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Back in 2002, I started using my site to conduct what I'll call "back channel communications" with the corporate media, the U.S. Gov't and other domestic & global world leaders. I have to admit, I thought it was unusual as well. But it was happening, continues to occur, and while I don't expect you to, researching this web site would actually provide you ample evidence that this claim is true.

This is where I literally represent the interests of United States Citizens, Citizens of all nations to those who seek to control the world using economic coercion/slavery and military might against the will of the citizens and the will of God.

You have no idea how much I wish the crimes and evil and policies I comment on weren't true. They just are.

Where the New World Begins!

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A Conversation With America & the World
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Members of the United States Government and other world leaders often use what is called Aesopian Languaging to speak to each other and communicate with each other in a way that allows them to say things with plausible deniability. Aesopian Language is described as this, in Wikipedia:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

What is written here, in this journal  is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

For those who understand, this is page 9. The previous page is at: 20100214thru20101008creatingtheholodeckphase7.htm This page andf others contain graphic materials included for the sole purpose of providing documentation regarding the egregious crimes committed against me and others by the United States Government, Weed & Seed, Neighborhood Initiatives, Faith Based Charities that have become psyop fronts, & Community Watch groups used to to damage and violate national and international civil and human rights laws. These are recorded for the purposes of later prosecution of the corrupt government.

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This is one of those pages you won't want to believe now, but will find out is true later.




Oreos means: Orwellian Newspeak or spin

Reptilians means people who are of the snake that makes its way around the world, of the Council on Foreign Relations kind.


All Glory to Almighty God the Creator

A Note From The Desk Of Chuck Rehn

"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"
---- Barack Obama


Link to previous weblog entry As previously explained, anything typed in in anything but dark blue or black is remarks made by U.S. Govt operatives attempting to incriminate and publicly humiliate me

Ray Kurzweil: The Age of the Spiritual Machine

All about how the government will use psychotronics on people of faith who aren't aware of such psychotronics in order to get people to present religion the way the Council on Foreign Relations wants them to.

It's a new dawn it's a new page.

9/7/2011 10:13am I woke up a bit ago, and the psychotronics guys had a fun idea, so I thought I'd make this one happy and forward this idea. This message for one person only, Candice Delong FBI SanFrancisco. BTW, don't bother playing games with me on this,it's alegitimate, but if you do the following song psyop on me, Jackson Browne's atty will be gald to represent his client. BTW it was used on me during the PMS psyop, an if I get incapacitated for 3 weeks or more again, it will be noted at the Hague. Please read the link aboe and go to the entries at thebottom for 9/6/2011 for context, as  Keith was saying... AG school,  Cornell you know, DNC FBI training center....

Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 10 - My Stunning Mystery Companion

Don't for one minute believe I think you'll take me up on this offer, it's not as good as the one I offered the locals but it's the only one possible. And don't bother claiming I'm demanding money or trying to extort the federal Government or the FBI, all it is is a reasonable offer and a fun joke.

Here's the offer...

First, acknowledge that I have your picture, and therefore, know what you look like, so if you were to show up at my door with id, fingerprints the name and number of your boss, a written statement of intent signed by you and your boss, and copies of the FBI complaints I've filed since 2002, I'll be willing to talk to you. Check into a local motel though, you don't want to be in this house until afterward to take forensics. Unless you have  a nose plug. Thank God that's not a problem for me.;

In your written statement and offer, be prepared to arrange transport of our vehicles and belongings and trailers out  of this state, you MUST be the person on the scene when the retreat occurs form this war front as I know no one else in the fbI in anyway... Feel free to post a guard at the house as it takes 2-3 weeks to get our things together, a storage unit in California, 2 trucks to pull the trailers, and someone who understand 4 wire trailer light hookups.  When I get to California, I  want to talk to Jerry Brown personally. Tell him it'll take a day or less, and it'll be worth it.

Then, I require safe housing for Lynn and her sister, medications provided by the Federal government as well as a real doctor and the people in San francisco who wanted to study thalamic stroke syndrome. And I do mean syndrome.

I'm most happy to provide access to all my files to a qualified FBI person in your offices. Please me a desk and their amicable cooperation, and let them know to NEVER treat me as anything but a cooperative ally or I'll walk. And let me know where the smoking area is, legal or not. If you check my background, I'm very easy to get along with, and I actually like military and law enforcement minds. Honest ones that is.

Any attempt to disappear this  Jewish boy will result in negative consequences. Please provide a dentist. Other than that, medically, all I need is good food. And maybe a good internist. I'd like it to be Coleman. He's the right type. And I want I want to talk to the Pelosi guy, that s not a condition or requirement, it'll happen anyway (Groveland)

With that, I'll say you understand my terms, if and when you read this, consider this a legitimate offer, I won't hold my breath, but if  Salisbury gives you a call to inform you, it'll tell me he's got a brain after all. If you and the FBI take me up on this offer, it could easily spare alot of people jail time and money. Once again, the US Government has an opportunity to prove itself, and I'd be really happy to know that the entire justice is not worthy  of condemnation.

PS: As God and every decent person knows, I do not make Faustian deals. Tell Wolf it might be worth his while to inform you of this communication.

Any attempt to strong arm me on this will be ambitiously responded to with legal action.

Enough of this. Here's what God says. Keep your fingers crossed. PSS Don't EVER intimate you believe I'm crazy, given what you know about the technology and other things. I a so want to talk to  Rabbi Lerner immediately once in San Francisco in your offices.. it will show good faith, and likely prevent violence. And I want to know he's ok.

Lionel Richie - Still

I interpret that as God's way of saying this:

Vestal710002.jpg (9475 bytes) 

Again, like I told PMS I won't hold my breath. I may hold a grudge. I think it's  a pretty good deal though. And because of ID, keep in mind, this offer is not valid for anyone or agency than Candice Delong. Period. Don't send a proxy or I will turn them away and file charges against them. And I will not ride in other than my own vehicles to California. I think you're smart enough to understand, given the context of the CNN report. I have no reason to trust the federal government.

Oh yeah.. I want to talk to the Mofo guys.... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

PS Don't bother thinking I'll talk over the phone. And tell CNN the makeup job wasn't good... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - TBD - 100 - I Thank You

God talks, Chuck's just as surprised as everyone else.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Benson - On Broadway

PS Just for fun, I wanna to talk to Ramsey Clark.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

Not exactly the message I thought God would provide. Not unexpected.

Plane 10:56am

11"02am I'm already getting psyopped locally because of this communication. I think it's funny but it's a real offer and has serious legal implications, both nationally, internationally and locally. If all this ends up being is a fun psyop for the perverts, it will be part of the legal record. If by the end of the day all I get is hassled by the operatives, it will be one more item for prosecution. That's more for the locals.

11:26am More typical discoveries.. last night I looked up a  word from the I Eat Cannibals song...Coelo... endeded up finding afew things

First Codify... didn't mean what I thought... it proves an intended conspiracy by Bush to set up an orderly constitutionally illegal conspircy to undermine the constitution and and this nation by force using illegal laws and methods.

Then Codex Juris Canonici - which explains the changes in the Catholic Church superceding the methods, practices and expression of theological belief systems since 1918, which explains alot, 5 years after the Skull and Bones federal reserve illegally took over the minting of currency... replacing the Corpus Juris Canonici...  it led me to Holy Roman Empire... and I was surprised to learn it had everything to do with Charlemagne... I thought he was from France.. I said, maybe I'm supposed to return to France or Germany... interestingly enough all of these things together, combined with the Rothschild's and the beginning of world war I lead me to believe its part of the story of my family's migration from Germany, since the HOly ROman EMpire was of Germany, and explains why the Rothschild's wanted to take it down, and their ability to trick people into initially believing it was for a holy cause. Local Catholics might want to do some reading.

Tell the Pope whatever you want, satanic psyops perps.

Just noticed I  had those bookmarks using the same bookmark either my mother gave me, or marked the page in Judith.. either way, Matins and Vespers. That bookshop owner might want to try learning to read.

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 09 - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael W Smith - Stand - 10 - In Silence


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Luther Vandross -  Power Of Love

Something else Gandhi knew. time for me to get to work.

12:02pm God's real talkative the last couple of days.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lynn Ahrens - The Best of Schoolhouse Rock - 13 - Telegraph Line

Multiple entendres... about psychotronics.. easy to explain....

1:12pm Everyday these people taunt me about something to give them some stupid excuse to taunt.. todya, again, like Pastor Melissa Scott, it's Candice Long of the FBI and Wolf Blitzer. I'm glad they think it's a joke, I've bene undergoing extreme tooth torture ever since, destroying 6 teeth at a time, all easily proveable set up by 13 dentists.. 13 - I was counting offices before. Now, they want me tothreaten the fbI with more legal actionagainst them, and the idiots keep torturing me and saying Does this tell you what the government thinks of your offer.. I made it in earnest, and it does tell me, I'm not surprised, this is more illegal detentionand attempted murder, and laugh atthe Hague all you want U.S. Government... I was just tortured and told to write that Michale Lerner will be murdered.. laugh all you wnat US Government.. 

Now they just told me they are going to continue the plan stated years ago to destroy all my teeth, asif that will stop  me... that conspiracy is pobvious and I need no further documentation any physisican or dentist to prove the conspiracy.  It is going to be fun to show the world what the United States really thinks of Jews.

Guess Who - Sweet Liberty

Wolf, Manhattan transfer was playing when they told me stupidly to post this. Operator........

Since I've bene sitting in stress positions while trying to protect myself from further harm... 

1:51pm More illegal detention, attempted murder against Lynn and worse... Lynn was prepared togo to the store to get groceries, suddenly hit with dew attacks and inexplicable pain It's going t get worse and worse and worse. A tv quote from Olbermann This pain coincided wiht me going out to work, finding more damage to the vehicles and trailer, and I asked Lynn if I could get anything for her.. I did, and she proceeded to tell me she had just received a text or email from Sam Daley Harris telling her he was going to write a formal letter of introduction to Rabbi Michael Lerner, whom she never met but had conference calls with, this explains the death threat against michael Lerner, who in 2002 or 3 invited me to come and work with him in Oakland when Iwas through with my presidential campaign in 2003.

Their reason for meeting is to discuss the "Peace and Prosperity Act, which LYnn supposedly came up with on her own... of course, it's supposed to be but isn't the theme of Global Peace and Abundance for all, and this is one more obvious attack to cause Lynn and I to be at odds, and apparently what the US Govt meant when they said it was going tobe fun to prove to the world what the US really thinks of Jews. I was also told I would not be allowed toleave the state of washington... damge was done to my trailer which, if unnoticed, and causing more expense, would supposedly provide deniability  for multiple police puyllovers in transit.. no way it provides deniability, and will constitute terrorism and harrassment by the police.

Again, I am not inviting or allowingthese attacks, I document them and I will not back down for obvious reasons. Also, videoed thaat the garage door was agin tampered with.. weird that Lynn said something about (last night) what might happen if someone urinated in thegas tank of  the EL cAMINO .. the garage door jammed like that suggests they may  have put something in the gas tank, protected in the garage all these years just in case, and the (I was just tortured to include this by complete idiots, part of the plan is to have weed and seed once again try to stop me from seeing my brother in Groveland, obstructing justice for the man arrested, a victim of psychotronics, about Pelosi, to leave me homeless, and be sure my trailer was unsafe and considered an eyesore.

They say thi sis their response on behalf of teh FBI> No surprise. NOt MY problem

I was jsut tortured again to state that combining certain with Lynn's will  not help the government or the locals. And they are in most cases, different cases.

I'll add, trying to starve us in another way, being nearly out of groceries, is not going to  work.

tortured again ads these people laugh at all their communication crimes against a Quaker...  apparently the communication from Sam Daley Harris made her believe another hurricane was happening in New York. This would indicate his communication was delayed by the  government. Sam is Jewish too,

On behalf of 7.7 pepple in Israel fuck them

ANd my response is, on behalf of 7.7 million people in Israel, the United States is not your ally. The wars in Egypt and Tripoli (as Lynn screams in pain) are the beginning of Armageddon, and he destruction of Israel and the United States are a council on foreign relations dialectic. Good work Barack... don't bother blaming it on Muslims.... Chia or SHia Barack?

Verdugo January 2009. Occidental college, Glendale california.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 08 - One By One

2:18pm as torture continues.. the psychotroncis guys want me to say, from my favoritee Lesbian Jews...

Emma's Revolution - One - 13 - We Are One

Emma's Revolution - One - 09 - Peace, Salaam, Shalom

Cant wait to hear Blitzer's explanation toAIPAC.

You Nazis ned better friends.

Like I  said year  sago, your arrogance will be your downfall.


9/7/2011 10:21pm Another long day of torture, with the people being defended today by torture: Burger King,Dentists, Supposedly  candice Delong quit the FBI in disgust and went ot work for CNN, more proof of her work as a sex predator, given at least 625 men knew about Pastor Melissa Scott... and her likeness to Cousteau the wide-body (Lynn's sister is a French teacher at Gates' favorite school, which makes me wonder why someone hit her husband, who took the same medicine Gabapentin, and became incredibly strangely over emptionaluntilhe was weaned of fof  them, suppsoedly the normal course of treatemnt) I videoed some burn hole sinthe dirt on the window a while back, aiming right at the palces Lynn would lie on the couch or on the red chair directly in front of it.. where she always ended up havign extreme pain, and Isay accounts for the bruising she old me about in her genitals.. straight from the direction of Steamboat Island AND the place the choppers hover lal night.. usually they change shifts at 9pm.... Thurston I'll bet gets off work around 3 or 4pm,whichwould account for the transmitter warmup sound I'd hear everyday at 4pm, right after Dobbs... long before he and Delong teamed for what will end up being their proof of long term collaboration.. and I'llsay even if she only got on this case lately, when thurston became particularly foulmouthed with remarks about sex and worse... she wa son the case, and was the one Melissa Scott said woudl question me after i was beaten up.. the finale tothenBC we have a voice psyop... which I wrote the speech about in 2002 as the kickoff of my internet information dissemination project,which included trading banter with Chris Matthews who I call St Epiphaneus after a whole of peopel said they were having epiphanies, incldung O'Reilly.. I didn't knowthat was the name the Lutherans claimed was the little horn in Daniel... aka Satan.. Jimmy Carter's speech write paired with Brian WIlliams...

MO 2 ID's.... 3 if you count Carter and don't forget while review my writing, Delong, that I wa s fan of Carters, big time, and that the founder of habitat Humanity was sex trapped out of his foundation.. he contracted Lynn for trainings for that, and would have been a great reference for lynnand vis a versa.. just like Peggy zclark at Aspen, tkaen over by Walter Isaacson with his assistant from the DHS because they wowuld hire lnn for the same things, and strangely, I talked toher once briefly about training key people for paradigms for successful non-profits and micrcredit and educational programs, leading me to believe that one day I'd be interfacing with  Aspen on the FARM projects, which were exactly the kind of thing I was talking about when I ran for the school in 1972 when I was 17. Somebody waned me to write allthis, and I don'tunderstand why. Meanwhile, I'm in astress position causing my stomach to hurt and nausea to begin.

Don't anyone in this expect me to vindicate them, and hwoever's reviewing my work since 2000, the obstructions ofmy life caused by it are and willbe considered criminally nationally and internationally...

So they distracted me from adding that Olympic Bakery was defended by torture today, and they told me they would ruin my whole days' work on my trailer tonight... and that the Sheriff was coming to take my evidence, and tht the Olympia fBI was going to forcibly detain me.. and all sorts of other illegal and pathetic things like that...

I made a reasonable offer tothe FBI in San Francisco.. the pt guys think it was a joke, I don't and it was reasonable. Then they tell me, she's not in a position to negotiate. I don't care. And by the way, I do know the uS govt monitors everything I write...and ahs since 2002, and Carville Clinton isnt the only sex predator Dana Rohrbacher was talking about. Liten to the music: how many of God's angels, musicians, are being tortured by psychotronicsand dews, other than TOdd RUndgren? Does Kucinich know, and has he ever been anything but a fraud using Marianne WIlliamson? There's areason Nader didn't want anything to do with him.

ANd despite it all, Lynn is a target for some reason, but they hammer me worse, other than the dew attack to protect Landmark and EST and Hillary and sperling and others...  Strauss in San Francisco realized I was a target and a threat ot him by th egovt when I mentioned working at KIQQ... his family owns or owned it when that program director/mistress of the station manager was there at the same time CArrie Burnett? worked there as the receptionist, and my apologies to Jane Penzell if I embarrassed her... it wasn't Peggy CLark, but the similarities are incredible, including a boyfriend name Michael... Ms Burnett died not long after I  mentioned that, and appeared on Larry King., just like JT, the MD patient.................... words.... heart songs...

As for the musicians, the ptguys want me to talk about for some ulterior motive... only James Taylor has done well since the music psyops... I have no idea how he's doing now, and I resent it everytime God has me play one ofthe songs God gave him. His music psyops could not in my opinion have been an accident or pirating for that use. It was very different. COuld have bene done wihtouthis permission, I think afew things were added to other songs to address me, and I have explained before to someone, and they didn't questionthe validity of my explanation. little one's gonna run out of money, fend for himself in the wilderness... whenever you're ready.. and I concede that the bulk of that song could about his son Ben who apparently wanted to cut an album. I doubt he was so destitute he was worried about having togo live in the wild because of homelessness. And James the day you file against NBC, CNN and Universal and Clive, I'm your witness. Want the entire recording end of hteir companies? I mean that. It almost destroyed me.

James Taylor - October Road - 11 - Baby Buffalo

I am quiet aware there were people at Borland who not only knew I  was a target, but enjoyed watching my life.. and I still say Phillipe Kahn is was and is one of the most intelligent and compassionate people and bosses I ever had, and his wife, a GW supporter, screwed him, as did his executives...  and despite the ticket he got, I appreciated the story about his mazerati :} Phillipe, you probably don't remember me, I was one of the ones not laid off, I nearly  cried with you, and I had lunch with you one day because the cafeteria was so crowded, and listened to you and a European rep talk about european sales strategy, and I think I was used to screw you by your favorite villain, and I'll be glad to testify on your behalf any day you want. 

ANd for the record I had no true animosity toward Intuit, just a management disagreement, and thought it was appropriate to get out of the way. Tom was the reason I  left, like lots of other people. Thins got better after Schiff left too. The manager from Great Plains was a true pro, a true asset, I was sorry she left, glad she went to back to them, and I hope it wasn't a strategy to undermine Great Plains.

Tell Gates I'm glad Borland's in my spellchecker, German for land of the trees. I was one of your burrocrats. # 17 under Matt Oliver. BTW my best to Eric Ornas and Mark Wilhelm. I was glad the day Ornas decided to play roller derby with me instead of chewing me out... he's the guy I explained concentric design to, thanks to the education at Intuit. Weird how Citibank was assigned to me as a special support client, i only talked to them once about placement of the network file. An explanation I expounded about in another context on my way home from Atlanta to an attorney who worked for Gates' original partner.. can't remember Paul's name,... how come all  the escorts from Microsoft?

A note for Phillipe.. the weird thing is, when pc's came out, I was in charge of selecting software for Pro tym's pc customers... I didn't check out Paradox.. with al the confusion about Pc's at the time, why would I  want to sell people a Paradox? Ver 1.  If I'd called them, Matt would have answered the phone at Ansa.

The ptguys wanted me to say something to Rockefeller. All I can come up with is fuck you. ANd on behalf of my father fuck you. And I have no intent of having anything to do with you and your kind. ANd by the way, I know that's your way of saying it to me, so tell your ptguys they're not all that clever... and neither are you.

I'm tired. MBV tonight sarts at II Timothy 3:10 I left sarts instead of starts because now I have  look up Sarte.. I have no idea what that's about.

Wouldn't ya know, I opened to radiometeorograph.. what do you think God's trying to tell you Rockefeller? For some reason, Ihad the page marked, and referred to radiosonde.. something about Roswell.... what do ya think, Lou? Brill, or brillo like I used today?

Sarto: a tailor. sartorious, stress positions, Sartre: French playwright, philosopher and novelist. Sarai: God's covenant with Moses. SaRum use: the form of order of divine service used in the churches of Sarum (Salisbury) before the Reformation. Sara wak: a British protectorate in northern Borneo. In 1946 it became a british crown colony. Capital: Kuching :} Sarcomatus - CFR- of or having the nature of a sarcoma, aka,a cancer on the presidency.. little poetic license used on that last one.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jean Joel Barbier - Deodat De Severac - 007 - Vers Le Mas En Fete (a woman would know what that means according to the antique shop owner)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmy Buffet -  Come Monday 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe in Magic

Pete. tell Artie C 44-7 is a great color. Lost in space blue,

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Black Magic Woman  and the Yahoo page, Colbert, said and she isn't even white......

speaking of which:

Colbert: Jean Baprtiste: French statesman  and financier. Sill got a sense of humor, Stephen? Have a green day,,,, 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have fun - I ain't touching that one stephen,,,,,,,.. :}

II Timothy 3:10 But thou hast known my  doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith and longsuffering, charity, patience.

It's a great chapter. I looked at chapter 2 briefly for the flavor of it, which I will read later. This is God's commandment for these times

II Timothy 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are His. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

It says the same thing in Revelations... for these times....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash -  I Give You Give Blind 

Weird. I was going to mention the guy from Borland who used me to promote venture capital for lasik. I guess God decided I should after all.

I'm getting tired, but God wants to talk.I think he's angry at some people who made some promises...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Controversy - 01 - Controversy

Goodnight..... later, after my nightly reading and instruction from God, I plan to raise my right arm and hand. I don't want ot go into Al and Armand Hammer.... I really dont..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Greatest Hits - 11 - Heart Of Gold

Gnight Truman. I don't want ot go there.Nice whitewash though CNN and Time Warner... Godisn't done yet. Notice how He doesn't askif we want to?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash -  I Give You Give Blind

That's what God expects of His true servants, Melissa the Laodicean hypcrite betrayer of GOd.

I'm giving God one more round...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 08 - What I Need

Tell John Hall God is calling.... 

Enough. Plutonium is forever. Ta ta. 

Loggins & Messina - Peace of Mind Montessori types are my kind.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - Different Me - 11 - So The World May Hear

9/8/2011 6:22pm C447 is looking better. Meanwhile, Lynn just told me she considers herself infirm.. hte perverts often use lynn to give me lines about what they're going to do next, or what perverted things they think are funny.... the sickest thing is using psychotronics and dews to cause up to break up many times over the years, jsut they did on RImrock when Lynn ended up divorcing her husband of 26 years, a conscientious objector tothe Viet Nam War.. (Got that Victor)

So,,, their sick joke is, when I was a kid, a budding capitalist getting a dime per week allowance, a decent allowance then, I looked in the paper to see if I could find a part-time job. I kept seeing ads for doing odd jobs for "invalid ladies", and I thought, why are they considered invalid, as in not valid. So today, as another threat to Lynn's life, as they've done most the day (including threatening Lynn's Granddaughter some more),  they do the invalid thing with Lynn, adn she's sort of becoming that, even though her only problem is dews and psychotronics, and bythe way, Thurston is working me right now,,, of course that will be reduced greatly once we're out of here... butthe whole thing is that these govt perverts use men and women to contorl each other, diminsih them and silence them out of fear of somene discovering thing slike, psychotronic induced domestic disputes. I'm told Ripp is officer Owne, who stopped by one day.. I'm sure he saw thebeaten up walls tha tLynn destroyed withher cane and other things.. and by the way, anyone who claims she's violent would be a perjure, so given she'd just had a stroke, an her fits were psychotronically induced, I let her know i wasn't going to stop her from hitting the walls with her cane.. despite the fact it was over the top emotionally, I knew it was  a psychotronic attack toindeuce another stroke and her ddeath, so I  didn't want her to feel guilty. A similar even occurred involving my neighbors setting us both up, the one that almos had Lynn kill me withthe car wheniwas trying to talk her out of driving away angrily, afraid she['d end up in an accident or killing herself because it was an attack, and then she said she was goingto go to Pete & charlies to get help. 

The thinkg about the calling the FBI agent a cunt was me allowing the psychotronic people to let her and them demonstrate to themselves how willing i am to show the world how perverse this is, and if aCandice Delong doesn't like it, or like the local and state authorities, don't like it because their frineds are this sick anduse it as an excuse to not halt the attacks, then I have to assume they like being called such names, but like i told Welch, the setup button doesn't work, and the said coverups won't work. Of course, CNBC tried to make it seem otherwise for Welch.

If there's anything I'm sure of, people who actually know me know I have never used that kind of language, except rarely when with people who use it, and it rubs off momentarily.... so don't bother using that as an excuse FBI. ANd in terms of my tough language toward Bush and others, if the kind of president or police you want are the kind that take vengeance out on people who don't kiss their asses, then this is not a nation I want to be a part of.

As with Mason and Thurston COunty police, and ht eregional director of weed and seed, I did everyhting Ii could to be cooperative, seek political resolution to policy, and I ran and am running for president for those reasons, and all the other things requirred to take a dysfunctional nation and cause it to be functional and prosperous for the people, not corporations, although neither can exist without each other. ANd I"m not playing CHarlie's favorite matrix game.

I'm also very sick of hearing that the governor, the sheriffs, the fbI and others tell these peope lto  stop,but they're going to keep doing it til i maek a report to local authorities and surrender the evidence and allow them to resolve this with us being greatly harmed with no recourse, compensation, or expectation that our lives will be other than murdered.

Burger King boy and girl love those lines.. their fallback lines, mentored by Thurston and ripp.. and I will not withdraw that assertion.

Meanwhile, Burger king boy has taunted me all day to sue fred Meyer. As i said to Burger king boy and girl, I wonder how good Fred Meyer's attorneys are, and if they'd like to use me as a witness about Burger King facilitating terrorists  to harass their customers. And I meant it. That would then mean the same suit against the Mason county sheriff, who so far, have hassled me but NOT in the actual Fred Meyer parking lot.. only from Burger King, and the area away from the pharmacy........

Now I"ll assert if they do it in the fred Meyer parking lot,  I'll ask the same question of Taylor fisheries and other corporations these idiots are implicating the same question about the abilities of their attorney. 

8:23pm Because it's legal, I have no complains against thes eother companies they are to implicate, and if I find out later it was a setu, it's still conspiracy, And the Taylor Fisheries guy will end up embarrassed by his own actions.., The steamboat Island store people ar eth esame way the 8:23 entry is after the fact.

ANd this is another example of people trying to manipulate what I write and the times I do it. The original 6:22pm thread restarts below.

I have never been a litigious person. However, Lynn McMullen has been a vital fore the benefit of people her entire career. I have attempted to do so, but prevented, among things, by the people of the state of washington since the early 1980's.....

Delong... are you a pervert or a decent person?

That offer I made WILL be used as evidence at the Hague. You have no obligation to accept it or even respond, but  among other things, intel chatter is recognized, don't bother claiming I'm a terrorist OR a subversive in any way... and tell your boss I don't care who has the authority  to negotiate anything.

I've been harmed by benefit of the doubt for too long.

BTW - more damage was done to the Camaro today. Don't bother telling me the vehicle isn't worth anything, and don't bother playing anymore word games to get Preston, Key Bank, or the DOL off the hook. Your word games WILL be disallowed when justice is actually invoked. If the vehicle is not functional, or any trick is played, as it appears to be set up, to claim I stole the car or you're calling in the lien I tried to clear, period, regardless of what it's in, and I mean state of Washington or California, proving a conspiracy will be simple. Notice how the games won't work.

Anytime the US Govt wants to prove to the Hague that the US govt thinks the Hague is conducted by a bunch of stupid fools, have Hillary send them a letter defending the psychological operations threatening our lives, and preventing me once again for the third time, running for president, and tell Carville the IRS/.McDougal setup won't work.

ANd of course, I'm now being hit by microwave as the US Govt murderers hit me with whooshing microwave. I'll take that as meaning the US govt thinks the Hague is run by stupid fools. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

I am a legitimate candidate for the Presidency, and I don't need the U.S. Government's permission. And don't bother me with more sex traps courtesy of the sex predators of the U.S. Government.

They now want me to say, don't anybody strong arm me, No much of a threat from them - that's their typical way of saying that's what they're going to do.. cause I'll screw you anyway if you do that. Hundreds of victims in Washington State alone. And you'll still have to explain my teeth, and the electronic attacks on Lynn. and the planes are the stupidest part 6:58pm

Good luck Charlie :} (PS I never held it against you or I'd have smeared you completely for the building 7 situation)

Weird.. water so bad this morning, it was actully unsafe.. this afternoon, completely clear, though I just heard a noise liek someone's out at the well again.

Wait til you see what the psychotronics guys thought was a fun joke to "waste' my time this morning. A page to musicians and agents about how I'll be their witness regarding GITMO style music psyops. It's a very long list. Hillary will find herself in the Front Row (Atlanta, Software..... )

And it includes Prince and Raspberry Beret......Unfortunately for the DOD, I like it whether TIlson's office people like it or not... and Jackie, you don't look anything like my mother, but you sure looked nervous when i said I figured out what was happening to my family, and mentioned Exxon. Rotary, DHS and/or the Pet Shop, or all 3? Tell thegoons not to harass about these topis.. it willnot be pleasant for them.. and  themeo 46 or  Lynn will not and did not work. All the time you guys were working her,I was taking notes and making sure she didn' get harmed. Those efforts will be a testament to the power and perversity of psychotronics.

Busaca.. guess who suggested I visit you?  Did they type in the first name when I told you? Audio recordings come in very handy. WIth that, I'm reminded of Charlie's threatsto use recordings of my voice to edit them into whatever they want it to sound like I said. I kept all masters of everything in case that happened. Including the superimposed square waves. Sae with the written materials, and all news in reviews are in scripts, and I have the mall.. And versionista and others better match them. And since they're word games, I only put in a few extra notes in the scripts online for the media guys just for fun:} It's 7:08pm on the west coast :}

Cornell, eh Olbermann? :}

The Bible says I'm supposed to like Coronets. French horn is close enough. Of course, my mom's maiden name was Horn.. at least, that's what she told me :} Otherwise, it's Crane, and Cherokee. And if I was adopted, it was by God.

Bill, explain something, this morning while writing Just Like GITMO, the hyperlink icon wouldn't ungray? (Plane 7:12pm -  a big one)

I know it's Front Page 2000, but it works better than Front Page 98 on this operating system. And yes Bill, I did download version 1. Thanks. I really love it. I was gonna use Dreamweaver, but it's expensive, and like a good Intuit customer, I didn't want to read the manual.

Besides, Bill, I'm really not a software engineer, even though I'm good at it. i like to help people. That's the only reason I ended up working in computers.... because when PC's came out, too many people were sold the wrong or bad products. Like I told Blue Sky Enterprise sales people, the most important product you sell is confidence in your company, when customers rely on them to sell and instruct them on something they know nothing about. Thus, don't oversell.. I still can't figure out why they thought I could help them network Apples.

Back in a while.

8:26pm  More proof that Lynn is being harmed and manipulated by psychotronics and dews. Earlier, she claimed to be infirm. While writing the 6:22pm thread, before i was expected to make dinner, suddenly, she became energized, I didn't know it, and then she said dinner was ready... I didn't know she was out o fbed. She fixed food difficult for me to eat, a bacon sandwich, and a salad I don't like an dshe knows it, fruit salad with Yogurt, and if nothing else it's another example of them tryingtostart an arguement between us.. as they got her to insist on me tryingth efruit salad. SOunds dumb, but this is how Thurston's MO  always plays out, and he apparently teaches his people to prov ehow much he hates people, while he thinks he has plausible deniability. Same psyops from differnet places, including Mason COunty, dumping spot for thurston's beaten up and shovel ready projects, like Lori and Adrian, Obama's chauffer's parents. Nearly exactly the same MO, only they don't know about psychotronics and dews, apparently. How come the FBI and Secret Service don't care about that?

Notice once again how i"m being messed with to do anything but what i actually want to do... 

Finally, on this subject, please note in the records, that the Delong psyop is exactly the same as the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop, including that I have no interest in persuing a romantic relationship.. what an idiotic repeat. Including what the FBI woman looks like. Emma, Sister Scott, wide body.  Costeau.

The offer still stands, I have  no reason to beleive the US governemtn is interested in justice. Thurston's very much going to enjoy goingto the Hague. Thanks once again cops and perverts for proving you think the Hague is a joke.

As I was saying like Keith waned me to say... Lynn's calling. Back ina whileafter the next interruption and attempted murder of a presidential candidate a good person who deserves her life back. I guess the idiots need time ot figure how to embarass themselves some more. 8:36pm

More police harassment. Lynn basically wanted totell me she was upset - no good reason - wanting to spend time with me.. I was trying to get work done all day, and the idiot cops and perverts think jerking Lynn around is good sport. Are not going to accomplish what they're trying to do.

Like I said, Nazis like these are cowards. Oh yeah, I know about water regulators, and I'm pretty sure I have a copy of th edesigns for plumbing San Diego to deliver water and remotely interject into specific household water pipes.... San Diego , hom eof the VA hospital shaped like a swastika. Pete Wilson land,when he was mayor.. it gets better. What a facade.. San Diego has an organized gang-stalking unit. How Orwellian does it get? Have a good night, Pete. I can't believe I almost voted for HW. 8:42pm

BTW, normally, I only write in the weblog once or twice a day, sometimes in the morning, usually just at night after Bible reading, and my day work was normal stuff AND reporting and trying hard to run for office despite the murder attempts by the government. ASk Pete if he wants you to jerk me around anymore.

10:13pm Since the last time given, unposted material until a few minutes from now, thurston and his fellow cop pervert snad friends ant me to tell you about MSNBC Joe Scarborough and Michael Rectenwald, his  guest and professor calling the US Government Nazi, the founder and partner of CLG, and Lori Price... I have often believed Lori is a target, and my communciations with her were tampered with and intercerpted in 2002/3 On my sites and hers, you';ll find insturctions onhow to fold a20 dollar bill so that it's a fold up to look like the twin towers burnin g.

The idiots of the US Govt are trying to tell me they are rehashsing all this to save Delong time in reading the site. Good luck. ENd of game.

Now, US Govt, please tlelthe world tha tyou psyopped me intobelieving I'm Jesus, and when i finish tellingthe Hague the truth of allthat, fromChristmastown USA, SHelton Washington And Olympia Washington,t hey'll know this page had been new info mixed with alot of things suppsoedly to cover upthe crimes of the US Govt as if only the last paragraph counts.

Tell teh FBI in san frnacisco to fuck off and die.

They'reyour perverts FFBI

Since the last tiime, nothing but torture, and Lynn sat in the red chair, and immediately started having extreme pain. For all those who believe this torture is productive for your purposes, please continue to prove to the world that the megalomaniacs are in the US govt, it's obvious, as a citizen, I don't care about your fraudulent election titles, your badges, your guns, your threats or your stupid taunts believingthe only thing that matters is civil law suits for money while your govenrment kills its own people. If that's the country the majority of this nation wants, fine with me, I know that's not true.

As a servant of God, what this weblog represents is the US Government proving its own depravity, and how Nazis destroy a nation whenthey'r ethrough raping it economically and have used upits military resources while handing them to  other nations the US Government propaganda claims is our enemies sothey cna use them to  destroy us with weapons of mass destruction. There is no possible way for Los ALamos to suppsoedly have security breeches of the type that would allow our most powerful weapons and electronic inventions get intothe hands of China, except for the bribes and deals nmade by the CLnton Administration on behalf of the traitors of the Council on foreign Relations.

50,000 dollars - that's what it takes to clear someone tobe a memebr of the CFR, the same priice for having the FBI do a background check for government security clearances. Anyone in the CFR or other branches of government who are too cowardly to breech those security agreements to expose traitors IS A TRAITOR.  The soldiers who die for wars for oil and to give this nation to other countries do not do so so that other people can be famous and pretend to be leaders, Those people are traitors. Anyone who doesn't recognize that is either illiterate, ignorant, or a traitor.

It's been - and this must be why they want to be this upset by torture tonight - the anniversary of 911 - but it's been 10 years since the attacks. ANyone like Mazlett who forgot how to read, or Olbermann who thinks putting being a special NBC 911 correspondent on his web page like he's some kind of special person to this nation should be reduced to a janitor somewhere. If allowed that much respect and responsibility.

If you don't liekhearing that,whenyou're impoverished by 2014 as planned, you'll know what it's like to be abandoned by peopel youthought were your frineds.ANd if it takes that to make you wake up, then maybe that's what  you deserve. Like Maher said, if you vote for these people,you deserve them.

Final note before I deliver God's starting point for the night, and finish as much as Ii can on Just Like GITMO... I haveNeVEr gone around telling anyone I am Jesus. No one. No one. Jesus was a specialman - thurston knockoff the word games, I've discussed myself with two people, friends, in private, thurston is proving he and this are satanists - friends in private, all 2 of them and attempted tohave discussions with ministers who  either didn'tcare tohear, as the Bible said most would be like and that's all there is to say about that except van Dyke was using psychotronics on Lynn one day, and one day I'll waste some time with a map proving how ridiculous his cover up for CNN was. Notice once again how these satanist cops try to change the subject.

Jesus was a very special man - a man - with the soul and spirit of deity... anyone who would actually claim - publicly and officially - to be the man Jesus in the second coming  would be proving their own ignorance of spirituality and of the ways of God. ANd their complete lack of understanding of the Bible if they claimed they read it. Fianlly on that subject,Gethsemane Ministries, read wht Jesus said just before Gethsemane. God is the answer. Jesus was Christ. And Christ in the second coming is.... whatever you satanists want to say next. Hillary Clinton DID announce Obama as Jesus in the Second Coming or the Son of man when she said "his name will be bless-ed amongst the nations. She was wrong., It will be cursed. And it has nothing todo with the color of his skin, except the memo 46ing of black people who would rather give up their rights and freedom in exchange for a man of color. As for me, I'd take Sharpton over him any day. IANd i don't care what anyonehtinks badly of SHarpton, He's a great man, even if he makes mistakes from time to time. WIththat:

Definitely regarding Obama and the CFR

Job 18:18 He shall be driven from light into darkness, and chased out of the world.......

How did Al get into this? Easy. Like a tucker Carlson, if anyone public is the epitome of what Demcorats claim to be, it's AL Sharpton. A real deal.

Now I gotta look up  what happened in 1818. God's a tough teacher. I like tough teachers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God McCoy Tyner - TBD - 100 - Blue Monk 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kris Kristofferson - TBD - 100 - Loving Her Was Easier 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 09 - Why Can't We Live Together

Those are about humanity, not sex, perverts.

The url for JUST LIKE GITMO will be. and I have no doubt torture will render incomplete, as usual, by a chickenshit Nazi government. frowards. Lets see how long they can delay me this time. 

 9/9/2011 9:22am Wasn't going to write this morning... I wanted to hear some music, and I picked

Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

And realized that it was a  song that's almost picking up where I left off on Just like GItmO around 2am. And realized it was about the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop, Bill CLinton and CNN, Crossfire... Begala..... Elvis has left the room

The PMS psyop didn't stop me from reading the bible, even though the verses last night were part of her psyop. The only aversion created with the music psyops was to James Taylor, it worked and F* him and all of you  for that, and it might take a  few days to list all the musicians and songs used in psyops against me, and you  guys are gonna have a whole bunch of pissed off musicians when this is over. Jackson Browne's agent is gonna love. If someone thought this would restimulate the  "traumatic effect", get another job. ANd NbC Universal and TIme Warner willend up regretting it. THese people will bankrupt you for contractual reasons. ANd except for james taylor, I hold nothing against any of them

Tell Delong Lynn fell ladt night, and I went down to see if she was ok.. the continued isolation - if this is another attempt to get me to not notice you're trying to kill her with dews, you're wrong. I almost fell over myself when I got up and was above window level. Use the sampsyp over and over, all yu get is actionable evidence and patterns. THe FBI should know  that. their arrogance....

You really did pick the people who will defeat the nazis with a peaceful movement. And the arrogance.. remember CNN, if you hadn't have told me about psychotronics and dragged me into news at NBC and CNN, we would have died quietly, not knowing. Don't ever bother claiming you  did it as a way to be faithful to the U.S. and certainly not to God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Liz Story - The Gift - 12 - Il Es Ne Le Divin Enfant-Immaculate Mary

Sorry for  the language, just woke up, and the idiots understand those words, and when you first wake, psychotronics has a hold.THat's why I listen to music to  refresh my spirit. Your psyop vehicle will also be your downfall.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hot Butter - - Popcorn   I thinkGod's angry, and shoving it down people's throats for me. for Lou and Hillary, what a pair.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B05 - Kite Dreams

9:56am Candice Delong.. please understand Ihad no desire to play games withyou or any of the other people who wanted totrap me in psyops. Like God says, woe be to those who fall into th ehands of God. ANyone who read this site and the Bible passages would have known that Matins and Vespers means that ayone who uses a trap on me will be trapped by their own trap. I paly along tosee what the government is trying to set me up for ext, sodn't ever think I'm a crazy taunting you :} If you're really a profiler and have the intelligence a real one has, I'l respect youby saying you know what i mean. Throw the manual away, it won't work against God,and becuae of that, won't work against me. 

I just had a laugh when I listened to a  marc cohn song inever listened to closely before. ANd it is abotu what you have become, for a lot of musicians, and as a negative asst to the people you were trying to protect.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 10 - She's Becoming Gold 

PS Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It 

10:10am Waiting for the uploads to finish. Ask Dobbs about his golden rule - He with the gold rules. Something about Nebuchanezzer returning the gold stolen from the David's temple... the opposite of what DObbs and the Skull and bones had in mind. I warned em

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 06 - Free

10:26am Uploads complette. A couple final thoughts. Long ago, befor eime changed, I was an aries..now,he calendar says I'ma pisces.

George Harrison - Brainwashed - 03 - Pisces Fish

Carly Simon - Let the River Run

No more PMS psyops government. How much more foolish do you all want to seem as you humiliate yourselves? And every time you harm Lynn, consider how many thousands of people globally will hate you more and more and more.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension -  Stoned Soul Picnic

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Save The Country 

It was a tie

10:38am I was thinking about thins. I know that the people at Scotts Valley school knew... only  oone person gave me a clue, and she almost lost her life for it.

John Lennon -  Nobody Told Me

John Lennon - Watching the Wheels

Thanks to to program director at KSJO San Jose. Sorry you lost your  job just about the time you would've hired me. The legendary Dennis Hunter. Otherwise, I  never would have heard this song, since I wasn't a fan of John Lennon.

John Lennon - Working Class Hero

from a monarch to a bluebird. Like Einstein said, I know John got this message.

Richie Havens - Dear John_live

10:44am FInalthought

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 10 - Seed

For my future partners, the Jehovah's Witnesses.

9/9/2011 7:50pm Once again, the idiot sof the US Govt wantmeto put in more material, stupidly believing it is overwhelming and therefore unprosecutab;le or something. They're trying totell me what to write right now.

More damage to the vehicles and threats to bomb it, have the police confiscate the vehicles, all sorts of thing sthese idiots claim will prevent me from gettin gout of this state alive and without money or a home, including threatening my relatives, Lynn'sgrandchildren

Meanwhile the Burger King idiots want me to say, and since they brought it up, it's true as far as I rememebr, that the ROyal 8 guy and Burger King BOy were the reporter and the photographer when I was going to deliver andunscripted speech to people, as erroneously announced in th eOlympian, after renting the Quaker CHrch Hall in Olympia, which I have video documentation has been infiltrated.. the same day I went to the Jehovah's WItness Kingdom Hall in Olympia, by no coincidence, empty as they were at aconvention gathering at the Tacoma dome, but for some reason, a guy looking alotlikethe guy at Steamboat veterinarian were there, getting in a green van like the one across the street from where Thursotn lives.

They sai d their reason for mentioning this was to claim I was depriving the Olympian of freedom of the Press, which I've never done, nr did I bother to complain to the editor of the Olympian for printing the wrong date of the event, or the picture makng it look like I was sucking my thumb, although i did write up the defamation of candidates like me on the website in  2003.. I think. It's online.

Burger King Boy DOES look like the reporter, and his conduct explains alot abouthis lack of knowledge or concern about the facts twehn he repored on that day. for Some reason,tehy also want me to point  out it was a USA today reporter, affiliated with the Olympian, that was supposedly an innocent citizen witnessing the attack on the Pentagon, only later  to be uncovered that that person was a USA today reporter. Further, investigation proved that the plane that hit the pentagon was NOT a jumbo jet airliner, but a smaller aircraft.. this determined by doing relative measurements of the supposed jet engines compared to other objects at the scene and explains why th egovernment covered those engines with tarps when they were hauled away so people who knew better would not notice.I tshould also be noted that RUmsfeld was talking tot he pentagon staff on the other side of the building telling them of such a possibility moments before the attack occurred. That briefing wa sreported by CNN, the part aboutthe forensices, I don't rememebr the source, Ibelieve it Ruppert, it might have been on the 911 truth webiste before disrupters began blogging there abotu all sorts oftheorries to disrupt their truthful observations and other forensics uncovered, includingtheuse of military thermite to bring down the twin twoers. Building 7 was brought down on purpose by the US government in acontrolled demolition (like Isaw once on King 5 when I worked across the street from the Westin Hotel) I'll add, Daniel Seeburg  of CNN wasthe reporter who somehow intercepted the email from the moussaud to the occupants of the twin towers that an attack was going to occur on the mornign of Spet 11, 2001, advising them to get out.

I'll remind you that the weekend before the attacks, the security chief there, Marvin Bush, allowed femA to inspect the buildings emergency exits, though publicly, they said the building was closed for "computer upgrades"... as if yoou ned to close a buildingfor technicians to upgrade computer software, unlesst hey were setup to interface to the thermite explosives that caused a controlled demolition and pancaked them to the ground... all ofwhichwas the real cause of the death of those people by the disgustingUS Governmentthat then put  on a show as if they were patriotic by visit the site, andsinging the national anthem which always made me puke, and angered a great deal.

For thos ehwo don;t know, Michael RUppert is a former police  officer who decided to investigate the 911 disasters and the activities of the CIA< and was able ot prove George Tenet, CIA Director, arranged for money to be transferred from earnings made by individuals and members of COngress/their families to Deutsche Bank in Germany, as well as how some people were too afraid to claim their Sotck mMarket earnigns for the decline of  the stocks of the airlines involved.

Further, Seattle Resident Tom Flocco, tomflocco.com, who lost a niece in the attacks, I believe on flight 93, reported that CIndy McCain's income tax return for 2001 showed earnings from those stocks and the attacks. (From the Beginning of time.... the clock, or he company?) 

In court, based on her 2008 RNC Convention speech, I'l lestify about things she said and did, unlesserased by the NSA (not an uncommon occurence) about aesopian to say she knew thins about my life, that apparently once again were based on bad intel, adn would be embarrassing to a particular woman, as well as James Taylor. because of the October ROad Psyop. It's good to know CIndy knows hot to give a hand job... one more piece of clip art John, it's on my website.

BTW John, the ffshore drilling continues, I don't appreciate it, and LYnn's friends will hate you evenmore thanthey did before they found out what you are a part of.. a cause greater than yourself. Selling this nation, converting the world to Nazi tyranny, and getting Arthel Neville fired. I don't know which one of those things makes me most angry.

I still miss Arthel. Tell Candice they picked the wrong sex symbol, and Arthel I know she knows I'm joking, but she did one heck of a great allowing people to speak out on live tv. And I respect her very much for threading the needle as she did as John psyopped me.;

Aaron Neville - Ava Maria

Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is

And just for fun, for rick Warren,and Rick, I needle you about this lovingly because I intend to work with you in the future, but here's some music from some old time hippies you should have heard. My brother used to play them all the time, otherwise I'd have never heard of them either. Of course, on Warner Bros records, more captured angels....

Chad Mitchell Trio - Virgin Mary

PS I'm being prodded to  comment to Rick Santorum again An abomination of desolation is naot a gay person.  Te Biblical abomination fo desolation refers to things like conducting covert nuclear war in the middle east, and threatening the lives of the entire world at the same time. Otherwise, I'd say the worst abomination is what you say when you condemn anyone for their sexual conduct or race with your  lying, ignorant mouth. Want to go on tv and debate it Rick?

I 'll add no one harassed me into saying it that way. And Tell Judge Roy Moore I look forward to working with him on reconciling the problems of the world. (And promoting religiosity by Bill Maher as I said I would, so long as he pays for the trip to Florida himself ;}) What do they call that place? Jesusland or something?

Final note to the cop who likes to use psychotronics to call me a hippie for not getting a haircut.. the reason I haven't gotten one is to keep my hair as evidence in case I've been unknowingly drugged, and to prevent further assaults by barbers/phony Jehovah's Witnesses in Shelton who steal glasses form me posing as barbers, in order to cover the scars on my ears left when implants were placed in my brain when I was about 3 years old. That Korean woman is a fine hair dresser, and I would have been a regular customer. ANd I've never had long hair. Ifshe's concerned, let her know  I never had any intention of following up on her, except maybe for testimony if necessary, and to make sure  she's ok, and to supply attorneys for her if she was in any way harmed.

My policy about sending attorneys back to help people is not to make money for myself, but to make sure victims get their lives back. Period.

That  includes the people at the infiltrated churches. And for the record, I would always welcome talking to my friend Milton, and I hope his wife is ok. Because of the infiltration I told him what I required.. to speak to me here. ANd don't anyone bother sending me another Milton look-alike.

So you know, I've known for quite some time that people use synthesizers and samplers to imitate people's voices and emulate their speech patterns. That's why I wont trust phone calls on important matters that have potential legal significance. I have also avoided doingany audio or visual tricks because of my own background, which IS how I know how they do it. I first played with text to speech back in 95 when Real Audio gave a great program away with its soundboard.. that doesn't work on current operating systems and charlie and thurston, give up on trying to trap me.

30 years of psyops against Lynn and I individually and together.. it's over.

 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 08 - Love's Worth Fighting For

It's a great world.  Respect it.

9:44pm I always know that when the PTGuys want me to write about something, they're just looking for something to harass me about for telling the truth.

Tell the locals and authorities if your perverts call you names and so forth, it's your problem.

I agree with that about them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 103 - Bennie & the Jets

9/10/2011 12:17am As I wrote earlier, when people try to get me t write or do things, I always figure there's an ulterior motive. I posted, Just like GitMO in its form, incomplete, and then decided to make some cosmetic changes, and then started writing about some other things.  An I was writing about three dog night, and got to writing about Shambala and joy to the WOrld, and then realized it was actually another Delong and Thurston county psyop to get van Dyke off the hook, and unfortunately for them  it didn't work, and will work against them. WHen I  realized it, I began being tortured, and wrote that too.. for telling the truth about the sequence of the fact that I didn't know Son of Man meant CHrist in the Second Coming, and that does not by necessity mean Jesus as written in Revelations 2:17 Then I was tricked into almost breaking my right wrist.  Some satanists need to go. too bad delong.

Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 06 - Shambala

I didn't know what the word Shambala meant when I used to play it in high school, but it was a great song with a great message.

Liek I also said, someday I'll explain what John Lennon really meant when he wrote Imagine.. it wasn't about a world without God, it was about a world where greed and possessiveness and judgmentalism and religion were no longer needed, because we would be being like angels, living the golden rule, and life the Beginner's Guide to the Afterlife, people building with passion and love for creation, with the only exception to that book being that we would never shun, we would be compassionate..

The Bible said that upon the Second Coming, all sorts of disasters would happen, and it makes it seem that "Jesus" or the Christ would be causing it to purge the earth of evil people. The opposite is true, with the MAD.. mutually assured destruction, spoil sport.. if  the devil can't have it, he'll try to destroy it. That brings us to this moment in history.

It ain't about money, it's a bout power, and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, as I've said for years.

Christian need to read the Bible themselves, as God commanded, in order to know the truth, not fables and myths as God pointed out. ANd to stop listening to apostates who tell you what you want to hear. Christians were commanded to be those who were the watchers for truth, just as early churches were the safe harbors for people of true faith, Ezra people. That's part of the deal, the promise I don't believe most people are ever told or understand. Until I read the Bible all the way through, I didn't. And I didn't read it until 2002.

The Lutheran Bible explained that the son of man was Jesus in the first advent, and some person in the second. Even Jesus said that Christ was the Son of Man, otherwise, why didn't he say "When I  return".  No wonder van Dyke didn't want to talk to Lynn after the incident when I returned from New York, Weird isn't it, the mp from fort Lewis, after van Dyke was hostile, said to me - My father died young and I often wondered why he named me Abraham, because Abraham means leader, and I wish I'd taken more time to talk to him, because he was in the same kind of inquiry as me. And he wondered if his father was trying to tell him something - who he was, or what his father wanted him to be.

I put that story in the weblog myself for a reason. I knew I was being psyopped, didn't quite know how to explain, or why it all happened. Someone will have to explain what's wrong with the police in this state, as this sort of thing has gone for over 30 years.

Tell Mazlett, Matins & Vespers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 202 - Every Time He Comes Around

For more info on the relevance of that song at this moment, read the updates to Just Like Gitmo. It's God's message.

Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

Jim Croce - I Got A Name

12:54am This was the song that came up next

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ambrosia - Make Us All Aware

1:02am Burger by and company are torturing me to rip my teeth out. He doesn't like th emusic I listen to. So i played this for him and his sick CFr friends

America - Tin Man

2:01 am Still being tooth tortured.Van Dyke, the psychotronics guys think it's funny to say how much you liked raping Lynn after you MO'd and ID'd yourself

Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A01 - Egypt, Israel and America

Music t o be tortured by . Delong youhav egreat friends.

2:06am I posted that,and this came up next.. and they were just talkign about killing Lynn and spreading blood on the dash of my car.. and talking being drunk... 

Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B01 - Stars

2:09am Lou, remmebr the thing about one sided conversations with Bb Newhart onthe phone. I think these uys were out drinking.This is sort what these psychotronics guys are like.  They think they're makein g a fool of me

Shelly Berman - Morning After

2:16am I was just listening to the above,and thought about something I was toyed with and my brother was threatened with today.. beofre I left for Atlanta, I was working with my brother to get an apartment downstairs ready for  my mother to live in when he threw a hammer at the wall.. I was working on texturing the walls... after he threw the hammer, I left, and the before I left, I wanted to resolve it with him, went back to Yosemite, and he said his friend - the guy building the house just below his property, finished the texturing job.. Good old Dave. Sure explains some things that happened before she and I left for Maryland... and why my mom was sick.. and why she didn't want to tell me the truth about her illness later

What a great friend to help him finish the apartment .that was the same time mybrakes were bad, and I actually thought it was possible I might die onmy down the hill to Lake Don Pedro pulling a trailer in the Camaro. Tell Dave lightning better not strike in the same place twice...

Dave, the guy who was there when my  brother's brakes were loosened and the fluid was leaking, outside the Sheriff support Unit meeting in Sonora.. and then his blood pressure fluctuated and it almost killed him... explains their attitude about her using too much toilet paper, and he's the guy who mo'd and Id'd himself when he told my brother he was tracking him via short wave.... too bad Dave.. now delong, about the groveland pelosi guy.. explains alot. tell the guy with the owl on the weathervane I'll remember him in my reports too.

More of the same... fbi covering crimes of the real criminals... sure you don't want to be an RN again, delong?

This is what can happen when you're waiting for the other shoe to falll................. torture me will ya.. everytime they go extreme onme, God does Matins & Vespers ANd these slightly hung over people thought it would be fun to  listen to SHelley Berman.

PS Someone tried to break in through the window night before last... I have video of the screen, before and after. There's a noise out there now.

Don't do the Fuhrman joke, delong. Now I know the Marcia Clark part of this. idiots. Satanists. Criminal cover ups. Good thing Ibrought the tire iron in from the garage tonight.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 16 - Wonderful (Dedication to Stevie Wonder)

soemthing about... Stevie Wonder - -Skeletons

2:36am Up in Yosemite, it got so bad and I was nearly starving at one point, about a month before that, my mom started buying me groceries, and i didn't need them then, and she said, I'm just doing things for you what I didn't do when you were growing up... and I was actually beginning tostarve, if it hadn't been for my brother, I would have, and then I got food stamps, thank God, and that's about when the guy retired from Raytheon advertised and offered me a join Angels Camp, Mark Twain Country, but it just wasn't enough money for me to pay bills an d make up the rent I couldn't pay...

Delong, tell em the whooshing doesn't bother ME that much anymore.. weird how the psyops guys are trying to get me to abandon my trailer, which in the lower apartment would have blocked the dews from Dave's duplex, and they want me to take Lynn up there while I compile info, which would never work because of Lynn's feminism and my brother's stubborn streak.. when we were up there on vacation with Lynn's family, everyone got along fine except Lynn and my brother.. so taking her up there would be a recipe for disaster... interesting the thing about brakes,the problems I had getting the tires off let alone having a bad brake that would';ve seized the wheel or caused an accident with the trailer behind it...

Be sure to tell Jerry I'm not real impressed with what I'm thinking about him right now... and why I know for sure my strategy is the best.

Matins & Vespers........

It's always good to know that I'm not wrong about the US Government and the justice system tell Mueller the Hague will love his background check/ I want my $185,000 delong. Arnold's - ROve's Bush.. I think this is the case they and the holocaust museum have been waiting for since 1945......

Is this REALly what you signed up for and enjoy doing?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

As they'll tell you God picked it.I have to listen to it. I don't have a clue what the lyrics are. Something about Password........

2:55am Delong, let's see if your idiot geniuses can figure out the context of this song given the road I'd we'd been on when we died, and the pipeline that runs along side it to the fish hatchery....  you know, down where they spent millions on water purification that made the water worse to San Francisco.

Alasdair Fraser - The Narada Wilderness Collection - 16 - Lament for Hetch Hetchy

../../../networkshare/audiom3u/Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said.mp3.m3u

It's gonna be one hell of a report to the world.

Remember this oh well, just Eisenhower's farewell address about the Military industrial complex, and I was going to follow it with trumans address regarding the first nuclear attack on hiroshima, just ot make sure you had a little education, and given what I think about HAARP... and the thought camera.. and martinizing.. and ess heil.... and 

Heer's how I express my anger politically delong.. I think about little details that the world won't forgive,.. God taught me this matins and vespers thing when I thought alamos and John Warner and the judiciary was going to kill me.. like they did Auschwitz in America to show me how Michael Jackson was murdered.. I have video of laser burns on my back... patience is indeed a virtue,so is evidence, especially real evidence like have, not opinions of textbook profilers who don't have a clue  about real life... 

I told these guys I popped long ago, and I did, and my way of popping is resolving things, and its not violent except to the brains of the people i force to face their crimes. I got a ton of evidence. And I'm really patient. And despite my disgust, I'm laughing at you all. You might as well have just given up 10 years ago, Don't ever try to claim I'm palyingcat and mouse withyou and CLiffy. It's the other way around, and the more you thinkyou cna get me by getting me to write more, the less you're gonna like the results of the trials. Nd arresting and trying will be trying you.... 

 SO tell the idiots to give you good intel for a change, and instead of trying toget me to commit violence or whatever it is you thinkyour clever stupidity willl get you, remember this weblog willbe evidence and it's not against me, and your word games and stupid sleep deprivation and everything else won't work on me. Never did, noteven when Mazlett and thurston thought they had me,when it hurt me the worst in Olympia. Your cover is exposing you all. In FBI school, don't they tell investigators they're training to do what i'm doing, allow the criminals to prove themselves?

Maybe the green zone will hold more than fleeing politicians. ASk Biden's son. I think he'she one taking requests for decorating people's rooms...  and peopel thought t was goingto be an embassy.How are you guysgonna survive the depleted uranium? Remember, only a couple of visions left.. are the DOD's small jets ready for COngress yet, Have they ordered more? ANd remember in yourreports, this is not a threat from me in anyway, unless you call justice a threat. I'mno being arrogant, I'm being a good reporter, citizen, presidential candidate and minister. 

Tell Rachel I didn't need to be reformed. But what a nice initiation into NBC. She lives for it.;

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God McCoy Tyner - Song of Happiness 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - TBD - 100 - Dear John_live 

GOd picked every oneof those. figure it out, declare yourself for what you are, and tell your boss he's ajsut a citizen too. I once asked Bush if I had to take over the Dept of Health education and welfare too.. do I have to be the police and FBI too? At the moment, it doesn't anybody else is doing those things..... Sptzer,they say you work for Obama now. Executive privilege: tell Gary Locktheres' lots of students who cant learn at WSU. Tell the teacher there's a lesson to learn there.

As someone tries to get me to say something you can call actionable, I say 53 years of attempted murder should have been enough.

I wonder what the Netherlands looks like.

Dan Fogelberg - Nether Lands - A01 - Netherlands

I picked that one, and I don't know what the lyrics are. I'm gonna listen to it and go to sleep now.I's been fun listening to idiots and incompetent fools, ANd put in your notes about my supposed anxiety.. I'm not the worrying kind. BTW, keep inmind, whenI say Delong, I'm really talking to the entire justice system ofthe federal Government. ANd they're busted. So don't bother with any claims of sexism, racism, or any other stupid thing like that.

3:24 DanFOgelberg and Jackson Browne have something in common.. their wives commit suicide. fogelberg and Billy Preston have something final in common.. what are the common denominators.. Fogelberg wrote Captured Angels.. ask Lou and CNN about nanotech anddews and psychotronics for the answer. 

How many people DO you need to kill and rape to be in the DHS and the National Media? And I'm not speaking out of anger.... 

I lookedup th word Orleans and turned tothe word pandemic by accident. Orleans. sit eofthe Hundred Year War,andthe Place where Joan of Arc saced the city beseiged by the English and securing independence for France.

Other Orleans, Lou Dobbs.. this'll sound familiar.. Duke of Orleans, younger brother of Louis XIV. Charles this time won't be such a softy.. tell Delong thats tory..... she'll enjoy it...  right back where we started from... something about Maxine Nightingale...

Revelations 21:13

Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 101 - Child From Nowhere

I wante his songnightingale.THis'll do.

9/10/2001 2:19pm Burger King Girl is torturing me claiming to be Csandice Delong.. someone wanted to know if I have the sex recording versionb of busy and soul by Pastor Melissa Scott, (I'maslo gettin gharrassed and torured about Landmark and EST) anyway, so fo rfun, I patronized burker King Girl and looked for hte recording I made off of myspace or facebook or something, and like I thought, Ibacked it up to CD because I wasn't gonna promtoe her apostasy.. and wanted to be sure the evidence wa sssafe.. meanwhile, while listening to Rev Billy SOl and the bit about renting a SHelby for the Indianapolis 500...  I cam eacross the reason why Don imus  was hit by psychotronics to ge thim off NbC, an it wasn't because of racism like they want you to believe.. son of Checkers.. anything making the clintons look bad gets people killed... RIght DOn? Do you know the truth DOn? 

Don Imus - TBD - 100 - Son Of Checkers _The Watergate


So DOn, I really didn't appreciate this Honky's nuts...  and I was embarrassed to try to sell it when I  needed money for food.. but, I don't agree withepithets of any kind, but your sideckick CHuck did one of those weird burn ins on me about what AL Gore had in mind, like CHeney taking onthe oil companies by givingthenm whatever they wanted, and MSNBC playing the speech where AL Gore said he's take on the insurance companies... likie Obama has taken them on.

The biggest concern.. Obama's ratings are down, just like GW's were, and that means likely more war.. ps Obama, in the name of civil rights, we've killed more than 50,000 Libyans.... whose rights, and is there a Lincoln bedroom intheGreen Zone..

These FBI types think I should be demoralized fo rbeing contained adn watching the world crumble.. unfortunately, I understand how these things work, and it didn't to be this way, but it will end up causing the critical it's causing... and guess what i'm gonnabe sayingabout the insanity of nuclear plants on the island of Japan, Barack? If your guys succeed at breaking my  right arm or wrist, it won't matter.. God doesn't need such symbolic acts,and at least I understand why you didn't want me to start aninvocation database. Now tha tteh FBI types think they've gotten me to say something crazy again.............

Tell Dobbs and friends we're not doing the vincent scenario....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Crosby & Graham Nash - TBD - 100 - To the Last Whale 

6.7 earthquak in Vancouver Isalnd.. told ya.. scared yet?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 09 - Spirit Voices - Paul Simon

God sure likes Marvin Gaye........

2:38pm Last upload an amazing less than 1.0 kb/s

2:47pm Gonna get to work, this happened, dedicated to Hugh Lorrie, an covert informant :} Aint doing the wall socket thing :} House.

Al Stewart - Year o the Cat

In a country that turns back time............

Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - 101 - Untouchable & Free good old ELO :}

9/10/2011 9:23pm I love the scripts lately Delong.. don't bother saying you're notin on it. the new approach is intereting though it's the same as it's always been, and since  don't care who's actually doing it, the same old poly really doesn't work on me,in fact it's like playing aboard game, tosee if you can trip me up while Iput my brain in neutral and make you actually believe you're completely controlling me while I let you... and I learn everything i need to knwo to inform the world of how you guys operate...  she and her friends just said that, and I let them just to show I know they know i do that and they wanted ot let me know they do that or you know... lost track of who knows what..

of course they always try to make me believe I've lost track of what I want to say buy changing the subject, the game is to distract the person they're trying to convince that it's futile to resist, 

That was fun, now what's actually important.. it nbegins with Lynn calling, and hearing aphont signal on my immediately previously charged phone that would indicate it's running out of power. I knew it wasn't true and ignored it, and I also knew they have something in mind that requires a specific amount of time on my phone to complete a certtain psyop.. whichw as messed up when I wouldn't get of f the phone, so they had Lynn tll me she'd add more time.

What's actually important is the threat to Lynn's grand children, isolating Max, hitting him with dews from the fire dept/phony mormon side, while Lynn and Sarah are getting hit from the phony ex-police officer side...

In Yosemite, I was approached by two people who claimed to be former San Jose Police Officers - which may be true - and then were real estate agents in San Jose.. maybe. When I moved here, I was approached by a guy who said he was ex-DEA who immediately caused me to believe he was a perp by the way he talked, and another guy who claimed to be a former drug dealer from Berkeley, which was weird because if that indiscreet, it would make sense that he was actually working with the police because my observations in the past tell me that would mean what he really was was at least someone who got busted for something and was working with other people to set other people up. No former drug dealer would speak that openly, (Charlie and others are now trying to make me believe that my whole is nothing but a synthetic reality, as if nothing I know about the world is real or true) 

So anyway... the idea was to make it seem like I was wrong about the supposed former police officer next door to Lynn's daughter and grandchildren, and that Lynn should never leave home because she'd be attacked by people in the places she travels. which is true, but then the attacks more mobile and lighter, and I've already identified the perps in those places myself, and she still gets to talk to other people and relieve the isolation. Unfortunately, they're isolatingher grandson, caused him to quit his new job after 2 days due to unusual pain from worlking as a busboy.. truthfuly, these kids are not th emost disciplined and they're not used to having to work, but then I find out that PE is optional int eh State of washington int he senior year of high school.. andthat means for non-sports kids, they'r not gonna be in the best shape.

I believe I'll be able to show the boy has been subjected to targeting since he was born, his grandfather shunning him (the co from Viet Nam era, and the grandfather and Lynn being hit for 30 years, hum becoming a true agouraphobic, which they were trying to make me out to be.. the folks in Shelton probably have figured out by now that's not true.. I have a good time with the other people, and enjoy, anymore, smiling at the perps and thus, because they are so fixated on proving how mean they are, they convict themselves and make total fools of themselves and their allies. 

Teachers inWashingtn state, and likely elsewhere, should know they are being targeted and die early because the governments to save on pensions, especially form people who are not clueless and like Lynn, care about causing the world to care about  other people, thus the friends she affects are also dying early,. and it's not just the phenomenon people experience because they get older, and their friends die.

All of this is supposed to be a threat to me to get me angry or something so I'll pop, cause everything else they do to me fails because of my knowledge of myself and my ability to remain calm and focused in the face of problems, such as the times emergencies happen that get bloody, and you don't feel faint or queasy til the situation is handled... it's a real problem for people who wnat me to appear mentally unstable.

So, I'm very concerned about these peopel they threaten to get to me, and  the challenges I'll be facing when I leave here, one of which is likely homelessness, but will b worth it and interesting for the pleasure of doing away with satanist Nazis. ANd they are Nazis, their joke is to get peopel like me to call them Nazis, especially when no one like DObbs or Welch told them the Nazis implanted me 53 years ago, but because my mom sacrificed... herself and a couple other people to protect me, which I wish she hadn't cause I could have handled the truth.. I can actually prove they're Nazis in every way. And the helter skelter and buil em up to break em down game doesn't work, because when I grew up, I became very aware of who i am and what I believe and how i choose to be ( a little landmark thrown in by the person working me) and like whenI bought the Camaro I didn't buy it to impress anyone, it was just a great machine... 

What they want to distract me from saying is what chickens they are for threatening children and attacking them to intimidate me, I just remind them that I know this IS a covert war - and that I can protect these people best by taking notes and getting the reports in easier than taking on the entire US govt and FT Lewis psyops team single handedly with a capgun.

They actually mess themselves up by making sure i was disarmed and then trying to scare me by having me disclose I'm unarmed... but also messes up any plausible scheme they may have for me committing crimes that would get me jailed.. who's zooming who?

So while I'm illegally detained in Washington state against my will, I laugh at their limited number of psyops that require people to act like stereotypes - like I told DObbs, I'm a bit of an enigma but only to people who try to figure me out because the truth is I think in simple paradigms that generally work, which is, I figure, the only reason I'm still alive.

So while Burger King Boy and ROyal 8 think they can scare me by pointing out that the Olympian is their ally, all I can say is that I'm glad they put me in the position to make sure USA today ends up in the hands of other people with integrity, I continue to point out to them that I know how, people politics and media work, an that the more the number of   international and national media that want to defame me grows, the easier it'll be to transfer power to good people. Sounds like I'm arrogant,its just human nature and natural events when critical causes the sicko to flee...

Since I don't need much myself to live a good life once they're  one, all I can really say is

Guess Who - Share The Land

and you'll really like and appreciate the people I've already chosen to inhabit the new capitol and perpetual wildlife game preserve that surrounds it. 

They're very talented and compassionate who won't  even realize the that I want them there to give an example of what functional children of God are like. They're the type who don't care about that anymore than I do. And when DOug Plett told me I wasn't anyone special, these folks would say the same of themselves, and that's what makes them special.

(Doug: Stacy told me the advanced course would cause me to realize I was like all other people, and afterward, I knew I wasn't but, went along with it because it's your company. ANd that's not arrogance, it's just I was raised in a different environment than a competitive one where I need people's approval. WHen cookie went overtime and I needed to be back at the center at 8am the next morning to assist, she said because of my lack of integrity, I would likely get into a car accident going home. Less that a month later, a guy from Boston tried to kill me with a motorcycle. Remember that? An I couldn't figure out then why he did what he did that got us into that accident, and I couldn't figure out why he'd want to kill me, though I couldn't come up with any other explanation)

5 or 6 down, a couple thou to go... meanwhile.. if anyone says they're "former or ex" authority types, know they're likely lying, because those types who actually have integrity wouldn't go around claiming that to get you to be impressed with or respect them. And when they use their kids in their psyops, keep track of them because their children should be removed to homes where they don't get their kids to commit felonies so their lazy assed parents can make money torturing and stealing from people for the government that uses them and throws them away.

