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Back in 2002, I started using my site to conduct what I'll call "back channel communications" with the corporate media, the U.S. Gov't and other domestic & global world leaders. I have to admit, I thought it was unusual as well. But it was happening, continues to occur, and while I don't expect you to, researching this web site would actually provide you ample evidence that this claim is true.

This is where I literally represent the interests of United States Citizens, Citizens of all nations to those who seek to control the world using economic coercion/slavery and military might against the will of the citizens and the will of God.

You have no idea how much I wish the crimes and evil and policies I comment on weren't true. They just are.

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Members of the United States Government and other world leaders often use what is called Aesopian Languaging to speak to each other and communicate with each other in a way that allows them to say things with plausible deniability. Aesopian Language is described as this, in Wikipedia:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

What is written here, in this journal  is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

For those who understand, this is page 9. The previous page is at: 20100214thru20101008creatingtheholodeckphase7.htm This page andf others contain graphic materials included for the sole purpose of providing documentation regarding the egregious crimes committed against me and others by the United States Government, Weed & Seed, Neighborhood Initiatives, Faith Based Charities that have become psyop fronts, & Community Watch groups used to to damage and violate national and international civil and human rights laws. These are recorded for the purposes of later prosecution of the corrupt government.

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Oreos means: Orwellian Newspeak or spin

Reptilians means people who are of the snake that makes its way around the world, of the Council on Foreign Relations kind.


All Glory to Almighty God the Creator

A Note From The Desk Of Chuck Rehn

"When you try to take shortcuts, you may end up tarnishing your entire career"
---- Barack Obama



4/24/2011 10:18pm Happy Easter to all those who the U.S> Government allows such things.. today, I was tortured all day, but when I decided to put a page ofchristian music on the site, the attacks became brutal, and 8 hours later, they continue, all the while making fun of everything from God to Jesus to rape and pedophilia. What a great government.

Lynn and I were about to have Easter dinner... Lynn was in good spirits and feeling decently when dinner cbecame ready and she was suddenly attacked by psychotronics and dews and her pain became unbearable. Keith: see Hague tape regarding today, and my tape for the night of the attack when my front teeth were broken off.

Whenever I work on the site, I am brutally tortured and just like the illegal detention, I get about an hour of work done for every 10 hours of effort. What a great state, Washington State, dumping place for shovel ready projects, the murders f people who witness government crimes.. or who  have been lifelong victims.. more than 30 years for Lynn in Washington State, her life being destroyed.. about 17 years for me. What a great state.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kraftwerk - Radioactivity

Oh yeag: For Olbermann, DObbs, Clive Davis, Jeffrey Immelt, Richard Parsons and others.. a message from one of your friends....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frank Zappa - Dong Work For Yuda It's about your  future careers

Sure was nice to see another perpetration of a public hoax about Waco.. how easy do you guys want to make it? It inspired a whole new web page on the new site.....and Olbermann, you may have hit the switch and sucked me in beofre...  totoise and the hair Olbermann

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mike and the Mechanics - In The Living Years

Decided my ministry  weblog is going to be called magic Bible verses, and if I'm hindered in doing that, it will be the final proof tha tthe U.S. government suppresses religion AND freedom of speech AND tortures... 

Kris Kristofferson - TBD - 100 - Why Me Lord 

Oh yeah, tell the phony minister I was reading ACTS the other night and caught the script for the ending of the Jezebel story.. soemthing about face down....

Can' find the scripturebut it reminde me of what I read last night... Acts 24-26 Interesting I heard Kennedy speak of the possibility of the leadership of the United States being so great that it would mean the difference between a world of darkness or light.

4/26/2011 11:49am Started to get up this morning when Thurston got on me and tooth tortured me extremely... a great way to start the day, adrenaline caused by torture. It's been interesting how he's gone out of his way to get me to write things about cops and hating them, it isn't true, but the real problem is he wants people to think that because his bosses don't want ot admit they've been getting paid for nearly 40 years to suppress and murder the CIA's experimental humans.... that's documened by omeone ho long ago formed a group to counter harass the people the U.S. government and locals here use to commit the covert murders.

Thurston got his wish today.. he thinks that by continuing to tell me of other crimes they committed against me, tha tI'll write about his department and other police, and believe that 'm going to become paranoid about all police. Of course, he wants it to look like that because I know tha weed and sed and others are used throughout the nation. He thinks I should be afraid of police because of that. I'm very objective. And if all the opolice in this country feel so guilty that they'd sick their perverts on me, then fine, remember I have documented evidence and more.. and the cop who  wants to be ahero for the NAZI CFR's - his words - notic ethe interference - and I'm a little tired of the U.S. Government using he police and weed and seed to intimidate its torture victims, andtorturing them

All Thurston accomplished this morning was documenting his County's complicity as death squads, a few othes. Good work Thurston.  Bythe way,, Immelt, the other primary topic of my wake up torture was athreat to torture Lynn more for mentioning you. Immelt, i there's one thing I've learned is that when such threats were made, you guys were planning to do it anyway. SO when your propagandists claim I served Lynn up as a sacrifice.. let's notforget who the criminals, andthe government of the State of Washington will be held responsible, as a governemtn, and criminal eleced officials who have no regard for human life.

9:47pm Nothing done today due to torture. I was trying to writ esome more, and Thurston decided to infrom me they are torturing me while writing to supposesedly get me angry enough to get other people angry enough to start violent conflicts. I'll be sure to include this in my statement to the police of the nation and thedhs. aGAIN, TEHSE PEOPEL LAUGH AT  threas to the Hague and worse, and I am going to be thrilled to be sure thes traitors are known for what they're proud of. 

Note: No food yesterday because of the pain from the torture. 

10:13pm Due to torture, sleep deprivation and a desire to get something done tomorrow, I am giving in to torture and doing my usual 2-3 hours of torture before being allowed to sleep a little earlier tonight. COngratulationsBarack and the DHS for proving the United States Government is a bunchof rapist torturers who do it for pleasure Barack: Mass murder is illegal.

4/27/2011 4:59pm Thurston gets his wish. Conbspiracy to commit murder, multi[ple counts, and so does his boss with predatory rape and gang stalking. Got it. Today marked th ebeginning of the weed and seed and thrutstand and mason playing the dog game with Lynn.. in a lot of pain,, she decided to get the mail and walk to feel better, and was hit with dews at the edge of her property.. like a dog being contained in an electronic fenes, togo along with the dogs of the jexebel sotyr which will criminalize some phony jehovahs witnesses, the thruston country sheriffs department, their da, and a bunch sick rapist sperverts locally. Wait til the Jehovah[s itnesses find out they've been iinfiltrated by predator stalking rapists.. and you are... 

I'm not putting up with any more of the law enforcement getting involved in rape and torutre. Washington state, when I write my letters to the national law enforcement agencies, after they'r ein the hands of the Hague, lthose letters will be delivered and there will be a special letter regarding my experiences with Washington Statee,civil and human rights laws, nationally and internationally. and I'm looking forward to thurston using this in his latest ploy to claim some sort of comspiracy on my part to end the rape and torrture under the guidance of the United STtates Justice Department, Janet Napolitano did it it for CLinton Too.

Today I was brutally attacked because I found a piece of evidence that makes it impossible for the dentists to fake the xrays. ANd the domestic disturbance thurston caused to screw himself with by proving his illegal use of lethal weapons.. RCA Losers. Got it Immelt?

Bt the way this today'sharassment is for the purpsoe of preventing me from retrieving phone records from my phone so I can't tell that Mike and his friends intercept out phone calls and ty to cover for Mason bty getting me to claim they redirect my calls to get them off the hook. No work,McGill.. which is Mike. ANd Mason is not off the hook.

6:23pm Thurston asked me to correct the legal term.. not domestic disturbance, minor upset, aws he and his sick friends try to claim that 10 years of torure and rape and illegal surveillance can somehow nbe legal or evidence. Good luck. Gig Harbor. I dare you  Thurston.

7:22pm Amazing what I hear about when the firewood comes around... Lori's in a nursing home... very bad stroke... and I  was asking himn about Eric... told him to keep an eye on him so I could talk to him later about BFMan... and then while hearing psycho guys threatening the firewood guy, who read the article by Carole Smith, I explained to him the cars hanging around the neighborhood he mentioned were you antenna heads... and to get all teh licene number  of every one he sees, including the A license plates...

I knew he was a target by other things he's told me.. 

Michael Jackson - Keep The Faith

Guess what the psychos were saying when that song came up..... 

4/29/2011 5:41pm I decided to write this gem.. the latest excuse fo rThurston bringing his daughter into play for what is supposed to be making me look like a pdeophile to cover their activities... he did it to emulate Miles Obrien, to emulate the book Lynnw as reading when I met her about a cop keeping a young girl captive, as if its funny, I get a little tired of hearing jokes about cops who rape their children.

Meanwhile.. public humiliation.. red plum . com an ad for a dog about getting dentures.,. Charley's latest hubris in proving this  psyop began in Maryland, and I have the programmable dog to prove it. Tell PMS nice job, proble\m is, this dog is better than the coyotes, including her.

The case fo r illegal detention gets, better, soon I'll register with the FEC as a resident of California... and when the charges are filesd against this state, it will not prevent me nor will they deter me no matter how perverse they and the United States are...

The most fun I'm going to have is showing who the people are who harmed Lynn McMullen this way, and I'm not talking about in Washington State. Talk about surprises. Turner, about that dinner with Yunus and Lynn and Results... MO.

Oh yeah.. the death squad articles will be  gift to the people of the United STates. I've made alot of jokes, and asked alot of questions about faith and religion that may have seemed harsh or critical that were actually just objective questions.. the one I keep wondering now, given the way of the world now, the wars, man made earthquakes and weather disasters, and government seeking to silence me by pulling my teeth and torturing me for years... and I keep wondering, when people say Jesus is a personal savior, what do they think that means. Did he save your life?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 12 - Reflection

There was a tie. To all the good people who for some reason pay attention to this: don't think for  a minute the demons, nazis and perverts are winning, They're beating themselves.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roger Miller - King Of The Road

10:03pm The psychotronics guys insist that I say That the people of Harstine Island are raping me and Lynn because we support the rights of gay people.

5/3/2011 11:32am I started to make these entries, and the psychotronics guys of the U.S. government here in Washington State insisted that I write about them so they could boast about being rapists and torturers.

The last few days have been nothing but torture, really, and I started the charlesrehn.net site at the urging of the perverts, even though I already considered my other site adequate. hey said they wanted me to do it so the local media and the people here could write anything they want about me with impunity because I'm a public figure.. which then means they're admitting their guilt... and defamation laws still count... and Keith, despite the verbal dialectic going on here, nothing changes... got it Immelt. And governors.

Once again, I am a native son of California, held against my will in the state of Washington. All psyops will be described by mo, sop, and personal experience with corroboration from hundreds of witnesses, thousands if necessary. PS Boeing, Raytheon, GM, treason.

I actually refused not to write last night, so the psychotronics guys did everything they could to continue to try to make my sites out to be of someone crazy and dangerous.. and every time they try to prove that, it fails.

They say I should call it exculpatory, that they supposedly allowed me to do an hour or less of productive work in a 19 hour day.. 1 hour... the rest of the time, torture... what's exculpatory about that?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - When 2 R In Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 202 - Whirlpool

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 10 - The Drop

I was thinking, one o fthe psyops people must be falling in love today, and then it turned into a demonstration of how the government does sex stings... too bad for the bimbos.. all of' em..... isn't it weird, Hillary, the guys think it's important to confuse about whether you introduced Obama as Jesus in 2004 or 2008.... isn't it weird, Hillary, I burned my mother's Bible the same day I burned your book. Why do you hate me Hillary? I used to be a supporter of yours and Bill? 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 06 - Painters

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 10 - The Drop

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God God's sending messages today, Hillary... through MY computer.

Now if I can only figure out why my computer turns itself on and boots up at 3am every day......

5/3/2011 2:15pm I like to keep track of certain things, especially particular threats against people who would be "dangerous" the the U.S. Government.. a few moments ago, the psychotronics guys threatened to attack the ACLU if they became involved in a national injunction against U.S> government terrorism, rape and torture to its own citizens... as if I would be afraid to involve them, as if I would be responsible for harming them.. as if they would back down. And they will be informed of this threat because the U.S> Government DOES do these things, probably will, and probably already do or plan to otherwise they wouldn't betrying to make me feel guilty about it.

Anyone who thinks the psychotronics guys stuff is a fraud should look through my weblogs, before Istarted randomly selceting music and letting God guide me, because otherwise I would consciously pick songs because of psychotronics and psyops being done according to the music (a situation they are trying use ot exhonorate James Taylor, but the circumstances are not the same and actually prove otherwise...) anyway... 

At a certain point, when they were influencing my music selections, everytime I played Dancing in the Moonlight, a major power failure would occur.. first, the United STates, then England, Then Brazil.... that means someone with inside information, some intel, had been informed before, and were doing that to make it seem like I was either psychic, ha inside sources, working a conspiracy, covertly, all the rest.. none of which is true. Tell James Taylor and everyone else, especially those threaening the ACLU, whatever the truth is, that's the truth. I will not believe people speaking to me via psychotronics, especially not to believe their stories about hpow THEY are victims, and if I'm being tortured, don't do it to get me to give in. If you think you're intimidating, please feel free to laugh, because when the charges are read in court, it'll make it more fun to watch as my attackers finally take killing and torturing people seriously. And that includes Obama...

9:09pm Dear  Billo - I know Olbermann was trying to hand me over to you for a long time, but it was hard to take you too seriously, because you'e so cute and we share a certain appreciation for Barbie Dolls.. tells DObbs I'm still hoping a coincidence happens and I figure out what "Barbie was designed after a German sex toy" means.... anyway Billo... it's interesting the psyops that happened over at  CNN before I realized, thanks to Maher, and I do mean thank you, I realized tha tthe horrible things were being pumped in by psychotronics...  a piece of advice that saved me from numerous traps....  and one was during the time I was being taught by Wolff... and the locals were saying "bullet to the brain".. remember, I've already written extensively about the guilt trips an dploys used to psychologically attempt to break people down.... and generate violence in order to implicate and arrest and kill people... to cause social change thru smaller versions an operation Northwood, for example... sniffles... I"ve had them alot, Bill, being indoors with al the chemtrails laid out to purposely dump them in our yard, as pointed out by military choppers on my videos... Anyway, Billo, only takes one bullet, and no suffering.. I actually do take that as a threat to my life, fully explainable in a court of law...  and by the way..here's one for ya Billo...

During the Rumsfeld period, he was getting me to use psychic skills to find certain things.. chemical weapons, nuclear weapons.. etc.. and I looked for Saddam one day and found him and other events that Martin Savidge can testify happened months later in Atlanta... the psychotronics guys cut it off and played games with me.. but I knew his condition and a description of where he was hiding.. there's more to that... and then the thing happened in Atlanta... and then today, I saw a picture of where Bin Laden has been in Pakistan, and it looks exactly like the place I mentally identified one day, searching for Bin Laden in my mind, for the government mind you, and said in my weblog, I wish I could draw, so I could give you the picture.. and then wondering if they could pick up my thoguhts, thought about what I saw, and guess what.. the pciture of where he was found and killed is almost exactly what I described. Exactly. Now, the interesting part about  the Sadam and Bin Laden parts, like King Harvest and Dancing inthe Moonlight, which I chalk up to government/someone's influence... the Saddam and Bin Laden "visions".. did th egovernment know where they were all along, and someone was using psychotronics with me so later I could prove it was planned and not accidental... or did I  actually see them and the CIA used my info to find them?

ANd then, there's the vision of that murder in Atlanta that Martin Savidge reported on, that I saw while looking for a missing woman, who led me to the Saddam location in remote viewing, which also led me to another scene I dismissed as about something else that was a prediction of that murder he reported on CNN.

Interesting implications, no matter how you play it. However, Billo and the rest, I'm not playing games anymore but if you insist, I have plenty of video tape. 

Tonight, I'm going to write about why I wrote A Conversation With America 2008... one of the more interesting stories....  ya can't say I didn't try.

And about that... "his namewill be bless-ed amongst the nations".. it's my favorite part of last nights :}

Pelosi.. good to find out the underside of what side you're really on... I always really thought if I was a cop, I'd be areally good one.. I also thought I'd be a good Supreme Court Justice.. and then there was the thing about wanting secretly to be in a Rand think tank on anything, but in particular, international affairs. I  like profiling for fun.

Billo.. was Frank Applebaum Frank Baum, and did the Wizard of Oz  at Disney give the Tin Man anything more than he knew before '65?
Have your psychologists explain that question, Bill :} It may or may not have accuracy...

For the record, I really haven't been allowed to watch TV or the news for what seems like 2 years.. since the inauguration actually.. The psychotronics guys say they're supposed to disorient me. I keep saying, then how come everything I keep telling them about what will happen in the world comes true.. it's not psychic, it's just the natural course of human nature under these circumstance, and base on the paradigms of Machiavelli and the Bible and Koran.

PS To to John Stewart.. another moment of tv time lost that could have been used to generate and host a real intelligent and useful conversation. Sound familiar, John? 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Queen - We Will Rock You 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - A Wonderful World

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gino Vannelli - I Just Want To Stop

5/4/2011 1:18pm Billo - here'[s the thing, sniffles and all... I'm very tired of you guys giving the local sammo to harass me about. As if tooth torture isn't enough.

What you need to know, Bill, is that when is through, you'll all be tied together.. and th eother day, to prove these guys will do or say anything with the belief they can get away with it, like tooth torture and police harassment and bragging about raping their daughters... so the database will show a  short series of entries about how much this government hates Jews and al the reasons they want Jews dead. Their problem is, these peopel only talk about what they actually believe in.

The epithets, which will be in a database filled with other crime, pictures, videos, and verbal attacks.. will be published and used as evidence.. and the thing is Bill, this all part of another thing as these peopel for months have tried to prove to me WOlf Blitzer is part of and in favor of torturing me. And he thing is, I work on documented facts, and that includes psychotronics. And if Rupert is wooried abouthis connections to Hughes and Raytheon and Hillary and Bush, not my problem. But snce these guys are always looking for another excuse to threaten me with someone they think should scare me, all they really do is provde more evidence, and I now look forward to using it and publishing it... especially overseas...

Wolf.. they're doing the bullet through the brain thing,.. and of course, the locals have done target practice over my head a few times, when I worked on SUnday,a sick Biblical joke about resting... other than the Godot thing, snaggle tooth killer, btk, making of a terrorist analogies about me, that I will not waste my time documenting further than someone's welcome to read te weblogs and use Lexus Nexis... but the real thing is, WOlf, they think you're  aproblem because I said I don't think AIPAC is going to like what these people say to Jews, and what Ibeliev eis true about the U.S. government doing a MOses thing to rid themselves of any possible descendants of the 12 tribes... these people in the upper levels know alot, but the thing they always forge is that the descendants are not necessarily white europeans... anyway, chronic fatigue syndrome.. and more...

So Bill, he guys here love it when I let them make fools of themselves - they think that just because th egovernment sanctions mass murder, they can do it with impunity... and all I have to say is, th emore the merrier, thanks, Idon't need more evidence, and maybe you and Olbermann can have fun looking each other in the eye...

Just curious, Wolf, got any pictures of Asian Jews in Israel.. all I ever see is pictures of white people vs dark skinned people...

Oh yah, spent a few hours doing an hour or les of work last night.. I'm explaining how and why I  wrote the books, of course, A conversation With Congress is the most unusual... you know 2008, and God's favorite, the Bee Sting Torte... anyway, a good piece even though these people want it all to be about Washington State in order to cove for Obama. they blew that. PS I'm thinking my security guy will be a friend of the family, a guy who does psyops to protect the NATO Commanders in Iraq.

:}:}:}}}}}}}} Hii Pelosi.....

1:37pm check audio for flyover

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Country Joe McDonald - Save the Whales

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - Kind of Hush

5/5/2011 1:09pm It's been a tough day... I woke up, started to get up and the tooth torture has been extreme and constant. Meanwhile, Lynn is in extreme pain.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 03 - Promises

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays The Fool

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 03 - Have a Cigar

5/6/2011 2:14pm Last night, went to write about For the Love of the World and was tortured for 2-3 hours to stop me. The U.S. government torturers claimed it as a victory, and laugh at me for supposedly breaking my connection with God. It's their way of proviong they can violate my rights with impunity.

I woke up this mornign around 6 and was immediately attacked and torutrd, al day to thi smoment. And they're doing a great job of destorying my teeth a planed by 10 or 11 dentists.

I'm being tortured, Lynn's in bed with severe pain.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Jan Hammer - Mission Accomplished _ Miami Vice

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Theme - Looney Tunes


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Jim Croce - I Got A Name for those who think I have something to be embarrassed about.

7:35pm The torture has been non stop. Tonight, I had a sausage patty and baked potato, and after every bite, torture. Last night it was so bad that I had a bowl of grape nuts... that's all i could eat all day.

5/7/2011 12:15am over 18 hours f continuous toruture. Thuston and his friends tell me it's on behalf of th egovernor of washington. I've been trying to go to sleep for 3 hours now, Just totrutre.

9:30pm Tooth tortur ehas been continuous... they psychotronic sgusy are laughng, and now acting liek they won becaus eI said th eus government rapists are laughing... the typos  ar edue to torutre, nand I won;t correct them. The game  tonight was to continue todisfigur emy face, torture my tooth, adn then, while trying to eat 2 pieces of pizza. which hurt  agreat tdeal, they tooth tortured me, tried to choke me and broke my toes. I think they finally succeeded in fracturing my big toe. Tell the dentists ot explain what that means to the sheriff.

Kryptoman will be very happy to hear tha tthe Bible says under thee circumdstances the death penalty is ok.

Kynn decided to try walking  to the mailbox today, and Charlie insisted tha tI write this and  ndame him.. Lynn said the lasst couple times she only made it to the edge of the property... like a trained dog.. charlies command dog, and the programmable dog, the jezebel dogs, kyra phillips and th edog with the skin   problem.. and today she walke dto the mmailbox and left the edge of the yard   when charlie pulle dup in his truck form the firection of his house, and then talked to her while walking down the road, making it more more difficult for her, especially breathing the exhaust fumes... and he wanted me to say that it was his pleasur eto walk the do g today when it lef th eproperty.

This sick guy charlie has been trying fo rqite some time to cause all sort s of incidents becaus elike thrutson his partner in murde rand rape, they want o pull some thing and threaten all the time to file false charges and seize ht eevidence an dlose it.  Quintessentials: the ones tha make the case for wvweryone... charlies upset, he's teellling me right now, he's upset because he didn] mae the list of 7 people I' personally asked God to send to hell... I don't need to ask on his behlaf.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - TBD - 100 - Momma Miss America

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God LTD - TBD - 100 - Back In Love Again

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - TBD - 100 - Momma Miss America

God usually tells me things2 or 3 times to burn it in... and He knows part of the reason the State of Wshington is illegally detaining me is because Beverly told me how this ends n abotu 1983.... only she was referring jus tot the torte inBavaria... 

5/8/2011 11:10pm Shelton Life, KMAS,  Quintessentials. A god demo of the wayy aesopian psyops are done. And mass public humiliation

Another daty of torture, very painful, could barely chew a baked potato. the teak was very painful,

Lst night, I spent 2-3 hours while people played waco cyanide gassing with psychotronics and breaking my toes. today, one of those was rebroken, and Ithink another brokem again. 

Can' wait to get an MRI of my bian, and talk to the doctores in San Frncisco about thalamic stroke. THee are tons of reasons to keep me from California. Mostly for the government of Wahsington and their perverts, t's simmply to have a loaugh at how they can illegally detain meand think that after 30 years of this or more, they can still ge away with it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - Different Me - 07 - Get There

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Lady

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roy Clark - Yesterday When I Was Young

5/10/2011 10:30pm It's been a long day of tooth torture... and of course, toe cracking while eating... last night, went to bed, needed to ge up  alittle early, Lynn's birthday, she needed to go to an SSI meeting... around 3am I took 2 tylenol pm's.. around 5am I recorded more tooth torture sounds . the psychotronics guy insisted so he could once again tell me my evidence is worthless.. in the United States. 

Someday I'm hoping to find out what certain authorities really think about psychotronics, and if they actually realize they are overthrowing heir own.. and liek I tell the psychotronics, guy my best revenge on them and the elected officials would be to let them win... I've actually said that for years. 

Lou - rope a dope works, but not on me.... aloha and shalom.. and don't bother having these sickos try to convince me that Time Warner, GE and the COuncil have the advantage on me.

It may be fun for nanotech sociopaths to play with people like toys... they convinced me to do a special piece on CIA Anderson.. something about blue camaros and victims and coverups and  time warner doing another cover of their CIA activities with HAARP and... freeing Ira Einhorn and public hoaxes

Here's a joke Carville will enjoy... Thurston and Charlie think they're important. :} ANd you'd be amazed the stupid things Thurston dares me to do that he thinks he can play "God'll turn the tables" with on me... his problem and the rest of the death squad antenna heads is that they don't realize God made lemonade in the first place.

You know Tommy's wife said he just sort stepped into **it and it turned to gold...... I understand how that happened. 

Tell John Hall I expect an explanation.

Aren't you guys glad this is in this weblog/notes and not on the main campaign site... www.charlesrehn.net... it's a unique new design I think you'll enjoy... it's called, the truth. And Lou.. there is 1 truth...

Would someone get a hold of Olbermann and ask him what directory and drive that militaristic piece of garbage is on, and what the name of the document is. Iwant to post it to show people how the government uses the Electronic Singularity, psychotronics, to incite violence and other things from honest people with honest intentions that threaten the corrupt. Oh yeah,, is it curse or accursed?

I keep thinking about how the Germans used economic coercion to force Jews into the fields of banking and usury and then, like the Protocols say, cause them to do and be things and people they did not believe in being.. like usury bankers... that they were subjugated into, and later, in that dialectic to set them up like an enemy, accuse them of the conspiracy to take over the world.

I was reading the Bible the other night, and found where the "Jews" gave Jesus to the government because they "did not believing" in putting people to death... and who caused that poor excuse for their plausible deniability for responsibility for what happened to Jesus? 

Infiltrated churches lead to dead people, people who will not stand strong in the face of their promises and adversity that with it, and faiths and spiritual people to be misled by false leaders, like the elders of Zion. I'm told tonight that "Strong's" contains that same reference as my mothers Bible referring to the Ancients of Israel...

This is  one of those times I don't mean to be critical, but I really believe we should all have a conversation about what it really means to stand up for Jesus accept him as your savior and other things I think people oversimplify to get an easy "victory" in saving souls... and then make the simplest things more complex... probably out of hope and frustration and .. cutting corners....

Finally, I refuse to play Dancing In the Moonlight tonight... for the record, the psyops guys still think they can confuse me. The power better not go off. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Luther Ingram - If Loving You Is Wrong 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dr Hook & the Medicine Show - Cover of the Rolling Stone

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & the New Power Generation - Soul - 03 - Until You're In My Arms Again

This song came up.. I remember the Turn Your Back on Bush thing and talking about Jews and Christians and passing on heritage... it's been a subject today..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 04 - 1000 Grandmothers

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 11 - the Things We've Handed Down

This is about the responsibility us older folks have toward younger people, having them understand what freedom is.. once we remember to remember what it is.

By request, Magic Bible verse

Amos 5:15 Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate; it may be that Lord God of Hosts will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph.

Given what I've been writing lately, maybe I'll say that's about Joseph Kennedy...

It goes on to talk about how the day of the Lord is darkness, as in, very bad times... not something to dread.

And like I said in the first sermon I eve gave, to George W Bush, about seeking the day of the Second Coming, living as if live never ends... and coming to understand that our place in the Kingdom is determined by our willingnes to be responsible for it enduring, not looking forward to its destruction as if it meant salvation.

Amos 5:18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord? to what end is it for you? The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light.

A day none of us  would be proud of...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Honky Chateau - 06 - Salvation

and then this came up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 04 - Save The Children

5/11/2011 11:17am After last nights torture after writing the above, I woke up with my foot in painn, checked it out and confirmed that all toes on the right foot are broken and the tendons and ligaments ae well on their way to being harmed... all you ownderful media people are certain to enjoy that given how muchthis 10 years of tooth torture has given you so much entertainment.. s[eaking of which...

Since the THruston County and Mason County Sheriff and others through their psyops peopel thought it was so important for me to acknowledge that I'm being 24 hours a day, true or not, as if that means I'm guilty of anything but not dying for the snuff film I'm presuming KOMO 4has been making for its subscribers since I wrote to Weisbaum, and noticed the KOMO news truck setting up  for when Lynn came out of the hospital at Harborview, andshut down whenI pulled out my camera.. knowledge of egregious crimes,and the rgb hoax joke is a great little piece of evidence.

WHile I'm at it, since the psyop presumption is to have me believe the weed and seed and dhs enjoy playing us like a game and we're videoed 24 hours, I'm presuming they have enjoyed the video of all the times Lynn has been alone and psychotronically raped as have I been.. and all you people i videoed taking notes.. you think you have info on me, it better notbe destroyed, and I look forward to your YOUR explanations to why you would need to take notes on me... was I too nice to you...

If you don't have these things, youve destroyed evidence. I f you do have them, you're sexual predators. If you know these thins are going on, you're guilty.

I say all these thing sbecause Thurston brought in another hot shot who thinks he's an intelligent pyschological who continues to beleive that this will prove I'm a delusional writing a rambling journal like CLiffy does... how to screw up a skull and bones murder.

Isn't it interesting that all of the long range dialectics I've been run through, that every one always come down to leading to publicly humiliating Jerry Brown.

So, some idiot thinks what I just wrote feeds their  dialectic. It doesn't ROpe a dope Lou, thanks for making Mo a star... or was that a payoff.. and Lou, rope a dope works... and your sisy football types could never stand up to a real athlete.

Oh yeah, since we'r on hoaxes. if Brian Cox id a smear piece on me after I showed him professional courtesy in advising him to move on with interviesws... if he did a report without telling me he was actually go to do one, I will  return the professional courtesy of taking appropriate reaction regarding the incitement of violence and succh and use it in the suit again Billo and Compaany... 

Brian, tell Billo that I told you that because of "circumstances", Isupposed I'd have to implement my programs in the State of Washington first. I was referring to assisting homeless and impoverished, creating and assisting small business, becoming a cash oriented economy and mrea environmental practices that atually reduce pollution. Because of my colleagues in media and government, instead I will implement the program that Ted Kennedy and I disagreed on: purging the government and putting an end to Nazis.

Isn't it great: freedom of the press violations by the press.

I'm still a little hung over from sleep deprivation from a couple days ago.. more illegal detention and torture.. so I'm not in a very good mood.. God was sure talking last night with the music though, wasn't he. And, everyone over 50 in theUnited States should be ashmaded for not teaching children what real freedom is. No wonder it's gone.. 

Lynn read me a poem this morning.. it'll be part of the book.. along withthe Verdict.. It's about not wanting to die in a nation of slaves.. F Scott Fitzgerald...

Queen - One Vision

James Taylor - Gorilla - 07 - I Was A Fool To Care

Eric Clapton - 100 - Blue Eyes Blue

Cliffy: remind Turner I declared checkmate long ago. He's the mouse - symbolically. Ted. Jr took down the United States Government single handedly.. he's that Nazi arrogant.. and Thurston sealed the deal. 

This came up.. about the death squads. dedicated to Thurstonand th eweb page he wasnt me to write about him.Doors -  Riders Of The Storm

This came up: For Barack Obama - Hillary;s Jesus - Xe, Greenwater, the 4th Cavalry and 

Dr Demento - Boot To The Head

Personal note: use this song in court to help demonstrate psychotronics..... and an example of the effectiveness of Thurston to incite violence.

think about listening to that song 1000 times a day, and one day you'll understand why Todd RUndgren's Electrified Fairy Tale voice was the only thing that cam close to breaking me.. God's coming up with the songs, it just gets me free associatiing with the help of a particular phony Jehovah's Witness. but i wouldn't sware to that, but you'll'' love the videos... thanks to this one guy in Shelton, I take video of everything everywhere I go... he's proven to me, as have others, that if I don't video my movements, people issue death threats that could easily be real if I wasn't documenting every move and saving it in case it s needed to identify assailants later... 

Thanks for the documentation for the headlights game. Just remember, you may have been mocking me for wanting to bless you all. In my view, you were mocking God. Why would you make fun of  someone asking God to bless you? Same for Kyra and Miles...

Michael Bolton - Time, Love And Tenderness

Tom Clay - What the World Needs Now

God keeps picking the tunes....

Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 17 - Wartime Prayers - Paul Simon


Lou.. don't ever forget.. when Time and GE "touched me" back in the early 80's... I wasn't asleep at the switch at alll.. I was generating the good beginning you and your friends screwed Tell your Barbie Dolls that they got their 7, and that's all folks.. and don't design my future anymore unless youwant more to come back on you later.

There is a God, Lou, the Spirit of Truth is not dying, I'm not, and there's been some new additions to songs on "for Kids"... for adults.. teach your children low, you might want to listen to thee songs and prove that maybe all skull and bones people aren't completely meglamaniacal.

www.CharlesRehn.com - Creating the Future 2012 - For Kids & Others: A Reminder

10:37pm I thought Mika would enjoy the "talk to your parents" part... when Iwas a kid and I talked to the NAACP, they said, talk to your parents when I said I wanted to help, and I thought they were thinking of safety, including for me, and I just thought, if my mom and dad didn't agree with what you do, do you think I'd be calling? I'm not crazy. He was worried about things in thebeginning before they stopped cooperating with TIme Inc. That, by the way wa s a dialectic once again to get me to write something that would lead to an ending.. written long ago and quite well exp;lained - as if i was predisposed against time Warner. What a joke.

Meanwhile,dialectics, Thirston's specialty and apparently what he trians people to do.. domestic disputes.. tonight, Lynn and I were hanging out before we went t  pur rooms, and they started torturing me, and hitting Lynn with dews ot increase her pain, of course making it appear as thought the torture itself was the source of her tension. I have lots of video and audio of this sort of thing being done for years... the biggest one, of course, was to do such horribly graphic things to us soas to cause so much humiliation if we talked, that we would remain silent. That's the life of most targeted individuals. And that's why they can't beat us. Lik Barack says, humiliate and exterminate. Like in World Wars I and II, they will do the same to themselves again.

MO... I have so many of em down, it's ridiculous, and impossible for these U.S. Govt representatives to defend. I can't wait to see how  many sentences their attorneys speak before being arrested. And still the idiots continue to threaten our lives daily, saying it's their only chance to win. True criminals, quintessential, thugs and peons. I'm very gald they're what protects the U.S. Government from its citizens as this government is judged by the world for WACO... and Christians and people of faith will not have been faithful and patient for nothing. Dear Janet, did I ever send you a hello letter? If not, I bet Begala could have the FBI forge one for ya... I'm sure CHarlie got some blank paper from my printer from the garbage for ya.... One of these days I'll get up early and watch the garbage collection system they have here on the island.. to gather info on their neighbors, and use their garbage services ....

One note, the only one, the last, for the phony JW on Steamboat that thurston;s limited psyop talents caused to follow through on an already failed psyop carrying at least 10 national and international felonies with it... and to your friends who went with you and invested so many years in this stupid scheme.. I used to care what happened to the people involved local, and that's easily proven. Now, all I can say is, what did Lynn do to you, and what are you doing in a Christian church talking like a real open minded person about the subject of how churches are infiltrated and controlled... these days  you people really need to understand you're nothing more to me than pieces of paper in  my file cabinets.. as evidence against the u.S. Government, and I don't understand how you rapists figure its worth wasting your lives to do it. ANd stop calling yourself a Christian,

Kenny Loggins - Conviction of the Heart_live

5/13/2011 10:01am This morning I"ve had to deal with the usual torture and RUmsfeld stress positions for hours and the psychotronic guys insited that I write something. Yesterdya was a horrible day, tooth torture is  fun when your torturers taunt you NBC style pointing out that they will never be caught... so this is what I'll say.

In the last 3 years, to coincide with the suppsoed trauma of the Melissa Scott psyop, I've been told of an ncredible list of actual criminal crims committed against me, and then against Lynn dating back more than 30-40 years.. most of them committed by the United States Government in the State of washington.

Thank you State of Washington for your hospitality, and teaming up with the Federal Government in destroying my life and Lynn's life and probably  a million more. Thanks for making sur ethat while you torture me to death, taht 17 years of my life ofar in tehSTate of Washington was actually a dialectic to kill me. 

The psychotronics guys don't like it that I pointed outthat Hilary Clinton introduced Barack Obama as Jesus in the Second Coming when she said "his name shall be blessed amongst the nations"... of curse you ministers working with the CFR agenda have faith in the government to  inform you, instead of God, and instead of observing the scriptures you claim guide your lives.. and its embarrassing but interesting to note that the Bible says Christ would declare himself, because apparently things are so messed up, ministers wouldn't be able to tell it was him because they didn't have a clue about the ways of GOd, just like Jesus and Moses... and they don't listen to anyone but themelves becaus ethey know they are right, and if they're not, they lose their jobs.


I will run for president, Iwill inform the world of the atrocities in the United States, and I thank the State of Washington and the entire pms, national media and Nazi politicians for their brutality so I need not haveany second thoughts or regrets of what happens to U.S. Govt paid murdering rapists.

Enjoy hell, have a good world war II, remember your leaders plan for you to actually lose, and when you do, they'll convince you like Bush did, that it's the rest of the world who are the bad people.

 My leadership agenda for the United States and the World as president remain the same.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sha Na Na - Blue Moon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 09 - It's A Laugh

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 08 - Love's Worth Fighting For


5/14/2011 8:08am This mornings hours of torture aere about convincing me to include Masson inn the letterr to national police association.. the problem they have is, Iwill, and it wont bejust to one organization, I am running a national campaign and its not against police, howeve, there are obvious totally stupid setups being done, one to get me to include to days that they are influencing Lynnin her personal journals as they have in emails in the past.. all this is tosuppoeedly give them cause to seize her personal diaries.. Idonot read them, so for her to read something to me today and insist I read it, as ridiculous impersonaa and criminalizing of thruston as it is, it willbe asy to prove its another attempt to publicly humiliate Lynn, and since her favorite person to talk to when she had her stroke is a member or a follower of the Carter Center, and givn how most of her stroke symptoms are psychotronics...

Thurston, your actions will be reflected in the stupidity of the things you do and will convicted of. Note: Hill, Cancer, Dog... MO

You loclas maythink that your crimes cauing you to want to treat me and us like a joke but I assure you that its serious, its consistent, its notdelusional, and your continued attempt to disasscoitate the police from weed and seed types has failed, and it will be clear to law enforcement around the world that the only cops I'm against are those who use their authority and badges to intimidate rape victims. tell that DNC chair from SPokane that I won't humiliate myself, but I will make sure justice is done in the case of those like her who think killing people for profit is a good idea.. killing your own citizens on U.S> soil is treason. And by the way elected officials, citizens don't vote for legislators who vote to violate their rights in order to kill them.

Pretty pathetic locals. Tell the nationals all this distraction will be laid on the cases they're charged with.

5/15/2011 1:41pm  Lately, tooth torture is all I really know, and of course, no progress on leaving because of it. Meant to mention yesterday that Lynn had plans to go to Kirkland yesterday, to leave at 10am, I got up yesterday morning so I could help her put things in the car, she told me she was leaving at 9 am instead and sure enough the neighbor and her dog were out somewhere in the front of the property playing, flagging, and making sure Lynn knew she was being watched (even though I doubt Lynn was aware) and explaining all the dog manure in the front of the yard all the time.

Meanwhile, today's morning wake up tooth torture was all about the phony JW to supposedly confuse the PMS issue which it did not, but I continue to remind these people that continuing to believe psychotronics is unprovable, and trying to stretch the PMS thing out by continuing to use that psyop to make me appear obsessive, and then torturing me while telling me that I had to take all mentions of PMS off my website or I would be thrown off the bridge with the evidence if I tried to leave with it.

Thanks to the psychotronics guys who have calibrated their volumes (actually not) to my reorder so that I cna prove that they want to claim I've said lots of things and as audio production person, manufactured evidence like they do. Even more work has been done to pose as people who mightbe militant totry toget me to write something (to the psyops guys) to make it sound like I was affiliated with people and supporting violence.

Remind the people in LA that I don't care what their names or reasons are... but Thurston;'s made sure the Bee Sting Torte will bring the entire U.S. Government down in one case. And tell Huckabee he'll get his inclusion when I do the right civil thing..................... do the right thing.. since 1979.... Huckabee were you a Reaganite, and do you believe in torturing people who get divorced from CFR women marrying people to destroy their lives? I always believed God made one right man for one right woman... arranged marriages and torture don't work.. it's Satanist...

PS Tell Brenda/Dina I got Doug's AARP papers and when I get an attorney, I'll have them send them to you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God McDonald, Michael - Motown - 04 - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Madman Across The Water - 07 - Rotten Peaches

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - TBD - 100 - Morning Has Broken

PSS I accidentally came across this again, and just decided to play it because it makes me laugh harder than when I fell off my chair at the idea of Dick Cheney and Saddam Hussein dueling instead of having the Iraq war... so since so much effort has been put in making me seem so perverse, I thought I'd play it again so Time Warner could explain why they had Frank Zappa record and distribute this album on their label.... or was it GE? ANd then claim I'm malingering.. and then we'll have Lou explain rope a dope....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frank Zappa - Dong Work For Yuda

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

Understanding the ways of God.. and what and how He thinks... I understand more and more, as the middle east edges toward... and the U.S. is exposed as in last night's reading.. starting at  Ezekiel 22:20, and then through the parables that follow...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started

5/17/2011 10:11pm Tough days, lots of pain, Lynn was in lots of pain today.

Nice ot see MSNBC's still playful.. Rachel looked like she was directing traffic on an aircraft carrier with all the hand signals.. is Barack doing that like GW did? Bizarre aesopian on O'Donnell... thanks for announcing my upcoming national campaign.. it is easy,  though, when you like to work hard...  too bad about Arnold.. when I get to California it'll be good to find out if Jerry's the Governor or Atty General.. who's taking the bets on whether I can get into his office? Meanwhile, psychobabble guy, competing with Anderson are we?  I wonder what Brown would say about the media messing with me about his current office, if he's in office. so ED.. did you read the part about MSNBC and GOPAC and the chat rooms?  And how I deconstructed them and ran them off? ANd then the chat rooms closed? WHose side is the CFR psyops on? 

Tell Newt I like the  idea of National Conversations. wish I'd thought of it... 

Not much else to report, torture continues the delays but between evidence I keep finding, people who make mistakes and Bible verses.. I'm confident of things working out...  

Oh yeah, thanks fr advising the local bushies that their victim knows their limitations, and like the Sheik... mocking the torturers.... 

For those who believe this is a fun game, understand once again that I am a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States... all you legislators who were delusional enough to believe people should vote for you to lead and represent them, ask yourself, if your family and your lives were threatened as ours have been,, and your children and grand children were being raped, what would you do, and how would you feel about it?

There are parts of the Bible I really don't lie, because I like to fight my own fights.. but this part about God being a buckler, going before me... it's hard to watch... but every once in a while, I like to watch the news to confuse me so I'll read.. things don't really change that much that quickly unless you actually believe in transformation of a nation into what it always claimed it was and wanted to be.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Janis Joplin - To Love Somebody

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon - 05 - Kodachrome

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells _ Single

5/20/201110:46pm torture continues, including while trying to eat, also being choked. Tried to write intro of FOr the love o the world on presidential site, stopped by torture, with psychotronics guys laughing because they storture me ot stop me, proving they can violate my trights, and make fun of Kurzweil and psychotronics while claiming to control me, which they do not, as evidenced by all the work I refused to write becaus ethey were trying to get me to wrtite things I didn't believe in - to make ahypocrite of me or to make it sound like I was typical mainstream Christian beliefs... and because I wouldn't write what they wanted, they'd torture me.. liek tonight.

5/21/2011 5:02pm It's pretty obvious that I've been distracted by incessant torture - Thurston;s words as he boasts of his torture and rape - while Lynn has been tortured by directed energy weapons, this time, of course, her left side in inexplicable pain, and now here breast feels like she's being poked with needles.. Thurston is laughing, thinking I just embarrassed her.  A couple days afteer she was released by the convalescent hospital, where she was hit with dews fromn the window... she came home and complained of a lump on her breast,, and worried about having skin cancer because of a lesison on her fasce.. being in denial, I was not in the position to tell her the lesion on her face was a laser burn intended to harm her eyes - like they've done to me - and to make her fear skin cancer, a fear she has becaus eher father died of it, and her mother died of breast cancer. Down goes fraser, Keith.. her sister, and her friend's dog, another murder conspiracy thurston will have to answer for.. And I will still contend that a great cover was done locally that will display that the locals knew what I was wanting to talk to Coleman's attorneys about.. the murder of Michael Jackson... not by his doctor.

A tough day, little accomplished, illegal detention.. the state o f washington is doing nothing but proving it thinks it can do hit jobs for the federal government instead of charging income taxes.. like gangsters...

From the Front Row an the King of Pop....

../../../networkshare/audiom3u/Paul McCartney - TBD - 100 - Momma Miss America - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Doesn't that one figure... Bess Sting Torte.. nao matter what, it always comes down to that, and the locals trying to cover for Obama, Clinton and the LA people has officially failed, because instead of succeeding in the coverup, hey proved all are guilty.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Kent - 501 Jeans It's in your jeans

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God /Mike and the Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - TBD - 100 - Sharp Dressed Man  Sharp, Microwave, Linytron, Radarange

5/24/2011 In the last few days, only about 1-2 hours work done. Tooth torturecontinues as the peopel her estill beleive they'll get away with totrutring us and murdering us with the help of th epolice.Of course, I'm tortured while eating, and if Ithink about or try to write in my nook or presidential site, I'm tortured, and they especially love trying to tell me wha tto call my books and how to eplain why I wrote them aand explain them. I'm proud to retrun teh favor to the DNC chair of washington State in 2003 by saying "You've only humiliated yourselves".

God still gives me great Bible reading every night, still in contrext,still revealing the truths that Ive presentedas weell... being tortured, I don't feel much like taking the time to worry about reciting it for peopel  who dont care about the truth.. but in the campaign anin the court cases.. the truth will be told...

Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 11 - the Things We've Handed Down

LTD - TBD - 100 - Back In Love Again

Dean Martin - TBD - 100 - That's Amore

5/25/2011 10:19am O'Reilly.. I don't know why you perverts want to play these games.. the psychotronics guys really love it when you play games they cna use to harass people over.. glad you like fig Newtons.. and in this case, calling Ahmadinejad of accusing the U.S. of weather wars is pretty rediculous, given HAARP, but then like St Epiphineas Matthews - a name I found out later wasn't a good thing - he said HAARP was a device used to gather electricity from the AUrora Borealis... Proof - he didn't watch - guess what, I only watch you guys  to pick up thing slike Obama Aesopianizing people with claiming things are good on the border, while the governor on Greta's show says they're not, just like Bush used insurgents and terrorists an analogies for the oppressed of the UNited States against globalization and military domination, I'm now getting harrassed to distract me from my references to MSNBC trhat are relevant.. like the woman in New Mexico complained about Letterman and Oprah analogies, and how NBC had problems with Letterman and another woman who was set up like a toy to be determined mentally ill, finally dying when hit by a car.... and then aDave, Lester the Molesotr.. tell Gephardt these people should  have listened when my gentle demeanor warned them that this wasn't aboutme, and embarrassing and humiliating me publicly would only land you people in jail....  and supposedly, DObbs claims the info will be there when I need it, despite despite covering Poppy Bush and the Poppy System with Poppy Harlowe.

So Bill and the rest.. I'm not playn ggames anymore.. I don't fall for the psychotronic tricks, I won't allow the locals and the others in the east to dictate my writing, and especially politically and about faith in and with God.

This is it! This is it! This is it! THis is it! Olbermann, Michael Jackson, 4 times... lynn est  may 1980... thunderclap... and that email service during the Crossfire days named....  thisisit_ss.html

So Carville, your idits and the DNC's and CFR's are still trying to get me to tlak about all sorts of things I supposedly can't prove, and they're wrong about most. I don't care about the media people, as far as I'm concerned.. the psychotronics are wanting me to say you'r eall traitors cause they love to prove they can interrupt my writing so I let them sometime s so they cna prove to themselves oagain they cnaget away with anytthing... I just let them dictate that..

ANyway.. the games are over. Ideclared checkmate a few years back and I meant it. Now, Clinton, explain Katrina. ANd then we'll declare Bill as perpetrating a public hoax regarding weather wars.... given Rupert's relationship with satellites and so forth... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 202 - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Minute By Minute

God still picks em good.

Note: Barack, Westminster Abbey, Dean of Abbey, Date, Guest book, 24 May 2008... what happened that day that caused such a Freudian? and Barack, will you go everywhere I go too? Did they zap you at the Abbey too? And Barack, my cat Abbey they're talking about killing her too... tell AL to call off the goons... or Prince Albert will indeed be in the can.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bruce Springsteen - The Rising - 02 - Into The Fire

11:52am I was sitting talking to Lynn, nervous about the outcome of cancer surgery of a friend who I believe is a target and victim of the same people we are, enduring torture, when the psychotronics guys reminded me that I went to St Pauls, not Westminster Abbey, and they laughed a tproving how they can trick me.. and my response is.. again..  all it proves is how they and the U.S. Government violate my human and civil rights, and the further proof is the incomplete work on my  websites because they torture me and want me to err in details they'll claim prove I'm not credible, but if those details.,.. the few I get wrong since I write this column off the top of my head or based on news reports and research, the few details of stories I tell that are incorrect would end up further incriminating those trying to humiliate me.

Psychotronics will be easily proven. The intent and ability of the U.S. Government is stated in official published DOD Documents... case closed. Barack, I can't wait to hear how you defend your confessions. 

1:15pm Deborah Lindholm - Results - San Diego - Marshall Saunders - Rotary - Muhammad Yunus - Evan - Dispute Resolution Center - Brian Baird/Pam Brokaw/DOP - Marion Spence/DRC - Evan - Fundraising - Timing of call - Rotary/Marion - Jackie - Sapp - Tilson - Sapp - Hackney - Jackie - Pet SHop - Abbey - Gift Cat - DRC - Van Dyke - Christmas 2003(?/4) - South Africa Grants - Hillary - Yunus - Promote Microfinance - USAID - left out support for impoverished requiring Congressional veto to require it in legislation anyway. - 2004/2008 Pres Elctions - 2008 - Murdock Fund Raiser - WSJ Smear of Yunus/Murdock

Hillary - About Evan Bayh.... the psychotronic guys wanted me to mention that.... they love messing with people... 

Bruce Springsteen - The Rising - 02 - Into The Fire

I closed my eyes beforfe selecting that... hillary...

5/26/2011 12:37am Angels and Demons - Tom Hanks - Golden Key Hotel - Surveillance Cameras - Klein/TBN - QuakerZZTop?

www.CharlesRehn.com - Creating the Future 2012 -A Message To Barack Obama and the Council On Foreign Relations I went to pick music, and saw this that I worked on a bit today... I was being tortured, and God punished the U.S. psychotronic guys again.. that'll teach em.. then Iwent to run 2008 in the Bible Codes to amuse the psychotronics guys, and saw a DVD someone gave Lynn a few years back called "Why We FIght" featuring John McCain and Dwight Eisenhower... with a picture of TUcker's favorite the MIC Hippie Ike on the fron twith this caption -

It is nowhere written that the American Empire goes on forever.

Now I'm looking for music... Herman's Hermits - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rebecca St. James - God Is In Control - 03 - You're The Voice

5/26/2011 9:06pm It's been a totally wasted day due to extreme tooth torture as they use the loose tooth to dig out the molar as if a dentist pulling a perfectly good tooth slowly... meanwhile, Lynn is in sever pain, clearly dews, and I get threats against me, the evidence, family members, supposedly to force me to take things off the web site and destroy evidence about the PMS and Thurston and the psyops and attempted murders over the last 10 years. the police in Washington State should accept the fact that Thurston wants to incite violence against you, and I will file criminal charges against him for doing so. He and his associates are the worst criminals you people should ever have busted instead of hiring. I will not back down, threats and intimidation, pulling my teeth and making me destitute will not prevent me from making appropriate reports to end this holocaust.

For whatever reason Thurston and his stupid boss and DA decided to directly attempt to protect an indefensible position is proof of criminality violating nearly every civil right. Please be forewarned that I have no desire to place a blanket indictment on anyone. But I will refuse to allow people to sneak off and get away with it. Especially given the number of victims and the cruelty of the crimes instructed by the Federal Government and local agencies without the backbone or intelligence to care about the truth. If you're offended by this, tell Thurston.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Martin Murphey - Wildfire

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dion - Runaround Sue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Queen - We Are the Champions

10pm The person currently torturing me and insisting they're above the law, and insisting I write this to supposedly ID them, as if their actual id, individually, matters, because the CFR will be prosecuted for this, they insist on being associated with the CFR, fine with me.

5/27/2011 11:51pm I finally went to sleep around 9 or so this morning after nearly 2 hours of non-stop tooth torture.. Lynn was in a great deal of pain too. I meant to mention that the day before yesterday, Lynn walked to the mailbox and instead of Charlie "walking the dog", it was Pete this time in a car I believe is loaned or traded from the woman who made a point about the WSP officer who got hit with rc in a way that if it had been aimed a few inches in front of him, would have hit me and if I had responded to it, I would have ended up in a death roll that that would have been ruled my fault. Instead, he got hit, and nearly made a sharp left turn into the center divider.

Did my Bible reading last night, the perfect Magic Bible verses.. describing yesterdays torture and harassment and David and God's "view" of such things... Psalms chapter 1-3.

I now understand why I always loved reading psalms the couple of times I did.

See recording 385 at 11:54pm for chopper flyby as occurs lately when I begin to write this.

Personal note: Thurston likes me to say See also: because he believes it gives him the right to supposed evidence although this proves nothing about what these recordings are have anything to do with anything...  So anyway.. see also notepad regarding torturing sequences last night, all night, as well as flow chart documenting IMF involvement in psyops against me. Also provides info on "Judith" - related to this chart, and potential security officer... 

Our deer had two baby fawns. I plan to show video on my presidential site. I just heard  a cell phone ringing outside my window... I know the sound and the person. It sounds like a phone, from someone who was attempting to tell me they were the person outside my window on Renata a couple days after I wrote a courtesy letter to Washington State DNC leaders regarding my presidential candidacy.  It may be true. but this guy also thinks he's going to take the blame and get everyone else off the hook.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Jordan - Dancing On The Boardwalk

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Charlie Pride - Kiss an Angel Good Morning

5/28/2011 11:15pm Got some done on the bed frame today... what should have taken hours has now taken many days... tooth torture contines as the monotony of harassment amuses me regarding how easy this is going to be soon.

Notes: Marion Spence: Dentist:Rotary:John : Simpson:Pulp:USAID/IMF?

It appears to me some things are in the background that center around the USAID programs and the IMF, part o f it being this legislation related to Jean Sperling about micro credit and assistance to the impoverished... and hypocrisy.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Richie Havens - TBD - 100 - Shouldn't We All Be Having A Good Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Crosby - 01 Oh Yes I can - 03 - Monkey And The Underdog

 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeffrey Osborne - Is It Right 

Note:Lindholm Foundation For Women. Nun Mary Kroll

5/29/2011 Bill.. so glad you nationals picked this area for me to live... and that these are the people between the people of the United States and the end of the Nazi infiltration sof this world.

Note: Chuck Baldwin psyops...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sha Na Na - Blue Moon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Camera Never Lies

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Angry Eyes

5/29/2011 Lyn is manipulated hundreds of ways so that the lcoals and nationals can waste my time, and use the awkwardness of me being tortured to cause her more sstress and pain, while hitting her with psychotronics nad dews to torture her, and get her to talk about it, to torture her more and make her think about it. That IS what most psychotronbics causes...

Lucy Leu - CNVC - Wa Prison System - recidivism counseling and CNVC training - Marshall Rosenburg sessions - DOP/Peace Alliance - Bainbridge - CHinese - Targeted family. Mother and aunt story. CoInTelPro,

DHS idiots, especially the ones making fun of killing my dog - the more you delay and obstruct justice, the more people go to jail. Barack's confession will say it all.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Charlie Daniels Band - Devil Went Down To Georgia

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Charles Wright & Watts 103rd S - Express Yourself

God picked those two, these are my choices... as God reveals my future staff..... Good thing I have a magazine on my campaign staff. God likes corn.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Don't be Shy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Can't Keep It In

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

Andto JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve, the REAL future direction of the world..... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - The Wind

10:29pm Another day of con tinuous torture for both of us, though I did get a little more work done on the trailer. Imagine working on a trailer being torturedand having people try to injure you while telling you they want you to get the work done quickly to get you out of town, and laughing at being charged with illegal detention. The pT guys wanted me to write that last part.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God OC Smith - Little Green Apples

5/30/2011 11:47am Lynn's being hit with heavy dew and psychotronic attacks this morning, as THurston and his friends are enjoying that two teeth are extremely loose and painful, and like usual, using psychotronics nad their effects buttons to try to gget me angry. Their problem is, cops, I believe in law and justice... you guys want to be Nazis.. look at what happened to the police in Nazi Germany when the Nazis actually took over.

Someone's trying to get Lynn to buy into believing she has ephasia, a problem easily caused by psychotronics and dews, but in her case, it's another attempt by the police and state and certain phony doctors tryiing to get her to say she has a condition she doesn't have, doesn't know the real definition of, but will get her to claim she is mentally ill when she's not, and when she thinks she's describing results of a stroke instead of mental illness.. THis is another of a  serie of attempts to obstruct justice by trying to  kill a witness, false doctor and police reports and using psychotronics to use symptoms of one thing to claim something more serious requiring costly treatment and test, and to discredit people who know of crimes the government covertly denies.

I found a report in the paper, a crime blotter, of how a woman called the police and claimed her husband was violent or abusive, and wanteed police assistance. When the police got there, she finally admitted she was the violent one, and was arrested. In terms of discrediting these people, either the man would have been arrested, the woman would have been arrested, either way, both had a tarnishedd record of violence, domestic violence and trouble, a vcover for marital problems by people who don't even know psychotronics and dews exist and therefore do not know their lives are purposeely being destoryed by the government.

This is a standard mo of weed and seed and police working together to kill people for the government and supposedly provide each other alibis inthe form of plausible deniability. THis is why they are stopping me from writing the booklet on Death Squads, why they keep me from California and medical and legal assistance, given this case will directtly involve the attempted harm to Jerry Brown, as well as my ability ot provide information to speciifc attorney regarding similar cases that would have led to convictions na dsuits against the government on things they probably don't even know happened, and wouldn't unless I talked to them, determined the patterns of their psyops, and allowed them to reconstruct it so they could prosecute. The clients of these attorneys are Viet Nam Veterans. 

For the record, I  used to allow the spelling and typos to show how the psychotronics and DEW attacks ffect me. I started using a spelling checker. I'm not going to do tha tanymore. I never needed a spelling checker until just after I wrote "We Have A Voice". Never.

Note also tha tsince thurdton MO'd himself, this has beenn nothig aexcept a diversion that keeps me from other things, the diversion being to survive.

thank you Barack Obama for your confession, and Thurstons if any legal action is taken to detain me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Bolton -To Love Somebody

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jaggerz - Rapper

God sure hates Nazis, so did my dad. I wonder how many of my Jewish relatives died in the Holocaust? HW Probably knows.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Enter My Dream

9:16pm Lynn has been heavily targeted all day and sleeping, hit by dews making her groggy and in severe pain. I'm still going to enjoy hearing an explanation as to why oxycontin would cause more pain. Even though she doesn't take that now.

Meanwhile, I'm being tooth tortured, a molar behind the tooth that wa ignored and abused by the dentists is not wobbling as the psychotronic guys torture me and at the same time tell me they're not my enemies and they want me to pull my teeth out, and that they'll claim I purposely caused the injuries to be worse by myself... good luck.

11:17pm I was watching a special on Current tonight, the inside story of the dark side of Hollywood - the scandals created to extort and blackmail people who would lose it all if certain lies were told - as told by Michael Jackson's attorney and others... of course, God never gives me  a moment off... when  unfortunately caught a promo for Keith Olbermann Countdown on Current beginning June 20th... I presume uncle Al keeps his loyal propagandists happy as the Oligarchy moves its people around from crime to crime.. th e psychotronics guys said that Keith... like I said, wait til the PMS's hear what Thurston says about his respected colleagues... 

I've learned alot the last few days.. mostly, that I'm right about calling people Nazis... thanks for giving me reason to stand by it.

5/31/2011 10:58am I was being harassed, and started thinking, if the U.S Government uses human rights as an excuse to overthrow Libya - and I"m not taking a position on Libya - I'm thinking I"ll ask people to send my Hague paperwork to Libya for Asylum and amnesty to evade the many murder attempts on myself to suppress my human and civil rights. Options are options.

Recordings: Note: stated date at 6/1 instead of 5/31 on recordings 386-388

Note: more evidence of God hatred by U.S.  Govt on tablets., also originally dated 6/1 instead of 5/31 now being correctd.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 11 - the Things We've Handed Down

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald & James Ingram - Yah Mo Be There

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash - Shadow Captain

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angel Station - B04 - Resurrection

5:50pm today, Lynn realized she had no money on hand, and then fouund out she won $150 in th emega millions.. she called the local store, they claimed to be a private residence, and so she's heading to Seattle tomorrow, supposedly with no money to a pain clinic - Bastyr - with only one option.

All this time I've kept money onhand because the locals dijng psychotronics keep getting her to make me homeless in order to bankrupt me and and keep me under her financial control - in other words, they control her, and I simply have ot make do., No complaint. But.. more proof of community conspiracy of weed and seed and neighborhood watch and the biusinesses... she called them and they claimed to be a private residence after calling them out of courtesy to makes ure this little store would have cash on hand to cover it....

Meanwhile, these guys wanted to makes  sure all these years to make me homeless with no money to force me to be with LYnn so that they could use her to control me. Lynn and I have sppoken of this sort of thing many times, though she rarely catches it as its happening. So now, they have successfully caused her to overspend, and now, 1/4 of my emergency fund will be ssubject to her deciding when to give it back to me. I have videos and such when she was under severe under - Thurston's specialty - when she actually threatened to wihhold my own money  from me as a a threat, and I knew she was under attack so I just dealt with the situation, even though she called the police and they told her they would her to set me up.. Of course, I was bankrupted at the most important times, when it would damage me and the things i was trying to acocmplish most. ANd it's clear this is why they tortured me all day and yesterday, and while I eat and when I try to sleep... to delay me and us until we're bankrupt.. and thye keep telling me they want ot make us both homeless like the woman I described, who looked 60, newly homeless inSan Francisco.. sick jokes based on me describing a woman that always made me cry when I couldn't believe she ended up on the streets like that, at her age, and in this country.

So of course, as I will prove by many patterns and crimes, that these people spent al this time psyopping Lynn top ruin her marriage and get her and I to meet because someone believed she would be easily used with pyschotronics to publicly humiliate her and stop me cold. So far, it worked. No more. No mas.

That part of the psyop began when  I wrote it during the "Lou Dobbs" psyops. O'Reilly, I didn't need you to tell me Lou's the boss, even though we both know that's not true. Say hi to Jack, Ted Turner and Rupert for me. Tell both Clintons how much I'm laughing at them.

Another topic of torture today s I will explain ne day, was defending GE - we bring good things to life - a typical remark while being tortured, and also PMS.. let the people in LA know the locals really screwed you all, but thanks to a perfect match, the arrogant psychotronics guys pointed out it really cooked, Olympic bakery...

I will say one more time, I have never thought any of this was a joke, not my candidacy or faith., and "For the Love of the World" and my sister of Adelaide... 1949... Time will no longer march on. And Maher, no one will ever be owned by them again.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana & Rob Thomas - Smooth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmy Buffet - Come Monday

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 05 - I Grieve

6:50pm Lynn is now being hit and suffering severe pain. The hole in the window that needs to be washed that I leave there, has a hole in the dirt where the dews have been coming thru stronger than ever. Has to do with causing LYnn to not like sitting in th elviing room or the furniture she bought to help relive her pain after the stroke, under direction of people with psychotronics who I believe wanted her furniture if we had to abandon it. Of course, the psychotronics guy wants me to tell you the plan all along was to have us abandon things and run fro dear life, so we'd be penniless, and these satanists could laugh at another biblical sick joke: me losing everything of value. THey forgot to read the part about making me angry...

I'm glad I know the ways of God.

ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man

Someday the locals who forced me to give up haircuts and more will not recognize me because I'll be able to be myself again when I'm rid of them.

Luther Ingram - If Loving You Is Wrong

Tell David I never did understand the inference of that attempted music psyop.... but it covers for some people, doesn't it,., and David, I'm not accusing you of anything specific at all. But, ask tougher questions, and ask McCain and the rest to tell the truth every once in a while.

The rule won't help in that regard, however, if consumers don't know about it -- and there's obvious precedent for that. HIPAA's privacy and security rules already grant consumers a more narrow "accounting of disclosures," which essentially gives them the right to know when their information is shared with third parties. The trouble is, virtually no one has exercised that right, according to health care providers who offered comments to the Department of Health and Human Services about the new rule. About 90 providers said they had received fewer than 20 requests since the initial HIPAA "Privacy Rule" took effect in 2003, and another 30 told the agency they'd never received a request. (The accounting of disclosures right will remain in place with minor adjustments.)  


PS The psychotronics guys say Kudos to Hillary Clinton for wanting to look into horrendous human rights violations (originally incited by George W Bush and that failed terrorist raid that leadss to deposing another democratically elected government as Ahmadinejad said, to use human rights causes as an excuse for human rights abuses) something about a benificent society under the guy whose name would be blessed... I was laughing at that when the pt guys reminded me of OReilly's attacks on Christmass... my father's sense of humor in typos, I think...

Oh yeah, in Syria.. a president who was very popular til he let Bush invade that day... that's a dialectic. Now Hillary, about Libya, wanna deport me..

Oh yeah, about the tax/attacks on dental appliances.. it appears I did swallow some shards of tooth the other night when they crunched and got some blood in my urine... I waited to see if maybe it was just some dye or coloring in my urine...  MASH is a funny show, isn't it?Now, Hillary, in your role, explain Chirac's remarks about attacks on poor people, globally... and that shards and blood remind me of the news email I got a few weeks ago that the Vatican had Satan in containment and was spittin gup shards of glass  and...

It's a shame I haven't figured out where to change the default url when I log onto the internet.. I always get this annoying news page...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Ray of Light 1000 of em Hillary, and I get em all.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kris Kristofferson - Why Me Lord Hillary I always said you'd have to be crazy to want ot be president. I said I'd make the case myself..... now about plagiarism...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 05 - Strength, Courage & Wisdom

6/1/2011 9:53am When the PT guys say things that indicate they're actually telling the truth, it's fairly obvious. Then of course they say that "it's just a psyop" like it's  agame.

Today's morning gem is about a letter I gave to Milton, not what they wanted, and I was told this morning the people on steamboat who participate in the JW Church in Olympia are doing this to my teeth to give me the dental care I hoped they could help me find with a good CHrisitian dentist who would not harm me. I wouldn't have written this if I didn't believe it was true.  Them they tell me the videos I have of the local churches in Shelton, and in Olympia, is because the weed and seed wants to infiltrate in order to cause them to disband.

Interesting that in my Koran and Bible reading, how prophets and christs were treated and regarded... One of my favorite parts of the Koran was reading Yusef, Joseph, needing to be protected by Muslims from the Christians, and the Bible says Joseph was just in Egypt, not mentioning the Muslims protected and respected him and his role.

