendng the consi\titution, knowing what you know and who I am, all it makes me think about is what hypocrites you are. In the end, it will also mplicate you as criminals... the worst kind... you might want to think about that. God will not fail in this go-round... where will you stand in his judgment.

I decided that instead of burning the church in Glendale after I own it, I'm going to rent an excavator... I love operating excavators... and I'll rip it down piece by piece, or dig a huge hle and put in a swimming pool and give it to te school across the street. Kids need to learn to swim. It's good for them. Maybe I'll travel the country and do the same for kids with all the apostate churches I find :} I'm sure I'd get bored with that quickly.

If there were two things I'd recommended to people, it would  be to drive a round trip vacation across the United States, and learning to run an excavator. There's  place in New Jersey, though, that it might be fun to do that too. I wonder if I could get a permit to do the same with the Time Warner and GE Buildings :} I always wondered what it would be like to swing a wrecking ball. Maybe we could Raytheon to create a remote for the buig guys jet, and have them remote control it into the building.. sort of a vengeance thing on behalf of the citizens of New York, to relive their anger after they find out the truth about GE and Time-Warner.. and others... the two towers... I never did like the looksof the GE building.. I have to admit, though, we couldmove the UN into their buildings after the current employees are fired... maybe we could change the meaning of Manhattan from the end of the world to the new world...

Apparently. back when my father bught each of us our own Kweskin's ESP for developing and testing psychic skills, he told my sister about how the brain works... like sending radio signals... just like the NSA guy on the plane did with me... I was sure he we wanted to make sure I knew how to explain it... I always laugh about that, because he went so far out of his wayto fluster me with making sure I knew he knew all about "my case"... and I acted like, yeah, what elese is new :} I know I'm gonna meet that guy again someday... I wonder what his name really is :} ANyway, my dad told her about that in the late 50's... hmm.. what could it mean...

I just want to say to people who wonder about my thoughts about suing all these people. it ain't about the money, it'sabout justice, and then it's about how all that money can be used to improve people's lives, bal out the national treasury, and put a bunch of truly sick psychopathics, sociopaths and megalomaniacs in jail where they can't hurt anyone anymore.

I'm thinkig maybe I'll make O'Reilly my press person.. then I'll attend every pres conference so I can enjoy laughing while he answers the questions.. I'll be his heckler :} There's something about O'Reilly...

Fox guys: DOn't worry, I have no delusions that there are any friends of mine in the media..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Randy Travis - Diggin' Up Bones

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Skeletons

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 12 - Masters Of War

8:59 pm I was thinking about how Mitch Albom has the book "The Five Faces You'll See When You DIe" or whatever.. I was thinking, the next time anyone looks at a group shot of COngress or The Executive Branch or the Supreme court... 95% of them wil be in hell, for those of you who end up there.

Now, because thi sis my site and wereblog, sure I talk about the treatment I receive don't ever forget, I'm representing everyone in relation the U.S> Governmetn and the anti-Christ.

Soon, people will take an objective look at the U.S. Government in particular... and they will be reminded that Christianity, or any moral faith, has nothing to do with fancy speeches written by Bob Schrum, going to church or anything else. It has do with with 1) what you actually do  2) what you do when you find you're in error, and 3) whether or not you lie to cover your crimes as citizens and as elected officials and authorities...

When people take a close look at the U.S. Government, and when they realize what a fraud Obama is, and then that he and others are just servants of the central party, the centrists, the Council on Foreign Relations, and look at all the crimes they've committed against humanity, let alone against their own citizens.. and then look at the 10 commandm3ents.. there's no way anyone could possibly say that the actions an policies of the United States Government  aren't anti-Christian, let alone just plain immoral. THe politicians are too stupid and bought and paid for to actually take an objective look at themselves, and admit they are sociopaths.

But theyare. There's no other way to appraise their actions. Like changing laws whenever they want to accomodate political rivalries and control of power, instead of playing by the rules and working within them.

The sycophant national corporate media is no better... even worse... they're whores to the whores.. and they know it, and that's whythey just keep telling more and more lies on behalf of their politician "false idols", who pay them to say whatever they're told,. with the excuse that they are under contract or doing what they're told.  Like the politicians, their continued and ever growing web of lies and paux patriotism prove only one thing: they are criminals, and they act like criminals, committing crime after crime to cover previous crimes. Ever lie the media tells is a violation of the law, and conspiracy....

Meanwhile.. I'm going to start doing a  poll of targeted individuals about whther they have Jewish heritage or a birth defect of some kind, as well as determine a ratio of black and white and other ethnicities, as well as those related to people in the military pre 1970... parents... I think we're going to find a pattern of ethnic and genetic cleansing, and I think I can get the JDL to take it on..

Finally, when I say stuff like, Congress people are goign to hell, I'm not saying that based on any supposition of divinity, but, as a human being and a citizen. And ya'll WOULD go to hell just for what you do to me.. let alone the other millions of people you've all murdered and defrauded... so again, if you think what I'm writing is solely the expression of my frustration based on what I'm going through, you're really wrong. It's just that you've all done so much to me, my case represents a multitude of crimes as committed against so many other people... alll of whom will gladly step forward to testify against you when it comes to light. And it will come to light.

I thought about apporaching te JDL before, and seeking a Jewish Community to learn about their faith, and maybe, to garner additional wisdom and insight for the ministry. I knew I was of Jewish ancestry, but I couldn' make the definite link, now I can. I didn't want to approach them until I knew I could make the connection, cuz I didn't want to seem insincere or opportunistic. Now it appears my remark of emigrating to Israel or France on religious persecution reasons looks more possible, if I need to... and I think I do. Looks like I've been rejected by the United States, thanks to the lies of fascists and the COuncil on Foreign Relations... so if that happens, it's okay. I love AMerica, but.. everyone always said, why didn't the German people stand up against Hitler... now, it's the same question to the United States... and we're getting the same answer...

It's a heck of a thing to grow up, loving your country, only to find out that, religion or not, eugenics or not, the government would prefer you were dead, and pursue that goal with the might of the military and intelligence agencies. That truly is pathetic.. shows you what chickenhawks the U.S. government and media is filled with... and narcissistic psychopaths...

I'm not backing down on anything.... in fact, very shortly, I'll be connecting a zillion more dots, and the U.S. Government will fall.. not the government itself, but the criminals who have overthrown it...  and that's why the extra jets the Pentagon didn't want, right Congress? The thing is, you guys, when you make your break (I know you don't think you'll need to but you will) China will do away with all the nifty satellites and stuff that you've handed over to NATO as well as set up command and control for in Iraq, you'll think you still have the pipelines and Pakistan and India will stop that, Saudi Arabia will cut us off cause you people are stupid enough to think they'll back you... and all that's really going on is that they're being passive aggressive, will take the resources you put in their countries, and leave you flat broke without the weapons you want to start the next global military war. And if you try anything, they'll blast you to smitherenes...

THe beauty of sicko Nazis and their arrogance is they are Gods to themselves in their own minds, and because of that, they will fail. The way God serves up vengeance on a cold platter.. right Dobbs. Just keep smiling, it'll never fly in court OR in the court of public opinion.  CNN's looking for an excuse to get rid of you anyway, aren't they? ANother one of those Elder dialectics in play. He;ll like the part about Baghdad Bobs.

Speaking of flying and United Air Lines.. isn't this an interesting coincidence.... check ou tthe lyrics of Marvin Gaye's "Flying High"... Flying high in the friendly skies....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Montrose - Telstar

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

8/30/2009 2:15pm I called the Mason COunty Sheriff lat ein the day Friday.. was told a Sargeant (whose name I have) would clal me back... of course they didn't. I called to see about making an appointment with the Sheriff, the Weed and Seed Rep and the Community Watch Supervisor to discuss the harassment I've been subjected to for years.  I'll say again, I have 900 people minimum who would be more than glad to testify regarxing our common harassment, and the techniques used agains tthem, many of them in Washington State and some even inMason and Thruston Counties, both counties in which I've been harassed.

My purpose for this meeting was to see if I could talk some sense into them to back off while I file Federal Charges and civil suits against the people responsible for the lies about me and the harassment I've received. I'll state for the record, any law passed that you think authorizes to commit and promite fascist acts is unconstitutional, and getting local citizens to do the dirty work for you makes them an extended authorized operativ eof the law enforcement agencies, and therefore, subject ot all search and seizure and privacy laws... and does not relieve you of responsiblity for crimes such as gang stalking and harassment with the intent to cause emotional and physical distress.

Here's the thing - I consider this to be no different than the case of the CIA - those guys know full well what the law and constitution is, and how it applies to them and their responsibilities to repot and assist in prosecution of those superiors who insist that they break the law... so are you sheriff people. I'm trying to relieve a situation where I have to name local citizens and local and state officials and authorities as part of the RICCO suits. Whether I do or not, whether your local operatives that you've duped into being criminals on your behalf will be determined by 1) wheteher or not you gran tme a meeting  2) whether or not you acknowledge these programs and 3) if I continue to be harassed.

If any of those conditions occur, as in , denial of program, and if I experience a belligerent response, then I will name you as respondents, and I will not back down. I'm trying to cause us to not be adversaries, but you guys are the ones breaking the law, not me. I don't care how covert and clever you think you are.

I will simply say that since making that phone, I consider myself to have been harassed by the Mason COunty Sheriff's department, which I did not document, but will as of this moment on.

Now, if all you guys do is defend your position, as has happened on 2 or 3 occasions when I've called police departments to report minor criminal activities and abuse of authority by police, not for the purpose of criminalization, but to advise their superiors that maybe some officers were a little too impressed with their own authority and needed to be reminded that the citizens were friends, not enemes, then I will simply name you.

Remmeber that the RICCO charges I file will include, with evidence, particpation in more than 20 RICCO charges against the DNC, and thanks to Bill Moyers I have the info I need to make sure Patty Murray, Norm Dix, Brian Baird, Maria Cantwell and others are "on the take" and should be prosecuted by federal authorities, as well as being able to produce compelling evidence that they have cooperated in my and others' harassement. In additon, 2 presidents and 3 attorney generals, including the current one, will be named in these filings. When they reject the case, I will file further RICCO suits against them.

Now, for all of youwho think I'm crazy and think you'v egot me set up to get me labeled as mentally ill.. call me crazy all you want. With all the evidence i have, if there is a justice system left in the United States that is about justice and not political fascism, and I doubt it, these people will go to jail for life because there's an attorney in Colorade whio will lov ethe addition of my case to the other 900 potential clients he has, just waiting fr someone with the evidence I have in order to fully prosecute the government fo rthese crimes. My case is extereme and unusual, but true and documented. Have I made my point?

If you harass me, or if you have your minions harass me any further, I will no longer give benefit of the doubt to you either. ANd if you oproduce any bogus warrants or do anythig else that is faux lergal in reprisal for this or anything else, I will be more than happy to sue you into the ground.

You may not like my attitude about this, I don't like the fact that police and their minions are breaking federal law to harass me. If we indeed, end up being adversaries from this point on, it wlll be because of your actions. I'm not intimidated by you, nor do I wish to have an adversarial confrontaton with you. If we do, it will be because of the same kind of hubris as shown by federal authorites, who will, one way or another, either be prosecuted, or drummed out of public life by the truth.

Please don't make me put you all in jail. Whatever you've been told, I have a great deal of respect for police and the difficulties of their responsibilites. However, I know you actually monitor this and understand that  you and you r minions are breaking the law, otherwise you wouldn't be acting covertly. And by the way, the State of Washington lawe  that allows you to put tracking devices on vehicles without a warrant is unconstitutional...

Please don't make me prosecute you or ruin your reputations with the truth... but if you do, remember I'll do it with pleasure and onbehalf of the millions of victims around the world... they deserve life, liberty and the purusit of happiness... traitorous federal andlocal authorities do not.  You're either part of the problem or the solution, and I am not the problem. Oh yeah.. the attorney general of the state of Washington WILL be named in the RICCO filings, no matter what.

So, either we put an end to this amicably, or like I told George W. Bush, I'll be the nastiest son of a bitch you ever wanted to get off your back... through the law.. everything legal... despite George Bush's statement that this was being done to me and others "to save a few friviolous lawsuits" that would prove his father is one of the sickest criminals this nation has ever known. That's a direct quote, and part of the evidence I will present against him.

I'll be calling again on Monday. I expect a respectful response.

Andy Williams - Born Free

Chad Mitchell Trio - I Was Not a Nazi Polka

Like I told Olbermann, Nazis are as Nazis do. I hope yuou guys aren't Nazis too, even if you haven't read enough to know that what you're doing is the same thing that was done when Hitler took over Germany. It's just the truth. I hope you guys still respect the truth. If you don't know this history, then I understand there's a course at Evergreen that will explain it all to you. The text book is Mein Kempf.

8/31/2009 1:42 All In The Family - Granted, I've been sleep deprived for about 40+ hours... I do good work on no sleep. Maybe my best :}

Meanwhile.. Paul Crouh Jr, come on down. Paul. Good to know you're reading my stuff. Being a Christian is like being in a club... and vernacular and pardigm wise, when not speaking to the choir and being hyper religious, it communicates.. but ya know, a friend of yours says you're stubborn and opinionated, and thn when she realized I was talking about Paul the Apostle.. well, let's just say.. ah let's not.

One little warning for you.. if you think you're going to be cool playing Aesopian games with me, you'll end up in jail. It's not funny. And I have lots of room on my DVR. And the RICCO cases will be filed soon. If you have something to say to me, you know where I am. ANdyour friendin Glendale, I'm sure, is telling you just what she wants you toknow to defend herself. You all need to read e\Ecclesiastes again. Because, uya know, I'm supposedly gonna take your flocks away from apostates, and I don't want to, but it's amazing how the prophecies end up coming true, whether I want them to or not.. So be careful of the games yo play with me, becuase I don't think they're funny, and if you had any guts or real faith, you'd talk to me face to face.

BTW, good luck with the rapture. Someone mislead you. THat's been the beauty of not watching people like you. I'm not entrenched inthe ppular, comfortable perpetuation of stories that the CFR would like tyou tocontinue tofulfill their satanic plans... but ya get to be a big shot for not actually reading the words of the Bible..  anyway, it's  aworthwhile discussion I'd be glad to have. One day, I'll come across a real minister who actually seeks truth instead of affirmation of their own self-promoting wisdom. PS Get Robertson to tell the truth about 911 and Katrina.. maybe he can be salvaged :} He doesn't have to appease the Republicans anymore. Tell him George W was the false Christ of the century... why didn't Pat see  through George.. or, did politics pollute the church.. again... ? God's club is  a great club.. feel free to join someday when it's about Him. And what's her  name's not an issue to me in regard to you..

I'll bet it is for you though :} Ecclesiastes.. don't forget it. It's good for ya..

Bye bye is fine with me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 13 - Junior's Farm

8/31/2009 1:03pm Mason County Sheriff... isn't it convenient tha twhen someone has the goods on federal and local authorities, they just zap you some more.. you guys must be really amused, criminals usually are amused by the suffering of others, and the joy of how they can get away with abuse of authority and treason. Yesterday, before posting what I did, I encountered 6 sheriff cars during a 20 minute drieve. After I posted, I didn't see one in about an hour of driving. Say what you want, you got the message, and I'm not interacting with you while being sleep deprived, and since I got zapped when I was going to make a report, I'm assuming that's the answer I needed and expected, whch is this couldn't be happening without your participation and consent. See ya in court. Or hell.. or both.

TBN and other so called Christian broadcasters... go ahead and  have your fun.. all you're doing is showing your true character to God. So be it. You think you're doing God's work, and all you're doing is glorifying yourselves, using God's name in vain. Playing the Aesopian game is nothing but more deception an coversion, and more proof you don't actually read your Bibles for what it says, instead of validating yourselves by proving false interpretations are rationalized by your out of context sermons. I don't think it was an accident that I caught Crouch last night, anymore than the other apostate preacher he's friends with.. it happened the same way. You all think you can get away with it on the material plane, and you're screwing yourselves with God. So be it. It's a good outcome.

By the way, I don't need your approval, almighty Christian ministers who don't even recopgnize that everything I've been saying, without even actually knowing the Bible, has been straight out of prophecy, and I don't care what you think, I haven't tried to emulate anything, I just be, and that's how I know the truth of who I am. But then, for centureies, people like you have denied the existence of God in the fless in order to glorify yourselves. GOd's a patient guy, so am I, that's why we're just going to let you destroy yourselves in your own denial. It's  ahard thing to watch, but God allows free will as He promised, and you've all made your choice. You all want the "destroy the earth" scenario, then it will happen.

I always think back to all the times, now that I know, that people did things that meant they knew who I was, including the person in Atlanta who, in a group meeting, wouldn't allow me to speak and said that I communicate through my computer. I do but not by choice. I'm a good communicator. That's part of hw I know Landmark was in on the suppression, in cahoots with Phyllis Minn and Sen Inouye of Hawaii... what a coincidence, Hawaii.

I'm not doing this game anymore. Everything I write is taken bylying politicians and media people who take the themes and pervert and propagandize the message for one purpose: to make sure the real message doesn't get through. God said let them be bad and prove themselves so when they are sent to hell, there won't be a need to explain it. That makes me the ultimate magnet in magnet wars... you know, let's see who's stupid enough to attack him..and you know the thing is that you all really don't understand.. anyone who would do what has been done to me has no excuse, even if I wwas some sort of criminal, which I'm not, there's no excuse, and if there's any message God would have deliver, it would be that. So let there be no questions as to why when you go to hell. Because Christians have been a majr factor in what has happened tome since at least the 80's, and I don't care to prove it or talk about it any longer, it's just the truth, and that menas they are those who claim to be Christians and are not. And once again, the fact that I'm sitting here being attaked, an that not one minister has the gumption to have a conversation with me, is proof that you couldn't possibly be real Chrisitans, because real Christians would not do this or allow this to happen to anyone.

I'll say again.. what I've been doing has never been about me, it's been about you. But you all made choices and now you're going to have to pay the price, an it's not God punishing anyone.. it's you all destroying yourselves.

I think I've got 3 chapters I want to write to make my point, and to point some fngers, that I believe will assist people wo actually want to know the truth and will save them from going along with the anti-Christ U.S. Government and New World Order... and their apostate ministers.

I haven't verified this, but it's consistent with other reports, and as far as I'm concerned, is more proof that they are fully entrenched with the Council on FOreign Relations, as are NBC/MSNBC, and even while FOx is pointing out their loyalty to Obama and the Democrats, the rest of the story is that so is FOx. ALl they're doing, like the protocols, is playing people's emoptions off each other in order to cause the appearance of a violent uprising so the government has the excuse to declare martial law... Obama is being given the power to shut down the internet and all other citizen communications in order to do it...

Put down your guns and organizae a national strike: just stay home. That's the only way you'll survive these Nazis, and they are Nazis, and if you don't believe that, you'd better start reading. SOme people will pick up guns.. provoked by emotions or psychotronics.. you need to know, Cho at Virginia Tech who killed 32 people was a vicitm of directed energy and psychotronic attacks, and it is no coincidence that he sent his manifesto and materials to NBC.. because NBC is getting areputation for psyopping people, just like they did to me. CNN is no different, and there iare other national media ews broadcasters also particparting but I did not collect evidence, so I won't mention them.. in this context, anyway.. if it's national media, they represent the COuncil on Foreign Relations, and you cna spend a lifetime reseaarching it, or just take the word of the victims... given the way AMerica is in denial, I'm sure you'll all prefer to wait until your own lives are destroyed before you'd consider that the corrupt  of the U.S> Government are satanic traitors.. there is no exaggeration to that claim. And the Pope is  going along with them, politics, just as the Catholic CHurch has done since nearly its inception... And that contains no criticism of Catholics in the flock.

I keep thinking that the fulfillment of prophecy, in and through my life, just keeps happening to me, and I'd write it off to psyops except that I've done things to ensure that what I experienced and saw could not have been manipulated, and those things that could have been manipulated, Iset aside as potential fulfilment, but without proof... I've ben as rational and pragmatic as possible, even when extremely negatively affected by psychotronics... SO I hvae no doubts in my mind, and am fully cognizant and understand why people would be skeptical. I just have a problem with Christians who haven't the guts to honor God's will and prove that they have faith in HIM more than political leaders. God has a problem with them too.

One other thing I want to point out, though is that I've begun on several occasions to write things like, a tribute to Martin Luther King,my experience with Blly Preston, and others.. every time I try to write something that would honor a black  person or someone of other ethnicity, I get blasted for a few days to a week... just like I get zapped when I attempt  to take legitimate legal action... I just want people to know that, and that also accounts for all the things I felt compelled and inspired by God to write for HIs purposes... since there are no Christians who believe I have anyhting of value to say, I won't say anymore.. becausem the choices you al have made make it appear to me that it's too late to make the difference that could have been made.  You have no idea how sorry I feel for those who participated in harming me, in the name of God and country, who couldn't even honor the simple Golden Rule.. more proof that you are, at best, Sunday Christians, and just in case Christians. Ain't gonna cut it with GOd.

A preacher last night told a story about God saying to Adam, now, when you've learned enough to be able to think like me... guess what, I do... you have no idea how much I understand how God feels... the good news is, He does have many houses. I've done my job. I have a clean conscience. I'll cry when I see so many people die by murder that seems like natural causes... and I'm guess we're going to do the global destruction scenario, given that churches don't believe their prophets until after catastropies happen.. For apostates who think they know everything... the prophecies about prophets and stuff from the past only apply in paradigm, and my death, when it happens, will not be the proof of prophecy, it will be the proof of your apostas, and failing to read your Bibles, and know that you don't have a clue about the life and desired outcome of the Son of Man.. and that was GOd's way of using me to find out.. to honor free will, and to try to get people to stop relying on liars to defendtheir lives.

THings go well for nations and people who actually honor God. Right now, I'm not aware of any nation or group that does. And that really IS the current story of Biblical times... and those who think that God will keep His end of the bargain for them even though they don't keep theirs.. please read your Bible and realize you're wrong. Reconcile it yourself your own way. I can't help anyone who doesn't want help.

If the info I'm getting is correct, the South Pole is collapsing, an the collapse of the ant-arctic is going to be a global catastrophic event. Just like the Bible said. Only it isnt happening because God is doing it. It's because the anti-Christ is using Directed Enrgy Weapons to melt the ices so they can get to  the natural resources, as well as to kill off "expendables"...  those who won't go along.. just like the Bible says. And you won't believe it until your life is threatened, and just like the Bible says, then you'll blame GOd. Blame yourself.

They want to have a more manageable sized population... more easily controllable and subservient to their wealth and power..  Just like the bible says.

And while the media has you distracted with insurance (not health care) reform, and convincing you that it's necessary to kill off Islamists on God's behalf, and making Israel, the nation, the global leader instead of recognizing it's the 12 tribes that God chose... they have you worrying about polar bears, a legitimate concern, but still, a distraction from the truth about the south pole and the impending disaster.

Before receiving the info I've recently received... that was prevented from me receiving in detail from the researchers who discovered the facts from British Petroleum and Harvard regarding the antarctic... that I haven't gotten because Lynn suddenly had a stroke at an interesting time.... that I am certain was caused by  a directed enegy attack...

CNN/Kyra Phillips did a report back in 2002/2003 about the collapse of the South Pole, guised in a more like human interest story.. they also reported the likely event of a hurricane Katrina 2 or 3 years before it happened... CNN and Time Warner have been corporate sponsors of the  Council on Foreign Relations almost forever... so they knew... you could say they tried to tell me and us... which may just end up being their alibi for doing a great job of deceiving AMerica and the world... but it won't work... still, I won't ignore that, even though it weas weird when CNN was educating me... bringing me up to date... it really was when Susan Bunda, formerly of FOx, took over their programming that the psyops against me became life threatening... Coincidence? Not according to Dobbs. They knew who I was form the first moment, they and MSNBC were used to "suck me in" as Olbermann says.. it appears to me it was just the anti-Christ rubbing it in my face. God's gonna rub it in your faces. You people need to relaize, as I said as a citizen oonly, my own life is irrelevan tin this matter. I was serving my fellow citizens, and then became aware, and took on serving them and God.. an easy convergence..  So you guys in the media, when more people are dying and you're laughing at your handiwork on behalf of Satan... maybe you'll be the one someone zapped by psychotronics - like you did to Cho - who gets killed  and is used to start the real war of the government against the citizens... your bosses, you know, who think nothing of killing to achieve their ends..

For me the beautiful part is knowing you wanted to make me pop in order to criminalize or institutionalize me... and it'll never happen... I won't give you the satisfaction. Funny isn't it, I said I'd give my life for my country, and then God, an you guys are going to end up giving your lives for the cause fo Nazis...   you'vebeen watching these evil people con millions of others, even into death, and you really believe that when the time comes, they'll honor their promise to protect you. SHows you how deluded you guys really are... when have these people ever hopnored a promise in exhchange for their wealth and power.  Olbermann, I don't care what your SAT score is,  you're stupid. Good luck. And you laugh and think I'm a fool.   Tell sharky he's  a total idiot... you're all house niggers, and that has nothing to do with race. Antyone who says it is is a liar and serving the anti-Christ and the COuncil on Foreign Relations.

Jay Rockefeller. inform your whole family, including Stepehen, that none of you will withstand the judgment of God.. as it should be. You're a sick man, and so is your brother.

Oh yeah.. people need to realize that the supposed swine flu is a flu developed by the U.S. Government that is a combination of the swine flue and the Spanish flu, genetically engineered to be extremely lethal, deliverd by aerial spraying.. chemtrails.. just like morgellons disease. In one way, te "epidemic that actually isn't ,right now, is a way to payback a quid pro quo to the pharmaceutical companies. owned by the media conglomerates, just like Tamiflu was for Rumsfeld and his friends...  the United States is willfully murdering you and deceiving you at the same time. They're good at it.  Feel free to live in denial about this... that's why Obama's primary product was hope followed by deception.. He's the on e alright.. they used his race to make sure that anyone who criticized them could be called a racist... bynow I would hope he feels pretty stupid, having been duped into believing the history of his election was a facade, and the agenda is not his, he has NO control whatsoever, and in that respect, perfectly fits the description of the false prophet... I'd feel sorry for hi if I didn't also know he allowed himself to be used as bait for the final phase of the installation of the New World Order.. he just forgot that the illuminati never keep their word, and they hate black people.

But then, that's what Brzezinski's memo 46 was about... how to trick minorities into thinking the government was empowering them in order to control them.. the same way CNN and MSNBC tried to get me to go along with them, thinking they were friendlies, only to find out it wa s a con to screw me. As well as to get me to "go along" with and adopt their perverted ways. Just remember media guys, these guys don't keep their promises, and all you are is cheap tools to them. 

And of course, the ultimate trick and deception will be in the next elections, when we'll angrily vote out the unresponsive government, elect new people, and then have to wait and let the plan continue before people will realize that all they've done is elect more people committed tothe Nazi plan.

Germany lost World war II, the Nazis didn't.  Some day you will understand that. But it will be too late.

Unless a miracle happens.. unless God makes the decision to  stop it at this point, which I don't think He will because He really does honor free will.... the prophecy made it clear, the Son of Man would prevail IF there were even ne or two people willing to stand as witness to the son of man and CHrist, an there is no one, which is actually what God expected, an why the prophets reported that, if we don't stop what we're doing, catastrophe will happen.. by our own doing and denial... if you're really a Christian, don't ever blame God, and if youdo, realize that your version of Christianity is false for whatever reason. My best advice to you is to read the Bible, giving up everythign you've ever been told, an read it anew, and see if you'd rather believe the comfortable apostatic teachings, or the actual truth as presented. You'll understand, then, how you've been so deceived for so long.

I'm just glad that, if God chooses to let me pass while the damge is being done, that in the next life, I'll remember everything, as 144,000 +1 rebuild the New World as it was intended. It's a shame it's going this way... but you chose it. However it turns out, I look forward to it... knowing that God is real, He keeps His promises, and the New World is going to be beautiful however it is manifested, and wherever He may choose it to be. God put me here to give you the rest of God's word and will, so He could have His rest.

This is a specific message for CNN.. can we stil be friends? I don't hang out with liars, thieves, murderers and cowards... piggyback that, bastards, (the appropriate word in the Biblical context.. read your Bible...) I'm still gonna win, one way or another, in God's name and on behalf of the citizens of the world who are good people... I just refuse to deliver God's word anymore to see it perverted by apostates and criminals... any of you who actually believe that God will simply forgive your evil should lock themselves in a steel and lead lined room for a while. Would you forgive people who threaten to kill you if you don't forgive them? I don't think so.

Good day.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 12 - Can We Still Be Friends


PS to all the people who have knowledge but have chosen to save their comfort and wealth instead of doing the right thing... you too will be responsible for the sins and murders of those to whom youhave become whores. God is not as forgiving as you think. Read your Bible it says so.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Annie Lennox - Songs Of Mass Destruction - 02 - Love Is Blind

TBN: Interesting coincidence.. channel 40 is in danger of burning... 40 is my number.. :}

For the truly faithful...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & Sheena Easton - Arms Of Orion

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Annie Lennox - Bare - 11 - Oh God (Prayer)

Thecooll part is, when I come around again, they won't "know what I'm going to do before I do it" because all this electronic stuff, and more, will be destroyed. Works out.

I did my job.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - Blame It On The Sun

That song kinda tells the story.

7:40 4,40,44 I don't know why those are my numbers... they just are. Ask the psyop guys. They know. The psychic in Brooklyn thought it was significant, though she wouldn't tell me why.. except that it's the number of a well rounded person. Equadistant, foursquare, balanced, etc... personally I prefer Stevie Wonder's In Square Circle symbolism. Big square, small  circle :} Some people actually know what that means :}

GB I'm not trying to be critical.. folks know what's going on for me.. in every way... and some folks went way over the line.... misspelllling werks. Aks Dikc Rme. So Streisand's a Talmudist, eh? It's interesting htat oncwe a religion is embedded in us, we're sort of made to feel afraid to change our minds and allow other ideas, even just to consider... I was watching  a Rabbi last night talking about how God wants us to know about hell and where it is, to scare us. Wrong. the Bible says not to talk about what's above or below... God knows people are manipulated by fear, just like Jesus said and rejected... God doesn't need "just in case Christians", or people who conform out of fear. He wants people to do things because they make sense....

ANd Pelosi.. nice try.. the Republicans don't get it, eh? That letter from Kennedy to the Pope proves the Democrats don't get it at all, and have once again hijacked a religion. You're going to have to save a lot of souls to make up for all these things, just like your colleagues. Are you still the richest person in Congress? Or has Feinstein surpassed you yet?  How many congresspeople, past and present, nvest in the Federal Reserve, and in fact, how many of you made money on the bailouts? Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should be required to issue that report. I wonder if they'd tell the truth? They didn't tell the truth about politicians and their patrons who made billions off the 911 attacks... Can we get a statement from Tenet on this, please. Is he really under house arrest. And, what did the documents Sandy Berger stole have in them, to be worth the possibility of going to jail to cover it up? and, if I had stolen those documents, as opposed to a COuncil on Foreign Relations sycophant, would I be in jail right now?WHy is Sandy so special? And who did he protect?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chick Corea with Flora Purim - Return to Forever - What Game Shall We Play Today

You're right.. right now, I have no respect for any of you. And I don't like the future I see... I don't lose, you don't win, a lot of people get hurt in a variety of ways, and God's gonna be so pissed at you people. If I were you, I'd try to stay alive for as long as possible before you get the everlasting life God has planned for you in the hell of your own making.

Keith.. I don't care, today, if it makes a difference or not... it either will or it won't, and if it doesn't, you'd have to be at least corrupt...

What is a centrist...

"These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for He is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful."Revelation 17:13-14.

http://www.explorationfilms.com/explorationfilms-Cracking.html Check this out CFR. You're busted.

I decided I want two press people... one who likes me, and one who doesn't. That'll mess with the media's heads, won't it? We'll argue both sides ourselves.. then what will you say? :}

9/3/2009 1:08pm It's been interesting, writing the chapter called "Am I A Messianic Leader?"... it felt good to say it and feels like the last thing I have to say about that part for now. Whenever I write stuff like that, I amuse myself by thinking things like "I wonder if the Mason County Sheriff called the DHS and said Are you sure this guy is safe?"... :} (He could call my nepheew, Charles Rehn in SF.. you know, the one who works for DHS?) The beauty of it is that by doing things legally, it really does leave it up to others to explain. At the same time, I've understood what Gandhi understood long ago.. obviously I'm not referring to knowledge of how to spell his name :}   That passive resistance is a tactic. But I'm going to explain to people how Eurpoeans deal with Corporate Socialism. Its important for them to understand tha tit's their responsibility to require their rights.. as it's always been, but is mostly forgotten or suppresed at this time. I just wouldn't want anyone to get too comfortable :} The really fun part is, I know the right people know exactly what I'm saying. Isn't it nice to not play games and have the guts to say where we stand... toward honest discourse and resolution of the legitimate grievances of citizens in redress to their government.. another right that appears to be fading away...

Dobbs ended up causing me to read something in the Bible one day that said to be above reproach and that anyone doing the work of God would not do so in secrecy... I like it that way. I was originally influenced to keep this journal to, what I presume, make it look like someone crazy rambling on obsessing about imaginary things... I ramble on about real things... :} but instead of being evidence against me, I believe it accidentally became a good thing for my "side of things".

I really want to say, though, just like I did originally, I never had the intent of puttin ganyone in the position of being faced with criminality. I just simply believed that I knew how to be persistent and work with the media people in a way in the background that would make a difference or inform me that national corporate media can't be trusted, even if the people working there are only taking orders and fulfilling contracts. It was never to villify anyone. I still feel the same way. But please don't think I'm a pushover. I would hope by now you would understand that I'm really not, and really never have been. When riding a horse that's bucking when you first start to ride it, you just have to ride it out til it stops kicking, and then you become the same friends with the horse as before you had the gall to climb on their backs for the first time. I always wanted to gentle-break a colt for riding, through the whole process, like I did my pony when I was young. You become partners, not master and possession. That was one of those God lines...  :} Horses actually like being ridden and playing with people who love them. They actually do. Everytime my pony threw me, he'd come over and nuzzlle me til I got up, hugged him and got back on his back. Every time :}

Anyway... Nancy ... I've been thinking about you too. I thought you said you got it. Anyway.... remember that old song, You Got the Goldmine, I got the Shaft.. Jerry Reed I think.. he also did Amos Moses.. anyway :} So healt Care.. see the problem is, you guys aren't doing health care, you really aren't and you can claim incrementalism, but it's not gonna work out in the long run and you know it.  I ould lay out the plan, and it's so simple and flexible that some people couldn't posisbly criticize it without looking stupid, but it relies on one or two basic premises 1) that the government is putting the needs of citizens first and 2) that what is proposed will actually accomplish the job

What you've all succesfully done, perfectly in line with this particular breed of dialect, knowingly or not, is undermine th trust of the citizens in the government, generating disorientation an da degree of inabiluioty to discern truth of the information made available, which is likely to be followed by the diminishing of the media which will leave the citizens dependent on the government, which is, of course, the way the Nazis did it. So let's be honest, since you claim to be a decent Christian and Catholic. Do you really believe that what's going on is the right way to do things? Do you really? Or is this just your way of working with the ruling party?

I mean, when fighting a real war, I can unfortunately see that being able to reasonably calculate potential casualties would be useful and indicative of humane and thoughtful leadership. Informed decisions. Serious decisions with serious implications.

But, in the context of a government in relaltionship to its citizens, I mean, this isn't Brazil, ya know... do you even know what I'm tlaking about. It's like, before the Iraq war, all the proof that there wa no basis to attack Iraq was in the public domain, it was all over the internet, it was on the cable news channels... do you seriously want me and us to believe that Congress didn't know it was all a pack of lies? And that's why you guys are gonna fail if you keep this up. And it doesn't require me to cause that failure. But as a matter of principe and integrity, are you really one of those who don't stop wha tthey're doing becaus ethey don't realize that what they'er doing is worng? Nancy, if you're really a Chrisitian, take a look at your Bible and acknowledge the truth to yourself. See yourself in the history of human events of the faith you claim... take responsibility for your elevation to a position in history and then whatever you do will be the proof of who you really are.  I always liked that line in the Contender.. the possibility of greatness... that's why I voiced support for you to become speaker.. that emnity between woman and Satan kind of thing..    the knowledge inside that you know the difference between right and wrong.

Reconciliation is not about changing. It's about restoral and renewal. Springtime after winter.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bruce Springsteen - The Rising - 15 - My City Of Ruins

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Philip Bailey - Chinese Wall - 205 - Children of the Ghetto

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Peace Train

So are ya gonna be par tof it, or will you be left behind? Wasn't that the real dream, the real vision in the first place? Why did you decide to run for office in the first place?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Chicago Institute

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Find the Cost of Freedom

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Save The Country

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - JT - 06 - Secret O' Life

Oh yeah, Nancy.. got some clippings of Lynn's fingernails.. they're wavier than mine because of microwave attacks... part of why I believe, even more, that such attacks were part the direct cause for her stroke, you know, aneursm, just like Kim Jon Il, Ariel Sharon, Yassir Arafat... and inexplicable calcifications.. that could easily be explained by microwave attacks...  was it your daughter Lynn was talking to about making amovie about he area she was working with in South Africa? Before doing the Journeys with George movie, instead. Maybe it was Barbara   boxer's daughter... Anyway.. there's a whole bunch of kids in South Africa whose families went from eating 3 or four times a week to eating every day.. whole families.. because of the work she was doing ... and the school fess she taught them how to work for to pay... we were going to put ina commerce center in the centr of the valley that would have ended up employing, feeding, training and providing health care from that would have cost less than $5 mil and served more than 70,000 people... for years... other chiefs were interested... just one more of the things we were working on when we had to stop because the attacks take so much out of you...

Just thought you'd care, Nancy. God bless America.

9/4/2009 11:18am THis is one of those mornings when I wake up being pounded by psychotronics and DEWS... the apparent issue is that I'm accusingOlbermann of being a Nazi, a guy whoapparently is of Jewish descent, and they say I'm an aidiot for callign aJew a NAZI.. except...  like I said, Nazis are as Nazis do... these guys on tv cooperating with the government of destorying people like me who would stand up against evil.. the evil that has overtaken our government.. they all think they're real cool when they get together, but the last thing they wan tpeople to know is that they're some of the sickest, most deapicable people in the history of humanity, knowing full well they're traitors, so long as they get to live the good life and keep the secrets of their sociopathic blind eye to the people whose lives they destroy, and all the lives they helped kill.

By your actions, Keith,and allthe rest of you pathetic Nazis, your actions prove what you are. Cry to yourself not me.. God's not going to show you any mercy. If you really are Jewish, it doesn't really matter if you don't believe in God anyway.I have to assume, Keith, that you don't believe in God. At least the atheists I speak of act in moral, ethical ways. You're a a sick Satanist, you know it, and there no excuses.

The same goes for all the rest of you pathetic sickos... right Mika.. it's the truth, and you don't want to face it.. becuase you're good to YOUR kids, and they think you're wonderful, and the last thing you'd want them to know is how despicable you really are. Like that sick minister you guys hired.. Good luck in hell.

THis is how sick they re: Lynn's bed ridden at a nursing home, and even she knows she's still being attacked by the same directed energy weapons that caused her aneurysm, and thse sickos know the only way to prove it is for her to die, and for an autopsy to be performed. And of course, because she's under a doctor's care, there wouldn't be an autopsy... and of course, I can't afford to order one.. that's a dialectic of how these people get away with killing people... the power of the non justice system, all the money, all the weapons, and a public, like you reading this, who simply says, it's not my problem. And then of course they'll claim this is the proof that I am a fraud. When all they're proving is how sick and twisted they really are.

Anymore it's always about these assholes trying to frustrate me so I'll commit a crime so they can lock me away and shut me up... every ploy they use exposes them more, and  won't give them the satisfaction, meanwhile, they get to laugh at making and watching a snuff film.. the kind they'd lock you up for life for if you watched it... and you reading this are a witness to it.. no wonder the world is going to hell.

If normal means being like these people, then I"ll declare I'm not normal, and be proud of it. Just like a lot of other people who are suffering because they dare to stand up against evil.

ANd our intel and national security peole.. all they do is protect criminals... if Pelosi still claims the CIA lies, it's true.. but oly because she and the rest of Congress want it that way.. plausibile deniability.. so they can claim they never knew about the crimes they are perpetrating. A Godless government pandering to Christians with issues like abortion and defense of marriage, all the while, theypay their taxes and life their voices to support killing,hatred and the murder of their fellow citizens and Christians.

It's hard to find a reason to respect people anymore. At least I can still respect God.

Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

When you read memo 46, you'll understand just how big a fraud Barack Obama is.

And Olbermann, I don't care if you're  Jew or not. You're  a Nazi,. and I have no problem proving it. Blow it out your own ear.

Todd wrote this song in the early 70's .. Todd Knows stuff. This on eis Black Maria.. only he pronounces it Moriah.. I never could figure out what this song was about.. figured it was about  a woman...

Todd Rundgren - Something Anything - Black Maria

One day, peopel will realize some of these musicians really are prophets and angels. 6 months after I hear "We Gotta Get You A Woman, my brother got married.. you know, Grayson Leroy.. :} About 6 months later I got married. Y agotta hear the song to know why that's funny.

Instead of "Good evening America", someone should do a broadcast starting with  "Good evening hell".. it'd probably go over big on MTV.

9/5/2009 12:37 Programming note: I thought it interesting tha thte Katrina website date had been changed on my web site - as well as on my computer - to sya June 14 instead of June 10. I let it go, as evidence of tampering, but I do have backups of the original documents and emails on cd... soo.. nice try...

BTW, so you understand my "up and down" mood pattern - frequently when I post documents that are damning to famous political and media people, I "pay the price" - in other words I get zapped really hard by psychotronics and DEWS.. so, of course, my mood changes :} and then I'm always put through the thing of trying to get me to quit  and to believe I'm just delusional and all the rest.. the thing is, I'm not depressed, my feelings about things don't change, and the thing is, the history of my life doesn't change. And if these people really felt like I was such a threat or bad guy, they wouldn't listen to me in the first place, and I can prove they do, and they would have killed me, cuz they've had zillions of chances, so there must be some rule about that... CIA slow kill still is murder though.

SO it always comes down to the same conclusions - they must have known who I was, one way or another, and it's apparently important enough to them to have spent years and what must be billions of dollars to  silence me. It's weird. It' just weird. And I"m not the weird one. Like I always say, it would be so much easier if I was just delusional...:}

So, when I post the thing about corporate socialism and what to do about it, it mightbe a few days before I'm able to crank somehing else out... see, in aversion therapy, if you're a bad boy,they zap you, and you're supposed to stop doing whatever it is they want you to do... only I don't, and they get frustrated sometimes and and burn you with lasers and stuff. It's very painful. And there are parts of my body that are actual evidence of these attacks. Stuff that will be embarrassing to disclose, and damning to them when people realize how saddistic these jerks really are.   It's why I call them NAZIS. It's what they do that makes them worse than the Nazis.

Speaking of which.. I'm really glad to have uncovered at least one direct link to my heritage. It definitely explains some things like why my father really was incredibly adamantly opposed to segregation of kind, let alone racial and religious predjudice. I always wondered what was at the heart of it. I knew he was a fair man, but usually, when someone is as vocal about it as he was, there's a reason. It also explains the baby ring my mom said I wouldn't understand when I was about 5, a gold ring that had Hebrew written on it, and  was so small it must have been for a baby. I wish I knew what it said.

Ken Kline... I listened to his talk about  the end days.. very cool.. and finally understood the clue about Queen VIctoria tha tI never understand, as left for me by my mom wanting me to have this Queen VIctoria brooch of hers.. you know, the price of tea in China thing.. did she really think she was informing me?... anyway... just like I know Mitch Miller and "follow the bouncing ball " is the same technology/concept being used to deliver psychotronic messages via the tv... it's an easything to conceive, and prove, if you want to watch it and enhance it.. usually colors are done in rgb, but if you work it with yellow green blue, the outcome is different.. I haven't checked it out, but for some video guy out there, it should be fun, and it  comes from inside sources and a certain video a local tv station played for a few frames, just enough to sample and analyze, telling me the subliminals and some physical effects were being delivered via yellow  green blue, particularly during comaander solo piggybacks, facilitated by the "six second delay".... I'm sure glad I know about how this electronic stuff is done... if only I could have put in the leaded sheet rock like I wanted to...

Just for the record, technically, just for the record, we really are still in the time when if people don't end up working with me the world and the prophecy will continue on toward destruction. the physical kind we all imagined... it would be a shame. But that's how it works. Meanwhile, the politicals are still supposed to keep listiening, even though all they do is create facades to make it seem like they're doing the right thing.  Meanwhile, you guys are so certain you'll be able to contain me, that you're really blowing it. That's the part that amuses me as I bhoblle around, getting my microwave cramped muscles to move while watching you gys speed everythign up and mes sup everything you're doing .. and you're doing it to yourselves. The only thing I'm doing to myself is observing and patiently wwaiting for God to say "Now".. which will probably happen with a knock on the door someday... who knows or cares...

Oh yeah, Kryptoman.. he starts telling me it's the tv evangelists, ministers and thologians who will deny me because I'll be a threat to their authority.. I know that. But it's interesting that it would be true, given that, whether people know it or not, I'd write all that stuff in exasperation of no ministers being willing to have a real conversation with me about things.. and then afterward would read in the Bible that everything I've done is what the Son of man was supposed to do and al the rest :} and then wonder, is there someone on my side who knows these things about my "coming of age"? 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Planet Earth - 09 - Lion Of Judah

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Starbird

8/6/2009 1:50pm The psychotronics and dews overnight have been pretty intense. A lot to convince me that what I'm up to is futile. I look around, say, yep it is, and yet, I have faith in God. THis would be pretty pointless if God didn't intend to accomplish something. Otherwise, Icould be doing something more productive like mowing the lawn.

In away I'm kinda bored with the Bible because it's all about the past, and I have to fight back these images of the future, because many are good and many are bad, depending what people choose. That's what's still up in the air. Still... I read the Bible in case God wants to say something in tha tway..

I laughed last night because in tha tthing AM I a messianic leader I talked about randomly opening the Bible... an reading soemthign specific to what I was up to or going through.. so yesterday was psychotronics about futility... It amuses me in some ways, but it's suppressing as intended.. and I know when I'm being hit hard by dews because my vision blurs  and my voice gets REALLY deep..   :}

But I talked about whether or not Moses and others had witnesses when God did the weird stuff to them to prove it was God talking to them.   Apparently there weren't witnesses. God likes tough situations, apparently. It's like, how many weird stories have I been set up to have totell people tha tthey won't want to believe, but are true, in order to get anyone to listen at all?  I keep telling GOd I don't find it amusing anymore. And He says sort of says, oh yeah, and then He tells me something else I wish I didn't find important to tell you... :}

So anyway, I was having a "resistance is futile" day, and I said to God, alright, what do you wan tme to read tonight? And I randomly opened my Bible to Exodus 4. You'll have to read it to figure out why I just laughed. Read a few verses, and went to sleep.

GB  - Thanks for the expose, as i t were. At least I know where you really stand.

I'm all for the intent of the COmm Act of 1933 & 1934.. it's not just about radio emissions. And ya  know it.

9/7/2009 12:10 pm Psyhotronic day..hard to get things done... The  yearly flea infestation is going on.. the pets won't come near me cuz of showers and flea spraying...

Barack.. I have a plan for health care.. health care, not insurance reform... and not a facade to cover of the true desire you have to socialize medicine... people actually respect truth, Barack.. but I'll tell you, one day, you'll regret having embarrassed yourself with remarks like, we writ eour own future.. and all those people on air who wknow about targeted inf\dividuals and more , and still talk about freedom of speech.. bullshit.

My healthcare plan would be quite different, and could easily accomodate societal and economic changes, and even be able to integrate multi-national health  care or whatever "modules" would need to be added later.

I always think about why, particularly before 2000, these government people and corporations would be on my butt... I can never think of anything I've ever done to cause someone to want to do this kind of thing to me..  a lot of targets say stuff like that.. I've just never run into anyone who seems to have been tracked their whole life... And you'd think, since I'm actually a  pretty reasonable guy.. you'd think if they knew I was Christ and had tracked me, then only the bad guys would have feared me in any way... and thus, there's the answer. ANd then I always forget what I am told from time to time, when I get a chance to talke to people about practically anything, when they actually listen, it actually soaks in.. and I always forget that's part of why the government keeps me from talking to people.

DHS fofficially says they have no jurisdiction over employees who would be using DEWS and Psychotronics.. big surprise.. that's what contracting and outsourcing gives the government.. like sicko ministers... plausible deniability.. and if the people they hire get caught, they just blame it on the contractor, despite the fact the government pays them to do it to specific individuals.

Dec 21, 2012... all the dire predictions.. that's the galactic conjunction when it's supposed to be  when Christ was born or when the world was begun.. I think the latter.. the new world... imagine that...  there are so many potential impending disasters of extinction level.. all cause by human greed... it really is, when you understand HAARP and similar devices... after a while, people who study theology and begin to more fully unerstand how Satan operates, instead of worrying so much about what past writing means and rationalizing everything, including bad, as the work of God, they'll see that Satan is actually doing to CHristians and other good people what they think God would have done to them.. that's the weird part.. their fear of hell, self made, of their own making because they know the difference between right and wrong.. anyway... so it's sort of a "we're going to persecute good poeople" mentalit in order to retain power, and they think, beat God... So theyre doing a scorched earth scenario figuring they'll survive it...

Meanwhile, if people would accept God's leadership, much could be avoided, including the ieas of a meteor, a weather event", causing global tsunami/flooding... which, one way or another, slowly or asa dissaster, will happen anyway at this point.. and what we'll end up needing to do afterward is call it a good thing, and hten manage the resources and lands that are available like a gift. It's hard to do when you're watching it happen and know you could alter it all and have it turn out well, worrying at the harm to be done environmentally, as well as the tyranny it will initially cause. All the while, knowing that this world may well be called hell while the other is prepared to receive His faithful.. Some day, I'll tell you  a story or two about learning patience :}

The Bible says a flood will occur to 200 miles inland. I think it's gonna happen, and no one will be prepared...

People saythe world is overcrowded and all.. it's simply not true.. they're plenty of land, plenty of food, plenty of water.. we just aren't managing it well.. as our armies and other nations prepare for war over the natural resources required to survive.

The concept of the United Natins, administering global resources and humanitarian needs, is a good idea made bad by evil people who control it as a means to coerce other nations, instead of seeking to reconcile differences and generate partnership through beneficial results.

I can aonly assume at this poin ttha the media folks are so entrenched, the only wa they can see to survive the situation they will soon be faced with is to remain loyal to the criminals whomade them famous,. Predictable, but a shame.

God bles sya all folks. We've got some tough times to get through, but we'll make it, and these sickos will fall... they'll do it themselves. If there's anything I know, it's that.

CHris and Shaq, I'll keep my  eyes open, thanks .

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The speed at which the New World comes and the old world is past, like the old man giving birth to the new man, is not determined by me. It is determined by you, an your faith in God.It could happen in a moment, it could happen in another lifetime in another world. That's what there is to consider and act upon. When it happens, it will happen in an hour. I'm bettin' on an hour of discovery and joy. Hope with me. That's worth hoping for. And then have faith. And do as you are called.

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9/10/2009 11:02 am Nothing like a flyby to wake you up... had to be a military plane.. too big and and low resonance...

Well, if what I think is going on is going on, there'll be a national department store in the RICCO suits. Grape nut flakes is one thing... conveniently losing the paperwork atuhorizing a doctor to call in prescriptions for a stroke victim in pain is quite another... all you sickos who have particpated in the psyops need to know this is a continution of a psyop that is civil and human rights violations with no statute of limitations anyway... and that isn't ieven mentioning the thing sthat happen onthe phone that are rightly perceived as threats against the grandchildren that have been going on for 2+ years... like I said, polygraph, brain-mapping, psychotronics... any test you want will prove I'm telling the truth.

I'm thinking the greatest deception of all wa sthe Illuminati misleading their loyalists that certainthings were true about their spirituality and the purity of the species and all that.. show me one human being that could be considered pure and superior, and I'll show you some liars.. or some really deluded and mislead people. Everybody is :} It is true, though, the same people who the Bible would accuse of deception are deceiving their own followers... of ocurse they would, it's what they do. :} That's why it'll fail, ultimately.

Baracky baby.. another one of those rah rah speeches that doesn't really say much.. get schrum.. he does write  a good speech.I find most interesting how little emphasis is being placed on   fining people who don't pay for insurance... it's not like car insurance at all.  I used to complain that you can't even buy a piece of property outright and live there self sufficient without needing to pay money for property taxes... and my complaint isn't about taxes.. it's about the fact that no matter how you want to live, you are forced to particpate inthe money game,.. which is okay to an extent.. but now they say  if you can't pay for insurance, you'l be fined.. and what if you can't afford that? ANd I'm not talking about my situation. I'm talking about all the people who are in a worse position than me. Socialism is one thing... we already have a socialized medical system... easy to prove.. this is about money laundering more or less... keeping the middle men who actually provide little or no value to the overall transactions... there are things that should not be about capitalism... I'll hold my ground for single payer... and still retain insurance companies, but with a didfferent mandate... which is to have it not be  agovernment takeover, but actual regualtion that does not require any kind of rationing of health care... which is, if only by the financial limitations, is in the proposals.

ANd Baracky, you may require insurance companies and more to take pre-existing conditions and such, but we all know the catch is that they can offer it but at substantial rate increases, and then the affordable health care will still not be affordable. There is more than a middle class with the disposable incomes you and your cronies are pilfering nickel by nickel.. and fewer who can afford it...    Anymore, it's mor eimportant to realize what's NOT regulated, instead of what's regulated, to understand what the unethical advantages are in legislation. When I talk more about the IMF and World Bank, that will become clearer.

I keep hoping some minister out ther ewill begin to understand that if they were who they are in terms of prophecy, and if I'm who I am, then I would say and do the thing sI'v edone, which would hopefully, at some point, cause us all to look at it and say, yaknow, the BIble is talking is talkign about us, so maybe we ought to take a new listen.. I'm not sure I've written in a way that says what needed to be said in ways people can hear.. I wish I hadn't been so frustrated and affected by psychotronics so much.. but the messages are there, and God kinda tells me there's no point in repeating the same messages over and over... and I am lookingforward to writing aboutthe future.

Like anyone else, it's such a crazy world, I hesitate to talk about the future because I know people just hear it like some sort of naive and maladjusted wish... but it's not. It does require faith in God. And I trul y ebleive there are more people who believe in God, and want to believe in God, than there are evil people.