So Doug, I could say a number of things, but the most I want to say is tell the sicko est people who are involved, and I know  it's not all of them, the ones in Santa Cruz promised 100 guests and 100 registrations at seascape, and Allen Marcus refused, but tell the others to give it up  because I'm not about to, I will survive as always, I dont want to own landmark, I know nothing of Scientology, but you guys got them banned in france and Germany as anti-democratic. I'm not on their side or your side, but I'll be damned if I'm going to allow any organization to assist in threatening children to control adults. It gives new meaning to me why the guy from emory university ended our relationship, the gutsy guy he was, to tell me landmark harms children... ya'll wanted a virtual asshole, ya got one, he just doesn't comply with psychotronic order the way you want.. like the forum leader who lowered the sidewalk instead of cutting down the tree. And killing Lynn McMullen will be landmark's greatest mistake, so tell carville and the rest they better leave her alone, and someone better intervene and protect her. tell the locals this is not a threat to them, and don't bother to play the get chuck to threaten so we'll do it game. She's loved by thousands of people, and I know how to contact them. And like I  tell everyone else, by all means, sue for me for defamation. (cultivating sociopathy is not my idea of healthy ontology)

I hope you and Pelosi get it. And tell Werner he's no substitute for God. I'm getting hit by the puke ray... what else is new? Especially deliver this message to Peter and Joel in San Francisco... ask Delong for their last names.

Double entendres and long distance uncle's named Ulysses.. wrong Hiram, right root, dead dog, not this guy.... when did Jews become known as dogs. The Bible says it's the opposite.

Tel the Ketcher's that burger King Girl isn't helping them. And sickos trying to claim they're helping me are by increasing their jail time. That was a charlie.

I'm not a quaker, I'm an a-theist like my father.. no particular religion, one God.... truth is a god religion though. Something else Gandhi and John Lennon knew.. about how to light the world. An a-theist is not an athiest.

Meanwhile. I'm out of Lost in Space blue, I found a can of coffee white, and I hope artie donates a can of chalkboard black so the kids can draw on the trailer while I talk to their parents..... and maybe the targets in his store will go easier on him... other targets, I will be sure you are helped and relieved of the suffering. Tell Milton he's the only one I'll put a bag over my head for, but only if he tells me the Bible verses that applies to, and understands why if I ever talk to him.

If the real Christians in SHelton want me to talk to their ministers about the other members of the churches, I'll be glad to talk to them but only if you provide me safety, your  plan, I have to approve it. Maybe Salisbury will loan me his gun just in case, and keep his hands in the air while I explain it to them. And no Salisbury, I don't really expect that :} I don't even care who you are.

I'm stil running for president from California.

When I was at KWAV, we played this song - and I thought it was beneath them though I got the joke... American Dream. had it online long ago.. jango.com     How politicians get set up by people going through their garbage.. the ptguys say mine is all over the road right now.  I'm not picking it up if it is.

Highway - One - 102 - Skyline

Dan Fogelberg - Holy Road

Jean Joel Barbier - Deodat De Severac - 004 - Les Muletiers Devant Le Christ de Llivia


As God was trying to get Keith to hear, as He was saying... How to use the subject references, page 1290, referring to Mark 1:1, Mark 8:35 (Genesis 12:1-3 and Revelations 14:6) as examples.

That's your homework for tonight folks. God 's the teacher... He doesn't ask if you want ot and except for the Genesis, I have o idea what those verses refer to. Ask the Lutherans.. to read it from the un re-written version... 

It says, Here Gospel is the subject; vs. 1,1,15 show where it is at the particular place; Mk 8:35 is the next reference in the chain, and the references in parenthesis are the first and last. Those are exampled for how  to use a concordance.

From the living word of the living God...  the bible is not linear, and often, not literal except in paradigm. Prophets see what God wants them to understand in pictures, and will continue to do so until they grow up and are worth talking to directly again, just like MOses and Abraham, and dare I say, Muhammad.... and I do, and read the Koran, or quit calling it diverse. The promise of being a Christian is, among other things, to seek truth, and express it  to others. If the idea of reading the Koran is angering to you or your minister says it would be satanic or diverse, ask them if they've read it, and those who claim it diverse will prove they do not seek truth, because as Muhammad said, it ais a book that makes things clearer, especially in these end times. I'd be more than happy to discuss that with your ministers too. 

Finish this line line, Thurston, and Barack, red and yellow black and white.. even I remember that from Sunday school..... and ministers, rhetorically for the moment, how many of your flocks are exercising their civil rights by taking off work and celebrating Sabbath on the new moon? ANd why not? Do you know what I'm talking about religiously AND legally? Cause you have that right...

PS to Rupert.. I recorded the promo  today for he island thing ya'll put together.. thanks for the evidence, I'm not signing up, an I won't return the recorder. Nice try. No go. Sue me. Let's see.. shipwrecked...

* ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago I heard something about Barack returning to DC..  Go to new Orleans, Barack, and see what you and your friends have done again,

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who -  Sweet Liberty  former RN, something about the navy... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Northern Lights - Tears Are Not Enough

Weird.. no one in government has a security clearance high enough to overview the NSA, and the JSOC can do things the CIA isn't allowed to do.. what's wrong with that picture? And the Russell trust doesn't have to report it's financial transactions. But Gale, Bush transferred assets about 5 years ago, even if Carlyle is going public in the stock market. A great way for the skull and bones to skim more money off the public at large... notice how big corporations don't scare me,and they can go bankrupt the same way as the media companies when they are handed to responsible people :} It's a Biblical thing...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver -Thank God I'm A Country Boy

11:17pm Already...  I was sitting here, and heard a song i hadn't recognized... I heard a vocie saying, Chuck this is Larry King, I love ya, and I said, I know, i love ya too, and i hope i don't have to arrest Moyers, but I hear he has a new show :} I doubt it was Larry, but the thought is real..

a couplethings to catch up on..

Crosby, Stills & Nash - American Dream

Don Imus -  Folson Prison

and finally, for my friends, the Motley Crue at the CIA, I hear backmasking really does work better in reverse.. have DLI tell us all what this thing says...

Peter Gabriel & Deep Forest - While the Earth Sleeps

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9.....

PS DOn, correction, ask Burton, Foster didn't blow himself away..... got the guts to tell the rest of that story.. it's okay to wait til I come out, I'll protect ya. Something about Matins & Vespers and seekers of truth.... remember, Clintons,Dobb's will tell ya, iused to be one of your biggest fans.......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Reason To Believe 

Matins & Vespers, Don, and I'll handle the racists at NBC for ya... the ones working the psychotronics...

11:29pm Whoa.. no one's listened to God for so long, He wants to talk more and more... I looked down at page 1291 while AT&T broadband did uploads at a zooming 1.99kb/s, and I read

God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,

Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds;

Who being the brightness of His gory, and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the majesty on high...

Hebrews 1:1-.........

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - Yearnin' Learnin'

9/11/2011 11:06am About 35 years ago, Iwas on my way to COncord Ca tothe COncord Pavilion tosee ne of my favorite artists, BJ Thomas, when KFrC announced the concert was canceeled because he collapsed after his last show in Hawaii.. I wa almost there,so I went to the Pavilion anyway just in case. ANd it was cancelled.

This morning I was looking for some music to play to get me going, and the psychotronics guys had me look up BJ thomas...

BJ Thomas & Willie Nelson -  Dont Take Your Guns To Town

So I sent his manager and email, subject title

BJ Thomas - The Best of BJ Thomas - Gospel Live - 03 - Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport

I wonder where Ferndale Wa is? He's playing there./ Looks like a native American casino... they always have my favorites.

How's Imus doin' today? :}

11:50am I am now being tortured by Burger King Boy because he doesn't like the fact that i told the truth about the USA today reporter.. reported it years ago, Olympian... and I won't back down on the things you've taunted me with.

9/11/2011 10:03pm  The trophy hunters want me to say how ecstatic they are - their word - that they have proven they are pedophiles and are attacking Lynn's granddaughter with dews and psychotronics - Lynn says her granddaughter says she can't remember her life before 10 years old.. Thurston thinks this is one more way of showing me what a tough guy he is by proving he and his friends attack little girls.

Today's people being "defended " by torturing me are Landmark, and tell them their friends really did them in today, and Plett, everything I said was true. And he's actually a witness to the timing and the lies he was told about me supposedly driving the motorcycle.. 

The other people, Salisbury of course, an the usual threats from THurston and Ripp about a bogus arrest to seize the evidence. Burger Boy and Girl, ROyal 8, Charlie, Pete and apparently Donna wants to be mentioned too..  and since she was part of following Lynn around before and after her stroke, it's appropriate..  the timing of this entry is the same as always, and fo rnow, will be why I a  going to be brief.. I just ate dinner, and given my weight is 120 pounds as a guy 6-3 or so, they'd like to be able to claim the puke ray is just stress positions causing indigestion ,and they just wanted me to sya anorexia... a while back they were constantly trying to get Lynn to take me to the hospital fo ranorecia, which would have been a lie, but then i would have had them take xrays of my toes to prove the broken toes, and then the problems with the teeth that  VIctor did such a great job on, to make #8 wedged in so tightly that Ketchers and Edwards could claim the other tooth it was destroying, that on the audio, Edwards said it was dead, was the only problem, and it is, and I tasted the root material for  a couple of weeks as they used #8 as a cantilver to destroy other teeth, now of course the molar that was supposed to get a crown is almost destroyed, and of course, now I know why Bowers said it would more than 2 months to heal, and why Busaca talked about me having to have oral surgery in order to be able to be  fit with dentures, which is weird, since at that point, before Victor, I had spent about $12,000 getting my teeth fixed, so that i, as I told every one of them, could read my books into audio and be able to look professional for video and tv work. And of course, to run for president again - that part I didn't mention, though tilson acknowledged that he was aware of the materials on my web site.

Wit that, I'm a little tired of repeating what I've documented before, and if Thurston really believes he can get Mazlett and van Dyke off the hook claiming I'm a liar, I hope he can find an  attorney (stupid enough) to claim that and increase the penalties much more. 

The other big joke is these people and companies supposedly believing I'm malingering, after all these years of torture and illegal detention. Tell Parsons, former CEO of Time Warner, an attorney, I can't wait to hear his response to that and the letter I sent him telling him to tell his employees to stop torturing me. Something about a trane... 

BTW found a really cool song by Pat Humphries today (charlie always likes me to call her and emma's revolution my favorite jewish lesbians which in the long run will prove these people's racism) that fully explains the movement lead by Cesar Chavez when he started the Untied Farm WOrkers (Jr wants me to note how he likes to cause people to grunt while he and his  mentor prove their sexual perversion with Burger king Girl, always hoping that after all these years, someone will be stupid enough  to believe  I'm a sex pervert. I warned thurston to be careful what they ask for.... )

BJ Thomas, they wanted toknow what if he wrote back to me.. I said simply, I'd do thesame thing as when they pretended to be my ex-wife.. let them prove they're impostors. I figure, if they're really christians an dit's BJ thomas, one of two things will happen,.  One, they'll understand my requests regarding contact, given these aret he end days,  or call Jackson Brown and James Taylor and show the Just Like Gitmo... and like th eo ther things, I won't hold my breath... .m sure he knows them...

Pat Humphries - Cold Cup of Water.

Gotta go watch tv and make a copy of inception, the missing, and a couple other , movies cornelius the multimedia artist will be showing in court, Hillary can provide the popcorn, and DObbs can provide the burgers and Brie.... They asked me, what if Olbermann and DObbs turn out to be good guys, I said, tell salisbury to get 2 cells ready... and he can keep his gun...

The thing to note about the teeth: I really did go back to Ketcher's for one last try to save #8 or have it pulled.. it is painful the molars are getting bad, and they'll achieve causing me to get dentures.. in the long run, i jsut have to take the warrior mindset, knowing that the convictions of them and many others will be that much easier, and millions of suffering people will be relieved...  sincce the only time I've ever gone to a dentist and not felt sever pain wa sone day at Ketcher's, I know how to handle it. I have no aversion to dentists, although I don't like going more than 3 times a week, butit's nice to know not everyone has to suffer like that ina dentists chair.  ANd reid did what the guy at Thompson's office did by not completing a root canal and causing a good tooth to be destroyed. Tell Jackie and the DhHS people, I'll save the teeth, and if in fact I'd had bad teeth an gums, they'd have been gone by now..  and fo rthe recrd, Estrada did a grat jbm I just ran out of money inScotts valley for th elast tooth to be repaired, so I went ot Thompson's, a dentist I saw when I was a child, who pulle dmy front tooth.. andI can't really claima foul on him.. it assures me my mom knew that there was a government order to "mess me up". Tee off. That's what my first dentists license plate was whenhe was apparently forced of f the road and killed when his sports car landed in the limb of  a  redwood tree. The work he did lasted nearly 40 years, he did such a good job. Apparent someone made me blurt that to Reid when he was working on that molar.. and I was surprised I said it myself.. still, no pass.

to the Washington State Dental Association - your going along will cause your association to belong to your victims, fortunately for you, I don't want to waste my time investigating you. To the aircraft pilots, I know you don't likebeing told you are accomplices in the US governments attacks on the twin towers and pentagon, but the truth is the truth, and your licenses should be revoked.

I assume that will be the continuing topic of torture, as their mo continues. Doppler......King 5 weather doppler would work just as well.. ANd it might help Belo's position. (PS I  considered goat mountain, but I like to be around people) Here's to the end of epidemic MS in Washington State...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - No Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

Bible reading starts tonight at: Ezra on Return from captivity, I turned tothe concordance accidentally... Ezra 6:10 on a page withthe top note being paper: PMS: will the paper samples match? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 12 - How Does It Feel To Be Back

PS Is Don okay, or did he need to find  a safe room? Don't forget, I need Limbaugh to testify about oxycontin...

10:54pm Suposdly,the idiots thin i just let reid of f th ehook. You were army, and you are not off thehook,but are  gret evidence as ktherine gave methat shot busaca's assistant thought was funnym the one to get me to switch to you insteadof her giving direct care. I don't even believe she's actually a dentist, as she tried to pass me to other people for more difficult fillings. further, how many of you dentists still prescribe penicillin? Thanks for the legal minimum, and the12000 doesn't cover all the  suffering. not even close so tel your friend at the police dept the verbal dialectics in this weblog as I'm illegally detained so my teeth will be destroyed so it's hard to talk and eat..  andI never refused care from anyone.. and Victor didn't finish his work, screwed me up worse, then I ended back at yours, and Edwards made i worse still. Shelton ought to celebrate tonight...  it's not funny, it' slife threatening, and its not forgivable.. The beginning of one of the movies II'l be showing will explain it.. It begins with a woman having a tooth extraced with pliers without anesthetic. it's been happening ot me slowly fo rover 4 years.

11:22pm I'm sittinghere in bed being told Ihave to saned materials via fedex to jerry brown or I'll continue to be tortured thisis just a cheme forhte locals to illegal obtain my materials for GE the parent company so they can falsify records/ 

9/12/2011 10:25pm A couple notes on the lighter side this morning...  I signed up BJ Thomas's email list... managed by Brickhouse direct :}  AND.. I was thinking last night how funny it is that when Bob Dylan's album came out, pre-1980, I liked the music, didn't disagree with t he lyrics, but like lots of other albums I  got while reviewing, only listened enough to get a sense of the album to review it, as it was probably 1 of 100 albums I may have gotten  that month.... and there I was thinking about this song...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 07 - When You Gonna Wake Up


BTW I did see the brick house, but in terms of the Sunday sermon, you could say I was there on business while reorganizing, which did not include intruding on anyone's personal lives, and I repacked the vehicle to sell things and be able to access tools to fix the car.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Emma's Revolution - One - 10 - Seed

I wonder if Delong read anything about the truth of 911, or if the FBI and other agencies aren't allowed to know such things... not a difficult prediction: the New World Order will fail.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dionne Warwick -  Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life - 303 - Black Man

PS The trailer may not be beautiful, but  it's no eyesore anymore. :}

9/12/2011 4:02pm Today's theme continues to be trying to get me to vindicate other people. I won't do it. I will say, Jean Enersen, I know your husband was murdered. Meanwhile, someone else who let me know she was a target is talking about divorce from a man who is obviously  a target and for some reason the idiots want to present him to me as a man who is bisexual or  gay, and doing things to him to vindicate the woman by isolating him from his U.S. extended family.. his family is in France. He's the same guy who went out of his  way to inform me he was going to go to Mozambique to help the locals there promote the artistry and craftsmanship, and he did it in a way  as if wanting my approval. He's got it. And they may succeed in breaking Lynn's friends up, but they'll end up ok because they're actually both good people ( and he can't have the EL Camino Charlie)

When all that didn't back me down, they said they microwave Peaches to death, which is true, and they're going to do the same to ABby - wouldn't doubt it... that would be 3 premeditated pet murders attributed to covering for AL Gore...

Victor was right, I am a tough guy, and his laughter when he said it after blowing air on my  drilled bare teeth with air to dry them before putting on the unnecessary crowns to cause me pain... the people in your office don't approve Victor.. and for the record, the invisaligns would have repaired #8 AND handled the brace issue, even if I only got the first set of invisaligns because it would have successfully immobilized the tooth.

If I'd have found  a real dentist supply wholesaler in Olympia, the mold of my teeth I made before seeing Busaca was going to by my way of making my own invisaligns to stabilize them. And I still would have done fine without braces, the brace thing was more than anything else, an investment in my broadcast and political careers. As I told them all. Perpetual motion......

The locals think they were wasting my time today, thinking they convinced to clean the house a little - they wanted me to think it was on the premise that Delong was going to visit and stay here (what a joke) and I said have her rent a trailer and I'll hook her up to water and the septic system. Meanwhile, I didn't believe that, cleaning was my idea, and they always try to make out that what I want to do for my own reasons is their idea in order to try to convince me to give in, as if they are in total control of everything. If that were true, I wouldn't have bee able to repair Lynn's computer problems today... being the persistent guy that I am, doing everything step by step, and losing only a little at a time in order to find problems. Bill, tell the people at Microsoft good job on Vista's self-repairing features, and the kind of thing I've known was in Windows in various forms for 5-10 years.. the OS-2 crash paradigm works well especially with the NT underneath... and tell em to tell the idiots I"m really not as stupid as they'd like to believe. Even with them trying t get me to make mistakes. And because of  that, I now understand the virus they put on one of my other computers trying to cause the same problem, but unfortunately for them, the idiots thought the same thing would work the same way on XP. 

And as much as they'd like to insult the Microsoft developers by having me acknowledge that an international software release has to be generic and sometimes seemingly mediocre, they're not stupid either. And I did find the project to make music based on the vibration of trees interesting... interesting the supposed part time IBM guying trying to get me to buy a McCaw (which I didn't because of its intelligence and the fact it would outlive me with the underlying message being that the cellular systems would last beyond my years (chopper 4:21pm) 

With that in mind, there's a song I've avoided in order to not patronize the sickos tooth torturing me.. not on line. Steely Dan, your Gold teeth. BTW steely Dan - they know lots of stuff about  all this - was Fagen''s dad OSS too? OS2 - that's funny... and it's interesting the CHP in Sonora looked like the guys  at the pet store, but not the father of his supposed daughter.... who was apparently Hawaiian, but I could be wrong about that.. nice try... and his other supposed son who wanted me to send him illegal cigarettes from Indian Reservations around the DC area. I'll admit this crime, it was alot cheaper to buy them there for myself than the  regular stores.. thanks for tip pet  store guy. So ya know, I loved that bird too.. the one that jumped off its perch after having its wings clipped and chased me down the aisle so I'd pay attention to him, and show him all the other birds and dogs and tropical fish.. he loved looking at the tropical fish..

Tell the woman at Highgate, thanks for the beautiful place to live...  someone was trying to make you look bad, and failed.... don't do it to yourself.

Wow, OS2, OSS.... hmmmm  At Borland, it was CIA - computer information automation... and the aluminum mats I put inthe bottom of my Camaro... they were in the windows in the garage of the house next door in Eureka, at Borland, the Seagate building storage building, an at the motel across the hooterville chorus field at KCRE... Bob...(aint no friend of mine Bob, but I hope you still have the videos that prove I was a true patriot even in high school.... ) The hooterville chorus, for those who haven't been following this for 10 years, were the frogs singing in the vacant lot between me and the motel, they were so loud that even in the control room with the window closed, they could be heard on the air, so I incorporated them into the programs the Hooterville chorus, and sort of used them as the anthem every night after midnight.. while woodpecker hit and the summertime snow happened....

Meanwhile, threats were made against the staff and management of the Innocence Project today.. anytime you guys want to finance your operations, I'm your guy, get Dershowitz too, he'll be useful, And get Yale Galanter too, so he can get his career back on track and we can get OJ out of jail.. regardless of what happened, and I firmly believe he and Nicole were psychotronic victims, as was Goldman's father...

Let Mr Goldman know that I always had great sympathy for him and others at their loss.. but let's convict the right people... and I won't claim definitively who that is, but I  have some clues.... oh yeah, and I know the money was not your motivation. Keep in mind, except for football, I was never a big fan of OJ as an announcer, he was okay, I know what he was being used for and approved.. but that's got nothing to do with the facts and the truth.. right Imus? 

Abigail Disney said Eisner from CFR sold them out.. I believe it. (Can I  ride the zipline sometime?) Plane 4:41pm headshot of dews.

I'm not posting right this moment, but the airplane guy just convinced me to upload a couple songs... the civil air patrol guys  should know  these guys want me to finger you... finger them.. . any finger... keep notes, I know at least some of them are in it. And I now understand why my father was in the patrol and didn't fly anymore.. he knew he was a target.. and didn't fly for the same reasons I decided not to try... and I think frank/Sterling gave it up for  the same reasons, despite the fact I was willing to pay for the cost of his flight times. He was always a  great guy... 

4:56pm plane dew shots.. nice try trying to dump your gold teeth....

5:28pm The dew shot did not crash my computer. Thanks for the temporary crash of Lynn's it works much better now. When Isay Bill, I'm talking about Gates... to Clinton - the address at the McAfee convention did not go unnoticed, nor did the visit with Nassiri

With that:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steely Dan - Katy Lied - 00 - Your Gold Teeth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 06 - Walls and Windows

And for the people being labeled Latinos, this is the musical story of Cesar Chavez and th e United Farm Workers, and what I"'m trying topreserve now given the dialectic to make you the new slaves of the united States as well as to make sure black people are not diminished by your immigration, purposely allowed to make you a minority compared to the number of Mexican and South American people... as well as to stop the U.S. governments efforts to ruing the lives and images of black people who have risen to the level of icons and examples that minorities are not ignorant easily slandered.. from OJ to Martin Luther King, and I  don't know the story of status Tupac Shakur had.. or as Lou called him, Tupac Shaker.. which I think might have been a lead about shaker Church ROad....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Hands - 07 - Cold Cup of Water

Plane 5:35pm what idiots...

6:09pm Lynn is now in severe pain again. They want me to think it's just the aggravation from my tooth torture, which she acknowledges herself, and causes her to go into her room and close the door, where they harass and dew her, again, just like PMS psyop, try to kill her, and then blame me... as if I should just allow us both to be murdered without trying to record and later report the crimes.. including while trying to go her doctors appointments.. as I  explained before.. and the WSP and DHS vehicles surrounding some of those events are recorded as well... as explained before.

9/13/2011 9:04am Watched inception last night... looked it up in the dictionary a minute go, accidentally turned to hypnotism. Then incest.  I believe most people who are targets, especially new ones, would have been scared by it... I found it amusing and quite informative.. putting labels on things I knew and giving me a few finer points of multi-layered psyops and double agents.. Lynn kept asking me what just happened, and I wasn't following the plot, I was analyzing the methods... about half way through I got zapped really bad Lynn got scared and went to bed... and they zapped her very badly, and I won't forgive that... the interesting part for me is, while you all probably wanted me to be afraid too, it cased me to understand more why I will succeed on behalf of God, as well as why so much effort has been put on me. I also recognized that while Lynn is an important target for the U.S., she was a convenient controller available to control me. I don't mean that t try to make myself feel more important, Lynn knows alot, but I'm analytical and I did what I did as a believer in Democracy. It'll be an interesting time in California. Eve work at the DMV in Sonora. They said they were giving my car  anew serial number.... do locators cost $300?

Let's  get something really straight - I actually do believe you guys will get your civil war pre-text for martial law. However, all along I was trying to prevent that, and I refused to be involved in that violence.. for personal, philosophical and reasons of efficacy... cant do things by force. Sounds like I'm saying because it can't be won. No, it's because i believe in Democracy, and refuse to compromise myself and that belief.

Dobbs did a great job of delivering the line about U.S. citizens buying 10 billion rounds of ammunition, and I asked Pelosi if she had that many.. a few days later, the U.S. ordered 45 billion rounds from Canada... always remember that I consider myself a legitimate politician, writer, reporter and media critic and however you want to look at it for the purposes of Democracy, at this point anyway, as well as to serve God in speaking on his behalf. Further, even though I was zapped when I went to research Pelosi Obama and feinstein, I don't care about their money, though in Feinstein's case, I know it was illegally obtained. And I barely remember the stuff about Alioto, and I don't know  if Pelosi is his  daughter, and don't care. If you try to make a Pelosi case, or the same about anyone or politician, the premise will be so false you all will be laughed at. SO let's make sure you people give that whole thing up. You folks went out of your way to make me seem adversarial, when Iwas trying to be an ally.

Again, I can understand why the Clintons would be afraid of Lynn's info, though she doesn't know she knows anything.. more, I now realize why you consider me such a threat, no matter if it's because of God or democratic politics, and I don't mean the party, I mean the belief in Democracy. I've been mentally prepared for hardship by returning to California and dealing with legal issues for a long time. It's really a problem for ya'll and I'm very amused. Tell Preston her part is a pain, but ended up being a psyop against me that works in my favor, and the Yaesu will work very well to find bugs. Always remember, I won't allow people to ell me thing to get them in trouble, and if you guys send me a plant to set me up, in court, I'll have you prosecuted for it. Caviat.. if I come across true criminals, I'll get em to talk for you.. and like all the prior yeas, you won't need to call me as a witness, and I'll gladly do that for ya. I refuse and resent being used as an informant without my knowledge.. like I said to CIA. I'd have worked for them, even under these circumstances. to protect the citizens of this nation. but you get paid for, so should I. Your biggest will be that when I'm doing my legitimate work, I'll inform those i work with that I'm bugged.... that won't inhibit me one bit.... and I'll teach them to laugh at it, as well as inform them that if any  of them are ever so frustrated they want to do violence, to go away, and I don't want to hear. I won't be used that way. You heard my Muskogee story, I'm assuming I'll have in Shreveport one day :}

Quite the little game Delong..  keep in mind that this distraction will end up working to my favor, cause I make the best lemonade in the world.

Always remember, I don't like playing chess or clue, checkers is fine... and I don't intend to allow you or any other people who play  people like games to stop me from doing God's and the citizen's work.. even if I have to leave the country, which will mean an instant win for me. The tooth torture and loss of good teeth. instant win for me... I fully intend to win this election and restore democracy, on the ballot or not.. via democracy. That's why you guys lose, you're the criminals.. I may be like Cluseau, but he'd beat keystone cops any day. Something about training for surprise and Kato/Cato.... 

You'd have done much better by talking to me up front instead of having me document the US and your crimes in this weblog. I'm assuming that's why Cliffy gave up.

Oh yeah, tell the folks in LA, the police that is, I really don't care about their involvement (as if  I actually care about yours, it actually makes it more fun and provides external stimulus lost due to this  containment....) but if I get down there, all I need to do is get an interview with one musician, and it's over. Like GW said... don't eve bother trying to claim that all the people who know about me and are just waiting for the moment, are part of a conspiracy, them with me and me with them. it's not a conspiracy to work toward democracy. It's democracy. And until the formal announcement is made.....

Please remember I grew up with nature, in places where one false footstep could cost you your life, and you had to be prepared to crawl  home under every circumstance to survive if you took the wrong step and became injured. That's a mindset you can't beat, cause  it just means no matter what, persistence... none of that is intended to be  a threat or a challenge.. you wanted to know about me, now you do.

ANd be sure to tell your local proxy that the buttons she's pushing will put her in the worst prison anyone ever fears to be placed in.. again, not a threat, a legal fact. I'm not a crazy or extremist, womanizer or racist, and I'll laugh at anyone who claims I am. The weird part is I'm not even a fanatical Christian. Like God said, if you follow the  Golden you've obeyed His laws.

Bobby Jones is a very famous, well established producer and agent, have fun impersonating him, knowing he'll find out one day.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Culture Club - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 08 - Walk Don't Walk

these were a tie.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 07 - Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Juke Box

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 12 - Highway Song

My pick, sort of

Byrds - My Back Pages in honor of Mugwump.......


For the U.S Govt and media, and idiot perverts

Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools

Time for work

11:31am Burger King boy wants everyone to know how much he and Thurston love their work as pedophiles. Tell Delong you'll never make me out to be a sex pervert like the people who  work for her. 

5:31pm Around 5pm a new group of people came on psychotronics claiming tobe Landmark Graduates, defending Landmark, Doug Plett and Priscilla Morrerro, and that Landmaerk would mobilize its people globally against me if I  should ever become public.. earlier, it was of course burger king girl and boy thinking they could torture me to stop telling the truth about their affiliations with Burger King, and then wanted me to list all the other corporations in town suppsoedly working withthem.. KMAS - I'm being tortured.. they torture you and use thought insertion to get you to say and dothings whether you want to or not, and of course, they'll claim it's to makeit out like thos ecorporationshave nothing todo with it. BS

I  awoke around 9 am, bein gencouraged to write in the weblog, an since these idiots think it helps them, Idid, and I  mention wha tthey want to make sure they thinkthey're succeeding  to record their harrassment... and the people they're trying to defend. The change in color other than red means nothing other than a slip of the mouse click..

My plan tday was to work on my trailer, check out the wiring as they said they had reversed wires which would have blown out expensive relays and power supplies, I was tortured so bad,  I got inabout 10  minutes of work, then reid Ketcher came on and the work to destroy my teeth became intense, then Lynn decided to watch amazing grace, and sinceit was 2:30 or so by then, I decided tbecuase of the first scene I might as well watch it since the torture was constant at that point.. they love to toruture me in front of her to caus emore pain for her... then they claimed they'd say Iwas emulating the guy in that movie made in 2007, easy to prove i was already doingwhat he was doing since 2002... Julian Bond  - Freedom under fire - and I could be emulating worse examples of human beings wanting toend slavery, an remindpeople wht we didn't want to return to. I ended up, around 3:00 or so, listening topeople sayingthey were police talking about how they hat "jews and niggers".. 

Around 3:30, ynnhad prepared a pizza, not cooked all the way incase I might try to eat something, 3 pieces took almost 40 minutes while they tried to choke me and cause damage and lips and cheeks with torture and sharp edges of te teeth they're destroying.

Tell the U.S. Govt that inception does not directly reveal thought insertion, but why would you need a token to tell if you're in somebody else's dream unless though insertion was in use...

A few minutes ago,to prompt me to write this, they told me Barack Obama was President and would do everyhting necessary to kil us to stop me from speaking out.. they've been doing it along time, what else is new? When Isat down to writ ethis,as usual to threaten me, tLynn yelled out in pain.They've been using psychotronics to get her to use the wrong medicines today to caus eher pain,and as usual, to make th eclaim later she's mentally incompetent... wrong.

They also keep saying I'm going to be dead because of he Sna Francisco police going to kill me, then weed and seed in San Francisco going to kill me, then I'd be homeless in LA and I would die there.. I don't plan to go to either of those places, and I"ll only go to San Francisco on business. But at least I understand how these people use their badges to intimidate me, and it tells me that the multiple pastor Melissa Scott's are still in business, and Baca must have  a guilty conscience, cause I have nothing right now, other than torture and suspicion, to indicate he's involved, unless you want to count his speech at the DOP fundraiser, and the bible, oh, and the  title Valley of Sorrows in Swahili thing in the Bible and on the PMS web site.. I  didn't listen to it, cause I don't speak Swahili.

For some reason, likely plausible deniability, they're now telling me to say that I never got any notes on yellow legal pad paper from PMS, who I believe is a number of different people anyway, but I do believe that they tried to write a few phony letters from me to claim I threatened them, since th e PMS look alike I saw (wide body) was only only carrying a yellow pad while trying to look like she was carrying books, while the woman who looks like Burger King Girl did her weird act that the psyops guys told me months later was their version of a dog running to the fence, that I thought was an attempt to get me in front of surveillance cameras to claim I was harassing them. AS I noticed, and ignored. Because I wasn't there to harass them or to take evidence. And I was still giving benefit of the doubt, erased by their conduct outside their supposed church/theater.  Just in case psyops was attempting to take us  both down. They didn't get me,.

Tell the Santa Cruz Police dept I'm not against them, but I'll have a talk with the priests there about the SC Police getting them involved with weed and seed exactly the same time I talked about going there to investigate certain things regarding Bob Vestal and the Carmelite nuns at Castle Beach. And I'll be presenting a letter of introduction to the city council regarding these matters. I'll probably need a meal or two at the church too...

BTW, the games with whose torturing don't matter. The suspects are all the same, and most of them do torture me via psychotronics. And Amazing Grace, the movie, will not be evidence. Maybe Olbermann's singing will be. That's up to him and his culpability..... cause it's not a big part of the case to me. There are much more important things, and let me remind all the perverts, I will find it quit easy to prove this government is Nazi, whether the idiots know or believe it or deny it or not.. and along with the other evidence of torture of us and children and pets, there are thee scars on my ears, and it must be surgical stainless steel, as my father explained to me about that material....

Just like Moses. And my token, though I didn't know it was, to me it was just something I loved.. a Kennedy half dollar.

Maybe it hasn't been stolen. As for the threats to arrest me for illegal copying of video as evidence.. I dare ya... what a laugh. Other than inception, the only thing I'd record is the first 5 minutes of the Missing, showing the pain of having a tooth extracted without anesthetic. And be sure, the last visit I made to a dentist WAS a last effort to attempt to save my tooth at the only dentists I believed then had any chance of plausible deniability. I give benefit of the doubt until I'm certain.

Oh yeah, I have no intention of dying.. I'm very resourceful. The current price for the rototiller for locals is $1000 cash. No bickering.

Tell Bill to fix the spell checker. It's not a rot tiller.

That's all for now.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God America -  Last Unicorn

6:33pm This came up next. They say Delong has a sense of humor, So does God. (PS Delong, if you're who they say you are from months ago, wash your mouth out with soap)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Evil Gal Blues

7:03pm There's an airplane circling hte house again, and Lynn is complaining of sudden extreme pain. This is what Nazis do to people

7:29pm "We think John Kennedy is an asshole"

10:10pm  Tonight there was a concentrated effort to break my toes again, and they succeeded...  moments ago, I think they broke the toes again.. these people keep saying they want an act of contrition.. they don't deserve any, I'm not lying abou tthe torture.. I told them long ago i wouldn't allow them to use me to explain certain things to  lynn to make her more aware of the actual torture purposely being done to both of us and others we know... and again tonight they tortured me as she insisted on watching inception again, them wanting her again to consider suicide and death.. when she went t providence, the first time,, they gave her a sheet describing how 25% of patients with dew attacks like hers - a stoke - commit suicide because of intense pain.. exactly the kind of thing inception is about.. I've been dropped in my tracks in similar ways, unfortunately, the PMS psyop included separating us so they could isolate her with more intense attacks- and she doesn't understand how it'sdone, and it probably did cause nerve damage, but not as much as they want her to believe... 9:30pm she started complaining about sudden pain attacks, and Iassume it wa sthe neighbors moving into position to do more damage to out properties, as well as the constant threat, as I took ashower, and she was headed to bed in pain, of stealing and destroying evidence.

ANother attempt to break toes to get me to write things that have been written numerous times about their motives.. mostly to do away with a witness against landmark, clintons and obama.... 

Thurston forecasted his action swhen he caused me to write about police back when he id's himself.. and at that time, it was apparent he was working me with mason for quite some time... it included all kinds of things, suicide by cop  all sort sof things.. only recently have Irealzied that the higway shootngs in Sacramento when Iwas being harrassed by the chP were like ly caused by cops and wed and seed provoking people to shoot their psyop weed and seed people.. it also explains the I270 shooter a numnber of yeqars back, that led to CNN reporting another incident of some people holding off police with guns. The ticket I got i from the Stockton CHP was an endicott style thing designed to get me to call police to complain about threats of being shot by a chp who started to pull his gun when I was trying to ge my license and registration as requested, and obvioulsy now was used to make sure i had no weapons while living in Yosemite.

Those harassments were directly related to the State of California OSPr contract and Pete Wilson. As well as an elongated plan to make me homeless or cause an excuse to arrest me on false reasons by crimes by the state of California, Washington, Maryland and in Georgia, as far as i know, landmark in collusion wit a man in Washington State. y bet is, he was an EST Graduate. Douglas Horn, Queen Anne Hill.. I wasn't going to mention his name butt he perverts wanted me to. SO be it. ANd the ones in maryland/ Washington dC were landmark and congress orchestrated bythe Clinton Administration, and it won't take much to prove, Mikulski....Intel COmmitees, House of reps, DNC.  I asssum CFR Why would they want me gone?  I don't know where Brown fits in, but like I always say, he's either a patriot or a traitor, an he'll get his chance to prove it after the charges are filed with the hague. His office will be the stop after the media is given the actionable info he'll receive as well, with an explanation of my wife;s actions to supposedly get me to eavesdrop on him and linda ROnstadt. Imet her while she worked for a company owned by Exxon....

Now they're saying Endicott is going to illegally raid the house. What a surprise. As always they provoke me towrite abotu topics, I let them because I have no problem discussing issues and their crimes, and then they torture me over them. and that is why they made the remark about Pres Kennedy. I t simply proves how sick and traitorous they really are. 

I have no reason to make an act of contrition in regard to these traitors

And Jerry, I really was going to volunteer for  your campaign if you got the nomination. I could have gotten you the office. One of my specialties in radio was promotional writing, and I could helped you with the buzzwords.. and defeated governor moonbeam remarks... maybe someday I'll repeat my thoughts of what I thought of that, Moyers and Brokaw.

The perverts are telling me now that Brown is a traitor. works for me. Thurston, tell yourself that this will end up proving a 50+ m year conspiracy against me and my family, and believing that this will prove I'm crazy will prove another conspiracy Thurston.. ear scars Thurston, stanford, calico.. tin man... got it idiot cop? Wait til you see my teeth Jerry

What they'e stallingme from doing now is takingvideo of my fingernails, broken toes an other evidence of microwave and psychotronic atacks,

And the threats of illegal seizure of the evidence continue..  wait til you se the emails of th other victims suffering sexual aand othe attacks, thousands of them... since 2002...  what else do you want ot say thurston?

He wants to say,thisis proof the UNited States government can succesfully commit crimes, deny rights and kill presidential candidates at will. What else is new?

See video for blood and result of being attackes while cutting toenails.

psalms 119:144 The righteousness of thy testimonies is everlasting: give me understanding and I shall live.

I am now being tortured more These perverts think I read the Bible to entertain THEm.  I don't.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 12 - Highway Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 03 - Red, White & Blue

11:57pm I amreceivingextreme torture withthe taste of blood inmy mouth and as I read,thruston andhis gangste friends expect me to show themmercy. They're askingthe wrong person. Let them beg the juries. The verses before sya they do not deserve it,and I'll be damned if mercy should be show tortuing rapuist slike su which is why were going tokill you and linny befor eyou leave the state of washington

9/14/2011 12:28am For the perverts of Washington state who contine to torture me and try to break my toes

David Crosby - 01 Oh Yes I can - 03 - Monkey And The Underdog

For burger king girlandboy, workingmenow. Moneky see monkey do.... that's what I hear from her all the time.

9/14/2011 12:13pm I'm laughing becaus ethe peoplewho did the setup on the delvery of my computer used wireless network to rename a song on my computer ebcause they must really want O'Reilly and CNN to go to jail... they renamed something to an AMbrosia cut,I have no idea who it is, but it's evidence now.. the lyrics begin - Gunshot wound to the head... :} Burger King Boy promises more harassment at Burger King, and to directly involve Fred Meyer. Like I said your arrogance will get you all donein.. what  ajoke you all are.. but thanks for the evidence against, rememebr, O'Reilly has a history of sexual predatory behavior....


12:17pm Now they're sayi ng they'll claim I did this myself. Fuhrman, they''re gonna make a mockery of you.. and rememebr I don't carre. With all the evidence I  have this is rediculous.  I look forward to your attorneys, wa sstate in defending it and bringing it up as something I  was falsifying. What a bunch of idiots. Do I seem anxious? :}

9/14/2011 9:12pm It's been another interesting day, and very disappointing regarding law enforcement officials especially.. I can always tell when I talk to law enforcemtn officials via psychotronics.. nice try cop - when law enforcement people are harassing and torturing me/us because they start out with talk that is reasonable discussion about the law, and always end up - like right now- causing the discussion to be a semantical - it's not semantical -- a constitutional and legal discussion aimed at causing their victims to write things that would make it seem they endorse violence against other people and law enforcement officials.. and the topic they love most is the truth that people have the right to defend themselves against lethal force. Sick cops.

It's the same as calling people unpatriotic for pointing out the truth that 911 was engineered by the U.S. Government. THe overwhelming evidence proves it's true. And that sentence was their idea, and unfortunately for them, once again, their attempt to make me look bad will prove them criminals in court.

To any police reading this, don't ever think I ever believed in the idea that it was a lawful society that would cause people to have to consider using force to protect themselves.. that's why over the years, I supported gun control. In Orwellian terms, unfortunately, the phrase when the guns are outlawed only the outlaws will have guns contradicts what I also always believed - at least in the state of washington - support your local sheriff. If you're one of the honest police, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and I hope to God there are a few of you out there. Tell the damned.. and I do mean damned - profiler working me that the only people who ever put out the idea that I would ever use lethal or any other force against anyone was their idea, and psychotronics was the method, and I resent the hell out of these perverts trying to force that conversation, which in court , would prevail, and their sick efforts to incriminate me or make others believe I had violent intent toward anyone will prove to be their crimes and will be ultimately be how Ira Einhorn will be freed.. if he's still alive.

Went to the store today.. lots of people working hard to implicate Fred Meyer, and again I'll say, my defense of them does not necessarily let them off the hook but I refuse to be manipulated to incriminate anyone for situations created to incriminate them. A always, Burger King and the Sheriff here showed their suppor tfor criminal behavior and complicity. Of course, when as certain Mason County Sheriff started playing semantic games tonight, it then turned into a conversation about how since they're guilty they might as well kill us.

I keep wondering how Marcia Clark came into this picture.. beside  the potential for their involvement with the Melissa Scott psyops.. and then it occurred to me that a former L.A. police dept guy was hired to head Seattle or King County's police, and then I suppose I'm to imagine that that means they're threatening me with my doubts about Fuhrman and van Atta, and their supposed criminal activities toward OJ, which unfortunately came into question during the trial and unfortunately were not resolved. For whatever reason, Mark, CNN brought up the OJ trial for 3 days in 2002, and I  kept telling I had no questions, and I'll sware in court they had him on for my benefit.. now I think it was because they wanted to know what I knew about psychotronics, and I knew nothing , and I never would have if they hadn't wanted to traumatize me with the knowledge. SO Mark, if you're not involved in this, I'm your witness, cause I don't like to be used to set people up.. I know things go on in the background, and I don't really want to know much more, butif I have to.. I'm not going to investigate it, but one of your old bosses has a guilty conscience.

I'll say this for the record and clarity: For true national security reasons, I could understand but necessarily endorse the use of psychotronics to poll the mind of every human being on this planet to determine intent... so long as they were never used to influence people and if you had a criminal held up somewhere, like a hostage situation, I would no objections to its legitimate use. Unfortunately, as has been proven in our case, the potential for abuse is greater than its usefulness.

That said: Here are the things that make me disgusted:

7:40pm this evening: if you have so much evidence, why don't you call the police?

Answer, Mazlettt, van Dyke, Thurston, Ripp, and other Mason County police as well as obvious intimidate from here to Seatlle and here to Bend Oregon. You might want to keep in mind on the the trip to Oregon, you were obstructing and threatening a minister on their way to conduct a legal wedding. And let's not forget Baird and Brokaw. And I was supposed to take that quesition as yet another threat form the Mason County Sheriff's office.

8pm Do you know why we're so confident? Because we're in control of your life. And wwe mean business.

Another threat, and if  that was true, and it almost is, if they claim we have commited any crimes, they just confessed to causing them.

Immediately after

And we're going to kill you because we've never had anyone with this much evidence before and we want you to know we're not joking.

I saw a sign today at the fire dept saying, most households contain 10,000 items. Are you prepared to get out?

I hope they have the name of that phony paramedic, as they read the papers and see how the government is not only liquidating pensions, but firemen, and don't bother bother blaming me guys. The computer and camera get out first.

P the fire alarms chirping right now, as they do often, are evidence of dew attacks.....

Personal note: UW MRI cholesterol tests, Mason General proves their attempts erroneous or induced.

After all that, while trying to eat (only able to eat 3 small pieces of pizza yesterday, attempts to use tooth torture and verbalize to puncture my lips in further attempts to disfigure, and cause damage to again impair my ability to seek professions of my choice. Not to mention the ability to defend myself and prosecute criminals.

Threats and microwave will not deter me, nor will death threats on the road, as experienced today and reinforced by sick cops.

To all the nice people I encountered today, God bless you, Christian or not, and you will have your cities, states and country back.

Meanwhile, Lynn is no longer able to access the internet via AT&T, and I believe part of the reason is because she's expecting communications from Rabbi Michael Lerner.. internationally known leader, who in 2003 offered me a job when I  was through with my project, running for president. I might remind people I was flattered, and my project wouldn't have been complete as most presidential require more than one attempt, but I would have sought him out for the job in the interim as well as the international exposure, as I will do in the future. As I continue to run for president.... and I say I'll win.

The delusionals are now pretending psychotronics don't exist again, and threatening my life once more. Good luck Charlie.....,

5 minutes before I returned home today, Lynn said her pain again became intense, meaning the guys behind us, probably illegally occupying a right of way for utilities continue to try to kill her. ANd they demand, like a joke and to diminish me as well as kill her, that we flee and lose our possessions so the weed and seed people can divide our properties amongst them, believing we have no recourse... as they always try todo with victims...

I wil hold th epolice, atty generals and governors responsible for this as well. (Don't bother threatening me with their crimes anymore idiots)

To the guy with the red letter mailbox.. I'll catch up with you later and assist.

There's a number, 3300, a false address posted on Harstine.. I know it's somewhere I worked. Sears? (The asian guy from stanford looks alot like rimrock and quan.. but its not quan State Farm That was sears eureka on Harrison where he hit my car on purpose. mo. Pemco was at 711/Black Lake. and the black lake market.. bmw there. Same guy as Hackney's. Supposedly the father of a white man who supposedly just had a child that I believe was ketcher without the wig for long hair... )

I don't know who wanted that but he was the guy at the smoke shop in Wauna, I saw him there and Lynn saw there on another occasion, and I'll bet he's the butcher as described by the patient from Mason General (supposedly on call for special emergency cases) who I talked to at the Shelton walk-in clinic, whatever it's actually called,, the phone books I have contain the info and pictures of some. The sick smile gives the guy away... My bet is, he's DHHS, the place of my first appointment with Hackney's office. I don't think there is a Hackney. Jackie too.. red hair, 50-60 years old, hook me up to psychotronics, supposedly the pet shop owner and member of rotary shelton. Sapp, phony TBN Paul Counch one or two nights with probable phony tim LaHay PMS and phony tbn commonalities, Mike Murdoch and Uridium System. Tell Murdoch the letter will prove complicity ultimately with Exxon. Binary. Sapp, suppsoedly orthodontist, rotary, shelton, 6:30am meeting?

PS Barack, I know how to avoid Armageddon, and if you cause it, everybody but you and your friends win. MAD, spoil sport.. God and the twinkling of an eye.. 

Inceptions version of containment is to capture someone in memories of  the past. the current joke is, back to the future. The Era of Reconciliation says it all. Plane, dew attacks 10:04pm It's a great movie. I'll bet it scares alot of targets. It's almost a comedy to me. And I'll bet my friend Frank could say alot about the guys who convinced him to give up flying... in Eureka...

So... with that.. 

Like I told the guys before before about up and leaving. I'm very resourceful, I popped a few years ago, and that's why I pack the video and audio at all times. Those are my weapons, and I dare you to claim I'm harassing you...

Anyone ever heard of a specialty called physiatry? The spell checker hasn't. Actually it does. Weird.... I wonder what they claim they do? It didn't exist in 197. . I'll have to do some more research. I understood it to mean coordination of patient care...

Obsidian.. turns out one description is glass like black rock from volcanoes, could easily create crystal radio operation or transmission interfaced with radar....  my dad knew how to do that stuff. Since1920. The same stones could use the linear accelerator to create massive perfect diamonds. JPL, Loral. A certain person being harbored a DOD white paper writer on anti-gracv aircraft in the coauthor of Tranceformation of America: For reasons of national security... her controller rescued and helped her.

That's the tranceformation Obama talked about.. I was talking about transformation, which will occur globally. As God is my witness :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (CD2 - 06 - Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1

Now God's turn...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy -  I Walk The Line

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

it was a tie. Obviously there's someone outside my window shooting me with dews, and a plane in the sky. WOn't help perverts.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gino Vannelli -  I Just Want To Stop

I wonder what happened in Montreal.

PS to Kucinich.. what does 16 tons get you?

unrelated pick, maybe...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Woman's Gotta Have It

San Francisco, open your.. pearls before swine.... FBI...

Lamentations 3:10. Notice the past tense.

PS Al: Perpetuation of a public hoax. I'm never THAT out of touch.......


Jesus gave people and EXAMPLE prayer to replace the idea of rote chants (The Lord's Prayer). Here's one  suggest for people who believe they need one...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Annie Lennox - Bare - 11 - Oh God (Prayer)

Check out Soul Asylum - String of Pearls.. Truman.. Hoover.. Pearls before swine............... if it's down there, we'll pick it up...

Coulda done it in 2003.. I don't mean bust people... State song of Washington.. like my mother told me "I can trust you now"... some people should have trusted me before millions died... I said contain them, I didn't mean me..

My mother lied alot to get me to notice her lies... Col Kasum lied to get me to notice the lie, patriot that I was and produced video about... diacs and mathematical equations - Xon Xoff... quality control and inception... unwilling informants, and debts from society, and the other 99%... 

Isn't it about time.. isn't it about time... I wonder how many old timers remember that...

ZZ Top -  Rough Boy

The great sucking sound,  Truman and Hoover....... TW and another hoax and lie... the buck stops here, what  a great front...  when the people are informed, they make the right decisions.. no wonder Carter said people are incapable of making the correct choices in elections.. Something about a mocking bird... no wonder Japan is being destroyed.. when the Skull and Bones is through with a nation... light water reactors that don't produce nuclear bombs, and  the destruction of the rubber tree..

I noticed the other night the thing about revisionist history.. when the Skull and Bones guys started National Geographic, they made other nations out to be the bad guys.. unfortunately, for Christmas I got every edition since 1888.. and they didn't revise it, they were so proud of their history and heritage. and they told on themselves, including turning Christians against Jews, when it was never the Jews who were the problems...

Tell Boehner that destructive distractions will be rewarded with Matins and Vespers... and its time for the real patriots and angels to return this to a nation under God, or close the borders the way Carter recommended... and just get it over with...

Few people will truly understand what I just wrote.. the moment of truth is coming soon... it can be gentle or as shocking as it needs to be... who's got the guts besides me? And I'll never hold my breath again.

Yellow River, likely the next Gulf of Tonkin, especially if Armageddon succeeds. 20 years in Jeremiah's church, Barack. 20 years. Claim you're innocent and unaware. 

This is one of those moments when I really understand that suppression leads to self-destruction of the suppressors, and rightfully so, by their own doing. Criminals acting like criminals in public office turn those they call criminals into heroes with committing crimes. That's your riddle for the night, and if the intel guys are so paranoid they call that a riddle about violence, their consciences must be keeping them awake at night, or their sociopathy lets them sleep like babies.. or the Justice Dept.... quote me on that and see how many people ask for an explanation......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chicago -  Look Away

Jackson Five - I'll Be There 

It amuses me how many people will believe that exchange between God and I is about them. It's about those who have become everythingthey claimed to  stand against. Me and this guy know the real answers. Who else will claim that?

Cat Stevens - Peace Train


Back to the future.. Candice Light and Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd and Judd Hersch, and Taxi and... Who's the Boss? '

Weird.. what goes around comes around.. this on is too important to let fail... I have the answer.. is there noone I can trust... last call.


Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A01 - Egypt, Israel and America

Eagles - Hotel California

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Walking Man

The countdown has begun... and I say none of those things with humor... except this, sort of, how' s BJ doing... BJ Thomas - The Best of BJ Thomas - Gospel Live - 06 - Amazing Grace  if ya know what I mean...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg -  Hard To Say

Something about Hebrews....

I just got tooth tortured... Satanists are like that...

The final judgment.. choose.

Cat Stevens - The Wind

11:55pm Another attempt to destroy my lips... nd then

Pretenders - My City Was Gone

9/15/2011 2:49am I've been kept awake by someone with the sense of humor of a dennis miller or Bill Maher, then at 2:38am, I began being harassed and tooth tortured regarding Burger King, and threats to kill Lynn, at 2:46am for some reason my computer booted up so I wrote this.

As I explained before, this computer was ordered, despite my wish that the money not be spent, and it arrived about a week early, and I figured somebody me  a configuration they wanted.. I fixed it once so that it wouldn't boot up every morning at 3am.. I figured some intel guy was using wireless networking to access it while I slept.. perfect time for someone on the east coast to get it relayed to them... Once against causes me to believe I'm not really online, and since I never get any response from people I try to contact via email, and since my news emails were disrupted for quite a while, and since my posts to the victims forums never seem to appear in those forums.. and since the person who got us pointed to this isp worked for Lynn because of a guy in Salt Lake City, DNC, Landmark, EST, Results, who wanted her to hire someone from Pakistan I believe it was who constantly lost her phones, didn't do the work Lynn asked and cost her alot of money and caused a potential problem with the IRS and then went to work for the IMF..... and when I signed up with this web host, I thought something was wrong because I went to their website, it said 12 dollars a month or so, and I thought, I can't afford it despite the good price, and I went back again an hour later or less, and it was only 6 dollars a month... that person with the sense of humor used ot entertain me around 4pm and then I'd get hammered with harassment. the old, get him to listen and then supposedly helter skelter take me to the bottom with supposed trauma... all they really ever get is disgust...

So.. helter, do you don't you want me to make you, you're coming down fast so don't let me break you... of course, I wa sa fan of the Beatles, knew nothing about and didn't really want to know about hteir politics.. back in the old days I'd email to Dobbs' email address on turner.com, an before long, within a half an hour, everybody else at CNN seemed to aesopian me regarding what I told him, and I thought it was sort of in confidence all that time.. the weblogs document this.. Woodruff, why did Bono say there wasn't anywhere he'd rather be than talking to you about GW's non 15 billion dollar aids program... knowing Bush, the $15 billion went toward killing people to make it easer to overthrow the continent of Africa....

The only good part is the person who was makingthe jokes definitely knows why I laugh at all these perverts all the time.. they're actually thinking they're killing of the good people opposed to war and starvation and pandemics, and they really don't understand what they're creating is their own pool of pollution and radiation contamination that will kill them at a younger age than I ever will... after a million or so death threats, and the microwave treatments, all I can really ask is, then why don't ya kill me. And the low level operatives don't realize that they're being used, the CFR thinks they can torture me into silence and going along, and I never will, and despite many things that are the same as other people's torments inthis government harassment and torture, I know for a fact there are things very different from other people's harrassment.. tell the ROckefellers hello, the police, 2bad4u, and tell the good people not to worry, hang in there, and God His promises to those who keep his. 

With that, goodnight, and ps I really do have the hope that Larry King will still see peace in his time...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Drifters - This Magic Moment

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Benson - On Broadway Interesting, jsu tafter the comedian stopped, I got a supposed conversation with Pastor Melissa Scott saying they really didn't know I'd been set up all this time, and made jokes about how Ronald Reagan supposedly said I'd turned out to be satan... right before the torture.. I wished her that the King's house would be hit by an earthquake and destroyed, since her favorite politicians love to destroy things with HAARP, I could always wish for a specific collateral damage. if it happens, I didn't do it, but I'd approve...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Crosby & Graham Nash -  To the Last Whale

Given that another nuclear plant(bomb) in Japan is about to go into meltdown, that's appropriate.

Todd Rundgren & Utopia - RA - B01 - Hiroshima

How much you wanna bet the U.S. sold them the reactors...

Rumsfeld stationed troops and so forth all over the world in a way that was clear they were preparing for global war. Ask France what they think about the placement of nuclear reactors all over the world, strategically located......... when Bush took office, HAARP was used, first flooding rains all over Europe, and then a heatwave that nearly melted a French nuclear reactor, and killed more than10,000.. a similar event nearly happened recently there...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - Glamour Boy God picked that one for Antles & Thurston... and they keep telling me to stop picking on THEM.

Matins & Vespers.. that's what you get for keeping meawake, and booting my computer. As for vindicating people, only targets,and everybody else has to explain it to themselves,and for the rest, let the dead bury the dead, as they're already beginning to do in the United States.

Prayers to the people of Japan, who don't know yet that they have been destroyed because they've been used, know too much, and are now a liability to the New World Order......

People in Oregon should be aware that the Columbia river and water supplies close to it are now radioactive and unsafe to drink. A former DJ and program director in the tri-Cities area told me in the early 70's the local joke was they were glowing examples of humanity.. not very funny is it...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 06 - Nature 

9/15/2011 11:27am The perverts want me togive peopel cause for celebrationby letting them know tha tthe work of the Kechers, Edwards and Victor, onbehalf of the US Arnmy, have now broken another tooth. THe whole world will believe tha tthe US govtloves to torture jews.

11:39am From Ripp of th Mason County Sheriffs Dept  We love being pedophiles because they're so nice to eat out.

With all that's happened and RIpp proving psychotronics with that illegal stop, have a good day Salisbury... good work trying tomak eme look crazy. Tellthe FBI and LA it IS going to be held agains tthem too. Nothing like a Mason COunty sheriff to support sex crimes for un and proft.

12:4pm God loves to mess withthese guys :} It's why I laugh at ya'll

Tucker Carlson.. after your interview with her, I  never would have believed I'd post one of her songs... this is what came up.. proves you can't trust US Media propaganda...

Britney Spears - Email My Heart Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

This is the song that made me think of my mother last night.. she called me once at KFMI and said I give the sexiest weathe report she's ever heard :}

Backstreet Boys -  Perfect Fan

... this could be heaven or  this cold be hell.. either way is fine with me and God.. choose... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie -  Dancing On The Ceiling 

12:25pm Here's the real joke God just played onyou Tucker.. I really thought the song I was playing when I processed it for the web, I meant topick Brent  Bourgeois -  one Thing, but as it played that song, my  cursor was on Brittany Spears.. :} The One I'll upoload later is Bourgeois.. God apparently wanted you to explain yourself Tuckerr, he's got a beautiful voice, he should be on the radio :}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

The keyboard did not get stuck. So the Brittany cut now gets a rainbow, Chris  Jansing or however you spell that.. something about Mariah Carey, CNN.... :} God doesn't like people to be left out, Tucker.. I hope you enjoyed Stanford :}

RV=Remote viewed. Multiplying 2 x 2 the square root of 4. 2x2=4.. another Todd Rundgren Production ..... :}

Bourgeois Tagg - Waiting For The Worm To Turn

PS Check the weeblog for whenBush traveled to California to helg and get Schwarzennegger's endorsements... this was the song.. 2 ot of 3.. a Todd Rundgren production

Meatloaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad 

George didn't really like Arnold, but it saved Enron alot of money......

whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...... :}

When God talks, I listen... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bourgeois Tagg -  I Don't Mind At All 

Let the dead bury the dead, Hillary.. even in the north and south polls....

3:38pm Thurston demanded that I write a weblog entry about them torturing Lynnn today 3:06pm Plane 3:39pm plane. Lynn just screamed out in pain.. Don be aware they're trying to implicate a bunch of innocent people and companies.. Don told me that he slept alot better once he moved his LED clock out of the bedroom.. mine hums when the microwave is hitting, and if you have a clock by your bed, they wake you up at the same times every day/morning to sleep deprive, keep you from rem sleep, and to let you know they're harrassing you to supposedly cause further traumatic effect. Thurston wants me to point out his love for sexual harassment again.. I have a few copies of the patent that tells how the  device they use works... especially on women..

Let's see.. Ripp was working me earlier with thurston's script, got frustrated, an then thurston and his usual partners started working me, unfortunately, but to their delight, victor did a great job of making sure the tooth Edwards denied was loose is still wedged in and unremovable without professional dental tools... of course, tehy were trying to defend Burger King, and THruston's gonna need to explain why his da, assistant da, his brother and burger king girl and others will also be charged with extortion, a topic that will get me more endorsements form other people, like the NRA, who don't know that their databases are being used so their members can be more easily identified and worked by psychotronics to commit violence or be illegally disarmed... give up on trying to make me seem like a violence prone person, idiot. If anyone claims I'm showing disrespect for these cops, it won't seem like anything tha tthe public at large will think

What they're really trying to keep me from is contacting a couple of doctors - for referrence Steven Miles of the University of Minnesota and his former boss, now Director of the University of Pennsylvania Center for bioethics to give them info regarding Merck and Rick Perry, and the HPM virus vaccination, and why a girl became mentally ill after receiving the "required vaccination" in Texas, I  presume.. this goes back to when DObbs embarrassed Cambell Brown regarding certain issues - the voice  of reason psyop to get me to watch her - and it was her lack of fact when claiming people who didn't get flu shots in school were a medical threat to her kids who did get the vaccinations.. excep tif they had the vaccination, it wasn't a problem, and since those mercury based vaccinations are  athreat to the central nervous system.... I hear she was fired not long after... dumb excuse.. that stupid audience doesn't watch her show... talk about narcissists..

ANyway.. the truth about that vaccine is that it was grandfathered in after Merck found out that vaccination - HPM or V, when reactions were discovered, caused similar symptoms to hemmhoragic fever, and death. By requiring it of all students, girls, unnder federal law, it gave Merck imunity. Finally, the requirement is not a legal requirement, it can be legally declined by parents, although it's doubtful many parents understand tht. Still, Merck was given faux immunity. Especially since they knew it caused that kind of death.

There's a reward for information if anyone can provide this girls medical records, and so the info I"d have - from CNN - is not something I'd be eligible to reve, but the doctors would likely want to knowo it  if they really wanted to know it, and that girl's medical records by law should be readily available on request of the patient... (Someone's to use this to cover Ketchers.. keep in mind they gave me the printout before I asked for them) Anyway, given the fact that I'm not allowed to watch tv and the news, I wasn't aware of the debate, and I have no desire to defend Bacjhmann, she's a phiony like Palin using this girl for political reasons, but someone should call those doctors and let them know CNN can provide plenty of documentation regarding this dangerous death shot.

I wouldn't give my daughter that shot or most vaccinations just because of the mercury.. and that also should be told to them as a means to cause them to study vaccinations and the extreme rate of autism in the silicone valley of California (another reason why they don't want me in California, and don't allow me to use email for anything important...) Among other things, when overthrowing  a nation, the leaders taking it over like toget rid of political and religious leaders, teachers, and destroy those people they believe would be smart enough to figure thing sout, and the silicone valley is considered to be an area sort of a brain trust of the United States.... 

You might want to ask the FBI why their Nazi boss wants them to cover up killing children, let alone 6th grade girls..... Like Arnold their heritage of Nazi training is easily proven....

Meanwhile, while being tortured today, I was able tog et Lynn's AT&T connection working, and tried to get her watch band fixed, when I noticed a red line on the back of the watch.. and in my retail experience that would be a likely indicator that they knew it was probably defective....... Skagen. I think it was Macy's..... and I haven't gotten the band fixed yet, due to torture, and then Thurston started telling me that would be proof of my lack of mental acuity... I said prove it... becaus ethen he'd have to admit torturing me with psychotronics, and Lynn of course, not able to stand witnessing me being tortured, closed herself into her bedroom, much like the pMS psyop used to isolate her in order to kill her without my knowledge.. my taking of my fingernail and toenail samples the other day will prove the progression of microwave attacks which will be corroborated by Washington state vs Boeing, seemingly forgotten by the Washington State justice system... it was criminal back then... Boeing tested the weapons o its employees to see the effects and how much people could take to determine what it would take to covertly kill them. 1985-87. Interesting timing, given what happened to me in Woodinville Tell the guy with the auto repair store next to the city hall in Rochester, advertising community and see meetings, he looks like the guy who live behind me (plane 4:03pm) 

They keep saying they'll take me in and say I'm crazy.. what happens if the psychiatrists or psychologists deny their knowledge of psychotronics, they're unqualified, and if they say they're aware, they're guilty of conspiracy. Psychotronics is a widely known technology amongst qualified practitioners.. and the British guy who changed the psychiatric manual will be shown to be appeasing England and the United States by falsifying the reference manuals to cover crimes...

BTW, I've really enjoyed the GMC Channel, haven't appreciated the timing of having Lynn watch to constantly have her think of death... and tell RUpert he will never get that DVR back, but the local guy dish tv installer who id'd himself better have other jobs lined up... I hear they pay a dollar an hour in prison...

And remind any law enforcement official in Wa, Ore or California who thinks they're gonna play hero.. unless they be really really nice to me and do it my way, they'll be up on conspiracy charges. Any law enforcement, including federal and international.. I DO know who and what I'm up against, and the threats are taken seriously, and honest law enforcement will too. I still have my fingers crossed for Jerry Brown, but I  won't hold my breath. Though I was hoping to get  abed or two at his military academy that DObbs wouldn't report on... The pattern and MO has been all along, long before I understood, those people I thought were honest were the worst of all.

BTW When God selects music about love and women or whoever, He's talking about humanity, not the favorite subject of Thurston, perverted sex.

I was just told they're going to keep torturing me because "they're that fucking stupid". I already knew that.

Side note: Thurston reminds me alot of a certain Forum Leader from Denver named Kevin who joked about formerly being a pharmaceuticals salesperson.. who treated me and his course people somewhat abusively, and with hypnosis (remember the spaceship analogy Doug? and the summary of what occurred in the session before breaks.. a good technique.... plane 4:17pm) Anyway Doug, Thurston acts and talks like him, and I think he's one of the Forum Leaders you warned me about - "real assholes"... that time in Atlanta... an about the baseball bat analogy...and your knee.... Doug, when I waned to be sure that if an emergency arose, you could count on me, did you feel harassed? Thurston says you would say you were... I put it in the cubby hole in the Atlanta Center? Twice, just to be sure you got it. Did you ever receive it?

When  was in DC, Doug, I was told you were going to lead a Forum in Baltimore, an my sister, who convinced her daughter Landmark was Satanic, did the forum on my recommendation... and then I was told your leadership of that event was given to someone else. She still did the Forum.. were you ever scheduled for Baltimore when I was on staff, or was that another coverup psyop by Cindy Rogers? And were you ever the forum leader in charge of Atlanta. Priscilla said you were, and that's why you had a cubby hole there.. for notes from participants... Remember when I called you, and you said, call me when you get to Oregon?

Someone's trying to verify something.. probably Thurston looking to cover up more of his crimes...

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

In case you didn't know, Doug, the diversity conference in N Carolina.. I was the only cameraman. was it ever really shown to anyone? Julie McKinney was there. Supposedly Army intel like her father.. IFLP Coach...  I was never allowed to see it, or the videos on strategic design.. and tell the guy who led the children's forum with Lon's wife as course supervisor. I could see how some people may have had kids who got a little out of control or bad supervision by them later, but i thought the way he worked with those kids was incredibly beautiful, and I'm crying a little when I think about just because I'm so  disappointed that Landmark/EST would be involved in these things, but he was truly great with them... and even caused me a breakthrough or two while I was supervising the production.. However, I' m convinced the Golnicks were part of the psyops.

I was so offended by the guy who said Landmark harmed children, I never talked to him again, but he was the guy telling me about the virtual asshole project at Emory University, and who gave me the laser pointer... he said it would be useful for when I  was teaching people paradox like on things on a chalkboard.. Gray mouser liked to chase it...(my cat)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mary MacGregor -  I've Never Been To Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Fire And Rain 

PS I got to me when I was 19 years old. For some reason, the psychotronics guys think this is all funny. And for them tell James Taylor it's God's music to use anyway He likes, the songs are picked randomly by me, and I think He's telling James,, last call to get on the train... I have two copies of the Police - Synchronicity - the covers are different, and one explains Jung's theory... the real one...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Brown - It's A Man's World

One man who doesn't believe in racial or sexual domination - God.

4:43pm My picks to make  a point

Emma's Revolution - One - 01 - Bound for Freedom

Michael McDonald & James Ingram - Yah Mo Be There

5:11pm Last upload on AT&T broadband from .50 to 2.6 kb/s

5:14pm I am now beingbrutally tortured as if it will defend Landmark Education.

5:29pm For Mazlett the traitor, in honor of Viet Nam War Vets, and Iraq war vets, and loyal Gulf War Vets harmed by thei own government, betrayed by their leaders by sacrificing their lives for oil, and then calling them a problem...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel -  Silent Night 7 o'clock News

Why do police guys beat on peace guys in Washington State.. because the peace guys know the truth.. and this is their ignorant exposure... of their paranoia and criminality.. on behalf of the people who orderly and legally protested the Iraw War before it began in the Streets of Seattle who were run over by a cop on a motorcycle... and remember police, I'm talking about the criminals, not all cops like Mazlett and Thurston and Ripp and Mason would have you believe. No wonder Claus paused to think. And their torture of me will never change my mind.

Arlo Guthrie - Pause of Mr Claus

5;40pm As torture continues, two songs that caused the eligibility to vote by eople 18 and over. And protesters were people who honored the people in the first song.

SGT Barry Sadler -  Ballad of the Green Beret 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction

6:02pm Ztill being tortured, while Lynn sleeps, likely zappe dby dews, i  keep laughing at he cops and people torturing me as God talks to them thru music by leading me to cut after cut while they try to anger me to pop.. they popped,they'r ethe violent and they'r eproud of it

Later on I'm going to upload the list of songs as God spits in their eyes in defiance.. and you'll understand why I laugh.

6:10pm Anither attemot to puncture my tongue. It's dinnrertime, as they do their best tomake it difficulkt for me to eat and work in the future.. as I listen to music by a star of AMazing Grace... ina duet with sting.. Youssou N'Dour - Form Joko, From Town to own - Don't Walk away. He was the slave showing the burned in tatto to prove ownership by his master as the star sought freedom for black people and the end of slavery by tthe British Empire. he won.

6:13pm went to post this they tried to puncture mu tongue again,a nd thern said thurston is really enjoying this. He won't when he's put on trial.

6:29pm Olbermann, you'll love this... I just checked in with Lynn about whether she was hungry.. she said she (plane 6:29pm) wasn't, andthat she had a bad headache.. and that her intestines were all  backed up.. I  bought her some anal suppsoitories yesterday to encourage her to use them, and she tried one, and said it gave her stomach cramps, Delong, and the planes just keep coming as gthe desperate US government is trying to force me to surrender evidence against them for their crimes to their fellow criminals...

Here's a journal of their desperation 6:18pm their response to Youssou.. and Peter Gabriel from Thruston, Ripp and Jr  Peter Gabrial is a Nigger  Lover.. N'Dour was on Gabriel's album Up as well.. 6:22pm The police are saying why don't you just commit suicide? 6:27pm The public will never see Linny alive again (Pplane 6:33pm) A

]And they think these attempted murders will make me look bad. Lynn's students run into her, and tell her how much she changed and helped their lives, a good thing. This is how the state of Washington and the US government thanks people for helping htei children. Of Course, N'Dour is from Africa.

CNN... proud of yourselves? I have nothing to apologize for for protecting her life by keeping her out of the hands of people trying to murder her. Illegal detention for th epurpsoe of murder is not my fault, she doesn't deswerve it, but I say Thurston will get his wish when the jury hears how he started his foul mouthed campaign against me by asking for the death penalty if he got caught, and he's taking alot of his friends with them. Again, they think threaening themselves changes my mind. And if they got the evidence the only thing they'd do is kill us without evidence of their crimes.

