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Back in 2002, I started using my site to conduct what I'll call "back channel communicaitons" with the corporate media, the U.S. Gov't and other domestic & global world leaders. I have to admit, I thought it was unusual as well. But it was happening, continues to occur, and while I don't expect you to, researching this web site would actually provide you ample evidence that this claim is true.

This is where I literally represent the interests of United States Citizens, Citizens of all nations to those who seek to control the world using economic coercion/slavery and military might against the will of the citizens and the will of God.

You have no idea how much I wish the crimes and evil and policies I comment on weren't true. They just are.

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Members of the United States Government and other world leaders often use what is called Aesopian Languaging to speak to each other and coummunicate with each other in a way that allows them to say things with plausible deniability. Aesopian Language is described as this, in Wikipedia:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

What is written here, in this journal  is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

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"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"
---- Barack Obama

1/21/2009 8pm - First, I'd like to commend bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.LinkTV.org  and Mosaic for the fine coverage from the point of view of journalists in the Middle East, Holy Lands and more. A nod back to Al Jazeera. Thanks to those who have read my messages and passed them on.

Barack... I reviewed your inaugural speech today... as usual with you politicians, it really was a "cover all bases" speech, and is a forecast of your actions.. whether you know it or not.. that's the beauty of the Matrix of God... you just never know know what God's gonna get you to say next... I'm gonna get a transcript of it, and then show, item by item, truth by truth, report by report, and prove you are already a hypocrite, if only because you know about psychotronics, you did do things expedient to your winning the election, you particpated in psyops against an American citizen, you criticized people for clinging to religion, for their faith  in God... oh yeah, and out and out plagiarism.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Why Do People Lie?

People reading this should understand that I was a staunch Democrat - actually a conservative progressive - and I was all in favor of Barack Obama, until I began a number of exchanges with him that proved to me that he was working with the financiers of America. After a great deal of research, I am very sorry to have to state, categorically, that in a short time, you will know that I am telling the truth about the criminality of Barack Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations.. and many other people who used to be my political heroes.

That said... welcome to day one of this weblog... Creating the Holodeck, Phase 7. My bet is, Biden's got the job of watching it:} They'll find out soon that a bunch of those Secret Service guys like me :}


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10:53pm - I thought some of you might enjoy some of these old flags... I've se up a pretty ambitious schedule for myself, creations site sections that entends its coverage and overview of the world a great deal... and will require some discipline to keep up with. I'm already two morning Bible Study inquiries behind in my writing...  but I'll make up for it.:} I'm going to make the original bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org site look like child's play, and I'm going to use the same database approach to prove him a hypocrite, just like I did George W. Bush...

And then, in a few days, when I start catching up with my writing, I'll let you know how Karl Rove is going to help me win this whole things, despite the fact that he'll think I'm losing, and he's just tinkering :} That'll be a fun one.

Anyway, I hope you'll like the new sections and areas I'm putting in, and that my "notes" on new chapters, as I formulate thoughts and ideas, gives you new thoughts and insights that'll be worth sharing later down the road.

This is fun. It's like having a new web site  :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

1/22/2009 -10:42 PM - It was a productive day. I cut enough firewood to last a week... I like cutting fire wood. Maybe tomorrow, I'll actually post all the structural changes I've made to the site, and people can see it. Better yet, soon, I'll be able to look at stats and see if anybody sees the site at all. I have my doubts :}

Last night's Bible study was St Luke.. I have to tell you, not like with pride or anything, but just with astonishment, how weird it is for me to read things about the Son of Man and recognize that I just did all those things without knowing... in one more way, it serves me to know I was just doing it without being told, and then recognizing that later...

I hope the ministers, and Christians in general, understand that I in no way reject the Christian churches and religion...  that would be really weird... you could say I'm going through the final stages of some frustration and anger I felt when I found out what wa going on all this time.. as well as some strange things that happened along the way with certain members of churches, or at least they said... anyway, all in all, I do believe I'll have much better things to say in general, but I do hope you understand that I have a much different job than you, and I have to stick to it. It's the only way things will work properly, and I thank you for your patience and indulgence.

It continues to amaze me how the U.S. public is being deceived by the so called "bad breaks" leading to the collapse of the economy... people don't know that it already has.. but that the cascading effect will come soon.. of course, Obama and the Clintons will blame it all on Bush, and people will buy that for a while.. but not long...

11:39pm - All in all, I think you'll find the message of the site and what needs to be done will be much clearer, soon, and provide more useful information. The main thing to do   right now is to not worry about perceptions based on history, and not to worry about 10 years from now or what happens when you die or anything like that... what's really important is to get on the watchtower and look not just for the return of Christ, but for all the things going on in the world, and realizing that things don't seem right, and it's not just because it's the way the world is, it's because we've been led to believe it's the world we've been provided and must cope with.

Things really aren't right with the world, and the reason is because the anti-Christ are challenging God for the control of the Kingdom of God. Don't ever let anyone tell you that the world is just the way it is, like it's alright, like there's nothing you can do to change it. 

It's simply not true. The first step is to be responsible for your own life. The second step is to hold your government accountable not only fo its promises, but for its verity in its claims to be acting in your best interests, as well as when they claim we are a nation under God... if we are such a nation, do our actions reflect the ways and means of the example of Christ, the 10 Commandments, and the Golden Rule?

Isn't it interesting this country adopted the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance just about the time I was conceived... 

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jesus Christ Superstar - Everything's Alright

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - 02 - What Am I To You

1/23/2009 9:11pm - So much for Leon Panetta... I'm due to have news again soon :}

As a young boy, learning what it meant to be Christian and all, no one ever said anything about Jesus being God. Knowing what I know now, It's not a stretch, and I'm not referrring to personal experience, but in having educated myself.

On a personal level, though, in the process of becoming... the things I said about trying to explain duality, quadrality, etc.. it really is quite an experience... another thing I wonder about, in terms of what other people experience.

What is interesting to me, in a sort of abstract intellectual way, is thinking about how the Holy Spirit is often experienced by those who feel inspired or moved in the knowledge of Him...  and then, for me, I add the spirit of Chuck, and the being of Chuck... the result of influences of the spirits of Jesus and God Almighty, the Father...   and the experiences of my life in this time... many times, I can tell because of the perspective of the thought that God and I are directly connected - that I am His vessel, God in the flesh - and still, to me, it is as a vessel being used, not me, myself, personally, but His Son, a servant fully surrendering himself to be used as God's servant and representative to this world.

I know that people expect me to be Jesus, but I am the "white stone with a new name", Chuck, and I say I am Christ not to reject who I am as some  will see me, and I undersand that, but I still say, I am a man, privileged to be blessed by God's trust and the work He has provided me to do.

I see troubles that will pass. But more, I see wonderful times ahead as those who have exploited humanity are dis-empowered, and the citizens of this world are truly empowered as God intended in this, His Kingdom of God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - Sky Blue

It may seem a littl eweird to be bringing all that up, but there has been some effort to "confuse" me as to who I am, how the system works in terms of spiritual being and conscious/temporal/material plane existence, and it just won't work, because if you saw things the way I do, you'd understand why there's no confusion in my mind about it. Tell the Psyops guys to put another mark on my side of the scoreboard :}

Last night's reading.. I thought it was rather unusual... turned right to Revelations 22:21. Check that out. :}

I'm looking forward to getting back to writing the book... what an interesting set of self-referencing webs this is going to be... and making Baracky out to be a front man.. easy... he's already proven himself a hypocrite... all the way down to holding the photo op cabinet meetings to establish him as "in control"... what a joke. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

Wait til you see what I do with your inaugural speech :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God JJ Cale - Cajun Moon


1/24/2009 - 9:07 pm - It's been an interesting day... a little more firewood, started a new painting last night.. I think I like doing small ones... trying to decide if I should leave the era of reconciliation statement on the  front or go straight to the Kingdom of God...  it's actually a big decision..

I decided what I'm going to do in the future is note my Bible study, probably 5 or 6 days a week.. and then see if I can connect the dots on the matrix God set out from it all, and call it a sermon... so there'll be a new section for that as well, that will be in my journal areas as well as the universl church...

I've been going through my music, thinking about making a serious album.. got the recording studio set up... the prblem with the keyboard is that the software I have, which is really good, has a velocity control for the keyboard that overrides the keyboard software, and it defaults to zero, meaning, delayed sound... got that working good now :} Still working on the guitar controls, and I have the humbucker for the Ovation... the Pysops guys taught me how to loop drums a while back.. so it's just a matter of practice and recording. Secondary goal: to remember how to play these songs live after I've recorded them. Ya never know when that might come in handy... :} I guess the angels know how to do what they know how to do :}

'Nuff for now... hope you're well. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down On The Corner

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby Mcgee

1/25/2009 4:51pm -

I was hit with heavy directed energy today and last night... the psyops guys never like it when I have good ideas, and besides, the Clintonites have plenty to hide, and this is yet another attempt to "subdue me" to shut me up. I really hate having to report stuff like that, but it's true, and people need to know about it. What is Psychotronics?

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day. Feels like snow outside.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Like a Prayer

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - What About Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - One Planet, One People Please


1/26/2008 - 6:10pm - Hey there big guy... caught your act today... how come the feed from DC is cleaner than the one from your studio in NY? Last time I mentioned that kind of problem, CNN Financial went down :}  The economic stuff si good, but the rest is all propaganda, just like before. Oh well, more stuff to look up.  I do like Wharton, though.

I do wish more people - outside government - had the ability to focus goals on what the end result should be instead of conforming to a current paradigm. Between that and the "rule of law" approach, which abandons intent of law and contracts with good faith... haven't we done this one before :} Years ago, when I was predicting the economic collapse? Anyway..

Dish definitely has a cleaner signal.. maybe the psyops guys haven't switched over to the other satellite yet :} It's nice to have tv back... even have my own tuner.. soI an even watch the big guy without catching any guff about the evil empire :}

Meanwhile... Keithie... let' snot be mocking God, now. I have 150 hours on my dvr :} Telecom immunity or not :} When I run for Pres in 2012 ( if I need to) I'll be able to make my case.  Meanwhile, the LA jaunt was lots of fun... glad you enjoyed.. don't plan on one of those kinds of things happening again.. and so claled ministers who want to play that game, remember that it'll catch up with you, jus tlike it will the politicians and media people. Right, dude? Imagine the implications. He was tellin the truth when he said Vote for God, after all :} And he didn't even know it :}

You guys did turn things around and upside down, but it'll all come back on you. I just hope you have the good sense to bail out of what you're doing before you throw your lives away.Hard to believe you will. But that's up to you.

I don't know if Blago did anything wrong or not, but it sounds like what he mainly did was not go along with the Clinton/Obama administration.

But then you get Turley talking about crimes of Bush and the obligations of Obama and justice... knowing full well that psychotronics is going on... that's when I am reminded and inspired of the grand charade and the harm that it's doing... at the expense of the citizens... just like Rome... and every other despotic empire that ever fell.

Anyway.. it's not re-establishment because it required the evolution of the cosmos - particularly of the human consciousness.... and it's been messed with so badly by the bad guys over time, that he's stepping in, causing its FULL establishment, as in, it really exists in the conduct of the people and the leaders... not just talked about like some lofty goal that can't be achieved. And it's geting harder to believe there ar epeople in power - politically, socially - who will actually step up to the plate.. at least in America... and that's a shame..


1/27/2009 1:53pm - Hi Karaoke lady :} Good to see ya... ya know, I thought Danny was doing the v2k thing on me a while back, and finally figured out it was the LA target... I still don't get the point of that one..  the psyops guys do a good job fooling you, but if your pay attention to the details, and review it all afterward, there are certain consistencies and inconsistencies to the way they operate, respond and communicate with certain language.. which is why I thought it was Danny, but the questions were too basic... and the timing was too perfect.

Speaking of psyops, RICCO and CFR and all.. nice lineage produced between Carville, Begala, Stephanopoulous and Emanuel... nice lineage indeed. Like I said, I'd have preferred a different strategy, but this way, they'll prove the perpetuation of policy and the emulations from both sides.. and then they'll be had.. ain't it cool? James? What's your explanation of the Matrix? I bet you didn't think I'd still be here, did ya? :} I'll be glad when I'm more powerful than the angels so I'll finally know who ALL the good guys and bad guys are :}

I love talking about angels :}  Angels are part of the stuff you're not supposed to talk about, you know?:} I wonder how many angels know they're angels? :}

I think that when I finish the stuff on  "For the Love of the World" as I've stated so far on the index page, I'm gonna call that Part I.... I like the idea that the Bible doesn't say what God's gonna do after He takes over, so that means I sort of get to make it up".. That's what the holodeck will be about...

Meanwhile.. notic how Baracky is following almost exactly the same script as George W... it's incredible.. phrases, policies.. back to Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea... Baracky.. I'm gonna get you on the Rule of Law things.. just like George W. Thanks to you all for making it so easy for me.. :}

Sure glad I got the keyboard working. Someday, when I learn how to install patches, I'll have more instruments, but for now, I've got plenty... and some good ideas... the album's gonna end with a quiet little version of Hushabye... I can't help but recall the number of times it's come up not to do something like the Beatles... I'm more concerned with writing stuff more like JT...   I still consider doing the parody album when I get frustrated... Another Gray Morning.. I'll make it be about my brother being mean to me when I was little :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Dreamboat Annie - Sing Child Sing

1/28/2009 3:27pm - Hiya -

A little programming note... I've figured out I've got 3 or 4 books sitting here that just need to be firmed up... audio recorded and all... and I'm going to keep the music on the web site... go through For the Love of the World and clean it up... especially the prefaces... I need a new one :} and then I'll leave the other ones online as reference material.. I really am not trying to be arrogant, but even if the media is used to make me out a fool, this is going to be somewhat historical reference.. even if only to me and my personal development.

Speaking of which.. I know I say some pretty odd things in this section, and I assert even more... there's this "historian" on PBS - Carol Berkin - and I think the History International Documentaries... Founding Fathers and Benjamin Franklin.. some pretty interesting shows, by the way, and I  actually would recommend them to people.. excep for this so called historian who should be giving us the benefit of her experience and research and historical perspective from an objective point of view, and there she is, telling us that the journals of John Adams and Hancock and others look more like manic depressive people who should be on Prozac...

And I'm thinking, why is she diminshing such a brilliant leader and thinker by saying his innermost thoughts are indicative of anything more than an introspective mind and critical thinker with his mind focused on things "greater than himself"? Why would a so called historian want to turn historical info and interesting thought about the shaping of our nation into a cheap soap operatic rumor mill instead of pointing out the importance of what they were thinking when our nation was formed? Revisionism. It never ends.

Personally, I always find it quite interesting and revealing to read and hear of leaders' personal diaries... what they think about, good and bad, and the thoughts and ideas that ultimately shape their thoughts and ideas and then their actions... It's kind of like all the times when, deep down inside, you wished you could hit somebody, of course you'd never admit that, especially these days when you've been trained to believe that if you express your emotions, you must be mentally unbalanced.. used to known as normal.. anyway...  and of course, you'd never hit someone either, cause you know there are better ways to resolve or work around things.

Of course, such thoughts shouldn't be a matter of conformity, but a choice of being - I can't help but notice once again how we claim to be a people led by the grace and rules of His Kingdom, and as Jesus said... I come speaking of peace, and for that you speak of war... and Barack, shifting back to Afghanistan IS a perpetuation of the Bush CFR MIC policy, and will be the proof of your facade of a commitment to end war... and your willingness to go along with the killoing of innocent people on behalf of financiers and corporations... just like the bailout plans were a setup to be able to blame Bush for the redistribution of wealth to your regime's patrons... just like Clinton did... see, Baracky, some people remember because they actually lived it... like the dream sof JFK and MLK.. don't ever forget it... they weren't people in history books, and they were much more than hype and resusable themes for the image glory and righteousness..

People can't choose the Kingdom if they don't understand what it is... so Part 1 is going to stop just short of enunciating the vision of the future... because if I let that loose, it will simply be used by CFR to do more emulations and to obfuscate the importance and presence of God in the world.. and I won't allow that to happen.

Meanwhile... back in epiphany city... ChuckPac.. I like the sound of that :} I'll have to see what Sarah filed and do that.. :} I like Sarah.. I don't agree with her politics or religion, but she cracks me up. I think she's actually sincere, too, even if a little misguided. Someday, Sarah, we'll meet, and I hope we can have a laugh about this. Don't forget, you're a material witness.. :}

Speaking of which... it seems like the more "truths" I tell, the more convoluted and complex it all becomes. And at the same time, simpler, in a way. When you actually, truly surrender to God, when you get to that point where you realize it just doesn't matter what you think, and that God's gonna do what He's gonna do with you,   it's not a matter of giving up, it's a matter of just beign the football. You really have no idea how many times I've wished I wasn't Christ... that it was just a delusion...  :} I mean come on.. It's just me, ya know. At the same time... there's so much evidence long before I became aware of the suppression and psyops used to suppress me...  It may seem like I talk about this alot, but it's part of my daily thoughts that keep me grounded and humbled, you might say... and also helps to keep my courage up, knowing what I'm up against, knowing what's possible if I succeed, knowing what's probable if I don't, and the always remembering that God's promise is the full establishment of His Kingdom. I remember it all in a few short moments, and it keeps me going, makes it worthwhile, and keeps me dreaming of a future wit leaders who really actually do "the work of the people", understanding and obeying the intent of law, respecting the Kingdom of God and the Rights of Man... I really believe that day is just ahead... just as those who are responsible for the suffering - now and through the ages - will be held accountable for what they have done, and what they fail recognize as being wrong.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Keep The Faith

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God London Symphony Orchestra - Relaxing with the Classics - 07 - Holst - Venus, Bringer of Peace

Big guy - always nice to know you're paying attention :} There must be  a newspeak definition of change. :} must have soemhting to do with that essage I got about "flip-flop".. with the Dems and Republicans trading scripts...

1/29/2009 11:19pm - Late notes. Some good Bible studies here. I'm still amazed at how specifically relevant the random reading always is....  The visit with Rev Culwell Pt II is online here

Those Cerullo's sure do have good choirs. :} The question is, is it a regularly scheduled show, or  a piggyback? Cuz, ya know, I saw it just as I came out of the living room again... :}

I thought it was funny, long ago, how the big guy mentioned the word linguistics when speaking about Chomsky, and looked it up in the dictionary and realized it was what I was talking about ever since starting the DemocraticFundamentalism web site. So I joked about not being any kind of linguistics expert, and now I'm going to get the chance to prove that I actually am :} I don't know why. Frankly, tha twas somehing I thought what's here name could add some depth to... but alone wasn't a pwoerful enough message.. the fun part is, I only have to convince 10 people to sign up for an online Hebrew class to get mine free :}

I have two Webster's Dictionaries to help me, though, they're kinda cool... one College Edition copyrighted 1957, and another huge unabridged edition copyrights from 1909 to 1971... oughta help a bit in translating the English language into English.

I remember when the big guy started talking about space, and I ended up checking out Einstein and stuff, and then ran into a guy at the local college, and found out that something I enjoyed talking about was theoretical quantum physics.. I can imagine what the weblogs were like back then... I think there's months of web logs not on line from the original Charles Rehn. com :} can you imagine, more web logs :} I particularly enjoyed the discussion of time vs gravity and velocity... particularly in regard to how it relates to folding time... as well as how I also believe we unraveled the mystery of time travel a while back... and why Are we still using shuttles when we could be using the F22's... surely they're not considered a secret anymore...

Nuff for now... I feel some good writing and webbing coming on. :}

God bless :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chris DeBurgh - Tender Hands

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower of Power - Diggin' On James Brown (Mike ya almost pulled it off :})

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - If You Know What I Mean


1/29/2009 2:39 pm - God's definitely got me on a particular study track right now... specifically about apostasy, the level of deception.. I've decided that God must have out me on this weird track... not just seeing corruption and deception, but seeing the worst of it... some would think my purpose would be to "save the masses"... frankly, I don't see that the "masses" have an awful lot to be forgiven for. It always comes down to the same things.. it's the leadfers, setting the example, the tone, and then other people following the example... living in survival.. doing what they think they have to do to survive...

Beyond apostasy.. the question becomes.. do people in the body of the anti-Christ realize they are of the body of the anti-Christ. Like Pastor Scott.. even if she had been told I was some sort of criminal... is it right for a minister to be involved with entrapping someone into criminality the likes of which they've never engaged in order to "get them off the streets"... even if I was the biggest apostate or false prophet ever, wouldn't it have been more Christ-like for  a minister to speak to me to convince me where I may have been deluded or wrong? Even Pastor Culwell, when I shook his hand while leaving his home, said - at least since it brought you back to the church, that's a good thing... given that I know that her involvement had more to do with suppressing me to protect Obama and the Democrats... which means, she was cooperating with the anti-Christ.. thus a perfect example of how politics has tainted religion..

So I figure since God knows I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt... after all, it is my job to find rationale to defend the actions of people... I had to find out just how vile the anti-Christ really are... and I have to amit, I'm shocked at the level of the lack of integrity, let alone introspection, that is allowed to slip in order tojustify survival.. the very thing that Jesus claimed was the final qualifier... lasting to the end... in order to win everlasting life... lasting to the end.. holding on to the principles and teachings and example of Christ and living it... not just speaking it, but living it.. In every way.. in every situation.. not that we're not all human and perfect... but that we're always on the watch tower, seeking ways to allow our principles and the guidance of God to lead us, instead of being led by a mob or "group-speak" mentality... that's what a courageous Christian would do.

So I bring her up again because I'm going through video to make sure I have the evidence on her that I thik I have, and I do. It's a shame. What a waste.

Ever since I started the first sites, my focus has been on words and liguistics...   to cause understanding.. not lucre... So I guess I'm going to delve into that area again as I reframe my political remarks to point out the corruption of the Obama admin, which will be easy... I'll state again that, as I move forward, I was hoping for some sort of partnership to spread the word of God more effectively.... instead, I ran into one of the worst deceptions yet.. God's way of letting me know that I shouldn't simply rely on ministers to do the right thig either.. very disappointing, but a lesson I neede to learn.

One of the lessons there for her, and for other ministers, is to really understand that line from the Prince Song... the part of "her thinking I should conform to her body, all the while she needed to conform to mine".. I'll find the song, can't remmeber which one it is right now... was purely about conforming the body of her church.. all all churches conforming to the body of my church, mine and God's, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, which really only means getting back to the basics of Christianity, the discipline, not the religion, and then having religion be manifested to that, instead of being relevant by changing to fit the times, and the corrupt social values that generate survivalism. I always laugh at this Dylan tune, because it criticizes someone for being unwilling to give up the fine line of their values and principles.. The funny part of the Prince tune is that I'm sure everyone thoought it was purely about romance and sex.. for me, it wasn't at all. Listen to it again, and see what you hear in a more pure expression of love for a person and for the work of God...  Interestingly enough for me is that I know there's something coming down the road that fits the musicology scenario, or the psyops guys wouldn't be working so hard to have me avoid it when it happens. Or screwed it up with psychotronics.

Trust me though, I wasn't looking for collaboration on the book, or an education. I was looking for assistance on readability, and conguity... helping to stay focused in the face o psychotronics.. which you apparently fraudulently led  me to believe you understood.

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone

Prince - Greatest Romance Ever Sold

PS I thought it was funny that your bass player is the guy who looks like me :}Maybe even you weird-ohs will understand me and the truth of what I'm doing. For me, whether you understand or not, or admit in public, because I  know you used psychotronics and you actually do know this... the Greatest romance to me means the love of God and the sacrifice of Christ Jesus.. a love affair He's had with this world since the beginning, that's been sold as a product of apostasy and vanity.

Like I said about Prince music before, ya gotta have asense of humor, and the ability to process double entendre everywhere... sort of like me.. because if you interpret things, instead of eharing the actual words spoken, you won't get the real message, you'll get what you were falsely and incorrectly trained to hear and believe. These days, that's rarely the truth.

Apostast, using God's name in vain, using scriptures and words to create a financial base... and sure, I understand the need for finances.. but what good is a minister to the world if their firt concern, and what calls them to take the actions they do, if their justifications for straying from the teachings of Christ and the Commandments of God... lead them little by little, further away from God in their arrogance, their search for personal glory and all... and like a lie.. once the web is woven, it's hard to get away from, so you perpetuate the lies and deceptions to cover your tracks... forgetting that success in deceiving the world of people will never deliver you in the face of God.... You really have no idea how isappointing this lesson was to learn.

Meanwhile.. it continues to appear your broadcast is being used to attract people - maybe me - to other ministers who I suppose someone wants me to attack and diminish.. anad I won't do it to help you, nor will I be used to diminish tv evangelists in a wholesale or one by one way. Just like with Ron Carpenter, my job and demenaor of being is to empower and offer instruction... this is the way I've always planted seeds, and it works, and I will continue to do so. Because I believe even the worst apostates began with a real commitment... and by returning the church as a whole to the line of God's word and commandments, then the apostates will stick out like sore thumbs.

If this thing of exposing me to apostasy in order to get me to condemn ministers is someone's idea of assisting me, then I say it's one more deception to cause me to alienate Christians one from another, and I won't do it, and I won't take favorites, even though, as we all know, the way things work, those who step up to the plate first will be entrusted with leadership... and those who assist in betraying God will be ignored and reported on...

It appears to me there are a great number of people who believe I will just live in suppression until I die.. I have to believe they don't really believein od, if only because they only believe in themselves and the power of money and politics.. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate story of the Bible, leading to this moment in history, the prophecies of the end times.. that all of you are living, causing, and will be held accountable for.

The recitation of the world of the rule of law is the final proof of your betrayal and ignorance of God (got that Barack?)... and will be the very thing causes you to fall in the court of public opinion.These really are the end days. ANyone who chooses to not take that seriously needs to realize that they are the lost ones, seeking meaningless ways and believing life leads to ashes and dust, and nothing more, while the evil spirits who lead you and convince you of these facts look at you as worthless pawns, fools for believing them, laughing at you for your delusion of superiority and intelligence. You are the real slaves. People like me are free. I'd rather live my life in God's work any day than live yours serving evil.

5:18pm Oh no now he's invoking the name of God for blessings... fortunately I agree, God bless her! I'm thinking of another book. Aesopian for fun and prophet :} Funny, or ironic, that I criticized the idea of using old program material as the basis for a book. :}

Last night's Bible study.. about all I could stomach too.. just jokin... :}

Its's been a good day... cold, but pretty outside... Sing Child Sing... you guys really don't get it but I AM singing a song... I know you can't make much money off it, but that's the way it goes. You'll sell a lot of  music :} I'm not going to try to publish anything but my own, so feel free to sell the soundtrack collections. Heck, I'll give you links with a subscription companion site... or I could just hook it into jango...

Programming note: Yeah I know I haven't updated all the pages yet, I'm not worried about it.. things will all change soon, and there's time... no rush at the moment. Besides, I gotta finish reframing the concept of Christianity and the image of God and His Kingdom... without giving away too much to the emulators and deceivers...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - 11 - Roll Away The Stone

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grass Roots -  Live for Today

10:48 pm - Just had a little laugh.. suddenly, PMS is no longer scheduled on my system :} cracks me up how that kind of thing happens. For the sake of PMS, I kow you're still in the loop, and unfortunately, like all the other clowns out there in the loop, I'm a very persistent guy. I'm not picking on ya, just finishing the paperwork... at the same time, I decide I'd think educating you when presenting what I consider to be the quintessential news pages that most aptly demonstrate the dialectics in play.. I know there's more to the story on you, and I don't care what it is, but if you're in the loop, you're gonna learn the truth whether you want to or not.If God's merciful at all, you'll have already realized you screwed up big time in many important ways. Take a look at the news on the Holy Lands... and stop watching the networks for news... I'm still believing, like the media guys, that you're smarter than you're presenting yourself to be at the moment. Psyops will do that to you. Like I said, I meant what I said... but I don't have time for more games like yours.

I think I'm doing an adequate job on presenting the context for showing that Obama is perpetuating the same policies as Bush with a different spin. It's not hard to do. 

Begala, Emanuel, Carville and Stephanopoulous... 17 years of daily conversation... from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama... it's going to be an easy pattern to make.... you guys aren't going to get away with it this time... it'll be interesting to find out who's scaring you to keep you from killing me outright. It''ll also be interesting to see what Dan Burton had to say about Vince Foster.... I still get amused when I think of how much effort you wnt through to suppress me all those years... and what threat you believe I pose... other than the threat of restoring Democracy, justice and reintroducing God to America and the world... it's your overkill that'll get you nabbed in the end.. I'll enjoy watching it unfold.. as that process begins... now...

The really fun part is actually watching it.. I have no idea what God's gonna do next... He can be a little tricky :} That matrix of His, James, can get you trapped. Better watch it.

I look forward to knowing that one day, people will be able to talk about actually loving, without it having sexual overtones... that'll happen.

For some reason, I get the feeling the Council on Foreign Relations is about to trot out a new batch of apostate ministers...

Meanwhile.. all this economic stuff.. a great diversion from the action is the background, stripping more of our liberties and all... how do you like those new rules for lobbyists being immediately waived... that's politics... say one thing, do another.. just like Bush. I've already started collected stories and ideas showing Barack and George using the exact same lines... process... bipartisanism... money in your pockets... causing a recession going into the first quarter.... and let's be hones, like Warren Buffet said, this is an economic 911.. and it's easy to prove too.

What ya gonna do, Baracky? You really think martial law will save you and your friends... forget it. I'm thinking about starting another journal called... When I Take Over...

The funny part is, even with all the weird psyops stuff and all... you guys don't think I have the guts or wherewithall to run in earnest in 2012.. I don't think you guys will still be in office by then, but if you are, it'll be fun.

Republicans. so here's the truth about some things... like I told Dobbs, I'm a pragmatic fiscal conservative believing in moral values and I'll go a long way to stand for principle.. as you've noticed :} I'm also big on social programs, but not handouts.. training and empowerment tat meets economic and employment demands but without the corporate socialism... I know it's easier to comprehend that there's only one right economic theory but it's just not true. However, in regard to partisanship, for which I claim none at all because I'm more independent than Mr Independetnt (who isn't :})   I'm with George Washington noting the dangers of political parties... but I do believe in a Rpeublic with Democratic processes...

I'm notlooking to side with anyone.. but... Karl baby... I'm actually hoping they don't uphold executive privilege.. the Obama people.. I don't see how legally they can pull the rug out on you, but if they do, you could always appear and just not answer questions. After all, you either have executive privilege or not, right? Who the president is shouldn't matter... meanwhile, Obama goes on record about Exec Priv. Either way, Obama loses in the  long run, if you get my gist..

Meanwhile.. remember the Russian politician supposedly poisoned... I'll get that story online soon.. it'll be a great precursor to the treatment I've received since 1992. See how all the dots and pieces line up, PMS.. it's actually an easier chronology than you might think, once you have a few basic facts and accept the fact.. hard as it is to believe... that these idiots have been doing this most of my life... my actual real thoughts.. it's weird to think that you might have been the original MK-Ultra target..  

