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Back in 2002, I started using my site to conduct what I'll call "back channel communicaitons" with the corporate media, the U.S. Gov't and other domestic & global world leaders. I have to admit, I thought it was unusual as well. But it was happening, continues to occur, and while I don't expect you to, researching this web site would actually provide you ample evidence that this claim is true.

This is where I literally represent the interests of United States Citizens, Citizens of all nations to those who seek to control the world using economic coercion/slavery and military might against the will of the citizens and the will of God.

You have no idea how much I wish the crimes and evil and policies I comment on weren't true. They just are.

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Members of the United States Government and other world leaders often use what is called Aesopian Languaging to speak to each other and coummunicate with each other in a way that allows them to say things with plausible deniability. Aesopian Language is described as this, in Wikipedia:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

What is written here, in this journal  is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

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"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"
---- Barack Obama



2/16/2009 8:16pm - Nothin' like a clean slate....

Dialectics & Distractions - I really like that - I'm gonna do it...


I don't know about twitter... seems a little too loosely organized, but Im watching Karl like a hawk :}


Speaking of which.. I think I  saw a Peregrine Falcon fly by today.. usually happens this time of year.. last year, I saw one grab a blue jay from a birdfeeder and fly away with it in its claws.. that was strange to watch. You see stuff like that and you just sort of cock your head and say... did that really just happen?


I wrote a really pretty song last night... started out with an idea for a lyric that went awry.. I've started writing in a whole new pattern that includes codas.... changes things.. takes more paper... So I decided, what the heck, turn it into an imaginary lover thing and just let the "romantic dreamy stuff" come out.. and I did and it turned out okay.. kind of sappy, but then.. :} I'm gonna work on it a little more tonight... I think of producing it, and I hear a really cool guitar solo in it...


'Nuff for now... just wanted to establish the page... John B - about the poker, I'm serious.. ya know there's this rumor that you can't beat me even when you  cheat :}


Campbell... ya know, I watch you guys, holding my breath that you all may have repatriated and by golly, I just can't help myslef. Sorry to single you out... better than mystery science theater, though :}


Back to Ecclesiastes.. the top priority of the night. I'm thinking I might read some of it too (Ecclesiastes) , just to see how I've done now that I've written it :}


Not only do I like to do that to see if I think I've understood things and have gone deep enough, at least for now, is because it always ends up up being a cool way to end what I've talked about with scripture... it's kind of like when I write songs, and always start the next one before I put the guitar away (or used to anyway...)   it always seems to cause the next inquiry...


2/17/2009 - 12:48am


Ecclesiastes    Amazing. I write a chapter on Ecclesiastes, and the only thing I quote is Leviticus :} It always surprises me what comes out. I wonder what you think when I say things like "God is talking"


I still wonder about some things... like why people do the things they've done, if I really have to believe that people are really that perverse... I always want to believe so much that people's intent is good and sure they do things, but, when people hurt other people intentionally.. and don't even seem to think twice about.. like it's easy to set aside... that's the part of abnormal psychology I don't understand and don't ever eally want to.. othe than to understand it exists.. I know how to correct it, if I was in a world that wanted to correct thing like that... I just don't understand how people do it in the first place. It really is a sickness, a bad one.


12:41pm - what a difference 12 hours makes. It's a heavy dews day... Woke up this morning, realized the psychotronics du jour was basically "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated".. except I won't be, and while what I do may seem futile, I know it isn't... that's how tipping points work, and my guys know when they're coming.


I was watching Barack's stim bill announcement this morning, watching the scroll... spelling mistakes in every headline... I get picky about misspelled scrolls from people who are supposed to be writers :} When I started activism, I didn't ever use a spelling checker :} But  like I told Sailor Boy, spelling is the first thing that goes when you're being hit by dews.


And the war drags on, and the band plays on....


I keep thinking, when the dews and psychotronics go down, people are going to feel really healthy and alive again... can we deal with it? I'm really looking forward to it. I want to swim for hours.


I find it interesting that I write FTLOTW, and it's difficult to remember not to opinionize, without failing to report what I've experienced, what's affected me and that it actually is okay for me to have an opinion so long as it's consistent with God's plan and will... the vengeance thing is difficult, I have to admit... that is why it's good that God has the final word, and that a prosecutor should handle this stuff instead of me when the time comes. I keep reminding myself of that by relieving myself of that burden, and it helps alot...


And then I think, Christians and ministers must think I have a really low opinion of them... I don't..  In fact, from a psychological point of view, the opposite is true... nonetheless, not to get too mental about that part... :} and then I think, it seems more like they reject me... especially in this context... then I remember the Bible saying something about calling out the churches.. I don't even mean to be doing that, but I guess I am...


I think while looking back where it appears to me that people who must have known who I am were trying to convince me to see things their way, and granted, when dealing with a few not so rational people I don';t consider as representing any church, threatened me with harm if I didn't.. I mentioned about thinking certain religions don't appear to be likely to like me... and then I think.. do churches really believe that God should adhere to their rules and doctrine, and do they really think, the differents sects and religion,s that if Christ doesn't agree with their doctrine.. that He must not be Christ? If so, there will never be an acknowledged Christ.


I think,  if they believe I am not worthy as a person, if they don't like my appearance or habits and my words and actions toward others don't matter, tan we have a problem, because I think I"m an ok person.. always room for improvement, but I'm a whole, good, and yes, even well balanced person


Well balanced.. given the entirety of this site, I know that some may have trouble believing it...:}


I've always laughed because in my family, everyone says my brother and sisters are kind of messed up, and they can't figure out why I turned out so normal :}


I had to throw that in for Leon and Julian..:}


Apostasy day: Yippee!!!!


KC & the Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight


2:31 pm - Mr Epiphany... the idea of Americans being in a full home ownership society is not a failed folly... what was a fraud was the way the market was set up to cause consumers to fail... and blaming consumers is a real shame..


The problem is the valuing of assets in a way that controls populations and ties up cashflow of citizens in favor of corporations who make zillions of the pennies of interest per customer...


When you have an entire economy focused on large purcheses, for the typical consumer, they end up spenign most of their lives paying bogus money for something purposely overvalued to diminished earnings based on adjustments for inflation, otherwise there would be a great deal of disposable income. That sounds like it would be a good thing.


That disposable income would then turn itself into entrepreneurialship, local and regional manufacturing and commerce, cleaner and better runs cities.. all the things you'd think a government would promote when promoting the general welfare...


Except.. that would take the money out of the hands of bankers, and put it into the hands of citizens, thereby diminishing the control and dominance of the bankers wealth and ability to control a nation through the economy, which is what the Rothchild's said was ll they cared about.


If you control the economy, you control the nation. Ask Queen Elizabeth. She knows exactly what I'm talking about.


I find it interesting on the thermisol issue: almost everything I know on the issue, both sides of the issue, is based on reports in 2003 and 2004 on the issue. It's like psychotronics: I can show CNN was aware of psychotronics since 1985.  And on Mercury, my knowledge was increased by a   special on the National Geographic Channel.


I think the reason I tie these things together is because of my love of free association... that thing of seeing patterns where others can't... a million little, seemingly unrelated pieces of information - none of which explain anything by themseles, and only makes sense in the entirety of their knowledge.


Describes a lot of things, doesn't it.


Now don't anyone go reading anything into this song... it's a pretty one.. definitely a B side except when it's produced.. because it doesn't have a natural hook until you get to the chorus, and then produce the chorus and it causes the hook.


It's a totally messed up fabrication inspired by a thought that just sort of worked out. I'm sure it would change in production. And to the academy... :}


5:29 pm - A mostly wasted day due to dews... oh well. This twitter thing is interesting.. I was gonna joke around about certain people following my posts, but I just looked and they are.  I wonder if they have bots that automatically follow you if you follow them. I might have to be more responsible about my remarks :}


Consider it Gary' s way of setting the record straight, KO... Let Jerry Rest in peace.. his day is over. Time to get back to God's plan...


Can't wait to see how this all turns out. Maybe I shouldn't have told God I didn't want to know the future :}

Well, you know that they say, bug me with dews and psychotronics, and I'll post some more intellectually honest, damning reports about the current ruling king of America.. :} They'll learn.. breaking in new psyops guys' bosses takes time :}


I wonder how many episodes of Alfred Hitchcock have been viewed lately at Langley...


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God J Geils Band - Must of Got Lost


2/18/2009 2:35pm - The DEWS are very heavy again this morning. Too bad I'm not ready to record the chapters.. my voice goes about 2 octaves lower when I'm getting hit like this.

Apparently the "resistance is futile" psychotronics ran again last night... turned it around pretty easily, but, I'll tell ya... the inquiry I had about it all sure makes it easy for me to insert a new chapter in the book - right before apostasy - about all my thoughts and experiences leading into that chapter... about God's teeaching me what He knows what He's experienced, His frustrations and Hos reasons for wanting my particpation in the running of the Kingdom.. it's kind of funny, given the kind of things I've said about how it would be fun to have someone to do and share all this with..

Anyway, I realized I was going to write a 10 page thing in the weblog about it all.. and then decided, no, I'm putting it in the book... and it'll be damning to a great number of people without naming a name...  I keep thinking, not because I doubt myself, but because I'm shocked at how corrupted the most basic things are.. I'm not talking criminality.. just, nothing is as it seems, nothing... but I keep wishing, let's check again and see if I can prove to myself that this is just a delusion caused by psyops.. caused I know I'm not mentally ill, and the next most logical explanation is successful psyops.... cause you know, I never intended to do activism this all.. and I was dragged into something I didn't even realize was going on... and I'm shocked how so few people are willing to stand up for what's right in this world... which is the exxplanation for why it's the way it is... anyway.. at this point, if there wasn't so much evidence of who I am throughout my life, and in these times... I'd just move to another country, get a job, and suffer like a good little Christian, like everyone thnks they're supposed to do..

Passive aggression is not passive ignorance, nor is it passive.

Today, a great number of things  came to me, and one was realizing just how right declaring the Kingdom and the Universal church on this site was... it really is God's call for people to return to being of spirit and purity, not tyranny and rules and fear and threats, but real community... that's all it really is... and it rarely actually exists...   because even communities become exclusive through expectations of conformity.

I'm probably going to make a bunch of people mad today. Oh well. About time. I'll put it on the record.  And I know there wil be some, particularly ministers, who might puff out their chests and dismiis it because they think they know. Sometimes I wonder if the way God is using me is to poke people in the ribs to make them show their true colors. He really wants me to know what He's been dealing with, and ultimately, why there would be a final judgment, so I can accept it.

My greatest fear in the world is actually Christian Ministers, so sure of themselves and so righteous that they actually believe that the warfare God called for was militaristic, that soldiers meant people carrying guns, and that there was such a thing as righteous killing. They're the ones most likely to anger people and incite people into violence to defend their version of right and wrong, holy and unholy, in their fight to prove God wrong to justify themselves... everytime they choose to diminish me without seeking the truth about me, which is greatly available... 

Here, I talk aboutthings like surveillance and all all the time.. so I join twitter, now I'm getting all these emails saying.. this person is following you :} That's funny. And then you wonder, I haven't posted anything or represented myself.. they do have the address to my website though... I wonder why they're following me? And then I amuse myself, and laugh at the thought that at least they're not doing it in secrecy so they must be doing the work of God :} Karl's following me. I wanted him to. :} :} :}

Anyway, the Kingdom of God thing.. did some reading last night, the message from the Bible - it was all about El Eoyhim or whatever that is :} Ruler of Heaven and Earth.. I don't take it lightly... the message was, either they hand it over willingly because it makes sense, or they don't. And it's not about all the responsibility with no authority... it's about all the responsibility to apply authority judiciously according to the will of God. Real judgment. Otherwsise it would be what we have: tyranny and judgmentalism.

5:26 pm Keith, ya big ape... I'm not a fan of the Post, and I am a fan of Al Sharpton, except this thing about that cartoon is a total fabrication... a perfect example of how distorted everything is because of propaganda and twisting something around to seem like something else for political purposes.


I was thinking last night, Obama's been on the road for two years, now he's in the White House and he's on the road.. does anyone REALLY believe Barack Obama had anything to do with this 11oo page document called "the plan"? Give me a break

You have to go a long way to turn that one into being about racism and assassination.. a long way... but at least your true agenda is showing. It's been an interesting week that way... realizing it's really time to turn my back on people and move on to those who are rational and are interested in truth... that's why I'm writing what I'm writing today.

People are really going to be surprised when they see who ends up in jail for crimes against humanity, and it won't be me.


2/19/2009 - 6:21 am - Last night must have been my "sleep deprivation" night of the week.. Of course, I actually have things to do today, so it makes sense, as usual, that the psyops people would want me to be as "unconscious" as possible while driving thru traffic.. who knows, they might get lucky and I could accidentally kill myself on the road and spare them all some serious jail time. I have a list of targeted individuals available to me of people who've died in strange ways.. getting hit by cars seems to be popular when killing TI's... especially after they're forced into homelessness.

Since I was awake, I was going over some "ops" in my mind... I decided I'm going to make a new page to describe a few things and.. let's just say not waste the space of this column. More details on the PMS dialectic, and psychic abilities, mainly.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A01 - Heartless

Had to write one more preamble to apostasy.. almost done with that.. apostasy will ge started later this afternoon probably...

Meanwhile, I was thinking I might record this weekend... too bad I don't have a song like Darlin' Nikki :} Or maybe it isn't :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 04 - Live and Let Die


1:24pm - I was driving back from the airport this morning, listening to the Kenny Loggins album...  I think it' shis latest.. I was studying the way he uses rhythms...  when it was over, I glanced at the cover and saw he had brown eyes.   A while back, during the PMS psyop, I went to his site, James Taylor's and Mike McDonalds, and each of them had these face shots with their eyes wide open with bright blue eyes.. no  biggie, except why did they all do that. Then I watched PMS that night, and they  did a face shot with her eyes wide open and bright blue eyes.

There's a lot of stuff lately that I've said that I can't prove regarding the psyops because I stopped collecting evidence a while back... for the most part, the tv stuff... got blinded by the coyote.. but regained my composure and accidentally got evidentiary video... just like CNN... I was collecting evidence, I just recorded some interesting stuff that ended up being evidence... months later.. I was surprised...

Anyway.. I'm addding  a new category: apostate musicians... ya know, I'd sure like to know who decided long ago that I must be some kind of menace. And that it was ok to do all this stuff to me. I keep being told Nixon had something to do with it, but I can't find  any evidence of that.

I will start keeping track of evidence again, new stuff,  Im not going to spend much time on it... I want to point out ot Panetta and the newer psyops guys that I have tons of evidence, and if you go for the competency thing, your best witness will impeach himself AND be charged with malpractice and RICCO, as will his receptionist, whose charges will go back to the 1980's, and malpractice and all sorts of ugly stuff tht'll get your bosses thrown in jail. I think you understand what I'm saying. If you   play any tax  games, ultimately, it will be another civil rights violation or hundreds... You guys tried to do Skull and Bones on me and it didn't work because like I told you, I won't keep my mouth shut.

My objective fom the beginning was to be a responsible citizen and exercise my legal rights to free speech... I was not aware the United States Government and the Council on Foreign Relations had been harassing and manipulating my life for years before that.

As for the religion.  I don't know what to tell  you. Took me by surprise. I don't know how much more rational I can be about it. I keep telling people, ask me questions, prove to me I'm an apostate or false Christ, I'm willing, but I know what I know about my life and all, and just be equally wiling to hear my story before condemning me.. :} I think that's fair. Anyway, not to joke around about it too much, becasue it's a serious matter no matter how you look at it.

AS you psyop guys know, one of the primary objectives of a good psyop is to alienate and disorient the target... and all I gotta say is, I'm not a radical or extremist, I'm a citizen who knows the truth. Based on fact and legwork to corroborate my actual conclusions. And all the rest is just detail to be worked out later by a prosecutor.

So be sure to tell Leon and Barack - you guys destroyed my life, and it began before 2000, and the Clintons were instrumental in the worst of it. I have nothing left to lose except my self-respect, and you can't take that from me because I earned it, like I earned every other thing I gave up to be a good citizen these last 8 years. Ralph Nader said, in one opf those fun, Crossfire moments, you need to build a movement. So I'm going to, and every day I get hit with DEWS and Psychotronics, every day that I get emails of people you all have driven homeless and about those people now getting beaten up in alleys, I'm going to remember the crimes of this government against its own ctiizens, and I'm going to take deep breath, ovrecome the vertigo from the Directed Energy Weapons and post more material and talk to more people about the crimes of this government.

And when my book comes out overseas, cause it looks like I'm blacklisted in the United States, and the rest of the world says "Hey you guys in the U.S., what the hell IS wrong with you?" I can't wait to hear your answer.

I will  not quit under any conditions, Brokaw, I have nothing better to do, thanks to you guys. See how God turns everything around. So I'll keep writing, and then I'll record... and post and record and post... and then maybe Mahmoud and I   will go save the world or something.

Do you believe in miracles, Leon. I have to admit, most of my life, I believed in 'em, but I didn't. I mean, I knew they happenned.. but it was uncommon. Hang with me, dude, you'll find out it happens all day long, one strange coincidence or synchronicity or twist of the DEW knob at a time :} I reall hope Norseen has been tracking all this. I think he'd enjoy it :}

So, about this Thought Camera..  do you guys owe me royalties for my father's work or something? I'm actually going to mail you a letter so it's on file, thought you'd might want to frame it and stick it on the wall, it seems you guys get points if you get mentioned or I send you stuff.... you should get bonus points for this. Send a copy to the Pope :}

Like I said before, Leon, you'll get used to this. Ask CNN. They think I'm funny. But there's this thing about he who gets the last laugh or something... you know what I mean. BTW... my favorite episode of MASH is the one where Sigmund the psychitrist comes to the camp to check up on everyone, and he concludes that the way they stayed sane was to act crazy. Kind like George Bush, only different :} MASH is one of my all time favorite shows...  talk to BJ about his pre-Iraq interview with the big guy... that's a doozy... questions: ask whoever feeds Keith... he knows.. she knows.. they know.. I don't question it anymore. It's a weird thing, Leon, I'm really not a rebel, it just seems like it cause the CIA makes me.

I'm kinda tired of games, Leon. Tell Barack, I'm taking my campaign materials back, with which I'll prove him, in yet one more way, to be a fraud. Don't ever forget, you guys did that, not me. I didn't make that an issue, you guys did.

Alot of people probably won't like me by the time the truth is told, and I'lll understand that, and probably to go elsewhere, but you know what, the world will change, and I will have done my job. You politicians types talk  of providence and destiny, even opportunity and equality and all sorts of lies... now prepare for Biblical providence... it's all in that little book you guys see but never read at church.

And the most fun part of all is knowing that I can just sit here and doing nothing but write, and everything you guys do incriminates you more. And Leon, you took the job. You know about psychotronics and DEWS. Do something about it, or resign yourself to the objective fact that you're a a criminal. It rally is that simple. And I'm going to make sure U.S. citizens know it. And everything I'm going to do is legal, just to make sure you all make  total fools of yourselves.

Is that businesslike enough for you Leon? And do we understand each other. I know you'll get this. I could care less about plausible deniability, but I'll be sending it, and it'll be on file. I can't wait to see your "paranoid of the gov't" bs... it'll support MY case. Cause don't forget, I have evidence, unless you guys disappear it as you did in the Levesque case. The problem, this time, is that the evidence I'm talking about is public domain and esaily recompiled. And the witnesses I have will support my anecdoctals... so... that's why I'm gonna do it in the court of public opinion.. and I know you guys own it, but I don't care.

When I come out, there will be droves of people coming out with lists of government crimes that they had given up on seeking justice for ...  you won't be able to stop it. It's happening without me.

That's about as honest as it gets. I'll be glad to defend what I've said in every way.  And don't forget what the biggest problem is, Leon, I'm a real American, I believe in America, I believe in what America stands for, and what you people do is commit unconstitutional crimes every minute of the day. I drew the  line years ago. I'm still holding it. And if you read Job 41 and 42 like I did last night, you'd understand more about me :} Amazing how I randomly open the Bible and read, and it's always what I need to read. Always.

Great book. I'm thinking about reading it all again myself.   Something about being a minister :}

Stevie Wonder - Have A Talk With God

10:46 pm... What an interesting day.. searched to find a place to tell me what my Magical Mystery Tour  Ep was worth... I thought it would be worth more, though I doubt one could be in better condition.. anyway.. ended up finding out that print on demand is more advanced than it used to be.. you can even do music cd's... this is the kind of stuff I wanted the FARM to do do.. but there the opportunity is to use it...

TO John Hall.. I'm gonna take that letter down though I'll keep it cause it serves as a marker for certain events... all I'll say is that it was a particularly intense time in  the DEW and Psychotronic attacks... anyway.. I hope someday you'll understand what this stuff does to good people, and do something about it. You just can't even imagine the intensity of the pain people suffer... it's more dangerous than plutonium.

Ya''ll take care, know I love ya, yes even you, Leon, :} and I feel really good about the future... I may be a cock-eyed optimist... que sera... :}

God bless

Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

PS: Ya know Leon, I'm gonna enjoy commenting to you, I hope you keep up. Having the central coast in common makes it more fun. You'll see things my way. Anway, like, I was thinking, did you ever go to the Mark Thomas Inn? I didn't. I worked at the same radio station for I think 1-1/2 years, and I never met him. So, when Bob March, you know Captain Satellite, KWAV, KFRC.. when he said I was wired... could you have someone provide a complete explanation please?

Talk about the mysteries of God. I got  enough of my own :} Got a sense of humor, Leon? I heard ya do :} I'll try not to move too fast with the Aesopian with ya, til ya make a couple public statements, and then I'll explain to you what God got you to say, and you'll be astounded... because it'll be true...  that's a Matrix of God thing. Don't worry Leon, we'll bring you up to speed :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kinks - Around The Dial

And to think, I still plan to be president. For the record. Also for the record: I say CIA alot, and the truth is, there are more "entities", let's say, involved in all of this, so I use CIA as a loose generalization to describe the tactics and things that are going on... let's say I know, without knowing anything specific, that there are resources in play.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Badfinger -  No Matter What

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Nesmith - Joanne

2/20/2009 - 3:57 pm

Sometimes I think certain newscasters push certain issues to get me to write things they know I have an "against the grain" opinion about... and it works :}

The perspectives and applications of triunary thinking in the shaping and transcension of the being in the spirits of the concentric cosmos of the universe in relation the Matrix of God... I'm thinking of writing something like that... it's funny and interesting when you think from that point of view:} Between Prophet Joy Allen and Marvin Gaye, it's been quite a revelationary period.

I was thinking about 10 year cycles... prison sentences and the cycles originally contemplated when just sentencing was considered... political cycles.. realizing all the stuff I wrote in 2002 is going to be urgent by 2012, though I know you "normal paradigm" thinkers don't understand my boldness in pressing forward more quickly...:} I makes me realize that I'm going to have to go beyond all of you and show you audacity in a raw form.. and appropriate form..  I'm not saying that to be arrogant, it's leadership, and viewing it as how to alter things properly and transformationally in earnest.. it's interesting to note how the United States really was, in many ways, based upon the paradigms of the Bible... and how Patrick Henry, of all people, knew how evil people's minds worked, and realized that if the Constitution and all was honored, it would work, but that's not how evil minds work, and they would inevitably come to the point where they would say the rule of law does not specifically prohibit this particular corruption, therefore it is not illegal.

And that's what's been going on for years, and why the United States is being changed in a covert way. And it's not for the good of citizens. And when it comes to honest governance, it means the disempowerment of the Fed, and the full exposure of the Russell Trust, the Council on Foreign Relations, and a required exposure of involvement and membership in secret societies... just as required in the European Union...

Triunary thinking and "it's in him"...  the interesting part of that is that some could interpret that as a possible danger, from my view, it's a poignant and constant reminder to understand and recognize the difference between what I believe in my heart, in my spirit, from those things I've been taught in this world by evil people. And why I can understand and know how to unravel the thinking that has caused us to be manipulated by our survival instincts.

In that respect.. I find it interesting that I go through this sort of "my dad wouldn't do things like that" when I consider the public statements and images of God created in our minds in the media and all... I rmember once commenting that if God was really that mean and arbitrary and uncompassionate at times, then maybe I wouldn't want to serve that kind of God. That, of course, is exactly what some people would want us all to think of God, so we would reject Him.  Graven images of God.

Part of why I really am going to read the Bible again is to look at all the times when war was going on, when smiting and all was being threatened... because I want to really look at the history and see what acts of offensive war or destruction God ordered... `so far, all I can see is defensive use of force, orchestrated on a spiritual level, and my bet is that God would instruct people to take on verbal warfare, and the actual violence was caused by the evil people... and then there were those conquerors who were simply delusional or deranged and filled with lust for power in empire.. over and over again... when God is warning Israel in Leviticus, replace Israel with the U.S.

Those Leviticus scriptures are incredibly powerful. I might write a whole chapter just on those.. it was an accident that I found those in the context I did. But they're key to an enormous number of concepts.

Speaking of Patrick Henry and the Nation of Loopholes.. last Night's Bible study was powerful... scripture that support the supposed "anarchistic" Kingdom of God, in a verse that's inverse, saying that where there is no law there is no transgression, which humanists could interpret as purely meaning if there is no law, then there can be no crime or sin. However, the truth is, where there is no transgression, there is no need for law. I believe in both concepts and interpretations, but it's only valid when people are willing to BE without transgression - because it makes sense.

It can't make sense when social issues, such as racism, are presented in public through sensationalim, which simply divides people and causes the enforcement of an idea instead of having people understand and agree and participate in an idea. The difference between leadership and tyranny through fear and peer pressure... fascism.

I keep if when prophets were receiving visions... if sometimes they were seeing things that existed in the spiritual realm but not in the material realm. What I'm talking about is... supposedly William Branham had to deal with this... seeing what appeared to be spiritual beings in human form that other people couldn't see... which was really a merging of the material and spiritual realms, in which he participated in both in a way..

Anyway.. I just wonder if sometimes they saw spiritual manifestations surrounding physical beings and didn't understand that they were seeing things on two planes.. I say that because - and it may be because I don't know the Bible well enough - but it just seems like I keep noticing some inconsistencies that concern me..  in a way it's like me with psychotronics.. learning to tell the difference between the connection with God and psychotronics...  I wonder how many times people were fooled by Satan, thinking they were "speaking to God?" I was fooled early on. That's why I have to go back and change some things. And I actually look forward to having to explain why I felt it was necessary to change it, other than to just correct the record.

A simple example might be how John Edwards, the psychic, says that when a spirit is sending a message to a person through him, if he sees a rose, I think it is, it means the spirit is sending love. It's all about consistent interpretation of symbols. Symbols that are different to each person who observes and perceives them, and describes them based on the technologies and beliefs of their culture in their own time.

Finally, in this vain.. I fully understand that leadership includes making difficult decisions.. for example, you can see why it would seem right to have a health care program that covers 90% of the population, and call that "relative" success... until you realize that the 10% not covered are the ones who need it most. It should be difficult but, particularly in the current world paradigm, it may be necessary to commit ot military war... that's the corner that will need to be turned, ultimately, to end the survivalism that would cause a country that gets anxious to not trust the leadership causing all nations to stand down in a unified effort to halt the current trends.. and for those good people caught in the middle to know they have permission to do things the way they are supposed to be done... without ulterior motives and guile.

That's the world we're going to have. The one that has the courage to stand down, take a deep breath, and proceed as if beginning again. I don't know how to say this without sounding weird or arrogant... but God says that's why I am His vessel, and in that way, it will be done.

I told you, God is very direct. I like that :} I don't know what He's gonna do either :}  Signed, Sealed Delivered. :}

Time to get productive.. :}

../../../networkshare/audiom3u/Billy Joel - TBD - 100 - A Matter of Trust - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Alter: when people telling the truth are called weird and all, you prove that you ar part of the whitewash and cover up.. thanks for id-ing yourself and your regime loyalties. It's been an interesting week that way.

It's one thing when propagandists avoid an issue... it's another when they front an issue that doesn't actually exist, or that provides cover for unethical, illegal acts. That's what regimists do: they cover for each other.

BTW: I'm not giving anyone the satisfaction of launching any general media boycotts.. that would be way too easy an excuse for you... I am learning... actually, I have learned. :}

2/21/2009 - 7:36 pm - It's been a quiet day... I've been hit by dews pretty hard again, so that keeps me pretty quiet... had fun exchanging emails with a special friend from my past... didn't even think I was crazy :} That was the biggest surprise :} She said the web site looked like a natural progression of my life...  I never have been able to figure her out... :}

Meanwhile.. I keep thinking about this thing and people tlaking about music paradigms and marketing and all that... I could do it fo rother people, but for my own stuff.   I just have to do what I do and if people like it they like it. It's not defiance, it's art. Sure, there are certain production standards I have to meet and know I cand... takes a little more thought and planning... and I want to end up with a simple, competitive product... the beauty of a 4 or 5 piece band of old... and the simplicity, with the ability to do more... at some point, I want to create classical too. :} At the same time, I'm sitting here thinking about Darlin' I Love You, by far the song that seems most liked over the years, I've heard it in my mind the same way almost every time...   and the bass line is like Paul McCartney. :} I've always liked McCartney bass lines because he provided a counter melody while typcial bass lines supported drums and key...     and the thing I'm gonna have to do for this song, like many others, is make the lead instrument piano instead of guitar, cause it's a piano song.. and that's why I could never play it the way I always wanted to.

I'm sure you all wanted to know all that :} Art for art's sake. I'm all for it. :}

Have a great weekend, God bless you all...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Milsap - Any Day Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 05 - Let Me Serenade You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Jett - Crimson And Clover

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

9:10 pm - Iwas just thinking about the last time I saw Susan from Seattle... she walked away saying "We believe in everlasting life too"... which I thought was odd, amusing and telling all at the same time. This i srelevant because I was also thinking about how, if people didn't think I was crazy, I really would have a chat room where the topic of discussion... in the holodeck... would be..

Okay.. so the body is designed to live 120 years, but you don't want to live like a prude to make sure you live that long... and... there's all this knowledge and power that God could make available to us, of our own other lives and common knowledge of the universe... the questions are: how much of your previous life would you want to know?   What things would have to be learned by people to be able to handle all of that responsibly? Particularly since it's the false elders having this kind of knowledge that led to their abuse of power and the evil they've done... and the fallen angels they've taken with them? And then of course.. the discussion would have to end up talking about the simpilicty of the ten commandments and the Golden Rule.. and I cringe a little because I have no idea how many people and religions believe we live more than one physical, mortal lives with our spirits, as new beings... I never thought of God's world as being as simple as re-incarnation is imaged to be... simply an exchange of bodies of sorts... but actually being more of God's way the right people and spirits and beings were in the world to do the shaping of the consciousness of the cosmos that God had in mind for the time..

I also find it interesting that, depite my curiosity, I don't really have a concern to know more about the past and the Biblical past, nor concerns of afterlife or how things happen or anything like that... although a night at Dave and Buster's would be a lot of fun... it seems to me that I'm focused on more like a few years, and stabilizing the moment so that more damge isn't done... damge that doesn't need to happen...

I don't know about you, but when I think about htings, I think in pictures alot. And when I think of things in terms of the outcome, I have  apicture in my mind of how that looks. I get some interesting pictures these days, and I never know when these pictures are of.. neve thought of them as precognitive or anything like that... but I see some peaceful, productive times ahead.. not in the too near future.. but not that far off either... and it'll be for some very good reasons. I see more, but it would not be good to express right now, and generate emulations.

Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - 07 - Earth Roll On

Ashes to ashes: while our bodies may only live in one life, and our beings no longer exist after "this life"... our spirits incorporate the being that we are, and lives on eternally... until it doesn't. Until the time when God requires a ticket of sorts. One easily obtained. End endless supply.

2/22/2009 - 4:36 pm I took those shots at Leon cuz I knew the new sickos in charge would be hitting me hard with DEWS to prove to me they were tough :} That's okay, they'll get over themselves :} I hvae lots more documents that prove you're all liars an sickos :} ...

Why DID Adam stay with Eve? That's a  funny line. Leave it to Prince. :}

The funny part is, they think they put me out of commission by hitting me with this stuff, and does fatigue you.. but I learned back around 71 that you can separate your mind from your body and minimize the  energy used by the body, almost allowing it sleep, while thinking clearly and consciously :} So I just end up deepening my inquiries so that when I do get a chance to write, what I write is 2-3 times more complete a realization than it was when I decided to write it in the first place... :} It always works out.. :} Meanwhile, I understand God's frustrations with the world more and more... and how incredibly patient He must really be... not like in sucking it up and dealing with it.. but  understanding that it takes time for pieces to fall into place in their time.. still I regret all that happened that could have been different had I known long ago... I wish I had done more Biblical studies, and yet understand why it's appropriate that I didn't. I wish I was a younger man taking all these things on, and realize the importance of my own maturity and education and doing as God asked at the time of His choosing... and even understanding why now would be the right time, in due time... but it would never be the right time if people choose not to believe what they claim to have faith in.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Bowie - Space Oddity

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Danny's Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God GeraldVeasley - Signs(1995,GeraldVeasley)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - My Sweet Lord

2/23/2009 - 1:42 am - I wonder how many people really enjoy and appreciate watching global economic news while palying with the computer at this time of the morning... let's see... based on waht's going on and, hey what a milestone, Obama reducing the yearly deficit by half by 2012... wow...setting our sites high, eh Barack.  The way I figure it, when I take over, we'll be about 10-12 trillion in debt. Meanwhile, here come the foregin companies to take ove the green conversion that was supposed to give the U.S. its future economy...

Meanwhile.. Bible Codes.. they really are interesting.. let's see.. according to it, a certain tv network showed Israel probably a tape to tell them of me after the email I sent to the Israeli Embassy in Sweden while contacting  Olli Rehn the first time... right before Israel suddenly decided to elect a new government and attack Gaza... Lebanon's going to be a geat aid in assisting me and settling things in Israel in a year or so... Israel's not going to like me until France sort of helps work thing out in 2010... I get married in 2011...  and someone betrays me in 2012, but it's okay because the New World begins in 2013.. well actually, before, but it's official. 2009 is going to be interesting... apparently word got out about me in 2008, 2009's gonna be very busy beginning very soon... it'll be fun to see if any of that comes true :}

Murder keeps coming up, and MS should be careful in 2011, it looks like, from someone in high places... not me...


2/23/2009 - 1:56 pm - It's weird. It looks like I'm allowed to receive email again. Whenever something starts working again, I always wonder why they psyops guys would let me do it. I think they want to see what people think when I contact them, figuring I'll just make myself sound crazy... only I don't.... see, there's this cool part in the Bible that talks about how those who are of God will listen and hear... it's the same kind of thing why I don't really watch my web site stats... que sera... I do the labor, God does what He wants with it... stuff happens... :} Maybe someday I'll know what :}

I think I found a real believer... even if she doesn't believe me.. it's encouraging... good to know there are people who are true to the words they speak and the things they say they believe in.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - First Cut Is The Deepest

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me

PS: Thanks guys, I hear ya. Faith in God, faith of God. Hard both ways sometimes. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Ingram - It's Your Night - Whatever We Imagine

4:43 pm I'm dedicating this story to PMS and people like her who think psychotronics is a game, and that digital tv broadcasting is a good thing. This article doesn't even take into account the psychotronic capabilities

Universal Church of God - Bluebeam Health Effects of Digital TV Broadcasting on the Citizens of Germany

7:04PM - It continue to amaze me...  I really don't think people actually know the story of the son of man and all... now I'm gonna have to read again, because people confuse me with their impressions... and I can't blame them, anymore than I can blame people for not knowing about my life and all... or even that Jesus didn't just wake up one day and say I'm God without questioning it... and I don't know how to behoove anyone to want to hear it all... and people have such strong opinions that the moment you don't say things just right they judge you, and that's that... I really think it's true... Chrisitans would not agree upon Christ being Christ because of such diverse beliefs within the rleigion.. which is why it makes sense that Christ would come back and reclaim the church and hit the reset button and all... and here I am beyond the Son of Man thinking.... and the people who know the truth are my enemies, so to speak...

If there's anything I'm becoming acutely aware of, it's how God feels.... understanding why no one would help the Son of Man... understanding why it would take Armageddon, and what a shame that would be... the damage done by the people who "told me" about me... the lack of understanding of the prophecy of God shortening the days of tribulation... do people know that the 70 weeks is equivalent to 490 years? I think that's what the math worked out to... Is everlasting life... do people think and want that to be in a non-physical, purely spiritual form? I wonder if I was supposed to die before all this happened? When it says he goes away for a while... it doesn't say he dies, but at the same time, goes away for a while is vague, and in some ways you could say it's already been done....

It's hard to understand how people will find satisfaction in truths when they aren't really willing to look for it, but cling to hopes in things that always fail... that includes seeking truth in political affairs...

And maybe people can't handle knowing what God really thinks about yet.... unless God agrees with them.

I guess I'm going to have to reread some things just to make sure I didn't miss anything... I don't think I did... and as far as the "Son of Man" part goes... it's over, there's only one thing I could find that hasn't happened... it's an interesting paradox... all I can say is God must have a reason for doing it this way. Everything about me fits... all the way from when I was a little kid...

2/24/2009 12:18am It was a weird.. I guess you'd have to say that what it brought up for me most was all my reasons for not wanting to be involved in churches and organized religion..  you have no  idea how much I've fought that idea, but to this day, I can't think of a single discussion I've ever had with anyone about religion in any way that wasn't subjected to the other person's judgmentalism if I should dare utter a concept or another way of seeing things that was contrary to their fixed image or opinion.. no growth opportunity..

I hate this whole idea and situation of the media and politicians and psyops putting me in the position of having to explain myself. I'm glad I was able to figure out how hell manifests itself, so I believe in hell again, but not the way other people do.

So I think I'm going to stick to my position, which is I'm a Christian who isn't involved in the Christian Religion... and I do believe the religion causes and promotes its own persecution, and I'm tired of ministers and so forth who are so damned   sure of themselves that they just don't listen..

You tell them, I'm willing to listen, and all they hear is, this guy isn't sure of himself, I must teach the poor lost soul, instead of recognizing I'm willing to listen to them. Talk about  a rant. There apparently is no more room for abstract thought anymore. It's a real shame.

The high will be made low... I guess it means in an incredile number of   areas... including the ministry.. It's all such a shame... I think of all the bad things people are going to have to deal with... because of apostates...

I really  believe the biggest mistake I made was not leaving the country. I had this funny thought that ended up not being so funny.. Headline: Second Coming everywhere but America... they don't recognize him as the Christ. Then I thought, Jesus had that problem with the Jews. 

Right now, I feel like I'v elived a wasted life. So I'll write my book, put it out there and if people read it they do.. but I'm getting out of the U.S. I'm clearly not wanted here.. I understand, truly, why a prophet is not welcome in their own country.. it's because the people there don't want to know the truth, because it's not pretty, and it's partly about themselves.

I feel sorry for God sometimes.

2/24 8:54 am - I was asked a question yesterday... turns out, it had everything to do with that LDS guy in Eureka who was going to beat me up for not adopting his view of the trinity... :} Doesn't that non-linear tidbit fit...

Kryptoman thinks that people like me are gonna take over... Christians disillusioned with Christianity.. and I was joking about starting a new religion and claling it Christianity.. the more I know and think about it... the more even I think declaring the Kingdom of God was a crazy thing to do...  the more I realize it was exactly the right thing to do for God's cause... because one way or another, it's what has to happen, and it IS the way Jesus or whatever name reclaims the church...

Ya know, I know that there are thing I need to learn and re-read to look at again to see what it means now... but I honestly believe that the places where I'm making errors is not in understandding what is, but what would have God do things in a certain way...  what makes it difficult is recognizing the material world paradigms in use, but how they're applied differently. It's like the concept of hell. I firmly believe there's no hell as we believe in it, a fear-based interpretation of a vision.... but I do believe there is a hell... more of its own making.

I also believe that people so forget that Satan isn't just sitting around... the whole concept that people think God would do evil... as if Satan has no function in reality... as if God would afflict Paul - or believing that afflicting a servant in that way would be a rational belief... and then, I don't believe people understand the relationship between the way God works and His respect for free will and the physical laws/rules of the material world. Something tells me few people have ever considered what the world would be like from God's point of view... and I know some people have studied the facts and ideas of what Jesus' life was before becoming.... I've never heard anyone talk about what it would be like. Last Temptation was close to it and interesting... I'm having trouble believing that people think that Jesus had to become..

The thing that was written to me... and I sort of understand the thinking... was that someone said I can't believe you could the son of man and not know it... as if I would have been born and instantly been aware and all knowing and all that... I understand that thinking... my response was, I kind of did because I had that vision... if I had actually read and understood the Bible long ago, I may have seen myself in it, but not having read it, I didn't know there was someone called "the son of man" to be... that I was just doing it an being it and other told me to read things that caused me to see myself in the scriptures... the other remark made was also that I "then didn't know the Word of God and God's nature"... but I thought, if other people had to tell me, then I must be being something.. and then there's the thing about this person expecting me to - I suppose - have the Bible memorized... meanwhile, not knowing the Bible and the vernacular of religion to be able to answer questions "correctly" as opposed to just describing what I experience and know...

Now I know I have a ways to go - but I really think I'm very close to coming to the level of knowledge and ability to call upon information to really know who I am.. and I am going to go through the Bible to check on a few things because there are still a few images I have of things that I have to separate from the reality of what was written... distortions I need to correct in my mind... MROOT...

I keep asking myself, am I really looking at things and thinking, people got it all wrong, and would that make me a false prophet or something.. and I have to say, in almost all cases, where it appears that I disagree with people is probably more because I see writings, and think, I understand and accept the basic generally accepted idea... and then I think I see more, deeper than most... who knows if it's actually different, better or worse than "scholars" have delved into...

Anyway.. I'm seriously tempted to give it one more read, then refuse to read it again simply to make a statement called: if you think knowing the Bible, and being taught the vernacular of religion is proof of anything other than your abilit to learn a book and a vernacular, then you are simply making up reasons to  psyche yourself into having faith that there is proof of the existence of God, His promises, Jesus, and thereby justifying your belief in God. That's not really a criticism...

Long ago, when I was 13-14, and I was scheduled to give a little sermon to the church youth group at Bethany Bible College in Scotts Valley,  a church  I really liked.. there were a lot of factors that went into why I withdrew, including personal things, but that rule book.. it really bothered me.. and then part of the other truth was that I've always been a decent public speaker... and the truth was, I was just a kid and thought it would be fun to do sermons... I'd  seen Rev. Culwell do it, and I thought it looked fun, and I liked the way these Aseembly of God people worshipped. I liked the people.

Don't get me wrong.. it wasn't like I didn't believe what I would have talked about... but ultimately.. and who cares what the reasons are that God provides to get you to start doing something He wants... but I knew all I was really doing was creating a talk of a certain length... I could have done that extemporaneously on any subject.. and I didn't want to be doing the "any intellectual could do that" thing... cuz I could have done that.

I think psychotronics was used to cause me to have a number of bad starts in this whole affair.. particularly in the last 8 years... and it's a shame.. I think it was a mistake to write FTLOTW online... as for the political  stuff, I'm regret that I was made to appear radicalized but the truth seeems radical anymore, when it's just the truth. What's done is done. 

Someday, I hope to have a frank conversation with someone about all this that isn't just a series of setups to see if I agree with them or to prove I'm a fraud by my lack of knowledge of the Bible. I could do all that, but I'm really not and never have been so needy for approval that I'd waste precious time that could be used causing good in the world in order to get people's approval.

I've been who I am my entrire life..  I am quite content with who I am as a person. I have always considered myself to be a servant of God, and that will never change.

I refuse to believe that all of this was for nothing, and I don't believe that I was put in this world to learn about humility or any other bs stuff that people have tried to get me to believe to suppress me. I wish I could look at the past, look at what I've been doing, and say, good psyop guys, now I'm getting back on track. The problem is, I actually believe I am on track. And like I said, I just wish I'd been younger when I found out... there's a lot to do... and right now, I have in God, I know He's gonna cause something... and I just have to keep on.. nothing else to do... I just refuse to believe my life is a throwaway, and I don't quit, and I believe that what I'm doing is what God really would want me to do.

Meanwhile.. my former is persistent... perfect timing... if its really her. :} Probably isn't. :}

Lou - can we skip a few scenes, I think the script is getting  a little tedious and we're gonna lose the audience :} Aren't you tired of this yet.. could you sell the laptop to.. let's say.. a Hindu... I want to check them out :} Maybe I'll have better luck :}

Did I ask for this job? Must have lied on the application :}


10:15 I've been thinking about using the YourBabyCanRead course to show people how the mind will automatically figure out code that's thrown at you.. they say, after 6 months, the baby's mind has figured out phonetics, and begins to actually read words it's never seen or heard before.. it's also a good demonstration of mind control programming... fortunately, good uses.. :}

That article on German digital tv is interesting, isn't it.. I was wondering what would happen with all that rf... I'm assuming people pick up the digital encoding...  I'll have to check out the specs and see if that Cisco encoding algorithm is in use.. that would be interesting.