Delong.. did you profile your psychopathic self yet?

Keep in mind Delong, I know why you wanted Lynn to remember who you are...

8:28pm Again, the idiots tortured me to get me to write this.. arrogant Nazis..

7:54pm Another attempt to puncture my lips and tongue while eating Gorton's Tilapia and soft oven baked french fires.

7:55pm Same 7:59pm same More attempts to break unopposed molar on my right rear side.. (I will explain sex implication from BFMAN later if I have to ..) Proud Nazis

Norseen, thought insertion, US News & World Report (which wa a taunt and a dare to be willing to expose myself to public ridicule

I seen in 2002 cnn and thurston I'm more than willing for the sake of the country.. now it's for the sake of the world... ANd it has nothing to do with religion at all, not then or now, but it will be

Continuous threats to kill LYnn as a victim and witness, especially since she was an SELP leader in Seattle, somethingthat helped break up her 26 year marriage... and Reid and his friend sare doing a great job of extracting Edwards favorite molar, which I was not aware was loose until he (Edwards) pointed it out, because it was a last attempt to save #8 the canine tooth - keep toturing me to control me idiots, I'll have no problem explaining it - distraction to allow insertion - Thurston will regret that... (good  luck reid, won't work, you and Katherine did the initial setup.)

Jr's parents are Jehovah's witnesses, and they'll love hearing about him and his cop friend and th einfiltration of the JW churches in was state. If they'r enot his parents, they'r eright across the street as thurston desperately attempts to get his death wish Where jr parks his car and thurston screwed himself.

I'm fairly confident my videos will show the use of their van to harass me. Liek I told them a few minutes ago, again, bringing up psychotronics once will be their confession and thurston got to be the sickest fuck in the world  teh best example of a  dirty cop I ever imagined.

Delong again, I dare you to deny psychotronics, which amounts to theuse of all sorts of tricks to cover govt crime... 

Weed and seed is a confession to national and international human and civil rights violations.

The part Reid and Thurston hate most as they destroy my teeth is that I'm no wimp likke they thought all along, and dentists like them trained me well since the 4th grade to believe pain was part of dentistry.. and I told him about that (reid it won't work, I told you about tee off without any mention or inference of psyops against me, which you were aware of and particpating in. Give it up reid.  Katherine said you and edwards both were in the military at Ft Lewis. And she had been before. Give it up reid)

And again,I'll dare you to say I have any sort of of aversion to going to a dentist. I went to your offices multiple times per week...

New concern from a new taunt tha tinformed me of another betrayal regarding hurricane Camille, Katrina and Kyle and Werner Ehrhardt. Don't bother claiming I care about scientology. I know NOTHING about them ecept what Olbermann said, which was ridiculous, I never read dyanetics, and the sunday news program was not about scientology or to my memeory, promoting it. Note my original writings on the subject. THe fight between them and Landmark is and was none of my concenrn, and only became that because I wondered what the arguement.I became (thruston or someone is trying to cover for landmark by dictating all this) curious about scientology and their feud because all I ever heard was something about an electronic device used by Scientology to "clear" their particpants, and I  actually thought it might be an application of electrical shock for aversion therapy of some sort. Last I heard ,someone from Scientolgy said something lik e "if this technology gets out, we'd better have control of it", and Im thinking based especially on what Lynn said about her EST training, that they were using psychotronics on people without hteir knowledge.

Once again, Landmark defenders, you can try to put thoughts and words in my mouth,and I don't have to lie... got it Mazlett and thurston.. it will never work for you dirty cops.

Atleast now I know why they tortured me to write.. to try to get me to vindicate them, and I won't do that unless the truth does that. Good luck rapists. They say that thru me to themselves all the time WOn't work Thurston and Ripp.

For months, maybe years, these idiots have tried to control me and persuade me they'd convince everyone that I was suing tem vindictively.. as if I'd be afraifd of that label.. 

There's a reason psychotronics is banned in Mexico by their congress, and even Giuliani going down there to supposedly reorganize their police won't change that law. It's on the website somewhere. Have one of the undocumented workers translate it for ya'll so they can verify the conspiracy against them that I described. While you'r eat it, explain to the people of the United States why the Mexican Government forbade Vicente Fox from speaking to George W Bush,a nd why a million people gathered in a candlelight asking for Jesus to return to save the world from the United States before the Iraq war... One of the reasons I was hoping Mexico migh tgive me refuge is because CNN did a report about a minister who was ridiculed because he understood the description of hell, the real hell, and God's ways in that description. Prison. And I had hoped to locate him and talk to him.

Song uploads alter.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits -  Listen People

I closed my eyes when that song was selcted.. and no thurston, I'm not goinginto the explanation of the Blind Faith album, the acid rock musicians explaining their christianity, and the space shuttle that was advanced beyond the ones we now use, designed in 1958. Brill.

10:44pm Torture continues.. first, by request agianfor THurstonand Ripp, some of the worst criminals ever

Rhythm Heritage - Baretta's Theme

As if a cop should need to be told

Notice how funny they think this all is.

Youssou N'dour - Joko, From Village To Town - 06 - Don't Walk Away (feat Sting)

/Youssou N'dour - Joko, From Village To Town - 11 - This Dream (feat Peter Gabriel

Dire Straits - How Long

Styx -  Miss America


And finally im memory of Johnny Cash, whose last album was prophetic and apocalyptic, saw him on Larry King, couldn't afford to buy the album. I'm sur ehe'd love the following...

And for Dennis Kucinich

Johnny Cash - Sixteen Tons 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Brent Bourgeois - One Thing 

11:00pm thruston is obviously a true woman hating satanist. He tortured me to pick another song from God, and I declined, but guess what came up Baca?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows

He al;so dared me to turn to the Bible,didn'twant to play his "broke your connection with God game" but guess what.. now I'll do it.. satanist

Romans 5:8 for the Paul expert. Good luck in hell rapists

Yesteday the reading was about how God will not forgive those who lead His children astrrya. Look it up yourself.

11:11pm Lynn just heard me being tortured and called out in fear of the torture I was beingput through. I was comingback down the hall after assuring her I could ahndle it, since she's being harmed by microwave and has her own injuries to deal with, adn the idiots said Pastor Melissa Scott is a pall expert, as in pall bearer.. sinc ethe supposed King's House CHurch #1 is at Forrest Lawn, I believe it.. what a great Biblical joke about investing filthy lucre in a cemetary.

11:15 there IS one more  thing to mention, since thurston and his ge and time warner friends like to base psyops on books.. The Lost Hero.. about Piper, Leo and Jason, you know the search for the Holy Grail, and Cunningham and the advanced and the life of Brian.. think these people aren't Landmark graduates? among other things, the book is about people mimicing other people's voices and luring them into traps... 

BTW 2 Brian's inher family are targeted individuals, One has MD, the other is a diagnosed paranoid who thinks he's being followed all the time.. the one who drove to Stockton and got so scared, he turned around and went home.

11:24pm Th e mor ethey torture me, th emore God talks

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon - 15 - Peace Like A River - Paul Simon

4am - whenI had the clock inview from my bed, 4 oclock is whenthey always woke me up.. themore they torture me, Matins & Vespers... 

11:47pm To CLive Davis.. I just heard Phil Collins, both sides of the story... all those special projects..  ya set em up good, that song tells why, that and a few others... you betrayed God in the worst ways Clive.. Matins and Vespers to ya..

Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started

Looks like the house of cards is falling, and I've even nailed the  IMF...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gino Vannelli - I Just Want To Stop

Montreal again.. God's trying totell me something.. Ikeep thinking it's about

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits - 11 - Sundown

And Seagrams.... Skull and Bones... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Moon Martin - I've Got A Reason

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Moonglows - Sincerely

It was a tie. For Dan ABrams and Pink Floyd.. it's not freedom of speech

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Aquarius Let the Sunshine In


About the noise I just heard at the well controller, Charlie.... 

9/16/2011 12:18am Goodnight

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon -  American Tune

Guess who else is a target......

2:01am A few minues ago, Iwas lying in bed after taking two tylenol pm's to get drowsy.. taken before i said goodnigh tearlier, when I decided I was hungry,andBurger King Girl started tooth torturing me and almost simultaneously Lynn calle dto me before I got up and said she heard something rubbing up ahainst her bedroom window,,, this was hjust after thruston reminded me it was his idea to charge them with sexual slavery, a charge that will stick and will be prosecuted. SO I go down th ehall to look at hings, and there was someone across the yard, likely behind Lynn's trailer shiniung a red laser into the bushes where mike and a few other people like to hide to harass us and make stupid coyote noises..  it explains why Abby was inthe back window watching things. Of course it made Lynn very scared,and it's another ploy for these sex perverts to get Lynn and i spleepinginthe same bed todave them massive charges and lawesuits for sexual slavery and cointelpro activities for the last 15 years. Thurstonand RIPP your gameswilnotwork,thedreams you people incepted into Lynn years ago inOlympia of us being kille dby armed people using lasers to site us...  it' snot funy,an it is mor proof of the pertes onHarstine Island and steamboat Island a bunch of phony jehovah's witnesses provingthey are not even close ot being morl let alone christian.

I got a bowl of cereal, and burger king girl andjr andchrlie are having agreat itme. par of the harassment tonitght is charlies favorite to scare so bad that they'll get her to leave her possessions behind so that that thes 4 fucking pedophoiles can laugh at it all and how smart they are for using military weapons and choppers and planes to assit them in their jokes of killing people  and depriving them of anythignthey want just ot prove the government can stop them from having anything they want

They even claim they've put things in the well to cause Lynn otbe dehydrated, as weell having convinced her to not do things like take medicine for her constipation to have the fun of watchingher die. Good luck sheriif

Millions and millions and millions of people will hate washingtonstate gfot this, andthat's ptoof of how funny they think this is.

Typos due to torture.

Enjoy the snuff film dobbs

2:21am Another attempt to puncture my cheek and tongue,charlie corrected it,tongue in cheek.. sick fiuking cops Nowhe's sayinghe lasers are"hide yit ina bushel no I'mgonna let it shine..satanist all their words and proud  iof it obama is the sickest fuck inthew orld candice delong is a fucking pervert we're tiredof beign treted likethis fucjkthe whole goddamn government don't ever mnentionmeliss a scott inyour weblog agin or well kill linny andthe cat and leave you to clean up the mess

I'm so glad the

2:48am Here's areally good one for ya.. Thurson and Burger King Girl say we love being traitors w=because we love licking pedophiles.... just rememebr thurston I know what you do for a living and it isn'tenforcing the law

Weare not your enemies we just do this for a living becaus ewe nee dthe money and we dont care what anyone thinks of us becsaue were the soickest fucks ever hired by the fbi

Candice delong isthe sickest fuck in the fbi

Now I know where miserendino and these guys got the phrase sick fck for cnn. Good friends ya got CNN and NBC

Now they're going tobe mad as hell and sick the police on everyone sothey cna seize your evidence

We call this the red letter edition of the word of god

Here'sthe problem delongand the rest of you.. notice the style change.. notice how antles falsified medical records. Notice how providence figures into murdering people,a nd how the catholic bok store is a prominent figure inthsi whole thing. Now I know it's thurston

Leave us alone or well have todosomethingdrastic o make sure he state of washington makes sure noone ever hears about this story?

Good luck. whoosh from the choppers. This one's fromme: I know for a fact that alot of innocent people andvictims and loal military peole aren't going to put up with being lumped inwith a bunch of traitorous 911 coconspirators like these people. included as those who murder their fellow loyal citizens.

At least th red letter idiots confesse to what they've actually done.

WYep. We're good little Nazis. We're so good,we're going toleave the area and leave it tothe police to prove how corrupt they are.

For other people who don't know, if you see anyone wlking around and mouthing or saying yep, they'r etargeted individuals OR people acknowlegdging they're government assassins Weed and seed/deth squad members. Usually older people are saying yep. And they're targets. The murderers are typcially middle aged or les. people who dn't know the difference

To the guy in front of Fred Meyers with the cell phone who showed me he's getting tooth tortured, keep track of your assailants. You'll get help. The one when I was at the pharmacy drive up window.... and get your dental records and doctor records as you're able to/ It'll make things go much quicker. Another Burger King target.

We're not goingto stop until you tell us we're the stupidest fucks inthe world.

Note the similarities with the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop... foul language polluting God's word with filth, people in the bushes and total contradictions to the things I have written and believed in my entire life. It's not MPD or Schizophrenia, its the United States Government proving it really is satanist. 

9/16/2011 9:56am Here's what the united states government wants tosay to the world thismorning: the doctors inwashington state are nothing but mother fucking sick fuckrapistsand murderers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gentle Giant - On Reflection

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Geoff Moore - God Is In Control - 10 - String Around My Finger


Hey Salisbury.. think cops are immune.. regarding suicide of one of your own... a 4.0 gpa in Administration of Justice. Think you're not a target delong? Like Stew Web said - Huntsville( MSNBC) Stone R platform. How bout you military psyops Nazis? Think you're not targets? THis is what the government does with you guys when they're through with you.


Pam’s father had been a NASA scientist at the Huntsville, Alabama space station. Her stepfather was enlisted in the Air Force and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant in 1985 at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, California. So, she had grown up on military bases, however, she had also been an MKULTRA experimentee from infancy.


Another common thread: NASA

9/16/2011 1:51pm The US Govt perverts continue to prove their stupidity and subject the FBI and Obama to further international human rights charges. Trying to retrieve the d vr that is not theirs to retrieve, by contract with DISH and when the local numbers are found trying to get Lynn to return it, those people will be prosecuted for attempting to destroy evidenc eof Federal and international laws. Attempts are being made to relive me of computers that are evidence, and again being done to give them to a grandchild so their nect door neighbors, suppsoed former cop, fire dept/mormon, and a  woman harrassing the girl's parents.

Further, given what is already occuriring,  consider it an attempt to let thme have this minor post more information on Facebook and other social networking sites so they can continue to try to control this girl, bully her and diminish her, a very natural born leader and happy person. Delong, these will be added to the list of charges against you, as well as the officials of the state of washington...

BTW I will prove and will assert additional charges of pedophilia attempts and other things to mar her  and her brother's and her parents reputations - what I'm aware of is attempts toward many peopel to ge them to write sexually oriented material and post it to the wenb by their names or anonymously, and that will result in charges of child molestation.

There are many things that thurston's mo is able to do, especially helter skelter. It doesn't work  on me, never will, and thurston the sadmitted pedophile will regret his continued cointelpro aattempts at ensuring Lynn and I separate on less than amicable bais, and he will regret that too, and Barack Obama, given the circumstances, will be charged with the same offenses. As well as every other president since world war II whenthe nazis covertly took control of our politicial system.. and that's easy to prove. William J Taylor.

WHoever thinks they're intellignet better =get a grip on their own god damned genitals

Thurston really is training people to cover him and he''ll regret that in the justice system. And tell Burger King Bot and Girl, they may have gotten some new lessons lately, but those same charges will be applied to Burger King as well.,

PTGUYS want me to add - when Mitt Romney says he'd get a vice president like cheney, a convicted war criminal, it should tell you ROmney is a fake.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 10 - When Do We Rest

Last nights deprivation an the microwave you're hitting us with will not  work.

2:27pm More illegal by the stateof Wahington on behlaf of the federal govt

More threats of violating international treaties by suppsoedly confiscating materials provided to foreign nations for delivery of criminal evidence agains tthem. Good luckwiththeir security guards.

2:59pm Burger King Boy doesn't understand that when he threatens with Burger King Girl to continue tooth torture to destroy all of my teeth, and I remind him while he's torturing me that the reason I laugh despite the pain is because Ihave mor evideo of him issuing death threats than anyone els,e and when he pulled the stunt at Burger King, I was concerned about violence because it was him.. and he played the headlight for however long they did that for 1-2 years before the death threats started after I returned from California. ANd now the isiots still want to claim I'm a resident of Washington, despite my evidence of all sort of proof of myintent to live in california, including the registration of my car which will end up convicting the state and Key Bank... and their torturin me to delay me and get me to write things as if I''ve lied about my =residence has got to be the stupidest thign anyone could possibly claim to increase jail time. ANd now the idiot says I'm threatening HIM.

3:19pm More illegal detention and torture continues... long ago, the idiots threatened to puncture my tires at reststops when I  left Wa  State.. that was befor eI knew they had JB Welded my wheels to the brake drums... now they'r esaying thye're going to have someone run me down at a rest stop, like the van threatened at Fred Meyer's the other day... video and audio... and then that green car in the special spot inthe burger king parking lot.. I got the  license on video.. they'r etrying to distract me.. idiots.. anyway, they say they want to run me down like CHarlie and Pete almost had Lynn do one day when I was trying convince her not to get in the car and speed away wehn they were trying to get her in acar accident to kill her right after the firs t"stroke".. audio and video.. 

Now, about me suppsoedly taunting them, good luck.

6:23pm Another day of torture, adn I'm so vindictive that the idiots have to tell me al the crimes they'v ecommitted over  the years to see if they can make me pop. Earlier this afternoon, suddenly, Lynn decideds we should have Mexican food.. fine, I love tacos. So we made tacos, and at 4:40 - note the time - two attempts were made to puncture my lips, a problem I'v enever had before the torture.. and of course   all th eusual threats, we're going to choke you everytinme you eat and then they proceeded to describe what I thought was weird circumstances about my mother and how she was being lectured about using so much toilet paper before I helped he rmove ot Maryland... and it became obvious - along with the threats against my brother's life again - that Dave the carpenter, just down the hill from my brother's house was using dews to kill my mother.. she was having "small strokes" everyday, and out of breath, just like Iam when hit by dews, as demonstrated one day next door when Mike and another guy took one of Don's excavators to get me to walk in the field ot them, ht me with dews when I started to talk, and it was obvious then and later they were trying to claim that the dew hits making me breathless and giving me heart palps was due to smoking.. which I knew wasn't true. Further, once we were in Maryland, my mom only complained once of having a minor stroke, one day in a store when my sister wouldn't wait up for her.. I didn't know anything about dews and psychotronics then... but given her silence and the contradictory lies, that day when we sat at one of the Civil War battlefields and talked, I told her at least she wasn't having strokes daily, so at least it was better.. I think she was trying to tell me she was being attacked again..  I keep wondering about the day she showed me the marijuana plant she hid in the oven.. and the probable setup of my sister Linda and her husband, sent on a shopping trip to Humboldt county to get a pound of weed for the State Senate, boiled down at Berkeley and then the Senate didn't want it anymore... apparently leaving them with it for what purpose I don't know (Lynn is yelling pain suddenly) because i know they don't use it, or would be very surprised if they did... he was a senate analyst for the Republicans, who didn't like Linda.. and he was a guy setting up appearances for Reagan's second Presidential campaign (maybe the first, but I  think 2nd)....  theydidn't like her because an apparent family trait of  my father's of speaking our minds,...

So, anyway, all that considered, Chuck's Canyon turned out ot be the Grand Canyon of Yosemite, where I sort of thought it would be fun to buy and use to grow indigenous plants that the deer wouldn't eat so people could have plants in their yard, lots of them, different kinds, since Pine Mountain Lake didn't allow fenced in yards.

Of course, after nearly starving, and my mom helping me by buying groceries for me occasionally, that didn't happen. I figure they were hitting her for helping me.

ANd then, when Lynn and mysister Alma met the first time, we were sitting there and ALma sprayed Lynn in the face with a squirt gun, and there was no way it was appropriate or in fun.

Then of course, my mom died.. and she wouldn't talk, not even to her old time friends from Palo Alto, not even the Brewers or Rustons from Palo Alto, and I  thought that was really weird.

And then, after coming back to California, her husband suddenly quit smoking, and then died of a "heart attack" It was because of him I heard about Art Bell on ABC Radio, and he talked about all ground water becoming polluted, 200 mile an hour winds in big cities.. I never listened, buthe worked all night and listened all the time. I thought like others that my sister made him do all the work and it wore him out. Now I know better. ANd there were other incidents, like her telling y nephews o watch me incase I stole things from them, which was weird because i was making good money working at the DOT then... which was weird story land too. This was all right after moving down from Brooklyn from the woman from the Psychic Friends Network who was quite able at getting me computer work and also was going to get me booked to play music in Greenwich Village, and start my music career as well as register with ASCAP as a publishing company. The dya she wanted my signature on  power of attorney, she got chicken and backed out. Of course, Bush took down the psychic Friends Network. It was the internet seminar at the bar in Queens that turned a mind reading session... I read the convicted felon correctly, and her favorite client, the line started to get readings from me, and I told her never todo that to me again.. me sitting in my best business suit, computer ready to show people how to use the internet.

Other strange things happened when I met Lynn, just like when I met Eve, only this time I was not going to see Lynn again, but she called and convinced to  meet with her and start again... we almost hit  a deer and I avoided it, and she chewed me out for not driving the car into a ditch to make sure to miss the deer.

PS Dave.. about the brakes on my car.. apparently you don't  know much about stick shifts and the low gear ratios on 4 speed camaros....I got the Yaesu, and I was gonna listen in on what my brother does on short wave.. I got so zapped, I still don't get anything on it but the ability to vector in on the direction dews are coming from...... but it has all those great tracking my brother said you told him about... Amazing how I can transmit around the world via the web without ever hitting the transmit button.............. I'm a little tired of threats against my family, and people being set up for thinking and freedom of speech... the Pelosi guy will go free.. want to id yourself? your friends here have been prodding me to say that for weeks... ANd i know of at least one cal with him, and another message on my answer machine that were voice synthesis....ya did  a nice job on the texturing though.... when I went to Atlanta after my brother threw the hammer.. when you were building the duplex....

19.95 per song Clive, what a deal....

So.. where was I....

Another unproductive day, unless you factor in all the crimes these people taunted me about that I  just thought was my weird life... and if you folks in Yosemite think you'll keep me from seeing my family or harming me  while I'm there, please don't because I'd hate to have more criminals call me vindictive for prosecuting them... I have better things to do with my time.. and tell my old landlord/cop//uhaul rental agent and accountant that the red door doesn't match the blue house, and I'll never pay him unless he wants to reimburse me first... ask him if he was the guy who wanted to sell me the damaged corvette in Santa Cruz when John Linley Frazier supposedly tried to break in, and he used his M-16 to clear the backyards for the sheriff. Ohta was my mom and dad's optometrist.... talk about retail wars.... :}

The psychotronics guys are driving al this.. they want you to be able to claim I'm threatening you... since they've failed to get me criminalized... about as bogus as the way the Pelosi guy was set up. And I may even stop by the bar to listen in on people, so that since these guys found out I don't go to bars and drink, you can all have a shot at that ploy.

So keep in mind Yosemite guys, I don't go out of my way to catch you committing crimes against me, but if you make it real obvious, I'll be glad to add your names to the list for the Hague. Still, I'll be perusing Washington state separately to set precedents.. and keep in mind all this was supposed to cause to simply pursue a class action suit, something I might have done a few years back just to get an injunction against the federal government.. and you're not gonna get Lynn in the downstairs apartment to finish her off like was tried with my mom.

ALl that said, I don't know what the ptguys want me to say after all that.. but.. how's the weather Dave? The trailer roof is  fine, and I painted the eyesore just for you.. it'll make a great aluminum shield while the evidence is completed. Please don't give me more. I have too much already. And so ya know, I won't do anything to inform my brother, he always claims he knows nothing and for  now that would be best.. the locals here, when I warn them, taunt me by doing what I request they don't.. nuff said? 7:06pm while the chopper circles, I'm not predisposed against police nor busting dirty ones involved in 20+ year conspiracies.. and Delong is just a citizen first...

If I see a couple jets playing tic tac toe in the sky this time, I'll know who's on my side.... I am looking forward to find out out if that missing key electronics gear was psychotronics, though... silent key?

They keep telling me Olbermann is helping me.. I don't believe it for  a second.. When I own the jail up here though, I got a room for him :}

Ever read Matins and Vespers? Ya should...  Dave, Dave who, I  don't know any Dave in Yosemite....

I actually don't know anything else to say, and I  keep Marci Clark's face in my visual cortex.. ... ... ...  I keep waiting for the friends to tell me more but I guess that covers it for now...

Oh yeah.. someone tried to put a hole in my brake booster.. JB weld does work, I have more, some of the same stuff taken out of my toolbox I presume for the tires.. but the sample I took while videoing will tell that story..

I learned alot about taking evidence form the OJ trial :}

Nothing else for now, they say... who are they? You don't want want me to answer that question.. it could take hours.. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful -  Younger Generation 

BTW, the locals are surprised at my answer to the Chad Mitchell song.. if your mommy  is  a commie then ya gotta turn her in.. my answer is yes, right O''Reilly? She wasn't, others are,.. and they;re not necessarily women.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 13 - We Are One

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rascals - A Beautiful Morning 

How'd this all start? I was joking about wanting to  move to Oregon, buy some land, put up a big wall and grow organic vegetable, but I knew the problems of the world would catch up to me........ got that idea in Goldendale from a station in Toppenish, thinking I didn't want to live this song, and listening to the second.

Bread - Guitar Man 

Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 07 - Black And White

Updated by the circumstances of

Michael Jackson - Black Or White

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 05 - I Will Fly

gotta add:  Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

When you whoosh upon a star, makes no difference who you are

7:29pm I just listened to that John Smith song.. didn't know what it said, only listened to a couple cuts before, if I posted it before, I must not have listened to it.  I was told that after my mom died, they were going to spread her ashes in Yosemite... 

7:34pm Of course the sick satanists has to start harassing me about  how I was never told what happened to my mother's ashes, inferring it was  a crime I'd have ot answer for for spreading them there, and about how noone told me where my father was buried. US Govt Satnist Nazis, what jails were made for.

8:22pm Personal notes Rimrock: Bob Saunders, founder, Buddhist Temple, Olympia, Rich moved out, Bob wanted to date Lynn.. multiple Times. Friend of Kit Miller, Rochester Institute of technology, Buddhist, Bay Area CNVC, daughter commit suicide, Saunders son Reid friends with Erin, Kit moved back to Rochester, told Bob when her life was in danger from Gov't her career path was on track, RIT also where Colleen of GCU met/ hearing impaired, then to UN as interpreter, husband gym coach, against New World Order, crackerjack interrupted all conversations regarding that and psychotronics in Africa.. Colleen/sisters daughter prone to violence after adoption/foster care arrangement... CNVC Marshall Suanders?/ Foundation for Women, Muhammad Yunus, Rotary, Lindholm, Sister Mary, Kohl Convent... sanctity of Catholic  Church..... ... daughter Shannon/Bob 

Cracks me up.. Thurston says Dave's get a restraining order against me in Yosemite. Dave who? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Maxine Nightingale -Right Back Where We Started From

Waltons tonight on GMC? Communist book burnings.. Fahrenheit 911.. late 60''s and early 70's.. churches...  Germany, guy said when books are burned, people are burned... Never forget what hatred causes...

PS Locals say all that about Yosemite was a forecast of their actions. Works for everybody. 

9:36pm Apparently Delong can't take the heat and they're shifting efforts to the local FBI in Olympia that seems to have a habit of ignoring complaints I've made about my life being threatened. Welcome to the list. And don't expect me to play games or forget the people involved in the previous psyops and murder schemes. I don't know who you guys are and I don't care, and I have interest in having contact with federal officials who threaten children to silence innocent victims because their operatives and informants are as incompetent and traitorous as them. Glad you have a secure line.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nat King Cole - When Sunny Gets Blue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - I Gotta Try

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvelettes - Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

10:35pm Given the mo of these people and the way they save the truth of their crimes, I will assert that my mother and members ofmy family knew of my id and that my mother was murdered in collusion with Time Warner and she knew it was being done to her for at least 30 years, and the 10 years gap in our relationship was probably her way of trying to let me know, isolate and protect herself, and given that Obama's mother died of nearly the same thing... and that when she said that she was doing things for me that she should have done when I was a child, when I was in Yosemite, she knew she wasn't going tolast long, the decision she made to leave Yosemite was  a last attempt to save her life and get me to Alma for information all of which failed due to the efforts of time warner, and the info about Dave and the rest being used used to taunt me tonight was a setup to protect the sickos in Yosemite that failed, and with that, they wanted me to write it again like I'm threatening them, when the truth is, Time Warner Mo'd and ID's itself to me in Maryland, and I believe the Hague will take of the rest. Weird, the people at that party from the DOT wouldn't clap or acknowledge my playing at their halloween party the night my mom was pronounced terminal at the hospital, and 2 people asked me to play at their parties later. 

When I was at DOT some people in accounting acted very weird when I was asked to assist them and support their computer work.. I was being used as a spy. Same as the DOJ job for teamsters elections. Nice set up Clinton. When I refused to get a secret clearance for other work, I was jerked around.... This government must really be afraid of God, and rightfully so.

What just prompted me to write this was the usual jerks, a new guy who says he's with the FBI, and listening to the Rolling Stones, Steel Wheels, an album I never really liked.. tell Jagger I have no sympathy for the devil. And I don't mean him and the Rolling Stones. But I'm all for the love train.... 

I'm even more clear that all the things that I've been threatened as things to embarrass me were setup by people posing as friends, being used by law enforcement, and to cover their trail , to put it politely, they framed me a million times and I  don't appreciate it, and I will vindicate others like me and put an end to the Brill technology that the Nazis in Germany found and the Rockefellers, Rothschild's and Emory University put into evil use. Whoosh me all you want. I've never heard an album this bad by the Rolling Stones before.

They want me to say the truth: Dave's just another pervert peon.. my beef with Yosemite is with the US Govt and Time Warner and GE...

I understand why Marsha Islam didn't want me talking to strangers approaching me on the street in Brooklyn, she was clearly a target.. I hope she and the NY Police psychic profiler that was her friend are okay. And why Bernie was involved.... Kerik. And why the Moussad warned the Jews in the buildings before they went down...they wanted a paradox programmer. They got a friend from the references on my  resume to do it instead.

Finally, I now understand why my counselor in high school wouldn't  help me with getting into college, and the thing about asking God to guide me to what to what He wanted me to know and do. I still God, CIA, not you. I say you'll be serving me before long, and it won't be a warrant...  and as for the other blurts. alot of people will be relieved that they're not guilty. And I don't necessarily mean people in prison.

WHoosh whoosh whoosh... 

My biggest laugh, NSA and CIA, is that I'm the final proof of your failure to brainwash everyone the way claimed you could to your Nazi partners.

They just called me a fucking punk. :}:|}:}  Don't question authority, call it what it is.. 

It really is time for a lot of people to decide which side they're on: evil or good. Simple as that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kris Kristofferson -  Why Me Lord

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kyu Sakamoto -  Sukiyaki (Ue Wo Muite Arukou)

I prefer Swiss Steak instead of Chuck steak, got it Salisbury? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 01 - Common Thread

I wish I could say I picked these songs. Robert Forrest accused me of being a frustrated dj as my made friends with his Doberman pincers who were supposed to scare much, much to his annoyance :}

La Jolla La Jolla, there's always La Jolla :} Annie's been on the GMC channel lately. Anybody else get the GMC channel? How bout HMC?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Lady   I love pennies.. talk about multiple entendres..... 

So, about the state song of Washington, has it changed?

11:19pm From Lighthouse Point, Steamers Lane, Santa Cruz, California

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 10 - When Do We Rest


Isaiah 63:10

9/17/2011 I am now convinced that FBI Olympia is involved in rape and torture. Enjoy the rape button sickos.

The people of BURGER KING in Shelton Washington want me to tell the world that Burger King International is nothing but  a front for United States Government rape and torturers and Nazis who hate niggers and jews. A direct quote. They also want me to do this

Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King Burger King \

Happy weed and seed.

Every morning I wake up like normal people,and since they can't turn me into a psychopath,, they think can embarrass ME with their sick jokes on themselves and give themselves an excuse to claim I'm defaming them or something. Wait itl Gavin Newsome finds out he's a target.

They also want me to say Candice  Delong of FBI San Francisco was not only psyopping me, but the little jewish boy who was killed and who she commented on was a son of a targeted family, and she went on to comment to traumatize them ,knowing she was the person who used psychotronics to kill their son. Don't know  if that's true, but I wouldn't doubt it, because it's a perfect MO for CNN< the FBI, weed and seed,DOD contactors and their supposed informants.

Just remember FBI, it's your psyop and it will back fire on YOU and your media friends.

My comment 2bad4u CNN and time warner.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 201 - Perfect Angel

The FBI and US government ought to look at their own manuals and realize what their doing is the right thing to do to capture criminals like themselves. I write these things you ask me to not to embarrass myself, but to prove to the world that you people really are satanist Nazis, and I  will succeed at that, thanks to your arrogant stupidity.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - TBD - 100 - Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady Show me a lady, and as always, they'll be treated well.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - - Looking For Space

Boylan knew what he was doing when he sent me the picture of the F20A.....

Frank Zappa - Dong Work For Yuda

Ya got what you want Delong.. your move... idiot

11:21am The idiots keep thinking this will embarrass me... that's why I let them try to embarrass me.. a majority of one representing the true spirit of people doesn't have to be embarrassed about being stung by sex perverts....

Here's the grand finale, and they really believe they'll embarrass me by claiming this, and I know they're wrong and I"m right.. did you notice how skinny Michael Jackson was when he was murdered?

Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary) - 10 - Vincent Price Excerpt (from Thriller Voice-Over Session)

9/18/2011 11:50am Delong, the guys - mainly Burger King Boy and Girl tooth torturing me to get me to write something this morning, wanted me to write that you should spread your legs so everyone in the office in FBI San Francisco can get their share of a prostitute.. they edited that when they realized I was going to take them up on their dare.. to write it....

Delong, they  think it's really funny.. how bout when it goes to court, psychotronics are proven and other people say you guys say similar things to them...  especially women... After my testimony, how many  of them wil be too embarrassed to admit what they've been subjected to? By the way Delong, these guys think of you as a sex symbol like they do PMS... what is her ministry actually about? 

You should be glad I have respect for authorities, even though that's at a minimum...

It's werid, I write these notes in the living room, take em into my bedroom, and then at a weird moment, I'll look at the envelopes, and realize I've accidentally collected info that will be good.. in this case, an old friend of Lynn's from Landmark that she hired for results, an if you check thru the "videos of psychotronics on me", one of the few Results people who wasn't "in in it" was there when I accidentally sprayed starting fluid into my eyes right after she told me, no matter what happens, I'll always be your friend. I doubt she knows, but I do,that she's a target as well. And now I have her address to give to the Hague for positive testimony about both Lynn and I... 

The guys are also havng fun believing they broke my connection with God last night by  zapping me  with microwave when I was going to write a religious page with music.. beginning with

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

They're hitting me with it again to prove they can violate al of my rights with impunity

Quite an achievement. and to emasculate some men. Just turn off their equipment for half an hour, and Burger King Boy won't know what to think of himself.

Patience and persistence.. they  think they're getting advice from me:} All tehy're getting is more and more people put in jail longer. tell the CIA it better start supplying better psyop scripts... They keep saying this wasn't supposed to take this long. That's why you all lose..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From


12:48pm While the guys  do mental psyops on me, mostly things that are supposed to frustrate, they really  don't believe that all I'm doing is allowing me to gather more evidence and methods so that I can see it when I observe other people, and be able to inform them or incept an idea or concept that would help them deal with their "problems" while I'm getting them shut down.

So, I'm sitting here wanting to play a  couple of tunes to help get a faster tempo into my system, and they keep telling me I can play anything but religious music, and this is what I landed on

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

9/20/2011 12:43pm THe guys insisted i write something today.. so I guess we'll go with standard ti stuff..

Thanks to the FBI for IDing themselves, and for making sure I didn't get the $185,000, and making sure that in fact my life is in danger.

Thanks to CNN and MSNBC for making me aware of lots of things that could save people's lives, but make me appear to be radical in the face of your ongoing propaganda and lies... killing y mother is the best part, the whole family thanks ya...

Tell Petraeues and Panetta to you know... might as well..

and tell the people of the united states that their Nazi leaders are really great, and that as their government murders them all, don't forget to smile. And, when bombs start dropping in the United States and earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes rip it apart, think of what you have to look forward to when it's over; flood s and cholera.

What a great government.

Tell Rupert once again that the contract on that DVR was one year, and continued attempts to retrieve it are a breach of contract, and a conspiracy to destroy evidence and obstruct justice, since the contract was satisfied more than 2 years ago...  an here they thought they were free of that evidence by deleting it... not when a computer guy is around...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 07 - Appalachian Rain

There is one more thing: what a joke, a a nation who is supposedly afraid of its own people, so powerful its afraid of a destitute man... who they assign women to to emasculate.. and all he does is laugh at them....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 01 - There's A War On

1:q18pm The dog's ina couple of GM's, what more could we ask for...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Seger -  Like A Rock  Like Iraq :}

The guys reminded me of some more standard ti stuff. oh you'e so horrible, I can't believe the government would do such things.. it's hard to believe  a black man would be part fo such things... that ought to give someone in San Francisco a hard on for the day....

There 's a male demographics version of what you guys say to yourselves to make yourselves believe you're as tough as the cop who has to claim he rapes his daughter to convince you he's a tough guy.... up next, world war III comes to the homeland...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dionne Warwick Glady Knight St -  That's What Friends Are For 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Angry Eyes

9/21/2011 8:30pm Thanks to the Shelton Police for showing the world how not to break into a car... Oh yeah... Church Music... they didn't want me getting too radical. I only have a few things that tell the truth about things that the most prominent leaders do... 

9/22/2011 12:55pm It's always interesting to see what angle the psyops are playing everyday.. it's clear Delong and her lying friends wanted it to appear I was accomplishing something.. just remember that for a guy like me who can write 30-50 pages per night without any trouble, the church music was fun.. but only proves the U.S. govt must be awfully afraid of its own crimes..

Burger King boy and girl along with  thurston made sure I knew they were on me yesterday.. along with others..    I don't really have much to say, torture continues, progress on my trailer will continue today..  

I'm sure the FBI probably thinks I'm adequately silenced and subdued... just remember how Thurston believed he could break my connection with God.. breaking my connection with propagandists who had so much fun they blew it changes nothing in the big picture, the evidence doesn't go away.. and the ptguys also want me to mention not just the $185,000 but the $330,000 the church committee was supposed to pay me and others... like GW said, we're doing this to save a few frivolous lawsuits. When you people get to the sentencing stage, maybe someone will remind the jury you're all just frivolous legal suits.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 18 - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - B01 - Here Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 11 - the Things We've Handed Down

1:23pm .14kb/s

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Secada - I'm Free

9/22/2011 5:59pm I just enjoyed adding the Ballad of Sigmund Freud to the page Uh-huh in church music :}

I've been microwaved all day, but the ceiling is ready for paint tomorrow, and I have lots of great light sockets from the truck to put on the trailer for brake lights... a little cleaning, and I'll get up the guts to open the valve to see if its still possible to empty the water wastes.... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - You And Me Against The World

If you think I'm out of touch with the world, all I need to do is look at headlines to understand how thing s are progressing. And I still get hundreds of news things day from what I can tell, as I sort through the news sources...

The US Govt.. what a joke... takes all of you to stop someone like me... what a joke...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 204 - Our Lives

11:50pm Multiple attempts to puncture lips. Blood inmouth from tooth extraction for days.

9/23/2011 12:44am THe ptguys want credit for the subtitle to UhHUh: Managing Emotions in Pre-apocalyptic times... unfortunately, we're past that... 

Joni Mitchell - Shine - 10 - If

Eric Clapton - Change The World

By request by the ptguys

Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel - 105 - Excuse Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash - Chicago

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays The Fool

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - That's The Way of the World

9/23/2011 11:57am This morning, Burger King Girl seems intent on breaking my toes... she learned a new word, and calls herself a concubine... and thinking it's funny to get me to write a journal entry, she's telling me how great it is to be at Burger King while doing this because they're so friendly to weed and seed people. I wouldn't have written this if this person wasn't telling the truth about herself and this town... 

Tell delong the usual ti stuff isn't going to work, these things will become public  part of the prosecution, and i'm glad her training for the FBI has aught her to be such a great sociopath traitor. Tell her I'm as impressed with her and the FBI as I am ... nothing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

They're your perverts Delong.. I'm glad they picked you and these idiots to protect their lives.

It is good to know this part of it is over, when I'm out of here, everything changes. Especially the part of the idiots in weed and seed and the US Government getting away with genocide.

7:33pm Attempt topuncture lips with tooth torture.

9/24/2011 1:47pm the psychotronics guys wanted me to waste some more time by telling me how no matter what I did, it was pointless because they've gotten away with murdering people for so long, because the police in Washington State are so corrupt.

Suddenly we had HBO and Cinemax channels last night.. didn't watch em.. desperate people. what would drawing me in accomplish, other than to get  a constant feedback loop by sick fbi perverts.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See

I found "The Man Song" by accident last night.. didn't think I'd have the guts to play "The Woman Song".. that may have changed. Delong will love this one to claim I hate women. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses was that a rented Mercedes?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - Laughing

The FBI must hire some very sick, stupid people. That's your beginner ti stuff for the day Delong.

9/24/2011 5:25pm Thurston & Burger King Girl are so eager to get their trophy weblog entry, here's what Thurston insisted on saying to prove he's a total pervert cop "What's the matter Thurston, hasn't your daughter licked you off lately".  If there's anything Thurston stupidly relies on it's the idea that his victims will believe psychotronics can't be proven, and that the hundreds of people his corruption empowers won't give him up.

6:41pm You can always tell when Thurston is working psychotronics becaus eit always ends up being about how people should be afraid of cops, especially in Washington State, all the law suits that could be filed.. all taunts, old stuff, mor ereasons he'll get his death wish. He and Burger King Boy and Girl still think destroying my teeth will help them in some way, and will also be some sort of excuse by the dentists, and it won't be because their work by itself is grounds for all the legal suits they apparently want to have filed against them.. the taunters make it very apparent they know they'r ecriminals and all the laws they're violating... the evidence will easily prove the dentists were involved and their work was obviously to cause harm

Once again, the pattern of topics brought up during psyops and extreme tooth torture are always the same with him and his friends: foul mouthed losers who don't know anything about relay law or  trials, and certainly don't care about the United States as a nation. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne -  Let Me Know

Illegal detention continues... the law still exists.

7:04pm 6:30 and 7pm Extreme attempts to break toes with tooth torture and attempts to punture lips. Good luck dentists

9/25/2011 12:17pm This morning wht seems most important to the Burger King boy and girl is to say these things:

THe Pacific Northwest hates niggers and jews and we don't care what anyone thinks of us"

The Shelton police are nothing but slimy pedophiles

The FBI is nothing but a bunch of fucking pedophiles.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Free Movement -  I've Found Someone Of My Own

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Flora Purim - Love Reborn

12:27pm Delong... the locals - Burger Kingboy and girl.. think it would be funny if walmart was blown up. Since you're into protecting the future owners of this nation, feel free to ask me questions in person regarding he threats to walmart..it'sthesmae people.. and Burger King will be held accountable for their use of Burger King  as a safe terrorist haven. and that will lead to USA Today an dthe Olympian.. and the police and the FBI, and Obama... And of course,I have the video of the Shelton police hanging out with weed and seed infront of  Burger King...

So delong, the next time you and your stupid friends want me to write about blowing things up, remind them I have nothing to hide, and everything I have to tell leads back to you.. And then we'll have to talk about King Harvest, and how the government was completely aware of the power grid collapse  here, in england and brazil... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Geoff Moore - God Is In Control - 10 - String Around My Finger

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits - 13 - Rainy Day People

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire

12:59pm As my day is wasted by torture.. Burger King Boy, in his and Thurstons attempts to intimidate and shock me, just provided info that will lead to USA Today and the Olympian to a  direct tie to the Pastor Melissa Scott and FBI psyops, the phony jehovah's witnesses, and that means more criminals in jail. Good work burger king boy.

More suspects. 

1:06pm I am the guy thurston call sin to finish peopl eoff.

1:18pm Attempt to puncture lips

1:19pm The trophy hunters of the FBI think its fun to get me to document their torture in my weblog. 1:19 Attempt to break toes.Fuck you FBI

The most fun I'm gonna have

Thursotn's definitely working him and his tema today.. you can tell by tthe fact that he lvoes to get people to write foul language, becaus ehe's obviously just a thug hired by the thruston county sheriff dept to kill people

Glad you wante dto admit it thurston.

1:23pm Attempt to break toes

1:32pm Attempt to break toes

That's all we're going to do today is smash your otes because we're good at it, we know how and none can stop us

1:36pm FBI's finest continue to insist they're Fucking pedophile rapiss. Tell Delong it's been along time sinc you could make the rambling journal case.

2:14pm I was talking to Lynn, and she decided to read a couple things from her journal.. I'm certain psychotronics was used to get me there to hear it as if it was a threat to me in any way.. all I hear is manipulations of what she wrote, misperceptions, and the reason I go out of my way not to read her journals, they'r eher personal thoughts at any given moment, and not anything I want ot base my opinion s on.

Thurston threatened along time ago, with certain tricks, to involved Lynn's journals.. for some reason, as someone researches to psyop her and supposedly find evidence against me.. in court, where You'll attempt to cherry pick, you'll only prove pysops against Lynn since long before she and I met in DC. And if there's anything in those journals supposedly embarrassing about me, remember I'll laugh at you all.. for illegal interrogating her with her journals, which I can easily explain that technique, for trying to alter her testimony as a witness and victim.. for long term psyops and sexual slavery of both of us, and the thing I find most amusing is that you obvious traitors who only believe in a paycheck don't understand when I told you long ago I wasn't in this for personal gain, and that I believed in the Constitution, and you send people to die for oil, and you think I"m going to be diminished by exposing your crimes.  You people really are rapists, and I can easily uphold my position and the fact tat you're Nazis, whether you call yourselves that or not, and I believe people will understand the greater importance of your crime son behalf of the government.. than other things the government will be prosecuted for ,  fr using psychotronics and psyops to use me and set me up to look like a criminal. And then, when it comes to Lynn, how will embarrassing ehr help your cases? I look forward to hearing that

I'm glad the us governemtn employs idiots to save their lives

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Maxine Nightingale -  Right Back Where We Started From

If there's anything I like better than the way Samson and Delilah and Jezebel and those stories end, when I'm being harassed about how sick people are winning, is proof these people don't read and really hate God... they always forget, God wins, David won, Job won, David won and won and won...

MO the thing I like best

Illegal detention continues as does the torture and the taste of blood from the tooth extraction. trophies for everyone, I'm sure the FBI loves them all.

2:51pm Preparing to go to store, tooth torture, attempts to break toes.

3:05pm Still trying to prepare for store between torture... they want me to say they'r edoing this to prove how much they hate God.

Delong is a fucked up bitch who compares to the sickest fuck whore inthe world.

Just rememebr FBI profilers.. psychotronics exists I only write the topics you people choose to incriminate yourselves with, and since like thurston you want the world to believe you'll break any law to prove your badges are your brains, I'm glad you picked these sickos to protect your lives.

3:08pm Attempt to break toes

3:17pm More proof of illegal detention. I was just about to leave when burger kjing girl told me part of the joke of me seeking assistanc e from the Jehovah's Witnesses they infiltrated, in getting medical and dental care is that they'r einvolved in torturin  g me as part of thursotns crew

4:20pm Extreme tooth torture continues. Just had another attempt to puncture lips. Thurston continues to brag, along with burger king girl and burgeer king boy about how their justice system is so corrupt it protects them

Regarding torture they said "You'd better get used to it. It's our job to keep you here as long as possible."

What else is new.4:24pm attempts to break toes

4:28pm Burger King Boy just said he was going through some records.. came up with a little richard or someone else's old song... first indication of direct tie to KMAS.. PMS did a psyop that included them... nothing too definitive, but a start, since they taunt me all the time about how KMAS is suppose dot be involved. WIll work well with the Shelton Life quintessentials.

How many other businesses will burger King Boy an the rest use to claim it's a joke against me that won't be followed up on...

4:38pm We're proud of being Nazis because we get to do these things to people because the FBI says we cna do them with impunity because you can't prove psychotroncis

4:41pm Went to get up to do something, more illegal detention as the trophy hnters love torturing me to get me to mention it. Attempt to break toes. 

More illegal detention - about to get up, thruston says, i'm not into the jew jokes, I'm a jew by nature. I pinch every penny

4:43pm another attempt to break toes. THruston says he wants to make every minute of Auschwitz in America count. Yes thruston, these will be included in the criminal reports.

5:01pm Another attempt to break toes

5:06pm Jr want s me to sue his parents for aiding and abetting a terrorist. I'm sure they'll appreciate it it later when they're forced to testify against you and Thursotn.

5:12pm Another attempt to puncture lips/

5:16pm Another attempt to puncture lips

Attempt to break toes 5:17pm

5:18pm Suddenly, Mazlett's lies are the subject.

6:10pm 5:28pm 6:08pm Attempts to puncture lips

8:01p  Finishing dinner extreme attempts to break toes and puncture lips... all night the topic basically how proud thruston is of being a dirty cop...

8:46pm Heading to bed.. torture takes alot out of you. Nothing really accomplished today. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leslie Gore - You Don't Own Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dramatics - What You See is What You Get

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 05 - Never Stop

Oh yeah the latest ploy... for income tax evasion.. good luck idiots.. get your Koran at www.charelserehn.com  Since the mo is to get me to say I'm glad about something, I'll be very glad to be the one who gets charges filed against the FBI, PMS and the Governors of the Stae of Washington

And to prove how they're - psychotronics and dews -  being illegally abused for covert murder by the U.S> Govtand believe I'll easily prove genocide against Jews.

9/26/2011 5:47am Awakened around 4am.. when they wake you up that early and immediately start working ya, if you're smart enough you can figure the mo of the personwhi did it thinking they're very clever and they're not even close. But at least I get to hear how another incompetent FBI profiler fails miserably while giving a witness all the info he needs to convict her on her mo and to be able to free hundreds if  not thousands of people set up by idiots who think their badge makes them smart.

to the people with lame excuses coming into the yard lately.. B of A Better end up with a picture of this house recently ANd the other guy.. I really hope he liked Glendale... tell your friend when he harassed me at fred meyers the other day, it'll embarass him a lot mor ethna it would ever embarass me.. and having me include that, phony painter, is not going to help you or burkger king or the police o anyone else. You people are very stupid and it continues to show and will have you convicted

tell the FBI profilers that they can talk all they want about bombs and their own stupidity in court all they want.. all they'll end up with is  a uy well versed in their psyops and quite willing to explain them all why they're done and how the people who do it continue to prove their treason.. every attempt you idiots make is just one more pattern easily explained, and its gone on way too long tobe anything else but government crimes.. 

Desperate cops.. I'll bet history will show they're the easiest ones to bust. 

Loggins & Messina -  Angry Eyes

Delong wants me to call her a cunt again. You're quite welcome to the title.  Just remember  Delong, I have no reason to have any thought about you or the other perverts you employ. Thurston wants in the act. He was you rbiggest mistake, next to using the little boy as an excuse on CNN Be prou d of your fellow rapistsFBI, theHague loves arrogance.

James Taylor - That's Why I'm Here - 02 - Song For You Far Away 

The lcoal wants me to clal you a loser delong, He must know you. Nust be fun to leave a trail of evidence for your victims to use aginst you  alte


I have one more comment delong.. You'rr more stupid thanthe idiots you hire. MIt's my pleasure idiot.

Not the journal you sick FBI traitors wante dis it delong.. keep going delong... Another great Federal employee who obviously hates herself.


6:15am Extreme tooth torture attempts to break toes. You goddam right were getting what we want we're getting a weblog talking about nothing but torture, and were going tomake you out to be a militant extremst

Good luck denying psychotronics delong 6:18am This town is nothing but a bunch of fucking sex predataors, I think we'd better shut up now.. 

6:20am Attmpt to break toes Obviously one desperate stupid FBI agents =and her contractors..

We want you to realize we have noothing to lose and thats why we keep doingthis

They just told me why they wanted me to have HBO and atch Maher,.. so they'd have soem new material to harrass me about..


Just rememebr delong this is not Remind delong how this psyop to put focus on her is exactly like the Pator Melissa Scott Psyop and its why all of you will be convicted, and all you do is add mor esuspects...

Uday and Quday ARE our favorite people

6:29am delong they want me to keep addresing you.This sicko wants you to know your bet student finally learned two words fuck you.. he says it's his specialty

All these things are being said to amuse the people torturing e. Fuck you fucking dentiss.

For the record, they did that to themselves.

The fun part is going tobe that the reportsonthe FBI will prove theyir own case against themselves

Shelton High schll must specialize in teching peopel to be rapists.

Im relaly glad the locla police thinks this helps them

They're will end up beig  alot of families whose kids die  by suicide by police who will find out their kids were murdered Thurston's friend smust be relly desperate todya hiding behind an FBI agent

Ripp, yor friends say you should be executed with thruston.. deny psychotronics ripp, got the guts? join mazlett Hers' one they lvoe fuck the cops in washington state

Notice again thurston and th efbi MO.. threatening themselves and foul mouuths

Rhurston's wet dream.. get me to write about his sex life.. he says he's such abig dick, he suck s his own. that;s  paraphrase.

Ibet this will fit the mo on thephony peloi bust. Dave wand delong willlook goodwiththisone. Andthe guy will get off, and be a witness tothe entire weed and seed operation in Yosemite. No wonder they're so desperate.

You wanted the red leter edition, FBI, you got it.. the red letter stuff is all yours. you don'tneed much more proof tha tthe US government is satanist

he guy who learned to say fuck you in high school is back 6:48am

The perverts want me to remind the world that the dentists at the Ketchers are ft lewis military.All you soldiers volunteering to die in war, are you proud your government uses thes epeople totorture the peopel you supposedly die for to protect?

6:57am attempts to break toes

6:58am Again Hey delong how does it feel to be aan rn and tech people to break people's bones? Continuous torutre and attempots to break toes. Ye sdelong I doknowyou sick perverts don't give a damn about anythingbut being naiz perverts

7:01am Delong the Shelton high grauate says he's your favorit

Delong, I truly hope your office defends you and psychotroncs. I really do.

7:02 continued attempt s tobreaktoes. Im glad you perverts think it's such a joke and that this will notbe use as evidence against every single one of you

Just anothe rmorning on KMAS

Broken toe 7:04am  Thursotn we finally figured out exactly how to dii=o it

Now threatening to come onto the property and beat me up to cause a police incident. Suicide ny cop. THruton's favorite speilty. Proven by his bringing it up long ago.> Too bad he failed in makinga case of predisposition unfortuantely all he does is make thing sworse

7:07aam Lynn is now screaming in pain.What a great country.  By the way, FBI, I'll be able to easily explain to nternational authorites how the US govt want sit s own people to hate this nation to vindicate their own murdering asshles. Just like other coutnries where the US illegally operates

Apparently Key Bank wants to be inclded again in the lst of corporations that WILL be sued for terrorism and torture and more... 

One of the peeople working me right now is black. Probably the weed and seed guy thurston uses to illegally threaten people with.

Someobody must have told these idiots that running through the list of suspects will prove something for them other than their complete lack f intelligence as they continually isult themselves so they';ll have a bogus excuse to punish their victims

After 10 years, FBI, with your knowledge and assistance, it won't work. 7:16am St Christophers church, thurston's territory, wants to be counted in as satanists. they are. fine

Do you know what the FBI thinks of you as a presidential candidate? We think you're a piece of shit and that's why we're going tokeep fdoing this until you'r e dead

Fred Meyer... your friends arecalling you Nazi Jews...

7:31am Attempt to break toes

Agaon the FBI claimingUday and Quday are their heroes

Yippee we'r eall screwed so badly the only thing we can do is kill these people

7:47am Charluies' favorite torturing me when I try tourinate. He thinks it's funny, andthe fbi told him to ge tt in the weblog to prove myseual obsessions,... problem is.. lynn's problemwith her bowel movements and rn, and the ability to manipulate what people eat through psychotronics to starve them, to caus etooth torture, and to cause renal failure by gettingher to crave things to blcok her intestines.. adnthe stroke lie won't cover it..  

Typos due to torture... 

7:54am New crew claiming to be fbibecauese thurston and ripp are so stupid

8:02am Attempt to break toes

8:04am Attempt to break toes. Definitely jr

When you get to san francisco we'r egoing to have your cousing pick you up and work you over until you're beaten to a pulp and that's a direct order from Candice Delong

Jr just said he was assigned this shift by thurston Thurston still believes psyvcotroncis cant be proven and that his fellow officer mazlett will be vindicated for lying

8:10am Lynn cryin gin pain.

Now boasting about their ability to use psychotroncis to rape people. easily proven Patents. 

8:21am Attempt to breaktoes

We want to say that canidice delong is the stupidest fuck inthe world and she set us up and tht's all there is to it.

8:30am ASttempt to break toes

Note 4am is the standard time to wake victims for torture and interrogation using sleep deprivation.

 Now using elecrtronics again tomake mouse malfunction. Previously they've disabkle USB ports to cause cd and other devides to fail.

Multiple ongoing attempts to break toes. Trying to get computer to work. removed mouse from usb port keypad doesn't workj either. Attempt to cause hernia.

8:40am Suddenly mouse works again. A great morning of  proving illegal detention and torture.

Suddenly  mouse doesn'twork again.. never had problems before battery is not low. Did I ever mention the brand new casio camera that suddenly stopped working the day I was documenting trails on unoccupied land and the direction of the dews was coming from pete;s jouse when the battery suddenl went dead. And then another time,was completely ruined.

Like I said, this is a perfect example of illegal detention.. and yo idiots better figure it out after this long I don't have to prove all the specifics your idiot friends claim are needed.  Even if psychotronics and tempest and otehrs couldn't be proven, the evidence still convicts.

Now, law enforcement people who are actually honest, notice how all of this is nothing but me responding to verbal and semantic remarks to the entire town of shelton who have been, with their police, monitoring my communications since the police refused to speak to  me or respond to my complaints long before election 2008.  That is proveable, and he police harassment makes it easier to prove. ANd the message to Weed and Seed pacific northwest operaions manager proves it even more. And when it comes time to sort it out you'll all have ot confess too even begin to be able to defend anything

Finally, the previous was yet another example of idiots of the US Govt attempting to make some sort of profile about me, including me supposedly harrassingthis town. Weed and Seed is your confession, you have the equipment, and I won't back down to terrorists, and I don't care about their badges. It makes them even worse people than the worst people they ever took pride in busting. 

The peopl eo fthe state of washington have done a good job of proving they're good little soldiers fo rthe US govetrnment by taking the fall themselves. They will take the fall but not themsleves, and I'm a little tired of being used to prove how stupid these people really are.

8:55am The thing is tha tthe fbi is  a fully equipped us govt agency that has the right to kill anyone they want.

9:00am The perverts want me to inform you that the tooth torture continues, as do  attempts to injure neck and break toes. Neck to cause headache to stupidly claim I'm suffering manic depression, They want me to clal delong a stpid fucking profiler. I hope she relaly appreciates her fine work  Now they want me t o call her a fucking cunt

Jus trememebr delong, this will be a  profile of you,no tme. Psychotronics delong, Thanks for the documentation

Your friends now want me toremind you that you are no mor eimportant than pastor melissa scott, I don't have to prove anothe single thing, and especially thanks to morning like this, the documentation IS complete, and thanks for givingme the direct tie to the federal govt tha twill prove you'v ebeen in collusion to murder me since 2002 at least with CNN. MAson adn Thursotn County sheriffs covering for them.

Again, keep in mind, I don't get to watch tv news anymore,and attempts toillegal destroy evidence ar edocumented, and delong, I really have no interest in you personally, you're not a professional, and the fBI, thanks for proving you're really nothing but traitors. Glad it made you feel important to prove you're more perverse thanthruston. If you've gotten your attention for day, try work. Kill ajewish boy then claimn tobe an expert (you relaly are sick delong)

Extreme tooth torture. WHy is it, FBI, these peopel have to make up excuses to torture people? Barack, explain it to the world like you did to the Nobel comitteee when you declared world war.

Your trophy hunters think this is great fun, FBI, hope you do too

9:13am I was just told they brought in another tooth torture specialist. Good to know they want to admit the US govt keeps specialists to destroy people's teeth in the US.... 

9:30am I was just trying to talk to Lynn while the FBI perverts put on quite a show... fol,lwoed by Lynn talking about Sufi, and the  moment I mentally responded to their threats to call me a sufi, they had Lynn go into a typical Washington State cop induced arguemnt about taking me to the hospital if I should become faint from not enough food... qnything to cause arguement.s Police blotter, thurston.


Attempt to injure back.

9:33am Extreme attack attempt to break toys bruger king girl loving every minute of it

The guy working me says he's the painter who was here the other day and that he's the phony JW sister Scott/aka Pastor Melissa Scott.. it gets noone of fthe hook, th epeople in LA are still criminals, and the fbi idiot who looks like her.

9:36aqm more tooth torture attempt to injure neck]

9:39 attempt to cause hernia

9:40 attempt to break toes

We ant the whole fucking world to knwo  thtat the fbi loves doing this to people because they know thy'll never be prosecuted and they don'; give a damn about the fucking hague

10:12am now the perverts say they'r efrom fort lewis and their commander doesn't like it when he calls himself a nazi.

10:14am attempt to break toes

10:15am CNN must be on the list today. I love the orderly movement from topic to topic, a textbook caxe for a profiler using a textbook to generate a false profile.  CNN's aparently incredibly stupid. 2002 CNN And also for showing stupidity in the first place, and total inability to face relaity in the second, and a true criminal mindset proven by the desperate willingness to commit more crimes to cover crimes.. that's the FBI Like Thurston, thanks for using me to warn the world about the Nazi US Government.. glad you people thought it was funny to goad me into calling you that. No matter what's said in public, juries aren't stupid. And thanks for convicting every president since 1976 by taunting me... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie & Nat King Cole - When I Fall in Love

I think God's having fun making fun of all the sex psyops. BTW Jr wants to let you know that someone last night said he replaced the picture of Pastor Melissa  Scott with yours when he masturbates... 

THat's definitely JR, the anti-semitic  JR's the one who ran me off the road..

10:58am Tooth torture continues.. desperate idiots. Thurston is definitely workingme.. always boasting about being a pedophile and proving his stupidity about the intelligence of other people.

Mouse once again works fine, and when I go to highight things the perverts say, it no longer functions. no coincidence. And thurston thinks I should be violent toward his peon ass. Suicide by cop thurston. You outlined it in your agenda long ago when the weblog got fille dwith your filth

Mosue not working.. I let thurston boast some more in the previous paragraph.

11:15am One continuing theme of all this is to hit lynn with microwave to make her dizzy and use rc to make her walking and everything, balance very difficult.. clearly supposedly to come to today, needing a ride to get to medical tests recommended by doctors, and asking me to leave the house unattended and the evidence vulnerable.. and of course, to make me the bad guy for not driving her a few minutes where her daughter could just as easily drive here from... the DVR will not be sent back, it is evidence, and further attempts to destroy or steal evidence will continue to be reported as such. As for  the dvr, remember I have video showing its contents, as well as the other one...

Again, more demonstrations of illegal detention, and thurston's specialty and apparent favorite of the Washington police, causing domestic disputes.

Good news; Lynn dropped her phone into a glass of water the other day. It works again. Had tons of info on it, including pictures of sex predators in Tacoma stalking her. Too bad guys.

11:49am Torture continues. Attempt to break toes followed by extreme torture whenI decided torecord this.

11:50am More extreme torture, attempts to continue to injure back and neck

12:00pm thurston insists that I write that he wants me to write that he's a foul mouthed piece of shit

12:17pm Another attempt to injure back

12:18pm We send our childrn  off to war to die for oil so we can collect their life insurance

Should have known That was for Mazlett. Thurston really screwed alot of people

2:38pm We really love being fbi contractors, because it means we are above the law and violating every facet of the constituion we can think of to prove this idiot is making all this up and to claim he's a sex pervert and pedophile later when we all jump ship and kill the president of the untied states

Just remember Delong, that ploy will only convict the secret service, the fbi and every other idiot yiu and these perverts were trying to protect. This pretext will be backed up by the story of waco and ruby ridge. And as for killing the president, the fbi seems to be the only people wanting to do that. Good luck delong. I'm leaving it in to see how stupid you and your fucked up fbui friends really are, Wait til Jakson Browne's attorneys get ahold of the fbi on this one... 

Just rememebr idiots who want to say this if you bother me on your perverts stupidity, you'd better arrest Palin and cOulter and Bachmann, and a bunchh of others. And then arrest the secret servic efo rparticpatin gin more crimes against me as they did in 2004.

Thurston is a very desperate fellow

It could only be idiot criminals who would continue  to laugh at crimes that now will likely yield the death, thurston's wish to make  me a hypocrite. Like I keep telling him, if he wants the death penalty just to embarass me by enforcing the laws he loves so much, fine with me. It's the jury's decision cops, and you knew what the penalties were when you started having fun raping people

Delong the perverts want me to tell you now how excited they are to have made the case for you. Given psychotronics, you'd arrest them delong...

And rememebr, this doesn't let the people in LA of fthe hook at all.

Obviously thruston and his gang still on this, so stupidly believing psychotronics will not be proven. ell the woman jamming my phone outside steamboat island store will have explaining why her friiends think reporting all their crimes against me will help them

I just let them keep going, since they wanted so much to have me document how they torture and delay us with intent to kill.

3:05pm Extreme torture continues. Attempt to puncture lips.

3:14pm Attempt to puncture lips

3:41pm We like being pedophile perverts because we need the money to pay our bills and we don't care what happens to our victims as long as they're dead whenwe're though.

I went to the bathroom, and the psychotronics guys couldn't resist getting their terrorism listed.

4:00pm Since last report, 2 more attempts to puncture lips, difficult to talk, painful, dinner in a few minutes Auschwitz in Amrica.Thank you fbi for proving you're nazi jew hating traitors.

4:31pm Attempt to break toes 4:32 attempt to break toes 4:32pm another attempt to break toes say they'r egoing tokeep doing this to make sure dinner gets burned.. 

4:54pm Serving up my dinner. Tooth torture continues. Attempt to puncture tongue. Had not eatenm anything eyt.

4:55pm Attempt to break toes make it more difficult to eat. I'm so glad the perverts think it's a joke

5:01pm not being allowed to eat just suffered extreme attempt to break teeth and toes aian again again again again extemet attempt pto break toes again attempt to injure back,. Fuck you FBI

Tell the thursotn country sheriff to fuck off and die

Deny psychotronics mazlett and thruston county sheriff. Deny it. Deny  attempt  to break toes. DDeny it FNBI extreme attempt ot break teeth and toes. another extreme attempt to break teeth and toes. 5:04pm as the us govt perverts think this is funatempt to break teeth. exterem attempt to nbreak teeth and toes.. again attempt to puncture tongue.extreme attempt to break teeth and toes attempt to break toes ateempt to break toes and teeth extreme attemp to break teeth and toes again extreme attemp tot break teeth and toes attempt to break toes againbextreme attempt to break teeth and toes 5:07pm extreme attempt to break toes having lots of fun, trophy criminals for the FBI, attempt to break toes attempt to break toes toth torture attempt to break teeth and toes.. extreme attempt ot break teeth and toes. Still not able to eat

extreme attempt to break toes again again burger king boy thinks this is fun Another attempt tobreak toes..extreme attempt to break teeth and toes5:09apm attempt to break toes.. burger king boy usa today, the olympian, burger king, nearly 10 years of proud sevice as a nazi

attempt to break teeth and toes... continued attempts to break teeth.. lovin every minute of it

extreme attempt to break toes and teeth 5:11pm Remind your dentists you're trying to cover for that this only proves their complicity. Be sure to remind them of that as they encourage you to commit these felonies.

attempt ot break teeth... attempt ot break teeth and toes attempt to break toes  again again thursotn is laughing so hard he cant hold it in

Attempt to break toes5:14pm attempt to break toes still no food. attempt to break toes again again again again again attempt to break toes again again again again again fuck off and die you mother fucking rapist

Laugh about the weblog all you want thurston. Rememebr what happens when you direct the psychotronics with the idiot in san francisco

Atttemp to break toes 5:16pm extreme attempt to break teeth and toes 5:17 attempts to break teeth and toes thurston says he'll do this all night if it amkes you starve to death you were supposed to die a year and a half ago and that's why the comsia's siigned up fr AARP att this address

I already knew that thurston. attempt to break teeth and toes5:18pm again

5:20pm Jr torture while trying tourinate

5:41pm tooth torture trying to eat was so bad, the pain got so bad I only ate half my meal.. meatloaf and baked potato... here's the list of extreme attack (delong, I relly love it tha tyou people think this is a joke) here's the list of extreme attacks while trying to eat

5:21, 5:21 after 1 bite of food, 5:21. 5:21 5:22 extreme 5:22 again 5:24 very extreme attempting tobreak toes and teeth with mouth full of food - choked.. 5:24again 5:26 again 5:29pm Jr and self described mason county sherriff extreme tooth torture  5:23 attempt to break teeth and toes beginning to work on wrecking ketcher's work.. video ketcherr, claim reid is helping torture now

5:38 extreme torture mouth full of food  5:28 fuck you rapist pervert son of a bitch while I'm tryin gto eat %;37 reid supposedly conductin gtorture extreme 5:34 very extreme focus on kjetcher's setup teeth 5:39 more torture weve done this to victims before and they never got to court because they were dead  5:40pm extreme torture to ketcher's work

Gave up trying o ea

7:19pm The idiots were torturing me to post something. 6:45pm attempt to puncture lips;

They motivated me to write this by pointing to me that when Ripp pulled me over, he was helping thursotn and the wsp complete the msnbc psyop to We Have A Voice. I  knew when he pulled me over, he was doing it with the weed and seed death squad people, and it was to intimidate me from taking video... especially since the perverts told me the night before they were going to stage that pullover. It relates to We Have aA Voice bcause it was partly about the biased coverage by the news media to put a chilling effect on certain people, including theman who  caught the police brutality ncident on video, and then was afraid to turn it over as evidence belieivingth epolice would beat him up, which they did. This guy, the difference between hos and my story, is that he wa on a parole violation, bu his fear was bodily harm. In my cae, I'm a victim, as is Lynna nd millions more people, and the police think its a joke to intimidate the people they're helping to kill. 

THink I'm predisposed against police - when the WSP actually threatened my life - the second time - I was intimidated, but it wasn't until the psychotronics guys boasted later that the cop was threatening me, and the video will prove it, as his procedures and position of his vehicle will prove. Thurston of course will be convicted of lots of things, including extortion and attempted murder. Multiple multiple counts, including causing domestic violence with psychotronics... sinc ehte attorney general's office responded on his behalf that I should contact local police, who had proven to be working with the death squads and medical people purposely providing fraudulent services and assaults... We have A Voice... an din our cases, the Washington State Law Enforcement System as well as the FBI are compromised and have been for at least 10 years, reasonably easy to prove, 15 just as easy, and more than 30 for both of us, individually and together. And I'm still proud I've been able to keep her alive.

Illegal detention: today has not been an unusual day, for  me and for millions of other people being murdered by the US Government. The sickos waned some more trophies, Thurston insists on proving he's nothing but  a thug and a cop who lends his badge to murderers and rapists, and really ought to learn to read.

So all you traitors in intel, not the honest ones who'll point you out, whatever you want to call yourselves and laugh at when the truth is told, people aren't as stupid as you think. But thanks again for giving Thurston a thrill, as well as his mason county counterparts, and showing the true nature of the United States Government. I'm looking forward to the stats from WHO on ailments to people of Jewish descent in this country. Chronic Fatigue or depression? Or just dews and psychotronics and heavy metals?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - Younger Generation

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Geoff Moore - God Is In Control - 10 - String Around My Finger

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - You Were Meant For Me 

I really think Go is laughing at the sex traps. I hear Delong doesn't like being called a Bimbo.... guess who doesn't like be sting torts?