Oh well.. they lose :}




1/30/2009 3:36pm I wonder if those are good numbers :}

I've been doing a lot of  praying lately... lots.. I've been doing a lot of Bible reading... I hope other ministers understand that I do want to be able to quote the Bible, I actually do care about knowing the hierarchies and distinctions between and among the churches... but I also truly take my global responsibilities seriously... just as I saw it important to note another possibility in the "war of hearts and minds" emulated by George Bush, an emulation that actually led him in his apostatic lies to "start wars"... as if being the son of man, or of being the first of two horns in the current stream of emulations that lead to our current White House resident... anyway...

And I can see certainly see how going around taking issue with everyone would start actual military wars... strangely, knowing what I now know, it already has for years... none of which is my doing at all... and is the work of the anti-Christ...

And here I am doing my random reading, and it keeps taking me back to one message, subject, sermon.. apostasy.... and I keep thinking, God, why do you want me to alienate me more with church leaders in the United States, particularly Christians.. and He tells me its because I have to write this other thing about Who Are the Anti-Christ, and the important thing to point out there is that most people don't even know that they have become part of the body  of the anti-Christ...  These are the kinds of things that have been going through my mind as I've redone the site and made all sorts of new chapter titles in For the Love of the World...


So, last night, I wrote a letter to Dr. Mike (?) Murdock of the Wisdom Center. Ya always know something else is going to happen when I write to these people. I know something's up with the Cerullos, though I still haven't heard David speak. Anyway... either another psyop to make me distrust male ministers now, or there's something to it. Since God's in control, I assume there's always something to everything anymore :}

I said the God is in control thing on purpose cause Dr Murdock sort of made fun of that concept last night... I sorta laughed.. cause I understood the context of his remark... which leads to why I need to write the thing about how God works and how Satan and God fight each other, and smiting and all kinds of stuff that won't stand alone...

You all probably think, he's gonna blast this Dr Murdock. No, the truth is, I'm gonna empower him.

Now understand, I don't know anything about him except what I saw on tv the last 2 nights. The man has a tough job, a lot of people are depending on him, from what I can tell, he helps other people raise money as sort of a fund raiser... I'm sure he does more, he talks about his music in ways that present him as being one of God's faithful, and he's certainly intelligent, and we have somewhat similar pasts in terms of  family wealth, let's say...

Like I said, he walks a fine line. And here, I turn him on last night just after studying about apostasy... after doing alot of thinking and praying about what to do about finances... not ot mention, finding a way to "break out", to put myself in front of people so I can speak to them... all the while dealing with psychotronics and directed energy attacks...

And there he is on Camp Meeting... and I"m wondering, so if the other pastor isn't on, and they are, are they a piggyback too? Nonetheless, I was intrigued about this man and his ministry because I hate asking people for help, let alone money... and it's like, intro me, give me a mike and stand me up in front of people, I can talk all day long on whatever you wanna talk about, but I'm not much for causing public scenes.. I'm not an exhibitionist in any way..  And to be honest  with you, I'm not that big on the idea of using music to put me in front of people so I can talk about God... seems devious to me, although that seems to be in the cards somehow :} it's those angels :}

So, like I say, he walks a fine line.. talking for so long about the miracles of giving and faith and seeds of faith and planting seeds... I've been thinking about the cedars of Lebanon and the seeders of Lebanon lately... I think that blog in Lebanon picked up my site... and if the alternative news reports are true, Hamas either handled the situation is Israel with wisdom or they took my advice...

I won't go into what his fine line is, but I will say I'm impressed with the man. He's an interesting example of what appears to me to be someone seen as something.. maybe to some, a fundraiser, others, maybe and Assembly of God "preacher" .. I see an incredibly intelligent man who could only walk the fine lines so nimbly if he truly had knowledge... and it makes me wonder, as I do with all people, particularly with God's servants, if you weren't delivering messages to meet the expectations for whom you are collaborating.. as guest speaker or whatever... what else would you have to say or do in the world... and I'm not excluding the minsitry at all... if you thought God was calling you to do something you hgaven't  done, what would it be. I'm just geting the feeling you have a greater gift that you haven't shared...

Enough of that.. and then you wonder why he'll be a guy I'll point to on apostasy.. don't worry, I don't see him as an apostate. I think he's pretty cool. Course, I always do. :} And I always get sucked in by guys who say they know Christ is coming soon. :} I just like to mess with em a little.. plant seeds of my own.... do Oh God, Golden Visions a little.. it's fun.. and you never...

War on the Middle Class - Genocide of the Poor. That's the real headline, big guy.

Incredibly powerful reading last night...

A special hello to Paul and Edie.. S&G were one of those groups my brother introed me to, just about the time of El Condor Pasa... a song I was always fascinated with.

Speaking of who I am and all that.. the fun inquiry I've had is does it all mean I have 3 or 4 spirits? Is  Chuck a separate spirit? I think it's interesting that the Bible describes it as "possession"... which is the same as what's true when our spirits enter or posses any body when we come to this world by birth... yeah the everlasting life thing (PMS You sure took the long way on coming up with the 120 year thing... yeah, I always talk to perps this way. If you're gonna be around, might as well be civil. Ask the psyop guys. I'm known for it. Did you do the Juilanne thing that night on the forum? I'll bet it was. I was shocked by her invite to talk about God and all... did what I say offend you? Did you think I was arrogant?)

Anyway... and I wonder, if the Bible calls it possession, and it does, how will that be used against me? Good thing the Lutherans checked me out for demons :} Speaking of which, hi to my friends at Interstate... told ya I was writing a book... :}

Aesopian is fun, isn't it. Of course, mine is quasi aesopian because I try to not leave too much to the imagination :}

Karl.. I think we have them a little stymied on the executive privilege thing.. I hope you're enjoying it :} Told you we could have fun :} Meanwhile.. this wasn't the part I was thinking you'd be helping me with. but it's  a good start... we'll blame it on God :} Although I think the Supreme Court'll be on your side :} Isn't it fun  to watch God work.. it's the "whatever you do to gain advantage over others will be done to you" thing :} Don't forget that one. It's one of the rules in play under the "Golden Rule" doctrine fine print... I'm gonna write that one day too :}

Enough silliness.. I'm in a better mood now... I got  a sermon to write.. this ought to be good :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential  - 06 - The Obvious Child

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians - Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Trucking


11:57pm - I've been enjoying compiling the feinitions and such in preparation for writing about apostasy... before I say more about that...

There's a "psyops" person doing their thing with me, and I think I know who it is, doesn't matter, they know, and I just want to say I don't appreciate it. Arms outstretched and the other verses that'll be included as I write include the ones about giving people all sorts of chances and propositions to get them to come to their senses... there are plenty of people who I didn't think I needed to get to come to their senses... ya know, all that's true.. but the thing about walking away from people... it's not out of sociopathy or lack of compassion... it's just that all the people who have deceived me have caused a great deal more suffering than needed to be... whether you count that from 2002 on, or long before. It doesn't matter. What matters is now. And I can't be concerned with people covering for other people and trying to play on my sympathies. It ties into this.

I know there are millions of people suffereing from psychotronics. Suffering. Obama signs orders stopping torture an Gitmo, which is fine, but it's one more cover for the use of psychotronics, which he knows about, and basically approved of when he voted for the FISA Telecom legislation that could never stand up to a legitimate Constitutional debate... and wouldn't without extreme public circumstances. The same is true of most of the laws stripping liberties that are designed to prevent investigation in order to avoid constitutioanl debate and legality. So worrying about people who can't be trusted isn't worth my time. Other things are much more important. ANd if you have a legitimate explanation and are willing to face me with it, cool. Otherwise, it's just a psyop. And it was.

One decision I made about all of those victims long ago... probably 5 years ago.. was that they weren't going to get relief until it became more widespread and acknowledged... it's just gotta happen. It's been part of why I was so patient in letting things develop. I had become concerned about naming people on the site because of, in being, being the son of man, all that part of people being harmed presented itself as true, and I wanted to give a good of thought as to how I proceeded... Part of winning the war of hearts and minds is about putting it on the line, and I don't know how things can succeed without pressing forward... and it will force the issue to the surface. Another thing I put in as "a shame it has to be this way".

In doing what I'll call due diligence on the apostasy thing.. I want to assure Christians and ministers that this isn't about being critical... I've said for years that there was a need to get back to basics.. fundamentals, if you will.. and I meant in the context of the world as it is now... as it could be... in a lot of ways, it's more about reading Ecclesiastes every once in a while just to get back in touch with source and purpose...

The good and bad news for me is that in these inquiries, I have to examine myself in the same ways as I would hope others would take on, as well as be sure to empower and not diminish. And then, of course, particularly because of this topic, I get a little defensive :} I  like to keep questioning myself. I like being reminded not to let my thoughts and feelings, my communications with God, become colored by external influences.. it's sort of like enjoying writing all this in more or less a void... the parts that I did, even before I knew I would or was supposed to, about what I've seen in the past and in the present... I suppose those could be apostasy in some people's eyes... although in context, are more a fulfillment of prophecy. And then there's all the trends and such that I see.. the dialectics... and then like tonight, discovering that - even though I thought I was always pretty good at psychology and ontology, that I'm actually a cosmologist... do you need a degree to be a cosmologist? :}

I can't help thinking about the mental images I always get when thinking of Israel and Lebanon... saw some scriptures last  night that described some things I saw about the forests of Lebanon... spooked me...

I was looking up apostasy in the dictionary and accidentally came across "THe Apostle Creed".. went to check it out... I had no idea all the different doctrines and desciptions of religons I came across...

As for Calvinism.. I still haven't read what I need to read.. but I still say I'm going to look at it and say that what he saw was the electronic singularity either malfunctioning or purposefully targeting the "sealed"... as only the anti-Christ would, and the technology exists, and they are slowly setting up the tracking on those they'd call "the good people". I'll bet ya.

The Kingdom of God requires a light touch as it is a highly balanced "cosmos" that deserves a great deal of loving care and respect... as complex as it is, it's actually quite simple, and just as easily harmed when people acquiesce or act in acquiescence with the purposes of the anti-Christ.

That's a global thing.... and the transformation to the Kingdom will not occur overnight, although  the day I am present and acknowledged in the world will greatly accelerate the delivery of His promises. That's why I hope people understand why I would agree with the statements of the Dalai Lama a few years back when he suggested that people select a faith or religion, of any name or sort... in order to begin the return to the basics of our common values, as well to regain the discipline to discern and apply our principles in our lives by choice once again. Ultimately, that is why I must be sure to represent the interests and right sof all faiths and moral disciplines... and that includes atheists, and I hope you give some serious thought of why, as a  person who is being Christ-like, that would be true.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 11 - Thru My Eyes

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lou Reed - Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Ocean - Tear Down These Walls - 01 - Tear Down These Walls

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens -  I Don't Wanna Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - Don't Stop Believing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Boston - More Than A Feeling

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Canned Heat - Let's Work Together

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Mr Blue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Wyclef Jean - Greatest Hits - We Trying To Stay Alive

Nothin like a weekend mix. :} Got  anew tune I'm working on. The title will sound familiar :} I got some poems coming on too :} I miss my painting :}

1/31/2009 3:59pm - I have a bunch of interesting stuff to say... to who, I'm not sure, but I'm sure the psyops guys will enjoy it.

Someone please cue up George Mitchell for a memo in the Israel Section of the UN to him regading the future, and my expectations and analysis... also, tell Eric Griffin I have some really good jokes for him to use in his act regarding God... really good stuff.. I'm thinking about making a recording to give him.. maybe I'll write him a letter. By the way, I'm actually gonna start sending these letters by mail, particularly to Congress, to ensure they are tracked for future FOIA requests.

The psyops guys are really trying to justify a few people... you all need to undestand.. I don't view the psyops as personal anymore, they're just.. what was that word, big guy.. a nuisance... so it's not that big a deal to me...

However :}

I figure I'm gonna withhold the future stuff so it won't get emulated.. although I feel like I'm being prodded about the Middle East.. though I won't disclose it cause it can't work unless I get to see some facts and can work there on the ground... nonetheless.. I'm gonna write the love chapters.. I figure I'll get to that somewhere around the first of March... I hear there'll be a new album out by someone that will fit the next love psyop, except here's how we're gonna play it this time. I think it'll make it a little more interesting.

You guys set me up like you always do... I'll secretly fall for it... and I'll write the chapters based upon what it evokes.. should be interesting... I don't think freud, and numerous religions, based upon the few words I saw last night in the descriptions of certain religions (including Presbyterian) will truly appreciate what I'll say, until they actually talk to me about it... :} I don't mean to be contrary, si I'll challenge people to read it and see if they can figure out why what I'll say isn't...

Meanwhile, we'll do the Carly Simon thing, and one day, we'll finance a charity by selling the name of the person some of the love stuff will be about.. maybe that way, it can be more productive, and like my songs, I don't have to be quite so intimate and sincere, and embarass myself for feeling deeply.

Speaking of cueing people up... Wolf.. I was watching today, and just about the time you did the Carter interview (tell Jimmy he'll want to read the memo to Mitchell, too)

Speaking of apostasy... what an interesting study.. as the doble cross continues... the Bible says there are 2 people out there tracking me as "prophets".. and as the Biblical word lawyers... scribes... and I wrote that it would not be good if I had to explain all the bad things that have happened in my life in order to prove and vindicate myself. I understand why I was pushed into the position of having to do it, to make it look like one more guy who went off the deep end... what's done is done.

I was reading last night, and laughed when I got to the part - in a footnote, of the same Bible that I say has certain things in a certain edition that prove the "hoax" -  that says the false prophet would feel compelled to explain the reconciliation.. I find it interesting that the same Bible aslo footnotes the need for an era of reconciliation. So if this church calls for such an era, and then condemns someone for explaining it... it looks like one more element of the "double-cross" to me.. the same one that makes it appear that the Son of God could either be Jesus or Satan... supposedly depending on whether, in this "incarnation", he turned out good or bad, based upon the circumstances and life experiences being the Son of Man... with the Illuminati/Ancients/Elders of Zion who claim to be Jews but are not.... with them believing they could kick me around enough to make me cynical, cold, uncaring, and either walk away, commit suicide, or agree to do things their way... just like they did to my father. Kind of like they asked Dr. Martin Luther King to do when the FBI asked him to commit suicide for the good of the country.

And I start getting the feeling that I've been manipulated into exposing the double cross.. a difficult one that could divide lots of people.. easily could be the hoax Nostradamus was talking about, and which my "inside sources" have consistently assured me of over time... And the bad guys put me in the position of believing a source, the Bible my mother left me.. that I now believe was left to me to provide evidence of the double-cross... which I think my mother understood... and they knew...

And I start thinking, so here I am put into the position for doing something some might say is heretic and apostatic.. I love it.. and this one turns around easy..

So I think, what have I actually some, and where is my writing and "speaking" going... and what made me think this is that I just told Mitchell I wouldn't tell him my plan.. and I've told Obama and others the same thing... in order to make sure emulations don't spoil it for later... and it can't be innoculated... and because concentric plans can't be done emulatively and be considered implemented for the sake of photops and history books... once again for the historical ones... the scribes... I think I've walked some pretty fine lines... of doing the right things regarding policy, despite not being poilitcally correct... Ultimately, that non-PC thing is what will save the day. My dad was like that too :}

I'm sure most people will see things differently than me.. like I see the prophecies as a warning, not an instruction to cause it, or to accept Satanic actions as needing to happen to deliver the Kingdom of God.. just as the warnings of the emperor, to me, are warnings to be wiser than one who would think they are or who would emulate me and my father's Will  and to not make the mistakes that would lead the world to apocalypse.

Speaking of PC - I now realize some people must have thought I understood more of the world and myself when this Blue Finned Atlantic Tuna popped up... like I said that day, I trust myself now. I saw the purpose of the Revelations, and how that could be presented in a way that could empower everyone, and still do, and I know sometimes I probably seem arrogant or fixed in my ways.. but I want to assure you I am neither...   

I don't want to diminish anyone who understands why I'm saying this...   but I'm not audacious because I like to put on circus sideshows and such.. I'm audacious because  I have principles that I'm willing to stick to, no matter how it looks, knowing full well in the end it'll prove itself to have ben right.. and I won't say necessarily I am the  only person with the right answers... except the one single right answer I always understood that my father said and that is:

There's never enough time to do things right, except in a Democracy.

That philosophy does not, however, apply to short term economic bail out plans made to look like long-range concentric plans that clearly accomplished nothing but payoffs to financiers holding this country and the world hostage, as well as to give the Democrats and their tri-fecta the cash in hand to effect facade policies and begin the next phase of the overthrow of the United States. And to enrich the corporations they will empower in other countries to complete the bankrupting and serf-izing of America... just as in Rome...  in order to achieve you illegal and immoral global agenda...

I have plans and outlooks that empower the world. Obama and all, your plans simply manipulate the world. That is the evil that must be abated from the government of the United States.

John McCain.. I'm still waiting for  asuccinct explanation to "a cause greater than yourself"> I'm serious about my expectation of your explanation.

John Boehnert.. last fall, you made some statements on the house floor that caught my attention.. that I decided to give you the opportunity to prove yourself by.. I thought you were going to cry.. that should jog your memory.. So, I refuse to declare myself as siding with any party, but fully siding with the United States of America... I say the games end and people either need to stand up for their espoused principles, or they need to find new jobs... no more veils of the facade of righteousness. Have I gotten your attention, John.

What I found most interesting last night was the definition of anarchy... check this out...

The theory that all forms of government interfere unjustly with individual liberty and are therefore undesireable
A political theory opposed to all forms of government and governmental restraint and advocating voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups in order to satisfy their needs. Stood for the  divine character of established authority against the anarchy of free and critical thought.

What I find most interesting about this, John , is that these definitions of anarchy... if you strip away the propaganda and the public images that have been formed around the word anarchy, don't these definitions express the same basic feelings of the supposed Republican ideology and Federalism? Isn't it interesting that the balance between government and the Kingdom of God hangs in the nuances and the fine balance between justice and equality and separtism and entitlement? And so, when you look at the intent of the United States, the reason for its creation, can you see why the intended model of the United States truly is and was the Kingdom of God. And why, if the United States as the anointed nation, chooses to turn ts back on God and the principles lent to this nation, doesn't it seem appropriate that dispensationalism should occur. If, in fact, it is important to the U.S. Government to perpetuate a nation under God, and I do not believe it is the true desire of the elite of this government, then this nation's leaders had bette start acting like it. It's a pretty simple message.

And John, I think you know better than anyone else.. I'm not going to stop. You know why, and I think you actually hope for my success. I ask you to empower it.

Meanwhile.. Wolf.. ya know I respect your skills.. I WILL do a mystery science theter 3000 on ya to exemplify propaganda and bias in the media... even knowing some of the good you've done in the background.. It's time for people to stop covering their butts,and start covering the actual news. Please pass it along, expelling the Palestinians will not work. I don't care what the public story is. I actually hope Mitchell's initiatives work, but we both.all know it's just a show to make Obama look like "that one".. and like every other settlement, it will collapse when Israel and the U.S. devise their next scheme to justify violence, against the will and command and commandmnts of God. Never forget that I am the best friend Israel and Jews ever had... and that the truth IS what will set them free before my work is done.

Oh yeah.. I figured out who Texas Angers pointed to thanks to CRG... I wonder if the guy who presented that knew it had multiple meanings? :} I was close to the answer of the guy in the Israeli security forces.

'Nuff for now... got some stuff to write. Oh yeah, I still have a sense of humor..   but between emulations, deceptions, hijacking of religions and nations.. I've got a few serious things on my mind... and by the way.. you don't explain how to do reconciliation, because people won't get it... they'll try in earnest... ya just gotta do reconciliation, and I know how and what needs to be done. That fact will prove itself before much longer.

Angels.. please have faith. We will succeed.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 03 - (I'll Be Your) Angel

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

I really like the rainbow. A special Hi to Kenny.. you've been on my mind lately.. I hope you're well. :}

5:14 pm Ya know, there actually is something else I want to make clear... all this talk of dispensationalism, condemnations, stuff like that.. it's not arbitrary... just like I'm glad that what God does with your beings is up to Him, I just know the purose of that is to allow the Kingdom to establish itself It's funny, I always thought the same about different forms of government.. if they weren't subverted by infiltrants and evil people seeking to deatroy them, if they were left to function within the theories they were trying to employ, they would probably all work in their own ways. It's the struggle between factions, regimes, power brokers, that generate the disharmony and failures of societies... not the public politics or the rise and fall of parties... but the failure of societies because their micro-cosms are not allowed to function, like putting glue inside a mechanical watch and then blaming the watchmaker for making a bad product.  I'm finally getting to the analogies I've been trying to find...

So, in my letter to Israel.. as people, leaders, religious leaders who say God is punishing the United States and other crazy stuff that proves they don't understand God or the cosmology of the universe... let alone the nature and Kingdom of God...  as they blame God in order to deflect blame from their crimes... remember, on the record, that God never turned turned His back on anyone.. but those rich people who can't fit through the eye of a needle let alone the gates of heaven turned their backs obn God, and they want you to do the same so they can justify their crimes and hold you hostage with the knowledge of your crimes committed on their behlaf, the anti-Christ, the true evil doers... remember that this is what God has had to say to every empire He anointed and sanctioned, and truly is the reason why He exclaims "Is there no one I can trust?"



Leviticus 26:3 If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them;

4: Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

40: If they shall confess their iniquity, and the iniquity of their fathers, with their trespass which they trespassed against me, and that they have also walked contrary unto me;

41: And that I also have walked contrary unto them, and have brought them into the land of their enemies; if then their uncircumcised hearts be humbled, and they then accept the punishment of their iniquity:

42: Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaac, and also my covenant with Abraham will I remember; and I will remember the land.

This is the standard, and the Word of God, which must be met in every action and policy you commit. And it is expected  of you.

I submit that the above is the same "deal" the United States had with God, and which it has betrayed. You know I'm telling the truth.

You guys make it clear you want to do it  yourself, your way, and that the suffering of so many is just the way of the world. Read your Bibles, you self-righteous leaders, and acknowledge to yourselves that your "go along" attitudes ARE anti-Christian.. they just are... and there is no justification or rationalization for what you all have endorsed... there just isn't.. and it isn't a matter of my supposed naivete... It  is a matter of my knowledge and understanding, keeping in mind tha every individual and spirit and being is important, just as God has no desire that any spirit be deprived of liberty, and is why He has been so patient. But no longer.

You so called leaders really are going to have to make some hard choices now. ANd you need to accept that the Bible says how it will turn out... you can live in denial, but the world is going to change on Monday, and you bad guys won't like it one bit. And that'll be a good thing.

And I always look forward to findng out what those changes are, cause I don't know. Ask God :} You know, the really big guy. He's the guy who "dictated" no longer.. see Shelby, you have your dictator :} Not the guy you wanted, though, was it?

Dennis K... I don't know if you've been silent or silenced.. but I can say this... you're being set up to look like subterfuge, and the DOP executive staff email is being intercepted, redirected, and basically, making most organizing functions difificult if not impossible. Whatcha gonna do about it?

5:49 pm.. I always get talkative right before I start writing, and begin to collect my thoughts of the day.

If I was president... I'd write a blog that told people what I was really thinking about... where have iheard that before. Can you imagine people with a president who did this everyday? I'd do it too, I really would. I think the whole world would rest easier.. they'd say, he's kind of weird, but at least you know what he's thinking...

To Jimmy Carter... Ahmadinejad is not  a blabbermouth, he just tells a certain brand of truth that you and your Council On Foreign Relations friends don't want Americans to know.  His brand is the actual truth. I think it's funny that he speaks what I speak, in paradigms and truth.. I won't say I know or accept his views of everything, but the bottom lines of his views always end up beigng the baseline truth. As for the Middle East, when Israel recognixes the right of Palestinians to exist, that will be the day that real peace begins. Say anythng you want in public, but Exxon's record profits, the discovery of natural gas reserves off the Gaza Strip.. the political subjugation by the Israelis toward the Palestinians.. the whole works.. and I don't care to hear about Druids. we need to deal with today, and the covenants that must be kept and that need to be created again because there is a better way, and you know it. You know the whole story, and Jimmy, former hero that you are to me,  you truly are an apostate, all the way down to teaching Sunday School, if you actually do.

Here's the closest thing you'll get from me regarding explainign reconciliation, and it's actuall nothing new.. stuff I said years ago.. The reconciliation begins witht he United States, without commitment to financial compensation for damages of any sort, apologizes to the world for its crimes and trespasses, with a global call to  each nation and every people to do the same one another, so that we can say we can begin again, with no secrets, no coercion and no condemnation. A New World with a New Beginning.

I say, and let it be known and understood as intended, that Mr. Ahmadinejad will receive the apology He wishes, just as he will be asked and required to speak regarding his own nation and people when the time comes. I will consider that a promise to him and from him. So be it. Ake.

I wonder Mr. Ahmadinejad is actually saying this stuff on his own, or if he's read the site.. cause he just keeps saying stuff that I said years ago.. mostly after I sent the stuff to the the Tehran Times.. cracks me... I think's it's going round in circles..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

Remember, no headlines there folks, I said the same things long ago... I'm glad I was in the dark back then. :} Barack, do your  guys really think thy can contain this? God does have a sense of humor, doesn't He? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bruce Springsteen - The Rising - 05 - Countin' On A Miracle

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Howard - Spark - 02 - Alive In The World

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Sailing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - All About Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Name Of Love - 01 - Keep It Real

A special request from the psyop guys. And the game has begun... jerks. :} They never play by the rules. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Read My Lips


11:06 Came across metanoia.. convesion, transformation.. yeah, so what? Talking about me or you? Either way, your friends are working hard to change my mind but the facts are the facts and I'm tired of being played with by people who call themselves smart and experts and aren't... who just make fools of themselves by continuing to perpetuate actions that lead to no good. That's called evil.

Words are real cool, and I'm enjoying clarifying vernacular, for myself and others, but the fact is that I don't need trining.. what I need is exposure tobe able totlak to people.. otherwise, the psyop route is a distraction and a waste of time. That opinion won't change. I'm a human being. I exist. I expect to be treated as such. The sooner I''m out, the sooner suffering ends. Don't believe in me, that's alright. Ultimately, like I say, you live with the world you choose.. don't blame me... jerk me around, that leaves you with something to prove, not me...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 02 - US Serene Corps Hymn

Onward Christian Folgers!

A tiny bit of Bible study from tonight. The song is great. Sure to be part of "God is in Control" I'm having fun "ordering" all these thoughts and making them truly succinct and concentric... I know it's gonna work... JT.. a little more than coming up born again, don't ya think? :} Ya could have been just a bit more specific :}


St John 5:19-47

St John 5:30 I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father  which hath sent me.

31  If  I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.

32 There is another that beareth witness of me, and I know that the witness which he witnesseth of me is true.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael W Smith - Stand - 07 - Grace

Ya know, I was just thinking, thsi dictionary is huge and it has lots of fun stuf in it, chroma charts, star charts... I used to play this free association word game of looking up one word in the dictionary, adn then I'd find the word in the description I didn't understand and look that up, and then the next word in that description I didn't understand.. and so on until I had looked up 10 words stemming from looking up the first word. It's a fun game. :} You learn alot, but he most interesting part is that it's like I Ching, it's cyclical. Not circular or self referencing, but cyclical. I'm beginning to remember why my dad liked crossword puzzles.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bee Gees - Words

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - I Know What I Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tom Waits - The Piano Has Been Drinking

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Michael - One More Try

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Name Of Love - 02 - Change Your Mind

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sly & the Family Stone - Family Affair

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Stranger In A Strange Land

2/1/2009 - 2:37 pm -

I was just sitting around thinking how the 2nd time I wrote to Dobbs, I felt compelled (I'm sure, thanks to v2k) to tell him that people saw me as enigmatic; that I would tell people my ideas and they would look at me sort of strangely and then 3-5, some would say, 10 years later, the same people would "come up with the same idea" and implement it or seek my opinions later when it made sense to them.

I don't say that to put Lou on the spot.. I doubt I could put him on the spot anymore than I already have...

The point of this is.. I know there's  aminister participating in my spyops on the v2k side.. and yeah, I know, everyone thinks the v2k stuff isn't true... you'll find out on that score soon enough that it's true.. it's a scientific fact..

The point is... audactiy isn't a matter of doing crazy or flambuoyant acts.. it's about having the guts to do what is needed to be done when it needs to be done, and being willing to be bold enough to do them in a way that fits into a concentric plan without violating core principles...

Ronnie: So when I addressed Rumsfeld as Donny, and Woolsey as Jim Bob, I knew it wasn't typical, and I knew people might make fun of it later... but I decided to take my father's advice.. there is noone above or below you.. equality... and I addressed them that way with as much affection and respect as I could, all the while letting them know that I considered them to be equal citizens, not above me or anyone else... and I was as surprised as anyone that they responded... until I realized much later who I am, and that the U.S. Gov't has been suppressing me my whole life.. all of which was a dialectic to make me look like a fool and more... but that's alright.. they would also have you believe that my political actions caused my own suppression and oppression.. despite the fact that I can prove the psyops used against me for decades.. of course, like a rape victim, having the victim assume responsibility for their own persecution is straight out of the satanic ritual abuse handbook... like promoting the idea that God INTENDED, as a test, for CHristians or people of faith to suffer... like a requirement.. which could not be farther from the truth... in a sense, religious leaders were lead to believe that they should tell the flocks that if they suffer, it's a sign of their righteousness....I'll be writing more on this topic when I get into "faith in Jesus Christ", which is actually a statement of Christ's faith in us more than ours in His.

Like Murdock says, if you think twice, you'll be the genius in your family. I plan to make him think twice on a bunch of things.. and the thing that impresses me about him, and I hope I'm not wrong, is that he's smart enough to have fun doing it... notice though, what I'm saying is that I, and Jesus, trust the people.. .another emulation foisted by George W. Bush as he lied through his teeth about almost everything....

He was a false Christ.. one of many operating in secrecy.. a true sign of their apostasy... one of many who have come and gone, being unwilling to operate transparently because he and his friends knew that no one would approve. Obama says he'll be transparent, and already he's proven himself a hypocrite. I know a lot of people think Obama is the answer to a prayer.. in  avery short time you'll realize that he really is just another politician, that his agenda is the same as Bush and the COuncil on Foreign Relations, and that your denial in the matter will be interesting towatch as the truth becomes apparent.

Anyway, you can laugh all you want at my means, but you'll find that my ways work... and sure, my imposed exile is no fun, but Jesus put himself in between the goverenment and the citizens. . and I know lots of people do that, but not the way I did... innocently, without guile, but with a commitment to truth. And doing what I felt was right at any moment.

In "We Have A Voice", I said I was no one to believe in, and that I didn't want to be anyone's leader, but a partner... and I still say that, except it's time to be the leaders, and I accept it as being privileged to serve in such an important matter.. the future of the world...