It's very tempting to just say things without worrying about whether there's a moral to the stories... I thought I'd already gotten to the point of pretty much saying what I think... but I suppose it's like "hi made lo" and apostasy and all the rest.. there are levels. I alwyas wonder why I get delayed when beginning things like writing about apostasy.. usually, someone wants me to learn something first... and it's usually to see one more thing or two to show me the level of deception and how things are off track.. and more than anything, to stop looking for reasons to give people the benefit of the doubt... and just let it be that they have to prove themselves.

For the record, I never have sought the  "approval" of anyone in the clergy to actually make judgment about who I am and what I'm doing.. I'm quite aware that uneducated in the scriptures and accepted theology, and I don't personally see that as a weakness. It would be if I thought it was. I see it as an opportunity for humanity. As a citizen and otherwise.

I've sought speaking with professional clergy, frankly, to give people the opportunity to actually question me and interact with me so they could actually know me instead of coming to assumptions, or allowing political beliefs and denial generate false opinions about me personally, or my intents and true commitent to being a faithful servant... and that includes wanting to hear people tell me of their thoughts and all, if only to allow them to speak the foundation from which extendeded conversations and concepts would emanate. I would alwyas seek to determine other people's knowledge and willingness to learn and think abstractly in order to provide info relevant to them... as opposed to thinking I should dump my opinions on people just because I thought it was important in my opinion. People view that "syle" as a weakness, I don't, and in fact, I'm very certain that when I'm with people who view that as having a discussion, as opposed to viewing every discussion as a competition or requiring self-validation, I see the results...

It's that competitive part.. that part that says if we disagee about something, then there can be no truth between us.. I mean, the thing I like about the Kabala approach really is that there is more than one way to look at things, and it doesn't mean any one of those ways is valid or invalid, but worth considering...

That's what's been driven out of the world through politics... and it's pervasive... because it forces everyone to take sides, be positional and unyielding... and that IS the part of people sucked up in mainstream that I really have difficulty being with, and why I have always chosen to just not disturb their "reality"...

That thing about God "allowing" bad things to happen, that He places obstacles in our way.. it's just so not true. And I'm concerned that I caused that perception for a few people. Part of things I need to correct. I have no idea what Christians have always believed about that.. I understand a lot more in that area now, too.

Alll of this probably comes from the fact that my whole life, I keep ending up in situations with complex explanations... I live a such a simple life, that I always wonder how that happens. I take it some people think my walking away from certain situations is a sign of weakness, but I always saw it as simply something that would draw my energy in negative ways over things that weren't particularly important to me.

My whole life, I believed I was living in the time of the Second Coming of Christ. I'd think, if God's as strict as they say, then I guess I'm going to hell, and if he's forgiving like tehy say, then I'll do alright... and I listen to that, and I think, okay so a father is sort of like that.. but I'd hate to think that God would want His children to profess their love for Him out of fear...

One night, wehn George was drunk, my mom made me call him Dad, thinking it would make him feel good and he'd stop being hostile and violent and threatening... So I did it. And afterward, I told her to never tell me to do that again, because he wasn't my father, I wasn't being defiant, but I wasn't going to call him something he wasn't just to appease him, and I think I said something about how he wasn't like my father or acting like a father or something...

I doubt he would have wanted me to call him dad because I was afraid he'd kill me otherwise. Know what I'm saying?

11:20am - Well, at least the world is a little safer from pet chimpanzees. I think I've just decided to let it rip.. and you know what, I expect people are going to call me everything but honest... and you know what.. let em call me a false christ... maybe it'll cause a discussion worth having about religion... then maybe I'll go get lost in Africa. They have goats there. Goats are fun to watch.

Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B02 - Eastern Intrigue

3:20 pm - Ya know, when you've had a life full of "clues" that didn't mean anything when the happened... sometimes you think of things and you have to giggle and all... when I got into the center in Atlanta, this one guy - everytime he saw me - he'd go into this thing of saying that he was a mirror of me, a reflection of me, that what I saw in my eyes he saw in his eyes... then all of a sudden, he wasn't around anymore. In San Jose, one of the people there talked to my boss from Borland and then blurted out "We really ARE doing God's work".. My boss was the guy who told me to dig deep inside of myself and find Jesus... :}  When all the trouble breaks out, I'll blame him :} He said he wanted to be a minister. I'll say, fine, you do it. :}

I think I told my former just enough to make her never want to contact me again. :} I dare God on this one. I think it's someone playing games with me anyway. I have my reasons for believing that. Although I'll bet ya it is someone in L.A.

I wrote a new preface. I'm sure you'll be thrilled.

2/25/2009 1:26 The problem the psychotronics guys will have with me, from here on, Barack and Leon, is that you've taken almost everything I have and am, and I don't feel like I have much to lose. That's I'm so patient and willing to put up with so much.. you know I'm not being passive.. but you guys are going to jail and or to hell. And you have no idea how glad I was to figure out that hell does it exist, just not how people would like to think.

By the way, Barack Obama, you're a complete liar when you say America doesn't torture, you torture me and millions of others on American soil everyday... just keep saying that though, it'll make your conviction that much easier.

I keep thinking things would have been so much easier and effective if you media people hadn't led me down the path to the inquiry of being Christ... speaking objectively... if I am, then I would have just keep doing what I was doing, and I realize, I would have been a full-fledged politician at this point.. or something legit.. so you did a good job of covering your crimes throughout my life, making me look foolish, and making sure I was alienated from the very groups I am standing up to defend.. good work.. which means when the truth comes out, it'll be all the worse for you. And that's why I'm patient, too, because I know God has a special plan for your lives when that magical day comes when the whole world understands the scope and evil of your crimes.

So I sit here and wonder.. obejtively.. knowing God had a plan for me to accomplish something on His behalf.. and it's come down to the whole thing or nothing.. the Willing and ABle scenario.. and I think what you guys didn't count on is the fact that I'd just hang on and stand for what I believe in... despite the history of my life, which, if known, was one stand after another, and I lost a few... but not this time.  The good news for the world: I know I'm not a false Christ, but even if I was, I believe the message I'm going to deliver is a good message, and it will be heard and accepted by a lot of people, and I don't really care what happens to me.

I keep thinking of all the work I've been manipulated into doing to explain myself.. all sorts of things to waste my time... that comes to an end. Now it's time for the messages. Because if there's any one thing that keeps bringing me back to what's important, it's waking up to the effects of psychotronics every day, wondering why I bother, and then going thru remembering all the reasons.. having nothing to do with religion.. and I just  keep seeing streets filled with homeless people, starving people around the world, people dying and suffering so the rich can live ever-decadent and sociopathic lives... and for that, I always get my feet grounded again, and do what needs to be done.

I didn't do any of this because I enjoy the work.. I do it because it needs to be done. And I will do it. And it shall be done. And you guys lose, no matter how you look at it, and your success on earth will convict you in the eyes of God.

Nonetheless... I was going to try to be gracious and remedial in writing of apostasy, and realized that would be apostasy. I decided if people aren't going to heed the warnings of prophecy, and since we're doing the "he will be acceptable to no one" scene..  then fine.. apparently that's the way it is anyway... except for   afew people who continue to give me hope for the mess going on... I would have much preferred that I do what God had wanted without the religious overtones, and then to find out people saw me as Christ because of who and how I was being... for a lot of reasons.. but mainly because of the distraction it will cause when trying to get people to see the truth of the world around them.. knowing that the truth they need to accept is demoralizing and traumatic... which is why the Christian Church was required to align in faith... and I just don't see it happening in the United States, because I think people have been brainwashed that well.

And that always brings me back to the people who are suffering, and the lack of compassion by those who cause it.

Todd Rundgren - Want Of A Nail

Youngbloods - Darkness, Darkness

Bill.. looks like ya made 2 chapters:} Happy now? Stivo.. don't worry, I'll fix the spelling on your name :}

Neil Diamond - Holly Holy

4:32 pm - This thing in the U.N. regarding defamation of religion is a dangerous sign, as is their declaration of a year of reconciliation... Tell Hitchens we'll get it straightened out :}

Dome people who don't like me will like me better than people who are supposed to like me :} Everything's backward...

It's weird.. I can see so many things about the life of Christ and other things.. and I just don't believe there's anyone with the willingness to speak in such terms... the ability to look at it all from a view from above and just shake your head, say, how in the world did they do that?

I also see just how great the divide is between the consciousness of the material world and the truths of the spiritual world. That really is the challenge, because that is the conversation that will make the difference.

Tell Chris he should've entitled his book God's representatives haven't done a great job of explaining the Kingdom of God. Not quite as catchy, but I bet I'd convince you easily that it's a more accurate statement. And I'm not even tlaking about ministers these days.. I'm talking for more than a thousand years.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Wild Places - 06 - Blind to the Truth

2/26/2009 - 12:30 pm - Lots of revelations these days... not ones that make me happy.. in fact.. and I wish this chapter was over... the thing that annoys me most right now, other than lying politicians and nescasters who know the truth and won't tell it... everything I'm looking into these could have easily been resolved by a partnership in God's work with PMS. So I still believe somehting happened there that was an anti-Christ  manipulation.. I hope she figures it out one day and has a very long talk with God about the damage she and a few select musicians have done in their ignorance and sociopathy...

When's the last time you stopped being a Christian.. the greater qestion becomes, when did you ever act like one?

Panetta - Give it up, I won't give in... everytime I have to deal with your psychotronics and dews, I become more determined because all you people do is prove to me that there is no limit to the evil you'll do, and that means you have to go. And you will. So you tell Obama and the Clintons and the CFR to go **** themselves...   because they will.. that's the beautiful part of the way God works... and all your media friends I used to give the benefit of the doubt to will go with you.. this place called hell you'll create for yourselves... people like you will like it. A permanent residence you can count on.

7pm - Thinking about apostasy has definitely broadened my horizons... it's like experiential training  to understand God... no wonder He gets people to do things.. Moses, bring me Moses  :}

The bigger the view... I really do believe it's true that if Jesus floated down with angels and whatever tomorrow, people would get all excited for about a weekk, and then they'd say, did you hear what he said, he doesn't believe what I believe in, He must be a false Christ.... and then He'd start a new religion, and since everything's backwards, all the bad people will go to hell, all the bad people who thought they were good people would be set aside to be counseled by psychologists, and all the people everyone thought were nobody's and ordinary will go to heaven. Makes me wanna just make believe I never read the Bible. But, once you do and undertand, you can't go back. The only problem is for me is that I mostly see forward... and even the ministerial input I've supposedly received appears to have been purposely misleading and manipulative.

I also find it interesting how much the Bible I read is good, but the notes to ministers most certainly are biased, and inconsistent. And so, now, as I peel away what I've learned from my "being", I have to strip that away as well, because it really colors thought, and causes conclusions I realize I don't agree with. Not even intellectually. And to  really understand th eBible, you have to read the words as what they are and actually mean unto themselves, not mixed  with mental images and condensed thoughts of what the parables and commandments and conversations mean... and then, the magic part.. taking that knowledge and being able to project all the variables into a rational picture of the future, as it is occurring and what that will  lead to... or what could be different that would cause a completely different outcome.

As always, I'm always willling, even hoping I'm wrong about lots of things... no wonder God says let the dead bury the dead... that being the case, I'm ready to beam up.

8:45pm - I love writing letters to world leaders :}

Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran

Sean's really pressing it... Revolution!!! I wonder what page Keith is going to end up on :}

11:12 pm - I was just sitting here wondering, Hillary, did I miss something? I mean, I know I was a little young to undertand certain things back then, but, what's transcendental about Hey Jude? I've been wondering about that for days...   someday, I can foresee letters being printed in the middle east :} It's how it's going to happen you know. And then there's this missile disppearing into thin air scenario I've seen playing over and over again in my mind for years... I've heard that's happened before...

I hear the Matrieya is a good thing. That's good :} I also figured out some other stuff in Atlanta that lets me know those folks knew who I am. At least in respect to a certain future, and the thing about "he communicates through his computer"... and here I am... do I ever get to find out why I was put in this electronic prison in the first place?

The Age of Aquarius... I have this book on the shelf I've been looking at for years.. the Aquarian Conspiracy... I've got a bunch of books people thought I should read, and they were always relevant... hmmm...

I keep wondering if what I do does any good or reaches anyone, and then I see the results in the world.. somehow... and is likely a key to the "cosmos" that I need to master more than anything else.

I think the most interesting thing for me now is seeing how the material and spiritual worlds interact... it's really quite fascinating...

I wanted to mention to those who have more access to my thinking and all.. I don't discount the ability to perform miracles at all.. real supernatural miracles. But, in those miracles, I also see other allegories that are relevant and worthwhile, in the spirit of the Kabilistic "everything can be viewed 3 ways" approach... not that the other ways are true or more true, but one interpretation that actually provides insights... worth considering... and still.. I also believe there were people who wre writing and speaking in code, operating like underground at times for various reasons who believed it important to write of certain stories because they DID provide additional allegories... one of the miracles Jesus did often was speak to people  of paradigms in ways that allowed them to see the truth, caused the blind to see and deaf to hear.. I believe He did do that, and He also caused people to do the same with words in relation to the more political issues that had them enslaved in the lives they were leading.

That truly is the key to making Christianity more relevant... it really is, because churches, religion, God, Jesus have all sort of become a secondary part of median thinking, like a hobby or something to think about... not like there aren't good people or good Christians or people of other faiths and religions, but that the median thinking... see, it's like ever time I see a bumper sticker that says "I'm a sinner, but it's okay, I'm forgiven" or something like that, I think, so are they talking to me... and then I feel judged, but more importantly, separate. I wonder if people who display things like that consider the linduistics and psychological impact words have on people, especially when reaching out, and consider what could be said that would be inclusive and find common ground without necessarily having to agree or display judgmentalism. That, by the way, would be the way in a world ruled by the Golden Rule, generated out of love... 

I'm not saying this because I'm so concerned about fitting into churches now. But it is what I'd think back in the 80's when I'd consider looking for a church to be involved in. I figured out why the rule book bothered me so much: it's because even then, there was something about if you were living by the Golden Rule, and basically by the rules of God, and I didn't think of it as the Golden Rule back then, it was just a feeling about things and my way of being.. it would seem to me that if God says it's okay to ostensibly do all things in moderation, then, it would seem that instead of removing all things that  might cause temptation, that what there was to do was teach judgment and wisdom so that people learned, individually and in society, over time and generations, in what I call the evolution of the consciousness of the cosmos... so tha tthey learned to enjoy these things without overdoing it... and honoring the idea that if people were living and honoring the word and law of God, that fewer laws, rules would be needed. That it would be the integrity of individuals that could be counted on, and not a rule to follow or be shunned or excommunicated or something.

It really took me a lot of thinking to finally realize that that was what bothered me about that. Particularly in light of another fact: I didn't agree with the rules, and I remember the disappointment I felt, because I really did like the Church... it was Bethany Bible College, really nice people.... I really liked it.. but it's their church, and they had their rules, and I couldn't honestly agree to them because I wasn't going to keep them because I disagreed. And I just couldn't join their church in good conscience. And as I recall, that was my reaction just to the part about playing cards and dancing. I didn't even read the whole book. I was actually stunned. And it's not like I play cards or dance often :}

And the part of Chuck in the minister timeline is being played by... :}

Ya just gotta have a sense of humor.

Michael McDonald - Eyes of a Child

I was going to use this song in a thing about looking at the world through innocent eyes, sort of.. I really like the song. but, then, at the end, he uses a nasty word that I heard and laughed at, but I'm not too sure if it would be generally appreciated:} Oh well. BTW.. I was really encourage by a Paul Simon tune recently... what was it, Hurricane Eye... .talking about crazy angels talking to him...   it really isn't just me :}

So, TR - what DID come alive in '75, cause that's when the FBI agent came to visit, and other really unusual things started to happen... BTW... the first time I saw you was supposedly the first time you ever played the trumpet on stage. :} 

2/27/2009 - What an interesting day of thought.... thinking about ways I was manipulated to think in certain ways... prophecy that is interesting, and even though I know manipulations went on, I still don't know what would have happened... and.. if there's one thing I've learned in these psyops, it's just about the time you think something is certain, the final piece of info connects the dots and proves the opposite. I was wondering why it was important to someone in a certain exchange for me to declare something... and I think the lemonade was made in the decision for me to not know, and proceed in politics, and some people decided to derail it with an alternative dialectic to have someone who would go along, all the while discrediting me. At the same time, unless the parallels begin to disappear and the level of illusion is greater than I think, it does seem that I have certain control and influence... so things got really messed up along time ago, and I don't eally know that I see the resolution, but I know it's there, and I really do know God isn't going to use my life and expereiences and all this work and everything that makes so much sense... for nothing.

I t feels like it sometimes. And I know what I'm capable of.    Good things.

It's interesting how I can agree with the paradigms but not specifics of people who are considered the great born again leaders... ministers, writers.. it's like they understand certain things, put the wrong labels and contexts on things... I'm not trying to be critical.. I'm trying to get to the root of what's gotten perverted by   language manipulation and politics.

BTW In replacement of tolerance and diversity.. why not acceptance and   community...  it's  a little friendlier, don't you think? I just changed that and put it in the book too. I hope people understood what I was trying to say.

Barack... yeah, I want to delete quicken too.. thanks for  the tip though... I'm sure you all got a laugh about it all. How much did you pay her? It'll come back to haunt you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - People get Ready


2/28/2009 8:50 am  THis is like the Matirx, where the Oracle asks Neo, if Ihadn't   told you you would knock  over the vase, would you have knocked it over..    which is similar to saying if they hadn't told him he was supposed to save the world, would he have tried... and then, just because it was who he, was, not understanding it or knowing how to do it, he did it.

If you guys hadn't told me what you did, I'd have been political and beat you.. I assume that. If it was just politics, it wouldn't have started when I was a little kid. Meanwhile, the psyops guys have done  agood job of making me doubt myslef, except that if I wasn't supposed to have known til later, then theoretically, that end of the prophecy isn't completed, and thus, it's lack of completion means nothing... at least for now.. and I believe I understand now why it never will... everything's different because it's been speeded up...

I'm really clear that the son of man preceeding the second coming wouldn't have known it.. just as I wouldn't have... but I most assuredly would have been out on the streets long ago if I hadn't found out... an interesting double whammy.. just as I can see the ms thing working in 5 or 6 different directions...

Media people.. understanding is not condoning.. nor is Stockholm Syndrome self-loathing..

I'm going to have to take a serious look at my approach for the next part, cuz, this is the most important part.. but I'll get it right.. it's another interesting paradox... But at lest Obama's proving he's a hypocrite, and a real good job of it too. Thanks for making that part easy, Barack. Oh yeah.. Gary Locke.. Yale.. is he Skull & Bones too?

So, Leon, the hard press started in about '92.. will you say "I don't recall?" Or will you just take the fifth?

Rod Stewart - 20th Century Masters - The Best Of - 05 - Every Picture Tells A Story

9:41am - Had to go eat oatmeal. I bocome more convinced all the time tha tpeople don't understand the actual story of the son of man preceeding the 2nd coming.. I also think th e rapture... in the Left Behind rendition, it would happen concurrent with the 2nd coming and offers no real "realief" as the world is destroyed or something... I keep thinking about that because the earth is supposed to be purified by the fire of his mouth... words.. the truth..  Then theres' things like heaven and sky and clouds... I'm thinking there are other interpretations for those.. just like war...

In the sky.. how about, above it all. I still think the real rapture is the community of friends finding safety in the presence and respresentation by the Son... and if it physically occurs, it wil l be because of psychotronics and electronic singularity. I was reading  alittle on it last night.. even thessalosnians... I just don' t see it... in the literal, it's ambiguous and in the allegorical it makes sense, if you want to be that objective, which I do. But then, it has nothing to do with the envisioning of floating into the sky.. but it is about people happy to be "above it all" in other words, not taken in by the deceptions any longer... and that would happen because people would have a trustworthy source of info...

I'm still gonna look up more on Noah and why childbirth is painful... Kryptoman wanted my thoughts on that :}

I think I'm going to be writing some interesting stuff next week.. not sure what.. but it'll be different.. getting down to the core of it all.. and I think I'm gonna stow a bunch of stuff, the "becoming " stuff, into storage for a while... see how things go... One of my other bosses at Borland once said to me "I'm not sure we're ready for someone like you around here yet".. I always thought that was weird... course, we'd just gotten thru talking about how she processes her personal problems.

Apparently, a few people thought me reaching out to ministers was about money... geez people.. believe it or not, there are people in the world who actually think goals and purposes supercede money... the world of money.. it's amazing how people change when they get money.

I'm hoping when I get the details on the print on demand, I can have the front cover of the book the way I want. It won't surprise anyone... :} 

This one guy's site:} He'd be making good points in an intelligent way.. sort of round about.. I think the topic was Satan's big lie regarding the Garden of Eden.. something like that.. and he'd make his points, he thought, and then he'd always say  "any moron can understand why this is true". and all I could think is, cool, I'm not a moron, apparently :}

Speaking of science fiction.. sometimes, when I'm wondering why I was apparently tracked since I was  a kid in some way or another.... I think of this Rod Serling show starring Billy Mumy I think.. Lost in Space kid.. Will Robinson.. anyway.. and he's in this house and all the people are afraid of him because he has supernatural powers, and they're afraid if they make him mad, he'll turn them into something like a frog or lump of clay...

For the reocrd.. I know what they say about people who blame everything that happens in their lives on other people.. it was, interestingly, a "phrase" fed to me right before I started learning about my life of containership... no coincidences, I heard it on CNN, then sent the same info to the big guy asking him how he was going to explain his part in it all, who was he gonna blame? :} As for me, I still say I take responsibility for my choices... and I recognize the manipulations....

Meanwhile.. I have to say, it's been fun exchanging email with Bev :} She actually started emailing me just about the time the MS thing started... I thought it was someone messing with me, saying it was her, so I blew  it off. No coincidences.

It'll be good to know one day why all this happened, a little more truth about some things... and certain people I thought were better than they are.

Meanwhile... I give Obama til May.. end of May... and his numbers will be down to 40-45%... watch out for Bill and the House disapproving with Obama to set the stage for Hillary.. I'll have FTLOTW and Essays in print by then, if not early June. Then, I lay out the case...

I still find it interesting that no matter how any of this goes, however I end up being portrayed, bou bad guys lose, cause it always points the finger back at you... and suppression won't work, cause I'll just keep plugging along... and even if I don't hit my deadlines because of DEWS and psychotronics, I'll get it done.

And that's the way it is....

Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Name Of Love - 06 - Revolution

New invocations HI AW!

3:43pm - You have no idea how much time I actually spend just contemplating things, connecting dots.. ya, I find the most interesting, challenging and difficult things about Bible prophecy is interpreting it in current day terms, paradigms and  technologies... that's the part I think people miss a lot of times... and then they get hung on words like socialism instead of watching what's actually occurring.. it's easy to see certain economic trends, but I'm surprised the same people who speak of Biblical events because of that don't see the military side or the so called global warming green economies as the greater indicators of actual happenings.. totalitarianism, not socialism...

So who was that who declared themselves God after taking power.. Caligula or something like that? What's also interesting is the difficulty in explaining a false Christ... and not necessarily someone who declares themselves that.. but "acts out the part" for political reasons,  like George Bush... was he acting it out or did he really believe it? The secrecy and deceptions tell that story.

But even with that, people would still defend him as a President that represented Christianity well.. Political partisanship really is going to be the bigger issue to overcome because almost everyone likes certain politicians... who they've placed their faith and hope in... and it really is the "political reality and consciousness" of people that must be understood and "altered" through education.. actually through causing people to educate themselves... and that really is where the churches need to help out. Please understand, I'm just letting this flow... And I'm wondering if what churches could do most is get a committee of 4 people... 2 republican 2 democrat.. whatever... and have them do a ittle research on 1 story a week... each... and pick the single most complete and succinct story on any given subject, and post it to an independent web site.

The thing is, people would need to look for non-corporate news sources.. typically, I have alternative sources that I have never found to be wrong.. at least on certain issues and certain writers.. and I check their stuff and check that against mainstream sources... after a while, you begin to see the patterns of how the media uses lies of omission... to make things seem the way they want you to think they are without actually lying.. and "without" is a semantic, because they do purposely mislead you.

And then, that poll the other day that said Obama is more popular than Jesus.. I was amused... John Lennon said something like that, joking, and people called him the anti-Christ.

All that really has a point, and it wasn't about the media or ministers :}

It was actually about the work that needs to be done. Declaring psyops days over, meaning now that I know, it'll be easier to get things done.. at least I understand what I'm up against.  The work that needs to be done and can be accomplished is much important me making discoveries about personal things and dealing with religious issues of my own and all sorts of things... Because what I find myself thinking about all the time.. when I try to get to the root of my concerns. it really has more to do with beginning the healing that needs to occur in every way, and all of the people I know are suffering.. and will continue to if things don't change, and they're not changing, and I'm not fooled...

Meanwhile, I always said I refused to be an apostate or false Christ. I've had to look at that seriously, and I don't know what to say, but I'm not going to second guess propehecy and at the same time the one I'm concerned about has actually been fulfilled but in a different way than I even thought about... doesn't matter for the moment..

So if I hadn't been told, If I hadn't been hit with psychotronics and Directed energy weapons, there are a great number of other things  I would have done as a citizen, including running for the Senate and President again, and in earnest. So, the guys got me to  do what I did, and it left a necessary place marker. And, no matter how I tell my story, as a citizen and or as a religious figure, it makes the government and a few corps look pretty bad...

I misjudged things about churches.. just as I recognize some things that happened were for unusual reasons I couldn't possibly know... just as I noticed quite a few times in the past with people who'd say something like iI knew there was something up with me, and when they realized I didn't know anything, they'd immediately insult me in some way like.. because I didn't know, they had to be bad to me.

Those misjudgments are both good and bad things. I'm still surprised that no one has been interested enough to sit down and ask real questions.. and it appears a number of people have misjudged me for a variety of reasons... and it surprises me to see how the world is actually going to change...

Because of what I do know, what I see going on and what I see it leads.. I can't ignore it just because other people don't... and I know that when I choose to lead, people follow for the right reasons but not until their illusions are set aside and realize that the same old ways and means don't work....

I could easily be wrong and find out after I come out of the void that there are plenty of people who agree with things I talk about... just like I found out Calvin isn't who came up with the rapture.. which was good to know because most of what else I've heard of his concepts I liked...

Just like I figured out last night that I don't really know what dispensationalism really is. Probably explains a few things:} (The weird thing is I'm really not as uneducated as I probably seem as I try to amuse myself by making fun of everything..)

So.. I think I figured out that people don't really understand that Satan isn't passive, and that they really don't know what to look for to know just how far into the end of days we really are because they aren't connecting the analogies... nor do they realize the extent to which the spiritual world plays in the material world... and right now, it plays a huge part in it.. and it just seems like a whole new foundation needs to be laid down..

I wish I thought I had even a few partners in doing that... I feel aggravated at how if MS was real she really would have fit into what I think needs to happen.. but I can do that too.. still.. that's part of the point..

Like my boss said.. I don't think the world is ready for the son of man or Jesus or anyone else not because they don't want Him, they just wouldn't know him and they would reject him out of hand... I just don't think it's gonna look like people imagine it, but at the same time, when it happens, it'll fit, and people will understand the "allegorical qualities" of the "event".

Now, since I've been doing all this online, I want to say this for the record. The psyops really did lead me down some wrong paths. Confuse me and got me to believe certain things, disbelieve things I should have continue believing in, and that's why everything I've done and talked about has been fact and evidence based...

So, I don't want to be an apostate or false christ.. I wrote long ago my concerns about being "The Emperor",  I was foolish enough to be duped by people who would undermine me.. anyway..

I won't say that I know, Biblically, what happens to the "Son of Man" after he figures out he's been dumped on all those years.. for the moment I'll just say that I have my own ideas of what CAN happen.. just as I still believe that prophets and false prophets are often differentiated by whether or not what they offer is in step with current accepted belief, and the intolerance of scholars and elders.

So I want to say, as of this writing, I may pull down articles referencing myself as Son of Man and Christ.. I'm not sure yet.. not because I don't think I am.. But because, ultimately, other people will have to make their own conclusions.. too much fits, though, for me to just ignore.. I wouldn't be taking things down to hide anything, but writing it all has been good in the inquiry, even if after all is said and done, people say it was just my transformation into a minister or whatever... even though at first I still believe I'll show up in politics...

Nonetheless.... I really don't second guess God. I do believe He speaks and works through me, I do believe I carry the Spirit of truth, of Jesus, as other people do, but in my own way, and I don't know myself if the Second COming" will occur in my lifetime, this lifetime... but me, Chuck, I'm a separate being and body..   but I do believe the "Second Coming" will occur in my lifetime.. but only God has the true timing down, so I don't question it.

I do ask myself, if in fact I believe that I am the Son of Man and Christ, what do I see for myself and what I will do? I ask that because I always said if I felt like my revelations led me to a path of the anti-Christ or the false Christ and Emperor, I would refuse to do what was allowing it.

I've had concerns because it's interesting how what the anti-Christ and false Christs do is take things that should be good things, like alot of my politically oriented ideas, and use the ideas and speak of it, but then use it to do bad. The media people understand what I'm saying. It's just more deception.

So I wonder about my own motives. I started out just speaking out like a citizen. And not really wanting to be a leader. I took on a  desire to lead when I didn't see anyone really leading, and more importantly, anyone who was actually honestly and rationally addressing the issues... and in my thinking about, what would it mean to be Christ, and the plan and thinking and ways of God...   all the talk of an iron hand.. strong man kind of talk... but what I see as what that takes and really is an empowering hand that holds firm to the rules and codes of conduct and such... who leads by example and uses fractal and chaos theory not to disrupt and force re-order, but to unravel and  cause natural order... this becomes a huge subject and conversation, but all I have to say is that in everything I've spoken, even when speculating of God's Kingdom, I ve always spoken of Democracy and establishing fair elections... except for a few things I' ve actually changed my mind about on specific issues, you can be certain that none of my actual thoughts and ideas regarding governance and democracy and all the rest in my essays, except when I was being psyoped to extremes and anger, I haven't changed. I'm just Chuck. The same guy, just a bigger view, and this boss that just keeps revealing things..

So, really, think of me as you will, I have my own beliefs, but it's God's time now, he'll have me do the right things.. I think I'm graduating for college, going for my thesis. Funny, this IS what was going to be the final result of the curriculum I was going to do at Evergreen.. just thought of that...

Anyway... just wanted to make sure people know I'm not actually baking away from anything.. and anyone can feel free to bring up what I've posted anytime... so long as we agree that for the most part, whatever I might set aside is what I'll come "the process of becoming" papers..  maybe they'll be brought back too :} Ya never know.

Onward Christian Folgers....

I hope that makes sense to people.

One final note on this: Like in tthe Postman, the guy doesn't really want to do it. He wants to but he doesn't. And he doesn't like seeing other people getting hurt. I love that movie. I know you guys probably think you've got me cornered, especially cuz of some of the stuff on this site, and I''l still say it points back to you. I'm not gonna sit down and I'm not going to shut up.

Son of man days are over... play whatever games you want, God wins. It always turns out that way. I'm going to enjoy being a politician and a minster at the same time, and show people how you can have a solid church and a nation under God with Christ-like values, true separation of church and state and a world that's safe and inclusive... really all those things, not just speeches and headlines.

I just drew another line.. and it's encroaching on your side. It's not even audacity. I may be slow at getting around to it, but I get around to it. One foot in front of the other.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 03 - Have a Cigar

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Wingspan (History CD 2) - 04 - Maybe I'm Amazed
One of my all time favorite songs...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 06 - Willing And Able

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 04 - Light of Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Wrestle A Live Nude Girl
from now on, when I hear this song, I'll think of Glendale.  I had no  idea places like that had become so common. :} Interpret that as you will :}

3/1/2009 12:46pm - So many thoughts this morning.. me memory isn't as accurate as I'd like them to be because of directed energy, but that's okay.. I say that because I'm having trouble remembering who did something, Abraham or Moses... nonethelss.. One day you'lll realize, too, how psychotronics is affecting you without you noticing it... it'll be a sad day in one way, realizing the evil that's been perpetrated, but a good day, because that will be the first day it becomes closer to being eradicated.

Leon.. so the funny part is the psyops guys have run me through a zillion routines to have me exhibit all sorts of symptoms that don't exist, and all the stuff I put in here to counter psyop positioning is easy to explain.. since it'll be easy to prove psyops, the rest will be easy to prove as well. So.. you think zapping us with dews will work.. forget it.. you're creating witnesses, and furthering my resolve.

So one of those two guys got the Ten Commandments, brought em down, told the people, and they immediately created a golden calf.. Like, ain't it cool, 10 commandments, and then they built the calf because they didn't listen to the commandments, they just thought it was cool that they were part of the team that got 'em from God. Then I think about all the pictures of Jesus.. if you were an evil person wanting to give people a false sense of a person by displaying an errant picture, what would you do.. I have a little problem with all the pictures just because of his hair, and his instructions for the physical appearance of Rabbi's.  I find it interesting that Christians don't understand why Muslims would not want to havea people put Muhammad in a  picture.. given Christians have the same kind of rules about God. Think about why that would be important.

I don't eunderstand why Christians take the words of Muslim leaders, sometimes extreme, as if they speak for all of Islam and as if they speak for their governments.. and yet, Christian leaders speak of committing all sorts of violent acts and waging military wars, and other Chrisitans yell bravo.. but they don't see how they're no different than the Muslims they condemn,or how violent they represent themselves to be. Even more, tthey don't see how they're being politically manipulated and used to further the military goals of evil people, nor do they understand that no person, particularly a minister, would ever consider that there is victory in killing other people and to rule by domination...     or a reason to be proud and arrogant about having the ability to do so.

Worship... I have to look that up today.. it's gotta mean something else. It's one thing to stress the improtance of festivals and sabbath and all, particularly in terms of keeping the community connected as well as sharing the sheer energy of God that gets collected and shared amongst those gathering,  I honestly don't believe God ever intended us to spend so much time focused on our opinions of the Kingdom, which have been generated by people wanting to make you thig erroneous things about His kingdom.... or the idea of worship in ways that are so consuming, dividing and such... why there would be so many different interpretations of the Bible,and why people make that such a big deal, instead of clinging to the more basic things that we know for sure, as opposed to things are subject to interpretation, opinion and experience...

I was listening to that song by Kenny Loggins.. I think it's brothers.. something about finding out the world I created was all about me... looking at that as a person, then holographically, how would God think about that, how would Jesus represent it or be it...  and understand, that kind of thinking is always started by me getting to the root of what I'm feeling and thinking, really reconciling my self to my inherent belief... to that connection to God... so I come to conclusions about the way I think and why, both to justify myself as well as to understand the differences between what I believe and how to interface that with the beliefs and actions of the world.. not as separate.. we all actually do this every moment, just not this consciously..

And then I think, does that fit with what Jesus taught. Does it fit with God's ways. And even when I feel like strangling somebody (I'm joking) I don't... even those are normal feelings and all.. the question  is, what do you actually do. ANd that is the essence of judgment (I hope Barack really understands that)

Then I think the people who gave and give the instructions to  harass and harm already lost. I don't really care about the things on the material plane, I know that all of you are losers in God's eyes, and He'll deal with you. And I really do believe some of you will just go bye bye. 

I really do understand God's plan and how to implement it.. and even when I have those angry thoughts, I don't feel good about it, but I look forward to the day where I live in a world where I would not be provoked to have such thoughts... and that IS the way God wants it too.. and it can be...

I really feel sorry for our so called leaders and the politically apostatic ministers.. they'll have a heavy burden to carry in their souls... people whose lust for power and money caused them to knowingly turn their backs on compassion and God himself when they thought they could fool the public, and when they thought by doing that, they were getting away with calling it God's will. It was the betrayal of God. And I say this primarily to the Rockefellers and the Kennedy's... and I promise you, on behalf of God, that before my work is done, people will know you for the frauds and deceivers that you, as it should be, because then they will truly understand just how deceived they have been their entire lives. And then the Kingdom of God will be. So  be it.

To all of you who are doing wrong, but continue because you don't believe you are doing wrong.. like Nanci Pelosi.. I don't care how many times you see the Pope, it doesn't make you righteous, and you know it. And you'd better start taking on that you're one of those people. Because, otherwise, there's no hop e for you in God's eyes. And Nanci, if you actually do believe in what that book says and what the Catholic Church origianlly stood for, then I suggest you act like a good Christian and take on the inquiry.  You may be able to get the Pope to make issue statements to oppose me, but in the end, the truth will prevail., And you and all your friends are going to lose, if you believe the book, that thing called the Bible... and this is the time of judgment.. and you persist, and you make people suffer, and you make me suffer.. and still, you believe someone will defend you. That's the proof of your delusion and sociopathy. And a dead soul.

God bless you all. May you understand the opportunities available to you in the wisdom He has provided  today. Amen.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 13 - Time Passes On

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 06 - Brothers


NOTE: Just had the thing with Sara with the supposed satellite instructions.. happens regularly.. unfortunately, my digital recorderr was full. That won't happen again. 3 witnesses 1:34pm seems to happen when a satellite problme occurs.. first time was in Dec 2007 I believe.. when the spy satellite started going down, that got shot out of the sky... and right after I learned of Westar... 

8:28 pm - Sometimes I feel like a monk, constantly.. how did Prince put it .. constantly contemplating the universe :} It's really like that  sometimes... :} Anyway...

I've given things a lot of thought.. I could make a case that the final prophecy proving my identity has occurred... who knows.. here's what I decided... I actually do think I am the Son of Man, except that now, for whatever reason by whatever means, I've gone beyond that... Who am I? I have my own beliefs, and I say, who cares.. I mean, when all is said and done I don't really...  I took on activism because I thought I could do some things wthat would benefit everyone, and I believe I did that in at least a small way..  I really do believe that regardless of who people say I am or whatever else I discover about myself and my life, that this really is the time God wanted me to do the work He had in mind for me, political or religious, and that it's both, tha tthings weren't supposed to happen this way but, here we are anyway. And I know I can deal with it, as uncomfortable as it may be at first...

I just know that if nothing else, I'm going to be an excellent messenger on His behalf, as a minister an otherwise... Part of the stuff that goes into the class "I Just Know" is   stuff that I know or have a gut feeling about that just isn't being revealed yet.. bugs me..  Anyway.. I don't mean that arrogantly..   more than anything else, I know it means standing for my principles.

And I'm not afraid to talk about the psyops and psychotronics anymore... I actually consider myself something of an expert, and I'll bet I could make it make more sense than most experts, because I think I hvae a bigger view of it... which is going to mak e for an interesting chapter after I explain how the world works...

So, anyway... I've past the point where I struggle with my own "identity" so to speak.. or let's say, understanding more of what God had in mind for me.. AS for FTLOTW... I'm going to get a little more serious about the way I talk about things, at least in this book,  and I'm not going to back down on who I say I am.. at the same time, I may condense som ethings that I say about myself, because   that really was about me coming to grips with things.. and I think I'm going to archive some things as "early stuff" as weell as things impaired or influenced by psychotronics... and in this book, I'm just going to move on to what neds to be said, and not worry about the conclusions people come to about me...

And I'll say now, for the record, if the time comes, I'm not so concerned about people's opinions of me, personally, as much as I am certain that God really did call me at this time to speak certain things into the world and to take certain actions, just as it is clear to me that the things I've learned, experienced and witnessed truly have been a training for everything I need to do and say and be.. no doubt in my mind whatsoever.

I hope that whatever judgments people make about me, that they know I am, ultimately, doing my best to do what God guides me to do.. and that what I write and speak of can make a huge difference not because it is of me, but because I know I am truly in a close relationship with God. You all know I hate to sound religious :} But it's just true, and I would never want to do anything to hinder His purposes and causes in this world, just like I really do love America... and the dream He intended.. so no matter what, I hope that the messages I deliver will be useful to those who listen and consider what He asks us to inquire about.

And I just want to say too.. I accidentally took a break and a tv show came on... I thought it was interesting.. the first it did was note that apocalypse means the unveiling... all this time I've been talking about removing the veil of the facade of righteousness :} More, though, I saw another example of brilliant people understanding something about the prophecies of Revelations, and getting to a certain point, and then decide it fits a certain established paradigm of accepted thinking or doctrine, and then they stop thinking about what the words mean, and the rest of the message is lost. An understanding dialectics, I can understand why the anti-Christ would cause the establishment of certain theological or doctrinal paradigms to cause exactly that.

It's like having the media make the general public think that anyone talking of hearing voices and government ability to transmit voices into people's heads means that the person talking about it is crazy. And yet, it is a publicly declared technolgy and ability that is easily documented in the public domain. Voice to Skull. It's just a reality. And actually, from a technical engineering standpoint, quite simple to explain.

The point actually was... I hear all these descriptions of the real anti-Christ... and think about how all the emulations are taking place.. and wish people could view the last 1000 years as if it happened in one week, and they'd be able to see some things that I see. And they'd realize that "the anit-Christ" has risen up continuously over time, and is at work right now in the seats of power.. whether the politicians know it or not, or have the courage to acknowledge it in themselves or not... and I hear these depictions, and I can't help notice how so many of the themes are just like mine... EXCEPT... I  have no ulterior motives, the proof I have of people stealing my ideas and themes to win the presidency and to silence me, my beliefs in America and its intended purpose in the world, my lifelong commitment to doing God's work when He called on me, and my understanding and complete acceptance of His ways and methods... how to apply that to the material world... and empower citizens to have the promisedland, the freedom and liberty God promised, as well as someone who would be strong in ridding the seats of power of the corruption that is causing the suffering in the world.

So no matter, what, no matter what anyone says about me, I know my truth, and that truth is faithful to God, true to the intents and values America was founded on, and certain that God will, as He says in the Bible, provide me the proper guidance to be who He wants me to be, deliver the message and examples He wants me to provide, and for me to be a leader in the world, capable of just and fair application and education of people regarding the truth of God, the administration of government, the role of spiritualim and spiritual leaders, and the necessity for us all to become truly aware and respectful of the need for us all to act as a global community in fellowship, and not in competition.

And to the politicians... because I know I can speak so clearly about psychotronics and dews, I don't have much concern if you try to entangle me with litigation or cover ups.. I don't know what to tell you. . I don't care about your plausbile deniability which doesn't exist anymore... I don't care about your ability to cover things up... I don't care about your weapons...

I care about people and this planet. I care about all the people who believe their leaders want them to have the very opportunities they are depriving them of. I see people suffering because the anti-Christ are treating the planet with a scorched earth goodbye... which God says He will not allow.

Turning the rudder doesn't do any good when it's not in the water, and the ship is being towed in another direction.

The Kingdom of God and the Rights of Man... that's a truism if there ever was one, in terms of what's at stake right now.. and what's under attack. I don't know about you, Jimmy boy, but if the odds in Vegas were against me, I'd recommend you go heavy on my side.  The real show's about to begin.:} It'll be interesting. I'm not intimidated by any discussion of any of this..  695 witnesses with one emaill.. I think it'll work.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 03 - On The 4th Of July



3/2/2009 1:03pm - This is primarily a message to put an end to something... and Primarily to the apostate Pastor Melissa Scott... I get harassed about her frequently.. as I do about taking down materials that point to other criminals...

Melissa, when you did what you did, you not only broke the law, you betrayed God in a hundred different ways, and that's assuming I'm just one more citizen in this world. Nothing more. Civil and human rights violations.  Of all sorts. More than you and your attorneys can imagine. Personally, I'm not so concerned about the criminal side... that'll take care of itself in time. I just want you to be clear that God is not just going to say "Oh it's okay Melissa"...

So I get, Melissa Scott is not your enemy.. more than I care to hear. And I'm tired of it. So I'm going to say what I think... see, you could have cleared yourself with me with a simple apology. I'm easy that way. I know you were put up to it. The truth of your intents and actions comes in the fact that you appear to be some kind of preacher, and all you are is  a two bit criminal like Barack... you lie, you mislead, and you got a really good magic act that doesn't furhter the conversation.. could have, but you obviously believe you're above everyone in that respect... and that is why you'll end up failing, because you offer nothing more than a formulaic approach. I said I thought you were brilliant.. I meant it.. you just don't use it well, and it gets old. But then, you're not on ION to save souls, you're there because it generates income, right? Just like the other people you're unsuccessfully trying to copy.

Here's the thing... people like you satrt out in life guileless. and then they get into their careeers and all, and smart people, they don't like being boxed in.At a certain point, they realize they aren't really getting anywhere, and they're looking for a way to get ahead, and they think, I'm a nobody.. and because they're guileless, they try to emulate people who appear to be having success only to find out the people who said, I did it, you can do it too are usually lying in order to get you to fall into the same traps as they did because now they know how to use people. They're just not very good at it, and they end up in jail... like you will.

Now, I knew it was rediculous to think after what you did, you'd havethe guts to apologoize.. the problem with someone like you is you really believe you'll get away with it... but you won't.. and the first time yuo try to shut me up or speak against me, you'll be providing the proof of your own crimes. THis is the way Skull and Bones works... this is what they do.. they get innocent people to go along with crimes, then hold it over their heads. With me, tell me your crimes, I'll make you a hero. The same thing I've told the media and others.

Bottom line is, if you had any integrity at all, and if you were actually a servant of God, you would do the right thing, but you don't and that's proof enough for. You give all your pretty speeches from the Bible about not being justified by the law, and then break the law, and then justify yourself. You broke God's laws and man's laws. How do you justify that?