As a nation and a world, and as individuals, we just all need a chance to take a deep breath and look around.... Like McLuhan said, if we could only stop the world for 4 days... I think he's right... I'm all 4 it. :}

I don't think the whole world is going to end in 2012.. a lot of changes will go on though, especially if certain things are averted... if not, it'll be messy... I have to say though, I like the idea of the polarity change. It would fix a great deal very quickly :} and a few people know what I mean :}

By the way, when I talk about locals being fascists and all, I'm talking the people who are involved. I'm quite aware that it's not "everybody".  Quite aware. And it'll be over soon. That's God's message for the day.

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PS I'm not really bored with the Bible.. just sort of on pause... getting zapped will do that to ya..  besides, it's time to let Baracky prove what I've been saying. THere's oneo fthe thigns I wrote early on about relating current events and technology that was very influenced by psychotronics, that's all very true.. I think I'm gonna dig it up and edit it just a bit...

Just remember gang, whatever you do to me comes back at ya double. And in treble damages.. interesting formula.. you know what I mean.

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9/14/2009 4:11pm Way back when, I posted a Grand Funk tune "Some Kind of Wonderful"... you, know, can I get a witness? :} ANyway.. I was  going thru some ole albums today.. I get a little attached to anything produced by Todd Rundgren, and then I came upon the album produced by Frank Zappa.. they didn't have cd's back in 1976...I should have picked this tune back then.. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - Pass It Around

Been mowin a lot of lawn :} , coming to a great number of realizations about the world... just giving in to  things that I was hoping wasn't true.. don't ever think I don't understand the denial factor in all this truth... pointed out the choppers to a house guest :} people are starting to believe me about things now... it just went on too long.

You rockers that I gave  ahard time to, don't ever forget that I stood up for you anyway. I can surely understand how I could've offended some of you.. I hope you can understand my position as well.

Oh yeah.. www.fortheloveoftheworld.com now has a link on the front to the new stuff for the new book there... not too uch there, but that will change soon.. I'm writing the political and the spiritual bok sseparately and at the same time.. each would be incomplete separately, but will still be subjectively completely within themselves. It's hard to believe I'll have anything left worth writing after  these if the message doesn't get through.

I was just thinking about the one article online in a blog in a period where it and my own site were the only thing I came up with when searching the web for REHN and stuff... the blog said I looked mean. :} The Bible says the son of man will have a serious face so people will take him seriously... :}

The rest of the Grand Funk set.. imagine the stories Ican tell using these songs... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - 1976

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - Don't Let 'Em Take Your Gun

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Something about Jefferson Starship/Airplane and a White Rabbit.... leads to grace slick, leads to slick, leads to slick willy... leads to... Alice in Wonderland, leads to Billy Preston, leads to Hootenanny or shindig... leads to ray charles.. leads to Clive Davis... Dja Vu, and that branches off a hndred directions...weird how that works... as I always said on the radio, don't think about it get on with your life..  :}

Status quo. How hip of you all. Ooh.. extremist buzz words. I'm gonna let you use em all up then do the piece you know is coming... what is an aquarian conspirator anyway?

Barack... you're looking a little defeated lately... that's providence for you.... :}

Gotta go monitor Keith... something about bobbing for Baghdad or something.. :}

9/15/2009 2:26pm I was telling God last night that I wish I had developed my psychic skills when I was younger, particularly in the area of healing. Then, I was going to turn off the light and go to sleep, and decided, I suppose I should read a little in the Bible for some reason. So, I said, okay God, tell me what you want me to know tonight. So, I did the random selection thing, and turned to this page and verse:

1st Corinthians 12:4 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same spirit...

It gets better.. check it out :} I read through chapter 16.. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Billy Preston - Space Race

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4:38pm - I finally realized that some segments out there want me to do a blog  instead of this because it would give them something more like "on the record".. that's just sort of the point, isn't it, for me to do this, log in the crimes and such, comment confidentially to all the important smart people. etc... so I'm gonna keep doing that. Later on, when I'm good and ready, I'm gonna do a blog. There's a whole bunch of fun stuff I'm gonna get to on the web, but, with the psychotronics and dews, I'm slowed down, but still plodding along.  It'll get there. You'll laugh as you wonder how many years you'll serve :}

I'm geting the impression no one wants to be my media rep anymore. Too bad. I love media promotions:} Audacity, too, will come :} BTW when you ask "wanna fight" and then run away, dude, that's really chicken.

I keep thinking about the India dream.. it's the hairdo.. really has me bugged. Probably in more ways than I know. :}

It's really starting to set in how deep all this goes and is about. And how even "you're either with me or against" becomes necesssary, and it isn't  a spiritualistic requirement. My dad always said, don't talk politics or religion, and here I am, mixing them... of course I am, meeting it all head on.. Some astrology charts say I'm an Aries, others Pisces.. :} It is incredibly fascinating to "contemplate the universe", knowing that the  rel taksk is to reconcile something that has never been reconciled in this world before: and that's the material side of spirituality, or if you want, the spiritual side of material existence.

It's also interestingto know that here I am, putting forward all these thoughts and ideas, wondering who else has them, an who else believes the know how to apply them as God would, regardless of religion, all the while in the "background", knowing that in some way, every person believes that their way is right. Then, it's  a matter of asking, honestly, what are God's ways, why do they work, and  in what ways do I not do "my job" or keep my promise, not as a judgment of good or bad, right or wrong, but of acknowledging what else needs to happen or be done in order to get the job done.

Then ya have to come to some sort of agreement as to what God's ways are. I always think of that when I think of how some people believe that the God of the Old Testament is not the same God as of the New Testament.

Any bets on what I'm going to be writing about tonight? :}

God bless ya. 

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9/16/2009 5:31 pm Someday maybe somebody'll tell me about the numbers stuff, but, isn't that good numbers? :}

I've been working on the  new testament :} Seems like there's a few questions in the que, so I'm gonna address a few things.

First, I'm alot more objective than some might believe, based on the some of the silly stuff I say in this column that could only be understood by a some people who are tuned in... others in response to aesopian remarks... aesopian only works when you know the sender's mannerisms... and even if it's not intended to be cruel, it is, especially when it's been used to deceive you so much.  That's why I pretty much refuse to respond to it as anything but a hostile act. I'm a person, If someone wants to play message games, I'm easy to find and pretty easy to get along with. My phone number's about to change :}

So... took some guts to play the Ken Klein video.. I have to hand you that... and I respect it. It's what people need to understand. And while I actually have no true problem with some people, those serving God need to reevaluate their ties with the Council on Foreign Relations because  it really does lend God's name to some very evil people. And that has to come to an end.

A few years back, even while under electronic attack, I really didn't want to believe that the people involved would do things like this to people. You have no idea how it really is torture, and that will come out later. And it will need to be handled with kid gloves without hiding the truth.  Let's just say there are a lot of afflictions that don't really exist.

It's interesting... with that and more in mind... how I've viewed Biblical writings, prophecies, things that would need to be done, some things I've done on the spur of the moment, particularly when I'm tired, like recording thos emessages to Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon... it's the kind of thing that to most people, evewn to me, if  I came upon that on the web I'd think it was unusual, although I often find that people like me (:}) have some pretty interesting insights...

I could go into some things I'v egone into a million times.. ask what's her name.... but I am a little ssurprised that apparaently so many people knew of me... I don't know how many or why... and why no one will engage me in a respectful conversation... it's part of all sorts of realizations of why certain prophecies would come true... there's a par tof everyone who wants to say "I'm not part of the rpoblem", and the fact that they don't see that they're part of the problem is the biggest problem. It means they've stopped looking a tthemselves and have, instead, sought to judge others instead.

In my case, I choose not to judge others, however,   I do evaluate what appears to be their willingness to seek more truth, and therefore, whether they are actually willing servants or actually just part of another hierarchical flock. It's a difficult but interesting thing to be required as well as to be able to see nearly everything from numerous angles all at once and find ways to concentrically tie them together into one "mechanism" or "organism"... knowing full well control is subjective, and the "do no harm" imperative most certainly must be God's first rule for people like us. God believes in and abides by the rules He submitted to us.

Now, me, I'm of this world, as it was intended to be and was written about... yet it seems that some folks think I need to pass their test and their vision of presentation in order to be effective.. I say.. alot of time has been wasted.. cuz one of these days, one of God's servants is actually gonna show some guts and do what's required, and then, I know exactly what to do.. under any and all circumstances... and I don't say that to be arrogant, I say it because first, I've been around, seen alot and done alot of things... I'm not talking sin... second, because of my absolute faith in God. I gave up worrying about what was going to happen next... stuff happens, if someone sandbags me, they'll end up regretting it,not because I want to make them regret it, it's just how God turns the tables. So I just collect more and more evidence... Everything's just one more thing :} ANd stuff happens and then I read the Bible randomly, and end up saying "Wow, prophecy just got fulfilled again"... it's just getting to  be normal now. I just shrug my shoulders and say Okay God, whatever.

So the deal is that I could do the "he goes away" scenario.. which I say I already fulfilled... but we could do it more dramatically.. Chuck could die, and I could could back for the triumphant finale, after people live in harm and tyranny for 30-50 years... personally, I've had a particular way of fighting Armageddon for a long time in a much more productive way, having to do with Cedars of Lebanon and new twist on a war of roses, and theater in the round. And since it appears I was responsible for Cat Stevens being expelled because I used his music as theme music on my site, and more, I want him by my side. He'd be the perfect person to talk to about Islam. And Father and Son :}

If I become president, I actually know what I'll be doing the rest of my life afterward. I take nothing for granted. And if I don't... that's the interesting part.. because I don't know, in the box of the paradigms of the world as it is, I don't know how else to accomplish what God would have me do. ANd that's the beautiful part, because that's where true faith kicks in, and God takes over, and stuff just happens, and you say to yourself.. I can't wait to see how God has this one turn out. God's audacious.

So, I hope that  answers a couple questions.. I don't really want to be doing this much more either. I figure what I'm writing now is the diving board.. but if the pool doesn't get filled, there's no point in bouncing on the board anymore. And then we'll do the "there was a prophet amongst you thing" and Hillary can be president :} One way or the other, depending on what people choose, it works out that God and His children win. Since we're all His children, I'd say that ends up being a good thing.

I really love talking to people, sharing ideas and all. But don't expect me to do much changing. There's some thign sI need to clean up and al, like most people, but frankly, like Joni Mitchell advises  in Shine... the one thing I know more than anything else is that it's not about me... except my willingness to serve... there's a great deal at stake, whether people come to realize it or not... what I know most of all is that if people are offered a world "the way it's supposed to be"... even free of the absolutes I comment about about what people think it will be like on the return of Jesus, and the inconsistencies an philology involved... or if   they'r eoffered the world perpetuating the way it's going, what will they choose. In the end, the choice is as simple as that, and what people actually want is predictable just because it maes sense. When all is said and done, that will be the most important thing. In government, in leadership, in citizenry and in faith. God wouldn't have it any other way... except maybe to get people to listen to us soon and shorten the days as much as is possible... but the choice has to be made. That's why I need to be acknowledged, and be able to speak to people... in every way you can imagine... that's the will of God that will be fulfilled soon, by someone.. it's the way it has to be.  I understand why. Do you? You will.

I really love this song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various artists - Hold Your Ground - Vol. 1 - 06 - Bill Bourne - The House

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 03 - Sure As I'm Sitting Here

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle

I wonder what God'll have me read tonight :}

7:35 I meant to mention.. when I say stuff like I'm bored with the Bible.. all I'm really expressing is the impatient part of me that wants to get on with what is ahead, not knowing when that work will begin... and reframing certain thing sto make people understand what it means - or could mean - when people say what a friend we have in Jesus. It's understandabl etha people base their lives on their beliefs, and anything that "threatens" that foundation is therefore, rejected, given that the baseline for truth is what they already believe. At the same time, divisory political practices, in government and in leadership, have caused schisms and what I think of as "human rationalizations" that take over like a survival instinct, that cause people tobelieve God is much less tolerant than He is...out of a desire for control, and to make sense out of chaos. That's part of what needs to be reconciled... faith in God overriding animal instinct, with judgment that my sister once called "what makes us different than animals"....

What may be considered my casualness is nothing less than God letting me, as is told of in the Bible, explain what needs to be explained in my own vocabulary and ways, and in the context of "the world" that I live in... that's why I just have to "go with it"... that's not just going with the flow.

But if you really want to understand what I think about, just in terms of what it would mean if we were all living the way we'd prefer rather than the way we need to... seriously.. imagine what God would have to think about and the patience He would have to use in order to turn things around in a world of deceived citizens... really think about it, like it really was your responsibility to deal with it, always following the rules. And you're not allowed to fail, and you're not delusional. What would you do? And what would inform you that people are ready for "the change"?

Here's that Joni Mitchell song I was talking about... an angel speaking :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joni Mitchell - Shine - 09 - Shine

9/17/2009 1:38pm I remember how much enjoyment my father used to get when the old black 8-balls first came out.. you know, ask a question, and then see which of the x number of generic answers came up. I 'll bet he liked observing the probabilities. That's what reading the Bible seems to be about lately. Me thinking of a question to ask, and then seeing what happens when I throw the Bible in the air... :} I'm not really as bored as it sounds :} Just easily amused.

So.. I wanted to comment on apostasy... example: of course I don't think Billy Graham is an apostate. BUT... given so many people are lead by him and believe what he says, I believe he's stated himself, times when he's kept his mouth shut with dignitaries and diplomats... and for someone like him to step forward and speak about how he made "honest mistakes" or set aside his principles would be good for others to see so they could look into themselves and see how they may have been lead astray without knwing it.. there is a reason why it's called a time of deception upon deception upon deception... It's kind of like, if your father sets the example that if you make a mistake, it's okay to make a mistake without it meaning the result is your public humiliation, but rather, with a person strong enough to make clear that good people operating in the world with integrity make mistakes, and it's better to have the character to admit it and correct any damage rather than perpetuate something tha tmay cause harm. For ministers, that means always being open to truth, not trend or desire ot wish something was true, or settling for  alesser of two evils...

Further, when events occur and legitimate forensic evidence is presented and easily available, and a  minister provides incorrect information to millions of people... and then seemingly won't even take the time do a little reading about somethign so important, and then to advise their followers of the truth they could easily discern for themselves... that's apostasy. One way or another it's about politics and vanity, and  the apostasy its the unwillingness to correct an error.. and if people won't respond.. if  aminister won't seek the truth.. whether requested to by me or anyone else... then it's apostasy.. and if the minister says, I don't have time to research it all, then I say, tell that minister they're not qualified to speak on the subject and to stop doing so. Anytime someone wants to correct their error, I'll be glad to acknowledge the correction, but until then, they're an actual apostate. ANd I'm talking about  things that are far too important to ignore. Things that can make the difference, in truth, in the future for generations... Nobody's reputaton is worth more than generations of people. ANd if a minister thinks it is, please read Ecclesiastes. And then decide who you actually serve.

Finally, it's  no surprise to me that theologian types would find it weird tht a guy who claims to have read the Bible once would be instructing the clergy. Unless those people actually understood what God does, in which case, I match all the profiles of the kinds of people he picks.. and more.. so it owuld make sense. :}at this point, I'm not particularly concerned about other people's opinions on the matter, unless they're interested in sharing and learning, because I've seen so much and read so much and more and I figure if people don't realize the truth of who I am and aren't willing to listen, it' snot my problem. It's the part of the son of man being told if people don't listen, move on til you find the ones who will, and let the dead souls bury the dead souls... Probably the hardest instruction, although I understand it, and it's not about abandoning or giving up on anyone. I've always been willing to sit down and talk to people who are interested in the truth.

It's as complex as explaining and really understanding the specifications of the concept of free will and liberty... very fine lines that get lost in a world that prefers to stereotype... conformity..

It's like sending soldiers to war, knowing some may not return, unwilling to lose a single one. That's the reality I hold when exercising judgment about what I do and say. ANd remember, a good deal of the judgment, in terms of judging people, is not about convicting people criminally and eithically as much as it is about the judgment about what needs to be done in order to affect the "fractal"... in order to put things on track, and truly take existence to the next level? In a balanced way, taking everything into consideration, and never breaking God's rules, especially for leadership. Beginning with the way the world is, not demanding it to be what we expect or believe. And understanding that as a world, it can only be as good as we are at any given moment, as individuals.


Last night's reading in a moment. st epiphineaus is calling... :}

2:28 Can rhetoric cause violence? Yes it can... tell Nancy I'm gonna do violence to the status quo by causing peace. :} The chapter will be called: What Gandhi knew. Now, remember, I've only seen the movie and  a few quotes from my  dictionary of quotations :} It's amazing what you can get for a buck at book stores :} I think The Prince was only 50 cents :}

PS The biggest flaw the psyops guys did was basing my psyops almost primarily on the exact Bible my mother gave me... including all the interpretations and minister notes.. I'll bet those were the easiest inconistencies to find in the entire Bible.. burning my mom's Bible may end up being a good thing.. it forced me to look at other Bibles, and affirmed some suspicions I had about editing and religions... I've always held that the prophecies and their interpretations were correct fo the times, especially in bview of the edits and versions, and especially in view of the available knowledge, technology science.. all the stuff that makes up the advancement or evolution of the cosmic consciousness..

It's like reading parts that say the anti-christ will do this, and it's the sure sign it's the anti-Christ. Later, it says Christ will do the same thing in the Second COming. Maybe some people know the difference. I'll bet it's very few.

I laugh alot about discoveries I make that probably lots of people concluded long ago... the good part of writing in isolation.. the bad part being that I  really am ready to see outside the void. And still, in the void, I know I see things otheres probably don't, as others see things I don't... and then in what I write and laugh about... part of what we need to do to learn to understand each other again is to be able to look at things, free of our opinions and the images we're caused to believe in and accept as reallty, there  really is a different world going on... I have to believe there are lots of people like me with a great deal of faith who, for one reason or another, persecution and more, aren't religious and so forth, who, like me, didn't have a greater understanding til I took the time. And I believe that's very much a pat of what I need to walk people through. I'm not here to preach to the choir. Honor them, sure, but, it's like all the stuff I write to  the media and politicians.. in some ways, it seems like a waste of time. I actually know, however,  that it hasn't been.. meanwhile, being concerned that I'd offend those who are willing to step forward and do the work that secures the future... it's like me wanting to bless the fallen angels.. to let em know God still loves them, understands, and invites them back, knowing their spirits are still good spirits...

It's been an interesting journey...  another one of those I wouldn't trade for the world but wouldn't want to do again... I'm gonna have to think about that line.. it's one of those blurts that means something... actually, I would trade it for the world.. :} Okay

Bible reading: I was thinking last night, how in the world, really, does God expect this is gonna happen.. I mean, come on, let's get real.. :} So I opened up the Bible...

Ezra 10:10 And Ezra the Priest stood up and said unto them, Ye have transgessed, and have taken strrange wives, to increase the trespass of Israel...

That was then end of the chapter.. and I felt like reading more... I find it interesting, given how i found the song the house again, and i really love it... SO nehemiah was about the "rebuilding of the wall"... and it's interesting, because actually, the first thing I actually turned to in the Bible was a map of Old TIme Jerusalem... and I thought - I'm not relly interested in that - so then I randomlyopened it again to Ezra... And the thing is, I'm been wondering for thelongest time about the prayer mat my mother gave me. What is it? I thought it might be the throne of David, then someone said it might be the AL Aqsa Mosque, andnow I'm thinking it actually looks more like the Temple Mount... saw it's current state on a website... THe Messianic Rabbi's...

Oh yeah.. someone please tell TD that God didn't warn him of the fire so that TD could glorify God, like God allowed it so TD could make Him out to be  a hero who needed some vain attention... God warned Him to protect one of His flock, and if TD wants to glorify God for protecting him, that's cool, but please don't spread the "graven image" that God allows or makes bad things happen so He can set Himself up to look like a hero... It's like what I said to the insurance agent when I bought the Camaro, and he was telling me tha tpeople get in trouble with cars like that, and I told him, with the engine in that car and everything else, I don't have anything to prove to anyone with it. It's not why I got it.

Guess I'll go mow the lawn for an hour or two... it always looks good when the dandelions are cut short :} I wish I had a goat. They love 'em.. In honor of John McCain, I'm thinking about looking for the owner of the Bull Cook Book... I'd like to publish a few recipes.. Maybe I'll do that after I write the part about food.

Final Note: Interesting way for the government to generate bak door taxes and inflation: Import tariffs. Here we go again... And Jimmy... I should have figured you'd be used as a faux referee to stir up race relations... Jimmy.. when did you swtich sides.. I really believed you were a good man.

Won't it be cool when we're no longer dealing with the disappointments, but instead, are having fun creating the future. A really good future.

I wrote a new verse to Father and Son last night. I think I need to write one more... someday, he'll see the lyrics, and understand... how much you wanna bet.

PS I thought you said you wanted to fight??:} You back down quick :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Randy Travis - Around the Bend - 03 - Every Head Bowed - Randy Travis

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Walking Man

9/18/2009 12:35 Nancy - NIce act yesterday... you might want to talk to Barbra about Stanislavsky.. the Moscone Milk White situtation had nothing to do with corrupt politicians being afraid of citizens. ALl I wanted to say afterward was what they'd say on soap operas when someone had the day off . Something like   "Now playing the part of Condoleeza Rice is Nancy Pelosi"... And you know what I have to say about her...

All the innoculations on tv crack me up... continue to bolster my psyche to continue, as you keep proving my relevance, as well as speedingup the timeline.. erroneously and hastily.. even innoculating agains the John Birch Society.. that was funny, Chris. I've been thinking about writing to them...  and I can't help wonder if my father gave that violin to my sister. That would be funny.

So, Nancy, I don't know what to say about ya'll... the biggest mistake you made was psyopping me.. cuz I would have been a democrat, stuck in the machine, if you'd been nice to me. I'm easily amused, and I wouldn't have ended up questioning all the things that have lead me to the truth. That's the part I find most fascinating. Ecpet, of course, ya'll knew I woldn't keep my mouth shut, once I saw the corruption. Still, my further containment is your biggest mistake, cause I'mwith the people, they're catching on, and even though they don't understand how far and how sick it is...  you all trained them to respond to words in extreme ways.. you set them up just like thepsyops guys are trying to make me out tobe some kindof militant extremist.. whcih is not true and they know.. I'm still trying to work within the system.

But, I'll tell you this Nancy, I'm gonna teach peopel to resist coporate socialism in peaceful, legal ways that Gandhi deal have to worry about.. and I'm talking about all your electronic weapons that will be usweles sand the worst thing you ever turned onyoursel when people figure out how easy it is to make them from off the shelf producs. ANd I'mnot goingto teach them.

You all  know that when you bring the internet down, there will be riots,and people won't have a way to communicate, and you think you can contain people as isolated pockets, and you can't.. people know how to use the internet for what it was designed for, and they will still make their own internets. That's why so many of us old timers still have modems. Since we won't be doing anything illegal... And like alot of other old geeks, I evenhave a bunch of old computers and old software to run junkers on. I won't havetime for that, but yo know other people will.

People are not as stupid as you government people think. And it's time for the Council on Foreign Relations to go out of existence globally. You know it, I now it, it's just a matter of time. And it won't be long. Deal with it. Do something honorable. Resign and leave. Before you're put onthe same rail as GHW Bush.

I'm tryingto help you Nancy.

Stevie Wonder - Have A Talk With God

2:11 pm PS to Jenna... was that pre-arrangd. And, how could I not like someone wearing a dress the same color as my favorite Nehru jacket? ANd saying something about finishing  a book... the way things are goin' Jenna, I'm not sure it'll ever be finished :} You know how that goes :} Actually, let's hope it never is.

I never looked up the word delusional.. but it must have something to do with believing something so much, that you never question it, or yourself.   That's what's happened to the Council on Foreign Relations, and the U.S. Government.

As for turning my friends into enemies... I didn't know I had enemies, and I don't go around creating them. When the time comes, I'll put it all on the line, and whatever happens in the courts and court of public opinion will happen. And people will stand up as required or compelled. The first one's always the hardest in these things. And I am so determined to prove that it can all be done legally, God's way, cuz when the citizens retake the world, we want to prove to the cyncial and depraved, once again, that God's way works, and people like it just because it's that good, friendly, comfortable and abundant.

I think God had something to do with the above paragraph :}

I think it's funny. I always thought it was fun to quietly listen to a group of women talk. In a good way. Anyway, my sister says my dad was known, in Palo Alto, when tape recorders were uncommon, for putting a tape recorder in the kitchen to record my mom and her friends.... :} One of my dad's favorite shows was Get Smart. That's all I'm gonna say about that. People tell me stuff, and they don't even know it is or why it could be relevant. Especially now, knowing what I've learned, I still wonder what it might be like  osit down and listen to my father tell me about ll the stuff he knew about, and thought, particularly as it relates to today. And how we got here. I'm glad he "burned" some stuff in my brain. That was pretty smart of him.

Say hi to Donny, for me, I've been thinking about him.One of the easiest Aesopian conversation I can verify. The "Ya know what ya know, know what you don't know, and don't know what ya know" sequence pretty much nails that one down. I was thinking about what he said about Iraq and Hussein, and controlling communications, and the info roadmap... all toward proving with DOD documents that the government of the U.S. actually is waging war against its citizens, and it isn't even covert. I hope one day I'll be able to convey to people what is done via tv in real time.. it will shock them... and how the 6 second delay in live broadcasts, due to the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, is so important to the implementation of the technology in use. Following the bouncing ball... I do. I also try to defocus to see what I can see in shadows.. it's very subtle... but then, I figure the YGB RGB thing is all about color filtering, like wearing 3-D glasses.. so I have some good video for that.. and I'm certain it will make that point. FOr those who wonder: there;s a lot of evidence I have that I really don't even want to touch, because I know people will reasonably question if things have been doctored, and the less I touch it, leaving a trail of access on my computer history, the better. That's why the stuff on CD is pure gold. The other thing I know is, despite the volume of material I have, it's compilation will be easy with a few of the right tools.. some database and textfile work, 100 hours of video to review, and a little electronic and audio analysis to pick up subliminals and psychotronics embedded into certain receordings I've made that are also evident when I record analog audio on my computer... a square wave hum. Looks like 16-17k I also have a really interesting recording of a microwave signal hitting my tv.. the wooshing noise.. that is accompanied with a broadcast that will prove a certain news netwok's involvement... on one, it will need to track two separate sync lines, just in case I recorded over something. The microwave signal is more important. And I can supply a guy in LA who's an expert on the technology, and detects it and counters some of it for a living. One email. His site is on my site. Nick Begich is the other guy who will be a key witness. I have to believe Carole Smith would love the opportunity. Bearden, too, for 2 or 3 lines of questioning and technology understanding. And  maybe a couple musicians willing to explain their lyrics.

It's actually easy to explain and document the technology and usage. THe trick has always been getting  acourt to hear it without the government having it thrown or or the evidence ending up missing. That's wyhy I refuse to surrender the evidence I have.  There are lots of people who could tell this story better than me.. but they don't. But they will.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Jordan - I'm a Camera

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 05 - Still Believe

9/19/2009 12:26pm Wrote about forgiveness last night... I was glad once again, after finishing, that my views haven't changed...of course, God got in the act about apostates.. He really does hate apostates... couldn't help remembering that this and faith were what I was workingon when the CFR/DNC hired a certain fake minister to psyop me, and try to set me up for plagiarism... an easy case to make... I'm going to work on faith and grace soon.. how much you wanna bet I disagree with her fake sermon...

I am very clear that there isn't a lot more for me to say, since peopel aren't really listening, and apparently think they're all perfect so I'll say this:

TO the FBI agent who laughed at the idea that someone could talk to God, professing his christianity while lying to Congress about WACO... please explain to your congregation what's so funny about the idea of people talking to God.

TO aqny church member or minister or church particpating inWeed and Seed, psyops, faith based charities, beighborhood watches.. doing illegal activities... undewrstand, you're going to hell. The Bible says anyone who does evil in the name of God is no follower of God and is no Christian. That includes bribed ministers. So when God judges you to be an evil doer... as the Bible says He will... don't bother asking questions. I just told you what the Bible says. I know everybody thinks God is irrelevant and thir crimes and sins are judged on the bell curve, but you're wrong. And just what part of the Golden Rule allows you to harm people inthe first place? What part of the 10 Commandments

It's real convenient  for Christians liars and apostates to quote Mosaic law when the laws and judgements and teachings of Jesus require too much integrity. If you claim to be a Christian, then you know there are large differences between Jesus and Mosaic law. I don't wanna hear anymore about Mosaic law. I wanna hear about God's law... Mosaic law was just part of it.

Speaking of Moses.. one more down... there's a few more in the que. Good riddance. I figure, since the U.S> government sickos want to play war, the part of the Bible that says wherever I go, there will be war.. of course it's referringto a war of hearts and minds, but the sickos will spin it to make GOd look evil.. nonetheless, I'm gonna find a way to get the countries particpating in the New World Order, andthen let their governmentss destroy themselves.

US Citizens need to know that most of the rest of the world knows what's going on, that the U.S. govt and others are rogue, covert and evil. It's part of the reason they don't want me leaving the country. People would believe me. People know who I am. I think first stop will be England, then Bavaria, Germany, France.. Denmark.. a few others.. then maybe I'll go to South Africa, and teach the tribes to defend themselves. They're getting shot with microwaves there too. The musicians there sing about it. 

When that's done, I'll go fight the battle of Armageddon God's way... and people will say, whaddya mean, he just declared peace, can he do that?

I'll bet the Israeli and Palestinian citizens will say yes, and the governments will say no... and that's when the troop buildup will begin, and the only fighters there will be the U.S., trying to fool the Christians into believing they're trying to defend Israel, when the truth is, tey set up Israel and the MIddle East to be destroyed.

On eway or another, these guys know they're going to lose. But, like true psychopathics criminals, they'll hold on til the citizens refuse to tolerate any more. Their goal is a scordched earth scenario if they lose, with the final joke being ot put "Jesus" in the position of declaring himself King of the world... the abomination of desolation... a world a planet too polluted and destroyed by chemicals and radiation to survive...

Like John Lennon said, their mistake is understimating the inherent goodness of people.

I can tell you one thing though: a good deal of the strategy of the sickos was to get me to harden y heart, and to suffer so much tha tI would give in in order to relieve my own suffering... go along with more evil so that they could remain in power, in which case they'd allow me to be a minister, maybe even a musician if I was  a good little boy.  That's part of what the protocols talk about, making sure that the Christ would be in their hip pockets when they decided to promote HIm, when it served their purposes. These people actually still think I'll give in. It's insane, that they would think one of God's anointed and sealed unto Him would become evil. And they think they're so smart.

Anyone who thinks  anew Israel is jus going to float down out of the sky is sorely mislead. It already did. It's called the Nation of Israel. GOd kept His promise. THat the covenants were not completed by 1996 is a direct disobedience to the commandments of God and the covenants He made with all of us. The U.S> inparticular. ANd what do we do. We teach the Israelis to use illegal white phosphorous chemical weapons, and radiation laced bombs and bullets to supposedly fulfill prophecy, they will say, buy purging the outsiders from their land, according to old scripture in Mosaic law, which is no longer applicable.

In effect, there is no longer a covenant with the United States or the Nation of Israel. THere is  a covenant with its citizens. And it isn't because God didn't keep His word.. we've brken ours in every way. If you want to get all teary eyed and emotional about criticizing Israel, jsut remember, I'm a Jew too, in actuality, and I would have been exterminated by the Nazis for that AND because my stupid little birth defect was the excuse used by the Nazis for eugenics and purification of the races...  so do't anybody be stupid enough to criticize me for criticizing the government of Israel, infidels, just a sthe Bible says, infidels is not Muslim word... the Bible says, don't criticize the 12 Tribes, the children of Israel. WHy? BEcause they're sealed unto God, 144,000, those who will, ultimately, be the meek who rise to lead the world to the peace we've all said we've wanted for so long.

I get little comfort knowing that so many sick people will go to hell and will no longer have influence over good people and souls. A little is better than none.

ANd if any of yo apostates try any lame excuses like   I did what I did because it wasn't time.. don't preach aboutfaith in God. Apparently you only have faith in yourselves. That's why you're useless, and why your flocks will be taken from you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Shaman - 07 - Victory Is Won

Nacy, have youchosen the jail you want  for your new home yet?

Meanwhile.. the only way my heart has hardened in resect to the people in chage. You'll have your iron hand. You just won't control, and Isaid I'd be glad to retract and apologize for pointing fingers at the wrong people.. keep in mind, I don't expect to be doing much of that.If there's 2 or 3, I'll be surprised.

For all you ministers, like the Sojourner, who think that Onama's/the COuncil on Foreign Relations' health plan is universal... what part of requiring people to pay for it, in fear of economic penalty and criminalization, what part of that isn't economic slavery? What part of that isn't criminalizing indebtedness. What part of that is consistent with honoring the poor, who can't afford to pay for insurance in the first place. ANd what part of a government requiring payment for anything by law in fear of criminalization isn't a government levying a tax?

The  medical system became socialized the first time a Kaiser-Permanente offered a coporate based health program... And I'll bet that most of the people who are afraid of socialism don't even know what it is .. thanks to our media and polticians.. I'm not endorsing it or criticizing it. For once, though, I'd like to hear a public policy debate based on truth and disclosure and intelligent reasoning, instead of ffinding tricky ways to explain as little as possible and bury the bad news in the fine print.

Jesus was an obstacle to the Jews not because He was intended to be, or because He was necessarily required to die on a cross.. He was an obstacle because the Jews rejected HIm, and because of that, they went along with the apostasy of the union of the government with the Pagan religions... that took over Judaism...and ended up destroying Israel by their own actions and unwillingness to keep the ovenant with God, which was not like a blind obedience edict at all, it was an agreement to live an ethical life and accept that when God gave instruction, there was good reason to listen and obey because it made sense.

In my view, I'm in the same position.  apparently I'm going to be called an obstacle to America.. and I am if people reject moral and ewthical ways, because the rest of the worl will destory this nation, if need be, to save the rest of the world from the tyranny that will come. If people reject God at this time, and they are, then the covenant with the U.S. will be broken, and you'll need to blame your leaders, not God.  Because it is the action of your leaders, against the advice of God directly, who have forsaken God, and run this nation in the GOd forsaking way it has... and Rick Santorum is an example of the same kind of people run amok with the arrogance of power, and the lack of knowledge of God's way... people who have hijacked a religion for their own political ends, and who have no regard for the constitution. Rick are you a Christian, or are you a Mosaic Law throwback? Do you ever listen or research, or do you really believe your opinions are more important than the actual writings in the Bible? Rick, what lies were told that had so many Christians think Ronald Reagan was their guy, when trickle down theory is nothing but economic slavery? Why didn't people recognize that? Where were the people on the watchtower then. And I'm not talking Jehovah's Witnesses. All Christians are supposed to be on the watchtower.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kansas - Point of Know Return

9/20/2009 8:02am

9/17 I don't know where your teeth are but thanks for the final tieback to NBC. If the video doesn't exist, it will tell volumes. If the teeth don't exist, it will mean more criminal charges. Won't that one be fun to decipher later?:}

7 CIA Chiefs believe the CIA probes should end... because they know if anyone tells the truth, they'll all go to jail. 'nuff said.

For teh record, I think the people who gave the orders should go to jail.. all the way up to the top. The ifficers had and have a responsibility to reprot those who gave the orders. If they don't, they should be arrested. That's a pretty simple policy that makes sense. Now, if law enforcement of any kind won't obey the law, why should the citizens? If Barack Obama won't obey the law, why should anyone else?

Just remember Barack, I didn't commit any crimes to have this done to me, and my materials weren't "a gift". Why don't you call Jeremiah Wright and ask him what economic slavery means?

Whould have known someone like Vernon Jordan was involved in John Edwards' situation... I was wondering who the set up man would end up being.. that's what happens when you get close to the Clintons and CFR.. they'll dump anyone for any reason, and enjoy taking them down. And they're good at it. THese crazy news people actually think the CFR will protect them. THey'll be the first to be dumped.. they're already being used as bait... Look what Barack agreed to do.. Hillary in 2012, Hey Barack... I should have taken video of me burning her book for the campaign :}

Hey John wouldn't it be funny if we ended up being direct blood relatives? :} Adelaide Edwards... Canada.. ring any bells? For a while, I kept trying to remember my grandmother's name, Noni, I never knew her last name... maiden name.. the media kept playing stories about Adelaide.. Australia, Mississippi or Alabama... never made the connection til someone sent me an email about my sister, whose middle name is the same  :} That's what happens when you're really focused. :}

Give my best to Elizabeth. She's a fine person.

Huckabee... you've been on my mind? I'm just really looking forward to the discussion about how you decided to name your book... talk about apostates.. I' just be curios though, what was it made you decide to sell God out to the Council on Foreign Relations? You knew what they were. If you say t was to infiltrate, just remember, God says anyone doing work in His name will not do so in secrecy, and certainly not with deception...would FRC like you if they knew the truth? That's the bottom line.

When I do a blog, I'm going to comment exactly like this. I don't want to spend a lot of time on it. And I'll use my formal blog posts to intro new chapters... besides I have more than I need to prove everything I say.

What's the matter, didn't the drip-drips like the reception?:} I have to admit, you've almost nailed it, though. And I did blush a couple times :}Just for fun I'll give you another shot. How bout Monday at 4? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lou Christie - Ligntnin' Strikes

Okay enough of stuff I won't ever be able to explain later:} What's the line "I don't recollect, sir"... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phoebe Snow - A Different World

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 10 - Through the Eyes of the Eagle

I think the psyops guys want me to hate Keith Olbermann and Lou Dobbs. I think they do too:}I think I still want Spitzer in the role of Elliot Ness. :}I always wionder, what role would Ralph Nader wnat if he could have any job in the government.. same with Cynthia McKinney... what would the real passion be.

God bless ya.  Even you Barack :}

9/21/2009 12:39pm Contemplating the universe... there are times, I hae to admit, when I wish I had someone to talk to who understood what's been going on with me, and in the world.

Last night was very profound for me. I was really bored, wondering what to do or think of things... I've really believed all this time that God would provide the answers, the way to bring things to a conclusion without the full prophecy having to take place.. as it could have been... if there had only been one person with the guts to stand up for God by standing up for me.. I think of the peopel who would still be alive, the nations that would be at peace.. and I can only assume that the Christians don't believe who I am, or some stupid miisters don't actually have faith in God or they would have made a stand, instead they rely on their own opinion,s that I should measure up to their standards of the minsitry and so forth.. to measure up to their standards would be to be satisfied in failure, to sya I tried and to surrender to Satan because really, they hope God exists, but they don't really believe it or they'd take a stand.. and not in secrecy, and not by committing damnable sins in the name of God. Thta's the proof of their apostasy.

When the Democrats set up Melissa Scott to screw God, the Republican s began talking about a destructive distraction.. someday they'll likely use that as their proof of being the party of Noe, but all it really proves is they knew all about the crimes and did nothing, except use my words and writings to enhance their own careers.. kust like the Democrats did. THe central party of the United States, the Council on Foreign Relations. ANy minister who remains affiliated wit them wil go to hell. Period. And as far as I'm concerned, anyone who is a member and doesn't walk away real quick will go to hell, because it means you're keeping your mouth, which will cost the lives of millions more than your silence has already cost the world's people.

WHen I'm thinking of things,and free association happens, I often blurtout things that end up being significant information.. all sorts of things.. early on, I wrote to Dobbs about thinking how things could go.. actually, mostly thinking, I wasn't really trying to be a leader, bt if people chose me.. and you never know who people will choose for whatever reasons... what would that look like.. and I saw a bunch of mental pictures anbout walking through a large city, a huge group of people in white robes walking along a street, hands outstretched, holding hands, touching... I thought, it looks like someone leading a demonstration or march.. I thought  it was funny.

Last night, Iwas bored, so I opened up the Bible, and I accidentally turned to Revelations and didn't feel like it, there's so much symbolism and I didn't feel like working that hard, so I decided to turn the page, and couldn't get it to turn, so I decided to read it.

Back when I was a little kid, I  remember bits and pieces of Pastor Culwell talking about not reading about other gods, superstition, psychic ability, all sorts of stuff tha tbecame associaited with Paganism that also put away all sorts of gifts from God, including people paying attention to prophecy... it's why I didn't read mythology and ancient history, part of my decision to not develop my psychic skills and such...

I rememeber back when I joked about the Mayan calendar.. of course I never read anything about it all because it was about other "religion" - or so it seemed.. although now, it's proof that all the religions are, in one way or another, God talking to people, whether the ministers and prophets get it right or not...

Nonetheless, I read the part about the sun not shiing, and the stars not being visible and stuff.. everytime I read this stuff, I see more and more... and then I think, I got it wrong before.. and then I think, maybe I am a false prophet.. and I think and pray, and think about what I saw before.. and always realize that the things I came to before are also right in another context. Then it's about, which is more important, and you find out they are all important and must be included as part of the whole picture, the big picture, that must be vewed.

A while back, I tried to express how the Druids were running all of their formerly successful dialectics at once... a couple days ago, and then especially last night, I realized that ever scene in the Bible is going on at once... all of it.. in me, in you, in the earth and the universe, bringing us all the way back to the starting point...

It's like how they say when a person's diying, they review the scenes of their lives. THis world has become so used to everything happening fast, instant gratification, that people say it's the end of days and don't relaize it has been for  along time, and they're overnight occurances.. and they're getting them.. and stil don't really take the signs seriously... because we've been trained to believe t's just the way it is, and CHristians have been trained to simply accept it...  So now it's happening all at once, and God's wondering if anyone will have th ecourage to stop it. And the answer now, is no. ANd if you actually read the Bible, if you undestand revelations at all, include world events and undestand why Hosea would have been the way IF people had accepted God's Christ and followed instead of saving their own lives... and public images... just a s the Bible says there will be 2 witnesses, and IF they were killed.. notice there's still choice there.. IF they're killed... every second I sit here suffering, as do others, is God's way of checking in to see if humanity made some other choices... and they haven't, so the prophecies continue...

Given what I've learned about antarctica, considering HAARP and all the other weather modifcations, the earth being off its axis.. December 21, 2012... I fully understand the diabolical plan now. I also regret not leaving the Uited States, not to abandon it but to get out of the way as I'm supposed to. Because I have no faith in people anymore.. to make good decisions, instead of acting like desperate animals in denial....

Part of the images I also had years ago had to do with moving to the 4 corners.. all the farmland there that's unused..  later finding out about the prophecies of Black Elk... his prophecy started coming true in the  late 60's and early 70's and were alsointerrupted by the Illuminati/U.S. Governemnt and COuncil on Foreign Relations.. but it looks like it's about time to have it be completed if you intend to survive.

Folks, the 5-12 months of torment.. I've been writing for years now about the use of Directed Energy Weapons and Psychotronics, and how it really is torture. ANyone who doubts simply doesn't want to know.. After the floods caused by HAARP leading to the collapse of antarctica, unless BP has given me bad info, also caused by the gravitational forces of the conjunction, the conjuction will occur.. the electronic singularity will be in place.. chaos will occur because of the disasters - earthquakes, meteor showers, floods, etc... psychotonics and dew will be used to pacify most people, kill those who know the truth about the government allow it to occur without attempting to save the citizens, and you'll be tortured into submission, being told it's God's punishment. Just remember, I told you for years that it was psychotronics and DEWS..

And if you want to know how sick and twisted this government really is.. consider that Lynn had a stroke, an dhshe's trying to revcover, all the while dealing with intense pain that is not normal with a stroke, having all the symptoms of being attacked by Directed Energy Weapons, the active denial system, to cause her to suffer more.

That's your United States Government for you. THat's the Illuminati. That's the anti-Christ. When they start attacking you, don't blame me. Don't blame God. I've been trying to warn you. THis is proof you don't listen.

Gett 200 miles inland if you can. McCain was publishing copyrighted recipes, like a few other things, that was his portion of taunting, cuase they knew I'd bnbe publishing these recipes, stuff that can be made for scratch, a book writtten to help people survive war, written in 1961... it was my father's,  a book my mother made sure I got. Similarly, the Republicans made fun of Minnie Riperton when Bush first took office... interesting that when I was writing in 2008, it was Minnie Riperton's music that became obvious to me to use regarding God's dream of the future... SO I'm going to dedicate the recipe Section to John McCain, jus tto make sure he knows he   didn't get away with anything in God's eyes, that God is real, and despite that he and non e of the rest of our government actually takes God seriously, I do.

Furhtermore, the proof of this government, the Council on Foreign Relations knowledgeof all these coming down.. just remember CNN was taunting me for years, it was all about having enough time to do what was necessary.. in my lifetime, given that I became aware of my purpose so late.. which occurred because of the containment of my life by these psychotic evil people... and lets me know how they think they'll use me when the conjunction comes.. and I just want ot assure the Illuminati.. despite the book I read tha tsaid you were going to "produce" the Second COming in order to control Christ,. you'l never control me, under any circumstances.. I won't do it..

Don't be surprised if they foist another person on you as CHrist.. they have a few they're setting up for that purpose... I wn' tname em cuase they'll just use others to make it look like I don't know what I'm talking about.. I will say, the Republicans brought Rev Moon to Congress, where he was accepted as the Messiah. That really happened. The Bush people - and they are most defineitely part of the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones and the Illuminati - Pagans - Druids - that's why, if you claim to be a minister of God or a Christian, resign and enounce them, or go to hell. It's that simple. It really is. Because you are doing Satan's work...

I don't know if I'm gonna write anything more or not.. to do so might be playing into the Illuminati's hands.. I won't do it. SO I'm gonna give it thought and prayer...

I recommend everyone watch Panic inthe Year Zero with Ray Milland.. he made a few movies tryingto warn people.. this one will tell you what to prepare for it the Illuinati are allowed to remain in power...

Meanwhile, people need toknow, based onmy direct experience, CNN and TIme Warner have been the primary players in the media on behalf of theIlluminati.. the COuncil on Foreign Relations.. and they're sick and twisted people who have no clue what right or wrong means.. all they care about is being rich and famous, and thye think their coporarte people will protect them... they won't. But those guys you think on tv are your friends... they're your biggest betrayers, they get paid to lie for a living. I can't remember the last time I heard Olbermann do a report that wasn't a bunch of rubbish...

I could say more, but I'm pretty disgusted with so called CHristians and the U.S. government right now.. all these so called smart people who only get ahead by particpating with evil, thinking they're the good guys...

Read memo 46,and you'll understand how you've allbeen duped, and are so proud of yourselves for making it "in the big leagues" that you don't even see tha t the lies you tell on behalf of the government and CFR are the work of the devil. In the end, that IS why the new church will be created, and why most ministers will lose their flocks and churches... alwas remember, it could have been a different way, the prophecies were there to assist us in overcoming Satan. ANd you failed, not me. You people really DON't understand the implications. Heaven and all willstill happen, but you probably won't be there, but if you are, you'll be at the end of the line when it comes to allowing you back into the physical world...  so if you got your reward on earth, getting the best bicycle and being first in line.. you'll enjoy hell and being the last in line... you enjoy other people's pain and suffering so much, I'm sure you'll enjoy yours as you ask.. Why didn't I listen? And how could I possibly expect GOd to forgive me for allowing so many people to die when I wzas warned... that's what you sickos and apostates will be asking yourselves. FOrever. ANd you deserve it.

Oh yeah, the whitre robess. for those who don't know, after the conjuction, 5-12 months of dew torent, the 144,000 and me fight armageddon God's way.. in white robes.. told you I had to make a plan for the 144,000... you illuminati idiots think the people inthose robes will be white Europeans.. too bad.. all races, all colors, every nation... so much for your inferior superior race.


Please excuse me for feeling compelled to say this: fuck you Clive Davis. You may have captured God's angels, but like the Bible says, woe be to him who ends up in the hands of God. Good luck in hell. I'm sure God will love rewarding you for controlling his messengers. Maybe he'll ask Michael Jackson for his opinion on what to do with you and your friends at GE Universal. Often imitated, never duplicated. I'll make the pattern fit. God trusted you Clive. Look what you did. How many other projects am I agoing to find out about?

For those left n a few years, this IS what we'll have, it will  be heaven, and God will be there in the flesh, in his own personage.. and the sickos will never bother us again. We'll put time warner inthe history books as the quintessential aexample of evil and why communications must be regulated to provide equal time and justice in a real egalitarian world.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

In loving memory of Mary Travers

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter, Paul & Mary - Blowing in the Wind

PS to Time Warner: At least now I know why my father hated you people so much. I don't negotiate withterrorists. You're either with me or against me, and you've proven yourselves. I don't do things the way you do, cut somebody's throat and then expect them to go along with you. Tell Rockefeller to stick it up his ass, and prepare the rail for the Bush family. Jeb, you're a sick son of a bitch. Take Newt on the rail with you, or we'll have to waste another rocket.

I'm looking forward to the satellites going down. Lou, I'd have had it differently, but I think it's the best course. How's the psychotronic nanotech going, Lou? Are you and Jack Welch having fun destroying people's lives by remote control? Did Obama promise to protect Letterman? Am I making myself clear enough?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 01 - No Lookin' Back

Good luck everyone. You got it your way. Let's see how that works for ya.

5:05 pm There's actually very little of lal this I take particularly personally anymore. But you will, K.

Meanwhile.. I have no problem with the concept of planned families - especially in such an economically controlled world that the upbringing of a child and their quality of life is at stake - economic slavery -  but popultion or overpopulation is not the greatest environmental threat.. the threat is the inadequate and criminal responses to governments facilitating the needs of people.  There's plenty of room fo rmore people and wildlife.. if we were to manage these properly. We don't. THat's why God's taking the reigns back. You guys blew. Stop blaming the citizens for the deception, corruption and evil of the government. Stop covering for incompetent government administration and chickenhawk profiteering.

And don't forget when all you special people hunker down in your bunkers and tunnels and caves, thinking you're safe.. the Bible says they'll al be blown up.. probably with you in them because someone will have failed to accurately compute the impact of an asteroid or a satellite falling to earth.. ya just never know.   There's an interesting twist on the fiery pit. Could happen lots of ways. I was going for the peaceful way. We can do fire and brimstone. Didn't have to be. I say that about a lot of stuff. Always have. 

4pm No guts:} By request :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - Lyin' Eyes

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Youngbloods - Darkness, Darkness


9/22/2009-9/23/2009 THis links to a page that contains   a great deal of truth but is the product of psychotronic sand directed energy attacks, which have been very intense the last few days. Amazing what  abunch of sick and twisted people will do to innocent who know the truth.That's the United States Government for you.Sick as they get. Dobbs, you might as well surrender. You and all your friends. You know I sayit's youjust because you're the opoibt man for CNN in my psyops.. I know it's a whole bunch more people than that, which is why it's  aconspiracy, among other things, to commit murder. I dare you to sue me for defamation or anything else. You'd better get my office ready. I have another witness. And when that comes to light, I'll likely have another attempted murder charge against you... against that witnesses' son. You people nearly destroyed his life too. ANd the charges just keep piling up.

So lLiou when are you going to disclose your and Jack Welch's business ventures tha tinclude Space Holdings and the development of nanatech and psychotronic and directed energy weapons, so people will know who to take their anger out on when they find out people like you destroyed their lives. I have other people who'll testify to the same things as me against NBC and CNN.  How long do you think you'll get away with destroying people's lives before one of them pops you like the guy in Detroit did at the NBC station? Not everybody's got my ability tostand up to pressure, even when the psychotronics are at their worst. And you know I can because I have. And you also know you're  a sick pervert. I told you the days of benefit of the doubt were over. ANd you just keep handing me mor evidence. What IS so important about Friday Dobbs. WHat compels people to do drugs, Dobbs... How much are they paying you to take the fall?

BTW If anyone wants to talk to the skull and bones people. just go to the RUssell Building in Tacoma.. that's what they call their headquarters for the Russell Trust in Washington State. Ask Gary Lock. He's one of them. I'll have to check into Gregoire. I'll bet she is too.

The thing I said  about Jeb Bush saying San Francisco won'tbe there is true. It's hard to tell how long meteorological and astrological things take tofuly effect the world, but it will happen, and you'd better get 200 miles inland just to survive. After that, watch out. THink of all the nuclear plants and chemicals that will be in the ocean.. the nuke plants built on top of fault lines and on the coast in California. wanna know why the ocean boils? Now you know.

Catholics: the things I have against the Catholic CHurch have nothing to do with Priests and churchgoers.. their assisting the Nazis in world war II, and what they've done since in Secrecy IS the problem, it's well documented, and I'mnot talking about the propaganda and  conspiracty stories.. I'm talking about documentation, and how the first person to lead the U.N was a Nazi war Criminal - Waldheim.. You priests and nus should try serving GOd and telling the truth, instead of serving yourselves and the church. WHo do you actually serve? That's the question you should ask yourselves.. ANd to the churches in Shelton... you might wantto try educating your people onthe 10Commandments and the Golden RUle.. cause people here obviously don't know them.. and apparently are daring me to put them in jail I will if I have to, but I'm trying to avoid it, because they've been misled. Still, they're criminals.. and apparently the people in your churches are participating. Priests: if yo uactually read the Bible and botered to read the prophecies the church hides, you'd know that Benedict will be run out on a rail for good reason.. and that's prophecy from within the church itself. Tell your people why. WHo do you actually serve?

The beautiful part of reading the bIble in a void, and then looking at the world, is that truth stands out when you stop listening toporpaganda, and actually are aware of the world as it is, and not just in your comfortable pastor homes and the ignorance of church dogma and admiration of people who are misled. At this point, I'm not very impressed with the Christian Religion.. I wanted to be... but what Christians are showing me is notcomplimentary, and I actually will and do declare the religon of Christianity to be as morally bankrupt as the U.S. Government.. comfortable lies, comfortable ignorance, no excuses in the eyes of God ANd I am directing this at the Christian Organizationsof the United States. People like Rick Warren an LaHaye are people who should seek the truth but instead enjoy the ignorance from ignoring the truth, failingto read the Bible as if it applies to them, because it's so much fun to be famous an popular.

Here's the real story of why ministers and people who clal themselves Jews and Christians but are not, in Jesus' words:

John 3:17  and 8:36-38 and 16:2-3 Look it up yourself.

The other thing that's true is that Ahmadinejad'sspeech to the U.N. was exquistie, , honest, truthful, and not inflammatory at all.. and certianly not anti-Semitic. Netanyahu is a bald faced liar, Blitzer is a spokesman for the AICAP/PA? The Jewish Lobby inthe U.S. which is fine, so long as they don't lie to get money andsupport for war criminals. Unfortunately, they do and Blitzer facilitates them constantly. Back when my mom told me the ring I had wasn't something I would understand,written in Hebrew as it was. I'm certainmy mother actually wanteed to be sure I knew of my Jewish descent, which I'm proud of, though I'm a CHristian.. which is nothing more than the next stage of Jewish evolution "of the cosmos" as I say.. I believe the citizens of Israel and those around the world will understand what I am saying in time.