You may not understand the way I work.. Dobbs might say he didn't agree but then how would you explain the immediate shift in hios coverage of the news at the time and since? You probably can't, I can.. it's why I still respect Dobbs... whether he liked me or not (since I had been planning a mass boycott against broadcast news) he saw a good idea, or the basis of a good idea, and went with it. Maybe he saw some truth he didn't see before.. the truth is, I think Dobbs was origianlly recruited to particpate in "taking down the rabble rouser" and at some point, he found out I wasn't such a rabble rouser, probably was lied to about me as I find so many people have...

And I suppose if he knew who I was, Christ, and he believed the prophecies of the Bible as instruction and inevitability, then I could see why people would want ot stop the son of man, particularly if the son of man had been unable toheed the warnings of what could happen if too firm a hand was used to transform the world... in the holographic sense, the sword and fire from his mouth could be the order for military war, as George Bush would have you believe.. or it could be the other base Bush covered, the war of hearts and minds.. which in his case, as the anti-Christ or leader thereof (now replaced by Obama) was to train people to hate one another, fascism, if they refused to agree and conform to the ideology he represented, now represented by Obama. By altering the conscious part of the cosmos... which then would justify military war against people like MUslims.. just as Jews were singled out in World Warr II as the worst of the worst... one day you will understand that Israel and the United States are working together to effect genocide against the Arab and Persian states... and then I will ask you, when you were in denial and I and others sought to warn you that that genocide.. the chemicals and radiation in use, are also affecting you.. with the same chemicals and radiation... part of the reason the life-expectancy in the U.S. is dropping, and why infant mortality is rizsing.. and our country is presenting all the symptoms of a study of what social factors exist when civil war occurs.. as developed by Al Gore.

(B y the way, Al.. even our pets know how important the election is.. I've got an old cat slowly dying of renal failure and what would appear to be leukemia. an autopsy would show microwave radiation.. my dog is aging quickly suddenly... so, tell me, in what way was the election good news for my pets...)

It is the conformity.. the very acquiecence to social policies of politicians that has led to the deterioration of the cultures and morals of world leadership.. and like the frogs, slowly dying in a kettle being warmed to a biol, people, citizens don't even know they're in the kettle... AL knows, and he keeps his mouth shut.

So when you "evaluate and judge me?"  just remember that if you think that conforming to the spcific ways of Christianity.. for those of you who believe you're going to mold me into the spitting image of a Christian minister so I will be more acceptable to Christianity... think about how weird that is... you're judging God and expecting Christ to conform to Christianity... when He already does...

I'm not saying you're wrong, because I do want to be able to present myself as a minister, cosmologist, philologist with a bit of linguistician.. but a minister to all, not just those of the Christian religion...

And I hear ministers speak of faith and forgiveness, and yes, God forgives all... but that doesn't mean there isn't accountablity, it doesn't mean you don't have to prove yourself in every momnet.. not like a test or harsh tyranny or discipline.. but that rippling effect of the Golden Rule needs to affect every moment of your life, and when it doesn't, then there is a price. I don't want to overstate that, but there is a price to yourself and collectively... on the material and spiritual planes.

I'm not saying it's not important to honor religious customs.. they're all good when done with the right intent... but for me, right now, the idea that perfecting my facility in Christianity.. like being able to  quote the Bible... it isn'tof greatest importance.. it may make ministers look good to then be able to say, we helped teach him, it might be good to say see, we were right in the way we were being, and we accept Him because He fits our image of what Christ would be like...  funny how it was supposed to be the other way around, we were made in His image....

No one has ever seen the FACE of God.. of course, meaning that His face is presented by the body His spirit inhabits... just like coming to the realization that my father, as His father before Him and before Him, were "the sons of men" of their time, God always present in the flesh... and my presence now, seeking the attention of spirits of being, is because God is saying "okay, that's it... no more.."

The funny part of that is that if, like me, you were to judge my father based on outward appearances, he sure didn't fit the mold of a divine being.. even claimed to be an atheist, which in his "think twice" world, meant he ascribed to no specific theology or religion... but other than his drinking (like Noah) He actually llived a very Christian life.... and itw was funny because I distinctly remember after my father died, just after the funeral, my mother telling me that she had a private conversation with Pastor Culwell, who led HIs funeral service, that Pastor Culwell assured her tha my father was in fact a true Christian. She said he said that with a wink in his eye. I figured that wazs always one of those "planted" remarks my mom, and others, would leave me - like a clue they'd burn into my mind - like my dad would do... and the pattern is clear, that His planted remarks are relevant to the moral questions dividing the world today.. another reason I am so certain of my lineage, heritage and responsibilities.. again, only wishing I"d read and understood the Bible long ago.. because I actually would have seen myself in it.. except it wasn't meant to be that way, as I needed to learn life's lessons and be a citizens' representative first.. but the politicians believed they could even twist that around by making it be about fitting into and conforming to politics, and not the moral "family values" of God.. instead of the othere way around.. just like they did to my dad.  I cry for him now, knowing what I know, just as I respect him for it more and more in every moment.

SO, if ministers and CHristians believe I reject them, understand, I believe you reject me, and there's all sorts of evidence.. and I still don't understand how even someone claiming to be a minister would be so dismissive of  anyone inquiring into their divine providence, treating them with compassion and the same kind of love they would seek when praying to God for their own guidance. Seeking their purpose, and the ways to accomplish it.

So, for me, when it comes to conforming, remember that the whole premise of liberty depends upon individuality... not rebelliousness, acting out or  being flambouyant.. just as the proof of grace is not works, but that works done will be of good worth if they are of the Grace of God....

For me, it's not about conforming, it's about being true to myself, what I believe, separating that from what God tells me, and there's still tons of stuff God's told me that I'm separating from the conditioning of the propaganda of the world and the truth, the literal and holographic truth He tells me, stuff that even has me in denial at times - so don't think I don't understand the need and health of some denial, as it allows us all to inquire earnestly and deeply -

I mentioned once I took a course that was advertised as - in an ontological inquiry - as a course that will cause you to see your commonality with other people - as in "you're like everyone else in most ways"..  and in many ways, I did discover that.. but I also discovered that I wasn't like people in many ways.. for many reasons...

And I think the biggest one came from my ability to take a good idea, or select the good of a bad idea - and instantly implement it efficiently and frugally into a vast, concentric plan that optimized effectiveness and efficiency... and that same, systematic, pragmatic AND out of the box approach... that doesn't necessarily make sense to most people operating inside of the conformed cosmos.... the concensus of our society and world.... but almost always makes sense to people once they've surrendered their opinions and "conformed creativity" to the facts and options availed by what I suggest.. once they've given up thier "selves" to facts and guidance from God... not their opinions of their interpretations, but the literal truth...

You could say, that's all well and good for the business world.. do you think God doesn't run the world like a business? What do you think angels and saints and ministers are? Public servants. God's servants. In theory, there should be no difference in the level of integrity... especially in a nation that claims to be "under God"...

The idea that there is no sin unless you think it's a sin may not be true, but the theory is. If your level of understanding. ANd sin doesn' thave to mean you die spiritually. You can't be held accountable for what you don't know is wrong. Increasing the level of spiritiuality or consciousness of an individual gives them access to a greater inquiry into how to apply the Golden Rule of love into every aspect, moment thought and action of our lives..

And the idea isn't about causing anyone to take on that they sin more often than they think in order to guilt them into some other sort of conformity... it's to allow for a personal and cultural life that empowers itself and every spirit and being in every thing done within the concentric plan...

There is no separating government from religion in that respect, the intended transfer of heritiage and values of the teachings of God.. and I say that because I say all writings of spiritual type (whatever that means) is the word of God... the teachings of God being reflected in the conduct of the government.. not as a theological ideology, but as foundation of values we say we agree upon... Not dogma or religion.   A foundation of values.

And right now, particularly right now, there is greater value in dealing with the cosmos than concerning ourselves with scriptural orientation and representing any particular faith.

Now, if Christians want to interpret that as some sort of rejection, I understand that, but then  assert that you are being vain and disrespective of the totality of the creation, whose spirits are not prepared to hear anyone person, not even God, especially not God, say do it this way or else.  What's more important in the war of hearts and minds, the global war of hearts and minds... is the establishment of core foundational values, the foundation of which can be built upon.. but without, has no chance of standing.

That's why I say what's important in the churches right now - being impossible to separate politics and religion, particularly at this time when politics has become so corrupt - it's important for the churches to re-educate the flocks to seek truth.. not from the mouths of leaders or their propaganda organs  but by reading, study groups committed to object views of the facts, not just the writers you agree with.. to be willing to accept truth... to set aside pre-conceived opinions and ideas... to be willing to look at words and compare them to actions...

By doing htis, you don't have to take my word about anything going on in the world, but you will see that I am telling you the turth about what the U.S. Government is doing, and other nations and factions.. and why we must first make a stand to expel the anti-Christ...  because I can tell you right now, when it comes down to it, regardless of profession of faith, those who are faithful an those who are stuck in the middle are already saved... those who choose to deny God and to deny or refuse to acknowledge the example of Jesus are not going to be going to hell... it just means that somewhere along the lines, after generations of deceptions, they don't have the understanding of God's plan, let alone the intent of the creation of the United States, let alone the true nature of God. I call them blameless, not sin free or errant in some ways, but blameless... if you are wondering why, then I say that's a good inquiry for you..

The other third.. the third that accounts for 2/3 of the death of lives and beings and creations over time, and with the potential to do the same en masse at this time... are the guilty.. and as far as I'm concerned, they're the almighty's problem.

Obama by the way, is emulating my stance of not personally dealing with the crimes of the U.S> Govet, particularly in the last 20 years, by saying he's not going to delve into the past..  I said I'd turn it over to the Atty General to be prosecuted, as it should be, while I dealt with the present and future of the nation and the world. You may think I'm crazy for thinking I should be president, but wht's crazy about what I just said. It's very pragmatic.

It's about justice... it's about the need for ministers to remind people of certain simple things like justice.. one of the  primiary tenants of the Kingdom of God that allows for the Kingdom of God. I'm sure I'll speak of that more as time goes on.

It's about  aneed for ministers to cause people to notice that they are being deceived, and that truth does exist, and theat they do have the power to force the U.S. Governemtn to abandon the financiers and money and power as their gods, and to acknowledge God Almighty again.. and to encourage activism, Christ like activism, which does not have to be contextualized as an expression of God's will.

That will be a primary topic of discussion of the necessity for separation of church and state. Government should never promote religious or moral standars - but it should reflect those of its citizens.

Anyway... so here I sit, writing what appears to be something of a sermon :} Didn't mean to... I actually have other things I should be doing...

What I wanted to say most of all is that all I want to do all the time is talk to people, and bring them back to life, let the deaf hear and the blind to see the light..   and I mean that in terms of the truth, and getting people to open their hearts again... that is the hope of the fiath and grace  of God that was emulated recently and betrayed so much..

I don't know how to value my time, and I actually really don't care except that I don't like to be a burden.. and I made a few jokes a while abck about people who make their living just talking to people.. which isf funny because I've made a good living for years in the Silicon Valley and Seattle doing just that, now that I think of it.. :} and I don't consider writing all of this talking to people at all...because I really believe that I can't possibly deliver these kinds of messages and actually have people understand it without interaction..

I know the government wants to keep me sequesterd,and they're doing a good job o f it. I know people purporting to be minsiters who are helping them. And I know there are other ministers who know i am here and won't step forward.

All I want to say is, like I said about God, He isn't impressed with being God... and even if you don't believe I am Christ, I'm not impressed by being Christ, but I do understand the responsibilities and I welcome them because I know I can fulfill the needs... maybe you think I'm too political and don't want to believe the truths.. but the olitics is where the evil is right now.. and there's so much suffering going on...

I wonder if you truly undertand what it would be like to know that God is empowering you to transform the world into the embodiment of His Kingdom... to know what could be... on the condition posed by God over and over "Is there no one I can trust?"  Just one. Think about that. And then consider the frustration I feel over the suffering of the world, while God awaits His faithful to be faithful.. never forgetting what there is and was to look for over time, over the nearly 500 years of the end of days.. where are the historians who could prove that fact? And thus, prove the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end times? (other than the big guy or KOKid?)

Anyway.. more than anything, I want to put it in your laps. I'm available, I know how to talk to people, and like I told Miss America, I'm willing to answer any and all questions, I'm not that concerned about knowing dogma and being able to quote passages from the Bible.... but I know represent God and God's plan in this world... and if that interests you, don't bother me with psyop games, use me to deliver the world into His hands.

Think twice.

The church in is the temple of the Father and the Son. Jesus said He could destroy the church and rebuild it in 3 days. They laughed. They crucified Him, and in 3 days, he arose, rebuilt... the church in His temple...

Pretty audaious.,  nothing typical about that. Yet, the same people who were His disciples did not believe His prophecies and accept HIm when He returned... thus, the evolution of the cosmos, and the perpetual existence of a Son of Man.. until now, when He pokes His head out and says, that's enough.

And tha's what I'm doing. I pray that one day, others will have the courage to join and empower me to the completion of HIs will and the full establishment of His kingdom, Forever and Ever. Ake. Amen.

God blesss you all

Supremes & Four Tops - River Deep Mountain High

PS Mike - why would people tithe... because it's the right thing to do.... to give with an expectation of  receiving is not grace or faith. But maybe, in your ministry, you are there for people who God wisheds to be blessed, and have at least one part of His love be worth faith in their eyes, in their days and times of tribulation. Please don't ever call a follower a minishing term like "stupid" again, particularly not in a sermon.


11:01pm I keep thinking to myself, what could I say to Christian ministers in particular that would have them understand what I'm trying to say, and at the same time actually have them undertand why our roles are different but that I need them to back me up...

This is the closest thing I can come up with: the "context" of ministers is to "prepare the  way"... be sure people understand the "truth" of God's word and plan, and promises of certain expectations upon the second coming... Well, Jesus came back after 3 days, just like He said He would, and nobody believed Him. Not really. I figure "He's" been back oh, about, 20-30 times, checks things out, asserts some things and says, no not time yet, oh well, at least they know a prophet's been amongst them".. and he goes way for a while, and then comes back, and then right before the part of "coming back as a hero riding a new ass" Satan intervenes or God says Nope, not time...  except this time...

My job, more or less, is to remain focused on the future.. my context is truly about creating the future, not qualifying myself in religious studies and teaching the same things fine ministers can do already.. as is their role.. my context is the unification of the world, and unfortunately, that very much includes politics... which I even I know, at this juncture in particular, I can't or won't do anything about unless I have public support of some sort, because those boxes of actual evidence I have don't mean didly because laws have been illegally passed making the government's crimes appear to be legal, and nearly impossible to investigate. I have proof. Lots of it. Ultimately, in one possible day of the vengeance of God, that evidence being seen and verified could easily be the thing that puts the anti-Christ in jail, for good... out of the way.. the Kingdom is reborn... tht's why all that stuff is so important. If things had gone differently, it would never have been necessary, but you need tounderstand, part of the bubble and the psyops I've lived  under all these years has partly been to allow me or put me in the position to collect all this evidence of crimes against me and other people.. crimes against humanity.. so that if and when the time came, I could free alot of people from suffering, correct the course of the world.. and I didn't even  know all this time that these boxes of all my papers were anything but stuff I didn't feel like going through, sorting, and throwing away...   that was part of the purpose of my life as well, because if necessary, it will also vindicate me of everything including my claims of psychotronics and directed energy weapons..

Interesting parallel, my father put my life on the line because he had faith in me to do the right thing, even if it's not the best thing for yourself... (and I have to point out another emulation ... Mike Huckabee diluting the dynamics of that phrase by naming his book "Do the right thing"... ) to do the right thing if and when the time came, and he knew it would come... just like the Bible says they would know everything I'd do before I did it... it's because of psychotronics, folks.

Nonetheless, the purpose of my life is to create the future, not dwell in the history of a religion... it's important, but not my primary task at this moment... Jesus said a prophet is not accepted in his own country.. I'm not settling for being a prophet this time around... and I am beginning to think I made a mistake staying in the country... I do know that the United States better wake up soon... because this world is in for some real bad times if it doesn't. And that's not the work of God, it's the work of Satan, and it's happening right before your eyes, and the fact that you apparently reject the truth and therefore reject me on whatever basis, I suggest you all do some reading and deal with the world you call "the way it is"...

Well, February 10th is about to roll around.. whenever the psyops guys feed me a date, it usually means something weird is going to happen to me.. so prepare for that show.. can't wait.. like usual, it'll probably include another attempt at making me homeless.. Thank your U.S. Government and Barack Obama for that...

I feel sad today.. sad that the world is so cynical that I had to come to know why God may be alive in the flesh in this world, but doesn't really appear to be alive in the world.. I always thought He was, one way or another.. the way th eword war was used to militarize Christianity  should serve as the most obvious example of how Christianity was hijacked centuries ago... and remind ministers to remind their congregations that the end of days isn't just a few years of tribulations.. that it has been nearly 500, and they are nearly over.. whether they'll ever know it or not.

The problem is, they won't be if they never know... but then, they could be, and that's the job of the ministers... my job doesn't really begin until you do your jobs... at least in America.. I know I could be welcome in other places... just like my great grand parents left Germany when World War I was in the offing... that's how that works. And how the torch was passed to America... and I'm supposed to name the city of the New Jerusalem... the ultimate pilgrim... the alien...  and that city isn't a city, it's a country, which is why this government prefers to think if they keep me trapped here, they win.. but they don't... they just prove their sickness. As has every empire anointed to establish the Kingdom of God throughout time... and why there will be no more empires.

And Mark, God the Father IS in control, and in a very short time, after fully understanding how the world really works, you'll understand that too. And it isn't que sera, it' surrender to His plan and will... having true faith... and making yourself worthy of His faith in you... faith of Christ, and faith in (the knowledge and relationhip, and blessings of your relationship with Him, appreciation of His faith in you manifested in works of His grace when called upon) Christ.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tom Petty - Refugee

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - For A Dancer

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 01 - It's About Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Live To Tell

Isn't it interesting that James Campbell's writings on myths legends and heroes would inform you that about every 100 years or so, the spirit of Charlemagne comes along to "save the day", correct the course of humanity... Charlemagne... I think I looked it up once and it said that means Son of Man... My name means son of man... :}

2/2/2009 - 1:11 pm Barack. I will never unclench my fists to a criminal like you... everyone in the world knows that criminals of the United States Government never keep their agreements, so shaking your hand would be a waste of time. Just like shaking Reagan's hand would have been a waste of time.. you're no Reagan, and you're certainly no good replacement for God's will. I'll unclench my fist the day you and the rest of your traitor friends go to jail... you know what you've done to me and millions more, all the while proclaiming your righteousness to the world. You may have the U.S. media in your back pocket, but the rest of the world knows your true nature.  You're doing great harm to AMerica, and I will personally make sure you go to the Hague... Shake MY hand a*hole, I tried to  shake yours, and look what you did. Look what you still keep doing. 3 nights of sleep deprivation Obama... and I'm still a better person and more capable than you.. and you know it.. and what's more, I grin, knowing that you know you're nothing but a figurehead fraud for the most despotic people in the world. God knows it too, Barack. And that's why very soon, you will be known as a traitor and murderer...

Another emulation for you.. George Bush, you're either with us or against us.. straight from the Bible.. except now I'm saying it.. and I'm claiming it, as I'll claim every other line you guys steal from the Bible in order to lie to AMerica and the world...the difference between me and the other people the Clintons have murdered for political gain is that I won't back off.. and if you try to come after me for anything, it will be your demise in the court of public opinion.

But I'm telling all of you, right now, you're either with me and with God, or you're against HIm. Each of you know who I"m talking to. And I mean it. Cause you know what, I'm not interested in your explanations anymore.. you either stop the evil and corruption, or you go down with it. Do I make myself clear? I stare at goats too. And I'm going to start doing it as a daily practice. And you know how God works through people... try to prosecute me for that. Time for a new media boycott... and I'll go straight for the guys who show up as heroes to the Democratic cause first.. by proving you're all phony Christians... it'll be easy...  and people in the south like me..

And as for Rick Warren, LaHey and Melissa Scott and all the rest of you phony Christian ministers who have sold out to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Devil... prepare to go to jail. Cause you're going down with your criminal friends. At best you're fallen angels... who needs ya? Not God.

It's funny.. I was watching EWTN last night, listening to the repitition of the Hail Mary prayer.. whatever it's called.. over and over again.. and then last night, my Bible reading was about Jesus explaining that when you pray, don't do repetitious pryers and chants like the heathen do.. and then He gave and EXAMPLE of prayer... the Lord's prayer... not THE prayer to say, which would be words without meaning after a few recitals...

Here's one of the kinds of personal prayers I say

Dear Lord God -

These people are really crazy, and I know you have a plan, aznd I'm all for it and can't wait to see how it works out, I just pray that the way to bring this to an end comes soon, so that the suffering of all these people in the world can end, finally. I know it's up to you, but as for me, these evil spirits need to be removed, and I don't want them in the Kingdom, so please remove them forever, because they're useless, and harmful to everyone whose lives they touch... and they are the perfect examples of evil, so please, show them to the world as that, as what they are.. knowing my love for you and the Kingdom that will soon fully exist.. it's time to restore heaven from the hell these people have created, and for justice to be applied to them for a change.

Let your will be done, in this world and in my life. I love you. AMen

See, that prayer is not what the Bible would call "lip service to God".. or just repeating words that don't mean anything... it's an atual conversation that requires no intercessor...

So to Obama and all your firends... unlcench your fists, because all you're doing is holding on to more reasons the world should send you to the Hague. And I'll be their best witness against you, as God is my witness.

To Carville and Begala... I'll be explaining the Matrix a whole lot.. as well as why people like you won't ever be in it again. God's got a place for your type to play tricks on each other all day long... it's not hell, you'll just think it is, because you'll make it that way.. but at least you won't be interfering with the Kingdom anymore. Laugh all you want, you're done.. it's just a short matter of time.. and then the world will laugh at you.

Olbermann.. got all that? Remember, that militant script you wrote will be your admission of guilt. 2002.. perfect timing to work at CNN, and be trained in psyops by the NSA. Perfect timing.. can you say, Sierra Times?

I noticed they took the story down, but left the place mark, meaning they stand behind the story. I'll be their witness too.

By the way JT, all the evidence suggests you're a bad guy.. yeah I like to give the benefit of the doubt, and like everyone else, I'd prefer to think people I've respected over the years aren't evil.. but it sure looks like you're a big part of the grand deception.. my approach wil  be to prosecute you like all the others... feel free   to prove yourself otherwise, but I donubt you can. I don't care how popular or famous you guys are, you've destroye d my life and the lives of millions of others. it'll be good for everyone to see just how deceptive the work of the Devil really is. and you'll make the perfect example of that. The brotherhood ploy was good.. but it didn't work, because th eproof is in your actions.. and if you had been on God's side, you would have been harmed for what you did.. but then, you have lots o people fooled don't you? Not for long. Declare yourself.. if you have the guts.. I don't think you do.

6:55 pm - I don't know folks.. all this good guy bad guy stuff :} I get tired of it too.. when ya gonna stop?

More dictionary work tonight.. Barack.. your health care proposals aren't even close to universal health care..  and your intel policies are still the same as Bush... just remember, when you say, with the help of God, remember that you all say you want to do it yourself , and look what you do to God.. so when you blame God, remember, you're the ones who turned your backs on God, told God He's unwelcome.. for the record Barack.. I just said it about as clearly as it gets...

I had some lines for Eric Griffin.. and then realized they'd probably only be funny to me.. that sounds typical.. :} Seems to be an occupational hazard...

Didn't mean to give you all so much reading... it just happens.. it's the thing when God takes over. Someday, when I find out just who exactly is following this, and I know of a few of you are for sure, and I know some people are getting briefed, and some are getting fed lines to pass messages... it'll be interesting to see if any of you actually think I make sense in real time , as opposed to this "I have an idea that maybe will make sense to someone in 10 years" stuff..  The thing is, I never lose sight of the knowledge that everything we need to do all we need to do properly is there.. it's just a matter of using it.. and it's easeir than anyone could imagine. You have no idea... I'm not trying to seem or act superior, I am, however, tired of the games, and I really am tired, as a citizen, of knowing this government is incompetent by its own hypocrisy and deception...

Barney Frank: You're not exactly someone I"d consider as a credible spokesperson for the truth on the state of the economy. You Democrats got the press to help you gloss over you responsibility for and lack of oversight as the economic problems developed, and it's eeasy to make the case that you all promoted the crisis, paid a ransom and illegally indebted the American people for what now appears to be primarily a slush fund for the Democrats and the Council on Foreign Relations to complete the covert plan to alter the fabric of America.. including the ability of corporations to dispense with worker's rights.. which has been an ongoing agenda since Reagan... right after Carter engineered the round of hyper-inflation that Nixon wouldn't do... right Jimmy.. I swear, Jimmy, you ARE the biggest disappointment of them all.

Eric Holder: the funny thing about the Obama cabinet is that it's so clearly Clinton and CFR, it will actually prove the conspiracy.. that you'll end up being part of because of course you won't investigate your boss.. or will you? What's the content of your character?

I'm gonna put up some fun word games off the vernacular page tonight.. fun if you're a geek, I suppose :}

Oh yeah: Eve, Mary , it's all the same :} Different Mary though. Hail Mary.. sorry. Rosary, I think :}

Karl, help me out here.. I'm trying to work on a real strategy.. I'm thinking maybe I should take over the Jehovah's Witnesses.. no, really. :} I even  like the way they do their services.. Maybe the important thing to get there is that that's the way I'd like to interact with groups of people.. anyway.. I don't  really know what they believe in.. but they're straight talkers...

I like what I know about LDS, too.. and for some similar reasons, it appears I'd probably like Hinduism as well. I'm sticking with the paradigm of the Bahai though.. I figure that paragraph will really make a  lot of people really happy:}

I still think I'd really enjoy a backroom chat with the Dalai Lama, though.. I bet we'd laugh and cry.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - In Square Circle - Spiritual Walkers

That's the song that belongs here. Great Album.. One of my favorites... has one of those Musicology type songs on it for me :} Ever the romantic.. :}

I was telling L last night about a few things... things got weird when I got divorced... and then, I told Cara a few things... of course, I told her about running for president one day.. but I also told her I would never allow myself to get beaten down by life - and to be honest, I could document how things really got weird from that moment on... circa 1988-89... and that I would never allow myself to lose my awe and wonder of the beauty of this world... I also told her once that I thought what stayed between us most, as with most people, whom I sometimes lament that they don't take the time to get to know me... that it was that I was too real about things and who I am, and that I thought it scared people.. I don't know if that's true, but that's the way it seemed...

One idea I got came from a bunch of spams from a company advertising for mystery shoppers. I thought, I'd visit their churches, send them a report, and survey asking them "If Jesus came tomorrow, how would you know?" I remember making a joke about.. just crack the sky, and let me know when to show up... and then I remembered the holes in the ozone... talk about opening the windows to heaven... I want to meet with this council of 24. Bring 'em on. Is that the justice league? ... I remember reading about them about 5 years ago.. and I'm still waiting.. clenched fists and all... :}

Oh yeah, Tell Eric that He doesn't say mother you know what anymore... and He's still contemplating whether to bleep His site because he's feeling a little defiant right now. However, I assure you, I'll follow up on the issue of the attacks on black and other minority icons and role models, cause it's true, I brought it up myself back in 2002-2003, and it tells a greater and more perverted truth of the underbelly of this United States Government.. just as I still believe Obama was set up to a degree... but went along with his crimes... which, unfortunately, is part of the dialectic in play that's just going to have to be dealt with, and Obama isn't up to the task.. but I am.. and with people like you out there, understanding the situation, we'll get the job done, and lots of things will get better quickly.

Rule of thumb: you don't get into the Senate these days unless the "powers" have some dirt to coerce you with that would take you out of office if you don't go along. Don't ever doubt that rule of thumb, it's absolutely, unfortunately true. And it's becoming that way in the House, now, too. That's how infiltration and consolidation f power works in an overthrow by means of the Skull and Bones and Council On Foreign Relations.

I've been getting hit...we've been getting hit with massive directed energy attacks today... so I just figured I might as well get in a few comments and spare the "aversion therapy" shots later. Hi to the chopper guys, good to see you're back in your old spots... and to the Police Officer who looked disappointed today when I didn't give him the We Are 1 sign.. God Bless Ya :} I was preoccupied, but I saw ya. :}

Here's one of thos etunes I think exemplifies one way to get people to think in a different way.. and it's kind of a couple of fun stories, where Teri Piro of Word got me to talk about using the ambiguous lyrics in music, and pointing out their references to God.. this song might be one of those kinds of tunes.. it's one of many tunes I'm checking out for my "Love" section...  Think of this song like God talking to the people on earth...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - In Square Circle - I Love You Too Much

Sorta kinda says it all in a way...  and to think no one would have ever known I thought about this stuff if someone hadn't told me to say whatever I felt like a few years back.. course, I think they were trying to set me up to look foolish... and did a pretty good job I might add... but here you are reading it :} I don't understand it either :} Told ya God was in control :}

9:03 pm - Hi Stivo.. good to know you're still tapped in :} I'm gonna ask Judith to have a group of people explain Catholicism to me.. priests don't seem to want to talk to me... it's funny, too, cause it seemed like John Paul was paying attention.. were you tracking it back then? People seem  to think I'm against the Cathlic Church, just like they thought I was against the Masons... the truth, I see lots of stuff everywhere where the closets just need to be cleaned out... where the infiltrations need to be acknowledged and dealt with... it'll be shocking and demoralizing to a lot of people.. but better than a world war...

it's  a tough world when even the ACLU comes out supporting Obama's policies asserting presumptions of his intent, instead of being as wise as they supposedly are to know that wiith rule of law, if there's no law against somehing, it'll be used, because their presumption is that unless there's an actual specific law against what they're doing, it's legal. In their view.

That's when I say we're a nation of loopholes, not law...  and the loopholes are built into the system on purpose to benefit the financiers and acquiescent politicians... Like Franks, Dodd, Pelosi, Reed.. all people I used to hold in highest esteem. Don't ever forget that when I assert the things I do about their illegal activities, breeching their oaths of office. I'd have never known about lots of stuff if they hadn't come after me to cover their plans... Kerry's 2004 Dem Nomination acceptance speech keeps ringing in my mind "The son is waking up in America"...

Here's an emulation/Aesopian example for you.. ever wonder why Bush's reports about progress in Iraq against insurgents and terrorists was often completely innacurate? It's because.. in Aesopian, to Bush loyalists, what he was actually reporting on was his and the Government's progress toward stopping dissidents.. not just dissidents to Bush, who was used to do extreme things in order to flush out people opposed to him so they would find out who would oppose him and the New World Order, but dissididents Rumsfeld regarded as though who might interfere in the military plans of the U.S. Government, and he wasn't just talking about Bush's administration, he was talking about years down the road, too, when the Council on Foreign Rleations and Bush family plans were supposed to become complete... the New World Order, enforced with weapons paid for and used against the citizens of the United States on U.S. soil..