After yuo contacted me, you contacted me, I thought it meant you were aware of my siituation and frankly, had done something to make "the bad guys" let you intervene... instead, this minister screwed me just like the other psyops did.. and the way  I logged it is evidence of your guilt, not mine. Just like when I walked up to the church and was turned away by your usher, and he used my name the way he did, it was proof that you were tracking me, and chose to purposefully inflict trauma.. even after I told you that what you were doing was harming me.

When I wrote you that first letter in response to you contacting me first, I thought you were up to speed, and that you gave a damn about another human being... you did, it just wasn't me.. and you screwed me to make sure nothing would interfere with Barack Obama's election.. see, now we're talking about tampering with elections... that's not covered by FISA telecom immunity... now we're talking obstruction of justice... do you see how it steam rolls.. and if you want to claim that you did it to rid the world of an apostate or false CHrist, then I say you could have written me a letter, phoned, emailed.. all sorts of things to dissuade me... but instead, you committed a crime against me, for which you apparently have no remorse.

So, you can expect from me the same mercy you showed me, and whatever mercy God shows you, that's his business.. you're a little cog in the machine that will be dragged down with the machine.

As for me. I'll be fine.. God will take care of me. Bu tyou know something Melissa... I would have been satisifed if someone like you had set down and showed me some things or told me some things to inform me that I was being apostatic or anti-Christ.. and I would have considered it. I actually wanted people to challenge me on the subject so I could be sure myself. I make a lot of jokes,but I take this all very seriously, very sseriously, not just because it's a chance to do tremnedous good for the world, but because I don't take the Word and plan of God lightly... and I would never forgive myself if I learned that I actaully wasmanipulated into be anti-Christ.. and I know I"m not anti-Christ and never have been, nor will I allow myself to be.

The fact that you went through so much trouble and expense to harass me lets  me know that what you did had nothing to do with God, and had everything to do with making sure Barack Obama won and got inaugurated before any truth got out. I don't know how you're ever going to talk your way out of it... cause you can't..

So psyops guys and M Scott.. this chapter is over... you guys just keep handing me criminals trying to harm me and, in the end it always backfires... right Lou and Keith and Barack and Paul and all you guys who thought you had me wrapped around your little fingers... I was just waiting so I could determine what I was up against...  Now I know. And now it's time for you guys to go down. And Melissa, whatever  ways you end up in this mess, I don't care if you're the star witness against them all, as far as I'm concerned, you're just anohter dead soul. So stop having the psyops people try to get you off the hook because it won't work. And stay out of my way. I didn't do anything to you, you harmed me, I didn't know who you were, but you sure knew alot about me.. only whatever you thought you knew, you were extremely wrong in every way... and God will be sure to reward you appropriately...

Like I said.. if someone supposedly knowledgeable had provided me with info that proved to me that I am not Christ, I'd have accepted it.. still would.. but I know the truth for sure, and I don't even care what the world thinks about that in most ways, because if nothing else, I know for a fact that I'm not the false Christ. I think we've seen a bunch of them and people don't recognize it cause the ministers aren't doing their jobs on the watchtowers.. That's not my fault.

My efforts began and continue to be on behalf of the citizens of the United States, against whom egregious inhumane crimes and deceptions have been pulled off for a great long time, in a world that's suffered the same for thousands of years... the fact that it is clear to me that this is the time God was telling me of in that vision, of what I had needed to do as His truly willing servant. Regardless of whether that's as a politician, minister, or whatever He says I am. Whatever HE says I am. Something you should have thought about before turning that church into a cash machine and psyops post...

And embarassments I suffer in the public  eye will be mere further evidence of the crimes committed against me. There's no other way for it to work out. And I didn't set that up.

Beyond that, all I can say is there's only way for you to come out of this as a decent human being in my eyes.. and that's for you to turn yourself in.. I doubt you'll do that, because you've proven you're not that smart. Good luck in your new career. And don't try a Paul act with me.. I've seen so many psyops, ad the last thing I'd ever do is believe you again. Cause you really are the quintessential apostate... and you really are lucky I'm not a vengeful person, because you'd have been indicted already.

So sing all your songs about loving Jesus, about wanting to be one of His treasures when He returns, all that kind of stuff, and then ask yourself.. given the things you've done.. with friends like yourself, who needs enemies? Maybe someday your fascination with literature will be over, and you'll actually believe the words you teach to others, and become a Christian.  Do you remember the part of the Bible that talks about people like you, who magnify the writers and prophets as greater than the messages they deliver on behalf of God. You do that every sermon... but at least now everyone will know why you always say "That's my message" instead of telling people it's God's message.. because all you really do is glorify yourself... which explains why you start your tv show with a standing ovation for you, instead of a prayer.

I never thought of you or anyone else as a charity.. I thought, I took you at your word, that you were a courageous Christian doing the work of God.... and willing to do what was necessary to do that work, otherwise, there was no other reason to contact me... except to help Barack Obama...how will you justify yet another lie in the name of God? And to 300 million people in the United States, when they find out you participated in this crime, treason and satanic endeavor.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Evil Ways

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - 08 - They Won't Go When I Go

PS- Most people who are playing both sides right now in wait of my appearance had the smarts to get messages to me to let me know... you, you just piled on the crimes... that's all the proof I need.

4:48pm - Ya know big guy, the thing that worries me most about the economy is that I see what they're setting up... the old "get in place, do the damage" and then whoever comes next has to clean it up. I know how to clean it up real fast, and nationalization is not the answer. What Obama and the Council are doing is exactly the same way Bush did it, only they're presenting it with a softer touch to fool people.. sounds like  a false-Christ to me.. anyway... I kept wondering if my essays would be relevant, but here we are with Obama, and I know people won't recognize it for 3-6 months, but I keep thinking.. I need to write.. and then I remember I did back in 2002... Obama and company are even doing the thing of calling for rushed legislation and then pushing propaganda through the news cycle, an diverting people with matters that are just distractions.... if people really understood the global economic crisis, they'd be a lot more concerned, and they'd see the pattern themselves...

Meanwhile.. oh yeah, for the record.. Charlemagne blew his "commission" by launching the suppposed anti-terror war against dissidents... the same way Bush and Obama are blowing it, only they're doing it on purpose..

Like I said back then.. if the intentions of these people was honorable, they'd have a frank discussion with U.S. Citizens about their real agenda... Obama doesn't counter the socialism question because it's true, except that it's actually totalitarianism.. truth commissions won't help because if they investigate Bush and the Republicans, they'll have to cover the fact that the Democrats were completely complicit in the events since 2000...  and their lack of oversight in the congress was what allowed for the economic collapse... oversight.. they give oversight... as in overlook... it's easy to show with a good report...

I say the surface deficit will be 12 trillion by 2012, and climbing... surface, meaning, what the books show in public... the good news, like I've always said is: everything is possible once Democracy is restored... once the criminals are purged from government...  and lots of other things...

I'm moving on to write about how the KIngdom works, as well as pointing out that Satan is real and my annoyance at how even ministers tell people that God is causing the bad things in life to make them better people.. those bad things aare the word of Satan, and it make make people stronger in dealing with adversity, but it harms their souls and beings, and God would not do that.. Satan would, and that's why Satan does those bad things.. and influences people to believe God is teaching a lesson when it isn't the case. God;'s warnings about sufferieng were not to martyr yourself to yourself and other people and believe it's a good thing.. God was warningy you that if you are a good person, you will suffer at the hands of the AntChrist, and it's not good, but He honors you for having the fortitude to continue standing for what's right... and He is sad that you are in the position of having to.. which is why He is going to pull the plug on all this madness... very soon.. and shorten the days... whether Christians and non-Christians want to believe it or not... :}

I like doing invocations. It's fun. I'm gonna do some tonight.. It would be fun to have an invocation hotline :} Course, there already is one, people just don't know it :} 

Anyway.. if Obama and his cronies were real, they'd use this as a teachable moment regarding Mises and the use of all economic systems, which is actually true anyway, we've just tricked people into thinking it's one economic theory vs another for political reasoons... Clinton and Obama are just as much for unregulated markets as Republicans and the proof is what lead to the economic collapse... or what is more accurately described as a government payoff  to bankers...

People would claim that I'm a socialist but I'm not at  all.   But a mixed economy is real, it should be acknowledged, and economic slavery such as this should never be allowed again.  That day is coming. So be it.


3/3/2009 - 12:28pm - I'm going to the dentist. If there are any problems with weed and seed feds or democratic party operatives causing me more problmes, it WILL result in criminal complaints.

Next week, Eric Holder and numberous Obama Admin officials and people in Congresss will be receiving my complaints and demands for an investigation of my case, as well as the crimes against thousans if not millions of other people. An Injunction is being readied now by other victims.

I want to state categorically that if my complaint is not dealt with in a just way.. if my case is not handled as a proper investigation against the ciminials, and not me, then I will simply add to the list of people who will be indicted later. I'm not gonna **** around with you a*holes anymore. You're all criminals. Obama says he's not above the law, let's find out the truth.. and throw a bunch of criminal politicians into jail at the Hague...

Keith, Rachel, Lou, Danny, and al the rest of you media a*holes who think you've had me fooled all this time. like I said, I just wanted to see the patterns prove themselves... and they have. I can't wait to hear the lies you come up with to cover your asses. Melissa Scott will be included in those reports. As willl the dentists and doctors, and the Tacoma Weed & Seed Office. Here comes judgment day.... How many hundreds of witnesses do I need? I got 'em

The funny part is, you guys will say, but we nmade a law that makes it legal.. I can't wait til the citizens of the United States hear that.

Barack you and your friends torture people all day long.. America doesn't torture... there's a lie you won't be able to live down.. If nothing else, you just rendition them to a country that does. Like I said, you're just another two bit politician...

Wait til I start soliciting contact info for all Americans who believe the U.S. Government is committing crimes against them... including going back to the Clinton Administration.

Anyone in the government who thinks they can harass me into submission.. you're going to find out what a real patriot does with people like you.. and the beautiful part, everything I do is legal, and everything you do to stop me is a crime.. If you persecute me furth wiht you bullshit, I will simply make sure it is more evidence against you.. and if you take that course, I will be doing it outside the United States... and I''' do everything I can to have the world special rendition the corrupt.. the perverted leaders of this country..

God Bless America and its citizens. God damn the corrupt politicians. Trust me, I already know the latter is signed, sealed & delivered. Interpret that as you will...

Lou you'd better have a real good story...Matthews too.

As for me.. Hillary, feel free to innoculate the other nations... and groups.. against me.. when the truth comes out, it'll just mean you'llbe convicted that much easier.

Prepare the fiery pit. Then, we'll have Hannity do another poll about revolution... funny, like the lady said, I don't watch Fox, can't prove a thing.. I hvae no evidence about them.. you guys want the story? You'll be heroes.. let's be clear, I'm not interested in making you heroes, it ain't personal and you know it, but I'm a man on a mission :}

I'm not looking forward to what's ahead at all, but I have to admit, it'll be fun to watch you guys squirm as you tell your lies...

Paul.. how's the old cosmos doing.. got any new albums for me to hear? BTW I liked you on Maher, it was just a little too subtle...

JT: Is it a blessing.. could have been... and the jury's still out on you.

One final note: Whoever has been posing as former friends and ex relatives: you blew it by using the same phrases, by quoting incorrect factual information... and by not remembering other emails sent by the same real people... that'll be a fun one to have someone track down...

Isn't it interesting that the government claims the right to enforce the law by breaking the law... there's a name for that... only I never borke any laws to induce what's been done to me all these years..

5:02pm - Lou... long ago, when I'd mention you in the weblog, you'd take the next day off. Today, you act like you're giggling like I do. I kept wondering if you were going to be able to keep a straight face... yuo just keep making me wonder, but at least you're smiling. Remember when you quit smiling when I told you about your smiling :}

How could it possibly get weirder.. can't wait to find out...

Thanks to the psyops guys who I just realized helped me on a matter I won't specify... it's beautiful... just beautiful :} Perfect.

BTW: for those would say I'm forecasting my actions: I do in a way, to CYA.. but I don't because most of the stuff I think about in my log, I don't do.. the question is, which ones do I actually do?

Meanwhile.. Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have quite aptly proven they are nothing but schills for the Democratic Party... and the Council on Foreign Relations.. a great example of highly talented people who justify treason by the ideologies... I'm taking off the part about material witnessess.. explain it yourself.. that's what you told me. Can't wait to hear your lies.. you're good at it... if you really do know Patti Harrison, let her know for me that I'm disappointed she would be friends with someone who particpates in torturing people and psyopping people... doesn't sound like a moral or ethical spiritual approach to me...  later on, it'll be fun to see if she really knows you.. all the people I say I talked to, I did.

Finally, Ms. Scott.. you'll be receiving your copy of the letter to Eric Holder.. it's on the web.. the psyops guys took good care of me in relation to you...

BTW: Are you aware that the phrase "Elvis has left the room" is typically a cue that Bill Clinton is in the mix?

It's gonna get really interesting.. and if appropriate action isn't taken by Holder, and if he dares to mess with me and make it out like I'm the problem.. Biden will have his international incident... only it won't turn out well for Obama at all. And I don't expect him to take appropriate action... I'm just going to make sure I do things by the book so it'll make their crimes all the more obvious.

I feel sorry for the children of all these politicians and traitors...

Atty. General Eric Holder

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Brown - Living in America

Personally, I like the "surprise ending" part :} I'm looking forward to the fight... :} And I'm thinking of organizing the evidence into a powerpoint presentation so I don't have to testify :} Anything I can do to help make you people look as stupid a syou are, lemme know. And yeah, I know they''ll probably do everything including incarcerate me to shut me up.. but that's okay, it just damns them even more..

I wonder if Olli Rehn thought twice when I wrote to him. I wrote to him more than once you know... :} Wait til he gets the stuff I'm planning to send. :}

And.. I really am looking forward to owning GE and Time Warner.. I know people will say I set all this up to sue them, and of course, that won't be true, but it'll sure cause the networks to prove their guilt.. I can't wait till the first idiot says something - forgetting that it was either due to illegal eavesdropping or otherwise.. kind of like the guy at the church walking up to me and calling me Chuck. Cuz then they have to explain why they know who I am, what I look like and everything else.. and they could give answers that would semanticallyl clear themselves.. but in front of a jury, they'll just make themselves outo be guilty and deceptive... Ain't it fun.

And I'm not even psyopping you guys. I'm just working with the evidence I was handed. I told you your arrogance is what would take you down. That idiotic stuff the politicians did at the DNC and RNC was the clincher on that one, and I'm sure the public will love knowing just how sick and perverted you are by watching those videos... And I even know that some of the guys I call perps are my helpers. Double agents. Somone sold CFR out :}

 3/4/2009 - 1:34pm - I read Ecclesiastes agian last night.  ever notice that when  yo read parts of the Bible, they sort of mean different things each time...  I'll stanf by what I wrote on Ecclesisastes...

I will say, though, theat there really always is a self-interest i everything we do, otherwise we wouldn't do it. It doesn't mean it's bad... but the context you place that in is important. This is a crude examine, but clear: I go to the bathroom to relieve myself of discomfort.  Or I help people because it makes me feel good.. that good feeling, I say, is God's reward for good work.

Faith and grace: proven through works. And the so called ordinary housewife who never goes outside, but is a great mother, or just a good wife, is a work of Grace through faith: breathing and follwoing the example of Christ in your own living is a work. There is no requirement that all Christians or good people do things in the world... lots of sickos do things that look great in the world.. and if they can't tell the truth, which the American govt doesn't..  then that public display of hypocrisy is only that, and you may fool people, but you don't fool God. Of course, you sickos don't care about God or morality.

I think in about 2 weeks, there are going to be people dying because htis gov't wiil find it necessary to shut people up. And I'm talking about people working in and around government... just like they shut up Vince Foster. Right Hillary? felt bad about that one didn't ya? But it had to be done, didn't it?

Ya know what else would be fun? Making a list of people who believe they are blacklisted.. I'll bet I could get one of my favorite news sources to make these lists... I'll bet they'd do it.. then we can get it owver to rense and a whole bunch of other places where they know about this criminal government. One huge class action suit... you guys can elect Hillary president in prison... and you can revise history all you want to make each other feel important. That's what you do now.. might as well do it in jail.

Anyone who particpates in a truth commission about Bush to cover the rest of the government and blame it all on him will ultimately be put in jail as traitors, RICCO and fraud.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Skeletons

Dedicated to Barack Obama

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

The war face is back.

And by the way, I'm clear you sickos think you have me set up every possible way, but you're wrong, cuz God's gonna take you down and spit you out like the poison you are.

Lou thanks for presentig Robert Zimmerman... another great candidate for the Hague. Let him know I'll be pointing at him too.  No code talked there, hey Lou, nice try, but that'll be the easiest thing to disprove.

I trust you delivered the  letter to Time Warner... I'm sending MSNBC"s copy through Keith...

Tell Zimmerman ih'e so charged up against corruption in Government, he should start by looking in the mirror.

Tell Panetta I sent him an emial at the CIA. I'm looking forward to that one coming out...

Campbell Brown.. all bias, all bull.. the Council on Foreign Relations channel marches on.

Keith: The woman with the McDonalds problem wsa reporting theft, not   atrivial thing. I hope she sues McDonalds and the police for her arrest... All you need is cash.. no.. all  you need is morals, which apparently you left behind when you worked at CNN.

RUTLES: CLEESE: HARRISON:Olbermann approx :34 Saved. Thanks for the aesopian. I needed something to prove it was still going on :}

coulter_121908.jpg (1561 bytes) A message to Keith and Rachel from......

Fortunately, we have Keith Olbermann to point out that Rush Limbaugh did not accurately quote the preamble to the Constitution in his CPAC speech last weekend. I'm not sure what scam Olbermann imagined Rush was trying to put over on the American people by saying conservatives believed in the "preamble to the Constitution" and then quoting words from the Declaration of Independence -- but Olbermann put an end to that cruel deception!
These small-time opportunities to show off by correcting someone else's teeny-tiny mistakes are the lifeblood of Olbermann's MSNBC show, "Countdown." Olbermann is no more capable of not correcting Rep. Charlie Rangel when he said "inferred," but meant "implied," than an obsessive compulsive could pass a sink without washing his hands

'Nuff said. :}

Meanwhile.. I keep thinking about this anti-Christ false prophet and False Christ stuff..  I'm feelin kinda good about this... cuz.. anyone could say they are for one thing or another when questioned...  but the good news is, before the psyops confused me then tried to mess everything up, I was just being an activist and I've been consistent on what I stood for and believed... after CNN got me reading the Bible (to make things too complex to reconcile and explain, cuz they knew)  even then, I was stil talking restoring democracy and putting governance back in the hands of citizens.. I talk peace but not without strength or the acknowledgement of the need for military.. I think I've made it clear I don't want anyone to worship me AND... I'm clear I'm not the Almighty God, but carry His spirit in me and it works through. so.. I think someone tested me on that subject.. the triunary stuff.. I think I passed the tests.

I'm glad that I don't have the psychic powers developed.. the rreally big stuff.. cuz then people would say I"m causing storms in my angeror something stupid ike taht.. I'd try it now but I know certain sickos who'd do that... right Chad? Nice try.. and I do think it's possible. I also know about HAARP..

So all in all, unless my entire life is one huge coincidence that just happens to relate tothe gospel story... I must be it :} It's not like I actually doubt it... It's like I always said, I refuse to be an apostate or a false Christ. Oh yeah, and as for false prophet.. looks to me like almost, almost everything I've predicted and talked about came true or manifested itself.. I look at sites on the web, rabbi's, new agers, you name it... and the guy they keep describing sounds like me :} Of course, that doesn't prove anything.

Meanwhile.. psyops and dews have prevented me from making progress on the book.. and that's okay, gave me time to recollect my thoughts.. I suppose til the day comes someone who knows is willing to step forward as a witness... I'll still keep questioning it... just to make sure... keeps me focused on spirituality as well, though I'm enjoying thinking beyond the "proof" stage.

Birds of a feather stick together especially when caught in your glue trap.. hmmm... whatever works, and I'll believe it when I see it. I thought you gave up listening for lent. :} I was told not to curse or swear anymore this week, sorry dude, I've used my quota... make one up :}  I'd let you be my witness, but then no one would believe it:} But, if I ever get to be on your show, could we do a whle 15 minutes in a group discussion with Eric Griffin? I'm a fan of his. Think about it... how could it not be fun. I'll just call him my spokesman.. :}

How can I get one of these viewers ?

BTW: Back in my teen days in theater, I used to be the guy to come to to create gray hair.. I was really good at making comet and silver paint comb in neatly. Afterward, it came out sometimes :} Yeah, comet cleanser.. :} Not like the lava soap I grew up with, just like John McCain said.

Between Panetta at the CIA, Holder, and a whole bunch of people in Congress.. tomorrow, someone will be saying.. I  thought we killed that guy :} Like I told Rumsfeld... about haunting... that was kinda weird in the given context.. I said, I'll come back and haunt you.. I'd take more than 3 days though. I could use a vacation :}

The guy who did the series on YouTube about Monarch and MK-Ultra.. he's the guy who says he helped write  the code for Echelon.. until they zapped him.

Al Gore.. you never answered my question after the Obama endorsement.. what do you think Jesus would do? Or should do? Whaddya think Al.. you going to heaven or hell? Right now, it's looking good for you...

I decided last night, while praying.. I think I decided that I actually do have high standards for my extremely personal relationships.. not really sure if the kind of truly personal friend or friends would actually exist.. it's that "extremely rare" quality I was talking about.. One o fmy favorite old friends, DOn and MOna, Stan Dale's daughter... I've gotten clues lately they knew about me...  maybe... they had a cool relationship where she stayed at the house, he had an apartment, and they mostly stayed together.. and sometimes they didn't... seemed a little impractical, but it worked... maybe a little trailer wouldbe better... I like living in garages though.. I don't know how I got off on this... Maybe all that just emanates from too many "bubble people" around me.

I keep thinking about Ecclesiastes and the stuff about a fool who rambles on.. thank goodness this is my journal :} I have an excuse..

That flag of Venezuela in the sky above my backyard.. maybe it was Turkey.. which of course would be consistent with my thanksgiving turkey story...

Oh yeah.. anti-Christ stuff.. so I figure, George Bush was clearly a false Christ, declared or not, but then secrecy was his trademark and that's an indicator.. all the deceptions.. etc... the interesting thing about Obama... in the programs and policies and so forth.. it's a continuation and advancement of the same agenda with the tyranny laws remaining in effect.. I wouldn't call Obama a prophet, butthen, I haven't looked up the word in the dictionary yet...

But I will say this... if things go the way I expect God to cause them... everything islining up perfectly.. it's like.. cue Chuck... I don't like the idea of being Christ and President because of the implications, but I think I know how to handle it.. including never doing religious talk on business time... or in public as an official.. but I would do my Sunday talk show... and be clear I'll hang up on anyone who talks politics and policy...  something like that..

AND.. here's my personal promise.. If I ever find out I've been tricked... either to my identity, or in  the way staff manipulate things... I'd make an announcement to that effect.. because I refuse to betray God... and I don't have to be anything more than a citizen to be a good rep and administrator... sort of the same as what I said if some politician brought me to the forefront in order to be a hero or to cover their crimes... I just won't go along with any of that stuff...

The final thing I figure tonight. . seems like my themes and ideas and favorite people are all getting innoculated by the media and politicians.. by the time I get around to coming around, they'll be worn out.. except, people will remember them, there will be a private record of it all, AND... more people will be able to see how Obama and the  Democrats ripped me off, as well as  how clearly he's a fraud and how he's just a mouth for the Council on Foreign Relations...

Now, as far as all the people on the periphery.. I really don't care.. I'm not happy with the abuse I've taken, but the real perps are the ones who need to go to jail. None of that's changed, but when it comes to the benefit of the doubt thing.. rest assured I"m not as easy going when it comes to protecting other people, the country etc... some of you already found that out the hard way... it's a shame... so if you really think I'd be a pushover in government, better think twice. I know how to use an iron hand to empower, too.

Ohio Players -  Skin Tight I always liked the Ohio Players... but how do you fit this into this site? I don't know.. and then there was Funkiest Worm in the World... :} There wa sthis one song while I was at KMBY... by a group called think... it's catch line was "Things get a little easier once you understand..."... never did understand that song... I think I still have the single somewhere... it's kind of like that David Geddes song, Run Joey Run, and Amazing Grace... in Top 40. Keith  I can do the News to Run Joey Run, can you? :}

I wonder if the Amazing grace thing is online? That would be funny... instant vidnication for all.. some anyway.. ps Wolff.. could you ask em to stop doing the Westar thing to L's granddaughter... psyops on children.. that's really sick...  in a minute you say? :}

Randy Travis - Better Class Of Losers

Gnight, God bless.


3/5/2009 - 11:43am - Wipeout at the dentist, take 20... I'll call this  one a fifty fifty error... this understand but not condone stuff gets old. BTW... understanding but not condoning is not acceptance or submission to it...

Link me into the mainframe :} OK Julian,  (is Julian really working on this.. I keep hoping it'll be someone whose skills I respect and understand...) Here's your "magical thinking" moment, which, by the way, would be an example of things like affirmations and envisioning, which is, actually, what I'm doing :} Or, talkin' to God :} I just do it here to put it in writing like an invocation, and to mess with people like you Julian. :} Or whoever's in charge of my "thing".. :} (I keep thinking, even my first girlfriend's father was the special agent in charge in Santa Cruz.. She wouldn't describe his jurisdiction, but only said he was working on special projects or a special project. I hear she ended up getting a bunch of plastic surgery and became a model. Somebody I worked with at KLRS told me that. They brought it up)


This thing o fcharging people double if they asked me to do low quality or medicocre work..  I'd do that with people when I knew for a fact that what they were asking for would actually hold them back, and the point was to make sure they understood the consequences of the decision they were making.. ie, more development costs, no capture of data I knew they actually had to have... like detail for doing aged receivables... it's lso why my custom accounting software was extremely modulized, because my CPA and business clients would need things they didn't know they needed..  so I'd just program stuff in anyway, and turn on a  switch when they realized they needed it, gave the an of the shelf price instead of a custom software price, becaue I'd sell the same modules and uypdates to my other steady clients... it was just a way to get their attention so I could be sure they understood... and I only did that with people who understood my humor in the ways I do things like that... it's kind of like why Aesopian in personal issues doesn't work with people you don't know well...

On the other hand.. when I address the government officials, who I have less respect for everyday, they make me more resolved every moment with their lies, lies of omission, cover ups and crimes against American Citizens exercising their Constitutional Rights. I just want to make sure that what I say to the government people who are responsible for my harm and the harm of so many others...  you have no idea what resolve means, but you're going to learn. And I'll be laughing at you all the time, no matter what you do, because I know the truth, and legal means will easily bring you down, no matter how long it takes, on behalf of myself, my fellow citizens, the world and God.

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Bring It On

I get a lot done when the war face is on.. that's what it's for.

oh yeah... Malachai was fun last night. sort of reminded me of me sometimes :} I''m not sure I enjoy it that much when it happens anymore... :}

Nice catch on the Rutles feed :} Thanks :}

As I recall, Comet stayed whiter longer.. :} Didn't absorb the hair oils as much :} Did I tell you the one about how salt and pepper were created? :}

Yeah, I know, Carville & Begala... it was obvious but I like facts. Other people were in on it too.

Ooh- it's chopper flyover time :} 12:15 I'm not even gonna bother looking. I'll bet someone's laying down a chemtrail. They usually dont't come this close unless they want me to see something. :} Guess I should take a look after I post..

Finally figured out that KL uses counterrhythms as him rhythms.. it's interesting how the layers fit. Almost sinusoidal in the wall of sound

1:43 pm  Barack, I have facts and evidence... That's no way to hold a constructive conference. It's a good way to control the propaganda. BOO! You know, don't say boo, just vote... all that stuff... but I don't care about that one. That's a side issue. But there you were, a private citizen... There's always a reason not to do it... where did I hear that last?

How's this for a weblog name? Worldview: Contemplating the Universe

I figured out how to resolve the global economic situation AND stimulate the economy without taxes OR government bailouts... pretty cool, huh? Can't do it from Patmos :} I'd need to know the amount American banks/economy pays in foreign debt service every year in order to know how to revalue dollars and assets without impacting foreign investors.

Biblically speaking: I keep thinking, what would cause the Sun to burn 5 or 7 times brighter one day... and burning the bad guys to the root... could an analogy for "purify the earth by the fire of his mouth" or could mean we have the methane flare-up that burns the atmosphere or could be..

This is the interesting one, given chemtrails, ozone layers, weather manipulation, arctic melting and more... knowing that global warming or climate change is primarily a cover up of weather manipulation... Albedo .39... what's the earth's reflectivity right now? What would be causing severe increases and decreases? Why was the U.S. and Raytheon shooting nukes at the sun? Is that what caused the concurrent sunflares?

W. said the Iranians wanted a vast Empire.. it appears to me, as I said years ago, that he was causing it.  Given Russia's cooperation to station troops in Russian territory toward Afghanistan, it's clear the Caspian  Sea pipeline initiatives are well in the works... meaning Afghanistan will be overrun til the pipeline is secure.. it makes it appear that the Georgian uprising against Russia was an attempt to take away Russia's pipelines by force, and thus, have a monoply on Afghanistans pipelines... meanwhile, Exxon's taken over Iran's Pipelines.. and Israel's rumoring an attack on Iran... it looks like Jimmy Carter's 1958 Tri-lateral plan is well under way to base the U.N. in Turkey as a the world government, having secured the partnership of Saudi Arabia, basing NATO or a new formation in Iraq via the embassy there, basing and staging troops in Afghanistan while protecting the pipelines, harvesting the opium for covert operations, creating a theoretical enemy for the  perpetual war, installing a more totalitarian Talmud style of governance in order to appear to accomodate Islam

But, then, what do I know?:}


3/6/2009 1:08am - Hey there :} I like that :} Almost as much as howdy :} Course it depends on who I'm talking to and in what context :}

I'm really enjoying the KL stuff.. Brother just really makes me dig deep...

A couple of important things: Judith, thanks. I think I'm going to decompress just a tad more... but I'll be there. Don't know if the room was there before, but it'll be great.

I'd like to ask folks to pray for Rabbi Michel Lerner.. www.tikkkun.org who came down with a rare form of lung cancer..  says he never smoked or anything.. he's a good man, someone I sort of always considered would be a partner of sorts down the road... so please keep him in mind.


Updated the preface to how the world works... ya know, I just love it when God speaks through me.. it feels like poetry or music flowing through me..  I hope you know that feeling, it shouldn't be that uncommon. Even guys from Cornell do it from time to time:}

PS to psyops guy.. we're not doing the waco scenario. too trite. Alot of negativity. Napolitano needs to find something else to do other than copy Janet Reno. Send a tank. I bet those guys would be fun to talk to. I could tell them how to use that microwave stuff like what you used at waco more effectively. And then I'd tell them my interpretation of the WACO story... funny how you guys don't like the truth.

So I'm sitting here.. thinking about the cool set of Mason.. a spoon, fork, knife... and I look down, thinking about the only weapon I have, a letter opener of my father's with a little leather sheath... I think it's silver.. and I always thought it had a horse head on it.. I think it's a camel :}

To those who know, it probably seems weird how I laugh at myself all the time.. I actually hope I never take myself so seriously that I lose that... and I hope that one day I can reinstall the "poses" clause.

Okay, so I don't have the war face on, but I can change into and out of it quickly as necessary..  depends on who needs to hear what I'm saying...

Queen Elizabeth: I was talking about returning your economic system so it could actually be a free country. Still, no empires...

The interesting thing about the concept of the U.N.... when you think of it and the League of Nations and even the concept of the Council on Foreign Realtions, it all really makes sense.. it's just like, in some ways. the Israeli situation will be resolved internally but actually does ultimately deppend on the concept of open border relationships in the world.  that doesn't mean no countries or boundaries and such. And it does mean free trade...

But it's also why governance itself has to be non-political... and in a certain way, there has to be 2 organizations... one is pure administration by election of public servants who actually do the work.. and the other, more or less a congressional body... passing legislation up to a constitutional commitee that really has to work to apply the concepts of natural/universal law.. as well as respect every nation, making allowance and granting respect to all religions and cultures.

And while we will certainly find common ground with all, and should look for it, it's important to make sure we preserve the heritage and teaching of them all.. and seek to understand in ways that we can all let down our guards in ways that allow for a relaxing of our personal and national defenses to allow a conversation that empowers such trust. Real trust. Not just public "feel good" talk while covert actions are being taken.

So if a religion says make no images of their prophets and such, then what's to question? It's such a simple request. If we expect them to respect  Christianity, we have to respect others.

One night I was out on a drive with a friend.. and he invited me to his church.. at the time my free time was pretty much taken with other activities..... and he said something like, you always want people to do your thing, but you won't look into mine".. something like that.. and you know it actually wasn't true, I just needed to schedule it.. And I wasn't looking for a particular religious experience at the time.. but still that was his perception. And it was unfortunate, we lost touch after that.

So, I really dislike the idea of laws that limit free speech, and in the U.S. it just simply can't be allowed.. but the global congress could certainly pass guidelines for all nations to observe, and promote without force or coercion, such as respecting other religions... not to promote religion... but to foster the value and principle of mutual respect. Certainly this could and should also be a message in churches today.. all churches.. but we've lost sight of the core values because of divisive politics and diverse national needs... much in the same way America needs to have a new conversation about its founding principles and Democracy and such before moving forward, if we ar eto be consideed to be a leader in the world any longer.

Those who think that theocracy means one religious order... understand there is so much to learn from it all, it really is one, and all we have to do is notice that, recognize and acknowledge it... People not of the Christian religion can be true followers and believers in Jesus and Christ and God.. so long as we find the real commonality, and it isn't about money or dreams of wealth or all the stupid things we measure success by... the things that could burn up tomorrow and be replaced..

Spring's comin, the crocuses are coming up, and I gotta read Matthew.. :} Gotta... oh yeah :}

I enjoy the historical references in explanations between chapters and sections of my Bible, but I think it's interesting how biased it is against giving credit to those we now consider our enemies for their treatment of the Jews in captivity, saying they were more like colonists than captives.. under Muhammad... historically, most did quite well in their mixed cultures, except in areas where religious persecution occurred, causing the formation.creation of the synagogue concepts... which takes us back to the root of what Christian churches should be more like when you get down to the core nuts and bolts of what churches should be, first and foremost.

And while it's true that all churches should be charities in one form and degree or another, it is the government's responsibility to see to the general welfare of the people. It's the church's responsibility to hold them to it. Now, that sounds like I'm saying individual churches. Isn't it true, ministers and congregations members, you read that like my church, my religion, etc... I actually wrote it thinking that but God says no, it's the church... the body of Christ as a whole... that's everyone folks. Everyone. Everyone. But that's divisive thinking. Whether you realize it or not. And it's the kind of thing that shapes the world holographically. It's a paradigm, delivered by a meme or authoritative example. And you apply it to every perception and judgment or assessment you make of anything.

I'm kind of enjoying the inquiry of thinking of God as a spirit and as God as source... it's interesting to notice that when you remove the religious/spiritual overtones, what is left is a leader.

Here's a radio show for ya... the premise is that for 4 hours, you take calls, 1 or 2 per hour, and people get to tell God what they would seriously do if they were God, knowing that if God thought they were good ideas, He'd cause 'em... and then whoever suggested it had to promise to write reports as progress was being made - as if being observed by God. That would be a kind of fun contest to do :}

God bless ya and good night..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lenny White - Morning Sunrise

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3/6/2009 1:54pm - Decided lst night I would switch to the Douay-Rheims for a while. opened it up this morning, and low and behold... I didn't know there was a book of wisdom. :} And you know what? It had a bookmark on the page. Interesting stuff. I like it. :}

1:2 For he is found by them that tempt him not; and he sheweth himself to them that have faith in him

Chapter 3 is really cool. Thanks Judith. :}

Meanwhile.. Brothers woouldn't stop playing in my head.. so I told the psyops guys to witch to something else cause I wasn't gonna dislike Kenny Loggins :} So I started hearing this song over and over...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Minute By Minute - B01 - Open Your Eyes

Of course, that brought up all kinds of memories of Santa Cruz, asnd how much I love the Doobie Brothers... and then realized how many of my favorite of their tunes I don't have except on LP...

I loved Living on the Fault Line  so much that I kept the 4x4 foot foam poster of it for years :} Moved a bunch of times too :}

And then there's this tune.. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Minute By Minute - A01 - Here to Love You

Of course, it reminded me of how much I'd love to plug Amy Holland's new album.. I loved her first album so much I nearly wore it out... here's a cut from that :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Amy Holland - Amy Holland - Here in the Light

Coincidentally, when I looked at the album this morning, I noticed she had eyes the same color as me... so I decided to pretend that means she must be a good guy... :}

I just want to say to Patrick Simmons and the rest of the Doobies... I always wondered what it would be like to have someone like Mike McDonald come along and alter your sound, and obviously the chemistry worked.. but ya know.. like someone in LA described.. the lead singer goes away and leaves the band behind.. probably like lots of others, I didn't even know if you were making music.. I wish I could have seen you at Kamilche.. anyway.. I just want you to know that when I heard your newer stuff, I was blown away... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - The Very Best Of (CD 2) - 08 - Wynken, Blynken And Nod

For the record: I know sometimes I make this  psychotronics stuff sound funny.. I try to make the best of everything.. but I never want anyone to forget all the people truly suffering the most things you could possibly imagine... and the government won't stop, because the victims would then be able to defend themselves... and the government would be exposed for the sickening criminality they have sponsored against their own citizens and of the world... Don't ever forget that please. You have no idea how horrible it is.

Speaking of which.. I never understood the story of Curt Cobain.. never listened to the music... saw a special on him not long ago, ad truly understood.. he was proof to me that muscians... truly are angels, and I understand his internal suffering.

That's why we're going to put an end toa ll this evil.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In The Sky

Oh yeah, Eric Holder.. Don't forget to include Sen Inouye of Hawaii and Phyllis Minn about possible ties, particular relating to her association with Landmark, and then come from the other direction about L with Brian Baird's wife going back about 20 years or so.

3/7/2009 1:37pm - All these years, I've never spent a single minute finding out what Scientology is about. It was interesting, read a summary by Dario Sabatucci and was  surprised, and not surprised that at least in stated beliefs... in this one article.. that I agree with many of their beliefs in my own way, as I do with every religion I've researched even just a little..  who knows what goes on in the background.. nonetheless.. it was a surprise, and a bgood one.

I found most interesting the presentation of Bahai, since I've called for the institution of that paradgim.. not the Islamic religion.. the paradigm.. let's be really clear that I'm not calling on Christians to become Muslims, nor do I intend any disrespect by saying that.

Scio - truth.. and now we know why I like people who like to define and read words as they were intended to be meant. The the question is, as Johnny Cash would sing - What is truth? :}

Guess we're gonna find out...

Meanwhile.. looks like a snow blizzard coming in.. gotta go cut some lumber.. I think I'll finish "How the world works" tonight. As usual, the approach to it isn't what I expected, but then, God does have a way of directing me.

God bless ya'll.. and I mean that.

3/8/2009 3:56pm - A little late with my morning/mourning notes. I went to bed early, then stayed up late playing guitar, writing music, and reading the Bible... if there's ever any good reason to, I've gott some really good tunes half done that'll be easy to finysh... that's what the psychotronics guys.. I get half way through a song, then they blast me, so I don't get finished. It's the same thing that happens when I'm writing or trying to do work.  And that's why there are so many things left undone that should have been finished long ago...

When I get to the part about emulations, dialectics, politics and religion.. after apostasy.. it's gonna be "Name that Satan worker".. it'l be interesting.

What that's all about is that every morning I still have to wake up and deal with the negativity instilled by psychotronics.. last night I tol d God let's get on with getting the job done, or beam me up so I can get back sooner and get it handled so people don't have to suffer and I don't have to waste any more time dealing with a bunch of perverts who aren't going to be around in the future anyway.

So, I sort out all the negativity.. all the stuff the devil would have me take on to make me bitter, to remove the love from my heart, and to cause me to take on their evil ways on behalf of God... like so many other apostates and hypocrites in this world have done over time, and who have harmed me as well in this life. I have to admit, if I had a laptop, I'd use it. I've been trained by this world...

I understand the ways of God.. more and more I realize that I really enjoy reading the Bible, just as I also enjoy seeing the different versions and understanding why religion is so divisive, and why so many who claim faith in God are liars, and why people are so confused. So once again, that Lutheran minister gave me the best inquiry, making Christianity relevant. What has become relevant, as exemplified by Rick Warren and Pat Robertson, is the desire of the major religious leaders to acquiesce to the political system by finding ways to bend the rules and ways of God in order to justify their rise to national power.. made possible by the same people who rely on him to defend their evil ways... going along.. having a more civil discussion, truthful or not. By all means, let's be polite while the violin palys and the world goes to hell.

But what I realize is that the wisdom and advice of God is so simple, but it does no good if no one listens, or people are manipulated by poilitics in ways tha tbring out hte worst in people for the sake of heir survival, as their mortal leaders fail and harm them, while they blame God for the work of Satan.

And the same leaders actually believe their crimes serve God. Thta God will understand they did it for good reasons and forgive them. He won't. And if He does, I won't. And I have that right.

They do serve God in their own way. And that's what God talked to me about this morning.

He told me He needed them to prove to the world just how evil they are, or people will just go along. People expect the Second Coming to happen... and in the snap of a finger, everything wil be perfect. It's just not going to happen that way. That's not how God works. And though He will make some exceptions in this final judgment, and do things He hoped would never be necessary on the  spiritual plane... and that WILL inevitable mean the erasures for the book of life, and the end of certain spiritual beings completely. I'm all for it.

Further, He said it was important for me to learn that these evil people truly are evil, and they know it, and can't face themselves or the masses of people they've harmed, so the crimes they commit now to carry out their treasonous crimes against their fellow citizens the world and God, are also to silence those who could convict them iin their own court of laws.. as true criminals do. Psychopaths and sociopaths. The kind these same politicians lock up for life. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. And the outlaws ARE the government.

So, God wanted me to know that it's a waste of time to expect that these people who prove themselves to be so evil, day in and day out, in the government and in the media. because they've had plenty of time to do the right things, and have not done so. And that those ministers who have worked against me will suffer at the hands of their own conscious, and they may or may not be allowed into the kingdom in the future, but they certainly will be part of the banished group in the near future... in God's time... He told me that peoplle who accept Christ and honor God will be in His world, but if they haven't learned that the gift of forgiveness is not "despite anything you do" then they don't belong in the manifestation of humanity... and if they don't understand that, it's the fault of the ministers.

Angels fall. They turn to Satan. Christians fall, they turn to Satan and forsake the  ways of God.  That is their choices, and God knows they are manipulated and tormented into those ways.  But still, people have a choice. ANd in these days, God will honor their choice in what will be one of the greatest displays of equal and opposite reaction ever seen.

The time when all this comes to an end, and it will be very soon. Those in high places who think they have enough power to defend their own evil will fall hard, by their own deeds and words. And then, we will be rid of the evil from this world.

So He says, be patient just a  little longer. Turn your back, walk away, let the evil be evil, speak to and serve the people who will listen, even if they are few, because they are the ones who will restore this world to the Heaven it was always intended to be.

And more importantly for me, to not waste time with benefits of the doubt any longer, because people have to make their choices, and people have to do what they believe is right, and they don't, and that is the proof of their spirits and their work with the Devil, whether they believe, know or admit it or not.

You see, I've wasted a lot of time hoping that certain people who appear to be good people... hoping they would wake up and be the moral and ethical people I believe they are deep down inside..and by putting such hope in these people, I was placing more faith in them than in God. See how easy it is to step backward? That will no longer be the case.

You are and you do whatever you do. If you're in the national broadcast tv news media, you know what's going on, the crimes of the government, the crimes of your employers, your crimes. Maybe you do or don't believe in God, whether you do or not, your silence is the absolute proof of your criminality, far beyond being caught in the middle. This has been going on far too long for any of you to claim innocence. And I'm really sad about that. From now, I could not care less what you think of me. What you'd better worry about is what God thinks of you. And I just told you.

Laugh, cry, live in denial and wait in the anticipation of your conviction in this world, or penalties of the next. I know the truth of HIs ways, and you're all smart enoough to understand them as well, so you have no excuses. And tha tgoes especially for the musicians who have conspired against me.

As for ministers, I was wrong when I surmised that even if there were things I thought were "wrong" in little ways about what you speak, that you still serve God. you don't. Because apparently, you believe your success is proof of God's blessing. But if you're one of those apostates, you won't listen to others or believe that anyone "below you" or without your credentials actually has somehting to offer you, and in that way, you diminish God by your own vanity. And I assert your success is the work of the Devil, empowering you to misrepresent God. And every time you stretch His rules to accomodate your apostasy,  you place ideas in people's minds and glorify yourselves... and become part of the root cause of the confusion and harm in this world.

Mark Murdock.. there's a part of me that really admires and respects you.. I have no doubt that what you are doing is to serve God. I joke around about he idea of a holodeck, something God would actually provide if He believed that people would appreciate it and not be corrupted by it.. I actually thought to myself, I need someone to do a donations drive like that for me.. and then I thought, in truth, I would embarrassed by it, because it so undermines the idea that God provides. And while people do have gifts, and God does return blessings to those who bless others.. but, frankly, read the BIble, and it will tell you that wehat you are doing is promoting a world of money, of material possession.. economic slavery.. and causing peole to think that God is not a spirit or a being... that God in the flesh has no feelings.. it promotes the idea that God is nothing more than a servant to provide possessions and then people look to God for money... and while I admit I like money and things and wish I had more, I won't ask God for more than what He knows I need..  and that when the time comes, He will provide the resources to enable me to speak to the world on HIs behalf in ways that that inform people of HIs will and plan.