There's a reason Muslims look forward to the return of Christ in the Second Coming too. If only the Dove Institute would read it and realize how hey have been deceived from reading something that would give CHristians guidance and wisdom for these times that the subjectivity of the Bible does not provide.

Anyway.. Yusef, Joseph... Acts 7:9 All of that chapter is great, about the promise, the covenants and dispensations, the interpretations that contradict each other when differenetpeople interpreted different parts. It's a big job interpreting the Bible and other prophecy and religious writings.. another reason the bible says tha tin the future, there wil be one source for the truth, and it won't be CNN or NBC or the TV networks....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Quiet Storm

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dion - Abraham, Martin and John

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - Faithfully

8:46 pm Aftyer miore than 12 hours of torture, and accomplishing nothing today...the pt guys told me they were pulling my teeth out to relieve me of my suffering while telling me they were killing us becaus ethey didn't want us to mess up a good thing in the Pacific Northwest..

Meanwhile, note: videos today: OReilly, Hannity, SPitzer and Cooper.. thanks for demonstrating Aesopian, media mirroring, public humiliation, the mo return of ANthony Weiner (Crossfire fame), continued media and political effort sto dilute and minimize and be able to claim plagiarism, all in les sthan 1/2 hour of video tape. Case made. And he'll say he never watched Fox.

I'm expecting, as I did before, the reemergence of Peter Fenn and more.. for fun the psychotronics guys are so desperate for psyop material they tslked me into briging up the Bible codes.. always interesting stuff, Begala, and while I still have no faith in them, after the fact is often enlightening as Michael - the guy who found the Assassination of Rabin - From the NY Times and doing research with Israeli skip search experts - it's often useful in giving clues....  about my dog. ANd some guy named Bush and Scott and Gore and... I will make you fissures of men..  the Eugene fissurere... 

Begala, just for fun, since you intro'd me to  the Bible Codes on Crossfire, tell AL it says he's a Nazi.. and that I saved almost all the frogs, at the mill pond, and in the ponds next to me...  Calgon.. Jeb.. California Gone.. ancieent CHinese Secret... armageddon and world war III. It wasnt RUssia. And Gues what - it ain't China either...

ABout th ebomb scheduled by  2012 in the Sinai..... and I've been seeing the steel blue flash in DC again lately.. and according to BP, the Waterworld and Postman scenarios are both probable.. I like horses better than sailboats...

I'm very much looking forward to you guys publicly embarrassing me into oblivion... ask Thurston... like I told George in my sermon.....

It's worth every moment of suffering. I'm no football, but I never fail when I''m commited to a goal.

Hillary said something about Syria and a true Democracy.. as if she knows what that is. And of course, COoper asks, was the boys father telling the truth or threatened by the government... when his father praised Assad, previously popular for Democratic reform before Bush even, despite using their services for special renditions to send peopel places for torture n behalf of the uNited States...

And Now, Egypt is having trouble controlling th eSInai, actually God's country.. it makes sense this nation would bomb it.

I want ot repeat Thurston really only harms himself and his department, and makes it much more difficult for others who might not otherwise have been mentioned or highlighted except for his perverse guilt that forces the very kinds of reports I wanted to avoid in communicating with the locals.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - TBD - 100 - Jesus Just Left Chicago Obama's attorney must  be monitoring. Shuster, Dave, I have trouble opening my mouth to enunciate, but at least my nose isn't broken anymore. Tell Lester and Brian hi for me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 11 - Who Killed Rachel Corrie

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

Can't wait to hear NBC's defense of James Taylor. well go on then, damn you, go on and do what you please you aint gonna see me getting down on my knees...

Barack, the jigaboo guy was doing  the psyops today. In your honor...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Something Anything - Black Maria AN dthe psyops guys want me to believe he's not Satan.. Barack tha tis.. I want proof... 

11pm the pt guy ssay they like the idea of keeping th edeath penalty. The victim in Thurston's jurisdoction agrees, and I know why. Now, which one, Thurston? The veteran, the teacher her child and dog or Lynn?Thurston and his friend s like to play Kurzweil, and Thurston;s going to have to admit to capital crimes....

All of a sudden,, the infiltrated Bastyr people want Lynn to come in twice a week for weeks... given I have Id'd the infiltrators and documented their equipment, I made sure to warn her about doctors wanting to help her over long treatment periods. ANd understnad, Ihave only good things to say about Bastyr, and they're not the type to lie for the government. The last time a "long time friend" of LYnn's said her husband wanted to treat her for free... $300 LATER, IT WAS A WASTGE OF TIME, AND VERY PAINFUL FOR lYNN, AND SHE DOESN'T WANT TO ADMIT THIS FRIEND FOR SOME 1020 YEARS BETRAYED HER.

tell Boehner after the memory, it's the caps lock key. Actually, it;s not the memory, it's the spelling, then the caps lock key and memory

PS Sarah Palin.. One Nation? no but thanks for tellingus you sold out to the CFR and the U.S Global Military Domination.....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

Did I mention that the guy who wrote conversations with God is a target? He and Marianne Williamson both don't know.

ANd for all you ministers afraid of the new age.. that you clearly don't understand.. please read the words of Jesus, and try tnot to fit in with the bigshots in the CFR religious ministries by repeating their lies and know that if religion is not about spirituality, then what is it for?

S&C was my  pick. Zthis one's God's

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sha Na Na -  - Blue Moon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Shaggy - - Hope (For Love of the Game Soul

It was a tie....

6/2/2011 10:24am Thismorning Iwoke to being criticizedforsupposedly calling someone a jigaboo, which I did not,and I said I don't have to defend it given Thurston wanting tohave me write that stuff so the press could misrepresent me by saying I did when it wa sthe Federal Government saying it... the point turned out to be this one black man in a particular car that I videoed following us more than once.. and then it relates to the supposed idea that I could be arrested for taking video of a federal officer committing a crime. Arrest me.

Thurston wants me to believe that this black man is the guy screaming epithets at me to get me to write in my log here, so it appears I'm crazy, racist and worse.. here''s how I know about the guy he likes racial epithets.

I was warning Kryptoman about thurston one day cuz Thurston was putting on the hard press, id's himself and then proceedded to harass the hell out of me.. sSO I warned kryptoman because I  knew Krypto was being attacked to, and thruston and his friends have harmed or harrassed nearly everyone..  like a frined of lynn's down the street from krypto who just had brain surgeyr becaus eof imjuries that will be proven tobe attempted murder by  hisfriends in that neighborhood. And since they had almost killed Lynn with the same injuries....

So I'm telling Krypto about thurston, and his eyes lit up and told me this story about thruston and his daughter, and illegal activities inhis neighborhood next door, domestic violence, and thurston was on his phone, theis guy, talks to him, goes over to the people's house for adomestic dispute, and thurston apparently was harrassing the people to violence... people inthat house only last about a year inthat weed and seed setup house, andthye always seem to be black people... and I'venever seen ablack person onSteamboat... the thing is,the car and stuff Krypton described was like the one with the black man who likes to scream racial epithets to get white people in trouble.. especially people who aren't racist like the implicatin.

Keep in mind, thurstonjust got me toclaim its someone else.. I don't believe it, given the harrassment thurston has given me, to my face, and it doesn't matter becaus ewhen he harrassed me, in front of me, he was flashing his badge and allowing everyone else to use his badge to intimidate me. SO tell the hemi 300 guy you're both guilty, thruston, adn I  will file charges regarded the attempted murder Lynn's friend and her dog.. and I will verify whether that one vehicle - weed and seed - that followed me one day is her husband, and if it is, he will be called a co conspirator inher attempted murder. THe timing ofit all was tooperfect, andwill also include another conspiracy to commit murder charge against thurston against LYnn....

Thurston is also greatly involved with the Jehovah's witness church infiltration, the sting against me using Melissa Scott, an all sorts of things related to that that amount to hundreds of federal crimes. ANd I will file reports about attempted murder and worse bythese people toward the members of  that church,, which will include assault and attempted murder.. all easily explained and prosecuted.... if there was anything I thought Jerry Brown was, it would be an honest professional cop. Given the crimes, the state I file in is irrelevant, and if need be, I can prove this is a continuation of a conspiracy in califiornia, therefore, all participants are extraditable.... 

The conspiracy began in 1958.

Speaking of long lasting conspiracy trails.. the first time anyone every told me howtotakebraces off teeth soon after tried to murder me, charges that will be filed in Califrnia. THis time, the guy down the road who says he's aJew who doesn;t believe in Godtold mehow to take off mybraces.. inthis case, the mo fits, and it also proves the guy knew mhy life, and purposely taunted me by making me know all the crimes committed against me, purposely, so that "I would see my life passing before my eyes" before I died.

I took the braces off because they were damaging my teeth..

Back in 2002, CNN ran apoll asking, if the world was coming to anend, would you want toknow. Supposedly,people said no. I said yes. And su;pposedly, thisentire ordeal was based on the false premise that Iwas being shown my life, to reconcile and atone, before I was  killed.

There are only 2 reasons I can see why the U.S Government decided to kill me after using me since I was a child.. I'm a jew, I have a birth defect...  maybe.. and the Bush and CFR people want to purify the races.. and they believe in eugenics.. and my birth defect was the excuse Nazis used for eugenics.. and I can't figure out why, its such a minor defect.

I'm given all kinds of conflicting stories, all intended to supposedly confuse me.. it doesn't...

I was waken up today with the puke.. tell Rachel I really appreciate it..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Poco - Crazy Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 03 - Promises

10:53am in the middle of uploading, my connection to the internet was cut, an I am having difficulty accessing the internet.. just like when Lynn wanted to call 911 when she was sexually harrassed and wanted to call 911, but could not get phone reception. All of these crimes on behalf of Barack Obama and the COuncil on Foreign Relations, who are losing badly...

I'm so glad those 2 U.S govt trucks ID's themselves, taunting me by making jokes about murdering my dog...

11:02 am got connected, Trying to upload. 1.08kb speed on AT&T broadband. THis is how my time gets waste, little things that waste my time,proving they are tampering with my cellular connections, and that its illegal detention, and while they wanted me to prove with this that its the locals on the island only who are guilty, it lets noone else off thehook. Psyoops do not alleviate the criminality of people doing psyops to obstruct justice. Thurston. 

11:03 disconnected agiain, can't log in to my web site. This is the psyop version the apprehension of death is worse than death.. they'e been telling me for a while thruston was going to file charges against me, false charges, toseize and destroy the evidence, and I guess I'm supposed to believe now that they cut off communications to make an arrest I don't believe but ifthey do, na matter, they go up on capital crimes. Sloppty work, too many credible witnesses... lots of crimes...

If all I was dealing with was local crimes, this would havebeen over long ago, but if thurston really wants to get his bos sor fellow professionals pur in jail fror heinous crimes.. fine with me.. and if somebody says I videoed some criminal officer and arrests me, just rememebr all the police reports FBI reprots, secret reports, all of which will be reported to international authorities.. and any jury in the U.S. for any part of this case.

Remember Jesus Mendoze and the U.S> Attorney who WILL go to jail for taunting him with knowledge of ongoing crimes...

When the U.S. attorney taunts a victim in the courtroom, mics are often open, emails are sent to hundreds of people, and a mountain of evidence presents itself... to taht attorney, the  obvious.. Jesus is a witness to your crimes substantiating the  reports of all other victims. "Latinos" maybe interested in knowing that if Jesus is still alive, he was targeted for filing an equal rights grievance at his college...

11:19am I'm not wasting anymore time on it. I guess thurston and his buddies didn't getme to write what they wanted.. can't get on line at all.. reminder oof Renata trying to post. and since they cut the connection off in the middle of an upload, the web page online is damaged, and that's how they manipulate things to make people look bad and havetheir work unreadable by those who might actually care that the U.S> Government is a torturing, raping government... 

6/3/2011 10:34am Lynn just came ot me upset because she purposely wrote down something in her journal about how Charlie told her her name was carl - as in Thurston's favorite target Carl Dahl... and it had Charley's signature on it because he always lieks to ta taunt people by making sur ethey know its him.. as if I care.. so this is a note to make sure to prove with THAT entry that she was being tampered with. It's interesting how this particular foursome of perverts loves to do thing sto ge tit written in a journal, actually still believing that when people are humiliated by this, that it wil be the victims. Imagine a cop who rapes someone and then runs a psyop to humiliate the woman he raped into silence. What a cop.

 Of course this upset her alot, and getting her upset is ne of the ways they use to use up my time, dealing with issues that don't exist.

Meanwhile.. this morning, had blood in my urine again.. last night, Iwas being hit with microwavfe as usual, adn felt directed energy on my abdomen just like the baby Finn and "Melissa Frances" thng, and then ther ewas blood... I think it was the directed energy.. covered by or combined with swallowing broken teeth piecs without knowing it.

Hope  the sheriffs get a laugh out of this one.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Bolton - Soul Provider

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Flora Purim - Love Reborn

6/4/2011 TOday and yesterday these people in the STate of Washington, the government and the U.S Govet are truly Nazis. Thye love to get ehir victims to say that, as if their victims are hysterical and crazy, but I can prove it by their actions and my medical history just since being in this state, and long beofre.

Thurston told me to tell you he looked up my files from the Univ of Wash.. where Gary Locke was conveniently employed after being governor and before becoming part of Obama's cabinet... and that's how they figured out how to use torture to injure my neck worse than it was in the xrays from UW> I haven't had real trouble from my neck for decades, other than occasioanl having a disc slip, mostly long befor eI moved to Woodinville.. before I went to a chiropractor.

If there's any clear pattern to the U.S> governemnt sting operation ssince I was 18 or so was to make it appear that I was some sdort of sex fiend or inappropriate with women... and I have not been. But this is the kind of thing politicians do to people when they'r eafraid someone honest might run for office one day. Or, when the CIA uses COngress to cover its crimes....

It's been a very physicallyt painful day.. let the governor of the STate of Washingotn know that I will never forgive this state governemtn nor the people who have particpated in the destruction of our lives, Lynnn in this state fo r more than 35 years, and includes the destruction of her 26 year marriage to cause us to mee t and destroy us both in a setup obviously designed to provide one of my attackers from the 1980s with a retirement home.

For me, 17 years in this state, and obviously, most of my life in California.

All of uyou, politiians, media, other affiliated Nazis.s... you're traitors. WHen you do your usual torture to punish me for saying this, jsut rememebr, this will be my testimony to the world about the government of the United States, I can prove it just bty letting a doctor examine my bosy. ANd with all the threats to kill me.. after OReilly's little Aesopian the other day, I walked out of the trailer to hear gunshots in the distance that began when I left the trailer, and ended when I eneterd the house. I sniffle alot becaus eof having tokepe my mouth closed because of the tooth torture, when causes LYnna  great deal of pain to lisdten while delaing with her own U.S> Government inflicted wounds. What a great country. When I become president, this will never happen again.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - I Can Let Go Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 13 - Time Passes On

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Davis - I Go Crazy

God hatres Nazis, God hates apostates, and he really wants a Bee Sting Torte. Good work Steamboat.

6/5/2011 9:21am there id no doubt anymore that the U.S. Governemnt psyops and psychotronics, against me and others, is to attempt to either kill or cause people to self-exile to escape wht is clearly a Nazi government. I have no qualms about saying that. THe psychotronics this morning, as if these guys had accomplished something by injuring further and believing it would cause me to because hostile... they continually make up excuses to claim their pride in being Nazis, in how the Pacific Northwest is a Neo-Nazi land, as reports have indicated, and they clearly have been executing people covertly for the federal government for decades.

Apparently the locals turned off the sonics that were preventing wildlife and birds on the property.. this obviously so they could claim all the places the lcoals have hidden in the yard that I"ve videoed were fromm deer and not them. Unfortunately for them, I know the difference, and the deer haven't beenaround for years, and it wasn't because of Jesse, who didn't care about them.. he clearly thought they were just big dogs.

This morning, a yearling was grazing in the back yeard. A two year old buck was here yesterday, and there's a doe with two newborns living by the side of the house. THe raccon still  comes around at night, now, but ABbey seems to chase him away when she seems him. that's a fun thing to see. Maybe I

ll have Charlie come and train her to attack himself, weed and seed types... Charlie always thinks that causing us to know he's directly involved will save other people from prosecution.. he also does it because he thinks it will cause us to be hostile, and it gives them an excuse to supposedly argue about things... like whether he's a Nazi or not. If he is a Jew that doesn't believe in God, which I doubt, then he's in NeoNazi land, and his feelings fit right in.

I keep thinking how the world might be different if there had beeneven one person brave enough to tell me all sorts of things, such as, the government had me marked for death  at a very young age... I wish I was wrong about that... it's why it'll be easy to prove that since WOrld War II, this nation's government was overtaken by the U.S> Nazis who financed Hitler, moved it to the U.S> nad proceeded to infiltrate and ovverthrow this nation... just like the Protocols said they do in every nation they use and destroy before they move on, leaving it defenseless and unable to retaliate as a nation when its over...  As the United States provokes every nation in the world...

For the media people and politicians who had such agood time making it look like I was attacking them.. you Nazis continue to prove what cowards you are.

Speaking of cowards.. Ron Paul... 40 years in the government, intel commitees and all, and I have never heard anyone say he's opposed to psychotronics. ztea Party peaople need to realize thast Sarah and Michelle are only causing them to identify themselves to the government in amagnet war, identifying them like VIet Nam war protestors who were pictured, tracked and destroyed... that's what the Tea Party is actually about, and people like Palin and Huckabee and BArr are nothing but distractions to fragment the U.S> citizens into confusion and division, leading them to believ ethe lies that will destroy them.

Cynthia McKinney... when I met in Santa Cruz, you were afraid of me, and given all that was  going on there, I know you knew I was a target. Explain yourself. If Julianne is your sister, then you really need to  explain yourself. Cynthia, were you a poilitical candidate in Atlanta for the town council or something? If so, I know why you know I'm a target.

Tell Napolitano that the United States Government WILL be judged by Waco like Koresh said.. I have no idea what he was teaching or claiming, all I know is he had the right to do so. ANd Brian WIlliams claiming it was originally a publicity stunt proves how little the U.S. Government cares about our lives, how they hate God, how they're traitors, and how the intel people they use for these thing must be sociopaths and psychopaths. Eaasy to prove, given the scars on my ears, and my life.

I still must assume my father didn't tell me of my Jewish  descent to protect me from prejudice. He had to know I would have researched it, an become involved....

I'm assuming he refused to testify against people in the McCarthy hearings as well...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - Blow, Gabriel, Blow

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rolling Stones - Fool to Cry

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - Walk Like a Man

7:21pm I woke up to the usual harassment, and thenthe tooth torture shortly after, this after waking up somewhere around 5 or so, going back to sleep, and then like usual dealing with twilight sleep...

Had to stop working after anhours or so on tthe trailer due to tooth torture, about an hour ago I started seeing blood in my urine again.. seems to fit with Olbermann's supposed emergency appendectomy....

Meanwhile, this morning, I brushed my teeth.. a few minutes ago, after celebrating the blood in my urine, the psychotronics guys said they were glazd I brished my teeth because the stuff on teeth lubricates, and the torture causes less damage so in their words "they quickly took advantage of the opportunity"... anybody have any questions why this will all be considered multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder... 

and whoever thinks I should care about Mark Furman at this point, I never did care. All I ever did was comment on the trial. And as Greta will tell you, she agreed with my opinions at the time, pon tv, regarding the failures to fiollow process, including Ito's brother immediately having a contract to write a book, inappropriately given access to a poorly controlled and maintained crimes scene and I don't what happened after that. Thurston likes to bring up police as if he wants me to sound like I harte police. Good luck on that one Thurston. Reminds me.,. on the loval news, they reported a man ran down a police oofficer for no appraent reason, with a comment like :Why would someone do that" The answer is cops like Thurston. WHy WOULD anyone just out of the blue attack a police officer?

6/6/2011 9:53am The illegal detention continues. I was originally supposed to go to the store today, but, being severly affected and in great pain because of psychotronics and dews, decided she'd have to go by herself, despite the fact she wanted to stay out of the car for  aweek because driving causes her extreme pain - especially since thye hit her with dews while driving to intimidate and contin her, as well as keep her distracted in attempts to control her and cause a car accident. They want her to do these things because if we, say, make a list of things to do, they make sure none of them get done. This is  a perfect example of that. And instead they used her to taunt me out of worry for my weight, always leaving out consideration for the fact that my teeth cause so much pain I can't easily eat... and they trture me while i eat, and jam food into the roots of the molar they're trying to extract with the original tooth I had trouble with 4 years ago that no dentist fixed after spending $16,000

Meanwjjhile, the PT guys and thurston say they've done this dental ppsyop many times for many years to kill people by causing their teeth to break abd cause them to bleed to death through internal bleeding. Months ago, they said they were going to bleed me to death.. Ithought they mean blood form the tooth, not a psyop joke about a guy on MASH dying from drinking something with glass in it that caused him to bleed to death. I look forward to Mike Ferrells testimony, Lou.. And Louyu, tell Jack Welcjh and CLive and James Taylor thanks for letting me know you're satanists. The evil inthe world your friend and former boss George W Bush called the evil in the world...

As usual, the magic bible verses, many random selections, told a story tha tincluded what thepsy hotronics guys were trying to break me down with, as well as the future and since thurston an dhos weed and seed and community watch friends are trtying to protect the nationals and their psyops whores n the ministry - the ones infiltrating to kill peoplel who believe in God... Matthew 24:42-51

Itbaasically says, any person whothinks they

're a christian and turns against other christians will go to hell.That was especially a perfect selction for the PMS whore from steamboat whpo betrayed the church in Olympia. And it might be that JR is the son of anothe JW couplre on steamboat, also doing evil and participating in murder... the US govt and others have gone a long way to smear the reputation of the Jehovah's Witnesses... this series of crimes will not reflect on the Jehovah's Witnesses, it will vindicate them... and all you people infiltrating that church and the others I have documented are guilty of that and what will likeely be hundreds of federal civil and human rights crimes/

I continue to get threts of illegal searches and arrests for 72 hours while the evidence is stolena nd destroyed, they constantly threaten to harm Lynn more, including causing her to appear psychotic, whioch will never stand... Brian Baird, I'm so glad you like weed and sed so much. and for the fun of it, since you guys think murdering people is fun, I hope Pam Brokaw is related to Tom. LIke I told THruston this morning, how would I know  Pam Brokaw worked for Baird unless I met with her in their Olympia office w2ith the Dept of Peace/the Peace Alliance - then thurston says, you didn't log ity in as lobbying time.. arrest me thurston, I was there representing the dept of peace, not the GDCU, but my title at the time doesn't matter... 1 supposed lobbying visit in 10 years, wasn't even that. But tell Baird feel free to make an even big fo0l of himself. Claling that Iraq veteran a Nazi will be a mistake he'll regret in prison.

Thhurston inserted Mazlett's name because he thought I'd be afraid of another police officers llies and criminality... I hope he's got a good explanation for the people in his jurisdiction who are being murdered who are, as he claimed, vetterans of the Gulf War, Smewhere on my site he'll find a great dewscription of the suffering of those men and their famiilies becausde their govenrment wants them dead, despite their feeble denials and ineffective treatment. Good work Mazleet. It's called treason, especially for a soldier killing his own people and fellow servicemen.

As Jack Welch said to Chris Matthews on MSNBC, a cover upp won't work. Jack, the only reason I can think that I"m still here is because God wants you to go down worse than anyone else. We'll see how it works out.

11:10am re Vatican phony story... the last coupleyears have been to cover up for lots of people, and particularly these people wanting to claim that the officials and individuals I"'ve written to, appealed and represented to, did not happen becaus eht egovernment or someone was blocking my communications. Doesn't matter or change anything.. and it's not completely true... Plausible deniability will not work in this case for anyone... except the victims...

Mazlett told me, don't believe anything you read on the internet.. the vatican story tends to prove he was part of the psyop all along.

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman.. re the Tea Party and the One Nation tour... One Nation.. a perfect front for the CFR agenda... I always knew you were, Sarah.. and Michelle, I said noone can hurt you... I revise that to not include me, and of course, it'll be embarrassing for ya.. the thing I rememebred,.. and the thing about what I wrote about the tea parrty... rememebr the thing about reagan and the and this is your brian onb drugs.. is that when th egovernment began setting people up for excuses to microwave them to death.. and when stalin said this nation would partly be brought down by drugs, do you reaize knew about pharmaceuticals and Pgizer and tIme and all those guys.. so did SOnny ever te3ll you about that bogus marijuana film I saw when I was a kid.. now about the tea party...

I find it interesting that the parts of the book I was writing for my presidential campaign was all about death squads, the story of how in fact the Nazis won World War II even though Germany lost, and after reading the protocols and how the Jews were set up to look like deceitful money changers.... aganst their own will, being prevented from seeking employment and investment in anything but usury associated business... National Geo documented it, and I got zapped trying to report it...

10+ years of torture... lots of eviedence.. I predict the probability that the next presidential election will either be prevented by martial law, or declared invalid due to treason and other impeachable high crimes by the United States Government against its own citizens, thus ending the threat of global war...

And it's the choice of th eUnited STates...

Minister associated with the CFR, get out, denounce it, inform yourself of it, stop working for the devil, Faustian deals don't work, and read Matthew 24:42-51 and if you don't like what God says about it, wait til you hear what I say.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong - 05 - I'll Be Home For Christmas

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 06 - Nature

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 06 - Nature

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever

11:55am  Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

6/7/2011 11:24am Down goes Fraser. As she goes thru her chemo, her friend in California ends up in the hospital a couple of weeks ago with blood clots in her lungs. Now, urine that's got so much blood in it, they say its cranberry red. Perfet timing to supposedly cover the tooth torture, and of course, as I"v ereminded the older people and ht eyounger people in the weed and seed and the other associated groups how the things the do are killing their own parents and friends, with the same symptoms the U.S govt trained them to cause with military weapons. As the state of washington has known for 25 years, they are lethal.

The psychotronic guys started this mornings nonsense with telling me how poud they were to be Nazis.

DHS guys.. thnaks for becoming directly involved, proof or not, you're the most boring ones of al.. I call you Nazis because everything you do is like Nazis, I don't approve, and noone else will either. I know you don't like the truth to be told, your bosses never have.. ad I  also know that your favorite thing to do as a sort of final way of discrediting people is to get them tocall you Nazis.. that's why I don't hesitate. ANd you understand why I say that.

The Bible and Koran and other things tlak of the great calamity and it taking only 1 hour. That could be, one bomb, one attack, one press release, one global announcement....

Christians should always understand that when describing a vision, prophets or clairvoyants describe what they see and describe things that are "like" the things that exist in their own times...the symbolism is generic.. and like Olbermann and Hitchcock, portable plots. The government I think had it taken off the air because I recognized too many aesopian messages from the 1950's passing info to me and who knows who else would have recognized it... of course, one of my fathers favorite shows, although he said his favorite part was Hitchcock on TV complaining about commercials.. which of course is where the Aesopian was. Hitchcock lived on the hill by the summit between Santa Cruz and San Jose.

One of my favorite Star treks was when the Enterprise was goig through a mobius loop that led to their destruction, but they kept giving data the solution to save them in hopes that one of the instances would cause him to remember and take the right actions.

I don't see this all as one person doing something that breaks the pattern, just the opposite, it really is  up to the people to decide if the are going to be who and what they really want, or puppets. 

Years ago in the rumsfeld communications, he said  one day, it sounds like a dentists drill, and it scared me a little because i thought it meant the supposedd tinnitus emulated by remote neural monitoring... I didn't know tha teven then he had it planned to destroy my teeth, and spend endles syears in stress position.. but DOnnyt, and I now mean it with great contempt and disrespect... I'm not gonna have to die to haunt you DOnny. And you know what else.. everr since I started reporting on psychotronics, everything I've discovered through other victims that I"ve written, you torture me the same wyas.. the biblical joke of Jesus saying what you do to the least of them you do to me... proveable or not, Donny, I  knowyou knew who I was all along, along with lots of other evil people like you.. and PNAC is justabunch  of the old farts so old and so insane they were willing to look like bad guys for the cause. Problem is, DOnny, eternal life, the idea you'd get to come back as one of the leaders.. it doesn't work that way Donny...

I want ot say that I don't like doingthis stuff with governemtn agents and contractors.. it is notmy life.. I will relegated by a government, I wll not be a1984 puppet, and every oracle says I win Donny. Tell Leon and David and whoever else thinks Stone Mountain is a shrine to understand that whatever anyone says, all I ever did is what I was taught as a child until I was an adult that a good citizen should do. When Dobbs said no good deed goes unpunished... dependson who you think the deed is good for.

Meanwhile.. FDR did not have the right to make the new deal that signed ownership of the United States to the Federal Reserve corporation. WIth that, tell Pelosi to get those jets fueled up... can't wait to show the world just how deluded I am for thinking we can have a real world the way we want it, know it should be, and expect it.

Carter sort of mocked me by saying.. global peace and health care for all.. I said long before, global peace and abundance for all.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, the designer of the downfall of the United States and democracy worldwide, the IMF's global policy provides healthcare  for all only if you can pay for it.. but its available if you can.. just like SOuth Africa. Imagine living in a nation where the government watches more than 32 million people day, claiming AIDS doesn't exist.

Now imagine that happening in a continent mostly using cell phones, especially the poor people, using microwave psychotronics, in aculture that has for some reason decide to believe that if a man doesn't have multiple sex partners and get sex every day, they'll actually go insane, and then having people spread the rumors that the condoms being provided for free have the AIDS virus in them, and that having sex with a 1 year old or less child will cure you of AIDS.

One thing I want to say about my Bible an d my mother's Bible and all, and I actually want to speak to the elders of the Lutheran Church, and then the Lutherans of the State of Washington... I read the Bobel that was notated according to supposed Lutheran beliefs and interpretations. I disagree with the conclusions of a number of the interpretations, but the discussion is excellent, however I never read the Bible and simply accept that the Lutheran iinterpretation is correct. Particularly it is clear th tthe most that actually happened in the compilation of interpretations, is tha tpeople discussed them or read the orthers, and applied them to their own assignment to read and interpret other sections, like 5 people working independently... so its inconsistent. And I'm not even trying to criticize.

The other I want to say, with a bit of anger, is that I'm very clear that the Lutheran minister acting as my real estate agent, moving us to woodinville, was using psychotronics on me... and I also believe Beverly was  trying to get us to move to the Olympic Peninsula.... I really don't know what else to say about that, other than indignation.

God, Jesus, they talke dof the Christians being assisted in taking over to create just nations and cultures, and with a sigh, God always told them in vain that if they didn't keep the promise they would become the evil and would be dealt with the same way their previous oppressors were dealt with.

Reconciliation and atonement... in this nation, most people just blow it off, as this culture has been trained, like the ROmans, to be somewhat sociopathic and apathetic toward the suffering of others... No on eis ever absolved by decree.. not in church, or in life, except when they are the victims.

The Nuremburg trials were full of people claiming innocence because they were just taking orders.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton - Unplugged - 04 - Tears In Heaven

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dr Demento - Boot To The Head

No Donny, I  still it's Jack Welch.. something about hoaxes and betrayals. If my father did refuse to turn on other people in the McCarthy hearings.. let's jsut say, the more i find out about him, the more I respect him. And Donny, I'd rather had this life than be like any of you satanist coferheads.

Holly GoAnarchy - Why Am I Not A Lesbian - 03 - They're Lying To You.mp3

6/7/2011 7:04pm One of Lynn's old teacher friends commit suicide recently... her Granddaughter's teacher last year... verbal description fitting another one of the "PMS" pictures.. I think have 9 different supposed apostates... the price has been paid... MSNBC, you're on notice. As is Miles OBrien... meanwhile, short, petite, jogger, obsessive about her weight, long brown hair, italian - like one of the PMS's and fittingthe description of some things written about pms... near retirement age... livsnear Sarah's parents... it appears in Washington state, the teachers.. evenwhen married, pay into separate retirement accounts,m and if one person dies, the spouse gets their pension and part of the deceased's..... this person apparently lost 20 pounds suddenly last month....

Meanwhile.. Lynn's other teacher friend who is marrried to someone who they don't seem to get along with and fit the profile of psychotronics na dew victims, including life threatening brain tumors - with a very suspicious diagnosis and prognosis that leaves plausible deniability for more lethal direted energy attacks, of course these people are near retirement age, if things had gone the way the psyop went, her trailer would have ended up with a free trailer, and Thurston would have been charged an additional conspiracy to commit murder with special circumstances.

Personal note; attacks on kryptoman, he thought he was going to die from conditions similar to my dog... signed over everything he had to someone Thurston taunted me by saying he wanted her to move there so he could get her into bed.. we'll leave it at that. Explains alot. Not about her, about him, and the extortion scheme he's set up to silence her later.

McMullen.. from LA, very successful, moved to Bellevue, embezzled, bankrupted, heart attack, died of skin cancer. Designed the town of twin lakes, wa... Koinonia.. twin lakes baptist church..... also Laguna Nigel in Ca. Navy.. Originally, doctor. Days of wine and roses.

Meanwhile, the place where I saw the kids using psychotronics via cell phone just off Harstine Island opened a CHristian daycare and kindergarten pre-school... 

To the fire dept guy who mo'd himself today, or showed some info... you look like approaching retirement in a country that is cutting budgets by denying pension funds... I'll bet you're over 50, and one of Bush's "new deal" people for social security. I'm really beginning to think the government set me up to come here because they knew it was a losing cause, had to try anyway, and with the image of people here, decided you were expendable. Write a letter to your congress people... and see if they care, folks.

See video.. window frame damage and tires on my trailer.

These people are doing lots of things again to try to traumatize me with facts about the crimes against us and other people we know... God must really want one person in particular really bad, and it's not PMS, it's the person who set it all up.

I understand that before I heard of Nassiri, Bill Clinton paid him a visit.....Elvis. CYA

It would be easy to understand if people say I'm out  of touch with the news and al... everytime I see it, it doesn't change much.. my campaign issues and approaches are still the same as 2002 and 2008...  the onlything that's differnet is what my dad taught me by watching the untouchables.. rrobert stack, I believe he was a blacklisted actor too... 

To the JBS, hang in there, you're one of the groups in SF they want to keep me from. I honestly don't know anything about you, but I do believe some "old timers" know what to tell me.. and what the actual "read scare" is...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Indigo Girls - Peace Tonight heard that earlier.. talks about radium.......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers - He Will, She Knows

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 07 - Rich Girl

Appears that I talked about towns I'd like to live in.. and it appears that there;s a PMS King's House in every one.. except probably Santa Cruz... I had said I didn't want to live there because they were the activist types, and I'm glad they were, but I wasn't...  ... ... weird how the underscore after that ast song perpetuated the indication about the PMS psyops.

I hope the person who commit suicide wasn't one of the people involved, although psychotronic taunts would indicate maybe she was. The price has been paid.

For David Rockefeller

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimi Hendrix - Them Changes

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

I always wondered what Cinderella Rockefeller was about, and why people dissed the Rockefellerrs all the time........................

Leon Russell and Krytoman... two Russells I trust

Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

To Barack and his friends.. and an old friend, Louie Agliolo who looks like SOnny Bono, who introduced me to his Armenian wife, adnthe TA who was the sound engineerr for Barabra Streisand who taught me music production, and introd me tothis song and album

I was reading revelations last night.... 

6/10/2011 12:36am II Corinthians 7:12 Wherefore, though I wrote unto you, I did it not for his cause that had done the wrong, nor for his cause that suffered wrong, but that our care for you in the sight of God might appear unto you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Poco - Crazy Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God .Marc Jordan - Generalities

11:40am For some reason, I ended up looking things up in the dictionary, and while looking up the words radium and isotope, came across some really interesting things about dual purpose methods such as when people talked about mining the RIo Grande for uranium... and the Grand Canyon.. multiple uses.. radiation in the RIo Grande all the way to Mexico, uranium for nuclear plants and bombs, granite for construction and cement, and lead... and I thought, if you wanted to get alot of lead, to protect from electronic weapons, you'd need to process rock like yellow cake...  

So, I'm looking at something in the dictionary and see this word with a defintiion.. I enjoy knowing what names mean for fun... and the word/name Keith means.... the wind...

It's clear from the psyops and the psychotronics that the United States Government doesn't life, this nation or God seriously. It's clear they want to believe all is futile, the only thing left is to be a good Christian and be a pacifist, and that, like Barack says, no peaceful movement can stop the Nazis. Torturing people is not controlling them, people you torture will never be trustworthy toward their oppressors, and the people at the top who throw other people into battle, they knew they lost long ago.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - In the Stone

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - Glamour Boy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks & Valerie Simpson - Now Love Has No End

6/13/2011 11:42am It's been an interesting couple of days..still the tooth torture, Lynn being psychotronicized.... got the book shelf and cabinet varathaned finally... but still mostly only getting in short period sof productivity..

Noticed some web pages that weren't online, so I posted them.. I especially enjoyed making the page for Corporate Socialism :} 

Worked on the Camaro, got it started, then looked at some wiring and realized the battery wasn't charging because I thought the new alternator said it didn't need that wire connected to the "bat terminal"... it charges now.. but there's still some wiring problems that will be pretty obvious to see. Tell Carl the victims will not be forgotten, and why do I need a horn relay?

Oh yeah, the teacher was Sarah's teacher 3 years ago. Her and her husband had retired. Sudden depression, loss of weight.

I was very happy to get the Emma's revolution and Pat Humphries music online.. thought it was already there :} Between them and Holly GoAnarchy, it'll be an interesting tour and  message. everybody'll really like the music and messages, and then... :}} 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 01 - Bound for Freedom

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 04 - Buy This American Car

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 04 - Golden Goose God picked that one

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Neil Young - Long May You Run

6/14/2011 5:116pm the guys working me right now take great pride in id'ing themselves as Thurston a pervert DHS guy who wants me t write he's a proud pedophile

6/16/2011 5:20p  the last few days, I've been brutally tortured, and threatened and kept from eating.. today Lynn comes home, clearly being harassed to caus eher to feel alienated and isolated from her family... Max;s graduation.. and then tortures me more, doing the pMS thing to get me homeless by brutally torturing me just before ynn gets home, and they say they're going tmakeLynn very upset so she'll kick me out agian.

I declare this one mor e of many attempted murders bythe Thurston COunty Sheriff's dept on behald of the state ofr wahsington, the federal government and particularly Barack Obama. ANd despite their threats to lie and manufacture evidence against me, I remind them that international law and a real court will take their feeble lies and extortion and show them what the world actually of people who claim tobe proud of being Nazis and rapists and murderers and hit men tfor the federal government.

Thurston thinks he got a victory by getting me to say this by torturing me and using that torture to cause Lynn more upset so she'd go into another room instead of having to witness the torture. Tell the governors I'm relaly going to enjoy hearing their lying responses to international charges of terrorism, rape, all sorts of civil rights violations.. and i particularly will enjoy th epart about humiliation and extermination whiole showing th ehyposcrisy of the untied states government for bombing Tripoli an dinvading Iraq to supposedly save people from tyranny, and human rights violations.

Barack, tell the surrogates locally that they have totally convicted you and everyone they're trying to protect.. and don't ever forget, in a real court, Biden and Hatch and others are guilty of  murder and coverups.... all which  will end up the world judging the united TStaes government... Isn't it great to nnow, Barack, that a peaceful movement will take down the Nazis, and that the phony news media propagandists will be replaced iwth honest people. And for the record, to hell with you CNNN and MSNBC< and all your other Skull and Bones friends. And I do mean hell.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Marc Jordan - Human Race

6/17/2011 2:37pm Lynn just got back from walking to the mailbox, of course, Charlie shows up to harass her.

9:29pm Another lost day due to torture, with Thurston continuing to prove tha the believes brutality will serrvehimadnhis dept. I want his boss to know that I went way out of my way to avoid blaming anything n police or  citizens, so this is about as egregious as it gets, special circumstances as it gets.. and since you people believe taunting people is the way to - you want to understand thurston wants me to say this - it explainshow cops like thurstonaccomplish suicide by police. What I was going to say was they believe this is the way to get popele to give up up everything they own just to survive the government attacks.

All day, while being tortured, all Ithinkbaout is how stupid these people are, what a small minority of people they are, andhow arrogant and pwerverse they are,and look forward to making sure they are arrested and dealt with.. and since they want to claim Ima hypocrite nazi by publicly humiliating them.. Ijust let themdictate thqat to me.. I remind you that when you're so brazxen as to taunt someone into recording evidence, it gets used,even when hidingbehind th ebadge of a cop who thinks he's smart by wanting me to isnert once agin how he he want me to writ eabout how he's proud tha rpaes his daughter to prov eot his victims how brutal he is.

And oif coursem,, he and his friends want me tometnon that the typos are because of torture, and that any thoughts tha I'm MPDwill be met by reports by a psychoplogist who was very important in the EU decision tobanpsychotronics. So screw you DHS shrinks. That was fromTHurston..the bigest jke andgift theDHS ever gave me for an easy future prosecution tha tthurston and charlie antheother idiots htinkt hey'll claim is a reason for further illegal detention..

finally.. all that rambling was me allowing the perverts to prove how they obsturct my civil and human rights.

With that, THurston COutnry Sheriff andGovernor of Washington, I'm soglad you approve of these tactics. It'llbe grea tinthe next elections... like Biran Baird, so proud of the Weed and Seed program.. I can't wait to see their metrics for success.

Meanwhile: Karen Johnson, For the Love of AMerica, Peace ALliance.. thanks you time warner for the claling cared as well as your confession to harrassing Marianne Williamson. tell Wendy Greene Hi.....

Like I told Justus Riek in the situation in california when he laughed about defrauding the state of California, and I  subtly let him know I didn[t approve.. I'm atrue believer.. in the constitution, in true liberty and God. You can't stop that.

And let Jerry Brown know I'm a citizen of California being held against my will... and he has plenty of jurisdiction in this case, beginning in Glendale, ending in Eureka and points north. And plenty of the criminals reside in Washingotn State. The ones who need to be prosecuted most.

9:49pm Still being tortured. I cameot bed earlytonight because I was so exhausted form torture, went to pos tht eabove.can't get on. ZTHurston'sta\unting meabouthow he can prevent me froma ccessing the internt. AT& T NSA Quakers... Olympia infiltration.. good work thurston and mason county friends..

6/18/2011 2:28pm The torture has been difficult, and they are torturing Lynn, and for her, right now, it's better that she not fully understand what they are doing because tat's how they alienate and disorient people to set people up to appear crazy,. The psyop currently going on is the same as when we moved to Olympia in 2001... and it won't work, but it will easily be shown as  a cycle of psyops, likely done en masse to certain people, and for me, continues to show a pattern of using this area as a  dumping ground for U.S> Government victims. 

Rick: Friend Paul: Suicide. 

Once agin, they're trying to get me to believe tha tthey're giving me evidence to intimidate by having me believe it's overwhelming and I'm unable to make a case with it. Idiots. Last night, tortured for hours, they wanted me to write some more bedside journal entries they wanted to use to intimidate me into believing they could prove I was crazy. I will enjoy th eday they try to claim that, because all I did was take their confessions. More proof thye think they will simply get away with it. And thanks again to the goernment guys who mo'd and id's themselves and making fun of the death of my dog once agan.

Obviously, people go thru my website and keep going over the same material... and want me to act like their threats and intimidations actually matter to  me. They do, but only as proof of their U.S> Government perverted attitudes.. about God, CHristians, minorities, Jews,... Jews should know what the U,.S govt relaly thinks of them.. nothing but tools of extortion... and it's the u.S> Government and the pagans.. the real ones, the evil ones.. not the fault of Jews or Muslims or any other religion... or nation... 

Let the CIA guys with the shrinks know that their ploys will no longer work, I have no respect for them, but I want to point out once again that I know intel people and others and loyal to the citizen sand the constitution, they ae the government, we are the government, we own this nation, its not for sale nor does any president have the right to issue unconstitutional orders, nor FISA boards or anyone else.

Thurston is a sick person who apparenlty wants all cops to be made out to be perverts. Cops will understan dthat he and those like him are the perverts,. Adults actually think Thurston, so do I  and I know that all actual good cops did it for good reasons, not to hide behind badges as if given a license to rape and torture...

WHen things become public, I wan th epeopel of this state and the country to know Idid everything I possibly could to resolve these situations and policies in a legal and moral and ethical way, and though I used to be sad to know specifics of these policies in order to protect people operating under federal mandates, but those people who went so far out of their way to intimidate and destroy us... 

These guys say they'll claim I'm a traitor and a terrorist for telling the truth. After world war II, the world asked why didn't the Germans do something to stop and/or take responsibility for their own government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Queen - One Vision

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Crosby - 01 Oh Yes I can - 11 - My Country 'tis Of Thee

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Drifters - Up On The Roof

6/20/2011 9:10am To Wolf blitzer... th epsychotronic idits insisted tha tI write to you.. and in good rope a dope form, I did, since I wanted to see what they were up to. And unfortunately, Wolf, as always, I turn their motives against them.. it's way too easy.. so you might want to check out the letter to you on the front page of my presidential campaign site, www.charlesrehn.net The truth is, Wolf, I had no intention of writing such a thing, but between these DHS idiots wanting to claim they didn't prevent me from writing more about the death squads despite the torture they used to stop me, people need to know tha knowledge of death squads and psychotronics and the  truth about Nazis and WOrld War II... especially to protect Jews from yet another Nazi hoax.. and you know what I'm talking about, Wolf.. an dunless you are one of those phonies who actually wants to kill off all Je

ws so the Pagans and satanists can have this world... remind the idiots at Skull and Bones that God is more than willng to allow them this planet, since he always has others, but what you'll get is a polluted without technology, because they're dangerous with technology, just like the Brill. Even Blavatsky knew these people would fail.

Wolf, Idon't actually know where you stand on things, but if anyone ever delivered a history lesson for me, it was you.. I know that people like you and Savage are some of the most intelligent news people I've ever watched... as funny as the DHS idiots think it is to taunt me and prevent me from enjoyinh my rights.. apparently since 1958, I think God really is about to pull the plug on them all. And despite the treasonous banter of the DHS psychotronic guys, I hope not too many people die in WOrld War III in the U.S. although this government require the world to stop it.... and let's be clear, I'm not in favor of the outcome... something about Chinatown and justice.

Olbermann... all ready to defend Al? I won't be a steady viewer, just the one looking for a thing or two.. about hoaxes and portable plots.. I miss my dog. And regardless of how well Abby my cat acts like him, it's not the same...

One other thing Wolf.. I'm going totry to send you the trophy tape of my tooth torture.. might have to go thru DeCaro or Ensor, an it will be embargoed toyou only. Even if no report is ever done, please pass it on - the letter on line at least, to AIPAC and others so at least they know I'm not their enemy. EOB today.. even if they bloc it, I'll still get it to you, but any delays, including torture, will be considered civil rights violations against me AND CNN...... objective enough for ya?

Now, God's turn to speak :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - I Don't Wanna Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kyu Sakamoto - Sukiyaki (Ue Wo Muite Arukou)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sweet - 100 - Ballroom Blitz

Tell Klein I promised not to play Dong Works for Yuda anymore:}

9:30am God provides :}  tell Jack Welch I  hope he likes Frank Zappa :}

In his 1899 history of Yale, Lewis Welch called Tap Day "a peculiar custom" that could be viewed as somewhere "between the most impressive and the most ludicrous exhibition."

http://www.yalealumnimagazine.com/issues/2004_09/old_yale.html Now, Wolf, about - why do you people laugh when they say "What's in Grant's Tomb? I've been concerned it's the same thing as Geronimo's....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company - 09 - Ray Charles w B.B. King - Sinner's Prayer

4:19pm Wolf - believe it or not, I sent the audio via cnnlajobs.. thought it might brighten someone's day who could find a private email address so these idiots can be caught tampering with CNN's email.. got it off a little later than I wanted to, hope it gets to you, and sure, I was psychotronicized to slow me down.. that was, of course, the challenge, to simply prove the DHS and the U.S. govt can jerk people around and think that their arrogance will get people to accept being murdered. ANd like I told Gates and Microsoft, have your attorney contact my attorney when I get  one and let me know what I should or shouldn't sue you for :} 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - 09 - Things Angels Say

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Arkenstone - Citizen Of Time - 08 - Rumours Of Egypt

PS Glad Santorum's in the race. I'll refer him to the part where God talks about people following the opinions of  men instead of the ways of God.

Middle East Revolution, eh.. and we all know a real revolution is a conversation to restore the foundations of a world whose foundations are under attack by those claim to be saving it.

8:27pm So Keith.. 2 down... what kind of pony? Or is that a trick too? Remember, Dobbs went off the air, and it was 3 months later before John King took over from the newsroom on my tv... looks like Jonathan Klein doesn't exist, but if he needs a copy writer for ad sales... 

An interesting day playing out the latest ploy  and having the PT guys tell me it's the DHS, trying to convince me I gave them everything they need to prove I'm crazy. I say the world is going to know and acknowledge the reason so many other countries ban psychotronics. And Wolf, I don't know what to tell you about all this, other than these guys really are begging to get caught... and this will end the WOlf  Blitzer psyop, DHS, and the materials will get to WOlf and remind Thurston and the gang I don't bluff.. and Wolf, get someone to do a report for these guys about how politics really work and why challenging people to prove they're perverts and give them the death penalty is not a joke, it's not just a psyop, and its not going to be allowed.

53 years DHS... tonight I'm gonna try to find out why my name is in the CIA's Family Jewels. And tell Al I miss my dog.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

11:02pm 3 down. Lindsay Graham, why don't you shut up and stop empowering global military domination that will destroy the united states

Stop  puking, it's annoying. I'm gonna suck you in this time.

11:05pm Stopped from posting, likely damaging the file online. More evidence of illegally blocking my communications and illegal detention. This will NOT get the apostates off the hook.

6/21/2011 12:19pm This morning, it's been torture since I woke up, typical, especially when these people know I'm going to town... even more, their arrogant displays of torture against Lynn and I, actually wanting me to record it, again, taunting me, as I laugh at them for being so stupid as to believe that these materials are not admissable or will never be seen. THis game they did toset up Blitzer, and to prove the government controls my communications, from my end, is more proof to me tha tthese people really do want to be caught.. and they really do believe the U.S. govt will not take action against them, and they constantly say they don't care what the world thinks of the United States, and I really  do consider that a true reflection of the U.S. in the world and in this country today. And despite the psyops, I know the real citizens of the United STates agree with me about the corruption and purposeful ignoring of people's needs, and lying and distracting them, claiming to save them while being promoted to ntel commitees just in case they find out all the truth, or because they knew it, helped cover it, and proved their loyalsty to remain silent about mass murder, illegal detentions and worse.

Lots of good recordings. One of the games the U.S. govt is playing isknowing they keep Lynn in pain, and hit her with dews and psychotroncis when she attempts to discuss important things.. and they wanted me trecord her being tortured this morning, I did. Any news or authorities who attempt to use psychotronis or put her in the spotlight iin order to discredit victims, despite her very small knowledge or understanding of it all.. I want ot warn you all... th eUS Govt has rendered her incapacitated at these kinds of things, and sh cannot handle the stress without a  great deal oof pain.. so anyone putting her in a pressure situation will be conspiracy to commit torture, torture, civil rights violations and public humiliation ....

I mean that.

I'm going to attempt to repost this now. If I don't receive some sort of response to CNN's email to Wolf or about the recording sent, I will consider that my and CNN's rights have been violated, and wil report to international authorities the crimes against myself AND CNN whether they want me to or not. I have no apologies for being a citizen, a reporter, a politician and a minister following the trail of a psyop for all of those purposes at once at all times.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait

I think that's God's way of saying it's time for all this to come to the end. Muslims: the day of the great calamity.

PS Thanks Martin for getting me to read the Koran.

12:53pm posted ok.

9:31pm Lynn is currently being hit by dews and psychotronics, the kind called the puke ray. MEanwhile Thurston and Jr and others seem tobe enjoying proving once again that the DHS and US Govt believe in torturing people to death, and leave the job to people who enjoy torturing people and raping them. Lots of documentation, Sharon Weinberger, Danger Room, Wired.com

The psyops perverts made sure I was tortured and detained more to make me endure more hours to giv ethem some sort of residculous excuse that I was traveling during "rush hour"... what a joke. All in all, I  wasn't able to get anything else done today... and he tooth torture continues. At thes same time, a few people in town, obviously working with the psychotronics guys, were very nice, other than the drivers who were the same, in marked cars that victims swee as those in the death squads bymany names.. few victims understand what I know...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Emancipation - 303 - The Human Body

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers -  He Will, She Knows

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John -  Love Song

10:34pm Forgot to mention.. after revising the latest idiocy by the perverts, the letter to Wolf... ever look at the history of Wolftrap.. it's a good thing.. anyway...  I was thinking about reading the Bible, and remembered the revisions.. about Hebrew and the year 64ad and the merging of cultures leading tosome  deceeptive people influencing christianity in a negative way... Magic Bible Verses.. they still always work.. so last night, after the revisions, I opened the Bible to:

Hebrew 1:1 a "Pauline" book assumed but not confirmed to be written by Paul :} ... written apparently in 64ad... for the record, I don't know if saying someone is of Hebrew descent or heritage is correct, but I think it actually is... anyway... I'm just going to say that I learned what a parenthetical is, and how often I use them... seems it's alot about the "evolution of the cosmos" actually from Moses and Abraham and then to Jesus and the changes and increase in knowledge as well as ways...  the best advice i ever found in the Bible was the part about God telling Abraham, I  think that false prophets would tell Him wrong things to deceive him, and to make sure it made sense to him before taking action, even when he for whatever reason believed it was God telling Him.. that is not to say resisting God, or allowing the opportunity for God's way to work even if it seems a little unusual.. because if you  know the Story of Sarah and Abraham, then you have to know God's mysterious ways are sometimes like a guy simply allowing people the ability to  prove what fools they are...  

Someone wanted to know why I was  so stubborn. I said, the truth is, as far as I know, it's because I'm German.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alright

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - Coming to America

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lenny White - Morning Sunrise

6/22/2011 7:37am recorded the last gem of psychotronic perversity this morning around1:23am... non-stop torture... hard to beleive it could have gotten worse when I sent the materials to CNN.. but itdoesn't surprise. I'm in Washington State..

Whatever the truth is on this particular psyop, Wolf, I hope you're laughing at these idiots as hard as I am about the incredible stupidity of that cop who still thinks he's he's going to publicly embarrass me.. I know he will :} And that's how he and Obama will get the privilege of meeting each other.. "on a vacation"...  just like Brooklyn.... 

I'm thinking I should write a letter to Rumsfeld.. I'll tell him, Donny Ronnie and Emmy and Dolores and all the rest say hi... about the dentist drill, Donny... I love the title of your book, Donny, I'm thinking about using its title as the subtitle to my book, dedicate it to you then giv eyou a million for plagiarism to spend on cigarettes and coffee in prison. Information Roadmap.... but we're not going to disinform anyone... :} Actually, I could use that as a subtitle too. It's like with McCain.. how many  campaign themes can you have?

Magic Bible verses.. I opened the Bible, read a bit, and then said, I wonder how much mileage DHS will get if I said what I thought to say in my log about it (flyby 7:45amthey're playing kamikaze again like they did right before the PMS psyop, in honor of the pagan holiday)  anyway... good timing to interrupt though.. how many millions has Washington and the Feds spent toharass me with noise and worse when trying to write or serve God..

ANyway... as Keith was saying... in my log about how God picked it up tonight where He left off last time...

1st Peter I can't rememebr the first verse I read, it was either chapter 4 verse 7 or 8... 7 But the end of all thing sis at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. Read on through the end of the chapter for the full effect. My favorite part, though, was...

12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you...

Lots of special messages in that particular chapter that certainly address the PMS issue.. and I don't mean anything but the apostates working for the feds to get Obama elected....

Verse 18 relates to yesterday too... And if the righteous scarcely be save, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

Maybe I need to write a letter to Madeline Albright... :}:}:} Maybe she could save PMS. I doubt it.

(parenthetical: I really hope she's taped into the psyop feed so she knows what Thurston really thinks of her, and how well he doesn't protect and serve anyone well.

Bythe way, Iknow Thurston still thinks his badge and gun are impressive. I'm enjoying knowing the guy only shoots himself in the foot when he's up against honest people who  actually believe in .. law and good vs evil and justice and things like that the police have shown as a good example, and then there's apostate cops who allow us to know the difference between good and evil... they serve as a good example, it'll be good to be rid of his type in God's Kingdom. You could say, God cherry picks the best... and he ain't it. Now about the attacks on enamel dental appliances.. I think I'd have credibility in that matter, Hillary, no matter what... thank Rumsfeld for getting you to take one for the cause. Maybe PNAC will give Hillary an award as well...

Thurston and someone else are still going through documents not on line to claim Im hiding things and lying. I doubt his attorney will want to take that tact, but if they do, I welcome it, and will be glad to know that attorney will be looking for other work... and causing psychotronics to be used on all their witnesses...and perps... fun aint it Thurston... try tee ball, Thurston... don't ever forget, Thurston is BFMan..... he's got lots of victims, and it appears his favorite are black. And to the black woman at the shell station yesterday, I dare you to claim I stalked you or that I'm racist. Then explain why you mobbed me at the station, didn't buy any gas, demonstrated psychotronic chewing and then left when I was going to get the face shot as I drove by and pulled away... 

And remember what my explanation will be about my appearance. picture takers.. those who post them later to embarass me.. a community effort to  humiliate and exterminate.. I'll say, thanks for the evidence and for your surrendering to authorities.

Now, how DO YOU separate politics from religion, when even Chris Matthews says politics is about religion, in the final analysis, because it's all about policy of values and principles.

To any person who might think that later on, you can kid me into a good mood about 10 years of torture and 30 years of sabotage and 53 years of government Nazi practices against me.. such as eugenics and illegal medical experimentation.. anyone who thinks that better have a good lawyer. Not a threat, just advice.

To Ted turner... wonderful wyno... tell the guy who fell out of the family tree I expect an explanation that includes you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - TBD - 100 - I'm Not in Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kris Kristofferson -  Loving Her Was Easier

God's doing aesopian music this morning for his favorite apostates.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Thunder

And then of course he chooses Keith favorite boss's wifes favorite... like I was saying about Sarah and Abraham...

I just have to play this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Emancipation - 310 - One of us

10:22am Torture continues. For the record, I have not even looked a tthe death squad stuff. Torture keeps me detained from everything. Except, the people working under thurston';s badge now claim they want Mazlett listed as a suspect. Done.

3:27pm Lynn's being hit with dews and psychotronics.. the dews are obvious because of the vertigo. The keystone cops are being particularly desperate today.. I've accomplished almost nothing as the torture continue.. meanwhile, they just dictated some really rambling things, lots of racial epithets and Jewish epithets.. more evidence of how that one militat version of For the Love of the World was done, that I don't even know if I have it waws so rediculous... so I wanted to make sure that of all the rediculous perverse thing sthese people to claim I'm craz was pointed out so I could use it as evidence. The idea of silent sound is well documented on democraticfundamentalism.org 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - House At Pooh Corner

3:42pm I love it when these guys toroture me to write stupid things... charlie wants me to say that's he's satan.

Now they say if I report more torture against Lynn, they'll torture her more. THye've beensaying that for years. Tell Antles 4 counts of malpractice .... my days are taken up like this, and thewse US Government torturers and rapists play this game all day of trying to set up victims to write journals to make them appear crazy, Yhbis is becoming a repetitive entry because this is standrd MO, and I let them tell me so much, and trhen I objectively dewscribe their actions.....  Thurston is still desperate. 

Cliff van Zandt.. when you and your friend strain these psychopaths, do you tell them this stuf fworks, or that they're idiots? Thqat'sd their question, And CLiff, psychotronics isn't classifdied, so deny that your FBI career kept you from knowing.... and tel your shrinks it will not work.

MEanwhile.. this is illegal detention...

6/23/2011 1:37pm Of all the psyop mo's I  find most perverse and descriptive of the peopel and the government who do these things, a true profile of people who taunt their victims as they commit slow kill for fun and profit... this mornng, in a typical mo of psychotronic psyops, the mo is  to tell the victims all the crimes committed by the person torturing them, and then taunting the victim. THis morning it was emphasizing what I already knew as the way Mazlett introduced himself, and becaus eof that, will later be prosecuted as an extreme sex criminal. Like I've said, I  go along with psyops long enough to find out wha tthe perps ar eup to. But when you don't know the polcie are assisting people in covering rape and horrendous civil and rights violations, all you are is confused about why certain things happen.

Mazlett and his friends mo'd him when I was writing about the death squads, because I was going to describe an mo, ot him, and I  wasn't going to point out Thurston County or any other specific group or authorty, except for the squads on the street so people would be able to identify covert operators, andbe able to id them and stop it thru judicial and politiical process.

These people do these sex stings and perverse language because they believe their victims will be so intimidated and embarrassed that they will remain silent. I said in 2002 I wouldn't. They think that means Cameronizing works.  But, like a reporter I stuck to the story, as a citizen, I  saw a need for poitical involvement, and as a person, saw what I believed was God informing me it was time to do what He wanted me to so, as I promised when I was  achild.

Thnaks to the psychotronics guys for jamming it down my throat, a remark a Thurston will regret, and pointing out your crimes to make sure  you're incuded so that you cna prove to the world how the United States Government sets people up to appear to commit crimes they committed themselves... against victims like us.. and nations. ANd htey really have ended up convicting alot of people who would have been spared by political process, Democracy.

Oh yeah, I was questioned extensively this morning about why I do not consider woolsey and blitzer, criminals, but  do with Rumsfeld. For whatever reason, it  appeared cnn and others were facilitating me to direct a few comments and questions that were responded to in Aesopian methods, including just ansering questions like quick comments or amusing anecdotes...  Remember, I couldn't figure out why they woudl do this with me, but since it appeared they did, I thought I might as well go with it... like a privilege.. until realizing Rumsfeld was telling me he was th eguy with the idea to do tooth torture.. and stress positions...  talking about hearing a sound of something like a dentists drill.. I thought he was talking about what eitrher had just started or what I thought they would, just thinking about what would be the most distracting thing: noise and ringing in my ears like tinnitus.

That was after I realized a few things about things I didn't know that I know.

Just  like Lynn, an why she's an important witness and why they put us together to destroy us both.. there are lots of things we know and we don't know they know them.. I know enough.

Police everywhere: Always understand, I knew things were going on, I have no desire to bust anyone, I will defend my rights. Thank the United States Government and Thurston for setting you guys up to look like bad guys, in typical mo fashion.. you guys thought you were part of the plan, you were, only they didn't tell you the truth of how you would be used.

A while back, God lefd me to understand thit if nothing else, take down the pillars on your way out the door. I understood, and it's not about treason, it's about patriotism.. and if anyone thinks it's about religion or rejecting change, the new world order or whatever you call this, understand, wherever I'd go, regardless of the constituion, I've always lived th econstitution just because it's what I learned and agreed with long ago, as a child, understanding freedom...

Last night's reading began with a message to Lou...10:50pm Micah 1:3 For, behold, the Lord cometh forth out of his place, and will come down, and tread upon the high places of the earth. There's alot of mountains in DC and New York, a few in LA and...

For Council on Foreign Relations ministers and others claiming to speak on behalf of God.. (which one we wonder sometimes (a pt comment)) 

Micah 2:5-6 Micah 3:9 God didn't ask you people to  vote, or  me. 

Global Peace and Abundance for all. Read all of Micah, it's not that long (another comment thurston will regret, speaks to mo) Think about the part where God says people will  obey the opinions of men but not the ways of God. Special emphasis without criticism to Rick Warren who will dislike me saying his book leads people simply to be pacified under the Council on Foreign Relations. PS You're  a Targeted Individual.

Lynn is  suffering greatly, we will get out, and I say just leaving here - despite enduring sometimes incapacitating torture, and she wil then be 50-80% better.. 

I fiel this as an illegal deposition induced by torture, a legitimate objective news report despite that, as a presidential candidate being tortured and suppressed, as a citizen, and a s a minister whose civil and human rights are being abused.

Interestingly, I can make nearly the exact same charges on behalf of Lynn with the same evidence.

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2:23pm Once agian, the psychotronics guys use up my time to tell me about their  crimes so I can record the notes, and contunue to illegally detain me with more of the same crimes. THanks Mazlett for wanting to join van Dyke and Thurston as big shot rapists for the world to view.. while you're proud of your work. Good luck  with the "Chuck' s trying to  publicly humiliate you ploy".

And then of course, to prove they control things, an alibi that won't work for the apostates, I can't get online. But I wasted olot of time trying. 2:27pm flyby.

6/23/2011 As the locals continue to prove they want to take the criminal charges over Obama and the media, Thurston and Mazlett were the primary themes, with the exception of once again for some reason wanting me to criticize OLbermann about the death o fhis parents. Since they died in similar manners as mine (and I don't know if his father died) and since the death of people is not exactly a pleasant thing, like Blitzer this week, they want to mak eit seem like whatever they claim about my objectivity.. let alon emy objectivity about 10 years of torture. Thanks to Thurston, today he fully described and pointed out Mazletts mo, id and involvement in serious sex crimes. THey taunted me by suggesting I claim the MANN act, and I will. And then Spitzer will be vindicated as his wife wanted. (He still sold out)

Thurston wants me to say Kryptoman will get his wish. That's how arrogant that Nazi cop is.

Rockefeller: whatever you have against Lynn,torturing her only implicates your family in the long run. 

I guess tomororw's torture will be about them, since the mo  is for the pt guys to bring up the next subject they want to claim I'm obsessive about.

Now about my teeth, Hillary

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 08 - More Than This (Again, thanks Larry King for getting me to listen to an album that interestingly enough greatly advanced spiritual understand, patience and knowledge there's at least one other person in the world who was willing to stand for justic ein the face of the worst circumstances regarding Einhorn and his choice about who he'd rather be in the future.. which is why this song was a theme for me for quite a while.. THe next one, tha tis. God chose this song.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 03 - Sky Blue

Back to God

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I get harassed alot about how I should be relegated to telling "the old, old story of Jesus and His love"... and the joke they make is that I should kust forget about all the crimes of the world, give up and die. I've told the story of Jesus, a boy who loved His father so much he was willing to give his life to show people God's ways, knowing that if they understood, they woul have a better life, and understand that in most ways, God wants to be regarded as another person, despite his almighty power. He likes friends.

I find it very telling that these sick perverts working for the U.S. Government would bother moralizing with me or anyone else.

Gethsemane ministries: read about Gethsemane, and quit making jokes about God. The answer is God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation

Oh yeah... torture has prevented me from getting to email and things... another day completely wasted as my teeth are being destroyed, and Ketcher, they're working on the crown you didn't put in.. they know you're the weakest link, as do I, consider this your free pass... by now, I expect you've been told what I'll say. By free pass, my faith that you did the right things, and that I'll testify to that. And I didn't need to be coerced about that, anymore than the truth that these locals, thurston, wanted to set up Blitzer.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower of Power - In The Slot

Lynn got online earlier. Let's see if they are just blocking me now, as they were earlier.

Now getting tortured to agree to file criminal charges against Ketchers. As usual, the perverts come up wit a topic (make thurston regret that) and then argue ith themselves to try to guilt me or something into claiming I'm givingup or letting peopel of fthe hook.

Sheriff of Thurston County...  what a fine example you all are. The out of jursidiction reference is not the advantage you think it is.

9:32pm now being tortured and interrogated about van Dyke. Van Dyke, tell your pervert frineds I stnad on my story.. good luck. Targeted individuals know when they've been set up.

10:22pm more neck damage

10:36pm Now trying to injure my back while telling me thurston is trying to make a deal with ketchers in order to get me to file report t=so they can olie and get me arrested.