And part of the reason I knew it was true is because I saw the inaccuracies, and I noted reports on the web from people about things happening to them, people who didn't realize the government was harming them... and I noted what was being done to me... and his remarks in those statements often correlated to the pressure being placed on groups against his and the policies of globalization or the New World Order.. and frequently, they were direct Aesopian responses to remarks I made to him and other members of the government and media immediately preceding his remarks. That's a matter of record.

Please tell George Mitchell that I haven't forgotten about him, and I'll have domne my due diligence soon in order to properly address him and the issues at hand. I know all your "surface work" will be done no matter what I say, but i want all parties to know where I stand on things, so that later, you can't say I didn't attempt to do what needs to be done to accomplish true peace, and not just pacification under threat of   death. If the stories about the natural gas reserves is true... and isn't it interesting tha I got a reliable report on this one day in my email... after, for days, having this nagging feeling, based upon geography and other "peictures" I see in my mind about that region, I just kept thinking, there must bes some oil reserves there the Palestinians could use to relieve their poverty, which would be a huge step toward peace...

I hope that's not one of the issues motivating the U.S. and Israel, because that truly would be a crime against humanity. Israel needs to take heed of the God Almighty from the original writing of the Torah. This will  not stand.

To the government of Israel: Are you with God, or against God? I know what you've done, I know the background, I've been following it for years. I didn't want to believe you'd do it. I've learned some difficult lessons, particularly in the last 10 years. Please don't force me to learn any more like this . And especially don't force me to present the case to the world, because I am a true friend to Israel, not to its leaders, but I am more than happy to support leaders who are willing to live the values of their people, unperverted by deception and corruption. Don't put me in the position of explaining that to people. Because I will, you know, if that's what it takes.

I say none of us is without sin. But some of us are without the good sense to be responsible enough to acknowledge to ourselves, let alone to God, the difference between right and wrong. The Israeli Government, above all others, should be cognizant tof the fact that "the ends justifies the means" is an evil practice, and that to "never forget" is, indeed, a reminder to them as well, and shoud guide them in their policies, particularly in the near future. That's not a threat or anything, it's not an expressed desire on my part that anything fail... I hope all succeeds as God would approve... that was a message from God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - I Gotta Try

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eurythmics - Missionary Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dave Mason - All Along the Watchtower_live

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Winwood - Higher Love

2/3/2009 1:04 am -

I gotta tell ya, I'm enjoying working tonight.. I just laid out the section on love.. and I"m really going to enjoy it... it's not the muchy pile of corn you might be expecting.... :} Already did that one, sort of, not really.. I wish I couldn't say I understand why it was important for me to be more or less "solo" in this time period.. what I needed to experience and understand, without being overly burdened by needing to protect other people.. the only angst being I know there were other paths ... long ago...  and I just wish I'd had an inkling..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steely Dan - Only A Fool Would Say That

I was thinking about Robert Byrd tonight.. We Need More Good Men... his speech and recitation of that very much kept me going in some very compelling and frustrating times... I hope he's well.. Reminded me of Patrick Henry... how when I was a little kid, I was most impressed with him.. other than John Kennedy... but as a truly historical figure.. that would have been around 1962 or 1963... this little green book I read one night.. probably 50-60 pages on Patrick Henry... Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death... it just stuck with me all these years like it was a part of me... like it's the true spirit of America... the character and courage and the heritage and values expressed in a phrase and a man. All these years later, I find out what a man and servant of God he was.. and though I haven't had time to fully look at his writings and all, everything I see of his is so much in line with the feelings I have in my chest and in my clenched fist... including the holy creation of America and His long term vision, and the "loopholes" built into the Constitution that would alllow it to be corrupted as so many others had been before, as Rome had before.. I'll say he's is an example of a true American hero I still have respect for...

Emulation: the trip to LA was a joke on me, partly, to play out Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan. I know it sounds weird, but I figure the psyops guys are pretty bored people.. I thought we'd done Kid Charlemagne.. all, of course, because I speak of lineage to Charlemagne.  Maybe his name just meant man of men or something. It's one of those French and lexiconic things...

Meanwhile... I'm still getting bugged about certain people and all.. I don't know what to say except I went back to writing in a void, and in general, I'm not really open to external input because I have to be adamant that I want to test myself as well as to the validity of my inherent understanding and the purity of the information and messages I receive.. and I've had to work very hard against the psychotronics to be able to discern projected energy from organic and divine thought, and I'm not willing to have that compromised. Yeah I know, look up compromise.

I think what I'll have to say about forgiveness will be somewhat different than some would expect... and that's also part of why I've refused to view other people's interpretations of it all.. ok psyops guys.. can we not pose that one again?

Yeah I know, it sounds nuts, it's supposed to, but I put something important on record for other purposes.

Now, where was I, divine thought :}

Contemplating the universe is fun. I'm gonna look up the word invocation now, and then do some... ya never know what'll work :}


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Flora Purim - Love Reborn

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alanis Morissette - Are You Still Mad

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodJimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 202 - Whirlpool
to Jane Penzell, whoever and wherever you are, I know what ensconced means :} She made me part of an honorary club in Hollywood of people who agreed to prove that nice guys don't always finish last... back when I learned what a Mobius was... :} It just gets weirder and weirder... :} It's all in the web logs :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - JT - 07 - Handyman
An old Sam Cooke tune I was always embarrassed to relate to heavily...

Like  I was saying about Whaley and the afterlife book.. trust me, forgetting your name is a really bad idea.

PS... Styx in Tacoma, February 7... love ya guys, since the first album.. and L.A. too :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Styx - Babe Caught it and wrote it up when it was a hit :}


2/3/2009 3:23 pm - I think I have a few people a little confused and befuddled right now... that's good. :} All you're seeing is more of the business side of Chuck... careful what you ask for..

I was watching Hillary use the unclench your fist line today toward Iran... all they did was put up a satellite.. we send up hundreds of 'em.. anyway...  and then the media does the... affirmation of sconsequent thing and makes it out like a possible imminent attack, well maybe, maybe in about a year but the intel people say it isn' tlikely... so what's the truth? Mik.. how many inflammatory propagandist phrases can you fit into one sentence without taking a breath ? :}

See the old Chuck's still here. I even know they call you Mik. Back to Hillary..

ANyway.. I was sitting there listening to HIllary demand that Iran shrug its shoulders and forget the history of provocations against Iran for over 50 years, as well as arming Saddam with chemical weapons against them.. as well as all the threats of military force since Bush got in office... all the while the government was threatening Iran while Exxon was using the military of the United States to coerce Iran into allowing Exxon to manage its oil distribution...  Exxon - Rockefeller - Council on FOreign Relations = Obama = Clinton = Bush = Carter and so on and so on. The problems in Burma actaully began when Unocal and the U.S. pressured the government to actually enslave the population to build a pipeline.. goodbye Democracy.. meanwhile U.S. Presidents condemn the actions in Burma, all the while supporting them while deceivin gus with lies. Now we're going back  to Afghanistan to fuly capture the resources of the Caspian Sea. See Ahmad Rashid...

OKay.. history for the day over... wait. so this method of coercion implemented today could actually be proven to be institutionalized Satanic ritual abuse. I could easily prove that. Paradigms are often much more important than details when analyzing dialectics.

All this leads to this comment: it's interesting how certain people have been used to foist the concept of forgiveness on me as if I should abandon the legal aspects of the situation and just be a good little minister and shut up. I won't do that, because the evidence of my case is relevant and imperical for the cases of other people.. milllions and millions of other people..  and the knowledge I have of things that are somewhat unique alloe me to explain the facts about hings people need to understann.. like weather modification and terra formain.. check out the part in the Bible about the mountains all flattening out and all.. it's mining, terraforming, HAARP.. all that stuff, combined with the equal and opposite reaction of nature...

Truth be known.. I forgive lots of stuff. and I'm always really sad when people are not responsible for their actions such that they make themselves hypocrites and betray themselves to fit in the clique, be politically correct, gain an advantage.. all that stuff. 

I was surprised at Daschle's withdrawal.. but, given some things I was thinking last night it makes sense.... it still doesn't erase the record of the treasury sec, and his case is actually quite questionable. It' sone thing to commit actual evasion , it's another to be caught in the gray areas or paying sonething off. still Daschle's never been a rich man... and $100,000 is a lot of money. I know he made some money after leaving the Senate, but it's still a lot of money. Makes Obama a hypocrite about his own non-hypocisy:} See how easy it is to deconstruct politics? You can do it too.. send 19.995 to  :}

It will be interesting to see who actually reads all this stuff. :}

So don't get all hung up on the apostasy thing,  it isn't personal, and I intend it to be more like Ecclesiastical with a touch of slant for the User guide, the operator's guide AND the Owner's guide... it's like the guys in advance look  out posts in the Pacific during World War II who had charts of the plaanes and boats they had to keep an eye on and identify.. it's a "What to look for on the Watchtower" kind of book... watch, a CFR person will do it first.. how much you want to bet it'll be PMS. That would be a clincher.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 08 - I Will Be Your Friend

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace - 101 - Pipes of Peace

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Name Of Love - 06 - Revolution

I always liked the way EWF said Wowl.. for well..  :} Yow! :}


2/4/2009 12:05pm - Another gorgeous day!

Interesting Bible study again... another discovery of how my early writing, pre-Biblical stuff and beyond, resembles what's there. I was surprised when I read something about complaints about no more craftsmanship, and I've bene doing that for years :} It still always surprises me.

I was thinking of writing this next part - a good part of it anyway -  as a separate essay, but decided I"d keep it in the background here, and if anyone wants to reproduce this for whatever reasons feel free.. my reasons for keeping it here are because it's sort aof a report on my feelings about certain things, as well as something of a warning, which I wish it didn't need to be.

So, first, when I started activism, I made it clear I wasn't some radical looking to criminalize or demonize anyone in the way this country was being run, but that I was going to stand firm as a  citizen to confront the government legally and responsibly, and I kept my word in that regard. Unfortunately, I was educated and informed by knowledgeable people to bring me up to speed, and to set me up to make me look foolish.. and found out that along the way, God really was teaching me what I needed to know by having people tell me all sort sof things I couldn't figure out why they were telling me, of all people..

I have a lot of regrets about the way the PMS situation went down, partly because it was clear from the beginning that it was a well choreographed psyop, planned at least months in  advance, and one that likely was supposed to have begun in 2005.. maybe it was in earnest on her part in 2005.  Intel people use psychotronics to influence people to make choices they might not otherwise take...

Nonetheless.. in my contact with her, I tried to warn her of the things going on surrounding my life and all... as a  historian, I assumed she'd already checked out my history by reading the site, and since she was using Aesopian via the tube, I figured she was up to speed.. includign on the truth of who I am... I don't know if she's just a psyop or thinks she's actually serving God or what, but I tried to warn her.. if she was just a minister thinking she was helping to get rid of an apostate or delusional person, it was certainly un-Christian. But one way or another, I'm certain  it was a politically motivated psyop, and she may easily have been set up too with the 2 birds in one stone theory... that would be a shmae, because I was so serious about working with her in some way, and she does cause me to free associate about things I wouldn't have thought about and I'm talking real revelations.. so that's my angst in the matter..   professionally, so to speak..

2 other points.

I have absolutely no doubts of who I am... I may not have recognized it until "recently", but I know, and it's not based on one or two things, not even just the parallels of my remarks to Biblical text... and my actions... alot of my life is documented on this site, and it was never intended to organize some evidence of who I am... even writing "For the Love of the World" was originally an expression of my being a closet minister all these years deep down inside... and other things..

And I think I've made it clear enough that I'm willing to answer any and all questions, although I don't consider my ability to quote the Bible is any particular evidence of anything... actually to the contrary...

Unfortunately, PMS did what she did at a time when I had decided I"d had enough of people jerking me around.. and I will not retreat from that position... with her or anyone else.  I don't care how good you are or how long you'v ebeen a self-proclaimed minister or servant of God, no minister would particpate in the framing of a citizen.. under any circumstances... that is apostasy.

Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

So to her, I'm fairly certain what happened, as usual I giv ethe benefit of the doubt, and I really am sorry if any harm comes to you in any way. But, like I tell the politicians and media, I didn't do anything wrong. I wish I had in a way, because then it would make  sense. But you contacted me. AMazing what people will do when they believe they can get away with it. No integrity. Pure hypocrisy. I didn't do it. You did. And I did everything including offer you everything  to assist you in return for some small assistance... ANd I don't care about what I can prove. I can prove a  lot. More than you can imagine.

So, here's the warning part.. it's for everyone, and in particular ministers.

Like I said, I started my activism saying it was about criminalizing anyone. Now, here I am saying the same thing to ministers. But you need to understand, I am who I am, if anyone who says they believe in God and the Second Coming are serious about that, and may actually even want it, I invite you to ask me whatever you want, because my actual life is the proof of who I am. I didn't know it. That makes it even more true for me, because I lived the life of the Son of Man...

And as I've said, regarding the political material on the site, I am no radical, I am a citizen who knows the truth.

The thing about htose who would help or harm the son of man is true... you may be harmed... it's been happening a long time, I can recall back to when I was in the 2nd grade... "good people" get harmed fairly quickly. The bad people tend to seem to get away with things... and are going to be the ones to have to face judgment day.. the vengeance of God, when the truth is known to the world... there are many scary ways all that can play out.

The quickest and safest way would be for some ministers to provide witness to my being so that an announcement could be made, and we could forego many of the tribulations and tyrannies to come without loss of life and oppression and all sorts of things possible in the end days... unless you assist God in shortening the days...

But here's the deal.. I've been compassed about so much... I've been tricked so many times, lost my money in acts of faith... trusted people who should have been trustworthy... I'm unwilling to do that anymore.

Unfortunately, some of the people involved in keeping me in a bubble all these years decided to teach me to protect myself.. primarily in intelligence gathering, intel analysis, digital and video recording... and a great deal of knowledge about identifying dialectics in real time... so here's what I'm trying to say.

The ministers, particularly in the United States, have a responsibility, at some point, to empower me to cause a transformation in the world. How long that takes determines how many morepeople will die, how many more people will suffer injustice, how much more pillage and destruction... the abomination of desolation.. will go on... I'm not going to take responsibility for that..  because if even the ministers have so little faith that they will not earnestly seek God when God is pleading for their partnership, then there is no church to reclaim... of course, the Bible says the son of man will find that no one will help him... that's a choice God presents to the world.. to empower me and put an end to the suffering now, or continue down this road and deal with the devastation...

As our government straps future generations with debt and no  manufacturing base with which to repay the deficits. It's called economic slavery.

But the warning is this: I have no more money left to show my faith in ministers.. spent it all.  While I'm quite resourceful, if the "faithful" o fthe world wish to express that faith, I"m more than happy to answer questions, speak to people, the whole works. Whatever it takes. On your dime. ANd if you're one of those who thinks they're gonna get cute and come and prove me a false Christ, fine, just treat me with respect, and I have no problems with whatever judgments you come to.. you'd just better have read huge chunks of this site, including the political and electronic stuff to understand what the world is up against... bring a broadcast engineer... they'll understand it..

But don't play games with me.. don't try to trick me... some people think they can help me as long as they play a trick on me too.. Maybe it's true. But I'm not putting up with that anymore either.

The sooner I"m exposed the sooner the suffering in the world goes away. If you're not committed to that proposition, don't bother me anymore. And if you commit a crime against me plese understand that you did it, I will have evidence, and I will present it at the appropriate time. Just please don't put me in the position of having to do that, because I will. And it'll be your own fault. And I'll only feel bad about it for a little while... that someone would do something so stupid, and throw their lives away like that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - For The Love Of Money

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - I Don't Wanna Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - 33 & One Third - 205 - Learning How To Love You

2:29 pm - Romans.. apostasy.. sometimes I think some of the more useful stuff is in this column... makes me think about how to address the concerns of different people in different gouprs.. getting into their mindsets and profiling it as they describe it. It's one reason I'm glad I don't know much about religions.. I'm really looking forward to people explaining to me what they believe in and why, so I can understand it and share it with other people. Maybe ignorance is bliss after all :}

Apostasy.. it's been an interesting inquiry fo rme.. still haven't found the passages I was looking for... :} ALl things in time... :} I keep reading stuff and wondering, panicking, do I do that? And I have to admit, I almost sometimes do but I get lucky somehow, and ride the fine line, and distinguish the nuances.. and if I do anything, it would be coming close to making God like men... although  think what I do, what I try to do, is show that people are more like God than they think... and try to cause a closer relationship to God. Like a friend.. the song "What A Friend We Have in Jesus" has been going around in my head for days... what does it mean, friend.. and then I wonder a while... for me, I came to the conclusion years ago that a friend is someone who won't take advantage of you even if they have the opportunity to. You know, someone you can trust. Then I think of this song...

Meatloaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

And I think about the ways people sell God.. and I'm not saying it's bad, but it is a symptom of a world that has lost faith, and that needs a reason and proof to actually believe that God cares... you know, direct signs, miracles of sorts, and because of economic enslavement, assistance is now, and will even more become, what people will require as proof of God's love, by assisting them in times of trouble with cash and possession gifts... tha's not to be critical, that's my knowledge of the dialectics currently being played out in the world... and how bad it really could get because if there's anything the "evil-doers" have proven, it's that whatever dialectics they run, it always turns out worse than even they thought, because they get so arrogant and careless - that feeling of invulnerability - that they do things that are way over the top, and terribly harmful, and they laugh... and they play with people's live like toys... that's true evil...

The Deomocratic Congress put on an act to hand Obama legislation fo the stimulus package, laden with pork, so Obama could put on a big show and act tough, saying it had to go to clean up politics in Washington. Cleaning up politics by deceiving you so you'd think he's the iron handed ruler who makes the world better. That's a simple dialectic. Not to mention an emulation, but that's another story...

I think in a lot of cases, apostasy is backsliding a bit.. not purposeful.. but, trying to succeed, even really going for it the name of God with all sincerity and all earnest and having to compete in a material world, looking for every way possible to be a leader for HIm... and even doing it.. and then slipping a little because you're feeling a little desperate, and you've been waiting so long for God to deliver on His promises and you wonder if it's really not going to happen in your lifetime, so you just go for it, knowing, thinking a little trip into the gray areas isn't going to be that bad, and God'll forgive you and the people you help will be glad you helped them even if it was  atad bit deceptive or a little heavy on the guilt and fear of damnation....

It's like, before I realized I was being monitored more because of who I was, when I  didn't know, than for my actual political activities... I was trying to protect people by telling stories as if they were my own, and embellished a few things to make a point.. and it was cheating in a way.. for a good cause.. that's why I don't do that anymore... besides, I actually was originally working to give people ideas, set examples of political activism in this day of deception... planting seeds everywhere I went.. and I know to at least an extent I succeeded... particularly in giving people the sense of permission to speak out and take action legally, without getting harmed... unfortunately, I wasn't aware of psychotronics then...

But it was the shortcuts, not out and out lies or distortions, but shortcuts.. that eventually led to the government's ability to isolate me the way they have... I had people people from the beginning volunteering to assist me... and I turned them away because I was concerned they would end up under the same kind of surveillance and psyops I was experiencing... I thought, because I wasn't backing sown, that I wasn't operating in secrecy, and I even question that now, because I protected people instead of unifying a "force" that could have made a bigger difference. Except I didn't have the knowledge to be their leader, notknowing about the coversion of certain government leaders, and the spiritual aspects of the "war" occurring on many planes.

A while back I said I dislike the idea of the Rights of Kings, and I still say that, and I find it interesting that the intent of God was and is to allow people, citizens, to run the world, but at some point, He knew it would take "the designer" to put it on its final, right path.. that's the days we're at... and I unfortunately see the potential benefit of such "rights", when appropriate.

I heard Mark say something the other day that gave me hope... he was saying He truly believed that Jesus would be returning soon.. and then said the National ID was coming.. I remembered my father always talking about the horrors of the national ID.. sort of like David saying his biggest mistake was counting the Jews... better give that some thought, folks...

Speaking of integrity and all that.. I hope folks in the media at least respect the fact that I chose long ago not to use the currently popular smear campaign tactics to present myself. I know I make some folks uncomfortable here from time to time, but hey, I get frustrated too. And I just wish the gov't idiots would figure out that the more they harass me, the more determined I am.

I wondered, for  awhile, if the choppers that hover in the sky above the home were drones or choppers with people.. well last night, for the first time, I caught them changing shifts up in the sky.. yay chopper guys..! What would life be without ya. I just wish I could place an order for Chinese food downtown and get you to deliver it :} I could just see this little parachute dropped just about where the chemtrails are dumped... :} Just wanted to say hi to my friends at McChord and Ft Lewis :} I know they know I understand :}

God Bless...

11:13 pm - I keep thinkin.. I wonder who's going to be the one to supposedly supply Obama with the little bit of info that causes his divine epiphany? :} All that stuff about Lincoln and Obama.. and Lincoln being the American Christ... Lord help us... I can't wait. I'll really get to  write some good stuff then :}

I keep wondering, if I like the golden rule so much, why I do I like rainbows so much ?

I still say something big's gonna happen by May.

For the Love of the World Part I What was He Thinking? - The Era of Reconciliation

For the Love of the World Part II - Creating the Future

You can self-publish on amazon now, you know... I'll publish under the name El Christo, and people will think I'm from Italy... :}

I wonder what would happen if I communicated with Israel and told them I was of the dispersed remnant, and wanted to come and live is Israel? That would be a good one.. :} I think I could make the case. A blood test is all they need, isn't it?

One day, I hope that I can find out why the doctor at the hospital in Santa Cruz said there was something funny about my blood... he kept looking at the standard blood panel, scratching his head and looking at me, commenting on it... I had just been the passenger in a motrcycle crash and wasn't in great shape, so I never pursued it.. always wondered...

Stivo... careful.. they might start bleeping you.. you know how those "production department" people.. I think they'r emad at me right now.. I'm also getting a signal that I've sort of surprised some people lately.. good to hear. I like surprises. :} Especially when they happen to other people... :}

That's a wrap for tonight.. can't wait to see what God has me read in the Bible tonight.. ya just never know :} Makes it more fun.. :} But he sure must want me to study apostasy, cause I just keep accidentally turning to it when I randomly pick a spot in the Bible.. I think it has to do with compassion, and thinking in terms of why it is I am looking more for ways and reasons to understand and therefore justify, as well as rectify, things that have happened so that judgment is not twisted  into an interpretation fof condemnation, although I say there's room for condemnation... and definition of what that means. I'll add the word to the list...

I'm about 1/3 of the way through On Being Homeless... as usual, it's not quite taking the direction even I thought it would take, and I'm glad because I think it expresses something a little deeper than what I anticipated...

It's part of what I like about deep inquiry.. really looking fo rthe something more available when you really dig down deep and set your self aside for a time, and really look at wisdom in your life and be able to be honest at least with yourself.. it's actually a good feeling, particularly when you're making progress with being the person inside you and not the person presenting an image or facade.....

Epiphany man... careful with the expert talk... I know of lot of has beens, whether they know it or not, but I don't want it to get personal by calling them drips.. :} So what else ya got for me? :}

Final story of the night.. so I keep saying I accidentally collect evidence.. when coming back to the Pac NW, I talked about the guy who handed me directions so I could lead him through the flood areas through the detours. which I thought ws strange, since HE had the GPS.. anyway.. I was just thinking how, except on this trip, every other one of these psyop excursions I've taken I encountered someone somehow associated with Microsoft... and here I am with this piece of paper.. I've been looking at it, sitting on the coffee table for weeks, thinking, it's got his credit card number on it. I should destroy it jsut to be rid of that. And then I think, with my life, I should probably save it. Maybe it'll be some future proof of some sort of contact. So I look at it, and there's his name, a fews phone numbers, and the detour directions. So it'll go in one of the boxes for later sorting, because I just have a hunch about this nice person....

One time, coming back from Atlanta, I sat next to a man who identified himself as an attorney working for Paul Allen.. former Bill Gates partner.. and I proceeded to explain the established order of the universe to him.. and the part that surprised me the most is that i explained the whole thing to him in computer analogies, and he didn't even blink an eye.. kind of like the guy who said he was with the NSA/CIA/Raytheon.. sort of questioning me to figure out what I'd figured out... he didn't even act like I was crazy, and that was early on in the game...

It didn't even occur to me to keep his business card. Maybe it's in the box that's missing. (PS Say hi to Adam Smith for me :})

God bless ya'll :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tommy James & the Shondells - Crimson And Clover
(This song always reminds me of this really cute girl at McLaughlin Middle School in Medford...:} In my geometry class:})

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elvis Presley - 30 No1 Hits - 26 - In The Ghetto
Thought  a Willie Nelson tune was in order

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Prince - 7

PS David Plough: Here's a title for your book: The audacity of destroying people's lives for power and profit... what Obama and your friends did is prove what losers you really are.

A Note From The Desk Of Chuck RehnLatest Entries:  Back to Top

1/5/2009 12:49pm - The Panetta hearings ar very interesting. He's very good at this. For example, he just told us that special rendition will still be in use to forego legal extradition and to avoid human rights laws... He didn't say that, but that's what it amounts to. Newspeak and spin...

He says he things the CIA should always act within the law and the Constitution... except the laws under which they operate are unconstituional... they get an executive order banning torture of foreign nationals and gitmo detention, but do nothing to stop the crimes of the U.S. Government in the use of psychotronics and psyops to harm people opposed to the New World Order.. further.. Obama knows all about it, voted for it with the FISA/Telecom legislation, and it continues on a massive scale.  You're a liar Panetta.. the good news is, you were there when the Clinton admin did its work on me, and you pointed out that special rendition wa sin use during CLinton.. so that actually nullifiies his good guy status on the matter of humna rights, and proves that Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama is a clear perpetuation of unconstitutional policies that honor human rights... let alone the constitution.

Makes it clear to me, anyone who enters the Obama Administration is a clear and willing particpant in RICCO violations against the citizens of the United States. Leon.. I'm gonna put an end to it...  and the problem you guys hav eis already knowing that if you ended psychotronics and dews tomorrow,  will not stop, nor will millions of others.. before sending your a****to jail. I have no respect for you people, you don't deserve respect. Not you or Rockefeller or Feingold or Feinstein or Hatch or Biden or or Mikulski any of you other hypocrite torturers.. you don't fool me.. But you are fools.

I figured Stivo would like it if I used ass one more time. :}

I'll be glad when the homelessness article is done.. but now I get to mention Panetta... as someone helping to cause homelessness... isn't tv wonderful. Feisnstein, you're a fraud and a joke. God bless C-Span :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - Worst Band In The World_live

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ambrosia - Make Us All Aware

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady
Writing about actual love is gonna be fun. I know what love is :}

2:09pm - Epiphany man :} It gets more interesting every day... I told 'em I could play it any way they wanted.. :} A few weeks back, I got what I was sure was a piggyback feed telling me the Dems and Repubs were going to flip-flop, sort of trade scripts, and they have, and that's interesting to watch.. including using Cheney to continue an unpopular public policy stance to enhance Obama.. :}

Onama: making it clear.. an emulation

Back in the original Crossfire days, I sent an email to Carville saying "if anyone know what I'm trying to do, you do".. and I said meaning my political activisme that was clearly slanted at that point toward the Democratic Party... what I didn't know is that he knew long ago what I was going to do.. anyway, he's another one of those guys whose skills I understand and admire.. I think like him alot.. except he uses his skills to do dirty tricks and perpetrate deception, I do just the opposite.

So I've been wondering how Obama was going to play his hand, particularly because they all know I'm stubborn and persistent and I have evidence and I have a clue of how to communicate and propogate and disseminate info... Obama's announcement about the stimulus plan this morning was a brilliant move.. I chuckled.. but it was pure Carville.. pure Carville.. and sure, Begala had his hand in it, but Carville really is the master of the Dems dialectics.. I'm going to enjoy this, cause I know this guy.. it's going to be an interesting match, James. Guess what? You lose, cause I'll have the citizens on my side. And don't complain to me anymore about Susan McDougall.. not after what you've done to me. And remember, James, the biggest mistake you guys made with your paranoia was not realizing that all you had to do was be nice to me. I still laugh about that. Game on :} Good luck with the power of freemasonry... God is the source of all. :} He's on our side.

Often emulated, never duplicated.. that'll be the final phase of proof in the closing arguments :} Let's talk barbecue ribs :} That's a good place to start :}

Todd Rundgren - Healing - 03 - Flesh

Remember that one, James? What IS the matrix (other than the thing people are going to understand as part of how they'll see through you guys) And I'll never take a vow of.. you know.. just to spite you... I have other plans... :}

Now Obama's using I refuse.. another fun emulation to watch.. let's see how long that continues.. is it a pattern, or a decoy.. :}

3:50 pm - The fun part about "The matrix of God", when you take on that everything is an oracle of some sort... politicians talk and say things all the time that they didn't intend to say, that in Aesopian mean something... often times it's like when they use a particular word that, in aparticular pattern or context, means somehting different.. it's almost the same as when musicians, angels, write a song that you might say "was written for you to hear"... and sure, lots of people could say the same about hte song, just as lots of people could say they understand a bit of Aesopian.. the difference, though, is that when you understand the palyers and  their tactics, their cadences and insconsistencies, you being to understand if they're "players" or acquiescents...   or ignorant... and particularly politicians who are particularly well skilled at speaking without saying anything of substance, lies of mission and obfuscation...  as for the "playful" Aesopian.. it only really works when those interacting know each other's nuances well enough to know when even a word is out of place or the cadence is just a bit off.. like the night KO delivered a news story to the melody of Amazing Grace... gee I wish I had the video of that :}  I may not have notice it either, if I hadn't played the song in my weblog the night before...

The matrix of God is truly an interesting abstract and tangible creation... like multi-level chess, over  the levels and planes are endless...

Best vocalist for Wichita Lineman, huh? :} Did you hear the one about the CNN scroll saying Glen Campbell was doing an album of Foo Fighter covers? :} I'm afraid to check it out.. it was months ago.. it's probably true :}

Gotta run. Time for a briefing :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Yusef Islam - Where Do The Children Play

JT: It's interesting how certain dots are suddenly connecting... I always hope for the best outcomes, knowing ya have to plan for the worst. Just one more disappointment, one more  thing..  I've been amazed at the amount of effort used to contain.. I'm really sad that you were part of it. Even you. When do people like you have enough?

5:08 pm - I just came to the realization of the paradigm of the psyop of trying to use women... mostly, to leave behind some piece of evidence suggesting lude, inappropriate or even stalking action.. all of which were exactly duplicated in teh Kyra/Melissa Scott psyops.... I can also apply it to the one in Yosemite, and others...   

I'm proud to say you could claim some things I did were foolish, but I dare you to say that I ever did anything that actually had me doing any of those things... unless you're willing to prove your guilt, and even then, I'll prove your allegations a lie.

I wish this stuff wasn't true.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frank Sinatra - Young At Heart

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 05 - Still Believe

11:11 pm - On Being homeless, now online... not what you'd expect, I bet.