9/27/2011 813am I can always tell when I wake up in the morning whether I'm dealing with someone probing me to find out what's on my mind, as well as if their Cameronizing took overnight... Delong.. be clear: I believe in the law. I understand your ploys and the ways that you and your friends work. And I've seen it all.. despite what the goons would want me to believe - all you so called pros always think you're very tricky and that you can push a button and people will respond like robots... if that's true, you're  arobot, I'm not, and the thing you people can't overcome is my willingness to live and die believing life is more than being in debt and worrying about peer pressure.

After that, after days like yesterday, all I can really say is I hope the media peopel and politicians you're protecting feel very secure in their protection. Like DObbs stressed, revenge is best served cold. And since the US government wants me dead, and the joke is once agian that just like my father, they'll kill me when I turn 58..  the best revenge would be to let this nation go Nazi and walk away so you can all enjoy the betrayals to come.. the other best revenge will be to prove to your clients that justice exists. And because of  days like yesterday, I intend to serve up legal justice as cold as it could ever be considered. Enjoy it with thurston,  you both have the same trademark: filthy obnoxious mouths that the world will instantly reject. I hope they think you're good at your job and defend what you do.

Lovin' Spoonful - TBD - 100 - Summer in the City - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Prince Controversy Controversy The Lord's Prayer

Extreme tooth torture has begun before I even posted. Be sure toknow every ecent and every day will be counted as individual crimes... so FBI  keep in mind that no matter how brutal and corrupt you people are, justice will be served against you all and your attempts to prove your sickness by directing mass murders with George Bush and his other presidential phonies will be counted agianst you all. Me and a bunch of other people disassembled NOVA a long time ago, and a woman named Mary will be part of the evidence of hem trying to disassemble me... so Delong... feel free to be a Nazi all you want the world will recognize what al of you are. 

Every taunt, Delong, is nothing more to me than more crimes to tell the world about the US government. I will succeed.

9/27/2011 10:25am Somebody wanted me to watch tv, probably to show me HBO was no longer on the menu..  ended up watching my favorite Chinese News Channel.. headline: there's an old saying in China, if you want to go bankrupt, make underglaze red porcelain.

The weather is a problem: the red phone ahs been used, and there will be no blood on my hands... that's Biblical with meaning.. so..

Back in 2002 I believe I mentioned how the idea that the cold war with Russia had ended was a complete lie... and before  I make it sound like Russia the bad guys, what would U.S. citizens do if a nation went out of its way to bankrupt this nation in order to render it unable to afford weapons to defend itself. Many nations surrender. Large nations don't, and while we claim Ukraine as our friends, I assure you they're aware that the U.S. is/got away with using them for a while... back in 2002 I talked about how Russia was exporting more theater weapons (non-nuclear) -  6 times more than the United States, and that the cold war was obviously not over. Rumsfeld talked about the new army and then repositioned troops around the world, as well as convincing Poland to create war ships and planes for less money, and station patriot missiles aimed at Russia that can easily be offensive or defensive weapons.

Even though it may seem that Russia and France are siding with the US in the  latest efforts in Libya, it needs to remembered that every nation has to protect its own interests in order to survive any outcome... Russia was threatening to cause problems with NATO in order to force the US to not push them out of contracts related to Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline. Karzai, their president, before that war, was a consultant from Unocal. The so-called Russian invasion of Georgia was actually a US instigated offensive attempt to shut down Russia's oil pipelines and thus bankrupt them further, and Russia simply said no by protecting its pipelines.

Part of the supposed Illuminati plan was to merge Russia with the U.S. Frankly I don't think Russia is agreeing to it at all. And France teeters, while the people of Germany keep their government in check. We should also remember that GW Bush informed the governments of Japan and Germany, by treaty illegal for them to have standing offensive military forces because of world war II, told them to develop their own military... to me, that meant the anticipation of Global War, and in the current paradigm that taking shape, means he declared on them, and in Germany's case, not because the government is unwilling, but because like people like me in the Untied States, if the people knew the truth, and the people there know more than most, they would not approve of, endorse or support their government's actions.

I  said a while back something about the Yellow River being a new Gulf of Tonkin type of affair, or the place of some sort of pretext for conflict.. I was noticing that Russia appears very involved with emergency preparedness and things related to surviving war.. or  disaster.. factoring n weather HAARP wars... and it would appear that the germanesque style of waging war was actually to bankrupt nations first into acquiescence followed by constant military force to accomplish...  ultimately, the only thing I really know is their own destruction. Lots of scenarios leading to it. Always works out the same. Alot could be accomplished long ago because of communications, or lack of..  the current communications and other things setup to induce civil war and utilizing the internet to gather info on people to silence them... it's all going to be used against the people who sought to use it against the people they are supposed to serve.

Critical mass.

Anyway, it looks like the world is almost ready to wage world war.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie Merchant - Jealousy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jean Joel Barbier - Deodat De Severac - 007 - Vers Le Mas En Fete

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 202 - The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder

That reminds me: why would LA not want me in contact with California  and LA and Coleman? Chinese TV follows the Michael Jackson story too. And I'm gonna claim obstruction of justice on this story, and Baca needs to understand I have no interest in any of them, unless I have to in which case a good cop's job is never done.. and I don't have a badge.. except for this one I thought I might wear sometimes.. it says "The Voice of Democracy"... from the veterans of foreign wars.. What America Means To Me.. see photo Ronald Reagan.........

The joke of all that is that I dare Jerry Brown to turn down THAT obstruction of Justice Case.....

They say there'll be fighting before and after he visits... personally, I'll just be talking to people, remembering how all I wanted was a warm bed and a meal...... by request

Henry Mancini - Pink Panther Theme

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - 05 - Do What You Have To Do

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - Can't Take My Eyes Off of a bunch of brats

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 000 - That's That

12:40pm Apparently thurston woke up after last nights hangover. This morning's extreme torture theme is about how the washington state police as a whole are proud of being pedophiles. You cops out there who think this is another joke you can murder, tell your friends that I will assert my rights and the additional torture is nothing but more evidence of how far you people go to prove to someone like me how corrupt you are.. and you think that when this all goes public, you can further intimidate me by proving what researchers have already proven about the FBI, by  trying to make me write something like I think all cops are corrupt.. the only thing tha twill be known is how Thurston operates, and how he so badly wants to prove the corruption of this state, that he'll get his wish, you people can explain it, and thrusotn loved playing the forecast his action games.

I am being violently tortured right now.. this will  indeed make great evidence regarding how sick fuck cops like thruston try to stage things like Mazlett did to implicate the victims.

One hour of news the rest has been torture since around 6am Yesterday was morethan 16hours, and all the government ever accomplishes is providing complete evidence that it is Nazi. I don't bluff when I play cards. ANd I could care less about badges when the peopel wearing theem should have the shoved up their asses should be the ones arrested.

1:07pm Extreme tooth torture to cauuse further damage to what ketcher's office caused on last visit.

1:34pm New threats regarding Sarah, extortion, Capital Cities... 

1:36pm the trophy hunters are back talking about how proud thurston is about being a pedophile to go along with threats against sarah.

The trophy hunters actually believe they can torture me and get me to say things and waste my time, and that it;s a joke. The reason I allow them ot think their tactic is working is writing what they want me to say with limitations given that what I do write implicates them on several flonies every time they open their mo\uths. Here's the lates from Washington's finest.. and btw decoy games won't work, he put his p\badge on it just like delong, and they are not innocent anymore than the rest.. here's wheat they tried to distract me from reporting

I am Thurston and I AM going to rape sarah...

Can't wait for the next joke..

For the fbi idiots who think they can ruin things with media  corporations, just remember they'll be liable to protect her... now FBI  idiots, who else do you want to screw

1:47pm now they'r ethreatening to kill me the same way they killed my sister's husband. I'm glad they want to confess to that

1:54 doing his best to impres sme with how brutality accomplishes the goals of corrupt cops inwashington State Tellsyou what a joke the cops here think of rape and murder (when the cops intimidate rape victims - laugh all you want copmsnbc cops extreme tooth torture this moment..again great cops in washingon state.. he's the guy who trians the idiots who clal themselves buttfuckman and I'm glad he wants to remind the world that that's how sick the thruston county sheriffs dept and the state justice system is.

more extreme torture. Ckaims he doesn't believe inthe death penalty but 

ANd now he wants me to sya butr he does it for a living

Good exchange idiots. Deny psychotronics.. And you're not anonymous Thurston. I'm gonna love screwing the fuck out of you

2:pm Mre extreme tooth torture while urinating great cops

2:09pm Brought up reid ketcher, immediately followed by extreme torture on work at his office

2:16pm We ARE gonna say that the US government loves to torture jews to death

Now to play the supposed confusion game on a matter I know nothing about but that the perverts want to say "we talk about torturing people every day on KMAS" Good luck KMAS. They're your friends

2:23They now want to say that they think its funny that I believe evideence matters also how funny it is that its so easy to get me to write things down

Monterey is not the place to be because they're a million and one weed and seed people there

Continuing to play on the idea that I would travel to California to go after weed and seed. That case is over. Including in California. This is how they set up the guy from groveland as being someone actually wanting to harm pelosi. Remember where I would have been when that was going on... Groveland. See ya Delong.

2:28pm We don't know what to say say we're going to keep doin gthis in hopes you'll be dead or disabled by it and thenwe'd stand a chance in the future. but we've learned so much from torturin gyou that we're nver goiing to stop doctaating this stuff to you to prove you're nothingbut a psyops victim.

2:30pm Thurston says he's going to have people change my website again and have it say that I'm threatening his daughter, of course he forgets the only thing I know of him is what he had his neighbor say about him and how he breaks the law to set people up. Can't wait for your explanation thruston. And you're not smart thurston, you just put more torture and attempted murder charges on yourself. Remember Harry, Thurston... remember psychotronics thurston. ANd your warrants better be from before 1980

2:36pm Continuous extreme tooth torture and attempts to break toes again a nother great demonstration of sick fuck cops in washing ton state

2:38pm Extreme torture while attempting urination. Delong, the weblog shows a clear pattern and it's not about me... When Gregoire goes up on sex predator charges, she wont like you more exteme tortre It's obvious the idiots have the green light for murder Thank you state of washington for using typicla mo to convict yourselves

more extreme tooth torture.. another day of torture too bad

goddamn fuckin grapists sick fuck cunt faced losers while being tortured, these are things they say to offend people who don't like foul mouthed cops

I did not fail to put anything in black or red incorrectly who gives a sdamn you mother fuckin gtwo bit rapist

Just rememebr when foul language appeared on this site: CNN,Chris Matthews, HBO, Pastor Melissa Scott, Thurston, Candice Delong.

Another example of how funny they think it is 2:44pm 

Now they claim I'm egging them on Chalries joke about selling us eggs partially incubated... as thre mo of iding selves goes on, charlie thinks this cant be proven as if it's going top rove anything except being the first contact on the island with psyops,as he continues to make fun of the matrix defenese, and prove he can get you to  write whatever he likes to prov ethis is a rambling weblog - I worked on this  on efor over 2 hours - and he forgets the dog jokes  and theinsutls to Lynn, attempting torattle her in a way that owuld have caused severe injury...

I'm gonna stop there cHarlie.. All of you continue to think every detail needs to be proven all you want.. all you keep doing is proving your mo and this will not reflect negatively on anyone ut the people who are on the death squads. Remme orture remember that I knew you'd all believe you had me and millions of other people beaten. Remember that REMEMBER THAT A key phrase used to prompt people tofeel compelled to say things... to continue... you don't have them beaten, and good luck with being a pathological liar charlie..

You don't have them beaten, and the only reason I'm recording the torture is so you guys can continue to make complete fools of yourselves and to later make sure you can never harm anyone else. Matrix Defense. CNN Like thruston, attempt to incite violence and blame the victim. Charlie wanted me to include that because he doesn't want to be left out when chucky pooo is laughed out of towm.

Matrix defense: what police and DA's call it when victims pop and claim their neighbors were trying to kill them. Charlie's been working this angle since CNN gave himthe cue by running ht escroll about it.. now charlie now that youthink you've made a fool of me.. you explain it CNN. Patterns CNN.

Remember charlie, how you do while you dictate this, that I pointed that out long ago.. and guess wht Charlie, you really are a fool. and I don't hate you charlie, you're not worth thinking about 

Now go tell delong I'm crazy and have fun denying psychotronics. 2:54pm

Charlie just did extreme torture, then screamed you'r epopping charlie.. oh no I'm so afraid of another of Mason and Thurston finest pervert wanna be trainees.

Thanks for iding yourself and makin gsure you'r eincluded charlie.

2:57pm Like I said along time ago, charlie has worked hard to make sure he gets mentioned as a hero to his community He's the one who wants to be ruled criminally insane.

Charlei basically wants to ditto all the threats made above. It's clear thurson and his burger king team are on me, as always thi stim eo fday.

PS Anyone who thinks they have control of me is the delusional. 

Charlie says that' ssupposed to be my confesion that I'm not being illegally contained. I think the weblog of the last couple days proves that he really is a pathological liar.

Charlie wants to continue the community club ploy of deciding  I'm being tortured because I smoke... what else charlie? You are not important charlie... this is not MPD charlie, and remind mazlett antles is nothing but proof of assault.

Thurston and Burger King zgirl: I know we don't have to do this but it's so much funn to have a submissive to play with

We want you to know that weve never done this kind of thing before but its the most fun weve had inthe weed and seed.

This is a real joke,. THey're saying they want ot claim the voices are trying  to tell me to kill obama so they can claim I'm arrestible Good luck psychotrnics delong

Worst extreme torture, jamming the root into my jaw and breaking or bruising bmy toes..  more proof of how desperate these lying cops and dhs people are.

3:08p, More extreme torture as if I'l become angry and pop like thruston did years ago Rope a  dope. Funny how the cops forget the importance of evidence, especially when erverything thye do is criminal


more extreme torture. ell ketchers the molar is almost out, thanks to them and their work on my teeth. ANd tell victor And now they want to say the mayor of scotts valley is a criminal I'm glad they like to threaten themselves. I'm sure scotts valley police will really appreciate thtat.


why don't you just take a  gun and commit suicide because police everywhere will hate you

Isn't it great how thurasston wants so badly to get his legal execution for treason, turned in by his fellow officers

3:14pm More torture while urinating.

Delong, Iknow your  profile game.. I dare you to deny psychotronics.And don't forget antles said he had another patient/victim like me, and he's easily proven a fraud, and screw providence

3:16pm Still lovin every minute of it

Rememebr DA's love web notes and journals when it convicts someone.. didn't work delong

The shrinks you use better know all about psychotronic sand how you  people use them, or they go with ya

As a vehicle sounds like its pulling out ofthe driveway, standard mo to keep me busy  like this when they do damage outside...

I take  good notes. And all your psychotronic games are for nought

3:27pm hear recording fololowed bypolane overfly typically because I would have been outside when ups cme.

Glad you gave them your badge, Delong.

End of game Tell your torturing contractors thanks for the memories charlie wants me to add taylor Brice.. tranceformation of america.. and charlie, don't ever try to pretendd you're my frined, you actually did me any favors or that I ever did anything but avoid your lies.

The perverts wanted tme totalk about how UDAy and Quday are their heroes, but instead I  want the world to know just how stupid the fucking nazi cunts fbi rapists are

I will repeat. Psychtonics. Argue with yourselves.  INtimdation will not work for you and I will not surrender my right sna dtand take your goddamn waco talk and stick it up your ass

Argue with yourselves and reape your fuckin gdaughters

Argue with yourselves and enjoy that adrenallin rush so when th epeople of the united states become awareof all this sort of thing, George Noory will be able to tell everyone that what I'm talking about is true ANd your attempts to pit ABC against us or infer they will have any mor epoweer than CNN and NBC will be gladly prosecuted. By ABD< I'llbe there witness until the FBI wants wants meto say before I prosecute them Thurstons trying to play a game of using Lynn's granddaughter as bait as he threatens her again on behaldf of NBC and CNN, as if it makes up for his big shot confession for rapin ghis daughter.. as if I ever used her for hbait.. but notice what these perverts are inferrin gnow. Go through yoyur  checklist all day delong, the FBI has records too. ANd I dounbt the reference to the john lennon files is a coincidence, but nice try trying to make me out to be an exztremist. 

Just rememebr delong, psychotronics,jury.. have fun tryin g oget yourboss to approve any action against me I do that as a threat delong of course. Keep the mo's coming pervert

Extreme tooth torture continues as the fvbi perverts continue to taunt me and futilely disclaim psychotronics 3:38

Olbermann You denonstrated tooth torture on the air, I don't care if you admit it, but I bet afew techpeople will speak out

3what else delong

3:40pm more community club rules about torturin gpeople

i'm now bein hassled abot fedex... Charlie just blew it it was ups chalrie wants to be included in the buttfuck gang, and he thinks he jsut found a way to clim i'm poaranoid

Charlie how would youknow someone was a tthe house?

youre now going to find out thq candice delong is the sickest fuck in the world and shes going to personally screw you tonight by destorying your teeth

More of the smae ploy to supposeldly get people of fthe hook wit plausible deniabiity that doesn;'t exist in the real world. Charlies favorite game that even thruston tried to use.. I'll be glad to explain it to a jury. Mo, style, cadence, words and more... Glad you think its fun thruston Thurston did the last 3 words too, but I wanted to let him demonstrate again how people ar ecompelled to say things, like on myspace, faceook, all the other social networking sites they were trying to get me to give lynns granndaughter an old unserviceable computer so she could post things so they could harm her. ANd when it goes down the evidence is lost.  

ANother threat.

ANother arguement thruston tried to use to get lynn to demand things. ZGO ahead thurston, prove you cops are rapists. Your trick is not tricking me thurston, rmeemebr, I don't care. Thosuands of people across the country will hate you, and then thurston obamas confession will be proven correct by his own supporters.

What else ya got delong?

10000 emails thruston, You bet Im making this up. and the you bet  just finished off the FBI right back at ya... :} Next volunteer...

You bet. Places delong in the mix with Olbermann on the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop, right Brittany? Synthetic reality, Delong?

One of these day, whne the important stuff is handled, I'm going to look up 4/5/4008 in the weblog. I have hundreds of clues to get back to , once the important stuff is done.

Charlies really having fun. Just said he wants to claim plagiarism fo rme saying stuff. Then Barack stole it from th eBible,, We've done this, the conversation began, Hiillary took it upon herself to describe Barack as Jesus at the 2008 convention, and good luck AL Gore, Dobbs will appreciate your explanation of killingmy dog with hillary in the front row with popcorn is not going to make mavericks very happy. the internet 

Good luck Al. About the study on how to incite civil war... and the now current threat to kill Lynn in Kirkland that was unsuccessful last time  when a dew attack gave people reason to call it a stroke. By the way government, I knwwhy the CIA and NSA want everyone's medical records: to hide dew and psyhotronic attacks. Be sure antles knows I know ANd remind him, I never mentioned providence, but I actually gave you documnetation on psychotronics the first trip to your office for your phony diagnosis.

That was Mazlett again who thinks he'll make th ecase that I'm crazy with a doctor they use in Olympia to set people up.

They now think they're going to embarrass me again by supposedly having to coerce me into telling about how antles gave me shots that gave me breasts. Thurston, why do you find that funny, since it's in your jurisdiction,.. again...  Why would it be embarrassing to me to claim humiliation and assault by a doctor who knows better? No Mazlett, you and Thurston aren;t smart and tricky.. why isn't the Thurston county sheriffs department embarrassed by cops who think raping people and maiming them is fun? aND THE YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOUR TALKING TO GAME DOESN;LT WORK BECAUS EIF IT DID, EVEN IF i DIDN'T KNOW, THE CRIMES YOU just had me describe are real.

And now the great cops are threatening to kill Lynn again, the only witness toANtles, except for his prescriptions... which will prove thurston county sheriffs dept is complety des depraved.. keep going thurston, remember you and delong and mazlett will be the proof.

You explain it all thurston..And where did antles get records from Providence. ANd prividence had no diagnosis either, and guess what, all I needed was sleeep due to you....

So anyway delong, as I said, there are more important things than public  opinion, juries aren't stupid, and the way you think you're making your case is the best way a victim could ask for. Keep Confessing And remember Yosemite, Dave, Pelosi, and AOL Delong.

4:16pm still allowing the perverts to prove they're perverts, since they're wasting my day with torture anyway

 Thurston wants me to being up his voyeurism while neighbors are having sex. Done.

Thurston an delong are obviously incredibly desperate,. No I'm not overconfident, nothing has changed from my end (good thruston another buttfuck joke) except more evidence by desperate people.

Now about obama buttfucking melissa scott

Next volunteer, delong.... jr just realized how compromised the last bf joke did to him...

The lcoals want me to sya, depite our best efforts to make this be a cover up for Obama, it will never work. because it always goes back to him, always. And that's not my fault. Thanks hillary, Al and so mnay others for being arrogant like I  said they'd be, like true coward nazis are.

Now when they come knowcking on your door waht are you going to say, because they will, and they'll seixe your evidence, an you;ll be out on your ass without a penny for publicly humiliating linny.

Good luck with that delong. I think you guys just proved again its the other way around. ANd DObbs final idea of lovin every minute of it and Newhart one sided conversations long ago will not be to his advantage... next volunteer... 

Burger King boy says "we'll never give up, we're the champions of the world.


Thanks agians fo rthe demo of illegal detention, Delong. DOn't bother saying youre not on this case.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judds - Grampa Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days

something about a rockwell collectors plate beverly suggested I'd like. Even got to keep it after the divorce.. there are thing you'llnever know about me, she thought. Binary. Exxon.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 08 - I Will Be Your Friend 

They told me to not play DOng works for yuda anymore... so..

Prince - Emancipation - 304 - Face Down

David Benoit & David Pack - Key To You

She'd better be careful about what she says :} Set me up in sex traps, will you? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Arkenstone & Andrew White - Island - 06 - Caravan

Todd Rundgren - Adventures In Utopia - Caravan

Along time ago, I mentioned a convoy that turned left in San Francisco and headed for DC... plane 4;32 and then there was the meeting at Armageddon.... only I just thought it was a way to find peace, not armageddon. Barack, making war does not avoid armageddon, the planes are rediculous  as it circles, and "your peace is killing alot of people".. Hillary must have forgotten that part of the Bible, or wanted it bady to prove she's as good as a man, agreeing to kill to be in politics...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 08 - Love's Worth Fighting For

God still picks em good.. something about playing catch

Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 02 - New Power Generation 

God damn the government of the United States. God bless the loyal citizens.

Prince - Controversy - 01 - Controversy The Lord's Prayer

4:46m They're daring me to call Mazlett a liar. You're a liar Mazlett. Remember Mazlett, you'll be id's as the sex pervert. So go ahead mazlett. next threat. Please use antles as your expert, Mazlett. Please do. How would you know wabout that, and rememebr thurston's confusion games won't help as dleong said what is this weblog for? And remember idiot, it doesn't matter. Once involved in RICO, you're through,And conspiring totell the truth and end torture for millions of people legally is not a crime. And no Mazlett, this one page, like thrust on wanted to believe, is not going to determine the outcom eof anything. Next threat. OKAY Mazlett, I'll repeat  posychotroncis is not going to be the primary cae, but because of the stupidity of the thurston county da and atty general, it wil be what ends it all for those suffering. Now threatening to murder millions yourself, Mazlett. Dentists, doctors, cops, ministers, fbiu, CNN, NBC... oh yeah.. churches and infiltration... 4:52pm torture me all you want thurston and mason county perverts, delong is still the superior office, and ripp and thruston are still the locals empowering criminals on behalf of their sheriffs, counties, state and Obama.

RICO Idiot. Mazlett and his frineds now want me to believe that I'm going to be accused (as always this time of day) of malingering. Again Mazlett, you, thurston, ripp, atty general, brian baird pam brokaw, do I really need to list it all? What atty is illegally interrogating me today delong. Later on in discovery, i'll be able to make that pattern too delong.' Rememebr, PMS said we'll beat you up then ask alot of questions, as well as padilla me... keep going delong... first I cna prove most of this. Second, listing all sort sof things iz can't prove will simply punctuate (PMS Joke) the true covert and sex predator nature of the us governement, weed and seed, council on foreign relations, bill CLinton, who else delong? Am I supposed to be more afraid? 

Now remind Antles of the prescriptions, 

Delong the only point you made today is further illegal detention, obstruction o justice, illegal interrogation, torture, and about 2 dozen more crimes comitted today alone. Call yourself a bitch anytime you want

Oh no now im supposed tobelieve that people will only read the last entry, and I'll look bad. I'm so afraid of your style Just rememebr Delong, hearings.  And the longer this gets with descriptions of your torture, the more stupid you;; look the more you prove the us govt tortures jews to death.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 05 - I Will Fly

This one is from me Delong. You perverts are sick fucks. You people relaly have gotten away with it too long. Like cliffy will tell you serial criminals like you always end up being caught. It'll be good for them to understand how the Government actually enjoys watching people being tortured to death, and what a great career people like you love to have.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young -  Heart of Gold

Another satanist joke: Is there noone I cna trust?

8:36pm Havent eaten, extreme tooth torture and extreme attempt s to brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreak my toes, and now thursotn says, he;s not going to rape sarah but he is going to keep his eye on her because he believes he can use psychotronics to get her to do somehing to ruin her acing career. What acting career?

BTW Thurston, the real danger tothem is the suppsoed former cop next door whos edescription and demeanor matches a weed and seed pervert, and tnext door a fire department mormomn church infiltrator - bothe weed and seed, and some  other people demonstrating and being proud of manipulatin ghtem with psychotronics,

extreme tooth torture again

They now want me to issue another suppsoed threat against delong for further criminal acts, as if she is anything more than a pervert peon like thruston and I agree withthat statement

And the mo and pattern will prove they are already planning to do things, and just rememebr thurston

Mo enough for you thurston.

more extreme torture as they want me to say more things suppos

You'r ea very screwed uop cop thruston. Tlel your boss to arrest you  to save your life from yourself 

Ulike you thruston, I didn't claim to rape a  little girl you did and youre stupid enough to want to claim I'm a psyop victim instead of any sort of minister and you are stupid enough to spend a day getting me to wreite lots of things tha twill be corroborated by your other victims 

I hope that confession, thruston, is what you wanted, and be sure to tell your fellow officers you can be thanked for forcing international investigations when otherwise, other thna your weed and seed and fbi nazis no  charges woyuld have been filed in this state and all would have beenn handled as a political issue. Good work thurston

Finally thought on these perverts: they told me thye've been going through materials that aren't online to  use them themselves to claim I'm making this up now. TOo late.

And Delong, what claims and lies you make, it's cemented tha tyou will be charged with sexual predatory practices and  your victims will not be embarrassed by your threatrs and your stupid word games 2-3 three years ago it was stated that it was obvious the lcoals were doing nothing but trying to confuse things as if I was lying. Evidence idiot. The FBI ought to try solving real crimes instead of manufacturin gevidence to convict innocent people so their cia counterparts will be covered for human rights violations admitted to during the church comitee. Arre3st Peter Fenn anbd Begala.

Extreme torrture.. if my teeth weren't getting so  loose, my toes would havebeenbroken instead of bruised. 

more extreme torture... 8:49pm tTemember thurston, this has been going on since about 6 this morning.  You poppedd pervert cop.

9:28pm Charlei just staged an even tcoordinated with chooppers in the front yard.. I heard somebody scream something went out turned the klight on and this sort of explains one of his other phony events - chasing someone awya when he slammed his brakes on in our drivewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww driveway and yelled a the guy, another weed and seed guy, mother fucker get the hell off my property.. so I goout and yell.. do you have ht erecordedr on like you did the day you tried to stage an evnt for the mason county sherif fthe day you tried to murder LLynn and I...just remembr charlie

ANy claims you make to humiliate Lynn about being irrational or violent will be one more time you and your idiot frined sget charged withh more conspiracy AND conspiracy to commit torutre... 

I hope you kept the tape you played another day week slater to intimidate me, nbecaus eihave the videos documenting she was under psychotronic attack so you guys could finish killing her, weeks after her "stroke" which WILL be proven to be a dew attack, like som eof thurstons other victims.

Extreme torture And by all menas charlie, clal me a liar just rememebr all I really know of you is what YOU told me, other than DOn's guy telling me not to tak eyou seriously because all you do is bullshit, and MIke telling me you were stupid, your monicker... ANd Don, be aware,these people re trying to claim you ripped us off as part of weed and seed, I don't believe it's true, I don't care, and nothing would surprise me, but if someone paid you  money for the rental I have recorded on video while people harrassed me, say whatever is true. The small excavotr, short guy, short dark hair,possible hispanic, bline truck... I believe the video will prove it;s Mike.

Thurston wants me to state that yet another friend of Lynn's suffered a nearly exact same type of attack, with slightly differenet results requiring neurosurvery, calcium deposit of shatter skull, and they said it was from a bacteria caused by the dogs that could show again anytime anywhere on her body, They did surgery claiming it was a tunor in the same place as Lynn had a sore skull and calicifications that supposedly disappeared at the last MRI, and in San Francisco, under the supervidoin of lawyers, she will have other tests. Ifit was bone, the calcification sare still there. If it was tissue damage, it would be less noticeable, unlikely to disappear, but matching the symptonms of directed energy weapon attacks.

This torure and illegal interrogation under threat of death will be recorded and reproted as such.

more extreme torurt Be sure totell the mason county sheriff

What I'm loiving about this mst is how thruston set everyone up to cover his ass

I'm now being tortured and told never tomention Candic Delong of the FBI in San Francisco again.

9:45pm they say they have some more things they wannt to claim I'm faking

Like breasts, ear implants and scars, genital scars form Kaiser hospital... what else thurston.. he says he wants to take me up on the challenge i made a(they required and said themselve3s) that if I had to show my penis in courrt to provce the case I would whoich is not a joke, because it mightbe part of the proof of illegal medical experimentation by the cia and the fbi and the murdering cops and government of the state of washington.  Datinbgback to 1958. If thurston really wants that kind of stuff in this weblog, andhe thinks it'll embarrass me, it wil, but who will it really screw thruston Cause I told the truth.

Obama said Nazis humiliate and exterminate. Now he's threatening extermonation again. THe DNC chair of the state of washington threatened the humiliation.

Rememebr, all thisis supposed to make the charges in the stateof washington take precedence over prosecutions of the U.S> Government. I'll say it again, you'r epervert peons, there are more important things than my personal image and doing away with proud nazis is what you people pushed me to, oyur words, your joke, your joke to force tme to charge at the Hague. and I can get it done and will.

So Delong, when you claim I'm a psyops victim only to supposedly make things better, just rememebr that thurston and you  have your mo's all over this, and the pervert peons will not stop the charges you wanted filed out of the country by challenging me by stating the Hague was a joke, and you and your friends would bomb it and kill the investigator if I filed charges. Then, inform Brown why I call it illegal detention, and why I chose to leave this state and establish residence in Groveland, and every one of those situations, if you have the guts to tell him the truth, is the result of over 20 years of psyops to set Lynn and I up as well as Jerry Brown, and if he relaly wants to take no action, fine with me, I owe him nothing, and you're the people threatening him on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations, Barack Obama and Exxon... And be sure to tell him the FBI in San Francsico is every bit a part of the setup on him, which includes using him to cover for pete Wilson's crimes. Not to mention Enron's.

Notice how wilson looks like HW Bush. ANd explain Obstruction in the Pelosi case,obstruction in the Michael Jackson case.. always FBI, CNN, NBC, Thurston, Mason, washington state and Exxon. ALways. What country do you work for delong?

Now delong, what other questions do you want answered in this illegal interrogation?

We are not through with this illegal interrogation and we won't be until all your teeth are destoryed. Deal with it. It's a fact. And youre the stupidest fuck weve ever had the pleasure of destroying.

No matter what the excuse, Delong, they're your perverts, as they are NBC's, CNN's and lot so fothers I'll let thurston disclose in Discovery. ANd then ask how he knew anything, and how  many laws he knew he was breaking when he used psychotronics and phony doctors to set people up....

Whenyou torture someone into syaing thinngs thurstonand delong, it's your problem.

10:08pm personal note: have all members of acorn crosschecked with any government funded programs like weed and seed and community watch. Grange should know harstine island makes you subject to full investigation, here and black lake.

10:13pm I was just tortured and told to never mention candice delong again. Sinc ethis is what they want as their moand id signature with thurston and SDHS, here's my response, sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

What else do you want to claim as evidence of obsession delong? You'd better be able to back this up. Not a  problem for me. And tell Blitzer he's a Nazi  Jew. Not aproblem for me.. and the threat touse AIPOAC against me? what do they know aboutme unless CNNand delong set that one up too which wouldn;t surprise me givenr htey're fucked up jew hating nigger hating liars

Okay Delong.

10:35pm I just saw someone runningpast the deck in the back of the house, and then charlie starts saying he;s going to fire shots into the house so I'll have to clal the mason County Sheriff, whicjh I would. Then he says, then they'll ask for any other evidence as suggested in my weblog,and I said, what eblog, you mena the one detailing your crimes tocover up for obama abnd th eCfR that you ignored until manufacturing an excuse to illegally seize and destroy evidence.

I was put through very exteme torture as I wrot ethat.

Masocn County, Charlie wants you to knwo I have no intention of turning myself or evidence over to the criminal cops particpating un murder and rape.

10:48pm Ripp just id 's himself burgetr king girl still working tooth torture and burger king boy throwing fits at how he hates it when he has me call him stupid. He;s the USA today guy.

10:51pm Check out emergency call to guy next to us on renata.. emt.. hughes internet... dina/antles cooksey cooksey is a victim as is the woman who rented to weed and seed while we were there. That would be phony emt/weed and seed operative who responded at black lake AND here.

Now, keep in mind, force things here, eventhe officer taking the report will be up on rico. Keep feeding me more details though, it'll make for great supporting evidence.

11:03pm neck crunched, immediately tortured mor eot affect same area. Like I said, I know whyt he CIA and NSA want everone's medical records

11:11pm that means we have carte balnche with youuntil we kill you or we get convicted at the hague Yipppeee.

11:13pm Since Buttfuckman and Jr want toplay a game of confsuion, burger king girl now wants to be called cunt to cause confusion between her  and delong, as if there is any. Thurston I keep giing you what you want and all you do is make all of your coconspirators look like what they are We don't care!

Deny psyhcotronics.

11:28pm for some reason the idiots want me to point out again the need for tsa video fronm San Jose airpoort after media convention for phony jehovah's witnesses making tape about Intuit - Bradshaw and Miriam..... pete's supposed old girlfriend, and a lutheran minister.

barely caught another maneuver topuncture lips and jam root into jawbone.

11:36pm Once again the perverts are claiming they'r doing me a favor by slowing extracting my teeth with totrture over 4 year period Just rememebr em from the lutheran church... 1987 year included again by requet. now being tortured "That wa s my mother in that picture of results volunteers from the lutheran church Infiltrator.

Thurston is now calling me a ccoward for not filing charges against him in thruston country, Again, why should I turn my trust to the sheriff whose dpeartment is respojnnsible ofr multiple injuries and death attempst with their partner hospital doctors and dentists?]

11:45pm You are never going togetout of washington state alive

18 hours and hte perverts frustrate themselves more by the  minute.

Here's what the idiot from Burger King/USA today keeps saying Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

Go ahead burger kjing guy claim I'm taunting YOU

Once again I'llexplain these illegal interrogations are supposesd to extract info from me that I haven't written before, or some idiot hasn't bothered to read over the last 10 years so these people can calim they aren't illegally receiving intel or help from federal authorities.

more extreme tooth torture. wont be able too talk or earn a living as a broadcater but the evidence will be obvious as burger king boy laughs don't forget the part about being jesus and apolitician

Remind van dyk, I never went around saying that to anyone... it was shelton's idea to humiliate me with that andother things the catholic book store set me up for in their weed and seed and CIA agent scam..

11:55pm Candice delong is ecstatic. She's gettingwhat she needs tomake her case and it's getting better and better the more we torture you into writing this falderall.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Benson - TBD - 100 - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 202 - The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulde

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jonathan Edwards - TBD - 100 - Sunshine

There goes God making fun of psyops again. And thruston really believes He can break people's connections with God. Only if he counts Jr.

Tell me thruston, john denver part III, waas it you or Mazlett or Charlie who didn't like it when I as writing we had been misled about Muslims? And Thurton, why do you people believe muslims and other people like christians.. really want to pull the there's no proof there's God act, thruston. Want to keep proving you're asatanist thurston?

Oh yeah.. the phone outside my window at 2am after contacting the DNC abou  my candidacy.. it rang ike charlies phone, an audio of a telephone ringing.... and ROyal 8 the guy in the backyard who wafte=d the smoke.

This is great more stuff proving your involvement that I won't even bother worrying about.. but nice try perverts... supporting evidence.

Who wafted the smoke and then ran.. who threw the turkey inthe backyard, or piggybacked the Yearling when a deer was eating my corn in the backyard. Renata. Anthing else you want to throw in that I won't care about proving that the jury will believe when the evidence is shown?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks & Laura Fygi - Tell Me All About It 

Have a good night worrying delong. Incept a great dream about raping little girls. It;llmakeyou feel like you're among in the pacific Northwest


9/28/2011 v12:08am Delong 18 hours of tooth torture, and now your  fools are torturing me and laughingabout me not eating anything yet today.ANd now they laugh at how they've illegally detained me one more day. Your boss must be a citzien of another country that gives amnesty to nazis.


12:24am Now I know  what the guy in the backyard was up to. I just let abby in., Consistent with their threat to kill her. Explain to al yourself

12:51am FBI Olympia just id's themselves and tortured me about 20 minutes or so (mo) and then proceedeed to clal me a liar when I  claimed mail fraud (which I never did) and by the way, if their so concerned why am I here. And then, they proceed to call me a liar about saying this is the second time the FBI has denied me assistance whwne claiming threats on my life, and it's on a phone record at fbi olymnpoia the same day of the 2004 dnc convention... about 10am..a man. now who's interrogating me.

torture continues

charlies stilltrying to cover for.. who charlie? I'm tired ofit too charlie.. play matrix defense all you wnat charlie.. it won't work, but nice 

Still no time to eat.

They said that, like a victory. As for thems and these.. no problem.. Ihave 300 suspects, documented, committing crimes. video, audio, notebooks, years. Delong claim I acted weird one day so I hvae the chance to prove I took video in self defense, and among cops who make up laws to harass people for documenting crimes committed against them. and ell the local,s publishall te pictures yuou want. 

Whoever's trying to complete auschwitz in america today is definitelyl a washington state native, and I don;t mean indian. FBI or a cop.

1:12am Still no food. Laugh at auschwitz all you want. I amnow being tortured onbehaf of firefighters everywhere regarding an incident reported on by someone in Crescent City who caught the fire department illegally setting a fire tha toculd have easily been jstified by the city council and coast as a hazard.. however, instead, as if I actually know, they set the fir eand claimed they had no idea. They say I am now oging obe unpopular with firefighters everywhere.

Back injury

What does Crescent City and that have ot do with me, and if firefighters in this state are committing felonies, why should they blame me? Someone with a guilty conscience has been illegally wiretapping me or surveilling other people illegally. That WILL be the answer on that, and the question will be up to those neighbors in Olympia who made a typical weed and seed mistake.

And the government continues to threaten children to silence adults. More back injury.

2:06am there's outside my bedroom window right now.

What Ireally wanted towrite about, this is the kind of thing I love to have happen to thurston. If you look back over the period when he uid's himself, hisfavorite thing was to torture me while reading the Bible and claiming he would break my connection with God. It's no joke that Icall him in particular a satanist.

The documentation shows all day the pattern of them saying all sorts of things toget me upset, theythink, as I  have the guts to write it down and am willing totellthe whole world what this government has become... so I decided totry toget tosleep despite threats totorture me all night so thurston and delong can laugh about auschwitz in america some more,  and he and jr and burger king boyand girl decide toramble this thing on, of course, as I've pointed out, their wet dream is to claim Iwrite ramblingweblogs and I'mcrzy. SO this is what thye said ater Ishut down thecomputer,and didn't intend toenter until Iwoke upifIgot to sleep at all, and this is what they said, again, thurston wanting toprove he could break up my connection God (the one he doesn't believe exists,so why does he care?)

this as at 1:35 and excuse the language, but after this I'll tell you why I think it's funny, and so will all  the other people who end up hearing about this later... the ones not guilty anyway...

We are not going to let you read the bible tonight unless you turn on the recorder so we can prove you're a liar and such a fucking constant companion of cocker spaniels dogs who love to fuck Candice Delong up the ass with a dildo and magnifying glass . What do youthink this is going to accomplish chyuckypoo (referring tome writing it down as they rambled) Anyhoo, fuck off and die candice delong. Remember, they're your perverts.

So.. here's the funny part.. matins & vespers, Thurston..

So I picked up the bible, I've already recorded Thurston torturing me while reading the bible and I think the Koran, and I won't record it tonight and waste my time, but I turned to the bible and this is what it said:

Isaiah 56:7

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him.; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.

8: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

9: For as the heavens are higher than the earth,so are my ways higher (thurston is torturing me again) than your ways, and mythoughts than your thoughts.

I am being harrassd more. Like I said, he's a true satanist.

10: For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven (more torture) and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed  (Thurston just said Fuck you pedophile rapist) to the sower, and bread to the eater:

Extreme tooth torture, nearly broke toes

11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

I got tortured much mor inthat last verse. True satanist. Thurston County Sheriffs Dept. Good luck sheriff.

it's now 2:27am torture continues. 2:29 very extreme torture attempt to break ankle Chucky this has beennore funthanwe've ever had, Canwe torture you agaun tomorrow, please?

Delong, I hope you deny psychotronics.

9/28/2011 12:59pm Delong.. Your perverts had such fun yesterday, and since they're doing a repeat of the astor Melissa Scott Psyop, including forcing me out of the country - howmanypatterns are yougoing todisplayfor the world? - anywya, they had a great idea I'm sure will get you and the FBI more of your favorite kind of people The perverts want me toput this onthe front of my sites,and Iwill tonight. Here's the headline

Help Wanted: FBI Needs sexual predators to complete its assignment to cause civil war.!000's needed. Good pay, good hours. Here's an example of the kinds of things you'll love doing

It goes right under the "informnts article" and willmake good evidence tothe world at how the  US  govt thinks its amusing touse Gpdtokillepeople,doBiblical Jezebel psyops runs ex traps on honorable people. It will link toa page that will be thecoordinating point for Olbermann, Thurstonand Mason, Washington State and the tie toBarack. Since you wanted to volunteer for the list of Nazis and traitors, it will alsolink toa page fully describing the CNN psyop,and the use ofBlitzer and AIPAC tothreten me and what Iwill assert are Jews inNew York you're harrassing, multiple psyops in one report - mo - run a sex trap or sting on a distant person, get them totravel soyucan claimthey're dangerous. THe Pelosi guy will be part of the stry I tell of you

Hope you enjoy it Delong, I'm sure you got a laugh out of yesterday's report.. the guys just gav eme anther great idea, yesterday will be part of YOUR web page....

How the United States destroys itself..... thank you very much CNN for enabling me to report a story all the way up to obama with every federal agency involved. Not bad for a guy who's been used by corporations and governments for 53 years. And thanks for yesterday, Delong, makes it easier tonot worry about what happens to Nazi traitors.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Geoff Moore - God Is In Control - 10 - String Around My Finger

Interesting, I put  the headline to  remind me for later today

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rare Earth - TBD - 100 - Celebrate

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 04 - For Taking the Trouble

For the record, thruston and Delong ARE individuals, and they will be individually cited, but mostly, they represent the organizatins they work for. Nothing personal... I got it delong, you're on me now. Figured that.

I'll have ot rememebr theuse of Jackson Browne's  music psyops... overseas, it'll be easy to have him contacted. And I bet he'll be the one who files suit inthe U.S. and Delong, I love the United states, but thanks to people like yo, it's not the united States. Pretend there's no constitution al you want. And when civil war breaks out, pretend the bullets of angry US citizens will miss,, and their depleted uranium won't kill anyone... not a threat, just the likely outcome of efforts by FBI sex perverts. Atleast i knowwhyGpod hates Nazis and apostates.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - TBD - 100 - Lady  I love God's sense of humor

1:27pm For the record, I am a presidential candidate, journalist and minister. I surrender or conced nothing. For all the delusionals who thought they should run for office or be in law enforcement and rape and torture people, here's what you can't take away from me or anyone else 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Human - 01 - Human

I AM Somebody

1:36pm Continuous extreme torture. I wouldn't expect anything less from a Nazi. THanks for the reply Delong.

1:42pm Burger King Boy wants me to include Burker King, USA TOday, the Olympian and of course the networks for their corporate sponsorhip of terroism, rape and torture. Done.

2:33pm Here's the most honest thing the US Govt death squads ever said to me

We want Barack Obama to go down in history as the world's greatest man for killing niggers and jews.

A great  adjunct to Delong and Blitzer's page.

Th perverts jst said they wanted me to  write that to make it seem like this is all about Obama. He's a peon too.

2:55pm The perverts of the US government wre discussing their problem with the fact that they are unable to make the case that I'm obsessed with ANYONE. So, their normal reply, perfectly consistent with the Delong Jewish Boy psyop, "we're going to attack Lynn's granddaughter, and maybe that'll get something out of you"

As can be proven with multiple witnesses and phone records, she and her parents have been under attack and threat by MSNBC and CNN for about 9 years now.

Another great adjunct.

3:14pm We really are the kind who hate peace and freedom because we really ARE that fucking stupid.

Delong, keep in mind that while your perverts succeed in torturing me all day again, and insist on me posting these kinds of remarks, I might as well provide them as more evidence of Nazis, Notice the patterns delong?

3:22pm The perverts now want me to write down that they pointed out that what they'r edoing tomy teeth is why the Dentist Bowers in Shelton Wa said it would take more thna 2 months for my gums to heal, even though, like all the rest of the dentists, all I asked him to do was immobilize the tooth being used to pry out the molar, as set up by Ketcher, Busaca, Tilson and all teh rest, right Victor Nguyen?

3:25pm now in their fun little gam eof torturing me and taunting me, they say, making fun of the Yosemite psyops, this is what can happen when an entire town is set up by the government to murder their victims.

3:30pm Someone must have stayed up all night preparing these little "jokes" the government likes s to tell

"we think the world is a piece of shit and we want it destroyed because we hate people who believe inGod.

4:38pm Note Lynn's EKG for 4:30pm... psychotronically induced rc neck pain and grinding, mild upset from nowhere, Police Blotter MO, went to bed as PT guys wanted me to  write something, which I need to.. and always remember nothing surprises me anymore. 

Timing is everything. I've always said that I play out all these psyops just to see where they lead, and when these people get most perverse and sick they think I won't write what they say I just remember thousands of emails I've looked, reviewed and lived.. and know that I cna get 100 victims as witnesses in a town probably in a day, anywhere in the U.S. And of course, I understand these people's belief they can get away with something they clearly only get away with with people who don't know or understand... the ultimate ringer... broadcasting to telepathy to politics and religion.. my daad always said never talk about politics or religion...  I don't want to think about that.. in the other context... psychotronics... 

So, wht I'm gonna call The Jewish Boy psyop, about him getting lost on the way to camp. ANd then... and of course me talking abou the original psyops with CNN and Obrien... and then I talk about her grandkids going to camp, just when I was learning a   couple kids were going to camp, and  then the ptguys made a mistake.. part of the reason I bother with all this filth is to provide an example for what victims deal with... it's unfortunately not unusual at all in the basic ways its done and why...and the mistake was getting me to supposedly write about some acting career, which I didn't do, and then I find out that a tryout Lynn's granddaughter was in... about 3-4 weeks ago they found out there was going to be a tryout..  they told me a bit about it, Lynn did, and that there would be some 4-6000 kids there, an they were honest, saying this is about seeing kids who have "It".. of course  I would never build her hopes up but it didn't surprise me that she was chosen - 1 of 12 kids chosen.. and then the only catch being a $3000 fee to go to acting camp in Florida. Remember, I report these things in the order they occur and  I find out.. it's why I track them the way I do.

The fee idea didn't bother me: I understood. Then Lynn said they went to the Better Business Bureau website and found the company, probably a scout agency for certain production companies, (or an easy front), and i had lots of complaints. I thought, I'll bet they're mostly from kids who never got a job. And think about how many kids they might take to camp, and then for whatever reason, not for the agency's fault, the kid got no contracts. In the media, none of that is surprising. And Lynn said that was basically the reports that caused them to talk to her granddaughter about what they found, and canceled the check they wrote to send her to camp with her granddaughters  understanding and they actually allowed her to have it be her idea to cancel. I  might have given them other advice to check  out the success of those placed, but otherwise, she really does have it. 

So here we are again, her going off to camp, and beside the implications for myself since I understand my situation well, which is really why they'll have problems once we're out of here and I play the "how's your security guard today? game.. she's not going off to camp, some 3000 miles away from her attackers, lots of money spent, and lots of ways for the government and others to turn it into wasted money.. as I well know... Something about portable plots.

Speaking of which, Lynn is on the phone, that happens a lot when I'm writing, especially when they get me to first by causing Lynn unnecessary pain, and then a couple particular people call (attackers  that are nice to her at this stage, hoping she'll end up left behind and vulnerable (remember behind)  oh yeah, and because they know I know who they are.... as plans changed quickly again... anyway, if she's on the phone, she's happy.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 04

Believe it or not, that song is not about sex. Only dirty minds would think that, healthy minds would laugh and appreciate genius and marketing in these times

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton -  Change The World

About Isaiah...

7:49pm Thurston wanted me to explain and make it easier for people to accept that what he and what he says is  all the cops in Washington state, he wants me to explain it's just a psyop.... so I will. As a victim and objective deconstructor of reverse engineered psyops. While this is a ploy to use my time not writing about the FBI sex predators program, it's worth doing so that psychopaths and sociopaths will be shown to be that, different than insane or pyschotic, just not caring what their victims feel. I might add, this is also supposed to demoralize me, as if I'm admitting they're unbeatable and so forth, but it's not. It's an explanation, and since Thurston and Jr and Burger King Girl and Boy asked for  it, I'm gonna let them have this one.

Thurston and Delong have very similar MO's reflecting her confidence that the government and their badges automatically intimidate people. The question becomes, why does the government want people to think that law enforcement doesn't exist and employs sex predators and torturers? ANd when did law enforcement decide  it was alright to rape and torture people to enforce the law?

When these syops begin against people, they start by doing weird things that make you think you're forgetful, or that noone would do such things. On Harstine Island, the first true home invasion came when someone came into the house and reset my alarm clock. Of course, if I called the police with such reports, they would end up having a file saying I am crazy.

Keep in mind, as Barack Obama pointed out that Nazis humiliate and exterminate. So, if they can humiliate you or diminish you through faked psychiatrist or police reports, they then believe they've neutralized someone "for whatever reason they may have". 

The next thing is  for them to make up weird names for themselves, things people would  think were weird or vulgar, in my case Jr is Buttfuck JR, Buttfuckman is the cop who apparently trains the local federal operatives, I call him Thurston, Burger King Girl is Buttfuck Girl, and interestingly enough, Jr is also BF JR as if he's sort of a proxy for thurston, and burger king girl wants to be called cunt so she can delude herself into thinking she's like the same as Delong, who wanted, as part of the psyop, to depict me as someone who would call a female, let alone an FBI agent, cunt. Obviously, repeating those thing sis vulgar, as intended, especially since I  am a politician, minister and reporter... and songwriter and other things I've pursued professionally and semi-professionally over the years. SO obviously if I said those things all the time, people would be offended, and like me, would not want to read it. However, as these people become more aggressive, as I knew they would, I decided there are times when it's important to document as evidence their operations no matter how vulgar or seemingly silly.

SO, I'm documenting it by request of Thurston and other people who think this will be helpful to their defense.

Another thing they do, that Thurston started, and I didn't know delong had done long ago, was choose a subject and try to get the victim to take it as a personal challenge to survive against the almighty corrupt perverse police officer. SO  Thurston used psychotronics to get  a neighbor to tell me of some  of his illegal activities to help scare me, and to tell me he had a daughter. I have no idea if he has a daughter, but I am aware of the black families harassed and illegally segregated and then attacked to get them bankrupted or moved. Understand, with psychotronics, they actually get people to move to certain places they have set up especially for the death squads to operate.

So, in his case, to prove how tough he was, he them told me he's so perverse, he rapes his own daughter. He also told me he'd play out certain psyops, all described in the beginning where he decided to no longer be covert, including suicide by cop, and a number of other thngs that have been done to me for years. They did this because when they are "through" with a victims, they either want them to leave, leaving their possessions behind and unable to afford legal representation on otherwise easy cases for lawyers, to get them killed, put in jail or mental institutions.. a variety of sleazy ways for a cop like Thurston to cause crime to justify his salary. He said that, the part in red.

So, for Burger King Girl, her stupid issue is whether or not she's a woman. The issue not about  gender, but about maturity and things you might describe as ways women might act. 

Burger King Boy and Royal 8 like to boast about being stupid and brave about id'ing corporations they think I'd be afraid to file charges against, including USA Today and the Olympian, Burger King and a variety of other business that for one reason or another are now being named to cover for Burger King, and I have a feeling I'll be a witness on behalf of a few of those  other companies and corporations for Burger Boy's lack of forethought.

With Jr, he decided the other day to take his teacher's advice, who  thinks that the got everybody else to do all the dirty work and that I have no evidence against him, got Jr to talk about his parents or grandparents across the street from Thurston. So today, what prompted me to write this, is JR repeating over and over - Fuck your mother fuck your mother. And you need to understand, if I didn't understand psychotronics, they would be able to trick me into thinking I was thinking that myself. Why would I want harm to come to his mother, apparent conduit for him and his friends to infiltrate the Jehovah's Witness church in Olympia. What's worse is them knowing for years that when I decided I was ready to present a case about psychotronics, how it works and some of the apostate ministers on tv, as well as my own ministerial intent, I would go to that church in Olympia.

So when I finally go there, I'm harassed by vehicles all the way, and the church appears to be 40-60% infiltrated. So it obviously was not a safe place for me, and since the Thurston county sheriff is directly involved in infiltrating that and Lynn's Quaker Church, and covering for the contractors they wish they could legally call informants...

A while back I was adequately convinced the U.S. Justice system approved of murdering its own citizens. Since I have irrefutable evidence without additional witnesses or materials, they goaded me into deciding to file international charges first... and then threatened to bombthe Hague and kill any investigators, as if it was a total joke. From that day on, I'm certain the right thing to do is get the materials to the Hague, and then give the U.S. Justice system the opportunity to explain it to the U.N.

The fact I'm writing this right now is all the reason I need to believe that is the best course, on behalf of millions of citizens who don't know that many of their major illnesses are actually caused by attacks by these people, the death squads working with the police and nearly all levels of the federal govt, and given my personal financial and legal status, The hague IS where I'll file first, and that will ensure that the reports are acted on and that people worldwide will be relieved of suffering. As will those, like me, who know they are being attacked by the United States Government.

In my case, I'm certain they'll try to claim on a number of fronts that whatever I claim, they'll have some intel agency claim they psyopped me and that despite the truth of the charges against the government, I am just affected by psyops. I assure you that's not true, but will enjoy making fools of those who take that tact. And in my case, the files and history will go back to 1958.. and if the truth was known, before I was born.

The patterns of psyops against me and Lynn and other people are easily affirmed by government publications describing the government's intent to do these things, as if writing a white paper saying so makes it legal, the contractors and DOD people are illegal mercenaries by the constitution, and I expect to be delivering between 10,000 and 100,00 emails to corroborate additional reports by other people suffering the same symptoms but without the documentation I developed once I realized I was trapped in a CNN psyop, and it was developed with the objectivity of a reporter investigating as much as one person can.

My final thought is this: Thurston and others would like to be able to claim these are "just psyops". They're not to the victims, and such a suggestion is a true indication of  psychopathic mentalities... I'm sure that noone would suggest I believe that, unless they're the kind who get caught, and then expect everybody to be nice to them. Thurston originally challenged me to ask the jury for the death penalty jst for the pleasure of proving me a hypocrite. I agreed to do that for him because he loves to make fun of God and the idea of answered prayers, and Matins and Vespers... I don't mind his non-belief or respect of God, I mind his disrespect of anything anyone else thinks. As well as his friends who claim he's their idol.

It's not a psyop to the victims. Just because I objectively understand the goals and methods of such things does not mean that I have not suffered greatly.  AS much as all these people, including the FBI, would like to think they  can make me vindictive toward anyone or anything, all I can say, like other targeted individuals of the death squads, I have rights, I didn't ask to be murdered or raped, I didn't ask for grandchildren to be threatened and attacked, and I didn't agree to give up my rights...... they were taken away from me about 53 years ago. Just a psyop.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 09 - Spirit Voices - Paul Simon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dionne Warwick - Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kris Kristofferson - Loving Her Was Easier

8:53pm This is what a joke these people think this is. Every few minutes, as demonstrated, reminding me of something that turns out tobemore criminal activirty they, do, and even me writing this is a trophy. One of the ways they used Pastor Melissa Scott to set me up on a variety of bogus charges, thanks to the sex predators at the FBI, and I agree with that statement, wzs to make sure Lynn and I were in less contact,and slept in separate rooms whilethey attacked her and neraly killed her. ANd they think this is funny to get me to state this again.  For them, it's fun to supposedly overwhelm me with these facts, and to again make it clear to me that the US Govt will not allow charges to be filed on this or any other of their murder cases, what Obama calls shovel ready projects.

As far as I'm concerned, its' just more examples of them prvoing their sickness, and of course, as a bonus, they'll claim I'm making htis up.

At 8:45pm I went back out to the living room, and Lynn was in excruciating pain. That's what they actually wanted to make sure was written. And again, they thinks this makes me look bad. They got Lynn to buy a red chair... when she sits in it, she suffers, because it's in direct alignment to a number of things, including military choppers that sit between Harstine and Steamboat Islands, and also makes plausible that Lynn's friend on Steamboat is being murdered the same way.. by Thurston's crew, in a county where if I report it, I will likely end up in a mental institution - it's what cops do - what Mazlett was trying to set up to cover for CNN long ago - before I concluded the police had indeed become criminals in Washington State. Thurston went way out of his ay to prove that. And his biggest frustration is knowing why he's just a peon in the charges against the federal government.

Delong, I don't know who  or why this was wanted at this time, I know you're in it, just like the people in L.A. were in it, and I don't accept the idea that we should just die so you can torture and rape men, women and children for fun.

11:18pm Spent the last half hour being tortured and harassed... obviously somebody isn't quite as proud of their professions as they'd want you to believe... lots of games that aren't funny, and I fully believe Matins & Vespers is fully functional, and I  still think the only reason God has me still sitting here is because somehow, He wants Jack Welch. If I only knew why.

The crazy perverts can't get a handle on the idea that I really just let God allow these people to Cluseau themselves, better than saying Skull & Bones because it might show  up in a search engine... I didn't know what God was going to have me do, how or why, and I still partly don't... you all think I'm looking for crimes to report and I hope I never hear of another one again, I have enough.

Lynn went to bed in severe pain. Her doctors can't find a reason for her lack of balance or dizziness.... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne - Don't You Get So Mad

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - Barabajagal

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Frampton - Show Me the Way 

9/29/2011 10:19am First, today's Burger King moment comes with the phrase "He's beginning to realize the United States is no place for honest people". The only truth is, the U.S. is being taken over by megalomaniacs and psychopaths, the clinical version.

Here's the deal Delong.. that was followed with a repeat of thurston wanting me to believe for some reason I needed to beat him at the game as if he was important.  And the repeat part was as if I'm supposedly in a challenge match with you. All you are to me is the highest ranking official who's Id's themselves and become directly involved in attempting to murder us. If you want the idiots to pretend you're beating me, or anyone wants to frame this as me in a challenge match of any kind, that person would be incredibly wrong and shortsighted... 

So this was all framed to me as "since you're going to write and publish what I'm going to publish"  keep in mind, all I do is report on these things... when I experimented with Iching just to see what it was, and the synchronous patterns it produces, anytime it told me to do the usual, conservative wisdom, I'd do the opposite and even though I understood it meant taking hits, I did it and it had a national effect.. better for other people.. and I'm no martyr.. I just understand what's at stake and the kind of criminal people I"m up against, and I know how to work outside the box within the box. Since the US government decided I should be dead, I figured, I may as well operate as if I'm under attack, since I am, and just do what will end the suffering for all of your victims of rape and torture. Glad you want to be known for that Delong. It's your choice. And I have no intention of dying in some kamikaze mission to an Francisco in hopes someone will perform a miracle... the miracle is, I know how to do things, legal, despite the governments lack of respect for life and law, I believe in Matins and Vespers, and  when I said the pledge of allegiance, it was not to a flag or a government, it was to a nation. Around 2002, I recognized that my seemingly random sampling of jobs, businesses, religion, lifestyles, broadcasting and more added up to one thing: this is what God had in mind when He told me He had something special for me to do one day. And despite how the US govt would prefer to claim that God himself is nothing but CIA psyop, the only truth to that is that God knows that the best way to take out sick, corrupt people like all of you  is to let you destroy yourself. AKA, psych. I also know you people won't arrest me because if you do, you'll pay for my future wealthy court assigned public defender.  Besides, I always wanted to check out some of those walkin trails at state and federal parks. I  hear you can hike for days and no one will bother you... and then, there' s always  the train tunnels in the hills of Santa Cruz few people know about.....

Always remember when I told Dobbs.. I never fail when Im committed to something. And that goes with, I never try to lead unless I know I'm willing to see it through. So once again, as in 2002, I made an offer to the FBI that they decided to respond to with brutality instead of honor and integrity. Anymore, I'd be shocked if any politician or law enforcement person did anything honorable or moral, although I'm always willing to accept its possible. Oh yeah, when I watched Pastor Melissa Scott, I was watching and responding to a minister of God. When you were on CNN,  was listening to a professional enforcement person. Both were hoaxes and frauds, and crimes.

While you sickos think that my posting your perverts methods and language means I'm out of the race, I know for a fact it will late rbe the reason I  could easily win. And while you rguys try to sour my opinion of everyone including Cynthia McKinney, I know for  a fact that 90% of all groups who care about people will approve of my agenda. Getting you guys in jail is not part of my agenda, it's just something the justice dept is required to do.

I know this "he's leaving the country" and more is one of your favorite psyops. Very generic. My name is Chuck Rehn, and I don't care how many deluded profiler sor perverts you put on me, I was trained early to optimize alternative methods... for the media... that's my key to success in everything I do, and I an laughing inside at the idea of you guys trying to prove in court that my life is a history of failure... or that I'm just a psyop victim the govt will blame on the CIA and then think a small settlement is enough. And will be forgotten by the public, like a bribe paid by a politician.

Matlock, eh Keith. AG School... common denominator.. Carter, Emory, Atlanta :} Oh yeah, dirty  laundry.......  a great moment in my weblogs and marker for more brutal attacks...

I was tempted to post Dancing in the Moonlight yesterday.... the current probable global scenario will require it, and it will be successful.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 10 - She's Becoming Gold

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 04 - Buy This American Car

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 101 - Roller Coaster Run

My dad used to say, however Detroit goes, so goes the country....

10:56am It's like this: I just had to listen to your perverts saying "rape your dog",... last night they wanted me to tell you to rape Mitzy Mou... of course, what they really think is that it another trauma for making fun of murdering my dog to amuse Al Gore... and all that's gonna  reflect on the FBI and Barack Obama...... I'm not playing your all day games anymore.  you'v e provided enough proof of your criminality and thoughts that will make the world clap and hiss at the Untied States... tell the locals to fuck off Doyou understand how glad I am that the FBI laughs at this like they laughed at God at Waco,.. in public, on camera....

11:11am Delong Burger King boy wants me tocall you pedophile delong... remember the long weblog won't help your case. 10 years of  weblogs.. and you think the last page or two will help you do what? And you think you're goingtoabsorb and write of fthe charges againt the intel agencies and sweep it under the rug? Tell the perverts, keep dictating the evidence against... you're just one more representative suspect of the federal government... notice the difference inthe content of the previous paragraph? Really think you'r egonna make up for ANtles, who will still be evidence? Burger King boy and Thurston keep proving they aren't working with intelligence at all. ANd I meantheir brains, Delong, who tells them to do these things..

All their words delong. try the MPD thing, Idare you.

9/30/2011 10:49am Delong, as usual the perverts want me to write something to you.. and like the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop, they want me to write to you in San Francisco.. I have little to say to a pervert like you.  Like the pMS psyop, of course they want me to think you're not involved, as if I'm wrong, and I'm supposed argue about it.. the fact that so much effort and torture has gone into having me write tha tday of torture,and then the amount of effort put into stopping me from putting it in the book as documentation... helter skelter, matins and vespers.. btw tell the perverts how much fun it is to wake up to them and fuck the united states. I'll take it as a true indication of the US Governments opinion of this nation.. just a goddamned piece of paper..

Just remember, DHS perverts, I didn't pick a fight with the government, I never threatened to rape your children, I didn't try to kill your husbands or wives.. I spoke out like we're raised to believe a good citizen should. And the record will show that I was a peacemaker, and the Untied States Government has proven it actually is Nazi. Criminals rarely like being called what they are. You live with it.

I'm sure you and your boss will get a laugh out of today's little cartoon you wanted... of people being tortured and raped for fun...

My greatest anticipation is getting an fBI profiler on the stand to testify against me, so I can have them prove to themselves and the world, by their own expertise, that they are psychopaths, dissociatives, ...... alot of people over the years have tried to set things up supposedly to be able to claim I popped... everyone fails. ANd the government is so inept, they would worry about someone like me who's supposed to be irrelevant in their opinion. 

Your pervert is now mocking God trying to prompt me to say I am the way the truth and the life...I'm sure the rapists you hire believe that they are...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lizz Wright - Dreaming Wide Awake - 09 - Get Together

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Brown - It's A Man's World 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steely Dan - I Got The News

Now I know it'sburger king boy with the masturbation problem. You have a fan Delong.... he works outside burger king... and as for Steely Dan, you don'thave toknow everyhting, just enough Play your moving out of the country, minister whore psyops elsewhere.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A02 - Without You

While your perverts say all sorts of things toprove their invulnerable, belieiving they'll make me look foolish, their current line is Candice Delong is the biggest pervert in the country..

thta followed burger king boys description of how he and burger king girl boast about masturbating in front of children.

Glad you wanted to be in this Delong. the direct tie to the federal government. ANd this is what you inspire with your 10,000 contractors.. FBI: Help Wanted, Sex Predators.  It'll look good in the criminal reports, since it was your idea....Remember the NASA people in San Jose whose children were being attacked by lasers..? I  do... it's on the site. Your jurisdiction, Delong...

People will understand real cynicism when they view the video from CNN

11:29am Burger King boy just demonstrated the intelligence of the average FBI informant.. he say the FBI told him to keep on the pedophile subject becaus eit aggravates people th emost. Delong, when it's explained it's just a psyop, explain giving kids laser and dew burns and then try to explain it means nothing.. it only means nothing to you psychopaths. BTW all this harassment and the joy your contractors get from being perverts is illegal detention. When the day comes that the government formally announces its real new form of government, it'll be noisy, and I  will applaud the citizens of the United STates...  and even if I die inthe streets, Iwill be laughing at you

How the FBI attempts to incite violence as a pretext for arrest and murder... lots of peole injail will go free when this material is made public.

The Bible says God will defeat the anti-christ with their own devices and work... look down the road Delong, notice how ineffective these weapons actually are... profile that... the perverts want me to go into  some moralistic lecture.. no point with perverts like you, who are professional rapists, sex predators and pedophiles. That will be my actual assertion. Hate me all you want. the more you hate me, the more evidence I get.

11:43am We hate our  sheriff because he's such a fucked up pedophile rapist. Sheriff, that was Burger King Boy and his friends. Good luck explaining it sheriff. And as for al the death threats, and harrassment by your deputies.. all you've done is let thurston set you up for the fall.  He forecasted the MO, you carried it out... no honor among thieves.

Don Henley -  Dirty Laundry

12:13pm Tooth torture continues. "The thing we're proudest of most is being pedophile rapists"

1:28pm Illegal detention and torture. Yesterday, I was supposed to have sent an AKG monitor to UW because they're trying to figure out why Lynn is dizzy, and the monitor would show dew attacks. All sorts of delays kept me from that yesterday, including being told I was required to do certain things to minimize my trip s to town so the criminals would be left to their crimes.. ended up not going

The trophy hunters, Delong, when I refused to comply, then basically said, if you won't do what we want when we torture you, we'll torture Lynn, Her poem from Olbermann's write up will be the generic page added to all other quintessential pages.. as their results of what you do for a living. SO when Lynn cries out in pain and begs God to help her, as in the poem, remember it doesn't reflect on me..  you law enforcement people wanted me to think the worst of you, you've succeeded, but not the way you think. I have evidence. You have threats and crime and torture and everything else you claim to arrest people for.  

And my only real crime is quoting the Bible and the Constitution. 

8:11pm Finally ran the errands.. it was interesting as always, and of course certain people will always claim plausible deniability... didn't see any sheriffs today :}

Back in Maryland, I mentioned to Lynn how in theory it would be fun to have a programmable dog, so she bought me one.. not a great one, and Jess would attack it, so I never used it much or ever programmed it. It's a simple program, it barks and wags its tail, and supposedly you can teach it to come when you whistle and something else when you clap your hands..

Charlie's favorite "Satanic Ritual Abuse" game has been about walking the dog, alot with Lynn since her stroke, and of course, it ties into the Pastor Melissa Scott psyops, Jezebel, a woman and a town, and multiple references to that and dogs and coyotes and then linking back to the Kyra Phillips psyop...

Yesterday and today have been about perverts torturing me and telling me they won't stop until I do what they say. 

So I've been harassed and tortured since I came home, and then they tell me while torturing me to go finish the thing about Candice Delong, which is barely about her.... then supposedly telling me not to post it and not to do it and the only thing I can really say about it sis that I really am just reporting what's happened... It's like Olbermann, yeah I want Salisbury to make room and leave for  awhile, but as far as personal.. His case simply shows a complete cycle of how media people are introduced while others are messing with you with media mirroring.. a familiarity factor.. with Keith, he was supposedly defending the constitution when in fact the was parroting what politicians wanted you to believe, get outraged about, and then identify yourselves by posting to the web, writing emails or who knows what method they'll discover your political "magnet" to be. Magnet wars. (for the record, I don't even know if Salisbury is still in office). GW Bush said he was president of all the people, by law, he was. In practice, he only cared about "his own".

I was told the government was going to prove they could stop me from running for office, from ministry, from broadcasting.. everything they've done. Of course it's disappointing, but at the same time, since they've been doing that for so long, it simply made it possible for me to document it, I'm not withdrawing in any way, 

As for being Nazis, I know quite well that when the government wants someone to appear crazy and ignorable, they get people to call them Nazis. When you guys goaded me, I thought, okay, I can make the case. After all, with little investigation, I could make the case simply based on my own medical history.. before ever setting foot in Washington state. Ever. Every medical crime listed in the Nuremberg codes has been done to me.

My willingness to call you Nazis, especially the locals, is to wake you up and get you to realize that while it may seem funny, the truth is that the people making the illegal laws and giving you orders actually do believe in certain things the Nazis believed in, part of that is tyranny and fascism, and using people against each other, and eventually, the children, to tell on their parents.

Every level of your operations gives people  in a higher status, like THOTH of the Free Masons/Illuminati, Idumeans, Chaldeans and Sadducees, and yes it really DOES go that far back, gives the upper levels supposed plausible deniability, although only in their own delusions, because until a formal proclamation is made, and people are fully suppressed, the constitution of the United States stands. And I honestly believe that I am one of few people able to fully cause and explain separation of church and state. And that is important, because in my Christianity, even atheists are included. God and Jesus both said, if you follow the golden rule, you've fulfilled his real law. Being  a decent human being is more important than following a set of rules, and if you're being a decent human being, you're following the rule.

9:29pm And that rule is more important and inclusive than any commandments.