SO after Barack and the CFR play games with you at the conjunction, remember tha twehre we are in Revelations is the point where the devil goes around the world convinving people he's the one.. he did that during the election campaign, he did it atthe U.N. yesterday, and inthe end,it will turn out to be a pack of lies.. Obama is not your friend.THose who hate me for saying that will wish they'd listened before much longer. That's hell for ya.

THe U.N. structure COULD be beneficial and reformed and useful.. as it is now, it's nothing more than a coercion tool for the U.S. and the Nazis. Look up Kurt Waldheim, and you'll see the covert reasons the U.N. was created for. ANd I'm not criticizing the people at the U.N  who are sincerely doing good work. They do exist.

If something bad happens tomorrow, Dobbs, I'll pin it on you.. because youdelivered the threat the way you always do.. maybe it'll keep you perverts at CNN and CFR from doing it. And yeah, I know you're daring me to sue you.. that will happen in time.. meanwhile, all you do is give me more evidence. What country are you going to hide in? Paraguay with GW?

Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg

3:08pm Ed. You need to get yourself in the real world. I'm no fan of Cantor, and I'm certainly not happy with current health care, bu tall he did was state what's so, and no dDemocrat could offer anything else. Obama's plan, the last i heard, wouldnot be in effect until 2013, meaning, this woman needs help now, not in 4 years.. and she MAY be entitled to other care and programs that currently exist. What better concrete answer would you like, other  than the fact that he could have referred her to a social worker or an aide ot assist. Meanwhile, you completely misrepresented what he said. The last thing he should do is go on your show and provide you with credibility and more tape for you to misrepresent. That's what you and Olbermann were hire for, your ability to misrepresent the fats,and use comments out of context. 10 minutes of your show in a mystery science theater format on national tv would cause you to look for another job in another country for the expert propagandization that you do. And a perfect example of why we need to reinstate the intent of the 1933 FCC standards.

6:39 pm I want to start by apologizing to the local people.  Part of the problem here is that I don't know hwo read this.. no evidence anyway.. but i know there's an interesting  cross-section of people.  Most of   what I write here is to the national media and government. And more and more, it always ties into things and realizations that are tied to the Bible in one way or another..  so I say things like, I really don't care about the divinity thing right now, and then wonder if people understand there'sa reason I was supposed to wake up to world and domestic affairs before engaging in faith, setting the priority of knowing what needed to be straightened out so the rest would come naturally, making sense, and knowing there were issues  that could potentially be deadly for  alot of people, and I don't mean the flu.

I keep trying to think of how to describe psychotronic and directed energy weapon attacks.. I thought of one way. Ya know those old self help tapes you could buy and play while you slept in order to learn, and hypnosis tapes. So let's say someone is playing one of those all night without you knowing it. And you wake up the next moring, and you can't figure out why you're upset with your spouse, but youjust are, and the first time they say somethign to you, you get mad at  them for... brushinng their teeth too loud.

Psychotronics can cause that. Differences in frequencies, such a s the tone I hear and many otehrs who have other DEW and PTronic "symptoms" and it's not tinitus. It's there to remind you you're being monitored, as well as to fatigue and distract your mind, as well as to provide a noise in the foreground under which to embed a subliminal messaage to use in conjunction with the hypnosis delivered via psychotronics. If you don't know it's happening, you just take commands, if you do know, it's a constant discipline, after a while, to make sure you do what you want todo and not something else..  a hypnotist on stage can make people crow by saying a word or snapping their fingers. PSychotronics is the same - but not as effective, and less effective when the target knows they're being targeted.

Still, it affects you.

Everybody has lots of thoughts  that end up causing us to come to conclusions that end up comprising "what we really think".

It's interesting tha tlast fall I was being fed info just about this time regarding my father and things done to my family, and the degree to which my life has been manipulated so many years.. and I  wrote some stuff on site to particular powerful and popular people regarding it all and I can't honestly say 'd take any of it back, because if you understood the harm done to my family, physical harm, emotional harm, proveable or not, you'd been mad. It doesn't mean that even I approve the language I've used.... and like in what I've written the last few days, doing it to create   just one more page to let it fly and show you how you can be manipulated by psychotronics.. It is amazingly powerful, and yet, can be overcome, but not if people don't know about it and what it can  do.

I wrote What Is Psychotronics the way I did, about Ghost Hunters, because I honestly believe that if people don't know, many people will experience what they think is a spiritual experience and not know it was faked through psychotronics. Everything that can be shown on Ghost Hunters as the result of the presence of  a spirit can easily be emulated with psychotronics and directed energy weapons. Everything.

So if someone wanted to "emulate" the second coming, or get people to do something.. the other day, a man killed their neighbor because "a spirit told them to". I've already stated several times I  have many reasons to believe Cho at Viriginia Tech was a psychotronics victim, and more.  There are many things I didn't want to believe for  a  long time.

Nonetheless, I want say again, it's also an example of seeing soemthing you don't like about yourself, for whatever reason, and regardless of the reason, being willing to accept responsibility and acknowledge that and then do the best to move beyond it in the future. So I'm sorry for offending some peple, and to the media and politicians, I still don't expect to be making many, if any, apologies. You explain it.

Can't wait to see how NBC portrays WACO. WACO93.com has the real story. It's  a DVD now. Here's where they innoculate Biden and Hatch. They   covered up the truth of WACO in a Seate "Hearing"..

Pay attention to the FLIR, and then see the real movie. The ATF/FBI were shooting. The  FBI lied. Look at the microwave dishes on the telephone poles in the background, if you can see them. 2 of them aimed at the compound. Me, I have at least 2 choppers every night. At least they got out of view of the bedroom window at night when I complained. This is not a matter of political opinion. It's a simple statement of fact. I was shocked when I saw the movie, and it was obvious. It's just the truth. Just like at Ruby Ridge. It's just the truth.

Not in citizen Chuck's name. And I doubt in your name either, if you knew the truth. ANd wait til you hear what the Waco Sheriff and Coroner have to say. They're stunned at what happened with the disappearance of important evidence... against the government.

I was laughing last night, reading about Jesus and HIs words. Especially when he'd say  something really wise. And then, almost non-chalantly, it would say, and then they would pick up rocks to stone him...  :} I'm glad people don't throw rocks anymore, but at least you can see them coming. :}

And then I wonder if anyone could understand the humor in it...:} Isn't that interesting. I was thinking about who I know of who's experienced that.. and of course, I think, Martin Luther King. Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, migrant workers in the Castro Valley and Salinas..

I heard a black man on tv the other day saying it would be great if there was really equal justice in the courts, but that it's just not the way it is, so basically we just have to deal with it the best we can. That's the whole problem.

It reminds me of the man in Atlanta, how do you deal with the way you're treated, how do you not get angry, and he said, we just basically avoid anything that could cause trouble or anything.. which is sort of okay, but it didn't solve the issue, it ignored it.

It's not about race, or torture or civil rights or human rights it's about making a decision, a true choice, as people, as to whether it's really necessary to have laws for us to act with integrity and compassion and love and more with each other. Because if it is necessary, if it really is, then these psychotronics guys will be able to slowly convince you it's the right thing to do. On other people, of course, not you.

Psychotronics has it's uses, some mundane, some miraculous. But not as weapons like this. Not to forego justice. Not to forego freedom and free will. Not to win a political and ideological battle by force over people without their knowledge. Not totrick people who don't understand the differenceinto thinking God is speaking to them. They laugh about doing that to Afghanis. By a nation claiming to live under the values, guidance and "special people" status under God.

A pilgrim is someone in search of  a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God. Really think about that.

Justice. Real justice, not coercion by threat of punishment for things that only suit the wealthy and powerful. Not changing laws for political advantage, Massachusettes,

Doesn't sound religious. But, it's Christian through and through. Whether you like it or not :}Do you believe in those things? Justice. Equality. Freedom. Who couldn't? Except those who benefit by your compliance, blind obedience and disinform you to make you believe in things that are lies.

... Which election are you talking about Keith? :} I do. I thought we covered that :} Play the COnstitutional piece about Bush, Keith, and then tell us what's changed since then.. and when people find out Obama lied again, maybe they'll listen.. like when he lied at the U.N. about the U.S. ending all torture.  A flat out lie and he knows it. So whaddya think, laws and psychotronics or a fun, good life like we thought we were having only didn't notice we were dying from cancers caused by chemicals in our food and in chemtrails courtesy of the United States Government. What's a government to do, eh Ben? Pass that to Wolf for translation:}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Englishman in New York

Oh yeah.. when I write and joke about or question who I am, alot of times I do it in inquiry, often it's because I know alot of people won't believe, and its okay.  Cuz mainly I really am another citizen. But I do it in the writing to let you know the thinking I go through, being able to respond in a respectful way with forethought so I can at least provide them with how I  view it, the responsibilities that are required of me and my respect for free will and freedom. It's the only reason why the books are different than this weblog. Because these are my thoughts, the things going on in the background, and often, the context of inquiry and my experiences that lead me to the conclusions I write about in the books.  I don't write the books when I'm aware I'm being heavily affected bty psychotronics and dews, which gives them an advantage in slowing me down, but I just go as I go, hoping folks will understand that even when my thinking isn't being influenced, mood and more can be affected. It's quite a challenge. I'm  impatient, knowing it will end, hoping it will end sooner than later and we can work together to handle some things before they get beyond control, and the infrastructure fails us. It's not really that hard.

Me and my buddy Mahmoud are both talking about the same things at the same time, and I was inspired to talk and read about the same things by randomly selecting a page in the Bible.  I didn't even think about the U.N. meeting... didn't know. Forgot.  Teells me 2 things. GOd's giving the people the same vision, one vision, just like Pastor Culwell said people would see in their minds. All around the world. People have been talking about it for a long time. We can't let people be fooled by the emulators, or overtaken by psychotronics. If you only knew how horrible it really is. 

Gotta run.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kiki Dee Band - I've Got The Music In Me

9/25/2009 10:39 Woke up this morning thinkng about more dots to connect at the roots of what's been going on.

I rmember back when I first decided to run as a presidential candidate fo rthe Democratic Nomination back in 2003.. when Iannounced.. I sent emails to a variety of Democratic Party Leaders in Washington State, as well as the DNC in DC, letting them know I was out here, not asking for anymore than that they review my site with my views and opinions. That was the Conversation With America back in 2002..  

A couple days later, I wake up to the sound of a cell phone ringing outside my bedroom at 2am. I'd wake in the middle of the night, and my head would be numb.. what I now realize was the effects of microwave directed energy... it would just be flat out numb. I knew I was under attack, I didn't know how or why. I remember Lynn saying that I'd go to bed, and she'd come into the bedroom and actually feel a beam of energy specifically focused in my direction.. from the direction of the DirecTV satellites... I went to San Francisco, the energy beam was coming from the direction of the DirecTV satellites. Triangulation (Hillary believes in triangulation)...  Bob March, Capt Satellite from KTVU San Francisco, told me I was wired in about 1990 or so when I worked at KWAV Monterey where he was News Director. Anyway... Telstar, huh? My dad had us get up on the roof and watch it go by after they launched it... anyway... how many dots are there to connect..

So.. I got some good responses from the email, people with reasonable incites and positive coments.. not many, but some.. bu tthe one I got back from the head of the Washington State DNC said "Don't do it. You'll only humiliate yourself".  Frankly, I don't see why speaking of issues should humiliate me, especially since my issues and positions were real and rational. Since it wasn't an ego trip, since I'm not stupid, it wasn't like I would have felt failure by not winning, if ya know what I mean, starting a national campaign with $1000 that turned out to not be available. Here I am. I still don't feel humiliated. Something tells me, when I go through the archives, someone else will be. 

And then there's Dobbs and CNN instrumental in the psyops against me, in other ways, they educated me in ways I'm still learning and connecting dots from, all  the while, seeming to get pleasure from my torture. ANd enjoying being part of it. I learned from DObbs... at one point, the whole psyop was to tell me he was, for some reason, teh guy pciked to teach me a lesson. That was before I found out he was  abig wig and was also still working with NBC and also partners with Jack Welch, former CEO of GE/NBC, in a  company called Space Holdings, which owned Space.com and also does work, they say, in nanotech (psychotronics) and much more... exploring business opportunities in the areas of space construction and electronic technology.

What made it all a perfect psyop is that on one hand, they helped me. On another hand, they really hurt me. And they've slowed me down.. as has Keith at MSNBC... it's the typical pattern as the people locally... and it's criminal.. It's stalking and attempted murder and unconstitutional... and it continues.. and the joke now is to try to get me to comment on things that I don't collect evidence on anymore.. it's like the thing about medical testing on our children without our knowledge.. what more do you need to know? How many actual crimes have to be committed for people to understand that these leaders and people who go along are criminals, or they need to step forward,  and if they don't, then at a certain point, they're just as much criminals as the people who tell them to do it.  All I can say is I didn't do it. Nor did the other hundreds and thousands and millions of other people I am aware of who didn't do anything that would justify treating anyone this way. It's amazing.

This has been going on a long time, and it needs to end. All I gotta say is, I was a citizen speaking out in a rational, reasonable way. I know that's not the real beginning of the story, but it's where I began collecting what turned out to be evidence.

I will say, amongst all the Aesopian conversations I had with people, I appreciated the ones with James Wolsey and I thank Wolf Blitzer for facilitating them. Whether I disagree with him or not politically, we exchanged good discourse and honest info and views, and it was worth the effort and time. And I actually thank him. I only bring out the "4th World War" description as evidence that Aesopian Communications were going on. He wasn't messing with me and I wasn't messing with him, except I'm sorry if calling you Jim Bob was offensive. I meant it with professional affection. Like I said, I give out nicer nicknames than George. :} Right Sailor Boy?:} I have to admit  I liked palying with Rumsfeld, he is funny, and I actually appreciated my exchanges with him too. Almost everything else has been - give him something, suck him in, mess him up. Except I was always able to contain the truth because of what I knew and could actually prove. Managing multiple realities, dialectics and analysis for each.

So...  Amy Jill Levine says Jesus was something of a rebellious brat when he was  a kid.. :} That's why I laugh at the stories of him telling people stuff and them wanting to stone him, because of the laws then that said   they were supposed to... get this.. the Druids knew Christ was coming, so they made laws against anyone claiming to be Christ... sound familiar?

ANyway.. I can just see Him standing there, talking to people, they're getting kinda that electrical feeling up their spines, the one you get when whenyou feel inspired and the Holy Spirit moves through you.. it's that Kundhalini thing... some may experience it as psychic energy... and He talks in these parables, and they're all agreeing and then He says something complex, it takes them off guard and sets them up for the final message, and He tells them He's God, one wayor another, and you can just see the looks on their faces, looking at each other like, did he really just say that :} And Jesus knew they would react like that, which is why He saved that part for the end because He knew he'd have to run for his life... and I can just see him setting up the final sentence, timed just right to slip into the crowd at just the right moment..    It's not really funny, but it sort of is to me. I don't know if that explains to you why I laughed so much when I was reading all of that.. oh well..

Reminds me o fwhen I was at CNN in Atlanta, and I was talking to their head of security.. they were filming... I didn't care, I hadn't done anythign wrong, and I was hoping I could get a few things straightened out before I realized I had been incredibly set up... possibly for arrest, most assuredly for homelessness...   I felt so messed with, at the end of the "interview" and that weird form they made me sign, saying I would never come there again, "just in case, Miles", I decided to mess with them a little. I said. DO you know what my name means in German?  It means Son of Man. THat's all I said. I shook their hands as they escorted me out of the building, and the security guard.. you could tell.. he just didn't knowwhat to think.. the look on hos face.. I wish I had a picture:} Adventures in Wonderland. We all know who the Wizards of Ahs are.. right Tucker? I'll bet they figure I'd end up back in the world of Landmark. They were wrong about that.

So for the record, I have tons more web logs corroborated by emails and more... but this was never about money or criminality, it was about America and the rights of citiens and the ownership of this nation.. that of the citizens, not the government an dthe rich eliteists who believe it would be easier for them to manage psychotronic robot slaves.

God has a long standing battle with these sickos, and He's not putting up with it anymore. He leads, I follow. Can't wait to see what He does next.

Meanwhile, that's why I say what I say, I don't really want to waste my life in the court room for money I don't want and people I used to respect being jailed on behalf of the truly evil...

So, my final thought once again for all these people inthe national scene who were involved, you know where I am you know what a deposition is. It starts somewhere. It has to end.

We're not doing Hillary's final solution. We're doing God's final solution.. to people who are willing to sacrifice billions of lives for their own decadence and luxury and immmorality.

Now batting in place of the kid, #1, God. And here's the pitch...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up (Part One)

TO FT. Lewis. Just wanted to report the chopper guys. Seems one of them was a little late on the 9pm handoff, and they buzzed the house. I was laughing but, I bet the other people in the house and the neighbors didn't appreciate it. But, whoever it was who was late should go on report :}

PS The part I liked about Jesus most, when you realize He was something of a smart alec when answering questions, the trickiest ones being about His divinity.. and he told some people he respected the need for two witnesses, and that he had them.. himself and God :} That was my favorite part. :} I really laughed at that one :}

12:20 PM I forgot to mention, Capt Satellite, Bob March, was also, at the time, and employee of RKO, KFRC 610am in San Francisco, then a classical station.  And that, of course, brings us back to Ted Turner... Eric Chase, MTV and.. yawn...

8:20 pm Like I say I follow all psyops to see where they lead and what people are up to.. so I figured out why the psychotronics guys would want me to alienate the locla people.. typically, as has happened before, it provides cover so tha tif something weird happen, plausible deniabilty would dictate that any number of people or groups might be upset with me and therefore have been aggravated into doing something   stupid.

What's so special about Friday... right now, it looks like my cat Abby is missing. First Emma, now Abby. I hope it's not true. We've been getting lots of low flying choppers, of course noticed by the new witness.. these folks sure truly believe they can do this sort of thing with impunity. Land of the free, home   of the brave.  I wouldn't put it past them, though, wait til you hear some of the stories of people's pets being harmed, kids being burned... family members attacked to keep the targeted individual silent... it's pretty sick stuff.

Oh yeah, and of course there's the virus that hit my computer and email file, I copied it and it hasn't crashed. :} I'll worry about it tomorrow. :}

I'm going to do a thing about my thoughts on Iran and Ahnedinejad.. tried to get and download the transcript from the un site of Ahmedinejad's speech, and it says it's  a corrupt file :} I wonder if it's my system or one of those accidental mistakes.. because it was a very frank and hopeful speech. But, I'll get it. Meanwhile, read the one from 2006... blew me away. I thought it was the one from the other day, it was so similar, and then I noticed the date. When you're reminded of the history of the Iranian/U.S. relations, I believe you'll have a much different perspective about current developments. It's not about agreeing with or supporting Iran. It's about working with other nations, not forcing them to do things after threatening them. Hillary said she believes in economic coercion. You'll want to read the piece, probably tomorrow.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Men At Work - Overkill

9:12pm The 9pm handoff and shift change for the chopper guys was right on time.. good work guys :} So, someday, I will know what gives the United States government the idea that it can do this to it's own citizens. What exactly are you trying to provoke? If there's one thing I learned from the 60's it was don't let 'em provoke you into something... It's not passive aggressionat all. It's sttrength, knowing it takes time for  ripples to get around,  but they are, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who notices tha tAhmedinejad and Iran are getting set up just like Bush set up Iran.

Condi Rice..  it's eery how what she says play s out.. if we pull out of Afghanistan, we can expect another terrorist attack. I look at that as an Aesopian communication to other leaders that another incident will be caused to cause people to be willing to go to war... they forecast their actions.. don't ever forget that... and then there's the Goerring thing, how to get people to go to war, as was done in Germany with a faked raid by Poland.

Don't fall for it. I'm not defending Iran. I am saying that the media and government are making up stuff and making things look much worse than they actually are. And that we're the aggressors. I thought Exxon securing oil pipeline management and distriubution through Iran would satisfy the Council on Foreign Relations, but apparently not. Maybe that fell through.

I'll have a lot to say about much that went on in Iran in their elections and aftermath, and compare that to what the U.S. did today at the G20 summit, as reported nicely by Rach. :} Good report. The technolgoy she showed, the sonic blaster, is considered to be part of the psychotronic / directed energy arsenal. LRAD.   It's part of what Targeted Individuals experience sometimes, but in a much more directed way. Like the Holosonic Spotlight.

I sure hope Abby comes home.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Yardbirds - Over Under Sideways Down

9/26/2009 10:38am Thank God Abby came home around 5am... I was worried. Now all I gotta do is take care of the virus.

I was thinking this morning about how much I loved Montana and Walsh in San Francisco.. fully capable of delivering the bomb, but picking the defense apart one 5-7 yrad pass underneath the prevent or zone defense at a time.. it was beautiful The strategy of a Castenada Warrior. I love saying stuff like that because it sounds so subversive but if you actually know what it means, all it means is having the character to continue on, one footstep at a time. All the drug stuff scared me, partly because it was so similar to things I knew were possible with psychic power :} Things I also took seriously and didn't dabble in because I believed it was dangerous if you didn't understand what you were dealing with. And very much why I wasn't willing to take hallucinogens and things like that. 

Work to do. I'm gonna write tonight too... ask the choppe guysto minimize the umber of low flybys. We've got guests coming. They get a little nervous, and are starting to believe the stories they've been told about what's happening to us. Wouldn't want that :} What, you mean Chuck really ISN't crazy? :}

Ya just gotta laugh at it, at  a certain point.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance

Google  Jimmy Carter, Neutron Bomb. Clue: Wouldn't want to hurt the buildings.

About the Aesopian: that wasn't my idea, it was theirs, it was never actually fun, but I made the best of it. Still, there were certain people who did it without tricks, and I believe it was useful for both sides. I didn't like it, but I wouldn't point the finger of criminality at those times either. People know what they did that was purposefully harmful.

I keep getting told Nixon was responsible for what's happening to me. I don't believe it, because weird things were happening before that. Mind you, I don't defend Nixon, I won't do that. I will say he did some good things, as almost every President does, but he was a cog in a bigger agenda, and at a certain point, didn't play along in the financial dialectic, and was set up. That's all I'm saying is important to know about what really happened to Nixon.

The truth is, based on knowledge off the top of my head, plausible deniability or not,  it looks to me that in actuality every president since Carter has committed treason, often by disobeying their own orders and laws. It's just true. I say since Carter simply because it would take research, but I think the FEMA setup comes close. It says something. It really does. The ends do not justify the means. And every person's rights are equally important. Period.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Lennon -  Watching the Wheels

9/27/2009 9:55am Interesting thoughts today. Sometimes I find phrases in the Bible that just don't set right with me.. the one I'm thinking ofnow is like when the Bible says Jesus says "you don't know I'm Christ becuase you don't know my father".. which might imply saying that you don't believe in God or aren't really a Christian.. something of a statement that would to exclude some. And then He said that thing about having two witnesses... :} I still think that's funy.. Me and God. :}

Anyway.. it' jus tlike talking toPastor Culwell, realizing he couldn't possibly know my life.. and he really didn't know my father, he didn't attend church.. ANd now, it would appear, the bulk of the people who would know tha tI am like my father apparently didn't like him cause they're the bad guys. ANd like those verses I quoted the other day, about how people would want to kill Jesus and the disciples simply because they didn't know they were talking about the ways of God and speaking truth people couldn't accept....

That brings us to a second conversation about the essence of Christianity, which is mor elike what and when and where did Christianity take a wrong turn, and it relaly has everything to do with the rejection of Jesus, who was the "next" Christ for a new age.. there were all these other Christs, and   people accepted their leadership, and then came Jesus, and they refused Him, and thus, refused the will and guidance of God Himself. By and large, the organization and hierarchies of religion named themselves Christs, and lost awareness of the fact that God IS a living God, in the flesh, on earth, at all times, in a triunary being. And that's where that conversation will begin...

Meanwhile.. prophecy.. I was telling someone, when you go to  apsychic, and they tell you a hundred things tha tcome true, to tend ot believe htem. When pBible prophecy keeps happening to you you finally end up belieiving it.

Last time I predicted a health problem for the Lou DObbs program, Lou claimed the next day after a guest was on that that Economist from India died of  a heart attack. THis time, therre's something going on in his right side, from his hip to his lower rib... Judy, get AL checked out. Hillary.. got  a premonition the other day you died in a plane crash... now, I'm not making that up, and it could be pscyhotronics being used to embarass me about false prophecy.. however, knowing those things, believiing it or not, you'll be more aware and maybe take an extra precaution or two to avoid situations that may result in a bad thing.

It' skind of like how, how after the CIA visited Osama Bin Laden in June 2001 in a hospital in Dubai, where he was getting dialysis, and then John Ashcroft stopped taking commercial airplace flights because he became aware of the possibility of airplane hijackings by terrorists. Of course, then Spet 11 happened. When you know beforehand, you can take precautions... or you can just ignore it, and deal with the consequences..

Now, did I predict possible problems, and are you going to ignore it? Or do you believe I'm a fraud? Interesting paradox, isn't it? :} I sware, I didn' tmake tha tstuff up to mess with you.

One thing you might want to keep in mind, especially when I sound really angry when I see things to tell you, and it's bad, mostly for ctizsens who have been lied to, it makes me angry..  as a representative of citizens as well as on behalf of the knowledge of God's will... it's like seeing images and thinking, how dare they, how could people do stuf flike that, how do they really think they'll be able to  pull this off... maybe that will help you understand why sometimes when I talk about stuff like that, I sound so angry.

And  the beat goes on...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paula Abdul - Promise Of A New Day

Seattle does have the best delusional people, Paula :} Shut you up, didn't I :} :} :} Ever heard of the 4400? :}

9/28/2009 2:53 pm - Where's my teeth.. good one Keith... and Lou, tell the guys that the email file will be replaced but is still accessible and exportable to a database... so... I find it interesting because it perpetuates the collusion as well as problems with dental care and more so that any chance of statute of limitations can't run out.. good work guys.. It'll go well with the FBI report I made.

The thing about turn ing my back on deadsouls doesn't mean not observing and reporting. Sorry. Thought you got rid of me didn't you. I'm just not going to worry about  why you know who Iam, what I'm like, who I represent, and still mock God, but then, that will be your problem. Meanwhile, I'll be speaking stuff into existence anyway. Not falling for the trap.. cuz if all this proves anything to me, Lou and Keith and your friends, that just like the phony minister, you're all small potatoes... smokescreen... expendable to the gods of money you serve :} It's kinda like that... Interesting you'd give your careers to people like that. Let alone your lives.

So... did I miss the Waco thing? Likely.. I'm sure it'll be back.. NBC... making sure whatever truth I tell is obscured by the lies they tell ...   and they call it politics... stuff like that used to be criminal.

I like playing with energy fields with my hands. It's part of learning to heal. Wanna learn how? :}

I looked in the mirror this morniing.. a actually brushed my hair before going to the dentist... and it seems like I look younger.. how does that happen :? Maybe it's from laughing all the time :}

I enjoyed writing last night.. I expect to do so again tonight.. the evolution of God.. I'd love to talk to Robert Wright. I bet I could get him laughing at everyhing too:} He's smart.

I found John McCain's favorite piece of clip art.. I'll be posting that tonight :} No John, I just don't quit, I have more than 900 years to go, and I'm not allowed to quit. :}Something about the rest of God.. and an eternity or somethin' :} Lava soap.. did you  see when we hit oil, too? Did you ever get real crude on your hands, and have to wash it off beginning with lime? Yuck:} I'll tell ya, it motivates you to keep the dog away from it. :}

Of course, Duke was usually off chasing snakes in the grass.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 01 - My Family.mp3.m3u

There's a story that goes with listening to her the first time, having to do with a radio station, a guy named mark, an unnamed radio executive, High School Spanish class and the guy named Jeff who seems to have a thing for making me look suspicious.... like I say, it just gets weirder and weirder. Love the music though.

Doubleback alley... double.. it's an interesting thing to anticipate witnessing when it happens. I think God's been  saving up a while. I think one o fthe things that is different about me and God is that God's seen it all, I've seen what God thought I needed to see just to be sure I knew that life wasn't just another video game and virtual reality we're being sold to exist in. And that true evil really is evil. And that what you see on tv isn't real. It's a shame. So many good people. I actually feel sorry for them. Kind of like my dad's book of pictures of charred bodies and destruction from what must have been the Korean war that I wasn't supposed to see, that was conveniently left out for about 20 mintes as I viewed it....

Off the hook.. only for the souls who refused to listen. The oens I've been talking toall this time in places that could make all the difference in world.. but chose not to.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 01 - Can't Stop This Feeling I Got

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 06 - Visionary Mountains

5:04pm In a world where people only tell the truth... Bill Clinton would say, "Yes, there is a vast right wing conspiracy, an I'm part of it." That's what a good centrist would say on truth serum.

Good thing I'm not a right winger.. they'd say I was conspiring against him and Obama.. Orewellian stuff...  there's a code word for you.. Oreos... for Orwellian stuff.. what others call reptilian... which is not really about space aliens, but is about those of the serpent making its way around the earth, most know it as those who participate with the COuncil on Foreign Relations tpye. That's two code words. Oreos, and Reptilians...

An oreo is like this.. Iran schedules and informs other nations of missile tests well in advance Ahmadinejad goes to the UN, makes a beautiful speech, the U.S. Media says it was insulting and inflammatory, though it wasn't, and then someone convenitently times the release of info on the "alleged" secret nuclear enrichment and weapons program Iran has just before the missile test, which makes it look like Iran is flexing its muscles instead of doing a fairly routine test.

That's an Oreo.. an Orwellian reversal of the truth, spin, to make something look like everyone is a potential enemy while we're the good guys, evven though we isntigated it. One of them Dobbsonian coincidences :}  Wait til you read what I have to say about Iran... and our efforts against them since before 1958.... what you might say is the quitnessential example of how our nationalism and how fear is used to get us to believe lies for the purposes of some very evil people... and I'm thinking there's still folks stuck in the middle who, like I, didn't believe that people that evil could possibly exist. Excess is one thing, perks of a job, okay. It happens. But evil is another thing altogether.

Alot of quintessential examples anymore. I didn't want any angels to fall, in any interpretation of that. Didn't  think it was necessary.

Can't wait to see who starts talking about reptilians and Oreos. I'm imagining someone in Shelton tracking all this, and saying, it's amazing, they actually do all this weird stuff he talks about.

Back to the Evolution of God... :}

Kenny Rogers & the First Editi - Just Dropped In

Keith, you're either  a chicken or you have a cushier contract than I thought.

9/29/2009 Ya know, when it came down to it the Nazis perpetrating all the evil were chickens. The Baghdad Bob stuff is going to be one of the best things I've written.

Heavy dews all night.. I cna tell because I wake up and my muscles are all cramped and sore.. psychotronics... ya wake up thinking about thing sin a doubtful way when you don't feel doubtful.. I'm so glad I know who I am as a person, separate from anything else. It makes all the difference. You know when you've been Cameronized. Cameronizing. Look it up searching Canada CIA Cameron.

One of these days I'll get around to updating the traitor's list. Lots of new additions.

Most of the psychotronics i get these days has to do with making me feel defeated... especially the thinking tha tI've doing this for years, and the only real interaction I've had with a suppose minister has been to screw up my life more on purpose. So, the focus is always on "the Christians have rejected me" ... the thing is, I didn't understand why the Bible said certain things would happen., like taking away the flocks, because you'd think the best ally Christians would have is Christ and vis a versa... but I  guess it's kind of like when a founder of a corporation hires someone else to run the business for a while, and it starts failing, so the founder comes back and no one will do what he says, even though it would work. So the founder  fires everyone, reminding them tha thtey worked for HIm, supposedly, and not the other way around. Like I said a while back, it's like requiring everyone to reapply for their jobs. And now I understand why. It's really a shame.

There's someone I know who always asks me advice and never takes it, and invariably comes back later and sys, you were right, I should have done what you said.. as if they think I should derive satisfaction by having been right more than if a result had been accomplished. what good's it do to be right if no one listens. This same person said, I want to throw a party to say all the things I'm mad at God  for letting happen. I said, I'll be gone that night. It's like this: we make choices; we vote for evil people, we listen to evil people for news, we live in denial...   and wonder why the world is the way it is.. and blame God. I said, If I die of lung cancer from smoking, I can't blame God for that. I was told. I knew the possible consequences. Of course, no one thinks the bad stuf fwe don't want to think about will happen to them. Especially the bad guys. So we discard good advice for short term pleasure or gain. And then blame God for the harm that's come to us, for the choices we made.

No wonder God figured that, since the Jews wouldn't listen to  Jesus, it would likely end up taking near destruction of the world before people would listen to Him again... and here we are.. and people don't even actually realize we're on the brink. because of the deceptions, and those who betray God.

I know a lot of reasons why certai thing sare the way they are.. including the circumstances of my emergence.. why I would be "uneducated" in theology  all the way to why God would not hwant supernatural acts as proof of anything.. Because God really does want people to choose His ways... not be force into them or be impressed with some miracle worker who dazzles people like  a magic show.. and then people just say it's handled and continue on apathetically like before...

The greatest miracle that needs to be performed throughout the world is to relieve the suffering of mental slavery that enables economic slavery and the perpetuation and acceleration of evil. real evil.. saddistic evil... unimagineable evil.. it's going on in fact, and in every aspect of our lives. I'm certain that's part of what God wanted me to understand, how pervasive and persistent evil is, like a sickness that steals your soul. It does. That's why I'l never be like them, why I had to understand evil.. because even now, I still wish these sick people would give it up and do the right thing, for the sake of the good part left in them. But understanding it's unlikely they will.

And that's when I start hoping that not too much more damage will be done before God finishes them off. Alot of that depends on us.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - 02 - Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me

Just like Moses... who's going to fall today? You know what they say, one a day. With iron. Makes the directed energy and psychotronics work better.

1:35 pm Think my doom and gloom talk, talk of civil war and more is rambling? Check this out..

U.S. To Break Up Soon?
By Chuck Baldwin
September 29, 2009

This column is archived at

Lou - Looks like the CFR has sicked the 527's on you... they are good at front groups, aren't they? Don't wait too long :}

9/30/2009 2:15 pm ... Major victory in the dental area today.. got some new crowns.. I get a think like invisalign that will allow my tooth to stabilize... I figure about a month and I'll be eating nuts and hard food again. Finally. And then another week to master learning to talk again.

BTW It' s not like I subscribe to things like CHuckBaldwin because I necessarily agree with his views.. but people like him come across some interesting articles and facts that other people don't.. things that are true that go unnoticed that shouldn't...

I found it interesting, reading the Bible last night.. abotu how.. if you connect the dots.. being the son ofman.. having a kick me sign on my back all these years... has multiple significances.. including.. peole being judged byGod based on my experiences, views, observations, and sort of like, if he did those things, people who diidn't do anything worse are okay..  and in a  way determines God's judgment of where humanity is - the cosmic consciousness.. which is interesting too, because if that's true, I'd say where we are is curious, always interested and willing, an on the edge of some major breakthroughs personally and universally that will bring the Kingdom of Heaven. Viewing the evil people doing their final deeds leading to  their own demise. Poetic justice.

I finished up The Evolution of God last night.. added a little to calling all hippies and of course, posted the clipart for John. I think I fixed it so whenyou go to www.Fortheloveoftheworld.com you can pick from the old book and the new book.. . I'll look later to see... :}

Time to go monitor some news.. even the media watchdog groups have become biased.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

5:06pm 44,000 didn't die because they didn't have health care.. they die because we don't have a health care system that places the welfare of citizens ahead of the cost and responsibility of the republic to promote the welfare of the people. Welfare, meaning the benefit and well-being of citizens, not entitlements. Certainly there can be numerous contingenicies on health care financing and eligibilit, such as handling cosmetic an dpurely elective surgery.. and I'm not talking about surgery called elective that gets excluded by companies that don't want to pay for it...

Health care ends up being an all-inclusive, concentric design issue because real health care is also environmental, nutritional, societal and cultural.. but it begins with finding the way to utilize what's available to do what is possible. I assure you, when you're sick, the last thing you want to have to do is argue with a corporation about whether your life is worth saving.. that's wht it feels like when you're told you can't have what other people have, their health, when you think you might be dying.

As for the judgment stuff.. it may seem my life would justify a lot of sin. :} Sure, I got off track a few times for brief periods... but the truth is, regardless of the "headlines", I've actually lived a pretty quiet, conservative life... I've just somehow experienced and witnessed a lot.. a lot of that kind of bizarre stuff... It' skind of  why I'm looking forward to the trip to India someday. I always wanted to know what those people were really like over there. And maybe I'd get to see my friend Puneet Talwar... :} And who that other person is. Must be God's idea of carrot and stick :}

I got a couple things to write.

Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 06 - Shambala

It's weird toknow that the people who know who you are are the same people who made themselves your enemies. I didn't do anything to them.. and it started long before 2002.... the parallels to the life of Jesus are astounding.. still.. I can never help wondering  why no one  has had a serious conversation with me about things... if people believed at all, they'd be curious at least. If they understood the ways of God, they'd know.  That really does kind  of theel the story, after all , of how Jesus was rejected, by people who had given up those things that upheld their connection to God, and therefore, could not recognize the next Christ when he emerged... just as the Druids and those who had "fallen away" - even in the churches - adopted the policy of doing away with anyone declaring themselves the next... if nobody actually listened, how would they know at all.

After all, Jesus was considered an honored High Priest until he no longer went along with "the way things were".

John Kennedy declared he would inform the American citizens that there was, indeed, a plan to overthrow the rights and constitution of this nation, and was assassinated 10 days later...

The FBI asked Martin Luther King to commit suicide for the good of the country.

There's a long history - in the world - that shows how far corrupt people will go to diminsh and publicly humiliate or embarass truth tellers in order to maintain power and control, certainly to keep them from political office.

People said John Lennon was paranoid and crazy when he said the FBI was surveiling him. 20 years later, thousands of pages of FBI files on him were released.

In the 70's Ira Einhorn tried to warn people of the dangers of psychotronic weapons then in use by the United States Government. One day, I'll testify on his behalf to show how he was set up, and why he is now in jail. To silence him. Because he was telling the truth.

There's a pattern to it all... think about it, and then think about what there is to do about it. Jus ttelling young people about the difference in the way we freedom now versus then, would make a huge difference all by itself.

It's true, you can't expect old heads on young bodies... but you can teach the young minds the difference between liberty and "freedom as allowed by law". There is a huge difference. ANd if you can find  a way to explain economic slavery and relate it towhat's going on these days, you'll really make a difference.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Cocker - Many Rivers to Cross

11/2/2009 11:39am I kepe thinking, none of the visions or anything I had ever siad anything about writing a book... so you media and psyops guys got away with wasting a lot of my time.. even more reason why when people find out the truth, they'll be that muchmore angry.

I find it interesting, the protocols, and considering that if God is going to judge people to some degree on the way I'v ebeen treated, let alone so many others in a variety of sick ways, how the protocols talk about sort of grooming CHrist in order to control him an to be able to get him to go along things he ordinarily wouldn't have. I can tell you this: I will never be like you sickos, not out of stubbornness or rebellion or defiance, but I'm just not like you, I refuse to be.. and though I have my moments of anger just any normal person, I will never agree to be like you people... so you need to give that one up right now.

I really am leaving things up to God right now because I really don't see how this ends or gets resolved without people getting their prophecy fulfilled... I keep thinking, ya never know when people are going to believe the truth, but what good does it do to know if it doesn't change anything. Just as it doesn't do any good to predict anything when people don't listen and prevent the danger they think is interesting.

And to Judy Woodruff.. the only thing I regret is not finding out sooner, cause I woul have beaten you guys easily... of course that's what you and your friends specialize in.. sucker punches.. and I'll bet all your wealthy freinds you and the others cover for would have nothing if they'd ever had to turn an honest deal, or get elected by telling the truth. You respect that all you want. It tells volumes about you. And it isn't saying anything good. Like Dobbs said about Hussein, you all are sick and need to be destroyed, one way or another because you all are evil, real evil, you know, and you think getting away with it makes you smart and clever.. but all it makes you is sicker and sicker and sicker.

You may think delaying things like this accomplished something you'll benefit from.. all you really did was ensure your damnation, in this world and in the next.  I feel sorry for every one of you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin'

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Gorilla - 04 - Wandering

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Going Underground

2:35pm 15 minutes in, and I had to say something, Crissy... now that I know you know the declaration of indepenence and all, you have no excuses. You'r e a real disappointment. ALthough, at thispoint, I can understand why you think it's fun and amusing.. the problem is, real people are being affected in very bad ways... when you think about that, ot's very sobering. How many people do you know who you have to look in the eye who will be harmed later? What will you say to them? Have you guys thought about things like that? Do you really believe that people, the whole world, will just give into you,  or that you have some survivable strategy for war? What always brings crazy leaders down is their own insanity. That's one of those equal but opposite reaction things.

If anyone out there thinks I'm just some delusional guy looking for power and control, consider this: I keep telling God, so let's say you decide it's time to go all the way, and I'm supposed to do a bunch of stuff.. I'm getting kind of old... can I at least look forward to a few years somewhere to retire where I can have my own go cart and hang out with some people who actually know me and like me? I mean, I understand the reward in heaven and on earth thing, but is that really too much to ask? Growing up is really highly overrated... I grew up when I was a kid, it didn't do me any good, so I gave it up a little :} Talk about bad habits :}

I was thinking I'd write a chapter called - In order to read this book, God says you have to promise to lighten up a little... and then another one called Ya never know.. with the subtitle "when people will believe the truth" and then the text of the chapter will simply say "'Nuff said". I figure if Jesus has the record for the shortest verse, I'd go for the shortest chapter :} It's sort of interesting, isn't it, I wanted to be class president, didn't think Icould win, went for the school board.. could have won... can't be president of the country... I'm not trying to be arrogant but you psyops people and polticians made your biggest mistake by holding me back this way... setting me up this way..  but it's God's deal, the game is pinochle, and he taught me to play it 3 handed cut throat when I was little.. I won a lot... I just keep getting the feeling he knew HW Bush.

I'm assuming now that when I email out to certain people who  might believe me, it's getting interrupted.. cause I have to believe certain people I've located would  have responded. Too bad, Barack. It's not going to be easy for you. You'll regret being the spokesman for the CFR.

I'm going to say one more thing again, and I really mean it, and if you scoff at it now, remember it later, because it will come back on you.

If you're associated with or a member of the CFR, thisis the time to walk away from it. In time, the people involved will be jailed or will run for cover. If you're a minister of any sort who is  amember or who hangs out with these people, thinking it gives you a poisition of influence, you need to walk away because you're giving God's name to an organization that is doing the work of the Devil. It's that simple. Stop giving God's name to organizations that do bad things, thinking your involvement will help influence them into making more humane decisions. They're just sucking you in, using you, and getting you to go along. And if you don't walk away, it will be held against you, as a matter of law against criminals, and before God, who will question your apostasy. Wake up, do a little research, stop particpating and cooperating with evil. Don't say you weren't told.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 203 - America

8:58 pm I remember looking at someone's website one day, seeing a book for sale, cracking the code or something like that, thinking someone further understood some things going on, of course making me trust them more. It's like, I can understand, understand the circumstances and in the strange ways they would cause, that there would be certain people who'd want to get in my way.  But, not some people. Particularly not of the government and all.

I was thinking, today, something alittle different.. it always seems werid to mehow people speak of everythignhappening to humanity because of Adam's downfall and all.. I like to think of it more like this.. God said, Adam, I'm sending you out of the Kingdom of Heaven for a while, the Garden of Eden, because I want you to see what the world in the world of men, the kingdom of God being generated, is really like, because you need to understand what the rippling effects are of making mistakes that affect other people in little ways that lead to big ways, and why there are certain rules, just a few, that I ask you not to break no matter what because they make all the difference in the world...

I always respected my father's rule, even when I was a little kid, that, except for the power tools, I could use any tool in the shop so long as I put it back where I found it when I was done. His shop was bigger than the house. He had some really interesting stuff.

It's weird. I live in a house where one person doesn't believe in a messiah who says what I write is a historical document, and now there's somene else who I've talked to a little who, when it's a pretty day, she thanks me for it, like I made it. What do you say to that? You're welcome? :} You don't know what it's like to be me.... :}

It's interesting to note that the 12 tribes - Judaism - the true Jews - did not reject Jeus, and in fact were/are Christians. It's the Jews - the mixture of Judaism and the influencs of Pagan druidism,  that rejected Jesus. If you consider that in terms of what that means for Judaism itself.. it could alter people's thinking about what they believe in and why... it might also cause you to review what you thought when I originally said that when you view the Biblical paradigms related to the nations and their power  positions.. ie, people think Jesus would come from Italy when those who study understand it would be from the U.S.... (the real reason I've played the Kid Charlemagne song by Steely Dan says... don't you know you are Italian in their eyes"... Steely Dan knows their Bibles... :}) anyway, that in many ways, the U.S. is Israel in current times, and we're about to have our own Armageddon of sorts...** and   that the "son" would  rise here because of the evil of the reigning empire as well as the design and intent of the U.S. and that U.S. Christians could be major assistants in respecting and teaching and being God's will in the world, in this, a nation under God, whether they acknowledge Him or not, as is true of all nations and all people.

Ya know it's weird. The truth is, if Iwas good at anything in speech an debate it was origianl oratory. I never thought about whether eloquent or anything or not, I jus tspoke from the heart and directly to issues, and the spirit of the values and principles I believed in.  I don't want to make it seem like I never wrote something like a good speech or anything. There's a reason why people thought my commercials and advertising copy were good. But, stuff pops out, and I never know what to think or say.. it just pops out... and I just know it's God putting His 2 cents worth in... so where I put the ** is where God spoke.

... I can tell when people are looking at me too.. ever get that feeling.. like in parking lots... think I don't know. Different people have a different feel.. like blind people can hear footprints and such... ever felt someone's brainwaves... very strong energy.... when you suck up pain energy, it can hurt... hurts my head, and I get a little dizzy sometimes.. I'm sure I'll get better at that... heck.. I figured I'd been somewhere playing with hurricanes last summer :} Oh ye of little faith. What damage it does.

Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day

Got a new/old Prince Album, 5.99 Rainbow Children... he must have been  getting zapped but it sure had some interesting stuff on it.. Wait itl ya hear it.. course, I still like the contemplating the universe stuff :} maybe the people in India will like me :}

11/3/2009 Olbermann - I got the "we're tired of playing with you" treatment from CNN too... cool.. you don't need me anymore.. works for me.. that's why I'm turning my back on people like you. Too far gone to salvage. It's a shame. But that's how that goes. You'll never get me to say I don't care, Olbermann.. cause I'll always care.. but, I understand why God says to just walk away. WOn't it be ironic when the writers of the Left Behind series get left behind for going along with the work of the devil... There'll be  lot of ironies lke that. ALl because these great ministers forget that the Bible applies to them too. Just like news people forget that being on the side of winners, criminals, makes them criminals and the laws os of nature, man and God still apply, just as they do to their bosses.... for thos epeople, yo umight as well forget that God exists... erase erase.. cause everybody else will.. See there's always a silver lining.

I can sure see how you government and corporate guys, mainly GE and TIme, got away with doing thistomy father.. unfortunately for you, I don't have the negative genetic qualities that killed him and his father, my body is young for its age... I'm figuring I'll be back around in about 30 years, when that new false Christ you're working on will be presentable... meanwhile.. alot can be accomplished with 144,000

The gov't must not like what I'm writing about Iran. I knew Iran was a target, but I didn't know it went back more than 100 years. It's an easier case to make than I thought. Barack, you're going to think I'm more than a moral interruption. The thing is, whatever you throw at me, I am who I am, and you can't change that, I won't quit, I will  win, and if I die 10 seconds after seeing you guys get busted, I'll die laughing.

If I was an employee of NBC or MSNBC, I'd be really embarrassed. Talk about whores.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down That Crazy River

Just think of all the other media psyop targets who are going to step forward when it becomes common knowledge.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Michael - Freedom

10/3/2009 9pm For the record, I didn't get any pleasure from writing the things on CFR and the media and Baghdad Bob. When it's over, I hope it'll mean freedom for some people... and tell Dave I have no interest in his money.. he's a smaller potato than the media guys...

It's weird to think of God, knowing He's responsible for every spirit, good or bad, whatever, and then you think about leaders, like presidents and such... I mean real leaders of citizens, not poiticians... it's pretty much the same thing. Every citizen has to count. Not just the middle class or wealthy.... every citizen.. otherwise, it's not really a nation with a government to serve the people at all... chek out the strategy of the Whigs and you'll see how the Democrats and Obama fooled the liberals and activists into thinking they would be represented, while at the same time promising to deliver law to help corporations and therby selling out citizens to big money... and yeah, thanks to Olbermann for that one... I know they used wigs, and I understood the whigs reference, but it still wasn't nice... and I resent it. So would you. Morph that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 09 - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

10/5/2009 8:15pm Like I said, when I write stuff the CFR doesn' tlike, they zap me hard for a few days. :} I  just ride it out. Psychotronics and DEWS, the way they're being used, really are torture.   I get amused sometimes, wondering what people are told... giggling a little about how, if someone did have something like a brainwave receiver on me, they'd sure be getting interesting stuff.

Oh yeah, the psyops guys wanted me to point out i'm using "stuff" alot to get me to make it clear that the word "stuff" is being used alot, and I was saying it alot in my writing long before. It's a stupid little thing, but one more thing.

It was kind of interesting to have someone point out to me that Nixon came to see my dad in East Palo Alto when he was vice-President... I don't know if it makes a difference, but something tells me it probably does. I still think he probably knew something about the JFK assassination, because he seemed to count so much on the Clay Shaw trial. He was very tight lipped about it all. No wonder my parents wouldn't let me answer the door anymore:} Can you imagine? You' re not real.. My dad says if it's on tv it's not real. :}

Kids say the darndest things :}

It's interesting: I'm kicking back here, feeling a little guilty about not writing, but being so zapped I can't... watching all this stuff go on tha appears like innoculations abotu everyything I talk about.. thinking, aer they really that conerned or are they just having fun making me think they are to see what I'll do? THey'd do that sort of thing. They're a rebellious lot :} OR... they're gonna do all this, set up someone to do a human interest story out of left field, and then the fun really begins... with dialecticians, you have to figure in every conceivable weird possibility there is, cause these guys are good at what they do, and they don't have too many boundaries in their rule books... :}

Probably shouldn't mention this, because initially, it tends to make targeted individuals look crazy... until you understand how easy it easy to project sound, especially when there is a constant sound that they can put the "silent sound" under to mask it as a subliminal in open air... and a fan noise is often used.. leading to these psyops guys having the fun of playing with people, making them think their refrigerators were talking to them. It sounds funny, but gets a lot of people labeled crazy when it's actually happening. Only it's just projected sound. It's a simple illusion to do. I don't hear people talk about that too much anymore. Maybe too many people are catching on.

What mostly happens is people get ADD, depressed, tired, dizzy, an electrical feeling on their heads... if you're experiencing a great number of odd coincidences in a compressed period of time, you're probably a target.

So.. I'm working on the thing aboutIran.. viewing what happened before Pahlavi I tells a lot. It's worse than I thought. Jimmy.. it always leads back to you and Rockefeller.. one way or another...

One thing I wanted to say, on the idea of a major catastrophe, seaprate from any Biblical predictions... even if you believed Global Warming or some factor was causing warming, we already know, unless we've been lied to, that the oceans are going to rise significantly over the next 10 years, a result scientists say is accelerating and worse than previously thought. Have you heard any government agencies talking abotu a plan to withdraw from the coastlines.. as well as to move and remove toxic wastes and factories, and nuclear plants, away from waterways that would swallow them up and thus be fully contaminated by their radioactivity and chemicals?

I wasn't joking about needing to decide where to move the capitol to. And what about the people?

It really is about time to do the "What Gandhi knew" piece.. all you can do is whatever you can do to put an end to the madness without causing more. I know how to do it. I wish I wasn't being contained, cause I'd know what to do. It seem to me that people are listening, and my impatience and "demand" to be heard and known is not a desire for attention but a firm voice and a firm hand in putting things right.. I know the time will come in God's ways.. I'l say some things that will stun some people regarding how to get things done, wha tthe pros and cons are, make sure everyone knows what's at stake, what could happen, what canhappen, and the way for everyone to remain safe AND cause th government to respond to its citizens, to whom this nation belongs.

I find all this interesting becaus eof the part of the story of the son of man that I  think God purposely left unwritten... like, let' ssee what'sneeded when we get there.. is the part about the sone of man going away, then coming back riding on a new ass... yata yata... particularly when you don't consider Hosea as a concurrent story... the obvious conclusion is that the son of man either dies or goes to somewhere else, becaus e they know what he'll do before he does it.. for me, they basically zapped me into oblivion for 4 years... that'as going away, not the way I imagined it.. nonetheless. and here I still am, they still know everything I do, so the only thing to do, as I surmised long ago, was to do things they couldn't claim were illegal or do anything that would place me in harm's way if I could help it.. now, I could say, I could go to another country where at least I wouldn't be subject to U.S. jurisdiction, mabe get protection, but that wouldn't mean the dews and psychotronics would be off.  SO the only thing to do is to keep eeking htings out, wondering why noone has had aserious conversation with me, being sad that maybe no one believes, unerstanding that, aand just continuing on anyway... at least to say a few more things that I think are essential.

Speaking of which..

Way, long ago, I was talking about the need to celan out the government of some of the cronies and and all, and suddenly, Ted Kennedy makes a speech out of nowhere about how we didn't need to "purge the government". I was taken off guard, becaus eit seemed to directly address what I was saying, soI backed off, thining I'd just take his advice, although I was not convinced.. still probing.

And I just have tosay, unfortunately, I think we do need   a purge, based on one thing, have elected officials upheld  their oaths of office. For the most part, the answer is actually already no. Proven by the legislation passed and supported by the Federal Gov't that is  clearly not even just unconstitutional but anti-constitutional.

I'm not for blacklisting or anything like that. It's not neo-McCarthyism. But it is recognizing that people in powerful positions in this government do not agree with the U.S. Constitution, and they need to be identified and expelled, becaus ethey swore to up hold the Consititution of this nation, and of us, the people, and if they had legitimate ideas that upheld that Constitution, they were certainly welcome to disclose them and seek acceptance, through truth, not lies and deception, gradual acceptance of policies that make unconstitutionality acceptable... all for good reasons at the time, used to set up policies and practices far from benefitting the public as loopholes are utilized.