6/24/20112:14pm I was tortured all night, collected some great evidence... the U.S. Govt rapists are proud to say they are torturing Lynn,a dn successfully totured her and I into missing th epayment TODAY and so the phone and internet are cut off temporarily.. all in an attempt to perpetrate the Blitzer psyop, then prove they could disrupt communciations and illegally detain and  torture us anytime they want... goood work. It succeeded. Hope you enjoy the that color was in use to emphasizxe the jpoke of how I highlighted the Blitzer report with red.. and these perverts want to joke about how it's a red letter edition, like the words of Jesus and God. Please note the total lack of respect by the US govt about God.

Went to mail a letter today, required to be postmarked by the 26th.. was threatened and harassed by at least 50 cars... torutred while driving. clearly trying to cause an accident.Tellth sheriff if anaccident happens, attempted murder charges will be filed, and immediat echange of venue filed, and rico will continue.

Let thurston call me a hypocrite for threats... its just the truth of the legal process.  Tell Ripp an others the perverts are tring to pawn it off on everyone else, 

No one is of fthe hook.

Wolf.. I have been tortured beyond being able to even check my email... I'm going to file human rights charges agains tme and CNN internationally in this matter no  matter what.

Paula Abdul - My Love Is For Real

The story of what happens to the country left behind, and the country to be created are in the stories I read last night.

A special versee for olbermann, in response to: now he's calling me an....

 Deuteronomy 28:24

Otherwise, one day, I'll do a semon on this.. like Jeremiah, these peopel are translated syaing God will destroy them.. right after they say Godwarned them that if they continued they would destroy themselves. And then, like this prelude to Exodus that I shosuld have written in 2008 or so...  the typical way this situation occurs when atyrannical govt overthrows a nation is fo rthe ethical people to leave. Typically, forced out. That will happen soon. 

I started with Deuteronomy 28:18. then 17, then read it all. Lots of good relevant references to the people and ofrces now in play. Chrisitans should read their Bibles for more information on where they might want to relocate to, even temporarily, as refugees. Only people who actually have faith in God would heed this warning.

Meanwhile, China's bought a 50 mile strip of Massachusettes..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dionne Warwick - Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Lou, got some reports on what I said about China, and not China's fault....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Child From Nowhere

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Genesis - Misunderstanding

Lou, would you tell em to stop zapping me when I  mention you. It won't look good later.

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6/25/2011 1005am Went to bed around 8 last night to makeup for no  sleep the night before... finally got to sleep after midnight.. the game seems tobe who can break my toes.. broke them again last night... very painful.. and they're working on breaking them again this morning.

Fuhrman.. Mark, I don't know why these guys wanted to emphasize you, I have no complaints about you, and like I said... except it was mainly thurston, and I figured it was just a cop who does the good old boy thing and defends cops no  matter what, and in thruston's case, regardless of how muchthey don't knowand refuse to investigate. I figure it actually happened because I'm going to find out  Baca was involved in the DOP conference in Burbank, sop mo, for Melisssa Scott and Los ANgelses, and then there's the Michael Jackson murder, and I'll bet they got a copy of my remarks somehow.. maybe his attorneys or coleman got my email.. and since he hadd a  former Dallas DA to defend him, certian backed down cause that attorney knew.. as the video on tv shows, about the conspiracies.... THe truth is about the OJ trial that the prosecution was incompetent, if there was any actual truuthto the trieal.. so if anyone further says anyhting to me about Fuhrman, my comments will be about Gil Garcetti. otherwise, no comment. OK Mark?  Otherwise, I intedn to speak to OJ one day about psychotronics.

The thing that throws these sisckos is that I am too objective for them....

Christians and people of faith how would you  feel if you tried to read the Bible every night, and a cop tortured you to force you to never read the Bible again.... my favorite is when he tells he's going straight and has become a Christian.. and then he laughs and tortures me some more. He thinks he's traumatizing me. All he's doing is establishing a criminal and enforceable pattern. Other than causing me to suffer, that is. He especially likes to torture Lynn in front of me. Got it Lou?

The US GOvt forgets that I'm a leader. When they push me to supposedly embarass me, they forget there are no statutes of limitations, and I'm persistent... and since i was told to either prove this or die being tortured... Napolitano, keep in mind that Ican convict the u.S> govt with any one of hundreds af actual actionable crimes I cna prove. And Janet, if I get zapped for mentioning your name, your name WILL BE tHE tOP OF thE LIST. As your death squads hit me today for that, just remember, I keep my promises, so does God. These locals think they're big shots cause the govt pays them to murder. I thank them fortheir arrogance in harrassing me by actually defing human decency and posin for camera shots to tel me they're above the law and I'm wasting my time. THe only time i wasted is when Iwas trying to volunteer to hep elect Democrats.

The Wa state DNC chair wrote tome - you'll only humiliate yourself.... I didn't, she tried to.. and yet, if that person had embraced and shown any respect, they could ended up making me an ally. THat's what CFR Nazis do.. they'd rather kill people than be friendly or equitable toward anyone.

I very much ook forward to seeing the purposely erroneous reports of federalagents, and particulalry the one from the guy who viitied me to decide to not tell methe government was using and sabotaging me whenthe Church Comitee was in session....  that will end upo  being what convicts every president since. 

Wolf, I have to leave it online for now.. It will be moved toevidentiary after I am able to break the detention and get to California. I'm sure you inderstand that, and what I communicated before. You'll have th eexclusive on the torture when Iwas trying to eat cream of wheat one noght. I could barely move my mouth, and they tortured me as I ate tha bowl of food, all I had that day, it's too painful.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - Different Me - 10 - You Will Fly

and my pick

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

Napolitano the ooth torutre continues, DOnt tell me you don't know your peopel torture and are commiting genocide. The Hague won't believe you either. And Tellthe guy who thinks doing this to provoke me what politicians do to peons.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Brydge - One Bridge at a Time

Welcome to the Kingdom of God

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

1055 God feels like talking today.. I think mostly to me, to remind me to continue, just like the Psalms I was reading lasst night. Moses and David... good seeds.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Dan Fogelberg - Along the Road

1111am Made an attempt to remov ethe tooth, and was once again reminded why the U.S> Govt chose tooth torture with this tooth... Napolitano, I'v ebeen tooth tortured on your behalf since writing this... der SPiegel, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Auschwitz in AMerica. THe US Govt guys in the trucks ID'd themselves per mo and convicted you today.

Psychotronics can be proven, Janet, and I have that proof too. Tell Barack.

PS Mike Robbins, 2003, DNC conference in Chicago, bright new rising star of the DNC. future president, Barack Obama. Multiple memo 46's of Lynn, failed.

142pm I've been subjected to tooth torture all day, but tell Napolitano it's extreme and violent today, and I will  be sure to state this clearly in my charges to the Hague. Don't bother saying you and your depratment have nothing to do with it. ANd thank the HR dept for lying.

10:18pm Lynn has been tortured with pain all day today, not normal and not typical either. More proof that the DHS is trying to prove it cna murder people with impunity. And to the DHS and locals, especially thruston and his fellow pervert cops, thinking you can distract me from the evidence to convict 300 people by long time ago bringing up suicide by police, which apparently Thurston wants everybody to believe now is that cops use psychotronics to taunt victims so they have an excuse to murder them.. like apparently has happened in THurston's jurisdiction a number of times... 

He's the guy who demanded that id he was caught to give hime the death  penalty.. his lowiq way of demonstration his demeanor believing that he could make some sor tof death match with me.... like I said, in 2002, I was told to either prove it or be killed by torture. So his big macho thing is to make it a death match. What an idiot and goon. And his DHS partner today was no better, but at least I found put where he learned it. When you have 300 or so people caught in a conspiracy I don't care which of you specifically did anything, but it always leads straight back to the presidency. Directly,. Not just because of office, as well as everyone in between.

Notepad: re new years eve 2008. Backyard. Charlie: someone in the bushes watching. 

THe locals have done so many stupid things to cover for the people in LA, and I  do believe they are purposely doing everything they cna to cover the crimes by claiming I am in their jursidiction. 

They've convinced me of a few things: the U/S/ government is murdering its own citizens, guilty en todo of treason including by acquiescence, and purposely goading the citizens of the United States into  violence to make an excuse to declare martial law.

The govermment actually believes it can torture me for a long time, and silence me. If there's one thingthey'll learn from the population of the U.S., such torment will result in their destruction from people who respond to THruston the way Thurston wants. Remind the DHS nad ohers I am not a violent person, I have no need for violence because I have evidence that only my death would destroy, and even then, unless the body was disposed of, the evidence would still exist.

Rape, torture, brain implants, broken toes, genital mutilation more than once, destruction of my teeth after paying $16,000 an dthese guys taunt me about why I don't go to a dentist again in Washington State.

i know these people love it when I write this stuff, but I refuse to let go unnoticed or documented. Lynn has people who love her around the world.

Thurston has done a good jobb thinking he's taunting me by telling me his fellow officers who helped him.

And part of the charges will be sexual slavery. Please tell Christine she'll be charged with the same, including a sex of the MANN act.... especially at the Hague.

Christine, if you don't like it, and if these guys attack me using this as an excuse, let it be known that harming us for reporting crimes will be the reason you Nazis fail. And I will easily prove the Nazi angle. Christine, you're like the others I used to be a supporter, as a Democrat, and a woman. Martin Luther King said judge a man by the content of his character, notthe color of his skin. THe same advice should be given by Gloria Steinam about women, right Pelosi.. And remember, I supported the initiatives of NOW. Lynn, a vocal feminist, is being murdered by feminists. Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Christine Gregoire. Sue me. I know that's what you want. DO you dare? She's saved 20 million lives. How many have you women saved? And why is there anepidemic of MS in Washington. I know it's psychotronics and RC, and it isn't even real.

Tell your people to taunt me more with actionable info of the crimes in this state, and up the ante of the psyops, I'll be glad to report it, journalist, politician and minister that I am.


Like the Church Committee, it appears the suit against Boeing was  a cover up.

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

Watched a movie today, a few minutes at a time between torture sessions.. the 4th kind... Charlie wanted me to claim the Matrix Deefense, along with Carville, and have to explain the Matrix in relation to the world today, including as ean explanation for my neighbors harrassing and particpating in torturing, nurdering, raping nd more with psychotronics Unfortunately for them both, I did some research, and instead came up with the Matrix of God related to the a templar Knights, Ted Kennedy and RObert Byrd, and a reference to it inmy mother's Lutheran Bible.... I definitely intend to use the Matrix movie to explain things (at the corners of Exxon and Mobil, making the trains run) The 4th Kind will be used to explain what I wrote about Ghost Hunters, EVP's,  directed energy, and how they have been trying to injure my back and neck using RC/EMF...

Nationals tell the local sand the DHS people the attempts to distract me this petty local stuff and forget about what's important, the citizens of this nation will not work. And tell Hillary a whole lot of women will look at her differently when I tell Lynn's story, her daughters story, the one in the picture in CHina with Yunus and Sam Daley Harris, and the relationship with Biden and the Foundation for Women................. alot to read into that one, eh Hillary. I think this movie will also go along way to relieve Stew Webb of the problem with proving the murder, not suicide, of his brother. And then, while the Democrats were plagiarizing me and torturing me, the Republican,s GW, shut him up by throwing him in jail to keep him silent before the election. THe Democrats failed becaus ethey tried to use sex and a phony minister to silence me so Barack could be elected without being exposed.

And still, I can convict the U.S. government with a one page story with 1 picture. Maybe 2.

I told a younger version of activists from the PEn, the JBS, that I would be the one to stop these people... and they sort of pulled back for a while... and then, now, they're coming on strong again. Thanks to the older guys. If only I knew what they knew. But I like this song, on Warner Bros Records, more and more.. just rememebr they claim to be socialists, they're not, they're not communists, they're... bronze empire. China. Just like I told Lou.

You know what I love most about these guys Lou, they actually still beleive that the existence of psychotronics and this technology can't be proven. ANd they bet their lives on it. ANd with hundreds of pieces of evidence, they want me to believe they got away with it. Every time I go through excruciating, or have to witness Lynn feeling it, I smile a little, knowing the fate of these people becaus eof their arrogance.

Watched a little of the left behind series today.. enjoyed it.. they got to a part where it said the anti christ would control 10 kingdoms. Everybody thinks its the EU and RUssia and CHina and England, and US.. and I thought, 10 kingdoms.. that would be like, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Britain, the Dutch/Denmark, there's always a little twist. How many other kingdoms do we control? Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia.. weren't they or aren't they kingdoms? and IAEand Bahrain and... all the other places our military is trying overthrow? Is Libya a Kingdom...

And then of course, the one they'll never get.. the Kingdom of God...

Like I said, these people always seem to get so much right when interpreting the Bible, but they forget one thing when they look at it and compare it to the world deception upon deception upon deception. And that taks us back to Quaker Nixon, who told us to watch what he and others actually did, not what they say they're going to do.

THe psychotronic sguys just laughed thinking they just got me to say I'm full of hot air for not taking action,  Isn't it weird tha tin Left Behind, it's a freelance reporter who gets the job done..

Meanwhile..I'm receiving threats against a former  Viet Nam vet these guys will regret harming. I'll get Nassiri to bail him out by embarrassing BIll CLinton again if I have to.

Nassiri looks like the faceial model for the face generated by the forensics guy for CNN's Mystery of Jesus. Unfortunately, Nassiri doesn't fit the profile, though he seems to be the right kind of spirit. THe protocols say they want to groom a "perfect  person" for the job of Jesus inteh Second Coming.. unfortunately, the Bible says that person will not be perfect, for a reason, like I figured out long ago when I kept asking God, Why me? DO you realize the controversies I'm gonna cause? and thenI'd read the Bible, and I understood why there'd be fighting before and after everywhere I went. THe criminals will think I'm a terrorist to them, after the good people figure out I'mnot.

The DHS guy can't believe i won't back down on being Chuck. How many more times do I need to say it DHS guys? And how antichrist do you want to prove this government to be? You did a good job proving it so far toward the entire nation.

I'll say one more time, and I point out Rick Warren simply in hopes to gethis attention, but the prophecies, particcularly of Revelations, was not written so people would be pacified and accept the reign of the anti-christ as if it has to happen. God provide d those to give the wisdom and info needed to stop it. If you believe otherwise, have fun being a Nazi.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fleetwood Mac - Songbird

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire -  Shining Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Zombies - Time Of The Season 

My Pick Actuall yi did it random, THe DHS guy hates taht. THruston's afraid of Magic Bible verses. If he explained it to his boss, he'd be afraid too, especially since I read that one book my mom gave me that her grandmother from Denmark gave her... about how God will turn the tables, and repay double back to all true and faithful sons of men, of which there are actually few... those who have faith God and not in men. That's why David was so great.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 08 - I Will Be Your Friend

Lionel Richie - Lady I knew someone once who had a dog named lady. Ilike dogs. But the deer in the back yard, especially the fawns they're getting used to me, and maybe I'l get closer and closer..  had another bird come inthe house, Abby brought it in, I'm glad Lynn didn't see it.. it flew to the top of a shelf inthe kitchen, Ihad to get abbey away becaus eshe was stretching as far as she could to reach it. and then I reached up, it stepped onto my finger, and I talked to it til I put it on the bird feeder outside.

Some people get  anew appreciating for cats eating birds. I get a new appreciation for nature and birds when they trust me enough to let me save them. Talk abut feeling privileged, when even a wild animal will trust you.. it's kind of like a good samaritan story.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - Peaceful, Easy Feeling

11:32pm I was just told that osemthing would happen if I didn't sate what crime the US Govt perverts claim they're going to do, like when T Ripp pulle dme over for a false report to the police... this is the way they get targeted individuals to look crazy and paranoid.. tell them to write their fears, if they don't,crimes happen, if they do, crimes don't happen, or sometimes they do, andthe story sounds crazy until 10 years later when the arrogant perverts do the same psyop so many times that even evidence is rarely needed, and somany witnesses are created, and they think its funny because supposedly, no one will help the victims.. especially not the U.S govt who ordered their torture.

Van Zandt: the psychotronics guys say it took you 20 years to catch Kozinski, apparently he was smarter than you. And for the record, I have no idea if Cliff was the guy who caught him, maybe it was. I'll bet Ted knew Ira... ha ha ha and the butcher is named Victor... Nova.. disassemble. Say hi to Mary for me. And let her know I look forward to her explanation, and hope Nancy and Cindy didn't coach you too much. Remember, I was on staff, and I pay attention to things said and ways things are done.

Wallace Kneeland Blvd... multiple interpretations, none good for the locals or those in DC. Google those words. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Isley Brothers - For the Love of You Tell Donny we're going back to the first verse and chorus on this one. ANd thanks tothe stress positions, my stomach muscles are getting much stronger, and I confirmed what I thought was back strain the other day was directed energy weapons attacks to incapacitate me. I hope the chopper guys point out the people who should be court martialed for treason. The pulsating microwave has begun. They always let their victims know to taunt them. I hear my nephew runs when he sees the military and NSA choppers now, Begala,.

11:56pm I' sbard to imaging that the extremely violent torture I've experienced and watched Lynn take while being sexually molested and torutred after being released form the hospital from injuries incurred by direct eed energy weaposn attacks, Washington state, but thye're using rc to rip more teeth apart, andsicne the mo is that whaen I metnion certain people for certian true reason, I amthen told that the following torture is in vengeance for telling the truth about these individuals... 

Tell Grogoire I'v ebene told this was thurston's way of setting meup for ani injunction against my website and wil reuslt win more torture.. me and thousands if not millions of peopl.e report this kind of stuff,unfortunately for this state,theU.S Govt andmore, I understand more than most people,and my evidence will prove their guilt. I'm tired of this state believingit cnatorture and rape and threaten and perform pedophilia for the amusemt of their hired perverts. That's how you keep them interested in their jobs.

I'm tired of hearing an idiot brag aboutbeing a pedophile.. and I'm tired of a government distributing lethal weapons to authorites who give them to perverts, psychotronically identified prerverts the authorit to commit sex crimes. I'm tired of idiots claiming psychotronics and their crimes can't be proven, and being told I wil be further brutalized to shut me up just ot prove they cna shut me up.

JUst like the biggest joke of the illegal detention is simply that I want out of this perverse starte, and they want to prove, for no other purpose, they lie when they sya, just to prove they can stop me.

Meanwhil, people die, this nation is being destoryed by its own government, and the only defense they have against me and he turth of their crimes is to try to get me to write a rambling weblog to cover the truth Iwritem,a nd claim I"m crazy. Typos caused by torutre.

10:23pm Long, hard day getting a few things done, see video, lots of tooth torture... I want to make it clear to all these politicians and officials.. these guys keep daring me to name people and certain crimes, and Thurston spent an evening trying to intimidate by naming all the important people and jurisdictions I could possibly sue and criminalize, all people and things I have no interest in worrying about, but I guess supposed to feel overwhelmed by the importance of those who would be offended..

I think it was in 2002 that Ted Kennedy spoke one day and said this government didn't need a purge. I disagreed, but since it was Ted Kennedy, I thought alright, I'll wait and see what really happens.. and now I still disagree... 

So, the thing is, when watching Begala and Carville, and Begala said the "it's the economy, stupid" line, I said no, it's corruption then the economy.

I'm actually being asked to state a couple things.

My complaints about Landmark are related to a small group of people who  can easily to be shown to be working together. I'm very disappointed about that, because despite my separation from them, I would still have recommended their courses.

THere are some materials on my sites that graphic and in very poor taste.. unfortunately, circumstances caused me to post them because I've been in the position of proving things they didn't believe anyone would have the guts to testify to. So, being the stubborn guy I really am, persistent and loving to expose people who have ulterior motives, normally in more diplomatic and tactful ways..  when I started Democraticfundamentlaism and the GDCU, I had one true purpose at the time, with intentions of using that to cause other event sto reduce the impact of the financial and cultrural changes I saw ahead.

Again, the graphic materials. I had enough information to negotiate and or prosecute members of the US government beofre the 2008 election, and between psychotronics nad the PMS psyop, I  was prevented from having a free life agian, as well as being fed a great dela of information about things happening to  my fmaily and associates that were clearly true, and it was very upsetting, and the psychotronics to confuse a few facts were purposeful to makeitseem I was wrong, crazy, delusional or just foul mouthed... 

I think it was DIck Shelby who said "We've found our dictator".. and of course, the books are unfinished, obviously people interfering with it.

I'll say one more thing, I was writing and analyzing th enews, especially after election 2000 because after living in DC and witnessing other things that seemed like the beginning of terrorist attacks in DC,  I began writing about what I actually experienced, notheard about, observed without interpreting, because election 2000 sounded like the kind of thing my father talked about when I overheard him say something about one day the government will find an excuse to declare martial law or take away our right s for national security, promising to give them back when things ok, but they would never be declared "OK". ANd then 911 happened, and all I did was collect the reports from mainstream and reliable sources that proved the criminality of the U.S. Government. Since then, I have unfortunately learned much more.

WHen I read the Bible, I did it because I believed I was a Christian, not a good one, and I  wanted to be sure that I understood what CHristians believed in befor eI stood up for their rights and right to believe... I understood about persecution... and then realized I was following the instruction Jesus gave to the disciples, realizing I was already doing it all that way. I lived in denial and yet knew in my heart knew it was correct, and I refused to deny God... and still wanted to  prove myself wrong becaus eit IS so important. So, all I can really say is, I operate as a citizen, equal, and the rest is between me and God and those who care to listen, and maybe see things in a wya that makes more sense with the idea that God IS love.

I meant to mention some things I've said about my family and things that happened: there are things I mentioned for reasons having more to do with believing Iwould never be famous, that I was trying to assure the FBI I was not some militant activist but just a citizen with alot of experience and certainly no intent to do violence, asking them to contact me if they believed I violated their standards of national security or other concerns.. anyway.. I've realized since then a number of things were happening to my family, likely psychotronics, sinc eI know for a fact they were being used on me at that time to entrap me in a number of ways... that psychotronics and dews were used on them to harm them and give appearances that were.. let's, intended to alienate people from each other with insults and judgments made based on typical standards. Like anyone who says they're Jesus must be crazy :} Or, anyone who doesn't have a job is lazy. 

the psyops against us really do make the case that Nazis humiliate and exterminate, because every psyop was intended to cause us public humiliation if we spoke out about things we didn't know mattered, and it's very clear many attempts have been made to exterminate us.

I am  now being tortured. My mouth is bleeding. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Celebrate Me Home

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mocedades - Eres Tu

PS Whenever these guys dare me to say or talk about things they think will make me look crazy or extremist or controversial, and they want me to say something I believe I can prove, corroborate, demonstrate or explain in a way a jury in a court trial would believe, understand and feel satisfied it was proven, including simply because of "fiduciary" types of responsibility I go ahead and say it. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There   The Psychotronics guys were singing that to me yesterday.

I'd consider taking a lie detector test if they still have an anechoic chamber at boeing... care to pay for tolces to witness?

6/27/2011 2:21pm It was a long night. Got a great Bible verse for ya... 

This morning's stupid dialectic fromt eh US Govt psychotronics guys was one of those things I listen to and think, why in the world would I be thinking about these things? I know the answer... some very desperate people who keep trying to defend themselves... and all they do is end up forcing themselves to confess..

So the game wa sto get me to write that JR is the son of the Jehovah's Witnesses next door to Kryptoman, as if pointing that out would in some mean something other than it would be one way to infiltrate the Jehovah's Witnesses and implicate them, and the only real thing they did was once more prove they wanted to use me to embarass the Jehovah's Witnesses, but they proved to me a conspiracy to implicate them in aiding terrorism...  The final problem they have with these games is that there are many plausible and reasonable possibilities that an actual investigation will now be forced to follow up on and given psychotronics... again will only prove the illegal activities of Thurston and the other people he's implicated since he realized he totally blew it. Thurston wants me to remind people that as far as I'm concerned, if there was ever a guy who fit the profile or knew how to handle things like a CIA agent, it's Kryptoman... 

Ezekiel.. I've been doing these things for years, particularly if you replace the word Israel with The United States..

The best verses were in Chapter 21... sounds like a legal code.... And the verse that made tied it all together.. the first verse of  few that go together...

21:24 Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Because ye have made your iniquity to be remembered, in that your transgressions are discovered, so that in all your doings your sins do appear; because I say, that ye are come to remembrance, ye shall be taken with the hand.

The psychotronic guys like to make fun of invocations, something God in the Bible instructs all people how to do. And they always want it to be about violence and destruction these horrible Nazis, which I'm in favor of :} 

The thing about real invocations is you tell God what result you want, and He does the rest, just like my mom's book said.  So, Is aid an invocation, as they laughed and I took the Biblical insturction and held my hands in the air, saying, Okay God, do whatever it takes to destroy them.

Ask Christine Gregoire if these perverts are doing a good enough job, pretending these crimes cannot be proven while they tell me every detail of every one to taunt me.

They're trying to prove there's a limit to my patience. I  say  they're proving my faith in God, and that faith is not one that has me pacified.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - House At Pooh Corner

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 03 - Sky Blue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cliff Nobles & Co - The Horse

7:54 pm It's been an incredibly bruatl day of tirture. Of course, it got worse right beforre teryijng to eat,  and it's brutal right now, we had pancakes and hash browns and I  could barely eat it. TH e psychotroncis, the US Govt perverts  are really enjoying it. The torure became so bad, Lynn could bare to watch it anymore.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - Holly Holy

6/28/2011 3:27pm Today has been another day of brutal torture. WOrked on Lynn's bed frame for the trailer while being tortured and people screaming things thru me - that's a THurston addiition as he continues to try to set up a failed ploy to prove I'm crazy...  Anyway.. the last few days, someone els ehas taken over the tooth torture and he claims to be Mazlett, who claims to   be THurston.. a couple years ago I said these people were doing all sorts of things to confuse things, the unfortunate thing is that even when they change things to confuse things, the new pattern is instantly easily identified and recorded on video and audio as that.

Another patter fo rthese guys - and I do believ ethis differenct guy is Mazleet becaus ehe has so much to defend like Thurston - the pattern is, like with Thurston, it's always about police. Since I have no fear or anger at all police, only those involved in our attempted murders, and since it's always obvious when someone else gets involved becaus ethye onloy tlsk about hteir concerns, and typically, in ways to try to confuse me in order to defend them. As always, this constitutes and illegal deposition, and sinc eits th epolice and mirandda rights apply, it's even worse, becaus ethye broke those laws and torturing and wquestioning a victim who wil be filing charges against them nationally and internationally.

Remmebr to explain thurston and suicide by police.. his  way of scaring me.. especially sinc ehe tried to talk me into knowcking on his door and asking what he knew about weed and seed. 

There is one single pattern to all of my contact swith the thruston county sheriff... CNN n dthen there's Melissa Scott and SIster Scott..

ANd here's the thing.. I"m now being threatened that my naming Mazlett is enought o give those sick cops an excuse to arrest me and seize evidence, I'm very tired  of hearing about that... their real problem is they don't have all the evidence, and I do.. and they've done and said things based on evidence they have no right to have, and when the evidence is available, it will prove their guilt.

Such as Philippians 4:4-7

Jr'sa ploy this morning was o supposedly get me to tell his parents - jehovah's witnesses across the street from Thurston - another supposed excuse as they trry to get me involoved in the olympia Jehovah's witness church, which has bene infiltrated by rapists and torturers on behalf of the U.S> Government and the STate of Washington.

When it comes to the subject of sexual slavery and the Mann act, I'm gonna enjoy proving to the world how the U.S. government moves people around with psyhcotroncis to set up humilation and extermination... the sexual slavery part is whenthese perverts.. well.. long ago, I threatened, and it probably soundd like a joke, but wait til I tell people that the U.S> Governemnt uses psychotronics to watch people having sex for amusement, and gets them to do all sorts of things they wouldn't do.. like when the suppsoed former San Jose police officers tried to make it appear I was a sex pervert uin Yosemite by sending their "daughter" over at 11 at night in a black leather miniskirt to try to get me arrested for trying to have sex with an underaged girl. It failed, and the next day, I told thme to warn their daughter to be c areful doing thin slike that, because if I'd bene a sex pervert, she'd have been in trouble.  Almost my exact words.

To all the employees of TIme Warner and GE and their subisidiaries, like with Landmark, the criminals in your midst are the problem not all of you.. and I will qualify tha tto the chagrin of the idiot working me that that excludes th enewscasters.  I say that because before I'm through I'll make th econvinceing case that it's been going on since at least the early 80's... and long before woodinville... but I told some stories early on for fun about the difference a person can make with letters and so forth. Miami Vice, Mary Poppins, Time and Warner separately, and NBC.

AOL folks, deny claims you are sex perverts, it's a few people in management. Thurston wants to prove he's the biggest idiot in the world, and just did... Thurstons a specialist in domestic violence...he causes it.. gives people a police record... that's an example of rope a dope. Letting him dictate thing snad then writing it so he can feel good until the moment I state he's the on ewho did it.

Charlie just checked in - the MPD thing won't work charlie... tell Antles he'll be the one whose malparactice will prove all of these crimes against us.

Jr wants to ramble now.. they think they made a fool of me.. th econsistent pattern is...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - I Don't Wanna Know _lp 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Carmen -  All By Myself

I was hoping Go dwould pick Go ALl The Way, since he picked th eRaspberries. I think he wanted to remind Rumsfeld of 19 days of sleep deprivation, trying to kill my dog, a shot in the arm and... 

We just re-wrote go all the way... just go away....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hear Me Now - Milla Sunde & Tom Bevan

From the Grameen FOundation to Stephen Rockefeller on behalf of Muhammad Yunus and Lynn McMullen.

Dedicated to Hillary and Rupert.

4:01pm This came   up next.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly GoAnarchy - Why Am I Not A Lesbian - 03 - They're Lying To You

and now, a word from my favorite Jewish lesbians, setting a true example for the world.... dedicated to Rick Santorum

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 13 - We Are One

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 01 - Bound for Freedom

9:15pm Asif it's not bad enough that the US Govt hits Lynn with dews when she takes pain medicine to make her afraid to take pain medication, she tells me now that when she takes tylenol pm, 4 hours later, she wakes up agitated and her leg twitching. It's all psychotronics and DEWS. tell Mazlett to educate Providence and ANtles... and tell thurston he's the kind of cop that' sso corrupt and stupid he damned every person he was supposed to be protecting.

Thurston probably would have antles give her zyprexa...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Harvey and the Moonglows - Ten Commandments of Love

The question will be, how much money did people in the State of Maryland and Washington get paid to.... the dentists who did work on me got new offices.. one got a new sign all pretty blue, changed to brown, a sign of the times.. a shelton joke.. it gave the time and temperature.. Hackney was in the DHHS building, and my appts were delayed 3 weeks while his new office was built...

What else does the attorneys of the dentists want to know Thurston... you have a lot to protect Thurston, and you're blowing it right now.

MSNBCjoescarboroughboo BTW, I wanted to change this to BooHoooHoo... But then, it's not like I'd ever believe Moulitsos and Olbermann. Is olbermann still on an NBC contract? Or did AL get him to protec tthem both later?

God picked that one Joe. What was nit that keptyou getting re-elected Joe? WHy did you resign? What things do you and your friend sdo that you haven't tried to get me to do, Joe... sex with someone unconscious, maybe?

6/29/2011 12:29pm Wehn the elected officials find out how Thurston and his trainees do things, understand that part of thurstons mo, other than rape and torture and creating domestic disputes, is to show his face, and like me, threaten me with DA of tthurston county as if I have something to hide, other than the truth those officers hide by filing police reports on situations they know their weed and seed type partners, and they create to set up the situation...  so remember, thurston and his trianess threaten me and try to intimidate me by continuing to claim officials will publicly embarrass me.. further, they  claim west net will ilegally confiscate my evidence, like they illegally confiscate weapons of people they plan to  target. Once again, if you're on anti-depressants, I can almost guarantee the US govt has you marked for death, and want you to be drugged while they do it, so noone will believe you, and thye can taunt you and rape you and harass you and stalk you...

and when the governors and all the people who get elected by claiming success with weed and seed and neighborhood initiatives and thel like... and infiltrating churches...

When they lie and say they don't know its happening, I'll have them prosecuted nationally, and internationally, the authorities will care less about their lies and claims they have no responsibility even less that I do.

In that spirit, tell Mikulski and Biden and the rest that I'll make the same charges in Maryland before I'm done. Same reasons.. including intel committees and FISA.

Now that thurst0n and his friends didn't get what they wanted this morning... remind jr, thurston, his plan to embarass and discredit his parents will not work, and he will be prosecuted for his attempt to incriminate them.... rememebr, jr, the victims don't have to be the ones who file the criminal complaints. ANd if  anyone does that to us in this state, the person reporting it, and proving illegal detention and worse, will end up prosecuted, Nice ploy thurston and mason.. how stupid are you?

Last night I was brutally tortured while reading the bible, and then when I tried to sleep. 2 tylenol pm's, a couple hours later, the only thing keeping me awake was US Govt/Washington state torturers and rapists. Shrinks: better read up on psychotronics before thurston does things that put you in jail too.

Letter from Lynn Surgalla, former Vice-President, U.S. Psychotronics Association

Good luck, Barack.

And media, I hope he's been as brilliant as you have been to me.

Heart - These Dreams

Lionel Richie -Three Times A Lady

Meatloaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Pelosi: thanks for the thing about Iraq veterans being potential homegrown terrorists. It explains Mazlett completely, and that remark will  convict you both. Mazlett's a gulf war veteran. 1/3 of all homeless people are veterans, and they don't have ptsd. He's a perfect example of why the military is not supposed to police the homeland. But it proves the govt's true intent toward the citizens.

Like Jack Welch said, the cover up won't work, and improving his image on CNBC will work against you all. Right Lou?

Neil Diamond - Forever In Blue Jeans (1979)

Colbert.. tell CBS the psychotronics guys want me to tell you to.... ( I just went to save this document.. like during the pMS psyop, someone is illegally accessing my computer.

Tell the Governor if anyhting's been changed or removed, it won't matter.

7:12pm ANother tough day, nothing accomplished, except this: Thurston and his friends went out of their way to make of pedophilia, incest, sexual salvery - the sexual slavery thing was his idea, and he thought it was funny til I proved thim the MANN act applies... then I got tortured suppsoedly to take all mentions of CHristin gregoire off the site. Pattern: tell me names and then torture me about the m being written about. I have no readson tobe concerned about these peopel because the responsibility for these crimes is automatic.

Police of the United STates, please know that hte tHurston COunty SHeriff's Dept will be responsible for my  asking the U.N. to investigate the use of psychotroncis fro pedophilia, particularly by police, reported by citzens about their children, inluding those burned by lasers, dews, and suffering add which is, after, a form of  molesting children. THe idiots instructing these peopel to harass me and remind of their crimes should understand this weblog is not going to be edited by me, and will be used to remind myself of the severity and perversity of these people... all who answer to governors nad presidents. Whether these local idiots think its just a game to suppress me personall and my freedoms, or they know tha tI am capable of ,aking the case nad that my charges against Obama and the CFR and US Govt are true.. I don't care.

Rockefeller, you're gonna have a bunch of peopel wanting to point their fingers at you. 

Meanwhile, a documentary on the documentary channel has confirmed somethigns I have believed for a long time regarding electronics, psychotronics and the U.S> govt in inhibiting poeople from being able to use God given spiritual gifts. Sun gazing. Manna from heaven. People who drink liqwuids, butr don't need to eat food because what they do is gaze at the sun 44 minutes per day. And the way to begin is 4 minutes a dya. Sor tof like the Muslims do every morning, when they face the east, and are wrongly criticized by christians for it. It aint about MEcca, it's about sun gazing, and like the Mormon on th eshow said, receiving spiritual energy....

To the governor of Wa state.. whoever decided to put thruston on me.. there's going to be alot of police who are going toresent what you people have done and are trying to do. I'm gong to let them al know that it was thurston wanting to prove what a tough pervert he is that will cause them all to be investigated or looked down on. I did not do it. A fellow cop did.

You police chiefs and sheriffs out there: when your cops do these things with psychotronics, and they've been doing it for 30 years or more.. what would an FBI agent say would happen to a serial pervert like that? They get caught... if I had been a typical ti, they would have gotten away with it.

So, police, deny all you want. When the book is published and thurston's section is there, remember, I'm actually  printing it to protect the rest of you from perverts like him. This is  chance to clean things up and disassociate form the Weed and Seed, use states rights to deny the JSOC and JTTF... because these people blew it for all of you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulder

They say that he got crazy  once when he tried to touch the sun.... :} I noticed a video of John Denver talking about doing EST earlier today :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lenny White & Twennynine - Best Of Friends - 06 - Morning Sunrise

They say that's te best time to do sungazing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Memory Lane

I swear I randomly let God pick these songs... 

PS TO those who think its all about the evil of the  Bush Dynasty.. they're just some of  the evil ones who don't mind taking the hit of being claled evil in order to cause a Nazi fascist state. It's the democrats too. ANd they're all just kings and royalty fighting with each other..... at least, in their own perverted minds.

8:25pm Th epsychotronics guys are goading me into wirting this stuff.. so to all who believe like they do things can't be proven becaus eof lack of evidence.. supposedly.. even without video, Olbermann, you have Hillary on with Pelosi and Hillary talks about a tax on enamel dental appliances. Of course, it means nothing to most people unless they're like me, waiting for permanent crowns to be put on their teeth. next thing I hear, my crowns weren't ready, and then finally I get them and they're installed wrong, and on a following trip to fix th eproblems he purposely makes them worse, documented on video, and the appointments documented on audio.. him making a joke about the lose tooth 10 dentists wouldn't repair.. "it's all in your head".. psychotronics... and now my teeth are destroyed, just in time to torture me with befor ethe next election. Like I said Keith, and like I told Thurston, I'm gonna suck you both in... aren't you glad these perverts think they can still get away with it? ANd Keith, did you destroy the videos of what it looks like when being tooth tortured when you mocked me on the air, or did MSNBC conveniently lose those?

Long ago, I was used to wage a war between certain journalists. Olbermann, wage your war with Scarborrough on your own time. ANdby the wya, it's pretty unusual for a network like NBC tolet a program name be used elsewhere... but like Isaid, there you are in position to defend both you and Al.

A reminder to Panetta and the other perverts murdering U.S> Citizens... the volume of evidence will nto impede prosecutions. Any attoreys out there understand thata? Roger Craig, understand that? It didn't work for CLinton either, did it? ANd tell Gary Locke he won't be left out of the reports.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 04 - No Way Out

Inextricably linked... from Barack, to me, to CNN, to NBC, to Thurston to Mason Pastor Melissa Scott... tables turned.

Somehting about hte MAson Dix on line....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Five - The Love You Save

I'll be glad to be around decent human beings again someday. The longer it takes to leave, the more I'm going to enjoy filing the charges. Tell Matthews that's not vindictive... it's called normal.

I just got hassled by Thurston. Since his friend says you can't believe anything you read on the internet, don't believe the Thurston county sheriif web site. ANd tell the Sheriff I think he ought to find better employees.

10:25pm More neck damage today. Tell Carville that when Kuen & Loeb contact me, I'm gonna get a college student majoring in finger painting to beat them. He only uses one finger. 

6/30/2011 10:35am It's been a couple of years since the U.S. Govt and media decided they would use psyops and psychotronics, personal injury and worse to stop me and us from viewing news and go out in public without being harassed by someone.. I know their faces, Lynn doesn't... and a particular local thinks he's really smart, and wanted to attempt to claim I was in some schizoid reality... unfortunately again, v2k or psychotronic sis eaasily proven.

The game really is over. tell t he media and politicians and everyone else that their attempts to make me seem obsessive or crazy will be disproven by the fact that they purposely draw out psyops and things over time so tha tthe victim has an ongoing story instead of short term or one time occurances.

Thurston COunty Sheriff's Dept.. remember, I'll back this up, despite the denials of psychotronics: this morning the United States Government wanted me to claim that you're a ll pedophiles. You know who these people are. I suggest you call them and let them know you know they are nobody's friends. 

I knew all along these covert guys, the DOD contractors weed and seed and such would end up destroying this whole thing with their arrogance.

The only thing I can say is that I'll continue to record crimes, this waste of time and the murder of thousands of U.S. citizens, will not be left out of criminal reports, and I'm simply going to do what I said, and the more the U.S> Government impedes, the easier the case will be to make to criminal authorities.

Downloadewd email.. saw about the 7.4 earthquake in ALaska.. that would mean Southern California and Alaska to the Pacific NW are next... and technically the SOuthern California happened already, fortunately, not all at once, however there will be a next wave down there, likely south of Parksville (?) the seismic area... 

When you grow up on the San Andreas, you learn about these things.

How's the Missouri River doing?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up (Part One)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jones - Magical Child - 05 - Prayer

6:35pm Matthews, thanks for the forecast about flaunting the weapons, I got the video.. and I hope you and your Nazi friends are happy, my back is injured, my ribs are injured as well as my neck. It's more proof of Nazi terrorist cells responding to the national media. 

When did it become NBC polciy to hate Jews.. that'sone ofyour perverts talkign Matthews.

Tell teh Schultz replacement appointments in recess are only fo rnational security reasons, not convenience of th eking. Check the declaration of independence.

8:42pm I was just laying in bed trying to recover from today's injuries, when thurston told me I should sell a coffee cup with him on it. This arrogant cop ID's himself with standard taunti9ng tactics by making sure I could identify him laer, another way to say he and his  friends don[t care about law.  Wehn he gets his coffee cup, I hope he'll think his taunts were worth it.

7/1/2011 Read a little about Olbermann;s departure, the real reasons. Psychotronics guys told me it was for his coverage of Assange.. didn't believe. Ya know Halperin, my father read the entire encyclopedia brittannica, and didn't think it was trivial at all. Nice setup though... lots of dicks running around these days. Speaking of Keith...

Ratings aren't everything gang. My website proves it.

Nice to see the British Empire honoring their hero, Ronald Reagan... I suppose they can name him a knight, now that he's dead. To those, especially christian,s who think he was great, why don't you move to england

As for the 7 second delay.. boo hoo hooo.

Lynn Ahrens - The Best of Schoolhouse Rock - 08 - No More Kings

Speaking of lies.. the psyops guys keep trying to convince me there's a real honest Pastor Melissa Scott. I'm sure there honest people with that name, just not the BACA/US Govt psyop perp. She's a Chrisitian killer. I hope someone passes this message to that whore.

Usually, this time of the year, Ilike to try to write something sort of patriotic. THis year, the story of the death squads will have to do.

Herman's Hermits - I'm Henry The VIII - CD

Michael Bolton - How Can We Be Lovers

Dean Martin - That's Amore

The US Governemtn has now introduced me to aguy named Chuck Baldwin, and tried to get me to write something tha twould sound anti-government and worse.. as usual, they failed... good to know the US Government doesn't even pretend ot be "under God" anymore.. to all the dicks in the government... and frauds like barbarians such as Michelle Bachmann..

U2 - I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For

Bono.. why DID you want ot be on WOodruff so bad?

Marc Jordan - Generalities

A pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God woul dnot be ashamed to be called God.........

Next planet.

Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - 08 - They Won't Go When I Go

Something about miner planets, lou, and uranus.


12:06pm I was uploading some things and thurston and jr decided to impress upon me th eneed to point out to Matthews that the people flaunting their  weapons, from MSNBC to the locals, are flaunting that since Nazis were often pedophiles, then they'r edoing nothing wrong by raping little children. Great representatives of the US govedrnment and police, isn't it Chris.  Unfortunately for all of you, in a trial, I'll make the case it's true. TO Catholics, you're not off the hook, but cops like thurstn prove something I thought was true a while back - psychotronics in the US especially, to discredit the Catholic church with pysop liars, psychotronic victims with false memories, priests and others influenced by psychotronics.. and finally to be objective, yep, som epeople err in their ways.

Thurston thinks I won't make the case about how he went about trying to tell me he was going to kill me with Suicide by cop. THe pattern is, since thurstonston ID's himself, I've heard lots about police corruption.. from a cop.. trying to discredit me... :} And his nneighbor friend has to be the stupidest pedophile in the world. 

Thurston wants to claim this is a death threat to others... thurston a lying sick cop.

Alice Cooper & Rob Zombie - TBD - 100 - Hands Of Death - I wasn't gong to play that, but thurston is desperate for an excuse''

Here''s what I was going to play for Olbermann

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Brown - Payback God picked that for Keith & Lou, so I uploaded it...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 09 - Peace, Salaam, Shalom

12:18pm disconnected from internet whileuplocading, damaging file online. Tolfd you thurston is despearate.

12:22pm Suddenly it worked again, and I posted. 1/4 to 1/5 the speed on AT&T broadband. More of the reocrd of psyops of how illegal detention is done with people the government, polce and locals mark for death because we won't be criminals like them.

Thirston, this came up.. let's call killing in this case shooting him with video to prove his guilt and complicity, and for the fun o f it, we'll make believe that was boss out there doing street theater in front of the sheriff car. :} And about th ewebsite Mazlett.. when you read you  boss's website, do you read it? Can you read?

Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff 

Now tell your pervert friends, thurston, I shoot them all with video.. in self defense. A good reporter does that.:}

1:34pm I ocntinue to be tortured non-stop... he locals want me to believe it's MSNBC in redmond doing it. ALl these games to supposedly confuse not only don't work, they don't matter, the conspiracy is obvious. 

2:03pm Thruston, nice dialectic going on in your jurisdiction. Ripp blew it on the false accusation I was following or stalking someone, but if Lynn correctly describer the white crv I think it is, she'll recognize it from the videoe. Just remember, THurston, like at Bastyr, I told them I would continue to video criminals... got it thurston,.  IT won't work. If she id's that vehicle, and the woman in it, and the  two logging trucks that boxed her in, and the hassle at the reservation... thurston, you'd better figure, Ihave 10 years of experience and torture and eviidence.. one stupid  incident will only convict all of you.

Remember who you're terroizing, thurston, and the  board that will be required to take action on the federal level.

4:52pm Thruston thinks it's funny to claim I know his style, and jr thinks psychotronics cant be proven. Today, thurstons said he wants to be called thurston the pedophile. Jr's favorite theme is pedophilia, as will be shown in the criminal reports, but, jr is Thurston's immature student.

Meanwhile, they requested that I call van Dyke and mazlett pedophiles too, so jr can explain to the courts how he and his friends torture and rape people for pleasure nad money... 

Jr wants me to write, I'm gad the washington police want to be known as pedophiles. Thank thurston.

Again.. these idiots think thye're making me look crazy. Keith, oh well keith.

Ronnie Montrose - TBD - 100 - Town Without Pity

Tell the people in Olympia I'll use  tha tas their theme song for Thurston's chapter.


God provides.

5pm I was just told that last post was Mazlett's way of chekcing in. if mo is correct, he began the rape. Their words.

9:07pm The last few, the psychotronics guys kept bringing up the Count of Monte Cristo., I just watched Rogue Justice on CNN. Floyd and Greg. 14 and 17 years... testilying.

Chris Hansen: Someone finally caught the real predator. Turntables and doublebacks.

I keep thinking about that theater, if UA has an interest, and what other people have been trapped there.

Andrew Lloyd Weber. Piers Morgan. Singing like a dog.

It gets more interesting all the time. At least I know how to explain things.

Tell Wolf what I said stands, they're still trying to get me to claim I have a grudge against you.. the only grudge I have comes from the people who were harrassing me to stop watching CNN during that time period. ANd that is actually where freedom of the press violations by the press will be charged...

CTA  Dog.. tell AL I miss my dog. I miss the United States more.

AS the media and the police and the federal govt continue to insult me every way they can, remember, I've never been to the Netherlands, supposedly I've womn millions of dollars there.

THese guys keep saying that I'll never achieve my dream of being president. I never had a dream to be president. I had a dream to serve God any way He asked when the time came. Other than that, I only tried to help people., create an organization to teach conflict resolution, and an advanced course on the Golden Rule.

Tell landmark... being nice is not overrated.

Janis Joplin - TBD - 100 - Son of a Preacherman

Maybe there''ll actually be a free country somewhere someday.

It's been a long day of torture. thanks to the people of the CFR, Skull and bones and media. Remember media and Rockefellers, when the psychotronics guys get me to tell you to F off, I know it's your way of saying it to me. As in, when this is over, I'll claim I was gaslighted. I meant a single sitaution then. THanks for forecasting all your actions.

If there is a Jonathan Klein, tell him I'll have the Hague send a copy of the criminal investigations, whenever they're ready.  Tell JT, something about taking the devil for a country man...  

Santana - Samba Pa Ti

If Clive is still alive, tell him I don't appreciate any of his special projects.

9:40pm Went to bed, opened the Bible and read this:

Haggai 2:20-23  Years ago when I lived in Maryland, my sister went to Free Market and bought me this red seal... I've only sent that signet to one person...

Last night, I left it turned to Daniel 11:40

Signed, sealed, delivered...... except the one to the church at Forrest Lawn that was refused. No coincidence.

Neil Diamond -  Holly Holy

1:45pm This morning has been nothing but a bunch of people an cops in the state of washington doing everything it can to  calin CNN is responsible for everything, and to get me to write things like that, which I'm glad to do, and then they harrassme about how that lets people off the hook and lessens the criminal impications. thurston and his friends think the only thing tha tmatters is the last proveable crime, and based on rogue justice, are stupid enough to think it'll be getting off eas as they continue to prove their pedophilia and organized sexual predatory gang stalking.

No one is of fthe hook. Eash event is a separate crime and proof of more than 20 years of conspiracy to kill us, individually and together. I especially love huurston and his  friends continuing to threaten to rape Sarah, the problem they have is that I can show the pattern of MO, a cop who is belligerent, foul mouthd, and thought I didn't have any evidence, except he went so far out of his way to prove to me he was using his badge and DA to backup the weed and seed, and the use of pychotronics and dews for rape and torture.

Semantics don't work with me, and as the pMS crew found out, being  a packrat, I canshow crimes against me through legal documents. MEanwhile, they say they'll set it up with Caifornia to arrest me if Idon't give confidential info to Jerry Brown instead of them.

Right now, the current threat is to kill Lynn with weed and seedd and big rigs, all ofwhom I've documented as part of those stalkin gus.

AS for Thurston and his daughter, I've never seen a woman at his  house I never saw him until he went out of his way to take over what appears to be general organization in conjunction with Mason, as if Thurston cancels out Mason's involvement. How stupid do you people think I am.

Hillary needs to know that when she tells the Hague my reports of fascism, rape and torture get back to her, and she lies, that I'll prove she's directly involved.. with me, Lynn and Yunus...

Seems like Ihad another Bible verse to add here after reading...

I just realized I just found another sick Biblical joke series.. Proverbs chapter 17.

Proverbs 16:29 for Thurston  A violent man enticeth his neighbor, and leadeth him into the way that is not good.

Thruston, that must be why jr said he was going to **** you.

Great to be in the middle, witnessing a war that will occur between these  criminals. Tell the governor I hope they like the report to the Hague, and can explain to Hillary their threats to blow it up and kill the investigator. 

Always remember, the DNC is the only party I've ever joined. As I'll prove, political parties are mostly just unconstitutional legalized racketeering. Easy to prove.

PS to CNN - I'll still claim Miles O'Brien is the most perverted man ever on tv. The closest seconds maybe Lou DObbs and Keith Olbermann, and Rachel's producer.

My evidence on some of these things may be circumstantial, but most isn't. So when I tell the Hague and the courts about the psyops and pushing psychotronics thru me, as I tried to defend myself, you all are doing what you tried to set me up to appear to be doing. And thurston, tell Mazlett and the rest, you shoul dhave quit when I refused to turn myself over to a psychiatrist in exchange for turning off the psychotronics. Remember LaRouche and Nader, and PMS... I guess that woman in LA is another expert at causing domestic disturbances.

Leslie Gore - You Don't Own Me

Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me

ZZ Top - TBD - 100 - Sharp Dressed Man

Wehn the tooth falls out, finally, I'l show how they  tried to set me up to look like a BTK and snaggle tooth killer, and it will also prove how they were setting me up, as they do others, to experience the thing they say would the worst thing ever... as implied last night on rogue justice.. being jailed for a crime you didn't commit.

It will also prove these people knew I was a government experimentee being eliminated because it proves this government has been Nazi for over 50 years.

Harvey and the Moonglows - Ten Commandments of Love

Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways

3:51pm Extremely painful torrute. Mostly defending CNN and Olbermann/ And a couple local cops who want totake their criminality out on me. Meanwhile, looked up the Fabian Society.. tell Time Warner Inow understand that when I  tried to look up For the Love of the WOrld, why it was so important to have the search engines report back no matches... after they said on the air, a book like that existedfrom 200 years ago. 1884. Fabian Society. And then of course, TIme INc, bohemian and anti-diluvian I believe is the word... and then there's the par tof the JBS disclaiming Nixon.. Ithink it was a cover to fool Prescott Bush, who recruited Nixon into national politics, and maybe found out about m dad and had me chipped..... I don't know much about Nixon ersonally, but based on what I read today, I believe it has affirmed my belief he was the last one totry to stop the Fabians, Rockefellers, Carter and Bush, andthe New WOrld Order.. and as Iknew long ago, bu did not say because it was too much to expect people to believe... though I mentioned that when people thought USSR was gone was not true... about the US handing us to Russian Communism... on behalf of the Bristish Empire that assassinated uncle Nicholas... 

Can I talk to Pat Buchanan please?

Interesting to see though how time Warner tried to set me up tolater claim I was one of them.

I'm not. I was a musician wanting a publisher Sine high school. Someone just said that proves Iwas milking Dobbs to get thru.. trust me, if Ihad wanted to get through to a record company, Iwouldhave bought the equipment and cut a good demo when Audy Murphy's manager said Ishould... or A&M's a&r dept. Obviously now, TIme is usingDobbs' position in it all to discredit me. Good luck.

So goeas another day lost to torture.. my plan was to finish the furniture in Lynns trailer. Instead, torture. Illegal detention.

8:09pm Lynn just told me that she felt compelled to go hang out around thurston's house today and maybe get a chance to let him know how she feels. Lynn doesn't know about the threats about Sarah lately... althoughthe satellite thing for 2 years running, she took as a threat other granddaughter. Thurston and Jt once again proving their mo - domestic disturbances, supposed threats against cops using psychotronics to induce anger, just ike this is being dictated to me to make it appear things are escalating by us toward THurston. Won't happen thurston, ANd tell you rfrineds if they continue the threats to burn down the house, I'll be sure tobring up the Saugets to authorites and the Hague.

Great demo today of how they turn off our cellular phone and internet connections.  They always think this stuff taunts us.. all they continue todo, in sloppy desperation, is prove the case against them.

Thurston has a lot to cover up for, as do Mason, dentists, gang-stalking, psychotronic rape and attempts to kill us on the road... they want me now to tel the governor to F* off. got it governor, your citizens... 

your weed and seed and neighborhood initiatives... and the apostate in LA... when did washington state turn from Chistian to satanist? Did you hear the one about Falwell and the Heritage org joining the Fabian Society. Falwell said God's way doesn't work.. I gues she thinks totalitarianism and communism by force will beat people into compliance.. but likeGod says,that will only prove that Heritage and others will turn into everything they stood against. How does totalitarianism express the liberty in John. (the psychotronic guys, in true form, just turned that nto being about urinating. Today's materials will prove how sick the state govt and federal govt actually are.

People of Washington State... if this is really what you want in a society, you're welcome to it. I just feel sorry for your children, psychotronic sex toy robots... jr says "the way we like'em"

ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses

I'm hopin gtha tthe apostate in LA is real, so I can .. I let jr dictate that...

11:07pm It''s been a very painful day, physically, and realizing what these Washington State perverts think about and care about, and how even knowing their actions are a big part of destroying this nation... there are plenty of things I've known about for years, vaguely, that let me know where this country was heading, including making China the economic superpower, handing them our money and weapons sysems, and while we calimed we had defeated Russia as of 2000 they were exporting 6 times the weapons the U.S. provided its "allies".

Part of it was my knowledg etha the U.S> Government intended to lose this "war", while claiming continued autonomy, but like we calimed over Russia, Russia being the dominant nation, especially given their proximity to the oil and the place the US people decided would be the location for the world government... originally intended tobeTUrkey, but because they "sped it up", it appears the U.N. is scheduled to be located in Iraq, a nation likely destined to nuclear death.

I was told I should be grateful to Rachel Maddow for talking LRADS, puke rays and other directed energy weapons.. please note that I wrote about them years before she was employed by NBC..

Lynn is currently very ill from puke rays.

Meanwhile, THurston and his friends said "I don't usually do this sort of thing, I'm a cop, but every once in awhile, it's necessary"... the kinds of thing sperverted, corrupt cops and police depts say to intimidate people... the locals say they dug a hole in the cemetary on Harstine Island to hide our bodies.

On one hand, I  don't believe they'll do it. On the other hand, these keystone cops make so many amateur mistakes that everything they do ends up proving their guilt. Of course, Inoticed a thing in the paper the other day saying they were doing maintenance on the island cemetary. ANd witht he veiled threat from O'Reilly...

I think waht I'm most stricken by is their lack of loyalty tothe United States, enjoying perverted fun and the money the U.S. government pays them to torture, rape and murder people under the guise of the Weed and Seed and Neighvborhood Initiatives programs, withthe protection of the local and state police.. easily proven.

And then. police in Washington State, when you read how hard thurston tried to get me tocommit suicide by cop, you'll relaize the pattern of his and other cops actions that are the same, and likely the cause of other police officers being murdered to shut them up when they don't want to go along with the program.

Police in Washington State: you know these people are perverse and they'll kill you as quickly as anyone else, an there are cops in your ranks who  would think nothing of having you killed...

Favorite MO, like LEttermans first public victim, being run over by cars.......

I say cops in disrespect. Police with respect. 

It's been a long day of torture, I'm in  alot of pain. Lou, fuck you. ANd fuck Jack Welch.

BTW: as with many organizations, I don't know what the JBS or other orgs really believe in excpt loyalty to the United States constitution and people.

May you "Americans" in the royal family suffer the pain and anguish you inflict.

Santana -  Europa

For the real christians reading this, I expect you know why God picked that song.

7/3/2011 3pm All you perverts out there celebrating... my jaw is now badly infected an dextremely painful, and th epsychotronics perverts are celebrating. I videoed my teeth this mornign to document the dameage.. and then gave a very small amount of effort to see if I could remove the tooth.. longest roots of any tooth in the mouth... 10 dentists, and no one would fix it. And I'm not spending any more money on dentists who purposely destroy my teeth. Meanwhile, I found a pain medication prescription from Harry Holm that with the help of top foods, will prove to be additional proof of fraud.... good work thurston, and tell jr tha twhile he and his friends celebrate and tooth torture me even more....

TO CNN and NBC and TIme Warner and GE... the connection between you and these locals gets more obvious everyday...  ANd Al Gore...

I don't need to say more.. abunch of sick traitors. I didn't ever read anything about the fabian society way back when because I kind of knew it was part of the New World Order thing... at least now, while being buzzed by planes again, I know it's true tha tthe U.S> Govt is trying to kill us, hates Jews and worse... and what I discovered most was that my father must have been advising Nixon behind Bush's back. Knowing my father, understand more about Nixon, it's like the masons and the JBS and others.. I relaly believe my father was monitoring organizations, and like me, didn't come to conclusions based on one source or opinion.. it was the objective overview that made the difference.

So the idea of me explaining all the real conspiraciesand sick deceitful betrayals of the United States Government was superfluous, but between the explanation of the Fabian Society, the New World Order, the efforts of Rockefeller and even churches.... ministers were supposed to always  seek truth, not convenient personal affirmations. Or power by kissing up to politicians...  and the relationship of GE and TIme Warner to the COuncil on Foreign Relations explains more  than almost anyone needs to know, unless you're filing charges of murder, genocide, torture, mutilation and snuff movies made to order by sick Illuminati people using high level military weapons and devices so theirr victims go unnoticed. THe letter toWOlf proves CNN's knowledge.. DObbs and Welch and De Caro end up proving full knowledge, and later, use and cover ups.

Jack.. the cover up didn't work. You  may  have destroyed my life like GE and the government did to my father... fortunately for me Idon't have the same responsibilites and attachments he did. Nor is bobby Kennedy around tobe ill-advised by  people betraying him and using the memory of his brother to promote him.

King Tut Lou.. Not this time. But my neck does hurt.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Paycheck - Desperado Badland Music - 045 - Out of Beer

Oh yeah the Trotsky stuff... I suppose if I';d gone to Harvard, it would have been normal study. It was CLG that orihginally led me to it, and I  was trying to advise what Ithought were wimpy democrats requiring someone to remind them you can stand up to a government non-violently without them thinking they have pacified and non-violent who'll stand for being pushed around.

GW said, and they thought all we'd do is file a law suit... WOlf, as for a terrorist in the making.. wasn't me...  but I"ll bet some people were trying to set up the scenario to have it turn out that way. TOo bad for Lou and Miles. ANd Miles, I'll never bak down on my claims, I have lots f transcripts, Iwas so zapped when Igot them, I have no idea what I got,but it was all from the same timeperiod.. same as Crossfire... I only need a few things...

Isn't it interesting, Kyra, the skin disease my dog had seems tobe avirus most commonly known to occur in turkeys. Remember, coyotes... and PMS.... Billy Preston supposed collapsed in Atlanta due to exhaustion after appearing on your show...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - Wheel in the Sky

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Annie's Song

Got a dentist to call in antibiotics for me, and they want me to see them next week. I might. What a surprise they'll have since I spent nearly 12k on them.

3:52 Unable to upload this. Online file truncated and likely unreadable.

8:56pm The orignqal psyop on Renata was to have Lynn refuse to acknowledge pyschotronics, and tobe so tired of us being harrassedd by it, that she didn't want to hear. Thurston and his frineds just got lynn, via harassment, thurston's specialty, to ask me to leave agin, and I  probably will, especially since they  don't want me to see a dentist and documetn all the crimes by Victor and the other dentists. I really  don't want ot go to  a dentist in Washington State, but the infection and pain will likely require it, and of course, being destitute, I have no money. Nice setup mason and thurston. And  tell Obrien his defense is not helping him.

Thurston, all your  real problems are that I've figured out your ploys, know you  operate, and based on today, you know I'm going to be able to prove my case. If you really believe I'm going toleave Lynn here so you  people can finish murdering her,you're wrong...

And of course, the worst part for you guys, is the fact that you have been so stupidm it directly ties CNN and NBC to the whole thing. A couple years back, Charlie and Pete and others =caused a situation where Lynn was supposedly going to go to Charlie and Pete's for  help.. Lynn and I just discussed the scenario and even she determined these guys were part of all this. Lynn, of course, almost killed me with the car that day when I saved her from Thurston's favorite mo, going to her torturers for help. And of course implicating me, at which time I would have had to show evidence proving I did nothing wrong,and like the police in Wa like to do, then  one of the people gets arrested and they both then have a police record. Right van Dyke? Right Mazlett? 

SO, Lynn just went out the  door... since the only thing we were doingweas discussing the harm caused by psychotronics, and previously, people who appear ot havebene employed by CNN and other "parties" to destroy Lynn's reputation nationally....

So, Lou, I'm a little tired of playing Lovin every  minute of it on the road as these people continually threaten my life, and getting me out of here will make it easier to prosecute all of you, at the same time, if any further harm comes to Lynn, you'll have instead of multiple attempted murders, murder, and I will never let that go unnoticed.

What the state of washington and Federal governemnt and the news agfencies don't want is the fact tat Ican prove sexual slavery, and psychotronic sinuse way nback whenever Miami Vice came on the air, and 6 months earlier, based on writings I did before i knew of psychotronics.. before Iknew my father was part of the Manhattan project, and advisin gNixon regarding the CFR and Tri-lateral and new world order...  John Dean: tell the truth of the  obvious setup by the CIA plumbers who did such a great job of leaving a trail to get Nixon ousted. AMateur? no, a professional setup.

You people really are digging your own holes to nowhere.

I'm tired of hearing about tthe CFR apostate corps. ANd just so you know, if I'd actually known about the real plans of the Fabian Society, instead of believeing honest people presented a plan that could go awry, I'd have left this country and alerted the  citizens of the world years ago.

The threats to have me deported don't worry me, becaus eit always works out, whatever you guys do to us, it ends up harming yourselves.

If sexual slavery is not part of it, then explain it to the world,as I explain how its done, and why it shoudl never be allowed again.

Liberace - Kitten on the Keys

Thurston, this entry in memory of Jennifer Verano.

9:49pm Lynn just came back, stating she's staying here by herself... I'm calling this an additional charge of attempted murder, given how the mo had her leave ina psychotronic rage, and of course, to alienate us, demanding to not want to hear about psychotronics. Of course, this  is the mo. And if  I do leave here without her, Iwill add an additional charge of attempted murder.

THurston and his friends really do make aperfect example of pervert cops and sick rapists and torturers working for the government. Be sure to tell the governors those charges will be applied against tthem as well for obvious reasons. And tell the media people, the best way to make sure a victim holds their ground and testifies is tocontinue to try to kill them and their  loved ones. 

My brother, and Lynn's family, know we have been illegally detained due to crimes of the government. they're under attack too. So do her friends who are supposedly friends of Werner Erhardt. As well as members of the military  who can talk about public domain information.

These people say they;ve checked with the FEC, and claim no matter what, no matter what state I say  I'm from, the FEC will say I don't qualify. I say, if they made a call, or if they make such a claim, they will prove their guilt and nothing else.

As for whether psychotronics exists, and what cna be done with it, CNN documented it in 1985. Good luck government.

Jefferson Starship - We Built This City On Rock

Something about towns you were born in... right Nancy?

7/4/2011 11:27am TYhis morning began with tooth torture for me, and it is related tocertain people not wanting me to have access to medical records that would prove purposeful malpraactice that will be considered assault.One of the goal sof these peopel has been tobankrupt us. Lynn is now talking about having her dental care done, using the same dentists, spending lots of money she doesnt have and making payments forthings she can't afford payments on, and staying in a house surrounded by people with psychotronics and dews, wanting her dead, and as usual, when she is being harmed by THruston and his friends, refuses to consider at times that the reason for her to leave this state is to seek legal relief lethal attacks that have already nearly killed her. THe state of washington wants us both here so we end up with no recourse.

Tell the state and the sheriffs that I AM going toconsider this another murder attempt by thurston and jr, and the people on Harastine isalnd and more. ANd Iwill have this particular as a separate murder conspiracy.

True criminals compounding their crimes to cover crimes. THe State and Federal Government will never be vindicated.

11:36am The psychotronics perverts want me to say Shelton is a town of satanist phony christians. Unfortunately for them, Ihave lots of evidence to prove that sort of claim/ I think there are people here who will later be glad they said that, and will enjoy proving they're not withthese rapists and government gangsters giving orders to kill people. Gangsters: that what RICO is about, organized crime.

Electric Light Orchestra - Calling America

7/4/2011 8:33pm

to Lou Dobbs, Richard Parson, tIme Warner, Miles O'Brien, Jack Welch, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow's Producer, the WSP, JSOC and JTTF, Barack Obama and the DHS and Dept of justice, and ohyeah, the wonderful cops in Washington State who apparently endorse torture rape and pedophilia, the governors and elcted too...

Lou.. rubber mouth woodpecker.. another example of the media  people sending messages to terrorist cells to proceed with their favorite assaults andd sex crimes whle they watch and enjoy their former plausible deniability... 

THe tooth torture, and them jamming food into the tooth socket has created a great infection, fgortunately, I got some penicilling, but it will likely take something stronger aws it appears they are going to try to claim this is like the aneurysm I got in Woodinville, and they'll say it was because of dental problems, but the fact is, in a ll the time I lived in WOodinville and Redmond and Washington State in the 80'ss, I only went to one dental appt for a tooth I though was cracked that wasn't, had a cavity that was filled, at which I was overdosed with laughing gas. Reid Ketcher fixed it, and I"m very thankful he filled it instead of putting in a crown as proposed and billed for, becauuse with the tooth torture, it means the crown doesn't come off, and the contact with the tooth has actually been made better as they use it for leverage to destroy my fron t teeth.