It was strange.. I hit one of those points today where I realized viacom and microsoft make for some pretty interesting dots to connect in this whole story, going back to the early 80's... why? Timeslicing? My bet is it has something to do with corporate espionag and insider trading. How's that for an assertion, Adam Smith? Intuit, Software Publishing, Borland, Fractal Systems... and more..  This reall yneeds to end, and now I'm certain some people owe me big time...

It's interesting.. there's a psyop setting up here to dump some more important and probably upsetting info on for.. to serve what purpose or to cause what presumed instability it's supoosed to cause, and for what purpose.. like being upset during an interrogation or something scheduled for Feb 10th.. or just one more decoy... just like they dumped all that info on me right before the election... it'll be interesting to watch it take shape. The reason certain folks want me to bleep certain words from the site...

Just remember - God will turn the tables, no matter what you do...

Meanwhile... when you take on thinking like God thinks, your perspective changes.. not a whole lot, butm more in terms of the inevitability of His will as it slowly, gradually and thoroughly permeates the consciousness cosmos and alters the world... and the contemplation could be more fun, I have to admit, but it's very useful and stimulating, and you sure begin to realize what wasn't fully enunciated in teh Bible I'll agree, the Bible is complete, particularly if you understand its context. But what I'm beginning to realize is that the context has to be from the understanding that everything is of God and is of His creation, adn when you undestand that, you begin to understand why concentric design requires the designer to fully understand, and only understandign the way He thinks will alow you to fully understand all of the nuances not fully expressed in the Bible. The Living Word of the Matrix of God means different things to different people based on the context and the experiences of that being... and it means what it means to me...

And in understanding that there is a single source, you also realize the simplicity of the design and His intent, breaking the most important paradigm caused by and desired by conformity: ignorance.

And you see patterns and ways that work every time, when they are observed and implemented. I believe that is the reason God is having me do so much study on apostasy. Thinking of it from God's point of view, instead of wondering how to fit God into the paradigm of the world. That's the answer to the question of how to make Christianity, spirituality, more relevant in the world today.

God really makes sense to me. I hope He makes sense to other people too. :}

GOd bless, goodnight...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 03 - Pisces Fish

Stivo: What WAS all that I am the walrus stuff all about? If I play the album backward, will I find out? :}


2/5/2008 2:58pm - Quite the show going on. Here's a letter to Barack

I'm extremely fatigued due to directed energy weapons.. but don't worry psyops guys, I can handle, and I'm gonna win. Your power source is conditional, mine isn't. :} I just never quit. You'll learn that. :}

I do have to say, the toughest part of all of this is the manipulation Rockefeller did in terms of myy marriage.Thaat's gonna be a final clincher, cause I don't think certain people will remain silent. ANd that's going to be the ultimate proof of the manipulation to prevent God's Kingdom, cause tha's a pretty diabolical one, years and years in the planning.. and it just can't get more obvous than that. I'll overcome that one.

In reality, I see it more of an instruction regarding Eve., But we'll resolve it. :} Who knows?

9:25 pm - Quiet day. A lot of metaphysical and quantum physics type thinking... just like when I found a definition of Aesopian providing a recognized definition of code talking, a few days back I found a thing about the trinary spirit concept in my Bible, and was glad that the concept was understood. Being in the Bible is better than having to talk about MPD's in a competency hearing :}

Just made a few changes to the homelessnessness page on FTLOFTW... a Prince tune and some links.. otherwise.. I think I blew the Republicans away with the anarchy thing.. meanwhile careful about redefining my word corporate socialism.. it'll just help me :}

I love free association... it's actually how I write music.. speaking of imaginary lovers, another "Love Story" candidate is this one by Seals & Crofts... another song I didn't quite understand, particularly because I knew they were of the Bahai Faith, but I understood enough to know it sounded like the kind of like I'd like to live.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl - A02 - Ruby Jean & Billie Lee

Another one of those tunes and albums and groups that came around and were significant to me back when I was 17-18. It' sreally pretty.

2/7/2009 12:02 pm  - The previous typo was caused by  a virus on  my computer. The psyops guys must be REALLY bored today. : ;  I can type : in, except after a two, at which time it magically turns into a  ;

And I was in such a serious mood. :}

Well, ya know guys, after all these years, I have to admit in some ways, it's been like the ultimate Rubik's cube - but I'm a little tired of waiting for some sign that any of you actually have a conscience... so I"m not gonna bother you all with that anymore.. I will keep you monitored for evidence's sake.

Karl, you're gonna enjoy this, cause I"m coming off defense, and going on offense. You've been waiting for this, haven't you:} What's the kid gonna do? I don't know :} Vote for God. It's not my fault :}

I was looking in the mirror the other day.. I was thinking, if I dyed my hair, I'd probably look about 35 :} Don't worry, I ain't gonna do it. Years ago, I said I've earned every gray hair on my head.. and after looking young all my life, it was a welcome symbol. Maybe not :}

Ya know, for a crazy guy, I really nail it when I address the issues, don't I Barack?

This triunary stuff... it's actually quite intriguing to consider. You'd think, if it was an mpd, that at some point one would become dominant.. I don't think that's the way this works... and the interesting part is, both are quite compatible, so it's not even really a paradoxical or disparate entity. :} Julian and Roger must be drooling again. Carville would be laughing. Anyway.. It's more fun to be able to talk to God this way.   He makes sense  to me. It'll be interesting to see how it seems after the psychotronics are turned off. THe cool part is, though, whoever convinced me I should just say what I think and feel and all.. thanks. I'm enjoying it. Even better, I think it's getting the job done.

I keep thinking, if a woman in town would give me a $50 Bible and tell me she "believes" in me.. I don't know how she heard of me... maybe the web site.. and she'd never met me... and it's funny, because she's Catholic, and I keep contemplating what to say and think to the Catholic Church, particularly when the Bible makes it appear that I'm supposed to condemn the Catholic Church, when,  if you really understand the Bible, it doesn't actually say that... meanwhile, I keep waiting for the Lutherans or JW"s or LDS to "claim" me because I have this feeling that some of their members know about me.. I know it for a fact, actually. I'd claim them :}

Anyway.. Prepare ye the way for ChuckTV. I was gonna do GodTV long ago.. it got taken.. I was going to do LOGO TV, it got taken... at least it was for good causes. :}

I sure hope I find someone to "play with" "on stage".. I know I get pretty intense... I'm told I mesmerize people, whatever that means...

Barack, I'm writing all this now, so that there will be a textual context for my physical campaign... but trust me, I don't need a teleprompter..  cause what I have to say comes from my heart, not a puppet master.

There's a bunch of stuff on my mind, lots of revelations, if you will.. I want to save today's writing energy for other things.

To Time Warner and GE.. you know you won't be able to suppress me forever. You can either figure out how ot empower your sales when this comes out, or demonize yourselves, cause you know if you shut me down at a critical moment, I'll just let the music go dead and make sure people know what happened. I don't think any of us - except me - benefit from that game... so ya'll keep that in mind,  becomes the moment's coming... it''d be cool if TW turned some cash over to its stockholders before I take over, anyway.. and no, I'm not letting go of that one. TW put it on the table, and now they need to live with it, right Parsons.. I know you moved on but you'll be brought back.

Nuff for now.. I keep telling the pysops guys the more I get messed with the more determined I become. Given what they do, you'd think they want me to press harder. Imagine that. And like I told a boss or two before, when I get serious like this, you know I'm stepping out and moving on to the next phase. hat's the polite way of saying it.

GOd Bless You, good luck, and pray... :}

Love ya, no matter what.  That's the part that makes it hard.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 08 - Ready for Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 202 - Whirlpool

10:18 pm - I just added the Imperfection of my being thing... it always surprises me how these things end up talking babout things I never thought I was going to talk about.. I hope you enjoy it. I think you'll find it interesting.. I also think I'm sort of developing a style... hmmm...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

Genesis - Land of Confusion

New Christy Minstrels - Today

I decided today that if God was singing a song continuously throughout the universe, it very well might sound like this

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chloe Goodchild - Fierce Wisdom - 16 - How I Love You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Thompson Twins - In The Name Of Love

2/8/2009 1pm -

THis disucussion takes into account what I've always said about how, if I thought I was an apostate, and now, a false Christ,  I thought that what I was doing was purely the influence of psychotronics... I'd stop doing it and I suppose get a job and just be a political activist...:} And boycott the media :} ANd, and and...

But, just assuming I know who I am, understand much more now... I'm actually quite concerned with the apostasy question. ABout others, but also about myself. It's all way too important to get sidetracked or midguided and lose sight of truth... or to accept opinions  - mine or public concensus - as the molder of my thoughts and impressions.

A good example of that is how I was always conflicted about the death penalty, never really believing in it, and yet, taking on that since our nation.. and it seems, Chrisitans accepted it, then it must be okay, and the problem I had with it was simply appropriate compassion i the face of a hard choice that needed to be made in the name of justice. Now I"m simply clear I'm against the death penalty, because of what moves inside me, as well as the 10 commandments.. both of which stir me as expressions of the spirit of God.

I often find the footnotes in my Bible to be contradictory, which is a little concerning since it's supposed to be the reference for the ministers of a particular religion. Maybe not contradictory, but not reflective of the nuances of context in which certain "rules" or guidelines are provided.

What's in my mind right now is the idea of the flase prophets and Christs likening God to man. I cna see why that would be a problem. But that brief description doesn't take into account that God in the flesh, His spirit being in the man who IS considered Him in the flesh, is a man, a being unto Himself. In that regard, there is a merging of spirits into being... at least in the presence of the world.

Here God is, wanting to emerge as a man in the flesh in the world, having people know that God in the flesh is approachable as a fellow citizen, hopefully ascended by the citizens as a leader by pure choice. So, there is a difference between God, in spirit, and God in the flesh. God in the flesh is a man.  Personally, I'm very clear of how His spirit moves and works in me, and how that spirit with my being is quite different than the spirit alone because my being is also an adaptation to the world as it currently is.. which is, unfortunately, why I needed to experience so much.. still, it didn't have to be so brutal.

To those who have folowed all this closely, I caught the ties when I'd be writing and realized that what I was describing for myself exactly fit the "descriptions of God, in the flesh"... it was odd, it was a revelation to me..

I say I like to write in a void.. many times I write and then research what I've written to see if it holds true... it works for me, makes me more certain that I'm not just a product of the world.. the influences and temptations... I've said before that if I wanted to package all this, I know how. I could put together a slick presentation adn the whole works.. but I wanted people, from the very beginning, even when it was just political, to feel like they were being given info, not a position or propaganda piece... in a way, I sort of wish I wasn't putting so much study into apostasy in the Bible just because I wouldn't want it to alter what I'm doing, becuase as a copy writer, people know I could adapt what I do to make sure it didn't violate "the rules"... then I really would be an apostate... and  a true deceiver. And I just want to promise you all that I won' tdo that.

I see a great deal of difference between speaking based on what I've come to know. either by observation, Biblical and Historical Research, and revelation ... part of what I am to provide is a progression of ideas that build upon one another, which is why it is revelation.. to me, and to other people...

And I do realize there are certain things where I have been purposefully misguided by psyops.. particularly in the areas of sex and marriage.. but I think even my presentation of ideas I might now say were bad for other reasons, or because I simply felt misled.. it provides an example of how people are misled into things they don't really believe in, and then how it is communicated in ways that slowly make inappropriate things appropriate.

My rejection of the death penalty, now, really does provide the best example of what I'm talking about.

But I truly believe that God has said it is finally time for the world to be put in order, and for people to be free of the tyranny that's controlled the world and and soured so many spirits. God says that the hell createed by the spirits by their own doing will be there as long as it takes to have them see the sense of righteousness, and you all know He is patient, but He says there will come a time when He will bring it to an end.

You will not be tormented by God, but you will be tormented by yourselves and each other. That is not God's will. And your spirits will slowly die by the means of your actions and wrongdoings.  And the final judgment will be that of God Almighty, and not of me, and I am glad for that, because I have a world of the living to tend to, and I intend to see it flourish. And it will. So be it, per the will and commandment of God Almighty.

God bless you all. Let there be greater understanding of truth as guidance and compassion and mercy for every spirit and being of this world. Amen.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ry Cooder & John Hiatt - Inside Job

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tuck & Patti - Tears of Joy - 10 - Love is the Key

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 01 - Dance With Me

PS - I can do sermons :}

2:54pm - I always write stuff and wonder if I've communicated well and completely..as confusing as it sometimes may seem, keeping multiple timelines/spirit processes separate at one time, it really isn't. I'm clear that when I speak of tweaking the cosmos, or being most concerned about the conscoiusness of the cosmos at time, what I'm really speaking to is the separation and need for reunification via a the connection to God, and not as some scary and threatening oppressor, but as someone you can count on as a leader and a friend, particularly when you understand the process by which the system works. That's what's been lost most of all, as I realize that that's the same message as in the Bible.

And I agree that it really is all in the Bible.. in most ways... especially if you're able to read it and understand it as it was menat.. whatever that means :} And then, if you can, it can be a complete documents, the "mysteries" of God will be revealed...

I want it to be clear that I know that I am His servant, like many of you, and I see myself personally as no more than that. However, I greatfully and gladly accept the responsibility given to me... because, come on, isn't it going to be cool to do it? :} And it's going to require tenacity and perserverance like you wouldn't believe... I find it interesting to complete using and iron hand to implement the Golden Rule... it's an interesting balance, but the iron hand is not about oppression or domination, it's in adhering to the principles I say I stand for, and now say I stand for not just as a citizen but as a servant and representative of God.  And I say it that way because if I could not own the principles as my own in the being of this man that I am, then to say that God told me to say and be like something, and to speak out on certain things would be nothing more than empty words based on a faith that was hopeful of God but not truly in His grace, otherwise the things God promises and speaks of would not truly make sense or give way to deeper understanding, revelation and prophecy - at least at this time of the world, or my life, or in the possibility that my being was not yet or will not be ready in this generation ( of its self)

And the iron hand that maintains the line, the golden rule, does so with instruction, and patience, and the willingness to learn what other people know in order to advance them to their next level of understanding, technology and cultural values... and how it impacts their lives.

I just realized all this is the basis for one of the FTLOFTW Chapters...

ANyway.. the point of all this is to say that, ultimately, I hope you understand that while I know that a great deal of this seems to be about me that what I'm really trying to do is to express a kind of relationship to God and with God that actually occurs to people like a real person is there, being with them, and in that kind of mental image and actual reality, they'll be able to see more than a judgmental God or tyrant who'll destroy the world if He doesn't get His way.. and that's just not the way God is, or we'd have all been wiped out long ago. Completely. Restoring and fully establishing the connection to God forever... understand, that's what's going to tweak the cosmos. That connection to God is what this is all about for me, the guy Chuck :}

I've been totally taken off guard by Marvin Gaye's What's Going On album... it kind of tells me people know the truth about God... it's reassuring. It's beautiful how he says it.

It's amazing how I sit down to write something simple, and then write about... whatever :}

Feng Shui - One of those things I don't really believe.. someone recommended it to me, drew a whole chart to say what kind of things should be in the corners.. I thought, I'll appease them, and it'll give me a decorating scheme for the room. Of course, I was just getting out my Head East album to record when she told me that when I sleep, I should position my head east... :} Wouldn't you know it, I can't come up with a single thing to put in my wealth corner :}

Ya know, I really was looking forward to a Nehru shirt/jacket..   Maybe that's what the interesting material is for that my mom gave me :} It's not blue, though. :}

Sometimes, I think it's a real shame how I've been so many places and met so many people, and for one reason or another, was put in the position of having not to walk away without looking back, not necessarily because I reject them or they reject me, because I can honestly say I've enjoyed so many things along the way.  Objectively, I like to think that it's because in my journey, in my road of life, it had been   important for me to experience people and things without being taken in by them, deterred or kept from the next lesson I was needing or required to learn. But for whoever I may have touched or become acquainted with along the wya, who may have felt I had forgotten them or resented them, there are many  more things that I've loved about places and people in this world than than I have ever had complaints for.  As pragmatic as I may seem sometimes, as silly as I may seem sometimes, as cold as I may seem sometimes, I really do feel and think and love very, very deeply in lots of different ways. And I really do never stop loving anyone or anything in any way. Regardless of the way the world works, or the events that nudge us down the road in the human race. I like it that way. It keeps love alive. At least in my world.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In The Sky

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 06 - Willing And Able

Ya know, there was just always something about Prince.. from the first time I listened to his first album... I just knew there was something about him, I knew there was something really basic that we had in common, and it wasn't sex, and I didn't know anything about him... (him./her/boy/girl:}inside joke)  I still have that first album. I'm thinking, wouldn't it be fun to do a parody cut of him? :}

The problem I'm having with recording music is that when I hear what I'd like to do in my mind, it's rarely what I imagined... back in the 90's when Iwas working at Intuit, I started writing and hearing stuff in gospel... and I'll be doggoned if I don't keep hearing gospel all the time.. and a capella...

I think of doing a parody of Todd Rundgren.. seems like that would take forever to produce... it would have to include the line "Would the real God please shut up" :}

I'll take that as a sign and sign off for now :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band

Funny, I talk about Todd, I play Grand Funk. Shall we try track 1 on the Zappa produced album? :} Wanna grab you... :} I'm still trying to figure out how Dancin' Fool ended up in top 40.. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again

  7:40pm - Wanted to share my mom's books with some folks... I scanned in Thomas A'Kempis today... the scans really don't do the art justice at all.. maybe one day, you'll see it... the full scans are 85mb each, 600dpi JPG and ther are 21. Whew. Anyway... these give you a little idea of what it looks like. Maybe you've seen one like it anyway. ENjoy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 06 - Do What You Want, Be What You Are

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 07 - Black And White

High quality jpg worth printing from the book Right click to download


2/9/2009 1:25pm - Woke up today thinking, it'll sure be nice when the day comes that I can wake up to not feeling the effects of directed energy weapons... Went to bed thinking about some stuff I read in the Hitchcock's Reference Bible by subject..  again, as huge a that book is, and as much info as it provides, I find its analysis to be incomplete based on bias due to theology.. sounds bad, but it's normal... maybe someday after I check out the religions on Wikipedia, I'll understand why the differences. Like, that laundromat incident.. the thing the guy was upset at was that I wouldn't take on his religions interpretation of what the trinity really symbolized... and I just kept thinking, why is that so important, we're both Christians?

Knowledge is  agood thing, and truth is necessary, but I'd be disappointed if I agreed on interpretations of spirituality, cause tha twould get really boring.. although when certain basic things are in common, it stands as proof that there's no need to argue about the rest. That, of course, is much different than legislation of law, which has profound direct cause and effect consequences for those affected by its criminality and entitlements.

(Sorry, Barack, that's all the kind of stuff you're getting from me anymore, I'm not giving you any more ideas.:}I think James and Paul, though, have fun with free association with me like I do with your minister friend.:})

Speaking of which.. I don't want to belabor this.. one of the things you get used to when you're being psyopped is having certain dialectics play out over years.. I still have one with Carville that's been going since 2003 and I refuse to give in to it, no matter what, no matter how old I get. I'll bet he's the only one who origiinally remembered what that one was:} I'll never tell :}


This is one of those conversations I would have preferred to have in private, with PMS, and it would have resolved lots of things.. like I kept telling Dobbs, if I knew the actual sequence of certain events, it would explain a lot...

I keep thinking about what happened because these dialectics are set up to set up other dialectics, as well as to cause circumstances that are difficult to explain and defend. No one knows better than me that these web logs, especially when I didn't know I was being affected by dews and psychotronics...could easily be used to suggest my insanity or delusions... if there wasn't so much evidence.

It's kind of like the original O.J. case for me... I watched every minute of the trial except wone day, when I listened to 70% of it on the radio, and the witness was Dr. Henry Lee... from the beginning, I could believe that O.J. was guilty only because people do weird things when dealing in the realm of crimes of passion.. I just said, prove it to me. Setting aside all the false news releases by the police of evidence found that didn't exist... damning evidence..

They didn' tmake the case, and it wasn't because O.J. had a dream team of lawyers... it was because of fact.. includingfacts that I actually noticed that the defense and prosecution never mentioned that was actually exculpatory and might have pointed to a setup. Facts regarding blood spatters, smears, footprints, blood preservatives used by forensics labs.... facts.

I don' tactually know if O.J. killed them or not.But the case wasn't proven. In fact, when you know the facts, you would have to understand that the facts used against him in the case were more exculpatory when the truth was known about it all, not taken out of context, and what little there was "suggesting" his guilt was so weak that it didn't stand in comparison to the facts.

So, it was interesting when I was set up to believe I was communicating with a local tv station.. before I ever heard of you I'm pretty sure). I make mention to it in the weblogs as "isn't it strange.. being interviewed by psychotronics"

And it was very different.. not the same psyops people.. not at all. Of course, all this was going on before the election, and I was again led to believe some people were going to give me the opportunity to present "my case"... I believed that anyone using the psychotronics technology must be in on things at a pretty high level.. and must know the truth about my suppression, if only by reading a great deal of my materials and realizing the truth of what I talk about...

So, here's how I have to evaluate things, and their implications... I have to respond to the facts presented to me, and then I still hope, when things get sorted out, that I'll learn "the rest of the story" and I actually hope I'm wrong about lots of people who did what they thought were right, used as pawns, were misinformed....

Part of all this actual psyop is to cause me to become disoriented or confused about the facts by being open  minded about people's involvement vs actual criminality... it's easy to do when managing thought on the material and spiritual planes...   everything to me shows up as evidence that you're  psyops person, one way or another, cooperating with suppressing me and I have to believe on behlaf of Obama one way or another...

I don't know how  you became involved.. if you're just a psyops person, then you're a criminal. Right now, you're in that category with me. Everything points to it. At the same time, like I said in that interview, I'd have been for Obama too, under other circumstances, as a typically informed citizen...  and I don't know what you think about me - if you think i'm delusional, crazy, smart, dumb, whatever.. or if you've actually done the research and found the truth about me... I really did spend years testing myself... and I inquire about it daily, if only to make sure I'm am separating God's will and plan from my opinions, especially when I'm angry and I'm feeling particularly human... :}

Bu thow I rall ywork is, if I find out afterward you're not a criminal or reformed or whatever.. just as I've told the media people about being caught up in the middle... I'll be the first one willing to take my words back, apologize and be your best witness to make amends and set things right... there couldn't possibly be anyone who knows better than me how good these dialecticians are as deception... no wonder God has to forgive everyone but the real bad guys !:} And after I take over Time Warner, and if you're innocent, you'lll get that spending cash.. I hope there'll end up being some people I can trust. I know it's not smart for me to say this, and if you're real and still on the air after I write the book, or 3... I'm gonna watch cause even if you're  a psyops person, you make me free associate and ask myself questions like noone ever did. Good, bad or indifferent. I wanna hate you for it :} Unfortunately, as much as I wish I could hate the people who are really responsible for doing all this stuff to me, I can't . Wish I could. It's that "even bad people are nice to people they like" thing "  I've been saying for years... the proof that their spirits are still intact after all, and they do know the difference between right and wrong.

Just like I know lots of people have done things they wouldn't have done except for survival... boy am I going to be writing about survival when I talk about consciousness of the cosmos.

Anyway... just one more thing.. one more situation to gather final facts on afterward.. the problem is, I've noticed all sort sof handiwork to cover you by variuous mediums... the bottom line for me is that it's just a shmae, and even making it look like that's going on could be a psyop... I won't know that answer for a while... but that's how dialectics go, and why I just collect the evidence I get, and hold off on final conclusions... meanwhile, having to respond to what I am presented with.

I know I'm going to be talking with groups of people before long.. it's quite a task when you're being hit with dews, trying to stay on topic and  be thorough...    but I can do it. And as weary as I am of the DEW and Psychotronic attacks, I just keep plodding along.. Winchester.. I do one thing, I do it well and move on"... and I don't think I actually have much more to go on the first book... the econd will be   aompilation of essays, and then maybe I'll start writing about the future.. if it's politically safe.

Speaking of dialectics and politics... see, it was no accident that I was led to information to get me to know things and "become".. and it wasn't to help me or the situation.. it was to make me politically unviable, just as many of the psyops were aimed at that intent. In the end, all of those things will work to my advantage.

I really am committed to the full establishment of the Kingdom of God. I know what it is, I know what it takes to cause, my audacity is my willingness to speak the truth, even about myself, for the sake of all people and the necessary service of government. And no matter who or what people decide I am, it doesn't matter to me, actually. What does matter is knowing the world could be a much better place, a pleasure to live in for all spirits and beings, if people would understand the real message of the prophecies, and stand for the princiiples in the hearts - the knowledge of right and wrong - and be willing to plant seeds of integrity  everywhere they go, so that people know that Christians are courageous, as they are, as are people, the faithful, of any spiritual inquiry, faith or religion..

A few years back, I this "crazy person" said " I draw the line. And I did, and I do.  Then, as a citizen, an now, as a citizen and servant of God, His representative. Each time I say that, I assure you, I don't take it lightly, with joy or as a burden... I say it as a reminder of what is at stake, and that every person, every individual who makes the choice for themselves to be true to themselves and stand for what they really believe in, then one by one, the trees will grow, the forest will be restored, and the seedlings will flourish.

The most difficult thing for me is knowing that I have no malice and wish I wasn't in any position, even as a single citizen, to assess and evaluate, and apply judgment to something that is supposed to have checks and balances.. that applies to everything. I say that's part of what makes me the right one to do it. 

Like I said about the things I say about what the government is doing, please, prove me wrong, I'd rather be wrong. But I know I'm not.  I'm assuming par tof this was to set up having us pitted against each other down the line. I hope that won't happen. Cause you know how God turns things around...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 06 - Willing And Able

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kool & the Gang - Hollywood Swingin

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways
Don't take this too seriously, but there's some good wisdom in this song, between the mushy stuff :})

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Live To Tell

7:51pm - I enjoyed the news conference tonight, Barack... I can see I can show your true  colors very quickly... I think I counted 2 or 3 emulations/plagiarisms, at least one hypocrisy.. and one thing we definitely agree on.. no one is above the law, Barack... and that includes you.

Your argument that a stimulus plan is spending is bogus. And the gains created by the short term jobs segment, the part that trickles down, is short term and short sighted.. when you look at it objectively, all it really does is ensure the operation of the government, and props up a few tehcnologies you don't really intend to employ, anymore than Carter followed thru on solar cells during his administration.. he made it look like that, though...

I find it fascinating to observe the reasons they selected you... we really are a lot the same in many ways... except this one thing, you're  a politician, and I"m a person who understands what it's like to actually have to live and compete... and why the words I speak, and the things I write, are from my heart... and my belief in fundamental principles, particularly as they apply to this country and liberty and Democracy... and God... you're a politician manipulating  a nation, I'm a guy who actually cares that it works out for everyone, not just the non-existent middle class you want everyone to believe you serve.

In the end, people will understand the difference.

Some more pictures of cool stuff. I keep wondering, what DO I put on the page for the Universal Church. I was thinking a sign that says "Can I come and hang out with you?" but I thought maybe people would think that's irreverent :}

I don't know what to put there. How much more do I have to write? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Works - A04 - Brain Salad Surgery

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tom Clay - What the World Needs Now


http://www.lonestartek.net/   where you can buy your own psychotronic devices


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2/10/2009 1:44pm -

And now, the latest news from Patmos...

Amazing, isn't it, how many truth tellers and servants of God have been imprisoned for telling the truth over the centuries...

ANd how every Empire had fallen by the same despicable crimes...

I can't decide which song to record first, so I decided to take a poll... I already have one vote for "My Heart is Filled With Love"... let's see what other Aesopian votes I can gather by the weekend :} I'll flip news channels, and I promise I won't tell who cast the winning votes until AFTER the Blue Ribbon Commission is over... :}

I was thinking I'd do a really fgood cover of one of someone's songs, and then force them to sue me for not clearing the rights... one way to get things going :} And to PMS, no I really wasn't going to sue JT, I just wanted to know the truth, and since Barbie Benton set the precedent years ago, I figure, it's worth a try. Now I'll probably do it for other reasons.. law suits, that is...  The dominoes then woul be you'd come after me, and prove your guilt. Isn't it fun how these dialectics they set up work...

Meanwhile.. I keep wondering, how are they going to approach discrediting me.. and I still say, there's only one point of contention.. which means, they're going to let me go to critical mass and then drop some kind of "bomb" on it all.. which will turn around on them too. Especially since so many other nations know I'm here. Of course, I'll need to be out of the country then. Meanwhile.. it's like Rumsfeld said, you gotta build them up to break 'em down? PMS... does that sort of conditioning sound familiar to how they positioned you? (Don't blame me for the initials. Does it occur to you my lack of vengeance by not putting in search engine keywords? I hope you appreciate that. I know how to get first ranking, if that's what I wanted to do.)

I was really surprised last night.. took a quick look at the stats on Charlesrehn.net... lots of search engine crawlers... looks like someone's going through and listening to the old News In Review reports too.. I wondering if they're as boring as I thought? All I know is I recorded most of them between 2-4am, and I kept falling asleep during post-production :} We could play a game.. find the bad edits... :}

Tooth report. The dentist said the roots on that tooth were so long, that it would take forever to fall out.. he was right, now I know why you chose that tooth to mess up... it's still there, annoying and painful.. I'm  learning to talk like Ron Christie (no offense intended).. another week or so, it will have moved enough to wire into place and should be okay for quite some time.. Too bad, you lose on the eye for an eye thing...

Barack.. when will you tell the truth and stop tortuing American citizens on American soil.. did you know I can trace my harassment back years to Brian Baird's wife? How about that. Goes back some 20 years... And it all travels through Landmark Education... I gotta find out what Scientology is all about :} Maybe Greta could do a special report on them. I'll be looking for it.. really.. it would be helpful...

So here's your only clue to the future.. when I pick up a little steam.. guess what I'm gonna do? Back to the future.. and the materials are already written. This recycling old materials thing works pretty good.

Speaking of which... on the news page.. I'm not done.. not really leaving anyone out.. just not my first priority.. I still figure about 6 weeks before I care what happens. And Obama makes his real politics obvious.. it won't be long, yeah, yeah...

Got that Leon? I know you all depend on my own forecasts.. :}

Pretty telling that Huffington Post is seated in White House press conferences.. Arianna.. before long, people will know you've just been a Democratic front all this time... it's pretty obvious.. not to mention, disappointing. Same as DailyKOS.

JT: I don't do things in reverse.. I go straight up the middle like a good halfback should.. and I run a really good statue of Liberty play.. works every time. Faster, and fewer people suffer. THe spoiled people don't like it no matter what, because it upsets them to think their "reality" might be altered... poor rich people..

Like a thief in the night.. those prophets back then were really good. How did they know about downloading way back then? :} Mr Claus steals into your house at night....

With that, let's see what God has me write today.. ought to be interesting...

Yusef Islam Stevens - The Wind

I was thinking, I could do a cover of Moonshadow with a parody... I'm being followed by a new five oh, new five oh new five oh... I'll follow it up with "Almost Cut My Hair".