To Don Rumsfeld: Stress positions do work, but after a while, when the person in those positions has been there, and laughs at you...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 16 - Outrageous - Paul Simon

I'm thinking about reading the news tomorrow.  I just listened to the Paul Simon song, to see what it said.  I swear it was a random pick. Maybe God wants Rumsfeld.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - National Anthem

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said

Chicago - Harry Truman Weird. Truman was a fraud. Supposedly credited with saying "when the people are informed the make the right choices", as he misled so many of us all.

Bonus track...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Freddie Jackson - You Are My Lady

10/1/2001 10:32am This morning, instead of waking up to 'Fuck the United States - it's been about bragging about how the sheriff of mason county. and al the other sheriffs in Washington State, are pedophile rapists. So be it sheriffs, have a good laugh at how the perverts of the U.S. government are covering for you by making me look stupid, and then remember, at trial, we have a voice. Case closed.

Just remember delong

The best part is that every time your people use these word games, you identify your mo.

Have a good weekend Delong. Just remember that its a little late in the game to reverse 10 years of evidence. Take away  my evidence, I bet I have a convictable case on new evidence within 2 days, and the anecdotal of the missing evidence will end the case.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits -  No Milk Today

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B03 - First Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

I always wonder if these people in office and in law enforcement, if their spouses know what they do. Since they're so proud of being perverts, you'd think they'd tell people jokes about the torture and rape they do... I wonder how many spouses would reuse to testify against the other, given the circumstances and the children victims... and if their spouses are convicted of terrorism..

Sounds like some US Government perverts trying to scare themselves some more. Too bad th epolice don't take their advice like they give to people when they arrest them.. you should have thought of that before becoming rapists.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom

Coming soon: Devo - Through Bein' Cool , something about dong works for yuda.... MO Rooca, Dobbs. Nice touch on the Salisbury Olbermann connection I hear Olbermann was doing special broadcasts just for the locals... that's what they tell me..

11:16am I'm now being threatened on behalf of the atty general's office of Washington State. I don't know what you guys think this accomplishes, but to me, it's just more reports of threats by the government to silence me as you kill us. We Have A Voice

I often laugh at how women have been used to harass and torture me, as if to scare me that I would be publicly embarrassed for my focus on criminal women. Note the evidence - at least 90% men, and women being used as pawns... and they think it's empowerment. During the PMS psyop, I  wrote something one night while extremely zapped with psychotronics, and said I was a chauvinist :} Then tried to find that text, and could not.. I was going to change the wording. I meant to say, gentleman. And the real message was, back inthe late t6's and early 70;'s, guys who were gentlemen were often misunderstood and called chauvinists.. and that's the kind of chauvinist I was. otherwise, as I've previously stated, I think women have an incredible amount to offer, but not if they're trying to prove they're as tough as men. Women are much tougher than men. it's part of why I respect them. Strength and compassion. It' s what I was hoping for when I endorsed Pelosi for speaker of the House, time for female leadership... it was a difficult choice for me between her and Harold Ford... both of whom I thought were loyal citizens t the time... is she really Alioto's daughter?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter, Paul & Mary -  Blowing in the Wind


6:55pm Extreme tooth torture.. I canalways tell whenthurston and his friends are proving they're nothingbut criminals.. perverts pedophile rapists of the worst kind 

Theurston and his crew basically demanded that I work on the delong thing and thurston has a hard on for getting his write up online sicne he hasn't bene successful in getting me to writ eolbermnann's, and delong's isn't complet eeither but its important tha tit go on line so sinc ethe perverts are so inistent that it go on line to prove their crimes and sexual predator methds it'll be ther when I'm rady to put it online.

Today has been a basically wasted day due to torture.. they're purposely torturing me in front of Lynn to upset her, and thursotn apparently wants to  say he'll be glad whenthe day comes that delong faces capital charges' 

Thurston really has a thing for taunting his victims by telling them if he gets caught, he wants to face the death penalty. The idiot wants it all to be a one on one challenge of some sort.. not with me. But his foul mouth and brutality will apply to all involved. Anyway, I already told him

How much more proof will these idiots provide of their human and civil rights violations? Fuck the FBI

3 presidential elections... it's more than enough all by itself...  as the Govt perverts laugh

It'llbe onehell of  adental bil

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackie De Shannon -  Put A Little Love In Your Heart

By the way delong if you thought I'd think you'd rescue me fuck you. Your friends want me to remind you about psychotronics

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - 05 - Do What You Have To Do 

Imagine FBI agents, police and others being paid to tell themselves fuck you

Barack's representatives represented themselves well today.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Freda Payne - Band of Gold

I keep wondering how these people would explain it to their spouses... or their ministers...

7:29pm Torture continues. Extreme attempt to puncture tongue

11:00pm I can always tell that when people are doong a psyop on me, tha tthey ulterior motives for it. Another feeble attempt nby a profiler who designed a dialectic that will not get the 13 dentists off the hook, and wil count as another attempt to try to get me towrite this for one topic to use them against me on another legal matter. 

The 13 dentists combined conspired to to do me bodily harm, fraud, conspiracy to commit torture and torture. The audio, and the filing of my teeth ultimately are the pieces of evidence that wil matter most. ANd there's no excuse for what they did. THis si also an attempt to alter the testimony of  a witness and victim. 

When CNN did a major helter skelter on me withthe aid of James Taylor, CLive Davis Jack Welch and others, th epsyop became about how I couldn't prove anything. Even in 2003, I  knew the worst case for me was walking away, no charges, no mental record, nothing to hold me back. I'm gonna find the reasons on every level of this 20+ year psyop to be very interesting, the one from the Bush clan and Jimmy carter the most interesting of all.

Dobbs: Re Amen Brother. You're wrong.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 04 - Let There Be Music

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - TBD - 100 - In Love _lp

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Benson - TBD - 100 - On Broadway

The Delong piece will be online when I say it's ready, it will be online before it's complete, just as the Olbermann, Delong, PMS and other phony JW stories continue, and will not be written until I'm out of here, the materials are compiled, and the latest on their stories have presented themselves. 

I'm tired of the illegal depositions and interrogations Delong. I will include that in my criminal reports against the non invulnerables..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Temptations -  Papa was a Rolling Stone

Lou: It's like we really are going back to the beginning.. like Iching... every 10 rolls... Lou, tell Jack I won't quit, and since you all wasted my life, I'm gonna enjoy what Todd would call a Sunburst finish... and I won't pop...  you did.

Bill Cosby - The Difference Between Men and - Women

I wonder what this says....

10/2/2011 11:38am the way I can... This morning started with hearing Fuck the United Sates. A great way for the united states government to wake up its victims.

The rest of the morning has been spent getting m y teeth loosened, which ina vacuum law types like to do, when a crime relates to 10 other psyop crimes, and they want you to believe that psychotronics dews and rc can't be proven, and that a dental case like this can't be made without proving other factors, and that even if there were other factors, it still wouldn't disprove or prove purposeful assault. It would just increase the number of people convicted.

I'm glad. I'm laughing at how the government for some reason keeps wanting to turn this into me wanting money.. We Have A Voice.

I also got to hear a lot about the proud pedophile police of Washington state.. I hope you guys really like Thurston,,, I think he's most worried about how I'm going to cause a Hague investigation of the deaths of those 4 Lakewood Officers... sounds like a weed and seed operation to me...  everything about it sounds like that.. everything. Thurston's failed specialty.

It was interesting this morning when I was talking to  Lynn, and she described Candice Delong, or a similar person, sitting next to her on the plane.. you know the Peace Alliance/Baca event. I don't push her about these things. But she sure knew the face from inception.

Delong, for the last time, the more crimes committed, the more will be reported. However thank you for replicating the worst criminal feature about what happened at Waco, the FBI/ATF Committing a crime, and then creating  a pretext for murder, while blaming the victims. Your problem with me is any pretext you set will be so obviously ridiculous, it'll bring down the whole house of cards. And I want it to...

It  really is a shame the government and the police and FBI would want me tohave such a bad opinion of them. I won't say I would have wanted to be a police officer.. not the type, I would have gotten bored. But the truth is, when I offered my services as a remote viewer t the CIA for the purposes of National Security, I was actually hoping they'd take me up on my offer. Remember, long before any thoughts of much else, I watched the Today SHow, and thought the most likely best career for me was working as a research/whatever they call people who give opinions objectively, at the Rand think tank... Brzezinkski and international politics and global issues causing and preventing war...

So all you honest intel people out there, and police, keep in mind I'm objective, and it's a shame about your colleagues, but when they're throwing psyops at you all day, like you guys in intel gathering, you just take notes and keep the evidence and actionables separate from the inadmissible or wild assertions, which are not the same as what I'll say about the case of the little Jewish Boy. The mo is real.

As you can see, these people are still trying to get me to believe that most of what I say I can prove is anecdotal. Some is. Not much. Tell the intel leaders, you know, the politician brown noses, thank you very much for all your confessions, believing they would cause legality just because you say so. And listen to Thurston on the air sometime, and realize why the plan to use locals this way is so flawed. It got you.

Results are not anecdotal.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Morris Albert - For the Peace of All Mankind

The screwups are now torturing me to use my day amusing Delong with a trophy about herself. 

Meant to mention, extreme torture while trying to read my Bible, 11:35pm , and more supposed anecdotal that will greatly demonstrate another of Thurston's satanic specialties.. mo wise, I'd bet Delong taught it to them, given they said PMS came here herself to train them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Malo - Suavecito

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits -  Listen People

12:04pm Just posted, Burger King Boy and Girl told me they wanted me to state their reason for doing this is because I'm Jewish. That's a no win for them. 

2:56pm It's been a day of torture, as usual, and illegal detention. THe latest is the pride of the police for being pedophiles, Harry Holm and SUpercalc and supposedly Delong wanted to tak eno responsibiity fo rthe action sof her students, the terrorists who take their cues from the people on tv, like her.

Of course regardless of the torture thse people think relives dentists and doctors assaulting will get off.. it's all they seem to really care about right now.. and their biggest mistake torturing me about it..

THe real reason for this entry is to report even more illegal detention and attempts to destroy vehicles.. I went out, the tires on teh treiler.. one was nearly flat, all the others required air. THese tires never leaked until about 6 months after I bought it... then I videoed th camaro.. the drivers side tires were low, and since I took that video a couple hours ago, someone decided to trespass and lower the air in the passenger rear side.. while they think it's funny and proof they won't stop torturing us and trespassing, every minute I spend having to document it is nothing but proof of intentional illegal delay for the prpose of avoiding prosecution, and those charges will go against the locals all the way to Delong and Barack Obama. The ACLU  will have an easy time shutting down these lethal attacks against its own citizens, nationwide.

Oh yeah the pride of Burger King Girl.. she wants me to mention she thinks Lynn is a cunt and looks like a pig.

Their mo is the same as PMS, thrust on, Mason, thurston now wants to be called thrust on... figures, he's a sex predator... same mo as delong, CNN, MSNBC, NBC.. all the rest. try to make the victim look silly

Lynn's having lunch with the Executive Director of Grameen Foundation today, to find out  what else is being perpetrated against Muhammad Yunus. the charges against him now are so ridiculous.. Wait til the Hague hears of this meeting, who was there eavesdropping at Olympic Bakery, and the conspiracy against Lynn and Yunus being associated. 

Ted Turner.. what was it you were honoring Yunus for in New York when you ID'd and MO'd yourself with Results? Just another one of those projects with Turner...

I hope Delong has done Landmark or EST. Wouldn't that be a perfect tie in. Better yet, how many death squad and government people have done it. Someone's trying to set up the next thing they want to harrass me about. tHe landmark harassment is usually at around  2:30 Guess they needed to wait for \r lYnn to leave first... Nealry everyone at the New York event was a lankdmark or est graducate, formerly employed by Landmark, and then there's the CNN time Warner COnnection, and Atlanta....

So, now that wasted more time documenting felonies, and receiving the forward for this afternoon's torture.. let's see if I get anything done today.

For those who think delaying us like this is helping you, maybe Delong will be honest with you that every thing you people do that you think is mischief, or unproveable or unattributable to specific individuals.. alot of antenna heads are not gonna want to take responsibility fo rth eeasily proven threats against children that thurston jurisdiction is making on behalf of the aFBI, CNN, NBC and Obama. The threats against Lynn's granddaughter begin with CNN, then MSNBC now the FBI and Thurston. I'm sure Stew Webb can add some interesting details with his story.

Since htg eperverts want me to keep typing to make it supposedly harder for me to compile the actionable info I let them dictate this sentenece.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks -  You Were Meant For Me perfect match. and the victim wins

Weird that I talked about admiring the  Myagi Prefect, and it was where the damage first occurred when the nuclear reactors in Japan blew... HAARP.. Time Warner, Raytheon... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Out in the Country

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 15 - Outro

PS Overwhelming evidence is a synonym for irrefutable Finally, Delong, they're running the PMS psyop for you, and they want me to call you. Just had to track the pattern. Good  luck pedophile

3:36pm TOOTH TORTURE CONTINUES. The idiots want me to keep saying tooth torture as if it lets the dentiss off the hook. A few minutes ago, they were torturing me, and insisted I once again write that the thursotn county sheriffs dept is a bunch of jew hating nigger hating rapists. There si no wasy t disconnect the purposefyul assaults by the dentists, especially sinc ethe last visit to Ketcher's. And it IS connected to the police and the FBi.

Otherwise, I'd be outside working on the trailer, INSTEAD OF DEMONSTRATING HOW HESE PEOPLE HARASS AND TORTURE PEOPLE TO MQAKE THEM appear to be crazy. 10,000 emails Delong. Every poly will be considered an admission of guilt byme Delong and it will be asy to explain.

You may be able to torture most people into silence, and to legally  pursue the wrong things dELONG.   nEVER FOOLED ME.


3:58pm Attempt to break left ankle

5:52pm COntinuous torture continues. They're making a joke about continuous non stop music on the radio.. still, the reason for this is to point out these perverts claim the cnn psyop his time was to find out how much evidence I actually have on CNN, I have purposely not compiled evidence here because these people constantly try to alter what I write and write about, as evidenced on my websites, and thus, once again I point out, illegal interrogations under torture again on behalf of CNN and NBC... I assure you, Lou's loving every minute of it, and there are no such things as coincidences, Barbie.

The radio thing take sme backk to the day s of CNN 20/20 terror the sound of terror in the making. ANd th eother announcemen tBlitzer made tha I have no proof of, the making of a terrorist,

I can prove that's what the federal government with the media have been trying to do. A lot of people will get out of jail because of it. I'm sure AMy Goodman would make a great witness on the subject. BTW Amy, I take all their torture and psyops in stride, knowing there's a much more important thng than worrying about having to have oral surgery when the torture ends... But at least Busaca told nme that's what I'd need.. even though the only thing I wanted HIM to work on, was one loose tooth. After 12,000 dollars in prior work by Ketcher.. he wanted to redo all their work. So did Rose Bailey.. ANd guess who referred me to Busaca? Pete.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows

God tells good jokes :} God talks, I laugh

5:33pm The US Govt idiots have been, as they forecasted, torturing me regarding DObbs, Turner and Olbermann,a nd continually insisting ha tDelong is a pedophile Delong, I'll repeat, I know the psyop ploy, I know how badly you want to be able to claim that I'm writing a rambling paranoid hournal.. it won't work. And tell the perverts they are making it worse for you. But they sure are insistent upon me calling all police and law enforcement people pedophiles.  Delong, I only read a very small part of the Cho transcript.. the part about "how al you peopple have so much money  and still you want to treat people like me like a toy",, and I knew then he was a target, and with a few sentences and a couple headlines from CLG, I knew it even more. And yes Delong, Nova tried a sex trap on me that didn't work, engineered by Landmark.. And as usual, as with all the sex traps you set for me, it failed.

So Delong, how many traps will you set to prove you're a sex predator and a criminal, a true con man, nothing to offer bu tlies Remind your perverts their work to get me to write things is only going to cause them more charges, and it's not my fault, and their games of thinking they can not be prosecuted will surprise them all, and 

The next part was supposed to be quoting DObbs about revenge being served up cold. the way this is going, someone is working with CNN to determine everything I ever said about them, and find out if I have documentation. Let me remind you that the threats against Lynn's granddaughter, the assaults on my teeth, several death threats over years every time I go out of the house, and much more... including work to infiltrate churches and prevent me from talking to ministers and other Christians... I don't understand, after all these years, why you people bother.. I won't back down, I've done nothing to you people nor th eFBI or government or media that could ever justify this. Now if you want to think of this as standard victim talk, about your morality, wrong. It's simply a matter of law and fact. And there's  apart of me, FBI that makes me glad you're so intent on proving your criminality, backed by mother jones and lots more. This is not a waste of my weblog, it is illegal detention, and it is going to be clearly shown to be irrefutable.  Evidence is never too much. The perverts want me to add, the only thing I actually know about Charles Manson is what I saw on MSNBC. Many people came ot the same conclusions as I did. And why is the government so afraid to let anyone talk to him, that they'd pass a law to stop it?

7:29pm Thurston, Jr and Burger King Girl just put me through dinner, torturing and choking me along the way. the want me to say Chevron Way, as they continue to joke about torturing and raping people.... anyway, Jr insists his parents or grandparents or whoever they are across the street from THruston are proud Jehovah's Witnesses who love their pedophile child. I have no idea if he's related to them, and I see  no reason they're b eing brought up, other than the efforts of the Federal Govt and Thurston county to embarrass Jehovah's Witnesses. Whoever those people are, when it comes up, I believe (and hope) you are real Jehovah's Witnesses, and I'm sorry these people are going out of their way to embarrass you, and for your sakes, I hope you don't know this guy, and if you don't, I'll have evidence you can sue them with too. Besides, us Christians don't like governments trying to control churches by infiltrating the Kingdom Hall in Olympia.

Earlier today I was told I'd be called a womanizer for buying women I've liked over the years flowers... fine with me.

Oh yeah, more proof of someone else trying to influence what I write.. a moment ago they wanted me to criticize my mother... anyway, these people always try to "embarrass me" with the religious thing sI write, and they especially laugh at Auschwitz in America. Again, Delong and Thurston, which part of that should I be embarrassed about, there's a whole book there explaining it, and since you want to claim I'm just a crazy victim of a psyop... and Delong, I will hold you responsible for giving your badge to these people every bit as much as the cops directly involved. These people use your and Thurston's name all day long, and then I can tell when some adults or Thurston comes on... it's very different.. but I don't have to make the differentiation anymore... after the video of Thurston proving he was the perp, look at the weblog and the filth. Delong comes along, filth. Basic theme, pedophilia. The FBI and the US govt must be really hung on being pedophiles if they everyone else in the world can be made into them... I can't be Delong. But it's nice to know the FBI thinks it can claim whatever it wants, but only in psychotronics land.

Can't wait to see the pattern this dribble set up for your genius dialecticians.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael W Smith - Stand - 03 - Come To The Cross

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 08 - I Will Be Your Friend

Of course the perverts want to make sure nothing ends positively fuck the department of homeland security

Just remember DHS, your perverts, your MO.

8:05pm We love threatening little girls. Their cunts are so nice and moist and pretty.

It's not going to work Thurston, Mason and Delong. But you're doing  a great job of making the case against CNN and Obrien... and PMS. Including th ebiblical psyop about me suppsoedly walking away from Lynn after a stroke without a second thought. Satanists are not appreciated when you all constantly prove what Roy Moore said "This is a Godless nation"".

That's Judge ROy Moore to you perverts About the NAACP Thurston, why do you hate black people?

8:29pm Attempt to puncture tongue

8:43pm Attempt to puncture right cheek.

Good luck dentists Delong your perverts aren't as stupid as you thought.

FBI in was state, yes they are Glad he FBI likes pedophile games likes to pretend its games work.

For those reading this, this is typical stuf fthe government does to people when psyopping and torturing them. I'm just letting them get this into the record because they believe their crimes can't be proven. Again and Again. It won't work even if you are protecting Obama. He's just a citizen too. And btw, I know you're' actually protecting the COuncil on Foreign Relations and IMF, so have fun deluding yourselves DC idiots. And I'll keep making ntoes othe torture so th perverts can calim the dentists had nothing to do withthe torture. Wrong.

to take up more space, as if I need toremind the FBIand he THurston and Mason COunty Sheriffs, psychotronics

Burger king's gonna hate the shelton people The fucking idiots are dead I'm candice delong. Uday and Quday are our best friends.

This one is from me: They're your perverts Barack.

  And all they do is screw you all day long just for fun becaus ewere the sickedst fucks in the world and I don't mean maybe

Delong delonng delong delong delong.. 

Wha do ya think candice, are they stupid enough? to be employed by the fbi -

8:54pm this will, of course FBI, and State of Washington, be used as more proof of illegal detention, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other violations including freedom of the press, and attempted assassination of  a presidential candidate. Just wanted to be sure you guys knew I hadn't lost my objectivity and perspective like you desperate criminals have. However, using your goons to stop me from continuing to expose the FBI's involvement in all this won't help you. And that you're  awoman, good luck with the red letter edition your excuse will be enjoyed. I know yu thought it would make ME look bad.

9:01pm You'll never get to read the Bible again because we're tired of hearing it.

9:06pm 3 minutes o f attemting to break toes.

You don't know what pain is until

9:09pm Pretty stupid nurses in San Francisco. San Francisco nurses, fbi agent and former RN delong of San Francisco just voiced her opinion ofyou.

The gay peopel of san francsico are the stupidest ucks in the world. And according to Paul Begala, he'd agree. Someone's still reading the early 2002 transcripts of crossfire on CNN. Said the best way to get people to accept gays is to make fun of them and point out how silly they are (like charlies did when I first came to this area) Must be charlies turn to throw out the sick lines for mason COunty Sheriff. He said his wife made lots of shirts for hose gay people in Seattle.

I'm just letting them go on Delong. They're your perverts Pete told me that before we moved here, Charlie told people that Mike is a pedophile. What else Charlie?

Unoless they really try to impress the world with more bragging of pedophelia, thats it for now. FBI people in the country, blame Delong. Cops, blame Thurston. Weedand Seed, blame your brains.

9/3/2011 Wokr uphis morning th the FBI saying Fuck the United STtaes and then Fuck off and die.. the game seems tobe to get me to write all kinds of filth so the FBI and thruston can laugh, of course the y wanted me to say that al FBI people are pedophile rpaists, and they probably are... finally, the other game seems to be to supposedly make me afraid of Baca and all sorts of people withbadges... what a joke.. these guys tell me things all the time, rela thingsbaout crimes committed by these people, and then they think that I mention it I should be afraid. ths morning i  was otld there was  restraining against me from going toLos Angeles. I have no desire to go to Los Angeles. the real problem seems to be what they told me next:  Baca asn Marsha Clark are guilty of aiding and abetting terrorists. Baca. Thanks to the perverts, I have something tocharge you with. It osesn't make me afraid, it makes me concerned, and laugh.

Delong, if this is supposed to make me fell afraid tha all law enforcement and the entire government and the world is against, watch Kung Pow FIst... 

Dobbs said a ghandi line, firs tthey'll laugh at you, then they'll throw rocks a t your trailer and then you win... something like taht.. that's why I laugh at all of you.

The thing the FBI and other pervert organizations need to understand is that I never got into being a reporter or a politician a minister - for myself.. it's either what I did out of natural interest or citizen responsibility.. the idea that the entire united states government is against me, at this point, means I must be a really good person...  we'll leave it as simple as that.

By the way, what I will say, given you thought you jut covered yourself, is that if NBC the FBI and others hadn't prevented me from contacting people I'd have been in Los ANgeles as a witness for a trial that would not have taken place if the FBI and Los Angeles and others hadn't stopped me,...that's obstruction o fjustice.. that won't change in my reports to the Hague.

Lets finis and make an example of your word games this way: true I have no personal desire to be in Los Angeles. However ,for the sake of justice, I have legitimate reason to be there and the government is guilty of obstruction. that I don't want to go to Los Angeles is irrelevant to the fact that justice has been obstructed, and I have always been more  than happy to help justice. What this does end up telling me is Los Angeles is purposefully assisting in obstruction, and its likely they're also paranoid about having used dews on me when I  lived down there.

Make a note: al the filth on y site came with he ID'ing of Pastor Melissa Scott, Thurston, and Delong. That's the simplest case to  make of all against law enforcement. ANd it doesn't scare me to say so, I laugh at you for your sloppy work. And for being made patsies to those above you giving orders.. your problem is, you took orders, carried them out knowing full well they were illegal. the biggest taunt you people do to victims is remind them that what they do is illegal, and no one will ever stop them.


Another pattern: Thurston gets upset when Iread the bible not because I  read  the bible, but because it exposes the US govt using the Bible to murder christians.. By reading the bible, i discover their crimes

Night before last,such bad torture I stopped

Lastnight: 10:12 pm thruston torturing me to stop me from reading bible. He calls it breaking my connection with God, and that's been his line since over a year ago when he iD's himself  . 10:13om attempt to puncture tongue whiler eading bible. ANd then the part he wanted to stop me from gettingto: one of the insults of PMS's sermons at that time related to my supposed incapacitation leading to fewer showers, no haircuts becuase of assaults intended to cover my ear scars leading me to have ong hair, which I hate..

Nd thenwhat he didn't want me toread: 1st Corinthians 15:47  earthy

Here's what this dialectic was for  him: this word game: he wanted me to have to point out once again that I don't have all the videos of PMS, so all this filth this morning was a distraction to get me to have to claim I don't have evidence of these sermons... the problem is, he and his friends had them erased with 148 more hours of evidence... and tell to the phony  PMS brother in Olympia, all I have to do is  prove a psyop.. and thanks for wrecking the gas can. ANd thanks for the handwriting sample. Tell your sister I hope the picture I have of EM IS your sister, that would take the evidence against the phony Jehovah's witnesses back to 1987,and the Lutheran Church.

You guys, you think your verbal games get you ff the hook. It's like  DIna/Brenda... 3  years ago she worked me before I knew the churches were working people. You locals thnk you're so important, all you are is evidence, and I really believe more than ever that whoever decided to have you guys id yourselves, like the PMS brother, before torturing people, they knew this was a lost cause, and decided to make sure you guys took the fall . You will, but they didn't fool or distract me.. Delong, you're just evidence.

You've wasted enough time and space today. There's an idiot in an airplane who hasn't heard of dopler, and insistes on being mentioned. 12:07

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Morris Albert - For the Peace of All Mankind

You idiots better remember that everyday I have to wake up to verbal filth and wee play these dialectics of yours that convict, not get y ou off the hook as you'd like... it's illegal detention.  And these psychotronics games - this is not court, and your opinions don't matter anyway when it comes to justice, because YOU are the  criminals. Not judges, an obviously, know nothing about real law.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - In Love 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

Oh no anger. I must be suicide killer oh no. What a joke you are delong.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B04 - If and Any Day

12:47pm Burger King Girl has a real thing for calling women names, especially the word cunt. She expects me to beleive that Delong has nothing to do with this. ANd then immediately says "We ARE pedophiles and WE ARE threatening Lynn's granddaughter".. very consistent with Thurston an FBI, and she's primarily Thurston and masons "protector"... and apparently according to her words, wants to be just like Delong. What a joke. Katherine Ketcher is the latest person Burger King Girl wants to call a cunt.. and it doesn't let anyone off of anything, and especially the FBI. These locals only mimic what the police and hte FBI do.. they think it gives them permission to break the law like the authorities do.

Mason COunty Sheriff, thanks for showing me that what they weed and seed does is backed by the sheriff. APparently Shelton police feel like they blew it the other dya and want to make sure  I think this is going to cause some new threat from the sheriff.

Do any of you idiots se the pattern of your torture dictation? And thus, the perfect example of how Thurston and the FBI cause pretexts to  kill people. Just not this time. And  alot of people will get out of jial becuas eof your consistent stupidity Stan Mueller... what a joke. I wonder whose phone number you left.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roberta Flack - Feel Like Making Love

God loves to make jokes about prostitutes and Nazis.

Thanks for additional evidence of torture and illegal detention.

1:53pm Illegal detention, illegal deposition, illegal interrogation, torture to cause me to write things as they torture me to caus eme to syupposedly exonerate people. The Ketcher/Blitzer psyops had the exact same setup.. get me tosay they're the least criminal, and then they run anotehr scam on me, suppsoedly to traumatixe me.

All I have to say to exonerate Ketcher's is tha tthe last appoitnment at their office was as the patient of Katherine Ketcher, and they lied about what needed to be done, were stupid enough to flat out lie, I'll say in court thye knew I was recording which was another attmept to claim nmy tooth problems were supposedly because of root planing and periodontal disease, just as Hackney told me "we're not going to do any work on them (your teeth) until we see how many others fall out. At that, I went to Ketchers, I had a  slightly loose tooth causing pain, affecting nerves in my foot, they were aware, put on phony just like Edwards did when Ketchers went to the grand canyon for Christmas... ANd I don'tknow why th eFNBI and thurston believ ethis exonerates them or Edwards in any way. 

I know he FBI wants to waste my time and enjoys  torturing me, but your problem is, regardless of your verbal dialectivs and your blitzer/ketcher mo's, the truth is not in you r favor. ANd everytime you play a verbal dialectic to cause me to write things in this weblog, the pattern is a verbal dialectic, requiring explanation of th edialectic, and why it'll be easy to stick to the truth, and wy you've made fools of yourselves.

Thanks for wasting my time som e mor e repeating things that were written long ago, as somoen is still, clearly, reading my materials to try to get a flw in my reports.. and there are none or few, because when you report things as they occur, and its a psyop with a surprise ending the surprise ending is the proof  of a psyop. Your takin gadvantage of me as a reporter and victim is your biggest mistake.

Delong, your friend have been trying to make me pop since because Michael Jackson was murdered. It doesn't work, and your attmept to get me to day that even if I did, what good would it do.. even that verbal dialectic you think you just trapped is more proof of law enforcement setting up suicide by cop. You're not smart Delong. But I do have lots of stories that I told during the PMS psyop.. hoax.. that I will stand by in court, and don't play me about OBrien,.. because it's not funny and your threats against Lynn and her granddaughter will be shown to be real, and that they began with CNN. Your phony minister game will be met with a question: if the FBI suspected me of something, why didn't they talk to me, and why did they use covert means... Got sommething to hide Delong?

Delong, I repeat, I don't care about you or any of hte other individuals involved, you're just perps, evidence, thanks for the arrogance that will convict you.

3:50pm torture continues. Had a little more about Ketchers. Just  afew minutes ago, Burger King bo was workingme to impress upon me how they have th eweapons and that makes them better people, and how the entire FBI is a bunch of pedophiles. I can always tell when thurston comes on becaus eits always about how corrupt the police in Washington STate are, he convinced me long ago, and a bunch of jokes about howthey'll prove I'm obsessed with tv people like DObbs, he problem, is, every time they claim to have somehting baout what I did to prove my obsession, it ends up proving that the tv people give signals, the locals know the psyop is in place and ready, and then, lovin  every minte of it, the locals and the police carry it out with the Federal Govt. Again, this was supposed to scare me by making me afraid becauset he "whole world is out to get me". There was a time I talke about being a quarterback and giving audibles at the line. Thank you Delong for letting me know where you're at on reading the thing stha taren't online, maybe are, and that you're working so hard to vindicate CNN.

GW Bush forecasted it: statements on tv triggering actions by terrorist cells in the field. ANd these idiots still think they'll get away with it.

The idiots were just suggesting, wouldn't it be funny to file charges at the fBI in San Francisco regarding the infiltration of churches, supposedly something the Federal Government would have to pursue. The problem is they already know about it, second, I would not have to surrender any evidence, and third, why would I turn that over to them, why would it be funny, and it slike thruston  and you people are the obsessed. thanks for proving you have been illegally detaining me all day with torture.

Delong, this thingabout finding out who would hope upon hope for will never work. I'm just not that way. Never was. And your additional attempt s to scare me with the last paragraph acknowledging the whole damned govt is out to get me.. :} give it up. Inception is not that simple when you try to talk someone into whatever it really is you had in mind. It failed. So now they're saying I know all about inception, and I'm just a brainwasher. Thanks again for the psyop demo. And this also constitutes proof of how I'm detained, and how the governemtn attempts to alter the testimony of witnesses and victims. Every time Delong.. and Delong, when you put your badge on it... just like Thurston.. and RIpp.. let's not ever let Mason county think I forgot them

The juries will

Alot of talk about Baca today

Since I'm here I decide to let the goons show how they go from subject to subject.... 

5:45pm I should have known there was a reason the sickos wanted to bring up the 148 hours of video they had erased.. evidence against dozens of people... a minute ago, they were bragging to me about how they tortured me all day, got nothing done, and that the letter I needed to write on behalf of Lynn to end a conspiracy to threaten Lynn with hundreds of dollars of charges for suppsoedly not retuning the dvr, which by contract is her possession. I'm sure thurston, as he did yesterday, will attempt to have Lynn record thing sover the deleted material, which CAN be undeleted later, especially in a town like San Francisco. Another demonstration of how these perps manipulate and destroy people's lives. Many thanks though, to the DISH installer who Id'sd himself the day before all this became an issue. The phone calls from the phony dishtv reps harassing her will be followed up.

Thurston and Burger King Girl along with Burger King boy continue to persist in thing sthat will convict them and everyone they were supposedly protecting.. and by the way SHelton police, they're very proud of how you used that thing on the truck in the parking lot.. it does indeed give a perfect example of how th eone tooth is being used to extract the other thru torture, and the filing done at ketcher's is what makes it so possible. The ketcher's will not be off the hook, not will any of th e others. That psyop and dialectic is useless. ANother documentation of fraud, conspiracy to destroy evidence.. great cops inwashington state Thurston never gives up proving he's trying to set it up to make it appear that I hate police. He must.

4:55 and 6:02pm attempts to puncture my tongue.

6:33pm More threats and taunts about the corru[pt justice system of washington state. Iwas just threatened again withthe use ofa grand jury to force me tostay in this state, and I said I wouldn't cooperate, they said you'd go to jail and we'd win, Isaid, go ahead and convict carville of conspiracy to use the government to illegally detain victims and witnesses fo rpolitical purposes.

Whoever's going thorugh all this stuff for CNN and illegally interrogating me, I hope you destroy all the transcripts and video, like DObbs did right after the Iraq war began, I  relaly don't know what Ihave and purposely made sure I  didn't so that at some point, you'd have tried to cover up the worst, and like Matins and Vespers, I'd accidentally run across the evidence one day.. as I frequently do whenthe FBI and Cops get jme to look thru my computer, and end up watching me find evidence of  more crimes I wasn't aware of before.

After a certian point, Imade copies of every transcript for crossfire, live from and maybe dobbs that I could get.. only they had plenty of time to alter them befor ei did that.. but given that I was so attacked by dews I could barely function as I downloaded transcript after transcript... I know they hadn't gotten rid of it all, probably just n case teir part of the psyop wasn't over, and they didn't alter them ten becauseit iould have raised suspicion had I noticed It's like a couple videotapes I have of important things.. I don't which video tape they're on, and purposely buried them in my video collection of probably hundreds of videos to make sure no one could figure out which one it was.. cause it's just one tape... microwave, and invitation to go to CNN via the Larry King show.... scroll.. in 15 minutes, you'll be receiving an email......

Someone thought I took all my videos to LA to entertain people. I did it to make sure I had that video with me. I took th ealnbums to sell, and to share wiith aminister while talking about  God's plans.. after all she said something about turntables. Just cause I can' prove she said that, idiot, is no concern to me,.. ALl I have to prove is  that there was a psyop. Everytime you ask me about something I cna't prove, I'll just feel very satisfied (thurston's line) that when we get to what's important, you'll wish you hadn't. Smae with the stuff you wnat to waste poeple's time with in this weblog. By torturing me/  MO

7:03pm Thurston's now trying to torture me and tell me I  HAVE TO post some things I wrot about during the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop. Since she was a minister, and their materials said she had previously been a porn start, I said anyone criticizing her about her previous profession since changing her life would have to go through me.. FOr some reason, thurston thinks this would be embarrassing for me. 

Unfortunately for him, I was never a porn star, and the idiot keeps trying to circumvent legal procedure for trials by - as they do with children on myspace and facebook - to supposedly get me to admit things so they can silence me later.

In the process of this, since Thurston thinks brutality is the answer to everything, another repeat is his use of the word motherfucker, which jr picked up  awhile back when thurston was teaching him to be a pervert... that word came into play via Chris Matthews HBO an dthen tleling me large number of crimes committed against me as I was trying to mount (thruston) a presidential campaign... mo.. and it's not anxiety.. yo sickos always forget evidence... SO the on;y thing thurston got me to admit her eis that he's been involved inthe PMS psyop for years, as has bene delong, and the only thing she can think to emabrrass me about, since she'll be know n as a pedophile, is that I defeneded someone who decided to straighten their live nad serve God. of COurse know Delong nad hte phony minister were psyoppingme, although I played the situation every possible way.. played is thruston's word, I interacted with someone claiming to be a minister, working the FBI to set me up to supposedly publicly humiliate myself. thus Barack's confession, and since they want me to ramble, ends up proving Hillary CLinton was in on a conspiracy to front Obama as Jesus in the Second COming, when she said "his name will be blessedd amongst the nations", and thus, how the CFR is psyopping ministers to the CFR. 

Finally, the end resul tof the PMS psyop - how the US governemnt uses phon yministers - many of them - to get people to donate their money, and be failed bu God becaus ethe end times financial insurance package didn't work, or they didn't get $100 from Murdock (they want me to mention Mike Murdoch cause I told murdoch some things befor eI knew my wife was a psyop against me by Exxon.. anyway, that's an MO, to get me to write things and then afterward, I find out that things weren't innocent it was a setup to supposedly get me to say a certian person or company was ok, only to find out right afterward they were criminals attempting to alter the testimony of victims and witnesses.

Now Thurston, end of this verbal dialectic.. don't bother saying that there are things i don't know that will vindicate you and hundreds others. So many crimes, somuch evidence, here's no way you'll wiggle out of this one (that by itself was someoneletting me know again they'r ereading about when Iwrote about playing football.)

the previous was, all in all (from the bible last night) an example of how before, Iwas unknowingly being set up so they could claim that I' not christ, that I'm just a psyop victim, and they even want to claim they wrote for the love of the world.. there's a reason why the chapters are incomplete.. it wasn't what Thurston, delong and th eporn starwanted me to write Ijus got tortured for putting their influence in red. ANd tha's how they think they get away with it all.

I already told them t- this is for van DYke, who claimed I was going around telling everybody I was Jesus, which isn't true... never once. Van Dyk...  never once van Dyke.Thanks for including yourself in the torture log.

I really don't want to be writing all this garbage.. it's just a desperate cop, fbi agent and others who think they cna trip me up.. this is an illegal interrogation under torture, and an attept to alter evidence. Good luck cops. WHo needs people like you? And please Thurston, your wet dream, claim I jsut threatened you. That would be your style

A porn star and a pedophile fbi agent working together 

Wait til I file charges and civil suits against the fbi and washington state for that last set of paragraphs.

MAtins & Vespers, Barack' confession - Humiliate and Exterminate.. thanks Thurston and Mason counties for convicting Barack.

Thurston and Jr just said " fuck off and die you motherfucker. Like I said, Thurston's mo.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 09 - Spirit Voices - Paul Simon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 08 - I Will Be Your Friend

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A01 - Heartless

8:03pm Thurston and his friends - there's one guy claiming he was the phony guy takingpictures for Bank of  America - they say they're going to publicly humiliate me for defending the rights and dignity of Native Americans. One more aspect of the racism in the State of Washington. WHy should I be embarrassed for supporting treaties agreed to by the US Government?

8:17pm Illegal interrogation under torture. New person. Typical torture him then have sober sounding person question - good cop bad cop Current topic chalries cell phone Cant wait to hear what lies he tells

8:18 attempt to break toes

8:22pm Just hear a car door slam in the fron tyeard.. standard mo.. get lynn in her bedroom, zap her, get me in my room, torture me while they do damage. Well see what the damage is in the morning.

Cant wait to hear the ason County sheriff excuse for reading about so any crimes and doing nothing bu paricpate in them.

Charlie's just continuing ythurston's threat to use illegla actions to secure evidence nad detain me

If anyone think si think all this is fun and not illegal detention and torture, understand, these guys are frustrated and desperate, they know i have th eevidence to suport my claims, and I'm just lettin gthem prove their criminality since I can't do anything else productive or requiring -mental acuity - thruton's favorite when he tortures me - or requiring the ability to concentrate.. Delong I let that go just to make the point of how you try to influence what I say to match your profile. It's  a little late, and I dare you to run a power saw while people are torturing you, as if you'r enot aware. Nice try though.

Delong, how are you gonna cover the part about Biblical psyops, the story of Jezebel and the real ending, and the biblical jokes, like Bread of the Presence and throwing rocks at the trailer, killing y dog, giving Lynn a stroke... what will you say to prove to them it was just a psyop, and funny? 

There's  atribe in S Africa that will likely go extinct becaus e of what you people did to Lynn, Delong... I know Clinton and the corporate banks didn't like her becaus eshe offered no or little interest on the minute loans to students... but to murder an entire tribe.

When we were there in  2005, a friend offered us a property tha twas beautiful.. even had a pond.. great location. If I'd had the money, I thought, I might buy it, and continue to do work there while doing the farm.. One problem, a native, a "witch doctor" claimed he owned the land and that the government took to from them, and it actually did and was supposed to have returned it to them, and never did. SO som ewhite people bought it, and were harrassed.  ANd you  know what, Iwouldn't have bought it because I knew the guy was telling the truth, and if I'd stayed there, I'd have helped him get it back, even though he did puncture two of our tires.

Now.. the guy said he hated native Americans. They've been flattening my tires for the last few days.. the note from the Stan Mueller guy was on a receipt from Kamilche.. so i f my tires are flat tomorrow, I won't be blaming the native americans like that guy wanted.. but charlie.. nice dialectic.. as always, they bite you Rememebr the piles ofdog dew like they use to start grass fires in africa still charlie

Please note additional locals involved, id's or not,, whatever you do goes on the police, FBI, CFR and Obama acct.

Delong, I'm a little tired of playing verbal computer games with you.. your badge.. please remember I don't consider his fun, and I will succeed since it would be hard not to given the inept attempts to shape this for your  profile.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 04 - Buy This American Car

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart -  People get Ready

I was just thinking of asking Delong if she liked music. THen if her husband likes music, I  presume she's married. And then I got this picture of  a woman in aroom listening to music, and her husband wondering who she's having the affair with, trying to figure out what the victim means when he plays those great instrumentals....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Mauriat - Love is Blue

9:58pm Burger King Girl is breaking in someone new, I think it's the phony B of A guy...  and he really sees to hate native Americans. And no I' not going into any diatribes, just taking notes on the perps and suspects.

10:04pm attempt to break toes.Thurston just came on.Notthe same guy as jsut a oment ago. Says he's going tobreak all m toesto prove he's

Jimmy crack toes... I find this intereting, al these odd remarks and jokes about torturing me.. and idiots who don't understand psychotronics is not a secret.

So delong, tohe lo with your frpoiling fuck you to hell

So Delong, the bottom line is simple: the US govt failed, too many crimes, too mch evidence. There's no realway for you people to overcome the crimes you've committed. Tel the locals how many years they'll spend in prison for following your orders. I'm tired of your games, and the attempts to make your crimes appear as mine.

and she said go tohell you fucking.. and then I started totype and it stopped. Go to fucking goddamned hell WOuldn't expect anything else from a satanist and FBI failure..

Your badge, Delong. ANd delong, your name is in here becaude you perverts think usdingyour badge as cover is fun, and I know uyou are on this psyop.

The death penalty is too good for you

Your friends speak the turht all typos are caused by torture delong, and it will be held against the dentists too. RIco. Conspiracy. first 5 minutes of the missing. Try it for 5 years delong. While the dentists laugh

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - TBD - 100 - In Love _lp 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God REM - TBD - 100 - Losing My Religion 

Good. BTW Delong, check it out. Before the attacks, I didn't need a spell checker. Rare mistakes. ANd the dobbs emails, progression of psyops, documentation of psyops.... Tonight Lynn finally acknowledge that Thurston and Mason are trying to kill her, without my prompting. Thurston started her in on it, to  start a fight, but she realized the truth, he likes to hurt her and make her depressed, but she realized, even the reasons.. and it started before she was 18, Thurston the pedophile. She's got a niece, under 18, in Seattle, hearing voices. Pedophiles. That girls's mother commit suicide not long ago, leaving two other orphans.

Tell your boss how proud you are, and why the Pelosi guy will end up free even if convicted... 

I am not arrogant.. I AM confident. 10 years on this case Delong, and even the FBI couldn't beat me. There's a  reason. You're criminals, I'm not... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God J Geils Band - TBD - 100 - Must of Got Lost

Now, about investigating SHelton High School for weed and seed teachers and recruiting minors....  

Reporter, Minister, Poltician, in order of appearance. 

10:27pm Just finished posting these peopel have a list of sick things to say to keep me awake, knowingI'm quite willing to stand up in court with 100 other witnesses who'll say he government says the same sick stuff to the... 

Thats right chucky we killedherbecaus eshe was irresponsible byhavingmore than 2 children.

THe kind of stuff Delong's people tell people all day as lame excuses for totruturing them.

That's right chucks cause this is the way we get peopel to write ramling weblogs.

10:53pm Attempt to puncture tongue. A few minutes ago, told I wouldn'tbe allowed to read  the Bible

9/4/2011 2:42amm Delong, they tell e I'm playing into yur hands right now, good.. JUst  good luck denyng psyhcotronics.. they want me to post someof the last 3 hours of audio made ofthem torturing me. so I'm going togive you some tomorrow, and then I dare you to say the dentists are off the hook, sinc eagood dela of the verbal things are about Ketchers, I realy hop you and yourtrainess enjoy this,andthat you come up with some idiot retex tfo rarresting mesoI can prove how cowardly you fbi and sheriffs in Washington state are,ANd deny psychotroncis becuas ethis torture I' suffering at this momnent is being recorded. Deny psychotronics. 37 and378 delng, over 3 hours of trtre dont forget yor denbntists filed down my teeth and they cant deny THAT.

Typos due to torture  ore than 400 audio, you'll love em thruston says hell' subpoena them all . Please do. Every one ofthem records your crimes. I'll begalad to cut you a cd, if you ghave the guts to face me, and on it you;; hear lynn screaming in pain 2 christmases in a row delong, you and Baca ought to enjoyhearing that.

4:50am No sleep at all. Ask Rumsfeld delong hell tell you sleep deprivations doesn't work on me

Prinary topic: a cover up for the ketchers, adn all you people do is rove conspiracy to commit torture. I' still being tortured now, the fire alarms startd chirping around 4a, th eusual time the locla make shis rounds and shoots the house with dews to let me know he's ther... he wke Lynn up, who was disoriented nad nearly fell. My ankle is about 50% strained muscles and ligaments and Ihave the entire night oftorture onaudio.

My neck is injured, and Delong, thanks once again foryour perverts creatingmore evidence agains tyou and your boss. And - I'm now being hit with the sex stimulation device.. thanks Dleong, I know you'r estruggling tomake your case, but Delong, Icn prove these devices and methods work, and after sleep deprivation andtorture al night, you'r egonna make rela points with everyonewhenthey learn how you operate. All this stuf fto set up a profile.. i's like thurston, he realized his first attempt failed, filled the page with filth, and of course, Ihad to make a new page,as if the last 10 years never happened, and the other 1200-1500 page sneve existed. the filth only happens whenyou an thurston anpeople like all 9 or 10 of the melissa scotts got to work on me . It's a  clear pattern, good luck. Remmenber, youhave otcharge,theree will be hearings and trials, and it willend up in international charges against the FBI,, DHS as a whole, and the US govt as a whole. SO keep laughing, know the rest of the world's govt'sknow about psychotronics, and I'm very clear what they need toto sopthe US global use of them, is my case.

ANd just rememebr too, every minute I'm forced to waste my time recording your crimes is illegal detention in the state of washington....

One last thing: Thurston thinks if he does the thing of saying "even if I did pop I have enough evidence.. it's not gonna work with me delong... the only pop I'm gonna have is the day i file charges, an then I'll pop with pride and joy and joy for the loyal citizens of this nation, and cheer for the incarceration of sex predators like you. And that case I can make as well...

If Jonathan Klein turns out to be FBI or law enforcement, then CNN and TIme Warner are cornered. He didn't go off the air that day.

5:10am I'm getting harrassed and tortured about the sex remark. One name, delong, Susan Saylor, the thing that will get you and Thurston put in jail for  along time, and a bunch of his victims will be wealthy.  It'll be my gift to Sna Diego for their gang-stalking dept. ANd will prove what a sex pervert Thurston really is. Thurston, as your DA what he thinks about defending that..... weed and seed making people unconscious and selling their victims for sex. San Diego and Detroit.. What DOes Susan Saylor, David Letterman, New Mexico, Detroit and others have in common.. NBC. Guess what delong, before they put you on as a PMS look alike, Brittany and Melissa tried to con me too, and THAT Melissa was on Olbermann the next night... Every time you people try to claim you have me for weird things, i got a million of 'em. what topic would you like to hear one on, Thurston? How bout a cop who claims someone is a pedophile for  calling the police when a child is being molested, and the police say they're too busy to send a car.... ask Thurston how come he knew why they didn't come when I made the call. .I couldn't rememebr, they were too busy, he rememebred afer hassling me about it for weeks, and a woman in Kirkland hassled me about it too..  she goes by th enae of Ass Wipe Girl... worked at NAPA one day when I was treated badly and never went back.. had a nice 

So anyway, delong, that should give you a  taste of what  I can tell whenever you guys want to call ME weird and mentally ill.

Here's the real bottom line, Delong, I have the goods on all these people and corporations.. and the only person you'll need to defend is you. ANd publicly humiliate me all you want. Prove Barack's confession.. and I will, btw, assert many things the FBI, CIA local police and others have used me for - psychotronics - to bust real criminals, and then i'll ask, why did they also try to make it appear I was a criminal too, and then, why didn't you tell e you had me wired, I would have volunteered to bust those people. It's the same as my serious statement about volunteering for the CIA if it was really for national security. REALLY for national security. The problem is Delong, as I know and you probably wonder, they might have taken me up on my offer, and you'll be the CIA's first bust. There actually ARE honest people in intel. No matter how much you torture me, I always keep that in mind, as well as remembering I have no trouble sending real criminals and corrupt public officials to jail.. the torture makes that part easier.

The other things I keep in mind are blurts. including when this first began.. and that's a clue to ME that there were some people using me to bust people  like you. That's why I keep reminding Salisbury about reserving that cell for my private use.. }}} There is a Salisbury, isn't there? Yes t IS part of why I have such a positive attitude. Good thing I'm not the son of man, nobody would help me. :}:} I am,,however christ.

Just wanted to keep you thinking :} Ever heard of Miracle on 34th Street. I loved on 34th avenue once,, pleasure point and I survived it too.... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Henry Mancini -  Pink Panther Theme

I swear that was a random pick. Also one of my dad's favorite movies....  
and part of why I look in the back set of  my car when it's dark at night... Delong's probably too young for that one, ask Olbermann... ever watch Hitchcock?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 08 - What I Need 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who -  Laughing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God War - Best of War - 03 - Cisco Kid

San Diego, you know, Pete Wilson, the VA hospital in the shape of a swastika........

6:25a No sleep. Torture continues. Attempt to puncture tongue. PS Thurston, I hear you guys are at Disneyland this weekend... I wonder what the marquis guy says about the theater signs....

6:49am The following is what happens when you keep chuck awake al night torturing him...

Accidentally came across this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stan Freberg -  St George & the Dragonet

and by request

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Baltimore DJ - The Man Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Baltimore DJ- The Woman Song

And so Delong can tell her boss I'mabout to pop.. you know how some people exaggerate...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Devo - Through Being Cool

7:28am  Dedicated to my friends at Kamilche, and the Police who profiled their customers. And to the Washington State Supreme Court, that proved what they did is illegal. Profiling.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cheech & Chong - Let's Make A New Dope Deal - Bloat On

I like to have it my way....... check the lyrics.. and the bloat on gas and belches, relates to an email I got from victims about how perverts like Burger King Boy like to play with people and their genitals and urination habits.

7:35am I was just remembering how the last time I was kept up all night and hassled and harassed was the 2008 DNC convention, and around 4am, I  explained how Hillary and presidents and congress people. when they attend a convention, they are private citizens, and do not have congressional protections and executive privilege.... ANd that's why the recordings I made of their Aesopian attacks on me were criminal... no matter what...

3:08pm Slept for about 3 hrs, up  around 2:00 or so.. alot of work is going in to keepinmg lYnna d I from seeing each other, and it concerns me tha tsince delong is basically running th e PMS psyop again, and charlie loves the biblical jokes so much, that when I go  to the living room, suddenly she's in extreme pain and goes to bed...  I got ot my room, she gets up. Same scenario, same murder scheme.. Delong... she asked me to help her cut her nails becaus ethe're breakingand chipping. like someone suffering from dews. my nailsaren't quite that bad.

Went outside to see if there was damage.. for all those who though ti was nuts for claiming charlie - actually for over a year - tortures me when I try to urinate so he can prove to me he controls my life like the "programmable dog" - biblical non-joke Jezebel context...  anyway, went out and videos new places where people must crouch in the grass to watch us.. one pplace was right outside my bedroom, where I heard my aluminum pipes for the sails for the sailboat I was going tobuild, I heard them clank the other night when I mentioned. sure eoguhj, the grass was irregular like somebody standing in it outside my bedroom and bathroom. Took some similar video of paths where i saw someone run by the back deck the other night, after the BofA guy mo'd and ID's himself, I think he's from Lew Rents...  had the garage door open, he took a picture, and said this is perfect. Ifigured it was for the supposed weed and seed property sale after their victims leave.... Sauget Charlie, and they weren't a meth lab, Charlie.....

So I come back into my room, put the camera away, and charlie says (probably a ie, probably him) that the indents in the grass outside my bathroom are from Burger King Girl and Junior playing with their camera to see if they could get a picture... Charlie worked on the water system a while back, claims I didn't pay him, I kept telling him to give me a bill. then found out he stole the anti-freeze water pump faucet that was attached before.. got that back from him.. but it looks like maybe he re-routed the water coming into the house a different way than designed or intended. I could be wrong about the last part, I'l l have to check old video to be sure... 

So, Delong, call me crazy, people outside my bathroom... growing up in the country, you learn certain tracking skills, and observe animal tracks and other clues... they keep bugging me about Fuhrman, I don't know why, maybe it's guy in Seattle from LA who has a guilty conscience.. the Fuhrman part now referring to no one reporting scuffs in the foliage behind Kato's cottage....

Furhman's in my spellchecker, Bill. Oh yeah, Bill there's a big push onto call you  a Nazi... might want tocall the MSNBC guys before they tell me things you don't want people to hear. I don't want to hear it... 

Wait til I tell the stories about Miles Obrien in court, and tell them that among other things, like I explained to the phony Pastor Melissa Scott, how you guys are so perverted you set up your own kids as targets.. did you know the US govt uses your kid as bait, Bill? Does that make ya feel good, Bill? Anytime you want the story Bill, I don't want to work at Microsoft, still,  but I'd be glad to share how the US govt is a threat to your son, especially the Thurston county sheriff. It's weird, Bill ,they keep wanting me to make you out the bad guy. Maybe you are Thurston really disgusts me. But if anyone's threatened your  jr, I have leads about weed and seed people setting it up.... 

Matins and Vespers.. I hear you probably read that in church Bill, when you were a  kid... Anyway, it's like the Fuhrman thing, I may not be a fan, but I don't like people who  set other people up. And Mark, I'm talking about the US government.... Delong, San Francisco... they think they're gonna  make me look bad Mark.

Like I said, keep me up all night, ya never know what I'll expose next. And I still intend to get OJ out, and council Goldman. He's a target. Like I  told Rumsfeld, Delong, put me in jail, I'll counsel people, reform them, and inform their attorneys about how the justice system works behind the scenes. Of course, during my own trial, personal injury lawyers will get a new lease on contingency fees.... I especially want to spend a couple days talking to the guys in the Thurston County Jail, especially the sexual predators  and assault suspects.... especially if they assaulted a cop... 

Pass a law in California, put me in with Manson, I'll teach him how to interface to psychotronics for his own purposes. That IS the reason California passed a law forbidding people to talk to him, isn't it, psyops and psychotronics, helter skelter... Lisa Meyers, NBC... Manson's in my spellchecker too.

I  was thinking about getting jr and Thurston's remarks about Jews to the Moussaud... I actually laugh when he puts on an act about not calling CPS about his remarks about his daughter... totally disgusting

I wonder who else in government have fathers who were actually German Nazis, other than Mueller and Schwarzenegger. I know there were a few more, but  can't remember right now... Can you believe the psychotronics guys were prompting me to say something bad about the FBI... 

Not much else to say... I'm tired, another lost day due to  torture... Bill, I meant what I said, you pay the gas, and I'll gladly meet you at  a restaurant to talk. I know what you look like.. you haven't changed that much since the Northrup Building.... I don't want to know where you live or where your personal office is.. Lynn's sister, the one whose husband had a "heart attack", she works at your favorite school. The French teacher. He's a target. Easy to explain. Ex marine. GW Fan. The targeter lives directly behind them on the hill.. caught em watching.. got video of the black truck too.... triangulation ya know..

Music time.....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn -Walking in Memphis

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judds - Grampa Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B04 - If and Any Day


Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 08 - Joy In Repetition  Not always, though, Delong... 

I always get what I ask for.. shouldn't have asked to know what black people feel like in this culture...

4:02pm MO. a long time ago, the James Taylor psyop when "little ones gonna run out of money now..." October Road...... Whenever you're ready.....

Just got an email from a ti walking from Las Vegas to LA... to get to a consulate.... apparently ran into some CHP's who questioned, said they'd radio ahead for other CHP's to leave him alone (surprise) Currently in the Mojave... and documenting stalking along his way...

And now  the psyop song that made me believe James Taylor read my website for CLive Davis, and caused me to post my music, not all copyrighted (so clive could get my music for free after all, since the Psychic Friends Network Scam didn't work) too bad I didn't die, Clive.

Weird, this is not the kind of thing I like to talk to people about. I like empowerment, creation, not...

James Taylor - October Road - 04 - Whenever You're Ready

5:20pm Thurston's raking me over the coals for my post to the weblog about Gates...  I  was told by a guy who supposedly works for the NSA that Gates has a remote control that can control anything.. probably tree music technology...

Charlie said he did some work for Nordaroms Paul ALlen and got  ahot tub, and ALlen's attorney flew back with me from Atlanta.. of course the MS recruiter and the girl with the Olympus recorder I  was so impressed with escorted me to the media conference, and I think she said her husband Harry, the CIA accountant, was the guy who handed me directions from his GPS (that had his credit card number on it) when Lewis County flooded worst in 100 years, after I  was returning here after the Pastor melissa Scott psyop, and the guy who flew next to me was from the Renton technical Center, sounded like a psyop training center, a Microsoft Partner.... and then Ted (Lutheran Minister, Barrett Knudsen, Pro tym, Microsoft Beta Program for Xenix and cobol, and Miriam, the phony Jehovah's witnesses from Harstine and Steamboat who interviewed me about Intuit at the San Jose Airport... 

So Thurston's got  another problem now, because if he tries to call mea psychotic pedophile, then he'll have to say why he knows about the website, an of course an attorney would have the right to the source who provided it to them.. and then I'd get to ask Bill if he knows about psychotronics, and then antles and brenda/dina and Mary Ritter (Carter Center) and a bunch of other people would be involved while I work on  another plagiarism case against Obama.. Vision 2012 or something familiar but not yet bumper stickered..

So anyway, when I get to San Francisco, I'll  be sure to give Jerry Brown all the details, right after they go to the Hague.... and let him know that Jerry  isn't the only famous  person Thurston and the CFR don't care about.. The weird thing is how obvious it was that the terrorist death squads knew what they knew about MSNBC when al that happened... MSNBC and the terrorists Bill.. think about that. I think you were still in the official microsoft Board at the time....

Glenn Beck for president.. speaking of plagiarism... anyone who thinks Judge Napolitano is a good guy must be demented....

I wonder what Thurston thinks he can mess me up with about Warren Buffet. I still think God wants Jack Welch.

Remember the Eddie Griffin show, God says motherfucker? And the pMS psyop.We were not subscribers to HBO at the time......... Delong..........

Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

5:59pm Extreme torture, bent my toes over backward thrustonjrr and burger king girl.

Again They seem towant toplaythe torture and foul mouth game again.. good work thurston a gret way to prove how guilty you are. Deny psychotronics mckenna...

Again. Again again again we dont hink you ralize that werein the position to kil you and you dont care.

That''s thruston and delong for you, bad cops, inept, and always willing to kill the innocent to cover their crimes.

6:03pm more severe torture as they continue totry to tellme Mazlett didn't know anything about SIlent Sound, even though he claims be a gulf war veteran.. and then when I tried to explainit all, a simple surface explanation of silent sound, directed energy weapons, all for the purpose of finding out what police knew about these "emerging crimes', he denied all knowledge of ANY kind of devide like that, demanded that I tell him my personal  concerns even though I  toldhim i  didn't have anything to report, so I told him about CNN and asatellites and he actually cut me off and asked if I was under a doctor's care.. meaning only one thing, as well documented about police depts handlingto suppress victims..

Psychotroncis, silent sound. WOody something in Protland developed microwave based psychotronics fo rth eUS military, then created a silent sound version that were basically stereo speakers, available on GM vehicles like suburbams and other typical DHS vehicles.. at that time. I was going tobuy some for stereo speakers, and to demo silent sound. In their online info, they claimed their customers were time warner, bill clinton's presidential library.. and then the government took down the original video tha tshowed the inventor playing with a woman in a libnrary beaming silent sound voices into her head just for the fun of seeing her reaction...  they replaced it with a video frm the BBC that was a cover, and maybe another article I had showing that Sharp did an independednt work up of viewin gimages through the eyes of a cat using psychotronic devices. THat was in 1973. The BBC claims 1993.

The info I gave antles AND Pam Brokaw of Bairds offic,e and what I would have used for training police, are the materials by  Carole Smith, the woman who got them banned in the EU.

Why did Mazlett lie? Thurston, everytime you an your friend storture me, I'll be asking, WHy did mazlett lie?I just got tortured again. Why did Mazlett lie?

Tortured again... I have audio of all lastnight, Delong... again... more illegal detention due to torture by cops who are criminals.

6:34pm since last post, attempt to puncture cheek, more mild tooth torture, attempt sot give me hernia (since I supposedly had surgery when I  was young at Kaiser in San Francisco to prevent a potential hernia) I don't know about time Warner, but my dad always said he didn't like the color of their sand trucks: Pink, as in Pinko.... what a challenge, give a guy with that kind of surgery  a hernia.. RN's like Delong would know how to do that.

Almost forgot: Why did Mazlett lie? Didn't they put RFID's in al gulf war soldiers for locating and psychotronic talk? A guy from the DOD called me to help with Paradox, he said they used to electronically read dog tags for medical info.. he also said if he told me the truth, he'd be glad to, but then he'd have to kill me... DOD, Colonel????? McVeigh said he had a Gulf War rfid in his butt that allowed his commanders to talk to him.. and that the FBI told him how to make the bomb..... his attorney knwos what Im talking about, Ithink it was his attorney's web site.

Why did Mazlett lie?

6:45 more torture as I write this, and Burger King Boy an Girl, thurstons crew,  cirminals think its fun tomak sure i have to write notes about thei torture. and of course, enjoy nothing,waste my time, illegal detention, assault with a deadly weapon. Now thurston, play games with you former da on that....

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?

6:47pm More attemtps to cause hernia.

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?

7:29pm I started eating at approx 7:10 just finished. torture and harassment throughout, playing game sas if being nicer then doing etreme. Heree' sthe demeanor, biblical jokes and all.. We're going to crucify you for messing up agood thing. (Meaning torturers and rapists able to perform violence and sex on people at will.) 

The torture log as I  was making dinner and preparing for it beganat 6:13pm with them dong extreme to moderate tooth torture.. still trying to convince me their tooth torture gets the dentists of f the hook, and it doesn't because the filing they did to my teeth at ketchers proves a  clear conspiracy since Hackney.... 

These guys think I' being arrogant.. by eating dinner.. because I can prove some things. always rememebr, I didn't ask to be tortured, Ididn't ask nor did Lynn for her to be murdered, and then they hassle me about Mazlett. and becaus eo fhis lies and the sex predator of all  of  these thngs, 8 more years of my life were lost becaus eof dirty. I'llbe damned if I'll  apologize to these cops and other people for gathering evidence oftheir crimes, and being willing to be put in a difficult legal situation that's not as difficult towin as they would love to torture and psychotronicize me ot believe.

Delong, every time they bring up you rname, and hide behind your badge, like they for thurston and ripp and the attty general, as far as I'm conerned those people are guilty because before long, I will prove they know and don't care about tthe murder of their constituents by police and federal employees. And like with thurston, I really get disgusted at people who  put kids in potential harms way so they can enjoy framing other people for their sexual predatory practices. I had no intention to talk about Gates and his child, or children?? who knows.. but I'm glad I did.. because Delong makes it easy to prove the mo.... and frankly, Obrien really pissed me off... and now I know  his partners were in Washington State, But it's sure interesting how the cops and weed and seed and fbi are obsessed with pedophelia... their own.

I'm going to itemize the torture log while was trying, later. Remember Thurston, you challenged me, I didn't want to even know you.

I count about 15 rape button pushes on me since 7 this morning, it's actually been more, I have no problem explaining that to a jury, andI sure delong denies it.

Meanwhile, while in San Francisco, a friend told me, when I was trying to tell him about psychotronics, he said his friend woke up one mornign hearing classical music, radio off.... (like Ackerman who had a spirit following him and his radio played unplugged, parents witnessed.. Sauve, IBM, said his dad backed off their roof once, and didn't fall....suspended in mid air.) who in San Francsico plays classical music? 610 KFRC #1 radio station for 5 years.. les Garland, pd, moved to MTV to start it. Bob March, channel 2, capt satellite.. dialing for dollars "You're wired"....... KWAV, R Brooks, Jim, CNN, Doll,Wang... Merced...  Manhattan Project. Manhattan means, end of  the world.

. Delong knows what I'm saying. What are old AM radio stations really used for these days????

When Vestal was body surfing on the beach where the carmelite nuns were, he'd have me make him a manhattan everyday while he lied in bed after being gored by a surfboard... while  reading Blue Hawaii and a book about JFK.. Michener.. and then the painting..... Between that and the Lockheed anti grav aircraft..... 

Went to look up Eucharist, found Medici.. 

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? remember I only put this  here because they keep torturing me. 

Dobbs said they could only teleport non animal objects. APparently their attempts failed in the original manhattan project, people ending inside the atoms of walls.. its  been a long time since then.. It's gotta be brill.

Who else would like to be included in the sit of liars for the government. I' think I'm having an epiphany.... how bout you matthews, having any  epiphanies st epiphaneus? 

It's not funny

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodJames Brown -  Living in America

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins -  For The First Time 

From the Santa Cruz Montessori..
Kenny Loggins -  Why Do People Lie

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? mazlett I know  a great dentist you rally ought to try.. conepuppy RCA Victor th e loser

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Back injury.

7:57 pm Extremee torture ongoing 

Thge flolowing is not a ramble. It's a punctuation mark.

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? 


Thge flolowing is not a ramble. It's a punctuation mark.

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? 

Thge flolowing is not a ramble. It's a punctuation mark.

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? 

7:58pm Thge flolowing is not a ramble. It's a punctuation mark.

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? 

8:18pm I just the unfortunate luck of taping Lynn and I both being tortured at the same time in front of each other.. Dobbs getting his snuff film wish..  with his partners in the police and sheriffs departments.. don't tell me  it's just weed and seed when the cops intimidate anybody who reports crimes.. don't tell me it's just delong, it's not, you locals ar ethe foot work, and they may call the plays, but you guys get off on torturing and rapng. \

Lynn and I both are now suffering back pain from torture, How many more people are being raped and tortured in Washington and the United State sright now, Delong. Got some numbers.

mazlett's supposedly mad and repsonsible for the recorded attacks.. I don't carre... TO hell with your butcher dentists, McKenna'

I don't bluff, and you cops are criminals

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics? ANd if you torture us mor efor tat, thank you for convictingyour cops. I didn't do anytng to them or Gates or anyone else. Atempt to puncture tongue.

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?

Freedom of speech, freedom of religon, freedom to live, freedom to run for office, freedom tonot be persecuted for race, creed or color.

According to the news today, more people are without health insurance than before Obama... and civil rights for minorities are greatly reduced. WHat a historical president forthe Untied States. It took a whit eman to end slavery, it's taking abalck man to reinstate it for th eskull and bones. Civil rights number: ACLU and the uN International Human rights Commission.

PS DNC, nobody COAXED OBama to run for president...

Attempt to puncture cheek.

Approximately 20 attacks since 7pm .

Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?Why did Mazlett of the Thurston County Sheriffs Department lie about psychotronics?

Good search engine work, eh Mazlett? Good ahonest dvertising for your department, Believe it or not washngton state cops, no one appreciates being tortured.

I'm now being told not to leave home for some fear of the Mason COunty Sheriff.. constant threats, idiots and perverts.

They'r real  excited, saying delong says, keep it up he;ll pop.

No way after 10 years of torture and investigation.. 

The problem with your weed and seed delong, is they're amateurs, undisciplined and spoiled rotten brats who apparently don't know what honest work is. That includes these cops. I hear a vehicle in the frontyard.

You shoul dnever goad me into talking about things, Thurston, that you don't want to hear.

Alright delong... go to bed.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael W Smith - Stand - 07 - Grace

I wonder if theres acountryy where the police understand a pledgeof allegiance. Your friends delong.

8:5pm Now  they'[r esaying they're DOD contarattosr and the meanest sick fucks uyou ever heard of and were going to rape lynn til she cant walk and thenyou wont be o brave anymore.

Typicalcrimianl cops. Blame the victim. tell McKenna this one's onhis tab., and Maslett andthruston and Dleong. i will ntoback down, andLynn doesn't wnat me tobecaus eshe knwos you peopelar attacking us, and your continued terrrism by police will not be allowed topoccur without proper legal action against you.

you people pop 10 times a day,and you think if someones adrenalin goes up when you torture they'll become criminal sex predators like you. Wha ta bunch of sick idiots.

Again this is illegla detention, torture, every to me I have to waste a minute being tortured or recording your crimes, it's illegal detention. I will not back down, nor will I allow your crimes to go unpunished. Call that a threat thurston, see the paragraph in red above thurston. that's a threat. Tell the DOD contractors. I have video on them too, and I can ask the tsa for video showing an attack on a tsa person at Seatac.

I look forwrd to never hearing thurston an his trainess say I look forward to...

I am looking forward to proving how weed and seed uses psychotroncis AND dews to rape people, an dthere is  a patent that explains it, and forms of hypnosis developed for tv screens. Broadcasted. Folow the bouncing ball... 

Germany installed digital tv broadcasting, and suddenly that green party population got depressed, anxious, violent...... just before ours were to swtich over, about  a month before, Ii noted it, supposedly the US version was postponed. It wasnt'.

Your internet connection ad networks. they actually receive short wave/cellular broadcasts that play through your speakers, even though you cna't actually hear it. It's like subliminals in stores behind muzak to keep you from stealing, and to cause you to buy more.  A Ham radio operator in Groveland told me about that and how short wave interferes with compter networks. And it wasn't dave.

toture: 8:38pm torture now tha tused to break toes doesn't happen becaus ethe gold tooth everyone cnsideres tso important to extract is so loos.. and the molar ketchers guy did will likely be lost becaus eof the root being ripped through the gum. Ketcher gie up on it. You and victor really did a great job,m and it didn't require rc to cause th ebulk of the damage that was done on purpose.  I'm sick of hearing about the Ketchers, they defrauded and harmed me,.