And then., finally, maybe you can answer this question, to get to the truth of it all... what do you call it when you place a tv show on the air promising miracles to people if they give you money? And what would tell the people who give their last $1000 out of desperation, not faith, and then end up bankrupt or homeless, hungry or dead? It's all good and well that you might be able to present testimonials as to the miracles people experienced.. but how about those who don't, who could have sustained themselves with that money instead.. the people who then end up with no voice in the world because in this world, money is power, Mitch McConnell says money IS freedom of speech, and the poor are forgotten as the dregs of society noone cares about, unnoticed by politicians and churches who claim they are not charities. Then who would be?

The truth is, you would not be offering God's miracles except to benefit yourself and your client. Otherwise, you would not be on tv with the words you speak. You would be preaching the Word and ways of God. I've been waiting for weeks to hear something that glorifies God,  only to realize it's nothing more than an infomercial to sell a product.

And here' sthe harm: the people who do give out of desperation, who do not receive the miracles the broadcast disclaims with the announcement that no guarantees can be made... when those people DON'T get the miracle.. they'll forget your name in time. But they'll remember God failed them. When in fact, you did.

I hope you're as intelligent as I think you are, because if you are, you'll understand what I"m saying without  resentment. If not, I suppose someowhere along the line, we'll exchange words. And God will win the arguement.

Wisdom is not about knowing how to work the system, wisdom is knowing the reasons you should not. Manipulation is deceit.

If you must rely on miracles and the supernatural to further your cause, then you are not working for God. If God has to do magic tricks to impress you, then you don't love God. Isn't it interesting that the book we claim holds all the answers of God's mysteries and the ways of living is read and understood by so few?

That's my judgment, and the message of God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

PS The idea of hilarious giving is valid, except when used to manipulate people by flattering them into thinking that if they are giving money, they are proving they're smarter and of a higher spiritual awareness than other people. It's not true. If people WERE of that higher spiritual awareness, they would not need to be informed of such things, they would do it anyway. And that would not be because of manipulations and sermons... understanding GOd's ways would have them do it. Period. And if you think that's too idealistic, then I say, you're not truly serving God, you're giving up on God and working with the ways of the world despite Him, believing He will simply forgive you.. or approve of the graven images you are creating of God. And this, by the way, is a response to things Mark said.

GOD IS NOT A PRODUCT TO SELL. Those who continue doing these things will soon meet with their financial bankruptcy to go along with their moral bankruptcy. When that happens, blame yourself, not God. Lots of interesting things are going to begin to happen in these regards, the falling of the hi. That's God talkin. So be it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dire Straits - Industrial Disease

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bangles - Eternal Flame

PSS:: Barack, you're going down and you'll be the best example of the deceptions of Satan there ever was. And God will make sure it doesn't turn into a debate about race. The content of his character.. that will be the issue.

5:22 I'm being told someone is complaining because I'm not familiar enough with their work.. my first reaction is, look what was done to me by people... people who sought me out to harm me. But my real response is: you chose what to present. I watched. I have nothing more than that upon which to judge your work. I have condemned noone for my personla preferences, but for their own works and deceit. I have presented myself with humility and respect, only to be called a fool and laughed at by self-proclained servants of God who do not even seek the truth before harming me... the Bible says the definition   of a fool is a liar and a corrupt person. Now even the minsiters claiming to be linguists are altering words to serve their evil. Like I said, the high will be made low.. I never imagined that would mean exposing ministers... I dislike every moment. If you don't like it, change your ways and atone for your actions. Otherwise,  scio is useless, and you serve the Devil whether you want to or know it or not. Good riddance.

Proverbs 24:1-8 BTW I don't care if I know the words Bible well or not. That proves nothing.

3/9/2009 2:37 - The jury's in on James Taylor.. I guess I'll have one less chapter talking about him being a good guy. James, I guess all that Christian stuff you wrote was a fraud after all. I have a special message for you: **** you. I'll be sure to include you in future complaints as an actual co-conspirator, and without braeking any laws or doing anything you can legitimately sue me  for, I'll make sure when this is all over that people will know you for what you are so we can find out how many other people's lives you've helped to destroy. See you all think I name names here to get even with people. My true intent is to inform people tha this sort of thing is going on so they'll figure out it was done to them.. and the corrupt a*holes like you will be removed from society as it should be...  And then God has a special place for people like you. Especially for total hypocrites like you. And every time people like you claim His name in any way, he'll know you're mocking Him. And I will, in time, show how that albnum was produced to psyop me, and I don't care how many excuses and explanations you have for some of those songs. And you won't be back. If there's on ehting I've seen is that the people participating in the conspiracy against the United States Government, and the psyops against me, do very, very well after they do their jobs. ANd you've done extremely well. ANd some of those Aesopians I got from the phony minister now make sense. I didn't want to believe them.

I feel sorry for all of you because even if you think I"m not CHrist, even if I"m not, every word I say about how God will view you in judgment is true, and you know it.

Keith, you insult your own intelligence everyday you sit on tv committing the crimes you do and believing you're a good person.  There are verses in the Bible describing your kind, who take delight in harming other people. Nothing I could possibly say bad about you couldn't possibly describe the truth of who you actually are inside to do the things you do. You wasted a lot of time, in the future you'll have a lot of time to waste. I won't stop, and it's too bad how talented you are. Another wasted life. And I don't hang out with criminals.

I promise you all, though, all the stuff about CNN will be added back to the book.

One other thing: the only real mistake I made in all this was not going ahead with a full fledged national media boycott.. I was just trying to send a message that I believed was received, and then trying to be fair. I didn't realize I was delaying with sociopaths. There's no way you'll push me into doing it now because I would be doing exactly what you want me to do.. just like with Germany and Democratic Socialism, which it was neither. So I'm not going to help you, and all the lies you all tell will just be more evidence against you. Nor will I defend you all for being stuck in the middle. You have too  much power and opportunity to use that excuse. You all thoough that by telling me things, you could set me up to look crazy, a conspiratorialist.. everything to make me look like the worst possible person andradical should I decide to be known... and you just don't understand people like me.. I really am a true believer in God, justice, freedom, liberty... all of it... you've made my life worthless as it is, so the only vlaue it cna possibly have is to use the crimes you've committed against me, combined with showing everyone else how crimes have been committed against them... to get you all thrown into jail for life.. and I can't help but hope the death penalty is still inplace when you're all convicted. You taught me to accept your laws. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Barney Franks.. by all means let's have criminal punishment for the sub-prime crisis, and we'll begin with you. You're another person who I admired. Now I know you're disgusting, too.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 02 - New Power Generation

What's most interesting for me is noticing how the book is taking shape with a preface to convict a completed circle of conspirators and then delivering the actual final judgment critieria and messages of God for this time. It'll be good to get it done, so I can go and enjoy whatever country God sends me to live the rest of my life.

About 6 months ago, I was told the guy who killed the Davidians at WACO and Ruby Ridge was working my case.  Who know if it's true. If it is, I have one message for you: You can't beat God, and this will be the case that puts you in jail.   About time. You've met your match. And I'll be laughing at you all. That's the beauty of me doing everything legally, while you guys commit crime, after crime after crime. Isn't that how you FBI guys catch real bad guys. They just get bolder and bolder, making more mistakes. And me, I just keep living and talking ethics and justice.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

My final thought: the next coyote you send my way WILL go to jail. And as for the whores you've used to try to make me look like a pervert... what a joke. Again, it will reflect on you, not me.

Begala and Carville. I can answer all questions truthfully for the setups of this dialectic. I look forward to it. You think you have the twists and turns set up to your advantage. It'll be hard for me to keep from laughing in court. Cause you guys will talk your little a****in circles, and lose all credibility of any sort.. I can see it in my mind.. you'll convict yourselves. So be it.

Can't wait to hear what Tucker has to say about all this. I like Tucker. He's a bit of a spoiled brat, but I like Swanson chicken broth... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 12 - Thieves In The Temple

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout a Revolution

The truly good news of the relaization that no one will help me or the other people being tortured is that I don't have to worry about losing friends.. at least in high places.. so I can freely say what needs to be said on behalf of the citizens of this planet and God. I'll defend them every day of the week. But as for the leaders, it's time for you to fail and be thrown out of positions of authority through justice and the will of the people and God. So be it.

7:31 pm - So was this Age of Aquarius thing real or just another joke played on me? I don't pay much attention to that kind of stuff, but it was supposedly on the date the psyops guys told me 6 or 7 months ago... as I recorded in my weblog.

I couple of terms from the Bible, as I prepare to write.. renting their clothes.. I could just see it.. taking their clothes off.. these days, you'd get arrested... and then there's burned offerings.s.. I keep thinking so, what, you cook this stuff and put it on an altar and then, what? It just magically disappears or something? So I don't mean to be irreverent, I just know I need to look into these things further, and my mind wanders.. like.. burnt offerings.. dinner. most the time, anyway:} So, big guy, I didn't know the Barbie doll was based on a german sex doll :} That's funny, but it's not funny..  First time I ever heard you end a broadcast with goodbye from New York. Where ya goin'?

Interesting that the number of Americans who are CHristians has declined 15% since 1990... just as it coincides with the particular people in control of the government and the New World Order... It was disturbing to me to hear William Donohue diminsh other people by calling people "hippie-dippy", as it simply perpetuates the division between believers that causes the world to  operate in a way that you promote by your own actions and it does not give a good image of what a servant of God would be like.

Furthermore, more disturbing, was your stating that the prospects of Christianity looked good in the future as economic and social conditions worsen.. and I can only say that even he, as a representative of the Catholic CHurch, is looking forward to benefitting from the furtherance of economic slavery over the citizens of this world.

I am being urged to seriously write to the Pope, and I'm putting that off until I've finished some more work on the book. I have important things that need to be said, but my address to him will be part of that book.  Meanwhile, I continue my practice to develop 1 invocation per night.

I say the citizens of the world will begin to dramtically change and awaken to the truth of the corruption that surrounds them, and a new demand for revolutionary transformation of hearts and minds will occur and reverse the balance of powers in this world by the sword of truth. And that the angels of God will realize and become themselves, taking bold and passionate actions toward the success of His work and purposes. So be it.


The Bible said the Devil would fool even the elect... take the devil for a countryman.. and even the writer of that unwitting prophecy was apparently fooled.. so I suppose it should come as no surprise to me...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 09 - Carry Me On My Way

... and then there are those angels who just go bad... it's interesting.. I'd listen to the album and hear this song, and if I hadn't heard it years before in concert, where you explained it was written during your then recent trip to Ireland.. if I didn't know better, I could have claimed the story in my heart because it is the same story I've been living all these years, even when the album came out, of drawing the line with a government, standing in integrity for the cause of liberty and justice and God... I don' tregret what I've learned or endured, but I do regret having to learn certain truths that have hurt me to the core and wanted me to deny what I knew what is true, as I know many citizens will do in the near future. I sincerely hop eI will be affforded the aopportunity to assist them through it, because I can. Because they deserve somebody who actually does care about them and will stand for justice on their behalfs, not some two bit politicians and their sycophants...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 05 - Belfast To Boston

I drew the line in 2002 or was it 2003. It's in my weblogs. And now, I'm taking ground everyday. Watch the world change.

People who deceive people and commit treason used to bother me more... now that I understand the degree to which so many things are occurring that are actual betrayals of God, I'm astounded, disappointed, and I just feel so sorry for the people involved in the harm being done. Because they do know what they're doing. And that's why, in the end, there will be nothing to forgiv,e because they will still contend, as in the Nuremburg trials, that they were misled or ordered to do what they did, and expect mercy from those to whom they showed no mercy.

And as God said, there will be none.

3/10/2009 2:57 am - How the World works...

I know something's up.. I'm sure you guys have devised some new lies to tell that won't fly... but you'll see everything you guys do will convict you. The worse things you do, the easier it will be to prove the truth to the world. Barack, you've inspired some pretty interesting people to betray God.. let them know they can run but they can not hide.. regardless of their public image. I feel sorry for you all. Truly. You're pathertic as people and even worse as leaders.

3/10/2009 2:50pm I get interesting pictures in my head these days.. I wonder hwat McMonagle would say? YOu know the CIA guy you guys re having train people to manipulate people with psychic power.. that is why you declassified all that, so you could have him and Danes and all the rest train your psychic warriors.. anywya.. look for armed conflicts in the United States emanating from people defending whole blocks of foreclosed homes, from police trying to clear the homeless from occupyingying them. O f course the military will use brute force to show strength and to intimidate.. and that iwll be the beginning of the downfall of the corrupt people in this government, from top to bottom. When the people see the media is on the side of the government,. the media will be targets by the people and the government. Stupid media people. THey thought they were special. Andonce again, these are the pictures I see...  Geroge set the Democrats up perfectly to have all the unconstitutional laws it needs to oppress America fully and turn it into totalitarianism, and Obama has done nothing to restore the constitution. People will notice that soon. And the Republicans.. JOhn... let's see. nowe that we've paid off the big bankers, lets bakrupt the smaller ones that were trying to make a legitimate profit, and let the big guys have 100 % of the market. Corporate Socialism. Beohner, you don't fool me, looks like it's time to add to the traitor list. That list is my list of recommnedations for erasure. I also see wht's her name's theater being zapped/damaged early next year... by dews...

7:55pm - Can't get connected to the internet... what a shock. the chicken s**** :} It's alright, I'll publish anyway:}

Meanwhile, I realized to day I was going to have to explian someday how the particular psyop tech used against me includes the option of convincing somene they are Jesus... I ain't Jesus.. but.. and then I have to explian why I know I'm not just psyopped.. The thing that wins me over.. that psychic in Brooklyn.. she was the real deal.. Marsha... a true psychic... and she did that thing where she told me she had "knowledge"... and then, when she realized I didn't know what she was talking about, she got  worried and changed the subject..  and it just tells me someone was supposed to have filled me in long ago... nonetheless... onward with exposing psychotronics.

It's gonna be fun to do a page or two on the October Road Album, and then One Man Band. It was all pretty integral... so, um, for the record, what exactly did I do? :}

I'll assume today's disallowing me accessing the internet is per the DOJ and is yet another free speech and freedom of religion violation.... thanks AT&T

3/11/2009 12:06pm -

The beautiful part of you idiots is that you're leaving a trail behind you 1000 miles wide...

The administration's tax problems... as Obama makes it look like he cares about the status of his admin's tax status.. whehter the paid or not, I assert it's a show to later claim I"m some sort of a tax deadbeat, and Obama has the high ground on all these supposed important issues... all for the economy... .how bout people Barack. The 3.5 million  jobs saved/created, mostly saved, admittedly a good thing, is a drop in the bucket. Real people are suffereing, Barack, not numbers. That's what you Chicago Institute types always forget.

Manfred Mann - Chicago Institute

I'd pay my taxes ina minute if I had the money. but because of the efforts of the Federal Government to bankrupt and kill me, I don't have any money, and anytime the federal government wants to push the point, I'll be glad to prove persecutorial prosecution, as well as being set up and framed by the federal government for prosecution and purposeful entrapment to silence me in free speech and religious grounds, as well as being a reporter you are persecuting for political reasons to cover your own crimes.

ZZ Top - Rough Boy

For the record, I'm being intensely blasted with directed energy weapons today.

2 unfortunate occurances of shooters cracking and killing in the world.. and MSNBC makes it sound like a war has broken out... propaganda is obvious.. whiere's Cliffie to salivate on behalf of the FBI's efforts to disarm America?

I just have to say this to those skeptical of me.. I don't blame you.. I spend  a little time every day sayin to myself, how can I prove to myself that the things I say and do and all are the delusions of  a psyop and not divinity in one way or another... I really do... and I've been doing that for years. And I always come to the same conclusions, not based on a feeling or a desire to se things made better in the world, but because of facts and actual occurances and things other people couldn't possibly know about me, like there are things about you that other people couldn't possibly know... even if you were under observation 24 hours a day... 

My life is like nothing else but a series of Noah moments, one after another with others going on at the same time, and it isn't even strange to me anymore. And I live with complete faith in God as I recognize how the world unfolds in His world, and how things are shaped to their final forms... It's hard to be patient, it's also difficult to remain silent in a world, in a ocuntry, that oppresses me for who I am and the truth I speak, all the while claiming their glory and magnificence as the bastions of freedom, in the name of God's cause... if God's cause is to cause them to look like the obvious traitors they are in the moment of their arrests and spins and lies, then God is doing an excellent job of succeeding at His cause these days.

The time is very close to when people are going to have to choose sides... where will you stand?

8:32pm - Inconsistencies and uniques

It's amazing how I've been told so many things and "wiitnessed" things that ended up being inconsistent patterns or unique pieces of info that could have only come from certain sources...

I was thinking about what I'd write tonight, as I often do, just letting thoughts flow through, and then I started thinking about William Branham and biblebelievers.org ... and the stuff I mentioned in the "interview by psychotronics" I mentioned... back last August or early September.. when I came across certain info like the stuff on the australian site I was shocked at their conclusions and sent it to Dobbs, just sort of "delivering info to the guy in New Jersey"... commenting it was interesting what people were tracking. And then I was asked about htings that tracked that time period... which means the pms thing came straight from Time Warner OR you guys really do have some kind of common feed.. I've heard about that, didn't want to believe, still hope such a thing isn't true, nonetheless, I only shared that info with one person.... sort of like how funny it was that after all those years, one day out of the clear blue sky I decide to tell him of all people about the vision I had as a child... And then JT does October Road, and One Man Band and the site had pictures that looked just like my father...

It was clever how that interview supposedly set up all sorts of innoculations to protect Melissa Scott. like talking being Padilla-ized.. I told you I wasn't that bad.. if I had been, would I have been willing to test you by trying to give you the opportunity to be trustworthy.. I don't think so.. so it's not a case of me not recognizing when someone was trying to "help me".  But I do check and test people now.. and it's a shame.. it won't be that way much longer...

I was beating myself up pretty good there for a while for not being able to cite the Bible verse by section and so forth and just realized that between the dews, which makes it difficult to do that sort of thing.. and my concentration on the future and today and a truly global approach while respecting domains and sovereignties of all sorts, knowing the need to be prepared to deal with hostilities of all sorts... for me, looking to the future is more important than the past, although reaching back into that past is always enriching, and is very important to me. And, I know, when the day comes I'm allowed to be with people, it'll come as necessary... it always does..

I was also free associating about this whole triunary thing, understanding why it would sound unusuual, particularly in the way I manage it, knowing that while I hold a mental vision and "reality" of what God and Jesus stand for as religious and historical figures... tha tI  truly do hold them also as part of my being. It's not like an mpd thing at all. I just happen to be like that and lived it... without considering that the story involved me... I like it that way. It's like having a boss to be held accountable to. One could say, that's the way I organize my thoughts regarding what it means to be a conscious Christian.. always keeping the example, the vision, of who I intend to be in front of me. Knowing I'll never be perfect, don't want to have to worry about having to be, and yet, always willing to observe and apply judgment to myself and my actions to determine how I may have been a better person,  living the example I chose for myself.

I look forward to talking about the part of "instant judgment in the Kingdom of God" tonight... I wish I'd written it a long time ago, and then maybe some people I otherwise think I'd like may not have gotten themselves into trouble... you have no idea how sad it makes  me that that keeps happening to people. They must tell people some pretty horrible stories to get  people to do the things they do... or they must be pretty sick.

Ricky Nelson - Garden Party

I wanted to mention to any ministers who may monitor this.. out of curiosity or punishment by their churches :} I really am more objective than it might seem.. I look at things on tv and all and ya know.. when you first look at various things going on, you can be a little shocked, not even in like a bad way, but just how people in so many areas are being forced to extremes... I certainly don't judge anyone or anything based on a tiny representation... and most certainly not when someone involves themselves in psyops... still can't figure that one.. anyway... I just wanted to be sure you knew that "becoming" has been an intersting process, and I don't know how many of you actually believe any of this, it seems that all these people who have ghad so much fun harming me don't take it too seriously... I just know that however it turns out, I'm going to server God well, as I told Him I would decades ago... wehn it comes to thine own self be true, despite how thing smay have looked along the way or even to you now.. I know that I will do what HE  wants me to do for His purposes.. and I'm glad to give my life for that.

Rare Earth - Celebrate

Prince - New Power Generation Part II... We're In Control!


3/12/2009 3:14 pm - The psyops  guys are getting tricky. One thing I assure you is that I will not defend the media in any way in FTLOTW... just won't do it...

Meanwhile.. looks like the latest psyop game is on. This will give you an idea of how not Padillaed I am, but apprehnesive and cautious about everyone I come in contact with... (if anyone thinks that's some kind of report that it hasn't been complete hell, give that one up right now. I just know how to face reality) I was talking about paying my taxes and stuff.. so, I opened one of the pieces of mail in the stack of stuff I'll look at someday and there was this check and a letter saying I had a job.. ok.

So I check it out.. I look a the fine print. No sane business person would do this by mail like this... but I'm thinking, there are no contractual obligations to this arrangement so I can't lose EXCEPT if it's  asetup to entrap me on some kind of fraud scheme...ie... I do what I'm supposed to do... give reports on what I"ll call "product testing".. all perfectly legal, nothing shady about the business activity, and I"m actually very qualified to do such "testing"... but the way it's set up, it could be some sort of money laundering scheme or a system set up that would make it appear, at the far end of somebody else's transactions, contributions to terrorists, or, wouldn't this be funny... a way some people help people like me to get by until I get to my brother's house and get my father's horn. :} You know, the one my great grandfather blew when he fought the Spanish American War in Grant's "unit"... cool, huh? One day, my father made a really big deal of making sure he taught me how to blow it. Then he put it away. Just like the hovercraft, and the parachute...

Anyway.. so I figure, worst case on this one is that the gov. will seize the funds and make me unable to pay them back to this company, operating funds they provide to do their work. And then I'll be in trouble.. and when it all comes down I'll say this weblog entry shows my concern for the gov't's persecution and potential intent to entrap me, deprive me of my livelihood, and all kinds of unconstitutional stuff that asu usual will reflect back on you guys. And, that you know damn well why I"m bankrupt, through your efforts, and are quite aware that I have no objections to paying taxes, and any further seizures of funds froma destitute person coluld only be persecutorial, particularly underthese cricumstances, particularly with the damning evidence I possess that would actually subject the leadership of the Democratic Party to jail for life.

And that interfering with my ability to work will be but one more crime on your heads when you go to the Hague. I got ancestors in that country, you know. I heard they were really happy to find out about me... the word will spread..

BTW - thanks to the embassy in Sweden for passing my message on to the government of Israel :} I know they got it, didn't like, but here we are, and you did us all a service.

So let's just say I'm going to make "Quick Work" of this one, that I"ve reported I'm in what appears to be a potential psyop, I"m hhoping it's for real, and will proceed as if it is becuase I'll be able to buy the New McCartney album on their dime as a mystery shopper :} Cool, huh? And, I'll document everything immaculately... from its conception... My bet is, though, it looks way too much like an FBI sting, done in this case to give the appearance of plausible deniability in one of those schemes where they send somebody something to verify their location, and then arrest them, as if the enforcement agency was doing an investigation that is unreated to the harassment I've been subjected to, so that Obama adnd HOlder and the rest can say they knew nothing about it.More RICCO. Thank you HW Bush for RICCO. And there's no way you can get me for consorting with people "even if I didn't know the other people" because I was placed in the middle of something, and that's the easiest thing in hte world to prove. Good luck. You'll need it.

I still want to know how to speak French for some reason, and go live there for a few months. It's like Ireland. Just something I've always wanted to do.

Now, quit messing with my internet connection. ANd I have a sort of correction to make that I find interesting..

At KATA the guys from KYNO were Todd Walker and Ted Taylor... interesting, Todd Rundgren, The Walker-Bush clan, Ted Turner, James Taylor.. could be just a coincidence, but I'll bet it fits to a tee, one way or another..

Synchronicity. Funny, James had it right. Apparently he doesn't know what it all means. Even Einstein knew you didn't have to know it all to know enough.

5:04 Inspired book, ministry on the brain. It's the sickos who think of it your way. God's work will be done. One big huge giant equal but opposite reaction on all of you.. that's what it'll end up being. It'll be like a fun show to watch as you guys incriminate yourselves.

I suppose attacks on journalists are okay so long as its not attacks on national "journalists" who aren't... it's not okay to kill foreign citizens but it's just fine to kill your own.. that's how you guys look at it, isn't it? Wait til your kids are robots. I'm glad I knew enough to fight it. And I'll never quit.

I wonder if Eric Holder knew that becoming attorney generally automatically caused you to become a criminal? Can't think of one that wasn't for a long time. Prosecuted or not. Just like Presidents.

I'm thinking it's time to really write to the Pope, tell him I have a few issues... :} There's this song I've actually been looking for for like 5 years.. Manfredd Mann and   theEarth band, I have to find these guys.. I always giggled at this song, of course, not knowing what it meant, especially a couple parts I"m going to discuss :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angel Station - B04 - Resurrection

So, first, I don't want to sue the Pope.  If the church's prophecies are correct, he's going to run away and go into hiding anyway, and I'm hoping to avoid that.. :}

I don't care if you want to sell Jesus t-shirts, but I think the socks is going just a little too far:}

Finally, what would Billy Graham do? The truth of it is, I wrote to him a long time ago asking him for advice on how to tell if I was an apostate or an anti-Christ, told him about Nixon and my dad and all.. never heard back.. I figure his secretary probably said "Oh boy, another crazy"  :} no biggie. So, for his last birthday, I thought, I'll have some fun with this.. they had a place for you to write a special message for his brithday, so I did.. told him a little of the story, the web site, other things... the vision, and how I thought that maybe God intended me to replace him...

Wasn't it in January 2009 that he announced he was retiring as America's Minister? Ya never know.

Now, about the song Quinn the Eskimo.. way back when, everybody thought that song was significant for some reason... why? And what was the deal with Sister Janet Meade... I gotta find that single :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann -  - Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B02 - Eastern Intrigue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Frampton - Baby, I Love Your Way

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Englishman in New York

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Anne Murray - Danny's Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 17 - New Power Generation (pt. II)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - My Eyes Don't Cry

Something tells me I'm gonna be writing music after finishing about psychotronics tonight...  something about creating the future...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Badfinger - No Matter What

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Tell Me What You Want

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower of Power - So Very Hard To Go

8:31 I often wonder who actually reads this, and if they listen to the music. Oh well. Illegal detention is like that.

2 New Prince albums coming out on the 29th.. and it looks like I'm getting another 4 that I missed fo rmy birthday, so get ready for the Prince fest.. including his album New York.. which will be interesting to hear to see what I might have missed instead of going to Glendale... :} Oh man...

Trunary.. the importance of all that really ends up just boiling down to the idea that the ideas of God and Jesus and all are/were for me, externalized for obvious reasons... and I also tend to wonder, am I really just like my father like everyone said.. it's like how some people would think the God of the Old Testament died and the New testament is about the New God... which in a way is a sort of a true concept EXCEPT that Jesus, as a true Don of God melded with man through Mary was a virgin spirit to at least that extent and then caused by God - God saying - look world, this is my kid, I raised him, this is the way I think people ought to be... and He wasn't the same as God or other Christs, although he shared much of the same SPIRIT and therefore wisdom and judgment, applied to the social conditions of the day, and then, seeing what it would cause in the future..

And I think I realized it's more like understanding what I said in that "psychotronic interview" I talked about... about how I'm not really all that geat at computers, but when a technical guy explains something to me, I understand it, conceptualize it, and like a good sales engineer, I'm able to communicate it in a way that actually relates to the people I'm talking to so they can understand the choices and make an informed choice.. and then the responsibility is theirs.. I'd think that's a pretty simple way of stating it for people following this. With interesting relative parallels...  

Of course that takes us right back to the idea of God in the flesh, the spirit within me, within you, all of us, and me being curious about an apparent cosmotic effect, could be an illusion but I don't think so, all explained by that concept of while God is omnipresent and in all at all times, what would make me different is the actual lineage, His working directly in and through me, both of us trusting each other to do the jobs we need to do, our parts, and then why it would be my being instead of a different dominant personality is because 1) God doesn't work that  way and 2) It's like a team where the players know how each other think, so they can anticipate their moves.. like the phrase, never leave your wingman...

If I was Obama, I'd be getting a stiff neck from flipping my head from side to side to read the teleprompters. Ya know Barack, you could put one in front of you.. I kow it would show in the cameras and make it look lke you're reading, but guess what Barack.. it already does, especially when you stumble over words...  fakes always end up looking like the fakes they are...

Stivo.. did it ever occur to you to tell any of these guys about me? Or do you just think of me as a joke too?I've been wrong about a lot of people, but I thought you were different.You're gonna like my letter to the Pope.. not what you expect :}

Big guy.. I understand your strategy on the Mexican border issue..

Tiny Demons was recorded in 1981... Susie talked to me in about 1975... Hot Tuna Bob Cook is it.. in 1978... I see other people who seem to be completely bottled up emotionally expressed in body language... I keep wondering,what else do I know that I don't know... feeling distracted by having to explain psychotronics,  the need to, and the complication of needing to... and still truly not understanding why certain people - particularly print media - that don't expose the issues... and it just makes me wonder if the government and media have gotten so sick that they maintain a group of people just to torment and play with like a game... that's how it seems... and I have to figure that these people ether don't believe in God or just don't care... and then there are those so cynical they really do see life as some game and when they die it's no big deal, like God doesn't care and whatever you do is okay... Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do...  no one has that excuse in this situation.

To Bill Cosby.. I've always respected your approaches as an educator in the current paradigms and times... I've been thinking of cutting my own version of   "Noah, you and me Lord"... but I really truly am curious what you would say inside the paradigm, the abstract discussion of a perfect world...I bet KP would be fun to contemplate the Universe with :} we'll apply a little sacrament and see if we can loosen him up a little :}

Epiphany guy.. don't know what to say or how to interpret certain things, but you did give me the keys to it all in like the first month.. I don't forget these things...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kris Kristofferson - Loving Her Was Easier

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kris Kristofferson - Why Me Lord

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - Yearnin' Learnin'

3/13/2009  1:23 pm - Okay folks, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about my mental health. Good luck with it:} I'm actually going to enjoy it.

SO here's the deal.. the only thing that's true about my mental state right now is that I haven't had a truly intelligent conversation with anyone about anything important for about 8 years. I've learned alot, endured alot and know a lot, so, of ciurse, your psychological ploys are working as far as you're concerned.

You guys never broke me mentally, and you never will. I learned to transcend long ago. The only thing I need is to debrief with someone who knows all this was going on and knows I wasn't imagining any of it. If I never get that, I'll be fine, because I know how to process it, and it isn't about me. And if I grieve about it every once in a while, then I say it's actually a healthy an normal response, and then I get on with what needs to be done.

If I was president tomorrow, I'd do fine, cuz you could have claimed post-traumatic stress about 4-5 years ago.. now it's just stress... I cna deal with that. So you shrinks out there looking for an excuse to label me as crazy or delusional, good luck.. Because I'm not. And you damned well know it.

I see all the setups to do everything including supposedly to expose myself as a fraud.. won't happen.. I know how the psyops and dialectics play no matter how you play them.. much of the reason  I sat back and watched for 5 years was to learn the environment, technology, strategies deceptins and more employed.. not just to me, but as a whole If I ever had a gift since I was a child, it was incorporating my observations, learning from other people's mistakes, into my life and applying the pardigms of that learning to the world as a person and as a leader.

There's no one who's given more consideration to the idea that many of the things I"ve said and done in the last 8 years were the results of psyops and psychotronics.. it's disturbing, consider my always true belief in God and that He intended t me to do some important work for Him one day... I've considered it a lot over the bast 5 years, and I consider it everyday.. I have no doubt, in part, because the psyops want me to doubt myself.

All I know is what's in my heart, what I believe in and the evidence... and it all adds up, and the little vision is being fulfilled... so think what you want. I'm sure you could cite a bunch of mumbo jumbo to convince your poaid off judges to or some federal agent to toss me somewhere to shut me up.. that would be typical of criminals like you people.. but just bear in mind, you'll never break me mentally... I reveiwed the stuff I wrote in 2002 long before I took any of the religious overtones  too seriously.. except that my vision applied to my political activities at the time, and it did...

I was very happy to see that what I stood for before all the horrible torture to my mind and body happened, I was saying the same things and standing for the same things that I do now... except now, like a good minister, I speak the same thing sin the context of the Kingdom of God. I believe in (as the CIA has proven) ESP, magical thinking which isn't magical thinking at all, it's faith in God and knowing God answers prayer in His own time and ways... I believe in miracles, angels, and all kinds of things CHristians and spiritual people believe in that anti-Christ a*holes make fun of and laugh at, except in public, where they go along and say all the pretty words in order to deceive people into believing they're ethical people who share the same values... WACO93 and the video shown to COngress, they really do tell the true story, and any person with their eyes open would see it. You people are only heroes to yourselves, and you're the ones who are psychopaths. Especially the psychiatrists assisting in these mind destroying opeartions against people. And by the letter of the law, you all deserve to be sent to the Hague. Every one of you. Including Al Gore.

Speaking of learning lessons... I'm sick and tired of hearing corporate media talk of "hat are the lessons we've leearend" when they and the government have learned all the lessons there are to learn,... and that's why they do whatt they do.. they learned to deceive the public. . and rip em of... so let's get off the what have we learned stuff and move on to theis is what we actually know.. because you know what media guys.. I know you all think you have me contained, and I've bene a joke to you all for a long time.. but I'm gonna break out, and my story will be told, and people will learn the truth about what's being done to them, and they're gonna rip your a****out... and you did that to yourselves...

My final note for the moment: as usual, I'm under heavy DEW attacks because they think that will stop me... and of course it doesn't leave me in the best of moods.. ya get like that after 6 solid years of knowing the people who are supposed to be protecting your life are the ones destroying it on purpose... and have been doing it like a game to millions for years. Mass murderers. You all should be real proud of yourselves.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Bat Dance

One last note: If I was a woman these days, I 'd have a real problem with Proverbs... I mean I can see some of the sentiments from a man's point of view, but to be in a book that's supposed to provide instruction and example.. I don't think the phrase "living with a quarrelsome woman is like having your roof fall in during a rainstorm" is a message I' want to tell my kids as a way of being toward women... can you imagine what women of that time were saying behind the men's backs? :}  No wonder the world doesn't know equality.

Now for you shrinks out there, the cool part is, as a citizen, I think I have a reasonable point there.. as Christ, I get to change that. I think that's better than Carnegie's conclusion and practice that the fastest way to change a culture is through war. Saner too. :}

I was laughing the other night, wondering why I felt it necessary to joke about the "lethal weapons" I own. I am thinking about getting a couple precision weapons, though, to protect myself during the likely coming riots and all. Then the Ruby Ridge and WACO guys would have a reason to surround the place. Let's see, three tanks against a guy who can throw a rock and hit ya between the eyes. You guys willl lose :}

Nice reports coming about how Bob Barr and people like him are deemed terrorists... gives me more evidence regarding the Aesopian about terrorists and all, the "terrorists talking code part" I'm gonna nail his butt on. W.'s that is...

 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - Peaceful

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Al Wilson - Show and Tell

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who

The TRUE no child left behind program... tax them all to their graves:

One is that according to University of Massachusetts economist Thomas Ferguson, who spoke at last weekend's Eastern Economic Conference national conference in New York , the Bush/Obama bank bailouts alone will cause a permanent addition of interest payments on the national debt of $100 billion a year forever. That means every American will pay, during the course of his or her lifetime, over $20,000 to rescue the banks from their bad loans. To put that number in perspective, it equates to 2-1/2 years of tuition at a state university that instead will be paid to the government of China or a similar foreign investor.

4:29 pm - Jon Stewart... old pal... I loved how you stood up to the guys on Crossfire years ago...about the opportunity to have real discussions, wasted by propagandistic banter and all.. right before Crossliar went off the air...

The thing, if you check the record, while the economic bomb was being planted on the economy by the Democratic Oversight failures, Cramer was the only one I remember actually explaining the hazardous pattern and the end result that would come of it..  so, sorry, all for pushing the media for truth, but he did his job on this one.

Now.. want to demand the truth of people who have a legal obligation to tell the truth? Try Barney Franks, for starters, then follow the money... then you'll be berating the right people. Sorry dude.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Hey Jude
Something transcendental for Hillary :}

5:20pm - Hannity.. here's the deal. You can believe in God and Christ and say all the pretty Christian words you want, but if you really believe in torture, claiming to follow in the footsteps of Christ, then you are not a Christian at all. And, in fact, your speaking and endorsing such things is anti-Christian, so whether you acknowledge it or not, technically, that makes part of the body of the anti_Christ.   isn't it easy how that works....

So, which are you, a Christian or an anti-Christ... sounds like the latter to me.

Epiphany guy.. is that a clear enough line for you?:}

Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

Heres' the thing about Fox thinking they can do whatever they want and get away with it.. when things come out, people are going to talk. Welch was right. Cover ups don't work. Especially against guys like me. I know that's why you think it's fun, but like I told the rest of the guys, your arrogance will be your own trap. Looks like the dead will bury themselves.

I think I should run the RNC. Probably wouldn't have any members left, but maybe it would be good to start over.:}


3/14/2009 9:48 am -  Keith.. you can take all the moral highground you want, it will only increase your sentence later... juries hate videos of people being hypocrites..

I could go back about 5 years and show you where the psyops people tried to get me talking about weapons and all so they'd have a n excuse to bust the house.. I'll never give you the satisfaction... you've got me unde surveillance 24/7, and you know damn well I don't have weapnos, and I wouldn't solely for the purpose of not giving you excuses. Otherwise, I would have stockpiled them years ago when I saw all this coming down... I know you think you have me stymied, but I know my place in this thing, and the last thing I'm going to do is give you an excuse. I'm not as stupid as you people are.

Now the sickos think thye have the upper hand on everything, and I can see they're going to start taking out loose ends and weak links.. unfortunately, James Taylor is the weakest link they have and I don['t know if he was stupid enough to think psyopping me wa a good idea or if he was coerced, but if I was James Taylor, I'd cash in my chips and start digging a 1000 foot deep cavern for my family... you'll have one more good album, so they'll have plausible deniability, and then you're done.

Keith Olbermann will be next. They's go after Dobbs, but he's got too much money and power, and they're afraid of him.. but they'll be poking at him one inch at a time... and then.. hard to tell how it'll go down.. but they've wanted him dead for a long time, right Lou? Tonsilitis and appendicitis... and it wasn't for helping me.

Now that Obama's got his admin fille dwith all the people who have been involved.. ps.. hi to Gark Locke, another Yale grad they put into Washington State University to change its political makeup just like they did Stanford and Berkeley....

Speaking of Washington state.. if I was the weed and seeders, I'd be worried.. you're all witnesses and participants in civil and human rights violations.. If I was you, I'd start taking down ythe people who gave you orders and turn state's evidence en masse, otherwise... you may ot know this...

The FEDS have one of those secret detention facilities up in Okanagan.. I know that because Kryptoman's former brother in law claims he's an assassin for the gov't, and would kill his grandmother if ordered to.  he lives in Okanagon.. real close to this detention cernter, and he sys it's manned by foreign troops educated at the School of the Americas... their job, if a disaster or attack or national emergency happens, is to disarm Americans at gunpoint. Since they're not citizens, the government figures they will be willing to kill Americans. That's why Dobbs is pushing to get reserve troops back from Afghanistan and Iraq to cover the Mexican Border.. because that's where the mass of SOA troops will come from.. AND.. the theory to take down AMerica ALWAYS had to do with getting our troops thinned out by committing them to foreign wars so that a disaster could happen, requiring so called UN troops to come and restore order... 

You wedd and seed guys are going to be instant targets cause you have advanced weapons supplied by the government - they know who you are, and by now, you've figured out they can take you out with the push of a button... I'd be getting really worried about your futures if I were you.

Besides, you may not be aware of it, but for the last 3 years, the FBI has been setting it up with utility officials to prepare to shoot to kill anyone approaching utility systems when Martial law comes... that's no joke.. the network's in place.. and you people think the government is your friend... wait til they start zapping your families...

So, you psyops guys.. you think you have me stymied.. you're nuts - you wouldn't be hassling me like this if I was... Just remember, there are news people out there who have compiled info and video of all of the operations against me and others.. just waiting for me to make my break... and it isn't the people you think, they're not that stupid... although I wonder sometimes... you have too many loose ends, and your people aren't going to put up with their families being destroyed like us peons have to.

Your arrogance is doing yourselves in.. and I will be laughing at you, as I already am. See, I'm mentally prepared to come around again after you guys have destroyed the planet with war and lab diseases you created to kill people- it's really a choice the citizens must make, and if they choose not to stand up to you, then theyall die and the good ones come back for the new world and the bad ones stay with you guys in hell.. works for me.

And I know you guys want everyone to think so but.. the fact is, God doesn't care about geneaology.. so go ahead and fool yourselves. but rememebr, God is always here... always it's a spirit that possesses... and evenKaren Armstrong is wrong when she speaks her uncertainty in this matter... cause I don't thinkk she actually believes in the existence of Go, just the spirit of God, like we speak of the spirit of America, a myth crafted thru revisionism..

Speaking of which.. forecasting their actions.. Bush said early i his presidency that people would conduct revisionist history.. and now, here he is, conducting revisionist history...  how come you guys never play that video? Too revealing for ya?

I'm getting pretty good at this invocation stuff, and I'm sure guys are having a good laugh about it... trust, God's laughing at you, cause the world's changing, and you guys are losing and you're stupid and arrogant to know it... the world's gonna start changing even faster...

I'm gonna win by winning.. because people will see that I am one of the few who is actually willing to stand on their behalfs and on behalf of God... and it's only a matter of time now, and it won't be long... and you guys lose.. it's a done deal. You can't beat God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Evil

PS to Greg.. you did a real nice job grading the side of the yard a couple years, ago, for Don, but I also have pictures of you and your friends surveilling me... better spread the word... I really do have lots of pictures and license plates.. are you guys going to go to jail as fascist traitors, or do you plan to save your own lives and turn state's witness.. cause I will bust you guys sooner of later if you don't do the right thing.. and if you start hassling me again, I have evidence to have you arrested. Do I make myself clear. You guys aren't as clever as you think.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

11:49 I was just thinking that I wish I had taken that job in the radio station in nowhere, Alaska, back when I got out of high school :} Maybe I'd have met Sarah Palin :}

Sarah, despite our differences, and I don't think they're as great as some might think... I respect you for respecting your daughter as an individual by not getting sucked into the debate... it's a personal matter for your family and that should be respected... and your daughter's choices at this point will likely be the bet in the long run, and I'm glad you're in a financial and social position to provide the kind of emotional and fianncial support to make sure that child gets off to a good start.. you might say I think it's your chance to set an example of how a good parent should treat a child they respect and grant dignit y to, despite any mistakes or errant choices they may have made, and in view of the courage they have to make the choice to do the ethical thing in regard to the most important aspect of it all.. that little child. Please give her my regards,  and my respect. And let her know that if she gets feeling down or burdened, that's God's with her on her choice, and just to have faith.

I still can't get over how when I worked with Mary, she'd talk about Scott and I'd get this picture in my mind, and I swear that picture was of David Petraeus. So when I met Scott, I was surprised... maybe I was seeing his nemesis in a way...

Time to wrap up the psychotronics portion... it's not fun to think about without getting melodramatic in the writing...

There's something going on in Niger.. something that'll happen in 7-10 days. It'll appear social, then turn military... Hillary knows all about it. Maybe that will be the staging ground for the invasion of Sudan. The  people of Lebanon   should resist making deals with people who have not kept them  in the past. There's some kind of para military action going on in central Brazil.. it's covert, and American "advisors are involved"... Something going on at the southern tip section of Argentina as well.. maybe I'm confusing para military with Paraguay..

  I think there's going to be some kind of blockade for shipping around the southern tip of Argentina... maybe that's what I'm seeing developing.  ANd hurricanes are going to start happening at the south eastern section of south America... probably north of Rio... Just pictures as I ook at the map.. it works the same way I puick slot machines.. something stands out on the map, I look closer, I see pictures... who knows if its true.. I don't keep track, but most of it does... Venezuela and Columbia are   stable. Peru looks like its a highway for whatever's going on. :} Something's brewing in Kazakhstan, but it's months way... Rsussia shoould watch its north eastern tip... something going on in St Persburg.. life threatening.. 7-10 days.. looks like a swat team, not military. France is going to have prtoestsof some sort, south west of Paris about 100 miles or so :} I see a dolphin... I wonder what's on tv, maybe it's flipper:} Enough of this nonsense. This is the fun part of this stuff, and why the Bible says the seers will stop seeing.. because if I didn't know the difference, psychotronics could be used to make me "see" things and then impeach myself as someone with abilities. Or tell you it's all psychotronics and then you won't believe I see things. ANd then. that would mean I'm a fraud.. and then, what you'd end up understanding is that I only report things I can back up with fact that creates a trend, and those are the things I usually talk about.. and even though my success rate is pretty high about what I see.. including when I'm sure I  made contact with and saw Saddam Hussein before he was captured.. if I didn't make that contact, it means the government knew where he was all along before they captured him, and wanted people to think I was gifted. It's all in the web logs.. and emails to Dobbs.. Right MArtin Savage? THe brilliant one :}

Now here's the fun part of the dialectical part of all this.. these guys long ago tried to set it up to tell me they were going to claim I was harassing them with telepathy.. Kyra Phillips screwed that up when she gave herself away one day by responding to off camera instruction to move her arm.. I'll explain that another day :} They almost had me convinced, until that happened.. that day I was under severe attack... now, about those famed hurricanes.. I sincerely doubt  I had any effect on them at all, and if I did, then you can thank CNN and the psyops guys for shutting down my abilities with psychotronics and dews... so I couldn't stop any others, because I would have. On the other hand, if I   didn't effect them, they did a convincing job of making think it might have been true, and supposedly causing a few other people to think I did. ANd the long run dialectic weould be to show the transcripts showing me so angry because of the trauma of psychotronics and DEWS back then... and to then claim "the wrath of God" if it should turn out that I somehowemerge and people take me seriously...