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Rod Stewart - Have I Told You Lately I always loved playing this at KWAV cause it's a Van Morrision song to God. Beautiful love song.

ANd then there's this one, which was the hit when I got it inside a Dire Straits Communique album.. I really did like disco..

Rod Stewart - Da Ya Thing I'm Sexy

6:10 There's that number again...

Leahy... turht commission, huh... the video I've got of you comparing it to the Church Commitee is perfect... if you do not fully address psychotronics, it will be the proof of your involvement in the cover up of crimes against United States Citizens on AMerican oil... just like the Church Commitee covered up MK Ultra... and more... btw your commission is another farce emulation...  and once again, I will show that "commissions" in the U.S. means "commission of  cover-up"

Even I know you guys know this is going to come up.. or you wouldn't be going thru so much trouble to cover the bases... meanwhile... I know you'll try to control the presentation, but it'll all backfire in your faces.. can't wait..

Meanwhile.. the answer is "knuckleball".. I know it'll get messy. That won't be my fault. But the dirtier you guys play it, the easier it'll be to see your crimes. And it won't just go away.. no matter how hard the media and politicians press... I'm not afraid of it. And any surprises will be to you guys' exposing yourselves.

This is the final comment justifying myself.. I stand by my previous answer, but I smoke because I'm addicted to nicotine, and the psychotronics.. like hypnosis to get you to stop smoking... uses hypnosis to make you smoke more. The hypnosis of the psychotronics is the hardest part to overcome... but it can be overcome.  That's where having other people around who are friendly and understand can be so helpful...

PS: I've described a couple of things done at parties and such with hypnosis.. not what I'd call proper uses.. but I was amazed at how people without the ability to assert their own will can be convinced of lots of things. I've seen people change personalities in front of my face... go from argueing Christian to Wiccan to Christian in a flash... and then not remember it... and the people were not schizoid or mpd... I know the "symptoms" of psychotronics.. it's very pronounced, but if you're not looking for it, you think it's just weird things going on. I was told over and over again that you were "altered"... and the particular presentation I saw, and a demonstration I saw before, presented the same expression of certain engrams.. I'm not going to say that straight out, but to people who don't know what to look for,  they can be turned into someone else... that's what they said they did with you. Who knows if it's true. I will never state who I said that to, cause it's just passing basic info to someone who I think was psychotronicized without hteir knowledge... and for longer than they think. That's going to be the tough part about people finding out about psychotronics when they realize how it's all done.. and then they start realizing specific ways and times they've bene manipulated....  and that can be very demoralizing.

Just like last night, on that lonestartek site.. I've been aware of them for over 5 years, but was told their devices back then were unreliable.. their tech has obviously matured... I also didn't want to get in the position of appearing to have or use such devices in order to remain above reproach.

But, on there, they had a picture of a guy who had a catscan or xray done, showing an implant in the front of the neck just below the chin. I've had something there for years that doctors wouldn't explain to me. You see something like that, and all you can do in the face of a corrupt government that would do this to citizens is shake your head in disbelief...

And then you have to listen to news people talk about prisoners rights, Gitmo prisoners and all. all valid points.. doing nothing but give cover to political criminals who symbiotically cover for each other by passing laws and deceiving you to cover their crimes... of killing U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil. More indication that the media has been fully infiltrated and is doing the bidding of the COuncil on Foreign Relations... which is disappointing, maybe not 100% true, but true enough.

Anyway.. that was a photo from a guy who was, I think, a Navy Seal who had to agree to the implants. I certainly don't defend Timpthy McVeigh, but it sure adds credibility to his claim he was implanted during the Gulf War in Iraq as he says.

http://www.lonestartek.net/   where you can buy your own psychotronic devices

While the agreement with Egypt and Israel provided some stability, what it did most was provide another control element over the Palestinians that also provided a "magnet" war target when Israel takes military action.

The Bible said Israel should not partner with Egypt.. however, in current context, that meant the United States.. 12 years after God commanded the settlement of the matter, it still s exists. If Carter had been srious all these years, it would have been completed. There are lots of theoretical plans that could work.. but not when the political benefits to politicians and corporations for not settling it are greater... Compensating people for crimes against them does not relieve the guilt for the crime, or need for justice.. for crimes you would convict them of if the tables were turned. And they will be, on you guys.

And then there's the oil issue.. which will be obsolete in 5 years, if the citiznes are served...

Carter calls for mutual respect with Iran.. mimicking Ahmadinejad... but Carter was the one who called HIM a blabbermouth.. :}

Triunary.... check this out... a new way of saying the left brain doesn't know what the right brain is doing. Think of that in terms of "the church is in their temple".. and how the right brain is typcially associated with  conscious processing and action... kind of interesting, ain't it... holographic free association will do that to you :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne - Only Human

"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"
---- Barack Obama

I love it when these guys say stuff like this while committing the crimes they're talking about...

Right, Leahy.. always looking for a way to blame someone else so you can weasel your way out.. what's a Justice commitee for anyway? No, really? Ya gonna include 911 in that truth commission?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hank Williams - Your Cheatin' Heart


For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life A Letter to Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama  April 10, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life A Letter to Russell Feingold  April 22, 2008
For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life A Letter to Patrick Leahy   March 31, 2008

Ya know, I never did finish reading The Prince. :}

.. I take it these televangelists are counting membership to their churches based on ratings...

I was thinking tonight how it is that I'm writing chapters 3-4 in advance of other chapters... what I mean is, writing chapt 4 before 1 kind of thing.. because it doesn't all quite add up in one chapter.. it's like each is useful, but not complete without the whole thing... linear and non-linear...

It's really pathetic how people take my work and claim it as their own... there's a reason why it needs to come from me... I guess that's the point of all this documentation.. to prove it later..  talk about backwards...

PS People's private lives may be boring, but if it's so boring, why are you invading their private lives? Let alone mentioning it. I still say if what you teach from the Bible doesn't come correlated to the events of the world today, then all you're doing is speaking to the choir, selling hope, when you should be mobilizing Christians, not keeping them in the same old seats. Otherwise, what good does it do to sing "Onward Christine Soldiers" and fight a good warfare of hearts and minds... same old stuff pacifies, and allows the evil spirited to simply walk over the top of everyone. Which is what they want. Which is why they call inducing a passive reaction to evil Satanic Abuse...


Judith -

Last time I saw you, things were still pretty crazy, so I decided to lay low.. besides.. it looked to me like you were being harassed for what little assistance you gave me.. believe me, it was greatly appreciated...

I'm gonna stop by the first of next week.. I hope you're still monitoring this...   first, I've always wanted to work with a small group of people on psychic skills.. whatever you want to call it.. telepathy and all that... but what I've wanted to do most is use the skill for healing. If I could get a group of 7-10 people willing to work in a group, I know that group's health would improve, and we could teach each other healing.. I know how.. I won't say I've ever had miraculous results, but I've had results, and I'd like to improve my faith and ability for lots of reasons... so if you know people who might be interested in that, I'd appreciate knowing.

Also, on another though related subject... I know I"m going to be talking with groups soon.... probably even sermons.. it would be really neat if we could get another group.. maybe the same group, to work with me on developing a tv format I have in mind... a short message followed by a discussion... I was thinking, it would be neat to start out talking about what Catholicism means to Catholics.. as well as the same question for people of othe religions...

Like I said, I'll be stopping by.. I hope you get this, and give it some thought... meanwhile, you made a comment about wanting to hear "new stuff"... were you talking about writings... news.. or music?


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - It's About Time

2/11/2009 - 5:41 am

It was a sleep  deprivation night last night... to all you politicians and media people.. keep in mind, I have no qualms whatsoever dealing with a court on the issue of psychotronis, dews and so forth.. plenty of expert witnesses... so that leaves the other thing.. and the funny thing is, on that one point of contention... she's tried to contact me... maybe.. if it's not a psyop... nonetheless.. while I wouldn't count on it, the ballagame ain't over yet... One of the things I didn't mention about that whole situation was that while all the weird stuff was going son, and I was working 6 days a week to build the business... Sundays, the reserved day.. she was off hiking with the mountaineers,   getting to know her future husband...  Then take into account that the Bible says once you're divorced, you can't go back... interesting contradiction, huh? ANd while Jesus said he didn't agree with divorce, he didn''t make   a new rule either, which he could have done, because like me, He had to deal witht he way things were at the tim eof His life, not when things were pristine.. when you really dig into it, it all gets very interesting, complex, and unclear...

By now, I'm figuring you know I'm not as stupid, naive, silly or whatever as you thought... sure you guys have millians and billions to spend, so you can hire people to do things for you...  I'll just keep plugging along like any good tortoise would...  I may not have a college degree.. but I'm keeping up with you guys...

Now I'm looking forward to writing a 4th book.. to come out in 2 years... Pat B will like it... and sell it for more than 1 cent. :} And it'll be better than that book.. I still don't think it'll take that long... something's gonna happen real soon.   A good thing for the good guys' side...

Meanwhile... Shelby says we'll still have the Emperor... this is gonna be interesting... :} I keep wondering how much more of this Biblical stuff I gotta watch happen before people catch on...  :}

New Song... Just Let It In... that's the name of it not an instruction.. or maybe it is...

Scarborough in the Senate.. Barack, don't you know, guys who resign from the house don't go to the senate... unless ya got something on 'em...oh you did know that.. I forgot.. you were sort of a senator once...

ABout Indaba.. Stivo.. see, these guys want me to waste a lot of time producing an album, because they want to make it look like all this was about being a musician... but I'm going for a simple sound... so it'll be easy to produce...  quick to put out with the first book.. :} And stivo, when you write a good book, sometimes it is good to write another one... isn't that the way the tw propagandists do it?

Later... something about faith and grace and God.. whoever grace is :}

I won't be writing to you guys much anymore, cuase I got more important people to talk to.. but keep an eye out.. I'll keep posting.. I'm gonna post 10 stories a day about Obama... only 2 weeks, and he's made himself into  a hypocrite..

Barack, do you see how the Clintons set you up yet? Is it obvious to you, yet, or are you still clinging to rhetorical hope? Maybe after a few years and a little experience, Matthews will stop calling you an expert... you know what my dad said an expert is, don't you?  A has been drip.

Ya know, I've always found it hard to believe when women get flustered or something when you write a song about 'em... in my world, it seems normal :} I guess we all do what we all do... :}

PSS Barack.. you got  ablog.. bet it's not as good as mine would have been. We'll add another emulation to the list. Ya know, I wrote down years ago what I'd do, including the party.. you're covering 'em all real good... when ya gonna hold up the white flag? THe real question is, we know know Barack knows all about psychotronic torture now... the real question is, when he did find out that the DNC was using my stuff to make him president? From the beginning, or since that letter I sent to him and Kennedy about psychotronics? Looks like at least 2004 to me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Golden Ribbons

Tell Rick warren and the Left Behind CFR guys I'd be glad to debate the hippie thing any day if they have the guts...

Rapture... when rap artists start singing scriptures.. which they've already done...:}

God says I have  abright future ahead of me.. must be one of those cells in the Navy brig in Virigina where they leave the lights on 24 hours a day and play Raspberry Beret to make you go nuts.. I like Prince. :}

Hi Mika :}

Oh yeah.. remember when Jesus said If He wanted to I could call on God and xxx angels would come and... see the thing is, the body holds the spirit of God, not the power as we might think of it... He wasn't quite there... in that way, for the moment, I'm not as far along as He was... thanks to the psychotronics... and RM... it ain't about hoping.. if  there's one thing I've found out, if I say or think something, God has the final say. Everybody's got  a boss. :}

I know there's a bunch of media people out there who think I'm just a silly psyop victim... and then there are others who know the truth.. JUst let it in..   :}

PSSSS: I know you think you know me from what I write and what you think you're witnessing.. you really don't..  one day you'll realize that, and you won't need to wear blush when you discover how wrong you are.

Interesting: Cora Bailey in a Vanderbilt....

Yet another Obama emulation... can you believe the nerve of that guy?

Here come the helicopters.. :} I got a witness... not to the right thing, though.

Semi Relevant counter-intel psycho-babble.

BTW.. there's going to be a public announcement in March.. and the worse you make it here, psyops guys, the worse it'll be for you... and it'll be an international announcement, and not from me.... and they'll all be referred to my websites...

1:30pm.. I mentioned the choppers.. I went to the living room, and was thinking of issuing a challenge to Leon Panetta....  I've seen jets playing tic tac toe with chemtrails over Yosemite... I'v seen the flag of Argentina painted in the sky over my house... so I was thinking, how about we get Leon to have the guys from Ft Lewis or McChord paint me a full U.S. Flag with all 50 stars... just then... I look outside, and high in the sky... it's not Bruce Wayne with traffic.. it's... a cloud in the shape of a helicopter. I swear. I made sure to get a witness to that. Now the question is, were you playing with me, or is God playing with you? :} See how my life is... it just never stops.. it even had the props.. perfect..

6:08 pm One chucklehead to another... I didn't catch the fine print on that graphic...  I think you want the song CHange Myself by Todd...

Meanwhile... let's see if he can sing this one... so, I love the 5th Dimension.. I used to warm up my voice to them on the way to KMBY... anyway.. I always wondered what the Age of Aquarius was all about. THought I missed it back in the 60's... then I thought, no wonder things are so messed up, I'm late.. what is it..? I just found out... it starts this weekend.. could have been a better way to celebrate it... oh well... it sounds good though doesn't it? Finally, my time comes :} Guess I'll review the Aquarian Conspiracy :} But I'm not a conspiracy theorist :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Aquarius Let the Sunshine In

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald & James Ingram - Yah Mo Be There

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Vai And Ry Cooder - The Duel From Crossroads

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Restless Heart - Tell Me What You Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Prince - Positivity

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Planet Earth - 02 - Guitar

I want Barney Frank to take every criticism of bankers and all and pose them to himself.

10:15 pm - Unfortunately, I was in the room tonight for the beginning of Pastor Melissa Scott's whatever she calls it tonight.. interesting, 2 days ago I started writing about faith and grace... then got zpped by dews and psychotronics... and couldn't write... and tonight's sermon... faith and grace. I turned it off, stopped the recording. Here's why. To Melissa Scott.. I doubt you will, but either provide me with good reason to believe you're not cooperaing with this psyop, or I will absolutely make sure people know you are participating with the Democratic Party, Council on Foreign Relations and Barack Obama as well as the Federal Government in performing psychological operations via your broadcasts... I have proof. I'm tired of your games. As far as I am concerned, you are nothing more than another extension of the Federal Government. And as for your questioning when your congregation stopped being Christians this week.. I hope you ask yourself that question yourself, because you ar a despicable human being and a criminal. And to the psyop s people orchestrating this: I will not rest until every one of you sick perverts goes to jail Every last one of you. Just remember, Obama, trying to set me up for plagiarism won't work, and I have all of you cold. Bring it on.. I dare you to take m,e to court on any of these matters. I assure you, despite all your corrupt aides, security firms and other traitors you employ, you will go to jail...

I assure you, I will break loose from this containment, and I will expose you all. And that includes you in the media and the musicians who have particpated. Enough is enough.

Tomorrow, I start posting and blogging America's plans for global military actions written by Sam Nunn.. and Obama wil look more and more like the lying traitor and criminal he is. Rahm, you're going down with him. You're as dirty as they come. Let's see if Fitzgeralds really has the guts to clean up Illionois, or if he's just another diversion.

I was wondering why you were delaying me. Jus tlike the Martin Luther King article I started and then got attacked while doing.. and then 3 days later, Moyers airs another whitewash report. Sickos, every one of you. This will be over soon, and America will be rid of you all. The Hague is too good for you.

By the way... the sleep deprivation.. I've been awake more than 35 hours... you're all going down. Cause I'm tougher than anyone you've done this to before. Thanks to Moyers, I hvae  documentation that Baird, Murray, Dix and Cantwell are on the take... talk about cuts both ways...

Like the psyops guys keep telling you Obama.. I got so much stuff on you guys.. and all you do is commit more crimes. True criminals. Keep it up. The evidence is mounting. And some people ar just gonna love what Nunn wrote... prepare for demonstrations in DC.. of course, I won't be there.. I don't do demonstrations...

People are already on to you guys.. and the question I have is the same: will the intel guys and military stand for the Council on Foreign Relations, or their fellow citizens.  Guess what.. the citizens win.

And then... will the apostates particpating with the government be run out of the ministry, or will we jail them for fraud and RICCO? I go for RICCO.

LEt the good be good, let the bad be bad. Simple directives. People will see the truth. Let the dead bury the dead. There are more dead than I thought, but that's what separating the wheat from the chaffe is all about.


1/12/2009  2:05pm -

I want to point out first that I receive info from a variety of sources.. typical email news services...more covert stuff, like viagra ads that include relevant articles I wouldn't ordinarily see.. and usually just delete... talking about issues and saying, I wish I had a certain fact".. and the a message in a forum I belong to suddenly comes up with a link that answers my questions... not to mention Aesopian messages that come through media, politicians and more. AThere is nothing subversive about it, I try to hide nothing, and the few times it's appeared that people have tried to communicate with me covertly... particularly in matters that may be illegal or unethical, I delete the message, or keep them to prove I have nothing to hide, and I refuse to open them, sometimes even set up spam filters to block them.. further, I have made statements in my weblogs asking people, telling people, I have no interest in covert operations or things that lead to illegal activities in regards to politics and now, religion.. that said..

My insidce sources want to answer a question: WHy am I so upset with Pastor Melissa Scott.. first, I'll say, it's very tempting to make her an example of apostasy. Very tempting. But it's like being  aleader and having the use of psychotronics.. leadership, and judgment, would suggest that a good person, a moral and ethical person, will not use such weapons of any sort to harm people, unless it's a justifiable act of war.. just as I, unlike most victims of psychotronics, believe in the full development of those technologies because of the miraculous medical possibilities it offers.

I'm told she, and most of the media and politicians, believe that unconstitutional laws wil prtect them from the wrath of the lublic and the courts when this becomes public... it may. And for politicians and media in the material world, if they really believe it's justifiable in that way, then maybe they'll get away with it... I say they won't, just as I say I'll be the one to cause whatever happens to bring them down, whether I'm the guy in the headlines tha does it or not. The goal is what's important, not my personal promotion. I've said from the beginning, I can win without winning.

What bothers me most about her is that I'm told she did this as a favor to Barack Obama to shut me up about his crimes against me and America... I'll say it again, I was a big supporter of Obama's until he proved to me that he was participating in the torture against me... and now she is too.. and they think the FISA/Telecom laws are going to protect them. That's why Obama voted for immunity, because it's a law that does everything BUT prevent prosecution...

I've said she is brilliant, and I think she is, in most ways... I don't get much from her actual sermons, but I do "free-associate" while listening to them, and it causes me to trigger certain thoughts and memories of God's plan and will that take me in totally different directions... totally different, and after she contacted me and I responded by writing to her, what I was aseeking was someone who could read my materials - mayber edit, tell me certain things didn't commuicate.. and then, ultimately... I test myself against the fear of apostasy every day. I don't do that by doing research.. a great deal of what I write may well be triggered by reading a scripture and realizing how it has been mis-communicated to people.. not out of lies, but out of a lack of the deeper understanding of the context, which may or may not be about the time it was written, and which may be more a reflection of how politics has perverted the message of Christianity... typically using fear to scare people into conformity, as opposed to giving people options and allowing them to choose what makes sense... just like politicians...

THe little lookups I did on the web about her before writing to her.. maybe after.. told me little or nothing about her, and I liked it that way. I like to know people how they like to be known.. just as I said I wanted to know her thoughts about her late-husband before I read or listened to that material, because I wanted to see his body of work through her eyes...

And the last thing I expected was for a minister to participate in such crimes.

That takes me back to the point. Let's just say someone convinced her that she was covered by the telecom laws. I don' treally care, and in the long view, I could care less whether she's one of the people who goes to jail for these activities because all she was was a distraction to makesure my writings didn't make it to the public before Obama got inaugurated... that's called a conspiracy, RICCO, and the way it happened includes human rights violations...

Now, I'm going to stipulate that I have more than enough evidence to convict her in a court of law.

Heres' the part that actually bothers me...  let's forget anything about my contacting her to make sure my ministry wasn't incomplete.. let's forget that I'm a Christian... let's forget that I proposed meeting her at her offices for a legitimate business meeting, let's forget that stuff. And particularly, let's forget about the fact that I am Christ.

If she believed I was an apostate, I gave her every invitation to tell me so through conventional, and amicable means. Phone number, address.. even Aesopian.. she used Aesopian.. that's how she contacted me before I knew she existed.. and I'd have never heard of her if it wasn't for psyops. The only actually request I had of her, including totally rejecting me in every way, having nothing to do with any personal issues, was to treat me with common respect as any decent would and deserves.

Instead, she used Aesopian to try to confuse me, influence my writing, and I do believe she has participated in direct Voice to Skull communications with me in order to further sabotage my work... she'll have toanswer to God for that one...

And then, she used Aesopian to invite me to her work, syaing, don't come down for a business meeting, just move down here. She said all kinds of things to cause me to believe I was welcome, as well as that she believed who I am. All kinds of things. SO I took a chance of greater possibilites for God's work and this world working with partners in the ministry, instead of doing what I believed I could do to prevent the invasion of Gaza. And I don't care what "normal" people think of that, but I could have done that. People in the Middle East know who I am. And it's not even audactiy.. it's a citizen doing what they are capable of doing for a good cause. If that's audactiy to you, then it means you believe the politicians who tell you what class you are in and should remain in.

So, my complaint against Pastor Melissa Scott has to do with apostasy. A minister using deception and the word of God to defeat God... she may think that stopping me was the right thing to do because she wanted Obama to be president, like I did originally, and maybe she believed I was an apostate... but she responded to my letters and writing to her in a positive way, holding special Wednesday night sermons in Glendale to, what I assume, is record answers and statements in Aesopian to me to insert into her her "normal" broadcasts... making every person who was in on the joke an accomplice in RICCO violations.

She criminalized her church.. as if that's not bad enough...

ANy minister who believes that the law justifies them in the eyes of God could not possibly be a servant of God. And any minister who does not value the judgment and word of God more than the law could not possibly be a proper representative of God, let alone a minister.

That makes her a dictionary and BOble defineition apostate. I didn't do it, she did, and she did it without concern for the fact that she was working to assist in destroying a person's liffe whose real crime was exercising his rights to free speech. That's a civil rights violation...

She may well be an intelligent person... I am sorry for many reason that she was stupid enough to do this... but she did it. Not me.  The only thing I saw on the web,    before things got weird, that I thought was intellectually honest, amidst the reports of her improprieties in the past, which I could care less about in any way, was that any intellectual could deliver the "sermons" she delivers. Apparently, that's the truth about her. She inherited a church,  and it's rezal cool for her cause she makes a good living and she's a big shot... that's how it appears to me.. I know nothing about her organization or finances or personal life.

So like I've said... like I said throughout her psyop of me, there are many ways she could have communicated with me honestly... she could have ignored me... I could have gotten down there, and she could have politiely tolmde me, or had someone tell me, they weren't interested. I'd have still been bothered by the psyop, but I may not have considered her to be a dfespicable person for the strong armed tactics used agains tme to cause me to spend the last of my money to go homeless to cover Barack Obama's crimes.

No minister of God would participate in the destruction of a person's life. Here husband may have ordained her, but God says... DO I know You? Because God wants nothing to do with people who continue to commit crimes in His name without contrition... and the proff of her complicity is the fact that she has made no effort ot legitimately communicate with me to express any concern over any circumstances tha tmight have forced her into this position. THat's why, when all this is over, she too will go to jail with the Obama and COuncil on Foreign Relations people... workers of Satan.

Because that's what the law does with criminals like her. Melissa, live by the sword, die by the sword. If you were ever a legitimate minister, then you know hat that rule of God's works.

Judgment is having power, and knowing how to use it appropriately. You don't and neither does Obama. Since you like him so much, maybe we could get you a cell so you can talk to him during your stay in the prison.

I think that more than adequately states my position, my dsimay, and my sadness at the waste of humanity she represents, as a a perfect example of how Christianity has been perverted by politics.

It isn't personla now, it wasn't when I contacted her, and it won't be when I present my evidence to prosecutors.

Like I wrote to Al Gore long ago.. it's not abou tme, it's not about you, it's about America.. and God... anyone who gets in my way will suffer the same fate: prosecution... and anyone who questions that, or thinks I'm just some crazy delusional guy, better be forewarned that I'm none of those things, I don';t make assertions without evidence to back them up, and my only craziness comes from my silliness because of the boredom and oppression I am suffering... otherwise.. feel free to feel superior and above the laws o f humanity by harming me... because I'm just a lowly idiot... and when I present the evidence, and your life is destroyed.. you'll know I'm not a crazy person at all... just killing time til God says hike... and I'll still say I'm sorry it all hjappened, cause I never wanted to criminalize anyone.

One day, Robert Novak called me a loser. I responded by sayng, I'm no losing, I've had multiple crimes committed agaisnt me. That was before he pointed me to Ezekiel, and before I had any real orientation to God or my "personage" in my work all these years...

The true losers will be the ones who decided God's forgiveness meant they could do all this and nothing would happen to them. THey're the deluded ones, and God will not forgive them the way they think. Trust me on that one. ANd while hell is no tthe usual palce people think, because little happens the way we think abased on the current paradigms of our world.. but God doesn't have a whole lot of respect for the paradigms of deciet and crime created by the world's leaders, the anti-Christ... Melissa you chose to join the anti-Christ, and without contrition, reconciliation, atonement, and a public reversal in this case... becaus eof the damage you've done and have agreed to continue.. God will not forgive you the way you wish He would

You chose the law. Let the dead bury the dead.

Any other questions? Read the Bible as if it means something more than a formulaic approach to making a living by being an apostate. Research is cool.. so is just imprisonment of people like you.

Final note: I've made it a point to assign someone to witness that I am recording your broadcasts again for future use as evidence against you... and that I won't view that, and don't view them. I got a witness. It's a deception to deter me.. it won't work.. and anything you try to use against me will be used against you because your lies will be obvious.

You turned the tables, alright.. on yourself. God DOES work that way, and if you were actually a CHrisitiian who believes the word of God, you would have known that. And maybe, then, you would have acted like a compassionate, caring human being, let alone a servant of God, instead of a worker of the Devil.

The most interesting part of this, Melissa, is that you still control your own fate. You could put an end to your own criminality, save your church and end the evil of the Biblical evil doers... and cuase the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, with one, short deposition... your silence speaks to your guilt.

My inside sources say that when they saw CFR's setting me up and getting you to do what they did, that the bad guys influenced you instead to betray me... cause the good guys were counting on you to do the right thing.. you know, saving America.. they believed you too. When they saw you betrayed me and God, God said, okay angels, make lemonade, and they did. I wish I knew who all these people were, and one day, when and if I find out, I'm going to give them all a big hug... cause if it wasn't for the CIA/NSA, I would never have gotten all that digital video and audio equipment that they "adviced me to get"... nothing fancy, but adequate... and I wasn't collecting evidence. They somehow trained me well.

The other thing my inside sources tell me is that whatever I haven't documented, they have, and they will use their same influences to make sure that your, and other peope's criminality, will bubble up..

It's like Rod.. I don't know if he's guilty or not.. but I say God said put B-Rod on the spot, cause he knows alot, and he'll sppill his guts, because he's essentially a decent guy... as are many other people who will spill their guts.

God bless you Rod for doing the right thing now. Whatever happened in the past. Just remember.... as God is my witness... :} Because you're setting a good example now. And now is what is important.

5:13 pm  Campbell Brown: Re thermisol and mercury... First, sanjay Gupta has a long standing history of defending  the drug companies' positions... Time Warner is completely unbiased about pharma because of its pharma holdings and affililiations.

A court ruling is no proof of medical information. Remember, courts ruled and tobacco companies claim smoking doesn't cause cancer or addiction... and courts, especially "special" courts, are well known for throwing out logical and  evidentiary information in exchange for political positions... Remember theLevesque case? I'll bet Time Warner doesn't want you to.. or how about Pfizer's history of making drugs for the CIA to use to destroy people''s lives?

And then, let's look at how politicians and these courts make money from things like.. Pharma and tobacco... then you get the real story.

Say what you want about thermisol.. mercury is bad for you, otherwise I'd eat more tuna... history for the last 1500 years proves that mercury destroys the nervous system... now.. all those kinds who you say endanger your children by not getting vaccinated.. it's pure bull... pure bull.. if your children are vaccinated and you believe they work (otherwise you wouldn't endanger your children's lives by getting them, an let's not forget, children die from vavvinations, so you do endanger your children when you get them vaccinated) then your children are not endangered in any way by children who are not vaccinated. You just made a hyposcrite of yourself .. given what you say about your show.

This is actual evidence of Time Warner's dis and mis information of America

Now let's take a look at another aspect.. mercury introduction into vaccines further enables psychotronics and other electro magnetic energy weapons that TIme Warner knows all about,  uses and maintains or has maintained for the U.S. Government ... inlcuding HAARP.. and I know, Campbell, that you and many others at CNN know all about it... so... pick a side Campbell.. you just made the suspect list. And if you don't know enough about nano-tech to understand nano-tech, ask Lou Dobbs, whose business dealings with Jack Welch and General Electric make him something of an expert....

PS GE.. you did a good job of making ION look affiliated mostly with TIme Warner... I found out the truth about that too... Maybe I should take GE and TIme Warner both.. it's one way to abate Nuclear plants before t's too late. Got that Warren? Ask Keith.. he did a report like this today.... about CNN"s defense of Pharma...

One other question answered: If PMS was  a fish big enough to fry, I'd have filed a suit.. using interstate telecommunications to purposefully cause emotional and financial damages... and I'd win.. she's small potatoes in this situation, but she is an accomplice who will fit handily into the dragnet.

2/13/2009 1:11pm - I was thinking this morning, wondering how many ministers actually have the guts to give sermons describing apostasy.. let alone mentioning where they've gone off track from time to time.. and then encouraging their congregations to question them about it, bring it up when they think their minister is doing it.. that would create some useful discussions... 

Hey John B.. hoist up the John B Sails.. anyway.. I'd sure like to play poker with you.. your face has some interesting tells...

Thanks to the guys who clued me into the infliction of emotional distress tactic.. I'm sure it'll come in useful down the road.. I'm so focused on the huge picture, I forget about the little things.. amazing what you learn from the news... :} Since my harassment is ongoing, I'm not concerned about stautes of limitations at all.. I do feel sorry for the bad guys though.

I also realized this morning that FOr the Love of the World will actually vindicate and prove me all by itself... that was an interesting discovery...

Here's why I feel sorry for the bad guys.. I've come to a lot of realizations in the last week, trying to figure out how to present apostasy without pointing the finger at anyone.. it's the "God has bestowed equality amongst the whores" thing... and then I started to realize why GOd would put His spirit, and the spirit of turht or Jesus in someon ein which He would also be present.. I used to listen the song Black and White by Three Dog Night, before I knew they were a gospel band originally, and thought that is cool, racial equality.. and then I started thinking, what might been a double entendre for that.. I don't think this is it, but here's one I cam e up with..