Truthfully, big guy, I'd prefer to see the U.N. stay in AMerica, once it's cleaned up and people are allowed to do its legitimate work as it can when it's allowed... however, I can see advantages to its being moved.. but the real possibility is keeping it central with teleconferencing and such.. but in a results oriented environment not caught up in a power struggle that's really about economic and military war, not helping people. Alot of good people with serious ways of helping at the U.N. Would't it be better to point out why it's not working and propose a more democratic system than to simply throw away a usable structure? When I say not working, I don't mean how it's not serving the military and total spectrum dominance of the U.S. All I gotta say is, you know what I wished. People wanting to beleive. Could be worse. Not like I'm counting on you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 09 - Enemy Within

It's interesting :} Ya think about me saying, no more anointed nations, and you probably think that's a totally punitive thing.. it's really not... it's about God taking over in His own way, which is to give equality to every person in every nation. it's like U.S. - one nation, one vote, period. There's only one reason why it would be any other way, and that's if it gives advantage to someone... figure it out. And if someone has  aproblem with that, you'd better ask why. If if someone has a problem with the idea of one nation, one vote, than who in the United States will argue that Democracy, elections and equal representation are a valid way to govern with checks and balances? That in and of itself is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the Untied States Government - not its citizens.. as well as an example of how Ahmedinejad's speaking fo nations that violate civil rights in the name of protecting civil rights was upsetting to the U.S. delegation at the U.N... because they knew he was, without saying, talking about our government. King Barack has no clothes.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tee Set - Ma Belle Ami

I gotta find out what the French word is for "stuff". :} Swear with flair, eh, Don? Ya know why that "Troop movement" thing changed my life.. I knew people would think it was a poltiical thing when I said it..:} but the truth it changed my life because it opened up a new way for me to think about how to do radio comedy, just like Dr. Don did :} And my dad had  a thing about AJ Foyt. :} I loved that one :} Baby Huey was classic :} When I    first listened to swear with flair, I was repulsed  Now it's just like everything else on HBO :}

10/6/2009 11am For the last few nights or so, Bible study hasn't been as fun, partly because of psychotronics and partly because God's been in a real serious mood. I could tell when He decided I should read about the Macabees... I don't want to read about war. Given that what I've been reading lately didn't seem to have a specific message or give direct guidance, I figured God had a bigger picture kind of thing  in mind fo rme to think about.. I think I know what it is.. but I'm resisting it.. anywya..

so last night I randomly opened the Bible, and it wen tstraight to Song of Solomon, and I thought, I'm not really in the mood for sex :} But I understand the context in regard to the "seduction" of the church as it were.. I thought, God always gets me to read this stuff for a reason, so I might a s well read it and get it over with, and I read a while and it was a good reminder but I wasn't in the mood.. so I thought, I wonder if God wantd me to read the opposite page to the beginning of Song of Solomon...

So I looked at that. It was Ecclesiastes..  I read the last page.. seemed to fit.. so I backed up a few pages.. more context, and it seemed to fit even more.. and the conclusion was, time to finish writing... I'm kind of addicted to it, like the  only communication I have with the outside world in a way.. at least to people who are concerned with the issues presented here, for whatever reasons... My niece once said that she knew as long as I had a dog, I'd never have a girlfriend :} Interpret that as you will...

There's still things I need to write, but I think it's coming to an end. Time to  talk directly with people or skeedaddle. either way is fine with me.

I'm looking forward to getting the ElCamino running again.. I think it's interesting that I made it home last winter, and then it died. It'll be easy but arduous work cleaning ut the gas tank. Has to be the problem. Gonna retorque and/or reseat the carb, too. No parts required.

It's gonna be a beautiful day.. reminds me of the best times I had working on the house while it was being built... the dirt guys were working next door, and I was thinking I'd ask to run the excavator for  awhile, but I couldn't think of a good excuse to need to. :} I like the B-Line guys... Thanks to Marco at Miles for teaching me how to build a road :} Gravel's actually pretty interesting stuff. Even for a geek like me :}

Rach, ya made it to Meet the Press... I'd be proud of you, about 10 years ago.. :} ya know what I mean. I know you guys think I don't like you but the psychotronics are good at what they do :} Expecting mercy, are you? Y aknow the funny part really is that I can feel it in my gut that I'm going to succeed, as weird as my story is.. it's gonna work. I like that slogan, ya never know when people are going to believe the truth. Do you play pinochle?

Interesting, isn't it, I've been on the periphery as an aobserver, sort of, all these years, in computers with  a touch of broadcasting entertainment, and he's been on the periphery of the media.. scary isn't it? :} If your background is what you say it is, it would be interesting to hear your observations of how I'm holding up. I know I can't hide much,  but it must be a fascinating study to realize the differences between thought and thinking. It's all about generating reality... mostly to cope... Always has been. That's what's gotta change most. Imagine a world where everyone says I live for this kind of stuff..

I was laughing at the idea of writing :imaginary lover" songs.. and thinking, what if I wrote an "imaginary friend" song.. like, what it really means to be a friend.. and then I thought.. wait I said before I didn't have any imaginary friends.. I'm not giving them this one :} A musician would understand that :}

Finally.. I'd read the Rockefeller proposal, but I don't want to give you the idea that I respect you. You've had a long time and a great number of resources to get things done, and it in a humane way. It might be a good plan. I might use it myself, implemented a few different ways I'm sure. How can you expect me to respect you? At this point, do you really think zapping me is going to make a difference? DId you hear the one about the guy in Atlanta who gave me a laser pointer, and told me about this thing they were creating at Emory University they called a "virtual asshole". they said they were developing a visual system that could be seen in something like sunglasses for doing operations... and then he said it was about doing colonoscopies and such... What do you think was he trying to tell me something? I think he wazs. Explains a number of other things he told me too.. and some other things a former employee of Emory told me... I'm sure he was involved in the psyops some way or another and probably sold out, or was viewed as a risk... He's an expert on media psyops. He was psyopped out of Emory. Nuclear Reactor operator. I have evidence that most would say provides a credible link to his access to fully functonal psychotronics.. that also shows the level of infiltration by psyops agents into the forums where the targeted individuals are trying to network to gain relief from their torture... they disinform and terrorize...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Bowie - This is not America

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnnie Taylor - Disco Lady I always thought htis song was funny

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eurythmics - Missionary Man

10/7/2009 6:13 pm It was special alright. A few years back I would have applauded. Now, all you did was provide more character witnesses for yourself - of  hypocrisy and sociopathy - to contrast the good guy image. Did CFR give you  abonus for that one?

The problem is, it's  afraud that there's any sort of disagreement going on in Congress.. the Dems could pass whtever legislation they want any time with their tri-fecta.. so this is more of a stall while other things are put in place ... and Keith, this plan to insure nsurance companies is the biggest consumer - government ripoff ever.. it actually is racketeering,,, and if any person goes to jail for not paying for insurance, we'll add to the RICCO cases against Congress AND YOU, bob. A hard act to follow indeed. Interpret that 3 or 4 ways.

Wanting to believe.. I used to always look to the brighter side. I swear I'll never understand why you guys thought this was necessary. Whatever ya'll might claim is the reason or purpose, for whatever I supposedly did or am... :} DId you know crazy people laugh all the time cuz they know they're the only sane ones :}

So, meanwhile.. now I've got witnesses for the headlights:} Whew :}I'm still not sure why these people signal me, and I'm certainly not going to presume anything given that some of these people were the ones tailing me and boxing me in on the freeway when I started taking video, and it stopped :}

SO I'm driving around Seattle today, and people are signalling me, and I mention it to my passengers, and they started noticing... and I'm bored and amusing myself with free association and all sorts of fun thoughts.. and I'm thinkin.. so if these people kow I'm a political hot potato but are just showing solidarity, cool. If they're being nice when they weren't before, cool.

Meanwhile back on the religious front..  I used to talk alot about just in case Christians.. so I was thinking, let's jsut say that Jean Enersen or some friend of Lou's broke the story a few years back about this guy who thought he was Christ. What  a story. So people thought it was funny, some got mad, thinking they'd kill that anti-christ or something... now remember, I'm laughing...

So I'm thinking, just in case Christians. what if there's some people - sort of like agnostics - who sort of believe in God so they decided they'd better become Christians just in case... maybe they are, maybe they're not... so, maybe there's people who wonder if maybe I am Christ... in which case... I'm like a just in case "Jesus", if you will.:} I hope that's not how anyone would regard me.. or have that be any reason why anyone would decide to believe in who I am.. just in case... it's kind of an amusing free association to me when I'm not editing my thoughts, but it's kind of like God not really wanting people to be good Christians to avoid going to Hell. He'd prefer they choose that way of being because it makes sense.

Making sense.. if you've never had any sort of clairvoyant experience... and I've never claimed or tried to be clairvoyant, I just see things.. when it's not good stuff... like when I told the guy in Brooklyn he was going to jail... it's not fun at all... and when you're put inthe position of - like the Bible says - some things you know from the world and some things you see in visions.. when you see things that aren''t good, it's upsetting, when you can't do anything about it, it's frustrating.. and even though it's not really personal.... it's like seeing a child getting hit by a car.. and thinking, if  only I'd been paying closer attention...

I keep thinking, so what's it onna be like when thisstuf fis entered into evidence in  acourtroom, and someone has to explain how I go from talking strange events to real world events to spiritual level events.. it's like. just tellme how much time you want to spend on the spirituality part.. I'll have em laughing in the aisles.. and save their souls at the same time. :} Whatever that means :}

I really worry that my view of what it means to save a soul is anything like most "Christians"... it's a very serious thing, sure I know a relationship to God is very personal... just as I know and have to accept,with great faith, that even God knows that at this time we have an opportunity to interrupt a timeline,prophecy, however you view it... and depending on humanity, we may go into extra innings. THat would be sad, and there would be a great deal of hardship because of it,not by God's will, but the course of  humanity, a course tht is being set up in a dialectic to not show its true face to you until after the elections of 2012... like the faux health insurance reform.. and more... free will. you either respect it or you don't.   uman dignity and empowerment: you either respect it or you don't. ANd what good is the rule of law when the rules are changed so that crimes become legal for those of the elite and wealthy... as in the changing of the law to appoint a new Senator from Massachusettes to make sure the Democratic tri-fecta was maintained.

Probability, even according to scripture, would suggest failure. I don't believe that will happen, though there are hard times to come. Now, I've taken a lot of abuse, as have many others, and many more who don't even know what happene to them.... and I'm nottalking about just psychotronics and dews, I'm talking ba health care, bad food, bad water, bad air... all allowed.. crimes we'd be prosecuted for if we did it... but they're all allowed by laws made to make crimes legal,or to force paltry fines that make it true that crime  pays.

The Bible says the money will be returned to the people. In the U.S., I say  it'll happen because of further economic weakening even if inflation creates a faux boom... and then the rule of law that says you can not benefit from crime will force a sweeping review of every judgemnet ever made by  a court where economic liability replaced criminal liability.

And it WILL begin with my future work against GE and TIme-Warner, as well as  a number of other key individuals that will lead to the indictment of likely half the congress for the last 50 years. God does work in mysterious ways. If you ever wondered what the day of God's justice was... it will come. I'm not the football anymore, I'm the quarterback. I run really good statue of liberty plays :} It's like bunting on a 3-2 count :} I love it. I loved bunting on a 3-2. :}

WOuldn't it be cool to call up bread for the world and say, hey, I have $300-400 million to give away.. you're a minister, aren't you David? Thought you were :}.... Call Jeff andlet's have lunch.

And that's just what we'd have to give away from HBOand Cinemax porn sales :} We'll turn their time slots into News of the Nation.. That ought to encourage people to read books again :}

You media guys sure cover Dave Letterman's act.. what'd he do, threaten to spill the beans?

And before we're through, we'll put real history on the history channel, and stop using illuminati and freemasons to debunk Christianity.

Someone once said they wanted me to act like a bos sand give orders, which  is not my style unless I do.. which I did when I was very serious about associations with the Council on Foreign Relations. They have proven themseves to be self-serving and corrupt, and they do  not own this country. Down the road, if you continue your affiliations with them, it  will be a negative impression that will be presented. The evidence about the council is clear  if you choose to read the truth. Decide who you serve. It's not about me, it's about you and God, and you being honest with yourself about what you lend your and God's name to. If you choose to remain in the council, then declare yourself no longer a minister of God.

This is a "You're either with me or against me" issue. And the me is God. I'm irrelevant except as a messenger in this   matter. The reasons are obvious if you're honest with yourself.

So technically, things could still go either way... eventually some people are going to have to step an and stand with me for this country, the world, God, values... and I'm talking about the real ones, not the fancy words in pretty speeches. And if that doesn't happen in the near future, I see myself playing guitar at a little club in Puerto Vallarta while people say "the village idiot is missing" and all that goes on.. It's just the way it needs to go while enough stuff happens that people realize I, and lots more people, are telling the truth about a wide variety of things that we, the citizens, are going to have to seize hold of and resolve ourselves while rebuilding the nations of the world..

Everything's all about when, now. If you ever thought I was really being cavalier about what happens, know that I'm not. Sometimes, I can't afford to let in how much I care. And I can't let that be sused as a psychological weapon against me with, as is often attempted. Rest assured, I'll hang in here, I'm determined that the job will get done, and we will know the true liberty and promises of God, and a New Covenant that truly will provide His Kingdom to us.

I'll have a special message for the military in a day or so...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Frampton - Show Me the Way

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Let's Do it Again Memories of Bill Cosby & Sidney Poitier :}

10/8/2009 12:02 pm Write soon. How much more do I have to write?

Alot on my mind today's.. it's  a gorgeous day, and I believe it's going to be quite productive. Missed some aesopian yesterday.. timing you know. :}

I've written about a zillion first verses in the last month.. sometimes, I don't finish because it's not what I wanted to talk about, sometimes it's cause I get hit by dews or psychotronics, sometimes I start wrtiing about things I would normally write believing no one but me would ever hear... sort of like writing in a private diary or journal... kind of like knowing some day I would somehow be involved in the ministry, but not being able to nail down what the message would possibly be...   and alot of it is about things I can't really come to a conclusion about until and unless I am finally told the real truth about some things. It's kind of like being deprived of rem sleep.. an atempt to cause me to forget or lose track of detail amidst the many "realities" I have to constantly be keeping separate based on the possibility of circumstances. Once again, I'll simply remind the psyops guys that the only thing I'm relying as truth is documentable and corraborable fact.. and all the rest is interesting, and I know a lot that I can't prove or bring up because it's all very covert by you guys... but when it gets to court, it only takes a couple of conviction of life sentences to get the job done. Even if pyschotronics turned me into a blithering idiot, I still have the evidence, the most important of which is available in the public domain regarding all of us. And so far, Ive completed some 20gb of backups on my new cd/dvd recorder.

So, I've come to the conclusion Patrick Fitzgerald is just another actor in the show.

Memories of a child.. it's interesting how my increased knowlege of things has merely amplified the impressions I had when I wrote that... I'm even more certain now that Nixon was set up by the plumbers at the watergate Hotel... and always understand, I'm endorsing Nixon. I thought he was an interesting president with a public and backroom situation that was incredibly more complex than we can all imagine... and in my estimation was the final leader brought down that allowed for the Carter/Tri-lateral/Rockefeller/Council on Foreign Relations New World Order plan to go into effect.   I'll admit Carter tried ina feeble way to explain it to people.. the problem always is that when you try to present the truth in a political way, it'll always fail because you subject it to political scrutiny.

The firseide chats was propaganda, but if used earnestly and being actually honest and for the right with people regarding the state of the nationand what must be done, it's the right way to do things. Unfortunately, we don't have any leaders bold enough to actually do that as the leader of the citizens, as opposed to an elected official promoting and fronting the agenda of a rogue regime.

A step in the right direction is appropriate only when the leader leads in a path that people believe is the trail as laid out by their leader befoehand. When people are purposely mislead, purposely dis and misinformed, it's easy to get them lost, and cause them to take orders blindly. That is what Obama and the U.S. Government and the COuncl on Foreign Relations has been doing for decades. Obama was the perfect memo 46 candidate... using him to put the plan over the top, manipulating Americans, and particularly minorities, into supporting a man using stolen ideas and campaign strategies and speeches to capture the imagination of the people.. the historic event of electing man.. knowing of anyone dares to call him the two bit politician and fraud that he is that the national corporate media, controlled by the Council On Foreign Relations, would depict that person or group as racist and obstructionist, suppress the truth as they have for decades, and be willing to enrage minorities into riots in order to control the public discourse regarding allegations and the hidden truth of the agenda of the government.

It's not about socialism, communism or capitalism, republicanism or anything else like you're being manipulated into believing and be afraid of... it's about a bunch of people who that they had a good idea, and their intelligence and arrogance caused them to go over the line, hijack civc groups and religions and races, for phony promises and ideologies that have nothing to do with the vision of what America could be... and ultimately, as withMuslims and Christians, to discredit and destroy religions that believe in the coming of a leader who would put an end to the tyranny. Nancy Pelosi and thegovernment are friendly to the Dalai Llama, because they want to use him to guide people to spiritual transcendency, which is great, but they can then use psychotronics to manipulate people into beleving they've had spiritual experiences that are contrary to moral and ethical practices and ways.

They'll say they manipulated me the same ways. And I'll have to admit that, before I was aware of what was going on, I was manipulated, thus, why I stopped writing when I did and so forth until I could tell the difference... and I figure, besides, if they want to claim I am nothing more than a psyop victim, then explan the vision I had when I was a child, and then explain to the world what you were thinking when the decision was made to psyop an 8 year old child into 50+ years of psyops in order to trick the world into belieiving He was Jesus Christ in the Second Coming? If you government guys succeed at making me out to be a fraud, which I'm not... what does that make you? You may do the damage of  discrediting me, but you'll be doing God a favor by causing the whole world to want to kill you. Just another example of how God turns the tables while respecting the rules of the material world.

And I can prove I'm not a fraud, if anyone would bother to listen.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Carole King - Sweet Seasons

PS: I don't actually believe in insurance. If it wasn't for all the inflation on behalf of the corporations and the Federal Reserve, it probably wouldn't have been necessary. That's capitalism for ya.

PSS: I'm not going to write the campaings for the midterms.. but if I find out anyone uses it, I'll assume it means they'r ewilling to go to jail.

Imitation may be the best flattery.. but not when the person being imitated is being tortured into silence so that criminals can prosper. I didn't do anything to Galileo. What other BS excuses do you want to joke about to rationalize your perversity?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Tosh - Equal Rights

8:27pm Of course I know things are not as cut and dried as they can be portrayed, but at a certain point youhave to decide whose side you're on. You just do. Will you really allow the nation go down, will you really allow people to suffer because it's inconvenient for you?

I can't honestly say that today has been productive in usual measurable  ways.. except I've had time to reflect on important things.. and I'm glad for that.  Especially in looking back over the years, knowing I would have approached things differently if I'd have known what we were up against... especially the technology... I consider how I was going to write and publish all this anonymously so that I, so that a person, would not get in the way of the message...and if there's anything I'm confident of, it's that the mesage I was delivering before a spiritual aspect came to my work, it's the same message as now except expanded, and that regardless of what anyone might think of me, that the messages and exhortations I've written and spoken are the messages that were prophesied to be delivered by a person like me..   SO regardless of me, consider tha tthe person delivering the messsages was someone you respect, and then read it... if it was someone you respect, would you be able to look at what I wrote in For the Love of the World and find value in the inquiries and questions posed, the facts presented, and take them seriously in a way that called you to action?

If the answer is no, because the info about God's messages and the technologies and ways of the antiChrist today I tell you about are true, then you would be telling me you're so set in your ways, so sure of what you think you know that there is no need to seek further truth, or from other sources. If you have truly put yourself above anyone, then a minister is breaching the trust of God in their understanding that every person is equal, and to turn anyone away or disregard anyone because of classism or belief is not the way of a Christian, but of a Christian particpating in the ways of evil.

Stop partipating in organization like the CFR that, if exposed, would front and protect some of the most duplicitous violators of human rights and our constitution in history. Why do you want to hang out with people like that? How do you say it's just the way the world works. It only works that way because you allow it to. Because you endorse it with your affiliations and associations...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Randy Travis - Better Class Of Losers

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Average White Band - Soul Searching

10/9/2009 12:26pm I keep thinking now about the little visions I've had that I've just blown off. I've been sayign for a few years I wanted to talke to this council the Bible talks about... apparently I've already done that.. that vision of me walking through the streets - it was with thousands of people, all wearing white walking through the streets of a big city... my arms outstretched - people touching me and everybody touching each other... I don't think I'd read the Bible yet when this vision happened... I don't think i twas in the United States.. for some reason, probably India, and it seems to fit with the vision I had of being in the marketplace with someone in India.

Then I think about the night not long ago when I asked God what to do, and the scripture said.. and if you leave and go to another country, you'll die there. The connotation is negative, but like lots of scripture, it doesn't say that's bad. It could mean I'd live out the rest of my life in peace and happiness...could be that part didn't apply to my situation..

The strange partis I do feel like the right thing to do is leave this country.. and it's  a difficult thing to think about.. I've grown uip here.. I've always loved what AMerica stood for.. I had no idea this government's been destroying my life all these years... now that I know that, now that I know the very citizens I was trying to protect and inform, as a citizen, are partners with the government in seeing me destroyed, it makes it a little difficult to rationalize to myself why I should have any loyalty to the locals, let alone this nation. If you think it's easy to think about and express, you'd be very wrong.

Now NBC's running documentaries lying about everything I claim the government has done to so many innocent people. I'm particularly amused that they're runining "cult month" about all the so called religious cult leaders.. of course people forget that everty religion and church is a cult... look it up n the dictionary... and since I don't have any followers... I can't wait til you claim I'm starting an apocalyptic cult.. I'll just sy.. no actually, I'm just reading the Bible, Brian Williams, and you know, supposedly, people in this country believe in this thing... do we or don't we.. if we do, then we have some things we need to talk about, and the most important issue at the moment is not about God, it's about us. And then if we all decide we're going to believe n God and stuff again, maybe we should talk about how God really is and what he expects.

I'm not holding my breath.

The whole point of the second coming, judgment, the son of man and where that would lead was to see if people.. all the people crying out for God to send Christ.. to find out if you're serious, if you really believe, or you just say you do and hope it's true. Personally, I believe.

At this point, I have otlook at the news media as being liars, per se, politicians as corrupt, because they are even if they just keep their mouths shut, and ministers are too absorbed witht heir own importance, and the ones He elevated to higher poistions are too busy being famous to actually serve God.

That' show I feel about it. Anyone who has a problem with that outlook should try being tortured 24/7 for about 10 years.. and then get back to me.

Any of you particpatng in this sort of thing against me or anyone else better not bother calling themselves Christians, because God will say "And you are..."

I'd have to say, I've down to the bottom line on things... I hate the idea that there are so many things dependent upon me when I have no ability to change things because my ability to set the new course we need is based upon the willingness of the people to hear the truth. I'm okay with that.  I'm also okay that it appears we're going to go through the long version of Reveltions because no one will listen.I'm okay with that only because that's the way it is. And I understand why it ended up that way.

There's a guy n a flood, on top of his roof, praying toGod to save him. A man comes buy in a boat,and offers the victim a ride, He says, no, Im waiting for God to save me. The Police come by in a boat,,, same thing, I'm waiting for God to save me. The water rises, the man drowns, He gets toheaven and says to God, why didn't you save me? God says, how many people do I have to send you before you'll allow yourself to be saved?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grateful Dead - Truckin'

2:30 pm Lynn's doctor says the bud of renown is one of the best treatments for thalamic stroke pain... :} I see a prescription on the horizon. She said, smoke more... and offered suggestions on other ways to ingest it. :} That was a surprise. From a Catholic hospital too:} Specialists :}

Keith thanks for the warning.. the tooth is getting worse.. got the video though...

Meanwhiile.. the thing people probably don't understand because they're not actually interacting with the prophecies as pas\rt of their lives.. the timelines are skewed.. like th ebIble says, with my coing, they will speed up their efforts and intensify them because they know their time is short if they don't fully capture the kingdom.. like I wrote somewhere, if you were the anti-Christ and you understood the scriptures.. what would you do? Emulate, lie, deceive, highjack religions and values groups... everything that's going on, including making stars of God's servants who then forget what they serve. The anti-Christ will do anything to convince you they are doing GOd's work.

They'll likely say the same about me... except one thing.. I'm completely consistent with my ways of thinking, and they all lead to service to people and more. Theirs always serve corporate and financial interests first. And get them reelected.. fixed or not...

The dialectics being run right now by the anti-Christ are for the purpose of locking up the country and the world technologically before critical mass of the knowledge of such things is accepted and acted upon. Understand, the anti_Christ aren't just against Christians.. anti-Christ refers to their anti-Christian ways, and not necessarily just having the context of being against Christians. And anyone can be Christian, regardless of the religion. ALways remember that, or learn why that's true if you don't believe it.

Imagine God having created billions of children... there's this whole world... do you think it would be God's plan ot raise a bunch of ids and then killoff the ones that didn't obey Him? Or was it to have people listen and inquire, and have a world that makes sense for everyone... that's where the patience of God comes in. It's also where the end of days comes in, and also why the false prophet and Satan are sstill there after a thousand years... God doesn't really give up on anyone, beut He respects free will.

It's like this. You have three kids, 19,20 and 21. One of them has a gun and is seriously going to shoot the other two. You have a gun. What are you going to do?

That's the kind of paradox God and I are grappling with now.  It's very much the way the United States will be soon because of corrupt government an the COuncil on Foreign Relations nullifying the constitution and making plans for martial law, right Keith, or was that Bob.

BTW: Check with your medical advisor regarding the technical presentation the other night. Some of the medical circumstances and occurances don't seem to check out. Who would you want to answer the call at 3am. And would you be too busy?

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine  Just the Wine

Biden: I know you love the New World Order, but why do you hate God? Why do you hate U.S. Citizens so much that you'd do this sort of thing to them?

7:16 pm Well, Stivo, I  think the white robe thing clinches it fo rme. Now,what good does it do for me to be so sure of myself? :} Not much. And I'm not particularly in the mood for going around trying to convince anyone of anything. Obviously, someone did go thru my emails to Dobbs very thoroughly. Too bad who it seems to have been. There were a couple tactical mistakes regarding how info could have obtained which will be part of the reason a bunch of the old charlesrehn.com will not be online until presented to authorities or in court. It's that good. Now about that nude brunette :}There's an action movie coming out you know. Is that person in it? :} I bet O'Reilly goes to see it:} Him and Geraldo :} Apparently, they're fans :}

Apocalyptic cult. Hasn't Christianity always been that? :}

Oh yeah.. I apologize if I offended anyone with the "just in case Jesus" thing. I really am. But just imagine someone says "read this book" and then finding out it's sort of about you. I think of all sorts of things... sometimes things strike me funny. I don't mean anything by it. :} Besides, it sounded kind of like a Bill Maher remark :} It would have been fun to promote his movie:}

One time, working in the tv department at Sears in Eureka, I looked up, and on all the tv's was this guy who looked exactly like me. I gazed at it. I thought, did I do stuff like this sometime? And then I quickly remembered, no... and it turned out to be Shaun Cassidy... one time in high school, I gave a speech, and aferward, one of the Optimist members complimented me and then sort of winked and let me know she knew I was Johnny Crawford,   Mark McCain on the Rifleman... I couldn't convince her otherwise. I have no idea why I said all that, but I have a feeling that it will become important later.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians - Beat the Time

8:39pm I wanted to explain a couple things.

First, from my perspective, remember that when I did my Bible Study, really read the Bible and used the Concordance and all, I wasn't looking for any specific answers, except, what do Christians know that I must have missed? I just read it for what I said. Tried not to assume anything, but became increasingly aware of the "Bible stories" I thought I knew compared to what the Bible itself says. The differences. I wasn't looking to affirm myself, and the only personal part I took on, since I was reading it, was to look at what Jesus taught the Disciples on what todo, wanting whatever activism I did to be ethical an dhonest, and thinking Jesus was   apretty good teacher and I could learn from His methods.. and slowly became aware I was doing all those things and speaking  those things, prior to reading about it... so when I do my random ereading from the Bible, it really is that, and I try to have conversations with God about what concerns me first, like I would a best friend, and then try to get to the bottom line question or concept I need to understand or receive guidance in. And then it always works...

This also ties into why doing prohecy, calirvoyance, whatever you want to call it.. it makes it difficult.. being aware of psychotronics and the ability to influence thought and therefore "receipt of psychic info", why the Bible says the seers will no longer see...one of the reasons for that.. even though they think they do... not all, but some...

I see a lot of images and purposely shut it down sometimes because I see a lot of military images.. I joke about doing the map readings when I'm annoyed with the psyops guys, and it's true, and it's cool to take those images and then do research and see if it's really happening.. it can also be a useful tool... that IS what the government uses remote viewers, psychics, for. They actually do.

Look up Joe McMonagle.  Ed Dames. Ingo Swann. Standford Research Institute. Operation Stargate. Remote Viewing. Coordinated Remote Viewing. Cool stuff. True too. Works. I have an 18 set series to teach you from .... Emory University... 1 hour each... full documentation.. a legal download you can't get anymore. :}From their institute that teaches it.

Don't take my word for it. Ask Jimmy Carter. And ask him about the School of the Americas while you're at it. Look that one up. It'll scare you. It should It's where the U.S. trains South American paramilitary to do terrorism against their own people. It's called, U.S. state sponsored terrorism. Of course they'll have an honorable cover. These will  be some of the same people patrolling the streets in case of martial law, thanks to FEMA and Jimmy Carter....  they'll probably say this is where they train anti-terrorist forces.. but history proves otherwise.

I'm glad my dad burned the "Tri-Lateral Commission" into my head. It sort of takes away their trump card. I had  a feeling he was, and knew it when he brought up racism. Remember, it was the DEMS who started racism talk in the elections, not the Republicans. And it was bogus then too. And I'm not saying racism doesn't exist. Just not where they were fraudulently pointing their fingers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God America - Tin Man

So anyway.. I always see these military images.. and it's scary.. I see like 5-7  potentital possible catastrophes from worldly knowledge that coincide with prophecy - a few of which could source the meteor or weather event that would flood the coastlines for 200 miles inland... sure, the Pope said people need to move away from coastlines but he was referencing the eventual creep and rise of the oceans because of what we accept as Global Warming. And it makes me wonder, does he really know all this stuff is going on... the end days and purposeful destruction and New world Order.. and I wonder, is it really possible he doesn't know, and if he does, why isn't he speaking out more forcefully?  Not to be critical at all, just thinking out loud sort of.

G'night. God bless.

10/10/2009 11:06 am It's been interesting, thinking of all the dialectics in play, and considering how these psychos will play their hand. Like, how many false christs and prophets do they have lined up to expose before me so I'll be treated like.. oh no, not another one :} Or will they just push me out in front to dispose of the issue oin one fell swoop.. anyway they play it works for me. All the news innoculations only provide more evidence of cover up and suppression. The Waco speical will speak volumes all by itself.. a clear pattern of CHuck presents material, NBC covers up for the government, biden and hatch, the fbi and atf... I noticed yesterday that the FBI - in 2009 - has claimed they can't find the records of 66% of those requested under FOIA requests... typcial gov't "can't find" rate is 13%

We have Mueller and Gates from the Bush admin.. who else.

Speaking of dialectics.. I wonder how many years in advance they're planning when they had Bush brreak the non-proliferation treaty and give India nuclear technology. Looks like the orth Korea setup. They'll use India to keep China and Pakistan in check... then when command and control is actually coming straight from Iraq/Afghanistan, and the middle east is ill from radiation poisoning from depleted uranium and chemical weapons, India will become the emerging enemy, China will be economically entrenched and frozen militarily, and the reason for uncle Czar Nicholas' of Russia's murder by the British on behalf of the Druid/Illuminati/CFR people long ago... see, these people, at the heart of it all, know spirits are eternal, so to that extent, theyer not afraid of death.. at least mostly, so long as it's about someone's else's death. And until this time, the final judgment, they knew they'd get another shot. It's also they're shot, this time around, tobe the powerful guys in government, the wealthy and so forth, and like usual, like their ancestors, they blew it.

All this planning has been going on for thousands of years, with each generation adding to embellishing or creating new plans to further the   cause- actually of Satan - to take over completely.

Here's the thing to always remember... most of the people who look like bad guys only do what they do because "it's the way things are done"..  or they're trying to survive in a dirty game, or they're trying to get ahead, many of them thinking they can make the difference.. and then they become entrenched andensnared... I know of one guy in th esenate who I like, and actually believe his heart is in the right place.. and it's not like I want to, but technically I could produce evidence with a little work that would show he had an affair with a lobbyist that affected his legislative agenda...  I think it was in a good way... :} still, technically, it was illegal. SO now, they have the "Skull and Bones" goods on him.. or maybe they made him think they do..and his acquiescence. At least to an extent. He should know, I don't have any smoking guns, and Idon't want any, and it would require a hostile witness to get the truth and the smoking gun. Isn't that interesting...

ANyway... so for most of these people, it' snot really ideological or religious or anything other than being in a system that says you have to choose a party, be a CFR member or associate, and don't rock the boat... the thing is, I relaly beleive the Illuminati people who really understand the universe and spirits and all told some big lies to the people they put in government and media.. they told them they could win, forgetting that the Bible they use to deceive us with through emulations also says stuff tthey wouldn't want to hear.. such as pointing out that all power in the uiverse is sourced from God, including the force/power of Satan, and God's got the power to pull the plug, in his own ways, and he sent me to pull it.

God only tells me what He wants me to know in regard to the current world and the age we're in and moving into.. I say that because even I'm disappointed sometimes because I don't know everything, I have expectations of myself base upon the mythology of the second coming that I, too, had... now having learned that where there is no specificity in Scripture, nothing should be assumed. It's why it was important to point out that when the scripture said if I moved to another coutnry, I would die there.. it didn't say it was a bad thing. It just said I would die there. It didn't say it was a good thing. But if that passage was intended for me to read, and I believe God did want me to think about seriously, it would, at least in generatios past, have meant that God's Christ was moving to what would have been the next anointed nation because of the presence of the Christ.  So, when my great grandparents moved from Germany to the U.S....

This isn't, as the reporter said, pick me or die. God really doesn't go about inflicting pain and suffering... and the New Testament IS different than the Old Testament, as the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus are about the birth of the next generatioon of humanity and the cosmic consciousness.. When nations reject God and God turns his back and closes His eyes for a time and lets those people exercise their free will.. it's like a father with a kid and the father says, if you keep riding  your skateboard like that, you'll get hurt, and the kid does it anyway, especially in rebellion,  and the kid gets hurt, all God could say is.. I tried to tell you, you choose to do things your way, I understand, but the responsibility for the suffering is your own. Still, I'll do everything I can to help you, because I love you no matter what.. everything but bear the guilt of your own actions, which you have the right to choose to do, even though you were warned.. not as a tyrannical dictate, but out of love and concern.

I feel the same way about the people who have been trying to kill me.

So it is with nations. They turn from God's ways, and God doesn't have to harm them, they destroy themselves with their own corruption and arrogance. It's quite predictable. In the Old Testament, we did see a good deal of war to end cultures that threatened God's children. In the New testament, it was, in effect, God's way of showing us that things must and can be resolved through conversation, information, knowledge and love. The Golden Rule.

As the Bible says somewhere where I was reading last night, I think in John :} about us all being one, and coming to realize we are all one, in God, in each other, and in everything that exists.

Like I said, I'm a little disappointed sometimes about not knowing everything, knowing that everytime I ask, God provides the answer.. the knowledge and understanding required.. some day I look forward to having people ask me questions I don't know the answer to immediately, cause I love it when God reveals things to me the way he does. And I really look forward to meeting some friends I can contemplate the universe with. Because it really is that, and it wouldbe nice, if nothing else, to have a person or two around who can understand why I laugh so much, and think such weird things when considering all the possibilities..

BTW: I keep getting "Cameronized" baout certain people who would have me believe that what they did was to help me. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, all I know is that in each case, the result to me was great harm. If you can't understand why I need a deposition, then you don't understand why God wants you to confess your sins to Him. Think about that, because there's no difference. And it has nothing to do with being good or bad. It has to do with being responisble and standing behind your word, which I can't accept as being honorable at this time. I don't know how much clearer I can be than that, and it doesn't matter how much I "wish" things were different, even if you've had 7 years of French :} Can you say "stuff"? I'm gonna find amazing grace :} People will probably think I'm talking to what's her name.. :}

I will say this: it would appear, from all evidence, that these people knew who I was and the evidence I have, and how I didn't need more. I know how things are actually going to go down when they do. That's why I have to just set myself to be patient. And things WILL turn out how I planned... despite how much I like the Tower of Power song.. because it needs to be that way...  people gotta choose.. I'm God's sales engineer, not my own. I never was one to blow my own horn, regardless of how it may seem... just like I downplayed my importance in We Have  A Voice.. and I still feel the same way. Anyway, you knew who I am.. this could have all been over.. a great deal of suffering could have ended and lives could have been saved.. it's this way because you think inside the box, and don't trust the sensibilites of people when the truth is exposed and known... becaus ewe've lived a world of coversion and lies for so long, we believe everything must be that way. So think about the harm that's gone on, just in the last year.. and I'm nt trying to make you guys feel personally responsible for it in this conversation.. but think about the harm that's been done, and consider that if you had trusted God and thus trusted me, we'd be living in awhole new world right now... but you made your choices.. there was a moment when this all could have ben interrupted and brought to a head in a legal, peaceful and universal way, and that moment slipped by because of people doing harm to do good.. and mostly because I extended myself, a righteous person seeking only good, to people who were evil,and expected wrath. It's been the story since I first contacted MSNBC as a gentleman citizen informing them well beforehand of my intentions so that we might come to terms about my demands of their reporting. 

There's always a warning, followed by self-destructive behavior on the part of the guilty that causes them to bring themselves down.

The final thing I want to point out: this is me writing with the minimal effects of psychotronics and dews. ntcie the difference between this and the stuff I write that sounds really angry.. I'm not saying I never get angry. I am saying, notice the difference between this and the times when I say I"m being intensely harrassed. Maybe you'll understand why you wake up some days, angry at everyone and everything you encounter, wondering why... psychotronics.

Now, to whoever it is  researching me that the psychotronics guys wanted me to address, howdy.. I hope one day one of you guys will actually want to talk to me :} And I hope they don't zap you, cause it's hell.

The New World begins the day you guys choose it. Lemme know..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Mathis - Stranger In Paradise

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Joplin - Pearl - 08 - Mercedes Benz Bob March, Capt Satellite, used to do Dialing for Dollars after Capt Satellite went down... I used to watch it. Then I heard this song. I was too young to win, but I thought, just in case, I'd better enter. So there I was, watching Dialing for Dollars, waiting for my name to be called. :}That's how that song became one of my favorites :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Enter My Dream

3:30 pm Kingdom of God Communications A Message to the Military

10/11/2009 12:35 I never said military people wouldn't be held accountable for their crimes and actual perpetration of evil .

Today's an intense psychotronic and dew day.. figured I'd just log it in. Near incapacitation. Painful. Th eone thing about these sickos is they don't like the truth. I'm really actually hoping that God gives you guys the lesson you need when you get to hell... the only way I can see that can happen is for you to have to experience the suffering you cause others while laughing.

Tell Panetta, Pelosi, Olbermann, CNN, MSNBC, Bush and Obama.. the whole bunch.. tell them they'r eabout the most stupid idiots in history, fooled into believe they had power that was only real so long as they served their masters... and I for one am not fooled about who they serve, and it's not God, no matter what church they go to, or how important they think they are. You're all pretty chickenshit when it comes down to it. Pathetic little worms that feed off the suffering of others... Watch what happens next. Just remember, idiots, you can kill me and you'll still lose.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Shaman - 07 - Victory Is Won

10/12/2009 11:34 So, when they recruit you national news guys, do they tell you beforehand that you're glorified propaganda and psyop   operatives, or do you find that out afterward?

So, when certain newsguys use aesopian to tell me things are going to get worse, and then they use dews and psychotronics against a woman trying to recover from a stroke... proof or not, what is it inside you sickos that makes you enjoy killing people slowly, with pain? 900 witnesses and climbing just in the U.S... lots more who haven't been able to write a statement.. I think you guys think you'll make me believe you're invulnerable. I think you're desperate. You know more about people knowing about me, and/or trying to contact me... I doubt you'd be up to all this if you weren't worried.   As far as I can tell, I'm boxed in with no allies. And you guys act scared.

Had an interesting dream last night. So much for wishin'.

L.A. needs to buckle it's seat bealt. Something's up. Notice the ring of fire lately... pretty active.. pretty big quakes... Just think, Arnold, if you all hadn't run me off, you'd have... :} Check the record :} My brother kept weather records of central california forover 20 years. Now he's doing it for Yosemite :} Darned if I know why... When Scotts Valley was trying to decide whether to dig new wells, they brought him in as an expert :} The one Raytheon doesn't like.

I'm thinking, like the book says, go to  a country that speaks the same language.. I'm thinking France, cause they have  alot of people I'd like to talk to. If you're gonna die somewhere, they might as well have good french fries. :} I don't speak French, but something tells me I will. My Spanish teacher always said when he came from Mexico, all he could say in English was Apple. He said he ate a lot of apples. :}

It's.. weird.. I look at the whole  thing, and think, what was the real motivation for these guys todo the things they've done all these years.. I mean going all the way back to my father... it's a little weird and coincidental that he would have a beef with some political and electronics and military people way back then.. and have it all seem to relate to  what's going on now.. and it does in its own way..  and it is a little weird how the Bible says all that stuff about the son of man being just like his father, and my aunt, of all people, seeming more than anyone else, to burn that into my head.... does it matter they were all shriners, I don't know.   Regardless of what can be proven but what the insiders know about it all that I may never speak because of the difference between what you know and can prove, as well as the spiritual vs material world parts... it does in every way seem to be one heck of a long and truly sick dialectic to dump me, and some other people, at some point, and looks like that point is coming, and I'm assuming it'll be after you spread some certain propaganda to deceive people, like about Waco and all the other stuff people have been lied to that I bring up... and I wouldn't doubt yyou have  awhole slew apostates ready to blast me for telling the truth about them.. so..

It'll be interesting to see how God takes you down. I'm easily amused these days, you know :} 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - For The Love Of Money

Here come the choppers :}

10/13/2009 11:25am ANother heavy day of psychotronics...

Thre are a great number of things I had wanted to write about, but it's kind of  a moot point if it isn't read or it's blocked by the government or just disregarded.. who knows if people read it? anyway, I suppose that's why God wants me to put that part to an end.  I beleive when God had me read Hebrews. But what gooddoes it do? A lot of the things I wrote were intended to provoke healthy discussion, and I purposely set it up to do that, and it appears, at least in the U.S., I won't have the chance to do that. It's a shame.

I was looking at my computer last night, seeing what I could backup, and found Koresh's last writings.. it's interesting, reading it now, knowing what I know now, it makes a good deal of sense... enough that I'm going to sit down tonight and read it and understand what he was trying to say... I'll probably post it too. SInce NBC is doing a smear job on him on behalf of Clinton, Biden and Hatch, he at least may as well have his stuff available to be read so people can judge for themselves.

The thing about prophecy... it's like, without it, I would not understand who I am, I wouldn't understand the world as I do, particularly with the variety of perspectives, and I have to admit, I sometimes wish I wasn't who I am. I enjoyed being a kind of quiet guy who surprised people  from time to time when they realized I wasn't the passive guy they thought  I was... :}

At a certain point, though you know enough. I mean, it would be great to spend another lifetime learning everything..  but when you know enough, like your life is in danger and the world is failing, you know enough.AN then it's   amatter of what you do. Stand by and watch it happen, saying, wow, the Bible says that would happen. Sends a little shiver up your spine... and then it continues to get worse...we're so distracted by issues that are important but are so unimportant in comparison to the bigger issues of survival and spiritual survival...

I look at some of  the interpretations in this BIble for ministers I use, and I understand their points of view, but they're clearly looking at everything from the perspective of what it means to be a servant of God, and not a partner, or seeing it from God'spoiint of view, knowing the ways of God and fully incorporating the teachings of Jesus... Why would god warn TD of a fire.. so His servant would be protected. Why did God give us the prophecies? So we could amend our ways and doHIs work, or deal with all as He said it would occur... if we continued on our course.

If you were of this world you might say that it wouldbe expedient for God to allow the world to destroy itself, and start again with fewer people and so forth.. God doesn't think like that, and neither do I. THe leaders of this world do, though,....

Of this world...

When Jesus said, If  I was of this world, then my followers would fight...

I understand what He was saying, it wasn't that He didn't care, but He understood His job was to introduce a new way of being that brings us closer to be one with God...  In actuality, if He had been accepted as desired, this would be  a very different world right now, just as it's true that if sin  had not been committed in the Garden of Eden... but He understood, and that's why He resigned himself to Gethsemane. There's a lot more to all that...

Anyway... it's kinda like where I'm at.. understanding why people would be skeptical that I'm Christ... wondering why the world is such that no ministers will speak to me. Just like the Bible says. Just like Jesus said... and still, people will blame God.

I've been thinking abou tthese things because I've been trying to figure out how to express my feelings about hunger and poverty in a way that speaks of how people would rather be rid of them instead of deal with why they exist..    to treat people like that, and people around th eworld, through indifference and war, as if they were litter to be taken out to the trash instead of people of value like anyone else.

Truth tellers are suppressed and killed by this government, and Barack Obama is given the Nobel for telling lies.. what has he done to win a Nobel? appeased the Illuminati... the COuncil on Foreign Relations, doing another PR job on the world...

Another prize being diminished by the influence of money... remember they were going to give GW Bush a Nobel for Peace for starting a war.   This report brought to you by George Orwell...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mary Hopkins - Those Were The Days

1:11pm I find it fascinating to consider how Jesus talked about people not recognizing Him as who he was, citing that  Moses had spoken of Him.. etc.. again it was about people not knowing God's ways anymore, and therefore, how could they know the son? Again, if you were reading the Bible from the perspective of the expectations of the servant or Christian, it would be very difficult to know God's ways.. it would be like having an employer who yells at you for the drop of the hat, and you try to please them,  but all they do is yell at you... I only remember hearing about what Christians were required and what would happen to those who didn't surrender to God.. more or less..

To me it appears the focus is primarily on the what's expecte by God, instead of understanding God's ways, which would be much more productive toward understanding what God wants for us instead of what God expects of us... it's the same thing as "do unto others ...as .. as opposed to don't do unto others...   it' s about considering to give instead of considering reasons not to...

But it aways comes down to one thing,really, one more or another.. that the failures of humanity are in not having knowledge of the real ways of God... the ways of God, no the rules of God,the rules are only necessary because we do not respect or understand the ways of God... it' sthe same thing I say abou t the rule of law... it's about intent, not specification. If you have to rely on law, then  you know you're dealing with people who use specificity to evade law.

I once read that laws are made for the "stupid people" who obey rules to obey so that the rich can control the people while they're being victimized/ripped off. It's what the  U.S. Government is doing now.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly GoAnarchy - Why Am I Not A Lesbian - 03 - They're Lying To You

www.exoticwarfare.com Chemtrails, barium & nano-tech. The birth of an electronic disease called Morgellon's....

10/15/2009 Around 1:15pm Really, really intense psychotronics yesterday. Completely distracting. About half as bad today.

I keep thinking about places I might want toexplore, and the psychotronics always yell "you're ot going anywhere". I keep getting the feeling there are things I know that I don't know I know... other wise it would seem to be to their advantage for me to leave.. nonetheless..

Here's  a weird one for ya.. I keep talking about this plae called the farm.. that I actually know what it looks like.. and I do the closest thing to it.... how bout this - New Zealand... and with what's going on, it's not going to be so cold much longer...

So here goes... in High School, my friends were all into the Hobbit Trilogy. I wasn't into all that kind fo stuff, but I did learn to write in Elfin so I could read the notes they were passing around. Nonetheless... I learned sign language alphabet in elementary school for similar reasons. :}

The first picture I ever drew of what whas the original farm "envisioning" was of a small house built underground, near the surface.. and the issue I had then was about how to build durable housing underground to not pollute the landscape or environment, and save energy through temperature modulation by the earth itself. I think I was about 14 or 15. Maybe younger. Remember, I was already saving construction materials since I was about 12. And I'd been taught the basics of drafting and architecture.

Anyway.. ya know the scene in the Hobbit.. the first one.. where they come into town, by the side of a little lake  or pond and there's the little house sort of built into the side of the hill? It's that picture exactly.

Now, the picture changed a little over the years, and it was mainly to accomodate slightly bigger buildings and dorms, as well as settting "my place" aside for privacy and so forth... but it was always centered around that pond in that exact shape and apparent size, with the hill in the background and all sorts of stuff... and that place where the little house in the hill was became the background of dorms and classrooms to hold 150 resident students, a couple dozen resident artists and a dozen or so permanent instructors... in some ways, like Mission Springs Conference Grounds on Lockhart Gulch Road... where I grew up.. and different in lots of ways.. more country.. and the dorms I designed were very cool :} No I didn't have the conference grounds in mind at all, but it is alot like that... the feel of it... and I loved going there to swim when I was a kid.  The people were really nice there too. It still just makes me feel good to drive through there whenever I'm around. :}

Weird though, huh? :} First time I saw that movie, and that scene, I did  a double take, you could say...

The first time I ever really attended church regularly was at the Methodist Church in Scotts Valley, the Conference Grounds behind Camp Evers. There was also Beulah Park, which is beautiful, but that's not it at all...Misssion Springs buildings were alot like where that new swimming pool is gonna be... Lived next door to the Camp Grounds at  Mt Hermon for a while.. it actually is much closer to it.. I have to admit, I really loved living in the hills of Scotts Valley. From the Memory of A Child.. :} 

This  may seem weird, but this is actually important stuff, eventually, because it's part of all the little "visions" I've had over the years that I just blew off as an active imagination... that I'm now realizing actually fit... and the truth is, my thoughts of the farm actually fit more of what I used to think about Oregon, more like fir and pine trees than redwood or cedar... maintained like a state park and built upon with privacy and natural beauty in mind.

I know what it looks like. If I ever actually see it, I'll know exactly what it means. Will you?:}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension -  If I Could Reach You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

I'll always remember listening to Late At Night.. and thinking, he must be really in love with someone, cause he just seems to go on and on... I thought thought it was cool... and then I thought about him asking if I'd heard any of his gospel stuff, and how his next scheduled album never came out, as far as I know...  I also figure the media probably has some dirt on Billy Preston :} They have dirt on everybody... and it's no accident.

To the guy at the White House nodding his head... same to ya :}You guys are really something.. I thought, now how do I respond to this one? :} Still no Thelonnius Monk. BUT.. the guy we bought firewood from started telling me about thes people with a pyramid and and all seeing-eye, free masons or something, and how the government was economically harrassing him for unknown reasons (to me) and that some people he knows just down the road just moved from DC and their brother is a driver for... Baracky Baby!!! :}

It truly is a small world. Tell Ben to be looking for   a communique. :} Big Ben. I like that. Think he will ?:}

6:04pm The Terrorist Industrical Complex is actually true, but let's not take focus off what Eisenhower said by using Colin Powell. If Wesley Clark knew Bush wanted to start 5  wars... so did Powell.. so the innoculations are very clever and they will initially hold up in the court of public opinion.. but all it will do is draw attention to the stories, and more people will learn the truth, and critical mass will creep up on you all.. I'll bet Machiavelli wrote something like that somewhere too.. it's just human nature repeating itself.. talk about reruns... :}

My favorite part is that if you try to get me convicted of fraud, you will cause your own convictions because it's easy to show you were the perpetrators of the fraud. That's my favorite part of what appears to be this Hegellian standoff :} I say appears.. Back to Northern Exposure, and the Nokolai story..  I'm not asking for  a rewrite anymore..  Im okay with the way it's setting up.

Meanwhile I think I'm coming up with  a geat song "If you were my friend"  or If you Had Been My Friend.. something like that.. it's been going through me for days.. it's actually part of a psyop, but that's okay, at least it's a good tune. Says alot. I doubt that I'll post it. You know what they say.  Leave something to the imagination :} Yeah, Herb Alpert. Whipped Cream. :} 5th grade. Or was it 6th or 7th:} ?

8 years... I've been planting seeds a long time.. it's   about to rain.. and I'm not talking about water..  this is the reign that will stop the rain that will end the reign :} Anyway, I understand about people not wanting to sign up for the losing team, but if ya read that Bible you got me to read, it's gonna work out, sooner or later, depending on the first guy in the crowd stepping out and saying "I stand for doing the right thing".  In actuality, that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with me personally.

I don't want your kids being robots. You've worked hard to give them advantages they deserve. AS a parent, I hope they simply appreciate what they've been provided. It wasn't that I wanted Erin to have to wash the windows all the time, it was that I wanted her to know what labor is like, to at least appreciate hte labor of other people, and the requirement to complete the task, even when it's hard or you don't want to do it. Always remember what I said to Begala.. I don't hold anyone's wealth against them,  if they've earned it honestly, and that even means people who stay inside the law, sometimes even when they feel  a little squemish about it... when they think it might not be quite right  Sin's the same way.

It's like, there really is a difference between someone who breaks the law, and an actual criminal.

But, back in the beginning I made the wise crack about the  "old farts" having a vision they thought they weren't going to complete, so they were speeding things up, and people weren't ready.. and that was before I'd become convinced things had gone awry... and now here I am, the big punch line being delivered, concerned that I can be used, at my age and so forth, to be waited out for these guys to regain control.. it's just one possible dialect I refuse to allow myself to be used by... and I'm the one worried about having enough time... but it's typical of the way these things have worked out since 2002.

It's  a shame that I had to learn to start looking a tulterior motives and protectionist approaches to everything, because I used to approach everything trusting those I encountered.. I suppose it's good to do in the current social and religious climates... it's just a shame I had to adopt that in first encounters.. In this case, though, I didnt' realize that our interests were in such great conflict. I still wish. But I put my faith in what never fails me. It's why in the case of Barbie, I'm not worried about the evidence I have. I know I have what I need. And I have nothing to vindicate myself for in the matter. God says He gives His servants a way out. Cool. I'll go for that. One less thing to worry about. And I really do think of it that way.  I think its' funny, in its own, pardoxical,ironic way...  ya know, I saw stuff... stuff I think will happen, but where and with who.. I never see actual faces.. rarely do.. last night, clear as a bell, I saw myself standing in front of a crowd of people I was talking to. Semi formal.. like a conference room. There was this one guy, brown eyes, brown hair,   I bet I end up talking to him one day... I know I'll recognize him. It means it'll be a very good discussion.. breakthrough kind of discussion..  like Kryptoman said, follow the signs.. :}

Free association.. I learn a lot from it.. gives me new ideas :} The robe thing.. I know I'll know that moment in real life when it happens.. there's a specific building that always stands out.. and  think I've seen it before.. either in San Francisco, New York or Tel Aviv.. but it's very distinct :} This is like one of those Bob Newhart telephone call scenes.. where you only hear one side..  I love Bob Newhart..