I know that was like weird talk, but that's how dialectics work.. no matter what you do they have you set up to lose... thus the phrase, they got you coming and going. The problem they have with me is that I'm willing to discuss, in public, everything they did to me and why, and the only thing they actually have on me is the thoughts I've had about satanists doing psyops on me for years... and knowing it... and what's even more interesting is knowing that they're aware that the very next thing I"m going to write about is how they do this stuff to people, get them on anti-psychotics, get them labeled as crazy and perverted, and then either torture them to suicide, or they get weapons and have a massacre, and then the government gets to lobby for gun control It's a fact. SO it makes sense to me that these psychotronic guys would be having me talk about weapons and all, because they've been trying to make it out like I"m some kind of violent sicko for years, and it just isn't true,

I'm just a citizen who knows the truth. And I'm writing this to the sickos to let them know I"m laughing at them because I understand their games, and they lose every time. I'm not as stupid as their bosses thought I was.

Sarah Brady said the only way for the Council on Foreign Relations could succeed in the overthrow of the government to global socialism would be to disarm those people who might oppose such a move.. a satanic move, if you ever read the Bible.... And the Democratic leaders, all CFR members and affiliates, are marching us down that road.

Unfortunately, their agenda isn't socialism, it's totalitarianism, and it will fail. The longer this goes on, the messier their downfall will be. Are we really going to let this go  to world war?

People are catching on to you Obama. How long do you think you can hold out before Hillary sells you out? And then I can hear you saying "The devil made me do it"...   you and Mukasey

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Skeletons

BTW I've caught on to the fact that someone's reviewing all of Dobbs' emails from me.. whoever you are, you're blowing it.. and yeah, I have a great memory.. when I'm working my brain.. and okay, I'll give the rest of what you want.

THe day I fully realized the power of psychotronics was when I was being hit by it, didn't understand the extent to which they could do what I call overlaying engrams... Bill Maher had made a comment... if we didn't have you to take all our hatred out on.. and it just stuck with me, as key phrases often do.. I was going through this thing of feeling extreme hate, adn I was getting tired of it, and I thought this is weird, I don't hate people in genral, and the things I'm feeling are not things that, when I actually think about it, are not things that I actually think and feel. And that's when I came to the realization that psychotronics were being used to make me feel things I didn't feel. Once you make that realization, you begin to relaize, at least I did, that I was glad I actually knew myself well, otherwise I'm sure things like that would have broken me down. That's why I say the reason I'm different than alot of people being hit by psychotronics is that I know myself so well, that I can tell when I'm being influenced in a negative way, and ways that contradict "the truth I know of myself"...

If you don't know yourself well.. they will break down your personality, and then rebuild it. it's called Cameronizing, and there were many lawsuits in Canada against the CIA and Cameron for doing this to people in a clinical setting... And when I say rebuild it, I mean, shape it into whatever they want, leaving that person's psyche in a constant conflict, and frequently generating multiple personalities.

One of the psyop sused, interestingly and amusingly enough to me, is to cause people to become born again Christians, because it then makes them peaceful, cling to religion and God instead of taking action in the world... it's a form of pacification. I though that was funny in  my case because they tried to take advantage of that fact.. agains, dialectically, to make it appear they  made me decide I was "Jesus", and then to impeach myself by saying it was psyops, even I though I knew since I was a child that God had something for me to do. And I always believed that somehow, it was political AND religious in nature...

The truth is, once Dobbs and Novak fed me a few Bible verses, all I had to do was read, and the inquiry began and proved itself. That's what's funny about that dialectic... they'll either say they were doing the work of God by psyopping me into realizing who I am and becoming, or that I'm schizophrenic, whichever is more convenient and plausible at the time they manipulate me into position to publicly embarass me.. their biggest problem is that, while it won't be totally pleasant, I welcome their exposure of me in any light, because God will turn it around on them, and no matter what they do, even if they were to somehow prove I was crazy, they would convict themselves of driving me crazy.

Of course, their truest fear is that every time they try to work an angle on me, GOd turns it around on them. If I was them, I'd be afraid of that too, cause it's true every time... so guys, got any other angles, other than just disappearing me? :}

Whoever the new guy is, tell him he lost already. You can't beat God. :}  

I am however, tired of being played like this, and wasting my time with people trying to get me to say things I can't defend or prove.. So, yeah I know you guys have been systematically having me talk about all the stuff I can't prove, but we've kind of run out of those things, and now we're bakc to all the stuff I cna prove. I really do have multiple backups of these things, my CD/DVD player is broken, and I'm just gonna sit on em all cuz I know what I  have... and the only thing that will wreck my evidence is a cover up break in like the CIA and Time, Inc. did on the Levesque Case. You know, stealing all the evidence and transcripts from the court house, and getting it thrown out of court despite the $755 million judgement against you in the case in Canada that was based on the same evidence and testimony?

And, mind you, I don't even take any of this personally anymore.. I just see a bunch of psychopaths who need to be removed before they do more harm... and the only wrath God will inflict on this world will be HIs wrath toward these sickos... Everyone else will be fine in the long run, and they will have justice served on their behalf. That last part was God's message. He does like to get in the last word on things..

2:32pm - Karen Armstrong. The reason I wrote to her after watching Moyers last night is because she said a few key things that I was relieved to hear.. things I've said but figured were going to get me into a great deal of hot water. Understand, my understanding of Muhammead and Islam is limited, but based on historical research, not religious.  And my interpretations of the Bible, are, especially now, my own interpretations. So.. I figured, and this is part of my insecurity.. it's good as a test to work in the void, especially now that I view even the scholars footnotes in my concordance as opinion as opposed to truth I should accept...  that I've had numerous times when I believed the BIble was inconsistent and contradictory.. which surprised me because I thought that the prophecies and accounts were included because they WERE consistent.. I haven't made notes or anything,  because I wasn't reading it or noticing it to review it for accuracy.. as if I would, in theory, be an expert...

I also came to the same conclusions regarding MUhammad and his treatment of other faiths, but I had no idea it was because he was told to do so... I am intrigued by her claim that she speaks with God, and want to share that experience with her, if possible.. and her cause of compassion and the things she says she wants to do, the gathering of spiritual leaders and acknowledging that all spiritual paths are part of God's Kingdom, and not separate, is beautiful.. and frankly, I' love to be involved somehow, it's a good start.. and I'm hoping it won't be one more thing that uses up people's time on worthwhile things that come to nothing becuase of political influence.

I also liked the way she approaches interpretation and reading of the Bible.. ultimately, she affirmed some things I was afraid to say, but said, and it was good to know that someone as esteemed as she is would have some of the same beliefs, beliefs that are essential for the true transformation of humanity into the New World. So I hope she gets in touch, It would be interesting to exchange ideas and experiences.

The thing about TIme-Warner and me owning them is not about money or revenge: it's about principles.

Long ago, before I knew anything about psychotronics, I was getting zapped pretty hard and saying some things on the site.. none that I particularly regret, but being silly where I hadn't been silly before... everytime I'd say a silly punchline, it would happen. At one point, something happened where I was misled or felt misled about something, and stated that when it was all over, I'd say I was gaslighted. I was talking about that one incident, and I don't know why I used that word cuz normally I would have said tricked. I didn't know what a dialectic was then, either.

One day I was joking about how, in the radio biz and stuff, consultants would be brouught in, or part timers, and everybody would dump on them, and  the next thing you now, the part timer turns out to be the new boss hanging out in a low position to watch how things worked before taking over... anyway, I made some joke about maybe I'd be rich someday and buy CNN.

A while after that, I was really getting hammered hard by psychotronics and dews, an barely functional, but still trying my hardest to accomplish things. Before I realized no one would acknowledge psychotronics, let alone me, one night in what felt like every ounce of energy  I had left in me, I wrote a letter to the Christian Science Monitor and said stuff like maybe my purpose in life was to take down CNN...

It became clear to me a while after that, that I was being set up every which way including Sunday, including making it appear that I was setting up time warner so I could sue them and get CNN. There's a lot more to the story... even the psychic stuff.. they really almost had me believing I could do telepathy too.. I mean like having a conversation with someone through telepathy, not thought telepathy or image telepathy... it was quite some time after that that I learned of the capabilities of psychotronics.. maybe I should say, believe the extent the technology had been developed... when I make the joke about I wish I was delusional, it would be easier to explain, I actually mean it. I'm just too stubborn to let these people have their way when I know the facts, have evidence, and so many people are being harmed.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, they put it on the table, like if I ever took action against them, they'd claim I set them up to sue them - like a fraud. All along these peopel did Skull & Bones on me, using personal information to set me up to embarass myself.. all I was trying to do was be honest so people would know that when I said I would represent them, that I couldn't be coerced onto backing down or anything, And I won't be.

They said, if I wanted to win this thing, I had to prove it was being done to me, and that I"d have to disclose everything nit-picking thing about my life in order to do it. So I called their bluff, and I"m calling their bluff. Because the part they didn't respect from the very beginning in all their set ups is the part I said from the beginning: this isn't about me.

And I said if they smeared me from here to kingdom come, if that's what it took to get America to wake up to the truth about their corrupt government, to take control of it again as the constitution would have us do, legally, then that was alright with me because even if I became the most hated person in the world, I would have done my job as a citizen to do the right thing, even if it wasn't the best thing for myself, because I knew it would be good for the  world, good for America, ultimately, good for me... and even if I had to become annymous.. the job would have gotten done, I"m just one person in a world of billions, and if I had to I could go somewhere else and live ot my lif ein obscurity. It's no martyr complex. I viewed  myself as a soldier for the real United States, a citizen taking responsibility. And we send soldiers to die in foreign lands for lesser things.

I just didn't know this government was so perverse and as corrupt as it is.. otherwise I would have approached everythig differently... and I would have won, we would have won, by legal means.

The perverts think they have an edge because they don't think they have to obey the law and we will. I assure them, and all citizens who know what I'm talking about, that doing things legally while they break the law IS the way to cause them to incriminate themselves...

As for me, I'm just one more soldier, cause there's lots of people out there doing a great deal of good work to inform their fellow citizens, and I applaud and honor them. True Americans, true believers in justice and yes, believers in God, and it doesn't matter right now how they judge me. We are not the terrorists, 

and as the BIble - azs a soldier in God's warfare.. the sword is the sword of truth, the flame is the truth... those are my weapons, and why you psyops people don't stand a chance. So have a good time deluding yourselves with your schemes of how to bust me, including making it  out like this is some paranoid rant.

How WILL you explain sworn depositions from hundreds of people? Lauren Moret. Nick Begich? Tom Bearden... the list goes on and on... That's why you're wasting your time and money on me

Cause when I run for president this next time around, I'll have already posted the pictures of the Russian guy who was poisoned, make the comparisons, present the facts, and put you on that rail with George HW Bush and Karl Rove and all the rest of them...  and that will still be too good for you.

Interesting timing that the New World would be caused jus tin time for the issuance of a new Mayan calendar.. :} I never believed it meant anything more than two guys saying, yeah that's enough.. but what do I know...

Good luck with your case. You can't beat God. I wouldn't have written this if you psyops guys didn't know you were losing. :} Say hi to Chad for me if ya see him in the food court...

Psychotronics interview over. Wasn't that fun?

(I can just hear the psyops guys saying, now, just how can we spin all this stuff. He keeps talking about obeying the law. There's gotta be some way of using that against him... :})

Anybody think my story is weird? Check out Tranceformation of AMerica    or 1996 by Gloria Naylor, pulitzer  prize winning author, Oprah book club, something of Brewster's Place... psychotronics target..... 1996 is considered fiction because of certain assertions, things that are known by targeted individuals but for which there is no forensic evidence... however, any true target would be able to tell you it is accurate, and mild, in its accounts.

Nobody likes to talk about being psychotronically raped, but I can show you lots of emails and statements of people who will... lots of them.. almost everyone who is a target.. talk about satanic... anyway.. by the time I'm done tonight all of those things will be documented and online as part of FTLOTW because its the most important truth the world needs to know and eradicate... if not tonight, tomorrow, because its a lot of documentation to integrate into a short story...

Couple other things... the CCMonitor reporter I sent the letter to ended up being a regular commentator on CNN, and I think she's at the Washington Post now. Can't remember. It's in the records, my emails, I think it's Anne. There are a few other people I could name who I emailed to who ended up being regular contributors to a variety of channels immediately afterward.. Could be they were already hired, and this was a way to get me to think they'd been bought off after I wrote to them.. who knows... but it was months later that I realized a lot of people really were just keeping the lid on psychotronics... mostly I have a great deal of respect for the CCM... AND, I like reading ideas of people that other people think of as different. :}

That's the other thing I liked about Karen Armstrong. the sharing of religions... that's very cool.. Oh and ya know, there's nothing wrong with asking people. Sometimes I write to people, knowing full well they're not going to respond, but I know it plants a seed... when they hear about it again, maybe they'll take  a second look.. ya never know til ya ask.. It's why when I got the rejection letters from producers because I had horrible demos, I took their letters as compliments because they were all very nice and encouraged me to submit again, so I considered that success. :} 

Anyway... so when it comes to the psychic stuff, the Bible said the seers would no longer see and all that..now I know why...  I know what I see and don't see, but don't rely on it because I know it can be tampered with EXCEPT I have enough experience with both, and with God, to know the difference between the real thing and how it feels when I'm being played with. I, like lots of people, actually have the capability to do lots of things psychically, we actually do it and don't know it.. with thepsychotronics off, we could have fun with it and do real miracles of all kinds with it. And you have to understand, from a meta and quantum physics point of view I believe everything is possible.. it's like levitation... do I really believe it's possible. You bet. Will I ever accomplish it? WHo knows? Not with the psychotonics on, that's for sure. But on the other hand,  it would be fun to give it some effort one day just to find out if I could.. though I wouldn't spend  a lot of time on it... but if ya could, wouldn't it be fun? Still, someone could spend their entire life trying to do it and failing, and it still wouldn't mean it wasn't possible. It would simply mean they didn't accomplish it.

On to more productive things... like more coffee...

So let's see, one of the Prince albums was New York... waived that scenario.. so can't wait to hear the one that  was supposed to go with the LA trip :} Do these artists know you run psyops on people like this.. and how much their music actually revealed to me in the meantime... They gotta do the psyop so they use it to tell me or teach me something... are they good guys or bad guys, good cop bad cop... that's part of psyops... lure you in with friendship, make you feel good, they do something weird or harmful... up and down up and down, straight out of the CIA interrogation manuals.. Interesting reading when you're trying to survive.

Now I have to admit, I don't know of anyone who has or would admit to writing stuff like this, saying it's in response to some sort of psychotronic conversation.. most targeted people would tell you of real time conversations of a much less pleasant and traumatic type, begging for their lives, begging to be freed, wondering how people could such things to another human being... I'm very clear I have a different relationship with the people incharge of my "case" at this point than most of the other people being targeted...  and I don't really know why... one way or another...

I was told by the psyops guys that I was going to be made an example of... I didn't believe that meant anything good, and I still don't, except that I do believe that all this  will be used in some sort of attempt attempt to discredit psychotronics existence, me, other people being harmed by it, to use it to show what will be done to people.. all sorts of possibilities... just as I am aware that there are efforts by certain psychiatrists who work with governmental agencies who are working to alter the definition of what it means to be psychotic or schizophrenic, and the reasons and "expressions" of the so called mental illness is the exact symptoms of psychotronic and directed energy weapon abuse... nice cover up, won't work, too many people know... if you're a psychiatrist with integrity, you might want to call yourself something else in the near future, because before too much longer, the psychiatrist will be equated with government mind control experimenters who prescribe medications that CAUSE mental illness... and it's true. It's not what I want, it's just what will happen.

I don't think I'm going to be the example you guys were hoping for.   Like I told the folks in Atlanta, my boss is God. I like the pay.

Clarification: when I talk of contradictions in the Bible, that may not be the right word to use, and I"m referring to the King James version, and mostly, the one I use. Which doesn't appear to be that different, except in another version,which provided some additional and very significant info... and then some standard interpretations of scriptures that mean something else or more... and I very much liked how Armstrong said the thing about how a Rabbi has to make the words of the Bible relevant to the lives of the people they speak to and serve... I think I've heard that somewhere before :}

3/15/2009 10:52pm - Lots of little updates and corrections on the book..

I kept thinking, okay, so it's easy to make the case of George W being a false christ, really easy... now, how do we figure out the false prophet part... and then I realized, wait, people have thought of me as a prophet, and I've been almost always accurate in some way, some how... and Barack stole all my stuff, like his minister friend... and so that makes him a false prophet... and that makes me... :}

Works out... the most obvious things are the hardest to figure out cuz you always look for the hard parts... and then an easy one comes along and you miss it.

Have  agreat week. Try not to kill anyone.

3/16/2009 12:45 pm - I was told someone is trying to work up a case against me for "harassing" old Pastor Scott... cool.. bring it on.. the video work I did was on public property. I'm not stupid you know. No matter how you play it, she gets convicted.

I keep wondering if, initailly, CNN was trying to use me to take down MSNBC... I would have, been they weren't the worst, they were the channel I watched in 2000.. intellectual honesty, just as I halted the boycott when they did what I asked... and more.. could have been a dialectic to shift my attention from GE to TIme Warner... In retrospect, knowing what I know now, I was clearly being lightly hit by psychotronics as of June 2002... and then I started watching CNN, and almost immediately I was seriously attacked by psychotronics to the point I thought I had been posioned, and it was so bad, I didn't believe if it was really poison that I'd live long enogh to see an ambulance coming for me,s so I rode it out... in months to come, it was clear it was a directed energy attack that occurred just a few days, maybe a week, after I first contacted Dobbs.

I put up a couple of fronts.. I knew I was unders surveillance, I thought someone had broken in my home, at one point, right after making contact with Begala and the DNC, I heard a cell phone ring outside my bedroom window around 2am I think.. yes I do have a very good memory... I put it all in my weblogs and the emails to Dobbs. I thought DObbs was a good guy, I was feeding him material that changeed his reporting, he was using Aesopian back to me to answer questions and to throw little digs at me.. until it got rough and I realized he was the hguy being used as the "Pointman" of my psyops. I may have turned him. I doubt it., He's got too much to lose, and knows everything abou t it. Stick a lie detector on him

So whoever it is working my case to discuss these things, as far as I'm concerned all you're trying to do is find out what I remember and what proof I hvae. You're doing it in a chronological order that resembles the emails to Dobbs... and I assume you're trying to figure out what evidence to destroy.. good luck... too many witnesses on the CNN side, and they know I have the case made.  Check out Kyra Phillips old producer who switched over to Carol Costello, who wouldn't particpate in the psyops... ask him about brushing teeth, 100,000 and money talks... let's see what he has to say... and you gotta know, the producers and tech people were giving the announcers off camera direction, so they know all about it.

I don't know wht to tell you about Olbermann.. same thing as Dobbs really, I have a huge amount of respect for their intelligence and I think under other circumstances, we'd probably be good friends or acquaintances... and if in   aprofessinonal envirooment, we'd make good work teams. Keith's gonna have to make his own decisions about where he stands... MSNBC fed me the info to be able to prove the Aesopian is going on so I wouldn't be labeld crazy for that. They actually fed me a great deal more.. I'll also say Matthews, from the beginnig, fed me info that was probably the single most important tiny peiece of info that led me to understand the BIG picture, going back over 2000 years... thus, my study into ancient history, druids and the advent of the wokd Jews...

My only real complaint.. in regard to myself.. against GE/NBC is that Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, LOu Dobbs and the music of James Taylor and the asssistance of Clive Davis set me up for the most devastating and confusing/disorientating part of the psyops... and I just don't see how James Taylor is innocent in the matter, because what I wrote on my web site was straight from my heart, and reflecting the ways I viewed the world and my vision when I was a child, and I didn't feel the psychotronics on me EXCEPT to the extent of getting me to be willing to write about all that...I assume now it was the Skull and Bones "get him to expose his darkest secrets thing" - so they could use it against me...  and there are too many lyrics in the songs on October Road directly reflect my life at the time it was released.. and sure, I know he could come up with lots of plausible explanantions for the songs.. but after a while... when too many coincidences occur and it creates a clear pattern.. then you can't call it coincidence anymore. When I saw the pictures on his web site that looked like my father.. the way he used to dress, sit and stuff.. I was very dismayed, cause the only possible purpose was to disorient me more... and using James Taylor was perfect, because they knew that I've loved his music since I was a kid, we express, in music, alot of the same philosophies... it would appear anyway... so it was a real blow to end up believing that James Taylor, of all people, would particpate in doing me so much harm. There's more to it than that, including interviews he did which seemed to address direct questions I was asking at the time... Aesopian... what am I supposed to think. I"ve trusted  a lot of people during my life, people who were supposed to be friends and stuff.. who ended up being "bubble people".. keeping me down and unknown.. I'm shocked by it, but the facts are the facts.. all anyone can do is keep moving toward a goal...

There are other artists who couldn't possibly have written what they wrote without some knowledge of me... I'm sure some of it was the universal nature of the message of song lyrics... but when a black artist using "puppy dog tail" in the background of a fadeout of a song, completely out of context... well, there must be some way these people are gaining access to my life, and it isn't by psychic means.

There's a ton I  can prove, more I can't. I'm not personally worried about what I can prove. I know the truth. GOd knows the truth. Before long, we'll see whose come their senses, and who willl continue to betray God and this country and the world... as far as I'm concerned, anything anyone does to me rom now on is funny to me, because all they're doing is proving themselves to GOd, and He will celiver their final judgment based on that.

I really am just adecoy for God. The sign on my back may sick kick me, but whoever does will find out it's God's way of giving you your final test before you are at least banished from the Kingdom. At this moment, in this country and in these cricumstances, having surrendered to God's will and plan, I know that right now I'm just a football being kicked around... and I can handle it.. the question is, will these people be able to handle it when they're finally sent to jail and no one will give them mercy after all the harm and suffering they've caused.

That's why some people in the media should get together and decide to blow the whistle on these politicians and corporate saddists.. cause otherwise, those people who have gone along will go to the Hague, whether they're good people or not, becuase they didn't have the brains to stop doign what they're doing. And that means, according to the Bible, they're damned. And that incldes the minsiters who enjoy the publicity they get for going along with criminals.. whether they realize it or not. And if they don't realize it, then they ask themselves when thye stopped serving God. Because they did stop serving God, and began serving Satan. And if I have to name these ministers one by one, I will. I will not tolerate ministers preaching economic slavery in the name of God.

So whoever it is who wants to know this stuff, understand, I remember little tiny details becuase my life has depended upon it all these years. I'll still say, I hope there ar eplenty of people I'll get todefend afterward.. at this point though, I give none of you the benefit of the doubt, because I'm still being tortured lots of people are being tortured, and this is only one way this government and the media are harming the U.S. Citiznes and the world. And it will stop. And God is putting a stop to it right now...He takes His time, but watch the world change....

And I put it to Al Gore one more time, before he goes to jail for his part... what would Jesus do, Al? Cause I don't think he'd do what you're doing, he'd be doing what I'm doing... so Al do me at least this favor.. don't call yourself a Christian anymore, don't speak in the name of GOd or talk about what Jesus would do unless you intend to act like a Christian.. and the only thing that will convince me of that conversion from 32nd degree free masonry to Christianity is the blowing of a whistle. I don't expect that of you or you would have done it already. So have a good time in hell. As things stand, that's my judgment, and I'm certain God will concurr, because judging people like you based on your works and intent is part of why im here, and he'll take my word for it.

And by the way Al, the video of you endorsing Obama.. that will be the video that convicts you and proves the collusion with Obama. You smart guys aren't very smart after all, are you?

And if anything else happens to Dobbs or Olbermann, I'l assume and present it as part of the grand conspiarcy.. and I can prove that too, any day of the week. Like I said months ago, I can play it any way you guys want, cause I have evidence, you guys are he only ones who broke laws, and all I am is one more citizen of millions being murdered by his own government... you touch those guys ad I'll show you just how good a writer I actually am while I bring this government to its knees with the truth.

And if you think harming or threatening them, will help your case, just remember, you'll be helping me, not your case.

Your own dialectic blew up in your faces, because you were so paranoid, you did overkill, made mistakes, and established patterns. And I'm not shutting up.

And if I don't start getting questioned by the justice dept by the end of this week, I will proceed with the knowledge that Eric Holder is just another John Mitchell in disguise, and I will make that case. And it will stick. And the world will be rid of one more corrupt Clintonite.

SO, Hillary, about this porn site you and Bill and Murdoch own.. and the women the Secret Service brought into the WHite House for you.. no wonder the only thing you were mad at Bill about was getting caught...

Finally.. I told DObbs from near the beginning to hang onto all this stuff to be able to turn over to authorities when it was all over.. at one point, I believed he Aesopianed that it was all handed over to the FBI early on. He was one of the people feeding me Bible versess and more to get me to wake up, so he caused me to believe when all came out, he''d be on my side.. I doubt that's true, now, but he is the key player in it all. Before I read the Bible, I even joked with him that when I was done, I'd make him president so I could just play music. :} And then, Laura came on with her book, Shut Up and Sing.  Like I said I thought I was singing..

DOn't worry, I'm about to explain how these psychotronic interviews happen in the FTLOTW book.. if I have to, I'll psychotronicize the jury to prove it works..

One perfect example of writing while under severe psychotronics: the executive summary I wrote condmening the world.. "let it burn"... Nancy Grace really liked it.. Aesopianed thru the Larry King show in a way that made me believe she was goona take on smearing me big time.. and it was one of those things that DID successfully intimidate me into silence while I took the time to figure out what I was really up against. Now I dare her to say one single word against me.

You see, I don't want to sue anyone, never did, though I do believe I deserve something for them destroying my life... or at least attempting to...  now, because o the world these politiians and media people have created with lies and propaganda, the only recourse is to sue and criminalize.. but that's not my fault. The real reason to take TIme Warner away from its owners and controllers is becuase they don't have the repsonibility enough to use the power and privilege they have in ethical ways, and therefore, should not be allowed to influence people in any wya.. they are horrible, perverse criminals, and need to be treated as such.

THe Family of Artists and musicians would have turned out just like TIme-Warner if  I had been allowed to create it.. it was the same model of networking and such.. I could make a case that they stole the idea of it, like MTV, from me when I was a child.  So I think I deserve to own TIme-Warner, lock stock and barrel as a private organization so that I can do God's work as origianlly planned, and the Time-Warner paradigm is the exact structure I had in mind to do it with since I was 14 years old and wrote the proposal for Luce  whoever.. ask Jane Pauley or Barabara Walters. anyway, it's in the weblogs... and with that organization, I could turn the world around by telling the truth.

As for GE.. their complicity in my attempted destruction will be  a key factor, and again, it's about removing preverse people from power, and nothing else. The same will end up being true of the networks, particularly when the AMPEX connection is fully explored. There's way too much about that to go into now. But AMPEX was way more involved in things than just recording tape.. an inconistency I was fed to get me to take notice later... Todd, we'll get you a bunch of back pay and bonuses.... and a really well deserved vacation. Is Hawaii a dead zone? Funny  how I alwys wanted to go there, and everytime I approached it, something happened to stop me...

Hsingring, out :}

PS ANyone who tries to claim I harrassed them will only be setting up their own conviction. I've been threatened with that one lots of times. I didn't anything evn bordering on illegal or threatening violence to anyone, I stood up for my right to free speech. Dobbs is a public figure advertising wanting comments, and he sure didn't seem to mind me providing hom input that makes him look like  ahero to a lot of people by taking on my populist causes.. in his own way.. which may have just been a "suck him in"p portion of the psyop to make me trust him Even Ted Truner claims what Dobbs is doing is werid, and he thinks DObbs is doing it for ratings. I have a narticle here by Howard Kurtz blasting DObbs, and then not long ago Kurtz was on completely reversing himself about DObbs...So now Kurtz is going to have to explain his involvement.

I have no doubts that people will try to destroy evidence, because they already have, and if you were them and positioned to go to jail for life, working with the CIA and other agencies to cover up such egregious crimes, just like in the Levesque case, you can disappear evidence and all the rest.. I don' tcare.. I have so much eevicdence I could convict the entire U.S. Government and its elected officials for the last 40+ years.. espcially including Ted Kennedy, a former hero who is at best a true traitor to Americans. Makes me sick to think of all the people I trusted and supported and admired who are perverse criminals of the worst kind. A true example of the anti-Christ if there ever was one. Church Commitee.. don' tever forget it Ted.

So you guys figure out how to wiggle out of this any way you can.. you can't.. I won't shut up, and I can present witnesses to corroborate the kind of treament I received at a moment's notice.

I gave everyone, including Obama, an open field in which to concoct a plausible story - which was stupid but at the same time, I wanted to presume innocence.. what the Democrats did at the convention in Colorado proved to me that they are even sicker than I imagined. And the things from the Republicans were downright crasse, and Cindy McCain's remarks were about the nastiest, most violative and sickest remarks of all that could only have been made by soemone who knew intimate details of my past, and a particular conversation one night with a woman that was noone's business, nor was it unethical or immoral... God always does turn things around, and right after that I found the stuff about her profiting from stock investments before 911 that paid off by the attacks, giving proof that COngress knew it was all going to happen. Ask Tenet, he arranged it all through Deutsche Bank, didn't he? Prove to me he didn't.

And then, there's her involvement with the Clintons and Murdoch... in the Caymans..  Even mor eproof that the Democrats and Republicans are, after all, just one big sick party. Those who aren't going along with it better speak up soon, otherwise, you'll just be one more person trying to explain why you allowed treasonous crimes to be committed against Americans by its government. I'm not going to defend any of you.. I don't care what your reasons are anymore...

So tell CNN and its freidns to stop harassing me with  psychotronic,s I'm assuming CNN is causing this interaction to see if they can find a crack in my case, and they won't... cause I got them.. including other witnesses who will say that their harassment began when they called CNN's comment lines and left messages with live operators that were supporting policies that did not go along with the government's.. this was before Bush. WHich means, CNN's been involed since before 2000. I can present credible evidence and witnesses that they've been in on it and the coverup since 1985... How bout that De Caro.. remember Cheryl Welsh.. I do.. and you destroyed her. But guess what, before you destroyed her, she was one of 6 people recognized by the U.N as experts on the subject.. and I guarantee you, she'll be glad to muster her strength and testify against you.

How convenient that a company involved in harming her would do electronic tests and make her out to be crazy instead. You're going to hate yourselves for that one.

Good luck to you, you'll need it. If you want me to explain anything else, here I am, you know where I am, and you're all chickenshits, traitors, murderers and about the sickest people I've ever heard of in my life.  The truth and evidence will be told whether you  people like it or not. And then Americans will do whatever they do to you.  Personally I hope they send you to the Hague and tell the world just how sick and deranged you MF-ers are... and you can take your counterparts in the Israeli government with you, because not only did they forget, they too became everything they claimed to be against. THe good news is, there are plenty of moral, ethical Israelis who know that the sickos in THEIR government are wrong and betraying GOd, so they won't hold it against me for exposing those criminals.. they'll feel like they've been saved... and ulitmately, that's the point. And they will be saved. And it isn't about converting Jews to Christians. That'll just happen when the truth is known, and the yolks are taken off their backs. And the Muslims will like me even more, because they know I don't take sides. I deal with the facts. And then, curing the disease, not wasting my time on the symptoms.

Good luck making your case. Everything you try to prove against me will simply expose the truth about your crimes. I look forward to it.

5:03 I always when psyops guys get me to write stuff like the above especially when it tends to defend people who are criminals... just remember, I didn't defend them, I described the psyops they were doing. and I wouldn't want to happen to them because they are key witnesses if they tell the truth, and if they don't, I have the proof they're lying..

Keith I hope you enjoy your tinfoil hat in your jail cell. Then, maybe you can pretend to be Napolean or something... meanwhile... play your flip flop games.. it doesn't make me look confused.. it just proves there needs to be a thorough investigation, and for someone honest to look into things. Right now, I don't see anyone who can fill those shoes. You're  a real disappointment though. All I can say is you just blew your last most of benefit of the doubt with me... I was really hoping you'd end up being one of the salvageable.. 

MSNBC is clearly promoting the Obama agenda, an if Dobbs starts promiting real id, we'll know his true intents... and motivations.. like I said in the book, this is what happens when samert people think they are above the law... still accurately reporting what I see.... still resolved to prove to the world what sickos you are. Your continued games make it easier all the time. I don't have to feel bad about being used to incriminate you anymore. For me, it wasn't Stockholm Syndrome, it was just about hanging out til I understood.. and surviving... you guys must be very guilty, or you wouldn't be working so hard to cover your tracks. You'd know your way out would be to spill the beans.. the truth, not your alibis and plausible deniability.

I just still thank God that it's His job to give you your final judgment. I don't even want to know.

5:18 And then sometimes, they say something to remind me of something to mention in the book knowing full well my lack of guile will mean I'll say something bad about them in my weblog that they'll have fun explaining later, because like it's important to remind people that tinfoil hat club is a term promoted to discredit victims of psychotronics..  :} And that's why all this needs to be judged by  other people.. I have mor eimportant things to do.. haven't done an invocation for a few days :}


Ohyeah, finally found out the New York Times DID run an article saying God is Dead back in 1955 apparently... I'll bet it was the month I was born... I'll run that article down.. doesn't surprise me, though, given that the New York TImes was founded by a Skull & Bones Member...

What was I watching before the Gulf War that had Chris Matthews mention Tarpley's unauthorized biography of George HW Bush.. maybe it was before the Iraq war...   I just always remember it when I think back to this guy at Borland who was praying to get called up so he could go kill people.. he was looking forward to it... I was actually thinking it was when HW ran after Reagan's 2nd term.. was Matthews on tv then?

Still... as bad as that book looks for Republicans, the Democrats are no better. Given the CLinton Administration fronted by Obama... I was surprised that Palast went from exposing Clinton to now being on the Democrats side.. you know darn well Palast knows the truth.... is "the least of two evils" really where we're stuck? And what if there is no lesser?

8:51pm - About Karen Armstrong... the one thing that I would say I truly differ on from what she at least said the other night is the idea tha tthe golden rule is to not do to others what you would not want them to do to you...

as opposed to do unto others as you would have them do unto you...

Regardless of the source of her interpretation in her way, it is fear based and defensive.

I say the golden rule is sourced by love.. as in the resolution of all problems happen because of caring, not just compasssion.. compassion itself would be nearly obsolete in the Kingdom of God... the ensconcement of compassion would be embodied in the communities of the Kingdom of God... 

Anyway... fractals... stepping into someone else's shoes should be to understand what another person would want and then in relation to what you may want, finding a way to satisfy the needs of both. It actually is possible in a giving environment, nearly impossible in a defensive environment.

I always have sumpin to say :}

I hope somehow, some way, she gets that message. So be it. :}

I  wonder if she's ever talked to other people who say they talk to God like she says she does? That would be interesting :} I wonder if she knows about psychotronics.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Richie Havens - I Don't Wanna Know

I think I've been calling it corporate socialism for at least... since like 1990, maybe before. I felt better about it after finding out that's close to what other people in Canda and Spain call it too... learned that around 2002.. May  or June probably... one of the few alternet rooms I ever visited... Asked one question, that's what 2  people responded... there was a national strike in Spain about 3-6 months later... and that's how I realized that utilizing Gandhi's approach and more modern means, such a thing would be the only way to resist without anyone getting hurt. I would hope things would never get to that point. But I assure you the truth is if it ever came to that, things would be to the point where I wouldn't need to tell anyone to do anything. They'd just do it naturally. There are lots of groups and leaders everywhere who would tell people to keep the peace.  You'd think they were suppressed.

The biggest problem the United States Government now faces is the fact that they've taught entire world to play cut throat, and the world is doing it back to survive... just like individuals do... that's a holographic thing..  By example, they've taught the American people the same things. And people, understandably, accept it's just the way it is... and I know it's not the way they want it...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Kent - 501 Jeans

I thought a serious song was in order :}

Not going to do any writing tonight... letter to Air America online, will send after the psychotronics page is done.. feel free to refer them... don't worry it's our secret :}

I look forward to not talking about psychotronics anymore. So when I get done with the chapter I'm working on, I get to talk about the Kingdom of God .. it's the funnest :} It's so easy too. Anyway... viva la new world.. that's my new slogan.. til tomorrow maybe.. :} I gotta learn French. Nothing weird about it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Styx - Mr Roboto

He was born a pauper to a pawn...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Madman Across The Water - 02 - Levon

So maybe the God is dead thing is about Pearl  Harbor or something like that... that would be an interesting angle..

3/17/2009 1:13pm - It's been an interesting night and morning.. a couple for the records..

THe Air America letter was someone else's idea.. another one of those things I go along with to see where it leads.. .. when I do these, I post them, and then the psyops guys tell me what the setup was for doing it... typically things I would regret if I was a typical person concerned about preserving my image.. that's the part that always cracks me up.. anyway, after careful thought and a little voice in my ear... no I don't have a dingle on Rachel, Actually.. I could.. I could have... I'm tired of that game.. people will do what they do.. I'm going to let the letter stand, though, because its an accurate expression of where I stand on a few things...

The Karen Armstrong interview was really perfect for me to see.... in   a lot of ways.. it really did confirm to me that regardless of any supposed "divinity", that what I'm saying and talking about is on the mark, and that's really what I was wanting to find out from Miss America... so thank you to Bill Moyers once again...

Part of what I also see.. and I don't say this to be arrogant or anything.. but how people still interpret the kingdom of God, even on the cutting edge, in relation t making it fit the curent social paradigm,.. it truly is the idea of people trying to make God in their image of Him, with requirements and expectations... which i s actually people finding a way to make God into someone who would actually accept them and approve of them in the face of the truth about themselves, their fear of damnation because of imperfection.

Another reason why it's so perfect that I've never been a religous person.. because I can tell people it really isn't about religion at all. It can be. Religion is a support system.

Got the McCartney Memory Almost Full.. the chair on the front of the album is the same silhouette adnd type as one in my living room.. I open the Joni Mitchell Shine Album, look at the disc, and the graphic on it looks like 2 things to me.. one, the visual image I get of the earth when I'm "trying to calm it down"... it seems to always work :} and the other is something I'm not going to talk about cuz most people aren't ready for that one yet... :}

I have to say, I really am disappointed in a  few select people. I hope they don't end up being part of the guilty ones. I'm really clear that God wanted me to see just how people who are guilty go to extremes to cover their tracks, and how they always end up making mistakes and convicting themselves.. part of learning how God works His plans, respecting free will and the material world. It's all about love and patience..   It's a difficult one... especially when you care about the ones who are doing the bad stuff.

When playing hearts, and you notice that everyone thinks you have the winning hand, they all play against you, and that's when you shoot the moon....I used to shoot the moon a lot... :} Pulled it of most the time too :}

At least the guys at Langley get to listen to a few new albums... :}

Stevie Wonder - As (Always)

One other thing, FTR... I mention at times that I have evidence right now.. I say that, because it's all digital, much of it is.. and I know they could use a DEW to zap any electronic device at any time and fry it. The best stuff is all backed up on CD. But the later video stuff is on my computer.. it appears to me someone took a shot at my computer, because a bunch of music files have some "drop out" problems that didn't exist before. That actually happened before Thanksgiving 2008. Also, thanks to the psyops guys who mst have gotten bored and cut a  new version of the Gap remix of Bill Withers doing  a lovely day.. it was quite a surprise to hear, but well done and worth sharing with the world one day. With my luck, you've probably already put it on the server.

Gotta go see if I can find a cd drive to scan these disks in with.. I'm really curious.. :} I can't wait for the Prince albums to come :} I'm still holding out for Musicology, though :} The truth is, in alot of ways, I always thought Prince and I probably have some kind of similar stories.. I hope someday I can find out if it's true.. the only way it could have been closer is if I'd gotten the job managing AMbrosia's studio, and being a rock star.. okay so it's a little different.. I laughed really hard when I found out he was a Jehovah's Witness. I still really love his first album.

Enugh.. firewood time.. chemtrails... snow... cold... got some bird feed.. keep an eye out, you might see Abbey in action..

BTW I really love my little kitty Emma Lee and the aversion thing didn't work.... she's a wild one.. you pet her, and she lays down like she's going to defend herself if she must, and then you pet her, and she looks at you like, what are you doing, no do it some more  I like it no wait what are you doing? ANd then get to her to lay in your arms, and she struggles a little and then starts purring her head off... she's   afunny one.. I like challenges.. she was the runt of the litter, and got really scared the first time we approached her.. it took me a while to get her to even let me pet her... I tame 'em all after a while :} I hope I can get a wild bird on my finger again someday. That was cool.

Phoebe Snow - A Different World

3/18/2009 12:51 am.. I must say, I'm not really enjoying writing the psychotronics stuff... the implications and all.. I know some people are probably gonna want to do defamation suits and all that as if it will accomplish something.. I hope all that doesn't happen, but if it does, you all are going to have to figure out who gets what albums.. there are only so many you know.. and you can't have the Ovation :}

A little song I've been working on , sort of bluesy. I was inspired by listening to Christian music.. I'm not ready for that yet... I keep wanting to write songs back to them :} That would be a fun concept album: Love Letters Maybe a subtitle: He Answers Songs.. who knows.. 

Peace will come

When we all realize

That in His eyes

We are all His children

Personally, I think God's the most permissive parent ever in the history of... hmmm... maybe too permissive. I'm gonna have to talk to Him about that. I'm gonna have Him talk to Senator Rockefeller about all this. I can just see it now.. he'll rent his clothes and go walking down mainstreet, and they'll probably blame me for it. If the news will call it the wrath of God, maybe I'll take credit just for fun :}

Here's an invocation for ya: May all members of Congress take Ambien :} So be it :}

Seems like all the psyops are reruns anymore.. and I'm not doing Sire of Sorrow stuff anymore. I know, I'm not as much fun anymore.

The psychotronics things has been so intense, I haven't even listened to the new music.. but the couple of cuts I'm listening to by McCartney are very cool.. concord group.. see what I said about alienating those I was supposed to be in touch with.. :} Reminds me of the simplicity of the first McCartney Album...

I was thinking, if I'm accused of perpetrating a public hoax, I'll just say, it's okay, I'm a politician...

An act of Congress... that's when Congress acts like it's doing something.

This McCartney album's great... I can sure see the pattern of the music being put out by certain segments.. I like it.. I was gonna do an opening thing alot like one of these cuts... Mystery Science Theater McCartney... this one hits me with surprise like Back to the Egg...  Ever Present Past... I gotta go seriously listen to this. It's like listening to a new Beatles album... see they were right.. the Beatles thing is taken :}

3/18/2009 1:29pm - Who'd ever thought that the word testator would convict a president, a news anchor and a minister of attempted 1st degree murder? And her band, no less...  you guys must really believe you're above the law, or you wouldn't be so bold. That's why you have to go down. I hope your lawyers are better than the idiots you trusted when you agreed to do all this to me.  And if you are a minister, how will you explain your actions to God? I keep trying to imagine it. Even if it wasn't me, how would you explain it? That's what makes you particularly despicable. I think you're nothing but  a psyop front.

2:41 For the record, for the last time... when I started my web work, all I was doing was gathering info and posting it, and the truth made itself clear.. I was never out to criminalize or "get" anyone. If that was the case, I wouldn't have ended the boycott when they modified the format as requested. I could have turned it into a national movement. That was not my desire. And I didn't know anything about the Council on Foreign Relations.. never heard of it.

Defamation.. what a joke. I've appropriately notified every person of authority with jurisdiction in this matter, for years... so I put my case on the web, report it as accurately as I can, and point fingers at people who I legitimately believe possess information relevant to the end of my harassment and the prosecution of those responsible for it, as well as others like me... and frankly, as well as anyone else who is or has illegally sufffered at the hands of the government and its proxies.

I'm just the guy in the middle with the ability to tie it all together thanks to and inspite of and despite and every other configuration of people and psychos who have  shown me more weirdness aand perversion than anyone would ever want to know.

Sue me for defamation? Fine with me.:} It all ends up with the same story, the same trail, the same criminals and the same corporations... the more I get sued, the wealthier I become.. which is weird, cause I wasn't expecting anything when I decided to start acting like a citizen giving back to my country... on the other hand, it's one way to gather the money and resources to rebuild America with or without the cooperation of the government.. the problem even with the good guys is that they think really small, stuck inside the paradigm they want me to break  them out of, and expect me to operate in that same pardigm that frees no one.