The world of God is a pretty balck and white situation.. things are either wrong or right, and when people are cutting corners because they think the ends justify the means, God has absolutely no tolerance for it.  My father was like that too. Sure, there are mitigating circumstances, but in the end, you know if you did right or wrong.... my job in partnership with Him is to provide the "mitigating circumstances" as a being of and in this world, not  to justify, but to be able to hold harmless.. cause God's pretty fed up with all the criminal leaders and apostate ministers... and I really feel sorry for all the bad guys who decided they'd go along and harm me, because it really was the ultimate test of those people because God put many of those same people in the position to forward God's cause, and He used me to find out if they were trustworthy... unfortunately, I also believe it was HIs was of proving to me that dead souls really are dead souls, and I shouldn't feel so much compassion and mercy for them becaus eof all the harm they do to other people.. and I'm not even talking about stealing money and stuff.. I mean where they do things full well knowing they are actually causing suffering.

I didn't know God was using me for that purpose, nor that He was trying to toughen me up to be able to exact justice on those people in this world, so that maybe they would change their ways and prepare themselves spiritually to be fit for the Kingdom.. cause He actually wants everyone to be in it, but knows that some people just won't make it, by their own choice, arrogance, pride and unwillingness to admit to themselves that they were wrong. In this world, that's what prisons are for.

The lesson for me was to accept that there really are truly evil-spirited people in the world, and they need to be dealt with. Sort of like the time I had to be an adult and put my poor suffering dog to sleep by myself... I hated doing it but it needed to be done for the benefit of the people hwo would have bene harmed by her in her condition and with the disease she had, let alone all the other animals in the area who might have become infected. Had I known about psychotronics, I would have come to  a different conclusion. Even that incident actually continues a pattern of Satanic Ritual Abuse against me, one that can be charted and proven... H.W.

The high will be made low..  I really regret that I originally believed that prophecy was made to speak about government and leaders... the last thing I thought it would do is refer to miisters. You have no idea how sad it makes me to know that I am compelled by God to do His work by makig  a special apostate list...    don't worry, I'll check things out, and anyone I susect will get a letter - and if they don't respond they'll be put on the list as a suspect with a letter online explaiing why, and whether or not they've responded. If they respond in Aesopian, they'll be put on the list as certified apostates... at least until they respond and explain themselves.. final thought on this: if ministers don't have the guts to interact with me in an intellectually honest way, then they are no servants of God, and are either serving politicians or are simply apostates. You ministers will determine what category you fit into based on your own actions.

My final thought for today is this: I really want people to fully understand that my complaints about Barack Obamaand the government are not complaints I make with any pleasure at all. I was so looking forward to the day that the United States would elect a black President as a symbol of the progress made in AMerica... finally.. not to mention a man or woman of integrity being our leader... I was very sad when it was proven to me that Obama was not only aware of, but particpating in the crimes committed against me all these years to facilitate his election... Even sadder to learn that Ted Kennedy, one of my all time heroes i n this government, has been complicit if not a primary leader in the harm done to me for ove 30 years.

The work I am doing began and continues to be about the United States and the promise it was for the world, attempting to make it worthy of world leadership... and al these crimes and things done to divert me and defeat me, us, in that work, have not at all caused me to fail in terms of determination or willingness to put my life on the line for what's right.

As far as I'm concerned the United States is no longer the "anointed nation".. I don't care if I die here, my containment is not proof of God's will at all.. it's a crime in the material world... and God will be making a lot of lemonade.. meanwhile, I hope I can be cause in helping to straighten things out about America so the world can be at peace.. but I want to assure you, while I am committed to throwing all you apostate and criminal leaders in jail, I am looking for a new home.

I was born in this country, and I feel, as a citizen, an obligation to prevent this government from doing the crimes it's committing... just like so many ask why didn't the Germans do away with the Nazi's.. but unless I, and many many more people are relieved of their suffering, and unless this government acts in a moral manner and for the first time in my life.. Im looking for a new home... in another country.. because under the leadership of these criminals who will not change their ways or heed the words of God, this is not America, nor is it a country that God would have in leadership of His Kingdom.

Your actions prove that not only are you apostates and the anti-Christ, but worthless human beings per your own laws. I am satisfied to know that you will not be in His Kingdom without some serious reconciliation, not just with God, but with the people you have harmed... And it will not be held against them for holding it against you.. regardless of the knowledge that whatever they hjold against others will be held against them. God believes in justice too, and that's why I'm here. And you know, now, what my bottom line is.

God bless the American citizens. God damn the criminal politicians, and those who acquiesce.

You can say yopu're turning the rudder all you want. The only good news to that is that as you turn the ship toward the rocks, I know how to salvage it all after you criminals are gone You don't fool me one bit, and I don't care how many deceptions are done, and how you disrespectfully compare Obama to Lincoln (except for the truth about Lincoln is not actually flattering).. God will have final judgment on you all for these deceptions... and like I've said, I'm glad He makes the final decisions... I don't think He'll disagree with me, though, because you're all worthless until you prove otherwise. God and I don't believe you will prove otherwise. Your lives are the only evidence required, and the people below are just few of the witnesses against you.

If you can live witht that truth, then you know why you are, in God's eyes, dead.

Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good

2:45pm - Chris - Now I have video of you saying that the torture you and the time warner people inflict on innocent citizens in the United States is fine with you.. glad to have the video.. it's called evidence.. it'll be used against you when you're arrested.

6:02pm - Weekly wrap up :} You can talk, you can talk, you can twitter you can talk.... last night I was writing this very pleasant song when I realized it sounded exactly like James Taylor... just got a little left to go.. :} Isn't that weird, the Washington thing... talk about  triangulation.. :} I wonder who'll get that one :}

Aesopian can be fun at times, I have to admit.. informational as well.. I'm glad things have settled down some, and that we're communicating on a more prodcutive level. Now I don't have to act crazy to get your attention.. course, I really was just bored. I don't do Faustian, don't ever forget that.

Good news: did some number crunching, it's my estimate that only about 20-25% of the world's population is actually real bad guys.  I always try to look on the bright side :}

Looks like I nailed the true unemployment rate when you include under employed and those who've given up...

This is the dawning of the .. sorry, I just get a little inspired when I think of that. :}

I said before I followed all the psyops to their conclusion, both because I don't believve in turning my back on possibilities, but because even when I know it's going down a bad path for me, I learn a great deal.. alot ofdots get connected.. methods revealed.. people exposed... so,, I'm not against meeting people and answering questions or whatever, but that part of it all, the curiosity and investigation part, is basically over because I have more than enough info and evidence to do what I need to do, and the compilation of those materials are more important than more eviddence EXCEPT for tracking Obama, making hte valid comparisons to Bush and all.. and doing whatever i need to do to expose psychotronics and more, and cause the full establishment of the Kingdom of God. It's gonna be great. But, I think I know what I needed to know now.. some of  it's sad, some of it's just things I needed to find out to be able to do my job...

Onward... it's gonna happen.. I just hope that the American ministry will work with me instead of against me, and realize how controlled they've been, while at the same time realizing how appreciative God is for their work, knowing they've been deceived and sold out in so many ways. We can get this done without causing our own persecution, in a way that Christ Jesus would be proud of. I hope you'll join me in this, because I will be claiming my role as leader in this endeavor soon, and I really want you to understand that this is not an act of arrogance or rebellion of any sort... it's what needs to be done, and it can be done, and it will be done because it is God's will.

For me, it really is as simple as that. And I have complete faith in Him, and evidence of His hand and guidance in my life, particularly in the last few, dangerous years... And I'm glad to be His servant.  And I'm glad to know that God knows me.

Gotta run.. just wanted to say have a great weekend, God bless you all, let's be really safe... seems like someone needs to hear that.. anyway... love ya...

Richie Havens - TBD - 100 - Shouldn't We All Be Having A G


2/14/2009 - 4:05 pm - The Age of Aquarius.. I wonder if that's true. I get told stuff all the time and I'm not putting anytime into this one... apparently it's true though :} I really like the idea..  see, I wasn't too late :}

A blustery day... John B - Sorry for misspelling your name, but it's probably better for you in terms of the search engines :} I realized back in 2003 I registered in the DMOZ as a presidential candidate, and this site gets re-indexed probably once a day.. :} I keep forgetting stuff like that :} How WOULD people know about me? The bigger question is, who? Anyway, John, believe it or not, when you start getting hit by dews, the first thing that goes is your spelling skills. And you wonder why your forehead or the back of your head feels sort of numb....

For the record: I giggle at lots of televangelists... :} I watched  a guy, I think it's Joseph Prince.. I really don't remember what he was talking about.. only watched a few minutes.. but I loved his energy... I think it inspired me to to play the guitar... :} I think it might have been something about faith, but I was enjoying his enthusiasm.. he was really sweating..  I'm going to meet him one day.. I hope he's got a sense of humor :}

And you guys think I don't like Christian ministers... :} AS much as I watch and like a professional broadcaster, notice semantics and presentationa nd all that, I usually end up thinking about some interesting things afterward and I love how it challenges my preconceived notions about what certain religions and approaches and interpretations are and stand for, and am quite pleased when I realize how much more open minded "religion" is than most people would know...  although I still have my concerns that some religions will have a problem with some of the things I say... I took a brief look at Presbyterianism... and I'm not sure they're going to like me :} Until and unless they actually understand what I'm saying, and I get a chance to really understand them.

I like the part of Jehovah's witnesses that has them create a new church everytime they get 100 members, so that everyone feels like they belong and are not forgotten, and so they can have discussions of scripture and all, as well as people speaking on topic like a short sermon... interestingly, it's actually the way I always envisioned being with a  congregation... and still that has nothing to do with necessarily endorsing any religion, because I don't know  their real "beliefs"... but I do know I've always liked their nononsense presnetatoion of the scriptures, showing an understanding of both linear and non-linear scripture .. I don't know how to say it.. anyway.. HI to Susan... I think I spooked 'em in Shelton :} But you're always welcome. Say hi to MIlton. Who ARE the Mason B's?

Seems like God's letting me do more invocations now... some of 'em are cool.. others.. it's a good thing I don't write 'em down, but I know God understands and doesn't do them :} I can see the psyops guys sitting there during my niightly invocations... going, "Can he do that?" I don't know if they noticed lately, but apparently he can.. :} It's fun. Here's a spin-offf... a 900 number... the invocation hotline :} Or for $10 a month, you can have new invocations texted to your cell phone as they're posted :}

I'm enjoying writing a letter to Dr. Murford.. it's been interesting, now, to collect my thoughts about all this that's  gone on.. Don't worry PMS, I'm not gonna smear ya.. anyway...  it's still not  a short story, but it says alot in a much shorter space.. and who knows if it'll get to him, but an afterthought is that it might end up what will actually be the preface to "For the Love of the World".   And it ain't dingy like other letters I've written while sensory deprived. That'll help :}

This James Taylor like song I wrote.. I was thinking for the fun of it, I'd register the copyright in his name, then cut it and put it out on the internet and say it was a boot leg unrealeased track... alter the ptich of my voice just a bit, cause he's in D and I do C... must be a WOLD thing, cause I used to do D... :} Told you I'm bored :}

What is Satanic Ritual abuse... I'm thinking that chapter will explain volumes... think about that one... people who don't know they're doing it will realize it...

PS To Fox.. I know you want me to write you guys up too.. I mean Glenn, come on, you don't do it well.. and Bill... I'll get to ya.. :} How bout them gas prices :} Better stock up.. something tells me me're gonna have another U.S. precipitated so called "attack" by Iran on a U.S. Warship...  Here we go again....

Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster

About the only thing I regret right now is how much these directed energy attacks wreck my productivity... I used to get so much done...

Rod Stewart - Forever Young

Let there be more Rod Stewart :}

11:12 pm - I was thinking for a minute about something said a while back that I wanted to comment on... something that neds up being  asubject later on in an unusual way, though not about me... God does see people, even with birth defects, as whole people and beings. As for my birth defect, I never thought it was all that big a deal because it was so easy to compensate for and the only down side, once I got off taking the original pills that seem to have done minor liver damage, was that I was a little skinny and looked 7 years younger. Oh well. Otherwise, I lived a completely normal life.. So my birth defect is nothing compared to what some people have to deal with.

At the same time, it's distressing to think that my body was, in one way or another, experimented upon and tampered with by doctors I should have been able to trust.. it's distressing and reassuring that now that I forced the last doctor's hand, and he gave me this other medicine, that it's the right thing, probably what I should have always been on all these years... I wouldn't even be skinny. I need less of it, and there's no surge. Sorry, John.

Anyway.... so much for the "my body's my body, is yours yours?" segment. figure that out, let it go and get on with your life. I'm finishing up the part on Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Nanci.. darling.. say hello to the Pope  for me.. innoculate him really good. If you know the "secret" prophecies of the Nun then you know he's not gonna like me much anyway :} It's alright, I'm used to it :}

2/15/2009 - 2:49 pm - Whew. Guess the Satanic Ritual Abuse thing didn't go over real big.. I'm getting hit with dews so hard my whole body tingles... nothin new. Not like I was expecting it to be popular. Truth can sting sometimes. Sometimes it needs to to be heard. Meanwhile..

We'll See A Brand New Day (for James Taylor)... got the tune up there.. it's always weird when I write something and can hear him singing it... I have to admit when I put the lyrics up there, I put in a couple touches just for him :} And it's weird cause I actually play it differently for myself... I  like to do that with Prince, too... sorta..

Some European companies have been complaining for years that America and American companies have been using psychotronic technology to steal inventions, ideas and corporate secrets. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers & the First Edition -  Just Dropped In

Don't you guys get the littlest bit feeling of guilt when you read the stuff below?

3:14pm - I just wanted to mention... I felt a little vindicated last night.. like alot of people, I thought he Second Coming was supposed to be this big supernatural event... and I kept wondering as I always do, is this maybe proof that I'm not Christ... cuase to me it's way too important to want to take the chance of misleading people... and I wondered how people would question that I've been out here all this time and people didn't know...  just like techincally being foundd out the streets, homeless, like the Bible said.. except who knows? People who don't seem to be the ones who'd want people to find out... so I chuckle a little... one more thing.

Last night, I did a little Bible reading, and accidentally came across Revelations 3:3

Rev 3:3 Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch,  I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

I saw the part about... if thou shalt not watch.. I was joking last night that I was actually thinking I was keeping an eye open my entire like, and in this respect, I came upon myself as a thief... :} It's hard to expect anyone to just accept who I am, despite how many it appears could bear witness if they were willing... Still, that no one seriously engages in the conversation or inquiry is a little confusing to me, and a bit worrisome.

9:39 pm... another interesting day, writing mostly... sort of writing about Ecclesiastes... it always surprises me what I end up talking about, and how there are few things in my life right now that somehow don't have an important relationship to things that happened to me in the past... it's fascinating and spooky... but good to know and notice.

John B - I used your line about the 1100 page document overnight, and that no one had time to read it.. excellent point, thanks for making it :} We'll put you in the end of the book in the credits too, if you really want  :}

Stivo likes it :}

I'm thinking I can put together an easy 15 minute routine for Eric on a theme.. it's embarassing if you knew how much I make fun of myself, and the idea of being .. well you know :} I used to have the Joey Scarbury song.. :} You have no idea.. well, some of you do..  what do you think about in the morning? Answer: Do you mean, before or after I say Yeah, right and laugh til I cry?"

And the my mind flashes on seeing th big guy saying bless you alot lately... cool... used to scare me... I'm gettin' used to it.

I keep thinking, this stuff can't possibly end up being resolved in court. This second coming thing's gotta work :} I know I'll probably regret saying that, but it's gotta work. If anyone actually cares, I really want you to know  I really haven't let anything go to my head... and for those who think I'm just delusional or something, all in all and in the end,

I believe you'll realize that the perserverance, persistence, and willingness to "expose myself", as a human being, nothing more, is because I really am a true believe in the nation of the United States, it's possibility in the moral leadership of the world as an example, not an empire, and the promise of a true Democracy unperverted by the deceptions of politics, people loving their lives without having to give their lives to money and conformity first, people who actually are given the opportunity to live their values and honor the spiritual faith they have in an environ that actually allows for equality and diversity, creativity and order, creativity in order, healthy attitudes and inclusive mores that unite instead of divide for political and corporate reasons and interests...

It's been a long time since this nation had a real leader who actually understood and stood for the original intent of this nation. Who stood for the incorporation and belief in what my father said so many times in political discussions he had with people in the late 50's or early 60's, talking about how the rights of the one, the rights of the few were every bit important as the rights of the many.

These days, we are told that the world has become so large and complex that we must realize that the rights of the majority take presidence over the minority.  I'm not talking ethnicity, I'm talking about the idea that we take the attitude that for the sake of the good, it's alright to harm a few innocent people too so long as we get alot of bad guys... in that environment, the best people in the world could disappear, and no one would know where they went, and no one would tell them anything no matter who or what they asked.

It's been a tactic the United States has endorsed and trained S. American forces to do for decades... at the School of the Americas  in Georgia... disappearing people.. and under Patriot Act legislation and legislation since, the government has the right to declare anyone an enemy combatant for any reason and disappear them without accountability, and remember, Barack Obama has retained the right to use extraordinary rendition.

It's easy to say it's okay to violate their rights so long as it's someone else. Barack gets up and says no one is above the law, a quote I will use to embarass him later on when the truth is told... Don't forget Barack, like I told Al when I was a fan, it's not about me, it's not about you, it's about America and Democracy and the pledge of allegiance I took seriously every time I said it. Including under God.

I know what the REAL American dream IS, Barack... and the rest of you.. I know what it is. In many ways, with the meager successes I have been allowed, I've lived it in a   number of ways, while watching its meaning and its soul melt away to polticians who could not understand how to create a future inside of a simple paradigm of a couple of real rules that simply said "Where there's a will, there's a way, and the way is the path of the Golden Rule", which in my opinion and maybe more my outlook, is always worth doing, requires real partnership and a desire for things to work out equally and justly between all involved, and only fails when those speaking the words are reading words from a card that somebody wrote that have nothing to do with the actual things being done in Washington D.C... without the intent of doing anything more than playing the game, in a machine that's out of control, in a world that cannot afford leadership that is uncreative and so expeditious in their efforts to dominate that they have become what they said they stood against, and can easily justify the deaths of others and the destructions of people lives and dreams in order to fulfill ego-maniacal goals that actually equate to treason in the nation they are using to yield military might and wage economic war.

I certainly didn't think I was going to write this tonight. Lots of surprises. But you have to admit it's true.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - 01 - Living Things

Looks like people are selling out dreams left and right for symbols of things that don't exist. Sort of like the idea tha George W Bush was going to bring honor back to the White House... I'm still waiting for honor to come back to the White House.


2/16/2009 10:50 am - What a gorgeous day. Cold and frozen, but gorgeous.

It's interesting how the more knowledge you have the more the knowledge base grows exponentially. It's good and bad. Maybe I don't want to know.

So, let's I've revised my thinking about hell.. so I feel better that I can  tell people to go to hell now and not feel like I'm saying empty words or using language of an integrated behavior :} Not that I intend to tell anyone to go to hell... I'm mostly over that stage :}

I've altered my view about a few things... and it's interesting because it's not like the facts have changed or my personal opinion has changed.. it's more that in the study of apostasy and the writing about Ecclesiastes, it's become clearer to me how the influences of the world can cause you to lose objective judgment about being from the point of view of God or in following the example of Jesus. It's interesting to me because none of it shows up to me, personally, as being about religion, for me, it has to do with acceptance of fact that influences my decisions and judgment.. having nothing to do with emotion... and acceptance of a "system" that just makes sense to me.

One of the things that really had me question if my being Christ was just a delusion of a well done psyop was understanding the psychology of gaslighting and perception, the abilities of electronic technology to effect such influences, the power of government resources and affiliations... everything that made it seem plausible to me. EXCEPT, it was counterbalanced by my own experiences and knowledge.. AND, when I actually read and understood the Bible, in terms of paradigm, I could see no examples of what was expressed that I hadn't been living that life, and sure, even I could give examples of when I didn't live it, but it was that inner intent...

I'm not trying to justify or explain.. this is my journal... sometimes I just sort my thoughts here before I write.

So in writing this stuff about Ecclesiastes and apostasy, it really helps me to realize the differences between God's vision and the opinions and preferences I personally have "in my own house and life", and the ways those preferences, good or bad, evolved into my being. And how to separate them, compartmentalize them even more, to remain objective. And to not hold other people accountable for my preferences.

Makes me think I should write something about spiritual rights.

Anyway... In my trying to think of everything from all sides, I can see how some people would think I'm a pushover, and to them, I'd say.. again.. feel free to underestimate me. I may not be vindictive, but I like to get to diseases instead of just being in brushfire mode, dealing with the systems which are nothing more than misdirection  plays.

Still, it causes me to want to make this statement:

If there are any legitimate ministers or leaders who question whatever I say, the validity of my identity.. anything you want, I really am open and available to your questions annd such. And if you take the approach of questioning me to embarass or diminish me, without respect or being willing to know the truth, like you've already made up your mind and you've decided to be the one to expose me as a fraud, trust me, God will turn that around on you... and I"ll understand, but I'll be concerned about the example you'll be setting as a leader of Christianity... not willing to hear truth... instead, being fixed on the importance of your personal opinions.. it's  a strong statement but I don't want to end up in the position of someone criminalizing themselves and having to be a witness against them again. There's no reason for that to happen.

Here's part of why I'm so willing to answer all questions from people who actually just want to know the truth about me: in the question of explaining reconciliation.. inquiring about some of the treatment I've received from the most surprising sources.... I realized that in saying all I have about myself, including embarassing things, that part of the example I am supposed to set in my life is - as I said, you can't explain reconciliation, you just have to do it - and I believe I am exemplifying reconciliaition.. and maybe I can get better at setting that example, but it's not something I was trying to do, nor something I'll try to model myself toward. It's just happening, and that's God work, and I'm going to let Him worry about that.

The last thing I'm going to say in this vein is that sometimes I wonder if I make it seem like sin is no big deal, and that I'm making God out to be some kind of pushover or softee or less than He is.. I want to assure you that I don't mean to do that at all. One of the things Mark said that I agreed with and was glad that he roguht up is that I grew up in a church where God sometimes seemed like a pretty mean, scary  guy. Like if I didn't do what He said, He'd kill me, eventually... and I just knew I couldn't really measure up to perfection. I have good self esteem, but I'm not really that arrogant. :}

At the same time, it just seemed kind of weird to me that such a loving, forgiving God would do that kind of stuff to cities and worlds and bad guys... and if we're all bad guys.. oh no... ya know.. and then you hear the part about how He's gonna beat up on the bad guys on your behalf and you feel good to know someone got hur in return for causing your suffering.. interesting in a way that it's like testifying for someone's punishment... in which case, the Bible says, you're guilty of the crime the punishment inflicts.. interesting how interpretations are conditionally made as if true without the true concern for consistency, but utilizing fear when useful to do so... I hadn't thought about that before..

I find it an interesting parallel that in all the time my father was alive, I can remember one time when I believed I was treated unfairly.. he was angry at me.. I had accidentally stepped on and broke a corner of a piece of sheetrock, and imediately told him about it like he said we should when something happens, and I honestly never did understand why he got so upset cause even then I knew sheetrock was easy to fix on the wall with problems like that... but on his way back outside to assess the damage he backhanded me across the face.. and I was startled... at the same time, I can honestly say that I was never afraid of him of worried that he did it again, because I realized even then he did it impulsively, and it was extremely unlike him...  so I forgave him and mostly forgot about it, at least in terms of being an influence that determined my outlook on life in one way or another.

Like being able to understand, not condone, crimes of passion.

The point of all of that.. and I never know what I'm going to write anymore... :} is simply that I don't mean to diminish sin or God, but really do want people to see God as a friend, not some rock star or scary being who'll hurt you if you don't obey.. but as a teacher and a friend... not even trying to be a teacher, just being one, being. And not as a matter of superiority or authority, but out of the love for people and likeing togive and loving to see people succeed and knowing that I may have had just the tiniest bit of influence in empowering that success.

One  of the things I DID love about working with people on computers is watching their businesses do better, but also noticing people smile more as it made their lives less complicated, and they felt greater self esteem because they accomplish more. It appears people thought I charged less money because I didn't think my time was worth more, or maybe because I was too stupid not to take advantage of them and charge more... maybe they didn't know I was only doing it at that price cause I liked them, wanted them to do well, made an ok living I was satisfied with, an love seeing them be able to afford my work enough that they'd want to and be able to afford to have me do more projects when the original one was complete.. because Iliked working with them, and I wanted to encourage them to let me work with them.

I just realized, that's a world generated by love. It's about business, it's about pragmatism, generated by love.

Does the world we live in sound like that kind of world? And, if that world, the way I like to live my life, is really that weird or naive to others, does that me wrong? Crazy? I've walked around for years complaining about the loss of craftsmanship in practically everything... I giggled when I came to reading about that in the Bible..  but if wanting to bring back the passion that causes that and the rippling benefits into the world in every aspect of our lives is crazy, then I'm crazy, and I like it this way, and I refuse to give it up.

Interesting that in the writing I'm doing about Ecclesiastes, that is what I'm finally saying... are you willing to stand up for the life you want, and the things you say you believe in?

Or, do you have any moral imperatives in your life that aren't based on personal preference or opinion?

Monday morning. Wood chopping time.

BTW.. when I'm president, I'm still gonna do all the stuff I said I would do... A rigorous schedule well worth the time, and real candor and communication that will truly transform the world. Cheney and Rumsfeld.. any time you want to have a public debate, I'll take you both at the same time. Throw in Obama and Hillary at the same time.

Leon: Hurry up an get confirmed! I'm wanna see a flag :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - What A Day For A Daydream

1:37 pm - Dialectics & Diversions... I've been trying to come up with an approach and a name for  ajournal to record dialectics I see in play, and discuss how they can work out... I think I've figured it out... Dialectics & Diversions.... I'm seeting up a new journal for that, and this creating the holodeck will be on a fresh page as well...  although if you have it bookmarked, the page name and url will remain the same...

1st dialectic.. Clinton.. stay in school.. don't enter the workforce if you don't have to... actually, like slick Willie does, he presents things with a spin that make everything sound incredibly good... it is good advice.. go to college if you can, stay innocent as long as possible too, for that matter, get a better job later.. and the part he isn't saying...

By keeping younger people out of the work force, it thereby reduces the number of new jobs required each year.. he also doesn't point out that after 4 years, there will be a graduate boom on the market that won't be able to be met. Still, it takes 1-1/2 to 2 million new jobs per year just to keep up with population growth....

Meanwhile.. the deferred minimum job growth rate will ease the unemployment rates from rising so it looks like employment is getting better or not as bad, meanwhile the stilmulus package won't even replace the 3-1/2 million jobs lost in recent years and months... which means somewhere along the line as the pyramid collapses and the corporations take over the deed to America, somewhere around 6 million more people will not be employed... people who either never found a job ever, people who aren't on unemployment, people who aren't on a list somewhere, who will not be included in the   deceptive government ways they calculate the unemployment rate so that you wouldn't notice it's actually been getting worse for more than 8 years, just as the adjusted for inflation earnings of citizens has declined, while the infant mortality rate has risen, and the average length of life in years is on the decline as well.

Big guy, if there's anything we actually do agree on its economics, and it's not about the priorities of economics, it's the sheer logical and pragmatic facts of economics... I think that's the part I actually do love about economics... I always though Rubik's cubes were a waste of time... but it's cool when you can take a budget, and find ways to begin something in a way that fundamentally causes it to be self sustaining.. we'll call it the Dave Theorum.  Or the Klein Kenundrum.. or something..

Meanwhile.. I was thinking, what could I put on twitter for my debut :} Dialectics & Diversions... that's one way to create a feedback loop on the Directed Energy attacks :}  I think I'm gonna.. that'll be funny.. I'll show more discretion, of course :} You know. like a normal muchraker, only telling the truth.

I think I'm on schedule on my writing.

I also wanted to mention.. there are some things I'm going to change about certain things.. I wanted to point it out again... sex, pornography, monogamy, serial monogamy, hell.. a few other things I believe I was either purposely influenced to get wrong, or simply fell trap to my own opinions in the early days, and I want to correct my errors... to have them be correct, as well as to provide an interesting study on the changing of my perceptions and beliefs, if only for myself. It serves as a good reminder....  Oh yeah.. and the idea that God allows bad things to happen.. that's not true and I want to correct it, because it was a bad interpretation AND improper purposeful influence... I'll explain another time. I almost fell into the trap of people wanting people to blame and hate God for being evil...

So please be cautious about accepting what I've written so far in For the Love of the World and a few old essays... there are lots of things that can be discussed on an abstract and intellectual level that - in a perfect world and with perfect people - would be okay to discuss and or to do... but in any real world, just don't work. It's like, AI is always an interesting analogy and and interesting thing to ponder, but it just doesn't work. You simply cannot actually fully emulate human behavior and nature, unless you cause people to accept a new definition of that, and life. I'll agree that sentience must always be considered, but no matter what, you simply can not synthesize human existence in any way and have it actually be beneficial to humanity, beings, spirits and souls... the only true perpetuality in the universe is that of spirit...

I'll be done with that first book soon, I promise. My thoughts on these matters might not change, but my conclusions have.

the only true perpetuality in the universe is that of spirit... I just wanted you to know, that was God talkin'.. it really was.. shocked me :} I'm thinking of printing it and hanging it on the wall :}

Oh yeah.. the report that Al Qaeda wants to collapse the U.S. Economy... from the "Watch what I do not what I say department..."

If that report's true, and we'll just say it is for now, and you   look at the roles the recent treasury appointees had in harming our economy, you might say that whoever these terrorists are wanting to hurt the economy have successfully infiltrated the government.

Think about that and say it ain't so....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man

I got this in my email just a little while ago.. I won't claim to say I agree with everything here, but it all looks good and uses some of my favorite sources...

I'm number 245 on the victims list now.


9/11 was done by the NWO-criminals.

The "War on Terror" is a fake.

The "war on terrorism" is bogus. The 911 narrative as conveyed by the 911 Commission report is fabricated. The Bush administration is involved in acts of cover-up and complicity at the highest levels of government........Without 911, the war criminals in high office do not have a leg to stand on. The entire national security construct collapses like a deck of cards


http://www.911truth.org/                http://www.911truth.eu/en/                     http://911proof.com/index

"...that war is being fought and paid for with the blood, lives, and tax dollars of terrorised American (and world) citizens"






HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction

http://globalresearch.ca/articles/WOR406A.html                   http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/27a/239.html  



Secret Geophysical Weapons (earthquake, floods, storms, fires, 9/11) Crimes Against Humanity in Myanmar, China, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Iran, Yemen, Turkey, Greece, USA, Central America, the Carribean, and the Pacific killing well over a million people and massive destruction. (please see the REFERENCES below)

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Torture using Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons to cause the most horrendous psychological tortures, rapes, sexual abuse, surgical mutilations, 'mind control', and other mental and physical mutilations on many, many thousands of people worldwide – citizens, combatants and leaders (coup-de-etats and puppet governments, literally). (please see the REFERENCES below)

Dirty Wars and Black Operations fomenting and prolonging conflicts and civil strife in Algeria, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Bolivia causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of well over a million people and the ongoing destruction of those countries, as the criminals pretend that the world's most powerful surveillance and military forces can't establish peace and stability there in 5 and 7 years respectively.