It's all very weird... I told someone  acouple years back that I always have these "gut feelings" whatever you want to call it and I always ignored them when I should pay attention. Now, I'm paying attention. Doesn't necessarily mean anything. It might.

The one that still ocnerns me the most though is the one I got way back early on in 2002 of  anuclear bomb going off in Virginia, taking out DC and the vicinity, emanating from a portable tactical device... now I get aerial views of it.  And it doesn't seem to be from U.S. mainstream or foreign citizens. Hmm.. what does that leave... Let's call it the situation room, having nothing to do with Wolf Blitzer and CNN.  Let's not replay the Black Powder Rebellion, ladies and gentleman. Regardless of the proud but infamous heritage. I call your bluff.

The key to 3 handed pinochle was keeping track of trump. I was really good at it. Really good. In 4-handed pairs, it was learning to play your partner's hand like your own.

Finally.. KO..  this isn't health reform in any way... puppet or sellout, it's still going to do a great deal of harm.. I think it's a facade to get past 2012... and the Insurance COmpany tax is just another way for the government to siphon money off the top that is not budgeted or appropriated to finance covert warfare and psychological operations that are illegal. That's what theyre doing, and they're more brazen about it all the time.. and it's not just Democrats.... Can't wait til Jeb Bush pops back up soon :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Five - I'll Be There

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - There Is A Mountain

There is something else I want to say. It would easy for anyone to conclude that if what I say has been done to me has, infact been done, that it would be reasonable to conclude that I would feel a great deal of emnity, anger and vindictiveness toward a great number of people.. I'm still the same person with the same concerns as wehn I put  up "Count the vote" postes up in DC, and started researching in 2001 to find out what was really going on.. and the only thing I sought to do then, as I do now, is  to get to the truth so things can be sorted out.

I didn't make the laws people have used to break the law, and that were violations of the law when they were made...

My original concerns, the foundations of this nation and the leadership we claim to provide for the world, the status of real democracy and the full appreciation and incorporation of liberty and in respect to the Golden Rule...   I  said long before studying the Bible that the intent of the constitution and the founding father was and is the closest thing to modeling what God had in mind, and it's still true, whether it came to fruition or not. If it succeeds, then a vision was fulfilled. If it fails, then an example of why it would fail will have been provided. All of course, on the material planes and encompassed by the laws of man. God's talking right now. I always love reading what He inspires after typing it in. :}

God says that this is part of what will occur on the material planes if faith is not strong enough, if choices are not informed, and if values continue to be compromised for the illusion of power and influence, whether appearing good or bad, controlled by  a covert group of people who use people like skipping stones, enjoying tossing them across the pond just for fun, and forgetting them at the bottom of the lake when they're done playing with them.

So anyway, like I said long ago, it was never about me, except knowing that if I could do my part so that everyone benefitted, I would benefit too by my share of the good that was created. The John Graham - Beautiful Mind - philosphy, as I found out. The same that had Martin Luther King point out that when one suffers we all suffer...

So now, it would seem I have a few more responsibilites for a few different reasons than I expected, but I was always mentally prepared because I knew that God had something important for me to work on when the time came... and I sort of gave up on that for a while, believing I had made mistakes that made me unworthy of public trust let alone God's trust.. and still I was willing, and when I saw that all I had experienced and been trained in was exactly applicable to the times, I had to proceed with the further inquiry, having faith that God would show me, one way or another, where I fit in the plan He had in mind. Even if I was being tricked, I knew that the time for me to provide him the promised service to Him was upon me. I said teach me, He did, the time came, I like adventures.. :} I just didn't know what was behind a lot of things.. And the beautiful thing is, God provides, He always does, and the more faith you give to Him, the more He provides. And the easier it gets. And it doesn't mean I can coast and expect anything to just be handed to me.. and nothing has been. But I've paid my dues, the price HAS already been paid.. and quite frankly, it's time for the games to be over.

Guilt by association ? Only because those involved won't step forward for the right reasons... at least at the moment.. until they can get a contract with the team more likely to win the pennant...like the critters who didn't want to bake it, but sure wanted to eat the pie.

It'll be a good song... one for me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

10/16/2009 12:04pm Another heavy morning of psychotronics... the thing that proves to me that these government people and media people are so stupid is because they continually use psychotronics to force me to focus on things I really have little concern about.. their favorite is Pastor Melissa Scott.. they want to make it out like I'm obsessed with her.. Well, if that's the case they want to make, then I guess I'm obsessed with DObbs, Olbermann, NCB GE TIme Warner, and all the other people I have evidence against for crimes that will get them hung in the Hague. And the bottom line is, they think they'll win by smearing me in public, knowing full well in court, they'd be convicted.. THey think getting away with thaton earth makes these big, powerful tough guys.. and all they're doing is ensuring that they goto hell.. and that they did it to themselves... I also know they want me to adopt that attitude so I won't take action, and they'll think they won. God's gonna turn Sundown around on them.

You guys don't stand a chance.. wanna claim Christianity is an apocalyptic cult.. I'll make the case that the CIA, NSA and the government of the United States is too. and It'll stick. And then I'll show how the tv political analysts are too. ANd then I'll ask, if the prophecies are just of an apocalyptic cult of paranoid people, then why do the prophecies keep coming true, and why, Brian WIlliams, are you acting just like the Bible says the anti-Christ will. And then, since that's true, why do you want to convince America to turn its back on God. Because you think you're God? All you are is pathetically sick and damned to hell.

Like the Bible says, apostates will come in the form of thieves and traitors....

The thing the people of the United States need to come to grips with is that the U.S. only represents less than 5% of the global population. Christianity is by far NOT the largest religion. The U.S. doesn't own God, and GOd has declared that there is no longer any such thing as a n anointed nation, not like there ever actually was, but in terms people have been misled to believe in today's vernacular, there is no anointed nation, and there never will be again.

Just like Germany, they enslaved their people an created a powerful war machine.. do you really believe the rest of the world is going to allow another Nazi regime to succeeed? And when we destroy a nation to get back at a leader, do our comanders care how many civilians they kill or harm? We celebrate their destruction in supposed victory... Do you think that when the U.S. government meetrs its waterloo, and it will, by the course of natural human events, do you believe the troops of other nations, defending their nations, will concern themselves with the welfare of the general population while fightest the sickest regime in history?

Do you think the people in government are going to defend the citizens, or themselves. The Patriot Act already answered that question. ANd the next attack on the United States will be carried out, again, by the United States Government, no matter what lies they tell you. Whatever you do,  don't trust Jimmy Carter or anyone affiliated with the COuncil on Foreign Relations.

Ask your minister, are you affiliated with anyone or any organization that supports or particpates with the COuncil on Foreign Relations.. that includes Tim LaHaye and all those other people whose fame has closed their eyes and ears... if your minister has anything to do with them, ask them to resign, inform your other church members, and find another church that does not serve the devil.

And remember, all those good church people who thought they were clever by harming me.. every minute you cover for your ministers counts as sin that you have decided you can get away with. Just another church of people who obey the word of God when it makes them feel vain and righteous. When's the last time you started acting like a Christian?

Let's see.. my crime of obsession was.. asking to make an appointment. Good luck with your case.

I don't know about you deluded people.. but I'm still kind of pulling for the completely new planet.. I like this one, but I think you guys ought to keep it, and let all the radiation and pollution mutate your children.. you know the ones who would be perfect due to eugenics, genocide and genetic engineering... what you're doing now... like I said, just like Moses, a win by attrition. I wonder who's leaving the world today?

All I gotta say is, thank God this is the last time the good people will have to put up with sickos... imagine all the cool things we'll be able to build in the New World with the knowledge and technology of God, without all the perverts using His gifts and miracles to kill us all while we sleep.

One final Aesopian.  frnakly it looks to me like the sickos messed up yet another thing that God intended as a blessing for alot of us. Not the first, I saw the setup, I'm real sad it didn't work out, and that certain people don't have the integrity to rectify things. God makes the best lemonade in the universe. For the faithful.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Christopher Cross - Ride Like the Wind

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Davy's on the Road Again

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

Last night's Bible reading was very good... ended up on Nahum and Obadiah and some other stuff.. basically told me, okay Chuck, don't worry about it, kick back, relax, reset, I'll handle these guys. It was definitely a confirmation of the beginning of the famine... and I aint talking about food.

Like I said, I'll stick with those I can trust. Right now, that's just God. And I didn't betray you or turn my back on ya'll anymore than God has.. it's the other way around... don't ever forget that.

TBN - Nice setup with the Klein stuff.. chickens and deceivers and vain people and people who believe their judgment is greater than God's.. I won't forget.. like the pliticians know, that's not  a good thing. I'm not daunted. Just evidence for my report. Robertson is an apostate, unless he retracts and corrects his remarks.ANd if he doesn't, God will hold him responsible for the deaths of a great nuber of people, and the desturction of the United States. I'll bet he's a Council on Foreign Relations member.  Are you going to denounce them Pat, or are you afraid it'll make you look bad for people to find out you've been playing along? Are you going to set the example of covering up to get away with it on earth, or are you going to inform people that God really does judge you for your actions, Pat? ANd then, like Huckabee, are you gonna fess up for the good of humanity and in service to God, or jus tbecause you're afraid of going to hell, or just to do the right thing... just because it's the right thing. I kno you'll be my enemy because I dare to confront you. If you think this is bad, what do you think God's going to say to you? I used to respect you. Whether I ever do or not again is up to you.

10/17/2009 11:37 am They asked the Germans why they didn't stop their government... all I can say is that when they ask that question of me, I'll have nothing to apologize for. But I will hand them all the evidence they need to hang the U.S. Government. AS if they need my testimony.

I'm being put throgh the annual psyop joke of "let's make the son of man homeless in the winter" again.. like every year.. I was alwready told to leave once... psychotronic effects.. 900 witnesses.. they'll say I did it myself.. that' sthe other joke thye're trying to play on me..  because I told them they'd do it to themselves. And they are.

So I am going to leave this time, and I will leave the country, and after I leave:

the people who think Im a joke will say good riddance, and that will be that

those who understand who I am will also understand the consequences. And regardless of what they say about me as a citizen, or wht they say about gGod forsking the U.S, the only truth is that the Council on Foreign Relations will have done it to themselves, and to you, and the big problem, they want to do it to you.. so it'll all be left for them.

I hear U.S. citizens bought 10 billion rounds of ammo this year.. and it isn't because Obama's black.. Nancy... do you have 10 billion rounds of ammo? Really think it's gonna work, Nancy, or is this just Satan's Hail Mary pass.. by the way, the Mary you want.. contact her through Olbermann, they seem to be two peas in a pod, or is that pissants?, anyway, anyway, their Mary is in LA. conveniently located across the street from Forrest Lawn, where a bunch of you ultra rich will be residing if the people with 10 billion rounds of ammo figure it all out... Mary can perform the burials for you :} Of course, she'll screw it up, as she screws up everythng she does by being cool and slick and saving America by handing it to the Nazis.

Just for the record, psyop guys, I only have my little pellet gun in a box in the garage somewhere...maybe it works.. no pellets.. but I can get some and use it to kill birds for food in the wild :}

I'm actually looking forward to this.. Poor America.. Chutes and Ladders.. Dad opened up all the chutes and ladders, and none of them had friendlies on the other side. Sounds like  a choice to me. I'm looking forward to a new level of freedom. It won't be easy to leave. ANd it'll be sad to see America fall. Can't say I didn't try. But atleast you'll all get to say we faithfully witnessed Satan destroy the world while demonizing God, just like the  prophecies said. What good little boys and girls.

Pantywaists, chickenhawks, apostates, liars and traitors...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 12 - Business As Usual

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Patrick Moraz - Soon

PS Stivo - my apologies to Green Day :} Just tell em not to worry about the robes... use a chiron or something superimposed.. I'm wearing blue jeans.. :}

It's weird.. I see pictures of this beautiful world and some places alot like this.. but given the way things are going and all, I just don't see how it will be in this world this planet. On the other hand, one of the things I specialized in in computers was walking into other people's botched computer installations, and getting it running within a short time... I just don't see God wanting His children to be in a world of radiation and chemical pollution, people who think eugenics and selective murder for population control is  agood thing, and selling us entertainment that causes us to enjoy evil and the suffering of others...

Some would say, that's why God would have a "rapture".. I disagree.. but when the mass murder via psychotronics and dews occurs, I'm sure a bunch of people will say.. see, it happened. Just like I said... a failure in the electronic cingularity. You can see something, and see it happening, and describe it  as it appears to you with the knowledge and technology of the day related to the same today. I still haven't found where it came from.. I'll stick with my version. Or, show me I'm wrong. I'm quite willing. Are you?

Look I know there are things that I say are different than what some people claim to be the truth. I don't know those things but, but I have no doubt. SO did Jesus. So did Moses... every Christ did.. and it's not different it's more. except, that it corrects a great number of deceptions as well. What I write of are not the only things of importance nor are they inclusive of every interpretation... but they are what God says is needed now, and how can I possibly present a complete discussion, writing a book online, not knowing if anyone reads it, what they think they understand, and unable to respond to questions.

Sounds like God saying.. I keep talking to these people and no one listens. Oh well. Let them do it their way. I warned them. I didn't do it to them. They did it to themselves.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bangles - Eternal Flame

6pm Fun psychotronics today... not.

Going somewhere else is not quitting.  The psyops guys know that, just as I know they want to keep me where they can contain me. God's calling the plays in from the sidelines. I just run 'em. WHo knows what he's gonna do next. I sorta do.. He's gonna have fun making a bunch of people look like the fools they are.... :}

I wonder if Prince understands the first one's already come or if he got blinded too.

If Christianity is an apocalyptic cult... apocalypse.. reveal... it's not about violence or death or anything but revealing the truth... how's Brian Williams gonna explain that the U.S. is an apocalyptic nation, then, a nation under God? And then, what is it these Christians are supposed to reveal? THere was an apocalypse of prophecy, which seems to be coming true, and now and apocalypse of truth that just happen to parallel the end times, and Brian Williams and NBC and GE and a bunch of others are obvioulsy working for the "evil-doers" the Bible talks about.... and then the big guy says, there are no coincidences, as GE is handed the mantle to be America's "coroporate manufacturing arm".

Meanwhile, the rest take the economic swindle of the century to pay for their moves to China...  GE's doing a good deal of business in China too.

If sanctioons go on Iran, I guess only Exxon will be allowed to do  business with them, just like before when Halliburton did business with them before. That's what sanctions are for. Preventing competition, and forcing countries into giving U.S. countries a piece of their money pie. Just like the British Empire always did, right before we took over...

The Palestinians and Israelis were doing pretty well under British "guidance"... before the U.S. took over...

We always pick up where the British leave off.. what an interesting coincidence.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne - The Power

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 04 - No Bad Dreams

10/18/2009 4:32 pm I've been working on The Perfection of Jesus... I'l be doing the fianl edit in a few minutes. It's always astounded when writing this stuff, never actually knowing wht I'm going to write about on a given subject, having it usually take a twist that surprises me, knowing God is guiding my words and education and understanding... and I'll be going along,t alking about God and Christ Jesus, and everything I'm explaining about them fits to a tee me and my father. It' salways tempting to be distracted and express that instead of continuing what I was writing about... and that all by itself becomes an example of the parallels of me and Jesus. it's kinda weird, reassuring, and sad and hopeful all at the same time. Iy would be easy to explain it as nothing more the expression of a pardigm, but it  just isn't.

I'm very clear now that the people who were supposed to prepare the way went back on their deal and that's why we're here today. And that God knew it would happen, but wanted to give the sickos one more chance to usher in the next age... the next generation... instead, we have Battlestar Gallactica.

People waiting til the last minute, and then thinking they can fool the boss with bogus numbers and fraud laws to explain the situation, and of course, blaming someone else. ANd then trying to set me up left and right to make it appear I believed in thesame things, and was a hypocrite. I don't believe in the same things they do.

In their world, when it comes to war crimes, for example, they only try war criminals for the crimes they don't commit themselves. SO, let's say Germany killed dogs, and so did we, even though the world decried it as a war crime. No one  would be prosecuted, because if they did the victores of the war would have to expose their similar evil. And then convict themselves of the same crimes.

If you want to know more about the crimes if the U.S. governement anti-Christ sickos, go to the web site of former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, and the international action center. I think it's iac.org  He's spent the rest of his career trying to bring the U.S. govt to justice. DIdn't he work for Carter? His org organized the biggest protestss against the Iraq War, and has been trying to convict HW Bush and others for the crimes of the Gulf War, of which many international human rights laws were broken.

When it comes to sin, let me guarantee, the things that matter most to God, expeically right now, have to do with the way we treat other people and beings.. He isn't too concerned about you smoking dope, alcohol, all the rest, that's trivial stuff compare to how we justify the ways we treat each other.

And when it comes to ministers...  no excuses... no excuses.. you'v eben given truth, you ignored, God sent me, I told you, you help try to kill me... you don't even bother to seek the truth anymore, let alone God. You have no idea how much I envy how they actually seek their leader in Buddhism.

Even with God Himself, people just seek reasons to justify and rationalize ignoring Him. "He'll let me off because..." What if He   doesn't. What if heolds you to your word, makes you account for all of the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule?

My nephew was on the highway one day, in a pack of cars that were speeding, and he was complaining to my brother about how he was in the middle of the pack, and the Highway Patrol gave  HIM the ticket. He siad, everyone else was doing it. ANd my brother said, "Yeah, but you were speeding, you knew the speed limit, so the ticket is legitimate". He didn't like that answer.

Trust me.You won't goto hell for  aspeeding ticket. But you might goto hell if you can't even acknowledge to yourself what you've done .

Judge not lest ye be judged.

People think that means don't judge other people. It's true. It also, if you don't reconcile and atone and judge yourself for your sins, it will mean that you are leaving t to God to judge you... and I don't think you want Him to do that, because I'm more lenient than Him.

Judge yourself not, and ye shall be judged by God.

Remember, His job is to judge souls, my job is to find reason to defend souls. I won't defend souls who will not judge themselves. Nor people who perpetrate, perpetuate, or will not abate or rectify evil. I see a lot ot defend and I understand a great deal. If you don't, confession won't matter.

There's a great deal of difference between saying hurtful thngs while being tortured and knowing you're killing and torturing people and saying you're sorry, as if you mean it and it matters. You keep doing it. Good luck in Hell. You keep covering it. Good luck in hell. Double back is for every person you've harmed.And you lose no matter what, sickos. Works for me.

I'm gonna enjoy the new scenery. I think the whole world really will hate the Uited States soon. They didn't before. I guess that was pat of the Bush dialectic.. to get people in th U.S. paranoid of the rest of the world so when the U.S. really started doing the worst stuff, citizens would already be prepared to support them.

I really feel sorry for America.. don't now what to do.. too many courageous Christians.. who aren't.. For which I only blame the ministers.

I hate it that I understand why God doesn't want me to waste time writing.

Nonetheless, the new piece on the 2nd book will be online later today. This one says a lot. But at least, when people say all I did was tell how everything is wrong, I told you right stuff.... how it's supposed to be and what got lost by the deception sof the evil and the ministers who did not truly tend their flocks... you didn't all get it wrong, you were miselad, even though the scriptures, and not forgetting them, andunderstanding the ways of God would have prevented all this.. God understands that.. it's the part about not even being open to the idea that God is alive and Christ is in the world and people should be listening... they're not even listening and seeking anymore.. and I'm sa becaus eof all the people who'll find out later that they're not as good as they thought, and it'll be easy to understand later on...  but since the truth was so easily obtained and now so easy to see if you were willing to know the truth.. the wheat and the chaffe will separate itself.. they're doing it now, identifying themselves by their actions...  in truth, I'm here to work with the ones left worth saving, whose souls haven't been taken over, who'll be here when God Himself gets here. To correct the course. I was saying to someone this morning that it's sad to think that the only way I can find comfort in the situation as it is is to think at least it'll be easier without so many people to care for. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. That's all that is.

If you think I'm sad for myself, you're wrong. I just don't want to hear people crying. That's why I started all this in the first place.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulder

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Atlanta Rhythm Section - A Rock N Roll Alternative - Don't Miss the Message

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various artists - Hold Your Ground - Vol. 1 - 06 - Bill Bourne - The House

7:57 pm I've been wondering if the appropriate thing for me to do, for integrity's sake, would be to separate myself from the religion Christianity and simply  start a new church called something like "The Church of God's Ways".  Maybe that would make the right point. Idon't know what to say. How do you teach people to overcome the world when they don't' think they need to?

Inconsistencies.. the new age church... it's interesting, because I've wondered for years if that's what I represented as I questioned whether I was just deluded or whatever...  I just don't see how I'm teaching anything new... I'm starting to talk a little more about what's beyond, but, mostly, I'm talking "Ground Chuck"" for Seahawks fans. Back to basics.  And I'm not going to go far in advance because the BIble says, stop worrying about the future, deal with the issues in front of you. People want to hear of a happy ending, cool, make it up yourselves, it's as good as anything I could tell you true or not, but it still won't solve what needs to be solved.

I suppose I should research this, but won't, but I think the "New Age Church"... really took form somewhere aroound 1400,  1500.. something like that. Took Christianity down the wrong path with rippling effects that couldn't be corected because people weren't made aware of them... I'm talking leadership , not particularly the Bible. The rippling effects of one corrupt leader can set the precedent for heritage and more for hundreds and thousands of years. Look at the rippling effects of the crucification of Jesus, depriving the faithful and the world of the leader chosen by God to make sure everyone flourished, if they would accept His leadership.

The Bible, especially the Revelations and Ezekiel and so forth, is testimony to the rippling effects of the rejection of Christ. Not JUST Jesus, Christ. Not like, this is what I'm going to do to you, but, this is what's going to happen because of it if you don't turn things around..

Not at all to diminish soldiers... we make people heroes for doing incredible things in combat, and they most often say, I just what needed to be done.. and didn't think about it. Except they did think of one thing: their willingness.

The same with police and other people who put their lives on the line for us.. and then you might think about their reasons for being willing to do that...

It's more than cowboyism, authoritarianism, all sorts of stereotypical things that cover the underlying truth that they love people and life, and would do practically anything to make it better for other people...

I think it's  a shame that movies and tv shows and such depict them as tough and dumb and domineering and dangerous, which means they're being used to intimidate people by causing that kind of image in the public's mind, not enforce laws, whether they want to or not... and it also means, it endangers them more when working... I wonder if they realize that, and what they'd think of it?

It's a lot like what the image of God has become. And how it became that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Wild Places - 06 - Blind to the Truth

The thing ya have to remember is that even if we go another generation, cause things go slowly over time with God, like realizing the end times is over the course of hundreds of years, not 70 people weeks, gregorian weeks... the thing that always gets me is the idea that the kids are going to be hooked into this computer system that brainwashes them 24 hours a day... meanwhile.. they'r egetting everyone to buy all this great cellular technology that is harmful to our health, and at the same time, has us all buying all the latest gps devices that allow others to monitor us everywhere we go, 24/7...  radar type systems have been developed that actually allow people to monitor your movements based on pings to and from cellular tower transmissions originally intended to only carry voice communications. It's a form of doppler.. like weather people use... I only wish this was paranoia. fas.org Federation of American Scientists is a good place.. Global Research, too..  Look up Christians Against Mental Slavery in the UK

If you were my friend
I would tell you all you wonder
Share the spell of love I'm under
Talk of blessings of tomorrow that will never, ever end.
If you were my friend
If you were my friend.

Sort of goes like that.. that's actually different than I usually do it.. I love the generic quality of it.. it could be about anything :} I guess I can concentrate on the second verse now. :}

Did you ever bother to read Kurzweil. The Electronic Singularity. It's in there. He's fascinated by it, as anyone might be in an abstract conversation.

I just wish people could understand what it really means. And I don't even mean suffering. I just mean, no longer having free will.

10/19/2009 12:07pm It's interesting how I can see that the strategy used against me since about 5th grade... weird, isn't it, I can actually distinguish a particular incident way back then that fits the psyop paradigm still being used.. 5th grade.. the year after, my favorite teacher has a mental breakdown.. so.. anyway... the interesting part though is it's the same strategies described when Rumsfeld and I were talking, andhe was saying the basic stepby step process of how to soften up and enemy before taking them down... they did it with Iraq for 30+ years.. Iran 30+ years now, and 50 before that, and the British Empire did the same things for 100 years before that.

The psychotronics are really bad today.. worse than in a long time.. must have said something sickos don't like.. the thing is, they think they can do this,  make me suffer, and get me to change to be like them, wanting to kill and get vengeance and all that stuff that sickos like them do.. and I just won't..  they just can't turn me, never did.. got adventurous a few times... came back to the middle.. get enough proof that I'm horrible, an therefore in no position to criticize them. I've never killed anyone, never assaulted anyone... I've never hurt anyone on purpose. ANd you guys are mass murderers, you commit genocide, eugenics, you enjoy lying, and the idea that you would choose a side based on who you think will win makes you a bad choice to ely on for anything.. so I'm glad you picked the side you did, so you can go down with the rest of the people like yourselves with no principles.

The SOn of Man will be unacceptable to anyone.. sorry I'm not good enough for you all.

I think maybe it's time to critique the tv ministers, and prove to you how 99% of them are wrong, full of themselves, apostates who don't listen... I'm gonna start with TBN cuase they have some of the most powerful apostates and people who have forgotten God and think they're what's imortant.. and it appears to me they wanted to go head on with me.. so let's do it..don' tlike me.. think I should go away? I will. But first, I'm gonna do my job, and leave a record like a good little prophet who's supposed to suffer and die, and I'll tell people who these big shot liars are that help the government commit crimes against its own citizens by liying for them. It is a biblical definition of apostate. DOn't like it, stop doin git...

You sickos always think you can itimidate  people through harm and lies and power, and you always intimidate other people who don'tunderstand that sickos like you ar ethe most frightened people on earth, because you know you're rotten to the core, and you know better, but you love power of hurting other people to prove to yourself that you're better than everyone else...

ANd just remember ministers, if you think God will forgive you for acquiescing toevil, remember, the BIble says it's worse for those who claim Christianity and go back on it. Just like those who take oaths of loyalty to this nation and people are traitors everytim ethey sign an unconstitutional law, every second they torture innocent AMerican citizens on U.S. soil. ANd if you allow this sort of thing togo on, then, you too, are guilty of torture. And iin my case, in direct dbetrayal. Unfortunately, most of you won't figure that out until the moment you realize that the big shots who lured you in are now your captors, because they won't need you anymore either. But they'll be stuck with you for an eternity.

God and I have been arguing.  We do that. It's not blasphemy. It's called a manager's meeting. One of the greatest parts of the new world is not remembering all these sickos and sick ways. I'm really pushing for a new world on a new planet, so that Barack and the ROckefellers and all the rest can die in their own pollution.

It's kind of amazing how much Christianity has hidden what we are as spiritual beings... do people understand what Lord of Hosts means? Do people understand that our bodies have sentience beyond our spirits, and they deserve to be treated with respect? I know I'm not perfect in that area either, but I'm talking about how we're all killing each other, and ignoring it, calling it normal and the way the world is.

I'm wondering how a rekligion called Christianity takes a specification of Christ for Priests to be married and so forth, only to have the   church say they should not. Was the person who changed Jesus' teachings Christ? If not, it's a bogus rule, anti-Christian. You need to see that on an intellectual level, just like how you have to approach the discussion on divorce the same way if you are to fully understand the intent of its meaning.

If a man chooses to pput a woman out, ostensibly, she does become an adulterer, but it's not her fault, she has a right to be happy an God wants her to be... do you think God's going to treat her as a sinner for that, or do you think God will jusdge the man more harshly for making her sin? It's the same thing you media and politicians and apostates will face with God.

SO, Pat, if you think I'm attacking you personally, understand, you can do anything you want. But if youlie about important things that lead to the death of over a milllion people, that makes you a like, an accomplice, and in God's view, given the power you were granted and entrusted with by God, you're an apostate by misleading your flock and refusing to correct your error. If it wasn't fo rth efac tthat you're assisting the govt in covering up capital crimes against its own citizens, I'd probably just ignore you. BUt, since TBN seems to want in onthe games against me, let's see if any of youhave any integrity, or understand the ways of God at all.

One of the ways of God is to directly challlenge those who stand in His way. He says they get irritated, make mistakes and jhang themselves. And you know what, they always do.

Wanna play games... I'm not writing any more books, and I don't think I like the Christian community, if you tv apostates, and you know who I"m tlaking to directly, if you are representative of Christians. See, you rweal Christians.. these tv people and stars of Christian and musi and all.. they maystart out well intentioned, but they get sucked into money,power and fame. And they betray for ratings and contriutions, going along with corrupt people to get more power, and then they forget God. YOu become  anumber tothem, not a being with a soul that they see as anythign else but a notch on their guns.

And you ministers who dislike that description.. get rid of the fraud televangelists, and start ministering truth,. The turth of God is NOT just spiritual, it is worldly because this is a world and it's His world and you'r ein it.. You don't make up the rules for His kingdom, and you don't get to make up appeasing and patronizing stories and catchy buzz words and phrases and tv shows that don't reflect the ways of GOd. And I don't care if you think it's boring as hell. It's only boring because your egos are in the way and worrying about ratings instead of teaching people about God and Jesus, and remembering that Jesus IS just like GOd and that means... if this is what I'm thinking about, what do you think God's thinking?

Go tellyour congregations to look at my websites, my books, an then tell them, this is an example of what an anti-Christ is.Tellthem, read it all yourself, thoroughly, and follow the research links.. and then... tell them to get back to you about how I'm a liar and an apostate... but only if they read the Bible first... I bet you end up being really embarrassed. And that's what your emnity toward me is about. Caught ya red handed. ANd you know it. And if you don't, you're not serving God and never were.

I don't like chewing people out, it's not my way. But ifyou all like it better relegating me to being some sick prophet or apostate, then, cool... but here sthe thing... I already left and came back.. If I go away now, I'm not coming back.  Ya''ll missed the train. ANd you won't figure it out until there re no more trains... it's just true.. it's just human nature...

I wish I knew what to tell you to get you to wake up. But I kept my promise, I did my job, I was always willing to take it to the nmext level and GOd said.. no, either someone stands up and proves there is at least one who still seeks truth, and  who will put you forward, otherwise, it means people haven't seen enough prophecy come true, even though it's only becaus ethe sickos stopped them from seeing it, but that's how that goes, people make their choices... we're going all the way, folks, unless something big happens.. and I told God, it's His war.. I did my part... get the line to make a hole or let em do it their way, like they insist on... like you figured they would...

Lose a battle to win a war... if I wasn't wired.. pretty chickenshot Dobbs. have you explained to your children that you own part of the companies that are going to turn them into robots. Do you even have that much integrity. Or do you figure they'll serve the CFR better if they don't know? What kind of people are you? Sarah Plain uses her son going off to maybe die in a war based on lies to advance her political career. So does  Biden. Do they really want us to believe they care about their own children, knowing what they know. I don't understand such sickness. Neither does God. One reason I understand now why He wanted my opinion.

I feel so sorry for all of you. I really do. I don't normally feel sorry for anyone. WhenI was inSouth Africa, I felt hope for those people because I believed, without knowing I was being sabotaged, that they could easily be helped. I feel sorry for the people of the United States, because they don't understand evil and tyranny, and they don't know what to do... and the people who do are systematically being destroyed by the government.. And most of them won't know what hit them.

Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again

As far as I'm considered,this is finished,I won, God won, a few people will win, I'm glad that's up to God, and if your name ended up onthis web site, it's likely you're one of the losers. Even the book of life got turned around.. and you guys thought I'd impeach myself. You're not anywhere as smart as you think... none of you CFR people are.. you're just brown noses and kiss asses.. the worst of the worst.. the kind who'll stab anyone in the back for a buck or a microphone...  Future Footstools of America...

I don't need to be vengeful or vindictive.. you'll do it to yourselves... and the hell you create for yourselves will be the worst possible, because you'll know you have no one else to blame. I walk away with my head held high, having taken responsibility  for my errors, always striving to be  abetter person, requiring no one's approval but my own standards, which I consider high, like a vision to reach for with the possibility of attainment despite my imperfection.

Lord God, I pray you protect those who are faithful from the masses who do not know your ways and have turned against because of lies and lack of knowledge. Lord, relieve the suffering of those who vae been true and faithful, and when Satan delviers the apin that they all await as the true sign of the Living God, let them know and understand the lessons tehey were to have learned and grown by, so that they will never forget what sin is, so they will never be tempted to taste it again, like sweet tasting wine laced with tasteless poison and hatred, pourecd by those filled with guile, satisfied only when the hatred and murder they feel in their hearts is felt by all so they do not feel inferior to those who actually are superiority in character.

Lord, protect the souls of the chosen, let them be of good cheer and let the love intheir hearts remain so long as they exist, so that people will know love is real, what it looks like, how it actually manifests toward creation,    and the miracles it can accomplish.

Your will shall be done. And I will be your servant forever. Because I know you, and that's why I love you.



8:18pm... The only bad habit I got into 8 years ago is the same one I got into when I was a child.. I believed the leaders of the U.S. Government and media were honorable people.

Tell TBN not to worry, I'm to going to waste my time.   Tell Melissa Scott, if she's real, that I feel most sorry for her for whatever reason she became involved because God handed her an incredible opportunity in leading that church and serving God.. using all the right slogans and labels... to serve herself. And just like all the rest, I really was hoping she'd show some integrity, and actually be a Christian. For one time in my life, I was hoping to see soemone who appeared to have authority take responsiility fo their acts, instead of hoping to get aaway with it or harming someone else to get away with it. You can' tsave America. You need to save yourself first. America has enough traitors.

That's been the lesson all along since Dobbs and the gang decided to clue me in, I suppose to make it more fun to torture me.. such is evil... just like the people where I live..

You people need to know, from this citizen, I will not stop until you Nazis are jailed. I don't care where I have to go or what I have to do.. I have nothing better to do... and I don't even have to win, so all you people who wanted to stop me.. and kill me... it will come back on you all. And I really hope you don't think you're Christians  and I really hope you don't think you believe in God. It'll make it easier to walk away from you. You have no idea the suffering you are a part of. In y case, I would have forgiven much on an apology, bu tno more.

There are no covenants, tehre are no anointed nations.. all you'v egot is a fraud for a false prophet president.. and there's not one of you so called elect who have the balls to stand up and say you were fooled and picked the wrong one...  I'll bet even Prince..

I wish I  was a quitter... at this moment, I'd only be doing it because I don't see  much of a future and I might as well. It won't get me anywhere, but this isn't getting anything anywhere either.

I guess the only thing I'd really say is that all this makes it look like I'm critical of everything.. you get a little grumpy after 7 years of torture, whether you believe that or not, it's true.  When I check people out. like ministers on tv, as the record shows, I always look for the best in people  and see how they work for people, what their style is and all. and then what  I really look for is.. one little detail would alter something that would really make it  work.... like the details of painting a house or something... I empower.

But when people won't listen, I just tell it like it is, and then it's your problem, cause I'm not going to worry about people who don't listen..

Anyone who brands me as a prophet, and only a prophet, will be a liar. I'm sure there are lots of you high priced liars who would quickly edit it to leave out your criminality.. it's alright..

Every nation and tribe in the Bible that followed God's ways flourished... when they fell awy, they died or dwindled.. and it wasn't because God killed them.. they didn't follow the owner's or user's manual... things stopped working.

There's a problem in interpretations.. it just has to be.. all the times God supposedly said He would destroy nations and such.. who fell through more natral human nature and predictable course of human and natural events.

I don't think I'll ever know what other people know about all this. Not sure I want or need to anymore. The psyops guys tld me long ago they'd kill me when whe I was 58 so I' ddie just like my father did..  you know.. ha   ha.. I'm just like my father.. thery're real clowns.

The good news is, I only have to convince one person, and the U.S. Govt  is screwed.. as it should be. The medi apeople are screwed. Lots of apostates. But the problem is, I won't be in a position to calm things down.. and then you'll all have your destruction.. ..there's so many ways for it to happen..

I think, if you look at it, only an act of God Could straighten the mess going on right now without causing global war... because of authority.. which is of course why the second coming... and lots of things would be determined by the choices people made. Being set up the way I was, I didn't stand a chance. Without these weapons on me, this whole thing would have been over, and they know it.  Criminals can't win by fighting fair.

I'm just going to assume that a bunch of people know who I am but don't want me because they would go to jail, don't know me don't care, that's ok, know me, know who I am, watch me suffer so long as it's not them... the sickos are going to do a lot of bad things to people...  I guess it doesn't matter.. if you don't beleive that, if you don't beleive me now, you never will.. until after..  and that WILL be too late..

I'll never understand what's wrong with you people. Soon, it won't matter. It'll be like one more dream I didn't remember. And when I wake up, I'll be in the Kingdom of God, wherever He chooses it to be.

All power  to God. Have mercy on the innocent.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Moody Blues - I'm Just A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band

Take the devil for a country man.. yes you did...

10/20/2009 12:09 pm If I was to express all of the visions and insights and so forth that I've had since the last, it would probably take me hours to say. I will say, the domino theory has been in play ever since Stalin wrote the book, and the ROckefellers, Bushes, Jimmy Carter and the Councilon Foreign Relations has done a superb job of implementing it, which is why Dobbs is calling for the recall of all troops from foreign soil, so the government doesn't have the excuse to call in foreign troops..  that's a huge part of the domino theory, especially given that our own government is doing it to us.

Okay old fart? :}

It's weird to feel like you're John Connors in Terminator 3...  :}Use that one in the mental exam.. :}

I do have one more thing to say, and I don't know why it's important but it  is, it becomes clearer all the time, somebody's trying to save Melissa Scott's butt, and it isn't one of the ones trying tohelp in a cover-up.. do you understand what I'm saying, Melissa?

I have no idea what info I have about you is true. Ok. I do have a good deela tha tmakes sense, whether true or just good cover stories. However, if it's true you were married to Gene Scott,and he sued Time Inc over calling him a televangelist, then Tim is a skull and bones company, and just likew they told me, they have long memories, and they enjjoy harming people with this technology they've had for   along time.  One way or another whether we were supposed to work together or not,we were pitted against each other to take each othe out.. maybe you thought I as th eanti-christ, just a deluded guy out to harm a black candidate.. I don't know or care really. Two, 3, 4 birds with one stone.. and lYnn was one of them... that's how many years they work these dialectics... once they come after you, they don't stop, no matter what deals they claim to make with you. They don't have to keep deals. And they have no mercy left in them. Right now, youappear to be one of their type.

I'm assuming the psyop guys let me go down there last year because the other guyswere so insistent on settinge up for harassment that they sai, okay, lemonade, let's bust her. So I got all kinds of video, shots of the poster in the fron t of the theater.. and according to the tv video, and what I took on site when I first arrive at teh theater, and when I was reloading my truck in glendale.. there are 3 Melissa Scotts.. and none of the sermons I saw ontv were of the woman I saw in Glendale... I can document it using the mercedes. AndI have a hunch some old fart has some video of the CNNimpostors.

So Melissa, one thing I saw this morning was you signing some papers...be careful what you sign, the people syaing they're covering your butt couldn't care less about what happens to you. They're trying to kepe me in the country, and ultimately, to drive you, and they think me, into silence or jail. So, allI have to say is that these papers you have orwill be signing will mean the difference between you going tojail and hell, or setting things straight for  whatever reasons you have. You decide which the truth is. WHen I accidentally get stuff like that, I turn it off forprivacy reasons.. maybe one day I'll get smart nd follow the thread and see the details.. Id rather not... stuff like that comes to me when I meditate in the morning, and ask God to guide  me to what  I really need tofocus  on for the day. Especially in learning.

The point  of no return is  quickly approaching. I don't want it to go down. DOesn't have to. Last call. It's not aboutme. It's aboutthe choices you make, and your futures. Every one of you.

Me.. I gotta find a place to wait until the smoke clears.. since i"m ot allowed to talk or be with people in a normal way, it's all that's left, and Godtold me I don't have to suffer anymore..


One of the most interesting things that came clear today.. I told Begala, everything law ofr thing you do to gain unfair advantage will be used against you.. tell Jimmy that will include neutron bombs, if you sickos use them. I get tha some other people in DC have them too. I have no idea who, just an impression. I'd tell yuo more if I knew more. More things I get the headlines on, understand the trend, and move on. Nothing all that imminent, for atleast 6 months.. I hope..

But the interesting thing is, it goes back thousands of years, God turning the tables on everything, pretty much going back to Caiphus wshing hishands, was it him or pilate or whoever.. anyway... and I'm supoosed toplay it out like I just washed my hands of Rome and the Jews... itneresting.. it really actually is just like prophecy...

Din't need to be this way. Just like George said about Saddam, I didn't choose it, you did. And just like all you compassionate people say to poor people and all "You make your bed, you lie in it"... see how it's going to be turned around.. all the evil with all the cliches to rationalize them are now going to come back onthe evil.. truly instant Karma... I told you God was saving up.. someday you'll understand that God as Cosmos and God as Spirit and being are all real all the time. talk about being everywhere at once...  like me, He didn't want to have iit come to this, whichis why He said.. go give it a shot. One more try efore they kill themselves. I promised free wll. I keep my promises.

As well as the final promise. AS God seals HIs to Him in these final times

Maybe I got my wish. Maybe I got a trick. I don't care right now. Pinochle's like that. Got plenty of trump.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mark Almond - One Way Sunday

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 10 - Feet in the Clouds

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Going Underground

It's easy to talk of metanoia. It's another to live it, be it, immerse in it, and love within and through it. When are you going to actually let it it? 8 years without saving a soul you say. Maybe it was to save yours. Its looked like that ot me for a long time. I And I don't care what anyone says about me anymore.. as if I should have respect for their opinions as my judge.

12:56 Like an owl peeking out from behind the leaves... :} See.. it always happens.. the contexts are quite convoluted..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Camel - You Are The One

6:29pm So for the record, for those to whom it matters.. let's say someone comes at me.. I could let them bring evidence against me for2 years, non stop, every horrible thing you can imagine, and even using holograms to make it look I did things I never did... and I could 10 minutes or less of video that would send the highest elected officials and more in the United States put in jail for life. Their only hope is to prov eme mentally ill or a threat of some sort, and Melissa Scott was a number of entrapments that iddn't poan out for them becaus ethe onlything I was interested in was returning the contact she initatiated to make an appointment.

The truth is Iwould never bring her upexcept in some times when part sof her part show up as relativ eot the way things shape up.. otherwise, I get pounded by psthotronics about her and Lou and Keith and other people.. it's both intimidation as well as trying tomake look obsessive... it's  anice game.. allthe things they get me to display here that would otherwise be lgitimate mental illness concerns can be easily explained demonstrated, and testified to by hundreds if not thousands of people.. when people begin to understand, that number will grow to billions.

I figure I could do everything including pose naked in a subway, and still prove my case against the real criminals. Never wanted to. I was pushed into a situation.

God has proven to me that He'll make sure I'm covered. I think He's proven that to you guys too.. I'm not gonna worry one bit about whether I have documentation on anything, because I know I do. I have the dots that need to be connected without frills at the the very least.. and much more.. if I  have to... and all I ever asked for was freedom of speech. The rest, you did to yourselves. Surprise.

SO any of you who want ot play the "Let' smake Chuck look like a scorned delusional lover, or obsessive or whatever.. go for it.." When it matters, it won't matter. I'm not stupid, not as gullible as you think, I hung in til I got the infoand  evidence I needed, I'm not arrogant, and I don't care if you all lie cheat and steal to win in court... cause that's not the most important thing.

S o good luck to you all figuring out how you'll squirm out of it all. Now, since Leviticus says if you guys return toGod's ways I'l return toyours , and you guys won't. It's all as simple as that. it's in that Bible thing. 

I'm thinking maybe I'll get an innertube, figure out where Atlantis is supposed to come up, grab my fishing pole an go wait there. I hear it's ina psychotronics dead zone, and they gave great organic herbs. A couple radio stations, too, that might be fun to run after I own them. :}

Wouldn't it be fun if it turned out the Caribbean is   adead zone. Hard to believe it would still be..

If I  was being strategic,though, I'd go to France. Still got psychotronic sand more to deal with, won't get attacked, and every culture represented there. And French Fries. Real French Fries. What's their CHinese food like?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (Disc 1) - 10 - Solsbury Hill

PS I've never had a partner whoplayed my hand totheir advantage, because I don'tplay my hand like other people. Everytime they tried, they messed it up. The few times theings worked at all, it's because they listened, not made stuff up about what I said and embellished it, they listened. After a while you begin to understand that yu don't understand how I work, and you stop questioning it, and then realize the importance of the excellence of your own work, and then the questions become about interface, not change. When you know your resources, you can know howto allocate   and prioritize. If you can't inventory resources, you have none. A simple pardigm that works on every level.

Time to grow up. You guys.

10:04 For the Record: I really want to emphasize: there isn't  a single person I've ever written about, even in anger, that I had a personal grudge against, nor did I ever believe I had a reason to. Further, I began some political activities and until the heavy psychotronics took over, I was always a gentleman, and even the weirdest stuff I wrote isn't all that weird, particularly in context, and with little exception, even the weird stuff is true. It was done to me, not the other way around, otherwise, tobe honest,  my bet is, I'd be in S. Africa managing the beginningof a little paradigm torevive the indigenous ctizens from neglect by empowering them. I'm not complaining, I'm saying, that's how rediculous all these setups and games are.

Even now, I wish I hadn't learned what I learned, but I'm glad that I did because I'd rather know the truth, and I didn't think I knew anything that wasn't really common knowledge.. at least outside of mainstream american news... the only thing I'v ebeen doing all these years.. years.. understand and appreciate that.. years of attacks..  is sirviving, being willing to reach out when people imply they want me to, and listen when people tell em all sorts of stuff I'm surprised they think I should know, everyone sort of poking each other tofigure out what the otehr knows and to find the answer to all teh patterns they haven't fully identified yet...

I know how to connect them all. O r enough anyway, If you think I'm beign arrogant, understand, I simply understand the gravity of the situation from a great number of angles, material and spiritual worlds colliding and interacting, and I accept what's expected of me from God, and I concern myself with the welfare of things, even if to no avail, because you never know when you may be called upon. Just like after 911, I evaluated the land and home I was on to determine how to set up triage and settler camps in case there really were lots of terror attacks, small pox, etc, including treatment rooms with oxygen and airborne isolation. My dad trained me early on, always ask, what if? Always. ANd I have ever since. About everything. Maybe I took him a little too literally:} I think maybe my dad didn't realize I could take concept and assimilate it without everything needing to be experiential.

So, anyway, I don't know what to say except even to the sickos, I wish this all never happened, but it did, it continues, and there's only one way a global mess like this is going to end. I'm not going to try to convince anyone of anything. I never wanted to, except to spread the truth of what's going on, and in the original "Conversation", to examine the basic issue sthat  have shaped this nation for so long.. I know I didn't learn all tehre was to nw and all.. but I did develop a greater understanding. It was very useful to me.. just as writing has helped me discover a great many truths about myself, the world, God... And I just want to say, no matter what, even if you get way with killing me or getting me fully isolated,  I'm sorry it's like this, and that I was put in the position,  and that it's still really not personall for me except to feel sorry for some people..

It's jus tlike I said about people I love long ago.. I never stop loving anyone, even people who hurt me.  I just wish they didn't think there was some reason to do this kind of thing to anyone. I don't understand how they could. And claim to be moral, ethical, or even good people. And you wish you could undo whatever made them that way. Whatever it was. So the good person that's hiding in them or showing in another way to people and things they like, could be the one we experience in the world.

I think if I had to give a short report to God, that paragraph would be it, and He would understand.

My love to Cyndi Lauper wherever you are on the loss of Lou.

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors

Cyndi Lauper - All Through the Night

I suppose all one can say is, we have to do what we have to do. For some of us, that's a privilege, and with great responsibility. For others, it's just a shame.

I love you all. Bless ya anyway, you dopes.

10:53 I actually have one more thing to say to Melissa Scott.. Let's just say, erroneously, that I have no idea who you actually are, that I have 4 Melissa Scotts on my videos... you gave your naem to something. and if you are a precher, minister, whatever, you're giving god's name to something.

Billions of times a day people are given the choice of doing the right thing or wrong thing. Its like, if people were really such bad drivers, we'd have millions of car accidents a day. We have something in common. For whatever reason, however it happened, we ended  up in the same boat. I understand my reason for being in th eboat, whether you do or not. ALl I'm gonna say is, if you ever told God you were a servant, not just a CHristian but a servant, whatever you know, including you were used for a psyop and you had no idea what was going on, it's exactly what I could use to end it all. Maybe sounds weird and delusional, but it's true.  It just is. Doesn't matter on that level who I am, I'm just the guy with the goods.

I'm not trying to create any bonds with you, because as far as I'm concerned, all you are to me is one more criminal who assisted in a setup against me. Let's be real clear onhow not personal this is. You're one more person I beleive I need to protect myself from. I'd be glad to be wrong.

God me ina an untennable position for  areason.Ask him. I think I've explained it. I accept it.

God put you in an interesting position for whatever reason. It's kinda like me. You're a small potato, unless you choose to dothe right thing, in which case you're a key witness. If you're not already, you'll be a targeted individual to keep you under control and keep you  quiet. And isn' tit weird, just like, as bizarre as it seems, the lives of about 2/3 of all life on the planet is on the balance. What would Noah do? Cause it really is like that. And God doesn't give you a choice of whether you're involved or not. Unfortunately, you havea choice of what to do.

This is not about court cases. This is about the ability to  speak the truth with impunity... legally... and documentation to those who want to believe, know thigns are going wrong, and need a leader. They either get one or don't. This is abot whehter or not the churches are going to do the hard part f being real chuirches, not modern hip churches. Churches that do the grunt work for citizens and God. No tbecome stars. And that's not aimed at you.. unless it applies.

Like the idea of the future of the world being placed on your shoulders? If you're  areal minister and a decent human being, it shouldn't be this hard. No matter what your role was. No matter who I AM. Cause in most ways, it isn't about me at all, really. I wish it was :} I' dbecome a musician :} A real one, not just one who likes to write }

So anyway.. I laugh at everything because it's all so bizarre, it's hard to take seriously.. think God does funny things.. these clowns in the media and politics are just hilariously .. sick.. gotta laugh til I can do something about it. Watch how serious I get.

So finally.. do what you gotta do.. whoever and whatever you are.. I'm a littl e tired of being Cameronized all the time about these clowns.. and just like the school board, if you can't be president, be the next best thing... I'm not running to be voted for, I'm not asking for permission.. people have free will. . I' ve alway sbeen willing to talk to anyone.

The future of the world wuite literally is in your hands at the moment, Melissa. Isn't it a great feeling? I've waken up to it and gone to bed with it for years, wondering if it was true, knowing one way or another, whoever I am, it was true. Only my faith in God makes the difference. And I throw the Bible in the air, and it always gives me God's answer. Helps when psychotronics get in the way. But My God can do anything. Isn't it time to actually serve Him?

Look your congregation in the eye, knowing a bunch of them could be dead soon because of the tyranny of this government because you didn't do the right thing. And of course, you have nothing to fear from me.  I'm saying, they could be victims.. persecuted Christians, activists and more.. subjected to intellectual disappearing electronically the whole works.. I'm not saying specifically because they're part of your church.. I'm saying because of the things in place that could easily happen... to a general population.. Are you really telling me when it was over, you could live with that?

Such is the human condition, and the choices and necessities of the tiems we are in. I am not Paul, ahead of my time with predictions f doom. THe technology is there, the conditions are right, we're already in martial law, they already put troops on the streets.. the only thing left is  abig event to justify a formal announcement... when that happens, it's too late.

There's a lot of work to be done if many lives are to be saved.


Jim Croce -  It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

Dan Fogelberg - Holy Road

10/21/2009 7:50am Last nights reading Ezekiel chapts 18-20.  Check it out.

3:12pm I dont' think Chris wants me to watch him anymore:}

Stivo- I don't care about law suits.. if anyone - anyone - puts one on me, they'l regret it. These guys Skull and Bonesed themselves.. I wasn't even trying.. there's a couple out there who must have gotten relaly frustrated I was trying so little :} I'm a little peeved, but I'll take your confession :} So, I have some more Catholic questions... do you guys know? :} About the church? Any inkling? I really don t want to jump to any conclusions.. but uhm.. CNN did this really interesting report for me one Sunday morning when I woke up early and couldn't get to sleep.. :} From the Vatican.. did you know CNN has a Vatican reporter? Anyway...

I'm really looking forward to this conjuntion thing.. about inconsistencies.. could have gotten it wrong.  but will he be 5 times or 7 times brigher than the sun? Choose :}

I was thinking about htis dna thing.. dna's interesting stuff.. I was thinking about the virgin birth, and the the Realians, and cloning an the Illuminati.

I was reading  a book partially published online.. an old one from an archive.. maybe ALbert Pike, Free Mason, or maybe some Italian guy I can't remember... talking about how the Illuminati, in order to fool everyone and take over the kingdom of God,that they had to produce a "Christ" to produce the "Second COming" as if it was some kind of stage presentation or something. Then I thought about how the Canadian "Raelians" claim to have cloned a boy using "Alien technology", and then they placed the boy in a home in Israel to be raised. Isn't that interesting. Some people think "Jesus" in the second coming would come from Italy, some from Israel, but if you truly understand the Bible paradigms, you'd understand that the/any Christ would exist as a world order crumbles AND in the nation that is the current ruling empire, right now The United States as proxies to Great Britain...

With all this directed energy and psychotronic stuff going on, these guys could put on a show to make you think Abe Lincoln himself was in your bedroom talking to you. Very much why I sought to disprove who I am, because of illusions.. and then couldn't, because it's true strangely enough :}

I never was the kind to  put much faith in make believe
Or things I could not see or feel or touch...

So much for that old song lyric :}

Anyway.. well it's true the psyops guys think they won...

So this accupuncurist says, one of his patients comes in saying Iran is building a nuke to set off an emp weapon to knock out all satellites, etc, in the U.S.  Can you believe that Cra... I'm not supposed to say that anymore :}

Anyway... can we get real. No one  in their right mind is going to nuke the U.S... not North Korea, not Iran, and they're not going after Israel, whether  they like them or not. WHy? They know what suicide means. It's that simple. ANd they're really not stupid. I do think they might need nuclear power to counter psychotronic attacks.. just like th eRussian "Woodpecker" system...