One clear pattern over the years is that when I write about the psychotronic attacks and directed energy attacks, I get attacked in the ways I've described. It's going to be an interesting few days.

I actually know I'm winning, you guys, and I see God's handiwork all over the place. It's interesting to watch it change slowly and surely...

3:56pm We can not be held hostage by corporations.. Barack. Now I know who was going through my materials in chronological order. This is going to be fun. See, the game for years has been that the Democrats take my materials, and use them, and then, if I pop up later with the same words and phrases, it will appear as though I copied him. However, on closer examination, people will find that all the themes that got Obama the nomination were things I wrote on the site or to Dobbs in my emails.. this is going to be the final proof.. you guys really are arrogant, and it will backfire on you. Cracks me up.

I'm going to take a quick sidestep and write a little thing in the book about being and becoming... it'll be what you might expect, and then it won't be.. .

going through our books line by line... that's either Aesopian or a Matrix of God thing... I got a lot of lines for him to go through :}

My gut feel is that W was a manchurian, and Obama's the real deal. And I don't mean that in a good way... and I think he knows it. (but that's not the way it works -personal note)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pretenders - Brass In Pocket

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Zombies - Time Of The Season

3/19/2009 1:05pm Yay team!! I hope NO knows that was for her. It's gonna be a busy day... got a little presentation to do that' sgoing to end up with some global ramifications, I think. I think it's funny how I do some things, and then realize - omg - these other ripple effects are going to happen becaus eof it.. then I think, what an opportunity.. :} Let's see if this one pans out:}

I keep listening to certain artists thinking, they're still trying to give me examples of how to cut an album on my computer and how easy it is. If that's true at all, then folks, I actually know it... it's the psychotronics... otherwise I'd have stuff in the can. But thanks. And I really like the simplicity of the  music... BTW if I ever go on Leno, I'm gonna write a song for that night, and donate the proceeds to whatever his favorite charity is. All he has to do is tell me he doesn't particpate in this psychotronics stuff, or name 3 people who do.

Better than 19.95 per song, eh Clive? :}

Boy, doesn't that give me some ideas... :}

Anyway, Stivo, I will fix the spelling on your name. Just be patient, young man :}

I'm pleased with my writing on the being and becoming thing.. I think it says a lot, and explains  alot, and clarifies some things for me. God was really talking a lot last night by the end. It always makes me laugh. :} Got some more work to do on it though, the sales engineer part.. isn't it weird how Christianity really isn't necesssarily about religion? I never would have thought that before. And I also giggle because for me, it really does seem like I'm picking up where Jesus left off. It's cool. And thanks to whoever put it in my head that I should just write whatever I think and don't worry about it.

Something else I want to say, and not in the book, but for the record... when I say I talk to and am guided by God, it's not at all like the way George Bush emulated it... GOd says stuff trhough me.. and I've never found a single word of that that didn't make sense or ring true when it was said or inspired... it's not like I"m in remote control or anything..  and as far as the ideas and concepts I tell you about that I claim come from God... there's lots of stuff I see and think that I think are probably true that I just don't want to put my head around yet... and the thing you need to understand most is that God doesn't want me to just blindly follow orders, any more than He'd want you to just blindly follow orders.. He wants it to make sense to people, and then for them to take action, in ways that accomplish goals, but in their own unique ways with Him as much like  a coach, not a commander or boss.   That's why free will is so important  If there's anything I think He wants me to cause people to understand is the simplicity and beauty of real free will, and that we actually do have choices, not just options.

'Nuff for now... work time. Thanks for being there, whoever you are :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joni Mitchell - Shine - 09 - Shine

I was thinking after I sent my note to Manfred Manna bout Resurrection that I might even get a rise out of them.. Who knows if any of these people's agents ever pass these things on..  Hard to tell. I really do hope Yusuf got the one I sent to him though. It was kind of special. And personal and private as far as I'm concerned.

God Bless.. have a great one... and then there was the great Kellogg's Corn Flke debacle of 1958, wasn't it, when they were adding iron for health reasons, and then people found out it was making their bodies magnetic... hmm... I do remember the little things.. like how much I like Henny Youngman...

Nice turn on the corps to spare the media.. it was a good move, and will work out differenetly than the elders expected :} I think I know how this one flips.. :}

9:09 pm - Interesting when you can wait out fake scenarios and see the truth of their deception... so much for fake ministers...

This is interesting http://www.obamadeception.net/

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 03 - See Your Sunshine

I was just taken by surprise by this: For the Love of the World: The Aesthetic Dimension of Calvin’s Thought Matthew Sitman Georgetown University


Not only is the title the same, but.. I haven't read much, but it might appear that Calvin and I agree on a bunch of stuff... dedodedo... ya know, I see stuff like this, and it shocks me cause the only exposure I have to Calvinism is what Chris Stevens talked about on Northern Exposure... and all I can say is that I knew nothing :} and whatever I've written and said has been purely from my own thoughts... I know that I could have been influenced to use certain words and all... but that doesn't explain why the use of those words, perfectly descriptive of accepted doctrine and such, describe my own thoughts and insights that I have independently of outside influence... that's why I don' tstop. If I kept finding out that I was off base, I'd think I was being influenced or that I was just wrong and intellectualizing.... but everything I talk about is what I've always believed and thought, just never enunciated or fully described and inquired upon. This kind of stuff spooks me. In a way, it's reassuring, in others, it's sort of weird. And I'm not giving up the book title. It's accurate as well.

I don't know when this article was written....

I wonder what kind of interesting discussions Baracky is having in L.A. today :}

11:20pm - Being and Becoming.. I'm satisfied with this one now... God whacked me over the head again tonight :} I'm glad, though, that things are getting clearer, and I'm discovering more truths. Even some truths I don' tlike.

Interesting stuff though on (yeah I know Barack is saying stuff all the time.. I get all the emulations..) forgiveness and sin and all.. kind of puts a new perspective on things :} The DNA is only partly true though, you know. It's much more than that. And the DNA is not the spirit...

I'll say again, cuz I'm getting bugged about it.. I didn't do anything to anyone. If anyone has anything to say to me, ya know where I am.

And John Rockefeller needs to get out  of my way, like yesterday.

Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air

3/20//2009 6:40 am - A vegetable garden at the white.. what a great idea.. I'm glad I thought of it.. one more thing.. I wonder if the Obama's have ever gotten their hands dirty in a garden before..

It appears you all are still so arrogant tht you think I'm just going to lay down and die for you.. not til after I've proven that Eric Holder is yet another of our great criminal attorney generals.. I'm not going to settle for a civil settlement, I'm not going to let it drop.. everytime you use one of my ideas It's more proof of the conspiracy against.. laugh all you want.. you'll get yours.. and I'm still pushing for God to just zap you out of existence.. so laugh all you want Obama... I know who you are, and you lose.

Tell your friends over at CNN that no amount of smear will alter the   truth of your crimes. That goes for GE too. You've all proven to me where you stand. Oh well.. The bigger they are the harder they fall..  I figure you're play me along and then just about election time, you'll tie me up in court. Try that, I'll just go overseas, skip the election and turn the world against the U.S. Government. It'll be easy. There's more than one way to inform Americans of their traiorous leaders.

Media people, if I have to sue you, I"ll go for corporate AND individuals. Are you getting my point. I'll take all you rpossessions, find out who you hate most, and give it to them.

You'd better tell Israel that as far as I can tell, the current Israeli government is nothing but criminals. God will not prevent their destruction if they continue to instigate war with the Palestinians and their neighbors. They will not be the dominant nation of the world. The 12 tribes and those sealed to God will. You know, honest people.  The Israeli people need to oust their leaders now before they are to blame for the next holocaust. When God makes a covenant, the people receiving the promise need to keep their end of the bargain. The Israelis have not. Not has America. That is not the fault of the citizens, it is the fault of the leaders. Put an end to it now.

The next time I'm kept awake all night, I'm starting blogging of smear pieces. I got a few on hand, and I can write a lot more. Only, it won't be about the media, it'll be about the politicians. And then if the media doesn't cover, it will be about the media, and then... your plans will be over.

Anyway you want to play it God wins. Just keep copying me Obama.. you make it easier to send you to jail every day. The Hague's got a big jail. We can always stick you in Guantanamo.

11:37 Cut the deficit in half.. he makes it sound like  a good thing. Does Gibb actually ever answer a question? He must get that from Barack

I'll bet this is about his cat.. but, what a perfect song for my story about climbing up a tree on Sunday mornings...:}

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 06 - Mr Bellamy

I think it'll be fun to answer questions in public about the weblog... what did that mean? I don't know, what do you think?:}

So whaddya think? Will the Dalai Lama reply? :} He's probably the only one who would :}

Ya know, I'm so tired of people in government and the meda saying "what lessons did we lear?" Everything that happens happens over and over again, the apologists play like, gee an accidental catastrophe, and you know what, America's not putting up with it anymore. George Bush, in 2002, said there would be people doing revisionist history... how come I haven't heard that on  a video clip.. how come I haven't heard the clip of Bush saying "but he tried to kill my dad.."  Why haven't the Republicans made one of those timeline charts to prove that the Democrats were in control of Congress in the finance commitees and allowed the sub-prime crisis, and then engineered the bailouts/ ransom.. and yeah.. 2002 I said We're held hostage by the corporations. Bout time someone else got it.  for an example of how to do a timeline chart, there's a good one at www.911truth.org   that you can use as a template. :}

And why aren't we hearing about the overt and covert military activities of Israel in the middle east?

Gibb.. talk about the lack of common sense...

Barack, ya gonna get a go-cart, or are you gonna settle for slot cars? Personally if I were you, I'd stage it so you get pictures of the kids giving the slot car set to you... better than Barney TV.

I heard Gibb say Chuck and thought, oh oh, now the tv really is talking to me :}

Wouldn't it be cool to sit by the road on a  summer day and, instead of just blessing people as they drove by, you gave them a physical healing... talk about a drive by... I wonder if I could do a whole town at a time, without them knowing it, or do they have to have faith of their own...  kinda supercedes the idea of counting blessings instead of rv's....

Bourgeois Tagg - Waiting For The Worm To Turn

I think Paul listened to some Todd before cutting that album... Prince, too..

No, I'm not watching MSNBC. You know I don't watch them. I sure wish I had that old song "The Man Song"... it occurs to me that when I took that computer to the dump, the CIA picked it up. Talk to them if you want a copy :} They seem to have everything :}

Maxine.. love ya.. you're making laws that effect people's lives, and you don't even know what the law says? This isn't passive like reading  a newspaper, this is law, millions and billions of people are affected...

Maybe I'll do a little Mystery Science Theater on the Congressional reruns tomorrow :} Gotta keep the cats in the herd, and it seems to work...

I'm really worried about the birds... have been for years...

For the record: anyone who gets the dubious honor of being included in this weblog becomes a permanent member of the cast of characters... Hi Leon!.. see, I know, sooner or later, these guys briefings... frankly, they don't know what to make of me...

Alright, enough fun... maybe I can get some sleep now... :}

How much you wanna bet the organic garden is filled with GMO Hybrids.. :} That's not a car, Michelle. :}

Baracky, give me proof of life. Call Bearden and have him give you the cure for cancer.. one phone call.. too audacious for ya.. sure, I'll take some credit but you'll be doing a good thing, now... . which is of greater value to you?

A special blessing and healing to Robin Williams.

Bless ya, have a good weekend... and be nice to KO. He seems a little edgy :}

And, always remember, makeup goes on below the clothing line:}


2:25 It's not so much that Obama is doing all this video and appearance work, it's that his languaging proves he's just repeating phrases given to him by sppech writers, and couldn't possibly actually directing anything in terms of government policy... just a front man... it'll wear thin

So many emulations.. it's interesting to see what Obama's doing and compare it to what I felt I needed to add last night to the being and becoming piece. The sales engineer.. except, I actually knew what I was talking about, was responsible for scalable configurations, and then was responsible to make sure the plan was implemented and working. That's more than a corporate CEO/Salesperson propping up a legislative regime while a covert agenda is put in place.. no more so than any other preseident in the last 40 years or so...

All we end up getting is a lot of rhetoric that espouses the approach we'd like to hear is being used, and then it's business as usual.

Spock here.It's always about the money and the timeline :}

Ya know, I know some people will get upset about my remarks about the Israelis, and it's not a new opinion of my own, it was never a religious opinion AND isn't it interesting what the Bible said I'd need to do. I'm not against Israel andymore than I'm against the United States. I just know a corrupt government when I see one. Lots of people are going to need to wake up all over the world. It's about time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Martin Murphey - Wildfire

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Davis - I Go Crazy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See

4:31 Aaron Brown once said that maybe the reason peopel liked Jesus so much is because we don't know much about Him as a man... that's a paraphrasal, but it was something like that, and I thought about it, and in a way, I agreed with him. No criticism intended toward him. Just a good intellectually honest inquiry.

Finally, after all these years... I came to a conclusion.. I was thinking how  uncomfortable I actually am that I approach certain things, documenting myself, to me it seems really conceited and stuff..  I figured, if I'm not, then maybe it was still have value.. what I write.. I f I am, then people would want to know. I was just thinking if people had actually followed all of this, they would understand more and probably be confused too... anyway... it's like, I know people would want to know about me, I didn't mean to create a diary in the beginning.. I actually think I was manipulated into it, but I won't complain about that...

Anyway.. my conclusion is, if people had actually understood more about Jesus, the man AND divine being, as well as God as a man and friend... then the obvious outcome would have been fewer misunderstandings or misinterpretations or multitude of translations and interpretations of spiritual writings... I don't honestly know that I present a very good example of how to live your life... especially right now... I do believe I am just to the core, especially when consideringt the affairs of an organization or "other people's business...  and if there was any one or two things I believe I do offer - as a possible example - is the ability to recognize when I'm straying from my core values and work my way back to them without the guilt of suffering, going through a process of reconciliation and atonement unto myself, and beyond that I'd say I love counseling and teaching.

I think the just part is maybe the most important thing to look at... have we, have I, been just, lately? Really... probably not in one way or another...

Ya know, my first apprehension about what's her name was this gut feeling that I was being set up for something, probably plagiarism in one way or another from a few different directions. I couldn't find the date on that article from Georgetown but it apppeared to be after I started writing... only important to me because I really have worked hard to retain my "void" in regard to other influences regarding my perceptions and all, and I'm glad I did for the sak eof understanding God more fully.

Just as I knew somewhere along the line I'd be out in th eamusing postition of claiming psyops, having thoughts and ideas planted through psychotronics, and still have to be able to claim independence of thought and being, which theoretically could be easy for me to do, especially if my old high school teacher has video of me doing my productions - God and Country messages and more that were broadcast closed circuit to the school.. or maybe a speech or two... nonetheless. I just want  you guys to know I have no lack of confidence in that my work is and finally will be revelation from God and the inquiries I've done and I'v tried very hard to have it be that way if only to prove to myself that at least what I believed to be divine inspiration was not an illusion of psychotronics caused by some perverted people.

It's very disappointing to see alll the emulations going on...I'll document them bit by bit.. and then, because of that, I'm glad it's going on because it's very obvious, and my timeline will be easy to construct to show it..

Ciao, baby

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way

Oh Yeah. I really did for look for the title for the love of the world before I decided to use it... couldn't find it.. and that will be the last time I think abou tthat...

Hasta, Aloha and g'night...

FTR RE Sweaing and stuff... Between psychotronics and becoming very angry with certain members of the government with good reason relating to the "control" of my life and informations that leads me to believe my family was purposely harmed... to the politiicans and thos einvolved: no apologies. But for other people who en dup reading it, my apologies. And that's all I'll ever say about that particular issue.30+ years minimum, probably 50 years this government has purposely harmed me, and I don't car how it sounds, it's true, and people have been harmed. It should be asy to understand my anger, as well as the perfect timing of telling much of this, on top of the psyop involving PMS.

So... swami.. any other words of wisdom I should know about? :}

In high school, my teacher assigned me to do a rockumentary on Justin Hayward and John Lodge, so I did... I didn't realize it was The Moody Blues... never got aired... never figured out why he had me do it.. I understand now... I actually wanted to do that sort of thing....

I'm gonna try doing some music tonite after a little work.. and Moyers.. gotta find out who I'm going to write to this week :}

Moody Blues - Question


3/21/2009 2:16pm The Age of Aquarius in the Kingdom of God.... :} Here's the headlines...

I'm 54 today. Hard to believe I'm still alive. And I'm only 25 :} It's a beautiful day. The flowers are coming out.. the trees are getting their new branches and leaves... Let's see, what would I want for my birthday.. not much and too much to mention... I don't care what they say, this used to be the first day of spring... anyone want to do the joke with O'Reillly about Christmas now?:} You probably though I didn't catch it. :}

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 07 - Gratitude

Interesting.. memory almost full. I thought, an interesting way to think of my brain being overloaded with all this info.. then I thought, I guess I could look at it as meaning, I almost have my full memory back... whatever that ends up meaning :}

Well, it's firewood cutting time..don't know if you caught it, finished up FTLOTW part 2 technolgy... proabbly will make a minor change here or there for grammar and stuff.. but I think that's set, and I'm hoping there has been an announcement at the conference today.

Emma's becoming a pretty good hunter...

I keep thinking about hell.. I wouldn't want people to be tormented.. what if the hell they'll relaly experience is being put off in a corner somewhere for detention and then having to listen to God lecture them everyday for hours at a time? That could be hell :} I think that's what it's closer to than anything. God doesn't give up on people, spirits and beings. They give up on themselves. It's kind of like all the people who have harmed me.. there's only a couple who I'd like to haul off and smack, but I wouldn't even do that because I wouldn't give them the satisfaction.

While there are some I cna't imagine ever trusting, and sure, I think I deserve something in some way to make up for the way my life has been taken from me, but mostly I'd prefer to just get on with things from here.. but there are laws.. and those laws were made by the same people who issue the orders for my harm and the harm of billions.. and they need to be held accountable and be subjected to their own laws, the same laws that oppress everyone else. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I'm sure some people would say that I've approached things the way I have in order to get through some back doors and elevate myself... I'll just say, if that had been true, I never would have "picked a fight" with the media, and I would have gone through their front doors to be a broadcaster. Probably should have. If I ever produce and if ever people listen to my music, it'll be fun. But even that sort of thing, I don't do it with a view of making money or advancing in position.. I do it because I"m interested or concerned, know that something better can be done or that a plan, fulfilled, would work, and that it's worth doing....

Sure, I worked to insert myself in the conversation in the background through the media and then to the politicians. I'm still surprised anyone listened, I'm more surprised at what I've discovered, I know people have contractual obligations and all.. still, it's like the AIG bonuses.. sometimes the difference between right and wrong is so vast, that doing the right thing and dealing with the blowback should be worth it... if you have any self-esteem and self-repect at all.

That's the choice that whistleblowers have to face in the media and politics everyday... and part of the proof of the integrity of citizens vs the elite...  these people know when theys step forward that they might lose their jobs, get smeared in the media, be arrested, called traitors for betraying the treason of their superiors... and the only reward they get is the satisfaction of knowing deep inside they did the right thing.

Those are the kind of people, people whose hearts and souls are sealed to God, who will lead the New World. That's why you'll be able to depend on it. Instructing the world to be a world of tattle tales for about a year would be a very good thing. So be it.

News of the Nation begins with Eisenhower's MIC speech.. and then proceeds by telling the truth about all the things Congress has lied to Americans and the world about... as the true era of reconciliation begins... the possibility of one nation, truly under God... puts a whole new image of what that could mean on it...

With any luck the Prince cd's will come today :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Give Me Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Al Jarreau - My Favorite Things

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chairmen Of The Board - Give Me Just A Little More Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeff Lorber Fusion - Bring It On

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lou Reed - Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rare Earth - Celebrate

... when it's all for the love of the world.. that's a song, by the way.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 17 - New Power Generation (pt. II) Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

I've been thinking for a while, if there was one song I'd want to do a coer of what would it be... I've thought of all sorts of songs for all sorts of reasons.. I was thinking, You really left me sore by TOdd RUndgren, but nah,  :} Here's the one I think I've decided on ...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - 33 & One Third - 205 - Learning How To Love You

That's actually the song that hooked me on George Harrison... wouldn't you know it would be a love song.. someday, maybe I'll know the story that goes with it :}

6:33pm - It's been a really cool day of thoughts...

Earth, Wind & Fire - All About Love

I'm still being targeted, but I have the feeling some of the old triggers are wearing off... others are being re-triggered :}

KO You ARE in the middle of someone's else's delusion, and it's not yours OR mine...it's "them" :} You know, "those guys" :}

Forecasting their actions: THis is funny. A long time ago I realized the psyops guys were taking advvantage of my writing this weblog, the potential of saying I was telling everyone what I was going to do before I did it.. I decided, just to mess with 'em and stick it back in their faces, that I would continue the practice and later point to the fact that I wrote about all these things, some serious, some purposely whimsical, that I did very few of them. So we just took that one off their list.

That said... here's the next forecast of my actions.. this one'll probably happen, cause I keep looking at how to communicate the future and do it in ways that it can be distributed and disseminated..  so I think part 2 of For the Love of the World will get started sort of online soon.. to collect my thoughts and begin writing, if nothing else..

I think it'll be something like... For the Love of the World Part II: Creating the Future and actually titled  Creation 2012: The New World

In fact, before I go listen to the Prince album I got, I'm going to create the web page to start it to sort of "speak it into existence".. the Barack and his friends can steal all that, too, providing more evidence of their involvement. Works out :}

Afterward, they'll have used all my words and perverted my ideas, thinking they'll dilute my message, and people won't want to hear me about  it because they won't want to believe because they'll be afraid of being tricked again.

EXCEPT.. all that will do is give me a checklist of things to.. as the big guy would say :} allow me to explain it in my own way.. we'll leave it at that.. :} Can't ask for a better opportunity than that.

Richie Havens - Wake Up & Dream

Michael McDonald - Our Love

I was just about so say how I find it interesting that God leads me to so many things everyday that teach me or inform me in ways I wasn't looking for.. referring to the fact that I think I got a Hafiz poetry book of my favorite translations, which is really neat because I really do feel like it's letters from my dad or from God, anyway, it really is an experience for me.. more on that in a moment... I was just looking at   the cover of the new prince album I got... from 1998... , wondering what to do about 49 titles, a bunch of 'em bogus and why did he do that? And  I looked at the cover of "Soul" and saw some things I hope aren't true but wouldn't be surprised by, and if it's what I think I just want him to know this is going to come to an end soon... and applaud him for his fortitude...

So, I open a package and pick up this Hafiz book, the one by Ladinsky, and I open it up and this is what I read, and given what I've read.. given all the things I read at what seems like just the right moment... could be I find meaning in everything in many contexts.. could be God talking to me.. who knows :}

A Great Need


Of a great need

We are all holding hands

And climbing.

Not loving is a letting go.


The terrain around here



Too dangerous




And then I read, on the opposite page...

The Body A Tree

The body a tree.

God a wind.

When He moves me like this,

Like this,


Angels bump heads with each other

Gathering beneath my cheeks,

Holding their wine



Catching the brilliant tear,




Lst night, when I went to bed, I did a little writing, oftern thinking I'm writing a song or something, these days, often seeming like poetry with a melody only I can really hear... I am amused and sometimes annoyed when people say that God doesn't answer every prayer... I'm definitely amused when I realize that people don't know what God considers is a prayer... though I have to admit, when I'm writing music, is a part of my way of "processing", and looking for resolution, an anser to a  query or Paradox.  anyway, I wrote this:

I ain't no gypsy traveler

I'm just a man who never

Had the chance to plant a tree and watch it grow

I can understand your feelings

Nout this man whose heart you're stealing

Even though I know I have to let you go..


All sort of the "walk away" part of the instructions to the son of man..

it goes on, and ends, so far with this...

Love is everything that God made us for

And a true love's worth believin'

One Time More...


I  think the album starts with "In the End".. I have a nice intro planned.. :} Maybe a capella, if I can get my equipment to isolate line in for analog...

Always somethin

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack And Diane

9:41 Hey Baracky, some audacity for ya..  My faovrite part of it all is knowing you guys didn't think I had the guts.. but, hey, for a cause greater than yourself... whatever works :} Right   John? :}

Phil Collins - Testify - 11 - Thru My Eyes

Creation 2012 is born... and I ain't waitin til 2020

3/22/2009 - 2:08pm - There are some interesting patterns to occurances in things like Jonestown and Waco and Ruby Ridge... It would be very interesting to interview a few of the people who survived...

I have to admit, that interview back in August or September 2008 did bring out some interesting things.. like the paradigm of the FARM.. Maybe someday I'll know who actually did that and why. Why actually interests me more. Among other things, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that the folks behind my harassment would have someone write a book as an authority, claiming special knowledge.. it's kind of like the politicians and their countless trojan horses....

Quite the strategy.. I want to listen to Prince, so TCM plays Paint Your Wagon and Oklahoma.. Oh What A Beautiful Morning... we could trade covers like you did with Carly if ya want... Funny I have the same feeling :} About romance, too.. Personally, I like the Tuck & Patti version..

It's going to be interesting.. on one hand, I don't really know if running for president is the thing to do, cause you know how the media has a way of ignoring people :} On the other hand, I"m gonna spread the Word and the truth... and I know you're gonna hit me with dews and stuff to make me look foolish in public.. but I can deal with it.. so... Barack, I just want you to know that I can turn the economic, social and governmental issues around in a flash, so all the payoffs you're making and structural changes you're making will have the rug pulled out from under them in no time flat... you just can't beat God. But I'll be sure you do it in a way that makes it obvious to everyone that you're a front man for ciminals, just like W...

Y aknow, Barack, the reason why I haven't sued any of these doctors? It's an interesting twist. Sometimes I feel like I"m in a strange version of Stingray or Pay it Forward... the doctor, the dentists... they actually documented their own malpractice in a rather obvious way, so I couldn't miss it, so I could refer back to them later... understand what I'm saying.. and they gave me printouts of the documentation of their own work when they were through... sounds like witnesses to me...

Nice work on getting Bloomfield, Schwarzenegger and Rendell together before going on Meet the Press.. don't make me start calling it meet the propagandists, that would be a shame.. with special guest propagandist Tom Brokaw... Council on Foreign Relations...

It's true that the CFR/Rockefeller/Nixon health reforms, and the plan, looks good on the surface.. I'd have to say that many of the issues and goals expressed I share.. including birth control.. the question is the methods to achieve the goals. I didn't look into how you planned to do them. Given the track record, given what's going on, there's no way I can condone the means being employed.. not as a citizen, not as a moral person, not as a minister or anything else... you don't have to be a servant of God to be objective... or to see the truth when you're willing to know the truth. 

It's interesting to me to realize that alot of what I've been saying all these years, without knowing it, is that we need to go back to where we got off on the wrong course, and move forward from there. I could be wrong, and history could certainly show us that we got off on the wrong foot long ago, as a race, the human race, but there was a point where we, in the United States, as the leader in the world, could have made other choices that made more sense and did not rely on the paradigms of oppression that God and Jesus so opposed. As a suppose Christian nation under God, I would think that it would matter that we adhere to the ways of Jesus... and the ways He taught His disciples to speak, lead and teach people in honest descptions of heritage and custom...

You could say a great deal about what happened during the myth of Truman, bu tit seems the real choices were made when Eisenhower made his farewll address. and AMerica, the government, made the wrong choices. ANd that meant the Bush's.. and the assassination of John Kennedy..

That reminds me... to Caroline.. it may seem that I'm someone who would tear down the reputation and contributions of the Kennedy family... I'm very angry with Ted, and believe I have reason to be and do in fact deserve an explanation from him... nonetheless, if he were honest about certain things, I'd be one of the people efforting to honor his real achievements.. and yet, the harm that has happened that he's turned his head to.. and particpated in.. I can't ignore it..

Still, no matter what happens, even if your family stands against me, I will be the greatest defender of the Kennedy legacy... the good that has been done, and I can promise you, the curse will be abated. And the feudalism will come to an end. That's a promise, and I don't make promises lightly.

Camelot requires a leader. Do you see one like that in the circles of power you know of? The beauty of your father was not the rhetoric and speeches, the accolades and legends.. it was that, beneath it all, when he knew the truth, he did the right things. In the face of a world of power and wealth he desired to overcome for the good that it would provide.

So I say, it's time we look back to the end of the Eisenhower Presidency.. and while we can't and wouldn't want to turn back the hands of time... this is not about someone getting old and wanting to relive the good old days.. this is about the fabric of American Society, global society and leadership, Camerlot or the Kingdom of God, call it what you want. It's the same thing, the same ideals, the same spirit.

Spirit makes all the difference.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Earth Song

The thing I like about Prince's serious love songs is that they're things I don't dare write cause they go so deep... I'll leave it at that.

6:06pm - Sometimes I see doc shows and wonder if someone's just trying to inform me of all the stuff caused by psychotronics... like Judge Judy said.. desperate people driven to extremes doing desperate things...

I keep wondering what's wrong with the pysop guys.. back in the psychotronic interview, when I thought I was talking to a friendly, I talked about a lot of ersonal things I never would have tlaked about except with someone who I thought was trying to help me in my situation.. not find more ways to make me out some kind of pervert or something..

The psyops guys... one of their goood cop bad cop tactics is to try to convince you that someone who is a good person is a bad person, and and bad people are good people. And they go back and forth, so you never can come to a conclusion... for some reason, as I reflect back, I can see that consistent pattern... and of course, the fact that I always wanted any public life I might decide to pursue included wanting to do things I thought would be a good life.. a wife, kids, all the normal stuff.. so it seems logical to me that games would have been played to keep me from taking what I'll loosely call my intended way of life... I find i  weird that one of the ploys they used to get me involved in things I didn't want to be involved with was by using women.. and when you read psyop manuals, it comes up as one of the most typcial ploys... never did get me to actually fall for the trap, did ya guys.. not even with Martha...

Nonetheless... as far as I'm concerned, anyone who would take actions to harm another person, particularly when they haven't done research to see if what they are asked makes sense... they may not be bad people, but they're certainly not people I would trust.

I said a lot about the way I view relationships.. I only had one that I took lightly and I regretted it... for all the right reasons... and even then, what I thought about relationships is the same thing I think, believe and feel now...  And that is that there would be nothing more precious to me in this world than having what would be my idea of a "perfect relationship" which isn't at all about being perfect. It is about the rare qualities I was talking about, and beyond that, I'm not sure there are other requirements, although those are steep ones, and I do doubt more and more that  they can be met... and particualry if I become a public person.

But, the Tomlinson song stilll stands for me... I don't ever want it to change

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 07 - By a Friend

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & the New Power Generation - Soul - 04 - When U Love Somebody

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & the New Power Generation - Soul - 09 - The One

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & the New Power Generation - Soul - 49 - Y Did I Waste My Kisses On U

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Little Red Corvette (extended)

So the last thing I intend to say on this subject is quite generic: anyone who has something to say to me knows where I live, I didn't do anything wrong, and you'll have to explain things yourself, and if you lie, I'll make sure it's known.. with evidence... it has nothing to do with what I want, it's just the truth and what you all did. I am not to blame for your crazy psyops and sick games. I will never stop loving people, men and women, and the crazy things you do only refelct on you.

And whether you want ot make it seem otherwise or not, I don't take people's feelings lightly, I don' ttake love lightly, and the only times it seems that I've ever rushed into a relationship is by the force of other people... though it was my mistake to go along with it.. but that was rare.. lots more to that story, and still, I would not have engaged in those relatioonships withou a serious intent toward a commited relationship.. and I do know how to be friends with women.. I'm a little amused by that Nun on EWTN, the Rosary lady, talking about how Jesus is a woman's best friend.. I can be, I could be:} Something to aspire to  :}That's why I hate it that everybody thinks of sex when they think of love...

Maybe I'll never meet that special person.. though I think I will, maybe I have. Who knows. But it's alright, either way,. it would just be more fun to share it with someone who wasn't attracted to the spotlights. And sees me as a person. The one I really am. It's not hard to prove that someone would know.. but only a couple people in my life have shown they know that person... or how to be the kind of person I would actually consider to fill the shoes of my special companion. It may sound lonely or something.. to me it sounds like being content with what is real, and having a little "knowing" of one's self... especially the part that says such a person is not a completion of me, but an addition to my life, as I would be ot theirs, and the only true expectation being that they want to be that... like the Golden Rule, having that ripple into every part of the relationship.

So, while causing me to feel "angst" thru psychotronics, it doesn't change a thing, except for me to harden my stance of not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt anymore - when it comes to knowing who's been involved in the psyops - and even if I'm sad that any given person may end up doing time, or who knows.. why do you expect me to redeem you in some way - with speaking or writing - when you won't redeem yourself?

I offer everything I have and am, and am treated like a fool. Like the Bible says the deceivers and liars  are the fool.s Especially the ones posing as people who should know better, more than anyone else.

Sing all the lies you want to, God knows the truth.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton - Unplugged - 04 - Tears In Heaven

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton - Change The World

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Shaman - 07 - Victory Is Won

11:38pm ***'d out all the nasty words... someday, I'll post the changes :} Wrote to the Manfred's thought I'd give 'em more than 20%.. I wonder if they got it, if they got a laugh out of it, if anyone looked at the site.. you have no idea how much I'd like to  see the look an anyone's facing coming to the site. I wonder if the CIA can do that.

Apparently, according to the footnotes in my Bible, I keep doing things a little out of order.. :} the right things, but a bit out of order to which I say look at what the anti-Christ guys are doing... I realized tonight that my when my friend gave me a chart of how to decorate my office for feng shui.. I set up my altar set up around a prayer mat that I think is the throne of David.. my mom gave it to me..  anyway... Manhattan Transfer.. Operator is on.. :} Next to that is my Beatles Abbey Road mousepad, a painting of my dog barney the genius smurfing poster and a news paper of the flood with the headlines Up A Creek... In the left foreground is a fertility God tiki given to me by a co-worker - ya know , these people go on vacation trips and they give other people normal stuff, but the stuff I get :}...

The actual point of this as I reread it to remember.. .oh yeah.. Interesting reading Isaiah chapters 10-14 tonight... part of it about setting up the throne of David.. it's always weird how these things always coincide.. fun too :} God must be trying to tell me something :}

So I guess I was a little early on declaring the universal church and all,but I thought about it, the psyops guys were laughing about it, so I thought, let's do it, cause it's the right thing, and I think it's what God would have me do.. He likes it.. you guys wonder.. me, I'm like caught in the middle of someone's delusion :} Where have I heard that? The really weird part, though, is when I say stuff to Israel, and then read the Bible that night, and it talks about me doing it..

Still gotta put something up in the wealth corner.. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter, Paul & Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Petula Clark - A Sign Of The Times

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Carole King - Fantasy - A03 - Being At War With Each Other

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodMarvin Gaye - What's Going On - 04 - Save The Children

I keep telling God I don't like all this talk of destroying things all the time, and He made me realize His versions of destruction wsn't about actual like military things.. it's like, a corporation will be bought or out-competed by another corporation, something like that.. like Time-Warner will do something really stupid and get sued out of existence or something really weird like that, cuz you know, God does work in mysterious ways.. :} Can't wait to see how it all turns out myself :} Right now I'm mainly a passenger on this bus too...  but that's about to change.

Warren, personally, I'd save my cash for venture capital in all the little employee owned companies that are going to be required to replace all the major corps going bankrupt that won't get paid off... work it right, and production doesn't even have to end, just centrally organize the distribution, and now you've got a whole nother company. Then, get into brushless dc motors, vaccuum energy and .. you know that combo really could accomplish my thoughts on near perpetual motion for cars, and you'd need just a teeny lithium battery if at all..

We just have to get out of the old thinking, stop thinking we have to stay in the old boundaries. Obama will say he's going to do these sort of things, but it won't be effective, and let's be honest, we know what they're trying to accomplish. I was gonna say, do those things, and you'll be rich, but I guess that's a moot point. :}

3/23 1:12pm - I keep thinking, I wish I could talk to Steven Hawkins about string theory.. with him talking through psychotronics. wouldn't that be cool? Think of the freedom it would give him to be able to do that.

The true trick of the perpetual motion car is that instead of a battery, you'd actually use a capacitive dicharge system.. believe it or not.. I was working with my sister and a guy in Maryland on an invention called the roto-lite... the idea was to power a plant container so it would turn and water itself... grow evenly... and you could leave home, and it would still take care of itself. My understanding is I share a patent with them, the Tesla Corporation :}   He was going to use a battery and a motor.. I set it up to use a capacitor, a solar cell, a small watch motor as well as a primitive drip watering system that watered the plant as easily controlled every time the capacitor pulsed, the container turned a little...etc... and then there's gamma rays.. which is something that got burned into my head for some reason...

ANyway.. so the car would work the same way. Now, as for the capactiors and  all.. I believe that between nanotech and and dna engineering we have plants we could create to replace the use of plastics. Nanotech has to be globally limited to medical applciations, and others would be considered potential capital crimes. Psychotronics requires the same limitations.. I believe Christopher Reeves would be alive and walking if psychotronics had been applied.

The other thing is, we really have to get away from rf fields and vortices... no more mag lev. And we need to move toward dc power, power plants in a box.. ie solar/packages with a defined price and installation method, and get rid of electrical grids. That won't be possible everywhere, maybe, but when you add wind and other power,   it works out.

I want to say, categorically, that I am against the concept of nationalization of corporations under all circumstances except the retirement of the fed system globally and domestically.. to return that function to the government.. if the guys currently investing in the fed want to buy government bonds, okay with me, but the returns won't be as good. They'll be stable. Can't pull the plug on usery overnight, after a while, we won't need to. We don't need to lower our standard of living, just propaganda and mindsets caused by it.

and I want Jeffrey Sachs to start looking at not working within the paradigm we are forced to live under, but what would be a more perfect model. I'm all for computer equations to manage it. And I really will ask for your opinions on this one day. There's a way to do all this without the CHicago boys mentality of disruption, order from chaos. ANd keep your eye open for how to undo what is currentlyy being installed without damaging economies... as well as peacefully and mutually beneficially interfacing with Mexico and South America, the way it was intended to be, without trying to break down sovereignty and domain. Very important, especially when reestablishing relationships... which will be very strained by then.

I want to hit the ground running :}

Crosby, Stills & Nash - CSN - 105 - Anything At All

That song really cracks me up. I really don't have an opinion on everything :} Honest :}

It hit me last night.. I'm 54 years old.. Do I have to grow up now? I mean, I guess it's true, you're only as old as you feel.. :} I think I dare not say more, but as I look over my favorite selections in music :}...

That said.. I think my favorite song right now is that Mr Bellamy by Paul McCartney.. it's gotta be about his cat.. :}

I'll probably be writing something tonight.. hard to tell what.. the dews and psychotronics are sort of flattening out my thinking, meaning it's sort of like experiencing when you think about things but you don't want to think about anything because it seems like work.. and yet, there's lots I want to do... 

The Joni Mitchell album seems to be one of those I'll probably have for a year before it has real relevance to me.. I get  a lot of those :}

I should probably write music.. there's a song or two in me wanting to come out.. the kind I used to think were my own, private thoughts and secrets...

God bless..


4:14 Big guy, you can be so sarcastic at times:} Glad you caught the Republic with a Democratic system thing... he did have a way of burning things into my brain. :} 82% of GDP.. and you know it's going to be higher.

7:59 pm - I got this little booklet in the mail today.. must have ordered it from voiceofelijah.com  I'm glad I got it. I get this stuff... I'm always curious what people have in their minds about things.. this guy's pretty interesting.. particularly in that he even points to many correct Bible verses but, becaus eof a lack of certain knowledge, his analysis is either incomplete or incorrect in a few ways, for example, he would need t o understand and believe in how psychtoronics is used.. he also said, and I was impressed by this, what if we've already seen the antChrist and false prophet... and didn't know it... and then he goes on to describe a number of things including the deceptions and the presentation of the anti-Christ.. and I began to realize why certain people wanted me to keep answering questions about how I perceivd myself in relation to being a vessel for the spirits of Christ and God.. and  a few other things that make me wonder, until I recognize my motives are pure and awareness and recognition that all power is derived of the Almighty God, and that while I understand that various interpretations would have me claim I am God and others would not, I still prefer to view them as separate and within me because it causes me to constantly look at things from different points of view.. ie, the example of Jesus.. what is the example of Jesus in this or that situation, not like emulating or profiling it, but seeingit in His words and actions and giving  it meaning in the current world. or from God's perspective, in the same ways.. the beauty of which is like a team, not that there is true separation but perspective, boundaries and so forth.. sor tof like Chuck says, poverty must end. The Christ spirit says Okay, this is the way Jesus envisioned it, and God says, okay I agree with your analysis but I"m gonna surprise you a little with how I work this one out, so keep your eyes  open or ya might miss it. Kinda like what I say about Pat Buchanan. :}

Always keeping me on my toes... good to know I'm still passing the tests, cause I really don't want to deceive anyone about anything, especially about God.

So what do you think of Creation 2012? It really is hard to separate politics and religion in a discussion... though I find it easy to separate government from religion... I really hope people will understand that. It's so important.

I gotta find the article of when they Repubs, I believe, checked out a room in Congress to receive the Rev. Sun Yung Moon as the Savior...  wasn't that 2002 or 2003?

How many false prophets and antiChrists would there need to be for people to notice.. I'm not criticizing..  it's so easy to be lulled....I'm wondering if certain "tribes" have been vamping to get to this "battle"... let's send a couple more by him, see if he wakes up... and bankrupt him again to keep him distracted....

Responsibility and intelligence.. I hope that wasn't directed at me. I didn't do anything wrong.

Got the Prince New York CD.. I can't read the cover but it looks interesting...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Mathis -  Stranger In Paradise

I wonder if Mike McDonald used to sing a lot of Johnny Mathis.. when you analyze their breath control, it's almost the same. hmmm.. I used to do Johnny Mathis really well... :}

11:23 Wasn't Prince. It was 9th Prince.

Finished Universal Church of the Kingdom of God the Kingdom Part III... I though it would be more technical and stuff.. I think it turned out better.. you know ehat they say about keeping things simple...

I think I feel reading Hafiz coming on...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doors - Break on Through

3/24/2009 5:32 am - First, I promised that if I was kept awake all night again, I'd do a little article on Eric Holder.. then I started thinking... looks like the psyops guys are pplaying Waco and Ruby Ridge games on me, which is pretty stupid.. but then they do that to people who complain about Waco.

So, I decided instead to point to the Clinton Administration, now the Obama administration, and do a little titled something like... WHat Do Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City and 911 have in common? Let's see, there's Napolitano, Holder. Panetta, who else.. oh yeah... scientists saying the government explanation for th ebombs doing the damage they supposedly did was impossible.. implants in McVeigh.. Jack Barnes.. thermite... ought to be an interesting article.. I'll see if I can get some comments from McVeigh's attorney... and the man from Harvard, the theologian for Waco... get my drift... about time I gave Napolitano my formal greeting anyway...

Meanwhile.. Katrina V. Words and all.. I get the feeling she read my email and checked out my site after all.. told her to put her reporter's hat on and do the research.. now she's even recommending Spitzer.. saying the Masters of the Universe got him... I wonder if she's read the latest :} Somehow, I do get around. I wonder what she thinks about the "religious" part... I don't think it was the Kingdom of God when I emailed her... :}

I'd rather do it myself :}

It's kind of weird looking out your window all night, not sleeping, seeing the lights from the chopper surveilling you from a mile away... a waste of infra red..let alone all that fuel.

A whole bunch of folks must have caught the scriptures on how gray hair makes you look distinguished.. I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty distinguished these days...

Whoever was questioning me about national strikes.. nice try, but that's   a rerun too.. nmational strikes are only good to oppose something specific, and shouldn't be wasted on day to day stuff. WHen the time comes for the people to stand up to this government, they will, and they'r eready to now. One false move and it's a done deal. The real question is, who, with a big enough perspective would calm them down and prevent violence.. non eof you guys.. and I doubt you'd let me stand in the way.. so I have to figure you want a melee to justify martial law... that would be your biggest mistake... you guys have pretty much done to the U.S. what you did to Russia... Americans won't put up with it much longer. Good luck...

And Obama.. you just keep using my lines and all... it'll catch up to you soon... Tell Leon not to incite too many wars now that he thinks he's  abig shot..

On that voice of elijah material.. it didn't even hit me til a little while ago. the double cross.. the guy didn't catch it.. But he's right on the edge... Something tells me someone's actually going to publish my book.. I wonder what country and language :}

Interesting too. LaHay and Jenkins talk about plagues, massive earth quakes, wtc...  these people don't keep watching.. the Indonesian Tsunami knocked the earth .9 degrees off its axis, and the repercussions are beginning all over.. including the ring of fire, set of by China's quakes... look out Japan...

Meanwhile, North Korea.. Rumsfeld set up Iraq with chemical waepons.. set up N Korea by selling em nuclear plants while Rummy was with Westinghouse... who else has Rumsfeld set up like that?

And notice that Obama's administration is only willing to mention Bush in contexts that would not implicate the Democrats and their complicity in everything Bush did...

Obama, you're not off to a bad start because of the sub-prime crisis, you're off to a bad start becaue you're a fraud and a liar, and I can prove it, and will. already have actually...