Psychotronics, delong, deny it, and then read the church committee report, burn all copies and I'l lbet flocco still comes up with the supposed non-existent files. Between him and Stew Webb. the federal govt and washington state should just give up.

Tell rupert Murdoch, because of torture, the letter didn't get written today, but i'll sure be glad to include the false charges in the criminal complaints of attempts to destroy evidence.

I cant believe these people actuall y believe they can torture me and keep me detained thinking it helps them to have their crimes recorded. everytime I go to shut down. tel Delong, this is more than conspiracy. I want ot knowwhen it became US Govt practice to threaten children to silence victims.

How many reason have I stated for the US govt to have obstructed justice by keepingm e out of california. Jr looks forward to the criminal. charges. Go to hell phony jehovahs witness. JR> I'l bet there are 20 charges of obstruction, most since 2009

Went to post mazlett and ripp and Thurston extreme torutere nd recorded on audio assholes Delong notice all the violent words are theirs. 9"19 and yes tI do need to record the crimes, and if they thimk its funtowaste my timefdoing it, its proof of their saddistic malice filled conspiracy.Sofar,more than10 years in his phase, over thirty years each so far.. 

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Fabian SOciety. 

9/5/2011 8:25am 

Progress is progress...

Recently there has been much talk about the safety concerns of Wi-Fi in schools. Last week, Simcoe County School Board refused to rid their schools of wireless Internet after many complaints from parents that their children were experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness and rapid heartbeats. These symptoms showed up shortly after the schools installed the wireless systems and would disappear on the weekends.

At the time, superintendent of education for the Simcoe County school board, John Dance said to Postmedia News, “We don’t put children at risk, but we can’t just shut it down and affect the learning of 50,000 students because someone says it might have health effects,”

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/296547#ixzz1ZvC7KBhP

Rascals - TBD - 100 - How Can I Be Sure

8:44am Hey Delong, Gunderson was on the kill list. Think you're special?

RC Christian - Remote Control Christian... What does Jimmy teach in Sunday School?

the "Commandments For The Age Of Reason". Constructed in 1980, and positioned atop the highest hillside in tiny Elbert County, Georgia they are strategically positioned in such a way as to allow the viewing of the North Star at all times through a hole positioned at eye level near the center of the monument.

Apparently a well dressed man in a business suit appeared one morning unannounced at the offices of the Elberton Granite Association. Joe H. Fendley, the now retired president, tells the story of "Mr. Christian", the articulate gentleman that wished a price estimate for the construction of the monument. Mr. Christian, a pseudonym, indicated that he, as well as his fellow contributors, wished to remain anonymous, and required special arrangements to be made so that the funds required for the job could be wired directly into an account set up by the Granite Association.
He eventually selected a 5 acre plot because it commanded an excellent view of the East and West, and was in a specific area in regard to the summer and winter sunrises and sunsets. The four enormous stones were set in a paddle wheel formation, with the center stone carved and drilled in a precise location that allows the sun to mark the time of day, as well as the seasons.
Once the project was completed, the entire file documenting its cost, specifications, and any other correspondence, was delivered directly to Mr. R.C. Christian as prearranged so any records could be permanently destroyed.
A pamphlet was provided to the Elberton Museum with information regarding the stones and their creation. Years later in 1986 a book titled, "Common Sense Renewed" would be delivered to the Granite Museum with instructions that it was to be offered for sale in the souvenir shop. The author’s pseudonym, “Robert Christian.” A note included stated that the author was indeed Mr. R.C. Christian.
Here are the 10 Commandments that are etched in the granite, in 12 different languages:
1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.
The first one alone, is enough to give one pause. Currently, in the year 2007, the world population is over 6.5 billion. This reduction of the world’s population fits perfectly into the philosophies of the Illuminati and the New World Order. The conclusion is simple. They believe there are just too many people on the planet and killing the majority of the “useless eaters” is a benefit to the New World Order.
Number two indicates that reproduction must be controlled - which makes one wonder how exactly this is to be accomplished? Abortion, war, genocide, disease? Apparently some sort of government intervention would be necessary.
Number three is self explanatory. Is this a totally "new" language being suggested here - or the selection of one, perhaps English, mandated by the government as the required method of communication.
Number four is suggesting that there be judicial control over matters of faith and religion. Our traditions reflect our religion, but this commandment is suggesting the need of the government to rule over these things. Isn't this exactly what we are fighting against? The government determining what religion is "correct"?
Number five states that it is the governments responsibility to protect all people. I would assume this would strip us of our right to bear arms, and protect ourselves.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/218931/The_Georgia_Guidestones_Are_These_The_New_World_Order_10_Commandments#ixzz1ZvGPmEOv


the "Commandments For The Age Of Reason". Constructed in 1980, and positioned atop the highest hillside in tiny Elbert County, Georgia they are strategically positioned in such a way as to allow the viewing of the North Star at all times through a hole positioned at eye level near the center of the monument.

Apparently a well dressed man in a business suit appeared one morning unannounced at the offices of the Elberton Granite Association. Joe H. Fendley, the now retired president, tells the story of "Mr. Christian", the articulate gentleman that wished a price estimate for the construction of the monument. Mr. Christian, a pseudonym, indicated that he, as well as his fellow contributors, wished to remain anonymous, and required special arrangements to be made so that the funds required for the job could be wired directly into an account set up by the Granite Association.
He eventually selected a 5 acre plot because it commanded an excellent view of the East and West, and was in a specific area in regard to the summer and winter sunrises and sunsets. The four enormous stones were set in a paddle wheel formation, with the center stone carved and drilled in a precise location that allows the sun to mark the time of day, as well as the seasons.
Once the project was completed, the entire file documenting its cost, specifications, and any other correspondence, was delivered directly to Mr. R.C. Christian as prearranged so any records could be permanently destroyed.
A pamphlet was provided to the Elberton Museum with information regarding the stones and their creation. Years later in 1986 a book titled, "Common Sense Renewed" would be delivered to the Granite Museum with instructions that it was to be offered for sale in the souvenir shop. The author’s pseudonym, “Robert Christian.” A note included stated that the author was indeed Mr. R.C. Christian.
Here are the 10 Commandments that are etched in the granite, in 12 different languages:
1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.
The first one alone, is enough to give one pause. Currently, in the year 2007, the world population is over 6.5 billion. This reduction of the world’s population fits perfectly into the philosophies of the Illuminati and the New World Order. The conclusion is simple. They believe there are just too many people on the planet and killing the majority of the “useless eaters” is a benefit to the New World Order.
Number two indicates that reproduction must be controlled - which makes one wonder how exactly this is to be accomplished? Abortion, war, genocide, disease? Apparently some sort of government intervention would be necessary.
Number three is self explanatory. Is this a totally "new" language being suggested here - or the selection of one, perhaps English, mandated by the government as the required method of communication.
Number four is suggesting that there be judicial control over matters of faith and religion. Our traditions reflect our religion, but this commandment is suggesting the need of the government to rule over these things. Isn't this exactly what we are fighting against? The government determining what religion is "correct"?

Number five states that it is the governments responsibility to protect all people. I would assume this would strip us of our right to bear arms, and protect ourselves.

What kind of people would believe in or accept this kind of thinking. When I was in Georgia, couldn't get anyone to go to Stone Mtn with me. I knew there was something there I needed to see.

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Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til its gone.....

10:09am Atempt to puncture tongue. Delong stop the supposed crap to get me to pop. All you're doing is making sure I do my best to make you all look like what you are. And the shooting in San Francisco, you're the criminals...not for  that, but for being the original cause. As for the black woman and the cop in Seattle: my opinion is that the police are using psychotronics to upset people over trivial thing sbecause their egos and saddism are overly inflated by their own lawlessness. Just like RIPP and his partner pulling me over without good reason in collusion with weed and seed, thinking he was going to make me look like I  was inciting something. And all I did was use the same police questioning tactics, that I  actually know was because car 31 was using psychotronics on me. That's why I don't worry about  it, and believe I handled it VERY well. At least RIPP got a taste of his own medicine, administered by his partner. I hope they both don't think they fooled me. Is RIPP Owen, and why  did he falsely id himself then? SIde note: I don't get embarrassed about the same things insecure people get embarrassed about.

10:38am Attempt to puncture tongue

10:42am Burger King Girl is now saying the mason country sheriffs dept, ripp in particular is going to harass me today after attempting to goad me into calling Gates and claiming Thurston and mason counties are endangering him with weed and seed activities.

11:20am Lynn and I never talk Landmark vernacular. Iwas telling her about the new world order / Freemason commandments, and mentioned Erhardt, and someone zapped her with a dew. Your crimes, not mine. 20/20 Then she started talking landmark, distinctions and things.. again, Landmark people are involved in the psyops and torture.

4:48pm I was just working ona database, and the perpskept trying totell me Ihad to use Access, presumably to force me to use a microsoft product against my, as if that's an issue as I use them all the time, and their problem is I'm using Paradox, and they think this will mean I"m doing things covertly while doing God's work.. what ajoke... and what they don't want me to tell you by distracting with telling its charlie... is  that  they tortured me for 2 hours, and I made a video of the two fields I created for the database, and they knew nothing about Paradox, few people would at this point since its been off the market with the database engine for 10 years or so as far as I know, and suddenly, someone with Paradox experience and knowledge came on psychotronics and knew what they were talking about..  the database, which will coordinate all materials I've collected over the years, will have 20-30 fields.. 

Illegal detention, and as I will prove, illegal interrogations under duress of torture..... what a shame all my notes aren't online, and what a shame this gives no one, law enforcement or anyone else, an excuse to claim I'm destroying evidence, notes or comments just becaus eth epsyop perps and Delong won't have their psyop topics online for the other perps and law enforcement people - as DObbs said, distributed to different depts on the often aesopian health care bill analogy.. taken from a file I started years ago containing the bills I was going to sue TIme Warner for to pay since they did me so much physical and financial harm.... let me remind the FBI, the constitution says I have the right tosecurity and prvacy in my home. I was told you'd claim you used satellite surveillance, it's still voyeurism and illegal surveillance if you do that, and it will prove you are sexual predators. THat same satellite info can be subpoena, and I dare you guys to subpoena it to cover yourselves... because in the first place, someone would have had to order the service to parse the satellite image for this location. Given the secure nature of the info, it would also show who accessed it.

So, good luck with the satellite images.

BTW Delong, I will refer for charges for this specific day, extreme torture and dew attacks on Lynn with the intent to kill. I will happily report this and other activities to her friends in the Canadian government who checked in today after Muhammad Yunus sent an email around the world to his and her friends regarding her condition...  I predict Yunus will be instrumental in again leading micro credit to restore the economies of all nations, including the United States. I'll give him a budget from GE and Fox and Turner, since they hate him so much they instigated ridiculous charges against him to oust and "humiliate and exterminate" him. One simple  example of how a Yale educated economist is ruined, they wish, because he wouldn't go along with bankrupting the world. They can provide me with the full transcript of Levesque vs TIme Inc and the CIA for Cameron and.. ya know... 

Delong, when you were assigned this case, what did your SAIC tell you? :}

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder -  My Eyes Don't Cry

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Trucking

SO Delong, while they keep me detained in my room trying to kill Lynn, bear in mind I have lots of forensic samples of her nails and hair and recording of her crying out in pain that are hard to listen to..... The recording of her today is horrible, but nothing compared to the torture she endured the last two Christmases.....

There's no such thing as too much evidence... and you'd be amazed how easy it is to explain psychotronics, and how rape is  done using them... charts with frequencies of nerves and their endings and the rest are online, no national secrets, noting covert, no inside info.......

You can call anyone a person of interest.. but when the government is the criminal..... Don't forget the story of the supposed ecoterrorists the FBI planted a bomb for in their car, ii didn't explode, the people were arrested supposedly for planning to bomb something, and the FBI was found guilty of planting the bomb and attempting a frameup... Came across that by accident one day..... and I"ll find the info that the FBI removed from Indymedia, cause I downloaded it ... I noted in my log, the FBI seized their servers. TOo bad time warner....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - Delta Dawn 

Sacramento river delta....and intimate relationships with Republicans deeply involved in the RNCC... weird huh... what's family for?......

The cider squeeze will be fun..... which sider you on?

6"14 pm plane

7:35pm Interesting development and timing.. 1st, I read somewhere Yunus was a graduate of Yale Economics.. this is the fun part, this will be another excuse for people to say my info is wrong, I love it. Suddenly, Lynn started talking about Yunus, of course, right after I mention him and his affiliations..  she tells me he was MA and PHD in economics.. from Vanderbilt.. oh no, bad info.. I've found lots of things about certain people misrepresented, or maybe just spoken of casually by Lynn, that was the reason why I knew I'd have her case investigated later.. to not upset her more while the FBI tries to kill her.. funny part, Vanderbilt is  a Skull and bones/illuminati CFR school too, right Anderson Copper Vanderbilt.. or did you lie about your mother being named Vanderbilt. By the way, the blue camaro appears to have been sold.... and for fun, keep in mind, the CIA was creaed by..... CFR/Skull and Bones. One day at Results, Lynn finally got an assistant who was excellent, and so many people were undermining Lynn, I mentioned to the assistant "it's good I have an ally" meaning, carrying out Lynn's instructions without subverting them. And I had no control and little influence over their agenda, because I really didn't know much about what these NGO types do...  she's the one who was supposed to have my paycheck when Kim decided to withhold it, just to annoy me... a couple days later, this assistant quit and......... went to Vanderbilt.. so, Lynn said she'd double check Yunus' college degrees.. however.. she also said there's a world of people who adopted a phrase Lynn created.. and used by the Ambassador from Bangladesh to the U.N....

Now, the purpose of the timing and the incorrection. First, this IS an example of people using psychotronics to influence and alter victim and witness testimony.. that will prove itself along with a number of other things later... fortunately, forhat i need to present, the Yunus college tuff is not that important, except to show those influences, and Lynn is extremely manipulated by these people all the time, as she, in denial, and me not wanting her to be terrorized more than she is, I don't tell her the things I know about psychotronic s because of  another manipulation, since these guys figured out she's connected around the world... with people who could end this...  the manipulation is when she asks, I try to tell her things, and then she either ends up in extreme pain from dew attacks, or Thurston's mo of starting arguments over nothing occur. I might add, this is one of Charlie's favorite things to do.  He just told me to say, believing it matters whether or not I can prove it.. but wait til his phon rerecords are checked out for all the times he sat in our front yard on a cell phone....

So, the real reason for this timing of this info is two fold

1: to prevent me from finishing the Delong write up for the web AS WELL AS creating a database for the crime log AND writing up the extreme torture she ended this afternoon after coming home, and somebody hassling me about my attitude about the police.

2: to provide a quick example of how my facts are wrong. Problem for them: I"m okay with LYnn's info being incomplete, because it still has nothing to do with the forensic evidence I possess for the important issues of this torture, rape, murder and theft ring called weed and seed and the DHS. I can defend that remark in ways that will surprise people, and aren't that obvious... 

Thanks guys for proving in simple form how  you  obstruct justice by altering people's memories at any given moment as well as providing an opening for lots of attorney later to say there was jury and witness tampering.....

I love it that these guys think their psychotronic world opinions and lies are the judgments of courts and lawyers and the world and juries and.... they talk to victims about legalities and all, and use the police to intimidate to make it seem like what they do is legal and acceptable.. we have a voice......... NBC  when the guys have me write that, they do it as if its the sound you hear on tv when they play it...

This is the sort of thing I really was trying to warn people about, asking them to back off and let me proceed in Federal Court an dso forth. bcause i could tell early on I'd have to wait it out for the evidence and public info to catch up, and unfortunately knew more vicitims would occur before critical mass. (speaking of  which, mo on guy from vegas to la - Brazil, a US unofficial territory controlled by Raytheon psychotronics.... as is and will be Colombia...... with Colombia a staging ground for war against Venezuela and the intended takeover of South America officially... and remember, GW owns 100,00 acres of prime marijuana growing land... for their future economic stimulus. the Bush family that is... in Paraguay.. and as Peru is being tectonically destroyed....  the war is quite clearly begin, with lots of our troops/and or illegal mercenaries there to take over.... one day I looked at the map without knowing the news, and said, there's something going on in Peru.. it turned out to be our troops taking position...as we're distracted with he middle east. UK and US are supposed to take over S America as part of the Jimmy Carter 3 geo-political New World Order redistribution of empire power... those people down there are not narco terrorists.. they're people who refuse to give their nations to the United States and the Illuminati, and our war on drugs is a fraud, Al Gore, our gun running down there is not a drug war,  and the way the illuminati works this stuff, its a war BASeD ON Drugs.. cornering the marijuana and cocaine markets to fund black-ops. Bush is famous  for it. So is the British Empire. Just like the war on terror is a war BASED ON the use of terror.. by the US.... I Believe the middle east  goes to china and India, and Africa to the illuminati actually, former Nazi infiltration disguised as people fleeing Germany, and the rest goes to the EU...)

Down the road, many people from S America will be accused of being FEMA troop infiltrators for the takeover/lockdown of the United States, so like my brother said, be careful of who you believe is the enemy when that happens... if they're S American or, the lumped together group on purpose to trick you, Latinos, don't believe what the antenna heads tell you. I notice alot of people on short wave lately. Coordinating with Dave, and monitoring other people? I got your QSL's. Short wave license numbers. I have that tracking capability too guys. One day, I'll figure out how to use the Yaesu, the radio that is.

Later Delong...

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8:32pm Assault with intent to kill. Lynn picked something up, lost her balance for no reason, basic rc, and fortunately caught her balance, otherwise, she'd have hit her head on a cast iron wood stove.

8:41pm Went outside, played flashlight tag with a chopper in usual place se toward steamboat, heard a noise like someone tripping over something while LRAD from Charlie's direction attempted to cover the noise of the person running away Person was on and ran from se side of house, behind Lynns bedroom. Will check footprints in rain ground tomorrow. LRAD man, I'm not making a big mistake. You did. Great flashlight though, huh? Chopper guy saw him.... he signalld back to me with his lights.. and it wasn't the moon, that was different.. 

9:01pm Went out the front to put garbage out, the car light was on. I drove it last, daylight, whoever ran southeast went around the house to do it, I'd bet the light was on to run down the battery (the lrad was saying, you don't want to do this the rain is radioactive from fukishima, then don't you know I could shoot you - I said, you just had your chance - then took garbage out, Ithink the guy is in the western bushes hitting me with dews right now. PS Charlie's lrad started after Rachel Maddow explained LRAD's on MSNBC one night, giving people info to wired.com danger room about lrads) anyway... somebody forgot tonight was garbage night when they turned that light on.. I bet the chopper guys enjoyed it. I'll check for footprints tomorrow, plenty of rain (and yes lrad guy, I can tell if it's been brushed over to cover...) 

I told these guys they'd get so brazen this would probably end when I went out one morning and found someone who tripped lying dead or injured on the ground. I promise to call Mason County Sheriff when that happens, and say, I don't know...... PS They don't like the idea that I know how to lift fingerprints, thanks to the CNN special on how the FBI manufactures evidence. Im assuming PMS got some letters without my printer upc that most people dont know about. The new guy they got now is crazy. Charlie said he's jealous, He wanted to be the one ruled criminally insane :} And for the record, the lrad comes from charlies direction, and something about amplified lets me know its him.

ANd, I enjoy this phase cause they're so stupid, but I an concerned, and the evidence collection will continue.

10:54om What was it Olbermann said a couple years ago when I was last allowed to watch real/news tv/progpaganda tv/... something about, as I was saying

A few moments ago Lynnn was hit withRC in another attempt tocause her to fall, continuing the thread of Linny goes boom boom, a favorite phrase of CHarlie fro a while back, making fun of the day Lynn almost fell on the house foundation when he rattled her, cHarlie wanted me to correct this.. I'll say it again Charlie, I report it as it appears.. it's always a helter skelter.. make someone think you're  a friend, get them to trust you, then take advantage or "screw them up" as possible. Fortunately this time, she landed on the couch instead of over the coffee table as intended.

Of course, due to all the distractions, caring for LYnn after she is attacked with dews (and I will prove thalamic strokes are dew attacks, nice job delong shutting down the doctors who wanted to study it, and getting you know who to send the wrong mRI's catscans  and more, and I will talk to those doctors later) the guy who actually is crazy and so brazen.... he likes being calle dthat of course like good trophy hunters and weed and seed people who've popped

Anyway, the new guy was with thurston and JR and Burger King gzirl who isworking on changing her hand and arm motions as if I can't tell who she is anymore... a real neurotic tendency of hers.. I canexplaina ll that AND RC and how they can actually cause foot movement that will cause people to fall... I wonder what the stats are on increases of older people falling..That just reminded me..

Medicare fraud: how to finance Shelton without it appearing to be fraud... Ruth, flowers, broken ankle, husband unable to care for her, acting weird after Lynn arrived, dews thru the window, likely from chopper given the angle... the weed and seed guy at Cut Rate said "We're here to destroy things".. psychotronics guy says they're trying to stimulate the economy.. their way of doing it is bankrupting anyone with cash by causing car batteries to go dead, tires to be wrecked, windshield with bb holes, windows tha tdon't work and cost $300 TO REPAIR WHEN THEY ONLY NEED ADJUSTMENT OR SOMEONE WRECKS THE SWITCH OR WIRING. WENT TO THE STORE TODAY, THE BRAKE FAILURE LIGHT CAME ON. Explains some noises out front...  didn;'t mean the caps.. paint spatters, all sorts of things. house problems, doors kicked in .. most people don't know  tha twhen people cant pay for medical care and go to emergency rooms the state picks up the tab.. of course, like last night, since Obama, fewer people have health insurance (instead of helping the 40 million he promised) and that bankrupts the states who get aid from the feds which bankrupts the country...

and of course, because of insurance and medicare and cash, cash customers pay the high rate to make sure fed medicare payments are higher, since they only pay a percentage of the bill for services (supposedly less the profit margin) and then the insurance co's get a better rate, and make a lot more money than all of them. Check out th history of AIG, a story posted on the wall of my doctor in Maryland who was unavoidable detained one day while I read the article on the wall.. the CEO skims millions off the top.... 

So what I was saying was, actually, when they use rc to break bones cause car accidents, get people to be violent, arrested or hospitalized, certain businesses make money, others go out of business.  Interesting how Lynns car has a bb hile now, and I noticed a new auto glass company on John's prairie road: Golden Rule auto glass.

Reminds me of  apoinnt": Buy US (I refuse to say American anymore, as it represents the CFR royal ruling class) is that one of the reasons I'm protective of Fred meyer's is because the Walmart across the street seems to be putting them out of business, and I am one person who can easily testify to numerous days of harassment in their store, by weed and seed and others, Oberg, and that's why I asked for their security tape policy, and why I keep receipts to prove the dates I was there. That doesn't let them off the hook, but weed and seed accounts for why the last time I waited in the parking lot for a prescription, I parked behind the guys I was originally being watched by so the SHelton police could put on a  show... since I figured out they mustve told the sheriff to stop intimidating people in their own parking area, and why they use safe harbor burger king, cause their dews can make it thru the front doors...  today I walked in - from the front of the store - the right doors, and proceeded to the restroom and two weed and seeds acknowledged their surveillance before I got past the pharmacy.  

Weed and seed invades their staff to harass people. I don't know how they caused that, but I can't imagine it's good for business. Burger King Girl does tooth torture around the feminine hygiene section, from Burger King  I've done some things to test that it IS coming thru Fed Meyers front door from outside. One day, inside the pharmacy, picking up a prescription, I got zapped by a car in their lot thru the pharmacy window.

(Whitney, Tuy, the Dentists asst, a few others, an a few others were obviously coerced into cooperating. I can tell the difference. Its like the difference in faces sometimes at Cut Rate. And the giggle button... Burger king girl wants me to remind people about the sex/rape button.

I'd bet the Fred Meyer parking lot has a 4 or 5 to 1 ratio of targets (1) to weed and seed (5) compared to a jam packed walmart with a ratio much much less, maybe 2 or 3 to 1...  I have video of both.

So.. for some reason, they say I won't make it out of Washington state alive :}

Wht they really didn't want me to talk about was how when I came home from Fred Meyer, within minutes Lynn was in excruciating pain and had to go to bed where she spent most of the day. Of course,I ended up inhere recording events, and then realized earlier that we were being isolated as they hit her with dews. I'm  a little more used to  it and understand it better, it doesn't mean i don't suffer and that it isn't slowly killing me too, as my nail samples will show..  Fortunately, all I need is my trailer lights to get out of here, and to finish 1 or 2 things on Lynn's trailer. Someone will be coming over to help pack next week. Further, it's comforting to know that for some reason, Lynn's family, her kids, are being alot more understanding about having to transport her and so forth, and not resenting me for having to protect the house and evidence.

However, Lynn is  being manipulated alot by causing her extreme pain that she would not have without the dew attacks that continue, supposedly to scare us to leave behind all our possessions, and there are continuing threats to kill us if we try to leave with the evidence. I am concerned, I doubt such attempts will happen, but the threats coincide with Sharky, MSNBC's Rachel's producer, saying when you go swimming with sharks you may get killed, and the threat is to throw us into the sound exiting the island..... I have that on the other DVR that has an undelete if necessary.

I'm now being told that was erased. No  big deal. And if it was hit with millimeter forensics will prove that, and millimeters usually hit circuit boards, and hard drives are encased in metal.

They are now telling me, as they have for years, they wil publicly humiliate Lynn. given what's at stake, I knew that years ago Given Barack's confession, it makes sense.. since it'll happen, remind yourselves perverts so will I by your fraudulent efforts.. and it will be YOUR confessions, and CNN's, and their Yosemite psyop...  let Barack know these shovel ready projects will not ever be ready for his shovel or the cement mixer down the road, but his confessions are appreciated.

Further, the health minister of Canada, maybe former, will be able to testify regarding the extortion that cost Lynn her job at Results because of a TIme Warner psyop against me... He's  a board member, I don't actually trust him, and I doubt he'll understand it was extortion... but I'll be glad to explain it myself...  Yahoo internet gateway.... default search results. a setup I'm certain got lots of people.. and feeds the weed and seed in Yosemite...

It''ll be fun to find out who the Silent Key is, and who bought the equipment... that my brother didn't think was ham

Given the number of short wave antennas I saw today, and the ptguys joking about going to Disneyland, I'm assuming someone else up here got hit with the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop, using whatever name the FBI gave her this time.... she's supposedly onham radio, easily broadcast locally to appear global... just as I could technically feed text thru my Yaesu account, although interestingly enough, when trying to figure out how to use it,I hit the transmit button a couple times while being zapped to see what effect it would have on the microwave signal I was being hi with. I assume the choppers picked up the ID of my unit that they could  emulate, even though I'm fairly sure it was disabled, and my attempt to make it work currently make it unusable.. mainly because th psychotronics and dews cause you to make mistakes on things like that, including when videoing dual feeds from MSNBC, and caused to - ya know the movies where someone - lets say - is shown shooting themselves after fighting their hand to keep it from pulling the trigger, like  something else is controlling them and it overcomes their brains motor control system. psychotronics can do that to people especially if they don't know about psychotronics. If you do know, it's a  lot easier to  overcome, even though it'll make you get the equivalent of shivers as they increase the gain to overpower the electrical system of your brain. I saw that scene on the twilight zone once..

My bet is, it will eventually explain the death of Vince Foster.

Did any one tell the Moussaud I'm Jewish? I don't care how well the Clintons/Bush Family like them,.... :}


There are charts that show the frequencies of nearly every cell in your body, and if a frequency is broadcast at you, your body responds... at Borland, we called this type of thing object Oriented Programming.. same principle. Thus, HW's announcement that the 90's would be the era of the mind, antidepressants and drugs instead of counseling and thinking, and control in the mean time by psychotronics. That's why stars like Tom Cruse took so much flack for telling people they don't need anti-depressants.. (Sorry charlie.. different charlie:} 9 mil. Interesting number)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lynn Ahrens - The Best of Schoolhouse Rock - 13 - Telegraph Line

A Long time ago I said some people  using this equipment need at least counseling, and some would need incarceration if they're too far over the line. The same is basically true now, except that I thought I was only talking about the CIA and NSA...

BTW - Many people have been subliminally trained to respond to psychotronic broadcast morse code.... many people with Turrets will be found to be psychotronic victims... 

Ride Postman, Ride... 

Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 12 - Quality - Paul Simon

Now, about the $1500 trailer I think Lynn paid $4500 for... so she'd have a home after her house is repossessed. I have a video that explains how that psyop/sting works. There's a guy who wrote a book and advertises it on tv.. and of course, what he describes is technically legal... til ya know how foreclosed become foreclosed, and not because of a bad economy. by causing people to be disabled with dews and psychotronics, and then bankrupt.. DObbs called it medical bankruptcy... he said most people filing bankruptcy these days are filing medical bankruptcy. There is no such bankruptcy in the economic laws.. and bankruptcy now, thanks to the Democrats, means that when you get money, they can still collect. And by Democrats, I mean specifically Barney Franks and Chris Dodd who were responsible for the economic reform bills when Bush lost the tri-fecta in Congress... 

Thus economic slavery...

Most of the wed and seed people don't understand how badly they were set up too. But, those who harm people... the worst are the constitutionally illegal Department of Defense contractors... 13 psyop training centers in the Renton area.. I was told, they have to practice on somebody....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes - TBD - 100 - Don't Fall In Love With A Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Arkenstone - Citizen Of Time - 09 - Splendor Of The Sun 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie Merchant - Carnival

Ever had a bad dream or one that came true.... psychotronics can project visual audio into your visual cortex while you're sleeping, your brain can be used like a computer by the intel services while you're sleeping. I had a dream one night in Woodinville.. I'm glad to find out the guy who projected it, just in case, got a new wife, had a child and moved to Rochester instead of being murdered by a gunshot in a horse stall of a barn... weird how his yard caught fire and almost burned the house in Woodinville not long after that dream. Someone must have been angry, maybe his new wifes former husband.. I was weed and seeded there.. I think someone was setting it up to blame me. He's weed and seed, as were a couple other of my neighbors. It wasn't called weed and seed then, unfortunately, they were working in churches... someone must not have told him I hadnt sleep walked since I was about 8 or 9.

Ron Friedly told me once that he had to sleep with one foot out of the bed at night to keep from overheating, even on cold nights. I did too at the time. That's when his assistant Brenda told me her husband was a target, and that she knew a guy who, when he got a divorce, he lost all his success and everything he did went badly.  Lynn has been overheating and then getting cold frequently..I do too, but I understand it. Iknow there's a psyop in getting me to report that, but it wont work.. especially if a law enforcement person is involved.. Thurston and mason. You people know who the criminals are. Check the reports you ignore.

Lynn once had an accounting person she didn't need whose husband later ended up working for the IMF, as did the so called Christian working in Loskop who still owes her nearly $10,000.. Weird how Brenda, Dina and Judith all look so much the same.. Weird how Mae married Camille's ex husband, the IMf guy, weird how Camille's husband is a target........ and their son works as a psyop guy protecting the NATO commander from Iraq,,,  or did... I hope he survives... Delong...  Remember what I wrote to Panetta.. believe it or not, it was actually a friendly gesture, ask Begala, and i wanted to make sure I placed a marker in my record so they couldn't say  they didn't have anything on me... got that Betrayus? PS Betrayus, you're just a citizen too. PS Betrayus.. a question for you... when the psychotronics are turned off John Roberts, does he act like a real Supreme Court Justice? It's in his eyes..........

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mountain - Mississippi Queen

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Motley Crue - Smokin' in the Boys Room it was a tie.. any subliminals in that one I should be afraid of?

The chopper this morning really shook the house.... and tell Stanbrooke the defects would have been dealt with, and aren't caused by the choppers no matter how perfect the screws arent.... and they know what Imean...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 08 - What I Need

My passport does not have biometrics. I'm still hoping I wont have to use it as a refugee.. ANd thruston, call me a flight risk, and I'll add another charge of conspiracy for getting to make that joke with psychotronics. Thurston you and your crew have got to be the sickest of all.

Lynn's injuries will weigh heavily on Thurston. Very heavily. And so will any more fraud by SDI that I was threatened with today...the previous sentence was a response to another threat to bankrupt Lynn. Great cops in this state. And it was fraud.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows

God still picks em good.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God LTD -  Love Ballad 

Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

10/6/2011 12:36pm The US Govt deah squad perverts are dictating those words, and since they spend their time calling themselves what they are, this is what they insisted I write today.

THnaks to the Shelton Police Cop who ID's himself yesterday, for keeping me up til after 3:30am by torturing me.. and what he really wants me towrite, like a true serial rapist, is how proud he is tobe a pedophile. ANd says he WAS on eof the people forecasting his action sin the Fred Meyer parking lot on how he was going to help extract my teeth.

THat's a direct quote, and we're proud to be pedophiles because that's the way we make our livng and we dare anyone to try to stop us.

They also insit that I say Delong is a pedophile, supposedly that's supposed to let her know the police inWshington State have been successful...

12:45pm The perverts want to make sre music is included, and given Japan and how we claimed it saved millions of lives by nuking them even though they wanted to surrender, one of the visions Ihad that fit the scenario, even the Bible, a nuke going off in Virginia that will destroy government records as the perverts get in their jets and fly away, presumably dead, just like reports say Hitler didn't die, he hid in S America with a bunch of other Nazis, given cover by the United States. So in honor of saving millions of lives, they think it's a joke about tat nuke going off. I told the CIA via the weblog, Hillary Clinton said it was handled, commented on the final solution.. the commandments on the rock weren't my idea, and 500,00,000 Satanists left behind is what they want... I'm quoting them on that part.. so good luck Their music choices to celebrate their own destruction. Their words.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren & Utopia - RA - B01 - Hiroshima

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren & Utopia - RA - B01 - Hiroshima


Dobbs: Glad you're enjoying the snuff movie. It must have been a sad day for you  when Hunter S Thompson supposedly commit suicide.

They're tellingme the FBI  is going tosupposedly take me into protective custody. I have one finger to lift, and that will be the only cooperation you get  from me.

The perverts dictateed that. Iagree.

Jethro Tull - A Passion Play - B45 - A Passion Play Edit 10

to James Taylor: those who go to hel wilbe tormented with the everlasting memory of the damage they do. Think about that, what you know you did for the world, and what you  caused for your  children.

THe US Government wants to silence me. Fine. Consider the song Hiroshima your final warning from me about the genocidal mass murdering plans of  the US Government.  Alot fewer people will go to heaven than the apostates appease you  by  tellin gyou you're christians.

James Taylor - October Road - 09 - Carry Me On My Way

Oh yeah. TO Delong.Profile yourself forever. Ypou and you rsatanist FBI friends who  think killing children and blaming Koresh is a victory.

Yhanks for torturin gme for your own self-describing remarks FBI. Glad you know what you a re.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jil Jennewein - All That I Am - 03 - I Lift Up My Voice

5:05pm Another interesting day. The US Govt perverts, along with the local police spent the day bragging... Insisted I write somehtings, and since they think they can say these things and cause me to give them an excuse to arrest me, as the government has prven over the last 50 years is their practice, and the CIA loves 

So what I'm gonna say.. what I typed in is true.. its interesting they had Lynn go to the mailbox, and I discovered a bunch of mail had been withheld, the most interesting being ads forguns  at Big or somewhere.. and then they started to proceed to question me about gun knowledge and the fun I had doing target practice when I was a kid, and then of corse,talking about thurston's desire to hvae an excuse to arrest and if I bought a gun it would prove my intent to kill someone.. that's the US govt profulers proving what I originally said.. let the governemtn what it really is.

So, about 4:30 a guy with a very different sound, comes on tells me he's from the Shelton Police Depratment, braggingbaout destroying my teeth and again, supposedly gettingthe dentists off the hook after they made it so my teeth would be destroyed anyway.. and he proceeded to brag abouthow they'r epedophiles.. and when I  laughed at thaat, then Delong ID'd herself and started braggin gbaout raping LYnn.. they said if you write this, you'llbe humiliating Lynn/ I said, you'r ethe ones doin git, you'll do it anyway, so - in the SHeltn Police guys words just now - you might as well do it.. and of course, prove what these people really are, especially the profilers who develop the strategies... I'm in pain, tehy'r etorturing LYnn, and I still laugh at them because they claim they'll kill me, and then waste all this time torturing... why would they bother unless it's just for their amusement, which they now say is their real reason.

their problem is, given what I've witnessed and experienced and documented, I know what they taunt me with is true.

A few minutes ago, someone threw a rock and hit something metal, probably Lynns traielr, it seems to be a goal todestroy the solar panel she put on it... that's been going on for weeks or months, and the idiot just said they'r egoing to do that.

Yes Delong, i do think you're a psychopath, and since your job is to do these things as a profiler, Ihave no doiubts. The pedophilia part, Delong, coupled with Lynn's friends and history... you're all very stupid sick idiots.

They told me they wanted me to write this stuff, and thentold me they'd ppnnish me for doing it. THe shelton police guy threatened to give me lots of ticketsin town. I said, that'll make excellent evidence of their harassment. they said RIPP wrote me a ticket and had my license suspended, if that's true, why haven't they pulled me over and written me up ?

The United States govt has long been known as a paper tiger threat.. lots of threats, statements about military power and all.. all they really are is bluff and terrorists, and have been since Rockefeller and his friends bankrupted us in 1929, and they're doing it again to foreclose on the nation, and even with the commandments thing and their knowledge that the US gave CHina technology greater than ourown military power, and given how we are purposely taunting the world into global, they still insist on proving they believe in rape, torture, terrorism and murder.

What a government.

Bottom lin eon this: if the US govt, the police and FBI and all want everyone to think they're sick and corrupt and sex predators, they proved it to me... and that's the story I'll tell, because they want me to, they think it'll give them the ultimate victories they want.. and unfortunately, the way they do it, with all the chemicals and, they might succeed in the US, as planned, using methods that will kill themselves after their victory.

Jimmy Neutron.. people who understand the Illuminati/Chaldeans know it's how they work, and how they don't care what or who they destroy to   retain power, wealth and control, and that is what will ultimately be their failure and defeat.

That's why I laugh at them.

Isn't it weird that the United States Government thinks it needs to militarily defeat its own citizens. Talk about paranoid.

Jimmy Buffet & the Muppets -  Hey Mr Spaceman 

that's God talking to Dobbs :} ANd he knows what it means, except I have no desire at all to talk to someone like him.

Lizz Wright - Dreaming Wide Awake - 09 - Get Together

Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

More rocks being thrown at the trailer. What brave perverts Shelton has... real impressive. The whole world will be impressed. PS the new trail from the property next door is impressive too. Thanks for letting the air out of my tires, and throwing yet another rock. Brave men and women of SHelton. The rock throwing causes me to believe its true that the locals defrauded Lynn and actually stole the trailer she actually bought. Charlie says its because if we abandon it, anyone can take it and not license it ad get away with it. Hughes Satellite can be subpoenaed... Iterated systems, invention of JPEGs, and every inch of earth monitored and recorded 24 hours a day. And despite the delusional stupidity of these racists, the rest of the world does the same thing.. even if these racists believe everyone else in the world is more stupid than them.,

given the facts,that means the State of washington, MAson and Thurston counties are thieves... that was their confession. I'm so impressed Delong.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Hands - 03 - No Sweat

6:49pm A while ago, someone tried, with a familiar voice to tell me they were Delong's boss. I said, go ahead, I'll be glad to post what you wnat to say. Suddenly, it was Burger King Girl.

Don't forget Delong, right back at ya

ANyway, Thurston and Mazett and the rest all want so badly to prove they're sex perverts, Lynn just told me today she wrote in her journal PTGUYS for psychotronics guys. I don't ever talk to her about PTGUYS or Psychotronic guys because I refuse to terrorize her for them. Thurston and Mazletts wet dream has been to get Lynn's personal journals subpoenaed, and I hope Delong succeeds, sicne I know she's the one getting Lynn to revisit her past to figure out some strategy.. their problem will be her use of PTGUYS, showing sudden manipulation ofher writing so Delong can manufacture an excuse in court.. I welcome it, since I was going to bring up the sexual slavery myself, and all  the bizarre things Mazlett and Thurston think about.. go ahead Mazlett, call me a pervert in court. Itold you from day 1....

SO.. the thing is,  Thurston is a vacuum head, he always thinks the last thing mentioned is the most important thing. And he really believes psychotronics cant be proven, and that there are no such as trials and juries and law.. and I swear, if there's anything I'll prove about these people isthat they're racist and hate women. The pattern will show.. women made upset, call police, truth comes, accusations against are false, woman gets arrested OR implications are always that a man is violent, and they arrest the man no matter what. It was a convenient law when they passed it to always make an arrest on domestic disturbance calls whenever possible. Another codified legal setup.. part of what got OJ under suspicion..  and I know now the big secret in LA and setting up famous people is psychotronics.

Thruston wants me to say that the incident I commented on in Seattle, the black woman jaywalkingand then striking the officer was a result of the officer hitting her with  psychotronics. My audio with RIPP will help to prove thruston's an idiot, and I'm not at aal embarrassed about that audio, because his partner behind him screwed ripp because ripp got hit by the psychotronics they were trying touse on me to claim I hated cops, and I laughed at the end because I told RIPP in psychotronics, out loud, recorded, what are ya gonna do about it or something like that. Now, I don't have any evidence of how RIPP started to bolt out of his car to come after me.. but I assume the guy behind him setting me up has video in order to supposedly get me into a violent dispute, and only ripp will be shown to be violent. When you hear the audio, you'll either believe in psychotronics, or a cop inciting violence, or a cop making up numerous excuses to make an arrest for his weed and seed partner who made a false police report. THese guys always think everything is in their favor because they're cops. Long ago, I would have agreed. Thurston did a great job of convincing  me he's a pedophile thug psychopath cop, the knife they seem to like in Washington.

My spell checker changed convincing to conniving. I almost left it that way :}

Thurston, your badges are your badges, when you use them to intimidate victims and witnesses, they are your crimes. Right Delong.

I keep wondering how they will make bigger fools of themselves next.

Got it Delong. Hope you liked the FOrum.

7:16pm this came up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alvin & The Chipmunks -  Achy Breaky Heart 

Like George used to say, I feel for ya but I just can't rech ya... 

7:29pm Posted that, Thurston talked about how Landmark says here is no cause and effect, went to the living room, Lynn said her pain shot up to an extreme within the last two minutes.... Cause and effect. Thanks Thurston. You proved you hate women,you love manipulating with landmark, and you're screwing everybodyin volved. Of course you had  to use the word screw.Sex predator.

9:49pm Torture continues, burger king girl wants toclaim I'm obsessed with her for pointing her wish to have me state she hits the rape button all the time... and se was just tellingme her concern for her future becaus eshe constantly threatens people's children to intimidate them

Now, what I wanted to say. I always get annoyed when theyuse Lynn toask me questions, and like alot of this weblog and parts of websites with fouldlanguage, Ican always tell when they're using her because she always talks differently than normal. Thisofcourse would be the desperate profiler and thurstos way of claiming I'm crzy and Lynn's suffering hysterical similar responses, I don'tknow  the technical term forthat.. anyway,

I could tell Thurston county is desperate because she started asking really coy questions about whether it was true that I used to swim alot.  Illegal interrogation under duress of torture. At least I've learned how to spell duress. Now if I could only learn to spell spell correctly...

At 8:10, lynn said she felt like her entire left side was being pricked by pins, (Thurston loves words with sexual implications BFMAN yaknow) and it was obviously someone threatening us both based on Lynn Ahrens and Telegraph Line or whatever it's called. 

Alot ofpain for both of us, alot of pain. And illegal detention.. they keep saying why don't you just leave all your possessions and run.. homelessness, destitution, threats to kill me in San Francisco, al the usual... it's not funny or casual, just the way of the U.S Govt. Thurston now wants me to point out its the same everywhere in the united states because the government had it in mind to use me to file a suit to scare and intimidate the rest of the country, and either cause conformity or civil war and riots. And then they want to blame me for causing it all. Sick government. I told them long ago, do your best moves, and at the right moment, you lose. And when the government incites violence, I will simply say, that's what happens when the government incites violence.

That reminds me.. to free the citizens of Libya from civil rights oppression, we have now killed around 100,000 people, and 180,000 are currently in jeaopardy. As Ahmadinejad said, the US claims to help civil rights by violating civil rights.

The lst sentence is true, but understand, I wouldn't have said that except the racists like Thurston think everybody ele in the world hates Arabs, Persians and anybody but white people... so they think I should be embarrassed about telling the truth. Weird that a cop has no problem with a government that wants to kill all but 500 million people. Unlike them, I don't welcome the torture,and they will regret what they've done to Lynn because she actually is a global vip... as or me, I'mglad they picked me for my torture at this point given that I've actually experienced most of the human and civil rights violations people have endured.. weird.. as long as I have.. but they knew, it was worse, and I really am tough, Victor.. I grew up in the country where you whine and cry alot... about work related muscle and cut pain... things like that.. not like it doesn't hurt, there's just more important things to worry about. I'm sure his parents could convince him of that reality.. being from Viet Nam, probably a young child after we pulled out of Saigon... if not it's more proof that heritage passed form older generations is something that really is priceless and important.

Thee people, I think mostly the FBI guys, think I should "oull out of the presidential race". I won't. I don't have to. I don't need their permission. And I've always been a serious candidate with an understanding of the reality of running for office, despite what Burger King Boy would like to think about me being a symbolic candidate. I'm not. Never was. And it was never to boost my ego.. Ihad many other more fun things I wanted to do with my life, before running for office if that was the path God lead me to.. and He did.

They constantly mock me and mock God, and try to humiliate me about being CHrist, something Dobbs knew all along even before I did.. jsut like they ran stories about adelaide as did MSNBC I guess to remind me of my sister, and adelaide rehn, pointing to the fact that my grandmother was of Jewish descent. When I wrote Auschwitz in AMerica, Ireally believed Iwas going to die, and the joke is, the psychotronic guys suggested I call it Auschwitz in America.. and I  didn't know I was of Jewish descent then. they did. what a funny joke they played on me. I did wonder, given the birth ring I'd bet they call it with Hebrew or middle eastern writing my mom gave me and told me I wouldn't understand..

This afternoon, they started calling my mom all sorts of offensive names.. Thurston's really good at foul language and hate talk.. and all I know is she lied to me alot about things, and from what I can tell, the pattern has always been, tell such obvious lies that chuck will one day notice that all these lies were the opposite of the truth, and people were trying to get me to notice and realize things about this country myself. I always believed in this country...

Now they're trying to mock me for having feelings about my mother. You can't humiliate me that way Thurston. You really cant. I now know my mother was tortured by this government... and thats alot of why certain things were done the way they were... and Thurston, if you really wanna play that game, all you cops and weed and seed and DOD people, what excuse do you have for being perverts?? I have a really good excuse for being a decent person and willing to put issues more important in front of my  own concerns. And yet, these people would kill 6.5 billion people to save their jobs and not be embarrassed.

Lynn said today, I feel like I've never accomplished anything of significance for the world.. even though she's been credited with saving 20 million lives. And these perverts want her dead to save them.

And of course, as usual they now say they're going to kill her tonight. ANd Thurston and Delong are stupid enough to believe after al these years that they can deny psychotronics. Delusionals. What a great bunch of cops in Washington State. ANd cops, don't blame me for knowing and telling the truth. They  want me to say the other part of the truth: Lynn's been psyopped for over 30 years in this state, me going on 18 years... in 2 different sessions.. and they used Lynn to bring me back here after the government was finished using me to finish the job they didn't finish in the 80's, and some of the same people from Woodinville are part of this too. Supposed christians. And they all want to make it out like the only thing I care about is money, when I know the only thing that will stop this for millions is civil suits... 

Standard MO for foul mouthed perverts using filthy language as names.. fuckyou man just screamed at me.. what great people.

They made several attempts earlier to puncture my tongue, and then wanted me to immediately post something to the website about it. Illegal detention  by torture. ANd of  course, because of torture, I accomplished nothing at all today. 

I saw a magazine today, called Shambhala.. and it had an article about a beuatifl place I wouldn't mind living, looks exactly like the kind of place I've been imagining for the new US capitol complex.. it's a place in Nebraska, where people have been caring for the land and the wildlife on it, the way I think of doing it, not like an owner, but a guardian. Beautiful place. And nebraska wants to put an oil pipeline through it.

It's as ridiculous as them filling land fills in Utah with nuclear waste... anything to destroy the environment in catastrophic ways making this country into the official: abomination of desolation. I don't know where christians got the idea that the abomination of desolation had anything to do with someone visiting the wailing wall.. but  look up the words in the dictionary, and an abomination is a hated thing, desolation refer to the destruction and inhabitable land that's hated.  Unusable. It will kill you. ANd it certainly has nothing to do with gay people. 

It appears some people bought the idea of the protocols, and forgot the part of it being a hoax. the hoax was that it was about Jews. Not the people who call themselves Jews but are not. Not the people who cal themselves christians but are not. ANd it also appears some Lutherans and other "christians" who believed that killing the so called conspiratorial Jews would save the world. I read that once about Martin Luther, and was so impressed with everything else about him, I didn't want to believe he fell for the hoax. ANdI thought lutherans AND Jehovah's witnesses would be the ones to accept me.

On being Christ.. I will not back down or be embarrassed about being Christ, and if there's anything I dare these perverts to do it's to try to defend themselves against these horrendous crimes by claiming that proves I'm crazy. I really look forward to that. cause I'll win.

But the fact is, I'm a human being, a citizen, and my role as a a citizen is no different than any other citizen. Regardless of any labels or deity labels and homage people may believe is necessary or deserved. I'm a citizen... always have been, always will be, in a mortal body with an everlasting spirit like all of you.

 I thought it was interesting last night, reading the Bible, and understanding it saying that when all people realize that, the sting of death will be gone, because the only thing that dies is the mortal body, and then you get  anew one... somewhere.. And that is when death will end, when we realize we have to return to the place we destroyed and live with it.. as short as our future lives might be. And because of the way God works, we may not find heaven here anymore, but life will be very much the same, except without evil. My job as Christ is to deliver the world to God, not to me.. I'm his consultant....

I heard Thurston say his da will  love this. I say, I'm glad, as if his da won't be excused from his position with the charges that will be on him. One of my witnesses will be  a former judge.

A while back GW got a law passed saying they could tap the lines of lawyers visiting their clients That was to cover their breach of client attorney privilege using psychotronics... nothing else Incredibly illegal and unconstitutional  . Just as they used psychotronics to monitor the UN before the Iraq war. The UN since ruled that war an illegal war of aggression. Talk about paranoid. While GW was in office, there were two evacuations of the Capitol in DC.. false alarms, just enough time to install monitoring devices. Talk about paranoid. Nazis are like that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 08 - I Will Be Your Friend Dances with wolves.. I have no faith in the people who understand why I say that,. Nor will I ever lose sleep about that again.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie Merchant - Carnival

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - 06 - Witness

Thurston now says he's laughing that I'd state again that I'm Christ. Matins & Vespers Thurston. Remember the severity of your crimes, and the penalty you asked for. ANd remember, you guys say you're gonna claim you psyopped me....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin'

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Electric Light Orchestra - Livin' Thing

Billy Preston It Will Go Round In Circles

There's a book called Angels dont play this HAARP by Nick Begich.. EarthPulse is his website.. good luck understanding the web site. Way beyond quantum physics... about HAARP in Alaska, a real reason why Sarah Palin fled, including permafrost that's melting and will collapse...

Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel - 105 - Excuse Me

I've said the biggest mistake I made in my life was not leaving from LA,and I would have except Lynn was under extreme attack, and since the car had broken down, I figured it was the best choice to make. I hope I don't regret not leaving again, or failing to do so for the right reasons, and it wasn't to flee...

Ambrosia - Life Beyond LA

Ambrosia -  Make Us All Aware

12:11am 10/7/2011 They wanted me to remind myself I've been tortured since my last posting, as if that's something new.. meanwhile, they're daring me to call Shelton Proud Pedophile TOwn, and to have you put up a sign saying Racists Only.... maybe we'll rename the state Bavaria..

10/7/2011 11:16am THismorning has been startedwith microwave pulse.. the idiots asked me why Idon't commit anact of violence and Itold them that I don't consider violence tobe a viable way of resolving anything. ehn thye starte in on a theme of why don't youtellthe sheriff you're going to rape his wife, and then do it and HIM how HE likes t? So of course they wante me to suggest that, and its obvioussetup to be able to make the claim that I would be stalking her, and how ridiculous does it get? Ifthes epeople wantedme arrested on these bogus kinds ofhtings, if psychotronics and the crimes Iclaim they've committed against us weren't real or proveable, ifthey wanted to say O was delusional and dangerous anmake afalse case against me, they could have done ityears ago.

I made the statement last night about being Christ for 2 reasons: 1st to restate how I view that, my role, my outlook on it so people would understand. I also will admit that while I was writing I thought, this is perfect, Thurston wants an excuse, I dare you, and I still say if they did try to claim I'm crazy for it, they'd end up embarrassing themselves because whether anyone believed I'm Christ or not, I'd prove I'm quite sane and know what I'm talking about, and a jury full of atheists would find out that most of them actually are already Christian... and he others would find out God isn't against them. A real christian would know that anyway, and one truth that would come out of it is to find out that many people call themselves atheists simply because they've seen bad examples of Christianity and don't want to be associated with it. ANd I hate  to admit it, its the same reason I haven't been involved in churches as an individual, even though I had always wanted to take the time to find a church of people who were - let's say - not so judgmental or righteous. And I know lots of churches of people like that exist.

O this morning,after explaining myrespect for law and the judicial process to resolves things when people don't act reasonably, they started torturing me heavily about my remarks about police, and as usual they wanted me to condemn all police and law enforcement, and I said you people have gone way out of your way to try to cause me to believe what they said "The cops in the state of washington are the sickest fucks in the world" 

All I gotta says, if that's the image these people want to be known around the world, it will be. And the headline will be.. thousands go free as it's proven the incitement of violence against and the government by the government is illegal.

If Washington state really wants to take the fall for a national issue, keep in mind that I have personal knowledge of this states activities for 30 years, and more in other states as well. Jerry Brown should be apprised that I will make the same sexual slavery charges in California against the administration of Pete WIlson and the FBI in San Francisco dating back to at least 1990. Unfortunately, I'd also to make claims about similar activities dating back to the Brown Governorship, although it appears the activities then, in my case, were all federal with very little state participation in limited ways. Sexual slavery will also be charged against Maryland, and those charges there will be worse than the state of washington given the ways and reasons it was done to set things up for Washington. The California suits before WIlson will end up focusing on the Hoover Institute...

For the record, one of the major reasons I always wanted to go to Stanford is  because my brother had nothing but good things tosay about them when he sold programs for football games there. Before I was 7 years old :} ANd then I found out later it was a great school, and would have been a dream come true, as would have been an honorary JD from Notre Dame. (I wouldn't have changed my position either, though I might have encouraged a candid, open conversation and public discussion on campus to explain)

Sheriff, I don't know what YOU look like, I don't know if you're married. But if things like this come up about you, understand its the perverts not me, and you need fear nothing from me. Despite my disappointment in police positions in this matter, my real concerns re always about the policies f the federal government, now, the activities of weed and seed, and I'd much rather see things straightened out than to have to criminalize people I've always respected, knowing there is always SOME corruption in systems, jst as I said back in 2002 when  talking about the Federal Government, and the way I would remedy it. Just saying, no more. Unfortunately, some thing shave gone too far, especially with weed and seed. ANd sheriff, Burger king girl and boy are your worst enemies, not mine.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Aquarius Let the Sunshine In

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter, Paul & Mary - No Easy Walk to Freedom

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Moonglows - Sincerely

Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 12 - Never Turning Back

11:52am As typical, after posting, Lynn yelled former to help her with things related to severe pain,. Sometimes shes in bad pain from attacks ,they want me to give the impression that when I write things they'll punish Lynn and supposedly make me look bad later.. I'd like to tell the weed and seed people and the US government to remember that I never got all that involved in Lynn's career, though I supported her efforts when she'd ak advice or something.. my memory tells me she did at leas one fundraiser for them while she lived in DC People remember Lynn.

Ask her friends at the Holocaust Museum what they think of your tactics....

12:01pm Heard this song, decided to note Lynn has done work for the Susan B Anthony museum as well, and her commitment is proven by the book she wrote to publish to teach kids about the 19th amendment..

Donald Fagen -  IGY 

Donald Fagen has "knowledge"... he knows the future God has in mind...

12:39pm Quick notes. First, those in King COunty trying to ID Lynn's granddaughter and get her up there to be attacked better know King County isi already in line for criminal charges. 2nd.. I was just told my entire family is going to be attacked to silence me and/or prove I don't care about them. I do care, they've been under attack for over 40 years, I know that now, and I can't help them since i'm in illegal detention. Finally, I was told they were going to use some emails to Dobbs dating back to 2004 to publicly humiliate on certain topics, I want them to because they will be lying with their assertions, but  they will indeed put DObbs in line for the death penalty if they use that tactic. A long time back Dobbs did reports for days about being careful about email because of archives, and I didn't fel threatened by it at all. It'll turn out that even when I was most attacked with psychotronics, everything I sent to him wil make sense.. but I'm glad the government wanted to prove tome that they're up to 2004 in their attempts to read my materials and extort me... and you  supposed law enforcement and lawyers involved ought to keep in mind that when someone tries to extort me, I'm glad to deal with it, because the people doing the extortion end up going to jail, not the victim..

Tell Delong thanks for making it VERY clear her job at CNN on behalf of the FBI is now obvious. You'll love 2008, Dan Abrams, and emails sent to him and Dan Abrams, who put on a charade one night to let me know he was "cutting all ties.." :} Abrams knew I liked his quirkiness, and also looks alot like "my younger brother I never had" :} Happy talking, talking happy talk :} Hi  Dan wherever you are. A special hello to Paula Zahn too. I love your cello. Delong, you should have just had the guts to talk to me here, instead of failing at this, because I'm not stupid or delusional, violent or.. let's just say, it's a good thing I have a sense of humor. I made you a reasonable offer. And btw, about the holocaust museum, suddenly the guys wanted Lynn and I to talk... illegal depositions are illegal. Call the museum director and fundraisers.. they'll remember her. The call David Beckman, and people of "The Medford Group" that used to meet.. she was their leader.. some very important people there. And Jeff Bridges too... he can give you some more leads..

Rest assured, I'mnot hiding behind Lynn. I'm her advocate, and I'm a fan f her work and efforts. I have my own issues and abilities, I supported equal rights for women because I believe in it, I'm not insecure at all about myself in any way, in any way, and the implications of the pedophile remarks in psyops related to Antles, Scripps, Group Health and the Presbyterian Hospital won't be embarrassing tome Delong.. and I  won't be emasculated by perverted psyop agents. Among other things, my body is my body, and it may not be the most attractive body, but it's my body, and it works well for me.. and I'm not talking about sex. Thanks for proving the FBI is anti-Jew and and God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Woman's Gotta Have It

Perfect psyop song. God picked it. Good luck Maryland.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Hands - 07 - Cold Cup of Water

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Restless Heart - Tell Me What You Dream 

1:34pm One tactic of psychotronic psyops is to constantly let the victim  know someone is harassing them to perpetuate annoyance and strees. O'Reilly did the sniffle thing followed by the bullet to the brain threat.. and at that time, I would sniffle because of torture, I'd have to breather through my nose.. and then it would be runny, and she'd cause me to have to sniffle.. her other  favorite is when I breathe, to say hachachacha... an old Schnoz joke of Jimmy Durante's. Lynn was walking back from the mailbox.. one of  the ways she helps relieve her pain by moving around - she doesn't know that increasing blood flow helps to combat dews attacks.. I heard her outside, and went ot meet her and walk her back to the house.. and at one point, she sniffled 3 times.. didn't before , didn't after, so instead of the "walking the dog game", now they want me t believe they'll shoot Lynn for  walking to the mailbox...Nothing new, but thanks again for continuing that pattern for evidence against you. ANd no, I'm not going to inform her of all of these things to terrorize her for you. We're both aware we're under attack. Why should I do  what you're incompetent at doing.. so if you do more to her, I will record it. And like I keep saying, Burger King Girl, I already have enough to end this.. if it weren't for illegal detention. As for the threat again to shoot the house to force a sheriff report to contain in Washington State.. such a report would be proof of conspiracy, and would not contain it here at all. It would become federal right after the Hague is informed. And if the sheriff did come to take the report, my answer would be, you know what these people are, use your psychotronics and make an arrest within 24 hours... these games to separate weed and seed from authorities wont work. JSOC, JTTF, WSPolice.......

2:07pm Thurston's mo just occurred in the psyop banter. Illegal detention. Torture. Again, because of torture, nothing productive getting done. Please bring up the email to Dobbs. Force Dobbs into becoming state witness please. And Spitzer, Iknow of your poliitical ffiliations, but please don't let me find put you're working for CNN or Obama or against me, cause the truth is I still have my fingers crossed about you... cause I know how to repair your reputation, and you're good at what you do. But if you are, it'll be more mud than. The threats and your mention here are all the idea of the psychotronics. But the essence of my fingers getting crossed is true.

3:57pm I was just about to make an entry, Lynn suddenly was in extreme pain and was clearly hit by a puke ray.. she no sooner went to bed in pain, and there was a knock on the door.  It was Charlie wwith his supposed grand son... I mentioned he had a nice haircut, he told me the boy had a hair cut, but he didn't. it was  a child likely less than  a year old. He said he found  a pile of mail on the ground.. Lynn popped up and said I might have dropped some.. psychotronics, perfect timing... he said he put it all back in the mailbox. Nice cover for the mail fraud, including mentioning Pete left his key in the mailbox, nice cover for the idea that he had no involvement in removing mail, filtering it, as well as for the notices  about the $185,000 I didn't know about, and also that someone else might have gotten a key that I no longer have because of supposedly leaving it in the mailbox myself or something, (I don't know if I lost my key or not, I surrendered it and others when I  was forced out during the PMS psyop.....  and it was broken.. ) So... this is another cover for when I first the locked mailbox in, and he informed me he could still reach into  the slot to get mail.. mo.. forecasting of actions... similar to when he said ya never know when people are in the bushes watching. Audio: 54.

Locals, Edwards and Ketchers: understand, I know how you play verbal games, you know I  record everything, and I know you go out of your ways to say things to vindicate yourselves. I know this is not a pleasant situation but we have been greatly harmed. To do things to get my sympathy or claim we won't do it anymore ( a lie, ask your other victims) won't work. Great harm has been done to us, and I have great empathy for the people who thought they'd never get caught, (rhyme, Obama joke, not a poet, see for the Love of the World, I pray) unfortunately, the truth is all of these people know that if they got caught, they would be prosecuted. One day you all may  realize your best defense is to stop.

Lynn's pain increased right after he left - check cell phone records of him and wife and Pete... and I was just told they'd torture her more. That's on you guys, illegal detention....

4:23pm Went out to check my trailer.. it was leaking in new places in the front window.. as I prepared to check it, pt guys  said are you going to blame us. Not necessarily but it is a new leak in an area where I put tons of sealant, and didn't leak the last time it rained. Consistent with evidence of someone prying on and puncturing trailer and other vehicles, including house, front window in bathroom by front door. Chiseled. Also noticed, on back porch I had placed in front of kitchen steps, someone knocked it over. Still on steps.. If it was wind, chair would have been on ground.

4:42pm Went out and checked Lynn's trailer. All leaks I worked on last year were dry, except for the front window. Videoed damage tothe screen in front of front window, and there was a ton of water in the window sill, and evidence someone had loosened screws on the right side of window, causing it to leak.. more than it did when it first got here. The trailer Lynn bought via online was supposed to be in much better shape than this, including leaks and so forth. and in time, it will show, someone stole the one she bought and replaced it with a damaged one from Oroville, and that people want us to leave these behind to cover their crimes. Make more sense as to why the guy who delivered took the license plate. The guy who id that looked alot like the guy with the setup with RIPP.

4:47pm Fire alarm units suddenly started chirping, meaning we're being hit by dews. Locals,, I'm not playing the type all day game. It's bad enough you tortured me all day to stop from accomplishing anything to get us out of here. DOing it in front of Lynn may bother her, but it also provides a witness. ANd she knows I don't chew my teeth, and it still does not vindicate the dentists, and you have just witnessed another verba dialectic. As well as others learning Thurston's mo to cover him.

5:53pm Since the last post, very extreme torture.. Lynn came out of her bedroom a couple minutes ago, said her pain was so bad she wished she was dead. And has been like that the last 3 days, as constantly reported. Strangely, out satellite tv reception is clearer, meaning at least for the moment, we're not receiving piggybacked rebroadcasts, probably from choppers...

Personal note: Cheaper to keep her psyop.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Family of Man

6:17pm whoever's working me from CNN and the FBI - Thurston - Strike the first part, is now up to the part of my mother lying about my brother and her car repairs, about my brother in laws work with the California congress (and threatening my sister again, a victim long before I was...) Obviously, someone is trying to make the case that I had horrible parents. Not gonna work. If I'm sure of anything, my mom told me obvious lies to eventually cause me to find out it wasn't true and check into things myself.. just like the Col from the joint chiefs of staff at Arcata high school, and attempting to tell me about a sting operation against me when I visited her trailer in Santa Cruz, Extreme torture. Lots of peopel have told me obvious lies overthe years to getme torealize things weren'tasthey appeared (don't tell me I am confused nad the evidence doesn't exist thurston and JR - thurston's trying to get me to say things that wi=ould supposedly claim I don't know who's doing this, Pattern the same people IDing and MOing themselves tojail.. and there others involved i don't know specificially about, and thats all you're getting thurston. NOte the typos due totorture.

Now as for things arn't the way as they appear, HW made RICO for tha tpurpose. Anyone who says I'm acriminal because someone may be helping me supposedly somewhere to not get murdered is a total fool.

I  will not use a spelchecker except for when I am actually doing serious statements and not responding to torture by people who are trying to run verbal dialectics to get an illegal deposition under duress of torture. I  am not trying to hide anything, but I have no obligation to give people excuses for their knowledge of my life anymore. Nice Ploy MSNBC and CNN, won't work anymore, bringing up the topics and torturing me to interrogate me is illegal. No  wI know whythey wanted me to start using a spell checker, and it wasn't about readability. It's 6:29pm Does anyone really think it would take this long to write what I just wrote, and why would I bring up those topics, and who has all the files including all my emailstodo this, and anything you guys bring up to supposedly humiliate me, and structured the psyops to expose the appearance of anywrongdoing you guys set up will clearly be proven by itself in court... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nat King Cole - When I Fall In Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny G - White Christmas 

The racists want me to say tht means God wants to kill all non-white people like they do by Cristmas. Idiots.

8:14pm Lynn's in bed.. a long time ago, I was "given" the symptoms of west nile virus, lasted a few days, long before Iknew about puke rays and so forth.. tonight, she says she's been nauseous all day and thinks she's got the flu.. the thing that tells me it's directed energy weapon attacks is that her left side is in extreme pain, and a few minutes ago, she asked me to close the curtains to her bedroom, which is very much unlike because she likes to look at the night sky... that tells me someone is going to be outside tonight, probably now, and is telling me at this moment its a another terrorist attack threat 

She said last night, a tree behind her bed outside was being rubbed up against the outside of the house behind her... explains the noise I heard of someone tripping over something when I went outside with the flashlight, and found the car interior light on that I did not leave on. 

It's becoming very obvious that these people want us to flee tocover their theft of the trailer, as well as selling e apiece of junk trailer, and I'll bet the el camino came from the impound yard at the Mason County sheriff search and rescue impound lot on John's prairie.. this is the locals telling me this.. so.. proof is that I would actually have no reason to suspect that. Isn't it interesting the guy at the storage yard where I bought the trailer claimed to be a drug dealer, and said he'd love to smoke some weed if Ihad any, and that's when I told him no, and don't tell me anything you don't the police to hear... Thurston thinks my knowledge of illegal surveillance is permission. Irt's not. It's EXTREME violation sof my civil rights, and when Thurston gets done, he's gonna send himself to jail. So will Delong. It's providence.

SMT 230 

Anyway.. another fact attemptedd to be used as a threat tht is reality, not a threat. How to extract a tooth using a scapula or another tooth by not immobilizing it after 12 dentists did not not repair it.. on purpose.. for this moment and the monet is to extract the teeth slowly and painfully with Lynn watching, which is whatwe attempted a few minutes ago.. while being threatened again with being hit by psychotronics during amental exam that I'll pass easily because I'm not a beginner, and I can handle myself very well while qualifying the  gitmo shrinks they try to silence me with. I;m being hit with dews right now, the idiot they have doing it doesn't understand that plenty of people have endured thi skind of torture, and lived to tell    Obviously part of the scheme here is to use the music I"v eput on my site to make jokes about torturing me. Music aversion like PMS Bible aversion, which will never work, but provides a consistent thread of psyops and criminality. And I fully claim fair use.

A while earlier, the FBI said I had to prove the existence of God in court. I don't have to, and won't try. Prove He doesn't exist.

Th eproblem the FBI has about WACO is that Koresh was being hit by microwave psychotronics to trick him into thinking God was talking to him and tellinghim to wait.. a ploy used to claim Koresh was holding out because they were guilty of something. In the Congressional inquiry, the FBI showed a replica of the weapon they said had been modified to be a sort of machine gun which is illegal. Koresh and his people were licensed gun dealers. In this country, it's an easy way to make a lot of money  without alot of time or effort. If there is truth to that story of modifying the weapon, it would have been becaus ethey did admit filing firing pins or whatever to  give thier weapons hair triggers, and someon emay have filed it too much... still, when the FBI/ATF fired weapons thru the front and hit Koresh, as the evidence proves (though they claim the gun was fired thru the door outward from Koresh).... the thing is  the FBI collected 1000 rounds of shell casings they fired and disappeared them to the shock of the Texas Rangers and waco forensics experts, who did not receive their tapes of evidence back from the FBI who claimed they lost it after saying they'd return it. In a press conference explaining the days events by the FBI to the media.. they said Koresh was talking to God, and the entire room of agents burst out in laughter.

Similarity: At Ruby RIdge a man persisted in getting the man there to saw off the barrel of a shotgun. That was the supposed excuse for murdering his wife, who they say was a paranoid person claiming the government was threatening their lives.

Hutaree.. infiltrator brought up attacking police, FBI used their infiltrator as an excuse to arrest them for conspiracy.

Florida, Muslims arrested for conspiring to  attack Fort Diertrcih and survive.. there's a joke for you. Boots and encouragement provided by the FBI right before their arrest. ANd I'm not sure they were Muslim, Ibelieve they were black or somehing

Just a minute ago they were trying to make me believe Rachel Maddow was feeding that info.. it's all already in my previous reporting.

I'm getting hit with dews from the left side, someone is out back, and they're goig to continue until youre dead.

And thats how these terrorists run verbal dialectics, as taught by Thurston and the FBI

They keep thinking thy can fool me.

I agree, but they're wrong.

And they just tried to get me to say something to vindicate Pastor Melissa Scott. Letr her explain it. Them, I mean :} Everytime I type mean, I actually type mena... I type United Sattes, I type untied.. I wonder what a sattes is... 

As much as it may seem I joke about things, I only joke abouttheir  stupidity. It's not funny, I just have a healthy attitude about how to survive.

A point I want to make is that I don't use derisive speech UNLESS someone is using it to publicly humiliate me - lets say on tv - and I'd do that to put the onus on them to undo making themselves look like fools. Ihave never been known to use foul  language except a few times when caused to briefly up the habit when around other people speaking that way, and that's easily proven. I'm saying this because these peopleseemed tothink that even if I DID use fould language it doesn't excuse their crimes. I won't , and I don't use foul language.. 