Crimes Against Humanity using Directed Energy Weapons to cause electrical and mechanical crashes and disasters (cars, planes, trains, ships etc.), building and bridge collapses, and violations of the integrity of electronic data and systems killing thousands of people and causing much criminal malfeasance.
(please see the REFERENCES below)

Active Criminal Complicity in all of the above crimes by the Media Monopolies and "professionals" as almost all public discourse, and as much as 80% of 'international news', 'events' and 'history', has been degraded into produced and managed dramas/atrocities (i.e. wars, disasters, civil strife etc), and criminally presented as infotainment, endogenous socio-political changes, propaganda and/or pseudo-science. (please see the REFERENCES below)

Active Criminal Complicity in all of the above crimes by other Governments, Agencies and International Organisations as there's no genuine information or analyses about any of these crimes – at all.

Regarding these Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Dirty Wars, Black Operations, And Secret Weapons

THE NWO-Criminals:-

the USA, UK, NATO (with Secret Geophysical Weapons "Weather Machine" War Crimes Bases in Alaska, Norway, Greenland, Australia), Canada, and the Agencies, Corporations, and the Media Monopolies and "professionals" actively involved in the planning, initiation and perpetration of these crimes

Like the WWII Nazis the NWO-Nazis must answer for their crimes.



HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction


http://globalresearch.ca/articles/WOR406A.html     http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/27a/239.html  


The "war on terrorism" is bogus. The 911 narrative as conveyed by the 911 Commission report is fabricated.
The Bush administration is involved in acts of cover-up and complicity at the highest levels of government........
Without 911, the war criminals in high office do not have a leg to stand on. The entire national security construct collapses like a deck of cards
http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7718              http://peaceinspace.org/
http://www.911truth.org/     http://www.911truth.eu/en/       http://911proof.com/index

"...that war is being fought and paid for with the blood, the lives, and the tax dollars of terrorised American (and world) citizens"
http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=gAcxGD6-c-E      http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=GQVEwlvm0oc














http://www.freedrive.com/folder/177784     OR
http://www.mydrive.ch     username – johnfinch     password - TORTURECASES


WEB: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/synergy/?e
ti.petition@gmail.com, ti.synergy@gmail.com,





WEB: http://www.projectcensored.org/articles/story/us-intelligence-community-human-rights-violations/


"October 10, 2007
Dear Member of the Legislature and Friends:

This letter is to ask for your help for the many constituents in our country who are being affected unjustly by electronic weapons torture and covert harassment groups. Serious privacy rights violations and physical injuries have been caused by the activities of these groups and their use of so-called non-lethal weapons on men, women, and even children.

I am asking you to play a role in helping these victims and also stopping the massive movement in the use of Verichip and RFID technologies in tracking Americans. . .  . . ."

Representative Jim Guest  EMAIL:
Jim.Guest@house.mo.gov , jimoguest@msn.com  








"...that war is being fought and paid for with the blood, the lives, and the tax dollars of terrorised American (and world) citizens"
http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=gAcxGD6-c-E      http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=GQVEwlvm0oc



The "war on terrorism" is bogus. The 911 narrative as conveyed by the 911 Commission report is fabricated.
The Bush administration is involved in acts of cover-up and complicity at the highest levels of government........
Without 911, the war criminals in high office do not have a leg to stand on. The entire national security construct collapses like a deck of cards
http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7718              http://peaceinspace.org/
http://www.911truth.org/     http://www.911truth.eu/en/       http://911proof.com/index

former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House Of Commons that "Al Qaeda" is not really a terrorist group but a database of international Mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-Occupied Afghanistan.
http://www.globalresearch.ca/PrintArticle.php?articleId=1291    http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=11487






















http://www.monarchnewphoenix.com/ , http://www.monarchnewphoenix.org/, http://www.myspace.com/marsboy683


the new law appears to create a parallel 'star chamber' system for the prosecution, imprisonment, and possible execution of enemies of the state, whether those enemies are foreign or domestic

will habeas corpus and posse comitatus be restored to the people? Will torture stop?...will the us national security agencies stop mass spying on our personal communications? Will the neo-conservative agenda of total military domination of the world be reversed?

a handful of multinational corporations controls nearly everything we see and hear on the screen, over the airwaves and in print.

describes the cartel of five giant media conglomerates who now control the media…. They manufacture politics and social values








Falsifiers Of History: An Historical Document On The Origins Of World War Ii
2. P. Zhilin, They Sealed Their Own Doom, (Moscow 1970)
3. R. Gibson, Soviet Foreign Policy 1917-1974, (Sydney 1975), Chapter 21
4. D. F. Fleming, The Cold War and its Origins, 2 volumes

Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights
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the link to our
http://www.freedrive.com/folder/177784     OR
http://www.mydrive.ch     username – johnfinch     password - TORTURECASES

It is no exaggeration to say our cases are as horrendous and urgent as people fleeing Nazi or Pol Pot concentration camps – specifically Dr Mengele-type butchers.

We urgently need access to SAFE HOUSES to get protection from the directed energy and neurological weapons being used to torture, mutilate and kill us.

Such SAFE HOUSES are available in Laboratories, Hospitals and Scientific/Military Facilities.




1.                     NAME: 3V3NG3LA

2.                     NAME: ELIZABETH ADAMS

3.                     NAME: AKU

4.                     NAME: al23

5.                     NAME: NEAL ALCHALABI (NEAL CHAMBERS)

6.                     NAME: ALETA

7.                     NAME: GARY ALGAR

8.                     NAME: ANGELA

9.                     NAME: RON ANGELL

10.                  NAME: JUSTIN ANGIERS

11.                  NAME: ANN


13.                  NAME: ANNYCE ARNTZEN

14.                  NAME: RANDY ARRASMITH

15.                  NAME: SANA ASFOUR (Reham Dawood)

16.                  NAME: AARON AVALOS

17.                  NAME: DEVORAH BAKER

18.                  NAME:   LINDSAY G. BALDWIN

19.                  NAME: VERNON WAYNE BALL

20.                  NAME: KHMER BARANG

21.                  NAME: BRENDA BARAQUIL

22.                  NAME: ALLEN BARKER

23.                  NAME:  KAY BARNES

24.                  NAME: ERIC BAZAN

25.                  NAME: DAVID ALAN BEACH

26.                  NAME: MATT BEAL

27.                  NAME: PAUL BEGGS

28.                  NAME: SHERRY BELL

29.                  NAME: MARILYN BERRY

30.                  NAME: STACEY BERRY

31.                  NAME: KATA BILLUPS

32.                  NAME: KAYLON BLACKBURN

33.                  NAME: JOHN BRASWELL

34.                  NAME: ALMA BRECKENIDGE

35.                  NAME: LAURIE BRODIE

36.                  NAME: EMILIO BRUGUEROS

37.                  NAME: BETH BUCHANAN

38.                  NAME: MARC BURNELL

39.                  NAME:  KEVIN BURNOR

40.                  NAME: ROBERT BUTLER

41.                  NAME: ROBERT O. BUTNER

42.                  NAME: CADEWCH

43.                  NAME: CARLO CALANDRA

44.                  NAME: KELLY CASLAR

45.                  NAME: MILAGROS CEDANO

46.                  NAME: RICHARD CENTENO

47.                  NAME: DIANA MARIE CHAPMAN


49.                  NAME: LEE LYNN CHRISTIANSON

50.                  NAME: CHRISTINA

51.                  NAME: ROMY COCHRAN

52.                  NAME: GREGORY COUSINS

53.                  NAME: ACKSON COYET

54.                  NAME: LESLIE L. CRAWFORD

55.                  NAME: MARY CROOK

56.                  NAME: OPHNELL CUMBERBATCH

57.                  NAME: VALERIE CUTLER

58.                  NAME: D

59.                  NAME: N D

60.                  NAME: WANDA AND SARA DABLIN

61.                  NAME: DAVID

62.                  NAME: D DEERWOMAN

63.                  NAME: ANDY DE LORENZO

64.                  NAME: Ral Luis DEL VALLE

65.                  NAME: ROBERT ALAN DESROSIERS

66.                  NAME: BETH DONAHUE

67.                  NAME: DR PHIL

68.                  NAME: DR ROBERT DUNCAN

69.                  NAME: DONALD DUNLAP

70.                  NAME: BOB G DUNLAP

71.                  NAME: CINDY DYER

72.                  NAME: DICK EASTMAN

73.                  NAME: TARGET ELEPHANT

74.                  NAME: SAM EVANS

75.                  NAME: DOUGLAS EVERMAN

76.                  NAME: RAISA EYDELMAN

77.                  NAME: MARY FAIR

78.                  NAME: PAM FARNSWORTH

79.                  NAME: SCOTT FITZGERALD

80.                  NAME: DONALD FOSTER

81.                  NAME: KEVIN FOWLER

82.                  NAME: KATHLEENE SUSAN FRANCIS

83.                  NAME: DON FRIEDMAN

84.                  NAME: BILL GALLAGHER

85.                  NAME: HERBERT GARTNER

86.                  NAME: GENA aka FREEDOM

87.                  NAME: EDGAR G GILLHAM

88.                  NAME: PAUL GOLDING-CLARK

89.                  NAME: FLORA GOLTSMAN

90.                  NAME: RAFAEL GONZALEZ

91.                  NAME: ERIC R GOODMAN

92.                  NAME: MARY GOODWIN

93.                  NAME: AARON GOODWIN

94.                  NAME: GORDON

95.                  NAME: JAMES HENRY GRAF

96.                  NAME: ERIC GRIFFIN

97.                  NAME: SHERI GRUTZ

98.                  NAME: ERIC H

99.                  NAME: MARGARET HABIB

100.               NAME: MIKAL HALEY

101.               NAME: DEB HALL AND SON

102.               NAME: JIMMY HALLER

103.               NAME: JENNIFER HANNA

104.               NAME: JONATHAN C HANSEN

105.               NAME: MOLLY R. HARDIN & DEE HARDIN

106.               NAME: NAOMI HARRIS

107.               NAME: RONALD HAUCKE

108.               NAME: LEE HAWTHORNE

109.               NAME: KATHLEEN T. HECKMAN

110.               NAME: RAFAEL HERNANDEZ JR

111.               NAME: DORIS HICKS

112.               NAME: SUSAN HONAKER & FAMILY

113.               NAME: ANGELA HOOD

114.               NAME: MOSTAFA HOSNY


116.               NAME: BRIDGET S. HOWE

117.               NAME: JULIE HOWELL

118.               NAME: HUGGLES

119.               NAME: JOHN HUGHES

120.               NAME: MARLENA HUGHES

121.               NAME: MARK IANNICELLI aka. Muhammad Iannicelli, aka MuhammadLi,

122.               NAME: INTERIQ

123.               NAME: "IQPRISONER"

124.               NAME: JACK

125.               NAME: PHILLIP JACKSON

126.               NAME: RICHARD DEAN JACOB

127.               NAME: JALBY

128.               NAME: JANIS

129.               NAME: JEANNIE

130.               NAME: JENNIFER

131.               NAME: JIM

132.               NAME: JILLYJOHNSON

133.               NAME: MARY JOHNSON

134.               NAME: JON

135.               NAME: GEORGE JONES

136.               NAME: MARK JONES

137.               NAME: STEVEN JONES

138.               NAME: T. JOSEPHINE

139.               NAME: JUNE

140.               NAME: KEVIN JUNIOR

141.               NAME: KATHI

142.               NAME: THE KATS FAMILY

143.               NAME: JOE KEEGAN

144.               NAME: KEITH

145.               NAME: ARLENE KEITH

146.               NAME: TANYA KELLER

147.               NAME: SHAFIQ KHAN

148.               NAME: KIM

149.               NAME: KIMBERLI

150.               NAME: PATRICIA A. KINSELLA

151.               NAME: NICHOLAS KIRKLAND

152.               NAME: THOMAS J. KLUEGEL

153.               NAME: LINDA KMIOTEK

154.               NAME: TREVOR KOKOTYLO

155.               NAME: KOMMY

156.               NAME: VICTORIA KUPHALL

157.               NAME: GALINA KURDINA

158.               NAME: JOHN GREGORY LAMBROS

159.               NAME: GARY N LANDRY

160.               NAME: EDGAR R. LAVERDE

161.               NAME: DONALD LEE aka the Shadowillowist, Geshe Roache Lee

162.               NAME: MARCIA LEE

163.               NAME: NADINE LEE

164.               NAME: JANET LEIH

165.               NAME: CASSANDRA LEWIS

166.               NAME: JENNIFER LICHY

167.               NAME: JOHN M LITO

168.               NAME: VICTOR LIVINGSTON

169.               NAME: STEPHEN LONG

170.               NAME: RAMONA LOPEZ

171.               NAME: RENE LOSADA

172.               NAME: ROGER R. LOWE

173.               NAME: C C M & FAMILY

174.               NAME: BARRY MADISON

175.               NAME: WAYNE MADSEN

176.               NAME: CHRISTINE MAGIOTTO

177.               NAME: SANDRA L MAIZLAND

178.               NAME: CECILIA MALLON

179.               NAME: WAYNE MANZO

180.               NAME: BRUNO MARCHESANI

181.               NAME: STEFANO MARESCOTTI

182.               NAME: JAMES F. MARINO

183.               NAME: JON MASON

184.               NAME: MICHAEL A MATLOFF

185.               NAME: A J MCKAY

186.               NAME: FRED McKENNA

187.               NAME: DARREN C MCMAHON

188.               NAME: BRIAN MCNATT

189.               NAME: JOHN MECCA & DEBBIE LAMB

190.               NAME: MICHELLE MELLEMA


192.               NAME: LYNN MENDES

193.               NAME: JESUS MENDOZA

194.               NAME: BARRY MICHAEL

195.               NAME: NANCY MILLER

196.               NAME: MELODY MINEO


198.               NAME: CINDY MITCHUM

199.               NAME: ABSHIR MOHAMED

200.               NAME: AMIR MOHAMADI

201.               NAME: M. ALEX MOLARO

202.               NAME: RICHARD MONGEON

203.               NAME: DAN MONTGOMERY

204.               NAME: DANIEL L. MOORE

205.               NAME: KATHERINE MOORE


207.               NAME: ANGELA MORGAN

208.               NAME: CAROLYN MORIYAMA

209.               NAME: JANICE MORTON


211.               NAME: VICTOR N. MOTURI

212.               NAME: MASSIE MUNRO

213.               NAME: CHUCK MURPHY


215.               NAME: T N

216.               NAME: KAMRAN NAQVI

217.               NAME: GLORIA NAYLOR

218.               NAME: BRYAN NAZAM

219.               NAME: CONNIE NEAL

220.               NAME: KERRI NEAL


222.               NAME: DEBBIE N., FAMILY & FRIENDS

223.               NAME: RICHARD NOEN

224.               NAME: MAUREEN NORMAN

225.               NAME: TIMOTHY A. NORMAN

226.               NAME: L O

227.               NAME: CAROLYN PALIT


229.               NAME: PAMELA PARKER

230.               NAME: DELLY PELC

231.               NAME: ROBERTO PEREIRA

232.               NAME: RICHARD PERLMAN

233.               NAME: ARIEL FELICE PHILLIPS

234.               NAME: DENISE S. POMPL

235.               NAME: SARA YVETTE POTTER

236.               NAME: POW

237.               NAME: SKIZIT POWER

238.               NAME: TOM PRACINOS

239.               NAME: BYRON PRIOR & FAMILY

240.               NAME: ANDREA PSORAS

241.               NAME: MARY R

242.               NAME: NORMAN R RABIN

243.               NAME: KELLY RASMUSSEN

244.               NAME: KELLY RAY

245.               NAME: CHARLES REHN JNR IV 

246.               NAME: RHONDA

247.               NAME: TIM RIFAT

248.               NAME: ROBERT

249.               NAME: ROBERT - 2

250.               NAME: HELEN ROEDRIG

251.               NAME: R. S. ROGERS

252.               NAME: MR AND MRS GARRY ROMANIK

253.               NAME: PAUL ROSE

254.               NAME: VICTORIA ROSE

255.               NAME: PETER ROSENHOLM

256.               NAME: JUSTICE RUIZ

257.               NAME: D S   

258.               NAME: PIERRE SAMSON

259.               NAME: MELISSA SANDERSON

260.               NAME: LUCIA SANTOS & FAMILY

261.               NAME: JILL SAWYER

262.               NAME: SARAH SCHAEFFER

263.               NAME: STEFAN A. SCHOELLMANN

264.               NAME: DELISA SCHOOLER

265.               NAME: DOROTHY SCHULTZ

266.               NAME: BEVERLY A. SCHWEITZER

267.               NAME: BOB SDEWTELL

268.               NAME: SHELLY

269.               NAME: RYAN SHIELDS

270.               NAME: BBOY SKATE

271.               NAME: SLATEBREAKERS

272.               NAME: DAVID SMITH

273.               NAME: STEPHEN SMITH

274.               NAME: MIRIAM SNYDER

275.               NAME: DR CARLOS SOSA M.D.

276.               NAME: GERAL SOSBEE

277.               NAME: CARL SPERR

278.               NAME: ARCHIE STAFFORD

279.               NAME: STEPHEN

280.               NAME: STEPHEN

281.               NAME: PAT STEWART

282.               NAME: CHRIS STUDIO & GIRLFRIEND

283.               NAME: KRISSI STULL

284.               NAME: ANNE SUCHARSKI

285.               NAME: ANDRZEJ SUDA

286.               NAME: SUE

287.               NAME: LYNN SURGALLA



290.               NAME: B T

291.               NAME: ADAM TAMBLE

292.               NAME: GRIMS TAROEEL

293.               NAME: LOLITA TAYLOR

294.               NAME: TERESA TAYLOR

295.               NAME: MICHAEL TERRY

296.               NAME: MARSHALL THOMAS

297.               NAME: BETH TIOXIN

298.               NAME: TONY


300.               NAME: JOSHUA TRITT

301.               NAME: LYN TROXEL

302.               NAME: ANNA TSENTSIPER

303.               NAME: TORRANCE TURNER

304.               NAME: SAMEER USHER

305.               NAME: URI AKA DOCTOR NO.

306.               NAME: DON VALENTINE

307.               NAME: CHAD VANDERGRIFF

308.               NAME: DR CASSANDRA VAN NOSTRAND  

309.               NAME: THRSE VERSAILLES

310.               NAME: RENA VETTLESON

311.               NAME: JAMES M. VIERLING JR.

312.               NAME: BAY RIDGE VIETNAM

313.               NAME: J L VITT


315.               NAME: PETER K.VOSOUGH

316.               NAME: JAMES WALBERT & FAMILY

317.               NAME: TIMOTHY WAITE

318.               NAME: ROBERT WALKER

319.               NAME: FELICIA WARD

320.               NAME: MARK WATERHOUSE

321.               NAME: STEW WEBB

322.               NAME: LUCIAN WEBER

323.               NAME: DR ALFRED WEBRE

324.               NAME: MICHAEL WEGRZYN

325.               NAME: CLARE WEHRLE

326.               NAME: DOMINIE WELCH

327.               NAME: JOHN WELLS

328.               NAME: TERRY WENTZELL

329.               NAME: ELEANOR WHITE

330.               NAME: TIMOTHY WHITE

331.               NAME: GLENDA WHITEMAN

332.               NAME: ANN WILLIAMS

333.               NAME: STEVE WILSON

334.               NAME: ROBERT WOOD

335.               NAME: BRIAN WRONGE

336.               NAME: KAIS YACOUB

337.               NAME: GEORGE ZACHYSTAL

338.               NAME: IDA ZAMANSKAYA

339.               NAME: ANANDA ZAREN

340.               NAME: CHRIS ZUCKER



341.               NAME: SHOMAN D. ADEH

342.               NAME: GABRIELE ALTENDORF

343.               NAME: HERBERT ALTENDORF

344.               NAME: JRGEN ALTENDORF

345.               NAME: BRIGITTE ALTHOF

346.               NAME: ANATOLIJ

347.               NAME: RUDY ANDRIA


349.               NAME: NAMAN ASGHAR & FAMILY

350.               NAME: AZA

351.               NAME: MOJMIR BABACEK

352.               NAME: WALTRAUB BABL

353.               NAME: STEPHEN BAKER

354.               NAME: REZA BAYAT

355.               NAME: JENNIFER BERKEMEIER

356.               NAME: JEAN-PAUL BOLEA

357.               NAME: BRIAN

358.               NAME: ALFREDO NIETO CENTENO

359.               NAME: "CHICKEN"

360.               NAME: MICHAEL CHMELIK

361.               NAME: JRGEN CHRISTIANSEN

362.               NAME: CARL CLARK

363.               NAME: JOHN CLIFTOZ

364.               NAME: ANDREW COLE

365.               NAME:

366.               NAME: DAVID COULSON

367.               NAME: KARLHEINZ CROISSANT

368.               NAME: STAN CUMANS

369.               NAME: DANIELA

370.               NAME: DARRIM & FAMILY


372.               NAME: PETRIT DEMO

373.               NAME: BEN DEMPSEY

374.               NAME: NANS DESMICHELS

375.               NAME: KATHERINE DE SOUZA

376.               NAME: R. DIECKMANN

377.               NAME: FEJERVARY DOMINIK

378.               NAME: OVIDIU DONCIU

379.               NAME: PAOLO DORIGO

380.               NAME: DR LES DOVE

381.               NAME: LINDA DREW

382.               NAME: CAROL DUKE

383.               NAME: MARTIN EMMEN

384.               NAME: DEVON FOWLER

385.               NAME: KATHERINE FRIEDLI

386.               NAME: AB FRIS

387.               NAME: ASTRID FUCHS

388.               NAME: SIGRUN GEBHARDT

389.               NAME: PRICOPI GELU

390.               NAME: ANI GEWALT

391.               NAME: RUTH GILL

392.               NAME: RAY GOEBEL

393.               NAME: OXANA GRUNWALD & FAMILY

394.               NAME: GUMIND

395.               NAME: gybfefe

396.               NAME: SIMON HAYES

397.               NAME: JOHAN HELLER

398.               NAME: PETER HELWIG

399.               NAME: STEIN E HENRIKSEN

400.               NAME: REGINALD HODGES


402.               NAME: AREND TER HORST

403.               NAME: HUGGLES

404.               NAME: MERV HUGHES

405.               NAME: INA

406.               NAME: LINDA JANE INCE

407.               NAME: MICHAEL IRVING

408.               NAME: ITALY - OVER 60 VICTIMS

409.               NAME: JULIAN JACKSON

410.               NAME: DOSSIER JOSEPHINE

411.               NAME: DANIELA K

412.               NAME: MAURICE KELLETT

413.               NAME: DEREK KINMOND

414.               NAME: BRIGITTE KLAUS

415.               NAME: MATTHIAS KLEIN

416.               NAME: JAN KREWINKEL

417.               NAME: PETER KUTZA

418.               NAME: AUDRIUS KVILIUNAS

419.               NAME: SERGE LABRZE


421.               NAME: PERNES LAURENTIU

422.               NAME: HENRY LICHTERFELDT

423.               NAME: LINDA

424.               NAME: BARTLOMIEJ LISTWAN

425.               NAME: TATJANA LOTZ

426.               NAME: WALDEMAR LOTZ


428.               NAME: FRANCES ANN LUFF

429.               NAME: A M

430.               NAME: MARIUS M

431.               NAME: WALTER MADLIGER

432.               NAME: JARKKO MAKKONEN

433.               NAME: LUKE MARSH

434.               NAME: RAMON MARTINEZ

435.               NAME: CHRISTINE MARX

436.               NAME: BRIGITTE MATTE

437.               NAME:   MATTERWAVE

438.               NAME: BERND MEERKAMP

439.               NAME: CATHERINE MILLS & FAMILY

440.               NAME: DARIUS MOCKUS

441.               NAME: Victor MONCHAMP

442.               NAME: THIERRY MOUTON

443.               NAME: JEAN MULLAN

444.               NAME: C N

445.               NAME: MAUREEN NORMAN

446.               NAME: DEBBIE PARTRIDGE

447.               NAME: LIDIA POPOVA

448.               NAME: NADIE PRIEUR


450.               NAME: CAROL RAE

451.               NAME: WILLIAM RAE

452.               NAME: RANDOLPH

453.               NAME: REDMANN

454.               NAME: RICK

455.               NAME: KAREN RODDY

456.               NAME: RONALD

457.               NAME: KLAUS RUDOLF

458.               NAME: JACQUELINE SALII

459.               NAME: RUUT SALO

460.               NAME: PAUL SAUNDERSON

461.               NAME: PAOLA SBRONZERI

462.               NAME: ROBERTO SCARUFFI


464.               NAME: ANGELINA SCHWEYEN

465.               NAME: SIRBILLGATESJNR

466.               NAME: RICHARD SLUITER

467.               NAME: CAROL SMITH

468.               NAME: JAVIER RUIZ SOBRINO

469.               NAME: MONIKA SOKAL


471.               NAME: KIM STIRLING & FAMILY

472.               NAME: MONIKA STOCES

473.               NAME: REGINA STOLL


475.               NAME: TI29187

476.               NAME: MO TAHANI

477.               NAME: FRANCIS TAILOKA

478.               NAME: NATALIE TEULON

479.               NAME: TARA TILLY (THOMAS RITA)

480.               NAME: HELMUT TONDL

481.               NAME: SAHAR TORKY

482.               NAME: INGRID TREMEL

483.               NAME: UN JEUNE INGENIEUR

484.               NAME: EMILIA MARIA VAZ-MARCH

485.               NAME: JEAN VERSTRAETEN

486.               NAME: JACQUES VUILLOD

487.               NAME: TRACIE WALKER

488.               NAME: WATERFALL

489.               NAME: RANDOLF WEINAND

490.               NAME: MAIRE WOLF

491.               NAME: CHRISTINA WYATT

492.               NAME: ZENBEL

493.               NAME: OVER 60 VICTIMS FROM ITALY




3.NAME: ah2006-cwy ?????


5.NAME: ahzsp2612

6.NAME: BAIBING (aka 2010lf)


8.NAME: ??   BAIYUN024


10.NAME: CHAH001


















28.NAME: hongzx


30.NAME: imary660610

31.NAME: ?? jiaodian902?????


33.NAME: jinyi691001




37.NAME: laofa99





42.NAME: lijing6898

43.NAME: lilylinxin













56.NAME: Pp

57.NAME: pys624







64.NAME: XIN WANG SHEN??????????



67.NAME: ??? tclwyy

68.NAME: 3crobot








76.NAME: 523062953@qq.com


1.NAME: F. A.




















1.                     NAME: AGAFFONOV Pavel

2.                     NAME: ALBERT (??????? ??????)

3.                     NAME: ALEKSEYEV Igor Georgievich

4.                     NAME: ALEVTINA Pawlowna Gudzenko

5.                     NAME: BASHKOVSKIY Vladimir

6.                     NAME: BELARUS – OVER 14 CASES

7.                     NAME: BOLOTSKIY Sergey

8.                     NAME: BORODIENKO Vladimir

9.                     NAME: DANILOV Victor Yegorovich

10.                  NAME: DOMOJIROVA Tatyana Kondratyevna & Family

11.                  NAME: DRUZHININA Irina Vladimirovna & Family

12.                  NAME: EREMIN Andrey

13.                  NAME: ERMAKOV Vladimir Petrovich

14.                  NAME: FROLOV Sergey Timofejevich & Family

15.                  NAME: GALANIN Vitaly Ivanovich

16.                  NAME: JUNOSHEVA Valentine

17.                  NAME: KANDYBIN Edward Nikolayevich

18.                  NAME: KATSERIKOVA Galina Ivanovna & Family

19.                  NAME: KOCHETOVA Natalia Ivanovna

20.                  NAME: KONDRATOVA Svetlana Vasilyevna & Family

21.                  NAME: KOPYLOVA Liliy

22.                  NAME: KOSTROVA Liy

23.                  NAME: KOZLOV Valentin Alekseyevich & Family

24.                  NAME:  LEVINA Anna Petrovna

25.                  NAME: PAVLOVSKY Grigoriy Fedorovich

26.                  NAME: PETUKHOV Vitaly

27.                  NAME: PETUKHOVA Alla Yakovlevna & Family

28.                  NAME: PRODIUS Gennady

29.                  NAME: PROHANOV Jury

30.                  NAME: PROHANOVA Margarita

31.                  NAME: REDKINA Swetlana

32.                  NAME: ROMANENKO Galina

33.                  NAME: ROZANCHUK Margarita Ivanovna & Family

34.                  NAME: RYBIN Pyotr Lukich , RYBINA Alexandra Filippovna & Family

35.                  NAME: SAMSONOV Nick

36.                  NAME: SEREBRYAKOVA Ljubov

37.                  NAME: SOSHINA Ndjid 

38.                  NAME: DMITRY SUCHKOV

39.                  NAME: TORIN Sergei

40.                  NAME: TRETIAKOVA Tamara Vitalievna, son Mikhail & Family

41.                  NAME: VLADIMIR

42.                  NAME: VORONTSOV Vladimir Borisovich

43.                  NAME: VORONTSOVA Swetlana

44.                  NAME: ZYBINA Nadejida Pyotrovna

It is our responsibility to record and alert the world to these horrendous crimes - and the extreme danger that these technologies, powers and tendencies pose to human rights, liberty, democracy, privacy and the mental and physical freedom, individuality, integrity, health and growth of all people – in all their "infinite?" richness, degrees, aspects, qualities and diversity!

Make no mistake these are the most horrendous totalitarian weapons and crimes imaginable and the people and organizations using them are mass-murdering conspirators pursuing totalitarian fundamentalist schemes.

Beware of the brain phrenologists/determinists/reductionists,
and those who seek to control and reduce the range of permissible thoughts, imaginations, feelings, moods, attitudes, and speech – the would-be socio-economic, cultural AND PSYCHOLOGICAL/INTELLECTUAL monopolists, police and prosecutors who are already literally and physically actively at work amongst us!! Both monstrously and criminally, and also far more insidiously.


It is no exaggeration to say our cases are as horrendous and urgent as people fleeing Nazi or Pol Pot concentration camps – specifically Dr Mengele-type butchers.

We urgently need access to SAFE HOUSES to get protection from the directed energy and neurological weapons being used to torture, mutilate and kill us.

Such SAFE HOUSES are available in Laboratories, Hospitals and Scientific/Military Facilities.








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