Rubber mouth.. since I called to get the prescription  they insisted I come in to have them look at the tooth... the perverts here didn't expect that... so I  will go in, I'll have them document the condition of my teeth, and they have the records showing pictures of every tooth, front and back, before I saw Victor... so, the tooth will get pulled, I'll let it heal, and have them smooth the front teeth so they're usable... meanwhile, my face is still swelling,a s they jam more food into the socket, and attempt to puncture blood vessels and muscles to cause  a serious infection and cause me to lose teeth.. of course, the DHS will have a lame excuse for it.

You guys really need to understand, your amateur excuses do not work on someone like me. I had this case cracked in 2003, and was just waitin gto gather some more facts and get Lynn tosafety.

Of course, Thurston is now having them run the Jennifer Verano psyop mo, worried about her weight, supposedly suicidal and of course taking anti-depressants she should have been off of a year ago... based on knowledge of other similar patients. Of course, money is running out, and thanks to the efforts of the DHS and TIme and GE, a bad situation is developing, and unfortunately for you guys, I had Lynn read the book that says whatever you guys do to me or her will end up happening to you. Call it Karma, Lou or whatever else you want.

There's a couple of specialists in breaking toes, and of course, a couple are crushed, and they break them again nearly everyday, especially when I go to bed to raise my adrenalin level and cause me to not sleep, or take tylenol pm's which then cause me to sleep late, and lose time for work.

Illegal detention: today, I cut 2 pieces of wood to size to allow me to secure Lynn's furniture to the inside of her trailer, and then was tortured so bad, I got nothing else done.. If I had been able to work, the trailer would be almost completely ready to leave today.

To the plocice and the perverts they cover for, understand, I know you people love to get me to log this stuff in, and then do it  more to supposedly stop me from reporting it. I watched Rocky today, and explained to her how rope a dope always works. Mr T is no match for that strategy....

Jack your psychotronic sguys just told me to tell you you're a fucking asshole.

Meanwhile, all the efforts to make me look perverse will end up working against you, and the efforts to cover for the people in LA< PMS and company will fail.. today, Lynn showed me a photo of the day she met Sam Daley Harris at a conference in Olympia with all the other volunteers in Olympia.. and enjoy this little coincidence... I looked a tthe people and recognized a  few, no crime there, but there was one there in the photo whose name badge appears to say EM... as in M-  as in Emma, as in Kiddo, as in Melissa as in Dolores Scott. She looks an awful lot like the phony minister in the LA parking ot, and the one in the Jehovah's witness church.. and the photo was of people organized in the olympia Lutheran Church back around 1987, organizedby Kathy Fitzsimmons and Kristen Blaylock.. and in the picture is a guy named Fred who lloks alot like Ted Bradshaw, who I"m very sure was one of the supposed Jehovovah's witnesses I spoke to after the media conference in Santa Cruz while waiting at the San JOse Airport, adn they wanted my opinion of  Intuit. THe woman looks like supposedly Pete's old girlfriend, Marion or Miriam.. Ihave her vehicle and license... 

Lynn did a fundraiser that raised 40k to start Results UK, and then told Sam she was done withher volunteer work for Results. He responded by saying -  get this pMS - You're an angel - got her 1000 busines cards and named her development director.

Ijust finished dinner, and I' getting hit by a puke ray. What a surprise.

I'm now getting hit in the back of the head with microwave, in a place similar to Lynn and Kathleens entry points for their brain injuries...

I have a very hard head. They must have decided to kill Lynn with it because for years, they'd hit me with it at night, and the only thing that happened is that my scalp went numb, I'd actually hit myself with my knuckles to see if I could feel anything.  Nonetheless, as Sanjay deceived, I bet I have similar calcifications as they both do.

I'm really amused at  the idea of what the dentist is going to say about the condition of my teeth, because they were braces ready when I  left their care for orthodontists.

I'mnot really sure how to sya this, nbut I will make the case about pedophilia, and I already wrote the description of how certain things happened to  try to psyop me into telling a shrink I was a sex pervert in exchange for getting the psychotronics off. That was to explain it to the phony Pastor Melissa Scott. AS embarrassing as that may seem on the onset, I can assure you when the story is told, the charges will stand. ANd tell Barack, I WILL be making them to th eHague, and thank you for moving Panetta to the DOD, and Petraeus to the CIA so they can easily be prosecuted as well.

If you think I"m stupid or fearless, I'm not. I'm just loyal to my fellow citizens and a constitution that I believe in.

I'll also tell the whole story, from my birth to the moment I write the reports, about so many things that link it all together. ANd tell my former wife Beverly that if I need to, I'll have the marriage annulled. And you cna be sure I'll be filing charges and law suits n behalf Lynn no matter what.

I hear an LRAd telling me PMS was not involved in the psyop. I don't believe it, too much time has passed and like the other idiots, she'll have to explain. THe only other thing I'll say about that, other than playing rope a dope with her psyop, is that it's a shame because if she had been real, God's work would have been completed for now, and millions of people would be alive, and she would have been my second on behalf of God, and it would have been fun, but it will be anyway, and I don't need a second.

And yeah, I WAS that impressed with what I thought was her intelligence. But like lots of intelligent people, they think they're so smart, they trust their own opinions instead of GOds ways, work for politicians and government, and "pollute God's church"

Like Barack said of himself, whenyou cut corners... speaking of that, the people throwing rocks at Lynns trailer to get her to abandon it so they can haul it away and use it unlicensed... won't happen, and I can use a satellite to find it  later anyway.. and I  know where to look.

Jack Welch, better get a lawyer for James Taylor, whether he needs defending or needs to sue you and CLive and the rest. Either way, I'm a witness. These days, unless God  picks one of the songs GOd gave him to play, I won't even listen to him or view him on tv or video, Brotherhood. 

Oh yeah, the Lutheran PMS - blue eyes......

People need to really keep in mind I don't really believe all Christians are now satanists, despite what the U/S/ Government wants me tobelieve. But I needed to  record their psyops against me and us so the world would understand how perverse the United States government is.

If you're in the government, ask Begala about praying in a closet, otherwise, frankly I'm going to issue a blanket condemnation, which will stand, and remember, befor ethe Iraq war, the US wasn't just tapping the phone lines, they were psychotronicizing the UN members. ANd the  UN people knew it. PS Petraeus and Panetta.. better be nice to Austin.. thruston just threatened to have him fragged. that's another story I'll save for someone's military tribunal, courtmartial and....

AS for (see copy9evidence20110705), Mazlett, I was just telling his story of him doing what he tried to do to save his guys in combat, right or wrong, and I have no bad thoughts about westmoreland, but part of the story of Viet Nam was lieutenants with no combat experience getting our soldiers killed in a war this government didn't intend to win. And Mazlett threatened to get  (see copy9evidence20110705),  a dishonorable for saving the lives of his men. All these years later, and the US government still wants to harm Viet Nam vets. Now wait til I include the story to the Hague of Kryptoman, the aneurysm just like my dog got when he was murdered.

Apparently, Al, I won't be dying of Lung Cancer. Wasn't part of God's plan... but maybe we can rid the cancer in our lifetimes from the presidency of the United States.

To all you politicians too chicken to speak out to save your own lives... need I say more? ANd to Brian Baird and Norm DIx, thanks for promoting weed and seedd, and issuing your campaign confession like Barack did at Normandy.

As for me, this German will certainly an improbable victory... at least, in normal terms. But God does work in mysterious ways, and He does have a sense of humor....

So do I.

And just to mess with the heads of the shrinks, I'm a stubborn German, a Jew, and I'm Christ:} Much to my surprise. Good luck on the mental exam, you'll be confounded. And you'd better know the Bible better than me, which isn't saying much.

A real Christian doesn't need to read the Bible. They just be.

Now Thurston, good luck. Thanks for letting me know your DA has  a guilty conscience.

I've had trouble posting as my ftp bandwidth is down to less than 1kb, and ends up not posting. No problem for me, but  I'll look up the last posting date before I post again.

Wolf.. they really want to implicate you. WHy do they hate you? I have a few funny storiies to tell, but to be honest, I can't come up with any crimes by you and Carol, unless you want me to. Sorry to be so objective. I'll take the corn in the hair as a sign..... ok?

Tell all the Jackie's there's nothing cyrillic about me. 

Regarding the Gates Medal of Freedom. Must be for keeping the U.S. govt out of jail :} 

Roberta Flack - Look Out Here It Comes I don't know this song.

Michael Franks - Your Secret's Safe With Me

Michael Franks & Valerie Simpson - Now Love Has No End

Neil Diamond - TBD - 100 - Forever In Blue Jeans (1979)

Tell Colbert they wanted me to mention him, good luck with the PAC (Pacman)

I always love God's music picks.. I'm gonna pick one now...

Clovers - Love Potion Number 9

Tell Thurston I'm tired of the perverts using him and his badge to threaten me. Tell his boss too. But in the meanwhuile, I'm glad you people have spo much fun using Norseens thought and word insertion to do things they would have never done.. and to Time Warner, thanks for Maryland, and Yosemite, and Woodinville, and I'm glad I found out, and I'm glad I'm not vain like you....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Genesis - In Too Deep from God to Thurston......... you don'thave to listen to it thurston, the title says it all about you. Thurstons the one who get silenced by magic bible verses that counter his daily psyop perversions.

Last night was Hosea chapter 10. And as I open mybible, I open to...

AD 60 I placed my finger without  looking in the concordance reference in the center... and it says "them that are lowly" :}:}:}

and the verse its referring to that says: Romans 12:17 Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things (to the lowly) honest in the sight of all men.

Go drink another beer thurston.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God BJ Thomas - The Best of BJ Thomas - Gospel Live - 10 - Jesus Hearted People

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Shrinks. Is it ESP, or God talking? And do you believe in God? Really?

PS To State Farm Insurance.. don't worry, we'll get to a safer state........

7/5/2011 6:q12pm Another weird day, calling around for my dental records and all. No coincidence I presume that I  wasn't going to call Holm, but I started getting tortured when I saw his  ad in the phone book, and THruston and Jr got brutal.. so I'm caling him.. Other than blackmail for a  corporate espionage schemme I foiled and purposely "screwed" the person who asked me to do it.....

Last nght I  was told I would be sleep deprived until I became so disoriented that I got so messed up, I'd start hearing voices.. it's the funniest thing apsychotronic guy has ever said to me... around 1 am, after 2 tylenol pm types, Igot brutally attacked, an put the recorder on, and the time Irememebr tlaking the time into the recording, it was 4:51 am, got 3 hours sleep and then woke up.. and I'm  still awake. I should sleep well tonight. Meanwhile, they continue to destroy the rest of my teeth before an appt on Friday.

They  really got upset when I was thinking about  calling ANtles and the Mason COunty DHHS office and asking for Jackie.

Not much else to tell. These calls for records were not what I planned for today, but useful, and something I wanted todo a couple years ago. I'm being told to thank Olbermann for helpin gme......................... right

Intuit... like I said before it was a good place to work, and I felt I was mislead about the stock options that I depended on. Meanwhile, except for the dumb lady on the plane regarding microsoft who asked the wrong question, I'm not about to walk around talking to people with Olympus recorders, like the one I bought because they and the microsoft people had them so I figured it must be good, the model with extended memory  and 17 hours of high quality stereo recordin gtime...  I'm not about to discuss minor difference s with a decent employer, despite other things related to Julianne McKinney, who was probably the same woman who  was the N Caroling IFLP coach.. and someone named Schiff, Scott, and the problems that went away when he left. It sure explains why so many people disliked him.

That;s about it. Now God's turn totalk. Thurston hates that part.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Northern Lights - Tears Are Not Enough

I think that covers it for now.

I may check to see if I can post later, after I see how the US Govt perverts respond.

6:36pm After writing, I usually listen to a couple cuts, and it always surprises me how much the cuts are in  context. Believe it or not,this goes along with my Bible reading last night... in the area about the lowly, and God having people, the faithful saints, coming to His mountain. THink of this as God talking to you, as individuals, and every creature and person on the planet.

And then of course, I turned to Judges 16:1, and laughed... I'll leave it to others to apply it to themselves.

The song I wanted was Peter Cetera with AZ Yet, the song You're my Inspiration. Not online. So.. from me to all of you....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Deja Vu

6:55pm Like I said about listening to music, for those of us who remember, Idon't feel like editing this song, but... for Mazlett, as an insult, and for the people of Viet Nam to understand how little the people of the US, not the government, disliked the Viet Nam War...

Country Joe and the Fish... The Fish Cheer, Feel like I'm fix To Die Rag.....  It's 1,2 3 what are we fighting for, don''t ask me I don't give a damn., next stop is Viet Nam Wel it aint notime to wonder why whoopee we're all gonna die

And we know that peace can only come when we're all blown to Kingdom come....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Ten CC - Wall Street Shuffle

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

God is neither cyrillic or silent... 

7:24pm Just started fixing dinner, extreme tooth torture to make it difficult or impossible to eat. Don't forget, Washington State and Barack Obama, Auschwitz in AMerica. And it IS attempted murder, just as I described.

10:19pm Thurston, Jr and Charlie just told me they'r ethe ones desperate enough to make sure they and their friends target Lynn wiht dews to  the point of hysteria withextreme pain. I could feel the directed energy pointed at her arm and head with my hands. She's supposed togo to the doctor tomorrow in Seattle topick up presciptions for refills that could have been mailed toher or the pharmacy. She's been taking Lyrica, and the last few days, while Thurston Mazlett and the STate of Washington deal with the reality of their perverted murder schemes, she's talked of suicide, a supposed side effect of Lyrica... the other day, I saw an ad that said Lyrica was not an anti-depressant, but a pain pill, even though I know it was an anti-depressant before. THis is what is called opportunistic use of military weaponms, using previous injuries or simulating destructive side effects of disease or injury to cover their crimes. I'v ealways been able to detect energy, human or electrical, because of muy abilities when I learned how to use remote viewing/esp as a teenager.

Jr just tried the CNN ploy ofrying to make me believe that statement would claim I send messages to harass them. Unfortunately, any psychic will tell you that psychic images are not sentences, paragraphs or pain unless terained by the cia to use directed energy weapons with a computer to brain link.

like I said thurston, I purposely went out of my way to not use those abilities that all people and I'm tired of you people torturing her to get me to  say things that give false impressions like Bil Clinton's attorney does. It didn't work for him either.

I know you perverts enjoythe show of torturin gpeople... 1000's of emails and people's depositions will prove my claims and charges.

And I will not leave this house unattended or leave the evidence unattended, and ifpeople attempt todo that, Iwill cite every instance as a n attempt to destroy evidence, as you already have before. And I will stand by the claim you  tried to kill Lynn to dispose of evidence.

One such piece still here: a bottle of wine from an impostorr for thanksgiving after Lynn's stroke, not confirmed, but manipulated to avoid confirmation, and the only question I'll end up asking her son is, how did the picture turn that you took that day.THe bottle is in a box to preserve fingerprints in case I was right. But I don't believe it was her son.

That will relate tot a TIme Warner movie...

The mo of how these things to murder will be obvious, CNN and NBC.

OC Smith -  Little Green Apples

Tell state farm we WILL get to a safer state. Thanks. I told you I'm a stubborn german. ANd the most loyal US citizen that ever stopped government corruption and infiltration, Fabians.

Todd Rundgren - Healing - 03 - Flesh

The psychotronics guys were laughing that Imade a  fool of myself last night recording their harassment and leaving it on while I slept, again, as if it proves I'm crazy, I sayit proves illegal detention through torture with technology easily proven with low tech devices powerful enought o demonstrate the harmthat vcanbe caused by their military weapons, none of which I have.. and that was an example of being manipulated into word games again to claim I have such devices which I dont.

7/6/2011 10:20pm What a day. After getting out of bed after helping Lynn get off to the doctor, I turned on the tv, and really enjoyed watching CNN today :} Glad Wolf finally took a day off.

First not to Elliot Spitzer, and CNN.  certainly hope my most recent comments weren't any cause for him to leave CNN. I've bene disappointed in alot of things na dpeople over he years, but when the time comes, if those comments had anything todo  with your departure, I'll say, good for leaving MSNBC, but I was stil holding out for you, and I know that when they "got you",, the same ways they've tried to get me, I'll be your witness that these locals are to blame for this departure, given that I had no desire at all to bring up sexual slavery that was THurston's taunt, and like the other people he tried to intimidate me with, I took his dare knowing I could stand behind it, so if you want to take out his mediocre DA you'll have my help later when the time comes. Bless thefallen angels. Real journalists ARE objective, and Elliott, you were taking down the people detroying and manipulating the stock market. Somthing abou a spread sheet and Chrisitine ROmans. I like Romans who are Christine.... :}

Excellent conversations democracy, my comments are ont he video to the chagrin of THurston, including about Marcia Clark's clarity, and then  Toobin's lies.

And I'm not trying to vindicate anyone. But it was a  fun day. followed by tooth torture while eating dinner and watching the documentary channel and "The Last Great DJ".

 Boehner is still an interesting character ******** And about, this shovel ready project will never be ready for that, and about Justus being done.. quite premature, but at least you and GW are consistent. But for some reasons the shovel guys don't like me calling you  Satan. Since you guys apparently FISA'd me or something, Idare you toprove I'm wrong. It would be difficult.

PS Was the woman with DSK his wife. French by any chance? Look s really familiar....... and Keith, not in Kansas anymore.

I was thinking I'd make a documentary for the documentary channel.. maybe I'll just send em todays tape.. news, psyops, sex traps.. cheap aarp insurance, kicking cans down the road and an explanation of how us dj types can make the case ourselve sthat we're crazy, and that's why we make so much sense,, and understand the true purpose of radio stations.... Did you see the guy standing in front of th eno smoking sign smoking? :} THe Last Great DJ. the song was like a country version of the Tom Petty song. Personally, I liked waiting for the judgment day.

Meanwhile, psychotronics guys went silent every once in a while everytime I pointed out how the professional journalists deconstructed the underlying messages, aesopian, amongst politicians. I laughed alot, and using the video tape was well worth it. 

And to the  mediocre DA ( Thurston can explain) tell these idiots how easy it is to prove psychotronics, and that they're not anonymous. ANd about the wedding ring... great show John King:}

I really loved the talk about the constitution, Elliott, I mean really loved it. But tell Fareed we will not have Parliament, and the supposed misrepresentation by senators is not. Senators are supposed to represent every state not just their own, to prove and compare all legislation for the good of all citizens and and they are the state's reps as people objective enough to represent al U.S. citizens with wisdom, and the true intent of the founders, and the house of representatives is intended to represent the population on a  - 1 for every 166,000 if I remember correctly, and their jobs is to provide responsive representation that is equal to the populations... We probably need them  to represent fewer, or give them staffs that are more responsive.

Dershowitz... what can I  say. My kinda guy...  they won't be fired too, will they?

Just to play advocate and to confuse a  few people, remember, Hamilton was the guy who pushed us toward more UK methods, and Jefferson and Washington and others owned their plantations because the King of England granted them that land.... and they grew hemp.. just like they said we couldn't have clothed our soldiers in World War II without hemp..... according to the history channel, they smoked it too. Jefferson and Washington that is. I think Franklin too, and others.

Oh yeah, DA, tell thurston about probable cause, multi state conspiracies, and being stupid enough to get your boss convicted... for what exactly, I wish I knew. But it gives me probable cause.

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about tea. As a poultice and a sleeping aid.

Thurston and Jr really liked the part today about running grandma over a cliff... and I have a great tape about greasing the rear end of my El Camino....

But this isn't  aesopian or anything....

THIS COULD BE A LONG ONE, BUT i'M REALLY GONNA HAVE FUN SHOWING  THE  VIDEO TO THE SHRINKS, AND i WON'T EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN IT, BECAUSE i PAUSED THE TV TO COMMENT... whoops.. even about OJ and Marcia and Chris and psychotronics. ANd folks, it's not like it has to be that obvious, though I  like it when it is, but I decided  long ago to just record and report on what I see and experience, and let the patterns be the proof. And thurstons a sex pervert idiot.. knock it off thurston...

He doesn't like it because I require him to obey the law like a cop.

Thurston, for the record, it's true, I embellished a few stories long ago to help other people long before I ever thought of being a public figure after 2000.... and I  got kids out of jail, politicians dumped, newscasters promoted, and btw Martin Savidge.. I cried a little when explaining to the PT guys how thankful I am you got me to read the Koran. ANd that's relevant because the thing about John Denver part II was interrupted when I was explaining we had been sorely misled about Muslims.

I joked about it being Dobbs, and the remark was about God wants to know... the problem is, its clear it was because some local didn't want people to know the truth about Muslims.. sort of like the guy who said his Christian son was upset with him for looking at porn....

note: emmy the black lab  vortex Phoenix, black lab, proximity to Los Alamos.... what happened in Mexico today. That old black magic :}

John Denver.. the whole point of it was to explain what he meant about being a poorer man if he'd never seen an eagle fly.. a fighter jet, war for profit.. and the agrarian society Jefferson proposed vs the empirical society Hamilton supported........

It was fun today. Like a reunion, 

Read the Landmark bold statement, may have mentioned it already..

To believe what has not occurred in history will not  occur at all is to argue disbelief in the dignity of man. Mahatma Gandhi.

That reminds me, Boehner, you really are interesting guy. I'l continue with this from Landmark...

In our time, what is at issue is the very nature of humankind, the image we have of our limits and possibilities.  History is not yet done with its exploration of the limits of what it means to be human,. C. Wright Mills....

One  of the thing si think I read in the Bible last night.. and remember, Chads count...  I'm getting by thurston to vindicate one of his perps. let the the state of washington and the us govt know, and anyone else, torturing me will not get anyone vidicated, and you should know by now, I will not backdown.

I read alot last night, something about a mighty wind... I hope the US govt - someone just through a rock on the roof... didn't play another sick biblical joke with people's lives like Katrina and other hurricanes in order to claim God did it.

Malachi 3:5 ANd I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness agains tthe sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right and fear not me saith the Lord of hosts.

I just got heavily tortured while trying to type tyhat in, them trying to rip my lip with the tooth they're torturing me with,.

I know you peopel here aredesperate, but there better have bene a power outage yeasterday to give hackney and some dentists and excuse,

Chromally thurston, that's your answer.And as far as I can tell, I received an explanation today that is reasonable enough to believe Scott Cook had nothing to do  with it... and if he did, h'll go tojail with you thurston.

DOn't mess with me thurston. TYou;ll find out what honesty is and your stupid psyop word games wont help, they'll convict you, and so wil the results of this torture. But a t least it rips open the abcess the tooth torture caused as the puss drains into my throat. Is that the image you want thurston, because its the truth.

Notice how the lcals always try to take the fal for the wise guys.

Peter Fenn are you a loyal citizen, or a torture too. RIght now you knowmy ipion That's thurston talking.

Elliott. about  what you signed off with today. Bravo. I'm with you.

Like I said about patterns...

Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 15 - Still Would Stand All Time

McCoy Tyner w Michael Brecker - Impressions

Stylistics - You Are Everything

I was thinking today about when antles said Zyprexa would rewire my brain. Bob March, Capt Satellite, said Iwas wired. Must have been nano tech... and that stuff about the TSA and terrorists having implants that were bombs, and intheir underwear and more.. I heard it like the stuf fthe CIA and AMPEX did to me back in 58-59... cause what that'll prove will be just like a ticking timebomb that went off, but its evidence, and it will be explosive. But it won't be a violent act. It'll be a pleasure to divulge the truth of that, the the Chrurch COmittee was coverup for government crimes, psychpotronics and dews. . and I was reminded last night about hte whoosihing noise... and it was when I was inthat same bedroom with my brother.. when Ihad toruble getting more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night... that would havebeen just a couple years  before my father died. When I was tellingmy brother Iwas disappointed the little team wouldn't let me be a pitcher, though I was batman in left field.

Thurston and other idiots.. it just proves that no matter what, once sealed to God, even the CIA can't change that. Of course, once agian, the same stupid washingotn state psyops, they;'d rather claim blasphemy by supposedly claiming they psyopped me intothinking I'm CHrist.. tell your shrinks I know who pays the,m.. and if they want to confess tothat crime, fine with me.

Desperate people always do stupid things to get themselves put in jail;

UI'm gettin gheavily tortured. Iwa sgoing to go ot sleep.More sleep deprivation.. didn't work inthurston county, won't work in mason county either.

Interesting word game. Remember jerk, ypu think this is evidence against, Isay its against you, and I have more witnesses than you to substantiate my claims.

Boeing employees know things.

Frankie Valli & the Four Seaso - Let's Hang On

To those who think I'm going to  vindicate them... my name is Chuck, I'm a human being,and we've suffered enough. And if you don;'t know what that means, too bad.

Prince Controversy Controversy The Lord's Prayer  for Tipper

O'Jays -  Back Stabbers

The above is an example of what the people do to disrupt and prevent my work. THank you US government for weaponizing miracle.s

Prince - Emancipation - 02 - New World

Pacific Gas & Electric - Are You Ready

Doug... explain this one for the shrinks...

I am that I am a stand for the new world of golden rules that over rule those who rule with gold.

Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 01 - A House of Gold

Malachi 3:3


War - Best of War - 02 - Low Rider to the guy with the truck at Spencer lake........ the wheels look really rediculous.

Kenny Loggins -  Celebrate Me Home 


Ya never know when the NSA will let me post this.

Previous successful upload was pre 7/3/2011 successsful tonight 7/7/2011 12:52AM iT DOESN'T TAKEMEOVER 2 HOURS TOWRITE THIS STUFF...  Whoops

1:04am Enjoying the music

Journey - Wheel in the Sky

this one reminds me pf the good old days of mtv. Still play stuff like this?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack And Diane

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Rocky Mountain High

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 04 - God Is God

I'vebeen enjoyimnh the music. The psyops guys say they're going to sleep deprive me now.

Beatles -  The End

1:36am can't get online to upload

7/8/2011 10:44pm They didn't sleep deprive me, but they did last night. They always like to sleep deprive you before you have something to do in the morning and I like to amuse them to prove to them that certain mind over matter things I learned long ago  always work... A reasonable day  at the dentist today.

My weird life.. I was watching the 70's Show and I was sitting there in disbelief and overload and amusement when one of the characters told red that by 1984, everybody'd be chipped and they'd insert electrodes in our brains so the government could read our memories..

If this is all somebody's way of saying this is proof I didn't know and should just accept it.. no.

I can't think of anything else to say, so for the fun of it I'll do a magic bible verse.

Obadiah 1:13-15

7/10/2011 9:10pm I decided to write this entry when the US Govt perverts started directly threatening to rape Lynn's granddaughter, after several phone calls harassin gher and her grandaughter that always took as a threat to her granddaughter.. Thurston's now laughing at me for mentioning Lynn's granddaughter, me supposedly mentioning and using a child  as a decoy.. this from a cop who thinks its funny to scare me supposedly by telling me he rapes his ddaughter, and that he'll kill me if I tell anyone. Then he dares me to call child protective services on him.  Just rememebr thurston, now you're directly incriminating MSNBC, and I'm glad youthink ajuty won't believe me.

Ketcher. Edwards. Splints came off, it was obviously just another setup just like Tilson to setup the loose tooth to act as a cantilever to extract more teeth from the roots. Lots of video.

to all the police covering for these people, years of torture and pain and not being able to eat for the people you cover for.. tell your governors that between you and the perverts, the state of washington will make a great example to the world and the rest of this country what Nazi governments are.

Keep in mind, the perverts want me to point the finger at the police. They want the world toknow th epolice are perverts. I'm jus tletting THEM ramble on about the police

As always, tortured, raped and illegally detained in the state of washington. My requirement for conviction at all levels only increases as  the crimes commited wil never have anyone's benefit of doubt.

Good work dentists.

7/12/2011 1:34pm Made some good progress on the trailer yesterday, preparing to mount th ecabinet to the wall. Tooth torture continues. Thanks to the choppers for flyby's this morning....

Took the picture of Lynn and Results in Olympia back in 87 or so, at the Lutheran Church people's gathering, and the woman with th e name tag that fits the description of the Pastor Melissa Scotts, all 4 or 5 of them as far as I can tell, her name badge said EM  ...... 

Oh yeah, a new entrant in the Burger King "harass chuck in front of their sign and report to the manager so th e manager can make a call and identify themselves as part of a conspiracy " game. She look sjust like the supposed "guard" in the Glendale King's House #1, to be explained in Pastor Melissa Scott, part II, the last chapter I care to write about it. SOme pt guy is having funmaking th ejokes. I don't think it's funny.

Got the video software to work perfectly, so I can copy the masters.... still can't figure out why my computer boots itself up every morning at 3 am. 

Time for  work. SOmetimes I can actually get things done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Williams - Listen To The Radio

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 07 - Black And White

and my pick of the day, and for the record, it's clear to me :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 03 - Sure As I'm Sitting Here

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Sting and the Police on IRS Records and Tapes :} If I was a police officer, I'd be a little worried :}


5:31pm Got little done today due to tooth torture, and the idiots merely  prove the visit to see Edwards was a continuance of a conspiracy with the dentists to kill me and torture me. The guy from Burger King who is on video harassing me for years claims to be torturing me now... and Thurston wants weveryone to continue to know how proud he is to be a pedophile.. all thinking this would give web entries of course ot make me look foolish.

They want me to say how fun it is to taunt their victims with sex crimes and toruture, and it will be the thing that causes the world to understand how perverse and criminal the US governemtn is. And the locals will always be regarded as proof of the Nazi foundation of hti snation, and thye willmake excellent evidence.

8:44pm Torture continues. THe perverts demanded that I remind them of their taunt right now to make sure I remembered Pete meeting Lynn at the mailbox, walking his dog, claiming Halley had had a stroke, and a bit of a  limp... I don't believ ethat. And they continue to want to  prove the policve in Washington State are corrupt and worse, thnaks to thurston, about the K9 Cop that surveilled us from Seattle to the Gig Harbor turnoff... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gloria Estefan - Words get in the way

7/13/2011 6:20pm The PT Guys wanted to try to push me around by torturing me into doing things.. a continuation of the AI Dog thing... charlie wants me to mention his name.... charle wants me to tell you this, and jr's laughing... that Charlie knew my dad went by the name charlie, and as an aside, wants me to claim that he was the one who was getting me to  mention Travels With Charlie that Ichanged to Journeys with Chuck or something long ago... right before Pelosi's daughter was talking to Lynn about making avideo about S Africa, and then truned around and did Journeys with GEorge... of course, that lead to the thing about Corruption and me... anyway...

So my dad went by Charlie, Imade a remark abut liking knowing I was JR to my father, and loving knowing I was my father's son - whatever connotations that may have - anyway, so now I deal with Charlie and JR, and CHarlie wanting to claim criminal insanity sohe can be put ina mental instution instead of jail. Understand, I just let these guys tell mewhat to write so they can make total fools of themselves later. I figure lots of people will hate CHarlie before this is done, implicating lots of people for things they paricipate in that he must think he should take the penalties for... what an idiot.

Oh.. turned to the page to look up the phone number of a pharmacy,and ended up seeing he name of the business of some people Thurston himself went out of his way to prove he was harassing them and setting them up for domestic disputes to give them a "record", using what appears to be a weed and seed guy posing as a cop while thurston harasses them with psychotronics and gets them to spill their guts to a supposed cop to protect themselves, sothe other person gets arrested instead. Only problem is, it's a phony cop. these people now know they're watched by police, and the harrassment mo is complete. 

One time a friend said "his guy" told him to tell me something that will get thurston brought up on some very sick and perverse sex charges. And the mo will be backed up with emails from another target  describing the mo. Almost forgot.. that will lead to the sexual slavery charges being upheld and proven.

I also located  the name address and phone number of a local computer company where Lynn took her dell desktop in for service, and ended up losing it bcause she supposedly could not afford $150, and then forgot, all very typical in weed and seed and psychotronic harassment.

Like when Ibought Lynn her CHristmas present, and the person at the store asked me how much money I had in my wallet... with psychotronics, like esp, she could then dicker with me about the price, originally $100, I paid $60, $10 more than budgeted, and the lettering was in French, and she told me "a woman knows what it means".. of course referring to the Pastor Melissa Scott thing...

Which leads me to last night's Bible reading in Matthew, about certain people ending up in the potter's field, where unknown people are buried, and of course, the PMS potters sermon which I accidentally found in a pdf on the internet, and the fact that she was located at Forrest lawn, across sthe street from the cemetery, in what looked like the crematorium, an dwill be one of the things I poijnt as possible means and intent dispose of evidence or me in the crematorium after possibly taking me in, kicking me out or having me arrested, leaving her with the ability to destroy all the evidence I needed then to convict her and the media people. this plan, I believe, was abandoned when Ihad car trouble and that city slickers don't understand how easy it is to fix a car, and of course, the likelihood I'd run out of money and end up losing the evidence by being homeless and arrested for vagrancy (in Swahili, aka biblically Baca, Valley of sorrows) and then, all of it got abandoned when the community watch or weed and seed guy threatened me, causing me to pull out the video and audio recorders to put on video why he was doing what he was doing.  

Also, when my gas tank wouldn't close and I lost fuel at the gas station, I thought, maybe I should just go to the police, see what they say, and then see if there's a safe zone where homeless people go like there used to be in Westwood. 

All in all, it was the ultimate sick Biblical joke, as well as one more reminder it was used to try to get me to hate reading the Bible, having nothing but bad memories about her psyop related to the Bible, just like they tried to do with my cat Emma....

Matthew 27:7 No coincidence about it being on page 1040....... And about epilogue... :}

6:  And the chief priests took the silver pieces, and said, It is not lawful for to put them into the treasury, because it is the price of blood.

7: And they took counsel, and bought with them the potter's field, to bury strangers in.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Sting and the Police on IRS Records and Tapes :} If I was a police officer, I'd be a little worried :}


Now, anyone who says musicians ar enot angels, or that they don't provide information, or aren't used in fair use on this site to tell a story, God's story, is now proven aliar. And that reminds me, Mikulski, Maryland will also be charged with sexual slavery, and the ai dog will end up being a sick dot that connects things, like th ephony minister who are otherwise just pieces of evidence.

Tell the Ketcher's whatever the truth is is fine with me. Getting rid of these Nazis is worth the trouble, although I do not accept it without enmity..... biblically that means hatred toward Satan. Good thin Kryptoman got me to investigate enmity and Genesis and the lie it depicted about child birth and why to dominate women.

The AI dog also related to Carville and his supposed concern for dogs on airlines, and the treatment they get.. and then, what happened to Jesse.

Regarding "padilla"ing me.. can't be done...  whatever the truth is about certain things is fine, I know the truth, and I'll know when someone is  lying or doing a verbal dialectic.. just as they thought they let Edwards off the hook for last Friday, but the audio will prove he did not satisfy the conditions of release of liability for work that day. Nor did he assist me. And the xrays are even funnier in how these inept people believe people like me will just cower and give up. 

Thanks for the anti-biotics, Katherine...

That takes us back to

Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

Speaking of Matthew, it was Paul that said he'd send Elijah, and Elijah did his work.. and Jesus called on Eli, who  people decided must be ELias.... Hillary, tell the CFR religion coordinator, Madeleine Albright, that they should get people who understand the Bible, not just study it for psyop opportunities.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Annie's Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles -  New Kid In Town

10:56pm I always enjoy it when the us govt torturers think they have me down, like tonight, just dealing with the pain and exhaustion of torture, being taunted, pointing out I'm a submissive to satanic ritual abuse, and something happens to prove to these perverts that God is making sure they get convicted. thruston's been pushing for the death penalty again today, again saying he's going to make ahypocrite of me.

So I'm sittingthere, in pain, I got my meatloaf out of the overn, tried toeat it, because of torture I could barely open my mouth... and I look for something to watch on tv, and this thing by Saen Higgins called Wealth Without Risk, and fully describeds one of several schemes used by weed and seed to get someone's property for the price of their unpaid property taxes, and making hundreds of thousands of dollars.. and that's one of the dialectics in play against Lynn. Meanwhile, the last couple weeks, I've been harrassed about people proving Lynn and I are in a marital relationship - par tof that to get me to disclose that we're not, supposedly to embarass both of us for public reasons should I refuse to go along while they use Lynn to control as per psyop instruction of Britain's MI-5.... a thing I gave aANtles... anyway... so unfortunately, for them, we haven't been in any sort of romantic relationship for years, and the PMS thing fully made sure of that... and that will be more of the story that will prove her and the media's conspiracy on behalf of Obama and rOckefeller... 

One of the contingencies: the theory is, if we're not married, then I could purchase the property for taxes and save her investment and retirement. zTHe weed and seed people are saying tha twould prove I conspired.. what a joke... however, if it comes to it, I'll see if I can find a way to do it and then sell it back to her for the amount paid.

However, it's obvious this is one way the weed and seed and counties make large sums of money to finance their illegal activities, and apparently, principles get paid off for their investments.

Brenda and Douglas Comsia... can't wait to see who files suits against Lynn and who might be the ones to purchase this property for taxes. Like the Stanbrooke guy said, this is a really great screw. Only, they screwed themselves. tell Stanbrooke I was the guy looking into their customer satisfaction and discovered their bankruptcy while they were building this house. 

Thurstona nd SHeriffs.. better tell the weed and seed people and abama that all the attempts they make to get me to make this longer only end up giving clues, like a police officer listening to a tape to determine a location from the background noises... like when these guys ssay things like "we" it lets me know there are more than one person working the psychotronics na dtorture at that momen,t especially whenthey think they'v ebeaten me down.

These people think they can get away with everything, and tha tgiving me more evidence will allow them to be freed. Just the  opposite.  It's just more proof of their guilt.

7/14/2011 1:07pm I was Judge Mathis when I realized one of the people on the show was a psyhcotronics victim, without a doubt...  so I changed hannels and the Ptguys got me to tune in Olbermann.

Notes from the batcave: glad your teeth are in good shape, accidentally caught a good shot of them while preparing to document the propaganda regarding the Wisconsin elections, the birds and all.. like you say, Time Marches ON, and then it wont and thanks for the biblical inferences... Nazi Propagandist will stand, and will be applied to the rest of your friends. Remind AL how much I miss having a dog, and how getting ajob at MCDonald's will only happen at the Hague, if necessary. Careful what you ask for Thurston, and Olbermann and the other people whose providence will be like the end of the world, but it'll only be hell.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - New Kid In Town

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Lucky Star

Great sponsors, nothing like a breath of fresh air.

1:31pm Unable ot update weblog, file is truncated, nice playing with your sponsors, Keith, tell them they and the NSA did a great job, but tell the local terrorists you and DObbs work with have done nothing but proven my case, and that Nazis are cowards.

8:37pm I'mbeing etremely tooth tortured right now.. the locals, especially charlie, are angry becaus ehteir attempt to setup didn't work.

Since I've been tortured all day, illegal detention, I turned the channel and ended up watching BLitzer.  Far as Iknow, I still have no internet connextivity

Please tell Candace Delong that I hope she has the files from Clyde Barksdale, I'm thinking about visiting her in her FBI office in San Francisco, is she JTTF too like he was.. and is she aware of the crimes against me after i tried to bail out Wilson and the OSPR from a fraudulent cntractor... Riek... RIMS

CNN Thurston wants me totell you he's desperate. and he hates it when I claim psychotronics is in use against me.

Hello to TOm Foreman... missed the part anbout Harry Potter and the "manuscript" due to turture...

now 8;43pm just to tell you how the torture uses uup my time...

Took lots of video today, worth every digigital video minute.. 

Now what the local sdon't want me to write about.. the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop.. when i first started reading the Bible other than Psalms, which I always loved way back when when Iread it, and was reminded of when I picked up the Bible tobegin reading it in 2002, I was reading it from front to back, and just to see what it said, not about me  or anything else except to read the Bible to be sure I understood what Christians believe in so I could represent them in government and in my writing... political writing... so it was easy for these people to setup psyops that went along with the story of the Bible - biblical sick jokes. - until I realized that there was something - I don't think I even knew the word psychotronics yet, and that f I read the Bible - after having read it once completely - in a more random way that they could not prepare them in advance. So now, I come across them as I  let God choose what I read, I call it magic bible verses because it is truly amazing how it ends up describing what's being done to me at that time, even at that moment, including when I was raped, and then I threw the Bible in the air, as I always did then, the next daay, and it was the story of David and Bathsheba.

Last night, I was reading how when Moses turned 120, God told him it was his time to die... and to gather the congregations to inform them of God's message aboutthe future and how the people would break their covenant with god. Of course, the King James version would have you believe God then swore to cause us all evil in His anger, as opposed to, you''ll destroy yourselves with your perversion and corruption.

Last night I was readin gn Deuteronmoy 31:14-30 And it represents another Pastor Melissa Scott psyop, and vaguely talks about how old old our bodies are made tlast in he rsermon, which I  determined by reading multiple passages and figuring out "biblical math", not realizing it was stated more clearly elsewhere, as I orgiinally allowed the concordance ot ghuide me in the first reading, now, I mainly read what I turen to and sometimes read concordance entries. Also, verses 21 and 27 are relevant.. interestingly, it was on pages 251 and 252 in my bible..

Today, something came up and I  thought "what's on page 270" the video I took will explain it...  but here's what's on page 270.

Joshua 10:12-35 I'll have to read it. May be nothing special. but wheres' the valley of Ajalon? There was a stroy about Avalon today, Catalina island.. I think a certain satanic local is playing a stupid game

(Anderson, laughing, what's your point?) Carville and Firoina, ok I d read Gergen but the locals and US GOv don't want me on the internet. See videos. ANd I dounbt you want me to go to CNN.com to tell you what I think :} I did, however, set the oven to 360 to rehaeat the meatloaf. For the last 2 days, tooth torture has made it almost impossible to open my mouth to get food in. Vis a vis Auschwitz in America.. (PS We do need to get the RIGHT ONE)

Personal note: I also noticed today that I'm no longer getting the gray masking on the video on my camera when recording tv. COuld be analog vs digital tv. Check out.



11:27m Still being tortured. I'll watch piers Morgan tomorrow. They really didn;t want me to watch ANderson Cooper.. it was very painful as they tortured me thru meatloaf. 

age 260: Alot of swords, but most importantly, verse 14 And there was no day like tha tbefore or after it, that the Lord harkened unto the voice of a man: for the Lord fought fo rIsrael.

More importantly, like Moses at the time, the only God talked to directly, in his physical presence, and this was the last time God wanted anything to do with war.

This is a war of hearts and minds.. any violence will be clearly known and proven to be caused by the government. Thurston wants everyone to know that 911 was a terroist act by the government. Of course these idiots want me to sya everything THEY think people won't believe. 

A war of hearts and minds.. and the government will be responsible for the violence, if there is any, because I've only talked and professed belief inpeaceful menas.

Boehner: nice work training Cantor :} Cancel wed and seed and information roadmap... 

Tom Yohe - The Best of Schoolhouse Rock - 16 - Tyrannosaurus Debt

I like verse 421 on page 271. Of course, CNN knows my mother's Bible, so maybe it says something else.

CNN - notice these particular local idiots don't understand world class politics? Isn't it fun to watch. As painful as it is, I am definitely laughing at their idiocy. ANd they think the 5 kings are them :} And they claim I'm delusional :}

TO james carville I dedicate verse 24, and 25.... I never programmed my ai dog, James.. I had better things to do...... 

Gergen: you  guys always say this nation can't handle another scandal. I say, as I did years ago, we can, we will, and it will be what purges what Ted Kennedy wanted to preserve: people like you. And tell Maher Ihope he mentions tuna, and if he says sorry Charlie, I got an article for him, just like Cooper's... and Dobbs... and Olbermann, which will be published.. and  and and and......  Jr says tell old Jimmy Bob, and I don't mean Wolsey, the virtual asshole is him. I glad Jr said that.

To anyone interested, loclaly or globally, if these perverts of the US Government implicated you for something you ddidn't do (without lying to prove that) I"m your witness, as always...

Good thing I didn't take a walk in the cemetary like I wanted to. There's a lot of history in cemetaries... but I didn't want anyone thinking I was lurking.. just, now I assume, psychotronically accidentally ended up there. 

I keep thinking o all the people who have died since then, and why, and how, and the lies told to justify it.

PS I think maybe someone slipped in a picture of Michelle Bachmann for Tippy Livny.. I'll have to check that out some day....

Donovan - Barabajagal  Truth is molton... weird, like I said, the most intellectual discussion I ever had with my brother was about the usefulness and necessity of volcanoes....

To the guy in my back yard tonight with the infra red - Bill O'Reilly's not going to like the implications, especially given whats happening with Murdock. And tell James there's a hidden secret about why its a bad to expand in tv news globally.. it's name is Chuck. And Sky was the satellite provider in S Africa where I  stayed.... is that part of the McCaw/Gates satellite network?

Finally: Did TBN BUY the uridium satellite system,or did the DOD just give them space? ANd who else?

Thurston gets nervous when I'm getting harrassed and - this time, I  turned to verse 12 but I'll start with 11, because tonight, multiple people have been harrassing me at the same time, saying, were going to make fun of everything you've ever done in your life (my personal response is, big deal, like I care what US govt terrorists say... ) anyway, I turned to verse 12, but start at 11, sums it up for me, and God. And the current moment. ANd think of Israel and Idumea and all as allegorical for the U.S. and a couple other countries whose government have become evil... Ezekiel Chapter 35 vers 11 thru 15.

36 1-3 are appropriate, swallowed up meaning taken over by evil people, like the govt of the United States was.

Clinton: 1996 was the end date..interesting, right after the Comet. No covenants exist, Barack, except those I make with those I choose to make them with.

Interpret that as you will..

About the budget.. you're as bad as the local pervertts, scaring old people and infirm people who believed the government at its word for the programs they paid for all their lives. Wait til you see the fraud case I get filed against the SOcial Security Administration for ignoring its own policies in oorder to bankrupt to cover your.. Jr really likes the word ass... that would be Olbermann.

How bout, sell some more Chia dolls, and donate the proceeds and your salary to the treasury... like Carville suggested when Chavez had to give heating oil to Easterners who couldn't afford to heat their homes.. of course, Carville didn't give his tax deduction ala Bush to the cause.. how much did you hate Novak, James? Know what I mean? 

Speaking of Hugo Chavez, the democratically elected President of Venezuela, God bless you, and let you be healed. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 18 - No More Lonely Nights

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Isley Brothers - Voyage To Atlantis

it was a tie

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Isley Brothers - Shout

PS I meant it about SF FBI. And I won't be there to supply you with information. Thurston wants me to think seeing you is a trap for me. Ever read the Bible? Set a trap for me, the tables will turn on you.. and I just want you take a picture of my ears, and ask the Hoover Institute for their records.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Controversy - 01 - Controversy

12:30am someone betterget these torturin grapist snad perverts under control. I'm being told I'm now being tortured on behalf of Bill Gates, Microsoft. Bill got a security crew?  Legitimate grievances are one thing, and I don't know if I have any against you, but if this kind of thing continues, MSNBC aside, I'll make an effort to find out, otherwise, what I said before...

And Like I said, is there really not one honest cop inWashington state?

A bit later

This is what I get to listen to when being tortured. It gets old. I want this one on the record of Thurston and Jr.

Fuck your nigger loving Jewish ass.

Racists: who needs em


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Emma's Revolution - One - 08 - One By One

For Larry King, glad you're still there.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 09 - Peace, Salaam, Shalom

 and this message from the Bahai, on Warner Bros Records and Tapes

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodUniversal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

1:09am Boehner: Have Cantor play this for obama, on behalf of the parents inhomes, people driven insane by psychotronics and psyops, autistic children caused to be that way, and us people on the outside lucky enough to stand our ground... and those on social security...

John Smith - Hole In the Clouds - From His Window

 I'm not able to upload it now. tell Barack to tell the perps to tell AT&T to give us our money's worth for the internet connection. There's a lawsuit brewing there too, fraud, and it has nothing to do with the NSA.... something about upper Echelons....

7/16/2011 11:22am I had a lot of comments to make about a number of things.. like Begala being a bigot and more.. but as usual, I woke up to torture this morning, and ten I found out Lynn was in extreme pain, and then it all became about the stupidest cop in the world... and as alwyass I pllay along with the dialectics of these particular stupid cops and weed and seed people until the dialectics show themselves.. in this case, I get so tired of the local peons in the weed and seed and police who use their badges to protect their goons from prosecution.. so I get tortured about Thurston daring me to file criminla charges against him with the FBI in San Francisco. And its all played up like thurston county is going to inform them of me before I get there eso I can be detained..

Here's the thing: I"ve never seen so many cops wanting crime victims to be afraid of police. I'm not afraid of these police, I'm disgusted with them,a nd I laugh at their stupidity. As for Candace DeLong or any other government law enforcement person.. thurston and his friends using his badge have now forced me toinclude charges to the huge of the fbi working in collusion with CNN and the local police to set me up for illegal detainment by the fbi in san francisco in order to suppress. I will tell them ithis is another of the NAzi tactics, to attempt to suppress with supposed fear of police or the government.. which I do not have, butthey should have of me (because thurston and his violent idiot want me to say that) anyway I have respect fo rthe law, and certainly respect for th difference between personal opinions and police using rape and torture oon behalf of the federal government.

Tell all the Nazi supporters in the govt and otherwise I'm not so easy to suck in anymore, and I won't tolerate the legal system using itself to commit crimes to prevent their prosecution by committing crimes, and I'm sick and tired of supposed sexual predator sex stings.

Begala you convicted yourself last night on Piers Morgan, and tell John McCain I always agreed there were causes greater than oneself. ANd this, the cause of the citizens of this nation and the world are much greater than yours, and much greater than my own.. I told you, Begala, same laws, and you'll be listed as a terrorist. Good luck in France, Paul.

Now, CNN people and others in the media, you'll have to explain yourselves in this matter. If nothing else, it completes a circle of a setup.. maybe of you people...

Recorded more video yesterday of property damage, it was not infra red, it was a laser, tell the FBI in SF, whoever I actually end up talking to, that I will stop in and request an investigation, and it's not asetup of you unles you make it one, because as a citizen, I have a right to have the FBI investigate crimes against me by the US Government. Documented by Congressional hearings. ALways understand, my reports to the Hague and the foreign take precedent over any other reports Imight choose to make. ANd Thursotn will not ge this wish to have me file criminal charges against him, as if he's so special. He will later get his chance to make a true fool of himself to all the other police he wanted to impress so much with his criminality.

As for recording federal agents, like ALlison of the Lacey police said, if you don't have anything to hide, why should you care?

For the record, the only sex sting that actually worked on me, that didn't even work out like a sting , was with a woman named Eve, without whom I wouldn't have realized the thing about Stanford, and like Prince said, why DID Adam stay with Eve. Thus, the song.. I Don't Know...

As usual, the locals have successfully prevented me from writing what I wanted to write about by torturing me and using psychotronics and property damage to threaten us. ANytime CNN and the FBI want to file conspiracy charges against these people, feel free, but my reports to international authorities and the media will still be transmitted, and I'm certain you understand why. Otherwise, put me on a stand, give me 3 days, whichever temple you want rebuilt, kingdom of God or Democratic justice, I can do it.. at the same time. And then I dare anyone to call me delusional.

The reason I always thought the perfect job for me would be in a Rand think tank situation is because I've been a profiler from a very young age.. just for fun.

Oh yeah, for the record, I don't like people setting other people up, even when the people being set up may have some part or knowledge of other crimes against me. Unlike Thurston, I like honest justice.

Last night, I was reading the Bible and it said something about a dragnet... wheats and tares and all that... :}

Tell Gergen... it's not about destroying the country, it's about change that allows this country to be where the people live, and that the nation serves its people, not the ulterior motives of Elders of Zion... And do remember that I won't back down on my claims - Nuremberg code violations and the entire works... 

and tell Maher Good luck Charlie was not what I was looking for

I'll be making a chapter about what I consider Nazi, an National G has the article that will prove the conspiracy against Jews by the Nazis/Germans and how it exemplifies the protocols of the learned elders of zion, as well as the psychotronic and directed energy abuses in a very Biblical sense....  I wrote a thing called The most important document you may ever read on the internet.. and even though I was being heavily zapped at the time, the information is correct. 

Last note: Ari.. I noticed you reading the teleprompter on your side against Begala, and it seemed like your rational answers were scripted an din the teleprompter too, like a video I accidentally ran into on Google or something with HW Bush... reading his scripted answers... 

Final for the record statement. I am not predisposed against the police, completely the contrary, I have no fear of the FBI or CIA or NSA, and when the locals and others do and say things to create that illusion for themselves, I laugh at them, and wonder why the US government would want people to actually fear the law enforcement people thye believed were hired to protect them. As with politicians, I always did and still believe they primarily enter public life with an intention to serve and do good. 

And I have to admit, given my background and the things I will disclose, I would find it fascinating to talk to a profiler with a medical background regarding how easy it is to emulate all sorts of things with psychotronics and dews. The criminality is another matter. I find AI intriguing. Once you add sentience, it is no longer experimental, expendable or less worthy of compassion. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Hits - 07 - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 01 - Musicology

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 09 - Peace, Salaam, Shalom

1:12pm Video: Unable to gain access to the internet. International authorities will appreciate the evidence.

TO those who think keeping me of fthe internet is a concern to me, it is, but not in the way you believe. ANd I appreciate the evidence. And I will assert my legal rights.

Personal note: check out what a Michelle Bachmann ""dog campaign" might be. see video.

Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man  My picks

Prince - Controversy - 01 - Controversy The Lord's Prayer

7/17/2011 12:33pm There's a baseline to all of this. The psyops. The games. 

I was thinking last night about the videos and speeches I made in high school actually celebrating the virtues of the United States, freedom, justice, opportunity.. and I kept wondering why a government would want to take someone like me and attempt to cause me to hate that country and nation and government. It's like assigning a cop to intimidate and torture me to convince all cops are dirty and that I should be afraid of them all. I refuse to do that, but if it turns out to be true, then the United States is not the nation I grew believing in, pledging my allegiance, nor will I believe it's a nation based on the values of the worship or teachings of God.

There are definite patterns to the psyops, especially with the media and the locals trying to cover for them and give plausible deniability.. like having an FBI profiler on that looks 60% like one of the 4 or 5 of them... and the illusion that via mo, perps iding themselves to taunt the victims...

ANd still, all I can do is  laugh, record the events, and report them as crimes to international authorities, pointing out the dialectical implications... all of which they'll understand.

Given I have no internet connectivity, and I'm not concerned about that, whatever's there is there, I wil not retract anthing about the psyops, death squads, or my evidence proving Nazi  activities.. and I look forward to al these experts and celebrities making fools of themselves.

It's like this: all this great evidence. What good does it do if the people supposedly getting off the hook claim they  knew people were being tortured to death, and were willing to let it happen so long as it didn't happen to them.

I  don't need to be sucked into anything, unless its to keep up with political gossip that isn't about what's important, other than to prove people liars and traitors and sellouts and true believers in robot cultures... the issues remain the same, the real issues. the solutions remain the same, if you really have the intent to resolve them, and the only question is, how much damage must occur before the satanists destroy themselves. I don't have any problem calling certain people Nazis, traitors and cowards.. I don't ever back away from the challenge of psyops people trying to make me appear to be an extremist or crackpot, things I"m not, when I know I can prove that their taunts to call them such things appears extreme, but in the long run, proves itself, and proves how the propagandists use the big lie theory to hide the truth.

If in fact a new "profiler" is on my case, I'll say this: I'm not delusional, I'm not over confident, Id have made the best constitutional and I don't need and education to be that this moment, and if you  want to play chess, you lose. The IBM tic tac toe game said you could stalemate it, nut never win, but it was always possible to  lose. In this case, thanks to the training of surviving psyops and being force to use my knowledge and understanding of human nature, my opinion is you people lost long ago, I'd be your boss if I was in the intel business if it had anything to do with ability, and I know you crazy profilers love to use this sort of stuff to claim paranoid schizophremia and all that, but the thing is, cutting the crap between professionals... are you laughing or biting your nails?

Meanwhile I am a candidate for the Presidency of the United States, my beliefs are my own, and I believe my beliefs, true values and principals and understanding of the needs and requirements make me the best representatives the citizens of the United States could ever have.

And if that means having the elected officials arrested.. someone said something about a guy with an iron hand... I'm that guy, proud to be it, and have no reason to be anything else, thanks to the United States Government.

Next psyop.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Carmen - Make Me Lose Control

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Carmen - All By Myself

we had a tie

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away

Gergen: Ask Moyers what "sealed unto God" means.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dramatics - What You See is What You Get 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Philip Bailey - Chinese Wall - 205 - Children of the Ghetto

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace - 101 - Pipes of Peace

7/18/2011 11:54am I was thinking this morning about how, after the Blitzer letter, the ptguys started asking me about Lois and Scott my aunt and uncle, and their daughter Candice. Like I say, I play out the psyops and evaluate the information later. While it's happening, I have a good time playing with it, and afterward, I evaluate how the idiots convicted themselves.

This morning, I confirmed there was no legal reason for my internet connection to not work. I already documented there were no equipment problems on multiple computers.

While dubbing the CNN mystery science 3000 CNN videos to my computer, I didn't want to listen, because I know how crazy the commentaries sound.. and what it would be like to have an officer in a room, with only that tape, and whether or not they'd be willing to listen to the stories that explain just the facts leading to the conclusions I speak, and then, whether they knew or are willing to know that truth revealed in those conclusion when they realize it really is the truth. I express my denial of that truth by laughing and then just continuing on knowing its real.

It's a lot like when I ask the politicians, how many millions of  people do you need to kill to get arrested?

The locals now are trying to get me to write things to intel people, anybody but a public person I can prove is playing games with me and others. Intel types: I have no desire to do so. You have my files, case numbers and complaints, I'm a citizen living my life, and I dare anyone (with a smile) who would say that I've tried to emulate anything, and learning journalistic and electronic media and political methods is not the same. Like I told Turner long ago, check mate.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks & Valerie Simpson - Now Love Has No End

Maybe the intel people can explain magic bible verses... and then random magic Hafiz, and music and... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Celebrate Me Home

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Come Go With Me

The Case of the Bee Sting Torte, written in 1976

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

And if people understood why that song, and it ain't about me.....

12:31pm still unable to post to website, still bandwidth limited to less that 3kb/s and not enough to use web.

7/18/2011 9:57pm Spent most of the day being tortured. Lynn's being hit by psychotronics and dews, and is bedridden because of it. They will want people tobelieve she's an invalid. She's not. She's a victim. Tonight, while being threatened if I continued to write about the actual crimes being comitted against us, Lynn was sddenly hit by THurston's specilaty.. someone becoming very angry and irrational for no reason.. in Thurston's world, that means another attempt at getting Lynn to cla tthe police,only to end up having her put injail  Thurston and his chickenshit friends think thant's the funniest one, getting the woman arrested. In Lynn's case, this will be called another direct attempt on her life, and conspiracy to commit torture, given what it would mean in her physical condition, caused by the very people wanting to humiliate her.  ANd the mental torture they keep putting her through, a charge that will be charged for 10 plus years, each day a conspiracy to torture. I know that makes all you perps and covering cops laugh, but you won't when you find out that you are subject to the law you laugh at so much.

Thurston continues to insist he's a proud pedophile and rapist, and that all cops in Washington State are the same, including the DHS. I am going to very much enjoy quoting him when he gets his first wish, to be poster boy to the world of what a perverse Nazi cop looks like.

Just because internet connectivity was lost is not the greatest loss to me.. it's very inconvenient, and further proof of the crimes against the United States Government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Paradise

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cliff Nobles & Co - The Horse


7/19/2011 7:09am After 2 tylenol pmsand a couple hours of sleep after yesterdays longand intense torture, Iwas wakenup around 3 am and tortured muchmore, constantly, extremely painfully. I made an audio of the torture session, since it was obvious it was another attempt at sleep depression, Around 5 am or so, I decided totry to eat a bowl of grape nut flakes and coupld barely openmy mouth wide enough to get a spoonful in.

Like I say, I  alwysa play  out dialectics and psyops... the ptguys went a long way before I was tortured one day, and decided I might as well watch tv, and ended up watching CNN. They asked a lot of question a couple weeks beforehand about whether I held any animosity toward Blitzer... if I had to,I'd say he knew about everything going on,  but the specific incidents with himweren't harmful.. much likethis last sequence with CNN, that you could say was helpful to my position, although was useless given so may people know about the mass murder of US Citizens, and make money and remain silent about it.

Given what Iknow now, andhow  it's played  out, let it e known I'll be filing attempted murder, attempted frame-up, civil and uman rights violations and more against CNN fro freedom of the press violations against me, and the SF office of the FBI. WHen Itell the details of the story their profiler worked on for CNN, any jury would understand the reasonable suspicion, and the probable continuation of ultiple crimes dating back to the mid-1990's, and then, back to  1958. Congratulations to the SF office of the FBI...

This is what  your locla cops and their pervert friends say on behalf of the United STates:

from 6:30a, We don't care about the Hague because they're a bunch of sick fuck mother fucking liars who don't matter anyway. From JR and the DHS.

Tell your profilers and the pervert goon cop swquads and the media any further denials of psychotronics, in my case or any other, will lead to RICO and other conspiracy charges. THis government will never get away with claiming psychotronics doesn't exist, and it's rape and torture victims are psychotics... their version, the police and DHS may as well hold the rape victims down while they are rape and maimed...

I'm now being told the US Government is 100 % behind these rape and torture efforts. I already knew that.

7/19/2011 5;08PM  Seems the Pastor Melissa Scott story continues, despite my boredom.

A couple years back, I was so startled at PMS with blue eyes one night, and then I was constantly threatened for - ever since that she was an FBI agent extraordinaire.. and I said, she may be an FBI agent, that wouldn't be anything new...  andI have this video - could be a promo for a car or something it might be the footage of that night's sermon.

Long ago, I told a story of being in a bus station in San Francisco  on my way home from visiting friends in Santa Cruz, and a man tried to get me to go to his hotel and sleep and eat.. of course I was informed enough to say no, and a police officer thankfully walked by and the guy got the message and left. 

So, Keith couldn't suck me in, nothing to be interested in if you're interested in facts or news... and so for a week or  two I was questioned about my thoughts on Wolf Blitzer, and like I said I was sort of tortured into doing that.. after all, long ago, I was tortured to stop viewing CNN...  On the constant threat of being arrested by Melissa Scott, FBI...  and the locals have threatened for a long time to have people claim they witnessed me dong sex and drug crimes, like sexually assaulting their children.. that would be the OBrien, CNN, MSNBC, Threaten her granddaughter and sexually harass Lynn and a friend psyop... 

Meanwhile, a week or so ago, I started getting asked questions about like my cousin Candice... from San Francisco, of course... 

Oh yeah, and the remarks by the profiler about people doing funny things and then something horrible.. which I've said about the locals, and if they lie like they always ,they probably will...  and then the fact that Thurston and his friends have emulated the conditions in We Have A Voice, supposedly with me being afraid to give police evidence because, as is true, they are guilty of the crimes I'll be stating...  and Thurston an his friends enjoying playing a game like the Dean Koontz book Lynn was reading  when I met her, of a cop kidnapping girls and watching them slowly die...

My favorite that I'm sure the entire world will love, part of what I"ll say is the true demeanor of the United States Government, is all the Biblical sick  jokes, including using military weapons to  try to kill Lynn, looking more apparent to be a combination the efforts of certain sheriffs, the military, Weed and Seed, and certain ministers who must read some other Bible than the ones I"ve read, and it couldn't possibly be books about God.

Again, people may think that 'm so distracted and out of touch that I don't understand what's going on. They're very wrong.

Can dice. About what? And who cares in the US Government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 17 - New Power Generation (pt. II)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Along the Road

8:37pm I've just been tortured for over two because Thurston.. and I can always tell it's thurston because of his incredibly foul mouth... tell the FBI agent in San Francisco he insists on calling her a cunt. Just thought you'd want to know how the cops in washington state represent the fbi and the US Govrnment... when the charges are filed. just remember, it was 6 years a few years ago... 

Thurston loves to claim I'm a hypocirte,, including using the lame excuse of asking for the death penalty if he's caught.. and he thinks getting me and other people to use foul language is a moral victory for the United States.. so FBI, ask thurston how much he hates and fears law enforcement people.., so when you arrest him, he can be scared like Mitchell Crooks. And he IS going to be the example dirty cop of the uNited States Nazis, and today is just one more reason why I'm going to enjoy proving that.

9:52pm IMagic dictionary lookup... I was looking up hummingbird, hoping I'd find some folklore about the hummingbird because of all the songs about the hummingbird and religion.. and turned to Humboldt.... Baron Karl Wilhelm von Humboldt....  1767-1835German philologist and statesman.

I thought of that because I was playing Hummingbird by Seals and Crofts...  interesting how my first web site included  the kite and the hummingbird...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - B05 - Kite Dreams

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - Duality - 10 - Nadir (Synchronicity)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Jefferson Starship - We Built This City On Rock N Roll

Something about synchronicity....

10:04pm Something about synchronicity.... 

Job 40:10  Deck thyself now with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty.

40:11 Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one that is proud, and abase him.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Williams - Listen To The Radio Last time I did, I heard a radio story on the UW station about Rupert Murdoch taking over the media...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B02 - Eastern Intrigue


Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B06 - Fair Warning

7/20/2011 1028am  It's been an intereting morning, listening to thurston's foul mouth tryng to goad me into writing a letter to Candice DeLong. I don't know why I would.. but since he's such a stupid idiot, and thought once again that threatening me with a "scary authority figure" - profiler note HIS persecution complex and thus unfitness for the job - so the the only thing I can say, to the principals and all the decoys.. this is going tobe highlighted because it will be my notes on the criminal charges regarding the US Government, the FBI, CNN, gE/NBC Universal, the COuncil on Foreign Relations and numerous  state and  local officials. But  this part is for the Candice DeLong, as if its really your name. BTW, close enough to Nehru, but unfortunately...  I want you to know that thurston harrassed and even broke one of my toes this morning to get me all worked up, and the only thing he caused was documenting this conspiracy.

ANd always understand, I mean what I say, I  speak litrally, and for you to play psych games about what I might be saying are nearless useless, because what may appear to be aesopian to you people, is   a direct response to specific people, not sending out messages like the media does to terrorist cells. And I don't care what people like you think of me telling the truth.


So, to Candice DeLong FBI San Francisco.

Frankly, read the letter to Panetta. Same to ya. Whatever you are in this case, you represent one of several people used to distract me stupid fumbling cops like Thurston and his sheriff who I"m mentioning on purpose to let them know I'm not distracted, and they're just pervert peons.  Nonetheless, whatever your personal roles and ideas of how to profile me into some compromised position of any sort, understand I know the ploys in the street theater and in verbal and political dialectics, I studied enough about the medicine to walk in front of a jury right now and beat anything you might say. But the idea of now supposedly me to act obsessive compulsive, a sexual predator or anything other than what I am, a reasonable sane person who doesn't fit into the mass hysteria and psychotic state the CIA studied with Northwoods and the terrorism of Japan with nuclear war in order to induce mass psychosis.... I never will. I told Dobbs early on the biggest mistake about me is trying to categorize me.

I'm not the calculating type: situations present themselves, I respond in a way that counters the general discussions and also plants a seed for a better way to approach things. Much of the sarcasm and nearly every foul word on this site is the work of psyops by people like you. And I can actually prove lots of things by the inconsistencies in verbage and topic, particularly when thurston's working me.  And nearly always in defense of CNN and Pastor Melissa Scott, whoever those phonies are.

Because of the psyop involving you, decoy or not, as far as I'm concerned what you've hannded me is a rationale and mo and id method that's consistent and proveable, and a direct link of activities between the locals and the Federal Government. Given mo, I also will assume the attempt by thurston that lead me to write DHS Nazi Rapists was your and SF FBI's way of saying hello.