Further.. the green zone in Iraq contains the largest embassy ever built, which is actually th eheadquarters for the New World Order.. originally, they had planned to use Turkey, but I woke up and now they had to do something else. So, they used GW to attack Afghanistan and Iraq for oil, and set up Iran to look like a great Shia regime across the middle East, even though they're not and don't want to be... tha tmove to Turkey was planned in 1958 by Jimmy Cart, teh Rockefellers and what became th eCOuncil on Foreign Relations.

Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1960 or 1961 Edition, Tri-Lateral Commisision, check with the editor of Global Research, who works for EB. Somehow, they always put out articles backing up my wild A** guesses a couple three days after I talk about em. It's weird :} ALways shocks me :} The credit card one was my favorite. Talk about covering my tail :}

ANyway.. and now, supposedly NATO is the new world policemnan, except NATO really is mainly the U.S. and those who join get taechnology and weapons that are going to be turne dbackon them later when the world finds out these Americans really don't ever keep a deal.

Tomorrow, wha tthe IMF is doing to AMerica. Check out the history of how they converted Brazils economy, the 4th largest.. and home of some o fth elargest concentrations of child orphans/homeless, poverty and illiteracy around... and how they'r egoing to do the same thing in AMerica. George W Bush talked about it in his 2000 election campaign... once. I watched every speech. :} I do that sort of thing :}

I think I'll put Russell Tice in charge of the NSA.

Where ARE we going toput the White House when the water ries? I hear Aspen is nice :}

Gotta run. Yeah I dohave to finish a few things, but there's no rush.. something about Lou dividing up the pages or something :} I think I do want  afish tank Lou. Remember, I dont have to lift  a finger.

I'm gonna start doing web pages with sentences and then have Google translate them into French :} Stuff. I'll post them. Anything to release. THey psyops guys are having fun with me. I said I could post any wacky thing :} At least this will be clean family entertainment. Tell Rahm and Keith Hi for me. Tell Wolff Godot is waiting in the green room or something alot like it.. just hanging around... , and oh yeah...This is old stuff.. what does CNN wan tme to expose here, more reruns? Sell more ol catalog here? Put David Chase on theline. We gotta figure out this Nikolai thing, and Vodka won't help :} 

David Bowie - Let's Dance

Is it cosmotic or do they know? Darned if I know.   Or do I pick it up.. or.. de do de do.

No sleep last night really. Explains alot :}

Karl - my dialecticians' better than your dialectician :}Talk about 75 year plans..

I keep thinking, you guys do a smear on me, sure you'll win the first round.. and then people will kill you. It really is a paradox. When are you guys gonna surrender?

So, however many "folowers" you drm up for me, the funny thing is, I'll teweach em what to say about this apocalyptic cult thing real quick :} I'll say, anybody got any food. we need about 7 loaves  :} ANd then after ti get through eating it all, .. :} I told you God would turn everything around..

Notice in Revelations, it doesn't say anyhting about Christ doing any miracles.. we assume He will.. ALl the suffering and all, we'll get rid of that.. I heard yesterday.. 98% of all cancer is environmentally caused..meaning, pollutants... it's a piece about how God sees you as you claim to be, AND physical defects, and more... and understanding that the concept of eugenics is nothing less than killing of fthe people with mutations that could be linked back to a corporation that could be sued. Part of the reason the Jews in Germany were chosen to be picked on was because the Germans owed the Jews alot of money.. these were legit bankers, not "Protocols" types, and it saved Germany alot of money for building weapons. Now it' sIslamsts, next, hinese and a few more.. as the governmetn causes us to believe the whole world hates the United States.. watch.. it'll happen.. you should watch more independednt world news.. Obama's not as popular as our media would have you think he is... still, he's doing the "convince the world" thing after making zillions of campaign promises and going back on every one of them.. this health care reform is a total fraud and IS illegal. DOn't need to know the details. The concept is illegal and leads to debtor prison.  Stalinism... Any excuse to fill a corporate jail..

Speaking of which.. word is 70% of black men will be losing their jobs or going underemployed in 2010...

Meanwhile, though, the corporations seem to be doing well on the stock market...

6:16pm Tell Ken His name apparently is Charles. I'd send him an email but I'm tired of playing games.. not like he believes anything anyway..

I'll be glad when all this is over. BTW, playing both sides may keep you out of jail, but in the end, it won't win any points with me. I understand it, but soon, everybody' gonna have to choose sides, and that' swhat all you CFR's are setting up..

Corporatized police... another big mistake of corporate socialism.

Why did my father want me to witness this?

See I say, jail, and to me anymore, it doesn't matter if it's in this world or hell. I know how to take a punch and cover up and defend and all that kind of good sports talk, but I don' tthink I'll ever get over the feeling of my gut to know that the United States Government ended up being so sick. I'm glad I woke up, no matter how or the reason or other people's purposes. But I won't be used. And I won't back down. And I most certainly will neither forgive or forget those who failed their fellow humans when it counted most, before so much harm occurred.

For whatever it's worth to you.

I keep thinking abou tthi sthing of people thinking I withdrew fro society, and I don' tunderstand that conclusion. I've always liekd being around people I just enjoy giving them space.. to be who they are without needing to impose myself on others.. and I don't particpate in things I generally don't think are good things.. I liked bowling :} Even after I broke my arm :} (I'd hear peoole saying, can you beleive it, he broke his arm, so he just switched arms. Now, I bowl left handed better thatn right handed :})  The ony thing I did in 2001 wa make a decision to devote my time to my country, knowing in a way I'd pay a price, mainly fianncial, but that at least I would be able to say I did my part for this nation, my nation, and the world, as I view the way we interconnect and are responsible fo reach other in one way or another. It was never my intent to withdraw from society. But, when you're flat on yuor back becaus eof elctronic attacks for a few years (in one stretch) it's kind of difficult to maintain a social calendar. Ya make plans, they hit you with a puke ray. I"d do an internet talk show, but I can't depend on being well enough... and by well, I'm tlaking about like that Donnie McCLurken tape. They really did zap me when I was making it. That was not fake. So if that happened while hosting a talk show, what would I do?

My philosophy was just like the John Graham thing, Beautiful Mind for which they used psychotronics on Lynn to play with her perceptions.. Long story. I didn't know it, but it was simple: if things are going well for everyone else, they'll go well for you. So, it's in all our best interests for everyone to do well. Pretty radical stuff, huh?

Do it for America and you'll it for yourself, and do it for the world. I really believed  in that... a few more months, and I'll just have to give it up, Brzezinski can own Poland whether they know it or not, and who knows.. if the tower of babble falls before long, maybe things'll work out.

And L... I doubt you'll miss me :} But nice touch. By the time I get to phoenix....

King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight

Redbone - Come and Get Your Love

Michael Johnson - That's That - 103 - Crying Shame

Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B02 - Eastern Intrigue

I'm gonna record a couple cuts from Todd's     Oops! Wrong Planet    LP... Seems appropriate :} Final cut on it, of course, is 

Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 10 - Love Is the Answer (Utopia)

So Todd, we gonna meet in this one or will it be in the next? You guys seem to think you know everything. You know, Miles to go and all that. Tried to find the Joe Sample/Crusaders cut.. hmm...

It's getting really boring again. I think something's going to happen tomorrow, and people are going to hear a truth that will shock them. I wonder what it is. It has the feel of a sex scandal. Where' sDan Abrams when ya need him?

If they can put me in a mental hospital for this, then how is Robin Williams still free? :}

10/22/2009 12:15pm Peaches our cat died today. She was very old.


I've been learning a great deal from that thing on the perfection of Jesus. To me, it's lie, this is where we're at. The exact same spot. As we seem to be replaying Jesus leading the Jews... sorta... and the Chaldeans...

Except it's also wehre God says, this is where we break out of the mobius, where the son of man archetype breaks out to be the Christ. The explanation to that Star Trek analogy is found in my old weblogs and some emails...

Except, this time, Christ isn't turning himself in. Besides, North AMerica is a pretty small Island.

But I'm not following YOUR script..  Just like you guys probably thought you won a victory because of me stopping the urgency of the writing.God really did instruct me to do that.

Back when I was just a political person, before reading the bIble, it wasn't that I thought I was the only person in the world who could solve these huge problems, it was that I was willing.. willing to hold the line, and truly honor the responsibility of the office or leadership I was granted, if I ever was. WhenI ran for president, whatver you think of that, had I not believed I could actually do the job, I would have not done what some would call a symbolic candidacy. Anyone who runs who doesn't actually think they could do the job should not run. Even just to make a statement. What if you win?

But the thing that always stands out for me is that very little aboutmy world view and conclusions changed after reading the Bible, even to this day, about things I would do to "change the world" or what I prefer to call "restore the world". The most important of which is the death penalty, and I didn't change my mind about it to conform, to a political group or a religion, or the 10 Commandments... I went along with the death penalty because "majority rules"... reading the Bible simply gave me the freedom to know that what I really believed, not agreeing with it, was the right thing, and it gave me permission to speak and act in accordance with what I believe.

It's like reading the COnstitution and thePatriot Acts, and saying afterward, it's true they did nullify the Constitution. I am right in believing something is terribly wrong.

For me, it isn't about being right. It has more to do with acknowledgeing the truth of myself, and discovering that by an d large, I had lived my life true to principles I always believed in, and then found out that they were iin accordance with God's ways. And I made mistakes in values, which can only be corrected by not doing them anymore. Not values as dictated by law or peer pressure an dother people's opinions, but by my own understanding and belief and walk in the application of the Golden Rule.

In baseball, I always believed it was more important to play a clean game and really, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. Same for basketball. Nothing like the chance to see the true grace and skills of   abasketball player when the referee actually enforces the rules on fouls and delay of the game and unsportsmanlike conduct. I think it was 1968 the last time I saw  a game like that. Real basketball is beautiful to watch.

Anyway... I kept wondering, if all these people who hurt me ad help me wil be harmed some way, by the United States Government, then how come the ones who keep hurting me aren't dropping like flies. Lots of flies. Not liek I really want them dead, but they're criminals and somebody ought ot be doing something for me and all the rest of the people being tortured like this.. not to mention everyone else being harmed in the world..

I'm  little nervous cause in the management meeting this morning, God told me it's payback time in a particular way He has of talking tome.. I do't know what's going to happen..

ALl I know is that if there's a terror attack or some weird thign happens, and theytry to blame another country, don't believe it. God doesn't and isn't going tow ork that way. Remember, God wants justice. These people use violence to distract. And violence is not  just in bombs and bullets, it's also in words, economic enslavement and more... becaus ethey have to beat yourpsyche's to actually win.. or they have to kill you... check out the symptoms of psychotronic attacks. TIngly on the head, confusion, can't concentrate, limbs going numb like they're asleep, jus tkeep on the lookout for signs.. becaus ehty'll be coming hard and fast now.

I estimate we have  about 4-6 months before the point of no return on whether this can be stopped or not. After that, we go all the way to the end.

It could end in an hour... just as Jesus was the stumbling block to Israel.. and Jesus faced the Chaldeans...

Don't blame God. You did it to yourselves.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - 102 - My Sweet Lord

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - 305 - All Things Must Pass

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Going Underground

May God damn the corrupt of the United States Government. So be it.

6:39pm Interesting trains of thought today...

The Chaldeans.. it's interesting, all the parallels today... I think the most important things I've ever written were  Was Jesus Perfect     The Evolution of God   The Golden Rule-Karen Armstrong    The Era of Reconciliation and the whole section on psychotronics, which unfortunately, is the most important human issue. It's VERY well researched and documented...

Looks to me liek false prophets - even when they're intellgient and bring new thought to the table even when wrong, and their intent is honorable, even if deluded or tricked by Satan to delusion... Wayne Bent said to me, see yuourself as an archetype in the Bible, and emulate that.  So, when I went through th eBible, and saw, Matthew, Luke Cornelius, etc, I said, yep , I'm doing that, and the   same thign when I got to the son of man..  I didn't know it meant Jesus. Yup doing that. When I was reading about each o fthese people, Id take on their names jsut for fun, like walking in their shoes like a profiler, trying to understand where they were coming from and how they did what they do, and I was keeping myself psyched up - working 12-20 hours a day on the site, researching and entertaining the media and politicians.. so it was just fun to play a little mind game to amuse myelf. I figured we are al "sons of men", so I'd just take it that way instead of thinking that I could possibly be CHrist. I mean, come on, there's only one.. I thought.. I didn't know, never thought about it... why would I? I wasn't going to be one of the 144,000 and I figured I was going to be judged on the bell curve liek everyone else, especially since I committed blasphemy when I was a little kid. I felt guilty about that :} Walking down a country road.. Dirt road..

James Taylor - One Man Band - 06 - Country Road

Anyway, Koresh changed his name, and alot of what he predicted came true..lots of pseudo religious leaders change their names to "Biblical names".. and I'm thinking if I'm deluded, and like other people who aren't really Christ, I  read the Bible anad emulate something, wouldn't I have been telling   people to call me Jesus instead of wondering why myself and finding the answer in the scriptures?:}  Rev 2:17 I think.. a new name..  in a way, it's one more example of what God wants us to know about being and spirit, separate and combined... the spirit mastering the being of the physical body.. Remember.. it said be careful of the geneologies.. tha tBible thing :} I can't help it my name means son of man.. Neither could my father or his father. One of them Dobbsonian coincidence things:}

There was something I was thinking a few minutes ago that was interesting...

So, prophets.. I found it interesting.. I said in my letter to Soembody.. that to the Jesws , Jesus was just a prophet... I thought it would make an interesting discussion.. they didn't accept Jesus as messiah, so to them, He was a prophet. Simple as that. It doesn't mean they were right or wrong. Interesting, same problem here.. people want to call me a prophet, I'm Christ. Sorry you don't approve. Same thing happened with Jesus. Same exact thing.

Jesus was a stumbling block, because itf they had listened and kept Gods way, they would have been the eternal ruling empire - not about religion - the people working in the kingdom of heaven overseeing the kingdom of GOd.   But they turned away and stopped listening, and things didn't work out.

The U.S. is doing exactly the same thing.. it's that simple.

ANd that's why, in truth, God's gonna come and take over, except he mostly wants to have fun like everyone else. He just likes to have intelligent adult conversations.. Thought maybe we could have one now, since I'm gonna be His spokesman anyway.. CEO ya know...  and I wanna play alot too :}

Interesting though, isn't it, history repeating itself.. I'm still learning from the Was Jesus perfect piece... if there's one thing i learned early on.. and why I was willing to call it Revelations.. no matter what I end up writing, it always ends up that God has huge  lessons for me to learn from what I write, regardless if they're the same ones all of you get. THat's why I know it's inspired of God.

The stuff psyops guys influence gets a little weird and over the top. Some of the What is psychotronics stuff is like that. But it's accurate and complete in every way. And I was in rough shape when I wrote it, like the AUschwitz in AMerica piece, and I didn't know if I was going to be "shut down" or not, and it was important to get certain things done. I figured I'd rather look a little weird, knowing my documentation couldn't be questioned.

I'm gonna take down 2 pieces so far.. the rockefeller connection. I need to edit out 1 or 2 parts.. and the Landmark thing, just because it's really not that important... right now.. but it wlill be, because I'm more certain than ever of their involvement at one level or another.. Phyllis Minn, Inouye. We'll start there and work back about 20 years or so. He communicates through his computer. THere was no internet then. Compuserve, but I didn't use it that much. For software support, Borland Team B.  I don't want anything from them.. Let's just call it an integrity check, and when the evidence pops up, it will be used. And I have a friend in Australia who I think will have a few interesting things to tell. If you really want to go down that road...

Interesting questions in the cue tonight :}

BTW THe Last Temptations of the Christ really is an interesting an accurate study in a lot of ways.. up until the part of Jesus stepping off the cross. so, psyop guys, the analogy doesn't fit. But it is worth people seeing if they want to understand what it could have been like for Jesus in "becoming"

Understand, I'm not all that impressed to be "Christ", I am aware of the burdens, responsibilities and a good many needs that need to be fulfilled..fast... and I'm not intimidated by the challenges at all.

Can't prove it, but Olbermann's health care "promotion",. regardless of likely ulterior image builidign motives cause   he knows he's goign o be my poster boy for Baghdad bob, is exactly the way I would approach public intitatives.. in a more enduring way, however, but it is a perfect eample fo how citizens can do thigns themselves without the need or permission of government. He used to be my media rep. Between him and this Psyop guy I call Peter.. they know all my moves perfectly. Peter can give  a sermon on topics exactly the same way I do, with my words and everything. He's good at it too. :} I think it' scause I sit there and think it, and he reads the pre-biffer back to me as if it's him :} That's psychotronics.. the brain has buffers just like computers have memory chips... and they can read em and even insert words while you're talking..   I think it might be how "Nappy headed hoe" might have come out of Imus' mouth, but I don't know..

The letterman issue is much more nuanced,but CNN has the video.. or  did.. and that means it's out there... and includes Gephardt.. another of the people I used to admire. If they hadn't played it, I wouldn't have seen it.. maybe it'll turn out to be another piggyback, like th e1000 years remark I saw orobably was.. so they could make th ecase I was imagining things, you know. Again, they can make it seem like that, but in fact, I have evidence, and they know it. But they could sure get people to hate me in the mean time.. till it causes people to hate them.

I don't know who I'm addressing, and I wouldn't believe it if they told me.. but.. I gotta go do some stuff. I am constantly amzed at things I discover,especially stuff relating to me because it's a little embarrassing.. at the same time, He told me it would be something big.. so I always thought big.. because, what if? I always thought the ultimate would be to be on the Supreme COurt.:}

FTR: The person who reminded me was Colbert, but don't tell anyone. He's my catholic expert, and I wouln't want to upset him more than 2 or 3 times a week :} Go figure :}

God bless

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Rainbow Connection

Someday, when I can trust some people, this song willbe in effect again, an I'll be happy to reinstate it... with pleasure.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rufus Wainwright - Poses

Oh yeah.. why didn't Jesus do miracles to prove to the Romans He was divine? Because He wanted justice, ultimately.. if nothing else, He showed everyone there was none. God doesn't do magic tricks to impress people. He'd rather have adult discussions. And.. given what I've been put through, I don't think He wanted me to have strong psychic poweers til I calmed down a little.. alot..  might be   awhile on that front. Notice I'm not laughing.


10/23/2009 7:32 am I keep thinking, if all these people thing God is going torapture them out of the world of trouble, then why is Jesus returning to earth? If it was not God's intent to have earth - or some planet - be home for people for our spiritis, then why would He send Jesus back to earth to end thre tribulations and all, and why would He send the SOn of Man just to observe and allow everyone to just be what they already are, all the while preaching the gospel and speaking prophecy?

I asked God for  a transfer, He said no.

One time, I was quitting  ajob, and my boss said to me, are you sure you're not just being emotional and making a rash decision. I took off my sunglasses (we were at an outdoor restaurant) and looked him straight in the eye and said "Do you see any tears in my eyes? That's your clue".

It wasn't that I disliked the job, it was that the people there were sort of irrational jerks... never did quite figure them out.. I'm certain another person and I were purposely gaslighted out of there.

One of the thigns I was most fascinated with i reading the Bible was how, if you didn't understand the context, the Son of Man/Jesus could actually seem to be swtiched with Satan, especially given that upon His return the SOn/Jesus would be so critical of the Christian Churches... in a way, it makes him an "anti-Christian" figure.

Except... when you make the distinction that there is   a difference between Christianity, the religion, and Christianity, the discipline of practicing the living of the teachings of Jesus and/or Christ. I am a Christian, but, the ways of Christ and God, but I caneasily say now that I'm glad I'm not part of the Christian Religion for all the reasons I was put off by the rule book at the last church I attended.

I was raised in a country where we were told to fight for liberty and freedom and democracy, that we were people of  ahigher sandard, a nation uders God, and I believed in everything this nation claimed to stand for.

It is no wonder to me today that the United States Governement and the Christian Religion, at least in the United States, are frauds. I'm not saying the citizens or the people ntending to be good Christians are frauds, not even the elders and powerful of churches who have caused it to become frauds... th einstt\itutuions have become so corrupted by politics, just as the Bible said, and the corruption has gone so far that the Bible itself, without the proper interpreter, is practically worthless in the context of the interpretations we have to live with from those who claim such authority. Just as Jesus  said, no one really knows the ways of God, so how could they recognize them if they saw them, because no one's listened to a Christ for centuries...

My instruciton was to either save the world, or, watch it kill itself and clean up what's left afterward, if there's anything worth repairing. Read the Bible, it says so.

Right now, the U.S. and Israel are about to engage in joint military exercises.. making all sorts of lies about Iran.. and truly, I'm not defendig Iran. They've done nothing wrong. If you believe they have, yuou believe lies. I'm not syaing they're perfect either.. there will be wars and rumors of war... we'll see.. nothing like getting Israel to do the dirty work of stealing Iran's oil under the protection of the paper tiger U.S. - which has no war makingabilities left, unless defeat is desired... and those Special Jewish frauds, just like the U.S. Government, who use their designation as chosen people by those stupid misled Christians who don't understand the difference between a government and the people, let alone chosen of the 12 tribes, not the entire nation of Israel. But it works for them.

If an Arab nation used the weapons that Israel uses, illegal chemical weapons, the United States would be calling for a nuclear strike to annihilate them.

So, don't think a word of this is easy for me to say. Since the government of the United States would rather have me dead than a citizen, because I am willing to speak the truth... since the locals here seem to think its fun to destory the life of someone who reads the Bible and attempts to inform them in order to save their lives as a fellow citizen.. and the ministers here seem to think it's a good idea, ya'll are gonna get your wish...

I'm gonna step aside and let you all destroy yourselves, and  when it's done, God and I will decide if this planet's worth salvaging, and if not, then I'll go else, and a bunch of other folks will too, and we won't have to pu t up with hypocrites anymore. ANd Earth will be hell. Notice it doesn't say what happens after the return of Christ after the destruction.

The most flourishing culture ever in the history of humanity,so far as I can tell, was under the Prophet Muhammad - no wonder the U.S. government wants you to hate Islamists and love the hijacked brand of Christianity CFR members Tim Lahaye and others have conned you into belieiving... especially since the reasons that culture flourished is the same reasons as the warnings and commandments in the Bible, particularly regarding usery, that they still observe today. And Jews were welcome there too. Even Israel doesn't observe the rule against usery. We call ourselves a Christian nation, they call themselves a Jewish nation, and neither observe either religion with any fidelity. But it sounds good.

Look what usery has done to the United States. Just one thing, usery, look what it's done.

I'm not saying we should do anything anybody's way. I'm just telling the truth of actual history, not the pretty speeches of lying politicians who work for the most psychotic thieves in the history of the world...

I am a man of principle. I stood up, like many others did, and I really was willing to give up my life for what I believed in as  a citizen of the United States, and apparently, I have. Since history shows the U.S. government does this to actual patriots until they kill them.

I always believed in Christianity, the discipline of following Christ, and frankly, given the way I was treated by Christians and churches, I didn't get the impression they wanted me around. Even more now.  It's absolutely astounding to me. Still, not one conversation. And yet, so many people know.

The Bible conveniently says at the end that anyone who changes it will be damned, and then, of course, the deceivers who could care less, changed it, leaving that in , daring anyone to challenging the scriptures.

I  challenge them.

I also request that people of the Christian rleligon find a new name for the their religion. Because their religion is not based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, or of the Christs, and they need to wake up to the fact that they don't believe in Christianity, they believe in myths and convenient, appeasing fables. If they actually did believ ein the teachings of Jesus, and actually understood His messages, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this now.

Trust me. I am not feeling much animosity or anger while I write this.Just an objective view. I know that this view is skewer by  fake apostate ministers and poltiicians and more, but still, I don't see any Christians talking tome and making me feel welcome.. as a human, let alone a Christ.

I don't think you people understand just how much prophecy has actually come true.. we're closer to the end than you can possibly imagine.

As  a principalled man, I've worked hard to remove myself from situations and activities that I don't approve of, that I believe are not Christian especially when it has to do with the treatment of people. As a matter of prinacipal, to not allow myself to be counted amongst those who would purposely harm other people, unless it was absolutely necessary and in defense.

Passive resistance is far from passive. And the people who will be rising up to "help the people" are jus tore covert puppets of the COuncil on Foreign Relations, jsut like Keith Olbermann and CNN and ABC and all the rest of the media, and a whole lot of activists who aren't. Ministers allowed to speak to the nation only because they're going along with the politicians. SO called Christian networks that are too afraid to tell you the truth.

Weird isn't it? I se the persecution of Christians going on. I'd like to stand in fron tof you and shield you from what's being done. But the persecution is working. And Christians are and have given in. Just like the BIble said. No wonder they don't seek their Christ. No wonder they don't know God's ways. NO wonder they don't understand God's real message through Jesus.

No wonder they call Gods messages their own, to glorify themselves , and steal from God by using His name in vain. To compete for vanity as if knowing Bible verses makes you holy and authoritative. Believing that the number of members of your churches is a true indication of faithful service to God. While your flocks have been sold into economic slavery. And you convince them the proof of God's love is their wealth, and tht givingyou tithes will turn God into an almighty atm machine that may or may not you back, like a slot machine. There are people on tv doing that, and you other ministers allow it.

I say,, at least in the United STates, there is no CHristian Church, there is, however, a whole bunch of religions that roughly base their teachings on the concept of being nice and sort of keeping a few rules in mind, unless they're a totalitarian church that didctates the conduct of members instead of empoweing them toward moderation.

I'm getting yelled at by psychotronics people that I'm screwing everything up by saying these things. I'm not. I'm showing integrity. THis is what integrity looks like. Standing for principles. Not just when it's convenient.

I said when I began, as acitizen commenting on truth, that I had a moral imperative I will not surrender it.

This governemnt, and my felllow citizens, have clearly rejected me, as has the religion that was supposed to welcome me.... free will is like this, and this is what God wanted to find out.

Those who will endure will be saved.. and since youhave rejected God's Christ, you're on your own.. I really do hope you make out okay. Just as I hope the u.S. does okay, but it won't.

I'm told I won't be allowed to leave this country. I say I'm leaving, and I will never return, although it may be that I'll have to come back to testify if someone should actually do something that gets in the way of these Satanic Nazis, but it's clear that this country has no room for real patriots. I was wlling to die for principles that appear to have bene abandoned.

There's a whole world out there of people who appreciate truth, understand tyranny and know God.  I have been rejected, I accept that, one more time, and you can all laugh at the fool who believe He was Christ..But just remember that when thing sare going bad, and youre blaming GOd and wondering why He didn't send Christ to save you like you thought He would, rememebr that He did, and you all just wanted to kil Him, just like you all did Jesus. All this time, and humanity hasn't learned a thing apparently.

I'l be glad when it's over. I'll finally have a life in which I am free, and it won't be a hoax. It's everyone for themselves.. I guess it's just the way you all like it.

So good luck. I've got reservations  with God to watch the faces of 4 people when they're told theyr'e going to hell. It's all the vindictiveness I have in me.

God bless you. Read your Bibles. Learn the truth. It is available, if you're willing to know.

Seals & Crofts - We May Never Pass This Way Again

Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl - A02 - Ruby Jean & Billie Lee

Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

Anyone who reporduces this material without my express written permission will go to hell. Who needs copyrights. No rights to reprodution will be granted to anyone who may  financially gain by its reproduction in any way.

12:26 Unlike Ronald Reagan, I learned to duck.

God says for me to stay clear because He's got some things going on. I love it. The psyops guys all act like they think they got me. They actually are pretty stupid people. Sick and twisted as they get. That's why the government hires them.

I thought I'd wrap up a couple things. First I'm going to keep the log going on the attacks. Had some bad ones today.. they like to start arguements with people, as the other 1000 or so witnesses will testify, of course they want Lynn's blood pressure to rise so she'll have another stroke and die, so I'll lose my most knowledgeable witness.  I have low blood pressure, and they almost got me twice.   Until I l figured out what was being done.

The fuin parts.. This is it.. Olbermann flashe dthat a bunch about 2-3 weeks before Michael Jackson was murdered.. of coruse, Jackson had that lyric, "He don't really care about us. I don't what that lyric's actually about. so last week, Olebermann does an Aesopian of "I don't Care" and now this week, I don't care rolls through my mind all the time. That's part of what they do with psychotronics. FOr the record I care a great deal.

So, sometimes I go off in dissertations because i don't knowwho knows of what I write or think.. I've had plenty of demos of people proving to me they are receiving my thoughts, and it isn't by telepathy, it sdoesn't work like that.. Of course it sounds crazy.. read the Carole Smith article..

So.. just like that.. the psyops guys say something, ad I respond to it.. why.. because I don't if and when someone might be listening, and actually wondering something. It's the same way I've held aesopian "conversations" with people.. anywya.. so I answer questions as if addressing someone just in case it's true soeone's askin gsomething reasonable.

Meanwhile, what I also know is that they ask me questions to extract info from me, and part of wha thappened is that I"d write things, and they'd end up o the phony pastor's sermons.. the special sermons on Wednesdays I'd suppose.. par tof the reason I started allowing receipt of future stuff is because they just want to find out what God's got in mind.. and I sort of have a direct tap to the database.. the reason I was supposed to be talking to people is because the more people ask, the more God reveals.. All kindsw of stuff, like Rumsfeld said, that I don't know that I know, until people ask. It's fun :} But useless if I'm not alowed to speak to people, and if people don't listen.. an dthat's why God wants me to walk away, as the Bible said might happen, because nobidy listens, and I don't have to tolerate being treated like this. ANd that's how nations become unannointed. They push and push and push until God finally say.. that's it.. and they always think he's not gonna follow through on his threats, but then He does, and all He does is cut off giving advice... famine.. they shut me down for over 3 years already. You guys are helping them do it again now. So.. bye bye one of the faces in hell. It's fine with me. You chose it.

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 201 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

10/24/2009 12:57pm Lots of psuychtronics overnight. I talk sometimes about how I sort of meditate and sort out my thoughts in the morning, having tofight off the effects of the psychotronics... see Cameronizing in Google somewhere toknow what that's about, it's basically brainwashing.. an attempt to make you believe nad feel things contrary to your actual feelings and thoughts.. so I hvae toogo through and throw away the inserted info to clean the conscious database again, get back towhat I believe an dthe person I am, and continue from there.  It's difficult, but it's  a good exercise because I truly know myself... did before, even more now...

Long ago I was going through a period where the psyop sguys obviously knew all the books in this house, and there are lots of what people would call book so fthe fundamentals of lots of philosophies.. none of which I read. THey weren't mine. But, one would sho w up in front of my face that was relevant to my inquiries.. it was werid.. I knew my "librarian" was being manipulated, but it workked out, so I kept an eye on that, and stufied the books.

One that had a big impact on me, as intended, was   abook by Joseph Campbell about "Heroes".. not like media star celebrity heroes, but often times, people over time and history and throughout "mythology", for some, and religion, the people anointed or placed in extreme responsibility for the course of the world. It talked a lot about "heroes" who would rise above the world, mentally, and see it as being so absurd that they'd walk away, thinking it was just a joke and so weird it was just a waste of  time to try todo anything about it. SO they'd just walk away and forget it, simply smug and righteous, laughing at the fools left behind in the "rat race" of the "Human" "Race"...

So let me just say this... the instruction to turn my back on and walk away to let the dead bury the dead is not an instruction to quit, particularly in this phase of the timeline, it is, fo rme, to get out of the way for whatever final purpose God has for me.

Not to make myself bigger tha life.. just as   ahuman being, a citizen... when people like me come along they're often forced into the psoition of what we'd call exile, self-imposed or otherwise. In days of old, if hte person exiled was free, they would gather support for justice from outside the country to make legal re-entry and the restoral of the nation's constitutional government. When I talk about walking away, unfortunately,  it's from a situation that is untennable. If I am to be of any use, I need to be wehre there is the possibility for productiity. I'm really not the kind to just sit anywhere. I'm a type A that people evaluate wrong and get surprised by when it's time for the heavy lifting to be done. Not the type, no matter what   I do. So what..

I'll have all my documentation in a little bag, alwys on me, I have no idea how  I"d get to where3ever if I die, i die and few people get to laugh on their way to hell, and isn't about being so willing to die.. it's a matter of honor.. and knowing that in this world, if you cna't have self-respect and honor, for your own actions an thoughts, then you have nothing anyway. At the very least, I would never want it to be said tha tI ever did anything that indicated I supported what the government of this overthrown nation is doing.

When I say God damn the corrupt of the U.S. government.. I'm serious. And excuse me, but, what's wrong with that idea. It IS the right idea. It's not  extreme it's appropriate. The government makes laws agains tthe rights of people every day that they break themselves everyday.

So the difference between Jesus and I is that, even though I've spent a great deal of time seeking justice as well as the fellowship of Christians (something about compassion)... and instead of being a martyr, I'm going to be a itizens who clearly has had his rights revoked, and go seomewhere where I amy not be wanted, but where my rights are resepcted, or at least this stuff is illegal so I can make reports and further document my torture for the day of God's vengeance, which is very imminent.

Anyway.. a lot o fthe psyops for about 5 years has been to convince me to walk away and forget it, saying it's absurd and there's no use.. and of course, the focus has always been to view the world as if the United States was the way the world is, except even the little time I've spent oversaes lets me know it isn't. The reality, the propaganda, we're fed to make us beleve what we think is real, acceptable, the way it is.

WHenever I have a mornign of realization of great truths, I often realize the psychotronics is used to attempt to confuse me about the messages I receive, and they don't work because when I sort things out in the morning, the "junk" doesn't make sense, is inconsistent, and more.. so it's easy to discard once I find the "bad data" in the database.. it gets easier and easier.

Chris: You can make the case all day long that it was those horrible pnac people, but it wasn't. Just listen to what Haas said about supporting Iraq. I wasn't for it but I did it anyway. Pick a side Haas. Oh that's right. You did. So own it. Same goes for you Chris. Soem of us actually remember how it went down. Ya know hris, you and Begala and Colbert and others talk about being good Catholics, you set a bad exampple for people of faith. If you dare believe that you can be absolved in God's eyes, you're truly crazy.  The psyop guys always try to convince me certian perople are working both sides until it's time, and tha tmay be true,but alot of people have known the truth for a long time, not about me, but abotu what's being done to citiznes of this nation and the world.

Rockefeller and the Council on Foreign Relations had more than enough time and resorces to have a genuine conversation with America if their intentions and methods were truly honorable, and you chose not to because you really believe you can conquer people, and suppress them long enough, over the course of 2 or 3 or 4 generation to convince them their own oppression is for their own good. It has never worked, and never will.

You know where I stand on a great number of issues and it's not so much, like I say about Pat Buchanan, you have brilliant minds working for you, I like your analysis, but your solutions are evil whether you intended them to be or not. And it makes you a true danger to the community, and  the planet as a whole. Get upset if you want. You know it's the truth.

You guys know I was dragged into all this, and it' s not like I actually mind, but I don't care how much psychotronics yo use on me, no matter what gabage you use on me whatever.. I'll never change because I believe in the things I believe in, not because I was indoctrinated but because they're just part of who I am. I mean, I even have to admit that part of the perfect example I am is God's way of showing you just how leniant and loving He must actually be to think that I'm worthy of His faith and leadership in any way. And that if I'm okay, He must be willing to overlook alot for people who are still actually good spirits.

The threat with dad and the car was, if they pulled over, we had a chance to settle down and "get in line".. we weren't required to be silent.. we sang and had a lot of fun, but when things got out of hand, that was that, he told us where he drew the line, and when we finally refused to respect it, that was that. ANd if we still didn't settle down, then we'd just turn around and go home.

Guilt by associaiton? You guys are doing that to yourselves with own silence. See, I don't like it that you've destroyed and stolen most of my life... but in a way, I don' t mind, because even with all that went on,  I never lost my determination and love for my personal pride in still continuing on with the intent to have integrity an quality in mind in everything I did.

Christians, I want you to understand something. Whatever you think, whatever these clowns set up to make things look like... I have no anger or dismay at the citizens of churches, at the people who go and even th eminister s who serve... I am so angry at the evil in the world, and the way so many people have been mislead in so many ways, and then, that as the Bible says, despite the warnings to us all in the Bible, that we slid smakc dab right into the traps that the revelatins and prophecy warned us of.. and it would seem that like the Bible syas, no on eis truly willing to stand up fo rth eways of God in this world in ways that would make  adifference, and I don't blame the citizens, I blame the leaders over time because when they became puffed up with power and wuthority they did, as absolute power provides in any domain, absoute corruption to whatever degree.

If you're a minister and you don't see yourself in the descriptions of apostates and false prophets and such, then I suggest you read it again, because we all do it, I work very hard not to in the book I write but in my thoughts it's difficult to filter out the "fables".. given we are trained to conclude based on fables in the news and politics, and the true intentional apostates preaching n tv and in   churches.. and we are all lazy in relying upon our convenient opinions. If you don't see yourself in the falling away, then you have chosen to cease seeking truth. It isn't  a criticism. It's acknowledging human nature, and taking responsibility for it as God's plan intended. As a leader, the buck stops with you.

I was thinking about Song of Solomon last night, laughing. I'm gonna write a chapter on it. Seduction. It's weird. In truth, I have no desire to seduce anyone. Just give people info so they can make choics that are unfortunately necessary at this time in so many ways.. anyway.. I may or may not get around to it.. the psyops guys blast me when I work on stuff they don't want you to know..

Like think of what it might mean if the word planet was spelled "planette".. :}

God says in time I get to use the power tools. As much as I would have thought it would be fun to use them, I'm actually glad I don't have 'em... right now... I doubt I would, but, it's in him... I hear I get to be in charge of hell too.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 09 - Just Like Me

6:28pm I wanted to mention somewhere along the line that I'm no longer celebrating Christmas as we know it, and I want to explain. It's not so   much that we hsare a holdiay with Pagans, or that we use Christmas trees or anything like that. I mean, if opeople who think  of themselves as Pagans have special holy days, they are most welcome to them. But, as a follower of Jesus, with Holy Days asscoiated with my faith, I'd prefer to celebrate them on dates that reflect actual history, and in ways as prescribed and ascribed to by the person for whom we honor. As a follower of Jesus, I like to think of celebrating His birth, as well as honoring the day He gave His life and then arose, but I want to do it when  it is reflective of His acts of love and sacrifice.

So, I won't be celebrating Christmas or Easter ever again. I will celebrate His birth on April 10th, which as far as I can tell, was the date of  his actual birth. (Despite the fact that psyops has made that a date associated with a bad memory, that I can get over jst as I have other  such triggers)..   and right now, I don't know historically, when His crucification occurred, but I have a feeling there'll be  aspecial on the history Channel about it...

And you know, I love CHristmas trees.. I'm gonna reset my thoughts aboutit as being th ecolored lights of the rainow, shining out from behind the branches.. becaus eyou know, I really love Christmas trees, I'm reall ygood at decorating them, and similar to Easter, in some ways, it's like a beautiful celebration of life... there are lots of things that Pagans and other religions celebrate that are very much like Christian Holidays that were, when being a little too civil, were traded away... like presidential candidates cheating in debates.  You can't cure it overnight, but lying about it doesn't mean it didn't happen or make it right.

And then I'm going to give it a great deal of thought, and I'm going to talk to God about it a lot , and then I'm gonna say what the most important day of the year is, which will be to Honor God and to give Him thanks for this marvelous Creation in which we inquire in our journey to seek life in life, bringing to our individual and collective consciousness the love, guidance and undersanding of our true friend, whom we call God and other names descriptive of our awe at His generosity and power throughout eternity.

I'm gonna celebrate that day, even if nobody else in the world does. Maybe I'll just tell everyone to pick a day. And the government says you can have a day off that day as a religious observance. That would be one honorable way to protest the government. And it's not political, it's religious. Just actually do it, cause God won't buy it if you're faking it. Don't let anyone tell you when it's okay for you to take a day to honor God. Organize all the churches in your town. That's power move God would have you do.. for the right reasons.. with the right leaders and message...   what does that look like to you  in your mind? That's what's possible. And you don't have an obligation to explain a thing to anyone, except, it's God's day. Kinda like the sabbath. Pick a work day. Think of it as tithing.

It's a start.

It really offends me that I've lived 54 years, and this year was the first time I ever heard that we were celebrating Christmas and Easter on Pagan holidays. Still, Im interested in what  they're actually celebrating. It's nothing against them. I suppose I should figure out who made those decisions, just so I know.  One more thing :}

I don't necessarily get to pick eveybody goes to hell. I make recommendations. But I'm responsible for their basic welfare. God will be their teacher. Told you it wouldn't really be torture, but it'll seem like it for some.. :} Who knows. Not my department.. but I have pull :} It's the worst part, cause I don't want it. Part of the job. Even as a citizen. True of all of us, actually.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dramatics - What You See is What You Get

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ohio Players - Skin Tight

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Rarities - 02 - I Will Remember You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 12 - Highway Song

A Pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - The End


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10/25/2009 8am -I was waken up this morning around 5 or so... of course I had arranged things to make it convenient to sleep in, and psychotronics, dews and sleep deprivation continue.

God tells me a great deal when I have these hours to think about things.  Things to encourage me as I deal with the torture ofthe U.S. government on behalf of the Nazi's of the Council on Foreign Relations..

Nazis are as Nazis do Keith. And you're one of them. Easy to prove. Tell Michelle Bachmann that God has a reform school for Politicians and media people, it's called Hell, and she's likely one of the few who won't go on any junkets there, but you will Keith.

This morning's interesting thinking was about Jews. A long time ago. And covenants. Why there are actually no covenants with anyone anymore. God didn't break them. Notice throughout history that every nation and people including Islamists under Muhammad, did very well when they followed the teachings of God's prophets.

Here's the really interesting part.. whose idea was it to tell Jews they aren't Christians? Jews used to be Christians, before Jesus.

If I was speaking live, I might decide to sit down, look at people and refuse to talk for  awhile while people think about that.

The tribes, the children of Israel, pretty much always followed an anointed leaer, a chosen on eof God that we use the word Christ to describe. Such as Moses. Think God doesn't like to stick diversity in people's faces? The Jews had a rule to shun those who married outside the faith. Moses did. Think God didn't want us to think twice about our bigotry? About integrating tribes and people? ANd yet, he had a man who should have been shunned lead His followers. Hmm..

But that's not the good part. So.. all those years, the Tribes of Israel, theIsraelites, were lead by a Christ. And then they went into exile, came back merged with other tribes of other faiths, the religions mixed and the Israelites became Jews. Just after Paul finished the bulk of his work, organizing the church. Voilla.. hijacked religion. Not by all, but by a few greedy evil people of the Elders of Israel, also known as the Elders of Zion.

When Jesus came along, the Elders did not want to give up power to a Christ, one person who would have authority over the conduct of the Israelites as a nation and as a spiritual "cult", so they said, if Jesus comes around, kill Him, because He was telling the truth.

In essence, until Jesus, the people we now call Jews were called Israelites or the Tribes of Israel, the Chosen People, who are not the people in charge of the nation of Israel. Like em or not...  Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon DID follow the instructions of God and Christ when they defied Bush and took my instruction to turn their backs on the roadmap to peace, and to speak to their people of peace and reconciliation, for which Arafat was murdered and Sharon lies in a coma induced by  a brain aneurysm. And teh covenants were to have been completed by 1996. Not only does America defiantly betray God, it kills those who obey Him.

Islamist, Christian, Hindu whatever.. if you obey the teachings of Christ and of Jesus, and live by the ways of God and honor His Christ, you are Christian... and if you don't,you aren't. The government of the United States is in no way Christian. Nor is the Government of Israel even Jewish. Let alone follwoing God, let alone following Christ,a dn therefore, they have broken the covenants and God will not give any more chances.

The only real chance the people of Israel have, particularly given my containment, is to overthrow their own government.. just as Jefferson informed Americans todo if this government becomes corrupt. And you can overthrow governments by legal means. ANd the thing you always need to keep in mind, it's not about the structure of the government, it's about the corrupt people who must be arrested and incarcerated as the murderers and thieves they are.

If only we had an FBI, CIA, NSA or police department that served justice for the people instead of the corrupt politicians. If I was a police officer, I'd stand up, speak to the people, and take on being their representative to clean out their own respective police departments of traitors and rogue cops. Otherwise, I'd be embarrassed to be a cop. If you're  a police officer and you're offended by this, then keep in mind I'm offended at the idea that the citizens have to be concerned about being convicted of crimes becuase of your crimes. If you'reoffended by my offense by corrupt police, then you should not be considered qualified to be a law enforcement officer. And if you don't understand that, join Blackwater/XE and be honest about what you do for a living.

Unconstitutional laws do not make crimes legal. Not even for police. Not for intel people,. Not for preachers. Not for anyone with authority or leadership.

So.. the bottom line.. all these people think they're righteous because they've made laws to make  crimes legal.. and exercising your constitutional rights illegal. ANd they all claim to be Christians, just like Jews think they are the chosen people. Surprise. It's like Catholics thinking they can confess things they don't have security and confidentiality agreements about, and claim confession.. as if God will forgive them for what they try to hide..

I'm tired of being screwed over by people who claim Christianity in order to take  advantage of you. They're not Chrisitians. ANd just like the apostates on tv, the otehr ministers should be embarrassed themselves ministers toallow them to be heard. You know the types.. the ones who make up lottery games for contributions.. who do crimes for their favorite political candidates and media people to be big shots... who sell $900 "End of days" financial package insurance policies on networks like TBN that claim to be serving God by parroting the lies of government criminals abou tthe murders of thousands of people..

Are they bad people or just stupid? Or are they just more frauds serving the Council on Foreign Relations and Satan under the guise of serving God.. whehter they wanted to or not, that's what they're doing. No mercy for apostates. If I'm the apostate, how come you're looking for excuses to justify what you do? They're either God's ways or they're not. ANd I'll bet 95% of you wouldn't have a clue if someone asked you, what are God's ways?

Fianlly, if I was a minister, and the government laid a national security letter on me to force me to participate in crimes against anyone, let alone a servant of God, I'd start a phone chain to shut down this government for religious rights in a minute. And I'd do that whether I agreed with the target or not.. just as I stand up against what happened in Waco, not because i agreed or disagreed with David Koresh, but because he had the right to have his compound and live in peace as they did. And the government and NBC is lying to you about it. II stil haven't read what he wrote, but his predictions about the circumstances of their demise was correct, wasn't it?

What's teh difference between Koresh and the rights of apostates to have freedom of speech on religion.. easy.. the faith has to regulate itself... but when Creflo Dollar tells people to ascribe to the idea of.. I don't want to wait for my reward in heaven, I want my money now... then how can you possibly say that's anything except apostasy and pure anti-christian teaching? ANd yes, I heard him say that. ANd somebody needs to stratighten out ROn Carpenter. He's a psychotronics victim. Get that out of His system, and he'll really be preaching then. Right now all he is is impressed with himself and the number of people who are easily misled by humanistics. But I still believe his intent is pure. Is he an apostate, or a mislead servant? There's a huge difference.

Interesting Koresh said the world will judge the U.S. by their action against the Davidians.. and here I am, toe to toe with NBC and the U.S. government cover up of the massacre fof the innocent people of the Branch Davidians. One day, we'll review the murders by the United States Governemnt at Ruby Ridge and Wounded Knee.

They took down all these people and more the same way they did me, the same wya they get us to make war against innocent nations.

They weaken you econoically and physically/health, they publicly lie to make people hate you and think you're weird and extremist, then they cause people to hate and alienate you, and then they attack you for no reason, except to cover their own lies and criems, and people applaud. It's exactly the way our 30 years+ plan against Iraq, and our nearly 100 year plan against Iran works. It's a centuries old paradigm that works against individuals, nations, and worlds..

Thus, the recent planned economic collapse.

The rest will be Biblical history.

For those doing evil, understand, God deosn't care whether you claim to believe in Him or not when He sends you to hell. If you believe in Him and commit evil, it's all the worse, and all the confessions and prayers will not save you, because you will only do so to save yourself, and God was never fooled by your lies. He just wanted to be sure you had enough rope to pull yourselves out of the pit, or hang yourselves. Whichever you do is now fine with Him

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Davy's on the Road Again

By the way, my dear friend Don, the black former police officer.. he was forced out of the NYPD becaus ehe'd go on burglary calls at stores, and the other officers would stuff the trunks of their cars with goods from bruglarized stores before filling in reports, and store orwners would  just report it as stuff that was stolen. He wouldn't go along with it, and his life was threatened. He then went to Santa Cruz,california, and was forced out of that department for "treating prisoners in the jail cells so well that it caused the other guards problems when dealing with the prisoners".  Think about that. So he became a counselor for the NAACP. And one of the best friends I ever knew. The way we met was no coincidence.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Shaman - 09 - America (featuring P. O. D.)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Theme - Green Acres

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eminem - White America

Whoever created the list of races by genetic superiority proved their inferiority.

Don't you think it's  alittle weird that most of the creative and scientific geniuses throughout history would be today diagnosed as bi-polar, schizophrenic and paranoid? They must have known something....

4:17pm I think I've worked up a compelling case to add to the charges against the co-conspirators regarding the causation of Lynn's stroke and possibly her brian tumor, given the locations and themicrowave and psychotronic attacks. Isn't it interesting, she's go tno sensation in her private parts, and yet the governemtn psychotronics guys psychotronically rape a 59-1/2 year old woman who's recovering from a stroke they caused in what is  aperfect example of a CIA slow kill... with the cooperation and knowledge of our friends at the Council on Foreign Relations and their media psyops infiltrators. Oh yeah, and the phony ministers they use. And I thought I had 15 or more suitcases juut against one church. FOr stuff against me. There's thousands and millions of victims.  One way to do redistribution of wealth. I wasn't planning to do that. Fools.  :} I told her when this is through, she could have every single possession a certain news announcer owns, except 2 horses. I figure she deserves that at least fr her disability, and reward for being credited with saving the lives of 20 million people around the world until this happened... PS to Dennis Kucinich. 2 Words. Guess what they are? Dennis, wouldn't you agree, people who actually do that much good in the world (as opposed to people like you) don't deserve to live, do they Dennis?

I'm figuring before I'm through  there'll be a petition to indict all members of the Council on Foreign Relations for Conspiracy, fraud, theft, murder, war crimes, crimes against humanity, civil rights crimes...  it'll work. You guys never can figure out how I define winning. I plant seeds. When I'm not getting zapped, I'm a really good gardener And I bet if I can create enough critical mass, Ramsey Clark would file the law suit..  :} I know where San Francisco is.

Reporting without borders.. if only.. the thing tha tkeeps going through my head is, if all these so called progressive truth telling alternative reporters are so interested in getting to the bottom line, why don't we continually hear about the council on foreign relations? Doesn't make sense. I find it hard to believe they don't know. Instead, they call them reptilians, as if they know saying the words will get them zapped. And they allow crimes worse than Hitler imagined to go on under their noses, and never say a word. If things keep going this way, heaven's not gonna have too many people in it that were famous before.

It's just like my existence. If people don't acknowledge it, nothing can be completed.

Please don't ever think I say things like that because I think I'm all that great. I'm just one person, and God doesn't rely on geneology. This is about billions of people, not just this one writing these words.

And all I wanted to do was grow organic herbs. You have no idea, sometimes, how much I wish I was  delusional. No idea. And I can't even begin to explain the choices and decisions that are being made. Talk about executive overview... (feel free to publish whatever you want so people can see what psychotronics can cause.. that's what this weblog will prove too) You actually know I have you checkmated.. you know, coming and going.. aloha and shalom. and you set yourselves up by overkill...

Now, as  for my father and Time Warner.. the Psychotronics guys know the only thing my father ever said was "Time Inc is a bunch of commie sympathizers".. and based on history and what's going on, apparently it's true. It's another one of those things where I said, that's weird, and just held on to the memory... didn't mean a thing to me until Bush/PNAC psyops and finally the AMPEX connection.. and HOAX the movie... I don't  know how deep it goes but it provides association... it's kind of like knowing alot of this has to do with the Fabian Society, and simply not needing to know more right now to know we need to arrest a bunch of traitors in and around the U.S. Government.

It's about time for "What Gandhi Knew"... thew psyops guys want me to write something to claim I'm trying to start riots or something. They'll take any excuse to have me arrested or claim I'm a terrorist or something. Instead, I'm going to show my knowledge of the Consitution, challenge the COnstitutionality of the Patriot Act AS WELL as the fact that we're under Martial Law without cause, declared or not, Viet Nam was a war, declared or not, .... And then I'm going to demnad the return of habeus corpus so that people like Keith Olbermann, who decried suspenison of constitutional rights such as habeus corpus under Bush but doesn't seem to mind under Obama, can get a fair trial.  Keith did a wonderful job of proving that the Constitution has been nullified since 2001.

I say, it hasn't. How many years do we have to go without an attack on the citizens by the United States Government before the citizens are   safe enough from the government to have their rights back? And how many more U.S. citizens are they willing to kill to scare us into believing Islamists are the terrorists? How many more war crimes will Israel be allowed to commit under the paper tiger protection of the United States? Why does the United States really want to see Israel destroyed?

Bible readers: ISrael was destroyed long ago, and Israel was restored in 1948, and the covenants were to have been honored within 48 years of the "New Jerusalem" - in that context - to be sent down from heaven. Like an order from Heaven. Give them their homeland. Like an order from headquarters. And make it right with the Palestinians. Never forget was not supposed to be a selfish mantra. Moses told you guys about the Golden Rule, didn't he? He mentioned Jesus, too, didn't he?

If your minister doesn't know where that is in the Bible, tell them they'd better read it  because I purposely don't look all this stuff up because that's the minister's job. Look it up in the Bible, I was saying it before I read it in there somewhere :}Besides, I'm a little more focused on the future now. Can't help it if you aren't keeping up. Dang.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Louise Goffin - This is the Place - Bridge of Sighs

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Harry Chapin - What Made America Famous

10:20 pm Like DObbs says, teh best way to get peopel to believe  alie is to sandwich it between two truths. Saw thwe NBC Waco special.. what a pack of lies.. of course, Brian Williams does an excellent white wash for the COuncil on Foreign Relations.

THe most interesting thing: all the things that you'v edone at Waco that you've done to me, including nearly killing Lynn, and I will get more than compensation for her for that attempted murder.ANd her inablility to get medical care since. Got that Dobbs.

But your MO's are the same, including provoking me and taunting me and assaulting and violating every civil and human right I have and Lynn and so many other people... you'd better tell Melissa I hold her partly responsible for this, and it'll stand up in court. RICCO.