I'm a big fan of Katrina's I used to root for her back in 2000 and 2001! She'll love news of the nation.

One final note: sometimes I wonder if Campbell Brown does her rediculous stories first just to get me to change the channel.. all  bias all bull.. I mean, it's bad, I'd do mystery science on her but I'd be laughing so hard no one would be able to understand what I was saying....

I think I'm going to write about miracles next. Remember when penicillin was considered a miracle? Maybe you're not old enough for that.. I gotta focus on Mika's age.. you know these kids of the elite don't pay attention to older stuff. :} Maybe after I get through profiling Rumsfeld she'll understand why I distrust her dad so much...    Machiavelli might work, and I understand the plight of a displaced genius, but if ya gotta choose between Machiavelli and integrity, you know which one I'd pick..

Mika.. I miss Ashley, but you do much better when you're challenged by men. and the righteous indignation works, and is appropriate :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jay & the Americans - This Magic Moment

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Queen - Masters Of The Universe

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight

Hard to believe we're coming up on the 7th anniversary... by 2012 it'll actually be 12 years I've been doing this... at least there's mystery shopping... :} I think I'm gonna do it.. can't think of anything I could actually be arrested for  :} I could even pay on my taxes which would be very cool.. ya never know.. maybe I could go to some other country and get my teeth fices.. I hear Croatia's good...and they have those special religious people there too.. maybe that's why someone's been trying to get me to go there...

Meanwhile.. I figured out my correct "audience".. not what you'd expect, but a Prince songs says it all.. which one?

Oh yeah, Barack.. the thing about laughing about everything is not exactly somehting to do regularly especially when you don't understand the premise, and the people you're laughing with don't know the joke.. it's just about absurdity... not at all.. btw.. describing dorky motor skills and coming up with the visual of SPeical Olympics doesn't speak well of your Freudian psyche and what you consider funny.

Meanwhile.. the truly funny part about you Barack, and the intel on me, is that I'm actually a very serious person, and that's how people view me.. not quite like the weblog, is it... like I keep saying, if you think you know me from this web log, you're wrong... and I could still top your punchlines any time... ready to debate...?

Ya know, thinking back, I actually got started in "public service work" more like in '97... it's been 11 years.. maybe 12.. how time flies when you're being attacked :}

1:11pm Love them numbers. Is that a good one? I still don't know or care. :}

Barney.. I really have a problem with people who treat constituents and citizens of any sort like they were a bother you wish you didn't have to deal with.. and I can't remember the last time I saw you treat anyone as if you respected them. As for the weight, when Leon gets back, head over to his office and get the best psychotronics guy they have.. so far, I think the CIA guys have been the most compassionate.. maybe it's the Ft Lewis guys, adny, the CIA are the pros.. they can set you up with a psychotronics progrma that I guarantee will allow you to lose weight without any suffereing, they can fix it so you don't even notice, dislike your favorite foods and even make lean cuisine taste good. Better yet, on a crash diet, they'll convince you you already ate. I'm not joking, That's how good psychotronics are. The technology can be very cheap... if you can make an oscillator, you can make psychotronics..  I was going to setup routines ont he web, semi-hypnotic, for people to quit smoking.. all sorts of stuff... but figured with the way psyops guys like subliminals, I'd better not, cvause they'd put in hidden triggers and get people to do really weird stuff and blame it on me.

Anyway.. psychotronics, Barney, medical use, the real stuff, the stuff you don't tell anyone about...  the stuff they use to torture people like me, Barney... you know the people you guys treat like dirt.. peasant idiots beneath your class.. all that... I used to be  a fan back in the days when you were a representative of the people, not the corporations. I used to be a fan of lots of you guys... I just have this personal history now that proves you're cowards and frauds... Clinton and Bush and friends.. why is it exactly I was such a big threat to them they had to ruin my life?

When I get elected, and you're gonna be amazed what I can do if you cowards can dare face me without shooting me with dews and psychotronics.. meanwhile.. why do you have to diminish and insult everyone personally, Barney... don't get me started...

Nice chart sailor boy:}

So, am I getting this right, Obama was dying his hair? Are you kidding me? Now I know he never read the Bible, he never saw the gray hair thing :} Gonna have to have a talk with Jeremiah Wright :}

So I know you guys don't take me that seriously, and tv news people, feel free to make fools of yourselves all you want.. I will break out of this box, and God will win, and I know you don't take that seriously either.. and that's good.. cause when He does, maybe he'll whack you guys over your heads and wake you up and who knows, maybe you'll  be worth talking to.

Let's see.. I think I could give actual quotes by Leonard.. that would make some good catharsis for Hillary :} We love catharsis..

Here's another truth people won' tbelieve.. when Bush was in office, even most of the Republicans didn't know what to think of him.. They're glad he's gone too...

I like Michelle Bachmann. She asks good questions. No wonder they don't like her.

When you guys special rendition me, could you drop me off in Hebron. I hear they're expecting me there. :}

Control of the military and intel - job 1 is to restore the constitution, which Iknow you CFR people want to destroy and have... job 2, clean out the intel agencies like should've been done long ago... 3 protect America from its rogue operators, including politicians, and your surrogates you normally use to disrupt  democracies and 4 protect AMerica from mercenary forces who might have a "re-take" provision in their contract, which would be a military overthrow that I won't allow. And 5th, to protect America from all the enemies we've acquired through MIC militarism...

Now, you think I'm a peace at all costs kind of guy.. wrong... but I'll accomplish peace... we have the weapons, we don't need more, we don't more arms races to economic war with other nations like we have for so long, and no foreign nation is going to own this country... this government has literally sold it to the rest of the world, land and all, and it's not going to happen and it won't take war to prevent it.

Now, why don' tGeorge and Barack and all you guys go take your stuff and sit in the depleted uranium hell-hole you call Iraq and Afghanistan, and commit genocide on yoursleves like you're doing to them, we'll call it the abomination of desolation and say it's finished. Cause I decelared it was long ago. ANd it is. You're witnessing your own defeat by your own corrupt actions. Live by the sword die by the sword..

You CFR guys did exactly what my father said you'd do.. become corrupt by absolute power.  And you're not above the law, and that fact will be proven before I'm done.

Even more than that, I know the military and a whole lot of intel people will defend this country against those who sold it out... so before you go muscling America anymore, media and politicians, you'd better remember that all your fancy toys and weapons won' tstand up to the population of this nation.. Americans love their country.. and when they relaize you guys actually are traitors... I don't care how many SOA troops you bring, AMericans will win. And you guys will be treated as nuisances.. as it should be. And still, I will not have been required to lift a finger.

But I will, when the time comes, and it'll come soon, and when it does, either a whole bunch of arrests of traitors will be done, or the people will have their way. And I'm no traitor.. so who does that leave?

Can't wait til you make me out a radical or extremist or hippie or something.. anything to hide the truth.. that's what'll end up damning you. I'm looking forward to standing up to you people on before of AMericans and the good of the world.. call me crazy, I'll call you crazy for claiming the same thing. The only difference, you jerks stole my life and attack me with weapons, while claiming how great you are as politicians.. criminals like you people always do.

When America learns the truth, God wins.  Take JT with ya he's got a good song for it.. you can run but you cannot hide.. I wonder if God uses handcuffs?

Anyone wondering about this last message should remember that I was kept awake all night by psychotronics, and they're purposely aggravating me now cause, that's what sicko psyops people do... that's why they'll go to the Hague.

That's America and psychotronics for ya... when you guys are busted and you beg for mercy, do you expect to get it. Read the BIble, it says you will get none from anyone, including God. Then you'll know what it's like for me and all the other people you make suffer so many ways... That's why I'm not backing down. I stand up to the government with truth, you respond with lethal weapons. America has no moral highground on anything with this corrupt bunch of polliticians from CFR in charge. And America willl know the name of the Council on Foreign Relations, too, right before it's dissolved and the members arrested for conspiracy and treason. Just cuz it's true.

7:24pm - Ya know big guy, I don' tknow why you bother with those college guys when ya have me :} Actually, I like Wharton.. that other guy said 3-5%...  I said 3% back when it all started happening without being up on the issue as much as I  might have been... certain disruptive distractions from the southlands... ya know...  the problem is, I can actually see how to do that, but I now estimate that by 2012, we'll be in to about 14.7 trillion in surface debt... Now, strangely enough, if I could get a bunch of world leaders to agree with me, I have some creative ideas on how to really confuse people while correcting the global economy...  domestic only if necessary, having to do with everyone agreeing to play a little pretend game called... adjusting valuation, initially governed by WTO rules to be discarded after 2 years by a superceding global agreement on free trade in which dominions and sovereignties and respected, resources are distributable and distributed and laws providing advantage of any sort are abolished, as law is once again interpreted by its intent, not its semantical loopholes, and state of the art technology is availed for the good of all as per the will of God and your family....

What do ya think free traders, is that fair or what? Yeah I know 2 years.. I didn't say all the details would be worked out.. I'm saying, we'd clear out the corruption... everything gets easier after that... lots of details, that's what staff is for.. 

Personally, I always wanted to import art, particularly Chinese art, after seeing something on the Today show when I was a kid... and my dad had this book on import export and mail order.. another thing I wanted to do with the farm.. sort of get art distributed around the world... the internet's okay, but it's not like the real thing.

I was just thinking, maybe I really can't write about miracles tonight.. and then I figured out how it was fun.. we'll call the chapter.. sequel to "from the beginning of time"

Why did they call the FCC Uncle Charlie?

I have  anew poem. Reminds me of Mrs. West's class. She didn't like my poetry. That's actually when I decided I didn't and most people didn't actually    understand what words mean anymore...  5th grade, I think.

I heard it might snow

The birds looked hungry

So I fed 'em.


Trust me, the ones in her class were better.. haiku's... :}

PS to PMS... when I talked about reading the Bible backwards, I was  talking about letter by letter, doing constant mental skip searches like I free associate  words on boxes and stuff :} It's actually how I figured out Aha was God... Abba too... which would free associate to abba dabba do and brylcreem a little dab'll do ya which leads to my brother who used it in his hair. Personally, I found it worked best to get grease off my hands after working on the car :} I don't remember how I figured that out :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Living In Oblivion The 80's Greatest Hits Vol 1 - 06 - Re-flex - The Politics Of Dancing

I saw today that warner music is pulling tunes off of youtube.. debateable whether they're right about that or not... anyway... so I figure I'll get  a letter.. and when I do, I'll pull down their product, keeps the links intact, and each time people click on one of their tunes, they'll get an explanation of TW's involvement in.. whatever I decide to write.. Chrissy says this IS hardball.. I knew that.. I was just waiting for a bunch of loose ends to play out... and I see a few more on the horizon...

So... here's the rest of the poem..  just thought of it.. here goes


Then I wrote a poem about it

So I guess I better go do it

Before I make myself a total liar.


3/25/2009 11:44am - Rachel.. whenever someone like you starts playing taunting games, I know you media people are just running another psychotronics dialectic on me to make me look irrational and stupid. I don't care. I'm going to indulge you people one last time to give Rachel a chance to reconsider befoe she goes from being a witness to a convicted criminal. Nor do I care what Air America thinks of me, and I know that was the "threat" about confronting you, and if the Air America are that corrupt, then who needs them.. and if they get hauled into this by you, and end up going defunct, it won' tbe my fault.

Rachel, here's what all of you need to understand. I've lived my life the way I have because I refuse to be people like you - people whho will go along with anything, including harming other people, because you think it's cool, you don't want to seem "square", and you don't really give a damn about anyone but yourself.

I've always stepped in between people like you and your victims because I believe in justice, and I"d much rather be hated than allow myself to sit by and watch other people get harmed so I can succeed... that's the difference between people like me and you. Which means, you got brainwashed into believing that the ends justify the means..

Part of the reasons I didn't develop my psychic skills is the same reason you guys don't deserve the trust and responsibility of using them. THe first thing I did when I thought of what I could dowith psychotronics.. other than use it for silent sound to inform peope... was to take itsomewhere and play with people's heads... watch em when they start hearing voices... it would be funny, just like the holosonic spotlight inventor. And that' s when I recognized the harm it would do.. because what  starts out as a fun joke you can get away with, it turns into saddism unless you're very disciplined and refuse to abuse it.. It's no different than the way a serial killer becomes emboldened. If you're as smart as I think you are, then you should be able to recognize the psychological patterns between caused in you by the criminality around you and the group think it creates, and refuse to be a part of it if you are  indeed, a moral person who wants to be moral.

All that kind of thinking is what has me continually say, regardless of how frustrated I get, is that I understand how people get led into particpating in these things and that the only true perps are the people who order it... however, at a certain point, the people particpating have to end up taking responsibility for their part, and the fact that they continue to particpate in it or take up the practice of particpating in it kind of tells the final story.. I try to not make firm judgments because I know people have been affecte by a great many negative ifluences, and in the end, the choices people make toward abating all the evil, and it is evil, will be the determinant of their futures in terms of their spirit. I have to be honest with yuo.. if you think God is tougher than me.. I know He's going to hold you guys back from returning to life in corporal form until one day when you guys get your hearts back in order.. and that will truly be hell for you.. personally, I'd be satisfied if He just zapped you all out of existence.. not really, but that's why I just complain toHim, knowing He's going to take care of those things while I get the world back in order. I'm glad I don't hvae to, because I grew up in this same world as you, and I learned to think some things automatically that I don't really believe in. Like the death penalty.

Racehl, do you know that I really do have the proof necessary to convict you all.. that I don't have to prove every knit-picking thing.. that I'm not going to do what you all want me to do... waste my time compiling evidence when all I have to do is get a few to know the truth and the rest will take care of itself? I know Eric Holder isn't going to prosecute Barack Obama It was a formality. As is this. Consider this your cease and desist, or at the very least, know why I'm not going to waste my time playing with someone who's gone bad.

All of you really need to understand, I know and you know that if you hadn't harmed me and used psychotronics, I would have legitimately run for preseidnet, and who if I'd have won.. but I would have made a huge difference.

Everytime you guys run a dialectic on me, it just exposes the reality of one more person Iused to resepct, and I know you all think it's funny that I persist in acting like my opinion matters... I regret in this moment that any of you chose to expose me to the religious part of my nature cause I really don't believe I was suppposed to know this time around.. but what I know more than all of that is that there are many ways to influence the world, and regardless of how God uses my life now, now that you all have done a pretty good job of sabotaging God's plan..

Just be forewarned.. the more you mess up God's plan, the more you mess up my life, the more determined and resolved I become to fulfill my purpose in this world.. and that really is to make the high lowe, and the low high, and I didn't realize the depths of the corruption anddeparavity I was facing as  a citizen back in 2000 or 2002, but I know now.. and that's why I know I might as well see it to the end, because unless I do, I don't really have a life, you don't really have a life, no one does.. I refuse to be a robot... I know the gov't and corporations thought thye made me into one and had me.. but the fact that I'm writing this now is proof that you didn't get me at all, and God's got you right where he wants you.

The same He's had all your friends for quite some time.. you have no excuse, no true plausible deniability.. and so whatever you do merely delivers the jury's verdict as per your wishes. They say serial criminals want to get caught., That's my opinion about you guys. As well as how you still expect someone to take the responsibility to do that, instad of giving it up or turning in the real criminals. So you may get away with things in the eyes of the law, and you may even win the cause you believed was worth winning with the ends are justified by the means.. until the day that someone uses the same approach on you, and you figure out just how sick they are becuase they'll do it to you or anyone else who gets in their way. You know history. You know it's true. Now, you're  apart of history. God's history. And right now, the story about you in HIs book isn't going in a very good direction.

It's a shame. You're like a lot of true geniuses I'v emet in broadcasting who came to no good because of their self-destructive narcissism... caused by a lack of self-esteem.. and I know you know I'm actually speaking the truth... all I have to say is, does it really feel good, does it increase your self-esteem to particpate in crimes that kill other people through torture?

Everybody gets frustrated because they want justice. Becoming unjust amplifies the problem. Your particpation in amplfying it only causes further injustice. In that really what you wanted? And if the plan, the regime you're being a Baghdad Bob for is so good and righteous,.  why don' tthey tell America the truth of their ambitions and goals? The reason America can't have a real discussion that would allow such a conversation is all the so called smart people who learned that creating a disturbance allows for a reset of the discussion.. the only problem, is like Carnegie, you idea of resetting things through chaos is to harm and kill people... ask Jeffrey Sachs.

As for meRachel, if you're really not smart enough to see all that.. if you really do enjoy laughing at the people who are harmed by the things you're beginning to be involved with.. then I wouldn't want your approval.. your approval would scare me.. it would make me wonder where I got off track from God's plan and ways... that you, doing what you're doing, would approve of me.

So have fun with all that. I'm sure you can propagandize that into me being crazy somehow. But tha'll be the final proof of the difference between me and you..

And don't forget, proof or not, if you lie about your knowledge, you'll be guilty of  obstructing justice and all sorts of things, and that will be what convicts you. So this is actually your moment ot make a choice. And if you or the corporate think they'll turn this into some kind of slander thing, fine, you'll have to testify, and I'll have to prove you're a liar. Hoever you want to do it, God wins. And the more I suffer, the more other people suffer, the worse it'll be for people like you.

I'm going to purposely go out of my way to not collect anything on you, and then you can mess with me all you want and think you got away with it. Except for one thing tha tkeeps happening without me intending it.. God always makes sure I end with evidence.. it's uncanny.. I don't even know it.  And the inresting part of it is, it leaves people like you wondering does he really have the evidence or doesn't he? And then you have to make your own choices, asking, if I do this thing and get caught, what's gonna happen. Well guess what, I do all the evidence. Are you going to coninue harming me and proving you're a criminal, or are you goinf to prover that you're an ethical person? Ain' tit interesting that that's the wy God works too. ANd yet, people claim they believe in GOd, but only care about getting away with things based on earthly law.

There seems to be a disconnect. And Rachel, don't ever interfere with my ewriting again. The miracle at this pooint will be that yuo salvage your life and do something right before things go terribly wrong for you and the rest of your criminal friends. Your careers will be over if you lalpersist in your present courses. And you know I'm stubborn enough to hang in to see the job get done, legally and with the will of the people, and I just don't care about what happens to me, because I have a purpose, I accepted God's purpose for me long ago, and I'm not going to wilt in the face of it now.

1:28 Big guy.. I can see alleviating as much as 8 trillion of the debt through current paradigm tricks, but that would also mean further impoverishing of the poor... I think we have to do that trick, without harming the poor and in fact empowering them... it sounds like redistribution of wealth but it's actually revalueing assets to real value and restting the "what the market will bare" attitude that caused me to say years ago that the corporations had us in a stranglehold.. it was no longer what the market would bear, but  what they wanted, and what they could squeezze out of people by looking at stats of disposable income, therefore, an equation and strategy to purposely force people to spend money... like requiring insurance... just like the equation in Commanding Heights by the Indian economist.... meanwhile, Obama says no more bubble economies, and his surrogates are talking about the next boom economy... it was good to hear the writer on Colbert talking about how FDR ended the depression with war.. which he did... cause here we go again.. I haven't been wrong about the big curve yet, is anyone going to start listening and assist me in stopping it? Fire is fire I suppose.

Barack.. don't tell me about ships and rudders... talk to me about how you're going to rid the white house garden of all the pesticides and fertilizers put on it all these years, in a  way that creates a model for the paradigm of how to do the same thing for the farmlands of America and the world...

The big question will be.. how long will it take for Obama's writers to run out of propaganda... it's already sounding pretty thin.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Wild Places - 06 - Blind to the Truth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jefferson Starship - Miracles

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Have I Told You Lately

3:11 Here's the thing to keep in mind... I notice all kinds of stuff... like how Obama is taking all my ideas and methods and using their imagery and concept and not actually doing it.. but I notice, and I record it here, and I really didn't mean it to become a play by play of my life, but I'm glad it did because it becomes m,y log of the crimes commited against me that I didn't even know were going on.

But I notice things, and keep it as data, like psychic images, I don't try to interpret it as more than face value thoughts, and  one by one, little by little, dots get connected and dialectics get exposed. I follow all the dialectics because it ends up identifying people who are involved and in what ways, and getting people to the point of knowing they are at least material witneses to me is okay even if it only gives them one final chance to do the right thing before they are judged by the public...

Sometimes, it's taken years to connect certain dots. I find that interesting, but rarely surprising anymore given the length of time these things have been done... can I prove it? I believe I can or I wouldn't be so bold in my assertions.. I'm not stupid, and I know how public perception works, I know how people get setup to be used as media stars for political distraction and entertainment value... I don't mind knowing that some people will benefit by.. I hate to put it this way... discovering me.. and it is okay..

But the truth is, I really had intended to publish this book anonymously...and was persuaded thru psychotronics and other events not to.. until recently, I regretted that decision because th ereason I wanted it to go out anonymously was so that people would consider the message, the words and ideas, standing on their own... free of the image and credibility of a man, namely me.

Now, despite still wishing that in many ways, I also see the need for a leader to deliver that message in words to makesure the message is deepened by conversation and not diluted or misinterpreted, resulting in having the real message of God at this time get lost or overlooked.

I'm not really waiting for the cameras to come to me so much as I am waiting to be received in some way in partnership, because I'm really not interested in forcing anything on anyone. And still, I can also say I'd have published myself into the world long ago, as a citizen, if the psychotronics and directed energy weapon attacks hadn't so impaired me... even just by the fatigue the DEWS create. And that's a well documented effect of dews.

I know the current paradigm of the world is to do things by creating media stars... if I'm ever taken seriously, I know I'll spend my time being talked to, and I"ll enjoy it as well as look for all the reasons why it happen this way so I can continue to deepen my understanding of that in relation to knowing what needs to be accomplished...

Heres the thing I don't ever want to have get lost in me or the people I put trust in to accomplish on behalf of fellow citizens and God... you can talk about the environment, honoring God, regulation, whatever you want ot say it's all about... when you always remember it's about people first, the Golden Rule, the responisbilities of leadership and the knowledge that people's lives are affected, not just numbers on a   stat or demographic, but people's actual lives... and if you can just base thought on that, and work to empower those lives, everything else will be handled properly if you always refuse to compromise on that sense of right or wrong.. which is the fudnamental basis governing the golden rule and equal and opposite reaction... which doesn't care about appearances in the material realms, and functions regardless of public knowledge or admission... it's an amazing thing... it actually protects my life at this time, and it's the judgment and justice of God at work.

I ssee stuff being done to set me up, other stuff happens to "check it", I say, whoa, that was interesting, God, what else ya got? Thanks, good work. When do I get to actually do something? Yeah, I do understand the part about being  a jealous God now... and that's how that goes... :}

So... emulations... so when they say I said "God told me to run for president" like GW did... remember, I think I said it first :} but more than that, I'll say, no he didn't, the big guy did.. but that's another story.. :}

Gotta go to the airport.. a chance for the TSA guys to practice surveillance... they used to surveil me there.. I don't pay attention to it anymore :} I always laugh thinking, why are they wasting their money doing this? What do they think I"m going to do? My weapon is words, and much more effective than physical harm (drives 'em nuts when I remind the psyops guys of that)

9:20 pm - At the end of Kung Pow FIst the question is, when faced with 1,000,000 opponents, what do you do... that's when I wrote to Dobbs and said I'd levitate.. now years later, it's time to rise above. I could read that a bunch of ways..

So Rachel, I figured out about 2 dozen dialectics your little dealy bopper was supposed to wrap up, and it just won't work and you all got me to do these psychotronic talks and all that, and it's so rediculous.. cuz I know, number one, that there are psyops people who feed you lines and let you in on the games..  you guys forget that I always simply fall back on what I can prove.. that' swhy, just a s I said you were doing long ago, you guys were getting me to talk about all kinds of things I can't prove... although 90% of the stories I tell I can prove... and as for you, I wanted to see what possible reason, other than pure saddism, your getting involved would serve.

So, I'll hope this is the last time I have to edal with you all setting up situations to cover the butts of the psyops people, and the other folks you used to make me look crazy. Bring on the shrinks, ones who can read and are willing to look at evidence and listen to witnesses. The only thing you psyops peole have on me are either things you'll have to fabricate or will expose your own criminality. As to divinity, I think one aspect would deserve and answer why I'be been monitored my whole life.. and thne if that turned out ot be a psyops illusion, which is  apossibility but also appears more true than not when I review the facts of my life that I'm clear about. Even if you succeeded in getting one of your judges to rule me crazy, what danger do I pose.. and oh yeah, civil rights violations, psyops, dews, choppers.. witnesses... ANd why your interest in me in the first place. So it always comes back on you, and Rachel, if you really  want ot get indicted, we could probably arrange it in the long run.. I don't know why you'd want to get involved in the first place. AS for being a schill for the Democratic Party and the COuncil on Foreign Relations agenda, it's clear you are and easy to prove... the way you guys act,  you seem to be proud of it, so why would it upset you if I said such a thing.

Your plausible deniability goes out the window with everybody else's where you work.. and if other people get involved, they'll up in a RICCO situation.. and so it's very interesting how this civil war of words is lining up. And nothing you and your people have done change any of the evidence I have, nor am I intimidated or anything else. I stand firm on my positions, based on fact and evidence. So, tell the psyops guys you'r e working with, this one's over, good luck on the next one.. and when I'm asked, I'll just say this is one more that I can't prove and don't want to, even though I might be able to, and you chose sides, the wrong side.. cause people like you and the other presenters aren't the people who ned to be caught, anymore than the pastor you're trying to help by setting up situations to make it seem like I"m seeing things that didn't happen...   you guys really must be feeling desperate.

PS The pysops guy says they want me to prove I have this evidence. I say, prove I don't. You know I do. And I'm not going to waste my time lining it up so the justice dept and the DHS can cover it up for them.. you guys know what you did. Assume I can prove it all. You caused too many patterns that make it too obvious. No matter what you do, that's what wil get you all thrown in jail Probably for life. Likely deserved because of the eggregiousnes of your crimes.

All I did was exercise my free speech rights. Lots of people can testify as to this kind of treatment by the government.

10:39 I think one thing I think will make my point to you at this time: After you've compiled enough evidence of a few eggregious crimes, you don't have to worry about finding the entire list. That was the point of what I wrote the other night. Now, I know you guys have all sort sof legislation and laws and rules that let you get away with what you do.. if this was ever personal for  me, if it was ever about me "making a case" it would have been filed long ago. I never was trying to cause action on any criminality. I didn't know there was any against me.. not this kind anyway.. But you know darned well I'm quite capable of filing  a law suit...  and then you'd have me gagged. We've gone all through this before, I don't care how it looks, and you'll have to have it read into the record...

You think you have me distracted from all the other issues going on, and you don't... you think you have me confused as to who to trust, and you don't... the only thing you have on me is that I tell the truth about the crimes of the people screwing America.. I don't care what intel agency or authority you work for or under, I know a lot of it is DOD and I don't care.. the public needs to know to what extremes you people go to harm their fellow citizens, and when they realize the whole truth, how much you've harmed each of them.

Any law that allows this to be done to citizens is unconstitutional, I don't care how you slice it, I don't care how much media you control, and I don't care how much power and money you have... I was thrust into the middle of a situation I had no idea about and since I'm here I'm going to do what I know is right, and I can't help it what you or any of your friends have done.. and every power of government used to harm me, before and in the future, is just proof after proof after proof of your worthlessness as human beings... and then there are the millions of others... and they won't be as nice about it as me.

You people couldn't possibly believe in God and do what you do. And you prove it every day. So be it. It's not just your job, it's not playing both sides, it's saddistic.. and I'm tired of playing your flip flop games... so as far as I'm concerned, have a good time in hell. You'll like it there.  The people of America and the world deserve justice. They'll have it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 10 - Mr Eisenhower

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Come Go With Me

3/254:11EvanBayh Potted Plants CMHB

3/26 12:46 pm The party of Noah.. funny how I always wanted to gather up my friends and have a house boat party on Lake Powell. it's been a lifelong ambition... I always wanted to go to Hawaii too... Good thing lokey and company prevented it :}

Funny how I said I would win, and that marijuana would be an issue when I did... not about me, as an issue... I want to see tires made out of plant oils.. got tht Warren.. that's the future... and it doesn't replace current farmlands & productions.. stick it out in the desert there's lots of plants that work and replace oil... right CNN? PS LOved Economic Poker. Really did :} and the fun part is, do that, and after about 10-15 years, you'll end up with a potential rain forest... all kinds of benefits.. and tht lalows us to constantly.. constantly is relative, 20-30 years.. rotate the lands and replenish them properly, as well as even distribute the burdens on drying aquifers... :} I had no intention of talking about this :}It's essentially the same plan I had to give Israel fresh water.

I started getting zapped really hard last night when I mentioned that back in the 50's my day said fiber optic would replace light bulbs... I though  it   was a great idea then, still do... it's fun to play with too. Imagine 1 light bulb lighting an entire house.. and it wouldn't even be a light bulb, it would be a plant growing in your window :} Check it out Warren, it's the future and a good application of GMO as long as it's containable so the dna doesn't get pollinated elsewhere...

I think these AG's threatening to give out people's nams is pure fascism, and those people have a legitimate right to sue the AG's for extortion, abuse of power, defamationa dn more. By law, they committed no crimes and they had contracts, just like Grasso and Welch. I won't argue with the ethics of things on this one, except that the government is breaking the law and setting a bad example by harming these people illegally..

Now AIG.. I've had some interesting times where I've been left in rooms for appointments and doctor's offices for extended periods of time, causing me to become bored and walk around and read everything on the walls. Back in about '96 or so, one o fthe things I read, which i thought was werid to see in a doctor's office exam room, was an extensive newspaper article outlining all the millions and millions siphoned off by AIG management over the years, and the farce of the expense of insurance.. all leading to making it nearly impossible for doctors to survive unless they agreed to be in an HMO or other group insurance practice... malpractice inusrance is one way to manipulate doctors from field to field.. and even includes why there are fewer obstetricians and more... I have  agood deal of experience in how doctors are certified and how bad doctors slip thru the cracks, and even developed a configuraition for streamlining prescriptions and HMO pharma supplies, etc... which still is not in use 12 years later... and it's a simple program.

The idea of regionalization of government... it's time has come, but also requires independent citizen controlled oversight programs to ensure integrity... all coordinating to the Federal Government... again, this could become a gestappo like thing if used improperly, an that's why there must be real checks and balances. The same paradigm could be used on a global level so long as it wasn't colonialization and based on paradigms of Rhoades and Rhoades scholars, who are part of the power circle to blame for the global financial crisis, and a huge amount of the trouble in Africa.

I want to request that Congress sets up a system.. should be easy to do.. just have the satellite guys give you access to every local access channel they have, and watch the local morning news all over the country, 1 hour  adya.. because then, maybe you'll appreciate the impact what you do has on people who have to live with the results of your work. This isn't about guilting you. It IS about reminding you that the people whose lives are being harmed are real people who deserve to be treated like adults, like EVERY life counts... I know you think you provide service to that consciousness, but you have to realize that what you're doing shows a true socipathy.. dissociation and the works... If you guys allowed me to have a web site that had people give a brief description of how and why the Federal Government has committed a crime agains tthem, do you think I could get a server big enough, and the band width great enough that I could handle the traaffic? I doubt it. Just like you've stopped me from doing a number of things that would have exposed this government's crimes.

Just like you've stopped me from helping  a great number of people - like the hungry and the homeless.. more proof of the sociopathy.. ends justify the means. So if you guys in COngress don't like my attitude... my indignation and apparent lack of respect.. remember, and it's provable, you all had my full backing until I realized you were committing crimes against me, and then began to discover all the other   horrendous things you people are doing... Barack, you're a sick man. So are your friends. It's going to be easy to prove.  So don't make too many plans to occupy the White House for a long time. And I can out debate and be a better representative of the citizens and God at the same time, any day of the week, anybody you put up against me. ANd you know why I can out debate them? Because I actually believe in what I say and talk about, and you guys just spout well marketed lies and flatteries, and steal my thoughts and words and beliefs and pervert them like everything else you people touch.

I'm not against you guys, and it's nothing personal. It's called justice. And you all have lost sight of what that means. That's why there needs to be a purge, Ted.

I'm the real deal, and if there's only one reason I know it, it's because I have every intention, once I find some people to trust and who prove themselves trustwortyh.. I'll have people with permission to kick my butt, and when I say I'm looking for input from opposing views, it won't be a show, I"ll actually consider it all before writing the plan.. like you do Barack... actually, whoever it is who tells you their next product they want you to sell... ANd I'll actually be a key player in formulating the plans..just like I'm going to invest a couple days in reviewing the computer operations of the intel agencies, the government as a whole and FEMA... and I can do it in a couple of days... cause I know that kind of stuff like the back of my hand... and you guys have been lying about the capabilities of U.S. computer systems since before Bush.

And the town meetings and all. cool.. except, I'd actually be taking input, and interacting, not putting on a show to make it look like I'm listening. That's why I'd still do the weekend activities and all to actually talk to people, and have open discussions, reall discussions, not just lip service.

So epiphany guy, got any requests for key chapters... tell me what you want and I'll give you what you need... just no more games.. I'm not in the mood. I've got my own camera anyway :} Stardate....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Thunder

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 01 - No Lookin' Back

PS to Judith - Sorry for not being in touch.. the dews and all make it hard for me to kepe schedules right now, or to make plans. Back when I wrote to Cantwell, I became the organizer for the meetings we thought were going to take place in her offices, and I was so attacked I could barely function, so I had to turn it back over to other people at Freedm From Covert Harassment & Surveillance.. that's why I don't do a show on Talkshoe... just like I got zapped when I went to that church.. Things will break loose soon, cause they can't contain me like this much longer... I hope you're well.

3:58 pm Just remember: everyone you talk to and everyone you attempt to get to help you suppress me, everyone you lie to to suppress me will become witnesses, and co-conspirators... just like I told the fake minister.. if you want to do that to your so called friends, fine with me, and we'll let you explain to them why they're going to prison... the honest people who got caught in the middle will do the right thing. And they'll be co-conspirators not just against me, but thousands and millions of people...

Meanwhile.. just curious.. did W start giving people nicknames before or after I began the practice?

I think mine are better anyway :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elvis Presley - 30 No1 Hits - 26 - In The Ghetto


Nice try Obama.. make it seem like you're at war with the media.. ask the big guy, Bush did that one too... and Paul O'Neill the former Treasury Secretary and talking heads..  never did find that Elvis Costello:} Ever since the Sex Pistols... I did like my aim is true :}

I  keep having this amusing thought of being sworn in, and all the usual people have red phones in their cells so they can answer in return for time off for good behavior.. :}

Terrorist cells.. those are the parts of your brain that want to scream as the truth is revealed to you... the parts the government wants to use drugs to squeeze out of you, and cause you to stop thinking.

Speaking of which, the next time you media guys run reports about sharks.. the sign guys down the road say more people are killed by cows every year than sharks. :}

So it looks like since Bush Sr and Clinton gave all out top secret technology to China, we're going to start at least a cold war... just like Rumsfeld did with Iraq and North Korea... fits right in with Zbigniew's manifestos...

Obama believes in the vision of the Democratic Party.. that must also mean using psychotronics to torture people and deprive them of their civil and human rights... if only to win elections fraudulently.

I think what's going on in Mexico is much more than a supposed drug war.. the casualties are way too high for that... we'll take a look into how the U.S. hasn't kept it's promises to the Mexican Gov't in ways that destabilized the government to give the U.S. the excuse to take over Mexico, one way or another, in order to abuse its people and resources. The truth of this will be forthcoming soon. In addition, I'll be making another more formal thing about marijuana, hemp, and other plants God provided for numerous good reasons, and how using facts and not histrionics and politicians could solve numerous problems ranging from health care to paper and saving forests, fuel, all sorts of things that would cause an uproar with people who don't read.

Never actually thought I'd be doing something like this.. somebody has to do it. It's just the right thing to do.

I remember when Begala used to complain about the Republican's Orwellian Newspeak/double speak... it's pretty amazing.

It's a shame the Republicans aren't the party of Noe. :} Now, if you merged the Republicans with the Green Party, I'd probably fit in. Doesn't seem compatible, does it? :} That would be interesting. If the Rpeublicans started having town hall meetings with green people, and then introed legislation they could legitimately back that would not be a corporate giveaway but something that actually benefitted people directly, having nothing to do with money... all you really have to do is give publicity to small orgs doing good work, they'll benefit from it, an if you really listen, you'll figure out how to leverage legislation without coopting it that'll expose the Democrats.. I wonder what Karl would think of that?

5:45pm it must be nice to go through life without a conscience... you ought to know. It won't bode well for ya..

7:56pm Michael Steele.. make other plans for the future. God doesn't want you to run for president. Welcome to the party though.. got a strategy for everything huh... all you guys are just gonna get yourselves convicted.

At the same time in another context, sometimes you think, let's not take the bait, and then I think, might as well.. God seems to turn these things around on people, so I'll trust him, and then, like a police decoy for criminals, I'll just let the patterns and crimes and evidence build up til the idiots figure out they can' tbeat me because they can't beat God. It must be really frustrating for all these people who think they're so powerful, only to have a skinny dude like me daring them to send themselves to jail and do the right thing.. God really does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? I don't even worry about it anymore... Just call me Joshua...  Audacity is only audacious to those who gave up believing in truth and justice....

Meanwhile.. Napolitano, Der Spiegel, Orwellian double speak.. got it... these people really do think Americans are stupid don't they. Americans should be offended... Now, we don't have to be combatants... we're just detainees.. so the government, without cause, now claims the right to detain anyone they want... just detainees for whatever reason the government wants... what constitution... Keith, why did the constitution matter so much to you when Bush was in office, and now, with Obama, you don't mention that he supports the same Bush policies.. run that thing about how there isn't anything left of the bill of rights... and don't forget to mention that nothing has changed under Obama. And could have, easily.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Corey Hart - Never Surrender

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 12 - Business As Usual

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On

I've decided what I'm going to do is write mini songs in response to the Christian artists I listen to :} That'll be song. 240 mini songs on an album.. I should be able to set  a record with that.. where's Guinness when ya need them. Just like demolition man.. For the record, what was the shell for? :}

Epiphany guy.. I have lots of reservations about, in my case, having so many strong proclivities politically and then spiritually.. they are two separate subjects to me, except in terms of having the discussion we say we are engaged in as a nation under God, and demanding that we define what our values actually are, and then expecting everyone to act like adults and live up to those values... the discussion isn't religion, it's values, and it's not family values cause nobdy knows what that is. It needs to be defined and then empowered.. not by fascism and law.. and not by tolerance of diverse phliosophy, but appreciation and respect for that kind of diversity. Having an honest non-ambiguous discussion which doesn't put debating style and zingers above common sense and our real knowledge of right and wrong is necessary if the real AMerica, the reason it was claimed we were under God, is to exist in the future.

That;s the choice that's being made right now. What kind of nation, what kind of world do the citizens want.. not the leaders who don't have a clue what it's like to live under their perverse rules... and then the citizens enforcing that upon the government instead of the other way around.

That's why you power guys who think so much of yourselves better pay atention to what's going on at AIG because if you don't, that's a minor example of what's going to happen when people find out the truth about you.That exposure is well under way. And I'm sure you guys have someone you're ready to porpagandize into office when Obama fails and Hillary is laughed out of town, but people aren't going to be so willing to accept your next fraud, and I'm not that. But I will be able oto prove this government, at the present, is a fraud.

Now I'm sorry  you Congress people don't like my words.. you think you can ignore me and others like me and just suppress and harm me with your weapons... you'd better get your heads out of your.. holes in the sand pretty soon, because these people who are hurting are not going to remain patient, and I'm sure ot going to get in their way... you can be proactive or continue your criminal activities and ensure the destruction of the future of your children's lives because of the public humiliation you'll cause them.. they'll defend you, and then be shamed by the lies they'll tell on your behalves,and that will put an end to both your futures. Are you really going to sell out your own children like that too? That IS why the Bible says your families will be ripped to shreds. I'm really trying to give you the best coaching anyone can give you. And like the minister and Rachel and everyone else, I keep warning you and letting you know I won't put up with it, and all you do is ask who are you to challenge us.

Soon you'll know. Don't say I didn't try to save you before you incriminated yourselves. Cause I did and I can prove it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come

3/27/2009 3:07 pm - Well, I'm sure all the psyops guys, the mdeia and the politicians involved all think they've won some victories in suppressing an dharming me.. I had some talks with God last night, and now I know how the situation is going to be remedied. Those of you who are clueless, it's unfortunate because you've proven who and what you are and God accepts it. So do I. You all think that victory is achieved in the materila world, and you think you can avoid God in the spiritual world, and that will be the vengeance served up cold that you all like so muhc, when your bodies die this time around and you're shocked when you face the judgement of God. Anyone who has participated in my torutre, anyone who's particpated in the crimes against humanity since the time of Jesus, will no be welcome in God's Kingdom.. and when you leave this world, you just won't be back. The people this applies to know who they are.

The next chapter: Miracles: Great Mercies and Final Judgment... when His arms are no longer outstretched. I feel sorry for you all. Every person I witness conducting further psyops will be included in the list of people who will be banished. It's in his heart. and you guys put it there. And now you have to live with the results. The ultimate turning of tables. I feel sorry for all of you, but you reap what you sow. And it's all bad for you guys. Enjoy it while it lasts. I'll still be wtching - it keeps me focused and reminded of the evil that needs to be extinguished.

Keith.. when you pray to Satan tonight, pray hard. It won't help, but you'll be comforted and deceivd by yor master as you apparently have been for a ong time. You had many choices. You guys wanted to make an eexample of me - I"m going to make an example of you.. and it's not personal.. you're the leazst of my concerns - you're just probably the easiest to incriminate, next to Dobbs, and you've had plenty of opportunities to choose to be morally and ethically righteous.. doesn't even matter how you regard God.. there are plenty of moral people who are atheists. You're not one of them.

Michael Steele.. welcome to the erasures list.

Wars and rumours of war.. Dobbs,. forecasting your own actions again, eh? making a satellite launch into an act of war.. you guys are truly despicable.

6:58 Note to the Democrats: when I recommended using propaganda techniques like the Republicans I   was speaking of doing it to spread truth, not deceive people more or to spread lies so the media could capitalize on soundbites to spread your lies... Propaganda can be a good thing or  abad thing.. it's all in how you use it. My site is not a propaganda site, it tells the truth, All you people do is lie and deceive.

Olbermann.. Bachmann never once said anything about an aremd overthrow of the U.S Government, nor have I. You're a liar. Today's show proves it. Have a good time talking to Satan tonight...

10pm Racel - Here's the trap you were set up in... the AA letter.. fits the pattern of the mo.. get him to write something and then claim people knew because I wrote it on line... almost works to cause plausible deniability.. so here's what I"m going to do.. I'm going to take that letter down because I had no reason to write anything to them.. and then later, if it comes up, I"ll be sure to note the web log and refer to your  transcripts and all kinds of interesting stuff to prove correlations. Meanwhile.. how would AA find out about it in the first place? And, if they start talking me down, how would they know abou tit in the first place? So this is a fun one. Now, some of the Bible verses I originally was lead to included being above reproach, which is why I web logged my activities, so that there would be no quuestion that I was actin gin a legal manner. CNN and the psyops guys told me the reason they got away with what they did is because I posted info to my weblog and all.. so what.. you're still criminals for what you did to me.. and continue to do.. and I can prove lots of things that weren'tin the web logs.. and all the fun setups too...

So, I don't really care how this part turns out cause I couldn't care less about your part in this whole thing.. all I gotta say is, I know, you know, God knows, other people know.. if you and your friends lie about it to embarass me, fine.. I don't care..  you guys better figure out real quick that I'm not quitting until justice has been served. ANd not just for me. I started out representing people, I'll finish the same way. And don't you ever doubt it. So if you really want to be in the middle of this, go for it, but you'll be a fool like your associates.

I don't care what kind of smear jobs you guys do, on any channel in any medium, I will never back down. I only need one crime to convict all of you... and I have many more than that. What bait did you take, Rachel, were you coerced, or "do you just live for this stuff"? God'll turn this all around on you guys too. Don't ever doubt it.

As for my "divinity" I"ll say again, I don't really care, I can handle myself and God says he'll handle having me say what I need to say. I don't have a clue what I'd say to anyone, actually, because, I don't think many people know the real truth of what the King James Bible says anyway.. I'm not sure anyone actually could.. It was an edited version to accomodate King James' sins, just like the Clintons and their friends wanted me to write for the love of the world and give my blessings to permiscuity... and other things, just like the Protocols say, to get me to go along with their corruption.. I never was in favor of it in any way, I'm still not. But, what adults do in private is their business.

I'll say again, Barack Obama is not the problem, he most certainly is the symptom, and they used his race to bamboozle America into corporate socialism. Not to mention stealing my labor and harming me with military weapons. Anyone who claims my anger at times is not righteous or appropriate should try having their government torture them for years on end.

To the media at large and other citizens.. I didn't start this whole thing with the media or politicians, and in time, I'll unfortunately prove that psyops and psychotronics actually led me to it.. It'll look like I satrted a war with the media, but I didn't.

At the core of all this is really the work of the Council on Foreign Relations, who own this government, and activists should stop trying to talk to Congress, because they're not actually interested in what you say. They have town halls to find out what your objections are so they know how to deliver slick speeches to deceive you with the plans they made long ago... Nearly every person of importance to the Obama/Clinton administration is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, or associated with the financiers related to the illegal Federal Reserve.