Frankly, I believe you ought to profile yourselves and this government and the media and if you were honest, declare it insane and unfit for public service. Otherwise, knowing how psyops people in this line think and enjoy exercising their latent psychotic perverse tendencies, I  will assume your confession as including, in the same way I will claim Barack Obama's Normandy speech his confession and you as evidence to prove, that this government is Nazi, and that these documents will prove it and your guilt.

1) Nuremburg Codes

2) Project Censored

3) Timothy Thomas

4) DOD Information Roadmap

5) The illegal and unconstitutional existence of Weed and Seed and any and all practices or organizations inflicting criminal harm to its own citizens. And don't play games with me about illegal and unconstitutional laws. I believe atheists are athiests because they basically don't need to be told right from wrong.

6) 2001 Space Preservation Act

7) Massachusetts and Michigan law acknowledging the weapons

8) US News and World Report: Norseen also Atlantic Blue Tunas

9) Several photos of supposed Pastor Melissa Scotts

10 My FBI File on the reports regarding OSPR and Pete Wilson. And the ones after that. 

11) The Reports and Executive Summary of the Church Committee 

And as for my religious beliefs: You and the United States Government do not have the legal authority to judge me in anyway, as per the constitution.

12) My paperwork from the FEC regarding my candidacy for the US Presidency in 2003, and clearly stated intent  do so again for 2008 and 2012. And I will claim illegal detention, sexual slavery and an incredibly long list of criminal acts against me and Lynn and I  just dare this government to try to defend it.

Finally, my only personal thought is, I was a supporter of equal rights, and the promotion of woman's rights and more importantly, their abilities and qualities that would be beneficial to our culture and world. I certainly hope you're not going to claim to be a successful product of women's liberation.

Sincerely and with great disgust for you and people like you,



Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Hello

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Emancipation - 02 - New World


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Controversy - 07 - Annie Christian

and my pick

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

I can just see the diagnosis. MPD. He claims to talk to God. And God picks his music, dictionary lookups and Magic Bible verses :} And he can explain it, though CNN would never want him to.

11:04am chopper flyby. for the chopper guy.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Peace of Mind

11:11am Bonus track. Re: Turntables. I keep saying, God has a strange sense of humor.. more proof...  and I just keep sittinghere watchingth eshow of life, watching God win.... bizarre.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who

Something about abasing fools. Biblically speaking.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Arlo Guthrie - Pause of Mr Claus

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bruce Hornsby & the Range - Scenes From the South Side - B03 - Defenders of the Flag

5:21pm Today, Donna played walk the dog with Lynn, Lynn saying she suddenly came out of nowhere behind her at the mailboxes, then walking her back home, there was a pair of glasses on the ground that were broken at the head of our road, and Donna said they looked like Charlie's, and took them home with her. Given the psychotronics earlier, my bet is they're playing a game based on Charlie telling me about people hiding in the bushes here, and supposedly taking pictures... wait til someone in the military sees the picture of what looks like the guy in the tree wearing camouflage. And of course, I'm so glad these people think this is funny, especially now that the Federal Govt is directly implicated, as it has been for quite some time since they sent out government trucks to make fun of  killing my dog. I Id'd a couple other military people before that, on audio and video.

Cherry pickers - wait til you see the stuff in the criminal reports about what else was said about God and Jesus and Muhammad and... and of course, Perseus and Sirius...

I at least got some work on the trailer today. That will be the ultimate proof of illegal detention. I may not be the best carpenter, but no one takes this long to build what needed to be built....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nazareth -  Love Hurts

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ray Charles - Georgia

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Take Me to the Pilot Sounds sore of military :}

God picked this one.. something about Job I think, and I don't mean Steve and Al, though I know it is..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Donny Osmond - Soldier Of Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God   Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 07 - Rich Girl

I keep playing songs and, I think God has a lot on his mind today.. especially for profilers :} 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody

7/21/2011 I was just typing in a poem by Lynn,  and realized she wrote it the same day I created a web page for later use to describe Nazi propagandists.. It will later provide evidence of another attempted murder.

Anyone who gets involved in all this, better remember, I don't forget incidents and I don't get confused, because evidence and facts are evidence and facts, and all I do is add names, faces, organizations and the criminals to the list of suspects. Now the only question is, when is this government going to realize its traps don't work on me....  

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mister Mister - Broken Wings

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Patrick Moraz - Soon

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 06 - Nature

12:55pm Personal note: not the one I was looking for, but another reference to someone wearing dark glasses while having sex. And, Jackson Browne will likely confirm by himself that he knows he's an angel, and notice the Biblical references. Also, I really enjoyed the idea of being Jared, not the being captured part but the Pretender part.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Pretender - Pretender

3:32pm Weird. Lynn connected to the internet. I assume that means someone got me to write something they think will help them. Ever heard of Matins and Vespers?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Child From Nowhere

I opened a new section last night.. may be the thing that got the internet connection working again, I'm suspicious.. anyway, it begins with a Christian music mix from Prince. I know these people think they're setting me up to offend people. Their problem is, I'm going to wake people up.. and I will use God's angels to tell the story God wants told.

Remember this? :} 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Rarities - You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - 07 - Earth Roll On

Wait til you hear the mix of cynical and sarcastic Christian songs....... 

7/22/2011 7:54am After over an hour of torture this morning.. tried to upload my pages last night.. I was able toview a few pages after several retries, but whenIwent ot update my sites, suddenly the bandwidth was greatly reduced and it would not  allow me ot get past the login. I was told it was supposesed to frustrate me. All it did was make me laugh at how pathertic and cowardly thde United States Government really is. 

It's been clear to me for quite some time that the US Government for some reason wanted it to look like I hated women, and worse. SO to prove it, they've sent a whole of women, appropriately called bimbos, to prove their hatred of people... note the videos are primarily of the men involved...

Speaking of which.. it's pretty obvious the ringer they put onCNN was a normal psyop, and that woman FBI agent is stupid enough tobelieve you cna hit a button and actually make someone delusional when they'r enot.. you'd think the FBI would read the CIA reports and know it doesn't work, even if yo're able to profile and simulate the conditions.

THe biggest mistake this government ever made about me was believing Iwas in any way delusional.

I read some of the Tripartite Tractate last night.. Isuggest the FBI look at that an see if they can understand the cosmos a little better. It's good to know some religious leaders understand it. (BTW I was amused at the publications of Brill on Harper Rowe.... published bt the same people as Michael Moore and those who wrote For the Love of the WOrld in 1949.)

It's pretty obvious the oprofiler in SF was supposed to distract me from the other idiots - and the laguage used about her and the government and the FBI by her friends makes it clear she and Thurston have been working together, and are the truly delusional ones to beleive I'll forget about everything else that ever happens. Like I told Thursotn, FBI (he wants to call you bimbo and worse, FBI idiot)... your tactics and foul mouths are easily traceable thru patterns that I've identified as being from government psyops. ANd tell CNN they're proving they're as stupid and guilty as any one or corporation could be, they keep proving it, and thanks so much tothe Nazi idiots who really beleive the Hague is irrelevant. Like the FBI

All those reports, FBI,they prove your guilt. Rememebr the $185,000 and how the Hague will view the US Government work to make sure I didn't receive it via the Pastor Melissa Scott Psyop.

And always remember that you're dealing with a true believer in the Constitutional nd God.. and that, as you know, it's why I see no personal challenge to make Cliffy and others happy to supposedly play some idiot profiler as if I'm some sort of serial anything but a citizen who refuses to surrender his rights. A citizen tortured and sobotaged by a government so cowardly that it spends billions of dollars faking charges against decent people to justify their own existence and paychecks. And all they really do, like Thurston, is prove the government hires psychotics for law enforcement. TO any of you law enforcement people who are offended by the results of your own crimes, psyops, always remember what I tell the psychotronics guys - you're only offending yourselves, and in the long, causing an entire world to hate you. God counts on that, and it's working. Once again, Wolf was used, supposedly with me having nothing against him, to lure me back into  watching CNN, so the FBI could prove its stupidity. Too bad Wolf. Godot came and went in regard to you. Something about letting the dead bury the dead. Like OReilly setting things up so you could incriminate yourself.

Next psyop.

My pick., dedicated to the rolling stones, Paul Begala and Crossfire, Clive Davis and Bono.... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  O'Jays -  Love Train

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stylistics - Betcha By Golly Wow

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lenny White - Betta

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - I'm Still Standing

PS From the sounds of it, Panetta's wife has been working on a place for me to stay in Monterey.. I hear there's tons of weed and seed there,  just waiting to volunteer for the coalition of the willing idiots... as the woman from the Wa State Dept of Corrections will tell you, video tape is cheap, lawyers aren't, and the Hague isn't interested in your job titles. And God still picks great music mixes.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Great White - Save Your Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Grateful Dead - Truckin'

It was a tie.

I think the US govt is afraid of Santa Cruz. They should be.

Bonus Track: It was gonna be Hall and Oates, Maneater from Runaway Bride.. but I thought I'd trump that... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - 101 - Untouchable & Free

and my favorite... Sting & the Police on IRS Records & Tapes.... A&M records.. Herb, of course, one of Moyers' old sponsors... fortunately for me, distributed by Universal... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Alanis Morissette -  UR

To the CIA: You know what I'm saying.. a dream and a chapter I've looked over and don't need to know more about anymore.  FBI Lady, is that above your pay scale? :}

11:04am I decided to listen to one more song before trying to get some work done, and this came up...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Cat Stevens - Peace Train

Something about a slow train coming. The psychotronics guys insist I say, interpret that as you will, Uncle Lou. They're your perverts....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 04 - By Heart

5:13pm Another lost primarily due to tooth torture, as werll as rape, and thurston just tortured me to make sure I mentioned - he actually just tortured me to call her a cunt again - tell her the profiling won't work, and here's wheat they want to say.. we're fucked and we know it and we're going tokeep doing it because we can,\

So anyway, CNN, TIme Warner, GE< FBI, Pastor Melissa, Thurston the cop who wants the death penalty..

Psychotronics is easily proven., ANd Lynn today will be one more mistake remembered... the internet connection is still not functional, bs lies or not, and thurston wants ot threaten the FBI agent to be able to claim I'm violent and threatenting an fbi agent because he's obviously that stupid.

The WOlf Blitzer letter will be kept as part of the record of the crimes of CNN, NBC, FBI, Thursotn and Mason Pastor Melissa Scott in attempting to  commit murder an dpolitical and religious assassination. I assume today's brutally menas the FBI said full steam ahead.  Thank you FBI for proving you are criminals. ANd don't blame me for the penalties you wanted in place for he crimes you're guilty of.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - Who's Crying Now

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens -  Passing By

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 202 - Whirlpool

8:10pm Thursotn is definitely working me tonight, non stop torture and his usual banter about being undetectable, about continuing to destroy my teeth, andvarious other thigns he's already demonstrated his love for and which will make him very popular around the world. The PT Guys want to say they're glad they're the ones these idiots chos eot protec tthem, becaus ethey'll go to jail firstl.  Thurston also seems to think he's a good guy by continuing to say he'll stop me completely from wiriting anything,e specially religious, once again, to prove he and his dept are satanist completey, and to make some impossible claim that he can break anyone's connection withGod.

8:35pm Thurston's specialty and special joy seems to be harassing an torturing woman, as will be evidenced later by various police blotters and the neighbors across the street on the corner..  I keep telling you Nazis are cowrds.. and Lnn's inthe other room in more severe pain. Something the FBI can be proud of. TOrutring a 60 year old woman they attacked with dews after having a stroke... He still thinks he's going to embarass me with his crimes.. like I said, he and his friends and the FBI are evidenc e Obama and the Nazis humiliating and exterminating people, just like he threatened world leaders at Normandy..... The stupid idiot wants me to make threatening remarks.. here's my threat, the death penalty is the penalty for what these perverts, under the authority of the Untied STates Government, operating outside the constotution in t=reasonous ways, making their supposed laws invalid.

Due to torture, my religious rights have been violated this evening. Between that, infiltrated churches and phony Jehovah's Witnesses... isn't it weird howthings got stranger when Imentioned the video of t e blue eyes. THe funny par tis, what if its the promo and nottheminister? cause I don't know.. I do know this is exactly why I don't review the evidence in naziland.. because the governmentis  illegally attempting to make a case based on illegal depositions, illegal searches and counting on me to disclose everything to them before going to safety.. after years of illegal detention... and saying if I don't post everything on my web site, I'm operating covertly, while the government laughs at the constituion by blocking m access.

Further, public humiliation.. I made the music mixes because I was being tortured and decided to at least enjoy some music. It's no owonder, and establishes further the pattern, of the demeanor of the psyops and violations since thurston decided to save his corrupt dept and state by teaming up once again with CNN and the FBI to prove their treason and hatred of God. If there's anything clear, it's the United States Government's hatred of God..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ohio Players - Fire

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Still Waiting

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Abraham, Martin & John

9:30 pm I was just trying to talk to Lynn before going to bed, suddenly her pain worsened and Thurston made himself obvious, as she began to cry out in pain. Alot of trophy entries here for ya cliffy... I wonder what Cho would say if he knew someone like me was going to stop you sickos... 

9:50pm Lynn just said her pain is worse. Wait til the Hague sees the pictures accompanying my reports of pets  and children getting burned by lasers delivered via neighbors and military choppers to suppress victims of government crimes. And across the street from CNN was a man named Richard Pearl.... a victim of the FBI, refusing to admit a mistake, just like WACO. And a target whose laser burns are well documented to stop her from reporting the FBI ignoring her reports regarding the true assailant she told them of before it happened. The same woman in charge of the LEvesque File Research. Gotta go. Lynn just started screaming in pain. Nazi Cowards. You know what they say in the death squads, women and children first.

10:01pm Record another attempted murder against LYnn. Subject: same as the poem in Nazi Propagandists, Thurston and PMS and FBI, and Lou DObbs.. thurston takes requests apparently, right Dobbs.

7/23/2011 10:23am One of the things these delusional perverts forget is that when an authority gives cover to criminals using badges, elected titles and more, then that authority has responsibility for whatever happens. Period. And in the case of Federal Authorities, given what I've known about my life as of a few years ago, the Federal Authorities should just turn in their badges at the Hague. The Church Committee all by itself gives me grounds for international convictions.

A lot of effort goes into the locals interfering with what I do -  writing, living, working - and they think they intimidate me - but they do to the extent of knowing tha my allegations will be easily proven, and that even the FBI is desperate. Like I tell Thurston, why doesn't the FBI have the brains to quit while you're ahead.  And in my case, unless the government and politicians truly are purely satanic, then why did so much effort go into dragging me into politics only to assassinate me and laugh while doing over a long period of time, and like the chickens of the United States, laugh atme when you illegally cause destitution leading to death. Every Ti asks, why don't you just show us the mercy of killing us instead of playing with us like disposable toys? And the answer, institutionalized sexual predatory practices - not for enforcement or to cause change or even good - but just for fun.

Again I'm sure that's supposed to intimidate me...  just remember, through al the sex traps and other setups, especially the sex traps and the "scary authority figures" who  I can only assume need to present themselves as perverse rapist people because they believe that's the only way to get respect for themselves as police and authorities, which means they have a pretty low opinion of themselves and authority. And are unfit... anyway, as destructive as they are, on a personal level, but on an objective level, all I can do is laugh  at the cowardice of a supposed mighty and moral nation.

I can think of  no reason that I can be stopped from making the legal reports necessary, short of death, in which case.. who cares?

Roy Ayers - Mystic Voyage

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

Prince - Positivity

Just so people know: this government is perverse,and one day you'll realize how many of your neighbors are paid by the government to make your lives miserable. THe government wants to use this, if it comes to light, as a means to claim I created violence or as a pretext for further suppression of  your rights.

I still have every confidence that there are plenty of good people, and plenty of good christians, and plenty of good nations that don't suppress the rights in the name of promoting freedom. I am stil a candidate, I deal with the likelihood of being forced out of this nation by a corrupt government, and if that happens, I guarantee you this government will be convicted and you will be relieved of their despotism. I declared checkmate years ago. I meant it then, I know i now. History takes time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - Atlantis

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Reminds me of  this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - There Is A Mountain

What was the phrase that goes so well with the story of Yusef... something about Muhammad and a mountain....

11:45am I've spent most of the morning in my room being tortured.. it causes Lynn pain if I saty around her when it happens... and of course, that's one more way thurston and his friends isolate her to use psychotronics to later claim she's unstable or not credible... she just told me some things had been moved in her room, and I went in there, and since earlier this morning when I was talking to her, her dresser had been pulled out from the wall, I noticed that, and shes not physically able to move it. I know someone pulled it iut because there was a painting rolled up there not long ago, that I put there, and it rested between the dresser and the wall. More illegal detention, civil and human rights violations, and making fun of sexual predator gang-stalking. The FBI does a good job of proving the corruption. Thank you for your efforts in proving your treason. Tell Napolitano when I file additional charges regarding Waco, her and Janet areno will be at the top of that list. ANd of course, that shows criminal mo, intent, and perpetuation of serial crimes. Go threaten yourselves some more, DHS. And this unfotunate need caused by DHS to force me to communicate this way will be a journal chronically all of your attempts to criminalize and humiliate adn murder us.

I only say this again to once more later prove you're monitoring this, to record the patterns, and to make sure you know, that like any serial criminals, you all will be caught.

12:54pm Notice the need to make this entry is a  detention. I was talking to Lynn inthe living room, while I was being tortured, and she had to leave the room becaus eit causes her more tension to witness me in pain, and they use it to cover the additional dews they hit her with to cause pain and this has beengoing on for  a long time, to cause her to feel pain around me so she'll remain isolated, and consitutes more torture of her. I'll mention to the FBI lady, the feminist, Lynn's been working for you almost all her life, is credited with saving 20 million lives, and you and your pervert cop  friends make a living of setting eproplelike her up for psychotronic sand physical rape and torture and public humiliation... that's why i stated the lowest posisble insult I could find about you.

As for your supposed attempt to make me seem obsesed about  you.. always rememebr, it's the choice of the US Government to perpetuate the phonyminister psyop. That means, pre-meditated murder, multiple counts, pre-meditated rape, premediated destitution and homelessness... but excellent proof of a  Nazi government. Tell thurston he isn't doing you any favors, and thank CNN for surrendering.

I made a 1:36 entry that disappeared but should have been 1:16pm Lynn went out to look at trailer and be on deck, gunshots began from Charlie's house.. more illegal detention making entries and death threats noted.

1:21pm Charlie insists that I pointout the shots stopped when Lynn came inthehouse.

10:07pm tooth torture continues,as the perverts laugh when they tell me that the US Govt will determine what I'mallowed to write. Again, I love it that thes epeople believe psychotronics cannot be proven, tha tthey are anonymous and above the law, especially police and DHS.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Miracles - Love Machine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 106 - All in the Game

I think God;s talking just to me this time.

The FBI's perverts want me to mention the FBI agent at Waco, the supposed SUnday School teacher who corrcted himmself befor econgress and said he was the nursery guard, laughing at Koresh claiming to talk toGod, microwave dishes on the poles to the right of compund, an incident pshysically provoked the day before by the ATF, and unlike the simple publicity stunt that murder was claimed to be by Brian Williams, then led to the wounding of Koresh over something tha teasily could have been handful peaceibly, without incident, and illegally. The part about mooning the Branch Davidians from the tanks racing in front of the compound to provoke them to violence will be the fulfillment of Koresh saying either they will be judged by it, or the US Government,and of course, I decided the US Government would be. Nazis hate the truth.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - Yearnin' Learnin'

7/24/2011 10am Awoke around 8:30, and neearly immediately tooth torture began and then the psychotronics insisted that I call the FBI agent a fucking bitch whore.I'm glad she thinks this foul language will embarass me. Foul language, FBI, is that really all you're good for? Or is it the rape and torture Obama cherishes so much. Did you hear the one about how Bush and Chertoff just happened to be in townwhen certian mass murders occurred? And how he personally viewed and directed torture from the WHite House at GITMO? So, lady, for the record, since you and your fellow perverts think it helps your profile of me, you're a fucking bitch whore. Have agood day in church feeling like you've accomplished something with your friend the nursery guard.

Meanwhile.. she will be a piece of evidence of how the FBI has been sexual stalking me for over 15 years.

Let's make something clear: the only reason I  didn't collect evidence, and the only I responded to Pastor Melissa Scott at all is becauseshe presented herself as aminister, and reached out via aesopian, to me, otherwise, who cares? Given the timing and what happened, I'll easily make the case alot of it became about making sure Ididn't get the $185,000. So if I end up onthe street because of this, I can  now directly blame the US Government, and every other satanist rapist murder the BI and the CIA and Barack have used to prove they're Nazi stupidity.

Feel free, when this is done, to say I humiliated and exterminated these people... at least I will be doing it legally against the people who are supposed to be enforcing the law, not enforcing victims to suffer while their politicians enjoy watching the snuff films...

Asfor CNN, I won't be giving any testimony that will be exculpatory about you people, NBC or Fox You're not journalists, I'm assuming now especially the  Sierra TImes was correct, always did, and every person who even remotely became involved in the hoax, like channel 4, will be up on all sorts of violent crime and con game stings with special circumstances and my approval to grant these people their wish for the death penalty if caught. And I hope their defense attorneys claim I'm a hypocrite. There's a reason Kryptoman wanted the death penalty kept and used. The reason is a cop.

Other than this stuff I was tortured into wanting to state, I don't have much to say, except the magic bible verses every might assure me that I will prevail on behalf of the citizens of the world and God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - For The First Time

 I'm not always a fan of  God's sense of humor.... reminds me of the song "touch me" in the morning. That's an intel joke.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Carmen & the Raspberries -  Go All The Way 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney -  Hey Jude

I will however, state that God is sexually harrassing at least one person on this planet, deserving and btw, there is a satanist church in San Francisco for your type. Iwas reading about it a few months back....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Martin Murphey - Wildfire

10:52am I was talking to Lynn before trying to work and she said she'd opened a book and turned to this, as I played a song and Kenny Loggins "Undeniable Groove" came on, worth listening to.. revolution and all that... Turn to page 281, Ladinsky, The Gift, Poems by Hafiz.. another one of those great Arab Sufi Muslim types US politicians and Christians love to hate so much...

Magic Hafiz verse #1

Covers Her Face With Both Hands

We speak
Becomes the house we live in.

Who will want to sleep in your bed
If the roof leaks
Right above

Look what happens when the tongue
Cannot say to kindness,
"I will be your slave."

The moon covers her face with both hands 
And can't bear
To look.


Then there's page 117. Look it up.

Oh yeah.. Olbermann: A reasonable man wouldn't taunt their rape and torture victims. And remind the people, do you really want to publicly humiliate rape victims?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

How a peaceful movement will  beat the Nazis.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michelle Tumes - God Is In Control - 12 - Healing Waters

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - In Square Circle - Spiritual Walkers

11:16am Still being tortured. Why when I did search for my name did the CIA family Jewels include my name? And why does the government persist in proving they can be traitors by violating every right to taunt me. Turntables. These guys are trying to get me to sya things, as in the PMS psyop, to give plausible deniability. I play psyops as if people ae honest and allow them to prov ethemselves. It's honest even if they're not. The only proof I need now about CNN and many others is that if they're to claim some good guys, we're still here being tortured and time being wasted. And the state does have full responsibility too.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder -  Skeletons

5:57pm I was in the lving room, about to watch the Michael Jackson "This is  it" when I accidentally happened upon a show "Hitler's Silent Holocaust" about the Einsatzguppen, the Death Squads that killed nearly 160,00 one year without anyone knowing it. It wil be added tothe death squad write up. Then I started thinking about dinner, and the tooth torture intensssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss instensified to once agian, like every night, make it painful and nearly impossible to eat.. the muscles  inmy left jaw so exhausted and painful, followed the usual kjokes about Auschwitz in Americaaaa. They're even torturing me to make fun of the fdact they cna do it and cause repetitive letters on the kwyboard while I'm trying towrite.. anyone, these deth squads from Germany are  mosre proof of the holocaust occcurring in the United States and the world against Jews and other races.  Of corse, the US Govt perverts laugh at how much fun it is to kill Jews, while taunting me about not being able to eat, and how "they're going to make Auschwitz in America come true".. their words.

Meanwhile, I now have al the dots comnnnected to prove this entire psyop was planned prior to 2003, thanks to RUmsfeld and hs shortwaves.... and th epeople on the island giving me  ashort wave radio, and then telling LYnn the people on the island give themselves short waves as they drive by.. the people I did that wiht anyway, like  friendly, have all turned out to be onb the death squads. And let's not forget they also did Lori and Adrian, Obama's chauffeur. Charlie told me numerous addresses on the island tht were targets, making fun of us one day aboutthe paint n the wall in certain places.. Saugets were one of those people. Some others just down the street arre obviously targets too, and I took video so I could send lawyers and authorites back later to help them.

The day I took vvideo o fHarstine Island, I was also looking to identify signs of targeted indiividuals, not just death squad members. 

National Geographic... lookup and present natl g moments, Jan 1942...  perso nal note

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Yes - Long Distance Runaround

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald & James Ingram - Yah Mo Be There

As the FBI proves ts gilt by perpetuating the Pator Melissa Scott psyop.

6:15pm "We love killing Jews because we love to watch them squirm as we kill them" Such is truly the demeanor of the US Govt and the death squads of Washington State.

6:59pm When the This Is It video was being made, I wondered about the lyrics to a song... they don't really care aboutus" and I thought no wonder the government and Obama would want Michael Jackson dead, because he directly speaks out about the US Governent. Ialso know he and his brother know about psychotronics and dews, and were people I planned to talk to as soon as I could.. before his death... Just after his producer or tech director said something about "the church of music", Michale talked about how as of 2009 we only had 4 years before the destruction would be irreversible.

Back around 2005, Julianne McKinney, former Army Intelligence, responded to me online talking about the coming holocaust.. the same time period she and others suggested I look up the thought camera. BYW I don't believ ethe world comes to an end with the Mayan calendar... although great damage will likely occur with the black hole conjuction.. or whatever its called, and the dust storm in Phoenix is a good ezample of what theat will partly be like... even though that could have bene done with HAARP in another move to cause national scares about the supposed end of the world.

I told Julianne, who I think was replaced in that forum one night by a minister nad FBI agent trying to publicly humiiate me, and failing, the same one who posed as my ex exxon wife Beverly and made basic mistakes in intel... 

The psyhcotronic guys, to waste my time and so thurston could claim I was a hypocrite, got to run some Bible codes, ala Paul Begala, and if there's anyhting consitent, it's holocaust associated with the names Gore, Bush, Kennedy, Keith and Warner.............. years ago when Begala first brought up Bible codes on cNN Crossfire, I did some searches, and it assocaited a variety of CNN personnel with Mazers,  attacks on my family members...  I have th eprintout of one of those just for fun.. but will now feel more confident about provding it as evidence of Begala involvement, and then, just to give peopel something to think about when considering North America Phillips. Ta Ta.

Know what else is associated with those politicians? Jesse, dog, and my sister Linda's name....

How do you get the chicken paux twice? Have your kids marked for death by the US government because your father, maybe a secret Jew, refused to cooperate with Nazis.

Flyby 7:11 tell the FBI I'll be asking for FAA logs of flights over the island as well as a particular video one night a tthe airport when a contractorhit me and a police officer with psychotronics, confusing the officer...

Always understand, I don't believe in or give faith to anything but the Bible and what God leads me to... but since CNN wanted it to become part of the mix... Lou, I'm assuming Jeffrey Lord was another attempt at public humiliation as well. Can't wait to find out who Jonathan Klein is.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - Beautiful Noise

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - Lyin' Eyes

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - My Eyes Adored You 

I just knew the Frankie Valli cut would come up. And lying Eyes.. God never misses an opportunity.. :|

Junior just said the Beautiful noise par tis apart the sound Melissa Scott makes when shes coming. FBI  lady, really want ot be the big time SAIC  on this one?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elvis Presley - 30 No1 Hits - 07 - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

7:37pm Fractured swtrained big toe, more ligament strain, neck injury while the perverts laugh singing these nboots are made for walking.Thank you FBI for agfaon perpetuating the Pastor Melissa Scott Psyop.

7/25/2011 12:27pm I was nearly asleep after torture around 1am when I was abruptly awakened with extreme torture.. they told me they wanted me to write down what they said to use up my writing tablets... like arrogantly parading in cars harrassing me to prove the US Govt approves of murder.  What I just realized is they timed all these things to make it appear on paper that I lost track of  time, and they timed their attacks so that let's say, Thursday torture ended at 1am, and Fridays started at 1am...  doesn''t matter.  yesterday was torture all day followed by nearly all night. And the idiots said they'd use these notes I  took to prove the despotism of the government, and they said they'll use em toprove I was delusional, a psyop victim, and that they dictated everything I ever wrote.. a la Kurzweil. Make up your mind.

Meanwhile, to taunt me, they'v ecompletely convicted everyone they were trying to protect, especially the FBI agent. SHe wants to make me out to be a bad person toward Lynn because the FBI and the entire plan was to publicly humiliate us both, and now... Lyn of course, idolizing Susan B Anthony and having written abook about the importance of the 19th amendment for children... is being murdered by a woman most people would call a feminist. 

Here's what the feminst FBI agent and her friends had to say about Lynn...

"Lynn is the biggest joke in the world and we love fucking her big fat cunt"

ALl I have to say is if I was an FBI/ATF agent, I'd want the FBI people punished for Waco, not go out of your way to prove this nation hates God and anyone who actually cares about people. What a great FBI/Apostate/Murder/Sex predator you are, FBI.

4:22am this morning Iwas told, while screaming in pain "We happen toknow that we cna cause you so much pain that you'll go insane.

Just remember, Barack and Napolitano... I have evidence. And Lou, they did the torture last night so I'd have to write things down to the theme "Lovin every minute of it"... just like the death squads on the road. And you think all this evidence is worthless - the patterns are priceless.

My favorite part, FBI, is when they break my  toes while I'm trying to urinate. It's one of their favorite ploys, and has been going on for over a year.

Like I said, I dare you to have a real court and jury find me delusional. I dare you. Despite all the attempts to kill the witnesses... who are still alive.

One time Isaid posting thing stothe internet is my lifeline. I said  that knowing the US Govt had every intention of shuttin gus of fthe web, and the latest problems accessing it were not because of an unpaid bill, and guess what, shutting me down like this was expected and perfect evidence.

I'm a presidential candidate being assassinated by the US Government and the Nazi propagandist media. And I will never back down on the label Nazi.

Einsatzgruppen - people all over Europe, matched with Auschwitz in America, will understand it easily.

Prince - Emancipation - 310 - One of US

Like the Bible says, the US will be cut off from the world and will be known as hell on earth.. it's all in the Bible... and the Protocols.

I burned my mother's Bible to prove to some interrogators I was loyal to the US. I  thought they  were too. I didn't know it was one of the few that still contained banned text about the Elders of Zion, the Matrix of God, concision and NASA.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company - 10 - Ray Charles w Gladys Knight - Heaven Help Us All

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 01 - No Lookin' Back

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Electric Light Orchestra -  Shine a Little love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

Can't wait to hear what Blitzer tells AIPAC about how he and his company help to murder Jews: Obama's Silent Holocaust.... Alot of Jews sold out in Germany too

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various artists - Hold Your Ground - Vol. 1 - 03 - James Keelaghan - Hold your ground

12:52am Bonus track... what I say to all the bimbos the government fails to get me to lower myself for.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lenny White - Betta

Something about an alternative news guy named Lenny, with a tv show and a love for the truth.. he made sure we both remembered each other.. guess who knows, Barack?

All from a weekend of Project Censored people who published the headline: the tinfoil hat club will be the heroes.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dire Straits - Industrial Disease

 Cynthia McKinney please be aware the FBI lady wants to set me up to publicly humiliate you. Remember the Rwanda story, Cynthia.. and Cindy's talk with Norah ODonnell about the dictator Chavez, the interview I witnessed the day you were on MSNBC? Always remember, Vespers and Matins.. God 'll turn the tables on every one of these Nazis. Don't worry about what they say. I'll shut em down. With a story of my second grade teacher. And how she got zapped for being nice to me.. another story this perp psyop guy thinks can possibly embarrass me... Unfortunately, Matins and Vespers... every time.

Keith Bill, what about building 7?

Accidentally picked this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Starbird

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 05 - God Is Love

1:55pm Lynn and I tried to talk, and of course, the puke ray, Rachel's favorite, was used to cause her to become suddenly nauseous. THe Govt perverts want me to write notes about being tortured all day, and I say yesterday's account ofa typicla day will provide me all the info a jury needs when the hard evidence is presented.

Again.. Thursotn made his whole thing about suppsoedly me taking him on like a personal challenge like I was playng with a cop stalking a sex predator or criminal.. I told him back then when he made the typical "give the death threat" taunt I didn't know his name an dididn't care, and I can make the case, other wise, Ihave no interest  in thinkin gof you. You committed the crimes. Peon pervert evidence. So if the FBI or any othere DHS agency or anyone els ethinks this is a game or I think it is or Ithink any part of it is fun, and if you think i give  a damn about making it a personal challenge to anyone.. understand, I don't give a damn about Barack Obama or  Rockefeller or anything other people who have proven to me their satanic perversions...  If you commit crimes against me, I'll report them. To international authorities, no matter what.. and I'm not gonna waste my time being a targeted individual spening their entire life writing a journal for evidence so pervert DHS people can claim they make thier living murdering and raping ala the cHurch Comitee.

I am a citizen who exercised my legal rights, had crimes committed against me, and all this bull of govt psyops and more is amounting to nothing more than all of  you wanting to fulfill God's prophecy: what I did to those to set you free I will have to do to you for the same reasons in the long run. An then, he packed up, left, and that nation destroyed itself. So go ahead Nazis, laugh at how you radicalize people to humiliate and exterminate them.. and don't blame me for telling the truth to a justice system that cares about justice. I have a right.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 202 - Bridge Over Troubled Water

But not to help Nazis.

3:24pm It's another day being lost to torture. I'm getting tooth torture, but I'm sort of used to it. Lynn is being worked over to make her fear the future, which is actually a rational thing,  but the psychotronics and dews are very harmful and are used to purposely cause depression. Attempted murder again.

AS for other things, such as internet connectivity, destitution, the rest... Lynn will end up fine and get very fast settlements from nunmer  I alwyas like to hear the US govt perverts trying tomake this all about money.. I really did expect all this, and Lynn didn't and of course, wanting to argue the morals and ethics, spends her timelike typical TI's wondering how the government could do this to her. MO. FBI. San Francisco. What a woman.

I know how this turns out. Just like ??? knows what the consequences will really be... Oh yeah, Lou, whats being done to Lynn is on your description.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

7/26/2011 4:13pm Ectreme tooth torture to extract my teeth as  they work on the next victor torture setup, and use torture to distract me while tryingto work. I'll make a video later to show you how little work and what problems it ccauses.

I  specifically stopper right now to make sure I noted aqn assault, the same way psychotronics was used to distract me to almost cut my thumb off, the same ways Lori and Adrina were attacked even though I doubt they're aware of it, but easily will be when I ask them how it happened.. including the stroke scenario from Olymoia.. but there I was exiting the trailer and distracted with dews, rc and psyuchotrronics causing me to hit my head.. this is one of their favorite treicks and its no aaaaaaccident, nor was that typo an accient, caused by the pain of torture.

6:19pm I was going to write something last night that I've wanted to write for months... but I was tortured and told it would be another example of hwothe US Governmen can torture and rape people and control thmem with impunity . It was going tobe called "When I say Nazi", and would have explained that the things the government is doing and the way they do it and the history of the Free Masons and Illuminati to many nations over the centuries....  thurston wants me  to state this in a way that lets him and others of the hook. I would have said, simply, a thing that would have put a few people in a better position to claim they were used.. however, when people actually perfor evil acts toward other people, there is no excuse. And God will not forgive it either. Any Christian who thinks they will simply be forgiven either hasn't read the Bible or got it backwards..

I got a letter in the mail todya from Ketcher and unfortunately, will end up proving dentists are feeding each others lies to cover their stories, which will be disproven with audio of things like, dentists refusing to provide services and apparently now claiming I refused services from dentists I was referred to.

The intimidations of Weed and Seed, police, FBI, doctors and such are mostly illusion and only work on beginners, and for people like me, only hand more evidence over that is not only not superfluous, it provides ll the proof that this government is changing the Untied States to a Nazi nation only more covertly than HItler, and thus is what Reagan was tlaking about when he said we must learn from our mistakes, look to the past to see the future...  and I think why my dad gave a dutch rub on the head a couple times..

The ost recent attacks are brutal and will prove incredibly embarrassing to everybody invoolved. I joke about magic bible verses and things, because I find it very bizarre myself, but, He does have a strange sense of humor and being to turn tables by getting those doing the crimes convicted for the same things they're setting up their targets for.

Isn't it weird I was being set up on so many sex traps, and so many things to make it appear I  was claiming ccredit for things I wrote that others stole... while trying to murder me...  and it appears that now, when thye do that, they'll be confessing.  My favorite part is knowing that if people in the national media say one thing about me out of context that isn't actually true, they'll be testifying against themselves like Cheney and Olbermann. That was Keith's favorite part o fthe Cheney story. And God said, when apostates get popular, God himself will provide them the words to confess and convict themselves and they won't even realize it. ANd rememebr, apostates are not just ministers or Christians or any religion, they're leaders, traiors, liars, and politicians.. fbi.... cia.. Pelosi said they lie for  a living.. and as for terrorism by force of muth.. thurston and his fbi advisor are going to really regret their foul mouths and sexual obsessions.

Any profiler would tell you people like them terrorize people by telling them what think is the worst possible thing sanybody could hear, like a cop rapes and then taunts the victims, and brags about it to you. Thurston wanted me to highlight that because he believes his badge will get him off th ehook, especially about psychotroncis nad threats and murder attempts, and all he's going to end up doing is forcing people to step forward, and psychotronic sus and all to prove he's so stupid, they don't want anything to do with him or be associated with him.

And the thing is, like the recent CNN stuff, if that was supposed to scare me that the FBI was working with media... is that new? 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers -  He Will, She Knows

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder -  Sir Duke

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire -  Sing A Song 

9:08 pm I'm now having to listen to perverts laughung about singing about Lynn being tortured with dews 2 years in a row on Christmas, in Christmastown USA of course, right after her stroke. And teh audio that goes with them singing "on Christmas day in the morning" is Lynn crying out in pain asking God to kill her to put her out of her misery. Of course, the first year, I'd been tlaking about h epagan holiday that substitutes the holdisay for the birth of Jesus.  And I played a song by Emerson Lake & Palmer - I DO Believe In father CHristmas which ends the christmas you get you deserve. ANd olbermann and th erest will be attributed with the results of Nazis and Nazi propagandists, using directed energy weapons for a new kind of storke that is painful - only becaus ethe directed enrgy weaqpon attacks constinue and are cvered up by antidepresants and pain killers for symptoms and side effects it helps and causes.. Perfect cover up. Except to people who know the difference.

Thanks to the FBI for their blatant attempts to cover these Nazi crimes. Nazi is the only concise way to describe what the United States Government has become, and ther'ss plenty of evidence available to prove it from the Hitler Regime, and the US since before the end of WOrld War II. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various artists - Hold Your Ground - Vol. 1 - 03 - James Keelaghan - Hold your ground

God Always gives good advice

10:53pm Forgot to mention. Last nights Bible reading included a laugh from Acts 8:27.. about Candace and the Ethiopians. According to CNN, the Arc of the Covenant is in Ethiopia.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 106 - All in the Game

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elvis Presley - 30 No1 Hits - 07 - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away

In Aesopian, GOd's saying: It's all in the game - sex trap - and then weirdly a song I decided to listen to while writing this, and the lyric I heard was "Does Anybody Care?"

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Harry Chapin - What Made America Famous

I'm gonna listen to it again. But it says it all.

For those who don''t believe n the matrix of God, I don't have to make this stuff up. 

7/27/2011 11:13am I was just sitting here being tortured, hearing how thurston is so proud he'llbe used toexemplify police in the United States using his description.. and then more threats.. I'm told now the aesopian the FBI agent commenting on the kidnapped boy was to let me know the FBI will arrange for LYnn's granddaughter to be led off somewhere, raped and murdered. Unfortunately, I wouldn't doubt its true,since the government has been threatening her for over 5 years. Meanwhile, Ihave another take on the same thing, bothtrue, that the analogy was from a story in my life, and it's the FBI's way of saying that if Iget asylum, someone will lead me off somewhere and I'll be disappeared. Like I  said, I believe both scenarios will be attempted, and this will constitute anoter death and rape threat against Lynn's granddaughter, and will reported as such.

What a great FBI.

ZZ Top - TBD - 100 - I Thank You

Alot of times, I think  God is reflecting he feelings of the perp working me. So I would jokingly say the FBI agent is thankful she gets tobe a rapist and murderer some more.

Police should rememebr the report to the Hague reflecting on them will be what thurston wanted me to say. It's  a good thing for him and others that I don't have a predisposition against police and authority figures...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cowsills - Hair

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gloria Estefan -  Don't Wanna Lose You

Lastnight they told me the FI agent is  christian. THe PMS psyop continues, thanks for extending any relevant statutes of limitations. ANd proving the guilt of your apostates.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number must be 666.

The psyops guys thinkthey have totally immersed in obsessing about their rapists friends. I'm a presidential candidate, and I will be sure the world knows that democracy is  dead in the United STates.

Beth Lodge Rigal - Start Again.....

11:26am I read the other day that the climate of Israel is roughly the same as California. I have  a friend with offices there.. he believes in peace and prosperity too. Rabbis are like that. He told me to come down and work with him after my 2004 presidential campaign.... I believe his international org was one of those sponsoring Rachel Corrie.

Daniel Nahmod - Secret Weapon.. ooh, he's one of those.. mysterious titles and lyrics.... 

For Thurston and Candice.. they should be married... Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - So the World May Hear.... maybe a threesome with the minister.. seems like their style... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

2:42pm Lynn and I were relaxing and talking... I was about to go  work on the trailer when she was hit with psychotronics and dews, making her upset about me being amused about a remark she made, and it was a typical unusual response to talking... More to record the attacks.

10:25pm the trophy pervert swanted me to be sure to report that they are using extreme torure on me again to prevent me from writing. And they tortured me in their way to force me topost a link to a song. Screw them

10:30pm extreme torture continues I'm told it will continue until I post the song. Screw them. 

10:34pm "We have more intelligence than a stupid sick fuck who thinks God is real." FBI This is all on your bill. Stil wanna be the bigshots on this one? Your decoys and dialectics are about as stupid as they get, and the repetition is your fault.

cm_inspiration canceled due to torture. I'm so glad the United States Government wants to prov eto the world it loves to rape and torture and assassinate political leaderss cause they'r sucjh sex perverts and satanists

7/28/2011 10:20am Keep on Walking Forward... Pat Humphries.. it was going tobe onthe church music page i was working on last night and is the one I had to reencode fo rthe web that I didn't put in.. th elatest obsession/excuse for the perps

The last few months have been an interesting study in how psyops are done, and how the government causes people to write things solely for the purpose of attempting to give them the profile of a crazy person.. only a crazy person would do that. Unfortnately, I'm gonna really enjoy looking at the weblogs na didentifying when different people ftook over and compare that to contacts with authorities and media and politicial people.. and then I'll be able toshow authorities how the US government causes mass murder for political purposes... and how causing someone to comit violence  That was perfect example of Norseen thought insertion an dhow people get caused to write things..

One of my favorite parts of the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop was about somethng about wanting Jesus to be the take over dominating manager typoe.. which if you understood Jesus, He never did unless he had authority...  no wonder people think God is going to be a violent tyrant.

The psyhotronic perverts consider it a victory toget targets to argue ethics and morals, how could you? conversations and all.. I got over that years ago when I realize these people really prove they're Nazis by taunting an d torturiing people for fun... and the professionals who actually seem bored and are incredibly predictable... the only moral or ethical comment I have sort of like from China TOwn, when the justice system no longer believes in justice, neither will the people. Since the FBI and others have gone so far out of their way to put me in another synthetic reality I know is just their sick world, and not the real world.. and not as out of touch as you think...  and the reality they want me to believe is that all cops, all police, all govt agents, all courts all lawyers all people hate me.

What a rediculous premise. ANd then they make it seem like i believe I'm the only person who cna save the world, and try to make me believe I  don't know the difference between a political and real world situation, reality and probable outcomes, the difference between that and spiritual and faith related conversations, if they don't believe I know the difference then they need to learn to read and...

deal with their reality, that their intel is horrible, jaded, and biased toward covering government crimes which makes them not law enforcement but criminals, and any agency that would defend killing 52 innocent people must be corrupt. And for the FBI guys who love it when their torture victims complain - you have adone a fine job convinceing and taunting me by proving all the crimes done to me and others in order to provoke me.. and you did.. justification for how I can make the case you'r eNazis.

Always rememebr, despite your psyops and how smart you all think you are, I will never make a claim that isn't supported by evidence or reasonable suspicion, or if I feel so strongly about something, I'll demand its exposure simply to make sure the perversity of it all is known and understood. I have no doubts that lots of people will lie and try to shift the focus f investigations and lines of questioning and thought in order to avoid prosecution, or even common public knowledge of what the government has become.

And the perps should be glad to know, I'll show you the same mercy you show your victims. You should enjoy that.

One other thing: this business of trying tomake it appear that I obsess on individuals: that will end up being the final proof that the government engages in predatory sexual practices as acts of terrorism and eventual murder of its own citizens on US soil using military weapons.. Thanks to aircraft yesterday for circling so I could get the video. Got ya on the third pass :} (Had to finish my coffee) I do however wish I'd videoed the flag of Venezuela. I'd just recorded so much evidence that day...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - Dear John_live

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Burton Cummings - Stand Tall

Profilers: I take no responsiblilty for the music God picks. He always does this to me. Brings up things I'd rather not get into.... :}

Remember Diallo. I'm sitting there thinking I'm being responsible and objective and understanding of police, and God had to go and pick Diallo....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Rhymes and Reasons

10:44am God loves to prove He's the true master of the dialectics.. went to listen to rhymes and reasons, accidentally picked Rocky Mountain High, and then heard rhymes and reasons, and knew I had to play this as the perfect follow up of the message God wanted to give you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Stookey -Wedding Song

10:52am Then God played this. Do you believe in God or not?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 17 - Wartime Prayers - Paul Simon

6:26pm I' m sitting there trying to watch tv, being tooth tortured, and I look up and see ablack man an dhis, teeth similar to mine, and the next thing Ihear from these racists is :Look cHucky has black people teeth followed by jokes and then silence about black people when they realized I would use this as another example of what I have to put up with. And of course, they repeated the "joke" about destroying my teeth, and Barack and Occidental College... 

ANd then you question the intelligence of the people employed by the  US Government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

8:14pm Just as I sat down to write this, rc was used on Lynn to twist her ankle and cause more pain.. just like thye caused her to break her toes right after the stroke...

Today was a dialectic standard mo.. lots of painful torture.. first, I was suppsoed to bellieve Marcia Clark was after me.. why I don't know. It became cler it was about the psyop cnn did, made obvious by the questioning in psychotronics and the  remarks  in the weblog, making sure I was upset with blitzer first to use him to draw me in.. and to  finally conclude a la thurston fbi and other people who say the proof that theyre superior is that they weapons while the people thye're murdering don't... so I agreed to file charges against Blitzer for conspiracy to commit murder and torture over a nearly 10 year period relating to the cawse of the snaggle tooth killer. No wonder thurston was trying to torture me to "get a haricut and clean up my act"... it would have covered up what will be easy to expalin about my current appearance... since a haircut in Olympia when someone cutting my hair scratched my ears to draw bloo dto cover US Government crimes agains tme since I was 3 or 4 years old.

As soon as I said, sure, I'll file against WOlf, there's more than probable cause, and like usual, find someone I supposedly like, then supposedly traumatize me by having them betray me. Guess what.. no matter what, WOlf knew what was going on.

But since I agreed to make those charges, proveable, I received even more painful and intense tooth torture that appears to be aimed at breaking my jaw, and I ate ground up burger, tomatoes and cheese tonight for dinner, and becaus eof the torutre, more were made AUschwitz in America, becaus eI could barley eat it, and the idiot wannabe down the road was reminding me how he said he'd give me lockjhaw, andthat he was the master...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - Art For Art's Sake

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Monkey See Monkey Do  I hear that phrase all the time, since Biden, and when the locals demonstrate tha tehy are involved in the tooth torture.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - That's The Way of the World

9:42pm This afternoon,. I was working inthe trialer . I was getting harrassed heavily, as usual to distract me. One day, a silverware drawer was broken for no reason. A couple other times, some medicines appeared to have been stolen and mixed up  in their containers.. today, it looks like someone took advantage of psychotronics to steal some more. I'll say so if it shows up, like the book and the $2000.

Civil rights cases are made on patterns of constant harrasment. Like th ePator Melissa Scott psyop, where i was interrogated for 3 weeks without stopping, and then had to go through my things only to find all sorts of crimes of odd sorts and not too important but a strange pattern,  based on paperwork, the US Governemt just illegally searched this house again. Now FBI, probable cause, mail fraud, sexual entrapment, sexual predatory practices and a whol elot of people likeus who will love the opportunitot testify. That will include the Peace ALliance people... 

7/29/2011 11:24am The psychotronics guys wanted me to write something this morning.

I considered saying more, but all I could think to do was quote these people being anti-US and how I'm gonna have fun proving psychotronics to a jury, without even needing any device, nor mass hypnosis or anything else. And I hope the judge is  a  woman.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stylistics - Betcha By Golly Wow

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 202 - Whirlpool

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ray Charles -  Georgia

I always love how God plays with the people who think they're smart, then introduces the next theme :}

Final thought. Thanks to the FBI for providing the final direct link to the US Government that requires little explanation. I'm tired of the games, and the answer to the question "now what are these weblogs for".. originally, to kep an open channel to talk to the government and media since they opened the channel first... even if I couldn't figure out why they'd wanna talk to me..  then it turned into a  way to collect my thoughts about my studies, and share my discoveries, and now,since the government did so much to try to manipulate it into sounding like a Kurzweil, and they did that...  it became a crime log, that because the government wanted to blatantly prove it could shut someone down with weapons while saying this is what we think of the US Constitution, and believing their victim would think they're powerful.

Play Samson and Delilah all you want. And then thank God the US government has proven its complete mockery of God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Jordan - Human Race

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alright

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Williams - Listen To The Radio 

12;17pm TOday's game that the psychotronics guys want to document like atrophy is breaking my toes numerous times. 

12:27pm The psychotronics guys just told me tha tpart of the reason they keep going over weblogs and then having me comment on things is not only for trophies and boasting amongst themselves for the crimes they get away with, but to also try to get me to discuss things I wrote long ago that they obtained illegally so they could now say they knew about things because it was in the weblogs. Here. Like the reason Keith condemned himself with God....

5:41pm just spent about an hour searching th ehouse for Lynns pain medication ... not anywhere, but her dresser was pushed up against the wall, and I don't rememebr doing it, and she says that's where the medicine was. I find it incredibly pathetic that the FBI and Sheriffs and local peons would  once again cause Lynn more suffering and financial distress..  they just tortured me to try to give them a reasonable out that maybe psychotroncis was used  to have Lynn misplace it. THe problem is, like the book the locals have harassed about stealing certain things over the laswt couple years, the book one of them, and thurston the idiot cop who is now possible going to face additional federal crimes for theft of presecribed medicines and torture and continued harassment for murder of Lynn. that will be part ofthe conspiracy report to the Hague, especially in light of how they've used directed energy weapons to cuas eher mor epain after taking things like oxycontin... and they laugh when they think I'll be humiliated by this, all the other easily proven and identifiable settups, and teh govt having to face charges of sexual practices, including rape and all the other stuff the FBI would love for me to rant about...

Desperate perverts. Glad the FBI wants me to believe every DHS person is a rapist. I'm sure that impression will be made, and I won't be lying a bit, becuase I don't have to.

WHat a joke the US Govt is.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond -  I Am I Said

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Thunder

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Madonna - Ray of Light

7/30/2011 10:15am Fancy not meeting you anywhere.. that's from the psychotronics guys to the FBI agent. Just remember, DHS, when you try to use the claim on me that I"m "hearing voices" and the "tv is talking to me".... :}

I think the FBI ought to ask Olbermann and his girlfriend pastor melissa scott (notice lower case, these people represent groups of people, like the tribes Judah or the guy whose name is 666 :} Except for two people. Keith knows who they are.  and it's interesting that people have wanted me to publish the "supposed list of people I want dead", and the truth is, the list is a list I made for God, so that if I died before these people, I wanted Him to let me know so I could be there so they could look me straight in the eye when God sent them to hell.

Keith knows their names, and their guilts by association, and why he's at the top of the list. BTW, tel AL I can't wait til you defend him for the inconvenient truth of the inconvenient truth, and why Sarah Palin changed the phrase global warming to man made climate change. I think she enjoyed my website, the one that had John suddenly declare "this election's about personality"... 

Thus last night's Magic Bible Verse.. and I was asked again yesterday who was on the list. Keep in mind, I love the idea of having these political and corrupt authorities arrested, so they can make a hypocrite of me when they claim I  publicly humiliated them. And then watch what happens when they do... the profiler would understand why it would be a stupid move they'll probably do, since they think everyone else is stupid.

II Samuel 21:6 Let 7 men of his sons be delivered unto us, and we will hang them up unto the Lord .....

The medication. Every indication is it was stolen the day before when Lynn went to the mailbox, I was in her trailer working being distracted and harassed.. Lynn went to get the medicine that night, had some other in the living room, so she didn't get the container that's missing. A convenient delay... Federal crime. Thurston's an idiot. And I will ask the Hague to include the Federal Govt in the charges... theft of prescribed medicines... Vespers and Matins....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jay & the Americans -  This Magic Moment

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 01 - Darkness 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Head East - Never Been Any Reason


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 01 - Bound for Freedom

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl - A02 - Ruby Jean & Billie Lee

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

11:20am I was just thinking about what I'd need to finish som ework, when Iwas told I was going to be allowed one more trip out of the house before I leave the state....

11:27am Lynn was just hit with a dew attack causing severe pain, just as I was preparing to get to work,, leaving her requiring attention, no work done, more lethal attacks, illegal detention.

11:37am I was talking to Lynn, she said "blessings on you" for me disposing of a rat, and then did the thing Catholics do to do a cross from the forehead and across the chest.  It's a local at the moment doing the psychotronics. And of course it wastes my time doing petty things to keep me busy and detain me. ANd its too bad the Catholic priests in town didn't honor my request to talk to them. Last night Iwas told the torture would stop if Isuppsorted a constitutional amendment against abortion, as if they would. And bytw, church infiltrant,s this neither vindicates or implicates the churches more or less than they already are. 

Now.. let's not forget the federal government committing federal felonies to cover government crimes, using the media and death squads.

4:34pm I was outside working on the Camaro, unsuccessfully trying to get the right rear wheel off,  when a guy came down the road, stopped at the end of the driveway, white van with blue lettering, and of course psychotronics going.. and a few minutes later, Lynn said she found her medicine. Of course the PT guys loved that... didn't surprise me a bit, but later will be interesting because of certain implications, including reasonable suspicion... at the same time, the claim the FBI commits Federal Felonies to commit crimes to cover crimes stands, as well as any other claims that I have yet to resolve or psyops that haven't played out. The guy in the van looked alot like the guy at the Royal 8, though I'd never sware to it, but the tooth torture and banter is his style.

Good news.. after a month, the Camaro started, ohe yeah personal note; today's video of roof and notice of default for more on psychotronic manipulation.

8/1/2011 10:09am Last night, while reading the Bible, I was reminded again how much I ove reading Psalms, and since a few years ago, how munch I understand that David really understood what it meant to be a son of man and a Christ, and the ways of God. And I really love it that he wrote his prayers and thoughts to God so that I'd know how things happen. For the profiler go  ahead and say I think the Bible was written just for me. I know you satanists don't understand personal relationships with God and the living word..

I know that writing about torture and all is like a trophy and avictory symbol to the perverts the US Government hires to kill people. However, it's important for the people who actually believe injustice in other coountries to understand. WHat's worse, though, is that the reports - they want me to sa if I stopped reporting they'd stop torturing. the truth is, they want me to be so tortured, that I'll die in silence.

Yesterday, Iwoke up inextreme pain, and it was because of all night directed energy attacks to  my left side and kid ney, as they told me they would give me an aneurysm - the way dogs should die.

I was in so much pain all day I could barely walk, it was hard to get out of bed, and of course, I  would have been making my car safe and had the brakes fices.. I rememebr at one point in the afternoon, the microwave very strong, being tooth  tortured, lying in bed incapacitated believing Imight die.. being unable to do anything about, and being taunted about how they prove they could make me submissive.. likethe cops tying down a rape victm while they're gangraped, and the cops are laughing.

This country's government has gone a long way to convince me they are what they are, and then when I think of how to reprot it to international authorities, of how they go about killing people covertly and laugh at their  victims as they do it, they accuse me of  being a traitor and tell me I should remain silent, die in silence, and prove my loyalty to this nation by doing so.  what a government.

he last few weblogs are very important, as they provide a great deal of proof of MOs and how people ID and taunt their victims, the most notable of all when thurston the cop came into the picture and demanded to be called buttfuckman, and then had a few other people use the same mo's. .. especially the foul mouthed language.. keep inmind I decided to call him thruston because I was tired of the filth of BFMAN, and then the FBI profiler and the first thing she tries to do is the same filth using the word cunt.. amazing what people think of themselves.. and lady, who defends egregious crimes by the government... don't think I didn't catch the "Same toya" asit happened. I always know when that kind ofstuff is done because I don't think that way or talk that way, but since it's a channel to you and others in the government, I just go with it. RIght, media and rOckefellers?

So I ended up in bed, extreme side, stomach, kidney and back pain, being tooth tortured, coughing up the mucous caused by the torture, and then being hit with the puke ray multiple times, telling me they were going to keep doing it all day, and that they wereto get Lynn to take me to the hospital, once again,t o try to document my suposed anorexia. AMazing how much weight people lose when thir teeth are purposely destroyed and they're tortured by rc and th egovernment even while eating, while chewingand in betwween bites.. and I'm not talking about because it's just a painful tooth. Of course, when darkness came and the time to work outside was over, the back and side pain completely went away, confirming it was a Directed Energy attack again.

My final thoughts: let it be known that I have no more benefit of the doubt to give to people, when a psyop is presented, I'll simply record what I  need to prove the crme, and then ignore it as much as I can until you are arrested.

Bottom line for me is simple: I have been a very loyal citizen of a nation who taught me since I was in grade school how great this nation was because of  its rights and freedoms.

I'm tempted to say nothing more.

But, I have to say, when someone like me does public service within the law, inviting government comment if they I was doing something they might think for other reasons might be inciting, and instead, they try to kill me for having no reason to complain about me, it's a very simple internationals will understand when a nation is overthrown and leaders and teachers and clerics and others are forced into exile or face death if they remain.

What a country.

PS FBI thank you very much for proving the almighty power and moral authority of the United States.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Nether Lands - B06 - False Faces

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dr John - What Comes Around (Goes around

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Major Harris -  Love Won't Let Me Wait

The last song's God's way of telling me to expect the next bimbo soon. How much do they get paid?

10:39am It's embarrassing.. went to listen to Dr John and accidentally came up with this... something about building a city on rock and roll :} Not online.. I'll fix that. there was a hit version, of course, I got the rare acoustic version.... so enough of the "let's try to make chuck appear obsessive" game.. won't work.

8/2/2011 12:13pm Last night Iwas told that I would not be allowed to sleep again until my tooth was extracted, so the perverts could get  on withdestroying the rest of  my teeth.  I remember it turning 5am. I've gotten a  couple hours sleep since then. I was laying here thinking of the pledge of allegiance, and the part about one nation under God... something Ibought into a long time ago too.. and when the constitutional question cam eup, I agreed tha tin theory the under God was  inappropriate given separation of church and state. Now I think it's appropriate to be removed, as the US Govt is slowly doing, because it isn't true.Thanks to the  FBI and the many churches in Washington State who have participated in our slow torture murders. And if Blitzer is  actually a friend of AIPAC I have to assume it's just a memo46 by the Nazis, just like World War II. ANd I know yo uFBI guys love trophies of your victims crying morals....  thanks for proving yourselves. Your boss is a perfect example of what you are. From the respons I just gotIhave to assume FBISan Francisco is still  trying to make it out that their crimes are justified jst because they have badges. Proof of Nazis. 

I'm being microwaved constantly now.. I'm assuming it'sthe FBI's joking way of informing me with impunity that it was the UNited States Government, not Israel, that murdered Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat.

Remember, I don't use the word Nazi lightly. Nor claims of people loving to make snuff films for the US govt to  enjoy.

As usual the perps are trying to get me to say things to offend the people I care about. I am going tobe so happy whenthe US Govt claims tothe world courts that psychotronics and dews don't exist. I'm even more glad they think they can kill me before i make the reports. Like I said long ago, profilerr, I asusme the US Govt will succeed in murdering me. TOo bad you don't believe in God. But at least you're under the pillars.BTW I believe in God, and I'll win. It's why your  bosses are so nervous.

Last night I saw a story saying the police are using anti-wiretapping laws to do away with people taking video of them committing civil rights violations and other crimes... 

Finally, yes, I will ask  authorities to verify the genocide. But not in the Untied States. Too many Govt people would take too much pleasure in knowing the final numbers of Hillary's ... final solution...  She campaigned on it in 2008.....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 03 - Promises

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jean Joel Barbier - Deodat De Severac - 004 - Les Muletiers Devant Le Christ de Llivia

I guess Kryptoman gets his wish.

12:42pm I keep getting hassled about naming James Taylor. Tell him its about brotherhood, and he chose the ones against God. It's his problem'

Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 06 - Brothers

Todd Rundgren - Something Anything - Black Maria

James Taylor - Dad Loves His Work - 06 - Stand and Fight - pefect song for a  chicken shot Skull and Bones traitor.

The last 3 cuts were my picks. THis one's God's

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Thunder

Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner

Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

Ten CC - TBD - 100 - Wall Street Shuffle

Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg

Weird Al Yankovich - Christmas at Ground Zero

1:10pm Years ago, I had a few premonitions... the only 2 left are biblical if you believe the Bible.. 3 actually.. the first two having todo with Pelosi and the DOD doubling the order on small passenger jets, for their escape, before they set of fthe nuclear bomb in Virginia to make people believ ethe traitors are dead, andthe records of their crimes lost. Ask COlbert about the thrid dream, and Green Day.. and Colbert, you and she may like it rough, but tha's notthe important part of twhat the world needs toknow about people like all of you.

Jim Croce -  I Got A Name

PS FBI When I first told people of that, I did it to help the US. Hillary said, don't worry, we've got it covered. And like the US gvoernment and the law enforcement people, I have no desire towaste my time digging up evidence to substantiate the truth of traitors.

Todd Rundgren & Utopia - RA - B01 - Hiroshima

6:29pm Another day completely lost to torture. Personal note: Fantasy Island weblog... 

Isaiah 42:22

Daniel 9:25 48 years. The covenants are void. That's why a new covenant.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - Tell Me What You Want (And I'l

Give you what you asked for, be careful.

Just remember local tv, I'd have been on your side as a requirement.

8/3/2011 10:02am Last night I did a bunch of reading, and like I often do, I read it, and then I randomly open to another page just to see what the conclusion of God;s message is for that night... yesterday, I talked about covenants... and why none exist with God anymore...

Ended up reading once again the story of Hiram and Solomon, building the temple (that took 7 years) My favorite part was from 1Kings 8:22

22 And Solomon stood before the atar of the Lord in the presence of all the congregation of Israel and spread forth his hands toward heaven:

23 And he said, Lord God of Israel, there is no God like thee, in heaven above,, or on earth beneath, who keepest covenant and mercy with they servants that walk before thee with all their heart.

I remember Paul Begala trying to convince people, me, on Crossfire, that the ten Commandments was inscribed in stone by a computer guided laser written by space aliens.

56 Blessed be the Lord, that hath given rest unto His people Israel: there hath not failed one word of all His good promise, which He promised by the hand of Moses His servant.

Unfortunately, no nation or peoples can say the same.

This morning I'm glad the US Government thinks it has suppressed me and relegated me simply to reading the Bible. Arrogance, and evil people who overthrow and believe they won long before it over is why nations and armies lose. Good luck making me irrelevant in politics.

I just turned to Joshua 15:28 One of those places where all it does is list people ad geneology.. so I skipped tothe end 

15:63 As for the Jebusites the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the children of Judah could not drive them out: but the Jebusites dwell with the children of Judah at Jerusalem unto this day.

God has spoken, Barack, and the phony ministers and bimbos of the FBI

Now, Jeb, about the holocausts..... 

The FBI psychotronics guys want me to say fck the United States. Tells you what the FBI thinks of the citizens of  this nation.

Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation I wonder if I'll ever be able to listen to that song again without thinking of Eve. I  wonder how Jackson Browne's lawsuit against the DOD for using his music for psyops at GitMO is going? I just realized I thought the song title was the Naked RIde Home. Casino Nation I'll bet was one of the songs used.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mountain - Mississippi Queen

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 01 - Darkness

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nat King Cole - When Sunny Gets Blue

10:21am I meant to mention, when Solomon dedicated the temple and altar, he threw a party.. the same way I said I wanted to reunite Israel since 2002/2003 God's ways work.

11:19am About to get to work... the US Govt psychotronics guys wanted me to talk about the intel people... I've been proudly supplying music to which ever agencies were pretending to brainwash me ever since a  friend of mine in 2001 or 2 that her brother worked for the CIA monitoring web sites like mine.. of course, her family is targeted now...  and her last name is that of a former news producer for Fox... and similar to those connected with CNN and certain satellites used for certain things..

SO they wanted to spout my hatred for you all, supposedly so I'd be afraid one of your agencies would kill me.. what else is new? Like I told the guy when coming home from the media conference, I think that almost all US govt intel people are true patriots, and they know who the sickos are... that's my real opinion. Period. Keep in mind, I sometimes wonder if my dad "worked with" the CIA, and I would have respected him for it. Just as I wanted to be sure one time that I wasn't given info inadvertantly that could compromise national security, which would have remained secret. He said he was a consultant for the CIA/NSA and Raytheon.

With all tha tin mind, do I mess with he intel people.. its fun. They get to pretend I'm crazy, I get to pretend somebody profiled them and put em on the group W bench.. sort of like Westinghouse, nuclear reactors, Donald Rumsfeld and North Korea... I show you as much respect as you want me to.... and I'm really enjoy you guys betting your lives that psychotronics can't be proven.

Next research, Project Calico... 

Meanwhile, to fully express myself tothe intel agencies about my self esteem, I've picked a song that you can analyze to death every single word in the lyrics because I mean every single one of them. Can't wait for the summary 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Gettel - Return - 07 - Son of Heaven

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God I hadn't noticed the album title.

Bonus tracks: interpret them as you will, or usually do...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Led Zeppelin -  Black Dog (Rare Acoustic) I actually wasn't into Led Zeppelin or acid rock, metal or that loud stuff, except when they were top 40 hits.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Hole in the Clouds - 03 - From His Window The song for Barack, and older people to think bout when they participate in overthrowing this nation to people who will abandon them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 02 - God Of Wonders

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me) Thank God for the OSS


And now, a word from God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kraftwerk - Autobahn

and in response I have to play this:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton - Change The World 

to which the follow up could only be

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John -  Love Song

It'll be funny when Yoko Ono hears I wasn't a fan of John Lennon, but that Working Class Hero was the song that made me see the world a little differently... a difference that will be a positive thing for the future of wherever God chooses to establish the Kingdom.