You guys tried to set me up to look like Koresh and Manson and all sorts of things, and i can just imagine what you told the locals to particpate in killin gus, but I'll tell you this: time warner, nbc, council on foreign relations, barack obama and all the rest of yu psychopaths: you failed, you knew I was the real deal and you failed, and yuou'll continue to fail because you really are that sick, arrogant perverted, stupid and damned.

I said back in 2002.. in politics.. that everythign I was goign todo was legal. and for 8 years you have pounded me and violated me and raped and are killing Lynn... and I'm   still standing, Iw ill continue to stand, and if need be, I will die making sure you assholes are brought to justice.

And if Lynn dies, just remember, I can have an autopsy done for forensic evidence. And she's not doing well. And you'd better get the dews off her that are causing her pain she wouldn't otherwise have.. Olbermann.. your little pr campaign is going to be the thing that proves to people just how despicable you really are.

Obama.. you're a traitor and a fraud and you will go to jail.

And I will tell people how to legally bring down the corrupt of the U.S. government.. Cliff van Zandt too, just for good measure. Traitors. Can't wait to see your bogus profile on me, Cliff. and to prove how FBI agents like you are insane.

How many more frauds you gonna white wash, NBC? How bout you Moyers, you gonna give us another "the politicians tricked us" speeches?

Sickest perverts in the world., the members of the U.S. government and the media.. they love snuff movies, pedophilia and lying... and they do them all well.. Taunt me some more Olbermann, show me you can't be touched by the law...   it'll catch up to you. It'll get worse for you too, pervert. All your friends too.

No longer will you people habve absolute power. especially after people find out you new I was the real deal since I was a child.. and you purposely did everything you could to kill me. ANd no jury in the world would doubt the story once it's told.

When you guys run to the green zone to hide to avoid arrest and hide behind NATO, I figure it'll only take 3 JDAM's to take you out if you don't surrender.. like the people at Waco... I doubt the Iraqis will object. Isn't that how youi guys do things? My plan would be l\to let you run out of food until you give up. To the Iraqis. You military guys trained me well. Too bad you didn't get the peace at all costs part though. I won't be able to help it when the citizens go for ya.. I'm out of money since you bankrupted me, and saving up for a trip to France. So, don't turn to me to calm any crowds down. I think I'll be busy. It'll be funto watch on the news though.

It's in him. You put it there. THe Bible says so. Besides, you were expecting wrath, weren't you :} God'll give it to ya. I'm busy.

Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine J - Somebody's Watching Me

10/26/2009 12:56pm Brian... you hvae no idea how much I consider your Waco thing a gift. What a gift. It'll be the one I use to make the clear case of perpetrating a public hoax. ANd this is just one of them. ANd the beauty is, it's not like it's poiliticians opinions, this is about fact. And you completely and purposefully misrepresented the facts... Every American has standing in this law suit of conspiracy between the United States Government, Jpoe Biden, Barack Obama (for reasons that will become clear later) the DNC all on behalf of the COuncil on Foreign Relations. Yippee. God wins.!!! I was wondering how that foot stool thing worked out :} And I never had any illusion that you guys would ever kiss my feet :} But I get it now :} I know you guys are stll going to do your usual perverted things because you're as despicable as the guy the government put onNBC to lie about Waco... lies by omission.. he's no better at fake crying than Olbermann.. (It's not so fun when it happens toyou, wasn't that what you said. It had already happened to me.)

They coneniently failed to mention the entire incident at Waco came from agents playing tough guy with Koresh and a few others in town...clearly looking for any excuse to raid the compound. As I recall the so called modified gun they claimed they were looking for didn't exist. They didn't show the microwave dishes aimed at the compound, and the way the building was set up to be an incinerator before lobbing in canisters of cyanide, not tear gas, into the compound.

Furthermore... the red herring of who fired the first shot.. think twice about this: if they had evidence Koresh shot first, they'd have said so in an instant. But the video of  it all, as shown to Biden an Hatch when the government was celared of wrong doing, clearly shows the ATF/FBI started the shootings... over and over again as the days went on.. provoking and instigating in any way they could to get an excuse to murder those people.

This is not about religion. THis is about rights, respect for human life, the constitution, lies by politicians, cover ups of egregius crimes, and media white washes that ARE perpetrations of public hoaxes. And Brian Williams and NBC just provided us with court admissable evidence of the perpetration of a public hoax... Iraq war will be proven as one as well... media and politicians...  Watch WACO: THe Rules of Engagement. You don't have to take sides on this one. Just look at the facts.

Was Koresh for real? Who knows what he was supposed to deliver to us or anyone, but there must have been a reason tha tpeople around the world thought he was. It would be interesting to copare his eraly work to his later work. And where I'd have to say.. even though I don't believe what NBC says about him, facts indicate... the first indication he wasn't was when he decided to emulate Biblical times as if that was some kind of indication of Boblical prophecy delivered.. when what he thought he was delivering was unacceptable in our cultures, as most assuredly to God in God's ways.. and if he was being hit by psychotronics, and I believ ehe was, especially during the raid, I understand where he went off track. For whatever reasons, the biggest part of his error and proof he was not real is that once he decided he was king, he decided he should be above all with absolute power and the ability to lust and have what he wanted.. which is the way a feudal king would act. We don't do that anymore. God likes equality. Camelot kind of stuff. Too bad. I bet he had a bunchof valid stuff to say before he went off track. That's the kind of person people would call an apostate or false prophet, and it may well be, or a servant deluded by the devil, but you don't know unless you listen and think.

That's what free speech and religion are about. The rest is intent, and willingness to alter onesself in self judgment.  Like my father used to say:

I may not agree with wht you say,  but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

That doesn't mean allowing people to perpetuate lies or apostasize If your intent is to mislead, you're an apostate. If you're unwilling to listen and alter, you're an apostate.

It's like I did everything but beg for people of the ministry to discuss things with me.. because I didn't want to be an apostate. I don't think I am. I know who I am. I have my own proofs that I've been trying to share..    I just don't know how much more rational I can be about it.

I bet Koresh at least at one point, would have loved someone like me coming along, sharing ideas, and challenging him. I've seen some really weird stuff online that people have written about their beliefs.. and I go back to them sometimes because they make me think about things I wasn't or would have been thinking about, and even though they are often wrong about things, including politics, it at least informs me of perceptions, and even shows me a good deal of valid thought that is useful in inquiries.

I think Koresh had good intent. No one was required to believe in him. ANd the government set him up and murdered him.

Just like they're doing to me and Lynn and my pets... they do things that are implied threats to her grand daughter... threats that relate directly to MSNBC, sharky, someone came by the other night, and stood outside Lynn's bedroom window, repeating over and over "You're going to die, you're going to die, you're going to die." If only she'd told me when that happened..

Think the United States Government and their weed and seed covert people aren't sick fucks.. you haven't heard anything yet.  Sorry for the language. it's the most obnoxious phrase I've ever come up with to describe them. And it's perfect.

ANd oh, by the way, if I was in a conspiracy agains Time, Inc., why was Warner my favorite record company, the one, until recently, I had always thought I'd work with as a song writer? ALl of your shallow excuses are BS , TWX, as are GE's and all the rest. The  book said God would turn all the tables. What else ya got?

Eric Holder? Do you serve the citizens of the United States, or do you serve the Council on Foreign Relations?

Ever been to jail Eric? Ever heard of God? Ever heard of justice?

Psyops guys.. don't even begin to try to tell me they're not aware of me. Nod your head, monica. Drip drip :}}}} NO I'm not accusing YOU of that :} It's a reference word for indexing, you know :}Nexix lExis and all that } What was that guy on the WHite House steps nodding? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :} I never know.

There's a McCartney song that goes with that: If you really love me, nod your head. :}

Don't nod your heads anymore. I'll sue you :} In Constantinople, of course. Do they hang people there?

Paul McCartney - That Would Be Something

By the way beginnign witht eh Eric Holder stuff... that was all stuff they were tryin go get me to write with psychotronics.. I went with it to show you. The important thing to notice is the supposed fast alterations in mood, as well as the refeerence to Monica and a member of the staff of the White House who particpated ina little game with  me one day, that I probably will never be able to prove. But I can prove so much it doesn't really matter. I hope they're stupid enough to sue me. I'm gonna give MTV to Little Richard. See what he does with it. I'll get hi m to take request, have live djs and even some people who aren't airbrushed and colorized on the fly.. that would be like real.

Okay, so, since MSNBC people are talking to  me, theyeither want me to believe I'm not really on the web, and I don't think I am anyway, or, they think this'll make me look crazy. But Hi Pixie.. I can explain it all. It'll prove how nice I really am. :} How patient I am, to be tortured for all these years and still hold my ground and principles.. and yeah...I'm expecting them to come up with some bogus hologram stuff... it won't hold up... besides like Ruby Ridge.. he was set up to do one thing wrong by a federal snitch, and you guys committed at least a dozen crimes that should have led to a couple of life sentences.

I ddin't do anything wrong, and you guys committed so many crimes, you'll probably die before the charges are through being read against you.   ANd that's just from my case. Then there's all the others.  ANd why God calls you people "The infidels" and "evil-doers" of the end times, just like the Bible says... and just like my profile of Christ, your profiles of these evil people are equally matched.

When it walks like an anti-christ and talks like an anti-christ, it must be an anti-christ. Sure you can smear me, I'm just one irrelevant guy in the big picture. Smear the Christians.. I can put an end to that... apocalyptic cult.. let's see.. the Bible Says.. the Quran says.. what other books talk about you guys..

NOw, from the political side, I can make mince meat of you any day of the week. But you guys don't have the guts, and thus, why you resort to murder, lies, distortions and crime of all sorts..

I know you guys have all sort sof bogus plans to make me out  a militant. ANd you may well get away with finishing th ejob of killing us. Think that's a paranoid statement. SHraon Arafat Lynnn Kim Jong Il Aneurysm... hit lists... quakers... full spectrum domination...

I want a commission to investigate the government for anti-american activities. No members of the council on foreign relations, or affiliates of any sort, may serve on that commission. Who does that leave?

Not many.

Looks like France is the only empire type nation that ever came close to implementing GOd's will. I'm not saying do it their way. But it sure looks like they tried.. from period to period... Where's Charles DeGaulle when ya need him?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - People get Ready

PS I hope Leon knows about this , understands, and is enjoying this immensely :}

4:44pm not reeally.. my cmos battery died.. I think it's around7pm:} Whilst reading today.. had 2 hours, sitting in the car, reading the Bible.. just happened to turn to the stuff about King David and all.. Always happens like that. Saw the part about handling problem sin a familial way vs a legal way, which is great if people wil resolve things that way.. and I have to say, in every instance, I have approached every genre I've written to in a familial way... I've gone way out of my way to give benefit of the doubt.

BTW KO.. say, see ya in court... you're a real waste of a human being.

As a citizen, neighbor, friend, colleague, patriot and now, in religion. I can't help it that the parallels and stories of my life and things prove who I am whether you accept it or not. Some Jews accepted Jesus, and yet we say they rejected Him. I' ewatched few religious shows because it  seems nearly everytime I do, someone's saying something that is so not the ways of God or Jesus, or making an Aesopian crack...  and it's like, this is the familial way?

Lynn used to talk about the people she used to work with as "the beloved family", even though she was wrong to think hers was... 

I knew what she was talking about, It was what I wanted on the Farm. A peaceful pale where people cared about each other and all... like communities used to be..  and I'm not talking about fair weather friends or friends of convenience or opportunity.

It's weird to know that so many corporations, politicians and ministers have conspired so against me, when I have loved this country and loved God my entire life. And I have admired the very politicians who were at the heart of the conspiracy. ALl these pople, none o f whom apparently understand the ways of God, not because it would be important to identify me but because they were the ones who were supposed to know.. and what they did with the info was directly defy God.   I have talents, and I always believed I would succeed in life,which is why I couldn't understand why so many bizarre things just at the wrong time... and if these weapons weren't being used on me, all sorts of things would be different. Call it an excuse. I call it testimony to the true evil of this government and a whole lot of people.

A whole lot of people think my life is worthless... a whole lot of peopel think it's fun to paly games with me and harm me and those around me.. and I can't figure out why you don't see just how disgusting you are.

I'm told I won't be allowed to leave the country by the same people who taunt me to leave and more. Talk about taunting, Keith. You should be scared, because you and your friends will be found out no matter, and people will do whatever they do, adn Keith, you won't be their respected guy anymore. I'll be elsewhere one way or another. And all you jerks can say "we did it".. but i have my appointments, and I'm looking forward to them.

Tell the assholes in your psyops departments at MSNBC and CNN that in time they will be tracked down like Nazis by the people they are harming, and that number,as you well know, will be in the millions soon as people figure it out. They don't need  me to do that. But they do need me to finish all of you in one stroke in legal ways.. so we'll be rid of scum like you forever.

So make you jokes. Get your stories ready. Can't wait to hear what you tell God. And you  know you'll have to tell Him someday.. Even Druids believe in God. The question is, do they do evil or good?

Like I said, I think there is no true CHristian Church in the United States anymore.  That's why I gotta go. The U.S. will end up in a war, economic or military, on top of the economic war that already cripples the U.S., and the U.S. will not exist as we know it.

The good guys in Germany did what they could til they couldn't, and then got out. All these news people know exctly what I'm talking about, and they think that Americans are pretty stupid for believing them.  Almost as stupid as the government thinks you are.

Oh well.. that's the way it goes.. in a few years, the Hague will be a very busy place. Sisel will be in demand.

No church.. the church is wherever I am... Imagine.. with Global Warming and more you don't know about, Israel won't even exist soon. Next planet please.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - My Eyes Don't Cry

10/27/2009 7:19 I keep trying to remember when I actually had that dream about India... the one in the market place... who IS that woman. It wasn't remote viewing, and it was a very long time ago... I had 3 dreams in a short period of time..  1 has come true, the other was averted but sort of came true when instead of a murder occurring, my neighbors got  a divorce instead. It's also   the same time period weird things started happening with my wife. All I'll say is that it appears a certain church was involved in Kirkland.

Anyway...   I keep wondering what the face of the other person will be, because the hair style she had was sort of like Afghani-Indian, and the psyops guys knew that.. so I think they tried to trap me with another emulation... That's the only of those 3 dreams that hasn't happened yet. It's another case of how one psyop is involved in many other things years later, as the dots connect... and why it takes 5 stories to tell one. Last night, they were peppering me with phrases my father used to say all the time... it was kind of funny..  I also know  this thing of holograms is going to come into play.. can't wait to see what crimes they make it look like  committed. One of the thigns that's been going on for quite some time is that whatever I write about.. the tricks and traps they use.. they do to me... since holograms came up, it must be in the works... fortunately, I was fed a good deal of info on holograms... I was actually tipped off to this one about 3 years ago.

Simon & Shuster.... 'nuff said.

I think I'm going to start a blog for all this: I'll call it Auschwitz in America.. then David Pack can have his martyr... Lynn..

I figured out how to leave the country, make tons of money, pay some racketeers to protect me, set up a broadcast network, and do it all legally for less thatn $500. I told you there are plenty of ways to overthrow a corrupt government legally. Then I'll teach the racketeers how to use directed energy weapons. Of course, we only call them racketeers inthe U.S. In their country, it's called citizens... and then Dobbs will do a news report about me in his immigration reports :} 

Aloha and shalom.. I know.. you think you think I'm getting confident until this afternoon's psychotronics.. but this idea will work. Everything about it will work. Chuck's refreshment stand and international commuications center for the Kingdom of  God.

I keep wondering if that guy at Sears was really the son of the king of Saudi Arabia... I think a post card is in order.


If I had a predisposition against Time Warner.. would I have written to Dobbs saying I was going to do a music site and develop artists, and give Time Warner first refusal on the best artists I came across? WOuld I have defended TIme Warner to the Turn Your Back On Bush forum when they labeled time warner (accurately) the evil empire? WOuld I have faithfully promoted CNN on my web site.. and by the way.. someone had a site formerly featured on Huffington Post called aboutcnn.com  That guy's a psyops victim, psychotronics, and I believe an investigation would show that Miles OBrien was his brainwasher.

As was Cho. And investigation would show that NBC was involved in his psyops.

The complaints of code-talking about David Letterman are true.

The man who was origianlly arrested for the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart died in his jail cell after suddenly experiencing massive headaches. He was a directed energy weapons target. They later found him innocent and arrested someone else.

Michael Jackson was murdered by directed energy weapons which his doctor tried to treat with medications... the only kind that work when psychotronics and DEWS are used to cause sleep deprivation.

Brittany Spears lost her children due to the effects of psychotronics, just as they were the cause of her sudden irrational behavior.

Mel Gibson is a victim of psychotronics, and I firmly believe that his epithets about Jews while being arrested for DUI were the result of psychotronics, just as psychotronics sends me on on rants in this weblog. That's why it's important for those rants to be retained as evidence.

I believe Joaquin Phoenix is  a victim of psychotronics. He's a heavy contributor to an organization Lynn works for, which has been plagued by pscyhotronics and surveillance. A number of that orgs memebrs die or suddenly come down with extreme depression... from psychotronics...

See Southern Leadership Conference... Rob Gilman I think.. a minister who as going to help victims, til he caught and beat up someone putting bugs in his house one night. The police freed the suspects.

Ask Cynthia McKinney how Bill CLinton actually purposely ignored the genocide in Rwanda in order to assist the government in carrying it out...

Ask Cindy Sheehan about how NBC decides to call democratically elected leaders the U.S. govt doesn't like "dictators" in order to cause Americans to hate them so we'll approve illegal activities/wars in foreign nations.

I could be wrong about  a few of these.. but with   a quick conversation, I could clear that up.. evidence or not.The patterns fit.

How about CFR, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruse?A former major contributor to the GDCU suddenly came down with breast cancer... all sort sof bad things have happened

Now, if any of this scares you, if you think haing coontact with me is dangerous, understand that illusion will continue to be played   out until no on erespects it anymore. It's not God doing it, it's the United States government, and if you're reading this, I assure you, you're already a target. I am a magnet in the magnet wars.

WHy did the media play up neo-Nazi crimes against Jews? To make sure anyone who says the protocols are real is ostracized as an anti-semite.... ANd they showed you their web sites, so you'd go there, so the government could find out who you are.

Rex 84 is being done covertly using psychotronics and directed energy weapons.

The bottom line thing people need to realize is that you're already being affected by psychotronics and dews, especially Christians, and I can se ethe set up happening of requiring  aflat out verbal showdown with the U/S/ government... I'm not trying to be boastful, but.. I come across lots of people who are experts in one area or another, and I've yet to find one person who has the big picture overview I have. Other than a few people on the news who are used to harass me. People I previously thought would be on a team to straighten things out.

You all can blow me off and I'll be fine and life will go on, and I wish in most ways I wasn't a key player in all of this.. But I am. For whatever reason, Iwas purposely positioned to be the person with the goods since I was a child. Go figure. So, either empower me to do my job, citizens, Christians , whoever, or deal with the consequences, which will not be the curse of God but the curse of the traitors  running this country into the ground on purpose.

I'm actually a very optmistic person. I don't say that catastrophes of many kinds are about to happen lightly.

Just remember, the biggest danger is the ocean, because when somethign happens, it won't be the water that kills you, it'll be the masssive pollution caused ... just like in the San Francisco aBay Area, they say the quake or a building is unlikely to kill you in the big one, but the chemical clouds will. THink about that seriously.

I know how to make electronics to counter this stuff. But I can't do everything alone, and I wasn't supposed to. And it HAS to be that way, otherwise God says, I promised them free will.

There's only one way all this is going to stop. Now, or later.

I've beentold I have to change my ways in order to be acceptable to certain people. I smoke cigarettes and weed. Those are my vices. I actually have no others. I'd be glad to give up smoking.  That's it. As for my language, if you were to check the record, my history with cussing and such is that it's rare... psychotronics and being in a war trench for 8 years will do that to you. No apologies. WIll I get one from any of you?

That's why I'm leaving.

Other people will listen. My book was written to Americans, I'm sure the rest of the world will love it. It's not the way I wanted it. You chose it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 103 - Crying Shame

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 08 - Lost In The Parade

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 07 - By a Friend

12:44pm A Project for Clive Davis.. I keep thinking about that... first time got me evicted when my boss passed a bad check to me... JT made tons, Phil Collins got divorced for 47 mil, McCartney, Divorced, Santana.. don't know, and how's Ronnie Montrose doing?  Coincidence or setup? and Peter Gabriel ... I think it's mostly illusion because of people who know what's going on in the industry...  I think Todd Walker and Ted Taylor are both losing. As it should be.  The more I think about when I lived in L.A., the more I realize how much weird stuff happened to me there. One after another. No wonder I got some of the emails I did that I considered like implied threats to sue me if I didn't take certain things down... Always related to Exxon and Rockefeller and the Council.. All with the connecting point of: my wife. The sister of a high placed Exxon Executive. And it appears to me there was an attempt to use me like a wiretap on Jerry Brown... to withdraw from the presidential race.. Eve almost did it too. She really was quite the setup. And they all would have set up someone else AND damaged my reputation as well if I had gone along.... Have I ever had a real relationship with anyone who wasn't a psyops agent of some sort? 

That "just in case Jesus" thing.. I think that   was a Bill Maher line.

Speaking of connecting points, I can make the case that Lynn and I were both being worked by a single person before we ever knew each other. I believe it will also make a connection to RKO.  This person was in Lynn's life since around 1988 or so... and in mine for  a short time around 95 or so... theoretically it could be similar people, but this ones's too strange. When I met the same person in DC, with different color hair, I'd a swore it was her. And it was. And, she was the leader of Lynn's problems in DC. ANd it always ties back to EST and Landmark. From numerous angles. There's a lot more details. And it ties back to someone else with tthe same last name who ripped me off for nearly $4000  related to Tektronix.. which is interesting since my dad appears to have worked on the thought machine and highly senistive frequency measuring devices..  alot ties into this. ANd it always takes us back to Ampex. And I can't help thinking that somehow these people stole a lot of patents from my father. With these guys it's always about money somehow.  I hope they choke on it. How would I have known... who knows... who cares? I think it had more to do with his objections on putting psychotronics into transmitters. I think the v-chip does alot more than simply allow you to block channels.

Motive - Opportunity - Means... Witnesses... evidence... I think it's covered.

PS Someone explained  a little to me about Jesuits :}

Someone pointed out as I gulped myself when I wrote it, that I did one of those things about having to think about having to decide on whether to declare a war or not.. like as an elected official.. it's probably true, sometime down the road. I figured that. One sweep of the dragnet isn't gong to lock these guys away. But, I already know, calmer heads will prevail.. or not, depending on the heads.

And still, all thi sis merely a distraction to keep me from the politicians. And why the media people aren't in jail. They need to stay on the air til the government goes down, at which time we'll really see what side they're on.. like Chris Matthews saying he didn't support the Iraq war. He didn't oppose it, did he.

So Buchanan.. maybe I did, maybe I din't give you new political voice. Interesting, eh, who'd a thunk I"d think you made sense :} Hard to follow that line :} He know s I love him. So, look, I knew you were in the ix back then, and like usual, I'm not looking for criminals, but hasn't all this gone a little too far? I mean, on one hand, you could these jokers have me blocked, but they really don't and they're counting on me to stay cool while they covertly ride roughshod over people they think they trained for peacwe tha tBush riled up to prepare for a ivil war.. or at least the attempt for an excuse. It really is time for people t choose sides.. for AMerica, or for tyranny.. and I don't waant to hear about free markets, becaus ethey don't exist. I'm not an isolationist, but every nation is going to have to do a little of that to out the houses back in order..

Now... there's lots of ways I cna do things, and I certainly refuse to be responsible for starting wars.. but I am going to tell the truth, and I know you're one of the people who knows alot, and I'm  getting a little tired of the bull. We both know what happpens in the coming few years if this is allowed to persist.

I hvae no expectations of any of you anymore. But just for kicks, I am curious to know if allof you would actually have the guts to look me and all the people whose lives you've destroyed.. that's why you're chickens.. it's why you're Nazis and despicable psychopaths, and that's how I'm going to sell all the CFR and sycophant sickos who have nearly successfully detroyed this nation for greed, power and stupidity.

Every one of you involved in this: I figure I already know your answers, but, the status quo is the status quo, and I'm not going to play blog games with you anymore.

It doesn't take me to cause a revolt. You guys are causing that. I can just sit here silent and it won't make a bit of difference. They'll kill you and it'll be done, it'll get really bloody and then out of somewhere will come the neutrons... Then, America will be the second rate nation Washington was told it would become because of our corruption. And me... who knows... probably playing slot cars with Michael Jackson.

I think if I was in Gaza, I'd move to the West Bank for starters, and say, sure, take it... remember the parting of the red sea and the volcano that erupted just before that happened.... Mt Aetna..  :}  How bad do ya want it? Check out the latest earthquakes... :}Just how many catastrophes can be impending at once? :} When will Japan crack in two? AL Gore said it was the North Pole, but it was the South Pole.. talk about diverting our atttention... Tell Al and Tipper to stop worrying about song lyrics and start worrying about what Jesus would do... 

Polonium in cigarettes.. psyops guys wanted me to mention that. Radioactive emissions from cigarettes straight into people's lungs. Al, how much money do you make off that? And what were the new regulations for tobacco additives about? More radioactivity to kill   off smokers?

Now.. about that lady down the road who sells and grows illegal Ginkco... :}

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing

How about NationalSecurityLetter.com  post a jpg of your NSL here? This is why they block my communications :} They know I'd do it, and so would other people. Brave people like Ricco Youngblood. He knew who I was. He greatly hesitated at giving me that disk, and wouldn't take my money.  He's my leader. He actually is. He's been on the front lines a long time. ANd there's tons of people like him who DO put it on the line for you comfortable people. And they get called names, get beaten up by agents and police, and have their lives destroyed by psyops.

I honor him. He made a choice for America and his fellow citizens. He's one of God's. I hope he's an Islamist just for fun.

6:57 pm I was thinking about my exchanges with Donald Rumsfeld courtesy of CNN.. his morning briefings was our chance to chat :} I told him, if you kill me, I'll get permission from God to come back immediately and haunt you. His response was, don't worry, we're not going to kill anybody... I took him at his word but knew he was lying, given what I was experiencing... nonetheless, Donny, here's the good news... if you finish the job, I'll come back to haunt you, but it's gonna be more than 3 days because, like I said, I'm gonna take a vacation.. could be a few years, maybe 50-70.. ya never know...  :} but I'll be back... scary.. that was before the "Jesus" thing kicked in :}

Pick a name Paul or Jesus or.. My name is Chuck :} Like I said among friends it would be funny.

Got worked over pretty hard today, so did Lynn. Oxycodone doesn't touch her pain. I told her Lou's jet is probably really comfortable. And there are probably real doctors andmedicine that this country isn't allowing her to have in order to increase her pain and further suppress me. No wonder I call them nasty names.  

Be frowardly to the froward. Yup, I'm doing that . didn't for years...  not what I prefer to spend my time doing.

So, I think we're pretty much wrapping up the media and the ministry part of the show for now... glad you're all still amused at other people's suffering.. wouldn't want to think I misjudged you..

There are a lot of recurring themes in the psyops right now, and it's difficult... Lynn's afraid of dying, so she's decided to go through her journals and make recordings of all she's experienced just in case she's not around for court. The psychotronics people keep making her think about dying and all sorts of sick things.. including psychotronic rape... and this is America? Barack, remember the buck stops on your desk.

The last decent job he had was at the Sylvania plant in Santa Cruz over by Harvery West.. all but me and Linda got jobs  there... when it was bought out by GE, he was laid off, he and Grayson both went to Watkins Johnson (the Raytheon affair) and my dad was laid off there too, I think. Maybe he didn't work there. He never said a word about it. I know my brother knows things he won't tell. Security clearances I'm sure.

I  had absolutely no knowledge of GE and such before. I didn't know GE owned NBC. I had a hunch that MSNBC was partially owned by Microsoft. What gripe would I have against Microsoft that I wouldn't have sued them for years ago if I was that kind of person? They offered me work after that supporting GW Basic... I didn't want to do it then because of ethical reasons related to their bad practices with other companies, but that's not  my issue. I've covered that lots of times. It's true and you know it. Boralnd and Microsoft's ego problems were their problems. I had no personal interest in Borland. But I know superior software when I see it.

Your attorneys will not find a hole in my case. My religious orientations are not part of the cases against certain corporations and the government. It will be included in other cases that will follow. And I will easily prove who I mam to anyone who desires to read my materials, then talk to me, or I don't have much to say to people in this country about it at this time. At the moment, the most important thing is to send the Nazis to jail. My life is proof they are Nazis in their behavior. Medical testing without my knowledge, non-consensual testing of military equipment on me, .............. on and on and on. The denial of medical care all by itself is attempted murder.  I think I'll have 2 or 3 attempted murder charges befor eI'm done, but that will require a little more digging. It's the only logical explanation to a couple of incidents. I thought then, the only thing they could have been doing was trying to kil me.. but of course, I didn't want to believe that. I think the motorcycle accident is definitely one  of those.... I was not driving the motorcycle. I reported that to the police. And he wasn't drunk. Send some money for  a deposition... Obviously   a Time Warner attorney.. what if I did have a grudge against these guys. I didn't commit any crimes against them, this was all their doing. Counter that in court. There were no grudges. Good luck.

So, now we move back to solidifying the case against - Barack, I won't keep a single campaign promise - Obama... and the rest of the Council on Foreign Relations

Drag me into court all you want. All you'll get is continuances. Or, an agreement with the judge for my incarceration for failing to cooperate with the court, not in contempt but charged with contempt for refusing to get railroaded by the media to cover for the politicians and Rockefeller and Bush. At least I'll have a place to stay.

Rockefeller admitted in his book that he was doing unamerican activities and proud of it. Let's go from there. Say it however you want, it meant he was going to change America whether anyone liked it or not, and if they said it was unAmerican, he was proud of it. It IS unamerican what you're doing. It's treason, murder, all sortts of crimes you benefit from. Every time you pay a fine and still make money, that's an illegal gain from crime. Every time. Got that Halliburton. How many of those Halliburton laptops with nuclear materials are missing, now? Bechtel, are you listening. AT&T .. Nixon didn't get ya but I will.

And oh by the way.. I keep thinking about Hughes.. my dad was against the TWA deal, and as an aviator, was  fan of Hughes. hmmm.... don't remember much, just, like usual, impressions. Still looking for a grudge, eh.. I was what, 10 yrs old when he died.. what do you think he told  a ten year old. Think he brainwashed me? Idiot..

Tell Time Warner their psyops agents and attorney are stupid and childish. When we do the Council on Foreign Rerlations, you'll all be out of jobs down there. It's a start. Nobody will want to watch traitors lying on the news anymore. But that comes after the Council... because they're the core. The real Base George was talking about... Al Qaeda. The base. That's what it means...

Resx 84 was about getting rid of a database full of people the government had an inkling of an idea that they might oppose the government if it was overthrown or went into martial law.

We ARE in martial law, folks. And it's not even soft marital law. We have no legal rights, an anytime the government wants, they can shut you up and no one will know because there are 300,000,000 people in this country, and no one can keep track of everyone, and people diappear, and others don't know... it's happening.. and if questions are asked, people are told "they're terrorists", meth addicts, perverts an all sort sof things so you won't care about them.. just THibideaux said about the press coeverage of  Waco. Yeah you guys mentioned just enough to claim you reported it all, but you didn't even begin to explain the murderous culpability of the government in that case and more. Supposedly they realized they made a mistake... and the answer, like usual, is for the governemtn to kill the victims, destroy the evidence and lie to the media, while COngress covers your butts. That IS what happened, and it's easily proved. FLoyd.. it'll never be about media free speech. Never in a million years for your guys. Because it wasn't their free speech, it was intentional and purposeful and damaging psyops. And there's  a woman in the other  room whose case will kick your butts into eternity long before my case is ever heard of. You're sick people. You will be ousted. And when the case comes up, I'll know who this is, positive id to myself, and you won't be able to fool me again... but it sure conforms to Floyd's line... yuou'd better hope for  a summary judgment. I will not settle without crimianl charges against the people who have done this to me and the others. It's called justice. You don't play let's make a deal with people's lives. You could have 10,000 attorneys and all the jury will do is laugh at you. ANd then you'll be disbarred for your knowledge and complicity in an ongoing crime.

If only Begala had been nice to me... you could have made me ambassador toPilau :}Fed me lies forever and I never would have known.. kind of like how Saligner fed lies to Kennedy... . but you know those wicked people, expecting wrath... think I want to leave the U.S. behind.Hell no. What choice do you give me. But I will make sure you Nazis are arrested.

ANd then there's this organic herb thing..

Speaking of which.. here's a typical kind of setup.. so the local guys know what's happening here in Mason COunty. My bet is, the lady with the ginko tree took her sign down, so I mentioned the ginko earlier, I went out today and the sign was down, as if shed taken it sdown because she was afraifd to get arrested. Technically, that's possible, but it's more likely the locals knew she had already taken the sign down.

Now.. when I wrote to Dobbs and said the coincidences were disorienting, and his response was "there are no such things as coincidences"... I knew I was in trouble, and what it meant. Full surveillance and psyops.

So when it comes to realization sof Biblical nature, that was very much a part of why I had to question myself so much... I was just being me.. I'm certain that's why my "hnadlers" motivated me to write the first conversation.. to be able to prove that my opinions and values and such were not ostensibly changed because I read the Bible.. and with few exceptions, they didn't change. Just as reading throught he Bible and finding out I was doing all those things just because I did, and at the same time, absorb the info and be able to sort the "possible illusions and coincidences" from what you might call supernatural or religious experiences. There are plenty of things that could be either that I don't know the truth about , so I just set them aside. Theoretically, I may have altered the weatehr, but it could just as easily or even more easily explained by the illusion.. using knowledge and psychotronics to make me think I  had a psychic experience when I didn't. That's the sort of thing I had to sort out and differentiate... .I'm not going to explain here how I know. It's physical and mental, and accompanied by tpyical symptoms of dews and psychotronics that will be corroborated by.. how many thousands of witnesses do you want. an after people under stand the symptoms, how many will you have? You're sunk. ANd you did it to yourselves. And I won't fail, even if I fail.

Warren, I decided we're going to break up all the manufacturing of appliances by GE into little tiny companies across the united states, you know, small businesses... and use GE to create an independent distribution network. Ya might want to get working on that. Get some guys with knowledge on shutting down nuke plants too. Especially on the California Coast... I know only a million or so would die, but I kinda would prefer to keep them around... I'm sure soemone at GE can call downstairs to Exxon. Brokaw can write the propaganda release.

I like CSPAN.....

Think you're gonna break me?

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Like I always said.. in a civil war, guilt and innocence are judged differently.As far as I'm concerned we're in a civil war. But then, I'm always a few years ahead of the curve in some ways.. once I know there's a curve.. you like the left drift thing don't ya?? :} Ya think this is funny don't ya.. I'm gonna brain ya if it's true. :} Who this is.

Psychotronics.. one more miracle militarized.

Mitch McConnell has to go. Just thought I'd mention that. How does Lieberman get a million dollars from a company? What happened to contribution limits... what FEC rules? Feinman has to go too. And Leahy and Rocekefeller and Levin and Rangel and Boehner and and and and .. I do like John. He's just in on it. They all gotta go. And my favorite, Lindsay Graham, a footnote in history... he's  a scary  dude. And Cindy McCain's speech writer... he's got a dirty mind.. wait til I tell that one... I think even Cindy will blush when we get to the video of the beginning of time... talk about Hosers. Wonder what Oldfield would say.  I'm assuming Bob went to Bohemian Grove, right? THis is aesopian stuff folks..

See, how can we trust you afterward when we can't trust you now. It's a horrible situation. You did it to yourselves. I don't see anyone calling for the end of torture of INNOCENT U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil..  If you use the RIAA I will do what I said, and Hillary the other one will go  to jail... conspiracy... we'll start there.. as I've said before, yu know where I live, you know a deposition is, you know who I am, and if you don't, bye bye is fine with me. Good Luck.

10/28/2009 7:09 pm It's bene an interesting day.Another day of heavy psychotronics.. and a dialectical threat that didn't play out, and I'm hoping it's because some people came to their senses. And I don't mean the feds, I mean the locals. You people need to realize the courts ruled that the government can not enforce secrecy with national security letters. Check the law. THis is the way government gets away with things. They intimidate and bully. That's why I wanted to let allthe preponderance of good cops to relaize the government is using them to incite violence toward them by using them and portraying them as intimidators, civil rights violators and more.. and because you get defensive, rightfully so in your dangerous line of work, a few go over the line. But you'r eall portrayed as over the line. Jus tlike the rogue cop who incites violence at rallies, on orders or not.. it IS unamerican according to the Constitution...it IS ivil rights violations. Get your pride out of the way, understand what I'm saying and be honest. Did you become  a cop to be used as a symbol of government dominance?  Does dominance cause problems or solve things?

Here's the deal.. what went down today was minor and typical,. but shows me locals are still particpating. From now on, every person who messes with me will be checked out, and I'll get all the info and evidence i need to prosecute. I didn't want to go there. WHat the weed and seed and community watch leaders are telling you is  a lie, what you're doing is illegal,  a 10 year sentence per offense.. you people are being used to cover federal corruptionat the very highest levels.. and thats all that's going on here.   At the same time, any person who would harass and harm people like us, who never hurt anyone, could not possibly be sane.

Now.. the neighbor down the road used to set it up to make me look like the angry neighbor I was is a former, supposedly, dea agent, he said, who will, if he doesn't back off with his lookout friend on the corner, will be charged with sexual harasssment of   two women and a minor,  and this actually ties all the way back to Melissa Scott.. and I would love to include it if it persists. It's an interesting tie in having to do with the timing of filing of charges. My timing will be due to the discovery of a conspiracy against us. WHat would her excuse be? Can't wait to find out. I look forward to it.

As for the Mason County Sheriff and so forth.. I know you monitor this.  If you were legitimate, you would check these things out, but I called you,, and no one returned my call. Nothing is out of your jurisdiction if its in your jurisdiction. ANsd how bout that community watch. How many of those people are you willing to send to jail for your pathetic backdoor agenets who don't know they are prosecutable, and that you, if particpating, could be sent away for life. For what? A guy with a website? There are 3 chruches on this island, I've been here over 2 years, I've never received an invite to church, a hello, or a question.. just harassment... Deosn't sound like  a friendly neghborhood. But they know who I am, cause they play the little lights game, and I have witnesses now, and ...

I figured out today that if I get LaROuched, set up for  acrime such as byu planting drugs as the democrats did to him to get him out of politics.... no matter what, it brings down the house with a public defender, witht hte Federal government filling up tons of those new corporate jails with idiiots who  didn't know whenn to stop.

Next stop is the prosecution of Barack Obama. I know how to get it done. I have the evidence. See ya in France. I know I'm not welcome here. Should have told me sooner.. maybe I should have guessed, but i was too busy trying to assist my fellow citizens. I'll be back to testify. How far is the Hague from Paris?

Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 08 - Walk Don't Walk

If you think I'm guilty of forecasting my actions, just remember, I was forced into this communications mode by the United States Government to make it look exactly like that. They've done a lot of things to set me up to look like someone I'm not...  they do it  so well for themselves... they'll regret it in  ahundred or two ways ro yrears or something.. becaus ethe final stroke will be the interesting timing of: when did NBC begin contract negotitiations to sign people like Buchanan, Bob Kerr, Melissa/Milissa Rehberger,  and Phil Donohue.. was it before my demands or after my demands.  I say long before.. which will expose the whole conspiracy. And given the way MSNBC has treated Donohue, it would be fascinating if he lied.... though he might because of the power of the CFR. Only one person showed up to vouch for Ira Einhorn... and he was telling the truth... I'm not going to fall into the trap.

At Waco, the professionals of the FBI and ATF int hose tanks stood up and mooned the people in the compouund, taunting them to take a shot in order to justify murdering them. It' sthe plain truth.  Mooned them.. they created a lie to justify a bogus raid on a group of people they knew they could discredit, and they murdered them. It's the truth. You don't have to believe in anythign but your eyes to know it,. Waco: The rules of engagement... do you dare know the truth, or wll you simply be the sheeple of liars... I give you a choice to find out yourself, they deceive you.

ALso.. interesting that at WACO, the FBI and ATF knew the daily routine of the entire compound which means they must have been planning the invasion for weeks. A complete set up. I have never heard that Koresh or his followers ever broke any laws. THe invasion was based on supposed "suspicion" for a weaponthat didn't exits. A lie for a pretext for war. The paradigm always works. Taunt an innocent person to commit crimes. I've seen it before, and had it attempted on me.

911 Was an inside job, BTW, Pat Robertson and the Heritage people too.. it was.. jst like Poland invading Germany... the AP released a story saying that the passengers of that flight boarded a bus at the airport in Pennsylvania and were taken away before anyone heard of any hijackings on 911... the report disappeared.. and there was no wreckage at the crash site of flight 93. It's really easy to take a sample of a voice and make it sound like anyone talking,a nd even come close to creating the same voice print if you have FBI and CIA equipment made to do just that... they even have proof that the FBI has planted people's fingerprints on weapons and evidence. CNN ran the reports.

CNN also ran report of a man who was arrested for  running naked through a hotel parking lot. He swears he didn't do it. They ran a lot of interesting reprots back then... like the man who walks down the streets, and street lights light up.. directed energy weapons can do that sort of thing easily. FLourescent tubes supposedly light up from that sometimes too.

Fianlly, oneof the things folks should understand is these psyops guys are human. THey have a very high burnout and suicide rate. They actually know they'r edoing evil, and it wears on themm. I'm pretty sure, once I realized what was going on and the clarity of the two way communications with psychotronic / voice to skull I 'm pretty sure I've broken a bunch of them, as well as converted a  few peole, and frustrrate the heck out of the best of them that torture me daily. It is torture, but they can't break me adn they know it.. they can mess with me, and all sorts of stuff.. but they can't break me.. and I'm jsut biding my time, collecting evidence, following God's orders not to write no matter how  hard it is, cause there's plenty to say to those who have ears to listen. Maybe I'll meet some people like that one day.

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger_ Rocky IV

Genesis -  Land of Confusion

Like I said before, this is the annual "let's make Chuck look like a fool as we make him homeless or not" routine... I'm just cruisin.. ya'll are getting your souls damned to hell.  That's to the media, politiicans, and the idiot locals committing crimes. DOn't forget I now otheres around here.. ann we'll compare notes... there's   aguy less than a mile away who MSUT be a target, witht he way he's set up his security... Charlie told us of 2 or 3 more...

10/29/2009 11:35 am Jesus wasn't tortured to death in full view of the public for 8 years. Nobody helped him either. I guess it's okay for me, because the people torturing me enjoy causing suffering, and the ministers of this nation turn their  heads and say "As long as it's not me".

A message to Frankling Graham and Jahn Hagee... I come in peace and for that you speak of war... you both preach hate and war and bigotry, and you are not in any way representative of God's ways or the ways of Jesus Christ. I suggest you read a red letter edition and carefully consider everything Jesus said. I don't know what church you think you are in, but you're not Christians by any means. You need to know God's plans for you at this time, because of your evil, is not what you think.

I was reading somewhere in the BIble last night about Paul telling people not to listen to diverse interpretations and doctrine... and to saty away from people who do. Here I am. I know what I speak probably seems different, but it's actually incredibly correct to the Christian BIble which has been perverted, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm correcting it whether you listen or not.

But what people overlook is the fact that the divers and apostate doctrine was inserted into the Cathoolic church soon after, and therefore, the doctrine of the Catholic Church, it's teachings, which incorpoarted Paganism to appease the Pagans became bankrupt way back then.. and now all of you are preaching tainted doctrine.. the truth is there, but instead of seeking truth in the scriptures you seek it in easy and convenient interpretations by people who speak o ftheir own oinions of God's ways instead of living the example of God's, which is not so much about words and doctrine but the ways we treat each other... and the BIble is every bit as violent as the Koran, until Jesus... and even then, it was a brutal time. As is now. You choose to live in denial becauwe you'd have to admit that you were wrong.

I've been contained on this island, with the aid of apostate Melissa Scott, to make sure pople would say I was an emulation of Paul, to make me out ot be - as Melissa put it - a perverse prophet... well let me tell you something, try being tortured for 8 years 24/7/365 and see how nice you are when they tell you how they murdered your father, your mother, attacked your brother and sisters, all while my fellow citizens assisted in my torture. So go ahead bitch, make me out to be the Prophet Paul emulation. Try the "I changed my mind" game - I'll make sure you're damned in the eyes of the public and to God.  There isn't even a line for people like you

AS for the Catholic CHurch.. I declare it no longer sanctioned by GOd as a representative of Him in ths world. You Catholics feel free to get as mad as you llike.. if you read the history of that "Church" you'll find it's been corrupt since the days of Paul, aiding the Nazi's in world war II, and now... remember, Obama went to see him when he took office, an the POpe followed by announcing the ned for  aglobal currency and government.. and the Pope is now assisting the Illuminati in establishing the New WOrld Order. Appeasement of Satan.. that's what the Catholic church has done for centuries.... if you get mad at me for saying this, then you'd better learn to read.. because I don't care if you like the truth or not.

Now, for all you idiots at Melissa's apostate church, and all her friends who want to fuck with me.. I'm not playing games with you people any more. You want to talk to me, you know where I live, you know a deposition is. Call me perverse, please, I want you tyo hate me every bit as much as you make me feel hated and rejected.. so when you cause this nation to collapse and people to starve and kill each other, it'll be on your hands, not mine, and I will not cry, I will thank God that people like youhave been removed from God's world forever. You're a bunch of chickenshit apostates, you've sold out to an evil government and you deserve to suffer on behalf of allthe people youhave betrayed who will suffer because of your apostasy. Melissa, for whatever reason, you became a key person in this situation, and you failed yourself, you failed your church, you failed this nation, you failed the world and you failed God. Make up all the excuses you want. All is vanity. I alreadty have it set up to have a cellphone call when I pass through LA next time so my location will be pinged so you can't set me up again and claim I committed a crime in retaliation.

The pieces of shit I'm talking to know who I'm talking to. That includes you Al Gore... you almost pulled it off. Good luck in hell Al..

There are hundreds if not thousands of sects of the so called-Christian religion... would you call that people klistenind to diverse doctrine. There is no Christian Church in reality... I didn't do that you guys did. Because you wouldn't listen to God's Christs over the years...

So when I leave the country, when this nationg goes down, remember, I didn't forsake any of you, you forsook me. And when you blame God for forsaking you, remember, He didn't forsake you, you forsook Him. Don't ever forget that when you're suffering, asking God why He allowed this to happen to you, remember you were warned,not just by me bbut many over the centuries, and you decided to do it your way.

Keith Olbermann Aesopianed me that I wasn't needed anymore. Fine with  me Keith.. apparently fine with all these other people you impress with your lies on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations...

Melissa and the others think I should leave the country to fulfill prophecy.. you're stupid. Cause when I do.. game over completely. As far as I'm concerned, it's over now.. But God says He wants to be sure I have safe passage first. GO dkeep sHis promises to those who keep theirs.

Every night and every mornign, I pray to God that if His purpose for my life is complete, then please me from the world so I don't have to suffer for the sins of these people anymore. This morning, after that prayer, this is the verse I turned to.

1st Corinthians 15:58 That was a random verse.Think God doesn't talk to me.

Good luck in hell. I love you more than you could understand. ANd you don't have to be my friend to be loved or cared or protected. You just have t be a decent person. And none of you are, or you wouldn't have done any of this in the first place. Let the good be good, let the bad be bad and prove themselves.

Rachel.. you keep on pumping CHristian radicalism all you want. Your fate is sealed   as well.

Anyone  whose been involved in the psyops against me.. if you think I'm gonna buy the playing both sides thing later, good luck, explain it to the prosecutor and God. I wash my hands of the matter. Don't ever forget who betrayed who.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Hits - 01 - Another Day In Paradise

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 04 - Live and Let Die

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 20081028donniemclurken I guess Donnie's way too important to seek God anymore, now that he's rich and famous. One more apostate leading people to their deaths on the road of denial of the turht of this world aand God. Perfecting Faith Church.. he's got the touch.. thanks for thanking God for the gift Donnie.. oh, that's right, you didn't.

THis audio is the sound of a duirected energy attack in progress...  you'll all know it well soon.. the feeling and the physical collapse it causes... jst remember, God's not doing it,it's the United States Governemnt.

Anyone who claims they're tlaking to God in this United States, other than me for the next 3 years will be lying or a will be a victim of psychotronics. Because you all want to do it yourselves.God respects free will. Good luck. Other than me, God won't be talking to anyone here because He knows psychotronics will trick you into doing things that Satan wants you to do. As you do now by harming me.

Tell your mothers what you do, and see if they approve. See how proud they'll be for raising a fine little murdering Nazi. That's what this nation is turning into, and if you actually rad something, you would actually know it was true. But you'd rather be cool. thinking God will forgive everything. Once you know the truth of God, you're not forgiven for turning your back on His ways if you have no remorse... gettting caught and telling the turht  is not God's version of atonement.. that's just saving your own ass. Save your life lose your life. It really is that simple.

THe teachings of the chuerch have alweays been to appease corruption by not resisting themin prodcutive ways, to tell people to cope with tyranny and evil instead of   oppose it... the meek will inherit the earth, but only after the battle is won. THe battle is in their hearts, and they're losing.. Ken Klein made a jok ein his video.. they say they'll kill us, like s\that's such a bad thing.. like that's the only threat.. and laughed.. but there he is, comfortably making  aliving from God's name, and being such an expert, has decided he knows all there is to know, and anyone who claims to be Christ must be crazy. TApparently. in his world, in the world of all of Melissa's friends, Jesus must have bene crazy too.. Imean after all, the Jews said so,, therefore, it must be true.. at least, that's the way you people operate. I feel so sorry for you. But you got your reward in this world.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Something Anything - Throw Money

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Adventures In Utopia - Caravan

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 03 - I Believe In You

God damn the U.S  government. God bless the few truly faithful..

Hebrew 13:9  Hebrews Chapter 13. At the core of where the church and modern day Chrsitianity, the religion, fails.

1:47pm The Lutheran Minister checking me out for demns said we needed to make Christianity relevant in the  post-modern era.. tell people this is a new translation of Jesus and God talking in post-modern verbiage that even Bill Maher can relate to. Tell em whatever you want.. the truth of my torture leading to such language might be an interesting approach.  Then do it to them for 5 minutes, and see what they do... think waterboarding's bad? At least they stop it at some point. My torture goes on 24 hours a d 365/24/7.... and I was supposed to depend on Christians to empower me to stop it. They must be in another country that knows how to read.Don't like my attitude? You'll understand soon when it happens to you? If you hate me  and you wake up, I've done my job...

Think the Federal Government cares about you?  Gonna just sit there and say.. oh look it's the end of times. We're gonna die, oh thank you God... do you really believe God and Jesus would have you just sit there and watch? Do you think He believes you'll hold true to your principles in heaven if you act like this? ANd I'm gonna tell you preachers who keep harping on abortion to stay popular with your congregations and give them something to hate to make them rally around you... DO you really beleive, in the face of all the government corruption and the chemicals and what's below that these children you want to stop from aborting are going to have a world to liv ein? They're going to die of birth defects, chemical polluttion, radiation... it's happening all around you but the   government works you people like  a one string violin...  you need to get your head out of your butts and open your eyes and relaize this world is on the edge of killing itself with misused technology and knowledge and if you want to continue to think Barack Obama and his CFR friends are ever going todo anthing to actually help you then you're nuts.  DO you believe the bIble or not. DO you believe we'r ein the end times or not. DO you recognize deception after deception.. hell, George BUsh is still emulating me... and you probably actually believe he's a Christian just like you thought ROnald Reagan was.. the very elect will be deceived.. Wake up and act like Christians and read the BIble and see what it really says and among other things you'll find out that even THIS tirade is in keeping with prophecy.. whether you like it or not. And I am no emulation. And I am only issuing missives because you're all acting  like fools and deserve to be treated as such.

Landfill sites may be used to dump radioactive waste --Government poised to allow nuclear power generators to put atomic waste in ordinary sites to cut cost [!] of decommissioning old reactors 19 Oct 2009 The [criminally insane] government is poised to allow nuclear power generators to use ordinary landfill sites for dumping "hundreds of thousands of tons" of waste in an attempt to reduce the 73bn cost of decommissioning old reactors. The move has triggered a swath of applications around the country from big corporations trying to cash in on this potential new business, but infuriated local councils and campaign groups...

WHyis the U.S. warning us of a pandemic the Bush administeration caused on purpose in using two virulent viruses to create a deadly strain.. supposedly.. to give the goernment all sorts of diversions and reasons for communications disruptions and the furthering of the martial law we're already in? Don't take the vaccine. When you see chemtrails, stay indoors, adn stay out of the rain. Morgellon's disease. It's in the chemtrails. It's nano tech, and can be instructed through Directed energy to say, become magnetized in your blood and block your arteries... ask Dobbs.. he and Welch are involve in this stuff.   Space Holdings. They're the ones who engineered the media psyops against me with NBC. I'd say more about Fox, but I'm not in the mood.

Pig plague could crash interwebs, say US feds --DHS bandwidth rationing? 28 Oct 2009 A severe outbreak of the H1N1 pandemic could overwhelm internet providers' capacity, according to a report submitted Monday, which called on Department of Homeland Security officials to develop contingency plans to avert such a crisis. "Concerns exist that a more severe pandemic outbreak than 2009's could cause large numbers of people staying home to increase their internet use and overwhelm internet providers' network capacities," according to the report, which was prepared by the US Government Accountability Office... The authors said the DHS, which is responsible for making sure critical networks remain operational during emergencies, needs to consider ways to mitigate the threat and held out the rationing of customer bandwidth or the blocking of websites as possibilities. ...Networks used by security exchanges would most likely survive because they generally bypass the public internet.

Scientology : Your ads are cool but God is conspicuously missing. Humanistics. Explains Melissa and her background. If the info I have is true. ANyway... I'm not against you, but I got this interesting letter from a guy being psyopped.. I also remember reading an article by  a scientologist guy who says "when this stuff gets out there, we'd better be in control of it".. meaning, psychotronics...

The tower of babble is about to fall. Again. Same reasons, same ways. THink about it.

Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - 06 - Witness for the prosecution....

You don't have to read it if you don't like it. WOuldn't wanna be ya...

2:35pm They're keeping me busy. Latest threat is they're going to sue me for defamation for evverything I can't prove. What a joke. I dare any one of them... I won't even need an attorney. And the countersuits will take them down.