These people stil want to create the impression that my terms for ending it are about money. A nation and a world are at stake. That's not about God, it's about being a citizen, and wasn't about God when I began reporting. Except that despite my knowledge I wasn't the best Christian in the world, I took pride that this nation was a nation under God, meaning, moral and ethical. It only is now about God  for me at all because of realizing all the clues people gave me over the years, and my life, prove God "adopted me", whatever you people want to think that means. My family only did that joke on me a few times for a day or two.. and it was my sisters, the christians, who told me that. Still, my efforts as a normal human are about being a citizen. So, more big dew hits tothe head. SO, whatever way you want to claimthat, if you think Ishouldbe instituionalized, please arrest Pat rObertson too, for talking to God. ANd then remember God doesn't talk to people's minds in actual words..... regardless of interference in my writing during the pastor Melissa Scott psyop which truncated many chapters, because i refused to write what the COuncil on Foreign Relations wanted me to... Kurzweil, the Age of the Spiritual Machine, describing the governments use of using psychotronics to create spiritual leaders who write what the government wants people to believe about God.

One other truth: when I first began my back an forth with Chris Matthews, I enjoyed it, and I thougt he enjoyed it too.. you might want to notice how gentle and thorough and friendly I was about everything., INCLUDING protecting their advertisers from my complaints about them, the station I watched at the time most. Would a crazy person send him an email about an issue and sign it, the crazy guy from democraticfundamentalism.org..... good to know someone looked their materials up today.... 

Someone claiming tobe Keith Olbermann just told me that we'd ned to abandon our belongings tosave our lives,,,, again. Nice try locals. And Charlie, I don't care.Just get it thurston, I don't care. We did no harm toanywhere here. We came here to rtire basically, and to habe fun helping to build and participate in a friendly community. I will state categorically psychotornic swas used on us to get us here to kill us for profit. As PMS said, perverse profits. ANd thurston, sexual slavery charges wil lstand. ANd the jury will knwoits true.

Pervert cops don't deserve mercy any more than you peopl egive your victims. ANd to Charlie and the supposed grandson, Lynn's kids and grandchildren don't deserve to die or be disabled to threaten us. I dareyou to defend that. Just as I don't know if I should believeher daughter's husband actually has muscular dystrophy.... 

Jean Enerson... why is there an epidemic of MS in Washington State.. how boutthe radar offshore, supposedly for defense, like the patriot missiles in Poland, supposedly for defense, eaasily used for offensive purposes. Because, that radar would NOT defend against missiles like GW wanted us to believe.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 01 - Dance With Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - TBD - 100 - Delta Dawn

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - TBD - 100 - Glamour Boy

Theta, beta, delta, and some other brain wave state. Guess I'd better study delta waves again, used in psychotroncis as a weapon.... that would eplain my nephew's and Lynn's daughter's gran mal seizures... Glamour Boy, would explain my willingness to be publicly humiliated as the CFR wants, only my way will expose them. Dance with me... well, that means, try to follow the music as it happens, instead of thinkingthere's a set script or a particular way to survive and ovvercome in this Nazi dance... to make it into a dance for the full establishment ofthe Kingdom of God, which is not what theUS Govt would have you believe it is by using extremes and people who are abnormal as examples of  Christians.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Arrow Through Me

Weird, as I randomly picked that, before Ipicked it, the perverts were trying toconvince me Pastor Meissa Scott is a good guy. She will have to explainthat herself, in person or in court, and - I don't care. That song from: Back to the egg, when Iwas in LA.

Jackson Five - I'll Be There

Since they decided to torture me for playing that, Ithought I'd add a couple more songs

Michael Jackson - Earth Song 

Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary) - 10 - Vincent Price Excerpt (from Thriller Voice-Over Session)

10:45pm More on mail fraud. Lynn went to order a coat today, and she went thru all the processes to place the order, and then realized the catalog that had the coupon that  would have saved her $60 was already past its date of expiration. ore mail fraud. Charlei said if I posted this,he'd punish Lynn. The idiot stillbelieve shis crimes are a reflection on me. She also told me it was from a catalog she got from the mailbox today. Waste of time, illegal detention, torture.. 

Lynn told me tonight she thought she should go on Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader... they have tryouts weeks before they tape a few weeks of shows at a time... explains why they used Marcia CLark's appearance on CNN before the Candice Delong bit... they kept trying to tell me that Clark was going to arret me on a warrant for vagrancy, raping and beating pms, perpetration of a publichoax in the murder of Michael Jackson (and why thye tried to manipulate me into contacting the LA plice instead of appropriately Coleman's attorneys as I tried andcan prove) and then I was suppsoedly toblame for her chasing after me up the pacific coast highway and dyying in a car accident, I was suppsoed to feel bad, and I didn't go up the Pacific ZCoast highwway... and what else.. oh yeah,and supposedly, she didn't know she was ina psyop... lots of great excuses.. still obsturction of justice, and sure, Clark could havebeen a made up Candice Delong.. but that's not my problem :} Marcia - it mightbe someone was trying todraw me out on the OJ case, but.... if you want my testmony to clear you on this part and their attempt toincriminate you, unless it was true.. all I can report is wehat I saw.. and I knew nothing at all about the other case... 

There is a church on Harstein though.. I was lead, I'm fairly by charlie by psychotronics, tovisit all the churches in town with my video camera to prove to me all  the churches were infiltrated.. if they'r enot, then they have a dozen or so churches in a small town with few actual attendees and at least 50% weed and seed infiltrators.. why did they want me tonot talk topeole at churches. When Iwent tothe Jehovah's witness church, Ihad a package to give totheir leader that day, asking tospeak to their elders, assistance in gainingmediacal and dental care, as well as a letter to get to prince... he's a Jehovahh's Witness...  this church on harstein.. Iread when Ifirst came here that the city or county was going ogive them a community theater.. Ithought tha was extravagant, but why not. I wish they'd asked me, I'd made sure they got a r500 seat theater,and Iwouldhave booked musicians and theater groups and more to have fun and make the community some omoney, knowing also how tomake it a preferred stopover for major artists... instead, it appears the church is a front for the Harstine Players and the COmmunity CLub,, "for inquiring minds"... nice to have a whole island set up to contain victims, with a church that only had a few cars that weren't weed and seed. 

I'll leave the implications up to you, and they want me toadmit the size of the building is similar to the shape of the PMS set. Probelem is, the theater was cement in LA, not a wooden building like this one. Someone must have promised the PMS girls alot of cover for their crimes. Brack, any comments? Or Should Isay, Elvis. On topof that, Ivideoed a trucj that I thought I recognized surveilling me once or twice,and I think it's the suppsoed minister. When it was being built, I went by one day, and thought,when it's finished, I'm going to enjoy talking to the minister, and see what he/she thought of my story aboutbeng  CHris,back in the days wehn  - like the catholic church - st edwards no less, supposedly the maiden name of my grandmother adelaide, because,liek when I wne tto the UMc church I wrote about,Iwas hopingsomeone knowledgeable woudl ask me the right questions, and since they'r eministers, would know what to look for inthe son of man.. if anyone thinks I took it lightly or simply fell for all the psyops, they are very wrong.

However, when I threw the Bible in the air that night and closed my eyes and picked the beginning point for rading, it was David and Bathsheba. No one could possibly have manipulated me into that "coincidence". That's why I starte dthe practice of random selction, because when I read the Bible in a linear way, they'd do psyops to go with it,becuase they thought the second coming of christ was such a joke.. whether it be me or anyone else.

And the other thing is, with psychotronics, these people knew the truth, I know what they do for a living, Im gald tohave found that out for my own peace of mind,and so Icoudl put an end to the suffering for millions. Cause I know how. THe chaos that might ensue will and would not be my fault... it woudlbe the satanist chaldean/illuminati.. by any name, in any centrry,satanists are satanists. At least,this group of them is, and I'm tlaking about those working under nad for the ROthchilds.. like Carville.. Kuhn & Loeb.. he said so on Crossfire.... as always, I'd never heard of Kuhn and Loeb, and I have no aversion to attorneys :} So what....

According to National Geographic - I laugh cuz the locals thought it was just one more way to get us to spend money - they said the Rothschilds were of the few Jewish Bankers allowed to stay in Nazi Germany....... 

the last 5-10 minutes or so havebeen non stop torture.

ANother 5-10 minutes of torture...

Burger King girl must haveher ass on the line

Psychotronics is esy to prove. End of that discussion. Fuck you

Samuel 22:10 Ihave no idea what it says. I'll let you know tomorrow,.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Milsap - Any Day Now 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 14 - Kiss On My List thats about New Mexico, the place olympic bakery said I belonged with Wayne Bent.. who I saw on Dobbs... also lithium in the water...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God REM - Losing My Religion That's  a song about a guy so impressed with his stardom he's willing to sell out. They were on ANderson Cooper..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dionne Warwick - Deja Vu   Marsha Islam, Brooklyn target, studied with the - The Beatles Guru.. had knowledge.. got mean when I didn't know what she meant :} Clive Davis, Arista, 19.95 per song.. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 01 - It's About Time 

10/8/2011 12:18am Here's agood one for thurston. Due to torture.And non stop torture since the last post... I made a mistake. It wasn't 22:10, it was Isaiaih 23:10, but 22:10 works too.. now I have to read  Samuel 22:10 and see wht it says.

So Iturned to Samuel... maybe i was  1st Samuel 22:10 it works. But 23:10 is on theside of the page I picke, the right side, 22 is on the left. It works too.. So I'mgonna look at II Samuel 22:10, onthe left age, it works too,and unfortunately, resembles a vision Ikeephaving whenthe psyops guys ask me what I see for the future.... especially the arrows from the sky, which I thought would either be rain, dews or bombs... I alsways like topick the less violent one.... and unfortunately, tha tvision is in the context of how the United States is causing awar againt itself on purpose. THat all fits with one of he place s I read that talked about.. after 70 years... let's see, this is 2011 - 70 = 1941 Pearl Harbor Day... and the movie, the Russians are coming, the russians are coming...  and that story of my brothers' and the dream Ihad about hiding out and not shooting unless they attacked me, not knowingif they were there to help us or kill us... weird.. I don't know what to say about this,except God wanted to tell me astory tonight,thisis how He does it, when I'm bored with reading certian things multiple times (not tonight) and I randomly pick sections of the Bible and it ends up being like chapters purposely put in different places like a scavenge rhunt... it also shut the psychotronics guys up, cause they know I'mtelling the truth about this...

The plan for the New World Order was supposed to include a merger with the russians, supposedly, likely another hoax,a s we're actually merging mor ewith CHina, and iknow they don't fall for this kind of stuff. THey closed their borders for 70 years til Nixon took orders and opened up diplomatic relations with CHina....... about 1974 or or so... 1904 would have benabout the time that Germany started its cultrual process to change to Naziism.. not the people, the government, by design f the ROthschilds...

The thing ofmy brother was in My Brother the Pacifist... who said if the Russians landed on the beach in Santa Cruz to invade,he wouldn't try to stop them.ANd I assumed it was simply his way of saying he was a  real pacifist. ANd we argued, andhe left early. He visited me in Woodinville when I had told him I was getting a divorce.. he left almost immediately after I got angry with him for saying he wouldn't defend this country against invasion.. I wonder what else he would have told me if time warner and GE weren't using psychotronics on us...

Now I know fr sure they were responsible for my mariage and the breakup and my so called failures... and not knowing what I needed toknow... itmakes sense they wouldn't have wanted me towork at AOL. i thought I would have loved working there.

While doingmath, I came across another entry I wanted make yesterday morning, from 10:27pm, being ridiculed and tortured about Landmark Education. 

There are no coincidences Uncle Lou.

I'm gonna read these a litle more carefully. let it be known I'm relaly not in favor of this country being invaded or militarily harmed. But Ido believe the US government  has other plans with China.... and neither CHina or Putin are stupid... they make HW look like a fool. And they know all the illuminati games, including how they destroyed Russia in world war II to soften them up for World War III. What I knew all along is Putin knew.

One thing i appreciated in an intro to the COmmunications course is the idea - Buddhist I think - whensomeone is pushing against you, let them push,and thenstep aside when they'r eoff balance and let themfallwiththeir own aggression and momentum. I uploaded this last night. Apparently Ididnt  Jonny Wakelinand the Kinshasa Band - Muhammad Ali

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy -  I Am Woman 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - - Arrow Through Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top -  - I Thank You

I think those represent teasers from God for tomorrow.....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A02 - Without You

No more attacks of killer tomatoes Lou, and I mean it.

12:50am I just looked down at the Bible and read II Samuel 22:37

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Jordan -  I'm a Camera

Marc Jordan, Canadian, Warner Bros, album Blue Desert.   The album says he's "Geek to the stars"... never was a hit, except in my collection and the disco.. 1979. LA Before time merged with Warner. The captured angels were trying to tell me something..  ANd all of you. I loved the Burbank Studio :} It was his second album.. not the one I played at the disco... 

Marc Jordan - Dancing On The Boardwalk   thats from his first album

1:44am It's slow readin gwhen satanists torutre yuu wehn you try to read the Bible, I'm uo to chaoter28 of Isaiah as usual they hate it when Iread the Bible, because ttells them what they will receive.. If readingthese chaoters doesnt rtell you whats next, it's becuase don;t know how to read you havent heard truth form insiters,and need to read the Bible yourselves as Gd wanted. Poor thurston what a fuckup

10/8/2011 7:30pm Not sure, but I think been about 36 hours without sleep and non stop torture as I laugh at the Unted States Government, Candice Delong of the FBI, CNN and the pesophiles of Washington State for believing they can make me pop. I told them sometime last night they did make me pop, in the way I pop,, they convinced to assert, with good reason, that Cnadice Delong an dCNN used the Jewish BOys death to run a payop pon, easilt proven, as well as - given their mo of threatening to kil and rape childre - that there is liely a family, or the man who did the killing, was a targeted individual, and per usuual, using someone far away as the ultimate taunt, the FBI used psychotronics to cuase that death in order to caryy out psyops against Jews. It's actually quite simple to explain, including how easy it is to cause alzheimer symptoms with psychotronics and dews, and caus eht ebot to be confused, while targeting and causing the man to kidnap him leading to his death. I cite CNN< Pastor Melissa Scott and now, Candice Delong as my evidence and testimony based on personal experience nad evidence, including causing Lynn to forget how to get hom eone da whil ewalking in the woods behind her property, where I know people hide and dews are shot at us from, and thereby hoping to  kill her, as well as conceal their weapons, It's in the same area a woman form thecensus bureau claimed there were men in military gear who brandished weapons at her after they shot a deer.

Of course, the perverts insisted Candice Delong be clled  cunt again, and Burger King Girl liked the idea so much - she told me tody that she's and FBI wanna be.. so she wants tobe called a cunt too , Isu[ppose to be like her hero.

Last night, from about midnight to 4 am, they decided they wanted me to continue writng a rambling weblog, so I decided to put a message on the top of each page of their filth referring people to Ray Kurzweil: The Age of the Spiritual Machine, which explains the unfinished chapters of my books when I refused to write what they wanted, and is all about how the government will use psychotronics on people of faith who aren't awareof such psychotronics in order to get people to present religion the way the COuncil on Foreign Relations wants them to.

Today, Burger King Boy insisted I include OCCU on the list of local corporations requiring investigation for allowing mobbing and harassment on their premises. Burger King Boy and Girl will both end up facing additional federal charges for that, as well as probably 20-40 other people who do it every time I stop by there. In addition, later, on Lynn's behalf, further charges for referring Lynn to an immediate chiropractic appointment by a teller, resulting in her being bedridden for days in yet more extreme pain, and of course, public humiliation of me for additional psyops related to phony notices of winning millions of dollars. Occu of course can ease the problems they'll have from this by filling charges against these people for harassing their customers, discharging the employees at the tellers who do psyops as they work, and.... the evidence clearly shows their participation over a course of years.

Who else.. let's see.. also a good suggestion, given the mail fraud demonstrated yesterday, Red Plum should sue the post office and weed and seed, federal govt, etc, for failure to deliver and protect the mail to us. Also, J Jill and maybe Lands End will be given similar advice. As the federal government and weed ansd seed have gone out of there way with AT&T to prove they can aler websites on the fly, and show their suppsoed ability to control what Lynn buys, in this case, a red coat, and of course, it's an additional threat to make Lynn homeless becaus ewhat they want her to buy is for sub zero temperature... this relates to my news reports and weblogs and book talking about a 60 year old woman I saw one day, obviously newly homeless in San Francisco in the financial district where I worked, and she had a shoppingcart, a few beautiful afghans for warmth, and her dog.

Delong. did anyone tell you about he time I stayed awake for nearly  6-10 days (you lose track after a while) without sleeping, constantly discussing everything from global military strategies to.. you  name it.. it was under the premise of testing me to see if I could function under extreme conditions. At the end of it, they told me I should get something to eat and drink, as the torture and psyops caused me to forget about that, and I nearly died from renal failure and dehydration and starvation After that, I sat on the couch listening to threats, and dared them to see  if they could keep up with me for 20 hours more. They started to, and gave up.

I definitely am the kind of guy you want answering the red phone at 3am.

That's also when I burned my mothers bible, a mistake, to show my loyalty to the United States, my billboard history book of hit songs since 1955, and Hillary Clinton's book It Takes A Village To Raise A Child.

More of what Gandhi knew.

Lets' see.. I'm not gonna post the filth they enjoyed dictating last night, read it in the criminal reports to the Hague, I hope Jerry Brown enjoys them

Sexual slavery charges will be filed no  matter what.

I was told some people - while keeping me busy with torture, loosened the front suspension parts on the Camaro. Karl. Tell em how easy hat is to remedy with that new torque wrench I bought at Cut Rate. When I lived in the hills, I didn't know those parts needed grease, I just kept tightening them..... :} A Karl knows, I actually don't mind getting my hands dirty, and it only takes a few minutes to fi, even if they messed up the alignment, like they did on the headlights. Of course, this is why the EL Camino remains in the garage. And if it he Camaro gets left behind, Key Bank will end up buying me a car and truck Lynn wants for her trailer.

If you choose to call this malingering. please call Salisbury, I have his number somewhere on my cell phone.. Does he exist, or is that just another joke played on me by the Thurston county sheriff... or coward, depending on the answer to that question. I only know that name because they said it was his name when I called the Mason county Sheriff's office, not 911. For more info, talk to Mike. He has a  recording regarding the issues of harassing me and Lynn being dewed in the convalescent hospital, where the other woman in the room started acting weird when Lynn fist got there... DEWS. From outside, thru the window, and at about an elevation of 1:30-2:00. Whenever I'd go there, I'd stand in the window to block the dews from hitting Lynn. She was by the window. A woman there named Melissa, greatly assisting Lynn, had a personal disaster about that time.. I'm a potential witness to that "joke".. and it remains questionable about how I had to call the front desk myself when Lynn called to say no one would respond when she was in extreme pain and having difficulty breathing, and I'm certain it was dews and psychotronics. I had to convince the person who answered the phone that it was unimportant who I was. Also, the doctor she had there, when Lynn was discharged, refused to issue prescriptions to Lynn for meds when she was released, and it forced her to deal with Providence and the local walk in clinic. At that time, the most effective medication for her pain was Tylenol. I had Lynn ask the doctor at Providence if it was safe for her to take 8 tylenol a day, and the doctor took her off them, prescribed methododone, cancelled that, and then prescribed oxycontin, oxycodone, gabapentin and numerous other drugs, nearly every pill bottle saved since as potential evidence because of suspicion the labs were bogus, and of course, the oxycontin label reading "for break through pain", and more pain generated each time she took oxycontin and oxycodone.. thurston loves aversion therapy to stop people from doing the right things.

It's the same reason I've kept hair and nail samples since Renata, in case the government lived up to reputation for slipping other substances in my coffee or food. And, maybe, capturing what the shot was they gave me when they finally, 1 time, caused to collapse from sleep deprivation, a shot that still has a scar, and conveniently, my doctor's assistant lived across the street. The same woman I knew from 20 + years ago in Kirkland. Under a different name. Ron Jr ought to still be alive...  note:  Mae/Judith/Brenda/Dina/IMF

Today's threats included more against my brother for supposedly passing top secret info to me.. that's  a laugh. I didn't ask, he didn't tell, I respect that classification, and is why I didn't want one despite al the efforts of the federal govt when I lived in DC. The rest of that criminal story is what they do when you don't. I stopped those efforts when I explained I  was a whistle blower. I t led to a setup of reverse discrimination caused by a weird security guard. Black. ANd it might have been the same woman who rear ended my car the day before the James Taylor concert, and looks familiar as being the woman standing behind Mark  Sanford when he admitted publicly his affair with a Brazilian woman. (obviously a  sex sting similar to Spitzer's) The same type of mo  will also vindicate John Edwards on a few of his problems, but not all. ANd could easily explain Kucinich's joy of getting married quickly after his brother commit suicide, a suspicious story.

They keep making jokes about pedophile Kopps.. and that goes with supposed questions about KMAS I don't really care about. And the pedophilia remarks they like me to quote relate to their fun with what happened with Antles, that they will regret.

Always remember  please: I did everything I could to deal with certain policies of the federal government, almost begging the state of Washington to not force me to file criminal charges against them, and let me pursue things politically and in civil and criminal suits against the DNC and RNC and Council on Foreign Relations.

They persist in trying to destroy my teeth. Given my sense of humor, all I can do while trying to endure the pain and anticipate joblessness and public humiliation because of it, I thank them for making my work to put an end to this genocide easier.

To AIPAC: There's a concerted effort for  me to denounce you. I have no opinions on your organization. What you say and do in the coming months is up to you. I am now certain my parents didn't tell me of  my Jewish heritage because of likely future racial discrimination. And something about, just like Moses.

I was told today we declared war on Iran. I wouldn't be surprised, George W Bush actually did that years ago, and Iran acknowledged their readiness immediately after. They agreed to allow Exxon to manage the oil pipeline to China. Nothing is ever enough for satanists.

I never would have believed I would ever be calling anyone a Satanist. There's just no other word, and they and Blavatsky and White know why. At least Blavatsky knew how it would end, again.

Videoed the DISH TV receiver saying it would take 5 minutes to acquire a satellite signal.. chopper guys must have been busy. On second thought, I didn't get the video. When I got to the living room moments later with the camera, it was working. Lynn called me down the hall to tell me about it. And I saw it. BTW, how many channel 1 VOD channels can there be, and which movie would  you get? And, good to see the Barbie Channel is back, and the interesting Aesopian as I paged through the guide was interesting. Razorblade Lou was the one that made me decide to video the program guide.

I still like the Waltons and Heartland though. 

PBS: How ABout the Leon Russell blue album concert? I'd still love to see it. I'd actually record it on the evidence DVR if you did (I figure that'll motivate them) Look in your archives round 1972. PS Tell John, sorry about the ribbon mic, and was that tower of Power on those backup tracks from when your friends used to stop by?

Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

Someone caught the part last night about  when I was doing the Disco at the cocoanut grove, and some guys walked in with a master, not mixed down, just finished in a studio in Monterey.. a group named Wham.. not the George Michael Wham.  I have an album by Wham. Whan is the name of the band that backed up Billy Preston and Syreeta on the Late At Night Album.. I keep wondering if that was the master of the tracks they  laid down for that album. I only had time to play one cut, and I was busy equalizing it as it played, worried it would blow out the Coconut grove's speakers...

Enough for now. When they do sleep deprivation , I kick it into low energy mode like the choppers do silent mode...  They tell me Delong you're going to kill me in San Francisco and say I was a terrorist. Wait til after the first couple of Synagogues, it'll be good for effect later:} They're your perverts, and Thurston's .... I'm supposed to be scared, but that takes energy, and if you do that, I get a new planet :}

Eagles - Hotel California

Todd Rundgren's got a couple of albums... Ever Tortured Artist Effect and Oops! Wrong Planet :} The psychotronic perverts want credit for that one. I  read about usury last night....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Hands - 11 - We Were There you too, eh Delong?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sly & the Family Stone -  Family Affair

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dr John - Right Place, Wrong Time or was that wrong place at the right time?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits -  Listen People

In a world of CIA induced mass hysteria, it's hard to break a normal, healthy mind...... got the 4am shift again? Dare to abide by CIA interrogation rules to stay awake as long as the victim?

Burger King Girl insists she's not a cunt, and I refuse to call her a woman just for fun, so she just said it's alright for me to call her a hermaphrodite.... what a crew.

No apologies from me anymore for the filth of the US government operatives.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God J Donovan - Especially For You  ???????

I was thinking that was going to be a Donovan Leach Song, Wear Your love (or hair dye) Like Heaven.....

And I'm still a presidential candidate, Native Son from California.. the Bible said it'll be by exception, and everybody wins except the perverts.

8:53pm I listened to J Donovan.. didn't know the song.. I hear you have a sense of humor... play t for your SAIC when you re-explain what happens to  torture victims after they transcend... if they don't know, have em call Panetta and Betrayus.

Together, together.. we busted Time Warner, Ge, an the Federal government.. God said He'd be the buckler that goes before me, stopping the Satanists with their own delusions...

Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

Give my regards to uncle Hiram.... :}|

Cream - Best Of - 106 - Tales of Brave Ulysses

9:03pm Concentrate on your toes, said Katherine Ketcher, as she didn't remove the needle.. 2 toes possibly broken, and a close attempt at breaking my left ankle in the last 24 hours...

9:05pm The perverts are trying to break them again.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Riding On a Railroad

This came up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 11 - In The Waiting

9:20pm In memory of Katherine Ketcher.  Attempt to puncture lips, again....

They're your perverts Shelton

9:27pm Extreme torture begins again, a month ago, my toes would all  have been broken by it. Now I know why the perverts brought up Ketcher.

9:31pm Last night sometime, the perverts told me it's their town and like it just the way it is. They brought it up SHelton

9:41pm Torture continued with the usual death threats, I was going out to the living room to watch tv with Lynn, I heard her door close, once again, they isolate us and torture me while they torture her so I don't witness it, and she says she wants to be alone, usually meaning they had her think about something upsetting, and of course, to kill her in isolation, as well as upset her more by hearing me being tortured. That's the final post for tonight.

I'm glad you all like yourselves so much. Special hello to Rotary. I suppose that means the next torture phase will be for their pleasure.

10:57pm I was going to go to bed, and picked up the Bible, we'll get to that in a second.  Lynn went to bed inextreme pain, thurston told me if I  tried tohelp her, I'd be kicked out tomorrow. PMS psyop continues. Same script. Some say t about Delong, others about PMS... obviously multiple iliterate groups working me or just trying to confuse things. Meanwhile, Thurston says, he'l have Lynn claim alienation of affection, I said I count too, and I'll claim the same thing against he State of Washington twice myself... and also contact her ex husband of26 years, and offer him a lawyer..  Everytime you people threaten me, Matins & Vespers...

I also accidentally played a  song called Donna, and rememebred an old friend, an acocountant, whose boss is also a lawyer, and who  ent out of his way, even though I normally dealt with Donna and the lawyer's partner, to make sure i knew they handled the books for Queensryche.. this was I was writing multiple songs per day, and thought Capitol Record was  going to  to employ me as a staff songwriter. Idon't  know how thye knew about  my music really.  That was  befor e I knew Capitol was under control of Ted Turner's nephew, Hale Milgrem, whose father was famous for Cameronizing.........

I opened the Bible to threats that I wouldn't be allowed toread it without being tortured, and turned to 

Luke 3:13  and  decided afterward to go back to verse 12 for context. Something about being adopted:} God has a sense of humor, great timing, and very mysterious ways.,,,,,,

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers - - Love Will Turn You Around 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers -  We've Got Tonight

It was a tie. Weird, one of the songs I wrote during that time was for kenny Rogers

11:32pm   was about to turn mylightout to go to sleep,when Lynn called me and asked me tohelp her,crying, sayingher pain wasthe worst in months.And ofcourse,she tookall her medicine.. andsh'e screamingin pain right now.Of coure,thegus got her tostart the dishwasher ofall things right before starting thebath.. hotwate shortge,andgiven the tim eof night and wht's beenhappeninghere lately.. I assumethere's probably someone outside waiting totak eher picture naked.I gave up years ago trying to  get her to put up  curtins.

So... then I ent tothe closet CHarlie looked thu when he supposed a shower and hiswell was supposedly inoperative, and there was a hemamer there that I'd never seen before. all theyears I've known her, I've never seen that hammer before. Given the KMAS jokes and all, my first thought was Mazwells Silver Hammer, given she's a teacher. ALlthis isanother threat, given what the pervertts kep bringing up abotu SHeltonHigh School, and the teachers there in weed and seed recruiting minors... and I have had contact with minors surveilling and harrassing andtaking pictures ofme.. she said she put it in the clset because she was afraid someone would break intothe house andkill her with it. given all, this looks like another dialectic including getiing me to write aboutcertain things, tothreaten her life, and forthurston and the shelton police and Mason county Sheriff tocontinue toclaim they are not responsible for what thes people do. They're wrong, and it alsomeans someone broke intothe house..a while ago, someone said, we're not going todoany more breakins or harrassment of you as they tortured me.. a little while later, this entry that started at 11:32pm I really don't beleve she ever owned this hammer, rusty,but she says she did.I've never seen itbefore.. 

Lots ofdistractions, lots ofways toget mein here towrite and her in thebedroom, and of course,doors not always fully closed, and the knowledg ethat other people have the keys...

Of course, it's suppose dto keep me awake longer too. ANd of cours,we get the nightly threats tokill us, and there were 3 new guys who I'd themselves in the last couple weeks.

Cops, you're pathetic.lynn asked me how tospell that earlier tonight. Waht a joke this state is.

Nat King Cole - When Sunny Gets Blue Blue, as in IBM

Most peopel don't know this, but iBM supplied Hitler the computers they needed to list and track Jews and others they wanted to humiliate and exterminate. You guys beter rememebr I'm willing odiscuss anythign in court, and utting Lynn in this position, thurston, will nt work for you.

I don't threaten youpeople, inform you,and for some stupid reason, Ithought maybe there were some decent people around here.  Accoriding to Mile, Charlie is called "stupid"... don't ever think Charlie's the only one involved. THe matrix of God defense CHarlie,the Jew who doesn't believ ein God. ( I know you enjoy this atttention charlie) 

Always timed todisrupt whatever i'm doing, and to cause sleep deprivation and to satisy thurton and the other people's perverse sexual predator actions and mindset. Thanks again Thurston for proving what you all are. The next joke  - given the electronic singularity talk earlier with the perverts, how the town of SHelton only has a few perverrts.. These peopel stil think they'r ewhat's most important. Delusional. And dI guess the message truly is they like living this way, taking amusement from torturing and raping and destroyin gpeople's lives.

Thus, again, barack's confession for shovel ready projects. Sick

.. now 11:51, lynn yelled for hep, anotehr psyop based on tv reprots from MSNBC.. sheslipped in the tub, and again, provingthe cop  in CHicago likely kiled his wives with psychotronics, trying to make it seem liek an accident. Of course,there'sandread yates of texas, post partum, drowing her children.... her husband, NASA,which is part of the Department of Defense. goes with someoneelse who hassled metoday because I knowhe's been using psychtoroinics and dews to murder his wife to gain her assets. ANd of coure, the same types of injuries i have, as if I'm trying to kill Lynn, andshe has no assets I want, but know I'd make sure her kids got it. the will Italked about long ago gives me control over who gets what. and f course, in theearly days ofmovinghere, charlie inferred Ieas a gigol because he didn't care aboutthe fact that as a 501c3,my job was to disseminate info, heres was to ddo what she does,fund reaisng and whatever else she feelt like doing. S Afrcia was another  project  I supported and helped with. As I stated long ago.

I don't feek sorry for any of you people, except the victims, there are many and embarrassing us for any reason will be yet another confession.

Geat patterns. What sick people.

10/9/2011 11:15am Woke up this morning, torture began,a nd the idiots wanted me to write something.. abotu lonbg distance psyop and se stings, especially about delong.. I said, Ihave nothing to say.. thenthis came up, first song of the day as Iwas telling them no

Cher - Believe - 05 - Strong Enough

As I was compressing the audio file, they had me count up all the long distance stings, and  counted at least 7, most of them sex stings.. all of which basically left me homeless.. and if I wasn't the survivor type and resourceful.... MO Delong... 

Not much else to  say, except, a pattern is a pattern, and terrorists sending aesopian to cells is now easy to prove. The terrorists are the US Government.

Last night I  asked How many  actual terrorist attacks have occurred in the United States, not perpetrated or allowed by the government? None that I know of. McVeigh said the FBI taught him how to build his bomb, abd Reagan Admin experts say that bomb could not have done that damage to the Murrah Bldg.. it would have taken at least 5- additional thermite bombs to do that. When I was on the plane back form Santa Cruz and the media conference, talking to  David A Grant, someone was using psychotronics to get me to say I endorsed anti=government militias.. I actually don't, and he was trying to give me info I thought to encourage me to join one I didn't endorse, I  actually don't, I understand why they'd think that way and as a profiler, why they'd do it., I've been profiling since I was a kid, only I wasn't doing it the way Delong wants me  to claim I agree with racial and other stereotype profiling.. I studied human nature... Once I said I taught myself to do a silent primal scream.. only did it a couple times.. and it worked, because I could mentally process the process. The ptguys think that by using psychotronics to temporarily block conscious thought and processing, I observed my own brain functions when I was  a child, so when they're stumped at why I'm not insane from their psychotronic memory bocks and such, I just tell them, I actually know that blocking the thought s from conscious thought doesn't stop them from being processed subconsciously..... and I  always sort of rejected what little I'd heard about Freud.. and I heard so very little.. when i heard about Jung and transactional analysis, I  said, oh, that's what I do with people.. about the 4th grade.

Last nights Bible reading.. I was born in 1955. In 85, I  was 30....

Barbara Bush, early on, said GW was always a very sensitive boy, and cried sometimes.. I was analyzing him at the time to determine his motives and actions, and thought, I was sort of like that. Still am. Like James Taylor, soft as smoke and tough as nails. I'm not gonna get dragged into the James Taylor psyop, and delong, geting e to cry or feel bad, I won't be demoralized.. crying or being introspective is very healthy, and yes, Ido believe James Taylor knew what he was doing.. and he's on my list to God to go t hell. JT fans... tough. He used to be my all time favorite, like McCartney. The October ROad album was clearly supplied to those locals pre-release, and too music f it fits my story way too perfectly. The other music psyops were all circumstantial.. The only way I'd believe JT isn't guilty is to have him personally tell me and then file law suits against you all. His guilt or innocence otherwise is up to God, as it is with everyone anyway.

Delong, one final thing, and I know the perps thinks gives them an advantage, and a cop or Federal agent would agree with what Im going to say.. my willingness to wait it out, collect evidence and my non-violent ways actually give me the greater advantage to end this for me, us and everyone. Finally on that, you guys keep trying to get me to write about what conditions would cause me to become violent.. you can't, but I'm a human being and like normal people, I will defend myself if attacked. And that's normal. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar. Got your gun delong? Are you a violence prone.. never mind, it doesn't apply to you... you and your perps already informed me of  your violent psycopathy.

Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 14 - Hurricane Eye - Paul Simon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Heart - Magazine U - A01 - Heartless

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 07 - A Dream Goes On Forever

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth


Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 08 - Real Man


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

1:45pm Candice Delong says its funny to have given a man a vasectomy when he was already infertile.

Back in 2002-2003, I took ny dog to a Chicago educted valedictorian veterinarian in OLympia, and he gave the dog a prescription for SMT 230, not stm, torure caused me to misstate that.. I could find no such medicine when I looked for it in verterinarian medicine suppliers.. only Turkey Virus and a method of etracting teeth. More proof of a multi-year plan to  silence me as a  person, as a writer, as a reporter and as a presidential candidate. It's clear it was anothe way of these perverts forecasting their actions. Dleong  these perverts want ot make it clear that they are proud of themselves for doing it...

It's  clear that 

9:18pm Dleong, like I asked, when are you gonna understand that same old psyops wont work. Just watched My  Favorite Martian.. the interesting analogies.. chewing gum, 1966, tin man.. always remember, there are clues, likely valid, and its all paradigm. The PMS psyop was interesting, the  free association was interesting and useful to ME, but it didn't work. THe testator analogy of walston givng lloyd his antenna back, nice try, didn't work,  not emasculated, but thanks for reminding me about the experiments with e coli sprayed as herbicide along roads back in the late 60's..  the most nteresting part was of course e coli turning into a monster, and the zoot suit covering him is like saying OSS guys who wouldn't join the CIA were covering my back. I  think I already figured that out.. 12 brown shirts form Cuba.. another reason tosilence castro.. William J Taylor, paperclip, CIA, Emory University, 1 foot on the shore in florida from Cuba.. what a great way to bring espionage agents into the country.. while seeming to be heroes.  I wonder who the real targets of that E Coli were, and for some reason the psyops guys don't want me to remember what else i was going to mention that would criminalize.... My bet is Zodiac killer was an agent, and he wasn't/they weren't random killings at all... the thing with the black man at hunters point was likely the hit man making sure he got the right target, and given where we lived and all, I  wonder if my father used to take naps there too,,.. the guy at the supermarket asked my dad, there are easier ways to commit suicide............ When Kennedy was shot, there was alot of tlak about people in gangs against Kennedy, and this government, and of course, the blacklisting was to stop the aesopian that kept loyal us citizens aware and gave advice..like Hitchcock.. Howard Hunt with the CUbans in the trian in Dallas was a good cover for HW... jus tin case.. and the ecoli analogy,  bush turned into a monster. Of course, this presentation, including getting his antenna back, very much for the Boylan analogy/Aesopian about my life and tin man...

Please tell the guy who think she's cute to get out of our yard and stay out.. I'm not impressed, and if I end up calling the police, what I tell them will convict THEM.

As for other issues, like the recent damage I videoed of my car today, seual slavery stands no matter what. And lots of people will recognize the MO later.

PS Th emo of geting me  to go to college was a good one - now being hit by heart palp dews.. what a joke.  I  guess it wouldn't' have taken long enough or enough money, and the KAOS PD wanting to help me with my campaign was not what you expected.. I'd have had several degrees in less than a year. Poli sci, eschatology, ancient history, modern history, cfr.. oh yeah, and my instructor who was going to intro me to the head of the green party on campus. $5000 is al it would have taken. if I'd had gotten my inheritance then, it would have been done. I've gotten a couple other things from Visalia. I wonder if  there were investments with annual returns I don't know about.. like other things such as Martinizing, which would be the greter reason why you wouldn't want me to make contact with the family in San Francisco, including the DHS guy;.... the maritnizing thing seems to have been related to my great grandfathers laundry business in big sur. Explains why I ended up with a family photo album containing few people I ever saw or met.. Voeth, the Matins & vespers book. Root of word seems to be like Voice, as in We Have A Voice...  the CIA should have taken me up on my offer to do remote viewing for reasons of national security.. too bad I didn't give tkr a reference number for CNN. That would have been fun. TKR, Remote Viewing, McMoneagle, teching people to use synthetic telepathy thinking it  was ESP to psyop and harass people like me. I have the manuals for the EMory and cIA versions of how to teach unnaturally gifted people. I found them boring, and didn't need them.

McMoneagle did Larry King and did an example of drawing a picture of an unknown location.. the same as I did when I

supplied the location Bib Laden via remote viewing.. the way people who actually do it can. ANd don't forget if you claim I had an association with him in any way, as soon as I  saw that, I drew a picture and pictured for the psyops guys to pass to intel.

You'll never get away with saying I'm a terrorist.. 

The reel deal.. ????? who ordered the snuff film? (Who's on first. Who. Jewish genocide.. standard Nazi ploy, blame the Jews... reminds me from a typo, Frist, (fist-whos on fist -  the guy chosen to run for president and replaced Lott, who was embarrassed out because he was an anti-abortion christian performing abortions..

The free association game is fun, and I'm sure you get lots of info from it.. so do I. Duality, triality, quadrality, how many realities can you keep track of Delong? When you're a real deal, it's hard to beat.

Net movie on the Hallmark Channel, Beverly Hillbillies.. reminds me of Buddy Ebsen, originally to be the TIn Man in Wizard of Oz, but the silver oxide always asphyxiated him.. alot of people are using silver oxide these days to cure illnesses.. I'll bet kill the illnesses by asphyxiation, and later, their body. Another analogy a group of tin me killing the alien's body... is that over your head Delong?

I have three items of my mothers, one a little silver jewelry box, a broach of Queen Victoria, and an original german artists piece of pottery I used to use as a planter for flowers and things.. almost threw it away.. from along time ago.. I wonder what they're worth. I'm betting my father's ring has something to do with being in OSS/CIA Skull and bones land, and opted out when he decided not to let them... something about an easter egg roll at Shirley Temples, and Ill  bet Reagan was there, and there seems tobe a reason why the locals don't want Lynn to buy the SHirley Temple Movies. Rango. John Gavin, When the plan for what's happening in Mexico now was begun.... Fabians. Nazis. Venus and Mars are alright tonight.

I'm not a male calico cat. I'm a human being, and I'd go to Sanford to laugh at them. Let the Hoover guys know that. And tell them to buy an Orick, the computer things don't work well and take too long.  I bet Zodiac was killing monarchs, with a few extra to take people off track  Presidio. Karl Malden, MacArthur.. no wonder he didn't like Truman... speaking of Truman, enough is enough and a whole bunch of Nazis will likely be using those jets by December 2012. CIA US Loyal guys.. got that? the Bush Black Powder Rebellion revisited. I said in the beginning, they're not very creative... portable plots. Congress people. be ware of full sessions of Congress, and State of the Union addresses. ANd if they tell you to get on the Cheney tunnel trains, you'd better be on the first load. The second load will be for those who know, aren't wanted and intended to be silenced..

The precedent has spoken. :}

I'm hoping that theater in LA is a Civil Defense nuclear bomb shelter... I waned it to be a homeless shelter...

John and Marcia, creamy lips, sniffles, Clark, chocolate, peanuts... candy bar... Culwell, weed and seed, rainbow girls, jobs daughters, too much water under the bridge... got that Harstine? Borland, microwave across the freeway.... Camaro, Khmer Rouge.. the future o fth eUS, millions dying of starvation, farmlands depleted... California quake, 2nd farmland gone, likely already over irradiated by Fukushima...    One night, as we were at the end of the power lines on Lockhart gulch,the power transformer outside my window on the pole blew... same direction as the whoosh when I was  a kid... goat, dainty, kids, horses, barn, The Barn.... bill graham, Fillmore... CIA and Rock and roll...

Didn't expect that did you Delong? June Lockhart, CFR/federal Reserve, Miles Obrien, Lassie, Lost in Space... whoa.. woman died going into space.. clues to the end of the master dialectic or the final solution.. and the final solution may be thermisol... or in the chemtrails... Ashcroft wanted to know what the Russians used to end the terrorist theater standoff.. opium.. spray opium chemtrails, now you have people on trial for opium use.  Worth a soil sample. Skunk oil spraying, christmas trees, weed and seed falsely states meth labs pollute 5-10 acres, requiring toxic waste cleanups...

I figured out last night and just now, if the State of Wa had the nuclear plants still, and haarp was used to st off rainier, the entire United States would be blanketed with radiation, and the second most effective "bomb" would be around Santa Maria... for the same reasons, using wind currents... 

I saw an ad recently for fish compost from the puget sound.. I wonder if they had a fish kill from the radiation, and then it rotted, and now they want to ship it all over the US... 

Something tells me they want lake powell to turn into the new gulf coast.... terrorism industrial complex, military industrial complex, somethings preserved under all tat salt... Strategic arms limitation talks, to limit the arms and legs supposed to be cut off - tancredo - of those opposing the New World Order.. it would be interesting to check out the geology of the fissure going northward to the St Louis Rainbow Arch. Meet me in St Lousis. Meet Biblically, meaning message or something of great weight biblically... the passages about the separation of the waters, getting through just in time from Jordan to Israel?  If the plans go how I think they will, the east and west coasts wil suddenly no longer exist/

Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 01 - It's About Time

And I was thinking I was going to lead many black people out of the south.. racial or Copher Black... I think both. Katrina and Katia.. nearly the same meanings... Voeth. Dutch. Rehn German. Rehnquist and he royal family.. Sweden. Thanks guys.

I wonder, was there a queen of France. Let them eat cake. Barbara Bush, they're poor people they're used to living like this, Houston... 

You blew your chance, CIA. Stanford Cardinals, Stamford, St Louis, Dave Krieg.. Krieger... Kruger.. Kruger Rand..... Gregor. ROck Star. Chen. Springer. Masson, Mason, vineyards, Sonoma, Landmark 6 day... Orange Crush.. Orange Coat.. Red Coat.. Rico. Oregon Coast. Landmark in SOnoma, Gallo.. enzymes.. wine digestion, vestal, davenport, cement, Half moon bay, shuttle bay, robotic arm. Th ecows ar eout standing in their field. Charlie wants me to believe he's CIA. Pelosi: CIA makes its living lying... Internal Affairs, movie, Michael DOuglas and Karl Malden.. Streets of San francisco... CIA makes its living lying... psychotronics turns people into lying, deception upon deception upon deception, protocols hoax, triple deception.... 

Tell time warner the Truman movie doesn't say why Truman was so unpopular, and why the people at the train station, the nazi loyalists, applauded him so much.. similarity, Bush did talk to Gore.... Since Carter, the vice presidents have been the real presidents...

Paul Masson.. lateral lisp... LA late terra al... buddhist temple, china, los alamos... alma os... bush intrauterine device, dd meyer, dhs, hawaii, is street. hawaii Street San Francisco.. hmmmmmm hawaiis treat. Bob dole, pineapple, hand grenade, pull pin... carousel, boardwalk, canfield, la familia, stagnaro, go fish.. 52 card pickup, war.

In 12 o clock high, the pilots would push a button to talk to the crew and tower. Seals have an implant in their throat, I think I do too. 

 Bush went down, he said it was as if the crew had ESP, they knew what each other was thinking. Telstar, The first ground to air communication system on the west coast. Train conductor. Diamond Ring.... for mother... never gave it to her...  black onyx, obsidian Fran..... roswell ditch 50 years later... cloth, symbols like mylar balloon.. brill, germany. Train conductor, mag lev... tesla. Pasteur, penicillin, marie curie, radiation... famous pol... Brzezinski?

Mika, God only led 1 war, then walked away.... as those he defended became the evil. Stratavarius, sundown, I wonder who has it...

The red violin. Read vi io ol li in. He killed his girrlfriend to make the red paint for the violin. chinese red glaze. How to go bankrupt. Produce red glazed pottery . Pottery, Nelson road... Mark disco...  chinese READ general ledger arizona ze, xe. Arpaio, pink  underwear, tutu, prince, prince harry and william... America, not U.S. or us. Italy/Spain... Prawns, jetsons, je, et, ts elliott, so, exxon, ns,ennis, north south, ennis.. ennui.. is.. Janes.. military weapons manual...  French code, aesopian, democracy.. route of jesse james.. arizona? 

Note: the hammer Lynn found was not her hammer. I have her hammer. If I had a hammer, I'd ring her in the morning. Padilla..

Wringer. Dish cloth. Carmelite nuns. Close wringer washer.. martinizing... cancer.. mother... end cancer in our lifetime.. the final solution for all. A cancer  on the presidency. Nixon. Mother Nature.. it's not nice to fool mother nature. Happy together, Turtles, how is the weather? Someone was afraid of my mom.. and I know why.

Hi Georges'. By George, I think she's got it and gave it to me... :} Rubik Cube. Kubrick rube. ru  bi k? c u be. Nice try HW. Check the notes on my thinking for the last 24 hours if you dare, HW. Everlasting life. Muhammad. Ali. Rope a dope. Mo rocca... Uncle Harvey. Lou Bathroom, french museum... the logical unit. Nova operating system, iris, dg, IBM, royal computers.. south africa, zaire con, it was tripoli wasnt it.. 

My salamander. South America. Al gerry mander... changing borders for change in representation. Not noarcoterroists. columbia thegem of the ocean.. coffe.. colombia - clive... coca cola.. pepsi... japan.. coffee, bobby, art bell.. the day begins when the bell rings.. margaret, aunt margaret, margaret white.

Wassrberger. Washington, ass/donkey/dnc, ss, senior, senor, rb, be emergency room, roger. rg/rgb, ge, er, error. The setup button never really works. er, clooney, rosemary..father.. fruit hat, 

Alright. so delong, I'm not gonna post these games or waste my time or give away info anymore.. tlel the folks I'm concerned, not afraid, laughing, and a man with an iron hand. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sreeta Wright - Syreeta - Blame It On The Sun

it was a tie because of  a spelling error. Spelling.. fBI.  NBC (spelling was a big time tv producer, for those too young to know)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stan Freberg - TBD - 100 - St George & the Dragonet - Dr Demento...

aand the big clue..

Weird Al Yankovic - What If God Smoked Canibis

with the truth being

Prince - Emancipation - 310 - One of us

Something cooking... Acorns.. nasdij.. dog with sock in mouth. Jackson Browne.. Here Come those tears Again. Oregon, russians, Potatoes..

What I just wrote wil likely mean little to anyone but intel types, and probably too much. Delong,the locals ae using it for fodder to harass me, and instead of learning to read, they'll harass me to their deaths, and they will have done it to themselves, and you know that's not a threat to me, it's ahead shaking at people who I tired to help, and refused to have their lives saved. Trail of tears.. in true nazi  form, stealing the Navajo peace sign and making it something to fear. Like the Nazi/Jew death march thru the snow.. I hear Washington state doesn't celebrate columbus day....

Columbia the gem of the ocean - Colombia Records and films, clive davis, the legend that was...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie -  Still

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Electric Light Orchestra - TBD - 100 - Livin' Thing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Love Having You Around tie

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Maybe Your Baby


Annie Lennox - Bare - 11 - Oh God (Prayer)

Jil Jennewein - All That I Am - 03 - I Lift Up My Voice

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jay & the Americans - This Magic Moment

I'm gonna go look at my Leon Russell live album and see if it has Cinderella Rockefeller

So the above songs have nothing to do with loving anyone... God's got something in mind .Delong, the PMS script doesn't fit this situation, and I'm tired of the idiots using it.. do you have any professionals around who aren't idiots?

10//10/2011 1:30pm The psychotronics guys  always like to try to torture me toprove they can force me to do anything.. they've been doing that quite some time. THey tell me I'll be dead because I'll lose my teeth and won't be able to talk.. yesterday, tehy were saying that when a picture came on tv with alittle kid talkign who'd lost his front teeth..

So o prove that they were powerful and could force me to write an entry in my weblog, they tortured, and I went to help her, and she continued to tell me how the native Americans were setup to look like bad guys so people would be willing to humiliate and exterminate them, only to find out that's what the government is doing to them. I knew that, that's why I don't worry about things too much.  And still, they're making jokes about it. Proves the government used psychotronics  to locate and recruit the stupidest psychopaths they could find.

So, they won, the got me to make a weblog entry

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - Lyin' Eyes

Uncle Lou, how come this song comes everytime they fail with another sex trap scenario? :} Are ya laughing Lou?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - TBD - 100 - Enter My Dream 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 07 - To Live On

This numbers stuff... number 9, number 9, number 9.. I quit reading machiavelli at number 8, I think I ought to read number 9. It probably tells how to finish all this off...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Take Me to the Pilot

How's your jet Lou? PS to the delusionals, I'm making fun of you all, you're sucking yourselves in.

10:16pm Sudddenly, the DVR stopped working Thanks RUpert for aditional evidence. good thing the hard drive's alright. Tell the guy in the backyard that Abby's been watching for a while, and who scared her away from the window when Lynn mentioned, it's nice toknow the peopel of Harsstine Isalnd really are insane willing patsies forth egovernment. They want me to clal them crazy as if my opinion on that matters ina court of law.. 30 years of this, and the call their police crazy. They're also a little upset because I  put the hammer in the evidence area, given it's not Lynn's and it's not mine, ad was left in a place to constantly remind Lynn of their  threats.

Tonight's torture was on behalf of Mazlett and Thurston, and the churches of SHelton and Harstine Island, and for some unknown reason, KMAS continues to want to be mentioned.

For the record, I don't think we're officially at war yet in Iran. that was a pervert thing, Ijust repeated it to make note of their stupidity constant attempts to alter testimony and memories..

Psychotronics can broadcast straight to the visual cortex, and last night I dreamed Delong was following me around San Francisco, with her head always looking at the ground as if giving her anonymity or something, as if right now I  know what she looks like, since i haven't bothered to review the videos I took of CNN. My net favorite fake dream was when they had Lou as a judge, handing a red book with PMS standing behind me to the right :} I got a laugh out of that one too. They want me to say this so I will. if there's  anyone who's the most stupid it's Thurston. 

Highlight of the day was when the perverts got me toemail what I think iis one of Charlies phony websites, a Ray Kurzweil site.. I first him of him on CNN, after writting to COngress in the private section, som eof which is not online for national security reasons (no threats just names and info a few "lectures" about their criminality and what I knew) and then CNN reported he was dead, on the scroll of course, the same place I heard about the protocols on Blitzer's show...  5 days on the scroll, and I finally located it and they took it off the scroll. Good thing Matthews trick about the Druids backfired.

Key Bank.. they're making more threats to steal parts off the Camaro.. I'll bill you for that inconvenience too. they wanted me to vindicate you, but given the history...

I wrote to the Kurzweil sit,e and who knows if they got it.. and I was told the sheriff was disappointed cause they just cant quite make the case that I'm crazy, and even if I was, I'mnot a danger to myself, and I haven't threatened or harmed anyone, except in the weblog as they've wanted me to, and as for malingering, when the authorities are participating in the crimes, and attorneys have been used to bankrupt Lynn, and dentists and doctors have been used to - it's hard to find the word - ignorantly or foolishly or immaturely  - I was supposed to become demoralized and defeated.. instead, if that's the kind of  evidence they want the Hague to see along with video and Jewish and black epithets, that's up to them. I'm going to particularly enjoy telling about Antles role and why Thurston and Mazlett love pushing the idea  pedophilia, not that they don't do it with psychotronics, but.... nothing like showing an effort to embarrass me by giving me the wrong medicine since 1973. Skull and Bones...

One note: to native Americans, one day  I'll ask the chiefs what you want to be called to be shown appropriate respect... the trail of tears reference was not about you guys, but about all of us that the government wants to do away with.. between you guys and me, we'll fulfill your prophecies as well:} Something about teaching people how  to live :}

To the people on steamboat, watch what ya do cause I've got  a few reports on your activities that won't go over well... 

Keep in mind, I  don't actually write this for the locals I  write em to the public and to the government. Threats to embarrass people and use things to cause Lynn more harm will not be forgotten when reported to the Hague, including the threats against them and investigators. 

Other than that, a normal day of torture and them trying to make Lynn depressed with movies about things that hurt her feelings.. Hallmark, HMC, GMC, OWN (today anyway) then the dvr stopped working, so I unplugged it, figuring they were going to upload things to destroy those still on the drive that need to be undeleted.. 

I just closed my bedroom door a bit to block direct access from my office window, and I heard Lynn crying out in pain.. wonderful folks ya got here Salisbury...

Tell whoever thinks that playing a game about palgiarism, I didn't steal anything from anyone, and I certainly didn't try to kil anyone that I stole material from. Why DID Hillary make a big deal about plagiarism on the MSNBC debate for the 2008 nominations (and yes idiot, I heard car noises out in front. ANd no, you didn't steal the camaro.. and if you did, it really will be grand theft no  matter what for reasons you know.)

There's a guy outside using psychotronics on me as I write, trying to  get me to say things that don't need to be said.

Attempt to break toes. ztHis is their favorite part, thinking they'll get away with all this. A culture of criminals with a mayor that knows hot to get away with anything

The idiots, who want to dominate my weblog, and probably disabled the dvr just to do that, want me to continue describing their  crimes..

Charlie wants me tobe sure to mention the child he claimed was his grandson had a hat on when I told charlie, nice haircut when he came to the door yesterday... the day before that he had long hair... awhere Lefty's used to be.. It was cut very short, I  mentioned the haircut, the child had a hat on and charlie claimed the baby had a haircut, and it didn't. Said it's name was Gregory.  Charlie's trul y apathological liar, and so anxxious to be a big shot in town for "finishing me off" that he basicall  screwed incriminated everyone

Like Shelby they found adictator, and the problem is, I knew it and let them convict themselves. But in the books I wouldn't let them, even though it was difficult, though they originally did in the corruption and me stuff before I knew about psychotronics, and I was abbreviating explanations because it really wa smy way of letting the FBI know i wasn't an extremist or dangerous, and of course I didn't know they were using psychotronics to get me to say things like, while watching Larry King, describing somehting as PTSD when it was the only closest thing i coul dsay quickly about - lets say - bad ecperiences that I had and as a normal person had bad memories about. PTSD basically is that, and it wa sthe wrong word to use, but since they have psychotronics and illegally influenced me that way, it'll be proof of many crimes as well as providing eamples of their mo of reporting leis to the locals to inspire them to torture you, as well as how they go about getting people to write things very innocently and naively saying things they would likely keep as private thoughts and such, that the government uses to threaten public humiliation with. That's the primary reason for  things like facebook, dating sites and such, and the nazis had their spokesman say "it's the only chance we've got" That spokesman was the guy who they said claimed was the father of the internet, Al Gore, a 30 degree, maybe higher, freemason.. aka skull and bones/;illuminati , depending on which front name they want to use...

Freemasons not the same as masons necessarily...

Tell Al in his language, I wrote that at exactly 11pm

Interesting info from Syria, as I predicted back  in 2002-2003.. I went to look at the full article and my computer froze, never got to read it, maybe it's not true too but it would be predictable. A  Void Armageddon. think about that. that could mean a Jimmy Neutron scenario or annihilation, and biblically, can be explained by understanding those people thought the world was just the geographical regions they knew about.

I just remembered.  tell the guy at Gethsemane Ministries I was extremely tortured on their behalf. The answer is God and the bible proves it. Read it sometime. It says so when Jesus spoke at Gethsemane.

It's now 11:17 and I'm being given extreme torture on behalf of the dentists.. have been for at least 12 minutes, and of course, the perverts still want me to beleive the police are going to criminalize themselves further by covering up everything...

That's it for now. ANother day lost due to toruture. Taht's how proud th estate of washington is of being rapists, torturers and worse..

They tortured me to do a magic Bible verse. They shouldn't do that. Jeremiah 16:3 3 talks about the fathers and mothers and their children that do harm..

16:4 They shall die of grievous deaths, they shall not be lamented neither shall they be buried, but they shall be as dung upon the face of the earth........ I'll let you read the rest.

And it's hard to believe after all these Magic Bible Verses that they think it's a joke, and they haven't figured out that being Satanists taunting God, not me, is not  a good thing to do.. they never get the answers they'd prefer. even Blavatsky says the same things... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - And God Created Woman for all the pervert women in weed and seed

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Baby I'm A Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Motels - Only the Lonely Someone's husband, Harstine....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Liz Story - The Gift - 12 - Il Es Ne Le Divin Enfant-Immaculate Mary

Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

I just got tortured to say Mazlett is a pedophile

11:57pm I've been receiving extreme torture while beingtold I'm wrong about the people here. Just a moment ago, Iwas told the day I was given the tour of the local churches, where the parking lots were filled mostly with weed and seed cars, it was because the city didn't want me toattend the churches because they were afraid I might be real.

I typed that in and this came up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roberta Flack - First Take - 01 - Compared To What

10/11/2011 12:48am A always, extreme torture and mocking of God as I read the Bible, and about the potter's house, and Tophet.. A sick Biblical joke by Barack Obama, not all that unexpected given his workers..

Jeremiah 19:7 And I will make void the counsel of Judah and Jerusalem in this place....

A void armageddon..... Tophet: Hell

Carly Simon - Let the River Run 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings -  Love In Song

10/11/2011 10:22am Programming note for David Shuster and Karl ROve: Be watchingNewsvine and BlueStarMan.. ya never know when I'll make my move... or when Delong will let me..

For people who want to know: When I address Delong, I'm talking to her directly and the Justice and DHS... for today's comment, I don't understand why you people find it so easy to betray the citizens of this nation. THey should special rendition you all to Megiddo for the void. SInce you want it so badly... 

Looks like critical mass will come soon.. Stingray.. time for aluminum boxes.. the real problem you guys have with me is  that I  actually dare you to arrest me. Between a lawyer who knows process, my knowledge amn my supporter, I can make you look like the traitors you are. I get questioned alot in psychotronics anout how I'd handle things, including how to rebuild the U.S. You all want me to talk about doing violence, and all I really care about is empowering the citizens ofthe US and the World. Leader of the free world.. good thing I don't have to be president. Ibet people will choose me though, not because I'm a rockstar, but becasuse I have the right ideas.. help the people who have the right ideas.

Michelle Bachmann, regarding the guy wiith no teeth.. you and your promotion to intel committees know how that happens, and you too are a traitor and a liar and because of that, one day, you'll be counted among the US Govt murderers.. NSC.

For all those who do, laugh at me for saying - as the US and media always do, God is on my side and on our side, and by our I mean the citizens.

David Limbaugh. if he's who I think he is, at the media conference, he suggested I move to Humboldt County and work with other people like me. I won't move to Humboldt, but when the day comes, we'll be friends. You and I have similar stories...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 11 - Roll Away The Stone

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roberta Flack - First Take - 06 - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation in the Back - 10 - Follow Me 

2:58pm Approximately 2pm, extreme torture began when Ithought of eating.. ripp, thruston, burger kinggirl and boy told me immediately tha tthe cops of washington of washington were looking for any  petty reason topull me over and find an excuse to arrest or harass me. I already have proof of that, a simple stop that will become a conspiracy charge and false police report by weed and seed. 

They insist that I charge them with pedophilia and threats to attack a minor female. I will. ALl the way to Obama. Their taunts are that noone willlisten to me since the DHHS and hte dentists conspired to destroy my teeth, easily proveable Easily.

I wasn't gonn a write anymore they wanted me to

Prior to Lynn coming home with groceries, obviously affected by DEWS, I was working and I sat down totake a break with her, and then they started torture in front of her to torture her as well. They also insisted that I write down that a black woman is helping them with torture as if the color of apathetic criminals skin, compared to 99% white racists doing this and using black people toclaim it isnt racism

Note the only thing I intended to write was the black paragragh at 2:58 THey laughed because I used the word black. Miles obrien and kyra phillips good work on the Green River Killer coverage, no forgiveness,Miles and idiots remember he's still in jail. Just rememebr tha tall this petty stuff we keep bringing up will not be particularly important until it's time for CNN to get xcrewed into the ground.

And Delong, Idon't care what you all think you cna get away with as untraceable crimes, because they're not. Stingray is the proof. The nameof it alone suggests what you reallydo when you illegally track people using the GPS in cell phones, as Jim Marrs said you would.

3:54pm Lynn went to bed, obvious puke ray effects and subvocalization or use rc to move tongue causing sore throat, and emulation of suppsoed flu or cold effects..  just a moment ago, theythought it funny to revive loving every minute of it, making fun of Burger Kings involvement with death squads. Power about to go out.. flickering.. threat yesterday to cut power by charlie, easy to do with a wrench, previously documented as having been done before.

4:45pm I was told aroundpm 4pm that if Ididn't sit in front of my computer and write the filth Iwas being told by theFBI and lovals for the rest of the day I would be continuously tortured and interrogated.. which they have done.

5:15pm I've been getting tortured in the living room.. as I said, Lynn went tobed. I was sitting there, and some idiot kept going by the trailer (Lynns) to let me know he was there.then I saw something go bythe window in the front of the house, toward her bedroom. Lynn just came out of her bedroom, dizzy, ocular events which is othing more than emulated migraines.. Sanjay Gupta will have to ansewr for that... and she's jnn extreme pain... and concerned she might be having another stroke, which would  actually be more dew attacks. She doesn't understand dews and psychotornics like I do,.. thanks tothe perverts for educatin gme so well, and continuing to threaten Lynn, her grandchildren, my nephew and his family (previously brought up) even writing this is their way of making threats. Goo dluck FBI and DHS

I repoeaet thing sin red are their statements I'm glad.. mo.. they think they'll get away with it. the US Govt is Not above the law.

5:45pm Lynn just told me there was breaking news on 97.7 while coming home from the store that the FBI arrested supposed Iranian terrorists in a plot tha twould would have resulted in deaths on US soil. Pattern: get tme tocomment, public humiliation and more regarding opinions about Iran, and strangely, how the UNited States violated Civil rights in the name of protecting civil rights.  audio: sexual slavery remarks

To contine: as in King Harvest and power outages, how whould anyone know anything was going toocur with an FBI  arrest if the FBI wans't directly involved.

I believe this is a attempt to make it appear I would welcome an attack from a foreign country. ANd possible coolllusion. . problem is mymemo to Iran had to do with not allowing us journalists/cia sucha s Robert Baer and Danny Pearl to interfere with elections. ANy nation would do the same with a nation that has already declared war on it. Bush.

Deong the problem you people ahve with me is that everyhting u==you do is an obvious setup with 10 years of patterns and documentation, and more than 30 years of similar thing sin Washington. Illegal interrogations, torture, attempt to influence elections, public humiliation the list of civil and human rights violations grow. AAnd I repeat this nation is worth mor ethan the smear job you people are trying to cause,. And tell Sanjay migraines do not caus escar tissue onthe brain,. Notice ho wI end up with typos when they torutre me to say things, and I go ahead and write it so i can explain, and tobe able toprove.. as I wish, with my testimony that they can't use legally sinc eit is under the duress of torture and psychotronics that I end up writing this filth of their sin the firt place as they commit crimes against all day long just to get me to make this longer, as if they can legally use it against me later. Fuck you to hell

7:27pm A few minutes ago, I was told to go pull my  teeth. Isaid, how cna I do that when I don't even get to eat or  Charlies now saying the reason that's in red is becaus echarlies favorite thing wiiht psychotronics is to make other people do what he does, supposely, as if that justifies his lying and vcrimes. and he was torturing me while trying toget me to write what he wanted after telling me he an ripp have a warrant tohold me toanything they say through me with psychotronics as if I was saying it.

I'll continue... when Idon't even have any time of my own toeven examine my teeth or work or anything else becoause of nearly continuous. ANd they tried to tell me tha twhen they were attacking Lynn right after she got out of the convelescent totry to keill her, that they have a tape of her yelling for helpin within seconds ofher hittingher horn. inside the house she said she was going toPete and charlies to get help, and she was in the car, and almost ran me over as Itried topersuade to calm down, becaus eshe alsosaid that she was to go drivingdown the paved road, and Iwas afraid shed drive intoa tree because of psychotronic influence orgot pete andcharlies to claim Iwas doing somehting to her under influence of psychotronics, when momentes before tha tstaged scene, Irecorded audio and video oflynn using her cane under influence of psychotronics to bash the walls andthreaten me... I did that becaus eiknew she was under the influence of psychotronics and that because of the "stroke' described as a "bleed", they were trying tokill her, Ididn't want to gotojail for the attack on her with psychotronics, and Isurely was going tomakes ure these conspirators ended up punished for trying tomurder her. AMd I did everything Icould tokeep her from what I have now discovered is a police mo here to get a woman mad, and then call the police, blame the man only tofind out the woman is at fault, and then end up her getting arrestedwhile still needed continuous medical care. The rise in her blood pressure, if she'd actually had a bleed in her brain, would have killed her. I barely missed being run ove.r

They just had her come in te room to interrupt me]. Thehy had her bring me some grapes, which wouldbe difficult to eat.

So, who are they to tel me to pull my own teeth. ANd If I  weasn't operating in good faith with the dentists and so forth, why would Ihave gone back to the ketchers. 13 dentists, torutre.

As for these locals, to get me to come in here to write, they hit Lynn with adew to anger me to motivate me as weel as telling em they're trying to help me win this case by torturing me wuith the help of 13 dentists to extract my teeth. ANd tell ripp and the rest I have no problem explaining that, and when it goes to court, I will explan how lying DA's in this state use psychotronics to  cause this kind of journal to make it more difficult to get justice and representation.

now as for that recording, Charlie, you have it, it's proofthayt you set up the situation to kill us both, withthe aid of the police, and Lynn is still free and better eccept for the constant dew attacks, and I'm free and still tortured. SO tell your sheriff to fuck off and die

And to the locals, cops and fbi, I'm not at all going to be afraid to seek representation, Ican expaina ll sorts of things,and trying toforvce tomake a complaint tothe same cops who are particpating in trying tokill us for religious and politicial reasons is not going tohappene, and I don't

Your weed and seed status is your confession

THis is how the locals continue to scare themselves and then say, we're guilty, we have no choice but to kill you.

Cowards, and the worst are the cops. How many people in Washington state want police and fbi who rape and torture to keep the council on Foreign Relations and corrupt criminaols in office?

I'm a littl etired of criminals thinking they cansmear me in themedia and detain us illegally in courts and mental instutions sothe violent overthrow ofte  uNited States - exemplified by our treatment - can install a tyrannical regime while we're distracted defending our freedom and our lives and our property.

As for Iran ask Amy Goodman, how many people in the United STates were detained or assaulted by police - for pay - by [political candidates in the last presidential election. And then sya Iran or anyother country is worse than the United STates government in that respect when talkking about the minor amount of violence that ocurred after the Iranian ANd ccharlie I'm not defending iran, I m talking a=objectively s an honest leader should

Typos due to torture.

I was just asked why I didn't call the police on Lyn

I docuemnted what happened. Because I didn't feel like going to jail for their crimes, and if she ended up there Ineeded to be out to be able to defend her and get charges dropped, but if they'd gotten mein jail, I'd have been stuck because lynn didn't lknow  enoguh about psychortonics. ANd I wrote that because they said they're going to get me put put in jail with that idea.  Go dluck

ANd that's how these wenblogs end up so off track, and why the books didn't get finished: psychotroncis interference.ANd don't bother playing the mental exam/obsreervation game with me because you'll lose cops and fbi...

The Medi and the CIA and why the church comittee covered it up, and it continues, but no mmore, not with me...

Fuck the constitution. THat's the last one charlie and mason... it wont refelct badly on me, and isay people will galdly put you people behind bars and understand a whole lot more as idescribe what you do, wehnthey relaize many of them have had it done tothem too.

But you peopel who do the crimes, you chose to andd enjoy it. Nd you suppsoed christians and do evil to supposedly do good, especially you child molestors sitting in church nex tto real chrisitaians, you better find someone who can read, and have them read the bible to you

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne -  Let Me Know

Now they're threatening tohave Lynn throw me out of the house again. Just rememebr da's this is easily explained, and I can prove psychotronics, and tell thurston andthe other sick cops it will reflect on them,not me, and paly your ttempts to claim alienation of affection on me . I dareyour lawyers to try that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon   The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 12 - Quality - Paul Simon   dedicated to CNN-

10/11/2011 9:57pm  Every day the perps come up with more things for me tp think about in terms of additional crimes and tricks they've played.. more proof that they  taunt me, and more proof of how little I was interested in looking at twhat they did as crimes, and how much Iwas commited tosimply working with other people to hit the reset button on US Democracy, and use my strange but broad background in things to help mediate problems, whether  was a politician or not. Since I'm being asked to, that included being in the media and being  a reporter, skills I used when I needed them, and then, being a minister when for some reason I always thought God wanted me to do.. someday.. for some reason.. 

So today's gem comes from the attempted campaign in 2003, when a reporter and photographer showed up at the right time at the Quaker church I rented to talk to people, even though their newspaper said that meeting would be on the wrong date.

Like I told Dobbs in the beginning, I've had a strange life, didn't know why, the supposed failures I had always included other people's lack of ethical business actions or actual crime that like most people, Id just walk away from trying to be satisfied that I learned a valuable lesson. If nothing else, at least now I know why it was so strange, and the lessons I've learned.. they were all the things I needed to learn to be a true world leader, and a minister, and the reporter part was just part of me. Announcers and DJ's aren't always just announcers and dj's, they have lots of skills. I really loved and love being a dj, and especially when paired with doing production, commercials and other things.. but, the truth is, I"ve always wanted to be a published songwriter, and to use that money for more important things. It's always fun to think of being a "star" but it's more satisfying to accomplish things that help people while you have fun.