8/4/2011 7:17am This morning the psychotronics guys were trying to  get me worked up into hating CNN... always just disgust. They want me to spout hate about Larry King, and he probably does that to himself. And of course, the psychotronics guys wanted me to start running Bible codes, anything to get me to beleive anything but the Bible and God, and it's becoming obvious to me there are scholars who have knowledge and understanding of the Bible, and find it so easy to mock, especially given the media's role in defining the image and supposed beliefs of Christians.  The stuff with the FBI and CNN and all.. couldn't suck me in, and you must think I am so messed up by psyops that I would actually believe CNN was honorable toward me.

Bible codes: let's be real clear, since Begala featured them, I've found it interesting, lots of clues,nothing definite, something shave come true, but it assumes life and the world are like a book already written and completely pre-ordained.. not true, but if you were psyopping people who are superstitious, you'd have someone hooked... and besides it wouldn't surprise this version of the software is a preset database, like the ones that said Olbermann and Melissa Scott were divine. Tells you something about the accuracy of that database. Like  I  was saying, they have people who know how to mock  Christians and the Bible like true experts...

Still, if this was true,CNN is supposed to "kill me", silence me, for the elections in 2008, 2012 and 2016.. meanwhile, multiple global holocausts occur, and it would appear someone named Jesse has been groomed to fool the world... an awful lot of people going to  Peru to see Jesus.. except.. there's the bomb in SInai and the following meetings in Carmel, a couple more bombs and like Clintons, Gore seems to be really good friends of the Bush family after all. Something about an aunt and uncle relating Carter to the Bush family.

Lots of clues...

Of course, for me, like the I ching, it says what is supposedly the way, and I say, oh yeah.. what if I do thiis.. my own twinkling of the eye act... it must bug ROve and the other dialecticians to know I never stick to the script. I rejected the Ketcher script... otherwise, I never rejected anything from the Ketchers....

There are definitely different people working me now.. boring FBI and CIA types... they studied things.. Thurston probably told them they probably better before getting too far into making fools of themselves... I told Thurston that, Jr took his advice, read the part about being Jewish... sounds like thurstons working another verbal dialectic to let himself off the hook... Jr says Thurston is his idol, with afoul mouth to go with it. If I was the FBI in San Francisco, running SOP, I'd put the weed and seed on Thurston and drop him in the bermuda triangle like supposedly Dobbs keeps threatening to do to me... it would be helpful to his bosses' careers...

I think I have an angry FBI agent working me.. and Marsha Clark, tell Baca he's the last thing I'm concerned.. that was a blurt, so prepare his defense. For what.. who cares... actually, I figure her supposed work in this psyop (not) is just one more brunette the FBI thought they could use to claim I'm sexually obsessive about brunettes. does the government really believe people are that stupid?

I figure the blue eyes were really bad contacts, even if they weren't, it may id that Candice woman as an infiltrant from years ago in Olympia... tell ol blue eyes she'll regret using the death of a child for a psyop opportunity to deliver a payback from Anderson Cooper and a CNN staff and management that must be desperate to suck me in somehow.. and the only thing they sucked me into was realizing how traitor infested the U.S. national media is. ANd like I said locals who were there helping to put us to an end, tv that is, like lots of other people and groups who thought it fun to harm me.. you screwed someone who would have been your best friend and ally. Given the trickle of news I get, I'd say the dialecticians used you like they use everyone to get what they want, and then like you local media folks whose egos and perversions got away from them, they dump you. PS Sylvie.. your dad is an incredibly decent man. What's your excuse?

The microwave zapping just increased..

Wolf.. yours is now the longest running single psyop against me.. making me look like the snaggle tooth killer... I don't know why you hate me so much but Chaldeans an Idumeans, the old, old ones, were like that. When analyzing my comments, just rememebr your desperate executives got me started thinking about you weeks before, and I couldn't figure out why. My MOis simple: deal with people as if they're honest and sincere, and if they want to prove their intent later, fine with me. Jews killing Jews. Just like Germany. History repeats itself. Tell AIPAC whatever you want. I refuse to have an opinion about an organization I know nothing about, choose to know nothing about to reserve judgment about people whose true motivations and ideologies I don't believe are well represented in this age of apostatic propaganda.  However, whatever you tell AIPAC let em know setting me up to be against them didn't work.

A couple days ago, someone wanted me to comment on people clapping for people in church. Not in my church, In my church, I serve God, not my ego. It's the same reason - business and ideoplogy - that I originally offered time warner and GE the opportunity to use my web site to sell the music I featured to tell God's story, and how I didn't want to capitalize on it myself, but being an honest businessman, I would have actually welcomed their co-operation.. like they do with the BBC... it's the same reason I wanted FOr the Love of the World to be printable on demand, not for profit, but just so people could have it.. the way I wrote it.. and I thought with editing assistance from "saints"

The other thing I wanted to comment about is the idea of FBI/CFR Bible psyops.. and how they seem to be obsessed with the whole idea of people being deluded about what it means to establish the "Davidic Kingdom".. with the emphasis on the idea of King David having over 100 wives...  interesting that modern Christians would not have condemned King David based on supposed Christian values, of course, disregarding how and why that could happen... and then of course, like Maddow (are you really  related to the Bush family, or are you gonna marry Billy so he can be a  future Bush president...)?) making Christians out to be deluded militants... 

Interesting that Waco began with an assault on a Branch Davidian in a local store the day before the mass murders began... reminds of something that happened at Spencer lake when police harrassed me and then a guy apparently was trying to pick a fight with me in a store a few minutes later... I was reminded this morning about how people in power don't follow the rules and laugh and take advantage of those that do.. I say, my actual respect for the law  is their own advantage, and one that will be their downfall. 

And that same downfall will be punctuated by pointing out what an ill-eagle is, compared to illegal, and the laws passed to enforce racial bias, prejudice, and induce incarceration or silence to avoid public humiliation, like the Nazis Barack described. I'll use Thurston as a perfect example of  that.

One final thought for Christians participating with the government, taking money from the government, allowing weed and seed and tips types in your churches... one last time, read your Bible, as a Christian, and understand why God contradicts your claim that it's okay to be working with murderers and rapists, and will simply forgive you because you claim (falsely) to be a Christian. You may belong to a church that uses God's name in vain, you're not Christian. You have responsibilities, a promise that goes with that claim, and it isn't just to not sin. It most definitely says, if you claim to be Christian, you're less likely to be forgiven... God said that. He said, it's better not to claim it than to claim it and break your promise. Ask your minister what they think that promise is. I bet they don't actually know. And tell them, praying with someone, and claiming you'll follow Jesus and he's your savior.. that's not what it takes tobe Christian. I dare someone to publicly debate me on that. And this weblog does not qualify, as I have no desire to play verbal games with government satanists who only want to use this to waste my time and offend as many people as possible with incomplete conversation.

I dice justice.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roy Ayers -  Mystic Voyage 

I decide to let god talk for awhile.. Ithink that's another instrumental.. Stanford, disco festival, Roy Ayers, Crusaders thank God for the sprinklers... Oh yeah, RN, sure makes sense how my medical background was woven into the PMS psyop. 

Let's try God again...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 12 - Business As Usual

A perfect song to  dedicate to John Hall, Have David tell him God may burn that 7th album yet, but at least one of his fans is a friend of taylor's ex wife... they make a great pair of people who proved they could not endure, and how going along to get along makes it easy for Satan.

And then there's this guy named Paul and me that its important to not overlook things like this in order to create unity, because that unity would be as phony as their religious claims.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roberta Flack - Look Out Here It Comes

I wish it came as a surprise.... I know a good buy when I hear one.. something about blue light specials and inconvenient truths.....

Oh yeah, applause.. I told you Keith, no  heroes. Pass the word. Cursed or accursed..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Gettel - Return - 05 - Holy Lands

today is about figuring out  how to pry a rusted wheel from a brake drum,  and hope it really is rust, or the grand theft charges against the governors of Washington will be certain.

I was thinking about how God says He always gives His servants a way out of "situations".. when they're offered and refused, He accepts the choice. Clearly God wanted me to deliver that message to many people. It's one way He allows me tofind out who are the ones who aren't adult enough to accept His offer to be saved after all. Tothink all I ever did was ask people to interact with me like adults, and interact as servants of God, not their politicians and benefactors. Or even a church that no longer understands God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 14 - Kiss On My List

Interesting song, especially for people who claim to be experts on Paul. For some, that list would be one of missed opportunities... and the kiss is Biblical and familial... must be a very small family these days.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Edie Brickell & the New Bohemi -  Beat the Time 

Like I said, I'm here to interrupt the timeline....

I had to listen to the Brickell... FBI, still think Magic Bible verses and Magic God songs are a joke?

I assume I've entertained the paranoid schizos in the intel profiling depts for the morning.. I hope you use this to claim I'm nuts... it'll be the proof that you are... go waste someone else's time in the future... and remember, when you defame me, God has a way of putting words in your mouths to destroy yourselves. Candice was part of that proof. And whoever you are lady, like THurston, just remember, I had no desire to be in contact with you \or any other of the government murderers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Montrose - Town Without Pity

Bonus track: the real song is EWF - Devotion... this will have to do...

Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Name Of Love - 06 - Revolution

10:27am Lynn just hit with dews and I'm being tortured by a bunch of people who still think they can make me out to  be an extremist.. and even claim my thoughts and ideas are because of the Bible code - I knew tha tone was coming. How about, the Bible, world events...

So the big push has been for me to refer to Einsatzgruppen in reference to the death squads, which  is appropriate but since the government insists on convicting itself abruptly, so be it. Death Squads, Germany, 1941, Einsatzgruppen.

And for thurston the idot traitor

Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppen.

Remember, FBI and other people in the government who are fixated on the sizes of their badges.. the good guys know who you are, and I don't rely on anyone but God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Free -  All Right Now

8/4/2011 10:33pm Lynn just went to bed in extreme pain.. I said long ago, these guys do whatever I read about or reprot from rape to killing pets... not just us... like DObbs said long ago, if it was written down, kit wouldn't happen. In the world of US govt torture, all it means is shut and die silently... and the threat of doing wht I report about.. they do it anyway, just one more way to blame the victims for the crimes against them.

The pervert peon piece of evidence thurston - his words - most of my day has been trying to work on my car and then taking 5-10 minute breaks interrupted by an hour or so of torture...  so far I've been able to get one tire off the car, and 3 others won't come off, even when driving it with lugnuts loose and pulling on the steel rims with a wire rope pulled by another car til the Camaro begins to go sideways. Suspicious? Remember, I reported they told me they would destroy my vehicles befor ewe left... the Honda - can't get the window down, the switch is broken...  and I'm supposed to not record the crimes...

But most of my day has bene listening to idiots saying thurston as their foul language comes out, as if I'm supposed to be confused about his involvement. I'm not. And like I said, I look forward to reading what he said about certain people also in the psyops in front of their embarrassed faces.. I just wrote that verbatim from pa psychotronic guy... that's par tof how targeted individuals of the US govt death squads know these people flaunt the law - and enjoy it - to taunt their victims. And the preceeding remark is th elvel of hostility and confrontational parts of their psyops that are supposed to intimidate people... ad  I write this knowing they see these postings tomy weblog and crime journal as their trophies, while I see it as a political candidate, minister and reporter reporting and communicating as possible despite the illegal detention and limitation to this site and the others as a means of any real communication, if they even let anyone out of terrorist zone Washington see this site for other than entertainment to watch people being tortured to death. 

Thurston's specialties are going to convict of worse crimes than anyone he's ever arrested. MK Zine check it out. It's got a new name. FOr more info, look up Allen Barker, Cheryl Welsh, well known and diminished by CNN in 1985, formerly considered one of the foremost experts in psychotronics by the United Nations... Gloria Naylor and Marianne WIlliamson.. Mariann isn't aware, but Gloria Naylor is aware she's a target, wrote a book called 1996 - the only real book she worked on for a while after the attacks started.. of course both of them promoted by Ted Turner's Oprah when she started her book club... can't figur eout why Oprah won't help Naylor, and why she talked to Marianne a while back, at least for a while..  ANd I'm wondering if the woman in New Mexico knows why Oprah was mad at Letterman for a while... I bet CBS's lawyers do...

Anderson regarding the airplanes and the police, and the question "DO you know who I am?" the answer, a citizen. And you DID perpetrate a hoax to cover for the CFR and the CIA in regard to Einhorn, his illegal extradition and convictions... and the reason for those, to cover up the existence of psychotronics...

Be certain to understand that I take it all seriously, I don't take the threats lightly, nor the assertions I make, including the liability of the State of Washington and many people in many places, and though Thurston and those who try to set targets up for incarceration, suicide by police and mental health records.. I didn't take it like a man because I was weak or stupid.. I took the hits because I couldn't stop them, and because I understand the theory of what was being done, psychologically and physically, and I simply needed to gather mainstream information that would prove the technology, the people allowed to use them and the mo's of the way people are tortured and taunted... otherwise, I never considered ending it, or believing I had reason and ability to share why I should be president, and I have no qualms about making the same claim now, and whether that ever happens or not, I know that millions of people will benefit from me and a few others taking a similar approach, getting the job done, and making people wonder why they suddenly feel so good.. once all the weed and seed towns are listed, with their association with weed and seed and related activities being their confessions.

I call this weblog also an illegal deposition, because like today, it usually happens sometimes after10-15 hours of torture,all trying to get me to say things about thing t hat are unimportant, irrelevant,or the amateur work of desperate profilers and their acquiescent traitor friends.

Long after the people of this state, from here to Seattle, made it clear they were aware of us and participating in the psyop against up - illegally at every level, citizen to DHS, torturing Lynn after her stroke obviously in hopes of giving her the final stroke.. the Hague will love the videos... 

One final note to Mark Fuhrman - I had no intention of bringing up the OJ case again, it was Thurstons fun to get me to supposedly talk down police and DA's... I thought Marcia and CHris actually delivered the case they had to deliver as well as a somewhat frustrated DA might... so my apologies if it affected your career at this point, and I'd be your witness of in a case  of defamation against them... if I'm anything, I'm objective.. and its like when Johnny Cochran said, the timeline didn't add up or make sense.. timing can easily be used to create the idea of implausibility.. the evidence I have could suggest he was guilty or innocent, or even innocent by unknowing influence of psychotronics, perfectly timed.... and don't anyone suggest that I believe using psychotronics is an appropriate means to extract info or cause crimes.. except in cases where other current police use it to get away with... wait til people see pictures of lazer burns on children's and adults faces.... tell that to Maddow's producer. 

PS Fuhrman.. if the typical mo means you and a couple others want to get even or who knows, good luck. Matins and Vespers. God's promise to certain people... 

Now I don't know. anything about this Jesse Rehn or Peru or anything, except maybe someone doing what the Pope advised to get people to move away from coastlines.. and in this case, the US Military which strangely was becoming a staging ground for the coming siege of south America via psychotronics, dews, and military force, as well as I presume a healthy supply of marijuana from George W Bush's 100,000 acres of prime marijuana growing land... for the Xe guys....

To Kyra and her producer, and the guy who was paid $100,000 for his garbage... how far away from me does he live?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - Who's Crying Now I do magic Bible verses and things just to see what God might want me to say to cause problems... he knows the right ones to cause.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Jordan - Dancing On The Boardwalk

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roberta Flack - Feel Like Making Love

Everytime I think of Eve I think of the day I think we went to Holy Near's house.. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Ingram - I Don't Have The Heart

Darned if I know what this is about... probably open the Bible or read something tomorrow.. God's playing psyops with thurston for torturing me while trying to read the Bible last night.. you ought to try eating rice while being tortured, and having them jam the rice into the roots of your teeth to cause you pain and avoid eating... 

Final oh yeah: I just to make it clear that long after I knew people in this town were following and psyopping us based on things I wrote and the Bible, I  tried very hard to convince people to allow me to pursue it on the federal level and politically and to back down so I could avoid criminalizing people taking orders.. maybe not understanding the harm being done.. at this point, you're all very lucky I'm not the vindictive type, but at this point, I'm not able to let people off the hook because of the importance of ending this kind of policy. Still, those who showed respect for that, real respect, it will be noted as stated, and that will not change. It was not a trap to get witnesses or criminals. If you have been harmed because of your respect of r justice, be certain my attorney will be interested in hearing from you, and you'll know when they're available.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Controversy - 05 - Ronnie, Talk To Russia

So, about Easter....

8/6/2011 11:23am Woke around 5:30am, I've been harassed and tortured since... interrogations about my dental history, and other things I was told before that will lead to the conclusion I was being hit by dews while working at Intuit and Borland, and not by them, I don't think.. but things at Borland would tend to indicate the CIA had their eye on Borland, likely because of the 256bit encryption on the Paradox data tables, likely much more encrypted now if they still use it.. which I doubt.

The thing that always strikes me the weirdest is when these guys taunt me by telling me I can report things to the Hague and other authorities, and how littl ethe U.S> Government will care because it's not like the US Govt is going to tell the truth or try to justify it... a  typical psyop taunt, but true for most other people's cases without the evidence I have.

Yesterday, went to town for Lynn's pain medicine, a few groceries and stuff the try to get my tires off.. for weeks I've been told these guys would do what they claimed to do over a year ago, makes sure the vehicles and all were unusable right before we were supposed to be leaving, and the video camera.. I went to the shell station, videoed a bunch of people surveiling me, hitting me dews and psychotronics, and the tape ran out, and in the process I was unable to load the next video. Let me assure the vocals that the camera and the videos are fine.. and as  for the tires, the recent threats to puncture my tires while sleeping at rest stops on the way to California, finally, destitute and once again actually homeless after years of illegal detention, it  makes even more sense that someone put something on my wheels to glue them to the brake drum, and if I  hadn't checked, it would have been expensive or impossible to change a flat tire.

I got home, Lynn was doing relatively well although she says her pain has been worse the last week or so.. and I got home, we were talking, and of course, she was hit with dews and her pain was unbearable..  

By request, the story of Keith the Nazi. Keith took over for DObbs and CNN as the point man on tv to Aesopian me, and signal the locals when th enext setup was ready, including the destruction of my teeth and torture, (things they wanted me to say because they don't believe it can be proven) and very much active in the 2008 psyop with the politicians and Pastor Melissa Scott and other things... as was MSNBC as a whole, apparently.. anyway.. the psyop guys dared me to call the US Govt Nazis, just like they dared me to call the US Govt and the Council of Foreign Relations a conspiracy, and I did both because I knew I could prove both easily, and since it was their idea and big lie scenario... 

SO they taunted me Olbermann... I never had a problem calling the NEtwork media high priced liars an dpropagandists, but given what they accomplish for the government, it's exactly like the Nazis, and since the Illuminati and their friends just change the names of their organizations when their names become more common, calling them Nazis is accurate, and the way they did it is simple to explain, a  is the claim the US Govt is being violently overthrown by the US Government.

Originally.. I did intend to use the Olbermann MO since 2003 as a way to explain the media's role, all of them, and I  was taunted to call him a Nazi, and I said, fine, then they convinced me not to, as part of these psyops is to convince the victim of the illusion someone else their entire life, as well as them thinking that if they make some kind   of "deal" to do something they want, they'll stop torturing you, but as targets learn, they never stop, they just use your giving in to diminish you psychologically. So then they wanted me to call him a Nazi again, so I did, knowing their game, and then when they taunted me to take it down, I said, nope, it stays.. and the point of the page was not only to expose the media's role in the conspiracy, but to provide examples of the results of the work they  seem to laugh about so much - destroying the lives of people who took the constitution seriously, trusted them to be journalists with integrity, destroying government victims and witnesses of their  crimes.. and frankly, I haven't heard too many stories in years that would convince me that the Department of Homeland Security is anything other than a way to strip US citizens of their rights completely, especially with all the stories of the government giving people ideas, even using psychotronics to tell them how to commit crimes.. and worse...

Colbert about the naked woman... MO says there's the big finish.. I agree.. but in rope a dope, the winner is the guy who got beat up. 

Just remember folks, like I said, my stuff will take maybe 2 days to present, held up mostly by short court hours and paperwork/process.. I figure I'll be sitting there hearing all kinds of weird stuff that's true, lies, things I can't prove to diminish me and all the rest... for days... and then in a few short moments, their psychosis will be obvious.

The psychotronics guys just tortured me to say my report to the fEC will happen after the Hague receive the charges. Why they want me to say that is their stupidity. But I made reports to the Secret Service FBI and more.. and the answers I got back in writing prove the government is sponsoring terrorism, genocide and murder against its own people use military weapons, an in my case illegally detaining me for medical religious, racial freedom of the press, freedom to run for obvious, constitutional violations for  over 50 years... as Bush  said, to save the government a few frivolous lawsuits.. directly referring to Levesque. 

I was jsut tortured, being told the FBI  pervert in San Francisco was questioning about things - and I know the truth is the idiots just want me to  write tons of stuff to claim I was faking I was stopped from productivity, to fcreate evidence so vast it could not be understood.. and or to make it seem like I was suffering anxiety or manic depression.

THe problem they have is  that even if I was declared insane for my claims, and this weblog was never viewed, the physical evidence by itself convicts these idiots and the government.

And I'm letting them sort of dictate what I'm writing because in the end, it will be proof to convict them.

There's a reason psychotronics is banned in other countries.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 204 - Our Lives

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Zombies -  Twilight Zone

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 08 - Ready for Love 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lenny White -  Betta

8/6/2011 9:08pm Brazil Nuts and the Zodiac Killer. Personal note; envelope, zodiac movie. They got the wrong guy. Maddow, pervert turned christian.. snaggle toothed killer, sire of sorrows, Hunter's point, presidio, library, zodiac cipher, military training, 1st letter 1968... Paul Avery... Clea Duvall.... got a watch.. zodiac watch.. li... 

Early on I talked about things my father said, and the way he burned into people's brains... including the one time I heard him refer to a black man as a nigger, a man he worked with at Hunter's Point who  - if the traffic was not obstructed, would get there early, and take a nap overlooking Hunter's Point and the San Francisco Giants baseball Field... when he encountered the Zodiac killer, pre 1961... and/or before we moved to Santa Cruz... it wasn't long after that we moved... and the guy at the store telling my dad there were easier ways to commit suicide... and GE/AMpex, headaches....

Part of me says my father was leaving me clues to solve a crime later, maybe to vindicate the black man who was originally implicated - I wonder if my dad's friend called the police and they assumed he was a suspect.... and as far as ciphering goes, I bet my dad knew all the cipher codes...  krypto ya know... I'm gonna call that the good news.. maybe to catch a killer and vindicate someone... as dna proved the guy they convicted was not the killer.

Meanwhile I'm incredibly disgusted at the idea that there are so many similarities to the way my life has been set up by the government and media.. just like tonight, getting Lynn to tune in that movie... wasn't my idea.. missed the first half hour or so til I suddenly heard a word that got me paying attention like an investigator... it would appear that my writing about how it would be horrible to be convicted of a crime you didn't commit... not for me, but anyone... MK-Ultra,a Stanford, Einhorn, DEWS.... Cooper, Delong... looks like I was  being setup to be a serial killer. Tell the apostates in LA I don't write ambidextrously, and I know what I wrote.

Avery - asked me if I had any other ideas for longer range invention ideas to put to market... like TOdd Walker's boss Ted taylor said, why pay for it when we can get it fo r free... dews, headaches.. I'm gonna have to look at the profiles of the victims, places, cars etc to catch the pattern I'm bettingother people missed. The biggest clue, Avery being upset with the cartoonist for going to the libraries.... where the military library

The interesting part, given MSNBC's coverage of Manson, and Helter Skelter, and the inference I never accepted about Marcia Clark, the insertion of Candice DeLong, Frank Baum, Wizard of Oz, my trailer, my car... frankly, looks like  I was being set up up to look like a serial killer soon... 

Pretty disgusting.  not sure  what to think of a few things, except maybe the real secret was that psychotronics and dews was in use long before anyone knew, Einhorn knew and got put away, I think Manson knew and Sirhan didn't... and the headaches.. microwave causes migraine symptoms and calcifications of the brain despite Sanjay's lies...

After a few minutes of watching the movie, I assumed it was another of thurston's taunts that I didn't have real evidence.. that arguement worked after the first encounter with CNN,  because they magnet warred me by psyopping me with the news people and others, getting me to talk about things casually, innocently, now to realize people were trying get info to set me up...but back, I thought I could defend myself but not prove anything.  I knew it wuld not take long to find documentation to resolve that, an dit didn't and if I hadn't been zapped and cointelpro-ed with Lynn, this would have been over in 2003.

Doesn't work this time because of the real evidence, and noone can talk me out of it, and losing the info would be replaced probably in hours.

I repeat to the locals especially, the camera is fine. ANd certain locals better keep their command dogs off this property because if Abby ends up dead like threatened, I will call it murder of yet another animal.

Interesting a symbol he used was also a  symbol used to focus film projectors, and that in the handwriting analysis, the letter K was inconsistent. And the letter K will drop out of your mouth.... I and a  few others know what that refers to...

Headaches, Mass murder, dews, HAARP, E-systems, Ampex... 

You guys went thru a  lot of trouble to save a few frivolous law suits... frivolous... the trouble you went thru. Matins and Vespers.. FBI.

Something about Okanagan, Clergy Tax, LOneWOlfs, making trinkets in the meantime, being lead off while looking for camp and disappearing... forecasting of actions.. and the guy Kryptoman said would kill his grandmother if the government told him to.... Graysmith.......... Buddy Ebsen, silver oxide, the TIn Man. Calico. Poppy.

And a lot of weird things, thoughts and setups apparently implemented by GE and TIme Warner, before their current names, since I was at least in the 5th grade. The year after vacation Bible School.... Jesse Ahart, skindiving, and announcing wretlig maches, Joey and ventriloquism... the Gong Show... and some people act a little unusual, and then......

To Petre Wilson,, thanks for using me to prototype the US model, would have loved to have done it but like your contractor, I wanted honest work, not a beltway bandit... wouldn't you know MIT helped make the technology, and its weird, I told a guy the only problem the FBI would have with my $50,000 price tag for a security clearance is that I'm a whistle blower.. I don't look for , I just don't tolerate that corruption, I refuse to participate in it...

Thurston and friends have pretty laid out what I told you all I was willing to go thru to survive.. I have. And I will. And I meant it. ANd now, thanks to all of you, I look very much forward o sticking the most important principles...

They even had pong at Avery's place....

RE: IFC: The OWL.. just be sure the painting has what I wrote on the back of it............ I dare you to show it.. trophies are excellent ways to leave clues for later use, even though I meant it as a gift I wanted to give, and I never went anywhere or did anything purposely to prove people's criminality.. except a couple times when the psyops guys wanted me to be intimidated.. some of it worked,. and the tables were turned on them.

The last time I heard someone say something about turning the tables, they did their best to betray and set me up.. the last time I heard it was on CNN....

Hi Debbie, if that was you, hope they paid you alot and Rick is well.

Looks like Paul Avery was CoIntelProed......

Joni Mitchell - Turbulent Indigo - 10 - The Sire Of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song)

Ya know Lou, I used to think that some people would never do the kinds of things I've uncovered... nothing surprises me anymore.. like the letter I wrote to ministers about the perversity I've witnessed... it's worse than I thought.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company - 11 - Ray Charles w Johnny Mathis - Over the Rainbow

Wouldn't ya know God picked that.......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Controversy - 07 - Annie Christian.mp3.m3u

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Greatest Hits - 11 - Heart Of Gold

it was a tie, believe it or not....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Something about Santa Cruz and the BackDoors..... and the Ducks... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Bolton - Soul Provider

I knew God was gonna pick that....

We pause now for a moment to MROOT... final clue,, misspelling Christ Mas.... no mas....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sly & the Family Stone - Hot Fun In The Summertime

Doris Day, Betty White, mercedes, tandy and saving the lives of pets... let's try one more.. some pshrink is probably analyzing me right now.. good luck

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

Transamerica... from the movie zODIAC....

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 09 - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

I keep wondering if I'm related to Betty White.

10:43pm For Keith. Something about May.

Universal Church of God - Bluebeam So Many Blood-Lakes
May 12, 1944

By Robinson Jeffers

God wanted me to play anger again. Something about joy in repetition

I listened to this just before typing in the poem.

Melanie -  Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)

And for the guys at Langley, listen to every word carefully.. God said this...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jones - Magical Child - 04 - Country Dance

Empire Strikes Back - The Clash of Lightsabers

In the Zodiac movie, imagine this clue: way back then: the guy said you could put a light at the end of a gun in order to aim it.. good clue, eh FBI...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 02 - Rest for the Weary

Good Old Dad...

8/7/2011 10:53am Lynn got up this morning, and was hit with puke rays.. saying it was unusual how it affected her.. having had medicine and coffee and then supposedly dry heaves.. much like I had before.. of course, they'd want people to believe she caught the flu from me.. given my containment, I  don't know how I would've gotten it.. and of course, the big clue on me was the extreme debilitating pain that abruptly topped when the sun was going down and it would not have been a time to begin work projects.

For me, ethis has been another morning of listening to a few people - the normal guys -  wanting to get me to write more perverse and critical things about people.. mostly, they're playing a game to convince me I did and did not write certain things before as if they can confuse me and claim whatever they want. They continue to forget that if they try to claim certain things, the only thing that will be heard in their claims is their confession of torture and a multi-year conspiracy. They also forget I have backups of what I wrote over the years because the psyops were such and since the media was involved, propagandists reporting things out of context - they just love Olbermann - I wanted to make sure people could not claim I did or did not write things - and like the military thing, remember how I described it... and that I knew someone was Kurzweiling me, and I was thinking it might later be proof that people were setting me up and the government was trying to incite violence... and the US govt has  along history of doing such things..

Now they want me to criticize Michael Moore... ask Time-Warner why, Michael... I have no interest in talking about Michael Moore...

RE: confessions.. They're very bothered by the idea that if the US Govt wants to claim they psyopped me into believing I'm Jesus, I'm willing to let them... that'll look good for Hillary and Madeleine at the Bahai meetings...

Isn't it weird that the very people who are in the position to defend and represent the US to the Hague in this all are people who will be suspects? coincidence?

If there's anything consistent about these psyops, it's the mocking of God. One of the perps favorite stories is o fth eprophet who told a lord, like a king, that the next day there would be plenty of food, and the people will be able to afford it, and the lord said(not god, a feudal lord) if God makes windows in heaven then I'll believe it. And the prophet said it will happen, you'll see it but you'll never eat ay of the food.

Next day, that lord was standing in the gateway when the food went on sale to see if the prophecy was as ridiculous as he thought, and he was trampled to death by the people hurrying to get the food. Don't mock God, you'll get what you made fun of...

Magic Bible verses.. I read alot more at night.. last night was one of those where I couldn't quite figure out for sure what God's message to me for th enight was.. and I laughed because it usually means He's saving to make a fool of the psychotronics guys, who always, when this rarely happens, celebrate "breaking my connection with God" and tht they'll say they can prove Magic Bible verses don't work.. I rarelt remember the BS they say because I just take it as the idle noise/talk of fools... but ten, as always these days, after reading what I believe God wanted me to read, I open another page to find another place just for fun (Thurston will regret this.. personal note) and after being ridiculed and told I had to conform to dying in silence all the usual stuff I opened to this: and why the covenants are invalid, and a  new covenant as prophecied is required.

II Kings 17:29 Howbeit every nation made gods of their own, and put them in houses of the high places which the Samaritans had made, every nation in their cities wherein they dwelt.

It's the end of a story of Judah and Israel being overthrown by their own acts because they decided it was more important to live in the perverted rules of the law of the land, including doing evil and usury, than to continue in the ways of the covenants with God. That was the part I was reading somewhere when I turned to II Kings

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 15 - Still Would Stand All Time

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - Beautiful Noise

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Lady

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Bolton - When A Man Loves A Woman

God must have Colbert in mind as his next topic.

11:40am I loved the movie demolition man... it'll be part of the trials... dedicated to Rumsfeld... something about it takes a neandrethal to beat a neandrethal...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Demolition Man

For the guys at Langley, lookup Mannfred Mann - Fritz the Blank. The lyrics are just for you.

8/7/2011 8:27pm An interesting day, since 8:30 this morning, I was able to work for about 3 hours... typical stuff of trying to injure me with rc, which if nothing else, causes you to lose your balance. For exampole, working on the car,just as I'm about to look under the back of the car,they tooth torture me as I begin to move, and I hit my head on the trailer hitch. Or, in my trailer, hitting my head for the same reasons on cabinets, door frames, and several attempts to get me to stand up and punture my head with exposed nails. 

Satellite tv is basically off - til money comes in.. how convenient that IFC is Always on... time Warner of course. Like before, when the only  news I got was Bloomberg, which I never got before when the bill was paid, and haven't seen since... last night, in the tradition of the "Hoax" movie psyops, it was about the Zodiac killer... tonight, the last king of scotland, and idi amin, and a threat to hang me up on a tree... 

PS thurston, when the state of wash and various  depts claim they just found out about all this... and so forth........ rememebr the hague and others are already  aware of my case... I say Thurston because they seem to want to be in control of all this.. great things like sacrificing the lives of the Jehovah's witness phonies and infiltrators to protect the FBI and the real Pastor Melissa Scotts they use to kill Christians and Jews...

CNN - like I told olbermann.. I'm sure glad these guys are the ones protecting you. Be sure to let everyone know that the parent corporations... I'm not fooled by the idea you think I"m delusional and or crazy, and I'll just latch on to the last thing done... thnaks to 2003 in Atlanta, I've got tons of stuff, just like I told your security.. as I also told them I d people.. hope you still have the video...

Also.. please tell these idiots cameronizing doesn't work... the 10-16 hour torture followed by Cameronizing just ensures convictions. Right CIA. Heard about Levesque?

Oh yeah: Hague. he US Government want sus to believe you are in cahoots with the US Govt in this genocide and holocaust.  I first heard it was a holocaust form a supposed former Army Intelligence worker, whose father was in army intelligence. 

And tel the  folks in Atlanta there's a couple people who made sure I know who they are who will tetify regarding Landmark;'s relationship with Carter and the Democrats and Congress.. and that's not counting Phyllis Minn//

Tell the FBI people it's pretty obvious certain people are making sure they're in the lineup of people who are suspects because they intend to make sure they're the ones who lie for the US Govt, and continue the public humiliation and extermination scheme when international and national charges are filed. They should keep in mind the world, by treaty, has already condemned their actions, no matter what the excuse.... fortunately, I know  the lies they'll tell, and the people they'll be protecting, unsuccessfully.

Tell Hillary and Barack this shovel ready project that isn't that the threats against the Hague, and plans to lie, are fine with me....... they have psychotronics at the Hague, too, and I'll bet they'll love having the US wanting its citizens to believe they're Nazis too.

Lou, tell Parsons and the rest there's a pattern to what happened with Beverly, CIVS, AOL, Yosemite... sex traps.... know what I mean.... and always with a timewarner or NBC tie in... like, Hot tuna, Jelly rolls and Premieres.........

ANd if Clive is still alive (Charlie loves rhyming) tell him hi to Cooksey for me... somebody else obviously knows that story, because I forgot that's what they called him...

Everytime I'd play that song I'd think of homemade jelly rolls I used to make in Scotts Valley...  and then there were the Tuna casseroles I wish my mother had decided I didn't like, like chili beans... XIng, American. Did I know her in Santa Cruz, Cook? Please say no. That would be truly embarrassing.

To the people who want me to say horrible things about Beverly, all I have to say is I'm glad we're not married, and if I approached the catholic church about it later, I'm sure it would be annulled, even now. I don't want to go further into it.  I'll never understand why Time and GE and Exxon would approach me that way.. remember, Icouldn't figure out why Brokaw said it would be inappropriate for Nelson Rockefeller to be president. I didn't know know they thought they owned the country.

Tell Rumsfeld, there's a lot of things I probably still know, and other things I wouldn't have if you hadn't psyopped me. However  I think I may have an old 10 year old or older Delatestryl bottle that may answer some nano questions.. no wonder they wanted me to buy it in bulk.

McCain, the surge didn't work, I still have the lipstick, and the offshore drilling will end up being your waterloo..... A cause greater than yourself.

They keep browbeating me about James Taylor. I'm sure James would love knowing hte harm he and his music have done... but if he's innocent, Clive, I hope he likes Arista, J and other subsidiaries...

The Bible says I should be thinking about this sort of thing. I threw that in for the FBI  profilers......

One again, authorities, I'm not playing games with you. MO is, get the target to treat it like a personal challenge. I intend to treat  it like a global joke about the US Government.

Lynn's had another very bad day. Thanks Barack, on her behalf, and the board of the ... your campaigners.... how many people did you say you'd throw under the bus to get elected, and continue the genocide and holocaust. About Shovel Ready projects, the health plan, AL Gore saying he'd take on the insurance companies in 2000... I'm sure Al would have loved to be a false prophet or Christ... you got the job....and you're doing it well. How many people did the insurance companies say needed to be killed in order to rid them of medical costs and pre-existing conditions? And what's going to happen when people on anti-depressants find out its to sedate them while they're being killed?

And won't it be interesting that I won't be the one who tells them? The 28 day and Jericho scenarios are very likely. But, when China gets rid of the IMF and Illuminati, tell them to remember I promised they'd get their money. Maybe we can trade em something for Massachusetts and Texas.... Also, remind them Lou said that without the satellites, there'd be more of a chance for nuclear war. Satellites: in space and in terrorist cells. That's why  the US chose covert mass murder.

Think you're turing me into an extremist? Ask a real investigator about my " hypothetical upon hypothetical", and then have the WHO look into who's being killed, racially, medically, nationally, and by what means. Radium will be near the top of those lists... right HW? ANd tell Pelosi I think of her as a missed opportunity for female leadership, a bad example, and in my book, way down on the list of important people. That's why I'm going to make sure the guy from Groveland is vindicated..... I'm glad she got her extra security from it though. she obviously knew she'd need something when her constituents found out she knew what they've been dying from... people from fisherman families know why its only safe to eat 1 fish per month from San Francisco Bay..... Now, does Jerry Brown. The CFR has him cornered. I wonder if he knows it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 12 - When Love Takes You In

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Night Version)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery (Acoustic)

Bonus track:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Golden Earring - Twilight Zone 1982

I think God's trying to tell me, for more portable plots, since they won't let you watch Hitchcock... that must have surprised a few intel people :} That's my dad for you Donny,how come your  friends call you Rummy? I said I give better nicknames than GW Right Karl? :} Are you still following me Karl, or is Shuster the only one....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

9:16pm Started to upload, Lynn yelled out in pain,. I was noticing that Idi Amin was supposedly responsible for 300,00 deaths of his own citizens, and considered a horrible man, Hillary..... Now about Cynthia McKinney's story about Rwanda.... it's too bad Blitzer didn't keep his promise to keep the pressure up about Darfur....

10:14pm I had forgotten about this song. First time I heard it, I was pulling into thurston's neighborhood, taking video of the death squad cars and then the guy with the dog from his  old house,  I actually let it play for a minute after describing what I witnessed and felt like because I thought it  was perfect timing.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly Near - Edge - 01 - Fired Up

8/8/2011 5:21pm Today was another three hours ofdecent progess, marked by another attempt to injure, and it partially worked. ALl you trophy lovin gserial rapists and murderers for th eUS Govt ought to be proud. Like I said, they distract you  at the moment you move in a way that a mistake could cause injury.. today, I stepped off a ladder and my back and neck are sore... 

Today I was torutred in defense of, and on behalf of WOlf Blitzer and the Ketchers and Candice Delong - ala PMS psyop almost exactly - and then they asked me about Olbermann, and I said the truth is, in the end, I was hoping he was actually loyal to the US, becuase I thought he'd a perfect person to communicate with people for the government, as well as on my behalf like a spokesman... and then of course the torturers tortured me more, and Keith, they tell me you never get any unles syou psychotronically rape women. They're your perverts Keith.

Of course they always include that its legal unless they're caught, and it cna't be proven

Mor threats to rape Sarah today. THurston wants to stupidly claim that I'm puttingher inthe public view, worse than Obrienand huimm, making me a hypocrite.. there's a difference.. Im not committing crimes using them as bait.. Sarah's a victim.

And then there was someone claiming tobe a black woman accusing me of racism, and then if I took a 5-10 minute break, I  was supposed to be humiliated because she said she was going to torture me like a slave if I took a break. I'm not humiliated by that. These people will be, because its easy to find out I've never beenpredjudiced in my life.. against anyone.. only now against nazis And I got the answer I wanted in kindergarten in Palo Alto when I went out of my way to find out black people only had different cclored skin, otherwise, they were no different than me. That and the intro to musical instruments are about all I rememebr of kindergarten, the important things.

Rememebr the red is the sick comment sof US Government torturers. And if you want to claim I'm schizophrenic, explain what you use psychotroncis for, government.

I'm being tooth tortured right now, it's very painful, they do this becuas ehtye think they can torture me and get me to do what they want without thinking...  thye must think I'm as stupid as them

Thanks to Ted Kennedy,barack and the Govtt I used to be loyal to.. I'm still loyal to the citiens, but the government is Nazi... I'm a Jew.. figure it out.. and rememebr, Jews weren't th eonly ones humiliated and exterminated by the Nazis...

MY Mo - always give benefit of the doubt until people prove they're deceptive, and then deal with them as little as possible.  Their MO, lie to everyone and roba n torture them and whne they figure it out, make them destitute and homeless, ruin their relationships, lie to their neighbors to make them out to be perverts and criminals, and then (like Saddam Hussein) once everyone hates them, nobody cares. There's a museum in Washington where Lynn did some fundraising I believe that will be very interested...

These people like to delude themselves into believing they don't murder people, they just make them homeless which causes them to die more quickly. Give AIDS to someone on purpose, and that's still murder. Provern in California courts.

They  asked me again about Jerry Brown, because these people like to make it seem like their victims are obsessed with various individuals.. I'll say it again.. Jerry Brown is the only politiician in office I actually believe has some integrity, and still I doubt he'll do anything, and that's why the rpeorts will go to the Hague before anything else. And then if he does, he gets to bust the US Govt Nazis, and lots of victims survive. Otherwise, he's just one more deceiver. And i don't give  adamn.

Lynn finds it hard to be in the same room with me these days... she knows I'm being tortured, it's hard for her to watch, and she says she feels electrical zaps from dews everytime I'm tortured, to make it painful for her.. just like they make it painful when she took Oxycontin. Rush Limbaugh, ever feel pain after taking Oxycontin?

It's interesting that after coming home from the attack/stroke, the thing that relieved her pain most was tylenol. I told her to ask her doctor if it was bad for her stomach like aAspirin. The doctor took her off tylenol. I mentioned to LYnn that maybe hypnosis would help her, like a relaxation exercise, and her doctor next time recommended hypnosis. 

I thin k O'Reilly said it, if you can't trust your doctor who can you trust? Of course, they just threatened to withhold medical service from Lynn, as if she's ever gotten any.

These guys are now trying to get me to write lots more, already written, to supposedly make it hard for me to compile evidence, and I've shown you how they've illegally tortured me in this to cause me to misrepresent many things, and to claim they can use it against me. I m glad juries and judges arent as stupid as they want their victims to believe.

They have convinced me of a few things, though.. the Federal Govt apparently employs lots of psychopaths who love believing they can't be prosecuted for rape, torture, pedophilia an dgrand theft. Living in a state of democratic officials it doesn't surprise me

Boehner calle dthese people Socialist Democrats. Nazis called themselves Democratic Socialists. Jimmy Carter called for Chinese Democracy. 

Figure it out yourself.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - I Gotta Try

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 16 - Outrageous

And the bonus track, all of these from God

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Legend of Billy Joe - One Tin Soldier

I think my dad knew the Tin Man.... a CIA thing that was/is real. Dedicated to CNN and the Wizard of OZ....

6:56pm The latest from the perverts of the US Government: We're not neo-nazis, we're nazis and we're proud of it becaus ewe get to rape and torure to death. That was just after they told me again how much they hate niggers and Jews. And tehn they wanted me torepeat their favorite description of Candice DeLong. It's what happens whn th eUS Government takes pedophiles and rapists and employs them...


7:02pm Wolf Blitzer has a  hell of qalot to explain to AIPAC

7:07pm This came up next Peter Gabriel, Games Without Frontiers.. if looks could kill they probably will in games without frontiers, war without tears

Adolph lit the fire........

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cliff Richard - We Don't Talk Anymore 

God becomes so disgusted, he walks away and lets them destroy themselves.

8/9/2011 9:34am Woke up around 8:30. I  was immediately taunted to get me to write more perverse BS about women and est and the government... more extortion talk.. and the tooth torture began. 9:03am toes broken again. They wanted me to call the Washington State Patrol Wa State pedophiles. 100 witnesses to perverse talk from the US Government torturers.

And they think I'm intimidated. Tell Olbermann and Dan Abrams the emails I sent them WILL be more evidence of their continued torture and suppression. I dare you  to call it me malingering, just  like Time Warner.. when I made their legal, programming depts and their CEO aware of the crimes being committed against me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season - 11 - the Things We've Handed Down

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Crazy You Probably my al time favorite Prince song, from his first album I think... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 07 - Appalachian Rain

Just noticed I typoed Al time favorite... :} The above song dedicated as an afterthought to Mark Sanford, psychotronic sex trap victim, like Spitzer and Edwards. Spitzer may have refused to help vicitims or acknowledge psychotronics in New York, I would have loved to have been the witness his wife wanted to fight the charges against him. I was told he went to work for Obama, don't know if that's true, if so, the deck is not stacked for executive privilege... 

I wonder if all the decent people at AOL will approve of their  parent company's work to turn this nation into a Nazi tyranny. They were Howard Dean fans. If they liked him, it was my work and approach.. even the yee-ha! Right Brokaw....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God J Donovan - Especially For You

Never heard that song before.. we'll call it the Stossel effect :} Reminds me of another song.... I'll ne darned if I can remember the url to link to..


In The End by me..... (c) 2002

I may feel forlorned
And I may feel forgotten
But the tears always dry
And my heart always mends
But my road continues to wind
It's a road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end
There are faces I've seen
Full of smiles, full of sorrow
And I can't close my eyes
To the love I must share
So I walk down my road
With a song in my pocket
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end
  Who am I to say that the lessons of my sorrows
  Won't turn out some way, somehow, some day
  So I'm coming out to play
  To turn people into friends
  In the end, in the end
  It's the road that I must follow 
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow 
In the end.

I wake up everyday
Walk the path I've been given
With more or less to say
'Bout the ways we are driven
And I give my heart away
   There's enough to go around
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end

Tell James Taylor to ask his agent why they didn't talk to him, or why this wasn't ended when I did. William Morris Agency is supposed to HELP their artists... and he claimed to be Christian. Roby said he worked with Taylor to "convert Jews to CHristianity" nearly 40 years ago. I think he ought to convert himself. Any ministers or Christians who want to claim Taylor's an example of those old hippies, he used to be, he was right then, and you people are wrong with your stereotypes of what Christians. God and Jesus both said the same thing: you all read the book, you think you understand it, but you clearly don't.....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 05 - I Will Fly (Dedicated to Judy WOodruff) Looks like God wants toinclude everyone today. That was a sprain of the big toe on my right foot. can't wait to hear what the profiler says about that.... The thing I love about all my "confession" and so forth is the fact that I love to laugh at myself.. and it's more fun to do that while making fools of the people who want me dead.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie -  All Night Long And then there was Gayle Roberts, Billy Preston and hot water in the cold water tap.. I think she left the room so I wouldn't see her laughing. But at least the plant in her office got watered. I still bet Richie was in the other room.. he's another victim.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eddie Grant -  Electric Avenue let's just let GE feel paranoid today.

PS Government every time you use the extortion psyop, remember the plastic surgery... and what I said I'd be glad to do... like arresting Bill Moyers.. do I want to - no. WOuld I?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Seems we're back at a certain point, Lou. Have you noticed the pattern....... there was a promise there, Lou.

These came  up.. won't go into the details unless I Meet the Press

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Luther Ingram - If Loving You Is Wrong

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

Give me back my bullets came up -  Lynyrd Skynyrd.. we'll do this one for keith instead... part of the future ammo, a bud of renown...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell

Relates to a story of Obama's Change.org... run by MSNBC. 

10:25am As Lou said, what compels people to do drugs? Cops like Thurston, and that song described his typical condition. And that comment isn't about me, Thurston. Bought any flowers lately Thurston. You think this helps you, Thurston.. torture is not legal thurston... Thurston loses no matter what, and he takes the feds down with him...... like lots of other Nazis

11:22am Looks like Muhamad Yunus gets his email thru the UN now...can't wait to see if the US Govt blocks his email... Me and Jeremiah Lord

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emma's Revolution - One - 08 - One By One

8/9/2011 9:37pm I sat down to write a few brief notes, and the US govt torturers actually tortured me - so desperate for trophies - tha tthey actually tortured me demanding that I get tthe internet adaptor and post this immediately. WHich I will not do.

Notes; Every day around 3pm the worst rc attacks occur, attempting toinjure me while working.. today, it was an attempt to break my left thumb, the same psyop techniques were used to distract that almost caused me to cut of fthat thumb. tOday's great fun for the perverts has been to break my toes all afternoon, and the tooth torture is more intense, continuous and damaging.  And they still say, it's legal unless I prove it. 1 xray, and 1 honest dentist looking at my teeth, and there will be no question.

Wolf, you were the major subject while I was being tortured. Thepsychotronics guys were trying too convince me to call you a satanist nazi jew, again, and to declare AIPAC the same. Again, when this comes out, I know nothing about AIPAC, les sthan I know abotu the John Birch SOciety, which isn't much.

Still havent gotten the tires off the Camaro. Good thing idecided tocheck out th ecar being relying on it. It's beginning to look more and more like grand theft against Key Bank (Carlyle/Bush) and Washington State... 

They wanted to be sure I mentioned this.They say they'rewriting down all the filth they say to me while torturing me and claim I said it and think it. I hope they do. Again, this is the idiot profilers and shrinks of the US Govt who relaly believe people won't believe in the abilities of patenteted technologies, the ones I wrote to Los ALamos about, and have reason to believe my father helped develop for medical and therapeutic uses...  I've got goo ddemos in mind tha trequire no devices to demonstrate how psychotronics works, how the tooth torture is accomplished, and how millions of AMericans suuffer injuries and death and more from the efforts of these govt employed murderers. I don't have to use hypnosis, o rnay props.  Lynn screamed in pain as I wrote this sentence. She''s being sleep deprived. Can't wait to finally get free of this illegal detention to tell her friends, Barack supporters, why they'r eresponsible for not takin gaction when she was trying to tell them in March 2009 at a convention. 3 Infiltrators, and more, prevented it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michelle Tumes - God Is In Control - 12 - Healing Waters

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 11 - Let 'Em In


10:20pm I decided ot go to bed, and they immediately started attacking Lynn with psychotronics and dews. AAAAAAAAAnd everytime they tooth torture me, even though she's down at the other end of the house she screams in pain. Supposedly because I won't post this to the internet. ALways rfemember these people always try to convince their victims they are to blame  for their torture. For not complying with orders when you're being tortured. I'll state it weh I actually post this.. They told me they'll torture me al night again, and Lynn too. Thank you US Government for once again proving you'r eNazis.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 12 - Thieves In The Temple

MO a while back, the woman with guns the first time cam eto the house tlaking about her husbands car being stripped. I was just told they were going to start stealing part soff the camaro.. 

8/10/2011 9:05pm It's been a totally wasted dayt due to torture After being kept awake last night, Iwoke around 10:30 and torture began immediately for about3 hours.. today seems to  be another day of US Governemtn perverts destroying more of my teeth and constantly trying to break my toes some more.. they succeeded last night.. Lynn's in bed in severe pain. Whe I inform the Hague of this and other method sof public humiliation, extermination and suppressionn of truth and freedom, they will know I'm tleling the turht, becaus ethey've likely investigated cases like this before.

The other major taunt of the dya was how proud these eople are to be Nazis.

Around 1:30 or 2 I finally got the enrgy to go out and work...  and I was dropped to th efloor by dircted energy weapon attacks, and that lasted most of the afternoon. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Just As Long As We're Together

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald -  If That's What It Takes

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 05 - Baptism of Fire

9:45pm Nothing but torture, including during dinner tonight. I'vebeen randomly turning to Psalms again lately, and as Iread, appreciating what David says, why,and what he understand,s I often get tauntedabout how I'mbeing murdered. I remind them David won. RIght Miles?

THis song came up a few minutes ago... I like it because it's about someone who understands wha tit means tobecome, what it takes, what you think about, what you ask God for, and what you believe is possible

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Shawn Gallaway - I Choose Love - 11 - In the Balance

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beth Lodge-Rigal - Dreamtable - 09 - Start Again

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Hands - 09 - I'll Be There

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Blessed Union of Souls - Home - 01 - I Believe

"All we do is eliminate our future with things we do today..."

But I believe.....

8/11/2011 10:55am I've been harrassed formonths about changing a few thing sin something I  wrote, thurston wanting to claim I'm a liar to claim he isn't a dirty cop, and the guy down the road whio I called a pathological liar, and he is... I was just going over one of the thing si wrote tha twas actually for the FBI to know a little about me and what I've experienced, and there were minor embellishments because I explaioned to the SOB via pychotronics, and said in  my writings, that early on, ihad no intention of being a public figure, nor did I know that psychotronics was influencing me, nor tha tthe James Taylor was in operation. Further, i emberllished very few things to make points about things.. like about how authority lie to get you to believe them about things that are in place for purposes of racism. THis cop and the other guy are worried becuase they thunk they'll prove me a liar, like the FBI friends.. I can't tell you how  much these people have harmed us for 10 years, and given the torture and attempts to break my teeth this morning, I look forweard to reporting them toHague, where thye know about psychtoronics and cops like Thurston.

He just called me a rapist cunt. THurston loves foul language. The idiot niw wants me to sya no wonder i don't like cops. THe truth is Thrston, I've always had a great deal of respect for police. But you might notice Thurston, plenty of cops like you get arrested for abusing the authority and poweer of a tin badge.

I repcted you local police here enough to give you benefit of the doubt for years, ask Mazlett, until you proved to me you were sick rapist assholes, thurston, and gues what thurston, despite your desire, what I write about you will be about you, and the department you work for tha tmust approvve of the crime syou commit.You caused that, thruston and Mason. Not me. Live with it.

11:04am I am now being severely tortured. Anyone who will defend the kind sof thing shtese people do should be jailed.

11:30am Thurston and his friends continue to torture me re: Larry King, when did I write corruption and me, and why? Two Kids, FLorida.. FBI surveillance... mass generalizations .

this is the part Thursotn hates most about me and decent people. And just rememebr, as he tries to get me tosay I hate authority and police, he and his department are the criminals, and this is part of whythey are, and what they cause. This is what Thruston doe sfor a living, what he's proud of.

And finally, with that thought, to think that there are many people who had it worse than we ever did. It gives one cause to pause and reflect.

And we push these people into poverty and homelessness and then call it victory to get them off the welfare roles.  And we don't realize that as a society, these people are victims, not criminals, and need help.  And we leave them to their own devices, we take no responsibility for their well being, we just abandon them to die, either in body or in spirit.

See, I know God doesn't want me to suffer,  Do you think God would want you to suffer?  Why should they?  If you were starving, you'd pray that someone would feed you.  I guarantee you that you would.  If you were about to lose your home, you'd be more than frightened. You'd be frantic. Why should they be any different, worthless,  forgotten when they are a part of a society that we created, the conditions for their failure created by ourselves as a whole?  Why should our responsibility end? The recent stock market crashes and the fraud should inform you that you should not really take anything for granted.

I've been pretty successful, except when I've faced governmental and corporate corruption. Unfortunately, I've dealt with it time after time after time.To the point where I almost gave up. And I doubt I'm the only one who's ever felt that way.

And that's why I'm doing all this... so that those who have not faced hard ship can understand it. I mean real hardship, not just not getting a new pair of shoes.  I mean like starvation.

To give you a glimpse at one of those people who have had to break through it, even though I say I have been given many advantages compared to most. And to show our leaders why it is so important that we really take responsibility, that we really care for the well being of all of the people.  Even though we say it's their problem, it haunts us with every crime, every murder, and every homeless person on the street.   And still, we say it's their problem.

Personally, if I was a loser, I would not be doing this.  But I am not a loser.  Like many Americans, in many different ways, I am a victim... having done nothing wrong myself, and feeling the legacy of others' crimes that continue to negatively impact my life.  And a judicial system that doesn't care. Doesn't even want to hear the complaint.

Let me guarantee you, in that situation, we are all losers. And we lose a little more each day.  Have you looked at your 401k lately?

But here's the most interesting thing of all for me about it. What I saw was two people who really loved each other, who I know, despite their problems and the pain they caused, they actually did love me.  But they were so impaired by the injustices that had been done to them, that they couldn't help but pass the same injustices onto my life.  That's the way it happens.  They said things and did things they never meant to do.  It's that unbroken cycle of  grief and injustice that's up to us all to resolve, because it affects us all.

And this isn't really about welfare... it's about the soul of a nation, and welfare is but one example of what we all would prefer to deny than have to look at and acknowledge and be responsible for.  We hear pretty words that make it sound like it's handled, but it's just a facade.  It's like this: next time you see a homeless person... remember that you're a person who allows this.  That's not about guilt, it's just the truth.

Written in 2002


I think alot of guilty cops and politicians think this and the SUrgalla letter was actually about them.. thye've provien in this state, that it is.

12:344pm I am bein gextremley tortured by a sick cop and his friends N D in extreme pain whilke reviewing corruption.. unfortunately the cops and FBI are still looking to figure out a way to make me out a liar.. and I'm not.. just remember, assholeas, raping torturing and breaking people's toes and feet and ankles is not legal, even for a  cop or fbi agent,.

I told the bguy I'm going to really enjoy having him prosecuted. He siad he's relaly going to enjoy killing. FNBI deny psychotroncis I dare you.

1:01pm Like Chris Matthews said, getting the truth is like pulling. tell ya what Mtthews tell the truth anbpout 911 and election 200, it's all documented and te3ll the fiucking cops torturing me right the truth about the government and polcie crimes. I dedare the son of a bitch to claim I';m  LIAR WHEN HE'S A PEDO[PHILE COP WHEWITHOUT THE GUTS TO TELL THE TRURTH THOSE HE CLAIMES MURDERING AND RAPING PEOPEKL IS LEGAL,.i'M BEING EXTREMELY TORTURED RIGHT NOW. fuck the thruston vcoutny sheriff and the FUCKeD U[P POroFiler



1:07PM tHE PAIN IN MY FOOT IS VERY  BAD, MY right GF foot is now partially numb, qand I am very clear the united TSates government is nazi  through and thrugh, i wll not back down to authorities who beleive torturing an drapin gpeople is law enforcenment and I don'\t give  adamn about your badges or titles, citiznes.  The work i needed to do today is very phsyical, we have only about 30 days to get out, and I'm being tortured nd illegally detained in awhat amounths to the murder of a presidential candidate since 2003. Try to beat those facts, DHS.

ANd FEDS I dare you toframe me for thurstons crimes. I dare you.

Cream of Wheat,m Thruston and FBI. Cream of wheat.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)


9:08pm All totalled, I probably got an hour of work done today.. the tooth torture is damaging more teeth, as promised over a year ago.. I was trying to spend time with Lynn, with her pauin she's in bed more, all because of US govt perverts hitting her with dews especially when she takes pain medicine... tonight, we were sitting there, and everytime I was tooth tortured, it would cause her severe and increasing pain.. they do that to her tom  make her want to go into another room - isolation accomplished.. tpyical symptoms of peopel who are targeted is all kinds of reasons for them to  not relate, to be alone, and then of course, to become alienated...

I become more disgusted with the US Government everyday, and thanks to thurston ad his friends who think he's their mentor, I'm more disgusted with the State of Washington every day. Olbermann should be glad like th eCNN crowd, that their attempts to "suck me in and " this time didn't work.. and their human rights violations will be well documented. Well documented.

I heard th eCIA claims noone can maintain morale after 10 years. Good luck CIA with that idea. And Cooper, the Einhorn hoax will be named, and the Hgaue will have no problems with getting info from the French governemnt about the unconstituionality of his extradition and then what will be the proof  of the hoax.. France knows all about psychotronics, dews and holograms.

Speaking of which.. I thought it was interesting how thurston and others always try to turn everything into lies and twisted truth.. my favorite one comes from collecting reportsw from around the world about 911  as they came in thru mainstream media.. and then he wanted to claim Michael Ruppert is a liar, and that his research was fraudulent. He got quiet when I reminded him that the person he was calling a liar was a policeman, and did extensive research to prove that 911 was known of beforehand by important people and dignitaries aided by the CIA/George Tenet laundering stock profits thru Deutsche Bank. As Mazlett said, I don't believe anything on the internet. Not even cops. What a cop.

MO Mazlett....

For anyone who believes I did not respect or held held a grudge against police, just remember that if going on staff hadn't taken all my time, the selp project I was working on was improving the relationship between Washington DC police and the community, which according to the news, was tense. I thought music and art given to the neighborhood kids would help them al become more like friends and partners instead of presumed conflicting cohabitants of DC. That's why it's such a shame that the police here want me to represent myself as hating police and authority. Authority, governance, is a necessary thing. Chaos is absence of order. Anarchy is a world that requires no law, because of personal responsibility... tha doesn't mean what Bush and the CFR and Obama mean: you're on your own. It means a just nation of moral people who understand the Golden RUle, and oppose ill-eagles.

Ill eagles include bad unconstitutional laws and cops training people to taunt their victims by saying: it's only illegal if you catch us... I always think if its so legal, whydo they use bogus and unlawful license plates, different plates on front and back, and tinted windows - which I still believe are illegal in this state.... I guess the police and their fellow undercover criminals don't care about any laws.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tuck & Patti - Tears of Joy - 10 - Love is the Key

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 12 - How Does It Feel To Be Back

I keep wondering what the Realians named the little boy they cloned and located in Israel. Wouldn't surprise me its the way the Elders/Illuminati decided togo aead with the "production of the second coming" like a  movie.... Mazzetti... DO the people working for the DHS actually research anything to determine whether they're bein gused for Nazi purposes, or do thye just love having an excuse to be tough guys?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks & Valerie Simps - Now Love Has No End

God said he'd end the tribulations early. I can tell He keeps telling me I've gotten the job done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver -  Rocky Mountain High

8/12/2011 8:42pm It's always hard to eat wile govt agents are tooth torturing you, but I was trying to eat when thurston and his friends started laughing at another aspect of the CNN FBI Candice Delong psyop to threaten me with the big badge of the FBI for disclosing Anderson Cooper's hoax about Ira Einhorn and psychotronics... I still think it tells a big story about the DHS and US Govt tha thte FBI would use the death of a Jewish boy going to camp as a basis for a psyop... pms lookalikes and all.. close enoguh lookalikes that any jury would understand.. the story of the little boy fits a story or two of my life, as well as possibilitieis of my future, given the circumstances.. of course the Miles Obrien psyop was all about taking little children into the bushes and raping them.. and then the stuff from MSNBC, the spy satellite going down, and 2 years of threatening Sarah with interrupted phone calls witnessed by 4 people... and so I gues sit was lat week it was the story about the boy being led away to die on his way to camp.. guess who wen tto camp this week.. Lynn's granddaughter. Once again all I can say is that when I file charges against the US and the State of Washington, THurston and Mason Counties... this will not be forgotten, and I"ll have no hesitation at all at filin g the predatory sex charges against them all... given the PMS psyop, it fits with what they told me to get me angry and upset about all the crimes committed against us an my family...  and thing sabout Obama..

How many children do you have to threaten, rape and how many murders do you have to committ to be employed by the DHS?

A while back, I read how the CIA provides children for pedophile politicians... think I don't give benefit of the doubt every time?\By the way, those of you  acting as decoys.. a decoy is still part of a conspiracy... 

Rachel's producer once said that he'd sing if  he got caught... I doubt it. That was  before the video about swimming with sharks....

How much more disgusted would the US like to make me before I declare to the world that the government is now  run by Satanists?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man PMS said, when you call here, we don't get your personal info, we just give you a number...

A word of advice: don't ever report crimes to the FBI - they'll probably kill you for being honest.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jones - Magical Child - 05 - Prayer

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Seasons Of Love

All you older people out there with grandchildren participating in killing and torturing people for fun... I have your grandchildren are safe from your friends... any of em on anti-depressants?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner - Highly Illogical

We used to watch Star Trek at my grandmother's house.. I wonder if my dad didn't watch it because he thought it might make him comment on the things he was working on for the government... like the hovercraft.... and he knew the truth about Roswell.... Got that CIA? Roswell.. my mom gave me some material before she died, actual material, I  thought, maybe she thinks I'll make a shirt out of it.. it has these neat little box symbols on the sides of the material. sort of like Roswell, right CIA? Something about Brill, Nazis, lies and like Begala wanted people to believe, the 10 commandments engraved by aliens into stone with computers and lasers............

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up (Part One) From God to the Satanists...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 103 - The Boxer

One final pick:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 104 - 59th Street Bridge Song

Godot to WOlf: ask Keith to finish the phrase, suck em in, %%%% em up.... 

10:21pm Lynn just got attacked with dews. WHat a bunch of cowards. 

Seems that the CNN/MSNBC psyops have come full circle, and CNN is cashing in its worthless choips.. how many times will CNN and the media outlets run the same psyops.. just like last presidential election cycle, feed me a pms, tell me all sorts of things to show me your sex traps and ineffective psyops that only end up in proving th eMO. Tell the FBI people in San Francisco they must really love threatening children to cover government crime. WHata great job she has.  It will be be simple to prove to any jury, any jury, that this mo was failed from the beginning...  including trying to ge tme to repeat all foul mouthed thurston county sheriff low iq banter of - it's so sick.. and these guys love hearing it, and FBI lady, I don't mind repeating it, and all sorts of things point to you and cliffy as the instigators...  no jury would miss it. Especialyl the threats against alittle girl... 

I find th emost interesting things what was done to me in Yosemnite to make Thurstons days happy, claiming I was against police when they were harrassin gme.. only I didn't know it was an organized effort.  Weird how my favorite I met in Yosemite was a San Jose Policeman, one of the guys setting me up for sex traps with his partners; daughter.. just like thurston and obrien... and supposedly pms and now who? This tim earound however, my evidence is easy to prove the case, I'm not intimidated though wary of the US govt and its Nazi methods, and about that guy from Groveland who supposedly was going to attack Pelosi... Dave's gonna be questioned.. was he arrested by the FBI? I can visit prisoners...... and I know it's been in use up there for at least 15 years...

Sting and the Police on IRS records and tapes. What a joke on the CIA by the OSS... Let's see, Mike Farrell, James Taylor, Stewart Copeland.. as the police and FBI lineup their so called experts and witnesses, I have mine too. and people like them lots better than Nazis. Jackson Browne, and how many others are the FBI doing crimes to cover up? I got over the beginner psyop stuff of actually appealing to people's morals and ethics long ago.  No point. ANd the world will understand why.

In 2008 the price had been paid, and the minister did her job, the Judas intended who wasn't... now there's a movie called The Debt... Jesus paid the price, God asked me to return the favor. I told him I would more than 45 years ago. I meant it. I just didn't know what it meant. I do now. glad to do it. I'll never be a German who didn't take responsibility for its government. Or a Jew who forgot.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Tight Rope

You  think you're messing with me. I just let God allow.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black M - Homeless

I said when this happened, I was going international

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulder

Gore & Bush: Cyclops lost.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pat Humphries - Same Rain - 04 - Buy This American Car


The dog;s in a couple of Chevies.. what more could you ask for... maybe the parts no longer made in Japan.