If America hates me, I'll understand. Blame David Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter and Brzezinski... and Obama... and HW Bush... but if they hate me, then I'll know they'll uinderstand why if the unted States keeps doing wht it's doing, why the rest of the world turned on them and destroyed them... by infiltrating the U.S. government with people like Obama who will promise anything to get elected and be the false prophet of lies and visions of the future he has no intent to deliver at all.. He sold you hope.. and that's all you'll ever get from him... you love him now, he'll kill you later... and tell you God did it in punishment. You did it when you elected Obama, and joined the COuncil. ANd all you ministers.. when people start dying.. you will be held accountable for their deaths in God's eyes for failing to people the truth... and their blood will be on your hands, because you were entrusted with God's flocks, and you fell asleep completely... an you won't listen to the truth.

There are so many atheists who undertand the truth of this world an are willing to do something about it. But if you check them out, except for their anger at God sometimes, they act more Christian than the ones I've encountered in Shelton... because they think, and they judge the difference between right and wrong becaus ethey know the truth of themselves. I think they'd like to have a God they believe in. But the example they get of people who claim to believe in God and the ways ofChrist seem to be blood thirsty zealots with narrow minds... whose fault is it that that's the impression of those others?

WHy does right and wrong have to be judged by some book and writings of God. You know the difference.  If you claim you're CHristians, the Bible says you have no excuse for this behavior. None. Especially ministers. You don't want to hear words like mine because you want someone to flatter and praise you... you want pretty words and fancy speeches written with phrases test marketed and proven to sell hope... I'm not selling hope. I'm selling actuality and truth.

Talk about the end times all you want, puffed up self-inportant prophecy watchers... it's exciting times for such intelligent people to watch others die and suffer and claim righteousness. Double back. You'll get double back the anguish I feel when it happens, as I tend to the community I'm with as it happens.  You people who think your endoresment is so valuable... you may be important to each otehr, to God you are a waste of time and energy that He spent giving you gifts an placing in positions to do HIs most important work at this time.. and you have all failed for the sake of your images, wealth and status..  You absolutely need to feel responsible for the evil that will occur in coming months, because you stood an dwatched, unwilling to listen to me, whether you saw me as a prophet or just a crazy man who just happens to have documented everything with fact....

WHen synthetic hair starts growing out of YOUR head from Morgellon's disease.. and your mind becomes mush from it... it'll be too late. Good luck.

Now. like THibodeaux and others basically say,  when people are shooting at you, you don't exactly feel safe or want to treat them like friends.. I've been  tortured for 8 years and a whole lot longer than that if the truth was told... how's it make you feel when I get on your ass? ANd you expect me to be mr cheerful all the time.?

As long as it's not you. It will be soon.

3:30 THe Bible says, if people don't listen, if no one has ears to hear, walk away. It's that simple. It has nothing to do with whether I like it or not. You ministers have allowed this government to effectively kill God in this nation. Clean up your own mess. God's not yuor janitor. Though He did try. AS He promised. ANd no one took the warning as the Bible instruct was to acknowledge prophecy to avert the disaster.. having been misled to believe that you were supposed to submit to Satanic Ritual Abuse instead of defending your tribes... and if you say you did, how come you think you're so smart knowing it's the end of times, and you don't see yourself as part of the problem described in the Bible? If you did, there would actually be reason for hope. Because you don't in any way, we will fulfill the book.... and you don't have to be religious to realize that the technolgoy of this tower of babble is going to kill you.

Like Lot,all you can do is turn your back and not look back. Theres lots of people actually seeking God. This is the only means I'm allowed to communicate. And you judge me. I don't know who is directing these questions, but go away. You know who I am, where I am, and if you don't have the decency to talk to me face to face, I have no use for you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Everybody's Got Something to H

Entrapment is  a RICCO violation.  Got that Mason County Sheriff? And there's no way you could ever justify the surveillance I've been under all these years everywhere I've lived. Not one. If you want to abuse your authority in collusion with these guys, I know you think you're above the law, but you'r enot. ANd every time these things are challenged in court, you guys lse. Because the only thing you have is intimidation and taunting people into crime. I'm not that stupid. But I am collecting evidence. I have no reason to care what happens to corrupt police. That was to the chief.. I have his name somewhere... and if he's stupid enough to not stand down, I'd be more than happy to show him to his own jail. That goes for the chopper guys too. Your commanders don't have the right to order you to commit treason. And XE is unconstitutional. Treoops on the ground in the U.S. is unconstitutional.. and I will be the guy who proves it... how long do you want to spend in jail? Have you figured out how many years you'd get for the true crimes committed against me under your supervision? If you didn't think you were invulnerable? I'm not against the police at all. I'm all for law enforcement. But not illegal laws. If you don't know the difference, you should resign. And if you'r enot willing to stand up for justice, then resign. Get mad all you want, puff up your chest all you want, I'm telling the truth. ANd if you do anything to mess with my evidence, it'l be another RICCO, cause there are other targets in this area, and I know how to contact them, and trust me, you think I have anger.. these people want the death penalty enforced. I'm going to let them have their way for their years of torture. THey deserve that if they want it. They will most certainly be forgiven. Double back for every son of man, and that means true CHristian.. because all true CHristians are sons of men. DOn't blam eme if you haven't read the Bible. The interesting thing is, these targeted people, the only thing they really want is their suffereing to end. ANd you call them the bad guys. You're sociopaths, and you prove it every moment this kind of stuff persists. Prove to me you're not.  You can't, can you, because the only thing you can think of, just like at Waco, is, how do we shut this guy up for telling the truth. And that's the proof you should resign.

Are you an adult or just another meglomaniac? so far it doesn't look good for you.

Kansas - TBD - 100 - Point of Know Return

and then when you're all gone, after you've killed yourselves

Karla Bonoff - New World

Jean Enersen.. have you chosen your prison yet? Care to sue me to cover for Dobbs? I used to be a fan of yours too. Ya never know when YOUR story will pop up.... it's great to read over coffee.

At least the local FOx station was going to cover the campaign in 2004. I'm sure they would have made fun, but it would have been a beginning. More than any minister ever considered.

3:53 I'm going to continue documenting this because it looks like th eMason County Sheriff is goin gto be first.

The legalization of doctors giving people prescriptions for marijuana is nothing mor ethan a ploy by the government to database marijuana users so they can track them,. and all of a sudden, all their delaers will be arrested. It's called  amagent war. And every person issued a permit, and their dealers of marijuana, are in effect being entrapped. It'll be easy to prove. as are their dealers.

The people who are members of the NRA better realize that by being members, all you'v edone is identify yourself as gun owners, so when maritla law comes, they'll know who you are and where you are.

Are registered for anything else that the government may view as an affront to their crimes... It's not paranoia, it's the truth... George Bush supposedly got the list of all the Christians for campaigning.. what do you think happened to it? Obama supposeldy has an enemies list. WHat good's an enemies list if you don't do something with it?

There isn't one single thing I can be arrested for that I currently do... maybe a ticket... and any attempt to entrap in any way brings down the whole house of cards. It's a weird situation. I didn't create it. You people better believe that, or it will bite you in the end... when Democracy is restored, and justice is served, and the traitors go to jail or their deaths.

There are some people I know who are victims of agent orange who want the death penalty enforced on certain people until those people are gone.. they deserve justice for their suffering... Rummy... Cheney... BUsh.. Carter... Kennedies... chickenhawks... but aparently Eric Holder sold out to the CLintons... no surprise..

Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 08 - Secret Danger Plan

5:21 I have to conclude tha tsomeone put fire retardent on our firewood.

C&D, this is your last warning. I heard you outside my window that night. Donna yelled "Hide" when I slammed the window to scare you... I'll be keepin g some firewood to prove it. Got any in your shed? Is it  on your house? People in the community watch group and weed and seed need to know that every one of you will be investigated before this is through, thatnks to my firiendly neighbors. Whether I survive or not.

You'd better realize this weblog IS evidence, and I didn't start this as an evidence journal way back when, but that's what it's become. ANd if I'm entrapped. it will hold up in court, as will Lynn's, which will damn you people forever. You're the paranoid schizophrenics, and you've allowed yourselves to be scared by lies and the pice who tell you to commit crimes to cover their butts. Learn to read. ANd tellMike I know EACTLY what the setup was with him, and it'll never fly. RICCO. And all those doctors.. malpractice is malpractice.. nsl or not, that's actually assault because you did it knowingly and willingly. See ya in jail.

10/30/2009 10:32am The ride through Shelon was interesting last. Speed traps all over the place that I've never seen before... the best touch wa sthe unmarked Sheriff's Car that follwows me around everywhere, that tailgated me within a few feet of my bumper when I got off the highway to goad me into going faster for the speed trap just ahead.. probable cause, huh? I'm recording every incidient where I feel harassed by the Mason County Sheriff.. Remember gys, I didn't hassle you, you've been harrasssing me. So ifyou dare bust me or harass into doing somethign, I will immediately file RICCO Charges.You proved to me last night that you're willing tocover your rimes with molre crimes. THat makes you criminals. And I will bust you. Remember, you harassed, I did nothing to cause this.

Meanwhile.. Mason.. I've watched and taken pictures of you guys particpating in the psyops.. I will now start collecting evidence. I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt. I f one more of your people harrass me, I will take out all references  defending the Masons, and I will includee the Masons as part of the Free Masons. I'm my sure my dad  and the generations of my families involvement with the Masons would never have included fascism like this. You should be ashamed of yourselves at the very least.

Olbermann.. keep yuour piggybacks, youre working too hard.I"m not going to waste all my time on the media or these sick ass locals anymore. I'm going for Obama. And he will go to jail as will all of you other Nazis... Dobbs.. I'm not buying your act.

Obama - howmany people's lives are you willing to destroy to cover your crimes? The Clintons taught you well. Tell Mchelle that if she's still proud of this nation for electing a black man, tell her Chuck Hagel and the Skull and Bones and Diebold can fix any election when the election machines are owned by the politicians. Obama is   adisgrace to America, and in time, will be th eshame of black people everywhere, and it has nothing to do with race. Obama is a criminal as are all of his friends, and I will prove it, I do have the evidence, and when I'm throughm, the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government will be up on charges of crimes against humanity ona global baseis. Because it's the truth. ANd the Mason COunty's Sheriff has apparently elected to ninclude itself as defendants in that case. You people better think long and hard about what you're doing.  I've been doing this so long, and the intel guys have trained me so well, you don't stand a chance. And let's not forget.. if you guys can read my brainwaves and get the video, so do the people who are good people.. and they're witnesses. Npot quite so invulnerable as you thought, are you? And remember, when the intel people apparently assigned to me do their thing, they're even more brutal than you. And they don't play games to harass people.  I really wish I knew who they were and who I was stuck in the middle with. There is no RICCO against me.. because if there  is, whoever prosecutes me will have to also prosecute my harassers, and I'll go free. I was placed in this situation,. I have no idea why htis would have been done since I was a child, except.. I am CHrist. You really hate that part don't ya?

The funny part is, Iused to believe in gun control. Big time. You sicko cops and government people changed my mind about that. 10 Billion rounds. I love it. 911 was an inside job. Learn to read. Remember how to think?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 03 - Testify

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 03 - Flesh

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

PS When it comes to satellite imaging and antional security, they can claim it all they weant. Iworked witht he guy who created the softrware originally used for satellite imaging, which including seeing a satellite movie of the raid on entebbe, and I could the license plates and hairs on people's heads. So when I demand tha tevidence and they refuse, whatever I saygoes, and Ihave no need to lie. Caus eI get someone to read me with psychtronics, and then, my brain is like th eultimate Read only memory dvd data drive with video and sound... th eultimate spe.. that's wahat they decided to use me for long ago.. when this all coems down, you'll be amazed the info they've collected to bust people.. cause it appears the CIA positioned in all sorts of stuff with criminals so I could witness and record the crimes. They already thave the goods on the Mason County Sheriff.... and a whole lot more people at Landmark and more... and if they don't back me up, they'll go down too.. cause I have stuff on them. Spy vs Spy vs Spy... I didn't even want to be one. I'm a magnet for the bad guys.. and I'm also a mgnet to collect bad guys.. unfortunately, they put me inWashington on purpose to bust you guys. I told em I wasn't gonna do it anyway, so they'r ejust implicating the last batch of perps before the busts go down. Welcome to the party.

Iterated Systems.. they invented fractal and jpg imaging. Norcross Georgia, 1995... The same time period I unwittingly helped the RTC catalog all the McCain/Bank fraud documents from the Keating Scandal. In Georgia, I was surrounded by CIA, Secret Service and Landmark. Didn't know it. ANd I didn't have an aversion to law enforcement, so I didn't give it a second thought.  I was working on computer projects with them. Of course, they were all supposedly "former"...  It's also when some former employees of Hughes filled me in on the capabilities of directing different programming simultaneously to every tv in America...  They wanted me to write a billing system for what is now DirecTV. It was a simple system. I was also a witness to misappropriations of funds by GOv Pete Wilson, SEC violations by a company in L.A.... nepotism at the Strauss owned radio station that jerked me around, the list goes on and on.. not bad for a guy always on the verge of homelessnees due to psyops and criminals... and now, I've suffered crimes in Thurston and Mason Counties,  and when Michael Jackson dies, the chopper guys came out and zapped me so hard with directed energy weapons that I had burn lesions all over my back, which I photographed... they told me they wanted to show me what they did to him, and the joke was that I would be a "body of evidence". I suffered alot. They actually baked one of my testicles. Any doctor will be able to veruify the myusterious damage. It's a wonder I didn't die from infection...

How many more crimes gainst me, that I have evidence for, o you want to hear. I haven't even begum to catalog them here. It goes on and on and on... when the intel guys finsih using me.. you guys are toasted small potatoes, traitors and worse.. and this is just for the evidence I have and the crimes against me. Then there's the other thousands and millions. ANd when they get through with you, I'm gonna  rip those intel guys a new ass...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Jordan - I'm a Camera

12:21pm The one that fasinates me most is when I left CIVS.. which was very involved in the monitoring of the health profession :}... the person who really messed up CIVS went to work at AOL, and I was set up to go to work at the headquarters of Nasdaq computer operation sin Rockville. I was intrigued. I also was in themood to write something big and substantial, so I'd written the guy there, and told hom basically if this was just a glorified job of customer service and creating custom reports for clients, I wasn't interested, but if  it had certain responsibilities with trusting my professional background and knowledge, I could be creative, he could expect i'd dig in and create all sort sof new products for them to sell as in trend and exchange analysis and stuff... statistical analyisis... I never heard back from him, and I assumed I went over the top in my enthusiam and that was okay because I wanted him toknow I was only interested in a job where I would be allowed to be creative, having boundless energy and a curiosity that never gets satisfied. :}

A few months later, I talked tothe guy who set me upo with the Nasdaq interview, and he told me the guy couldn't figure out what happened, because he was waiting for me to tell him what day I wanted to start, and he never heard backfrom me. Which means.. email must have been intercepted.. Or calls rerouted.. and part of the Melissa Scott thing will provide phone records showing that I'd dial Wescott Family Christian Center, and my calls would be magically rerouted to Wamu...  It'll also   be interesting to find out who the guy  is who texted me the other day around 5 am about whether I was taking the kids to school.. he must have hit my number instead of his wife's .. no one ever calls me.. why would MY number be on his phone?

The devil is in the details... Looking back, I've wondered the last few years what I would have discovered there? :} Can you imagine. Chuck the camera at Nasdaq? :} I was looking forward to it though:} The psychotronics guys  are NOW telling me the NSA did all this. Like I'm gonna believe the psychotronics guys :}

I just take it all in. Little by little the  dots connect. ANd sometimes, it takes years for the dots to connect, and a dialectic to run its course... and that's why I end up talking about the same peopel all the time. If I wanted to waste more time, there are plenty of other people I could talk about. I was told they were going to make an example of me - presumably the power of psychotronics to scare and intimidate people, and to show how people will be set up if they don't conform... ask them.. I don't know their true mtives. So I focus on a few to conserve my time and energy.. cuz they'rejust example sof the criminality I'm talking about, and I have the goods on them. BUt, they're small potatoes.

It's the fedearl government that needs to be exposed, and I haven't lost sight of that or will I . I hvae the goods on them too. It's just a matter of time, timing, positioning and leverage. I'll get them. Legally. It's the best way. ANd if the justice system fails on this one, 10 billion rounds won't, and I won't have to say a word for that to come to fruition. It's just a matter of time and human nature. And the Feds know it, want it, and are to fools to think the  world will let them get away with it. 

These traitors have done, economically, the same thing to this nation as a whole as they have done tome as an individual. Bankrupted me to eliminate me as a threat as a truth teller, unable to afford to pay for justice like they do, left to die. They're doing the same thing to the United States, and most of the world under the auspisces of the International Monetary Fund and NATO... the new Nazi regime of the New World Order. They even convinced you folks to essentially "kill God" for them. These social engineers are good at what they do.

Now, just for the sake of intellectually honest conversation... if Jesus came back to earth to "slay" the bad guys with the wrath of God, and the bad guys knew that God was going to send Jesus to do that, what would the bad guys do to "Jesus"... If I'm a fake, I'm the product of the United States Government to trick the world, only they  failed because I wouldn't go along.  That all by itself ought to tell you something about my character. If I'm real, then the United States Government is successfully "killing Christ", and manipulating CHristians and everyone else to help... just like the days of Jesus. It's a joke to these guys, like playing an old movie. But when you know the facts, it all fits.

What did Gary Wright Know? Were all the original artists signed by Apple Records really Angels? :} WHo knows? But when you know all the facts, it all fits. :} De do de do... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gary Wright - Who I Am - A01 - Who I Am

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - White Album - 203 - Blackbird.

The bottom line is, simple and pure, someone of authority in the ministry either stands up and affirms me to the world, or I leave and we fulfill the book. It really is, unfortunately, that simple. And predictable. And it's not me being stubborn. It's the way of God. Choice and free will. I've always respected it before. If my father taught me anything it was that. Why would that change now?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Dad Loves His Work - 06 - Stand and Fight

Did you know there were numbered White Albums? I have one.

3:07pm Here's an example of a dialectic made up  of  thing sthey know about my personal life, to create the illusion of people telling me things all my life. Was my teacher trying to tell me something?

I thin I was in the 1st or 2nd or 3rd grade when one day, the teacher read a book about a guy named charles, who had a pickup truck, and an entire town hated him so much, they murdered him, and no one would say a word. I thought  it was strange.

Now, the latest theme has been, you'll do it to yourself.. now here I am, knowing that the mason country sheriff knows this sort of thing goes on all the time, they particpate n it with their community watch programs, and therefore instruct citizens to break the law on their behalf. In truth, when they instruct citizens to do this, they are conspirators in crimes, and in the long run., violate the constitutional rights of these citizens who would prosecuted for their crimes... and the sheriff would say, we didn't tell them to do that. But the citizens become bolder and bolder, and do things worse and worse, and the sheriff would have plausible deniability.

Dobbs said... the best way to get people to believe a lie is to sandwich it between two truths. SO let's say they sick you weed and seed guys on a real meth user or two.. Now you feel bold and like you're doing  a good thing, even though the truth is what you did to them is  acrime.. constituional rights... it's just the truth. And then they feed you a target who's just a political foe.. but you're on the side of the law, and since you don't know the law, you go along with the cowboys, and you feel like a big shot. And you don't care about the truth, because you're  a big shot.

Now, you truly sick ones think you can and have to do more criems to cover the others. Meanwhile, I sit here makin gyou nervous so the guiys who positioned me can get rid of me AND put you guys in jail.. interesting little setup.. it's an old paradigm from the protocols about getting two enemies to fight themselves so you don't have to. ANd to cause you to become enemies.

So while I sit here and document my harassment by theMason COunty Sheriff and all, telling the truth, you guys think you're winning, and just giving me zillions of patterns that a jury will understand as a pattern f crime using common methods of operation. Still think I'm crazy?

And I won' thave to testify, because I have documentation that an investigator could easily paste together. I have instructions for law enforcement on this website about how to conduct an investigation into my files for the prosecution of Barack Obama. I know for  afact that somebody copied all those files wwhen I thought i was communicating with Melissa Scott, because I told them to copyu all the files, and someone did, and I knew it, because every file on my computer - not the web site - my computer had its modification date and time set to the time they copied each one as they did it. That's how I know I have backups. Think getting rid of me will set you guys free ? :} Ya gotta remember, I'm just a pigeon in all this. A decoy. They set me up  to set you up. ANd, like in my statement "We Have  A Voice", it talks about the guy who was afraid of the police dept that aressted him for a minor thing after he was a key witness in a police brutality crime, so they roughed him up a bit when they arrested him and incarcerated him for a year. So they wanted to be sure I was afraid of the Mason County Sheriff, which I am, and rightfully so... as demonstrated when I drove through town last night. So if anything happens to me, if anymore shenanigans go on... since the Sheriff didn't return my call..... I didn't want it this way. I came here to be a beneficial contribution to this community, and didn't know we were manipulated into it, but it's obvious now.The truth, I didn't want to buy this property. You did it to yourselves :} You were duped. Thank your government for screwing you, not me. Thank your weed and seed leaders, thank your community watch people. They're the criminals, not me. Somebody wanted you busted. They used me to do it.  Think I like living like this? And all your files, everything I've seen, is somewhere on a hard drive at Ft Dietrich. Weird isn't it? Imagine how I feel. ANd most of all, thank Brian Baird, one of the biggest, sickest Nazis, believer in mind control and fascism there is. He thinks this stuff is great.

Bill Moyers did  a report showing that Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Brian Baird and Norm Dix are on the take. Why are they still in office?

And by the way it was Rev Rod or Rob Gilman, the Southern Chritian Leadership Conference who was working with Ted Gunderson, and it was my understanding that before they tried to put bugs on him, he had met with members of Congress about this. Derrick would have his contact info... as well as Andre Weber.. Levesque vs Time Inc and the CIA. Check with Atty Jon Wilson.He has the case files.

Look up remote neural monitoring.... explains the ringing in the ears but I can't confirm it's true.

I'm getting hit pretty hard with dews right now, to the chest, heart palps, nothing new.. I'm used to it... feels like the attacks I got when I made the McClurken tape. I've never had an anxiety attack. Never. Trust me, in any given moment, I can hold together. I might puke afterward... :} Didn't get me last summer, did ya? Above and Beyond Cleaning.. ha ha ha the night after I watched Hoax. Be sure to wash your hands... just like Howard Hughes. Eve tried that approach too. Just consider these notes so I don't forget all the other things...

My favorite was going into the local store and having people comment on my diet.. as if they could have known without invading my privacy. AS far as I know, there's only one place I know of where people treat me nice.. and if I was to believe that, I'd end up living in a commune there, and definitely out of the way of the government. I'm not into communes.

Before the Iraq war, the people of Mexico held a mass "group meeting" where they called upon God to reveal Christ in the world to put an end to the evil.  There's a minister down there who thinks like me. He'll listen. And the United States is a small country. Full of followers. When the rest of the world accepts me, or not, so will American ministers. That's what planting seeds is all about.

And guess what I have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion, freedom of the press and everything else... whether you think so or not.

And wehn I file my complaints, and the police refuse to investigate, I'll have the right to get wealthy for their unwillingness to conduct a complete investigation, whether they like to or not. Because the fact is, they don't actually have a choice. And when they refuse to investigate the report of a crime following every lead, they're breaking the law, and technically, by law, would be subject to automatic expulsion from their positions in any law enforcement agency, or huge fines for failing to do so.

And if the feds fail to prosecute people, I'll have the reason to file at the Hague. And I'll have asylum.  And by the time I get there, I'll have plenty of legal money.

On my way through California, I'm going to spend a day or two patiently waiting to see Jerry Brown. I know people in Sacramento I can stay with. I'll tel his secretary I have information on a conspiracy that involves him. It's the truth. And that lives are in danger because of it. And that's the truth. And I'll ask him to get me to some Jesuits I can trust, who would be willing to hear and research the story. I'll leave them the files, and be on my way. The psychotronics guys wanted me to tell you that so it would look like I'm forecasting my actions. Of course, I won't do those things :} ANother psychotronics thing I just went with, so they could claim I'm schizophrenic :} Wait til the jury hears what the psychotronics guys told Lynn... I have it on audio.

Colbert. Butt out. Segall right back at ya.

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7:07pm These are great numbers today, aren't they? :} Someday I'll know.

The  significance of the Charles story is becaus emy 2nd grade teacher was the one who gave me the iq test and wanted to advance me 2 or 3 grades. She was also my favoritest teacher ever, we could only take 1 bath a week and we had no running water, so she'd take a washrag to me every morning when I got to school, and I'd bring her flowers everyday.  She never complained once even about the ones she was allergic to.. acacias.  I really loved her. I accidentally called her mom once in class :}

She was also the one who had to tell me when they decided to put me in the middle class instead of the advanced class, which I never understood, except...

Mrs Doerr, it turned out was also a psychometrist, a sort of psychic designation that eneabled here to touch objects and sense things based on the person who owns it.

I  guess it was 5th grade, dad dies. She has a nervous breakdown and quits the school. A teacher, Jesse Ahart, tried to befriend me at the loss of my dad, a couple months later, he goes out scuba diving, an expert diver, gets tangled up in seaweed and drowns.  It appears 2 other teachers had nervous breakdowns... our coach, a straight arrow if there ever was one, ended up getting busted selling drugs to students.

When they put me inthe lower class, we moved. 8th grade. Years later, I came upon Mrs. Doerr, and she was afraid of me. After making contact with Dobbs, they did   a report of a tiger that went amock at an assembly at that elementary school, a child was bitten... and Ashcroft tried to enforce federal law on Santa Cruz medical marijuana recipients... CNN Covered it when the city council handed it out to recipients themselves. Weird stuff happened. Kept em from getting arrested. Then Santa Cruz caught fire.

I mentioned cities I'd been to, and cities of that name started having forest fires. I'm serious. Some exact places, some just with the same name. Paradise, Grass Valley, Santa Cruz, just north of Crescent City... Gasquet.. where that pervert tried to lure m e in before they busted him... hills above Glendale, right?...    Tons of them.

Like Lou says, there are no coincidences. I had to assume I was being sent messages, like, back off or well destroy it. At the same time, the media can emphasize whatever stories it wants for whatever purposes it has... like seeing  a story of a beating on Paulina street... was that a chuckle or a warning of something in the works? ANd was it something for me or am I being used to pass a message along to warn someone else? Time will tell. A deceptive play on the story of two people thrown in a pickup truck.. I don't like the dialectic games either.

HAARP... meteor... meteorology.. weather.. I always wondered why my brother kept track of the weather for the last 45 years or so. And for some reason, my father's ham radio "handle" is important to this all. If it turns out to be Uncle Charlie... that would be weird and raise many questions. I'll bet it was more like Cisco Kid or something like that. 

When I wrote that letter to ministers about wanting to be able to talk to someone about the vile things gong on, I meant it. It was incredible to watch, time after time after time. And here I was  pinned down. I thought for sure people would believe me because it was so obvious to me.

Personally, I'm thinking these guys.. given their perverse humor in their dialectics, given that God said He would never flood the earth again after Noah.. that they would want to kill people by flooding the earth... and the description of those times in the Bile.. I keep thinking that if one nuclear reactor gets hit by a tidal wave or tsunami, can you imagine the "bubbling oceans", just lke the Bible describes? And there's that one one the fault in San Luis Obispo, on top of the San Andreas fault... . And one on the ocean between LA and San Diego.

How abou thte east coast.

One nuclear catastrophe on the west coast would cover the entire United States with a blanket of fallout. And what about the water tables. ANd such warming from that reactor would melt lots of ice... and certain geological formations would be subject to collapse... and the earth HAS gone off its axis by 1-2 inches... which means we're wobbling a little.  and that means fluid flow, volcanic eruptions and more... it's just nature. And HAARP did it. HAARP, originally built by  a company called ESystems, once owned by Time Warner, I think now owned by Raytheon.

SO I'm wondering, whenthe conjunction happens and the magnetic fluctuations and forces are strong, will the earth try to "snap to" to conform to the magnetic fields, and or will it cause us to do some erratic "braking" effect to correct the wobble,and really shake thing sup for a while.... when we have a full moon, tides are higher. When we have a conjunction of this magnitude...  the Bibele has the answer. The only question is, how many will die. ANd even if its not catastrophic, maybe not even noticeable.. how did George W. Bush know, back in 2001, that suddenly mountaintops would lose their snowcaps, and high meadows would die and so forth...  ANd the Bible says that the mountains will crumble to the ground.. which will happen a lot more as the earth corrects its axis, and it will, and to help that along, our sweet corporation are actually now cutting off the tops of mountatins to get the minerals and ores in the middle.

When Dobbs did the Bible verse that got me to read the book of Matthew, I was astrounded at how what I read there was actually happening before my eyes. I was shocked. Wars and threats of wars. Earthquakes in diverse places. That's when I wrote to him and said it looked like Bush was emulating the Bible to scare Christians. Then next day, I think I said, what if it actually IS happening, and then I realized it was. Whatever he wants to say about it is fine with me.. for now.

Somewhere along the line I got passed the message that all of what I'd sent to him was given to the FBI... and I thought.. no big deal, I haven't broken the law. He was a public figur e advertising people to email him, and he knew who I was, where I was, my phone number, my email address, and the right to tell me to stop emailing him any day of the week. I told him so. And he never did.

Enough rambling. I'm going to bed and seeeing what God wants me to read in the Bible tonight. Ya never know what the guy's gonna tell me next. He's been telling me bunches lately.. in His own inimitable way:}

When I talked to the Director of Project Censored, he told me the best thing to do about this stuff was to yell as loud as I could as long as I could about it. I've been doing that every day since. I think I'm winning, and that means God's gonna have His rest. One way or another, here or there, now or later. The choice is up to people, when they want it, how bad they want it, and what they're willing to do to have it. Legally. The last thing you want to do is become the thing you claim to stand against.

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10/31/2009 6:04am Sleep deprivation.. let's see where this morning's psychotronics lead....

First of all, I rlazed the set up and Big Mike IS the one who did the fire retardent, an his friend, the renter, acted as lookout.. just as whe did every day whenthe house was being built. It's going to be interesting the harassmet I've received from the people f Harstine Island... I'm going to waste some time documenting it and then I'm giving  acomplete report to the Mason County Sheriff without filing charges, to document things, and I'll be including my complaints agains tthem for harassment in those reports.

Here's the thingyou locla sdon't understand. Everything you people have doneto harm us is a federal crimes. You may think the worst you can get ais  mishcief charge,a msdeameanor, byt they're actually federal crimes... even when Charlie just turns down my water pressure, because everything you're doing is in conjunction with Federal crimes that cross state lines

So, in this case, even trespassing couldland you in jail for 10 years. Mike and CHarlie and Donna.. really want to go to jail for 10 years so you can play games with water pressure, leave chemical evidence on firewood.. and more... it all adds up.. and your admissions to me about harassing meth users becomes evidence of  a pattern of federal organized crime... the government is not exempt from charges, and neither are peons who obey orders to break the law.

They chose Mike for this setup becuase there was a history, and they believed they could show Mike was operating alone in revenge for him getting shunned off this property for sexual harasssment and yeling racial epithets at the latino workers, as well as sabotaging the building of my deck, and had I doneit the way he demanded I build it, it would never have passed code. He'd stand there yelling at me because I wasn't doing it his way. So, I basically let him know he wasn't welcome here. ANd, in my weblogs, I documented certain things long ago. They set you up Mike. These psyop guys are tricky. They had the locals set you up so you'd get set up. You're a liability to them Mike. You're the connection that will cost them Federal Racketeering Charges.

So you gys here onthe Island Community Watch.. and weed and seed and Mason COunty Sheriff.. I've now warned you that you're inoved with  Federal crimes .. and so many have been committed, if I file federal charges against you all, people will be goingto jail for lie for stupid little things, because you all know you're part of a conspracy. People outside this county are witnesses to our harassment. And the evidence ofthese logs is in the hands of certain intel agencies who are basically setting up state law enforcement to pit them against locals, and then federals. This sort of thing is going on all over the country, and its intent is to one way or another cause civil war. and an excuse for martial law. Otherwise, the FBI wouldn't have set it up to empower utility company personnel to shoot to kill anyone who goes near utility yards, like power stations. SHoot to kill. It's true.

Why would they go to so much effort to psyop people in the Pacific Northwest.. the PNW is considered part of the United States no man's land".. people in the PNW, from Montana to Washignton, are considererd to be non-conformist, some neo-nazis, which is the excuse they'll use, but people whoWOULD be of the political and religious persuasion to stand up to a corrupt government.. Jim McDermot is an example of the kind of people the CFR hates.

REX84 - mass incarceration of a populous would be too obvious, so theyget locals like you people to do the dirty work, so the government can't be charged. It's just like howthe DOD contracts out dew and psychotronic work, so if they get caught, they just say the rogue contractor did it and that way the politicians can't be blamed. THat's what the community watch and weed and seed programs have become. You are a civilian form of Blackwater... and you've been conned into committing crimes so the government can't be blamed. And you think I'm stupid.

Now.. given the history of the federal government.. when they send you to jail as their scapegoats, think they're gonna care what happens to you?

If I were you guys, I'd write prepared statements and hand them over to the Seattle office of the attorney General of the U.S. or when I do file charges against the government, you guys will end up goig to jail for htings youwere duped into doing for dirty politicians. I've overlooked all the indignities and harm done because I didn't want to beleive my neighbioors, who I've done gfavors for at my own expense, hundreds of dollars, to create good will and settle into a friendly community. Now, I'm going tobe handing out flyers to find out who on this Island and in this county are being harrassed, including the meth users you've run out of here.... I'm not on their side, but you violated their constitutional rights.

This will cost me some time. I'll take longer in filing the federal charges, but they will be filed. And you can do any damage you want to this poroperty, it'll just add tothe pattern that will convict you.. and I'll just keep laughing at you all, knowing you're all going to jail if this continues, let alone hell.

Charlie.. now I know why the psyops guys wanted me to confess I smoke weed. I DO roll my own tobacco cigarettes... got ya. Former Berkely drug dealer turned federal informant. I'm gonna check, I'll bet the property you live on is a weed and seed repo.

So here's the fun part.. I started innocently taracking politics back in2000... all I did was collect the stories and post them.. that's how I developed the original 911 timeline. I wasn't trying to prove anything, I was just collecting facts, and that's how it became obvious that 911 was an inside job. 5 of the 6 supposed terrorists at Logan Airort never got on the plane, and have been located and are alive and well in the middle east. U.S. Military thermite was used to do a controlled detonation of the towers.. it's obvious when you watchthe video..

THe weekend before Sept 11, 2001, the building closed down, supposedly for computer upgrades.IT Guys, does that sound logical? No. Of course not.  The guy in charge of security of the towers was.. Marvin Bush, George's brother.  FEMA supposedly inspected those buildings that weekend to check emergency escape routes.. The planes hit. The thermite explosives blew. Down came the towers. Rockefeller  sold out their interest in the towers some 6 months prior. ANd building 7 came down, to Bill Maher's chagrin, to fill the pockets of developers who needed it to go down to complete their future building plans....

All the Project for  aNew American Century people.. Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, all the liars who took us to the Iraq war... .are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. ANd every one of their members in politics and the media knew all about it before it happened. Cynthia McKinney wanted us to "follow the money" because she knows that many members of our government made money off the WTC attacks in the stock market... it appears John and Cindy McCain were some of those people.

ANd for the record, had I not known what I know, Iwould have voted for Barack Obama too. I think I can prove that.

Don't say Boo, Barack, just vote. MSNBC has been working hard to cover your butt, Barack, but the truth is about to come out, cause I'm thinking maybe I saved my first soul somewhere along this network... ya never know who'll do the right thing for the right reasons... they will when their futures are staring them in the face..

And ya never know when people will actually believe the truth.

Good thing ya got a dog Barack. Iknow you don't like him, but soon, he's the only one who'll be tlaking toyou in Washington.. just like Nixon. Know what you can do with your enemies list, Barack.. when you're in jail, you canlook at the list and say, these are the true patriots of the United States... over and over again.. and you'll have plenty of time to do it. ANd my personal promise, Barack, istht if youand your friends cause riots and unrest when you fgo down, you will be personally held respsonsible for conspiracy to  against every person harmed or arrested... and we'll throw you into the fiery pit forever... where you and all your friends belong..

I feel sorry for George W. Bush. I honestly believe he's  a psychotronics victim, and his father did it to him.

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Why would you want to remain loyal to a government that has kept the cure for cancer secret for a hundred years? And outlaw the herb God gave us to cure it? Got Ginko? Not for long.

8:37 I keep forgetting to mention something... when the tme comes in court, I will prevail upon the court and prove that my treatment over the last 8 years in particular is, in effect, extended extreme torture  with the intent to doextreme harm, death, public humiliation and a violation of human and civil rights, and that everything particularly in what I call my weblogs constitutes the extraction of illegal depositions and interrogation for the purpose of criminalizing me and persecuting me with frivolous lawsuits without advising me of my rights or the privilege of the right to an attorney and discovery, as well as being illegally contained and detained, with classified material being provided to unauthorized individuals for illegal purposes leading all the way to the office of Barack Obama... as well as being set up by the government to criminalize me for the purposes of political and religious persecution, and suppression of freedom of the press. Let alone freedom of speech.

It's all entrapment. And it's all RICCO. The firewood was tampered with on Wednesday while we were gone. I saw the spotter on the road when we left. If anything's been planted on my property, what will that add to the charges against you all? What did these liars tell you I was guilty of? If they knew I was that guilty, why didn't they arrest me long ago? And there's no possible way they could justify the surveillance and torture they've used on me. ANd the longer you locals slow me down, the more nuclear reactor cores will be put inyour landfills, the more HAARP will set off earthquakes and floods and global disaster, while the financiers bankrupt and enslave you with the New World Order. And you did it to yourselves. And my only real crime is trying to warn you. I'm guilty of that.

You don't have to believe a single word I say. The documentation I link you to from this site is to articles fromthe Department of Defense, DHS, main stream media and military experts. You say you believe the government, read the government reports. They forecast their actions by telling us what they're doing, knowing full well people will only believe what they want to believe and that appeases them, knowing full well the citizens would never believe their government would do such horrible things, even while the citizens do  it to each other on behalf of the government, while their government destroys their nation and kills them. That's what Nazis do. Don't be a Nazi. Please wake up, if only to save your own life.


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9:50am The psyops guys wanted me to add this. See, they want me to make a s many angry at me as possible, so they can say I did it myself. What they want me to do is point out the truth that LinkTV plays a lot of stuff that appeases liberals, doesn't tell all they know, and basically is a progressive pacifier. Free speech tv seems better, but I've never heard them talk about psychotronics and the COuncil on Foreign Relations.

Furthermore.. I think many of the peopel of Fee Speech TV are active people sseking to do good, but like most, don't know or won't speak the bottom   lines... for example, I'm for gay rights, because gay people are people too and equals in the eyes of God whether you like them or not (if Christians persecute gay people, how can they complain when Christians are persecuted... apparently Christians believe in persecuting people, and according to the Golden Rule, so it must mean, that's how they like to be treated. Self- fulfilling prophecy.) BUT... I heard some folks on FSTV talking about how great it is to have Barney Franks in COngress.. but gay, people, ever listen to Barney Franks? If I were you, I wouldn't want his obnoxious speech to be my national respresentative of what gay people are like.  He sold out to the CFR long ago, and is greatly responsible for allowing the economic collapse to happen. I would highly recommend that gay people find a new icon to represent them in the public eye. I used to be a fan of his too.

By the way Christians... the supposed report by Kinsey claiming gay people can be "fixed"... it never happened. It was  a fraud. A producer of CBS news way back then was going to have Kinsey on their morning program to present the findings, and when they said they would have someone else on to dispute his claims, Kinsey canceled, and never spoke of it again. Because it was a fraud, and never happened. But just like with Marijuana and ginko, someone could make a buck and gain political ground by doing the damage, making the public impression, lying to appease superiors, get contracts, sell books.... find ways to criminalize people... like blacks and those who listen to jazz and latinos.. because of lust for power and money. Roughing up people in stores so they could murder their religious leader and followers.... that's what they did to Koresh to justify that slaughter.. with cyanide, not tear gas... running over peaceful anti-war protestors with motorycles to incite violence and give the media a picture of those crazy anarchists who were provoked to violence by government agents...

Notice that when an NBC reporter was roughed up, NBC made a big deal of it, but when alternative media journalists are roughed up, it's hidden by the media, paid for by the politicians and thejournalists are labeleed as potential terrorists and worse///

When they supposedly do it in Iran, we call the Iranians a horrible government. When it happens in the U.S. we call the victims criminals. And we're told the Imams run the government as an Islamist theocracy. It's not true. They have a democratic delection system. The only difference is, unlike Christians, they seek guidance and oversight of their religious leaders, and when the government becomes corrupt, they influence their followers to object and oust the corruption.. in the United States, religious leaders acquiesce, are civil to the criminals they want to appease for social position, and tell people that God wants us to kill anyone who disagress with our national empire... And their religious leaders are their Christs, and they respect them. Christians find ways to justify their rebellion. Or claim they're just forgiven, which, if they'd read their Bibles, they'd find out just the opposite is true. If you keep committing the same sin... 

Once you know the truth, you're responsible for it. And now you know it.

All through the Bible it talks of God smiting and all sorts of stuff... here's the modern version of it. God's modern way of saying, you people don't like me, you hurt me, you try to kill me, and you laugh, I'm mad at you, I'm not talking to you anymore, don't listen, do it your way, and when you've destroyed yourselves, you'll have done it yourself.  3 years of famine. It's not about food. I'll bet Pat RObertrson comes out soon telling people God told him - the CIA via psychotronics - that America is now going to be punished... which is not true... he's just not going to talk to brick walls anymore. But he'll talk to me, cuz I kept my promise. And He tells me not to write any more chapters... til I find people who actually want to hear, and treat me like a human being.

But the crime log will continue.

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It's a whole, new world, and all you have to do is want it.

11:15 am Dialectically speaking... in the beginning of my websites, when the media started interacting with me, I mentioned that the worst thing that anyone could possibly endure was being convicted and jailed for  acrime they didn't commit. I also said a long time ago that I never wanted to do anything to be arrested for marijuana, so I've made sure over the years never to do anything that was more than a misdeamanor.. a ticket... got the drift... so the pysops guys did everything to make sure I got set up for both. God will turn that around on them, if you don't arrest the Ginko lady, I'll claim persecutiorial prosecution, among other things. 

Do you have a warrant that specifically states the purpose of my surveillance for the last 54 years? Or any supposed evidence of my supposed wrongdoing? Supplied by who, and what story did they tell you that was a lie? I have hair cuttings of my hair from the last 4 or 5 years.... I could actually tell you the date of my last haircut.. and more... and a story to go with it that people will enjoy.. and not the one where the fbi agent cut my ears to cover the implants.... which was not successful... MK-Ultra.. that's how they tried to turn e into a Mnachurian like George W. Bush, only it failed, because in the end, I have principles, and they couldn't break me. And now they're desperate. And so are you.

You can buy legal Ginko... from apharmaceutical corporation. The way marijuana is being legalized in California, it will mean the corporations will take it over, an the consumer will get shafted with high prices and more... And they'll just bio-engineer it and put more chemicals in it to kill the users, like they did cigarettes and alcohol... and food. If you eat Round-up ready food, you're eating bioengineered poison that tastes good. Just like some fast food chains put a protein in their food that actually causes a physical addiction to their food.

I read. Don't blame me if you don't.

Getting the picture here folks. I'm not the bad guy. I'm the guy the bad guys want to shut up. Me, and a whole bunch of other people you hate who are trying to save your lives.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 06 - Willing And Able

Remember, on TV's Northern Exposure, they made you think Edmonds Washington was Alaska. What other fraudulent things can they convince you of with the magic of tv? My dad always said, if it's on tv, it's not real. He knew what he was talking about.

1:41 this is called reading :}


Breaking: 40,000 contract serious virus in Ukraine, kills 30 --Virus is not H1N1 flu 30 Oct 2009 A viral infection in Ukraine has taken the lives of 30 people and at first it seemed like an ordinary flu but after a week the symptoms became worse. Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports 40,000 Ukrainians have contracted the disease and at least 100 are in the hospital. Tests are currently being conducted and all is known is that it is not the H1N1 flu.

George W. Bush told us "tortur eis not in the hearts of the American people" or something like that. It' strue. But it IS in the hearts of the government, which is why they didn't want trials of these people, because we'd find out the truth about our government.. It's also why they'll be transferred to a prison in Basra when they're "released" from Gitmo. ANd of course, the people taking orders will be blamed. The Bible says, Armageddon will happen because of an event  in Basra....   like, people find out, and to shut up the Arabs we're committing genocide against.. nuclear war or neutrons or aerial sprayed viruses.... these people do  almost everything covertly.

9yr-old boy tortured, says former Guantanamo detainee --'I was interrogated hundreds of times by the FBI, CIA and even MI5, beaten, and subjected to continuous torture, sexual degradation, forced drugging and religious persecution.' 30 Oct 2009 A British Muslim detained for three years at the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison manned by the United States, revealed that the youngest detainee he knew of was a nine-year-old boy who was also tortured like the rest. Ruhal Ahmed’s story was among more accounts of atrocities committed against the detainees at Guantanamo, told before an open commission hearing which began Friday on the sidelines of an international conference to criminalise war. The testimonies before the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission Hearings will be submitted to a tribunal in conjunction with the Criminalise War Conference and War Crimes Tribunal 2009 spearheaded by former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Dr Mahathir said that the tribunal’s decision would be forwarded to the United Nations for further action.


Coming up next: reports from BP regarding the collaps and disappearance of the polar ice caps....

AND... oh yeah... John Negroponte, dept of Homeland Security. He was our Ambassador to Honduras, or Argentina.. or  both...   when we trianed their people on how to disappear 10,000 people... like the Organization of American States does in Georgia... Negroponte, Dept of Homeland Security... Condoleeza specialized in Stalinism...

I think it was in 2004 when operation Falcon, I think, rounded up what we were told were over 10,000 of our country's so called worst fugitives... a reporter checked in later, and the government could only account for about 2,500 of those people... more than 7,000 poof... gone... I think Obama's already rounded up over 30,000... I've been covertly disappeared with electronics and local harassment...  it's kind of like those kids in Florida who disappeared... under the care of child protective services.. and how the government ruled that orphans could be legally used for medical experimentation... of course they have vague cover stories and phony numbers to account for it. The police.. they'r ejust doing what they're told... I mean, why would anyone lie to them about criminals?

But then, Alan Dershowitz, constitutional lawyer and professor ... defined the practice of testilying... 

I'm not against the police. I'm against corruption. SHouldn't the police be against corruption too? If you're a policeman who dislikes what I'm saying, bust the officers who are giving you a bad reputation, not the citizens who are asking you to do your jobs in regard to them. All we hear about are shootings that don't seem justified, and the police always say it is.... the media plays it up... that makes you guys the bad guys... do you like the way the media depicts you?   Neither do the black people they use to show people getting beat up by police, to make blacks look like stupid criminals.

Now, the current trend is to corporatize police departments. In essence, by dictionary definition, that will make police mercenaries. Do you want that to happen too?  Can you imagine the graft and corruption that would occur  then? The lies you'd be told to carry out the dirty work for dirty corporations and politicians? Do you understand that 'm not saying police are the bad  guys, but that the politicians and media are making you out to be   cowboy thugs to intimidate the public?

Are you on the side of the citizens you swore to protect, or are you on the side of a corrupt government? And if you don't do their dirty work, will you lose funding? That's economic slavery. If you don't break the law on command, you lose funding, and your jobs, and your homes... that's economic slavery.... Do what we say or else. At the point of a gun or the threat of bankruptcy, like they did to me, it's still beating you with an economic whip.

If you know what you're doing is illegal or unconstitutional, but is expedient, you're breaking the law. You getting mad, or are we having an adult discussion... Folks think of  this like Bob Newhart, I'm on the phone, and you're hearing one side of the discussion.. and voice to skull communications using psychotronics is  well documented and is not schizophrenia.

How many millions have been spent onthis operation against me? How much was TItus WIll paid to deliver those new weed and seed vehicles... I can spot a tail a mile away. ANd when you keep seeing car after car after car with brand new Titus WIll license frames, andno licenses, nobody sells THAT many cars at once... that follow me everywhere... Devil's in the details. Must have been a fleet sale. Explains all the mini-cruisers. STill traceable. And I have lots of license numbers and stuff of people, who I bet, either go to the churches or weed and seed and community watch...

I think I've made my positions clear. Good luck. THis interview is a violation of my constitutional rights.

4:44pm I went outside, given the vandalism, and videos everything in the yard... went back out  few minutes later,spotted two holes.. looks like pellets or bb's.. in the windshield of my truck.They want to force me to file a minor complaint with the locals to tie me up in court and mental exams. You guys destroy all you want, I'll keep collecting the evidence, and when the charges are filed, your names will be in it. Mike. Of course, I don't own anything, Lynn does... you're hurting her, not me. Charlie. Charlie, do you still have a house key, or did you just make a copy for everyone? Motive, means, opportunity. Taunt all you want. I'm not as stupid as ypu. But you're falling for the trap st by the intel guys. It's interesting to watch.

By the way, Negroponte announced, I think 2005, that they had the technology to record every moment of a person's life now... and stupid people actually signed up for it. The government has 10 times the storage and computing capacity of every human brain in the world, which can be used to control people with psychotronics... Kurzweil's Electronic Singularity... thought crimes... minority report... all at Ft Dietrich. We havesatellite coverage of every square inch of of the United States, almost the world, and the ability to recall nearly every single human event on earth, given the time and coordinates... talk about instant replay.. with the barium in the chemtrails, they can use infra red from space to watch everything you do, even inside your house.. even while you're having sex. It's weird but true. The Air Force boasts that capability. Of course, they make you think they're using it on the enemy, except, the citizens are the enemy of the government that overthrew us.

So, kids, when you're making out with that girlfriend in high school, remember, if you have sex, the government could pull the video of you doin git anythime they want, if thye want to set you up an dthrow in jail for soemthing.

Like the night they sent me a cute young lady at 11pm in Yosemite, scantily dressed in a short leather dress and halter top, supposedly 2 weeks from being 18, who I scolded for knocing on stranger's doors late at night, and that she was lucky she found me and not some rapist. We spent the whole night talking.. it was very enjoyable... of course, they didn't get the bust for the sting they were pulling on me to make me look like a child rapist.

I'm going to save the story of my mother's death and AOL for court. People will find it very interesting, and one of those non-coincidences I keep talking about.. as will be my sister's stroke... and more...

They say they're going to claim I did these things to myself.. that I had the means, motive and opportunity.. except... I wasn't doing anything to any of you, you all did it all to me... and I can prove it.. it's so much bigger than all of you locals... and all you're doing is making sure you end up in jail. Your plan isn't going to work.   I know how good you are at making things look other than they are.. but you've made too many mistakes... and all you're going to do is make things worse for yourselves. And if I have forensic evidence, they have to investigate, and I don't haveto lie to point the fingers at the people who do it. And if the sheriff says it's me or nothing's wrong or whatever, he'll just end up in jail He knows psychotronics is real. Why do you people want a real criminal for your presidents... you said you wanted change wehn  you voted for Obama, he's not giving it to you, I am.... it' slike praying to God.. you don't get what you ask for, you get what you need. If I have to leave town because of vandalism and harassment, all it means is you successfully violated my rights. And there is no statute of limitations. It was 34 years later when they busted Medger Evans killers, wasn't it? Whatever his name was...

You have now witnessed how the government wastes my days with psychotronics, vandalism, harassment and directed energy weapons. Not  a fun life. It IS torture, and no different than the Nazis treated the Jews before World War II. If only my mother had told me I was Jewish. I guess that's why she showed me the ring when I was a little kid, and told me I wouldn't understand.

Pat.. you save Jews in Russia.. how about America.. or are you still a member of the CFR? How about Christians. How do ya feel about Christians. Wanna be one?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judy Collins - Amazing Grace

11/1/2009 7:30 am THis morning, since i'm beng sleep deprived and harrassed into writing this, Im going to. I'll call it my introduction to Harstine Island, Wa. I think a psyop guy wants me to inform the Mason County Sheriff, and more, how reliable their witnesses aren't.

THis is LUnn's property. Her money, I didn' twant to live here, it was her choice, and I supported her in her deciismon in every way I could, because this house represented the financing of her retirement... unfortunately, it won't be here for her to retire with, not just because it will have no vlaue, but because the United States Government with the help of the residents of Mason County are killing her.

1st day after she bought the property,we came out to just sit ad enjoy. Charlie and DOnna come over, an among things, imply tha tif we don't repair the road out in front of this property after construction, he'll sue us. Theproblem is, the road was so bad already, the real estate agent wouldn't drive their car onthe road. It wouldn't nothave been possible to do it more damage than it already had. But just to show we were reasonable, we spent over 2000 dollars in rock and equipment fixing the less than 1/4 mile stretch just to show good will toward our neighbors. SInce then, Charlie's actually had the audactiy to take gravel out of my yard, fill in a couple potholes, and then try to get me to pay $35 to pay forthe rock he supposedly purchased... even if he did buy it, it wasn't necessary, because there was plenty of  loose gravel to fill in the potholes. And if he'd asked, I have a pile of rock I would have donated.

These people were all over every day I was here. Everyday I'd come to work onthe house, this guy at Mike's would wave at e. Everyday. I could tell he was a watch man for something, and I was already being harrassed in Olympia.. I had visons of these idiots planting bugs or something in the hosue, given all that had gone on. All I could do is hope fo rthe best. Supposedly, he's Mike's tenant.. the former DEA agent, Mike told me.

So everyday, these people would come over to talk, keeping me from working, and I'd be cordial, but one would leave and another would show up. I just finally had to tell them I had work to do. They'd act annoyed. Rain or shine, I had a steady stream of locals, one at a time. I was clear they were watching me. Including Miriam...who Charlie was supposedly trying to harass into leaving...

Anyway.. so Charlie keeps talking about the house he's building, and needing a trench dug for his power lines, so I finally told him if I had time after excavating, I'd dig it for him. I didn't have time, but i jkept the equipment ad spent $300 digging his ditch and doing th elabor.. after that, it was alwayus, nobody will help me fill the ditch.. like I was supposed to go rent equipment and do it for him. THen he started getting resentful. He starte asking questions that clearly implied he thought I was a gigolo, using the analogy that his brother was one. Does he have a brother?

One day I was clear he was accusing me of tax evasion by using the non-profit to pay for all my personal expenses, which wasn't true, and any draws I might have taken, legitimately, were approved by the board, small as they were, and I paid taxes on all