I was just tortured for caring. Tell the sheriffs when they spew their hatred to remember that I never did a thing to them, that what they do is not just illegal, its incredibly sick, and the more filth they spread about me, the more I'll know I've done the right things, and if they want to hate me for that, it really is a reflection of their own guilty consciences, and then beyond, a symptom of their psychopathic tendencies and denial.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 202 - Every Time He Comes Around

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Genesis - Misunderstanding

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne - On The Wings Of Love

10:27pm non stoptorture, threats by the police to rape Lynn's granddaughter, and I thankGodfor proving to me tha tthis state is fileld abunch of rapist elcted officials and authorities, and I  get to be the one to expose their sick lives and ideas of what enforcing laws mena.. breaking toenforce laws, true more extreme torture from the police who are obviousl ythe worst of al the perps in thsi state. Thanks g=agains for proving it. tlel the cops in the rest of the countyr you'r ethe reason s for the investigations into goon swuads like thurston and mason

10:39pm extreme torture continues a perp just identified himself as someone from kmas I don't care who, abut he enjoyed me writing about being a dj. from 10:27 on i s why I have no second thought sabout telling the Hague what you people are, as you  torture me while sau=ying actually very nice people.

10/12/2011 7;59pm At approx 7:55pm i was watching tv after dinner with Lynn, wehn someone whosaboviously a cop or fbi alongwith charlies mo of trying to convince me that I should do whatever they feel like when they say began to violently torture me and of, caused Lynn to goto her bedromm, and this sick pervert govt operative - death squud [psychopath - tells me I have to go empty th egarbage and quit smoking or they would publuclyy embarass me for smoking. and the word they wqnt me to use tonight is concubine th descrine their Candice Delong idiot who supposedly will arres s me in san francisco a if I'm there to take some grudge out on her

That's the sort of thing I'm willing to do when they torture as if I'm some kind of robot. Screw the new eworld order3eff

10/13/2011 10:38am Yesterday was the kind of day where I woke up anf got hit so bad with dews that I wasincapacitated most of the day.. whe that happenes, Ialways assume people are oing things in the yard, as the pattern is... so I played a bunch of music, as the power went off somewhere just after 8am - note: check pud power outage reports... 

Always interesting how certain government agencies likethe FBI do what they do and then zap me because I report it..  I have to admit it does appear that thing shave been set up for me to either go along with certain things or probably end up in the streets.. and I guess I'd have  to say I'd reather end up there than allow tis to continue en masse.. I suppose if the government - after 10 years - is intent on murdering me, then thye will. SO the only way for me to live with myself about  it IS to make the  reports, and then the FBI and Barack cna just laugh all they want.. I accepted long ago that I would end up this way  but it was worth it to do the right thing... while the perverts tell me "we have th eweapons" I know those weapons, and the ways of the US govt in this world around the world will ultimately make the jke be on them. 

At the same time, Iat least canfeel alright about reportin gwhat Ihave toreport because I know the mo's and the truth about the incredibly immmoral and sick activities of the US government against its own citizens and the world...

Seems the name Amy in this  state is nearly always synonomous witha psyop.. dol, sheriff.. and ynn's contacts.. 

If there's anything I'm sure of beyond that, it'sthat US  governemtn depends on its victims tobe cowards and spoiled like them. ANd I suppose whenyou're n apsyop at the stage where the CIA script is to dump the tool they've used so long.. let's just say, I have nothing tobe ashmaed or embarrassed about.. but the the torture make sit easier and easier to cause action even though it's unlikely I'll be avaiable tomake comments after doing things in alegal way... but at least action will be taken. Killing jewish boys forpsyops isn't going to be a popuplar thing toreport about the US govt to those who care about their race, and the hundreds of  years of predjudice and racism against them.

Kaiser: it appearsto me that I was given plastic surgery to hide my circumcision when I was  a child...  THurston's favorite sbject when instructig  peopel to joke about pedophilia whe raping me.. supposed surgery they say to aharass was becauseI wasa mosaic, like Burger KingGirl jokes about. all these being ajoke tothe locals and the government.. it's no wonder my parents were trying tohide me and my Jewish descent.. they knew knew about people like you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mark Almond -  One Way Sunday 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 202 - The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jones - Magical Child - 01 - Sunrise

It's a hell of a thing toknow you've been betrayed by the nation you were so loyal to my whole life.. and that same nation would go  so far out of its way to let me know theywanted me dead because i a medicalexperiment to them, and an expendable Jew, and that they enjoyed the lifelong sabotage and attempts to kil me so much. I will never deny or betray God.. as this nation has and does every day. I was advised a long time ago to take down the pillars on my way out the door, legally, to make sure the pillars fell with te truth. And Still, I'll laugh as the government proves itsself to the world and God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 02 - Your Love Is King


11am this came up  Enya Orinnocco Flow... talks about al the palces under attack and subject to disaster... KWAV/KLRS

11:36am Posted that, then I was told the State of Washington has the pleasure of killing me just for the fun of the sake of killing a Jew.

And these people think I'm demoralized. Everybody thinks the same, they beleive. ALl they do is empower me. Thurston and Jr and Delong were the best gifts God gave me.

10/13/2011  8:15pm Had another weird day in Shelton, and some interesting experiences in the store, as I was also being zapped and about what you might call 1/4 - 1/5 out on my feet.. of course, in my younger days,  they'd mostly just zap me in line to check out and have it look like the supposed syncope... at least I know what it was now, and I learned to handle it long ago, so the want my opinion now and all I can say is I'm glad the US government wanted to impress me with proving they're Nazis. I know what to do with that info.

I didn't realize I was  going tobe going to the store today, but the cordon bleu was good ... bought some wire... thanks t the US government for proving you could shut me down, even though you actually didn't, TOday's big writing topic they wanted was what I would write to thte Jewish community about all this.. it's actually quite  simple, and more of very thing sI need to writ eto complete what needs to be said or told. And as far as lawyers go, for I just start start out by saying, what I have to tell you may sound complex at first, but when Im through explaining, it'll be easy to see how everything connects and why I think it can be approached a certain way..

End of questioning. Now about the sequel to KungPow FIst, I'm still waiting for it...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Moon Martin - I've Got A Reason

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodProcol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - - Have I Told You Lately

I'm always suspicious when I wake up and I  get the" quiet approach".. I know there's an ulterior motive.. whoever decided to use the "we are not your enemy" line needs to understand I don't buy it... whoever's doing this today and other days, I  know  you want to know what info I actually have and can produce, but it's really not that difficult.. it is however good to know the video camera and format i selected years ago is still considered to be the best... to the guys videoing me yesterday.. I'm looking forward to your explanations.. I got you too... I know you all want to  know what Ihave.. and Iinspected the camera, it's in great shape.. tell Delong there was this guy I call Gary who kind of  fun too. And Helter Skelter amuses me anymore... 

I don't really know what you guys are gonna do.. TIme Warner and GE don't stand a chance, and i  don't really care, and I'm very unimpressed withDHS and i  will continue to operate as if I'm a citizen with rights, and don't  ever forget, I'm more realistic than all of  you, and that's why I'll proceed however i do, and that includes without a particularly preset plan, and i'm hoping you have the stupidity to seize materials from churches and lawyers. It'll be a fun BART ride, and I'll likely have some other video running in black and white, likely, as I travel. 3 Video cameras... a pentax and nikon 35mm cameras, a webcam on the computer, the olympus audio.  tlel the folks in California while they think getting me... the trickier they get, the easier they are to spot. Tell Dave if my brother reads any of my website, I'll know it was a setup cause I doubt he ever will especially if his names on it...

Consistent thread to end this span of weblog entries, too bad the US government is Nazi, and that Nazis are such cowards... 2bad4u

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - TBD - 100 - Hello penny lover.... I have 3 kennedy half dollars, an d one of them looks like GW Bush

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rhythm Heritage -  Baretta's Theme

God has spoken.. now about Robert Blake.....

10/15/2011 12:04pm For some reason theperverts want me to make somehting clear, I'm sure it's just their delusion that thye control me. Firt to Delong or Thurston or anyone else. I don't see anyof this as being me against any particular person, I don't care who you are, you're the delusionals. Second, inteh "you world becomes smaller and smaller game. I look at headlines, and say, [predictable... and that's about it. Think you've narrowed my world view? No. You just prove it was has bee and is correct. 

Started designing my crime info system for coordinating all the evidence.. I won't use the encryption though.. who needs another password to remember. finally, when I awake in th emorning and ht eFBI is running "Fuck the USA" keep in mind that like Thurston and Delong and JR, I'll be asking, why does the US Government want me to think that and hate this country? It doesn't work, but it sure proves tome that Nazis are cowards.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Montrose -  Open Fire

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dr John - TBD - Right Place, Wrong Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 06 - Cherry Pie

12:25pm I knew one question would eventually be anwered by itself. Nordstrom's, Atlanta, Paul ALlen

Paul Allen: The Singularity Isn't Near

The Singularity Summit approaches this weekend in New York. But the Microsoft cofounder and a colleague say the singularity itself is a long way off.


I also knew it was far from ready. Here comes critical mass.


10/16/2011 2:23pm Thurston the sick cop insists I write down how he and his fellow police, en todo, of Washington state are proud pedophiles. Of course I woke up to fuck the usa as usual, since the US govt FBI and others want me to think the entire united states is filled with government paid death squad satanists.

Delong, tell the idiots the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop is a failed psyop, no matter who's name is used, you wanted tobe in this, you prvided the name which is likely as phony as your ministers, and as far as hiding behind your children ploy tat thruston and even the local police are using, I don't know or care if you have a family or anything else.. you're the sexual predators deloong, its eay to prove, and your constant changes in psycholpoogical ploys are the most boring I'v ehad to put up with.

My world does not get more limited.. all you do is prove that everything I saw as probable is occurring... Hope ya use wi-fi.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manhattans -  Shining Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower of Power - Clever Girl

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Live To Tell

5:08pm Most of the day has been spent listening to thruston and his crew, including Mason, telling me how proud the fbi is of bein gpedophile rapist nazi prostitutes.. all you cops and fbI guys who want to claim I'm crazy or delusional, as always, I gave you what you wnat, and I believ ethe guy who said that the FBI is taking over for the rest of the day (to prove how brutal the fbI can be, as if that's something new) because every day, I guess th elocals and DOD contractors supposedly wear m edown...I can't stop you from usin gmilitary weapons on US citizens on US soil while being tortured, so feel real powerful, you got me to writ edown the crimes you sick fbi trophy hunters want, suppsoedly todemoralize me, and all you relaly prove is  what the US thinks of its own citizens, adn of Jews..

10/17/2011 1:25pm As daily torture and ahrassment continue..

This morning's proudmoments for the fBI are intheir constant boasting, as if it's a joke toclaim they are pedophiles, totell me how proud they are tobe witht ehFBI and can rape and urder children with impunity because they still want tobelieve psychotronics and dews cant be proven. I already know, given reports and pictures, that they torture and moles children tosilence their adult victims. whenthe time comes, I son't care if the US government sponsors this or not, though Iknow they do, the proud pedphiles of  the fbi want to tell the world that if they try to stop us we'll rape themand their children too

10/17/2011 8:26pm Today was another day lost due to extreme torture, hearing the US govt perverts bragging about the fbi being totally nazi pedophile rapists, they think the funniest subject of all... next to their willingness to harm anyone to cover government crimes.. CNN explained the big lie theory

Once again, for allthe cops and suppsoed law enforcement officilas who think you gainanything by haing meend \up writingeveryday about being tortured, like you think you'r ebeaing me, I hope you win at becoming expendable nazis who know too much.

Thankyou once aginothe US gofvt fro going so far out of its way to prove they;re nazis

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - - Live To Tell

10/18/2011 Torture bean around 3 am this morning,, a typical apattern for the lst 3 days or so.. andthere's always a chopper out tere letting me know they'r epart of harrassing me.. they love to say things that are disloyal to the citixzens of the United STates

Today's theme: the FBI threatening Lynn's granddaughter if I dare say anything to authorities or legal authorities or poiticians regarding their psychopathic activities... nothing new, quite believable, delong made a good showing of her and th eUS government's intent to continue tohide behind and murder children to cover their own crimes. I'll bet the guy in New York would talk about all sorts of compulsions to do thing she never wanted to do. ANd of course, her remarks at the end prove she was setting up locla terrorist cells, just like olbermann and hillaru clinton did regarding the destruction of my teeth.

Other than that, I think it'll be asy to prove that fBI and other DHS and CIA people were recruied with psychotronics because oftheir actual brains being deformed, and causing them to be psychopaths by design. 

Other than that, the longer this takes to get reported to international authorities, th emore they're going to wonder why the US govt made me such an important targe o hit, and especally why they'd ratherr claim that my ministry and such is the result of their psyops and nothing more. i hope they take that approach. I'llbe glad to let them proveit, an dthen prove them wrong. delong, you and your government friends failed, just like cliffy and it'll be more than a pleasure to free the citizens of  the united states by letting you people prove how delusional yo relaly are.

AS a matter of fact chucky the us govt is a bunhc of psychopaths and we're not gonna put up with your shit any onge prepare obe murdered..

ANd they claim I'm delusional.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - TBD - 100 - Jesus Just Left Chicago

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - TBD - 100 - Glamour Boy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Ingram - TBD - 100 - How Do You Keep the Music Play

David Crosby - 01 Oh Yes I can - 11 - My Country 'tis Of Thee

1:52pm It's obvious by Lynn's mood and the things she was doing this morning that someone was attempting to look through her personal belongings in irder to psyop her, and I suppose to scare me to know tehy were psyopping her, as if that's something new.

The problem is, Lynn was showing me all sorts of picturs with  people I've wante dpictures of to identify hem, people who avaoided having their pictures taken fro the results website in washington DC, adn these pictures prove all sorts of things, including her being psyopped to be used and set up since at least 1987. The repeated use of people who slightly resemble at leaston eof the 9 or 10 Pastor Melissa Scotts is a pattern that also fits the long term psyops against me.. including eve...

I especially enjoy the gret pictures of Hillary Clinton with Muhammad Yunus, longer hair, same old blue dress...

The Biblke says tat Satan would rise to power because of th epower of other people...

THe delusional psyops believe have adistinct pattern, exemplified by the red.... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - TBD - 100 - Ray of Light 

Oh yeah, the psychotronics guys reminded me.. I'm going to mostly enjoy ponting out the use of womaen and black people to try to make the case  i have a hatred of them.. there are few who are memo 46'd that I've videoed and documented, mostly idiot men,, and I know what you people do for  a living.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 14 - Amen

7:52pm Today's wonderful us govt perverts wanted toprove their stupidity by constantly reminding me of how they enjoy being nazis, how they are thrilled to be pedophiles and how delong wants tobe call a rapist pedophile sick fuck cunt

Also, how the local police love havingthe permission ofthe fbi to do whatever hey feel like especialy fuck people up and send the to the sewers to make ssure people pee and descrate them withtheir filth and perversity and whatever els ethye can think of to say to geth the guy typicg this to prov ehe's not crazy he's just letting the idiots tlel the world in their own way what sick fuck fools they are.

Delong, when I file the charges against you, your boss and the other peon perverts who dare me to report this to the hague and other international authorities, tthank you very much for going so ar out of your ways to proe you'r eNazis and sex predators and think you're above the law and detection. It'll impress the people who'll judge you..

Very little done today due to extreme torture, fully facilitated by the local dentists, who did a great job of thinking thye were traumatizing me with th egrand finale at Ketcher's., It's like Blitzer, dependin gon how things went, Iheld him harmless.. thruston or osome other cop is throwin gcop language in. So anyway, there were things about all the dentists and things about Blitzzer, an di told you people that..  and Blitzer wasn't a big surprise either.

The final note: the other topic of amusement f  rthe US Government death squads was how ridiculous it was to believe Jews would believe the US would kill them, and how the jewish epithts have increased sinc edelong.. its what the perverts want me to say, and it was true today, noone believed it in Germany either.

Gladys Knight & the Pips - TBD - 100 - Best Thing That Ever Happened 

Lenny White & Twennynine - Best Of Friends - 06 - Morning Sunrise

Prince - TBD - 100 - Money Don't Matter Tonight

A long time ago, the perverts told me Pastor Melissa Scott was an FBI agent extraordinaire, and would expect to get  alot  of money  if she "helped' me.. so  much for that. And the people in LA will be found and charged... meanwhile, nice try at the bribe scheme, and if there's any truth to the PMS premise, its just more  proof of how many years the fbI and politicians work schemes to rid people of their money and their lives. As I told the politicians and media, if uou do it to be a hero, go to hell.. if you doit because it's the right thing. Great. And if you play a psyop game thinking you can control and manipulate my actions and words, think about little time it takes to say goodbye. ANd then publicly denounce you. I know there are many more layers to the psyops and the politicians waiting totak eover as if they're innocent.  The last thing I'm ging to do with this government is trust the washingotn state law enforcement perverts... thruston was trying to ge t me to make a  blanket indictment against all police everywhere.. agin, another example of how he and his dept incite violence and false charges against innocent people as a pretext for murder.

The las thin g I'm going to do is rely on anyone else with things too important to allow perverts and infiltrators to destroy. Otherwise, if the Nazis win, and think that's a win, I'll be laughing at them, knowing their win will be short-lived...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - 7

10:47pm Psalms 33:18 The best part Psalms 35 God always reminds me when the sick fbi pms experts take over to remind them of the pms psyops and Psalms 35

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stan Freberg - TBD - 100 - St George & the Dragonet - Dr Demento...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Tower Of Power - Bump City - 07 - You're Still A Young Man

10/19/2011 2:14pm It's clear that the idiots working for delong and delongherself are incredibly desperate today, wanting me towrit etha tihave a headache so they can claim I'm ridden with anxiety and whatever other fraudulent claims they can make fools of themselves with. I sat down to write this, and just before writing, they tortured me and their  intent was clear: to stupidly htink I was oging to write angry vitriolic things - where does the fbi find these idiot psychopaths, and why do they constantly talk about themselves this way?

THeir most typical use of psychotronics is to try to reason with their attackers,appealing to their  morality and the law and to constantly try to use illusion to cause victims to believe, themselves, that they are saying these things.. thing stheir attackers say because if they were being attsacked like their victims, they WOULD say thing slike, how can you do this to people. And this IS why I haveno probelme callingthe idiots psychopaths, ad they think the definition of tha tword should scare me, Isimply say, like when Ifound the AAesopian, thanks for givomg me a word definition that explains it to intelligent people,not idiots.

My final thought: Ihad no desire to write any of the above, but once gain wanted tomake sure the idiots got their trophy for the day, so delong and her bosses can prove how they really cnat beat the whole world with their weapons... and that when it goes to a raljustice system (nice try delong.. paranoid word usage what an idiot) I'llbe able to explain how you people work and also think that getting your victims to write journals is a way of causing them toacknowledge their fears and the govt oppression, as if its demoralizing. I don't rememebr - out of thousnads of emails - any vicitims thinking THEY were demoralized. 99 per cent.. yes delong, I'll endorse lots of organization sof  people who think and read, and are concerned with the real issues, not the sick propaganda faux reality you want them to have. SUch as, I wrote the previous stuff in red.. and thanks for proving the governments intent again.

And Delong, you got your  long rambling paragraph for the day,  Tell your boss to give you your graham crackers and milk now

4pm The idiots of Delong's group want me to quote them as saying "We're going to kill lynns grandchildren and her whole family and then you'll have to say we're christ the lord.

The satanist government of the United States has spoken

Now according to delong, I'm suppsoed to ramble onexplaining all that no reason to.

7:41pm THe idiots a tthe fbi in san frnacisco and their local perverts just informed me the thing about delong and the dream of her head down had to do with forecasting ehr orders tofurther injure my neck  by torturing me with myspine in that position. It's also supposed tobe a joke abotu my principal and him telling us to walk with our head sheld high.. today's FBI obsession is witht heidea of me suposedly going aroundinciting people 

Delong, tell your boss he's making a fool of  you all and especially the US govt.

7:57pm I often let the perverts go with their rants, the more i allow it the more thierr psychopathic love of torture is.. I just got extremely tortured, and if there's onething obvious, they want me to just goto churches and tlel them of th etorture.. I'v eknownfor years they waned to use me in order to terrorize anyone who might listen, and I refuse to dothat for them or take responisbility for the actions of these death sauwads and th epoliticians who sanction them. it's very clear  

WHat they fear the most is that they know I understand the law, alot about evidence and admissability, and their psyhcological ploys, and what they fear most is that I know the best way to handle thi sis  to report it to international authorities, and then attorneys taking advantage of attorney client relationship laws, and snce i'm not an officla terrrorist, as that would leave  a paper trail they must be respecte, andsince I'lll be giving attorneys advvice regarding checking out weed and seed and other gepovernmental progrmaas and payrolls for those involved in accidents and injuries... it will substantially curtail and stop the weed and sed death squads, the fbi and many other illegal government operations aimed at killing US citizens.

They want me tossay to jerry brown he's being set up nby th efbi, of course, I'e made note of that before, and brown will end up proving what he is when the time comes, and that's up to him.. if the fbi carries out threats to put out apbs or inform churches or brown or anyone else false info, I wlecome it onlouy because it will prove the arrogance and illeglaity of the US govt, as it admitted in 1976.  Delong, you peopel want to say that when the government keeps admitting its crimes in public ti wont get the response the nazxis want.

Now the perverts want to say to he rboss, I'll get a ladder as tall as the one for Lou Dobbs and he can stand on it and threaten me all he wants while I laugh at all of the FBI and US govt attempts to make it appear I'm toying with you. As Burger King boy always says wehn he is frustrated... he has the weapons.. I'm not impressed.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Walking Man

Oh yeah, they want to remind delong th einception thing and dreams.. I really am a great sales engineer, delong, and the concepts of the thought camera and the Project Stargate magnetometer and all.. simple toexplain. check th elogs, you'll find I  love to learn theory, and I have the ability to apply it to paradigms and circumstnaces...so uh, and as for wanting to have the fall back position of claiming I'm just a psyop victim, I'll agree withyou, it didn't work, and you'll continue to make fools of yourselves by trying tomake it seem again like I'm threatening you in any wya. What a joke delong. Whata joke. And breaking my toes more won't help you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 12 - I Ain't Afraid

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension -  Aquarius Let the Sunshine In

10/20/2011 11:02am Of course, the perverts want me to write someting

I started the morning hearing Delong tell me the US Govt doesn't believe in God, they think God and Jesus are nothing but a concept... and that would certainly explain the way th govt treats anyone who believes in anything but their own stardom... as in false idols.. I don't why, but these idiots always want toargue as if I'm in court,and cof course, theyll want to  claim I'm  harassing thm thru a  weblog the police acknowledged knowing about more than 2-3 years ago, and instead of stopping crime, joined in committing it. THis morning ,the rant is how I've alienated the FBI against me.. again, Delong, that's not ajoke or a sense of humor you have just a true satanist streak. There's a good deal of difference between an atheist and a satanist... and all you've done FBI, is  prove that what you did at Waco IS a true example of the US govt treatment and attitude toward anyone of faith.. and it fits the fabian adnd Nazi agenda to get people to believe God is nothing but  a concept.

Finally delong and others like her, feel free to try to claim I hate and use women.. claim I'm just a psyop victim and that I isolated and alienated all of you.. please.. please... the explanatin wil be simple as alwus: this case was pirposely caused to seem complex, but relaly isn't, and ifyou want tocalim the US govt is not pedophiles,thneand that I'm just a psyop victim, then Isay you prove MY point, sinf e it began when Iwas 3 years old. thne you'll have to explain why I took and take fuly responisbility for my life, only tobe taunted and harrassed into relizing hat you andyour frineds committed crimes against me my whole life.. so your premise, delong, based on the sick psychology you try to impose on your victims, that I claim my entire was ruined by other people, with no responsibility myself.. it got destroyed years ago wheen I explained I had a bizarre life.. andnow at least I know why.. and then, there's relaly one thing I've ever done that I'd actually take responsibility for despite the fact itwas actually a failed psyop by the San Francisco FBI office and TIme Warner... and that's where the sex predator charges against the us govt and your office will be shown most easily.

There are lots of things Dave and people like you set up to make it appear my family was unreaosonable and worse. I  won't hesitate to pointthat out when - delong whydo you want ot keep going over the pelosi thing. You know that guy isone of your victims, and the fact I was supposed to be there in Groveland when that guy was set up proves tome yo want me includedin some conspiracy charge,. the problem is, Pelosi, talk about peons, as a citizen Ihave a right to look into things (which Iwas not allowed to do when it cma eto Pelosi Feinstein and Obama) and second, I have a right and responsibility to report the truth to feloow ccitizens, a right to run for office, and no personal interest in any of them except later to have    lawyer do what they have a right to do... so I can't imagine you people ever making a case that I was "out to get anyone' in any way. Please try to say I was.

SO now you've gotten your supposed paranoid paragraphs for the morning. Go have a croissant or something like a good nazi  would on their bourgeois breaks and tell your boss I hope he enjoys calling himself a nazi to his victims.

I'm being told your boss wants tobe called a stupid fuck. fine withme. When you are asked about psychotronics at the Hague, I expect to have to hold back my  laughter....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - Delta Dawn

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodUniversal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - TBD - 100 - Heart of Gold

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 09 - Peace, Salaam, Shalom

Please note in the previous post,how the pattern is that I supposedly answer a question or report the sickness of the government, and anytime imake a real point,it's followed by the FBI/Police mo of inserting filth because they still believe they can deny psychotronics. But they can't. BTW Delong, someone, likeyou, was apparently going thru my emails from a year or two ago, and the case of Jesus Mendoza, while at trial, and he said in his email tht the government attorney taunted him in the courtroom saying "you'll never be able to prove it. Thanks for  bringing it up again delong, and making it a piece of evidence against you. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God LTD - TBD - 100 - Back In Love Again 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodRoberta Flack - First Take - 06 - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne - TBD - 100 - Is It Right

Weird Delong, anymore God only brings up these kinds of songs when yall think you're gonna run another sex sting, tell the Phony infiltrators at the JW hall they've already criminalized themselves enough, and Thurston is gonna live up to his name because of it.

fiinal note: Delong wantsme toput downthat I have a headache, I don' yet today, Idid yesterday, and when the xrays are taken, the neck injuries will easily explain how the torture causes muscle tension and headaches, easily remedied by aspirin... whatever your tupid sketchy intel tells you, Ionly had a neck brace for a week or so in the LA acicident because of  sore muscles... and tlel General Dynamics the drive of the vehicle will be investigated.. did he have 3 dui's and was too important to GD that he still required his license?

Jackie De Shannon - TBD - 100 - Put A Little Love In Your Hear

Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

go onand on all you wnat.. thruston said you had my  medical records, and Inever said anythingabout a neck brace before, and betweenthe malpractice and assaults by your  doctors,I'lleasily prove your mo of claiming you knew nothing by getting people to write things.. but delong, why would I bring up the accident in LA now? the logic you use will fail. Delong I'm tried of arguinmg with you and your fellow perverts... have the guts to charge me with something legitimate and make your case or just keep proving to the world how your  checklist ofthings to get me to mention are real proof that someone's just going thru the files and systematically getting me tomention things as if it clears cnn or anyone else. It doesn't, and it certianly doesn't clear the law enforcement people who thought using their badges and aggressive crimes would silence me. It wont.

1:39pm The FBi's current stupidity is to try to get me to say bad things about Jews.. why would i say more than I have.. even with chrisitans all I've done is point out the difference between what the Bibles ays and what they do... and the leaders they follow, and the crimes and sins they commit as  spoken by God himself.

Just like the baove example. FBI wantsme tosay how I actually intend to talk about the Protocols, how it was a hoax, and why it should be taken seriously today. What they wanted me to say is that I was going to use it to incite the Jews in San Fancisco, which is not the case, all I'm going to do is tell appropriate people the truth and what they need to know to stop the Kurzweiling of people to suit needs of satanists

THe above also provides a great example o fhow psychotronics s used to create false images and again supposedly be intimidated at how they'll continue to get me to say things they can use out of context to make me look bad. they said that as if it would surprise me, or that I don't expect it. SInce, apparently, they told me that when NBC began the psyops with the aid of th efbi long before 2002 i knew it was being done tome

The FBi wants me to say to them Fuck off and die.

Delong, you and your bosses really need to understand that you can lie and bluff and say whatever lies you want in psychotronics land, but the evidence is completely against you, and short of murder, there's no reason why I won' be able to find what I need nationally and internationally.. you fbi and cops went out of your way to prove to me you'r e in favor of rape, torture, theft and murder and I accepted that in 2002 when my life was first directly threatened. And the aty general here convinced me and I was glad I accidentally found the letter from his office referring me to the people I wanted to talk to him about.... same as Salisbury.. weed and seed, community watch, and their police liasons. I'm going to enjoy  seeing th epaperwork on when th elocators were approved.

So folks, when you tell your lies and flimsy alibis and supposed reasons to torture us to death, matins and vespers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodWhitney Houston - TBD - 100 - Step By Step

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - TBD - 100 - Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin

99% critical mass is appraoching

Squeeze - TBD - 100 - Tempted

I thnk God's laughing at Obama's the FBI's prostitutes again. Delong is an idiot, Now Im supposed to say she tortured me because i wouldn't call her a prostitute or some other foul name.. they tortured me again.. and they're laughing becaus ethey think Icant explain the technology they use/ Idiots.

Delong this is going to show how the FBI causes ramblin logs, not sick people. Delong ya blew it its over kissyour  own keep fuck you rapist fuck you pedophile cunt. Cunt the word delong loves becaus eshe thinks its so horrible, adopted by the fbi wanna be burger king girl

tell the trophy hunters I got enough to present of how I'm l=illegally detained and tortured in washington state. And the kurzweill thing WAAS already par of my evideience idiots

2:04pm Non stop torture since the last entry. this came up a minute aowhen I decided tolisten to a song so the perps could harass me about somehting.. trophy hunters.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

3:59pm Non stop torture. Just a few minutes ago the desperate us govt  death squad people decided once agin to puncture my lips, as additional attempts to make sure I'm unable to work in broadcasting and disable and disfigure me.

9:42pm The pedophile the us govt perverts just did another attempt to puncture my tongue because they're so eager for trophies and to calaim credit for torturing me in front of lynn to the point lynn couldn't stand watching anymore and went to bed, adn of course that's to cover for the fact that I know whilke tey use torturing me as an excuse, they are hitting her with dews... and while the local police, the burger king idiots and the fbi threaten me mor eif I dare go to town, they get more and more desperate as they learn all the time how thir attempts to kill Lynnwill bring thousands of people onto their criminal backs, all the way up to Obama.

It's becoming more apparent everyday tht Baca is involved. Fine withme government, give up all your fellow criminals


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God McCoy Tyner - TBD - 100 - Blue Monk

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Williams - TBD - 100 - I Believe In You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 204 - Our Lives



10/21/2011 10:38am THis mornings torture began with the usual fuck the usa asthe inept delong continues trty to make  it appear I'm crazy.,.. it's  alittle late delong.. 

THis mornings challenge was about how I'll never be allowed towrite anothe word about delong's crimes.. Idon't relaly care, and delong youd better rememebr, whatever your real naem is, you wanted to be the object of this psyop, I don't care aboutyou one bit, Howver, after finishing the other piece related directly to the evidence of your crimes, Iwill grant youyour wish to have the greatest hits of delong just like thruston, and it will begin with this mornings request totellthe world,as yourequestedand dictated, that you finger little children's cunts for a living,and that evreytime you molest or rape me, you'll rape lynn's granddaughter, andyou do it to me to remind me that's what you'r edoingl. Great tauntl. Remember theevidence delong.

Delng,, you're the delusional, and YOU waned tobe named inthis psyop, and it WONT ge anyone of fthe hook, the evidence of all tof this IS overwhelming and irrefutable, and Iam not at all embarrassed totellthe entire world of  the absolute sex perversions of the US govt and it s psychopath law enforcemtn abusing psychotonis and its victims, believingit cannot be detected, as youcarry out your favorite supposed psyop: rape. ANd the hague  will believe it

Everytime I see the email you've read before i do, I know you're on a losing team delong. Hope you enjoy your greatest hits.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael W Smith - Stand - 03 - Come To The Cross

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Electric Light Orchestra - TBD - 100 - Livin' Thing

BTW Delong, you might want to mention to Blitzer and all the others you were protecting that this will also be directly attributed to them as well. Wolf, glad you wanted to be used for such a worthy cause as to have the world know the truth about you and CNN

As God was saying...Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Electric Light Orchestra - TBD - 100 - Livin' Thing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - TBD - 100 - Shining Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 04 - Let There Be Music

11am first song I listened to tday, explains it all.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann -  Chicago Institute

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 000 - That's That

A void armageddon... and even though it's in the Bible, people will simply believe God didn't keep his word... the ultimate satanist psyop

ANd even though it's in the Bible if people don't return to God's ways, the political toy of the United States will never be forgotten, just void. THe battle of Armageddon... it only takes one country provoked by the United States.. and the United STates is provoking every nation surrounding Israel...  and the US Christians believe Israel is the most important nation, and for that, for peace, all they can think to do is cause war...  All I had to do was read the Bible to know the truth that apparently few people read the Bible anymore, as if it requires that to know the difference between right and wrong.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmy Smith - The Sermon

That song is God's way of saying, what more needs to be said?

12:11pm I am currently being tortured and threateenedd by the mason county  sheriff and shelton police, saying they'll once again mo themselves by havingfred meyer delay filling Lynn's prescriptions in order to get me to wait around so they can put on another show, like the shelton police did when they played cahrades to show me how they were going to complete the more than 10 year plan to destroy my teeth...

The perverts want me tosay that if the preseciptions are delyaed an dI'm haassled at all, there will be a laaw suit against fred meyer, just like burger king, and if and when that happens, I will be glad to point out burger kings attempts to criminalize fred meyer, and if fred meyer goes along with it, they will have succeeded.

12:35pm Still being tortured, they put on a show for Lynn again hitting her with dews and wanting it to seem that the only thing she couldn't stay in the room with me for was having towatch me being tortured... meanwhile, I'm suppsoed to be more rattled and afraid of the police, who must be like Delong.. they wanted me tosay total fucking idiots.

As always, when the police are involved, fould language is their most common attribute, as and as per therir mo, threatening to harm children and of course, threaening me to supposedly rattle me to cause a public disturbance, as will be demonstrated by a day in SHelton, harrassed by the police then taunted by a weed a seed guy who obviously trying to cause a public distrubance.. I kept my cool as he obviously was trying to provoke a fight...

To the police of wahsington state, you are your biggest problems.

10/22/2011 12:26pm I've benen tortured for more than 2 hour this morning, listening to the demeanor of an an FBI agent telling me they were the proud leaders of the Einsatzgruppen of the Paciic Nortwest.. and Ibelieve them... and then of course the torture talked turned into joking abouthow the Jews wouldn't believe me... lettingme know how shortsided these us government death squad perverts actually are..  and they continue to taunt me into telling only the jews in san francisco about wha tthey do... and it's pretty obvious what they're trying to goad me into is simply visiting synagogues and supposedly inciting jews to violence, and then claim I'm a terrorist or something. It's odd that the government would think that telling people the truth is grounds for calling me a terrorist, also, that only Jews would be concerned about the government's actions, and of course, that the only thin I care about is saving the souls of the world as if i'm emulating Jesus. Too bad the FBI never learned toread or interpret anything as other than what a paranoid would think about the intent of christians. And tfor some reason, tehy don't seme to think other religions would be concerned about thee harm being done to other  peole of faith, just a sthe news people would have you believe that all christians think muslims are the problem inthe world.

According to a former Army Intelligence officer, a holocaust has been in the works since at least 2003, and it isn't just Jews, nor was it inGermany.

One of these dyas, the arrogant Nazis inthe department of homeland security will learnthat whatever they try to goad me inot,I'll do,butnottheir way.. I really loved reading the part in thebIble (they wanted me to say this again to claim I'm emulating scriptures) where God said in these days He'll use HIS words for hIS purposes. I'v eben doing that since before  reading the Bible, right MSNBC and CNN?

Tell your satanic bosses inthe dHS I'm notemulation, Icanactually prove it, monarch didn't work, I'maproud presidential candidate and christian apparently of direct Jewsish/Hebrew descent, and I'msure my dad didn't tellme cause he knew what his former friends were planning back int he 50's, and he knew if I knew Iwas Jeiwsh I'd probably have checked into synagogues and so forth, andwould havebeen a target - openly - a lot longer.. and would not have been objective now, when it counts...

All Jews are Christians, allChristians are Jews, different sects are irrelevant.. what counts is the Golden Rule.

And to the leader of Gehtsemane Minsitries, your satanic frineds want me topoint out that the answer is GOd.Jesus and Paul said so..

A long time ago the sataniss wante dtobe creditied withtheir sick filthy remarks, Now  they don't but I'll still make sure that eventhough they phrase things in  a less specific way, tehy'll get all the cedit in the world for their filthy mouths, and the worst are the law enforcement officials.

I'll say one more time, I never had a grudge against authority or police or the government... but I'm not going to hesitate to point out and rid the world of these corrupt perverts if the opportunity arises. And phony charges against me to silence me will do the opposite.

For the FBI, SF and otherwise: in my last report to the FBI, Iclearly stated my communicatons were tampered with, as you well know, and my offer to speak with an relocate with the cooperation of the FBI in SF and Los Angeles, was to end this sort of thing, not play some kind of gmae like I would for some reason seek you ut or try to "get back at you".. the FBI proved to me they're assistinginmy torture and rights violations.. you know MYname, where I  live,and more.. and like I said,the onyly reason I'd stop bythe fbI inSan Francisco is if i had time, iwas inthe neighborhood, and felt like having a laugh about asking delong to explainthe scars on my ears.. I have the frequencies of the implants now... one o fthe smartest guys from sPokane was part of something else in Oakland recently.. interesting how many obstruction charges I'll have against the government.. targeted people having someone monitor their implants... Oakland.. Mayor and police chief.... of course they weren't there tohelp ti's... little do they know they did, and I know how to use it...

These people want ome toformulate a plan for my activities inSan Francisco.. I have no idea what I'lla ctually do there, and I refuse tomake a plan because it ends up telling me what the FBI and others think, and how limited their scope and knowledge of law and human nature is.. it's like wheen I pull over when being harrassed on the road to mess upo the timing of the teams going it.. and when I laugh when theidiots make jokes,and they  took me in, and then lower the boom, and they give up their mo's... who IS zooming who?

Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 03 - Sure As I'm Sitting Here

PS Delong: Thanks for scaring me by having Lynn spend a bunch of money on clothing for sub-zero temperatures.. lemonade... I really don't like lemonade, but Imake it really good, better than Carville ever imagined. WHy?? I'm an independent operator (go for the lone gunman approach delong ;}) I'm an independent operator.... he's  a brown nose.. he has no power.. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Main Ingredient - TBD - 100 - Everybody Plays The Fool 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live - 04 - Don't Give Up 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 11 - Didn't You Mean To Say

James: The einsatgruppen leader of  the pacific northwest just asked me to tll the rothscchilds to fuck themselves. Of course, they wanted it to sound like it's what I  wanted to say. If I had anything to say to them, it would be more like, please have the place clean when i  get there to visit before putting it up for sale....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Bolton - TBD - 100 - Time, Love And Tenderness

12:59pm  I was sititngthere, looking at the Michael Bolton list whle listening, an saw this, and couldn't resist Delong. Remember CHange.org?

Merle Haggard - TBD - 100 - Okie From Muskogee

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie Merchant - TBD - 100 - Jealousy    Interpret it as you will

1:23pm As torture continues.. I'm now being harrassed for some reason to make disparaging remarks about some guy Seattle hired from LA - I think they clal him a drug czar.. I don'tknowhisname, I don't know what he did in LA, but I do appreciate the us govt death squad people bringing him up so I know to havehom investigated later. athe perverts continue to want me to make remarks about OJ, Marcia Clark and Fuhrman. Ihave nothing more to say, and always  wondered why CNN featured Peter and johhny Cochrane on CNN in 2002... I  had no questions then, except why certain pieces of evidence should have existed, weren't presented, weren't brought up by them on CNN, and I couldn't figure out why they even had them on... until the PMS thing, and now, the FBI and the guy inSeattle. Good tohave enemies... especially when they're the criminals, apparently, and you're the guy they're screwing up a psyop job on.

1:37pm  WHile I've bene tortured and haing to listen to ud govt idiots tell me how proud they are to be part of einsatzgruppen, Lynn justt tole me she's suffering the worst pain in month.s Typical fbi psyops, torture one, isolate them, torture the otherr, and keep them unaware of the other's suffering, so it would sem later it didn't happen.

Rockefellers: your frineds want me to make the case against Stephen regarding Yunus and Lynn and others. I'd be glad to do that in court.. meanwhile, your brown noses are very stupid, just the way you like themm..

7:53pm Still tortured. Lynn just told me a few minutes ago her pain has been extreme today, describing it asthe electrical feeling she had the day she had me record her just in case psychotronics changed her mind about her awareness of the harassment and dew attacks against us.  

Delong: The sex charges will stand.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 04 - Buy This American Car

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 08 - Joy In Repetition


AToday's  stupidity was about the fbi and cops being pedophiles.. they really shouldn't continue to push that issue, as iwill make those chares makes sense and stick, and in more perverse ways than most people will consider.  Please remind McCain that the surge worked, and that offshore drilling is the sort of thing that had the psychotronics get me totitle what I thought might be my last statement before being murdered a la Michael Jackson, and had me call it AUschwitz in America..  before Ihad confirmation that I was of Jewish descent. Delong, no matter how you are the other perrverts play these things,, it will fail and cause more problems for MSNBC and CNN... they thought it so funny that I wasn't sure of the birth ring given to me that they thought I should know I was  being murdered because I was a jew.

Nice touch delong. AS I stated many times, I suspected, but it really didn't matter to me. I was always concerned about racism.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 103 - Crying Shame

9:05pm We still get the inspiration channel. ANd the ptguys know it and apparently use the shows.. not doin git delong.. anyway.. nokolaii.. the satanist trying to take over the world in The Left behind Series,, a CFR favorite apparently... Nikolai, the Russian in Northern Exposure, and I joke about the British Empire and Nicholas the czar, and someone thouhgt it was funny to play northern exposure and think tht taking one hammer and leaving another rusty one in its place would be a practical jpoke Ithought was funny, that only proved someone was breaking into the house and stelaing things... anyway, CNN, I'm not playing th eNorthern Exposure game, we'r enot gonna just walk away from it, and every little Ed the Chaman game you play will be recorded a s acivil and human rights crimes as well as part of the illegal detention, having to look for stolen items as well as recording them, all whule enduring torture. GET IT THUR YOUR HEADS FBI, it's not a joke, and you have no grounds to call me a person of interest let alone murder us.

10/23/2011 7:53am Woke around 7:25, the idiot torturing me using the usual foul language, insisted I writ eaboutthe satanic churches ofShelton before they had to get ready to go  to church this morning. ANother example of  the sickeople of the state of washingtonand the fbi.

They're torturing me in you rname delong, and kusyt like the pms psyops they want me to writ eyou a letter. It's your pervets delong, it won't get anybody local or national off the hook that your peverts torture and rape people, just because your badge is the one these sickos are hiding behind.

8:05am the pervert insists, Delong, that they have a chance tocall you afucking rapist cunt,your favorite delong.. hope you enjoy the filth of your favorite perverts

And I personally hope delong tha tyour boss think sthisisfunny soit shows that way later in court.


8:34 am the pervert torturing me wants me toboth endorse the OWS people and discredit the police. they do that well for themselves... The OWS people, they're on wall street and other places to stand up for the rights of citizens against corrupt government and corporations, 

This, from an Iraq Veterean whose mother also won a bronze star, and veteran step father can no longer find a job


"Protestors were shouting things like, 'Police come join us!'," Thomas recalled in an interview with ABCNews.com. Instead, the police started moving closer and closer to the crowd. Soon, pushing and shoving started.

"I saw a woman and a man getting hit with a baton. That infuriated me," he said. This prompted him to unleash verbal fury on stunned police officers, who stared at him blankly as he shouted to them repeatedly, "These are unarmed people. It doesn't make you tough to hurt these people."

What I find most poignant is that the protestors they were beating were also protesting for these same police who will likely not receive their pensions later because they oppose those who want to help them.

All you cops out there who think I'm against you and that people like me deserve to be tortured and murdered, just remember, we were speaking out for your future too.

Critical mass, just like the 60's when the people who knew the truth were vilified by those they put their lives on the line for to protect and preserve for the future... and the cops, instead of reading and standing up even for their own rights, choose to take orders to harm those whose only goal was to help them as well. there's nothing new about this, and the older people and the police leaders should know better by now...

Again, if the police think I'm against them, consider that they present themselves as being against innocent people who respect them... until critical mass.

Blavatsky is right about many things, the prophet to the satanists, and even she knew their evil and power would have them destroy themselves. this is the last time, corrupt.. get it out of your system,  prove to God what you are, and then deal with the consequences... the US picked the Roman model to failure.. as 11 million people face starvation in the Horn of S Africa, consider what's going on in the united States, and recognize your new world order doesn't include most of you. And the people in charge will care less about you than the people they're having you murder... they're being murdered because they're e types who make a positive difference.. you're only important to them because you'll kill those they fear for fun, and believe they care what happens to you afterward... when its your turn to be eliminated for the good of their humanity.

Salisbury, ask Gregoire why exactly it is Lynn McMullen should die?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leo Sayer - Endless Flight - A45 - How Much Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - TBD - 100 - What a Fool Believes 


Like in the 60's my message to the police is, I respect you more than you do. And I know why.

Staple Singers - Respect Yourself 

It's no wonder tome that God would just walk away from those who only want to commit evil because it's more fun, and it makes them feel tough and strong to use weapons on unarmed people trying to save your futures.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Celebrate Me Home

PS SF FBI - I never viewed you as an adversary, you started that, and I hope Clyde took good notes on the proof of that. I intend to use them. Delong, really want me to write you a  letter for the record? I bet you'd give me another number that you'd deny later too.

In memory of Ted Gunderson, former FBI agent who found himself on the "hit list' and suddenly, became a citizen again.

Aimee Mann - Wise Up

John Lennon - Instant Karma

it was a tie below

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lizz Wright - Dreaming Wide Awake - 09 - Get Together

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Angry Eyes


California: Enroll in Nursing SchoolEarn your degree in as little as 18 mos. Fin. Aid. avail. for… healthcare-colleges.org...

10/25/2011 12:58pm The FBI and others are incredibly desperate, as they continue todo things and cause me to write journal entries because thyestill really believe tha tpsychotronics can't be proven, and to make a joke about how noone could make a case convincing a jury of th ecapabilities of psychotronics an dews in the areas of creating emulated serious an dfatal diseases, as well as raping people. the last few days have ben nothing but torture, little done, and today they wanted me to claim I withdrew from the presidential racfe, and of course, being afrstrated person, became sexually obsessed..

I mentioned a  while back about charts related to the frequencies o fthe nerves in the body, therefore, controlled (in people who aren't aware) or manipulated and sabotaged by broadcasting those frequncies into the body or brain at levels higher than natural brain wave power levels. One night, during  a sequence of psyops to get me labeled mentally ill and Lynn in jail or in an institution, when I ended up getting an EKG primarily just to get Lynn off the road, as it would have appeared she was drunk, and  I knew it was psychotronics to give some cop an excuse. 

All of this led to the Mazlett setup, to cover for CNN most,and NBC, as well as the locals... and on one ofthose nights after keeping lynn out of trouble, Icame home and was put through an ordeal that I wrote down as it happened, being given a demonstration of how using psychotronics and dews, they couldpain and or heart palpitations in any part of my  body, at almost anytime time (I'm assuming some idiot thinks this should make me afraid) Anyway, because of this ,I am also certain it is the cause of 80-90 per cent of Lynn's supposed stroke pain.

So, to make it appear I'm crazy, the FBI wanted me tot lel you fdow they use the same sysem that causes fibromyalgia to cause tingling sensations in genitals, presumably later toclaim it was just molestation not rape, although th erape they do is much different, more in line with WOody ALlen's Orgasmatron, or the sex scene between Sandra Bullock and Sylvester STallone where they put on a cap and exchange sexual images to the point of orgasm.. furhter, this cap method was introduced by SOny and NIntendo as ways  to play video games that would affect your brain waves and cause you to experience physical sensation, mental thoughts, smells... using the same methods of broadcasting brain waves, the same that's used in Fighter Aircraft "heads up" displays that all the airplane to respond to the thoughts of a pilot.

So, sex predators of the US Govt, FBI... like I keep saying, you try to get people to approach all this as if there's a specific thing to prove, and there is, and it's on a broad scale so all you need is specific proof on a few things. If the US govt hires people to rape and torture others,and threatens children with death and rape to silence the adult vicitms,... and the US Govt needs to understand that the restofthe world knows te secret the US tried to keep from its ciizens..... that's why I always get a laugh at the govt when they choose to mock myability to explain things so it makes sense, even the worst of it.. but since the whole setup was to silence us out of fear of public humiliation, the only way to deal with it is to allow the govt to prove it's that perverse, because the truth will convict the government, and I'll get over the embarrassment... especially since the government picked a ffight with me, I was never anti-government, I was pro-Democracy, I support our constitution and ...

The worse you guys do to me the more I will take pleasure in being an adultin court while testifying.. crimes are rarely prett.. that's why the turth needs to be known.

The more you do, the more I understand the crimes you told me about to taunt me, the more I hear of other people's lives, the more I really know how sick the US gvt has been for  a long time.. I've got another short story to tell at some point.. about the x-20a and brill and hitler and roswell and the cia and manhattan project  and 

I'm now bein g threatened to be embarrassed about being Christ.  The US Govt is not goin gto win by playing dictation games, because no matter who or what I am, I am a ctiizen, great harm has been done, and anything you condemn me for wil be nothing less than your confessions. I say what matters is what I stood for, what I stand for, and the observations and solutions I've talked about. After that, it's not all that important to me. 

Its only sad that this government has chosen to kill its own citizens out of fear of the truth.... tell Delong I'm tired of her appraoch and how all she really ends up doin gis provifing mor evidence of some inept psychology type proving what wimmps they are when they think what they do to people will stop them from seeking and prevailing with justice.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 12 - I Ain't Afraid

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jonathan Edwards - TBD - 100 - Sunshine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 09 - Spring Fever 

It's now 1:21pm This IS more examples of illegal detention bothbycommission of rimes leading to needing to address things and lnot let perverts get away with rape and torture... and proving tht the FBIand cerain law enforcement use psychotroncis and dews to commit crimes worse than any pervert they ever arrested. Remember, I'll be asking for records of those people who have been paid to rape and torture people on behalf of the US Government.

10/26/2011 11:47am I've just spent the last couple ofhours under extreme torture, the mo seems tobe totorture me then demand that I write something, and as Iprepare towrite totorture me so I"ll supposedly be angry and be vitriolic. athis morning's topics were the same, expecially trying to make it appear that I've researched the FBI people, families backgrounds, etc, and Ihaven't spent a minute on that... why whould I. It's like DObbs.. in the first month or so I knew he existed, he promoted a playboy interview featuring him, I finally got around to readingit a few years later,one dya, when Iwasbored,and decidedtose itf it was online.. nice try by DObbs omake it appear Iwas looking intohis personal life.. If I had bene sointerested inhis likes and dislikes, iwould have looked up the Miss Cnaada Nude COmpetition in 2003 or so, as well as the National G featuring mud wresling... too bad you guys, he lastthing Icared about public officials was their personal lives.. I only cared about thenews and whether the truth wasbeing told..

As for Delong, you put yourself on tv, I got the footage ineeded to convict the FBI, thank you, the rest of the psyops, wantingme to call you what you are and torturing me to help your desperately failed psyops...

Here's the only thing I could actually think of worth talking about: I didn't realize that when Jesus was born (who, supposedly was to be Emmanuel, not Jesus, a little note about how prophecy gets changed) Think about it.. the prophesy, then everyone would know Jesus was the Christ if they named him Emmanuel like the angel told Mary  and then think about this.. when Jesus was born, Herod instructed people to find him and let him know where Christ was. They didn't. So, Herod hd his people kill all babies 2 years old and younger tomake sure Jesus was killed, because the last thing these satanists wanted was God's son upsetting their power...

Other than, yesterday was another day lost to torture and apparently delong's delusional idea, desperate as it is, that they can claim I'm some sort of sex pervert.. one day she'll realize the government did what I said in regard to hiding me and then, when they  thought they were ready, settingme up for  public life  only to suppress and slowly murder me because all their attempts to make me out a criminal all these years has always failed.

Sealed unto God.

There are a lot of faithful followers of God who, as the Bible says, will suddenly be who  they really are and be as they believe when they realize he time has come for the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ....

No matter what you people do to me, I will always be who I am, regardless of whatever you think that means, I will be shamed or diminished by your threats, brutality or attempts to defame me... and everything the government will claim as proof that I'm a phony in whatever they say 'm a fraud of... it always ends up being the fault of the US Government, and that is no disclaimer, no claim on my part, just one of God's rules, Matins & Vespers...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Labelle -  Lady Marmalade

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Honey Cone - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 09 - Sufficiency Of Grace

I scanned in anew album yesterday... Holy Near and Emma's Revolution :}

10/26/2011 7:48pm today has been another day where the govt thinks that brutality will caue people to quit. 

TOday's torture was on behalf of the Mason and Thruston COunty Sheriffs, Christine Gregoire, the Shelton Police burer king girl and boy prove they all think it's a joke to torture and rape people by  insisting they be mentioned, and of course, to perpetuate the stupidity of the fbi, the candice delong I'm proud tobe a nazi pedophile campaign

to perpetuate the stupid idea that I have any reason to care about some fbi agent stupid enough to use covert means to threaten me and others.

Came across some info today that let me know my strategy of distributing info to lawyers and such the way I intend to will work perfectly. A little late to think you can brainwash me or intimidate me enough to stop me on foul language and .. every day, every psyop, obstruction of justice by the justice dept.

Delong, Thurston and Mason, others.. when I report what was done and the purpose of the psyop, including to keep me from reporting to police I'll always be pointing out those people who wanted me and millions of other victims to remain silent as we're murdered for the same reasons... one of the things I'll be pointing out to attorneys is how the supreme court ruled how national security letters are unenforceable...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 03 - Places In My Past

10/27/2011 12:38pm The last almost 2 hours have been some pretty brutal torture as the idiots try to convince me I don't have a case against the dentists...  they go over each individual crime and convince me they cant be proven. THe only enjoyment I get from it is that nomatter what angle they approach things from, they lose. Especially when you combine things to prove conspiracy, which will wactually be one of the easist things to prove. All this talk of law suits and all is just because of the US Government harrassing me, continually fgoing over the evidence and desperately looking for a way out, sinc ethey know I really am going to distribute the truth about it all... and it is very possible I'll end oup homeless for a while because of it, but. the thing they finally realized this morning.. they control what they want to harass me about, and think I forget about all the rest.. I never do.. I just see no reason to argue with peopl ehwo lie about all sorts of things and then expect me to give up... the thing that will ALWAYS be a  rpoblem, for the US Government is freedom of religion, and a conspiracy since 2002 to infiltrate the Jehovah's Witnessess, a facet of their plan made even clearer by the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop... and then sinc ethe cops and thurston blew it so bad, the direct involvement of the FBI...  Thanks to the cops for the charades and threats against my life... thanks tothe weed and seed, especiallyWendy, and all the people who will claim - they want me to say this, they haven't figured out how bad this will look for them, freedom of religion wise - they want me to say all the people who will claim I'm crazy because I think I'm Christ.. and then the question is asked, if I'm crazy, why are these sickos doing htis to me, because there's no way to disclaim there are people harrassing me.

It is interesting Dobbs, tha we're sort of going in reverse right now on a path that leads directly back to you...... loving every minute of it.. and when the charges are supposedly filed against me, for sedition, be sure to let the public know tha tmy act of sedition, something I"m proud of, is that I told DObbs, one day when I  thought I had been poisoned, when the government declares martial law, please beg the military not to fire on their fellow citizens.. which of course, is why Carter designed it all to use FEMA troops from South America, trained at the School of  the AMericas in Georgia... 

Delong,, there's areason why I didn't want a top secret security classification - I'm a whistle blower.. not because of small things, but because when I see REAL corruption, I was raised to believe the only thing to do is expose it.. for the good of the citizens of the nation, not the government... and there isn't any job worth betraying the citizens, especially, as in the case of California, I am a citizen too, and betraying the trust of the people is betraying myself as well.

Anyone thinks I'm trying tobe some sort of hero is wrong.. I'm just a citizen, dragged into a psyop to play cat and mouse games with me like a toy for saddistic sex predators and murderers... and I would likely be a leader in the current presidential race if the Federal Government hadn't decided to go so far out of its way to prove its actually Nazi.

I am a presidential candidate, I will not withdraw, and the election is still a year away...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - TBD - 100 - Danny's Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - TBD - 100 - Overjoyed

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - TBD - 100 - Money Don't Matter Tonight 

Wait til I tell Jerry how the state of washington illegally detained me and kept me from running for governor of California as well..


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roberta Flack - First Take - 01 - Compared To What

Chad Mitchell Trio - TBD - 100 - I Was Not a Nazi Polka

Chad Mitchell Trio - TBD - 100 - Ballad of Sigmund Freud


10/28/2011 TThe psychotronics guys wanted me tosay something to delong.

TOdays report: constant torture, lots of attempts to break toes, a couple of attempt s to puncture lips while eating.

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - TBD - 100 - Wake Up Everybody

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 01 - Fired Up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 04 - Riding On A Railroad 

10/29/2011 1:12pm MO's are everything. It's very typical when someone from the east coast, I've identified them as obviously working to get CNN adn time Warner off the hook by illegally interrogating me while torturing me.. Ever since Delong ID's herself, there's a pattern I can't ignore of someone probing my mind to  see what I think of certain things today.. like, whether i'm willing to give yup and just let this nation go, and just die in silence.

So today, after a couple of hours of people tlelling me how proud they are to be pedophiles, the fbi and other authorities expressing their true feelings about the citizens of this nation when they sya fuck the usa... all the time, sill believing psychotronics cannnt be proven.

This morning, I decided to make a note of the US govt's opinion of  citizens, and as more proof of them being actual Nazis whatever they want to clal themselves.. around 1pm someone sounding like Delong said, after realizing I wasn't going toback down to threats and torture, I'm not giving up on you yet. I've got so many weapons tha tcan maim and... and then she stopped, realizing I was making a mental note to be sure to  write that down for the criminal charges...

I know they have the weapons, it'show the electronic part of illegal detention occurs, along with the years of property damage and videos of cops and other government employees threatening my life nad trying to run me off the road.. and they still think of it as a game to play while killing people.

Yesterday, I dot to hear people telling me how the weed and seed and others were really excited about being able to give themselves a name like Einsatzgruppen.

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PS for all those whothink making it seem like I'm going to fall for a personal challenge for any individual, forget it. THis is about federal policy, your crimes are your problems, and proving them is what will change the policy. Once again, if you had honored my request a couple years ago to back off and let me pursue this in a court, none of  you would have been charged. You made the choice to prove that your weapons make you in control. I'm going to prove it proves you're out of control, murderers, and psychopaths recruited because you're psychopaths, and when you complain the government set you up.... and remember this very clearly Delong.. you made the choice to commit these crimes and play games with people, and so  I have no reason to feel sorry for any of you. THat's just an objective fact.

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I'm being harassed about James Taylor. He either files lawsuits against ime warner and ge, or I consider him an accomplice.

10/29/2011 6:40pm Got back from the store a while ago.. hello to the Wa State Patrol.. all you gus switching back and forth on the lead only ties you together, it doesn't erase your crimes...

The thing I actually want to write about that the FBI and Sheriffs don't want me tosay so they actually got me tow rite all tha tto distract me.

A long time ago, I described how these guys will sit somewhere and act out an arguement between them, and broadcast that into a victims mind, on eof them acting as if the were the victim and thus, the victim would become emotionally involvedd and spend energy and gain trauma as the perps argued things like morality, they'd brag about crimes and have the victim think tey were responding...   I talked aboutow I finally figured tis out wen I was listening to it one day and was so tired mentally, Istopped arguing te etics of what they do and te argument continued  without me.. I told them, let me know when you're finished arguing with yourselves.. it was also one way I proved to myself I wasn't mentally ill, and came right after Maher said "if we didn'thave someone to hate who would we hvae to take ou r frustartion out on .. and then I relaized the things they'd make me believe were my own thoughts weren't the kind of things I think.

So again, what they wanted to distract me from saying, becaus eit speaks to my claim that part of what the US Govt is doing is genocide against Jews, they were doing this arguement about how horrible it was tha tthe US gvot couold get away with killing Jews and I relaized they had a script for this, meaning, they have this same routine tey use when they torture Jews to death... I'llt ake better notes in te futrure of ow that one goes, but since Thurston and Delong, alot of time has been spent tlaking baout - sick epithets against jews and blac people - all well planned out, and some of it familiar because of what other victims have claimed.. so I'll make better not of the pattern.. it's usually similar.. and it usually includes the peopel trying to protec tt e phony Jehovahs Witness infiltratotrs in thurston county.. as well as what I believe is a complete phony Jehovah's Witness church in SHelton... 

ALl in all, the case of the Nazi US Govt gets easier and easier to explaina nd prove. These guys taunt me with their mo's and crimes, and I connect the dots, reverse engineered, and I have enough evidence to convict.

Delong.. like I  told the locals, I'm the ultimate ringer... humiliate ,me all you want, it'll be worth it to stop the Nazis...

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1030/2011 9:03pm Just a few minutes ago, the trophy hunters got excited when they tortured me so long and so hard that my nose ran down my face into the beard they pushed me into having, and their excitement was at reminding me of the death threat issued by OReilly on behalf of CNN and WOlf Blitzer, backed up by threats against lynns granddaughter on Anderson cooper.. as well as threats against me... 

All day has been nothingbut torture. Mindless Eddie.. the last few days, tortured so hard that saliva poured out of my mouth all ovfer my face, mindless eddie a book about a guy my sister was reading about, a minor character in a book she was reading who had such a bad acid trip, he was mindless, and like I mentioned beofre in a joke by Charlie concerning rice.. dribbling, like mindless eddit...  and eddie would dribble salive and rice down his face while he ate... 

Today's boasting has been about howthe sheriffs and police of washington state are proud to back all the efforts of the weed and seed, and laugh at the idea they'll be held responsible for psychotronics rape and other physical abuse - theri skill at charades being what will convict them... that and a nook by  Koontz about cops abudcting and raping women while watching them deteriorate and commit suicide...

thurston was real desperate todya, trying to  incite violence agian, to which I say again, thursotn and Delong, I already popped, that's why I started collecting evidence, somehting you NAZIS fail to recognize.... thanks once again tothe fbI for proving tha th eUS Justice system is so corrupt it's necessary to take it to global authorities who already know about psychotronics. ANd then Delong and your boss, remember, I don't even have to prove psychotronics to successfully prosecute......

Delong.. thanks for the PMS psyop and the tie in tothe jehovah's witnessess.  keep in mind that your plan to  make them my enemies will completely backfire, and delong, about milton's wife... and pms... and ocular events, adn church infiltration.. this time around a minimum of your involvement will be about when thurston played charades, which will convict him, and i say, at least april before pms started, and before, lots of clues and mo, Ihave lots of photos of the supposed prostitute and they match the one at the church, and then the ones of yyou.. they told me delong was in SHelton this weekend.. I don't know or care, it doesn't matter.. But, since they told me PMS was and FBI agent.,a nd that PMS came up here to train the locals on the pMS psyop.. Delong did you zap Leno and COlbert? Leno played Little Creek, then went to LA an collapsed. Colbert went to LA, and collapsed. Glen Campbell was a big name in the pMS psyop, hit a police officer, now supposedly getting alzheimers... And then Billy Preston appeared on Live From with Kyra Phillips, collapsed in Atlanta afterward, died at UCLA medical center, medical negligence............................................................................


KCAA Delong.. how many counts of obstruction of Justice would you like heaped on because i'm an expert witness in what will prove to be thousands of crimes.. and then there's the setup from Groveland to fake a threat to Pelosi.. and I don't know how you could have claimed I was involved in aconspiracy against her, but it will easilybe proven that's what you wanted to set up.

You live in California, Deolong, obstructin ga report of conspiracy against the Attorney General of my state. And you're one of the conspirators...

As illegal detention continues....

9:15pm The perverts, still believing htey can calim I'm a delusional person, want me to tell you Delong.... whatever you do to me, whatever the US Government and locals continue to do, add tup to a massive lawsuit and criminal charges that are so sick and documented that there will be no defense. And you guys went so far out of your way to prove how mean and Nazi you are  making fun of being Nazis, and the racial epithets.. they'll be part of the books and the criminal reports, becaus epeople deserve to know the truth. THe grand conspiracy of  Chuck Rehn: report the truth.. whiel sequestered and  illegally detained, purposely set up to prove every civil right could be broken with impunity.

I said lots of things long ago, including how I like to prove the impossible is possible. 

I was thinking about what else today was like for me.. whether I actually become known as a leader or not, I understand humanity, individuals, cultures, the basis of what truly spiritually, Godly or Christian people understand.. I just remembered, last night's reading was basically about how those who  do  evil believing it will somehow cause good will most certainly be condemned.

Unfortunately, it also reminds me of scriptures that prove what the intent of the government and some Satanist phony Christians were trying to do when harassing me and psyopping while attempting to write... among other things.. 

Romans 1:23,  and then Romans 1:25 what the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop really was about, by doing Romans 1:23. Another note onmy clipboard along with the psychotronic foul language and epithets... THursotn found out a long time ago that God has me respond tothis torture by showing me parts of the Bible that were the stories of the psyops, sick Biblical jokes... that aren't.. 

This afternoon, took some video of Oprah talking about how we often see things but refuse to acknowledge them, and actually ignore them in order to believe what we'd rather believe.

It's  one more thing I've been stopped from doing, including posting that quote to the front of my presidential site, and my agenda politically, as well as describing and linking to my other websites.. Thank you to the arrogant US Government for proving to the world that you are corrupt, and then later, that you are actually Nazi, and in my case, you picked the wrong guy to challenge. I think the song on the stereo just sang Amen. ...

Lynn had another very painful day today, complaining of electrical feelings as usual, which are actually directed energy weapon attacks.

What a bunch of cowards. And her crime is caring about people.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Golden Earring -  - Radar Love Something about a stingray.. isn't it interesting the guy with the MI16 the night John Linley frazier stopped by wanted to sell me a stingray, and then looks  just like a bunch of death squad guys....

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10/31/2011 9:21am   Back in 2005, an Army Intelligence Officer told me there would be a new holocaust soon, all I could say in response is, now I know how it will occur. I was told this morning that the bottom line on why I and the ret of my family have been targeted is because I'm a Jewish descendant, and the reason I was told all the crimes and about my heritage the way I was was to traumatize me, and simply accept that this Jew hating government would exterminate Jews however they could.

I couldn't figure out last week why the FBI  in San Francisco  was so intent on making what I stand for an believe in all about being Jewish, and actually trying to prod me into making this a purely religious "campaign"...  and then, by informing people in all religions of the deception and murderous intent of this government toward all but white Europeans, that they would then demonize any religious  group that spoke out against government sponsored terrorism, murder and rape. And then, of course, inform everyone that if they have anything to do with me, they would be harmed.

All that doesn't explain what they've done to Lynn, a Quaker... except for the desires of a bunch of Satanist people who are empowered by the old saying "When God is dead, the government becomes God"...

The interesting part is, if you understood the truth, even Jesus wasn't going around being "religious" all the time.. and of course, it all depends on what you call religion. The United States some 30 years ago registered with the United Nations as having a religion called money.

I think about Delongand other so called law enforcement people, thinking they're smart by making electronic equipment for which no specific law bans their use,but if a citizen used the same equipment, they would be sentenced to prison for life.. and every time this government is confronted baout their illegal operations they back down after having destroyed the lives of those they claim are dangerous.. because they know truth.. because they love God, because they don't see government people and law enforcement as more than people who have jobs.

Last night, I was repeatedly questioned why I got into student government when I was a child. Back then, it was simply something interesting to do. Why does anyone get drawn to  anything? It's obvious the fbI, Delong in particular, is challenged by finding a defect in my character in order to  prosecute me for having the audacity to have been born.  The only defect I can think of is my former belief that the United States was the standard bearer of morality  and ethics. And who would believe that the Government would want to cause people to hate them? Except to have an excuse to criticize their patriotism.

I think of the FBI and other agents sitting at their desks, hitting biuttons and acting like total fools, harming people at will, belieiving they're powerful,and now understanding why their first mo is to make their victims know who they are, so these sick, nnumb psychopaths have an excuse to believe they actually do anything more than waste time, and torture people to death, and want it to be a personal challenge, like a death match between two people.. the victim having no power, overwhelmed by military weapons fired by a bored person in an office hwo's tired of the video games that kill people and seem to offer no satisfaction except to kill one, watch their responses as they do it, and become sexually aroused at watching life slip form their victims. Such is  the Untied States Government. Such is Candice Delong, Thurston, the Sheriffs....  the true nature of the United STates Government.

And I  imagine she's sitting at her offic eright now, enjoying believing her intelligence hasme feeling defeaed, when I know that her weapons, and htos eof her govenment, only prove how powerless they are, and that they resort to rape and threatening children, ever seeking greater thrills, believing they  are immune, claiming atheism, practicing satanism, and refusing to acknowledge to themselves that they are simply pure evil.. they love it when their victims say and write things like this, becuae it gives them a sexual thrill. SO to Delongand the other women you've tried touse tomake me seem like someone who hates women, becuase obviously the cops in this state do, and apparently Delong hates women as well, if and when you make that case, just rememebr, the only real advantage you ever had on me, other than lethal weapons, is my refusal to abandon a woman who has stood for women's rights her entire life, and it  may turn out that's the reason why Delong was given the job of murdering her.

Note to  Blitzer: I hope you don't really believe in God, because that belief would not help you on your own judgment day. In fact it would guarantee your condemnation.

I caught a lot of hell with people trying to argue that all this time, CNN was trying to help me. If you call taunting your victims help, then you help alot of people. But thanks for Klysdale horse lead leading to the San Francisco FBI... and Clyde Barksdale. it's always helpful to know who you're working with to murder me.

I still know that I will get out of this hell hole called the Sate of Washington, and that I will be successful in my efforts tore-establish Democracy in this world.  In the final analysis, I fully expect the US Government to call me a traitor and probably a terrorist, only to defend themselves, because I've never been nor ever will be a terrorist. But when they call me a traitor to this government, I will admit it with pride, and with a statement about my continuing love for the people and the constitution of  this nation.

When I said the pledge of allegiance, it wasn't to a government.

My final thought for Delong and the other psychopaths like her: enjoy your buttons, enjoy believing you're a decent human being, and enjoy knowing that when the day comes you need assistance, and no one provides it, you've reaped what you've sown. When the US is finalyl successful in provoking the military war against this nation to  destroy it and disable the citizens from responding against this treasonous government, remember how accurate cruise missiles are, and how Clinton and everyone since/including  Carter has given CHina and other nations our technology to make them superior when targeting first strike targets. And hen people, like the FBI, will know important they are to this government.

Now, Delong, go ahead and make your paranoid report that I just threatened anyone. ANd in court, remember, Cassandra was right about every warning she gave to the people she was trying to help.... not  a false prophet, not someone wishing evil, just someone knowing human nature and the way the world REALLY works.

The other night, I made a joke of Delong saying she was an atheist, bu saying I was a-theist, no special religion... You're not an atheist, Delong, you're a satanist, those who  do evil and hate God and work against those who believe in God is satanist...  you boss is a satanist Delong.. and t