11:59pm I thought this song would be good for young black people to hear. It just came up. About a black person moving to the United States and experiencing racism for the first time. Back in 2001 at Marianne Williamson's, I think, someone mentioned how nice it was to get away from racism simply by walking across a bridge into Canada.

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For Campbell Brown, it's back!

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And for Al, Keith and Tipper

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8/13/2011 11:8am Around 2:15 this morning, Lynn got me up to help her. She said it sounded like there was someone outside her window. And she heard a dog and a dog whistle. I looked out back, it looks like someone WAS sitting/crouching in a particular area just outside the window, the grass was matted down. Of course, I was in a different area of the house, didn't hear the sound or see anything, however, it's consistent with other times I've heard a whistle, and had the neighbors dog in the yard, apparently being trained as a guard dog... the whistle part also could explain why jesse used to suddenly start barking, which was rare, because he was the worst guard dog in the world...  and rarely barked at anything but raccoons.

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Oh yeah, I was reading the bIble last night, Paul and suddenly I was reading about how God's finger inscribed the 10 commandments... it's funny too because right after posting last night, I played the Liberace theme from Exodus.. and of course, I accidentally turned to Exodus chapter 31...... as you know Paul, I don't have to mke thi stuff up. skk your psychotronics guys, Paul they actually reminded me to include that in this weblog this morning... s for the high price liar thing on the front of the .net site.. these guys egg me on to do these things, I ask, are syou sure you want me to do that, because if you do, and I do, you   know I'll stand by what I ssaid... what they wanted was to get me to link to the page about Nazi propagandists which i'm planning to  write just before sending this all to the Hague..

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Go tone tire off so far, unfortunately, it does appear to be some sort of glue.

7:42pm Got all the tires off today, I firmly believe someone put either glueall or gasket sealer on the rims and spindles... the psychotronics guys just laughed at me callin git spindles, and the color tof the stuff on it was the color thurston's favorite food. Hi sidea of a joke too, since the real word is shi% I took a sample of it and put it in a bag (this one's gonna be fun touse to show a jury how sick these people are, and how hung up thruston an charlies and others are on the dog theme) and labeled and dated it.. if it was rust, it would not have been a solid that needed to be scraped off like glue or an oil based product, and the rsut itself had been liquefied by the chemicals I got from Cut Rate Auto Parts - CRAP - Charlie's favorite thing to make fun of. CHarlie think smy mentioning him will allow him to sue me for defamation,.

At the end of the day, I need to replace a brake cylinder and 1 set of shoes... the shows an brake pads, I already have on hand as spares...

Since then, over 2 hours ago I think, at least, all I've heard about while extremely tooth tortured is how Thurston calims I have no proof or reasonable suspicion or anything else ot tie him and his bosses to all the crimes committed against us. I disagree.

Isn't it interestin gthough these guys wante dme to run Bible codes, and I don't actually believe them or believe in them, he and Begala and others apparently do, I do see leads in it.. I also have reason to believe I"m running doctored databases to cause certain word patterns.. I have another copy of it on another computer that gets different results... but it gives them things to hassle me about, as well wanting me to believe I'll be dead soon, an of course, the FBI lady and others would love to prove I'm crazy, standard mo when setting up targeted indivuiduals fo rmurder, suicide, orr mentla illness claims to diminish theri crime reports. The fun part is for me, I could not care less what happens to thurston, he's a piece of evidence, and every extortion he's made leads to his own conviction. No matter what. And because he's so stupid, he handed me info thru a friend that will end up proving his guilt. ANd then there's some 30-40 other peopel I doubt will take the blame all themselves for the Jehovah's Witness CHurch infiltrations - SHelton and Olympia... and btw SUsan from Seattl eis a fraud, was the lady who took my glasses and may have been th ewoman who cut my ears to cover the crime sof the CIA in 1958-59...

The stupidest part about this particular cop is ta thte bulk of the psyops for the last 6 months or so have been to protect one apostate minister in LA.... right now, I'm listening to people trying to tell me what to write.. when this goes to court, noone will question this was intended to be the murder on political and religious and freedom of the press grounds... if only CNN hadn't taught me so many things to make me seem like a radical and extremist, I would have never known things had gone wrong so long just to get me homeless and dead... and no jury will miss that point either.

Of course tonight, I was tooth tortured ot make it difficult to eat again.. Auschwitz in america continues.. tell the FBI I have no intention of withdrawing from the presidential race, no matter what, and I don't care what these people do to me, I've bene trying to run since 2002.. waiting for Godot.. like the joke ofhte guy in the tree aftr a flood waiting fo rGod to save him, and having 3 people go by in boats trying tot save him, only to say, I'm waiting for God to do it.. The question is, how many people deos God have to send to save you?

Thurston and friends thinks that's a joke, and on me, supposedly because he wants to claim later he's a cop investigating and will save us.. like I've heard before right before he begins torturing me again.. like the FBI, CNN, MSNBC and the local cops, you know about all this, if you wanted to save us, we wouldn't be sitting here, and I''d have beaten Barack and anyone else in 2008. And Ron Paul needs to learn what truth is.

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God wants me to listen to a few tunes. Later.....

8:113pm I just uploaded at abou t1.75 kb/s via AT&T, way too slow.. and of course, just as it was finishing - illegal delays and detention - Thurston and  friends decided to harass about one more thing to write about their crimes/ Later Thurston. Tell your boss you're unfit to be  a police officer, and that extortion is illegal. Thurston njjust said he wants me to write (hgot that FBI profiler, think I'll back down) that he wants me to say I distrust all police... what he and his idiot friends think makes me paranoid.. wait til th epublic sees and hears about thurston, and like I said, the other police and DHs and others can blame Thurston.... I wrote early on when thurston first put the heat on how I defended and respected police, and all he's done is try to get me to claim all police are rapists like him. the word rapists in the PT guy idea... and FBI, a few minutes ago, hhe was torturing me, tleling me I had to take CDandice Delong's name off my site... just like Pator Melissa Scott. Now, here's the deal, if I did that, I'd present it to the Hague anyway as currently written, showing what the police and FbI wanted me to remove.... the same way I just did.

The problem with true believers is notthat they want ot die for their cause, they just understand that soemtimes there are things more important than their own interests.Unfortunately for the united States Government, Ray Crock gave me the best advice ever when an articleabouthim long ago.. persistence is more important that intelligence or anything else....  Thurston and his friends know neither wisdom. No matte rho wmuch they try to take that advice now, their persistence will be like rope a dope.. let the aggressor prove its weakness in the long run.... 

I'm just a guy who thought people in the United States would like  to hear the bits of truth I learned from watching main stream news they never bother to watch. And then, believing maybe the 1/2 hour of news they do watch at night may not cover everything people need to know...

They keep telling me they'll tell the world I'm a long haired hippie... never been a hippie, never had long hair.. until the FBI apparently wanted to ocover crime sfor the CIA< and I began collectin gmy hair and fingernail samples in case Ineeded to show i was slipped Pfizer's kind of designer drugs... and to prove the effects of long term microwave attacks. Wait til you see what they did to Lynn/// and how.. an dhow PMS was involved in it.

I suppose that's how Marcia Clark and Fuhrman ended up in this discussion.. tell Baca, I don';t have anything against him, I do have a problem with putting in prison and torturin gthem.. I think the valley of sorrows is hiding alot.

Thurston wants me to believe I'kl claim my evidence was planted to frame him and others.. he says, like Fuhrman, I never actually said that,. I did say that like Thurston, when a cop cuts corners on procedure, it puts the evidence in question. Unfortunately. And unfortunately for  afew networks and some police, I wanna talk to OJ about what he knew about psychotronics and couldn't say..... remember Mark, this was Thurston's idea to put you in the middle of this. I hope he doesn't force me to put my thoughts on show with trial tapes to understand how a cop like Thurston screws himself. As for Fuhrman, what I said before, I don't have an arguement with you or Marcia these days.. and if Simpson knew about psychotronics, I still won't have an argument with you.. just networks and the FBI. I think OJ knew alot. And Mark, rememebr who was setting you up for ridicule.. Thurston.. not me... Thurston wants me to say, and if it's you, Mark, involved in this, fuck you. WHat a great cop thurston is....

When a cop lends his badge to criminals, the cop is  a criminal. And I'm not talking to Mark right now....

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8/14/2011 12:28pm I woke this morning, and I've been tooth tortured all morning by people claiming to try tohelp me by using a loose tooth as a lever to extract another I never had problems with before... this morning was threatening me if I mever mentioned Candice Delong or Pastor Melissa Scott again, and then of course, once they proved that they were once again trying to set me up as if I was obseesed with these so called women, pt guys words... and now they get their trophy of torturing enough to make sure I  record their crimes...

The pattern of the psyop is the same as Melissa Scott... even the blue contacts to supposedly startle me, and I don't care if they were contacts... and the idiot FBI agent ought to learn to read to realize there was no romantic interest in the phony minister in Glendale, and as a friend and fellow Christian, I  informed her that the things she and her church were involved were criminal, and that at that point, I wasn't going to worry about it, but since it's clear it was criminal acts to set me up, then they ae criminal acts. Period.

I want to point out again that I do not endorse nor would I recommend the Bible codes - I've played with it because of Begala, otherwise I'd never heard of it... Dobbs  said, if it wasn't written down, would they do it? That would include Bible codes, the Bible, and continuing to torture as if justified because I dare to keep track of their crimes without sounding insane TO A JURY.

The foul language, involvement of police, everything about the PMS psyop is being done again to coincide with my intent to run as a  presidential candidate. At this point, I'm more than glad to record it to show - as the psychotronics guys and DHS boast - that they can do anything to anyone, and they don't care what the world thinks of them being Nazis.

They started a joke, and the joke was on them. They now want me to believe they rope-a-doped me, only problem is, rope a dope is defensive, and the other guy throws the punches until.. just like now.. their style gets worn out, they have nothing left, and it's close to the knockout in the final round. All the DHS is doing is proving how desperate they are, and why I continually laugh at them.

WHy do I laugh? I have to admit, I was looking forward to repaying these people by having them arrested, a concept the DHS threw away when they discovered they could torture people covertly... I have complete faith in God, something the government makes a joke of all the time... this relates to the scriptures, and how God has been a buckler before every anointed leader takes over... and tell the churches, the so called corporate election of a Christ is not up to them nor does it matter to God except to prove they believe in their opinions over the word of God and the scriptures. And the government uses the scriptures to memo 46 and psyop people... the media plays stories about Muslims to oppress them and keep them in line, frustrate and anger them, so that later, they can claim the Muslims in the US had all these reasons to commit violence and terrorism.. meanwhile, when the stories are heard, the arrests made of Muslims in the US have been mostly government instigated or allowed for propaganda purposes.

Just remember, we attacked Libya because they supposedly were violating their citizens civil and human rights.. and the CIA went in with CIA troops to help them. When the did the CIA get troops?

I am continually taunted by pt guys, if you have so much  evidence why don't you go to the police. The answer - Brian Baird and Officer Mazlett and hundreds of reports of police involvement in torture, rape, dew attacks and worse.

Last night, while being tortured, I turned to  random page in the Bible, and like usual, it  shut the torturers up for  afew minutes...  as they realized again that God was speaking to them...

1 Chronicles 20:4 And it came to pass after this that there arose a war at Gezer with the Philistines...

It's the story of David and Goliath and cyclops... guess who  wins? It has everything to do with what happens, if I'm forced out of the country as is happening again, ala PMS, I was just threatened again so I"ll write Pastor Melissa Scott... and what will happen no matter what, regardless of me. Like everything else, if the government hadn't attacked me, I could have led the world to peace. Instead, the US Govt leads the world to the third world war the protocols called for... 

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Glad to hear CNN is standing behind Piers Morgan... it'll make excellent proof of  their intent and complicity....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 11 - Let 'Em In

ps to Aunt Elizabeth, Queen of England.. the pt guys waned me to point out that according other Bible codes, you finally surrender. The sooner the better. Save the world a few holocausts. You knew it was a losing cause, so just give it up. I told you you could have country back from the Rothschild's, not the world world empire.  That means England. Just England.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Larry Groce -  Junk Food Junkie _ Dr Demento damned if I know why God wanted to play that. Must've been intuitive...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 05 - I Will Fly

I told the pt guys what my terms were last night for believing the government at any level  was willing to  seek justice, and to prove their loyalty to the United States Constitution. I won't hold my breath.


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7:47pm I was tortured all day, and all I was able to accomplish was to find out that the wiring to the cable for the trailer in my suddenly doesn't work anymore... over a year ago, when I bought the trailer it all worked fine... The sickos do a little parade in front of the house tomo and id themselves.. Pete - these are the psychotroncis guys wanting to confess like this is a joke - I was simply going to say that they tortured me and as usual, did things to poke my eyes and cause other problems.. easil explained... btw FBI lady, explain the attacks on Barack's chauffeurs parents...

what they to say is that the torture stymied me.. when you're in pain and being tortured, it's not control or stymie, it's brutality. "And we're proud of it"

Lynn has been in pain all day, it seems ot increase as the locals try to convince her to be afraid by scaring her at night, and wanting toleave everything behind

Nothing new. 

10:12pm The {syhotronics peopl eof the US Govt wanted me to be sure to mention the run around I got from UHaul today.. called them and was pased around from installation to installation center.. Ihope the names I wrote down are employees of theirs... all I needed to knowwas the wiring diagram of the unit they installed long ago. Of course tht owuldn't have done any good, as it does appear they knew that the wiring harness, which worked before, no longer works. Explains what happened to my extra car keys and trailer hitch lock that wen missing after Ireturned from LA. Smeone must have thoughtthey'd be geting a good deal on a car.. and an EL Camino... and thenthere's the extra house key and mailbox key that are gone... 

Two people went out of their way to identify themselves.. one woman, the one outside Burger king, gave herself away wit hand movements and particular boasting,.. she and JR look alot alike, and she looks like catherine Ketcher, the dentist, which may explain why she's so good at tooth torture. Ketchers are military people from Ft Lewis, a psyop training center... the other guy, royal 8, did tooth torture on me at the shell station right before another tried to set it up to look like I was harrassing him.. the video easily proves otherwise... and the Burger manager called a number onhis cell phone, and the next thing I knew, I was being threatened with a call to the police. All for sitting in aparking lot, waiting for lYnn's prescription to get filled.

That reminds me, Fred Meyer, Whitney's  atarget, trouble bending legs..

Anyway, Royal 8, His habits have a lot to do with cigarettes, and he's obviously a guy who drinkis at bars and apparently engage in competitive discussion, and flicks and smokes a cigareete to display his adamance or emotions... fits with the guy outside the SHell station.

Pete, a supposed immigrant from England, he says he's afraid he'll be called an international terroorist

On eof the thing sthey like about me pointing out their input - in red - iis because during the Pastr Melissa Scott psycop, there was talk about how psychotronics guys, who I was playing along with, contributed otwhat Iwrote. What they contributed was things that would have me seem to hate christians,  things I didn't finish because htey couldn't coerce into writing what the COuncil on Foreign Relations wanted, what DObbs and Peter Viles, CNN Los  Angeles, called quality control... cna I prov eit  or cann;t I. I don't need toprove tha tmuch. My destroyed teeth will tell the story.

They say all the denitsits will be off the hook, as if I cann't prove a conspiracy. THe last visit of work before tilson, a tooth by tooth picture taking narrated by their assistant, including of the dakmaged canine tooth, the one they used to torture me for years and dig out ht emolar behind it ( I think it's tooth 8)...  I got  agreat audio of th ewhole thing, as I sat wondering why they did it, to either document THEIR work, or their malpractice. I have a few others too tha tshould prove they purposely avoided fixing it. 

Tilson's audio will prove they not only were causing more damage to my teeth, but that they decided not to give me care anymore. I'll never forget the look on Jackie's face the day I told hr I thought Exxon was involved in what was being done to me, and what has been done to my family for years.....

Tell the FBI and CIA that I know what you do, how the electronics work, how Time Warner uses it commercially, and how Ira Einhorn was set up.. it's easy to explain.. lots of people will be getting out of prison as law enforcement people and politicians take their place.  Read your Bible, the warrants and court summons, watch what happens, and know the Bible tells you what will happen, and little of it is explained in revelations.. Revelations was God telling people the worst case scenario. He said he'd end that early. He also instructed his representative to sue the money out of the greedy thieves, and distribute it back tothe honest people, especially the victims.  Tell Sharpton that's a new version of reparations. It beats the genocide Obama mentioned in Shovel Ready Projects...

Millions and millions of people will find out that their lives were damaged or destroyed by weapons Anderson cooper denied existed, and likely removed from his transcripts.. check out Carl Bernstein, the CIA and the Media, and why the Church committee covered it up. 

Tell the Raelians God is laughing at you and the Illuminati.

And Begala, if you really believe in those Bible codes, tell Hillary Bush is going to try to kill her in 2014. I don't believe in it, but I believe it. Satanists kill their own as quickly as their other victims. Don't they Hillary.

How To Pull A Plug........

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Rough Boy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God India Arie - Acoustic Soul - 14 - Beautiful

ps sINCE WE RAN OUT OF MONEY, THE dishtv SUBSCRIPTION Is no longer working.. instead, everyday, we get the channels somebody wants us to see. Suddenly, Lynn wants to watch Golden Girls, just in time to hear Estelle Getty call a Jew a dog......

PS Did I mention that the other night I confirmed that Abbey my cat minds better than any dog I ever had. She comes to when Icall her, sits, stops, knows what no means.. but like any other dog, she likes table scraps. 

8?15/20112:49pm So far another wasted day, adn hursotn and his friends doing the usual thuing of trying to cause Lynn and I to argue.. this time about insignificant details she told me a couple weeks ago, that make no difference in the crimes committed against us in terms of what willbe reported, other than making it even clearer that the Thurston COunty Sheriffs department has copperated with and covered for CNN and other media outlets.. along with Mason county... Like I said a couple years ago, there have been lots of things done to make it appear I'm confused. Isn't it great with government and law enforcement have  to lie and threaten people because their victims hvae evidence that will convict them. 

FBI lady - Candice Delong.. today's story about you was about how you loved using psychotronics to read the mind of the man who killed the boy, enjoyin g it sas a  snuff filem   I was goinf to say enjoying the boy getting killed, but only to describe what they said. THat, an dhow they admired Husseins Uday and Qday fo rthe torture an drape they did.

Sounds like th eFBI coud use better partners. You people keep running the same psyops.. it's more than a pattern and circumstantial... When they started to get Lynn talking about Rotary, and she realized Thurston's mo at work, we didn't argue, nut as usual, he hit her with dews to cause her sever pain. Instead of being available to hit the brake pedal so I could test the light system on mmy car. Illegal detention. ANd the FBI people will be named, inculding CLyde

There's  reason why I want ot pursue things as "my case and her case" except with the Hague because she wasn't aware of psyops or world events, really, and she now understand s the State of Wa, Thurston COuntym were psyopping her and her husband since about 66 and on, but didn't know how. I do. and that's why I'llhire an investigator for that.

Fnal repeat: I am a presidential candidate surviving repeated death and public humiliation attemot by the US Govt for politicial, religious, freedom of speech reasons, and to cover their crimes since I was 3 years old.

Thursotn wanted me to write down today that the woman at the Burger King is HIS daughter.. as if I care whose daughter she is... as if it matters when prosecuted...  and if I'm forced out of this country, I will still take it to the Hague, and the US no matter what will be known for what it is. It's not free, not democracy, and it is Nazi.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Silver & Gold

3:26pm Finally got out to id the brake wire, did that, and then was tortured so bad I had to sit down. I sat on the fron tof the El Camino.. just like how they cause injuries the torture caused me to nearl bend the license plate so bad it might fall off. Easy to explain. Cream of wheat assholes

Remember, the red ones are from the US Govt perverts. I would have said PT guys

6:06pm It's been a very painful day... got two wires splicedd together today as the US Government representatives cntinue to torture me,and get ynn in the same room so it causes her tension and pain. more neck injury, jaw pain, headache from the neck injury and continued attempts to injure me.

More mail came for Douglas Comsia today.. I guess he and brenda/dina forgo to cancel another thing they signed up for before they found out we weren't dead. Tell ANtles he'll be considered part of their scam.

The goodamn trophbyy hunters demanded I write this so they could prove they vcould torture me into anything

Deny psychotronics US Government. 

7:36pm The perverts are now trying o do everything they can to discredit Lynn as a wtness, and I was told the last hour of torture an dinterrogaion was by Candice DeLong hersel.f I don't care who'ds doing it.  That remark was clearly to try to claim I don't know. THye're wrong.  Typos due to torture.  These same [eople, who messed up the statute of limitations for the Ketchers, th eonly people I saw as having any excuse before, .. this is obviously.. I'm getting tortured as people try to cause me to write things to let them off th ehook. Most of this eblog has been this for  along time. THe good nws remains, evidence. Including the teeth, and no dentist would say that what has happened is normal, and it's easily explained by torture.

Re Delong and hte HUsseins.. I have absolutely no reason or interest in them to bring them up, th edelong thing happened, as far I'm concerned, I have all the evidence I need, and since I can't watch news on tv anymore, it just ends up being another example of Psychpotroncis perverts bringing up a subject and then torturing me as if I care to argue with them about moot points. So much damage and harm has been done, all I need to show now is involvement.... 

Onece again this is another continuation of the Pastor melissa Scott Psyop.

About the only thing I can see is going on with them is continually bringing up things from years ago to try to prove I've changed my story, and therefore am an unreliable witness And to supposedly create evidence that I have no evidence for, and to swell the amount of evidence to suppsoedly it impossible to compile the facts fro criminal reports. 

This is a weblog, reporters notes, crime log, and more, and a demonstration of the way psyops are done to get people to write things about themselves just being honest and conversational, so th egovernment and others can try to embarass them later fo rbeing human. THat's what facebook an dthe yahoo and similar forums are for.. it's called magnet wars... attract people to things they're interested in that the government wants to suppress...  and I'll assert to the Hague it's the reason AL Gore said "Our only chance is the internet"... a statement that makes it clear his side, the zCOuncil  on foreign relations, was afraid the peopel of the United STates would figure out th eoverthrow before the CFR was ready.  

and I'll have other things to say about how state and federal governemnts work together to make things legal on the state level that the feds will prosecute on the  federal level. fabian. Nazi. Easy to prove. Unconstitutional, a violation of states rights, and international treaty against governments mass murdering its own people.

Those reorts go in no matter what. ANd their attempts to mess with Lynn's memory will be asily remedied by a real investigator, and a tape she demanded I make one day of her saying, "Just in case they change my mind with psychotronics, I want to say a few things">. and then she desccriberibed HAARP and DE attacks.. and I videoed the HAARP  use in the sky a few minutes later... and she siad more that people around the world who know LYnn will make them really hate the US Government...

Long ago, I worked very hard to communicate my desire to deal with certain issues ont he federal and legal level, not even criminal at the time. Public policy, politics, democracy. I still will, but so much harm has been done... 

People should know th ereason the NSA and CIA want to have your medical records is to be able to use dews and psychotronics to emulate prior existing conditions in order to kill and maim and bankrupt people.  The insurance companies don't want to have to cover existing conditions, the final solution to which is to CIA slow kill people.

TOday, I saw an ad for Lyrica or Cymbalta.. I think Lyrica.. the symptoms they gave were all symptoms of psychotronic and dew attacks. THe most notable: Fibromyalgia, which used to be trreated solely as a mental condition. It's actually just tissue in pain from dew attacks tha twil cause people to be labeled mentally ill as well as get them to take a drug that will take years off  their lives.....

And the symptoms.. very much the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... originally supposedly affecting mostly Jews. Sickle cell anemia is supposedly mostly in Black people. The same symptoms are caused by drinking pasteurized milk. Interesting, I had an allergy to pasteurized milk when I was a child. Milk fresh from the cow didn't bother me. Neither di dgoats milk. They said it was butterfat. And Goats didn't have btterfat, which I can testify to th efact that that's not true. I hated skimming it off the top of the milk I got from my goat, and drinking alump every once in a while. 

Tell Dobbs I have a great deal of pain in my neck, and no coincidence. I'd say more to him personally, but then I'd sound like the perverts hired to kill me. This will suffice &&*&*^@&$@@^%#$&%&##**$_!*_!*$_)$_)%$**$(* AND A Biblical term Bastard. People who don't believ ein God. AMen Brother. If you know someone who you want ot hear foul language, I got a cop tellingme he'll be available for work soon.

It's funny, my brother told me to never call anyone a bastard. Dobbs is not just anyone. Get your ladder Dobbs. (They're your perverts) Jr's laughing.

8:72pm I'm gonna head for bed, the torture cause s neck injury, and then a headache, thank you victor and edwards and the rest fo rfiling my lower teeth to be sharp so they'd cut my tongue. Like I said, purposeful asssault to cause torture will be very easy to prove.

Las tnight's bible reading - magic bible verses for sick profilers looking for an excuse... as far as I'm concerned, it's the final message from God about ht eUS Government. A for the people, that remains tobe seen.

Psalms 81:7 and after. Read it yourself. I also recommend Psalms 80.. it talks about David like a representative of god.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roger Miller - hug A Lug for thurston and Royal 8

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles - Tequila Sunrise

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jean Joel Barbier - Deodat De Severac - 004 - Les Muletiers Devant Le Christ de Llivia


8/16/2011 5:47am I was waken up around 4am, the old sleep deprivation schedule.. it's pretty obvious to me now that Thurston and his steamboat island people have tried to protect themselves by harming us.. the phony jehovah's witnesses, st christopher's church and the bulk of th eresidents there... this woman at burger king who looks like Ketcherr has obviously studied with thurston, making it obvious last night that she and the others are satanists, boastinghow they supposedly break my connection with God with foul language and torture when I read the Bible. tooth torture began a while ao, broke toes around 5:42am.Thnak you CNN for proving to me you're sick satanists. It won't be long til your kind fail.

1:29pm Ended up going back to bed, being microwaved the whole time, incapacitated by  pain.. neck injury, tooth torture, and a normal physical response to the neck injury: a headache. a tell the profiler its not anxiety, it's the result of years of torture. Another day written off, I'mbeing microwaved right now.WHile these US governemtn perverts consider this a victory, all I really have to say to  all of them is this:

You've deprived me of my rights to free speech, to live somewhere peaceably (segregation, politicial religious, racial) tomedical treatment, subjected me to medical treatement that iwll determined as assault with intent to torture and kill, deprive of the ability t work inthe field of my choice, prevent me from running for political office through harassment and attempted assassination multiple times, and now to rob us  of our belongings by making it impossible to get vehicles and equipment runing tomove our belongings, illegal detention... the list goes on.

Remember how hard I worked o be sure locals and others got full benefit of the doubt, and as of today, all you'v edone is continually prove your intent ot kill us.

Like I said, everyhtingyou've all done illegally to us will happen to you legally. Figure it out for yourself what that menas, professions, especially those so proud of their profesion in the medical businesses. I get harrassed about me supposedly beign vindicive. WHen the courts get through with al of you, it'll be obvious you're the vindictive ones.s

One note for WOlf - I went along with a psyop - just like PMS AND Delong, just in case people were trying tobe honest. Tell everyone no more benefit ofthe doubt, I don't care who or what you think I am, I  am a citizen. ANd in the words of your new FBI profiler... same to ya. 53 years. I don't think international authorities reviewing the church comitteee and Bernstein will have any doubts.

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A pilgrim is someone in search of country in which God would not  be ashamed to be called God.

9:24pm Since the day was wasted being tortured, Iaudio recorded the day, including when finally having enough energy to try to eat dinner, like usual, torture before tomake sure I had  trouble chewing, when it was ready, tehy hit me with a puke ray, and now I'm going to bed, and they hit me with a puke ray. 

One of the things they've done to me a few times, and have done to Lynn, and what they're doing to her now other than the puke ray, dews to cause her pain.. they use psychotronics to get you to eat foods to cause constipation... she hasn't had a bowel movement for 8 days. Olbermann ought to figure out his father was likely murdered. He may be too much of a sycophant to speak up, but I'm not. Things a nurse could explain better.

Candice Delong.. they're running the pms psyop onme to no avail.. but you'd better let them know thayt when they speak tome and threaten me on behalf of the FBI, I will record those threats and include them in the criminal reports. Don't bother totell me or anyone else you weren't involved in the psyop and covering for ANderson Cooper on psychotronics. SInce they're taking their cues from people in the media, and you, you need to understand it fits the profile Bush stated of terrorists hearing remarks by people on tv, with them knowing what that particular aesopian means. In this case, psyop mo's and torture and that makes the FBI terrorists. 

Meanwhoile, check out the xrays of my neck , and understand that when they, the xrays of my feet and other parts of my body, including mri's for calcifications on my brain, alot will need to be explained by the us government. whne I had the concussion in Maryland, 6 hours went by, and they never told me if I had a concussion or not. I went home to rest, a week later they called to  confirm I  had a concussion. I understand GE's software now can identify implants and cover them up.. I bet that hospital's didn't, and that's why they didn't show me the xrays. Meanwhile, the tooth torture has been so bad today, it's injured my neck to the point of grinding, something I don't recall it doing before, and I"m concerned I've gotten a concussion from the jaw compression. Who at the FBI taught these people that technique.... and it wasn't the guard in glendale who taught them....

Illegal detention and the rest become easier to prove moment by moment, injury by injury, property damage, plane flyovers especially by the military... how much radium has been dropped on this property. Soil samples will tell.

I keep being told the FBI is going to make sure we're destitute and homeless in San Francisco this winter, and that I'll run out of money for gas moving around the Bay Area. Does BART cost that much now? I understand it's no longer Bay Area Slow Transit and Regular delay... like when it was being built.... Ben Wattenberg, KGO, San Francisco.. one of the engineers on the project, if I recall, the guy who said Exxon was with holding the patents on batteries for electric cars.. when Bart was being built.. I believe it was lithium ION batteries then....... the ones Obama wants to give exxon 3 billion dollars to develop... again.... 

WHat memories what memories....

I'm being yelled at that Bush is my enemy, not exxon. I don't think of them as enemies, I think of them as merely criminals who need to be imprisoned. However, these people in this Democratic state have proven to me their love for Obama and democrats... they forget, before I  learned the truth, I was a Democrat, and if Obama and his friends/partymates hadn't been trying to set me up and kill me, i'd have voted for him too. After a while Obama aside, I decided I was more like an old time Republican, not the current ones.. Goldwater republicans, having nothing to do with defeating communism, but rejecting the New World Order, which I never heard of before HW made his speech, at which time I considered naming a mail order company The New World Order company... just to be fashionable. til my Christian boss reacted negatively to it, so for  marketing reasons, I stuck with The Farm.. which of course got set aside again.

I now hear the familiar whooshing of Microwave... Begich will enjoy the trials.... Nick, not Mark.

For all you Ron Paul fans, experts on Paul, you cna have him. 40 years on intel commitees.. and psychotronics is still supposedly secret.What a Patriot. That's why the Patriot is an act.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mike Oldfield - Tubar Bells what doPrince and Mike Oldfield have in common, other than Warner Bros. Mavis Staples......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 09 - I'm Sensitive

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eddie Grant - Electric Avenue Reminds me of the day I watched the entrance of the Rainbow Room from my hotel while attending the Landmark 2020 event.....

PS Inconvenient Truth.. it's a perpetration of a public hoax.. most global  warming is caused by HAARP and War.. not citizens.

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8/17/2011 10am It's been a quieter morning than usual.but still people working to harm my tooth, and mocking God that Lynn and I  would be in this situation. Taking advantage of a normal feeling of sadness to try to  convince me all is lost, and my life is  ostensibly over. Nothing has really changed, except my respect for the US Govt and disgust at the State of washington that gets more and more disgusting... right after Lynn's "stroke" the pat guys convinced her buy a trailer, and if that hadn't happened we'd have been out of here, and the current problems would not be problems, including the inability to afford trailer space and have Lynn be able to afford medicine, especially since she was defrauded by the Social Security Administration. That and the idea she has to pay taxes n her disability payments. The only thing that makes it funny is knowing that the same people who did this this to her will have the same problems when it's their turn to collect pensions and collect insurance. The people in the police and fire departments ought to notice what's happening to retiring teachers in Washington State, knowing that their attitude of not caring about what happens to their victims will be the same attitude toward them. Of course, psychopaths don't think about that. And Nazis believe they're special... that the government that has betrayed millions will not  betray them, worse criminals than the media claims are the worst. In the worst times, the psychotronics guys chant "We don't care". They think that will make me feel defeated. I was thinking last night about the lyric "You can bend bu tnever break, caus eit only serve to make me more determined to achieve my final goal...." Women ought tothink about that when they psyop Lynn and I to death. Lynn being a model for feminism in the U.S> and around the world. Real feminism, not hostility and anger...

Helen Reddy - I Am Woman

I think of that lyric and remember the smug face of a woman who was harassing me one day on Steamboat Island... she;s oine of those who thinks she was smart "getting us", shes too stupid to know she betrayed herself.

Once again, it surprises me how th egovernment has used so many woman to harass us to get me to express disgust with women like that. And me, someone who has alwyas believed in women's rights. Again, they've betrayed themselves, just like Pelosi betrayed us all, and here I was endorsing her.

For the record, in case it come up, Lynn just told me someone charged a fraudulent charge from her credit card for something in Beirut, Lebanon. Can't imagine what that was, unless the FBI decided to try to make it  look like we're supporting terrorists. What a bunch of traitors. Delong is going to have many, many things to explain to international authorities. I've lost my patience with this,, meaning, when I seek prosecution, I don't care what happens to the perps. One more thing to add to  my list of reasons for disgust.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Gettel - Return - 07 - Son of Heaven

This next piece of filth is from me, not the psychotronics guys, NBC/GE/ Time Warner CNN... have I told you lately that I think you're the sickest fucks in the world.. tell tucker that's for him, since it was for him in the first place. Forwards. ANd still, technically, I don't know why you people hate me, hate Lynn... I'm sure your attorneys will advise you to remain silent. zGood thing your excuses wouldn't matter anyway.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm

Wouldn't ya know God would pick that, Lou and Barack?

The media people would like to think noone will ever know they monitor me all the time. The puke ray I was just hit with speaks volumes.

Kenny Rogers - We've Got Tonight

MO I  write "important things", some sicko gets me to quote their filth, and last night they wanted me to start a different page to bury their crimes.... good luck  FBI.

PS Tell May Ritter I  hope she can explain the Narragansett Report. ANd Tell Jimmy Carter and Peter Fenn this song song is dedicated to them.. the year at least.. and the "hippies" who understood...  something about Christians who refuse  to hear the truth, and now denounce what those guys were trying to warn us about... Rick Warren pay attention for a change, and get out of the back pocket of the COuncil on Foreign Relations...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - 1976

And remember, Rick, if the FBI and CIA hadn't infiltrated and disrupted them, the tribulations would have ended early, and the Nazis would not exist. Of course, early is relative, but consider all the people who have died while apostates judged those who spoke the truth. Apostates not necessarily, betraying God directly, but like God and Jesus denounced, killed the prophets.

Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

Temptations -  Ball Of Confusion

Isley Brothers - Fight the Power

Irish Rovers -  Unicorn Tell the CIA nad Anderson Cooper, wanna bet?

Liberace - Theme From Exodus

Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

Those are my picks. ( The psychotronics guys just said, Why don't you just fu*k yourself some more? Answer: The dopes are roped and heading for the corral.)

2:45pm I'm sitting here at the moment trying to enjoy a cup of coffee... the latest from the filth mouth US govt perverts is that the woman at the burger king - supposedly to let Burger King off the hook - is for me to now call her buttfu**girl.... Thurston's and the FBI's mo continues. They also think that just because it's obvious these phony local Jehovah's Witnesses were in LA tha tit lets the people in LA off the hook. Not in their wildest dreams.

WHat is becoming more apparent is the truth that the US Govt has used psychotroncs to identify psychopaths, and employee them in localities and governmnt agencies to commit crimes that no person in the world would ever forgive.

Speaking of which, the Burger King Woman says she's an expert at tooth torture, and she's torturing me to destroy and remove my teeth to "relieve me of the pain of torture".

Profilers: What would you make of this. And I'm talking to the profilers who aren't the psychopaths hired into the law enforcement agencies. Cliffy's excluded from being requested to respond. And tell Sister Scott that Brother scott and his  friend at the theater will have the same fate as the other butt..... I actually enjoy JR's sense of humor at times. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 12 - Thieves In The Temple

Let's see. . that would in the temples of churches, the temples of the government, and with psychotronics, the temples of people as they pick their brains, as companies and people have complained about the United States to the UN for years.

They want me to state Cliffy is the MSNBC FBI profiler....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Montrose -  Town Without Pity

I'd dedicate that to Trent Lott, though I'm not a fan, but his ouster is a great example of how the Council on Foreign Relations spits out its "Friends" when they're done using them, as what was his name,the CHristian DOctor whose medical centers performed abortions an was a new member beiong promoted tobe a presidential candidate... I can attest to the fact that Lott said alot worse things than the statement he made when he ousted for complimenting Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday or something like that. It's been a while.

PS TO Fuhrman - they were giving me a hard time about you again today..I told them I meant what I said about being a witness for you on defamation charges if what they prompted me to  write caused you problems. Like I told them that case was over long ago, and the only real concern I ever had, then and now, was OJ guilty, and now, was he a victim of psychotronics. I think they wanted to point you out because these people have a problem with couples who are black and white, and for some reason, they wanted to embarass you, and I don't approve f them harming other people simply to vindicate themselves.... I have nothing more to say on the subject. When dealing with actual militant groups......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Helen Reddy - You And Me Against The World

8/19/2011 5:20amWoke around 4 this morning... yesterday, a molar on the top right side broke, the one that was partially filled (I now find out) instead of getting the crown I paid for... explains the look on the assistant's face when it was being done, even the filling didn't fill the whole tooth, just the lower part..

I've been trying to figure out why CNN and the FBI and the locals did what they did - unless it was primarily to get the pressure off Thurston, Anderson and Pastor Melissa Scott by signaling that the FBI was standing behind the media, the hoaxes and the use of ministers/God to kill people. It also appears things were being set up to do another round of "Chuck comes back to life the spring before the election" just in time for the next round of sex traps and games designed to get me to play political games to waste my time like the PMS/Olbermann psyop...

Back when I started the GDCU, I wasn't trying to subvert the government, but provide services and ways of approaching that the government wouldn't that would also be compatible with policy by this time - civil rights impinged or not - and of course, since the government and media decided to "talk to me", I talked back and shared ideas and of course, discussed Democracy.

I honestly believe I will be a factor in this presidential election, I honestly believe I can with - particularly by asking people to set aside the theoretical conflict of interest from a religious point of view - actually demonstrating separation of church and state, and still not denying God by denying who I am to Him. And while still keeping my promise t o CNN and others to make the came myself that I'm crazy (as is, I have my ways) but that they can rest assured that I am not insane. At the same time, I honestly believe my candidacy will force a  constitutional crisis to determine the outcome of the election, since I  am not really allowed to participate but the government will be required to allow my participation....

I said long ago that it was a choice I made not  to get too involved with organizations, especially non-profits where people were truly committed to what they were doing - to not get involved beyond sharing a few ideas when asked unless I was really willing to stand up to the plate and see it through to success...  it was never a question of knowing how, it was  a question of whether I believed in something so much that it was worth my career, my time, my energy and that the results would be worth it in a way that positively altered the world around me...  like I'd dreamed the Farm would... I realized when thinking about all this this morning that the Farm AND the GDCU combined becomes a huge company, but also is very much of the same spirit as the creation of the Grameen Foundation...

One difference - Grameen was founded to save an impoverished, disaster prone nation. My approach in the US, independently, was seeing it as an opportunity to condense knowledge into the possible on the ground results it could produce if the opportunity was made available to many others. Never a handout, never non-profit oriented really, just empowerment and opportunity, what I believed the united states as a nation and government was supposed to do... without a primary motivation of greed.

I read somewhere, 10, maybe 20 years ago, that the United States had changed its listing with the United Nations.. from stating its primary religion was Christianity, to money.

I laugh a little when I think of that story about the Fabrian Ranch on Lockhart Gulch, how my father kept calling it Fabian, and I humored him cause everybody he was a genius, but I knew it had an R in it... I'd heard of the fabians, but figured it was just one more of those groups that were in agreement with something secret...

I still have to honestly say, though, that i can't understand people in law enforcement who would so willing and so meglomaniacally disobey and disregard the constitution, even more, to not be the kind of people who would understand, like a part of them, why certain rules can not be disobeyed. And I don't say that to criticize, but to maybe cause some to realize - objectively - like if the world knew the truth and judged this nation - to realize the error of this federal Government and the thinking.. for example, I'd actually favor a Real ID if abuse of it was not so likely given the history of this government. Seems I recall people saying the same thing in the 50's

Back then was when I think people began to lose track of what freedom actually is. 

I used  to joke, for a time, that I was Neo, and others, wondering what it would take to be able to have the mindset to persevere. Wondering what you'd need to consider to affect the big picture in ways that would affect everything to at least a small extent, positively. Paradigms, archetypes.... 

I know that I say some things that seem harsh - and I'm not talking about the stuff brought on by psyops, but by observation - but I'm sort of a purist about Democracy, about a Republic, about the beauty of the Constitution and how it's a living, enduring document expressing equality, justice, ethics and common sense regarding power and people.

Beyond that, the only thing I can think to say is that I stand by my beliefs when I wrote "The Era of Reconciliation".

Everything is possible... believing in probability and normal outcomes is superstition.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around and Fell In Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stanley Clark & George Duke - Never Judge A Cover By Its Book

PS Colbert - Do I have to?


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bee Gees - Children of the World Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Wild Places - 06 - Blind to the Truth

8/22/2011 9:34 4 or 5 hours ago, Thurston, the Burger King Girl and Jr and maybe 2 others began pounding me... about cops and pedophiles and how much he loves the death penalty.. Burger King Girl and him and JR were gone a few days, either more training from the FBI or another psyop in LA... they love Disneyland... and Biblicalpsyops.. anyway, they started pounding me to w rite this in the weblog... for hours... true psychopathic murderers, rapist and serial pedophiles... 

Their latest gem: We've been doing this for years and this  is the most fun we've had torturing someone. Of course, the last day or so, I;ve gotten odd jobs done, it's hard to do major task when being tortured and harassed while working... for the second night, whenever Lynn is gone, they torture me around dinner time to starve me some more. I'm so glad hey love their dentists and elected officials so much, not to mention their doctors and media people. And that all those people trust their lives in the hands of a bunch of sex predators who claim they do it for national security.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emmylou Harris - Mister Sandman

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Journey - Remember Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cliff Richard - Early in the Morning

FBI: Desperate agents looking for an excuse.....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin - Don't Let 'Em Take Your Gun That's playing in the other room right now. WHat timing. And from me, a guy who used to believe in gun control, because I understand the reasons for the right to own guns, and I thought we had a just government.....

10:52pm The local dentists should know tha tthe psychotronics guys keep sayinghow much they look forward to seeing you prosecuted. Great friends you have.

11:00pm Everything happening today is clearly thursotn and the fbi MO, and the burger king girl keeps insisting she's in army psyops.. wouldn't doubt it, and of course, these pedophiles - their word - want me to criticize the armed services because Mazlett, the Tghurston county cop, was inthe service, andhe\, like thrusotn, want me to criticize cops and kilitary and everything else they are to make it sem like I hat ethem all ... obviously Mazlett and thursotn and obama and others have guilty consciences they want to vindicate by blaming others. I alraedy have hundreds to prosecute, all easy.. and Thursonton makes it easier all the time, while the tuants continue and the perverts collect their trophies. Note the cahnge in the weblog when thurstons not around. That how buttf**kman will get his self-fulfilling deacription ofhimself, as his phone andd teavel recoreds are checked, like the others in his dept who will be easily investigated through phone, traveland bank records. Good work JTTF

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Silver & Gold

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins -  Enter My Dream

8/23/2011 11:14am a tooth torture wasso bad last night,once again, only a bowl of cereal, very painful to eat it. Then, kept me awake til nearly 6 this morning, making it difficult toget anything done today, and of  course, to delay and detain us illegally even more.

The arrogance and hubris of these people cause them to make major mistakes in what they do.. always assuring victims the police, FBI and Govt will cover for them, which  is true, except when it comes to infiltrating churches... and other things... and I have  a list of people who will have their phone, travel, credit card and other records checked for their whereabouts this last weekend... my bet is they were in LA again, psyopping someone else as the US govt uses phony ministers and broadcast networks to kill Christians and jews and get their money and publicly humiliate them.. they keep threatening me with a vagrancy charge, to which I  say, go for it, nothing like putting their crimes on record. I'm still convinced many of their plans were cancelled when I was in LA because when the car was tampered with, I considered going straight to the police with my story and the evidence in the back of my vehicle that would have convicted them all... IfI had safe passage, it was because of that, because they figured my vehicle would quit, the evidence would be lost and I'd be homeless and die... can't wait to find out who last weeks victim was at the Mortuary called Pastor Melissa Scott.. I hear she's in San Francisco now, too. 

Apparently, Fisher broadcasting wants to know  if they'll be sued for their part of "hoax"... you're way down on the list, but you're on the  list. But like the rest of the people in Washington State and elsewhere, you make great pervert peon evidence. And the letter I sent: no problem, I  was serious, you gave me the impression you were aware... that letter certainly didn't give anyone the permission or alibi to further harass us, especially when we're at the hospital getting medical care for Lynn,..  while I have 5 or 6 cars following me around the parking lot as I video them...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 01 - Joy To The World

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dionne Warwick Glady Knight St - That's What Friends Are For

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eagles -Tequila Sunrise

So, was it the owner of Olympic Bakery, or Van Dyke? That story will  include a story about witness tampering, and victimizing people, thinking you'll get away with it instead of realizing it would be used as proof of psychotronics... and HAARP... the difference between me and others is they always believe they have to prove specific individuals are doing specific things to them.. I don't. That's why rope a dope worked. That, an a bunch of govt workers who are afraid ofthe govt, having peon attitudes about themselves, up against someone like me who views everyone as equal citizens first, and their elections and badges are their jobs, not their identities, despite their self esteem issues when they have no weapons.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number

The pt guys want me to waste my time writing letters to Panetta, and others.. already did... death squads will either be completed, as shown as proof of crimes and cover ups.... and Thurston will get his wish to be the star quintessential example of a pervert Nazi cop..... Checkmate......

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kraftwerk - Radioactivity

2:08pm Lynn just got home.. she went to visit her son and sister in Kirkland... said she got there, and had vertigo so bad, she ended up being in bed the whole time... might also explain where thurston and his friends were this weekend.. King County... she doesn't know it was the puke ray, I'm not going to terrorize her for you... butyou willbe prosecuted, and given the circumstances this will  be called an attempted murder... she said th evertigo was so bad she kept falling over, and has bruised to prove it. Lori and Adrian and many others will be able to relate to the directed energy attacks.... as will Rachel Maddow, who apparently likes that weapon best. For Lynn, the dehydration is bad because of constipation...  and apparentl another attempt by NBC, Time Warner and the US Govt to kill its victims and witnesses.

6:44pm It appears the city of shelton still thinks it's the most important issue in the case against the Federal Government. Burger King Girl, ROyal 8, Thurston Jr and others are torturing me non stop while Lynn continues t get hit withthe puke ray. The trophy hunters empowered by the badgfeof th eDHS and FBI wanted to be sure their success was noted for authorities...   these idiots really believe the most important thing I'll focus n is psychotronics.. it'll be asy to prove, take less than a couple of hours, and the rest will be about people like Lou and Candice and Anderson and Keith and AL and ll the rest of their pervert heroes and how the United States Government has been overthrown by Nazi infiltrators who call themselves other names, nut are still Nazis. Easy to prove.

The only thing the locals have actually succeeded at is getting their elected officials, states, counties and federal government sued into prison.

Of course, I woul have had th ebrakes fixed on my car today, but when you only get an hour or so of real work time between torture sessions, little gets done, and once again, it's illegal detention. Thank you very much for having the FBI return the favor on behalf of Leon Panetta... besides being CLinton's chief of staff when the most intense psyops began, the Hague will behappy to know the corruption and sexual predatory practices of the US intel services are not unlike every other cultrure that ever fell to ruin. And the world won't have to wait long until these sickos destroy themselves. As the local sand FBI try to get me to pop. they should recall my way of popping is very different than what they want... for me, it means making sure the criminals got to jail... something I'v enever wished on anybody before.. but when I have to listen to mid-20's people tlaking about how they love being Nazis so they can murder those fucking sick fuck niggers and Jews.... sounds like the US govt knew who the perverts are, and pay them to rape and torture.... and when th epublic finds out tha tif they're on anti-depressants, it means the government is trying to kill them.... then TIpper and AL won't look so good, especially after the truth of AN Inconvenient Truth, and the death of my dog, Jesse.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fiona Apple - Angel (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor -  Shed a Little Light The reason lots of people forgot Martin Luther King's warning...  and how they betrayed him with their racism.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk

8/24/2011 9:32am Woke up this morning hearing Lynn crying out in pain.. Dobbs is getting his perverted wish. Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to her and helping her get comfortable after coming home, suddenly she said she got a headache on the left side of  her head... I could feel the dews coming from the sky, the direction where the chopper guys typically hover over Puget Sound...

Not much else to say... except maybe how much I'm going to enjoy having this government prosecuted.

Last night's Bible reading was from Job chapters 27 thru 31

Given the people currently assigned to to torture us, I believe this passage fits best: All the older people are no different in this state.

Chapter 30, verse 1 But now they that are younger than I have me in derision, whose fathers I would have disdained to have set with the dogs of my flock.

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins. Lou, think it  covers what you media people do or what?

Lou, on your final phony show on CNN, you thanked Ted Turner. It appears you meant it, for many  good years of having fun psyopping people. Remember the dinner in New York, Lou. Ted Turner, Lynn Mcmullen, Muhammad Yunus, MO. WHo else was there, and isn't it weird I couldn't make it to the dinner honoring Yunus myself. Kinda like Shirley temple's party..... 

To all the people I gave benefit of the doubt to, especially in the books... won't it be fun when Ii tell the rest of your stories... I wasn't trying to set anything up except discussions about God and spirituality... like RUmsfeld said, though, ya gotta build em up to break em down. In this case, for you guys, all it shows is my willingness to believe you people had integrity, and then finding out what sick phonies you are. PS I found the originals of the letters sent to Time Warner requesting they stop torturing me, the one to Parsons, the legal dept and Bunda..... the ones I sent to MSNBC weren't nearly as detailed. WHo's malingering. Not me.

When Cynthia McKinney became unpopular with this government by suggesting we "follow the money" trail of 911, I think she knew all the congress people who  made money investing in the attacks. How many media people made stock market money on that? I wonder if she's ever heard of Michael Ruppert, the police officer who did follow the trail, and was forcibly exiled to another country? Another example of how Mazlett should learn to read, and research like I did... makes it easier to  believe an honest cop.... PS Mazlett and Thurston, don't ever think you fooled me into believing it was all you guys.. I  live in Mason county now, against my will.... and the FEC WILL be notified after the Hague reports are filed.

I get laughed at because the US  Govt believes its been successful in silencing and murdering us..  the only thing they proved to me, the only difference all this has made, is to prove the US Government is Nazi, and has been since long before World War I. Like the protocols said, you people act like the people you're infiltrating... until your arrogance exposes your sickness and evil. ANd you types always think you won before its over, and that's what will always be your downfall. Then, now, in the future. You'll all learn that lesson easier in hell.

Be sure of one thing DHS and others... I will never betray God, I will never denounce HIm or who I am, and if anyone calls me crazy I'll just say, blame the US Government.. you want to claim I'm just a psyop victim, fine... explain it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leslie Gore - You Don't Own Me

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - 08 - They Won't Go When I Go

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man

It won't take long to set up a place for refugees... the good news is, these refugees are the some of the best people to have as citizens.. which of course is wh ythe  US Government wants them dead. They have integrity.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Charlie Rich - Most Beautiful Girl

Tell Colbert and DeLong they're sex predators, and I have no interest in any more of  their prostitutes. Funny we should meet here... good luck explaining it to the arresting officers... they won't be arresting me.

8/24/2011 8:01pm Another completely wasted day due to torture.. attempts made tobreak my left ankle, and the trture was so bad, after a few days of torture so bad i could not chew to food, and sleep deprivation, after being tortured all day while trying to work I ran out of energy to do a job that normally would have taken me two hours.  Over 6 hours of torture, and the pt guys ar easking me todeclare their victory

Given the international charges and the defiance of the locals and the U.S. Govt, if these people weren't Nazis, I'd think it unusual to think they'd think  it was a victory, especially given the email I received that amounts to the U.S. Govt admitting it tortures its own citizens, that Obama is briefed and aware, and continues to prove his treason and acceptance of murder against his own citizens... while the pt guys continue to worry about damaging the suppsoed historic civil rights victory because he's black.

Meanwhile, Thurston and his friends continue to attempt to change Lynn's perceptions about things that happened, that will be destroyed by a tape Lynn demanded I record of her one day talking about her concern that would happen.. and worse. ANd, they're another "lets's make Chuck destitute and homeless routine with Lynn again, standard mo for the inept fbi profiler.... the CNN cameo was a typical mo. You  folks should never assume again that I trust the media, never actually did after  the first helter skelter.

Check out the new page on creation 2012 charles  rehn.com under the heading bioethics: WHat the US Govt continues to deny.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 11 - Let 'Em In

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Emmylou Harris - Mister Sandman

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago

and my pick

Holly Near - Edge - 08 - Standard White Jesus

8/25/2011 9:40pm I heard Lynn call out last night, and I found her lying on the floor in the bathroom, and fortunately, even though she needed help and could not walk easily by herself, the dew attacks she  experienced were close enough to the attacks that caused her "stroke" that of course she became very worried... she says the vertigo is so bad she can barely walk, just like what was done to her in Kirkland last weekend... my assumpion is thiswil make th epeople at CNN and NBC and the FbI  in San Franccisco vry happy.

They should keep inmind that over the years, because of their efforts that I wasn't aware of, I dust off the dirt when sliding into bases quite easily, and I've never minded getting my hands dirty... and while I'm not a sociopath like you  people, I don't quit because of   hardship, and I've got another confession of the U.S. Govt.. It's very obvious to me - like the videos tht were erased - that you people specialize in setting people up to be aware of your Nazi ways, then kill them using it for fun. You played with the wrong guy, Lynn is tougher thank you think, I will get her out of here, and I will take just as much pleasure when reading newspapers about all of you and the perp walk DObbs loves to show, as if he's a  law and order type. 

A few years back, I convinced SHaron Weinberger to publish an FOIA from the DOD I believe admitting the U.S> Govt attacks its own citizens with military weapons. A few days later, CNN and others ran stories about - I think it was Sean P Diddy coombs getting an an FOIA - and the media  said the FBI provided it - with false information - to discredit the idea that FOIA's would reveal truth. I was also in the process of putting up a page promoting having people submit FOIA's,,,that of course was cancelled due to illegal weapons attacks on us.

I have assumed for quite some time the profiler and a few others wanted to ID themselves to make sure they would be witnesses against me, believing their credentials would give them credibility.. I say all it proves is a conspiracy to frame someone and get away with murder. The Hague will be informed of that MO. I sure hope SPitzer took a job with the Obama administration. MO. Ask him to tell me how Lock is doing....

Peterson, Chicago, wives dying in the bathtub.. at least now I know how that cop disposed of his wife using weapons supplied by  the DOJ....

Finally, I have no idea what actually happened, whether Olbermann's father is alive or not. Like with Russet and Michael Jackson, I got zapped so I  couldn't track the details.. but Keith, they're your perverts. They keep telling me the truth I tell will make me the most hated man in the world. I tell the perverts, as long as you Nazis  are stopped, I can live with it. Same as I said in 2002 when I was told to prove it, or die tortured. Idon't plan to die tortured, I've proved it, and I intend to prosecute it. Let's see how  much  mud SPitzer can take.

Chopper 9:59am Chicken shit government. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - Ports of the Heart- 202 - Whirlpool

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cliff Richard - Early in the Morning

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 16 - Ending Of A Song

Keith does Stew Webb still believe you're a patriot broadcaster?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - Art For Art's Sake

My Pick:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Bat Dance  Dedicateed to the media and the FBI, true professionals.

10:50am  The Burger King girl is so anxious  to get mentioned and get attention and trophies - a true serial rapist - that she now claims to be in military intel from Ft Lewis, and the military is  exempt from the law. DeLong.. your attempts to use her to deliver more foul language will not exonerate you.... As an announcer, I study voices, cadence and word phrases. You lost.

Bourgeois Tagg - Waiting For The Worm To Turn

Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

For all you proud mass murdering Nazis

8:29 pm memories of Katrina - how convenient for Barack to be out of town for the earthquake.

Another great example of the US Govt wanting to control what I write.

Lynn has been suffering extreme vertigo, and the normal FBI/US Govt Weed and Seed Police setup, they have her wanting to go to a doctor... that of course is how they try to establish that people are crazy for reporting crimes and things that the government purposely denied in order to covert kill its own citizens.

Cant wait to see how Christine Gregoire likes the charges  to be filed against her.

See why I'm glad these people are supposed to protect their Nazi leaders?  The locals again are laughing, thinking they'll get away with denying psychotronics.. meanwhile, I actually accomplished nothing today as Mike (who wanted to be mentioned0 and others continued the same patterns of attempting to injure me and prevent us from leaving Washington State for reasons that will make total fools of them all. Their biggest error in all the Biblical psyops is the part of setting it up ofr me to supposedly abandon Lynn after her stroke - willingly - like the verse I quoted when I found it. O fcourse, the Glendale Jezebel psyop will clearly prove that apostate prostitute is a total idiot and traitor to this nation, and a betrayer of God if she actually ever speaks of God in a positive light. Quintessential apostate... to go along  with her quintessential FBI idiot...

There is one thing I want ot make clear: a whole lot of women have been set up to claim whatever they think they can claim, all - Iall I can imagine is they want ot make it appear I'm hostile toward women... which is so incredibly ridiculous.. even my relationship with Lynn, giving technical and business support to help Lynn in her career, one I believed was worthy of me giving my time for a good cause, without  need for anything but seeing people get health care and food and basic necessities of life. ANd even though we both feel - and have talked about - feeling robbed of having relationships we chose, and having relationships with people in our past that weren't purposely sabotaged by the US govt... I intend to empower her for the rest of my life, not just because of the causes she inspires people about, but because she is  a leader worth empowering, and I respect her skills and compassion more than even Muhammad Yunus, she's something of a pioneer in women's rights and empowerment of women, and empowerment of people through small business.... 

I continue to believe it is a  time for me to be in leadership, whatever that may mean on whatever level... and part of leadership is leading and empowering leaders.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 10 - Love Is the Answer (Utopia)

  Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 204 - Our Lives

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Seasons Of Love

And my pick   Expose -  Seasons Change

8/26/2011 9:05am For months, the perverts have threatened to kill Abby, and sometimes they even say they've stolen her.. the other day I heard someone shooting a pellet gun from the place Charlie likes to park to watch us... MO for some reason, Mike wanted tobe mentioned yesterday, the guy who said he killed a cat for urinating on his tire... Abby's missing, Al  will take credit for this in the long run, as will the local perverts who are murderers on behalf of Al Gore and the Council on Foreign Relations. It wouldn't surprise, given some other things yesterday related to taco man next door, that she was taken, hopefully they'll let her loose, otherwise her not being here is the first time since we got her 4 years ago. What great neighbors. THis will make 3 dead animals... Harstine Island Washington, where the residents joke about calling it pervert island. Charlie told me early on that they got some tools and a camper top and other things from their last weed and seed victims... they're still trying to work that joke onus, to get us to leave out  of fear so they can steal these things... fine with me if Key Bank wants to be sued.

One of my friends life was put in danger when Thurston was trying to kill him the same way Al had these other people kill Jesse, with aneurysms. This morning, Lynn can't walk due to vertigo.

There's a part of  me that's gla the government wants to brutalize me this much, and for that and on behalf of the millions of other people this  government is murdering..

Even our pets know how important this movement to finish off the Nazis in their own corrupt courts is.

Barack, people give me a hard time for believing you are most likely Satan.

I'm pretty sure it was FBI asking me about Waco and Ruby Ridge and other crimes the FBI covers for... I told them that I  could read one piece of news a day  and find good reason for the United State government to be condemned by the world for its activities, which ARE modeled after the Nazi  takeover of Germany touse them as a war machine until they were expended or dead. Yesterday was no different, an article explaining tht the bulk of FBI activities are spent setting people up for criminal prosecution for things the FBI suggested they do so they could claim another victory in the war (based) on terror.  For me, and my case against this government, that article explains MANY of the things done to us. thank you Mother Jones... I wondered if Korn was real or not... and again, thanks for writing my campaign materials in detail... I didn't know Mother Jones and I had so much in common. I hope MSNBC didn't beat you up too much... lots of people will be vindicated... 

Tell Barack, Hillary, Al and John Kerry and Howard Dean, the above is how you give credit to those who write things you agree with and can endorse.. you don't kill em Al, you thank them. Tell Tipper I'm glad she liked my letter to him so much she would parrot me on the Larry King Show.

Long ago I made a few jokes about Fantasy Island. they like to call themselves that here too, especially with all the airplanes harassing us with flyovers and more... they tell me it's the Civil Air Patrol... more importantly, it was a taunt for what was planned before 2001 for our deaths. My dad loved the Civil Air Patrol and if not for dew attacks I was lied about the cause of, I would have joined too, just like I was planning t join the local community watch and maybe weed and seed... and then, like CNN's trap, I would have ended up busting them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jay & the Americans - This Magic Moment 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God J Donovan -  Especially For You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judds - Grampa Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days

For Panetta and the other FBI whores who have tried to criminalize me over the years... I  used to really respect you people, and I'm as loyal to the citizens of this nation as anyone could be. 

My best entertainment will be when the IMF and US traitors go to China for a conference one day, and China will show them what a wall is, and they'll stuck behind.. and then one day, the Chinese Government will send a bill to their families to pay for the bullet... You Satanists are so stupid to believe China will put up with you. But I'm glad you do. Your own medicine is too good for you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - These Eyes

I'll be re-writing We Stand.

10:44am Now online : The Informants, charlesrehn.net  I love how God always provides.

12:15pm I've gotten alot of threats and laughing people about Abby being missing.

This morning, as is true the last few days, taco man next door has been doing some tractor work. I went out looking for Abby this morning and heard the tractor.

Yesterday, I was out front, and was questioned about a can of diesel I have that I actually hoped Charlie would have used up a year or so ago... and there was some typical banter about taco man taking the fuel,a dn sinc eIknow these guys re real, I said, go ahead and take it, I won't consider it stolen in this case because it would do us all a favor for it to be used since I have no ned of diesel. Of course after that MO ID, things went bad working on the car.

This morning, ABby still hadn't come home.. very rare that she stays out, and very rare she wouldn'tbe at the  back door for food  in the morning.

I went out looking for her body, and came back, and found her sitting on a board by the garage... dazed.. not possible that she stayed in the garage all night, cause I checked for her numerous  times. I cam back from the field where I heard th epetllet gun the other day, and there she was, dazed, her body cold, and I calle dher, and she didn't move.. and then she began  eating grass. And she didn't follow me like she always does, and Ihad to coax her in with food....

Do I know taco man did it? NO. But interesting, she shows up, and his tractor started up again. Still the people on this island - and the govt - nothing really surprises me anymore. Meanwhile Burger King Girl in her mo decided toclaim she was responsible, and  the worst and most horrible ever... so tell Burger King that aiding and abetting terrorists is illegal.

Still lovin every minute of it Lou?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Hits - 01 - Another Day In Paradise

1:56pm Another day of being tortured and delayed.. and of cxourse the perverts are talking about killing Lynn and then pushing their own answers through

What else is new Candice Delong?

What is going to work best about this is how much I don't care what happens to all these criminals because I am not committing any crimes against them. But the chain of command is the chain of command.

Now all you sickos who still insist that you're innocent and psychotornics isn't proveable, good luck when they use psychotronics on you for your absolute truth.

Notice the time, and that the only thing I've accomplished so far is more damage to my teeth thanks to the great dentists in town and their friends who are doing their best to convict everybody else, who are actually guilty.

Gary Lock, good luck

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mountain - Mississippi Queen

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Riding On a Railroad 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 01 - Darkness

3:30pm still nothing done due to torture.. the perverts now say that the Jehovah's Witnesses will never take action against the federal govt because Candice Delong has successfully infiltrated their international organization. Great perverts on your side candice

Terrorist cells.

"Candice delong is a sex pervert with apenchant for sick fuck cunts like us"

It's 3:33 I think the perverts just realized I'm serious (as they've said for over  a year now) Kurzweil. FBI.

Just rememberr when you claim I'm a psyop victim, I'm ok with that

3:36 chopper

3:50pm Another example of how we are illegally detained. I  said a few minutes ago a chopper went by, illegally, and Lynn is now complaining she has extreme vertigo and nausea again... and they're trying tomake it out like she's had another stroke and is an invalide... they're doing the John edwards psyop on me except they could never get me on a sex trap, though in the beginning when they raped me and told me it was Kyra Phillips, when I first found out the folklore about coyotes and using a female to lure the town dogs into the wild so the pack of male coyotes could kill them... the same premise as Pastor Melissa Scott...

Now, all I intended to notate was how sikc they are making Lynn again,to reduce her credibility and to make me out like cHarlie's favorite, a gigolo. Charlie is also insistent that I tell you that after I posted the article about Satanic Ritual ABuse and the tockholm syndrome, that's when he started claiming I'm a siubmissive and that his walking Lynn like  a dog was his favorite part.

Kurzweil FBI. 

Agasin this is kind of stuff they do to millions of people  a day around the world to incapacitate their victims. torture, psychotronics, fraud and murder

I'll remind the Federal Govt that attempting to overwhelm me with evidence and to get me to believe I cannot make the  case will end up being what convicts uou all of the worst crimes. Make sure Valerie Bonham understands that as she and other federal officials taunt victims by openly admitting government crimes...

BTW PMS: The security guard: you'd have been better off without  one. And the locals are not  going to be successful in the cover up.

I read an email yesterday from another target who was talking about how they are harassed and taunted and their perps tell them it's to keep them from praying and reading the Bible. Another one from the FFCHS and the guy who heads it who I heard that complaint from the first time years ago....

For those locals  who  want to believe they have me so contained I'm not in touch with the outside world... I'm in touch enough. It's fun to see how many of my news email subscriptions have been cancelled by the government, now that I've switched to a new email client.

Thanks to the perps for a demonstration of how they sabotaged my writing on political and religious issues.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Sly & the Family Stone - Stand

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - Coming to America and probably leaving afer reading the Mother Jones Report. 


When this computer was purchased, it was delivered about a week early, with features I didn't want but the psychotronics guys kept insisting I get. like a wireless network built in. Some of my delays are from someone reading the video buffer and freezing the computer just like Carbon Copy used to do. Like they dd a minute ago. More waste of time, illegal detention, and given the technology in use, people will be surprised how many federal crimes are being committed just by doing that. Lots of em.

4:07pm Airplane. 4:08 computer unfroze again for me to write this.

6:54pm Nothing accomplished today as the torture has been non-stop, and as usual, worse just before and during eating, with the perverts saying how they were purposely destorying my teeth to mak eit difficult for me to eat.. again... I  find it interresting they would continue to tell me they'll claim Imadeit up orr did it myself to frame them. Nazis

I finally figured out what was really going on is their mo: they know I study the people they put on me to identify them later as well as to become educated on their mo's and patterns so  I can identify them later in court, as well as in freeing other people in prsion and mental institutions after being set up by the Federal Government na dth epolice.