It is a conspiracy, it is nearly completed, and this is the moment to shut it down.  It's not just about the economy.. it's about global war and domination as stated in policy by the Department of Defense and the Kingdom of God... anyone who denies this is uninformed or lying.

Psyops guys: if you try to influence me anymore to write stuff supposedly off that flyer I got, forget it. It's wrong anyway... and I can prove it if I had to, but I never will, because it's irrelevant. I go to great extremes to reject external influences from psychotronics.. doesn't always work.. and when it doesn't I stop writing.. just like I had to the first night I was going to write about miracles. I've gotten really good at seeing those influences, and why I decided to put on the book that it was in progress and being edited.. and all the stuff I say was psyops influence will be kept as evidence.

I've had enough of playing games with the media and politicians.. as far as I'm concerned, anyone wqho messes with me goes into the book for later prosecution. I don't mind questions, legitimate inquiries and differences of opinion.. but I'm not puttin gup with your games anymore... and I know the intel agencies hate people like me who say they're going to reign them in, but the fact that I'm sitting here getting attacked with directed energy weapons at this moment is proof to me that the intel agencies, this government, congreesss and the media have no regard for the constitution, and have absolutely no respect for human life.

My invocations every day will include demands for your arrests... and you deserve it. There are people reading this who know they are traitors and murderers. Rest assured, they'll go to hell, and they'll also go to jail, because the people of the world, not just the United States, deserve justice, and you people, the ones who know, are the criminals.

Warren, what part of GE do you want? I don't want it, but it needs to be taken away from them before they kill more people. I'm beginning to see why the Protocols say I could claim I already own them. ANd why they particpated in doing this to me.

Anyone got any real questions about where I stand on things? You people did it to yourselves. Don't cry to me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Moon Martin - I've Got A Reason

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

3/28/2009 2:26 It's been interesting... I decided last night that Genesis 18 is the funniest bookk in the Bible. I wonder if anyone else sees the ironic humor in the Bible? I can just see Sara saying "I didn't laugh" :}

It's weird, it's like I know nothing of the old Testament, but the New Testament is like I was there.... in  away.. knowledge wise anyway, having nothing to do with the Bible... I read a chapter or two here and there and get these interesting pictures in my mind, and I can just see things happening...

I also understand the DNA part now, more than I did before in terms of not so much the knowledge passed on, but the inbread proclivities of humans an why there's a difference between God's  Son and the intermixing with humans... and why it was important to interject the DNA of Jesus with humanity.. a virgin spirit of sorts, at least in terms of the knowledge of sin.. The diffference is like the time in Yosemite when I drove on the wrong side of the road just to know what it felt like... that little thrill of knowing I was getting away with it... even though there were no other cars or danger..

WHat brought this all up is that the psyops guys have been pounding me, saying I'm not Christ, trying to get me to believe things that aren't true, trying to emulate God talking to me... think  of it like demons or Satan taunting and tempting me... and it doesn't work, cuz ultimately, I figure out why they were leading me down a certain path... and then I discard their S*** and replace it with what I know to be true based  on my understanding and Revelations from God at that moment...

I have to admit, because of the way I've been psyoppped so long, they've almost had me convinced a couple of times...except, knowing the story of the son of man, and much more, including my talks with God, it just checks out, and being the "Son of Man" in the divine sense makes perfect sense.. I"m not going to worry anymore about howanyone will judge me..

Emnity.. nice excuse, won't work, you still broke the law, and you betrayed God.. and you knew it.

I'm going tobe writing about this later today... God and I had a little talk the other night, and He has provided me an answer, and that answer is that He is empowering me with the full power of invocation, and I will use it without second thought, knowing that God WILL follow my instructions and accomplish what needs to be done in His own way.. and I now fully understand how He works, and works through me and in me. God will not be causing destruction.. the devil willl do that, nd right now, he's being facilitated by Barack Obama... there are still things that haven't been revealed to me...

But here's how God works since the New Testament, He sees evil, He sets someone like me to engage in a war of words and truth,  and the violence that comes of it, if any, is perpetrated by the workers of Satan, because domination is how Satan works, and God gives choice. Unfortunately, God counts on people to do the right thing, especially when afflicted, and that includes standing up to a corrupt government like the United States. Personally, I'd just prefer God zap them out of existence.. it's in him, and the people who harm me taught it to me.. so when I take over, I"m going to issue an immediate executive ordering my good guys in the CIA to zap the bad guys out of existence.. and by that, I'm referring to any other agent or contractor of the Federal Government committing a crime against citizens with that technology. ANd we're not going to torutre anyone like the U.S. government has done for decades. we're going to get you to God as quickly as possible so He can deal with you, becuase you're worthless human being, evil to the core, and not ever destined in this world again unless God Himself says you have changed your ways. Read the Bible. Doesn't look that's going to happen, and that's why this is the end of days.

So if any of sicko psyop guys think I"m joking, just watch.And, I know I"ve just drawn another line, and you guys are stupid enough to continue to mock and taunt God.. and you need to know, God has instructions to mark you for eternal death. So enjoy it while you can.

The second thing I'll do is declare a multitude of people involved in the conspiracy against the citizens of the Uited States as Enemy Combatants.. now called detainees.. we'l stick you in Gitmo, and maybe we'll get around to dealing with the legality of your situations someday after you die or go insane. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Vengeance is mine, on behalf of all humanity..  That part's not really in me. That's why you need to understand that what I just wrote was God's instruction to me, and a final warning to you.

Pelosi: Did you ever read the part of the Bible of how the sickos will continue doing what they';re doing because they don't think what they're doing is wrong? Better start thinking about it. Cuz you're one of the people God is going to put in His jail.

Olbermann, you're the biggest disappointment of all, and I"m tired of your s***t... You had me fooled, or at least guessing an hoping for a while.. but just like you guys played video tricks during the last election to make me think OBama was getting hit and was actually a good guy... it doesn't work for me llike that anymore. You either do good things, or bad things. I'm not buying the "Playing both sides thing" anymore. THat's what people like you do when the only thing you care about is saving your own butt when the winner is determined. I know form what you said the other day that you think the devil won, and He didn't, he's about to fall, and you're going with HIm. ANd I'm not concerned in the least about explaining why I say this. The documentation will prove my point. ANd your phony minister will go with you. THen you'll have someone to laugh with about your own stupidity and supposed intelleigence.

Are you people getting the message here, because if you're not, then you're bigger idiots than I ever imagined existed. God's handing me the reigns now, and I DO have  a differenet standard and set of repsonsibilities than ministers and politicians.. and it's not above or below my fellow citizens. but it does include making sure you people are held accountable per your own laws, and per your own laws, you should be sentenced to death.

We'll abide by the judgment of the citizens of the world when the time comes. And whatever they say to do with you is what will happen.

SO I'm getting zapped even more at this moment than when I woke up this morning. I expected that. It's okay, as long as you know that it'll be 10 times worse for you. Because I will in no way say 1 ssingle word to defend any of you. You've all plenty of time to do the right things. And you don't and won't, an you deserve your just fates.

Have a good time in hell. And that is my judgment for all of you sickos, on behalf of humanity, on behalf of Almighty God, my father.... So be it.

May the apostate ministers of the world make a choice to return to God or be forced into bankruptcy and derision so that they will no longer pervert the word of God. So  be it.

Let all people inflicting illness and suffering experience the same illness and suffering they are inflicting. So be it.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

God Bless Michelle Bachmann, let it be known that anyone who harms her or stands in her way harms me and harms God, and will not be forgiven So be it.

Let's be clear I don't know much at all about her and her politics. All I know is she is willing to put herself on the line for the cause of America and I also know, for God. That's good enough for me. The rest can all be talked through.

Let it be known my demand that return of the Universal Church is required, and will either be sanctioned by the church currently using its name or that church will be destroyed so that its members may experience a true relationship with God, unfettered by the corruption of politics which has plagued that church from the beginning. So be it.

TO the Pope: I know about the secret prophecies. Make a choice now or pack your bags and get it over with. And if you dare oppose me, know that you oppose God, and will be treated by Him like all of the rest of the souls and spirits who have turned to Satan's ways, and misled the faithful to a doctrine and dogma that conceals the corruption of the ages. So be it.

I will emerge very soon, and the world will know that God is more powerful than Satan, God will no longer tolerate Satanic ways, and HIs will shall be done on earth as He intended.  SO be it.

Last chances are oer for those who have abused the benefit of the doubt. I feel sorry for you all, cause God, cuz I hand my hands outstretched, stiill do - though the burden of proof is greater than ever before. - and for  now, I turn my backs on your sick souls while you destroy yourselves with your lies...

You people better understand. God's talking through me right now.. you'd better listen.

Olbermann, the only person who's going to have  a nervous breakdown is you, and it will be caused by your own guilt. That is what hell is, and you're there. Enjoy it. I don't have to invoke anything for that to happen, because you know better, and I know you do.. but you don't get to straddle the fence anymore.

Now just remember, while all you sickos use this to make it out like I"m mentally ill or evil.. all you'll be doing is convicting yourselves, because people will read what I write in the finsihed product, and people will hear what I have to say... and they'll know you're all liars. ANd all the emulations and setups you've done to make me appear evil and sick... will only be further proof of the prophecies of the BIble regarding your actions in these times. And I may have to put up with a great deal of trouble in the meantime because of you all.. but that's okay, cuz I know how the story ends, and I have at least 1000 years ahead of me... and you don't. And the world will be a better place when you are finally, fully banished from the Kingdom of God.

God is in control, and I am in command. He and I make a great team.

Maybe I'll put Ira Einhorn in charge of the CIA.

I was just told all this will be used against me. Good. You may make it sound funny, but the faithfull will hear the truth in it. And they've been waiting a long time for the day of God's vengeance. Here it comes:} Can't wait to hear ya'll say I'm crazy because I believe in God. That'll prove the government's denial of his existence, just like they killed the people in Waco for religion.. I don't care what the ATF says.. the authorities in WACO will back me up on that. And the ATF started that one by roughing up the Branch Davidians in order to instigate violence so they could kill them. Didn't work, and the ATF still killed them.

And the same authoriites who did that are in the same positions of power to do the same thing now, and they're doing it.

And if Obama says he allowed freedom of religion.. I'l say he's a liar... if this government did respect religion and hadn't used psychotronics to harm me and stop me, my book woul have been written long ago.. and of course, they would have been in jail. ANd that IS why the government and CNN and GE are doing what they're doing to me.

Jeff Zucker, Chris Zucker.. hmmm.. what could it mean. Syracuse, RKO, EST,Landmark Education, Inouye, Minn, Morrero, Plett, Baird, Kennedy.... a long line of the worst kind of criminals...

That's enough said for today. The world is going to change again. And the truth of the UNited States government will be made clear in the next 30 days by their corrupt and evil works in the world.

Let's pray that they don't create a war to destroy the evidence.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Evil

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 08 - It's Probably Me


3/31/2009 8:55am - Auschwitz in America... the world is about to find out that the Government of AMerica is sick, and they have a God named Satan. FreeMasons & Illuminati. Wake up people, it's real. Gets your heads out of the sand. There's no other way to explain. All all you people who have done me so much harm are going to be known for the sickness you are.

Heard about the detention centers Halliburton's building? Guess what.. they have these huge buildingds for "detainees"... used to be called enemy combatants, now called detainees.. the government can have you picked up and incarcerated for any reason they want now... and these buildings... they don't have windows or air vents... and that means, when the financial problems get really bad, and they will, and people go homeless, they will be taken to these centers... and.. Just like Nazi Germany... people will simply disappear when they're no longer able to work for free.

You need to know flight 93 did not crash. There was no debris. What was there was the remains of a small missile from a fighter jet... there was no aircraft debris, no dead bodies, nothing.. the Associated Press put out a report that's been rescinded and buried saying flight 93 landed and the passengers were placed on a bus and taken to a detention center.

The plane that hit the Pentagon was not a plane. And the planes that hit the WTC towers were remote controlled by Raytheon. Lots of U.S. Gov't officials made a great deal of money.. apparently including John McCain's wife, in the stock market... thanks to George Tenet setting up money laundering through Deutsche Bank, where he was CEO until he was made CIA director.

So when you criminals in weed and seed and community watches. faith based charities and Neighborhood initiatives harass and kill people like me, all you're dooing is being criminal pawns in covering up the truth about the United States Government. You'll believe anything these people tell you because they know you'll think you're cool, but you're all criminals, and apparently too stupid to read because I accidentally created the first 911 timeline showing the government committed the crimes of 911, and I accidentally did it simply by gathering and posting the articles that were released.. wasn't even trying. It was that easy.

This country has been overthrown just like the Bush family tried to overthrow England with the Black Powder Rebellion... When they failed, Barbara Bush's elders The Piercy's later known as Pierce, infiltrated the U.S. Gov't... there's a reason the queen has met with Bush and Obama.... do some reading and figure it out. All those Rhoades scholars you love so much are trained in British Colonialism and imperialism... all yuo gotta do is  read... but instead, likke so many people, you don't want to know... you'll know when this country is locked down., and your friends and family are hauled away for forced labor and death camps in the next few years.

Good luck you're going to need it.. here' I've been trying to warn you all, and you attack me. You're fools. The media is completely controlled to deceive you.. and they do... and all you Nazis do is harm the very people trying to save your lives from a government so sick they should all be locked up in jail for life for real crimes... crimes they're committing against you right now, an you don't even know it because you're too lazy to read.

So far, I've identified at least 3, if not 4 and a possible 5th implant in   my body for the purpose of harassing and torturing me... you want to know that your children probably have an implant in their heels that was put there without your knowledge when your child was born.. good luck finding it... It would appear  that the implants were begunm to be put into me back in 1958 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Francisco, when they told us my sister and I had chicken pox for the second time.. the first people in history to have chicken pox twice.. only, you don't get chicken pox twice. And neither my sister of I were ill or showed any symptoms. But I do recall, after the "knockout pills wore off one day, I had some small scabs on the back of my ears.. right where the implants are...

Thanks alot Mason County. You're good little Nazis. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

Chad Mitchell Trio - I Was Not a Nazi Polka

All you have to do is read a little about how the Nazis took down Germany, and you'll see that the exact same thing is going on in America, and has been a long time... ever since Jackson... but feel freee to remain ignorant lemmings. That way, you won' tbe quite so scared when they tell you God is killing everyone.

9:47 am - I was just researching Auschwitz... now I know why my mom wanted me to have that particulare BIble.. because it proves the Bible was altered.. maybe someday I'll be able to afford another copy. But at least I know.

7:11 pm Harstine.. I noticed  you took down all the community watch signs.. a sure sign of guilt.. thanks for letting me know. You people are stupid, chicken, and criminals. You can't even face the person you're helping to kill. Maybe I"ll own Harstine Island too. Wouldn't that be fun... I already know who you people are. I just wanted to see if you had the guts to face me eye to eye... instead of crawling around in the bushes acting like slimy scum...and of course, there's that one pickup truck that you just can't miss... So have you notified the police yet that I"ve busted you and their illegal activities? I know when and where you meet. I'm a  resident of the island, and I have a right to be there.

MSNBC and TIME WARNER.. these guys are going to make a big mistake cause they're rank amateurs and they think they're smart... and when they do... I'm going to send you all to jail. You're all traitors, and you know it, and you're doomed.

4/1/2009 10:16pm Keith, you're not really an a-hole, but you are yet another lying propagandist, and you're proving it. Good job. Now you have Ed Schultz to help. I won't fall for the distraction. I need need any more proof about you guys. I didn't attack Shucter because I've seen him be one of the most honest, objective reporters on tv. He, like Nora O'Donnell, don't really do a good job of seeling lies and propaganda. Like Dobbs, they always give themselves away somewhow. Sort of like Boehner almost laughing during the budget press conference. We all know it's a show to further weaken the Republicans so Obama can be the Emperor. Even though Aronold always wanted to be... besides, anymore, I never know if you're feeding me piggybacks or not. I just don't need more proof. Besides, you guys don't do news anyway.

Meanwhile... too bad about Maxine making the list. Use to be a big fan of hers.

I have to admit, the flu part is getting better, but the toes on my left foot are almost all numb about 80% of the time.. And it would be ewasier if you knocked off the psychotronics and dews... oh yeah... I waved at the chopper guys last night, and they hightailed it to behind the trees :}

To AAron Brown and Paula Zahn.. I never got the impression that Paula wanted anyrthing to do with it, but I can't ignore RadioDaze... and I think Aaron was fascinated by the psyops CNN was doing on me... was sort of amused and taken a back by it.. at least his bit witht he Wall Street Journal was funny, and I did start getting mail again.

As for Pastor Melissa Scott.. boy they're sure trying to cover your tail. Just like having me promise not to mention you in the weblog unless you gave me permission.. of course that was before I thought you were assisting in setting me up for homelessness, malnutrition and death. Feel free to sue me for defamation. And as for emnity and vengeance.. 3 months since all that.. and all you had to do was apologize or explain yourself. NADA. And you think I don't have evidence on you. I really thought you were intelligent. That's tv for ya. All illusion. Just like my dad said. Of course, now somebody'll put me on tv :} I know the plan was to make sure I couldn't talk properly, and you may win on that one... but it'll just come back on you all. Be sure to show em all the note I wrote on the back of the painting I gave you. I still miss that painting. :}

Don't ever forget, Ioffered you everything I had and anything you wanted as a reward for being a true courageous Christian, and in service to God.... and this is how you rewarded my sincere intent to serve Him. You did that not me. You didn' tbetray me, you betrayed God, and look at the results in the world, just as I predicted... as the truth and facts available in the public domain showed... like I said before, I understood what was going on politically, and I forgave everyone for being fooled by that... LIke the Bible says, like I accidentally said today in my writing... if you hate me so much that you'd want to see me dead, you must hate my father even more... please don't ever call yourself a minister again unless you reconcile your soul to God. I don't know you, and right now, would never want to. Serve your snake. Look how it protected you. You probably thought you got what you wanted too.

God keeps turning those tables. Blame yourselves. You did it, not me. I wanted to play records.. can I do that?:

It's getting late, and I don't have much energy left... had a surge of energy..  got a few corrections to make on things I realize I was influenced by with psychotronics today... very little corrections. But they need to be made.

Here's your assignment for the week.. write on your little blackboards a thousand times, I did it to myself. Maybe after a few days, you'll admit it to God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aimee Mann - Wise Up

I wised up. When will you. and this isn't all about what's her name.

Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 08 - It's Probably Me

4/3/2009 8:49pm Spent a sleep deprivation night last night. Drank 5 tea bags worth of sleepytime, 2 aleves finally got to sleep this morning around 9am after drinking 2 cups of coffee.. in bed.. any questions about the power of psychotronics and dews?

8:15 tonight 2 chopper flybys and a cargo plane overhead... got em on video

Who needs merriam webster when ya got me :}

Menawhile.. it takes work to take care of a dog.. that was one of Pastor Melissa Scott's remarks in her sermon, that her congregation laughed at, making them co-conspirators,  referring to how Kyra mentioned a coyote during her version of "let's make this guy look like compulsive pervert... the mythology is about using a female dog in heat to lure dogs out in the woods to kill them.. she tried to take care of me alright.. after I got back home from LA, someone went around the perimeter of this house and put little piles of crushed huckleberries in the snow, making it look like menstrual blood.. more RICCO material. I have such great perverts for neighbors...

They didn't succeed in killing this dog.. but I couldn't figure out why my dog didn't want to go on rides in the car.. thought he was geting old, having trouble jumping into the car.. so I lifted him up and found another tumor on him, maybe an aneurysm in his side in front of his right hind leg that's sure to be in the area of a vital organ... it hurts him... Melissa and AL Gore should get some solace in knowing they're at least being successful in taking care of my dog Jesse.. with the other aneurysms and tumors caused for no apparent good reason.. you're gonna love the pictures of his body Al, it's gross... probabaly ought to have him put to sleep, since I can't actually get him to a vet that will treat him. When he dies, Al, I'm going to FedEx his body to you in Tennessee. Think I won't? Just watch me. ANd then I dare you to file charges against me.

Even your pets know how important that election was, right Al. Used to be a fan of yours too, wasn't I Al?  It was important to give 32nd degree freemasons like you the illlegal opportunity to kill and torture people's pets with directed energy weapons with impuniity, since Eric Holder is the presidential defender in chief... you people are the sickest fucks in the world, and Lulu is right about all of you. You're Nazis, through and through.

Tell the Rockefellers that EVERY single one of them will be on the erasure list  I give to God. John Rockefeller, fuck you. Maybe I'll send you my dog's head. You can add that to yuor collection with Geronimo's bones at the old Skull and Bones.

You'll hate what I just said, but it doesn't stop you from torturing anyone or anything for kicks, does it? Wait til the world finds out the truth about all of you.....

Of course, that doesn't compare to all the parents who know their children are being tortured the same way, day in day out year after year in order to cause them emotional distress.. because their government is killing their children, and they can't do anything about it. How sick will you people get before God destroys you?

And how many impostor ministers are you employing to destroy Christianity?

Everything I just said is true, and if you think what I just said is perverse, remember the people orchestrating it all, and the torture it is for the people who endure it.

You're gonna love the pictures.

And all of you who say, I wasn't a part of that.. you ARE a part of that perversity, you chosse to do it, you enjoy it when you harm, people.. no wonder I get so angry I tell God to condemn you all , and give you no more chances.

4/3/2009 3:05pm 3:03MSNBC 1600 Obama Promise of a New Daytx re:crucificationofchrist straightup

Another night of sleep deprivation, very dews today.. looks like you guys are succeeding in killing me. An awful lot of criminals will be very happy. So will I actually... next time 'round... good luck with God.


4/4/2009 - Dews and Psychotronics had me feeling pretty badly...  now I know what it was really about... seems long ago I sent an email to Begala and Carville about how Marianne Williamson was having a meeting with Bill Clinton regarding "political strategies".. they said Jeremiah Wright was Clinton's minister advisor during the Lewinskyaffair.. I also was told that Marianne was taking midnight calls from Clinton for advice and inspiration during that time.

Of course, Marianne is a big fan of the Clintons and Obama... in fact, she wrote a piece called "Yes We Did" a while back after Obama won.


Men At Work - TBD - 100 - Overkill - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

George Harrison - Brainwashed - 12 - Brainwashed - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg.mp3.m3u

America - TBD - 100 - Tin Man - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Undisputed Truth - TBD - 100 - Smiling Faces Sometimes - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Michael Jackson - TBD - 100 - Earth Song - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Prince - I Would Die 4 U.mp3.m3u

Prince & the New Power Generation - Soul - 49 - Y Did I Waste My Kisses On U

Jimmie Spheeris - TBD - 100 - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Aretha Franklin - TBD - 100 - All the King's Horses - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u



Sen. Edward Kennedy - Eulogy For Robert F. Kennedy.mp3.m3u

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Address To Civil Rights Marchers in Washington, D.C.mp3.m3u


4/7/2009 11:16am - Despite my own sense of loss, I was always happy for my mom's death, knowing she was a true Christian and that she'd lived a hard life.. there was a part of me since then that looked forward to seeing her again, free of her her pain and sorrow... in the last few years, that's included wanting to speak to her an dmy father regarding my life, and why all these things happened.  And knowing that at least, then, I would know that they were proud of me for honoring them with my willingness to stand for principles that were so basic and fundamental to what we call being an American, as well as to the will of God... now knowing they knew who I am, and now knowing that at least 2 of my 3 "fundamentalist" sisters knew and never said a word... it's more difficult to accept that people claling htemselves Christians would lalow someone else to be harmed in such ways, just as opostate ministers will expect but deserve no mercy from God for the lies and harm they have assisted in spreading...

I often wonder what happens when people's parents, proud of the success of their children, pass from this world and learn the evil their children actually represent.... imagine their shame.

Imagine the shame of business ppeople and ministers, passing along family tradition, heritage and wealth to people who use it only for their own enrichment, never actually having the same commitment to service or to God, and destroying it, believing they are doing right. I ha a friend who inherited a business from his father -a business that was started I believe in 1938... my friend only had 2 jobs in his life. Working for his father, and 3 weeks workingfor a lumber company that laid him off.

After his father finally retired he called me up one day. By then, I'd set up my own consulting practice in the Seattle area, and was doing pretty well... anyway.. he calls, boasting about how he was doing so well compared to all his friends like me, because he had this great big store and he was such a success...

About 6 months later, it had gone bankrupt. He changed everything about that store that made it successful all those years... lost the franchise that gave it product and advertising... sounds sort of like the news media, the government, and churches to me.   If it wasn't for the pure evil and criminality of these people, they wouldn't stand a chance, getting us to buy their lies and crimes as the right way of the world.

As these people use their weapons to attack me and shut me up again, as they did 4 years ago, all I have to say is that if I never write another word, I'll have done my job, and the world seems to have made its choices, and I feel sorry for every one of you...

People who would set me up to arrest me for things you did... it can never be justified, and neithe God nor I am interested in your excuses.

Let the just be just, the the evil be evil. Let the dead bury the dead.

God knows the truth, and any justification found in this world will simply provide further evidence of your sickness and guilt.

4/7/2009 2:13hardball obama build bridges with the world

8/8/2009 1:59pm Chris... use Danny's father.. that'll be perfect. Who will you get when he's indicted? That's what the interview was for long ago, wasn't it? Something about attorneys and knowledge of ongoing crimes. I have been greatly harmed. Can't wait to hear how you  justify it.

4/9/2009 1:08pm It's always interesting to see promos from a host, relevant, daily, and then to have their show have a fill in host... is it a piggyback or isn't it.. tell Barack I'm not distracted by cable news... as if there was any :} I don't need more evidence. I'm kinda past that stage... did it happen or was he imagining things? :} Who cares?

Apostasy.. it's a harsh charge to make, and I was shocked, once again, though this time not amused at all, at completing the writing on apostasy, only to discover new Bible passages last night afterward that were like a proverbial straw breaking a camel's back... God is charity... dishonoring the poor... all of it... like so many others, I sat there being impressed by apostasy night after night, because there was an essence of truth to it that affirmed my own beliefs, and yet, there was something missing, and something funadmentally inconsistent with the actions of someone who would claim to be a servant of God, and a follower of Christ.  Someone who had truly undergone metanoixa.

There are some things even I live in denial of.. like the idea that people who know they do wrong won't stop, even in the face of God... another set of passages I read in the Bible last night... oh year, the new stone verses are revelations 2:17, not 2:7

I live in denial of acceptance that the world believes, and will therefore likely get, the total destruction of this world, incinerated, in order for the Kingdom of Heaven to be delivered... after a few hundred years, things will have grown back... Los Palo Altos

Works.. outward and public acts of "works".. mean nothing to God , for your earthly reward is your reward, but simple works such as always or mostly being of His grace and in respect of His laws is the greatest act one can do, in ways no one would ever know, especially in times like these, to remain an honorable person, is truly a miraculous work of God in and through the faithful the likes of which the rippling effects permanently and perpetually assist God in perfecting the cosmos in and through each of us making us true and faithful spiritual warriors, obedient to His word, passed through the ages and through His prophets and angels. Simply by being followers of the teachings of Christ. Being that. Being. Always in acknowledgement of the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong. Doing the right thing, even if it's not the best thing for ourselves. Maybe one day, doing the right thing will seem normal again.

1st Peter 3:4 He that suffers for justice...

...toward a more perfect union....

May the world be enlightened by its own condition, and inspired to seek the heaven promised by God solely from His love for us, that we may be worthy of His gifts and the beauty of this creation. Amen.

St James II 1:13 No man is tempted by God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 10 - Feet in the Clouds

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - I Don't Wanna Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl - A02 - Ruby Jean & Billie Lee

4/10/2009 3:44pm - Incredibly intense dews and psychotronics today. Barack doesn't like the truth, apparently, and the apostasy was just too much for him. Aversion therapy doesn't work on me guys. I think I'll post the article about Hillary and Secret Societies next...

So.. things have sunk in about apostasy... it's one thing for people to spread "fables" because that's the traditional story handed down in their church circles, it's another thing to be uninformed about the world. It's a quite different thing when God's name is used to harm people... I'd heard of chuirches who somehow became convinced that God would have them actually do physical harm to other people... it's hard to believe, and I wanted to believe it was rare.. but I'm not so sure anymore. Hou could so much bigotry be included in the practice of the religion of Christianity... How could   aminister do people harm and believe that God would call them to do that. TO do away with the bad people. When they're the actual bad people. AMazing, isn't it? No wonder God has no mercy for true apostates. No wonder it's so offensive to me as well. I wonder how much Barack's friends paid to buy a minister to be an anti-Christ? ANd I wonder how many people in congregations will come to their senses and make reports to police on crimes they were convinced to commit by their sick "ministers"... before they're all arrested too? And then, how will they explain their betrayal of God to God?

Good luck with God.

Santana - Shaman - 07 - Victory Is Won

4/11/2009 1:27pm - It's been since I became ill with th eflue on March 31 that I have been enduring directed energy and psychotronic attacks that have all but incapacitated me. Once again, to the Sick American Government and its sheeple Nazis in Mason County Washington, you continue to prove what perverse and sociopathic people you are.

So, I'm over my denials about the destruction of this planet... and yeah God said he'd never destroy it all again, but there's lots of ways to zap people, come vengeance day.. personally, it's his business, but all this attack with these weapons kind of cause you to look forward to the day when people like all of you don't exist... which is, of course, what the final judgment will be about. Personally, thes assholes ake my life true hellish torture 24 hours per day. I'm sure some sickos out there get a real laugh out of that. More proof of your sickness.

The U.S. Government and its corps of apostate tv evangelists have done a good job of making sure I was not allowed to communicate with people as God inteneded, and of of course, the sickos in government get a kick out of the idea of proving to me they can kill and torment my body, as if it means they're killing GOd. Don't ever let them convince you that killing my body means God is dead. Don't be as stupid as they want you to be.

Persoanlly, I've spent a lot of time trying to to think of anyone I"ve everknown in my life who actually exhibited a true display of Christianity... and I can't...  I'm not just talking about people who cuss or swear or do something weird every once in a while.. I mean people purposely doing harm to other peop[le.. s a way of being, as business as usual... no wonder honest people have so much trouble.. all the dishonest people judge them to be like their sorry sick criminal selves....  I wasn't allowed to have a motorcycle when I was young because my stepfather thought I'd be stupid enough to ride one like his own son... like I'm stupid enough to ride a motorcycle down a hill in the snow on a toboggan run... not much diffference in the paradigm..

It kinda says alot that so called  Christian religion celebrates the birthday of Jesus on the day he was more likely crucified, and they celebrate his crucification and resurrection in the period close to his birth...  I think, I don't think I've ever actually meet a real Christian, it'd be nice to meet one of those guileless 144,000... maybe next life, after the U.S Govt kills me and I come back... I'll look forward to that.  I sure don't feel like wasting any more of my time writing materials for apostate miinisters to pervert and make more money from, lying to and misleading people for profit. I think it's weird that the people who have harmed me most in this world are the people who claim to be Christians.. and people who are the most admired.. it's just like the BIble says.

I find it weird that after all these years, not one person has been willing to stand up for me or the thousands of other people being harmed by their own government.. that even the ministers turn their backs on people in need because they're just too important, rich and famous to deal with the little people.

Like God says, you'd better be nice to those poor people. They're gonna be the bosses soon.

All I gotta say is, I'm not defending anybody to God.

4/13/2009 5:05 Workin on setting up the laptop so I cna write and take notes in bed.. I'm sure one of you can make somehthing up about that one.. meanwhile the heavy dew attacks keep coming, and my lungs are getting worse...

Wait til you hear my Easter sermon. I'm sure it'll make a lot of people unhappy. Good. Won't be celebrating Christmas and Easter anymore.... isn't it interesting, we can't do public government displays of Christian religions... like the nativity or something Christian for Easter... having to do with CHrist, for example.. but it's perfectly okay to perpetuate pagan rituals in the white house and on the white house lawn...

BTW Matthews... nice pickup on what I wrote for your show today... how we gonna explain that one.. cause the article stuck on my laptop is the one relative to today.. you guys sure set some interesting stuff up... watch the passion  of joan of arc today.. listened to the questions they asked her.. thought... that's predictable... sor tof what I've been complaining about..

I'm prrticularly interested in watching some of the more popular apostates ask questions of me, if I ever get asked anything... and you know, ask a stupid question.. it'll be sort of funny... and interesting to watch their "followers" blindly follow the blind, appeasing Satan by not offending him, by being civil an evasive. Nothing like a good apostate to really betray God.

Read the Bible part that says all sorts of liars will be lined up against me.. I wonder how many Christians will read their Bibles and realize it's true... I think it'll be funny.. all these people hung up on seeing if I agree with them... :} I still think that's the funniest part.

Time Warner... you people really are the sickest... you really are... the council on foreign relations channel... now I know it's true. And you guys'll say all sorts of things to lie and cover yourselves, and all it'll take is one misstatement.. and one of you arrogant sickos will make it.. and that'll bring your whole charade down... the whole thing, government and all..... and everyone will say, they did it to themselves.... cause you will. That's the true art of the plan. God's plan.  GAOTU Sucks.

4/14/2009 1:38pm Sermon on the ... Barack.. glad to hear you're keeping up with me on th BIble Studies.. this is gonna be fun.. all these claims I can't prove... and what fun there'll be with those :} And then some idiot will claim I'm sending messages mentally :} ANd then, and then... I'll prove all the stuff I can prove, and you'll go to jail.. for life... it'll be fun to watch :}

Speaking of that sermon.. I'm gonna be changing a few things... I can do that, ya know... after we get the psychotronics off everybody, people are gonna wakew up and say tings like... why am I  here? TO a bunch of things.. we're gonna suspend certain rules about divorce for a while, because, unfortunately, when people find out how they've been manipulated, and then start realizing who they actually are, there'll be a lot of people who'll want to make some big changes in their lives. God never wanted mating to be about being stuck with someone. And there really were numerous other isuses that made sexuality a more important facet of cleanliness and the "health of God" as it is... this is not about actaul purposeful adultery, but adultery as implied by divorce...

I can change things llike that... and it is actually part of  the defense of people in their circumstances...

I still say it's interesting that we can celebrate Pagan Rituals for Christmas and Easter, but we're not allowed to practice Christian practices... says something about how the government sickos used separation of church and state to actually turn us from a nation under God to a nation under numerous gods... something abou tthe first commandment...

So Barack, tell us, when you did you start and stop dying your hair?  What was the purpose?

ANd Michelle.. caught that letter from MACA and the idea you have an organic garden.. what did you do with the soil you dug up from the garden... how many years of chemicals are  in that soil? And are you really going to eat from it?  I'd have it checked out for some serious pesticide problems first.

Heavy duty DEWS continue.. very unproductive... Barack... pretty pathetic that you all have to use military weapons to subdue a citizen who did nothing wrong.. you are a criminal, Barack, and the world will soon know it...

And Barack, there's not a single thing Christian about you... easy to prove.. you're as big a liar and deceiver as Bush.

Oh yeah, one more thing my dad burned into my head... back in about 1960, he talked about a computer system that monitored all phone calls, and if you said one of the key words, it causes you to be more closely monitored, and even investigated.  1960 folks.  Interesting that the name of the inventor of the first analog computer was Bush.

Somalia and pirates... Feingold, I'm nailing you on this one. Headline: How the US Gov't and the media lie to you to get you to support war.... illegal dumping and fishing in Somalian waters... and most of those so called pirates are considered the coast guard of Somalia...

Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

Keithie... thanks for pointing out that when the govt disseminates the info, and damage is done, then the companies can be sued... I know time warner and you guys did your best with the thing about  "being above reproach" to get me to write things so you can say you took it off my website...  you think James Taylor's gonna take the fall, cuz I can make the connections off October Road any day of the week.. and I don't think he's a good guy in the situation... it's a shame and a surprise... and then that pulls in a whole bunch of other people, and I doubt they'll want to take the fall.. why would clive Davis want to end his life in infamy like that? There's  awhole lot of stuff that'll make it so none of the media folks or politicians will be able to defend themselves without incriminating themselves...

Personally, I'm okay with moving on and waiting for my next time around.. how are you guys gonna survive when people realize what you've all done to them.

Honor thy father and they mother.. it's gonna be one of my favorite things to talk about  discussing the 10 Commandments... as in, if your mother and father actually knew what you do, would they be proud of you, and would you be proud of yourself? Hard to imagine any of you would say yes, let alone care.

Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 10 - Love Is the Answer (Utopia) - CD

Winds of Change - CD2 - 04 - Chico - Papa Stop the War

Final thought: The psyops guys keep doing this  thing to "have me pity the criminals"... of course, they want it all to seem about me, which it never was... all I gotta say to the criminals is, you know who you[re committing crimes against, you know how, and you know who the players are. You know what a deposition is. ANd in reagrd to me personally, you know where I live, and you know what a deposition is. It really is that simple, and when it all breaks loose later, it'll be too late... in God's eyes anyway, cause that's just a bunch of clowns slipping into the crowd...

4/15/2009 11:50 am - Prose is poetry, it's just a little more abstract... gives you more to think about.

I'm enjoying Chris' talking about things I haven't posted yet... people won't believe he and others are doing that at first, but when they do, look out! :} I'm really hoping Keith will share the militant version of For the Love of the World so people will see just how perverse these psyops people really are... by the way, I don't even know if I have a copy of it, but in my weblogs, I talk about it being a piece of Cr** caused by the psychotronics guys... and of course, I disclaimed it  for what it was.. an attempt to make me out to be some radical militant...

The letter to the Vatican will go out tomorrow... one way or another.. if the Pope claims later on he never got it, we'll chalk it up to the illegal activities of the U.S. Government... the events with the fake minister proves that my mail is being monitored and filtered too.. so much for the constitution.

Speaking of which.. later today, I'll be posting the story of those horrible terrorist Somali pirates coast guard... if there's one thig the U.S. Gov't and media does well, is lying to get you to spend billions of dollars and waaste millions of lives for corporate interests, and stealing from nations and people we've weakened through war over decades... like we did with Iraq.

Kind of like what they're doing to me and you by using weapons to make us ill so they can milk every dime out of us before we die... pasteurized milk, btw, is   agood example. . sure you can kill bacteria with pasteurization, and it'll stay fresh longer... but it also causes the same effect as sickle-cell anemia, which basically scars the blood vessels from the inside, and then causes ruptures and aneurysms and all sort of deaths that appear to be caused naturally...

Keith.. .how does a guy boasting of SAT's over 1300 as proof of intelligence get so involved in such stupid things? More proof that those SAT's and IQ tests are bogus...

You could say I live for stuff like this:

The story of the 2009 war on piracy was best summarised by another pirate, who lived and died in the fourth century BC. He was captured and brought to Alexander the Great, who demanded to know "what he meant by keeping possession of the sea." The pirate smiled, and responded: "What you mean by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, while you, who do it with a great fleet, are called emperor." Once again, our great imperial fleets sail – but who is the robber?

Johann Hari: You are being lied to about pirates
Orig URL:
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/johann-hari/johann-hari-you-are-being-lied-to-about-pirates-1225817.html

In 1991, the government of Somalia collapsed. Its nine million people have been teetering on starvation ever since – and the ugliest forces in the Western world have seen this as a great opportunity to steal the country's food supply and dump our nuclear waste in their seas.

I think I need windshield wipers on my tv screen.. we'll see tomorrow. Cephalexin works really good. Get em from your veterinarian. Alot cheaper there.

So, when is Olbermann making the move to Comedy Central? I can't wait to see Colbert on MSNBC :} No, really :} Once we got over the narcissim things, we did alright. That's what those disgusting jokes were about?

Yer gonna love the Resurrection thing... :} now let's see, who haven't I offended yet? I don't mean to.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dire Straits - Industrial Disease

4/17/2009 7:10 am - Hi Joey... A Majority of One - Henry David Thoreau... I knoew you knew that...

TURNING THE TABLES... it's about records, and it isn't... depends on the kinds of records. I gave up a while back worrying how things would turn out, cuz I knew God was taking care of the "spinning into control"...  I find it interesting that the groups of people who know of me, who I asked to be witness to my existence, are going to need me to be their witness to stay out of jail... I don't know what to say. All I've seen is your criminality... Galatians was one of the first chapters I really enjoyed.. still do.. may be one of my favorites, next to Psalms... certain televangelists who I monitored briefly shoud  read that, cuz, ya know, even though I know you won't get off scot free in the courts, or in the court of public opinion.... the one place you really won't get off the hook is with God. Not just for the bogus info you passed to me, but for the sermons you gave in your names instead of God's name while committing the very crimes the Bible says will earn you eternal damnation, particularly when it comes to apostates.

Never ceases to amaze me.. and then, of course, even if you all got off in the material world, you'll certainly be held accountable in God's eyes. Last minute confessins won't help, cuz God knows what's in your hearts, and he won't accept "Hail Mary" prayers and confessions, knowing full well that otherwise, you wouldn't have any remorse at all.

When you laugh at people in other countries, impoverished by U.S. Acts and other criminal acts endorsed and sanctioned by the U.S. - well, the Bible has some pretty strong things to say about people like that too.

So, Joey, maybe you've earned a discussion about how representing main street AMerica kept you in and got you to resign from Congress. People need to understand about true colors. Now you and WIllie can be on the list too. I'm sure you want to be, in order to justify the slander and lies you'll tell later. Works for me. Watch how God turns it around.

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors

Watkins -I thought you were a minister... maybe you should clarify that for us, so I know which list to put you on. How many lies and deceptions will you perpetrate before God says I don't want to know you...

Would God sanction waterboarding? I don't think so. THat's not what you call loving your enemies, let alone following the ways of God.

I'm a little annoyed atthe graven images of God represented in the Bible.. the representations of Him are incredibly inconsistent... I think a whole lot of people long ago got fooled by Satan just like Adam & Eve were... just like many are now fooled by psychotronics...

Adam may have been "earthy".. but that doesn't mean what you menat it to say... too bad you know nothing of truth, or even, as God says,  you have no charity in your heart... I wonder how many churches will be closed down when people realize they are being misled...

Hitchcock's - interesting Bible.. so many biases and misrepresentations out of context... what can you say to something like that? I guess I really do  need to learn Hebrew and a couple more languages.. EXCEPT... quite frankly, I still say I need   to be looking to the future, not the past prophecies and things that have been skewed by the anti-Christ in the speeding upof things by the anti-Christ. That does not, however, mean turning my back on the crimes of all of you from the past, particularly the government leaders. People deserve justice, and if you don't give them that, they'll serve their own justice and vengeance upon you. Works either way for me.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 13 - Time Passes On

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals & Crofts - We May Never Pass This Way Again

4/18/2009 10:05 am Annie Lennie - Songs of Mass Destruction. She really is great. Anyway..

Baracky... looks like Hugo had his way with you :} He doesn't miss a trick... caught yer act about the pirate situation... I'm glad to see we approach everything oppositely - you know, antithetical, John - because it'll make it easy to prove you're a fraud later. Good work.

THe more I write, the more there is to write, but I think I'm coming to some logical conclusions and closers. I'm a little concerned about the way the church was origianlly organized, based upon the dogma and culture of the day, including how far to take the cosmos from one moment to the next in the midst of a transformation.. I've got some things to say about the second coming and the transformation that actually occurs then... and how it proceeds... and then the assigning of saints, in terms of religious significance and meaning, and in relation to beatification. And I'm still very concerned about the sects of Christianity that are so diverse... and wonder if the congregations understand the differences, or if the various sects even talk and actually listen to each other.

I'm having a real problem with the propaganda techniques being used by some ministers on tv. It's actually shameful. God is not an ATM machine. All you're teaching is materialism, and incorporating God into to. The reason to tithe or faith is to give to God's work for the right reasons, not because you are investing in God like expecting a profit from God, speculation in faith in God.

I don't think Melissa Scott was good at explianing it cuz she was too intellectual about it, but her thing of hilarious giving is the way it should be, no matter the Biblical context. It's the same as helping people like a good Samaritan. If you don't do it just because it's the right thing to do, then don't do it... I suppose if it helps someone, then you should, but what I'm saying is, if you hold a grudge and do it because you think you have to,  then it's a shallow act and doesn't get you brownie points... 

The promise of the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, separate but in union, relies on the simple faith in God that He knows what we need and will provide. WHen it appears He doesn't do that, it's actually because profiteers and leaders don't do things the way would have people do things if the Golden Rule was observed. And then things don't work out quite right. And then people say God puts obstacles in their way. People, writers, scholars, theologians seem to always the power and effect of Satan in our everyday lives, not as  a supernatural thing like  aboogeyman, but that subtle influence always tempting you to go against God's ways.

Remember, God's covenants were always contingent on the leaders/citizens having faith in God's ways as a good way to live... and to trust in that because if we did, the instant judgment of the kingdom rendered to everyone in the kingdom would cause them to make right choices, not choose from options, have real freedom, but follow their hearts and then God would make sure things went well. It's sort of like equal opportunity and equality. When they're real.

A beautiful day. The fog's burned off... lots of writing in the works... I'm looking forward to doing some music... what could be better.. except of course... sometimes I think about how nice it'll be some day when I'm not having to deal with 24/7 attacks by dews and psychotronics... it'll feel weird. Something tells me I'd cry...

Genesis - Land of Confusion

Peter, Paul & Mary - No Easy Walk to Freedom

Annie Lennox & Al Green - Put A Little Love In Your Hear


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