Even more, the same original routine used to try to convince me their tactic of humiliate and exterminate will work on me, and going back all the way to 2002 and reading my materials, and then asking me question sI have no interest in anwaering and will not likely be part of the criminal charges against them, as if in court their smear tactics will work. Their biggest problem is, when I began this, Ibegan as an objective newsman and critic... and continue that... and I wasn';t after anything for myself, easily proven, I'm still actually not... even with all the lawsuits I know I could file, for the right reasons, and to free lots of other people, I can't figure out what I'd do with all the assets and money other than give it away and do what I've always wanted to do anyway: publishin gpolitics, religion, and helping people because I only need so much....

CNN needs to really truly understand that their efforts ont heir own, the media and especially the Democratic Party who emailed me in 2003 and basically confessed to the conspiracy via MO, the SPokane state democratic chair who said I would humiliate myself.. magnet war tactics were to get people to write about themselves online and then be able to blackmail and extort them later into silence. I can actually go through what I  wrote in order to help this nation -- all good reasons and examples of  things I've witnessed - things I've mostly determined were stings by the government against me, as well as to use me via the implants to bust other people, and thne now, to destroy me like apiece of equipment they no longer want....SO, CNN, FBI, all the rest of you who are impressed with your badges... ask the juries what your badge represents before and after the testimony.. I will... 

CNN in Atlanta.. I mentioned the video as soon as I got back from Atlanta, I hope you didn't destroy it,..... just in case... and the form you had me sign.. and the outtakes of The Mystery of Jesus, and who told them Jesus had been there 3 weeks before and didn't look at all like the forensic model joked about in the special. (Amy Jill, don't worry, I enjoyed your stories alot, the forensic guy too)

Anyway, like I said, it would be a shame if Icouldn't put my experrience and experiences to use within and for this nation: however, like when they tell me they'll have me departed, sent to Gitmo, dropped from an airplane into the ocean, smashed by a truck on the highway, arrested before crossing the border out of Washington... unless you kill me, I wasn't looking to gain anything... I was looking forward to serving, but no matter what threats you complete... you'll still be gone.

And despite what the phony Jehovah's Witness - Susan from Seattle said, people will understand... and I was actually counting - at this point - of leading a true era of reconciliation.. bu tthe incarceration of Nazis will be a good beginning, starting with a certain Sheriff's Deputy in Thurston County who actually believes he can justify his crimes against lots of people.... since I'm writing this and people will hear about it, let it be known that these people rely on this cop and the aFBI to intimidate their victims.. I will not back down on that.. and thurston will get all the blame nationwide for causing an image problem for police, using aguy who wanted to do just the opposite.. again, easily proveable.

SO, to the new guy who thinks he can break me while Burger King Girl convicts the dentsts and cities of Washington State... read all the way back to the beginning, executive summaries everything, and when you claim I'm a Cassandra, remember, she was right, and despite how bad things were and are, all I did was everything I could do to improve things.

I'm a horrible person. And I like me. That's called healthy self-esteem... not ego or megalomania like the government of this country has become.. like the cop who thinks he'll get away with it. Let's just say he implemented his moniker on himself.

I'm not lucky, nor have  received much assistance.. hard work, patience and persistence... it wasn't really rope a  dope.Targeted individduals don't get a choice, they're just slowly  killed. Staying alive and collecting documents and all since 2003 is all I could do, and all that needed to be done after I realized the perps were causing other targets to be focused on the wrong things. But I have a list of those, like me who stayed on the right trail. I wish I had a song named Katrina.. maybe Katrina and the Waves -

Kenny Loggins - This Is It  :}

Some FBI idiot didn't bother to realize Kenny Loggins doesn't have blue eyes...like a few other people....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Winds of Change - CD1 - 02 - Harold Macmillan - Winds of Change

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 06 - The Dogs of War

7:33pm Another example of detention and torture. I just finished posting, went to check up on Lynn... a few days ago, the locals said they were going to force Lynn into the hospital to force us  to leave the house alone so they could get to the evidence, as well as to tamper with the EL Cmaino I've kept inthe garage all this time to ensure I had at least one vehicle that could carry cargo.. just in case.. I  checked the other day when Lynn collapsed.. and I don't believe she's had another stroke, symptoms easily emulated with psychotronics, and also used to trick people into thinking it's just psychotronics sothey won't get medical care and they'll die instead.

Of course, she's basically bankrupt, and I'll reserve other comments about her meical care til later.. but she's concerned that she's had another stroke.. I  also know that she hadn't had a bowel movement for days, then left for a few days, began to get normal, and now that's she's home, she can't anymore. And the guy tdown the road has done similar thing sto  me on behalf of Olbermann.. it's painful, and in Lynn's case, the way it's going, could easily lead to septic shock from renal failure.. and of course, that explains why the psychotronics guys keep bringing up Olbermann. Taunts.

EST.... good luck.

Horace Silver & the Jazz Messe - TBD - 100 - Nutville

9:12pm I  looked up intothe sky, and in the usual place a chopper. Iheard... and this is for Mazlett to end up looking like a complete traitor.. I heard talk about leading people into ambushes and then someone taking out the leader instead of watching a whole 10-12 people die due to inexperience... we're talking Viet Nam War, and a well known about westmoreland, who, Mazlett, Ihave no personal feelings about at all. Then Lynn starts crying out in more severe pain... and he asked me, if your commander told you to shoot civilians, in a group of choppers, what would I do.. and I'mm tlaking about choppers killing us citizens on us spoil without any cause. and Itold thetraitor I'd shoot his ass down. He said, the other ones would kill ya. Isaid, if I signed up to give my life to my country, then it would be worth it to save the people I swore to protect. Not kiss the ass of a Nazi acquiescent commander.

Chopper guys... want me toturn you guys in too, cause as far as I'm considered, you're traitors. And any court would agree. Now Mazlett, tell thurston and your boss to arrest yourselves. And tell Burger King Girl she's doing a great job of screwing everyvbody... especially her "friends"... the specialist

8/27/2011 8:53am When I look at the things in red, I wish I had had the scientific info and experience I have now to have been able to make the claims of the people suppsoedly defending the United States.. and I'm talking about weed and seed and other front organizations that do everything they can to cause loyal people to hate the US Government, a tactic used by people overthrowing a nation or implementing racist policies - covertly - when I look at how the government goes about it, and I think about certain cops whose job it is to incite violence... then I just wish Id been able to defend the stuff written in red, meaning, be able to prove the psychotronics part back in 2002 or so.

The thing that really does make me feel better about being in the position of having to quote these idiots is the clear patterns indicating certain people and methods that will end up proving that the US Govt really is using Nazi tactics... when I look at the future, it's easy to see the US Govt wants this nation to divide itself and fight with itself by te same means Egypt and libya and other countries were infiltrated and incited by  the CIA and other agencies.. so when things get worse in this natin, even if thye fool most of the people, all I  know is the number of people who will be dead when the New World Order Nazis finally clamp down in military style to "subdue the dissidents" and troublemakers who actually believe governments should obey constitution, that the Department of Homeland Security should protect its citizens, not the traitorous politicians from the people, and police who don' commit worse crimes than those they say are the worse - and committing those crimes and justifying it by saying "because we can".

SO all you people read this stuff, look at he patterns, and understand that the sick language and all is a  product of your US Government, and you support it and pay for it, and you needed to know what you're paying for while your houses go into default and more and more people live in the streets in preparation for jail for the crime of trying to survive their murderous government.

Long ago, I thought it necessary to point out to people that it would be better to work things out than rely on antidepressants and other chemicals to escape reality. That was before I read Dr Monteiths article objectively seeing that the govt policies suggest they want to kill us.. some of them don't, but the result of their short sided governance is still premature death by millions. Stalin was right about how the United States would destroy itself.

Final thought: and understand I don't have a true opinion about Libya - but GW BUsh made a deal with them that if they surrendered their nuclear weapons that we would not attack them. Then there's people like Westnet in the U.S. who illegally disarm people before govt employees attack and kill them.

There used to be a popular saying - if guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns. I didn't know the outlaws were the government. Otherwise, I'd have bought a gun for the reasons the Constitution said.. and then I"d have run for president.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 13 - Time Passes On 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Drifters - This Magic Moment

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God SGT Barry Sadler -  Ballad of the Green Beret 

That song was popular during Viet Nam days, when us citizens honored the veterans while the government shunned them, and reminds me of the day congress said Iraq veterans were potential homegrown terrorists...

They use you, applaud you  when you die, and then forget you while they make plans to use more young people to die for Exxon.

It's binary.

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 08 - Vintage Clothes

Today will mark another day of a week to get a1 hour job done. Like the guy told the guy at the auto parts store, the manager who was under attack - "We're here to destroy things". That's the uS Govt.

10:10am Sam Daley Harris, friend of Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Results (before being pushed out), author of Reclaiming Democracy, has announced he is resigning from the Microcredit summit... Lynn pointed out that he has a 15 year cycle.. 15+ years leading Results, 15+ years leading the micro credit summit... 15 year cycles.. explains alot about  the timing and circumstances of the murder attempts and dialectic against Lynn and I.  I  keep wondering why the State of Washington and the US Govt manipulated things - just like with Beverly - to bring me to Washington State to be psyopped and to attempt to murder and silence me for the second time... maybe a contract Carter and Bush made with ROckefeller, a contract to destroy me that wasn't completed, so they dumped us into Olympia, where they specialize in getting rid of evidence of Federal Crimes.

The question is, via common denominators, why do the Lutherans of Washington State want to help kill Lynn and I. I will get that question answered. For all you honest Lutherans, this is not going to be a witch hunt.. no matter what the government psyops people do, don't ever forget that I know they don't represent all Christians or even decent non-Christians. This will also include an investigation of Southern Baptists in this state, who were very much a part of the psyops in Woodinville. Just consider it my work to rid the churches of infiltrators, and I can spot them a mile away now. The leaders who will be most implicated are Carter, Bush, Reagan, Clinton and Obama..... and the evidence will prove their treason against us all.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Yardbirds featuring Eric Clapton -  For Your Love

1:23pm Went to talk to Lynn for a few minutes before trying to work.. of course, the torture has continued all morning.. thurston, jr burger king girl and another guy who'sbeen working me for a while, the first guy who worked  with a burger king employee to threaten me with calling the police and using psychotronics one day while waiting for Lynn's prescription to be filled.. just like Burger King Girl did... so they keep saying, while torturing me, you'd better get towork or we'll say you were just sitting around...  (being tortured (plane second one in 20 minutes, Lynn is out on porch where they can easily attack her with DEWS...  

I went to talk to Lynn for a few minutes in her bedroom and they started torturing me, I said, the idiot wants to make sure I have a witness to the torture today, as always, and taunting it won't matter.. and then suddenly, she started having sever pain... as the plane went by... 

This by the way is one way they try to get people to write and do nothing but record the crimes, as they taunt you and continually remind you that the police and FBIare working with them, and they are... so I told Lynn they wanted a witness, her, and she said, I'll write it in my journal, which probably won't happen, and then they continue to taunt about how useless it is to expect justice in the united states how they cn get away with it.

The problem is, if you don't record the crimes, they do it more. If you do record them, they - in my case - torture you more to prove they can get away with it

With friends like thesss, the government doesn' t need enemies. 

ANd since I'm no longer concerned about - for example - How they re-enacted "WeHave  A voice" against me, especially the part of having the police intimidate me with the assistance of the attorney general to prevent me from filing a legitimate complaint. plane just dived down... 1:33pm (they laugh at the idea that doppler radar will prove the increased air harassment since Lynn and I moved here.  ) How long does the TSA keep surveillance videos at SJ Airport? Phony Jehovah's Witnesses trying toclear INtuit.. which I wasn't aware needed to be done. Explains that part of the PMS psyop. Carville: I know your humor style.... And about Susan and Maryland...

1:52pm It takes a while tohave acup of coffee while being tortured.. Iwas working on getting towork, whenreminded/taunted about how DISH TV wants our receiver back... even the contract says it is our property. Of course, DISH is aware of the evidence that is likey recoverable, and i just videoed a dish tv installation truck with Weed and Seed license plates on it when I  ran down tothe store earlier... surveilled of course...nice touch Mason County Transit.

Telle Thurston and others the word games and trying to implicate everyone but yourselves won't work. This, by the way  is  notthe part that's actuallyt the delay. I wake up, torture begins, by the time an hour goes by,m the torture weakens you, requirin gmore rest, at which time they  torture you  more so it tires you more, and then they taunt you at their success at you getting nothing done.

I can provide thousands of emails from victims with similar stories. That's why I'm wastin gmy time documenting these crimes

10:42pm ANother day  cmpltely lost due to torture, bothtome and in theneed to help because of vertigo... of course that means she has to go back to a phony doctor

Alot of the harassment has beenabout a couple of locals who are desperate wannabees worse than any of th eothers.. it seems 4 to5 worktogether now, especially in the evening just before dinner... I AM being tortured now..

The idots want me tomake some kid of list of peole and businesses to sue inWashington State, andtheir problem is, I've always been thinking in terms of legal and political proceedings and still, Thurston and a few others for some reason want ot convince me - asa a taunt and intimidation - that if I dare sue anyone, they'll claim I'mbeing vindictive. Of course thisis a repeat as another new person, likely FBI, is reading and reviewing the case from thebeginning as all new ones do.. harassing me almost in the order i wrote things since 2000....  

I put that in red because that's an mo of these peole, to try toget me towrite these things with me knowingthey'r eactually dictating it to me.. thurston will hate himself, as will the fbi, for this ploy. No matter how they frame it.  I assert FBI because of the sort of bored, robotical statements straight off "scripts" I've heard for years.

Like I said, a day completely lost, while attempting a one hour job.. because of tooth torture.. assault with intent tokill...but tell Edwards he will be responsible with the ketchers for two teeth and the special filing that will likely result in the loss of a bottom tooth, and regarding the xrays, remind edwards he put a splint on the tooth nobody fixed a ffew years back, not the one he wanted toclaim was the problem the other day. ANd rememebr, you took 2 xrays that day......

And let the FBI know that I am a presiddential candidate, I don't need your or anyone else's permission, and this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've reported death threats tothe FBI without response, and given the bioethics commission responses, I'l alet the hague know  the FBIand the US govt are conducting terrorism against its own citizens.

Once again, note the tough talk as the FBI and the locals, particularly thurston, attempt to do with me wha tthe FBI was reported to do in Mother Jones to set people up to appear to be terrorists and radicals.

ANother demonstration of violations of my civil human rights.

Burger King Girl and the trophy hunters wanted to be mentioned.

The psychotronics guys got a lot ofpeople arrested today.

This si the kind of remark they make to try to make people paranoid that they'll anger the local community... part of the illusion of a synthetic reality, at least in Shelton and Olympia.

Isn't it good to know that all reports about washington state wil be requesting an investigation into the entire state

What is good is knowing how easy it is to prove psychotronics, and how easy it is to qualify people evaluating prosecutions as to the ability to comprehend, understand or acknowledge the tools of their trade, especially psychologists and psychiatrists.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jean Joel Barbier - Deodat De Severac - 004 - Les Muletiers Devant Le Christ de Lliva

8/28/2011 9:44am As usual, in the mroning when the harassment begins, I listen for what the agenda is for the us govt psyops people today.. it's pretty obvious the locals still play the "overwhelm him with evidence" game, despite the fact that I only have a few things to edit down for presentation that will stop the whole program. I could, if necessary file 100's of national and international crimes, but only a few are necessary to convict and stop the torture of millions. SO, patience.

It's still obvious these people were and trying make it seem like I'm obsessed with certain people (and they get frustrated when they bring up a name of someone thye believe would be my idea of someone who rescue me, like Matt, who, like Culwell, I just think it'd be interesting to talk to them. ) I actually expect that if anyone is a part of "rescuing us all", it'll just be some accident.... it's like running fro president.. the likelihood of winning, less than one per cent.. unless I get minimal exposure, and then its over. Like GW said, it only takes one attack. In this case, one dvd disk. So I'm vigilant

At the same time, I don't appreciate the ongoing attacks, but the overwhelming evidence is welcome, especially when that's what it takes to prove this kind of case in filing in order to know tha tno matter what's said, youcan back up the claim. time Warner, GE and the US Govt - FBI - have done a good job of forcing to make the case. II have Idid Iwill.

Yesterday, Lynn wanted to watch The Postman, I knew psychotronics got her to do it.. and I watched and saw numerous scenes that psyops were based on.. one time at Landmark, they showed us Hoosiers. It was a great allegory and paradigm of what real teamwork and persevering thru mud in the eye was like and could do. I find my experience of elementary school interesting, listening to Lynn talk about her students and her own experience of school, and it puzzles me a little because I always liked going to classes where the teachers had a reputation for being tough and the students were attentive and eager to learn. Or, at least afraid and quiet. But if there's one thing I learned at Scotts Valley School, it's that every human being is unique and special, and I believed it and they affirmed it and I believe it now. Carville used the right words when he talked about being interconnected... the problem is, he and his friends think it should be by force and coercion. And Hillary even said so when she said she believes in economic coercion... an item they probably use to memo 46 Bahai.

I accept the FU from CNN and the FBI - it's the only thing I can really assume was the purpose of that last sequence... I accepted that when Peter Viles did that sloppy aesopian job on the woman in China with secrets.. and then of course, the copper denial of psychotronics in the CFR family/Einhorn case... Biblical sick joke.. we're not writing a Bible .. did you use psychotronics on that guy while he was on the air, Lou, to get him to use that example? I think ya did.. Anyway, the psychotroncis guys were using that sequence to threaten me, as usual, with an illegal arrest and all that.. I'm supposed to get really paranoid... 

The best thing I can think of is knowing that all this foul language and a town of perverse people who think destroying their neighbors is fun, cops who intimidate rape victims, and do everything they can to destroy or incarcerate people.. and I can only really believe it's just fun... and like every other ti, ya wonder how law enforcement people of all people would participate in mass murder.

FBI San Francisco.. I don't do basic ti stuff often.. I was thinking a minute ago about the Bible remark and how none of the people  who are in the Bible were writing the Bible. They were writing what they believed God wanted them to say. Laughing along with other people's doubts, minor generalizations in order to communicate more important thouht and idea, idea singular, - I'm neow being messed with again by people who told me yesterday tha their job was to make sure that noone ever appreciates the Bible or God, and they harrass people when they try. and the idiot violating my rights actually believes that me saying that will be a reflection on me...  and not them..

so laughing along, but communicating, works. FBI Lady, it was you,tell Panetta I hope the Hague returns the thought to him, and all the rest of the perverts 

1000 witnesses in San Francisco, FBI. And I am going to assume there will 2 of thurston';s friends, an FBI agent, a congressperson and some other people related to Pete Wilson who will be included in my reports.. the thing, FBI lady, is that if it wasn'tfor the constant taunting in order todo the FBI get him topop thing, I wouldn't know half of the crimes and people and businesses I could sue. I was just going for public really. too late because the damage is done.. your problem, the US Govt problem is, I don't have to stop seeking justice, and you're the criminals  Compromised... and much of it includes your crossing state lines ot commit felonies.. I've driven across the US 4 times.................. the man act will be invoked against the FBI and thurston and others. You wanna set me up for public humiliation... I'm all for it. 

Just remember when cliffy and his friends play the "he was toying with authorities game", that one of these days I'll find the webpage that on my homepage for months tellingthe FBI if they had any concerns regarding my intent or activities, or  had a problem with the materials i was posting, tofeel free to contact me so I consider their requests. So don't bother claiming I was playing serial whatever to the fbi and others...

And spoiled rich boy Anderson COoper, what makes you think  you're so important?

With that....

Daniel 8:23 through 27

24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power (Barack) and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. 

25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace he shall destroy many; he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

God's way of defeating the Nazis with a peaceful movement. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays The Fool 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade -  Lovers Rock 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Temptations - Just my imagination

PS Barack - I really wanted to include the CHia thing to show your version of prospering by craft, probably the closest thing you ever came close to art... Burger King Girl really liked that one, i think she has a hangover. Subdued, not quite as vile and vituperous as usual.. oh yeah, DeLOng, about trusting people who look like your father.. only goes so far.. Ask Larry what that means... 

I still have this gut feeling that the one God wants hogtied is Jack Welch. If only I could watch CNBC to see his image building. And I wonde if MSNBC stilhas the guts to play the Rachel Maddow,Katrina and WACO specials? Combine that with CNN's, and one video, and case closed... especially when it includes the murder sequence at Ruby RIdge.

My pick...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation 

Give me someone from the NSA. I want to see what they're like.

12:42pm Being tortured. Abby just did something she's never done before.. she was actually desperately trying to  dig her way into the house through the front door. As if something was after her.

What is consistent is that especially lately, she's come running in through the back the same way... it's either dews, someone trying to catch her, or one of the few people around here who use attack and guard dogs to cause "accidents" to kill pets and threaten people. Explains the dog whistle the other night when i couldn't find ABBY. Lynn heard it. ANd not all dog whistles are supersonic. And I know what coyotes sound like locals... Ihopeyou all had another good party laughing about it  like the times you were in our yard doing for the PMS psyops...

5:13pm The other day when I was working on the car,I had to quit in the afternoon because of torture so bad I weas actually on the ground trying to keep myself from getting injured as they took advantage of the nnerve problems in my left foot caused by the tooth Icould not get 10 dentists to repair... each one of them were told of the nerve problems in my foot... a tooth that could have been easily repaired...

So, the other day, just as I had to give up because i was so tired from torture, someone told me away to do something I'd never dealt with before when changing brakes, an over  tightened emergency brake,  which I was going to adjust after getting the shoes on. It worked.. then I went out to attach al the springs so I could have th ejob finished.. Burger King Girl comes on and does her specialty, tooth torture...  I want to warn th elocals, as if thye don't know, that when you harbor people torturing people, it's illegal and also  easily remedied in court. Of course these idiots wantt to claim I'm malingering and vindictive like I said yesterday.. when the juries hear the story, that claim will make them out to be total criminal fools.

They say they're here to destroy things... corporations here should consider that when they aid terrorists, rapists and dirty cops. To everyon ein this country in law enforcement, aren'tyou glad the state of washington has tried so hard to take all the blame themselves to protect Obama, ROckefeller and the CFR? You'll be able torectify your districts like I suggested to these peole a few years back when I asked them to back off and let me pursue my complaints against the Federal Government and detain individuals in the DNC,, and the thru legal political activities. Including running for office. ALways remember, I do not judge this nation simply on this corrupt state.

Meanwhile, as a leader, I recommend that especially national and international corporations fire their weed and seed types, because the precedents being set here to silence me will have impact on you  all later, and that was never my intent, nor desire, and it won't be becaus eof me suing you...

Finally, I had to quit this afternoon because of clear attempts to cause me a double hernia, to get my left thumb punctured by a brake spring, and other things that would have injured me. That left thumb has been injured before because of these people, always cut off with a power saw, constant rc near accidents, dew hits on it until it homorrhaged on eday.. and I have to assume it's to "punish" me by making it nearly impossible to play the guitar again.

Tell the folks at CNN how I plan to present the psyops that appear to be standard mo to claim someone is a danger when they're not. Tell Bennett patience is a virtue, gambling millions away is not That comment from the local guy who wants it to appear that I hate Catholics...

PS The SF people WILL end up having to explain how these injuries occur, or take full responsibility for the actual criminal acts themselves. I don't their help explaining it and RC. That will include the injuries to Barack's chauffeur's mother and stepfather. They were done by the same "informants".

8/29/2011 10:32am This mornings rants began moments after I awake, and 15 minutes later, they were tooth torturing me and may have broken a toe again. The rest of it was all about joking about how so many businesses in ton have particpated in psyops and other federal crimes, and taunting me to sue them, put in this report, and and sothey could claim vindictiveness and malingering. Since my attempts to report to police and federal authoriteis has resulted in proof of their cooperation, which the psyops claim is proof they can get away with anything, and given the meeting Ihad with an attorney and former thurston county judge who knew of such cases and did not want to be involved...

Again, the local businesses need to understand that their participation is easily prosecuted, and that you should consider this a courtesy to inform of their efforts to implicate all sorts of people who, in fact, deserve prosecution, but otherwise may have been considered minor infractions if they were not so active in the psyops, including the illegal detention in cooperating with the State dept of licensing. OCCU, you should be aware that in fact, multiple crimes have been committed against me in your building and parking lot, a couple of times by the same people who believe Burger King is a safe haven from which to harrass fred Meyer customers, who have been uncooperative when I inquired regarding their surveillance tapes to prove some of the crimes INSIDE the store, including and especially by our next door neighbors and the fire department.

I want to state again: the locals covering for the people in LA have made it worse for he people  in LA because your crimes are their crimes.

If there's any other pattern I've seen, is that every level of law enforcement, federal to local, set it up so the operatives do the most dirty work, the police intimidate on their behalf, set it up via psychotronics to make sure the upper levels believe they're insulated (though they're not) and the end result is, they rely on their crimes to kill or demoralize their  victims and they truly believe they cannot be caught or prosecuted....That's why thurston will likely get his request. That's from your people Thurston, figure it out.

I've been told I will not be allowed to speak to the man from Groveland who was supposedly going to harm Pelosi. I have lots of legal and journalistic reasons to speak to him, and such a denial would be obstruction of justice. I say, before i'm through, he'll be free, and the FBI will be sued and prosecuted. Not like the good old days when covert activities were actually covert, and sloppy amateurs and wannabe professionals weren't relied upon to save the skins of the corrupt satanist politicians.

Cliffy can tell you, the best way to catch serial criminals is to keep track of their crimes, establish the mo, and continually review how the dots connect. I find that interesting given the strategy of the governmnet to get people to put personal info on the web, innocently, and then find out that govt psyops people use that to humiliate and silence anyone who disagrees with the government. It could be they wrestled with their goat when they 8-10 years old,  before they knew goats weren't as rough as school books would have us believe, and them using psychotronics to recall that memory and then claim the person is mentally ill because they harmed animals when they were young. You want to know I went with it on that example because these people do exactly that, influence you to say such things, so they can say the victim disclosed it themselves. Problem is, Olympic Bakery's gonna have to explain it themselves. 

This whole thing with me and the books was to provide examples of ways to look at things. The government convinced me that anyone I mentioned might be harmed. So I used stories about myself to provide a basis for discussing topics. ANd now, these locals and feds use it to say they'll publicly humiliate us both for what turns out to be mostly their crimes.

Al, remember how important it is to save the frogs, and how it's important to be conscious  of   the rippling effects of what people are taught by politicians and tv. I was a good - notice how these people try to get you to defend what doesn't need defending.. and that's the US govt, Barack's confession, Nazis humiliate and exterminate is all about. I've seen reports from the EU, and Yunus makes a perfect example of the Clinton and Illuminati agenda.

AL and the rest - I need little defense. You worked hard to embarrass me. It'll be easier to embarrass you with facts, and the numbers showing the thousands and millions of people frauds like you leave behind as victims. Shelton and Olympia will make perfect examples of where their bodies get dumped.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nylons - TBD - 100 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God McCoy Tyner - TBD - 100 - Song of Happiness 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Honky Chateau - 05 - Rocket Man

And a special pick fo r the fBI

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jim Croce - TBD - 100 - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A SOng

God DOES have a sense of humor... :} So do I. I'll have to locate my copy of Body and SOul....

Joan Armatrading - Whatever's For Us - 01 - My Family

8/29/2011 9:50pm Went to the store today... as always, harassed, rc'd and followed everywhere.. of course, someone had to go out of their way to make sure someone else was involved i n our torture, and went out of his way, in defiance of the idea that he and his friends are subject to prosecution, this one guy followed me around the store and made sure i knew he worked for Taylor SHellfish.. again ,the locals believe hey can make all this be about them, and all they are is evidence. ANd all you idiots doing this to your employers, and thinking you're placing witnesses in my reports need to remember that the stupid things you'll never bring up will end up causing other people and companies to be investigated for all sorts of things including extortion.. 

It was quite a parade of weed and seed cars behind the Mason County Sheriff today

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various artists - Hold Your Ground - Vol. 1 - 02 - Dave McCann - Gasoline & Sunshine

8/30/2011 10:29am This morning is a perfect example of how the stupid the locals are, and how little they know about the law. First, this guy goes into Fred Meyers, hassles me, makes sure I know he works for Taylor SHellfish, and then harasses me about how I should sue Taylor shellfish for participating in psyops. First, he did it in Fred Meyer. All he did was identify that his employer will be a suspect in aiding and abetting terrorists, having nothing to do with me, but forcing authorities to look into the matter later. It I was Taylor shellfish, I'd do it myself and dump the weed and seeders... and have them id the DOD contractors to protect themselves.

The other thing these people are doing is claiming they will continue to destroy my teeth so a lawyer won't take the case because I won't be able to speak. Figure out that logic.

Since the ploy ofthe US Govt is toget people to write all sorts of things, things they can use to embarrass other people, they keep saying I should write down, on the web, everything that happens in my life, every thought i have and everything these people do.  There's npt much more to tell, except detail to be provided to the Hague and other international authorities, as well as live description for a trial. And then they tell me if I don't, I'm operating covertly and that God will punish me and I'll lose the kingdom.

FBI - tell your satanists that I'm don't have to write everything on the web, in the long run, they'll be glad I didn't, and the rest of the United States will be glad I  reported them all. We'll just end up having alot fewer dentists and doctors willing to torture and maim their patients.

Finally, thank you CNN and NBC and Fox for proving more recently  that your entire staff has been involved in a conspiracy to commit murder against us, and treason against the United States involving the FBI and DHS, as I already knew. The Delong psyop was the stupidest thing anyone could possibly do. I'm tired of the subject.

A long time ago, I recognized the need to write out the intro psyop as it was presented, and then wait and see what the idiots did as a finale so I could objectively describe the purpose of their crimes. The media and politicians and weed and seed types.. there's only a few incidents left that require completion of their descriptions, and I'll wait til we're in California to do that, because it will also be part of the report to the FEC that begins pre 2003 and ends with the arrest of traitors. It's what a good reporter does.

Again, as for my residency in California, I Claim it,, I am a candidate, and the crimes against me will resolve any residency questions. Any law enforcement officials who don't report this all and take action will be prosecuted...   That statement will be proven later to supposedly have given local police, who actually will be prosecuted and sued, to take action so they can control and lose evidence at will. Notice how the psychotronics guys want topush the idea that targets are only interested in suing and geting people arrested. Like most crime victims, imagine their stupidity in believing the police would help people being tortured by their operatives. Especially in Washington. One day soon, the police of the United States will recognize the MO and hide their faces because of what Thurston wants people to believe about all police officers. Maybe he can get a job as a dog catcher somewhere... I'll explain later why that's a racist remark by the US Govt.

Yesterday, after writing, the song Quarter by  Led Zeppelin played. You should listen to it. I'd upload it, but the high speed AT&T connection only allows speeds around 1.0 to 4.0 kb/s.... I have video...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God MSNBCjoescarboroughboo

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Foreigner - Cold As Ice

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - No Ordinary Love

I don't think God likes you, Joe. A Santorum type Christian...  Lynn's in the other room, still being hit by the puke ray.. must be an NBC favorite.

11:19am Torture makes you forget to mention things. Note: Shellfish guy went out of his way to tell cheese clerk that he used toshop at Safeway,now he shops at fred Meyers, and she should tell the manager as it would make him happy.. why? I have to assume these not so talented in their own mind secret agent idiots to let the manager know he was harassing people in Fred meyer instead of Safeway now. He also went out of his way to pointout that this woman was working in a different dept than her own...  how would he know that if he shopped at Safeway? I hope the recorder got all the audio.. and not just what I talked into it as things happened. Good timing at the meat counter too.

7:07pm A tough day for Lynn.. Keith's other favorite, vertigo.. or how to disable someone with psychotronics and sews and be stupid enough to believe you weren't giving cues to the terrorists in the streets to carry out your murder for you.  Then, a consistent problem, when I'm being toothtortured and distracted, she's beinghit with psychotronics, dews, puke rays and active denial, causing her to be overheated then cold, then overheated... 

A typical day for me, very little time actually being productive, but I did get the car rolling again, stil needing to bleed the brakes more, otherwise it runs pretty good... a few years back I bought parts to tune it up, change the oil and brakes.. glad I had th eparts on hand to finally use them... before taking it on a test drive, I was  tortured for over half hour, I assumed toget the surveillance drivers lined up,and they kept telling me I had to just drive on one part of the road at the end of the island.. I finally figured out it was because Burger King Girl doesn't know anything about cars, and even with air in the brake lines, the brakes still work, and she thought me going down the steep hill to Camus loop might result in a accident... 

The su[ppsoedly teh Taylor SHellfish guy gets on and says he's going to use psyhotronics to rape Lynn to drive her crazy... her and the burger king boy and jr and pete and a few others were torturing us today.. looks liek pete had th ejob of harassing Lynn on a walk to the mailbox, only she ended up not going.. so he just walked his other dog, Halley. Halley's a great dog, too good for a torturer.

It was great to drive the Camaro again.. in afew days it should all be tuned up and the lights for trailers working... of course, it took me over a week to do what should have been done ina few hours at worst.

After mentioning the low bandwidth on ATT&T, I uploaded music at over 6kb/s... still not good enough//, and another indication tha someone is controllin bandwidth and cell phone access at will..  to a quaker. Lynn. And a minister. Lynn.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Led Zeppelin - No Quarter

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - 33 & One Third - 201 - It's What You Value

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

8/31/2011 11:18am Despite more work to be done, I feel a corner was turned getting the Camaro brakes working.. the rest is basic stuff.  Lynn's heading tothe doctor tomorrow.. and of course, in true mo, Burger King Girl says she she's going to harass and harm Lynn so she can't get there alone. WHich if it happens will be another attempted murder    I love the way these guys love to issue threats.. to all who question the ability to prove psychotronics, go to your favorite search engine and search for the word psychotronics. Thousands if not millions of pages.

Alot of good reading int he Bible lately, of course, Ihave to endure torture to read it, adn then they play asking question sin the middle of a verse and try to make me lose track ofwhat I'm reading about.. the other mnight thye asked me about what's going to happen to shelton..  they didn't like the answer, when Irandomly opened the Bible. i'd put in the verses I read, but they keep forgetting that I read the Bible and used to share the Magic Bible verses to let God teach me.. and I shared it because I had the energy, and a reason to believe that the locals and others had morals and that it mattered... so I'm not going tobother finding it for you.

The US government went out of its way to prove to me it could shut down anything I tried to do. I say, they proved it, I endured it, thanks for the evidence, I will continue regardless of how the US government violates my rights, and those responsible, top to bottom, will be held responsible.

The psychotronics guys have been torturing me to write all sorts of things I don't care about.. they especially want me to  play all the songs made a hit by James Taylor that were previously released prior to him using them and were hits by black artists.. which of course is what Little RIchard said when he claimed he was the king of rock and roll, making rock popular and like others, leading the way for white musicians..... Hall and Oates sued to write for black artists before Todd Rundgren trained them to be stars.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eurythmics -  Here Comes The Rain Again

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes - Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer   I rarely dream...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

By request for some very stupid people

Loverboy -  Lovin' Every Minute Of It

5:49pm Today was another day nearly completely lost due to torture. A few minutes ago, the torture was so bad, Lynn had to go intothe other room because she couldn't stand watching it anymore.

Today's participants included Thurston, Burger King boy and girl, the guy who says he;s from Taylor SHellfish..

First, Taylor, again, I have nothing against you, I don't really like shellfish and doubt I've ever eaten any of your products, and you have a town and an employee who apparently doesn't care what happens to  your company. Far as I know, I have nothing to complain about you guys about,. However, because of that guy, expect the Hague to go over your payroll records and compare them to income of your employees. I recommend issuing a warning to your employees that if they're found to be part of this, mine, Lynn's or anyone else's torture and violation of rights, that be informed they are not welcome in your employee, because somebody wants to ruin your business.

Remind them that I have information regarding more than 30 years of these illegal and murderous activities in the state of Washington. I can assure anyone I had no desire to be bankrupted, made homeless, starved and tortured.

Let's see.. today, thurston once again wanted to make Mark Furhrman the subject as I reminded him I didn't care, and objective views of anything do not constitute being against anyone or anything. Further, his boss, van Atta, if you want to know the truth, would take the blame for improper handling of evidence. And I don't care about him either. WHat I do care about s an innocent man being left to do the job of an FBI that wanted OJ in jail to shut him up. Given the FBI's treatment of me and their involvement, including with the media, I'll bet OJ knows things they want secret or doesn't know he knows things, and if he did, like me, wouldn't approve of them. ANyone who actually who actually watched the trial would understand what I just said, black or white.

Now...  I'm getting a little tired of Burger King Boy and Thurston talking about how glad they'll be when they get the death penalty, how many  times they plan to rape Lynn's granddaughter and that they're going to use the local police to stop us from leaving Washington State, nearly 2 years later, by arresting us on some bogus charge just to cause us to lose evidence and become so destitute we have nowhere to live...The question is simple, police and US Government, do you have psychotronic equipment? DO you use it? What is your policy toward people complaining of attacks. WHen did that become policy? Do you use psychotronics to set people up for arrest or as Thurston thought was fun to bring up, suicide by cop. Thurston's problem is, despite wanting to make me seem like I dislike police, that I defended police every chance, and was honest and sincere about it because it's a hell of a thing to think that all cops are participating in incarcerating or raping or murdering the citizens they were hired to protect.

Let no one believe that the latest event or note made worthy of investigation will be missed by international authorities, who will use the laws and resources demanded by the US government to combat terrorism. I told Begala...... Matins & Vespers....I don't know what they are, but they work.

I was tellin Lynn the other day, to cheer her up and give her something to look forward to, how I have this picture in my mind of  how the Farm and the new US Capitol Complex would look, surrounded by a model community with thousands of acres of natural forest all around it. I wish I could draw it. It reminds me of Monticello, but Monticello isn't  even close. ANd I'd have about 5 acres of actual rose gardens...

So of course last night, I was reading in Ezekiel again, about God talking about how the leaders/government made a plan for a holy city that God completely disagreed with, and then proceeded to give his specifications. (Burger King Girl seems particularly desperate today. About 40 or more phony Jehovah's Witnesses must finally have read their Bibles) Anyway, it sure sounded alot like the tapestry my mother gave me, and the FARM and Capitol building...... the one I want to build... earthquakes, tornadoes, HAARP... what a great government.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Zombies - Twilight Zone

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Williams -  Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cream - Badge

10:06pm One of the focuses today has been to use tooth torture to try to break my toes some more, with many attempts to break my ankle and strain the ligaments. It was also beginning to appear I was hit with dew - like I thought last night - to cause my genitals to be infected.. seems tobe a favorite thing to do to people in Mason County.

Night before last, I read another version of the Jezebel story, same ending, better description.. how many people will Obama and the Council throw under the bus? 

9/1/2011 9:34am this morning tooth torturer is insistent that she tell the world how proud the city of Shelton is to be pedophiles and rapists, and then tells me I'll regret it for saying this. I won't, and it won't be that hard to prove.

I purposely have waited til leaving here to finish certain pieces with conclusions. It gets easier everyday to prove my case nationally and nternationally, especially since the locals go so far out of their way to taunt by telling me more and more of the crimes they've committed against us, as if it will make us become violent or fall into one of the many traps set for and by the police. It must have been fun to inform me of these crimes over the last 20 years to supposedly cause me to be PTSD'd.. unfortunately, because of the way the psyops went, and because of the timing, everything will support my allegations of psyops and attempts to incite violence with me and many others... I'm glad the emails from other victims supply me with that proof. And the police blotter, that will ensure noone in this household will fall victim to their domestic dispute trap... somebody must have told the local police how many calls to them were placed.. which they would think proves their case.. teh FBI, AT&T and the locals know better... like I told Begala, anything you use to take advantage of others will convict you... be used against you later. The part that WILL convict you all is how all the people who were part of destroying us got a good write up, mo, and when they say I flip - flopped, I'll prove the opposite easily.

Finally, I know the locals and the FBI are playing the "gotta build him up game".. tell FBI they don't know how to do it, and I didn't fall for that with RUmsfeld or the media either. Where they thought I'd have an ego problem, I wrote to Dobbs wondering why the media gave in, and all the rest. Thank you so much to the FBI for thrilling yourselves into thinking your badges would scare me.  That only works on people who believe they should be afraid of authority and law enforcement. I get threatened alot about how authorities will hate me and how the police will harass me for writing all this. What else is new?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - TBD - 100 - Got To Give It Up (Part One)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodJeffrey Osborne - She's on the Left

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 204 - Our Lives

9/1/2011 3:15pm The short version of the car psyops. First I was sold the El Camino, and the guy who sold it to me lied about everything, about his daughter used to drive it to college. It would indicate he hates his daughter, lied to me and more.. looks like he's running for the port authority of Shelton... It had a weed and seed license plate on it, like the one issued for the Camaro that the State of Washington wouldn't re-register, with the help of Key Bank... I bought the EL Camino after inspecting it to see if it could be rebuilt. I was right. Worth the investment.

Originally, I was trying to buy a trailer that the EL Camino could pull, so I wouldn't have to be lied to or played with anymore about the Camaro, and because I wanted the EL Camino permanently. I have emails for smaller trailers that could have been pulled by the EL Camino that were delayed while the one I bought was a bad deal sold to an inexperienced buyer. By a guy who told me he was a drug dealer, and I told him not to tell me anything he didn't the police to know, knowing I was being monitored and all.

When I first started up the Camaro, it ran perfectly smooth and the engine was very quiet and perfect. I was surprised how well it ran. I'll have to check my prior weblogs to determine when that was.  One day, I pulled it up to Lynn's trailer to see if the lights might work, and to move it a little to grease the bearings and see if the Camaro could handle it. It could. It was running very well when I pulled up to her trailer, although the engine valves were noisier. After that, I went to pull it after a break, and it ran very rough.

Today, I decided to put in new spark plugs before moving onto the dash lights and trailer wiring.. almost every spark plug was loose, some showing signs of oil and fuel blowby from the spark plug holes. and one plug wire was nearly completely unattached. In more than 40 years of driving and working on cars, I have never had that sort of problem before. Because of the valve noise, now, I'm going to assume that someone DID put something in the oil to thin it (I had changed it and put in a new filter) and therefore destroy the engine... I'll take a sample o fit of course, as I did with the Honda a couple years back when the oil was very thick, and there were oil smears on the gas tank door, which I took samples and video of.

Back when Lynn had her "stoke", at a certain point I went down to Mikes, believing people were breaking into the house while we were gone, and told him to inform the community of harassers he's involved to leave us alone. I hope he still ahs the audio, which will also end up demonstrating how even that was a setup of theirs thinking they had me rattled, instead it will demo their use of thought insertion... 

Since repairing it, the only time the EL Camino has been left alone - it's been in the garage all this time - was while Lynn was in the hospital or while I was taking Lynn to medical appointments. The psychotronics guys kept telling me they wanted me to set up the EL Camino to pull my trailer. It's too big for that, still I wanted to keep the EL Camino...  of course, with all the medical expenses and it being in Lynn's name for cheaper insurance, it's subject to seizure for liens and so forth.. all in all, someone set me up to be without a vehicle, and to break down with the trailer, because if I'd tried to pull it with the EL Camino, it would have burned out the transmission.

More illegal detention, fraud, attempts to make us homeless and destitute without money to recover. I hope Gale Preston enjoys this report.

I was going to make a quick trip back to get the EL Camino after getting the trailers moved. Now it appears I'll have to spend more time checking out the EL Camino again to make sure it hasn't been further harmed. More illegal detention, vandalism... conspiracy of all sorts...

Yesterday, last night, today... since Burger King Girl realized I'd be driving a stick shift, there has been additional effort to break my ankle, my toes have broken and while working, I've been tortured very badly, rc being used to make me lose my balance and grab car parts that would've been broken if I wasn't experienced with handling the torture.. and a couple attempts were made to break my right wrist.... it'll be easy to explain. The same reason I can explain Lynn's vertigo, and the attempts on her life and inadeqaute and dishonest medical care that focused on trying to claim she was mentally incompetent after the stroke. Not true. Not long from now, I'll prove it wasn't even a stroke, it was a dew attack, and the US government will take responsibility for all these attacks and all these people.

Between the tires, wheels, brakes and more, most people would have already junked both these cars. Thank God I"m a country boy.

Thank God these people make it obvious how little they respect life and law.

I was listening to the news today about civil and human rights violations in Syria... they don't come close to the crimes of the US Government. Including threatening children to silence the victims of rape and torture.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God McDonald, Michael - Motown - 02 - You Are Everything

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - War Babies - 101 - Can't Stop the Music

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bobby Boris Pickett - Monster Mash

3:45pm Burger King Girl wanted me to make sure I said she's the one responsible for the bulk of the torture today, She thinks she's anonymous, that it lets anyone off the hook, and she understand the law. The tooth torture continues.

5:38pm Torture has prevented me from attempting any more work.. Thurston just claimed to be th eone attempting to break my toes today. Burger King Girl and Jr are definitely part of the usual team after 3pm torturing me today.. Charlie and greased rear-end jokes are part of their ridiculous lie of being anonymous and above the law,,

5:44pm Now I'm being told the guy torturing me this moment is the other Mason county Sheriff who illegally stopped me in collusion with the weed and seed people the day ripp tried to tell me I was violating the law by taking video while driving. the 1st of 4 bogus excuses. Tell Ripp I don't believe that's a real  name, and I'm proud of taking control of that illegal stop. All you cops who think you're lining up to testify against me better remember threatening children is not popular. It will also prove 10 years of conspiracy in this state alone... ANd the FBI agent might as well signher confession.  The locals might want to rememebr when I called them for help in 2004 when I thought my life was in danger, like they ignored me in 2010...

Note: track all calls to and from this house and check for calls to police numbers for assistance to provide proof of attacks and conspiracy with the Mason County Sheriff, especially other numbers accessing our email and phones... ripp.. gets you off nothing. The previous 2 paragraphs were by some cop still thinking rape, torture and terrorism is allowable in this united states. 53 YEARS RIPP....


6:05PMTell Scott Cook of Intuit that the Thurston COunty Sheriff's Dept just dared me to include Harry Holm in the legal issues withthe dentists, and since he was used as extortion material, consider it done, but in the mean time, they're implicating you, and Intuit, Scott. Let your attorneys know that on the Gordon Stewart/Landmark/Software publishing suit that Thurston decided to extort me with, the extortion beginning in Harry Holm's office possibly earlier than 2005... Scott. tell the attorney I have no complaints to file against Intuit, their implication of you IS criminal, and I'm glad to boast about thwarting someone I thought was a friend trying to involve me/you in corporate espionage regarding Superbase and possibly Access.

Scott.. just another cop thinking he can embarrass me with his illegal activities as a police officer, a DA who isn't and a dentist and other people desperate to cover up... 

BTW, I've written about  all this already, why would I bring it up? Cops with guilty consciences using psychotronics to make it seem like this is something I'm worried about. Thurston has alot of people and crimes to cover for.

6:29pm I just decided to go out and lock the Camaro up.. haven't used the locks since 2003... someone has pulled on the door lock and bent it... I'll lube it and graphite the lock, but the mechanism is bent.

Toda's weblog doesn't even come close to how my days go.. it's been like this since 7:15 this morning, police attempting to incite violence, and in this case, I'll say and swear that they knew it was damaged, and wanted me to lock it up so I'd find out. This IS how thurston and his other dirty cop friends incite violence. I think his attorney will be using a batting stick to violently let out his frustration. Notice how funny these people think their crimes are.

7:06pm The locals were just bragging abouthow they stole hundreds of dollars worth of gravel we paid for for the road... Lynn mentioned it a few weeks back, I  thought she was saying someone had stolen more rock from our driveway.. since they found it sofunny that they drgged the road and did what Lynn didn't explain well, that they dragged the gravel from our part of the road to the far end toward Charlies... that 500-600 dollars worth of gravel.

Meanwhile.. Candice Delong, CNN, FBI, described her, CNN and the locals actions - acting a little funny, and then doing something criminal.. describes everything we've experiences with these locals. at the problem is, FBI, we haven't acted weird, they have, and the supposed profiler setup using that little boy does not describe us: and you've never met anyone as patient as me, and I do get bothered by these confessions of crimes they do, to taunt me, but I'll get so much satisfaction filing at the Hague where I have 3 other individuals with active files whose international reports against the US government will be corroborated and substantiated by good police work by me.

At least honest citizens believe in justice, whether the government and Washington State police do or not. Isn't it interesting how far the government will go to incriminate people who won't be corrupt like them. 30 years, Thurston, 53 years Thurston... if there's anything I know, the cops who work to commit crimes with the weed and seed are expected to lie like when they do when they use psychotronics and their badges to intimidate victims of rape, torture, and threats of pedophilia. Remember the 16 year old in Seattle? Lynn's relative. The board of the GDCU, all but one having suffered life threatening problems, and the other family problems... And you only did that because her husband knows about you guys, and she's protected by the UN. Lately I've been hearing threats about the fundraiser from Harvard....

Again, a very brief example of what targeted individuals deal with daily from corrupt cops, weed and seed, DOD contractors and sick politicians. Brian Baird.. please explain metrics for success of weed and seed,.

They want me to say this: I couldn't figure out why CNN and these guya wanted me to talk about Marcia and Fuhrman.. between the MSNBC show about Manson that everybody who watched it thought it meant there was something wrong with his  incarceration and the circumstances... and then OJ, Yale Galanter.. these idiots actually dared me to contact Galanter.. I decided I will when the time is right... help OJ out of jail for what appears to be typical fbI MO... and maybe get some money back, and help expenses left undone for the Innocence Project.. ever since CNN put Johnny Cochrane and Peter on to answer questions about the OJ trial in 2002..  for what reason I don't know, cause I didn't' have anymore questions after watching the trial... PMS and the Harvard fundraiser are probably both  in their Jurisdiction.. and then of course, all the effort that was put in to prevent me from reaching Michael Jackson's attorneys, and his doctor...... KCAA and NBC...

Alot of guilty consciences who'd better get smart about the psyops they think are so much fun while they destroy people and  this nation. Watching news from China is very telling.

They think it's funny to say something about Hillary, Get Smart and a cone of silence few people likely heard her talk about.. like taxes on enamel dental appliances...

7:38pm I was just told nby thurston and his friends they don't to stop torturing me because th epolice want me dead. given th eevidence, any real law enforcement person would be able able to prosecute them for their threatrs and intimidation, These idiots lve it when they cna get me to wwrite things as they say them, as if it helps THEM

Thurston: Deny the use of psychotronics, and id your hemi 300 friend, and then justify what you two do.,,,, and then tell people why it is someone you tried to murder wants the death penalty kept in force, and then explain why I"m not a hypocrite if that happens.... Now thurston, good luck with your foul mouth.

8:06pm Burger King: You should be aware that the people of Shelton and Olympia want me to start a national boycott against you for aiding and abetting terrorists,. Maybe you'd better look into your personnel problems in Shelton before they convince me.

They just reminded me that someone locked Abby in the trailer the other day.. midday.. was not the day she was missing...

8:25pm They just reminded me what time it is, how long I've been tortured, how Ihaven't eaten due to torture, and how they can get away with it. Burger King Girl and Jr and thurston with stupidity by Charlie.

Thye also wanted me to say Abby is missng. She's sittingright behind me.. they did convince me howevr, to look for her outside. What a great bunch of neighbors. Charlie thinks this is the night he canget me to pop. He's wrong.

Delong... do you realize how badly these people are screwin gyou

8:52pm Burger King Girl now wants me to believe this is being done by black people to protect Barack Obama. Good try. They do like to claim they're racists though Obama is only one of the people they're trying to protect.

9:17pm Last upload via AT&T broadband less than 1.55Kb/s

9:31pm I baked 2 fish patties and a few fries and now I et to listen to people telling me that when I eat is their favorite time to toruture me.

Wolf, you'd be interested in knowing that CNN's perverts are making sure I rememebr why you're not innocent. Snaggle tooth killer, BTK, a terrorist in the making, and psychotronics repeating what O Reilly said. You guys got really good people to protect you.  I dare them all to deny their activities.

9;52pm Amazing how long it can take to eat a little food when being tortured.

9/2/2011 9:34am I now have another reason to add to the charges against CNN, the FBI, State of Washington... Aug 30 - Sacramento - conference of people who are being attacked by this government.. of course, Iwould have been in that area, talking with the right attorneys when that happened.. andi'll get the list of people who were there so I can sue the federal governemnt on their behalf. It's interesting how God set up - ya know, the buckler before me - set up all these idiots to incriminate themselves  in ways that can't be refuted. ALl Iknow is that I  keep getting handed grounds for law suits and obstruction of justice suits.. against the government... it's also good to know tht their experts are ready when called upon...

Thurston's whole thing, in conjunction with Mason and the FBI, has bene to prove they can torture me and sop me from doing anything I try to do. Thurstons continues to try to claim hell make me out a liar and stuff, the problem is, I've embellished very little, and of very little importance, but for example, if he wants to say I embellished the story about my stepfather, I'll be glad to point out there and other places why I did that.. in that case, to help some kids who didn't know about Child Protective Services anymore than I  did, except that they wanted to call my sister incorrigible because she ran away, and a friend of my mom's was the CPS rep... the only embellishment was that he had passed out drunk when I got home, so I  didn't get a chance to threaten him.

Now.. did I really want to run for president - yes, since 2002. and now. FOr all good reasons. I had not put up a website or declared because i had wanted to get lynn safe and me settled before starting a campaign.. But, someone here locally dared me o put the website while still illegally being detained in Washington, because I had established residence in California, and I saw no reason not to... I didn't know it was another FBI ploy - CNN and FBI - to intimidate me and try to prove they could stop me. Just the opposite.

For anybody who thinks I don't how to run a  campaign... ya must have not ever seen me work the phones.. and those who know understand why the US govt would consider me a problem, a believer in Democracy and freedom that I am.

Bill Clinton said he's been a footsoldier for 25 years.. he proved his loyalty by allowing bush and the CIA to import drugs thru Arkansas.

I say I am a citizen of California, held against my will in and bythe state of whashington where we have been systematically bankrupted and out lives an property are in constant danger, while the fbI continues to prove its new purpose in life is the same as long ago.. kil those who oppose government crime.

To those in law enforcement who think I'm horrible for saying that, especially FBI people, I don't know what to say really. ANy cop who boasts about raping his daughter.. any FBI agent who wants to harrass me for telling Panetta to fuck off given what was done to  me 53 years ago.. and RN who would give advice to people to kill a 60 year old woman credited with saving 20 million lives. if that's really what law enforcement is proud of... if the United States was attacked by another country to save the citizens of the United States from its government, how could the united States claim they were wronged? I reallt don'twant tha to happen, I  don't see any other way things could happen in the long run, only it won't be tosave the citizens of the US, it'll be because so many other countries have been abused by us. 200 wars in 200 years.. we the people are peace loving.. our government is not...

My candidacy is  still about  all the same issues of national internal interest since 2002... but preventing our destruction by other world forces is beginning to look like the imperative. ANd it won' be d one by attacking them

Unfortunately, Libya really is a perfect example of US Hypocrisy, and how our government cannot be trusted, as Libya agreed to disarm its nuclear capabilities in exchange for peace and cooperation with the US. I wonder why the FBI doesn't hate the US govt for killing 10 FBI agents in Lockerbie did the fbI never learn toread, or do they just make everything up as they go to justify being criminal. BTW FBI, Thurston and his sex pervert friends did MSNBC in.. by enactingWe Have A  voice... think a jury's too stupid to see that. ANd they sacrificed their own police and justice depts just to have that fun.

Weird, I never liked X-Files until all this started.. good thing their shows were about real cases.. explains why some of their shows explained so much to me about  things like the AOL 11:11 group. Remember the show when people would see a certain number, and kill people? Hypnosis via tv and psychotronics. There's a part of me that's glad I don't have to be exposed to the psychotronics on tv. They must be really bad right now, right KOMO?

To the FBI and other "law" enforcement agencies.. anyone who strong arms me, or plays out the  We Have A Voice and doing what they did in SO Cal, remember, I have  a great memory, I know how to re gather more than enough evidence, and 3 cases at the Hague to support my claims.. I wonder how many  people in FFCHS ever wanted a career in broadcasting?

It's too bad the U.S>Governemnt isrun by a bunch  of chicken shits. Like the movie says, that little spec of white is still chickenshit. Pure Country. Bet the Profiler never thought she'd be charged dwith sexual slavery. someone's messingwith my computer so Icant type. , aNYWYA, HER BOSS IS GONNA HAVE TO EXPLAIN THE EVENTS TOpETE wiLSON AND WHY THOSE CHARGES WILL APPLY TOHER BOSS TOO..Ask him, how many sex traps canyou run on a guy to find out he's not a pervert, and you are, and you can be prosecuted? I keep thinking, if the girl in Yosemite really was under 18, what crimes did her father and friend commit when they used her ot find out they were stupid suppsoed ex-San Jose cops.

It's very weird to me,being non-litigious, to realixze the ay to save this country is tobust all the agenciesthat attaked me.. and that it actually will stop the Nazis, save the country, and allow us torebuild with out the iMF, cfr and others.

On the other hand, if I"m forced to leave, some other country;s gonna have some fun benefitting from God's blessings, and th law suits will prevail anyway.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Hall & Oates - Family Man

WEIRD. I never thought calling enforcement regarding criminal matters would cause me to be murdered by them. Circa 1972, 1994... etc

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jones - Magical Child - 04 - Country Dance

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Gettel - Return - 02 - Avalon Rising

I wonder how much time and money the FBI has spent because I stupidly tried to stop a software contractor from abusing Pete Wilson and the State of California.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks & Valerie Simpson - Now Love Has No End

GOd Bless Nick Ashford who passed. Ashford & Simpson - Solid

12:06pm Burger King Girl says she doesn't care what happens to Burger King, and has tortured me this morning claiming that she's out to prove to the FBI they can handle the job. Also, how proud she is that I endured 18 straight of torture yesterday....

I've got better thing s to do than play weblog games with felons, but thanks for the laugh at trying to create a rambling journal by a crazy guy. 

1:49pm Tortured all day so far. Went out to check on things, open doors to air things out.. someone let air out of both back tires of the Camaro.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jason Warner - In The Waiting - 06 - Free

1:56pm Extreme torture for the purpose of breaking my toes.. supposedly defending in order, the FBI, Burger King and the guy next door who apparently got Mason county to approve a garage extension for an empty lot. Turkey calls. They  love toincapacitate me with torture so I'll write things and get nothing done, as if writing is what's stopping me from getting things done, and not torture.

2:36pm For the last hour or so, all Ihear is how thruston is gonna bust me, how Shelton "really is dead" becaus eof their crimes... "We're really dead, sowe're gonna kill you and Linnny before we leave the state"

The tooth torture is coming from Burger King Girl, the "we're dead" is coming from the stupidest one of all, Burger King Boy, oh yeah, and Burker King Girl thinks I'm interested in arguing with her abotu whether or not she's a woman. It was her idea to call herself a girl, typical [psyop sop to contrive a reason to torture people and waste their lives in illegal detention.,, she wants me to point out the psyop using Jackson Brown music and Stunning Mysterious Companion or whatever that song is... and it was part of the PMS psyop, so was Paul McCartney

Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 10 - My Stunning Mystery Companion

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 04 - Only Mama Knows

Tell Marcia Clark, that's how Baca ended up on the suspect list.... that and the PMS sermon, Valley of Sorrows in Swahili.... which led to the Bible verse concordance entry... Department of Peace, secretary, infiltration and memo 46, and an airline ticket I was going to use to visit PMS on business if an appointment could be made, that Lynn used instead for the DOP fundraiser... and do I think BACA was part of the plot.. I hope not, I don't know, reasonable suspicion.....

And then there wa sthe bear on the trampoline Keith kept playing after Imentioned the Bible references to people who enjoy viewing and causing other people pain... 

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 06 - Mr Bellamy

WHich, if nothing else, easily ties i to the Mitchhell Crooks analaogy, and We Have A Voice.

A really good voice, who knows how to use it.

Billy Preston - TBD - 100 - That's the Way God Planned It 

Michael Jackson - TBD - 100 - Earth Song

Bee Gees - TBD - 100 - Children of the World

Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits - 11 - Sundown

Edwin Starr - TBD - 100 - War 

Fifth Dimension - TBD - 100 - Save The Country

2:55pm See video. Unable to upload to my web site. Notice the references about what in the last set of entries, and the suspected murders and attacks on varius people..

4:07pm It's been a painful day, many attempts to break my toes. Expecting Lynnback anytime.. about 10 minutes ago, Iheard motorcycles.. Iusually only hear that when they head out to harass somebody.. burger king girl and thurston insist that lynn is dead. I doubt it. Just wanted to record their insanity.

Meanwhile, the last half hour has been about Microsoft, the flight to Sna Jose, tefd bradshaw and Miriam or Marion, supposedly Pete's old girlfriend, how the SHelton churches supposedly are meeting to say they were lied to about me.. I doubt it, if they did, thanks for confession  The motorcycle guys live down at the cell  phone twoer...

All you people in SHelton better notice how your  great protectors are trying to i ncriminate all of  you. Oh yeah, Iwas told 3000 people in SHelton were going to get together and lie about me, and for some reason, burger king girl is trying to get me to believe she was a number of people whoo have been involved.. to no success... including the microsft person with the recorder while the supposed Microsoft HR woman tried to get me to take a job, presumably to cover for Microsoft, and Istill don't understand why Intuit believed they needed someone to talk to me to give them cover. Always keep in mind, I don't - that's a thruston line.. he always starts withthing slike "I'm looking forward to..." and then he has his victims finish it like it was their idea. I can't wait, same thing. That's why I know I can show the patterns of the illegal and torturous interrogations, and why I don't mind corrupt cops and others thinking that me writing this will make  me look crazy.. When it's over, the oppsoite will be true. If there's one thing that's proving true, Matins and Vespers...

Thurston also likes the word absolutely, and he's got a victim in Belfair who says he's tired of being buttfucked.

That's another thurston trademark, filthy lanhguage..

Richie Havens - TBD - 100 - Freedom_live_Woodstock 

5:09pm Went out  to lock up. Coincidence: plane single engine to the east... noise harassment

6:15pm Lynn was supposed to be home around 2. This afternoon, most of what's been the topic of psychotronics is: what would I do ifLynn was murdered. They told me they were going to stage an accident, and they've done everything they could to make me believe she's at UW having surgery and all sorts of things.. it's unlikely they're true, they rarely are,except inthis case, there's plenty of reason to believe they would do this sort of thing, especially since her vertigo problems began inKerkland, and I'd more than a few death squad people there, harrassing us, and parked outside her sister's house. Usually when they do this,everything's fine,they just try to get me to write things to make it appear I'm anxiety ridden, and the profiler's insertion into the situation, coupled with her mo being the same as Thurston's and the medias, I'd have to say this particular trip was arranged for a variety of reasons todiscredit Lynn as a witness, and may include surgery like my sister had that disabled her, for a stroke, (her son runs from choppers since he noticed my advice was true.. they fly by and zap you with DEWS.. Alma said that... that sort of thing happens here all the time.. good thing for doppler...) Given theobvious manipulation of internet, phone and other connections,I think the state of washington is desperate. BTW, I don't need Lynn's testimony....But I'm very glad that this wa slal written before, andit seems another new person is on the case.. probably from Shelton's legal dept.

In court, that paragraph won't  be viewed as a ramble. And if anybody says I was trying to let Lynn die... just remember my last visit to Ketchers.... who acknowledged knowledge of these psyops the first day I saw Katherine... I was sensory deprived that day, before I learned to handle it, talked my head off, and that's why they gave me the xray cover... mo.. be nice, do a favor, and then mess'em up...

I fit turns out that something happened to Lynn, or she had surgery, keep in mind that the referral given to her to UCSF said they were "on the cutting edge". That's a typical aesopian message. And if she did have surgery for an "aneurysm", and given how the neighbors loved playing the "walk the dog" game with Lynn....  that by the way goes along with a story that will later criminalize the State of Maryland for the same things. Jesse supposedly died from an aneurysm on his spleen that didn't exist, while the vet didn't even notice or mention the 2 aneurysms he did have that did kill him.. and there were people there that I videoed who were there harrassing me, and one guy, who looked like one of the phony jehovah's witnesses, was there zapping me, MO,  let your victim know who you are... and then there's the lady who ID's herself at Steamboat iisland store, and then sat next to me at the vet, while they were supposedly preparing Jesse for emergency surgery to save his life for something he didn't have... and the guy outside had dews.. I wonder what he was doing while I  was waiting for Jesse because they hadn't told me they were going to dosurgery... how much did he zap Jesse... all I know is that vet looked an awful lot like her Providence/UW doctor, who was zapped at the vet clinic, and is likely the same person at Bastyr setting me up for supposed HIPA violations that were not.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jim Croce - Operator

Lovin every minute of it

6:46pm Just uploaded via AT&T broadband, 1.55kb/s

7:16pm Just talked to Lynn. Lots of tests done, supposedly she had another stroke. SOmehow, now  her records say she didn't have an aneurysm that bled, it was a blockage, a complete reversal of the original diagnosis at Mason General. Probably explains the disappeared record s to Bastyr via Fedex, The dr said she had "thick blood" otherwise, they found no reason why she would have had a stroke.  Reminds me of the motorcycle accident I was in when the Dr at - I'm being blocked on the name - the Catholic Hospital in Santa Cruz - Dominican - Burger King Girl wanted tobe sure I mentioned Catholic - that dr said  there was something off about my blood.

After the call with Lynn Burger King Girl said she really loves this because she wants Lynn to die and go to hell.

The part Burger King Girl doesn't like is that despite what I'll reporting about SHelton's Catholic Churches, I have some things internationally to say that will defend the Catholic Church, and really destroy the reputations of intel people who use psychotronics to create pedophiles and other criminal acts. Tell the phony sister Scott at the JW hall in Olympia she made a big mistake criticizing Catholics in that church - it was off topic and I didn't welcome it at the time,. For a variety of reasons, I still wonder if that woman was Lynn's grandaughters' old teacher who - about a month after the incident in Olympia, commit suicide. PMS said "I'm a teacher"..... I could be wrong about that, but it will be worth mentioning in criminal reports.

Further, the description of the attending physician at Mason, by others subjected to malpractice at the Mason General who couldn't afford other doctors, described the Asian man at Mason General - they called a butcher specially called in for cases like theirs - is the same as the man I had a car accident with, appears to be the owenr of the store where I met Mazlett, appears to be the same man at Hackney's office - an Asian supposedly Hackney's father.. and the clerk in Wauna at the smoke shop... this man, if the same, live sin the RImrock area of Olympia, where lynn and her husband of 26 years broke up before she moved to Maryland the same time I moved there from Yosemite... where we met at Landmark.... and will be the trail tha twill lead to sexual slavery charges, which will inevitably include the State of California.....

To anyone who reads this, consider how many times I've joked about how to explain my life, I have to tell 3-5 stories for anyone to understand one, but the plans are always so obvious, when the dots are connected (Clive), the crimes and patterns are obvious.

Now LYnn says she's full of dye from the tests.. making her extremely susceptible to the effects of directed energy weapons from the choppers and airplanes. I figure the planes are used in the daytime, because mostly people would just think they're pilots having fun, and it keeps the military choppers from being ID'd... 

I wonder if planes are all required to have transponders.

Nothing accomplished today due to  torture.

Beth Lodge-Rigal - Dreamtable - 09 - Start Again

What's also obvious is that this is the same pattern as Adrian and Lori, and also, they do certain psyops at certain times of the year, like infecting my urinary tract with DEW attacks in preparation for homelessness in hopes their victims die of infections..... of course, thanks to fraud by the Social Security Admin, Lynn can't afford to live ina trailer park and eat and get medicine... 

The Hague will find this to be an easy case to prosecute from.

Burger King People - how many more jokes will  you make about  killing us.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 01 - Darkness

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 07 - In the Year of 911

Burger King Girl claims Burger King will sue ME. good luck with that.